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  Timbre Presents
Doors 8PM Show 9PM
A&M Recording Artists
from San Francisco
CiTR     k*** Ja***u*
101.9 fM /5»»N "
&      fru
*^1—«■— -o—-
10   2.7
)     Thursday March 14
Show 10:30pm
with special ^
guests the   %Qi(£
CTlu' Fabulous
S7(l Ciraiivillt-   Mill
Bwith guests
Saturday "ftf.
March 16 GW
101.9 fM
with special guests
6/7    (5fi
C   The Fabulous
H7() <-..liiv ill.     M.ill
Kreator • Blitzspeer • Morgoth
Sunday April 14   ALL AGES   at the New York Theatre
Tickets Available At: Zulu, Black Swan, Track, Highlife, Scratch, Razzberry Records (95th & Scott), and Reminiscing
Records (across from The Bay at Surrey Place), ^^^S**"8^ outlets or charge by phone 280-4444. Tickets for
Culture also available at Barrett Electronics, Caribbean Market, Gerard's Hair Salon, The Patty Shop and Ebony Eyes. MARCH 1991 - ISSUE #98
A Faxinating Discussion 7
ATreemendous Interview? 11
Mikey + Gav, Mud + Monster Trucks 13
Sing Halleluiah 15
Nardwuar, Kennedy, the CIA + a Singin' Bum 16
ButWilltheRecordCompanyPayfortheCall? 18
Adam Sloan + Jack Dangers Beat Off 18
Michael GriggTrades Shots with Popguns 19
A Brush with Organized Religion by Rob Howatson.. .30
7" 25
Rob Adamson 5
Marc Yuill & Julian Lawrence 26
Bryce Rasmussen... on holiday in honour of the holyday
Cover artwork by Julian Lawrence, local comickist extraordinaire
and co-artl*t of Dancing on tha Clouds.
Randy Iwata PRODUCTION Rick Awender, Bill Baker, Dean Doherty,
Randy Iwata, Robynn Iwata GRAPHICS Rick Awender, Dan Planko
Schymansky SPINLIST Randy Iwata, Lloyd Uliana ADVERTISING
Discorder Copyright © 1991 by Tha Student Radio Society of the
University of British Columbia. All rights reserved. Discorder is that
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9 822-CITR, our offices « 822-3017, our news + sports 9 222-
2487, fax us c/o CiTR ® 822-6093, or write Discorder, #233-6138
SUB Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, CANADA V6T 2A5
Doors Open
9pm - 2am   Mon - Sat
Party Line 682-8550
MARCH 1991  3 Cocteau twins
FRIDAY, MARCH 22   9:00 PM
«*   >-$___________£_ Onn-AAAA (00
A PERRYSCOPE PRODUCTION somewhat difficult to adjust to the
realization that this group of proud
blue bloods have been photographed
in a very unflattering manner. Our
knowledge of traditional portraiture
docs not include many bassists with
double chins.  It i
knowledge  otthe story bc-
here that my
Dear Airhead,
I read with considerable
amusement the comments and anecdotes that went into your tribute of
DOA, but I think a couple of facets
of their career still need to be pointed
out. One is the fact lhal no band ever
played as many benefits or was as
consistently supportive of the' scene'
it came out of as DOA. They were
always incredibly generous and sup-
portiveof theotherbands as well. At
DOA shows opening acts always got
paid fairly and were treated with
respect (unless, of course, they overstayed their welcome on stage at
which point Joey would pull their
chains without compunction and haul
them off like gaffed salmon). We
should know, having often been on
the receiving end of their... help.
Many of NOMEANSNO's best
shows in Vancouver were opening
for DOA, and at the end of our first
tour of the States — your standard
STARVE kind of tour — we hitched
up with DOA as an opening act for
about nine orten shows. In one place
the promoter didn't even know we
were on the bill, but DOA convinced
him to let us play for fifteen minutes
jusl before they went on, using their
equipment. Meeting up with them
basically saved our ass
both money and
morale-wise. A
coupleof years
later they took
UStouras their
where we got ot
first real exposure
and made our first real money as a
band in the States (besides learning
one of the most important rules of
touring — never buy a school bus).
The running joke after their farewell
shows in the Commodore was: "I
wonder if they started booking the
Big Reunion Tour yet?" As far as
we' re concerned, the sooner the bet-
Rob Wright
Hello Airhead!
My name
is Peter. I come
from Torun,
ago  I  read
aboul  your
Radio. In this
article I read
lhat you are publishing a magazine
about    your    pro-
gramms. With my friends
we made music organization in To-
run. We have our tour-zine which
name is "ENSHING EOO." We
would like to make concerts of many
punk-rock, new-wave, hardcore
groups. We made concerts only of
Polish groups till now. Can you send
me some of your magazines! Is it
We are going to make concerts
of olher groups, foreign groups.
Maybe you have contact wilh
some music groups of this kind of
music I write about?
Can you send me addresses of
these groups or some informations
about them!
Probably we could make a tour
of them in Poland.
I wait for the answer.
Your faithfully
My address is
Tankhog accepted this
image. Somehow Whistler managed
to slander a conventional image of
musicianship withixit being exiled
for it. Whistler has constructed ihc
photograph so lhat the truth of the
image is seen by the viewer as something laughable, but the irony lies in
the fact that this was not the intention of the sitters. Our thoughts and
feelings are manipulated by Whistler who photographs Tankhog
looking into a camera. This is not a
caricature of idle wealth as we might
at first think, but a historically accurate rendering of a group of people
who obviously trusted their photographer's skill. Whistler manages lo
stamp his photograph twice. Once as
a photographer of Tankhog and once
as an artist concerned with
revealing his particu-
r vision of the
Robynn I wa-
ta's "Werner
Man" is another example of a
kind of debunking of
portraiture.  If
this is a reclining
^mW frank, ildoesnotlook
^mLW like any I have seen before. My eyes are drawn to ihc sausage's expression as the starling point
for ihis drawing and its direct gaze
makes me aware lhat this is a portrait
of a deluxe holdog and nol just a
naked bun. 'ITie lines of the meaty
morsel are simple and sparse and
there is an unerotic quality lo the
way il is positioned and
painted that
forget lhat it is a copy of
an Orange Julius Chili
Dog. It is as if Iwata
saying "look
:r and see that
il is just a painting of a
meat by-product you all
know, there is no mystery
Shelly Ford
4th Year Arts
University of B.C.
And who says Discorder doesn't
serve the interests of the student
Dear Airhead:
My first reaction to Leonard
Whistler's photograph of Tankhog
was one of confusion. My eyes see a
group of people in royal garb, posed
regally for the artist, but my mind
knows that something is askew. It is
() MY PEOPLE WHO live:
Peers Noble
And who says Discorder doesn't
serve the interests of tlie religious
freaks population?
Dear Airhead:
An open  letter lo "Bryce-
Okay.maybc this is World War
III, and maybe the Cradle of Civilization will also be ils grave. The
question is, if wc must go, how arc
we going logo? Whining and snivelling, sarcastic and snide, or wilh
some kind of grace and dignity? Personally, I don't see anything wrong
wilh helping old ladies across the
street. When the flash comes, I'd
rather be doing lhal lhan hiding in
the dark all dressing in black, complaining aboul what a lousy world
this is
Life may be short but there's
We tried to find Bryce lo gel his
comments but he was hiding in Ihe
dark all dressed in black.
Please find enclosed a cheque
to cover a years subscription loyou
magazine. As your magazine is usu
ally free please consider this <
semi-donation. As an ex
UBC grad-student I
Dear Airhead:
Persian Gulf
What might be of ii
readers is what the Bible says ii
Isiah 10:24 and 25 (New International Version):
formed about the
chaos lhat is
Vancouver. After
I finish reading
the paper I leave it
round the coffee
n for the cunous and
unaware. I'm not sure if reading discorder can reduce blood cholesterol levels or if it has an effect on
bloodclotting time or even hair loss
but these possible (though improbi-
ble) effects could be used to increase
subscriptions. Hey, its Vancouver
and sometimes anything is worth a
Take care
Lipid and Lipoprotein
Research Group
Faculty of Medicine
University of Alberta
Hey Airhcad(0.
Did ya' catch
the SLAYER gig at
the Forum? I did and
I paid S27 to sec'em,
loo (my mistake).
Shitty thing was that
CiTR's own "IW
crchord" radio show.
Banger host Mr. Yo-
shida asked yours
truly ■ "skill-lcsling-
quesiion," and I responded wilh a correct answer. A buddy
and I travelled in from
the suburbs on theday
of ihc show to pick
up the tickets, and
guess what?! No
tickets!! "I just gave
them all away"
spewed some snobbish chick who really
looked like she
couldn't have cared
.   I  |
.   this
wasn't "TANKHOG
al the Town Pump"
tickets (no offense,
guys) this was 27
dollar SLAYER, ihc
godso'thrash [sic)!! GET
Aahh, that's better.
SUBURBAN (effing)
P.S. The show wasn't loo hot. TESTAMENT (openers) were beyond
horrid. Got any TANKHOG tickets??!
You love to win prizes. We love to
give 'em. But please, kids, follow
these E-Z suggestions and we'll all
be happy:
I.Pick up your prize during OFFICE HOURS: Monday lo Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM.
2.Pick up your prize promptly. Not
responsible for prizes left over 30
3Knowyourprize. WehereatCiTRI
DISCORDER give away tens of
thousands of fabulous prizes every year, so help us out a little,
OK? Plus, ifyou win tickets lo a
show, make sure you know whether you have lo COME TO THE
STATION lo claim them, or if your
name will be AT THE DOOR of
the venue. Oh yeah: bring ID
4.Treat your prize nicely.Hey, it has
feelings too!
And finally, sometimes mean people
swindle prizes lhal don'l belong lo
them, but they always pay dearly for
il later (heh, heh).
The West Indies Record and Tape:
ad lasl month contained an
telephone number. Please note
correct number is 254-4232. A
lion sorries, George.
©Sfofio DutmY-i&oS O
! The $15
__©■■*•* I -A/qrYvi-h
MARCH 1991 in'SSbIWhPwere snoozing,
_-5A    «-12
Upon My Wicked Son im, *>*»?• «>*«*i<*
leased first solo album. Discorder mcl wilh ihe former Wal I of Voodoo singer al his
beautiful downlown Vancouver hotel room while he wis here on lour wilh Concrete
Yoursoloalbum isquitedifTcrentfrom     you feel about people who come to the
Wall of Voodoo. Is it a reaction against     show, love it, then buy the album and
the band, or just you doing your own    are surprised?
thing? Well, what I think they're seeing on stage
Wall of Voodoo was one of the best is ihe essence of the writer... The prob-
bands to be in because the basic philoso- lem I've always had wilh "avant-garde"
phy ofthe band was: lhat sounds greal, writers is thai I don'l think lhal their
lei's fuck it up. Wrong equals right. So I songs hold up a lot of times without ihc
had, within the band, complete artistic recording studio or a four-piece band. I
freedom. This album was not "Oh now I believe as a writer that a song should
can, like, really go and stretch out"... it definitely stand up lo an acoustic guitar
was jusl an offshoot from Wall of Voo- and I think those people interested in my
doo. work will see lhat the music does stand
up. Il's simply reinterpreting the music.
Are you planning to lour as a
Andy Prieboy : Dr. Dream
Where's your
favorite place to
1 might be doing
a solo show in
I like LA because
Europe soon. Bul
I really detest
I think whal I'll
living there. I re
really be doing is
ally hate the way
going back and
the city looks, I
working on the
really hale the
next record be
way it's laid out,
cause the next
I really hate the
lime I come back,
weather, I hale
the music indus
You know, why
try vibe there. Ii
limit yourself in
actually keeps
this life? Why
one very pure
just  be   some
because it gives
dopey lead sing
you the choice of
er      jumping
either     going
around on stage
swimming in the
doing band stuff
when you can
actually gel up
l"ou can always tell the quality of
the city by how good-looking the
cesspool or doing
your work and I
always choose to
there and play
do my work.
piano for a while? So
[might get my own
band or go back wit
a Wall of Voodoo.
You have to haves
tress in order to do
Sky's the limit.. I m
un I love doing all
your work well?
of this. I love writin
g the songs, I love
Sure, why not? I wa
s raised a Catholic. I
doing the interviews
and I love being in
certainly work wcl
under punishment.
the studio... I can't s
land these fucking
What you're playing on stage is quite
different from your record. How do
What do you think of Vancouver?
So far it seems like a really greal place...
Good-looking hookers. You know, you
can always tell the quality of the city by
how good-looking the hookers are.
though. We 'v(
best single, i
With fheir latest LP.Nowhere.be-
hind them, and an American tour ahead. Oxford. England's Ride are living proof that not all hot British bands
come from Manchester.  Discorder talked to drummer     What banc
Lawrence. Everything
Where did you get your name?
I thought of it. It's just like one word
and it can mean anything you want. It's
like you're saying more by saying less.
Give us a name like Ride and let's get
on with the music.
Though not a part of It, do you respect
the bands In the current Manchester
Yeah I do. I've seen the Stone Roses
about four times now. The first time I
saw them was really cool, and I was
right at the front, and it was right after
they put their a Ibum out. That was just
brilliant... I've got respect for them for
that because they represented a period of my life, but what annoys me
about the so-called Manchester scene
is that it was created by the press. It's
become bigger than the music itself.
The British press have been known to
put down your drumming, which to me
sounds fine, and also your production.
There Is also an article In NME by Mary
Anne Hopes that said your recently
released Fall EP has one brilliant track
and three dullards.
I've met Mary Anne before and she's sort of biased in a
way. It's a bit of a long story because she went out with
this guy we knew, and all sorts of stuff happened. I think
because she's reviewing the single, she thinks it's a
chance to get back at Ride. That's the sort of thing that
happens in the British press and people hold grudges and
they're jealous and if you get a good review, then you're
lucky. But you've got to accept it. It doesn't bother us
by john kim
3t reviews saying we're the best band, the P/ayEP beingthe
the Fall EP being one of the best singles in 1990.
ie Influenced you?
is to influence you at some point... Bands like the Beatles
and the Byrds and the
Stones and the Velvet Un
derground have been quite
large influences on us,
mainly because we listen
to them quite a lot. At the
same time going to see
bands like Sonic Youth and
the Cure... the whole thing
has been an influence. We
just like to get inspired by
things. I remember seeing
Sonic Youth at Brixton
Academy and being so inspired I had so many ideas,
not copy ideas, we don't
copy bands, it just sparks
your m ind off and you start
thinking about all these
things you can do and
that's where we get our
kicks from.
Do people expect you to
be on drugs?
Yeah, [popular English DJ]
Jonathan King had a celebration of British music
Liane Hentscher
and w
.. with
bands like the Cure and
the Wedding Present. I just remember him coming back stage and offering
us some friendly advice saying "Don't take any drugs. Stay off drugs and
you'll be alright!" Yeah, we take 'em, doesn't everyone?
Do you guys like making videos?
Umm. we do. We did one for 'Chelsea Girl" and 'Like a Daydream." They're
alright. But for the video of "Taste" I really didn't like it and now we realize
we have to have more control. Hopefully, the next one will be better.
TO WhOm Qm I Speaking. This is Tom. Drummer, correct? Drummer, right Where are you right now? I'm
in Hollywood Hollywood! Is it ugly? Ah, yes. It's nice and smoggy and sweaty It's hot to be from Boston right now. All those
bands: Bullet Lavolta, Pixies, Galaxy 500. Even the New Kids. That's right Bobby Brown Do you think the New Edition will
get back together? I heard something about that Where have you been thus far on your tour? We went down the East Coast
and across the bottom to the West: Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas. Have you been headlining primarily? Mostly We've hooked
up with the Blake Babies for a bunch of tours but we're still headlining. What's the club scene like in Boston? There's three or four
solid clubs that generally play pretty good music. And it's supported well by the fans? I would say it's very much a college-based
sort of thing. College radio is pretty dominant... there's just so many stations, so many colleges and I think it has an effect. I also think
it kinda gets overblown as a scene as like one big group where everybody knows everybody and its not exactly like that. So you don't
know Kim Deal then? No, especially the Pixies. They hardly played Boston I was going to ask you for Kim Deal's phone number
but I guess— No, sorry. Birdbrain was produced by J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. You guys are old buds, right? Yeah, we
know him from college. He lives in Amhurst and that's where we all went to school and where the band met. Where does Buffalo Tom
come from? I suppose it's somewhat of a twist on the Buffalo Bill thing, but it's more a friend of ours dubbed us Buffalo Tom as a joke
in the beginning. Probably because I would never be the leader of a band and it's just kind of spite, just the irony. It was a joke and
we were just playing parties and it sorta stuck. What size places have you been playing? We're still pretty much on the small rock
club level; we're playing a lot of colleges even. We played somewhat bigger places in Europe. We've done a little more touring there
and are a little ahead of the game... It's much more fun touring there than it is here. Who were you playing w'th in Europe? We
play a lot of our own shows and with local bands... They have these small festivals and some big festivals where there's a whole slough
of bands. What's the biggest crowd you've played to? I'd say about two or three thousand at the Belgium Festival. Do you like
that better or do you like the small clubs? It's pretty exciting. I can't say I really like it better. I mean, it's kind of a scary exciting.
But I think we do more, I think we rock better in a place where the audience is in tight. Do you wear boxer shorts or jockey-style
underwear? Um, I wear the regular underwear. Bill wears boxers; I'm not sure what Chris wears. You know that if you don't wear
boxer style underwear, you'll never be president of anything? No. I heard you'll ruin your chances of having kids Well, that too.
I try to wear loose, regular Jockey whatever. See you at the show. OK! But I didn't see him at the show. Shortly after this interview
I somehow exceeded my usual medication dosage and ran crazed around the lower lobby cafeteria, stripping off my clothes
and tossing them into the deep-fryer, scaring the bejesus out of several Japanese tourists in line for chicken fingers and
rolaids. After escaping, I knocked some old woman from her bicycle and rode through the streets of Vancouver yelling to
passers by that their tacos were ready and somehow ended up at the offices of Perryscope Concert Productions. Running
inside I blazed by the reception desk and down the hall to the office that is home to promoter Ian Noble. Jumping onto his
desk I ranted and raved about how Tom from Buffalo Tom was out to get me and that if I didn't get some vegetarian lasagna
within the hour i was blowing the place sky high. Noble had me arrested and taken off the guest list for the show.
b>y  Garnet Timothy   I—larry t>y  Tom   IS/Iili-ie;   and   F^edd   lS/IcJar-i
They nOne a SOUnd that gives our fair city a spawn as worthy of cult
worship as Sonic Youth and Skin Yard. But gimmicks like smoke machines anti general
goofiness aren't part of the Octatrackter (is that German tor eight track?) live experience As
Keith (guitar/vocals) and Justice (guitar) put it, "We rely heavily on visual cues. A smile,
gentle nod."
Post-industrial, post-
ha rdcore
written for
the post-
youth. All
bullshit descriptions
aside, the
only thing
the band
could really
agree on
was the
"loud." The
lineup includes the
t i o n e d
Keith and
Justice, with
Jeff on
drums and
Darren on
Have you had a chance to send
your tape anywhere? Has any residual interest in Superconductor
helped Octatrackter?
Keith: We're too fresh, too new; no
labels have really heard us.
Justice: We've senta couple of tapes
oul quite recently.
Are you all still involved in various side projects like, for example,
Justice's Pork Queen?
K: This is the only one that is vaguely serious, although I'd like to mention Twerdo Cleb is another of the
finest bands in the city.
J: Me and Jeff are gonna do a thing
called Nonstop Erotic Carpet.
D: I used to be in the punk band
Desperate Minds which is now called
What kind of crowd response do
you usually generate?
J: We just played Victoria. In Victoria, people pay $8 to go see bands
and ihey make damn sure they have
a good time. So we were probably
cally rad.
'c played and he
most well-received in Victoria o
of all of our shows.
D: Which wc didn't expect at a
These skater kids \
K: Dude, lhat was
J: TTiis fncndofm
my the day before
was slam dancing lhat night. His
balls were the size of my fist, wc
Any really memorable gi^s?
K: Holy fuck, Denman Island.
J: There was about three people in
the audience, and wc got loaded and
jammed. It was great.
Jeff: There was about half a dozen
rednecks outside all night drinking
J: —trying to get in because they
wanted a warm place to sleep and we
laughed at them. Remember ihe game
Battlezone? It was free, and we
played it all night.
Keith, have you done vocals in a
band before? You'rea good vocal
ist. What's your secret; lots of
practicing in front of the bath-
K: I sung lead vocals four years ago
for a band called Total Tourist which
lasted two-three months. We taped
ourselves all the time am) I listened
lo the tapes and though I sounded
like total dog dump and never really
tried il again until now.
What do you look at when you
play live? Is it like on the bus
where you don't really know where
to put your eyes?
J: Sometimes I'll pick someone and
make eye contact with that person
for awhile. A lol of ihe time I'll just
look at the ceiling. I don't have hair
to hide behind, so I do the Ostrich
thing and close my eyes. I can't see
you, you can't see me.
by stefan!
Alex Trebek : Jeopardy B
Are sales of The Jeopardy! Book really good overall? Well, we've
been on ihe road for three weeks now, and I've been informed that the
book has just gone on the bestseller lists in the United States and on the
New York Times best-sellers list so I guess sales are pretty good. The
publishers tell me they've printed 350,000 copies, which I understand is
a pretty good initial printing for any kind of soft-cover book such as this.
The front cover says: "The answers, the questions, the facts, and the
stories ofthe greatest game show in history." Actually, they made a
mistake. It should have been "the greatest quiz show in history." It's the
second greatest game show in terms of popularity because, as you know,
Wheel of Fortune is number one. Bul we're a strong number two, and in
terms of quiz shows, we're probably the number one program ever, I
would think.
Apparently, in somemarkets,you do go past WhtelofFortune in terms
of popularity. Yes, but in the national ratings, overall, we're still number
two, but we're working on it, we're moving up on them and we're hoping
thai within a year or two, we will gel to be... NUMBER ONE.
