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_5a*    •<_.    jpV    __#■•» I ii Hi Arl..
Special* evetty
cUuf toc&fat ou*
.99 cent nl*6u
* ffo &we%, ewfaf
it cvfale it Icwto.
Often :
*7ue& - Sett.
X:00ft** - 2:00am
Su*uUuf& to- 7ftid*u$At
* C**t»4 &Ht*t    Z>.f.    StftUtfUMA Wit 7«*«*
315 East Broadway at Kingsway
876 - 7003 JULY 1991 - ISSUE #102
Drugfree?...you decide	
fROMOHIO to the Minuter
Life after Malcolm's Interview. ...
Eatthe banana!!!!	
'Convenient answers, a cheap way out'.
A chat with Anthrax	
Peace sells, who's buyin'?..
, .26
The cover was designed by Jeff Tollefsen.
EDITORS Lady Jane Grey Elementary, Lance Exeter ART DIRECTOR
Johanna Block, Deborah Bollngbroke-Prlce PRODUCTION MANAGER Lydia Schymansky EDITORIAL/PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Mindy
Abramowitz, Deborah Bollngbroke-Prlce, Helen Oodolphin, Randy
Iwata, Robynn "Humming" Iwata, Redd Mc Jan, Chris Taylor, Braden
Zrno, J Bradford, the Division 6 class of Lady Jane Grey Elementary
GRAPHICS Deborah Bollngbroke-Prlce, Robynn "a" Iwata, Jeff
Tollefsen PMT Robynn "tune" Iwata PROGRAM GUIDE Adam Sloan
SPINLIST Robynn Iwata ADVERTISING Greg Elsle/Llnda Scholten
Linda Scholten HEART AND SOUL the Iwatas, Phil and Landls and
their gerblls Marge and Antonio
Discorder Copyright © 1991 by The Student Radio Society of the
University of British Columbia. All rights reserved. Discorder Is that
magazine from CITR 101.9 fM, and Is printed monthly In Canada on
paper manufactured In Canada. Discorder prints what it wants to,
including the CITR On The Dial program guide and the CITR SplnUst
playlist charts. Circulation Is 17,500 copies distributed free to over
230 locations. 12-month subscriptions are $15 In Canada, $15 (US) to
the states, and $24 elsewhere. Please make cheques or money orders
payable to Discorder Magazine. "Wh*n th* going gat* tough, tho tough
got going. Byo. **- Mr Carlson. Deadline for ads and submissions Is the
15th of the month. We want your stuff—send It our way, and If we like
It, we'll use It; If not, we'll lose It.
CITR 101.9 fM Is 1800 watts of neurotic bliss from UBC to Langley,
Squamish, and points beyond. We're also on all major cable systems In
the Lower Mainland except Shaw In White Rock. Office hours for CiTR,
Mobile Sound, and Discorder are Monday-Friday, 10-4. Call CITR DJ line
9 822 CITR, our offices 9 822-3017, our news + sports 9 222-2487,
fax us c/o CITR 9 822-6093, or write Discorder, #233-6138 SUB
Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, CANADA V6T 1Z1
YI uncs in t« tat ietoie un
GASTOWN 682-8550
E_^_5_iS__3( ,—&Mtfma%Y/Ha»~~
friendly fascism
In Concert
Wednesday, July 31
Also Available:
The Myth Of Rock
I fi99cd
I    ^^ OR LESS
DOWNTOWN 568 Seymour Street- EATON CENTRE METROTOWN Burnaby - SURREY PLACE Surrey - RICHMOND CENTRE Richmond years of the magazine, from what I
could conclude.
I have always respected Discorder Magazine for what it was.
Nothing more. Nothing less. We are
truly blessed citizens to be recipients of a publication that allows its
writers to be as incredibly huge pretentious, pedantic, and downright
condescending as they possibly can
be. Edward Humphrey has nothing
on Mr. Mushet.
Dear Ms. Marr, I congratulate
you on your immensely wise and
clever "Where Are They Now?" article, fori am not certain you believe
this but your article is proving to
have been more than the brief snippets of information on past employees of Discorder magazine that you
probably intended it to be. I believe
your article is a dynamic, growing
entity, much like Discorder always
has been since the halcyon days of
yore. Do you require proof? Mr.
Discorder/Lisa Marr:
"DO WE LOOK CONCERNED" You fucking well should.
Never mind regrets, I hold you in
of apathy do not impress me, and
they are ultimately irrelevant You
angered several people with thatfea-
ture and it seems that I was the only
one foolish enough to respond to the
antics of a thoughtless pig.
I am not interested in further
smearing the reputations of either
Mike Johal and Patrick Mokrane.
However, YOU should know CiTR
takes the matter of record theft very
seriously, and rightly so. And YOU
should know that some very serious
allegations were levelled at Mike
and Patrick concerning that issue.
These allegations were made by several CiTR members in high standing, and I doubt that the two were
ever confronted directly or that any
real attempt at establishing the facts
was made. But I am not here to hold
court. That they should be singled
out for such commentary and that I
should be named with them has further consequences than you'd probably imagined. You can certainly
not claim innocence, if indeed you
claim to have done any research or
know anything about the station's
recent history. YES it IS an implication of theft, and my previous letter
and demand for an apology stand.
I don't care if your general
readership is not aware of the backgrounds of that cross-reference.
Enough people understood the implication and were disgusted. Even
people I hardly know, who were not
even aware of the details, made remarks to me. Most suggested I respond in the manner I did. And if
Discorder was anything more than a
pathetic shitrag with no significant
impact in the local mediascape, I
would have slammed a libel suit in
your face.
It is not your place lo assume
that I received any of those elusive
"review copies." In fact, they never
existed. The discs that were used for
review purposes were almost invariably the station play copies and reviewers were asked to be quick with
them. Of the records I reviewed in
the pages of Discorder, including all
of the ones you quoted from in the
May issue, ALL were bought privately by myself. While I did receive numerous cassettes from
around the world — the result of an
extensive letter writing campaign
—CiTR showedno interest inmain-
taining a cassette library or in promoting the kind of music they documented. So, you can take your assumptions and shove them up your
ass. Besides, as I've pointed out, the
cross-reference you published had
nothing to do with your stated reasoning. And it still begs the question: where does the implication
come from?
And while you are quoting
Bill Mull an, perhaps you should ask
him about my ample sense of humor. I'm sure he'd be a favourable
character witness on my behalf. But
then, that gets back to the issues of
research and thoughtfulness, two
conceptsyou seem to have real problems with.
I should have known that you
don'l have enough integrity or maturity to admit error, apologize, or
even concede the possibility of a
misunderstanding. If you're thinking of a career in journalism, you
ought to re-consider. Perhaps we
could meet over coffee and I could
offer you some alternative suggestions. I'll even give you a healthy
dose of my sense of humor. I hope
you have a strong stomach. Now,
let's see if you have the intestinal
fortitude to publish THIS in full.
Regardless of your response, I consider this matter done with. It's been
fun. See you around.
Mark "Happy-Go-Lucky"
Dear Airhead
Upon reading one particular
letter in your "Airhead" letters in
your June 1991 issue of Discorder
Magazine, I could not help but be
pleasantly surprised at the re-emergence of a figure from the pasL The
letter in question was written by Mr.
Mark Mushet, someone whom I have
not heard from since his name disappeared from the pages of Discorder
Magazine some years ago. Mr.
Mushet certainly was a central figure during the formative adolescent
area"] I could pick up 4 pirate and 5
or 6 listenable popular radio stations. The stand-out amongst these
would be G.L.R. or Greater London
Radio [92.4 fm]..A sensible mix of
news, sports, and, better than John
Peel, live studio sets with established
and new alternative musicians/
groups; amongst those who I managed to catch: the Cramps, They
Might Be Giants, Dave Edmunds,
the Replacements, B.A.D., and the
Please teD me how you determined that the "Beeb" has a monopoly on new music airplay. There are
plenty of alternative stations and,
besides England's geographyallows
many groups to use the small club
tour as a vehicle for their commercial success. Groups such as the Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses, Charlatans, and the "Sell out" Happy Mondays all rode on the backs of the
Manchesterclub scene. Having been
0STU0D DuHrtYii&OS©
3__FF'S Prrguu. WouloM'-t %rf£- Bur
Mushet — and others who may
choose to take a swing at you too —
has proven precisely this in his reaction and comments to your article.
Mr. Mushet has shown to us in a
manner that you could not possibly
equal, that he has not changed one
iota since he masturbated his ego on
your pages a long time ago. Mr.
Mushet, it seems, not only still has a
prick; he still is one.
D MacLean
Dear Airhead/P.J.
Golly gee P.J. a trip to see the
Queen. As a CiTR alumni and a
resident of "Old Blighty" for the
past three years, I wonder why my
understanding and impressions of
the B.B.C., the British public and
"regulated mass media" differs so
much from your carefully researched
analysis, ["gee mom three weeks is
a long time what should I pack"] No,
P J. in the U.K. there is more than 1
radio station for popular music; I
seem to recall that on my radio dial
in sunny Brixton ["a city ghetto
in England during these groups commercialization or "giving in" as you
call it, I can assure you that myself
and others [even English people]
were familiar with these groups long
before theirappearance on theB.B.C.
or the "always listened to Sunday
night Singles Chart."
The fact is, P.J. the English
love their traditions. The Queen,
Football, the Singles Chart, the
B.B.C., and T.O.T.P. are bul a few
things that will never die. But seriously mate, the music scene in England is not as bleak as you suggest.
For whatever reason groups continue to emerge, sign, and record with
or without the B.B.C.. Besides, the
B.B.C., like the C.B.C. is there to
satiate the appetite of Joe or Josephine Average [A distinguished music palate such as yours should look
elsewhere!] We have our problems
too; Much Music, our own music
press, and radio syndicates. I don't
think one could ever suggest that our
music industry [includingtheC.B.C]
has been instrumental in signing or
exporting as many groups as those
that have and will continue to emerge
from the U.K. [lhat is including the
B.B.C and T.O.T.P].
Finally PJ., Radio One is not
the censor, the people at 10 Downing Street call the shots on playlist
no no's. [Downing Street is right
near Big Ben, remember? You must
have some travel snaps! ] Be realistic
after 10 years of Thatcher and her
Tories how couldn't the B.B.C. be a
little dodgy.
I do hope the next time you
visit the Motherland you will spend
more time turning your radio and
T.V. dial. That way you will be able
to present your readers with a more
realistic impression ofthe U.K. music scene and the British Public.
Maybe next time you should stay
more than three weeks!
Yours, Tho' unrecognized thru
the "Radio Hell" yean:
Ian 'THE BEA VE" Warren
PJ. replies:
Ah well, yes, perhaps I should have
taken more trouble lo explain that I
am English and have lived in glorious Birmingham (or near by) for all
bul the lasl 4 of my 26 years, during
which I have been over here as a
student. As this makes your amateur
sarcasm null and void, I'll ignore il
and just say:
1.1 didn't mention Manchester clubs
'cos this article was aboul RADIO.
2. Yes, Canada has problems, but
thenl wasn't talking aboul Canada.
3.1 mentioned pirate radio stations
and the nasty things that the government does to them if they find them -
and try living outside the capital for
a real taste of those olher "listen-
able popular radio stations".
4. Incidentally, the government and
the BBC are one and the same - the
Beeb's Director General is government appointed, this isn't to say that
they have no autonomy, BUT	
5. Dave Edmunds?!?!?
6. "The English love their traditions, the Queen, Football....'' Yeah,
and Canadians are alt hockey-playing, maple syrup-drinking lumber-
Dearest Airhead:
Once the news hit me, I was
ready to pee my pants. I sat in my
cold room listening to their music
for 43 hours. Yah. It's been a whole
year since I was placed in the same
room as they to bop up and down to
their sounds. The day came, and my
friend and I packed the car for the
long journey to the Cruel Elephant
from our home in Maple Ridge. We
decided to make the second show
since it was such a glorious day and
we went skating and riding. We
arrived just in time to pay our cover
charge. A split second before our
money was taken we were told ALL
would not be playing for us. Why?
We asked the wise man. "I don't
know, they just aren't" So there we
were. Broken hearted, tried to shit
but only farted. What the hell? We
sat for an hour, hoping it was just a
nightmare. After bumping into Mr.
ALLhimself, we were told that there
was an advertising screw up, and in
fact they were only supposed to play
one show. At least he apologized to
us. Now, now, we all make mistakes, but was it really? I guess we
will ALL never know. ANYWAY,
we headed to the Luvafair (after
changing into black clothing) and
found a loud beat We drank a shit-
load of Vodka, since that is all they
sell. After a few drinks, I was feeling tipsy and I proceeded to dance
on one of those big boxes. I felt boss.
It was almost as good as the ALL
show may have been, and as the
name implies, I fell in luv with a girl
wearing a Cure shirt I would like to
extend my best Satanic wishes to
those responsible for letting me have
such an ALLfully good time. Hopefully, in the future, another second
show will be added to one of those
famous rock & roll bands stopping
to play here, and even more people
can enjoy the experience I had.
Long Hall
~.u,     i
ntgg°i±maQ REG
July 2-6 PONTIAX
July 10-13 JOHNNY V-
July 16-20 CASH McCALL
July 22-23     CANNED HEAT
by   Redd   Mo J an
Hotel California. This was the first time I'd been in that part of the building and I was hoping the
natural blonde was gonna come down the rotunda staircase so I could feel like a guy waiting
for his date in some '50s movie. Unfortunately, he ended up coming around the other way. We
met the other two guys and went across the street to the "A" restaurant. They looked great, just
like dates, and I should know I waited long enough for them to "freshen up." The members of
Urge Overkill are fascinated by the artistic use of stupid business related sayings (ie, "gone
fishing," "out of time") and impressed that you can buy single cigarettes here (although I
believe the only reason people buy singles is to experiment with the taste experience and see
if they want to invest in a whole pack of the same brand).
Urge Overkill: What are the Canadian equivalents to Marlboros?
Canadians Present: Well the most popular ones are Players and Du Maurier and if you're someone's dad you
smoke Export A regular and if your from Montreal you smoke Belvedere.
Urge Overkill: They're all better, they don't seem to ascribe all the same chemicals in them. In America they feel
obligated to feed you maximum chemicals... salt peter... they burn faster too.
I won't tell you what brand they bought 'coz that would induce skeptics to think that I'd made profitable ties with
the sleazy smoke makin' bastards. But rest assured they didn't buy any of those wimpy 120mm jobs with the
perforated filters. Nope, they're real purdy but they're real men too. And they ordered Hi Test, too. Their concert
at the Cruel Elephant was full of power and showmanship. They donned their usual lounge outfits but are slowly
toning down to adjust to the upcoming summer season. Here's snippets of banter I was lucky enough to weed out
of my roommate's Sony WM65F with one of those cereal box top mics.
Let's just say that he's an amazing guy and we're worried about him. He's definitely
someone who can still keep writing about music and you know where he's coming from.
He said a bunch of nasty things about Fugazi that ruffled a lot of feathers but other than
that I can't think of anything he's said that was way out of line. Gerard just did a column on
us in the Village Voice for the new album and we were really happy with that.
Well, I mean we're definitely not gonna discourage kids from being drug free. Christ, we're
too fucked up to argue with them. Just y'know... let those who choose not to do drugs work
the computers and we'll play the music and paint pictures. But we're not saying it's a real
bad thing. Fugazi are great and they're supportive of the whole scene, I mean they're into
the Didjits y'know and half the Didjits' songs are about popping too many pills and sleeping
in your own piss.
Practically dictates what's happening musically-1 mean, they really know what's going on.
Talking to us about Kiss as an influential part of 70s music is like talking basic addition with
a mathematician who is currently writing his thesis. As far as I'm concerned, people don't
listen to enough Hot Chocolate. Soul is good. Mostly we listen to the obscure stuff.
(Some stuff about a girl on acid falling out of a truck and it being a "steak and eggs kinda
momin" at 4:30pm) We also go to strip bars, I mean not as tourists but as total fans. The
strippers here are athletic champions with not routines but performances that our own act
could probably benefit from. A strip act in the States is just like some white trash down on
her luck whose had a couple of kids and gets beaten with a broken beer bottle by her biker
boyfriend every couple of weeks. Here it's an art y'know, we're notyelling baby or shower
or nothin'.
We have the best press, I don't understand it because every time we go into a town where
were getting it we go into the record stores and our albums aren't there. That's really
frustrating: ifs frustrating for us and ifs frustrating for the people that are getting into us.
Although we listen to a lot of black music we definitely think that the thing with white guys
trying to act black is pretty stale. We are hard line drivin' rock'n'roll 'coz it all boils down to
makin' the kids happy. That's what we're here for.
Let's keep this to music, so many fucking bands are talking about TV now with the Partridge
Family and all that shit, Christ, who cares? I mean Michael Landon is dying and he's
struggling to survive and that's what is important. We wrote him a note to let him know we're
with him and everything, although Highway to Heaven isn't our favourite product of his
work, ifs definitely a thoroughly misunderstood show.
They're afraid of sinking so they pledge their allegiance to REM and the Butthole Surfers
'coz thy feel they owe it to them. If they're gonna get in there they gotta get hyped about
all these really good bands that do have something to say before it is too late.
What can we say about AlJourgenson except that he's around and he gets us good drugs.
Never buy anything off anyone who's not already a total scumbag addict.
The back of Supersonic Sfcvyboo/cwas done by this guy Daniel Clowes of Fantagraphics
books. He does a tri-annual comic called Eight Ball and we read it, worshipped the guy,
looked him up and found out that he lived a block and a half away from us. His stuff's great,
we recognize all his characters. There's the guy from the go-nowhere garage band and
the wino... Everyone's always goin', "Oh man, he's so negative," but he totally just draws
what he sees. That's Chicago man, everybody's bummin'.
Never seen anything like that place. Is it having financial trouble? Can we jam there now?
Can we give you guys a photo so we don't get crammed in beside the want ads or
Threeof America's most exciting men through the mediawindow. It ended with some
satire about sensitivity, Blackie does an excellent impersonation of a preacher
holding a Bible and calling in on his neighbour for one of those Crimestoppers shows.
After that, they'd figured the you-know-what was dry enough (Shitheads that think
"water = content" should be condemned to a life of sobriety) and then the visuals c
became more important than text so this is it. Someone told me to form an opinion _j
of them, so I'll say that anyone representing today's tunes that dis Kiss and the £
Partridge Family are gods to me — and they let me use their bathroom, I had to put «j
toilet paper on the seat, but that's OK, I understand. ^^ CiTR/DiSCORDER JOB OPPORTUNITIES
Hey Loser! Wanna make some money?
Well, CiTR, that radio station up at UBC, is looking for a new
U    IM   "
Attention All You Sales Types!
Applicants must have the following qualifications:
- excellent communication skills (writing/speaking/computer)
- good radio technical and production skills
- previous experience working with students
- previous experience motivating volunteers
- knowledge of and experience in non-commercial campus/community
The volunteer co-ordinator works for a total of 24 hours per week (three full
days). The position is for a one year contract.
For more information, call Station Manager Linda Scholten at 604/822-3017,
or write CiTR Radio, #233-6138 SUB Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, V6T121.
Starting date is July 31st. Send your resume and covering letter to CiTR,
Attention: Hiring Committee.
Discorder Magazine is currently looking for a dynamic individual to join That
Magazine from CiTR as its advertising representative. That individual will be
responsible for selling all advertising space in the magazine, and ensuring
that all pertinent information is collected on time.
The successful applicant will have:
- good knowledge of and appreciation for the magazine
- previous experience working in a deadline-centred work environment
- previous sales experience
plus good graphic skills and an understanding of desktop publishing and
magazine production techniques would be nice too
Interested parties should send a resume and a covering letter to Discorder
Magazine, c/o CiTR 101.9 fM Attention: Linda Scholten, #233-6138 SUB
Boulevard, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC V6T1Z1. For more
information, please call Linda at 604/822-3017.
Tues. 2 Day Glo Abortions
Mod. 8 Siagon Kkk
Tues. 9 Naked Lunch
Man. 15 War Babies   1
Sun.   21 I Love You
& Liquid Jesus
Mon. 23 False Witness
Mon. 29 Whistle Funks
CLUB SODA 1055 HOMER 681-8202
/TCH - tt SOA/65 7-"- siav 6acK *i s-fock f    /*7^\
Comi*gsoon.' <5US&?COn/Z>t/CTo# ?" ^^/
SC&rnH XeCoxoS 3f?*CAr»&£sr is/t//C. Mi3-3Ar''//6Q7--0't*tt fIREHOSE are a trio from San Pedro.
