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  ' V V
\  /
MM//V i
Leche Con Came
J           I'M] ill
 " \
i   V"' f*K-.^"
i             ^
If U-D02ER
God Hears Rleas Of The Innocent
.ARCHERS OF LOAF yrith Weeze
I March 13th at the fCfommoddr^
^ifewSN;FU!      , i
Vancouver special
interview hell
i can read
seven inch
real live action
under review
on the dial
VIS- cover
More local popsters for ya' -
this month it's those sweet
lads PLUTO, sussed up and
inimortilised hv Mr. Paul
March '95 #146
Dylan Griffith
Murk Pilon
Mark Pilon, Tania Alekson, Randy
hcata. Ryan Ogg
Kevin Pendergraft
Lulu Abou EUNmj, Samanlha
Miko Hoffman
Matt Su,ffich
Taco Bell Tania & Double Manhattan
Vinny Buchanan
Undo Srholte.n
m UBC lo bmglty >nd Sawni-h in H,llinKh«n, CiTR
l.r Iimi.I il 101.-) FM is wrll is through ill major cablr
.'I3M, "i jus pick up i ,1-rrai Prn ind wriic: I233-M3S
PANSY DIVISION ° Pile Up «|9J7LP/cas$$ll93CD
PLUTO • Cool Wflf To htl $12.50 CD
BUM - Shaketown Live $9,87 LP $13.11 CD
REFRIGERATOR • How Tou Continue Drawn*} $1.9) LP $14.92 CD
NEGATIVELAND > Fair Use... JjlIM Book and CD
GUIDED BY VOICES • Box Set $55.70 LPs/CDi
KILLDOZER • God Heon Plea of the Innocent. 49J7 LP/cass $14.92 CD
DOG FACED HERMANS ° Bump andSwinjj $9J7LP/cass$ll93CD
STRAPPING FIELD HANDS. m the Pineys. $8.99 ir
TEAM DRESCH" Persono/Best 49.65LHaoill-iMCD
tim I^ery Room Saturday, March 4
1VEY SID FISHER r   I   I V |))}
1hmfihmi**tm muOmdmomKi
3    ^g^mgx< Dear Airhead,
*: This was written by
s   are   scum.   The
scummy sheets are lull of them.
For many i
nusicians in the 90's
(just had tc
i throw in that "in the
nineties" -
makes it sound so
hrutal and
real) the slreel is the
only place
where they can ruh
with their superiors.
Ihe street is our lowest common
denominator or LCD. (Blatant
social division, tribal rivalries,
petty revenge taking, thievery.)
Two great ways to gel ripped
off (I'm talkin'culturally here):
A) Hang around Granville St.,
B) By a CD full of pop music.
(Incidentally, going lo an art gallery runs a close third.) The irony
is, wherever you spend your
loonies, you support pop culture. That's because OUR CULTURE CAN BE PURCHASED
like any other commodity.
'Hie point I feel I must make
is - why support scumbag musicians to such an unhealthy and
exaggerated extent when they 're
really only interested in masturbating their own egos into (the)
various media in the form of
phoney cl iched poses (and) while
producing infantile shlock pop
music which will only be seen in
decades to corneas being the sad
result of a culture which is ridiculously egocentric (read: really fucking warped) and highly
Evolution© cannot happen
until we grow up off the street.
Finding enlightenment™ (for
those of you who are interested
in the process of un-learning
practically everything you've
been taught) means shaking off
the primitive thinking of belonging to anything less than the
whole ol humanities. Thank-you
and goodnight. I've got lo go
practice my scales.
Cliuinpy Bolero,
Lords of Kitsch
Look {of our new release "And
don't forget your rotten tomatoes!") and support MA MM IE
(Musicians Against (other) Mu
sicians Marketing (of) Inane Effluvium. Peace.
P.S. We sure don't want to insult
anyone, and it is not our intention to stir debate.
Why support scumbag musicians? Well, it sure beats my last
gig supporting a scumbag
slit vedrive r who pa id me th c leas t
amount of money the law would
allow while demanding that I
run my ass of serving his shitty
product lo a hunch of ungrateful, inbred low lifes: Other than
that, let's just say your mother
new a thing or two when she
named you Chumpy.
Dear Airhead,
Hi! I like the new issue, espy
(sic) the Zumpano article by
Just wanted to make a correction. In your page three intra you
say hockey is Canada's unofficial sport. In fact, Parliament last
year finally did something right.
Hockey was declared the official national winter sport, while
lacrosse, the former national
sport, was relegated to the offi-
•port. I
t knov
voted o
the e
ml I'm
B this
UBC library could tell you.
I totally agree with your comment on the current state of af-
rfcr* an YADOtPH/tT^riT^RT^iy; wovie* are in/ look at
ItlCOHeRINTjSHOllJ-SiZ/   >W«ANVDl<*TRKY^    -
1 wess/ JB^dOnr^t** fa*******.
(KEH tWf Sir*** tHR*6H te$W*Ai*At*
fr ". or "Howard the VQQcu/iQktoRe!\
(M.tHece was a H'<sh rat
JDAlWrf DEVrtbAS u#>R6lS"? A WA
"ms tv persona in* me Gftooftd
fairs of NHL hockey. Although
today's Canucks are among the
most exciting teams in the league,
I kind of miss thedaysof Thomas
Gradin, Gary Lupul, Jere Gillis,
Harry SnepsU* and Stan Smyl. I
certainly won't be attending any
games this season. Too many
fans have been paying too much
money for too long.
Bob Mackin
Disclaimer: This response was
penned by DiSCORDER's sel-
dom-heard-from (and soon-to-
be-unemployed) Sports Editor
Good for you. Bob! It's nice to
hiow thai there are a few puck
fans oul there who are reluctant
to return to the Pacific Coliseum. Judging from the attendance figures for the 'Nucks this
year, there are quite a number of
us. It takes a lot of balls to turn
your back on a passionate affair; we all love hockey but it's
time to excerci.se a little self control. It's no one's fault that out-
beloved game is also a business,
but tha t damned strike only made
me more aware that passion a
Thockey is controlled by a pack
rds. 1 too
long for the days of
those morbidly
clown-suited losers who took us
on lhat springtime joyride so
many years ago.
Fact: the 'Nucks have a wealth
of stud hockey players.
Fact: the 'Nucks have the ulli-
nutte hockey boss, the almighty
Pa, Quinn.
Fact: the 'Nucks have brought
us to the brink of ecstasy many a
time, only to have our inflated
hopes dashed on the rocks of
disillusionment. Now don't get
me wrong. I mapuckjunkienow
and there is no end in sight, bul
this season 1 think I'd rather see
those fa, cats eat a little humble
pie 'cause my puckbuck is goin'
Next year might be a different
story. Ihough.
PS. As for digging Zumpano.
gel in Ime. pal.
Hallo Canadians!
My subscription expires in
March, bul I'm not sure if I wanna
delay it. I've been three times in
Van., but it is sooo far away from
my daily life that I can't handle
the information in DISCORDER. but I really like this
magazine. Anyways, I'll think
aboul it But: You could do me a
favour and print arecord review.
It's aboul two CD's by Edward
Ka-Spel and the Silverman, both
known as the heart of the legendary Pink Dots. Edward released
a few records with Kevin "Skinny
Puppy" Key under the name The
Teargarden. If you don't print it:
The world wonl stop, if: Great!
Sony for my grammar and Ihe
mistakes, my German is a little
bit heller....
Your wish is out< command baby.
See page 24 for the review.
1 ?
_ Hey!
-fee you ever
considered being
^rrt cljirector
of that Magazine
you all love to
hate. Here's
your chance...
Here's an opportunity to be head art and
design dictator in the presence of computer
technology, and fun loving people who are
waiting for your call!
Contact Dylan or Mark at Discorder Magazine
822-3017 or talk to Linda in the CiTR office.
4    March 1995 itrnflD©!]0 wxM
DiSCORDER is on the internet.
For more information, e-mail CiTR @ UNIXG.UBC.CA
(Alt KEViHA»'8zz-30l7AI>OU?'OUR
towage z/r /--MWK ANGST
HAMVf $1D FI$H£r\<t£s jf
TIC ■ u
studio x
I5"2 W5ST  H/^STlNCis
Sextant Recording Studios
Audiophile-quality 1" or 2" 24-track recording
for discerning folk or alternative projects.
$35/hour includes engineer.
3448 Commercial Street (next door to Profile Studios)
Paul Kay at 872.0051 or 645.7150 (pager)
<*■> •*-*■ O 52.
= a <-. :z    "5.     * :- C :-
-^T1 ft*
•>> a- k> j—
-^ 0S•i9
in Canada: Box 1776 Stn 'A' Vancouver, B.C., V6C 2P7
in USA: Box -69234 Portland Oregon 972Q1
PHONE US FREE!!! 604 268 9952 or503 768 4001
Saturday, April 1
& Sunday, April 2
9 am - Midnight
Irtrod)u<e5iri)§      Ce
Proceeds To Charity
CALL ir9.o^^j^Pn^77l Vancouver Special
by Sean Raggett and Dale Sawyer
s have
announced to raise lire proven-
lion awareness following the
tragic death of D.O.A. drummer Ken Jensen in a fire at his
home on January 29. In conjunction with the Vancouver lire
Department, the Commodore
Ballroom will host the first benefit, featuring SNFU, Gus,
Mystery Machine and members of NoMeansNo, The
Hanson Brothers, D.O.A.,The
Show Business Giants and Mr.
Wrong Funds raised will benefit the survivors of the fire and
will also go toward the purchase
of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, which will be distributed free throughout Vancouver to those in need. The second
is an all-ages gig at the New
York Iheatre on March 4. featuring Sparkmarker, Facepuller,
Dog Fat Dogma. Aging Youth
Gang, Hunting Humans and
Scum Elements.
February was a busy month
on the live scene. Sparkmarker
and Trufflehunt performed on
an all-ages bill originally scheduled to include Portland's thirty
ought six and Ha/el, but the
show was shut down hy Vancouver Police soon after the marker
finished then set. Punk rock antics, you sayV Rowdj  teens
donuts.' Nope, there was nothing out of the ordinary on this
rainy Saturday night; the all-
ages, alcohol free event was
busted without any explanation
from the fuzz. A phone call to
Denise Sheppard, the show's
organizer (and Vancouver correspondent for National Chan)
revealed that the Pitt Gallery had
been visited by members of the
Vancouver Police Department
on Saturday afternoon The
city's finest (by whose criteria
ve yel
i lis:
led the gallery staff lhat the
show could not lake place without the necessary permit and
assured them that it was too late
to obtain one. However, the permit WAS secured, and the show
began as scheduled. Neither
Denise nor the staff at the Pitt
6    March 1995
Gallery have been given any
explanation as to why the show
was shut down, and an official
comment from the Vancouver
Police could not be obtained by
press lime. (One of the VI'D
employees we did talk to, however, declared, "The bastards!"
when informed ofthe incident.)
The l'itl Gallery has been hosting gigs and olher events for
some 17 years without incident,
cial thanks to those of you who
didn't ask for refunds so that the
bands could be paid: "I dare you
to find a cooler group of people."
Positive Records have organized an all-ages show with the
honesl-lo-crucllers best roster in
months. The pop/punk/hardcore
talents of Sparkmarker. Mystery Machine, dbs. Seamen,
McRackins and Gob will be on
hand to punk rock your world
February 24 at the I.angley
Civic Centre. Wow.
Don'l forget to come early
for Nardwuar's "Skookum
Chief Powered Teenage Zit
Rawk Angst" wing-ding. March
9 at Studio J. Scheduled to perform are: The Tonics, Thee
Evaporators, The Fallouts
(from Seattle). Dub Narcotic
(featuring K Records' Calvin
Johnson, from Olympia), and
I .As Harvey Sid Fisher (with
his Vancouver lounge band containing members of /umpano.
igglers and Superconduc-
The material is being produced
by Brian "Time Toy" Wilson,
the man responsible for the Horrifying Circus Music Christmas
compilation released months
back. Drummer Chris says that
the material will either be released as a four song 7" or a ten
song CD, "depending on how it
turns out " Chris also spoke of
a WWF-streel-slyle altercation
which saw Speedbuggy singer
Simon throw Joe, guitarist of
The Many, into a mailbox,
where he temporarily lost consciousness. "We're still friends
- we were just WWF wrestling
like we always do. There might
be a rematch soon." Apparently
there was a videographer to
record the punk-rock spontaneity, and the craziness might even
scheduled to make a special appearance. Nardwuar's third full-
length LP compilation will be
officially released, an incredible
collection of "the best bands in
.■ell a
Speedbuggy video; maybe
they'll get more footage next
month when the two groups are
set to tour together..
After a brief printing delay,
Facepuller s new Bang-On
(Cargo) release Anatomy of
Noise is ready to hit the streets
immediately. Facepuller play
the I Iungry Eye on February 25
with 25tf, Peepshow, The Staasi
Quartet & Wicked Swimming
but this incident throws the gal
snippets with Nardwuar vs.
'The Anza club was host of
lery's future as a venue into
Beck and Timothy Leary  Doo
two particularly memorable
doubt     Already, Nardwuar's
do lo doo do...
shows worth mentioning. I'm
"Skookum   Chief   Powered
On lo some band news. Gob
not sure why the 70's brown
Teenage Zit Rawk Angst" gig
are sel lo release a 7" record at
checkered carpet and dull, am
has been relocated (see below).
the end of the month with the
bient lighting struck me as be
and a benefit to raise funds for
help of local Nefer Records.
ing cozy this month, but both the
a technical college on the Lytton
who are financing the project.
Gaze/Blaise Pascal/Jessamine
Reserve that was to take place
Gob are also sel to hit the road
performance February  11 and
on the Saturday following the
the Petrolia/Marvin Gardens
"lug bust" had to be cancelled.
Less than a month before
February 18 shows were both
Watch this space for further info
their scheduled European lour.
great in a lo-fi. loungey kind of
next month....
Strain have lost another mem
way. Gaze played their dreamy
As  for the show  itself,
ber (milarist Greg was replaced
lo-fi wash of drifting soft vocals
Trufflehunt (with cub's drum
lasl month by BNU's Jinx, and
and idiosyncratic rhythms well.
mer Lisa on guitar and drums)
a lew weeks ago drummer Len
Blaise Pascal were particularly
were a little too jangly for my
mysteriously vanished: Len was
good, texturing a technically
taste, but it was  neat when
eventually Hacked down at a
complex wash of guitar all over
Denise did her acoustic number
Hare Krishna temple, with no
the sleeping indie rockers in at
with a Fisher Price xylophone.
immediate plans lo return to the
tendance. Jessamine disap
Sparkmarker. however, were
band. Strain are currently audi
pointed me. although for Heel
fully up to par. nothing short of
tioning a new drummer as Ihe
ing moments theirs was sonic-
amazing - although the lack of
band jets across Ihe Atlantic
bliss   (must  have   been   the
band risers forced the majority
next month.
fuzzbox farlista). The next
Of those standing behind the
Good news - the word on the
week,   the   Anza   provided
front line audience enthusiasts
street is thai Victoria's Bum are
Petrolia with an ideal atmos
to only hear and not see the per
once again a unit, with former
phere to perform their heavily
formance. The second half of
Tankhog drummer Terry taking
slacker-styled set. Pavement/
the show was relocated, thank
the skins, and Smugglers/Ton
Sebadoh comparisons sprung
fully, to a house in Burnaby
ics member Nick taking lead
quickly to mind, especially
(you rule!), where thirty ought
guitar duties. The future of the
when Ihe singer seemed lo all
six  and  Hazel  finished  the
legendary Victoria power-pop
but mimmick Pavement crooner
evening with amazing perform
unit was thrown up in the air
Steve Malkmus' worn-down
ances - I Ia/.el's Jody said it was
when founding singer Rob and
shaggy yelps (read Crooked
the best show they had played
drummer Graham declined their
Rain, Crooked Rain), but the
in months. Denise would like to
handmales" decision to relocate
shifting tempos never broke
thank everyone who attended
in Vancouver. Check out the
stride, and Petrolia waved the
the show for doing the indie
new Bum live album and new
indie-rock flag proudly. The
community proud by being so
double split Bum/Teengcnerate
band plans to release a 7" record
understanding and cooperative
single, with both bands cover
soon, and are performing with
and for not stooping to the level
ing each other's songs. Bum
Marmalade March 16th at the
of one or two of the (ahem)
play March l) at the Pit Pub
Hungry Eye.
more aggressive members of the
Co-op radio CFRO 102.7 is
police force (A big wet kiss out
Last year's Shindig winners
holding a benefit March 4 at the
to the Team Horton member
Speedbuggy have exhausted
Commodore Ballroom. The
who. G.I. Joe-like, purposely
their recording winnings and are
fifth annual celebration of the
rammed my leg with his pedal
completing new material at Fun
music of Latin and Central
crunk and told me it was lime
Strip studios, a basement opera-
America will feature three of
to 'move along,' while 1 was
lion where Sister Lovers are
Vancouver's best Latin bands,
waiting for friends to exit the
also rumoured to be working.
Orquesta       B.C.      Salsa,
venue. Maybe next time?) Spe-
Piramide and Songo Son. Call
Moira at 684-8494 for more information.
Vancouver's 4th Annual
Music West Conference is calling for volunteers. Volunteers
are need in a variety of areas
related to the music industry,
including technical services,
production assistants, hospitality, administration, media relations, on-site crew, transportation and registration. For more
information, contact Jolene at
For up to date underground
musical happenings, call the
Vancouver punk line: 684-
Hackers   can   e-m
"Vancouver Special
It's always a pleasure to get a
tape from someone I have actually voted for in the past. The
candidate in this case is none
other than Wretched Ethyl.
aka. Charmian Bullan, a mayoral hopeful for the City of Vancouver in 1993. Charmian's enterprising band, which has a
quarterly newsletter, a T-shirt
line, and an e-mail address for
correspondence (and did I mention Ethyl-Net?), have added a
guitarist since the release of
their CD Ethyl Through the Window. I don't know if he's got
anything to do with it, but this
band keeps getting better with
each new release, as the music
on their latest attests. Their
sound is heavy, yet nimble; sardonic, yet serious; crunchy, yet
smooth. It won't stick to the roof
of your mouth, either. For Ethyl-
Net, point your* Web Browser to
finity/ethyl.we_hp.html. Their
infinity@wimsey.com, and for
regular horse-and-carriage mail.
they're at P.O. Box 3507. Vancouver, BC V6B 3Y4.
The three songs I've got by
the Insipids. recorded live in a
boozecan, definitely show this
new outfit to be a 'fun' band.
Kicking off with a fuzzed-up
surf instrumental, the stage is set
for lurid scenes of punk insanity. I wanna check them out live
after hearing this tape, so I think
it's safe to say the three songs
the Insipids fire at you like rock
'n' roll rocket launchers are totally effective in their promotional objective. The Insipids
are here to kick some ass and,
hey, watch out, it could be yours
if you don't devote yourself entirely to their* raging, drunken
I'm not entirely sure if this
tape's been already been covered elsewhere in this esteemed
rag, but I think that Giblet's 12-
song cassette 1st Dibs deserves
at least another mention. This
one kinda reminds me of an
Epitaph recording, but without
the cloying singalong choruses
you might expect from, say, the
"O" band, or their labelmates.
These fellows from Victoria
definitely show their chops on
this one; I might even go so far
as to say it's the kind of hardcore
old King Crimson fans might
get into, if there are any left
Giblet can be reached at 2347
Belmont Ave.. Victoria, BC,
V8R 4A2.
Speaking of prog-punk hybrids, Trapazoid are a new local quartet with a decent self-
titled six song cassette. The
"prog" label applies mainly because the last track, "Blindfold",
reaches for that hallowed ten-
minute mark. The sweet
melodicism on "Garden of
Eden" is only frosting for the
bitter (but rich) cake of cochlea-
scrapers such as "Rockslut".
Vocalist Jay is the real chameleon here, bending and stretching her pipes to such an extent
that I wouldn't be surprised if
she appears in photographs with
herself now and then. No address, but I think they live in
East Van somewhere.
I found a soft spot in my car-
Harry S. Mudaliar, who may
or may not be calling his band
Magic Balloon. 'The three-song
James Bowers production kicks
off with the Richard O'Brien-
ish "Dr. Weird", which is ostensibly intended as a kind of
Hallowe'en carol but could easily provide the opening act for
a Rocky Horror party any time
of year. However, it's the other
two, "Message to Receiver" and
"Mrs. Brown/Butterfly", that
really intrigued me. The cocktail of Bonzo Dog Band, Ween.