Do you do any Canadian contestant searches? Oh sure, we've done
them in Montreal, in Toronto, and here in Vancouver. As a matter of fact,
our all-time high money winner for the Jeopardy! program is a Vancouver resident. Bob Blake, who recendy won our Tournament of
Why do people watch your show, when in most instances, they
couldn't answer the questions themselves? Because it's a fun show;
it's involving. You don't know if you're going to be able to respond
correctly or not unul the clue is on ihere, and if you can't, that's okay
because there's another clue coming up in ten seconds, and maybe you'll
be able to respond correctly to that one. So you remain involved for the
half-hour, and you want to participate, and you want to know how bright
you are. You're watching three bright contestants up there, and you come
up with a lot of ihe material, you say, "Hey, I'm every bit as smart as they
are! Maybe 1 should be on the show."
MC S   TfylTTj/ he's handsome, he's Canadian—sort of. He was in
promoting The Jeopardy! Book. What is Alex Trebek? Stefan Ellis finds ot
Jeopardy! used to be (in at 12 noon, and what's interesting is that a
large number of college students would tune in. Do you think
universitystudents make up a lurgeportion of your audience? 1 think
our audience spans all age groups, and all intellectual levels, and there's
no way of categorizing the Jeopardy! fan, because wc have kids, we
have college students, we have teachers, we have formally-educated
people, we have people who arc kitchen-smart, we have all occupations
represented. So there's no way of saying, "ihis is the typical Jeopardy!
You were once a Canadian. You once worked for the Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation— I'm STILL a Canadian.
Well you still are a Canadian, but you went to the United States!
What pulled you to the— What does that make me?
Well, Peter Mansbridge stayed in Canada. I'm not familiar with
Peter Mansbridge's work.
The host of The National'. I think he was given an offer by CBS, but
he decided to stay in Canada. Well, lhat's good. That's a decision that
he was called upon to make, and he made it, and 1 'm sure he's happy with
his choice. I'm happy with mine, also.
's Telephone
I understand there's a 1-900 Jeopardy! Hotline. That's
Jeopardy!. Allhough I've recorded some material for it, I'm not in a
position lo give you too much information, because the rules are ralher
complicated, and you have to listen for a couple of minutes to follow it.
It's a way people have of playing the game at home, and winning $1,000
per day, or qualifying for a $10,000 grand prize.
So it's your voiceon it when peoplecall? Yeah. I've prerecorded some
ofthe sniff, and then, some ofthe other material has been prerecorded
by our announcer, Johnny Gilbert.
Thanks for talking to me! Okay!
Adam Sloan Talks to
an up-and-coming West Coast rapper with her debut
album on Atlantic Records soon to be released.
How'd you get your name?
My original name is Yolanda and it's
just a nickname... I'm 19 years old. I
started rap when I was 14 just as a
hobby. I met Ice Cube when I was
17...bumped into him at a swap-meet.
He said he'd heard aboul me rapping
and wanted to work with me, so we
hooked up and did some work at his
mom's house. It went from there lo a
big studio. It went from "It's A Man's
World" [the duet on Ice Cube's
AmeriKKKa's Mosl Wanted LP] lo
"Stomp into the '90s" to "Can't Play
With My YoYo," my most recent
single, and to my album, Make Way
for the Motherlode. I have a [nationwide! coalition. The Intelligent Black
Women's Coalition, that I started,
which deals wilh women's self-esteem, battered women, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, menial abuse,
physical abuse...
So I guess your songs have intelligent lyrics.
Yeah, I mean, intelligent from my
point of view. I have lyrics such as
"Put A Lid On It" which deals wilh
don't be so quick to jump in a bed with
a guy, y'know, protection, the IBWC
national anthem... "Girl Don't Be No
Fool" which deals wilh not letting a
guy hit on you...
So it's street knowledge.
Yeah, exactly.
What do you think of Ice Cube's
attitude towards women?
The way hecomes across isn't, I would
say, the right way, but I wouldn't say
it's the wrong way; it's the only way
he knows. I understand where he
comes from, although lhat's no excuse
for his disrespect of women, or the
foul language he uses constantly on
his album. Oneman's opinion doesn't
speak for every man; it's just the way
he views things.
On your new album, do you dis any
males or are you just pro-woman?
YoYo: east west
I'm kind of like a
album, not a feminist but a
but I'm not ashamed to be called a
feminist neither because you have to
be titled something. But I do say any
man who hits a girl ain't shil, and
lhat's just something I believe in. I do
say that before you let him hit you,
you should just leave, and some guys
are only out for one thing, but all guys
are not the same.
Could you talk some more about
your Coalition?
Yeah. I do a lol of going io different
high schools [and talking to the students), basically because it sounds a
lol belter coming from a 19 year old
lhan someone who's 23, who they're
like "Well no, she don't understand."
I understand whal teenagers go
through, so I speak to them on a one to
one level and let them know I understand, but that this is not the way lo go.
I don't lecture them and tell ihem
what to do or how to do it, I let them
know what ways it can be don
it's going real good. And it's called
The Intelligent Black Women's Coalition but il's open lo all races, and
no, I'm not contradicting myself, because I am a black teen who has
thought of this coalition and I would
like to uplift my race and say that I ai
willing to work with all different ra<
es because all women go through the
same problems. Teenagers, children;
we all face the same problems every
day. And being that I'm a teenager
going to high schools, the response is
real positive... I feel like lhat if everybody keeps saying that the world is
not going to change, sexism is here to
stay, then no, it won't change. If the
radio stations will play NWA over
KRS-1, then no, the world won't
change. If thenews reporters, the people who play the music over the air,
the people who sell the music in the
stores would help, then the world
wouldn't be so mixed up, and I think
that young teenagers in rap can change
the world.
MARCH 1991    9 with LoVE BATTERY-"" HELMET
jp t/jvrjp
Now serving coffee and salads too.
1175 Robson
1937 Cornwall
Now accepting applications for
FroCo's for the 1991/92 school year.
Apply in SUB 216A or phone 228-5213
A.M.S. First Year Students Program
^h rfiNnrPT^
>Il l_.Ui>Cr>Kli_»
Music '91 presents MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN (8PM) and
Music '91 presents BARNEY BENTALL AND THE
Music '91 presents Unsigned Talent Night: GRAFFITTI,
SECOND NATURE with special guests from Toronto ONE
From Los Angeles. Dr. Dream recording artists DON'T
MEAN MAYBE with special guests ATLANTIS BUS
HARD ROCK MINERS with guests
From Seattle. SubPop recording artist TAD with special
special guests ZUMAK
Four Band Showcase: BASIC BLACK, THE
PURE with special guests
Perryscope presents A&M recording artists JELLYFISH
with special guests
CBS recording artist JACK DE KEYZER with special
JACK DE KEYZER with special guests
RCA recording artists THIN WHITE ROPE with special
Island recording artists EEK A MOUSE
GREEN HOUSE with special guests SUN DOG SUN
CiTR 101.9fM presents REDD KROSS with special
guests the POSIES
from Bellingham. JUMBALASSY with special guests
Capitol recording artists BOB'S YOUR UNCLE
H                                 -   E
A   \J V
66  Write-
r if    Mr  U AVi Mr
'■■-■   Castown             683-6695 -_—,    .    TV /W X _"   "LT' haw third lint explain
r AJVIIJLY,     ing lo hm and after ev-
erybody heard each other 'j records, it kinda nude
mall understand what we
were letting at in the Tint
LThe m
ANjD   A   NEW   ALBUM     Trees Ufcmwy, pro.,-
bly becvenmore the three
Rowena Talks to Van Conner of the
Screaming Trees and learns that Van is a
really nice guy and he, too, cried and
went home when the coaches were mean.
of us together because
the put it's kind of like
it'seither rae or the other,
either Lee or Mark or me.
with all the individual
projects on tbe sane bif?
"Bed of Roses" seems like the perfect     tie second flREHOSE album? It's just
choice fori first single. Wis it in obvious     like a picture of Mice Watt's bed, like     Calvin'silwiysttyingtogetustodothit
choice? Whodeoded? [lhcn]lhere'shisbedindthere'siHusker      — Calvin [BeitHippening/K Records]
Good question, h wis our idea, but [the      Duposlerthtf's,like,hijbedroam.l*opie     Johnson's always like, "In Olympii it
label. Epic] wined to do i different      just give up after a while I guess.
song, but so did we. There really wasn't
■ Ike in Alice
then we lemda just changed out minds at      Wooderiandkmd of thing.
the list minute. We were gonna dif    WalUihink that wis just because of that
"Something about Today," I think, fit      little g8l^r_there. I think [Mnk| took
Roses" like wiy lack when, ind i
just knx- fell tack together and
how it became the single again. It went
make hin of Ellensburg for the wind
because the wind always blows. I guess
those are the greal things about the towa
When you go out to clubs and things, does
everybody drink beer from the pitcher?
In Ellensburg? Yeih, that's how I always
bthere my other band in or around Seattle
th_ you wouldl ike to be in ifyou weren't
in the Scrcimmg Trees?
If I wisn't in the Screaming Trees, I
would be in Solomon Grundy. If I wasn't
in Solomon Grundy, 1 would probably
start mother bmd I played in Dinosaur
for a few months; that was really weird,
but I can't imagine myself being in that
bind. It wis cool but it was just kind of
like a band, you know. I think I would
like to hive more of my own bind. I like
alot of hinds from around here. I like
Beit Hippening, of course. I like all the
old standbys like f
I guess 1 expect more or something from
it, just... if we actually sell a ocrtain
amount of records, they have to tell us
how many we sold It's not like you call
up and say, "1 low many did we sell?" "I
don't know," you know, the usual with
record companies we 've dealt with in the
past. So I expect people tobe more on the
level, which sounds twisted because people always see major labels in the opposite light, but they have to be more thm
indie labels because it's like business on
the it end of it.... The people who work
for you are in it 'cause they like the tunes
— but the main libel, Sony Music, isn't
way. It's way
sleazy but nobody cm really fuck around
said Steve did the side that Jack did and
Jack did the side that Steve did The
whole concept was fucked
Collectors items, maybe?
I guess.
So lack lo the new album There wasilot
of mention to little details. Your bass
pitying doesn't sound like most other
bassists'; it has its own distinct melody
in each song is opposed lo keeping the
Actually Lee used to play bass and I used
to play guitar and he was like the Chris
Squire of bassists of Ellensburg — frc
Yes, you know. lie played lead I
that was kind of his style.
Do you have my personal favouries off
Well, I like "Alice Said" alot, the second
song on the second side. I like the re intra
put where it comes lad in; that's my
favourite part in the album, probably, in
the whole thing. But you have to listen to
Of all your songs an all your records that
we law hoe, "Orange AirpliDc"_THE
Oh my god! That's a long time igo! It's
like, wow, actually I guess it's more
albums ago thin time. It was like six
albums ago or something.
It also appeared oo that Let'sSet cassette
on K, right?
Yeah, right. Actually a different version
So who's that screiming "orange airplane" in the song?
That's my little brother.
Oh really? So there ire more Corners?
Yeah, there's a whole bunch more.
Are they all musical?
Oh yeah. Well, I guess so. Joey, the guy
who sang on that song, now he listens to
Bon Jovi, but hey, he likes Social Distortion too'cause they're on MTV.
Who chose the title of the ilbum ind the
The cover art was... piinted for the album It wasn't something we just found
It was actually Mark Ryden, the guy who
painted it,... took stuff, ideas from the
album itself and pointed the picture, I
guess his concept ofthe album. Which is
cool 'cause we thought, like, oh great,
you know, 'cause we have troubles finding album coven sometimes. And it's
really hard to find something that is original so it was really cool hiving somebody paint something just for the album
instead of just like going through a book
until you found a painting or something
or searching the world over for some
weird thing to put on the cover. I mean,
some people just give up. Have you seen
thing is more
of thing or:
so weird Old ninety
i from my wife
really into storybook things so she kinda
got me into all thu over the last few
yean. And Lee, of course, has always
been into all that, but in kind of a different
way. I guess he's into it in more of kind
of an evil way.
How do you mean "evil"?
Just that the songs he writes ne i little
more dark or something. Like his album
\MystayLm by The Purple Outside] as
opposed to the Solomon Grundy album
You guys all lad your own individual
projects over that list year. Did you ill
decide en masse to go off on your own?
Actually we came to a point where we
were kind of burnt out, and we were
gonna do this major label deal, so there
ul ihis tir
id and
wait for them to fight it out and whale ver.
Deciding on the contract takes so damn
long; we could just sit around and wait
for four months or we could go our own
ways and not talk to each other and see
what happens, and it ended up with us
doing our own records.
Do each of those projects still exist?
They're all still going. Mark Lanegan
just recorded, he's working on his new
album right now, the new Lanegan album I beard a song off of it; it's gonna
Wih all these difloent projects, did you
find my peat difference when you ill
came back together?
Yeah, I think so. It was better.... Mark
and 1 in the past always had trouble —
when we write songs with Lee, we either
write songs with him right there or he'd
just have a song himself and it wis hard
for us to bring our own songs to him, just
because he thinks a little bit differently.
It's hard for me to sit down with Lee and
show him i song because I wouldn't
live in Seattle now?
I don't but those guys do. I live in Ellensburg. It's in EASTERN Washington.
Nobody knows about EASTERN Wash-
Now that most of the bind is ii Seattle,
doyou consider yourselvesiSetfllebind?
The Trees? Oh no. I don't think so. If
people ask like, "Where arc you guys
from?" usually I say "Seattle" because
I'm tired of try ing toexplain Ellensburg.
For that last five or six years wherever we
go , a's like, "Ellensburg, where the
HELL is that?" and you have to explain
it Well, in the past, like maybe four yean
ago, [if] you said "Seattle," they would
have said," Wtere the I ELL is that?' but
for some reason now a lot of bands from
Seattle have notoriety or something. If
you just say Seattle you don'thave to talk
as much. But I mem I guess, yeah, we 're
just a band. I guess we're a Northwest
Other thin the Trees, whit diim to fin-
does Ellensburghive?
Well, there's King Krab, mother band
from Ellensburg; they just got back from
Europe from a tour. They have m album
thu's out in Europe but not in the States
of course. No, Ellensburg will be known
for the Largest Walk-In Freezer in the
World, I guess.
Oh, Hal's on one ofthe tourist naps?
Yeah, there are few other spots that El-
tensburg's known for. In the centre of the
state there's a rodeo. The wind. People
Is he still in the band?
No, not any more. Dm Peters is our new
drummer. He's in Mudhoney, too.
You guys released the EP just before the
album. Three of the four songs appear on
UadeAnestbesi*. Was that the intention
or wis it i label thing?
The EP? No, that was no intention whatsoever. We didn't know we were going
to do it We had one extra tune which we
didn't want to use for the album, which
was "Who Lies in Darkness" and so
lhat's on the EP. And ihey wanted us to
go on Hour and do a pre-album deal, so
we said "0 K what the hell", and we went
on tour and ihey put out the EP and Mark
and I went in and recorded the "Something About Today - Weird Version"
'cause Lee was in New York. It was
funny 'cause Lee and Pickerel didn't
know about it and me and Lanegan were
at the studio recording it and we get this
phone call from Lee like, "You know,
mm, Pickerel and I are really upset that
you didn't til us you were recording."
WeforgottoevencallPickerel;he wasat
home like a few blocks away from the
studio. We didn't even call him, I don't
know why. Mark just called me, "Come
over and record," and so I drove over
there and we recorded
Ho w his life clanged smce you signed to
The Mijor Libel?
'nan you better go
you guys are
igned" And I'm like, "What?!" "Like
go say, Thank you' or somelhing." And
then I went in there and said, "See you
later. Thanks. Bye." I didn't have the
emotion at all. It was funny. I don't know
why, but just 'cause we were tainted and
damaged and put through the ringer one
too many times.
Yeah, that song was kind of a joke; it
wasn't even going to be on the album,
n we liked i. Actually
a couple of songs weren't going to be on
the album and all of i sudden we liked
them. It was like, "Wow, I like that." So
that was the way it was recorded and we
kind of just left i.
There's also some weid instrument on
"lay Your HeidDown" that sounds kindi
like what I think is i recorder, but many
people siy "no, it's some exotic wind
You guys also put outthe_J»_r_x/H^e
those songs recorded spe- Van Conner: Charles Peterson
cifially for thit or did you
hive them sitting around?
We wrote a couple tunes
and we wanted to do a single with Sub Pop. Actually,
I think Bruce [Pavitt] asked
us to do it like way back
around our first or second
album with SST but we
never really got around to
doing it. We also said we'd
do one for Calvin too but we
never did that. But Bruce
said, "OK, go record these
two songs," so we did. And
thensomebody got this hair-
brained scheme—I think it
was Mark — to go and
record with Steve [Fisk],
too, so you get Steve and
Jack [Endino] at the same
time on different records.
But then ihey went and put
the titles on backwards on
most ofthe 45s. It says that
It is a recorder.. I think it'sjust a recorder,
one of those school recordere. I think it
was Chris Cornell who played it. I think. I
wasn't there that day.
How did you link up with him on this
Well, he just happens to be mirricd to our
manager, but that has nothing to do wilh it.
We've known Chris [or a while and we
didn't want to go into it blind wilh Terry
|Dile, producer] because we didn't really
know Terry. We knew Chris ind we
thought, "What has Terry done that sounds
likethe Screaming Trees." And we thought,
Vxhing, really. He's done alot of stuff but
ling really like us. We just got him
se he was a buffer zone between us
jTerry but it ended up being Terry wis
K md Chris was fine too.
When you go to hnr's, do you feed the
seagulls or do you feed the pigeons?
I haven't gone to War's since 1 wis four
yean old My dad look me there once, on
i trip to the big city. But I've walked by
there i few times. Do I feed the seagulls?
If I wis there, I probably wouldn't feed
them—they don'tlike the pigeons so why
not help out the pigeons?
I Us anyone ever eked you if "Scream mg
Trees" b in envirccmcntil message?
Yeah, actually in Europe, a lot of people
ask us that. There were i few heiled discussions of the Spotted Owl during the
recording of the ilbum, in the parking lot,
ui the studio, between basketball games.
Do you fellow sports?
I don't, no, not really. Hockey's cool; a lot
of my friends are inlo hockey. I don't have
cable TV, I don't have i radio. My dad
always watches games. I wis in sports in
school hut I always ended up quitting or
crying. I'd just flirt crying md go home;
the coaches were mem to me. I wis basically i wimp.
Whit about your brother?
Lee? He was way worse t wimp thm me.
We come from i long line of wimps I
guess. My mom's side ofthe family were
all in music md stuff, md my dad's side
were all rugged Montanans or something.
So I guess wc chose my mom's side of the
family. "Momma's Boys" I guess we'd be
called. My dad always tried to get us inlo
But the music won out
MARCH 1991    11 ZULU
presents... The first in a series of
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ONLY (Touch & Go)
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only the Dozer duzem.
CD: 12.98  Cass: 8.98
Kiss covers by bands almost as cool as the
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(Rough Trade)
Believe the hype. Once in awhile a band is as
good as its press.
KMFDM -  NAIVE (Waxtrax)
Kill Mother Fuckin' Depeche Mode. Need we
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Oh, that Swedish touch. Industrial dance-
meisters from Scandinavia. Ouch!
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Vancouver, BC
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T C9p wrlfll I 9 rJURf the Jiggle Boys are more than just the backbone ofthe Vancouver punk rock scene, we've branched
out into more athletic pursuits. Roller blades? Synchronized swimming? No way, man: MONSTER TRUCKS! For weeks Mikey and Gav have
been dutifully slouched in front of the TV studying the finer points of good-olc-boy, tobacco-chewin', bascball-cap-wcarin', Schlitz-dnnkin'
tractor puUs. Of course, this intensive training was just the warm-up for the big event: February 2nd's GM Motor Spectacular at B.C. Place.
Oh baby, this was big! There was the truck
and tractor pull, mud racing, demolition derby, and the much-anticipated "Monster
Truck Challenge." So, accompanied
by ourlovely dream dale (the winner of
Jiggle's "Take Mikey and Gav to the
Monster Truck and Tractor Pull" con
test), we made our way to the dome.
People swarmed around the stadium, blocking streets and giving the
obligatory thumbs-up as we shouted
What young person can resist the enthusiasm of really big trucks? Not the
Jiggle posse.
Tickets purchased, we moved
with the crowd through the building.
Never before had we seen so many little kids,
fringed leather jackets, and fellas with hockey hair (long in the back, short on top!).
There were T-shirts a-plenty, clowns,
free monster truck flashlights for the
kids, and a guest appearance by
Michelangelo, one of those crazy
Teenage Mutant Nazi Turtles. The kids
eat this up!
We finally pushed our way
through the masses and found our seats.
What an amazing spectacle! On one
side was the giant mud pit. On the other
was the tractor pull area. Down the
middle of the stadium, of course, was
the monster truck domain: two rows of
oh-so-crushable used can.
The lights dimmed, a weird tinny
soundtrack tape started and an excited South-
em gent welcomed us. One by one we were
introduced to the "big boys with the big
toys." Wilh roaring engines and spinning lires Ihe trucks lined up: Bigfoot,
Taurus, Nasty Habit, Troublemaker,
and finally with the accompaniment of
"Bad to the Bone," AWWRIGHT
GRAVEDIGGER! Somewhere behind
us a little boy was chanting "Monster
Trucks! Monster Trucks!" I think he
summed it up for all of us.
Soon the tractor-pulling and mud-
racing got underway. Our commentator really helped us to understand this
part of the competition. "Well, you can
see there how his tires were aspinnin' "
and he couldn't git it goin' again." Oh, is that
what happened? Thanks, Bubba. The Jiggle
Big Foot! Awesome!!!
Wrt & Pfcs by Nfcy
crew was right into this! "Nice pull!""Good
pass!" The action swung back and forth
between the pullin' and the muck
chuckin'. Oh what a dizzying deaf-
Finally wc got down to the
monster trucks. "AWWRIGHT
GRAVEDIGGER!" Now we gel to
see real action: explosions, crashes,
mayhem I The trucks lined up, roared
their engines and launched into the
air as ihey blazed through three seconds of glorious destruction "AWWRIGHT BIGFOOT!" Why wasn't
everyone in Vancouver here?
More tractor pulls followed.
