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■  ■' i
FROM CiTR 101.9 fm Live At 86 St. Music Hall
With Special Guests
Pale Divine
Friday F«b 14 Doors'8 pm
Presented By
101.9 fM
Tickets On Sale At All ^g^ffi****** outlets
Or Charge By Phone 280-4444.
FEBRUARY 1992    ISSUE #109...
In other words not to get it wrong, it's ,
pointless to walk when it's past time
to run. Secured under the (
weight of watchful eyess, lulled to      ,
sleep under clear expansive skies.      i
- fugazi i
U.G.L.Y. You Ain't Got No Alibi You're Just
Tarzan's Of The Rock  N' Roil Jungle	
■y Grown Out Of Those Crimpin
...5-6 UNDER REVIEW 22-23
....11 SPINLIST	
DOOR MONEY by Gary Wildeman....
STUPID DUMMYHEDS...by Rob Adamson ..
EVERYTHINGS DUCKY ....by Blaine Thur.
JUNKFLESH...by Bryce Thing	
hue me ice
GASTOWN       682-8550  mm
Wo 6138 SUB Blvd.
ff*3* sr
kv6T  2A5
between Twerdocleb and Atomic 61,
but what can you do?
2)No, not all headlining bands
start at 11)0 AM. because if you 11
remember back to the good ol' days
whan the Cruel Elephant was down
on Granville St. the headlining band
usually got on before 12:00 but only
because their liquor licence limited
them to serve drinks until that time.
Now that the new Elephant has an
extended licence that permits the
sale of more drinks longer, they (I
guess) have the ability to start the
bands later so that us beer-swilling
patrons will havi an incentive to
stay longer. Unfortunately, for sub-
urbian dudes like yourself, this formula doesn't always work. Maybe
next lime, get a buddy to drive (or
even your dad, I know it sounds
corny but whatever works hey?).
3) Even if the Cruel Elephant
doesn't love you I think they still
appreciate youattending their shows.
I found il very interesting that
Nona Van Rassel attended a concert by a band that—from the review— sounded very much like a
concert I attended Nov. 26. The
songs had the same names, the band
members had the same names and
the review was very much like my
impressions of the gig I attended
which was even at the same venue.
One difference. He attended a
gig by a band called The Buzzcocks
while I attended a Buzzcocks' gig.
The Sun, The Province and
even the Georgia Straight I can
forgive for getting the name wrong
as it is a common error, but Dis-
Buzzcocks. The name of the
band is Buzzcocks!
Does Mr. Van Rassel by any
chance also listen to a band called
The Talking Heads or, for that matter, read a mag called The Discarded
Yours not wishing to sound
like too muchlike an elitist pig, but
not really giving a fuck if I do any-
Jeremy Hainsworth
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Say, did you drive down for "the"
show, or did you take "the" ferry?
Re: Steel Pole Bathtub concert
at Cruel Elephant:
Unable to see Steel Pole Bathtub last year because of my age, I
was looking forward to seeing them
this[last] month. Having to take
Skytrain there (Cruel Elephant), I
realized I wouldn't see SPBTs entire performance but I thought I'd at
least see a good half hour of it. Anyway, I had to leave the club as SPBT
were about to start to catch the last
Skytrain home. A couple of ques-
1) What the fuck was on stage
between the two opening groups, a
shitty Hellcows tribute band? It was
fucking dumb and it wasted a good
45 minutes causing a late start for the
real band Steel Pole Bathtub.
2) Do all headlining bands at
theCruel Elephant startat 1:00 A.M.?
3) The Cruel Elephant doesn't
love me.
Anyhow, I guess I'll be watching the Tub's "UFO On Hell's Drag-
strip" video for another year thanks
to whoever was responsible for
SPBT's early Sunday morning performance.
Jigaboo John
Well, Brother Jigaboo, let me try to
answer your questions for you:
1) I loo was left scratchin my
noggin' after whatever happened
Dear Airhead/Coral Short
Jello Biafra, mouthpiece of the
"alternative" community, disseminator of counter-culture propaganda
at $3500 (US) an engagement, speaks
against all that is wrong in the straight
world and all that is right in his
world. And what is his world. Coral?
Scavenged magazine clippings from
left of center publications, notes
cribbed from mainstream information sources, wake up, Jello is the
junior wannabe of the very world
he rails against
OUie North gets twenty five
grand to rail against commies and
left wingers at universities and Republican conventions while Jello gets
three and a half grand to rail against
Ollie. Jello regurgitates his selection
of stories from the media and you
accept them as truth. Listen to him
and spot the differences between him
and the other orators of our society.
Just because his version differs from
what the most empowered and vocal
tell us doesn't make his reasoning
right. At best Jello is a gifted storyteller with a bad set of vocal chords
but you write praise of him as if he
was the messiah of the underground
Reality doesn't lie in what you
are told or what you read, truth lies in
what you know and experience and
every once in a while what you guess
at The man is a speaker, an enter
tainer but not a prophet, he is not
there to idolize or to believe blindly,
like any public figure he is to be
My parents trust what their favourite political party tells them and
don't question or examine the reasoning behind its rhetoric and as a
result they believe only in a meaningless story which to them reads
like the truth; evangelical Christians
believe only in their interpretation of
the bible, an unsubstantiated story in
itself, and unfortunately still others
believe in what Jello speaks without
saying "prove it" I sure don't have
the answers because I choose to remain ignorant of all that goes on
outside my small world but I do
know that truth is non-existent and
the only thing you can be sure of is
that the person claiming to know the
dear airhead,
RE: dales letter (January issue)
dear dale,
i noticed you're from trailAH-
HA!1!!I here's some advice, GET
i'm stuck in that crater you probably
pass on your way home. Grand Forks:
famous for sunshine and borscht
(yukky russian soup). I can relate to
your plea for help, we, the inhabitants of the interior desperatley need
salvation. The only local radio programming is CKGF's tradio (tradeee-
o) or "The Local Seniors Russian
Choir Wails For Twelve Hours
One day my friend asked for
the Nine Inch Nails tape in Radio
Shack and the guy told her to check
the hardware store, i'm dead serious.
All you Vancouverite freaks be
thankful that you have a scene (versus a cutural wasteland) to whine
i'm not here to take care of my
mom though (shes only 42) i'm visiting my dad. this morning i poured
myself some cereal and a large
winged insect leaped from my bowl,
mmm—i love this (dace. So.Dale,
next time you're in Grand Forks
check out Kim's Komer and ask the
skids to direct you to Winnafred
house and they'll say,"You mean
that tacky skater bitch?" Ill give you
a free tour of my pit.
P.S. LONG LiVE KIDS IN THE     the readers of Abattoir; giving in to
HALL, The ony REAL T.V. show
worth watching.
Kinda makes you glad you live in the
city, doesn't it? And I happen to like
Dear Airhead,
If you could explain one thing
to me, just one thing, I will be quiet
and just complain to my friends rather than bringing this up in print again.
Why did you, Discorder Magazine
and its editors, give a monthly, prominent, full page column to M. Jules
Killam? Does someone there o
him money? Has Discorder, in fact I
become a magazine for a disaffected
stream of conscious writers whohave |
to recreate their sexual fantasies ir
I want to properly express my
anger and revulsion over this column and the danger that it poses. But
I can't I am just too worked up about
it and have been ever since this racist, mysoginist bullshit appeared in
what was once a progressive magazine. If I had a subscription, I would
cancel it If I were an advertiser, I
would move to AF (well, maybe
not). If I were a writer, I would stop
writing for you. If I were a reader, I
would learn to live without you. If
you can defend it and feel comfortable with what you are putting forth,
then you have every right to do so. In
my humble opinion, (thanks, Judith)
there are enough magazines with [
this kind of sick journalism (sic
already. It's too bad Discorder has |
chosen this path.
Lane Dunlop
misogynist (mis-oj-in-ist) n. a person who hates women.
It's unfortunate that you chose
to use a word that carries so much
angstful weight because the way I
read Jules' piece was not in a hateful
light but one of a man who enjoys
Obviously, what some people
find amusing others will find sick.
Mr. Killam not only does his best to
cover both of these grounds but is
hypocritical, most often, in his ram-
blings which is part of the beauty of I
the "Abattoir." If you're willing to  \
sacrifice reading Discorder you're
not only fooling yourself but doing   I
exactly what Mr. Killam wants from
the almighty power of fret speech.
In regards to your humble opinion, I am comfortable with printing
"Abattoir" and don't try to tell me
that this is the first time you've read
recreations of sexual fantasies because if you said you didn't masturbate you'd be lying also.
Big apologies go out this month
(like this is a big surprise,
when don't we fuck up?) to
Steve Wells who penned the
superb article on Shadowy Men
On A Shadowy Planet.
FEBRUARY Q that you mistook Alex Varty for
Dennis Bates and the Ludwigi for
Evil Twang?
I believe that it is also true that
you—Yes You!—play in a local
band called DOGFACE or something like that If this is the case, is it
not possible that you are using the
local press as a means to improve the
position of your band by 'slagging'
the local competition?
In future I hope the copy editors txDiscorder are quicker on their
feet and 'edit-out' your copy in its
entirety or at least keep you away
from great bands like DSK, SNFU
and the Ludwigs.
Fuck Off,
Steve Smith
(Ludwigs Manager)
Well, well, well, what goes around
comes around, or so they say, and
italize on all the hype, so as not to
feel excluded I guess, and display his
firm grip on the english language
and his extensive vocabulary. Some
examples: "dimwit", "acid", and
even "knobs". Well, his piece proved
to be very informative and yet hypocritical as it said, "the Ludwigs
haven't had such a good laugh at
Discorder'j expense since their last
review." That being the case why
did Eric Pyle (Ludwigs' vocalist)
phone up the CiTR offices on Christmas Eve and proceed to have a hairy
kanipshin (sic) regarding my article? Doesn't sound like laughter to
CUKE/ Ritalin and a heavy
dose on the definition of sarcasm
(Dictionary is spelled d-i-c-t-i-o-n-
Andy Warhol said that everyone will have their fifteen minutes of
The fact that you so brazenly
assert your right to pontificate on the
state of the alternative music scene
and the various qualities of the musicians within that scene is no excuse for spreading fal se and slanderous information. The statement (referring to Dennis Bates), "...maybe
even from that blowhard at the
Georgia Straight who sings for that
shitty local band. The Ludwigs, and
tries to tell us all that Chi croons for
them when it's really himself, Mr.
Dennis Bates..."
To the point: Dennis Bates is
not and has never been a member of
Vancouver's Ludwigs, (The same is
true of Chi Pig as was falsely staled,
not long ago, in another article about
SNFU in the Georgia Straight.) I
know; I am the Ludwigs manager.
This continuous confusion of
names is only further evidence of the
generally low journalistic standards
in the local press. There is however
a considerable difference between
the error made by the Georgia
Straight and th c error in your article:
Their's was an error your's was an
intentional statement attached to a
slanderous hypothesis.
If you had bothered to apply
the two simplest rules of journalism
you would have avoided making an
error which casts a long shadow of
doubt upon the veracity of your writing, let alone the quality of your
1) Check your facts! (This is
particularly important in cases where
you intend to slander someone.)
2) Get the other side of the
story. (Also a good idea when you
are slandering someone.)
A phone call to the Straight
would have revealed that Dennis
Bates is not and has never been a
member of the Ludwigs—as a matter of fact none of us even know
him—but that also the error was
made during copy editing, not by
Dennis Bates at all! I know because
I called them—their number is 681 -
2000 and is public information. The
first point alone disproves your hypothesis that Dennis Bates was lying
and manipulating the Georgia
Straight for his own personal gain.
The only musician I know who works
for the Straight and plays in a local
band is the guitar player for Chris
Houston's Evil Twang. Is it at all
possible that you are so out to lunch
QSflftP OumhY+^O^Q
OrJCE. EVE0r/ FiFlY-FouR ygA£S A
5'MGLE PLATYPUS £>/£S or A bguG
I'm print proof to that over the last
7-8 weeks I'm proud to say. If some
of you are wondering what all the
hub-bub is about it all started with
Dennis Bates, a so-called freelance
writer, stating in his SNFU piece
that Chi Pig (SNFU vocalist) was
the lead crooner for local band—I
use the term loosely—the Ludwigs. I
know, as does the rest of the SNFU
listening population, that Chi has
NO musical ties with the Ludwigs at
all. When I talked with Mr. Chi Pig
on this matter he voiced that he was
quite upset by this allusion and want- '
ed it corrected. That I set out to do
and that I did [Issue 108, January
I' ve learned over the years that
there is no better route to redemption than through sarcasm. People
are weak...spineless...jellyfish, and
apparently they breed like rabbits
when red ink is thrown on them.
Man, I went fishing for pirahna
and lost my lure to sucker-fish.
Y'know, those whiskered, slimy, suction-cupped, excrement-colored fish
thatfod (sic) upon the bottom of lake
So, to even things up and point
out Bates' error I turned the tables
on him all the while excluding his
integrity as a journalist. A fine piece
it was too. NOT!
Then this guy from Nite Moves
creep! into this and decided to cap-
fame, well Wig Wig from Nile Moves
your time is up. As for the Ludwigs
they're milking this for all that it's
worth And if you'll note that isn't
much because the publications in
mention are all free.
So the plot thickens and the
plot sweetens upon arrival of the fax
fromLudwigs' manager Steve Smith.
Wasn't that the name of the loser
from the Edmonton Oilers who
scored on his own goalie during
game 7 of the '86 NHL Stanley Cup
Finals ? Names say a lot don't they ?
That's why I think it would be inyour
best interest, Mr. Steve Smith, to
leave the Scooter you're referring to
out of this. The ex-Hard Rock Miner
in which you refer to is not the same
person as me and had you have done
your homework, Rule 1 in your "two
simplest rules of Journalism", you
would have found out that I am but a
humble editor)freelance writer for a
nationally distributed music magazine. To me this is fun.
As far as copy editors at Discorder editing-out my copy in its
entirety...won't happen. We haven't
had this much fun since the last Ludwigs' review.
Next time you get the urge to
read and reply follow these four sim-
1) Remove head from ass;
2) Place tongue in cheek;
3) Check your facts;
4) Get the other side of the
Don't waste my time. All my
Dear Discorder,
I'd appreciate it if you could
print this letter in your February issue of Discorder.
I'm an ex-Vancouver record
(er.. .demo) producer (Silent Gathering, The Rainwalkers, The Fault,
Pedestrian Sacrifice, etc.) who
moved to Japan last may in search
of fame and fortune. Somewhere
along the way I stumbled upon a
low budget independent film in
which I'm currently working on the
Although I am working on this
with some Japanese Bands, I'd like
to use some Vancouver Bands on the
soundtrack as well.
I'm looking for music that fits
into one of the following categories:
a) alternative pop-basically I need some good pop songs
to feature in the movie (e.g. The
Dylans, Venus Beads, Robyn
Hitchcock, Billy Bragg, etc.).
b) dark acoustic pop-no examples come to mind-but I need
something depressingly dark.
c) Angelo Badalamonti-style
theme music (Twin Peaks, Blue
In particular, I would encourage submissions from The Picasso
Set and Planet of Spiders.
If you 'd like to submit a demo
please send a cassette with your
name, address, and telephone number to the address below. For a) and
b) all submissions must be of relese
quality. Please send all submissions
by air mail. Sony, no tapes can be
returned. Please send all submissions by February 29, 1992.
Thanks foryourhelpDucord-
Wes C.Smith
2-4-8 Fulriage, Apt. 5C
Kopo Fukiage Bldg.
Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya City
Aichi 464, JAPAN
You're welcome
Dear friends,
I'm writing you this letter to
let you know about the Girl Trouble
fan club (The Trouble Club) I'm
starting with.
"Shit another fan club."
Yeah, but this is a serious one,
nothing to do with all those pretentious guys idolizing their asshole "heroes". My main purpose
is to offer information and let the
world know about one of the greatest bands of the Northwest Information and fun to all the boys and
girls who want to join to this expe-
I think you already know this
cool band but I enclose some info
Obviously all my effort
would be in vain if you don't print
this in your mag. so, please do me
the greatest favour and try to write
some lines about all this in your
next issue. Thanx.
People who want to become
members can write to me at:
PO Box 18107
Madrid, SPAIN.
Immediatly they will start receiving info about the band almost
everymonth, including photos,
posters...All these things cost money so I will do some T-shirts, badges and casettes in a near future and
try to sell them cheaply.
Your mag will be receiving all
This is all right now.
Thanks, all the best,
Una! Smiley
Fully equipped 8-track studio
Live sound room and full MIDI sequencii
Musicians and services available
24 HR. SHOW INFO: 681-1732
So what kind of band are the Headhunton? "
They're the kind of band that the Replacements hand picked to open their Minneap- "^
oils homecoming gig. A band that gets
invited onstage by the Black Crowes to ' Jj
play a song. The kind of band that gears ^
Into maximum overdrive and doesn't quit.
"First Things First", the Headhunton'     ^
debut album is a steamy, soulful shang-a-
lang; a wedding of maximum R&B and   v^y*
rockin1 blues.
Some SAM THE RECORD MAN stores may have lower prices due to discounted regular prices.
V You're not going to find Marvelous Sauce
next to the Worcestershire, A-1, or
Tabasco at the 7-11, but you are going to
find that live on stage their energy wins
y   lasting fans as they let their material off
the leash. Four musicians with influences
I  from the four corners of music, everything
r<      from classical to thrash to Jan to pop.
Simply said, Marvelous Sauce Is a band to
i    see live, no frills, no gimmicks. Just four
hr   guys singing and playing from the heart,
doing what they like and know best.
^ at the TOWN PUMP .0 99
HARPO'S inVJctoria
568 Seymour St. Eaton Centre Richmond Centre Surrey Place
DOWNTOWN METROTOWN RICHMOND SURREY Welcome to the madcap world of
Joel Rydstrom and Magnus I'rans
son of Sweden's Cat Rapes Dog, a
duo whose latest Cargo releases, God,
Guns & Gasoline and The Banzai
Beats, have them perched on the top
rope set to lunge Doc Martens first
into the technopunk ring.
Discorder: Could you please
give us a bit of Cat Rapes Dog
. Fransson: We formed in 1986 in
Sweden...in a sawmill, I think it was,
banging on different stuff we could
find. We were influenced by a lot of
stuff like early SPK and Test Dept.
Later on it was a lot of gothic material like the Sisters of Mercy and Red
Lorry, Yellow Lorry as well as a lot
of Swedish punk and Belgian music
like Neon Judgement and Poesie
Noire. In the beginning we couldn't
afford to buy real instruments so we
rented and built them ourselves. We
boring. You can of course also find
Michael Bolton and Kylie Minogue
in our charts. They're so cute they
make me want to puke!
Are Roxette big in Sweden as
they are in Canada or Is this
Just another example of our
poor taste In music?
Roxette's very big in Sweden and
almost everywhere else right now,
but they only became big here after
theymade#l on the Billboard charts.
That just shows how very influenced
Sweden is by North America.
Nltzer Ebb, 242, D. AJF. obviously are a big influence on
you, are Cat Rapes Dog a second generation electro band?
NitzerEbb, Front 242 and D.A.F. were
not a big influence at alL We are much
influenced by punk and bands like
Cabaret Voltaire and Jesus & Mary
Chain. Now we like stuff by Shamen,
Dead Can Dance, Ministry and KLF.
Could you please name some of
t  •
Right now we're rather influenced by the techno-rave stuff and
things like "Beers, Steers and Queers" by the Revolting Cocks.
(Joel Rydstrom)
made three cassettes which were not
very good, but in 1988 we got a
contract with a Swedish record label.
Front Music Production, and later on
we were licensed to KK Records in
Several anti-American
themes arise In God, Guns &
GasolineC 'American Dream''
and "Homo B ulldozer") or the
broader excesses of capital-
Ism—Sex, weapons, religious
fanaticism, political
power._Are swedes by nature
anti-American? Does American culture play a large role
in the lives of Swedes?
Swedes are by nature pro-American
and the American way of life is admired by a lot of people here, but
they are idiots of course.
Being relatively isolated from
Britain and the continent, does
a strong scene exist, or are
Swedish charts dominated by
English bands?
Yes, the Swedish charts are dominated by English bands but also by a lot
of Swedish artists which are mostly
8 ufggsmmz
the bands from Sweden that
perhaps paved the way for you
in the field of electronic body
We weren't known actually apart
from Car Skid & Crash, but their
kind of music was a bit different
from ours. So we were the first
actually, together with a Swedish
band called Sepulchre Incorporated. But they haven't done anything
since their first single.
Cat Rapes Dog is based in Sweden but do you spend much
time in Europe?
Sweden is part of Europe, actually, but
since you're from the other side of the
Atlantic Ocean I didn't expect you to
know that. We've done a couple of
tours in Germany and an occasional
gig in Holland and Belgium. We're not
that keen on playing live. Once a month
is quite enough forme.
Is there a difference between Maximum Overdrive and God, Guns &
Gasoline and where does
the Banzai Beats EP fit
into the picture?
The only difference between Maximum Overdrive and God, Guns &
Gasoline is that on GG&G the songs
are better arranged and produced
but the style is just about the same.
Banzai Beats though is quite different from the other two. It's much
dancier, inspired mainly by house
and techno, while the other two are
more rock and roll based. On Banzai Beats we also introduce our
new member Annclie Bertilsson. I
think her voice is a nice contrast
against Joel's.
A reSwedes in support of King
Carl XVI Gustav and Queen
Yes, I think so. They 're pretty harmless really. They give good publicity
and stuff. It's kind of neat with a
King and Queen, like a fairy tale.
And who cares if they've got shit for
brains. Besides, they give you something to die for if you go to and Jhat' s
a nice thought!
What environmental problems face Sweden? It seems
like the government has taken many steps to improve
The forests and the lakes in the south -
em and middle parts of Sweden are
dying. The government isn't doing
much. It's all talk as usual. They're
just a bunch of hypocrites and bastards anyway.
What effects did the Chernobyl disaster have on Sweden? Would you care to talk
about that?
The only fact I know is that for a
couple years people didn't eat reindeer meat.
by Karen Toddington and
Lloyd Uliana
Well, being one of the number one rookies
at CiTR, Nardwuar (who arrogantly thinks
I am his prodigy) thoughtfully got me free
tickets to the Hitting Birth show at the Cruel
Elephant. OK, good deal, but I'm under 19
and a little timid when it comes to doing
interviews but things worked out great.
Hitting Birth were amazing! Never before
have I seen such an intense and powerful
band at the Cruel Elephant. Their show
consisted of a lot of rhythm, smoke and one
particular woman screaming and singing
while doing a lot of primitive, ritualistic
movements. And they were soooonice. A
bit weird, but nice.
Hitting Birth are:
Daniel - bass guitar
Earl - drums
Keith - drums, percussion
Kristen - vocals, percussion
Reverend Rob Roy - shopping cart, sampler, tape loops and found instuments
Discorder: Do you like Vancouver?
Hitting Birth: We love it. We love Vancouver, love it.
(amazed by huge enthusiastic response) Better than Portland?
HB: This place is so seperate. This place is
so comfortable. It is our second home other
than Portland, yeah.
