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"DiSCORDER" 1996 by th. Stu-
*odio Society of th. Uni-
yot British Columbia. All
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at CiTR@UNIXG.UBC.CA, visit
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irw.ams.ubc.ea/citr or just
k up a goddamn pen and
I writ. #233-6138 SUB Blvd.,
uv.r, B.C. CANADA V6T
June 1996 - #161
Thanks to Sen Yoshitsuru for this month's cover.
Like the band hunting down the stolen mic from the
dog, we are also hunting for an editor. Special
thanks to our retired editor, Dylan, who devoted the
past two years to this mag. Don't hit your ass on
the door on the way out!
Every month, production on this magazine gets
squeezed into a tighter and tighter schedule, as
we sit in front of our computers, sleepless and
listening to awful music. And for what?
Because we love you!
between the lines
under review
real live action
on the dial
velvets christian comic
printed in Canada
fy;t»J£r,£JL5iSviJ_._:DL_:£j       ^\AJL; J..ZZ- ,J0U'j = ->iJP ,J0P
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ttmwmrVm f_i^<ftsffll iiw''i.i?f'Hi_iiMTi'i
the new album
one chord to another
IN STORES JUNE 121 cowshead chronicles
dedicated to robyn
over the years i have told many stories, i have related the very inner workings of my
life in this, the cowshead chronicles, and have felt that i have given to you, the
reader, my soul, stories about my father, which he has never read, related, through
both fiction and non-fiction, the workings of my personal life, I have told you, more
times than I can remember, more that I maybe should have, but, you know, i wouldn't
take it back for anything, because, by design, the stories were really about you and
what you're all about, the things i write of happen to everyone but not all of us can
be honest and tell the stories of our lives as much as we want to sometimes, we all
have great heartbreak, sorrow, despair, happiness and all the other speakable and
unspeakable emotions, why can't we tell our friends how we feel? why can't we ask
for help when we need it? i know, for myself, that i find it so much easier to write a
story relating some sort of emotion than i do sitting down with someone and letting it all out. and as i sit here now with a half empty pack of Winston's and an
empty glass of what was water, i wonder why last week i almost sent my father a
story i wrote about him but didn't, fearing the worst, what would he think? maybe it
was better he never knew about it. i also wrote a cowshead about something highly
personal where i didn't hide the truth behind fake names and places but felt that it
was better that i didn't send it in because of all the shit that would fly because of
it. and those who did read it felt the same way. i have never meant to hang my dirty
laundry out in the cowshead. although, i must admit, the cowshead is meant as a
chronicle of my life as it relates to others, but, those of you who read it are suppose
to get something out for yourself as well, a recent story about my relationship with
my father affected more than a few people, i was surprised, in fact, by the impact i
had on some people, but then again if i can evoke that sort of emotion in anyone i'm
happy because, then i know what i'm doing has a reason deep down and isn't done
purely in vain, i have many more stories to tell but i just felt that this month i would
explain myself a little, there are things we all need to say, things we all need to do.
and by observing those things i can relate them, remember, it's okay to tell people
how you feel, to let people know where you're at. to tell people you need them, to tell
people you love them, it's just not always easy, this i know,
Discorder is currently looking for
a dynamic and self-motivated individual to fill the position of Editor. The successful applicant will
have good communication skills,
knowledge of and appreciation of
the magazine, some proficiency in
desktop publishing, and, YES.
writing skills. To apply, send a
resume, a covering letter of the
direction you would like to take the
magazine, and a few samples of
your written work before June
15th to:
#233-6138 SUB Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z
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Orpheum Theatre
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Can't  JJol;  lour
hguestsOur Lady Peace &
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:     : '      :    •*
'The Monkees will leave absolutely no mark on American Music."
• Crawdaddy Magazir feto.
Music was once about performing for it's own sake, if not for cultural ritual.
Introducing money to tfie art-form changed it forever - tfiis much you know already, right? Lots of
people (including myself) have often complained
about the commercialism surrounding Music West:
that it's all about "getting signed"; that it's all about
making the most money with me music you're making (and making music to make the most money).
This attitude still has a high priority within the conference itself (for example, the seminar on purchasing independent labels), and in many ways
led to initiation of fhe counter-Music West fest,
Music Waste. However, after the weekend was
over it occurred to me lhat Music West is responsible for more than making itself some grandiose
event to show off scxalled "talent". It was responsible for a lot of music for music's sake.
My weekend began on Thursday
May 2nd with the arrival of some friends from
Calgary, and a trip to CiTR to see Radioblaster and
Speedbuggy, both of whom were in Music West,
but also were playing live on-air that night.
Radioblaster took their name from a Thrush Hermit
song, and their sound is aptly comparable to their
namesakes, perhaps a little less rocky, and a little
more poppy. As a three-piece with male and
female vocals, guitar, bass and drums, they are
probably heirs to the throne of indie rock stardom
in Toronto after their contemporaries Treble
Charger. Speedbuggy followed with a loose
impromptu mini-set which I was only able to hear
from my car stereo, as I was then racing downtown
to catch Spacekid at Route 66.
This was my first real interaction with Music
West '96, and I suppose it was typical of many
shows: sparse attendance in a smoky bar with one
or two individuals who stuck out like the industry
insiders ihey were, wilh their posturing and clothing
- standing by themselves, slicked-back hair and
leather jackets, maybe cowboy boots on their feet.
Spacekid was a band I had only heard on tape, a
quartet with a power pop sound, fairly typical of
the bands I was interested in seeing this year.
Maybe it was the high expectations I had for the
bond, but a combination of factors including a
6     JUNE 1996
bad, overwhelming loud sound mix and a faulty
guitar diminished their impact. However,
Spacekid showed lots of promise, with strength
as a band and a healthy dose of 80's nostalgia
(for example, their cover of "Manic Monday") to
catch your attention.
By now it was quarter to midnight, and so I
went off to the Commodore to see Guided By
Voices, a band I was convinced to be a combination of such 70's groups as Bad Company, and I
wanted to see if this impression held true.
Unfortunately, some ill-planning on the part of
Music West (or perhaps mis-guided greed on the
part of whomever collected ticket revenues) made it
impossible for me and about a half dozen other
media-types from ihe Province and the Sun to get in
with our accreditation wristbands. Only 200 wristband holders were allowed admission, and everyone else had to buy individual tickets to get in.
What this meant was that even though the venue
was far from full, the only way to get in would have
been to buy a $13 ticket. Not that I'm crying for
media-types who didn't pay for their wristbands to
begin with, but for festival goers who bought wristbands for 30-something dollars were
boat. I went home for the evening to get ready for
another busy musical day to follow.
Friday night's line-ups definitely held some interest for me, both the Real McKenzies at the
Town Pump and the Mint-Lookout Records'
showcase at the Gastown Music Hall, featuring Duo-Tang, the Smugglers and others.
However, except for a brief foray into the
Starfish Room to see Toronto's Len (who I
watched for a dull   10 minutes, which
seemed to improve just as I was leaving),
my evening had little to do with Music
West. Instead I attended a relatively low-
profile rehearsal-space gig in Yaletown
including Kaneva, the Electrosonics, the
Liars, Radioblaster and others. By the time
Kaneva began, a sizable number of people began to converge in the
"venue", and those in attendance heard
an excellent sampling of the group's
repertoire, with droning pop
beneath female vocals. The warmth of
their sound was like a musical bonfire
to warm your giblets. Four song:
hardly enough, but so many band;
were left to perform. Next
Liars, a post-punk power trio \
raunchy, punchy sound with fen
energy and great songs to boot.
Other bands followed, but by
was starting to wear thin from all the
volume and the smoke I'd been
exposed to in only two days.
Saturday offered a show with
more hype than just about any so
far this year: Stereolab headlining a bill that
was advertised as including Pure and Cinderpop.
However, it seemed like the bulk of the crowd
knew lhat one other band would be making a "surprise" appearance, itie sometimes-defunct-sometimes-together Sloan. Cinderpop were first
on-stage around 9:45, and I really wasn't in a
mood to see them knowing that it was just delaying Sloan's performance. I suppose they weren't
bad, but they weren't anything to get my mind off
of the fact that two of my favorite bands (Sloan
and Stereolab) were going to be on only after the
first two groups were finished. Cinderpop lives up
to its name though, with songs reminiscent of
Crowded House, Matthew Sweet, etc, elc. I'll have
give them another look before I can pass any
judgment. About an hour and fifteen minutes later,
it was announced lhat Pure wouldn't be performing because of a medical emergency. Fortunately
for the people in attendance (practically all of
whom appeared to be there for Sloan) this
allowed everyone's favorite Haligonians to play a
slightly longer set of mostly new material. The
group has managed to maintain their incredible
energy and chemistry that made them such an
incredible live band. The new songs from a forthcoming album were also very good, at least at par
with their previous recordings. To hear them, it
seems mat Vancouver's Zumpano may have had
some impact on Sloan's songwriting, as there was
a lot of that kind of swinging rhythm present, in
the style of Penny Lane era Beatles. As great as
the band was, it's unfortunate that the show was in
a bar: the audience just could not respond with
the energy lhat came even close to approaching
what was seen last time they played here at the
Howden Ballroom. Aside from that, the performance was a highlight only to be rivaled by what
followed, an intense performance by Stereolab.
Concentration on the music was as blindingly
intense on the eyes as it was the ears such lhat I
could almost have lost sense of when and where I
was. My senses were so overwhelmed that I had
just about had enough of shows for the weekend,
but there was still one more band I had to see on
the final night of the weekend, The Readymade.
Upon entering the Gate, the bar in the Hotel
California, I felt sort of like I was in the old Lunatic
Fringe, mostly because of its look, which resembled
an 80's style rock bar in many ways with its high
stage and supporting pillars all around. However,
it made a decent-enough location for this show,
where the Readymade were playing with
Speedbuggy and Ringpiece. Starting their set with
a Joy Division cover, the band's long songs provided a great soundtrack to the images projected
behind them, theirs was music to wallow in. Almost
I was disappointed not to have seen any of Music
Waste, which offered almost as many bands as the
Music West festival itself did!
That so much is happening is really a testament
to Music West and its impact on Vancouver's music
scene. Even if I only went to a handful of their
shows, all the rest of the events that went o
a result of the kickstart Music West has brought to
Vancouver each May for the last few years. I'm
glad Music West is here because in so many
ways, it's led to musical events occurring for no
itself, and
JUNE 8 • VANCOUVER @ ANZA CLUB (#3 wsth si.)
w/readymade and gaze
check local listings for details
You can find sonic unyon stuff in stores everywhere or shop by mail
CDs/LPs ONLY $12 (tax & post included) from:
P.O. BOX 57347 Jackson Station, Hamilton, ON L8P 4X2
phone 905-777-1223 fax 905-777-1161
SOniC LinyOn   e-mail jerks@sonicunyon.com   web site www.sonicunyon.com Reverend Horton Heat
DiSCORDER: Alright, first of all,
there's got to be some things that
yon just don't wanna talk about,
what are they?
Reverend Horton Heat: Lemmee see..well,
politics, religion, my medical history...uh,
just about anything else thats' none ah yer
damn business.
So like in the song, "Sails of
Cocaine" where you say you gave "A
sample to yer crazy brother Joe" you
really did just give him a sample,
sold the rest and thats' the end of
the story. Are you the King
of 'White Trash'?
I don't think
terms of me
being 'The
king' no, but
as far as
consciously trying to
go for that,
no...l have
been white trash,
I'm not anymore
though. Like that song "Bails
of Cocaine", I was out there cuttin' brush
and this jet airplane comes flying over like
about a hundred feet VRMMM!, some military jet, and I was just thinking, 'Wouldn't it
be great if that plane just dropped a bunch
of cocaine right now and I took it to Dallas
and sold it.' So yeah, I get ideas of the
whole white trash thing.
Were you cutting brush because you
grew up on a form?
I didn't grow upon no farm, but I've had a
lot of different jobs in my life. My dad
worked for this oil company and we lived
in San Antonio and Corpus Christi and
those towns are more like nouveaux riche
and blue collar, but it's all still cause of oil
and the navy. My highschool was 78%
Mexican American, so that had a big influence on what went on.
(Talk on racial integration )
Yeah, it was almost like things were more
open minded back then than they are now.
My first band was all Mexican American,
we were called Chantilly Lace and we were
a fifties cover band. It was a whole family,
and the sister, she used to sing real good,
she sang songs like, "Soldier Boy" and the
Dad could play like Hendrix on his guitar,
he was like just this jolly old Mexican man,
he could play and he'd be all like, 'I bet I'm
freakin' you out that I can play this' and
laughing and everything... but there's this
one guitar solo that we did, "Rock Around
the Clock" and to this day thafs still one
of the fastest, coolest guitar solos ever,
and when that song came up the saxa-
phone player would come over and play my
guitar cause I couldn't play that solo and I'd
just be sittin' there goin, 'Damn, I wish I
knew that solo'. I'm playin' it on the new
record (July 16th is the release date) so I
finally got to play that
fucking solo..
(Starts plugging
record.) Recently I've been having a
cold, and I've often been without
Kleenex on the streets, so I've been
doing the 'former blow'.
Farmer blow? What is that?
It's like when you hold your nostril like this (demonstrates tactic)
and you blow the excess of snot
out and it shoots out like a cannon
right, and like I just notice sometimes when I'm with a guy my age
or something, y'know he'll get
upset, and I was just wondering,
y'know if well... do you think it's
wrong, when you have a build up
of... I guess it's a manners thing..
Do I think ifs wrong for a girl to blow snot
outta her nose? (giggles)
Yeah, like is it unappealing?
Uh, no, no, but my question is, what do
you do with the cup?
Oh I just blow it out on the street.
Oh you blow it out on the street well then
I don't know, I don't think that would be
E.C., 'ecologically correct'.*
— Janis Warren
Discorder: Who are you?