California. In specific, they are Mike Watt
on bass and vocals, George Hurley on
drums, and Ed (fROMOHIO) Crawford
on guitar and lead vocals. Mike and George
were in the early '80s SST band the Minutemen before their friend and guitarist/
vocalist/songwriter for the Minutemen,
D. Boon, was killed in a car accident —
this bringing the influential trio's career,
in that form, to an end in 1985. Sparks of
life from the Minutemen as a musical
entity were still smoldering and Ed fROMOHIO, who was a devoted Minutemen
fan, heard a rumor that the surviving Minutemen were looking for a guitar player.
He phoned Mike Watt long distance from
Ohio to ask for an audition even though
Mike Watt initially denied any reformation rumors. Before the length of the average Minuteman song had elapsed, Ed was
in San Pedro banging out Minutemen songs
on his guitar in an ad hoc audition. Mike
liked the young Ed's energy and decided
to give him a go despite Ed fROMOHIO's
relative inexperience. George then received the long awaited phone call from
Mike — they were going to play again.
The name fIREHOSE came from a line in
Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick
fIREHOSE have released four LP'S
to date, all of them dedicated to D. Boon:
Ragin, Full on (SST) in 1986, Ifn (SST)
in 1987, fROMOHIO (SST) in 1989, and
the new one on the major. Fly in the Flannel (Sony/Columbia). fIREHOSE will be
playing the 86th Street Music Hall with
the Feelies on June 30th. DiscordeT spoke
with Mike Watt on a very bad phone connection from San Pedro.
Discorder: What's it like in San Pedro?
Mike Watt: There's only one club and it
plays heavy metal.
D: Oh, really, so where do you go to play?
Watt: We have to go up North to Hollywood or into Orange County or Long
Beach. There's a great place called Bo-
gart's. It's in a burned out mall. It's one of
the only places there that's open, but it is
a great place and it also the closest place to
San Pedro where we can play.
D: Where do you practice?
Watt: Well I rent; there was a fort here —
Fort Mac Arthur—and they closed it down
and did different things with it, but part of
it they gave to the city for a cultural centre.
I rent out the officer's head. They used to
go to the bathroom but then I made it into
a practice pad and rented it from the city.
ic are y ou hstenin g to
level, like where we are playing in the
clubs! I don't really know what's playing
on the commercial rock radio.
D: Is fIREHOSE still influenced by jazz?
Watt: Well, me and George, going back
to Minutemen, we learned from records.
We're really not trained. Edward, he knows
trumpet. I like the way those old guys
fuckin' play, man it's intense. The bebop
kind of '50s jazz. I'm kinda put off by
fusion (laughs). I'm influenced by people
I meet like Thurston Moore from Sonic
Youth, and Gary Lee from the Screaming
D: Are they friends of yours?
Watt: Oh yeah, yeah, in a lot of ways
there's the whole community. I know
there's this thing called alternative. Really what it is, is the latest vaudeville bands.
We all influence each other, man. It's
been twelve years I've been doing this. To
make it interesting and fresh and things
like that I really get involved with the
other people doing it, even though, we're
in San Pedro all by ourselves. In a way,
San Pedro is a thermos bottle (laugh), you
know what I mean, there's a danger, I
think, I used to see this all the time with
bands that would move up to Hollywood.
Soon enough you are too involved, you're
too in, you lose yourself. They stop writing songs. They just become part of the
big thing. That's the other side of it. The
danger of it. San Pedro's pretty cool that
way (laughs).
D: You once said loss and renewal is what
fIREHOSE is trying to get over to people
— Do you think this still applies?
Watt: About D. Boon getting killed?
(pause) No, I think that's fairto me and the
drummer but not really to Edward; he was
never a Minuteman.
D: Has a song for D. Boon come to you
Watt: (Pause) That's really hard for me
(pause) ... yeah, one day ... too intense for
me I tell you. Me and D. Boon's experience together, you know, I don't want to
trivialize it like a little thing. How could I
sum it up in a song. It would be righteous!
That's what's neat about music, how you
can do that, you can make a song about
D: Do you e
r play Minutemen songs
D: What kind of m
these days?
Watt: Stan Getz died! You know Stan
Getz died last night...? I see the old men
do acoustic jazz, you know live. I go to see
Punk rock but really nothing in between
Watt: Well we tour a lot and we go through
tapes in the van big time. A lot of kids give
us tapes at the shows...we listen to a lot of
those and I can't remember all the names
but you can imagine how much time we
spend just literally driving and going
ihrough hundreds of tapes a tour (laugh).
This tour is only ten days, so it'll only be
like thirty G»ugh). But I hear a lot of stuff
— what's going on, you know, on the
Watt: No, I don't ask Edward to do Minutemen songs. I don't think it would be
D: Is the label New Alliance, (Minute-
men's own label), still in existence?
Watt: Yeah, but when D. Boon got killed
(pause) maybe a year after, I sold it to
Greg of SST because I couldn't run it by
D: What bands are on New Alliance?
Watt: Oh man, well, me and D. Boon
started that in 1980 to put out records that
no one else would (laugh). We did Husker
Dii's first album, all the Descendent's
records and a lot of the Minutemen records.
Punk rock was more than jusl a band,
even. It was putting on your own gigs,
starting your own record company, the
whole thing. So it was just an extension of
D: Why did fIREHOSE change labels,
from SST to Columbia?
Watt: Because this is me and George's
fifteenth record... we did it for the distribution, you know, really. It's not a big
deal like where we get a lot of money or
we're moving to a new level or anything.
Big labels are scary, so many guys go
D: Will you survive?
Watt: Yep, if I can survive D. Boon, I can
survive Corporate America. The workers
I've met at the company have been nice.
But its scary.
D: Do you feel any pressure from being on
a major label?
Watt: No, I recorded that record with my
own money. I don't plan to change, really,
the way I've done things. Maybe distribution, I mean it was really bad. Rough
Trade just went under. I think SST will
bounce back. Do you know about Dos? (a
musical project, including Kira, bassist
from Black Rag, that Mike Watt worked
on between the Minutemen and fIREHOSE) Well, we're gonna make another
record. So people shouldn't think like I'm
burning bridges or anything like that.
D: Are there any other collaborations being worked on?
Watt: I don't think so. George or Edward? No, it's been easy for me because I
live with Kira (laughs). I'm just trying to
show that because it is Columbia it didn't
change us. I think that kind of change
would ruin the band. It would be terrible!
Who would want to hear commercial fIREHOSE? I wouldn't.
it like working with a
D: What vs
Watt: Well, you know when I get a producer he's usually an engineer. In a way
he's like a fourth guy. This guy's neat,
Paul Kolderie. In a way he was like radio
Tokyo, an east coast version of the stuff I
went through in the '80s, Ethan James,
people like this. Guys that don't give you
any attitude, don't have any vision for the
band. They try to capture what's happening.
D: What was captured on Fly in' the Flan-
Watt: This record is much better than the
last two (laughs).
D: In what way?
Watt: I played better. I got four bass
solos, which is kind of ridiculous. I was
overcompensating for that last record
though. I laid back on the bass on that
fROMOHIO album. I took it easy. I'm
better, I think, when I am more confrontational Gaughs). I blew it, OK? And
I kind of overcompensated trying to make
up for it with this record. That's why it
was two years too. We wrote a lot of
songs. I wrote a lot of songs so I could
have a lot to choose from. fROMOHIO we
had to use everything including stuff from
Ed's living room and little drum solos. I
want to go in with more. If I'm good at
anything, it's probably editing... editing
my fuckin' songs, cuttin' out the shit. I
wrote thirty songs for them and we ended
up with thirteen.
D: What will happen with the other     Watt: We'r
Watt: Who knows, maybe they'll end up
on otherrecords later down theline. Here's
what strange about fIREHOSE that wasn't
like the Minutemen. With Minutemen we
recorded every eight to nine months. There
was this pressure for every record. In fIREHOSE it's different man, ifs like cramming for final exams. Especially this one
because it's a big major label. But I think it
was smart for me to take two years. Because in a way fIREHOSE is not as organic
and natural, you know (laughs). I'm very
curious with Edward, his words, his lyrics.
I wanna see what he's gonna end up doin'.
In a lot of ways I'm as curious as the people
listening. I didn't grow up wilh him. I
know he's new at songwriting and stuff,
but I'm really interested in seeing what he
writes. On ihis record he just uses a couple
of words. My songs are wars — battles to
get it out of me — I've written over three
hundred, you know. I'm not a musician, I
have to fuckin' really try to make it interesting (laugh).
D: What inspires you songwriting?
Watt: People I meet, strong feelings I get.
I've got such a routine from doing it so
long. What I do is just try and let some
intense feeling take over my fuckin' scenery (laughs). I give it a little time limit and
then that's a song.
D: How is Edward playing these days?
Watt: I think Edward is finding out, more
and more, what he wants to do. In a way, he
changes the band the most. He enjoys it
pretty much. We settled on what we were
doing eight years ago. But as Edward finds
out what he's doing he kind of defines us.
He's also the singer and the guitarist. It's
so weird for the bass player and the drummer to be important people. I think when a
kid sees a band he doesn't look at the bass
and the drums. In a way Edward's got the
heavy weight, but nobody got to see me
and George and D. Boon when we were
little kids. Ed had a weird thing, he had to
get right out in front of people right when
he was learning it (laughs). You guys never saw me and D. Boon with skinny ties and
words painted on our shirts in the '70s. We
went through several very awkward and
embarrassing stages. You know it's hard to
find out who you are. But Edward, since
we were minutemen, all of a sudden he's
right in front of everyone. So he had no
time to develop. He's a trumpet player. I
bought him his first amp. I think he's better
on this record. I wrote a lot of guitar on this
record, bul he wrote a lot of good guitar
like "Epoxy" for example. It's hard to
always write on bass. Could you imagine
writing on cymbals (makes cymbal sound).
I write a lot on guitar. I can't really play il
wilh a pick or anything. One of the secrets
of playing good bass is writing the songs
right. I really do think bass players should
D: Why?
Watt: Well politically they are in the best
place lo do it ... 1/2 drummer, 1/2 guitar.
Also, it's not a back up instrument. Only
the guy playing it can really see that. The
bass is a weird thing you know. I didn't
even take it, D. Boon's mom made me play
it. But I was really lucky... it's weird being
the bass player... Bul in another way it's a
big strength. fc
D: Well, I hope to see you up in Vancou- •"
looking forward to it. ^^ Discorder: Your first morph, Malcom's
Interview, was a healthy combination of
music and politics. Is God's Little Monkeys the same way?
Jo: We write lyrics really just about whatever happens to us. You know, maybe
when Margaret Thatcher was in power the
whole of young England was this unified
voice of real anger. Having said lhat, the
present Tory leadership changehasn'tmade
a whole lot of difference. Our new songs
are a little more personal maybe. I don't
Doug: We haven't sold out if that is what
you mean. No.
Discorder: Have politics in England somehow evolved?
Jon: They have become a lot more sneaky
that's all. It's the same policies but just
with a different gift wrapping.
Doug: An important thing has happened in
Britain, Thatcher is gone. We got over the
first hurdle, the next hurdle is to get rid of
changed, but basically they are still the
Doug: We have a much younger audience
now in England. I'd say the majority are 16
to 19 years old.
Discorder: Is there a good alternative to
the Tories? Is there a viable alternative you
would like to see?
Jo: Just about.
Doug: There is an argument that any alternative to the Tories is a good alternative
but at the moment we are hoping that the
Labour Party would get it's act together.
There are some signs that it will do, ultimately, when their time comes.
Jon: I think that the problem is that in
order to get the Tories out, the Labour
Party has had to move so far to the right
that really a Labour Party is no different
than a Tory party fifteen years ago.
Discorder: Do you think that — in a way
similar to the Labour Party in New Zealand and the NDP in Ontario — the Labour
Jon: I think there is amistake in the premise
there that we were out to preach and con-
Discorder: I disagree. I think good political music does not preach. It speaks to
something else. If you want to preach,
there are many political and religious
groups you can join.
Jo: I think it is rare for us and for a lot of
bands who are politically minded to actually address issues separately, issue by
issue, to say this is a song about housing or
this is a song about health systems, or this
is a song about war. I think it is much more
normal for most bands that are thinking
bands, and there is a lot of them, to actually
just perceive details and make a whole
with details somehow standing out within
that whole.
Doug: The most important thing to remember is that we are a pop group. We are
not a political party. We are here to entertain. The fact of the matter is that we
We play because we enjoy it. It's very
touching that people actually listen to the
songs and think about the lyrics — that is
wonderful. There is a lot of pop going
around in the English charts: meaningless
songs. Totally meaningless rubbish which
says nothing to nobody. It is very touching
that people come to us and take the time to
listen to the lyrics and consider the issues
at stake.
Discorder: Is this because you are in a way
reflecting what the people are living and
not saying what life ought to be if this was
an ideal world where Top 40 is reality?
Doug: Yeah, that is the case, you know.
That is obviously what is happening. People are finding a common chord in what we
do and tuning into it.
Discorder: You now have three albums:
Breakfast in Bedlam as Malcom's Interview, New Maps of Hell as God's Little
Monkeys and your newest release Lip
which will be released September 15th by
Festival Records in Canada. Is there any reason for
the name?
Jo: It is an interesting
word. You talk about lip
in England as being tricky,
giving someone an "in
your face" kind of re-
Jon: Ifyou give someone
lip you give them a hard
name. Very few people seem to accept the
fact that we just didn't like the old one. It
is fairly common that ifyou don't like the
old name, why not change it?
Jo: Yeah, maybe the next step for all of us
would be to change our personal names.
That will be a quite interesting thing to do.
We can all think of very stupid aliases for
ourselves, we will think of new names, that
will be the next thing to do.
Doug: It was financial suicide changing
the name but we are happy with it. We feel
more confortable with this name and with
what we are doing.
Discorder: You are starting a new tour.
You played first at the Commodore.
Doug: We went to Victoria and played at
Harpo's. It was a really good night. We
thought no one would remember us, but
quite a few people turned up. It was very
encouraging and very flattering.
Discorder: Where are you going from
Jon: All the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia,
and back again.
Discorder: Halifax is
rt your next gig?
Doug: Originally we
thought of calling it
"Shoot from the Lip" but
Lip is a much bettername.
Discorder: Why God's
Little Monkeys?
Jo: Well, we had Mal-
com's Interview, we had
a new record deal and
when we did Afew Maps of
Hell. We had a new record
company and a whole new
set of songs. We just
thought if we don't do it
Doug: Yes, we are playing Halifax tomor-
Jon: We are crazy, but not that crazy. We
are driving. We are playing Peace River
where we are all sleeping on a teepee and
playing the festival at Peace River on Sat-
Discorder: You have been successful at
festivals. You first appeared at the Vancouver International Folk Festival and were
a hit. Do you expect the same results from
the Peace River festival?
Jon: I don't know. We do not know what
to expect from this festival.
Jo: We have been told that we are going to
be basically camping out and sleeping in a
:r done that be-
the Tories and get a sensible government Party in England will have to appeal to the
in power that is going to represent the small and medium size business to carry
people's wishes. out its policies?
Discorder: You still have to fight these
policies as young people but have you
managed to expand your audience to other
age groups.
0> Jo: Definitely, I think.
J| Jon: The songs still have the same sort of
>. grit. They just have a slightly different
3 packaging. I think because people and pol-
""* itics have changed, the implications have
$ __£g£___G__Q
Doug: That is happening. The Labour Party is going to small and medium businesses. They are developing policies which are
going to embrace their needs rather than
those of big business. That's what they're
looking to now.
Discorder: How is your music addressing
all these issues? Are you critical but not
opposed to this type of things?
embrace certain issues within the lyrics,
and the lyrics are meaningful. On one hand
you got the political message; on the other
hand you are an entertainer and that is
basically it.
Discorder: Don't you think that is a nice
equlibrium to have? To be able to do both?
Doug: It is great.
Jon: It is vitally important to be able to
play with any conviction at all, I think, in
Doug: We don't play to change the world.
had to have a new name.
We felt that we were bored
with the old identity and
bored with a lot of the
things that went with it.
So we changed the name.
Doug: God's Little Monkeys doesn't mean anything really. It is just a
name which conjures up
certain types of visual imagery. There is an element
of humour in it.
Jo: One of those enigmatic little names. We just
think this is nice, this is
fun, this is strange; people are going to get thinking about it. People are going to wonder
what it is. I came in on the door tonight [at
the Railway Club], the guy says to me,
"Are you a member?" "No, I am a Monkey." It took him a really long time to
figure out what I meant. So, things like
Discorder: I think both names ■
chosen are quite clever.
e'UneverdoiLWe     Jo: No.
Doug: I think it is dangerous to make any
assumptions about anything. Just go and
Jo: The next one will be e<
Doug: A lot of people a
really deep reasons why «
:n better,
looking for
changed our
Discorder: At the end of the tour you are
coming back to Vancouver?
Doug: Yes, we are playing at 86th Street.
Discorder: Have you been there?
Doug: No.
Discorder: Billy Bragg's opinion of the
place was that he had never played in a
shopping mall before.
Jo: That's what I've heard from somebody
Doug: We have played at a shopping mall,
and we are looking forward to it.
Discorder: It is not really a shopping mall.
Jo: There is no shops? We want to go
shopping while we are on stage.
Jon: We were hoping for some good bargains.
Jo: We enjoyed the Commodore. That was
big. The dance floor was incredible because it sprung and when you are on stage
you can feel everybody dancing and it
moves the stage while you're playing. It's
great! Supposedly, if you oot enough off the stuff
it'll moke your hair black. Ifs rich in
nutrients. An acquired taste. The one thing
to get stuck between your teeth that's
worse than spinach. Recently Vancouver
got it's first taste (please excuse the pun!)
of Tacoma's own Seaweed: Aaron Stauffer
(vocals). Wade Neal (guitar), John Atkins
(bass). Bob Bulgrien (drums), and Clint
Werner (guitar). As Aaron put it, it was
their first time up here "on business."
John: We've never played up here before.
We only made it to Bellingham.
You have been out travelling a lot with
Superchunk before though, haven't you?
Aaron: Yeah, last summer we did an East
Coast/Mid-West tour with Superchunk and
John: In the spring we played a few dates
with Superchunk.
How'd you link up with them?
Aaron: Well, our old roadie Steve went to
school with Mac who's the lead singer of
Superchunk, and we were both in some
bands that put out seven inchers on small
labels. John owns a seven inch label, and
Mac owns a seven inch label. So, we went
"hey, we're two idealistic punk bands, if we
hook up together we'll have more power
than just one band. Heeey!"
John: Yeah, that's right! That was the
"Three's Company" to celebrate the tour.
That was fun.
Wade: We were the "dumb but beautiful
John: And Steve, our roadie, was Jack Tripper... no, he was Larry! So, who was Jack?
Aaron: Superchunk was Jack.
John: And Geek was Janet... the "sensible
and responsible Janet."
Aaron: Which turned out that they weren't
responsible at all.
John: 'Cause they broke a window in D.C.
Aaron: They were just the least beautiful.
Would you do that kind of tour again?
Aaron: Geek broke up.
John: Jenny Toomey the lead singer for
Geek came to our show last night.
Aaron: She flew out for these shows, so it's
kind of the same thing. She didn't wake up
this morning, so wecouldn't bring her along.
We only got like four hours of sleep 'cause
we had to drive home from Portland last
John: That's why we're so tired. I didn't get
to sleep 'til six in the morning. Then I woke
up at four to drive to Vancouver.
Aaron: And Superchunk stayed at my apartment, and alot of the members of Super-
chunk snore, so I barely even got four hours
of sleep.
All of your releases have been on seven
inchers, compilations and your own?
John: Yeah, we've never made it beyond
the seven inch form.
Wade: We love it though, even though
we're tired of it.
Aaron: We have two twelve inches coming
An EP on SubPop?
Wade: Yeah, and we'll also be putting oi
compilation of all our early
singles on Tupelo. That'll
be a twelve inch, CD, and all
Aaron: And on i
cassette... no eight tracks!
What about a ten inch?
Aaron: No ten inches, no
picture discs.
Wade: I was thinking, like,
people will be looking
through the twelve inches,
and they'll just skip right
John: But some places are
cool enough to have a ten
inch bin where there's, like,
three records in it.
What about these new
CD's with video on 'em
Aaron: Wedon'thave those
either, but we just made a
John: We did do a video.