What is the signlfcance of your
Kristen: To me it means that we're coming
to a point where it's the beginning and we
come up against conflict and we use it to
rebirth ourselves...to be reborn.
What's the biggest difference between Canada and the States? Are
there a lot?
HB: Oh man, um...I know, I know, the
Miranda Rights, yeah. Yeah, there's no
Miranda Rights here.
(being dumb and ignorant) What's
that? [actually the question was
asked in about as much ignorance
as an A merican 's question regarding Canada. P.Ed.]
HB: You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to legal counselling. You
can choose not to talk to police. We don't have
those rights either but at least it's written down
Kristen: Yeah, because unfortunately we'reprac-
tJcaDy under martial law in the Stales.
Daniel: Wen, in the United States we have a
version of the Constitution written on a piece of
rice and they don 'l have anything hke that up here.
Kristen: Hemp?
Daniel: No, [aConstitution written] on a piece
of rice! Some Chinese guy wrote the Constitution on a piece of rice, I'm serious.
What are your influences—favorite
Daniel: Anything we've ever seen has influenced us in one way or another.
Keith:...and smelted and touched and tasted
and felt and sensed....
Any bands you like?
HB: Tito Puente and Ravi Shankar are gods.
800 years of..Ahmed Muhammed, Lucifer....
Any Bolenise music. We don't limit ourselves
at all, we're open to whatever. Anything from
Abba to Zappa.
What are your future plans? Are you
putting anything together?
Daniel: We have a 12" single that's going to be
released on TK records and other than that we
have a couple of tapes out.
Kristen: We're planning on doing some more
recording within the year.
How Is the Portland scene?
HB: Thriving, it's thriving. It's humpin' man,
it's serious. There's a lot of burning bands in
Portland. It's exploding and the eyes are turning from Seattle to Portland because they're
getting tapped.
I went to Portland once.
I was there five minutes and I saw two
drug deals. (Hitting Birth gives vivacious, loud and positive response.)
Any last comments for the people of
HB: Come on out and see our show every time
we come. We love Canada. We might have to
livehere some day..jnove up here. Yep, we'll
move up here, get a farm and then everyone
can come and see us there. Send a letter of
reference to the Queen. ivxiivtiiv^^vi^ist jug » Arsri>
by jR.E:r>i> ivicjAisriv
One guy; maximum twenty minutes
on stage, he preludes anyone from
Groovy Religion to Gordon Gano
(Violent Femmes) with successful
hep hooks into the grassroots pop
culture that all three of the aforemen-
tioned blasphemers take a stab at.
The Minimalist Jug Band is a guy
named Al with a washtub, a broom
handle and a big ol string that joins
the two. With a battery powered wind-
up bear, and a host of other ever
changing sideshows that add extra
spunk to the blend of classic, obscure
and downright surreal pop runes that Al
rips off, strings together and most often
drasticly changes the meaning of.
Discorder: I wanted toask you about
your songwriting technique.
AL: What, you mean do I write the
music first?
D: No, I just wondered if you went
through your record collection subconsciously?
AL: Like if I was working or doing
something and a line from a song
goes with it you sorta think "Why is
that stuck in my head?" Some of it's
advertising, some of it's pop songs
but I write some of the lines myself.
D: I guess the one that goes "I'm a
lousy lover, I'm a lousy lay" is yours
eh? Thau a good song, you don't
hear many current performers trumpeting their impotence.
AL: A lot of the stuff I do is just
poking fun at the whole rawk&roll
thing and what it's caught in.
stage - 4 minutes a month and worked
my way up to playing on the street
D: Worked your way UP to playing
on the street?
AL: Well that meant I got to play for
longer. I suited at the Beverly tavern
on "Elvis Mondays" After the first
year I could do what I was doing for
as long as three minutes. (He grew up
here and moved to the big T.O.)
D: Yeah, when I tell people here
where I'm from they always say
they're sorry.
AL: Here it's more of that take it for
granted "why would you want to live
anyplace else" attitude. I wonder if
because it is such an environmental
place that kind of takes away from
the culture where Toronto, well thats'
all it has so maybe people are a bit
more intense about it.
D: So do you borrow from a lot of old
AL: Yeah, like 2ffs stuff.
D: You borrow lines from 20s songs?
AL: Well, the satire and also I do a
lot of blues stuff I think me and E J.
Brule have a better chance with the
over 30 crowd.
D: What's happening with "Elvis
Mondays" now?
AL: I think Chris Houston is suiting
it up at the Town Pump. Maybe it
will work out here where people can
get up on stage without already having a video and blahblahblah.
D: Have you checked out the Cruel
AL: The new one? No, from what I
heard it's a pretty decent place.
D: What made you decide to do the
whole Minimalist thing?
AL: Well J didn't get any offers to
play with otherpeople. If I did play in
a band I'd have to have some function and I can't really sing or play so
that would be no good.
D: Have you played any shows where
the audience was particularly unresponsive?
AL: Playing at O.C. A. (Onurio College of Art) Most college or art things
go over badly with people grabbing
at my equipment and my Utile wind
up drumming bear and the power
yanked from my mike at the Pursuit
of Happiness. Nothing happens that
would make a good story except
maybe the Shadowy Men getting
beaten up.
D: What do you do when your not
AL:  Work  in  a  tortilla  chip
D: Doyouhavearry crowdpreferences?
AL: I'll do a jazz band or a
hardcore band or a poetry reading -It's actually better if I don't
know what the audience is going
to be like. So I don't sculpt my
songs to their likes and dislikes.
Although I find neurotic people
tend to like it better than well
adjusted people.
by Shawn Bouchard
It's 1992. Excuse me, did everyone hear that? That includes Toronto.
Has everyone heard the one about the band who wanted to play music
but couldn't because what they called themselves was offensive? You
haven't, well let me tell you then.
Way back in 1991, New Year's Eve celebrations were held in downtown Toronto—you know that world class city that they are always harping
about. Anyways, continuing with the story, a certain band was supposed to
play to the happy crowd of twentieth century adults, families, and whomever
else that could get themselves down to city hall. But no the band wasn't
allowed to play. Why, you may ask, was the band pulled from the line-up?
Because of their name.
What name could be so possibly offensive to so many people? What
moniker could drive enough fear into the hearts of the festivity coordinators
that they would scratch the act from performing? How many lawsuits, and
court cases could be filed against the city if this cursed band took to the sUge?
How many people would die, outright die, drop dead on the spot if they
chanced to overhear the group being announced? How many children would
be scarred for life if their innocent ears happened to witness the Barenaked-
ladics play before a live audience?
Have people gone mad? I am asking this question in earnest. Have
people really gone that far around the bend that they would consider
BANNING a musical troupe from playing because their name suggests
honest open nudity? Are the times that politically correct that ladies who wish
to be nakedly bare cannot be discriminated against? Or are the times so
politically correct that ladies and naked can't be mentioned in the same
sentence, not to mention the same decade? What is happening to us? Why are
we doing this to ourselves? Can anyone answer?
We are living in an age where wars are depicted by television media as
an exercise in pseudo-realistic G J. maneuvers. People died, schools, hospitals, and homes were bombed although we never saw any of that because the
U.S. Army hired a P.R. consultant to sell the war to TV land. And the
Barenakedladies were barred from playing; what makes more sense?
If the public is so sensitive as it apparently is (according to the censors
who limit our access), then why can a nuclear family of four stomach 3 hours
of television each night and not wince and cringe at the violence and the idiocy
displayed before them? The influence of a select few chose what the audience
at Nathan Phillips Square had a RIGHT to see. Of course if you try to find out
who banned the Barenakedladies you will get nowhere. Someone will tell you
that so and so said so, and when you conuct so and so she'll say she never said
what someone said she said. Censorship is a wall. Once in place, once erected
it's damn hard to tear down. So we can't sit by and let another row of bricks
be added.
And let us not forget that it was just the name of the band that got them
struck down; their music wasn't questioned, their lyrics weren't linked with
Satan, just their name was OFFENSIVE-OOOOOH. How awful to think of
bare naked ladies running around the stage singing. It only conjures up
humourous and imaginative vignettes in my mind. But no we can't have that
impression running through the crowd, not on New Year's Eve. Gosh, think
what could happen.
Thousands of sex-crazed, demented teens and parents might strip naked
on December 31 st and party it up—might I add that the evening was an all ages
affaire, i.e. no booze. Come on Toronto, pull the coal outta your ass and have
a little fun, it's a new year for god-sake!
by A.O. Chapman
It was a foul and grey Christmas holiday. Unless Sanu had put
any cocaine in those stockings hung at the chimney with care,
all those had hoped for a white Christmas came up losers.
Worst even its arould this time of year that all the writers in the
big-time media circles come up with theiryears best and worst.
Arrogant self-centred lists that only those who subscribe to
Esquire or the New Yorker could be interested in.
Don't expect any of that tripe from me. Just try to be
incisive insightful enough to compile a list of the importance
of the year, after spending the last week of 1991 incommunicado from friends and family in a cheap room at the Balmoral
with twins from Paris, and you '11 have about as much success
as David Lee Roth's last album.
Yes, don't worry about any o, those trendy annual highbrow lists coming from me. The Christmas holidays in my
home were no different from those in previous years. The
elder members of the family arrived at my home on time with
their walkers and their canes like some kind of geriatric
caravan, then jabbered like magpies about what prescriptions
they were on and what organs they've lost since the previous
Christmas they was each other, and drooled out questions to
me about if they still have the "glee clubs" at UBC. Then, after
getting punch drunk on egg-nog they stagger out the door
slipping and sliding on their own vomit as they stumble
drunkenly into the night But, each year their numbers get
fewer and fewer, and eventually they will leave me the best
Christmas present of all; Solace.
Anyway, it has been an interesting year to say the least
The music world was disappointments. Fine bands are nevermore like Jane's Addiction and The Men They Couldn't
Hang. And the Real World looked grim, as the coup in the
Soviet Union made everybody feel like checking in for those
two day follow-ups as it seemed like the whole seven years of
Gorbachev must have been a drunken blow-up party and now
it was time for the hangover. In fact, there was so much news
to be had from the Berlin wall to the BCCI scandal that its
realty no wonder that there are so many of these"1991 —The
Year in Review" lists, because of all the prospects to choose
from. The humorists had Pee Wee Herman, the feminists had
a whole selection of icons to champion (and strangely lose),
the patriots had their yellow ribbons, and the East Germans
now had the availability of good denim. Even nationally the
cog wheels of political action were turning when rumours
abounded that Brian Mulroney himself was looking to play
musical chairs with Perez de Quayar for the United Nations
Secretary General position. It warms the heart to know that our
loyal Prime Minister was thinking of abandoning ship as
Canada was As coming apart at the seams just so he can rest his
soft ass in New York as opposed to being held responsible in
Ottawa for Canada coming apart like a poorly laced shoe.
There were almost as many reports about the Gulf War
as there were about the success of Nirvana's "Nevermind" in
the press. But what really stood out in 1991 was the boredom
and general mood of tedium that allowed other people to get
stomped on like hot grapes. This boredom has been growing.
Think back to Berlin —few seemed that impressed for more
than the time it takes to listen to one Ramone's song that the
Berlin Wall had come down, everybody except the Berliners
of course. And the French —who as soon as the wall came
down went to check to see how bad the Maginot Line had
rusted and if it could be salvaged and finished after all these
years just to be safe.
But its the boredom that the general public had with
world strife like the fall of the USSR & that the lack of
questioning most people had with the "U.S. Pool Tape" in the
Gulf War that seemed to turn so many people's heads to
watch smutty congessional testimony and topoke ihci r heads
into William Smith's affairs that seemed to have occupied
most peoples attention. And speaking of those annoying
Yellow ribbons that the yanks used to symbolically show
their support for the Gulf War, did the press pick up on the
dissenters in the U.S., did even The Province, in between the
Smile-of-the-Day and the A&B Sound advertisements stick
in the story about the Houston couple that disagreed with the
Gulf Conflict, and neglected to put a yellow ribbon on their
front door. They were dragged from their bed in the middle
of the night in their bedclothes & beaten like rented mules by
masked assailants who cursed at them and shaved their heads
for not being patriotic and kicked them, like Peter Beardsley
on acid, on the couple's very own front porch.
These days I imagine people are more inclined to know
what monthly magazine they can find Cindy Crawford in,
rather than even try to figure out what the BCCI scandal was
all about. Hey, don't get me wrong, the thought of being in
the driver's seat in a convertible Buick Centurion with the top
down, speeding wrecklessly down the UBC highway with
one hand on the steering wheel and my other hand on the
radio knob turning up the volume to Primus' "Is it Luck?"
while Mrs. Crawford removes her tube top throwing it
carefree to the wind as I hit the accelerator and wave my
champagne glass at oncoming police can —would be pretty
entertaining. But there's more to life than those enjoyable
moments of beserk sleaziness.
Still, the nightclubs turn-out on the slowest of days is
still better than voter turn-out on the sunniest of election days,
and the INXS records sell, so what the fuck do we have to
look forward to as we watch our tvs in the same way we
observe our fish tanks. I'm not one in business of prediction
of decline and eventual damnation, they try that every year in
the Enquirer and the only people who buy that issue are those
who thought "Charles in Charge" was funny.
Maybethisyearwasn't even that much of a disappointment in Vancouver. The Pogues came to town and the
enthusiastic crowd at both shows made the crowd at the
Anthrax/Public Enemy concert look like a Regent College
study group session. Riu Johnson and her cronies were given
their walking papers by the voting public so now Riu J. can
be left to do Brian Keith/Ernest Borgnine impressions at
children's birthday parties. And Nardwuar became one year
older and one decibel louder. (Now he goes to 11).
And may be all of this is gibberish from some ranting
UBC student, and nobody bothered to read this. And the
point got lost somewhere. The only thing that seems
absolutely Virtuous and Right, right now, is to shave your
sideburns, throw out your Divinyls Upe and agree that the
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Rhythm Method
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Bobby Watt
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' Poster Children Five words. Oscar Wilde, in one of
his essays, listed five words the general public typically applies to artists. He then encourages artists to be
exactly those things. The five words
are: "immoral," "unintelligible,"
"exotic," "unhealthy," & "morbid."
I like it.
So tell me, is art meant as an
expression of self or for amusement
of the artist & friends? I write some
poetry, & generally it's self-expressionism [formy amusement & mental health] but i like when other people like it too. This shit i do here is
the same. I like to rant & if someone
enjoys it, that's pretty fab. Of course,
all the women throwing themselves
at me helps.
Y'know, when i first started
writing for this "pathetic shit rag with
no significant impact blahblahblah,"
i figured: two-bit writer in a rag not
worth two bits (beats being an unpublished drunk). Then i met this
giri. We'd chatted before about
school 8c. stuff, then one morning,
we're sharing breakfast & i'm talking to someone who knows things
about me my mother probably
doesn't All because of these articles. Creepy & in a way almost erotic. Of course, it could just be me.
Recognition and support are
important. I' m pretty bad about supporting artists. Like i was at the
Cruel Elephant for the Shindig finals
& i'm ashamed to admit it but i
didn't actually see or hear any of the
bands. I was downstairs & you can
barely hear the music & i was playing pool & i was talking with friends
so i didn't get a chance to. I kind of
feel bad about that A warning: those
pool tables are fucking cursed! But
apparently, the dark beer is totally
Sometimes i feel i ought to
apologise to you the reader for my
chaotic writing. Ha! fuck you & anybody that looks like you! This ain't
the Globe & Mail.
So i'm talking to my dear
friends who read my stuff & we were
talking about my piece last month
about sex (a bit of sexual etiquette i
forgot: don't talk to anyone having
an orgasm unless you're talking to
them over the phone, then it's mandatory). Now, i know my writing is
not the most straightforward stuff. I
have no intent of being a real journalist (unless i'm offered a job). So
what i write here is pretentious A
silly. More importantly, it's not
These friends i was talking to
were bothered by my apparently
egotistical reference to female orgasms. If it seems like i was bragging, then i'm sorry & i apologise.
My writing is obviously not what it
should be.
Not being understood is what
everyone faces. But i see where other people are coming from. I admit,
i hate things i don't understand. I like
to think i'm observant & reasonably
smart. I've got a fair background in
the classics so when i sec something
i don't get i'm pissed.
The Vancouver Art Gallery is
sad for that. Blobs of paint on empty
canvases. What is that shit? It could
be fucking cowshit If there'samean-
ing, it's unclear so they have failed
as art. If it's the artist's frame of
mind /emotional state, then the artist
in question leads a pathetic existence. I suspect the stuff at Taf s is
like that too.
Let me interrupt I hate brown
toast I don' t mean toast from brown
bread, but white bread toasted 'til
it's brown. Why bum bread? If you
want that ashy, grimy taste, take up
smoking, (funny, i don't like burnt
food, but i do smoke, i must be an
I wish art was more original &
unique. As soon as someone develops a style that works, everyone
copies it & tries to cash in. Take
Nirvana. They've got a sound
of their own ( which i myself
don't find to interesting). But
since they went big, i've
heard a lot more thrash/speed-metal
stuff. The problem is, those twisted
goons doing it end up no-talent copies of AC-DC or Judas Priest (neither of which are too talented). It's
probably 'cause that's where they
stole their riffs from.
Similarly, sequels aren't art.
The worst was Die Hard 2. Same
fucking story, same fucking effects,
same fucking jokes, same fucking
song. The only difference was setting. That is not art This is milking
the stupid masses with formula film -
making, i.e., Bruce Willis. A man
who was almost classy on television, now he recycles the same char-
every time. Of course. Spike
Lee does the same thing with racial
conflict in every movie. For that
matter, Oliver Stone does too. Find a
single movie he did that wasn' t about
the60's.If it's not JFK, then it's
But i'd rather watch Platoon
than Mo' Better Blues. At least Oily
Stone knows how to show tension &
emotion. If you watch the movie but
don't listen, you'll have a good idea
what's going on. Do that in a Spike
Lee film & you'll understand one
scene every twenty minutes or so.
Well, that's getting a bit dull.
Stuff like that makes people think
i'm daft & rather cheeky. Which is
probably true. But if my editors like
what they see, they print it. God
bless them. Shit I can't say that, i'm
an atheist
That's why i love this mag.
There aren't many other places where
vou can say anything. And i am a big
fan office speech. But it's hard to be
self-sufficient loo(lhe students of
UBC publish me, even if i don't go
to UBC). Co-Op radio manages because of listener donations and CBC
radio & TV manage by government
funding. Even the latter censors
though. So as not to offend "community standards" you won't see genitals waving around on channel 3.
Everything else is profit-
driven. Coast 800 is for money(if
they got the new frequency, a DJ
will make enough to support two
people comfortably). Contrary to
popular myth, they won't play just
anything. They play what they think
people will like. Still better than
playing off of play lists, but they're
not likely to play something people might hate.
Print is better for free
speech. The Georgia Straight occasionally prints the word "Fuck".
But if i were writing for that trash,
i wouldn't be allowed to slip the
word "Fuck" in every paragraph. I
don't even think i could get away
with using "Shit" on a weekly ba-
And did you notice that despite being a cjean_magazine, Nite
Moves happily runs ads for strip
bars. I don't have a problem there,
but isn't it hypocritical to advertise
fucking but avoid the word itself?
I suspect copyrights were invented for one-hit wonders.
Shouldn't a real artist be capable of
producing something new?
So i was talking about how
art should be unique. Maybe that
wasn't the right word. It should be
innovative. But new ideas don't
come from nowhere (unless you're
muse-inspired, i am, i get other
people's rejects). So new ideas
must either come from old ideas or
from an absentee of old ideas. But,
if your ideas are coming from old
ones, then you're really not creating anything new. That's evolution,
not revolution.
Therefore, new ideas must
come to you without being tainted
by earlier ones. In other words,throw
out the rules & create your own. I'm
not sure whether i'm advocating
anarchy. I might be.
The general problem i have
with anarchy is this: Anarchy means
having no rules. If we don't need
rules, then we must have peace. But
if we have peace, then we no longer
need rules. So what we end up with
is true anarchy. I don't see how we
can start on this cycle.
Besides. Sometimes i'm not
sure i want to get rid of all the rules.
For example, i take my hat off indoors. It's one of the things i learned
to do. It's also one of the things that
makes me better than all those stupid
blighters at the back of the bus who
keep their Raiders caps on.
Rules are also kinda useful for
comparison. Assuming Jeani Read
in the Province follows most if not
all of the rules of writing, i can easily
define my own writing against hers
by the rules i break.
And isn't that the essence of
innovation? Being different? How
can you be different if you don't
know what's normal? Anarchy may
be a nice idea, but it would make me
more irrelevant than i already am.
Here's a little fun thing about
anarchy. Draw an anarchy "A" in a
circle. Then over top of it, draw a
peace sign. Erase the cross in the
centre. You end up with the Star-
fleet emblem from Star Trek. As
something of a writer, (& i only
think that in the sort of way one
thinks about masturbation) i
wish i'd seen Paris in the 30's
when all the greats lived there.
Nostalgia is not my thing.
but i wonder if those days were better.
I know some things nowadays
are better. I'll let you in on a dirty
secret. I'm an avid reader of GQ
because i'm fond of fashion, (hard to
tell — most people can't decide if
i'm a fashion failure or the avant-
garde of fashion future) But the
magazine has improvedoverthepast t
five years. It's no longer the handbook forthe urban professional. Now
it caters to young healthy men who
can still get hard-ons. I wonder if the
addition of bare-breasted women has
improved the fashion layouts though.
Regretfully, theatre is dead.
When Broadway adores Andrew
Lloyd-Weber it's time to order the
casket Books too, are a loss. Especially Canadian ones. I'm tired of
family gatherings on the farm in
Manitoba. The same for Margaret
Atwood. That hack from T.O. is as
Canadian as Toyota or Air France or
Mulroney. And her stories are about
as interesting as a six year old's. Nor
is Bob Bateman an artist. He is an
illustrator. He draws awfully accurate images of Timber wolves &
shit But his works have all the emotional feel of a tin of Spam. Even
food. You used to be able to get
Chateaubriand or Crown Roast of
Lamb or Pheasant under Glass. Now
all you get is a pretty good vegetarian lasagna. Considering the fine
fucking mess the world being left to
us is in, i wish someone had considered leaving decent art & culture.
If you hadn't thought of taking
up one of the arts as a career, consider this. As an artist you have an
excuse to wear black, you get to be
famous, you're expected to have a
wild & carefree sex life, & if you
throw up in the punch bowl at one of
the Queen's parties, people will think
you're a romantic.
My personal preference in art
is natural, minimalist style. It can be
flowery if the artist himself is flowery. But if it's flowery for the sake of
flowers, i'll break out the weed-killer. It's like make-up. I know plenty
of women who are far more beautiful without it, yet they persist in
coating themselves with it Most of
the time, i'd rather they didn 't try to
make themselves look better.
I realise though, that drawing
attention is easy & profitable. I tell
you not to look at my name, & if you
don't already know it, odds are you'11
look. Now assuming the music critics from the Sun & the Province read
Discorder, (i'm sure they must but it
doesn't make them any better) they
know my name. Bit of an advantage
if i was ever desperate enough to get
a job with them. Plus, in this age
when hubris or chutzpah or pride or
whatever you call it is so commonplace, maybe it's acceptable. Still,
i'd rather see people have dignity.