(names, ages, instruments
Mancoat - guitar.
Mousey Connexion - bass.
Schwantz Plench - saxophone.
Malbar Fromagette Directus (a fluid-filled sac) -
Should people care that
Daddy's Hands has mysterious
links to M-Blanket?
Mancoat: Should people care that black
holes are dead stars?
That they swallow
matter and regurgitate
it as energy? No, but
they should stay the
hell away from them.
We consider ourselves
Are there any Goths left in
Victoria? Who has the last
goth band ya saw?
Malbar: Is that some kind of joke?
Mancoat: Are you kidding? They're
everywhere. They work beside you. They
sleep in your bed. Whether it's sneaking
"Boys Don't Cry" onto a mixed tape or
something less innocuous like burning an
insect and trying to synchronize one's
laughter with the rhythm of its crackling
shell. What is the suicide rate in Japan
these days? Received any smiles from
passing strangers lately? Does anyone not
know someone on Prozac? Chronic depression and morbid fascination are the very
sparks that keep this dark world turning.
The scary part is, real goths don't have
white powdered faces and dark clothes;
those are just robot mannequins
programmed by music industry
psychologists to distract us from the real
Your song "Pickled Lenin"
hii-i-*-** of the man's demise.
How exactly was Lenin killed?
Didn't he try to scratch
himself out of an iceblock?
Mousey: Lenin died in 1922. He was a small
man, like many other important people. He
died of a stroke, but I'm not sure he didn't
die in ice. I visited him in Red Square; he
lives there ten months out of the year. His
coffin is glass so you can see his face and
his hands. He doesn't look peaceful, only
cross and under the weather. He spends two
months out of every year in Formaldahyde.
Lenin's wife asked Stalin to bury Lenin but
Stalin had bigger plans. Stalin also used to
stay in there with Lenin but he was a larger
man and took up too much room. They put
him in the ground. That's where he belongs,
if you ask me.
Malbar: I do no acknowledge anything outside of Victoria.
When in Victoria should one
thrift-shop in Langford, eat at
Sam's deli and hang out at
Point No Point? What are the
ultimate three things to do in
the Garden City?
Mancoat: Stand in front of your parents' mansion and wait for a bus to take you downtown.
Then beg for money from people on welfare and
spend it on a bag of skunkweed.
Malbar: Do as the locals do each day - take
high tea at the Empress and if you must do
other things try not to make a big fuss about it.
Has anyone ever ripped you
Who are you?
Joanne Banks, 45, organ and piano; Grant
Shankaruk, 75, bass; Scott Smith, 22, lead
guitar; Frank Nichols, older than Bjork and
younger than Dick Dale; Rich Hagensen, 50,
rhythm and lead guitar PLUS honorary lifetime member Gordie Bertram on sax. As you
can see, we're not the youngest surf band
around but we are the best lookin' band in
Interview Hell
Mancoat: No. People are very honest when it
comes to business.
malbar: To think that people should be so
Explain the importance of the
Maple Bay Regatta and
Swif tsure to Vancouver
Island. Please?
Mousey: I don't know, I've never been invited.
I have lived in Maple Bay for six years and
still, everywhere I go, they slam doors in my
face. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, I
love it, but I love it against my better judgment.
Mancoat: Island dwellers are forced to life
their sunken heads and watch floating
machines challenge willingly, and with great
gusto, the unrelenting pornography that surrounds us all. It is the sickness known as the
sea, and these races, combined with its use
as a massive industrial toilet will, eventually, provide the necessary cure.
Ask yourself two questions
and answer them.
Is it true that parents just don't
Malbar: I was raised by Manatees.
Mancoat: No, he wasn't, he was raised by
friction. We must put an end to this
parent-child nonsense. We are plucked at
random from a mucky puddle of
obsolescence and moulded by twin hands
into sad chameleon holograms. How's that
headache of yours? I swear that pencil was
on the desk a minute ago...
Could I bum a smoke?
Daddy's Hands: There's no need to shout. We
are wearing a hearing aid.
1996 Daddy's Hands demo.
Contact name and address:
Daddy's Hands, 2109 Chambers St.,
Victoria, B.C., V8T3L1, CANADA.
What's the story behind the
guy who put all the cigarette
burns on Rich's amp?
R: I guess he wanted to play some real
smokin' guitar solos...Actually, _—-
the story I heard is that
jazz guitarist Henry
Young - who used to
own my Fender Twin
amp - played all kindsa
R&B dives in Vancouver
in the'60s. The clubs
didn't even have ashtrays so
the butts had to go on top of the amp
whe he was playin' guitar. There are even
burns down the side of the amp - some of
the stages were so small that it had to be
stood on its end to fit on the stage. I also
heard the amp went over to Europe and
Africa with Henry when he back up Nina
Simone, so it has quite a history.
Describe the importance of the
Pharaohs, a 1960s Victoria
surf band, on the Surfdusters?
What was Campbell River like
back then?
R: The Pharaohs were five Victoria guys who
played UVic frat parties and southern
Vancouver Island dances in the early '60s.
They cut vocal 45s as Peter Kelch but it's
their two instrumental singles that turned us
on! "The Friendly Martian" b/w "Unknown
Planet" released on the California
Chattahoochee label are two cool
rockers...great surf and Ventures-like
demented guitar with cheesey organ and
sax...We're learnin' "The Friendly Martian"
right now...one of the goals is to re-release
their singles plus some rehearsal tapes
rumoured to exist. Campbell River was my
hometown and I was a drummer and singer
in several '60s garage punk and rockabilly
bands such as The Blue Knights & The
Creations.-.played lotsa instruments too!
Gigs were at community halls, high schools,
logging camps and wild house and beach
parties. No clubs except the Legions were
around then & we had to travel long
distances by van or ferry to play the dances -
beer, fights and rock 'n' roll.
Why aren't Shadowy Men on a
Shadowy Planet a surf band?
R: That should be weren't...they broke up last
year. Shadowy guys didn't use a lot of chunka
chunka double pickin' & reverb
surftones...and like they always told the
press & their record says: "We're Not a
Suckin' Surf Band". The media likes to call
all rock instro bands surf bands -
en though there are lots of genres
instro music. The Surfdusters
aren't really purists either
-well, our first three
years with Ralph
Johnston on lead guitar-
75% of what we played
was in the surf vein
like Dick Dale, The
Astronauts, Jon &
Nightriders etc. Then,
we got more experimental & absorbed Ralph's
influence and
now, with Scott on lead & Grant on bass,
we've got back to a ruffer surf garage sound
with some country twang thrown in.
Can you give a brief history of
the British Columbia
Instrumental Rock Scene from
the 1950s to the present!
R: The earliest B.C. bands rleasing instros
were mostly country-based such as Tex
Pedersen & The Sunset Ramblers
'Rockalene' on Aragon and the killer guitar
instro 'Tarantula' by bob Regan (of the
Canadian Sweethearts) on Gene Autry's label
Challenge - whammy bar madness!! Then,
in the early '60s, you had some instros put
out by Vancouver R&B bands such as The Hi-
fives' "Fujikami the Warrior" & Little Daddie
& the Bachelors' "Junior Jerk" (written by
Tommy Chong) - also B.C. bands influenced
by England's Shadows such as Prince
George's Pacers release of "Windjammer"
(on RCA) and The Chessmen's
"Meadowlands" (on London). No surf sounds
although the Canadian VIP's "Monsoon"
albums came outta this time. From the late
'60s to late '80s, B.C. rock instros were
either hidden away with the vocals on
obscure country albums (such as Kamloops'
Thompson Valley Boys LPs), rock'n'roll
albums (check out Teen Angel blues-based
numbers such as The Powder blues instro B-
sides of their 45s. The Surfdusters, The
g     JUNE 1996 Falcons and Mark Brodie & The Beaver
Patrol have brought the twang & surf
sounds into the '90s on their mostly original
and all instro 45s, from a few curiosity
seekers and record collectors who came to
the infrequent opening gigs to a lotta people
diggin' & dancin' to our instro sounds. Hey,
the show at the Commodore in 1993 featuring us, The Falcons & Dick Dale was the
first all-rock instrumental show in B.C. as
far as I can tell!
Wow! How many books have
you written, Rich? How is
your magazine Livewire
doing? Where is it available?
What is in the NEW issue?
R: I wrote 2 discographies of Canadian &
American instrumental records - both outta
print now - I'm workin' on a massive discography that'll be the bible of instrumental
records - should be out next year. I also put
out Livewire - a quarterly instro fanzine - got
subscribers in 10 countries now. After 10
issues, it's startin' to take off - get it at
Track or Scratch Record stores. This issue
has a story of '60s psychosurfmeister Merrell
Fankhauser & his California surf band The
Impacts, the Melody Maker's story of some
teenagers from Montreal in the '60s and
their instro record plus over a hundred
reviews of new and old instro releases. Get it
while it's HOT!
I see your guitarist Scott
wrote a toon
Motel"...did Scott
really go to
Turkey? How
sleazy was
the Motel?
S: I was in Turkey
last summer and
there were stray cats
living on the roof ofthe
motel we stayed at & they crawled into
the room at night. This was at Marmaris
where we laid on the beach all day -
heard an Arabic rock version of
"Miserlou" on the radio.
Besides playing in The Worst,
what's Grant's musical
background? Wasn't he on
stage somewhere like 20 years
G: Yes, back in a different era, I could be
found in seedy clubs and cobwebbed basements playing highly unpopular forms of
punk and garage music ranging from a
handful of originals to obscure B-sides by
the Sonics, Yardbirds & Ugly Ducklings...!
destroyed my first guitar - a Link Wray
Danelectro - during "Boris the Spider".
Is there anything good about
Peavey amps?
S: Not really - they're good at blowing up!
Although I play through one right now, I don't
endorse them -1 don't have enough money to
buy a Fender.
Frank, how has gardening
affected your drummin?
F: It has enabled me to DIG into the skins
and keep the SLUGS off the cymbals.
Recommended listening for
those readers interested in the
REAL surf sound?
R: For staccato pickin' and thunderous
reverb surf beats, no-one equals Dick Dale -
check out his Tribal Thunder Hitone CD & his
Greatest Hits on Rhino. Ofthe '60s surf
stuff, I love the Original Surfaris & the
Hollywood Surfers LPs, Pat & the
Californians' "Bad", Manuel & the
Renegades' "Woody Wagon" and the
Heyburners' "Speedway". In May, Rhino is
releasing an ultimate surf box set with several CDs of the best '60s surf instro 45s and
a CD of '90s surf groups includes "Save the
Waves" by our band. For non-surf instros,
the Link Wray double CD on Norton is essential -1 also dig the Tex-Mex sounds of the
Fireballs all reissued on England's Ace
Records. The '90s surf I like best: Sir Bald
Diddley & Big Wigs vinyl releases, the
Phantom Surfers & Surf Trio are great trad
surf...for psychedelic surf, try the Mermen
and for punky surf sounds, get any
Trashwomen record. There are stacks available on vinyl & CD - read Livewire for the
latest releases.
G: Go to your local Sally Ann's - look for
scratchy 45s with bizarre surf titles.
F: I love "Comanche" by the Revels - that's
the instro they played during Bruce Willis
pawnshop scene in "Pulp Fiction".
Alos, "Let There be Drums" by '60s
drum king Sandy Nelson.
What's next for the
R: In the next 2 months,
we'll have a cut on a hot
rod instro 10'VCd comp put
together by the Surf Trio and one
the Rhino box set I mentioned earlier. We also hope to have instro on Del-Fi's
Pulp Surfin' 2 and Germany's One Million
Dollar Records Spaghetti compilations. A
split release with Ralph Johnston's new
group Quonset and another vinyl EP are also
in the works. In April our first CD is comin'
out - Raincoast Rumble on my label Fireball
Records. Come on down to the Mighty
Niagara Hotel on April 27th for our CD
release surf party which will also feature
some other instro bands such as the
Board Meeting cassette (Surfdust) 1991
The Surfdusters Live - Party On '92 cassette
(Fireball 002) 1992
Waves of Pleasure EP (Surfdust 594) 1994
and tracks on:
International Beach Ball Volume 1 CD (NPR
9412) (Germany) 1994
Sounds from the Inside CD (California Music
1) (Australia) 1995
Contact name and address:
Rich hagensen, 4337 Percival Avenue,
Burnaby, B.C. V5G 3S4
Nothing Sacred
No-holds barred rock V
roll steeped in the
attitude of the Sex Pistols
with the kick oF early
AC/DC. Features 13
violently happy songs,
including "Get A Job"
Hyperactive love songs For
people on Ritalin
best describes the
energized punk/ska blend
oF Southern California's
GoldFinger. Includes
"Here In My Bedroom".
Amazing Disgrace
The Posies return with
their Forth album: a
striking blend oF loud
and quiet, harsh and
pretty, Featuring
"Please Return It" and
"Grant Hart".
Tragic Kingdom
A hyperkinetic blend
oF ska, pop, rock and
reggae, Featuring
"Just A Girl"
EVERYWHERE!  trength  density ■■—'
nSyandrea 8c amber dawn fJ* m*w1
„   >-*f     _III_»W_1   **■*.   WIIMVI    MMMI!    )QA   ^Hll[l
Internet Courtney
(WI size, 196 pages)
For oil of you ifiat have a cult following of the infamous Courtney Love tfiis book should be a special
treat for you. These are 58 of Courtneys posts on
the internet. You can read Ms. Love's opinions on
anything from Kill Rock Stars to her band and videos. Courtney is quite entertaining. For all you
internet geeks out there you can see Ms. Love's posts
atalt.fan.courtney-love. All the restyou can send
$1 2.50 to: Smashed Candies, P.O. Box 2501
Belllingham, WA USA 98227.
this little girl...
(1 2 pages quarter size)
"She was tough. The kind of girl whose star
left bite marks on people. Wilh words like
cement in your moulh, you couldn't talk
back... you couldn't even try."
