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Discorder CITR-FM (Radio station : Vancouver, B.C.) 1996-04-01

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  Mil SPELL 13_3__
Full Speed Ahead ^j{        The Speed Of Cattle
Life On A Plate   t£t,      Neighborhood Watcl
Available April 23  LOCAL OfRT
It's April now, and with Spring fully sprung
(and fhe prairies de-frosted), it's safe to say
that more out-of-town acts will return to our
fair city. Conversely, more Vancouver bands
will take to the road themselves, and if you're
in one of them, here are a couple of opportunities for you. First, check out a fabulous World
Wide Web site-
~moron/deterrent - where you can find an incredible array of information on booking a
tour for yourself. Contacts for every part of
North America, who to call for specific venues, etc, etc. And if you're in a group that
plays somewhat garage-y music, you may be
interested in an event happening in Calgary
this May 23 to 25. Dubbed the Rock 'n' Roll
Boat and Trailer Show, Al Charlton of
Calgary's Night Gallery and Roto-Flex Records
is organizing the event in lieu of Bellingham's
Estrus Records' 'Garage Shock' festival, which
won't be happening this year. For more info,
phone 403-237-3582...Speed Buggy sure
seem fo be benefitting from that Squirtgun
Records connection — not only will their new
full length be released by the London, ON,
label, but Squirtgun will include them on a
compilation of new material along with Eric's
Trip, Hayden, treble charger and about a
dozen other bands. Look for it in July, about
the same time as they'll be touring throughout
Canada...Sarah Lapsley, formerly of Kreviss,
debuted her new group this past month, called
Foo. Apparently it's an indie-pop/rap group
that includes John Collins and Scott Livingstone
of the Evaporators...The Surfdusters will
have a self-released CD out soon, with a mystery bonus track to watch for. It's not at the
end, but before the first song as track -
1 . .Nomeansno will be releasing a new 12-
inch record, Would I Be Alive, on Alternative
Tentacles UK only, and then touring with DOA.
NoMeansNo's alter egos, The Hanson Brothers will be releasing their second fulUengther
on Essential Noise/Virgin records by the
fall...Pluto will be touring Canada with
Cracker and filming their first Virgin video in
April. Look for a re-release of their debut on
the major label in June...Finally, The Real
McKenzies will be touring the US Northwest
with San Francisco's Pansy Division in late
DESTROYER' We'll Build Them A Golden Bridie $8.99 CD
GUIDED BY VOICES' Underthe Bushes Under the Stars J9i7LPfc«s}H.92CD
SLEATER-KINNEY - Call the Doctor. $9.87 LP $14.92 CD
GIRLS AGAINST BOYS' House of GVSB $9.87 lp/c«s$ 14.92 CD
THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 • I Hope (t Lmxj$..$9.87 LP $14.92 CD
DOO RAG o What We Do $9.87 LP $H.92 CD
REFRIGERATOR" Anchors of Bleed $9,87 LP $14.92 CD
BIKINI KILL • Reject All-Americon.(Aprilif) _.$9.87LPlc_.s$i2.93cd
■ UNTITLED • (Smog...sort of) $9.87 LP $14.92 CD
BRANIAC ■ Hissing Prigs In Static Couture $9.87 LP $14.92 CD
An aid to ultimate sleeping with exclu-   Bj^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^T
sive tracks by Thinking Fellers Union,     ■   A  Ti   1    J i W   _F"^   ■
Sun City Girls, Bugskull, Pork Queen,     tt   W ^J VT* V   f i 1
Refrigerator, Kathleen Yearwood, M*\   1   __^^A*^W   I   ___■__■
Noggin, Caroliner Rainbow, Loren I    A   ™    ___)))■    I    _^^__f
Mazzacane, Good Horsey, Mekhor,        k   "   J^    ^^S-^Mt^^      _fl
Mark, Blaise Pascal, and many more.
Available at the finest stores everywhere..
If your favorite store doesn't have
it...tell them they are not so fine.
The first time I heard Petrolia's 5-song demo
tape, I hit the Pavement. Thereafter, it was
Pavement on the brain. Fortunately, that only
really bothered me during the first listen. Nothing wrong with Pavement (except for a few of
their live performances in town) but the singer
for Petrolia was so unabashedly, shall we say,
slanted and enchanted that I was about to coin
a new throat condition, Malkmus Mimicus. But,
after sticking it out for a few more listens (hey,
I liked the band name, made me think of an
oil-soaked prairie oasis), well, cut my hair and
put me in a matador costume if these aren't
fine ditties in their own right. "Warbride"
comes out with guitar guns blazing and a
lunking 3/4 time that you could dig a trench
to. "1753" says "1753/lt's the year of the
dog/It means nothing to me", the last line ringing especially true when you try to decipher
the bizarre, colourful lyrics (transcript,
please?). "Sweet Industry" sounds like a hit
through and through with its huge, epic chorus and chiming guitar fanfare. Might as well
get used to the situation, since the recent cloning and expression of the spiralstairs gene in
mammalian tissue means we'll all be familiarized with the Stockton Sound before you can
say "wowee zowee, we're westing by musket
and sextant". Let's hope at least some of the
future fakes are as impressive as Petrolia.
One act that has done a live show with
Petrolia in the past is Tickertape Parade.
Not really a group, as that term sounds like
there should be more than two people, but a
duo consisting of Adam Gejdos, ex-Oversoul
Seven, and Scott Morgan, from Meet Daisy.
One gets the impression higher musical prin
ciples are being tackled by these two fellas,
as evidenced by the sole track on their debut
demo, "Audience With the Pope". It starts very
quiet, gets really minimalist quite fast, and
crescendos to a kind of vocals/guitar round
that takes me back to some of the stuff on
Simon & Garfunkel's 1968 bleak and win-
tery Bookends album, especially the title track.
Okay, now you're laughing at me. Go ahead.
In thirty years they'll be studying this tune
alongside Bartok, Reich, and Pollard and you'll
be laughing out the other side of your Marshall
stacks, you pagans. I ain't goin' to the bad
place, nosirree, not me.
Good to see some bands following through
by releasing fulHength tapes after putting out
shorter works. I don't know if CD releases are
planned for any of the titles mentioned below, but the cassette versions presently in hand
indicate that these artists, who were starting
from a strictly grassroots level only a year or
so back, are now blossoming into creative entities capable of producing musical collections
that conceptually and/or rhythmically justify
their 40 - 60 minute lengths.
The Unhappies' Fifteen Flavours is tasty
fun, with samplings from all sorts of buckets,
including Badfinger-ish pop ("Peanut Guy",
"Acne Cream"), novelty country ("The Town
Where UFOs Don't Land"), and twisted folky
dirge ("Bury Me"). Several times it sounds as
if Lou Barlow, or someone else from Sebadoh,
is doing the scooping. Stervus (not Sturvis)
don't wander all over the Rocky Road map
like the Unhappies do, but the 1 8 short-and-
sweet buzz-crunch vignettes on There is a Fork
in My Heart keep the attention span baited
and the auditory cortex sated. Fishburger's
intense jams on 3-D House of Fishburger bristle with harnessed energy, yielding sparks of
rest Cordova Street
Vancouver, PC Canada V6& HI
PH: 617-6555 • FAX: 687-0481
fc«. hup jvima m fcm
xbd tapes   ^55^      club-8&h-& & BixmyB
'AM WbSI HASTINGS IAT CAMBIE1 VANCOUVER B.C. V6B 1H6 madness, dissonance, and uncertainty. True
insanity is explored on Ant God Ant by Prof.
Zio, 25 snippets of other- and nether-worldly
gloom that dare the listener to tread the shallow waters of reality before plunging the hapless auditioner into the unfathomable depths
of the professor's tortured psyche. And, along
similar lines, the individual members of Victoria's Dixie's Death Pool seem to have had
all rationality tortured out of them a long time
ago in order to produce an album as twisted
and delerious as the 22-song blue bird. Just
'cause they make a demo director's life hell
doesn't mean I don't love 'em.
And like they say, April showers bring May
flowers. The dark, dreary despair of the winter season will soon get very boring and necessarily stand aside for the dark, dreary despair of Springtime in Vancouver. Don't say I
didn't warn you.
Sunday, March 31  Sno Jam '96 w/No Use
For a Name, Hi-Standard, Ten Foot Pole, Trigger
Happy, Mock & Ten Days Late at the Commodore
Sunday, March 31: Sparkmarker, Torches to
Rome & Malcreada at 1067 Granville (alley
entrance - 2pm).
Thursday, April 4: Arts County Fair w/Ashley
Maclsoac, Pursuit of Happiness, Bass is Base,
Barstool Prophets & the Superfriendz at
Thunderbird Stadium (noon).
Sunday, April 7. The Goops & Joykiller at the
Town Pump (3 pm).
Saturday, April 13: Facepuller, Celestial
Magenta & Dr Yasue at the St James Community
Square (3214 W. 10th).
Saturday, April 20: Voodoo Glowskulls at the
Town Pump.
coujshead   chronicles
my sister is a twelve stepper, a woman who spent a certain amount of her formative
years relying on a shopping bag selection of different drugs and a\coho\ to help her
make it through the day. i have said before that the only thing my sister and i have in
common is that for certain parts of our lives we were both chemically dependent,
she's the greatest but i stiil think our paths will never really match up and i'm pretty
certain we'll never end up on the same page, my point before i get lost is that those
who belong to and are card carrying members of any twelve step organization have a
process that helps them to complete each and every day. one of these steps is to
take an account of each day and take stock of what happened that day. what went
wrong, what helped them, what they could have done differently, etc. i rarely take
stock of anything and let each day run its own course and let the chips fall where
they may. what else can i do? i feel change comes as some sort of natural progression not by intervention, i'm probably wrong, i usually am. i have been told, by people
who i am suspect of because they are far too happy, that you make your own happiness and that only you can change what happens in your life, right, when you wake up
just say today i'm going to have a great day and be happy, i have to be told this by
one such individual, what? do people do this? i find the harder you try to change
something the slower the process becomes, i have, and i hate to admit this here,
been trying to run into someone on the street near where she works, in the old days
this would have been called increasing your chances of a chance encounter and even
romantic, but now it's like stalking - not really - but i'm here to say it's not working, i
used to see her all the time and then finally met and spoke to her. luck, sheer luck, no
amount of my time or effort could have set that up. so what about taking stock? i
don't know, my point has become somewhat lost, look, i believe happiness
comes in spurts and you can't expect it to happen, you can't make it happen, you can
work hard at loving yourself and then one day you will but i'm sure it will have more to
do with a natural process within yourself than whatever you've been doing to improve
yourself, i could be wrong, so i've gone back to my daily routine and then maybe i'll run
into her again, maybe not. probably not. whatever, it's not like i have anything better
to do.
The debut solo lp from ex-Cardinal/Moles
main man. Eccentric pop under the spectre of Spector, Kinks and early Bowie.
Liscenced from FLYDADDY     mr022 co/if
"The Only Reason Under The Sun" HONE
Who are you (names, ages, instrument played)?
Morgan the Mudshark: Drums - did you know
that smurd is drums backwards?
Andrew the Anonymous: Sitar.
J.C: Your personal trainer. I drink my weight
in water everyday!
Ryan: I uh..1 uh...snowboard! Yeah, that's it.
We believe age is a state of mind.
You are 3/4 "Upper Lonsdale" and 1 /
4 "East Van" - explain.
Well, we really just use the "East Van" for street
cred. You know, cuz we're punk and shit. Really!
What's happened to the South Wall?
A religious cult led by Luke Skywalker assembled at the last show held there. Upon arrival,
Luke proclaimed, "Hear me out, me and my
fellow Earth Christians declare war on the so-
called North-Shore hardcore scene and all
other things deemed 'punk' by you puny Earth-
lings". Shortly after, Luke and his cronies exposed their genitalia to all present, including
two off-duty RCMP. OK, I'm running out of
ideas, next question.
How has Another White Male influenced the development of
Another White Male came with us from our
mother planet, Cygnus X-l. Actually, I think
they filmed some Rush videos on that planet.
Yes, they did. So yeah, that's about all as far
as A.W.M. goes.
Where's the best place to take hallucinogens in North Van?
Well, if Another White Male plays there, you'll
find  Honeybucket in the bushes nearby
poppin' reds.
Favourite Canadian Metal Bandz:
Funny, I never thought hockey players were
good for anything.
Favourite ska band:
Let's Go Bowling did kick ass. We haven't seen
too much ska action locally but we'll keep looking. Of course, there's the Specials, but even
they went through a New Age phase.
Favourite web site:
The world wide web (www, wwf, kkk?) is an
elitist technology whereby corporations hope
to make more profit and left-wing idealists seek
freedom and democracy. Fools! The Internet
is the system of power and oppression described by Foucault and mapped out by
Bentham (his panopticon). Use the web at your
own peril, it's no paradise! Hey, someone's
been going to college!
Since you have a tune called "Let's
Have a Blast From the Past",
Honeybucket surely must be qualified
to answer the question, "Who was responsible for the break-up of the Mamas and the Papas?"
I'll ignore the second part of the question and ask
myself, "What is that song about?" Well, we at
Honeybucket Incorporated have been working (for
the past decade) on a revolutionary new data bank
of cryogenicalry frozen sperm which, when implemented, will fertilize unmodified Barbie dolls. The
offspring will instinctively behave as mindless automatons. Scary.
Would you let Bif Naked join your
Definitely, we need all the talent we can get,
and hey, she has cool tattoos.
Who should be on the cover of Discorder?
Noam Chomsky..Oops, that's already next
issue. I guess we'll have to hunt down another
hip anarchist senior citizen. Actually, I think
fhe next trendy intellectual for Gen-Xers will
be...Joan Baez!
Ask yourself two questions and answer them.
Q: If you could be any Ewok, what would
you say to Princess Lea?
A: I won't answer because you spelt her name
Draw a picture of Honeybucket surrounded
»c.l.briti.s»^J   ^J^     ^^y     VU;.
A v/o,\.WUe_<
1 Le*\5JU\e'    6^^ i>^*r,
Anvil, obviously. Actually, a friend of ours one
opened for Anvil. I think Nirvana played that show,
but you'd hove to ask Kurt about that one.
Favourite fanzine:
Talk to our attorney or see the Strain/Discorder
interview. Search for the riot grrrl jokes. Hey,
we drive Mustangs foo, ya know!
Favourite Gino Odjick fight:
Uhh...l don't watch hockey, but I saw him and
his jock hooligans beating on Billie Hoe and
Tim Armstrong behind a Burger King in L.A.
Q: Are cats generally right-pawed or left-
A: That's a fucking stupid question!
Honeybucket, What Kind of Candy -cassette with
ten songs. Available if you find us and beg for
one. We've got a new one coming outwhen someone gives us some money to do it.
Contact Honeybucket c/o: Morgan 253-
1354, Andrew 985-1779. Phone us, we're
lonely males.
D    E    -
Who are you? (Names, ages, instruments)
Dan, 23. Strings, organs, skins etc.
Where is Carl Newman?
I don't know. CaH has nothing to do with
Destroyer, aside from a very strained set opening for the SF Seals, which somehow was
billed as a 'Destroyer' performance, instead
of 'The Carl Newman Three' or 'Barbara
Manning and the Blue Boys'.
Whafs the importance of Zumpano
manager/Superconductor dude Scott
Gobbels in the Destroyer scheme of
things? Is his word god?
Scott is putting out a Destroyer CD on his label Tinker Recordings, so in that respect he's
pretty important. Aside from the actual recordings, he did just about all the work in putting
the CD together. He doesn't give me pocket
money, if that's what you mean by the second
part of your question.
How come no drums or keyboards
were present tonight on Live from
Thunderbird Radio Hell? -
I didn't have the full Lido ensemble tonight (that
night). Three guitars sounded like a good idea
- background noise/accompaniment with a
nice country porch feeling, if you can call it
that, which you can.
Were you mad that after Destroyer
played on GTR, they followed it up by
playing the new Mommyheads CD?
I'm not sure what the relation is. I'm not familiar with their music, but I requested something
catchy and that song they put on sounded
pretty catchy.
With a name like Destroyer are people a bit disappointed when you show
up donning an acoustic guitar?
I usually don't use an acoustic guitar but it
doesn't seem like something people should be
disappointed about. Although, Destroyer does
seem to attract hecklers. And I can't really
blame them. Trembling folkies are no match
for a KISS tribute band. Perhaps.
In some mag, maybe even Discorder
(?), someone really slagged your band
in a show review. How does this make
you feel?
It's kind of funny, but his heart (the reviewer's)
was in the right place. Since Destroyer is more
of a "studio project", if it sucks live I'm not
bothered as much. That night was a write-off
from its very conception a few hours beforehand, so I think we just played it up. Of course,
just because a band appears to be having
fun on-stage doesn't entail the music being any
less shitty. Although I thought Carl's renditions
of "American Rose" and "Barlow's House" stirring, from a bongo player/spectator point of
view. I also thought Barbara Manning kept
things cheery and relatively pleasant. I guess
I thought wrong.
Explain a bit about the song that contains the lyric, "She fucked a cop".
The lyric is - "So you wanted to fuck a cop..." I
thought it was a catchy first line, welkuited for a
waltz, of sorts. I guess that's what the song is.
Have there ever been any good bands
from Toronto?
We Plough.
Do Marshall stax scare Destroyer?
What would be your ultimate recording environment? How does static
mean punk? Please elaborate.
An amp is not a scary thing. I like loud, noisy
things. An ultimate recording environment? I
guess one of those many, many-tracked studios with a Phil Spector-like person to come
up wifh harmonies, string arrangements, wall-
of-sound stuff. All for free, of course. Static
doesn't mean punk. From which it would follow that tuning does not, in fact, mean junk. I
guess I was being "tongue-in-cheek" or ironic,
or something, with those lyrics. Which is always a stupid idea.