Before i'm done, let me give
you a little Zen story. Two monks
are crossing a bridge. The first monk
asks the second, "What is Zen?" The
second monk throws the first in the
river. He stands on the edge & yells,
"See the water? Swim in it, become
one with it, but don't question it
because words don't mean shit!"
Hope you get fucked on
Valentine's Day.
8PM - 9PM
6PM - 9PM
1305 11TH STREET
EXIT 250. 1-5 SOUTH
1(206) 734-1539 I
FEBRUARY g) Iif (ill (liliii)
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Compilation Volume II
Bigger than life follow-up to last years Volume
One. 17 track CD with 12 artists including DRILL,
21, and Toronto's own DIGITAL POODLE and
ATTACK SQUAD. No collection is complete
CD Maxi-Single by Native Dance artist. Produced
by Greg Reely. Bonus Track 'Our Home and
Native Land' Mixed by Russell Wallace and Mike
Victory of SECT.
■ A/. Existential Quantifier
^H First All English release from
^H these schizophrenic German
f| O H artists. Dance influenced
^H progressive pop sculpture
produced by Russell Wallace.
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Debut full length cassette from
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Includes last year's singles 'Believe'
and 'Holy Man' in addition to seven
new tracks.
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Skinny puppy "last rights"       hilt: "journey to the center of the bowl" single gun theory: " like stars..."
severed heads: "cuisine"
16.98 CD    ZULU
7.70  VM33       1 869 West 4th Ave. 5 wervedriver is one of the first truly original British bands to reach overseas in a
long time. Formed by ex-Shake Appeal
members, Adam Franklin, Jimmy Har-
tridge and Adi Vynes, in spring of '89
they— with drummer Graham Bonnar—
have released two EPs of supercharged,
mindroasting noise rock on the British
label Creation: Son of Mustang Ford and
Rave Down. Their driving, atmospheric,
American-influenced sound attracted
A&M Records, finally resulting in the LP
Raise, which is being raved about among
the press and fans alike.
Swervedriver is currently on a five
week tour of North America which brings
them to Vancouver's Town Pump on Feb.
6 with Illinois band Foster Cniicircn. Bassist Adi Vynes was good enough to take
time from his hectic schedule to chat with
Discorder's Michael Leduc.
As far as the labd goes It seems to have a
look as well. I'm thinking about the three
or four records that came out this year
that I am familiar with tike Slowdive,
Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine,
and they all havcasimilar look. As a band,
do you have much input into the album art
and graphics and how you present them?
Yeah, we do it all ourselves. I mean, so far
we've done it all ourselves like produced all
the records. And we've been responsible for
all the artwork ourselves. We've got complete control over everything we da So, if
youdon'tlikeoneof the covers on the records
I can't blame it on somebody else.
In reference to the "Creation scene" is
there a similar sort of fed or attitude that
you see happening with a lot of the bands?
At least like the guitar sort of noise bands?
There's sort of a "Creation Scene" as it's perceived that doesn't really exist. There seems to be
this image of having a roster of stuff like cute, pale
skinned young boys with fuzzboxes.
Discorder - I've noticed that a lot of
the British bands seem to come over
for a date in New York, and maybe a
date in San Francisco and Toronto,
and that's about it, while you guys
seem to be doing a whole tour.
Adi Vynes - Well, we did something sort of
like that at the end of July. We came over and
did about half a dozen dates in all the major
cities, the west coast, east coast and one in
Toronto as well. But this is like the first long
slag thing we're gonna do around the country.
So did you enjoy it last time?
Yeah, it was great last time. There was
hardly any pressure last time 'cause we
didn'thavearecordoutoranything. It was
sort of like, come across, do some shows
and just meet all the people that we're
gonna be working with. Yeah.itwasfine...
fairly easy. Now, this time, the schedule is
a bit more hectic.
You had The Son of Mustang Ford, then
you had Rave Down, then you bad the
Sandblasted EP and then the album, have
I missed anything?
Yeah, there's a couple of things in between. I don't know if you know Imaginary Records; it's an English label. They
did the Heaven and Hell tribute to the
Velvet Underground. Well, we had a track
out on Volume III of the Velvet Underground tribute, we covered "Jesus."
So, you guys are on Creation Records-
bow do you guys see yourselves fitting
into that sort of "scene"? I mean, you're
probably the heaviest band on that label
other than Silverflsh.
There's sort of a "Creation Scene" as it's
perceived that doesn 't really exist. There
seems to be this image of having a roster
of stuff like cute, pale skinned young
boys with fuzzboxes.JThey release a
lot of dance music as well and they've
got solo acts, y'know? Their roster
is a lot more diverse than you may
think it is. It's just that the noisier
side of the label tends to be the most
successful I suppose, really. Apart
from Primal Scream, of course.
Urn, no not really. I mean I don't think that
any of those bands sound similar at all. lean
see a huge difference between someone like
Slowdiveand bands hkeRideandMy Bloody
Valentine. There is definitely no sort of corporate image of Creation at all If there is, it's
a coincidence.
Okay, I'm thinking of one word: enigmatic— y'know what I mean? Not really having your face on the cover—?
There is tliat but who really needs/wants to
look at a picture of alot of people? We never
put ourpicture on our sleeves before but then
we've never seen a picture of ourselves that
we'veall been happy with, so we'd never do
it anyway. And who wants to look at a
photograph of us when they're listening to
the record? It's just not important to us, it's
not one of our primary concerns.
Before you were in this Swervedriver
band you were in this thing called Shake
Appeal, which ifl understand correctly is
like a Detroit-Iggy-MC5-wben did that
change and why did it change?
Let me see, it must have been sometime in
'88 or '89.1 can't remember now. It was
about two and a half years ago perhaps. It
just became really unfulfilling after awhile.
All those fuzzy three chord rock songs were
all very well and very enjoyable but there
were people who did it better than us. We just
wanted to branch out alittle bit more. I don't
think there was any particularly good British
music in the eighties at all. It was a very Wand
time. That's why we were getting back to
people like the Stooges and MC5 and T-Rex,
just basically because we weren't interested
in contemporary music When we started
hearing the wave of American guitar bands it
was something we could identify with.
Was there a particular record that changed
your life or your direction?
Locust Abortion Technician by the But-
thole Surfers... the first Sonic Youth
album... Bad Moon Rising and Evol, I
played them both to death for months
and months. But we're still into people
like the Clash, who are one of our favorite bands, as well as Captain Beefheart
and the Rolling Stones. We just got
bored with what we were doing. You
need to challenge yourself all the time
and push y oursel f onto greater things. And
we weren't really doing that We were just
going around in circles.
But at the same time do you see ft necessary to have some sort of sense of rock and
roll history in order to be successful? To
know the Beatles, and to know the Who
and to know the Rolling Stones-?
Not necessarily. I suppose truly innovative,
truly new music could only come about by
someone who has never been exposed to the
whole of rock and roll history, ever. Some
guy who has been locked up in a room in the
middle of nowhere, and has never been exposed to any media whatsoever, and wiih
nothing but a musical instrument, could come
up with an original way of approaching music But we're sort of hke rock archivists,
definitely. We treasure our records.
I guess you still hold a place for MC5 and
those bands dose to heart
Oh yeah, definitely. We listened to MC5 on
the way up here.
What did you think when you heard that
Rob Tyner died? Based on his musical
past or life did you think it was Inevitable?
I won't lie and say I was really upset and I
mourned for hours 'cause I never actually felt
like I knew the guy personally. I mean, it
didn't touch me in that way. It wasjustone
of those great rock 'n roll deaths. It's the only
way to be truly famous... to die.
What about the excess of the Stooges
and the MC5? Do you guys see yourselves I n that way or is that a thing of the
past? You can't survive by drinking 'til
three in the morning and having groupies backstage—
I dunno, we've never had groupies backstage so I wouldn't know. I suppose eventually it's gonna kill you early but I don't
think that anyone does that for very long
anyway. I mean, if you're gonna come
back from doing that sort of thing then I'm
sure that they don't do it for very long.
There's bands that you hear about in
America, and in Canada, like Chapterhouse, Ride- the bigger ones, but do you
see things as sort of slowing down or picking up? Are there stiB a lot of new sounds
out there that are happening now?
Yeah, there's lots of new bands coming out
all the time. Before we left to come here I was
out seeing a couple of bands for the first time.
We sortoflook for new bands. If we like them
we can hdp them out, or at least try to. We
took some unsigned bands on the road with
us. The last British tour we did we took this
band. Sun Carriage, who were unsigned at
the time. They'd never done a 40 date tour
before all over the country. They just didn't
have access to that sort of extensive touring.
started plus if you want to get support from
larger artists there's usually preliminaries
that you have to go through: you have to pay
so much money and it's difficult for new
bands to do that It was very frustrating when
we were trying to do it and that's why we
don't trash support bands, that's not what the
spirit of music is all about to me.
Who are your favorite American bands
right now?
There's a band from Chicago called Sometime Sweet Susan who are very good and a
band from Los Angeles called Carnival Art,
they're excellent Superchunk are good too
As far as the British Press goes, you guys
seem to be getting a lot of std lar press right
now. Do you see a backlash happening
which seems to happen a lot with the
British press?
Well, there's some backlash happening to
some other bands that got a lot of press
coverage this year. Like, Chapterhouse is
facing a bit of a backlash at the moment The
thing about the British music press is that they
find bands and they just push 'cm, and push
'em, and push 'em, and push 'em until
they're made and then they turn around and
cut 'em down again. We sort of built our-
sdves up from the beginning anyway without their help. They were never behind us and
We never put our picture on our sleeves before
but then we've never seen a picture of ourselves
that we' ve all been happy with.. .and who wants to
look at a photograph of us when they're listening
to the record?
But as far as American success,
do you see that as being really
important for a band in Britain
oris it just sort of interesting and
exciting for you?
Any success is good and you
shouldn't just turn yourself inward.
That was what happened to Shake
Appeal. We got very big locally but
we didn't do anything outside the
Oxford city limits. If you're going
to make music then you've got to
put yourself out to communicate
your music and what you've got to
say to people. Then, obviously,
you've got to reach as many people
as possible. You certainly shouldn't
limit yourself. You certainly
shouldn't think small and we definitely don't think small.
we weren' t one of their fa vori te causes so we
haven't fdt anything coming back on us.
We've had a few bad reviews but, y'know,
everybody does every now and again. We
don't really owe them anything.
I just remember last year when they were
pushing the Happy Mondays and Inspiral
Carpets, and the Manchester bands. And
now they're pushing My Bloody Valentine and Moose- bandsllkethaL What do
you think is going to be the next sound
that they're gonna catch onto? Is there
something that they don't even know
I dunno, I've only seen like one week's
issue of the Englishmusic press because
I've been over here in America for three
weeks over Christmas and then I was out
of the country for two weeks before that I
haven'tseen the press for weeksldon'tknow
what they're getting behind at the moment
Michel Leduc
FEBRUARY ® Siviile of -Hie month
Kan J
u>^ e**- *»** CHEM3 S^ pct^-T^^
Epitaph      6201    sunset    boulevard,    # 11 i ,    Hollywood,    calif.    90028    usa
14 Eap^asuj^n On July 17, 1991 the United Stales pissed the death penalty for ndrviduak n possession of
30,000 marijuana plants. Given the large number of plants favorved, one might be mclmcd to
ignore such legislation as unlidy to be enforced, let aJone carried to its foal demise. Yet one
must also ask oneself why a government would propose and pass such seemingly ludicrous
laws? Perhaps another issue is at stake? Perhaps the mari juaru plant has other uses, and if one
were to possess 30,000 plants it might not he to smoke k!? Perhaps, there's something eke here
that the Unied Stales govemmcnl, and the other governments of die ova-developed fadustrialist
nations aren't telling us? fa fact, maybe they're keeping it secret
from the beginning of recorded history until the mid 1930s, the term marijuana was
uncommon or even unheard of in North American society. 1 ric saeriuficalry correct name is
Cannabis saliva. Cannabis indica, and the common name was 'Tiemp." It is true that marijuana
has been smoked for approximately 12,000 years as a herb used for altering consciousness, hut
marijuana or hemp was ako used in virtually every other area of life loo. The following list and
accompanying text gives a clue as to just bow vital industrial hemp production was to society
less than 60 years ago, a timespan that corresponds with the acceleration of the destruction of
the planet..
1.} Shipping: 90% of all ship sails were made from hemp. All rigging, nets, oakum, and
flags were made from "-.the stales of the marijuana plant until the century..."
2.) Textiles and Fabrics 80% of all textiles and fabrics for clothes, tents, linens, nigs,
drapes, etc. were made from hemp until the 1820 's ki America and until the 20rh century in most
of the rest of the world While cultivation of cotton accounts for fifty percent of all chemical
pesticide use, hemp has no natural enemies and Axs tK)t rehire cricrnical pestickles nor the use
of chemical fertilizers/in most cases and depending on soil nutrients ed.]
3.} Rope, Twine, and Cordage: Virtually every cky and town in the world had an
industry making hemp rope, Russia, however, was the worlds largest producer and best quality
manufacturer, shipping 80% of the western worlds hemp from 1740 until 1940.
4.} Art Hemp canvas was the choice of any artist who strived for quality that would
withstand time. Hemp withstands heat mildew, insects and is not damaged by light The
masterpieces by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Gaugin were primarily painted on hemp canvas.
Had the worics of Beethoven and Mozart been written on hemp paper, they would have ensured
fine originals today. Unlike today's acid -based paper which begins deteriorating within 30k
5.) Paints and Varnishes For thousands of yean, virtually all good paints and varnishes
were made with hemp seed oil and/or linseed oil. In 1935 alone, 116 million pounds of
hempseeds were used in America just for paint and varnish. This organically based paint
contained none of the toxic bi-products that are poisoning our environment
of man. Hemp oil was replaced fa the 1870's by whale oil and within 70 years hemp oil was
completely replaced by whale oil and finally by petroleum and kerosene in 1959. So began the
of the destruction of the ozone layer.
7.} Smoking, Leisure and Creauvity:Mankindhas used various substances throughout
history to alter his krvel of consciousness. Marijuana and its derivative hashish have been used
for centuries as a mind altering substance or a creatWity Wucing herb in virtually every comer
of the globe. Modem day marijuana users include such greats as Louis Armstrong, the Beatles,
Willie Nelson, Peter Tosh, and the list goes on and on. Women, too, have historically used
Cannabis. JssabelhEberharrk, Alice B. Toklas.AnaisNfaAriiieWaldman, George Sands and
so forth. Marijuana is unjusdy grouped in with the far more lethal and abusive substances, such
as hero fa, crack and cocaine, yet, alcohol and tobacco, the two legal drugs available to us cause
more deaths per year than all other illegal drugs combined fa fact, there has never been a
recorded death from marijuana in over 12,000 years.
the single most natural com pound that is the closest in
relied heavily on hemp seeds for both domestic and wild animals, hi 1984, the U.S. government
eradicated 80% of the hemp fields m China, as it swept the globe on its genccidal war on drugs.
Not only destroy fag a protein source used by the Chinese for centuries but also destroying the
seed crop for millions of migratory birds. Sadly, the hemp seed produces no observable high fa
humans or birds; only the most minute traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (T J l.C.) are found in the
seed As the world searches for alternate protein s<xn»gwemrrients are stepping up their war
on drugs...or is that the war on us?
9.} Building Materials and Housing: A modem day process called rfavironcore uses
agricultural fiber to create strong construction r^meUing n^lacing chywalJ a«l plywood Hemp
could ako replace synthetic carpets and plastic phmbing pipes(PVC pipes).
10.} Medicine: Far 3,000 yens, until the 1890's,
mixtures and eiixcrs were routinely the first and second most used medic lie ii the world In fad,
if cannabis was legalized k would replace synthetic drugs fa ow 50% ofprrscriptjcns.U has been
used far epilepsy, glaucoma, cancer and radiation treatment stress related ilmess and countless
11.} Bionuss Energy: Henry Ford, and other futuristic scieribsts recognized the lirnied
supplies of our fossil fuel supplies and realizing that these resources would eventually run out
and that they would become look for power fa the modem world as mey diminished, they grew
hemp. Hemp is the only reasonable alternative to our dependency on oil, petroleum, coal and
natural gas. Hemp is 50 times richer fa renewable biomass/cellulose potential than any other
industrially used plant. Simply put we could heat our homes and drive our cars with hemp,
reducing global warmfag and the greenhouse effect
11} Pulp and Paper Unbelievably, until this century, 75%-90% of all the paper in the
world was made from hemp!!! AH the books, bibles, maps, paper money and especially
newspapers. One run of the New York Sunday Tines uses 75,000 trees and with approximately
7 runs of the paper every Sunday in New York this staggering figure of over 25,000,000 trees
used to run the Sunday Times for one year, fa one cky, is to hard to conceive. By the rime you
finish reading this article on hemp, thousands of aens of vn-gfaumfKT will be destroyed forever
fa various areas of the world. This paper that you are reading should be made from hemp!
fa February of 1938, Popular Mechanics primed tlie last'lioi^twcfdsrxjken on hemp's
behalf for over 40 years". Emitted "The New Billion Dollar Crop," this would be (he first rime
that the word billion would be used to describe any industry. The following is an excerpt from
the original article:
American farmers are promised a new cash crop with an annual value of several hundred
million cfollars.allbecauseamachfae has beenfaven ted which solves a problem more than 6,000
displace imports of raw material and manufactured r^uas pr«luced by underpaid coolie and
peasant labor and it will prov ide thousands of jobs for American workers throughout the land.
Hemp is the standard fiber of the world It has great tensile strength and durability. It is
used to produce more than 5,000 textile products, rang fag from rope to fine laces, and the woody
"nurds" remaining after the fiber has been removed contain more than seventy-seven per cent
cellulose, and can be used to produce more than 25,000 products, ranging from dynamite to
Ncw,arhCTit'stoogoodtobetnje,cr someone's been hying. And if sorneorr has been h/fag,
then how come? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out wtiat would happen to Big Busfaess
ifhemp replaced the trees for pulp and paper, ifhemp replaced coal and petrokum as fuel and hemp
replaced synthetic T.1LC in medicine? Big Business wwddstarid to lose billions of doDars and
that's exactly what Mr. Hearst figured out when the riernp machire was firulry a reality, fa 1916,
the US r>partment of Agriculture released a special bulleun (No. 404) that staled riernp could
replace trees for paper at a margin of 4-1 fa favor of hemp. The ciiormous timber acreage and
businesses of Hearst Paper Manufacturing IJiviskn, KmbenV Clark (U5 A.) and aD ihe rther
timber, paper and newspaper ho Idiiig companies all stood to go bankrupt if they didn't get rid of
hemp before the hemp fiber stripping machines set up as diicct competitkxi. At ihe same time the
fiber industries were busy putting the finishing touches on a new material called nylon, which
would become patented by 1938. The large companies, including Kimberly Clark and Dupont,
staged an all out propaganda strategy using Mr. W.R. Hearst's nation-wide newspapers. Through
sensationalized press, Hearst and his associates renamed hemp to marijuana within two decades.
Using fear tactics to influence "while society," Hearst's "war on drugs" centered on the black and
hispanic minorities (A practice that still exists today by President Bush using television as its
vehicle). Hearst began the witch hunt of the prohibition years dial wcu Id continue to escalate fato
the monster that it is today.
fa September of 1937, marijuana became an illegal substanrx. 54 years later, 60% of the
world's rainforests are gone, and with them thousands of species of flora, fauna, and every
description of animal, from the tiniest insect to eritire cultures ofhunian bangs, we now rest at
the crucial turning point if we are to save this planet If we are to save ourselves from inevitable
destruction then we must speak out to legalize the only means of our survival; Cannabis Hemp.
Help spread the truth that Mr. Hearst and all olhers like him have buried under a landslide of lies,
fear and prejudice.
Box 293
Ucluelet B.C
Tracy Chester-Bennett
FEBRUARY © Thousands of Vancouveriles woke
up on Wednesday, January 22nd
feeling spent; suffering from withdrawal. As anyone who hasn't been
living under a rock for the last six
months must know, the previous
evening had seen the culmination of
Grotus-mania. That fateful Tuesday
night (he musical tsunami that is
Grotus crested at the Cruel Elephant,
capping a phenomenal success story
the likes of which this city has never
seen. How has this band managed to
rise above the rest of the musical
world? What was the driving force
behind the Grotus juggernaut? l*or
the answers to these questions and
more, allow me and my sidekick
Baril to indulge in a little exercise in
When a band reaches the upper strata
of rock'n'roll stardom the way Grotus
has, pretenders always appear suddenly claiming to have known and
liked the band from its moment of
conception. Well, Bazil and I may be
pretenders, but we've liked Grotus
from the start and we can prove it. It
seems like only yesterday that the
shining beacon of musical aptitude
embodied by Grotus' debut 7" single
caught our eyes. There was nothing
to recommend the Grotus men to our
attention except for a shit-load of
umlauls-a name that sounds like either a reproductive organ or a meal
served toconvicts in the 19th century
-and a back cover featuring four of
the ugliest men we'd ever had the
good fortune to lay eyes upon. On
closer inspection we discovered that
the B -side of this single was a cover,
the Grand Funk Railroad anthem
"We're an American Band "and that
one of the more hirsute uglies was
apparently flipping the bird to poten -
rial listeners — a pose later immortalized by the billboard phenomenon
The music contained therein
met and superceded the potential
suggested by the artful cover. The A-
side sports a song called "Mother of
Pearl," an ass-kicking,"heavy'' song
featuring distorted vocals and some
samples over the droning guitar o'
death that's all the rage among the
college crowd these days. In an age
in which wimpy, melodic, jangly pop
songs dominate the college charts,
"Motherof Pearl" would have joined
the happy ranks of "heaviness" had it
been alone on the single. But it wasn't
alone. It was paired with the most
primal, raunchy, bad-ass version of
"We 're an American Band" ever laid
on vinyl. Samples of chainsaws replaced some guitar riffs. Bazil swears
he could hear cowbells in there. At
the end, frontman Lars Fox's voice
reverently repeats the words "Come
on dudes, let's get it on."
Naturally, it wasn't long before Grotus let loose with another
single. However, this one proved puzzling rather than sublime. The liner
notes of this record were dead serious. They focussed on environmen-
talism and political activism. The
single was dedicated to one Edward
Abbey, a dead author who, by their
account, had deeply moved the
Grotus boys through his writing. Nobody was flipping the bird on the
back. No cover versions. Bazil and I
16 n?^g$nsi&&
were concerned. Did Grotus purport
to have a social conscience? Had
they lost their sense of humour?
The music contained inside was
equally disturbing, granted it was
"heavy," and that's pretty much good
enough forme. But as Bazil put it the A-
ride, "Edward Abbey," "lacked pace,"
and the B-side, "Cash Cow," sounded
like "a soundtrack for bedspins." It was
slow and droning but with no discem-
ible sense of humour. Still, the band was
called Grows, they still had the umlauts
and they were "heavy," just like the
Mclvms. So Bazil and I swallowed our
disappomtrnenl and decided that after
the first single, anythmg would be a little
Little did we realize that all
over this great continent, thousands
of sharp minds had come to the same
conclusion: Grotus are rock'n'roll
deities. Yes, the movement was afoot
All of these sharp minds only needed
a small push, which took the form of
the Grotus CD, Brown.