This is a bed time story for punk geek:
brought lo you by the queens of terror,
Katie and Amy, of Brat Girl fame. This
bedtime tale is about a girl who leaves
her abusive boy friend for a girl. This
is a punk rock fantasy of sorts and
did I forget to mention lhat it rocked
my world? Send a buck and you'll get a bunch of
goodies from the queens of terror ot 14119
Meyersville dr, Houston, Texas 77049 usa
Kinder Nacht number 6 issue 7
This is one of Vancouver's favourite ska comics featuring the adventures of the Kinder Nacht Scooter
Club. The art is great as is the story line for those of
you seeking a good thrill mod style: fighting racism
and possessing microfilm containing ihe names and
addresses of the high and financial supporters of
the neo-Nazi movements of the world.. This issue
olso has reviews for those of you wanting to know
all about mod and ska. Send $2 lo Martin Wales
c/o Island Easel Imaginations, #205-730 Vancouver Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3V3 make sure to check
out the official Kinernacht home page at http://
153.1 8.60.51/ssf/kindernachr.html
Verity #2
(12 pages, quarter size)
I om really impressed with Verity, Brie's first attempt
al a personal zine. Brie starts out by writing about
a girl in her class that is being abused by her boyfriend and how she witnesses the abuse every day.
She then moves on and writes about her own experience with abusive relationships, by talking about
her first boyfriend Kevin and the mental and emotional abuse that he inflicted on her. I am really
proud of Brie for writing about this because this is
somelhing thot needs to be talked about urgently. I
encourage you to order Verity especially for those
that are in relationships and are wondering why
they are miserable when they should be happy.
Abuse is more common than we'd like to admit.
Send a dollar to Brie at 1 805 Dublin Street, New
Westminster, BC, V3M 3A2 Canada
Action Girl Comics #4
(28 pages
Action Girl Comics is an anthology showcasing female cartoonists. It hos an all-ages sensibility, and
is girl positive and female friendly-but never anti-
boy. The art is very professional and the stories are
amusing. My favourite story would have to be about
Susanoo itie Brawler, the girl who kicks the All Girls
Together club's ass. Hey, this issue also comes with
your very own paper doll cut out where you can
play dress-up with Action Girl. YEAH! So send $3,
letters, orders ond submissions to Sarah Dyer, AGC,
PO Box 060380, Stolen Island, NY 10306 or e-
mail: Alilena@aol.com
Sub Rosa
(1 2 pages half size)
"I've lost a close friend and I had gotten in to the
habit of telling him anything and everything. Because he's gone, all my thoughts and feelings have
been  pent up
go    If anything,
Ihis zine has been
a release for me."
The writer spends
ing  her  friendships
d her future in her
pressed with  all  the
zines that are coming
out of first timers  these
past times. Sub Rosa   is
just part of the wave of
zines thot are great first
starts.   Support the  local
zines! Send a dollar to Sub Rosa at PO Box 52541,
#1105-2929 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam, BC, V3B
Healing Stone
8.5 X 5.5 62 pages
"Hey, middle class society you're not the boss of
me!" This quote covers an entire page of Shayna's
zine, along with a picture of her shooting the finger
to middle class society. If you identify as a working
class or poor person you should read this zine.
Actually, for middle and upper class people wanting to know what is expected of them as allies
Shoyna couldn't have made it more clear. In Healing Stone she recalls early high school memories of
class oppression and it's effect to her own self opinion. Shayna continues on to current events in her
life and how she is confronting ongoing classism,
questioning her middle class allies, and regaining
self worth. She writes with a bold humour and confidence so that I could really sense how much shame
Healing Stone covers a lot more then classism,
t*hough. With the some daring and confrontational
spirit she explores the uses of sexual assault and
sexism in the media, as well as the sexism she faces.
She discloses her recent sexual assault, which is
very brave in itself. What I really admired, however is the direction Shayna takes in approaching
her assault and violence against women. Besides
being supportive to other girls who share similar
experiences she aims her writing at men by asking
them to examine their own sexism ond conditioning. I think similar to Shayna's approach to classism,
her piece on sexism and assault is extremely useful
to both women and those working to become al-
or interested in supporting survivors write Shayna
2502 N Rockwell #b Chicago IL 60647
Slumber Party Games
(32 pages quarter size)
There seems to be a new trend in zine land in the
one nighter group zine vein. Marie, Basil, and
Wilknee are back with this kick ass one nighter zine.
Marie starts off the zine by writing aboul her recent
decision to move out of her parents home ond drop
put of high school. She talks about redefining home
and family and how the old definitions are empty,
hollow and meaningless.
J Wilknee takes over and writes a letter to Blake
of Jawbreaker questioning his lyrics and his careless use of the word crazy, asking him if he is singing from life experience of the glamourisation of
Basil finishes of by writing a self affirmation letter to himself. Basil also discusses race ond assimilation for the first time. I was so impressed and could
relate strongly to his memories of assimilating to
American culture and losing his Arabic culture. I
love these kids a lot and they are kids who truly
inspire me in my own work and growth process. I
j strongly urge you to order this zine and check oul
! these kids work. Send $1   to Marie at 717 Davis
j street, Kalamazoo, Ml 49007 USA
I Candles For Girls
| 8.5 X 5.5 34 pages
Jennifer, author ofCFG, claims she is a selfish writer.
| I feel she is giving herself a compliment. This personal zine is about her life, questions, ideas, and
All of which she expresses without con-
of "what others will think". She uses her zine
unwanted and abusive relationships and
allow herself to begin healing.
On the very first page of CFG Jennifer warns,
"this zine is about sex." And she wasn't lying. She
is not afraid to be honest about her sexuality and
her love of sex. Also, Jennifer challenges how religion and society has made her feel dirty and shameful for enjoying sex and her body.
Did I happen to mention this is her first attempt
at zine witting ? I was so impressed with the pure
and uncensored thought in Candles For Girls. Write
PO Box 9574 Wyoming, Ml 45909.
8.5X5.5 14 pages
"This zine has been about finding patterns and finding the root of them." The author of liar starts with
the patterns formed during her childhood. She analyses how her mother's depression has influenced her
life as well as her entire family. The author goes
further writing about her recent past and current
conflicts she has with her mother. Some of the ideas
and emotions she experiences are fear, anger, feeling neglected and controlled, being expected to
act like an adult at a very young age, and also
guilt. Liar is a real silence breaker and even though
this zine is very personal I think it encourages readers to evaluate their own personal history and upbringing. Write PO Box 249 1027 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2
The Official Kathleen Hanna Newsletter
8.5X5.5 14 pages
This fancy looking zine style newsletter is written by
Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill. In it, she includes
lots of zine ond record reviews and information
Plus information about Bikini Kill; where they'll be
touring and how lo order records. Don't worry
though, Kathleen hasn't used her newsletter as one
big advertisement. She responds to mail answering
questions like, "What is a riot grrl?" And she replies to the questions she hates being asked such
as, "No, Bikini Kill has never played Lollapolooza
and never will." To top it all of there is an article on
Mumia Abu-Jamal. Write Kathleen Hanna c/o Kris
120N.E. Stale #41 8 Olympia, WA 98501
So there's a couple reminders before we sign out.
The girl conventions are coming up. The dates and
contact numbers are Santa Barbara-June 21-23
Mellissa 3665 Germain St Camarille, CA 93010
(805)484-9780. Portland-June 28-30 Po Box
40674 Portland, OR 97240 (503)331-0687.
Seattle-July 5-7 Marcy 1215 E. Spring Box 36
Seattle, WA 98122, (206)328-9282. If you will
be needing a place to stay please call or write the
contact people so they know how many people to
Terminal City now has a review column too, done
by Ralph Alfonso. By the looks of it Ralph reviews
interview and music fanzines and all ihe stuff we
refuse. Send zines to Box 505 1288 Broughton
Vancouver V5G2B5.
YOU ARE A (Check one):
(elaborate below)
DESCRIPTION (15 words or less):
. FAX:
BEFORE July 15,1996
233-6138 SUB Blvd., Vancouver, BC V6T121 fax:(604)822-9364
//   U^^M^ Sopkie B.
nun yiu-si    g
Billy Mann I
live in concert
Tuesday, June 11
^^gf Monday June 3
special guests: weeping tile
Friday June 7
Saturday June 8
Commodore Ballroom
S !*>:•:
—SUNDAY JULY 7—I ^^ ^       GK^tK^k^
i^KF* with guests EYE HATE GOD
DOORS 6:30pm   SHOW 7:30pm ^-
E PROVIDED BY INTERNET CANADA  WWW.ICAN.NET • This month I'm flying solo, so please bear
with poor l'il ol' me - I'm without my 7"
companion and am feeling insecure, kinda
like 45's that don't have the centre piece. But
luckily enough, there're some great records to
bobble about. . . Startin' off with one of the two
Canadian releases, Sub-Pop has been kind
enough to lend Zumpano, them Vancouver
boys of '60's-influenced pop, to Halifax's
Murderecords for their new single, "The Only
Reason Under the Sun" b/w "The Long and
Winding Road." This is the third release for
Zumpano, which at first seemed like just an outlet for Superconductor frontman Carl Newman
to actually sing rather than scream all the time,
but with Sup-Pop's backing they have become
as established as his other project. The a-side is
just what a single should be: melodic and intensely catchy. Sad but true, it's best summed up
by Mr. Thurier on the enclosed affidavit: it "does
most righteously kick ass." The b-side is indeed
a Beatles cover, and it didn't surprise me in the
least, cuz for some reason, on first listen to their
album, half of their songs reminded me of that
very song anyway and I can't explain why, they
just did. So I guess I should be satisfied now that
Zumpano have actually recorded that song, but
now I recognize what a cheesy song it was to
begin with. They've done a cheesy cover of a
cheesy song. You decide if that's good.
A perfect companion to the Zumpano single
is the new batch of songs by Holly Go-Lightly,
best known for her contributions in the(e)
Headcoatees, who are the female
bandmates to Billy Childish's
Headcoats. Super Electro Records,
garage-punk label from Seattle,
has released two 7"s by Ms. Go-
Lightly, entitled "Girl in the
Shower" and "Pinky Please Come
Bock," each containing two excellent songs of retro-pop fun. She
does guitar, organ, and vocal duties on all tracks, with accompaniment on drums and bass. Even
though the first record is considered the "hit," I prefer Pinky... .
The a-side is upbeat and tougher-
sounding, while the backside is
equally as good, just a little
mellower, with pun-lyrics like, "If I
plead with you to play your game/
Then it's just to be with you/ I wanna
be your cardtable." Buy both records
if you want to be fully satisfied. (Super Electro Sound Recordings, PO Box 20401, Seattle
WA, 98102)
K Records certainly can't release every good
indie-pop release, but they can get their hands
on them somehow. The next two records are on
UK labels, but are thankfully distributed through
the fine Olympia label. First up is from the band
Gilroy, which consists of Cathy Rogers, who
sings and plays keyboards in one of the loveliest
bands in the world, Heavenly, and members of
the McTells, another fine pop band from England. This three song 7" ("Renaissance Girl" +
2) on bi-joopiter records contains Cathy's heavenly, sultry vocals in the midst of light, jangly
strumminess on the b-side, while "Renaissance
Girl" has a bit more edge with some added distortion, (bi-joopiter records, 2 Wentworth Rd.,
Hertford. Herts SGI 3 8JP, England/ K Records.
Box 7154, Olympia WA, 98507)
Also available through K is the new one from
Missy X, a four-folk combo who create wonderful experimental jazz-punk using keyboards,
This self-titled 7"
somewhat remi-
with alternating
slow,  fast, pop,
bass-y, almost jazzy at times, alternating hard/
soft, the rhythm is sometimes disturbingly strange,
but somehow it all makes sense. If you like Unwound, you should like this. (Good Sin Records,
2 15 A St., 5th floor, Boston MA, 02210/ E-mail:
Time for the 7" compilations. Montreal indie
Derivative has put together a double 7" volume
of bands that all sound like Pavement. No, really! Strange for a label that in the past has released some great bands like Pest 5000, Bite,
Moon Socket, and Jad Fair/Phono Comb, none
of which sound so "derivative" as this. Nonetheless, there are some enjoyable tracks in this
Boobytrap! gatefold package, the best one from
Vancouver's Blaise Pascal. Maybe it's a terri-
saxophone, guitar and drums,
boasts six songs of wackiness
niscent of God is My Co-Pilot,
female/male vocals - they're
punk, jazzy - big diversity for
al    bic
elease by Slampt Records (th<
s put out material by Pussycat Trash, The
Yummy Fur, and Avocado Baby) and Titian Power
- and hey, the cover is a nifty spray-painted shiny
wonder to look at. (Slampt, PO Box 54, Heaton,
Newcastle-Upontyne, NE6 5YW, UK)
Yay! The Brats are back! Do you believe in
reincarnation? Anyway, the Cold Cold Hearts
reform Bratmobile's Allison and Erin, plus
Aussie gal Lora (of Excuse Seventeen) on
drums on this self-titled release on Kill Rock
Stars. Produced by Unrest/Air Miami/Olympic Death Squad/Teen Beat guy Mark
Robinson in Arlington, VA, this three song
ii*TT*% JtA   -jliUi-ii:
these local lads
know how to write
beautiful pop songs
for the thinking person - "Shielded" is
the best recorded
song of theirs so
far. The other side
of Blaise Pascal's
track is by New
York's The
Ladybug Transistor,   with  the
comes last, courtesy of New York's Railroad
Jerk doin' their brand of lo-fi, bluesy party rock
on this "Wedding Song," which is some kind of
adaptation of that song "Chapel of Love."