The Beatles, Wonderstuff, and
10CC (or, more accurately.
Godley & Creme) served up by
Mr. Mudaliar is thick and sweet.
but leaves you with a lightheaded feeling. Now someone
give me a fucking aspirin...
(Write 'im: 2436 W. 15th Ave..
Vancouver, BCV6K2Z2).
Finally, I'd like to generate
some hoopla about a couple locals who take a hard-line D.I.Y.
approach to their craft.
Chumpy Bolero, with his Head
Trophies project, is committed
ety. "Inspired by the intellectual
terrorism of 'the imposed order
of the prison cell, the psychiatric hospital, and the battlefield'". Head Trophies Never
Sleep is a collage of what
sounds like radio and TV noise,
appliances, and steel mill-esque
electronics. You can try and
reach HeadTrophies, but they'll
"just stare back at you". Using
more standard instruments, but
sounding not much more conventional, is Zio, headed by ex-
Crawl and Trust Us drummer
Tod Dorozio. This material
stems from a side-project of
Prof. Zio, who has a wonderfully eccentric tape in the stores
called Hang Life Mask. \ Inlike
Prof. Zio, Zio involves other
musicians, most notably a violin player. If you're a fan of
Faust and Henry Cow (and, hey,
who isn't?) then this pastiche of vocal acrobatics, Kafka-esqi
lyrics, clever found-percussi*
rhythms, and fucked-up gui
should tickle your
c for the
Anyway, gotta run: I hear
they're gonna plant the stiff in
SKVu/rs R&fimi
The Mysterons
Velvet Walls (cs)
The carnival-like atmosphere of
Velvet Walls is wonderful and
spirited, and the dirty rotten organ boogie pumps and shouts
on "Stingray" and "Inferno"
keep me back-stepping and
snapping my fingers. A fine release, featuring 22 carefree
farfista bliss. Fun. (#200-1220
Cardero St.. Vancouver, BC.
Submission Hold
The Buzz of a Buzzless Sanation
Intelligent, sociopolitically
aware punk. Formerly Insult to
Injury. Submission Hold delve
into more obscure territory than
on their first cassette, combin-
pop-tart innocence to raging
scream (Naked Aggression). 1
enjoy "Kids" and "Generated
Generation"; "Masters of War"
steps towards (dare I say?) a
metal tip. "Mai Tete" is hopeful in its serenity. A 12-song
DIY giant. (P.O. Box 21533. rock number; "Freightrain"
1850 Commercial Drive. Van- rumbles and bounces along. I
couvei*BC.V5N4A0) like Seamen (sorry - couldn't
resist). (3319 Shelbourne Street,
Sugarcandy Mountain Victoria BC, V8P 5H2)
Sugarcandy Mountain (cs)
Featuring at least one member AU AGSS SHOWSt
of Montreal's Les Minstrels
(who   now   call   Vancouver Friday, February 24:
home), this two song demo has Sparkmarker. Mystery Machine,
an airy 60s Beatles feel to it. Gob, Seamen, dbs * McRackins al
"Hands in the Dark" is techni- the Langley Civic Centre (doors at
cally cautious and melodic. 6pm).
while "Mouth Full of Love" is Friday February 24: AIDS benefit
well connected and artistically featuring DDT and gnosis al die
blended. Reminds me of New New York Theatre.
Zealand's Chills. Excellent cafe Saturday February 25: Pluto,
pop. (2131  Southside Drive, Gob, Cinnamon  & Queazy at
Vancouver BC, V5P 4S5) Crosstown Traffic.
Saturday March 4: Kon Jensen
The McRackins Memorial: Sparkmarker,
What Came First/ (cd) Facepuller, Dog Eat Dogma. Aging
The McRackins hatch 15 adept Youth Gang
hers on this driving power-pr
and a nimble number about ps;
chopaths: "willy killigan/i don
know/if he gets out on parole
"Bittergreen" (a Gordo
Lightfoot cover) and "The La
Liquor Face (cd)
'Ihe first Bad Robots release, a
heavy hitting, quick and snappy
power punk offering. "Bullet" is
an uplifting and well crafted
e Now York
irday March 11:
Wednesday March   15
w York Theatre
yAprill: SNFU
fOmmODORC INewlUlWre!
^fci To""e "■ —ZLvT*,^,,^   I   <» 3 9     C...m,.l       -.      V, „ c „ u v c r
N      STORES      NOW Who are you and what do you
24/SWF/NS/indoorsy/good at
parallel parking. Oh yeah. I also
write songs.
Describe your sound in 25
words or less.
Alternative adult contemporary.
A pansy among riot girls. First
album. Slumming, is half acoustic waltzes and half electric-
grinds. Big on theme of accountability.
Who is Kim Kinikin and what
is the difference between Kim
Linekin and Kim Kinikin?
A consonant and a vowel. Other
than that, I'm not sure since I've
t nil
. I  he;
Sparkmarker. I thought we might
be cosmically fated to be together, then I found out he's
shorter than me.
Have you had trouble getting
It's been no trouble getting gigs
at midnight on a Monday where
you make about $20. I don't
seem lo lit the hard-core clubs or
the coffeehouse scene, so I
mostly play at the Railway Club
(upcoming shows sometime between April f--Xlh and one on
April 24Hi). Someday I'd like to
play before my,.;heft-time. In a
smokeleskiuonfl Will a Sound ,
system UiaJ...wo#t rip yoi$ cay***
off. 1 want a "lot "of things.
Has anyone ever been rude to
I played an outdoor gig with my
old band Silent Party in Victoria.
and some punker from another
band was dared (and paid) to run
across the stage with his pants
down and try to yank my skirt up.
He wasn't laughing when the
police charged him with sexual
assault afterwards. I don't know
if I'd consider him rude or merely
stupid. I only got upset when his
groupies called me a "c**t" loi
getting him in trouble - women's
liberation indeed. Otherwise I sat
back and read with amusement
the huge debate it sparked. People wrote letters to the (TUV
newspaper arguing that I'd
"asked for it" because our band
covered a Ouns V Roses song
(remember their Appetite album
artwork?), or else I was made into
asshole upstage you. Simple. Of
course, all they made him do was
he suffered much. However, no
one from that crowd ever messed
Why are some people repulsed
by acoustic guitar stuff?
If this question is a nol-so-subtlc
swipe al the fact that I've wrilt<$i
.. ^w\io^sli^>un!%lllt4')i|i
can shove your Les Paul up your
snotty little alternative bum.
Some people are repulsed by sex
Who should be featured in DU-
You mean besides me and all the
bands I like.' As long as you
never put Tom Cruise or Demi
Moore on the cover. I'll lie happy.
Without naming names, give a
description of a band that you
hate and why you hate them.
If you can't name names, why
bother. I hate Celine Dion because she makes Canadians look
vapid and vanilla. But she's an
easy target. Let me stick my neck
oul a bit. I don't understand the
popularity of, say, Rymes with
Orange. Door hinge, ok guys'
Say it real fast. 'Their songs sound
like Mexican jumping beans to
me. I think the Hip are over-rated.
'They haven't put out an album
of good songs since Up to Here,
and it's my guess lhal people like
Ihe idea of them more than they
actually like their music. I'm
chee/.ed off at R.H.M. because
Love. I think she's a better widow
than Jacquie Kennedy ever was
I love Crash Vegas. Sam Phillips
and the Posies. I love my friend
Michele's band. Taste of Joy, because I know who the songs are
aboul and because they're awesome songs. 'That's enough for
Explain the song, "Tired of
Being a Man."
It's aboul how in the I980's there
was a big push to get girls interested in sports and science and
all things 'masculine.' We were
taught to be strong and smart and
independent - to a fault. I think. I
was a physics geek in high
school, mostly because it got me
instant respect (and no dates, but
that's another song). I took the
'big girls don't cry' attitude into
relationships and career aspira-
and o
rshed o
t. In
Do vou have anv good train stories?
Last fall I went to Europe for a
couple weeks and took a night
train from Paris to Amsterdam.
Got woken up every half hour by
police to show my passport. Witnessed one poor black guy get
tossed off the train for not having the right papers - or was it
not the right colour skin. After I
finished university I took Amtrak
around the States (this was before they started derailing, thank
God). I went from Seattle-Chicago-New Orleans-Houston-
L.A.-Seattle. Everything but
Texas was fabulous. I couldn't
find one public washroom in all
of downtown Houston. I got off
the train in New Orleans and
walked through the heavy warm
mist thinking it was train exhaust
tram travel, it's a lot of fun if
you're careful. Women might
consider wearing a wedding ring.
I got hit on by a lot of male riders and none of them looked like
Anything e
nteresting t
Yes, I hope so, but I have to finish writing three new songs in the
two week's for the Rocktoria CD
(due out in May), so I'd better get
lo work. Thanks for the airplay'
Kim Linekin. Slumming. 1994 -
i the
lyrics whiny. I hat
e thinks Liz Phair i
cheap thnll Sting %,^u.'it>;;l'i!l\
:;;^.iiiplt%.UacciO:- whal!id|
appointment. I love Courtney
So what if I havePMS and! ge
googly-eyed over babies and
think free love is a crock of s**'
and I like having shaved armpit:
and a clean house and I'd rather
spare someone's feelings than
tell them ihe whole truth when
come lo believe that womanly
traits are a  STRENGTH,  not
something to be ashamed of.
MejSdesei ve the same respCctJ'or *w
not be a startling revelation to
ized all of New Orleans wa
that. Bul they sure know h
put on a good lightning s
My favorite night \
old  i
house, sipping a chocolate
milkshake and reading Cosmo
while watching the moon get
blasted out of the sky. We have
such wimpy weather in comparison. My besl day was Disnes
land. I sat behind Robin Wi.Uiam^"
on the Small World After All ridl|
ji*4 gr.l .s%*i%aJgic in tljc Stq,?
Wins exhibit I neai ly cried. As for
,rd Man. HMV. Zulu
Kim Linekin.  sell-titled, 1993 -
5 song demo
Silent Party, Wake,  1990 - 5
songs, posthumously released
Silent Party, Ihe Loud Empty Air.
Sarah McLachlan Solace Live
Fete McCormack Breathe CD
Danielle French cassette
Upcoming releases by She Stole
My Beer, Richard Thomas and
Balloon (U.K.)
Kim Linekin <
l-Jh mamlcrliors[f\   ... •■-•*,
t 8 Piedmont D§\<>
c mini: mirthm: mindlink.bc.cn
Describe your sound in 25
words or lr»-s.
Straight.l;ri|hijth|fbalIs. piss on j
yourhcsd/$ni-fflKc, no bullshit,,■■*
fuck it all. against the grain,
burger ami fries, Americanadian
punk metal chaos.
Who are you and what do you
do in your band?
Kid Cosmic: I rant and rave and
burn for the backlash, try and
and wait for it all to come to me
Apocalypse: I deal wilh the dual
rectum, fire pounding, UFO
monster rig sound while romancing the senonlas and de-
Threc: 1 shout at the devil and
we talk beats and bass while he
iries to peer through my S-boy
facade of glasses and head-
Masterbeater: I blunt, drink, and
dreams about the right tight bass
Armageddon: I listen to Warner
Hodges and Bob Dylan speak
to me m tongues as I dream
aboul the ultimate kill 'em all
guitar onslaught.
8    March 1995
Is there anyone else playing;
such bttft kicking Bnniaby>
«%, oi, '11 sty-k-d beer gut
rock ih Vancouver?
WetlT'wben we're in thai gear
we do it better than anyone else.
We all went lo Burnaby North
Secondary School and are from
the same suburb, but the com-
. The
I who
sgiind ,o*mJ w'e'Sth.ink' ,th%u for
i^thrig/'Nowl know hof
Wec/.er fell sound-checking
with Bon Jovi. May they all perish in names.
Recite a line from the song
that changed your life.
Kid Cosmic: ""Breaker One-
Nine this here's the Rubber
Duck, you got a copy on me Fig
:\W. McCall.
How many times did you plai
the Lunatic Fringe? Are yoi
.0 play the Fringe and played a
least forty times in the space o
2 1/2 years. We are sorry it's
iry because it was the
t we had to play aftei
ined reasons. We got ban
from 86th Street. 'Ihe Big F
The Town Pump, The Cruel
ephant. The Hungry Lye.
Rock Cellar, and even '
Fringe  a coupla limes, i
Masterbealer: "Sunshine bores
tlie daylights outta me." - from
"Rocks Off by 'The Rolling
'Three: "More beer, more beer."
■ from -More Beer" by Fear
(Lee Ving kicks ass!!!).
Apocalypse: "Shot through the
heart and who's to blame!" -
from "You Give Love A Bad
Name" by Bon Jovi.
Armageddon: "Hey Ho, let's
go!" - from "Blitzkrieg Bop" by
the Ramones.
Do you like Flash Bastard?
If you mean the rhythm guitar
player from Zodiac Mindwarp
and the Love Reaction circa
iKjK'al^iiYv".*       ., •"]?      -",;
What are the'differences between Canadian and American beer?
Canadian beer is full-bodied,
great-tasting shit (even the Great
White versions of American
beers i.e. Miller Genuine Draft)
with the alcohol content listed
on the cans (real punks only
drink sixes) while American
beer is sweet tasting, watered
down piss water with the content of alcohol unmentioned the
best American beers all
I the d
graphic   (
known   as   Afro-An	
Frank Booth (from Blue Velvet)
has his psychotic amyl-nitrate
huffing credibility ruined by
drinking Pabsl Blue Ribbon
(fuck dat shit!).
What's a good question to ask
The Starbovs?
Q: Should the music industry
suit and tie A&R assholes and
their high-falutin' lawyers be
subjected to a Slalm/Idi Amin
like purge?
A: Yes,
How m.-iiiv times have vou
played the Old American*?
Ariijj? interesting stories?
We-played at least three or four
times. The best time was a Friday night when at least four
fights spontaneously erupted
during "Desolation Overdrive."
Two girls fell fighting onto the
stage and three guys were trying to pull them apart, but. as
per our agreement wilh Satan.
the train kept a-rollin' at a hundred miles an hour until we got
Which Thin Lizzy song has
the coolest guitar sound?
"Little Darling" off Whiskey in
the Jar ', cause it has the same
revolutionary guitar sound that
"Go All the Way" by The Raspberries, "Mississippi Queen" by
Mountain and "All Right Now"
by Free have
What's the song "China"
It's about the character called
Molly Million/Sally Shears
from the William Gibson books
is the physical augmentation of
■•thc:''\vo'i!id ,ii.hl NUHTy"-has' zciss
icon eygs. iiizor|pig«r*-^s, and
is the Queeffeuf lie Feiu-rfois.
What's the most important
thing we should know about
your band?
'That we rock so fucking hard
that we're out of phase and this
town is totally alien turf to us.
You should also know that our
band name is not an ego trip, but
is derived from The Lost Boys.
r War.
Reich and Rule: Greatest Has
89-91 (1991)
Rhythm Satanic (1993)
This Back Never Breaks (to be
The Starboy
I Ver
the short story "Johnny Mnt
monic." In the book. Chiba (al
Sub-Velocity Rekords
6268 East Broadway
Burnaby, BC
phone/fax: (604) 291-6597
WILL COME TRUE. pi-KM-pe* \W*W Heii_,.>HAm,flAn&u,rA„iirlis,^,PW5
J^L^JULY  1TH TOILET     r^^JT: pMvs 6u.r/)W siN€,s.,eM:r<*rs6u?rAe
<r / 3/^NPy: pt A y$ G. u i MR. ^ 5"; m 6 s, MAX.' PlA y^: <*fci" f>41
  r<5Cotl.' PMyS6uir^R.-^si**0G5,TEp:PMYS fcuiT^R&SlMfoS,   ^ 5'^6s
KN\TtTngnEEPLE.' ft-At fcu«TA^^5IM6,LEi*' PMtJ G^-T^RA SINGS, CliK^.'PMY5 G^iT^p^ 5IN6S, JMbL^uL, P^y^6(/tr/iR
"^gtSTFiAV^Uir^p^J/Mt-i .JMli^' PMy$ 6Uir/>g<S5lN6?/Al-E?OS:p(>*lyS6uiTAg^>/M6$/ f?QB! PIAJS6VITAK* */"6S,
aoLZM'PMY^GuiTAR«e.S>M65.My* plAY* 6«/«TARR MN65,A_NDRE .' P<-Ay5 feuiTAR,<g jiNfeS, M4RC ' PC/*Y£ 6u»Mg<&5m6S tf^ij
f^4£^ '. FL/*y GUITAR^M^, PAUL'. PUVS6'-'iL/Ut.<S$lNt.'>/ M-4RE-..'PMyS fc^'ME^ frNe^; NA^A'PC-m 6t--r,Ae.g S/M6S,^IM'j^^
do voo ptAy in yoOR &AHt>?<^s^^l^:
eon    ttct^CeTtttN/^t-ToTiJioyE.^
■aorFbuiniKERED  rHEM PReTToOJ*-/
CovERl PAO<~ yiEH/»yAs oB
E$LEV  WlL<-\5  _
^z\rs  woooies < Potted U
irw^ poBERry.
V\\PPER in6P-eas.e ,
'bubbl£'\h^ Hippest^
bubble. t>ou.      ^^"
wTwEPE HVrLE ~~~
'PER.5TRo*1^A--vO^  ,   ,
,jwj?wa@*sh^^        ^J Pl^^Xli MSef^TER-5
^JrTv^EPE. B^V PoiMb A F000)^! field APE rHE tdE-^T STYX ,
BAr\\C PEM^F <T THAT CiTR    Jerdl __ 	
NE6lECTEt>To   P^MoTE.     ./"^I aTHovO   fA ANy ZINE$«e COM I X
WHAT'S So FOK ABOUT t>\t,b^(=h **J HZ  ——'-	
SB IT Tj\\) poyou y-AVE^MogE
THEAtVZ.&? y-JHo   t*S"PoycE
^tt^^a^asTtHo^AN P5 ! Mor£
-t-MA-M */o-J cooLD coutoT. S-trt>
*, CAiH,^-1 Send ypo sofiefh.y
_   , 2. $r-*V©1C.& TyloSE -jr-JPID Clovfc
IizTpJp Hog "our VAlElRD '
J2 *5. J. ?OSSER DAtUy.'T «S?AC-
CJOE^tiom, He-*-^e»> fc»*~ Long purple hair. Slit dress. Red feather boa Lit
for them. A lot of the poems are definitely ironic
tle high heeled boots. When Lynn Crosbie takes
and serious at the same time. It is subversive, of
the podium at the Grunt (iallery, she is Funk Rock
course, to have Betty and Veronica of the Archie
Barbie, as much a distortion of pop culture as her
Comics enact a love affair. But also it is meant to
writings. You imagine Lynn is tough: she would
be playful, as is the poem about F.Ike Sommer
beat up Malibu Barbie and make her cry.
and Xaviera Hollander and so oil. There is a lot of
Lynn is not, however, a rocker. She is a kind o\
serious intention in this book, but there is also a
literary Jane-of-all-trades: poel. journalist, an
lot of play with the kind of pop tropes that 1 grew
thologist, and thesis-writing Ph.d. student. She has
up with."
a regular column called PopTart m the Toronto-
I tell her that I grew up with Nancy Drew. too.
based political monthly. 77m Magazine, and last
and we agree that Nancy's friend George was a
year she put together the girl wants lo. an anthol
dyke   "1 wrote that [-Nancy Drew's Theatre of
ogy of -women's writings on representations of sex
Blood"] because I was thinking of auto-erotic
and the body
hanging and I'd nevei beard of a woman doing
When Lynn speaks, her voice seems to betray
that That was the germ of the idea for the poem
a certain jaded quality    a bored, I've seen-it-all-
wondering if women ever died during auto-erotic
so-don't-lhink-you-can-impress-me attitude   As
hanging, and then making that the great mystery
does the subject matter of her writings; after all.
that Nancy 1 >rew uncovers m the poem."
this woman lucks Jesus in her poems  Bul Lynn
discourages the reader from trying to access her
...I select emotion-
psyche through her writings. "It [her work] lends
lotion and find it spreads like
itself to certain mylhologi/ing about a persona thai
ice. and then burns - like reverent
people assume I'm trying to create aboul myself
fury - under my tongue
the person, which I find disquieting. This book
my father leaves out details o!
was reviewed in Publisher's Weekly, and they wen!
her death, a crossword i ipher she
on a big thing aboul me being a Ramhoesque
leather, garter, and chain wearing she monslei
hours in the afternoon  the rope.
wilh the very serious work I'm living to do  And
I'm usually wearing very unattractive outfits w hen
For the most part, what we think of Lynn re
ally doesn't interest her. unless it becomes;, cata
lyst for abrasive confrontations between her and
her readers -Usually when people see me they
relax because I'm nothing like a persona they
imagined Fin a very low key reader,
definitely not a performance poet I read in Detroit last year and later my friend who had asked
me to read said thai all Ihe people there were contuse they'd expected a "big rock bitch"
>f Ihe leviews at the back of my book
They had found me quite diffident and were re
lieved - but my friend told them I am a rock bitch."