These became a bit tedious. Luckily
the announcer brought the folks to a frenzy
with crowd-pleasers like "Let's hear it for
Ford! Any Ford owners out there?"
Sure pal. "AWWRIGHT FORD!"
Finally after endless losers, just as
the Jiggle mob was losing faith...
"FULL PULL!" Everyone cheered
as the flame-throwin' behemoth sat
smoking at the end of the track. Yeah,
this is what it was all about. Mikey
and Gav began discussing the prospect of purchasing a finemud-bogger
from Matsqui.
More big trucks crushed more
big cars. More crazy dune-buggies
roared through the mud. The e ventu -
al mud-race champion received a
great ovation when the announcer
marvelled "That was a woman drivin' that
vehicle!" Oh boy, who would have
guessed? Afler three hours of nonstop action on the track, and countless little kids walking over and
around us, our ears were numb and
our dream date was holding her head
in her hands. We decided to bail on
the demolition derby and go for pancakes. On the way out we tried buying Monster Truck flashlights from
little kids. It's amazing how nervous
they get when approached by two
heavily tattooed dudes and a foxy
model/actress. We left with happiness in our hearts and an unspoken
vow to get front row seats for the
event: indoor supercross. AWWRIGHT GRAVEDIGGER!!!
1) Noise Unit • Agitate
2) The High • Somewhere Soon
3) Sucking Chest Wound • Who Shot The Pope'
4) Happy Mondays • Bob's Yer Uncle
5) Beautiful Happiness • Something Sonic
6) Blackhouse • Men in Black
7) Strawpeople • Beautiful Skin
8) Pop Will Eat Itself • X, Y, and Zee
9) Renegade Soundwave • Thunder II
10) Jesus Jones • Internati     '
Young Thing
1. Meat Beat Manifesto • 10X Faster Than
The Speed of Love
2. Public Enemy • Brothers Gonna Work It Out
3. Artillerymen • 9G (Ambiomorphic Mix)
4. KMFDM • Godlike
5. George Clinton • Atomic Dog
6. Mussolini Headkick • War Drum
7. White Boy Worry • Survive
i        8. Meat Beat Manifesto • Dogstar Man
9. Charlatans UK • The Only One I Know
10) Vomito Negro • Raise The Power
1) My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult • A G
Doesn't Get Killed by a Make-Believe Lo
2) Meat Beat Manifesto • Helter Skelter
3) Front 242 • Tragedy For You
4) KMFDM • Godlike
5) Ministry • Deity (Live)
6) Nine Inch Nails • Sin
7) Charlatans UK • The Only One I Know
8) Happy Mondays • Kinky Afro
9) Yello • Si Senor The Hairy Grill
10) Sisters of Mercy • Dr.Jeep
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1250 Richards St. Alley Entrance, Vancouver 688*2648 -
rlCll. Gospel music in the Discorder? Yes, real gospel (not that Amy Grant drivel), real black gospel in
the form ofthe MontrealJubilation Gospel Choir. Their third and latest release, Glory Train, shows the choir
growing more confident. Moreover, they're one of a handful of Canadian gospel acts to record, earning
recognition at home (two Juno nominations) andabroad. DavidLangille spoke with Choir Director! Arranger
Trevor Payne from his office in Montreal about his roots in gospel, the choir's history and the new CD.
Where are you from and what is
your background in gospel music?
I was born in Barbados and came to
Canada in my early teens. My experience in gospel is basically through
my second cousin's church in Boston; il's one of the largest black
churches in the Stale. He's very fortunate in lhal he has a brilliant music
program there, a very big music program - he has five or six choirs—and
his music director and choir director,
Professor John Weeks, is absolutely
brilliant. So I was able to learn a lot of
my early licks and chops from him.
Were there any groups, or artists,
in particular that influenced you
musically? Did you have any gospel heroes?
Yes, as a matter of fact my two major
gospel influences are Mahalia Jackson and, of all people, Ray Charles.
Even though what he does is not
religious, everything about Ray
Charles, particularly the phase he
went through in the fifties and six-
What about your own training in
I guess I've had a rather diverse career in training in music. My "raining has I guess covered a lot of
different styles over the years and
I've acquired it in different areas.
First of all, I have perfect pitch so I
was able to pick up a lol of ideas from
Ray Charles as well as Mahalia Jackson's pianist [Mildred Falls]... And I
studied classical piano in my early
teens. Then I went into rock and roll
for several years and gave thai upand
went to McGill and studied music
formally there. I graduated in symphonic conducting and then studied
the history of Afro-American music
and then went into the choir thing.
Actually, I founded the Black Community Youth Choir back in 1974
and Jubilation came inlo being in
1982. So, I've got basically the street
as well as the institution in my background.
te when and i»j*^3-_o
!y started and y oqsyown part
to 1974 wheaas an undergraduate at
McGill, Daisy Sweeney, who 1
pens to be Oscar Peterson's -isle
and a very popular piano teacher..
she called to a*k me to take part in h<
year-end concert She wanted me t
come down,not only totake part I
to try and convince otter black i
She wanted mc lo play cello
but I didn't think I was proficient
enough on cello. She had enough
pianists already so I offered to leach
her older students a song to sing,
which we presented at the end of the
event. That actually gave birth to a
youth choir lhal was formed in October 1974. Then in 1982, on the occasion of the 1 00th anniversary of Union
United Church we put the youth choir
together with the senior choir, presumably to do just the one performance. But it was so well received
they asked if we'd think aboul keeping a permanent choir of that type
together, which we did. One thing
led to another and here we are now
around the world, into the United
Stales with our
third international release and our
second straight
Juno nomination
Before you all
came on the
scene was there
much of a Gos-
pening in Montreal? I know
there's a large
and very old
black community in that city.
Well, there is an ,
old black com- f
munity here but       j
large; Vancouver's black community is probably larger...
Halifax of course     ' '	
would suspect the community in
Windsor, Ontario is larger than
Montreal, when you compare il to
the size of the city. And now, as a
matter of fact, it's quite spread oul.
As far as gospel music is concerned,
there are a number of black churches
that are gospel oriented, that have
: within the
as you probably
integral part of the
tune quite well. They have lo have a
very high degree of tonal retail, because wc leach everything by rote,
by repetition... They have lo be able
lo sing in four and eight and some-
limes even twelve parts.... So ihey
have to have very good ears.
Is it a racial mix as well?
It's predominantly black bul oh yes,
it's a racial mix, very definitely.
Regarding the major schools of
gospel choirs—the Hawkins, James
Cleveland, Thomas Dorsey—who
do you draw from mostly? I know
you have a real mix of sound, ranging from modern soul gospel to
turn of the century jubilee.
president of Justin Time, and Jim
being so happy with Oliver and respecting his opinion called mc. We
decided then lhal not only for financial reasons, bul also because we
thought we had a better chance of
catching the choir al its maximum
energy, that we should record the
choir in from of an audience, in a
concert environment. And I feel because they were so inexperienced, I
think thai was probably the best
chance we had. Il worked oul well
and we decided lo do ihc same thing
with the second album.
As they've progressed musically and become more and more
comfortable wilh themselves and one
another, we then thought... Let's go
In the beginning, of
very much influenced by James
Cleveland and the Southern Community Choir, particularly the double-album lhal he made wilh Aretha.
That was our first major influence.
But I've come io appreciate a lot of
gospel choirs, ihe Abyssinian Bap-
right into the studio and see if we can
conjure up that same energy, even
though the recording sludio is foreign
and a ralher cold atmosphere; lei's try
it. And we did, and I'm very happy
with the way il worked out.
mediately afler slavery, you've gol
millions of people who were bom inlo
a religious/musical culture. Ihe way
lhat gospel comes together is unlike
anything else. Whal Oliver Jones was
referring to was the fact lhat, while he
too has perfect pilch and can play
anything he hears, to reproduce gospel and make it sound right is an
entirely different story. That comes
from a different part of the brain altogether and he's nol inclined in lhal way.
The actual essence of the chord structure, the voicings, the rhythm, the improvisation, is something I can't explain. It has its roots in Africa.
You really need to go to a black
church to experience it.
There's no
question. When
I've gone to
black churches
back  in   Nova
body there
knows how to
sing gospel and
they know how
tain way and I
doubt that's
been methodically taught or
trained. It jusl
erupts spontaneously during the
church service;
the music acts as
a sort of aural
texture or backdrop to the ser-
you that it's nol
trained or taught.
sity of songs from a diversity of
traditions. "Ezekiel Saw the
Wheel" sounds more like something for the "Kiske Jubilee
Singers" around 1890.
Absolutely, because it's not a gospel song as such, il's a "negro
t the
thing tl
from inside them.
And they would be hard pressed to
explain how they know what to sing
and when to sing it.
Do you think there's a—for lack of
a better phrase—Canadian style of
Oliver Jones played organ on the     gospel?
first album, and just after it was      I hope one day to get a grant from the
released, I talked to him about his   f*QH§'*ia Council and lake a
gospel influence, wjiich is very / j^country into areas like Windsor,
identmhjspianopl*flj|g.I_sked /'Ontario,and Halifa
sure that I
Wheel" and "In That Morning
When Ihc Lord Says Hurry," also
on the CD, arc two a capella spirituals. We were testing the water
with those and they've been so
well-received lhat we've decided
to postpone our gospel Christmas
release and we're going to do an a
capella album instead.
What's the difference between a
"negro spiritual" and a gospel
The "negro spiritual" is obviously
European and classically oriented.
You have to have a conductor, it's
obvious that lime has been spentto
train the singers to all sing together, in tune and so on. It probably
came from the house slaves who
observed lhat type of singing first
hand in their master's parlour. In
comparison, gospel was born oul
of communal recreation, where you
might have a soloist, but the song
goes nowhere unless every single
per son present approves,and shows
their approval by participating. It's
an entirely opposite approach. The
European way is to have specialists perform and other observe.
So the spirituals are a more sophisticated version of gospel?
You might say that gospel is jazzed
up spirituals, and gospel hasn't always been so well-received.
I know that when the gospel
soloists of the rural South and New
Orleans headed north and brought
their wilder style of church music
wilh them, the reaction was hostile. The established black churches in Chicago and New York opposed it, thought it was the Devil's
In fact, Mahalia Jackson had a lol
to do with bringing gos^
to a lot of people wh/
ously considered it V
able to, while k!
dergrads to come with me. She
giving them. Tlef Students were
young and they hada tendency ti
ibout us Basically, our cher now consists ol
JiatthlyPjust lbhJPeryone or <yjfc that
.shewas youcould imagine: wehave students,
we have married people, we have
young and they had a tendency to just Christians, we have Jews and we
stop when they were old enough to have Muslims. Old, young, we don't
tell their parents they didn't want to have any criterion other than that
go anymore. She thought we would they have to be responsible people
serve as role models. and they have to be able to carry a
Oliver Jones, the jazz pianist, had a
contract with Justin Time Records.
And he was asked to be our special
guest in our Gospel Celebration in
1985. Some time just before that, he
had mentioned us to Jim West, the
it culture 1
has a religious affiliation. It also comes
from a culture where music is part of
everyday life, not only for entertainment, but for communication as well:
it's functional. Now, if you put these
two aspects together and translate it
into the Afro-American context im-
the slav<
tered were througfi Detroit into S
ern Ontario and up through Boston
into Nova Scotia. There doesn't seem
to be any direct link between the black
church music in Halifax, for example,
and the black church music in Boston.
Glory Train contains quite a diver-
g against *
id Grievous*Angels.
Will the choir appear in Vancouver soon?
We hope so. We almost made it out
there last summer; we're hoping to
go this year.
MARCH 1991   15  (Km,-)
Hello, is Hank the lloho th*rr>
//an* /^w //<>*><•>
Hank the Hobo'
You know flank th* Hobo"
Norman Mer kell—Hank the— Wow! Holy Mackerel! Thafs amazing. Can I speak to Hank th* Hobo?*
Well, Tm sorry lo inform you that Hank tht Hobo ptuatdavay tix ymtn ago.
Ooohh, that'* too had. Are you related to Hank the Hobo?
/ txu Hank th* Hobo's nn/t.
Welt I was wondering...
Mr*. Mer toll, in a somewhat shocked state, related to me a couple of chapters from the Hank the Hobo
scrapbook. Originally from Edmonton, Hank began performing over 35 years ago at various county lairs, hoe-
downs and stampnJes located across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Despite not being a full-time
musician, he was still able to maintain a first-rate travelling "vaudeville" troupe that frequently garnered lavish
accolades throughout Western Canada. In the early 1960k, making the inevitable move to big city li/e. Hank the
Hobo relocated to Vancouver where he immediately began hitting the Legion circuit.
Once in British Columbia, Hank and Roy the fiddler* (whom Mrs. MerkeD hasn't )»ard from in five yeera)
didn't slow down a bit: shows continued at a feverish pace for the nerf twenty years. During one erf his many
trips stateside, Mr. Hobo had the pleasure of playing with a young, sweet, pert baa from Blaine, Washington, a
Nevertheless, Hank th* Hobo's wcnderfulry sincere, spirted music is what ere ke. him really rock. Whether
t be "BC Marches On," a sarcastic ode to fanner premier WAC Bennett, or The Battle of Krestova," Hank's
political commentary on the gallant Doukubhor marches of 1962, or the A-side ol the same 7", "Th* Dutchmen's
Christinas," the giant Hobo machine never fails to get the massage across. Take far instance Hank's spoken
word introduction to The Dutchmen's Christmas": Htlk Friends, Dim fc* Hmk th Hob* wit hang ym alia wry ae>
THAT WAY? Well uh, ah, no sir. But Hank tha Hobo did, so don't you ever farget it Mary Hartman!
5   pine  Point Pete ais-r .
Shoun Ryder or Happy Mondays : Elektra
HAPPY MONDAYS arethenextbigttimg.Well,
over in the UK they already are a big thing, with their album lodged in the top
ten, and their latest tour of 10,000 seat arenas Alternative music? Don't ask
me: the band put out a wonderful dance-pop hybnd; laid-back low energy
drug jams smeared with Shaun Ryder's characteristically Mancunian out-
of-tune vocals Happy Mondays have been playing together for nearly a
decade, and really came to prominence in '89 as one of the ma|or bands in
the "Manchester Explosion" along with The Stone Roses and Inspiral
Carpets. They've had literally acres ot copy written about them, mostly
focusing on their law breaking exploits, and when Discorder got a chance
to talk to "Cow" aka "Pig" a/k/a Mark Day, the band's guitarist, my main worry
was to try and find something to ask that he hadn't heard a million times, and
maybe get something that you haven't read about anywhere else. Well, I did
it, and here's the scoop: HAPPY MONDAYS PLAY BACKGAMMON BACKSTAGE II Forget that stuff about wild drug debauchery, sordid sex and
shoplifting sprees—when these guys want to let off steam they reach
straight for the dice shakerl
In England you're superstars now. How are you handling it all? Very
calmly indeed, as always. We've been doing it for ten years, y'know; grown
up with it. You have a lot of time to think. We just take every str ideas it comes.
It hasn't changed your life in any way? Yeah, it's changed my life. I'm
more comfortable, more relaxed  I can handle it. It's quite enjoyable
You've always said that you were doing this for fun. Is it still fun? Oh
yeah, it's always fun, just cos of the people I'm with. We don't get record
company hassle, just do it in our own time. We're lucky really 'cos the label
ws're on, Factory, are understanding and they don't push you.
Where does the band go from here? Do you even think about those
things? No, ljustlet it happen. I think we're atStage Three now. Stage Four
is like really MEGA. That'll take a bit of time. The sooner the better; I'm
looking forward to having six months off a year.
You've had great press. Is there going to be a time when they turn
round and start hammering you? Yeah, they always do. Some magazines over here have started to, but I've got to that stage where I don't really
bother. I'm not really arsed about what the papers say anymore. The press
has been good to us anyway. They've supported us and now they're off.
Whatever the reason is I don't know and I don't really care.
So do you still get loaded before you play live? Loaded? Rephrase that
please. Yeah, well you wanna enjoy it yourself don't ya? About as much as
we used to do, we still have a drink. No Perrier water in our changing rooms.
only asked you 'cos you're now playing to such massive crowds. Isn't
it more like doing a job than just having fun? Bit of both really. You try
not to think of it as a job, but touring now it gets that way 'cos it's routine. After
about ten gigs you get routined up. But with this crew there's always
something going on. We just amuse ourselves basically.
You got a lot of press for having a 'Yob" image. Does that bore you
now? Yeah, we did get labelled, but you just see us as you see us. It's a
game they play innit? It's all a little game. Like a game on a board. I'm getting
into backgammon. I learned it when I was in Brazil. One of the roadcrew
taught me how to play it
So that's my big scoop then—Happy Mondays play backgammon
For money!
Do you think that this has been blown out of all proportion? All the
interviews and articles and TV about you? Yeah, I do think it's been
blown out of all proportion. It's like hyperspace, get into another rocket and
off you go. It's part of the job, but it's not, know what I mean? It never has
been. Soon as you start thinking like that then you're finished. I just have a
laugh that's all. Have a good time—all the time.
The Spinal Tap philosophy. Don't quote me on that.
^rlFC£l_l I started the band
about three years ago now and originally it was just mc and the DJ I was
working with, then I expanded into—
because we did some live shows—
the use of dancers, and Marcus was
involved in lhat period and that's
how il started anyway.
Then wc released our first
album and that's when
we did our firsl lour over
here    [America]   and
we've jusl released our
second album.
Whin you wort a kid,
what did you listen to?
I liked Cabaret Voltaire
and Kraftwerk and Can,
didn't wanl lo keep doing the same
style of music over and over again
and to do [the old style show) lo
iracks like "Radio Babylon" just
doesn't work.
iheir first album; it's real
Some of the tracks on t
Is there a reason you tried to redo
A rmedA udio Warfare after the fire
I vou  doiny  in San      vou had?
Have you ever toured
in Canada?
We've played in Montreal and Toronto.
How about the West
We haven't actually got
up ,
o lhat c
r. We
haven't played in Scat-
lie; San Francisco's the
nearest we've got but
we're definitely going to
be up this year.
I heard your live show
used to be only seven
minutes long.
Well originally it was
twenty people on stage
all doing different things.
We used films and videos and had dancers... It
was cram-packed. What
we actually tried lo do
was condense a live show
inlo seven minutes by using an overdose of imager)', and il worked out
really well Of courseyou
ihere were other bands
and things, but people
really liked it... As an experiment il worked.
r show like
It expanded into an hour
long sel using dancers;
wc didn't use any films
or anything like lhal. That
was the last lour and the
next tour is going to be
different, bul you'll have
. We'n
not using dancers any-
.. We'n
film anymore either. It's
probably going lo be incredibly minimal. We'll
be relying a lol r
. The music
lo take a backseat; it
t>« adorn sloan
FOI1 #_Ti€_* paSt four years, Meat Beat
Manifesto have been the English grease lubricating the tired arthritic
joints ofthe B.C.N.S. (Black-Clad Nivek Stampers) throughout the
world. From England's Sweatbox to Belgium's Play It Again Sam
to the label that brung Depeche Mode to the world. Mute, the trio of
self-proclaimed anti-musicians has always made bodies writhe in
pre-orgasmic spasms to the electro-beat of their first import-only
"Suck Hard" and "Strap Down" singles to their more commercially
available "God OD," "Dog Star Man" and, more recently, "Helter
Skelter" singles. 99% is their current release, the first to be picked
up domestically by a major label, although it was first released last
year on Play It Again Sam. Discorder talked to Jack Dangers last
month over the phone from San Francisco about Meat Beat Manifesto's evolving unique danceable semi-industrial music. But first
some background information on the English band, straight outta
Jack's mouth...
Sludiois basically all the iracks which
were desiroyed and some of the tracks
which we salvaged went on Armed
Audio Warfare.
Why isn't there much information about the group on your re-
We might put something
on the next one. For some
reason everyone always
asks that. I think it's more
of an Amencan thing than
it is Kuropean. We'd like
to keep everything as
minimal as possible and
lei ihe music speak for
Do you get permission
for all or most of your
Nah; none.
SHOW. So what we've
done now is gone back to
Do you run the music
off tape or do you bring all your
electronics on stage?
Il's all electronic. Sequences and
samplers. We also use guitars and
live drums. For the first tour, for the
Storm the Studio album, which was
very loud in your face aggression,
the live show suited that but we
Working with Consolidated. Sort of
producing, mixing their next album.
What's it like?
Still overtly political, because that's
what they're all about, that's their
bag. Musically it's more jazzy than
I guess you haven't run
into any trouble yet.
Not yel, but I probably
shouldn't say lhat in case
we do! (laughs) No, it's
jusl something... it defeats
the object of what we're
about. To me sampling is
a form of pop art, y'know,
collecting and finding
commercially available
material and rearranging
it into your own piece of
work. Thai's whal Warhol did for screen prints
and Lichtenstein did for
comic strips; it's like a
montage, like a slow sort
of sculpture building up
of sounds. I don't think
il' s stealing. It does lake a
while to chop and change
things, but it's our music,
no one else's. The sounds
might be from something
but then they are sounds
which you can produce
anywhere. We produce
our own sounds as well,
of course. The whole idea
behind it is one which m-
Who are your inspirations?
My biggest inspiration is
Captain Beefheart. And
the other group I liked are
the Cocteau Twins. And
olher things but they're
the only two which stay in
my mind. Public Enemy.
They're not really rap. I
think rap is... a really antiquated '80s thing along
with scratching. Therejust
isn't any rapping on 99%.
What are your future
plans, short-term and
Well, we're going to be
playing live in Vancouver definitely, but I don'l
know if it's going to be
before or after the summer, but definitely this
Meat Beat Manifesto : Andy CarBn    year. We're going t0 ^
Part of the Armed Audio Warfare
[master tapes] were destroyed. They
weren't actually burnt to pieces, [the
master tapes] just bubbled. The fire
didn't bum the flat down; il mined
the parts of the room totally, but the
more you went into die lape the more
you could salvage from it. Storm the
recording a new album and I think
it's going to come out next year. It's
difficult to tell because 99% came oul
neariy a year ago in Europe and it's
just come out here...
Thanks for talking to us.