(Walt Records, 341 Lafayette St. Suite 585,
New York, NY, 10012)
We've finally received the new single from
Modest Mouse, which is a timid name for a
band that really doesn't sound that meek. Their
"Broke" b/w "Whenever I breathe out you
breathe in/positive negative" record is another
one of them Sub-Pop singles with fancy packaging, even though it's easy to miss cuz the name
is embossed rather than printed. Isaac Brook's
singing is inevitably going to be compared to
Doug Martsch, with his high-pitched wailing, but
that's not necessarily a
bad thing. Nice, clean
songs that build - if you
like Built to Spill, you
might like these sensitive Northwest
guys, who now have
■ ■ an full-length album
on     Up    Records.
     i   i (Sub-Pop never gives
us their address, but
this c
b you can gel
1  of  s
I   qu
U< j*>
is fast, c
vith lyric
Drth dec
at  punky
!, garage-pop v
ing.   Basically the
screeching  brat v<
sounds. (Kill Rock Stars, 1 20 NE"State #4 1 8
Olympia WA, 98501)
Skinner Pilot, one of my favourite bands
from Minneapolis, has a new three-ditty record,
once again on Boston's Good Sin Records. This
trio of Elizabeth Sharp (formerly of the completely
overlooked band New Radiant Storm King) on
boss and vocals, Andrew Zarou on guitar and
vocals, and new drummer Roddy Elliott produce
songs that makes you think about someone else's
problems for a while. The lyrics are abstract but
the emotions are completely tangible: bitterness,
confusion, anger. Skinner Pilot are more cerebral
than hardcore punk, but the attitude is there. Very
pj<vlu    p4^J€Q/rtK.bacl
most Pavement sounding chanson of
the group, right down to the Malkmus-
like vocals. Pleasant, but unoriginal. The
other record contains Montreal's
Starbean, with "No Earthly Means of Transportation," a space-pop song with non-descript
vocals and New York's Saturnine. Their track
"Compromised" has got some pretty neat guitar
noodlings but the vocals are kinda nasally and
gravelly sounding. I'll guess you'll have to decide for yourself if "The New Wave of Pop is on
Derivative." (PO Box 42031, Montreal Que,
H2W 2T3)
Even if you're not in the mood for a wedding, The Wedding Record is worth checking
out, with four bands doing their best to be festive. As the story goes, the staff of Walt Records
were wed on Sept. 2, 1 995 and being the cool,
indie rock geniuses they are, they convinced their
musical friends to contribute tracks to a record
to be used as invitations to the wedding. Us losers had to buy the record, but I can deal with it,
cuz the bands are fabulous. First up:
Stratotanker, with their low-key, jazzy "Secret
Wedding" that has a chorus which I swear goes
"happy happy happy happy joy joy joy joy...;
then, the Mountain Goats (they're always going somewhere, aren't' they?) with "Going to
Port Washington," featuring John Darnielle's bittersweet lyrics and Rachel on bass and back-up
vocals; Franklin Bruno (even though I prefer
his material with Nothing Painted Blue better)
does a fine version of Frank Loesser's "What are
You Doing New Year's Eve?"; the hit of the record
good   records   you
 should check out:
The Crabs Anything
& Everything - three
new songs by this Olympia duo; poppier than kicking giant, punker
than Beat Happening. (K Records,
_ see above)
godheadSilo "Boobytrap" + 3 - four songs preceding the 'Silo's new album on Sub-Pop.
The Joey Sweeney "Friday Evening, Friday
Night/Tiny Ships" - this "double A-side single"
features the former singer of the Barnabys and
Alex Kemp, formerly of Small Factory; mellow,
lounge-pop. (Clubland Records, 7095 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 651, Hollywood CA, 90028)
Nerdy Girl Dime Store Hussy - three-song release by Cecil Seaskull's new troupe, complete
with two guitars, boss and drums! (In the US:
No Life Records, PO Box 461778, Los Angeles
CA, 90046/ in Canada: Janken Pon, 7070 St.
Urbain, Montreal, Que., H2S 3E6)
Spent "Revenging" b/w "Foreign Like a Car" -
more of that Superchunk-influenced pop with
beautiful vocals by Annie Hayden (Merge
Records, PO Box 1 235, Chapel Hill NC, 275 1 4)
Sundowners "The Girl with the Thing in Her
Hair" b/w "The Summer Song" - it's been out for
a while, but it always takes so long for this Drag
City-related material to get here. Bill
Callahan (Smog) + Will Oldham (Palace)
- Sundowners Need I say more? (Sea Note,
c/o Drag City Records, PO Box 476867,
Chicago IL, 60647-6857)
Various Artists Compulsiv III ■ with tracks by
Merge's guv'ner (a punkier version of
Butterglory?), Portland's Bugskull (with an
ambient soundscape to lull you into sweet
dreams), Marmalade (younger and fuzzier
than tsunami, but with that same strong female
vocals, poppy guitars, and use of the quiet/loud
formula), and Simple Machines' Tsunami doin'
what they always do, well. (Sorry! No address!
Look for it at cooler record stores.)
Various Artists 'Nauts Landing Vol. I - tracks
by Between Friends, Mean Spirit'd Robots, The Feelings, & Les Fleurs De Lis
Some ambient/experimental   mellowness,
track guy-with-guitar stuff. Listen to it - the
second volume'll be out before you know
it! (Pop Secret/No Depression Records,
PO Box 2203, Portland OR, 97208)-
fS   E^o^t^ KRISTA: You said you wanted to talk
about the women whom we admired or
who had influenced us. I was just thinking
that today is Mothers' Day, so I was wondering if you did anything special for
Mothers' Day.
KINNIE: I just spent 4 days with my
mom in Victoria. We just hung out. We
never get to see each other. But I called
her today and left a message: I just said
that I was happy that she had me, that I
was happy that you had my brothers too,
but that it would have been good if it was
just you and me.
Do you have a good relationship with your
Ya, I love my mom. It's an intense relationship. She is a super, fiercely opinionated woman. So is my dad and so are my
brothers. I come from an argumentative
family, for sure. Everyone has an opinion
and everyone is right. Including me.
Do you think of yourself as being an adversarial person?
Ya. Like a shit-raiser, you mean. I like that.
Do you think of your music as being a
way to say what you think without being
Totally. Music and performance generally
or any kind of art is definitely a way to
give someone an in
sure it's adversarial. But I like that and I
respect that in other people. To an extent.
Do you think it's bad to be adversarial?
Not necessarily. I think of myself as being
an adversarial person in the sense I am
willing to disagree, and I will rarely soft
step around what I think. I'm just going to
say it. But I also am a strategist too and I
use adversity selectively depending on who
I am with and how useful I think it will be.
But I felt that when I first saw you, I saw
maybe not adversity, but definitely anger
in terms of the heaviness and directness of
your style.
That's interesting that you see anger. I
know I feel anger but sometimes I don't
feel that it's angry enough.
Do you want your work to be really angry
I don't know it I want it to be angry sounding. But I want to be able to express that.
And I feel like it gets lost and comes out
really sweet sometimes. But that's cool too,
because I see a lot of sweetness. But I'm
sick of women bein"" awoot-	
get Ihe sense that you work in o lot of mediums.
|That you express yourself in a lot of different forms.
You take photographs. You draw. You have your|
music. Is music the focus right now?
Writing is. Music comes out of that but writing is definitely the focus. Writing has been the focus for the
fast four years or so. Music has been the focus for
the last one.
So before you were in a band or singing, what
were you doing with your words?
Painting, sculpture, poetry, creative writing. But
think the outlet before music was graffiti. Doing
big collages and giuing them ai! over the city. 8
1/2by ITsand 11 by 17's.
Do you remember the first piece of graffiti
you did?
Yeah, it was "Televafium Sedates You. * No - the
first graffiti was anti-war stuff and pro-choice
stuff. I was in my hippy phase, hard core.
Not that graffiti is really a hippy thing. Do you still
do graffiti?
Not as much. I'm going to get back into it,
though. I had a lot of fun, and I realty like
whole hiphop genre of graffiti, i think you can
do a tot with public art. You can definitely get
some interaction going with people you wouldn't otherwise talk to.
by Krista Jam
I've seen a lot of things that I'd like to deface rec
ly. There is this nylon stockings ad that was aH <
town for a while, it said the power of expression,
the image was just a pair of legs and an cjss.
[That's pretty intensely humiliating and fuci
pathetic. Those are good things to deface,
should do it. You can just do it and take off.
ban do it in broad daylight. I know the one yo
talking about.
When I first came to the west coast - probat
years ago or so - my friend Alexis was living on
and Commercial near these sky train pillars. I w
in big letters on the pillar "Listen to the Womer
was into doing realty simple things then - and so
one wrote "Slap the Ho" underneath it. It wa
perfect. And it was right there for everyone \
walked past to see.
To see that people aren't listening to women.
the|Yeah.And s0 Atexis changed it to "Slap the Has* What are you into these days?
Public Art. One of the reasons why I am interested in public art and music, rather than just
sitting in my room and playing, is because it stirs
peoples minds. I'm driven to provide music
pat people like and that I like. I shouldn't really say provide. But as 1 get more and more
involved in music as a public thing it reminds
me that you can provide people wifh sustenance if you are a person who does things in
the public. For example, when ! played at the
Town Pump for this Hemp BC night, there were
10 bands and I was the only woman. All of the
girls and boys were like, "Wow, a girl in music."
It's still a novelty to be a woman in a number of
fields. Music is one of those areas. There is a
growing number of women, obviously. 1 want
po be able to open doors for young women,
women my age, older women. It's an arrogant
rthing to say, but I'd like to be able to do it.
When 1 was high school I played a drum kit.
My drum teacher was a woman, and it totally
fired me. 1 was like, "Wow, that's so cooi. You're
a woman, and you play in bands and you
teach, and you earn a living off of music." It
was so cool.
Do girfs come up and talk to you at your
All the time. It's great. I feel so flattered, when
women come up, and I can see something in
their eyes, that I've made them feel elated in
some way.
One erf fhe reasons why I interview women who
do music is that I saw music as a forum for
reaching young people. Music is a very non-
threatening way to do social change work or
public education. It's fun, and it doesn't feel
like education white it's happening. An image
of a strong woman can have this subconscious
impact; you don't have to say, "Hi. I'm here. Be
like me." You are just there, and you do if.
That's enough.
That brings up the thing I wanted to talk
about, which is women in town that are
doing amazing things. 1 can think of a few,
right off the bat.
The very first women i interviewed in
Vancouver were members of a three woman
lesbian sex art coflective called Kiss & Tell. They
work in different forms: video, photography -
they've also written a book. They produce their
own pom. A lot of their images and their writing
challenge what we consider pom, this whole]
erotica/pornography distinction.
What do you think it is.
In the interview they suggested that erotica!
tends to be what is sanctioned, whereas
pornography is what violates the boundaries
sel by someone in charge. So it is not so much
a difference in content or form; it's about what|
is legitimized. That seems true to me.
I find that a tot of porn and erotica is not veryl
sexy, tt seems that the female body, the areas
of the female body that are focused on o$\
erotic and sexy, are just given so much weight
and redundance, that that's almost gone,
find stuff that is really erotic to be stuff that is|
really obscure. Something that t find realty erotic is the spot on a woman's waist, right kind ofl
in the back, not right on the side, in the back
between the very back and the side - all of the
corners of movement. The creases.
Which makes it hard to find mainstream pornl
erotic. It's ali airbrushed out. Smoothed out..
And realty static. And posed. I've seen some
really beautiful lesbian erotica. I'm sure there ts]
a tot of realty good erotica out there, but
never seem to find it. Where is if?
I find some of your music to be erotic. Thatl
heavy bossy music that gets into your bones
like PJ Harvey. I appreciated that raw angen
in your music. I think it was that song
"Ophelia", ft had less to do with what you
were saying and more to do with the way it|
was being said. The heat from the sound.
Yeah. That song was recorded in 5 minutes
Just went up. Did the guitar line. Played it
back; found another guitar line and put it
down. First tape and just left it. That's why it
feels that way. I was really feeling it. I was by
myself and I was totally thinking of her
Thinking about the books she read and how
she looked when she came home when shel
had just cut her dreads off. I was so used tol
holding this mound of dreads, and ail of the!
sudden she had this little, tiny neck. It was so
cool when she did it. She was shedding ali
the bull shit: abortions; relationships. A few]
days later she shaved it right down.
I Ske to see women unencumbered by hair. Sol
you can see their face. Especially given the
way hah* is sexuaiized on women...
In an endlessly boring way. The whole fuckin'
sex kitten mane bull shit thing. That's boring
'f -this GAMe. is    i| After several foiled attempts at inte:
viewing stars of electronic music, I g
my chance with Plus 8's (a Canadian labi
started by Richie Hawten and John
Aijuaviva) The Legion of Green Men. I me
with the Legion, Lex and »u (at
Alexander    Addicus    and    Rupert    J.    Lloyd)
Wednesday's 'Ginger Snaps at Uars.
having interviewed anyone before, I wi
little anxious, but fortunately the <
versation   developed   naturally.
The Legion got their start nearly
years ago while slipping a day of 1
school to play with a friend's equipmi
Since that day they have started their
label,    Post    Contemporary,    and   have    1
ing   Incarnate   and   Alkahest,    to   nai
ess looped vinyl tracks
cules, which have chart-
Unfortunately, the Leg
20-something Burling*
ild fear
Canada. Roweve]
with both Plus
the Legion.
Being associated
label as Virgin/EKI, o
sacrificed for a more
When I asked how they felt about being
elation at being able to work with the like:
Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) and Speedy J. As
Virgin/EUI. . . Clearly for the Legion the mi
irst and they vowed not to change tl
n fact, Virgin has put no pressure
With a jewellry purchase
you receive a free piercing by
Canada's most experienced piercers
1043 GRANVILLE STREET 688-6225
By  Thomas  Hicks
f6   JUNE 1996
■44*44,+* >>  A-»*
k  #        PRICED NOW AT
i Free Butthole Surfers
Pencil With Purchase!