What was the last show you paid
more than $ 15 to see?
I can't remember. It's been a while.
Anything else to add?
I don't think so. It is awkward filling out a take-
home interview/questionnaire.
Destroyer - s/t cassette - 1995.
We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge - CD -
Contact name and address:
Daniel Bejar, 2604 E. 21st Ave, Vancouver,
BC, V5M2W1.
Who are you? (names, ages, instruments, marital status)
Jung Robot Member #1
Noel Christopher La Vieille
22 years Jung
Marital Status: Single
Jung Robot Member #4444
Eric Lawrence Dickstein
26 years Jung
Marital Status: Married
Are you Christians?
Noel: No.
Eric: No. I am a Jew. I wonder if UBC would
be into having an international Jewish Day. I
feel the Jung Robots have been discriminated
against. If my people could survive the holocaust we will find places to perform or we will
create our own. The one message I would like
to express on behalf of the Jung Robots is
SHALOM, which in Hebrew means hello,
goodbye and peace!
Why are you obsessed with Winona
Ryder, haven't enough bands paid
homage to her?
E: I cannot tell whether or not you are being
sarcastic. I was not aware of other bands
paying homage to Winona Horowitz. I don't
realty think I'm obsessed with her, but if you
call masturbating nightly to the thought of her
and her rock star boyfriend Dave Pirner, who
dumped his girlfriend of ten years to be with
Winona, and having every picture of her in
print including ones with her past boyfriends
6     APRIL 1996 SKREW
shadow of doubt
^x$ x@x#
Bandit Queen
hormone hotd
a problem, then I guess I fall into this category. PS. Winona if you are reading this,
can you give me a call. I want to ask you a
question about a birth mark I saw in a photo
of you. Sincerely, your number one fan. (604)
251-3961 c/o the Jung Robots.
Do the Jung Robots really do gigs on
the Skytrain. Explain.
Yes, we really do! We have done it one time
and plan to do it annually. Because we don't
have permission from BC Transit, we are unable to give an exact date. Look for our underground information between the months of
March and May This year expect more bands
and more art work. People ask us, "Why on
the Skytrain?" As members of the World Famous Jung Robots, our objective is to play our
music and to get as much attention as possible in the process. Places affected by our attention-seeking ways: Denmark, California,
Texas, Washington, D.C, Toronto, Japan and
Israel. The Jung Robots think all of these places
have excellent public transportation!
In Los Angeles, Eric, wore you involved
in the "music thing"? You're not
AMERICAN, are you?? If so, have you
ever done smack? What brought you
to Vancouver?
Yes, I was involved in the music business That's
all it was. The band I was in was called Minus Adam. The only thing that exists in my life
from that band is the drummer and my friend
Dave Keys, who is presently in a band called
Chaucer is Naked. Minus Adam has one CD
out called Whose Ass Do We Have to Kiss. I
tried to be the singer and ring leader of that
band. I was unsuccessful. The Los Angeles
music scene is dead. The majority of the bands
pay to play. What does that mean? If you have
$ 1500, you too can play at the world famous
Roxy or Whisky and have your band name
on the marquee. Basically you rent out these
places. Minus Adam was NOT a part of that,
and neither will the Jung Robots, if we decide
to play in L.A. I was born in America, but it's
up to others to decide my American-ness, not
me. I don't know what SMACK is, therefore I
have probably not done it. I moved here last
year after marrying a Canadian woman. I'm
sorry, I mean Canadian person for all you politically correct people and vegetarians!!
Any good Compton/street stories from
LA, Eric?
During the time of the L.A. riots, my friend
Derek Rhys and I went down on Normandie
Street to check out the destruction. It was exciting. We saw a gas station on fire, small
businesses with broken windows, and stores
that were looted. We were advised to leave
the area due to the circumstances.
What hair salon do you work at, Erie?
Who has the best/worst hair in Canadian rocknroll? Whafs your favourite style?
I do not feel comfortable mentioning the name
of the salon I work at, because I fear they will
terminate me for my answers to theses questions. I work in New Westminster on Sixth St.
If there is anyone who wants to look cool,
maybe I can help. If you are a punk rocker or
some alternative person, I can color your hair
groovy colors. I don't want to hear how you
can't afford it if you were able to find money
for some shiny new Dr. Martens! I don't know
Canadian rocknroll except for Rush, Bryan
Adams, The Band. Oh yeah, and the Neil
Young revival. I am a dumb Yankee! I don't
know what you mean by my favorite style. Do
you mean hair?
Noel, why were you fired from your
I was fired from my job because I poured a
cup of coffee on the cash register 5 times in
one week. .3 times on Sunday, once on
Wednesday, and again on Thursday, February 1, 1 996 I was fired on Thursday.
Is New Westminster REALLY the Royal
I don't feel like royalty, so I would have to say
What does A D I D A S stand for?
Eric: Back in the '80s, it stood for All Day I
Dream About Sex. For me, adidas stands for
being replaced. We are all replaceable. In
fact we are being replaced as I write this.
Noel: Adidas also stands for forgetting about
what I thought I cared about...a cat, shoes, a
girl, and an unconfident feeling...all have been
Ask yourself TWO questions and answer them.
Ql: What is the purpose of this "Interview
To create the most attention for all parties involved. Thank you, Jung Robots.
Q2: Why do I have such a hard time answering these questions?
Because I am an indecisive jerk!
Why won't the Jung Robots go to hell?
The Jung Robots will not go to hell because
we have our own religion and we don't believe in the concept of hell.  It is called
Robotology, and if you need something to believe in, please call Noel or Eric, founders of
Robotology and members of the Jung Robots.
We can come to your house and talk.
Look for our first major release by March
Contact names and addresses:
Noel La Vieille, 2640 William St., Vancouver, BC, V5K 2Y5, (604) 251-3961. Eric
Dickstein, 606-21 1 1 1 St., New Westminster,
BC, V3M 6B3, (604) 524-3704.
A~AsA u ft
Who are you (names, ages, positions)?
Carl Baird, 28; weeping lotus.
Shane Legresley, 21; missionary.
Greg Holmes, 22; doggie style.
Clinton Gore, 23; sixty-nine.
NickWasko, 19; (virgin).
Describe your sound in six -words.
What punk is supposed to be.
Where is the beer worse? The American or the Ivanhoe?
Consensus is that the beer at the 'Ho is worse.
None of us really care why, or care to speculate on what may be added to either. Besides
- we started drinking at the Niagara because
we wanna play there - beer is the same price
and actually tastes good.
Do you believe in "Three Chords and
the Truth"?
Never really gave it much thought, but if you
need some snappy headline to pigeonhole us
under that would be as good as any. "What
punk is supposed to be: 3 chords and the
truth." ??
If d.b.s. fought silverchair, who would
win, and why?
It's a band secret, but fuck it - I'll tell you anyway, we actually really like d.b.s - so, to answer yer question, d.b.s. would win cuz we'd
be there to back 'em up.
Why does Clint have a barcode on the
back of his leather jacket?
Who cares?
What did the Dole learn from the CiTR
Week label discussion with Cargo,
Nefer, Figure IV, Bliss Out, Zulu and
Mint Records?
(Way to slip that in Nardwuar) Let's see:
1) Apparently somebody out there thinb they
can make money if 'punk' makes a comeback,
2) CiTR would like you to vote "yes".
3) Nardwuar is a feeb.
4) Marzie from Nefer is gorgeous - Clint wants
her to call him.
5) Maybe places like CiTR and the Niagara
who say they're trying to help local bands
aren't actually full of shit like we used to think.
Are the Dole the Cocksparrer of Vancouver?
"The Do£e, the Cocksparrer of Vancouver.
What punk is supposed to be: 3 chords and
the truth." ? Gimme a fuckin' break man, why
do all you 'industry' fuckheads have to classify everything? We're the do£e - not "the
Cocksparrer of Vancouver", just the do£e. If
you need to find a slot on yer rack, put us
under 'D'. Not under 'Punk' or 'New Punk'
and definitely not under 'Cocksparrer of Vancouver'.
Have u ever washed
windows at stoplights?
Greg took a piss off a highway overpass once, does
that count?
Whafs your favourite
household cleanser?
Lysol and a cigarette lighter.
Kills household germs. Do
not depress valve for more
than 3 seconds. In case of
eye contact - go to the hospital. Leaves a nice fresh
scent. *
Why was Clint a wise ass to Mr. Dodd
in his Grade 8 math class at Kits High?
It was Dodds with an 's' - and who cares, and
how do you find this shit out anyway?
"dogsdon'tknowifsnotbacon"? What
da fuck?
It went with the picture, we thought it was
funny, and the spacebar was busted when we
were doing the layout. Other than that, we'd
like to think it is the real bacon - and fuck
what the dogs think anyhow.
Why do you have a song called
It's a song about denial. Anyone who thinks
it's sexist or misogynist is a dipshit, 'cuz everyone has been there. It's not right or wrong -
it's a state of the human condition, and we're
not saying how things should or shouldn't be,
but how things are. If you don't like what we're
saying, go listen to Bryan Adams. By the way
- thanks to Gus for the tune on that one.
Shouldn't you be covering the Angelic
Upstarts instead of the Sex Pistols? I
mean, come onl
Carl thinks so, but we're really just trying to
get some new, original material down. Besides, we figure we play "Bodies" better than
they ever did (or ever will again). We just
jammed it one night and got it bang on - everyone knew it - it was cool.
Rate the following in terms of their
importance to your band:
[See scan DOLE TIFF]
Anything else to add?
The media puts things into easy-to-purchase,
easy-to-consume, easy-to-understand packages, and then tells you to like them. Don't let
the media tell you what to think. Bands don't
sell out anymore - the media sells them out
because people are willing to buy whatever
shit is packaged right. Remember that music
is art, and no one can tell you what it is you
like or don't like about music. Use yer fuckin'
brain and buy what you like - not just what's
on top of the charts.
Our demo is "dogsdon'tknowifsnotbacon" but
it's practically a collector's item now. We're
gonna put out a live album of our show at the
Hungry Eye on January 24. Keep yer eye out
for it.
Contact name, address, 'phone #:
Contact the do£e at #107 - 242 E. 14th Ave,
Vancouver, BC, V5T 2M6, or call 879 0468
or 736 7941. The do£e cannot be contacted
via the Internet.
PS. to Marzie from Nefer - Clint will be waiting for your call.
Rate the following in
terms of their importance to your band
wallet chains       1    2
3  4  5  6 7 8 9  lfl,   V&°
duct tape              1    2
matching band shirts
glue                      1   2
3   4   5   6   7   8   9 (Tfj)
1    2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9    10    J.
3   -1   5   6   7   8   9   10      ,   ESK>
MusicWest          1    2
34567891D  [/{j $£
all-ages shows     1    2
beer                  I   2
3   4   5   6  7   %  9 W
Dunderheads        1    2
Blur                      1
Oasis                  1
3   4   5   6   7   8   9    10   *>##<•«
3   4   5   6   7   S   9   10   L^1'0._
1   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   i^HO '
this interview     1   2
3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10    1/jAJ ;
e9     APRIL 1996 «___■.-
Who are you?
Chris Bowman - drums.
Stephen Geary - bass.
Jason Schneider - guitar/vocals.
Ric Shorten - guitar/vocals.
How does it feel to have been recently
billed as "Johnny Millennium (the
band who opened for Pavement)"?
Ric: Cheap and dirty.
Jason: Sexy.
Stephen: Overwhelmed and underpaid.
(If anyone wants to know, Pavement were
great guys.)
What is your deal with Converse all
about? Have they given you any free
S: Basically, they help fund some of the ads for
local shows with Red Kimono bands. That's
about all we know. You'd have to ask Adad
for the inside scoop.
R: Negatory on the free stuff, though.
J: We all had to get Converse tattoos.
Your manager, Adad, went to clown
school with Tres Cool of Green Day,
was the runner-up in the Much Music
VJ search and basically loves your
fucking guts. What is going to happen
if you lose him? Give a brief list of his
good qualities.
R: It's a non-issue because Adad will never
vith nifty
J: He's a crazy boy! He pacifie:
clown tricks.
S: We love Adad! (Except when we want to
kill him.)
Ric, has going to school with the Sonic
Unyon guy, Hayden, shaped Johnny
R: Not in the least, well, except for the fact that
now I wear my underwear inside my pants
and that makes for good band dynamics.
Why were you rejected by 510
records? Was it because of your
J: I think we were all a little over-anxious to get on
with Ben at 510 and we may have made a bad
impression. Johnny Millennium has a comic book/
space/sci-fi thing going and we wanted to assure
Ben that we know a band's image is very important
and shouldn't be overlooked. Thinking back now,
maybe Chris dressing up as Luke Skywalker was a
bit unnecessary.
S: Our looks are often a problem.
Jason, who made your silver jacket?
J: Jack Clark. He is a local designer who
specializes in sequinned and lame outfits for
strippers. He has a new office and display
room on Richards and Georgia called Sew
What. If you're lucky, he might invite you into
the back where you can see pictures scattered
on his office walls from his "Las Vegas show
days". I think he still periodically works on
these shows as a custom/set designer,
choreographer, or some such thing.
Does the name Puke Theatre mean
anything to the members of Johnny
S: It's always hard living in the shadow of your
past fame. Puke Theatre's original line up
stopped working together in the late '80s, yet
to this day I'm constantly asked about the
band. So many people now say they love
those classic Puke Theatre albums. It's strange
what a legend we've become. The fact that the
band has been hailed as a major influence by
so many prominent 'alternative' icons in the
last five years (Trent of NIN and Billy from the
Pumpkins to name a few) hasn't hurt either. In
fact, the industry surrounding the band's back
catalogue and memorabilia has expanded
100-fold since 1992.
What most people don't know is that I have
not seen a penny of this money. While Bryce
and Colin have raked in millions and are still
living the jet-set lifestyle they are well known
for, I have received zero, nada, nothing. With
things tied up in litigation, I can't say much
more. I just want people to know that I will be
having no part of the rumoured reunion tour
(no matter what that NME cover story said).
Who is your favourite Bangle? Why
did you play 'that song' again? We
thought you swore never to play 'that
song' again.
J: We were all hoping to shelve that song, but
Linda from Celestial Magenta insisted that we
keep it in our set. My favourite Bangle is the
cute little singer - I forget her name.
S: Wait till you hear the Josie and the
Pussycats cover we have in the works!
Who gives the best massages in
J: That's between me and Chris!
Anything else to add?
S: Make a point of going out to see some of
Vancouver's great young bands. Go to a Red
Kimono show. Adad always has cool new
groups playing (check out his ads in
DiSCORDER for dates), or just go to any local
show for that matter. Stop sitting at home
watching Melrose Placel This is an exciting
time in local music, lots of diverse stuff is going
on, take advantage of it.
J: Hope you caught the "Mr. Dressup Retirement Tour".
C: Have you ever noticed that the people who
say the least always turn out to be the most
Tarkin EP, February 1995.
Full-length album currently in production at
Profile Studios, out soon.
Contact name and addresses:
Adad (Red Kimono Productions), (604) 731-
DOORS 8:30 • SHOW 9:30
Iggy pop
I To Access &o^ P£4T<j&je. ay
Volunteers needed.
Are you an outgoing, spontaneous man or woman over the age of
19 with a never-say-die attitude and a good sense of humour?
We are a non-profit society that helps young offenders and children
ages 8 to 18 who are at risk of getting in trouble.
\\    PLEA
fO   AFKU.19t6 Hll       ///    i I
It    II-
; i
i i
WivpoN of Choice
April 13
Pacific coliseum
Bandit Queen
with special guest
I f'l J '•] I
with guest HOLLY McNARLAND ^ JLJa
THURS. & FRI. APRIL 18 & 19  ^*%
!  **,■
SAT. A.WU0-The Town PUMpi
2SH0VS! AU AGES AniRKOOH $6 EVIK1HG HO fflKORS $9 TiX at Tra£> & ZuJu^
3o*n 0<pQW
with guests G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE doors 8 30 pm
ottmar liebert
+   luna   negraE3___E______fl
Thurs. &Fri. May 9&10
Fo»t)«B»Mr§i-Vogue Theatre fflmm^
.y4™. Nardwuar: Who are you?
The Beav: I'm Jerry Mathers. For many, many
years I was the Beaver on Leave it to Beaver.
Do you mind being called "Beaver" at all?
Not at all. it's something I'm very proud of.
so it's nothing that I'm ashamed of. It's a
great show, it's stood the test of time. It's
been on almost forty years, it's on in eighty
countries in forty languages; so it's, you
know, it's just an honour that it's even still
It's not the first time you've been in
Vancouver - you're always around
Vancouver, aren't you? Didn't they
bring you up for a Beaver promotion as well, something at Science
Actually, there's a Stephen Lowe production which is in the Imax format, and it
plays all over the country, and I go and I lecture on beavers when I'm with that film. It's
a very interesting, uh...the Vancouver area's
very, veiy interesting. I like it up here a lot.
That is wild - the Beaver lecturing about
Well, it's the kind of thing when you've been
associated with something like that for forty
years, you tend, even peripherally, to pick up
a lot of information about it, so it's something
that's very, very easy to talk about.
Mr. Mathers • is it Mathers' or May-there?
Well, it doesn't really matter. Actually, it is
Mathers', but everyone up here seems to
think it's 'May-there'. But I answer to both.
Tou know why, because Bryan Adams -
Banal Adams, that rock star - he lives on
May thers Avenue, so everybody probably
thinks about that.
That'd be fine with me, as long as they know,
you know... As I say. if it's close, then I
answer to it.