Lynn's most recent publication is her second
book of poems. VillainElle. Like her first book of
poems. Miss Pamelas Mercy, the poems in
VillainElle start with familiar images of pop culture - Jack the Ripper, Betty and Veronica. Nancy
Drew - and build erotic stories out ol what would
the chandelier, her footprints a
fresco on the papered walls  the shal
|ai on the parquet floor, laudanum.
'Nancy Drew's Theatre of Blood' >
I   the
ie epigraph and the topic
.hi quietly uiiagi
riding we had the creative
ludacily to challenge the
uder of things), but'about
vhieh we would never dare
o speak.  VillainElle is an
ippropriale title for this col-
n: Ihe title poem  is
Ailene Wuornos. the
And while this is the oi
poem ofthe bunch that tt
breaker, there is a sense
len from the perspective
.yiin explains. "It's
Iso a pla
the j
.rin, the v
ses lots ol
aled w
ecause il
e hi
ik al
and v
nd image
s thi
-as a dep
e Iroi
rst book.
h had
together and every thing was
beautiful and fabulous and [they| escaped. I was
letting women be a little bit more in this book - if
they were villains, so be it - without having the
urge as an author to create a conversion narrative
links, as with the poem dedicated to Xaviera Hollander, the Happy Hooker, which begins with a
quotation by William Wordsworth "They're all
related in my mind. bul. yeah, you're right Hies
might be more obscure lor someone else. Bul'i
love that Wordsworth poem, and I love the notion
known reason. I've never really thought about the
epigraphs Fart of lhat is m honour of ihe work
that informs my writings: part of it is jusl an entree
into the work as well "
Lynn describes her poetry as her freest form
of writing these days, much more so than tier journalistic exploits -niel'opl'arlcolumnismylirsi
real loiay into journalism, which is a radically
different form of writing Ihe language has lo be
so much more simple and accessible. I found these
constrictions frustrating at Inst: I found I had to
explain loo much lhat irritated me Instead ol
saying 'Natural Horn Killers- I had to say. *the
movie. Natural Bom Killers '. which reminds me
make any assumptions, everything has to be
pioven and explained. There is jusl such enormous
liberty in wilting poetry that lo be always constricted in those other forms can be oppressive."
I figure lhat Lynn is making artistic sacrifices
to support herself as a writer, that journalism
somehow funds her poetry. I'm wrong. While
Lynn admits lhal il is impossible to make a living
as a poet, she denies thai journalism supports her
either. "I believed in Ihe project" she says.
"PopTart doesn't pay a lot of money, but they've
got a great stall [al This Magazine] and I have a
lot of freedom lo talk about what I want lo talk
about. I'm the kind of person who just sits around
thinking all Ihe tune and getting either fascinated
But 1 would'never take on a journalism assignment just for money because nothing interests me
thai much."
So as an anthologist, a poet, and a journalist,
is there something that supports her in that little
fO   March 1995 "Besides the phone sex 7"
today was a day like any other,
I stayed in my room and burned inct
love me fairy cones - and dreamed
about Veronica. I saw her black hair,
its streaks - lapis lazuli - in the
crown of ash. I thought jealously
of her small hands in his, of the
squash-coloured stains at the nape
of her neck, where his cold lips emb
er beat
I ask Lynn about the first poem that she ever wrote. "That I ever
wrote? I think it was when I was 13. It was something about being
lonely. And it probably had happy faces over the i's. 'Ihe first poem
that I wrote that lead me to where I am now was this long poem
called "Ann Romanologue" about the character on One Day at a
Time. It was about her having sexual fantasies about Schneider.
That would have been when I was 19 or 20."
"Ann Romanologue" would have fit easily into Lynn's anthology, the girl wants to. A crafty collection of comics, poems, short
stories, photographs and song lyrics by cool American and Canadian women such as Kathy Acker. Fifth Column. Julie Doucet,
Evelyn Lau and Lydia Lunch, the girl wants to is. like VillainElle. a
collection of writings by women who break the rules. And. to my
knowledge, it is the first attempt to gather up such a diversity of
underground feminist writings in a book which has enough mainstream appeal to attract a yuppie browsing at her local feminist
bookstore, but which doesn't sacrifice the integrity of the fringe
The women in the girl wauls to sell sex, fuck women, and play with
electrical appliances. Inspired by Lynn's desire to honour women
whom she admires and who inform her own work, the book is dedicated "to all the girls I've loved before".
When Lynn joined the editorial board of Coach House Press,
publishers of the girl wants to. the board asked her what she wanted
to do. "The publisher said. 'Do you have something in mind'.'' and
I had this chaotic idea about all this stuff I was mad aboul at the
time - underground comics, lots of foxcore. really hot sex writing.
itmg. .
•cing e
and showed i
rally nothing. I applied
ible. Coach House at th
uely a profit press now.
ley in June,
rt to finish hi
where I looked. I grab
to her and she told ir
"All the women
Explorations Grant I*
was a non-profit pre:
were so many contributors and we were ol lei ing
of money. The royalties from the book were t
Rape Crisis Centre. They'll be getting that mo
"For me it was just a great feeling from sti
these women contributed - many of whom can
they were paid for that book - and that they di
feminist collective."
the girl warn to brings the underground into the foreground, bul
does so without acquiescing to traditional, commercial forms. According to Lynn. "Some people were disquieted by that. A lot of
people want to pick up a book, start at the beginning, and read it all
the way through, but it has more of a collage t
think the thing that I like the most about the book is that a lol <
writers that are in it, when their* work has come into Ontario.
been seized by Customs. I got to send it out of Ontario, so
was no censorship. It's even in the public library system.
For Lynn, anthology production meant insight into the pri
tion side of things. "A lot of the work was a lot of wrai
people's presses for permission. But some of the young, local
ers I would work quite closely with, edit their work, ask them I
through revisions, and so on." The technical side did not scan
away from publishing, and she is presently working on an an
ogy of feminist conversion narratives - a collection of momen
radicalization - with a different press. Lynn admits that the
conversion is typically used to denote religious epiphanies, hi
blasphemous nature of the project does not scare her toward
ventionality. This really shouldn't be surprising, though. Jesu
low rider has visited her and she witnessed the final crash, the
that killed him.
I see myself
have the gospel
ich I like. I
ng with
-.old a
I have learned to live wilh si
and I am a believer. Jesus ki
me, hard on the cheek, befo
turns, and rides away.
(from "Jesus the Ijtwruh
When I was young, my parents who have female singers..." -
used to read me  Paddington whether those comparisons arc
Bear stories at bedtime. Pad- fair or not.
dington loves marmalade and I Simon points out thai their
couldn't get over the fact that I sound is. "What we ended up
didn't. The preserve, however, with because everyone has such
has grown on me and so have a different background . . . we
Vancouver's don't consciously try to sound
Hurythmics and Blondie. Stefan
competition, but not to compete.
likes The Velvet Underground
As Trudi explains, "It was ex
and surf-guitar groups like 'Flic
cellent because wc weren't wor
Ventures. The whole band can
ried about the competition and
agree on Pink Floyd, Jov Divi
we were relaxed because it was
sion.  The   Sugarcubes  and
so last minute."
Aretha Franklin. A diverse mix
That seems to be the way Mar-
makes for an interesting sound.
malade goes about getting
Marmalade was one of the
shows. "We're pretty lucky."
stars of the  semi-finals  of
says Simon, "because we know
Shindig, so
lots of other people who play
own moody pop-rockers. Marmalade. One ofthe line
comes out. It
participants   in   this   year's
Shindig, CiTR's annual battle of
| the songs|. Most
ame up with
.fTrudi'sare     I asked th
m about their ex
the bands competition, they recently invited me over to their
practice space for a tea party
where we ate crumpets (with
What are their
c are| harder      penence
it Ihe infamous com-
Ama/.ingly enough,
reveals that. "Those
verc only our third
we've been able
to get shows based on who we
The band finds the local mu
marmalade, of course!) and had
a chance to chat.
Marmalade consists of Trudi
J a m e s          jg8
and fourth shows.
so   considering
that,    lit    went
sic scene really good, but doesn't
think that most of the cool stuff
gels the attention lhat it de
Egerton Ball (guitar and vocals). Simon Woodcock (guitar). Stefen Udell (bass and vo
well|. It depends
on the judges
and     what
serves. Trudi takes Moist as an
example   "Sure they're all musicians, bul they're marketed
cals) and James Adams (drums).
clam             111
k                 they like.
well . . . they get exposure and
James and Simon played to
%,                   We
gel lo go places because the)
gether in a band called   Ihe
Rodchester   Kings,  which
have lots ol cash behind them
while the bands who are really
broke up in September of
1993. Trudi joined
the two of them                 ,-*'
**> SpB^»•"
good just don'l get recognition."
Specifically which local
bands  are  they   fans  of?
soon   after   the
Pipedream. Squelch. Kid
break up. Stefan
came next, but
left the band for
band   and.
according to
Simon, a fitting one for thcin.
"We have kind of a sweet side
to us. like the pretty jangly
poppy songs, and we also have
a bitter side, sort of darker."
When I asked the band members if they had a concept, a
goal, for what they wanted to
sound like when they gol together, they seemed stumped.
They've been compared to Madder Rose. Bettie Serveert. and
the (lowboy Junkies, so I asked
them how they feel about that.
Says James. "I guess when you
have a female singer, you gel
compared to all the other bands
Best  j
fer —J.
ond step." adds James, "and the
first step is just playing around
and | getting a network] of pen
pie who you know."
Not a had altitude for a band
lhal only gol then* final line-up
They s
: pn\
always liked British music
Smiths. Johnny Marr proj
Billy Bragg - hi
Adds Trudi, "I was actually
eady lo vomit . . . people were
malade's first show was al
famous Big Bam Boo on
Iway. They got asked last
e to play the Music Quest
though, they seem happy ji
have shows lo play,
the Hungry Lye with friends
Speeedbuggy and Squelch.
// s^&umz Ridr
by samanth
The name Kicking Giant conjures up images of a pretty
damn intimidating nature; just
think of it - a hulking beast
tearing through the gentle,
rolling landscapes, bent on destruction. For Tae Won Yu
(guitar) and Rachel Cams
(drums), the duo that is Kicking Giant, their 'landscape'
was the stiff, cynical New
York art world of the iate
eighties. And the "destruction':  the band's
successful splitting
apart of preconceived
notions of what music
should be by offering
its version of what mu-
ic can be.
Discorder recently
had the opportunity to
speak with Tae Won Yu,
who is exactly half of Kicking Giant. Elaborating on
his experiences in Cooper
Won (art school) in New
York, we discover how
fate delivered Kicking
Giant into the warm,
welcoming hands of
the enterprising folks
at K records in Olympia. Washington.
Discorder: Where
did the Kicking Giant name
Tae Won Yu: It sort of came
about a period long before
we really started writing
songs, at a level where people sit around and think
about bands, so I bad a
whole mess of names. I just
liked the way it sounded and
knew it probably wouldn't
be repeated. I was working
in theatre at the time and
was really influenced by
how words sounded and titles and I thought Kicking
Giant would be a good title
for a play.
You met Rachel, your music partner (stand-up
drums), when you were
both going to art college
back in the late eighties.
When your first cassette
January was released,
what kind of reception did
it meet with?
Well, among friends, quite
positive. At that stage it was
all about experimenting,
and to make the point that
you can do things yourself
rather than wait for opportunities to come your way.
At that point I didn't play
shows. I was comfortable
nih *
ting -
making things myself. It
wasn't really a traditional
The original Babe was a neutered blue bull (always referred
to as "she"), the gargantuan
companion and faithful sidekick of Paul Bunyan. Rumour
has it that she created the Grand
Canyon and the Great Lakes.
These days, Babe has stepped
out of the pages of American
folk legend to tour as a band
from Brooklyn. She's their
mascot; she's their alter-ego:
three CDs and many gigs later,
Babe's a joke that none of them
are sick of. Behind paper
mache blue ox masks and blue
body paint lurk Hanna Fox.
Rose Thomson and Tim
Thomas. This trio is tight, loud,
powerful, fast when they want
to be, and (dare I say it) quirky.
Not your run-of-the-mill cut of
alternative rock rump roast, this
is the whole ox. Describing
their sound is tricky: imagine
Captain Beefheart meets
NoMeansNo meets
Mudwimmin meets Charles
Mingus. Hanna steers (no pun
intended) the whole unpredictable sound from her sparkle-
painted drum kit, Rose plays
the bass as though it were an
unruly lover, and Tim plays
guitar and fills the rest of the
stage with his "big hairy 200
pound" self. They all take turns
singing and shouting.
f2   March 1995
Babe the blue OX is not
your typical alternative band.
For starters. Rose, Hannah and
Tim are years away from nineteen. They belong in a category
of college graduates now work
ing as artists and performers.
part of the Great Over-Educated and Articulate, Unwashed
Masses. When I asked what
they were each currently read
ing, Tim mumbled something
about a book on the effects of
cat food on cat's breath, while
Hanna replied "a little ditty
called War and Peace" But
they are certainly not in the
camp of cynics dubbed (and
written off as) Generation X.
This is evident from the titles
of their songs, such as "Ole'
Foggy Bottom"' and "There's a
Hole in the Crotch of My,
Workpants" Their world is one
of grit, humour, and syncopa-
Despite a month of intensive touring, the three groove
together through soundcheck
before opening for © at the
Starfish Room on February 9.
Tim plays with granny-style
reading glasses. Hanna plays in
her socks. One of them sports
a sticker on their bag that says
"Loud Pushy Jew Queer".
When we sit down to talk, the
banter is thick and fast.
Babe the blue OX are often
lumped together with all-
women bands or bands headlining women. Their song "'Flowchart" is the first Hack on the A
Ear Cry compilation, a ( D featuring bands like Team Dresch.
Free Kitten. De Deo and Cod
Is My Co-Pilot. Though-'Rose
says she likes to play with or
wants to talk about his pedal
both Rose and Hanna are hot
of what they dub the ""tit f*
talk to "two members of the
band". Rose and Hanna are inevitably the two in question.
And though all three agree that
efforts to promote female per-
thing, they are wary" of
ghettoi/ing women away from
the overall stream of music cul-
All three members of the
band write songs and collaborate on the music. Hanna says
Tim writes a tot of the lyrics
i he's
like the rest of us." Tim's also
the one with the hole in the
crotch of his workpants, apparently, because now there's a little red heart patch on the crotch
Considering the variety of
bands Babe the blue OX have
been compared to (from Primus
to the Minutemen), I was curious to know what influences,
musical or otherwise, had
shaped the band's eclectic
sound. In response. Tim tells
me a story of himself as a teen
growing up in Minnesota
(home of Paul Bunyan...) and
exploring his sexuality. A male
friend from New York used to
play Michael Jackson's Thriller
while they sat together in the
dark listening and holding
hands. At the time. Tun thought
that's how all cool New Yorkers
tened t
. This
friend also got him reading the
new Yorker, alternative press.
far-out than Michael Jackson."
As far as what the band listens
to now. Rose says "anything
that'll make us cry" They all
share au interest in musicals
and music spectacle; Tim tells
me that they all met while auditioning for Cats (Rose and
Hanna fiercely deny this). I
wondered what their fantasy
"Babepalooza" would be like.
"The Minutemen, P-Funk, Sly
Stone and us" is Hanna's
lineup. Tim is more vague. "It
would be a rich variety, lots of
different people, maybe even
Iris Dement. And probably us
After the show at the Starfish Room, Babe the blue OX
were set to trundle back down
the coast to play Olympia, They
played Seattle the night before
Vancouver. Three shows and
five nights later they planned
to play in Alberquerque. Two
factors shaped this t
• for £
month, and they wanted to stick
to places warmer than New
York. So far, their best gigs
Were Alabama and the night
they played Austin. Texas.
Hanna tries to give me an idea
of what their touring habits are
like. "There was one wild night
in Dallas where we got back to
our hotel after the show and
slept. We read. And then we
slept." Rose adds. "I made valentines and talked about them
obsessively. Then we slept."
Actually, Tim, Hanna and Rose
seem like very sociable people
who stay up far to late laughing at their own jokes.
If you missed the show on
jffebruary 9th, never fear. Babe
the blue OX will return. They
plan on more smallish tours in
the spring and hopefully a
fourth album in the fall to follow up Color Me Babe. Maybe
if we"re lucky Babe will make
us a grand canyon of our very
prolific guy  He gets ideas all
the tune instead of once a year
Out to pasture hsitU
babe iUe blue ox
- by anm friz Rachel get in on
e were both pretty frustrated with the narrowness
of the altitudes at our school.
We were very creative, ob-
school. Cooper Union in
New York. It was really, you
know, a high profile, high
pressure kind of school and
everyone there was quite serious about entering the
mainstream art world. You
could see through all that
crap and it was about as pretentious as anything. I can't
think of a more pretentious
That must of been really
stifling for both of you...
Yeah, I'm surprised how
unhip people were to the
music and to doing things
yourself. Everyone was just
really dependent on galleries and tradition, which is
good but it wasn't for me.
We needed a very spontane.
ous, immediate thing that we
could be completely surprised about every day.
When you were in New
York, wkat bands did you
see and what are some of
those bands that ignited inspirations for tills innovative
music that yoa create?
. It was between the years of
1987 and 1989 and this was a
really fun time for us, we lived
in the East Village. There was
a bar called the Pyramid Club.
a drag queen bar, that had rock
and roll shows on Thursday
nights, Wednesday nights,
Tuesday too. Every week we
would go out to the bar, and
we saw Half Japanese,
Mudboney. Galaxie 500,
Pussy Galore - ail those bands
were really great during that
time. The records that were
being put out during that period were really new.
How did you get involved
with K records?
That was a natural process. I
have always admired their
work and attitudes and music
- doing things yourself. It initially started out with them
giving us really great support.
We would make tapes and sell
these to K. who would distribute them. When we came out
here, they continued to do that.
We were really good friends
with the people who run it so
that sort of naturally came
about. We cared about what
other people's projects were;
I would work with Calvin
(Beat Happening) all of the
time and so forth. When the
time came to record again, it
was just natural that they
would pick it up. It's a good
partnership, I feel very comfortable with it.
What would yoo say was the
major difference between
snaking music in the environment you came from in
New York and doing it in Olympia, Washington?
Personally, I think in New
York I wasn't able to get a lot
done because I was young and
my confidence in my abilities
wasn"t great and whatever
concentration I had was so that
I could support myself and pay
The bottom Hne!
Yeah, and I tried to support
myself so thatl could play music as well, but the situation
was really the worst. It was the
best because it was temporary,
but 1 couldn't have lasted in
that situation for too long: after a while, we didn't have a
place to practice, all our
equipment was trashed, we
didn't have transportation... A
lot of the places that would
book us, there was a respectable following there but the
New York crowd is just really
cynical - they are into it in a
very different way. It put me
down so much; I could feel a
lot of intellectual analysis of
music, not a soulful celebration. That was the whole idea
and I was totally seduced by
that, the idea that it could actually be fun.
Do you th iu k as a movement,
experimenting with different
sounds in music, as you do,
is going to bit the mainstream even harder than it
has with bands such as Paye-
ment, for example?
I think that what is considered
experimental and surprisingly
popular at this stage, if you really examine it on a wider
scale, it's not so disturbing or
challenging. I think that the
best bands, often, what they do
is take the old forms and add
to it and it's this addition.
That's a great thing to do, to
have a place in the past to
work from, and that's a real
education. For us, we try to
make music that's surprisingly
fresh for us to play, and it's
kind of hard for us to say or
even worry about popularity
or whether it's accepted by
people or not. But 1 can say
that what is actually different
about Kicking Giant is we
never consider ourselves to be
in the same category as indie-
rock bands. We like the music
that comes out of there, but I
can't listen to that, and I really like soulful, funky music
like hip hop and jazz. I spend
more time trying to dig that
and understand it inside. Playing music from most of what's
available in that indie-rock
category is really easy to do.