(While Supplies Last)
_ Ik
I   JUNE 30 1996 J ZZ^^^dOLAn.^   £o>
ZVx^/z:    BG
fcjf^f ^f    Elllll m_-l P' ■
DOORS 6:00 P.M.     SHOW 7:00 P.M.
Tickets available at Track, Scratch, Black Swan & Highlife Record Stores, all Ticketmaster outlets or Charge By Phone 280-4444  LOTION
Nobody's Cool
This is Lolion's second album following up Full Isaac. Lotion epito-
mizes what I would call
"Loungerawk". With melodic
lounge vocal backed up by guitar driven rock, Lotion keeps
switching between really mellow
songs and full out "rockin"
Loveboat songs. Nobody's Cool
is lacking a song like Love Theme
From Santo Gold as in the previous album, but this is a pretty
good bunch of songs nonetheless
Time Tourist
I've been told that Time Tourist,
even with the addition of much
more studio equipment, really
doesn't sound all lhat different
than B-12's 1993 release Electro-
Soma. However, just like I saw
Aliens without having seen Alien,
I have to admit I have never
owned a copy of the super-hyped
Electro-Soma. Back in '93, I was
more into the dance-floor friendly
grooves of artists like Hardfloor,
Sven Vatfiand The Prodigy rather
than the more cerebral sounds of
what was coined "Intelligent
Techno". Well, it's three years
later and the new catch words of
the moment are "trip hop" and
"jungle"; so where does that
leave BI2 ? Answer: At the top
of my rotation list.
free 60 minute journey of polished Detroit-inspired armchair
techno that is a joy to listen to
over and over again. And in addition to the music, the packaging of this CD is fantastic. Great
artwork by acclaimed science fiction illustrator Trevor Webb
shows, in the foreground, a giant spaceship docking; in the
background is a panoramic view
of a 22nd century London. Check
it out. And when you do, have a
look around the store's cash register for a skinny guy in a suit
holding a copy of Electro-Soma
because lhat will be me.
Brian Wright
Neighbourhood Watch
I was never a huge Grapes of
Wrath fan, though I was curious
lo hear whal the ex-Grape wos
up to these days. As it turns out,
I'm pretty impressed by this Kevin
Kane solo album. And for the
most pari, the only instrumentation is acoustic guitar and a single vocal. The songs are presented in their bare and most vulnerable form
The first four tunes are excellent; kind of sad and pretty. There
are a couple of songs in the middle of Ihe thirty-three minute CD
which gets a bit too long and
meandering for my liking. But it
quickly picks up again and the
last four tunes are as great as the
first few. While it's unlikely that
Neighbourhood Watch will be
commercially successful, I think
that this type of recording suits
Kane very well.
Fred derF
Interface   Reality   (U.S.
Remix 12")
Of course, there is the original
album version of Interface Reality, which I really enjoy with it's
wigged-out tr/hip-hop influenced
beats, and then there are three
reconstructions: one by Stryke,
one by Tyler Stone, and one by
Chns Brann and Aldo Bender
who call themselves Deep Dust.
The first two remixes take out the
great hip-hop beats and put in
the straight four part four dance
beats These two mixes are all
right, but it is the Deep Dust mix
which really stands out. Like the
name suggests, it sounds a lot like
a Chemical-Dust Brothers remix
with great guitar sounds, ass-
shakin' breakbeats and nice build
ups and breakdowns that make
you say "Yeah, I can dig this."
Yes, Ihe Deep Dust remix is the
track lhat makes the whole album
worlh while.
Brian Wright
The Gray Race
This review wos going to start
"Melodic punk rock from the guys
who ghost-wrote the book" But,
you know, that book has been
through so many readers, it's
,   kn.
author(s)  was/were  ond,  bi
sides, the story's
now that people
tired of it even a
and predictable and, yes, good.
But there is nothing really worlh
remarking upon in terms of life-
altering lyrics or hooks or whatever. They're preaching to the
Sophie Hamley
(Bear Records)
c fan
■  This
'ith aspirations to
Tea Party-ness and major Led Zep
hangups Serious contenders only
need apply..." This eight song EP
is good enough, that is, it's not
all bad. But it's a little bit contrived - there is too much thot
seems taken from somewhere else
and not enough of a new sensation. The production isn'tas good
as it could be. There's a distinct
impression emanating lhat ihey're
probably better live In their favour, there aren't a lot of Canadian bands doing this sort of
thing, and they'll probably become better as ihey define exactly
what it is they're trying to do.
Curiosity point: Melissa auf der
Maur of Hole wos playing in this
band when destiny, i.e.Courtney
(ihey might be the same thing- the
jury is still out) intervened
Sophie Hamley
O Little Town of East New
(Tzadik Records)
that they could tell whether or not
a person was lying by the attention they paid to details. If this is
so, Shelley Hirsch proves on her
album, Olilde Town of East New
York, that she's either one of the
best liars working the circuit in
New York or she's got an incredible memory In either case, as
this Tzadik release shows, she's
one hell of a story teller
Hirsch, along with her frequent collaborator, keyboardist
David Weinstein, is a downtown
with John Zorn, Ned Rothberg
and many others. But the reputation bestowed upon many other
downtown divas like Laurie
Anderson and Ann Magnuson
eludes Hirsch. Like the other two,
she has a stash of colourful anecdotes, on off-kilter sense of humour and a penchant for studio
*■! favoi
My pers
"Songs in My Head", in which
she churns out lines from "Are You
Experienced?", "Sex Machine",
"Windy", "Woolly Bully" and
about a thousand other songs, all
echoing over a cheesy synlh funk
groove. Even K-Tel couldn't dream
of packing this many hits of the
60s in ihe space of four minutes
Despite the humour, ihis ai-
bum IS rather heartfelt Like the
period of time it covers, O Little
Town of East New York evolves
from songs of innocence to songs
of experience. The early tracks
tell stories of crooning along wilh
Johnny Malhis records, ihe sickening smells of chicken soup in o
friend's house, whal it's like for a
We're off to Hamilton, ON
for the 1996 NCRA Conference  from June
17th-2lMf    -A you
T|l local
ro»      we can
?       distribute
J*   your demos,
f CD's, 7"s, or
' what have you to
the campus and community radio bigwigs. Drop off up
to 25 copies before
June 12th at CiTR or
'   call Linda at 822-1242
for more information.
LOI.9 fM
t9   EKgoSKgja underCB!2S3(con?t)
young Jewish girl tc
confession booth
many other things
and far tc
Toward ihe end when Hirsch
is a teenager in the late 60s, the
mood is ever-souring. The most
i "Fronkln
What's going on with Verve
records? The |azz label noted for
reissuing classic oldies with finely
packaged, relro covers is entering some unfamiliar territory wilh
the distribute
grandpa Orne
of fret
e Colen
s lot-
You want Caribbean? On a
couple of cuts like "Guadalupe,"
I was waiting for Harry Belafonte
It may not rank with Free Jazz
or The Shape of Jazz to Come,
but Tone Dialing is still a fun listen The hip-hop foundations of
some of the stuff might even rope
in a few of the kids.
With all the mishmash of cultures on the disk, Coleman seems
*. be bro
) his hor
Lane/ I
orked ,
s Off."
n she take
dad - ihe same guy who used to
dance with her lo Johnny Mathis
and take her for sleigh rides on
old refrigerator doors and who
thought Franklin Roosevelt wos
the best president the U.S. ever
By Ihe late 1960s, dad is on
exploding ball of reactionary
hale, ranting aboul lozy Communists and how "we gotta bomb
Vietnam." It's clearly ihe end of
an era for Hirsch and for every-
laining as this albt
Lei it be known thai none
other lhan "Mr Freaky Deaky"
Miles Davis once said Coler
iside" t<
play music the way he did.
I was worried lhat ihe *ackel-
ond-tie style of Verve might toke
Ihe edge off of Omette Not so
Even ihough the record is pretty
mellow by his standards - especially with (he addition of keyboards in recent years -
Coleman's bluesy yel
otherworldly alto sax is olways
wondering off innocently into
places it shouldn't be
even farther. Let's hope fhe sam
can shll be said of his record con
pony over the next few years.
Michael Chouinard
Olympia 66
(Bongo Beat)
Steven Quinn re-hashe
all Ihe famous licks of the late si;
ties mod Rockandbullshil classic
(Gloria, Not Fade Away) an
Ralph lazily, flatly poets ove
mostly sentimental gush of
era I didn't get the CD becc
ihought I was going lo likt
scumbag lovedogs wilh the most
depressing and Iransparent courting procedures I've ever danced
with, but this CD is really doing
me some good I'm actually laying on the couch listening to it as
opposed to hovering over the CD
player, skipping lo the next track
after a responsibly ob|ective
minute has crawled by and trying to think of somelhing to say.
Their musicianship ain't gotten
any better and their lyrics ain't
gotten any deeper, yet astonishingly, they rock way harder.
Janis Warren
Various Artists
Survival Of The Fattest
(Fat Wreckchords)
Ho boy, this music
(poppy punk) reminds me of
Calgary. It reminds me of politi-
Jad Fair & Phono-CoTnb
Monsters. Lullabies .-and The occasional Flyin** saucer.
Written by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet with Jad
and recorded by the thrilling new combo Phono-Comb,
which seems to be comprised of S.Men Don & Reid. and
Dallas of The Sadies.
ciol history of Brooklyn life	
50s and 60s And whether it's
documentary or fiction, ilwill be
One day, I may even remember more about Shelley Hirsch's
youth lhan my own.
Michael Chouinard
Tone Dialing
Prime Time, could never be mis-
token for the predigested jazz
whiz of the Rippingtons, the
Yellowjackels or anything Slick
Chick Coreo's been involved with
for (he past fifteen years
This band is constantly redefining itself. The streetwise funk
got it
could laugh al il in that oh, come
on' kind of way as one would
on an episode of 'Family Mal-
found in
of Con
. Warn
of fhe bas
, but
there's some labia thrown in. And
the Afro-pop sounding guitars
would be right at home in
Youssou N'Dour or Remmy
Ongala's group
7 Year Bitch
Gato Negro
Hmmmm, maybe it's because I'm really tired, kinda
stoned and at a point in my life
where I'm always broke, awake
for 30-40 hours at a lime and try-
Ires. It reminds me of keg parties
It reminds me of guys with bodies
like jocks and hair like surfers that
are surgically attached to they're
skateboards when they're no!
fighting or swilling formaldehydi
one guy in particular who was
nothing like ony of those guys who
broke my hear! real hard and
forced me to pull down my pants
and shit it out in a public ploce. I
hate all of these things, therefore,
I hate this music. To be fair though,
this compilation does have a variety of the (albeit limited) pop
punk genre and a lot of songs
So I guess it's worth the money if
o that s<
Janis Warren
of thin;
"A cauldron of intense vocals, dirty guitars, inspired bass lines, and demonic
drumming, the Pasties* sound occasionally teeters on the edge of grunge, but
ft more often stays rooted is teen-
basement, hard rock sensibilities —
with em difference, this bond hos a singer with a
jaw-dropping, hair-raising yoke,*'.....
Tfes Georgia Sft-ak-ftf
On Guard For Thee
A Collection of Canada s Youth Cone Bad
Put together by the fine folk at Lance Rock for Australia s
Au-go-go Records. Features unrealeased tracks b/ Huevos
Rancheros. Punchbugg/. Cub. Smugglers. McRackins. CrashlJ.
Bum. Chixdiggit. Evaporators. Stupes. Parkades. ?luto. The
Sttnktes. Puss/ Monster. Tonics. Forbidden Dimension, and The
Von Zippers' Cant reall/ ask for much more...Can you?
Roll HawkiUS The Secret OF My Excess
Yup he of The Lowest Of The Low.
Ron and a cast of thousands deliver up v/hat can best be described
as a "Cabaret". The songv/ritmg /ou know and love, musically it s
a far looser/diverse cuppa java...
Shake The Record Label
598 "Victoria C?3658l
Saint Lambert. Cue.
J4P-3S8 realliveaction
by Bert and Ernie
Bert: Hey Ernie! Why do
these people look so funny?
Ernie: 'Lo Bert! I think we're
lost! This doesn't look like
Sesame Street, except for
their hair...
Bert: Ernie, what is this? What
is it? The Jesus Lizard?
Ahhh. Hey! Isn't that Grover
signing for them?
Ernie: Yeah! He's so nice!
When the people get too hot,
he spits water all over them
Hey Bert, what is a "boiler
B: Shut up, Ernie. Look, now
he's p[laying with those kids
Hey, didn't his mommy ever
tell him it's not nice to jump
on people?
E. But they like if. Bert, why
does our pop taste funny?
B: Never mind.
E. OH, they're gone. What's
next, huh? Huh?
B. Something called "Minis-
E. Hey! Hey! That's Kermit on
fhe bass! And look! The
singer, it's...
Both: Oscar the Grouch!
Bert: I thought Oscar hated
music and singing.  But he's
got his own song about himself - filth pig!
Ernie:   Oooh!   Look at the
pretty strobe
lights... flash ing... Thieves!
Thieves and Liars!
B: Urn, Ernie?
E:  Must. kill...must    pierce
B: ERNIE! Snap out of it!
E: Oh...sorry, Bert. I think I
really like Oscar and Kermit's
band. But that low noise is doing funny things to that thing
that hangs down the back of
my throat, how 'bout you,
B: Shut up Ernie I think that I
have to go to the bathroom
E. These people are shoving
me, Bert Let's beat them up.
B: I think it;s time to go, Ernie
E: Take the pole out of your
ass, Bert
B: That's it! You and Rubber
Ducky can just take a bath by
yourselves tonight!
E: Aw, gee, Bert.