I remember the first time Bazil
and I got to look at the new CD. It
was an incredible moment, religious
in its intensity. A powerful friend
with deep connections in the music
industry handed us the priceless gem
one cloudless afternoon. As Bazil
fondled the CD, we looked it over
with adoring eyes. There was a big
fish on the front There were four sets
of umlauts all hanging over the consonants of Grotus. There was a song
called "Full Metal Grows."
player we were like kids at Christmas.
We were giddy with expectation.
Once the speakers started emitting sound we had to wonder just
what the hell was going on. This
wasn't "heavy." Most of the songs
were about eating meat and what a
heinous thing it is. Samples and dubs
from TV completely overrode the
music. It sounded like a recording of
someone flipping around the TV
channels with Codeine playing very
softly in the background. There was
no live drummer, and you can't be
"heavy" without a live drummer.
(That' s the numbr one rule of "heaviness.") Bazil and I faced a spiritual
abyss. No matter how upbeat and
positive we tried to be, the Grotus
CD sucked.
Bazil and I were devastated.
We decided to head to our retreat in
the Catskills to think things out. After a number of deep, reflective therapy sessions, we came to the following conclusion: This CD was a joke
— kind of like Lou Reed's Metal
Machine Music. It was a test to see
just how loyal Grotus fans were.
Before Bazil could say "tech-
no-shit," the popular media got a
hold of the Grotus movement The
big dead fish on the cover was prominently displayed on CMJ, that coast-
to-coast American publication with
a readership in the low billions. Next,
the band was featured in the Rocket,
with a big photo that confirmed that
the "We're an American Band"
Grotus was the same as the Brown
Grotus. Despite the CD, Grotus was
on a roll.
It was about this time that Bazil
and I expressed an interest in interviewing our heroes. Like magic, the
deed was done. I can't speak for
Bazil, but I spent many a sleepless
night working up questions that
would uncover the true Grotus to a
breathless world. Our big break. We
Chris Uren and Mindy Abromowitz
too could aspire to the journalistic
glory of Da vid Frost, Larry King and
Diane Sawyer.
Finally the heady day came. I
screeched like a teenager, then fainted. Luckily, Bazil is made of sterner
stuff than I. He conducted the interview with the flair and panachebe fitting a man in his station in life. It was
only later that I discovered that he'd
stolen most of his questions from the
Rocket. Bazil asked the big one, the
question that could not be left unanswered. "What is a Grotus?" Lars
admitted that it is nothing. Lars related that "one of our friends saw something disgusting and said "Oh, Grows!" so that's what we named the
band." When asked why they used
all the umlauts, Lars replied that
originally they considered naming
the band 'Umlaut' and representing
it with two dots. But they figured that
no one would get it Lars and Bazil
discussed the 7"'s and the CD. Lars
claimed that the singles were more
representative of the now famous
Grotus sound. After hearing the CD
we wanted to know how much of
their live show was live and how
much mere sampling. According to
Lars 95% is live. Bazil also wanted
to know if Grotus would give us
some payola for playing their stuff
on the radio. Lars said they couldn't
afford it Hoo boy. What a sense of
humour that Lars has. Ha, think of
Grows not being able to afford
something. The next question was an
obvious one. Does Grotus watch a
lot of TV? Lars revealed that they
were "Trashy, American, garbage-
culwre kinda guys," and that was the
reference point for the band. Bazil
wondered if they worried about taking themselves too seriously, with
their conscientious environmental
message and all. Lars hoped that
people would listen to them and get
the message, but not think that the
band was a bunch of serious, somber,
anal retentive pricks who are pissed
off at the world. "We laugh about
stuff all the rime." We also talked
about cover versions. Grotus has big
plans for Gary Newman's "In Cars"
and Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the
Machine." Lars felt that they "should
have screwed up 'We're an American Band' a lot more." Finally, we
tackled the burning issue of the extended finger on the back cover of
the "Mother of Pearl" single. The
shocking truth is that the photo displayed the "Grows hand gesture,"
and that the extended finger is a
pinky, not the bird finger. "When we
started out," explained Lars, "we
thought up stuff like the Grotus
handshake, the Grows symbol, the
Grotus hand gesture. We're just a
bunch of dorks who sit around think
ing up stuff like that." Bunch of dorks,
my butt. Grotus is stupid like a fox.
How long do you think it will be
before we see that circle G Grotus
symbol on every T-shirt in town, not
to mention bald little dolls of Lars
with his pinky extended?
I'll tell you folks, don't fall for
the mean face Lars Fox wears on his
7". He's well spoken, he has a good
sense of humour and he's nice to
people. Lars is a good guy. We could
hardly wait to meet him and to see
the band in person the following night.
Finally, the time came. The
Grotus legion gathered at the Cruel
Elephant to carry on their love affair
with the band. It was sheer anarchy
as people wandered throughout the
bar trying to decide which of the
many open seats to sit in.
It's interesting how some misconceptions can be dispelled instantly. Lars wasn't ugly. He was cute. He
was bald and decked out in red flannel long-Johns. He was such a smiley
little guy you couldn't help but love
him. The rest of the band was ugly.
The bass player and the guitarist
looked very similar— big, sweaty,
lots of hair, goatees and weird pope
hats. To emphasize their hairy similarities they performed a sort of dance
in sync throughout the show. In addition to an obscured live drummer.
there was a TV set on stage, also
blocked by either the guitarist or the
bass player. (They could have been
twins.) The stage could barely contain this band.
The music? Well, when
you' ve become an entity of Gro-
tesian proportions, the music is
secondary. But just so you
know, the music kicked. Grotus
was loud, yes, but more importantly, they were "heavy." The
bass player and the guitarist
were almost identically attired
in Melvins T-shirts: the influence was obvious. Thankfully,
Grotus used some discretion
that the Melvins could use and
stayed away from drum solos.
There was a two-song encore
and then it ended. Just like that.
Bazil and I fought our way
backstage after the show. I got
Lars' autograph, while Bazil
was smarter and got a sweaty
guitar pick from John Carson
and the towel that bassist Adam
Tanner used to wipe his brow.
We also talked to Lars a bit.
Despite his near fatal exhaustion, he was still a beautiful
person. Finally we took pity on
him and went home. Grotus-
mania had reached its zenith.
They'll be back in March when
they tour with Mr. Bungle. What is rock 'n roll in the 90's all about anyway? Pawnshops. Hanging out in gaudy pawnshops near handy recording studios and waiting for cool guitars to go out of style and down
in price. Axes abundant; riff pounders, silk weavers and honey bees, all humming and ready to be restored into rightful, buoyant, crooked fingered kid hands.
Rock 'nroll is about urgency, aneed built on the immediacy of indulgent desires to cut the rug and explore a new niche. And finally, rock 'n roll is about the scene, not the jaded
celebrants, but rather the wide eyed hipsters talking about wiring down their customized sounds, and playing the wrong notes at the right time. You know, the gums with enough acumen
to know what sounds good, and leave it alone.
One such maverick (although he'd never tell you) is Ned Hayden. That's right .let it soak your bite, Ned Hayden, who single handedly envisioned what's now known as 'hot
rock action', and tamed the New York scuz-rock underbelly.
1991 was the year for Ned. Tired of contracting out his acrimonious skills, he built his own manifold of electro-fied rock 'n roll— The Action Swingers— and took a spin on
the hub of New York rockola. The first goal was to release something raw, a starting point for their pregnant thoughts. "The album," as its referred to, quickly took root under the
limelights of Caroline records' tributary, Primo Scree. Their sound, right from this uncauterized start was that of the greenhouse. Songs, precious as panes of glass, and underneath
a breeding ground where everything swelters and stews. The Swingers are a band of extremes and it does them justice to take this metaphor to the limit. The album is seasoned and
conducive to cooking large batches of speedy ratatouille; songs like "I 'm dead" aripe zucchini, and "Watch out" or "Fully loaded" all zesty items. And finally there's the quintessential
opener "Song" that provides the olive oil base for a smooth and palatable ride home. Earlier this month we managed to pinpoint Ned lounging in the crimson offices of Caroline heaven.
Here are trie riigriligrits
Discorder - There has been a lot of hype lately
about New York musk, (including Discorder's
Monster Magnetspecial last month,S>"/j's "Class
of '92" lipaervke to east coast music arenas,
Superchunk on Faxx, and Rolling Stone's New
MuskSeminar review). How do you see your self
fitting into this?
Ned - We don'treally fit intoSpin's format, and it's
a blessing, we're not going to change. It's idiotic,
people just want records that sound like Soundgar-
den before they accept you. How people decide
things is pretty ugly. We don't want to sound like any
other band, we just play, go out do our shows and
thats it., just trying to write good songs. We're not as
big as any of those bands, Monster Magnet or
Superchunk. It doesn't make sense to be as big as
Monster Magnet What's the sense of doing it only
to wind up like S urgery or all those other great bands.
Its a trap: they buy your records, they buy your
t-shirts, then they might start to give a shit I'm
looking to avoid this trap. You wouldn't be able to
leave your house in the morning for the forest of fans,
and then what? Is it cool to play coliseums like the
Smashing Pumpkins or Hole?...to become a crack
addict and wind up in Spin?
Is it a prerequisite to be a crack head to be on the
cover of Spin?
Spin's market is junkies who can scrap up enough
dough to buy a copy of their rag. That's their thing.
Guys like Jim Greer (Spin writer) can only relate to
bands via the crack pipe...(inreference to his review
of Pavement's 10 inch) guys like Jim Greer should
die. Guys who say "this ten inch record will change
your ten inch life" should have my ten inch dick
shoved in his ten inch face.
So, are you guys the most unknown band in
America, even if you toured with Dinosaur, Mud-
honey et al.? And don't you think that you have
some rather big names In your band- Pete Shore
(Unsane), Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Bewitched,
Furniture) and Julia Catfritz (Pussy Galore)?
Didn't that get you some attention?
I don't know, anyways, I fired all those indie rock
losers and hired some young hungry rockers... young
hungry kids who want some action. Their my back
up band, loose kids into rock. Those other guys were
into... who knows.
How was recording the album?
It was recorded in a day (the usual response). WeU,
actually half a day, the rest of the time we sat around
playing backgammon....
Kind of like Don Fleming's approach?
No way, not at all. Don Fleming man, he plays the
songs, records them, then listens to them to write
them and play live. A little backwards from the rest
of the world but it works for him. Me, I'm a working
man, meat and potatoes type guy. Don has the luxury
of sitting around the house all day long, everyday of
his lifenot having to work. For that I would have to
consider him an underachiever and that's pathetic.
Don's a Neil Young inspired type guy. He never
liked the Germs or Fear, he likes Skynard. He's like
my father or something.
So he must really love the Arc Weld disc?
He does, because his hippie friend Thurston talked
Neil into doing it It's those hippies trying to get
undercover in the scene. They've been around long
enough, its our turn; guys like you and I and everyone out there who's itching. I mean when we see
them on stage are we supposed to get inspired? No
chance. However, if it's real free noise wailing you
want, check out the Impulse re-issue of John Col-
trane's Interstellar Space disc. That's punk rock to
you also record a single with Noke ville, and didn't
you also have a single lined up on the singles dub?
They asked us to do it but we told them to fuck
themselves. We were going to do it but then it was like
"Pay up, pay up buds," and they didn't pay up, so they
don't get any singles. I mean whatever happened to
bands getting payed anyway? We're not into the whole
sort of 'Give for Sub Pop" thing. Plus, we don't play
benefits. It's not that I'm against the whole benefit idea
but why don't they have a benefit for us? FMU, this big
radio station in New York, they're having all kinds of
benefits and raising cash. And what do they do with all
the money? They go out and buy bootleg 7 inches of
bands like the Unsane or something for like fifty bucks
so they can play them on the air. It's a bunch of crap! If
an organization was just fiscally responsible in the first
place they wouldn't need to have benefits. That's our
message—Fiscal Responsibility, a spend-as-you-go
Democrat type deal.
So you're a band with a message?
Oh yeah, we want to be just like Fugazi; they're
artists. I can only hope to be like them. They 're not
like some cheap little thing... some cheap little rock
band to pick up girls and drink beer and stuff.
They're a cause, an ideology, and they don't have t-
shirts. Much like us, we want the kids to get their own
magic marker and make their own t-shirts, that's the
message. I don't want to be feeding them prepackaged t-shirts. We want them to think for themselves! In that way we're like Fugazi, and in the fact
that we play all ages shows for five dollars. Oh wait,
we'd never play an all ages show for five dollars if
our lives depended on it I guess we're nothing like
So what is your ideology?
Man here it is: you pull into town, you do a sound-
check, kill 3 or 4 hours eating bad food / beer
drinking (to get lubricated for the show), you play,
and after when they 're taking your gear off the stage,
you get paid and then the fast exit You split, cash in
And then do It all again the next day?
Everyday. Everyday of the whole damn year if
possible. It's great! I love that, that's the way I care
to live my personal life, I made that decision when I
was twelve years old and I saw Kiss I said "Someday,
I want to wear make up and have high platform shoes,"
except I figured it was better to form apunkrock band.
It was always rock, you never thought about
following in the foot steps of some of the Shimmy Disc artists?
I've known those guys for years, I know
everyone in New York city. They all used to
be REM fans, can't you hear it in their music?
John Hall has been playing that kind of crap
for a while now. I guess for the rest of the
world its witty indie rock but here it wears a
little thin. I mean no one wants to be sitting in
a bar having that in the background.
Out of that whole scene the only real
genius is Dogbowl. He's an actual living
genius, whereas all the other Shimmy losers
are pretentious potheads. And Kramer, he's
ruined more records than he's helped. Half
his records would be OK if they had some real
guitar parts. I mean how can you love his kind
of attitude? But people elsewhere do. They
should make t-shirts that say "I'm with Kramer," like those ones that say...
..."I'm with Superconductor"?
Yeah, that's it, they're from Vancouver. They
played with Superchunk.
Well, what about bringing the Swingers out on
the road?
Yeah, we're going to tour late Febuary or March,
once it thaws out... head out west, maybe England, except all those places want to coerce free
product out of us. It's like selling off your children or something. Plus all the bands over there
are so cute. We're not but we don't care. We
played with Teenage Fanclub, blew their shit
away and got paid the big blow. That' s w hat we do
for a living.
At last word, Ned Hayden was still doing
this for a living; the interview thing, the live thing,
and the underground metempsychosis, continuing to bide his time while promoters haggle over
tour rights. All we can do is spirtitually strengthen
ourselves and wait
"Pretty Hate Machine"
'Better Days"
CAN'T FIND IT? SAM'S has Western Canada's Largest Selection and Most Comprehensive Request Service.
DOWNTOWN 568SEYMOURST. ONLY  FOUR FLOORS OF FUN!!   DOWNTOWN 568 SEYMOUR ST. ONLY Earth felt the wound, and nature from
her teat sighing through all her works
gave signs of woe that all was lost,
•"There is no Ned." Words could not
describe my disappointment when
Alex Griffin, bassmforNed's Atomic Dustbin, enlightened me on the
true origin of one of the most creative
band names I've ever heard. I mean,
with a name like that you 'd think that
there might be some deep meaning
or acronym or something of immense
profundity hidden in the words. Then
again, I have a habit of complicating
simple things. According to Alex,
"We got [the name] from a show in
the 50's, which was called The Goon
Show and one of the episodes was
called 'Ned's Atomic Dustbin.'
When we were thinking of names
that was the worst one, so we chose
it" As for the atomic dustbin thing,
I've been told that a dustbin is really
just a sophisticated/British way of
saying garbage can. I guess for North
American followers the name translates as Ned's Atomic Garbage Can.
Choosing a name that sticks in
the minds of listeners has obviously
proven to be a bonus. Ned's first
album, God Fodder, recently went
gold in the UK and has sold about
one hundred and eighty thousand
copies in North America. Not bad for
a relatively unknown band that sponsors their tours through t-shirt sales
alone. But hey, when you market a t-
shirt that says "Did you miss Ned's
Atomic Dustbin? You Fucked Up"
whaddya expect?
So perhaps modesty is not a
huge issue for Ned's, but when you
consider that these five virile young
men sparked a mats riot of over-
hormonal teenage girls at a recent
gig in Belfast, then they must be
doing something right. Alex explained how "the crowd started getting wild and they pushed the barrier
under so it collapsed the legs from
the stage which then folded in the
middle." In the event of being swallowed alive by the stage, the band
unfortunalley had to cancel the show.
Perhaps that indignity might have
been overlooked by the band and
their fans (I have visions of the Ned's
being consumed by an onslaught of
people, but consumed by the stage? I
dunno.) —except that they hadn't
yet finished the first song. And you
wanna talk disaster prone? Maybe it
is the name or something that makes
the band so explosive, and I'm not
exclusively referring to their popularity. The day before the Belfast
show they arrived at their hotel only
to be turned away because the building had been bombed moments earlier. As lead vocalist Jonn Penney so
adeptly observed of their mishaps in
a recent interview (though not with
me), "The idea is to loll your television, not the band," referring, of
course, to their successful second
vinyl release entitled "Kill YourTele-
But don't bother digging too
deeply into the significance of this
rather attention snapping song title
'cause you won't find a single deep
rooted, symbolic, earth-shattering
comment on contemporary social
decay or the couch-potato syndrome
that runs rampant in North American
culture. Instead (Alex again clarified
my [mis?] interpretation), the title is
"nothing really. It sounds good, it's a
good slogan. Y'know? I have this
slickeronmybassthatsays 'kill your
television' and Jonn saw it and
thought it was a good title for a song.
He already had the lyrics written, and
we already had the tune. The beau
just seem to go together, so the song
isn't really about killing your television, it's about whatever you want it
to be." In that case, I say kill the
bloody tube and toss it. It's all a
bunch o' garbage...er...uh dust?
(Well, if a garbage can and a dust bin
are one and the same it should follow
that garbage and dust are too.)
I still found it somewhat ironic
that despite making what seems like
a glaring musical statement on the
evils of TV., Ned's has scheduled a
whole slew [sic] of television appearances across North America.
They will (or have already) made
appearances on both MTV and Much-
Music and will appear on some other
shows that Alex couldn't remember
at the time I spoke with him. Maybe
Letterman, or Arsem'o or SNL or...or
The White House for all I know. I
won't see it 'cause I don't watch
T.V.I Any how, I digress....
Undoubtedly, readers are probably interested in getting to the nitg-
rit of the Ned's - like W5 or something. Let me share my increasing
wealth of knowledge based on my
brief interview and a ton of stuff
borrowed from recently published
articles about the band. Ned' s Atomic Dustbin is: Jonn Penney (vocalist,
lyricist and founding member), Alex
Griffin (bassist #1), Mat Cheslin
(bassist 02), Rat Pring (Guitar) and
Dan Worton (drums: notice that if
you abbreviate the band's name to
NAD it spells Dan backwards-mind
you, this is irrelevant. I asked). According to Alex, the prolific "big
bang" that brought Ned's into existence happened in 1989 after, "fourof
[us] went to the same college near
Birmingham. Most of [us] were in
bands before and [we] all split off
about the same time and decided to
form one band. Then [we] met Dan
through somebody else."
Ned's wasted no time in releasing their first single after a series
of Birmingham gigs proved Quit;
"■CCCSsfui. Considering that they
share the Birmingham limelight with
groups such as PWEI and The Won -
der Stuff it was only a matter of rime
before they nabbed some opening
spots with both bands. In conjunction with the release of the single,
"Happy," Ned'i Atomic Dustbin
embarked on a tour with pop-genre
band Jesus Jones.
Already, rumour hat it that
Ned's Atomic Dustbin hat been invited to join Lollapalooza II scheduled to tour this summer. Alex's response? "Yeah, rumour has had it.
I'm saying no more. It is a rumour,
but we have been asked and we're all
up for it. If it happens, then hopefully
we'll do it, if it doesn't ... then no
Vocalist Jonn has been quoted
as saying that their sound is "Pop-
core" although I must say that the
majority of God Fodder leans rather
steeply towards the "pop" side of
things. But then, suddenly, a raspy
bass kicks in during tracks like "What
Gives My Son," "Nothing Like,"
"You," and the familiar "Kill Your
Television." With two bassists it's
not surprising that the music has the
potential to be reeeallly heavy at
times. (Ned's has two bassists because during their formation the band
just couldn't decide who wat better.)
Apparently the band's sound lends
itself amazingly well to live performances in combination with their
high energy and "unbridled sUge
Another notable aspect of
Ned's is the song lyrics written by
VOCalisi iontt. Reading through the
CD cover reveals a list of titles that
reflect the dismal results of several
failed relationships. Sensing this bitterness. I asked Alex what exactly
inspires Jonn to write such cynical
words. He replied that yes, they "are
cynical, but they're not necessarily
about his relationships. Y'know, he
keeps things really general so that
people can take what they want from
'em. As opposed to saying T met this
girl, and she left me, and I was really
sad.' he makes things sound a bit
more interesting." I gotta agree. In
the song "Throwing Things" Jonn
coinstheterm "verbal constipation."
I love it. I mean how much more
accurate can a description of that
non-communicative void that seems
to haunt so many relationships get?
Influences? Don'task. Evidently, Ned's is one of those bands that
has no admitted musical compatriots . (Alex had especially never heard
of the 'as of late" hot CiTR pop-stuff
like the Pooh Sticks orthe Vaselines,
who both hail from Scotland.) When
I spoke with Alex he explained that,
"we all hate each other's musical
tastes, so if I tell you what I like you'll
get completely the wrong impression." I'm never quick to comply to
stubbornness so I persisted to ask him
anyhow: "Well, I like Hiisker Dii, uh,
Joni Mitchell..." He was right. I did
ask a stupid question. Regardless, you
now know what the bass guitarist for
Ned's Atomic Dustbin listens to and
that his tastes do not, in any way,
reflect the music he plays and writes.
As forinteresting/embarrassing
{JBk iXCuoies that occurred during
the interview, I did manage a few. I
asked Alex if the band members were
vegetarians (That was a Nardwuar
question - shrug, dontaskme.): "Uh,
Jonn is. The rest of us are vicious
meat eaten." My response was sort of
a comment, "like, I guess you all wear
leather then?" To which Alex replied, "No, I just don't like liver."
Maybe it was my Canadian or Laryngitis accent. Who knows. Who cares.
Mental picture:. .fall out settles
across the barren ground zero stages of a devastated North America., fans withdraw into theirtiny shelters equipped with a brand new God
FodaeiCD...cherishing their Ned's
concert T-shirt, the blinding colour
whose like will no doubt never be
seen again...the nuclear winter of a
post-NeaTs Atomic Holocaust tour
will settle in.. .silently they disappear
into the recording studio shelter to
initiate their next musical project then
they wait...patiently ...until someone
pushes the button again.
I L  O  V  E  I T
I N E  E D  I T
Now serving coffee and salads too.
1175 Robson      1937 Cornwall
presents the newest R&B room In town
Feb. 1        from Calgary Steve Pineo & The
Feb. 3-8    The Vaqueros
Feb. 10-12 The Rick Taylor Band
Feb. 13-15 Chan
Feb. 17-20 Elbore Jamesandthe Hipshakers
Feb. 21-22 from Chicago The Richard
DeGuareRevue(9pc. R&Bsoul
Feb 24-29  Harpdog Brown & The Blood-
1176 GRANVILLE 688-8701
FEBRUARY (J) Yol Future Rap 1992 is in full effect bovee!