All right then, see you in Vancouver.
THAT MAGAZINE FROM CITR 101.9 fM lAichael Crigg is
Our Man in London
What's been makin' the rounds of London this month?
/\S1QC from the triumphant
fireworks display by masochistic
IRA members during their self-destructing mortar shelling of 10
Downing Street, Ixmdon has been
crippled by sub-zero temperatures (-
3* to -5" C) and 6 inches of snow!! To
put it into perspective, the RAC (automobile association here) received
a whopping 2,500 calls per hour on
the first frosty day of this wintry
deluge. British Rail cancelled mosl
of their rail service and a typical 20
minute tube journey ridiculously
averaged a snail' s pace of two hours,
no doubt due to "points failure". I
cannot remember how many times I
stood on the Victoria platform listening lo "mind the gap" and "stand
clear of the doors". With all this
happening, who needs a war.
The most enjoyable gig during
Nature's revenge on die belching
old Lady London was at the Venue
in New Cross Gale on February 9th.
The PopGuns were mesmerizing and,
after their show, I was fortunate
enough lo go backstage and meet
them. I first heard their music on a
Peel Session; I was informed they
have done two now. I finally caught
them live in mid-January at ihe raw
and worn Powerhaus, a club in the
hip Islington area of London. The
Powerhaus is quaint and J-shaped
with an open bar and wooden floors.
The small stage is loaded with
" woofed"-out speakers that go snap,
crackle and pop. I like this intimate
club. I liked the PopGuns at ihe
Powerhaus. I didn't know if it was
due to the atmosphere—not lo men-
lion too many pints—or iheir talenl
lhat I decided to hear ihem again.
Hence, that fatefully cold Saturday
nighl I bussed into the depths of
South London and caught their gig
atthe Venue... sober. They surpassed
my expectations.
The Venue's decor is most
definitely a la Luv-a-Fair and, unlike the Powerhaus, it has a very
good sound system. Given the extreme weather conditions, there was
still a good dealof fans jockeying for
space by the stage. Despite the barrage of four guitars and one drummer, lead singer Wendy Morgan's
strong and passionately powerful
voice knifed through the drone of
feedback. Her enthusiasm and dynamic energy gave the band the pyrotechnics needed lo rally their fans
into the most traditional of rock con-
cert sports—stage diving—and there
was lots of it. The PopGuns pounded
out infectious static for well over an
hour. I was captivated not only by
the their casual freshness, almost
innocence, but also by their obvious
joy throughout the gig and their active encouragement of crowd involvement. They are an oasis from
the attitude, the psychedelia, and the
I was taken
ing PopGuns in ihc
"lounge" of
the Venue,
a glorified
beer, I
spoke wilh
the very
Morgan. It
>  thcr
learned the
band has three singles oul and their
fourth is to be released March 11th
on Ihe Midnight Music label. Called
"Still A World Away," it will be
included in their up-and-coming debut album, Snog. For those of you
who don't know what snog means (I
embarrassingly didn't), it's slang for
a lip-melting, teenage-friendly, passionately overdrawn melodramatic
merging of ihe lips. In la ym en's terms
il's sucking face. Definitely more
powerful lhan ils distandy-related
cousin: the kiss. Wendy went on to
describe it as a "really, really nice
The PopGuns grew out of
Brighton, home lo Psychic T.V. and
one ofthe newest heart-throbs ofthe
British Teen Scene: Primal Scream.
After discovering that they have been
together almost three years and that
they havebeenfortworunning the—
Wendy sniggers—"Best Band in
Sussex" (I think that's like saying
the "Best Band in Prince George"), I
arranged to interview two members
of the band later in the week. Mind
you, I did have to wait until after
they had finished their French lessons and watched Twin Peaks...
Sounds like what I do every Tuesday
The PopGuns are: singer/guitarist Wendy Morgan; music/lyrics/
guitarist Simon Pickles; guitarist
Greg Dixon; bassist Pat Walking-
ton; drummer Shawn Char
list some slals, Wendy's v
the same energy and ir
Natalie Merchant's, and Shawn used
to play for the Wedding Present
before packing up afler their first
album. Nobody's Twisting Your
Arm. I spoke wilh Wendy on the
phone al her flat where she lives
wilh Simon.
How did you meet and form the
Well, Greg, Simon and I knew each
other in 6th form up in Essex. Greg
and Simon went to University here
in Brighton where they met Pat.
And then I moved down to B righton
to join the band. Shawn, who was
then in the Wedding Present, when
he left them, he came down to
Brighton, where he's from, and responded to an advertisement we had
at the University.... The rest is his-
So how would you describe the
character ofthe band?
Well, we're all very different. I'm
the pop... What am I? I don't know;
I'm the Bimbo (giggles). Simon's
the quiet, shy, creative one... Greg's
the Rock n' Roll Child... Pal's ihe
Groovy Dopehead, and Shawn...
he's a, god I don't know really, but
he likes horrible music like The
Fall... He absolutely hates Mark E.
Smith but he likes their music.
Who are your favorite bands?
Ultimately I guess it must be The
Smiths. But 1 also really like the Go
Belweens and, of course, Galaxie
Where did you play your first gig
as the PopGuns?
The Old Vic in Brighton and lhat
was before Shawn joined us. The
firsl gig with Shawn, I think, was at
ihe Crypt at the University. [No doubt
similar to UBC's Pit.]
What's the nightlife like in Brigh-
I don't know; we don'l go oul. We
slay in, Simon and I. But I think there
is quite a good scene with a lot of
dance and indie clubs. I don't like
much of the scene though.
What would be your best support
Definitely Morrissey.
What bands have you opened for?
Well we played in Spain with the
Happy Mondays, the LA's, and the
Inspiral Carpets which was really
quite good.... Well no oneBIG! Ride
supported us... They're really good.
This is what happens: people keep
supporting us and then gel really
famous. We're like a springboard; if
anyone warns I
should support us.
What's your definition of a good
Oh goodness me... a bottle of wine,
watching Twin Peaks, listening to
Galaxie 500... oh, and a game of
Popguns: Jeffrey Davy
get famous, they     They were really terrible actually; a
combination of lives plus us running
around Brighton being very uninteresting indeed.
What do you think of the '60s revival and tlarcs?
I liked the '60s but I don't particularly like il in the '90s. I was a big fan of
the Beatles but now, bands like The
High I find incredibly tedious and
very boring.
When do you go on tour?
Starting the beginning of March...
We've got a whole week from the
20th of March to the 28th so that's the
main bit of ii. We are doing 12 or 13
dates, that's not too impressive but
then again we all have full-time jobs.
How would you categorize your
Simon likes us lo be known asa Rock
Band but I prefer us to be known asa
Guitar Pop Band... say somehow like
Biondie would be considered.
Do you envision ever going to the
States or Canada?
Well, I've been lo Canada once to
visit with some relatives in Nova
Scotia. I would like to play the East
Coast- I'd really like to play in New
York or Boston. Greg would probably say California and Shawn would
say... Georgia.
Do you have any videos out?
Yes. A video for each of our singles.
Why sign with Midnight Music?
Well, we didn't have much of a choice
really. We were on Medium Cool for
our first single"Landslide," then they
were bought out by Midnight. We
were given the option to look for
another label or lo stay with Midnight
and gel out some more singles...
Do you have any hardcore obsessive fans?
There's a few. There is this guy who
comes to all our gigs from Soudi
Wales. There's a lot of people who
write but they're not usually obsessive. We don'l get any nutly letters,
they're all just really nice. You know
I'd quite like to have some weirdos
approaching us.
I look forward to the arrival of their
album, however, this is definitely a
band I'd much rather see live. Their
nervous energy is catchy. I hope they
make il across the Atlantic.
MARCH 1991    19 CiTR
the cruel elephant
doHan oft any menu item om 4 (tour) dollars with youi paid admission or on* ol out world
il mystery meals, illll always vegetarian Constanlty improving sound quality (as if
ed lo). Surprise big nam* shows... Wocky special event shows, -any loo, nutty
. Art on th* walls ot Vancouver artists work that changes wh*n*v*r H doei
Fri 1 (Showcase o roma) UAIY. 60CILLA GOIIllA and WINOWALKI
Sol I (Victoria showcos. ol til* year) SHOVLHED, SNOW IUSINESS CIAMTS and (a Voncouver
Sun 1 (Ntw York Cly snort, Circuit lecordin, Artists) CO* SNOOt COP with th* Itgtndary CiTI
aH tht way from Eugene,
Fri I T.I.A
tat» SARCASTIC MANNEQUINS (In a night of an roll liuonity) l
Ortgan) OSWALD 5-0
tun 10 (Seattle SubPop dudu) LOVE IATTEIT with OSWALD SO
Tutsi] TOMMY FLOYD (ne redly!)
Wtd I) (A tull length show by Victoria s kings al chongtcort) SHOVLHED wilh guests
Thurs 14 (Yts, there are goad bands in Alberta) THE IMAGINEERS with 116 SUN
rumen' 'go see these guys' -Discorder) GOIILLA GOIILLA with (very
Sol It ISun 17  (C/I Recording Artists hom Seattle) COFFIN BREAK with (two bands liam
Albuquerque, New Muica no less) KD WHITE AND HACK with TKADMIU
Wed JO (Featuring members of WINDWALKER and NOMEANSNO in a record release party) ITCH
with guests (also introducing Scratch ttcoidi, record label)
Thurs 21 (Screaming Intelligensia Recording Artists tram California) DAK CLOSE with (Victoria i)
Fri 2] (Two Seattle bands 'The leckit' says art in tht top 4 ot tht ntw Seattle music scene)
Sat 2) (Calgary rock back again none loo sean!) NINTH CONFIGURATION with SKIN IARN
Sun 24 (SubPop drunken punk band) THE DERELICTS with (nipple clomp specialists) THE PURDINS
Mon 25 (Legendary 'chrome' guitarist tram Son Francisco) HELIOS CREED
Wtd 27 (Two Victoria bonds thai must bt heard) "TOPIC MIND SLAVES wtth I.N.I.I.
Fn 2* (From Calgary) IIG IANG THEORY with guests (also Irom Calgary)
Sal )0 (Seattle i music invasion continual te tht Crutl Elephant) SCHLEPPROCK. (Vancauvtr i)
Sun 11  (Easter Sunday the Christian way) THEE CRUSADERS with NON-STOP EROTIC CABARET
(those nutty Christians)
got cheaper stuff to sell. The Cruel Elephant loves you no
[a P. M J_.g_.g_L Q. J_Mj
NO Time tO SfOp (1991) is_n informative and
moving documentary by Montreal filmaker Helene Klodawsky that
deals with the lives of three immigrant women working in Canada.
Through interviewsandscenesfrom thcireveryday lives, thtirstruggles
as well as their strengths and aspirations are revealed. The juggling of
work, children, money and personal goals appear insurmountable, but
the women exude vitality, humour and determination.
What interested you to start filming this topic?
I think there were both personal and
what I would call political reasons
for wanting to do a film on this topic.
From the personal angle my parents
are immigrants. They immigrated to
Canada after the war and so I was
very familiar with the problems of
immigrants. Especially those who
do not speak either French or English, who have no professional
training or who are not considered
Canadian when they get to this country. So from that personal angle I was
very interested and sensitive to the
life of immigrants.
I would say from a more political point of view it's well known in
Canada that immigrant
women, no mauer what
level of education is acquired in their country
of their origin, do the
bulk of the low level,
low status work in this
country. For those two
reasons I wanted to explore further.
I think also I had
seen many films about
immigrants, bul there
were very few films that
gave the voice of the film
to immigrants and that's why I constructed the film the way I did;   it
really gives the voice to three women.
How do you think the government
restricts women of colour or immigrant women trying to move ahead
in the work force?
I don'l think it's a conspiracy, but I
think there are many aspects of how
the system works that keeps women
down. First of all for women who are
professionals and who have degrees
in their country of origin, it's very
difficult to find equivalencies in this
country. It's very hard fortheir work
to be acknowledged. There is the
aspect of discrimination which is,
again it's perhaps not a conspiracy,
but il's very, very prevalent in this
So in the case of Alberta, who
was a computer programmer in Ghana, she felt she was not given a chance
here because of the colour of her
skin. For, Angela, who was a domestic, the restrictions on what she can
do in this country are very limited.
And so maybe the laws around domestic workers need to be reevaluated. Is this a very just system? Is this
a system that will help these women
once they finish their domestic work
contract? Is this the best that we can
give them in terms of a chance in this
country? The whole of area of language training is wrought with very
serious problems. I would say all of
the women that I spoke to yearned
for a day where they could
improve their language
_ and work skills. And il
-± was the difficulty of
g getting into those pro-
It grams that they want so
' ^ much, the availability,
„ the provision of child
which altogether
■ How do you see rac-
■ playing a part in
■- this?
Well racism is very evident
when you look at the fact that it's
mostly visible minority women;
again, no matter how educated they
were in theircountry of origin, they're
doing the very low status, low paid
work. It's a process of a lack of
education in this country that, unfortunately, often women of colour are
seen as others, not as Canadians, are
not given the opportunities at better
jobs, cannot rise in their fields because they are seen in a particular
way. I think there has to be a lot of
education to change this. And very,
very strict laws against racism. There
has to be programs in place both in
the public and private sector which
are going to acknowledge this systemic discrimination in all levels of
society, which will give immigrant
women a bciier chance.
The film focuses on very individual
and personal accounts. Whal made
you take that approach rather than
a research documentary format?
As I mentioned before, I think there
are far too few films about immigrants which arc really from the point
of view of immigrants themselves
and I think |immigranls| know most
of al I whal is going on and what needs
changing. As a filmmaker with many
years of experience, I've used films
with groups for social action and
there's no method which works as
well as the human story. Because
even if people have a hard lime understanding whal it is to be a black foreign domestic in this country, when
they hear a story about a mother having to leave her child, having to work
very long hours for very lillle pay,
suddenly lhat very, very different life
has some meaning for ihc viewer.
And this is what I really tried to convey; lhal they're not statistics, they're
human beings. Thai's a very simple
notion, but until Canadian society does
see immigrant women nol as others,
but as us, I don't think thai things arc
really going to change.
The creation of a union at a hospital
in one segment seemed to improve
the workers' situation a great deal.
But in general there seems to be a
reticence on the part of immigrant
women to become involved in politics. Why do you think that is?
Idon'tknow if there is a reticence on
the pan of immigrant women to become involved in politics. I think if
we look at the very nature of their
lives; they're often doing two, three,
sometimes four jobs in one day. These
women just do not have time. I think
the will is there. Often their language
skills are very poor. So it's a very
disadvantaged position from which
to fight.
I don't think it's that they're not
angry or they don't want change. I
think il's the very real, daily stuff
which makes it very hard for immigrant women to become involved in
their unions. Also unions have to
change, lo use the expertise and use
the skills of immigrant women, to be
really sensitive to what their lives are
like. Immigrant working women's
lives arc very different from those of
blue collar men or pink collar women
or while collar women. It's a different
reality. And until unions can lake that
into account I think thai immigrant
women will have a low profile in
The scenes where the domestic
workers go away for the weekend
retreat are really great, but I found
it very unusual to see a group like
that together. Since the mistreatment of domestic workers has come
to light, has a tighter and stronger
community formed between them?
I think in the case lhat we show in the
film, ihey tried to find each other
because they are so isolated and need
each olher lo fight. And this is happening not just in Montreal, but happens through Interseed in Toronto,
which is an association of domestic
workers. And I'm sure that there's
organizations throughout the country
which try to meet the needs of domestic workers. I think it is, again, because the realities of their lives are
very difficult and encourage isola-
II is hard to break oul, but once
they do break out they look for ways
to support each olher, and I think
what's very clear in ihc film is that it's
not just Filipino women with other
Filipino women or black women jusl
wilh other black women from the
islands. Il's very much a meeting of
women ralher lhan women broken
down in ethnic groups. And I think
it's a very positive example of women not seeing each other as a particular race or type, but as seeing each
other as potential allies.
How do you see accessible education improving the situations of immigrant women?
As a matter of fact, since the film has
ended, one of the main characters of
film, Kwai Fong, has decided she
wanted to go back to school and she' s
willing lo do anything lo make thai
possible. And what she's come up
against is very sobering. I can't say
I'm terrifically optimistic about the
chances that are out there. Most of the
opportunities are short term wilh very
bleak financial scenarios for these
women, especially when they're sole
wage earners. It's just very, very hard
lo break out, and unless the government does provide belter programs,
or perhaps it can be a combination of
government, union, the workplace—
there's many possiblities—but unless
things do change I can't say that I'm
lhat optimistic.
Has the film been screened a lot?
What has response been like?
The response lo ihe film has been
very,very, very positive. Again there's
so few materials out there that this
film has been eaten up. People just
want to see images of themselves.
And as the film tends to be hopefully
empowering while slating the problems, it does give a voice to very
strong willful people. The reaction
has been very good.
What are you working on now?
The next film I'm working on really
came out of some of the research I did
on the immigrant women film. The
next film is on mothering. When I
saw the double and triple shifts of
these women and how undervalued
their work as mothers are, I thought
be the next film. And
: of the people in the
from ihe same milieus
as I treated in/vo TimetoStop. But the
shift will be more on their home life
than in the workplace.
No Time to Slop will be screened at
the Pacific Cinematheque March 8 at
2 pm and March 9 at 9 pm as a part of
the third annual International
Women's Week Film Series which
is co-sponsored by the YWCA and
the National Film Board. Other highlights of the series include Goddess
Remembered( 1989), which links "today's environmental crises and the
loss of goddess culture" and The
Burning 7im__(1990), which recounts the execution and burning of
thousands of women deemed as
witches from the Nth century to
the 17th century, both by Donna Read,
andToying with theirFuture(\990), a
frightening documentary about the
overwhelming violence and sexism
in the toy industry, by Claire Nadon.
All films arefree. Check Datebook for
show times. Happy Women's Week!
this has got
probably sc
film will coi SECRETS  ENTRUSTED
V/flCG Q VCOr comes International Women's Day, which has
been celebrated since 1911. On this date, March 8th, women unite and stand
for a belief in basic democratic rights, for peace, nauonal independence and
social progress. A chance to say "Yeah, we've come a long way, baby" and
evaluate where we're headed as individuals and "the fairer sex" in general.
The roots of International Women's Day began in New York City early
this century with women marching the streets of the Lower East Side
protesting sweatshop conditions in the city's factories after 128 garment
workers died in a shop fire. The slogan "Bread and Roses" became a call for
economic security and a better quality of life.
This is a day for celebration and remembrance along with some
righteous anger a day for women AND men to enjoy the possibilities that lay
ahead. And with that in mind, happy reading, everyone!
This here town has two
bookstores devoted entirely to
women, Ariel books and the Vancouver Women ' s Bookstore. Though
not connected, bolh shops opened
seventeen years ago and subtext
senses some healthy competition
between the two. Ariel books is privately owned; the VWB is run on a
volunteer basis.
Margo Dunn, owner of Ariel,
felt the liming of this article was
great! The store has a new location
as of the first of this month. Now at
1988 West 4th (near Maple), it's not
far from the old location al 4th and
Much ofthe stock at Ariel is on
the healing arts; Parenting/Birth/
Health are sections with various titles. These are balanced along with
books on the creative and intuitive
arts, which also help the healing
The store also features an expanded Men's Studies section and a
nook devoted tomyslery stories. This
space, "Agatha's," will be replete
wilh an olde English look, perhaps
even red carpet. The who-dunnits
will be by women, natch.
The Vancouver Women's
Bookstore is located at 315 Cambie.
Records or around the comer from
all those fashion shops, depending
where you're coming from. It has
that "bookstore" feel right down to
the dolce tones of CBC FM in the
Upon walking into the shop
there's a bulletin board and freebies
(Angles/fMm guides); to the far nght
are oak display shelves. There's a
50% off table with some good buys.
In the fiction section good ol' Margaret Atwood, Alice Walker, Colette,
and the ever-popular Virginia Woolf
share prominent position. The
"Work" section is, frankly, very intelligent, with books on such wide-
ranging subjects as Canadian Nursing, Union Sisters, Sex Trade workers and a title exploring the "pink-
collared ghetto."
Otherarcas include "Violence"
and "Recovery," records and greeting cards, "Sexuality," Lesbian
ficlion/non-lictioii, and .i well
planned children's section
Why I adore Lynda Bar
ry. Lynda Barry is possibly ihc funniest woman in North America. She
is certainly one of the most compassionate. In the space of four comic-
stnp panels she transports mc back
to my childhood and all those bitler-
about this neat woman:
• Lynda wntcs fiction for Mother
Jones (the cconyup zine) called
"1619 Fast Crow ley." Il's the diary of Edna Ark ins who is fifteen, a
more wordy Maybonne, for comparisons sake.
• When her College boyfriend
dropped her, Lynda began drawing cartoons in which cactus-like
men urged women lo he down on
• Lynda lived in Seattle for years.
Now that I wanl to meet her, she's
in Detroit. This makes me sad.
• Hermom is half-Filipino. Oh, that
explains the flaming red hair.
• She was once married, at present
she is not. I think.
It?", was in fact a poignant lix>k al
a horrid situation when Maybonne
sees a friend molested by her father This Idler was obviously
misdirected—Lynda Barry is a
Champion for people raised in
dysfunctional families. How sad
people can miss ihc point
• Thcrcwasapcirnxxilenamcd Hob
Barker, who passed away. Bob
was the inspiration for the Poodle
with a Mohawk t-shirt "He knew
what people thought of his kind:
High  strung.  Spoiled  Rotten.
• Lynda insists that Malt Grocning
is Funk Lord of the USA. Surely
she hasn't heard the nauseating
"Bartman", but she does have a
• She has written a novel and her
calenderfor 1991,"HeapBig Dysfunctional World" was great. Let's
hope there's another for next year.
A prediction: Ms. Barry will
have a cartoon show (yes, just like
Matt) based on the characters from
Ernie Pook. Ii will be a smash hit and
(I hope I hope) she will retain her
dignity when it comes to the mcr-
Seven recent women's books that you may enjoy
(even if you have to pay that damn GST):
Off The Road by Carolyn Cassady (McMillan): Nothing held back
account of her life by U* first lady ol ihc Bt;als.