Today's show was brought
to you by the letter F, and
by the numbers 6, 6, and
6. Additional funding by
the National Endowment
for the Hearing Damaged
Wednesday, May 15
The Town Pump
The people were out to
rock, and they did. Well,
sort of... A moderate level
of disappointment and a
few less people semi-filled
the Town Pump caused by
the last-minute cancellation
of Jawbreaker  (We heard
rumours of laringitis and/or
denied entry by the border
butt searchers.)
The Wheatchiefs worked
the crowd the best they
could (that's one low slung
guitar!), but the energy
build up to why we paid
$12.50 just wasn't in the
crowd. We caught Fluf at
the Niagara a few months
back and there's no doubt
that the show had the boy-
bonding-high testosterone-
sing-a-long energy that this
show lacked   But enough
comparisons - The Mighty O
and the boys of Fluf offered
up a good time of new and
& old "Hawdkoa Rock n'
Roll" Hell, we saw Jawbreaker the last time they
played the Pump, so who
are we to whine?
Steve & Mike
For a FREE SON t-shirt, send us a postcard with 3 of
your favorite summer activities and your phone # to:
233-6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
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2/ mgg°£mz June196
June * 96
I   1    various artists
brain candy soundtrack            matador 1
I     1    fifi and the nach iii
1  1
2   various artists
on guard for thee                          augogol
1    2   „
is the thirteenth letter
palace 1
3   various artists
whore: wire tribute                             wmo
1     3   the cebe barns band
Bhe's a winner
4    the smugglers
selling the si7.7,1 e                              mint
1    4   punchbuggy
dressed for success
nag   whee
5   various artists
ambient tine travellers           hypnotic 1
1     5   skinner pilot
nig 29 side
6   down by law
all scratched up                         epitaph 1
1    6   the forbidden dinension hallowe en everywhere
7   rheostatics
music inspired by...          drog/warner1
1    7   bun/fifi and the nach iii split
1+    1
8   necca normal
the   eagle   and   the   poodle   natador 1
I    o   gloworra
* 1
9   various artists
invasion of the indie snatchers allied 1
1    9   songs:ohia
nor cease thou never now.
10   various artists
three ad                                     waveforn 1
1  10   sissy bar
sad to say
I'    rachel's
nusic for egon schiele    quarterstick 1
1  11    madigan
plays with herself
noon   puss 1
1 2   one step beyond
one step beyond                          no'   funk 1
12   the new grand
a dangerous affair
1 3   stereolab
enperor tonato ketchup elektra/warner 1
1  13   zumpano
the only reason under the sun murder 1
14   the raoog cookbook
the noog cookbook                    restless 1
1  14   the crabs
anything and everything
1 5    chixdiggit!
chixdiggit!                                     sub   pop 1
1 5    various artists
for   paper   airplane   pilots    papercut 1
16   broken girl
broken girl                         sappy/sub pop 1
prine nover
I?   the surfdusters
raincoast rumble                       firebal   1
1  1 7   various artists
good hooch
igor 1
1 8   jad fair and phonoc
mb  monsters, lullabies...                      shake]
1  18   the cherry smash
west coast rip off
candy    floss 1
19   superconductor
bastardsong                                       boner 1
1  19    ashtray boy   clag
split                                    spi
t and a  half
2 0   daytona
sustain                                                   zulu 1
I 20   the kwyet kings
somebody like you
1+    1
21    ani difranco
dilate                                    rig hteous babe 1
1 21    various artists
our stupid noise
22   various artists
i shot andy warhol soundtrack        tag 1
I 22   spark
escape from spark
lucky   artist 1
23   the scissor girls
we people space with phantoms   atavistic
1 23    varnaline
party now
24   various artists
tiddleywinks                               chelster'
24    orange glass
circle dance
25   laika and the cosrao
lauts gravity                                           ups tar    1
1 25   shinola
vodka                     backporch    revolution 1
26   various artists
varopiros lesbos soundtrack           mote   1
1 26   new bad things
camp 18                               bo
k   dog    sound 1
27   sraog
kicking a couple around         drag    city 1
1 27   melt banana
it s in the pillcase
skin    graf
28   various artists
punk lost and found                 s hanac hie 1
1 28    the dinks
go home
29   modest mouse
this is a long drive for...                    up
29   sit n spin
-» Elclt                                   P
lanet    pimp
30   babe the blue ox
people                                                      rea
1 30   run on
31    various artists
from the ladle to the...    green pepper
131    the von zippers
nighty red barn
32   wretched ethyl
cranky                                            schtuf   1
1 32   the pebbles
i'n  sitting by the window
planet pimp
33   j mascis
martin and me                reprise   warner 1
1  33    furnaceface
overcome                              c
innamon toas
34    man or astroman?
what remains inside a black hole augogo
1 34   supersnazz
uncle wiggly
get      hip
135   sone
holiday and sport                             darla
1 35   the kool kids
who's koolest?
top ten hip hop
1  De La Soul
Stakes is High
2 Jay-Z w/Foxxy Brow
Ain't No Nigga 1
3 xzibit
4 Heitah Skeitah
Operation Lockdown
5 Ras Kass
Miami Lif
6   M- UN >.' Urry 0, c.pp
Korx., atmuttcm,
ilia Sin & Lo
Q T.riX l*t«l liv. SUlt I«t _
7 The Roots w/ M.A.R.
5. & Dice Raw
8 House of Pain w/ Sa
dat X
Heart Full of Sorrow
9 Az w/Raekwon
Doe or Die (Remisx
10 Artifacts
Art of Fact
-JMa    CiTR
skat's top ten skank inducers
1   damien jurado
motorbike ep 1
2   mxpx
sunner of '69 1
3   the fells
4   the tonics
littlest hobo theme
5   santa esnerelda
house of the rising Bun 1
6   evaporators
coho coho
7   anything from th
e pointed sticks
8   delgados
liquidation gir
9   girl trouble
sings el vis 1
|10   micke..'-- travel t
noonska 1
skankin      pickle
voodoo   glowskulls
laurel aitken
bluebeat years
various artists
generic skaca
stiff dog
ska   in   hi-fi
rudiments /suicide machine
s          skank for brains
let's   go   bowling
nr.    twist
nr.t   experience
ska-nic   reducer
1 plunp
i touch and gos
j wandering lucy
' squeeky
j johnny nilleniun
) naardvark the sanitary elephan
) destroyer
irving klaw trio
> gaze
! vico
} the stupes
5 celestial magenta
1 pipedream
) the papillomas
I trish kelly
I universal lounge act
» Chris  houston
j blowpipe
' speckled jim
I fisting
I jabber
I space kid
*■ the unhappies
3 kid champion
.  step  on  all  the  cracks
cold     feet
baby     eyes
i step on all the cracks
1   1  los   hernanos  rosaric
la   duena  del  swing
karen 1
2 nickey    spice
strictly    the    bes
3 nickey taveras
DP   1
4 yellowman
around   the   world
e dide get up
6 king sunny ade
7 gipsy   kings
8  waggy t
party  mix  vol  6
9 la        banda        gorda         candela        pura
10 wayne    wonder
all    original    bomb
What we
played  10 Years Ago
1     peter gabriel
sledgehammer    1
2    nacattack
the    art    of    drums
3    art of noise
peter    gunn    1
4    the water walk
far    fields/seven    statues
5   kevin zed
more/tea    type    1
6    zamboni drivers
skating     ghost
7    sonic youth
flower/hallo ween
8    the beastie boys
she's    on    it/slow    and    low    1
9    husker du
don't    want   to    know    if...
10    the jesus and nary chain                  some      candy      talking    1
1 • '  *w
mm mm Send cheque or
I money order to:
|   Sfebs c/o CiTR
Yes! Send me DiSCORDER! And theGTRStfcker button and magnet! ■233-6138 SUB Blvd
.   Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1
I $15 Canada • US$15 USA • $24 Foreign ■    ^%v
Monday July 1 All Ages 2pm
St. James Hall 3214 W. 10th
I       *— *^ _ ___.   m.     c^™ Ottawa
LO*? fl; $5 at Track    #V^* ' ^ mmm
      Scratch and      gS fO/_./ TTS V * *-*-
l^ Zulu Records    = £ g fj R S T'S
V ■ . *   Or at the door    T LJ fV & *-»
Tuesday July 2 9pm Starfish Boom
22 JUNE 1996  ^T on the dial
Ha                Twin
i      rmT9 f mi
12KX)PM All ol hme is measured by lis
art. This show presents the most recent
new music from around the world. Ears
THE ROCKERS SHOW    12:00-3:00PM
Reggae inna all styles and fashion.
LUCKY SCRATCH Alternating 3:O0-5:O0PM
Blues ain't nothin' but a good woman
feelin' bad Gil down and git back up
again - host Anna.
kirn & helen in their quest for Icrupmk
HE ATHER'S SHOW 6:00-8:O0PM Dedicated
to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transsexual communities of Vancouver
and listened lo by evetyone Lots of
human interest features, background on
current issues and great music from
gender identities.
GEETANJAU 9:00- 10:00PM Geelan|di features a wide range of music from India,
including classical music, both Hindustani
and Carnalic, popular music from Indian movies from the 1930's to the
1990's, Semi-classical music such as
Ghazals and Bhajans, and also
Quawwalis, Folk Songs, elc
Join host Dave Emory and colleague Nip
Tuck for some extraordinary political
research guaranteed lo make you think
twice Bring your lape deck and two C-
90s. Originally broadcast on KFJC (Los
Altos, California)
4AM Drop yer gear and slay up late.
Naked radio for naked people Gel
bent Love Dave.
11:00AM Your favourite brown-sters,
James and Peter, offer a savoury blend
of the familiar and exotic in a blend of
aural delights' Tune in and en|oy each
weekly brown plate special
PM Wilh your hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance. What will we play today2
Rog will put il away
CiTR's industrial/noise/ambient show,
all-ernaling with SKINTIGHT
BUFFOONERY ■ wimpy British pop,
Beastie Boys, indie guitar swing, and
techno thrown in for good measure Hit
your olfactory nerve centre wilh
June scudeler@mindlmk.bc ca
endeavour lo feature dead air, verbal
flatulence (only when I speak), a work of
music by atwenlieth-century composer-
can you say minimalist2—and whatever
else appeals to me. Fag and dyke
positive Mail in your requests, because
Gol a quarter then call someone who
24 JUNE 1996
FEMININE HY-JINX   4:00-5:00PM   For
■ women who sometimes don'l feel fresh,
bul always gel fresh. Spoken word and
music: light lo heavy flow. Maximum
protection recommended for male
listeners. Holy Hannah! It's a Femminst
POLYPHONIC   alternating 7:00-9:00PM
Listen for all Canadian, mostly
independent lunes, and band interviews
al 7 30!
Vancouver's longest running prime lime
|azz program. Hosted by the ever-suave
Gavin Walker. Features al 11.
June 3: A rare classic |ust issued on
cd: "ArtBlakeyand his Jazz Messengers
Play Lerner and Lowe." Drummer/leader
and master swinger with his 1957 band,
starring tenor saxophonist JohnnyGnffin
June 10: "ZoolSims in Pans," one of
the very best examples of this tenor
saxophonist's work.
June 17: A prelude lo ihe Jazz Festival
- a sel by alto saxophone gianl Phil
Woods Recorded "live" in the early
June 24: Gavin will be at the Jazz
Fest but great sounds will be happening
RUBIX CUBE 12:00AM-4:00AM  Fromage
is our theme. Give me your high school
memories. Gag me with a spoon1 '80's
retro for over two years now! Remember
the secret code word: rutabega.
Hear! Music thai makes you feel burned
alive on an altar of flame! Shake with
laughs! Shiver with suspense! Tremble
with thrills! Not for sissies or children! It's
scary1 It's screamy! It's screwy!
IQRA 5:30-6:00PM News, issues, and
concerns facing Muslims throughout the
the unherd where the unheard and the
hordes of hardly herd are heard, courtesy of host and demo director Dale
Sawyer. Herd up!
RITMO LATINO 9:00-10:00PM Get on
board Vancouver's only tropical fiesta
express with your loco hosts Rolando,
Romy, and Paulo as ihey shake it and
wiggle il lo the latest in Salsa, Merengue,
Cumbia and other fiery fiesta favourites
Latin music so hot it'll give you a tan1
Warning: This show is moody and un
predictable. Il encourages insomnia and
may prove to be hazardous to your
health. Listener discretion is advised.
LOVE SUCKS   11:30AM- 1:00PM   If you
can't make sense of it, and that bothers
you, go somewhere else
MOTORDADDY  3:00-S:00PM  "Let those
who nde decide!"
ESOTERIK 6:00-7:30PM    Ambient/
experimental music for those of us who
know aboul the illilhids.
rachel's, palace, brokengirl, ani difranco
... these are a few of our fave-oh-wnl
things, la la la!
Soukous, Samba, Salsa. Yes1 Even Soca.
Enjoy thisTropical Daiquiri with El Doctor
del Ritmo.
12:00 AM Let DJ's Jindwa and Bindwa
immerse you in radioactive Bhungra!
"Chakkh de phutay". Listen to all our
originals Brraaaah!
RADIO FREE WOMEN 10*00-11:30AM It's
noi a free cuntry. And we're demanding
acuntobilily. Wake up wilh our collective
CANADIAN LUNCH   11:30-1:00PM  The
all-Canadian soundtrackfor your midday
STEVE & MIKE 1:00-2:00PM Crashing the
boys' club in the pil.   Hard and fast,
heavy and slow   Listen to it, baby.
JUSTIN'S TIME 2:OO-3:00PM For some cool
|azz by some swingin' singers and
boppin' players, tune in and don't miss
out on some happy limes!
OUT FOR KICKS 6:007:30PM  No
Birkenslocks, nothing politically correct.
We don'l gel paid so you're damn nght
we have fun with it. Hosted by Chris B.
Roots of rock & roll.
9:00-11:00PM   Local muzak from 9.
Live bandz from 10.