Let's hope for many new promising hip hop
artists k> enter the scene this chill year.
For those who dig the club scene, you
may already he hip to the 2 happenm grooves
that get the crowd jumptV! I'm talkin"bout
those two brothers who rapidly rhyme along
lo such instruments as mellow horns and
funky guitar nffs, and flow m creative native
tongue stylcBteck Sheep! The two releases the public may have heard in the
nightclubs, on CiTR's two rap shows "h
Effect" and "The Real Deal," or on Much
Music, are "Haver of the Month," and 'The
Choice is Yours."
A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing s the title of
this 1991 Polygram, 22 track release. There
is a humourous song thrown on the beginning of the CD where the Black Sheep
have a dream of being hard(core). The
mood is explicit and somewhat violent lyrics are shouted out, but the crazy-assed
attitude ts slammm'! One of my favourite
songs is "StrobelifcHoney." Asadbutirue
tale is dropped, told from personal experi-
encenodoubt! It seems that when these two
fellas, on separate occasions, asked a girl to
groove at a dancehall, the honey may have
looked Oy in the dark surroundings, but as
soon as the strobelite revealed her true
kJentity...Yol They Gotta Gol
I don't really like to compare any rap
artist with another one burBlack Sheep do
remind me of a mix between De La Soul and
A Tribe Called Quest (Sorry!) And Actually QTj> of A Tribe Called Quest, does
appear on one of the tracks with than. A
variety of styles makeup the CD. From a
hilarious slut called 'Go To Hair, to an
nierview with LASM (Ladies Against
Sexist Modierfuckas), to "For Doz That
Slept" which contains many different samples of a certain two words (Pack You) put
to a beat, I have to say, n the words of the
with this, or you can get wirh that I think you
should get this, for this is where i's at!"
Chimin' to be known as "New York's
Hardest!" are 2 Black 2 Strong ♦ The
MMG. Ikot'Hanl Tune on Planet h^rth
Biii£r.=;cf!hefTl TfcrMMGismade
upof: Warchiki, Mean Gene, Dark Chocolate - The Devil's Food Cake Lover, C
Dogg, and the lead rapper Johnny Mans.
Lots of reverb on the bassdrum, plenty of
hittin' high hat, and furious dialogue is
portrayed. Talk of selling crack, watchaV
ones own back, and gettm' jacked are a few
of the issues mentioned here. "Only The
Strong Survive" tells, h offensive language,
the fact that indeed only the strong survive
on the streets. Gunshots, stompin' sounds,
and the ever-so-famous Funky Drummer,
by James Brown, and piano chords, are used
in this hit Slowing down the pace a notch,
rhymes talking of the transition of a man on
the streets and in prison are described For
aJthough on the street one may appear to be
tough and rough, the minute he is arrested
andsent to the
ce)]. 2Black 2Strong*The
it pretty good as i
identity of a man and becomes a piece of
meat that evil can pick on and violate. No
longer is he the big shot "Ice Man Cometh",
discusses police brutality as it exists in the
world of today. Heavy metal guitar plays in
the background Wordplay is used in the
tune "War On Drugs"...[which is a war on
A particularly griping, memorable
release that has entered the playbst here at
CiTR is by Scarface of the Ge» Boys,
Mr. Scarface o Back. The first track self-
titled "Mr. Scarface" is kickin'. Previous
Geto Boy samples and riffs have been
inserted. Foul language is spread out evenly over the whole CD, but this is to be
expected from this homey. By the time I
had finished listening to the entirety of this
release I left the CD feeling almost sympathetic towards Mr. Scarface The majority of issues mentioned involve, homicides,
feelmm  of siiirvte    Irwjirw;   Kr^rtJ^*-
ness, and death, fai the tune called, "Bom
Killer" Scarface asks the question, "I
don't love mellow the fuck I'mma love
you?!" And in "Diary or A Madman", he
states, "...I know I'm here somewhere/But
I can't find me..." Of course graphic stuff
pertaining lo sex is described in 'The Pimp"
where Scarface is breakin' some hooker
in (if you know what I'm sayiV), and the
various positions, etc that he likes. Completely distasteful and a waste of a track.
"Gangsta of Love", off ofGrip ittOnThat
Other Level, may have been explicit and
rude, but k did have a funky loop and was
definitely less offensive than "The Pimp."
Scarface is for sure a Trigga Happy Nig-
ga!, as revealed in all of his his. From
listening to Scarface's lyrics a grim picture is painted of what this human being has
been subject to. He claims to be a victim of
society who as a child was not cared for, so
he grew up not givm' a shit about nobody
neither. The conclusion of tha CD is on the
negative up. The last song is tided, "I'm
Dead". It starts out Scarface witnessing a
street fight where he sees a iugga die. Of
it is no other than The Man himself,
but Mr. Scarface does not realirc the fart
unhl he sees he mother and h» g«i slandaig
ova his gravestone,-He's dead..
The last new release I managed to get
a bold of 8 by Ice Cube's cousin..Del Tha
fUNKEe hOMOSAPIEN w*h ho release
/ Wish My BrothtrGtorgt Was Here, ice
Cube is the executive producer and it is
quite evident because as previously displayed, a seems that Cube digs the sounds
of the P-Funk All-Stars, Funkadebc, Parliament, and James Brown. (As do many other
rap artists). There are a few exceptional
tracks to mendon "Dark Skin Girls", is
sure to be a controversial hit' In this song
Del insists that the lighter skin black girls
up personality, are phony and fake, and
mean.. .Whereas the dark skin girls are beautiful, complete, and the ones he'd rather be
with Del seems lo have a real pissed off
altitude towards a lot of things. Hehaiesthe
guys who diss him when he stands at the
front end of the Rapid Transit, where all the
old people are, etc., but they won't come up
when they threaten him and he refuses to
move lo the back! He can't stand the
attitudes that the lightskm girls possess. He
complains about his friends who are "Sleep-
in' On [His] Couch," eatin' his food, and
watdiin' his Mum's television set! Del
shows concern for the kids that get stuck up
for their shoes and boomn' systems, "..Jtil-
hn' the children /like the sneakers are worth
a million..." Ice Cube's voice appears in the
background of several tracks which is cool
"Same 01'Thing" is dope. mtfustuneDel
disses Vanilla Ice! It is a truley beautiful
thing to hear, and (he diss is on that other
level! To summarize this CD byDel Tha
fUNKEe hOMOSAPIENl have to admit
that it's got the thumbs up in my book.
Street language is continuous ty uttered with
the usual swear words here and there and
then some. The topics raised are discussed in
a funky sorta waay and are to be (and are)
taken seriously unless otherwise intended
The new BDP12" record contaiung
"Duck Down" a hardcore hit where blast-
master KRS-ONE drops quick rhymes dis-
sin' sucka crews, "Like a Throttle," which
ako spits foul language at the opposition,
and "We in There," yet another cSssin'
track, are three songs that are totally hip
hoppB'.hard-slammm,'sucka-bashin', and
totally fresh for 1992! We can expect to see
BDPs complete albunvSwamf Violence,
Twn tijjttlMaul ■£■ w hv ** mnw
of Almighty and K.D. Rankshave a 12"
out with one side presen ting' Trenton Where
We Live," a basic song with a reggae chorus, and the Hip side with 'Lyrics In A
This," which suggests those to learn their
culture and show appreciation Lots of
gasping for air is heard by Almighty, but
altogether it's not bad (On Poetic Groove
and tnierscope Records).
Rapper of the month..."Nobody knows his
name, they only know his face," he's a for
Yo!!! Just a little message before I sign off
for this month. For those who diss other
cultures and have serious problems towards
the dark pool of ignorance, pick up a book
and learn anothers culture. Knowledge is
the key to understanding each other. Only
by asking questions can we find the answers to the situations of the past, present,
and search out positive solutions for the
future. Peace!
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20 TEt^^nn^Ji Just a little gossip to start this month's
column: Jack Feels Rne has not broken up.
Rumour has it that they will be playing
with Mystery Machine at the Cruel FJe-
phant on February 21 (we think). Speaking
of Mystery Machine, they are no longer
producng on Kiltel because the label went
under, and Nanfwuar is not impressed with
their Nettwerk connections. Ob yeah, if
you didn't see them.Mystcry Machine
opened for Fishbone! Woweel
Is Shutdown no longer or is this a
Victorian myth? When is Chris Houston
(Evil Twang) gom
Vancouver...some park) Open
air.. J-'acepuller, FaJafds and a bunch of other shit I went to the beach for.
2. SHINDIG: Incitement for all. Winner-Mystery Machine, Second-Culer than
Spunky, Thinl-Perfume Tree. Discrepancies between second and third place from
when is he gonna start up Elvis Mondays-
long time do it yourself form that started as
a haven for garage'n cow punk in Toronto
back in'84?
Speaking of the big TO, look for
Fringe, and a split 7" with both Toronto
and Sparkmaiker,respecuvely.
Cutting Edge journalist, Viola Funk,
has left 10 piece^ll-girl band Kreviss due
to some line-up discrepancies during the
Rape Relief Benefit at the Cruel Elephant.
Look for Viola in an upcoming splinter
project(and no, I don't mean mat band
from Portland).
..BUT, while we're on the topic of
Portland, gotu mention that that cky has
one fine fanzine called Snipe hunt which
offers a fine scene report (actually it's
usually just a bunch of snotty bullshit).
Snipehunt is available at Scratch and the
Cruel E
Cory #l,from Sludge asked me lo
proachable column about his unjust tour
treatment from Superconductor's Shawn.
However, we were both wasted at the tine
when he told me the tidbit and I was trying
to get an interview with Steel Pole Bathtub.
All I can say from my own sober experiences with both guys is that one is a bit of
a Jabberpuss and the other is an insufferable snot and they'll probably be best
friends by the time you read this incredibly
obsolete piece of literature that our editors
seem to think isn't "cpnionated" enuff in
haps if we whined more about not getting
laid, or maybe went off on some tangent
about thigh tattoos, or made up self- congratulatory terms like "Quincy Punks,"
we'd be more respected around here...
We know it's late, but we were
out of town for New Years so yer
gettin' it now.
3. NOMEANSNaAsurpnsegigurH
der the aliasof Three Guys Named Bob at the
old Cruel £ No, I didn't get in either so
SPARKMARKI-:R<Arcadian Hall) Cat's
Game swung off ropes into performance
history and later the place fell under siege.
Guest Quest history was made as the police
showed up to actually PROTECT the people
inside (not the actual event, mind you, just
the people).
Cruel Elephant Just the premise of having
the sex-kittykitty Bombshells "take a stand"
against rape is fumy enough to keep me
comin' back. FacepuUer did some interesting things with power took. Even me bassist
from Piss Queen liked Kreviss.
mond tribute at the Cruel ELook for Neil's
version of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by
Richard Bach. A record collectors must!
7. TRUK (before they lost their integrity), GOGUY, ALIEN AND THE PSYCHO (PUNK RAWK): (Twilight Zone)
Groups with true potential. Even if the two
latter groups lost Shindig, they're winners ti
our eyes.
WUAR( opening for Sted Pole Bathtub):
If you didn't fulfy hale this homely flashy
bunch of windbags for at least three full days
after the show then, my friend, you are an
CARNIFEROUS RAUNCH FUX:( Lunatic Fringe) Chase (Did's Pizza art) turned
Piss Queen into a rap fusion megalomania,
then got cocky and thought he could rap with
the mighty Raunch Fux. They backed him
up with a rousing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little
Star" which shut him up. Black hockey tape
nipples and bouncer/band beat ups all
Mexican Power Authority -More />«-
Break Even Records, Jason Flower. 2185
Amity Drive, Sidney, B.C V8L1BZ Flower was formerly of Sbckfarm ( a happening
group) until he lucked (hem all out of the
band and started Mexican Power Authority
(vicious Abbotsford rumour). If you go to
Victoria, 1 am told it's not hard to pick up
Mexican Power Authority band's live act at
the legendary Harpo's. The music is fast
paced and hectic punk rawk; the songs are
very short, shorter than the Dwarves. Strange
nondescript lyrics. Check them out if you get
Rattled Rooster*- Rocket Raunch
Fan Crub.2547 Edgar Crescent Vancouver
,B.C, V6L 2G5. These guys seem to be
heavily into the rockabilly type thing. Probably good to drink beer to. I'm not into this
kind of sound so I don't have much to say.
They played at Smash on New Year's Eve,
the Town Pump on January 8, and the Com
modore on February 17, so if you want to
check these energetic guys out it shouldn't
be that hard.
Lootbag- Next lSkm
Naaazal dude. Actually the lyrics are way
clear and cooL Lootbag draws to heavily on
that skank/dancehall riff but it's not annoying so I won't slam them for it. 15km comes
with a nifty sing along lyric sheet Favourite
song here is "Fuck Peace" (meat rules dude).
Favourite lines, however "are you proud of
yourself now, you're what you once hated
and 1 will not beapart of the boredom you've
created" from "Just No Way." This is probably available at Scratch, but if not, writing
to Mickey Christ will get you Lootbag info.
Definitely available at rimhouse and maybe
Lyle's in Victoria.
Veda Hill- Songs About People andBuild-
Ball tf Flames FVoouctions, 3126 W. 13th
Avenue, Vancouver, B.CV6K2V3. God
it's a nice change to hear a female voice. It's
a good voice loo. Sort of Sinead O'Connor/
Natalie Merchant-ish (10, 000 Maniacs).
Nine people in this band including cello and
mandolin players, which might explain the
music seemingly fighting the voice sometimes. The songs deal with gritty true life
stuff like seeing condoms on the ground.
Terror of Tinytown
This demo gives one harsh deja vu. I swear
I've beard k, but I've never heard this band
before The first song, "A Basket of Pears,''
sounds acoustic and very rhythmic in a
strange kind of way. Thesecond song, "Feels
So Right," sorta passed me by. The last song,
"What's ate Price," is the best sounding
(funkier) song of the three.
Mrs. Svenson-JW Leaves
2833 Pasqua St, Regioa, Saskatchewan,
306-584-9209. My apologies to Mrs. Sven-
son fans with the review I gave them when
they played with Little Joe way back when
For so
9. The Whistler snowboarding gig
that we never went to, but people keep on
talking about: Sptrkmarker, Ten Feet Tall,
and who knows who else. Supposedly "the
reddest gig of the year."
ing like Fugazi, then again, I don't remember too much from that night, if you catch my
drift. This demo is good quality music They
sound a bk like Dinosaur Jr. Even though I
don't Ike the term - k's chick music (about
chicks, for chicks etc). Good solid drums
and baas. You're welcome.
VOX Popull -Ryan's Rotor TUIer
Man Pollard,1220 Union Road, Victoria,
B.C V8P 2J4,388-5791. Got that loveaNe
Victoria sound. Yummy bass - 'specially
in "Pass the Pyrophy" and 'Toxic City."
The female voice of Julia Beanie is a nice
surprise on the song "Curves and Lines",
and then something weird happens; the last
three songs disappear. They weren't on the
tape. Maybe they have a conspiracy with
Mickey Chri»t-Af eaner than You
How does a peaceful city like Victoria
spawn such aggression? Maybe it's the
sewage system, I dunno. Lead singer has a
Husker Du-ish voice but the music styles
jump around enough lo avoid moldiness.
Great cassette cover and I'm not saying
anymore or I'll get into those annoying
Nomeansno comparisons again.
Operation Willis-Pkysicalfy Twisted
Stone Cold Ninja Management c/o Andy
Mori, 151 Government Street, Victoria,
B.C V8V 2K6,381-5385. These guys hail
all the way from Victoria, so expectations
are going to be high. They sound good in
the music segment, although the vocals
could use some work. A kind of Nomeansno sound, as if they were the only band to
influence that whole city, with a twist -
Morrissey kind of lyrics. If my opinion
really mattered, I'd say they were pretty
good. But that's just me.
We got a goody with this trippy sounding
demo, and although the little bonus did us
no good, I suppose that with the help of it
I might have liked them. like Ministry or
Front 242 Hey, if that kind of thing were
what I liked, then I dunk I could have
appreciated these guys. What can you do?
Cuter Than Spunky-L/ve
They 've (well the cute guy with the brown
hair did) assured me that Cuter than Spunky
will soon be releasing something even
better. For some reason they sound like
they're going too fast for their own
abilityfmaybe that's on purpose). There
are some songs I could come to love however I can't tell you the names of them
i song names on the tape.
The Bombshells
EMG, #303 68 Water Street, Vancouver,
B.C V6B1A4. Pretty, pink cassette cover.
National Velvet, Pandoras and
Guns'n'Roses after mowin' down a big
bowl of estrogen. Makes me wish I was a
If you want to send YOUR demo to CiTR:
1. Send it to Dale if you want them ON
AIR right away, then Dale will pass'em on
to us gins.
2. Send it to us ifyou want your demo
reviewed in PRINT right away then we'll
give 'em to Dak.
3. If you are wanting your demo ON
AIR and in our column SEND US TWO
(one for Dale Sawyer, the guy who carts
demos and one for us).
Hope that's all clear.
Oh yeah. We got 24 demos this month
(a record). The editors have been chopping
our column apart (...for damn good
reasonEd), so we'D try to putrin' around
ten demos each month that we think are
most cool in the hope that they will all be
printed. We love you all
Redd and Coral
PS. Thanks to Mr. Anderson of Victoria
for helping us review.
the cruel
@ 23 w.cordova
the only alternative nightclub
thlt It yet another month ofthebest damn rock this town hat ever
teen. I tell ya. « |utt gets better all the time. A lot of kids are
discovering the cruel elephant for the first time and guess what?
They all dig this nutty thing commonly referred to as 'alternative"
music, ass kicking politically Incorrect fuck-you-up rock n roll I
call It, but that's not all) We do pop, punk, funk, reggae, rock,
world, roofs (and even special 70* t disco with cheap bevvies
and no cover on fuesdaysl), though we do put this aH In a blender
and get a very palatable mix: fun for the whole (amity, IT your
(amity Is over 19, that Is. Now the unbelievably Intense lineup of
the best rock bands around, but this list Is In a monthly format and
Is subject to change, not to mention that, because we love you,
we have some really great surprise shows lined up (or the avid
rock (an. We're not telling you about them right now, because
you know, riot* and aft remember all the other ones we've had?
and Ifthose were widely advertised... wowimOTCITYIII Speaking
o( riots	
sat (eb I can you say SUB POP? the best pop-punk band In the
world from the BEST KISSERS IN THE WORLD w/ serious punk rock
from the SUPERSUCKERS; both Seattle, both SUB POP lues (eb 4
cruel 70's disco 250; no cover! free! cheap! wed (eb 5 from
POSSIBLE MYSTERY BAND...you know, what would be fun? c
couple of wild punk funk killer bands, that you can dance your
face off to all night, so here goes: thurs (eb 6 LESTER'S WAGON w/
RUSTY NAILS now do we have great shows or what? dig this: (rl
(eb 7 SUB POP recording artists AFGHAN WHIGS (yes thee afghan
whlgs from clnclnattl) w/ guests; now you say how about some
good of rock In roll. I say well this is the cruel elephant so how
about filling your pants to the sweetsounds of el harsho supremo
lues (eb 11 cruel 70S disco, no cover, this Is great! the revival
nobody wanted, but too much fun to say no tol wed (eb 12 a
tape release and a very fine misunderstood & heavy band:
MARY w/ RED SUGAR w/ DANCING ON CLASS (don't miss these
fine local acts) thurs 13 heavy heavy heavy rock night w/ THE
PASTIES w/ GREY SKIES w/ GO GUY (rl (eb 14 fall In love on
valentine's day with TWO LEFT FEET (formerly the spin doctors) w/
THE HOLLOWHEADS sat tab 15 an evening of spine-tingling adventure of blazing pop punk THE SWEATERS w/ victoria's Infamous SHOW BUSINESS GIANTS (can you dig maybe a
mr. wrong) w/ pop sensations from victoria B.U.M. lues (eb
disco disco still free, cheap and easy wed 19 welfare day so that
means punk rock at the elephant T.B.A. thurs feb 20 CJSF presents three minute mile recording artists In a record release party
that w/lgo down in Infamy: CAT'S GAME w/ F.Y.F. w/CARDOKIA
M 21next are three bands of past shindig glory and damn fine
bands to boot: MYSTERY MACHINE w/ JACK FEELS FINE (yee howl
these guys are broken up no longer, there Is hopel)w/ CUTERTHAN
SPUNKY sat 22 noise, noise, noteel that makes me get a chubby;
scratch recording artists & grunge wizards LUNG w/ back to kil
again THE SUPERSUCKERS (now everybody that has seen these
guys say they're an unbelleveably good band. so come early!
not to be missed!) w/ Portland's CRACKERBASH tuet 25 disco
dance to the disco heat! no cover! save money! wed 261 don't
want anybody's hopes getting all high asa kite, so I'm not telling
you anything but the Initials of this possible show: one G.G A.. you
dig? thurs 27 yesl yesl the return of berkleys amazing SMOKIN'
RHYTHM PRAWNS (all you can eatl) w/ THE LUDWIGS M 28 yeah,
this Is cool:RUN WESTY RUN sat 29 the legend lives on. now this Is
rock: joe ketthley's INSTINCT w/ DOG EAT DOG (formerly dogzflla)
w/ guests; this may be a very special guest, tool
that's all (or (eb, hope no one misses anything; I know > al looks
so good, but here's something extra lo look forward to: GORILLA
Japan's NIMROD. THE COWS, HAMMERHEAD and lots more, see?
we do love you! open 9-2 am; tickets are as cheap as possible,
as afways...so what the fuck else do you want? that's right,
anything else would Just be greedy! love the cruel elephant,
because > loves you.
Open Tues.-Sat., 9pm-2am
This 4 song EP produced by Billy
Corgan (guitarist/vocalist), creative
epicentre and brainchild behind
Chicago's Smashing Pumpkins, and
Butch Vig, the Grand Poobah of
indie-rock knob twisting in an otherwise Hal-2000 decade, plays
emotional raquctball with you.
It was no surprise to me when
I came across this disc bathing in an
aural aura at BeUingham's Cellophane Square. It's been out for
awhile in America but has yet to
make it to Canadian import shelves.
And this is why we have Free Trade;
so I can pay duty on a product
which should have been available
to us over a month ago. But I digress.
Already my body torques with
excitement, and the adrenalin racing from my pineal gland is like a
slow-moving glacier in comparison to my anticipation and emaciation for new Pumpkin product. A
conflict in my emotions occurs immediately, as my joy in finally purchasing "Lull" is brought to combat
against the disappointment of its
length and price. "Lull" is only 4
songs long and has the beefy price
of $9.99(U.S.) attached to it. Furthermore, there isn't a glossy photo
of D'arcy in the CD sleeve, and this
is known to bring about fits of depression in all testosteronized males.
