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 WfflfM&MiWM?& Gene Simons * Ace Fretiley * Paul Stanley * Peter Criss
Live at General Motors Place
August 15
Ben Harper
Sat Aug. 24
Vogue Theatre 9pm
"Not even boot camp is as tough as being in Rock 'n' Roll" - PATTI SMITH  . lUMMERHITS!
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VARIOUS Punk Notion Unification $11.84 CD
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VARIOUS0 Chicken Bombfi %_ Satellite, Me-Up, Do; Faced Hermon*, etc) $9.87 CD
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DUOTANGo The Mem^e $3.so 7H
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Upcoming fall releases to mollify you:
NIMROD-iel/tft/ed CD
•fmpertaf Household Orchestra CD
i \* Jf^i
II ■ ■
-Melt your GoM 7"
_ ■ A  Iwl
-All PopstarArt Totentfew Scum CD
a Street
la V6B 1E1
PH: 687-6355 • FAX
" " ■"■■"■" ■-"
1 Vancouver!
y megan mallet
The last month of the summer
brings us lots of news from
the Vancouver rock world.
In what seems lo be ihe most exciting news yet, this year's Rock
for Choke show, scheduled for
late September/early October,
sure sounds excellent. Although
venue-less at the moment, organizers Denise and Meegan have
already confirmed Team
Dresch, Sleater-Kinney,
Kinnie Starr, Puncture and
Sparkmarker! ... Remember
how Michael Turner's Hard
Core Logo was made into a
movie last year? (Directed by
Bruce McDonald, none the less.)
Well, Keith Porteous seems to be
heading ihe making of a Hard
Core Logo tribute album. A tribute album to a nonexistent band?
Yeah. And it sounds pretty cool
too, wilh Voncouver content from
the likes of Kinnie Starr, 54
40, The Odds and cubl Look
for a possible October release
date ... Superconductor have
returned from what sounds like
an interesting tour down to and
bock from Los Angeles. On the
Oregon-California     border
(Roseberg, Oregon, to be exact),
the brakes and rear wheels of
their van caught on fire. Luckily
the band escaped unharmed, although they later learned from
iheir towtruck driver that if ihey
had driven one mile further, their
van would have most likely exploded. On the up side, their
shows went well and they are
planning to record their Communion Records debut sometime in
September... Speaking of tours,
Strain are getting set to take off
on their second European lour at
the end of this month. This time
ihey plan ta be out of the country
for two months! Look for a variety of Strain releases (two 7"s
and a full length) on New Age
ond Heartfirst Records. Also look
for a Brand New Unit 10" on
Melodiya and a Capone CD EP
on Heartfirst; both should be at a
record store near you by early
September ... Celebrating iheir
new full-length, Speedbuggy
are currently on a Canadion tour
... Oh Susanna is doing very
well for herself; with a two page
feature in Huh, an American national magazine run by the same
folks who do Roygun, and a 3/
4 page article in the industry bible Billboard, she is receiving
offers from all sorts of labels! ...
Look for new Tear Garden coming to you soon on Nettwerk!
Kevin from Skinny Puppy ond
Ryan from the Legendary Pink
Dots are teaming up for a new
release... Cub's Box of Hair CD
is doing extremely well, charting
at number one on both CMJ ond
Gavin (both college-type industry
charts). They have completed a
video for their first single,
"Freaky," which was directed by
Joe Kloiz, who has also done videos for Sugar and Juliana
Hatfield. On the touring front,
it sounds like these three women
will be very busy, with plans to
hit not onfy the US (with the likes
of Sebadoh and the Queers),
and Canada (headlining!), but
also Europe (with J Church),
Australia, New Zealand ond Japan! ... More from Mint: look for
a Huevos Rancheros ep and
a Duotang full-length comin'
soon ... Look for Wandering
Lucy's guitar stylin's on ihe new
Dub Narcotic (one of Mr.
Calvin-Beat Happening-Johnson's
bands) full length ... Be sure ta
check out this year's Under the
Volcano Festival of Art and
Social Change. Go ta Cates
Park in North Voncouver on August 11 th and participate in 11
hours of rocking ihe status quo.
Honouring the Decade of Indigenous Peoples and spotlighting
women performers in
Grrrlopalooza, feature acts
include Tribe 8, Kashtin,
Third Sex, rapper 151, Veda
Hille, Trish Kelly, Jody
Coyote, Faith Nolan, Farah
Palmer, Mary Longman and
more! Tickets are by donation,
recommended $5 - $ 10. They still
need volunteers, so if yer interested, call 254-7057. For more
information on the festival, call
254-8782 ... For oil you
rockabilly fans out there, The
Main Street Ranch has
opened! This is a new stare which
will showcase the work of local
artists and musicians. Have a
wander down to 2412 Main
Street and check them out. (For
more information coll 874-3766)
... Contrary to rumours,
Zulu Records' stars knockdown-ginger are NOT breaking upl
The Fiends- The Fiends
(Dionysus -from California!) ...
The Electrosonics - 3 song
S/T ep (Quiddity/Drive-In
Records-from Michigan!) ...
Speedbuggy - Max. Size
Approx. 30 Inches   (Squirtgun
Records)... Wandering Lucy-
Leap Year (K)... Another Joe-
Pee Against the Wind (Positive -
Yup, the label run by the members of Gob.) ... Corsage -
Western Roll (Emblem Records -
Phil Smith is back! Featuring
Nicole from Coal's beautiful vocals on a couple of songs.) ...
Another White Male - Cattle
(ASM - Major label debut by
ihese local boys.) ... Jabber -
Jabber (Independent)... Sugar
Crash - Fry (Independent)... The
Bughouse Five - Doric Days
Passing (East Side Records) ...
The Wheat Chiefs - Redeemer
(BangOn - Look for iheir video on
Much Music)... Too Much Talk
- Debut (Parla Troppo) ... Cozy
Bones - Rogues of High Floundering (Independent) ... Custom • Custom (Lifestyle Records)
... Epsilon Knot-Edna (Turtle)
The Potatomen, The Softies,
Plumtree plus guests - Sat.,
Aug. 3rd at St. James Community Square, 7:30pm. Tix at door.
Powell Street Festival (Annual celebration of Jopanese
Canadian arts, culture and heritage) - Sat. Aug. 3rd and Sun.
Aug. 4th at Oppenheimer Park -
Rock Against Prisons featuring Kathleen Yearwood and
Sandy Caulfield - Sat., Aug.
10th at Ihe WISE Hall.
Under the Volcano Festival
- Sun., Aug. 11 th at Cates pork
in North Vancouver. All day -
by donation.
s  month's^
a k CrJ __J Sii
UhU\ gosfu backwash
fasti)**-*' r\ew mansions in
SOtin^ I \
f'l paretfyha see
'fCxA s\a\es is high
pj&ftt musiK«ol 7
b&tyead beheaded
Uljrftn. fellers ^union  i
hfye it lands
"^Ktt>le force Of juntor
te| the world fall apart
^0<rj0f^S^L minieO
helf/s dress U't ep
bei\'^^r^riq\ dreamy
analljgue aad if
ner<^ girl  twis\ her
eliotf sharp     ' (cowshead   chronicleip
1 haven't been sleeping well lately, not at all. i seem to wake up
throughout the night almost every hour on the hour, and sometimes
not even sure if i've actually been asleep or not. sort of like sleeping
with one eye open, sure i drink a lot of coffee, but with out
afraid my life would come to a screeching halt so for those of you who
may be suggesting i give it up, bite your tongues, caffeine, for
just sort of makes everything right, the very smell of coffee sends me
into a tizzy, but enough of that, my sleep is of some concern to me. i
have, as of late, been concerned with topics of a heady nature and often
times find myself thinking about three or four different things as i'm
falling asleep, it's hard to just clear your mind when you want to catch
some zzzz's. some of my dreams have included people i haven't 9
quite some time, and have included me doing something's that i would
/er even think of doing in an otherwise awakened state, i have also of
late been thinking about particular people, people who, at the moment,
seem to be millions of miles away, that is not to say, however that these
people are out of state, or province, quite the opposite, i see them
quite frequently, regret plays a large part in my failing to get a good
deep sleep, my mother says we only regret those things we don't do and
not those things we do do. i'm not sure this is entirely true but for the
most part i agree with her. i do have some deep regrets though that will
never go away, and while i have a bad concept of time due to years of
drug abuse i do remember certain dates with disturbing clarity, deci-
>ns made in January of 1993 head up the list as well as certain furtive
movements made in april 1995 and again in October of the same year, oh
well, what can you do? live and learn, but due to all of these outside
•ces i sleep like a man lying on a bed of nails, on my back, head up
•ring at the ceiling as if i'm looking for some answers, in fa
ceiling is like a giant slide screen where pictures from my life appear
ith alarming realism, pictures from vegas, baltimore, mexico, edmonton,
of high school, bars and cars, concerts, naked bodies and other things
not easily noted here now. i have lately taken to the use of sleeping
pills and things have gotten marginally better but my dreams are
more vivid and often disturbing, it's tough to determine which is the
better of the two evils, maybe it's better to live with the giant slide
screen, at least it's entertaining and i know the players,
\ > ^S osf l
os/ Lfes//oczJ\yJIui
A Recap of the 1996
International Jazz Festival
June 21-30th @ various venues
by Justin Ho
The 1996 Vancouver Folk Festival i
Jericho Beach
by J. Bilan
rS7n/erna/ibnaf$a2z festival
love jazz. Ever since I heard a recording of Joe Williams and the Count
Basie Orchestra, there's been no better music. With this event, you've
just got to take a chance with what
you go and see. There's a lot of variety to choose from and the following
are my thoughts on my experience at
this year's Festival.
Friday, June 21
This concert featured a stellar combination of pianist/singer
Diana Krall (who hails from Nanaimo, BC) and her trio, and
piano legend George Shearing. I've caught Diana Krall for the
past four years straight and have seen her rise through the
Festival ladder from a free concert in Gastown, to an Alma
Street club date, to a double bill at the Vogue a year ago, to
opening night this year. Her set consisted mostly of material
from her latest album AH For You (a tribute to Nat "King" Cole),
which was the theme of her performance at last year's festival.
Diana beamed with confidence. Her trio, consisting of Russell
Malone on guitar and Paul Keller on bass, was very solid and
versatile, at times sounding like the intimate trio that they were
and at other times swinging almost as hard as a Basie band.
The group sounded its best when doing ballads. A sensitive
version of "They Can't Take That Away From Me" breathed
new life into a song I was beginning to get sick of. The recent
passing of the legendary Ella Fitzgerald was inspiration for a
touching rendition of "Dream A Little Dream of Me" (Krall had
been rehearsing this for a tribute to Ella at Carnegie Hall). The
duo of Malone and Krall on "You're Looking At Me" was as
intimate as can be and she brought the house down on "Comes
Love," where she squeezed in a few bars of "Fever" at the end.
After Krall, there seemed no fitting follow-up than British
pianist/composer George Shearing. Counter to my fears that
he wouldn't be responsive to the audience, he was practically a
chatter box, recounting story after story, telling joke after joke.
Accompanied by Toronto-based Vancouver emigrant, Neil
Swanson, the duo showcased their interplay with their opening
tune called "Freedom Jazz Dance," in which Shearing switched
into his classical persona for a few bars.
Most of the evening was consistent with the Cole tribute. Other
highlights were his rendition of an old Nat Cole classic, "That
Sunday That Summer," which I found particularly moving, and
an un-amplified "Nature Boy." He even surprised the crowd with
a vocal version of the Cole Porter classic, "Every time We Say
Goodbye," improvising on the words to include a safe driving
message to all those in the crowd using their cars to get home
Gastown Jazz
Saturday, June 22
With such a ride at the opening night gala behind me, I made
my usual trek the next afternoon down to Gastown to catch all
the free music. I only caught the last ten minutes of the PJ Perry
Quartet, but 1 can honestly tell you that they were swinging as
hard as any band that I've seen I was also very impressed by
trumpeter Ingrid Jensen, another Nanaimo native. I only heard
a bit from the Winnipeg group Blue Meanies and I have only
one word to describe them - loud!
Sunday, June 23
Vogue Theatre
Guitarist John Hart opened the evening with a safe and short
set with bassist Phil Baker and drummer, former
Vancouverite, Rudy Petschauer. As for the music, they opened
their set with a hard swing, "I'm Getting Sentimental Over
You." The best tune would have to be the ballad that was
dedicated to his child.
When Ellis Marsalis came on stage, the audience knew it
was in the presence of greatness. The combination of his pristine touch on piano and his tight trio were impressive. I was
particularly pleased with his true-form rendition of Oscar
Peterson's "Weatland," about which he said, "If I'm going to
tour across Canada, I better learn something Canadian."
Monday, June 24
Vogue Theatre
When the Abbey Lincoln performance came the following
night, I was ready for some more vocals and I was not disappointed. People who were expecting a singer to blow their
toupees off with technique, perfect vocal skill, and intonation
only set themselves up for disappointment. There were times
when her young trio was not in sync, and her voice was not
the strongest it could have been, but she more than made up for
it with her emotion, style, and charm. A highlight was her rendition of Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man."
Francois Bourassa opened the show; his set can be summed
up by quoting one of my friends who said, "He could be opening for John Tesh" Playing all originals, Bourassa had very full
sounding chords and good technique, but his music never really clicked with me. I found my eyes getting heavier and heavier as the 48 minute set went on.
Tuesday, June 25
Vogue Theatre
The Stratochiefs, all from Vancouver, was fronted by trumpeter
Kevin Elaschuck He's a very talented trumpeter, and I felt very
guilty for falling asleep. It's not that the band was bad — it was
just another case of not clicking with the music.
The energy and excitement that was lacking in the opening
acf s set, was in full flight with Phil Woods and his band. Adding
another instrument for harmony lifts the music to a whole new
dimension. Trumpeter Brian Lynch was a worthy advisor to
Woods' powerful alto sax. The most impressive of the group was
its youngest member, pianist Bill Charlap. Hunched forward into
the piano keys and bobbing up and down to his playing, he had
enough intensity for the entire band. I was already impressed
with his recent work with vocalist Carol Sloane, but seeing this
young piano player live just blew me away.
Thursday, June 27
Vancouver East Cultural Centre
The format for the VECC (a great venue) concert was a little
different from the Vogue ones. There were no opening acts and
no intermission. So for next year, remember to go to the washroom before the show!
If Diana Krall's vocal stylings can be likened to a combination of Shirley Horn's touch and Carmen McRae's confidence,
then Dee Daniels is by far the closest to the late greats Sarah
Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald. She displayed all of what seemed
to be a four or five octave range. The highlights for me came
when she moved to the piano to perform the roles of both
singer and player.
Her trio was steady. I enjoyed Seattle pianist Larry Fuller, but
I was less than pleased by the locals: bassist Russell Botten, and
drummer Craig Scott. I've seen them perform better before
(with Diana Krall a few years ago), yet they seemed rather
blase that night.
Though her vocal skills were dazzling, the real treat was
her stage presence. She was truly an entertainer. Most of the
evening she was speaking to the women in the crowd,
telling them that men are pigs, but they can't help themselves. "It's a gene thing," she said, "it's our job to help
them see the light!" She had herself and her audience laughing on the floor.
The Jazz Cafe
My last evening of my festival schedule was a new free venue,
and a very popular one at that. I almost didn't attend the show
and afterwards I wished I hadn't. Hammett-Vaughan was not
the problem — her voice was in good form, but her band wasn't.
Another problem was the stage setup. The lighting scheme
for the backdrop of the performers felt like the kind used for
the '80's show Switchback. But what was most irritating were
the cameras.
If you can't wait until next year (I'm waiting for a headlining vibist), go catch some action at the local clubs or better yet,
catch the varied jazz programming on CiTR
(Catch Justin's radio show (Justin's Time) every Thursday 2-3pm!
Other Jazz-related shows: The Jazz Show, Mondays 9pm-12am; Rebel
Jazz, Tuesdays l-3pm)
oti's OCotDeacf
t used to be when I was younger that
I would say "Folk Festival? Who listens to FOLK music?" Well, back in
those long, hot, sunny days of the
Winnipeg summer I was introduced
by a friend of mine (who incidentally
played in a punk alterno band at the
time) to the Folk Festival experience.
I've been a devout fan ever since.
A Folk festival is unlike any other form of music festival. The
similarities are there, of course: you have the crowds, the food,
the souvenirs, and obviously the music. But with the Folk festival comes something more. Joe Strummer of the Clash once
commented that punk rock has very little to do with music and
a whole lot to do with attitude. Cliche as this might sound, it
holds true for all forms of music, folk included. Despite my
somewhat narrow beliefs of the past, I discovered there was an
incredible variety of music available to me, from traditional
folk melodies to passionate world beat rhythms. For me, the
best thing about a Folk festival is the attitude and spirit of
everyone around you, audience and performers alike. This
year's Vancouver Folk Festival was no exception
In keeping with the traditional folk attitude, there was a feel
of spontaneity in the air. Artists from across the globe presented a wide variety of political views and musical styles. Folk
music can be viewed as a balance between anger and protest,
and speaking one's mind. A wonderful part of the Folk Fest is
the lack of pretense shown by both performers and audience
alike. The performers invite audience participation throughout
various workshops during the day and the entire air of the
event is very relaxed. Once the heat of the afternoon gives way
to the softer light of evening, a crowd gathers for the main stage
event. What is truly amazing about the evening main stage performances is the unity one experiences with the other listeners.
Although you are sharing space with several thousand people,
the music has this uncanny ability to fill the gaps between people, leaving one with the sense that you are part of the music as
if you were watching the performance in a small, private club.
What does this all add up to? Basically that the folk festival
is beyond words. It is an attitude and an experience that cannot
really be described. The performers this year were top notch as
always, and as they are too numerous to review fairly, I can't go
in to detail. What can be said is that if you have yet to experience the Folk Fest, then you are in for a supreme treat. Dismiss
any stereotypes you may have about folk music, for it is an attitude every bit as strong and alive as punk rock, and it is definitely worth checking out.
Check out CiTR's Folk music programmes: The Edge on Folk,
Saturdays 8am-12pm, and Flaming Caterpillar, Mondays 6-7pm. See
the Dial for complete listings, including other World Beat and speciality music programmes.
6     /CU^USI 1996 acKS
abbed headlines
Clash strung
ntd dne great
considers the bands that were most instrumental in the grand explosion of punk in the late '70's, three groups
II above the rest in terms of significance and impact. While the Sex Pistols grabbed headlines for their outlandish
and the Clash strung politics, reggae, and attitude together into one great soup, the Buzzcocks cooked up pop
id hooks on a spoon of punk and mainlined the whole damn thing. Influencing everyone from Peter Buck of
iurt Cobain, Manchester's Buzzcocks have landed on North American shores touring to support All Set, an album
lite that amazingly is only the band's fifth studio album.
On the phone from Seattle, head Buzzcock Pete Shelley seems at ease with the
idea of the Vancouver show being the 20th anniversary of their first gig as a band
(Manchester, 7/20/76). "If you would have asked me ten years ago if I would still be
in the Buzzcocks, I would have laughed at you. Only when pigs can fly. Mind you I
have it on good authority that if we play for another five years, we will be inducted
into the R&R Hall of Fame. I'm hoping Eric Clapton will do the honors." After repeated false rumors that the Buzzcocks were indeed reunited and touring, a flood of offers
to tour poured in. "At that point, I thought, what the fuck, people must be interested
in hearing us again. I know a lot of people would rather hear us and bands like the Sex
Pistols again over, well let's just say, over bands that should just go away." Contacting
original member, guitarist/vocalist Steve Diggle, and recruiting drummer Phil Barker
and bassist Tony Barber in 1989, Shelley and the revamped lineup took to the road and
N A spddn OF PUNK     eventually recorded Trade Test Transmission in '93, an album equal to their early work.