It's gonna be on the SubPop
video compilation with all
the SubPop bands.
Wade: Unfortunately il'scalled "The Grunge
John: Oh, no way!
Wade: Yeah, tell me about it! I think it is...
maybe that's a joke, I don't know.
Aaron: Either way it is a joke!
How long have you been together?
Wade: A long time.
John: A year and a half, almost two years
Aaron: Me and Clint,the guitarist, have gone
to school together since third grade... well,
until we graduated.
John: Me and Bob have been together for
years. We were in a band prior to this one.
Alphabet Swirl.
Aaron: So, it was kind of a merge: me and
Clint, Bob and John with Wade being the
John: Wade brings it all together.
Wade: Yes, I'm the bridge between all four
people. I'm sort of like the focal point of
We were hoping to get you guys up to the
station, but you got snagged at the border
or something?
John: We were expecting an hour layover,
and it was way over that.
Aaron: There was a lot of silting.
Wade: They were fairly nice and everything, it was just a long wait.
Aaron: But the woman at the border kept
carrying around ihis banana. Did you notice
Wade: That was really annoying.
Aaron: She'd start to write out our things,
and then she'd go get this banana. I was like
"just go eat the banana!" She carried the
banana around for, like, fifteen minutes without eating it!
Wade: I think she was concentrating on the
banana way more than she was helping us.
She did seem kind of dizzy.
John: I think the period when she was
helping us, she took a break for like twenty
Aaron: But when she came back she was
really sweet to us. She must have eaten the
Your last seven inch was Deertrap/Car-
ousel on K. How'd you get to be part ofthe
International Pop Underground?
John: Aaron is a long time K recording
artist. He used to work in the Zombies from
the legendary Bird Crash tape.
Wade: Which they sold for eight dollars in
some city in California. Eight Bucks!.
Aaron: Beat Happening was the first punk
band I ever saw. I was convened to the
harmonies of K. I rocked the K scene for a
Wade: All of us are from Tacoma, but he's
really from Tacoma and claims to be from
Aaron: Well, I live in Olympia now.
Wade: He lives in Olympia, but he lives in
How'd you like this place? Did you eat
Chorus: Uhhhhhhhh.
Did yahavethemystery meal? Mmmmm!
John: Oh, I didn't have the mystery meal.
Aaron: Let's just say that when we were
playing, I puked and swallowed my vomit.
Wade: Yeah, it was incredible!
John: I liked the food myself.
Wade: Denny's nachos are way better.
John: Taco Bell's nachos are better.
Aaron: Subway!!! Cold Cut Combo's way
At this point Clint inquires about the
whereabouts ofthe van keys. No van keys.
Aaron: We've got a fucking great record!
We locked our keys in the van last night, and
we lost them just now. Seaweed loses its
keys about every...
Wade: We'll be here for a couple of months
since we locked the van keys in here. We'll
Triple A!
Aaron: Yeah, Triple A should give us like
some kind of hotline.
Wade: We called it about ten times in the
last couple weeks 'cause our van... well, we
lost a van in Los Angeles. It was actually
John's van, and we drove down there. And
we were gonna go swimming this day that
we were supposed to play a show that night.
We were gonna go down to Venice Beach,
and we pulled off to get some gas or to turn
around or something and it just killed itself
and died. We found out the next day that it
was irreparable and needed a new motor. It
would have cost us like two thousand bucks
to fix, so we left it.
So it wasn't really lost, it was left!
Wade: Yeah, we left it there. We junked it.
Aaron: It was a beautiful green van.
Wade: It was a forestry service van and they
dragged lots of rangers and stuff around in it
for thousands and thousands of miles, so it
died. It was too worn out, but that's rock and
Aaron: Next tour! Three sets of keys! At
Aaron: We did have a back-up van! Kim
from the Fastbacks drove down a van for us.
It was beautiful
Anything else you'd like to say?
Wade: Thanks alot!
Aaron: I'd like to say that Mac from Super-
chunk has this method of playing shows
where he wears the same shirt every night he
plays which is totally cool 'cause then you
only get one shirt dirty, but then he sleeps in
that same shirt every night.
Wade: Oh that's cool. I'd like to say that the
first thing that I'm going to do when I get
home is some laundry 'cause I've been wearing the same clothes for quite a while now.
Actually I did laundry in California, but it
didn't get dried in lime for us to leave so it
was kind of musty.
Aaron: I'd like to say Northwestmetal rules.
Have you heard ot Discorder"!
John: You weren't the person who interviewed Ice T were you?
John: That was awesome. I love your writing... Ice T and Slayer!
Wade: I like Discorder, yeah. It's way better
than The Rocket... definitely.
Oh such flattery! Well, Seaweed arc damn
swell too. Seaweed. Seaweed. Seaweed. ta
Seaweed. Seaweed. Can't wait for their C
first foot-wide vinyl release that'll be out ■<
pronto. Seaweed. Last thing heard as I |£
descended the stairs was "Aw, who cares g
about the van."
E?^£gE_0© LICK    ME
Now serving coffee and salads too.
1175 Robson
1937 Cornwall
Student Union Building
Lower Concourse
All Ages Welcome
People will believe anything....
Reggae Wednesdays
owith o
DJ George Barrett
nIrVAnA   Thursdays
^ DJ Maggie invites you ^
•fe Doors open at 9 p.m. ^
with DJ Mick Shea je  no cover before 11 pm
with DJ Noah Grant
1250 Richards St, Alley Entrance, Vancouver 688-2648 Discorder: Any special meaning behind the name
Born Against?
Adam: We ripped it off of a list of bands on the
Alternative Tentacles Let them Eat Jellybeans
record. The other band never really did anything
so we feel justified on putting the name to good
Dis: How involved are you in Vermiform?
John: We do all the shit work.
Adam: Sam writes all the cheques and somewhere in between comes all the creativity. It's
sort of a collective effort with people from a
bunch of different bands and things helping out.
I think we'll try to get more serious about Vermiform when we get back (from the tour) and try to
do the Mordam distribution thing. It's very hard
to get record stores across the country to take you
seriously when you're only selling your own
stuff. Bom Against wouldn't really have gone
anywhere if we didn't have a lot of friends
helping us out
Dis: Aren't these collective type efforts common
to NY these days, such as with labels like Squat
or Rot?
Adam: Squat or Rot has turned out to be just Neil
Robinson working his ass off (he used to sing for
Nausea and was inJesusChrustforawhile). He's
starting up his own distribution and is one of the
people you can call up for bookings at the club
ABC No Rio. If anybody has a cool, independent, non-racist, non-sexist, or non-homophobic
band, call Neil at (718) 383-6522, he can help
you get distributed through underground outlets.
Unfortunately, Squat or Rot used to be much
more of a collective than it is no w. A lot of things
in NY, not specifically Squat or Rot, but a lot
things in NY have become factionalized from
what they were two or three years ago. This has
occurred even among the people who consider
themselves to be providing an alternative to the
mosh-core moron stuff. The petty infighting can
be really ridiculous.
Dis: Does Bom Against have any particular
John: favourite foods?
Dis: Sure.
Adam: We just found out all the bad things about
sugar so we're really bummed out about that Not only is it horrendous for
you, but we found out it's processed with animal ingredients.
Dis: Are you all vegetarian or vegan?
Adam: Struggling vegans. There's an empty apartment next door to us and
after the people moved out I found a whole bunch of chocolate cupcakes and
I ate'em. I even bought peanut butter cups the other day. We try as far as we
can to be vegans.
John: Not as far as we can, as far as we feel like.
Adam: Yeah, but at the same time I don't like it when people are so uptight
about their vegetarianism that they just don't have a good time. I admire the
intentions of a vegan, but my mind frame is closer to something that Pete
Singer said in the book Animal Liberation. He was talking about never
minding if that slice of cake that you ate at the party had eggs from battery
hens in it because if you worry yourself sick over that you're going to take
away from your productivity as far as actually getting out and actively doing
John: We're anti-rigidualist
There was this friend of mine, needed
something we couldn't give convenient
answers and a cheap way out killed
himself without actually dying, took a
blunt lie and gouged out his mind. And
I won't accept that he's found the
answers to those questions I'll be
trying to solve until I die. And I can't
accept that he's somehow "better off
because the answers aren't that simple
we always assumed that he wasn't
either. And I want his beautiful religion
to burn, because Steve's dead... I wasn't
offered the chance to say goodbye.
Dis: So is college radio dead in the US?
Adam: College Radio is dead on the East Coast. When I tint got into
hardcore it was pretty much the way you stayed in touch with everything.
It was really vital and intense, but alternative by today's standards seems to
strictly mean that a band isn't in the Top 40. It doesn't mean that they don't
sound like they should be in the Top 40, it just means that they're not Ten
years ago they'd play Joy Division or Einsturzende Neubauten, now they
play Warrant and Judas Priest Regular radio is so fucking pathetic that even
Warrant and Judas Priest don't get regular airplay anymore.
Dis: What kind of an impact on life do you think you guys, as a band, can
Sam: We try and be realistic about it just like the animal rights thing and we
try to present ourselves honestly. We get thrown bullshit like "Oh, you guys
are trying to change the world." Well, everyone changes the world but most
people do it in small increments and maybe for the worst We at least try to
be up front about what our goals are. There are a lot of bands right now that
consider themselves pro-environment that are really into putting out records
and stuff that just seems really silly. I think you can be an environmentalist
and put out records but you have to be realistic about what you're doing and
take into account that record production is very toxic and records contain
animal products. A lot of people don't seem to
like addressing that because they're more interested in being "purer than thou."
Adam: First and foremost our intentions are to
get our an ger out and satisfy our egos by standing
on stage and hopefully having people clap after
we play a song. Part of it that makes you feel
good is that maybe you're saying something
redeeming too, but nobody stands on a stage and
does il solely to change the world. If that was
really the reason, they'd be stuffing envelopes at
Greenpeace or something instead.
Dis: Have you noticed in the mainstream media,
recently, a real fascination with the supposed
tyranny of the politically correct, especially on
Adam: I think the people who are portraying it as
a big threat are just pawns of conservatism and
that it is a calculated effort to shut up the progressive movements on college campuses. We've all
been connected with colleges in the last couple of
years and even in the supposedly most liberal
colleges, there is not a lot of politically correct
people there. On the other hand, I do think
"politically correct police," as exists in some
places, do cause a lot of problems. Bom Against
has songs that have used the word "nigger" in
them, but we're using it in the context of sarcasm
or trying to get into an Archie Bunker type
person's head. There are a lot of politically
correct morons who will not understand we are
using irony or sarcasm to get our point across,
and if you don't hit them over the head wilh your
intentions they're going to label you as racist or
Sam: Bill Cosby publicly attacked All in the
Family because he just didn'l get it that Archie
Bunker was just a caricature; he thought it was
just straight forward racism on TV. The whole
point is you portray people who think that way
and lessen the threat. One of the reasons that
words hke "cunt" and "nigger" have so much
power to ihem is because even the concepts
behind them are taboo and not discussed.
Adam: You can't underestimate the stupidity of
human beings. I have a Nausea patch on one of
my jackets that has a fist smashing a swastika and
I've had so many people come up to me and ask
if I am a Nazi. It even say s "smash racism" on it
There's gonna be a lot of people denied their rights if anal retentive,
politically correct, conservatism has its own way. Probably won't catch on
too much though, there's too many Operation Desert Storm fans.
Sam: Our new album is called Patriotic Hymns for Children and it has a big
picture of an American flag on the cover, and I'm sure we're gonna play
shows where peace punks come to us and say, "What the fuck is this? Pro-
America Skinhead bullshit?"
Although Bom Against and Rorschach aren't coming to Vancouver on
their tour, they will be playing several dates only a few hours drive from
July 14, they'll be playing the OK Hotel (Alaskan Way) in Seattle,
phone number (206) 621 -7903.
July 15, they'll be at the North Shore Surf Club (116 East 4th) in
Olympia. There's a chance that this gig might be moved, but if so, it'll be .
posted on the Club door. C
July 16, they're playing in a garage at 1402 Electric in Bellingham. *<
July 17, They're back in Seattle, playing at the Party Hall which is £
located at approximately 21st and Madison. "*
All the gigs are all ages so no worries about being under twenty-one.   ^^ _■>    agio's"?   i? S- < 3 3
S*  Ii11£ ffffrf
=.1   I_mR   28;_;
*** inn
f f III
I* 3 >
Hi ir
If   II
»I W ill!!! "Tl!
LM li IflHj SKI
Il     III]
is,* SsSa
ill Iii!! I- 2=5 _ S.***
_.    =-
thrill Sill* fill
,(*.' ISM*; *-.! I
p r lift iiri ri ?f| if15
Is I fill III
.1 IF.l
I*  SI.
III _ii A>S£V <*
there may be a chance for an Alice in
Chains interview I jumped atthe opportunity to speak with such a provocative
band. If I had known then what I know
no w! I get all these great questions lined
up for the phone call I'm supposed to
receive from them, and head up to the
station. I wait and wait, nothing. It's jjf5'
profanity-filled bus ride back to the east ,
end. But, no problem. Maybe we can:
it again... and we do. Only this
call them. A-ha! What could go
A-ha, they could not be where
suppose to be! Fuck man! So v
of reservation, there's a third al
got really close, too. I called
tour manager was busy on anoi
but he was expecting me to
ten minutes. So ... where
go? Poof! Just vanished, 11
forget this.
I was still steaming
was suppose tcB|pll me
Obviotfiy Anthrax hir<
sponsible because I
late, and I
With bald patches
bled around trying to call somi
CiTR and Dis<
It being S attm^fy no one
I was royally fucked. Or
I get hold of a tape recorder and fly
down to the Pacific Coliseum. I figured
since I was reviewing the show, I'd get
there early and ask around for any record
company representatives in attendance.
What an idea! So, I get to the window
where my tickets are and
pick...them...what? What do you mean
they're not here? I couldn't believe it...I
wondered if Alice in Chains had something to do with this.
Anyway, I go and hang out by the
buses, hoping Anthrax haven't come in
yet. But, and this doesn't surprise me,
they have. So, I wait. I put the "I'm
important" aura about me, and tell anyone who will listen that I'm looking for
Anthrax's tour manager, as I have an
interview to do with them. I'm scanning
people for backstage passes hanging
around their necks. I find one on a
particularly important looking guy. I
ask him if he could tell Rick Downing (I
got his name after some hard schmoozing) that I'm waiting out here, this is
who I am, and this how stupid I am for
missing the interview, etc...
Finally, this Italian looking guy
(Anthrax is 3/5 Italian) walks out and
asks the name of the guy beside me.
"Naw, I 'm looking for the guy from the
H radio station." I became petrified, this
SI was it... do or die, rise or fall ... Rick
turns to walk away, a desperate cry is
■^ heard from a lone, tired voice. It calls,
Rick turns around, as does everyone else (I must have yelped it). He
cautiously approaches me and we get
everything worked out. How do you
spell relief? While we 're waiting for the
bassist from Anthrax, Frank Bello, to
come from the dressing room, he asks if
into the show alright...this
Veil, actually, some-
ig with the tickets I
.But I'm hoping
._._ delivered." So,
' and ■ ge' inside their tour
interview is a b% success,
ch, Rick comes in and pre-
H^ets arid two back-
after the show. How,
r: The tide ol
y'know what it is,
se three bands, Slayer,
Anthrax, have been
beginning of this whole
'body knows that and it's
^petition in a- different
it like "We rule, you guys
much more positive. I go out
wanna play well
I know the other guys
-layed well. I wanna
get that little extra effort in
there, y'know. It serves to
give the bands a kick in the
ass to go out there and do the
best each band can do, and
that's it.There's no real comparisons, I guess you could
call it a "friendly competi-
Dis: Friends of mine down
in California informed me of
Dave Mustaine's comments
which appeared on an L.A.
newspaper in some of Slayer's antics while on the tour.
I'm Wondering if Anthrax restricts some of their behavior off stage and how you
feel about Slayer's behavior.
Frank: We restrict our behavior. We get drunk and
stuff, we have a good time
and all that, although we
haven't really had one on
this tour. Dave says things,
y'know, and he says other things but we
don't wanna bother with that. We're
just here to play a show, y'know, it's
like, you keep that and we'll do this. We
try to be mature about things.
Dis: Well, Dave's reasoning was that -
—-he-yeah, I'm on a first name basis
with him now— I mean Mr. Mustaine
said he tries to represent the thrash
metal scene and Slayer wasn't really
doing their part to blow away the dark
cloud that looms over thrash in the
minds of the many people who assign
an identity to the music. So, I guess
that's his stand on why he does the
things he does or doesn't do. I'm wondering what Anthrax's motives are for
keeping all that potential to cause shit
under wraps?
Frank: The label of "thrash" was never
given by Anthrax, firstof all, andldon't
understand why it must be so labelled.
Anthrax'smusic isjustmusic, it'sheavy
... it's still rock'n'roll. But the press put
the thrash label on it. It's up to them, if
they wanna call it that, y'call it that.
We'll just go along our own way.
There's just one focus here and that's to
play. Our thing has always been (knocks
on wood table) our live show, thank
Sod. And, y'know, we take a lot of
pride in that. With so much of our
'energy concentrated in our live show,
there's no room for bullshit, y'know,
there really isn't.
Dis: Is there any dimension of Anthrax
that can't be improved upon?
Frank: Naw, because the whole thing
we wanna do is stay fresh. We don't
wanna get stagnant. If you stay still for
one second, it's no good. Like, we just
did this rap thing with Public Enemy, I
don'tknow if you'veheard about it, and
we're going to do a video in two weeks
for it. It's "Bring the Noize." We did a
cover version and it came out very hap-
penin'. We wrote our own music to it
and that just goes to show the diversity
of Anthrax. I mean, we have places to
go. We're not just gonna stay where we
are, we're gonna expand. There's no
"you have to do this kind or that kind of
music," y'know what I mean? It's always going to be in the heavy metal
vein, but you never know what's gonna
come up.
Dis: You guys have a new release coming out soon, a singles compilation?
Frank: Yeah, that's what "Bring the
Noize" is gonna be on. It's called Attack
ofthe Killer B's.
Dis: Bello, Belladonna,
Frank: (laughs) Act
tion of B-sidej£'Weil_sed to have a
whole buiK: me i^Rs
and say, "Well.» hy don'l you^uysput
this out. Didn'l you do a covt
asite" froth Kiss? Didn't you
line"? Also, it includes the '<'
of "I'm the kan." It
right in the fact
check put if you
like this type of n
check it out.
Dis: The video you
of the Beast" is
Frank: Thank you. It
video we've ever done,
Dis: Everyone seemed
Frank: Well, our two:
and they do a lot of videos
taped us from day to day*
weeks in Europe. It
Maiden tour. The vii
doing what we do
shit. That way you woulc
stay there all fuel
tening to "Do
Dis: How did it com]
the "Got the Time'
Frank: See, the peoph
the "Got the Time"
didn't know what they
doing. They said,»JSWe_,
wanna make it this
we wanna...." "No.
the bandi
with the fuckin'
we had arguments
Who needed it? I mf
video came out good, thank
God, but it was such a hassle.
"Belly of the Beast" was refreshing.
Dis: Again on videos, I've
read and heard a lot about the
fact that a lot of bands, not
necessarily in heavy metal,
consider v ideo and the release
of their videos as important as
the release of a good song.
How does Anthrax approach
that sort of video vs. song question?
Frank: I think it's pathetic that the
music business is in the state that it is in
right now. Having to rely on a video...
no one listens to the music anymore, it's
how you look, and that's a shame. All
the pop rock groups call themselves
heavy metal, to be on MTV — you
know what I mean. It's to a point now
where it doesn't matter, you can play an
eighth note for a whole fuckin' bar and
that doesn't matter anymore. As long as
you look good and you have this type of
look, and you're a pretty boy and you
can do this little thing that makes girls
go crazy, you'll seek a million albums.
I think it's pathetic. Actually, I'd like it
to go back to the '70's where a band had
to "make it" without all that other crap.
) channels too, but at least An-
; integrity. We want to do what
* now.
got your priorities down
ctly, I mean, we're not sell-
Yeah, it's like music to n
medium of communication based on
sound, not on a visual level.
Frank: That's exactly right, you're top
ten right now is based on the visual and
the audio... it's pathetic. I used to
fits over this shit. I used to argue
>ple over this and, now, it's not
■ou like o
t there in the
Frank: A
.freshest mui
They're still
just like a lot.a
still like
lithat has some of the
and I
'stuff. I
:ed their last
don't think it got enough play
I've been listening to old
Sabbath stuff. The stuff coming out
today is pretty much sounding the same.