Well, Beaver then - what is happiness?
Happiness is...?
Well. "Happiness" is a record that I did for
Atlantic about...oh. probably thirty years ago.
It was number one in Hawaii and Alaska.
His name is Richard Corelli. He played
Richard on Leave it to Beaver. He's now a
director, he directs a lot of the Saturday night
fine-up on ABC.
The lyrics for Happiness were pretty wild,
like,  "blowin'  my mind"  and  "comin'
down". What exactly was that
alluding to?
Yeah, happiness is money, and actually I
got that record, I have it here, it's on a
compilation, Hipsville 29 BC , and there's
a song  here  that goes   "Happiness  is
money" by Beaver and the Trappers!
It's "Happiness is having".
"Happiness is having", sorry.
So there are several things that happiness is
having. But it was Beaver and the Trappers.
We recorded for about three-and-a-half years,
it was when I was in high school. We used to
play all the sock-hops and things like that.
That was after the show, wasn't it?
It was from about 1963 on.
On Hipsville 29 BC I found it fascinating
that there's a song on there by Beaver and
the Trappers. Who's this guy who co-
authored the song?
Well, it was actually what happiness is.
"Blowin' my mind" and "comin' down"?
And what about the other great lyric on
there, "C'mon baby, spread a little happiness my way"?
Well, I don't remember that one, but as I say,
it was a long time ago.
What do you think Ward, your dad,
Beaver, would think about you singing a
song like "C'mon baby, spread some hap-
As I say, I don't quite remember the lyrics
going that way, but it's pretty close.
One of the songs also that you did was
"Wind-up Toy" - that's more fluffy, isn't
that's nicer, it's not as controversial?
Well actually, we did about 15 all
together, so there are quite a few
songs with Beaver and the Trappers.
I've never heard "Wind-up Toy" -
do you know any more songs like
"Happiness Is" and "Wind-up Toy"
- what was "Wind-up Toy" about?
"Wind-up Toy"...let's see, not really.
Oh, you began to sing it right there.
Well, I was trying to remember the
nelody, but it's very, very hard - it was
almost thirty years ago, and as I say, we
only - We would do each song for about six
r eight weeks and play it. "Wind-up Toy"
was done for Atlantic, this one was done for
Adco. wliich was Atlantic's second line. But
they were mostly done...there was never an
album, they were all 45s.
It's quite interesting that a lot of TV stars
who were younger got involved in bands.
Like Don Grady of My Three Sons had a
band called the Yellow Balloon.
Actually Don Grady still does a lot of music
work. He now does music for movies and TV.
Did you ever play with the Yellow Balloon?
No actually, each band was separate, so
you wouldn't, you know, cross over. Did
play with Desi Arnaz a lot, 'cause we would
play the same...He was a contemporary of
mine, so when we'd play, a lot of times we'd
jam together.
What was his band called - Dino Desi and —
Dino, 'cause it was Dean Martin's son, who
was killed in a jet crash, he was flying an
international   guard   plane.   And   I   can't
remember who the third person was. But it
was their three names.
And then there was Don Grady's, and
there was Beaver and the Trappers. Any
other kind of teen-TV star-bands?
Actually, you seem to be the band expert. I
remember that Don had one... Let's see, Desi
Arnaz had one. The guy from Courtship of
Eddie's Father - actually, he still has one. He
now has a punk band.
Yeah, Brandon Cruz.
Mmm-hmm. I don't know the name of his,
but I know he still works the circuit.
Harmful if Swallowed. I think it is.
That's...Yeah, you coulda got it by me.
Oh yeah, and Billy Mumy from Lost in Space,
Beaver, he also has a band, doesn't he? Billy
Mumy, you know, from Lost in Space?
He could. As I say. I'm not really sure about
that. But if you say so, I'll believe it.
[ once saw him in a guitar shop and I
heard he did.
Well that's probably true, then.
they? What was the scenario, what was
the plot for that one?
Actually, it was a two-hour movie, so I was
in a very small part of it. I was at dinner with
quite a few, uh...let's see, I think it was
Ricardo Montalban and some other people. It
was a fun time. As I say, I just went in, I
worked one day on it, they tried to have as
many people as they could because it was
their last show.
You never did Hollywood Squares?
Actually.   I   was   the   centre   square   on
Hollywood Squares for about fifteen weeks.
Who else was in the show at that time?
Hollywood Squares?
Was Paul Lynde on at that time?
No, I took Paul Lynde's place.
Was that after he passed away?
No, he was doing something else at the time.
This was in the...
The Beaver replaced Paul Lynde?
Well I don't know if I replaced him. He had
something else to do, and I went in - I was
Who were you hanging around, at that
time, with? Like, what particular people?
Did you ever get to "come on down and
blow   some   brains"   with,   like,   Agnes
Moorehead   or   Lisa   Loring   from   The
Addams Family at all?
No, I actually didn't know them. Those shows
were done in the late '60s. Leave it to Beaver
was actually off the air by then.
So who was the crew that was hanging
around you at that time?
Actually, it was mostly people from high
school. It was mostly not actors, it was people that I was in high school with at the time.
Jerry Mathers, the Beaver, guess whose
favourite TV series is Leave it to Beaver?
Oh, probably quite a few people. It shows in
eighty countries in forty languages.
Kurt. Kurt Co...
Kurt Cobain of Nirvana's favourite TV
series was Leave it to Beaver.
That's what he said. I guess we'll never get to
verify that now, but I had heard that. But
there are several people who have said that.
That must make you feel kind of nice.
Yeah, actually, it's nice to have people like
that who are very, very talented - actually,
he's a very sad. sad case in some ways,
'cause he was very talented and then, you
know, committed suicide. So...he should
have taken a little more from Leave it to
Beaver, possibly.
Gilligans Island, are you aware of that
show at all, Beaver?
I'm aware of it. I don't watch it very much,
but I'm aware of it.
Well, actually, on a nautical theme, were
you ever on The Love Boat ?
Yes I was, I was on their very last episode.
What happened on that episode, 'cause I
think they're coming back with it, aren't
the middle square, he was the centre square,
so...As I say, I wasn't really like a replacement, those squares switched all the time.
That's kind of a big chore to fill, Paul
Actually, it was the centre square. Paul
Lynde wasn't the only person. There were
quite a few different people - Phyllis Diller
used to do it. I can't remember all the other
people, but...It was a fun time, it was very
challenging, 'cause they'd go in and ask you
a lot of very obscure questions and you
always had to come up with an answer.
Jerry Mathers
f2   APRIL 1996 You've done stuff at the Imax theatre   for   beavers,    promoting
beavers - you are the Beaver.
Very definitely. j»
And now you're at the Boat j'"'"'*""'
Show and I mentioned Gilligan -
No. no, no, I'm at the Home Show.
Oh my god, I'm just getting   :
confused here, 'cause I'm looking at Jerry Mathers, the actual
Beaver, he is the Beaver, this is the
Beaver - hello, bow are you doing?
Pretty good.
Gilligan was at the Boat Show, 'cause, you know,
Gilligans Island and boats kind of go together, right?
Sounds good to me.
Now how, exactly, does Leave it to Beaver and the home
go together? What's the correlation between that?
Doesn't that feel a tiny bit like stretching it, you know,
beavers on Imaxes and beavers at home shows?
Actually not, I've done quite a bit of home renovation. I just
got finished redoing my house, spent almost a year because
of the earthquake in Los Angeles. One of the companies I
work for. I just rehab'd a building - I took it from an auto
parts store, I built basically five offices, a tech room for my
computer people.
What do you do with the computer people?
I have severed computer companies. One of them I have a
programme for wide-format printing. I have a beauty programme. So I have several different programmes that I
own for printing.
Have you met Bill Gates at all?
I've been at seminars with him, I haven't met him and spoken with him for a very long time. But I've been at different
seminars with him.
'Cause you seem deserving to be invited to his wedding
- Alice Cooper was invited to his wedding - was the
Beaver invited to Bill Gates* wedding?
Nope. Sony, no.
Also, finally, winding up here, Beaver, Jerry Mathers -
Harry Shearer, he was the guy from Spinal Tap and
The Simpsons, he was originally going to be Eddie
Haskell, wasn't he?
Actually, he was in the original pilot. The character's
name at that time was not Eddie Haskell, but he did
play that part.
So what happened?
They found Ken Osmond and thought he was better.
'Cause it would have been wild to have had Harry
Shearer of Spinal Tap as Eddie Haskell.
Well, this was before he ever did that. I don't think he'd
worked very much when he did it, and they just thought
that Ken Osmond played the part better. But I'm sure he
wouldVe done a good job had he gotten it.
And then there were all those other weird kind of tie-
ins, like who really was Eddie Haskell - like who was Paul
McCartney, who was Eddie Haskell? A lot of people
thought he might have been John "The Wad" Holmes,
the porn star, did you ever
hear of that?
Oh, very definitely.  In fact,
John Holmes took his name,
did several movies under his
name. Ken Osmond sued him,
it was about a $25 million \
suit. He lost it because they  I
said  that it actually w
satire of him.
So they lost the suit.
He lost the suit. But he did  I
sue John Holmes for using
his name and, as I say, they
said   it   was   satire.   I
California precedent-setting I
case.  It's in the California  |
Supreme Court.
But I guess in the end Eddie
Haskell got revenge because
poor John Holmes died.
Actually it wasn't Eddie Haskell, it was Ken Osmond.
All right, but you are Jerry Mathers, the Beaver.
That's right.
Anything else you'd like to add to people out there in
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Jerry Mathers, the
No, I think you pretty well covered it all.
All right, well keep on rocking in the free world, and
Sixteen Stone
Special Re-Released Version
Smells Like Children
It's nasty... Your parents will hate
it... It Rocks!
Now available in Canada and at a
special LOW PRICE
Tragic Kingdom
With the single "Just A Girl" taking
high energy skanking rock will leave
you exhausted... but happy!
Scream, Dracula, Scream!
Guitars blazing and horns blasting,
R.F.T.C are back.
FINALLY available in Canada
Includes the hits "Possum Kingdom" and
Star Maps
Kinda Rootsy-Alterna-Pop-Rock.
Features: "Radio Comets" &
"Emergency's About To End"
AVAILABLE IN COOL RECORD STORES Local punk pioneers Nomeansno
may not be new- or British, and they
have been featured piayers in
DiSCORDER in tne past but I've
found they usually have something
refreshing to say. Bassist Rob Wright
talked a bit about their new
release, The Worldhood of the
World (as such), set the facts
straight on Victoria rock history and
dropped some heavy science over
a long drawn-out plate of chow
mein at the Aristocratic,
good as the last one, cuz
if the joke ain't funny, it
ain't worth doin'. But we
think the songs stand up
on their own, even
beyond a joke, in some
perverse sort of way.
So, with this new album
The Worldhood ot tho
World (as such) do you
think that It's a half
Hansons/half Nomeansno
abum? I mean, muslcaly,
It did end up sounding a
little more guitary-punk-
|-.rocky than most of our
dltsijms, and that might
have'fcjeen due to the
fact that" tor one thing. I
was playing 'a -Utile more
guitar in general because
I was playing a tot of "gui;
band program. I've listened to music,
but I've never really studied music at all.
When I started playing I didn't have any
knowledge or technique, I just played
what I played. Eventually, we took it
seriously. There were a lot of post-punk
bands coming out of England (at the
time) who were rejecting the simple
rock format of the original punk bands,
and we sort of really got caught up in
that, which is why we started playing as
a rhythm section. We borrowed from
people like PiL and from all sorts of what
were then avant-garde bands, and that
was sort of the cool thing, to be really
different. No one was trying to be the
Clash anymore - that had to wait until
Rancid came along. It was just about
being completely different, and also it
was really a desire to express ourselves
and what was going on in our lives. It
had a lot to do with feminist ideas that
started to come around then, and it
tar for the album before '-.(xid a lot to do with the basic distrust of
So, what's been up
with the band lately?
Rob: We just sort of finished a little spate
of touring. We went across Canada and
down the States for about five weeks
with Alice Donut and Ultra Bide and
then to Australia and New Zealand. We
came back in late November and then
we took some time off for Christmas. It's
just actually today that my brother and
I are getting back together and will start
demo-ing some Hanson Brothers stuff.
So, what's going on with the Hanson
Brothers right now -1 haven't seen them
In awhile.
We did the last Nomeansno record and
we spent about 6 or 8 months preparing
it and making it and then I've been touring on it, so the Hanson Brothers took a
back seat, of course. But now that that's
out we still have a bit of touring to do
and we are going to go to Europe,
probably in the spring, as Nomeansno
and maybe down in the States a little bit
more. But we wanted to get some songs
for the Hanson Brothers at least recorded in demo form and/or bed tracks and
see how they sound, or whatever. We're
kinda concerned, we want to make
sure that if we do another record it is as
that, and 1 write for the
Hanson Brothers on guitar.
Also, the last record we
did was sort of bass heavy
and sort of moody and
medium tempo and a lot
of sort of long songs. I
think it is just naturally (that)
you seek a just get
sort of tired of doing (the same thing).
Did you think that you had something to
explain to your audience with this album?
Well, yeah, I think that's why the title's a
bit of a pompous joke and the songs
seem to be all concerning outward
whqt are the perceived mores and
norm's -of reality around you, in a social,
personal and metaphysical sense. It was
sort of just a *6tg doubt and a rejection
too, (hence) thd*name Nomeansno.
Would you say that Mama Is the definitive Nomeansno album?' If -you had Just
called It quits after that would*that have
been fine? *••.
In a sense it was, because it was th^
purest. It was the one that had the
least idea of what we were doing,
the one that had the most spontaneous. ..urn...whatever this is, we are
just going to do it. It was the one that
things. We've never been much of a
political band, most of our songs are
about people on the personal level,
and sort of personal emotions and stuff
like that. The title is taken from a quote
from Heiddeger, who was a German
philosopher, and also a bit of a Nazi,
and we thought it fit the tone of the subject. My hobby is reading unreadable
books and (Heiddeger's) Being and
Time Is one of them.
Getting back to the early days of
Nomeansno, how did It all start? Did you
and John have jazz training?
John did, he was in a very good school
formed us into the band that we did
become because the fact that we
were working just as a rhythm section,
without a guitar, not by any plan of
ours, just made it completely different. So, when we added a guitar
player, what we were doing was
already set.
When did you wake up and say, "I can't
believe It, I'm a rock 'n roller! This Is
what I dol"?
That's exactly how it happened. We
never planned it, we just suddenly
looked around and said, "Oh my
God...we're doing this."
What   did   you   think
after that?
Well, It was a problem,
actually, because the
whole business of making music is detrimental to making music. To
worry about tours,
managers, records,
money, audience - all
that stuff has nothing to
do with music - that's a
whole different thing
you have to deal with,
and the more it (grows
and becomes) a part
of your life, and it
becomes a big part of
your life when that's
how you make your living, that becomes a distraction and
often you don't really see it coming that
way. You wake up one day and say, I
spent all my time thinking about guarantees and press, or avoiding ft, you
know all the politics that are involved in
music - especially in our kind of music,
which had this real streak of having to
be in the business of making music, but
yet outside of it and against it, which it
was a trick that not many people could
accomplish; especially these days, you
know, it's impossible. You're in a capitalist business, the most you can do is try to
"♦keep it at bay, from the creative
enti^avour that you're doing. It
becaffte.a problem and I think that's
one of the"re.asons why Andy (Kerr) left
the band. He'fjpver got to the point
where he wanted* Ta .do that.
Speaking of Andy KerV/when he
wrote the song "Small PaHs^."
What was It like playing that
song live? ..••'*"
He didn't write that,s»h*g. Andy
wrote a lot of spies', but he sang a
majority^, the songs because I
lost j«y" voice at one point. I
..■hfcfd operations on my vocal
chords at the very beginning,
right when we started to do c
majority of our touring, so
Andy used to sing most of
the songs I wrote, cuz
could only, even as I
better and better, sing a
few songs. I'm back to
where I can sing a total
set and stuff.
How can people even
less  than  half  your
age, 14-year olds who
come to your all-ages
shows,   maybe   even
younger...Intellectually you'd
be bounds above them. How :J
Is It they understand and
enjoy your music?
Well, a lot of them are really
smart, (although) I think I'm
bounds above them experience-wise.   I  think  it's/
because music is something you don't have to
enjoy on an intellectual
level. And, I think that
a lot of things that
you  get out
music are things'
you don't know, and that is one of the
14   APRIL 1996 main attractions to it.
Music expresses a variety of depths, colours
of emotion and experiences which words
will never do because
words are distinct and
intellectual and cold
and objective.
So Is It an attempt to
approach the abstract
with music?
No, it's exactly the
opposite, it's an
attempt to reach
people under that
abstraction. You use
ideas and thoughts
and language, of
course - it's all polluted, there is no purity in music, or anything else. But music doesn't use
language the way a poem or a short
story or a novel or an essay does. Music
is feminine and in that sense it deals
with things that transcend the rational,
distant, and uncaring view you could
take. And that's why 14-year olds
would appreciate our kinds of music,
because they're not cramped into
their own clear-cut view and the
mechanics of being alive. They're still
just like, "where*. Hopefully, Ihey can
retain some of those feelings and that
energy and that openness as they
grow older - and I hope that's some-
more educational to get into^betftings
you don't know'constantly
restate and repftifm the things you
_ do kncjwr'and everyone around
Y.yoeJ'la-iows...going around think-
fing we're these gods on a stick
K who know everything.
TFf*.Jnfamous Scientists, you produced aseven-lnch with "CKDA" on
It. HoW.did all that happen?
Cuz It w<_9.gevln Lee of Bum
I and John and*Andy and you
1 produced It? ""*-*..
