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   for the ghetto
|  linda scholten
"DiSCORDER" 1995 by Ihe Student Radio Society of the
|   Circulation 20,000.
iscriplions, payable in advance, to Canadian residenl
| USD; $24 CDN elsewhere. Single copies are $2.00 (to
orders payable lo DiSCORDER Magazine.
DEADLINES: Copy deadline for the November issue is October 11 th. Ad space is available until Ocloberl 6 and
can be booked by calling Kevin at (604) 822-3017 exl. 3. Our rales are available upon request. DiSCORDER is not
responsible for loss, damage, or any other injury lo unsolicited manuscripts, unsolicited artwork (including but not
limited to drawings, photographs and transparencies], or any other unsolicited material. Material can be submitted
on disc (Mac, preferably) or in type. As always, English is preferred.
From UBC lo Langley and Squamish lo Bellingham, CiTR can be heard al 101.9 fM as well ai through all major
cable systems in the Lower Mainland, except Shaw in White Rock. Call Ihe CiTR DJ line al 822-2487, our office al
I   822-3017 exl. 0, or our news and sports lines al 822-3017 exl. 2. Fax us at 822-9364, e-mail i	
C'iTR@UNIXG.UBC.CA, visit our web site at http://www.ams.ubc.ca/citr or just pick up a goddamn pen and
#233-6138 SUB Blvd., Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6T 1Z1.
3 Eigg°x$im couver special
Fall. Shit. Stuck in fall again. Summertime seems like a three month
long dream from which we oil must awake, only lo find the bed
room floor much colder than we thought.
What a stupid analogy. Bul what do you expect - I just woke up.
Autumn is a time to get down lo business and on with the things you
weren't going to do during the last three months for the simple reason
(hot, "Hey, it's summer.* Well, I'm going to break with lhat silly tradition. I'm gonna keep putting things off for ihree more months. I will still
say "Hey, it's summer," and nobody will question me. I figure I can
ride lhat one until at least Christmas time.
One thing I can't get out of are these cassette reviews, or critiques,
as we highly literary types like to coll it. Not that I'm complaining, as
the fame and fortune the stewardship of ihis monthly column has brought
my way has maintained a regular flow of floozies through my swingin'
bachelor's penthouse, as well as keeping my medicine cabinet stocked
up with my favourite drug, Ex-Lax (which gives you a hint as to what is
done with old Vancouver Specials). So let's rock.
The first tape is by Chronometer (ah, the first bold letters; hands
up those who jusl started reading here). To my knowledge, this is their
second demo, the first being handled by former Vancouver Specialist
and shoo-in for the Rob Wright look-a-like contest, Sean Raggett. Everything he said about their earlier submission still goes for this one, as
both tapes rock down in lhal face-punching, ferocious way lhal Pablo
Cruise never did. "Vindictive" from the first one is repeated here,
ihough I suspect if you heard ihem side-by-side sublle differences would
be apparent. I'd be a little happier if that psychosonic lead guitar
tortuously wrapping itself around the cement blocks that are Chronometer's songs was mixed higher up, since it is ihe icing on the cake
for me.
Hardcore trio Pebble (keep those hands up now) have been
around for a couple of years and have used this lime to develop an
appealing crunch-pop sound that would fit in well on Epitaph's roster.
Their self-titled  1994 cassette teems with powerful hooks and last-
gasp vocals, and even the somewhat muddy recording does little to
detract from ihe immediacy of songs like "llford", "Plainfield", "Teen
Anthem", and "Narrow Category". Pebble's new tape, You Ruined
My Sunday, also rocks, but in a much clearer way. These three guys
operate as a lightly knit unit, dividing songwriting credits equally among
them and sharing vocals. The only problem is that from the looks of it
this unit has knit themselves a new home across ihe Strait in Victoria!
Pebble come back! We promise we'll buy more of your tapes and
attend your shows. And I'll give you your recycling box back.
Also chucking tapes over from the Island is Victoria's Burlap
Ouch! (now reach into your pocket, remove all your cash and put it
on the table). There's a couple songs here lhat suggest lhat if Nik
Kambeitz and company put their minds to it they could have glassy-
eyed college radio hacks wrapped around their collective pinkies in
no time flat. I'm mainly talking about the first two cuts, "Cracker" and
"Eww...Gwoss", which skip along like a manic schoolkid who's just
traded her Ritalin [see fig. 1] for sugar products. However, as far as I
can tell, the tape has only about half the songs that are listed on the
cover, an irritating practice which bands occasionally resort to for
reasons that, while completely beyond me, can only stem from some
kind of malicious grudge against CiTR, its employees, and iheir families. I now have no choice but to scratch Burlap Ouch! off my Christ-
Driving up to Nanaimo, we encounter The Bus (close your eyes
and start counting backwards from 100), convoluted brainchild of
one Bruce Kennedy, with help from guitarist Richard Polachuk and
young Scott Reginald Kennedy. Their new cassette Artistic tiscence is
86 minutes of synthesizer stylings not heard since Gary Numan's hair
transplant. Actually, what really comes to mind are the
cyberexperiments of Bill Nelson, with side one extending the premise
of Drastic Plastic and side two taking its cue from later ambient instrumental works such as "La Belle et la Bete". The newer songs are really
interesting, with more funk and industrial noise creeping into the mo-
rass, while the older tunes (many songs from his previous cassettes
Waiting For the Bus and Still Waiting are included, although I'm a^
little disappointed with the omission of the deviant "Pop Whiz" from
ihe latter collection) continue to grow on me. God knows what he's
singing about, although I have the faint impression that loves both
found and lost have contributed to the production of this twisted soul
churning out eccentric synth-pop vignettes on his island paradise. You
better believe it when I say ihis guy's on original.
Another Intel-chip-installed weirdo sending in cassettes these days
is Caffeine Charlie (tickle, tickle), he of ihe kands@broken.ranch.org
e-mail address. High-tech, top-quality recording utilising the latest in
computer audio imaging is the name of the game here. Expect to be
challenged in a musical sense whenever auditioning CC's stuff, and
as long as you are sufficiently prepared you should be able to survive
the digitized onslaught of such products as the latest Dub Destroyer
cassette, this time credited to 31337 (ever consider switching deodorants?). Maybe I'm wrong - maybe this is a new understudy programming these Dantean frequency clusters while Doddy Charlie cackles Darth Vader-like in the background, reveling in the f>olyrhythms of
several different BPM pulses colliding in audiospace to produce new,
as-yet-unheard alien shuffles, and delighting in the R&B samples so
decontextualized they're funky again. Can'twaitforlhe next upgrade.
On ihe other hand, Kristia Jeanne Sheffield (hey, I'm about
as sick of this parenthesized running-joke about armpits as you are)
has both her feet planted on Terra Firma far away from any bleep
farting back boxes and with the dials on her time machine pointed
towards yesterday's music rather than the future's aural algorithms.
Liberal use of lhat most conservative of instruments, the violin (along
with its relatives the viola, the cello, and the crossbow), on her debut
cassette The Burning - also the name of her live band - endows her
music wilh a certain romantic flourish that recalls Dead Can Dance,
Tuxedomoon, and Charlie Daniels (well, maybe not him). Adding in
4    OCTOBER 1995 KJS' Dolores Riordanesque yodeling and the effect is exactly that of a
cross between Sarah McLachlan and Loreena McKenniIt stripped of
any Marilime or Celtic rubbish. Any guitars are either steel-siring
tic or classical, drums are sparse, and, save for some samples on one
cut, keyboards are strictly unplugged, the best example of this being
on Kristia's beautiful pump organ solo "Cornelia's Cup". All very handmade, like an old abacus or something. Have this baby ready with
candles and white wine next time your Voice Personals mailbox fills
up ("the cup was only being built/for the chance to have it filled" - R.
Enough already. Smell ya next time.
Friday, October 6: A Celebration of the Spirit w/Techni-
cians of the Sacred, The Loved One, The Cowards & many
more at the Vogue Theatre (1 pm)...
Saturday, October 7: Marilyn Manson & Clutch at the
New York Theatre
Friday, October 20: Spirit Merchants, Hunting Humans
& guests at the New York Theatre
Saturday, October 28: Nomeansno & guests atthe New
York Theatre
Saturday, Novemeber 11: d.b.s. & guests at the New
York Theatre
Thanks to those lovely folks at MCA Concerts Canada, you have a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Green.Day and
Lookout! recording artists The Riverdales on October 1Bth at the Pacific Coliseum. Here's how to win:
Pictured above is Green Pay lead e>lnqer Billie Joe Armstrong showing the world how puny, er, punk, he really ie. Perverse and
perverted people that we are, we have hidden an image of Billie'© willy somewhere in this month's mag.
The first person to come uptoow office In Room 233 of the Student Union Building at UBC and tells us oon which page
we've bidden rt wins the tickets. (On to avoid disappointment and hellish bus ride, call u& at £22-3017 ext 0 with the right
answer and we'll hold the tickets for you.)
cowshead chronicles
"hat today. gon« to maul"
I don't rtaly know what to say. rtaly. I havtn't had It**to put
iHs al in bit In my htad w tht thoughts an juit art flowing, w
pita* bar with mt wMi I art through this shit. I havt bttn
away, oa tht road, for mum twtnty-iix days. stowing tht unittd
statu, attanta. Washington, d* baHlmort. kty wilt, laivtjas.
dtfvtog around sets the wtlght on your wind in a big fashion, ttn
boon through tht day and most of tht wight - driving, -truekatof
porlloni of food, vigttailan food a thing of the past unltMyou
want nothing but talad ban from han to new orkans. or 1h«
vtggit whoppr at burgr Una. or a lot of paita. far be It for imi
though, to oompkln about tht food, and whethar yoa amoka or
not tvwtualy tht tar's Inttrior It fSad with smokt and H ohoku
you tomttfmu, but- yoa drlvt a ftw won mflti and Ha a bet
mad* about doDan to downs yowl haok that wxtbvtt and pon-
dar your mortality, hew wfll you dk traffle fatalHtts far ovt-
numbtr murdars In tht m. tva-y ytar, io tht oddi an good that
| with taeh mflt down tht ehanott bwrtast that youl bt Wt htad
on by torn hopptd-up troekar bound for frtaio wHh a load of
dorrtto*. or wS you dit an old man or woman? tht road plays
trltki on your wind, tht Bnti run Into tath othtr and tttm to
tarry you along - wow, I sound Diet a dtadhtad. avtry rignifleant
•vwt of tht lait ytar or sotomts into play, tvay rdattonsWp.
awry argumtnt tvary body you oartsstd, tvtryont you hatt and
tvtn thott you lev*, why'd you do thatt how oouM thty havt
dont that? tht ndnTt tyt Ii a -Nrrtbla thfcg. man I gotta get my
sWttogtthtr. I havt bttn tarrying around Ifct a rat with poison
pdtM taught bt If i stoma* for tht last ytar and a half, that
to stralghttn up and fly right or at Itatt try and- makt a son-
tarttd tffort to pofl It all togtthtr. ahlt. thaf i It a ilnglt gut In
this *y tan do tomt damage if Itft to my own dtvlets I oouM
fook It up for tvtryoni sWt. ok. that's It. ha ottta hat, I gotta
go. pick up tht ptots. kasp mt bi mind.
Psst!!Hav6 you h6arp?!!
cub &.
The Potatomen
split CD-EP/ 7"!
PH. (604) 689-7734 FX. (604) 689-7781 DDT   LOTGOOP SALD 224
Certainly no stingers to the Vancouver scene. Finally product to support all the livt
shows, for those not in the know, this is a hybrid mix of ska, punk, rap delivered will
one mighty sonic boom...
Drop City   Chiaroscuro SALD 21?
The follow up to A Revolution-, this Is more fuzzed out than the last, features a fir
cover of the Spacemen '•! classic "losing Touch..."
Godstm    Coastal   2LP set only (no CD) HAC42
?0 tracks over ?LPs of perfect my fi pop. Wlc Dalton and friends (Smudge etc.)
^M Milrn - vnrols   nuitar
Doug - guitar
James - drums
je to pump out PC (pop correct) dirties.
HunteK & CollectoK Demon Plowet SALD 220
This has tho angst and noise of the early Conny Plank produced stuff and the
songwriting/pop sensibilities ot Human Frailty period. Like his Australian peers Paul
Kelly and Ed Kuepper, Mark Seymour Is a storyteller/songwriter. Il you ever had a
soft spot for these guys, return, you won't be disappointed-
If you weren't here today, what would you
be doing?
James: Fertilizing daffodils.
Doug: I can't do anything else...maybe urn...interviewing
myself about this imaginary band I'm in called Banned
From Atlantis.
Mike: Thinking about Nardwuar and Courtney Love making out- yuk!
Lisa: Well, Built to Spill are playing tonight, so if I had
$11.25 to blow and wasn't here, I'd be there.
If you could be any kind of perogie, what kind
would you be?
S^^L     Doug: The only good perogie is a dead perogie. I'd be a
1^   dead perogie.
b^^       Mike: A perogie with a big, fat hostess ding dong inside -
The NectuHne No 9 Niagara Fulls
SALD 214
"A complete hussy, coaled In a becoming arrogance   the most ridiculously under
recognized pop organism" The brilliance of Davey Henderson (of the FlreEnglnes/
Win) and i
Trainspotting is
vilh Doug. Death t<
What's the best thing about being in a band?
Doug: Depends on what kind of band. Like, the best thing
about being in B.F.A. is spending time with my friends. But
the best thing about being in TLC is the free money and
90210 guest shots.
What's the worst thing about being in a band?
Doug: Again, depends on ihe band. The worst thing
about being in B.F.A. is desperately trying to be clever
in interviews. The worst thing about being in TLC, however, is the tight vinyl shirts. (P.S. I'm not really in TLC
- it's hypothetical)
What's the best thing about Winnipeg?
Doug: The world's largest scale. You pay three dollars
and you can weigh anything you want. Also, you're
only eight hours away from the world's largest ball of
twine in Minnesota.
What is the most famous band from Winnipeg?
Doug: Propagandhi, Propagandhi, Propagondhi. But
there's lots of fine bands like Bucko, Cheerleader, I Spy,
elliot, ihe Bonaduces, B'ehl, Duotang....
What is the first thing you are going to do when
you get home?
Doug: Get really confused and continue sleeping in the van.
James: Gel hit in ihe head.
Mike: Kick myself for doing Live From Thunderbird Radio
Hell, instead of watching the Doobie Brothers reunion concert.
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Consensus: Two for cats, two for dogs.
Lisa: Dogs suck.
James: Cats look way too edible.
is not to be missed. Kelman won the Booker, Irvine Welsh
must read too. All eyes on Scotland... Wo need to be a cynical
bastard I suppose... Just don't ignore this one.
The Nectarine No 9 Saint Jack SALD 222
Davey Henderson returns with one of the most Important release*.** the year.
Melody Maker says "Saint J8ck Is a serious achievement. Wo other band could get
away with this most wouldn't even think of trying."
Punchbuggy   All Wife Christian Rollerskate SALD ??0
One final West Coast tour, before the band heads to the studio to start work on the
new alburn. Look for dates in mid/late Wovember probably with Trigger Happy. Also
new 7" out on Montreal's Mag Wheel Records.
The Vacqrit Lot      Shake Well SALD???
The 3rd album from Brooklyn's finest and It certainly is their finest. 14 pop-punk
Available on LP, cass _ CD
Unlike its flashy cousin on the French Riviera, the Vancouver International
Film Festival is neither glamorous nor star-studded; rather it is a festival
devoted to industry and, first and foremost, to audiences. With some 290
films from 39 countries, the VIFF is bound to have something for even the
most cinephobic citizens of Vancouver. And for confirmed film buffs, the
festival offers a panoply of cinematic treats.
An important point to keep in mind when selecting which of these
treats to partake of is that many of the films featured each year are picked
up for distribution and return to Vancouver ot some time. Movies which
feature big name actors or are helmed by established, well known directors will likely appear on local screens again, and for this reason they
should be avoided. Instead, gorge yourself on those films you don't stand
a hope in hell of ever seeing again. The VIFF always offers an eclectic
mix, and this year viewers can choose films from such diverse components as the Centenary of Cinema Celebration, Dragons and Tigers: The
Cinemas of East Asia, Canadian Images, Non-Fiction Features of 1995,
Cinema of Our Time, The Best of Britain, and Walk on the Wild Side.
Marking the 100th anniversary of film, as its name suggests, the Centenary of Cinema series delivers several films that have been sitting
unwatched in some backroom. Not to be missed is 'Powell and Pressburger
at War', featuring four British-made WW II propaganda films which were
■Don't forget out 7 puge mail-otdet eclogue with oil sorts of cool-   'm!Tdf fo,rally Se„r°T T^tt!*?™])0, noJn    ^Turt^
■    ,, .. , & B    of the four it would have to be 49fn Poro//e/(1941), an irresistible oddity
^tuff. Nice puces, quick turnaround, friendly ot shotty sen/ice youi^
split 7" w/elliot (Fresh Bread Records)
People Write to Geena Davis in Japanese (LP on Sister
Contact Banned from Atlantis:
275 Victoria Cr.
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 1X6
*i/Ve from Thunderbird Radio Hell can be heard on
Thursdays from 9-11 p.m. on CiTR 101.9 f.m.#
choice. Nice ponytail, nice sidebutns...we got it all!
59? VICTORIA CP. 265?7
th a plot involving Nazis intent on overrunning Canada and a cast lhat
includes Laurence Olivier and Leslie Howard. Just the opportunity to see
Olivier as a fur trapper with a Quebecois accent makes this film well
worth the price of admission.
Dragons and Tigers: Cinemas of East Asia is one of the VIFF's most
important series, putting the festival on the map as the largest showcase
of Asian film in North America. As in previous years, the Dragons and
Tigers component will include   a competition for the Award for Young
ema, honouring the film maker with the most creative and innovative first
or second feature. This year will also feature a selection of Yakuza gangster films, popular in Japan in the sixties and seventies and currently making a comeback in that country. Offering fresh perspectives on the genre
will be Gonin (dir: Ishii Takashi, 1995), which makes explicit the homoerotic
undertones present in many Yakuza films, Like a Rolling Stone (dir:
Kumashiro Tatsumi, 1994), which overturns convention and makes the
lead character an anti-hero, and Another Lonely Hitman (dir: Mochizuki
Rokuro, 1995), which examines the face of corporate respectability put
on by modern day gangs in Japan. Also worth seeing are 301,302 (Food,
Diet ,Sex & Film) (dir: Park Chul-Soo, South Korea, 1995) and Mee Pok
Man (dir: Erjck Khoo, Singapore). The first film centres on obsessions with
food between neighbours in an apartment complex, while the latter is
either a psychological drama or a black comedy- it all depends on your
perspective - about a slow witted vendor who takes in a destitute prostitute.
The twenty selections in the Canadian Images series present different
views of our country's socio-political landscape. Three are documentaries, two are directed by women, and two-thirds are by first-time feature
directors. Most of the films deal with the anger and frustration of the 'Gen-
X' card. After the success of last year's Clerks (dir: Kevin Smith), the voices
of our 'slacker' generation ore given their due time. Looking at life among
twenlysomelhirlgs in Calgary is Gary Burns with The Suburbanators (1995),
while Clement Virgo gives us his take on Toronto's black community in
Rude (1995) and Laurie Lynd offers us her cinematic adaptation of Daniel
Maclvor's Chalmers Award winning play House (1995).
Non Fiction Features of 1995 includes some great documentaries,
among them Craig Baldwin's examination of noise band Negativeland's
battle with U2 and Island Records, Sonic Outlaws. Even if you are not in
the music biz, this film about taste, copyright, and free speech in our
digital age is not to be missed. Other documentary highlights are Maes-
6     OCTOBER 1995 Most interviews consist of various inanities and incredibly redundant questions. Bands become weary
and worn by the oh-so trite inquisitions and ass-kissing banter. Darlene neither adheres to this nor any
other redundant bullshit. Powered by a potpourri of
. toxic fumes and beverages, she stormed steadfastly
to the depths of the Town Pump to ask those luscious
boys of Killdozer one simple question:
"If you could go
tt wT* t°nTl9 the Pr°S Qnd COns of a lu"<* experience with a bunch of rotting corpses, these polite (and qosh
t-iuit5 °f b°ne ""* "**• « *M
"At the round table of the closest (HOP would be Dean Mar-
be iTo Zrf FA ^l'"•*•" K°«" ^cause she woJdn't
be a bother) Fidel Castro (to provide the necessary apres pancake agar), Joey Shithead (to demonstrate pissing oveTa buT
and not hiding it), The McRackins (because th^y reVverXe
tdie^'sit"9^^ "^ baC°n)' Je"°"B«KdK
Keed (seated s.de by side, of course , Quentin Crisp (in draa of
course) Truman Capote (hmmmm) and Dad (to payrhe ,ab)>
tro: King ofthe Cowboy Artists (dir: Les Blank, USA), about an artist who
refuses to bow to anyone, determined to create his art on his own terms,
and NicoJcon (dir: Susan Ofteringer, Germany), which looks at the life
of the quintessential femme fotale.
The Cinema of Our Time series highlights the best in film from around
the world. Ten of the films from France look at director's takes on adolesr
cence and the standard pains that come with that. Check out Brothers:
Red Roulette (dir: Olivier Dahan, 1994), a hip and violent urban grunge
flick with impressive camera work and a cool soundtrack. Another French
film, Too Much Happiness (dir: Cedric Kahn), goes full tilt extending a
party into an emotional rage. Hate (dir: Mathieu Kassovitz, 1994) continues the path of anger and focuses on the endemic racism in contemporary French society.
Hatred and bitterness are themes in many of the films from the United
States this year, including A Boy Called Hate (dir: Mitch Marcus, 1994),
a tale of urban angst in a Los Angeles suburb where an alienated youth
intervenes in a rape. There is also Nadja (dir: Elina Lowensohn, 1994), a
vampire themed film steeped in urban funk and crossing the Dracula
legend with parallel plots of dysfunctional families.
Earlier I mentioned that many of the films being shown at the VIFF
were likely to return to Vancouver. Count on a number of these coming
out of the Best of Britain series including A Feast at Midnight (dir: Justin
Hardy, 1995), Voices (dir: Malcom Clarke, 1994), and The Neon Bible
(dir: Terence Davies, 1995) are certain to be shown again. Rather than
squandering vour precious film fest time on these guaranteed be-back
choices, check out the ones that are grittier and probably won't be easily
screened again, such as Criminal (air: Campbell Hill, 1994), a story of
lost innocence culminating in the tragic suicide of a 17 year old misfit, or
Instituta Benjamenta (dir: The Brothers Quay, 1995), a haunting study of
childhood dreams which fuses puppetry, animation and live action sequences in an eerie, Kafko-esque setting.
Fans of the dark and disturbing won't want to miss the Walk on the
Wild Side series of midnight screenings. This year's lineup features six
films: Cyberjack (dir: Robert Lee, 1995), Accumlator 1 (dir: Jan Sverak,
1994), Funny Man (dir: Simon Sprackling), The Addiction (dir: Abel
Ferrara, 1995), Blue Skies Are A Lie (dir: Gregory Ross, 1995), and
Crying Freeman (dir: Christophe Gans, 1995). Of particular interest is
Accumlator 1, a combination of action, comedy, and sci-fi with a plot
centering on a couch potato whose life is sucked dry by a vampire-like
source. Similarly themed, Abel Ferrarra's (Bod Lieutenant) The Addiction
examines the link between heroin addiction and vampirism, complete
ss of gushing blood and vampire feeding frenzies. Not for the
The Vancouver International Film Festival lasts for just two short weeks,
so skip those boring courses and/or ditch that low paying service job
and head out to the cinema.
_jM__i_____H      Br   -W
tFriday,  October 2?,  1^95!
|programming by, for, &.  about lesbian & gay,|
[bisexual, transsexual, transgendered,L
Itwo-spirited, and straight-but-not-narrow folks]
radio Event CeLeBRATInG ALL sexual orientationsl
Tadio PrOTeST against cenSorshiP & hOmophobiaJ
rAdio ProT^R-hlpart ii_
?nd annual_na.
[cf^s/community radio station CKDU and to the CRTC.   In his letter,  he states _tha^jh|t_
|he heard on their "All Day All Gay" programme was  "disgraceful and tasteless.  Thei
flanguage was very~~coarse and the ref erenceTT^ay'sexual preferences was totally|
24-,   1994:
lunexceptable   tsicl.
theCRTC renews CKDU's license subject to a number of conditions.
■ Using Mr. Harvey's complaint as an example, the CRTC states that CKDU must air|
■ repeated warnings before _. during any programming which includes "sexually explicit "j
[material.  But what is   "sexually explicit"  programming? The CRTC was vague,  statingj
Jonlyjjhat the radioAtation should be aware of the responsibility to  "broad"
|programming that,  at all times,  is acceptable under existing community'sTandar^sT
"Community   standards"? Standards that exist in which communities? Once again,
Idefinition.  WHAT communities ARE WE a    campus/community radio stat^n^ER^FOR?
[the majority of member stations of the national campus/communitsj
^Lo^ass.   (NCRA)   produce  "SEX-fM"  TO PROTEST the   CRTC decision.
lOctober  27,   1993:   2nd annual sex-fM in conjunction  with  AIL
IHEAR   the two pieces which were  the  subject  of mr.   harvey's  complaint|
|&_^___L_-_l^or yourself
[CKDU ^ers_upDatej QAP  OPeri_____________   _fter?furSl
I politics   intERviews  with  rock   stars,   acti^^st^Tetcl
rotesT,   celEbrate,   and   breAK   steReotyPes"|
*■ ■■*
, Ben Folds Five
J Wednesday, October 11
Hungry Eye
Sf3,f@k     Doors 8:30Pm * Show 9:30pm     ^fxjFj^
ivitli guests
Wednesday October 11
Town Pump
Oiin Doors B:30pm • Show 10:00pm C ?<5r_____3 #©!
101.9 fM S^Ti5S4^i'
with guest
Jennifer Trynin
and The Inbreds
Sunday, October 151
Doors 7pm • Show 8pm
Commodore Ballroom
■  P
DOORS 8:30PM ■ SHOW 10:00PM
the karl Hendricks trio
101.9 ffl
November 6
Commodore Ballroom
101.9 fM
ROCK 101
j charge.
**H*Hmmim+****w CIRKUS MIND
September 12, 1995
Ralher than slowly building tension throughout this piece, stringing you along and making you
read it all the way through, I'll
tell outright: Readymade won the
night. But the other two bands
semblance lhat tied In nicety with
Cirkus Mine
hats), has a wonderfully strong
voice. They wrre kinda mellow
and they remindocj me quite a bit
of an Australia-Strand called
Powderfinger, fltit that won't
It was very difficult to decide
who was better, Mossy Ledge or
mode it interesting.
Cirkus Mind started the
evening with some foirly unremarkable, but enthusiastically executed, tunes. Thek- music was
standard AOR fare,: although
their entertainment "$alue was
high - it's been a while since I've
seen anyone attempt lhat playing-
head thing.
Mossy Ledge are a tight five-
piece who played some very
nicely-written and well-rehearsed
songs. Their singer, while sounding almost scarily like Bono (a re-
Readymade, as they played different types of music and they
were both good at what they
played. The eventual winners
made an impressive amount of
noise for four people; they went
for the wall o' sound approach,
and it worked well. Although I
palled at the sight of the synthesizer, it actually came through for
them, meshing nicely with the
stringed instruments.
All in all, a feast o' fun and a
good, strong start to Shindig. So
Sophie Hamley
September 19th, 1995
The great thing about ihe Railway
Club is how you can just escape
to the back of the bar if you don't
like what you see on stage. It's a
nice comfortable area of the
venue wilh reduced noise levels
and all ihe same atmosphere as
the stage area.