Dis: Alice in Chains have an obvious
Frank: Well, they're a little different
the jest. When I first heard the
S wasn't crazy about il
e on this toui
tour, and I got really
:u|gybe!ttfThe lead singer is this skinny
guy but this big sound comes outof him,
it's great.
Dis: Anthrax has been known to have a
lot of fun. How do you divide the line
between having a blast playing your
music, yet staying serious musicians?
Frank: That's been our problem, getting people to take us seriously. We
have such a good time that people can't
understand that the music is serious.
When we write stuff it's totally serious,
but why not have a good time when
you're on stage? I just don't understand
people who are like, "Argh, argh, I'm
gonna kill you," and always grimacing.
Dis: Attitude, could that be what people
Frank: Well, if it works for them, then
that's good. But this is how we work,
this is how we do it. And, thank God,
y'know, we're successfully doing it. I
can't play our music and not have a
good time on stage.
Dis: How much of the tour is left?
Frank: On this tour, we finish on July
15th. Then they want us to go back to
Europe and South America. This tour TV_^
started last August It's gonna go until
November or early December. It's a big
Dis: Are you guys writing on the road?
Frank: Naw. We let everything stay
fresh. We'll take acouple of months off
the road. Let everyone get their own
little tape together.
Dis: Is that how it's done in the studio?
Frank: Yeah, patiently and there's definitely some arguments. Y'know, everyone likes their own opinion. But it
always works out for the band.
Dis: So is everyone equal?
Frank: If it goes on the record, everyone has to like it. It's all democratic.
Dis: Anthrax is a very socially conscious band.
Frank: It's because we're real people.
There's something to say about getting
away and fantasy music. I mean, I like a
lot of songs like that, but we're more of
the issue band, what's going on in the
paper, what's going on in your life.
There's a lot of problems in the world
and we're not gonna preach to anyone,
we're just gonna talk about it and let
people be aware of what's going on.
There's so many bands doing the other
thing like getting away, love, and all that
other stuff. It's derived from the music
we play. It's real aggressive music, so
why not have something real to back it
up with.
I'm in much better spirits as the
interview and my beer are finished. Realizing the time and the music resonating in the CoEseum, I sprint to the south
entrance and invite my buddy up to the
show by telephone. As we go in, the
good fortune is still with me. The tape
recorder is siting across my chest, the
unit resting on my hip. In my right hand,
Iholdmy jacket. As I enter, I assume the
position, th 'curiiy man
frisks me. He checks my ribs, my waist,
then goes to my jacket. I give it to him
and he says, "What the hell do you have
me my jacket, and on I walk. At this
point, I've forgotten about my tape recorder and tagh at how easily he let me
by with my jacket that has about seven
pockets in it, filled with a whole bunch
of stuff that could have ranged from
drugs, to booze, to fireworks, to firearms. What an idiot! Then I started to
really think about it. Could someone
from high above him order the security
to be light, just to remove these rowdy
concerts once and for all? Let in a number of people who seem like troublemakers, let them stab someone or whatever, and if nothing else, put pressure on
the promoters of these shows? Hmmm.
This would be the show to do it, with
bands like Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer headlining. Am I paranoid or cautious? Decide for yourself.
single spectacle every sixteen year-old
White Spot/Bino's dishwasher, "I
dropped out of school cause they were
hassling me, but I'm going to take correspondence next year," was waiting
Make that ex-dishwasher 'cause
our faggot managers wouldn't give us
the night off so we just said "Fuck you
asshole" and walked out. Whatever,
'cause Mr. Lube on King George is
hiring and it's like $7 an hour to start
which rules cause dishwashing sucks.
At least though payday was last week
and we got enough to get some pot and
some beer and Holy Fuck I hope they
have those Slayer shirts with the skulls
on them 'cause this kid in remedial
math class has one and it kicks. No man
they're a bum, give me the money and
I can get hash off my brother so we'll be
bombed by the time the show starts.
Fuck you, your brother can get hash,
the last time we got him to get us dope
hejustscrapeddegosoutof his butt, No
man, we'll just buy skunkweed at the
show and try to get somebody to bootleg 36 Hi-Test for us. You know, my
cousin lives in Everett and beers are
only like $10 for a 24 which rules
'cause thatmeans we can drink twice as
much.      _^j__T    __fl|
Holy shit, what times does the
Vancouver bus come, we've been waiting for anhour. Fuck you an hour, try 30
minutes, you pinhead and quit hosing
beer. Ifyou hadn't paid that guy in the
pinto $10 to bootleg we could have
gotten another half sack. Fuck you like
it's my fault, maybe we should have
gotten your brother to get us dope instead. What's that supposed to mean
my brother can too get dope, we got
stoned before you guys came to my
place. Like fuck you, you smoke up in
your house, your dad would kill you.
Hey guys isn't that Rick, y'know, that
guy who play s in that band. Yah, you're
right, fuck look at what he's driving,
fuckin' Camaro with mags. That's gotta have a 460 on it. Try again there's no
such thing as a460, probably more like
a 359. You know whatl'm going to do
if I get that job at Mr. Lube, buy like an
old Mustang and soup it up after work.
I'll just like stay lata, and steal shit and
fix up the car. Yah, that would rip, then
no moreSkytrain.Babes too. Shit, yeah.
Rick's driving around with that Heather chick. I heard she'll go with anybody . Youknownvy brother like walked
up to her at the Little Drummer Boy
Malt Stop in the mall and said like "Hi"
and she don't say shit, she just grabbed
his dink and took him to the parking lot
and fucked him in the bushes. I bet it
was just 'cause your brother scored her
some of that killer dope he sells. Fuck
If you goddamn kids don't settle
down this bus is going no place. Oh
yeah like what's he going to do shut
down the bus and call the cops, it's not
like I didn't pay my money. Yeah and
I have a Go Card. No serious man, my
brother was going to the Robert Plant
concert and everybody was fuckin'
around on the bus so the driver just
pulled over got out locked the doors
and called the cops. You're so full of
shit. No man that sounds true cause do
you remember the Ozzy show in, umm,
'88, like, the bus I was on, people were
trying to torch it and shit, so the driver
justpulled over and called the cops. No
shit. I hope that it doesn't happen on
this bus otherwise we'll miss the show.
You goddamn kids better not be drinking beer on my bus. You fuckin' moron
don't let him see you drinking the brew
or we're busted. Yah well it's not like
I'm going to get drunk or anything on
8 fuckin' Kokanees.Bullshit. That time
we were drinking on the beach you
tossed on 10 brews. It was 'cause I had
a cold, but do you remember that chick,
umm, Gordie's cousin from Osoyoos.
Yeah, she, like drank 6 beer, puked up
all over and passed out and Gordie
pulled her shirt over her head to prove
she wasn't wearing a bra. That was so
cool, awesome tits, eh?
Man, look at all the people. Huh,
huh we could do some real damage,
like the heavy metal wrecking crew,
just like fuck shit up at the Four S<
sons or something. Yeah totally anarchic. Yah man anarchaic in the streets.
Jesus Christ stop jumping around playing air guitaryoulookretarded. It':
air guitar it's kickboxing stuffmy bro th-
er taughtme. Oh like does your brother
pay for kickboxing lessons with the
money he makes selling dope? Shut up
motherfucker. Ask anybody my brother does too sell dope and he told me
he's going to start selling coke. Sure,
and he '11 probably blow the coke up his
boyfriends ass. Yeah, I heard that guy
Eric he hangs with is a real poo-miner.
He like just used to stare at guys in the
change rooms in school. My brother
doesn't hang with Eric anymore he
hangs out with Hell's Angels. You're
stich a bullshitter. Hey man, couldn't
the bus have dropped us off any closer.
Where is this fuckin* place anyway.
Butthead. Maybe it's the big building
straight ahead. I guess they don't have
too many concerts in Vernon. Fuck
you, at Lumberjack Days last year this
totally wicked band played. They knew
5 AC/DC songs and on "Highway to
Hell" it sounded exactly like Bon Scott
was singing. Right, Bon Scott's dead.
Well, whatever that guy's name is. I
still can't believe this is your first con-
Living in Vernon must have^
sucked. It licks, this rules. Oh man,
look at that. The guy passed out underneath the PNE sign like totally dribbling gunk out of his mouth. All right
dude, party.
I bet your brother would like to
work here, body searchin' every one
who comes through the door. Man, you
better fuckin' watch it. I already warned
you, my brother knows how to kick-
box. Fuckyeah, look at those shirts. Oh
man, that Megadeth one rules. "Peace
sells, who's buying,"right on. Fuckin'
$27 for a shirt, fuck, like I have to wash
dishes for 3 hours to buy that. You
might, you retard you only make $6 an
hour, you'd have to dish-pig for like 4
hours to buy it I thought we weren't
going to buy shirts but try to score
skunkwweed instead. I don't know,
that Megadeth shirt rules, fucking Peace
sells dude. I don't believe you guys
would waste party funds on a shirt.
Fuck I'm going to get some nachos, I
got beer munchies. Well hurry up cause
I want to go down on the floor.
Fuck this floor sure is crowded.
Look over there. Everybody's ripping
the seats up. Hey help me rip up this
one. Be careful that security weasel is
totally checking you out He might be,
he's scamming on the babe with that
skater faggot. Man, did you guys see
diat chick with the lace up pants? Pull
one string and you'd be straight at her
goodies. My brother went out with this
girl whose pants were so tight you
could like see the works man. I bet she
used to smoke some killer dope with
your family too. Fuck yeah, this music
rules. What tape is this. Like umm, I
think I heard it on the Monday Night
Metal Shoppe once. Fuckin" everybody
is moshing. Oh man, I got to get over
and get in the pit, maybe pull some
dives. Yeah, like you'veever slammed
before. Wait 'til Slayer starts then we
can kick some heads.
Man that first band, Alice in
Chains licked. Bunch of serious homos. Sounded like some kind of metal
Zeppelin. All those skater fags loved
them. M an this one kid with thosedread-
lock things kept bumping into me, I
was so close to kickboxing his ass.
Let's try and score some skunk, we'll
just walk around till we get some weed.
Firstlthinkl'm going to buy that Clash
Of The Titans baseball hat, it's only
$14. That would be so cool it would be
like fuck you man it's the Titans!
Check it out homo, Megadeth's
starting. Oh fuckin', what about the
weed. We'll get it later just run down
the stairs and past the security guys and
hop the rail onto the floor. Oh fuck
listen to that solo. That's so rad. Fuck
these guys are the best "Peace sells,
who's buying," fuck yeah. Man they
areSOiast. Nowhn, Hownh, Wowhn,
Dweeeeedle...man, I wish I could play
guitar like that. That guy over there
used to go to our school. Fuckin' Megadeth. Fuckin' Megadeth. I hope they
do an encore. Oh man, this is "Anarchy
in the U.K." that punk song. Fuckin'
Megadeth, Megadeth, I'm going to
buy one of their shirts.
Skunkweed, hey man do you guys
have any skunkweed? Those guys don't
have any dope, I thought you said the
fat one always had buds in school. I
know he did 'cause my brother used to
front him. Shit, well then no wonder he
doesn't have any here. I can't believe
you bought that shirt for $27. My hat is
way cooler, it's like the official Titans
hat. Yah well, the shirt has like all the
concerts written on the back. I'm just
going to get a hotdog then let's go
down on the floor for Slayer. Look at
that chick, fuckin' so goodlookin' she
could be a stripper. Look at her boyfriend, tons of tattoos. Oh man that
rose with the dagger on his arm rules.
Yeah that's like the tattoos my brother's biker friends have.
Megadeth are way better than
these guys. Fuckin* Satan freaks or
something. Areyoukidding these guys
are so fast. Whoa, watch it man or
they're going to mosh straight into
you. I don't like them. Fuck you, it's
the first time you've ever heard them.
No way. I was flipping through mags
at 7-Eleven and they had pictures of
them in it, so I have so seen them
before. They suck. They can't even
play guitar solos.Theyrule. I'm going
to mosh.
Fuckin* security pigs grabbed
him. Shit they're baulk him over the
barrier. Let's go kick some ass man,
he'sour friend.Theycan'tdo that. 5 on
1, that's not fair. He's going to get
kicked out andmiss Anthrax. What did
he do? I don't know lets go find him. I
don't want to miss Anthrax. Come on,
let's go, fuckin' bastards, Pil kill them.
Whathappenedman?! got kicked
out. Why? I was like the mosh king, I
guess I was so vicious thatthey had to
take me out before I hurt someone.
That sucks. Listen you can hear Anthrax starting up. Let's go grab the
beers we stashed. Maybe we can take
the bus to Granville Street and score
some weed. We should wait in the
parking lot and jump those security
guys. I could show you some kickboxing stuff, we'd kill them. My mom is
going to be so mad that I quit work to
go tonight. She said she'd kick me out
if I didn't work when I dropped out of
school. It's not like you'renot going to »_
take correspondence next year. Fuck- r-
ing bitch. Hey where's my Titans hat? ^
I think I dropped it, my fuckin' Titans {g
hat, man.
E£r^2E_£*© d €®MD€
Largest Selection
of Almost New and Used
Paperbacks and
Magazine Back Issues
Large Range of
Hard Cover Books
Thousands of New and
Collector's Comics
We Buy, Sell or Trade
1247 Granville near Davie
3347 Kingsway
Open 7 Days a Week
0^ F&bM
to describe the work of David Lynch,
"loopy" is my fave. Indeed it's a
perfect summation of this eccentric
genius. If you enjoy the films why
not read the books? The following is
available in print. Happy reading...
The Elephant Man: Two books
ridingthe popularity of Lynch'sfirst
(commercial) success were The
True History ofthe Elephant Man
by Micheal Howell and Peter Ford
(Penguin), a factual telling of John
Merrick's existence, and The Elephant Man by Christine Sparks (Bal-
lantine), the movie tie-in, fictionalizing John's tough life. The back
cover of the latter screams "Trapped
in the Ugliest Body Imaginable,
Daring to Dream of Love, He became the Toast of London..." and I
do believe we bought'em up. I personally remember buying the other
book and feeling overwhelmed with
emotion. And you bet I cried at the
Dune: An excellent novel by Frank
Herbert and Dave's one big flop.
KyleMacLachlanplayed Paul Atrei-
des, our young hero. The desert,
sandworms, precious water, fighting clans and intrigue make this a
very enjoyable read, even if "sci-fi"
isn't your thing. You'll leam a new
language by the end of the book—it
includes a glossary of words used by
the people of Arrakis or Dune as we
know it. Be warned tho', Dune, the
first in a series of six, is by far the
Eraserhead/ Blue Velvet: Sorry
gang, this stuff is beyond fiction—
no text available.
Wild at Heart: Now I'm sure Barry
Gifford is just as respected in his
field as Lynch is in his (many books
of poetry, six novels and non-fiction
to boot) but having V/Ud at Heart
made into a film! Needless to say a
good career move. Had you heard of
Gifford before the film? Me neither.
Now on the shelves next to Wild
(Vintage, with Dern & Cage splashed
across the cover) is the just released
hardback edition of Sailor's Holiday (Random House) the continuing
saga of our young lovers. As the
liner notes says "If Romeo & Juliet
had a car...their story might have
been a lot like Sailor and Lula's."
Twin Peaks: The count so far: four
books based on that coffee lovin'
town, one recorded tape and a pack
of trading cards. I suspect more to
come...let's look...
Welcome to Twin Peaks is an
"Access guide to the town" (Pocket
Books $13.95). Designed to resemble a typical tourist guide found in
Anytown, USA, this book is thin
(112 pp) and really dumb. The detail
is staggering, considering nobody
could possibly care how many
B&B's the town has (okay, two),
what the Double R Diner serves on
Friday's (fish sticks—surprise!) or
how to skin a Pine Weasel (Page
40). Pictures and a brief description
of the locals are included; again
dull facts right down to astrological
signs. Really, this text is for people
who collect souvenir teaspoons.
A much better book is Twin
Peaks: Behind the Scenes (Pioneer $ 19.95) an unofficial guide to
the series by one Mark Altman. The
layout is drab, Twin Peaks is always in CAPS which GETS ANNOYING REAL FAST, and there
are numerous typo's. Definitely a
"thrown together" book but full of
many previously unknown facts.
The reason to get this book, though,
is for the detailed synopsis of each
episode from the pilot through to
the sixteenth segment (where we
realize "Bob/Leland" killed Laura)
aired January 12, 1990. This includes a list of actors/ characters
and what transpired, including key
dialogue from each show.
The Secret Diary of Laura
Palmer (Pocket Books $ 10.95) was
the first Twins Peaks publication.
Jennifer Lynch, Dave's daughter,
took a whole four days to write the
book. The diary is a torrid slide
through Laura's growing troubles
and ultimate death. I was quite disappointed and was left with more
questions aboutLaura than answers
to what made this girl tick. Interest-
ing.in a voyeuristic sense, yet equally as frustrating.
On the other hand... Dale Cooper: My life, My Tapes (Pocket
Books $10.95) is wonderful. This
is Coop's autobiography as transcribed from tape, since age thirteen through to FBI training. Documented as well is the entire Win-
dom Earle caper. We hear Dale,
upon first meeting his secretary,
Diane, describe her as "a cross between a saint and a cabaret singer."
This book proves Dale amost "real"
character, his honor and beliefs are
truly from the heart. The "recordings" end with our man on his way to
T.P. for his next assignment.. The
following words can be heard on
"Diane" The Twin Peaks' tapes of
Agent Cooper (Simon & Schuster),
forty-five minutes of embellished
dialogue from the series. For diehard fans I suppose.
Before I sign off I've gotta
mention the Twin Peaks Collectible
cards ™. Can you believe it? A complete full colour set of seventy-six
"trading cards" with everything one
could care to know about Twin Peaks.
Mmm-hmmm... next comes the T-
shirts you know. Could a pinball
machine be far away?
The Films of David Lynch
The Grandmother (about 1 fl an hour
long) — Small abused kid, Mike,
grows himself a kindly grandmoth-
Eraserhead (1977)—Didyouknow
that "Pete Martell" from T.P. was
also "Henry" the lead guy in this
show? Yes, it's true, the great Jack
Nance is the actor of both roles.
TheElephantMan (1980) —Black
and white sad Nirvana.
Dune (1985) — Dave coulda filmed
Return ofthe Jedi but choose this.
That "Sting" person was in this film.
Blue Velvet (1986) — Saw this at
the Van East. My old boyfriend and
I had a huge fight when he wanted to
show this to a couple we know; I
insisted "nope, they just aren't ready"
... know what I mean.
WildatHeart(\990)—Crazy mixed
up kids smoking toomany cigarettes.
Industrial Symphony No.l: The
Dream of the Broken Hearted
(1990) — Video. Lynch and Badal-
amentic wrote the score. Julee Cruise
sings. Cars on stage and semi-nude
people is all I know. At better video
Ever wonder what people are reading? I do. Leigh R. Wolf, voracious reader and coffee drinker,
took the time to write and tell subtext
Contrary to rumour, comix are not all I read.
The Magicians Dictionary by E.E. Rehmus. A wonderful book which
covers everything that is magi kai from Aaron (brother of Moses and Adept
of Adepts) to Zuvaya (what the Mayan call the memory hotline), Rehmus
is a scoundrel who is by turns hilarious and chilling.
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The classic film starring Gregory
Peck as Atticus Finch was first a Pulitzer prize winning novel of unprecedented scope and impact. Best line, "it's a sin to kill a mockingbird —
because they don't eat crops and all they do is sing."
The Wind and the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. The adventures of Toad,
Badger, Ratty, and Mole. My favourite chapter so far is "The Piper at the
Gates of Dawn."
The Second Selfby Sherry Turkic Ms. Turkle is a social psychologist who
has spent no amount of energy trying to understand the attraction of people
to computers. What emerges here is a lyrical examination of computer as
metaphysical machine, capable of transforming our understanding of
Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson. The cosmic scorekeeper
must have separate book contributions made by R.A.W. This man wears
so many hats that it is hard to keep track of his various incarnations.
Lecturer, playwright, novelist, essayist, singer, philosopher, satirist, friend
of Discorder, and fool.
IO 31: The Alchemical Tradition edited by Richard Grossinger. Issue 31
ofthe IO series is an anthology of meta-my stical writings from such mythic
figures as Paracelcus, Diane di Prima, and Edward Kelley. That such works
exist lends hope to an impoverished era.