In our band, certain attitudes
that we are working on is being professional, representations of our pride and also ex -
pressions of my own as an immigrant, as an Asian-American, and Rachel's own experiences herself. We don't wear
this attitude of we're slackers
or we don't have something to
say. That whole attitude is old
and lame to us. I think that
music can be such an explosion of potential, you can be
on the side of giving, love, or
something else and work towards that rather than play
:lsc's licks.
ne of the tracks on your
bw CD Alien ID is a spoken
ork track...
The performer is Sue Fox,
who lives in Olympia. and
gether. People consider it as
spoken word and I guess it
works to say that, but to us,
she is the freest, most rock
and roll thing on the record.
With spoken word, everyone has these expectations
of what it's supposed to be
about, but the way we do it,
I think it is closer to more
primal rock and roll.
What do Kicking Giant
have planned for the year
We are going on a five week
tour next week, actually. We
will be making a big circle
around North America, I'm
hoping to gather materials
because I've never really
traveled around the country
that much. I have my tape
recorder, sketch book, cam-
gather as much material as
possible and see what happens in the end. We are hoping to have something along
with the record, maybe a
book - something other than
just the usual CD.
ticking Otompky m Seaflfeen Martft 11.
Crush Your Price
"Affliction" at
MARCH 7th, 1995
This collection spits out
meaty industrial sound
bites with a pinch of
with this coupon techno, a squeeze of metal
and a dash of heavy handed
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Victoria, Vancouver,  Calga
, Regina, and Winnipeg. - f s late Friday afternoon at CiTR 101 • 9 fM in July of 1991. ^
f  The phone rings. Nobody's around to Interview the bawd ok the line. I volunteer
to do it. What follows is an excerpt of my first encounter with Courtney Love....
Nardwuar: I said, "Babes in
Toyland." Courtney Love: Well, why did
you even bring them up?
Because I once saw them at a gig
and they had Danelectro guitars.
Well, I don't have a Danelectro guitar.
I didn't know that. Now I know.
Thank you. So what if I don't have a
Danelectro guitar? What the fuck difference does that make? Fuckin' Mudhoney
probably has Danelectro guitars. Redd
Kross probably has Danelectro guitars. Tad
probably has Danelectro guitars.
Is Lux of the Cramps 53 years
old? I don't know.
I noticed your P.O. box says
Hollywood, California.... You
■e, Courtney? You know what? I've
It's really been fun talking to you.
I'm sorry, Courtney — I'm glad that
you like our band. I hope you come to our
I'm sorry, Courtney — I'm super
impressed that you have a radio show. I
hope you have lots of listeners. And I hope
that you have a great life.
But Courtney, before you go, can I
say something to you? Oh, you can
say something.
I am sorry. Here I am apologizing
again. I'm sorry that I began off
with that question: "Has anyone
ever been mad that Hole isn't an
all-girl band?" I didn't mean to
bring that up at all — You're asking
the most obnoxious questions. They're like
rude and they're pointless and they don't
mean anything about anything.
Okay, well I guess in the future I
should do more research. Possibly
Would that have been better?
Finally, here, what would have
been the best question to ask
you, Courtney of the rock band
Hole? I have no idea, Nardwuar. Talk to
you later, though.
Okay, thank you very much.
^\ oping to ask Courtney a
™ few questions at Hole's
August 1993 appearance at the
Town Pump, I arrive extra early
at the venue-
Heiio, Courtney. Hi, it's me,
Nardwuar. I told him to get you out
of here. You're not allowed back here.
I was going to say "hi" to you.
But you're not allowed back here,
But I just want to say "hi" to
you. I brought my camera
here, too. Nardwuar, I fucking hate
your fucking guts. You're such a pig.
Oh, thank you! Oh why,
again? Oh, thanks. You're not
going to punch me yet. No,
why? Why? I can't. I'd be sued.
I don't understand what
exactly was wrong with that
Vanity Fair thing. Go get the guy
from the upstairs, the promoter guy to
get rid of Nardwuar. Go get him, Kristen,
do it quick because I am going to beat the
fuck out of him really soon!
Courtney, can you say it into the
mic a bit more? No, I am not going to
say anything into the mic.
Courtney, can I get an interview
with you? No, I hate your guts,
Nardwuar. You're such an idiot. Why
would I give you an interview? You're an
idiot. Why would I give you a fucking a
interview? Get what?
Courtney Love of Hole. Courtney (to
promoter): You've already broken your
promise to me. Promoter: I know,
Nardwuar. Courtney: This is a bad sign.
Courtney, can you at least, will
you at least... Can you at least
sign — You're the first person I've seen. I
was like the whole way up here,
"Nardwuar! Nardwuar! I can't wait to see
that little—" Promoter: Do you have official
permission to for this? Courtney: Do you
have a laminate? Promoter: Yeah, do you
have a laminate?
I've got a laminate. Promoter: Where
is it?
Somewhere in my wallet. Promoter:
Will you allow me one final
request, Courtney, like the phone
call you get when you get arrested?
(The interview continues on for another 25
minutes and ends on a high note after I
offer to buy Courtney the cigarettes she
Tuesday January 4,1994,
Nirvana's playing the
PNE Forum. 1 don't have a ticket
but decide to "mope" outside the
www. Out of the blue, Courtney
arrives at the gig, gives me a
and drags my sorry ass backstage. I've been forever grateful.
Here's a snippet of our 15 minute
Kurt, did you first meet Courtney
Love, I heard a rumour; I think I
read it in Interview Magazine,
that Kurt and Courtney first met —
(Kurt coughs. A lot.) Courtney: Stop. That's
Did you first meet at a DOA gig in
Portland, Oregon? Kurt: Mm-hmm.
Yup. Courtney: (Laughs. A lot.)
So there really is a Canadian connection then. Kurt: Wasn't it
NoMeansNo? It was our show! Courtney:
DOA! Kurt: It was our show. It was my
show. I played with DOA a couple times. I
don't remember where.
So there is a Canadian connection.
A Canadian band has something
to do with Kurt and Courtney! Kurt:
Like yes. Honestly I don't remember which
show it was. Courtney: I don't remember, I
was too drunk. Kurt: Me, too.
y ole returns to Vancouver's
™ Commodore ballroom on
Tuesday, November 15,1994.
Security is ultra-tight. Somehow,
mostly due to the efforts of John
M from Geezuz Fanzine
and Leora K from CPC's
Realtime, I weasel my way
through the bouncers to Courtney:
First off, did you — Which one am I
(pointing to Grateful Dead record)?
Well guess, Nardwuar! Patti, Eric, get
[Spin writer] Craig Marks! This is me on
the back cover of Aoxomoxoa. Guess
which one I am. Come on, everyone, guess
which I am. I'm the one that doesn't like
the Grateful Dead. There! (pointing) It's me!
Where's my father? (pointing) See my
father. No, right back there. There he is.
Gross fat daddy.
Did he live on Bowen Island? Yeah.
There's gross fat daddy. Where's my mother? Let's find my mom. Come on everyone,
let's find my mom. Where's Linda? Where's
my mom? Can anyone else find my mom?
I know where she is. She's right by Bob
Did you just smoke a cigar with
Danny DeVito? Yeah, the other night.
I'm doing this movie that he's producing
with Keanu Reeves. Mom! Mom, Dad,
How did this rumour start that
you're on the back of a Grateful
Dead record? I told people. It's the truth.
Are you in the upcoming Quentin
Tarantino film at all? No, I was asked
to try out, but I had more important things
to do so I didn't.
You did give that baseball cap to
Michael Stipe and I love it, that
punk rock one? Mmm, yeah. I smoked
a cigar with Danny DeVito and so did
Patti.I'm doing this Keanu Reeves fuck
movie. I fuck Keanu Reeves and I die,
which America wants me to die and get
fucked because that's all they talk about: is
me dying and who I'm fucking. So I figure
that if Americans can fulfil their fantasy
through like a big heartthrob like Keanu,
they can fulfil their fantasy of me dying,
which I don't in particular want me to do
right now. Look! Ifs Melissa the Canadian!
(Melissa Auf De Maur walks in.)
Melissa Auf De Maur! The
Doughboys' song "Shine" was
written about you! Melissa: Ha!
Courtney: See, that's because she's a scen-
ester like me and Patti. We all have songs
written about us.
Courtney, what's this thing Steve
Hawkman wrote about you
standing in front of clubs greeting
fans after shows? Steve Hawkman
hates me. He'll write anything mean... It
got to the point where I would be in malls
with people asking for autographs and like
there would be weird Garth Brooks people
that didn't know who I was and I would be
like, "Do you know the name of my
band?" 'cause they had watched a Current
Affair or People Magazine and I would
say, "Well, name a fucking song and then I
will sign an autograph." And they couldn't.
But if you're at a show, then you obviously
know the name of a song.
So Better Homes and Gardens,
Spin Magazine — what's the difference? Did you read the Hole thing? It's
about mothers crying. I know a lot of boys
who became rock stars. Their moms were
all abusive. It's four boys I know that
became really big rock stars and all their
moms were really abusive and after they
became rock stars, it's like the abuse never
existed. And they all got real Oedipal on
It's great to have you back in
Canada, Courtney Love. I'm a great
Canadian supporter, Nardwuar.
And you've got Melissa Auf Der
Maur. She's paying Canadian taxes with
X\i? ;/*^foih WQ5 our money. How's cub? Are they still
Yes, cub are still happening. Patti:
You are in this month's Flipside, aren't you?
Yes, I am, wearing this exact
same outfit, believe it or not. Hey,
did you see my review in Melody Maker
Yeah, I did. Thank you very
much, Courtney Love. That was
very nice of you. Talk about payback. Single of the Week #4!.
That's pretty exciting — Yeah, I went
to Rome the next day and Kurt OD'd, so
that's kind of marred the whole Single of
the Week thing.
That must have been a let-down.
What about that last thing,
though. The Velocity Girl / Elektra
deal and the Reverend Horton
Heat / Interscope deal? I don't
understand those ones. People are
trawling. They're desperate. That's 'cause
of Danny Goldberg, who's like in our will
as the minder of our child, he's an insanely grea^guy but he's also the most powerful man in the world. He's the CEO of
Time-Warner which means that our manager, Janet Billig, is now the youngest —
at 25 — Senior Vice-President of Atlantic
Records CEO. So we had to go to this
management called Q-Prime which
Veruca Salt are with and they manage
Metallica and Def Leppard. So there's a
bit of a gender and old school flip.
And speaking of
flip and Flipside
and Bob Cantu,
his good friend
Joy Aoki, she
said that once
you were on an
airplane in
South America
— by the way,
you played the
tune "Rio"
tonight — Eric:
No, we didn't! We
did "Hungry Like
the Wolf." You
have your Duran
Duran wrong!
Courtney to Eric:
It doesn't work
when you talk
back to him
(Nardwuar) in
his language.
You have to be
yourself. I figured Nardwuar
out a long time
ago. Courtney
to Nardwuar:
So go on.
You played the song "Hungry
Like the Wolf." Now, did you not
once fly to Brazil and did not the
airplane crash and you attacked
the pilot almost. No. Me and Patti
were leaving London out of Heathrow anc
the plane crashed and we got really
pissed off. We were first class, by the
way. It was a 767 all the way across the
Atlantic straight to Seattle and they flew
the same one the next day. I went
Concorde. I made Patti fly go on the 767.
It was fucking United International.
Courtney, who is Melissa
Townsend? Eric: A psychic from New
York. Courtney: Oh, yes, she's a really
good psychic.
She's your psychic and
Madonna's psychic as well? Yeah,
she did our charts together because
Madonnna hates me but now she's trying
to make up with me. So whatever. She's
like saying things in the press like if she
didn't exist, then Courtney wouldn't exist,
'cause she wants me to respond, but I'm
not going to.
Great! One last thing... (grabbing
Nardwuar) I want to blow you!
Thank you, Courtney Love.
Nardwuar, why do you make yourself so
sexless. Come on, MAN!
I've got my hair shorter now.
Can we — It's the woman in me. It's the
killer in you.
And Melissa Auf Der Maur binding with Billy Corgan. Me and
Melissa have both bonded with Billy —
Over the Piscean birthdates. Yes.
and Kurt and Billy, both have the same
birthday. Eric: What about Jello?
Jello Biafra? Eric: Yeah, I heard you
two have a thing going! (Nardwuar
showing Eric and Courtney an ET toy)
They've reissued those recently.
Yeah, well under Eric's house is a vintage
store and they just
did a huge ET
thing in the window like ET lunch-
boxes and everything ET and Drew
(Barrymore) saw it
and she thought it
was really funny.
But she's not
here tonight, is
she? No, she doesn't follow Eric
around like a dog
except sometimes.
Eric: No but I'm
going to tell her all
about you. Courtney:
Eric wears the pants
in this relationship —
and I'm really happy
because I was kind of
worried because she's
a starlet girl — is she
going to dump you
and break your heart?
And Eric was like,
"No rr
fuckin' pants."
The last tune you
did tonight could
have had a Mecca Normal vibe. It
was a Leadbelly song, Nardwuar.
But it kind of had a Mecca
Normal vibe... did you ever see
Mecca Normal? If you say "Mecca
Normal" around me again, I will kick you
in the nuts.
Okay, I will never say that again
By the way, we are missing Lois the most
Where are the Olympia Five?
Who are the Olympia Five?
Let's see. Candace, Calvin,... ...Lois,
Pat Maley, who's the fifth?
But Candace is so friendly. But
this was what I was wondering.
Have you seen this at all,
Courtney Love. What is this?
(pointing to Mad Love, a collection of Courtney's Internet postings) It's like your Internet communiques. Yes. Hey, Birkenstock,
how are you? I'm all right. All right!
Do you have one?
No I don't. I'm not totally into it.
I'm still into pen and paper. This is
kind of fun and stuff but what is really
weird is how they fucking give such a shit
about how I'm spelling. It's like what, I
work to be a clerical worker? I didn't take
typing class, assholes.
But the Olympia Five, like
Candace is so friendly though.
No, Candace is not friendly. Candace is
the one — do you know the Internet posting that's like Sneaky Pete that's got all
this crazy shit. It's like got Tm chasing all
these rock star guys around, but when it's
convenient, I'm in bed with them.' And it's
really evil and it's really chronologically
crazy and then at the end Mark Arm
OD's in me and Kurt's hotel room and
someone from the Supersuckers was like
— and I got it from a really good source I
heard it was Candace and I heard it was
Candace who did the really evil fax
because Danny said something at Kurt's
funeral that was really beautiful and a
couple of people crashed that.
Slim Moon. And Mary Lou Lord and
Candace. Oh, I beat the shit out of Mary
Lou Lord the other night in front of Danny
DeVito. It was really insane. She came up
to me. Danny DeVito had just left and she
comes up to me and says, "Hi."
How did she get backstage? I
fucking don't know. There were like only
20 people left. All the stars were gone
and whatever. And I got up and I was like
in the 1200 dollar dress and I'm barefoot
and I started chasing her and these
Samoan guys tried to stop me and I
chased her and chased her all the way
behind Gower Golds. I think she was hiding in a dumpster. Patti: You cleaned her
clock first! Courtney: I fucking clocked her
out, but I didn't clock her out enough
because I wanted to kill her, right? But
instead I look behind me and there were
like 100 kids —
But you were "pretty on the
inside" and you stayed at "four
star hotels." Didn't she say that?
I know, but she slept in my park. She has
a restraining order. She's had a restraining order — Kurt put a restraining order
on her two years ago. She's crazy.
Is that park called Vendetta Park,
that park right next door to you
house? Veretta Park or something like
that. I know cause when we moved in, I
said, "Kurt, that's a park. People can
come there."
It's like a public place. Yeah and he
goes, "No one knows about that park."
Which is a kind of a pain. And the
Starbucks people live next door and they
have a suit against the city now and
they're trying take our land. We live in
the house that Mr. Blaine built and we livi
in Denny Blaine and they're taking our
gave us that land. It';
Have you
tribute to
mag featuring a
On" story.
It's kind of
scary but I
know who
wrote this
thing, this
story on
you. It's this
(showing it
Courtney). There's
like no authorship
credit. All there is
is a barcode. Why
these people
not being punished
for what they're
doing? There is no
information, they've
a barcode but they've got a
story on you and they sell it at
the 7-11. There's a barcode on this? It's
probably Rip. Rip can do this.
But how can they do it without
giving authorship credit or anything? They just do. I've gone to court...
You see, one good thing about publishing
is that they know I will put my money
where my mouth is know because I've
spent, and Kurt has spent, so much
money on suing them, and a lot of times,
especially in Britain and with tabloid journalism here, they think you're not going
to spend the money to sue them. But once
you lay down about a hundred grand on
litigation, they start getting a little bit more
And finally, Courtney, what is
going on here? I still don't understand this,
Enquirer with
Evan Dando
and Courtney
kissing) Ev and
It's the only
bought the
kiss? Here, (kisses Nardwuar) Alright,
Enquired (kisses others too) Voice in
background: What about me? Courtney: I
don't know you. And you've got a mustache. Me and Evan kissing, ha ha. I think
it's funny.
Juliana Hatfield
Three who got
kicked out for
being a junkie. It
his little girlfriend who Evan
actually was fucking. And we thought
would be a really
funny idea to make out
Do you remember the last time
you were here with the
Lemonheads at the Commodore
Ballroom? Yeah, it was the most horrible show.
You smashed your guitar. And
what did you say to the audience? I said, "You guys don't know that
it's cool to like us yet, so we will come
back when you do."
"And you will be lining up when
you come to see us next." And it
happened here tonight. Thank
you so much Courtney Love. Thank
you, Nardwuar the Human Serviette
Doot doodle doot doo... Radio free
fucking Europe. Patti: Doo doo! This happened last time!
What's so
ing? Big fucking deal. Hey,
you want a
fs n^^m^ Pluto's trademark sound is an
alluring bath of pop; "attitude
pop" as singer Ian puts it. To
know the band is to first hear
their smooth, stylish pop gem,
"Pretty Little Jacket," released
as a 7" on Popgun. "Million
and One", the b-side to their
second record, Deathstar, was
lovely, but it might have been
mistaken for rock trying to
pass as pop. Pluto, however,
don't merely fill out their
sound by spraying it with feedback just before the chorus;
they manage to blend the divide between rock terrorism
and pop purity by fuzzing the
distinctions in between. Listen
to the way "Thirsty" and "It's
Over", both off the new album,
slosh from one side of your
head to the other. A progression from the band's previous
two seven inch releases. Cool
Way To Feel manages the trick
of being dramatic without being sell consciously obtrusive
or camp.
I spoke wilh Pluto after one
ofthe band's rehearsal at their
After a short year and a half together, Pluto
are one of the hardest working groups to
emerge from these parts. Consisting of Ian
Jones (guitar and vocals), John Ounpuu (bass
and vocals), Rolf Hetherington (lead guitar)
and Justin Leigh (drums), the four musicians
have quickly established themselves as a
permanant fixture on the Vancouver pop
scene. Soon after the release of their first
independent record, the swirling Pretty Little Jacket 7", Pluto were swiftly scooped up
by candy-sweet indie mecca Mint records,
home of cub and The Smugglers. Pluto have
since released another 7" record on Mint,
Deathstar, their Failure 7" on Ottawa's Shake
Records, and their baby-fresh full length CD
on Mint, Cool Way To Feel.
Trackstar, they're pretty cool,
they were good, but I don't
think he was digging what they
were doing. Either that or he
just decided to get on stage a
lot while they were playing."
"He was telling jokes," explains Ian .
"Yeah," adds Rolf, "if you
have to stop and tune or change
a string, he'll jump onstage and
tell jokes to the audience that
don't make any sense."
Justin continues, "He
makes fun of the bands while
you're onstage, but it's fun. It's
a fun club. It's small. The
Smothers Brothers recorded a
live album there - Phyllis Diller
used to perform there. If you're
in San Francisco, check it out."
And he IS nuts," affirms Ian.