Describing the sleeve is kind of
difficult, but it's similar to that silicone -in-a -tube stuff that you squirt
on a tray and then bake in the oven
with the final product resembling a
stained glass hodgepodge., .visually
Anyways, "Lull" starts out
with "Rhinoceros" which was "stolen from Gish" and is a glittering
star through the dense underbrush
of sentiment. The massive and brutal imagery of a rhinoceros is in
direct contrast to this song even
with its aggressive guitarmud-fling
chorus. The simultaneous voice/
guitar note verbatim pulls you
through the song like a Saint Bernard with a keg of brandy around its
collar, the hot and sweet taste of
ransom after the frightening chill of
"Blue" picks up from theves-
tiges of that place where "Rhinoceros" left us. A bass line similar to
Faith No More's "Falling To Pieces" works this tune into a beautifully frantic love song. Like a
wrought iron gate swinging in a
rainbow-riddled sun-shower,
" Blue" slows its pace to a hypnotic
anchor which takes the song out.
"Slunk" is the only example
of a Smashing Pumpkin song
which slightly hints to that monkey -on-the-college-radio-back influence of Dinosaur Jr. A two and
3/4 minute ditty, which accents on
a choir of layered guitars and that
oh so retro (but how we love it)
fuzz guitar solo with wah-wah
pedal doing overtime. Easily the
fastest song of the 4 and the epitome of how a Smashing Pumpkins' song should sound. "Right
on, motherfucker," whines Billy
Corgan as he dumps us in the
nearest opium den with a head full
of hallucinogens and almost apologizes to us with the serenity of
"Bye June".
An acoustic ballad with
heavy emphasis on Corgan's esoteric and all-weather voice. "Bye
June" s 5 chords that ooze so much
emotion they '11 pull the heartstrings
on the coldest motherfucker, and
maybe even get you into the sack
with a long time friend with whom
you've shared a plutonic relationship with. Like laying in a hammock with the smell of lilacs in the
air and watching a butterfly land
on your toe; pretty. Never has a
song emitted this much sincerity
and emotional intensity since Neil
Diamond's (orKilldozer's for that
matter) "I Am, I Said", "nuff said.
The Third Power
Material is the brainchild of
Bill Las well, who I don't know
too much about, but that
shouldn't matter because it's
the music that counts. As far as
I can tell. Mr. Laswell is friends
with a lot of cool people in the
music industry, and he gets a
few of them together and they
write a few tunes and release
them. Some of these artists in
clude Afrika Baby Bam
baataa, Mike G of the Jungle
Brothers, Jalaluddin Manur
Nuriddin of the Last Poets,
dancehall reggae rudeboy
Shabba Ranks , master P Funk,
and Bootsy's Reeffer
Band(???) with bassman
Bootsy Collins (on guitar!).
Other heavyweight names include P-Funker's Gary "Guitar" Slider (???), Gary "Drummer on Atomic Dog" Mudbone
Cooper, Bernie "Keyboards"
Worrell, Michael "Guitar"
Hampton, Herbie Hancock,
Riddim Twins Sly Dunbar and
Robbie Shakepeare, and the
James Brown horn section
composed of Fred Wesley,
Maceo Parker, and Pee Wee Ellis.   Wow!
Anyway, The Third Power is
really held down by Sly and
Robbie's drum and bass work,
which is smooth and rock steady
as always. Everybody else sort
of piles on top of this groove,
with a number of people handling the vocals. Shabba leads
on "Reality," cuttin' it up on
the dancehall reggae tip while
Baby Bam and Mike G rap on
"Playin' With Fire." Next
comes my favourite tune, "Cosmic Slop," an old Funkadelic
song which has been updated to
perfection. This is one awesome track! The rest of the
tracks flow on with the same
kind of groove. For example,
"The Deception," has a kind of
modernized hip-hop reggae beat
with lots of loose raps with
choruses sung over top, and
smooth horns and keyboards
that add ambience to the mix.
Well, there ya go. The lyrics
are also worth noting, as most
of them are responsible comments on a decaying society.
Take for instance the Jecryle
(????) Brothers addressing the
drug problem, and Jalaluddin
explaining the evil American
dollar in "E-Pluribus-Unum"
(money from many). And to
top it all off, they even cover a
Bob Marley song, "Mellow
Adam Sloan
Zulu 2 CD Set
Vancouver  Independent
Music 1978-1988
You've gotta appreciate a guy
like Grant McDonagh for having his shit together, and for the
time and energy it took to compile the 48 cuts by 48 bands on
this essential 2 Cd set. You've
also gotta appreciate the fact
that we now have, for our listening pleasure, for the first
and probably only time, these
great and otherwise lost in the
past tunes available on the CD
For description sake, the
music contained on Last Call is
your basic punk, hard-core,
post-punk pop, with a touch of
West Coast twang thrown in for
good measure. Labels aside,
this is RockVRoll at its best;
timeless, irreverent, raw, spontaneous and as essential today
as it was when first recorded.
Spanning  the years   1978  to
1988, vibrant and exciting years
indeed. La si Call exhibits many
of the lower mainland'! better
and/or notorious bands of that
era. Some made it to vinyl,
others as far as tape. As compiled here though, these recordings, for the most part, are worthy of a place in Canadian mu
Disc One kicks ass from
the start. The Furies, Skulls,
Dishrags, DOA, Victorian Pork and
many other staples of Vancouver's
heyday are featured here. To this
day I thank God that these bands
appeared when they did. There
were few live music clubs of interest. Disco was sucking the big
wazoo. Prog-rock was accelerating up its own butt at a dangerous
pace, and Barry MaruTow was more
popular than the Beatles and was
being considered as the next Pope.
There are 28 bands featured here,
all relevant contributors to a reawakening music scene. Many
classic cuts are included: "Slave to
my Dick" by the Subhumans, "Hawaii" by the Young Canadians, the
timely "Wailing for the Drugs to
Take Hold" by the Secret Vs. and
"Teenage Barnacle" from the Enigmas who incidently played a very
spirited set at the CD release party
(too bad the same can't be said for
the Groovaholics who aren't on
Last Call, but did play two sad sets.
It's time Dave Gregg considered a
change of occupation, or perhaps a
total blood transfusion.)
Where Disc One chronicles the rebirth of Vancouver's live music
scene. Disc Two shows us why, at
times, eleven years later, things
were not as they once were. Not
that Disc Two is a let down, not at
all. There's Nomeansno, I,
Braineater, Slow, Herald Nix, and
The Scramblers plus 15 others.
Also, any collection with No Fun's
"Be Like Us" is worth the price of
admission.  Vancouver music has
alwayt had a strong female presence, and here we have Family
Plot, The Work Party, Bolero Lava,
Go Four 3, Animal Slaves, No Fun,
Lost Durangos, Poisoned, Bob's
Your Uncle, and the Hip Type, all
featuring women vocalists and or
If you have spent the years
'77-'881isteningtoCiTR, frequenting venues like The Windmill, The
Buddha, or City Space, Last Call
can satisfy your nostalgic needs.
Producer McDonagh calls this a
"collection of musical snapshots,"
and that it is. Even if you've never
heard of these bands. Last Call
stands the test of time and like all
good snap shots, they're good any
Norm van Rassel
New Young Fresh
Fellows Theme/
Mathisization 7"
It's the Young Fresh Fellows.
Yet, the Young Fresh Fellows.
Yes, the Young Fresh Fellows
are my favourite band. Yes,
they rock. Yes, I dig everything
they put out. Yes, this single is
a milestone in their career. The
question is my friends, what
kind of milestone? Is it a milestone of fulfilment and satisfaction, or is it a mile-stone of
frustration and disappointment?
This 7" vinyl slab is extremely
well done with a very big bossy
BAND sound, featuring the
Young Fresh Fellows and Seat-
Trumpeter Richard Peterson.
This is not Perterson 's first collaboration with the Young Fresh
Fellows, either. Remember that
wild brass at the beginning of
"TV Dream" from the Fellows'
hottest selling album The Men
Who Loved Music ? That's Richard. Seemly, just after that
release, Peterson wrote the A-
side to this single, "new Young
Fresh Fellows Theme" on July
7. 1987 (where were you?). The
first two lines of the song are:
"No one likes the Freth Young
Fellows no fans anymore/No
one comes to shows at the
Sports Bar like they did before."
So what does it mean? Tell me.
why did the Young Fresh Fellows wait four and a half years
to put the song out? Were they
waiting for the right time? Is
now the right lime? Who out
there has Electric Bird Digest!
What the hell does "Young
Fresh Fellows should have fifth
member trumpets and keyboards/
More like the Huey Lewis album
Tower Power Horns mean? What's
going on with The Young Fresh
Fellows? Is it a lark, a joke, a comedy of errors or is it bitterly serious?
Flipping to the B-side is another Peterson composed number,
a tribute to the Velvet Prince, Johnny Mathis. "Mathisization" is a
brooding, very groovy anthem that
works well, making this single an
extremely hot yet confusing Young
Fresh Fellows commodity. Go get
this single. Listen to it Try to
explain what it means to me. If
you don't understand it, ask 'em in
person on Friday January 31, and
Saturday February 1, when they
play the Town Pump. Backing
'em up is the star of the Flamin'
Groovies,Roy Loney. Young Fresh
Fellows, don't go away.
Grant Lawrence
Bandw agones que
First it was the Pastels, then the
Vaselines and now Teenage Fan-
club! Will Scottish POP madness $1
never stop? In the true phenomenon tutus. Teenage Fanclub explode from their native land of
Scotland onto the world scene with
an incredible release on the "major" DGC label of LA. Simply
defined, this record is "POP." It's
hard, it's toft, it's slow and fast,
it's melodic, chaotic and crunchy.
Sometimes it't even got the "big
rock" sound, in a good way. The
music it a very symbolic result of
what has been happening in the
UK POP tcene for yean. When
listening toBandwagonesque, "that
sound" is instantly recognizable:
the eclectic POP styling of the
aforementioned Pastels and Vaselines as well as other UK groups
like the Pooh Sticks and Heavenly.
It's the sound that's spurred many
a North American combo as well,
lake for instance Beat Happening
or Nirvana. Anyway, Teenage
Fanclub is a deep listen; great music for working on s jigsaw, or
when taking a long drive. It's a
fine record, get it And thank goodness for Half Japanese, no?
Grant Lawrence
Krave On!
(Hangman Records)
Hangman Records of the UK releases 39th album! And lo commemorate this milestone of
achievement in independent rock
and roll, the gents at Hangman have
released a stellar recording of neat,
proper rock and roll. And that,
simply, is just what the Kravin'
"A"s are: very neat and very proper. No tube-screamed, over-driven
battle-axing here friends, just real
rock and roll. This band is brand
new on the scene, and what a debut
release! It's a full Lp of great,
groovy songs very much in the
style of the Beatles circa 1962-
1963. The vocals are pristinely
coarse, hitting every lovely note
possible, and sounding very much
like a young John Lennon. Most of
the songs feature a great Beatlesque
British pop sound where as some
such as "Tripwire" and "Sometimes" wander into the dark, brooding world of R'n'B and Medway
Soul. No matter what the Kravin'
"A"s musically dabble in, every
tong is great with extreme standouts being "Pay Day" and " Baby,
What's Your Game?"
If these numbers were released in
'63 or '64, they would easily enter the Top 40 of Isle faves, no
doubt about it! After a couple of
your own personal spins I'm sure
you'll tend to agree with me that
the Kravin' "A"s are a fine band
playing fine music. Intelligent,
creative songwriting, clean and
crunching guitars, and an all
around fantastic sound rockets the
Kravin' "A"s Krave On! to the
top of my bops for this month
Grant Lawrence
Hot on the heels of their "Jungle
Music" 7", comes the long awaited debut LP from NYC s Unsane.
An EP would have already been
around for some time, but due lo
distribution problems a change in
labels had to be made. You may
recognize the members Chris
Spencer (guitar, vocals), Pete
Shore (Bass) and Charlie Ondras
(Drums) from other New York
combos( the (ultra-cool) Action
Swingers and Boss Hogg), yet
Unsane takes quite a different approach to the East Coast Grunge
Unsane uses the basic guitar, bass,
drums line-up and produces an
unearthely hurricane of sound that
relies mainly on heavily pounding drums, screaming guitar riffs
and indecipherable vocal spew-
ings. Their music is designed to
move your bowels and not your
hips - songs like the opener, "Organ Donor," and "Slag" fit this
description. Other songs like "Exterminator," "Vandal-X," (previously available on a limited singles club 7" only on Sub Pop)
"Aza-2000" and "Cracked Up"
also provide numerous doses of
chaotic dirge with which to scare
your friends.
Unsane's music is made to shock,
daze and confuse you. If you can
stomach the fronlcover (Let's just
say it's of a guy who missed "the
last train to Clarksville") then you
can stomach the delicious offerings of Unsane.
Bryce Dunn
Until the End of the World
Oh Boy! Can this be true? A whole
album of despairing songs about
life and unrequited love? A movie
soundtrack, no lessl Does this
mean a film about everyone's favourite theme is soon to follow?
The answer to these questions is.
The soundtrack to Wim
Wendeii' Until the End of the
World is a fantastic mix of known
and lesser known artists featuring
an excellent blend of musical
styles. Consistency and coherence
are maintained throughout the CD.
However, most of the songs are
low-key, slow affairs, and all share
the same themes of love and love' s
ability to make our lives at times
wonderful or miserable, but always magically unpredictable.
Highlights include the last Talking Heads song (ever?) "Sax and
Violins," featuring latin rhythms,
murky, atmospheric music and an
ethereal David Bymes. Crime and
the City's Solution does an eerily
perfect job of imitating Leonard
Cohen on "The Adversary." Meanwhile, Lou Reed's "What's Good"
features a seventies-inspired
rock-god guitar intro that quickly
fades into familiar Reed ternin
characterized by a less pretent >us
guitar sound and cynical observations such as, "live' s good but not
fair for all."
All this plus more! Also included are: a very creepy and cool
song by Julee Cruise, a psychedelic Elvis Costello tune, a weird
surrealistic blues bit by T. Bone
Burnett and a fun, spoken word
theatrical number by Nick Cave
and the Bad Seeds. There are no
obviously awful songs here and
even the excerpts from the film's
New Age score are brief enough
to tett only the most intolerable
Don't be put off by the
lack of upbeat, happy songs. The
music is beautiful and the lyrics
are poetic and intelligent Besides,
if you listen closely enough, you
may discover that Until the End of
The World 's message is not necessarily one of bleak despair.
Mike Walkey
(Are You Serious Music)
Arraymusic is an established Canadian new music organization,
consisting of an ensemble of excellent performers, a concert season in Toronto, and a workshop/
competition for young composers. This recording is their second
DC release, and contains the music of three prominent Canadian
composers as well as music by
Steve Reich and Kevin Volans.
The first piece, "Little Venice," is
by Linda C. Smith (artistic director of Arraymusic) and is the best
work I have heard of hers. Smith' s
music is very delicate and vaguely reminiscent of one of her teachers, the late Morton Feldman.
Clarinettist Robert W. Stevenson turns in an excellent performance of Reich's "New York
Counterpoint." His performance of this piece was the
highlight of Arraymusic's concert at Graceland a few years
ago. "Merapi," by Jose Evan-
gelista consists of a melodic line
which is developed by explosion and heterophonic dispersion throughout the ensemble. I
find the material of "merapi"
similar to Boulez's "Memoria-
le," and while I don't think this
is Evangelista's finest music,
its playful sparkle is always enjoyable. Rodney Sharman't
"Dark Glasses" changes the
tone to one more autumnal than
that of its predecessor. All aspects of the composition are
well cared for, resulting in a
work which is sometimes cum-
brously slow or extended; I am
confident, however, that this it
what the composer intends.
"She Who Sleeps With A Small
Blanket" by South African expatriate Kevin Volans is an extroverted solo percussion piece
performed by Beverly Johnston.
After approximately twelve
minutes of dynamic drumming,
the concluding marimba solo
ends this varied recording with
great subtlety. Overall, I think
the ensemble performances are
somewhat unstable. A few extra-musical details which I noticed and appreciated are the
excellent recording quality, and
the care taken in preparing the
front and back covers (printed
on recycled paper). The firtt
pass at notes on the music is a
series of esoteric observations
by poet Christopher Dewdney.
Paul Steenuisen
Lemme tell you about Slade, boyz'n'girlz. You
may have heard of them from your dad in a fit of
nostalgia before he wound his way to his men's
movement group, or Reform Party meeting, or
whatever hellackxis eariy middle age support group
he's chosen to cling to. But let your faithful scribe
give you the straight skinny.
from England whose collective IQ's were lower than their shoe sizes, were the
ultimate stewpid rock band. Clocking in hits from '71 -74, with the funniest hi-
powerpre-gliltersilly teen anthems, Slade predated Spinal Tap by a decade. The
songwriting team of Noddy Holder and and Jimmy Lea churned out songs with
great titles like "Look Wot You Don", "Sk weez Me Pleez Me", and others that
the illiterate English youth embraced as they trained for future careers as football
t, yet hopelessly boring Bui
The buggers ha vehung around for over twenty -five years now, having used
their royalty checks (from Quiet Riot's abhorrent covers of "Cum On Feel the
Noize"and "Mama Weer All Crazee Now") to buy more tartan scarves, learn
to spelL and score aminorhit with "RunRun Away" in '84. ThefollowingLP't
are guaranteed to snap you out of your blues, although listening to them too
much can suck out your brain.
LP's - Slade Alive (Poh/dor)
Slade Alive Two
and any album with the following songs:
Gudbuy T Jayne
and, of course, any title you have to decipher.
Youthful JERRY GILL of p
aby, writes:
Dear Mofo,
Here't a record that will thrill you to no end:
"Cybil Does It... to Cole Porter"
- Cybil Shepherd (1974, Paramount)
It comes complete with a gatefold sleeve containing, among
other things, a sexy pic of Cybil without a bra, and celebrity endorsements by Fred Astaire, Cary Grant , Gene Kelly, and Orson
Welles. Cary says, " I only with Cole could have heard it."
Experience the forefather of "Red, Hot and Blue'MThit is
one totally shameless record; enjoy.
Jerry Gill
P.S. Please, please, please metion my name in your article. It'll
really irnprets the chicks.
Well, Jerry, you have immaculate taste, but to date I cannot find said
lp. Best bet is to look for the video or soundtrack to a horrid flick by Peter
Bogdonavich called At Long Last Love;a musical featuring Cyb, Burt
Reynolds, and his pooch Dom Delouise jn a musical with a steaming heap
of Cole Porter 'song stylings'
Kudos to KIRK FURNISS for alerting me to a novelty
tune I forgot to mention last month. The Royal Guardsmen
(a hoser band) came out with "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" in
the late '60s. Very stupid song in the UK bubblegum craze
vein. Kirk remembered it from seeing the record printed on
the back of a box of Alpha-bits, no less (you won't see that
anymore, puppies, what with the demise of records).
Merrie Whitmore, a truly bodacious Theatre major, has
given me the lowdown on Leif Garrett. Apparrently the
series he was on was called Family (kinda like a drama about
Joe Average, which lasted about 15 minutes of the season in
1974). And she maintains that he was a singer before a Tv
heartthrob. Our researchers are looking into the allegations...
All of the lucky people above get a choice of one of the
following: Tom Jones - Delilah, Super Bad (comp.), or The
Partridge Family - Up to Date. Thete LPt will be at CITR
and can be picked up by the above three people. You also
recieve membership in the MOFO ARMY, which may include an embarrassing sticker and card, if I get my act
together. That's all that fits, and keep those letters coming!! I
HlNOInl 3H1 .0 Xld OINOdlOHOASd S.OdO
24 Hff^oEo^
FOR FR££![
vknchas ducky, ^
1     IT'S TmLWEDlO
\    BURNED    Y
?\ovP,   LIVES. ^A
[TO DEATH      \
Ik   (^HUH?^/               '
s^   SELLING APPROACH. Pixies/Pere Ubu
Tuesday 16 December
Ick. Bleah. Yuck. Boo. Hiss. The
Pixies helped save my life some
years back and now I swear they 're
tryin' ta put me back in the grave.
Well this may be a tad melodramatic but around the time of DooJdile
(my 25th yean both the best and
worst time of my existence, so far)
I fell head-over-heels in love with
this band who were SPEAKING
TO ME and helped make the ride
easier. Perhaps you know what I
mean, I can't really describe it—or
not in this short space.
Then comes Bossanova and
now the newie, Trompe le Monde,
fine recordings but something isn't
right I hear of stardom in Europe.
Big Ego's. Huge gigs in arenas.
Then the band is back in Vancouver for two nights. I go. Please reread the first five words of this
review for my synopsis of the second show. You want more detail?
Okay: A super slick light show,
with no room for improvisation.
Playing almost all the new lp with
smary intros like "this is our latest
single." Saving the best song from
the new one. Planet of Sound for
the encore (oldest fuckin' rock star
trick in the world). I was not impressed, friends. I was saddened.
What was missing at this
concert was a connection with the
audience. These guys aren't
speakin' to me anymore. I'm listening, but only hear the sound of a
cash register.
On the bright side. Pere Ubu was
thoughtful, genuine and dare I say,
beautifuL They played a slowed
down version ofHeart of Darkness,
the stirring 30 seconds over Tokyo
(more noise please) and an apocalyptic version of Final Soloution
along with great new stuff. Iplan on
getting their last few recordings
(Cloudland, Worlds in Collision)
and catching up on this wonderful
band I had let go of. Pity. Dave
Thomas and co were splendid and
his voice is just as much an acquired
taste as ever. Final Score: Pere Ubu
1 Pixies zip.
Tin Machine
The Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA.
Friday 20 December 1991
Starting off with the short outburst
that is "Bus Stop," Tin Machine invaded the stage at Seattle's Paramount Theatre. By the fourth song, a
brilliant version of "I Can't Read,"
the expanded Tin Machine (with the
addition of a rhythm guitar player)
was raging at full throttle.
At this point they seemed too intent
on proving this wasn't just David
Bowie's band, by featuring first the
drummer. Hunt Sales, and then
bassist Tony Sales on vocals. These
needless songs, little more than reworked blues, were only saved by
the flawless musicianship of the unit
Led by the effects-laden guitar of
Reeves Gabrels, they displayed an
ability to take the songs in any direction they felt like. Had Tin Machine
stuck to a simple set-up with Bowie
handling all the vocals, they would
have come across as more original
and innovative than they ultimately
Not until the end of their thirteen
song set did Tin Machine regain the
rage of "I Can't Read" with a sublime "Heaven's Here." The encore,
consisting of a too light "Crack City"
and another Hunt Sales vocal number, "Sorry," provided an unexpectedly quiet end to the evening.
are hardily worth mentioning. We 've
all seen and heard enough of unorig -
inal bands with waist length hair that
lose your interest halfway through
their first song.
Christopher Roberts
Tin Machine
The Commodore
Friday 21 December 1991
The David Bowie!, er Tin Machine, show was pretty fab. I found
out I was going the week of the
show! Yikes, I had 5 days to memorize the Tin Machine playlist. I
knew not to expect any Bowie! stuff
and wanted a firm grounding of
this TM group-ola.
On our way to the Commodore we cut through an alley and
out of nowhere appeared a big,
gray, Budget rent-a-van carrying
you know who. The van slowed.
we waved and Bowie! grinned.
Budget! I was pleasantly surprised.