[ At that point, John'toain't
leven in the band. Tfle..
^Infamous Scientists were a
^ band before Nomeansno
|^was a band, and people in Pink Steel, which
L became The Sweaters,
^and the Wardells,
_ which became
The Sweaters -
^they're all old
^Victoria boys.
And of course,
\\ Dayglo Abortions
were the first,
f and the most obnoxious - and they
f retain those credentials to this date.
r All cottage products, people who
had no idea really what they were
[ doing. I knew nothing about recording,
j I just did it. At that point Andy didn't
I even have any distortion on his guitar.
r Actually, I think he was against that at
that point. He wanted a nice, clean guitar sound...pure. When he started getting involved with us, over the years it
got dirtier and dirtier and dirtier.
Anything else you'd really like to talk
^ I'm still glad to see that the DiSCORDER
is still taking an interest in the band. We
got our first major exposure In
Vancouver through a big DISCORDER
interview. It happened at a show that
we did with the Violent Femmes, in the
first of the '80s. We did this demo of
"Self-Pity" on the four-track and CiTR
played the shit out of that, and that's
basically how we got established and
sort of got the name and could come
over here and play. We were so far out
of the stream of things in those days. We
still try to keep the business at arm's
length...although we might put out the
Hanson Brothers through Essential Noise,
which is our manager's label, which has
a promotion and distribution deal with
Virgin. We may, we haven't decided
yet. because the Hanson Brothers are a
band who a) no one can change the
creative/aesthetic purpose of the
(Hanson Brothers), it's set in stone and b)
it's sort of a show biz band, really. I
mean, it's a joke, it's an act.
Do you think that things like Mr. Wrong
and the Hanson Brothers are ways of distancing yourself know, you're
always wearing masks.
Well, with Nomeansno we always try to
keep our personalities to a minimumjir"'
our promo pictures, only rare|y«d*d we
actually appear in them*" because
music is not abou+'fhe personalities
involved. I r\eve*f met Stravinsky, I never
met VYagtier. (Personality) can be inter-
t£stirig, but it is more interesting in terms
ment entity, and that's where it
becomes really important. It's more
important that Michael Bolton be
Michael Bolton than that he sing those
songs. Whereas with us, the songs and
music do the talking. I don't really much
like being involved as a personality,
that's not something I aspire to, and I
don't know why anyone does. It seems
to me the people who are really
extremely famous, it just does nothing
but screw them up completely, and
that should be obvious to everyone -
from Elvis to Michael Jackson. Look at
these people, their lives, they've turned
"into shit. Look at (Elvis): he died on the
toilet-ipt and in his 40s - and he was the
King! AnfHthink eventually Henry Rollins
suddenly b"e*ii§ved he was "Henry
Rollins", not Herfry. Rollins the person,
whoever that wa*s*>..He suddenly
believed that he was th'e-L-jenry who
was on the album covers and The. Henry
who was on stage - the personaV-Wp
one is a persona. A persona is a comic*-
book, it's an image like Mr. Wrong. It's
clear to me, I'm not Mr. Wrong. Thai's
why I take it to the extreme, that's why
it's such an extreme costume, I'm saying, "Look here, this is an icon". There is
something removed from all of us. Even
if I tried to get up there and be myself, I
don't think that's possible. But I also try,
when I'm Mr. Wrong, to, in the course of
the evening, peel it all off. And that's
partly because the costume is annoying
to wear, but it's also that I want people
to say "It's coming off now". I'm letting
down my hair and showing that it is
show, and I'm trying to break those
boundaries a little bit. (Although) I don't
think that you ever can - just look at how
hard it is to know anyone you do know.
personally. I mean, how many people
do you really know and really know you,
and even those people, how much of
what they do and say...What's really
going on there? And how well do you
know yourself? These are the kind of
things I like to deal with in Mr. Wrong and
Nomeansno. I certainly don't want to
buy my own schtick, or become a parody of myself, and that's a constant
danger. But, in a way, I'm also saying
that everyone also is that. That's to
some extent what a personality is - it's
I first did it, it was like "wow", but after
you do It a few times you know what's
going to happen when you get there:
you're in a bar where people are having drinks and picking up girls instead of
listening to you. But if the rewards
weren't there of actually getting up on
stage and actually having a good time
and feeling like you are doing something
good, having people appreciate it, if
that wasn't still happening, we probably
wouldn't do it. It's hard to keep that
going, it's hard to keep focussed on the
an act, it's a lie. You're trying to be
somebody,   you're   not   somebody,
you're trying to be somebody. You're
frying to be who you are.
Almost always. That's what a song like
"Cats, Sex and Nazis" is about. Your life,
from the moment you get up to the
important things, which is the music.
That's it, getting in front of people, doing
something with all the energy you have
and equipment you have and then
people responding in kind, and creating
a real feeling, you know, which is fill of all
sorts of different feelings, that's what it's
about. That's it....all the rest is bullshit.
Your life, from the moment
yOU get Up to the moment you go to
bed, is the process,pf selling
moment you go to bed, is the process    jnto'-vieW bV Stev/e  DipO
of selling yourself as this person that you     '   ,v^' y
want other people to know you are,
.and that you want to know you are. Main PhotOS by Pou! QOfke, Ottv
tve^jf those two are changed, you'll be of-? from DisSCQRDER archives.
trying*to.fool people and maybe you're
frying to focJ. yourself in the same way,
and to try to flndJhat real little core...ha
ha...keep looking, Vdgn't know, I never
found it. (laughs) I dont^ink it's there,
(keeps laughing) **♦..
Wow....Speaklng of the whole live thing,
has the feeling of doing this changed
throughout the years, Is It still...?
Well, I'd be lying if I said it was as exciting
as the first times we did it. After you do
something for IO years the novelty wears
off, and also, perhaps, your tolerance
level for the nuts and bolts and the
annoying things about it becomes less
and less. I don't enjoy spending eight
hours in a van driving to Winnipeg. When
fs n^^sm^ between
s .rbylc-ndrea & amber dawn * » ; «»;
This spring, all the zine kids will be com
ing out to play at conventions and festi
vals. By the time you get your hands on
this issue of DiSCORDER, the New Bedford
Festival, the Cleveland Underground Music
Festival, and the Detroit Rock City Long Music
Weekend will have occurred. These hardcore
festivals are one way of meeting and trading
with zine writers in person. Winnipeg will also
be the host of a hardcore festival on May 10-
12 However, June and July are the months
that I look forward to. Three girl conventions
in three weeks makes it perfect for a tri-city
tour. The tour starts off June 21-23 in Santa
Barbara and then moves to Portland on June
28-30 and ends in Seattle July 5-7. All of
these conventions will feature workshops, live
performances and zine exchanges. If anyone
is looking for more information on these conventions and festivals, please send
a self-addressed stamped envelope to Andrea at Between the
Lines c/o DiSCORDER.
Birds of a Feather # I
(one page)
Billed as a queer networking/
awareness monthly newsletter,
this one-pager has a lot of promise. The first issue is basically a
blueprint of what Gracie hopes
to accomplish with her newsletter, which is a tool for queer
punks to share emotions, ideas
and projects with other queer
punks, as well as to show the
punk community that queers
exist.  Gracie promises to
have classifieds, guest columns, and letters. This is a
project that could help a lot
of kids network and get the
support they need, especially when they don't receive any from those around
them.   Send a  stamp to
Gracie Bartlett, 2424 Carpenter, Hamtramck, Michigan 48212 USA.
Sola Mente #3
(5.5 X 4.5; 24 pgs)
5o/a Mente is a collection of stories and observations of everyday life in
New York City. Danielle and her contributors
write about what is going on around them in
a thought-provoking manner, leaving the
reader to decide the meanings of the situations described. Danielle also talks about privilege, about kids who are rich enough to be
punk-rock because they can afford the indie
labels, records, stereo equipment and musical instruments. Kids who can be punk-rock
because nothing is on the line for them and
their 'ideals' aren't threatening the way they
live. Danielle is a skilled writer, and she was
a breath of fresh air for me. Send a buck/
trade to Danielle, 4509 Bedford Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11235-2524 USA.
I'm So Fucking Beautiful #3
(8.5 X 11; 64 pgs)
The long-awaited third instalment of the ISFB
series is finally out, and even better than ever.
This zine changed my life and made me realize that fat oppression is real, and it made me
deal with my own issues of self-hate. This zine
has various contributors, and it talks about all
the different aspects of fat oppression. Nomy
writes about mind/body separation (and war),
"separate mind from body, cuz we are told to
believe that our only real self is inside of us
What if you feel at fault for everything exterior, and can't find anything within? What if
you're taught everyday since you can remember to hate your body, don't look at it, everyone else hates it too
and it's your fault..."
It contains a discussion between Mary and
Nomy about their experiences in the sex industry, and letters to friends that were both
critical and recognitive of their support.
Nomy's writing style has evolved - she is no
longer angry, and she wants to reach out and
build community. I recommend this zine for people who are dealing with size oppression and
those who want to understand it. Order from
Riot Grrl Press, Box 33-345 E. Broadway, Van
couver, B.C., V5T 1W5.
Lisa UonhoartZino #2
(11 X5.5;48pgs)
Besides being huge, this zine is amazing. Kate
and Katherine discuss various topics intelligently and conscientiously. Katherine talks
about going to the Dominican Republic with
an organization called Amigos de las Americas, and how she came back thinking that it
was a great experience, until she came across
a quote by Birute Galdikas in Reflection of
Eden saying how students and researchers
who go into the field for a year or two usually
come back thinking that they themselves are
experts on the host country, when they really
remained outsiders. Kate and Katherine also
discuss the I.Q. Bell Curve and how it really
excludes people who are not white and upper-middle class. Coming out and wanting to
have a girl/girl relationship and affirmative
action are also discussed. Send $2 to
Katherine Aaron, 17 Farewell PL, Cambridge
MA 02183 USA.
Humor and Dark Truth # 1
(8.5X5.5; 14 pgs)
There's a new kid in zineland and her name
is August. Similar to many first zines I've read,
H&DT#1 seems to be an explosion of previously unexpressed emotion and thought. However overwhelming this zine may be, the writing is well-managed and August conveys herself quite clearly. This zine mainly examines
the mother-daughter relationship. August confronts her mom's failure to protect her as a
child from her oppressive stepfather, and other
abuses she faced, as well her mother's denial
of her being queer. What she has realised is
that growing up in this kind of environment
had negative effects on her partnerships with
wimmin and her attitude towards men. I feel
that this zine is important because it has
shown me not to hesitate in
criticising my own parents.
And how appropriate that
this zine, being a first issue,
focuses on the author's first
exposure to conditioning and ''))
oppression, her mom. Write
August c/o See the World,
Chicken, 406-1701 Powell
Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1 H6.
Boggs and Aching #4
(8.5X5.5; 31 pgs)
It's been a while since I last reviewed a zine or comic solely because of its artwork. Not that the
written content is lacking. In fact,
some of the subtle humour and intriguing storylines pleased me as
much as the illustrations. B&A#4 is
a collaborative effort featuring artists Ron Turner, Jason Rains, Will Yum,
Mike Reid, Phil Dion and Kacey
McDougall. With the exception of
Dion's and McDougall's strips (which
are leaning towards sci-fi), all of the
comics are about the strangeness of everyday life. I suggest Beggs and Aching
even for those who aren't frequent comic
readers. It's like going to see an animation festival, comic-style. It gives a glimpse
of new, independent and talented artists,
and best of all, it's from Vancouver. I picked
up my copy at Scratch Records. Otherwise,
write the man who put it all together, Black
Belt in Tofu Publications, 406-1915 Haro
St., Vancouver, BC V6G 1H9.
The Nerdy Grrrl Revolution
(8.5 X 5.5; 55 pgs)
I love it when a zine has the ability to pull me
in right from the beginning and hold my interest until the very last page. Val and Nomi of
The Nerdy Grrrl Revolution have done just that
and more - they left me with a lot to think about
even after I had finished reading. In the first
piece Val remembers an all-girl picnic she attended where one of the activities was to hit
large red, white and blue papier mache penis pinatas with baseball bats. She mentions
that this was a funny and creative way to get
the message across; however, she questions
how empowering the picnic's penis-bashing
theme really was for the wimmin who attended. This humorous but always analytical
approach to writing is predominant throughout this zine, even when discussing issues such
as racism and classism. Val and Nomi also
discuss the power struggle, and other problems, within their own friendship (a topic that
is probably applicable to anyone dealing with
communication difficulties in a relationship).
Whether you're a nerdy grrrl or not, this zine
is filled with lots of revolution. Write 1 20 State
N.E. #1510, Olympia, WA 98501 USA, send
trade US stamps and/or $$$.
I'm Jonny and I Don't Give a Fuck
(4 X 5.5; 22 pgs)
Your pal Andy is back and as hilarious as
ever with this illustrated mini called Punch
Drunk. This zine is actually a pictorial history
of his life as a fighter. It seems as though Andy
was the target of many a bully during his childhood years, and even the battles he initiated
were lost. He has been beaten by almost
'everyone', from a nudist to
the cops,  his big
to Paul McKenzie of the band
The Real McKenzies. Considering that Andy
is now a non-fighter and a big wimp (his
words) makes this zine even funnier. Punch
Drunk is free, so send challenges and tofu dessert recipes to PO Box 21533-1850 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC V5L 1H6.
t6   APRIL 1996  Hullol We're going to start off this month
with a pock of three mostly instrumental
bands. We hear lhat Flowchart, formerly
Heroine (until ihey found out lhat there is already a
heavy metal bond of the same name!), and currently darlings of John Peel have broken up. Their
Acoustic Ambience 7", released on their own Fuzzy
Box label, is quite different from iheir full-length (on
Carrot Top Records), which we liked despite, or
maybe because of, ihe fact lhat it sounds amazingly similar lo Stereolab. This 7" is aptly titled -
layered sounds of keyboards and drum beats
on (he Aside, followed by the B-side's "Wurlilzer
Inn", a more dubby song with atmospheric female vocals. (Fuzzy Box, 35 Horseshoe Dr. Mt.,
Laurel, NJ, 08054)
We pretty much knew what to expect when we
saw the new 7" by Deluxx, a band featuring Bob
Fay (Sebadoh) on drums, Ann Slinn on bass and
congas and Mork Perrelto on (crazy) guitar and
olio clarinet. We weren't surprised or disappointed
to hear these three works of well-constructed guitar-
noise-rock-art. "Spreadable" and "Barn Taco" both
push the limits on how far Deluxx can wank, distort, and be loud while retaining some sort of
melody, thanks lo Slinn's catchy bass lines. "Pocket
Watch", ihe last song, is less chaotic, wilh the more
subdued sounds of the clarinet. Fans of the older,
more experimental Sebadoh should check this out.
(Lissy's Records, who didn't have the presence of
mind to include an address! Dumb.)
A*., which is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet,
is also the name of a band. Since it is part of the
Palace Records family, and since our copy of their
family tree was eaten by our dog, we can't tell you
exactly who ihe eleven members of M are. We
believe thai M is basically David Pajo (of Slint, Tortoise) joined by members of King Kong. We know
lhat the music created by ihem is pretty darn pretty.
"Safeless" b/w "Napoleon* are two lush compositions of soothing pop originals. Completely instrumental, this is a Codeine-styled soundtrack for your
indie-rock dinner. (M Headquarters: 5007 Old Federal Road, Louisville, Kentucky, 40207; or available through Drag City: PO Box 476867, Chicago,
Illinois, 60647-6857 or email
The second Palace Records release of this month
is by songs:ohia. "nor cease thou never now..."
contains two songs lhat sound more like the Palace
Brothers than ihe Palace Brothers themselves. Both
songs are tilled very literally, so you can guess the
song themes before listening "Freedom Part 2" is
an upbeat, traditional folk melody with acoustic
guitar and what sounds like conga drums, while
"Soul" is more soulful and bluesy with very Wil
Oldham-esque vocals. Two extremely emotional and
melodic Iracks to tide you over 'til the nextOldham-
fueled release, (c/o Drag City Records, see above.)
News from the riot grrrl world: Seattle's Tattle
Tale have broken up. But don't despair, cuz
Modigan has just released a new single, entitled
Madigan Plays With Herself Not only does
she play wilh herself (buy the record and you'll get
stickers reminding us all that "Masturbation is Safe
Sex"), she also harmonizes wilh herself nicely, doing a good job of making up for the loss of Tattle
Tale's Jen on vocal duties. We like the A-side, "Curse
of Superman", which boasts cello and guitar and
sounds similar in style to the angst-folk-acoustic-punk
of Tattle Tale. "2nd False Start" doesn't appeal to
our indie rock ears - it's ihe softrock ballad on this
record, featuring a full band sound, with drums,
piano, and guitar - a bit too schmaltzy. This is a co-
release by Moon Puss ond Live Transmission, formerly HorseKitty Records/Studios. (Moon Puss, PO
Box 55091, Seattle, WA, 98155)
We loved Weeping in Fits and Starts' track
on The Long Secret (a cool CD compilation celebrating Harriet Records' fifth anniversary), and were
excited when we figured out that the Bridge to Nowhere 7" wasn't yet another attempt by the major
labels to 'break' the indie market (the slick, full-colour packaging rirew us ofR). Greg Jacobs, lormerfy (?)
ihe drummer of twee-poppers ihe Lotus Eaters, played
oil instruments on former WIFAS recordings, but now
seems lo be letting olhers join ihe parly. Anolher notch
on his indie rock belt is that he also frequently accompanies Helium on stage with his accordion. This
record is comparable to old R.E.M. (you know, lhat
'80's college rock sound) in its folk-rock leanings,
with violin, plenty of distortion, and steady rock
drums. Look for a full-length CD soon! (Rhubarb
Records, PO Box 1295, Brookline, MA, 02146.)