Three weeks into the tour, Shelley seems content on the reception the band is receiving and the mix of the crowd. "We seem to be getting the old fans showing up for the shows
but there are a lot of new faces as well. When we played Denver, a guy came up to me and asked me what part of The States we were from," he says with a chuckle. Concentrating
on their newer material at the shows, the band still plays a swath of the old classics. "If we didn't play 'Orgasm Addict' or 'What Do I Get?' we'd get lynched. Besides, the old chestnuts still sound great roasted over an open fire ... The audiences here in the States and Canada are good though. There seems to be more passion in the crowd. In England, I think
there is this sense of bands being flavor of the week and it makes people more cynical." With the popularity of bands such as Green Day and Offspring, obviously wearing out their
copies of the Buzzcocks seminal 1979 compilation Singles Going Steady before going into the studio and recording their million sellers, Shelley shrugs it off. "We never made the
big money. I guess that's why Howard (Devoto) is a photo librarian now," he laughs, "but if \
any bands want to send me money, I'll give them my address."
As both Diggle and Shelley carry a few more wrinkles and a bit less hair on this tour, the
question arose if they could still dodge flying beer bottles and spittle directed at the stage.  »^ « ^        ..„ .
"It's a bit different now. Before we came to North America for this tour, we played with the 9 ^2   ANJ3AXDJ U R1ISJ G *
Pistols at Finsbury Park in London. They had a bit of a barricade between us and the crowd.   91 HBlA-..       A--.,...„__—L,.., X™.!..
The only thing that made it on stage was a toothbrush. Even punks have to fight tartar."*  i?KfP^__rT^___f !__*:      h*-f™—-w*-r-- — —T".f^l„*
by Pieter Hofmann lHIPWH_»-^_| Ti-HiJLJ U M 1 ,   WhU^ T
gP E AT^E?-FfALB p* -fiU^ M D R©f
MCA Who    are   you?
(names,     ages,
_^»     f\    f'rSXWIrii     instruments
IJ    *-"* Alexandia, Virginia, USA.
Tobey Black: I'm 23, I play guitar, and was born in New
Westminster, BC.
Corrina Beesley-Hammond: I am 26, I play bass and sing, and was
born in Calgary, Alberta.
If the USA and CANADA went to war, whose side would
the individual members of Maow fight on? Where would
you go to avoid the draft?
C: To avoid the draft I would gimp up my leg which would start a
"new modern primitive" trend and this fame would keep me from the
front lines like Elvis.
T: I think I would have to side with Canada because we need all
the help we can get, even though I'm not sure if I would be of any
assistance considering I suffer from chronic fatigue. But boy, can I
shoot a gun.
N: I wouldn't fight. I'd just stay home and bitch about it. I'd call my
Canadian friends and bitch about it too. I wouldn't be able to take
sides, I'm more a North American now. I'd go to my boyfriend's
house to avoid the draft.
Meow vs. Meow. It all seems very sinister. What's the
story behind the name change?
T: It is all very sinister. Who would have thought there was [another
Meow]? We tried to come up with a compromise with the 'other'
Meow but they were unwilling to budge. Since we are nice people
who would rather not waste money on lawyers and legal fees, we
decided to change the name to MAOW. I recently saw their CD in
Chapel Hill North Carolina but it was $20 and I decided it wasn't
worth it. We're more famous than them now anyway!
C: Luckily the name is so silly it wasn't hard for us to give it up.
Is Maow realty "Woman" minus the "n"?
N: No, but that's very clever.
C: Of course we planned it that way.
T: I don't get it!
Has Maow recovered from winning CiTR's 1994 Shindig
Battle of the Bands?
T: I think we've moved on to more things to worry about and Shindig
is merely a faint memory.
C: Thanks to professional counselling, yes.
N: We had the last laugh on that scam. Our CD that we made with
the winnings kicks ass\
Why was your seven inch on Twist Like This [Records]
called I ruv me foo?
N: It's a line from "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors. They are one
of my favourite bands of all time. They are strangely ignored in the
"New Wave Revival," which is O.K. with me — it's my little treat.
Keep OFF!
T: Yeah, why was it called that?
a'were you really almost an extra in the movie
Slacker ?
b) Is getting married to Beez of the Smugglers the
punkest thing you've done?
C: I was solicited on the street, I guess.
a) It was for a 'casting session' but I moved to Baltimore, MD and
didn't go. I would have ended up on the editing room floor no doubt,
b) I think it would have been more punk to marry a balding Baptist,
but Beez was the only real choice I had. It's all worked out for the
best now.
Have any of Maow eaten a whole bucket of Haagen
Daaz in one sitting?
N: CC does it regularly.
T: God, it's almost impossible not to.
C: I can easily eat more than one pint in a sitting. My favourite right
now is "Peanu^Butter-Burst" (Please DONATE!)
Tobey, what's the biggest thing you've stolen from a
department store?
T: Probably a shirt. I never stole a lot of big stuff, just a lot of stuff.
But, I'm completely reformed now and don't condone stealing at
If you could endorse any product, what would it be and
C: Haagen Daaz, of course; Ben & Jerry's ice cream in America; diet
cat food (Technical) for my slightly overweight, awesomely wonderful cat, Timu Beesley-Hammond; and Reno's Breakfast.
N: Grits because they are delicious — though I can't find them in
Canada to save my life — and the AMC Rambler Classic 660,
because they are the finest cars ever made. I would also endorse
JC/DC recording studio in West Vancouver. John and Dave are the
most fun and patient men on Earth!
Any new outfits constructed for your summer cross country trek? Will the themes of "Fur Bikinis" and "Nurses"
carry on through '96?
T: As of yet, we don't have any new outfits. The nurse thing started
because I received mine as a gift for my birthday. Who knows what
the next theme may be.
N: I'd like us all to dress like YMA Sumac. None of us look very
Inca ihough, we're too white trash. Maybe we'll all dress like the
Pope. We'd have to wear sleeveless robes though. They'd be hard
to play in.
C: The brightness, coolest colours come in synthetic fabrics, which
are hotter than hell. I am going to look into cool, natural fibres,
like hemp.
Ask yourself ONE question and answer it.
N: Q> What are you going to do with your life?
A> I'm gonna be a Country Western star.
That reminds me, check out my country-western supergroup, The
Weasels, coming to a gig near you soon.
T:   Q> Why is Neko promoting another band?
A> Only Neko can answer my question but I am unable to contact her lawyer.
C: Q> What do you say when you are constantly asked to play
bass and sing in olher bands?"
A> Sorry, I'm too musically dedicated to the quality sounds of
Anything else to add?
N: Thank you for not asking any stupid gender-related questions. I
hate being held accountable for every female fad in Rock n' Roll.
C: Ditto on what Neko says.
Meow: / Ruv Me Too 7" (Twist Like This Records)
c/o Matt Marillo, PO Box 540995, Houston, TX, 77254 USA
MAOW: The Unforgiving Sounds of MAOW full-length (Mint
c/o Mint Records Inc., PO Box 361 3, Main Post Office, Vancouver,
BC, V6B 3Y6
email CC or MAOW at: beez@unix.inforserve.net
iNTErviEw Hell
Live fpom ThuNdErbird Radio Hell
caN bE hEard Thursdays FrOM 9 to 11
pm only on CiTR 101.9 FM
BtisreriNE INTErviEw Hell
Who are you? (formation details, previous band experiences, names, ages, etc.)
Marky (Marcellus) Wallace on vocals and bass, Neil Persia on
drums, and me (Malcolm Tente) on guitar and vocals.
We formed in April 1995. Mark wanted to leave his old band, Pure,
and my band (Bushytails) was disintegrating. Neil was fresh from
Montreal (and his band The Mudskippers). Mark and I began writing songs and felt there was a definite creative magic between us.
When Neil joined in, he showed us real magic — and he also has
tremendous fashion sense.
Describe your sound in 20 words.
Drums Bass amplified Guitars fresh Vocal harmonies think about
those lyrics sound better when you turn it up live fun!
Did Heatmiser from Portland destroy HeatMiser (Malcolm's
former band) from Vancouver? Please explain the story.
Yes. My HeatMiser formed in 1992. Portland's Heatmiser emerged
shortly thereafter. They got signed to a major label and released a
record. All of a sudden, people kept coming up to us at shows and
telling us that ihey, too, were from Portland. It destroyed our sense of
identity and self perception. We loved the name. It really fucked us
up. However, Portland's Heatmiser are really nice. They send me
their CDs and were totally sincere about the fact that they didn't
Why did Malcolm quit Bushytails?
I wasn't having fun and I wasn't happy. Essentially, the band was
negative bad karma, groupthink and I was the leader of the band.
Bushytails explored and wrote about the dark side of life. It wasn't
me, and I love Cody and Jeff and it wasn't fair to them. I wanted to
write honest songs and lose the pretentious "fear the size" shock-
value macho-pose of Heatmiser/Bushytails.
Why did Mark quit Pure?
Pure became a real downer for Marky. He accomplished all he could
within the tight confines he was given. He had played with the same
guys since he was recruited for their first band, After All. I think he
wanted to do his own thing, because Pure is pretty much The Jordy
and Todd Show. Chippendales wasn't hiring, so he called me.
What is the connection between Blisterine and dbs?
Neil and I worship dbs. Andy is the best guitar player in Vancouver.
Jesse got us a gig in North Van. He's one of the coolest people I
know. All four of those guys are amazing. Bushytails used to play
shows with dbs. Jesse is Cody's (ex-Bushytails) brother. PLUG: Cody
has a great new band called "The Peters."
Has it been easy getting gigs under the moniker "ex-
members of Pure"?
Haven't tried it. Should we?
What is the difference between drumming in Montreal
and drumming in Vancouver?
According to Neil, Montreal is a different time zone and it is much
colder in the winter.
We're obsessed with Pure here at Interview Hell. Even
though you're no longer in the band, Mark, please,
please, elaborate on your backstage experiences in
Kingston, Ontario on the "Bog Bad and Groovy Tour"
with Bootsauce. Come onl
I'm sure if Mark were here, he'd reply: "It's a blast to be alive!"
Has anyone been mean to Blisterine?
Very poetic. No. Everyone is wonderful.
Why does one of your songs have a bass line that apes
a Public Image Ltd. bass line exactly?
All of our songs ape PiL songs, exactly. Please insert your name as
the answer to the previous question.
Ask yourself two questions and answer them.
Why? Are you bored or something? I have enough trouble trying to
figure out the chords to "This is What You Want, This is What You
We have just finished recording our first record. We wrote, played,
recorded and produced all the songs in our garage on borrowed
and rented gear.
Contact name and address:
Malcolm Tente at 604-541-9691 or malcolmt@wimsey.com
'Dear (Discorder,
On July the Jourth, at the RaUway Club, I played my last show with gaze. I remember,
audit seems (ik]e a long time ago now, when I first met them and how excited I was to be
asked to join their band. Megan, Mi%p> and (Paul wrote, played, and sang truly enjoyable
songs, both fun and fast and beautifully, mournfully slow. Since becoming a member of
gaze I've learned a great deal about sharing, loyalty, honesty, and the support of other
'Because of our lyrics and appearance and name, we may have given the impression that
gaze is a do-it-yourself band of feminists. I vJouldvery much lilce to take the opportunity
to thanfrcnir many malt friends andsupporterswho helped us from our inception to present
day. They may have been invisible, but we would have done almost nothing without them:
Adam Sloan, original gaze drummer, who set up our practice space, bought, loaned, repaired, and carried around our gear, and created some of the gaze drumbeats I subsequently played. 9(e recorded, engineered, and produced ali our songs to date, at rock\-bot-
tom prices or for free, doing dub versions of all the songs as Well. (He also did sound for
some of our gigs.
Randy Iwata of Mint Records, who drove around endlessly with band members and gear.
(He designed great posters and sticklers, volunteered at our rented-hallgiys and benefits,
and gave lots of complimentary encouragement. Randy is a behind-the-scene person who
accomplishes so much, there are dozens of things he should be thanked for but I don't
know about them: now that's modesty. My experience of his hand-on-hefp dates back\to
the tune when I played drums for cub, another band With countless male supporters and
backers! Thankjyougoes double for 'Randy.
(Paul "Lump" Loughlean, the guitar-playing scenester, the only "hip" member of gaze.
His sound was unique and delightful, his songs were very funny or very powerful. His
criticism were deeply provocative. 'When he left to pursue his various musical projects and
travels, I missed the laughs. Somewhere in Old Montreal, "Paul is learning to tango, which
pretty much says it all.
Adrian Bolden,'Drummerfor the Mach Ills, set up our second practice space in his bedroom, drove me and my gear to many gigs, did sound at rental-badges, repaired equipment,
and turned on snitches when zoe couldn't find them All done with great good humour
and no sarcastic remarks. 'Brilliant.
Ryan Ogg, guitar-player for the Mach Ills, drove around endlessly with band members
and gear, shopped for guitars, amps, microphones, and other bits and pieces too numerous
to mention, fie designed posters, hand-coloured posters, and postered posters. Hie volunteered as the techie, advisor, andconcession/'merchandise seller for rental-hall gigs, and
provided guitar instruction and musical advice, ihese are tht things he did that I saw, but
there is a great deal left out regarding his contributions to our band, as is the case with
'Brian 'Wieser ofthe Tone Bursts. Brian invited us to appear at many of his events, and
recorded three songs for us, for free.
To garnet Timothy Harry, who loaned gear, 'David 'Wisdom of CBC 'khghtlines who
played our songs and was extremely kind and supportive, and'Dave of (Pipe (Dream, who
drove band members around endlessly, my thanks.
'What was it exactly that gaze did for itself? Listen to the songs. (Thank\you again,
Megan and Miko for asking me to be in gaze.
'Valeria Bellini
'Drummer and '80s Hair enthusiast
THE PIT PUB • IN THE BASEMENT OF THE STUDENT UNION BU1UMNG, 6138 SUB BLVD. ■> 604-822-6511 DiSCORDER'S Phat Nat roamed the various venues of the XI International Conference on AIDS, July 7-12.
With recorder in hand, she sought out women of colour who would spare her some time.    Most of her
interviews focus on HIV/AIDS prevention that women are working on, and criticisms of the conference.
Florence Wellington, from Jamaica, is the coordinator with the
Jamaica National Aids control program, in the western region,
which has the highest incidence of HIV in Jamaica. Her program is trying to decentralize the program from the national
level and to use innovative strategies to reduce the incidence
of HIV in the population.
Why Is popular theatre a useful tool for outreach?
I think that popular theatre is a very good way to reach people, because it involves people who are actually from the
community in solving their own problems through drama and
it gives them the opportunity to rehearse these changes.
So, does performing popular theatre mean drawing from your
own personal experiences as a primary source of material?
Yes. we draw on the experiences that people have, and we
sometimes pose a problem to them and ask them how they
think that their community can solve that problem. We ask
people to portray problems as well as solutions, so they are
more than theatre spectators — they are involved in the
process of acting.
Why did you come to this forum?
I have been faced with the reality that some ofthe strategies
that we have been utilizing have not been effective in getting people to change their behaviour; for example, things
like lecturing: sometimes we give people pamphlets to read,
sometimes we might have a radio program or a TV advertisement that doesn't allow for feedback. However, when you
use popular theatre you encourage people to give feedback. I wanted to know how to do it more effectively.
Can you give me an example of how acting out an issue can
make HIV/AIDS prevention more relevant to people outside
of urban centres?
We have this HIV transmission game we use where instead
of telling people what the virus does, we demonstrate it by
people coming in and forming a protection around the person and getting different people to act as different viruses
to infect the human being. When people leave with that
experience they have a clearer picture and they will
remember it more than if we just lecture them or give them
something to read.
What does this popular theatre approach mean to people
who have less access to education and resources that might
tell them how to protect themselves?
I'm glad that you touched on education, because it's very,
very effective with people who have a low literacy level;
people can express themselves more comfortably through
the medium of talking and acting. In terms of low resources
you don't need a power supply to show a video. You just create it — your actors will be there. And more Importantly,
because it is drawn from the people's experiences it will be
more relevant than anything else that we might Import to
show them what to do and how to do it. It will be owned by
the community.
Can you tell me how you find the conference to be In terms
of cultural relevance outside the west?
I have been to a number of international forums and sometimes you find that what might be applicable in one culture
will not necessarily apply In another. But I also find that the
sharing of ideas can trigger ideas about what you can use In
your culture, and that is how popular theatre works to be
innovative and culturally relevant.
Mahboobha  Actar  Kobifha-Bangladesh   works   with   an
NGO/CBO support organization called HASAB.
Living in a country like Bangladesh we have a real lack of
information about HIV/AIDS. It is very difficult to do work In
this area.
So many whys are there! Bangladeshi's are 90% Muslim. The
culture, the attitude, the behaviours are more conservative.
In theory, you see, they are conservative but the reality is very
different. Nobody wants to talk about the sexual behaviour ir
a country like Bangladesh.
So how do you approach the subject?
We are taking the initiative to listen to the different audiences
and learn about their communities. The garment workers, the
slum-dwellers, the overseas and migrant peoples, rickshaw
pullers, truck drivers; different communities with different
behaviours. We don't say that we want to assess their sexual
behaviours, but to learn about their daily life. How they start
their day, from where they begin and from where they end
their day. This information helps us to design the program.
How about an example, Kobitha?
I can give an example: we are working with garment-factory workers. Very interesting information we have collected,
although the factory owners were not cooperative because
they felt it would cause trouble for them, for their profit-earning situation. So we developed an advocacy program which
is slowly changing the attitudes of some of the factory owners
towards supporting their workers.
How do you work HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment into this
strategy of learning about people's lives, or do you? Do people actually consider themselves at risk of getting an STD?
No. How we use our information is we look af women in different categories of risk. These women have their premarital
sex, they have the multiple sex practices, they have sex with
their marriage partner who may be infected, Their working
environment Is not so good, so maintaining their personal
hygiene is absolutely impossible, which helps them to be vulnerable to STD's, which leads them to greater risk of HIV infection and then AIDS.
Can we talk about sexophobia as a cultural barrier to disease
I want to say that yes, sexually transmitted diseases exist there,
but they don't want to disclose it to others. The doctors are
not interested In treating STD patients because the social values say that they are sinners. This is social taboos, you see?
But the circumstances help them to be in this situation. How?
When you are living with four, five, six seven people in a single
room and with a partition of a jute cloth. That is the barrier
between people (not latex) and everybody knows that
human beings have sex. And after intercourse, to wash,
there is no possibility.
Indra-Malaysia Aids Foundation
What Is your impression of the conference so far?
There are a lot of activists going around saying they are working for the Asian cause, but they are white activists and they
don't know what the "Asian cause" is all about. I come from
Asia and we don't do things this way. I think that is really an
insult to us. Western culture may see our lack of such expression as suppression. In Malaysia we do have a lot of trouble
getting the government to act on HIV/AIDS prevention and
treatment but we don't go around disrupting people, I think
it's a really bad show. It's very un-Asian and it gets a bit Irritating when they say they are fighting for the Asian cause ...
How do issues of criminality affect the way in which drug-
users can protect themselves and gain access to health
Drugs are a big problem in the country. We have around
15,000 people in Malaysia infected with HIV, and about 80%
of them are drug-users. We have 3 NGO's who work specifically with drug-users and its not a rehabilitation centre but
they provide services and support. Drug use is illegal, and
there Is a mandatory death sentence for dealing in drugs.