Comix? Yeah I still read sum steenking comix. Hate by Peter Bagge,
Yummy Fur by Chester Brown, Drawn and Quarterly, Colin Upton's
Other Big Thing, Dirty Plotte by Julie Doucet, Unsupervised Existence, the occasional Love and Rockets, Alan Moore's Big Numbers (if
#3 ever gets out of the box) and of course Harvey Pekar's American
Canadian filmmaker in the Masters
Program for Cinema Studies at New
York Universityand working at Woman Make Movies in New York City.
Her short film Sally's Beauty
Spot (1990), which has been touring
with Yellow PeribRecons'idered, focuses on an Asian woman's black
mole that she tries unsuccessfully to
scrub off and cover up. The film
questions the ideals of female beauty and the stereotypes of Asian women in and out dominant cinema. It
received the Juror's Award at the
Thomas Edison/Black Maria Film
Festival and has been screened at
numerous otherfestivals worldwide.
She has published criticism in
various journals, such as Asian Cinema , Cinema Canada, and The Independent. A new work, Crossing
Channels is slated for filming in
Discorder: Just briefly (or for however long you want) give some information on your background,
growing up in Canada, etc., and
also your initial interest in films,
what you've done and what you're
doing now. I heard you were at
Women Make Movies, if so, can you
talk a little about that?
Lee: My parents immigrated to Canada in '68 from Korea and my sister
and I followed a year later. It was a
sign of an immigrant's achievement
to move to the suburbs and that we
did by themid-'70s, to Scarborough,
where we grew up. I was conscious
of living in a predominantly white,
middle-class life and environment,
but also how difficult it was for my
parents to accomplish and maintain
that lifestyle through, essentially, a
working-class ethic: long, hard hours
at their store. As a friend of mine
said, you're making films which
seem really great but you'll always
think of yourself as an immigrant
store owner's daughter, wh ich is true
and I take as a compliment.
Without a doubt the homogenizing effect of living as an Asian
woman among mainly whites has an
impact, with the first stage, for me,
being racial self-denial and a certain
conformity to stereotypes and expectations, and then a process of
coming into consciousness. Thepos-
itive phase occurred, for me, very
much hand-in-hand with reading and
theory and meeting politically alike
people, through DEC (film and video in Toronto) and now Women
Make Movies and making films.
I took a half-course in Modem
Film at the University of Western
Ontario where I was taking business
classes and trying to do an English
degree and formal study in film was
exhilarating forme. Also, being exposed to avant-garde film, European
art cinema, and treating popular culture as something worthy of analysis
was also new and seemed really important. I transferred to the University of Toronto to complete my B. A.
in Cinema Studies and English. I
began interning at DEC and wrote
about music for NOW magazine in
my last year at school, and I continued on a full-time basis after I graduated. At New York University my
interests have been in areas such
ethnographic film, feminist theory,
spectatorship and subject construction, avant-garde work, post-colonial critique and independent film.
At Women Make Movies, which is
the only distributor of feminist media, my main responsibilities are in
promotion and copywriting. We're
in the middle of catalogue production and I'll also be working on a
database of women of colour who
are producing film and video in North
Discorder: How has being a female,
Asian and Canadian hindered and/or
progressed your development as a
Lee: Two things come to mind immediately. The first is the question
of identity politics, and then the climate of multiculturalism as this country's mandate. One of the ironies of
the assertion of race/class/gender/
nation distinctions is the ambivalence that I feel about those categories at the same time as realizing the
political need to organize around
commonalties, around points of
mutual oppression and be really specific about what they are. The whole
discourse of political correctness,
though, can be stultifying and boring, and end up reproducing the same
debates and extremely uninteresting
films. Some cynics have called it the
cult of multiculluralism. I'm not naive to think lhat it hasn't helped me
in certain situations to be an Asian
woman, but only to a certain degree.
To embrace ethnicity on the terms of
governmental cultural policy is to
buy into trendy, politically correct
notions. People of colour are not a
Forming an identity on the basis of
gender and race, challenging traditional representations and reconstructing something meaningful
about your experiences, is a historical stage, I think, in this entire debate. There's still an obsession with
the norm that still needs to be worked
through, without denying the plea-
of whatever that "official" culture may afford. A friend of mine,
Richard Fung, whose video Chinese
Characters is in Yellow Peril, believes that it's high time we started
talking about what we think, and
what we want. I couldn't agree more.
Discorder: Sally's Beauty Spot deals
with themes of erasure and/or change
—culture, identity— to fit an ideal.
There is also a sense of alienation, of
being on the outside. How much
scrubbing and/or covering up must
be done in order to fit in?
Lee: In SBS, I hoped to use the mole
as a metaphor for this problem, the
pressures of assimilation to fit in a
cultural ideal, and also notions about
sexuality and interracial romance as
they've been constructed in popular
images, by Hollywood films such as
the The World of Suzie Wong. These
conflicts about identity also had lo
be resolved to a certain extent, as a
form of narrative closure, but it was
important that the ambivalence on
Sally's part still linger. Those experiences of being excluded aren'tlim-
ited to these race/gender categories,
but I wanted to explore these themes
also in relation to an Asian female
body, and also in voke the theoretical
debates around spectatorship, of being objectified and exoticized. The
position for women of colour like
myself is not one of continual oppression, not at all, not all the time.
In fact, it is much more fluid, there's
a constant shifting from these positions of inside and outside. I'm very
wary of condemning wholesale popular, sometimes extremely offensive,
depictions because they are compelling in other ways, not in a masochistic manner, bul certain images seem
to have a cultural memory that commands your attention, because
they're slill persistent problems we
face — that's the basis ofthe Yellow
Peril: Reconsidered exhibit—if we
want to reconceive cultural representation to reflect more accurately
our realities, as well as our more
politically incorrect obsessions.
Discorder: The Asian female stereotype as seductress is addressed in
the inverted scenes from The Wonderful World of Suzie Wong as well
as the relationship to the dominant
white male. How do you see this
changing in our society, in the personal as well as the political, if at all?
Also, how are attitudes towards
interracial sexual relations changing
if at all? The moving mouths suggests lo me that racial positions are
interchangeable against the dominant culture. Is there a racial hierar-
Lee: There's a correlation between
the stereotype of the Asian female as
a seductress and the nature of cinematic fascination and the activity of
film viewing being one of the absorption. I hoped to invoke these
layers of being fascinated with someone's body, or more correctly the
image of a body, and the whole melodramatic scenario of the earlier Hollywood film that is so involving.
Also, it was important to get different perspectives, a combination of
voices to reflect the varied relationships that spin out from what is contemplation of essentially the same
thing: Sally's body. What emerges
is, of course, her own viewpoint on
these matters, as she watches the
film and comes to a kind of awareness of these issues of racial expectations/and how color, race, dress,
hair, all these things, are arbitrary
and absolutely constructed, but also
how they are extremely meaningful
and hold great cultural power.
Discorder: There is also a theme of
blackness — the black beauty mark
and the black man. How do you see
those being related to each other and
to the film?
Lee: Stereotypes are often constructed in pairs, and the lotus blossom/
dragon lady reserved for Asian women belongs to the realm of sexuality,
as either the passivity of the former
or the castrating impulse of the latter. The stereotype of the black man
also revolves around the notion of
sexuality and sexual performance,
the ineffectuality and demasculin-
ized figure of the Stepin' Fetchit
character and the hyperbolized phallus of the black stud, SuperFly. The
differences are the refinement attributed to Orientals and the primi-
tivism connoted to Blacks, and they
are both imputed to have a particular
relationship to the body. There's
mutual oppression in that, which is
not to say Blacks and Asians share
the same problems, they obviously
don'l, and we don't need to compete
for a place in a hierarchy of oppres-
Discorder: The national exhibition
tiialSally's Beauty Spot is in, Yellow
Peril: Reconsidered, questions the
way in which Asian Canadians are
depicted and viewed, partly through
the format of expression — film,
photo and video. What benefits and
drawbacks do you see in trying to
change stereotyped images through
an "alternative" and experimental
format, rather than through mainstream film?
Lee: The distribution and appeal for
experimental work is limited, not
just as a fault of something endemic
to the form but related more to established conventions in narrative and
realism, and notions of entertainment, production quality. There's
no denying the power and appeal of
some mainstream films, I'm a true
patron of them, make decisions to
see certain films because ofthe stars,
the whole trip. In terms of Asian
Canadians and self-representation, I
think it is a mistake to champion one
kind of film over another. Independent, experimental forms allow you
a lot more autonomy, you're not
slave to those convention s (but m ay-
be to other ones), and there' s unmistakable audience fallout the more
formally radical it becomes. There
are reasons for it, but it's a fact and
unless you want to change the industry and people's minds and the way
they view films, you have to deal
with them. I think every filmmaker
wants a large audience for their film,
not every single person, but the largest possible audience that might be
interested in the film. One productive approach, I think, is to make use
of some of those aspects of narrative
films in a way that I think will accomplish what you want to do and
sion. Still, I think bolh moves are
necessary, in maintaining a community of "people of colour," as well as
insisting on the specifity of certain
cultural, ethnic and racial experiences. As for the film, in its use of
blackness as a thematic, I know it
was a dangerous proposition to align
the black mole and the black male
character that way, but the connections were meant to be metaphoric
and allusive to social constructions
and ideals of beauty and love ob-
say, and slill make it to the largest
possible forum of those ideas and
stories. And this involves, again,
grounding your work in yourreality,
not someone else's notion of who
you might be. At a certain point, we
have to surpass a history of oppression and stereotyped images, and
acknowledge lhat perspective as a
unique one. Il is a reconstructive,
ongoing cultural process which I
want to actively contribute to, and
one which is important to keeping
critical debates alive.
The Cruel
Timer is here. Its Canada Day!
ie to participate in all    tha
lored "Canada Day" stuff, mainly
:ause t he Crue IE lephanl is closed
monday's, Canada Day c
The tuesday though, that's .
ther selfless "no cover - cheap
/ies 'n fun, wed is the thit
Jaks International Skateboard
Teams Invitational -all welcomi
NAKED, thurs 4 is the triumphant
return of not one but two bands, F.Y.F
and CORDOKIA (featuring I
ing much better), fri 5 a rockabilly
band that really rocks THE STINGIN'
HORNETS with special su
guests, sat 6 funkin' heavy power
EVIL, sun 7 is    unbelievab!
evening with THE RHEOSTATICS,
all who like East Coast noise-rock
GUMBALL with a band I saw
i and really liked, almost updated
early Talking Heads, SOME VELVET
SIDEWALK on the K Label, wed 10
East Coast USA
LUNGFISH also a couple o' Seattle
JUGS O' PLENTY, thurs 11 TBA Iri
2 a night of 'el harsho supremo'
DOSE PUMP and in a much awaited
appearance CHROME DOG, sal 13
inds from Vancouver with albums on the way and on the way up,
FINE, sun 14 ex-frightwig (2)
Tragic Mulatto (1) in a way cool band
WIMMIN from San Frar
with'cranial  expansion  de
FACEPULLER,    tues 16 JEF (no
cover), wed 17 forget Sonic Yout
forget The Butthole Surfers, this
LOCAL #282 live better live \
18 TBA, fri 19 all style popcore
he great lakes RED FISHER
with Detail's mag band to t
GORILLA GORILLA, sat 20 now this
gonna be fun GREEN DAY ml
SWEATERS, sun 21 TBA, tues 23
JEF, wed 24 TBA, thurs 25 a
couple of local rock bands RUMBLE
FISH wilh SOLID GONE (tormery
Pagan Frenzy), fri 26 THE LAST
WILD SONS with very special guests,
T from Seattle THE BEST
HAPPY, sun 28 TBA, lues 30 JEF
er-wed 31 TBA all TBA will b.
x* shows I guarantee it, did
in that GUMBALL is the nev
by a guy that was/is in 1/;
Japanese-B.a.l.l.-The Velvet
Monkeys-Dinosaur Jr and produced/
played keyboards for Sonic Youth,
e got vegetarian pizza as the
mystery meal sometimes now
summer is here, motorbiking i
i, and remember Aug 2 will I
year aniversary and you know
thafs going to be an event and a
coming in August
Night" with-The Volcano Suns-
Pastels'n more. Doors @5:30 Shows
0 Dinner is served all night,
daily specials and always cheaper
than a movie. The Cruel Elephant
loves you, well most of you.
imgEmzQ) Chrome
Half Machine Lip Moves, Alien
Soundtracks, Etc.
Touch & Go
Released and subsequently deleted
between 1977 and 1984, Chrome's
seven albums were some of the great
lost masterpieces of modem music. In
the past six month's they have all been
re-released on a multiple-album-per-
disc format on Touch & Go Records.
Cyberpunk lyrics and crushing electronic soundscapes, years before William Gbson'sNeuromancer, are pushed
by violent guitar through an interlocking mesh of sampled effects and drum
tracks. Chrome was the first industrial
hardcore band ever. Light years ahead
of their time, they are more violent,
original, and metaphysical than anything on the Wax Trax or Nettwerk
labels. "TV as Eyes," "March of the
Chrome Police," and "Chromosome
Damage" from the Half Machine Lip
Moves album pound harder than anything by Ministry or Mudhoney.
Chrome is a musical bad acid trip well
worth experiencing. Gene Derreth
Chris Connelly
Whiplash Boychlld
Cargo-Wax Trax
If you admire artists who do stuff completely different from what you'd expect then Chris Connelly's solo debut
LP Whiplash Boychild, should be accorded mythological status. Anybody
familiar wilh Connelly's vocal pyrotechnics with Ministry and Revolting
Cocks will be flabbergasted at this,
dare I say, sensitive effort
The tracks are fairly low key
(except for "Confessions of the Hight-
est Bidder" which is an ambient noise
kind of track) and Connelly's vocals
are reminiscent of a cross between
Bowie and Iggy Pop. The songs with
just piano accompaniment can be quite
melancholy and haunting, especially
"The Hawk, the Butcher, the Killer
Beauties," in which a poem is recited
over a simple melody. "Last Joy" is a
downer of a love song which is made to
sound like a scratchy old record filled
The lyrics stand on their own
without the aid of music — they're
sheer poetry. Whiplash flaychild is a
H   most pleasant surprise. June Scud-
5 Cyberaktif
->  Tenebrae Vision
CargcWax Trax
Yep, it's yet another Skinny Puppy/
Front Line Assembly offshoot, this
time combining members of both
bands — FLA's Bill Leeb (a/k/a
Wilhelm Schroeder) and Puppies'
Cevin Key and Dwayne Goettel.
Tenebrae Vision has been preceded
by two 12-inchers — the more raw
"Temper" and the recent moodier
"Nothing Stays," both of which are
on the album.
Tenebrae Vision has a feeling
of release to it; the members seem to
have enjoyed working outside the
constraints of their respective bands.
The music is a balance of the familiar (sometimes there's a Puppyish
feel and sometimes a Front line
feel), but mostly it manages to sound
fairly different, especially on the
tracks "Acid Cripple" and "Dis
Coarse Illusion," which despite the
weighty titles, have (believe it or
not) incredibly heavy and funky bass
lines. "Paradiessetes" is a re-working of "Temper" and also features
Einsturzende Neubauten's Blixa
Bargeld on piano and vocals — it's
smoother and fuller, but I kind of
like the original's immediacy.
Tenebrae Vision is quite enjoyable and it's one of the rare releases you can actually listen to without skipping any of the tracks, which
must mean something. See you in
Pittsburgh. June Scudeler
Full Nelson Reilly
Touch & Go
After the amazing "Fuck the Pigs"
single I expected a lot more out of
this record. Musically, the Dickies
influence isn't as prominent as on
earlier outings, i.e. the guitars are
cranked louder and there are fewer
"la la la la" melodies, but they've
managed to write some truly great,
blistering 3 chord punk tunes. Typically, the momentum doesn't keep
up for the full album and there's
plenty of generic pedestrian rock
with the lyrics hitting an amazing
new low. Not funny or offensive,
just really fucking stupid. Tom
Einsturzende Neubauten
Strategies Against Architecture
II: 1984-1990
This i s an extremely informative and
interesting double CD of Neubauten's work overthe years, it's full of
fun facts about each song and great
concert pix. There are several live
tracks as well.
Some of the highlights are
"Partynummer," which is Neubauten's unique version of what a pop
song should sound like, a killer live
version of "Intermezzo-Yu-Gung"
which features razorblades on a mirror as part of the rhythm, the extremely eerie "Bhitvergiftung (Blood
poisoning),"ahighly successful cover of Lee Hazelwood and Nancy
Sinatra's "Sand," and another amazing live track of "Haus der Luge"—
I could go on and on. These CDs
would make Neubauten fans drool,
as well as be a good intro for new
converts. This review also allows
me to mention my two fave Neubauten stories — (1) when they played
Expo 86 and scared away all the
families who expected a German
oompah-pah band; and (2) when Ann
Landers wrote a column about how
a certain band's banging on metal is
not music. Anything that Ann Landers hates just has to be good — and
they are, being a lot more rhythmic
than dear Ann thinks. June Scud-
Dead Fish
This band made NoMeansNo seem
almost hesitant and ginger when they
played with them at the Commodore
a few weeks ago. The Ex are "anar-
cho-punks from Holland" (as perthe
Georgia Straight) and they play foreign folk songs and cow bells with
vim and vigor. The cow bells are
only in the first two songs. They
bring to mind a leaking water faucet
or Chinese water torture amidst the
heavy guitar and drums. Songs like
"Dead Fish" and "Elvis and I" somehow sound sinister and chaotic yet
bouncy. The rest are more straight
forwardly droning. Although the
band does tend to dwell on the depravity ofthe music industry and its
parasites (ie, drugs, greed and reviewers not unlike myself), and the
drummer didn't do any vocals, on
the whole. Dead Fish is sufficiently
innovative, raw, and even powerful.
Mindy Abramowitz
The Forefront
Cutting Edge Sessions
Smojo Sound — Cassette only
During the 1990 Vancouver Jazz
Festival a series of spontaneous jam
sessions took place at North Vancouver's McBride Studios. Numerous musicians were lured into the
studio. The resulting Cutting Edge
Sessions was recorded live on the
first take.
It would be bogus to label ihis
a jazz recording. Local musician/
composer Paul Brosseau, playing
tour guide, leads the Forefront
through some varied and distant terrain. The listeneris treated to a spectrum of sounds that conjure up visions of Asian villages, Arabian Bazaars, or India's teeming urban
The Cutting Edge Sessions appeals not only in its spontaneity but
also in the space Brosseau has given
the musicians to develop the mood
here. Of the eight sessions presented, half clock in at between six to
twelve minutes. There is plenty of
room to move, however, the priority
is given to aural atmospherics rather
than flashy solos.
If your tastes are inclined towards the esoteric beats ofthe world,
jazz, reggaes, etc.. or you like to
drop acid, load up the walkman, and
wander through Stanley Park, the
Cutting Edge Sessions just might
appeal to you. Norm van Rassel
White Room
BMG-KLF Communications
The KLF have undergone more than
mere name changes during theirf our
year existence, their music has also
changed. Originally the duo of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond,
known as the Justified Ancients of
Mu Mu (or The Jamms for short)
used interesting, allhough illegal,
samples of artists such as Abba, the
Monkees, and the Sound of Music
soundtrack over which they rapped
with a unique Scottish accent. After
Abba launched a lawsuit, which they
won, the pair became the Timelords
and recorded a smash hit dance single "Doctorin' the Tardis." They still
used well-known samples, including Gary Glitterand the Doctor Who
theme, but gone for the most part
was their intriguing Scottish rapping. In 1989 they changed their
name once again, to the KLF, and
with this name change came a significant change in musical direction,
to the self-proclaimed label Ambient House. Following in the wake of
their 1990 full length LP, Chill Out,
the White Room is a mixture of out
sic, such as their
previously released dance single "What Time
is Love," and
slow jams meant
for introspective
head bobbing and
drug use. The
KLF have curtailed their use of
samples and, as
not appear vocally on the While
Room, preferring
guest vocalists.
Cauty and Drummond know how
to   craft   great
songs such as
"Last Train to
Trancentral" and
"3 A.M. Eternal"
— both recorded
live—prove. Unfortunately, their
more overt ambient house songs
tend to bore rather than please,
with only a few of
the slower songs
succeeding, such
as "Build a Fire."