When we reviewed Orange Glass' last 7", it
was just Ron Bales; now, they're a full band, with
Tara S'Appart on bass and vocals, and Chris
Flonnagan on drums. Once again on Soppy, this
record is similar in appearance to the last one, wilh
its use of photographs and silver ink. Side A's songs
don't stray far from the Easl Coast rock formula:
fast, power-chord pop with sincere, melodic, boy
vocals. The second side is more rockin', starling off
with "A Year and Some", the one track sung by
Tara, who can really belt it out! (Sappy Records,
PO Box 25097, Moncton, NB, E1C 9M9)
Vancouver label Trakshun Industries, home to
local superstars Good Horsey and Pork Queen, have
released their third volume of the Optional Ingredients From a Vile Recipe series of 7-inches with always original cover art. We claim no knowledge of
'noise' and whatever fits into, around, or above the
category, but we wanted to lell you aboul this release anyhow. The first track is by San Francisco's
one-woman noise project, Teensy Weensy Operator. Her "Bite Me" is full of balloon-powered
sounds that remind us of bed springs. The Shaking Ray Levis Double Keyboard Band play
keyboards reminiscent of Atari and we've been
warned lhat people in the first row will gel wet.
Japan's Everest contributes the prettiest piece on
ihis record, wilh their new wave, lo-fi techno which
alternates between extreme fuzziness ond cleanliness. Dylan and Lisa are Prick Decay, from Scotland, who run Iheir own cassette label called Chocolate Monk. (Watch for a guest appearance by
Thurston Moore on an upcoming Prick Decay re- |
lease.) Last on this compilation is a noisy bit (sur- J
prise, surprise) by Bone Cure, featuring Eric, gui- i
tarist from Bellingham's Noggin. (Trakshun c/o 1 09 j
W. Cordova St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 1E1)
Paula Frazer, who coincidentolly appeared
on Volume 2 of Optional Ingredients..., and is in
the country band Tarnation, has released a solo 7"
on Sunday Driver Records with three tracks which
also appear in different versions on
Tarnation full-length, Gentle Creatures. All three
songs are much rougher and more echo-y sounding than the band versions, so it's worth it to have
both the single and the album. This 7" contains
Frazer's wonderfully strong vocals and strummy folk
guitar on "The Hand", "Is She Lonesome Now"
and "Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right", all
of which make you feel that you and Frazer are
alone in your backyard on a sunny Sunday afternoon. (Sunday Driver, 2017 Loweriine, New Orleans, Louisiana, 791 18)
The pop hit award of this month goes to LA's
Sissy Bar, who have come up with a good
cept for their cover: Iwo different ones to please
everybody. One side is '80s notebook chic adorned
wilh hearts and colourful unicorns, the olher is mod
in subdued shades. The A-side on this swirly rasp
berry record is "Sod to Say", which is a lush sounding hi-fi production of funky drum machine beats
and simple, fuzzy guitar chords similar to those used
by Charles Brown Superstar and ihe Strawberry
Jams (both found on ihe Poop Alley Tapes compilation). The band is able lo stay pretty and melancholy without sounding sappy (even though we like
a little bit of sap every now and again!). Side B's
"Free to Be" makes good use of the interesting
combo of banjo ond distorted guitar. The pretty and
smooth anlhemic female vocals only add to ihe salty
flavour of this song. You may already know and
love Sissy Bar because ihey released a 10" last
year on Love Kit Records featuring two different
cover versions of Snoop Doggy Dog's "Gin and
Juice". (Moo-Tron Records, 4470 Sunset Blvd., Suite
527, Los Angeles, CA, 90027)
More along the lines of indie-pop, Tart have
released Lunchbox Style Disaster on Sweet Pea
Records. The first song on the A-side, "Shut Up",
nearly cracked us up because of its incredible similarity to "99 Red Balloons", wilh its upbeat and
cute folky harmonies. Unfortunately, this is the
most memorable track on the record; by the time
we'd reached the last song, we decided that the
record as a whole didn't quite have 'it' - whatever 'it' is. (Sweet Pea Records, PO Box 408967,
Chicago, IL, 60640)
Another of our favourite singles this month is
by Pennikurvers, who we think are named after a '70s skating star. A pretty blue and silver
cover, thick clear blue vinyl, and three charming
chansons. We love their brand of discordant pop
and their pretty, soft vocals that remind us of ihe
fragile quality of Jen from Tattle Tale and Rose
Melberg. Our only criticism is that the vocals are
eilher too low in the mix or too distorted, and their
last song, "Autumn in February", tended to drag.
(Dieselhead Records, Inc. 9349 Greenwell St.,
Bellflower, CA, 90706)
Taft Hotel are apparently a band comprised
of college radio kids from San Luis Obispo. We
can imagine whal their playlist must include: Unwound, Slint, Codeine, Rodan, Drive Like Jehu...
Side A's "Free the Witches" is primarily quiet and
slow and keeps you waiting for the burst of noise
ihot inevitably interrupts ihese kinds of songs, but in
ihis one it comes at the very end as a sonic blast of
raw bass and drums. Side B's "Purple" is the kind
of fast-paced hardcore that makes our throats hurt
just listening ta it. Screaming, and lhat's about it.
Released on Co-Dependent, which is "a cooperative organization which funds creative projects by
pooling a little bit of money from a lotta bit of
people. Any profit made from the sale of these
recordings will go to the next Co-Dependent
project". (Co-Dependent, PO 1625, San Luis
Obispo, CA, 93406)
Last of the month, we bring to you Super 5
Thor's Tubeless Ignition EP on Los Angeles' No Life
Records. Do you wanna know what ihey sound like?
Like ihis foursome has spent many a sleepless night
listening to the Jesus and Mary Chain and Galaxie
500. Pleasant and tranquil. No Life, PO Box
461778, IA, CA, 90046)
Our Stupid Noise - a compilation featuring
Speedbuggy, Radioblaster, Thee Suddens
and The New Grand. Codislributed by Chester's Funtime, Bubblegun, Squirtgun and Sappy. A
celebration of up-and-coming independent bands
from across Canada, (c/o Chester's Funtime Records
Collection, #603-1483 Larney's Mill Road, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3Y7)
Pumpernickel "Lovely Dear" +2 - the third release from Girl Afraid's cool Pop Kid Records featuring these Scarsdale, NY rockers. (Pop Kid, PO
Box 53 201, Ottawa, ON, K1 N 1C5)
Chris Knox, "Songs from 1990" - a reissue of
five songs by this Tall Dwarfs member which originally oppeared on the Flying Nun 10" EP Songs
for 1990. (Caroline Records, 114 W. 26th Si. 1 1 th
floor, NY NY, 10001)
Vineland, "Obsidian" b/w "Thicket" - featuring
Jon Fine, ex-Bitch Magnet. (Zero Sum Records, PO
Box 1080, Peter Stuyvesanl Station, NY NY, 10009)
"d kUu |iris nl 2* P0UBW-7-CMIMBn*) $ 13
•foilwt' T (CHAW) Si •
"SUM Light So!" •» OOTTIKAP) S
"tor f*f» ilrpliM -riltt!' T (PAPKeUT) S5-
•ot*r i\\r«'u>twanaaa>
"Skoo-k.a Chi.l Powered Teenage Zit
"Atlanta Whiskey flits" LP CP0PUAMA) $10
jo-     IP0MVWUA»$'2-
"Sti.r hit> Down* r atoa m roll •*.* $5
50-     '13 So„ hwi* a (TOP PIU*M» CC
6*00m 0HOULI6S
Milkii' Ibovt Yon" r CPH-UP) $5 50\
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^Cj'phone (604) 669-MINT » fax (604) 669-6478 » email
f8   APRIL 1996 llji1VER5E
_y *m*ww m*?i jmr--
'__irl___ff^S^^^Trrry^ ^^^'^^^''^T ■IK"1B
■;:■■-. .   :;::.:.::::'-* .^s;... :■;:;&....■:**■ ■**: .wi:-,s .-.  *si ...   *" .*;:..  *■•  ■
Arc You Building A Tompkt In
Debby Vander Wall and Matt Suggs
return with a collection oi more pop
hits lo laze away the spring blues
(that's blue skies ..). She clicks Ihe
slicks and sings, he strums the strings
and alternately sings deep like Calvin
Johnson and high like Steve Malkmus
on helium, and they've apparently
even gol a new permanent bassist.
The instrument list this lime is extensive: wilh the added touches of saxophone, cello, clarinet, trumpet, organ,
and piano, the resulting Butterglory
'sound' is pretty much what we might
expect as a follow-up to Ihe greal but
simple and sparse Crumble released
a couple ol years ago. These Super-
chunk pals are more polished this time
'round in both the recording/production (by infamous Dave Trumfio) and
Ihe song writing, and although not
even Are You Building...'s "She's Gol
The Akshun" can lop Iheir "Wailing
on Ihe Guns" (now covered by the
Wedding Present), this is still a heavenly release not to be disregarded.
The Black Spot
(Essential Noise/Virgin)
Maybe il was the limes, bul during
Ihe lale 80s D.O.A. Ireaded in a
wasteland thai seemed oul of synch
with Ihe era. Joey Shithead and Co.
appeared tired and missing the spark
ol earlier punk dassics such as 1982's
"War On 45". Blame it on a genera-
lion thai embraced crass commercialism wilh such zeal that Wall Street still
gels an erection over Ihe fond memories that produced Ihe baby boomers.
Many a punk had washed Ihe dye oul
of Iheir hair and donned suits to enter
the real world of mortages, minivans
and Elton John.
Trying lo bludgeon the bullshit of
Ihe 90s, D.O.A. has re-merged wilh
one of their belter albums in years.
Aggressively defiant and humourous,
The Black Spot lobs the spittle with a
wonderful fury reminiscent of the heyday of punk.
Ripping through 16 hardcore ditties, D.O.A. put Ihe boots lo a reworking of David Peel's "Have Marijuana"
and blast through some of the bands
stronger material in years, including
"Blind Men", "More", and "Road
Kill". The perfect house wrecking parly
Pieter Hohnann
Coolers Are Not Bear Proof
This is pure pop music for "shiny,
happy people". Styled in an R.E.M.-
or Pavemenl-iike fashion, The Emptys,
a Vancouver band, can brighten your
day or make you sick, depending on
your taste in music. The only Ihing lhal
really differentiates ihem from R.E.M.
is Iheir vocals, bul everything else
sounds like the/re covering some*hing
from Green or Murmur. Fast-paced
pop songs for those of us who sometimes don'l feel like being force-fed
feedback or being surrounded by
chunky power chords. The highlight
of the five-song cassette is the tune
"Opportunists' Holiday". I like Ihe
whole tape.
Chris Corday
Cvmry Night For You
I'm not a big fan of psychedelic guitar. However, I like Juned because lo
me ihey are one of Ihe few '90s bands
lhal incorporates the sound of psychedelic guitar without sounding either
wanky or cheesy. The originality of
their sound also lies in their use of girl
harmonies, because psychedelic rock
has tended lo be the domain of whining boys. The softness of Ihe vocals
caught me by surprise. They smoothly
meld lots of styles within songs - moving from psychedelic lo pop lo garage
- without choppy transitions, leaving
you wondering later on when the
tempo shifted and how it shifted without you noticing (see "Possum"), and
sometimes by successfully blending at
once elements of the different genres
lo produce somelhing all together new
(check oul "Dig" and "When It
Oh yeah. And all you hidden track
freaks have cause to rejoice.
Krisla James
movie nights.
na/i#-e>u£,wa&Affwm'&f, ea?/w/ia>.
one on one peer suport.
freedinner!  *        *>
aooat/vod, #wdram, aooddrinA, aaodfam&)
™ 3 day retreat
free cA/wrtuaito fa aefout t>f?Ae a'fo a/u/Area/Ae domefrejAacr
sounds interesting?     #
jr   private  &  annonymous   pager   because we're aU fa this together.
hell, we might even go bowling!
(Big life/Butterfly)
Wilh the original line-up of Jaz
Coleman, Youth, Glover, Walker and
Dugmore (without the help Ihese days
of Atkins and Raven), Killing Joke's
current foray into the 1990s (after Iheir
return. Pandemonium) reminds us just
how much things stay the same Ihe
more Ihey change. Killing Joke inspired Ihe current punk-driven techno
movement, gave industrial its artistic
edge, makes metal stomachable, and
still remains the lasl vestige of '80s
thrash. Their bass player, Youth, is
even the producer for many a fine
lechno-ambienl band (e.g. System 7
and Ihe Drum Club), while Killing Joke
themselves spawned the Orb. Bul ihey
have kept iheir sound all their own
and Democracy is proof of lhal. While
labelled as 'metal' in record stores,
one can tell bands like Lush, Aztec
Camera and Britpoppers are all mere
derivatives. Admittedly, Democracy
isn't Ihe strongest album - I still think
Pandemonium and Laugh? I Nearly
Bought Onel are more clever - bul
Killing Joke created the template. It's
time to face your maker...
Il is sometimes the case that bands
which are amazing, crazy, outrageous, inventive, entertaining and jusl
alive when they play live fail to cap-
lure thai energy when Ihey come lo
record, and thus lose a lot in the translation. Happily, local band Knockin'
Dog have not been a victim of this
syndrome, and Simplex is a wonderful record. These guys draw from more
musical styles than you'll find represented by a cruise through your local
record store and weld them inlo something distinctive and unique. OK, OK
- Ihis is my way of saying lhal Ihey
defy detailed description in anything
under 1000 words, and lhal Ahmet
and Dweezil Zappa should give in
now, because Knockin' Dog are Ihe
true heirs of papa Frank's musical
genius. Simplex is different lo Knockin'
Dog's live show, but jusl as good - they
can work within the studio environment and create somelhing appropriate lo lhal, while also being able lo
explode live into a glorious sonic Hydra, making both experiences an exquisite musical trip. Run, don'l walk,
to the mail box to send $10 to K-9
Unit, PO Box 291 44, Delamonl Postal
Outlet, Vancouver, B.C., V6J 5C2.
Sophie Hamley
(Paradise Alley)
I don't like Ihis EP.
Holly McNarland has an incredible voice lhal is wasted on this album: when I listen to it I always find
myself wishing the band would jusl
go away so I could listen to her voice
without distraction. Admittedly, pari of
why I  found  Ihe instrumental
lhat Ihe ri
photo of Holly sucking her pie-
fingers on the EP cover had lead me
to expect a less marketable and more
in-your-face style. Bul the real problem for me is lhal the band seems lo
be trying lo make Holly sound like
Sarah McLachlan; and while Ihis
works for Sarah, Ihis sort of instrumentation drains the energy oul of Holly's
songs, waters ihem down and makes
them too palatable. Il is Ihe two least
Sarah McLachlan-y Iracks on Ihis album that work the best. The softly
acoustic "I Won't Stay" exploits the
rawness of Holly's voice, whereas the
louder and harsher "Sick Boy" makes
room for her anger.On both Iracks the
band seems lo have slopped trying lo
turn Holly into the easy listening mall
rock she isn't, either by shutting up
and just letting the girl sing, or by
Krisla James
Tho Shores of Holl
I've seen the name Mark Brodie and
Ihe Beaver Patrol around for a while
bul always stayed away from Ihem
because I figured that, wilh a name
like lhal, ihey must be some bar band
specializing in the 'hits'. Well, although their name is pretty lame, ihey
are in fact a fairly decent surf trio.
Pretty much whal you'd expect from a
surf band: guitar, drums, bass wilh a
little (very) Hammond B thrown in for
Bty. Bad name, good
I popul
10% Woird
(Frontier Records)
Sprung from the same fertile loins as
those bastard products of punk eugenics. Green Day (albeit second cousins once removed), Ihe Meanies, Australian experts of the shorl/sharp/
shokl school of floorboard-shaking
rock, have whipped oul yet another
platter o' gems. One might take ihem
lo task for mining the same musical
vein for loo long, but when they do il
fasl'n'furious'n'fun. Thanks, boys.
Angela Danes
I really loved the new Ministry album
until I actually heard it. Allow me to
explain. In small doses (say, two or
Ihree songs a week), Fillhpig sounds
like it was intended to - heavy, sleazy
and gleefully surly. Taken in its entirely,
Ihough, Ihe album sounds more lhan
a little cheesy, repetitive and tedious.
There's a cover of Dylan's "Lay Lady
Lay", so straightforward you kind of
wonder why they bothered, and a
number of songs thai sound like they
got stretched out lo five minules
against their will. O.K., it's not as godawful as I'm making il sound - "Reload", "Crumbs" and "Lava" are all
pretty cool - but it is disappointing.
Oh well. Is Ministry becoming a
chore? Have Ihey just plain outlived
their purpose? Only Al Jourgensen
and Paul Barker know for sure. Yeah,
Ministry are a metal band for the '90s
- bul lhal band could jusl be Spinal
Tara Nelson
Heavy Petting Zoo
Besides having ihe beslest, moslest
punk rock title of recent memory, this
CD by fan favourite NOFX is like
manna from heaven when compared
with some of Ihe other drudge on Epitaph's roster (rip-off wannabes Rancid and Offspring lake heed). Not one
hinl of recycled Clashl Noi one iota
of regurgitated leen spiritl NO ONE
singing in Joe Strummer's voicel So
already it's good. Bul there's more -
witty lyricsl Sincere inlrospeclionl
Nudity! Fun I All ground up, irradiated
by eleclric distortion and stuffed inlo
links of human D.N.A.-compatible
Yuml If you have a nose-ring you already have il. If you're new lo punk
you can't afford not lo be without itl
Mobile Safari
The Pastels are from Glasgow, Scotland. The core of Ihe band is made
up of Stephen Pastel, Aggi and
Katrina Mitchell. All three alternate on
"Mandarin" is a song that sounds so
innocent, with sweet, almost childlike
Slereolab-ish sound, with keyboards
and backing chanls, bul the Pastels
also maintain Iheir own distinctive style
within it. "Coolport" is an amazing
song with Stephen on lead vocals thai
evokes emotions of sadness and sincerity. Mobile Safari is soothing and
sugary and I like il.
rhe birds and tho b-sides
It's not an easy thing being a feminist
and a fan of Shonen Knife. I getdissed
time and time again for wanting lo
listen lo Ihree cute girls wilh strong
Japanese accents and guitars stumble
over choco bars and fruit loops in
brightly-coloured matching go-go girl
Bul Ihere are a lol of things lo like
aboul Shonen Knife. Instrumentally,
these girls know whal they are doing.