Spontaneity and a sense of
humour have brought Pluto in
ich with n
i ■Sin
thei drafly Van-
s. The members
el spiriled, after
lio space to dis-
ie ha
<* origins, ad ven
Mini full Icnlh, and lhal integral pari of the bands success
- style.
quarters. There is no doubt that
Pluto is a travelling band, hav
then sail have a juicy tale of
how they formed; Pluto have
ing toured to the Maritimes am
back, and having reached as tai
South as San Diego supporting
two.   The   one   lhal   I   gol
suckered into believing had it
well   known   acts  such   as
Wce/.cr. C.nis Againsl Boys,
that the band met through a
classified ad that simply stated:
"I like pop." This version is, as
Tsunami, and Hue's Trip
""Vancouver is Pluto 1 Instates Justin, proudly, "but
Ian gladly tells me, ••totally
false. That's something we al
than two months al a time, ever.
ways told our interviews, but
that's total bullshit"
The ruse revealed, Justin
When we are, we're willing
new songs, recording or prac
offers Ihe "true" story of ihe
birth ol Pluto:'Mohii and 1 went
into a bar ami ordered a drink,
I think  il was the Starfish
we'ru out of town for a month"
Any band that has travelled
repeatedly has certainly experienced a different side ol life,
Room. John was seeing this
gui at Ihe time; Ian was there
wilh Rolf, who siaried hitting
number of unique experiences.
When asked to choose their
on the girl, and of course John
was a bit drunk   We didn't
favourite road stories, Ian
speaks first: "Well, we show up
know each olher at all. Roll
in Olympia, and we phone the
and John started fighting together, Ian and 1 jumped in, and
then we realized..."
radio station - we had an inter
view. We were supposed lo
play live on KAOS. We gel
"...thai we could be one big one-
big happy family," finishes
"And all Ihe songs are aboul
that one girl," Justin jests. "Her
name's Gretla. No, her name's
there, ami ihe guy is like.
"'Yeah. 1 really like your new
CI),-" and we're like, "No, we
don'l have a CI) out, we jusl
have two 7"s oul." and he's
like, "Oh, isn't this you guys",
Beatrice. And that's the trulh."
Yukkslers indeed.
and we said, "No. that's the
jazz band Pluto. So we played
An underlying sense of humour is one o( Ihe things lhal
on a jazz show."
"An experimental jazz
Americans; il has also netted
the band a one-time deal with
Shake Records "When we
were in Montreal," recounts
Ian, "we had this gig lined up
at this shitty bar when we noticed that Stand GT and
Punchbuggy were playing the
ance al the Purple On-
underground club i:
and drove lo ihe olher show -
Stand GT and Punchbuggy
were awesome."
"Ian Walker, one of the co-
ted by the owners of Shake Records, was
"clinically insane promoter", there and was really im-
loin Guido. "He is fuckin'se- pressed," Justin says. "It was a
riously gone, nuts," declares good show, a scene crowd. The
Justin. "If him and Nardwuar girls from Bite were there, I
ever got together and did a think Nerdy Ghi was there. We
show, il would be a lucking just played, and they liked us.
Adds Ian, "Legend has il basically a fan, and we talked
lhal he inherited the club; we. to him on the phone when we
don't really know." got back to Vancouver. He said,
"Il hasn't been open lor 'I'd like to do a 7" for you
twenty   years  anil  he jusl guys.'We had some stuff we
opened it," Rolf continues, "il wanted to put out, so we just
looks the same | as m Ihe 70s], gave it to him."
like, exactly ihe same." After getting scooped up by
""We're not knocking him Mint, "the coolest indie label
at all," insists Justin. "When we in Canada" and one that allows
say he's insane, it's the band to do one-offs like the
because...he is (laughs). He Shake deal, life as a rock 'n
jumps on stage during your roller seems pretty breezy for
performance, mid-song. He'll the members of Pluto. Promo-
stop a band if he doesn't like tion through live shows and
them. We were on a three-band
bill,   and   this   SF   band,
"We don't wc
be sold witl
m       bra regular record releases is standard operating procedure for
bands wishing to establish a
key position in their universe.
Currently, there are two annual
outlets for young bands in Vancouver. One, focused exclusively on exposing brand new
local music acts, is CiTR's annual Shindig competition; the
other, a coiporately run and financed major-label star search,
is Music West. Pluto declined
to perform in either event.
"Shindig is like this," Justin
begins. "Shindig is for bands
to get shows and to hopefully
win recording time so they can
put something out. If you're a
band that's already getting
shows, getting booked into
clubs around town, and you
have the ability to record, you
have no right in Shindig, as far
as I'm concerned. It's a competition for young bands. It's
an opportunity to play, that's
the best thing about Shindig.
You get in there, and you're
guaranteed one show. If you
win, you get three shows, and
you're gonna get some press.
By the time Shindig came
around, we had already been
getting press, we had already
by Sean Raggett
need U
I like
11 Shin
Shindig, we don't want I*
in it.' What we would get
of Shindig is nothing thai
didn't already have."
"Yeah," says Iar
if bands that
■aid of, and
re good, but
bands can't reeor*
ready can-
who disagreed with the i
come of the Shindig final:
December, Justin has this
nit our CD to
t a case of
say: "I do like Mec
they fucking rule. I
estly say - and be cc
with the fact - that
if hitche*
n, I think
can hon-
I've seen
ics, and as far
; go, I think
ool. They're a
, man. They're
hilarious on stage, they're cool.
1 like the way they shit on their
audience. They get up there
and they're wearing these ri-
thmk people-would be laughing at them, and [instead] they
get on stage and laugh at the
audience. It's pretty funny."
Music West, unlike
Shindig, is a festival which has
no time for "indie cred". Festival organizers make no secret
that the event operates to a
large degree in the hope of
uncovering the "next big
thing", an act that will bring in
the bucks, and fast. Many of
these commercially-minded
performers neglect to build an
audience on their own, independent of a major label's financial clout, and, in the minds
of many in the indie-rock community, groups such Pure and
Moist are simply unable to resist the corporate carrot dangled in front of their snouts,
quickly hading their integrity
for a major label contract. Pluto
acknowledge that the decision
to participate or not to participate in a corporate convention
like Music West must be considered carefully.
"Music West is for bands
that want to get signed, and
Boat races? We wouldn't, because it's not our thing. We're
a rock band. We don't want to
be a band a major label makes.
We'd like to build up our audience and then get it large
enough on our own as an independent band. [Then we might]
warrant being on a major label.
We don't want to come out of
nowhere being a band that
doesn't have its own following,
and then have the major label
power everyone in the head
with a repetitive video played
on Much Music. So, would you
play Music West - no, we're
not interested. We don't want
our CD to be sold with a case
of Labalt's Blue."
If the optimism Mint and
Shake records have invested in
ild blast Ph
i label
ippy ■
; Records could do more
fc-r Pluto than Pluto wants done
for il than any Canadian major
label could. It's a different
scene, that's basically it. Music West is totally different
from what we're about. It's noi
that we're too good for Music
into higher orbit m the future.
What does the band expect of
Cool. Way To Feci'' "I don't
think we're gonna be the next
Moist wilh this album," says
Justin, "which is a blessing. If
people like il, they'll buy il, ami
will pla-
, bu
r the Draj
inch here. I think v
OK in Canada; I think we've
got enough play from our 7"s
in college radio across
Canada that we can expect
to sell a respectable number
of CDs for a band that's on
an independent label. As far
as the States is concerned,
what we sell is going to depend on how often we go
down there and play, which
should be quite often because we're just going to go
up and down the coast from
Ian has a slightly more far
out prediction. "Basically,
our goal is to storm into England and fucking conquer it.
And ihen we're going to be-
"By way of Spain," adds
"We're going to be on the
cover of Q - we'll be wearing Bryll Cream."
To fulfil the latter of these
prophecies is going lo take a
hand. Is Pluto up to the challenge'.' Justin thinks lhat at
leasl one of their crew is.
"John is without a doubt, the
John lakes every single
lucking lip in his wardrobe
rison in the early
.John explains, "bo Ui
tally and musically.
, lor his down-to-
earth, humble qualities, lo
keep myself humble and
ing; John for his singing and
his style. George Harrison
had style. Rent the movie
Help, and you'll see what I
mean. In fact, 1 think I'm
gonna rent lhal today."
always," jokes Justin.
"But more important than
fashion is style," Ian adds.
"Style is important to Pluto."
one single connecting style
in this band, except for Ian,
is that we all wear Bryll
cream. Bryll ci
i Plui
d. Of
bul we use a very modest
amount of Bryll cream We
(ind it's more manageable in
the hair; il doesn't crust up
and dry and Hake, and you
can wear il for a long time
without washing your hair,
which is important on the
road. Il comes in a nice tube
-it doubles as toothpaste on
the road. We are a road band,
after all." I have limited space and much
maligning to accomplish so heating around the bush, or anything
else for that matter, is out. If you
hatethe Oscars™, known tothose
who have enough cash and clout
in Hollywood to care as the Academy Awards™, fuck off! livery-
one has the right to bitch, whine,
moan and complain aboul the way
these gold-plated statuettes are
handed oul - more often than necessary to mediocre talent who
would be better to serve humanity in some way that didn't cost
humanity eight bucks a throw -
but to jusl offhandedly dismiss
Ihe proceecdings is ignorant.
Their relalionship lo the American film industry is analogous to
the relationship between an old-
style school inspector and a pupil: They only see each other
about once a year; if the kid's
lucky, he'll gel off without a strapping, and if he's really lucky, he'll
be commended for his excellent
work. Al worst he'll be embarrassed in front of Ins peers and
probably be emotionally scarred
for life. In any case, for the 80%
: if the population who like watch
ing movies, this silly, long-
winded, entertainmentally-chal-
lenged spectacle of Hollywood
self-agrandization matters. And
besides, its a great opportunity to
see how really stupid most stars
are without the safety-net of repeated lakes.
This year's conlesl has been
sized up by Ihe Province newspaper's esteemed movie critic.
Michael Walsh (a man who prides
himself in reaching the paper's
readership al their level), as a
heavy-weighl houl between
boomers and X-ers. For those of
you not familiar wilh Ihe generalized and almost always incorrectly sweeping terminology of
hack periodicals*, B<x>mers are the
greedy, have-all, over-populated
generation that were born between 1945 and 1955 and who
call "Woodstock", "yuppie-lifestyles" and "granola crunching"
theirown. In their corner is 1994's
box-office juggernaut,Forrest
(lump, the epic saga of an idiot.
X-ers are those jaded, cynical, unemployed, morally-deprived,
over-grown kids born from 1956-
1966 who love trash culture and
computers. Their champion is this
years' critics' darling, Pulp Fi< -
lion. The other, and in the minds
of Mr. Walsh and I.as Vegas bookies insignificant, films nominated
for the big prize (the one given oul
last and taken home by the kind
soul who antes up the dough), are
the fluffy, if enjoyable, British
film Four Weddings and a Funeral; the annual statement by
"Liberal Hollywood", this year
called Quiz Show; and the uplifting, triumph-of-the-spirit prison
picture, The Shawshank Redemp-
Best Piclure will no doubt go
to either Forrest Gump or Pulp
Eiclion, with all smart bets on Ihe
man with litlle brain, but I refuse
to see this as either a victory of
the sensibilities of an older generation over a younger one or a
matter of box-office might makes
right. Before all the hoopla about
Gump - is it a Republican redemption piece? a Democrat's
coming-of-age reminiscence? a
plot to kill Kennedy? a plot to justify my c
was funny. I laughed. I cried.
Does it deserve to win? Did that
slight-of-hand trick The Last Emperor deserve to win? Did a trite
piece of Americana like Driving
Miss Daisy? How about the decade's most over-praised lump of
shit, Platoon? A film that rakes in
$300,000,000 is undoubtedly
loved by all; why wouldn't it be
as well loved by academy members? My personal choice is, of
course, Pulp Fiction, but I can
hardly expect an institution whose
membership has an average age
of 65 and an average personal net
worth of a milion dollars to
choose as Best Picture a film that
I can't recommend to my own
mother. I'm shocked it got nomi-
In a perfect world, Pulp Fiction's loss of the Best Picture
statuette would be more than
made up for by a nod to
wunderkind Quentin Tarentino as
Best Director; in a perfect world,
I'd be getting paid for this piece.
The odds are against both Qeuntie
and me. Best Director has gone
to the helmsman of a film that
didn't win Best Picture only 17
the 68 years that the
Academy Awards™ have been
handed out. Thai also practically
nullities the chances of Woody
Allen (in his seventh directorial
nomination) for Bullets Over
Broadway and Krzysztof
Kieslowski for Red (Ihough this
leemed Polish auleur has declared
that Red will be his final film) and
Robert Redford (who already has
>me for his directorial debut with Ordinary People) for Quiz Show. I'm indifferent to the fate of all the contest-
anls except Tarentino (and
Woody, but since he's disinterested in it himself and will no
doubt be tootling his batootle stick
at Michael's Pub in NY on awards
night...), so if Zemeckis wins for
Gump, his latest in a line of special-effects wonders, I won't kill
myself. The former video-slore
clerk with the heart of gold (well,
Midas Touch) is a favourite for
best original screenplay. His only
opponent is Woody, and
ot only does the schmuck
ihow up to the awards hut
he's also had some unflattering
press in the last few years that the
academy won't likely forget so
soon despite their normally
incredibally short memories, it
looks to belong to Tarentino.
The one award neither Forrest
award that, year after year, is a
pathetic joke of itself and the calling of female film actor. The excuse normally given for the fact
that all the names in this category
have appeared on previous lists of
nominees is that a male-dominated Hollywood provides a
dearth of good leading roles for
women and that the few offered
each year go to the actresses who
have enough pull to snag them.
This year, I refuse to subscribe to
this exercise in passive
agressiveness. This year's nominees are all fine actress. So fine
that they already have 14 nominations, and three wins, between
them. Jodie Foster is bound to
win, since no one likes to break a
streak and she's two for her last
two (two for three overall). Her
tum as a "wild-woman" in Nell
brought this response from CiTR
in-house critic Kevin O'Toole: "It
was the most cliched performance
of 1994 " Aboul Susan Sarandon's
nod for The Client, her fourth
nomination (no wins) and her
third in four years, Kevin opines,
"She does not warrent a nomination for this film. No way."
Winona Ryder is an engaging ingenue but hardly a great actress. I
enjoy her work and would
definately place her on a tier
above Julia Roberts, but if my life
were in the hands of her emotive
ability, I don't think I'd be long for
this world. She does, however,
already have a supporting actress
nomination, for last year's Age of
Innocence, so you can expect her
name to appear on the roles in future years. Jessica Lange's nomination is her sixth (one win) and
is for a film, Blue Sky, that was
made three years ago. She was so
compelling in it that it lasted about
five minutes in theatres. Miranda
Richardson was last nominated in
1992 for Damage and is here
given noted for her work in the as
yet unseen bio-pic of TS. Eliot,
Tom and Viv. I'm sure her work is
wonderful but I can'l really comment since, unlike the actors
branch ofthe. Academy, I
wasn't sent a video copy of the
film "For My Consideration".
There is a glaring omission in
this list of Hollywood's leading female lights. Throughout her ca-
projects or more pedestrian fare,
Jennifer Jason Leigh has distinguished herself as an actor who
can and does. Always convincing
and never obvious, Leigh has been
ignored by the Academy before,
most flagrantly for Last Exit to
Brooklyn. This year her exclusion
from the Best Actress race is not
just insulting, it is a travesty of
truth, justice and the American
way. Her sublime effort in the title role of Mrs. Parker and the
Viscious Circle made an interesting look at a time and sensibility
long gone - New York's literati of
the 1920's - come alive. Mrs.
Parker is the only artist biography I have ever seen that both
painted a pshychological portrait
ofthe subject without trying to explain or excuse and integrated the
artist's work into the narrative
with a minimum of obtrusiveness.
Jennifer Jason Leigh carried the
film and should have been nonii-
I have nothing to say about
Best Actor; it goes every year to a
man who either portrays a person
who overcomes incredible mental or physical deficiencies lo
succeed (Dustin Hoffman in Rain
Man, Daniel Day-Lewis in Mx
Left Fool, Al Pacino in Scent of a
Woman. Tom Hanks in Philadel-
plete asshole (F. Murray Abraham
in Amadeus. Michael Douglas in
Wall Street. Jeremy Irons in Reversal of Fortune). L(x*>k how long
it took Paul Newman to win playing greal roles involving normal
guys. The. only nomination that
v fits the requisite Academy criteria is Tom Hanks. Repeats are
rare, but Academy innovation is
March 27th I will be drunk and
glued to Ihe set, yelling obsenities
at all transgretions of my will. So
what if the Academy can't hear
nie? They're all a bunch of brainless old farts. They sure know how
to congratulate themselves.
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f€   March 1995 his friends, and eventually he was
making six thousand skateboards a
day. attending skate conventions.
etc.. until finally one day he just said.
kind of far-fetched." Enough said. to he in popular bands."
"Maybe what we'll see now. The final word on the matter
unfortunately, is because of this comes from neither Jay nor my-
rapid upswing of the music that self, but from punk veteran Greg
ci pell
same day that I heard that Bad
Religion was coining to town, I
started searching for a way to interview them. I figured it was an
opportunity to not only meet my
mentors, but also to have my
many furtive questions answered.
Let it be known that I have a
colossal amount of respect for
Bad Religion, as do thousands of
other fans who appreciate the
band's wicked, insightful lyrics,
and who applaud the amazing
efforts of the bandmembers.
Slaying together for fifteen years
and putting out eight full-length
albums is an amazing accomplishment in itself, but Bad Religion has also managed to keep
its hardcore edge and punk integrity intact. Considering that virtually every other band from the
early eighties SoCal punk rock
scene has since dissolved,
changed, or sold-out (read Black
Flag. Circle Jerks, Agent Orange,
T.S.O.L.), I'm obviously very
fond of the band and its work.
However, my patting them on
the back is the last thing they need
right now. Bad Religion has re-
cendy left its self-owned and operated label, Epitaph, to sign a
major record deal with Atlantic/
Warner. As a fan, tliis change concerned me: Would they abandon
their style and loyal followers to
comply to a harsh standard set by
bosses, who surely want nothing
freedom and force them to sound
like all the other hands of this
popular style of the not-so-
underground? Would they all have
dollar signs in their eyes when I
met them'.' Whatever happened to
their anti-rock star stance, and the
idea of remaining true to the
power of punk rock? I needed
answers - and I needed them
By the time Bad Religion got
to Vancouver, the band had completed a seven week tour in Europe and was wrapping up a six
week North American tour. I met
the group (including ex-Minor
Threat guitarist Brian Baker, who
is permanently replacing Bad Religion co-founder Brett Gurewitz)
before their all-ages show at the
and.after the introductions, I settled down with bassist Jay Bent-
ley to start my interrogation. Not
wanting to heat around the bush,
I got right to the point with my
first question: Is punk dead, or
"Not necessarily." Jay replied,
"'because I think punk is something that's inside, not outside. I
think that's where it got a little
fuzzy - when somebody wrote up
the Ten Commandments of punk
rock. Punk rock was supposed to
be about no rules, make up your
own rules. 'Hie unfortunate byproduct of being around for fifteen years is that more pei iple hear
about you and just because ol that
- because you've become more
popular than the underground can
tolerate. -Okay, but what about
this label thing'.' Do-it-yourself
is just so/**// ik. "What people have
yeah, we
had our own
label for fifteen
years and it was
work, work. work. We
did everything ourselves
because no one could offer us
a better world than the world we
were living in, and that's what we
always said: What's the
go to someone else if they're going to give us less than what we
have right now? Which is now
not the case. We have everything
that we had before [now that
we're] on Atlantic and Warner. We
walked in and said. 'Here's what
we do and here's the contract and
here's how many records we sell.
Match all of this - fine.' We don't
have to do the every day 9 to 5
minutiae. We don't have to worry
about whether or not there's a
speck on the 8x10, whether the
ad matte is pictorlated absolute.
It's like, fuck that, you know, we
just want to write music and be in
a band again, not worry about all
the workload.
"Having y,
greal and I would highly sugj
'Fuck! I just wanna skate, man Lei
someone else do the work.'
Even though I was totally impressed by what I was being told.
I still had my foolish concerns
about Bad Religion's jump to a
major label. However. Jay soon
made me feel like a jerk for ever
doubting the band "To have that
concern about a hand that's this old
and has set its own standards is
we're playing in this punk rock
world that we've been living in
pretty sheltered for the last fifteen
years, maybe we're going to see a
lot more upstart bands that just
sound like Green Day . (M'fspnng.