The Malaysian population believes that drug-users come from
the lower economic classes, which is of course a fallacy. The
ones who are caught are the ones who can't afford it, but
they aren't the only ones.
Is it possible to work with the police and the government to at
least ease up on criminalizing drug-users?
We have an organization under the Pink Triangle Malaysia,
called the ACIass program which deals specifically with grassroots with the drug-using community, to do harm reduction. They
go out and talk to drug-users about how to prevent themselves
from getting infected. We give them alternatives, by teaching
them about bleaching and not sharing needles. There is some
form of understanding, I have to admit, between the enforcement agencies and ACIass' work. The main problem comes
from the public and the media. Very often there is a mutual
understanding between the police and the NGO; they close an
eye, they let us go on with our work. However, once the media
highlights a certain street or r_rea, then the police feel pressured
to 'dean up,' this pushes the problem underground.
How do culture and religion intersect with sex to make talking
about sex, let atone gay and lesbian sex, difficult?
We have actually had a lot of problems in the recent past
over religion. The use ofthe Muslim and the Christian religion
as an excuse to not deal with HIV is pervasive. Religion does
not say that it Is OK to ignore what is happening, and to let
certain groups of people die. Nor does it authorize so-called
religious people to judge others, We have, however, realized
how important a role religion and culture plays in information
dissemination for prevention as well as for care and support.
Most religious leaders have publicly acknowledged our
efforts, but of course the most controversial issue Is condom
use. They cannot come out and say that condoms are OK.
With regards to homosexuality, we have had leaders help us
In the debate by not condemning It!
Dorothy, from the Kenya AIDS Coalition, works with women in
Kenya. The Coalition has several programs, one of which concentrates on nutrition, the other one which is an AIDS awareness program. They also do some advocacy for the
improvement of women's health in general.
How do you connect nutrition to health and sex Issues, when
dealing with rural women?
How we came to talk about nutrition is that in the African
setup, the position of women is subordinate to men. There are
several taboos regarding what a woman should eat and
should not eat. Because of that, we saw that HIV positive
women were In danger because nutrition Is one aspect of
managing HIV/AIDS. So we decided to extend nutritional
counselling to HIV and women. We noticed that positive
women were getting sick from not eating a balanced diet.
We took It upon ourselves that whenever we did counselling
for HIV+ women we had to bring up nutrition.
What are some of the difficulties you face once you get a
chance to speak to these women?
One of the main difficulties is their attitude towards food
and how it Is prepared. They have very strong beliefs
attached to food.
Tell me about their literacy level in Kenya.
They can't read, they can't write; they can only speak in the
local languages and maybe write in the llgua franca. Kfswahili.
So we mainly depend on oral transmission of information,
which is very slow — you have to repeat tt several times.
Do you train other activists to do HIV/AIDS prevention and
outreach with rural women?
One of our projects which Is now dwindling, due to lack of
support and funding, is the training of community leaders as
peer educators. They are the best to educate these people.
Are any anti-retroviral drugs available in Kenya?
Not to the common woman or man. Drugs like AZT are in the
private pharmacies, so you must have a lot of money. And
women do not have the economic ability to get money, they
are housewives. It Is very difficult, and it becomes worse when
a women Is HIV positive. It Is because of lack of treatment
opportunities and access to medication that we are trying to
encourage women to resort to simple things they can afford,
like good nutrition.
to /tinyusn /996 ■■■i:3*v_w«rr_
i =M j . . lr%
.November 6
,...._ err «>...,.„,, nrom/onnr r.« /T^ I tn r,-r- t-. ,-i- SITE PROVIDED BY INTERNET CANADA   WWW.ICAN.NET Hrrr=7feKwf
Krista Janes took
ad-vantage of technology to
have a pseudo chat by fax with
Irish and Peyton, two of the
three members of Portland's
Third Sex.
Krista: What do you mean by "the third sex"? Are you
saying something about how you fit or don't fit into male
and female gender roles?
Peyton: The Third Sex was a term originally used lo describe lesbians. -
It was all over 1950's lesbian pulp fiction, and being a dyke band we
thought it was only appropriate to call ourselves that. It does have
other implications os you point out. The term "the third sex" refers to
someone who is neither male nor female, someone who doesn't fit
into these gender roles.
Trish: We all thought it would be a funny and appropriate band
name. I like it because it reminds me lhat there are lots of us —
queers— who don't fit so well into ihe mainstream setup enough to be
a whole olher "sex"... I don't feel like I'm some kind of freak.
On the cover of one of your records, you are all dressed
in what I assume to be drag costumes. What does dressing in drag mean to each of you?
Peyton: A lot of times people won't figure out that it is us on both
sides of the cover because we look so different. (Do we?) We eoch
dressed up os a man and as a woman depending on which side you
are looking at. But both of those costumes felt like drog to me. I am
not really "girly" or really "manly," so being extremely one or ihe
olher feels like drag.
Trish: I always flip-flop ond change my outfit a few times before I go
to drag parlies. Butch or femme? What do I feel like tonight? But I
ihink Peyton's totally right; any extreme feels like drag. I think Tm a
butchy femme. Peyton and Killer may resist labels, but I see Peyton as
a slightly femmy buteh and Killer as a butch with a secret lingerie fetish.
There are a lot of symbols that queers display now so
we can identify each othert rainbow rings, black and
pink triangles, the hair cut, etc. I find myself drawn to
them sometimes, but at the same time, they are certainly clich*», and they dictate a certain sameness within the
community. What do you think?
Peyton: I think lhat any sameness generated within the lesbian comity through the wearing of roinbow rings, or stickers, or the haircut, is purely superficial. I think we are more diverse than we know.
Trish: I totally agree with Peyton. I always feel psyched when I see
bumper stickers when I'm on the road, or pins of olher marks of solidarity when I'm walking oround. it mokes my community more visible
to me, which I think is important because the hetero community has
tons of marks of solidarity all around, to normalize and reaffirm their
behaviour and dreams, etc. I have a black triangle on my car, and I
don't care if it's cliche. It might make some other dyke feel more supported some day, when she's driving home from an oppressive day at
the office where she's the only one who's out.
What do you think about lesbian separatism, or about
various forms of separatism?
Peyton: I think it's all right.
Trish: Yeah, I do too. Sometimes a group that's taken a lot of shit
needs to find a space of iheir own that's safe. I was a total lesbian
separatist when I first came out and in a lot of ways, I om still a lesbian separatist. That doesn't mean that I hate all boys, but it does
mean lhat I reserve the right not to give them the benefit of the doubt.
I don't actively pursue boys os friends, and I generally have a no-
boys rule about my house. Not because I think they have some weird
germs but because for me, lhat's what makes my house feel safe. But
I love my brother ond father, and get along with them well.
Were you all out in high school?
Peyton: No, I wosn't out in high school. I really didn't have a clue
back then about my sexuality. Even though I was completely in love
wilh my best friend I simply failed to make the connection.
Trish: Me too. In my last year of high school I was so unhappy and I
felt really lost. It wasn't until my first year of college that I figured out
what the problem was ... finally accepting lhat I was a lesbian was
like turning on a light switch in the dark.
What gets you realty pissed off these days, politically?
Peyton: Everything gets me pissed off politically. Take your pick: welfare, reform, abortion, the religious right. But what gets me really
pissed is when I see olher totally rod girls undermining each olher,
ond struggling for dominance and power amongst themselves.
Trish: Hear, hear!
Did you grow up with girl self-hatred? Do you remember
when you discovered/realized that chicks rocked?
Peyton: Yes, I can thank a couple of really awesome ladies for taking
the time to change my mind.
Trish: I knew some girls could rock because I practically lived on MTV
during the early eighties, and there were ihe Pretenders and Grace
Jones and Joan Jett. But ihey all seemed so for away, mythical. The
first time I ever saw a girl rock out in person I was totally floored. I
was in 9th grade during a music assembly day at school, and there
were all these dumb boy-rock basement bands who had been taking
music lessons. But then this girl, Parti Rothman, got on stage and started singing and playing all these songs she had written. My heart
started beating really fast and I couldn't sit still. I just kept thinking, if she can do that, I want to do it too. I've always remembered that experience.
My understanding is that The Third Sex is a band of
queer women. What has this meant for you as a band
and what has it meant for you as individuals?
Peyton: The bond is about several things. Playing music is one
and being out as queers is another. I think it's important to create
the role models you never had. The band encourages us to raise
our own voices (no pun intended) as women and it hopefully
encourages others.
Trish: Being in a dyke band totally saves me every day. It's completely
validating and empowering to be out in such on organized way. We
try to always play all ages shows, because it's super important for
queer kids to have access to positive images of themselves.
What do you think of when I say the word 'revolution'?
Peyton: Face stupidity with absurdity.
Trish: Lesbians.
Cfiedc out The Third Sex at Grrrlopalooza, as part of the Under The
Volcano Festival on Sunday, August 11 at Cates Park in North
Vancouver. Admission by donation: $5-$ 10 suggested.
Revelation Records New Releases
Do You Know Who You Are?
This record establishes Texas a>
strongest contender for Quicksand'
Crown as the most emotionally resonant
post-hardcore rock band from New
York City. Produced by J Robbins.
The One Thing That Still Holds True
finest California straight edge bands e>
The brand new epic album. It's massive,
moving, melodic, and powerful. Pure
rhythmic spurts of positivity and purity.
Mixed by Andy Wallace even. Get it.
The new amazing double LP by one of
the few artists who take innovation to its
essence. Iceburn has taken ideas from all
areas of music and created something
rare and intense.
Revelation Records
P.O.BOX 5232
Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5232
Send $1.00 for a bitchin 56 page Mailorder Zine With Ignite,
Texas is the Reason, Civ, Shades Apart, Sense Field and other cool shit ■IIS SETT'
vaitcd near th€ Warped tour qatc, a staqqennq doozc
hound approached us and slurred the words "Uh...do
qou know where I can like, qet some liquor?" So we
politely said "flack that!" and went to do the interview.
Needless to sag, we were pretty surprised when
Unwritten Law hit the staqe and the sinqer started rant-
inq about some straiqht edqe quy who told him to fuck
off outside ... anyway, at least the interview was with the
drummer, Wade, who turned out to be as wasted and
incoherent as his band mate. It must be punk rock.
Trouble at the border?
Well, I have felonies, so they had to go over them.
It's impossible to stop a musician from going
where he wants.
I thought you couldn't get into the country
with a criminal record.
When the Sex Pistols needed to tour, they looked
like freaks, but they got in. There's no way to stop
There's no way to stop hardcore.
Exactly. Especially, no way.
There's been a lot of talk about the
Warped Tour being corporate.
The first punk band ever was the Stooges, and
they were on Elektra Records. There's nothing
uncorporale that can reach the masses. It does get
ind of cheesy, though. I think all punk bands are
I thei
: out. Ther
n thing, they don't want
m understand. But they
music. I was like that at
punker kids, whatever tho
kids want it to be their o<
it to be huge, which I c
can't be greedy wilh thei
one time too. Hardcore has always had that fuck
everything attitude, and that's what's needed
today. It's bigger, more talented, and there are
more things to be pissed about.
What do you think makes you guys
stand out from other punk bands?
I don't know about stand out; I think we act different because — each one of the members —
we're all very different. We like different lifestyles
and music styles, so all of us together make a new
one. Like, I grew up listening to Bad Brains, Minor
Threat, Sex Pistols and the Circle Jerks. Bands from
back when there was a west coast sound and an
east coast sound and an English core. We're basically a band of all those put together as one. We
don't really subject ourselves to one type of music.
We're punk rock and hard, but we have inlli
from Pink Floyd to Beethoven to Bad Brains. Scott,
our singer, is really into ska a lot. We all respect
the whole music thing.
So, how did you guys hook up with Greg
Graffin [of Bad Religion]?
I grew up listening to his music, it just kinda fell
into place with a lot of coincidenc
lhat followed us to work with him.   We ended up
playing some gigs wilh him and found
wanted to produce an album.
He approached you?
Yeah, he did. It was definitely like a di
true at that time, by far.   I always needed hi
to get through life.   And that's somelhing that we
wanted to do for other kids and he taught us how
to project to today's kids.    He's teaching us to
teach our generation, who are below us.   And
they're the answer to everything.
So, that's what he brought to the table
when he came to record?
Yeah, we all did it for ourselves but, back in our
heads, all of us knew lhat it was just something
too deep and too far out into space to really talk
about, we just did it. It all just fell together — influ-
Have you ever had any paranormal
I do all the time. Especially when I'm sleeping. Like
the Oz Factor. Like flying, or going to another place.
Like astral projection?
Astral projection is something I read about a lot;
I like it. It's something that's hard to explain,
physically, in words. I'm really into anything
that's futuristic because there's a lot of things that
are that far from being broken. There's a reality
that shields everything. It's all what you see.
Your dreams are a complete different place.
That's what the Oz Factor is about - you can go
there in your dreams, for days, come back and
it will still be five minutes later in reality. It's
kinda like a time machine.
So that's the concept behind the album?
Yeah, it's about dreams and visualising futuristic
stuff. Like space, Martians, stars, the earth.
Things that we've see in movies for the past fifty
or forty years.
Then would you say that Unwritten Law
is music for the future?
Yeah, I'd love to. It's all about kids growing up,
and the DNA process of everybody. It's okay to
feel weird these days. Especially to the kids 'cause
they don't know what's happening; they're freakin'
out and it's okay to be weird - we're only half-
human. As far as I can remember, music was
always my medicine. (Just as he's speaking, two
flying saucers hover over our heads. Not from
another planet, just remote control ones.) Hey!
there's a frying saucer, aren't they beautiful? Aren't
they rad, man? I've never done an interview with
flying saucers above me.
Have you every seen anything like that?
UFO's or anything?
No, I haven't. I've always visioned them. I saw
E.T. when I was a little kid once, and when I saw '
it my mom had to hold me down because I was
screaming because they were hurting E. T. The
whole place is packed and I'm running to the
screen, screaming because they're hurting him.
And ever since then, I've always visioned a future
of aliens, flying saucers, all lhat. As long as the
music keeps growing and children keep populating, we'll have this beautiful planet back to ourselves, without nuclear waste sights, human
waste, bombs.
Do you think you're in a good position to
reach the kids then?
I'm a spokesperson for the children today, I definitely take advantage of being a role model, even
though it's very isolated and lonely. It makes mass
kids relate to it and run around and say fuck you
to people that give them roles and I love that.
That's why I'm here.  I love children.*
by Suki and Kclli
photo by Suki
the new grand
F»$t OFF
THES*m ""
The Sappy Tour, consisting of Broken Girl, Orange
Glass, Snailhouse, and Moonsocket, began on June
25th in Ottawa, ON. The tour was organized to promote the various bands on Sappy Records, an indie
label based in Moncton, run by Julie Doiron-
Claytor, the bassist/vocalist from Eric's Trip and
now the sole member of Broken Girl, and her husband
Jon. Driving across Canada in two vehicles, members of
the Sappy Tour stopped in more than eighteen cities. We
got the chance to speak to the folks in Orange Glass and
Snailhouse after their second Vancouver appearance, on
a sunny Sunday afternoon. Orange Glass consists of Ron
Bates (guitar/vocals), formerly of industrial electronic
band the Heterophobes (according to Ron, "our first tape
sold, like, two copies in Moncton, and that's counting all
our friends); Chris Flannagan (drums); and usually Tara
White (bass, vocals), although Julie filled in on bass
duties. Ottawa's Snailhouse is Mike Feuerstack, also of
the full band ensemble the Wooden Stars.
Megan: Where do you record the stuff you release?
Mike: Wherever I can. Wherever is cheap and has engineers that
I enjoy personally and professionally.
Megan: Where do you [Orange Glass] guys record?
Ron: Well, the first Orange Glass 7" was in my basement and
the second and third were in Rick White's [Eric's Trip/Elevator to
Hell] basement, which is where a lot of Moncton bands do their
recording 'cause it's free.
Chris: Actually the second was in your basement, but Rick still
recorded it.
Ron: That's right. So the first one I recorded in my basement
and the second one Rick recorded in my basement and the third
one Rick recorded in his basement. So it's a gradual shift.
Megan: And you usually have a different bass player in your
band, right?
Ron: Yep. (laugh) So it seems.
Megan: Tell us about her.
Ron: Oh, well, her name's Tara White and she is/was our bass
player ... Is slash was. We don't know, I don't know. She basically refused to come on the tour 'cause she has a life. So you
know ... we don't have a life. She's married and everything and
has kinda more of a normal life going so she didn't want to come
— so we're lucky that Julie [Broken Girl] was already coming
and she offered to play bass.
Chris: We're a little more adventurous.
Ron: Julie's not like our permanent bass player or anything like that.
Megan: But when you go back, Tara's still playing with you?
Ron: I don't know. Nothing's been spoken about or decided but
this problem might happen again so we're not sure what we're
gonna do. Like, for instance, she's in Elevator to Hell, she's
signed to Sub Pop, you know ... and they're touring in
September. So as far as compatible schedules, I don't know.
Tara's great. She's a really good bass player and she's really cool.
Megan: And has it always been just you
three, line up-wise?
Ron: As long as there's been an Orange
Glass band. The first 7" was just me and
there were two hourlong cassettes that
came out before that that were also just me.
It's like the Elevator to Hell record was ^^
just Rick and then the band followed ... C«^3
'cause once you have enough stuff out it's ^^^
like, you want to play it, like let's get some 5_h_b
rock deployment officers or something. __Vrf
Miko: And you used to be in Collide? ^^L_J
Ron: Yeah. And him [Chris] too. a^
Miko: Him too? And Tara? So did you just
change your name?
Ron: Well, no, there was another guy too.
It was a pretty different sound too; I don't
think the name could have carried into
this band.
Chris: I wasn't on the tape at all either. It was some electronic guy. A drum machine, I guess. A lot of the songs didn't have drums.
Ron: Another guy, named Chris Donahee, who is in Vancouver
right now, was in that band. So him and Tara and I were all on
that cassette and then for our live shows we got Chris, who had
just moved back to Moncton. We were the worst live band.
Megan: Where did you come up with the name Orange Glass?
Ron: Yeah, it's pretty meaningless.
Megan: It's kind of a neat name.
Ron: I like band names that are sort of evocative of colours or
things other than sound, I guess. More visual names.
Megan: And what about Snailhouse?
Mike: It was just something I said once when I was saying
nonsensical stuff and it became catchy to me.
Megan: And are you from Moncton as
Mike: Originally. But I've been in
Ottawa for eight years now. So no.
Miko: So did you know each other
eight years ago?
Ron: I knew who you [Mike] were.
Mike: Yeah, I knew who Ron was. We
eyed each other from afar.
Ron:   Stole   glances   across  the
crowded ...
Mike: But Chris I didn't know at all.
Chris: I was born in Moncton, moved
around a lot, and then I moved back
after University was done.
Megan: What's it like touring with a baby?
Mike: Well, we're in different vehicles, so ...
Chris: He likes the drums. He wants to set them up for me all
the time.
Megan: I'll bet he helps you.
Chris: As soon as I set them up he starts banging on them.
Megan: Have you been staying in motels the whole way?
Ron: A lot of places out west have had bandrooms and clubs
provide, like sorta upstairs in the club or downstairs...
Megan: How are those usually? Are they okay?
Ron: They're gross but they are charming.
Megan: Are there bugs though? That's what I could just imagine.
I know in some of the clubs here, there are cockroaches.
Ron: I haven't seen a cockroach.
Mike: Maybe I have but I just didn't know what it was.
Ron: I think you'd know.