Without interesting samples,
KLF's ambient
house songs are
merely drum
beats with hooting, "ooing," and
generally unconnected vocal sound
bits. If you already own their
getting. However, the few energy
laden tracks do make this latest effort by KLF worth getting, although
it probably will never become one of
your most favourite musical selections. John Reams
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
S>U>B P<0<P
As any one of several self righteous,
cynical peckerwoods at CiTR will
tell you, I am unable to offer a truly
objective opinion on any topic; I
allow irrelevant facts and the views
of others to tyrannize my feeble mind
far too frequently. True. With this in
mind, let's get to the maUer at hand.
Mudhoney is one of the few bands
on the often merely trendy S>U>B
P<0<P label that can boast a flawless rosier of totally wad-blowing
material. Take a look at CiTR' s copies of their EP's and first album; the
kleenex-consistency jackets and see-
thru grooves prove that they rank up
there with Hawaii and Institutionalized in the CiTR Overplayed Records
Hall-of-Fame. Think back to their
live shows at the Town Pump and
S>U>B Ballroom; simply amazing,
mutherluvin' rock, to be sure. Back
then, everybody loved Mudhoney,
and so did I.
Then, an unusual set of circumstances befell me. (1) A guy
from The Derelicts, spotting my
'hunny T-shirt, says "Throw that
away... the band's broken up." (2)
As rumours drifted Northward that
S>U>B P<OcP has sacked all of its
employees/blown all its money on
singles, While Room is
drugs/been taken over by Caroline
Records (no more vinyl, that is) I
received a 3x5 index card which
assured me that I'll be getting my
April/May records in July. Sure. (3)
Nardwuar (yeah, that Nardwuar) says
to me, "I bet you'll hate the new
Mudhoney—it's totally garage." I
hate that junky, tinny sound. (4) A
guy I truly respect said to me today
(spying the same 'hunny T-shirt)
"Mudhoney's broken up... and besides S>U>B P<0<P sucks," and
when I told him the band had a new
album out, he didn't believe me.
Man, this guy would have eaten them
up a year ago. With all of these
depressing thoughts rattling around
in my gourd, I slapped Every Good
Boy Deserves Fudge on the T-table.
Oh man.
Maybe all of this had put me in
the wrong frame of mind to deal with
a review, but I had an image of a
couple of strung out guys sitting on
thefloorof an empty S>U>B P<0<P
office jonesing around and cutting a
pile of outtakes from old Mudhoney
sessions thinking about how much
money they could get for... well, you
can figure it oul Then I listened to
the album, and I got an image of a
band that had performed well under
the 'Fuck you guys...finish the
album...we have no more money to
pay' type of management, but were
prone to sloppiness and excess as
soon as they were given a greater
measure of control over their conduct in the studio. Who knows? Take
the harmonica, for example; whoever is playing it can' t, and it shouldn 't
be there. The Smugglers guy is a
better harp player, for God's sake.
See... here we have the problem. I
really don't think the album is up to
previous standards, but it's very hard
to pinpoint why not without sounding petty. After all, a harmonica's
cool, isn't it? The whole thing just
sounds too much like outtakes and
encore material, with the exception
ofthe Velvet Underground-Jesus &.
Mary Chain-O-riffic "Good Enough"
which is really killer. There are a few
good gimmicks; I really dug the organ in "Generation Genocide" and
the spacey backups in "Shoot the
Moon," but as a whole EGBDF just
doesn't move me like I thought it
would, man. Still and all, I can't help
but enjoy this record. What does this
mean, then? It means Mudhoney is a
very good band, and they put out a
mediocre record. This is the Love
Battery of Mudhoney albums.
Shit. Now I've done iL A typically wishy-washy review. Now everyone from S>U>B P<0<P will
hate me. Everyone from CiTR will
hate me. You probably do, too. Maybe I should hate myself. What do you
think? Bill Baker
No Use for a Name
New Red Archives
Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion has
been producing a hell of a lot of
records lately and in each case he's
made the band sound more than a
little hke Bad Religion. This isn't
quite as evident with N.U.F.A.N.,
but there's definitely a raw melodic
edge and a more progressive playing
style that wasn'ttherebefore.There's
plenty of high energy, chunky guitar
riffs,and tight playing, butfor all the
intensity andfreshness,there's something really generic sounding about
this band. Sometimes, they just blow
me away but at other times, I seem to
find them a bit tedious. Tom Milne BYTARASLOAN
Just to clue the readers in, I'm Tara
Sloan and I'm takin' overthe Future
Rap column. So there's the introduction. Now for the real deal.
The past month has brought
with it some new additions to the rap
collection, including the release of
PD*2's cassette single and Brothers of the Same Minds. Kozmo
Flex has also hit a few record stores.
Kozmo's 14 track tape is titled Wen-
chology, Disposition of the Flex.
Produced, arranged, written, and recorded by Flex himself, the content
ranges in topics from a humorous
love ballad, "Playing Dumb," to
some more explicit sexual conquests
in such songs as "On Tour" and
"After David Letterman," to social
issues in "Warzone." Degradation
of women is quite evident in this
release although the ridiculous lyrical content and silly choru s take away
the seriousness of the song, ie,
"I'mma Slap Yah" and "Stank Ho's."
Funky-ass beats, such as those sampled from the Commodores in "War-
zone "help keep the cassette rollin'.
Although most of the songs are great
(a bit of a change from the usual rap
formula), one does go over the edge.
"Cuss that Wench Out" tells the fellas that if they see a lady they're
interested in, then follow Kozmo
Flex's insane commands. However,
if the lady doesn't happen to have an
interest in the particular man, then
do as the title says. Altogether,
Kozmo Flex seems extremely dedicated, confident, and completely "in
control" of his fast-paced rhymes.
This cassette is worth a listen just to
see rap in a different, more comical
O.G. Original Gangster is the
latest work from Ice-T. We have
now entered the World of Ice-T, the
real shit now begins. The first few
songs, including the hit "New Jack
Hustler," involve some seriously
tough rhymes, funky guitar riffs, and
descriptive messages. Ice states
"Nothin' soft, always the tough
meat," and to "get paid with the use
of a sweet rhyme." "Ed" appears to
be somewhat of a PSA, with a groovy
rhyme that slips in the message that
it's unsafe to drink and drive "cause
you'll end up dead." In "Bitches Z,"
Ice tells the ladies not to fret because
he know some types of males that
also fit into the category of a "bitch."
He rolls along to the sweet samplings of Parliament and a chorus
sampled from the motherfuckin' trigger happy Ghetto Boys! The next
two tracks consist of "Hardcore topics over hardcore drum beats!" "The
House" is a tune that expresses Ice-
T's concern over the abuse of children by their parents. It's short, but
right to the point, and hits the sensitive tip. Moving right along, "Fly
By" contains in it a few of the members of the Rhyme Syndicate:
these being Donald D, Nat the Cat
and Ice-T. Next old-school gangster/adventure stories are painfully
yelled out over a throbbing, dragging, evil melody. There are, in total, 24 tracks on Ice-T's OG. Original Gangster CD. Ice-T manages to
pull off yet another incredible release. It's hard edged, lolsa swearing, and tension-filled rhymes ready
to explode in the listener's face.
SMACK!! Ice's style seems to be
reluming to his original "Rhyme
Pays" ways, except thai now he seems
much more socially aware and concerned with theproblems of society...
or maybe now Ice has just decided to
truly express his feelings. Word.
Terminator X and the Valley of the Jeep Beats was not
quite what I expected. I thought that
a new Fresh Style was going to be
established. But instead of moving
on to something a bit different, the
Terminator sticks to the basic Public Enemy influential beats and
scratches. The best song on this release is "Buck Whylin." This song
has Chuck D introducing Sister Soul-
jah, the first female member of Public
Enemy, to the scene. To bring this
release down to a brief summary, the
artists that perform on the tracks,
unknown groups, don't seem tomatch
up to the crazy samples, scratches
and riffs that are given to them. Perhaps if the performers had more to
say than "We say fuck school, but
still get through," and didn't have
commercial dance tunes hke "Wanna
Be Dancin'" or R+B bull by Section
8, then possibly this CD might have
proven to be more effective. But as
fornow, "Buck Whylin'" is the only
tune worth checkin' out.
Michie Mee and LA. Luv
have finally got themselves organi zed
and produced an album. The title is
Jamaican Funk — Canadian style,
and the content is awful. Michie Mee
some years ago appeared on the First
Priority Music Family Compilation
called Basement Flavour with two
pretty good songs known as "Victory
Callin'" and "On the Mic." Seeing
that was 3 years ago, the hopes of a
really slammin' album seemed almost certain, but unfortunately this
was not the case. The first side con
tains a number of reggae tunes, lacking in decent topics and bordering
on false reggae (if that's possible) or
maybe just not well written reggae.
It seems like Michie Mee has watered down her classic style, now
writing unintelligent, non-rhyming
and weak-sounding rhymes. The
second side is basically rap oriented
with "LA. Luv de Bout" and "A
Portion From Up North," being the
best releases on the whole tape. Il's
been three years, and so I was waiting for something greal to be heard
from Michie Mee, who before
seemed to have the potential for rap
success, but I guess my expectation
shouldn't have been so high. But
still, this tape is not even satisfactory. The production is poor, the
rhymes are lacking, and the whole
product is pretty damn whack!
De La Soul is Dead is this
years LP by none other than De La
Soul. The format of this work is
very confusing and it lakes a while
before the music gets flowing.
There's a read-a-long cartoon on the
record sleeve that's kinda funny.
There's lots of girls participating on
the LP, singing, whining, etc., and
as usual De La Soul manages to
throw in some really whacky iracks.
One of the best tunes on the LP are a
rolling skating jam named "Saturdays," on which Q-tip appears. There
are a few funky bass lines worth
checkin' out too, i.e. "Let, Let Me
In" and "Keepin' the Faith." But the
best track of all from tht De La Soul
is Dead LP has got to be "Millie
Pulled a Pistol on Santa" which begins with the same sample 2 Live
Crew uses in their song "In the
Dust." De La Soul' s song is about an
attractive girl who has to go through
the hell and suffering of having an
abusive father who molested her.
The story continues to say how Mil-
he's father volunteered as Santa at
Macy's, and soon she can't stand it
any longer. So, finally, she purchases apistol and goes to Macy's where
she shoots Santa (her father). The
scene from the people in the store
and from Millie's point of view are
quite different and it just stops and
makes you think for a minute how
troubled society can be. Produced
by Prince Paul for Tommy Boy
records, this LP is mellow but definitely different from the previous
3ft. High and Rising which was
peace'n'love. Now De La Soul is
rougher, swears a lot more, although
it is not that noticeable, and is more
socially aware. So this is a crazy,
confusing.goofy and loving, yet rude
and raunchy, violent but civil release that's mellow yet has some
slammin' beats. Aurgh!
A quick note on Maestro
Fresh-Wes' new release The Black
Tie Affair. Most of the tracks (14 in
full) seem to be of the jazz-style, and
a lot are very slow. K-4CE is introduced on the "V.I.P.'s Only Take."
"Conducting Thangs" is alright as
well as "Poetry is Black." Maestro
has changed styles drastically, but
personally I think his old ways were
more along the right route.
Who gets to be known as this
month's best rapper? None otherlhan
the... emcee Ice-T! Ice's hardedged,
gripping beats are definitely a bonus
underneath his hardcore rappin'.
Keep gettin' paid in full Ice!...
Oh well,'til next time... "Keep
the rap scene full alive, with prejudice we can't survive, the revolution
has now begun, let's educate the
ignorant one." PEACE, I'm outta
Apologies to all. Yeah, I know,
where the hell has Felicity been
and all that. But y'know, they just
don't let you listen to records when
you're in the hospital... at least not
at the volume I Usten to 'em. So
once again, sorry I ain't been here.
Lots of catching up to do, so let's
get cracking shall we?
Covers, covers everywhere!
Vomit Launch's four-song release
(Mad Rover Records) includes their
theme song, some trumpet tooting
live stuff, a Fleetwood Mac tune, and
i few bars of "Little Red Corvette" as crooned by lead singer Patricia Rowland. All this on red vinyl
with red blurries!... From Portland,
Oregon, comes M99 (covered in June
Discorder's "Minis" section) with a
harsh shredded vocal chord rendition of Hendrix's "Can You See Me?"
plus their own "Drunk & Alone"
(Audio Addict). Sounds painful, actually. Gotta wonder how long her
voice is gonna last singing hke that...
The M r. T Experience have another Utile vinyl chunk out foUowing
their "Sex Offender" single. This
one's called "Love American Style"
(Lookout!), and it was recorded in
March. It's got an exceUent, wacko
ofthe Spiderman theme, and
oooh, I love Mr. Singing T Experi-
ce but do you reaUze that
if you play them on the slower
speed, they're dead ringers for Tad,
just about?... The bestest cut off
Born Without a Face's four-
song thang has gotta be "Teeth
Machine." Loud and fucking heavy.
Both Bom Without a Face and
Honey Bunch instruct the Usten-
er to "play loud." However, Honey
Bunch would be better suited to
quiet listening with a cup of hot
cocoa on a rainy day; slightly out
of tune a la Pastels or Beat Happening. Honey Bunch are from
Providence, Rhodelsland, and have
put out a three-song item (Slumberland) that features a real gem in
"No More I Told You So's"... Big
Satan Inc.'s 7" (Over And Oul,
Austin, Texas) brings us more
heaviness from Seattle, this time
by a band that has some of the
biggest posters on the dead buildings in BeUtown. "Jezegrind" features a psychedehc geeetar solo
and very Skin Yard vocals (which
isn't too surprising since the sleeve
says "vocals by Ben of Skin
Yard")... And how about that Crust
single (Trance)? Wicked percussion:
"Feelings." Howling vocals, heavy
and pounding: "When I Say Yes."
Very, very cool... Ed Gein's Car's
single (Vital Music) got a thumbs up
from one of the Jiggle boys, but I'd
recommend you skip the A-side and
go fer the B. "Consider Being True"
on the A-side kinda trundles along
with a weak voice, but the B-side is
far more rockin' with much stronger
vocals... For some lovely acoustic
tunes about going far away on a boat
and not coming back, Usten to the
single by Sweden's 99th Floor:
"(Take Me to) Wonderland'TTt's
TimetoLeave"(Exercises in Style)...
Whoever is singing on the Pineapples' record (Part Trance) sure has
an interesting voice. Somewhere between a growl and a gargle on
"Faced." Whose nipple is that on the
"other side" though?... I've heard
sooo many folks simply raving about
these guys caUed Dead Moon, but
for the Ufe of me I dunno why! Someone please explain. I listened to their
record (Tombstone) entitled "Over
the Edge" b/w "In the Altitudes," and
all I hear are painful semi-Springs-
teen-Dylan-y vocals. Is this another
case of "sounds better Uve" or what?...
Infamous Menagerie's "Toast"
b/w "Spit" release (Big Flaming Ego)
is kind of along the Unes of Hammerbox, but not quite. Atmospheric, rhythmic industrial guitar sounds.
I like the "Toast" better than the
"Spit"... Fast 'n' furious sprints from
Burning Heads: "Hey You" and
"Go Away" (Black & Noir). Wild,
loud, attention-getting fun!... Cas-
bah Club's "Lving Up in Center"
7" (Black & Noir)... Wow! If your
party is leaning towards humdrum-
ness, invite this bunch over for a set.
Guaranteed to work any bunch of
partypoopers into a frenzy. Mind you,
I think they Uve in France. Oh, weU...
More party excitement too from the
Lookouts "IV" release of four
songs: "Story," "Dying," "Agape,"
"Out My Door." GaUoping yahooo!
It is reminiscent of Seattle's Gas
Huffer, actuaUy, just for the way it
gaUops along and for the backing
vocals too. Both bands should do a
cover of "The Devil Went Down to
Georgia"!... Weird '80s-typedisjointed songs by Anemone (Good Kitty). Is it Devo-ish? Mondo Vita-
ish? I don't know, it's just weird and
spacy!... RadicaUy different from
their first single (the feverishly poppy "Daydreams" b/w "Basketcase")
is Stumpy Joe's "Love Plumbin'"
(Popllama). I think maybe, Uke Dead
Moon, this Seattle band's probably
alot more exciting Uve... When I first
heard "Bigger Than God" by Joe
Christ (Vital Music), I thought,
"Hey, Shadowy Men!" Then they
started singing and I thought, "Hey,
GirlTrouble!!"ThenIUstened some
more and thought, "No, they ain't
that good." What's with all this God
stuff lately anyway?... Noisy, hard,
and loud with a most confusing sleeve
is whatTorontonian Brian Ruryk's
"Shaking Floor" single. Got it?...
Three Blind Mice are three Seattle
guys with a 7" caUed "Rock & RoU
Up Your Ass" (Carving Knife). For
oneof those fast/slow, whisper/shriek
numbers, have a gander at their
"Betsy" song. Plus they'vealsogota
pretty cool instrumental in "Stool"...
Sweden's Sonic Walthers' record
(MNW/Radium 226.05) offers some
straight ahead rock with "On the
WaU," but "Time" reaUy reminds me
of a Crowded House ballad, although
it isalot better. Quiet and soothing...
Quite the opposite of Sonic Walthers
is Jughead's Revenge from Los
Angeles. Seven songs on seven inches caUed "Out of Beer, Out of Tune,
Out of Control" (Hard). That just
about says it aU 'cept "Fuck Shit
Up"... Volume XVIU ofthe International Pop Underground series (K)
brings us Brief Weeds' four-song
7". Organ bits, Davey Jones-esque/
Monkees vocals. SeaguUs and drums
on "The River Song," a wonderfuUy
briUiant instrumental... Ignatius is
a four piece band from Pullman,
Washington. Vocals, guitar, bass,
drums. Simple. Their "Sweetfish"
record (Silence) doesn't reaUy stand
out on a first Usten, but grows on you
after a few... Two powerful songs
with meaningful lyrics (lyric sheet
included) are to be found on Revulsion's 7". The label's caUedNabate,
and it's in Belgium. So, this might be
hard to track down, but it's definitely
weU worth the effort...
And that's about all for this
month. Apologies again for my absence. I'll leave you now with a
few words from Joel the singer for
God. Actually, I really couldn't ,_
tell much of what he was singing ^
ontheir"MyPal"7"(LanceRock), *<
but I think I heard somethin' like {£
"You'remyonlyfriend...youdon't J_
even like n   "
fully equipped eight track
services available
negotiable rates
687  S803
clothworks of Vancouver
36" TO 103' WIDE
• Broadcloth • Fleece • Muslin
•Cheesecloth • Ticking
• Drill • Duck • Canvas • Poplin • Sheeting
• Flannelette • Jersey • Terry Towelling
clothworks • textile dyers and printers, wholesale & retail
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B.C.I.T Broadcast Television
graduate starting my own
small production company.
If you are an up-and-coming
band or act that needs a
music video or other visual
promotion, let's talk.
NICK DARCY  pager 650 2639
^i^.f #
the Cruel Elephant Mickey Christ
are fronted by long time Victoria punk
scenester Gary Brainless and they deliver a blaring assault of metal tinged
hardcore. I've heard this band can blow
hot and cold, but I obviously lucked out
and caught them on a high. It was the
first time I've ever seen the ultra long-
lived Vic hardcore band Section 46.
Holy shit did they ever blow me away!
Raw, intense hardcore noise blasting
back and forth between rasping melodies and ear-bursting, slash and bum,
screaming noise. If only Section 46
could catch this much intensity in a
recording. Maybe it's because I was so
impressed by Section 46, but Shutdown didn't do too much for me.
There was energy there, and the music
was tight and well played, but somehow the same level of intensity just
wasn't achieved. Still, now that Soul-
Charge has bit the dust (R.LP.) and
Section46is stillbeingreally iffy about
a possible viny 1 release, it's good to see
Shutdown has released a four-song 7"
on Chikara Records. Musically, every
song fucking rips but I can't help finding the lyrics a bit vague and stupid.
Nice packaging job though, the cover is
extremely impressive and obviously a
lot of work went into it Oh, it's also on
olive green puke wax for all you coloured vinyl fanatics out there.
Speaking of Chikara Records,
the band Chikara has a new 7" out
called "Die me." It's the same wimpy,
out-of-tune pop-punk that these guys
have been delivering ever since desperate minds. To their credit the lyrics are,
uh,"sensitive"isprobably the best word
and some of them seem to show genuine empathy for the plightof Canada's
native people.