10:00AM Greg here. Join me in ihe love
den for a cocktail. We'll hear relro stuff,
groovy |azz, and thicker stuff too. See
you here . . and bring some ice. XOXX
TELESIS    10:00-11:00AM   Tune in for
relating to people who live with physical
& menial challenges.
12:00PM SkaPunkSkaSwingSka Polka
Featuring the latest in techno, trance,
acid and progressive house. Spotlights
on local artists, ticket giveaways, & live
performances. Hosted by M-Path.
UTTIE TWIN STARS 2:00-3:30 PM Kiki Liki
Kiki Liki
PRESENTS...   3:30-4:00PM Have a
Underground sound system-
style mastermix radio.
FOR THE RECORD 6:30-6:45PM Excerpts from Dave Emory's Radio Free
America Series
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12:00AM The
original live mixed dance program in
Vancouver Hosled by DJ Noah, ihe
main focus of ihe show is techno, but
also includes some trance, acid, tribal,
SHOW   /   B
Witk flit
the charm
If tutus Fivtkaps
Lovt Dih
Rtitlio fret
love sucks
Solid State
justin's time
iKbn ah.m/
Get The
F-JmiKiH-- Hy-jiK*
ffik* WiMov^^H^EAK^^H^^UIL
R       DiMNER      REPORT
AwtiTt rlCkSt
0*t For Kxckl
(hiphop)    j
kip kesp ktitit
and sometimes
<;iti:\sEi> hair
tropic-*-*.! tUi^ki i
strS c-Jtttd
live at the j
hi-hat/5     1
hour lunch 1
Uwip Sink
Lucid Soul
etc.. Guest DJ's, interviews,
retrospectives, giveaways, and more
are part of the flavor of fiomebass.
UMP SINK 12:OOAM-2:30AM Hosled by
the G42 players. "The showthat doesn't
hate you." wilh your friendly pals Friar
Fritter Abfackeln and Postman Pat.
Alternating wilh Dr. Killdare on "The
Doctor Killdare Show." Contact:
LUCID k)UL2:30AM-4:00AM Dr. Killdare
plunders even further into the wee hours
doinq what he can to keep security
guards and 7-11 clerks awake
Waywayway deep dance stuff and olher
hallucinafying fucked-up-ness.
12:00PM Music you won't hear any
releases, Brirish comedy sketches, folk
music calendar, ticket giveaways, plus
World Cup Report al 11:30 AM. 8-9
AM: African/World roots. 9-12 noon:
Celtic music and featureperformances.
Vancouver's only true metal show, local
demo tapes, imports and other rarities.
Gerald Roltlehead and Metal Ron do the
THE SHOW 6:00-8:00PM Strictly Hip
Hop — Strictly Undergound — Strictly
Vinyl With your hosts Mr. Checka,
Flip Oul & J Swing on the 1 & 2's.
SOMETHING 1:00-4:00AM "You can
tell by the way I use my walk I'm a
woman's man . .no time to talk."
Arts Katherine Aclcley
Board Chair Harry Hertscheg
Business Mgr. any takers?
Current Affairs SbvKo Bucifal
Demos/Cassettes Dale Sawyer
Engineer Richard Anderson
Entertainment Chris Allison
Librarian any  takers?
Mobile Sound Ken Orchard
Music Megan Mallett
President Namiko Kumimoto
Production Siobhan McCracken
Programming Miko Hoffman
Promotions Paul Kundarewich
Secretary Marlene Yuen
Sports Alex  Bettencourt
Station Manager Linda Scholten
Student Engineer Fern Webb
Traffic Sarah Stacy
Vice President Ryan Ogg
Volunteer Coordinator John Ruskin
BUS. LINE 604.822.3017
DJLINE 604.822.2487
MUSIC DEP'T. 604.822.8733
NEWS LINE 604.822.5334
FAX   LINE   604.822.9364
Now.    it's    time    fo
another  call for  newl
Programming:     trie)
[programming dep't.   sf
1   in   search   of
|current   affairs   ShOw]
hich deals w
|Canadian issues . .
art African music]
Programme -.. "other
Icurrent affairs/spoken
word programming &
music Programmes (ie.|
specialty Or "ethnic
Please feel freel
to call Miko at
8??.7?4? for
more info Onj
programming!!!!! June
SAT 1 Tropical Waves II Cruise w/Rumba Calzada and Alo Brazil
with DJ Earl the Pearl and El Doctor del Ritmo, 9:00 p.m. - 1 :00 a.m.
board at Harbour Ferries (foot of Denman)...Turtle Records Release
Party at the Commodore...Ngoma at Cafe Deux Soleils ..Grim Skunk
w/Squirrel at The Niagara. One w/Rare Indeed at The Town
Pump...Bill Morrissey w/Time Waits (early show) and The Paperboys
(late show) at The Storfish Room...The Sweaters w/Dak Attack ond
The Insipids.. The Elastic Band atThe Purple Onion. ..SpiritMerchants
w/Charlie McKenzie at the Railway Club...Vive L'Amour, 7:1 5 p.m.
and Curtis's Chorm,9:30 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque...Spike and
Mike's Festival of Animation, 2:00 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. @
the Ridge...
SUN 2 Guttermouth w/d.b.s and The Suicide Machines at the Anza
Club.. Curtis's Charm, 7:30 p.m. and Vive L'Amour, 9:15 p.m. @
Pacific Cinematheque. ..Spike and Mike's Festivol of Animation, 2:00
p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. @ the Ridge...
MON 3 Psychotronic Film Festival ot the Railway Club...80's Night
at Graceland...Polvo w/Trumans Water at The Starfish Room...Vive
L'Amour, 7:15 p.m. ond Curtis's Charm,9:30 p.m. @ Pacific
Cinematheque...The Young Poisoner's Handbook, 7:30 p m. and
Shallow Grave, 9:30 p.m. @ the Ridge...
TUES 4 Perfect w/Enormous otThe Town Pump ..Amanda Hughes
Bandula at the Railway Club. .Superfly Tuesdays at The Purple Onion...The Young Poisoner's Handbook, 7:30 pm and Shallow Grave,
9:30 p.m. @ the Ridge...
WED 5 Noah's Great Rainbow CD Release Party w/The nancy
Weisler Band at the Starfish Room...The Bay City Rollers at the
Commodore...Ronnie Hayward Trio at the Railway Club. Reggae
Nightat Graceland... Monsoon Groove atThe Purple Onion ...Curtis's
Charm, 7:30 p.m. and Vive L'Amour, 9:15 p.m. @ Pacific
Cinematheque .12 Monkeys, 7:00 p.m. and City of Lost Children,
9:30 p.m. @ the Ridge...
THURS 6 Ozzy Osbourne w/Filter at GM Place. The Beauticians
w/Uneven Steps at the Railway Club.. Colorifics w/l 0 Ft. Henry, Mo
Field ond Mudlarks at The Gate .. Hovercraft at the Starfish Room Sol
at Graceland...Animating Women 1, 7:30 pm @ Pacific
Cinematheque... 12 Monkeys, 7:00 p.m. and City of Lost Children,
9:30 p.m. @ the Ridge...
FRI 7 The Watchmen w/Weeping Tile at the Commodore. No Mono
w/guests at the Railway Club...Mothers, Meat & Freud's Flesh, 8:30
p.m. @ Edison Electric ...The Liminols, Velour and BMX at the Anza
Club..The Real McKenzies atThe Gate ...Mark Hasselbach and The
Jazz Perpetrators atThe Purple Onion...Killing Grandad, 7:15 pm
and The Official Story, 9:30 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque..Spike
and Mike's Festival of Animation, 7:30 p.m. ond 9:30 p.m. @ the
ROOM. No Mono w/Wired atthe Railway Club...The Deadcats w/
Dunderheads, Mac Pontiac and His Ozark Combo at the
Niagara...Mothers, Meot & Freud's Flesh, 8:30 pm @ Edison
Electric...Fear of Drinking atThe Soulbill Candy Shop...Kevin Elaschuk
Quartet at The Purple Onion...Killing Grandad, 7:1 5 pm and The
Official Story, 9:30 p.m. @ Pacific Cinemaiheque. Spike and Mike's
Festival of Animotion, 2:00 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. @ the
SUN 9 Seven Mary Three w/Poe, Lustre atthe Commodore...Mothers,
Meat & Freud's Flesh, 8:30 p.m. @ Edison Electric ...A Shadow You
Soon Will Be, 7:30 p.m. and Where Are You The Love of My Life
That I Cannot Find You?, 9:30 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque...Spike
and Mike's Festival of Animation, 2:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 8:30
p.m. @ the Ridge...
MON 10 Kinny Starr at the Ready Mix Lounge...Psychotronic Film
Festival at the Railway Club. 80's Night at Graceland. A Shadow
You Soon Will Be, 7:30 p.m. and Counting to Ten, 9:30 pm @
Pacific Cinematheque...Broken Arrow, 7:30 p.m and Rumble in the
Bronx, 9:35 p.m. @ ihe Ridge...
TUES 1 1 Amanda Hughes Bandula at the Railway Club Electrafixion
atThe Town Pump. Superfly Tuesdays at The Purple Onion Broken
Arrow, 7:30 p.m. and Rumble in the Bronx, 9:35 p.m. @ the Ridge.
WED 1 2 Porno for Pyros w/Extra Fancy at the Commodore Ronnie
Hayward Trio at the Railway Club. ..Reggae Night at
Graceland...Monsoon Groove atThe Purple Onion ..Gatica, 7:15
p.m. and Rag Ball, 9:45 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque...The Star
Maker, 7:30 p.m. and The Postman, 9:35 p.m. @ the Ridge...
AT THE TOWN PUMP Cast w/Self, The Hollow Bodies at the Starfish Room...Trooper and Loverboy at Richard's on Richards. Tex Tiles
w/The True Moral Fibres...Sol at Graceland. Animating Women 2,
7:30 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque ...The Star Maker, 7:30 p.m. and
The Postman, 9:35 p.m. @ the Ridge
FRI 14 Bobby Herron w/James Unger Band, The Wingnuts at the
Railway Club...Dark Side of the Heart, 7:1 5 p.m. and Camila, 9:35
p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque. ..Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation, 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m   @ the Ridge...
SAT 15 The Queers, The Smugglers, The Hi-Fives at the Seylynn
Hall, N. Van...Big Yellow Taxi w/Mo Field at the Railway Club...Dark
Side of the Heart, 7:15 p.m. and Camila, 9:35 p.m. @ Pacific
Cinematheque...Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation, 2:00 p.m.,
7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. @ the Ridge...
SUN 16 Tangos, The Exile of Gordel, 7:1 5 p.m. i
Love, 9:35 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque ...Spike
of Animation, 2:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.
MON 1 7 Fast Folk Underground at the Rail*
Graceland. Tangos, The Exile of Gardel, 7
Great Love, 9:35 p.m @ Pacific Cinematheque...Dead Man Walking, 7:15 p.m. and Bottle Rocket, 9:35 p.m. @ the Ridge...
TUES 18 Amanda Hughes Bandula at the Railway Club...Superfly
Tuesdays at The Purple Onion. In The Name of Christ, 7:30 p.m. @
Pacific Cinematheque...Dead Man Walking, 7:15 p.m. and BotHe
Rocket, 9:35 p.m. ©the Ridge..
WED 19 Bob Wiseman at the Gastown Music Hall. Ronnie Hayward
Trio at The Railway Club. The Truce, 7:30 p.m and The Tombs, 9:30
p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque...Reggae nightatGraceland...Monsoon
Groove atThe Purple Onion.. Margaret's Museum, 7:1 5 p.m. and Le
Confessionol, 9:25 p.m. @ the Ridge...
THURS 20 Bob Wiseman at the Gastown Music Hall. Rooter w/
Dirt Mitts, Flux at the Railway Club...Sol at Graceland.. The Truce,
7:30 p.m. and The Gaucho War, 9:30 p.m. @ Pacific
Cinematheque Margaret's Museum, 7:1 5 p.m. and Le Confessional,
9:25 p.m. @ the Ridge
FRI 21 Happy Man w/guests at the Railway Club George Shearing Duo w/Diana Krall Trio at the Orpheum...Bass is Base w/Pun|abi
by Nature at The Commodore Gush at the Western Front...Bebop
and Destruction atThe Purple Onion. Zazie Dond Le Metro, 7:30
p.m and The Thief of Paris, 9:15 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque. Spike
and Mike's Festival of Animation, 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. @ the
SAT 22 Happy Man w/guests at the Railway Club NRBQ w/Ronnie
Earl & the Broadcasters at the Commodore Paul Plimley & Trichy
Sankaran at the Western Front...Bebop and Destruction at The Purple
Onion...Zazie Dans Le Metro, 7:30 p.m. and The Thief of Paris, 9:15
p.m @ Pacific Cinematheque Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation, 2:00 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m @ the Ridge...
SUN 23 Dada at the Town Pump...The Jazz Passengers featuring
Deborah Harry w/Broun Fellinis at the Commodore ...Carlos Zingaro
& Peggy Lee ot the Western Front. Time of Revenge, 7:30 p.m. and
Nothing to Lose, 9:40 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque. ..Spike and Mike's
Festival of Animation, 2:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. @ the
MON 24 Grrrls with Guitars at the Railway Club.Gilberto Gil w/
Celso Machado at the Commodore...Ray Anderson's Pocket Brass
Trio at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Joelle Leandre/Vinny
Golia/Francois Houle at the Western Front...Time of Revenge, 7:30
p.m and It's Always Difficult to Return Home, 9:30 p.m. @ Pacific
Cinematheque...Flirting With Disaster, 7:30 p.m. and The Last Supper, 9:25 p.m. @ the Ridge...