Well, things weren't so bad
that I actually stayed back there
on ihe 19th, but ihere were a few
times I when was tempted to wait
out the evening in the rear. Waltz
Darling were up first with occasionally interesting songs, often
rock music wilh a polkq or waltz
backbeal. The band wos competent wilh what they were doing,
but a little bit boring to wotch.
For m«sond o few otxsrs, he most
pressing thought during their set
was whether or not the singer
looked more like Hollywood
Squares' Shadoe Stevens or the
vocalist of Spandau Bollet.
A good example of a band
with a lot of neat musicol ideas
was next: Sturvi* had maybe the
three best songs I've heard so far
in ihis year's Shindig. For brief
moments, I thought they might
have been the next coming of
Hardship Post or Sunny Day Real
Estate, but those thoughts were
few and far between as the olher
ten tunes foiled to maintain lhat
quality. Thirty minutes was for loo
long for these guys, I thought; ten
would have been more apt. At
least they had-an interesting stage
presence, wilh the drummer wearing a modified ski mask that
looked something like a Martian
with antlers. Well, it was kind of
funny to see at leosf.
Perhaps ihe band whose overall sound I liked ihe most was
ihey suffered from a syndrome of
too-many-too-similar, further, the
vocals seemed to lack the strength
and precision thelf songs demand. Lots of effects combined
with musicol proficiency and well-
constructed songs won the day
for them, ihough, a* Gleam were
the judges' choic* on this night.
I con't soy that any of ihe
bands were bad, but none of
ihem amazed me for ony length
of time, tf the three were to play
together again ihough, I'd probably just hang out in the back: -
K. Geffen
September 26, 1995
I'm glad I wasn't judging this
Gleam. If nothing else, they were
; Very consistent. The songs were
Itllbsonably catchy pop-rock, but
week's Shindig. Even ihough I
wasn't particularly fond of any of
them, all three of the bands lhat
played tonight were perhaps
amongst the best that have
played so far. First were The
Shoebox Coupons, who trekked
out from Kamloops for this show.
||||*tf*pne else described their music as kiddy pop', which was
pretty accurate. I enjoyed ihem
and their energy ihough; perhaps
iheir only failing an inability to
add much variety to their set. Slill,
keep an eye out for ihem, they
might be the one of these three
to watch for in the future.
If Shoebox Coupons could be
compared to a band that played
last year, perhaps it would be
Gob, and if Small Town Rhinos
had a counterpart, it might be the
Cowardz. STR is a rock band,
but with some creative twists - a
little influence of Sparkmarker,
Seaweed and maybe even
Motorhead. The evening's second tight knit, energetic set was
a sign of tough decisions yel to
come for our judges.
Last on stage were Technicians of the Sacred. Gratuitous,
over-serious and self-indulgent in
their playing, the band overworked tiresome grooves beneath vocot raps. For me ot least,
this was reminiscent of my less
favourite aspects of jane's Addiction os well os those 'Birkenstocks
and granota' bands hat are out
ihere. However, it was done really well, just not to my tost*. On
this night it was enough to win
though, a night where 1 wouldn't
have been able to moke a clear
K. Geffen
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one at Warner, but they went on
holiday and never called me back. Undaunted, I headed down to the Starfish Room before the Inbreds' show
with Jale and the Superfriendz anyway to see if I could still get an interview. I ended up having to wait for
two and a half hours until Dave and
Mike returned from dinner, but I finally got my interview.
If you're not already familiar with
the Inbreds, the band is from Kingston, Ontario, and is made up of Mike
O'Neill, who sings and plays bass guitar, and Dave Ullrich, who plays
drums. In the last year they have been
the subject of extensive media hype
and rumours, as Well as being the targets of a major label feeding frenzy.
DiSCORDER: How has this tour with Jale
and the Superfriendz been?
Mike: Boy, we've talked to a lot of people about
this ond we invariably end up sounding like hippies because we're just loving all of it. 'Loving every
minute of it', os somebody once said.
Dave: Wasn't that the guy from Vancouver?
Mike: Reolly? Is that Chilliwack or something?
Dove: Mike Reno?
Yeah, Loverboy.
Mike: It's been really fun. On this tour we've traveled
in three separate vans because after Vancouver
we're all splitting off and going our own separate
ways. But it's been good traveling together with
them. Most of the nights we've shared a room of
whatever form with ihe Superfriendz, and ihe hi jinks
have been non-stop. And Jale has been no slouch
Who's the biggest practical joker?
Mike: Well, it's hard to say. Chris Murphy and Matt
Murphy, who both play in Superfriendz, are titans
of humor and hijinks.
Dave: But of course we can't forget Charles and
Drew (also of the Superfriendz), who are also titans
of the lowbrow.
Mike: They're more understated; they're sort of the
guys who sit ot the back of the classroom. But I'd
say Malt ond Chris are your class clowns, basi-
How were Another Roadside Attraction
and Edgefest? Were they the biggest
crowds you've ever had?
Mike: Actually, we didn't play Edgefest this year.
You were supposed to, weren't you?
Dave: We ployed Edgefest last year.
Mikaf-.The two (hing* you just mentioned are related. The scheme that is set up by Jay Gould (manager of the Tragically Hip) is that if you play Another Roadside Attraction, you aren't allowed to play
shows on either side of the beginning or last date.
There's a six or four week radius [during which]
you can't advertise for shows, and Edgefest lay
within that boundary.
Dave: It's like a Venn diagram where you add the
three together and there's a middle zone where you
just can't go. If you try to play there, something bad
Mike: It's a Bermuda Trianglel Basically, you're
wiped off the map.
Here's the inevitable question: What's the
deal with the TAG signing?
Dave: The way things stand, we signed a deal with
Tag records in the US. [Tag is] a brand new label, a
division of Atlantic. In Canada, we have our label,
PF, which we distributed all our first CD's and tapes
through. Now Inbreds stuff is distributed through
Warner Canada; ihe way it works is lhal we control all the marketing, we get a marketing budget,
we run our own ads, and ihey put [our stuff] in the
stores. But in the US, Tag is in charge of everything.
Mike: As far as artistic control and things, I think
lhat Tag extended its hand in good Faith by picking
up our album that we released independently
[Kombinator], and [instead of] taking off things that
have legal implications, including samples el cetera, [they're] basically putting out the album as is.
That's exactly how we intended it and we're just
taking advantage of the fact that we have distribution now. Before, we would deliver tapes to HMV
and Sam's in Toronto, London and in Kingston. As
for as anything outside of that we were doing some
distribution through Cargo.
What happened with the Sub Pop fiasco?
Do you know about all the rumours that
were flying around?
Dave: Give us some.
One was that Sub Pop wouldn't sign you
if you didn't get a guitarist. I heard that
one when I was in Kingston. Another one
that was going around in Vancouver was
that you signed to Sub Pop and they were
going to overlay guitar tracks over the
Kombinator album and release it like that.
Dave: The serious response is lhat Sub Pop was
interested in working with us, but what happened
was lhat a radio guy in Toronto called up Joyce
from Sub Pop [and told her thai we had no guitarist]. It's a tribute to iheir sense of jocularity that Joyce
said, 'We won't sign the Inbreds unless they get a
guitar player.' She was joking in the sense of a 'I
wish you would mind your own business' sentiment.
It was a joke, and she knew this was the kind of
thing that would start exactly what it did, i.e.. rumours. It was totally funny that it happened, to us it
was very funny. But some people took it very seriously, for instance that person that printed it like
that and set off all these rumors. Take it as you will.
How did Jay Ferguson come to be managing you guys?
Mike: I couldn't believe it myself. I heard a lot rumours about it and I was a little bit shocked. Essentially, Jay left Sloan to manage us because he believed so strongly in our music. You really couldn't
have a bigger compliment than lhat. I felt really
responsible and I hope nobody's mad.
Live Bait (Canada, 84
min.) Local filmmaker
Bruce Sweeney makes
his feature debut with
this witty and beautifully
acted comedy about
life, love and the emp-loyment situation for a 23-
year-old graduate. Shot in black and white, the
script brings to mind the humour of Woody Allen.
The Suburbanators (Canada, •
87 min.) An hilariously deadpan •
comedy about a group of twen- •
ty something guys on a Saturday J
afternoon in Calgary who J
encounter a woman whose J
', shoe gets burned by a carelessly handled cigarette, a traffic
': accident, a drug bust, poor bus services from the mall, and
i haircuts.
I Blood and Donuts (Canada, 88
min.) Renowned documentary
filmmaker Holly Dale's first dramatic feature tells of a socially-
backward vampire in nineties
Toronto, attempting to satisfy his
bloodlust with a profound lack of relish. With David
Cronenburg shining in a supporting role.
Zigrail (Canada, 78 min.) A stunning piece of cinema from acclaimed cinematographer Andre Turpin, Zigrail takes us on a journey from Montreal to Istanbul-taking in Paris, Croatia
and Romania on the way-as Andre pursues his pregnant girlfriend on the brink of having an abortion. Stylish editing and a cool soundtrack augment the visual virtuosity • Deaf to
the Images (France, 52 min.) Sign language was officially banned from education in France between 1880 and 1991. Brigitte Lemaine documents deaf culture through candid and
revealing interviews with a wide range French and German deaf artists. A ground-breaking and moving tribute to a once suppressed culture   • Plutonium Circus (USA, 73 min.)
Bizarrely funny and chilling, George Whittenburg Ratliffs documentary focuses on the people of Amarillo.Texas, infamous home to the Pantex Plant. Once the only final assembly
point for U.S. nuclear weapons, the plant now disassembles the weapons and stores the plutonium on top ofthe largest fresh-water aquifer in North America. "Dr. Strangelove Visits
the Texas Panhandle."-David Hunter, The Hollywood Reporter  • Strange Stories (Italy, 82 min.) A young girl asks her father to tell her some stories, and he complies with surreal
tales that underline the ridiculous side of modern life. An ingenious mix of Italo Calvino and Franz Kafka, this first feature fashions bizarre allegorical tales about the future, with a
broad comic veneer and dollops of both acidic wit and anguish. "A remarkably earthy film about stupidity."-B_/don/.
C   K   E   T
N    F   O   R   M   A   T
O   N
Theatres: Caprice, Pacific Cinematheque, Ridge, Robson Square, and Vancouver Centre   Advance Tickets at ROGERS Video (Broadway & Arbutus)
& Pacific Cinemath_que (1131 Howe St.) Charge by phone (MastercardWISA) 685-8297 B.C.Tel Film Festival Hotline 685-8352
164 Page Souvenir Programme available at Box Offices, select Starbucks, Duthie Books, select Book Warehouses (Robson St, 4th Avenueand Broadway) and Videomatica
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September    2 9    -    (
r     15,     1995
tO   OCTOBER 1995 Dave: I said, 'Jay, are you sure you feel this strongly
about our music that you're gonna break up Sloan
just to manage the Inbreds?'
Mike: He said that he was "Underwhelmed", and
if that's a word, I'm not sure... (hysterics and chaos
ensue for a while)
So the Inbreds are responsible for the
breakup of Sloanl
Mike: Well, yeah, I guess so. And you can write
Ihem at Murderecords and ask them. Thai's the best
answer we can possibly give for that.
Dave: We have ihe same management as Sloan
and it turned out that Jay became part of that fold
and was interested, upon the breakup of Sloan, in
working with us, which was a total compliment.
Now that you're superstars, are you intimidated at all by meeting people in other
Mike: We were discussing this over dinner at Subway tonight: What we would do if we sow Pete
Townsend or Ringo Starr on the street? What would
we say? Dave's finishing up his turkey double meat...
Dave: We did this whole routine in the middle of
Mike: ...and we almost got kicked out. Pretty much
we'd be nervous about meeting them. That's why I
feel a little funny about replacing John Entwhistle.
He got drunk and had to leave the Allstar Ringo
band... something like lhat. The deal is, every time
we meet a band it's exciting if you know or are a
fan of their music. For instance, Matthew Sweet,
meeting him on Another Roadside Attraction was
pretty exciting, and he turned out to be pretty nor-
Do you guys direct your own videos or
does someone else direct your videos?
Mike: Well the latest video, "Any Sense of Time",
was directed by Evan Bernard. He did "Root Down"
by ihe Beastie Boys and he's about to do a John
Spencer [video]. "You've got the Flavour", the Beck
Dave: But in a lot of ways, in most of the videos
we've done up to now, we've definitely had a lot of
input. The "You Will Know" one, which is the second last one we did, was also directed by another
person, but I found it pretty important lhat we come
up wilh a lot of the central ideas. In fact, it's hard to
get into it if you don't.
Mike: We've come up wilh a lot of ideas for olher
bands. You might be familiar wilh the Happy Days
scenario for Weezer. We came up with that and
gave it to Spike Jonze. I wasn't feeling particularly
musically inspired but I came up with this idea because I was a big fan of Happy Days when I was in
Grade 14.
Dave: What is it that Al always says?
Mike: Something about tho fish. That's the part lhal
they didn't.i«Werstond. Weezer sort of added that.
What are some of your favourite bands
Mike: Right now I am appreciating the Beach Boys
more and more.
Dave: One new band is Plum Tree, from Halifax,
and definitely Superfriendz. Actually I've been listening to a lot of John Spencer - and Built to Spill.
Is there anything new coming out on PF in
terms of your stuff or stuff by other Kingston bands?
Mike: The Caspers album was just released. It's
called Driving Along a Massive Dam. It's the 22nd
PF release.
Dave: One olher thing that we're probably gonna
do when we go back is a thing with Andrew Green
from the Shermans. We might do a seven inch with
Mike and myself and Andrew under some new
moniker; do a couple songs. [That would be] coming out in the fall sometime.
Do you write new material on the road?
Mike: Before we left on this tour I had plenty of new
ideas. Generally, whenever we have time I just work
on it. I sort of have the songs in my head, so I'll
write down lyrics. I don't think I'll work on ihem
seriously until I go back home and have some real
time to work on it. Dave was saying it would be
valuable to bring an acoustic guitar that you could
play in the van because there's a lot of driving.
What are you doing after the tour?
Mike: After this tour we're playing CMJ in New
York City. Then we're touring with a band colled
Dave: At the end of September we're going for the
firs! time over to England. We're gonna try and
find Reny from the Stone Roses and try and get him
back to join Stone Roses. We feel that he did something wrong.
What would you do if this were to all end
Mike: I'd probably go home and get a job.
Dave: What about that Entwhistle thing? Playing in
Ringo's band.
Mike: Well, if Ringo asked me to play. I don't think
I'm high profile enough. They would definitely say,
"Who's ihe guy on the bass?" So 1 don't know. If it
were all to end right now, it would have been a lot
of laughs. I'd probably be the most popular uncle
to all my nephews and nieces
Discography: Darn Foul Dog (cassette); Let's Get
Together (EP); Egrog (cassette); Inbreds/Shermans
Split 7"; Mario (LP); Kombinator (LP). You can write
ihe Inbreds ah Box 21003 Kingston, ON, Canada
/ojCoyoj       H '■ • *s"Vs ^' >* **5 ■     ' %" '*''
MUSSWES1^6 g,^^ &SQE
POWERDHVE   .€*;<# It
Virgin Recording Artists
A™CCSA mmm Sunday Oct. 8
«      4 ^A^^^^^MB ^^^^_ straight
nil Kill ■■%/■■
, "with guests <j
November 4
'The Town Pump
Holly McNarland
Imperial Teen
m^ 4 Minus! -^    ^^■Brcni
[roes, oct. 10] fnPQL1
^TheTownPump^ r ^CMM__TCS-
friday October 20
The Town Pump
Saturday October 21
The Unit-Victoria
Uncle Joe's Big 01'Driver
and The Drags
•- October 21
rfie Starfish Room
TICKETMASTER OUTLETS OR CHARGE BY PHONE 280-4444. x*->ene vocalistMartin Rossiter
Cjmay complain ibat people
think his band is "arty" because
they use words with more than
one syllable, but could ihis uncultured man name a single Canadian writer? Nope!
/^-»ene have been compared
L7to the Smiths at least a million times, but lhat is beside the
point. Any English band wilh
literary pretensions and some
sensitivity to ihem receives the
'Smiths treatment', something
that yahoos like Oasis will
hardly have to deal wilh. It also
doesn't help lhat Rossiter comes
off like Morrissey with even
MORE of an attitude.
After I softened Rossiter and
very pleasant bassist Kevin
Miles wilh toffee that I brought
to our interview at their hotel
lounge, I had to ask why style
triumphs over substance in so
many Brit bands, an observation lhat Rossiter agrees wilh.
"I'm very reticent to simply discuss British bands per se, but
you can run out of fingers and
toes counting them, yes. I find it
a bit worrying and perhaps it is
a British disease, but I would say
Quentin Tarantino is equally as
guilty. Perhaps Menswear are
the Tarantino of pop. It's very
easy for a band to know ihe
right people and hang out at the
right places and look good and
get a record deal before anyone's actually heard your mu-
I remind ihem that we had
the same phenomenon right
here in our own backyard with
the Seattle grunge fiasco.
"And this is the problem,"
continues Rossiter, "when the
music industry does descend
upon one area. We almost have
lhat inbuilt in London, and occasionally it moves to Manchester
or Liverpool. It is ihe case lhat you
can play three shows, and by ihe
fourlh, ihe plague of music industry swine will descend upon you
and the pestilence soon follows.
It is an ill of being a small country."
Rossiter has said that his lyrics tend to be positive; if this is
true, why do people die in such
appalling  nt^bers  in Gene
songs? He chuckles and defends
himself: "Well, one can take the
positive from that. All that I've
ever said is that, apart from "London, Can You Wait?", there is at
least a current of optimism [in my
songs]. I simply want ihem to be
realistic and, of course, they reflect me and perhaps I'm a little
over optimistic. I've always been
fairly positive. I've always expected things to turn out right,
almost in some naive way. The
old cliche - 'what goes around,
comes around'. I don't actually
believe it, but a lot of me would
like to and that comes out in the
"Both of us are quite political
people," adds Miles "we're both
members of the Labour Parly. We
do believe things can change. As
people, we don't sit around and
wallow in our self-pity...not of-
People don't get the humour
in Morrissey's (or Gene's) lyrics;
they complain about his moaning without seeing that it's perfectly hilarious.
"No, certainly, ihey don't,"
says Rossiter, "but this is a boll
and chain that's becoming
smaller every day. Either lhat, or
my legs are getting stronger!"
I mention the headline trumpeted on the ads for the Gene
show - "Voted Best Band in Britain" - and how leery Norlh Americans are about that label. They
both groan at the ad.
"It's strange. I think it's a parallel with the whole Smiths thing
we had in Britain," explains
Rossiter. "I think it might work in
our favour, in lhat a lot of people
in Britain turned up at our shows
almost ready to draw the knives,
to bury us. If we're good enough,
we'll survive that. It's as simple
as lhat. If it gets people to the
show, we'll win, I know we'll
"Also, on the positive side of
winning the poll or whatever,"
elaborates Miles, " is lhat it gives
us the opportunity to come over
Rossiter and Miles liked the
fact that admission to their (July
20) show was a donation to the
Food Bank. I was surprised to
hear that there don't seem to be
food banks in England, because,
occording Miles, "we've all become greedy bastards in Britain.
We've become a nation of 'we're
all right, Jack's'." .
Rossiter lays the blame on
Thatcher's doorstep. "I'm 25 now
and I was 9 when she came in,
and reading between the lines of
the government's policies, there
was a politic of self and that's
affected my generation. Somebody of my age, iheir parents
voted Tory and they had their reasons for voting Tory, and it's 'I
don't want to pay taxes and I'm
not particularly concerned with
the welfare state.' That does influence our age group and
there's, a wave isn't rhe word, it's
a torrent of apathy, of selfishness,
and a complete lack of interest
in party politics, to a frightening
level. Obviously, I can't say for
certain, but I think it'd be a fair
bet lhat out of every major Western European country, we have
probably the most ill educated
electorate. And that scares me."
I explain Western Canada's
alienation from Ottawa and the
rise of the Right, aka the Reform
Parly, here.
"The Right always rises in sociological and economic lows,"
says Rossiter. "It's been documented throughout history."
You can certainly understand
how Hitler got into power.
"You can certainly intelleclu-
alize and rationalize why it happened," Rossiter agrees. "If plays
on the national psychology and
it plays on the psychology of self.
It attempts to give people a purpose; it's a false purpose and an
attempt to unify, but, again, the
purpose is a false one and it
causes hate."
Both men are hopeful that the
Labour Parly will win the next
election because the despised
John Major has stayed on as
head of ihe Tory Parly and things
such as hospital bed shortages
are starting to affect ihe person
in the street. They feel ihe Labour
parly has modified itself enough
to be 'electable'. Maybe a
change of government will help
stem the violence lhat Miles says
is overtaking Britain. "Men can't
walk down the street at two in
the morning, never mind women;
we're not up to the gun level of
the States, but it's going that
way." I mention the "Sleep Well
Tonight" video, which features
rowdy night life in the Kingston
area of London. Rossiter was
present during the filming of the
documentary footage and he
found the experience scary, especially the gang fights in the
middle of the street. The feeling
of boredom lhat the kids in the
video have is almost palatable.
Miles elaborates: "Both Martin
and I are not from London originally, and that is the norm there.
Friday and Saturday night, the
blokes go out and have a good
drink and have a fight; it happens
every weekend."
Rossiter backtracks to the
video: "I remember overhearing
one little snippet of conversation
between this group of lads and
all I heard was the answer to a
question: 'No, let's not fight now,
let's have a drink first.' It's lhat
much the norm, you simply go out
to fight... London is the mecca for
the weird and wonderful. It's a
multi-everything city, and in most
areas you can be anything you
want to be, which is quite refreshing."
Having grown up in Northern
England, Miles is aware of the
'quit school at 16, marry at 21,
kids at 22, football on the weekend' syndrome. Rossiter says
they're not mocking it, but it's
something everyone wants to escape, except that most people
don't get the chance. Miles feels
"thaiyou can also do things without doing them for a living; you
can be in an amateur theatrics
"Or a pottery club," quips
"Just because you can't be a
professional musician," adds
Miles, "doesn't give you the excuse to beat someone's brains out
on a Saturday night."
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29: The Royal Room in Bellingham
TUESDAY OCTOBER 3: Greg's Place in Chilliwack
~ ■ FRIDAY OCTOBER 6: Appearing in Vancouver,
■    w. Nazareth at The Commodore
> hell have you
Walter Schreifels - vocals & gui
Sergio Vega - bass
Tom Cooper - guitar
Alan Cage - drums
DiSCORDER: Where the
Waller: I guess since last we spoke we probably
toured a couple more times. We started making our
album and as soon as we were finished we started
touring again. We just haven't gotten up to this part
of the country. But we're glad lhat we did finally.
Why has it been such a long time between
I guess it has been. Well, between the first EP and
ihe album there was a bit of a long wait. We
were kind of lazy and playing around. We were
just more hobby oriented with the group and we
weren't super going after it. In between the last
two albums we toured so much, probably like a
good solid year, and changed, and ihen we had
to record the album.
How involved are you with CIV?
They've all been my friends forever. Since the inception I've been really involved.
You produced their album. Set Your
Goals, and I heard you wrote on it as
I helped in some writing, yeah. I was in the Gorilla Biscuits wilh Civ (singer of CIV); we've known
each olher forever. And the olher guys in the band
are really close friends of mine. In my free time I
produced iheir firs! single and the album.
So you haven't really had any time off?
No, we haven't broke at all, even with making
Manic Compression. If I had a spare two hours I
would go work on the CIV thing. It wasn't like I had
a lot of free time. I spent practically all of last summer indoors.
Could you list the bands you -were in before Quicksand?
I was in Gorilla Biscuits and Youlh of Today. Alan
and Tom were in Beyond and Sergio played in a
band colled Collapse, and he also played in Absolution. We all had some involvement in hardcore.
Do you look back and feel good about the
music you've done?
Yeah. I mean, I'm not so interested in the past because I think thai whal we are doing now is so
different from lhat. I think it's almost like a different
interview. I'm sure people like to ask Henry Rollins
about Black Flag. But lam super into what I've done.
I ihink I've done quality stuff when I've had the
How did Quicksand's sound come about?
It's so unique, as though you are trying to
do something different.
You answered your own question. We were all in a
scene where the bands sounded a lot alike, which
can be a super cool thing, and was, but it was all
getting boring. When we put the band together we
said, 'OK, we're sick of the same old thing, let's do
something different.'
The way you phrase your vocals is so cool
but so hard. It's like, 'How the hell is he
singing like that and playing?1
Thanks. Yeah, wilh the
old album I had to super practice with the guitar ond get one syllable
out at a time.  I would
write the lyrics after the
music, bul now I'm more
inlo writing the lyrics while
I'm playing guitar, so it's
easier for me to sing them.
The way I phrase things, I
like to wor*k with rhythms and
Your lyrics seem personal.
It's all drawing from real
things, so in lhat sense it's personal, but I ihink it's applicable
to anybody, I hope. I hope lhat
people can derive their
meaning from it as if appli
their own lives.
What   about   the   i
I ihink it comes from people that
everyone knows. People that are
so interested in giving you their bi-  '
ography and trying to sell you on
how cool they are when ihey meet
you. And it's like, 'Let     f|_||p
about InemseK
How do you think
Manic Compression is different than the last
I think it's more abrasive and more straightforward
in certain respects. I think it's just more in your face
lhan the last record. For some people that's better
and for some people that's worse, but that's what
we wanted to do - make something new.
You've worked with Don Fury in the past
and he produced half of your latest album.
Tell us about making Manic Compression.
Yeah, Don's cool to work wilh, and we worked with
Wharton Tiers as well. We made [Manic Compressions] at a bunch of different studios. Even ihough
we wanted to do this straightforward thing, it didn't
turn out to be made that way in some respects. The
Fury sessions were all done two weeks prior to when
we had to deliver the record. We spent almost five
months putting together one side and the other side
took two weeks. It was a really weird way to record.
The Warped Tour must have been a blast!
Who's idea was it?
Kenn Lyman is the guy who really put this together.
I think it was his idea originally and a lot of olher
people got involved, including ihe sponsors. I guess
ihe idea is to break something new in. I think it's
really cool now 'cause I like every single band. These
are the best live bands to see. At different junctures
we've had different line-ups, but it was all just amazing.
The idea of combining the skaters, BMX
riders etc., and music is so great.
Yeah. We could just have a bunch of bands go
out and tour together but there has to be something more than that. I think the marriage of the
skating and wall climbing and all lhal wilh thi
music is such a good one. If you watch any ol
the [snowboarding/skoting] videos, it's
these bands lhat are playing
in them, so it's an actual meeting of two lifestyles.
Are you  having  a
great time?
Super fun. I play for half an hour
and I have ihe rest of ihe day to
hang out with people 1 meet at the
show, and pretty much my best
friends. I know everybody on ihe
tour, practically, and I've made
a lot of new friends. I'm so
psyched lhat there is an amusement park here!
(At this point I shared my horror story about the ride The
Zipper and how my friends
gothuHed across the grounds
when their car became dislodged from the ride. They
didn 't die, but needless to
say, they don't go on rides
Oh my god. Well there
you go! You can't die on
ihe Zipper, you can only
get thrown. I almost
hope I get thrown. I'll still
be alive and I'll have a
great story.
0 - guitar, vocals
Jonny Donhowe - bass
Miles Never Sick Gillette - drum:
DiSCORDER: How did Fluf hook up wil
Warped Tour?
O: When they first thought of the idea, which^,
a long time ago, we did this big ass show in L.A.
called Board in L.A. There were, like, sixteen bands
in one day. And since me and Jonny both work at a
skateboard magazine, they asked us, 'cause we're
inlo the scene wilh all the skaters and stuff.
What skate magazines do you work at?
O: Warped. And Jonny works at TransWorld, t<
How long has Fluf been together?
O: Three years now?