They play an energetic show. They
sing aboul goofy things like spaceships, catnip dreams and strawberry
creampuffs, which might sound as
sacchrine sweel as a lot of the music
coming oul of Ihe Hello Kitlyl generation but for Shonen Knife's sense of
the absurd: "Shaking her hip, blue
eyed kitty cat dances Ihe mambo";
"Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny he's
a regular boy/ He's the best boy in
Ihe lown/ He's good al bowling.
It's all very up, bul it's not the
strongest portrayal of women. I have
trouble not seeing Shonen Knife as
part of a general culification of non-
English speaking women in film and
music, as buying inlo the idea thai
Japanese women should smile demurely, look cute and decorative, and
are incapable of complex thought. So
while part of what I like about Shonen
Knife is thai it's so gosh darn cute thai
Ihese girls can't even pronounce the
silly English words in their songs prop
erly, I gel uncomfortable about why il
is thai I find thai so cule. Somelhing
to think aboul, kids.
All that said, this is not my favourite Shonen Knife album. The Iracks
were recorded in different locations,
so Ihe sound quality varies, but, in
general, Ihe covers of songs from the
60s and 70s, the live recordings, and
the inclusion of some of Iheir earlier
recordings combine lo make Ihe album sound somewhat hollow and a
lot less polished and more garagy
lhan RockAnimals and iefs Knife. The
acoustic/electric version of "Fruit Loop
Dreams" is slowed down and sc
.. Bul rr
slower, mellow stuff doesn't
quite work. It's kind of like Shonen
Knife on Demerol. Other lhan the
cover of the Carpenters' "Top of the
World", which I may like mostly because I've always liked the song, the
best sluff is the older candy-fixated stuff
lhal Shonen Knife recorded before
ved inlo
The Process
(American Recordings)
Yeesh. How does one go aboul reviewing Ihe lasl album by a music
genre's most influential band? As one
might expect of an album three years
in the making by a band being bro-
tracks feel like holdovers from the lasl
two albums. Yel afler a few listenings,
il really grows on you; hidden sounds
emerge and unique Iracks become
ever more interesting. I can't help bul
think of Led Zeppelin's (yes, Zeppelin) lasl sludio album, In Through the
Out Door, released shortly before
Bonham's death. Like Out Doot, some
of the Iracks are "different" from what
was expected of Ihe band; The Process hints at what might have been,
giving ihe album a frustrated, sad feel
lo il - perfect for whal the album represents. Listen closely..that's ihe sound
of a greal band dying.
Live and Naked EP
I seem to remember dancing during a
live Smak performance some time lasl year, enjoying myself immensely yet
not really knowing why. I guess Ihey
had Ihe whole freaky^clec'ic-neo-jazz-
core thing going for ihem, and if
there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's
The good memories are whal
made me pick up ihis CD, and it's
cool. Twenty-something minutes of sax
and silly rapping over hardcore riffs,
jusl short enough lo be tolerable, and
jusl original enough lo be interesting.
However, I think Smak are definitely
more fun live (i.e. al a show, in person, with dancing and a crowd) and
I shall use this album as an incentive
lo gel me lo go see Ihem again.
Selling the Sizzle!
This is Ihe most recent of the numerous releases of Vancouver's own fabulous Smugglers. Selling Ihe Sizzle!
starts appropriately enough wilh a
song entitled "To Serve, Protect and
Entertain". Most of Ihe songs are short,
groovin' and dance inducin'. There is
some nice variation in style - "Queasy"
is a counlryish, hillbillyish-sounding
song, while "Especially You" has a
more melodic alternation between
singer Grant Lawrence and a backing chorus. I especially like "Bishy-
Bishyl". Also included al the end of
of "Little Red Riding Hood".
,   lift
s   by
Nardwuar the Human Servie
of pictures and a Smugglers discography. The album sizzles, bul you can
really gel the flames jumping and
smoking when you turn up the volume.
(Drag City)
This record is so beautiful that I'm almost inclined lo agree with the Drag
City folk when they say themselves lhat
"there aren't supposed lo be words
for ihese Ihings... it's best lo leave them
secret, nameless, untitled." (Never
thought I'd quote from a catalogue ...)
Untitled is basically Cyndi Dall's solo
project, wilh accompaniment by Billy
Caliahan (Mr. Smog himself) on guitar and vocals, Jim O'Rourke (Smog,
Gaslr Del Sol) on piano and production, and a hosl of others.The primary
work comes from Cyndi Dall, playing
piano and guitar and most importantly, singing on all tracks except "For
Tiara", a beautiful, short piano
instrumental.Nine tracks of moody,
mellow, intricately composed tunes;
the mosl mesmerizing song begins the
record: "Christmas (California)" is like
Ihe "Summer Babe (Winter version)"
of this self-titled release; you might find
yourself programming your player to
repeal this one, as Dall's voice wanders over the lyrics, "What are you
buying me for Christmas/ Il belter be
good/ You better think hard 'boul
whal you're buying/ Or I'll find all
year you've been lying." Dall's soft,
whispery voice transforms her disturbingly insecure and optimistically morbid lyrics into slow-paced lullaby tunes
which won't put you lo sleep, bul instead will prepare you for it.
Planet Dub
For years I've been listening to techno,
ambienl and just plain any weird experimental electronic music I can get
my hands on, bul il hasn'l been until
fairly recently that I clued inlo one of
the major influences on Ihe aforementioned musical genres: the fascinating
world known as "dub". If experimentation and originality are whal you
dig, then you'lllikey become addicted
lo dub like I am.
A good place lo start your dub
journey is Planet Dub, Iwo discs of
beautifully crafted dub from Ihe likes
of: Silicon Drum, Children of the Bong,
The Power Steppers, Slrangebrew, The
Rhythmites, Roolsman and many others. This compilation is filled with slow
V chunky chilled oul beats and reggae-influenced rhylhms from a myriad
of artists, providing a lasle of the many
differenl styles from the past lo Ihe
present. Find out what's been influencing all the latest basshead junglists and
trip hop producers for years.
Brian Wright
Slow Children at Play
(5th Beetle)
From new Canadian label 5lh Beetle
comes Ihis noisy, eclectic little wonder. I was planning a slick little name-
check of all the best lunes, bul a funny
thing happened on Ihe way to...The
tunes all turned oul lo be good. The
usual vagaries of compilations (some
outstanding, worlh-every-dollar-songs
and the sonic bile that composes the
rest of the LP) are happily absent from
this little ensemble. The production is
fairly low-key on all of ihe tracks, lending a welHoved, sel-up-lhe-amps-in-lhe-
den-kids kind of feel to the record, bul
this will obviously not appeal to the
overly digitally inclined.
A brief mention of some Iracks
in order, Ihoi
azzy discordance
of Soul-Junk, the fuzzy, brooding menace of Princess Superstar, and a fab
song by Square Root of Margaret
which rocks and rocks and Ihen turns
inlo a quasi-ethereal thing of beauty,
which is exactly how Benna Cohen's
"Figure Eight" could be described. But
this doesn't even really begin to illustrate Ihe breadth of slyles and influences on Ihis compilation, which also
has songs from Licorice, Merseysippi
CollecliT Band, Champion Sprout,
Murder She Wrote Me and the additional moog. If this CD marks the beginning of the life of 5lh Beetle, this
label is one baby who has bypassed
the crawl and toddle stage for the 50m
Sophie Hamley
Touch Themes of...
(Eye Q Records)
If you're a fan of German trance, or
of Sven Vath anyhow, you're going
lo get Ihis one. Sven Vdlh, he who
today defines lhal Teutonic sound of
pounding bepls mixed wilh Cyclopean
(lo borrow from H.P. Lovecrafl) melodies, is remixed here by Hardfloor,
Underworld, ALter Ego, Speedy J and
B-zet. It's all a little monotonous, repetitive and yet, for some reason lhat
I can't explain, really kind of fun.
I mean, it's just pounding wilh
sound effects thrown inl The original
grooves from Ihe previous LP, Har/e-
quin, Robot and the Dancer, are
stripped down and fooked wilh a bit.
But again, it's fun in some way. In lhal
"crank il loud al nighl and visualise
you're in some club called the Kitchen
in Berlin" or somelhing, and you'll
just...well, the ambienl Iracks are decent but the pounding, again (the
Underworld/Hardfloor Iracks) is jusl,
well, cyclopeanl
In some ways, if it's early in the
afternoon, this CD may seem as exciting as Psychick Warriors of Gaia (i.e.
not very) or even worse, something
by Chris Sheppard; bul in the righl
black-lighled, Germanic frame of
Greatest Hits
(Alternative Tentacles)
Wesley Willis is a 350-pound schizophrenic man from Chicago who draws
pictures and writes poetry and songs
for a living. This album shows of his
so-called "greatest hits" in a 22-song
package. Whal can I say about il?
With song lilies like "The Chicken
Cow", "Kris Cringle Was a Car Thief"
and "I Wupped Batman's Ass", this
album is...interesting, often funny and
definitely weird, but I sure as hell
wouldn't pay $15.00 or whatever lo
buy it. It's jusl loo damn weird.
Chris Corday
With a jewellry purchase
you receive a free piercing by
Canada's most experienced piercers
1043 GRANVILLE STREET 688-6225
(.6VER 6kvr
I                8:30 COVER STARTS                   I
1    the griftarB
ain't ray lookout                          sub   pop
shadowy bangers                              sub   pop
2   bad religion
the gray race                            atlantic
wandering lucy
really truly                                                     k
3   eric's trip
purple blue                                   sub   pop
orange glass
circle dance                                          sappy
4   the smugglers
selling the sizzle             mint lookout!
i'm sick                                planet    pimp
5   the spinanes
strand                                              sub   pop
various artists
our Btupid noise                     bubblegun
6   shonen knife
the birds and the  b sides         virgin
fifi and the mach _□
1576                                                           1+2
7   cyndi dell
untitled                                      drag    city
dressed for success               mag    wheel
8   nick cave & bad saods
murder ballads                            reprise
mecca normal
the   bird  that  wouldn't   fly     matador
9   nofx
heavy petting zoo                      epitaph
the tonebursts
nihilist                                               pong
1 0   Blester kinney
call the doctor                            chainsaw
the pebbles
i'm sitting by the window planet pimp
11    butterglory
are  you   building   a   temple...      merge
1 1
overcome                               cinnamon toaBt
12   bugskull
snakland                                        scratch
uncle wiggly                              get     hip
1 3   the iscrackinB
In on the yolk                          Bhredder
21 hours                                  candy      ass
14    oilkworra
pearl drop                                                  up
15   the deadcats
bucket o' love                flying    saucer
bikini kill
i liXe fucking                     kill rock stars
16   down by law
all scratched upl                       epitaph
chiva kniev«l                 scooch    pooch
1 7   nan or astro nan?
deluxe men in space         touch and go
is the thirteenth letter             palace
18   various artists
darla spring '96 sampler                  darla
Btate champs
nevada downs                              daydrean
19   various artists
fuck   the   commonwealth   fans   of   bad
the kwyet kings
somebody like you                                 1 + 2
20   various artists
home     alive                                     epic
the von zippers
mighty red barn                     roto     flex
21    skinny puppy
the process                               american
remorse                                   bacteria sour
22   cibo matto
viva! la woman                               warner
loose confederation of.
. Budden                                           slow river
23   the goops
lucky                                               kinetic
the neanderthals
twinkle toes                                     norton
24   various artists
Saturday morning cartoon   bulletproof
needles                           full   city      blend
25   archers of loaf
the Bpeed of cattle                           alias
karate & lune
split                         lonesome         pine
26   gas huffer
t he in human ordeal of special... epitap h
lake     front                                               k
27    the wedding present
mini     plus                                         raca
oraugglerB &hi fives
split                                mint    lookout!
28   bedhead
the dark ages               trance   Syndicate
little ray
plant   that   tree                     jelly   bird
29   loop guru
duniya                                         waveform
new dime box                                     allied
30   bouncing souls
maniacal laughter              chunkBaah
the dinks
go hornet                                          meathead
31    various artists
Canadian relics         horrifying   circus
shake                                Bquare    target
32    ruby falls
what she does            personal    favorite
resin scraper
harmful if swallowed           mag    wheel
33    the vandals
peace thru vandalism       time      bomb
the cebe barns band
she'B a winner                         horsekitty
34   CLoragore
jonny polonsky
truly ugly and dead too                  rapid
35   air raiami
men'»e me
the sons of hercules
spittin' fire                                    unclean
1     1    squeeky
2   pluntree
in     the     sink
3  gaze
4  vico
5 irving klaw trio
170    ways
6  sugarcandy mountain
hands   in  the   dark
7 meow
cat         nip
8   celestial magenta
the     first     one
9 destroyer
karen   is   in   rorae
10 bona fly
11   jp5
fuzzyhead        pills
12  texture
13  9*2
14  kreviss
1 5 the stupes
1 6 big city orchestra
17  naardvark the Banitary elephant
i wanna get punched 1
18 more socks
blends       with       pens
19  touch & goe
20 manifold
rails, flotation, aerodynamics
21   timber
think       again
22 squelch
i      like      you
23 plunp
cold          feet
24 mk naomi
25 mollies revenge
i      wanna      b
26  the cowards
touch      the      fish
27  the unhappieB
badger         girl
28 violet
i   step   on   all   the   cracks
29  space kid
molly    ringwald
30 johnny millennium
31   1000 Btamps
poster          child
32  groverfur
i         like         you
33  spra
34 wheat chiefs
35  experiencing difficulty
jabberjaw   beatbox
and sometimes why's
 top 9	
1 cyndi dall
2 eric's trip
3 peach cobbler
4 spinanes
5 butterglory
6 *•
8 pee chees
purple blue
georgia peach
madding 7"
are you building...
1 los   hermanos   rosario
2 mickey    spice
3 mickey taveras
4 yellowraan
5 tabou combo
6 king sunny ade
7 gipsy   kings
8 *»g<jy t
J10 way
la   duena   del   swing
riginal    bombshell
grant Vnurerce's top D jbz soaked fan tags
1 damien jurado
3 the fells
5 santa esmerelda
6 evaporators
7 anything from the poir
8 delgados
9 girl trouble
0 mickey' b rxavel t.unes
motorbike ep
littlest hobo tha
liquidation girl
sings elvis
1   the peechees
do the math
kill rock starB
2 rancid
that's             ent
ertainment.            l"
3 groovie
album        demo
4 ska
5 the  super
6 "hooters"
karate   man
(the  chain!)
7 the       que
8 martin
9 mira
10  supergrass
i   should   coc
>                  parlophone
best                           of
platypus                            two
of                                                x-trax
man     with    no    name
nebula     9
everybody's     welcome
juggling     alcheraiBts
tranced       out
vol       777
off          and          gone
sigma          receptor
tribal       OBcillation        rmx
union     jack
there     will     K»     no...
..ft1- .
n	 IVIAY 2-E
music westi
Industrial, transedlica, stadium rock, speed metal, jazz, hard rock, sugar pop, pseudo
pop, ska-funk, death metal, regga, slacker rock, bluesrock, goth rock, punk rock, candy
rock, geek rock, shoegazerock, chicrock, blues, celtic rock, glamrock, cockrock,
metal, punk rock, ambient groove...
..Bad Religion, Guided By Voices, Stereolab,
Standard Prison Experiment, Seaweed, Download, Sky Cries Mary, Smugglers, Professer
Giff, The Cruel Sea, Mike Keneally & Beer for Dolphins, Kittens, Spider Bait,J.J. Cale, Lydia
Lunch,  Holly McNarland...
Full delegate passes include all Conference panels, entrance to all festival venues and Slam City Jam.
for your *$34 festival wristband call Ticketmaster @ 280.4444
$169 before april 4 and save $56
includes access to all conference panels.
Festival venues and slam city jam
website: http//
music west  suite 306-21 water street, Vancouver, be Canada
tel:6Q4.9338 fax: 604.9337 e-mail:
te3 JDf
12:00PM All of time is measured by its
art. This show presents the most recent
new musk from around the wodd. Ears
Reggae irwa all styles and fashion.
LUCKY SCRATCH Alternating 3:00 5:00PM
Blues ain't nothin' but a good woman
feeJin' bad. Git down and git bock up
again - hosl Anna.
Icim & helen in their quest for krupnilt.
HEATHER'SSHOW6:00-8:00PM Dedicated
lo the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transsexual communities of Vancouver
and listened lo by everyone. Lots of
human interest features, background on
current issues and great music from
musicians of all sexual preferences and
GffTANJAU 9KJ0-10KWPM Geetanjdi features a wide range of music from India,
including classical music, both Hindustani
and Carnatic, popular music from Indian movies from the 1930's to the
1990's, Semi-classical music such as
Ghaials and Bhajans, and also
Quawwalis, Folk Songs, etc. Hosted by
J. Dhar,A. PatelandV. Ranjan.
Join host Dave Emory and colleague Nip
Tuck for some extraordinary political
research guaranteed to make you think
twice. Bring your tape deck and Iwo C-
90s. Originally broadcast on KFJC (Los
Altos, California).