TUES 25 Phil Woods Quintet w/Stratochiefs at the Vogue. Amanda
Hughes Bandulo at the Railway Club . Medeski, Martin & Wood w/
Charlie Hunter Quartet, Shuffle Demons atThe Commodore. Canvas
Trio at the Western Front... Superfly Tuesdays at The Purple
Onion Flirting With Disaster, 7:30 p.m and The Last Supper, 9:25
p.m. @ the Ridge...
WED 26 Ronnie Hayward Trio at the Railway Club BeauSoleil avec
Michael Doucet w/Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the
Commodore. Gospel Hummingbirds at the Vancouver East Cultural
i & Melvin Poore at the Western Front    Reggae
Cinematheque...Hate, 7:30 p.m. ond 9:30 p.m   @ the Ridge .
SUN 30 John Law & Louis Moholo and Don Byron's Music for 6
Musicians at Studio 16    Hate, 7:30 p.m   and 9:30 p.m. @ the
The Abyss  315 E. Broadway   (side entrance!
Almo Streel Cafe   2505 Alma   (at Broodwoy)
Anza Club   3 W. 8th   (Mount Pleasont)
Arts Hotline
Bassix  217 W.Hastings   (at Combie)
Backstage Lounge   1585 Johnston   (Granville Island)
Block Sheep Books  2742 W. 4th  (ol MacDonald)
Cafe Deux Soleils   2096 Commerciol   (the Drive)
Cofe Vieux Montreal   317 E. Broadway   IMount Pleosor
Theotre   965 Gronville   (Gronville Moll)
es   1022 Davie   (at Burrard)
< Theatre  999 Conoda Ploce
Commodore Bollroom   870 Gronville   (Gronville Moll)
Commodore Lones   838 Gronville   (Gronville Moll)
Cordova Cofe  307 Cordova  (Gastown)
Crosstown Traffic   3 16 W. Hastings   (downtown)
Denman Ploce Cinema   1030 Denman   (West End]
DV8   515Dav,e   (downtown)
Edison Eleclric Gallery/Cafe  916 Commercial   (the Dnve
Firehall Arts Centre   $0 E   Cordovo   (ol Mom)
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
Frederic Wood Theatre  (UBC)
Garage Pub   2889 E. Hastings   (downlown)
Gostown Theotre   36 Powell   (Gastown)
The Gate   1 176 Gronville   (downtown)
Gloss Slipper   2714 Prince Edward   (Mount Pleosant)
Grocelond   1250 Richords   (downtown)
Greg's Place 45844 Yale Rd.   (Chilliwack)
The Grind Gallery 4 124 Main   (Mt  Pleasont)
Hastings Community Centre   2096 E   Hastings   (neor PN
Hemp B.C.   324 W. Hostings   (downtown)
Hollywood Theatre   3 1 23 W. Broodwoy   (Kitsilano)
Hot Jozz Society  2 120 Moin  (Mt. Pleosant)
Jericho Arts Centre   1600 Discovery (Pi. Grey)
La Quena   1111 Commercial   (the Drive)
The Lotus Club 455 Abbott  (Gastown)
Lucky's  3934 Moin
luv-A-Fair   1 275 Seymour  (downtown)
Malcolm Lowry Room   41 25 E. Hastings   (N. Burnaby|
Mors   1320 Richords   (downtown)
Maximum Blues Pub   1 176 Gronville   (downlown)
Niogara Hotel Pub 435 W. Pender  (downlown)
Odyssey Imports  534 Seymour   (downtown|
Old American Pub  928 Moin   (downtown)
Orpheum Theatre   Smithe & Seymour   (downtown)
Pacific Cinematheque   1 1 3 1 Howe   (downtown)
Paradise  27 Church  (New West)
Porodise Cinemo   919 Granville   (Gronville Moll)
Park Theatre   3440 Cambie   (South Voncouver)
Picadilly Pub  630 W. Pender  (ot Seymour)
Pil Pub   basement, Student Union Building   (UBC)
Pitt Gallery   317 W. Hastings   (downtown)
Plazo Theatre   881 Gronville   (Granville Moll)
Roffels Lounge   1221 Gronville   (downlown)
The Rage  750 Pacific Blvd. South   (Plazo of Notions!
Railway Club   579 Dunsmuir   (al Seymour)
Richard's On Richards   1036 Richords   (downlown)
Ridge Cinema   3131 Arbutus   (ol 16th Ave)
Russian Hall   600 Compbell   (Chinatown)
Scratch Records   109 W, Cordovo   (Gaslown)
Southhill Condy Shop  4198 Main  (ot 26th)
.om   1055 Homer   (downtown)
Starlight Cinema   935 Denmon   (West End)
Station Street Arts Centre   930 Station   (off Main)
St. Regis Hotel  602 Dunsmiur   (downtc     '
Line, 9:1 5 p.m
THURS 27 Sur
Railway   Club  .
I God Will Reward You, 9:10 p
ite Balloon, 7:30 p.m. and Antonio
K, 7:30 p.m
@ the Ridge...
merland '96 featuring Everclear w/Spacehog, Tracey
"itch at the PNE Forum. .2% Cherry w/Mizmo at the
& Farah w/Corazon Latino at the
3t the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...Ab
Baars Trio at the Western Front... Sol at Graceland... Hand in the Trap,
7:30 p.m. and Dark River, 9:15 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque...The
White Balloon, 7:30 p.m. and Antonio's Line, 9:1 5 p.m. @ the Ridge...
FRI 28 Run down to the corner store, it's a new issue of Discorder!
(But don't count on it.) Lonesome Canadians w/Black Cabbage at
the Railway Club Maceo Parker w/Screaming Headless Torsos at
The Commodore...Pino Minafra Sud Ensemble at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre. John Law & Louis Maholo at the Western Front...Jay
Thomas Quartet at The Purple Onion...Lacombe, Lucien, 7:15 p.m.
and Forbidden Games, 9:45 p.m. @ Pacific Cinematheque...Hate,
7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. @ the Ridge
SAT 29 Flatland 6 w/Auburn at the Railway Club. Johnny Nocturne
Band at the Commodore Dave McKenna at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Jay Thomas Quartet at The Purple Onion...Lacombe,
Lucien,  7:15  p.m.  and  Forbidden  Games,  9:45  p.m    @ Pacific
488 6219
222 2244
876 7128
684 2787
689 7734
687 1354
732 5087
552 Seymour  (downlown)
Tree House Lounge  602 Dunsmuir St    (downtown)
Twilight Zone  7 Alexander   (Gastown)
UBC CINEMA  (located in the SUB)
UBC Grad Centre  Gale 4   (UBC)
The Underground   1082 Gronville   (downtown)
Voncouver East Cultural Centre   l895Venobles   (ot Vic
Vancouver little Theatre   3 102 Main   (Mt  Pleosant)
Vancouver Press Club   22 15 Gronville   (S.Granville)
Vorsity Theotre 4375 W. 10th  (Point Grey)
Vert  2412 Main   (Ml Pleasant)
Video In Studios   1965 Moin   (Mt. Pleasant)
Vogue Theatre  918 Gronville   (Granville Mall)
Woterfront Theotre   1405 Anderson   (Granville Is.)
WIS.E   Holl   1882 Adonac   (the Drive)
Women In Print  3566 W. 4th   (Kitsilano)
Yale Blues Pub   1 300 Gronville   (downtown)
Zulu Records 1869 W. 4th  (Kitsilano) 738 3232
INFO (WHO, WHERE, WHEN) TO 822 9364,
25 m&Z^L^
873 1331
683 6099
689 3180
682 4629
681 7838
681 1531
683 5637
669 7573
683 2201
682 4388
255 4162
689 0926
872 6719
822 2678
822 9364
684 MASK
877 0066
688 2648
795 3334
322 6057
255 2606
681 4620
738 3211
251 6626
685 7777
875 9858
685 3288
685 0143
230 MARS
688 8701
688 7574
669 6644
682 3291
665 3050
731 3456
525 0371
681 1732
876 2747
682 3221
822 6273
681 6740
685 7050
473 1593
685 5585
681 1625
687 6794
738 6311
874 6200
687 6355
876 7463
689 0096
688 3312
681 8915
683 6695
682 7976
871 3090
682 8550
822 3697
822 0999
254 9578
738 7015
222 2235
872 8337
257 6205
685 6217
254 5858
<c) !<?•?(.   BLAME WLB-lkuB&R  Hey. Nifebirds. show that you give a hoot with these new nocturnal tunes,
The Eyes Of
Stanley Pain co
Featuring members of
Skinny Puppy and
Dead Voices On Air, this latest
Download artifact assumes a more
driven electronic tod. Sonic revolutions dissolve   °'ne° *™
Team Dresch II
Captain My Captain cd/ip Sidelong cb/ip
This second full length from captain Donna NYC s Ul (pronounced "ooo
Dresch and the rest of the crew (Jody, eee") are often compared to
Kaia, Marci) finds them refining the Tortoise. The association isn't
already stunning sound they captured on their so much unwarranted or unreasonable as insufficient
brilliant debut LP. Raw, concussive rhythms com- and limiting. Certainly Ul share references with
intense, and meaningful Tortoise, but these are interpreted through Ul's
H Ani Difranco t     mm Dick Dale ^^mm
Dilate CD/cassette t JwH Calling Up Spirits ^A—
Ani D, the righteous babe of fttj&jl   I CD ___■_!____•
indie folk/pop/punk returns MtifeJ-f' Crowned "King Of The Surf ||H
"King Of The Surf
Guitar," Dick Dale conjures
eighth!) consistently full of tuneful compositions thot    up another whir|poo| of sh(lrp rif{s flnd prima| rhy)hms
are always personally and politically relevant. This
supergal songstress just keeps getting better;
guaranteed to drag you under only to dump you in the
into abstract beauty, as The Eyes Of
Stanley Pain reveals Downloads
much exalted vision.
14* CD
The Wheat Chiefs
Redeemer CD/cassEtte
Jumping off the Puck Rock compilation,
The Wheat Chiefs ore now a
vocals make this record difficult to pass up!
Ahoy! Come V get it. Available June 5th.
16* CD     10* LP
Looking In The
own sound and style, which is somewhat darker, more     Dilate combines the usual witty lyrics, emotional       14* CD
minimal and focused than Tortoise's eclectisism.
As such, Ul are equally grounded in a well understood history of music and style, yet moving forwar
to new definitions of their own unique design.
16* CD    10* IP
vocals, and acoustic guitor pickin' - this time, with
added programmed beats and keyboard sounds.
16* CD    10* Cassette
Prices in effect until June 30,
contender ta take a sip from the Cup! Blue collar Wi,h ,heir ,irsl fulMen9,h retonl in **' ,en
punkers drafted from famed form teams such as W'the Raincoats have successfully
SNFU and Jr. Gone Wild means this retrM,ed some of ,he •m"an' folkPonl( ,ha'
t through for you in nlode ,hem le9endary in the early 1980s. In a
a clutch! Available June 5th.
14* CD  9* Cassette
Join the likes of Cracker, Primus, Heavy
Vegetable and more as they tip their hat and
eyeball to the legacy of The Residents, whose
world full of botched-up comeback records it is     anonynMH|s ^ $tj|| $|0(b up _,„ ^ ^
comforting to know that al least some bands con    ^^ re|e_ses teoj|ob|e J(_e 5f||
do it right. Looking In The Shadows   ]0->> qq
shows original members Ann and Gina (and
two competent replacements) being as creative     COBIC
as ever. Well done, indeed! |*l]p [jfg
12*CD7*CasseHe Ell-MM-. U/lf
■   ip Every so often the canon of rock
rumbles with remarkable freshness. Come have
SO WOOflfl CD already successfully turned the embers of rock con-
Fronting Sub-Pops maritime surge, Jale takes    vention with their previous recordings while still
sions - Moonshake hove always dedicat    all there is to love about your favourite bands       maintaining a connection with tradition. Along these
ed themselves to portraying while embodying     (Sloan, Spinanes, Veruca Salt) and   lines, Near Life Experience places them at
the urgency of ensuing change the the psychotic   knits them into a unique blend of soft, chewy       a new high mark of development through assuming
subtext of everyday life. Like a photograph or
video that uncomfortably reveals too much,
Dirty And Divine contains these
themes and ideas with articulate seriousness
ond creativity.
16* CD
like contemporary urban
living: a variety of sounds, rhythms and styles
combined; technology used ond explored; specific stories that expand into general impres-
The Unforgiving
Sounds of... cd
After a much bollyhooed 7" on
Texas label, Vancouver's
Maow score a TKO with their debut album: fourteen powerful rounds of body blows, roundhouse
rights and haymakers that'll have you seeing stars in
no time flat! If you can picture getting your ears
boxed by the unforgiving, brazen punch-up delivery of     ^^'-^TJH* rVZ
______        . ,     .   _ , Salt Tank - Science And Nature CD/LP
Nancy Smatra marned to the Cramps then     Sup_r f(jzzy ^.^ _ fuay ^ -„
you've got the country twang rounch 'n' roll of Neko,       Tortoise - Died 12"
CC and Tobey. Are you up for the challenge? Orbital - Insides CD/LP
14* CD Noise Unit - Decoder CD /■
Ruby - Hoops CD-EP Pt 1+2
Emptys- MeatfodcerfannnoiseCD
Wire - Turns And Strokes CD
Karl Hendricks Trio   for A While It Was funny
Porno For Pyros - Good God's Urge CD
_________ _«_____|
pop. Surging guitars, catchy hooks, and trickling greater creative control and employing a variety of I
harmonies remain the focus of these four women, musicians, Chris Brokaw and Thalia
but So Wound shows the honing of Jale's Redek hove come closest to achieving their col I
writing skills - and their emergence as a very letting musical project: o revitalized and refined rock I
14* CD    10* IP
tg/ Also on tho go 11?
Hundreds to choose from, so remember Tffi iMY BfRD CtU THE WORM!
w SUE w
r your coupon reading efforts, this little piece of paper entitles the bearer to:
20% oil all used vinyl w ** m
Effective date: J


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