Since 1992. Before that me and Jonny
were in Olivelawn and Miles was in a few olher
assorted bands.
Miles: I was in New Zealand, actually, and O kept
calling me, convincing me that Fluf was his next
project and lhal I was perfect for it. I didn't take
him very seriously.
O: I wanted you since Olivelawn. I knew him for
years and he would never play wilh me. I was like,
'Come on dude, just play,' and he was like, 'Nah
dude, you don't know how to play guitar.'
How long have you known each other?
O: I've known Miles for a really long time and I've
known Jonny for about eight or nine years.
How did you hook up?
O: I hooked up wilh Jonny because he made coffee
for me, and I hooked up with Miles because he
was just some character I met.
Jonny: O and I hooked up in Denny's one time in
1983. My girlfriend at the time insulted him and he
told her she was a fat pig. I told her he was right.
O: I was skinny at the time.
Jonny: He told her to shut up, and I told her to shut Local Music Directory 1995
* Listings marked with an asterix appear as they did in the 1994 Directory and may not be completely up to date.
Label: REWIind)USTRY. Traditional
instruments like accordion and guitar,
mixed wilh synthesizers, vocals, noise c
465 Craig St
Parksville, BC, V9P 1 L2
(604) 248-5257 Pames)
Against the Opposed (A.T.O.)
Young punks that will play anywhere,
anytime, for anyone.
-       iby, BC
(604) ^22-DICK (Jeff)
Aging Youth Gang
High energy fun, oldschool stuff. Shit,
4707 Reid Sr
Vancouver, BC, V5R 3Y7
(604) 4334587 (Sandy Beach)
Alien Gin
Seriously Cyber-licious!
P.O. Box 29030
Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 0C5
(604) 465-0830 (Peter Clyde)
(604) 463-3243 [J. Alden)
R. Billey*
My new tape will show that guy from
Horsey a thing or two about despair.
4-801 WesllslSt
North Vancouver, BC
(604) 734-5945 (Philip Rambow)
|604J 732-0922 (fax)
Bizarre - Brutal - Live experience -Jazz -
Grind - Funk
Surrey, BC
(604) 572-0647 (Chris Chapman)
Blaise Pascal*
If rockin' is a crime... then lei us be guilty!
#206-2080 Maple St
Vancouver, BC, V6J 4P9
(604) 731-8787 (Nicholas Bragg/
Micheal Leduc)
Bloody Worm
Heavy (A bulldozer crushing over a hill of
skulls on a full moon al midnight).
PO Box 88006
523 Main St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 435-6637
(604) 435-6638 (fax)
Blue Collar*
A bunch of Bullheads playing noise
garage punk. Have demo. Please give 1
c/o Jam Records
PO Box 19806
Seattle, WA, 98109
(206) 528-7527 (Jim Holland/Jeremy
Blue Confusion*
Original Folk, funk & fusion.
1896 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9
(604) 732-4012 (Frances Wennes)
The Botniks
Rock Puke!
#103-6675 Dow Ave
Burnaby, BC, V5H3E1
(604) 454-0796 (Mark & Darren Botnik
Brand New Unit
New drummer, new location, Vancouver
Breathe Underwater
Breathe underwater: we would drown if
we did that. A damn good band!
163 West Kings Rd
North Vancouver, BC, V7N 2L7
(604) 988-7764 (Dino DiNicolo)
(604) 253-4957 (Frank Baker)
Budget Rock Showcase
Redneck punk fueled by alcohol. Good
time tunes for good time people.
34769 Marshall Rd
Abbolsford, BC, V2S 1M4
(604) 852-0933 (BRS Central)
(604) 8507095 (fax)
The Bus
Driven by hemp, love, god, dope, peace,
war. revelation, sex, music, art, mercy
and truth.
#31 Roberts
Nanaimo, BC
(604) 755-7847 (Bruce Kennedy)
Bushy Tails*
"A must see before you they/you die/
disperse." -some local rag.
2720349 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC V6B 3X2
(604)661-9911 (Frank Rizzo/Sol
C.A.G.E. (Chicks And Guitars
Run Jesse, run! Songs of contemplation,
remembrance, remorse, revenge and
323 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2N4
(604) 687-1908 (Sanne Lambert)
"Mind is the stronghold."
18-2905 Glen Drive
Coquitlam, BC, V3B 6E5
(604)937-7696 (M
Casa Del Sol
We play the kind of music that would
make mom proud.
4127 Union St
Burnaby, BC, V5C 2X2
(604) 294-0502 (Eryn)
604) 942-9278 (ditto)
Celestial Magenta
Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire
burn, cauldron bubble...Punk rock like
Mom used to make.
2041 Larch St
Vancouver, BC, V6K 3P5
(604) 731-71 11 (Adad (Red Kimono))
(604) 732-3477 (fax)
Chapter 3
"When the tubes go snaking up your ass,
bow your head in shame."
1 8-2905 Glen Drive
Coquitlam, BC, V3B 6E5
(604) 944-8191 (Al Fan (WOS Records))
(604) 462-7229 (D'arcy)
Children of Atom*
Cybernetic noisetek-future-core.
2685 Eton St
Vancouver, BC, V5K1S9
(604) 253-9578 (Darryl Marko)
(604) 251-3150 (fax)
Hey! Hey! We're Chronometer...
PO Box 2938
349 West Georgia
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X4
(604) 451-0713 (Paul/Mark)
Super pop: Give me the briefcase or the
§irl gets it.
ox 93559 Nelson Park PO
Vancouver, BC, V6E 417
(604) 689-8967 (Terry Miles )
Cirkus Mind
A magical musical experience of indy
3039 Glen Drive
Coquitlam, BC, V3B 2f57
(604) 939-4194 (Mark Owens)
Burning liquid torch music noir.
48 East 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 4P4
(604) 253-5330 (Nicole or Marcus)
(604) 875-9971 (fax)
2415 4th Ave West
Seattle, WA, 981 19
(206)285-4581 (Chad McEvoy)
(206) 282-2570 (fax)
The Concubines*
The Concubines rock - 3/4s girl, 1/4 guy.
3699 West 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 731-5585 (Lorree Campbell - Man.)
(604) 731-5585 (fax)
Original mindfuck blood cheese pie.
POBox 542 Succ. R
Montreal, PQ, H2S 3M3
Reaction engine fuelled by liquid or solid
propellant containing its own oxidizing
agent. Huh?
2041 Larch St
Vancouver, BC, V6K 3P5
(604) 731-7111 (Adad (Red Kimono))
(604) 732-3477 (fax)
The Cowards
Bunny inspired, avantgarde, Party Naked
#101-1515 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1V9
(604) 873-2032 (Jason)
(604) 739-3019 (Greg)
Cozy Bones*
Rhythmic, high energy, jazz, funk, edge of
Surrey, V4A 1X9
(604) 535-7480 (Heather Fathers)
Music to wreck your mind and free your
soul. A ten foot band.
PO Box 2534
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3W8
(604) 872-7193 (Michael Frost)
Robynn bleached her hair orange in
Washington, DC. VaVaVoomll
699-810 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4C9
(604)669-6468 (Mint Records)
(604) 669-6478 (fax)
Dak Attack
Time has come, sisters and brothers, lo
rise up and slaughter our oppressors.
PO Box 28
2147 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4B3
(604) 299-2762 Hay, James or Shawn)
(604) 451-1224 (fax)
drfr og@freenet.vancouver.be.ca
Dancing on Glass
Stinky, smelly, sweaty, pre-golh, postmortem, Techno-Pink Floyd.
308-5294 204th Si
Lang ley, BC, V3A 1Z1
(604)5300519 (S. Gendron)
Dark Tower
Gothic classic progressive heavy metal.
Two song demo coming soon!
298 Solar Court
Coquitlam, BC, V3K 6B3
(604)5203127 (Mark Smeets)
(604 524-9514 fax)
(604) 434-2724 (jason Demetrick)
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
Hook filled rock to set your tentacles a
tappin'. lailalCthulhu Fthagn!
2662 Campbell Ave
Aboltsford, BC, V2S 4A4
(604) 859-8291 (Warren Banks)
604) 795-7465 (Bob Fugger)
(604)792-8421 (fax)
Screwed-up, poppy folk songs.
1521 Foster Ave
Coquitlam, BC
(604) 939-8559 (Darren)
High octane blend of melodic noise-pop
with roaring guitars, bubblegum
harmonies and hypnotic rhythms.
#308-1877 Haro St
Vancouver, BC, V6G 1H3
(604) 669-8880 (Noise-prom produc-
(604) 736-9836 (fax)
High energy 16 year old punk rockers to
rock your world.
c/o Nefer Records
#6001027 Davie St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2
(604) 435-7563 (Marzie Damien)
(604) 43O5930 (Nefer Records)
The Deadcats
Hell-bound punkabilly teddy-boys. The
Ramones of rockabilly. Real, real gone.
Box 408
1275 Haro St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1G1
(604) 687-6138 (Psycho-billy Mike )
(604) 662-7725(Scooter (Bucket King))
Heavy with plenty of room lo expand.
2905 St. KiIda Ave
North Vancouver, BC, V7N 2A8
(604) 980-9444 gosh Pasnak)
Crazy, grind, hard-cc
Box 50044
South Slope RPO
Burnaby, BC, V6J 5G3
(604) 255-5790 (Radha-Vinoda dasa)
Deux Ex Machina*
Dark, modern alternative band a la
Sisters, Nine Inch Nails, Cure.
605-1399 Fountain Way
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3T3
(604) 731-2862 (Mark RG Yoshihara) (604) 731-2502 (fax)
 's hardcore sample funk
gravediggoz. Noise rap from lunatic
71 1 Yates St
Victoria, BC, V8W 1C6
(604) 592-9398 (Sherwood Seabrook)
604 3800121 (fax)
Dog Eat Dogma
Furious, lucked up and often hilarious.
Defies any category while attaining a
pinacle of black-humoured punk-metal
PO Box 4642, Main Branch
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4A1
(604| 589-9109 (Scott Martin)
(604) 582-7560 (Bob Stierlr)
Thomas Donovan*
Independent dance/pop musician,
available for live performances. Album,
Digital Dreams, heard on CiTR and
c/o Digital dreams Music Group
#93532 Nelson Park PO
1125 Davie St
Vancouver, BC,
Draining Faces*
Veritable Shrine's classic rock lor ihe year
6122 Glengarry Drive
Sardis, BCV2R2H9
(604)824-0981 (Merrick Atkinson)
Shiny, happy, smart punk.
3023 Victoria Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4Z9
(604) 879-1 843 (Gus, Steven, Chris)
The Evaporators
Pure teenage zit rawk angst.
P.O. Box 27021
1395 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC, V7T 2X8
(604) 254-0299 (Scott)
Art punk industrial synth and siring troupe.
Articulate, flippant poetry, too.
15600NE8 St
Ste. BI 457
Bellevue, WA, 98008-3917
(206) 867-5220 (S. Ball)
Face of Fear
All those heavy riffs you love and more
2612 Eton St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 255-6243 (Bill Johnson)
(604) 5401970 (fax)
The indescribable beauty of absolute
ugliness. Bring earplugs.
POBox 16012
Faith & Disease
Have released: "Beauty & Bitterness" CD
(1994).   "Fortune His Sleep "CD (1995).
c/o Ivy Records
POBox 2721
Seattle, WA, 98111 USA
(206) 726-4188 (David Goebel)
(206)545-4831 (fax)
The Falcons*
Local instro gods.
#35-2137 West 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6K 1 E7
(604) 732-0473 (Mike Beddoes)
(604) 736-6472 (fax)
bum." - my dad
2415 Prince Edward
Vancouver. BC, V5T 3M7
Black Sabbath/John Denver. Jazz fusion
punk rock.
33969 Hazelwood Rd
Abbotsford, BC
(604) 8509091 (Don Dutchman)
Frank Fogue
Many years of experience performing
original material on streets, stages,
elc...ZOOM! Lose touch with your
thoughts and you will come to your
#104-884 Bute St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1Y5
(604) 687-1384 (R.D. Robert)
Speed punk trio slandering cacophony'
good name since '92.
1155 Mason St
Victoria, BC, V8T 1A5
(604) 381-47 (S. Kenny)
604 384-1065
(604) 383-6112 (fax)
Frayed Knots*
Funky grooves, swingin'
melodic vocals • dynamic and fun.
#3-1665 East 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1L6
(604) 255-5907 (No Strings Productions)
Organically grown mixed gender grab
bag of improvisational semi-traditional
106-1 3880 74th Ave
Surrey, BC, V3W7E6
(604) 543-8993 (Sean Schonfeld)
(604)521-2818 (fax)
girl food for fuzz pop thought - we hum,
we strum, be our chum!
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1X2
(604) 876-7358 (Miko)
(604) 943-8866 (Megan)
Instant improv noise rock, just add sweat.
PO Box 28
2147 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4B3
(604) 451-1224 (Rob or Clay)
(604) 451-1224 (fax)
Mom says, "They're good boys, you'll like
1 3586 Cresrview Drive
Surrey, BC, V3R 6T2
(604) 9308580 (Larry Beggs)
2 maintenance men and a forest ranger.
415 Lakeway
Bellingham, WA, 98225 USA
(206) 537-2061 gason)
360 715-8746
n9342021 ©henson.wwu.cc.edu
Swervedriver meets Ride in a dark
drunken alley. A rumble ensues.
Box 60618
Granville Park PO
Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B9
1604) 872-5657 (Scott or Keith)
korpen@math.ubc.ca www.math.ubc.ca/
Bare butts, jiffy markers and a good bea
Don't spit al Gobi
#699-810 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1C9
(604) 669-6468 (Mint Records)
(604) 669-6478 (fax)
Thee Goblins
We know 15 songs.
699-810 West Broadway
■r, BC, V5Z 4C9
(604) 669-6468 (Randy)
; incrementally,
perhaps quixotically, redeeming the
muzzy heteromorphous ursprache of new
7285 E. 18th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5V 1H3
(604) 687-0488 (fax)
Green Pepperelli
A kazoo and tambourine never sounded
so good - original covers, rockin' hard!
4263 West 9th Ave
 r, BC,V6R2C6
knbaldwi@unixg.ubc.ca (Kim Baldwin)
Goth-industrial/new wave power pop
ll" 40 72nd Ave
North Delta, BC, V4E 1Z3
(604) 596-2603 (Ryan Sifveira, Chris
Hazel Motes*
Alternative folk-pop not to be taken at
face value.
2433 Venables St
Vancouver, BC, V5K 2P9
(604) 253-1574 (Kele Fleming)
#207-1215 Pacific St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 3W6
(604) 689-0575 (Wayne Freno)
Heavy Mellow
Four helero males playing rock V roll but
we swear it's still good!
3749 Fir St
(604) 431-9029 (Sieve)
Beautifully ear-pleasing, exotic,
tesquely mangled chaos.
5410 Bergen-op-zoom Drive
Nanaimo, BC, V9T 2M2
(604) 758-3133 (Eric Boros)
Hot Chocolate*
ppy, pepp,
poppin', poporan	
Vancouver, BC, V5K 1Z1
(604) 253-7042 (Mr. Big Gulp)
House of Commons*
Four guys who didn't find out about punk
by reading Spin magazine.
PO Box 4296 MPO
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Z7
(604) 687-6138 (Mike)
(604) 251-4674 (Neil)
and you are not a member of SOCAN, you
could be losing out on performance royalties.
the national performing rights society that licenses the
public and broadcast performance of music, SOCAN's
role is to distribute royalties to songwriters, lyricists,
composers and music publishers, based on performances
of their music.
For more information, contact:
Society of Composers, Authors and
Music Publishers of Canada
1201 West Pender Street, Suite 400
Vancouver, BC V6E 2V2
Tel. (604) 669-5569 or I-800 93 SOCAN     CQrXM
Fax (604) 688-1 Howard Versus Willy*
Highest quota of mellowish bits in all of
Ihe Veritable Shrine bands.
6122 Glengarry Drive
Sardis, BC, V2R 2H9
(604)824-0981 (Willy Philips)
whiskey, kids, Daddy's home!
268 East 7th Ave
Voncouver, BC, V5M 1M5
(604) 255-0007 (SSR)
Idiot S
Cranky-happy, fast-slow tight rope rock.
1841 Parker St
Vancouver, BC,
(604) 251-1207 (Ken Paquetle)
(604) 251-6354 (fax)
Insignificant Specks
Nipple ass bitch three daddies folk-rock.
109 West Cordova St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1E1
(604) 682-3268 (Pussycat)
mongoose havin' a lovers' spat in an
elevator." - Arnold Zilfel - Pig - on the 14s'
Smell the Glove CD.
1010 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4Y4
(604) 939-1136 (Kermit)
(604) 251-3010 (Paul)
Idiosyncratic, atmospheric,
plunaerphonic, surreal, Sdrawkoab,
resourceful, experimental, soundscapes.
Thee Hermit's Journey, Thursday,
midnight, 102.7 FM.
280 fast 42nd St
Vancouver, BC, V5R 2Y4
(604) 435-5025 (Purple)
s Brown Quartet}*
Box 100
East Kelowna, BC, VOH 1G0
(604) 8603537 (Neil Dendy)
Undanceable music.Stay in your seats!
502 East 1 1 th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 2C9
(604)876-6451 (Ryan)
Jiggery Polka roe*
Read the "Rogue Polk-a-review" for
rehearsal times.
1443 Woodland Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5L 3S5
(604) 252-1095 (reg Hastings)
(604) 253-3073 (fax)
Johnny Millennium
Four guys who incessantly jerk off- willing
to pause for a gig.   (We have a tape.)
2041 Larch St
Vancouver, BC, V6K 3P5
(604) 731-711 1 (Adad (Red Kimono))
(604) 732-3477 (fax)
Jonathan's Wrath*
Mmm...music good! A Veritable Shrine
3523 Chase St
Clearbrook, BC, V2T 5B3
(604) 8503862 (Shawn Klassen)
The Juice Monkeys*
Spazadelic mutant groove stew with a
side of spooge.
PO Box 9351 1 Nelson Park
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1 NO
(604) 739-0349 (Big F.L. Productions)
(604) 844-2309 (fax)
Jagermeister fuelled El Camino drivin',
anarchy fishin' torchcore music for bugs
and sickos!!!
735 West 18th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1W1
July Fourth Toilet*
Not a "one off" but a 45 without the
centre. Good times music.
1715 North Woodland Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 3N6
(604) 254-1431 (Robert Dayton/Julian
Music concerning space travel.   Hamsters
and tribal indoctrination techniques
...Whew doggy!!
#1006- 1234 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1H4
Devilishly unconventional pop. Happy,
sad, confused, horny, angry. Passionate,
always. Guitars ana four part harmonies,
c/o Raging Bull Productions.
#400-310 Water St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1 B6
(604) 684-5823 (Dan Cimoroni)
(604) 331-1 179 (fax)
Rock/jazz. Pretty wacky/wacko.
PO Box 28
2147 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4B3
(604) 451-1224 (Rob, Jay, Dick or Clay)
(604) 451-1224 (fax)
Land of the Blind
"Electro-Tribal-Trance;" Sky Cries meets
Dead Can & 3 Kale Bushes on a new
_l°4SW9th, Siudio7
Portland, OR, 97205 USA
(503) 321-5012 (NW Music Manage-
Lee, Sook-Yin
5o/o performer/film maker/actor.   Lead
singer of Bob's Your Uncle, plus a solo
album. Has had to move to Toronto for a
PO Box 83503
199 Avenue Rd
Toronto, ON, M5R 3S2
416 591-6824 (fax)
Lords of Kitsch*
Tacky pop fabricated for passive
consumers. Bad taste never tasted so
207-1215 Pacific St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 3W6
(604) 689-0575 (Chumpy Bolero)
The Loved One*
Alternative laser pyrotechnic freaks.
600-1027 Davie St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2
(604) 435-7563 (Marzie Damien)
(604) 4305930 (fax|
We're an S&M haiku played backwards
i sped up. Not one for each fing
o23 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98102
(206) 783-9477 (Brent/Analog Records)
The McRackins
Who the hell are "The McRackins"
9237 117th St
Delia, BC
(604) 893-5669 (Fil McRackin)
(604) 893-5669 (Bil McRackin)
Murray MacDonald
Experienced synthesis! with deadly gear.
All dance, noise and ambient styles.
1010 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4Y4
(604) 681-0606 (ph/fax)
Manic Obsession*
Eclectic, experimental modern rock. Better
to be sublime than beautiful.
2374640 Ave
Langley, BC, V3A 7B9
(604) 534-8505 (Greg Mohart)
(604) 533-89121 (fax]
A western nexus of improv-sound-comedy-
trash-rock for clean ears.
c/o Scratch Records
317A Cambie St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2N7
Manner Farm
Punk rock trio with all three heads at least
six feel off the ground.
2060 - 39th Ave
Langley, BC, V3A 2V7
(604) 5307859 (Ivan Drury)
Man Ray*
Your local surrealist band. Trent Reznor
with badfinger.We love tinnitus.You do
14-280 East 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J8
(604) 876-6753 (Adrienne Oye)
the fastest truck in the world.
#201-52 Powell St
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1 E9
(604) 683-4294 (Andre)
"Indechiperable caterwauling." (G.
Lawrence) What more do you need?
(604) 222-2084 (Guess)
Machine driven industrial. "It's time to put
Ol'Yeller down."
Box 40122
905 Gordon St
Victoria, BC, V8W 3N3
(604) 3600372 (Moron)
Meeting Marisa
ApeshitCowtown rock pigs who'll crush
your band at road hockey.
1501-6th St S.W.
Calgary, AB, T2R OZ7
(403) 228-0502 (Rob)
(403) 238-3698 (Mike)
Memphis Slax*
Funky, infectious, eight piece soul vibe.
Covers, rare grooves, and originals.
14-280 East 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J8
(604) 876-6753 (Adrienne Oye)
Mexican Power Authority
Spastic, abysmal, self-aggrandizing,
humble, psychotropic ganglia. A tonic for
over-hipness. Your favorite tipple.
P.O. Box 2048
1720 Douglas St
Victoria, BC, V8W 2G7
(604) 475-6599 (James & Kev)
Mind Gallery
Instrumental art rock with an edge.
3378 East 27lh Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5R 1 P7
(604) 4303180 (Elio Bruno)
Minimalist Jug Band
Tuneless tunesmith on a gut-wrenching gut-
bucket. Plays melancholy melodies of
#101-1371 West 13th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6H 1N7
(604) 732-967 (Al Mader)
Mister Blake
New attitude is a
of 19 synth-pop songs w
Vancouver, BC
(604) 688-5382 (Jelly Tight Records)
M.K. Naomi
Electro-ambient candyfloss pop.
110 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC, VCB 1G8
(604) 685-0509 (Craig Riddock)
We play (part of the Veritable Shrine
8939 Charles St
Chilliwack, BC, V2P 5K4
(604) 793-0254 (Kev McHallan, Steve
Moral Crux*
Classic punk! Over $ full-length CDs "side
elects of thinking" - new CD/cassette on
CM Records)
#151-539 Queen Anne Ave
Seattle, WA, 98109
(206) 233-8530 (CM Records)
More Socks
Yoko Ono's favourite death-pop band.
#48-9132 120th St
Surrey, BC
(604) 594-8552 (Steve Jackson)
Moss Dog
Thick, backwoodsy dirt rock with classic
roots. Let the moss grow on you.
Box 4894
Wenatchee, WA, 98807, USA
(206) 884-4744 (Lance Leming)
(509) 662-4470 (fax)
Mossy Ledge
Pop rock from a nice bunch of lads.
POBox 1106
4800 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC, V5H 2C0
(604) 241-8278 (Kirn, James or Dino|
Meet the proud parents of "dirt music".
Made to eat and dance to.
PO Box 48463
Bentall Cenlre
Vancouver, BC, V7X 1A2
(604)251-7411 (Kim Bingham)
(604)251-7411 (fax)
Muscle Bitches
Shut up and suck!!!
#210119 West Pender St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1S5
(604) 684-1758 (Sammy Newton)
My Favourite Villain
Best thing since sliced bread from the
church of sonic love. Noise pop ear
Victoria, BC, V8R 1E5
(604) 592-8087 (Syke)
(604) 3702625 (Random Fax)
No Garden Variety*
Christian punk rock as prophesied, don'l
call us we'll call you.
7721 Sparbrook
Vancouver, BC
(604) 437-3517 (Vince)
Kinda like History Meets the End of the
1074 Fulton Ave
West Va ncouver, BC
(604) 925-0285 (Collin)
(604) 925-0912 (fax)
The soundtrack to your life, only louder.
(604) 275-7965 (Steve)
(604) 9809886 (Tim)
Oliver Drop*
Super golden sunrays piercing silver
etelids with purple satellites. We arrive
Orbit In Bloom
Earthy, accessible and melodically
Vancouver, BC, V5X 3K4
(604) 322-0847
Orchards & Vines
Visionary, melodic sound thai brushes ihe
spirit, encompassinq the soul in
psychedelic, celestial bliss.
5752 Fleming St
Vancouver, BC, V5P 3G3
(604) 325-6592 (IMU Productions)
(604) 325-6592 (fax)
The foremost practitioners of the snake
103-674 West 17th Ave
Vancouver, BC,V5Z1T8
(604) 737-4975 (Jesse, Scratch)
(7354975 (pgr)
Paisley Suitcase*
A blues funk laquered groove that will
move Ihe strictest soul.
White Rock, BC, V6B 4Z4
(604)535-9691 (Don Webber)
(604)535-9691 (fax)
109 West Cordova Si
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1E1
1604) 682-3268 (Miss Devon/Miss
a Boy*
#341-1195 Davie Si
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1N2
The Papillomas
Jiffy pop: a delectable sonification of
stereophonic bliss.
2-1 140 Pandora Ave
Victoria, BC
(604) 384-3510 (Shane Yakelashek)
(604) 758-8321   Micheal Kissinger) onCM label. Where the 70s rr.
(pro hemp).
#151-539 Queen Anne Ave
Seattle, WA, 98109
(206) 233-8530 (CM Records)
Pea Soup
It's not easy being green!
814 NW 75 St
Seattle, WA, 98117, USA
(206) 789-8269 (Frank)
lurmoil@blarg.com turmoil
Pennifold, Leonard*
Singer/songwriter/qtr- poet- folk punk
802-1616 Pendrell St
Vancouver, BC, V6G 158
Perfect Sound
Jingle, jangle, strum, swish, swoon, echo,
swagger, sway.
3573 West 16th Ave (bsmt)
Vancouver, BC, V6R 3C2
Perfume Tree
Brooding, sampled grooves, luscious
beats, eerie melodies...white noise,
bizarre soundscapes and pounding dub.
PO Box 2586
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3W8
(604) 254-9603 (Bruce @ Pirate Sound)
(604) 254-9603 (fax)
Consist of members who have recording
and performance credits with bob Marley.
Dennis Brown, Yabba You, Sty & Robbie,
etc. PHD focuses on the now sound.
Box 38145
King Edward Mall PO
r, BC
(604) 266-7397 (Alex Brosgarl)
Phineas Gage*
Folksy harmonies, touches of jazz, catchy
strong melodies, dreamy 60s lo harder
edged 90s sound.
1 890 Banbury Rd
North Vancouver, BC, V7G 1W4
(604) 924-1434 (Sarah or Kevin|
(604) 251-1618 (Karen)
East Van beer terrorists riding the rang-kar
beast to total world domination. Aarrgh
fuck kill.
747 East 16th Ave (bsmt)
Vancouver, BC, V5T 2V5
(604) 872-3530 (Bombshelter)
Controlled chaos, one monstrous system
of mass. The journey Hamburg lo Iceland
(604) 7304816 (Dave or Jeremy)
We're feeling sexy and loud.