4AM Drop yer gear and stay up late.
Naked radio for naked people. Get
bent Love Dave.
11:00AM Your favourite brown-sters,
James and Peter, offer a savoury blend
of the familiar and exotic in a blend of
aural delights! Tune in and enjoy eoch
weekly brown plate special.
PM Wilh your hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance and Don the Wanderer. Whal
will we play today? Rog will pul it away.
CiTR's industnal/noise/ambient show,
alt-ernating with SKINTIGHT
BUFFOONERY - wimpy British pop,
Beastie Boys, indie guitar swing, and
techno thrown in for good measure. Hit
your olfactory nerve centre with
endeavour to feature dead air, verbal
flatulence (only when I speak), a work of
music by a twentieth- century composer-
can you say minimalist?—and whatever
else appeals lo me. Fag and dyke
positive. Mail in your requests, because
I am not a human-answenng machine.
Gol a quarter then call someone who
FEMNINE HY-JNX   4:00-5r00PM   For
women who sometimes don'l feel fresh,
but always gel fresh Spoken word and
music: light to heavy flow. Maximum
protection recommended for male
listeners. Holy Hannah! It's a Femininsl
BIRDWATCHERS 5:30-6:00PM Join Colin
Pereina for all the weekend sports shlock
from the high altitudes and thin air of
Point Grey.
POLYPHONIC   alternating 7:0O-9:0OPM
Listen for    all Canadian, mostly
independent tunes, and band interviews
at 7:30!
Vancouver's longest running pnme lime
jazz program. Hosled by the ever-suave
Gavin Walker. Features at 11.
April 1: Justin Ho (of Justin's Time,
heard Thurs. 2-3pm), mans The Jazz
Show tonight.
April 8: "Damn" is a new one by
Hammond Organ master Jimmy Smith,
with Roy Hargrove, Nicholas Payton,
Abraham Burton, Chnslian McBride and
others plus the last recorded appearance
by drummer Arthur Taylor.
April 15: One of the great drummers
"Papa Jo" Jones wilh Count Basie,
trombonist BenmeGreenandunderrated
Lucky Thompson on tenor saxophone.
Greal informal Jazz
April 22: To celebrate the late Charts
Mingus' 74th birthday, we present "East
Coasting" from his "blue period."
Bassist/composer Mingus with Jimmy
Knepper (trombone), Shafi Hadi
(saxophones) and Bill Evans (piano) plus
April 29: "Swingin' New Big Band"
CiTR 1.Q-L9 £xa
drummer Buddy Rich , who proved that
big-bands and Jazz were not dead, on
this great re-issue.
Hear! Music that makes you feel burned
alive on an altar of flame! Shake with
laughs! Shiver with suspense! Tremble
with thrills! Not for sissies or children! It's
scary! It's screamy! It's screwy!
Women in music and grrrls in music; two
hours of info and rawk. Ya don'l need a
penis to be a musical Genius!
K3RA 5:30-6*OOPM News, issues, and
concerns facing Muslims throughout the
the unherd where the unheard and the
hordes of hardly herd are heard, courtesy of host and demo director Dale
Sawyer. Herd up!
RITMO LATINO 9:00-10*OOPM Gel on
board Vancouver's only tropical fiesta
express with your loco hosts Rolando,
Romy, and Paulo as they shake it and
wiggle il lo ihe latest in Salsa, Merengue,
Cumbia and other fiery fiesta favourites.
Latin music so hoi it'll give you a Ian!
Alternating Tuesdays. Live readings and
the latest in techno bizzarre with hosl
Lupus Yonderboy.
Warning: This show is moody and unpredictable. It encourages insomnia and
may prove to be hazardous to your
health. Listener discretion is advised.
LOVE SUCKS 11:30AM-1:00PM Tune in
for the musical catharsis that is Love
Sucks. If you can't make sense of il, al
least you can dance to it!
MOTORDADDY 3:00-5:00PM "Al club
functions there is lo be no shooting of
firearms or setting off fireworks."
ESOTERIK 6:00-7:30PM Ambient/
experimental music for those of us who
know aboul the illilhids.
henry'sdress, cyndi dall, sissy bar, karate
... these are a few of our fave-oh-writ
things, la la la!
Soukous, Samba, Salsa. Yes! Even Soca.
Enjoy thi s Tropical Daiquiri wilh El Doctor
del Rilmo.
1200 AM Let DJ's Jindwa and Bindwa
immerse you in radioactive Bhungra!
"Cbakkh de phutay*. Listen lo all our
favorite Punjabi tunes - remixes and
RADIOFRBWOMB410:00-11:30AM It's
not a free cuntry. And we're demanding
acunlabilily. Wake up wilh our collective
CANADIAN LUNCH    11:30-1:00PM
Toques, plaids, bockbocon, beer, igloos
and beavers.
STEVE & MIKE 1:002:00PM Crashing the
boys' club in the pit.   Hard and fast,
heavy and slow. Listen lo it, baby.
JUSTIN'S TIME 2:O0-3:O0PM For some cool
jazz by some swingin' singers and
boppin' players, tune in and don't miss
out on some happy times!
OUT FOR KICKS 6:00-7:30PM No
Birkenslocks, nothing politically correct.
We don't get paid so you're damn right
we have fun with il. Hosled by Chris B.
Roots of rock & roll.
9:00-11:00PM   Local muzak from 9.
Live bandz from 10
lOKJOAM Greg here. Join me in the love
den for a cocktail. We'll hear retro stuff,
groovy *azz, and thicker stuff too. See
you here ... and bring some ice. XOXX
the charm
ton Dtn/
Radio frte
Sk_-t'» Scenic
love sucks
solid stare
justin's time
1   f KtVT AKOoi
Get   The
F-rmiHiN-f Hy-(i*«
Mary Tylfir  Moore
Aw*r<** Howt
fort for Krtf
kip hop k<*.lir
and sometimes
1      cobra.
Tropic*! dtti^hiri
1     ONE STEP
wolf al Ihe door
hig hball
StT$ Ohtt*
live at the 1
hi-hat/5    1
hour lunch 1
I        GRIP OF
slot from
THESIS lfcO0-ll:OOAM Tune in for
discussions, interviews & information
relating to people wlio live with physical
& mental chafienges.
12.-00PM SkaPunkSkaSwingSka Polka
SkaCoreSkatanicSkaJazz etc.efc.etc.
UTTlf TWIN STARS 2*00-3:30 PM Kiki
Liki' Kiki Liki
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:00PM Have a
good brunch!
Underground sound system-
style mastermix radio.
FOR THE RECORD 6:30-6:45PM Ex--*
cerpts from Dave Emory's Radio Free [
America Series.
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12:00AM The -
original live mixed dance program
in Vancouver. Hosled by DJ Noah,
the main focus of the show is techno,
but also includes some trance, acid,
tribal, etc... Guest DJ's, interviews,
retrospectives, giveaways, and more
are part of the flavor of homebass.
LIMP SINK 12:00AM-2:42AM On
alternating weeks join Dr. Killdare on
"The Doctor Killdare Show." Contact:
12:00PM Now in its 10th year on the
air, The Edge on Folk features music
you won't hear anywhere else, studio
guests, new releases, Brirish comedy
sketches, folk music calendar, ticket
giveaways, elc, plus World Cup
Report at 11:30 AM. 8-9 AM: ;
African/World roots. 9-12 noon: "
Celtic music and feature performances.
Vancouver's only true metal show; local
demo tapes, imports and other rarities.
Gerald RatHehead and Metal Ron do ihe
THE SHOW 6:00-8:00PM Strictly Hip
Hop — Strictly Undergound — Strictly
Vinyl With your hosts Mr. Checka,
Flip Out & J Swing on the 1 & 2's.
SOMETHING l:0O-4:0OAM "You can
tell by the way I use my walk. I'm a
woman's man lime to talk."
WHOM       &       HOW
Arts Ian McKinnon
Board Chair Harry Hertscheg
Business Mgr.
Current Affairs Andrea Funk
Demos/Cassettes Dale Sawyer
Engineer Richard Anderson
Entertainment Chris Allison
Librarian Clarence Chu
Mobile Sound Andy Bonfield
Music Megan Mallett
President Namiico Kumimoto
Production Aaron Robertson
Programming Miko Hoffman
Promotions Selena Harrington
Secretary Chandra Lesmeister
Sports Dave  Ryan
Station Manager Linda Scholten
Student Engineer Fern Webb
Traffic Grahame Quan
Vice President Ryan Ogg
Volunteer Coordinator John Ruskin
BUS. LINE 604.822.3017
DJLINE 604.822.2487
MUSIC DEP'T. 604.822.8733
NEWS LINE 604.822.5334
FAX   LINE   604.822.9364
(Net*: This section hasn't been updated for a while, so be
warned that this information isn't 100% accurate!)
(WORLD BEAT) AT THE PIT PUB...Zoo Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K and Czech
(jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop) al Ihe Slarfish Room...Blue Room w/dj Isis (ambient) at Automotive...80's Dance Nighl w/dj Brian St. Clair al
Graceland...Readings, Music •_ more al the Grind Gallery (every olher Monday at 8pm)...
SOUL, HIP HOP & FUNK) AT THE PIT PUB...Winter Mountain w/dj James Brown
al Graceland...The Magic of Disco at Richard's On Richards...Boogie Ave w/
dj Maggee (70's old school) al Ihe Heritage House Hotel (453 Abbott)...Disco
Night al the Commodore...The Greasy Spoon w/Slick at Ihe Hungry
Eye...Klassix Nighl w/dj David Hawkes at Luv Yr Hair...New Wave/Relro
80's Night w/dj Atomic al Ihe Twilight Zone...Aural Fixation at DV8 (poetry -
sign-up 7:30, show at 8:00)...The Tongue of Ihe Slip al Ihe Glass Slipper (scheduled readers and open limited open mike - 9pm on Ihe third Tuesday of the
month)...Live jazz w/ dj Brian James al the Purple Onion...
WED: Melange w/dj Quest al the Purple Onion...Velvet w/djs T-Bone, Dickey
Doo and special guests (deep house) al The Underground...Reggae Nighl al
Graceland w/dj Silk...Ginger Snaps w/dj Mike & Soma and live electronic
guesls al Mars...Gin & Sin Lounge al Niagara...Punk Rock Wednesday w/dj
Twigboyal Ihe Twilight Zone...Nitro (industrial progressive indie) w/dj Czech
al Luvafair...Max Murphy Collective al Raffels...Open Moulh (open mic) w/
hosl Carolyn Mark atthe Malcolm Lowry Room (9pm - call ahead lo read)...El
Famoso (raregroove, funk, hip-hop, jazz, reggae) al Ihe Red Lounge...
THUR: Sol w/dj Markem and guesls (progressive, trance, tribal, hard house)
al Graceland...The Bottle w/djs Clarence and David Love Jones (soul, jazz &
rare groove) at Ihe Piccadilly...Soul V Funk in the Basement w/dj Marc and
guesls al ihe St. Regis (bsmt)...Nocturnal Injection Revelation w/dj Wonderbread
al Ihe Twilight Zone...Cal House w/dj Mick Shea (house) al Celebrities...Blowfish
(soul, jazz, r&b, latin, worldbeat) w/ djs Al Testa and Thomas al Ihe Red
Lounge...Step Hard w/Andy B Luke al 898 Richards (2-4)...Strictly Business
wilh djs Luke, Andy B. and Wundertwins al the Hungry Eye...
FRI: Sugar w/weekly rolaliong djs al Graceland...Lowdown w/djs Lovely Lisa
and Dick al the St. Regis (bsmt)...Explorations in Outer Bass (ambienl) al
Melriches Coftee House (1 244 Davie)...Planet ov Sound w/James Brown and
guesls al the World (1-5)...Homo Homer w/dj Jules (house _ disco) al Ihe
Odyssey...Malebox w/dj Mick Shea (house) al Celebrities...Blitzkrieg (tribal,
industrial, goth) al the Twilight Zone...Low Down (funk, jazz, hiphop) al Ihe Si.
Regis Basement Lounge...Lounging w/ dj T-bone (house, jazz and beyond) at
the Red Lounge...Groove w/djs Marc and Todd Keller, 154 W Hastings al
SAT: Noah's Arc w/dj Noah at the World (l-5)...Yo Mama w/djs KiloCee
and J Swing (hip hop) al Ihe Twilight Zone...Bad Boys Nighl Oul w/dj Jules
(house) al ihe Odyssey...djs Storm & Dickey Doo (house) al Celebrities...Lounging
w/dj Soul Kid (jazzy, groovy) al the Red Lounge...
SUN: Uranus Invades Mars w/djs Dickey Doo and Quesl al Mars...Alternative
Jazz al Cafe Deux Soleils (every other Sun) Jules (house & disco) at Ihe
Odyssey...Ska Night w/dj Pig al the Twilight Zone...Movie Night al Ihe Railway Club...Pressing Poetry atthe Press Club (7:30).. Lipstik Doom w/ Doctor
Killdare al 1 250 Richards 9pm-1 2am...
MON 1 CiTR 101 9fM PRESENTS GAVIN FRIDAY W/ THE LEGENDARY JIM RUIZ GROUP ATTHE STARFISH ROOM.Skatalites w/ Something Ska at the Town Pump.. Colin Hay at the Railway Club.. T.S. Monk
Sextet at the Cultch...Kate McKenzie at the Glass Slipper...Heat at the
Ridge...Nosferatu the Vampire and Woyzeck at the Pacific
TUES 2 Angelique Kidjo at Richard's on Richards..Rose Chronicles at
the Railway Club.Kreator w/ Skrew at fhe Starfish Room...Heat at the
Ridge..Gito, the Ungrateful at the Pacific Cinematheque..
WED 3 Bandit Queen w/ Nickelback at the Town Pump (FREE
SHOW!)...Rose Chronicles at the Railway Club...Chris Field Band at
the Unicorn...Shanghai Triad and The Blue Kite at the Ridge. .1 Love
Vienna and The Quality of Mercy at the Pacific Cinematheque.. Tattoos
at the Cultch...
THURS 4 The Super Friendz, Ashley Maclsaac, the Pursuit of Happiness, Bass is Base, Barstool Prophets at 5th Annual Arts County Fair at
UBC Thunderbird Stadium, noon-9pm, tickets atTicketmaster.My Heart
Beats Green: Tribute to Green Party founder Petra Kelly featuring Bigfoot,
the Stellar Jays, Cirkus Mind and the Demolition Dollheads atthe W.I.S.E.
Hall...D.R.I, w/ guests at the Town Pump...The Monoxides at the Hungry Eye.Emmylou Harris w/ Innocence Mission at the
Commodore...Bass is Base at Richard's on Richards...Green Room w/
guests at the Starfish Room...Minority w/ Bombscare at the
Niagara... Wynona-Sue & the Turnpikes atthe Railway Club...The Hard
Rock Miners at the Pit Pub.. .Cinderpop and Feel w/ The Floor at Gastown
Music Hall...Shanghai Triad and The Blue Kite at the Ridge. .1 Love Vienna and The Quality of Mercy at the Pacific Cinematheque...Tattoos at
the Cultch...
FRI 5 Sandbox w/Sunfish at the Starfish Room...Cracker w/ Pluto at
the Commodore... Wynona-Sue & the Turnpikes at the Railway Club...Ani
Kyd w/ Puncture at Gastown Music Hall...Barstool Prophets at the Town
Pump...Mad Pudding at the Cultch...Michael Coleman at the Yale..The
Roswells and Big Cookie at the Niagara...Land and Freedom at the
Ridge...Cobra Verde and Echoes from a Somber Empire at the Pacific
Cinematheque...Bach's The Passion According to St John w/ Vancouver
Chamber Choir ot the Orpheum...
SAT 6 The Super Friendz w/ Molly's Reach at the Starfish Room...ten
days late w/ Technicians of the Sacred and Crave at the
Niagara...Bughouse 5 w/ Justin Curtis & The Continentals at Gastown
Music Hall...Holly McNorland/Mathew Good Band w/guests at tlie
Town Pump...Trie Pasties atthe Hungry Eye...Charlie Major w/ Carlene
Carter at the Orpheum Theatre...Land and Freedom at the Ridge...Cobra
Verde and Echoes from a Somber Empire ot the Pacific Cinematheque...
SUN 7 Reform School w/ DJ Wretched Rachel at rhe Niagara...Trie
Goops at the Town Pump (All Ages, 3pm)... Land and Freedom at fhe
Ridge...Where the Green Ants Dream at fhe Pacific Cinematheque...
MON 8 Spacehog w/ Mr. Mirainga at the Town Pump...Rick Bochner
and Marjorie Cardwell Band at fhe Railway Club...Land and Freedom
at the Ridge...Aguirre: The Wrath of God atthe Pacific Cinematheque...
TUES 9 Kofybrown at the Starfish Room...Rockin' Steady w/ guests at
fhe Hungry Eye...Captain Tractor at the Railway Club...Land and Freedom at the Ridge...Stephen Rappaport at fhe Cultch...
WED 10 Oasis at fhe Pacific Coliseum...Captain Tractor at fhe Railway
Club...Land and Freedom at the Ridge...You're Driving Me Crazy and
India at the Pacific Cinematheque...Stephen Rappaport at the Cultch...
THURS 1 1 Lush w/ Mojave 3 and Scheer at the Commodore...The
Scofflaws w/ the Pietasters at the Starfish Room...Eve's Plum and the
Monoxides at the Pit Pub...Dr. Tongue at the Railway Club...Land and
Freedom at the Ridge...You're Driving Me Crazy and India at the Pacific
Cinematheque... Stephen Rappaport at the Cultch...