Wicked Lady by TirJIvacGtrk (Hea
c, model ai
Deep Down: The New Sensual Wrtiwg By Wot
Sink mg pieces of erotic poetry and pros
known women writers. Enca Jong to Ka
Jazz CleopatralJosephme Baker by Phyllis Rom; (Vu
the Madonna ofthe '20s and '30s but with a hell of a
A wild and stunning woman.
• Lynda used to draw a comic sinp
for Esquire (thee men's mag)
which dealt with "adult relationships." What a great way lo educate thoseswi... ah,men I mean. I
don't know why she slopped, 1 bet
the circumstances were "shady."
• A group of fifteen people wrote
the Georgia Straight (which prims
"Hmie Pook's Comeek") venting
their "shock, anger and disappointment" over a Barry sinp
dealing with incesl. "Did I See
Books by Barry:
Boys and Girls
Big Ideas
The Fun House
Everything in the World
The good times are killing me
Naked ladies, Naked ladies,
ladies (colounng book)
Down the Street
Come Over, Come Over
Ever wonder what people are reading? 1 do. David Wisdom, CDC Radio's Nightlines host v
oul, took time to write and tell subte?
£»lVr#tO   IV#SOO/lf
The world Crisis. Sinister clouds.
Bad, bad sex, live and on video. Darts.
An anti-anti-anti-heroine. A vicious
cheating dartsman. A poor soul. A
baby monster. And worst of all, the
person writing the book, a true story.
It's London Fields and in real life it
was written by Martin Amis. He's
41, English and probably doesn 't play
darts. London Fields is his sixth
novel, and the writing is breathtaking.
As well, it's a number of other ad
jectives: miserable, hilarious, startling, loving, depraved, huge, ambitious, chilling, dartsy and clear, clear
as a bell. It's also out in paperback
now, $6.95, published by Penguin.
I'd like to say it was a pleasure
to be asked what I'm reading al a time
when I'm reading my favourite book
in ages, but in truth it's much easier
to write about books that stink. I
think I'll also enjoy the next book I
read. The Secret Pilgrim by John Le
Carre, a writer whose best books
describe better than any the coldness
of the Cold War. It promises to be a
warm and nostalgic read, harking
back to the good old days when we at
least had a balance of terror.
The besl book I've ever found
about the business of music was published in 1972, Revolt into Style by
George Melly. Il shows lhat the concept of a band "selling oul" is an
optimistic one at best Nothing really
about darts in it though.
The one book I'd like to own
more than any other hasn't been wnt-
ten yet. A good encyclopedia of
bands, pop bands from say, 1976
until now, including The Smugglers,
Bucks Fizz and Woofing Cookies.
Just who's in the band, where they're
from, what they've recorded, their
bad habits, whether or not they play
darts etc. If anybody writes it I'll buy
TC!__ ©©©DC
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Magazine Back Issues
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Hard Cover Books
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Collector's Comics
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Tho Crue* Elephant
Friday 25 January
Upon learning that the Showbusiness Giants include members of two
of my favorite locals, NoMeansNo
and Shovlhed, my heart leapt with
joy. To further increase my anticipation of a splendid evening, ten long-
owed bucks were unexpectedly relumed to me, allowing for some
liquid indulgence where sobriety had
loomed ominously before.
Bul my high hopes were soon
shattered. Maybe I shouldn't have
expected these guys to be anything
like aforementioned bands; maybe
that's the whole point and I missed
it, but Showbusiness Giants struck
me as pretty uninspired and, well,
kinda dull. Their faster songs were a
bit more enticing, but halfway
through their set (their second ofthe
night), I started getting mildly annoyed by their Victoria in-jokes and
their jusi-a-lillle-too-smug stage
Granted they were tight and
complete and original (local anti-
heroes Glee being the only outfit
you could remotely compare the
Giants wilh), bul after a while their
self-indulgence became slightly
overbearing. Oh well, the band
seemed to have a good time and so
did a good part of the crowd, so
maybe I'm just getting cynical and
bitter and old. Check 'em out yourself, bul I think I'll stick toNoMeans
No. Ray & Kal
Commodore Ballroom
Tuesday 5 February
YEBOI Mahlathini and the Maho-
tella Queens returned to the Commodore with their "indestructible
beat" from Soweto. These Jazz Festival favorites graced their eager
audience with that infectious
"mbaganga jive," the rich vocals of
"The Lion of Soweto," and the strong
harmonies ofthe Mahotella Queens.
The women, wearing new versions
of their traditional tribal dress,
danced up a storm only they could
create; Mahlathini, dressed in animal skins from head to toe, took his
usual "reluctant" role in the playful
skits with the invincible women. The
action was almost non-stop, as the
Makgona Tsohle Band continued
playing during the singers' breaks.
The favorites, including "I'm In Love
Wilh a Rastaman," were all played,
as was some new material from their
upcoming album, which they promised will be released in April or May.
Upon being informed they would
not be allowed to leave before singing in Zulu, the audience quickly
complied, adding many joyful
shouts. YEBO! Catherine Dick-
The Cruel Elephant
Saturday 9 February
The evening started off with The
s, a power-pop threesome
including a couple of Wardells.
Songs like "Getting Away With II"
show some potential, bul for ihc
mosl pan the Sweaters were earnest,
ralher lighiweighl, pop fare.
When the headliners hit the
stage they made an immediate, if
chaotic, impression. Ihe Funny Cars
have some well -crafted originals, as
"AMC Pacer," "Highway lo Parks
villc," and "Alone With the Blues"
amply demonstrate. But it wasn't
ihc onginals lhat shone in this performance; it was the Victoria quartet's almost endless barrage of cov-
As far as I could tell, these
guys did not have a set list; they just
ripped inlo anything that struck their
fancy: Neil Diamond, the Monkees,
the Byrds. Paul Revere and the Raid -
en and other '60s and '70s icons
were attacked in one fell swoop.
Although this brings to mind some
of the notorious attempts made by
the Replacements in past years, I had
one hell of a good timet Sure the
Funny Can were sloppy, but their
goofy energy and obvious love of
the material made up for it. This is
the way '60s pop should be carried
out: loose, frantic, and all over the
place, not vacuum sealed on Klassic
Rock stations. Ii was really fun tosee
them start an old chestnut like the
Byrds" "Feel A Whole Lot Better."
jam on it, and then blaze into somelhing else when the lime felt right.
One exception was a sombre version
of "These Boots Are Made For
Walking": it sounded like Ian Curtis
was at the mic! Maybe that one's just
an acquired taste. I don't know what
drummer Eric had for breakfast, but
his musical suggestions and bad jokes
were a real asset to the band's set.
One sad point was lack of time: none
of the promised KISS covers! I
would've loved seeing these guys
wresde with "Firehouse" or "Cold
Gin," or even "Beth," what with
Peter Criss' curious appearance in
recent tabloids.
While the Funny Cars garnered
an enlightened following around the
dance floor lhat evening, many patrons were concerned with other
matters: the midnight shutdown,
paper aeroplanes, the conflict in the
Gulf. This band is not io everyone's
taste, I guess. But while 64 Funny
Cars may nol take your mind off the
war, they are definitely worth missing Twin Peaks for Steve Richards
tremcly severe and
underground. Reality  was  lame by
PAUL dolden;
64 Funnycars : Kai Korinth
The Cruel Elephant
Sunday 10 February
It wasn't packed. I don't know
if Dolden's following has
dwindled over the last couple
of years, or if they just didn't
know about the gig, or if they
didn't dare come down to the
club because il wasn't their
kind of place [bonus points lo
the Cruel Elephant for having
Ihe courage and creativity to
booksuch an alternative alter-
It wasn't what I expected, either. Given the title First
Order Beating, and the subtitle Daydreams on Sade, Subculture, and Sonarchy, I was
primed for something ex-
nol bad. The
three-hour sel (!)
was arranged so thai
long—too long—
instrumental works
separated said daydreams, which were
really only musings.
ings touched
Elvis Commodity,
Particle Physics
Applied lo Modem
Culture (excuse me, Post-Modem),
The Hysterical Male, and excerpts
from de Sade's writing. The most
interesting thing about the narratives
was not so much their content, as
their perspective, and the occasional
clever bit of word play: Elvis as the
Sun King (Sun Records, get it?) who
nova'ed out and became a black hole;
an Einsteinian view of our society as
all energy and no mass (all image, no
substance, a hologram of itself); the
Whitening of Michael Jackson, and
how his Post-Modem body (all image, no substance, a hologram of
itself) is melting and all that's left for
him is to become a California Raisin; the penis is really a mutant clitoris, and in a post-modem society, an
erection is a religious icon (???)■
The music itself was alright
but nothing particularly bombastic:
lots of predictable synlh noises, s weet
violin and cello sounds (Dolden
should lake in a few Tom Cor* gigs),
some half-decent guitar work. Beats
garage rock, but it' s just too fuckin'
long. Elvis, Einstein, de Sade, Freud
and I have all left the building. Tiny
Commodore Ballroom
Tuesday 12 February
The place was sold out de-
spile the rather steep ticket
price. Understandably, the
crowd was noticeably yup-
py. Andy Prieboy opened up.
The ex-Wall of Voodoo
singer was lyrical and very
intense, screaming about
gay-bashing and men being
dogs in his scant half-hour
set. His final song, "Tomorrow Wendy," was a duet with
Concrete Blonde's Johnette
Napolitani which shocked
the audience with its powerful message about AIDS,
prostitution and suicide.
Concrete Blonde
played on a much lighter
note. Set to a dramatic
backdrop of painted roses,
the three band members
played wilh energy and enthusiasm for the expectant audience. Johnette bantered back and forth with
guitar-player Jim, making
the concert a casual, relaxed
event: very homey-feeling.
During their encore, which
was more like a second set,
Andy Prieboy returned to
play keyboards for the band,
giving an even greater scope
to their music. In a final callback, Johnette played alone
on an acoustic guitar a new
song written by a friend. The
audience wanted more, but alas, this
show, like so many others, was over
loo soon. Angie Finley
The Cruel Elephant
Saturday 16 February
Good and Fuuuunky!!! Plus they
sold all their T-shirts and you know
what that means! Inez Velasco
The Town Pump
Saturday 16 February
People have been bitching a lot lately lhat no one [ie. Discorder - ed.)
supports the local music scene. But a
healthy local scene doesn't come
from blindly supporting any and all
local bandsjustbecausethey're LOCAL; a scene evolves through responsible and creative criticism and
the old survival of the fittest routine
(and "fittest" is in no way inter-
changable with "popular")- For the
first time in quite a long time, there
are bands worthy of praise and attention because they're new, exciting
Buffalo Tom : Len Whistler
and interesting. AND they're local.
The Buffalo Tom show was a perfect
example of this resurgence.
Up firsl were Sub Pop Wannabes, Lung. They thrashed out a set
plagued, as usual, with "technical
difficulties." Are these guys cursed
or just fucked? I hope they didn't hit
their peak with that great performance at the L7 show.
Despite putting in an amazing
performance the night before at the
Arts Club with Paleface, Wind walk -
er totally rocked wilh unbelievable
freshness and energy. Can Stuart
scream or what? I nearly jumped out
of my skin during "Rite of Passage"
and how about thai freaky number
about killing a girl by the railroad
tracks? Whew!!
A big yawn for Buffalo Tom.
Their generic music and nonexistent
stage presence proved a gigantic disappointment, especially compared
to whal came before them. Many of
the sold-out audience chose this time
to cut out, having heard/seen whal
they had come to hear/see. And that' s
local music worth talking about.
Show Business Giants : Kai Korin
22    DISCORDER If you or someone you worship is in a local band, and you ha ve s
valuable information you wish to impart, send it to us c/o Discorder
so we can write about it and amaze everyone with what total
scenesters we are.
Nazi bouncers
Nazi bouncers
Nazi bouncers - Fuck Off!
I was up front at the Town Pump on
the night of February 1, enjoying the
Hog Brothers as usual, when Joe
Skinhead Bouncer was dispatched
to the front of the stage. With at least
12 people moving around on the
floor you could tell things were getting out of hand. Another security
risk was a happy fan to the right of
the stage who occasionally put his
mouth on Hamm's microphone in
order to sing a line or two. He obviously wasn't bothering Hamm, in
fact, he's a friend of the band, bul a
risk is a risk. The third time he tried
to sing he was grabbed and tossed
out by three "doormen." I mean
REALLY grabbed. After the show
(which rocked in spite of technical
difficulties), I asked the skinhead
bouncer why he and his friends had
overreacted. He yelled in a typical
barbell-boy English/Australian accent "Work here and THEN try io
tell me how to do my job! Why do
you care, eh? What is he, your boyfriend?" Nuff said.
Staying with the Hog for a bit,
they are now being distributed in the
Stales and Europe by Sub Pop, which
is really cool since word out of the
Zulu camp has the Hog going on a
jaunt to the United Kingdom wilh
Tad. Heawvwvy! They've also
got one or maybe two videos in the
works; unfortunately, the first video
might have to be the ass-kissin',
management-pleasin' "I Woke Up
in Love This Morning." I think we
all want a hea vy, original tune taking
overMuchMusic's airwaves instead.
Immediate plans include a few shows
in California.
The Victoria Invasion has begun. After stewing and brewing for
quite some time, the Victoria scene
is now spewing out some volatile
bands. Among those worth checking out are Onion House and Soul-
charge who recently played a wild
gig together for a frustratingly unresponsive audience at the Cruel Elephant. Soulcharge'sdemo, OnSolid
Ground, is a good introduction to
their high-energy, raw-edged yel
melodic hardcore, allhough it lacks
the full-on guitar attack of their live
performance. To contact the band
write them c/o Mike Synnuck, 10289
Godfrey Place, Sidney BC or call
(604)656-7437. Onion House (featuring some ex-Mission of Christ
members) play a slower, more melodic brand of punk. They've recent
ly released a 7" on Final Notice
records which includes the ofi-mis-
inlerpretcd "One More Time," a song
"really" written for a friend who
died. Fellow Victorians Section 46
have released a new tape entitled By
Myself. Lots of hardhitting songs
and lyrics with semi-muddy sound
quality. Whal is ihis, their fourth
tape? When ihc hell arc these guys
going to go inlo a sludio and walk
oul wilh a slab of vinyl?
On the Vancouver front, Ihcard
Sludge's four-song demo, Gog.
Ihcirmusicgoes from heavy, moody
grunge one moment to fairly
thrashy stuff the next, kinda like
early Neurosis with a touch of
Amcbix.   I'm  looking
forward   to   catching
Sludge at a show, I bet
ihey  really rage live.
Contact them at #10 -
1170 Falcon Drive, Coquitlam, BC V6E 2L4.
If  you   caught   the
the Arts Club, you may
remember an opening
band called III Breed.
They played powerful,
raw-edged speed mc
al wilh shredding vo
cals, not bad for what
was  essentially
their first gig.
North Amencan dance scene put an
a real show. I'm talking gut splitting
laughs. Watch oul 'Mode, here come
Ihc Distress Signals! If you wanl
good quality thrash, however, check
out Caustic Thought While Vertical Al'ter's  music  sounds over
wded  i
Thought slicks with controlled,
dnving heaviness. Give their tape
a listen lor a great, well recorded preview. Included
churned oul a blisicring
performance al a recent Cruel Elephant gig with Lung. Ocktairacktcr
has improved a lot since I first saw
dicmand they were good then! I hale
to say ihis aboul one of my favorite
Vancouver bands, but Lung hail a
pretty average night, lacking
lhat full-on blit/Jsrieg attack
they've delivered in the
But I'm sure ihey
on'l disappoint on
their upcoming
single   lor
them? Thafs because up until re
cenlly, Ilch didn't exist as a lull
Hedged band. Ihis single has been
held up due 10 difficulties in press
mg the first North American release
of glow in the dark vinyl. Yeah vou
heard mc right. It'll probably be
worth having lor the music too: gi >< xl
punky guitars, c<H)l vocals and some
wild piano playing in the background, all done lo a high-speed
rockabilly beat.
Mint Records also recently
materialized on the local si
(Xisly they're list mov
; they've already signed
icir firsl band, 1990
Shindig Winners,
Windwalker. Wind
walker currently has
"Kipped   Away,"  on
CiTR's playlist, and the
band  will  be  recording
songs this
month al Mushnx>m Stu
dios. Watch out for a six
song CD/casscttc release-
in  mid-Apnl.   liopclully
Mint and Scratch will con-
providc a much-
needed outlet for local mu-
doesn't have
nearly the same
intensity but it's
still pretty good.
For info call Mark
at 255-3014.
What the hell
is wrong with T.T.
Racer? Do they really want to end up in
the    Scramblers/
Rebels graveyard?
They're sure trying
hard. Vancouver in no
way needs a '50s rock
and roll rehash revival,
let  alone tucked-in
cowboy   boots   and
scarves.   Sissy   Boy
makes you laugh, the
Racer makes you gaj
Maybe it's a good thing
planning on heading to the land
Axl Rose in the near future.
One homemade act worth
mentioning is the Distress Signals.
Their formula: three Englishmen and
a porta-sound. With a combination
of original and classic synlho-dance
hits, these darlings of the European/
nof Tad
Doyle playing a pink disco
bass, two unpretentious-looking
guitar players and a heavy drummer.
You might consider earplugs 'cause
dey is loud.
Speaking of loud bands, Oc-
Scratch Records label, due out
sometime in the next few months.
Also regarding Scratch, look oul for
a record release party on March 23rd
for local band Itch. Haven't heard of
menlary school."
The new Dayglos
album is already
irded and
should be hitting
stores soon. No, it
won't be on Fringe Records
anymore (for obvious reasons), and
apparently they'll have to do the
distribution themselves. I've heard
an advance recording and il promises to be the best Dayglos album in
quile a while. See ya next month.
(604) 687-5803
Angle of Attack
Toxic Shock/Bobok
Wow. I haven't been this turned on
by an album in a loooong lime. Jack
Endino produces a lol of music in
Seattle, and is also ihc guiunsl/vo-
calist from Skin Yard. Some of that
band's gutsy complexity comes
through here, but without the tendency to drag in places; Endino is
cquaUy hot on guitar, bass, drums
and vocals (with help on a few tracks
from Greg Gilmore).
The most striking aspect of
Angle of Attack is its diversity, from
the nasty, crunchy rock -outs "Sal va -
lion," and "Create Whal You Fear,"
to the shimmcry, atmospheric delicacies "X-Echo" 1 and 2, lo the
African pcrcussionfest "Sideways
Savannah." The guitar work is as
varied as the songs themselves:
sometimes like a revitalized, rejuvenated David-Gilmour-before-the-
bu mout, other times gentle noodl ing,
and occasionally sheer slashing
raunchincss. Most of the lyrics have
todo wilh independence and
the strength of the individual (Ifyou believe the doors
are all closed/Life will just
close in on you—"Create
What You Fear"). This is
not music for herd animals.
Ihis is music for people who
like to fly. Tiny Sparks
E1D 1990
(commercially available cassette)
E1D has been conspicuously absent from the club scene
lately, but the band's still
together and writing furiously. This five-track cassette collects highlights
from the last year: "Irresponsible," "Open Pours"
and "TheSand Kings," plus
the danceable "TV Lust." These guys
write well, play together well yet
still have trouble getting gigs because clubs figure they don't sell
enough beer. Do the local music
scene a favor: boycott the next live
appearance of the REM-cloneof your
choice and buy a copy of E1D 1990
instead. Chris Brayshaw
Earthquake Island
Fusion Ill/Tomato
Frecform minimalist prog-jazz from
Hassell and his trademark sighing
trumpet. Hassell will never get the
attention the hypothctically "alternative" press bestows on collaborators Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno
(vi z. recent Rolling Stone drooling re:
Eno/Cale's Wrong Way Up), but he
is no less competent a musician.
Recommended: "Sundown Dance"
and the title track, plus the Eno/
Hassell collaboration Possible Musics IM (available on the BMG label). Chris Brayshaw
Space Bandits
Despite twenty plus albums in just
as many years, the Hawks and their
various incarnations (Hawklords, the
Sonic Assassins, etc.) have never
achieved the recognition they deserve. The band's current sound
builds around co-founder Dave
Brock's snarling guitar, punctuated
with layered, atmospheric keyboards, Nash The Slash-style electric violins, and a smorgasbord of
found sounds. Think of a psychotic
running amok at a Tangerine Dream
concert with a chainsaw plugged into
an Iron Maiden-size amp. Unsurprisingly, Brock often overwhelms
ihc conlnbulions of the other Hawks,
which goes a long way towards ex
plaining why much of \990's Space
Bandits sounds like a Mixmasicr
played ai 7Srpm. Chris Brayshaw
Strap It On
Amphetamine Reptile
As all the kids know by now, the
Jiggle quest is for ihc world's hcavi
est band Yeah, DVC, Sockcyc,
Dcepthroat: wc spread ihc word, wc
moved some units. Now we've
Humbled across I new band of note.
Heimel is a four-piece from New
York and ihey really bust oul ihc
dope beats. They're just so dam simple: a few chords, a totally sinister
vocalist, a rhythm section lhal makes
ihc floor shake. Ihis is a nine-song
slug-fest, rising above mere "grunge"
shit llus is a bare-bones, snarling,
thcm-to-your-pcl-gccko" kind of
band. Heavy man; you just can't go
wrong with Amphetamine Reptile.
Green Monkey
Ihc Rocket calls il "frantic." Fact-
sheet Five calls it "reckless rocking
fun." Backlash calls it "the kind of
depth lhat should hold up over the
years." The Hitmen just refer to it
modestly as "a great album." I call it
puke pop. Imagine bad bad BAD
Pointed Sticks crossed wilh the
background music from any '70s
Canadian TV kids' show and you've
got Smashface. I wouldn't have listened to more lhan two seconds of
this crap, but with all the raves, I kept
expecting il lo get better. Silly mc.