#699-810 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4C9
(604) 669-6468 (Mint Records)
(604) 6696478 (fax)
Pork Queen*
Torso LP virtually ignored locally. I'll sho\
you al! I'll be a fucking star.
1285 East 18th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5V 1 H3
(604) 687-0488 (Trackshun Industries)
Heavy and aggressivt
600-1027 Davie St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2
(604) 435-7563 (Cheryl Ing)
(604) 4305930 (Nefer Records)
Psycho Bitch*
Dan Englund and David Portnow once
again bring you an offensive Death Metal
Ever Rat Records
PO Box 99284
Seattle, WA, 98199
(206) 283-3583 (D Portnow)
(206) 564-6079 (D. Englund)
Pull My Finger
4 Pee. original hard rock band.
893 East 61st Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5X 2C3
(604) 322-9175 (Rhonda Koenig (Mgr|)
Queenie and Burrs
Queenie drives. Burrs is along for the
ride. It's one big, wild parly.
1501-151st Place SE
Mill Creek, WA, 98012, USA
(206) 337-5155 (Mary Cieslak)
Quinlan, Walter*
Contemporary folk singer/songwriter.
Box 69553 Station K
Vancouver, BC, V5K 4W7
(604) 875-1848 (Walter Quinlan)
(604) 253-3073 (fax)
The Readymade
Soft-spoken 4-track pop - the anti-Texture.
1051 Wolfe Ave
Vancouver, BC,
(604)7304816 (The House)
Red Deer*
Weird and lovable. Veritable Shriners.
(604) 8505903 (Chris)
Thin pasta eaters, all day Bryan beaters.
#3-2256 Franklin St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 253-0132 (Sid Sunn/Johnny)
(604) 294-9857 (Bitter Alex)
Isam's has western!
I Canada's largest I
I selection of Indie I
I product.
ISo bring your I
I CD's, Cassettes, & I
I 7"•s down to 568 1
I Seymour St 9c ask I
I for Rob or loui. I
>kaamm:K_inaaii^n I
The Route*
Alteranpopadelic groove.
3692 Turner St
Vancouver, BC, V5K 2J3
Rusty Nails*
Someday the mountain miqht get them,
but the law never will.
Box 75, Station "A"
Vancouver, BC, V6C 2L8
(604)874-9601 (Pat or Mike)
(604) 291-2292 (fax)
An explosion between the legs.
#145, 101-1184 Denman St
Vancouver, BC, V6G 2E8
(604) 637-3884 (Dave S.O.L.)
(604) 687-3884 (fax)
Management: AngryA.R.T.
Entertainment Group
10983 Lyon Rd
North Delta, BC, V4E 1J4
(604) 5903879 (Destry Galgoczy)
(604) 294-8052 (fax)
This band is for radical djdes only. Tell
the kids they can sing along. Punk.
4660 -203 St
Langley, BC, V3A 5J7
(604) 532-0556 (Happy )
Second Guessing
Delay, chorus, Hanger, delay, octaver,
phaser, distortion, delay.
3573 West 16th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6R 3C2
(604) 731-3950 (K. Sakurai)
The Shoebox Coupons
Punk rock out of Kamloops.
125 Monmouth Drive
Kamloops, BC, V2E 1L8
(604) 372-8724 (Mike Nowland)
We a
i, indivisible, sock carbons
under god.
2212 East 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1S7
(604) 255-2711 (Rob Harrison)
Sister Lovers
Keep on givin' 'erl
c/o Horrifying Circus Music
Box 78069
2606 Commmercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N5W1
(604) 254-51 61 (Alexis, Jenice, Jody)
2827 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 3H7
(604) 944-8191 (Al Fan (WOS Records))
604) 874-8084 JYuzak)
mixed with Alice Cooper."
2252 South 17th
Tacoma, WA, 98444
(206) 627-0413 (Kevin)
ie Smuggle
bto helL.lut,
#699-810 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4C9
(604) 669-6468 (Mint Records)
(604 669-6478 (fax)
Hard-core, sexually explicit punk. One
full-length album on CD/cass. on Shinola/
CM Records.
#151-539 Queen Anne Ave
Seattle, WA, 98109
(206) 233-8530 (CM Records)
Soul Control*
Ambient hyperspace mindblast and peace
for your soul.
2685 Eton St
VAncouver, BC, V5K 1S9
(604) 251-6587 (Malteo Curratozolo)
349 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3X4
(604) 451-0713 (Ron/Jim/Jason)
Boring pop, no flange, no
lams, no wah, no fun, no
talent, but occasional distortion.
12060 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC,V6VlAl
(604) 276-2130 (f. Webb)
Paul Steenhuisen
Composer of art music for acoustic and
electro-acoustic instruments.
Vancouver, BC,
(604) 2244771 (Paul)
Stick Monkey
Gibsons & Marshalls & a singer who
stomps out words from her heart into
5321 Parker St
Vancouver, BC, V5L 2M2
(604) 254-0540 (Mike)
736-9856 (fax)
Female vocalists. Progressive, new wave,
^4293 108lhAve
Surrey, BC, V3T 2M3
(604) 951-7520 (John (House of Cheese))
Subliminal Friesan
Cow punk, the way the human herd likes
PO Box 28
2147 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4B3
(604) 451-1224 or (604) 299-2762
Rob, Joe, Jay or Clay)
(604) 451-1224 (fax)
drfrog@free    '
South of Main
Four piece origina,
4791 DumontSt
Richmond, BC, V6X 2Z4
(604) 2701496 (Ed, John or Derek)
604) 327-5703 (fax)
...Did you get the name of that truck?
POBox 1457 Station A
Vancouver, BC, V6C 2P7
(604) 662-8177 (Ron)
Saving the world.
603-1483 Lamey's Mill Rd
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3Y7
(604) 737-0410 (Simon)
The Spirit Merchants
Slide guitar, electric fiddle and a bad-as
c/o Bumstead Productions
1030 West 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6H 1A3
(604) 737-1060 (Dave Chesney)
(604) 737-2256 (fax)
Spiritual Heroine*
Alternative pop. We like to combine a
variety of sound influences into music,
#4-1250 Salsbury Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 255-3396 (Clinton Rice)
Apulpy blood-filled mass.
POBox 2938
Substate Reactor*
Subsonic gothic industrial driven by
cathardic release.
4335 Prine Albert St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 875-6105 (Kreg Brow/E. Lang)
Progressive rock.
317A Cambie St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2N4
(604) 687-0488 (Fernando Pinto)
Original rock instrumental band with
records and rates available.
4337 Percival Ave
Burnaby, BC, V5G 3S4
(604) 298-3322 (Richard Hagensen)
Technicians of the Sacred
Superfusion progressive voudou trance
music for the people.
1 843 Parker St
Vancouver, BC, V5L 2L1
(604| 2534455 (Voudou Eleclric Music)
BroJcen silence. Mix Nirvana,
Soundgarden, REM and Offspring.
PO Box 609
Surrey, BC, V3T 5Z9
(604)597-9811 (RayGareau)
(604)597-9811 (fax)
Ten Days Late
Rock your monkey.
1 Ten-or of Tiny Town
Something for everyone to hale.
4121 Tytahun Crescent
Vancouver, BC, V6N 3N1
(604) 261-9745 (Marilyn Freedrr
Hip-hop fronted by female rapper Terror T.
PO Box 72030
Vancouver, BC, V6R 2H0
(604) 7324824 (Adam "Bootsy" Sloan)
Groovy, melodic, alternative
#602-570 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC,
V6B 1L8
The Thing
More fun lhan toast. We write sc
about robot monsters and stuff.
#100269 Bernard Ave
Kelowna, BC, VIX 1C1
(604)8600821 (Greg)
(604) 762-3982 (fax)
4922 Irmin St
(604) 856-5138 (Stefan)
31337 Dub
We ride over peasants like you, and oui
Thrill Squad
Guitar-pop as it should be: loud, tons of
hooks and fun. Oh yeah, did we mentio
#4-984 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1Y4
(604) 876-1058 (James Sensible)
(604) 986-8530 (fax)
stophqui@vpl.va ncouver.be. ca
The Timber Kings
Sensitive-singer-songwriter supergroup.
Victoria, BC, V8S 2G7
(6041 3701 832 (Dave Lang)
Toe Liquor
Punk, funk, metal, blues...get it! May
your farts bring joy to others.
6200 McKay Ave
BOX 145 793
To Live in Fear*
Thought provoking; rhythmically industrial;
contemporary music.
2228 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4K6
(604)255-2021 (Chris Hind)
The Tonebursts
Noise, noise, everywhere noisel
2590 West King Edward Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6L 1T6
(604) 732-3642 (Brian Wieser)
Touch & Go's*
Pinkest of strawberry ice-cream with just a
smothering of tasty strychnine. Yum.
3541 East Pender St
Vancouver, BC, V5K 2E2
(604) 294-9332 LJanis or Dave)
Tropical Breeze*
Reggae, Soca, sounds of the Caribbean.
(604) 683-3888 (A Live Wire Prod.)
Intense, high energy *#@*/*@#"
hardcore. >
1875 Venebles St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 255-3110 (Chad)
(604) 739-3552 (Jay)
Ugly Truth*
Thirst rock! Progressive, groovin', and we
don't take woden nickels.
2732 Sunset Drive
Bellingham, WA, 98225
(206) 676-8936 (Dave or Dawn)
Uneven Steps
Solar Plexus Vibrational Points For
Students of Alchemy.
4595 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4G8
(604) 879-8748 (Angela Rancourt, Evan
Fast ana raunchy garage-surf rock!
1416 East 1 st Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 205-1442 (Gord Smothers)
Vertical After
Thrash-pop-punk-metal funk-boogie touring
#476-1027 Davie St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2
(604) 689-3825 (Kirk Ash) The Vinaigrettes
Kitty Wells drunk on Wild Turkey toting a
954 Mason St
Victoria, BC
(604) 384-41 83 (Carolyn Mark)
Voice Industrie*
"Hard-edge techno" or "Melodic
industrial*. DM meets Front 242 meets
Nine Inch Nailsll
604 - 19 Ave
Edmonton, AB, T6K 2G8
(403) 4502951 (Alan Levesque)
(403) 468-1612 (Lance White)
Contemporary First Nations music.
400- 177 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 873-1914 (Ellie O'Day)
(604) 873-9686 (fax)
Mr! Erik
Mr! Erik treads the fine line between
clever and stupid.
4-2425 Granville St
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3G5
(604) 736-1147 (Mrl Erik)
Wit's End
An alternative to alternative alternati
Box 86337
North Vancouver, BC, V7L 4K6
(604| 984-6248 [Jay Terry,
Paul Casano)
Three small guys, will play cheap.
5-1675 Thayer Ct
Kelowna, BC, VIY8M2
(604) 8603352 (Shelter Records)
Yoo Coo Ju
Sebadoh, Pave.
in a blender and mixed to perfection.
#1-3051 Crossley Drive
Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5G7
(604) 855-7049 (Ryan Ostiguy)
Zeke the Wonder Nuggett
Power crap meets hardcore theatrical
§698- 196ASt
langley, BC
(604) 534-2832 (Dan Lyth)
(604) 5300900 (fax)
No Pepsi drinking, hemp perculatin. just
came here to rock and possibly ball a few
babes. Box 212, 100-1039 17th Ave SW
Calagary AB, T2T 0B2
(604) 263-7390 (Robert Kelly)
(604) 2644164 (fax)
Aluminum Desert*
Impaired improvositions and soothing
sounds for the new depression.
PO Box 3435
349 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC,V6B 3Y4
(604) 879-9983 (Shane or Mark)
(604) 687-0488 (fax)
Analog Shish Kebab Records*
Hi-fi super fly. Send a SASE for propaganda. Compilations and seven inches.
323 Broadway Ave E
Seattle, WA, 98102
(206) 783-9477 (Brent Carpenter)
Bang On
5 bands, 12 releases.  Mailorder is
encouraged! Facepuller, redsugar,
Rattled Roosters, Sludge, the many.
544-810 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 683-3539 (Mondo Payne (head
honcno), Leza Moloney (promo))
(604)683-3631 (fax)
BARK Records
"Soy meets girl. Girl dies in fiery car
wreck. Boy takes too much acid. He
records an album."
308-5294 204lh St
Langley, BC, V3A 1Z1
(604) 5300519 (Steve Gendron)
(604) 530USUK (fax)
Big FL Productions*
Producing fine music for public mockery
since 1990.
POBOX 93511 Nelson Park
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1 NO
(604) 739-0349 (Sean/Eric)
(604) 844-2309 (fax)
Bipolar Music
Independent label focussing on the needs
of the artist. Presently we handle
10991 No. 1 Rd
PO Box 36002
Richmond, BC, V7E 3E6
(604) 241-2285 (Chris Svensson)
Blimp Kitty Records
We do mostly CD compilations and some
other alternative rock groups.
3835 33rd Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126
(206) 935-2856 (Michael Green)
Break Even Records
D.I.Y. label releasing tape & records (30
so far) punk, grind, noise, h/c, avant-
garde. Trades Welcome!
2185 Amity Drive
Sidney, BC, V8L 1 B2
(604) 475-6599 (Jason Flower)
Canada's foremost indie-distributor.
Distro, direct signings, the works!
Vancouver Office:
#204 - 402 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1T6
(604) 683-3539 (Ken, Janelle, Keith
(sales), Leza  (publicity & promo), Barry
(604)683-3631 (fax)
Cat Ear Records Inc.
Honest, indie, hard music.
Box 86337
North Vancouver, BC, V7L 4K6
(604) 984-6248 (Jay Terry, Paul Casano|
CM Records*
Indie label with five releases to date -
send us your demo!
#151-539 Queen Anne Ave
Seattle, WA, 98109
(206) 233-8530 (Craig Meros)
Counterfeit Bicycles (C.B. Records)
7-inches now, CDs to come. Your demos,
donations and friendly letters are always
4660 - 203 Si
Langley, BC, V3A 5J7
(604) 532-0556 (Happy)
Cup O'Wax Productions*
May his forehead be darkened with mud
who would sunder.
5762 Fleming St
Vancouver, BC, V5P 3G3
(604) 325-6592 (Nathan/Edward)
Falcon Beach Music*
Instrumental rock/surf only.
#35-2137 West 1st Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6K1E7
(604) 732-0437 (Mike Beddoes)
(604) 736-6472 (fax)
Flaming Cow's Head
Waycool music for way cool people.
Diverse local music. The Nowhere
Garden, Painted Sun, et al.
1319 Indian St
Bellingham, WA  98225
(360) 734-0919 (Paul M Carpentier)
eMpTy Records
P.O. Box 12034
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 706-9088
(206) 708- 9084 (fax)
Horrifying Circus Music You can feel
Box 7800*9 S
2606 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 5W1
(604) 254-51 61 (Alexis, Jenice or Jody)
Lashing Records
Specializes in compilation CD's and
cassettes. Worldwide promotion.
Interested bands may send demo.
Vancouver, BC, V6E 2B9
(604)681-1401 (Jeff Lenglet)
(604)681-1401 (Vlad Lashing)
Midnight Owl Records
Ma/7 order service for the rock band
"Cirkus Mind."
(604) 254-7040 (Mark Owens)
PO Box 2938
349 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC,V6B3X4
(604)451-0713 [Paul/Mark]
Mint Records
669-810 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4C9
(604) 669-6468 (Grant/Bill/Randy/Gcr
Nation Underground*
Indie label with an attitude - skunk rawk
rules - send demos please.
#305-68 Water St
Vancouver, BC
1604) 7344766 (Andrew Carroll or John
(604) 6884629 (fax)
Nefer Records*
High-energy, youth -run label with an
extensive international network.
#600-1027 Davie Si
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2
(604) 435-7563 (Marzie Damien)
(604) 4305930 (fax)
Nickel Plate Records*
Noisy indie pop, no BS.
2720349 West Georgia St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X2
(604)661-9911 (LesPilchak)
Outer Sanctum*
Label on the verge of becoming even
more awesome. (Really!)
1 644 Nelson St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 662-7462 (Dream Doktor)
(604) 662-7462 (fax)
Polytek Systems*
A joint collective focusing on the
Vancouver industrial/techno scene.
2685 Eton St
Vancouver, BC, V5K1S9
(604) 253-9578 (Darryl Marko)
(604) 251-3150 (fax)
Sanchex Brothers Records
We record for money, food and credits.
4985 - 202A St
Minimum wage is looking pretty good
right about now. Wade-Free Wherever
CDcomp - $9.00 ppd.
71 10 Westminster St
Powell River, BC, V8A 1C6
(604) 485-7232 (Jason Schreurs)
(604) 485-01 87 (fax)
Scratch Records*
Feelgood music for the fun lovin'! No
demo accepted without 8X10 glossy!
317A Cambie St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2N4
(604) 687-6355
(604) 687-0488 (fax)
Trackshun Industies*
Fuck you and your scene.
1 285 East 1 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5V 1H3
Tremor Records
A progressive indie label specializing in
hip-hop and acid jazz.
3549 Kalyk Ave
Vancouver, BC,
(604) 4364474 Uennifer O'Neill)
(604) 436-6025 (fax)
Turtle Records
#202-1505 West 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3Y4
(604) 731-2446 Podi Zak) (604) 732-
0922 (fax)
Wall of Shame Records
Hatred...the onfy thing that laughs.
#18-2905 Glen Drive
Coquitlam, BC, V3B 6E5
(604)944-8191 (Al Fan)
(604) 258-5837 (Sticker)
WOT Productions*
Organizers of the Dare to be Aware
PO Box 64056 RPO Clarke Rd
Coquitlam, BC, V3J 7V6
Wrong Records
Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-7039 (Tania)
Z.I.F. Music/Video
POBox 241
2496 East Hastings St
Vancouver, BC,V5K1Z1
(604) 253-1670 (Jenny D.)
Zulu Records
Helping local artists since 1983. Current
roster includes Perfume Tree, Daytona,
knock-down-ginger, Sook-Yin Lee.
1869 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1M4
(604) 7301107 (Gord Badanic)
(604) 736-9836 (fax)
Canada's foremost indie-distributor.
Distro, direct signings, the works!
Vancouver Office:
#204 - 402 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1T6
(604) 683-3539 (Ken, Janelle, Keith
sales), Leza  (publicity & promo), Barry
(604)683-3631 (fax)
Flaming Cow's Head
Waycool music for way cool people.
Diverse local music. The Nowhere
Garden, Painted Sun, et al.
1319 Indian St
Bellingham, WA  98225
(360) 734-0919 (Paul M Carpentier)
Jelly Tight Records
Vancouver, BC, V6G2H1
(604) 688-5382 (Mister Blake)
(604)669-1461 (fax)
Cross Canada distro and mail-order No
rock star wanna-bees need apply. Punk/
HC/EMO preferred.
71 10 Westminster St
Powell River, BC, V8A 1C6
(604) 485-7232 (Jason Schreurs)
(604) 485-0187 (fax)
Angry A.R.T. Entertainment Group
Talentbookings/ Film/Video production.
10983 Lyon Rd
North Delta, BC, V4E 1S4
(604) 5903879 (Deslry Galgoozy)
308 - 5294 204th Si
Langley, BC
V3A 1Z1
(604) 5300519 (Sieve Gebdro
Big FL Productions*
Producing fine music for public
since 1990.
(J&iS||p POBOX 93511 Nelson Pork
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1 NO
(604) 739-0349 (Sean/Eric)
(604) 844-2309 (fax)
Small indie label and band
3835 - 33rd Ave S.W.
Seattle, WA, 98126, USA
(206) 935-2856 (MGreen|
Red Kimono Management
24 hour management and promotion of
bands. Artists include Celestial Magenta,
Johnny Millenium, Cosmonaut. Please
send demo.
2041 Larch Si
Vancouver, BC, V6K 3P5
(604)731-7111 (Adad)
(604 732-3477 (fax)
Moody aggressive crawl.
12562 Johnson Street
Mission, BC
(604) 8204222 (Ken Strieker)
Voltaire Productions*
Specialize in promotion, publicity,
development of demo pkgs, band
management. Clients: Memphis Slax,
Man Ray.
14-280 East 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J8
(604) 876-6753 (Adrienne Oye)
I •J-M.'.l.iJd *!■;■(
ARTEST Productions*
Producing alfages events since 1987,
including the Under the Volcano Festival.
POBox 21552
1850 Cor
r, BC
(604) 988-ARTS
Irwin Ooslindie)
(604) 988-ARTS (fax)
Cabaret Voltaire*
Hip and happening theme parties wilh djs
Fab 1 and Thunderbird 2. British music of
the 80s.
14-280 East 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J8
(604) 876-6753 (Adrienne Oye)
Flack Productions Inc.
An indie productions and promotions
company with distribution network
accessing 1900 stores across Canada
wilh agents in the U.S.
3549 Kalyk Ave
Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC,V6G2H1
(604) 688-5382 (Mister Blake)
(604)669-1461 (fax)
Joint Productions
We put together cool gigs, simple like
314 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-tlVE (Chuk, Tree, Steve, Jam)
Planet Productions
Promoting bands, producing benefit
shows, elc.
2582 West 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6K 1T1
(604)7301075 (Rich Elliot)
(604J 7309275 (fax)
Pocketwatch Pruductions*
Promotes all-ages shows for Nanimo and
734 North Terminal Ave
Nanaimo, BC, V9S 4K2
(604) 755-7424 (Geoff Robins)
Red Kimono Presents
We put on gigs at most Vancouver
venues. All ages and 1 9 plus. Honest.
2041 Larch St
Vancouver, BC, V6K 3P5
(604)731-7111 (Adad)
(604) 732-3477 (fax)
Sanchez Brothers Promotions
We promote concerts.
4985 - 202A St
Langley, BC, V3A 1T6
(604) 5300900 (Miguel Sanchez - fax &
Stick man Productions*
#1-3044 Glen Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5T4C1
(604) 876-0522 (ph & fax)
system, full club facilities.
99 Powell St
Vancouver, BC,
1604) 681-5446 (Lisa Parkin:
PolyTok Anthrosonic Control
Two 24-track analog studios w/2" tape,
with some digital accessories. Focus on
2685 Eton St
Vancouver, BC, V5K 1 S9
(604) 253-9578
(604) 251-3150 (fax)
Rubber Room Recording and
3669 Tyne St
Vancouver, BC
#202-1505 West 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3Y4
(604) 731-2446 (JodiZak)
(604) 732-0922 (fax)
The Birdcage Recording Studio
24 track one inch analogue recording
studio with over 8 tracks of digital hard
drive recording.
#130350 East 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 872-5989 (Andrew)
(604) 443-0663 (fax)
Burning Sound*
A 24-track recording studio with world
class gear for reasonable rates.
(604) 4309566 (Judy or Craig)
Cinestir Productions
Music video production and
digital editing services.
16 mm/Betacam SP.
48 East 6th Ave
Vancouver, BAC, V5T4P9
(604) 875-9927 (Marcus Rogers)
(604) 875-9971 (fax)
Crescent Sound*
We love to record you and say how great
you are. (For money, of course.)
#14-280 East 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J8
(604) 876-0048
Downtown Sound Studio*
16-track recording studio with big rooms
and lots of MIDI gear. Sound tools.
1010 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4Y4
(604) 681-0606 (Murray or Paul)
(604)681-0609 (fax)
8 track analog, full MIDI sequencing;
c/o Boom town CDs
71 1 Yates
Victoria, BC, V9A 1C6
(604) 438-5090 (S. Seabrook/N. Blasko)
(604) 3800121 (fax)
Mind's Eye Studio
3318 East 27th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5R 1P1
(604) 4303180 (Anita Langley)
Noizi Studios*
8-track studio with MIDI gear and
mastering faqcilities.
PO Box 72030
Vancouver, BC, V6R 2H0
(604) 222-4999 (Adam "Bootsy" Sloan)
Murray Macdonald*
10 years experience producing all styles.
MIDI, digital, an analog.
1010 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4Y4
(604) 681 -0606 (ph & fax)
Man Bites Dog Productions*
Record/demo recording and producing.
Box 110
Vancouver, BCV5T4K7
(604) 874-1714 (M.Garuik)
Adam "Bootsy" Sloan*
Specializing in hip-hop and album/single
mastering and remixing.
PO Box 72030
Vancouver, BC, V6R 2H0
(604) 2224999
Paul Siczek*
Extensive production credits in all genres.
10years experience.
1010 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4Y4
(604) 681-0606 (ph & fax)
Stonehenge Productions
Independent producer available for
original rock/alternative recording. Rates
negotiable according to project.
#2102211 West 5th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6K 1S4
(604) 732-6716 (Shauna Salisbury)
Top of the Heep Productions*
Freelance producer/engineer specializing
3575 West 1 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6S 1A9
(604) 7364399 (Mark Wells)
Ralph Alfonso*
17 years experience as designer, writer,
photographer. I do it all.
#505-1288 BroughtonSt
Vancouver, BC, V6G 2B5
(604) 654-2929 (Ralph Alfonso)
(604) 654-1993 (fax)
Concepts for positive
#2-1306 Bidwell St
Baked Potato
2 &3 dimensional creative works. We'll
be in cyberspace before you.
PO Box 28
2147 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4B3
(604) 451-1224 (Rob or Joe)
(604 451-1224 (fax)
Crusher Supply
Graphic Design, Sticker Printing from the
(604f873-2703 (Ken Paul)
Digiboy Multimedia
Graphic Design for the underdog.
Fanzine Factory extrordinaire.
1451 Hornby St
Vancouver, BC,
(604)662-3221 (Pete/Steve)
(604) 662-3224 (fax)
Eyebyte Design Inc.*
Posters, CDs, cassettes, promos. From trad
lo cyber - great graphics, no bullshit.
306- 1067 Granville St
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1 L4
(604) 669-5625 (Dave/Dugg)
(604)876-5621 (fax)
The Factory
CD-rom multimedia animation and design.
103-2070 Cornwall Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 734-7966 (Gregory Zbitnew)
t^i-1 =*■■*--■
Area 51
/ said it, I did it!
163 Station St
Duncan, BC,V9L1M8
(604) 746-8869 (Gordoi
Rare vinyl import Cd's, tapes, vintage
posters, autographs...
432 West Pender St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1T5
(604)331-0192 (fax)
DJ equipment, clothing, CDs & vinyl.
217 W.st Hastings
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H6
(604) 689-7734
(604)689-7781 (fax)
Boom CDs
New & used CDs, independents, t-shirts,
magazines, collectables.
2003 west 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1 N3
(604)739-9561 (fax)
We would like to sell your independent
music. All genres welcome.
#14206531 NO. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC, V6Y 2B6
(604) 276-8200
Mimis Music
Retail CD's and tapes (used]
1007 Granville St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-0199 (Rob)
Odyssey Imports
for modern music. At least two shipments
weekly from England, Europe & ihe USA.
534 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3J5
(604| 669-644
(604) 669-7978 (fax)
Sam the Record Man
We promote all local independent music.
Product is displayed equally, great
568 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3J9
.(604) 684-3722 (Rob)
(604) 684-5485 (fax)
Scratch Records
317A Cambie St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2N4
(604) 687-6355
(604) 687-0488 (fax)
New & used Vinyl, CDs, <
skateboards, zinesl
2412 Main St
Vancouver. BC, V5T 3E2
(604) 87_ J999
Zulu Records
New and used Cds, vinyl, cassettes.
Imports, domestic and tons of local mu:
T-shirts, magazines and Ticketmaster.
1869 W. 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1M4
(604) 738-3232 (Paul t. Brooks-
36-9836 (fax)
Cityhunter (photographer)
Black & white, no compromise. Bands &
2147 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4B3
(604)451-1224 (Hiro)
(604) 451-1224 (fax)
• Goodwin (pholographer-
Photography: gigs, promo, etc. Computer
stuff, posters, fryers, etc. Internet literature.
Reliable, affordable, flexible.