Way Out Records has plopped a
Victoria band sampler on our shores
with the release of the Blobs Volume
One 7" EP. The Hanson Brothers
(featuring some NoMeansNo guys)
start off side one with "My Girlfriend's
aRobot," a total Ramones ripoff, catchy,
fast, and totally great. This is followed
up by the Show Business Giants'
high-speed, manic Dickies-inspired
"Always the Last One to Know." I find
the Shovlhed song on side two to be
kind of a disappointment, sort of sloppy
and badly recorded. The Vinaigrettes
do the countryfolk thing with some
completely silly lyrics, funny and quite
catchy. I'm sure these won't be the last
Blobs we hear.
So the Octatrackter 7" is finally out. I heard the raw mix of these
songs so I already knew I'd like this
single, but it's great to finally have it on
vinyl. "Stamher" is the 'mellow' song,
strangely intricate guitar lines and laid-
back vocals that bored me al first but
really hit home after repeated listenings. "Kiddie Fist" is instantly likeable
with its fucking killer riff and straightforward driving intensity. I suppose I
could compare this band to Dinosaur
Jr., Sonic Youth or Skinyard, but why
bother? Octatrackter are already carving their own musical niche separate
from any such influences. Onl y thing is,
I can't help feeling there's something
vaguely perverted about the cover.
Maybe I need help.
Vou may have noticed a DOA 7"
around recently called "The Menace
Lives." I think it's a boot of an '82 7"
release from Sudden Death Records
and it includes the songs "Rent a Riot"
and "No Food, No War."They'reboth
pretty good early punk rock anthems,
sound production's a bit raw, but that
tends lo help, rather than to hinder, this
type of music.
Cat's Game's brand new Effluent and Yellowcake Luncheon is definitely ahappen in' demo that's musically and lyrically full of action. The music
is a lot more lhan just straight no frills
punk. This stuff is so lull of changes in
each tune, you feel you're getting two
or three songs for the price of one. I
found that every tune kept me going
and that they were never boring or
repetitive. A little more help/money in
the production end and these guys are
going to have a great recording. Regardless, a ten-song demo is a good deal
for the cash, especially if the lyrics are
included. Lyric-wise these guys hit everything: the environment, pet abuse,
Bush and his wacked out lifestyle, the
unrealistic rules of Christianity and the
mental stateofamassmurderer. There's
a lot of shit to read, but it is all pretty
cool. The Game are the kind of band
that if you get familiar with the tape,
you'll really want to rock out at their
The Deprogrammers also
gave me a copy of their new five-song
demo tape Killing Ignorance. The De-
programmers' formula is simple:
Radha-VinodaDasaranting and raving
and Martin Cabbage on percussion.
Because their music has been put in
such a primitive minimalist form, their
lyrics tend to affect you more, as in the
song "Killers." In this song you can
really feel Radha- Vinoda Dasa' s anger
as he attacks murderers of all types
while Martin pounds out a military
march-type rythmn. "City of the Nine
Gates" is a really long song that puts
you in a "keep banging the door" kind
of mood, but because the drums in that
PIL tune are so awesome, the simi larity
is a pleasant one. "Frightened Eyes" is
definitely the hot hit on this tape and
rightfully so. The drums on thi s one are
awesome. A heavy repeating rythmn
throughout the song with tormesof cool
fills throughout. These guys believe in
vegetarianism, animal rights and a lot
of other shit, so if you need a change
from electric guitars, buy this tape.
Tommy Floyd sent us a copy
of his four-song demo tape and what
canlsay? Hardrock with an atlitudefor
people who think smarmy posturing
and pouty lips are cool. I love the 'I
wanna beascaryrockn'rollerbutlal so
really wanna have a big Top 40 hit'
pose on the cover. I guess I feel kinda'
sorry for Tommy. All he wants to do is
rock, but people like us just won't let
I'm not sure what to make of the
A Posse of One "Baa" demo tape.
No song titles, just a series of vocally
distorted technobeatboxmctalrap tunes
from someone's basement Personally,
I'd probably be blown away by this if it
was a bit faster and it had heavier 'in
yourface'production.butfortwo bucks
apop who the hell can complain? Write
to: #301-812 12th Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 4K1 or call 525-
2227 or 521-836Z
Victoria band Drone's debut
"Voice of Reason"7" has been released
on the innovative Vinyl Communications label. The music is ugly, distorted, well... 'droning' stuff with thudding
drumbeats and harshly intense lyrics.In
fact, the lyrics are just fucking great.
It's totally refreshing to experience a
band with a nasty, angry view of the
world that doesn't completely drag itself down with self-indulgent, negative
posing. "Scrapie" is a song ail about a
disease that rots sheep and cow brains
from the inside out and may soon be
spreading to a neighbourhood near you
via meat and dairy products. "There's
a little car dealer in all of us/ There's
some child molester in all of us/There's
a little fag basher in all of us" (from the
song "Trust me"). Harsh stuff.
Skinny Puppy arenowrecord-
ing an album, Last Rig his, which has a
mid-September releasedate. Also look
out for the long awaited Lung single
which should be out soon, and a Superconductor single which will be
out in time for their tour. Yeah that's
right. Superconductor will be touring
wilh Lung and Sludge from August
10 to 25 on a Vancouver noise tour
down the west coast including a number of California gigs. Superconductor
will also be doing their Neil Diamond
tribute August 3, so you might want to
watch for that
The Tear Garden, a collaboration of Cevin Key and Legendary
Pink Dots vocalist Edward Ka-spel,
will be recording in August Also, Ka-
spel will be performing in Vancouver in
early August, and if you're rich, you
can fly to New York to see Front Line
Assembly perform with German
noisemeisters Einsturzende Neubauten.
As always, send stuff our way if
you want us to talk about it URGE OVERKILL
Saturday June 1
Cruel Elephant
There's a lot of nasty things that could
be said about Kreviss. For example, if
that's what results from sleeping with
Supercondudor/Oktatrackter, girls buy
a vibrator.... Oh well, I wouldn't stoop
that low, so instead, let me tell you a
little story. The girl with the pink hair in
Kreviss was the most rulingest punk
rocker in my high school. Her dad was
the school librarian and they lived on a
hobby farm. One day me and a friend
stole a really mean chicken from my
friend's hippie pothead dad, put it in a
box, and let it go between class in front
of the library. The bell went and the
pitbull of chickens just stood there. So
the librarian (Kreviss' punk rock girl's
dad) came along and picked it up, took
it into the I ibraiy and, eventually, home.
The moral is the chicken prank went
horribly wrong (ie, it didn't run amok
and have to be killed in front of a school
full of crying kids and, instead, now
lives at the Kreviss' punk rock girl's
hobby farm where it is being fed a rich
diet of com meal). The Kreviss prank
has gone just as horribly wrong and
should be stopped before they have to
be put down like dogs infrontof aroom
full of crying longhairs. Besides that,
UrgeOverkillfolkedoutliterally showering theaudience with their suaveness,
from the monogrammed smokingjack-
ets to the UO medallions, this band
busted some mean chords. And to top it
off, their name is on the cover of June's
Spin. Bruno
Saturday June 8
Cruel Elephant
Whether the Supersuckers are from
Seattle, as mentioned on the posters, or
Tucson, Arizona, as the band claimed,
is a moot point Generic, pneumatic
drill-sounding punk rock. Yawn. Octatrackter show a certain amount of
promise with their Sonic Youth, feedback-frenzied wall of grunge. But don't
be mislead into thinking these guys are
a noise band — there are dynamics
mixed in with the grunge.
I came to see the Dwarves with a
certain amount of contempt appropriate for a band going out of its way to
shock its audience in such a contrived
Guts & Pussy). Instead, the Dwarves
caught me completely off-guard—they
were fast, furious, and fun, fun, fun!
While they only did about five songs,
their set contained a retarded charm
reminiscent of the Dayglos' first album. They had energy and altitude to
bum, especially the lead singer who
spent much of the twenty minutes falling amongst the audience and the bass
player who performed au nature! except for a stocking on his head (a Chili
Peppers metaphor?).
A tossed stink bomb provided a
suitable climax to the unpredictable
proceedings. Hopefully the next time
theyplay Vancouver we'llgetalength-
ier set. I can't wait to see how they'll try
to lop this show. A legend has been
bom. Steve Richards
Sunday June 9
Industrial Eclipse
Zoviet France brought their North
American tour to an end on the 9th and
treated the eighty or so people who
showed up at the Industrial Eclipse to a
dose of their inimitable talents. Little is
known about Zoviet France, especially
in North America, as they have spent
much of their ten years of existence in
ity and the outside world. Their music is
in an indescribable mesh of sound,
trance-invoking and hypnotic, and as
stimulating as a Shaman's wet dream.
For aboutninetyminutes Zoviet France
took us away from everything and that's
fine by me. The setting at the Industrial
couldbestbedescribedas intimate. The
band played on a shallow riser, and
most of the audience sat on a semicircle around them. But considering
that Zoviet France were going to play in
someone's living room, the lack of a
pretentious stage is not unusual for
them. If you missed the show, you can
always pick up one of their CDs, but
don't expect to see them come this way
again for a long while. Darren Reiter
Friday June 14
Cruel Elephant
Apparently Stumpy Joe is the next big
thingas fun strugglingSeattlebandsgo.
The openers lamented a bit about not
being able lo say "bong" aloud in a
Seattle head shop and got romantic
about incense. They were definitely the
heaviest band that played real chunky
psychedelic stuff.
TheSmugglers lead singermoved
like any excited woman in the missionary position while the guitarist let out
hints of homophobia, hmmmm. On to
the headliners.
Dharma (hindu) 1. an individual's duty fulfilled by observence of
custom or law. 2. the basic principles of
cosmic or individual existence. Tells
you everything you need to know dun-
nit? The lead singer thanked the audience about seventeen times and wore
the kind of pants where you can tel 1 if he
had an erection or not, hence, the audience was havin' a head swingin' hip-
grindin' shirtremovin'goodtime. Teenage rock'n'roll. Redd McJan
Saturday, June 15
Cruel Elephant
Ever wonder what sort messages
DEATH gels left on the telephone answering machine?
"Hey, Death, babe...its me, Sex.
Gimme a call when you get home.
'Cause me and Taxes were thinkin' of
grabbin' a couple a brews and seeing
some peelers tonight!"
Not that this has anything to do
with Seattle's Squirrels or even San
Francisco's Smokin' Rhythm F*rawns,
but it's just something I thought you
might want to ponder. At least as
worthy of ponder was theSquirrels' set
thatpastFriday. With the indispensable
Nardwuar as my guide we tried to tell
the original s from the covers, hard to do
even if you're familiar wilh their material, as they draw heavily from what
used to be played on AM radio before
the idea of targeting your market really
took hold and (for example) made the
idea of playing rock AND roll on the
same station too much of a demograph-
icconundrum.butldigress. TheSquir-
relspl ay ed some pop songs, (theirown),
some rock songs, (others), and a number of parodies, (their words; other's
tunes). The band itself was drums,
somewhat over active bass player, a
really uncomfortable looking rhythm
guitarist (Nardwuar claims this guy is a
veteran of numerous Seattle bands, but
he looked like he had just learned how
to play the guitar standing up), a very
cool lead player who looked like he just
leftagiginaR&Bband.asl inky player/
vamp (well, I liked the look even if she
was kidding) and fronting it all was a
niceyoungman who is, in all likelihood
Gene Wilder's illegitimate son. A pretty fab-O package for a band that didn't
know the bar closed at Midnight
The evening's surprise openers
(a surprise to me anyway) were the
Smokin' Rhythm Prawns. This three
piece is out to reintroduce the Power
Trio to popular music. But they realize
that Cream brokeupaboul the time they
were allowed to walk across the street
on their own. Thus, we get guitar, bass
and drum solos, but they're short..4
bars long each, (well could have been 8
bars each, depending on wether the
song was in half time or not, but I'd say
4). Betteryetjustbecause they can play
their instruments, they don' tfeel obliged
to demonstrate this during every measure. Best of all, they introduced their
songs by title, which would have been
a great help to me, had I been taking
notes at the time.
"Sex, it's Death man. Gonna
pass on the peelers Me, Wind, and Fire
are going over to Earth's place to watch
The Terminator and Commando, later
dude." Pat Carroll
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1 *t July is *Pianisf s Month' on the
jazz feature. Some of worldwide reknown and others
obscure but important players. Tonight the master o1
them all; Art Tatum, in <
formance of solo piano play-
8th Vaido Williams is a name
probably unknown to even
most Jazz fans. A true legend
who recorded only one album under his name, Vaido
played with Charlie Parker
and many of the greats and
"was playing with Cecil Taylor
in 1948,* notes Jackie McLean. Most of you will be
hearing Vaido for the firsttime
15th One must think of Bud
Powell as an innovator in the
same league as Charlie
Parker, Dizzy, et al. Two trio
sessions here tonight: the first
is Bud's debut recording under his own name and the
second a live recording at
the Essen Jazz Festival in Ger-
22nd Hasaan Ibn Ali is another
almost unknown legend who
played with everyone that
passed through Philadelphia
('all except Charlie Parker...I
listened to him" said Hasaan).
In late 1964 Hasaan came to
New York and under the auspices of drum great Max
Roach, recorded this his only
29th Oscar Peterson remains
one of the best and best
known Jazz musicians In the
world and certainly the best
known Canadian Jazz artist.
Here Is Oscar in peak form
(even by his tough standards)
In concert with his Trio...Ray
Brown (bass) and Herb Ellis
(guitar) in 1958 in Amsterdam.
Now hear thlsl Roughneck
dance hall Reggae, dub plates
and live DJ selections that are
ruling Jamaica and abroad.
with whitey at the controls.
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3:00PM Spinning the best (and
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music styles from places you'll
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requests. I work best under pressure and the gods have seen to
it that I am supplied well with
sonic bliss... hence the title.
"...got a beautiful wife, two
wonderful kids, and one on the
way. My only real want in life is
for really long hair !* Norman
Anonymous The Bernice Gerard of Rock 'N Roll."
Addressing thedrama, theatre,
film and arts communities. With
Antje Rauwerda.
7:00PM Glow little glow worm.
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JIGGLE 7:00-9:00PM Stop child
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VALUE Of... 	
Qmgj&m ii HVQ1 ■ QMr. ftpnnnnnvFS 111
llfifil FTflPTFNfWFnNFSn_IYfi.7-aPI_1),
Nation of Ulysses 45andtA*e(Dischord*IO
Bulboys Vicar Uve
Anything "Torky'Thorkleson says	
Laura Secord Minty Bars	
That Damn Weasel Uoyd	
Hole "DlcknairrBumBlack'45 (SubPop)
Anything mytongue touches	
Rorschach Remain Sedate (Vermiform)
The elderly havefal len and they can'tgetup	
Brand Nubian...
Too Short	
The Afro's	
 AmeriKKKa's MostWanted
 O.G. Original Gangster
 Make Way tor the Motherlode
 100 Miles and Runnin'
 "The Real Deal"
 Short Dog sin the House
 The Bytches
 Step in the Arena
avnicrormssFMTTOPTTMiTHiiPsnav-*. i.ipm>
Lounge Lizards Voice otChurk
Ngoma UveDemo
JohnZorn NakedClty
Soundtrack 'Performance'
Giorno Poetry System.. 'You're the Guy I Want to Share My Money With"
AllenGinsberg The Uon ForReal
Material MemotySetve*
Captain Beefheart Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
Marc Ribot Rootlets Cosmopolitans
David Moss FuHhouse
FiFcratr. enema top ten <saturMys 1 ^tm
Citizens Arrest A Light In the Darkness!' (Vermiform)
Born Against IndustrialRelatlonsT (Vermiform)
TheFreeze MoodWghfc7*(Taang)
Octatrackter Stam Her/Kiddle Fist!''(Kil-1'el)
Shutdown 7'(Chikara)
Big DrillCar/Chemical People Surrender/Getaway!' (Cruz)
Prisonshake SpooT (Estrus)
SquatorRot Vol. 2 (Squat or Rot)
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Music For Pets!'QO
NoUseForaName Incognito (New Red Archives)
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Ice-T O.G.OriginafGan0ster(Warner*Sire)
Einsturzende Neubauten Strategies Against Architecture II (Mute)
The Ex DeodfWKNineMile)
Sekiri r_*eA*eroS©W/i(PublicBath)
TerminatorX *#»Va#eyo/fheJ.*p_.^*(Sony«Cdumbia»Rush)
The Blue Hearts Blast Oil (Juggler)
Psychick WamorsofGata Ex#23(Cargo*KK*Katharsis)
Didjits FullNelson Reilly (Touch &Go)
Spit Persecution ot Genius (NTS Productions)
Xymox .............Hioenir ot My Hearf(PolyGram.Wing)
Yo-Yo Make Way tor<h«Mor/»itocte(Wamer.Attantic.EastWest)
fIREHOSE FV*i'W»/tan/>e/(Sony.Columbia)
Spring house __ndf_ft(Caroline)
Diamanda Galas Plague Mass(Mute)
Monsula Sf/uc/ure(Lookout!)
NoUseforaName Incognito (Nbv/ Red Archives)
Stompin'Tom Connors.... More ottheStompin'TomPhenom... (Capitol)
Poopshovel ICame, ISaw, I Had aHotdog (Community 3)
Steel PoleBathTub 7ul|p(Boner)
Various Artists StimmeDes Voire* (SDV)
Shabba Ranks A*J?awA*fver(Sony*Eplc)
Cows Peocer/ko(Amphetamine Reptile)
Offspring Ofliprihg(Cargo*Nemesis)
Too Much Joy Ce»a//_/fe«(Warner*Giant)
ManoNegra King ot Bongo (A&M. Virgin)
Various Artiste AGkntLeapofFalhVolumelwo($QeUCKm)
Hilt O/a/i0ePo/*K(Nettwerk)
Various Artiste On an Another Planet (Black & Noir)
BoneClub 8te*»r/>fc(RocketSound*BigRed)
VariousArtiste Bluegrass Suspects (Kaleidoscope)
Harm Farm NiceJob, f/nde/n (Alias)
Iron Prostrate lou4 fasf andAg//)gJ?apfc*y(Skreaming Skull)
Shelter Perfection of Desire (Revelation)
VariousArtiste What Else Do You Do?(Shimmy Disc-Europe)
This Mortal Co"   Mood(PolyGram*4AD)
VariousArtiste Dead*ca/ed(Arista)
Birdland ffodtoocffve(Radioactive)
Volcano Suns Career in Rock (Touch &Go)
Flour Atoch/oery HW (Touch &Go)
VariousArtiste BecfroClip*(SRI.UMMUS)
Shlonkl Eee- Yow (Community 3)
The Happy End TumThlngs Upside Down (Cooking Vinyl)
Peter Holsapple& Chris Stamey Afcn*/fc*«(Capitol*RNA*Rhino)
Union Carbide Prodns f/om/nflk»nceto/ynofonce(MNW»Rcidium)
The Hunger Tonight/Shoot to KHIWpha International)
John Sobd Poetry Band Blues History (Word of Mouth)
Henry Kaiser Hope You Like Our New Direction (RecUess)
Thomas Ma pfumo Cha/nunorwa(Mango* Antilles)
MynoxLayh lntralnCaelum(SDV)
Skaw Without You (Vinyl Japan)
Maestro Fresh-Wes The Black Tie AfliaKA&M* Attic)
Railroad Jerk Railroad Jerk (Matador)
360's tfum/na/eoUink)
Codeine Frigid Stars (Sub Pop)
Da Willys SaturdayNlte PafeK(Fusion III.Brake Out)
Sepultura A/fce(MCA*Road runner)
Ruth's Refrigerator SuddenlyDlstlguied...(Cargo*KK»Madagascat)
The Farm Sportacus(Warner«Sire.Reprise)
DubSyndicate Cto**fcSetec/ton Vo/ume 7Wo(On-USound)
Psyctones Greatest Hits: 1981-1991 (Ladd-Frith)
Urge Overkill Supersonic Storybook (Touch & Go)
Purr flr_fce/he_o«te(Cargo»KK)
Boukman Eksperyans Vodou Ad/ae(Mango)
Fields of the Nephilim £/Wu/n(PolyGram« Beggars Banquet)
Grinder Nothing Is Sacred (Noise International)
Monochrome Set Dante s Casino (VinylJapan)
PereUbu Worfcfc//iCo/«»fon(PolyGram»Phonogram)
Banderas «fc>e(PolyGram.ffRR)
Charlie Chaplin Cry Blood'(RAS)
Bongwater ThePower o/Pu*s)* (Shlmmy-DiscEurope)
Sosuml Ooyaf fhe lab(Synthetic)
GangofFour Afal(PolyGram.PolyDor)
Walking Wounded...