Song after song after song (12 tedious ones in all) of smug, precious
vocals and prissy, gimick-laden music. Uck. Butthere's somelhing about
the Hitmen wilh iheir highly-contrived, glossy and costly production,
their highly-contrived, glossy and
costly album art, their highly-contrived, glossy and costly stickers,
posters and other assorted promo
doo-dads, and their highly-contrived,
glossy and cosdy media
campaign      (including
shameless butt-kissing letters, even to schmucks like
us) lhat smells as bad as
their music sounds. With
so much good music happening  in Seattle these
days, why would Green
Monkey pick the oh-so-
mediocrc Hitmen for its
first full- length album
project [see Dirt review -
ed.]? Felicity Dunbar
Holding On
Music Works (Jamai-
__ can Import)
Combination Style is ihe
culmination of Dancehall
riddims and the evolution
of the Jamaican Sound
Systems. At the 'sound clashes',
various DJs chanl, rant and rave over
dub plates featuring the latest singers hits, mixed and matched with
various effects and sampling. Inevitably, this approach made it to tape,
and today numerous singles in Jamaica feature pairings between lov-
er's-rock singers and DJ-style art
ists Ihis collection of singles is an
excellent example of the form by
three of JA's biggest hitmakcrs.
I lomc T is ihc least known ofthe Irio
here in North America, bul has been
on many combination style singles
down yard. Ihc next iwo artists
hardly need any introduction lo reggae fans Shabba Ranks,
considered by many to be
THE artist of 1990, pulled
olfthc promotion of the year
performance (m Monicgo
Bay) by helicopter lo duet
with Krystal. Cocoa Tea has
been dueling with Frankie
Paul and Gregory Issacs for
dominance on ihe lovcr's-
rock charts. On Holding On
these tree gel for a tight session featuring the backings
of Steely and Clcvic. Although there are no liner
notes on this "Gussie" Clarke production, the contribution of Brian and Tony Gold
and other notables are recognizable. No one artist
dominates these cuts. Some
arc prominent in eilher ihc
DJ or singer style, while
some blend into a synthesis
guaranteed lo bring the
dancehall patrons to their
feet. This is definitely a cassette lo dance lo as well as
listen to. It's hard to keep
your feet still with Shabba's
"Holding On" (a fine example of an artist in his prime)
or "Turn it Down" pumped
up. Shabba Ranks' ode to
has been the featured single
to date, although the Cocoa
Tea-dominated "Slop
Spreading Rumours" single will shift
the emphasis to lover's-rock.
As is the case with many Jamaican hit singles, attempting to obtain individual songs—ie, singles—
from this release has proven futile,
so ii's always appreciated when these
"best of" hit packages make their
way inlo Canada. This one will rule
the dancehalls for a while. Mike
Native Son
This album makes for naggingly
grating background music. Its faraway sound and pseudo-cerebral
lyrics add up lo white
noise. In "Counting Sheep" the
Judybats smugly
affirm that "Love's
all counting
sheep." Unfortunately their boredom translates into
wimpy, droning
songs with overemphasized choruses that bring to
mind annoying second-
rate Canadian bands like Eight Seconds. The Judybats have something
to say bul does anyone want to hear
it? Mindy Abramowitz
Science and the Witchdoctor
Part nine of Mad Professor's Dub Me
Crazy series of dub albums takes a
further look at his slightly repetetive
yet always changing arsenal of com-
pulcrgencralcd rhythms and sounds.
It features many samples from artists lhat he has produced on individual albums, the most obvious of these
being Macka-B from the Buppie
Culture album. Unfortunately, about
four of the twelve iracks arc jusl
and arc now available from various
sources in the northwest. From its
inception. Pure and ils readers have
been pursued by police and postal
inspectors; homes have been raided
lo seize copies of the mag. The editor, PelcrStalos, spent lime in jail on
child pom charges and now refuses
to correspond al all. 42 in
particular was much maligned by authorities for
its graphic description of
kiddie rape and the Mac-
Martin preschool abuse
trial. Other contents of
this issue include gay sex
lorture murders, Klaus
Barbie, and various other stones of real life torture, dcgredalion, murder, mutilation, mayhem
and power, pure power.
Shunned by even the alternative press, Pure's
only modem contemporaries are Full Force
'zines like Livin' in a
Powder Keg and Givin'
Off Sparks, Raped Ass,
Boiled Anger, and early
issues of Murder Can Be
Fun. Unfortunately, this
particular bootleg was
badly photocopied and
including the infamous
collage of cum shots and
pictures of missing children, are obscured.
Nonetheless, any issue of
Pure is essential literature for those interested
in exploring the boundaries of media. Gav
source: Satyricon
instrumental versions of songs from
other albums he has produced. His
sampling is done quite well however, and shines on "Anansi Skank"
and '"Ihe Coming of the Obeah
Man." "Blue Ball Fire" is the fastest
and most entertaining mix on the
album, combining a soca beat with
some head turning stereo sound effects. His style of mixing sounds
together is always very tight and
technically polished but lacks lhat
sponlanacily and strong feel of a Lee
Perry, or at least rarely surprises
you. The closest to a traditional, yet
fresh reggae sound is found on "Bo-
hra Seed" and "Mistaken Identity."
Overall, this is a good album for the
collection, something for interesting
but not mellow background music,
to be played loud to feel the desired
technological effect lhat Mad Professor mixes. Russ Hergert.
bootleg magazine
Pure #2 dales back several years, but
recently copies of this much-banned
mag have been boodegged locally
When four young English lads get
together to form a band, the inherent
possibilities depend upon what music is currently causing large numbers of olher English folk to part
with their hard-earned pounds. At
the moment, anything that can be
played in some industrial, inner-city
dance club is getting notice from
English record labels, and the latest
release from this English quartet is
no exception. Taking the cue from
other Brit faves, Ihe Stone Roses
and The Mighty Lemon Drops, Ride
offers much the same guitar-based
pop tunes with their own unique
addition of heavy noise and feedback permeating the
backgrounds of
such songs as the
"Dreams  Burn
Down." Most of
the songs feature
almost    whis-
that are purposely lost in the gui-
back.   A   wel-
Angle of Attack CQm_ ]a_k _f _v_r
bearing keyboards also makes Ride
better than most new English bands.
It's hard to say, however, if
they will be as big as their pop contemporaries. This is their first release from Sire/Reprise, and it has
apparently done well on the indie
charts, especially the first single
"Here and Now." You've probably
heard bits and pieces of some olher
English bands within Ride, but it all SCREAMING TREES
Uncle Anesthesia
Ellensburg WA natives. The
Screaming Trees, have just released
their brand spanking new CD. This
work runs in the same vein as their
three previous LPs and assorted singles, wilh lots of eardrum-shattering
lead guitar andpower chord rhythms.
This may seem somewhat of a detriment, but il's not The Screaming
Trees' songwriting and instrumentation are powerful in execution
without being overbearing. To describe the Trees' sound is to compare them wilh a band like the T"hir-
teenth Floor Elevators before they
became Acid Casualties. But the
Screaming Trees arc far more frantic, and stronger musically for nol
succumbing to rambly, meandering
jams. An all around fine release.
Greg Garlick
Screaming Trees are sounding much
more, dare I say, poppy
and melodic, smoother
too with Iheir newest release, the first one on The
Major Label. And Mr.
Lanegan's The Winding
Sheet seems to have had
a noticeable effect on the
Trees, moreso lhan The
Purple Outside and Solomon Grundy. Things
are quieter, less frenetic,
maybe even less unpredictable, but not without
some   endearing   yel
There's an awkward, disjointed segue
into their self-proclaimed
firsl 'single,' "Bed of
Roses," from "Beyond
This Horizon" which
sounds almost like a tape
edit. In the cowbell-riddled "Uncle Anesthesia,"
Mark Lanegan sounds
like Jim Morrison in some
places and like Ian Ast-
bury in others while in
"Story of Her Fate," his
vocals sound as if someone gave him a Sucrets,
interesting since the song
has a cough at the end.
What's that on
"Lay YourHead Down'?
Some exotic wind instument?
Sounds like a recorder to me, which
reminds me of my grade five music
class in which all the kids had those
off-white-beige-y recorders but I had
an orange one... I felt like such an
outcast. "Caught Between" may be
the strongest part of the album; things
just don't sound like they used to.
Stereo-Taxlc Device
This album is more about atmosphere
than BPM. The main object of LA's
Stereo-Taxic Device is to illustrate
"humans' misconducttowardsother
species of life" and this aim is evident in songtitles such as "In Vitro
Test" and "Do They Feel."
Side one starts off with the
slow, ominous "Prostitution of the
Extinct"; the rest of the side is similar in its mood of oppression and
perfectly suits the anti-vivisection
theme. The flip side starts off with
my fave tune on the album, "Ixsst
Land," which is actually quite pleas -
ant. The rest of the tracks are more
upbeat, but this "techno" album is
really about introspection, enveloping the listener with ils message and
music. June
Bobbing For Pavement
Rat House
Faces of disembodied baby dolls and
a few select others—a Charlie's
Angel, a bald Bert—sure out al you
from the album cover. And—pardon
the pun please—Bobbing for Pavement docs indeed itself expose a
number of different musical faces
from the Seattic area. And il shoves
'cm in your face and in your ear so
you can't miss 'em. This here's one
mighty fine mix of Seattle wcll-
knowns, semiknowns and unknowns. It's a strong collection
overall; however, primo cuts arc
those by The Gits, D.C. Beggars and
Hammeibox—powerful vocals arc
the key. A frenzied raucous fiesta from the
fledgling Rat House label. Rowena
The Civil War
Elektra US
Last September, PBS
screened an ex cellentten-
part series on the American Civil War which was
the result of five long
years of work by director
Ken Bums. Bums and
brother Ric spent considerable time accumulating
vast amounts of photographs and narrations lo
bring this historical series
to life.
But what really
made the series stand out
was the soundtrack, now
available on tape and CD.
Contained in this pack
age l!
Ihe big news this month is the arrival of the first issue of The 7inch
Magazine from Hannover, Germany. This cool part-German, part-
English fanzine is the pet project of
Double A Records guy Reiner
Mettner, and contains interviews,
reviews and articles on various clubs,
shows and bands in Hannover and
beyond. PLUS il includes a 7"EP
featuring unreleased tracks by Flexx,
Collaps, Cat-o-Nine Tails, Rats
Got the Rabies and Canada's own
Problem Children. O brother, can
this be true? Yes it can I Can you get
one? But of course! Wnte to Reiner
atSteckerstrasse 11,3000 Hannover
91, West Germany.
Ihe brand new Lik Dirt single
showcases lousy production, so-so
playing and godawful lyrics like
You've gol big eyes and a beautiful
but tl And you gol big tits that I wanna
suck. A total waste of vinyl. And
speaking of Dirt and waste, the first
release by CJ1V 's Three Minute Mile
Records has been out for a while
now bul I couldn't think of anything
nice to say about it. I still can't.
Well, that is a mighty neat picture of
of period
songs, songs that soldiers
and civilians knew and
sang: "Battle Hymn of
the Republic," "Dixie,"
and "The Bonnie Blue
Flag" to name a few.
Sometimes sombre,
sometimes upbeat, these
songs reveal the character of various
individual soldiers who relate their
ordeal through their writings, read
Ken Bums' film is an exhilarating, if somewhat dark, expose on
a difficult period in American History. This soundtrack captures that
feeling perfectly. Greg Garlick
Satyricon... The Album
The title of Satyricon... The Album
makes ya think of something like
Burton Cummings... The Movie,
don't it? But tide aside, this tasty
vinyl stew (or CD casserole if you
prefer) zeroes in on a number of
bands who've performed at this
Portland club. Included among them
are the Dharma Bums, Sweaty Nipples and what would any Portland
compilation be without Poison Idea?
4 fUtUtie
Toronto's Dream Warriors have
released theirdebutalbum. And Now
the Legacy Begins (A&M/Island),
with production by the Beat Factory, who also produced HDV's release. Dream Warriors definitely
have cultivated their own unique
style: lines not rhyming half the time,
and minimal, usually jazz-based
background music without much in
the way of a beat to hold it together.
You won't find a house track on here
or even one wilh a fast hi-hat ticking
through it, yet they've created two
big hits with "My Definition..." and
"Wash Your Face in my Sink." The
production is lacking in a few areas
(such as the use of stereo sound; this
is basically a mono recording); it
seems their concept is not to worry
about what it sounds like technically, but instead to get the idea through.
he cover. With so many
local bands around these days,
would ihcsclolkspicklhco so
diocre  Dirt  for their  lirst  big
.ijcct? Perhaps Cliff:Michael, Bill
:id or Vander /aim himself could
New York's Youth Gene Mad
seni us their Posh Boy "limited
edition on colored |pukc purple]
vinyl" copy of Life, Sweet I.ifc"b/
W "Okt-Dogs." I suspect this band
isn't really very mad, bul they're
quite good at pretending, eg: wild
band pose with hedge, clippers, torn-
up swastika doodled ]cans, busted
guitar etc. on the back cover and
n" scratched on the record itself.
Despite all this and more punk rock
Doodling, drummer/singer Tammi,
aka Felix, has a greal groovy yelping voice a la demi-goddess Karen
Black of "Alaska/Neighborachic"
infamy, so this little record is worth
a listen. Write 'cm at 560 West 43
St., WOG. New York, NY 10036.
Even belter, write Karen Black c/o
Vital Music, 81 Second Ave, New
York, NY 10003.
The Gits with their 3-song 7"
"Precious Blood"/"Seaweed'7
"Kings and Queens," sound quite a
bit like fellow Seattle band Hammerbox or maybe Hammerbox
sounds quite a bit like The Gits.
Well, they sound like each other.
Their record sleeves look a bit alike
too. And they're both on Big Flaming Ego Records. And both bands
are nice'n'intenseon vinyl and oh so
much better live.
Iheir rap dialect is quite different
from mosl, but aftcra few listens you
gel ihe hang of whal they're sayin'.
While il's a good break to nol hear
any sexist lyrics, the music and most
of the lyrics arc still silly and childish. 11DV breaks in with a gucsl spot
on "U Could Get Arrested,"
strengthening the track, his hard
voice contrasting the soft ones of
Capital Q and King Lou.
EPMD recently released their
third album, Business as Usual
(Sony/Columbia), continuing the
name thing from their firsl two,
Strictly Business and Unfinished
Business. They've changed labels,
from Fresh Records to Def Jam, home
to the likes of LL Cool J and Public
Enemy. Iheir style has alsochanged,
from the real mellow, cool, and
unique to a harder,more-like-every-
one-else thang. Without the novelty
of their first two releases, there isn't
much to hold them up. I don't find
much of interest except a few mediocre funky beats.
The long-awaited Stetsasonic
album, Blood, Sweat, and No Tears
(Tommy Boy), has finally hit the
streets. Ihese guys bill themselves
as "the one and only hip-hop band,"
meaning ihey were the first rap band
to really use a live drummer in their
work. Even though this is only their
third album, Stetsasonic has been
around for ages and are now nearly
legendary. DJ Prince Paul has
worked with De La Soul and Living
Colour, while rapper Daddy-O has
Wilh the Talesfrom Estrusl"
you goto tsk yourself, is il a record
oracomk hook' The Estius folks
in Bellingham sure like lo throw the
nine w.uky collccli
blcs. Tales from EstTUS with Us
comic b<x)k sleeve may be seen as
being iiist .mother gimmicky sales
gag and that's probably Irue bul ihc
four-song compilation can stand on
its  own       Ihe  COmiCS   are   kinda
pointless and although ihey arcn'i
what one might call masterpieces,
the songs by Night Kings, Marble
Orchard, The Ultra S and The
Mummiesareuxjl little rawchunks.
Hey you guys al Estrus, save your
money;  ihe music car. sell itsell!
Another Estrus release is On
the Rocks The Mono Men (who
will Ik- headlining a show at the
NAMA conference m Seattle in early April wilh our own Smugglers
and Windwalker), Game for Vultures, and Marble Orchard arc I
guess what you could call Estrus
veterans now Here the three ol'
fogeys appear together and prove
lhal they can still rock with the
young'uns. Note: Another version
ofthe Game for Vultures song previously appeared on the Joy of Six
Compilation cassctlc/video on Ensign.
Popllama has a single out by
The Picket's. Christy McWilson,
1-croy Sleep, Brian Kcnney, and
Steve Marcus all gather 'round in a
rousy trio of iwang— "Walkin'
Talkin' Jukebox," "Fallin'For You"
and The Pickelts' interpretation of
I Go?"
produced remixes forpiles of groups,
which explains the length of time
between releases. The other rappers
in the band arc Dclitc and Wise, and
DHC works the samplers which
Bobby Simmons drums to. I don'l
find their vocal style particularly
appealing, but they do get thcirmes-
sages across in iheirown funky way.
The tape contains a remix of
"A.F.R.I.C.A." and the single
"Speaking of a Girl Named Suzy,"
bolh released to hold the fans until
the album. Ihere arc some serious
songs here, such as "Ihe Revolution
Will Not Be Brought to You By
Corporate America" and the title
track, and there are some party tracks
with messages, and interesting slreel
knowledge raps like "Don Tlxt Your
Mouth Wnte A Check That Your
Ass Can't Cash." Stetsasonic are
definitely committed lo informing
the hip-hop fan, from global issues
to the world outside the door, and
this release really reinforces their
awareness program without weakening their style.
Finally, Ice Cube is still the
best thing hilling my ears, but the
negative point of view is starling lo
wear thin compared to some of the
positive tip rappers oul there who
are on the track ofthe future. So until
next month, do the right thang and
show that rap does not mean violence and stupidity like the general
population thinks it does. Like
Professor GrifT said, "Positive information always corrects errors."
Stu in ble upon ihc nght foods
to eat together and you'll discover
myriad marriages made in heaven.
Call to mind, for example, the
ous case of hot dog buns.
(WUOAV.—Hell's Kitchen
goes Nancy Drew..."The
Case of the Evil Hot Dog
Buns"...) "What aboul
them?," you ask, and rightly so; for
as an integral part of a hot dog, they
do the trick jusl fine. But: chow down
on one by lis lonesome, and il's as
gratifying as eating Styro-
foam (if a little more environmentally correct). I swear,
there's some weird chemistry involving the bun and the
weincr, nuclear fission of the food
world. Or something.
Marmalade et croissants. Which, coincidenlally,
I'm consuming even as I
write. Big deal?—You bet,
if n you heat the croissant (slicing it
lengthwise beforehand for efficiency) and then slalher on butter and the
>;for       esc
food       cup c
alongside any of these; experiment
and be merry. But possibly the
crowning companion for il is, simply, lea.—Drunk outta a mug, not
poured on the bread. I dunno,
there's just some incredible,
heavenly-ordained and
blissful union between lea
and peanut butler toast. Verg-
« being dangerously addictive.
A nosialgia-laden treat from
childhood which has nol gone
unlaudcd in these pages exemplifies ihe food-chemis-
try phenomenon. Go to the
comer store, buy a packet of
chips (Old Dutch were the
inginal brand used) and a Dixie
cup of ice cream, go home, rip
ihem both open, and, using the
chips as edible spoons for
ihe ice cream, FEAST. This
is the acesl snack in the
world, no ifs, ands or buls.
(Some zits, though, probably...)
Cheese is a food where it's
question of whal you eat it
'. And if it's cool mar- wilh—
I condiments;
some of it
chunky and other parts arc liquid
gold and syrupy, so much the better.
Chunky. That puts mc in mind
of the kind of physique
caused by—I MEAN, um-
ah—of peanut butter, of
course. Now, peanut butter happens  lo be  the
harshest spread on the face
of the earth, but eaten solomight just
prove to be too
much of a good
thing.  So.  Ya
gotta eat it in
tandem with—
well, anything
lhat turns your crank. It's pretty hard
lo go wrong in terms of peanut butter-combining. Almost any i
tion of bread or buns
works swell (except,
possibly, hot dog
buns),althoughIwouldn'trccom-    *"*   regular popcorn,
mend croissants cither. As lo internal So, yeah, so. Keep o
components of peanut scarfln', and re
butler sandwiches... ^aw     ber: it's hot WHAT
bananas, pickles, jam,    !■■» j-i  -»_Ti*J     vou eat< '
honey, lettuce ..the    Tf|^f  ^**  ■     you  eat  it  WITH,
stuff   lies   happily    I      Ivl   Wt    Amen.
htjust        sand'
of whether y a eat il raw or melled.
In fact, il was my roommate (a
cook, so he oughla know ihese
things) who first suggested
the "Strange Food Chemistry Theory" apropos of this
very property of cheese. Eat
ii cold, ii tastes slick; eai it
melted—on pizza, in grilled cheese
SYRUP sandwiches, wherever—
nd it tastes slick
to the tenth
power. A friend
douses her popcorn in Spike and
Parmesan cheese which, particle-
■Idn'trccom- regular pop~
As to internal S
melt when it makes
contact, yielding a
tough, grown-up,
and entirely deli- DiSCORDER DATEBOOK
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Teck Gallery...
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ol Rhythm Orchestra at the Railway
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Eliot Patricia Martin, Rudy K. Penner,
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Series: Five Feminist Minutes (7pm.
9pm) at Pacific Cinematheque...
Wednesdays at the Pit Pub...
Boogiemen and Blue Law atthe Cruel
Elephant.. Northern Pikes and the
Leslie Spit Tree-0 at the Commodore... Jerry Jerry and the Sons of
the Railway
i, SI. Evas, The
Stockmen and Salty Can't Dance at 86
Street Music Hall... Joseph Oanza and
David Tclaw at the Glass Slipper...
Pygmalion at the Vancouver Playhouse... De Beaux Gestes and Beautiful Deads at the Vancouver Little
Theatre.Women of Manhattan atthe
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Moonlodge at the Vancouver East
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ia Black at the Richmond Gateway
nt at Teck
Gallery... International Women sWeek
Film Series: After the Montreal Massacre and Sandra's Garden (7pm.
director Bonnie Dickie in attendance)
and Baby Blues. Toying with their
Future. Playing lor Keeps (9pm) at
Pacific Cinematheque.
7 THURSDAY CiTR Cool Thursdays
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Modern Architecture exhibit at Teck
Gallery... International Women s Week
Film Series: Unnatural Causes. Older
Stronger Wiser and Black Mother
Black Daughter (7pm), Shooland Cry
and A Stale ol Danger (9pm) at Pacific Cinematheque...