#1-2666 Cambridge Si
Vancouver, BC, VSX 1L5
Derrick Thibeau (photographer)
Promotional photography: covers, posters,
wierd stuff.
#301-1275 Comox St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 6884220 (Derrick)
(604) 987-1 864 (Laura)
Ack! (publication)
Music/Humour zine. Send SASE for a
free copy!
Box 115,
#105-10277 135 St
Surrey, BC, V3T 4C3
Angst (publicatiohn)
Art, music & bitching, what more could
you ask for?
4770 Fairlawn Drive
Burnaby, BC, V5C 3R6
(604) 294-3693 (John and Gwen)
The Deterrent DIY Tour Guide
A comprehensive resource for bands
wanting to book their own tours (names
and info).
DiSCORDER (publication)
That Magazine From CiTR 101.9fMAhis
Magazine You Be Reading Right Now
233-6138 SUB Blvd
Vancouver, BC, V6T1Z1
(604) 822-3017 ext. 3 (Dylan Griffith-ed,
Kevin Pendergraft-ads)
(604) 822-9364 (fax)
Insite Webzine (publication)
A Vancouver-based entertainment style
publication covering the culture scene.
602-675 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC l) 681-8435 (Katrina Regan)
Schtufff... (publication)
"verfy egotistical, overzealous, preachy,
pretentious, self-absorbent prattle" -Grant
Lawrence. Latest issue= $2 ppd.
7110 Westminster SI
Powell River, BC, V8A 1C6
(604) 485-7232 Uason Schreurs)
(604) 485-01 87 (fax)
Wet Nurse (publication)
Local magazine and compilation tape
focussing on experimental music, strange
art and profound writing.
Box 21, 345 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1W5
The Gin Gallery (venue)
J 650+ square foot bar in Gastown.
72 West Cordova St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 688-0078 (Karl Bradley)
The Hungry Eye (venue)
Fresh alternative local music venue - live!
23 West Cordova St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 688-5351 (Melissa, Keith/Scooter)
(604)688-5351 (fax)
New York Theatre (venue)
All ages, concerts, plays & film events.
639 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 254-3545 (Carl)
(604) 254-1414 (fax)
Starfish Room* (venue)
Original live music venue.
2nd floor- 1055 Homer Si
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2X5
(604)6824171 (Keith Buckingham)
(604)682-1331 (fax)
Velvet (venue)
Live music venue for Thursdays, full sound
system, full club facilities.
99 Powell St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 681-5446 (Lisa Parkinson, Kim
Over/under ground artist information,
both analog and digital searches/
PO Box 28
2147 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4B3
(604) 451-1224 (Clay)
(604) 451-1224 (fax)
Lawrence Nyberg
''  designed acoustic _
s, bouzoukis and beyond. By
jn. Reasonable repair rates.
(604) 8794788 (Lawrence Nybergl
Pacific Musk Industry Association
Service association for BC, music industry;
sponsor of Music West; producer Demo
Listen Derby Producer, Factor rep.
400-177 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BCV5Y1L8
(604) 873-1914 (Ellie O'Day (Exec. Dir))
(604) 876-4104 (fax)
wnn.firstgraphics.com/1040 bbs/
Cambrian College
1400 Barrymore Rd
Sudbury, ON, P3A 3V8
PO Box 7544
Saskatoon, SASK, S7K4L4
(304) 664-6678
Trent University
c/o PRC, Trent Radio
Peterborough, ON, K9J 7B6
Laurentian University
Sudbury, ON, P3E 2C6
McMaster University
#301 Hamilton Hall
Hamilton, ON, L8S 4K1
Queen's University
Carruthers Hall, Queen's U.
Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6
(613) 545-6300 (fax)
Coop Radio 102.7 FM cable
337 Carroll St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2J4
(604) 684-8494 (Ian Pringle)
(604) 681-5310 (fax)
University of Guelph
500 Gordon St
Guelph, ON, NIG 2W1
1519) 824-4120
(519) 763-9603 (fax)
University of Victoria.
Program guide Offbeat published
monthly. 2290 Watts cable FM
PO Box 3035
Victoria, BC, V8W 3P3
(604J 721-8728 (fax)
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, NS, B2G 1C0
Mount Allison University
315 University Centre
Sackville, NB, E0A3C0
Memorial University. 50 Watts,
cable FM.
Box Al 19, Memorial University
St. John's, NF.A1C5S7
(709) 737-4777
(709) 7374743 (fax)
University of Western Ontario.
Program guide, Airshift published
Room 257, UCC Building, UWO
London, ON, N6A 3K7
York University 50 Walts FM
Room 258A Vanier, 4700 Keele St
North York, ON, M3J 1P3
University of New Brunswick.
PO Box 4400, Student U. Bldg.
Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3
(506) 4534985 (aim. music director)
University of Ottawa
18,200 watts cable FM.
Suite 227, 85 University
Ottawa, ON, Kl N 6N5
550 University Ave
Charlottetown, PEI, C1A4P3
(902) 566-0979 (fax)
Program guide DiSCORDER is what
yoiPre reading right now.
#233-6138 SUB Blvd
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1
Megan Mallett-CD/LP)
Dale Sawyer-cass)
(604) 822-9364 (tax)
University of Toronto
15,000 watts FM
91 St. George St
Toronto, ON, M5S 2E8
(416) 595-5604 (fax)
University of Windsor
50 Watts cable FM
401 Sunset Ave
Windsor, ON, N9B 3P4
(519)253-8871 (fax)
Simon Fraser University
cable FM 93.9 MHz.
TC216, SFU
(604) 2914455 (fax)
University of Alberta
900 Watts cable.
Room 224, SUB, U.of A.
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2J7
(403) 492-5244
(403) 4924643 (fax)
; 900 watts FM, cable. Program guide
VOX published monthly.
Room 1 1 8, MacEwan Hall, U of C
Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4
(403) 2203902
Carleton University. Program
guide, Trans-FM published
1233 Colonel By Drive. #517 UC
Ottawa, ON, Kl S 5B6
613 7884060 (fax)
Dalhousie University
50 watts, cable FM
(902) 494-6479
Room A74, Jorgenson Hall
380 Victoria St
Toronto, ON, M5B 1W7
University of Waterloo
50 watts, cable FM
200 University Ave West
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1
Acadia University
50 watts, cable FM
159 Avenue Massey
Moncton, NB, E1A3E9
(506) 8584485
(506) 8584324 (fax)
McGill University. Program guide
Statik published quarterly.
3480 McTavish St, Suite B-15
Montreal, PQ, H3A 1X9
(514)398-8261 (fax)
POBox 216 Waterloo, ON,
(519) 886-0090 (fax)
1455DeMaisonneuve Blvd
#647 Montreal, PQ, H3G 1M8
(514) 848-3494 (fax)
PO Box 5050
TJC Student Ctr
St. John, NB, E2L 4L5
(506) 648-5667
Scarborough College
1256 Military Trail
Scarborough, ON, MIC 1A4
(416) 2877051
1996 will be here sooner than
you think! Sign up now for the
The sixth annual directory, chock full of
contact numbers and addresses of bands
and the businesses that support them, will
be in the September issue. It's FREE, so
you've got no excuses. Get your listing in
now!! The deadline for entries is
August 15, 1996.
Fill in the square below and
remember, neatness counts.
_ _ -_.-_.__.
ftou"" (Check  one):
(elaborate below)
j NAME:	
■I DESCRIPTION (15 words or less):.
BEFORE August 15, 1996
233-6138 SUB Blvd., Vancouver, BC V6T1Z1 fax:(604)822-9364 recordin -miscin -masterin
$oundfor picture editin'
cd cuttin'* cd wm burnin'
interactive * internet savvy
graphic designin' nA printin'
real time cassette duplicating
and vinyl stickers so your
band can tie cool too ($95/5ee) up, and we were like, 'Hey, that was kind of cool.'
O: Then Jonny goto job at TransWorld. He worked
there for about five years before he started doing
what he's doing now. He's the photo editor now.
The general boss of Warped pretty much.
Jonny: I'm the one who takes all the cigarette breaks.
O: And Miles worked at various head shops in
Orange County (much laughter). Actually, it was
Pier Records and in the back they had a head shop.
That was always Miles' favourite department, he
was always back there. What was it you had to
Miles: Water pipe.
O: If you said 'bong' they'd have to make you leave.
Whereas here if you say 'bong' you get one.
How did you get into music?
O: I was always a groupie and I wanted to be a
roadie, but no one would ever let me, so I had to
get in a band so I could be a roadie.
Miles: I was just born into it. My father's a musician, my whole family...
O: Come on, his name is Miles - that's a m
Jonny: The reason I got into music is I didn't knc
Go for it.
O: We usually make ihree different versions of our
record and make three different names for ihem.
They're usually vinyl, CD and tape, but ihey all have
different names. That first set was called Mangravy,
Wasting Seed and Shooting Putty ot the Moon. If
you put ihem all together you can understand what
it is. It's the three series of beatoff records.
That's beautiful. I get it now.
O: The new one was going to be about shit, but it
never worked out. It was going to be Stretching the
Texas Donut, Stocking the Lake with Brown Trout
and Docking a Sub, but it didn't turn out lhat way.
Instead it was Home Improvements because I saw it
at a thrift store and thought, 'Oh, that's rod.'
I can't hear this.
Jonny: Come on. You've gol tattoos. You're 'core'.
Okay, yeah. I'm hard. I can take it. Why
do you give your CDs, vinyl and cassettes
different names?
Jonny: 'Cause when we do it we can never decide
on ihe artwork. O loves doing the artwork and we
have, like, twelve different ideas. It's fun and we
get to confuse people.
This tour must be great for you since you're
so involved with
skate magazines.
O: Yeah. We know all
the skaters on our bus,
and every bond we know
really well. All the skaters
are on  the bus with us
which is really cool.
Done any skating yourselves?
O: We rode the ramp a couple of times. I rode the ramp in
Texas when I didn't want to lose
any weight. Here it's nice and
air conditioned, but everywhere
we've been to so far, it's been
like, 120 degrees. This is the total Jenny Craig Tour. It's like, Jenny
Craig will send you on ihe Warped
Tour. But we didn't lose any weight.
All we did was cry and go back on
the bus and then go to catering every
five minutes and eat and eat and eat.
So you've got a new album
coming out. When?
O: September 25th, I think. It's called
The Classic Years. It's all the singles, plus
four songs never released, and the Nirvana rip-off one. You know lhat song, "She
Should Have Been a S??"? It sounds exactly like lhat, so be prepared. That's why
t. Ther
how to play an instrument and I decided I wanted
to pose wilh a guitar and get free Converse.
Do you guys consider yourselves socially
or politically aware?
O: I leave that stuff up to other people. If you ask
my opinion I'll definitely voice it, but I don't go
around telling people.
Jonny: I like to be politically aware.
Is it in the music you write?
O: Sometimes it is. Like "Ten Times This", which
means ten times shittier than it is now if people don't
start paying attention. Some songs are like lhat, but
mostly it's just stupid songs wilh stupid lyrics. There's
nothing speciol - anyone else could do it.
What is 'Mangravy'?
O: You want me to tell you? You're gonna be scared
when I tell you this.
song we ever wrote. It's about Mike Olsen
(Olivelawn) called, "Rod Whittling".
Oh, here -we go again. There's a theme
here. I think I know the philosophy
behind Fluf.
O: Just a silly piece of cheese, that's all the
id is. There's no rock stardom or anything like
that. Just a few jerks who^vant to have fun.
DiSCORDER: Is UUAWUl your firsr album?
Axel: No, not at all! \^'ve already released two
other albums and we've got a brand new one coming out right now in Germany. We've also got lots
of singles, compilations, and maxi [singles]!
Have you had any North American
distribution prior to signing to Fat
Wreck Chords?
No, because we are
a German band and
we sing mostly in German. It's not usual for
German bands to get
North American dishi-
bution. We've been
around for about ten
years and we're pretty
popular in Germany. It
was a big surprise lhal
someone wanted to release us here. Especially when this someone was Fat Mike from
Did your popularity increase in Germany when you
got signed to Fat
Wreck Chords?
No. We have our own
label that we have our
own stuff out on in Germany and this Fat deal is only for the rest of the
world, not Germany. This UUARGHI album lhatyou
know was released jajj-amtonw one year ago and
has 1 3; that's all that Fat Mike wanted!
Are albums longer In Germany?
Yeah. It's our philosophy to put more music on a
CD because we don't have much control of ihe prices
of CDs in the record store. Punk rock albums are
sold at the some price as the new Michael Jackson
album (about 20DM). Even if we sell it cheaper to
the distributor, the record store will still mark it up
and make even more profit.
What do you sing about?
Most of our lyftcs are political. German punk rock
is a really political thing, you know. Jf you dye your
hair red, like mflik this is instantly id political statement in Germany. We've got so many conservatives and neo-Nazis and all lhat crap over there
lhat because I mal e'jttgh a aptement I
matically an enem) dFlwJf^MrAost German bonds
sing about politics The few liat only sing about
getting wasted, gks, or love,|pren't taken c
ously. It's a lot dijtyent fror
American? German?
We're coming from the German punk rock of the
early 80s, 'Deutschpunk'. There were some really
cool bands out then. I've always been a big fan of
California hardcore, as well. I also listen to some
weird stuff-1 got the new Tom Jones album! As long
as it's got good melodies, that's what's important.
You can't listen to punk rock all the time, it makes
you sickl
Jackson, how long have you been with No
Use For a Name?
Jake: Three or four months.
What were you doing before?
Jake: I worked at Fat Wreck Chords.
Tony: That's why it was so easy to find him. The first
thing we did when we lost our last guitarist was coll
the label. Mike
had just hired
this guy who
played guitar.
•'■ .skind   |
of    bum
:als & guitar
Jake - fresh ie drummer
DiSCORDER: Why is your latest release (on
Fat Wreck Chords) entitled leche Con
Tony: On our first U.S. tour last year we were saying the stupidest things in Spanish lhat we could
possibly think up. Everyone was chipping in wilh
what little Spanish ihey knew. When we couldn't
come up wilh a name for the album, one of the
stupid sayings, 'Leche Con Came', came up. We
all thought it was kind of cool. It sounds like the
name of a Police album or something.
Why have you gone through sue guitarists
since forming in 1987?
Tony: I don't know, it's some weird Spinal Tap thing
like they had with their drummers!
Don't Miss the Train, prior to signing -with
Fat. Also, The Dairy Grind, the album just
before Leche Con Carne. How has your
sound changed since '87?
Tony: It's definitely changed a lot if you listen to one
of our old 7 inches and then to ihe newest album.
There's a progression of writing influences from
when I first got in the band. It had a much harder
edge, and Chris Dodge, the vocalist then, used to
just yell. I sing more than yell, so when I was forced
to sing with the band because we couldn't find a
replacement (when Chris left), I did more melody
lines and mixing of the hardcore music.
What's next for No Use For a Name after
the Warped Tour ends?
Tony: Going home to play some shows around
California. Take a little break and start writing some
new material. We'll hopefully have a new album
out by next summer sometime.
Any plans to play Vancouver?
Tony: We'd like to follow up ihis show. We've never
played here before. It'll be weird to be see if anybody like us here.
Jonatha Brooke & The Story
OCTOBER 22nd at
568 SEYMOUR ST (downtown)
mike scott
bring 'em all in
Mike Scott, the
Scottish born former
leader of the Waterboys
returns with his first
solo album:   "Bring 'em
all in." Mike wrote all
of the songs and plays
every instrument on
the album.
"Bring 'em all in" is now
specially priced at Sam's:
1568 SEYMOUR ST (downtown) |
GET YOUR SAM'S CLUB CARD & SAVE EVEN MORE!! i/ y   wi.i i    y
The Last Word, edited by Michael Holmes (Toronto: Insomniac Press, 1995)
ity of youth throughout North America ore forced to read literature against their will - or at least Coles Notes. All over this
disintegrating country, the bright and shining hope for the future is
collectively wondering about the utility of slogging through Joseph
Conrad and Henry James, when all we really want to do is get a job
that allows us to smoke the pot to which we have become accustomed. September, the great literary prison-ship of months. Isn't it
strange how self-important you start to sound when somebody gives
you a column in a magazine?
This is what keeps going through my mind as I sit behind a borrowed computer in the wee hours of the morning, pounding my monthly
quota of cud. The fear of sounding pretentious arises partially from
being re-immersed in school - nothing like spending a few hours in
Heart of Darkness to give your writing an English accent. This month's
column is also a slow moving target for ridicule because of its broad
focus: to Ihis point the pieces I've paid Discorder to print have ali
arisen from reading bits of local writing; this month's ramble grows
out of a question that started nagging at me in late August, and stayed
wilh me as I gamboled through September.
Lost month I found myself going to lots of things, a lot of theatre
(The Fringe was in my neighbourhood this year) and an uncharacteristic number of poetry readings. As I've mentioned elsewhere, an
acute memory of my own poetic pretensions makes me impatient of
poetry readings. Too often I've found myself trapped in a too-hot room,
getting a headache trying to de-cypher the murk lhat some poor tor-
lured soul is scraping from his diseased scalp, sucking self-obsorb-
edly from her fingernails, bestowing upon us (the listeners) in a Rne
mist of unhealthy spittle. Too often, and for too long, I have held my
pee so as not to disrupt such abuse. And as I mop the moist, poetic
residues (which for some reason always smell vaguely like old cheese)
off my face, I can't help but wonder, 'who cares?'
Does anybody give a good Goddomn lhat some sensitive neurotic
has been bruised by the world and feels compelled to complain about
it in obscure terms? Or worse still, to tell us how especially connected
he feels to all those who suffer in Bosnia? An acerbic and contentedly
philisline friend of mine maintains that the only people who attend
poetry readings are poets waiting to read, poets hoping they'll be
asked to read, wannabe poets, and that sad creature often found
grazing in the black'n'polyester aisles of Value Village, ihe poetry
groupie. Though of the same genus at the rock'n'roll groupie, and
thus many a Discorder reader, the poetic species is at once more
pathetic and more arrogant than its musicol cousin, because it tends
to view itself as intellectually superior to the average Green Day fan.
But then, perhaps I've just attended too many readings of bad
poetry. Another friend of mine, a former organizer of the Vancouver
Writer's (and Readers) Festivol, tells me that the most consistently popular show at the Writer's Fest is the gala poetry reading. 'So much for
your premise,' she smirks, 'that people don't like poetry.' On the other
hand, I once asked another friend of mine (one who happens to have
a slim volume of poetry under his belt) who his favourite Canadian
poet was these days. He responded, 'I don't have one.' Why not?
'Because all the best poetry being written is cropping up in fiction
these days.' He had a bios, of course, since he was writing short
stories himself by this point.
Picking up this column has made the issue relevant for me again -
it's hard to be fair in your review of a poetry collection if you don't
believe in the form - which is why I found my way back to the too-hot
rooms. I attended a benefit for the Small Press Action Alliance (or
some such) at the Glass Slipper that was emblematic of the sort of
mixed-feelings that poetry readings arouse in people. Aside from a
good-natured, if half-wilted, heckler who strolled in half-way through,
I was probably the most hostile element in the house, simply by virtue
of the coil notebook lhat I was trying to conceal behind a pint of Pale
Ale - my need to take notes demanded lhat I prop myself close to a
source of light and alcohol. Though I was unable to determine how
much of the house fell into the 'poetwaiting-tofead,' 'poet-wanting-to-
read,' and 'wannabe' categories, I did notice a number of earnest-
looking young men in the crowd, generally spending more time reading their own type-script than listening to the advertised readers. I
later realized lhat these fellows were jostling for the privilege to fill up
the dead stage time after the headliners had read their piece; it strikes
me now that this is one of several things making poetry readings
different from concerts. In the latter you put the young blood on stage
first to 'warm up the crowd,' the implication being that energy levels
actually increase with the number of intoxicants consumed. At a poetry reading like this one, the (entirely correct) assumption is lhal the
listener's attention-span, not to mention patience, is a non-renewable
resource. So you've got to get the heavyJiitters up there early, before
the Pale Ale and Cote de Prince Rupert drown out the sensitive
introspections being recounted on the stage (actually this is less of a
problem at the Slipper, where people retreat to the smoking balcony
with their beers). I assume those earnest-looking fellows ended up
reading to themselves: I didn't hang around long enough to see for
The slate of scheduled readers was as interesting as their styles
ore varied: George Bowering, George Stanley, Jamie Reid, and Sherr'i-
D Wilson. On the whole, it was as interesting to watch their 'performance styles' as it was to listen to their words, sometimes more interesting. Bowering, being given the choice cuts of the audience's attention
span, took the classic pose of the reading poet - he sat down and
read, deliberately pacing himself so lhat his dense imagery would
hove o chance to soak into the audience's grey matter. George Stanley,
standing, seemed slightly less self-assured in the pose Bowering had
assumed, and after reading a couple of poems straight, made an
effort to perform his more dramatic poems. Since his stuff is evocative
and often quite funny, this approach worked pretty well, though there
wos no question that Stanley's poetry exists principally on the page
and not in performance. I did not find Jamie Reid's journalistic, politically-driven poems particularly interesting to listen lo, and he was the
most disorganized and visibly nervous of the readers. Sherri-D Wilson
closed the 'scheduled poetry segment' of the evening with all the wit,
humour, and aplomb that Vancouver audiences are coming to expect
from her. Not unexpectedly, Wilson's performance aroused the greatest audience response, so much so that it seemed the audience felt
entertained for the first time all evening.
And lhat, as much as anything, provoked the nagging question,
and this month's column. When there was a lag in the action on
stage, I walked up to Sherri Wilson, intending to ask her a couple of
polite questions about how Swerve was being reviewed (if it was
being reviewed at all might have been a more appropriate question).
After a few minutes though, I found myself asking one of those less
polite questions.
'So Sherri,' I asked, 'what's it for, anyway?'
She looked perplexed. "What's what for?'
'Poetry. What's poetry for?'
'I beg your pardon?'
I decided I was being vague, so I started over. 'Well, you've done
tons of performance, you've had a mixed book of performance pieces
and poetry published, and now you're about to release a book of
straight poetry. You know how much audiences prefer performance to
poetry. So what's poetry for, anyhow?'
'Well,' she said, 'as you may know, for a lot of poets, their work is
meant to be read on ihe page. For me poetry is oral (or she might
have said 'aural'). That's why I'm really looking forward to the chance
to do a CD.' Then she gave me a piece of gum.
Looking back on the incident, I think it's to Wilson's credit lhat she
made an effort to answer such a stupid question al all; there's a reason they don't let me do interviews around here, I thought, as I stuffed
ihe gum into my mouth. But my problem with spoken word versus
written word didn't go away. Perhaps it was because a couple of
people, after having read one of my reviews ('You read one of my
reviews?'), commented that I wasn't equipped to pass judgment on a
particular writer until I'd seen him perform.
look at the latest offering from Insomniac Press, an anthology of
Canadian poetry from younger writers edited by Michael Holmes,
called The Last Word. I settled on this collection specifically because
I'd already heard some of its contributors read when the book was
launched at Black Sheep Books in late August. On that warm evening
we heard from Calriona Strang, Nancy Shaw, Michael Turner, Judy
Radul, and Neil Eustache - perhaps the best-known local contributor
to the collection, Evelyn Lau, was absent. Calriona Strang's material,
much of which seemed to be excerpts from a work called 'Low Fancy,'
had a certain Beat-ish quality to it - which was accentuated by the
jazz improvisations of her accompanist, Francois Houle. At the time I
scribbled something about how well the duo worked together, and
wondered if the words work as well on the page by themselves. The
only olher writer to read from material in The Last Word was Neil
Eustache, who was as studiously un-stylish in his performance as Strang
was stylised; he didn't actually read to the audience, but to the front
row, and only after no one else would volunteer to read his stuff for
him. Nancy Shaw's offering was a number of historically-based poems, on either ihe IWW or the CCF. Judy Radul didn't read any of her
own work, but an extract of an interview wilh some starlet in hAlrabella,
read in the style oi poetry, if you like. Michael Turner, whose pieces in
The lost Word" ore taken from his collection Company Town, chose to
read from the galleys of his upcoming collection Kingsway. Of these
three I found Shaw's work least engaging, less engaging than the
material she'd published in the anthology, in fact. Radul's reading
was the most entertaining, but it obviously told me the least about her
poetry. Turner's work, fast-paced and studded wilh subtle image and
wit, seemed well suited to his straight-ahead, fuck-you-too reading
Reading the Introduction to The Last Word was a little like de/'o w
far me. Michael Holmes fronts a certain street-wise scepticism that I
don't remember from my earliest experiences wilh young poets and
editors of poetry anthologies. It is a scepticism lhat he especially directs against the 'general tendency to prioritize and celebrate the
magician's palter and the pyrotechnics of performance over anything
lhat could be described as... innovative... poetry.' He is, in short, very
suspicious of the trendiness of 'spoken word,' and draws a distinction
between the critically barren majority who practice this form and (he
poets in his collection, whose 'poetry "works" because of- not despite
- the words printed on the page.'
Empathy with the editor aside, reading the work of the Vancouver
contributors to the collection more or less confirmed my suspicions as
to what I would find. Much of the energetic effect lhat Calriona Strang
generated in ihe performance of her work does not Iranslate to text;
the allowances lhat the brain makes for the musical possibilities of
language is lost in the type-script, and a stubborn brain insists on
trying to ferret sense out of words lhat seem to be operating at the
level of musical notes. Headaches ensue. Neil Eustache's two poems
show a lot of technical potential, but on the page they mostly radiate
attitude. Attitude, albeit with a sense of humour, is also prominent in
the extract from Judy Radul's 'Character Weakness'; the non-sequitur
of images in this piece have the same effect upon me as Strang's
work. Of the people who I heard at the Black Sheep reading, the
poetry of Nancy Shaw and Michael Turner does the most to satisfy my
own obscure standards for innovative and interesting poetry. Though
their styles are ouite different, their imagery and rhetorical stances
effectively extend and deepen the meaning of their poems rather than
confounding it. But there is much more poetry in this collection than
that of these five writers, and the variety of poetic styles here virtually
guarantees that something in The Last Word will satisfy your definition
of poetry. I find some of this stuff quite stimulating (whether I would
call all of it 'poetry' is another question), olher stuff I don't - I've never
really gotten concrete poetry, for instance. As to the question that
inspired this column, I could say lhat it wasn't answered by any of the
poems in this anthology. But lhat would be a little pretentious.
Oscar's New York took Outlet
3036 West Proadway
t9   E^go£f£g__ between the lines
by Amber £• Andrea
"/ find strength in other peoples stories, I feel empowered knowing
that I am not alone in
Andrea, who writes A Girl, Another Book, and Residential Garbage. She was responding to my first zine, Reclaiming My Name
# /. Other than our zines, Andrea and I didn't know each olher, but
her letter demonstrated to me ihe potential zines have to create a
personal connection. Now, two months after Andrea and I traded
zines, we've not only written letters, but have developed a friendship,
and we are also going to be writing this column together.
Andrea and I are jusl one example of ihe idea that zines enable us
to form o community. The truly beautiful part about the zine scene is
lhat it's not bosed on what bands you listen to, or your fashion choices.
This community goes beyond the sometimes superficial reasons behind unity. We have the opportunity to relote to each other on a much
more personal and real level.
I think this kind of support for each olher can destroy feelings of
segregation and loneliness. Like any community, this one requires effort. Don't jusl stop at reading zines. Write the person/people involved to make a writer/reader relationship. Both Andrea and I will
attest that there is nothing better than getting personal mail. So offer
feedback - both supportive ond constructively critical. If you or your
friends write zines then send them to a zine distributor (there was a list
of them in July's Discorder) and bring ihem to record stores, shows,
and basically anywhere that will take them. Zine circulation equals
communication, and communication is the key to fighting segregation
ond building unity.