Showtime! I have never seen
the Commodore stage look so
small. My pal and I went our separate ways and I bopped around
the whole night, catching every
angle of the thin whiteduke's profile. Truly, as far as old-guard-
rock-legends go, Bowie! is right
up there (my teeny-bop days of
air-guitaring along to the Chang-
Tin Machine is a fine ensemble, but let's face it, most were
there to see the British Guy. Some
observations of this final show of
the tour:
* Bowie! kicked the mic stand into
the audience. Hard. I blinked. He
* The show was loud. Anyone not
wearing plugs—does anyone not
wear ear protection these days?—
probably didn't feel so hot the next
* Two cover versions: An outstanding Debaser (Pixies) sung by the
darker of the Sale's bros, Tony; and
the lamest version of the Velvet's
Wailing for the Man imaginable,
sung by Bowie! near the end of the
* Scalpers were asking $50 bucks
as we entered the show.
* Bowleiplayed acoustic guitarand
smoked too many cigarettes.
* The crowd was nicely spread out,
this enabled me, with a charming
smile or two along the way to get
within 10 feet of the stage.
* Fashion notes: Bowie! came out
in white jeans and patterned shirt,
later changed into blue and white
striped Ziggy-ish tights. Dave put
on a blond rooster cut wig which
he wore for the last half of show.
The rest of the band wore tattoos.
* Songs that worked great: Baby
Universal, You Belong in Rock n
Roll, the line in A Big Hurt where
Bowie! shrieks "You're my room
mate from hell". Songs that went
nowhere:/ Can't Read (featuring
the refrain "I can't read shit
anymore"),Crac*Ciry and the dull
blues of Hunt Sales (Stateside, I'm
* Dave was as genial as could be.
He announced this was the TM
"Christmas Pah-tee" and made
small talk. He was soft spoken
and charming even when bonked
right in the forehead (good shot,
asshole!) with a pack of matches;
he was speaking at the time, examined the matches and said
thanks! Classy.
After two encores the band was
gone. A very surreal evening with
the original Chameleon David
Bowie!, oh right, and Tin Ma-
Laughing Stock
Brand New Unit
Arcadian Hall
Saturday 21 December
There were two things I was looking
forward to at this latest installment of
Gest Quest Co-Op Presentations: the
first being that Ten Feet Tall wasn't
playing and, the second, being the
debut of Brand New Unit.
BNU led by Jinx Stringer (Flex
Your Head fame) ripped through a
set of songs defining their own brand
of hardcore. Mixing the set up with
faster songs like "Big Top" and
"Have Fun," and a few slower songs
like "Not The Same" they left the
audience feeling more than satisfied. BNU are easily one of the better
bands on the local hardcore scene
with a unique sound. A must see.
Since I arrived late at the show
I missed Laughing Stock, and therefore Sludge and Procreation were
left to cap off the evening. NOT!
Sludge and Procreation never made
it to the stage, thanks to a few beer
drinking fans and a complimentary
visit from the Vancouver Police
Dept A few words to you lousy
fucks that blew the whole show for
the rest of us: if you have the uncontrollable need to swill beer before/at
shows a more covert approach is
def inately required or there won't be
any all ages gigs in the far or near
Drinking in the hall is a surefire way to shut down things. Use
your head, it's an all ages gig. I don't
know where you come from but in
this province the LEGAL drinking
age is 19. Be creative; drink in your
car, maybe at home oryourfriends'
Also, a special thanks to the
two punk rock heroes, the destroyer
of the washroom door and the "let's
take on the cops" idiot You all made
the show a little bit more enjoyable,
and showed us all just how many
cells your tiny little brain contained.
Anarchy my ass, why don't you all
crawl back under the rock where
you came from.
Jayson X
Love on Ice
The Paramount/
OK Hotel
Saturday 28 December
It required a few parental suck-ups,
hours of driving and many a timing
fluke, all for Love On Ice-twice.
We finally found Ticketmaster
on Broadway (after walking by it
twice) to purchase our 9x90 U tickets. In a lone which emanated "you
stupid Canadians" the chick at the
desk told us the concert sold out 20
minutes ago. Great It's only a small
chunk of my life shattered forever.
Heartbroken, we wandered down to
9x90 H central, the Paramount
Maybe if we stare at the building
long enough, tickets will jump out
of it! (And they dare call Canadians
stupid). But soft, what light from
yonder rainy horizon breaks? T' was
Love On lees's tour manager (who
luckily recognized us) and taking
pity on our travel weary bones, put
us on el guest list.
A burden lifted, we found fleeing back to car quite easy (plus we
had to haul ass to get organized
before the show opened). We motored back to Bellevue (land of
American princesses and Rotweil-
er puppies) to deal with the relatives and fight for the shower.
Later, back in Seattle, our first
ordeal was to find the Paramount
again in the rain. Fingers crossed
that our ethereal tour guy hadn't
forgotten us, we were pleasantly
surprised when we received not only
tickets, but good ones too.
Love On Ice was on first for
this show which was presented by
radio station, "The End." LOI are
from Portland and released a 4 song
demo in '89. Their full length album on some major label will, ironically, be out on February 14th. The
crowd was impressed with their
happy yet psycho sounds, and a
mosh/dance/jump and flail area developed bew the stage. After Love
On Ice, bands such as Sky Cries
Mary, Hammerbox.Gas I luffer and
Ocean Blue were to play, but we
missed them. Once again our
friendly tour manager appeared reminding us that LOI were playing
again this night al the OK Hotel.
Miraculously placed on el guest
list (I love cashing in favours) we
breezed into the OK. It's sorta like
a cafe atmosphere with a big room
in the back containing a stage etc.
The place was dead so we just veg-
ged at a table whilst Sissy and Paisley Sin provided the background
music. It was here that we were
finally reunited with the LOI men
and enabled to introduce our crystals to one another.
FEBRUARY @ The show at the OK Hotel was
of the best I've seen - anywhere, any
band. The stage was quite small but
it really didn't matter. Unlike most
crowds in Vancouver (at any venue)
people were there to hear and see the
band, and not check out what the
latest fashion statement is, or promote themselves. Indeed, a refreshing and extremely non -snotty bunch.
In spite of this being their second
show of the night, LOI were brimming with vigour. Songslike"Leave
Me Alone," "Country Boy," "Sweet
Thing" and "Showdown" (from the
Bill A Ted soundtrack) got everyone swarming and dancing like
music starved maniacs around the
balloon filled room. Producer Rick
Parashar even got up and played
keyboards. Once the lights came up
and I saw how few people were
actually there, die amazement really set in. There had been more
energy there from both band and
audience than I've ever felt at the
OK for awhile, but were eventually
grabbed by the band to go relax at
the hotel.
Leaving a trail of woeful tears
behind us, we somehow lore ourselves away from Seattle the next
night, satisfied with what we'd seen,
but not with what we were returning
Pigment Vehicle
Cruel Elephant
Thursday 2 January
OTTG I did not like. The lead singer
(who was old) wore a cape and
glasses and a lot of other stage act
stuff. I liked INRI at first, then I got
bored of them. Pigment Vehicle
ruled. Their set was highly intense.
The drummer stood out in my mind
as being very insane. Insane but
incredible fast, incisive and talented. The music was Victoria-like,
which is a good thing, not a bad
thing. Also, they seemed very young,
sol'm sure there will be good things
to come for and from them. They
made the cover of Monday, a Victoria entertainment magazine (like our
Georgia Strait). Be sure to check
them out. Oh ya and thanks to Steve
from Sidney for carrying the box.
Mystery Machine
The Commodore
Friday 10 January
Everytime I finally come off my
high of attending a Fishbone gig (3x
in the past 6 months now), I feel as
though I've just been taken off of a
dialysis machine: cleansed, rejuvenated, breathing new life and my
veins full of new blood. Actually,
that kind of sounds like an
but different strokes ....Whether
that sensation is purely psychological or a direct result of the adrenalin
saturated live performance that Fishbone puts, on has yet to be determined but, regardless, the effect
plays havoc with your inertia and
DNA structure.
Fishbone don't just play to a
crowd and take their audience's at-
tentiveness for granted, they leave
you no choice but to be a member of
the festivities. Whether it's skank-
ing in the pit, grooving in your own
space, or screaming out the words to
" Lyin' Ass Bitch," feeling The Bone
is a requirement
When Fishbone wandered
onto the stage they emitted a confidence unmatched by others but they
did this despite themselves. Sure,
they're a band with a message but
that line seperating them from
preaching it seldom crossed. What
are they going to say to a ballroom
full of white, anglo-saxon, upper
middle-class christians anyways?
The message is lost on a crowd
whose indoctrination to Fishbone
was through Coast 800 and videos
produced by Spike Lee who has
about as much black culture as a tub
of licorice yogurt And then there's
Much Music's authority on black
power, Michael Williams, who is
whiter than the crack of David Lee
Roth's untanned butt Now I'm far
from being anything of an authority
on the trials and tribulations of the
blacks but I know cheeze when I see
and hear it. Fromage.
Anyways, Fishbone gigs get
better every time I see them and
every time also proves to be far
different from the others. But every
time I feel more and more like a
member of the Fish Family. Not to
say that I grow a dorsal fin and have
the sudden ability to breathe through
my skin (although I am a Pisces) but
I feel as though I've been a part of
Fishbone's strife, and therefore
mission, from the beginning. No, I
didn't grow up in the ghetto; no,
I've never been addicted to crack
nor were any members of my family
baseheads; and no, I've never had to
fight the system for the sake of pride
for my culture. Fishbone lives/sees
this shit daily...the reality of their
The band realized what they
were up against with the crowd at
the Commodore so they played
music. The ceremonies were
kicked off with "Skanking To The
Beat" off the Say Anything
soundtrack and the theme for the
night was evident. It didn't take
long for things to heat up—both
temperature and crowd response
at an equally high ratio—and this
was due mainly to the antics of
Angelo Moore (vocalist, horns,
cane). Just to keep people on their
guard, trombones were periodically tossed into the audience (and
were later found in several pieces)
as were members of the group. Chris
Dowd (keyboard, vocals,dreads) was
the first to take to the air and suit was
followed during "Gonna Have A
Good Tune" by Angelo. In a frantic
change-up Mr. Moore pitched himself into the crowd and then requested "take me to the back, y'all Take
me to the back." So, he proceeded to
roll from hand to hand held high
above heads to the back of the Commodore where he climbed to the
balcony (a stunt made famous at
New York's Roxy)and worked the
lights for a while.
Once Angelo resumed his
position as frontman on stage and
heads weren't swivelling from
front to back, the band capped the
evening with a not-too-surprising,
way-too-tight ska-fest which could
have lasted in to the wee small
hours of the morning. But, to the
chagrin of us all, Fishbone gigs
must come to an end only so we
can look  forward to the next
Encores were served, the
band left in their Raiders jackets and we all stampeded
through the coatcheck, Cincinnati style, into the brisk, drizzly reality of our surroundings.
Zip Gun
Love Battery
Saturday 18 January
Apparcntlythe first band.Death Folk
from Los Angeles, missed their
Greyhound tour bus that was supposed to come up to Vancouver to
open the night's showcase trio of
Seattle based bands.
"We're called Sybil and we
don't bite!" Thit was the calling
card throughout most of Sybil's set
the band composed of "three chicks
and two dicks." The most interesting highlight of this band was the
lead singer's enthusiasm which was
displayed with a mixture of scream
ing vocals and her giddy, school girl
stage banter. However, I do think
this band has some potential. You
can pick up their debut 7" on eMpTy
records at your local rekltid store.
This wat the second time that I had
seen Zip Gun and WOW it was
twice at good! Let's face it these
guys kick ass! Their music is
jumpin' fast and energetic as Hell!
The best song they played wat
"Together Dumb" which is also on
their new 7" single along with
"Cool in the Cell" on eMpTy
records. Pick it up - it rocks!
Last and least Love Battery
entered the stage with a wall of
guitar and an attitude to match, that
stayed with them for most of the
show. It seemed as a result of this,
the set wasn't as cohesive or enjoyable as it should have been. The
band is still very talented musically,
and hopefully theirnew album "Day
Glu" and their 7" released on Sub-
Pop will convince myself and others that Love Battery will get the
recognition and attention it may
Mary Hoslck
Ned's Atomic Dustbin
Commodore Ballroom
Wednesday 22 January
If you've heard Ned's Atomic Dustbin's "Kill Your Television," then
you've basically heard everything
they've done—because it all sounds
the same! The show was the most
boring concert I've ever been
to...dull, dull, dull! Stage presence
for the Neddies consisted of thrashing around while tossing their long
hair. Yep, they were a generic British pop band with their two bassists
and driving guitar.
up by my friend Mark who, in retaliation for being poked and prodded
by a bored reviewer, stuck his gum
on my arm and then popped it back
into his mouth with an evil grin.
Then, in a gesture that was awesomely fitting, he squished his gum
onto the side of Ned's Atomic Dustbin's tour bus. One of life's simple
June Scudeler
26 LT£Ra°SETLgB yswm*to**** * q: iwKfL t-iH-
Heimlich Manoeuver'sTop Ten Covers
2Marble Orchard....
... "We're an American Band"
•Black Dakotans...
.. "Mary TylerMoore Theme"
  "Karma Chameleon"
 "sack In Black"
"Psycho Killer"
 "Hey Good Looking"
 "Glad All Over"
Bryce & Scooter's Top Ten Ways Nirvana's
Appearance on Saturday Night Live Could
Have Been More Anti-Corporate
ibeot the shit out of G.E. Smith and the SNL Band...
2 not appear at all	
3 have the Jiggle boys skank across the stage in their Dead Surf Kiss t-shirts....
4 play the secret song from/vevermindincluding the nine minutes of slence.
5 loaded out their equipment	
swear Fugazi t-shlrts	
9do an acoustic set a la Simon and GarfunkeL....
10 bow to the audience - made famous by the Beatles....
BZ Jam &PDS for In Effect Top Ten
5 Naughty by Nature "Strike a nerve"
6MC Breed & the DfC 'Alnf no future in your frontki"
7P.E "Shut'em down"
eGeto Boys. "My mind's playing tricks on me"
92 Black 2 Strong (MMG)	
i;njj {-.tw r.s.'i.ir.vi mi-guii
9Gerry my boyfriend	
107-11 chiicheese nachos....
FEB 92 LONG GR00000V1ES101
1 Various   Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-19M (Zulu)
2 Variouj... Another Damned Seattle Comp. (Cargo.Dashboard Hub Girl)
3Various SST Acoustic (SSD
4NoMeansNo 0+2«l (Alternative tentacles)
SUncleTupeb Sri Feel Gone. (Cargo•Rcckvile)
6 Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Dim the lights. Chill the Horn (Cargo)
7Smugglers Visit Marineland (Nardwua)
eVarious A Lump of Coal (BMG.First Warning)
Olbtoto Boyz Opgu (Red Decibel)
lOSamm Bennett & Chunk Ufe ot Crime (Knitting Factory)
11 Various Until he End of the World (Warner)
12Emily Faryna Some ot Emly (SpiraD
13ActtanSwingers Adk>nSwinaen(Caroline»Primo Scree)
14Dwarves Thank Heavens for Ltrle Girts (SubPop)
15EastAsh Hto(Cargo»C'estLaMort)
16Mauve Sideshow Mauve Sideshow (Mauve Sideshow)
WlngridChavez May 191992 (Warner. Paisley Park)
18Ptttbull Pmbun(Cargo.Nemesis)
19Vehret Crush In the Presence of Greatness (Ringers Lactate)
20 Doubting Thomas The Infidel (Cargo.WaxTrax)
21GreenDay Kerplunk! (Look Out!)
22Rossy Island ot Ghosts (Virgin.RealWorld)
23Grotus Brown (Spirit)
24Saeeching Weasel My Brain Hurts (Look Out!)
25lndbn Bingo Scatolootcol (Cargo.lndep. Project)
26 Marble Orchard Savage Sleep (Estrus)
27Delerlum Spirttuol Archives (Dossier)
28Nuisance Contusion Hiiiaook Out!)
29MeMns 8 Songs (Cargo.C/Z)
30Slster Double Happiness Heart and Mind (Reprise)
31N-Jol Mtaftux(BMG.Decoristruction)
32PeJcon Daughters... Fishbones • Wishbones (dovENTERTAINMENT.SJent)
33Hunger Farm Dogma (Nemesis)
34Vartous AMerryJazzmas(BMG.Novus)
35 My Bloody Valentine Loveless (Wamer.Sire)
38Cramps Look Mom No Head! (Restless)
37 JohnS. Hal a. Kramer Real Men (Shimmy Disc)
38MC 900ft Jesus Welcome to My Dream (Nettwerk)
39Vartaus Sound Generator Volume Two (Spiral)
40Hlt Journey to the Center of the Bowl (Nettwerk)
41 Bolt Thrower The Peel Sessions (Homestead.DEID
42Snake Hips Snake Hips (Gimlet)
43The Bevis Frond New River Head (Reckless)
44Severed Heads Cuisine (Nettwerk)
45 The Pogues Essential (Polygram.lstand)
48Non Easy listening for Iron Youth (Mute)
47LawnmowerDeth...OohCrikey,rt's.../K Ids In America (RetatMty. Earache)
48Slap of Reality 3 Lefts Make a Right (Cargo. Headhunted
4BAnne Lederman.... Not a Mark In This World (Festival. Aural Traditions)
SOaMINIATURE Plexlwatt (Scheming Intellgentsia)
51Cheap Trick The Greatest Hits (Sony.Epic)
52SWA Volume (SST)
53Capttal Punishment living on the Edge of a Razor (Ichiban Wrap)
54Pegboy Strong Reaction (Touch&Go.l/4 Stick)
55BuddyGuy&JunbrWels Alone* Acoustic (War ner.Alllaator)
56Pentangle Think ot Tomorrow (FestrvaLGreen Linnet)
57 Living Sacrifice living Sacrifice (Cargo. R.E.X.)
WHoryRollers Fabuley(Dischord)
58 King Apparatus King Apparatus (Raw Energy)
SODirty Hands Letters for Kings (Black&Nolr.Danceteria)
eiWil Peart ot the Great Price (Cargo.Thlrd Mind)
82 Leaving Trains Loser Illusion PL 0 (SST)
63Crossfire Choir Dominique (CBGB&OMFUG)
Bad Brains Spirit Electricity (SST)
85 Machines of Loving Grace Machines ot Loving Grace (Mammoth)
68Drive Like Jehu Drive like Jehu (Cargo.Headhunter)
87The Black Watch Flowering (Doctor Dream)
68Digital Underground Sons ot the P (Attic.TommyBoy)
69TestDept Ecstocy Under Dure»(advENTERTAINMENT)
70Gorguts Considered Dead (Cargo«R/C)
71Scatterbrain Scamboogery(Elektra)
72Swamp Terrorists Grow-Speed- Injection (BMG.Noise.Machlnery)
73 Margaret Menezes Kindala (Mango* Island)
74EdThigpenTrio Mr. Taste (DistrbutbnFusJon.Justln Time)
75Hulbbalbo Dead Serious (Cargo.Musical Tragedies)
78NccturnalEmissbns Cathedral (dovENTERTAINMENT)
77Geto Boys We Can't Be Stopped (Rap-a-Lot.Priority)
78MonksofDoom Meridian (Cargo.Baited Breath)
79 Katie Webster No Foolin'(Warner. Alligator)
SOWhoaml? AddctiveHipHopMusick(Sony.Epic.Ruthles5)
81 Brian Lee & the Jump Street 5... The Blues is... (Distribution FustonOuslinTime)
82 Raging Stab Slabbage/True Death (Restless)
83Helbween The Best, The Rest, The Rare (BMG.Noise)
84Rockb' Dopsle & the Zydeco Twisters Louisiana Music (Atlantic)
85The Tea Party The Tea Party (Eternal)
88Tumor Circus Tumor Circus (Alternative Tentacles)
89Solar Enemy Dirty Vs. Universe (Cargo.Thlrd Mind)
90Eds Redeeming Qualities More Bad Times (Festival.Flying Fish)
91 Scarface Scarface is Back (Rap-a-Lot.Prbrity)
92Reverend Horton Heat Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em (Sub Pop)
93Gang Green King of Bands (Cargo.Roadracer)
94fce Cube Death Certificate (Priority)
95Neil Young & Crazy Horse Weld (Wamer.Reprise)
95Various Merry Christmas: Sonics Wallers Galaxies (Etiquette)
98Test Dept Proven in Action (Jungle)
97Juluka  Ubuhle Bemvelo (Rhythm Safari)
98Miranda Sex Garden Madra (Warner.Mute)
99Tim Dog F.ck Compton (Sony.Ruff House)
00Young Flamencos Los Jovenes Flamencos (Hannbal.RykoDisc)
01Gc-Betweens ThePeelSesslons(Homesteod.DEIT)
IMWstry "Jesui Built My Hotrod" CD-5" (Wamer.Sire)
2NoMeansNo "Oh CanodurT/"New Age" T (Aied Recordings)
3Clnt Ruin & Lydta Lunch "Donl Fear the Reaper" CD-5" (Big Cat U.K.)
4Vartous Sasquatch: The Man, The Myth, The Compilation (Kirbdog)
•Sybil  5-Song 7" EP (eMpTy)
•Best Kissers in the World Best Kissers in the World CD-5" EP (SubPop)
7Various. Lost »Found Records Completion 7" (LostiFound)
•Unearth Pinchpolnt 7" (New Rage)
•Show Business Giants/Squirrels. BbbsVolume2:Splll7"(WayOutD
lOLourels Bum 7" (Heparin)
12Mecca Normal	
.. •SebureTllock Eye" 7" (T/K)
... Orange T (Harriet)
4-SonaTEP (Staple Gun)
sng T
3-Song T EP (Harriet)
iSNapalm Sunday -Subtle InfideKtyVShe Believes' 7' (SharkSandwich)
iSDWorted Pony Work Makes Freedom 12" EP (Bomp)
17Coil The Snow 12" EP (Cargo.WaxTrax)
IBLush. Block Spring CD-5" EP(PoVGram.4AD)
lOTenCommandments "Dark Angel"/" Re volution Man' 7" (Sensible)
20 Motor Virus "Trlppln' CorpseTMy Brakis" T (Over and Out)
2lGorlta "GoneWein Popper" T (Regal Select.Bag of Hammers)
22Truly Truly CD-5' EP (SubPop)
23 Nicotine Spiral Surfers. "Plastic Sonic PIHYDharma Bum" 7" (Dionysus)
24 Mouse "Caesar SatadTEmmett" 7" (Worrybird Disk)
25Undertow/Resolution Spit 7" (Overkil)
26Swingin' Teens "Fire in My HeadVHey Brother" 7* (Perspective)
27The Hoods. "You Won tTakeHer"/"Mystery Train" 7"(Dtonysus)
28Yummy "HappineMls..."r(eMpTy)
29Nuisance Humboldt County 7" (Kirbdog)
32 Wig Torture Levels Your Karma 4-Song T EP (Mamby Music)
33Amanda by Nkjht Let It Bob 7" EP (Susstones)
342pgun "10'7"(eMpTy)
35Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio  Dont Desert Me 7" (Dionysus)
363 Car Garage "How Does H FeelTSdy Goodbye" 7" (PROspedlve)
37The Gits. Spear* Magic Helmet T (eMpTy)
38Convicts "This is for the Convicts" 12" (Rap^Lot.Priority)
39HuevosRancheros Rocket to Nowhere 7" (Estrus)
.. Snowy While T (Four-Letter Words)
41GlrlTrouble/TheA-Bones Spil7"(FtoptarrKj.CruddyRecordDealershlp)
42ThkdEye "SunshlneTFace Creeping" r(PROspectlve)
43Leaving Trains. "Rock'n'Roll Murder" 7" EP (SST)
44 Nerve Twins. "7 DazeVShe's So Bow" T (Atomic)
45 The Fallouts Dont Want the Sun 7" (eMpTy)
4SAntiseen 'Psycho KHerVHeavy Mud" T (Jettison)
47Geto Boys "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" 12' (Rap-a-Lot.Priority)
48lsebers Pain Family T (Trash Can)
... "KingSexTeSourOU Men" T (Bowimor)
1 EorCancer "PsychoCtause"
2 Mystery Machine "Broken"
3Vhogrettes "Those Darn Bugs"
4Fumoceface "While My Dad Gently Weeps"
5 Indecisives  "Good Intentions"
6GoGuy "The Room"
10 The Worst "Writing on the War
11 Kathleen Yearwood "OKanoda'
12 Perfume Tree "Death In Rrimetlme*
13 Bombshels. "Starflsh"
1S Sinus Envy....