8 FRIDAY CITR presents Screaming
Trees, Nirvana, Doughboys and The
Wongs atthe Commodore... Derelicts
and the Purdins at the Cruel El
ephant... Chiel Feature at the Glass
Slipper Pro lessor BluesRevue at the
Yale.Speed the PlowattheArtsClub
Granville Island... Pygmalion at the
Vancouver Playhouse... Da Beaux
Gestes and Beautiful Deeds at the
Vancouver Little Theatre... Woman ol
Manhattan at the Station Street Arts
Centre... Moonlodgeatthe Vancouver
East Cultural Centre... Top Girls at the
Dorothy Somerset Studio... The
Woman in Black at the Richmond
Gateway Theatre... The Road lo
Mecca at the Arts Club Seymour
Street.. Berlin Modern Architecture
exhibit at Teck Gallery... International
Women's Week Film Series: Unnatural Causes, Older Stronger Wiser
and Black Mother Black Daughtor
(noon), No Time to Stop, Journey on
the Bamako-Dakar and Fair Trade
(2pm), Goddess Remembered and
The Burning Times (7pm) and Alter
the Montreal Massacre and Sandra's
Garden (9pm) at Pacific
Cinema theque...
9 SATURDAY Tad, Helmeland Love
Battery at the Town Pump... Sarcastic Mannequins with Oswald 5-0 at the
Cruel Elephant... Martin O'Connor,
Tommy Sandsand Pete Mortonatthe
WISE Hall... Ralph Eppel and Loslinato
atthe Glass Slipper... Danny Doyle with
Christie Deianey at the Commodore. .
Prolessor Blues Revue at the Yale
FEMCAB, a feminist cabaret and
artisan's market at the Mount Pleas-
Club Theatre Granville Island...
Pygmalion at the Vancouver Playhouse... De Beaux Gestes and Beautiful Deeds at the Vancouver Little
Theatre. Women of Manhattan atthe
Station Street Arts Centre...
Moonlodge at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre... Top Girls at the Dorothy Somerset Studio... The Woman
in Black at the Richmond Gateway
Theatre... The Road to Mecca at the
Arts Club Seymour Street.. Berlin
Modern Architecture exhibit at Teck
Gallery. .Shoot and Cry and A State of
Danger (noon), Goddess Remembered and The Burning Times (2pm),
Baby Blues, Toying with Iheir Future,
Playing tor Keeps(7pm, director Annie
O'Donoghue in attendance), No Time
to Stop, Journey on the Bamako-
Dakar and Fair Trade (9pm) at Pacific
Cinema theque...
10 SUNDAY Love Battery with
Oswald 5-0 at the Cruel Elephant..
Marie-Lynn Hammond at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Coal
Cooke Banned at the Glass Slipper...
Berlin Modern Architecture exhibit at
Teck Gallery...
11 MONDAY Dave Holland Quartet
at the Vancouver East Cullural Centre Bluegrass Cardinals at the ANZA
Club... Jamelie Hassan exhibit atthe
Presentation House Gallery. Berlin
Modern Architecture exhibit at Teck
12 TUESDAY CiTR World Beat
Nighl at [he Pit Pub... Masters ol Ihe
Steel string Guitar featuring John
Cephas, Cal Collins, Jerry Douglas,
Ledward Kaapana. Wayne Henderson
and Albert Lee at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre... Joanna Connor al
the Yale Berlin Modern Architecture exhibit at Teck Oillery...
Wednesdays at the Pit Pub...
Shovlhed at the Cruel Elephant...
I hemba Tana African Heritage a! Ihe
Glass Slipper. Joanna Connor at the
Yale The Road to Mecca at the Arts
Club Granville Island... Berlin Modern Architecture exhibit at Teck Gallery...
14 THURSDAY CITR Cool Thurs-
daysatthe Pit Pub...Imagineerswith
Big Sun at the Cruel Elephant... Jellyfish and the Odds at the Town
Pump.Clive Greg son and Christine
Collisler at the WISE Hall... Bruce
Nielsen and Between the Llnesatthe
Glass Slipper... Joanna Connor atthe
Yale... Wising Up at the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre... The Road to
Mecca at the Arts Club Granville Island ... Berlin Modern Architecture
exhibit at Teck Gallery...
15 FRIDAY CiTR presents Culture
with Soul Survivors at the Commodore... Gorilla Gortllawith Hesters
Wagon at the Cruel Elephant... Clive
Gregsonand Christine Colllstor atthe
WISE Hall... Roger Balrd and Real
Time at the Glass Slipper... Joanna
Connor at the Yale Wising Up at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... The
Road lo Mecca at the Arts Club
Granville Island... Berlin Modem Architecture exhibit at Teck Gallery...
16 SATURDAY Coffin Break with
Red White and Black and Treadmill
at  the   Cruel   Elephant...  The
Trilogy at 86 Street Music Hall... Like
Rain's album release party at the
University Sports Bar (Seattle)... Kodo
at the Orpheum Theatre... Lunar Adventures at the Glass Slipper..
Joanna Connor at the Yale...
Shalhevel Goldhar: A Screening at
the Video In... Wising Up at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... The
Road to Mecca at the Arts Club
Granville Island... Eyes ol Eros 2
photographic exhibit closes at Exposure Gallery...
17 SUNDAY Coffin Break with Red
While and Black and Treadmill at the
CruelElephant Robert Cray Band at
the Queen Elizabeth Thealre Miles
Black Group at the Glass Slipper
Kilty Wells at the Massey Theatre
Blues Guitar Wars at the Yale . Juice
Newtonat the Commodore TheRoad
to Mecca at the Arts Club Granville
9 Hass
:s at the Presentation Hi
18 MONDAY   Amos Garrett at the
Yale... The Road to Mecca at the Arts
Club Granville Island...
19 TUESDAY CiTR World Beat Night
at the Pit Pub Amos Garrett at the
Yale... The Road lo Mecca at Ihe Arts
Club Granville Island
Wednesdays al the Pit Pub... Ilchal
the Cruel Elepha-t... Green House al
the Town Pump...Joseph Danza and
Roger Baird at the Glass Slipper..
Amos Garrett at the Yale Jehanne ol
the Witches at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre... The Road to Mecca
at the Arts Club Granville Island
21 THURSDAY CiTR Cool Thurs
days atthe Pit Pub... Dark Globewith
Sun Dog Sun at the Cruel Elephant-
Colin James with the Jitters at the
Commodore...Free F'AII atthe Glass
Slipper... Jehanne of the Witches at
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre
Amos Garrett at the Yale... The Road
to Mecca at the Arts Club Granville
22 FRIDAY Hammerbox with Flop at
the Cruel Elephant... Cocteau Twins
with Galaxie 500 at the Orpheum...
Babayaga String Quartet at the Glass
Slipper... Colin James with the Jitters
atthe Commodore. Spiritofthe West
at the Breakers... Jehanne ol the
Witches at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Amos Ganett at the
Yale... The Road to Mecca at the Arts
Club Granville Island...
23SATURDAY CiTR presents Redd
Kross and Posies al the Town Pump...
CiTR presents Gwar al 88 Street-
Ninth Configuration with Skin Barn at
the Cruel Elephant.. Colin James with
the Jitters at the Commodore... Big
Bad Dadatthe Glass Slipper. Rattled
Roosters with Huevos Rancheros at
the Arts Club Seymour... Spirit ol Ihe
West at the Breakers... Jehanne ol Ihe
Witches at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. . The Road lo Mecca at
the Arts Club Granville Island... Berlin
Modern Architecture exhibit closes at
Teck Gallery...
24 SUNDAY Barbara Higbie at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre. .
Skywalk at the Town Pump...
25 MONDAY Helios Creed at the
Cruel Elephant... Rita MacNeil at the
Queen Elizabeth Theatre... Jehanne ol
the Witches at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre...
26 TUESDAY ctr world Beat
Night al the Pit Pub. ..Rita MacNellat
the Queen Elizabeth Theatre... Sherman
Robertslon at the Yale Jehanne of the
Witches at Ihe Vancouver East Cullural
Wednesdays at the Pil Pub... Utopia
Mind Slaves with INRI at the Cruel Elephant ..Dayglo Abortions at the Town
Pump... Boying Geronimo and
Harumba Caizada at the Glass Slip
per... Rita MacNeil at the Queen Eliza
belh Theatre Sherman Robertslon at
the Yale Jehanne of the Witches althe
Vancouver Eas! Cultural Centre...
28 THURSDAY CiTR presents the
Picasso Set with Like Rain at Ihe Cruel
Elephant... CiTR Cool Thursdays at Ihe
Pil Pub... Taj Mahalwilh the Demons
at the Commodore... Paul Fisher
Quartet at the Glass Slipper... Rita
MacNeil at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Sherman Robertstonat the Yale
Jehanne ol the Witches at the Van
couver East Cultural Centre...
29 FRIDAY Big Bang Theory at the
Cruel Elephant... George Robert and
George Ursan Quartet at the Glass
Slipper.. Rita MacNeil at the Queen
Elizabeth Theatre.. Capping Day,
Somebody's Daughter and Orphans
Reason at the University Sports Bar
(Seattle).. Like Rain at the Cavern
(Pullman, WA).. Sherman Robertson
at the Yale Jehanne of Ihe Witches at
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
30 SATURDAY Schlepprock, Mary
and Screaming Bloody Mary's at the
Cruel Elephant... Blaine Dunaway
Quartet at the Glass Slipper... Rita
MacNeil at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.Sherman Robertstonat the Yale..
Like Rain at the Big Dipper (Spokane,
WA) Jehanne ol the Witches al the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
31 SUNDAY Thee Crusaders with Non
Stop Erotic Cabaret at the Cruel Elephant... Brass Roots Recording Benefit at the Glass Slipper...
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submit your works for on-ak performance or reading.
From the global cultures of resistance hosted by Horoclo de la
Cueva. alternating Sundays with
De-Corn positions.
12:00AM Join host Dave Emory
and coleague Nip Tuck for some
extraodlnary political research
guaranteed to make you think
twice. Bring your tape deck and
two C-90s. Originally broadcast
on KFJC (Los Altos. California).
Wake up with the CITR Morning
Show. All the news, sports and
weather you need fo start your
day. Plus whars happening at
UBC each day with U BC Digest. a
feature Interview and more
Topped off with the B8C World
Service News a 18:00AM. Ive from
London. England. Hosted by Tracy
11:00AM Your favourite brown-
sters James and Peter offer a
savoury blend of fhe famHar and
exotic In an excitingly luscious
blend of aural delrghrsi Tune In
and enjoy each weekly brown
plate special.
SOUl CHURCH 12.-OO-l:O0fM Playing the best of African-American
and African-Canadian gospel
music traditions. Your rotating
hosts: Dave LangHe and Mark
4th African Roots of Goipel Exploring the direct Ink between
Africa and North America with a
Kenyan gospel group live In fhe
1 lth Al Green: Looking at the genius of this, the last great soul
singer, and his gospel recordings.
18th The Mighty Cloud* of Joy:
This multt-Grammy award winning
quartet were THE most Important
gospel group In the late 70s and
earfy 80s.
25th Easter Special: This first program In a two part Easter series,
focusses on the gospel music Inspired by the passion of Christ.
1:15PM News, sports and
3:00PM A musical miasma of
electronic effluvium wtth knob
spinner June Scudeler.
All the latest on campus: news,
sports, an In-depth Interview, theatre or film review, editorial
commentary and more. Weekdays with host Ian Gunn.
SPORTS DIGEST 5:30-©:00PM Campus, amateur and professional
sports with Keith Watson.
a couple of guys who like to walk
around In their boxer shorts with
their big fat guts hanging out
Jerome Broadway and Garnet
Timothy Harry alternate weeks.
Vancouver's longest running
prime time Jazz program. Hosted
by the ever-suave Gavin Walker.
Features at 11,
4th The Hevelers Is a fine recent
album by Toronto tenor saxophonist Kirk MacDonald. Your host
would nominate this abum for a
JUNO as tt Is an al-Canadtan ef-
Me II show why
should have beenl
11th Time Warpisawonderfulco-
op band from Toronto. This disc,
recorded at 'George
Room.' Is nominated for a JUNO
Tonight well hear why      Time
Warp Is Barry Elmes (drums). Alan
Henderson (acoustic bass), Kenln
Turcotte (trumpet), and Mike
Murley (tenor saxophone). Great
18»t Blue Train Is one of John
Colttanes early masterpieces
and one of HIS own favourite recordings. Coltrane on tenor saxophone with Curtis Fuller (trombone). Lee Morgan (trumpet),
'Phllly Joe' Jones (drums), and
others. If you like Jazz, you
this record.
25th The Jokl Byard Experience Is
a blockbuster album Byard. one
of fhe giants of Jazz piano and
'Rahsaan' Roland Kirk and all his
horns plus the bass of Richard
Davis and Alan Dawson s drums
create an album that will leave
you with much
Hosted by Antje Rauwerda.
11:00AM Start your day with fhe
Girl from Ipanema and the boy
from Seattle...hosted by David
Country music to scrape the
cowshlt off your boots to. With
yer host-poke Jeff Gray.
Demo Dree tor Dale Sawyer provides some Insight Into the b
st Ca
nadian music. News Bulletin:
Dales not home right now. he
won't be for the month of March
but call his subs Rowena or Joel
and leave a message
B.C. FOU 5:30-7:OOPM The thoughts
and music of B.C. folk' artists,
hosted by Barb Waldern.
AVANT PIG 7:00-9:OOPM Avant-
garde thuggery with Pete
Lutwyche. First Tuesday each
month: World Music Exploration.
Interesting drama every second
week. With Lupus Yonderboy.
Hosted by David Feldbloom
...with Tiny Sparks.
Tlnkly womens music with Jane
Do you like singles? I do. tool Join
me Felicity Dunbar and smell the
3:00PM Braden Zrno hosts you a
new show on CiTR's airwaves.
Blah blah blah god blah blah
dressing the drama, theatre, film
and arts communities. With Antje
700PM   Whered the 'NO go?
What once brought such Joy <
fhe long 1-6 Journey h
Forlorn and with a runny
Rowena and her PNW
trundle on.
JIGGLE 7:00-9:00PM Jusf I
this trom fhe
alternattve. Mikey 'glrty hair' and
Gdv "Bristle-head.' Joined by their
adoring groupie, serve up breakfast all day. Jiggle Jiggle Jlgglel
Lose all sphincter control.
Hosted by Ian Gunn.
WHITE NOISE 8:15-10:00AM Mountain climbing trips, ambient
soundscapes. grungy old prog-
rock albums. Twin Peaks and
Burroughs. With Chris Brayshaw.
1:00PM Jazz with Tommy Paley:
special feature at noon.
HITS   l:15-3:0OPM   Far Indeed Is
Current Affairs with Stefan Ellis.
slca I chef Marc Coulevin boils up
a tasty pot of gumbo stew
Wlldbeat protest music with Pat
and Lisa.
9:00-11:00PM Local must from 9.
Live bands from 10
7th Sawhorse
14st Exhulted Tims
21th The Fabulous Moonblood
28th The Booglemen
Experimental Radio, with Vlslonl
Featuring environmental sounds,
found noises. Information, propaganda and the world's ethnic
and experimental musics from the
auditory fringe. Contributions
welcome. Practitioner: Anthony
mentation beyond thestatusq'uo
In todays rap muzlk with something funky occasionally being
dropped on ya.
Hosted by David Feldbloom and
to help you get your toast down
With Jerome Prlngle.
Join host Ken Moclntyre as he
takes you on a tour through the
silver screen's back lotof live with
NETWORK 11:00AM- 1:00PM Your
chum Greg wil be away In the
month of March. He won t miss
anyone but his listeners. Join some
other spaz that won't be as dumb
as Greg. 'Ill be back for the 29th
show, so tune In. brothers and
sisters. I love you. Bye.' - Greg
Dave Longrldge does his best to
amuse and offend all the right
people. Including you. Give Im a
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:00PM Join
Nardwuar and his war cat Cleo
von Fluffelsteln for half an hour of
stimulating Manhattan clam
chowder entertainment.
With 'The Voice of Reason.' our
weekly look back at the week in
the news, tongues firmly In
FOR THE RECORD  6:30-6:45PM   Ex
cerpts from Dave Emory's Radio
Free America Series.
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12:30AM Dope
Jams and fresh beats for a groovy
evening with DJ Noah on the
wheels of steel.
John Casablanca s means nothing. Yes. Andrecka. Satan loves
you. Hosted by Lloyd UHana.
12:00PM Vancouvers biggest
and best acousttc/roots/rogue
radio show. Now In Its 6th year on
CITRI Roots music from around
the world plus the World Cup Report at 11:30.
Vancouver's only true metal
show: local demo tapes. Imports
and other rarities. Gerald
Rattlehead and Metal Ron do
the damage.
IN EFFECT 3:00-5:0OPM The Hip Hop
Beat and nuftln' butt.
5:30PM UBC s weekend news. All
the latest news, sports, weather,
a movie review, feature report
and more. News with Luc
Dlnsdale; Doug Richards has
ARTS CAFE 5:30-6:OOPM Be informed about Art. theatre, film
;ii-»);iMi:L'N:l.'l    liiMIWHlH;
Z4 I
liwu.-n^w  5
happening in Vancouver With
its a music thing from all 'Africa.'
it s an awareness thing of self and
others. It san African house party.
Stories, music, dance fun. Wel-
comel Your host: Umerah.
1:00AM A radio show wifh a life-
foreeal itsown. Mixes come from
seemingly no where much like the
radio signals you pick up. An aural parking lot for the muses. No
expectations. No disappoint-
ThecrackCTTRSportsTeam has been
covering the UBC Thundet-blrds In
Ice hockey, football and basketball
varsity action since early September. If necessary, playoffs will preempt regular programming. But stay
tuned for the BC High School Basketball Finals on Saturday fhe 16th live
from the Agrodome. exaxt time to
be announced
BUSINESS LINE 604/822-3017
DJUNE 604/822-2487 (822-CITR)
NEWS LINE 604/222-2487 (222-CITR)
FAX LINE 604/822h5093
CiTR provides free alrfime for Community Access by groups and Individuals wishing to share some
thoughts with our listeners. If you or
your group would like to say something to someone somewhere,
please call the Program Director at
CITR does not use rotations' In its
programming: all musical selections
are chosen for airplay by Individual
programmers. The music department compiles a series of charts to
give an indication of what current
musical materia! Is being played In a
given month. The LongGroooooves.
Short Grooves and Single Mdgnetlc
Partyclothes charts to the right are
based on and are organized solely
on airplay. That Is. they are ordered
in succession from the most played
title to the least played title. Please
keep In mind that CiTR has several
hundred current titles available for
programmers; hence, the titles you
see to the right do not comprise the
sum of material being played—far
from It. Just listen.
The May 1991 Issue of Discorder
marks a very special milestone for
That Magazine from CTTR: It's the
lOOth Issue. Get excited. Get Involved. Contribute. Advertise. It only
happens once.
For more Information, can the
edltrtx at 822^3017. —
Various Artists Death of VkiyKDOV Entertainment)
Various Artists Satyricon (Juggler
Bolt Thrower /nBartteTherefcNolawKFutureShock.Silent Scream)
Various Artists... Knitting Factory Goes to the Northwest (Knitting Fact.
Various Artists Crock ofo-efctanWh^Cargp.KK)
Meat Beat Manifesto P9%(Warner«Mute)
Helmet Strap II On (Amphetamine Reptile)
3 Mustaphas 3 So_po//heCen/ury(A&M.I?ykodisc)
Jesus Jones Doub/(CapitoQ
Alien Sex Fiend Cwse(Sinclair.Anagram)
Jackofficers Digital Dump (Rough Trade)
Bastard Squad Horde ore Revolution (Blast)
Ice Cube Hardat W7«(Priorify)
Mori Boine-Person C_toGuto(A&M.Virgin.Earthwori_)
Gruntruck Inside Youa (Empty)
World Famous Supreme Team Round/he Outside/(A&M.Vkgh!
Gypsy Kings Aleg/ta(Elektra)
Various Artists Hard to Believe (C/Z)
Blockhouse TheFather.theSonandthe... (Antler Subway.Body3
Dream Warriors And Now the Legacy Begins (A&M.Island!