Mike: Would it come up to me and say, "Hi, I'm a cockroach"?
Ron: No, but your body would shudder with revulsion.
Mike: Well, I don't know. I'm not too squeamish.
Megan: What's the weirdest show that you've
Ron: Well, the strip club was pretty weird. There
were strippers when we arrived. They weren't    CTJ
there when we were playing. That was weird. And
there was a big brawl during the show. This guy    trn
had a temper tantrum and broke a pool cue over    _
someone's legs.
Mike: He broke a bunch of glasses and punched    __«
a guy in the face. And he tossed a couple pool
balls. Yeah, and they almost hit me. I was afraid    m
for my life.
Megan: Where was that? S"*0
Ron: That was in Winnipeg. And a guy had a
seizure during the Orange Glass set. But he's
okay. It was pretty strange.
Megan: How was your show in Whistler?
Chris: Terrible. A paper advertised it as
Eric's Trip too. We were really perturbed
when we saw that.
Ron: There were people present but they
weren't there to see us. They were people who would be there anyway. It was
really demor...well, not demoralizing but
it was stupid and we were happy to get
out of there.
Chris: Excellent practice.
Megan: It must be nice having three releases.  A lot of bands
would probably like to have that.
Ron: Yeah, it's true; on the other hand, so many people come up
and say, "where's your CD?"
Chris: Well, that's just it. It seems like there is somewhat of a
Ron: I worship the 7" format. But after 3 in a row, I'm ready to
do something else. Although some of my prized possessions are
7" singles.
Megan: Which 7"s?
Ron: I have a Stereolab single that I really like. The Lo Boob
Oscillator single. The Julie and the Porthole to Dementia single
by Eric's Trip. Moonsocket. I really like the Six Finger Satellite
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Massive Cocaine Seizure single. Hey,
they're playing tonight aren't they?
Are you guys going?
Megan: We saw them with Eric's Trip
when there was that Sub Pop thing.
Ron: They are so different now.
Megan: Oh, are they? I was so unimpressed. The guy took Saran Wrap
and wrapped it around his face and
he was just like, i could never like
the band with a...
Mike: He's a tormented genius. Give
him a bit of space.
Chris: We're lucky enough to open
up for them too in Winnipeg, twice.
Megan: Well, then why is everybody going down to Seattle to
see them if...
Miko: Because they're playing with Shellac.
Ron: Oh yes. I like Shellac.
Chris: So they lose Shellac and get us.
Ron: That's right... oh no...
Megan: Who are they playing with tonight?
Ron: Mother Trucker. Never heard of them.
Megan: I don't know about that name. Is it a clue that they are
probably not that...
Ron: The name stuck in my head though. Do you guys know
M & M: Yeah.
Miko: Do you know Nardwuar?
Ron: Well, I don't know him but I know of him. I think I would
be too scared to meet him but I would like to see him from afar.
Mike: So then Mr. Van Halen walks into the studio right? And
he's like, "GUYS! Where's Dave?" And Sammy's right there when
  he says it. It's so awkward.
Ron: Which Van Halen?
Mike: Alex. Who else?
Ron: Not Eddie?
Mike: Eddie was on sick leave. He was in the
sick bag.
Chris: Anybody want mango? There's mango
Ron: Oh wow ... That is nice. Can I put that
on my head?
H Write to Sappy Records for a full
catalogue!   PO   Box   _
Moncton NB, E1C A
f*   /tTl^TiSI t996 :fEULERSTLM/OK/j
ation celestial-type moments
itars, beams of light, yodelinc
gospel choirs, banjos, hallelujah! Praise be, brother
and sisters. Yep, from there on it TFUL 282 wa
the band for me. Their music can be as catchy an
pleasing as a good polka while evolving into a tar
gled web of sound. If you haven't heard them, sav
Did you do any music in Iowa?
Anne and Mark and Hugh used
to be in a band together called
Total Fools. I was in a band
there called Horny Genius.
Both bands practiced at the
same house.
I heard a rumor that you were
all school teachers. Is this
That is not true. None of us
are, but Anne was a montesory
school teacher. That was about
eight years ago.
You toured with Sun City Girls
when Mother of All Saints was
released. How did you hook up
with them?
We had already done a single
with them which was suggested by this guy that runs "Nuff
Said Records in San Francisco.
He thought it would be a good
idea if Sun City Girls and us
covered Caroliner Rainbow
songs. Actually prior to that,
friends of friends knew that
they were in town, and that
they had had a show cancelled.
We were having a party at the
house where Thinking Fellers
lived and he suggested that
they play at our house. That's
how we met them, and we hit
it off really well and decided to
Who do you think your musical influences are?
Mine personally? Or the whole band's? That's way
too hard.
Does the band have any common influences?
There are some. I would say Ennio Morricone, an
Italian soundtrack writer/composer. He did a lot
of spaghetti westerns and hundreds of film soundtracks in general. Back when we first met in 1984,
Mark was really in people like Walter Wanderly and
all sorts of orchestra leaders who did things like
Hawaiian theme records. Anne and I were both
into Talking Heads and the Meat Puppets.
Do you have any favourite or memorable shows?
On this last tour we played this show in Gainsville,
Florida. To me, it was one of the highest points
that I've ever felt and I know everybody was pretty damned amazed. We got into an improv thing.
To me, it had no tinge of wank to it. It all seemed
like just a rare level of connection, which was perfect to have happen at that place because the
year before when we were in Gainsville was one of
the worst shows we've had of all time. A few
years ago, our first show there, we played to
three or four people at a bar that was supposed
to be closed. It had been advertised as being shut
down and lost its liquor license, but we played
ere are some pre-interview TFUL facts: the members of the
band are Anne Eickelberg (bass, vocals, percussion,
■^^^■^^ Ikeyboards), Hugh Swarts (guitar, piano, percussion),
Brian Hageman (guitar, viola, mandolin, tapes,
vocals, percussion), Mark Davies (guitar, bass, banjo,
percussion, vocals, french horn, organ), and Jay!
Paget (percussion, vocals, keyboards). Hailing from t"our together'
Iowa City, they moved to San Francisco in 1986 in Some of up sjde projects
the hopes of emersing themselves in a creating jnc|ude Whjte Shapk gnd Mr
pumple type music. (According to Brian, after a TFUL Hageman. Who in the band
and Caroliner Rainbow show in Santa Cruz, a witch -   them**1
![?] was harassing the bands, asking, "What exactly Whjt_ Shark js Mark _nd M_
do you call that music?!?" The answer she got was Hageman is me. We didn't help
pumple.) Their first release was a cassette called! eac^ ot^er out-
Warmed by Leonard (yep, Leonard Nimoy — they're| A othep sjde projects,
all big Star Trek fans). It was released by Thwart| Mark was In another band called
Productions in 1988 and has been recently re-l Heaven| TenstemSi wh|ch was
released with added goodies, The TFUL have covered I kjnd of |jke a Westem band cov-
Superstar (the Carpenters), Green-eyed Lady, | ering Asian pop bands that were
Fistfull of Dollars (Enn.o Morricone), and Jackie 1 covering Western pop music.
Blue." They prefer home recordings to studio stuff,
and yes, they did tour with Live.
Discorder: Why did you move to San Francisco?
TFUL 282: I guess we were bored in some ways
with Iowa and thought there might be a broader
experience in San Francisco. Plus we were kind of
a disparate group of people, plus one of the
groups we had in common was The Residents and
Ralph Records that came out of San Francisco.
We thought we might have a better time.
They put out at least one single.
Mark was in another band called
Jobe's Daughters. Neither of
those are happening right now.
The guy that owns 'Nuff said was
in both of those bands.
Where does your name come
Oh, just one night when Mark
and Hugh and I were sitting
around and talking about this
kind of ficticious group of arm
chair philosophers who were basically just making stuff up but they were pretty confident they were right. It was supposed to be a
geek bunch of old geezers; they didn't really have
any ideas. They had theories about Black holes
and the structure of time and all that kind of stuff,
but they weren't really made up of anything but
their experiences fishing.
anyway There was just one person standing in
the middle of the floor, spinning in circles. The
soundman got really drunk and came up to us
afterwards and said, 'I couldn't figure out what
you guys were doing, and then, and then it came
to me, and I knew what I had to do.' He gave us
a live tape of that show and we realized that
halfway thru the set he just turned all the delays
all the way up. That was his big epiphany, just
realizing he turned all the delays up and that was
how he knew he was tapped into us, which basically was crap.
Did you really play with Live last summer?
Yes we did. We actually toured the whole country
with them. It was a weird lark. We were going to
go out in the spring anyway and our booking
agent just called us and said, "There's this band
that's interested if you want to go on tour with
them, and this will be 6000 capacity places."-
Who is Live?-and finally we said sure without even
hearing them. We thought this will be really weird
because they are sky-rocketing. We've always discussed that it's best to take opportunities to play
audiences that are not there to see us because it
is a lot more challenging. Our audience was really challenging.
interview by Chandra lesmeister and elizabeth wilcox intro by Chandra illustrations by marlene yuen
<g) \11b 8LAME.L>/i£.-rm>WR
16   /FUNKS'? J 996 between
aeaeaeae sire
If £>H> BSHHi
i683Aae<: m16
h density ur iforrnl'fl
II bcjkpqvwxyz riTtoh- r
I *T.yandreq & amber d____iDJ
This past month bolh Amber Dawn and I attended
the Portland and Seattle girl conventions. I con
honestly say lhat this was a positive experience for
both of us. For me, ihe main focus of the conventions wos oily work ond domestic violence. It was
inspiring lo see so many womyn involved. If was
also great to see so many zines. This month's reading selection are just a few of the zines we picked
up in our travels.
Good Sister Bad Sister
volume 1, issue 2 (full size, 16 pages)
Okay, I will be the first lo admit lhat the reason
lhat I picked this zine up was because of the front
cover — how many times do you see a uterus on
ihe front cover of a zine? The focus of this issue is
on cramps: explanations of why womyn suffer from
them, and effective drug-free cures. Also discussed
in this issue is body image, rape, cybersex ond
fascists in America. This is inspirational in the
sense lhat hopefully it will inspire other womyn to
start zines in their own communities about the
issues thot affect them. Send $1.50 to 2000 NE
42nd Ave, Ste. 343, Portland,
OR 97213.
Girl Quilt #1
(half size, 28 pages)
In     this     compilation     of
grl/wmn ideas, writing, artwork    and    photography,
Chelsea brings together 7
other girls for this issue of
Girl Quilt, an ongoing project to help bring together
other women to share skills
ond talents. This zine's purpose  is  to help  form  a
sense of community which
will inspire and support
others. In issue #1, topics
range      from      family,
girl/girl    relationships,
self-respect, anger and
depression, to the idea of
questioning the people who are supposed to protect you. Girl Quilt is a chance for womyn to contribute their art ideas and writing. Send $1 or
contribution to Chelsea Vaughn, PO Box 40701,
Portland, OR 97240.
Reclaiming My Name #6/7
(half size, 64 pages)
If you decide to get only one of these zines, I hope
you order this one. This zine is amazing and I have
heard more than a few people say that it has
changed them in lhat it helped them understand
themselves ond their mental illness. This firs! side of
this split zine is RMN #6, which deals with the
author's recent diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder. She lists symptoms and reasons for why people disassociate. This zine is definitely ihe first of
its kind lhat I have read and I know lhat it will be a
much deserved resource for bolh survivors and victims of sexual/physical abuse ond rape.
Side two of Ihis split is RMN#7, which is also
a much needed resource for everyone who
wants to be an effective ally. It's about the
author's own ally work and what she expects of
those who ore allies to her. *No matter how hard
ally work may seem, it is harder for this who ore
targets] of oppression to be allowing me to be
an ally." The author starts off by listing her privileges as a white person and how she can fight
racism. She describes her experience as an ally
to deaf people and discusses fat oppression. I
urge everyone to order this zine because it is an
extremely valuable resource. Send $2 to See the
whole chicken, #406-1701 Powell Street,
Vancouver, BC V5L 1 H6.
Essence #13
(half size, 32pages)
After one long year since the last issue of Essence,
Erin is back for the summer wilh a new one. In #1 3,
Erin talks about veganism vs. feminism in the hardcore scene and how hypocritical it is for a lot of
these self righteous vegans to buy porn. She also
writes about the lack of girls on the internet and the
conditioning factors lhat prevent girls from becoming involved. Visit the website ot
Or you can send $ 1 to 2866 Woodbine Dr., North
Vancouver, BC V7R 2S1 till August 30 or after Sept.
1 #7-105 Clarence St., Ottawa, Ont. KIN 5P5.
Candles For Girls #2
(half size, 28 pages)
Jennifer gove me her zine
at      the      Seattle      Girl
Convention promising that
the next issue would be better. She set a high goal for
CFG. Jennifer's writing  is
extremely    personal    and
insightful. Her main focus is
on her former abusive relationship   and   some   of  the
myths commonly associated
with women who stay with
abusive partners. She tells her
own   story   of   leaving   her
abuser.   She   also   analyzes
men's roles in society and how
it affects and contributes to vio-
Hopefully she'll get some male
readers since this zine could really benefit both
men and women. Other topics include sexism in
Christianity and the bible, witch hunts, book and
bulimia and, of course, pictures of Milkhead,
Jennifer's cat. Write P.O. Box 9574, Wyoming,
Ml 49509.
Polly Gets Off
(half size, 1 8 pages)
Juliana Lueking's illustrated story book is subtitled
SMUT. For those of you who don't recognize the
name, Juliana is a dyke spoken word artist from
NYC, NY. Don't let the word SMUT scare you off,
because Juliana's is some of the nicest smut I've
ever read. Inside this zine are seven small, poetic,
short stories accompanied by simple, yet charming, drawings. The main character, Polly, is a high
school girl who discovers the joys of masturbation. I don't want to give too much away, so I
won't — you'll hove to hunt this zine down yourselves. Unfortunately, there is no address. Try
record or dyke book stores, you can look for her
spoken word albums too (on Olympia, WA's Kill
Rock Stars label).
The Make Out Club #6/Redefining Value #2
(half size, 58 pages)
I have this nogging feeling thot no matter what I
write about this split zine, I won't be doing it
enough justice. Trish
Kelly and Zanna are
two zineland heavyweights have teamed
up to write one knock-
Trish'sMOC, like her
other issues, is filled wilh
writings on self-discovery. Her first piece is a
personal love letter she
wrote, then reworked into
on essay about her lover
(internal) or her own self
love.  It is about sexual
evolution, spirituality, and
making a positive out of a
potentially negative situation. Most likely everyone
who read this piece will
interpret it a little differently.
This contains Trish's newest spoken word piece
too, which is about the damaging effects of her
family and how it has been a tool to aid her family's denial of past and present abuse and the struggles she and her mom face trying to heal within a
family lhat just wonts to forget. Yes,
pretty powerful stuff. Trish is performing at this year's Under the
Volcano Festival on August 1 1 th.
Catch her and her new zine there
or order one at the address at the
end of this review.
Redefining Value #2 is a continuation   of Zanna's   first zine
about the  recent death  of her
mom.   Her brave and  moving
occount of her healing process left
me bolh overwhelmed and hopeful. Zanna describes the huge
impact her mom's death has had
on her life; it's helpful for anyone
supporting a friend who is dealing with the death of someone
close. Plus, she's reprinted ond
discussed some of the responses from her last zine.
To add to the incredible content of this split,
the loyout is beautiful. Write Box 33, 345 E
Broadway, Voncouver, BC, V5Y 1W5. •
by dj noah
Welcome to the premier of a new column in
DiSCORDER magazine which will deal wilh electronic music and encompass record reviews and
gig reviews, as well as information on our local
electronic artists. This first issue contains a brief
overview of the Orbital show, as well as a bio on
a local artist.
It was just after midnight on Saturday, June
29lh, and the masses of drive-in movie watchers
were beginning to file out from the Hillcrest in
Surrey. Eraser had just finished playing and it was
now Orbital's turn to be in the spotlight. Almost
4000 people from all walks of life showed up to
see and hear one of the most brilliant electronic
acts of our time. While this was a bit of a curve
ball thrown at the local low enforcement, it showed
lhat "rave music" should not and does not have
boundaries which limit its access to 16-19 year
olds who are sporting the latest rave "gear" and
sucking on a condy soother. However, this wos
one of the only saving graces of the show. The visuals, despite being projected on to the drive-in's
giant screen, were basic and uninteresting. The
crowd, wilh the exception of some 500 or so, was
unmotivated and seemingly almost oblivious to
what was going on, and the parly was shut down
around 5:00om, which meant it was just under
four hours long! While for me it was a highlight
just to see one of my favourite artists perform live,
there were many unsatisfied people who felt lhat
the show had not lived up to their expectations.
Full credit is due to those involved in setting up the
Orbital show, and while it was not os fulfilling for
o lot of people, the things lhat went wrong at this
party con be improved upon at the next big live
party to provide a better show and moke for a happier evening all 'round.
While he may not yet rival Orbital, Stephane
Novak is one of a growing number of
Vancouverites who are putting us on the map as a
hotbed of electronic musicians. Stephane, originally from Edmonton, moved to Vancouver to enroll
in a jazz and guitar program atCapilano College,
but once he discovered iheir midi studio, he never
looked bock. The itch he had inside him to record
dance music now had to become reality. As luck
would have it, he met some other aspiring artists
and his journey began.
Five years ago, Stephane got together with four
olher local artists and they spent hours jamming
and experimenting with sounds and rhythms. The
other artists were Dan from Off and Gone,
Adham Shaikh, Tripswitch, and Chris Dempsey.
They would meet at The Energy Dome (Adham,
Chris, and Tripswitch's apartment) once a week,
with each person bringing one piece of gear. It
was from these jam sessions that Stephone's longing to make electronic music grew more intense,
and just three short years later, his first release
hit the streets.
Recording under the moniker Pilgrims of the
Mind, the first 1 2" was released on Vancouver's
Outersanctum Records in 1994. The four track EP
was pressed on purple vinyl with a limited run of
fifty black vinyl. His second 1 2" was just recently
released on Interchill records out of Montreal and
is currently enjoying success on the radio, in clubs,
and at warehouse parties. In addition to these two
releases, Stephane also has material on the first
four Organism compilations on Dossier records in
Germany. Upcoming releases: a track on the
Serenity Dub compilation on Incoming records in
Germany, 1 2" with Mark Gage (Vopourspoce) on
Map records out of Vancouver. Also, look for a live
performance by Pilgrims of the Mind sometimes in the beginning of the new year.
Comments, criticism and feedback can be
directed to me, DJ Noah, at
djnoah@cyberstore.ca. Next month will be Robert
Shea and his label, Map Records. Till then, keep
•   Nooh
Check   out  DJ   Noah's   programme   on   CiTR
I0I.9(K\, Fridays 9pm-l2am.
(Parahelion Records)
The   first  vinyl   release   by
Kelowna's Parahelion label con-
jazzy, discordant, kooky stuff.
Side one is o mix of lo-fi industrial, ambient, dub-influenced
music, with ihe occasional harmonica thrown in. Side two is
more guitar-based, with its foot-
stompin' blues a
la Railroad
Jerk and the
'Blues Explosion. Think of a
party version of
Tortoise, complete with rockin'
pooky  organ
sists of two post-rock pieces of
musical art. Side one is brought
to you by local quartet Blaise Pas-
col, an appropriate name for a
band whose math-rock structures
may owe somelhing to the scientist himself. Their "Evacuate" is on
extremely slow, an h-climatic track
with bass ond vocals in the forefront, and drums, guitar sounds,
and other atmospheric elements
lurking in the distance. A nice
contrast to r- e Vancouver troupe's
noisy ambient track is Maeve
Brennan's spocey, krautpop driven
tune, wirt ful guitar sounds ond crisp
(Parahelion c/o 531 Vintage Terrace Rd.,
Kelowna, BC, VIW3B3)
"Sawed-Off but Silent* b/w -2:20*
(Sub Pop)
We've finally received the
lotest offering from local
heroes, Sparkmarker.