By now some of you might be wondering who I am ond whal
happened to Trish Kelly's / Can Read. Regrettably, I have to report
lhat Trish won't be doing / Con Read anymore, but Andrea and I will
try our best to fulfill all your zine needs. To properly introduce myself,
my name is Amber Dawn. I could narcissisticolly write more about
myself and my views, but I can't monopolize this introduction any
longer. So I'll hand you over to Andrea and I hope you enjoy our
review choices.
In case we haven't met before, my name is Andrea and I'm a girl.
After a year of involvement in fanzines they have become a major
part of my life. I write and read fanzines, and many of my views
today have been influenced by zines. I'll be up front and honest when
I say lhat my tastes have become exclusive and that I tend to look for
personal and political zines. I realize lhat everyone has different tastes,
so I'll try to be fair in my reviews. Write me and ask me about my
zines. You can write Amber Dawn or I at: Between the Lines c/o
Discorder, 233-61 38 SUB Blvd, Vancouver, BC, V6T 121.
The Make Out Club # 4
(8.5 X 5.5; 26 pgs)
Perhaps the only good thing about Trish not writing ihis column anymore
is that now, finally, her own zine can be mentioned. M.O.C. #4 is
very appropriately subtitled "Striving to be a Novel"; this is the most
lengthy zine Trish has ever
done and it addresses such
a variety of issues that I
think every intelligent zine
reader could benefit from
il. Included are two pieces
you may have heard Trish
do in spoken word performance: "Jool-ry Box"
and "Pardon Me Boy",
which confront the well hidden but still present misogyny she encounters in
her environment. Trish has
also focused on her personal recovery from her
family programming, recognizing how abusive patterns get passed from generation to generation. She
has risked exposing her
family's shameful secrets
and her own shame in this
zine, and has taken a
good, hard look at how
children (of any age) are
affected by their parents.
Reading M.O.C. # 4 inspired me to question ond
try to improve myself and
my environment. Send $1
plus stamps to: M.O.C. Box 33-345 E. Broadway, Vancouver, BC,
V5T 1W5.
Nothing #7
(8.5 x 5.5; 8 pgs)
Personal zines written by boys are always a treat for me, especially
as I've been feeling disconnected from the opposite sex lately. If there
was one word to describe Tre's zine, it would be emo. An old pen-pal
recommended lhat I get this zine because it was so poetic and personal; he was shocked lhat it was done by a boy. This zine is about
not being satisfied wilh who and what you are: "Trying to figure out
what is going to give me that warm feeling inside lhat will last and
I've tried to go beyond 'finding the right person' and look into something deeper."
The photographs of live hardcore bands seem to go hand in hand
wilh Tre's frustration and disappointments - it always amazes me
what can be done with the layout of a zine. Send
$1 U.S. to: Tre McCarthy, 20
Gerald Road #2, Brighton, MA,   ,
02135, USA.
Bark and Grass #2
(8.5 X 7; 64 pgs)
Appropriately subtitled "Revolution
Supper", this is a great recipe book
for those of us who are learning how
lo cook as well as educating our
selves on veganism. There are del
cious and easy recipes that even a
kitchen misfit like me can prepare - I
recommend the homous, vegetable
chowder and soy pancakes.
Also included are some tips on natural and non-toxic beauty and pest control products, and an excellent essay by
Daisy Rooks on why feminism and animal rights are connected. She brings up
the similarities between rape and pornography and the meat and dairy industries,
as well as discussing the inherent sexism in identifying women wilh
animal names. By calling a woman a bitch you are saying that she is
both inferior and in- -gnizant, and denying her both her intelligence
and her autonomy as a fully functioning being.
Bark and Grass is a must-have for anyone lhat is vegan or thinking of becoming one. Send $2 US to Kim: P.O. Box 477469, Chicago, IL, 60647, USA.
Cherry Drop
(8.5 x 5.5; 20 pgs)
Christina's evolution as a writer shows in Cherry Drop. She confronts
herself and her past in order to grow and change. She writes about
the strained relationship she has with her mother, learning to be compassionate, and her realization that she can't have intimacy and trust
because of past sexual abuse. You always run the risk of facing disapproval and misunderstanding from your peers when writing a personal zine, but in ihe end it is always more rewarding than slicking
wilh the safer, superficial topics lhal are Found in a majority of zines
out there. This is definitely one of the better zines coming out of Vancouver. Send $1.50 to Christina: 3322 Caliente Place, Coquitlam,
BC, V3E 2P9.
Eightfold Path # 2
(8.5X5.5; 29 pgs)
I've always felt lucky to be an only child, especially when listening to
all my girlfriends complain about their nasty little brothers. If I had the
chance to be a part of a sibling relationship, however, I'd want it to
be just like that of Laura and Daryl Volcat, the authors of Eightfold
The fact lhat it is written by a brother and sister duo is not the only
amazing thing about this zine; both Daryl and Laura are very strong,
thoughtful writers with the ability to positively influence their readers.
Yet their differences stop this zine from being repetitious, making it a
very enjoyable read. Laura's writing varies from poetry to an informative piece about the claim that our former Lieutenant-Governor is a
lesbian. Her topics range from oddities like Cow Pattie Bingo ("...as
the name suggests, belting on which square a cow will shit in") to a
powerful and important story of her own date rape. Daryl, in contrast, is political and opinionated, but rightfully so. His work involves
a lot of research and dedication and includes mail interviews, one
with prisoner Ron Campbell exposing prison life from the inside, ond
ihe olher with Matt Wobensmilh of OutpunJc, a gay zine/record label. Daryl has also written an eye-opening piece about animal rights,
a topic lhat many people are still ignorant of.
In short, there's something for everyone - Eightfold Path is truly
double the pleasure. (No address)
Sandbox #7
(8.5 X 5.5; 1 8 pgs)
I could read Sandbox # 7 over and over again and get something
entirely new out of it each time. Elisa Rose has successfully written the
first personal fanzine I have ever read wilh views that aren't imposing
or offensive to anyone. She writes obout important matters such as the
beauty myth, stereotypes, and social behaviors, and she lets her readers come to their own conclusions, something lhat I find is rare in
zines. Sandbox # 7 made me think just as much, and maybe more,
than many opinionated zines I've seen. Plus it indudes lots of Elisa's
own illustrations and a recipe for a yummy chocolate dessert. You
won't find that in every zine, so send her $ 1 plus postage
to: 3-2666 Cambridge St, Vancouver, BC.
Letters To Celebrities
(7.5x4.5, 32 pgs)
I had the opportunity to see my favourite heroine Nomy
Lamm perform ihis zine as spoken word, and it was a
powerful experience for me. Letters to Celebrities is a
compilation of letters written by Nomy to various celebrities, ranging from Richie Rich to David Duke to the
Thousand Pound Man. In each letter she makes the celebrity real and explains her connection to ihem. In her
letter to Richie Rich, for example, she writes "you're
like a superhero, only you don't have any powers.
You just have money."
Nomy also touches on fat hatred, rockstars wilh
phallic guitars, and how abuse is romanticized. Everything she writes about is so important; if you or
der this you'll understand why she is one of my
favourite writers. Nomy verbalizes many of the
words that I'm learning to speak. Send $2 American to: Nomy Lamm, 120 State N.E #1510, Olympia, WA, 98501 USA.
Essence #12
(8.5 x 5.5; 36 pgs)
Erin has moved to Ottawa to go to university, but before she left she
put out one more issue of Essence . This zine (formerly known as
Flush] was my first introduction to the zine community, and I feel like I
have grown wilh it. Once a fun group zine, Essence is now more
Erin's heart and feelings than anyone else's: "I offer up little pieces of
myself as a trade. Sometimes I get nothing. Sometimes I get a friend,
sometimes insults and harmful words. All I can do is Iry."
Erin writes about daily life and the insecurities and beauty that go
along with it, childhood memories, and learning to be alone. She is
one of the old timers in Vancouver's zine community and her zine is
worth checking out. Send a dollar to Erin c/o James, 403 Cornell
Street, Ithaca, NY, 14850, USA.
(5 X 5.5; 30 pgs)
Pupil is the type of zine lhat disturbs you a little and makes you think
a lot. Vol describes her anger and confusion towards her parents and
her lower-class upbringing, admitting her desire to control and be
controlled by people she's close to. She also explores the idea that
escapism isn't only obtained through drugs, drinking, etc., but also by
having a dysfunctional relationship or friendship, or through self-deceit. Reading Pupil may not have changed my life, but it definitely
made me take a closer look at it. (No address)
Rock Candy #3
(8.5 X 5.5; 36 pgs)
"This zine is more feeling than thinking." Rock Candy is about communication and starting dialogue - dialogue which is relevant to the
punk rock scene. Marie brings up a lot of important issues and I'm
gonna try to give them justice. The three main points are: 1) The
misogynist attitudes that we fight so hard against still occur in the
punk rock community - what happens when the words "boyfriend"
and "rapist" become interchangeable? 2) Class is a multi-generational
thing that has everything to do with the way your parents raise you
and the way you see yourself. 3) We need to find more meaningful
ways to respond to each other's zines, beyond the usual generic, non-
challenging reviews. Criticism=Growth. Rock Candy is brutally honest and will make you think, which is what most zine writers are trying
to accomplish. Send $2 to Marie: 1659 Lamberton Lk, Grand Rapids, Ml, 49505, USA.
20  OCTOBER 1995 ■ioftman.IVIegan Mallett
7 inch
month, so let's get to it! First, we bring you the cream of the
Canadian crop, starting with Moncton, New Brunswick's
Moonsocket. We all know that the members of Eric's Trip are incredibly productive, with side projects such as Broken Girl, Elevator
to Hell and Purple Knight. Moonsocket is ET guitarist/vocalist Chris
and he has contributed six songs of four-track bliss to his new Sub Pop
single. The cover is unpretentious and continues the slacker trend of
using scrapbook photographs, and the lyrical content can be easily
deduced by reading the song titles, with names like "Accept Fear",
"Somebody Else's Love", and "Trulh Becomes Lies". The music is pretty
as can be, with medium tempo strummy guitar slylings and melodic
solos. To top it all off, the record finishes in a locking groove of guitar
feedback. (42 Madison Ave, Moncton, NB, El A 1R6)
We have in our hands a limited edition Genius Records 7" from
Jale, called Gold Leather with Heel Detail. Produced by Rick White
(Eric's Trip), Joy Ferguson (Sloan), and Jale, this is a product of the
magnificent Stereo Mountain (Studios?), where Eric's Trip and its various off shoots have recorded most of their material. The A-side,
"Steppin' Out", is a catchy lo-fi pop number. The B-side is an alternate
acoustic version of Dreamcake's "River", featuring Julie Dorion of Eric's
Trip playing the scratchy bodran and Rick White on backup vocals,
(c/o Colin Mackenzie, 1588 Granville, Halifax, NS, B3J 1X1)
We're not trying to reinforce stereotypes or anything, but we've
gotta say that those East Coasters have a knack for writing lo-fi slacker-
esque pop tunes. Next up: State Champs! On Nevada Downs,
these folks may be the lucky heirs to ihe Pavement throne, with music,
vocals, and lyrics that almost seem to mimic one of the bands lhat
made "alternative" mainstream. This is the first release from Daydream
Records, and it's a promising start. (Daydream Records, PO Box
29057, Halifax Shopping Centre, Halifax, NS, B3R 1K5 or e-mail:
Moving west, we bring to you Montreal's Goldfish. These two
gals (guitars and vocals) and two guys (bass and drums) seem to be
very much influenced by Jale. The 'hot' side of their record features
"Condor", the Rock song of this Bonfire Records release, while the
'cold' side's "Fondly" is a mellow, tuneful ballad, (e-mail:
St. George, Ontario is home to The Earthlings, who have put
oul a three song 7" on cleor green vinyl. The cover, ingeniously manufactured out of sparkfy wallpaper, made us think that Tk :
played cool and spacy music. We were wrong, oliAnj-gh that's not
necessarily a bad thing. The rf •. ,* little too out of Mt
world for us, though, consisting of twilight 2Gne-!ike instrumental* <«M*!
industrial, metal-pedal songs  * sd vocals: (c/o Rob
Porteous, RR 1, St. George, ON, N0E1N0J
The McRackins have two recwds out on in
The first is an older release k'. **. drummer*
instead of Spot the dog. This one;:h 0ft Wallabies Records and. features a cool cover of "Surfin' I" -ately, the
enormous warp on the B-side i                             - to listen to. (Wfaila*4
bies Records, 2-15-1 9F Fugimj
California's Shredder Records We reWsedfre other M -.
disc, "Life, Hey Mikey", which reminds os ofacross belwe .
locals Pluto and Bum. This is happ-yviupbeot, fast {Sop, which woofdfce :
belter without all thai wankin' (keep in mind; v*.-*
neat addition is the McRackins' c0Vw   *
songbyPatBenatar). (Shreddu -  #3,"San
Rafael, CA, 94901 or write to the'Mc&ocW "Hen Hut" at 9237
117 St, Delta BC, V4C 6B6)
Also on Shredder Records is the second 7" by Mark Brodie
and the Beaver Patrol, a band we think (hope?) is named after
their hometown mascot (iheir hometown being Surrey). This new
Shreddin' and Surfin' record features three cleanly produced, original hang ten tunes that'll make you want to ride the waves. It also
marks the debut of Ralph Johnson (of the Surfdusters) on bass. (See
address above.)
Local girUtar-wilh-a-drum-machine Wandering Lucy has released
a new record on ihe wonderful lo-fi label-of-labels K Records. Really
Truly was produced by the remix man himself, Calvin Johnson, at his
own Dub Narcotic studio. You'll hear two space-pop, surfy
instrumentals, "Thrillville" and "Hard One", and two songs wilh Wandering Lucy's own brand of laidback, sincere vocals. We like "Arms +
Legs" best, 'cause it's slow, melodic, ond has multi-layered vocals. Be
sure to also check out Wandering Lucy's cassette (with cover designed
by Tae Won Yu) released by Lof i Extravaganza, another cool Olympia label! (Wandering Lucy, PO Box 3171, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X6)
Last of the Canadian treats is Canadian Relics, a compilation which
endeavours lo "explore our nation's rich and diverse musical heritage" with some of the best local punk groups around playing weird
and neat covers. Startin' it off are The Evaporators, featuring the
fabulous Nardwuar the Human Serviette, wilh their version of "Coho?/
Cohol", a song written by legendary Toronto punk band Arson. Next
up is superstar group The Tonics, comprised of Nick from the Smugglers and Bum, Sandi and Jen, formerly of Kreviss, Scream from
Zumpano, and Ford from DOA and the Show Business Giants. This
retro garage rawk group have contributed their own rendition of the
theme song from the tv show "Littlest Hobo". The last song on 'this' is
by the one and only July Fourth Toilet, ^forming a screwed up
version of the theme to Let's Go, a Winnipeg, Manitoba children's
show. That' side begins with the Sister Lovers,'Vancouver's tribute
band to Big Star, playing "Sweet Thing
finished off wilh ihe Insignificant Specks, -another superstar bor-d
of sorts, with Max from Good Horsey, Jufton from July FourlkJoilet
and record cover designer, local scenester Morcy, Carl {the
cant speck") of Superconductor ond ZwjvpQTX**., and Andre from the
Insignificant Speck's. The Specks have wvwed:* So Much F*r Dreaming", an Ian and Sylvia folk ditty. Pretty vo ■-■',-     iaitmujlc. A
good follow up to the Christmus compilation: cosseS»/pack   ,
outby the same label. (Horrifyir
Commercial Drive, Vancouver
On to the United States! Soul Junk, *' ■ .. tWiwnher of
Truman's Water, have yet another T' ouJ, this one on 5«b Pop. TW
music is very much like what P:. i-id sound lite if (hay were
remixed by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic. Tho Vocals sound like
these indie-poppers are trying to top. -. irk, if works..
(Soul Junk c/o 1723 Drescher, San Diego, CA, 95H1J
Teen Beat recording artists from Washington DC, TuSCadBrp (who::
recently played an amazing show at the Starfish Room here in Von.
couver), have put out a Mark Robinson (Unrest, Air Miami, Teen Beat
guru) remixed record of all of our favourite garage-pop styled Tuscadero
songs. Some of our favourites: "Sweet Sweet Sugar Pops", which we
consider to be the hit song from their Full-length release The Pink Album and which features extra whistling wilh major delay on the
vocals and no guitars; "Paper Crown", which has added harmonies
and reverb; "So Sick of You", the industrial techno mix; "I am King
Oil", an ambient dub version, and "Your Chocolate Bells", which is
comprised only of vocals. Seven groovy grooves in oil. Check 'em out
cuz they're hot! (Teen Beat, PO Box 3265, Arlington, VA, 22203)
Go Sailor,
beautiful jangly pop songs. Go
Sailor consists of Rose of the Soft-
£|**s and formerly of legendary girl-
•pk*nk band Tiger Trap, Paul of Take
A. Day mailorder, and Amy from
•tlenry's Dress. Put 'em all together
■taftd you get the purdiest voice
cyow've ever heard atop of wonder-
1x0$$. poppin' music. "Long Distance", a bittersweet love song,
ond:;" Windy" are sung by Rose,
one} "Tho Boy who Sailed Around
the World' is sung by Paul. Buy it.
(Slumberland Records, Box
1473?, Berkeley, CA, 94712)
Nikki McLure, who you
pfobofety have heard on various
Olympic compilations, has recorded ner Godzilla 7", which is
Volume S7 ofthe International Pop
Underground on K Records.
Godzilla features "Miss Understood" and "Spider Dreams", both
of which have chest and lummy
percussion - Nikki has an amazing ability to sing in tune while hitting parts of her body! Simple, intelligent lyrics about dreams and
revolutions. (K Records, PO Box
7154, Olympia, WA, 98507)
Kill Rock Stars has sent us two
great records. The first, by Bikini
Kill, is entitled The Anti-Pleasure
Dissertation. The title track has a
slow, catchy guitar riff and is the
closest Bikini Kill will ever get to
writing a ballad. This is definitely
an indie rock 'hit'.
"Rah Rah Replica' is     a short
n Slumberland Records, write
little punk rawk ditty. Tobi Vail sings "In Accordance to Natural Law",
the most aggressive song on this single. This is tough punk with jusl
enough melody to stick in your head. Write to Bikini Kill and get
information on ihem as well as on women-run record labels and recording studios. (120 NE State #418, Olympia, WA, 98501)
KRS has also released a single by Pussycat Trash, which is
everything you'd expect from the label: minimalist garage rock with
screaming female vocals. Typical, but worth a listen.
We've received three records from Candy Floss Records, a Cali-
fornian label known for putting out nifty twee-pop bands. Red Dye
No. 5, with three guys on guitar, drums, and bass, and a gal on
vocals, have released their second record on this label. The A-side,
loin You" is an aggressive, distorted guitar, Velocity Girl-type
song. While the B-side is a cover of Blondie's "Heart of Glass" which
sounds s« much like the original version it'll trick you every time.
Poastal follow up their split single wilh Poundsign on Small-fi/
No UfeiRecords. This Candy Floss release is another bunch of boys
■■ ploying instruments and a girl singing her heart away to driving, distorted quitars (what's with this strange theme?), but we like it.
Loitoh the Candy Floss bill is Red Chair Fadeaway, a Beds,
Ertejlond band wilh a little more variety than the other two. They play
synlh-pop and any of their songs could be tv show themes.
. Floss Records, 130 Suiter Street, 5lh Floor, San Francisco,
The last review of the month is an extra special treat, a double 7"
compilation entitled Candybars and featuring 28 songs by 28 bands
from around the world. Included on this pair of discs are the likes of
Wimp Factor 14 (Tullycraft's drummer Gary's band making good
use of toy guitars), Tender Whiskers (pretty female vocals similar
to Heavenly), Cub (old school cub from their first single), Jowe Head
ESQ (English drinking song which quickly turns into an English drunk
song), Astroburger (experimental noise-pop), Paul Bevoir (the
Mr. Rogers side of Zumpano), Silly Pillows (beautiful female melodies with accomponiment) and a whole bunch more! Keep in mind
that in order to fit all ihis great music on Iwo records, these bands (we
presume) have contributed their shortest, and not necessarily their
best songs. Happy listening! (Little Teddy Recordings, Schifferlstr.l,
80687 Munchen, Germany)
® Gallery
Friday, September 22
Too many days of too many hours
doing too many things can be
really wearing. Still, excited by
the prospect of seeing Blaise
Pascal for the first time in a few
months, I dared venture out. The
first time I wrote about Blaise Pascal I thought their
times confusing
and under-developed, but more exposure   to   them
Maybe a year from
now I'll say the
same thing about
Destroyer, Ticker
Tape Parade and
Petrolia loo.
Destroyer's lineup included accor-
other unconventional instruments
and effects that
gave them an almost country
sound, similar to
the Palace Broth-
. They didn't
much of an impression either way,
neither good nor
bad, but I look forward to sampling
them again.
Ticker Tape Parade played mostly
as a duo of guitarists but sometimes as a Irio with drums. Additionally, they used an ancient tone
generatorAeyboard on one particular song to play unison melo
dies wilh the vocal and guitar
parts. For its XTC-ish sounds, this
may have been one of the most
memorable songs I've heard from
a new group (one lhat I haven't
heard at leost) and I felt I had my
money's worth there and then.
The remainder of iheir songs were
different - not bad or anything,
but so dischordant lhat I'd need
to hear them again to form more
By now it was midnight, the
were very Pavement-esque and,
after seeing ihem, I'd say lhat the
influence is definitely there. A four
piece, Petrolia played music with
guitar and vocal lines very reminiscent of everyone's favourite
slacker-rockers. I quite enjoyed it,
even though I was storting to fade
- so much so that I didn't see
Blaise Pascal. But I already knew
that I liked them, anyway, so this
evening was more of an introduction to some other bands that I'm
sure I'll like
more in the fu-
Brian Weiser
rated a
:al tal-
time the head-
liners should
have been playing, but instead Petrolia
s just starting. I'd heard they
Alice Donut; a
presence that
overpowered the entire audience.
After a barrage of hardcore
mosh music, the band broke into
a Irombone-led rendition of "Burning Ring of Fire". They all dem
ent and versatility lhat was appreciated loudly. Though playing lo
eager Nomeansno fans, Alice
Donut moved the crowd to de-
Theyselthe tone for
the rest of the show
and contributed the
multiple bruises  I
A wave of relief
seemed to penetrate
even the most angst-
ridden pierced
faces as the bass inconspicuously began "Bells". The
irony lhat the
Worldhood of the
World (As Such)
concert was lacking
the release of the
Worldhood of the
World (As Such)
CD hod little effect
on Ihe concert itself.
All paid avid attention to the new
tracks before freaking out completely
for standards like
"The Tower" and
"Rags and Bones".
All in all, it was
a sweatfest of hope
feared the newly released 'alternative'
albums would be limited to those
of Green Day and Offspring. Even
on the days that 'everything be-
; nothing', there is still
Nomeansno. Their integrity, creativity, and strength made my week.
Rob can step on my fingers
Tara Ivanochko & Namiko
With a jewellry purchase
you receive a free piercing by
Canada's most experienced piercers
1043 GRANVILLE STREET 688-6225
The Rage
Friday, September 15
Before I went to see Frontline Assembly, I was going to say a few
things. I was going to say that if
jungle is music for young black
men on crack, as Malcolm
MacLaren says, then industrial
is music for young white m
s going to say that
industrial music has fallen victim to the very sounds that de-
dustrial music was once poised
to become the voice for young
Generation X'ers everywhere, it
has long since been surpassed by
the double-headed dragon of
  Techno. I was going to say that industrial music,
with the exception
of Skinny Puppy,
new life breathed
into it since Ministry's death-disco
album, Psalm 69.
I was going to say
that Frontline Assembly will probably still be banging on pieces of
metal with large
sticks as if Test Department and SPK
hadn't done it fifteen years ago.
And I was going
to say that Cevin
Key will probably
be there, presiding over the events
with thai omniscient Cheshire Cal
I was going to
say all lhat before
I saw Frontline Assembly. And I think
I still will.
Garth Giesbrecht
23 mg^m^ under rev
Earthllng Radar
The term "trip hop" is admittedly a
new   calch-phrase   for   North
America, conveniently labeling oil
spacey/ombient rap and rap Irax
without lyrics. You con probably
guess that this definition is a bit loo
wide, covering artists from Tricky,
Massive Attack ond Portishead all
the way to the Chemical Bros, and
Depth Charge. Which genre is trip
hop? Beots the hell out of me. There
used lo be a term lo describe outfits like De La Soul and
Baseheod: ambient rap. £
And that's what Eorthling ||&|v
Radar is. It's not ambienl-^£. ■*.
funk (ie. Ihe Wild Bunch) norltt|
hyped-up hip-hop beats, nor   *w-j
even thumpy-like-house (ie. Depth
Charge). It just IS.
Enough of ihis - ER's better than
Tricky as far as smoothness, but
admittedly, none of the songs are
poppy upon first listening. However,
ihis is an advantage as it suits any
mood. Believe it or not, the best
peer for Eorthling is probably MC
Solaar, (of course not in French).
However, another possibility could
be Portishead using a rapper instead of Beth Gibbons. Whatever
description, this album is slick.
The Riverdales
It's really disappointing when you
spend your hard-earned money on
a musician you trust, only to find
lhat they've lei you down. You feel
ripped off.
I recently experienced this when
I purchased the debut release from
the Riverdales, featuring three ex-
members of the former
Screeching Weasels. In ,
a recent interview with f
ihe Riverdales stated that
they wished to get awoy from playing pop punk. They have done anything but. This is mediocre pop music with less bar chords than the
Ramones, and Ben Weasel's vocals
sound very dull and uninspired.
There are a few good songs, but it
is not worth spending money on.
Pop rock for the dust bin.
firad Prevelte
Dopes to Infinity
Rawk V rollll (...is nowhere near
being dead as long as these boys
FOR INFO • 738-7827
a Roundhouse Production
are kicking around). They're loud,
they're fierce, they toke every rock
cliche they con find and turn it lo
their advantage. If you fancy a
good sway on the spot in lime lo a
primal beat whilst having your cerebrum assailed by swirling vocals
warbling deep V dark lyrics in
songs wilh names like "Negasonic
Teenage Warhead" and "Dead
Christmas", do we have the album
for you. Despite slight incongruities
(hard rock and synthesizers quite
often a dysfunctional family make),
Monster Magnet's latest scores two
snaps up. For those who have
grown tired of grunge and power
pop, try a megadose of Magnet.
This album will ad as a massive,
blasting panacea lo all those who
have overdosed on melody, but still
harbour a soft spot for melancholy.
It's one of those albums that makes
you want to turn the volume up (especially if the numbers go all the
way lo eleven), sil still for an hour
or so with your ear an inch away
from the speaker and just...nod. It's
rat for forgetting those back-to-
books blues, or just forgetting.
Sophie Hamley
Garbage ^M
(MCA) ****
Garbage is a producer's band.
Fortunately, that's not as bad as it
sounds, since the producer in question is Mr. Butch Vig. This album is
apparently the result of Mr. Vig's
attempt to prove how incredibly hip
ond with-it he is. So we find him
taking the raw, distorted guitars and
melodically angslful vocals that
duces and saturating ihem with
more innovative European styles,
even using Scottish vocalist Shirley
Manson to make it convincing.
Garboge eager!/ prove their knowledge of trip-hop, dance, and industrial music without alienating a single member of iheir audience. The
lyrics are typical God/sex angst
ond are sung nicely, even if Monsan
locks the conviction to achieve the
simmering melancholy of, say, PJ.
Harvey (imitated on "Fix Me
Now"). This lock of sincerity is the
only fault one can find with an album that is lislenable, hummable,
and likable. Garbage has everything I like about modern music, but
its complete lack of unpredictability
keeps it from being more than just
excellent producer's music.
Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy
(eMpTy Records)
This is a wonderful pop record suffering from a number of annoying
■ ■^ .a.   1) Inexcusably stupid song
Jj&F^  ,il,es
W^ ("Johnny be notsogood",
"The Juice is Loose").
2) A song ond a half about O. J.
3) The existence of 'hidden tracks'
(grrrr, just ask me lo
whine about hidden tracks).
4) It's not long enoughl
That said, the first three tracks
are perfect pop-punk bliss, and the
rest of the album is damn good too.
The lyrics range successfully from
suitably thoughtful to outright
campy, even straying lo painful introspection. To sum it up, they're like
cub bul faster, and they're boys.
(Sonic Unyon)
I really enjoyed the debut from this
Hamilton band. Filled with slow,
brooding, reverb-drenched and ef-
fectsladen songs, Sianspheric have
included len tracks, many of them
around six minutes in length, lo fill
up what will be an oft-listened-to CD
at my house. There's nothing to suggest energy or excitement from
Somnium ■ t truly lives up to its name
and provides for moody listening
pleasures that fall somewhere to the
side of the Cure without all the melancholy and at half the speed.
I suppose there's a downside
when the songs all sound like they
could be different parts of the same
piece of music. Well, that's what I
thought after only a Few listens at
least. Somnium could be described
as one long playing song unlo itself with the occasional break, and
maybe it's best described that way.
So, the summary: Sianspheric's
Somnium sure is swell.
Brian Wieser
Rub It Better
Some bands you don't mind see
ing re-form. After a nine-year hiatus, General Public's Dave
Wakeling and Ranking Roger pump
Are you an outgoing, spontaneous
man or woman over the age of 19
with a never-say-die attitude and a
good sense of humour?
We are a non-profit society that
helps young offenders and children
aged 8 to 12 who are at risk of getting
into trouble.
If you have about three hours per
week available for at least the next
six months we'd really like to hear
from you. We believe that one-to-one
interaction with a well-adjusted adult
can improve the behaviour of a
troubled child.
Interested? Please call us today.
24 OCTOBER 1995 their dance hall manifesto with such
impassioned clarity il makes one
wonder where they've been hiding
Harder-edged than the General
Public's earlier work while still maintaining iheier ska and reggae influences, Rub It Better defies you not
to get up ond move. The band has
never been in finer form, and from
Roger's sleek toasting to Wakeling's
luscious tenor, song after song vibrates with energy. The wistful
"Now That We're Friends Again"
and a charming rendition of Van
Morrison's "Warm Love" round
out the up-tempo numbers, making Rub It Better a great return
of a band lhal should never have
left in the first place.
Pieter Hofmann
Snowman's Land
There is nothing quite as sweet
pop, and the music of
~" iger is no excep-
four piece made
up of Annie and Christine on guitars, Shirra on boss and Eric on
drums. All four
Knock Down Ginger is
i. KDG are a four piece
Somebody Spoke
(Sub Pop)
From what I've heard, The Hardship Post is one of the latest bands
making waves out on the East
Coast. The trio's album, Somebody
Spoke, is a satisfying collection of
intimate, lo-fi pop songs, very reminiscent of some of their better
known Eastern counterparts. The
guitar work is simple, and
many of the songs feature
» soft, sensitive vocals which
I give the album lhal toned
down, basement recording
feel. The melodies are subtle
id it took me a few listens to
fully gel inlo ihem, but tracks like
"New Wave" or "Your Sunshine"
quickly become humalong
standouts. If you like ihe lo-fi thing,
you'll like The Hardship Post.
Peter V.
Exit the Dragon
Chicago's Urge Overkill is a band
that, unfortunately, seems lo be better known for wearing medallioi
band sing, ond their complimentary
vocal harmonies work really well.
But don'l get me wrong; beneath
this jangly sweet exterior are a lot
of rougher edges, and the majority
of the songs are about really crappy
events. "Miss you ", for example,
describes the feelings of re- morse
when someone passes    , <- ~
away, while "Dirty"   AA
and  "Solid  & See    ^^
Through" delve into the
realm of bod relationships. I'll spare
you an analysis of these songs' lyrics - not only would I not do a good
job, but I believe that the lyrics
speak for themselves.
grahame quan
stupid outfil
music, which in my hu
ion should always be paramount.
Exit the Dragon is ihe follow-up
to Saturation, and features the same
production team. The Butcher Bros.
(Cypress Hill), who made that album one of the greatest sounding
records of all time. The production
on the new CD, while somewhat
similar lo lhat of the earlier album,
seems to lack something which I
can't quite identify. As for the songs
themselves, half of ihem bore me
■ death while the remainder of the
tunes, such as the re
songs "The Break", "This
Place", and "Take Me", are fantastic. There are definitely some really
great tunes on ihis CD - you'll just
have lo sift through the dull ones to
gel to them.
Fred derF
Wake Upl
On past efforts, Brit-quartet the Boo
Radleys essentially relied on guitars
to drive their music. And while gui-
the addition of
horns has made for a breezier
sound on their latest release, Wake
Chock-full of glimmering hooks
that give a nod to XTC and the early
Kinks, Wake Upl opens on a deceptively radiant note wilh the sticky
confection of "Wake Up Boo" and
"It's Lulu". Martin Carr's lyrics, however, display a dollop of healthy
skepticism that
have consistently put
good albums, but with Wake
Upl they've added a new dimension by introducing a brass section,
taking thai great leap forward inlo
pop paradise.
Pieter Hofmann
My initial response to this CD was
not a pleasant one. I found it lo be
quite 'power pop', lacking the ska
influence which was one of ihe best
qualities of this band on previous
releases. Every track has a very
similar sound, with heavy guitar riffs
overpowering any hint of ska. I also
found that the guitar gave no jus-
lice to the amazing female vocalists of this band, although you could
still recognize their talent. The lyrics aren't quite so man-hating and
full of love angst as in the past, but they are still politically witty and
well written.
I guess all bands must change
loin order lo progress, I jusl don't
know what direction is next for the
Dance Hall Crashers. If they want
success, their current direction must
be the right one - they have a single coming out on the soundtrack
lo a new movie, Angus. But I have
lo admit that I am disappointed wilh
this band. I think they sound much
better as a ska band with great female vocals and greal horns instead
of this girlie-guitar-power pop-ie
band they've become. Lockjaw is
illy not that ba<'
lulie Matson
Oddities, Abnormalities, A
(Mercury Records)
When I was cool, back in the early/
mid '80s, the Circle Jerks were my
fave punk band. Their 1986 gig at
the New York Theater remains one
of the best live shows I've ever seen.
Bul... I must tell you that
s afraid when I    j
v that the 'Jerks'
I a new release,
lit of glory from the early days.
Unfortunately, friends, my worst
fears came lo pass. Man, these
guys ore lookin' real old. This album feels bad, like an awful sequel
to a great, fresh movie which
cheapens and ruins the original.
Sorry fellas.
If you want lo hear some exciting and vital music from the '78-
'84 L.A. punk scene, check out
. these previous Circle Jerks releases:
Circle Jerks (15 songs- 15 min-
utesl), Wild In The Streets, and the
four live songs on the Decline of
Western Civilization album.
Venus F.
Lead Me On
(True North/MCA)
From the bayous of Portland, Oregon comes while bluesman Kelly
Joe Phelps with his debut album,
Lead Me On. Phelps shows a surprising maturity and a good grasp
of country blues on this disc, offering an excellent introduction lo the
new breed of acoustic blues musicians. Playing only acoustic and lap
top slide guitar, he goes on a
laidback excursion into gospel and
country blues, combining his soulful voice with crystalline guitar
work. And the production is greot,
allowing the guitar strings lo slide
sweetly from your speakers. Kelly
Joe Phelps combines simplicity and
honesty on his debut, with sublime
results. Top-notch.
Pieter Hofmann
Wrapped in Sky
A few years ago I somehow acquired a Drivin' n' Cryin' cassette
:alled Fly Me Courageous. I
was expecting to hear some
blues-type band,  but they
sounded more like a cross between AC/DC and Blue Rodeo:
heavyish, riffy, big rock lunes wilh
a bit of a country twang. Surprisingly, I liked il.
A couple of albums later, Georgia's Drivin' n' Cryin' have
released Wrapped in Sky, produced by John Porter (The Smiths,
Velocity Girl). I was curious to hear
what Ihey were up lo. Well, they've
lost the.AC/DC-like edge which
made their sound unique, leaving
them sounding like a run of the mill,
pseudo-folky    band    like    the
Skydiggers or something.
Fred derF
Dirt Track Date
In my mind, nothing goes belter
than some fuzzy, distorted garage
rawk and gasoline. (My preference
being motorcydes, but I'm not so
picky as to exclude four wheel iron.)
So when I heard the four minute plus
dirt track racing segment which
closes off the latest Southern Culture On The Skids album, Dirt Track
Date, I figured this might be an album that I'd enjoy. I haven't heard
a lot of Skids, and most of whal
I've heard was more instrumental
in nature. This album, however, has
only a few instrumentals, the rest,
of course, being accompanied by
vocals. [Thanks for clearing that up
daddy-o. ed) Dirt Track Dote is not
so much a greasy, dirty garage album, but more of a southern/western, dusty, smoky rowk release. It
may not be what I had expected,
but it's not something I'm disappointed with either. Gol lo go - the
race is about to beginl
Get It Straight
As you no doubt already know, Van-
Land's own Zulu Records has put
out three 'Best of' compact discs by
ihree fun and important Vancouver
bands-from the city's early punk/
power pop scene. Along with the
Modernettes, there are also releases by the Young Canodians and
the Pointed Sticks. I write 'Best of',
but it's more like 'All of', as each
album features digitally remastered
songs from all of the bands' previ-
, plus unreleased stuff,
live performances. All
_    CDs   are   great
'must buys' with
notes providing tons
""of info. Hopefully, ru-
mrs of future discs like
these (i.e. the Enigmas) are true.
Nice work, Zulu gang.
Venus F.
Half-Cocked Soundtrack
Do you think Ted Turner likes indie
rock? He's now a major part of the
conglomerate centered around
Time/Warner, which is itself a primary stakeholder in Matador
Records. Ted bought in because he
likes mixing entertainment mediums
together • sports and television,
movies and music, elc, etc. Well, I
doubt he had anything to do with
this, but that fine pseudo-indie lo-
bel Matador has now taken the
music of great bands like Versus,
Polvo, Helium, The Grifters, Slant
6 and Unwound to complement the
film Half-Cocked.
Most of the music on this soundly track has been released before,
|j|k so il comes across as if it were
SSHl a mix tape someone left lying
' ' around for you lo hear. It's
" f hard lo determine if the
movie exists al all - the liner
notes give brief write-ups on the
bands, but make no mention of the
film whatsoever. Musically it's a
really good compilation, and it
should give some great exposure
to other bands you haven't necessarily heard of, like Big Heifer, Ruby
Falls, and Truckstop (all of which
can loosely be described as foiling
into ihe indie-rock genre).
With little awareness of the
movie itself, it was hard for me to
judge how good this CD is as a
companion to the film. But don't let
that stop you from checking out
what Half-Cocked has to offer -
maybe Ted Turner will even thank
Brian Wieser
Stacked UPI
(UP Records)
This CD consists of all original recordings from the vinyl singles, ond
as such, it would be preferable to
have the originals. I don't know if
the purpose is to replace or encourage you to buy the vinyl singles.
Regardless, il is a cohesive album
of standard indie rock: part folk,
part noize, and part bud, distorted
Some problems with the album
are lhat not all of the songs ore of
single quality; some of ihem are unimaginatively derivative and, for the
louder songs, the vocals are invariably under-mixed. This may just be
personal preference, but as a consequence I enjoyed most of the quieter material that shows off the considerable talent of the artists as
Reservations aside, this compilation has served its purpose: if I
see something by Violent Green,
Butterfly Train, Built lo Spill or Hush
Harbour, I probably won't think
twice about buying it.
Aaron R.
Silver Sweepstakes
Knapsack is a four piece band out
of Davis, California, made up of
Rod on bass, Jason on guitar, Colby
on drums and Blair on vocals and
guitar. The music is intense with lhal
oh-so-populor punk/pop sound,
and Blair's raw gut-wrenching vocals complement the backing wall
of music. The opening trock, "Cellophane", has slow verses alternating wilh an explosive chorus. This
seems lo be the cliche type of song
in the indie world these days, but
Knapsack does a good job nevertheless. The recording is complete
with feedback and squeals on some
of the tracks. The only downside is
the difficulty of distinguishing some
of Ihe lyrics.
I have never heard anything
about or by Knapsack before, but
now I'm looking forward to seeing
them live.
grahame quan
Safe Sex Designer Drugs and
the Death of Rock 'n Roll
I have mixed feelings about this album. While most of the songs
would be nice lo listen lo in an elevator and won't kill anyone, everything seems strangely familiar.
The First time I heard it the only
thought in my mind was, "Oh shit,
another wannabe Green Day", ond
I promptly ran from the room. Then
I let my sister listen lo it and she
said she liked it, except lhal they
sounded familiar. Hmmm. A mys-
teryl I listened again. Yep. A definite Green Day/Metallico/Suede
style band ll?l?l] from England,
mean enougn to be bought by pre-
teens but nice enough lo get airplay
on the Fox.
Mark Baker
at tl?e    ptffZfl Op OT"IQH5
Vancouver's Biggest Dance T--,a*/+_*
687-5233 nettwerk
garage sale
Saturday oct 7
noon-5pm 1250 w. eth ave.
sarah mclachlan delerium ginger
rose chronicles taste of joy
mystery machine consolidated
skinny puppysuzanne little-itch
mc oaoft jesus brainboK
papa brittle-single gun theory
teargarden grassy knoll etc.
free |
stuff r
preview our cd-roms
and as always: COFFEE vj_9t
oetober'q-i LONG  VINYLoetober'qs SHORT VINYL 35
1 ani difranco
not a pretty girl                rig htaous babe 1
1     1    **
gold leather with heel detail     geniuB 1
2 seaweed
Bpanaway                                     hollywood 1
1    2   bikini kill
in accordance to...             kill rock  Btars 1
3 the real rackenzies
the real mckenzies                                  ifa 1
1    3   nerdy girl
nerdy girl                                          no   life 1
greatest hits        alternative  tentacles 1
1    4   girl afraid-two for
flinching      split                                   pop   kid 1
5 rattled rooBters
year of the rooster                       bang  on 1
1     5    go Bailor
long distance                         slumberland 1
i heard they suck live!        fat   wreck 1
1    6   pebbles
we're going shopping        planet    pimp 1
7 euperBuckerB
the Bacrilicious sounds of...   Bub pop 1
1    7   inhalants
Charlie is an icon                                rise 1
and   out   come   the   wolveB    epitaph 1
1    8   bender
music for four earB             ringing    ear 1
gBleater kinney
Bleater kinney                           chainBaw 1
1    9   elevator to hell
the who                                                 sappy 1
IQliz phair
juvenilia                                           matador 1
1  10   courtney'n'kathleen
need your love like a...punch in the head 1
11 various artists
outpunk dance party                   outpunk 1
1  1 1    sloan
same old flame                                murder 1
12 supergrass
i should coco                       parlophone 1
1 1 2   the stupes
share it                                       lance   rock 1
13 various artists
move into villa villakula villa villak 1
1  13   chixdiggit
best hung carrot in the fridge lance rock 1
14geraldine fibberB
lost BOmewhere between...             virgin 1
j 14   guB
heterobash was flipper        Blow to burn 1
15 cub&potatoraen
split                                      mint   lookout* 1
J  15   the'b
i need a man                            planet   pimp 1
16 various artists
free to fight!                               candyaBB 1
1  16   gren
popBongs                                                     irs   1
17huevoB rancheros
dig in!                                                    mint I
1  17   tindersticks
the   smooth   sounds   of...             sub   pop 1
18dirty three
dirty three                              touch & go 1
1  18   mike flood
are you the guru?                     erroneous 1
ig superchunk
20 the stand gt
1  1 9   boris the sprinkler
green bay route                                    bulge 1
they're magically deliciouB top drawer 1
1 20   the astronauts
war of the satellites                shot down 1
21 ramones
adios amigos                        radioactive 1
I 21    the fiends
she's not broken                  dr mushroom s 1
22 lunachickB
jerk of all trades                         go  kart 1
1 22    red dye no.5
not again you                          candy    floss 1
23 various artists
half cocked soundtrack            matador I
1 23   nerdy girl
new jersey                                  rig htwide 1
24 various artists
true independence ii            dumb   drum 1
1 24   hello i'm a truck
bad poisonous alien love         snack   Bac 1
25 quicksand
manic compression                           island 1
1 25   b'ehl/cheerleader
split                                          endearing 1
26 shelter
mantra                                                  attic 1
I 26   june
genius                                             squealer
make   it   or   break    it       impossible 1
1 27   tullycraft
true blue                                          harriat 1
28 d*
set your goals                                     lava 1
1 28   eric's trip
stereo mountain                                 sappy 1
29 dead fucking last
proud to be                                      epitaph   1
1 29   slow    gherkin
zen    and    soccer               join    or    die 1
30 b hades apart
Bave it                                             revelation 1
1 30   land of the loopB
multifaraily   garage   sale                        up
31 big sandy and his fly rite
Bwingin' weBt                                   hightone 1
1 31    Uranus
tuna trish                               wrecking   ball 1
32 various artists
chief   powered   teenage   zit   nardwuar 1
j 32    spanking dylan
any takers                                    towel   boy
hi fi way                                                    wea 1
1 33   the Shapiros
cross your mind                     pop factory 1
34rebecca west
35 evil Btig
burners on                       cinnamon   toaBt 1
1 34   ...jim ruiz group
minneapolis                               minty fresh 1
evil Btig             black heart    Warner 1
1 35   mc scholty shake
pills ,pil_B,pil_B                        farmasayv
I     1   gaze
p.d.a. 1
1    2  wandering lucy
baby   eyes 1
1     3   squeeky
1    4 the mysterons
barbeque  with  el vis 1
1     5  trish kelly
untitled 1
1     6 trapazoid
garden    of   eden 1
1     7  lick the pole
lick    the    pole
1     8  deprogrammers
freedumb 1
1    9  dick 'n' jane
release   me
10 meow
nancy     song
1  11   laehback
big    dump 1
1  12  kid champion
1   1 3  dashboard jesus
lion   man
j  14 jabber
follow   your   voice 1
1  1 5 kin linekin
tired   of   being   a   man 1
16  collide
1  17 the unhappies
badger    girl 1
1  1 8 the muscle bitches
toupee 1
1 19 the mcrackins
saving    grace 1
1 20 black eye buddha
jagermeister i_ my god 1
21   kreviss
expose 1
I 22  queazy
reach   for   the   aky 1
1 23  the quenchers
say   you'll   come   her    1
1 24 euphonix
radio   exorcist 1
1 25  wandering lucy
yearly  fab   &  effect 17
26  celestial magenta
wonder    why
27  nollie's    revenge
i    wanna    b 1
28 suckerpunch
smack 1
29 joy buzzer
nine 1
30 111* indigo
she's not on the menu 1
31   irvng klaw trio
170   ways 1
32  sugar crash
the    animal 1
33  the lotus eaters
worth 1
34 wave
for     days 1
35 groverfur
i like you 1
1 anthony acid                       ha ha                                                          more 1
2 microglobe                           the afreuroparemixeB                               mfs 1
3 size 9                                     i'm ready remix                                     virgin 1
4 slab                                        atorasmasher                                 h.    dukebox 1
5 human league-hrdfLr       filling dub with heaven                    warner
6 various artists                   hardcore terror vol. 1                    rumour 1
1 various artists                  europ. techno heaven         jumpin&pumpin 1
8 various artists                   patchcords                                            analog 1
9 dj misjah                              x-connection                                       x-trax 1
|    10 the prodigy                         scienide                                                           xl |
«AWT lAWtttffcS
1    1   rancid
...and out come the wolves 1
2 southern culture at
the skids
dirt track date
bavarian mods 1
4  Bquirtgun
shenanigans ep
5  supersuckers
BacriliciouB sounds ot. 1
6 queers
7  the woggles
mule lipped T
8 the mach iii's
9 man or astro man?
new estr-us lp
1  ]Q the Buperfriendz
%m w »
1   1    beenie   man
reggae    gold    '95                             r si
1 2   byron lee & th
b dragonaires        soca tatie                vp    records
3   pepo ross y orquesta pambiche vamo' pa pambicha    cross current
4   strunz and fara
heat of the sun                             sel a
1  5   spraggabenz
uncommonly smooth                       emil
6   ojala
carnival '95                         ice  records
1  7   jane bunnett
rendez-vous brazil-cuba justin time]
8   the justin vali
the    truth                                         emi
9   tzimmes
a lid for every pot        Bocan-acuml
10   jean-marc Baint
limie                                         sonodiscl
1 The fuckin' Local Music Directory
2 No Windows 95
3 "The guy said   they were uppers!"
4 Had to take our pets to the Psychic Fair to be rea
5 Those dope smokin', jive talkin' Elements' boys
6 It's bowling season!
7 Weiser (well, he gets blamed for everything else a
8 Busy Bnorting our payola
9 Too much fun playing with Billie Joe's willy
10 All we really wanted to do was DANCES
1    hermanos rosario
la duena del Bwing
1    tuscadero
the    pink    album                 teen    beat]
2   jerry rivera
Bony discos
2   gob
too late, no friends                            mint
3   rey ruiz
estamos  solos
sony  tropical
3   supergrass
i Bhould coco                     parlophone emi
1   4   proyecto uno
merengue con letra
emi    latin
4   various artists
give me the cure      radiopaque corduroy
1   5   marc anthony
te   conozco   bien
Bony   discos
5   sonic youth
washing machine                                    dgc
1   6   marito rivera & bravo
mar y cielo          fon
ovisa    tropical
6   various artists
hard trance & tribal beats   «« _ t >_ •ource/nigo
1   7   el nene y bus travieeos saiseroe Oye rumbero
7   jon spencer blues
explosion experimental remixes          matado
1   8   gloria estefan
abriendo puertas
8   ben lee
grandpaw would                           grand royal
1   9   papo ross & orquesta pambiche   mi camioncito
cross current
9   gme
olympian                                                  polydo     1
110   gr-upo kaos
puerto rico
sony   tropical
10   ...thrill kill knit
hit & run holiday                      interscope   1
28 OCTOBER 1995 ^uU
12HMPM All of time « measured by its art.
Most broadcasting shuns art for incestuous
marVet-music. This show presents the most
recent new music from around the world. Em
open. Hosted by Paul Steenhuisen and Cam
Reggae in all styles and fashion. Mke Cheny
and Peter Williams alternate as hosts.
LUCKY SCRATCH 3iOO-5iOOPM Blues ain'tnothin'
but a good woman feelsV bad. Git down and git
>st Anna. Altemating Sundays.
WWII - the Great Raisin Shortage / Mt 81 "Ihe
sparrow* - Edith Piaf / ML 15, suicide (razors
hurt you) / ML 22i suicide (2nd attempt) / ML
20i los dias de los muertos
I aOO-ftOOPM Dedicatated
ie gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual
munities of Vancouver and listened to by
yone. Lots of human interest features,
ground on cun-ent issues and great music
musicians of all sexual preferences and
0 jeHycandycobra-12'ofslimy
GEETMMMJ 9100-1 OlOOPM Geetanjali is
a one-hour radio show which features a wide
range of musk from India. This includes classical music, both Hindustani and Camatic,
1930s to the 1990's, Semi-classic;
such as Ghazals and Bhajans, and also
Quawwalis, Folk Songs, etc. Hosted by J.
Dhar, A. Patel and V. Ranjan.
12,00AM Join host Dave Emory and colleague Nip Tuck for some extraordinary political research guaranteed to make you Ihink
twice. Bring your tape deck and two C-Mt.
Originally broadcast on KFX (Los Altos, Cali-
4AM Drop yer gear and stay up late. Naked
radio for naked people. Get bent Love Dave.
and exotic ii a blend of aural delights! Tune in
and enjoy each weekly brown plate special.
liOO PM   With your hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance and Don Ihe Wanderer.   Wnat will
we play today?  Rog will put it away.
CiTR's industrial/noise/ambient show,
- wimpy British pop, Beastie Boys, indie guitar
swing, and techno thrown in for good measure.
Hit your olfactory nerve centre with
June scudeler9mindlink.bc.ca.
I endeavour to feature dead air, verbal
flatulence (only when I speak), a work of
music by a twentieth- century composer—
can you say minimalist?—and whatever else
appeals b me. Fag and dyke positive. Mall in
answering machine.   Got a quarter Ihen call
FEMININE HY-JINX    4i00-5,00PM    For
women who sometimes don't feel fresh, but
always get fresh. Spoken word and music:
light to heavy flow. Maximum protection
recommended lor male listeners. Holy Hannah!
in Colin
Pereira for all the weekend sports shlock from
the high altitudes and thin air of Point Gray.
POLYPHONIC    alternating 7,00-thOOPM
Listen lor allCsudian.mostly independent tunes,
and band interviews at 7:30!
one of the Teat bassist/composer's most famous
OCL 9i The latest recording by the fine T.S.
Monk (roup called the Charm'
OcL ISl An obscure minklastic called
'Coolin'." Lad by vkraphonist,arranger, and
conpoter Teddy Charles, this was one ol the
rarest recordings in Ihe Prestige/New Jan
catalogue so it wi be 'new' to most of you.
OcL 23i Is James Cater (saxophonist
extraordha Ire) *he next Important Jan superstar?
Many think so... so how you feel when we play
•J.C. On Hie Set*
OcL 30i Ending the month is a powerful
albumbydruntnerMax Roach. Called *Max Road,
plus Four* with Sonny Rollins, trumpet legend
Kenny Dorham et al.
HiOOAM That's right, bub! Punk-pop, surf-
slop, and lots more trash for yer can. Tune in
to me, Bryce D„ for all the crud that's got
cbss every Tuesday morning. Yowza!
Women in music and grrrls in nusic; two hours of
info and rawk. Ya don't need a penis to be a
musical Genius!
IQRA 5-30-6-OOPM A half-hour of news,
issues, and concerns facing Muslims
throughout the world.
host and demo director Dale Sawyer. Herd up!
RITMO LATINO    9.00-10,00PM    Get on
board Vancouver's only tropical fiesta egress
with your loco hosts Rolando, Romy, and Paulo as
Ihey shake it and wiggle it to the latest In Salsa,
Merengue, Cumbia and olher fiery fiesta
CiTR. 3.0CL9 £m
Oct. 23, jazt
THE   JAZZ   SHOW   9i00PM-12i00AM
Vancouver's longest running prime time jazz pro-
Tim. Hosted by the ever-suave Gavin Waker.
favourites. Latin nusic so hot it'll give you a tan!
Altemating Tuesdays. Live readings and Ihe latest
In techno bizzarre with host Lupus Yonderboy.
slow. Listen to it, baby.
Soukous, Samba, Salsa. Yes! Even Soca. Enjoy
this Tropical Daiquiri with El Doctor del Ritmo.
Wamkig: This show is moody and unpredictable.
It encourages insomnia and may prove to be
hazardous to your health. Listener discration is
advised. The music, news and 2:00 WWOO
hosted by Pierre may not be suitable for the entire
LOVE SUCKS 11i30AM-1i00PM Tune In
for the musical catharsis that is Love Sucks.
If you can't make sense of K, at least you can
OUT FOR KICKS 6,00-7,30PM No Bikenstocks,
nothing politically correct We don't get paid so
you're damn right we have fun with it Hosted by
Chris B.
9,00PM Roots of rock A roll.
I   Local in
I  Live
bandz from 10. Oct 5: A
Wiggler Oct 19: The Forgotten and Vlco
Alternating with RTY   11100-1 AM Chris
Pariah explores the Metanoid states and psycho-
sonic scapes of The Infinite LMngroom, that Nth
xjsness and profound absurdity.