Various Artists Rewind Volume 2: The Singers (RAS)
Happy Mondays PUs'N ThriHs and 8e#y_cf>e»(Warner.Elektra;
Philadelphia Five Mtoyy(Cargo«KK)
Winter Inlo Darkness (Future Shock)
Zoogz Rift & Marc Mylar Nutritionally Sound (Trigon)
Bosshog Cold Hands (Amphetamine Reptile)
Jack Endino Angle of Attack (Toxic Shock.Bobok;
Stereo-Taxlc Device Stereo-Tax Fc Device (Cargo* KK)
Various Artists Beets: A Collection ot Jazz Songs (TEC Tones)
Various Artists Doomsday News Volume 3 (BMG. Noise)
Ween Satan: The Oneness (Amphetamine Reptile)
Rancid Hel Spawn Chainsaw Masoehist (Wrench)
Ride Nowhere (Warner. Reprise)
KMFDM Naive (Wax Trax)
Bob Marley Talkin Blues (A&M.ls
Various Artists New Wave of Brit. H. Metal (Metal Blade.Cargo)
Wartime Fast Food for Thought (Chrysali
Various Artists Rewind Volume I: The DJs (RAS)
Verlaines Some Disenchanted Evening (Homestead)
RunWesfyRun Green Cat Island (Twin\ Tone)
The Great Kat Bee/hovenonSpeed(Cargo«Roadracer;
Limbomaniacs Stinky Groove«(Sony. Relativity)
Kinothek Percussion Ensemble Suspense (Audio)
Nuclear Assault Handle with Care (Sony. In Effect)
Purr Heartburn 4 Hearfbreafc(Cargo.KK)
Universal Congress of The Sad and Tragic Demise... (Fusion III. Enemy)
Straw People Hemisphere (Pagan)
Pentangle So Early in Ihe Spring (Green Linnet)
R. Murray Schaefer FiveStringitets/S Ortord S/r*7g4/e/*(Centrediscs)
Arc Gospel Choir Bound forlhe Promised Land(SRI.Ocora;
Exene Cervenka Runn/ngSacfed(CapitoL Rhino)
Sadus Swallowed In Black(CarQo»Roadracer]
Rikk Agnew's Yard Sale Emotional Vomit (Triple XXX)
EPMD 8us/nes*A*Usua/(Sony.Columbia;
Borghesia /?e*/*/ance(Play it Again Sam)
Various Artis Is..., NavafoSongs from Canyon deChelty (SRI. New World)
Blaine Reininger Expatriate Journals (Rockville)
Heretics Mass Hysteria (Fringe)
Hawkwind Space Band#«(Cargo.GWR.Roadracer;
Doughboys Happy Accidents (Capitol. Restless)
Various Artists Lffu/pesO/fhodo.xe(SRI.I-tarrnoniaMundi;
Senator Flux The Criminal Special (Cargo* Emergo)
Destruction Cracked Brain (BMG.Noise)
Fairport Convention The Five Seasons (Rough Trade. New Route)
Area Fragments ot the Moming (Rough Trade* C'est la Mort)
LinkN'Chain New Day (RAS)
Bastro Sing the Troubled Beast (Homestead)
Thomas Mapfumo Shumba (A&M*Vlrgin*Earthworks;
Aswad Too WTckedCA&M.lsland)
Mother Love Bone Apple (Polygram. Polydor
Mekons The Mekons *oc*'W*o»(A&M.Twin\Tone)
Token Entry The Weight of the Wodd(Cargo*Bmergo]
Cancer To the Gory End (Future Shock.Silent Scream)
Agitpop The Community 3 Sessions (Community 3)
Amateurs Boctaflde(Romilar-D)
Gregson&Collister _wefra5fran$eHofe/(CapitoL Rhino)
Anthony Braxton Compositions 98 (SRI.Hat Hut)
Brenda Kahn Goldfish Donl Talk Back (Community 3)
JonHassel Earthquake Island (Fusion III. Tomato)
Barra McNeils Timeframe (Barra Music)
Various Artists Out of Majors (VISA.
Killdozer For LadtesOnly (Touch & Go)
Of Cabbages and Kings Baste Pa/n Baste Measure (Triple XXX]
Kreator Coma of Souls (Sony)
Marie-Lynn Hammond Btoe*4Wh*e...(Festtval«AuralTraditi
Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band SK (Flying Bulgar)
D.A.M Human Wreckage (BMG. Noise)
Black Tape for a Blue Girl A Case of Desire (Projekt)
World of Skin Ten Songs for AnotherWoridCSiougJn Trade. Young God)
Various Artists Hard Cash (Green Linnet)
Toasters ThlsGun for Hke (Moon)
Not for anger and despair, but for peace and a kind of home
- suicide note of Lewis Hill, founder of KPFA Berkeley. 1957
Nardwuar the Human Serviette Show (Fridays 3:30-4:OOPM)
Brents TV "Lumber) ack City" (Lookout)
TheA-Bombs "Button Nose and I'm Snowed" (Norton)
Megablast (Thursday 1 :OOam-4:00AM)
Ice Cube Kill al Will EP (Priority)
Meat Beat Manifesto 99% (Warner/Mute)
Criminal Nation Re/ease/he Pressure(Nastymix)
Sound of Reality Maesltrom (Sound of Reality)
Bolt Thrower In Battle There Is No Law(FutureShock/SilentScream)
Zoogz Rift and Marc Mylar Nutritionally Sound(Trigon)
Sonof Bazerk "Change the Style" CD-5" (SOUL)
Bloodstar Btoods/ar(Red Decibel/Desert Engine)
Various Artists Death o/V/ny/(DOVentertainment)
16:16 *ltlsDone*12*(RocRulin)
Jiggle (Wednesday 7:00-9:00PM)
"Alaska- 7" H>(Vital Music)
Karen Black...
The velvety girls	
God bless Patriot missiles	
Getting beat up by a gang of 14-15 year old skinheads in Tuba. OK ....
"Fat Pat." Ted's little kid	
Finding out Tom Milne is Bruno	
Ourfly girl dancer Erica	
MeMns Me/v/ns fP(Sympathy for the Record industry)
The local music scene	
Mike's dad kicking the shit out of him for having girly hair	
Journey to the Soft Chewy Centre of Ihe Earth (Wednesdays 8:15-10:00AM)
Jack Endino Angle ot Attack (Toxic Shock. Bo bok)
John Waterman Dead Calm ofBashlngCoca-Cola(N\gh tshift)
Brenda Kahn Goldfish Don't Talk Back (Community 3)
Various Artists... Knitting Factory Goes lo the North west (Knitting Fact.)
Hawkwind Spoceflan_7te(Cargo«Roadrunner.GWR)
Davie Allen Old Neck » New Strings (Dionysus)
WiggyJ "Up and Atom" (demo cassette)
Triptych of a Pastel Fern "Alpha Night Club" (demo cassette)
The Perfume Tree "Dreaming" (demo cassette)
International Venus Flytrap Nelwork (Fridays 11:00AM- 1:00PM)
Jesus Jones "Real Real Real" from Doubf (Capitol)
Ultra Vivid Scene "Three Stars" from Joy (PolyGram.4AD)
Pop Will Eat Itself "X, Y & Zee" CD-5" (BMG)
Renegade Soundwave Thunder //(Warner. Mute)
Front 242 "Tragedy for You" CD-5" (Sony.Epkr)
TheCure D/s/n/eg/a//on (Warner)
Above fhe Law Livin'Like Hustlers (Sony. Epic)
DubSyndicate Classic Selection Vol. I (On-U Sound)
Destruction "My Shorona" on CrackedBraln (BMG. Noise)
Steinsky & Mass Media on Death of V*ty/(DOV Entertainment)
Swingin' Singles (Wednesday 11:00AM-1:00PM)
Karen Black "Alaska" (Vital Music)
Various Artists four-song 7" compilation (Double A)
Gas Huffer "King of Hubcaps" 7" (Steve Priest Fan Club)
Rev. Horton Heat "Psychobllly Freakout"7"(SubPop)
Distress Signals "Especially You" (demo cassette)
Nimrod "Cunttroll" 7" flexl (Bron)
Giuliano Spiga "Pinky" 7" (GS Music)
Flop "The Losing End" 7" (Lucky)
Freewheelin' Mark Arm "My Ufe wih Rickets" 7" (Sub Pop)
The Brood "Since He's Been Gone" 7" (Stanton Park)
Screaming Trees "Bed of Roses" CD-5" (Sony.EpIc)
Front242 "Tragedy torYou"CD-5"(Sony.Eplc)
Tad "Jinx" 7* (SubPop)
Cranes "Inescapable" 12" (Dedicated.Crane)
KenBaumgartner "Bomber CD-5* (Metal Blade.Carollne)
KHICity "Secret Smle" 7" (Dionysus)
Mark Arm Freewheelin'Mark Arm 7* £P(Sub Pop)
Smugglers "Upand Down" 7* (Nardwuar)
Too Short "Short But Funky" 12" (BMG. Jive)
Whipping Boy Whipping Boy /2"0>(Cheree)
Jesus Lizard "Mouth Breather" T (Touch &Go)
Aed "OfGate»"12*(Kaleidoscope.AtSea)
Boogie Down Productions "Ya Knowthe Rules" 12" (BMG.JIve)
Deskee "KWGet Hyped" 12*(BMG.DeConstructlon)
EdOG.& Da Bulldogs "I Gotta Have It" 12* (PWL)
Beautiful Happiness "Something Sonic" 12* (Cheree)
Young Black Teenagers "Nobody Knows Kelli" CD-5" (SOUL)
Nation of Ulysees "Sound of Young America" 7" (K.Discord)
OutOut "DWl"12*(Axis)
PlantBachOfnus "Pwllrals" 12*(OFN)
Almighty Lumberjacks of Death Always Out of... 7" EP(Force Majeure)
Pigface Spoon flrea/ttas/;_*FP(To_ch_cGo. Invisible)
ATribeCalledQuest " Description of aFool" 12" (BMG.JIve)
Young Fresh Fellows "Molorbroke" 7" (Cruddy Record Dealership)
SonofBazerk "ChangetheStyle"CD-5"(SOUL)
Pastels     "Different Drum" 7" (K Distribution)
Digital Underground  This Is AnEP 12'EPOomrryBoy)
Infinite Regression IsThkAt 7"£P(Chikara)
Artillerymen "9G"12"(Circularphile)
Miscast Miscast 7" fP(FarOut)
Smelly Gambas FftttftluuuucckirEP(farOj\)
Bark Psychosis "Nothing Feels" 12" (Cheree)
Dirt "RlpOff"7"(ThreeMinuteMile)
Nid Madagascar "UedrfhLllw" 12"(OFN)
Profax Protax 7"fP(FarOut)
GutFlower "Maple Leaves" 7* (BlowValve)
Deco "Power Hits" 12" (Circularphile)
Chikara "JesusWasaCaprlcom"7"(Chikara)
A Priori "First Cause" 12" (Laocoon Productions)
JustSayNo "PI bulls on Crack"7" (Go Ahead)
Voodoo Dolls "BadFeelng" 7* (Stanton Park)
Eirin Peryglus "Ylosg" 12*(OFN)
Gunsharp'ners "Do YouCareTheme" 7" (Cruddy Record Dealership)
God's Acre /Green MagnetSc hod split T (Toxic Shock)
16:16 "ltlsDone"12"(RocRulin)
Cringer/Hopeful Monsters split 7" (Hippcore)
Brother Makes 3 "Do Ya Wanna Dance" CD-5" (Cardiac)
2 Queens a King and a Drum Machine "Queernatlon" 12" (Komoda)
Perfume Tree	
ZaZa& the Angels	
"Dr. Nightmare"
"Amor Patriae"
 "Soldiers ol Fortune"
Mint 100	
  "Things Will Change"
"Psycho Vibe"
No GST Band	
Darkling Thrushes	
"We Need a Revolution"
Cherry Hoggs	
"Ain't Gol the Key lo Your Heart"
Logic Conspiracy	
 "Tony's NewOne"
List of Mrs. Arson	
 "1 Kondusha"
Partial Patsy	
 "Female Sex Organs"
Uneven Steps	
 "North Star Shine"
High Speed Sacrifice	
 "Chainsaw Guitar"
Sins of the Flesh	
 "Flesh and Blood"
Broken Faith	
 "Praying for a Break"
Sound of Reality	
 "Wrath (World Is In a Crisis)"
Tony Balony Dance Ensemble	
"How Many Worlds"
Exotic Pets Erotica	
 "All Day"
Bruce Unger	
Random Order	
 "Ill State of...."
Typticofa Pastel Fern	
  "Alpha Nightclub"
Joe 90	
 "End ofthe World"
Purple City	
Falling Spikes	
 "Don't Know Why"
Polka Dogs	
 "Life In Ihe Colonies"
Captain Crunch	
 "You Don't Exist In Transit"
Mystery Machine	
Utopic Mind Slaves	
Broken Faith	
 "Praying for a Break"
The Valentinos	
 "Gimme Some Action"
 "Show and Tel"
Global Citizens	
Mermaid Cafe	
 "Back of a Cadillac"
Fun for Malakal	
 ;... "Saltwater Flow"
MARCH 1991  29 with easter approaching, the church mounted a huge recruiting campaign to fill up some of the empty desks in the Sunday school, "go forth," the reverend said, "and invite
your friends, tell them what we do here and don't forget to mention the free cadbury cream eggs that i'll be giving out next Sunday." so my older sister went forth into the
community and returned the following week with me. i was, she explained to the assembly, a Scottish agnostic of decidedly secular background who wished to become
a german baptist, they put me in a classroom, the teacher gave me a good news bible companion, and told me to work through the book as best i could, the bible companion
was like an exercise book; it was full of puzzles and games designed to foment your knowledge of the scriptures, of course, if you'd never read a bible before, there wasn't
much it could do for you. i found thisoutafter staring at thefirst page forten minutes, trying to come up with a six-letter-word for "canaan god." theother students, meanwhile,
were scurrying through their assignments like so many learned monks, no way was i going to put a dent in that crossword-puzzle, i flipped through the book until i found
something familiar: a picture of moses. here was someone i recognized, every easter, his movie was on tv. and every easter, throughout my childhood, i watched this man
float down the nile in a picnic basket, and i watched him grow up. and i watched him emerge as a leader of the children of israel. and usually, at about the second or third
plague, i stopped watching, because it was bedtime, but still, i recognized him. moses was overlooking the red sea. but i couldn't tell from the colourful illustration whether
he was parting the water for his people or slamming it shut on the hapless chariot guys, the book wanted me to write a brief caption describing the scene,
i wrote the first thing that popped into my head, i wrote: surf's up. Uy j-qK howatSOPI
Twinkle Brothers Wind of Chtnge
i   U  Roy Dre»d  In   t Babylon
I   U  Roy Version  of Wisdom
i   U Roy Best  of O Boy
Bob Marley's  Friends Bob Mtrley's  Legend in Six
Brigadier Jerry On  the Road
Brown,  Dennii Overproof
...Dreadlock Dread   Undivided   Roots...
Brown. Dennii _ Freddie McGregor -Reggae Giants
Brown,  Foxy _...„ ..My Kind of Girl
Chalice - SI  Ml  Ya
Cutty  Ranks/Tony Rebel...
 No Touch the Style
...Too Long In Slavery
 Reggae for the World
Various  Artiiti Pure Loveri 2
Varioui Artiiti Kutchle  More Kutchle
Varioui Artists Ras Sampler 2 (Special Price)
Varioui  Artiiti Cosmic Force  Dancehall  2
Varioui Artiiti Natty Rebel Rooti
Varioui Reggae Hiti Vol.8
Varioui Artiiti Spotlight on Reggae Vol 2
...„ Spotlight on  Reggae Vol   "
King  Tubby'i  Fastcai
Star Rhythm  Distress
varioui Dubble Attack Pantonine
Varioui Boat To Progress—Pantomlne
Various Reggae Sound  War  Clash Electrocutions  #2 (
Various Now This Is What I _ I Call Version (
Various Funky Reggae  Crew \
Varioui Steely  _ Cleevie Brainwave 1
Varioui Vintage  Classics 1
Ing  Tubby Special  73-76 1
Frankie Paul. ..
Dub Sinse #2— Lee Perry/Sly _ R
s Artists....
    357  Magnum
...Frighten  Friday
.D.J.   Government
...Jah  Screw Exp.
...Fire Down Bel
...Out of Many, One Pt.2
Dub Bob Andy's  Dub Book With Mad Professor   I
Dub King Tubby Soundclaih Dub Plate #2   l
Varioui   Artiiti X-Rate
Shabba Ranki Golden
i Nice V
Gladlatori/Iir. Vibes	
Harriot,  Derrick 1
Hlggi, Joe (_ Wallers)...
Varioui Artists
...in Fine Style   Varioui Artists...
Cocoa Tea/Shabba/Home T...
Ninja Man/Johnny P...
Various Artiiti	
Iiaaci,  Gregory	
Iiaaci,  Gregory	
Iirael, Vlbratlonn	
Jan,  Shaka	
Jan,   Shaka	
Johmon, Linton Kweil....
 Call  Me  Collect
 No Intention
...Unconquered People
 Coronation  Dub
 Dub  Symphony
   The  Disciples
mandmenti  of Dub   1
f Dennii  Brown Death  Before Dilhot
i Creation Rebels/New Age Steppers....Threat To Creation   .
: Jimmy Cliff     Images   1
r Paula  Clark Reggae
 Jamaica Carnival '90 \
 Unchallenged Dennis Brown....
....Children of the World Gregory Iiaaci....
 Heartical Don Man Dennii Brown....
 Past  _  Future
...Good  Vibration
Foxy Brown...
Gregory Isaacs....
...Past _ Future   l
 On the  Right
 Poiltive It Strong
 Greatest Hits
 Putting Up Reiiitence
 Have A  Nice  Weekend
s  _ Blows   Tenior Saw...
London   Underground...
....Bad Boy Crew Kofi...
Berei Hammond...
I Berei  Hammond...
I Gregory Iiaaci	
i Gregory Iiaaci Lett  Go Dancing
r Gregory Iiaaci Warning (UKVWho'i Taking You Home
! Gregory Iiaaci Feature Attraction
r Winston  Jarre tt Jonestown
I Johnny P   -...Reggae Dance Hall Sensation
i Klr-lan
...Black With  Sugar
Mad  Professor	
Madden, David 	
McGregor, Freddie....
Michigan  _ Smiley...
Minott, Sugar	
Moses,    Pablo	
Nlktdlmui/Jr.   Denu
Ninny tht I
I   Misty In Roots...
 Changing Timet
  Changing Timet
....Live at Country Club
 Back In the Bix
 Mr.  Fix It
...We   Refute  Rat Michael.
Jackie Mittoo Wild Jockey
Courtney Melody....   Bad Boy Reggae
Johnny Oibourne Nuh Dit Come Ya Fe Drink Milk
Frankie Paul    Live _ Love
Varioui (C.Ranks, Top Cat, W.Wonder) Funky Punany i
Varioui (dement Irie, Junior WDion, etc) .Rhythm 6 !
Varioui (Clement Me, Tenior Saw) .Beit Reggae Dance Hall Frankie Paul	
Varioui (Cocoa T, C.Meeki, Ninjaman) Godfather Ninjaman	
Various (CoLUoyde, LltXenny, UtJurkJ Shocking Xrat Barrlngton Levy	
Varioui (Cpt Berkley, Panhead, Lady Ann, etc) Justice Shabba Ranks -	
Varioui (D.Carloa, JrJldd^Xevy) Jiiitory of Uptempo Coco Tea & Nardo Rank.....
Varioui (DX>ekker, Cliff, Maytali) Reggae Attack Tiger	
Varioui (DDobson, Bobo Gen., M.Janrt) dub Reggae Super Cat	
Various  (F.Paul, L.Smart, Jr.WOlon) The Wfld Bunch Reggie Stepper	
Various (G.Peck, Flourgon, Shabba, etc) Consignment Dennii  Brown	
Varioui (Gayladi, Mellowlarks) Original dub Ska Cocoa Tea	
Varioui (Is.Vlbet, M.Diam's, Yellow) Beit of Suntplaih Dennis Brown	
Variout (hues, CDemut, Trlsha, M.Coke) .AK-47 Ini Kamoxe	
Various (Isaacs, J.CLodge, Shabba) .Hardcore Reggae Lady English/Miss Linda....
Varioui (Isaacs, LJohn, SJilinott) Sounddaih Dubplate 1-2 Frankie Paul	
Varioui (J.Otbourne, Tony Tuff, etc) 3uck Wild
 Mutic Works '88
.—Sweet For My Sweet
 Get Up and Dance
—The Sweet Soca Man
....Murder Them
...Nuff Man A Dead
...Bubblin' Sweet Tonight
 ..Sonla Come Back
Supercat Cabin  Stabbing Peter Roots.
 Obtervation  Station
  Move From Here
My Weapon
...Blowing with the Wind
 ...Silent Assassin
    _ Wish  Me  Luck
Ranki,  Shabba...
 Myttle Warrior Dub   !
 -..Rhythm of the  City   !
 Blackman   Land   "
...Jutt Reality  Tiger
...Rappin  With the Ladles
 Menage  From Africa
.-...Golden Great! Vol.1   Pine
r   Winston Wright....
Sky High Mau Mau...
Sly  _ Robbie/Taxi...
Sly _ Robbie _
Stepper, Reggie	
Tlppa Lee ft Rappa P.
 African Vengance
 Taxi Hltl   1978-90
—Tribute to King Tubby
 20 Super
j  Varioui....
  Root! Vibration   Varioui...
...Straight From the Yard  Various....
Wayne Wonder And Sanchex -	
Home T, Coco Tea, And Shabba Ranki Holding On
Varioui Rockeri Story
Varioui Blue Trac  Superstar Vol.   1
Varioui   Mutic Worki  '90
...Wicked Inna Bed
Varioui QCBoothe, Al Brown, Inner
.Thin Line Traveler   Varioui OCBoothe, SJtlnott, AMI*, etc) Reggae Legends
 -...Hot We Hot   Various (Marley, KBoothe, JJIolt) Rooti Rockeri
Varioui (Nardo Ranki, B. Gen, D.Irle) More Poco
Varioui (Richard Ace, D.Harriot) Magnificent  14
Varioui (S.MInott, Lover D, Jah Batta, etc)—All Kind A Don
Varioui (Sitter Carol, Chaplin) Rewind the D.J.'t
Varioui (Sluggy Banki, S.MInott, H.Andy). -Dance Hall X Mai
Varioui  (Sluggy Banks, Little John, etc) Rhythm 5
Various (Tiger, F.Paul, S.Ranks) Strictly the Best
Varioui (Tiger, Flourgon, Taxi) D.J. Riot
bor Of Love 2   Varioui (Tony Tuff, Thriller U, etc) Legal Tender
Mouth Tan  So   Varioui (Tuffett, Flourgon, J.Otbourne) Gal Yu Good   I
e More Chance   Varioui (Yellowman,NardoFrankt,etc).. 12KutiofRuff Stuff   i
—Who Done It   Waller, Bunny Gumption   1
    Wilion, Delroy 24 Super Hltt   \
 „    Yabby You Beware Dub   1
...Variety Night '90
...Vintage Night '90
...Shocking Colon   '
....Mek - E     Bark
...The Confrontation   Frankie Paul...
Lee Perry „ ....Roast Fish and Corn Bread
Lee Perry Return of Super Ape
Gregory Isaacs Victim
 _ Soca Dance Party
 Many Lights One Glow (10th Anniversary)
Variout Artiiti....
WEST INDIES RECORDS & TAPES - a division of barrett electronics
1859 Commercial Drive (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues), Vancouver, B.C. V5N 4A6.
Phone: 254-4232 (please note correct phone number) CANADA'S LARGEST AND BEST KNOWN RECORD STORES
Hear Some Alternatives
MAR 4 TO 6
Railway Club
MAR 14,15
&tat Sims of Rhythm Orrhfstra
FEB 28
Town Pump
MAR 1,6
Town Pump
Sl^^S^fe^^ 568 Seymour St-    -


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