These responsible boys of
punk have recorded two
more tracks of fast, heavy,
hardcore heaven. The A-
side is political and personal, but not preachy; the
B-side is more typical
metal-rock. Elegant pock-
aging (easy ta miss, thought Look
for an allwhite cover.) and informative liner notes.
Lonesome Organist
(Thrill Jockey)
Inspired packaging and bizarre
music. Apparently, all instruments
on this recording ore performed
by this lonesome feller, ond all at
once to boot! Con he really do it
all at once? This is grinding,
In this most recent volume of K
records' International Pop Underground series, two jangly, European indie bands give us iheir
best: Heavenly, veterans of ihe
DIY pop scene, and Bis, relatively
new but increasingly popular.
Now signed to England's Wiija
Records (home also to
Cornershop) after countless offers
from olher labels, Second's Bis offer up Iwo songs of fast, irresistibly
danceable, pop greatness. Drum
machines, keyboards and cutesy,
energetic vocals combine to make
bis Ho (full of youth-inspired attitude)
wonderful teensy poppers.
Heavenly is probably he onfy
band who could live up to their
name. Tbey hove a knock for writing the most amazingly (seemingly)
happy, upbeat songs, but don't be
fooled - the lyrical content is anything but just Irolala's; "Trophy Girlfriend" is beautiful, bitter, ond real.
Trie music, too, is a little less happy,
and a linle more heavy, than earlier
songs; but ifs Heavenly just Ihe same.
(K Records, PO Box 7154, Olympic, WA, 98507)
The Legend of the Yellow
(Grand Royal)
Sugar, Yumiko, Moog, and Laura
ore the four funky divas who
make up Buffalo Daughter.
Minimalist and keyboard-enhanced wilh effects-laden vocals,
BD are a little more out there
than Cibo Matto ond Luscious Jackson, but the feel
is similar to the college-rock,
pseudo-hip hop sounds of
those groups. The B-side is
more interesting: "Daisy" is a
slow, soulful ballad, with lyrics transcribed on the bock
cover in both English ond
Japanese. Sung in Japanese,
the song hos lots of lush, pretty
back-up vocals and strange
guitar sounds.
(Grand Royal, PO Box
26689, LA, CA, 90026/
Chibari, 1133 Broadway
#1115, NY, NY, 10010)
Unsafe at 45r.p.ml
These folks have recorded o
record of six extremely lo-fidelity,
garage-fuzz with mega-energy
ond catchy rock riffs. Featuring
members of the Teen Titans, this
Texas foursome will supply all of
your fast, trashy rawk needs; fun
and melodic, they're
unstoppable! Write them — you
can join their "pit crew," ond
maybe they'll write your anthem!
(Peek-o£oo, 2502 San Antonio
#1, Austin, TX, 78705)
-Evangeline* +3
(Drag City)
This 2X7", complete with
a neato gatefold sleeve,
contains four lovely lunes
by this up 'n' coming (or
who knows — maybe
she's been around forever, ond I've been in the
dark for too long!) songstress. Ms. Frost's first
song, "Evangeline,"
shows off her soft ond
smooth voice, which
kinda sounds like
smoking version of Liz
Phair. The second,
"Blame You," is full of country
twang; Frost's harmonies, which
are layered over each olher; and
simple guitar slrummin'. It's as
bitter as can be: 'Tired of thinking so hardAou wanna folk
about angles lhat you've thought
about/I'm tired of fighting for air/
...I'd rather blame you.' The first
song on the second record is my
favourite; it's ihe onfy one wilh
accompaniment by Bill Neubouer
on guitar. The recording style on
>JUNO "Venus on Ninth" b/w
"Flies for Travis" - on Sub Pop,
this is yer typical grunge rock.
Fisted" b/w "Banner Year" - the
latest offering from this Canadian
pop group, on indie Squirtgun
Records (PO Box 51053,25 Peel
Cen Ire Dr., Unit 111, Bramalea,
ON, L6T 5M2)
City Hardcore Compilation
Vol. I • featuring Cretin 66,
the Breakups, Sex Offender, ond Switch Stance
(HC Records, POBox 32041,
KCMO 64171)
"Bivouak* +3 - apparently, one
of Stereolab's favourite bands.
Weird, ambient, interesting
stuff from this French band...
(Roomrone Records, PO Box
747, Murray Hill Station, NY,
NY, 10156) •
ft   /lUfUSI 1996 realliveaction
high register guitar lead came off
particularly strongly. No encores.
No tireless self-congratulation.
Unwound's live show has nothing to do wilh spectacle or wilh
entertainment in the popular
sense. Instead its nu-sounds are
composed (much like Fugazi) in
essay form: discursive yet direct,
free yet potent.
Marty le Marteou
Saturday, June 22
Starfish Room
After circling the Homer block
twelve times in search of a parking space, I marched into the Starfish Room overly pissed off, and
ihe Primrods had already started
their set. From Colgary, the
Primrods weren't going anywhere except around in cirdes
— every song wos a single line
played forty times in a row. I soon
lost interest ond concluded lhat
ihe Primrods were a bunch of indie-looking guys (skinny guys in
pseudoseventies t-shirts) with
nothing new or lovely to add.
I wasn't sure if the next bond
was supposed to be some kind
of reference to the role which
made Scott Baio a star and by
the end of the set I was thinking
it probably was half o reference,
half a made up word - the music
too was both inventive and reliant on poppy pre-existing concepts. I was drawn closer to the
stage when I noticed one of the
five players wos a bassoonist -
and I was surprised to discover
lhat it sounded quite like an alto
saxophone, yet calmer and
sweeter, obscuring any reason
why the saxophone ought to have
been invented. Above it pricked
little ting-tongs from the drummer's
weird set*, he had a toy xylophone ond other metal cowhorns
and cones to bang on in his nice
drop-waist summer dress.
These components of the bond
did give Chotchke a strange new
sound. One of the songs was en-
tilled "Roll Ihe Dice," and was
described to me by a friend as
"co-ordinated wockiness;" they
were leaning towards the weird
and curiosity-piquing, which I
hope they continue to explore (be-
cause now and then they
sounded promising), but they also
hod the habit of lapsing into formulaic song structures.
Following Cholcke were the
Thinking Fellers, that train rushin',
big broken clock-ticking quintet
who are beyond any obligation
to refer bock to the how-to song
building chart, ond instead throw
down noise from their own stratosphere. Woo hool Thinkin Fellers
are "art-punk" talent geysers,
filled wilh such hits as "Pull My
Pants Up Tight" ond "The Streets
Vibrated wilh Traffic and Power
Tools." The night wos dominated
by Ann Eikelberg's voice; she
was only now and then aided by
her companions, who sang their
way through new Iracks and o
few covers, ranging from a hiffic
trombone-led   funeral   stroll
through the Residents' "Executioner Song" to a song by the Sun
City Girls.
The Thinkin'Fellers seemed to
be having o good time, dancing
to iheir own concoctions, which
always adds to the enjoyment of
a live performance. At the end
of the set the small audience refused to give them up and
shouted out requests. Some guy
shouted out, "Roll the Dice!" while
spraying acetate breath on whoever was ahead of him in ihe
crowd. A discerning heckler! I
was ecstatic! However, Thinkin'
Fellers refused to snitch from
Chotchke and instead threw out
some old favourites, as well as o
wonderful version of "Apache
Dance" by the Ventures. They disappeared while riding out on this
lonely guitar melody ... and returned to offer pockets of stickers, to promote \ Hope It Lands!
Sarah Stacy
Sunday, June 23
The Lyric
Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
Ben Lee commenced proceedings
with a set of all-new songs,
played on his acoustic guitar. His
candour ond chorm were, as always, refreshing. The songs had
more of a depressing tone than
his earlier material • they seemed
to be more about expressing his
frustrations than giving voice to
his hopes ... But, hey, he's 17
now, so this might explain it. One
doesn't find performances much
more raw, emotionally ond musically, lhan this one - Lee proved
once again why, despite his reliance on a fairly standard three-
chord formula, he is unique.
Rebecca Gates took to the
stage and announced lhat, in
honour of the venue, the Spinones
would be doing a mellower set
that night, instead of the full-on
rock show they usually put on,
now that they are a four-piece
(with original drummer Scott Plouf
already departed). Gates' mellifluous tones ond sparse, sweet guitar filled the room with "Entire" -
she really hos one of the most
wonderful voices around, and the
softer tone of the set allowed it to
behead urxfluted, and unswamped
by too many other instruments.
She sang a few songs solo, and
wos then joined by the olher guitarist, John (I think that's what his
name is! He also plays in the
Maroons.) for a few tracks, before drummer Jim and bassist
Beverly hopped on stage for a
while. The full band numbers
over, we were left again wilh
Gates on her own, until "Spitfire"
was requested (by Ben Lee) os
an encore, and all four members
played again. It was an extraordinary evening of music, one
where the audience could hear
the songs sung in their purest form
by two of the purest voices (in
more ways lhan just musically) in
pop music - it was a privilege to
be able to attend.
Sophie Hamley
Friday, June 28
Starfish Room
Low, low turnout on a Friday?
Lowest turnout I'd seen at a Starfish gig since The For Carnation.
On the plus side: few jarheads.
On the minus side: out of this city
of millions onfy a pathetic few are
hip to Unwound/Kill Rock Stars?
At least part of the "problem* must
be attributed to the fact hot there
isn't o club in town hoi's truly attuned
to the independent "scene."
In any case: Rebecca West
kicked (?) things off with o con-
fused/un-focused set. Song #1
evoked sweet melancholia with
a sound somewhere between Ida
and The Spinanes (ca. Strand).
Song #3 featured a nifty Richard
Thompson-esque guitar coda.
Song #6's Nirvana flavours brought
out a solitary Ireokdancer and accompanying shuffleboy. Generally
RW brought to mind Come more
thon anyone else, but wihout all of
Thalia Zedek's emotional urgency.
Overall "impression: unconvincing.
Olympia, WA's One Ton apparently haven't gotten over the
whole "Hi! We're heovy/hardos-
nails/punk-as-***k" trip. With
the exception of the finale where
the guitarist ond vocalist traded
roles, and skateboy actually provided some momentary shrieky
energy with his manic "I'M HAVING A BABY!!!!!!" chorus, Ihese
boyz were ridiculous — we're
talking ihe kind of camppunk b.s.
that'll be Reno-bound in ten years
time. Trust me.
Unwound (Olympia, WA)
have quite simply been one of the
best things going recently — one
of those very few bonds that
manages to maintain a degree
of relevance in this day ond age.
Their sound revolves around a
Shellac/Sonic Youth (Daydream
Notion era — i.e., when they still
had a shred of relevance)/
axis. Not coincidentally, they've
got a very full, very sharp, guitar-based sound at their disposal,
with well-aimed if understated
vocals (possibly their only weakness). They drew largely from
their recent and brilliant lp Repetition — songs such as "For Your
Entertainment" with ifs driving
Wednesday, July 10
Plaza of Nations
Well, without the travelling circus
of Lollapalooza coming to Vancouver this yeor, your only
chance to get heatstroke this summer may have been the Warped
Tour. I like the Warped Tour a hell
of a lot more than that 'palooza
thing. It features great music and
photo : barb yamazaki
sideshows of bikers and skaters
to go along with it. It's such a
perfect idea, since the three have
often gone alongside eoch olher
in so many inter-connected ways
for so long. I would have to say
it was a bad choice of venue or
perhaps poor organization on
this occasion. If you hod to walk
around, take a pee, or get something to drink, forget it. Huge
lineups, lack of facilities and
sticky bodies pressed together in
the lineups made things very difficult. So, I sat myself beside the
halfpipe for three hours, and
watched the skate/bike show taking place while the bonds
played. Three stages: the main
stage, where all the heavyweights
played; a secondary stage; and
a small, almost non-existent stage
where unannounced bands took
the spotlight to the few people
crammed beside them. The bands
on ihe main stage received the
most attention. NOFX played
their usual. We heckled them,
they heckled us. Pennywise made
the crowd move very fast. CIV
and Dancehall Crashers also put
on an impressive show. Basically,
you were treated to more bands
for your buck. At approximately
$20.00 for a ticket you had a
great deal. If you missed it, hang
around for next year, lather up
your body wilh sunscreen early,
and prepare to have a good time.
say you... say me,
g »»1 £ * 11H * _. fcr* -   * ♦■■£*
Dave (604) 922-5842
John(604)926-3343 MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?
Thursday, Jury 11
Starfish Room
I usually care a great deal about
opening bands, but seeing as the
ticket was free and I already
knew that the headlining band
was so great, I didn't expect
much. That is until the openers
came on and a friend said, "This
sounds like them guys the
Subsonics." I slopped dead in my
Iracks, turned to face the stage,
and realized lhat it was indeed
arguably, the greatest pop band
this side of... well anywhere! I
made a bee-line to the front of
the crowd to get a keen peak at
the spectacle. The Subsonics
were in full form and rocketed,
with simplistic ease I might add,
through as many of iheir superhits
os they could fit in their hour long
set. To say they were captivating,
astounding, ond mind blowing
would be the understatement of
the... well, of any time frame imaginable. After their melodic
blend of Velvet Underground/
Buddy Holly/Violent Femmes-in-
spired tunes (ond many more that
I'm sure I'm much too ignorant to
recognize), I could have been
sent home in a drunken stupor.
But alas, there was more work to
be done from this budding young
Man or AslrcHnon? ore at the
very least on exceptional hybrid
of deep-fried, southern, '60's
pop-trash culture and a modern
day digitally cynical poke at that
culture. Their samples, from all of
those '60's B-movies lhat everyone doesn't wont to admit they
really want to rent at their local
cult movie store, were layered
over ironically rockin', guitar instrumental music. A Man or Astro-
man? record definitely stands out
against the fairly banal ocean
lhat is modern alternative rock.
Of course, having Mr. Albini
twisting the knobs on their latest
release can't possibly hurt. Their
live show is definitely o different
scenario. I would almost refer to
ihis as performance art, but art
is dead just like God, so I must
revert to calling them just really,
reolly, REALLY good entertainment. Wilh three film projectors
and about a decade's worlh of
electrical trinkets and props salvaged from thrift stores and the
like (not to mention the costumes),
I could probably go on for half
an hour.
To make a long story shorter,
these guys hove stepped up from
countless records on Estrus to their
recent CD on Touch and Go. And
they're probably going to get really big and sign to a major label and everyone will say, "Imagine having been able to see
these guys in a'small club!" So if
you can, find out where they're
playing. Hop in your car and start
following them. Who knows —
maybe you'll start some kind of
Colllin K. Knight
Saturday, July 13
This triple bill of garage-rock
mania was kicked off by Seattle,
WA's The Statics, a kind of junior league Fallouts-type group.
Stoic on stage, but decent enough
songs, including spirited covers
of Dino, Deji ond Billy and the
Downliners sect. Next wos the
"roh-rah, sis-boom-bah" ofthe 1-
4-5's from Austin, Texas. Donning
motorcycle helmets and singing
songs about Volvo hatchbacks
and space vampires, their high
school basement beat unfortunately wore a bit thin after half a
dozen songs, so I think I'll just
stick to spinnin' their Estrus EP,
Planetary Annihilation, a little
while longer.
Wilh an introduction from
manager Vic Mostly (somelhing
akin to a James Brown 5-star
show), the Makers proved to the
Vancouverites present why
they're one of ihe best rock V
roll combos going ond why
they're every soundman's worst
nightmare. Unfortunately, they
also proved during their frenzied
performance who the real dorks
of the night were, but lhat aside,
they took it in stride, letting the
real fans in on the action, blood,
sweat, and an extended middle
finger for all. They dosed iheir
manic set wilh an encore consisting of "Selling Purple Hearts" and
three cheers for Quasimoto -
three cheers to the Makers for a
spectacular and crazy Vancouver
firyce Dunn
Sunday, July 14
St.    James    Community
The 20 people who arrived right
when the show started at three
p.m. were oble to enjoy Kaneva
kicking everything off. I'd never
seen them before, and not knowing much about them, I wasn't expecting anything. I was, however, quite impressed by their sort
of Velocity-Girl-hangs-out-with-
Stereolob-for-a-day sound.
Next up was Snailhouse,
made up of Mike from Ottawa
(of the Wooden Stars), and a few
guitars (which I think were also
from Ottawa). The songs were all
very emotional, and his simple
voice and guitar were very effective. Mike kept mentioning how
odd it was playing to a crowd
that wasn't drinking and talking
the whole time, and it seemed
lhat while this was a thrill as a
performer, it was also daunting,
because it meant the audience
expected more. This anxiety
came through in Mike's singing,
but this only odded to the effect.
Broken Girl (Julie Doiron-
Claytor, ex-Eric's Trip bassist)
played next. All of the songs hod
a delicate, fragile feel, but it
didn't seem sincere compared to
Snoilhouse's performance. While
Broken Girl's performance was
touching, it didn't feel genuine;
kind of like crying while watching Santa Barbara. It was still
enjoyable, but I wish it could have
been more.
Luckily, Oronge Glass were
Rat-out rockin' and Julie filled in
on bass and put aside any feelings of doubt I may have had.
They played a tight set, which
was especially surprising considering they didn't have their real
bassist on tour, and succeeded
in getting my energy level back
up. Overall, the show was a won
derful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I feel that I am a better
person after attending.
Jeremy Gruman
Tuesday, July 9
Starfish Room
Peter Jefferies had ihe loungey
broken girl
photo : barb yamazaki
With a jewellry purchase
you receive a free piercing by
Canada's most experienced piercers
1043 GRANVILLE STREET 688-6225
822-3017 iext3)fo7M(r>
knack of giving an honest little
explanatory preamble to his
songs, and when he said this
night was "special for him," he
meant it because Jean Smith was
going to back him up later on in
the set, not because it was "special" that at lhat point only fifteen
people were inside the Starfish
Room. Peter Jefferies is difficult to
explain. Most of the keyboard
songs were built on relentless repeating of two note chords — the
same in both hands. Cue Jeon
Smith of Two Foot Flame and
Mecca Normal (iwo groups to
which Peter Jefferies also holds
membership, the former along
with Michael Morley of the Dead
C). Jean was not here to sing,
which is what she does very robustly in the two aforementioned
groups, but arrived to play the
feedback while Jefferies
drummed and song. I find it difficult to be cheeky about this
woman, whose fierce, determined voice is half of what makes
her olher bands great stuff, but I
didn't find lhat the screeches she
got out of her guitar were really
adding much to some pretty ordinary drumming patterns which
were accompanying her.
Stars of the Lid were the antithesis of Peter Jefferies and Jean
Smith - they produced sweet rolling sounds without any word from
their lips. Two men — bolh in
burgundy, both from Texas —
played guitars: one made a big
fuzzy cloud of sound ond the
other dropped little melodic notes
into it, while, like an olchemist,
the first guy moved the cloud
around, changing shape and
size. They were aided, as were
Peter Jefferies ond Jean Smith,
wifh pre-programmed samples
and loops. Even while sitting in
the slidy-ass seat, my heod
drooped forward and I dreamed
about great fields of grass, which
wos being approached by thunderclouds.