Bad Religion, and NOFX that ore
coming out of nowhere. Because
that's generally what happens
when a music gets popular: people join bands because they want
Hetson himself. He suggests lhal
perhaps people should spend less
time wearing this punk issue thin
and just have fun. "Mr. Hetson" I
ask. "This self-gratification of
punk rock - what do you think
stick down did a
<elf. bee
that if you're*,
[that you | do:
you learn so
you're doing and why you're doing it. And also, when you go to
the next step up, which is maybe
on to another label, you know
what they're saying to you. If
they're saying, 'Well, we're going to do 30'/ recoupahle and. obviously, we have 75'/ packaging
costs', you say. 'Fuck that. We
don't need that.1 That's punk rock
to me. It's being intelligent and
well informed, and using that to
your* advantage. Being independent, yet allowing people to help
what the hand 1
a guy who 1
and he made his o
ihen he started maki
g^gs^P 1 think il is really important for
everyone reading this column to
realize that my listings are noi
the final judgement on any zine.
In fact, I don'l even want you to
confuse these listings with zine
reviews. The truth is that every
one has their own opinion, their
own favourite style, and their
own needs 'lhal may sound
corny, hut it is Uue. For example, last column my friend
Marie helped me do some of the
reviews because, and I know
you must realize this. I don't
like every zine that I get. Just
because I don't like something
doesn't mean it isn't valid. We
found that the zines that I didn't
like, she loved, and the ones that
I went crazy for. she [nought
As when I started this column, my intention is not to
judge people's efforts hut lo promote communication. In our
world loday. there is a greal
need on the part of everyone to
Whether the topic of a zine is
live ways I
e withoth-
s like
So don'l expect lo read lhal
I think any zine sucks because 1
won't say thai. Even if the drawings are awful, and the spelling
horrendous, ihere might he
something in there lhal you relate lo anil I don't plan on spoil-
Residenlial Garbage, and although it was a satisfactory
read, I think that with A Girl she
has found her niche. I think thai
I identify with this zinc because
it seems like Ibis girl is trying
lo grasp the same thing I am:
being an adult or staying a girl
Body Function
(8.5 X 5.5, 28 pages - colour!)
This zine has a very original and
excellent concept. Contains
awesome poetry touching on
different areas of the body, literally. "Posturing" is a great
one. Please don't let the short
length of this description stop
you from sending for this, I'm
only being brief because I can't
do this justice. The layout is
excellent and includes cut and
paste and stolen graphics. The
words are even better. Send
three dollars for this colourful
zine to: 4528 W. 12th Ave, Vancouver. BC, V6R 2R5.
Butterfly #3
(5.5. X 4.25, 68 pages)
from Seattle, Washington, Bul-
terfty is a publication for women
artists. Included are good short
stories, even better personal accounts, and drawings. This is a
women's publication, and I'm
sure that women will identify
with the topics touched upon,
hut I encourage men to read this
as well and try to get something
from it I think that is what the
editors hope will
happen. Send US
currency lo Faythe
and Hilary at:
12911 NE 130th
St. kirkland.WA.
Quarterly #2
(8.5   X   5.5,   24
Coffee zines aren'l
exactly original. In
Vancouver alone.
dollars to: 4024 W. 20th, Vancouver, BC, V6S 1G5.
Do You Keep Your Brain In a
Sandwich Baggie? #2
(8.5X5.5,16 pages)
This zine is confusing and
sometimes a little too vague in
that some pieces start out being
good rants and turn into anger
fits, complete with racial slurs.
The theme seems to be "Normality" and the destruction of
that idea. Although the authors
would like you to believe that
they just want to convince people to he themselves, it seems
more like someone needs a little reassurance because they
aren't okay with the idea that
everyone else is wrong. Write
to: #5-1255 E. 15th Ave, Vancouver, BC, VST 2S7.
From Hell to Breakfast #22
(5.5X4.25:18 pages)
Okay, so I don't usually include
comics m this column, hut this
isn't really a comic boo, it is
more like a picture book. Each
page contains a weird ass drawing of something. The style is
very busy, suggestive, and
sometimes just chaotic. Send
one dollar lo: Blair Wilson. PO
Box 45654, Seattle. WA. 98145-
even mentions Nardwuar the
Human Serviette, I am going to
freak! Seriously, you don't understand how popular this guy
is within the scene. He is King
of Indie Rock, blah blah, let's all
just get over it and move on,
okay? Two pages of this zine are
dedicated to Nardwuar, and an-
(5.5X4.25, 12 pages)
This  minizine is a local effort
concentrating on motorcycles.
Included is a biker videophilia,
greasy spoon
and re-
Uicr page in here to Julie o
*ip. A few music review:
wn in to this chattery
ne that also includes ;
Fringe Benefits
(8.5 X 11. 50 pages)
lhal I
Ontario. It isn't really
: more like a magazine
:es on college rock. It
iome interesting arti-
icicle. a gig diary, and
it pieces by D. Parker,
.of music reviews and
iterviews with bands on majors
id indie locals. Send two dol-
polaroid trick, an article on what
to do when your favourite hands
sell out, and a really cool drawing of what I think is the Velveteen Rabbit. Send stamps to:
133 Dorset Road. Scarborough.
ON. M1M2T2.
Loggerheads #1
Instead of a review. I have been
asked to give the readers of Discorder a message from the editors of Loggerheads: Logger-
views of biker songs. It is cool,
the pages are all in colour, and
that makes it a hit in my books.
Send a dollar to: PO
Box   1564,   Point
Roberts, WA, 98281.
Psycho Moto - East
Coast Exchange
(8.5X5.5,44 pages)
The concept of this
zine is very interesting: It is a compilation zine that comes
out once a year. East
Coast Exchange is a
non-profit underground organization
that caters to the
hardcore and hip hop
scenes. This issue includes an interview
with hardcore heavies Orange 9mm. a
bunch of reviews,
some interesting poetry, an essay
critiquing Riot Grrl, and some
comics. A very good project
worth supporting. Send one dollar and fifty cents American to:
45 Avenue B #2, New York, NY.
Thrill #14
MrheA you
when we stand on the slage of
our high school gymnasium, diploma in hand, we realize lhal
we are supposed to lake off die
Varsity jacket and take on this
pcclanlly al ihe sides wailing for
poetry, and these things make it
unique among other coffee
zines. Bul the thing thai I find
almost sad about all coffee zines
is that when you put aside the
happy little coffee cups and
rhyming poetry, what you have
addiction If someone did a zinc-
about how great it was lo shoot
heroin u might be a little more
I  le.
.  1  I
lay Ik*
really means lo not he me the
child, hut lo be me the adult
Like any other ensemble, one
size does noi til all. This is Ihe
lo: 024 L 15th St. N. Vancouver. BC. V7I.2S2.
20 March 1995
caffeine freaks aren't puking a
over themselves and are a little
purkier. hut ihe truth is thai these
then* daily fix. Am I sounding lars lo: PO Box  1439, Stal
preachy'.' I'm not trying to. I'm B. London. ON. N6A 5M2.
just trying lo bring up something lhal I don't hear anyone Justy #1
saying. So I like this zine be- (8.5 X 5.5. 16 pages)
cause il makes me think, iwo If I receive one more zine I
upcoming issue. They say
#206-10732 86 Ave. Edl
ton. AB.T6E2M9.
hold of this zine. Princes of the
indie rock scefie themselves, the
writers of this zine know what
is available and what it is on.
Even the hippest indie rock
zines get covered in here.
Schmoozing pictures and TV
essay contests make this your
complete indie rock guide. Send
these boys a buck at: 722 11th
E., Seattle WA. 98102.
(really just one piece of 11 X
17 paper folded up)
I don't know what to think of
this zine. 'Weird" about sums it
up. hut I'm scared that I might
actually like this kind of weird.
If you like bizarre stuff, send a
stamp to: PO Box 41023. Port
Coquitlam. BC. V3C3G1.
Keep the mail coming and
thanks for all the zines lhat 1
couldn't fit in this issue. "legendary" Nils, so if all you
crusty punks in attendance will
bare with me...The Stand GT
cover "When Love Puts On A
Sad Face", a mid-tempo, rather
long song which gets the usual
As all of you regular
this column should know, i
of my very largest pet peeve:
all-time favo
mite groups break
up. I've men
tioned it time and
time again
when such past
greats as Sc
eeching Weasel.
Unrest, Beat
Happening, the A-
Bones, the Devil Dogs. etc. etc
ad infinitum
have decided to
bury their g
reat bands. Most
saddening i
s when a
group  calls
it  quits
when they a
re on the     V
friends....(Leather Uppers Fun
Club Info, P.O. Box 32. Station
P, Toronto, ON, M5S 2S5 - I
don't know if this address is still
in tact, but try it anyway. Also.
one more postmortem Leather
Uppers' song can be heard on
Nardwuar's new compilation
Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rawk Angst.)
Up next with a new 7" platter is another Ontario group who
n the prime of
■. Such v
the case with the utterly
tear-jerking demise of
The Leather Uppers,
Toronto's hottest
rock' n'roll combo since
the Ugly Ducklings.
Known in tiny geographic pockets nationwide for their twin-guitar 'n' drums attack,
outrageously hilarious
on-stage performances, dance
moves, costumes and bare-
bones rock songs, the Leather
Uppers ranked high in the indie
entertainment field. The band's
latest (albeit posthumous) offering is a swan-song EP entitled
Cut Off Vest which chronicles
the 'Uppers first jump to one of
the bigger American independent labels, the fabulously tasteful Sympathy For The Record
Industry. There are four marrow-suckers here: First, it's the
title tune "Cut Off Vest" (tag
line: "Rock is the best!"), and
then it's on to riff-mania with
"Separated". Flip the disc and
chew on the "evil" garage
punker "Gonna Get You", then
listen as the record segues sadly
to the final Leather Uppers'
notch in the show-biz totem, the
fantastic "Smoking Monkeys"
(tag line: "Ooo ooo, ahhh
ahhh!"). 'Tis a weepy day in
have actually managed to
hold out through thick 'n'
thin since 1986 (!!!) -
Glengarry's pride, The
Stand GT. Always a favourite in this column, the
Stand have finally found
their legs and are quickly
becoming better known
outside of their own
rural county (watch
for their long-overdue
debut album on
Seattle's Top Drawer
and Spain's Munster
Records, on CD and
vinyl, respectively).
Before flying the Canadian coop, the boys
pay tribute to one of
their own, saluting
Montreal punk pioneers The Nils on a
split single with Newfoundland's Potbelly.
Husker Du-r
1  pO**
pop work-over the Stand GT
known for. The problem is, I'd
prefer almost any GT original
tune over this supposed "punk
classic ". On the nip. Potbelly
sound plain godawful. It didn't
help matters that the record label says 45 rpm when it's actually at 33 rpm, a discovery I
made by frustrating trial and error. I hate that. Worse still. Potbelly's version of "Scratches
And Needles" drags on and on.
slowly turning this Nils' song
into one of the more boring
tunes I've heard in awhile. Jeez
Louise... this tribute make the
Nils sound like a pile of shit!
(Mag Wheel Records, P.O. Box
1 15. Stn.R, Montreal, PQ.II2S
icd and n
100% local with the help of a
Tankhog on drums and a Smuggler on lead guitar. Bum are
hack and rockin' Vancouver,
their new hometown. As they
ul ne\
mid sound like them, too, if
e Ramones' tunes were played
twice the normal speed. Such
the case with the first
■engenerate song in this pack,
itab Your Mind", but then the
sens cover Bum's debut single
-. Promise Is A Promise"". The
suit seriously pales in com-
irison to Bum's original, but
punk the song o
much. Worthy of i
it from Vict
i Rock
Pal McEown   (I
Records.   1223 College Dr.,
Nanaimo. BC.V9R5Z5).
More locals. WAHOO! First,
it's the debut record from self-
admitted "shoegazers" (hence
their name) Gaze. This timid
new foursome have just released
a four song EP on their own label, following the
very DIY steps
lined in thi
POWF.R to turn the "music"
DOWN. The few times I have
seen these angry lads play I've
felt like climbing up on stage
and handing oul acoustic guitars
and maybe giving that lead
love the spirits of sin and
pidity that they have asseml
a very special triple 7" box
pourri of hootchy hits fi
twelve of the best combos in
enter our cut-throat
are armed with a p*
double seven-inch pack that pits
them in a cross-Pacific duel with
Japan's premiere garage punks
Teengenerate. Each band performs an original of their own
and then a cover of each other's
songs. Bum's new tune, "Here
Comes The Magic", is rather
ironicly titled since, after a few
listens, it seems to come a wee
bit short of the band's past recorded wizardry. Sounds
rushed. The flip is Bum's take
on Teengenerate's "Don't Come
Close To Me" (already found on
both the vinyl and CD versions
of Bum's / Am Superwoman
LP), which actually sounds better than Teengenerate's overdriven, lo-fi original version.
For the uninitiated,
Teengenerate are a band who
look just like the Ramones and
singer a hug or something. But garage rock'n'roll scene, ihe
of course I never would, cuz that Estrus Cocktail Companion, is
straight-edge stuff scares the a highly collectable comp fea-
shit outta me. But about these lureing exclusive rave-ups from
two songs. -Cataract" and Turn such personal favourites as Girl
The Tide", they're a couple oi' Trouble. Man Or Astroman?.
heavy-as-a-ton-o-hricks dooms- Southern Culture on the
Skids, and Satan's Pilgrims. More than half of
the romps arc
instrumenlals. and hot
■„' boozy they are indeed, ihe package even
comes complete with an
Estrus coaster and stir
slick, making this a very
8227. USA).
Now that I'
s very col-
-)4). Al
ii ow. if I
ready pi-
and pos-
using the
er".     get
ugh  they
tic strum-
se    three
id a guy
ey1 Their
nth...Duck my broth-
and sisters, and hold
ething tight! Sliding
to death
They can
shake their
and  pound
raps ("Eric
Jol").  They
it's Rancid1 For me. this
Berkeley punk band is the best
group going in the '90s so far
i lose the
blinding charisma of a band like
the    Leather   Uppers,    my
..the first
/er actually
mg by the
plete with anno*)
le glued-on sp
:>r tho:-
dad li
who prel
Gaze. (Gaze. W 19th
Ave., Vancouver, BC,
And then there's
out of Canada, even, on
Germany's Heart First
label. ("We would never
think of doing anything
with a Canadian label.
It would be completely
day dirges that feel like a soundtrack to my worst slow-motion
nightmare. Whoooweee! I need
a six pack! (Heart First,
Bockhslr. 39. 10967 Berlin,
What better way lo soak-up
a six pack o' suds hut with up-
stale New York's#l drunks,The That's why. Live and on
Dugans? Definitely the hand's these rebel rousers creat
poppiest and best yet, Ihis new
record's a-side, "Whatever", is
a humble rocker documenting
the frustrating and all-too-real-
this-sucks "life" of a bar hand.
Do the Dugans break up because of endless letdowns? Hell I
no! They do what every greal
nowheresville band does
they write a fantastic a-side! On
the Hip, "Julianas Got II" is a
cool and low-key compliment
just what a b-side is for. When The energy pours out onto Ihe
in Albany, NY, find a bar called h-side with "I Wanna Riot", a
Bogie's. Then find Ihe stage. On bouncy number that barkens
it, if you're lucky, you will find, back to Lint and Mall's earlier
rocking in a drunken haze, Ihe ska-punk days in Operation Ivy.
Dugans. (Kraneproof, 384 If the rumours are true about
Hamilton St., 2nd Floor. Rancid signing to a major. I say
Albany, NY, 12210, USA). more power to them. Rancid are
Drunken hazes are a particu- on the constant attack, so either
lar specialty for our next sub- get behind them or gel the boot!
jecl of review, and m this case. OI! (Epitaph, 6201 Sunset
it's also the theme. Blvd.. Sle I I 1. Hollywood. CA.
Bellingham's Estrus Records 90028. USA),
love booze. So much do they
credibly e
eetne a
at Ihe s
•ims v
. The tw
) song
this new sin
s Radical"
and "I Wai
na Riot-
are n
of the saint
fire po
found on b
ilh of th
iir pas
hums   -Ro<
song yel o
'95. an
punker w.
th a era
s and in-
lay hooks ga-
2f   E heart
change of heart
king cobb steelie
plus special guest hayden
March 3: The Hungry Eye
23 W. Cordova
change of heart king cobb steelie
project twinkle
admission by donation
($6 recommended)
all ages * doors 7:30 pm
Capacity 100 people.
I Small stage. P.A. board.
1       Only $125 during
I   Ihe week and S175 on
A&B CLAIMS:! Action
Starfish Room
Thursday, February 9
On u crisp Thursday evening, 1
was pulling all my ear-hairs out.
desperately trying In churn nut
words in an attempt to keep a
lined leaf of paper from remaining naked and blank, devoid of
ihe essay lhat was due the next
day. My fingernails were bitten
should be taking over in a few
days time, and 1 was
working up a self-inflicted wedgie when
my friend called and
suggested the best
cure for my homework blues: Babe the
Blue Ox and © at the
Starfish Room
I am still without a
complete paper to
hand in. but dnl regret
roy actions? Hardly.
Babe the Blue Ox
oiled my Bunyan
hatchet that night, and
1 .mi left scarred for
hie   The perfor
in ihe room h.u
for Luvafair not long after ©'
first two songs and about a quai
was   kind   and   consulei
enough to sit through
tunes, bm. alas. 1 too i
pressed   These guvs
holding out on a new
a while, so I was expecting
new songs than patented Old
ones  No such luck
Paolo  "Rahca-licioitsizcd'
S Jrn-ier
Crosstown Traffic
Friday, February 3
The first hand on this hill. Enfa/
lac. was not unlike the chi
dien's formula, foreign and h
ter to my palate, then overtly
political stance passing right
through me quicker than you
could say, "Gee. the) ie punk1"
However,  the  bands  heaoin
Starfish Room
Thursday, January 26
Starting out the night, three
piece local band Ponyboy
sulked their way through a set
of last and furious inventions,
complete with the lead singer's
relentless challenging of a certain member of the audience lo
join' him on stage. A consisl-
aclionary theatrics - lake a pill!
The second band on the bill
was the ever mystifying, often-
gigging outfit The Loved One
than the musi
eh   was
l.sh. hush
seemed like      k
ig to tarry the n
essagc that.
Yes, kids, drugs .
1 had seen Vietoi
ia's M-hlan-
el   the   preyioi
s   week   in
New York Theatre
Manaimo and was
nessed with the
>ands early
Saturday, January 2X
The New York Theatre
grand, and 1 was look
style pop-
ward to attending thiss
thisone would've bee
pecially Sparkmarker
ocheck oul
lowing the
'a new chapter In yc-m-
life ts being --written"
pecially towards the endol'Xheii
oul of sync. Perhaps ii was ihe
Paccpullei were tip next with
age happening in Ihe room thai
llighl  10 slued  a  lace or Iwo
Solid, solid, solid shit.
Willi Ihen guilars humming
work. The Many provided the
grand finale lollns exhibition ol
up-and-coming acts ihe vocalist reminded me somewhat of a
younger Ian MacKaye. grinding
out his impassioned agenda, his
s lllus
spoil ta
equipment. Then they launched
into three back-lo-back, obliquely lyricized avante funk
songs (beginning with "Ego
Pimps.'' the first tune off then-
latest CD), and they could not
be mistaken for anyone else,
ihe band's head-swaying, pro-
swoon-like trai
I had met up with at the gi
.mission Hold, for I did not
' to see you, mainly to the
lhal my night had already
:en topped off by the "Soul
rain "ensemble. Get de
fin-i i  Dunn
an to drink Ik
s). bul Ihere si
be less drunken fools to
off the ground in the pit
tunately, this particular gig si
a hole right through my ha*
all-ages theory - people just 1
the Loved one
Starfish Ro<
Thursday, Jai
Starting out the night, three-
piece   local   band   Ponyboy
The band i:
of humour, ihough..
baled by ilieir comii
Alier pounding out a solid
quesled encore, the band look
leave into the drizzly Vancouver night.
Santantlta ('alvcri
23 m^$m±\ HUGGY BEAR alter all.