Joe Jackson	
 Hard 77me*(DoctorDream)
...taughter&LusKA&M* Virgin)
Jill Y fll SHORT fiRnnVFS fil.
VariousArtiste Blobs Volume One: 4 Victoria Band* 7* EP (Way Out!)
TheLa's "Timeless Melody" CD-5" (PolyGram.Go! Discs)
Dinosaur Jr The Wagon CD-5* (Warner* Blanco Y Negro)
Suicidal Tendencies "Send Me Your Money" CD-5" (Sony.Epic)
UvingColour "Solace of You" CD-5" (Sony* Epic)
Hole "Dlcknall" 7" (SubPop)
MrTExperience Sex Offender 7" EP (Vital Music)
3rd Bass "PopGoestheWeasel" CD-5* (Sony .Columbia)
Pegboy Fields of Darkness 7* EP (Touch & Go* 1/4 Stick)
Facepuller "Immorallzer" 7" (Temple North)
GreaterThanOne "Index" 12" (Cargo.WaxTrax)
Stumpy Joe "love Pkimbln'" 7" (Popllama)
Big Satan Inc Jezegrtnd7*EP(OverandOut)
Gas Huffer Ethyl 7* EP (Black Label)
BriefWeeds A Very Generous Portrait 7" EP(K)
Itch "88 Bones" 7" (Scratch)
Charlatans UK "Over Rising" 12" EP (PolyGram)
. "Relgno(Flre"CD-5*(MetalBlade)
Armored Saint....
Infamous Menagerie "Toast" 7* (Big Flaming Ego)
Jughead's Revenge Out of Beer, Out of Tune, and.... 7" EP (Hard)
Cycle Sluts from He" "Al tor One and One for.." CD-5" (Sony* Epic)
SkatemasterTate 8i the Concrete Crew.... "Justice..." 12" (4th &B'way)
Kool Moe Dee	
Brothers from the Ghetto
Anger Means	
YesShe Is My Skinhead GM 7" EP (K)
 "Best of My Love" 12* (Island)
 IV 7" EP (Lookout!)
 "Play the Music DJ" 12* (Capitol)
 double 7* (SubPop)
... Not Human Anymore 7* EP (Skene!)
 Naked Man 7* EP (Vital Music)
Drunk and Atone" 7" (Audio Addict)
Random Killing Kicked In the Nuts: ATrue Story 7* EP (Random Killing)
" Bleed" 7" (Oompa Loompa)
Young Fresh Fellows Maiden Canada 7" EP (Lance Rock)
Octatrackter "Stamher"7"(KilTeD
Peyote "Shaman's Call" 12" (Sony GMBH* Dance PooD
Mecca Normal I Can Hear Me Fine 7* EP (Smarten Up!)
Don't Push Me I'm a Regular Guy 7* EP (Tantrum)
 "Feelngs" 7* (Trance)
 Surfers 7* EP (Estrus)
.. "Take Me to Wonderland" 7* (Exercises in Style)
Gits Precious Btood 7* EP (Big Flaming Ego)
MotherLoad Mother Load 7* EP (Empty)
Sick of it All We Stand Atone 7* EP(Combat.ln-Effect)
Daniel Ash "Walk This Way "12" (PolyGram* Beggars Banquet)
Sparrows "ThatKlndolGlrr7*(Susstones)
Hi-C Tm Not Your Puppet" 12" (Hollywood)
Phantom Surfers.
Sad Happy	
The Worst	
Sister Lovers	
Stick Farm	
Daniel Johnston	
The Worst	
King Apparatus	
Digital Poodle	
Johnny Onslaught	
Citrus Park	
Dose Pump	
Groove Ranch	
Smokin'Rhythm Prawns...
Perfume Tree	
Sebadoh 'sSentridoh	
Tombstone Etiquette	
Timothy VsWestbury	
Mourning Sickness	
Scarlet Drops	
 "Beat otthe Sun*
 "The Accidental Family"
 "Bamboo Torture"
 "She's Wrong"
..  "IHavenlGotAnythlngYet"
 "Love Graffiti'
.... "The Sn Iper/N o Time to Die"
 "A Man Obsessed"
 "Creepy Thing"
 "Ten or 100 Years'
 "The Pink CrypT
 "HI. Honey'
 "What's It To Ya'
 "Place Is the Space'
 "Hotel California'
 "Gypsy JuleT
"Kbs Me With My Clothes On'
 "Air Corridor"
 "Big Shrimp"
 "Mind Movie"
 "Psycho Vibe"
 "Entering Bikini Area"
 "Win Stow"
 "Cindy Feet"
 "Mourning Whole'
"Beat of o Different Drummer"
 "Early In the Moming"
[£_^SE_©© 1 MONDAY Vancouver International Jazz Festival: Ellis Marsalis at the Vancovuer
EastCuItural Centre; Roy Reynolds Quartetatthe Alma StreetCafe; Flying BulgarKlezmer
Band at Isadora's; Jim Byrnes and Mike Kalanj at Cafe Django; Roy Rogers at the Yale;
Rob Frayne and Chris McCann Quartet at the Glass Slippe n Celso and Carlinhos Machado
at Granville Island Market Stage ... CiTR Cool Mondays in the Pit Pub... "Festival of
Animation" atthe Ridge (until the 11th)...
2 TUESDAY Dayglo Abortions atClubSoda...Jef at theCruel Elephant... Bela Fleck
and the Flecktones at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre Pontiaxat the Yale.. "Festival
of Animalion* at the Ridge...
3 WEDNESDAY Jaks international Skateboard Team invitational Patty with Fuek
Ups, Iron Scrotum, Speed Racer, Skipand Oo Naked attheCruet Elephant.. 3000 B.C.,
Water and Grames Bros at the Com modore.., Portia* al the Yale... CiTRHo* Wednesdays
in the Pit Pub... "Festiv««t of Animation" atthe Ridge... v   -
4 THURSDAY FYF with ConfoUa a! the Cruel Elephant.. Fourth Floor. Zombie
Roof and Groove Ranch a! the Commodore... Pontiax at the Yale... CiTR Rock Thursdays
in the Pit Pub... "Festival of Animation* atthe Ridge...
5 FRIDAY TADa'theCommodere.. Stingin'HometsattheCweiEiepnant...Madras
at the Mr Sport Hotel... Local Folk Jamboree with RM* Colbourae, Judy McGeer'sSlder
with Rosie, John Lyon & Kinloch. and Rajka & tba Hummin'birds at the WISE Hail...
Ponliaxatthe Yale.. Men Without Hats with Rheostatics at 86 Street ..Ten Little Indians
opens at the Frederic Wood Theatre... "Festival oi Animation* at the Ridge...
6 SATURDAY G move or Die with Red Platinum plus Atom and Evil at the Cruel
Elephant... Madras at the Mr Sport Hotel... Pontiai at the Yale... Harrison Festival of the
Arts opens in Harrison Hot Springs (until the 14th); Batucada BC (1pm. Plaza), Washington Stale Mass Choir (2pm, Festival Stage), Batucada BC (2pm, Harrison School).
Todd Butler (3pm, Plaza), Sack Porch Blues (3pm, Festival Stage), Tropicanos (4pm,
Festival Stage), Anzanga Marimba (7pm. Plaza), Celso Machado and BatocadaBC (8pm.
Festival Stage), Gospel Concer*(8:3Qpm,Harrison Half)... "Festival of Animalion" atthe
7 SUNDAY Rheostatics at the Cruel Elephant . Skywalk at the Big Bam Boo...
Harrison Festival ofthe Arts continues in Harrison Hot Springs (until me 14th): Celso
Machado (1pm, Plaza), New Love Messengers (2pm, Festival Stage), Anzanga Marimba
(2pm, Harrison School). Tropicanos (3pm, Plaza), Back Porch Blues (3pm, Plaza), Aya
(4pm, Festival Stage), Aya (7pm, Plaza), Anzanga Marimba (8pm, Festival Stage), Blues
Concert (8:30pm, Harrison Hall}... "Festival of Animation" at the Ridge...
8 MONDAY Chri stine Lakeland at the Yale...SaigonKickatCiub Soda... Harrison
Festival of the Arts continues in Harrison Hot Springs (until the 14th): Joey Hanlon (7pm,
Plaza), Theatre Sports (8:30pm, Harrison Hall)... CiTR Cool Mondays in the Pit Pub.. ACT
Up member John Kozachenko In BC Provincial Court House (10AM. Room 514)...
"Feslival of Animation* at the Ridge... National Campus and Community Radio Association Conference (NCRC) opens in Montreal..
9TUESDAY citrpresentsgumballwithsomevelvetsidewalkatthe
CRUELELEPANT... Christine Lakelands! the Yale...NakedLunch atCiub Soda. Harrison
Festival of the Arts continues in Harrison Hot Springs (until the 14th): Bamnm It Balrd
(7pm, Plaza), Dance Oulreach (&30pm, Harrison Hall).. "Festival of Animation* at the
Ridge... NCRC continues in Mo
10 WEDNESDAY Lunglish. Big Satan Incand Lady Jugs 0 Plenty at the Cruel
Elephant.. Johnny V at the Yale... Harnson Festival of the Arts continues in Harrison Hot
Springs (until the 14th): Sunshine Pies Puppets (11am, Festival Stage), Norman Foote
(1pm, Festival Stage), Joey Hanlon (2pm, Festival Stage), Nelson S Peter (7pm, Plaza),
Playworks (8:30pm, Harrison Hall)... CiTR Hot Wednesdays in the Pit Pub... NCRC
continues in Montreal... "Festival of Animation" at the Ridge...
11 THURSDAY  John Hiatt and David Lindley at 86 Street... Johnny V at the
Yale... Harrison Festival of the Arts continues in Harrison Hot Springs (until the 14th):
Tucan (7pm, Plaza), Writers Night (8:30pm, Harrison Hall)... CITR Rock Thursdays in the
Pit Pub... "Festival of Animation" atthe Ridge... NCRC continues In Montreal...
12 FRIDAY Dose Pump and Chrome Oog at the Cruel Elephant.. Excited First
Daughter at the Mr Sport Hotel... Johnny V at the Yale... Harrison Festival of the Arts
continues in Harrison Hot Springs (until the 14th): Kalimba Soundz(7pm, Plaza), African
Music & Dance (8:30pm, Harrison Hall)... NCRC continues in Montreal... "The Doors"
(7pm) and "Gimme Shelter* (9:45pm) at the Ridge...
13 SATURDAY Windwalker and Jack Feels Fine atthe Cruel Elephant.. Excited
First Daughter at the Mr Sport Hotel... The Blasters at 86 Street.. Johnny V at the Yale...
Har ri son Festivalof the Arts con tinuesln Harrison Hot Springs (until the 14th): Fatala(1pm,
Plaza), Kalimba (2pm, Festival Stage), David Cbow(2pm. Harrison School), Usafiri (3pm,
Plaza), Qcheami (3pm. Festival Stage), Mzwakhe & tba Equals (3pm, Harrison Hall),
Falala (4pm, Festival Stage), Mzwakhe & the Equals (7pm, Festival Stage), Soul Vibes
(8pm, Harrison Hotel)... NCRC closes In Montreal... "Tb_ Doors* (7pm) and "Gimme
Shelter* (9:45pm) at the Ridge...
CRUEL &EPHANT... 0IVINYL8 AT 86 STREET...Hari1son Festival of the Arts closes in
Harrison Hot Springs: Djembe Barra (1pm, Plaza), David Chow (2pm, Harrison School),
Qcheami (2pm, Festival Stage), Kalimba Sound? (3pm, Plaza), Usafiri (3pm, Festival
Stage), Mzwakhe * die Equals (3pm, Harrison Hall), Fatata (4pm, Festival Stage)... "The
Doors* (7pm) and "Gimme Shelter* (9:4Spm) at the Ridge...
15 MONDAY War Babies at Club Soda... Oliver and the Elements at the Yale...
CiTR Cool Mondays In the Pit Putt... "Dr Strangetove" (7:30pm) and "Paths ol Glory"
(9:20pm) at the Ridge...
IS TUESDAY Jel at theCruelElephant...TrasicallyHipat;heCommodore... Cash
McCall at the Yale... "Or Straageiove" (730pm) and 'Paths ol Glory" (9:20pm) at the
Ridge... ___K_R_
17 WEDNESDAY The Thinking Fellers Union local *282 at the Cruel Elephant.. Tragically Hip at the Commodore... Cash McCall atthe Yale... Free Energy! at
Ihe Vancouver East Cultural Centre... CITR Hot Wednesdays in the Pit Pub... "The
Hairdresser's Husband* (7:30pm) and "Monsieur Hire* (9:10pm) at the Ridge...
18 THURSDAY Tragically Hip at the Commodore... Cash McCall at the Yale...
CiTR Rock Thursdays In the Pit Pub... "The Hairdresser's Husband* (7:30pm) and
"Monsieur W»" (8:10pm) atthe Ridge...
19 FRIDAY Red Fisher with Gorilla Goriltaat the Cruel Elephant...Tragically Hip
at the Commodore.. Cash McCall at the Yale... Vancouver Folk Music Festival opens at
Jericho Beach Park (until the 21st)... "The Slitters" (7:30pm) aid "Drugstore Cowboy"
(9:40pm) at the Ridge...
20 SATURDAY Green Day with Sbleprock and The Sweaters at the Cruel Elephant... Tragically Hip at the Commodore... Cash McCall at the Yale... Vancouver Folk
Music Fssthral continues at Jericho Beach Park... "The Slitters" (7:30pm) and "Drugstore Cowboy* (9:40pm) atthe Ridge..
21 SUNDAY I Love You with LiquidJesus at Club Soda... VancouverFolk Music
Festival closes at Jericho Beach Park... Wynton Marsalis at 86 Street... "The Grifters"
(7:30pm) and "Drugstore Cowboy* (9:40pm) at the Ridge...
ir Folk Music Festival Encore! at the Vancouver EastCultural
EHali... Chris Isaak at the Orpheum... Robert Palmer
alat the Yale... CiTR Cool Mondays in the Pit Pub... "Defending
Your Life* (7:30pm) and "Lost in America" (9:35pm) at the Ridge...
23 TUESDAY Attila the Slockbrokerat the WISE Hall... Jef at theCruel Elephant...
Richard Thompson Band with Shawn Colvin at the Commodore... False Witness at Club
Soda.. Canned Heat at the Yale... "Defending Your Life* (7:30pm) and "Lost in
America" (9:35pm) at the Ridge...
24 WEDNESDAY Liz Mandeville at the Yale... CiTR Hot Wednesdays in the
Pit Pub... "The Nasty Girl* (7:30pm) and "The Company of Strangers* (9:20pm) at the
25 THURSDAY Rumble Fish with Solid Gone play at the Cruel Elephant.. Liz
Mandeville at the Yale... CiTR RockThursdaysin the Pit Pub... "The Nasty Girl" (7:30pm)
24 HR. SHOW INFO: 681-1732
and "The Company of Strangers" (9:20pm) at the Ridge...
26 FRIDAY The Last Wild Sons at the Cruel Elephant.. The Budstock at the
Commodore... Liz Mandeville at the Yale... Mission Folk Music Festival opens at Fraser
River Heritage Park (until the 28th)... "The Sheltering Sky* (7pm) and "Casablanca"
(9:40pm) at the Ridge...
27 SATURDAY The Best Kissers in the World with Trash Can School and Black
Happy play at the Cruel Elephant... Tower of Power at 86 Street.. Liz Mandeville at the
Yale... Mission Folk Music Festival continues at Fraser River Heritage Park... "The
Sheltering Sky" (7pm) and "Casablanca" (9:40pm) at the Ridge...
28 SUNDAY Mission Folk Music Feslival closes at Fraser River Heritage Park...
Building the Rainbow: 1991 Gayand Lesbian Pride Festivaiatthe VancouverEastCultural
Centre (until the 3rd)... "The Sheltering Sky" (7pm) and "Casablanca" (9:40pm) at the
29 MONDAY JelattheCruel Elephant.. Whistle PunksatClub Soda.. AmosGarrett
at the Yale... Building the Rainbow: 1991 Gay and Lesbian Pride Festival continues atthe
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... CiTR Cool Mondays in the Pit Pub... "Hamlet" (7pm)
and "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" (9:30pm) at the Ridge...
30 TUESDAY    Clark Terry with the George Robert Ail-Star Quartet at the
Commodore... Amos Garrett at the Yale... Building the Rainbow: 1991 Gay and Lesbian
Pride Festival continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... "Hamlet* (7pm) and
"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" (9:30pm) at the Ridge...
31 WEDNESDAY Consolidated with Meat Beat Manifesto at the Commodore... Amos Garrett at the Yale... Building the Rainbow: 1991 Gay and Lesbian Pride
Festival continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... CiTR Hot Wednesdays In the
Pit Pub... "Ivan's Childhood" (7:30pm) and "The Sacrifice" (9:20pm) at the Ridge...
CRUEL   ELEPHANT   •    1176   Grr    '
DOLPHIN CINEMA • 4555 E Hastings ,
86 STREET MUSIC HALL • BC Enterpris. .
LUX    CINEMA    •    57    E    Hastings
PARADISE   THEATRE   •   919   Granville
■ .ood new. praise him haUeluliah good J16WS praise hinih__l_l__i___GOO_^_W_T|
[FREE snot of jesus
IN U.SA.: P.O. BOX 69243, PORTLAND,  OREGON, 97201
) __£^o__!2(g]_ NOMEANINO
* contains "Day everything" EP
* contains extra tracks
■ SPLIT 7"
1869 W 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Z Monday to Wednesday 10:30-7:00 »
LU Thursday and Friday 10:30-9:00 V
1 Saturday 10:30-6:30 AjggJ
0 Sunday 12:00-6:00 lL_-__.
sale prices in effect until Duly 15
"Best of" compilation from this ex-Vancouverite
gone East. Proud of the hillbilly heritage. Ray
kicks some serious country butt! A 26-song
tasty mix of country, swing, rockabillyand
otherwise. CD Only.
Wig-out with the Fellows, Groovy blazers and
hot tunes make this release a visual and aural
summer sensation
BUZZCOCKS I—in_o„iQn 1
ALIVET0NI6HT 1      10.98CO-ep      \
Manchester's original pop geniusesare back!
First studio release in 11 years from this reunited.
seminal, post-punk pop band. Four song CD-EP
featuring original members Pete Shelley. Steve
Diggle and Steve Garvey. UKImport.
Stuff you scrape off of your boot. Basically Subpops
"greatest hits" featuring Nirvana. Mudhoney, Fluid,
etal. Grungilicious! US Import. __H__b_
The record many considertheir best, coupled with
the very hard to find "You Kill Me" EP. First time on
CO. Featuring "Dad". "Self Pity", and "Manic
I 15.98cd/8.98cass I
Yet another outstanding release from this pioneerof
the UK electric folk scene of the 1970's(Fairport
Convention). With more than 10 LPs to his credit, he
has consistently proven himself to be one of the finest
songwriters and guitarists around. Once again he
demonstrates his soulful vocals and innovative,
understated playing,     i j
Zulu Records brings back a record store tradition and
updates it with today's technology. Preview your
purchases on our positively praiseworthy players.
Simply ask your friendly Zolu clerk for assistance. End
uncertainty. Applies to both news and used cds.
— Here it is! —
Your chance at 20% off our large
selection of pop, rock, jazz, soul, country,
classical, reggae, rap, etc used vinyl
(excluding collectors records).
Valid until Duly 15,1991 with this coupon.
20%[__B 1 USED VINYL
releases on sale!
On sale for the entire month of Juty!        ^^A
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
-Sexplosion ^^^^^
new release
Chris Connolly
*? Whiplash Boychild
^^T^                    new release
©Teneabrea Vision
^^^                       new release
EP 6.98cdM.98cass
new release
10OO Homo DJs              W\W^ ^m
EP f0.98cd/5.98cass
new release
KLF                   Wttf
©Chillout                     ___P"^
V.         __dP%P £*8cdM.98cass
Richard Thompson!
Live at the Commodore!
Win free tix! d
When you come into Zulu, enter
our draw for a free pair of tickets
to see Richard Thompson live
at The Commodore on Duly 23.
(courtesy Timbre Productions and Zulu)
Yes, Zulu will be open 12:00 to 6:00
on Duly 1st. In honour of our local
musical heritage we'll give every
customer a free recording from
Vancouver's illustrious musical past.
Hand-picked by pu's knowledg-
able staff—one per customer.


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