A couple years ago I ordered
Whatfunlifewos without any information on the band Bedhead,
having onfy heard the beautiful
song "Bedside Table" on a mixed
tape. Although ihe headcount in
the room had tripled from the time
Peter Jefferies was playing,
Bedhead seemed unaware of the
crowd before them ond suitably
un-motivated by if. During the
whole set at least one guy had
his back to the audience; as soon
as ony one of them had finished
their obligatory part in a song,
he'd turn his back. They were,
however, responsive enough to
play a request, which was a nice
gesture, even if they hod to congregate for a couple of minutes
to recall how to put "Living Well"
together again. It was strange for
me to watch a show and realize
I was much more excited to hear
the band than they were to play.
Bedhead ore pleasant and
sometimes a little sad; their songs
seemed to have on innate time-
lessness. They aren't talking
about outerspace, politics, preservatives or whot you have to
do to be cool in Austin, TX — they
just play cool tunes.
Soroh Stacy
20   /41l$'HS07 *99* BEL CANTO
magic box
(Lava/ Atlantic)
This is a treat for all lovers of sugary, alternative synlh-pop. All others —beware. This Norwegian
group has been doing this stuff
for quite a few years, ond in the
process they've acquired more
influences than I could possibly
ever list. The heavy dance beats
owe somelhing to Enigma. The
bits of borrowed exotica are as
much Deep Forest as Dead
Can Dance. Wilh Jah Wobble around for magic box we
Though unnervingly at risk of
becoming a Scandinavian Tori
Amos, vocalist Anneli
Drecker has a commanding
and fascinating vocal presence.
It's just a shame the songwriting
doesn't match the quality of the
vocals and production. "In Zenith" gets all the ingredients just
right, for a suitably frenetic stew
or quirky sound. After lhat, the
catchy "Free Lunch in the Jungle"
starts to increase the cheese ante.
After it's all over you're left wilh
an album's worth of pleasant but
forgettable ear candy. If won't
tempt you to leave this particular
magic box open for too long.
Jovian Froncey
Reject All American
(Kill Rock Stars)
Being stuck in exom mode ond
eagerly awaiting my Lit 12 final,
I am going to discuss this album
in terms of a comparison with
Bikini Kill's full length 1993
debut, Pussy Whipped.
Whereas Pussy Whipped' s
pounding. Reject All American
sees guitarist Billy moving in to
the forefront. Thus, much more
melody is involved in the structure of the songs; however, the
upscale riffs tend to get recycled
(it was not until the fourth or fifth
listen that I realized the first ond
last songs were supposed to
sound exactly the some).
Instead of hollering, as she
did on the lost album, Kathleen
sings. This is potentially a nice
change of pace, although I am
disturbed at how much she
sounds like Juliana Hatfield in
"R.I.P." When Kathi and Tobi
donate vocals, as on "Finale"
and "For Only," they sound like
female back-up singers in the true
'60's girl-group tradition. Personally, I find Reject All American
weaker lhan Pussy Whipped because none of the songs (with the
ible exception of "Jet Ski")
the gut the
hit me in the gut the same way
as anything off of the earlier album. Nevertheless, I can't seem
to stop playing it, and lhat's probably a good sign lhat the 'Kill
have done something right.
A Ass Pocket of Whiskey
The story's an old one: aging
African-American bluesman practices trade/art iii obscurity for
decades; bluesmon gets discovered by white pop music establishment; bluesman gets ushered
into society; tokenism, exploitation, demise ond/or tragedy...
R.L. on Matador? I wasn't
overly surprised. Jon Spencer
and his Blues Explosion had
toured with lhat bad Burnside
Explosion a while back. Some of
them white, Eastern-educated, lib
eral NYC hipsters had to have
caught on. Then I found out that
R.L. was backed up on this one
by the JSBX.lt all made sense.
Contrary to a lot of music
types out there that want to
pigeonhole the JSBX as more
hip, cool, consumer-friendly,
altitudinol tripe, the JSBX is AUTHENTIC. The JSBX's body of
work is not about posture, attt-
ty^e, and copped riffs, it's about
channelling forces — forces much
larger than a simple blues/punk
trio — which is what all great
blues-idiom music has always
been about. On the olher hand,
there's no questioning R.L.
Burnside s authenticity. And the
mon and his music ore a force.
As a result, A Ass Pocket of Whiskey is not ihe kind of godawful
minstrel show lhat was all the
rage when the rock V roll world
"discovered" Howlin' Wolf,
Muddy Waters, Skip James,
et al. in the late '60's. This here's
an honest to goodness juke joint
jam lhat matches ihe heavyweight
surge of R.L. Burnside's North
Mississippi hill country trance
blues a la Junior Kimbrough
a la Mississippi Fred
McDowell, with the JSBX's overdrive kinetics. The feeling here is
loose, spontaneous — oil the
tracks were apparently recorded
in a single afternoon — the results crackle. This isn't to say thot
R.L. needed the JSBX — Too Bad
Jim is plenty proof of that — it's
just thot further unexpected dynamics thot exist between what
R.L.'s been doing for decodes
and what the JSBX has been doing for a number of years are
opened up ond explored. This is
indeed some low down dirty
blues. This is blues lhat shakes
walls and sends shivers.
Marty LeMarteau
Guitar Man
Yup, a country bluesman and he
writes a song about a dead dog.
Cliche? Somehow, JJ. Cale's
famous laidbackness keeps the
ditty called "Old Blue' just as
upbeat as anything else he has
ever done and there's not one
blue yodel on the entire CD.
Guitar Man is pretty much what
any fan would expect of JJ. Cale;
his front porch blues is mellow
and very summery, but there are
a couple of experiments which
aren't completely successful. The
opening ond closing tracks feature drumming lhat overwhelms
Cole's typically weak vocals in
on effort to give his music more
layers than usual and the production just isn't up to the task. It is,
however, worth listening past the
opening confusion ond discovering somewhat more predictable,
but definitely better executed,
works such as "Low Down" and
"Miss Ol' St. Louis." Surprisingly,
I found myself thinking his sparse
guitar solos were a little dated
sounding until I remembered lhat
he inspired Clapton and others
to cultivate (and later inundate us
with!) lhat style so I began to re-
enjoy Cale's own special place
in music. A good album ond not
just for confirmed fans.
Andy Bonfield
We'll Build Them A Golden
(Tinker Recordings)
Is Destroyer (a Vancouver
group known by its association
wilh Superconductor) more
about noise or are they more
about creative songwriting with
liberal doses of sloppy performances? When I first heard this, I
needed time to change my perspective from the former to the
Now lhat o sense of the songs
is in my head, it's possible to look
past the sometimes abrasive no-
lure of these recordings to find
many musical gems — all of them
unpolished, but bright nonetheless. Quirky instrumentation almost takes the band to a level of
slacker-kitsch, with vocals, acoustic guitar, drums and frequent
Casio-style keyboard sounds.
These noises eventually become
bolh more annoying ond more
endearing on repeated exposure.
Perhaps ihis comes across as
a mixed review, ond perhaps it
is. However, I must sat that I'm
still listening to this CD. Other
CDs just go fjy the wayside because often iheir similarities to so
many other recordings result in
increasing levels of boredom at
each successive listen. We'll Build
Them A Golden Bridge, on the
olher hand, creotes increasing
levels of interest for me every lime
Brian Wieser
Sidewinder EP
The Eyes of Stanley Pain CD
Somewhere on ihe track listing of
Download's new Eyes  of
Stanley Pain CD, the words
"puppy gristle" are printed in
iddybiddy type. This is a very
astute if somewhat unavoidable
connection to make. Basically,
Download sounds like Skinny
Puppy playing with Throbbing Gristle twenty years after
Throbbing Gristle invented industrial music.
I really like this music. It is
pleasantly fucked up and occasionally so dark lhat, while listening to it, I feel the urge to fall into
a Goth swoon (note: golhier persons lhan myself disagree with
me here). It has o beat and you
dance to it.    Unstoppable
squidgy rhythms and distorted
whispery/muttery vocals work
perfectly on top of an assortment
r grotesque samples (ihe "please
hang up ond try your call again"
voice for one!) The overall quality of both Ihe EP and the full-
length is very high, although
some of the remixes on
Sidewinder are a little too close
to the originals.
Extra credit for the spellbinding cover art on bolh albums.
(Jim Wilbur/Silly Bird)
With quirky, theatrical vocals
from Kris Klangan and Sarah
Arvey, Fibulator (with their
reeds-o-blowin' ond odd time signatures) bears some resemblance
to Fred Frith's old bands, Henry
Cow ond the Art Bears, especially after Dagmar Krause
was added as vocalist.
Their latest olbum rocks more
lhan Frith's old stuff or even their
last couple of vinyl releases. The
first three cuts remind me of PJ
Harvey, which isn't a bad thing.
Bass and guitars are at the forefront and there's a lot of yelling
going on. Hmm.
A few songs into the album,
things get more diverse. Olher
instruments like clarinets and harmonicas are introduced, along
wilh odd, little noises made by
frogs and olher neat things. My
favourite cut is "R Nat'l Pks." The
band lumbers along at a rapid
clip, stopping every now and
then in a clearing for a few bucolic notes from the clarinet.
The handsome cover and tiny,
cartoon-filled booklet are made
entirely of recycled paper. Apparently they had to hold up the second pressing of an earlier LP in
order to find more recycled material. All of this odds to the
enigma that is Fibulator. My only
complaint wilh Unhammerlike is
thot one or two of the shorter
tracks seem like mere seedlings
rather lhan fully grown songs.
Still, this band deserves more attention. A lot more.
Michael Chouinard
World Contact Day
So many bands sound like the
Ramones, and few do anything
exciting with the three chords they
use. The Groovie Ghoulies are
quite exciting, and after a few listens to World Contact Doy, I
glanced down and noticed that I
had hopped right out of my underwear. I guess lhat this happened during "Island of Pogo
Pogo" or "When the Kids Go Go
Go Crazy," two of the best songs
on the album.
The Groovie Ghoulies ore
silly and spooky, and they prove
this by doing a terribly wonderful cover of Neil Diamond's
"Hello Again" which kicks the
album off in the right direction.
You also get a cover of Billy
Bragg's "A New England,'
which is swell but really should
have lhat lost chord at the end.
The album was produced by
Conrad Uno, who also produced
millions of peaches peaches for
me, and the Smugglers
amongst others. Everything is
very clear and crisp, so lhat you
can even hear goosebumps
growing on your teeth.
The only problem wilh the album is the song "Singing the
Blues," which is exactly what it
should be, but it doesn't fit with
rest of the album. Mint was probably aware of this, because ihe
info sheet for the album soys the
Groovie Ghoulies 'bouncefs]
along the ten tracks" when, in
fact, there are eleven (not counting the inlro and outro).
>sh bur
> hole
pocket, go to your nearest record
store and pick up your very own
copy of World Contact Day.
Jeremy Gruman
Freefloater, the second album by
Ihe UK's electronic outfit Higher
Intelligence Agency, has
many similarities to their last album Colourform. It also contains
The road
can be
when you
ride alone.
~ JP"
■w j
f           1
*^^sBL' ""^
Volunteers needed.
Are you an outgoing, spontaneous man or woman over the age of
19 with a never-say-die attitude and a good sense of humour?
We are a non-profit society that helps young offenders and children
ages 8 to 18 who are at risk of getting in trouble.
f U^\    PLEA
I      I fc#<*  \^ jj^**   • Programs for Youth
1  »V"        I 291-0049
2t     El^53£32 the tracks "Skank" and "Tortoise,"
which were included on the Two
A.D. and ThreeA.D. compilations
on Waveform.
The cuts on Freefloater move
at a chilled pace with lots of computer blips and bleeps. This is not
really music you're going to want
to get down and boogie to. However, it's also not the type of music you would use to ponder the
mysteries of life of our infinitely
exponding universe. It's somewhere in between (if lhat's at all
helpful). If you enjoy what's
coined as "intelligent techno" ond
if you like music wilh a very distinctive synthetic feel, then definitely give Freefloater a spin.
Brian Wright
(Southern Records)
The press bio. accompanying ihis
album attempts to lump Him into
the indie-dub explosion. For marketing reasons this might make
sense, as band leaders Dough
Scharin and Phil Sprito have
on established indie rock pedigree (Codeine, rex). Him, now-
ever, owes even less ta indie rock
than Tortoise and their ilk. Instead, Him are a loose collection
of musicians crafting hazy experimental dub with a live feel. Eastern melodies ease in and out over
sleepy polyrhylhmic, almost ethnic beats, but the heavy bass
tones keep everything moving.
Even more interesting ore the attempts
tative instrumental hip-hop, while
"E-Bola" points feverish swaths of
spooky ambient sound. Despite
oil this studio trickery, everything
maintains the live sound of on
extended jam session among talented mulli-instrumentolisls. Given
the wide reach of Him, he album
successfully pays homage to dub
while extending its boundaries in
an eminently listenable way.
Jovian Francey
Little Three
For years, pianist and composer
Robin Holcomb was a regular on ihe downtown scene in
New York, working wilh the likes
of Bobby Previte, Bill Frisell,
and husband Wayne Horvitz,
among others. Her work seems
to spring more from upstate NY
or just about anywhere else in ihe
US than from the Big Apple.
Hers is a world of not, open
Iowa prairies, frost-covered
pumpkins, abandoned highways
and personal myths handed
down from generation to generation. Imoges of icy window
panes, dawn, dusk and big,
empty rooms in farmhouses predominate. It's as far away from
Greenwich Village as you can
get. It's more like an Andrew
Wyelh or Georgia O'Keefe land-
This new album, however,
unlike the last couple of releases,
relies almost exclusively on
Holcomb's piano. She's included
only two short songs with lyrics
and hos no musicians accompanying her. The album plays more
like one long piece, similar to
Keith Jarrett's soio performances. Holcomb's playing is more
controlled than Jarrett's, which is
fitting for the stork, American
golhic world she creates.
Little Three does not need
many words to toke the listener
on a drive through rurol America.
It may not be the best album to
introduce yourself to Holcomb,
but it is o fine enough new chapter in her songbook.
Michael Chouinard
Washington DC's Jawbox, wilh
co-producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Cell), have created an
extremely powerful album. On
this, iheir fourth fulHength release,
they seem to be forging ahead
towards ihe more intricate, the
more twisted, the more experimental, and the noisier.
While I odmire and am impressed by their creativity, I still
believe Jawbox are at their best
doing the more straightforward
melodic tunes, like the opening
tracks "Mirrorful," and "Spoiler,"
and the hidden track "Cornflake
Girl," isn't too shabby eilher. It's
no wonder everyone raves about
Night Song
On Ihe Indian subcontinent, Pakistan's Nusrat Fateh Ali
Khan is worshipped as the foremost singer of Qawalli, the traditional music of the mystical sect
of Sufi Muslims. Michael Brook
is a Canadian "new age" guitarist who has invented his own "infinite guitar," which he plays on
the album. Together these two
performers have created two remarkable albums, the second of
which is ihe new release Night
When I first listened to this
album I was disappointed lhat,
unlike their 1990 release Mustt
Mustt, it didn't blow me away. I
didn't experience any sort of enlightenment. But since Night Song
didn't moke me speok in tongues
or weep blood, I decided to give
it a chance on a secular level.
The first track, "My Heart, My
Life," and the last one, "Crest,"
ore the best on the album. The
first is one of those songs lhat you
would really like to sing along to,
if you onfy could; the latter is a
good example of what can be
achieved when Iwo cultural styles
mix. The songs in between are
more subtle. Trtey almost sound
like they could have come out of
England in the trip-hop era.
What leaves me a bit uneasy
is that the album is over before it
really gets going. If leaves you
with on idea thot there is something just around the next corner,
but vrtien you get ihere all you
con see is another curve. Let's
hope that this is intentional and
that these two instruments have
other projects in the works.
(Wax Traxl/TVT)
On this album the German band
KMFDM are joined by many
guests throughout Xtort which
gives the album a good degree
of variety. The most notable
guests include Ministry expatriates Chris Connelly and Bill
Rieflin. Like most industrial albums, there's lots of angst, growling lyrics, thrash speed guitar,
and pounding beats. So, if lhat's
your cup of tea and you need o
break from Nine Inch Nails
and Nitzer Ebb albums, then
KMFDM s Xtort is for you.
Brian Wright
(Too Pure)
So I see him pissing in an alley
and buttoning up my courage, I
come over and ask, "Doesn't it
make you ill, all this uninspired
repetitive top 40 bullshit?" He
jumps at me and grabs me by
the throat and bellows, "You're
not trying to pass off some sort
of art-rock crop on me ore you?
Because God, if you are, I'll split
your fucking skull." I drop into a
prone position and expose my
belly in surrender and say,
"Maybe just try some Long Fin
Killie. They've got a new album
out and I really like it." His macho testosterone fury seems to
grow a little less hairy ond he
turns me an ear. "Well," I say,
"They come up with some interesting melodies and layer them
basslines under short-sharp-shock
violins, under right, fast, drums
with fifty percent chance of driving sheets of guitar. Interwoven
between it all is Luke Sutherland's
world-weary falsetto vocals,
which speak of parables of lust,
biographies of narcissism, and
cautionary tales of ihe kind of vile
macho bloke who'll break your
fingers and smash your head just
because you're gay..."
He eyes me suspiciously ond
says, "So just how does it differ
from their last album? I mean, it
sounds like more of the same." I
stand up. "Well, yes. So Scotland's bulletproof, oversized,
rocke^powered pornophiles have
their own characteristic sound
and lyrical themes. But this album
builds on that sound and those
themes and toke them to other
places, From the unexpected
blues feel of the first track,
"Godiva," to the soft and kind of
mystical and atmospheric title
track, to the rather bizarre "Cop."
So he eyes me again and
fakes a punch to my gut but pulls
it at the last moment and toughing, staggers off out of the olley
into the punctuated electric glow
of the night...
(Long Fin Killie home page:
Adam Monahan
Destination: Love/Live! At
Cold Rice
Few bands hove ever managed
to appear larger than life without the help of the spin doctors
lhat only major record labels can
afford. Perhaps the best who
could wos Nation of Ulysses,
a group that always managed to
present themselves as being an
integral part of somelhing much
more than just a band. From the
Nation comes James Canty,
Ian Svenonius, and Steve
Gam boa, who, with the addition of Michelle Mae, are The
Make-Up. Gone are the conspiracy theories and underground guerilla movements lhat
the Nation fronted. In their place
is the religious and apocalyptic
fervour of'Gospel Yeh-Yeh.' The
sound too has undergone a
change. Still filled wilh the grunts,
screams, groans, screeches and
yeh's that defined the NOU's
sound, The Make-Up have
melded these elements with a
decidedly soulful and gospel
sound complete wilh church organ.
Destination: Love is a live ol-
bum (recorded by Guy Picciotto
of Fugazi), which makes for a
recording that shows just how
well they incorporate the delivery
of Ihe 'Gospel Yeh-Yeh' messaae
into their songs and their words,
proving again to be masters of
being much larger lhan life.
This Is A Long Drive For
Someone With Nothing To
Think About
(Up Records)
It's long since we've had to come
to terms with the fact that the Pixies are dead and gone. Post-
Breeders Kim Deal is off doing
her thing with the Amps and
Frank Black is sitting at home
watching the X-Files and finishing
the arrangement of his contribution to the Engelbert Humperdink
tribute album. However, ihe path
they blazed seems at last to have
attracted some not unworthy successors - Modest Mouse, who
recenlly released their first LP, This
Is A Long Drive For Someone
With Nothing To Think About.