Weaponry Listens To U)ve Poetry, rliylhin, and I
(Kill Rock Stars/Famous Mon- here, fueled by an anger
sters of Filmland) lhal goes beyond niosl
Baggy Bear is not  a band thai rhetoric.  Huggy Bear'
speaks to everyone. Wilh only a few emotionally unrestrained
poppy exceptions, these girls and sound strange, bul it is
Ihe dreat
you understand or not. EDWARD KA-SPEL
Weaponry Listens To hive sol- The Scripture of'Illumina
lens the band's abrasive rills and THF SILVERMAN
speedy beats with poetic lyrics, oc- Dream Cell
casional trumpet and piano, and a (Terminal Kaleidoscope)
harrowing emotional depth.   The The legendary Pink Dots are h.i
jumbly, often running off into a couver's Kevin Key (Skinny Pupp
section is incredible, with dm
lhal reallv shows* off I luggv Bear's*
stuff by Ihcmse
ves now. 11
talent. Tlieir poetry is pulled from
first issues are s*
lo-reeords b
Ihe gui. reaching past everyday language lo express something beyond
the commonplace. "16-1 Suicide"
-ard Ka-Spel an
■•The Silvennai
' knight. I
and "Obesity + Speed In fifteen
iree years and hi
pictures of depression and despair.
ks are far bcyon.
( Dots song. Tlu
and songs hke "Immature Adoles
ling Ills atonal a
.1 well-stru*.
cence" and •'OnThc Wolves'Tip"
1 sound landscap
s with digit
continue with ihe band's familiar
analog inslniinen
s. Sometime
theme of alienation. These are the
music builds up a
wall of into
words and Ihoughls of a person rid-
ed emotions y
hi can'l  g<
ccs. If you want these
ai„i u win look so   -your ability for
a before ,i destroys.-   aixompishment
nale singer Chris in       wj|| follOW With
24 March 1995
8253, 6503 Nymegen, The Neth-
rhuuls. or fax 31-8812-3587
Sven Niechziol (He's German,
■> don 'I mind his English. I
Kiss Closed My Eyes
(Improbable Music)
Laurel McDonald's first albui
carry you on a voyage loheavi
bring you back down into a s
ing candlelit bath set on a
enshrouded with swirling mist.
ing strength thai it stills my in
■hit ai
does. The mu
impelling and;
originating from ancient texts of
Greek chants and Gaelic music. For
aficionados ol Dead Can Dance and
This Mortal Coil. (Not available in
siores. bul you can order il through
the mail by calling 1-800-563-
The World Of The Zombie.
combo the Zombies.
Bryce Dunn
"Better Living Through Noi
towheaded youngsters while Ihey
wave back. On the back cover, a red
and yellow beach ball has been
added, about to be run over by the
truck, so now it looks like the
kiddies are waving frantically at the
truck in an effort to save their ball.
Sony is basically pop songs
overlaid with walls of guitars, and
that's One by me. It's exceedingly
mber, while "Adoles-        incrcil
" is aCelln.-style song        fully I
iber (aboul the Russian/
of Pears" is for you. lis a slow song. THE THROWING MUSES
nalily -  one of the band's many (4AD/Wamer)
strong   points.   "Suckerpunch The Throwing Moses are bade! Fbl-
lune on the disc, and is also an ex- solo release Hips and Makers.
eellenl tune to dance to. Kristin Hersh has emerged with yet
TOTr also experiment with ska. another collection of moving, m-
jazz-rock, and just about every olher sightful  songs, accompanied by
forinataiKlsiyleih.il is known to the longstanding  Muses drummer
music industry. If you are tjred of David Narcizo and newcomers
purchasing discs with thirteen songs Bernard Georges (bass) and Jane
which all sound pretty much the Scarpantoni (cello),
same, you will not be disappointed Over the space of a generous
with the musical variety this disc fourteen tracks. Ihe Muses succeed
contains. in enrapturing their audience widi a
Darren Abmmson tight cocoon of sensual sound, deli-
Bug Harvest
(Megaforee Worlwide)
Terror of Tiny Town
Call us for your next event!
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• Genera! Admission
or Reserved Tickets
liitiijiilij ii
Community Box Offic
1234W.Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC
* tangles of IIershs bi
"Bright Yellow Gun'
oves biliously into sou
me with the Smashing Pump-
full        I think I need a little
■limb you as I grow oh
lis knees, and I'll end n
If I were lo see these j
in some sleezy bar. I i
drunken state, find the
However, in any other By combining hypnotic melo-
aty Nipples is simply an        dies with graphic, non-linear lyrics
2) YA RIGHT...
THE ZINE SITUATION. Ihe Throwing Muses have created a HITMEN 3
soundtrack for travels into awaiting Bubbling Vnd,
dreamlands - climb inside and en- (NKVD)
Samantha Calvert
Everyone's Gol
The music on Bubbling Vnd
hke Bum, Bad Religion am
(Trackshun Industries)
name to Great Horsey. As far as
musical ability goes, these guys
have it in abundance. Good Horsey
are al the top of their category, what-
chord harmony into screaming feedback, jazzy movement*! and drum
it's interesting and fun. too! Although these songs are put together
with the basics (guitar, bass, drums).
Good Horsey break the boundaries
oflo-finess and gently step into the
slightly eccentric by adding ukulele,
xylophone, pie pan, scrap metal,
party favors, lapeloops and story
tellers to various tracks.
With vocals thai are reminiscent
ofthe Beatles later stuff, (circa The
White Album. Abbey Road), or even
the Velvet Underground/Lou Reed
(especially in the lyrics "He isn't
good at anything but starting a re-
i, by nov
it's all he's paid
brilliant, bul it's definitely
?t proi
of il
Levi 501 's   Cords   50's thru 70's clothing
313 cambie street, Vancouver, b.c.
Ph: 669-cool/669-2665
MARCH   1*
Pacific Legal
Education AssodgSion
Are you an outgoing, spontaneous
man or woman over the age of 19
with a never-say-die attitude and a
good sense of humour?
We are a non-profit iociety that
helps young offenders and children
aged 8 to 12 who are at risk of getting
into trouble.
If you have about three hours per
week available for atieasfthe next
six months we'd really like to hear
from you. We believe that one-to-one
interaction with a well-adjusted adult
can improve the behaviour of a
troubled child.
Interested? Please call us today.
We've Come a long Way, Baby!
*ft.  .JW'.S* xl
CiTR Radio iOi.9 fM celebrates
International Women's Day
with a full day of programming for, by, and about women of all shapes and sizes.
Tune in from Sam-midnight on Wednesday, March 8th!
■ On March 8th, at least.  And on CiTR 101.9  1
IfM. So tune in from Sam to midnight, and 1
It his is what
you'll hear:
morning  news
helen!s  kitchen
(recipes,   recipes,   recipes!)
jazz   fnf   blues
women  in  history
campus  news
health  show
international  women
(spoken word and tunes by women
from around the  world)
riot    grrrl    (music/spoken word)   1
interview w/ disabil
ity rights activist
Bonnie Klein
women  in  theatre   (with
Full Figure  Theatre)
evening  news
women   of  colour
eco-feminism   (with eya,
Tzepora   Burman   ...)
Canadian  indie  rock
live   from thundergirl 1
radio    hell    (with yvette
and  lashback!)
i'or  more   information   call   822-3017
12:00PM AJoftmesmeasi/edbyitsart.
Most broadcasting shuns art for incestuous
market-music. This show presents the most
recent new music from arm/id the world Ears
open. Hosted by Paii Steenhusen and Cam
Reggae ir-na ai styles and fashon. Mke Cherry
and Peter Wikams alternate as hosts.
SOUL CHURCH 3:00-5:00 PM Alternating
Sundays with Brent Argo. Vancouver's orly
program devoted entirely to African-Cana-
dan and Afhcan-Amehcan Gospel music. Your
host, Vince Yeh.
Deokatated to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transsexual communities of Vancouver and
listened to by everyone. Lots of human
interest features, background on current
issues and great musjcfrom musicians of al
sexual preferences and gender identities.
cotton or even a cotton poly blend. Vnie
Carpel and Somy Prince bnng you one hour
of pure tight-pants, bai hugging, crooning
GEETANJAU 9:00-10:00PM Geetanjali is
a one-hour rado show -whir* features a wide
range of music from Inda. This includes classical musk, both Hndustari and Camatk,
popular musk from Indan movies from the
1930s to the 1990's, Semi-dassical musk
such as Ghazals and Bhs*jans, and also
Quawwals, Folk Songs, etc. Hosted by J.
Dhar, A. Patei and V. Ranjan.
12:00AM Join host Dave Emory and
colleague Np Tud* for some extraoninary
political research guaranteed to make you
think t-wke. Bring you* tape deck and two C-
90s. Ohojn-«y broadcast on KFX (Los Altos,
4AM Drop yer gear and stay up late. Naked
rado for rake people. Get bent. Love Dave.
and Peter, offer a savoi/y blend of the farni-
iar and exotic in a Wend of ami deights! Tine
in and enjoy each weekly brown plate special.
1:00 PM With you* hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance and Don the Wanderer. What wi
we play today? Rog wi put it away.
CiTR's industrial/noise/ambient show,
- wimpy British pop, Beastie Boys, inde gutar
swing, and techno thrown r for good measi/e.
Ht your olfactory nerve centre with
FEMININE HY-JINX 4:00-5:00PM for
women who sometimes don't feel fresh, but
always get fresh. Spoken word and music:
light to heavy flow. Maximun protection
recommended for male listeners.Holy Hannah!
It's a Femininst show.
For more interesting drmer guests join Princess
Andrea and her team: Jed Knight Nei, Leanna
Skywaker, and Gran Moff Ian (#5?). We bring
you the Force of the news, dark side and all.
With the BBC World Service News t» 5-
BIRDWATCHERS 5:30-6:00PM Join Cdir
Pereira for al the weekend sports shlock from
the high Etudes and thin air of Point Grey.
7:00PM Paris Green explores woridieat
musk with Captain Kirk, Spock and occasional
you are suffering an identity crisis you may
want to tine into this show more than once.
You host Bob WUston chronides Canada in
20th Century sound every second week.
Vancouver's longest nxming prime time jazz
program- Hosted by the ever-suave Gavin
Walker. Features at 11.
March 6: The Jazz Soul of 'Porgy and
Bess" The title suns this up, Bi Potts
arranged, conducted and picked the band to
play Gershwin's great musk. Art Farmer, Phil
Woods, Bi Evans are only a few of the stare
in this wonderful album.
March 13: Part 1 of a 2 part feature.
The Lee Konitz Quartet at the Half Note. With
Done in 1959, but they sound so fresh and
March 20: Part I of the Lee Konitz
Martch 27: The Jazz Corps-a unique
and highly original group made up of frustrated
stu (to players from LA. who were detemined
to play some daring and chalengng musk.
Tommy Peltier, and guest artist Rahsaan Roland
4:00AM: The ultimate contrast. Screwing
you over with nostalgia, then bringing you
back to what you might cal realty. We do
11:00 AM That's right, bubl Punk-pop, surf-
slop, and lots more trash for yer can. Tune in
to me, Bryce D., for all the cnjd that's got
dass every Tuesday morning. Yowza!
Women in musk and gnrris in musk; two hours
of info and rawk. Ya don't need a peris to be
a musical Genius! Coral and Trish.
Meat the unherd where the unheard and the
hordes of hardy herd are heard, courtesy of
host and demo drector Dale Sawyer. Herd ip!
RITMO LATINO 9:00-10:00PM Get on
board Vancouver's only tropical fiesta express
with your loco hosts Wend, Rolando, and
Mateo as they shake it and wiggle it to the
latest in Salsa, Merengue, Cumba and olher
fiery fiesta favourites. Latin musk so hot it'H
give you a tanl jjRADIO SABROSAII
Alternating Tuesdays. Live readings and the
latest in techno twzarro vwth host Upus
LATE Warning: Ths show rs moody aid
unpredctabe. It encoinges insomnia and
may prove to be hazardous to your health
Listener ctecretion is advised. The musk,
news and 2:00 WWOD hosted by Pierre may
not be stitaHe for the entire family.
MUSIC AS A WHOLE 8:30- 9:30 AM Bob?!?
Maybe, kinda sorta, but not necessarily?
YACHT CLUB 11:30-1:15Dropaichorwith
our new all rap format. It's superkalifragalickin'
ei-peakdopemix with DJ Gav 'n Matt.
LOVE SUCKS l:15-3:00PMTuneinforthe
musical catharsis that is Love Sucks. If you
can't make sense of it, at least you can dance
MOTORDADDY 3:00-5:00PM "ham a
brother, steal his colors, insult the dub and,
man, look out - you gotta pay!" This is the
code that has escalated rivalry between
Eastern cyde dubs into a blood feud...
Join our own "best boy" Kevin OToole for
news, reviews, interviews; all the shmooz in
the film business that Mary Hart and
Entertainment Tonight find unfit to broadcast,
ESOTERIK 6:00-7:30PM (es'o'ter-ik), adj.,
understood by, or intended for, only a select
number of dsdples; secret; mysterious.
sometimes why are people so miserable?
guess that's life... but we always have Sily
Quadcy Utterly Elegant Elfy Kod Yofcs!
10:00PM-12:00 AM Let DJ's Jindwa and
Bindwa immerse you in radoactive Bhungra!
"Chakkh de phutay*. Listen to al our favorite
Puijabi hues - remixes and originals. Bnraaaah!
We're in your homes and in your heads. Anna
and Deb insinuate their way into your life to
entertain, provoke, preach, rant, seduce, and
lie to you. "It's only 10am, ae they talking
about sex agaJQr
CANADIAN LUNCH 11:30-l :00PM Toques,
plaids, backbacon, beer, igloos and beavers.
Eat your lunch every Thursday with Skyler.
STEVE* MIKE 1:00-2:00PM CrasKng the
boys'dub n the pit. Hard and fast, heavy and
slow. Listen to it, baby.
If you move in your groove and notion to
motion, If a backpack's your thing then here's
what you do: Thursdays at supper tune in to
ths show.
nothing paitkaly correct. Wedon't get paid so
you'redamn right wehavelunvrthitHosted by
Chris B.
Rodr'n'Rol - If you don't get into Rock'n'Roll
Heaven don'tbbmemel
11:00PM Localmuzakfrom9. Live ban*
from 10. March 2: Signal and The
March 9: The Mysterons
March 30: Oown Corporation
Alternating with TFIL 11:00 1AM
Straight from the mean streets, Ethan Meyer,
Dylan Rymer, and mixmaster Kaplan Nero
stradde and masssage your eardn.ms with
non-stop horror. Inject and learn somethng!
Alternating with RTY 11:00- 1AM
Chris Pariah explores theMetanoid states and
psyd«Honk scapes of The Infinite Uvingroom,
that Nth dmensknalspacebetween perplexed
ss and profound absurdty.
10:00AM Greg here. Join mein the love den
for a cocktail. Well hear retro stuff, groovy
jazz, and thicker stuff too. See you here...
and bring some ice. XOXX
LITTLE TWIN STARS Alt. with lo-fi 1-
2:30 PM Strap on yourvnyl Go Go boots for
an intergabclk nde to the stars. Hello Kitty!
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:0OPMHavea
good brunch!
I endeavour to feature dead air, verbal
fbhience (only when I speak), a work of
musk by a twentieth- century composer-
can you say mnrnalist?-and whatever else
appeals to me. Fag aid dyke positive. Mail in
fi*amviii;ia|ii |
the charm
HM(fc M « k-ett
Uh* Out
R«dr« frit
1 ?•>•** Norn*!
lo fi   little
twin stars
$0*1 CUliTCrX
Mary Tylar
Sluggy & Dipo
SHOW      |
F-miMii-* Hy-I'iu
|     SLACK-STAN      W&9ft&tfWl           ■HUI!,r77lff^^                                                                                    Vtrtry tktw    |
Aw*r« Htwat?
ftttt for K*(
kip k«p k«tit
and sometimes
1  Lulu. Bat-it
|       in Tow****
ukiteierit takes
j     Cf-FTANJ-fcLi
shports        1
1     ONE STEP
molf it me door/
strS efcttw
5:30PM  Do you want us to make you a
news coverage plus our weekly wrap up.
Underground sound system-style
mastermil radio.
cerpts from Dave Emory's Radio Free
Ameria Series.
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12:00AM The
original live mixed dance program in
Vancouver. Hosted by DJ Noah, the main
focus of the show is techno, but also
includes some trance, acid, tribal, etc...
Guest DJ's, interviews, retrospectives,
giveaways, and more are part of the flavor
of homebass.
12:00PM Now in its 10th year on the
air, The Edge on Folk features music you
won't hear anywhere else, studio guests,
new releases, British comedy sketches,
folk music calendar, ticket giveaways,
etc., plus World Cup fleportat 11:30
AM. 8-9 AM: African/World roots. 9-12
noon: Celtic music and feature perfor-
P0WERCHORD 12:00-3:OOPM Vancouver's
only true metal show; local demo tapes, imports and other rarities. Gerald Rattiehead
and Metal Ron do the damage.
THE SHOW 6:00-8:00PM Strictly Hip
Hop - Strictly Undergound - Stnctly
Vinyl With your hosts Craig G., Mr. Checka
& J Swing on the 1 & 2's.
alternating with Groove Jumping
Kiting ugly rado with one easy step.
SOMETHING   1:00-4:00AM Icanwaita i
long long time before I hear another love
new stuff this
SOLUTION (techno) wili
be fiJLLin' in Thursdays
lath from lam to Aaum
tadcincj over* -front Laced
in Dvl-tneaa 'til the end
of thiB raonth QIRLFOOr*
with Janis playing
Canadian girl tunes
(mostly) is now Fridays
1 1 -noon.
Blood on the Saddle will
be back sometime this
month! promise!
women's    DAY.
WHOM    &    HOW
Andy Bonfi.ld
ISIDIHT Saan  l*gg«t
2? i^&AMm WHAT      H*PP£Nt>
^o^M(j   WomAn p/scov/
•^T^IfJG Hf-JCrf-e-fEtf     -Wr/MMvi-WvV-H/*^
*«& &SfrAf4 Tt>    Lj5 Ml	
■&H0U<**HTt> L-OO
HA**?    ill Chtsirte
; danger gens
I various artists
, brainiac
; the Wolfgang prej
1 the stone roses
I dirt bike naked
I blaise pascal
poor old lu
i six feet deep
; some velvet sidewalk
■ the action swingers
I dogbowl & kramer
I otarf Iyer 59
evil bed set crunch   melody
the -secret of comedy       shimmy-disc
stars kill rock kill   rock   stars
bonsai superstar grass
funky little demons lad
second coming geffen
dirt bike naked independant
are  you  going  to  eat that     Bub  pop
foreward ep cave   canum
Btruggle rex
rev epitaph
impact, music vol. 5 impact
shipwreck k
quit while you're ahead        Caroline
hot day in waco shimmy  disc
starflyer 59 tooth and nail
tender places come from ...    amarillo
arch 'os SHORT VINYL 35
parch   'OS
1 zumpano
look what the rookie
did        sub pop
2 various artistB
trim crusts if desired
cinnamon toast
3 fastbacks
bike toy clock gift
4 team dresch
personal best         chainsaw/candy-ass
5 jeBBamine
6 raary lou lord
mary lou lord
kill rock stars
7 sparkmarker
products & accessories      final notice
8 free kitten
nice ass
kill rock stars
9 various artists
10 throwing muses
11 the new bomb turks
information   highway
revisited   crypt
12 lois
bet the sky
13 various artists
a far cry
'      C/Z
14 various artists
my so called life
IS the's
the 5.6.7.a's
au go go
16 good horsey
17 huggy bear
weaponry listens to love kill rock stars
18 pet
lightning rootoguzzi c
harge          ra&m
19 various artists
20 bender
funny kar
ringing   ear
21 the fakeB
real fiction
22 various artists
beyond the beach
23 bikini kill
last 2 records on cd
kill rock stars
24 laurie macdonald
kiss closed my eyes
25 sookyin lee
lavinia's tongue
2G deutsch nepal
deflagration of hell
27 bettie serveert.