 "long Way Back'
... "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch"
 "The Doors of a New World"
 "Perfect Fools"
22 Jack Feel Fine "Someone Died on TV Again'
23 Terror T  "Gangsta Shit"
24 Sparkmarker "Mirror of Days"
25 Show Business Giants "Let's Get Together"
26 Just Add Water "Requiem for the 70's"
27 CartoonSwear "34 Miles High"
28 Evaporators "Vampire Blues'
29 Mushroom TraiL "Missed the Bus"
30 The Worst "You've Bin Laughing'
31 Excited IstDoughter ./HammerSon)'
..."Voice in
the Air*
.. "Railroad Bridge"
37 Kiss Khsn Bang "From the Grass to the Trees"
38 Sweaters "The Popl Thing"
39 Johnny Onslaught "Hotel California"
40 Indecisives. "Have a Nice Day"
41 Partly Cloudy "In the Absence of Darkness"
42VoxPopul "Shoebox"
43ZoltyCracker "Grab"
46 WhltePicket Frenzy....
 "The Great Race to Zero"
48 Perfume Tree "BelJar"
49 Ten Feet Tal "I Used to be Crazy"
50 Ptanet of Spiders "Porchlight"
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Just a name Its a way of He. Drink
beer and tsten to It loud... we do!
Hosts Terry Holland and John
Yaremus do Rock and Rol the way
Ifs supposed to be done.
SOMETHING l.O0-4:00PM Ambivalent
twat plays whatever she thinks is
cool for four or four and a half hours
and then puts on a CD and goes to
steep In the vinyl couchin the lounge
unlessyou decide to drive her home.
CiTR provides free airtime for
Community Access by groups
and Individuals wishing to
share some thoughts with our
listeners. If you or your group
would like to say something to
someone somewhere, please
call the Program Director at
or of
(•i immtm* sjmi ;m em
AUIH.AMAI.      rattWArfAHIi     ^
THE   «
P^r^     mv^i\> nvvn     BLUE     QII7I
THE   WOIP ENTER  ltvefrom ffJ-^J
jazz THs tain BBS HOME
Awyu/c   i mm I OPEN   VALUE of...
rm epjTi
uvefrom i?y..i
FEBRUARY Q) MON   10     CTTR AJMrMrn NkjM al ft* PI Pl*_ Andr* PMipp* Gee
Theatre... Stywalt al Big Bam Boo... Oy4* RonMli al t» Ralway... Otwewdtti
Tk* Fly (7 30pm) « th* CMtmethequ*   Drawn (7 30pm t 935pm) al th* Ridg.
915pm) al the Sarlghl..
TUE  11     CITR Fu«« Mot* M lha PN Put- And™ PMfcjai Gaaaoa al Ou**n Elzabeti Th***...
(Mar Shorty «rHh the [ami al ma Mk Sew Leonard Bend al th* Ralway... "Cmal 70a Onto BO"
a the CmX Elephant   Urawa (7 JOpm t 9 35pm) al the Rtdga... Uebeelnni (7pm t 915pmi a It*
StartgM. TaacMaf wM Stork*, Lav**** boa Start**: A Cro**^l^Vi*wol Oral Tradition* aih*
Cowan Ihaalra.  Tha Draooa Jin ol Soul Km et Am com muw a ih« UBC Muwut
-,,,.. I. Aprl tl)_.
SUN 2 Had Hot ChM Papon wtih Stwt Tw Bart a the Mil forum RkHue L** Jon** *i th*
Commodore Ewm foUaia I Fnaw MacPWrn al Rcha/di orRieha.0. Snaar Bn* al lha Yaw
Wafer* In Ik* Struct* (7 30pm) ml fawner* bar AMraiit (1:30pm) at th* Cioamamtoua . Hy Own
Mwjtak*** (7:15pm) and Tha Mi*n Rwanar (IZbrjm) al thtlft^...Doct«r2M«|(a»MPirti(ipin)..
TW Ad,«*t*> (7pm I 9 15pm) al lit* Sarwjht... Maafci lor S*«*r*l Fttmdr. Odbtcato* and Im
« al tha UBC Mut.
Im PH Pub. .Mary wuh Rod Suoh and Dancing oa Claaa * IM
a at in* Commodore . Warm Z*»o* win lha Odda al 86 9r**l...
H Bend at Itw Ralway... FortWona Trewatogw* al
3     WHAlmnj't»Mlalllall»MPI.3vr   R«l^lolC^»IPwwl«^^»«fltM/Bnclla^l^..
PNF. Forum . U Za I tha Una* * Dm Rawm ... Ottwar aad Ito Eta>M«a at llw Y* . T1» ¥•*««•«
WED 12    CiTR Horn
OuaiBapnanl.. TajMakalaH
Guitar Shorty «M lha Demo., at tha Yata.. Sua U
lha Grunt Gantry. Any" al Rock Cat*. Canada
Paraimwd Worlda: Prograai Oa* (7 JO 4 8:45pm) i
Ridg*... Macbeth opani at tha Vancouvar Ptayhoute (untl Marck 7).. Uobaatraa* (7pm 4 915pm) at the
Starighi Tha Famin* Wlkia (7pm) and Tht Virgin Martin* (9:30pm) al Ha UBC SUB Audkorwm...
THU 13 QTR Cteaka Tkuraday at lha PI Pub.. Tm Paalwa Mh Grty Skka and Go Gay at ma
dual Ekoham Buddy Guy at Ha Commodora . Sacrad Haarla al the Relwty. Gate Shorty with Ha
Cwmona at lha Yale... Ckaa at Minimum Bam Pub... Caanda ■ A Coiiirirr^ B Yaara o< ktdacandam Fin
ran Tarn (7 30 4 4.45pm) at lha CtwmaHeque Uranue (7 30pm 4
9:35pm) at lha Ridge   Liatwotraum (7pm 4 9:15pm) al lha Stareght   Tk* Fankw Wlkn (7pm) and Tk*
FRI 21     MyatorykkcnkMWIhJack F**n Fn* and C»laiTkniSpin4rykttM&ualFJapli*r«. Country
Dance wlh a-Cent ol 1000V al the WISE Hal Brwc* Cortb«rn al the Orphaum Rooya Hnchcoct 4 the
E r/ypt lane »*h awn hew Swwel al M SIM SoneolFrwadon al Ihe Commodore Maurk* Vaasha al lha
Yen.. Rkted 0* Gwara Ram Band al Maarnum Bkna Pub... SDngta' HoomIi k Im Ra»w*y.. Ckankie
Ml and Pkvaraa Anal*: MYC Marck '12 (7 30pm) and *n»aa ol Da*k* (9pm) k the Cnamkhaqua   UM*
opani Rokot Cankyal (7pm) and Fiat ol Im north**/ (9.30pm) a He Slarlght
SAT 22     Gaarnhkr.SknatyMpiilM. Pink. 5k«alW*w and bkmBm
nd Cractarheek k H* dual Ekpharl... Stiagm' Hon*a M Ha Ralway Dog Ek Dog CD
J. Ma«nc*Ya**Mk the Yale   Rkkard D* Guara Ran* Band kManmum
 larch M (7 30pm) and Wine* ol Ovate (9pm) k Ih*
aa Tat* (7 30pm) and Paradla* (9 35pm) k He Rtdoe   Lan«naa (7pm) and Fik ol
ndAtira|ltJOpm)kthar  " '
tha Ralway... Tuwdo Ji
(7 30pm) and Tk* Stat* ol Thing*
Lk Him Han • (7pm 4 9 30pm)
" Slak   Lak MM Sona k He Ralway   Chan k
Pub   Guitar Shorty with tha Demon* k lha Yate... "Bad al Ha.iT UBC GLUBC Dane* k
kid Tk* Slal* ol Tkng* (9 30pm) M lha CriemaHeoue   Uranue
■'inK(7pm4 9 30pm)klheSiaitirjhl
k MadmumBaj.1 Pub Cauda -A Country?: MY*er*ol In
PregranTwo (7:3044:15pm) kthaCtMrnkhtqu*... My FaHnr'aGtory(7:t5pm)andllyMotk*r'tCaMk
(9:25pm) k lha Ridge Tk* Adkianr (7pm 4 9:15pm) k He SlarUght... A Map ol Ik* S*n*** optnt k In*
Firehal (unW Marck 1)...
Jarfi k tht Glau SUppar... R^wrcunwn k Studio 16... 54-40 k lha Breaker* (Point Robani).. Jama*
Harmoa Band al the Yale... The Vaquam* al Maiimum Bkna Pub.. OpM Slag* Jan k lha FkKid*
Lounge Lightning Ow Want (Nfck'a Moral) (7:30pm) and Tk* American Frtand (9.15pm) k tha
Cawnkhaqu*.. Uranue (7:30pm 4 9:35pm) k lha Ridg*. U*b*kraum (7pm 4 9:15pm) k He StarMgrn..
SAT 8 Do*ePump.ithKlwKI**4 r3*ngarKli««mc+en*k at rheCruk Elephant Baghouc*5 althe
Railway . Jarfi k He GIjm Sapper Joan J*tt 4 Ih* Btackhearta with Fremrhekei al 86 Slrok . S*l*a
Fwmrn, Kin Lalal, Balucada. Orqwkra May* k Ih* Commodore . Jamw Harmon Band k the Yale...
544) k Ih* Breaker! (Point Rotwti)... Tk* Vaqinro* k Maidmum Bluet Pub... Tk* Ekonka Eickanga
k Ih* Oman* Avenue United Church (8pm)... Ughlnmg Om Wakar (Nfct'e Morn) (7:30pm) and Tk*
Armrican Frtand (9:15pm) k tha Ctwmkhaou*.. Uranue (7:30pm 19:35pm) k He Ridge U*b**traum
(7pm 4 9 15pm) k Ih. Slirtlghl...
SUN 9 Ai«iidaHugrM.1PkAc.*nd Ok Yeah kHykl Regency Balroom Vluwa k Cal* Django
Mrtratki BkKk Hakory Month: Lady aUrkMlai^ Mary UwWlllaim:Muak on My Mkad (7:30pm) and
Bndt Wonnn ol Brail and Gotta M*k* Thl* Jowwy: Site Honey In lha Rock (9:30pm| k H.
Cln*mkh*qu.... Ufma (7:30pm 1935pm) k lha Rkkw.. Gandhi k lw Park (2pm)... Lnb*kraum (7pm
I 9.15pm) k Ih* Slarlighl...
(7:30pm I 9:35pm) k lha Ridg*... LM Him Haw* I (7pm 4 9:30pm) k Ih* S
SUN  16     Minju.DynakyallheAntClubOinvileIsland   WlntacRo
Gorma* Avarn-GanM Fin ol the 1120* Program On* (7:30pm) k Ih* Cmomkhaqu*... Uranue (7.30pm 4
9 35pm) k the Ridge . Tk* Sound ol Nuke k Ih* Park (2pm). Lk Him Hay* H (7pm 4 9.30pm) k Ih*
Si aright... Mukcfc lor Sevan! Friande: Sing W», Dane* nwklh*U8CI**eumol Ajirhiccoboy (230pm i
Family Story Hour: Song, Drum* and SloriM k Ih* UBC Mut*um ot ANhropobgy (1130am)..
MON 17     aiRAIenMlh»NighlktrMPnfcib._0ltwendlh«EI»m*iit*j1HeYale   Elbor*Jam*e
k Maximum Bluei Pub.   German A.anl-Gerde Film ol tk* 1920* Program Two (7:30pm) k Ih*
Ml and I (730pm) and Local Hero (9:30pm) k Ih* Ridge... Lk Hlm Haw I (7pm I
PonMa k Ih* Railway... Mauric* Yaughn k lha Yale Elbon Jamn k Maomum Blue* Pub... Wkknal and
I (730pm) and Local Haro(9:30pm) k tha Ridge... Lai Hm Hm I (7 pm 19:30pm) krrMStktajN.Faipiir,
Haw 4 Recycle exhJbllon open* k He UBC Muwum ol Amhropotogy (unll May 24).. TMCking wtth
Ston... Learning Iron Skirt**: Thurn* In Storylking Tradttkn* k th* UBC Muwum ol AMrnpoiogy
VED 19 CiTR Hot W*dn**d*yal the PI Pub.. Mauric* Vaughn k the Yale. Wyciham PorMue a!
Ih* Railway... Francola Hotrt* El Cwwm k Ih* Grunt Gklary Elbor* Jan** k Maomum Blue* Pub..
Canada. A Co*»wr«7:10 Yoar* ol loowp*od*nt Fin* YTdao: CaUN^k Con nrMra: Program On* (730
* 8.50pm) k H* CmornkhtqiM... Laningrad Cowboy*Go Arnertc* (730pm) and rWakkd-lnpol: Al Night
Long 19:20pm) k lha Ridg*... Lk Him Have tt (7pm 4 930pm) k lha Slarlighl...
rHU 20 CITR Clanic* Tkuraday k *m PI Pub... CM* G»m* record rk»au party with FYF and
' Elephant... SUngaV Homke k Ih* Ralway...Mauric* Yaughn k th* Yale... Elbor*
m Pub... Ckind* - A Cownrr?:» Y»ara ol Independent Fkn I Yld*o: Catalytic
Two (730 11:45pm) k Ih* CkMmalMqu.... Lawnignd Cowboy* Go Amartca
(730pm) and rkkknU-Napol: All Night Long (9:20pm) k th* Ridg*. Lk twn Haw I (7pm 4 930pm) k
SUN 23 Ho*** Son** I Meiana Ray k tha Vancouvor Eak Culurk Cantr*.. Or Hook k the
Commodore Cawbrkkg Buck Hakory Month: Picking Trior* and Nak*d Span*: Uiring la Round
(730pm) k Im CtMmaHeque   UH* Ma* Tk* (7:30pm) and P*r*di** (935pm) k He Ridge   Bm Hur k
Ih* Park (2pm)... AUre (7pm) and L*n«m*n (930pm) k He Startghi.
MON 24 CTTR Altemelln Night k Ih* Ph Pub.. Lok Folk Uitdergroend k IIm Railwjy... Oliver and
Ik* EkMMa k th* Yk*... Harpdog Browa I Ik* Bloodhound, k Maximum Ban* Pub... Tk* Blackboard
Jungk wuh a lecture by Marti* Lab* (730pm) k th* CH*maH*qu*.. Aa Angoi k My Tabla (730pm) k lha
Ridga... Robot C*»W (7pm) and Fik ot He Morthkw (9:30pm) k He Slarlght
W1nt*r Root* Mukc TUE 25 CTTR Funk Night k Ih* Pit Pub.. Eddy CM.rw.ler k Ih* Yk* Hwrpdog Brown I tk*
b^oodkoanda k Maomum Hum Pub... 'Crak 70* Diaco 290* k H* Cruk Elephant RMIMd Roonere k
Ih. Railway An Angkk My Ttbk (7 30pm) aith* Ridge Robot Cwnivk (7pm) and Fik ol tha
(9:30pm) k the Slartight
WED 26 aTRHotW*d*e«lay«ltMPHPub...GGAIIn(777)aiheCn
k Ih* Yale Harpdog Brown I the Bloodhounde k Mjbmum Blue. Pub !
Gallery... RjJtnd (looker! k H* Railway . Canada - A CoanUr?: B Yoar*
Approprialiona: Program Ow* (73011:45pm) k He Cinematheque Lak Tango k Part* (7pm) and A
Oockworii Orang* (930pm) k lha Ridg* Robot Carnival (7pm) and Rk ol tk* North*** (9:30pm) k Ih*
Slarlght... Mala Nock* (7pm) and SUch*r (9:30pm) k He UBC SUB Auditorium.
THU 27 CtTRCl*»kc*Thur»deyklhePilPub... Smokln'Rhythm Prawn, with Ih* Ludwig* k Ihe
Cruk Elephant Harpdog Brown ! th* Bbodhounda k Maxirrum Blue. Pub Eddy CnannMr k Ih. Yak .
Tuck 1 Pkil wuh Eric Mamnthal Ou.rik and Loo Go.ekk k Ih* Commodoce Gary Fjklgaard k Ih*
Vancouver Eak Culurk Centre.. Enigma k th* Ralway... Canada ■ A Country?: B Yoar* ol lnd*c*nd*nl
Film I Vkno: Apptoprikkna: Program Two (730 4 1:45pm) k lha CtnemkheqiM Lak Tango in Piri*
(7pm) and A Clockwork Orang* (930pm) k Ih* Ridge Robot Carnival (7pm) and Rk ol Ik* Northk.r
(930pm) k th* Slkwjht..
Vanoouvot Eak Culurk Co*.., Eddy CtMiwakw k Ih* Yk.. Enigma k th* Ralway... Junta K**i*gh*n
k Ih* Frwid* Lounge... Inpraoai
t? (330pm) and »
Minortia (7pm) and Baldwin'. Nlggw. Thl* k not ai "~
(930pm) k He Oemkheoue... Other Ptopkj'l Money (730pm) and The Wi
Rka)*.. L*a*n*a(7pm)and RobotC*mlvk(930cm) arid AlrJre(1130pm)klhaSlarlcrt...Gaw«Gyanlwllh
Feb. 1-2  Grammy award winner and harmonica
player for the Rolling Stonee SUGAR BLUE
Feb. 18-22  from Chicago MAURICE VAUGHAN
Feb. 25-29    from Chicago EDDY CLEARWATER
so ESgssaiaii
;Vaf eat Wi
( fORtfEW  *P6GZILLA   BC)
CD release PARTY •
1369   RICHARDS Live At 86 St. Music Hall
Tickets On Sale At All
or charge By Phone 280-4444 7
Z Monday to Wednesday 10:30-7:00
HI Thursday and Friday 10:30-9:00
Q. Saturday 10:30-6:30
0 Sunday 12:00-6:00
1869 W4th Avenue. Vancouver BC
with tfrfe old, in with/ ttrfe new in QJ
s for a new year -all priced at $1A Oft CD and $0 0ftcass.     ****
Newsoundsforanewyear-allpricedat$'|4 98
$9.98 <
Velvet Crush
• In the Presence
of Greatness
If you grooved to Teenage Fanclub s "Bandwagonesque"
and are also a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins, you'll love
this release from Rhode Island s Velvet Crush. Produced by
Mathew Sweet - Staff recommendation. IMPORT
Saint Etienne
• Foxbase Alpha
Like a shortwave broadcast from another continent comes
Saint Etienne. Imagine 808 State fronted by Petula Clark and
you get an idea of what's contained on Foxbase Alpha.
Includes a reworking of Neil Young s "Only Love Can Break
Your Heart" and their other UK single release "Nothing Can
Stop Us".
Available Now On Zulu Records..
• The Big Sellout
New York scene-sters Kramer and the lovely Ann
Magnusson (of TV's Anything But Love fame) have released
a record that picks up where 1991 s "The Power of Pussy"
left off. Kick back the easy chair, fire up the bong, and relax.
• Dust For a Day
This long-awaited debut release from the UK's Slowdive
can be favourably compared to Chapterhouse and My
Bloody Valentine.
"Like a strange substance, without the risk" says their
record company. "Just for a Day" is liable to pull you down
and take you up all within the space of a single song.
Various Artists
• Teriyaki Asthma Vol1-5
From Seattle's C/Z records comes "Teriyaki Asthma", a
compilation of limted edition 7" singles previously
unavilable in any other format
Containing hard to find cuts from bands such as L7. Babes
in Toyiand. Nirvana. Coffin Break. Frightwig. etc. All your
favorites in one easy to handle package! IMPORT
• Wings of Doy
As the UK s Melody Maker says, "one of the most peculiar
and honest releases of the last decade". As the staff of Zulu
says "one of the most requested releases since Primal
Scream." IMPORT
Afghan Wigs
• Congregation
The wigs are in town on Feb. 7th at the Cruel Elephant to
play songs from their blistering new album on Sub-Pop
records. 91 s "Up On It" was one of the great overlooked
releases from last year, so don't let such a fate happen to
this one. IMPORT
This band was formed by ex-Dinosaur Jr. member Lou
Bartow, but don't expect any guitar heroics. The 23
intensely personal songs contained herein will make your
blood race in a much different way. Released on Boston's
Homestead Records. IMPORT
Last Call
Vancouver Independent Music 1977-IMS
Zulu presents "Last Call", an anthology showcasing some
of the best independent songs from Vancouver's illustrious
past Classic tracks have been collected, lovingly restored
and digitally mastered onto two CDs. Also included is a
44-page booklet containing historic photos, biographies
of all the bands and more. Specially Priced!
The Furies
1. Braineater
The Skulls
Go Four 3
Secret Vs
Animal Slaves
The Stiffs
Tim Ray
Brilliant Orange
The Generators
The Dishrags
Popular Font
Shanghai Dog
Active Dog
No Fun
The Scissors
Cannon Heath Down
The Shades
Los Popularos
The Pointed Sticks
Moral Lepers
Herald Nix
48 Songs!
Private School
The Enigmas
The Subhumans
The Actionauts
Bob's Your Uncle
48 Bands!
Young Canadians
Family Plot
Rhythm Mission
Female Hands
The Work Party
Bolero Lava
The Scramblers
Oversoul Seven
The Hip Type
44-Page Booklet!
2 V2 Hours of Music!
  Available Now at -
A&B Sound, Black Swan, Collector's RPM,
Highlife, Neptoon, Odyssey, Reminiscing,
Sam the Record Man (Seymour),
Scratch, Silver Disc, Track, Zulu
A huge selection of supercool
featuring bands such as Godflesh, Soul Asylum, Meat
Puppets, Violent Femmes, R.E.M., and numerous othe
All are available in large and extra-large sizes, and most
"N*""^ $15.98
CD listening booths at Zulu
Remember, you can preview any of these nine
releases, or any cd's in Zulu for that matter (new or
used), at one of our CD listening booths. Give it a
try if you haven't done so yet.


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