Isaak Brock, the lead singer,
sings just like Frank Black. And
I mean just like him - the
alternating of tremulous,
plaintive warbling with throat-
shredding and yet somehow musicol screams. Comparisons are
only made more natural by their
somewhat opaque lyrics and by
the fact lhat Nicole Johnson chips
in on a few Iracks wilh distinctly
Kim Deal-esque background vocals.
But the similarities notwithstanding, this little band from
Issaquah, Washington has talent
enough to stand on its own outside the shadow of the head of
Athena from which it sprang. On
This is a Long Drive... they demonstrate a real capacity to write
a nice variety of songs; their
songs are well arranged, melodi-
calfy interesting, and played well.
None of the Iracks on the album stand out as atoll stinky, and
several are real gems. All in all,
it's a pretty durn good first outing for a bunch of young whip-
persnappers, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from them
(ModestMouse Web Site: http:/
Adam Monahan
One Chord to Another
A friend of mine told me that she
spent her first real paycheck on
the new Sloan CD. I was being
my boring self and pointed out
lhat she hadn't even heard any
of the tracks, but she gushed,
Chord to Another sounds closer
to ihe material on Twice Removed
lhan to anything on Smeared,
with its hand-cfappy sounds,
lalalala's, ond oohoohooh's. But,
hey! The Sloan dudes incorporate
new stuff into their songs, like
piano, trumpet, and ah, marocas!
Every Hme I listen to the song "A
Side Wins,' I imagine the Sloan
dudes around a piano smoking
their cigs. The track 'Everything
You've Done Wrong' sounds
mucho happy/poppy with its
trumpet ond clappy sounds.
Other tracks, like 'Autobiography,' ore very Bearles-esque.
Hmm, maybe my friend wasn't
too impulsive; after all, I did end
up buying it as well.
Idol Pleasures
(Mai Tai)
After a hot, sweaty day at the
place I coll work there is nothing
quite so relaxing and medicinal
than the soothing, instro-exotica-
mentol sounds of the Tiki Tones.
Tasty on the licks (they use Mosrite
guitars!), heavy on the Farfisa
Organ. Let the Lord Wahini, Ku
and Shag Lono take you away
to a land of Idol Pleasures where
the drinks have umbrellas and the
coconut scented sunscreen is applied liberally!! 'Music to satisfy
your most primitive urges.*
Hazardous Moving Parts
Subtitled "a compilation of Vancouver electronic artists," this CD
is one of the freshest things I've
heard in ages. While some of the
bands on it have been at work
for years now, most of it strikes
me as reasonably original. This
may be in part due to the diverse
nature of the groups, from the
metaMsh Bolt ta ihe ambience of
Voice Industrie (who I believe
hail from Edmonton, not Vancouver). Nonetheless, strong Iracks
like the (Schnitt Acht influenced?) "Incessant" by Discipline of Anarchy or "Active
Destruction" make this the best
sampling of local electronic artists in years. What better introduction could you ask for?
Here Comes The Summon
The Undertones Tribute
(Square Target Records)
I love covers. I really do. They
allow a band to show how much
ihey enjoy another band's song
by spicing ond curling them up.
When I saw Here Comes me
Summer, I thought, what a treat.
A slew of decent bonds doing
their takes on the Undertones.
The problem is thot most of the
tracks, wilh just a few exceptions,
don't really sound like anything
but an Undertones cover, and few
of the bands try anything new.
I'm not saying it's bad, just boring, plus there are a few bands
who don't just plod through a
song, and that's good.
The bands who manage
somelhing above-par are those
with distinctive sounds of their
own, like Cub ("Here Comes the
Summer"), Pansy Division
("Male Model"), or the Smugglers ("She's a Runaround"),
who all add at least a little something new. The most original
cover on ihe album is the Shambles' take on "It's Going to Happen," which is different, but just
doesn't really appeal to me.
Maybe this album is a good
thing, and I was just too excited,
and my expectations were too
high. Or maybe it's just insignificant and boring. Hmm.
Jeremy Gruman
Mastercuts Classic Balearic
(Beechwood Music)
For those of you who have no
idea what the hell the term "Balearic" means, allow me to give
you my interpretation of the word.
There is a small Spanish island
known os Ibiza where party
crazed Europeans go to dance,
hump, party, and get high. In the
late '80's and early '90's, this
island, and the parties held on
it, inspired a bunch of DJ's and
musicians which created a semi-
pop-ish form of music which was
on alternative to house and acid
This form of music is known
as Balearic and this compilation
contains 1 1 cuts which are incredibly hard to find which cap-
lure the essence of the early Balearic dance sound.
As usual, Mastercuts has
done o fabulous job in bringing
together the most definitive tracks
from a certain era. I find a few
of the tracks a bit cheesy but
when I hear cuts like "La
Passionara" by The Blow
Monkey's and "Cascades" by
Sheer Taft (both released in ihe
very earfy '90's) and then I think
of the pop-shit dance music that
goes mainstream today, I say
"Wow, these ore great Iracks I
missed out on."
Brian Wright
Whore: Various Artists Play
Compilations can always be a
risky venture, especially when
you take into the account the
price of CD's such as Wfiore.
However, here you have fhe
backing of one fine group known
as Wire, who have been around
much longer than some of the
bands featured on this disc.
Twenty-one songs in all from such
bands as Godflesh, Lush,
Bark Psychosis, Chris
Connelly, My Bloody Valentine, Mike Watt, and many
more. I enjoy the groove of
Kustomized covering "A Question of Degree" and Band of
Susans' version of the great
Reading through the liner
notes on this one will attest to the
fact of how influcfl-itial Wire really was. to so many of the bands
out there, and nothing has really
been done about it until now.
Great variety of styles on Wfiore,
creating a melting pot of great
music. Heavy rotation on anyone's CD player.
22   /inpUS0? t996 Discorder  _________]
7th Annual Festival of
Art & Social Change
Jody Coyote
Kelly White
Jeet K &
Xiu Qua H^
slamming californnia hardcore! 1st show in Canada!
Tribe 8       i
straight outta roriLmd Portland hip hop posse
T.ifs Third 33,*   iiuppsr 151
Claude Mackenzie      Fara
ashtfn        _.   ,    _
Clyde Roulette Band
direct from Toroni«
FfJiih jxIdJ,
Stark Raven
ary Longman
dance tribute to Anna Mae Aquash
Denise Lonewalker
North Vancouver
Surrounded by 55 acres of forest and the Burrard Inlet-just
25 minutes north of downtown Vancouver on Dollarton Hwy
towards Deep Cove (first exit from the 2nd Harrows Bridge).
Volunteers needed! call 254.7057
Under the Volcano is the only major festival in BC produced
entirely by volunteers.
Festival info 254.8782
www.eyebyte.bc.ca/utv august■9f
august'96 INDI
1 speedbuggy
max.  si_e aprox.  30 inches    squirtgun
,o sailor
don't go                                        lookout
the molestics
now's   the   time
2 groovie ghoulies
world contact day              lookout/aint
sissy bar
sad to say                                    aootron
3 beck
odelayl                                          geffen
the only reason under the sun   aurder
the colorifics
747 (now i see heaven)
4 a-x-uirrai nut zipper»
hot                                                 nannoth
tha J, 4, 5'a
unsafe at 45 rpm                    peek  a  boo
5 aaow
tba unforgiving sounds ot..            aint
nerdy girl
dlmestore hussy                              no life
oh susanna
s name
6 talulah goeh
backwash                                                    k
the cross & the switchblade quarterstick
7 tba tiki tones
idol pleasures                             aai   tai
the teen titans
we're wildcats                          peek   a   boo
celestial magenta
salad    days
8 loop guru
aarita                            world domination
orange glass
meet the robot                                  sappy
9 dead can dance
spiritchaser                                       tad
the hentchaen
gravel bite                                            1 + 2
she shoots,  she scores
10 brand new unit
all for nothing                      heart  first
i'a sick                                  planet   piap
the aysterons
barbeque   with   elvis
11 the fastbacks
new aansions in sound              sub   pop
i don't care                           independent
fuzzyhead   pills
12 dj spooky
songs of a deed dreamer         asphodel
the aants
half nan, half ant                    rotoflex
the smoking jackets
baltic   boogie
13 *varlous artists
stony plain 20 years               stony plain
the great aongoose
hong kong baby                                       1+2
pest 5000
break  ay   heart
14 the hruce lee band
the hruce lee band                            dill
the ride                                        bonfire
euphonix                              let's get out of theee monkey suits
very proud of ya                             nitro
buffalo daughter
the legend of the yellow buffalo chibari
Bweet   industry
16 avail
4 an friday                                    lookout
Isaac green&the skalars strikeout suaner                        joco   ska
kid champion
1 7 bikini kill
reject all aaerlcan          kill rock stars
the haaicks
xynorons networks             scooch pooch
the trish kelly experience
loose lips sink ships
18 jale
so wound                                        sub  pop
when the nusic hits                       sloth
juniper daily
never   cry   wolf
1 9 alov gherkin
double happiness                                  raj
the stinkies
boogie '72                                     Sympathy
something ska
nr.    roustabout
20 gastr del sol
upgrade and afterlife               drag   city
soundcheck song               crippled   dick
nollie's revenge
i   wanna   b
21 another joe
pee against the wind                positive
smack dab
future                                                       he
alley boys
crying   game
22 download
the eyes of Stanley pain        nettwerk
number one cup
nalcoln's x-ray picnic        derivative
short attention Bpan
23 various artists
the ambient way to dub          hypnotic
the cherry saash
west coast rip off                 candy  floss
Bouth of nain
24 various artists
tlddleywinks valuae one        Chester's
the lefties
night flight of the bat noon dog   xmas
the empty8
opportunist's   holiday
25 the special*
today's specials                                  kuf f
sea aonkeys
bowery to baghdad                           vital
little gorphin annie
whore   next   door
26 various artists
blindspot saapler                   blindspot
holly go lightly
girl in the shower               super electro
27 sloan
one chord to another                  aurder
cash registers
draino and rat poison            black   eye
wheat chiefs
28 pluto
pluto                                                virgin
split                                          sweet   baboo
bona fly
29 cone
near life experience                 aatador
another white male
acid coloured eyes             moving target
30 jah wobble
heaven and earth                           island
double nelson
bivouak                                       roontone
31 orbital
in sides                                       internal
i an a poseur                    scooch   pooch
mother of tiae
32 nobodys
short songs for short...           hopeless
field day
enough for two                         aelodiya
bates notel
killing ne
33 unwound
repetition                          kill rock stars
the flies
teen challenge                                empty
prot zio
heavy flower head stalk
34 speedy j
35 oval
g spot                                              virgin
the lemons
keep diggin'                                        lucky
love renains
systeaish                           thrill   jockey
Binisters/speed kings
split                                 7"s   of  pleasure
july fourth toilet
free as a bird
:00PM     -
1   antiques roadshow
2  almost anything by nick cave
3 the divine comedy               Casanova
4 the molestics
5  the verve jas label
6 squirrel nut zippers            hot
7  a certain shirtless little nan
8  the definitive edition of anne frank'
9  cocktails/ cocktail nation
10  jarvis cocker
1 1 4
-M/v   CiTR
1 charts
T  U  E   S   D  A  y's
1   :   0   0   P   M
1 tranquility bass
2 jacksoul
3 photek
hidden camera
4 goldie
state of aind
5 ronny jordan
6 wes nontgonery
buapin on sunset
7 cal t jader
the fakir
8 yusef lateef
brother john
9 antonio carlos jobin
Children's games
10 nilton nascimeiito
la banba
Don't let common constipation rob you or lire and vigor! When bowels don't work right, the trouble
often lies in what you eat. You don't get "bulk". Such common foods as meat, bread, potatoes are
consumed in the body. They fail to supply the bulky mass that helps a bowtt-novement. Crisp,
crunchy LUCKY'S ALL-BRAN helps in two ways: It contributes to the "bulk" you need; and it also
is a rich source of Nature's intestinal tonic, Vitamin Bi.  Eat LUCKY'S ALl^BRAN every day, drink
plenty of water, and see what a difference "regular" habits can make in your life.
3934 Main Street (
23 rd and Main
H-un of Qp.fttiM* |
Mo",T«ie,W«l,: 11:00-6:00    ^^.T^^iTR!
Th,Fri,$tt:       11:00-7:00     +%**  HJCKVS
San-ay. noo«~$:00
the wares of fine Indie records and compact discs
j a source for 'zines. comics and more comics ^^^^^^
Pleased with sales of games like Magic: the Gathering, and Star wars ccg|
lo-B" pricing - always among the best bargains In town
W  E D N  E
S  D  A  Y  S
1   1
3   0  A
beggars banquet
dj Bpooky
songs of a dead
dreamer           asphodel
tortoise vs
thrill jockey
sugarboat vs sufi
back U
> bed 12"
secret agent
bomb scare-
, generally
incoming prono cd conp.
gang violence london Btyle
bbc tv cove
rage of the
bomb set
'the brick-
layer's eras
TUESDAYS          9
:   0   0   A   m'                   1
1   the makers live at the
2  the cherry snash
west coast rip off
candy floss
3 the candy snatchers
self titled lp
4  the legendary few
smokes cassette
5  the phantom surfers
Istanbul 7"
6 Ban or astroaan?/subsonics live at the starfish
7  servotron
meet your mechanical a
asters 7*    sftri
8 the vikings
go beaerk lp
9 the aants
all action 7*
10  the inBomniacB
already down 7"
estrus the dial
12.-O0PM All of time is measured by its
art. This show presents the most recent
new music from around the world. Ears
Reggae inna all styles and fashion.
LUCKY SCRATCH Alternating 3:0O-5:0OPM
Blues ain't notfiin' but a good woman
feelin' bad. Git down ana git back up
RADIO BLUE WARSAW 5:00-6:00PM join
lum & helen in their quest for krupnik.
HEATHER'S SHOW 6:0O-8:OOPM Dedicated
to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transsexual communities of Vancouver
and listened to by everyone. Lots of
human interest features, background on
current issues and great music from
musicians of dl sexual preferences and
gender identities.
GBTANJAU9.-00-1040PM Geetanjdi features a wide range of musk from India,
including classical music, both Hindustani
ond Camatic, popular music from In-
dion movies from the 1930'* to the
1990*$, Semi-classical music such as
Ghazals and Bhajans, and also
Quawwdis, Fdk Songs, elc.
Join host Dave Emory and colleague Nip
Tuck for some extraordinary political
research guaranteed to make you think
twice. Bring your tape deck and two C-
90s. Originally broadcast on KFJC (Los
Altos, California).
4AM Drop yer gear and slay up late.
Naked radio for naked people. Gel bent.
law fat.
VITAMIS Oil 6:45-8.O0AM Anger! Punk!
11:00AM Your favourite brown-sters,
James ond Peter, offer a savoury blend
of the familiar and exotic in a blend of
aural delights! Tune in and enjoy each
weekly brown plate spead.
PM Wilh your hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance. What will we play today?
Rog will put it away.
l:O0-3:0OPM CiTR's industriol/noise/
ambient show, alternating wilh
British pop, Beastie Boys, indie guitar
swing, and techno thrown in for good
measure. Hit your dfactory nerve centre
with June scudelef^mindink.bcco.
endeavour to feature dead air, verbal
flatulence (only when I speak), a work d
musk byalwenhelri-century composer-
can you say minimdisl?—and whatever
else appeds to me. Fag and dyke positive.
Mail in your requests, because I am not
a human-answering machine. Got a
quarter then call someone who cares.
POLYPHONIC alternating 7:OO-9:0OPM
Listen for all Canadian,  mostly
Vancouver's longest running prime time
jazz program. Hosted by the ever-suave
Gavin Waker. Features at 11.
Aug. 5: "Testifying* is Larry Young's
(Khdid Yasin) first recording. Young was
sometimes called 'the Coltrane of the
organ,' but here he is closer in style to
Jimmy Smith.
Aug. 12: The second CD by tenor
saxophonist Joe Henderson, with Wynlon
Kelly (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), ond
drummer Jimmy Cobb.
Aug. 19: The late great New Orleans
percussionist Ed Blacfewell, with comettist
Graham Haynes, underrated alto giant
Carlos Ward, and bassist Mark Helias.
Aug. 26: Miles Davis wilh the Gil Evans
Orchestra ploy with the music of ihe
Gershwin's Porgy and Bess.
K3RA 5:30-6.-OOPM   News, issues, aid
concerns facing Muslims throughout the
the unherd where the unheard ond the
hordes of hardly herd are heard, courtesy of host ond demo director Dde
Sawyer. Herd up!
board Vancouver's only tropicd fiesta
express with your loco hosts Rolando,
Romy, and Paulo as they shake il and
wiggle it lo the latest in Salsa, Merengue,
Cumbia and olher fiery fiesta favourites.
Latin music so hot ifII give you a tan!
Warning: This show is moody ond unpredictable. It encourages insomnia and
may prove to be hazardous to your
health. Listener discretion is advised.
LOVE SUCKS   11:30AM-1:30PM  If you
can't make sense of it, and that bothers
you, go somewhere else.
FEMININE HY-JNX 1:30- 3:00PM For
women who sometimes don't feel fresh,
but always get fresh. Spoken word and
music: light to heavy flow. Maximum
protection recommended for male
listeners. Holy Hannah! It's a Femininst
MOTORDADDY 3*O0-5*O0PM 'Let those
who ride decide!"
ESOTERIK 6:00-7:30PM    Ambienl/
electronic/ industrial /ethnic/
experimental music for those of us who
know about the illithids.
of ihe loops, edilh frost, containe, bikini
kill... these are a few of our fave-oh-writ
things, la la la!
Soukous, Samba, Salsa. Yes! Even Soca.
Enjoy this Tropicd Daiquiri with El Doctor
del Ritmo.
12.00 AM Let DJ's Jindwa and Bindwa
immerse you in radiooctive Bhungra!
"Chakkh de phutay*. Listen to all our
favorite Punjabi tunes - remixes and
RADIO FREE WOMEN 10*00-11:30AM It's
not o free cuntry. And we're demanding
acuntabilily. Wake up with our collective
CANADIAN LUNCH 11:30-1 ■00PM The
dl-Canodian soundtrack for yourmidday
STEVE & MIKE l.-00-l-OOPM Crashing the
boys' club in the pil. Hard ond fast,
heavy and slow. Listen lo it, baby.
JUSTIN'S TIME 2.00-3.-OOPM For some cool
jazz by some swingin' singers and
boppin' players, tune in and don't miss
out on some happy times!
OUT FOR KICKS 6:00-7:30PM No
Birkenstocks, nothing politically correct.
We don't get paid so you're damn right
we have fun with il. Hosted by Chris B.
Roots of rock & roll.
9:00-11:00PM   Local muzak from 9.
Live bandz from 10.
Aug. 1: TW Pirate*
Aug. 8: Your Motfter(fr. Cal)
Aug. 15: Submission
Hold & Anthony
Monday (fr. Duncan)
10KX)AM Join Greg in the love den for
a cocktail. We'll hear retro stuff, groovy
jazz, and thicker stuff too. See you here
... and bring some ice. XOXX
TELESIS 10:00-11:00AM Tune in for
discussions, interviews & information
relating to people who live with physical
& mental challenges.
12KWPM Hop on your scoot and come
along for the ride of your life with all the
newest ska influences and some old
surprises! pkkituplpickilup!
Featuring the latest in techno, trance,
acid and progressive house. Spotlights
on local artists, ticket giveaways, & live
performances. Hosted by M-Poth.
2:00PM Jan, breaks and the silence in
between - at 160bpm
UTTlf TWIN STARS 1-00-3:30 PM Kiki Liki
Kiki Liki
PRESENTS... 3:30-4*OOPM Have a
good brunch!
Underground sound system-
style maslermix radio.