MOTORDADDY    3i00-5i00PM    *We love
kicking giant, tuscadero, tullycraft, neutral
mik hotel, ani difranco ... these are a few of
our fave-oh-writ things. La la la!
IOiOOPM-12100 AM Let DJ's Jindwa and Greg here. Join me in the love den for a cocktail.
Bindwa immerse you i* radioactive Bhungra! We'llhearrelrostuff,groovyjazz,andlhickerstuff
"Chakkh de phutay*. Listen to all otr favorite too. See you here... and bring some ice. XOXX
Puniabiluies-rentalandoriginab.Bmaaah! TELESIS    10,00-lliOOAM   Tune In for loud,
aggressive rock as well as discussions,
■ BlT»Cn 1 v O interviews t Information relating to people
THURoDAYo whoNvew* physical A mental challenges.
CANADIAN LUNCH  11,30-1,00PM   Toques, 12i00PM    Relax, don't do it... When you
plaids, backbacon, beer, igloos and beavers. wanna skank!
STEVE * MKE 1.00-2.00PM   Crashing Ihe LITTLE TWIN STARS 2,00-3,30 PM Kiki Lki
boys' club in Ihe pit. Hard and fast, heavy and Kiki Liki
Underground sound system-style
mastermix radio.
FOR THE RECORD &30-6.45PM Excerpts
from Dave Emory's Radio* Free America
PM-12,00AM The original
LIMP SINK I2:OOAM-2:42AM Hosted by the G42
pbyere. DJ Norm brings you the kmk. Doctor K
taks about more krunk. Brought to you by
copacetic man surfing the Information super
doodiddleyooper highway. Contact:
12100PM Now in its I Oth year on Ihe air,
The Edge on Folk features musk you won't
hear anywhere else, studio guests, new
releases, Brirish comedy sketches, fok music
calendar, ticket giveaways, etc., plus World
Clip Hiptrt at 11:30 AM. 8-9 AM: African/
World roots. 9-12 noon: Celtic music and
feature performances.
Vancouver's only true metal show, local demo
tapes, imports and other rarities. Gerald
RattJehead and Metal Ron do the damage.
THE SHOW 61OO-81OOPM Strictly Hip Hop
- Strictly Undergound - Strictly Vinyl
With your hosts Mr. Checka, Pie Out A J
Alternating Saturdays.
SOMETHING    1,00-4,00AM *You can tell
by the way I use my walk.   I'm a woman's
third time's
the charm
Vtn/us Fiynw's
lovt Den
Rntlio fret
RAM*) show
love sucks
tropfcAl tJAtykiri
Mary Tyler
SHOW      1
HmMtM Hy-\lnt
Aw«**« Hm*«
Owt For Kf*(
kip kop k«(if
and sometimes
j    fi««T«Nj«li
uioif al Ihe door/
srrt OfctTtft
My little   1
Crimson    1
l\W\f SlHfC
slot from
Dial NEWS!
a spoken word
programme covering
suicide to Edith Piaf, now
on Sundays 5-6pm. MY
erotica music show, is now
on permanently alternating Saturdays from
10pm-lam. GIRLFOOD
is back on the air, after a
way too long hiatus. Tune
in Wednesdays 1:30-
3pm for cool girl cancon!
Tuesday: REBEL JAZZ is
now on from l-3pm,
SADDLE up to 11 am-1 pm.
Wednesday: Love Sucks
has moved up to
1 1 :30am-l :30pm.
(Check grid for complete
Plus! Don't forget to tune
into CiTr's ALL DAY ALL
GAY programme on
Friday, Oct. 27! Call Miko
at 822.3017 (ext. 0) for
more information!
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PAZ      LINE       604/822-9364
RITMO (WORLD BEAT] ATTHE PIT PUB...Zoo Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K
and Czech (jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop) al the Slarfish Room...Blue
Room w/dj Isis (ambienl) al Automotive...80's Dance Night w/dj Brian
St. Clair at Graceland...Readings, Music A more al the Grind Gallery
(every other Monday at 8pm}..,
SOUL, HIP HOP & FUNK) ATTHE PtTPUB...Passion w/djs lace A Dickey
Doo al Richard's On Richards,..A^ofl w/djs Isis and Markem (ambienl) al
Benny's Bagels Yoletown...Boogie Ave w/dj Maggee (70's old school) at
the Heritage House Hotel (453 Abbott) Disco Night at the
Commodore. ..The Greasy Spoon w/Slick a} the Hungry Eye...Klossix Night
w/dj David Howkes at Luv Yr Hair ..New Wow/Retro 80's Night w/dj
Atomic al the Twilight Zone...Aural Fixation Ol DVS.fopelry • sign-up 7:30,
show at 8:00)...The Tongue of the Slip ai the Glow Slipper (scheduled
readers and open limited open mike - 9pm on the third Tuesday of the
month)...Drop-In Life Drawing Session at the Golfer y Gachet (1134
Granville; 7-10pm)
WED: Velvet w/djs T-Bone, Dickey Doo ond special guest* j&iep house)
ot The Underground...Reggae Night o4 Graceland w/*c|J George
Barrett...Cal Club w/djs Modness and Ali ot the Starfish Room...Ginger
Snaps w/dj Mike & Soma and live electronic guest* ot Maffe.Mo' Funk
w/ djs Soul Kid & Seren trip hop, ocid |ozz A imk} 95* -Richard's On
Richards...Punk Rock Wednesday w/dj Twigboy olf-he Twilight Zone...Suck
w/dj Czech at Luvafair...Max Murphy Collective at Raffels...Open Mouth
(open mic) w/host Carolyn Mark al the Malcolm Lowry Room (9pm - call
aheod lo read)...
THUR: Sol w/dj Markem ond guests (progressive, trance, tribal, hard
house) al Graceland...The Bottle w/djs Clarence and David Love Jones
(soul, jazz A rare groove) al the Piccadilly...Soul V Funk in the Basement
w/dj Marc and guesls at the St. Regis (bsmt)...Nocturnal Injection Revelation w/dj Wonderbread at the Twilight Zone...Cat House w/dj Mick Shea
(house) al Celebrities...
FRI: NewMindCandy w/dj lee Hoerlel and special guesls at
Groceland...Lowdown w/djs lovely Lisa and Dick Ot lh« St. Regis
(bsmt)...Explorations in Outer Bass (ambient) of Me|riche> Coffee House
(1 244 Davie)...Planet ov Sound w/James Brown ond guests at the World
(1-5)...Homo Homer w/dj Jules (house & diMtoJ at fee Odyssey... Molebox
w/dj Mick Shea (house) at Celebrities ..Blitzkrfea (tribal, industrial, goth)
at the Twilight Zone. ..Low Down (funk, jazz, hiphop) et the St. Regis Basement Lounge...
SAT: dj Brian Si Clair (progressive house, techno) of Graceland. ..Noah's
Arc w/dj Noah al the World (1-5)...Yo Momo w/dfs KiloCee and J Swing
(hip hop) al the Twilight Zoaei.'fcad Boys Night Oul w/dj Jules (house) ot
the Odyssey..djs Storm:* Dickey Doo (house) at Celebrities...
SUN: Rewind w/dj N-Mh "retro rave) ot Graceland...Uranus Invades
Mars w/djs Dickey Doo wvd Quest at Mars...Alternative Jozz al Cafe
Deux Soleils (every other $tm):..dj Jules (house & disco) at the Odyssey.. Ska
Night w/dj Pig al |h* Twilight Zone...Movie Night at the Railway
Club...Pressing Poetry a» the Press Club (7.-30)
SUN 1 The fan Moore Band A Seventh Stone at the Town Pump...The Ray
Condo Band & The Dots at the WISE Hall...
MON 2 Violet, Wandering Lucy A Oh Susanna at the Railway Club...Ugly
Kid Joe A Noise Therapy at the Town Pump...Kathy Kallick and The Little
Big Band at the Glass Slipper...
WONDER & POUND AT THE RAILWAY CLUB.. Jawbreaker, Sicko A Chinchilla atthe Town Pump...Blind Melon & Dishwalla atthe Commodore...Bon
Jovi & Bad Company at GM Place...Noise Therapy at Greg's Place
(Chilliwack)...Latin Jazz Night w/Martin Simpson & Andre Slephan at the
Alma St Cafe...
WED 4 5ive Style AUptighly at fhe Hungry Eye...Trauf, Cushe & Harvey
Switched at the Town:Pump...The Widdershins at the Railway
Club, language oi the Hip <« Richard's On Richards...Nine Band Food
Bank Benefit leatu'ing Ct*co Love, Max Murphy Collective, Kate Hammett-
Vaughn & more at RaffeiA8oijMt«phy A Miles Hill at the Alma St Cafe...
THU 5 5ive Style A I Jptighty yfi lift Pit Pub...The Rheostatics & Veda Hille
at Ihe Railway Club...Big fall Gord-sh, The Minstrels A Two Left heet at the
Hungry Eye...Blackston Gang of the NtocjOto. Popa Chubby atthe Town
Pump...People Playing Music ot the 'Treehouse .o^nge ..Wyckham Porteus
at ihe Malcolm Lowry Room.,.Rita MocNett. ot the Queen Elizabeth
Theatre...Coco Love Alcorn A ■.".'! | .-*■■■   •    !<e Alma St Cafe...Robin
Shier at the Douglas CoHegS.Pe-fom.% Am tkWrje...
FRI 6 A Celebration of the:S|srit w/T^Kfttetdns 6f She Scored, The Loved
Ones, Danno, The Cowards A tniteh mor-jt'flt lire (lpm- ALL-
AGES)... The Rheostatics* VedaHiite at the Railway Club' . The Vinaigrettes
& Lisa Marie Serafine at the Malcolm Lowry Room.;.£iycium, EZ & Dog
Rocket at the Hungry Eye...Village fdiot & $PM the Niagara...The Blue
Shadows A The Circus in Flames al ihe Sferffsh Rooffi,v>*B ig House & Swank
at the Treehouse Lounge...Rhinos ot the ToW» :P-t*Wp...Guru and Vanessa
Daou at Richard's on Richard's...Nazareth A Noise Therapy at the
Commodore...The Black Watch at the Coliseum...Phish at the Orpheum
Theatre...Libby Drewat the Vogue Theatre...Mad Pudding at the W.I.S.E.
Hall...Dan Graham's Contusion at Raffel's...Roy Forbes A Susan Crowe at
the Burnaby Lake Pavilion (6871 Roberts)...The Bob Murphy Trio at fhe
Alma St Cafe...
SAT 7 Spectrophobia featuring Psychomania, Muscle Bitches, Spanking
Betty A El Ballistico the Magician at the Penthouse Cabaret (1019
Seymour)...Marilyn Manson A Clutch at the New York Theatre (ALL-
AGES). ..Sex With Nixon, Lik the Pole A Ottoman at the Town Pump...Terror
of Tiny Town, The Papillomas A The Fishmongers at the Hungry
Eye...Technicians of the Sacred at the Niagara...The Rheostatics A Veda
Hille at the Railway Club...Sandy Scofield at the Malcom lowry
Room..Jazzberry Ram A The Shademakers at the Starfish Room...Noah's
Great Rainbow at the Treehouse Lounge...Soul Asylum A Radiohead at the
Rage...The Colourifics A the Molestics at Raffel's...The Dick Smith Trio at
the Alma St Cafe...Tropical Waves w/EI Doctor Del Ritmo A djs Earl the
Pearl and Sweet Sugar Mel on the MV Brittania (info: 280-2801 (...Evolution: The Return (PDX) w/djs Jon Williams, Robbie Hardkiss, Mike Stevens,
Phil Smart and more (VAN info: 978-1 1 69)...Netlwerk Records Garage
Sale (noon-5pm 1 250 W 6th Ave)...
SUN 8 Soul Coughing A Low at the Starfish Room...Robben Ford and The
e Line at Richard's on Richard's...Gwen Mars, Maids of Gravity A the
it the Nia:
at the Orpheum (comedy)...Freaky Friday (info: 922-9848)...
SAT 28 Nomeansno w/guests at the New York Theatre (ALL-AGES)...The
Deadcats A Meow at the Railway Club...Rattled Roosters at the Hungry
Eye...Epsilon Knot at the Niagara...Dog Eat Dogma A Hunting Humans
at Samoos Pub...Jimmy George A The Mahones at the Town
Pump...Halloween in Birdland w/Beelzebub's Jazz Ensemble at
Raffel's...Sumalao at the VECC...
TOWN PUMP..WAYNE Shorter at fhe Vogue Theatre...
MON 30 Grrrls with Guitars at the Railway Club..
(BANDS TBA)...Combustible Edison atthe Starfish Room.iJhe Deadcats
at the Niagara...The Gandharvas al the Town Pump,..My t?fe With the
Thrill Kill Kult, Eve's Plumb A|i0 Sftck at DV8 (Sedate|*pAGES)...
MON 9 Woodshed at the Railway Club...
Holly McNarland & Imperial Teen at the Town Pump...Machine Head A
Stuck Mojo al the Starfish Room...Latin Jazz Night w/Lou Mastroianni A
Jack Duncan at the Alma St Cafe..
Chesnutt & Friends ol Dean Mortinez at the Starfish Room... 10 ft Henry at
the Railway Club...Heather Nova A Ben Folds Five ot the Hungry
Eye...Shazzam at Richard's On Richards...The Guitar Summit w/Oliver
Gannon A John Slowed al the Alma St Cafe...
THU 12 Forbidden Dimension A Psychomania at tha Pit Pub...Supergrass
and The Figgs at the Starfish Room...BUM, Nine Pound Hammer A Meow
at the Hungry Eye... Po sties ol the Town Pump.,.Tommy Floyd at the
Niagara... 10 ft Henry ot the Railv^"pi&...TbrfuW::iA«i.t*ials A Wicked
Swimming Dog al the Treehouse Ustfirtje -fhe Mqt&^edwell Quartet at
Raffel's...Patti Hervey A Oliver GomA*** at the AlmaStCofe..
FRI 13 The Deadcats A Forbidden Dimension ot the Hungry Eye...Smak A
The Loved Ones at ihe Niagara Rymen win Orange at the fown Pump..The
Puritans at the Railway Club...NooKs Great Rainbow ACozy Bones ol the
Starfish Room OR Jonathan Bro-jks "A The Star/ at;pte:. Starfish Room
(hmmm)...The Immigrants A TheMwiioris ol ihe Treehouse lounge...The
Ohio Players al Richard's On Richards. AlU-One al the. Vogue Theatre...The
Chriss Gestrin Trio at Raffel's...Human feel at the G|-»V-$%>per...
SAT 14 People Playing Music, Brickhouse A Green 'Room at the New York
Theatre... 13 Engines A Treble Charger at the Town Pump...Crankshaft,
Pigment Vehicle A Polar Bear at the Hungry Eye...Peace love Dog A Acid
Mud Flower at the Niagara.Jazzberry Ram A Juice Coot the Treehouse
Lounge...The Puritans at the Railway Club...T$'m$>ii>*l:*'0* ihe W.I.S.E.
Hall...Relativity at Raffel's.. Jay Clayton A Fred **Wh s* the Glass Slip-
SUN 15 Buffalo Tom, Jennifer Trynin AT! „. , ommodore...
MON 16 Medicine A Long Fin Killie at the ComfflodoreAThe Drowners al
the Railway Club...
Stars at the Hungry Eye...The 9a,t$k family or tt^Orpheum Theatre...
WED 18 Green Day A The Rive       ,•    ■   * :*rhan Brooke
and the Story A Kevin Gilbert atthe Starfish R       *       .. Nightw/Big
Bus at the Town Puirp\MeSa^$Mir Band , ,'b...Rhumba
Calzada at Richa As On ■Richfards.,,Tbe * the Orpheum
THU 19 Sex With Hixon A By J#ftt* Right at th^Mj#,;t>|hinking Fellers
Union Local #28? ^Stropping Fietdhand: ■ ' .*   worn...Knock
Down Ginger at the Treehouse lounge,.,3;-: *: ;gelable King
dom  A Dead  Head Miles at the Tow** I   jVyin' at ihe
Niagara...There's No Mona at the Roilwoy ' -       -,*cn Shannon
Band at the W.I.S.E. Hall. ..Kate Hommelt-V* J ..Raffel's
FRI 20 Yo La Tengo A Run On at the Starfisl * . Merchants A
Hunting Humans at the New York Theatre ;"    •*. 6ther Cane at
the Town Pump...Wretched Ethyl at the Ni.* Mellow at the
Treehouse Lounge...Colorific A The Molestios'di^he jRatlway Club...The
Jon Roper Quartet at Raffel's...
SAT 21 Rockel from the Crypt A Uncle JoeASigOl' Driver al the Slarfish
Room...Elastica w/guests at The Rage:..DOA at the Town Pump...Smokin'
Frogs at the Niagara..Colorific A The MolestTcs at Ihe Railwoy Club...DSK
at the Hungry Eye...Ray Condo at the Treehouse Lounge...White Zombie,
Toadies A CIV at the Coliseum Theater Stage...Stan Taylor's Steam Machine at Raffel's...
SUN 22 Marga Gomez at the VECC (comedy)...
MON 23 Juliana Hatfield at the Town Pump...Blue Bird North at the Roil-
way Club...
(BANDS TBA)...Me and Cronus, Dashboard Jesus A The Messy Tones at
the Town Pump...Lorrie Moorgan at the Orpheum...
WED 25 Rootabeggars at the Railway Club...Two Left Feet, Cosmic Heroes A Breathe Underwater at the Town Pump...Split Sphere at Richard's
On Richards...
THE STARFISH ROOM...Zumpano A The Colorifics at the Pil Pub...The Beauticians at the Railway Club...Grimm Skunk at the Town Pump...Freaks of
Nature at the Niagara...The Ron Samworth Quartet at Raffel's...
fire dancers, drag show A fetish fashions at the Commodore...The Beauticians at the Railway Club...Bif Naked at the Town Pump...Rootabeggars at
the New York Theatre...Taste at the Hungry Eye...Moh/pod A Darkest of
the Hillside Thickets at the Niagara...Two Tenors Tribute lo Eh/in Jones al
Raffel's...Dave Douglas Siring Group at fhe Glass Slipper...Paula Poundstone
The Abyss  31.5 0. * * - *•:■<•.«>}
Alma Street 0=i<*    ■ - - -      •   k*M#W$g
Anza Club :3 V. *
Arts Hon,no
Bassix  217 V- ^Hp"
Backstage Lo*. e !$lond)
Block Sheep *&** MocDonald)
Cofe Deux Sole'** (the Drive)
Cafe Vieux Monlr-ioTSTTf. Broadway  (Mount Pleosonl)
Caprice Theatre 965 Granville  (Granville Mall)
Celebrities   1022 Davie  (al Burrard)
The Clubhouse 400 Industrial
Club NRG 3699 Powell (Gastown)
CN Imax Theatre 999 Canada Place
Commodore Ballroom  870 Granville  (Granville Moll)
Commodore Lanes  838 Granville  (Granville Mall)
Cordova Cafe 307 Cordova (Gastown)
Crosstown Traffic 316 W Hastings  (downtown)
Denman Place Cinema   1030 Denman (West Enrrrd)
DV8 515 Davie (downtown)
Edison Electric Gallery/Cofe 916 Commercial (the Drive)
Firehall Arts Centre 60 E. Cordova  (al Main)
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
Frederic Wood Theotre  (UBC)
Gastown Theatre  36 Powell  (Gastown)
•rd  (Mount Pleosant)
..►-*,,    „cw •  -
Ml. Pleosant)
v4   *    he ft*v,«   i^wnl  wnl
-tWe  ?U> h   ttrodwa     (Kitsilano)
Hungry Eye   ' astown)
Jericho Arts G     - very  (Pt. Grey)    ,#•
LaQuena   11 ive)
Luv-A-Foir  127."
Lux Theotre 57 E. Hasfiftgs (<__
Malcolm Lowry Room 4125S
Mors  1320 Richards (dow
Maximum Blues Pub  1176 Grow
New York Theatre 639 C
Niagara Hotel Pub 435 W. Pender (<
Odyssey Imports 534 Seymour (downtd*
Old American Pub 928 Main  (downtow.,
Orpheum Theatre Smilhe & Seymour (dov
Pacific Cinematheque   1131 Howe  (dov
Paradise 27 Church INewWest)
Paradise Cinema 919 Granville (Granville Mall)
Park Theatre 3440 Cambie  (South Voncouver)
Picadilly Pub 630 W. Pender (al Seymour)
Pit Pub  basement, Student Union Building  (UBC)
Pitt Gallery  317 W. Hastings  (downtown)
Plaza Theatre 881 Granville (Granville Mall)
Raffels Lounge  1221 Granville (downtown)
The Rage 750 Pacific Blvd. South  (Plaza of Nations)
Railway Club  579 Dunsmuir  (at Seymour)
Richard's On Richards  1036 Richards (downtown)
Ridge Cinema  3131 Arbutus  (at 16th Ave.)
Romper Room 639 Commercialjthe Drive)
Russian Hall 600 Campbell (Chinatown)
Scratch Records 317ACombie  (Gastown)
Southhill Candy Shop 4198 Main  (at 26th)
Slarfish Room   1055 Homer (downtown)
Starlight Cinema  935 Denman  (West End)
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station  (off Main)
St. Regis Hotel 602 Dunsmiur (downtown
Theatre E 254
Town Pump 66 Water Street .jG6*J#yi*r*)
Track Records  552 Seymour *^K)Wr>town) ■,  .
UBC Grad Cc   *..       *        .*
The Undergrowth: *'*   ':-*.w**^i?;::'
Voncouver Ea« . M (at Victorio)
Vancouver Litt^Ths*    '■    - ■    ■ jMt:f feasant)
Voncouver Press C>:*    " .*  ($ Gronville)
Varsily Theatre • fcftft Grey)
Vert 2412 Ma
Video In Stuc Pleasant)
Vogue Theatre 918 Granville  (Granville Mall)
Waterfront Theatre  1405 Anderson  (Granville Is.)
Hall   1882Adanac (the Drive)
Women In Print 3566 W. 4th (Kitsilano)
Yale Blues Pub  1300 Granville  (downtown)
Zulu Records 1869 W. 4th (Kitsilano)
488 6219
222 2244
876 7128
684 2787
689 7734
687 1354
732 5087
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873 1331
683 6099
689 3180
681 7972
681 5446
682 4629
681 7838
681 1531
683 5637
669 7573
683 2201
682 4388
255 4162
689 0926
872 6719
822 2678
684 MASK
685 1333
877 0066
688 2648
795 3334
322 6057
255 2606
681 4620
738 3211
873 4131
688 5351
251 6626
685 7777
685 3288
685 0143
230 MARS
688 8701
254 3545
688 7574
669 6644
682 3291
665 3050
731 3456
525 0371
681 1732
876 2747
682 3221
822 6273
681 6740
685 7050
473 1593
685 5585
681 1625
687 6794
738 6311
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874 6200
x:; 687 6355
: .876 7463
:::::6«2 4171
689 0096
688 3312
681 8915
F 683 6695
682 7976
871 3090
682 8550
822 3697
822 0999
254 9578
738 7015
222 2235
872 8337
257 6205
685 6217
254 5858
732 4128
681 9253
738 3232
The Commodore - October 15th
Town Pump
October 16th
Pacific Coliseum
October 21st
Candlebox... Green Day...
Mr. Bungle... Pogues...
Erasure... DAS EFX!
New music available soon at HMV.
Richmond * Guildford • Park Royal * Robson Street • Willowbrook • Coquitlam • Metrotown/Eaton Centre 1869 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver. BC
tel 738.3232
MontoWed 10:30-7:00
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
I The Flaming
I ® Clouds Taste
J Thank God for The Flaming
I Lips! Uplifting and wonderful-
1 ly consistent. The Lips arc one
it the lew things in this gre) world that you can
I count on to brighten your day Clouds may taste
I metallic but The Flaming Lips, they taste fan-
I tastic. Boy. this record sure is yummy!
CD 14*   Cass 9*
88 Fingers Louie |
| • Behind
I Join these LA
I based Flintstone
I aficionados as
I they convert the
I pent-up energy
I of America into
a pure pop puree.
I CD 16*    Vinyl 12* I
Pere Ubu
1 • Raygun Suitcase
I Originators of The Modern Dance, Pere Ubu's
I career, spanning the last three decades, is a much varied
I affair. Ever obsessed will) songwriting craft,
I Suitcase is a return to form, or rather a rejc
CD 16*
I Jughead's Revenge
] • 13 Kiddie Favorites
J Wow. talk aboul a punk mecca! Jughead'i
I Revenge's fourth full-length. 13 Kiddie
I Favorites features, yup, thirteen positive
J Southern California punk nuggets that g
I the point. The point? Check it out!
CD 14*   Cass 9*
I The Verve
I ® History CD EPs
I This distinguished UK combo
has recently called it a day. but
not before ending their career
with a two-part CD-LP import
•if "History." a highlight track from their album.
I A Northern Soul Includes a few pre\ ioush
I unreleased cuts between these EPs. Salut!
each CD-EP 9*
Seaweed      KSMI
Seaweed... if you       A        mmm.
still think it's a biolog-  L
ical organism lurking    \    SbSL*
within our world's          [:f   J^__Hi_Hi___l
many Bodies ot water.   tf^H
think again. The kind
of Seaweed we have here in
Zululand is the kind that stays above
ground, and throws out some of the
most rill-bashin". punk-poppin'
tunes you ever heard. Enjoy!!
CD 16*    Cass 10*
® Too Late...
No Friends
Then Mini Records debut
release, this album is nine
teen bratty salvos ol pop-
Smuggler on Ihe cover! No.
CD 14*
nugglers cov
it's Luke Perry
er' And a
I Helium
I • Superball +
I Mary Timony writes intere
memorable pop songs. Achiev
sound within subtly unconven
I managing to remain familiar e
immedate appeal. With this ne
firms her considerable skill fi\
rising talent and float away.
CD-EP 9*   7"4*
ng. well crafted an
g an oddly unique
ie and grab hold of this  I
Son Volt
® Trace
I Superchunk
| ® Here's Where
The Strings Start
j What really needs to be said about
I Superchunk anymore? They've been
I around for a while now and have produced
I alot. In fact, they've become an almost
1 indie-rock institution (what with their
I record label Merge and all). But at the sake of repeating
J their much deserved praise: Superchunk are a remarkable,
I engaging and prolific band that is steadily improving with
I each new recording. And yup they're back with another great  I
I record full of massive pop songs, touching sentimentality and I
I high energy. A true and continuing Zulu favourite.
I CD 16*    Cass 10*    LP 10*
Yo La Tengo
® Camp Yo La Tengo EP
The sun is slowly setting at Camp Yo La Tengo, as      1
camp leaders Georgia. Ira and James get set-up
around the glowing fire to offer some welcome enter
tainment. And with a soothing intima
cy, warm resonance and a clear pop
vision like the emerging stars that
■      ik
decorate the night's blue and transpar
ent sky, our gang Yo La Tengo
. HI
rework some familiar songs and intro
■"• H
duce a few new ones. Ahh, camp life.
CD-EP 9*    7" 4*
The Grid
® Diablo CD-EP
I Declaring war in the UK techno
■ underground, The Grid evolve
I further into their audio assault
in import of five mixes of
I accelerated BPM mayhem.
CD-EP 9*
1 Jay Farrar wa
of the dearly
nssed cr
-k combo Uncle
1 Tupelo. With h
s new b;
nd. Son Volt
lay eon
jme of the
1 most poignant, i
spued n
usic of the ger
re. Don'
let the c
ock label
1 scare vou becaus
e this su
e ain't anythin
j like the
stuff N;
alls New
1 Country; this is
tuff for r
eal music love
CD 16*


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