28 magnified plaid
tooth & nail
29 various artists
love & a .15
30 various artists
fat music for fat people f.t wreck chords
31 face to face
over it
wandering lucy
!   fluf
.   broken girl
;   Bix cents Si natalie
peBt 500
I   the stand gtpotbelly
larry&the left-handed
the volcanoes
Bammyblonde redhead
the grifters
razor 18
liz phair
black kronstadt
teen angels
the wankin' teens
turkish delight
punk  fell to ea
go west young h
split 7"
dirty rotten finkB
duh factor
high wall
rubber baby
pigeon heaven
dirty robber
high performance
i like to eat fish
krakatoa Bide swipe
rubber goldfish
candy    floss
flying    tart
i present this
queen   of   the   table
high intensity noise
damn everything but c
dust doesn't lie
jesuB is on my side
johnny keep walkin'
try  harder
1  meow
boy   groupies
2  wandering lucy
3 unhappies
peanut   guy
4 lick the pole
lick   the   pole
5  dbs
6 plump
first    gig
7 down corporation
8  place in history
9  pifco 88
she     says
10  paisley BuitcaBe
11   big gulp
12   squeeky
not    all    daiBies
13  mark (from good horsey)
spring    chicken
14  texture
15  darkest of the hillside thickets
colour   me   green
16   terror t & the beat assassinator
true   2  tha  game
17   Buckerpunch
18   lux indigo                                                  sh
e's    not    on   the    menu
19   gonch messiali
20  ten days late
1   astro cat
2 pulse
move remixes
3  ege bam yasi
4  chosen few
white label
5 system 01
mind sensations
6 various artistB
techno head 3
7  the source exp.
different journeys
8  miss djax
x  factor
djax up beats
9  resistance d
skyline remixes
10  search & destroy
return to madness
1CiTR Mobile Sound   i
'■■■■'. \
*  jjp-Ji. jjj
- in
MP      Ma ™
H               U   1
- i i ^SLmgin
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2 the re
5 pharcyde
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7 mobb deep
do you want more?
tical lp
def   jam
big poppa 12"
my soul 12"    mad
get lifted 12"
brag /jive
shook ones pt.2 12"
word ... life lp
wild   pitch
soundtrack lp
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you receive a free piercing by
Canada's most experienced piercers
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SAT 25 Pluto, Gob, Cinnamon & Queazy at Crosstown Traffic
(ALL-AGES)...Pizzicato Five w/The Coctalis at the
Starfish...Bughouse 5 at the Railway Club...Queen Ida and the Bon
Temps Zydeco Band at the Commodore...The River Wild (7pm) &
Stargate (9:30pn) at UBC Cinemas...
SUN 26 G. Love & Special Sauce w/Lux Indigo at the
Starfish.Bender at the Hungry Eye...GoGo Jazz Lounge w/D.ls
Michael Coll'& Lovely Lisa at the Arts Club Theatre...Alternative
Jazz at the Cafe Deux Soleils Ihe River Wild (7pm) & Stargate
(9:30pn) at UBC Cinemas
MON 27 Pat Methent at the Orpheum Theatre...Zoo Boogaloo
w/djs Spun-K & Czech at the Starfish Room...
TUE 28   Maria Muldaur at Richards on Richards..Cinderella at
the Commodore ..Leisure Lounge w/dj's .Ion Hardy. .less, Druna
(deep house/ambient) at the Shaggy Horse...
WED 1 Solid Cold w/djs .Ion I lardy, T. Bone. Dickey Doo al the
Shaggy Horse. .Wonderland w/D.ls Lace & l.illle T at MaRs...
101.9 I'M SIGNAL AND THE MINSTRELS...Subsonic Thursdays at Ihe Pit Pub featuring Cub w/ Knock Down Ginger. .Boy/.
II Men al the Pacific Coliseum...Eric Burdon from ihe Animals al
Richards on Richards...Ass l'onys w/Technical Jed...Mary Lou
J.ord w/ guest Elliot! Smith al ihe Starfish Room...Chocolate Milk
w/DJ Michael Coll'(acid jazz) al the Shaggy Dorse. .'Ihe Bollle
w/djs Clarence <& David Love Jones al ihe Piccadilly Pub...
FRI 3 August Frost, Bill's Psychotic Mother, Black Dogs ol Depression al the Starfish Room...Weird Al Yankovic al Ihe Vogue
Theatre Don'l Die in a House Fire! Ken Jensen Memorial at the
Commodore, with SNFU, Gus, and members of NoMeansNo, The
Hanson Brothers, 'l'he Show Business Giants & Mr
Wrong. ..Matthew Sweet at the Town Pump.Sweet Dickal the Vancouver Press Club.King Cobb Steelie & Change of Heart al the
Hungry Lye.Tear, l'he Lemons & Mil' Experience at the Off
Ramp, Seattle...
SAT 4 Ken Jensen Memorial featuring Sparkmarker, Facepuller.
Dog Fat Dogma, Aging Youth dang. Hunting Humans & Scum
Element at ihe New York Theatre (ALL AGES)...Lylc Lovetl at the
QH Theatre.. Roughage al the Malcolm Lowry Room.Mul
Calienle w/ BC Salsa, Piramide, Songo Son at the
Commodore .The Irish Descendents at the Town Pump...Mad Pudding at the VECC.Thc Blue Shadows . The Rattled Roosters al
the Starfish Room...Sweet Dick at Ihe Vancouver Press
Club.Supersonic Soul Pimps, Gel it Curl, Pele Mciser & the 5
fingers of Punk al ihe Off Ramp, Seattle.
SUN 5 GoGo Jazz Lounge w/dj's Michael Golf & Lovely Lisa al
the Arts Club Theatre. ..Nick Lowe w/Jim Lauderdale at ihe Town
Pump.Alternative Jazz al Cafe Deux Soleils.Bile. Virus 23, Halo
Black. 16 VOLT at the Off Ramp, Seallle...
PUB...Women in Bluegrass al the Glass Slipper.Zoo Boogaloo
w/djs Spun-K & Czech al ihe Starfish...
TUE 7 1 xisure Lounge w/dj's Jon I lardy. Jess & I )i una (deep house/
ambient) at Ihe Shaggy Horse
PROGRAMMING...Solid Gold w/djs Jon Hardy, T. Bone. Dickey
Doo (progressive house) al Ihe Shaggy Horse...
I01.9FM:THEMYSTERONS...CiTR 101.9CM presents Subsonic-
Thursdays w/Bum & Harvey Sid Fisher al the Pit Pub (no
cover)...Celestial Magenla al the Hungry Eye...Chocolate Milk w/
dj Michael ('.oil'(acid jazz) al ihe Shaggy Horse.. The Bollle w/
dj's David Love Jones at the Piccadilly Pub.. Sol w/dj Markem al
Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rawk Angst with Harvey
Sid Fisher, Dub Narcotic, The Fallouts, The Evaporators, The Tonics, Joey Cheezhee at Studio J (ALL AGES).. The Intoxicators at
the Niagara Pub.Stonehouse at the Vancouver Press Club. Meat
Men, Teen Angels, WiderMan & Mob Sled at the Off Ramp,
SAT 11 Spell w/Queazy at the Starfish Room...Harvey Sid Fisher
at the Malcolm Lowry Room...The Beauticians at the Vancover
Press Club I am a Wild Party! - Kim Mitchell at Breakers...The
Rheostaics at the Commodore
SUN 12 Toad the Wet Sprocket w/ Hootie & the Blowfish at the
Vogue Theatre. ..Maceo Parker & His Six Piece Funk All Stars w/
The David Murray Trio at the Commodore...GoGo jazz Lounge
w/dj's Michael Golf & Lovely Lisa at the Arts club
Theatre.Alternative Jazz at Cafe Deux Soleils...
PIT PUB.Weezer w/ Archers of Loaf at the Commodore (ALL
AGES). ..Zoo Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K & Czech at the Starfish
TUE 14 Ixisure Lounge w/dj's Jon Hardy. Jess, Druna (deep house/
ambienl) al Ihe Shaggy Horse...
WED 15 DRI. Sir
Theatre (ALL AG1
Hardy (progress™
& len Days Late at the New York
ild w/dj's T-Bone, Dickey-Doo. Jon
e Shaggy Horse..
THU 16 CiTR 101.9fM presents Subsonic Thursdays w/BigC.uld
& SF Fnvelope al the Pit Pub (no cover)...Speedbuggy. Marmalade and Squelch at the Hungry Eye...Chocolate Milk w/dj michael
golf (acid jazz) at the Shaggy Horse...Sol w/dj  Markem at
FRI 17 The Paperboys at the Starfish Room...djs Jon Hardy &
Druna al the Shaggy Horse..
SAT 18 Rumplesteelskin at the Starfish Room...Terror of Tiny
Town at the Hungry Eye..
SUN 19 Alternative Jazz at Cafe Deux Soleils. ..GoGo Jazz Lounge
w/dj's Michael Golf & Lovely Lisa at the Arts Cub Theatre...
PIT PUB...Reading Railroad (spoken word performances) at the
Railway. Zoo Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K & Czech at the Starfish
TUE 21 Leisure Lounge w/dj's Jon Hardy, Jess, Druna (deep house/
ambienl) al the Shaggy Horse. Garliconspiracy at Richards on
Richards. .
WED 22 Dave Alvin, Peter Case, Tom Russell at the Starfish
Room...Solid Gold w/dj's djs Jon Hardy. T Bone. Dickey Doo at
Ihe Shaggy Horse...
THU 23 CiTR 101.9fM presents Subsonic Thursdays w/Age of
Electric & Crankshaft at the Pit Pub (no cover)...The Bottle (acid
jazz) w/djs Clarence & David Love Jones at the Piccadilly
Pub...Sol w/dj Markem at Graceland. Chocolate Milk w/dj Michael
Golf at the Shaggy Horse...
FRI 24 Margaret Cho at the Vogue Theatre...Des'ree at Richards
on Richards... Douse of Commons at the Niagara Pub...
SAT 25 Tom Lewis at the WISE Hall....Silly Rabbit at the Niagara
SUN 26 GoGo Jazz Lounge w/dj's Michael Golf & Lovely Lisa at
Ihe Arts Club Theatre...Alternative Jazz at Cafe Deux Soleils...
I'll' PUB. /Hie Fugles al the Pacific Coliseum...Pat Metheny fea-
luiing Lyle Mays at the Orpheum...Celestial Magenta at Richards
on Richards...Zoo Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K & Czech at the Starfish Room...
Coliseum...June Tabor at the VECC...Leisure Lounge w/dj's Jon
Hardy, Jess & Druna (deep house/ambient) at the Shaggy Horse.
WED 29 Come on. there must be something goin' down...
101.9 FM : DOWN CORPORATION...CiTR 101.9fM presents
Subsonic Thursdays w/Terror of Tiny Town & Thurston at the Pit
Pub (no cover)...
FRI 31 We'll probably have another issue of this damn magazine
ready by this day, so read it to find out what the hell is going on...
Alma Street Cafe 2505 Alma (at Broadway)
Anza Club 3 W 8th (Mount Pleasant)
Arts Hotline
©Gallery   110 W Hastings (downtown)
Backstage Lounge 1585 Johnston (Granville Island)
Cafe Deux Soleils 2096 Commercial (the Drive)
Cafe Vieux Montreal 317 E Broadway (Mount Pleasant)
Caprice Theatre 965 Granville (Granville Mall)
Celebrities 1022 Davie (West End)
CNImax Theatre 999 Canada Place (downtown)
Commodore Ballroom 870 Granville (Granville Mall)
Commodore Lanes 838 Granville (Granville Mall)
Crosstown Traffic 316 W Hastings (downtown)
Denman Place Cinema 1030 Denman (Weal End)
District Coffee 1035 Mainland (Yaletown)
Firehall Arts Centre 280 E Cordova (at Main)
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
Glass Slipper 2714 Prince Edward (Mount Pleasant)
Graceland 1250 Richards (downtown)
Hastings Community Centre 2096 E Hastings (East Van)
Hemp B.C. 324 W Hastings (downtown)
Hollywood Theatre 3123 W Broadway (Kitsilano)
Hungry Eye 23 W Cordova (Gastown)
Koemer's Pub Gate 4 (UBC)
La Quena till Commercial Drive (the Drive)
Luv-A-Fair 1275 Seymour (downtown)
Lux Theatre 57 E Hastings (Gastown)
Malcolm Lowry Room 4125 E Hastings (Burnaby)
Maximum Blues Pub 1176 Granville (downtown)
Odyssey Imports    534 Seymour (downtown)
Old American Pub   928 Main (downtown)
Orpheum Theatre   Smithe & Seymour (downtown)
Pacific Cinematheque 1131 Howe (downtown)
Paradise Cinema 919 Granville (Granville Mall)
Park Theatre 3440 Cambie (South Vancouver)
Picadilly Pub 630 W Pender (downtown)
Pit Pub basement, Student Union Building (UBC)
Pitt Gallery 317 W Hastings (downtown)
Plaza Theatre 881 Granville (Granville Mall)
Punk Listings
Railway Club 579 Dunsmuir (downtown)
Ridge Cinema 3131 Arbutus (at 16thAvenue)
Russian Hall 600 Campbell (Chinatown)
Scratch Records 317A Cambie (downtown)
Shaggy Horse Cabaret 818 Richards (downtown)
Speedy O'Tubbs Fairview (Bellingham)
Starfish Room 1055 Homer (downtown)
Starlight Cinema 935 Denman (West End)
Station Street Arts Centrc 930 Station (downtown)
3B Tavern 1226 Stale (Bellingham)
Town Pump 66 Water Street (Gastown)
Track Records        552 Seymour (downtown)
Twilight Zone 7 Alexander (Gastown)
UBC CINEMA (located in the SUB)
UBC Grad Centre Gate 4 (UBC)
Vancouver East Cultural Centre 1895 Venables
Vancouver Centre Cinema 650 W. Georgia (downtown)
Varsity Theatre 4375 W 10th Avenue (Point Grey)
Video In 1965 Main (South Van)
Vogue Theatre 918 Granville (Granville Mall)
Waterfront Theatre 1405 Anderson (Granville Is.)
W.I.S.E. Hall 1882 Adanac (the Drive)
Yale Blues Pub 1300 Granville (downtown)
Zulu Records      1869 W. 4th Avenue (Kitsilano)
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681 9253
738 3232
Starfish...Tlie Eagles at the Pa
Split 7"
International grudge match with Canada &
Japan's top teen superpowers of punk! But it
not total bloodshed as the forces "kiss and
nakeup" on the B-sides by covering each others
songs on this specially priced double pack 7" on
Lance Rock Records! See Bum Live in concert
at the Pit Pub on Thursday March 9th. $4.99
Cool Way To Feel
Like  Teenage  Fanclub  with  dirt-
ncrusted  fingernails.  Pluto   debuts
his  month  with their first full-length
CD 'Cool Way To Feel*.
13   power-pop   blasts.
-512.99   CO
Sunset Theatre
Des Noyers' acoustic guitar wizardry and wry
poetic lyrics are enhanced by Eugene
Martynec's crisp production in this jazz-
infected folk album.  "Bruce Cockburn. Stephen
Fearing,  Don Ross: add to that list of notable
players...Allen des Noyers." (CBC TV)
$12.99  CD   $7.99  cass
Incision Dress
"Another fantabulo
a band who can do no wrong.
they  were   a   breakfast  cereal
they'd  be   Lucky  Charms."  - ..
Schreurs,  Terminal   City
$4.99  cass
Attention All Bands!!
Po you have an undistributed
demo CD or tape? Sam's
carries Western Canada's
largest selection of
independent products!
The final installment of the 3 part series
that documents the  "Products  &  Accessories" CD on vinyl. This 7" includes th
3 songs from the CD with yet another fi
display of artwork from  Ken Gerberick.
The  missing  link that completes the
collection.    $3.99   7"
Lightning Motoguzzi Charge
Vancouver's  rock  n'
Pet,  sweat out a six pack of
punk pop  delight  on their
debut CD.  Watch  out for this
broody  trio  at  a  tavern  near
you.   Pet   bites.   $9.99   CD
Split 7"
Now something so sad has hold
of  us  that  the   breath   leaves
and  we  can't  even  cry.
$2.99   7"
Between Your Heart & Mine
Produced by Bill Buckingham, this album is
filled with radio friendly songs that are sure tc
feed the palates of radio audiences. Curtis'
latest single 'Georgia Rain" accompanied by a
video can be seen on the New Country Network
and heard on radio station's coast to coast.
$7.99 cats, $12.99 CD
A Tasty Hearty Dish
Discover a flood of new tones from
local Indie band Guppy Excellent
songwriting dominates this mix of
subcultured noise pop that's *?;!@
good! So buy it! (Recorded in digital)
$9.99   CD
For More Information on
selling your music at
Sam's, ask for Rob Zga(jic
at our 568 Seymour St.
locaton All types of
music accepted.
After School Special
ati of tii.
A taste of things to come on the
forthcoming CD, "After School
Special" is a smorgasbord of spite &
sarcasm. "Fast and aggressive,
hardcore for the 90's." - Exclaim 1869 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver BC
tel 604.738.3232
MontoWed 10-30-7-00
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
• The Battle For Space
Unfazed from their estranged and much overlooked 1993 EP, The Mystery of Kustomized.
Boston's virile punkers Kustomized sum it up
once again. As the title suggests, Kustomized
are engaged in rebellion - rebellion within the
milieu of critically positioned punk rock a la
Volcano Suns and Missions of Burma.
Another groovy Matador Records release.
O 14.98 m 9.98
Archers of Loaf
• Harnessed in Slums EP
Just what the hell is un Archer of Loaf? As far
as we can tell, it must have something to do with
great rock music because that's what these
Archers do. For them, and us, the "Loaf is a
nourishing morsel of punk ingenuity. As far as
their archery is concerned, every shot's a hit. An
accurate, toe-tapping, pop-rock, bare-off, and
these Archers know their Loaf. Come on in for
a slice or three (new songs that is).
© EP 7.98
• Rebound EP (Ltd Edition)
Another complement to your weepy, sensitive
indie rock library, courtesy of the boys they call
Sebadoh. With such infectious introspection,
Lou B's singalongable talk therapy amounts to
another fine release. Batting your tears while
pleasing your ears. Just try and listen to the
acoustic versions of "Magnet's Coil" and
"Rebound" without being overcome with a satisfying melancholy. Ahh, i think I'll go sit by
myself for a while.
O-EP 9.98
Guided by Voices
•* Box
Rocks. This "Box" rocks. Tliis "Box" is loaded
with enough Pop to put you over the edge.
Where you want to be. 5 CDs / 6 LPs of sunken
treasure. A resurrection supreme of songs circa
'87-'92 heard by only a lucky few. Put your
ears in the "Box." Wait. Is that a smile on your
64.98 CD or LP
• Cod Hears the Pleas of
the Innocent
An ugly band for the common man. Hillbilly
music for stomping on graves. The sound of redneck Wisconsin. A small man with a monster's
voice, a big heavy bass. Guitar-skree-noise fills
the space all around. Plod on good men.
<D Sour Hmes EP
Sour Times includes five additional new songs
and remixes which weren't included on their
phenomenal Dummy CD. From relative obscurity to one of the most-talked-about bands of late
(who says rock doesn't pay!).
O ep 10.98
• Are You Going To Eat
Their second big Sub Pop release. You know, wc
just plain old like this band. I mean, they rock,
write good songs and put on an energetic live
show (although the "man" seems to disallow
such examples - duh). Hazel asks, "Are you
going to eat that?" If their record were food, I
would, and I would be eating witb the biggest
smile my face would allow. Because, without a
doubt, it would be the best thing I ever ate. If
Hazel records were food, my fridge would be
full of them.
O 16.98 m 10.98
O 14.98
I 10.98
Sons of Freedom
Long considered to be one of Vancouver's finest
rock bands, these fellas have just recently
reformed for a few gigs. Digging through the
proverbial vaults, this recording comes up with
16 songs spanning the entire Sons of Freedom
existence from the earliest demos in '87 to the
latest recordings they made in '92. Aaaah... in
the words of Peaches & Herb, "reunited, and
it feels so good."
O 12.98
* Cool Way to Feel
Cute bands will never go out of style, so get used
to Pluto. After 3 slick 'n' sexy 7"s, Pluto finally blasts off digitally with 13 tunes on shiny
compact disc. Definitely a "cool way to feel."
O 12.98
Royal Trux
® Thank You
Nightmare fragments of the Stones lying all
over the place. A kicked-in guitar genius and his
girl, the new acid queen. Playing in a junk-
strewn gutter. Marking a mess. Making you
groove, where they want you to. Down with
them. Get down with them. Alien space blues for
the apathetic and disaffected.
O 16.98 pg 10.98
Continuing to carve a fresh niche distinct from
the shadow of the T. Muses, Tanya Donelly's
Belly shows considerable growth as a band on
this second release. Featuring a new bassist and
a much more united and confident approach to
songwriting, this record should solidify Belly as
a force in the pop-rock world.
Q 14.98 ra 9.98
*h 31,1995.


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