FRI 12 jale and Zumpano w/ Pal Joey at the Starfish Room...The Irish
Descendants at the Commodore...Tone w/ Spiritual Heroine and Creature from a Faster Planet at the Niagara...Dr. Tongue at the Railway
Club...Chicken Hawk and Celestial Magenta w/ Keychain Toker at
Gastown Music Hall...The Young Poisoner's Handbook at the
Ridge...Loves of a Blonde and The Firemen's Ball at the Pacific
Cinematheque...Stephen Rappaport at the Cultch...
SAT 13 Red Hot Chili Peppers w/ Toadies and Weapon of Choice at
the Pacific Coliseum...Sparkmarker w/ Superconductor and Seismic at
the Starfish Room...Bughouse 5 at the Railway Club...Jabber, Torture
Animals and the Happy Campers atthe Niagara...Doug Deep w/Mizmo
'al Joey ot Gastown Music Hall...Facepuller, Celestial Magenta  &
I St. Jai
The Young Poisoner's Hanc
The Firemen's Ball at the Pa
the Cultch...
SUN   14 The Young I
ity Square 3214 W. 10th (All Ages)
at the Ridge, loves of a Blonde and
linematheque... Stephen Rappaport at
oner's Handbook at the Ridge...Scream of
MON 15 Rheostatics at the Railway Club.. Ammonia w/ Skunk Anansie
ot the Town Pump...The Young Poisoner's Handbook atthe Ridge...Scream
of Stone at the Pacific Cinematheque...
TUES 16 Rheostatics atthe Railway Club...The Young Poisoner's Handbook at the Ridge...
WED 17 National Semi-Conductor w/ guests at the Hungry Eye...The
Young Poisoner's Handbook at the Ridge...Memories of Underdevelopment and Death of a Bureaucrat at fhe Pacific Cinematheque..
THURS 18 Junkhouse w/ the Pasties ot the Town Pump...Skydiggers
w/ Holly McNarland atthe Starfish Room...Dick'n'Jane and knock-down-
ginger at the Pit Pub. .Dobb & Dumela at the Railway Club. Down Corporation at Gastown Music Hall .The Young Poisoner's Handbook at
the Ridge...Memories of Underdevelopment ond Death of a Bureaucrat
at the Pacific Cinematheque...
FRI 19 Speedbuggy and knock-down-ginger w/ Squeeky at Gastown
Music Hall...Skydiggers w/ Holly McNarland at the Starfish
Room...Junkhouse w/ the Pasties at the Town Pump...Dobb & Dumela at
the Railway Club...Severe, fhe Dole and Civic Pride at the Niagara...City
of Lost Children and Brazil at the Ridge...The Shop on Main Street and
Dito Saxova at the Pacific Cinematheque...
SAT 20 Voodoo Glow Skulls at the Town Pump (All Ages in the afternoon, 19 plus in the evening)...Soul Crib at the Railway Club.. Cozy
Bones w/ Something Ska and the Hounds of Buskerville at the
Niagara...Annette Ducharme ot Gastown Music Hall...City of Lost Children and Brazil at the Ridge.. The "! op on Main Street and Dito Saxov6
at the Pocific Cinematheque...
SUN 21 CiTR 101.9fM PRESENTS THE POGUES AT THE COMMODORE   BALLROOM...City   of   Lost   Children   and   Brazil   at  the
it the Pocific
t the Pacific
of the Sur
and God's Angry Man
MON  22  Grrrls
with Guitc
rs at the Railway Club..
of the Sur
and God's Angry Man
Radio at the Railway Club.. Nixon at the Ridge...
WED 24 Middlesex & Dust Radio at the Railway Club.Georgia and
Frankie Starlight at the Ridge...The Last Supper and Up to a Certain
Point at the Pocific Cinematheque...
THURS 25 Sex With Nixon and Big Gulp at the Pit Pub. ..Sweet Dick at
the Railway Club. ..Georgia and Frankie Starlight at the Ridge.. The Last
Supper and Up to a Certain Point at the Pacific Cinematheque. .
FRI 26 Sweet Dick at the Railway Club.Psycomania w/ Johnny Millennium and Pinwheel at Gastown Music Hall...Facepuller and Dog Eat
Dogma at the Niagara... Paperboys at the Commodore. Chungking
Express at the Ridge..Capricious Summer and Cutting it Short at the
Pacific Cinematheque...
SAT 27 Texture at Gastown Music Hall.. .Surfdusters w/ the Mysterons
and the Lunar Marmots at the Niagara...Chungking Express at the
Ridge...Capricious Summer and Cutting it Short at the Pocific
SUN 28 The Amps w/ Imperial Teen at the Storfish Room...Iggy Pop
af the Commodore...Chungking Express atthe Ridge...End of a Priest
and Trie White Plague at the Pocific Cinematheque...
MON 29 Buffy Sainte-Marie at fhe Vogue Theatre...Chungking Express at the Ridge...End of a Priest and The White Plague at the
Pacific Cinematheque...
TUES 30 Chungking Express at fhe Ridge...
The Abyss  315 E. Broadway (side entrance)
Alma Street Cafe 2505 Alma   (at Broadway)
Anza Club  3 W. 8th  (Mount Pleasant)
Arts Hotline
Bassix 217 W Hastings  (al Cambie)
Backstage Lounge   1585 Johnston  (Granville Island)
Black Sheep Books  2742 W. 4th (ot MacDonald)
Cafe Deux Soleils  2096 Commerciol   (the Drive)
Cafe Vieux Montreal  317 E. Broodwoy  (Mount Pleasont)
Caprice Theatre 965 Granville  (Gronville Mall)
Celebrities   1022 Davie   (al Burrard)
CN Imax Theotre 999 Canada Place
Commodore Ballroom  870 Granville   (Granville Mall)
Commodore Lanes 838 Granville  (Granville Moll)
Cordovo Cafe  307 Cordova  (Gastown)
Crojjlown Traffic  316 VV Hastings   (downtown)
Denmon Place Cinemo   1030 Denman  (West Enrrrd)
DV8 515 Dovie (downtown|
Edison Electric Gallery/Cafe 916 Commercial (the Drive]
Firehall Arts Centre  80 E. Cordova  (at Main)
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
Frederic Wood Theatre  (UBC)
Goroge Pub  2889 East Hastings St (downlown)
Gaslown Theotre 36 Powell  (Gaslown)
Glass Slipper    2714 Prince Edward  (Mount Pleasant)
Graceland   1250 Richards  (downtown)
Greg's Place 45844 Yale Rd. (Chilliwock)
The Grind Gollery 4124 Main St. (Ml. Pleasant)
Hastings Community Centre  2096 E. Hastings  (ne
Hemp B.C.  324 W. Hastings   (downtown)
Hollywood Theatre  3123 W. Broadway  (Kitsilano
Hot Jazz Society  2120 Main (Mt. Pleosant)
Hungry Eye  23 W. Cordova  (Gastown)
Jericho Arts Centre  1600 Discovery (Pt. Grey)
La Quena   1)11 Commerciol   (the Drive)
The Lotus Club 455 Abbott   (Gaslown)
Lucky's 3934 Main
Luv-A-Fair   1275 Seymour  (downtown)
Malcolm Lowry Room 41 25 E. Hostings   (N. Bun
Mars   1320 Richards  (downtown)
Maximum Blues Pub   1176 Granville   (downtown)
New York Theatre  639 Commercial   (the Drive)
Niagara Hotel Pub 435 VV. Pender (downtown]
Odyssey Imports 534 Seymour (downlown)
Old American Pub 928 Main  (downtown!
Orpheum Theatre  Smilhe & Seymour  (downtown]
Pacific Cinematheque   i 131 Howe   (downlown]
Paradise  27 Church  (New West)
Paradise Cinema  919 Gronville  (Granville Mall)
Park Theatre  3440 Cambie  (South Vancouver)
Picadilly Pub  630 W. Pender  (al Seymour)
Pil Pub  basement, Student Union Building   (UBC)
Pitt Gallery   317 W. Hastings   (downlown)
Plaza Theatre   881 Gronville   (Granville Mall)
Roffels Lounge   1221 Granville  (downtown)
The Rage 750 Pacific Blvd. South  (Plaza of Notions)
jr PNE)
s On Richer*
Ridge Cinema   3131 Arbutus   (at 16th Ave.)
Romper Room 639 Commercial (the Drive)
Russian Hall   600 Campbell   (Chinatown)
Scratch Records  317A Cambie  (Gastown)
Southhill Candy Shop 4198 Main  (al 26th)
Storfish Room   1055 Homer (downlown)
Starlight Cinema  935 Denman  (West End!
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station  (off Main]
St. Regis Holel 602 Dunsmiur (downtown)
Theatre E  254 E. Hoslings (Chinatown)
Town Pump  66 Water Street  (Gaslown)
Track Records  552 Seymour  (downtown]
Tree House lounge 602 Dunsmuir St.  (downtown)
Twilight Zone  7 Alexander   (Gaslown)
UBC CINEMA (located in the SUB)
UBC Grad Centre Gate 4  (UBC)
The Underground   1082 Gronville  (downtown)
Vancouver Eosl Culturol Centre   1895 Venables (at Victoria)
Vancouver Little Theatre  3102 Main   (Ml. Pleasant]
Vancouver Press Club  2215 Granville  (S.Granville)
Varsity Theatre  4375 W. 10th   (Point Grey]
Verl 2412 Moin (Ml Pleasont)
Video In Sludios 1965 Main   (Mt. Pleasant)
Vogue Theatre  918 Granville   (Granville Mall)
Waterfront Theotre   1405 Anderson   (Granville Is.)
W.I.S.E. Hall   1882 Adanac   (the Drive)
Women In Print 3566 W. 4th  (Kitsilano)
Yale Blues Pub   1 300 Granville  (downtown]
Zulu Records 1869 W. 4th  (Kitsilano]
488 6219
222 2244
876 7128
684 2787
689 7734
687 1354
732 5087
254 1195
873 1331
683 6099
689 3180
682 4629
681 7838
681 1531
683 5637
669 7573
683 2201
682 4388
255 4162
689 0926
872 6719
822 2678
822 9364
684 MASK
877 0066
688 2648
795 3334
322 6057
255 2606
681 4620
738 3211
688 5351
251 6626
685 7777
875 9858
685 3288
685 0143
230 MARS
688 8701
254 3545
688 7574
669 6644
682 3291
665 3050
731 3456
525 0371
681 1732
876 2747
682 3221
822 6273
681 6740
685 7050
473 1593
685 5585
681 1625
687 6794
738 6311
254 3545
874 6200
687 6355
876 7463
689 0096
688 3312
681 8915
683 6695
682 7976
871 3090
682 8550
822 3697
822 0999
254 9578
738 7015
222 2235
872 8337
257 6205
685 6217
254 5858
732 4128
681 9253
738 3232
<g) |<f ■**(*,  BOtWEL-yU.'WtuRiW
26 APRIL 1996 12.99
You could call them the band who fell to earth. Hailing from Leeds
England, their 13 song debut effort, Resident Alien, has already been
compared to some of David Bowie's best early work. What makes
Spacehog different from the more ephemeral "fashion conscious"
bands is great songs, and quite simply, the fact they can rock.
(Price in effect until April 30/96]
See them LIVE with Ruth Ruth, April 8 at The Town Pump.
1160 Robson Street • Park Royal Shopping Centre (North Mall)
Guildford Town Centre • Willowbrook Shopping Centre
Eaton Centre-Metrotown • Sevenoaks Shopping Centre Abbotsford
Richmond Centre • Coquitlam Centre 1869 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver. BC
V6J 1M4
tel 738.3232
Halo Benders
"Don't Tell Me Now" cd/lp
Widi the combined talents of Doug Martsch
[Treepeople, Built to Spill] on guitar and swei
vocal harmonies, Steve Fisk [Pell Mell, produc
er extraordinaire] on fun[ky] keyboards, and
Calvin Johnson [Beat w^—
Happening, Dub Narcotic, K
Records] doing his trademark
semi-spoken, deep-vocals thing,
the 'Benders have produced anoth-  jCun r D P
er catchy, pop-filled full-length to
help you dance the night away. This indie-rock
supergroup sure know how to party - Don't Tell
Me Now is guaranteed to liven up your backyard
BBQ and keep your summer samba sizzlin'!
14* CD     12* LP
Doo Rag
"What We Do" cd/ip
Let's see... what do we got here... cardboard
boxes, vacuum cleaners, a customized six-string
and a slide. What Doo Rag do with it is tap into
a speedy, hyper-frantic dimension where the Blues
is king. With equal amounts of reverence and
craziness Doo Rag put a new twist into an old
sound and Doo it right!
16* CD     10* LP
Mark Eitzel
"BD Watt Silver lining" CD/cass
Mark Eitzel was the man behind the American
Musk Club. Though this band, sadly, is no more,
Mr. Eitzel valiantly continues on. With this, his first
solo release, he stays true to his past visions with a
stirring collection of songs that reveal an open, honest display of human experience and emotion.
16s1 CD     10* Cass
? Year Bitch
"Gato Negro" ce/cass
Goto Negro: (a) A charm tc
see you through an evening of red
wine libations, (b) Trans, literally
"Black Cat" a symbol of bad luck,
the sultry night, restricted films, etc.
(c) The latest 12 song full-length from San
Francisco's pent-up punkers 7 Year Bitch! (d) All
of the above. Enter at Zulu.
14» CD    9* Cass
The For Carnation
"Marshmallows" cd/ip
The Slint sound has become a reference, an idiom
within pop music. For Brian McMahan [an ex-
Slint member himself], it is a subject of personal history, a past-tense of creative output. Not contained
to the history of style he has helped to define,
McMahan has moved on. The For Carnation do
reference Slint [more like reverberate with] but manage to point to new stations of development; the
extension of an aesthetic along favorable lines.
Thoughtful and playfully abstruse,
Marshmallows establishes new ground.
12* CD     8* LP
Papas Fritas
"Papas Fritas" co
Do you like catchy pop tunes? Do
you like melody and harmonies? If I
you have answered yes to either of I
these questions, or even if you hes- >
itated in answering, come to Zulu and pick up
Papas Fritas. This is a very well played record
from a trio whose songs will squirm into your mind
[in the shower?] and, be warned, may even cause
16* CD
MontoWed 10:30-7:00
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
"Music Inspired by the Group of 7" cd
A band never afraid to experiment and evolve, the
Rheostatics on this recording create a nearly
entirely instrumental work honoring the 75th
anniversary of the Group of Seven and the art it
represents. Commissioned by the
National Gallery of Canada and
brought to life by these talented
musicians, this recording proves to I
be ambitious, meaningful and
above all, very good.
14* CD
Kevin Kane
"Neighborhood Watch" cd
Too long in exile, Kevin Kane surfaces with a
post-Grapes of Wrath solo release ripe with
idyllic introspection, harmony and idiosyncratic
soul. Neighborhood Watch, out on Kevin's
own label [ON/OFF], carries a moody feel with
its square one pairings of acoustic guitar and
voice, while segueing into interesting drony interludes. Another fine tenant in the temple of song.
14" CD "Available April 23
Guided by Voices
"Under the Bushes Under the
Stars" cD/cass/LP
Topping many critic's lists with last year's Alien
Lanes, Guided By Voices bse no ground with
the latest evocative full-length Under the Bushes
Under the Stars. Blessed with a knack for prolific hookery, frontman Robert Pollard here effortlessly pens 24 pure poppers for now people!
14* CD     9* Cass 12* LP
Money Mark
"Mark s Keyboard Repair" _■/_.»
Since tinkling on his ivories for the Beastie
Boys, Money Mark embarks on the gooey-
organ funk Mark's Keyboard Repair, his
solo debut on the much-celebrated "Mo' Wax"
label. The 70's hammond
sound comin' back with a
vengeance delivering wonderfully cheesy hooks that grocery clerks nation-wide will be
sneaking into the big bosses
sound systems. It's slimy keyboard west coast love!
16* CD     10* Cass
"They Spent Their Wild Youthful
Days in the Glittering World of the
Salons" ci
A recuperative sabbatical in glittering salons was a time well spent
for these youthful popsters.
Reinvigprated with newfound
inspiration [and a few new band
members] the Swirlies have
matured within themselves, developing the appealing sound that they outlined on their eaHier recordings [informed by the English pop of the My
Bloody Volentine/Stereolab variety]. A good,
idiosyncratic musioal vocation - thanks, Swirlies.
14* CD
Run On
"Start Packing" ci/cus/lp
The assistance of a host of producers helps to
emphasize the diverse craffwork of these New York
rock/soundscapers, who's populist/academic exploration of
American rock definitions [a revi-
talization?] places them alongside
such conmtemporaries as Yo La
Tengo, 11 th Dream Day,
Walkabouts and Tortoise. Run On's debut
reflects a talented and experienced effort by a
knowledgeable band [re: well listened].
14* CD     10* Cass/LP
The Sonnra Pine
"The Sonnra Pine" cd/lp
Is there life in the body of rock? What life is contained in its well traveled boundaries? For the new-
rock geographers of the predominantly ex-Rodan
membership of the Sonora Pine, innovation is an
excercise in reorganization and integration. Delving
into sound structure experimentation [as well as a
diversity of instruments], these
indie-rock veterans are not content
to replicate the passages of Slint
style songwriting. Instead, they
challenge the too-soon-in-coming
"post-rock" anti-canon with a
moody neo/indie/prog [if you can imagine] recuperation that does as much to renew as it does to
try and transcend the increasing flexibility of contemporary rock.
14* CD     12* LP
Sale prices in effect until April 30/96.


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