FOR THE RECORD 6:30-6:4SPM Excerpts from Dave Emory's Rodio free
America Series.
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12:00AM The
original live mixed dance program in
Vancouver. Hosted by DJ Noah, the
main focus of the show is techno, but
also includes some trance, acid, tribal,
etc... Guest DJ's, interviews,
retrospectives, giveaways, and more
7,1*1 •i-riElc-i
with the
third time's
the charm
Venus  Flytrap's
R-tdio Trtt
love Bucks
Rave New World/
Solid Slate
justin's time
Oot  The
lUdlo »!*.« W«M«w^______________B___Uli|ta_H______S__________|_B                                                                              hearsay
Aw*r* Hokst
Out For
kip kop Mil
and sometimes
tropic*-.! (Ufa,!*;-*;
witc hdocotor
StT$ Ofcttti
live at the
hour lunch
Limp Sink
slot from
Lucid Soul
are part of the flavor of homebass.
UMP SINK 12:00AM-2:30AM Hosted by
lheG42 players. "The showthatdoesnt
hate you.' with your friendly pais Friar
Fritter Abfackeln and Postman Pat.
Altemating with Dr. Killdare on 'The
Doctor Killdare Show." Contact:
WC1DSOU2:30AM-4:OOAM Dr. Killdare
plunders even further into the wee hours
doing what he can to keep security
guards and 7-11 clerks awake.
Waywayway deep dance stuff and other
hoJIua'nafying fucked-up-ness.
12:00PM Music you won't hear any
where else, studio guests, new
releases, Brirish comedy sketches, folk
music calendar, ticket giveaways, plus
World Cup Report at 11:30 AM. 8-9
AM: African/World roots. 9-12 noon:
Celtic music and feature performances.
Vancouver's only Ime metal show; local
demo tapes, imports and other rarities.
Gerald Rotllehead ond Metal Ron do the
THE SHOW 6:0O-8:00PM Strictly Hip
Hop - Strictly Undergound- Strictly
Vinyl With your hosts Mr. Checka,
Flip Out & J Swing on the 1 & 2's.
FIVE HOUR LUNCH ah. wihS live at Ihe Hi-
Hat II-OOPM-1:00AM Rock over
London, rock on Chicago.
Arts any takers?
Board Chair Harry Hertscheg
Business Mgr. any lakers?
Current Affairs Sbvko Bocrfal
Demos/Cassettes Dale Sawyer
Engineer Richard Anderson
Entertainment Chris Allison
Librarian any takers?
Mobile Sound Ken Orchard
Musk Megan Mallett
President any   takers?
Production Siobhan McGoclcen
Programming Namiko Kunimoto
Promotions Paul Kundarewich
Secretary Marten* Yuen
Sports Alex Bettencourt
Station Manager Linda Scholten
Student Engineer Fern Webb
Traffic Sarah Stacy
Vice President Ryan Ogg
Volunteer Coordinator John Ruskin
BUS. LINE 604.822.3017
DJLINE 604.822.2487
MUSIC DEP'T. 604.822.8733
NEWS UNE 604.822.5334
FAX   LINE   604.822.9364
25   E^°20^3 August
THURS 1 Paul Kelly and Tara Maclean al the Starfish Room...Rick Colboume
and Veal at the Town Pump...Maud and Tinderbox ot ihe Railway Club...Out
of the Post, 7:30pm ond Double Indemnity, 9:25pm © Pacific
Cinematheque...From the Journals of Jean Seburg, 7:30pm and Cemetery
Man, 9:30pm © the Ridge...
FRI _ The Posies w/Primitive Radio Gods ond Plumtree at the Starfish
Room...Herald Nix at the Railway Club...Another White Male, Bluebirad
ond Ten Days Late at the Town Pump...Ice T ot Richard's on Richords...The
Golden Coach, 7:30pm and Hawks ond Sporrows, 9:30pm © Pocific
Cinemaiheque...Antonio's Line, 7:30pm ond Cold Comfort Form, 9:35pm
©the Ridge...
SAT 3 The Pototomen, The Softies, Plumtree, Gaze and spooky special guests
ot ihe St. James Community Square...David Gogo and Blockcat Bone al the
Town Pump...Minority ond Drool ot the Starfish Room...MDC at the
Niagara...Herald Nix at ihe Railway Club...The Golden Coach, 7:30pm
and Hawks ond Sporrows, 9:30pm Q Pocific Cinematheque...Antonio's Line,
7:30pm and Cold Comfort Farm, 9:35pm © the Ridge...
SUN 4 The Cranberries w/Crocker ol GM Place...Umberto D, 7:30pm and
The Golden Coach, 9:15pm © Pocific Cinemaiheque...Antonio's Line, 7:30pm
ond Cold Comfort Form, 9:35pm Q the Ridge...
MON 5 No Doubt w/Goldfinger ot the Vogue...Umberto D, 7:30pm and
The Golden Coach, 9:15pm @ Pacific Cinematheque...Flirting With Disaster, 7:30pm and The Truth Aboul Cots ond Dogs, 9:20pm © the Ridge...
TUES 6 Everclear w/Another While Male ot the Vogue...Graham Brown ot
the Town Pump...Happy Campers ot the Railway Club...Flirting With Disaster, 7:30pm ond The Truth About Cats ond Dogs, 9:20pm @ the Ridge...
WED 7 John MacLachlin at Minoru Pork Plaza...Melt ot the Town
Pump...Ronnie Hayward Trio ot the Railway Club...Dead Can Dance at ihe
Orpheum...D.O.A., 7:30pm and Clash By Nighl, 9:15pm @ Pocific
Cinematheque...Posolini: An Italian Crime, 7:15pm and Anne Frank
Remebered, 9:30pm © the Ridge...
PETROLIA AT THE STARFISH ROOM...Coco Love Alcorn ol the Railway
Club...The Roswells, Veal, Oh Susanna and 10 ft Henry at the
Gole...Shellycoats and Jellybean Voodoo al ihe Samoo Pub.. .Opening Nighl
Gala-Quickies: Mixed Humour, 8:00pm © Pocific Cinematheque...Posolini:
An Italian Crime, 7:15pm and Anne Frank Remebered, 9:30pm & ihe Ridge...
FRI 9 The Touch and Gos ond The Mach Ill's al the Press Club...The Fiends
CD Release al the Niagara...Molly's Revenge, Bloody Chicklets and The
Roswells a! the Town Pump...Jazzberry Ram at ihe Slarfish Room...Hard Rock
Miners ol the Railway Club...Station A and Motorama ot the Samoo
Pub...Young, Fun &. Fabulous: Youth Progromme, 7:30pm ond Sweet V Nasty:
Women's Sex Progromme, 10:00pm © Video In...Rough and Ruined Feast,
9:00pm © Edison Electric...The Decameron, 7:30pm and The Canterbury
Tales, 9:35pm © Pocific Cinematheque...The Bugs Bunny Animation Festival, 7:30pm and 9:20pm 0 the Ridge...
THE TONICS AT THE GATE...Green Apple Quic1 Step and Sponge al the
Town Pump...Zakir Hussoin, Hariprasad Chouras, *• and Pandit Jasraj ol Centennial Theatre (N. Von)...Hard Rock Miners at the Railway Club...Forget
Your Face and Chicken Supergode ol ihe Samoo Pub...Beyond the Frame,
1:00pm, Restricted Entry: Opening Forum, 3:00pm and Men's Sex: Variations on Desire, 10:00pm Q Video In...Frisk, 7:00pm and Cat Swallows
Parakeet and Speaks!, 9:30pm © Pocific Cinematheque..The Bugs Bunny
Animation Festival, 7:30pm ond 9:20pm © the Ridge...
CATES PARK (N. VAN)...(D)icons: Canodian Documentaries at Emily Corr...The
Dyke Mom Programme, 1:00pm and Show Me Your Documents, 7:30pm ©
Video In...The Canterbury Tales, 7:30pm and The Arabian Nights, 9:35pm
© Pacific Cinematheque...The Bugs Bunny Animation Festival, 7:30pm ond
9:20pm ©ihe Ridge...
MON 12 Show and Tell, 8:00pm ©Video In... The Arabian Nights, 7:15pm
and The Decameron, 9:40pm © Pocific Cinematheque...The Bugs Bunny
Animation Festival, 7:30pm and 9:20pm © the Ridge...
TUES 13 John Bollomley at the Town Pump. Jelly Farm at the Railway
Club...Funki Porcini and Coldcut at Richard's on Richords...ambivalence,
11:00am - 6:00pm and Tainted, 8:00pm © Video In...The Bugs Bunny Animation Festival, 7:30pm and 9:20pm © the Ridge...
WED 14 Gillian Welch w/David Rowlings ond Kevin House al the Slarfish
Room...Ronnie Hayward Trio ol the Railway Club...Cabaret Ruling Passions,
8:00pm © Video In...The Killers, 7:30pm and The Night Has a Thousond
Eyes, 9:35pm © Pacific Cinemotheque...The Bugs Bunny Animotion Festival,
7:30pm and 9:20pm © the Ridge...
THURS 15 Colorifics, Corsage and Coal al the Town Pump..Mae Moore al
the Storfish Room...Peal w/Evani Joll ot the Railway Club...The Hundred
Videos, 8:00pm © Video In...The Killers, 7:30pm and The Night Has a
Thousand Eyes, 9:35pm © Pacific Cinematheque...The Bugs Bunny Animation Festival, 7:30pm and 9:20pm © the Ridge...
FRI 16 Mystery Machine at ihe Town Pump...Slow Gherkin ond Punch the
Clown at ihe Niagara...The Del McCoury Band al the Starfish Room...Robert
Abernothy ot the Roilwoy Club.. .Talking Pictures, 8:30pm and Curtis's Charm,
9:30pm © Grandview Pork...Gender Warriors, 7:30pm and Pop V Porn,
9:30pm ©Video In...Optical Seizures, 9:00pm Q Edison Electric..8 1/2,
7:00pm and 9:35pm © Pacific Cinemotheque...The Bugs Bunny Animation
FesHvol, 7:30pm and 9:20pm © the Ridge...
SAT 17 Porty at Norman's!...Archers of Loaf ond Spoon at the Starfish
Room...Global Hi-Fi Perspective at the Railway Club...Tolking Pictures, 8:30pm
ond Once in a Blue Moon, 9:30pm © Grandview Park...Freedom to Speak:
Closing Forum, 1:00pm, A Litany For Survival: The Life & Work of Audre
Lorde, 7:30pm, Flinch: Mixed Sexuality Programme, 9:00pm ond EXPLICIT:
THE PARTY), 10:30pm © Video In...Optical Seizures, 9:00pm © Edison
Eleclric..8 1/2, 7:00pm and 9:35pm © Pacific Cinematheque...The Bugs
Bunny Animation Festivol, 7:30pm ond 9:20pm 9 the Ridge...
SUN 18 Akira, 9:30pm © Grandview Park...Optical Seizures, 9:00pm 9
Edison Electric...The Tree of Wooden Clogs, 7:30pm © Pacific
Cinemaiheque...The Bugs Bunny Animotion Festival, 7:30pm and 9:20pm
Q the Ridge...
MON 19 The Tree of Wooden Clogs, 7:30pm © Pacific
Cinemotheque...Dead Man Walking, 7:00pm ond Deod Man, 9:25pm ©
the Ridge...
TUES 20 Tara Ma Lean al the Town Pump...Hard Rock Miners ot the Railway
Club...Dead Man Walking, 7:00pm ond Dead Man, 9:25pm © the Ridge...
WED 21 Petrolia, The Secret Three, Citroen and Tickertape Parade at the
Storfish Room...Scrubbengretchen ot ihe Town Pump...Ronnie Hayward Trio
ot the Roilwoy Club...Deod Reckoning, 7:30pm ond Laura, 9:30pm © Pocific Cinemotheque...French Twist, 7:30pm and The Postman, 9:30pm © the
THURS 22 Moonshake at the Town Pump...Kings of the Moon and Jelly Roll
Blues Band ol ihe Railway Club...Dead Reckoning, 7:30pm ond Laura,
9:30pm © Pocific Cinematheque...French Twist, 7:30pm and The Postman,
9:30pm ©the Ridge...
FRI 23 One at the Town Pump...Veda Hille and Ford Pier at the Railway
Club.. Through the Looking Glass, 9:00pm © Edison Electric..The Big Sleep,
7:15pm and Sweet Smell of Success, 9:30pm © Pacific
Cinematheque...Welcome to the Dollhouse, 7:30pm and Fargo, 9:20pm ©
Ihe Ridge...
SAT 24 Vedo Hille and Ford Pier at the Railway Club...One and Cherry
Poppin Daddies at the Town Pump...Ben Harper ot the Vogue...Through the
Looking Glass, 9:00pm © Edison Eleclric...The Big Sleep, 7:15pm ond Sweet
Smell of Success, 9:30pm © Pacific Cinemaiheque...Welcome lo the
Dollhouse, 7:30pm ond Fargo, 9:20pm © the Ridge...
SUN 25 Through the Looking Gloss, 9:00pm © Edison Eleclric...Touch of
Evil, 7:30pm ond Pushover, 9:35pm © Pacific Cinematheque...Welcome to
the Dollhouse, 7:30pm and Fargo, 9:20pm © the Ridge...
MON 26 Touch of Evil, 7:30pm ond Pushover, 9:35pm Q Pocific
Cinematheque...Jurossic Park, 7:00pm and Dragonheart, 9:30pm © the
TUES 27 Mecca Normal w/Two Foot Flome and Peter Jefferies al the
Niogara...Colin Haye and The Molestics at ihe Town Pump...Ralph at the
Roilway Club Jurossic Pork, 7:00pm and Dragonheart, 9:30pm © the
WED 28 Alexandro Escavedo at ihe Town Pump...Ronnie Hayward Trio at
ihe Railway Club.. .Murder My Sweet, 7:30pm and The Accused, 9:20pm ©
Pacific Cinematheque...Planet of the Apes, 7:30pm ond A Clockwork Orange, 9:30pm ©Ihe Ridge...
THURS 29 Six Million $ Band at the Railway Club...Murder My Sweet,
7:30pm and The Accused, 9:20pm © Pacific Cinematheque...Planet of ihe
Apes, 7:30pm and A Clockwork Orange, 9:30pm © the Ridge...
FRI 30 Holly McNarland at the Town Pump...Six Million J Bond ol the
Railway Club...They Have Poisoned the Dinking Water, 9:00pm © Edison
Eleclric..The Lody From Shanghai, 7:30pm and Phantom Lady, 9:15pm ©
Pocific Cinematheque...Jane Eyre, 7:15pm and Stealing Beauty, 9:30pm ©
the Ridge...
SAT 31  The Sex Pistols w/Gravity Kills and Goldfinger at Pacific
Coliseum...She Stole My Beer al the Town Pump...Soul Crib at the Roilwoy
Club..They Hove Poisoned the Dinking Water, 9:00pm © Edison Electric..The
Lody From Shanghai, 7:30pm and Phantom Lady, 9:15pm © Pacific
Cinematheque...Jone Eyre, 7:15pm ond Stealing Beauty, 9:30pm © the
Oppenheimer Park. Celebrating Japanese Canadian art
& culture. Theme this year is Asian women; special collaborative performances, taiko, dance, music...Free!
FESTIVAL: August 8 - 1 7 at Video In, Pacific
Cinematheque and Emily Can*. See above for complete
11th in Cates Park, N. Van. Featuring The Decade of
Indiginous Peoples, with Chief Leonard George and
Cloae MacKenzie; and Grrlapalooza, with The Third Sex,
Faith Nolan, Veda Hille, Tribe 8, 151, Jody Coyote and
Trish Kelly.
iii r_i»p>*
r\ to
to go
The Abyss 315 E. Broodwoy (side ■
Bo»ix 2i7W.Ho-.tina. (otCombie)
Backstage Lounge  1585 Johnston (Granville Island)
Block Sheep Books 2742 W. 4th (ot MacDonald)
Cafe Deux Soleils  2096 Commercial  (the Drive)
Cafe Yieux Montreal 317 E. Broadway (Mount Pleasant)
Caprice Theatre 965 Gronville (Granville Moll)
Celebrities   1022 Dovie (ot Burrard)
CN Imax Theatre 999 Canada Ploce
Commodore Ballroom 870 Granville  (Gronville Mall)
Commodore lones 838 Granville (Gronville Moll)
Cordovo Cafe 307 Cordova (Gastown)
Crosstown Traffic 316 W. Hostings  (downlown)
Denman Place Cinemo  1030 Denman flA/est End)
DV8 515 Davie (downlown)
Edison Electric Gollery/Cofe 916 Commercial (the Drive)
Firehall Arts Centre 80 E. Cordovo (otMoin)
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
Frederic Wood Theatre  (UBC)
Garage Pub 2889 E. Hastings (downlown)
Gaslown Music Hall 6 Powell (Gaslown)
Gostown Theatre 36 Powell (Gaslown)
TheGote  1176 Gronville (downlown)
Gloss Slipper 2714 Prince Edward (Mount Pleasant)
Graceland 1250 Richards (downlown)
Greg's Place 45844 Yale Rd. (Chilliwack)
The Grind Gallery 4124 Main  (Ml. Pleasant)
Hollywood Theotre 3123 W. Broadway (Kitsilono)
Hoi Jozz Society 2120 Moin (Mt. Pleasant)
Jericho Arts Centre  1600 Discovery (Pt. Grey)
lo Queno  1111 Commerciol (the Drive)
The lotus Club 455 Abbott (Goslown)
lucky's 3934 Main
luv-A-Foir  1275 Seymour (downtown)
Molcolm lowry Room 4125 E. Hostings  (N. Burnaby)
Mars  1320 Richards  (downlown)
Maximum Blues Pub  1176 Gronville  (downtown)
Niagara Hotel Pub 435 W. Pender (downtown)
Odyssey Imports 534 Seymour (downlown)
Old Americon Pub 928 Main (downtown)
Orpheum Theotre Smilhe & Seymour (downtown)
Pocific Cinemotheque   1131 Howe  (downtown)
Porodise 27 Church (New West)
Porodise Cinemo 919 Gronville  (Granville Moll)
Pork Theotre 3440 Combie (South Voncouver)
Picadilly Pub 630 W. Pender (ot Seymour)
Pil Pub basement, Student Union Building  (UBC)
PiN Gallery 317 W. Hostings (downtown)
Plaza Theatre  881 Granville  (Gronville Mall)
Roffels lounge  1221 Gronville (downlown)
TheRoge 750 Pocific Blvd. South  (Plaza of Nations)
Roilwoy Club 579 Dunsmuir (ol Seymour)
Richard's On Richords  1036 Richards  (downlown)
Ridge Cinema  3131 Arbutus  |ol 16th Ave.)
Russian Hall 600 Compbell (Chinotown)
Scratch Records  109 VV. Cordova  (Gastown)
Southhill Condy Shop 4198 Moin  (al 26th)
Slarfish Room  1055 Homer (downlown)
Starlight Cinema 935 Denman  (West Endl
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station  (off Main)
St. Regis Hotel 602 Dunsmiur (downtown)
Theotre E  254 E. Hostings  (Chinotown)
The Tower 339 W. Hastings  (downlown)
Town Pump 66 Water (Gaslown)
Track Records 552 Seymour (downtown)
Tree House Lounge 602 Dunsmuir St.  (downlown)
Twilight Zone 7 Alexander (Gaslown)
UBC CINEAM (located in Ihe SUB)
UBC Grad Centre Gate 4 (UBC)
The Underground   1082 Granville  (downtown)
Voncouver Eosl Cultural Centre  1895 Venables (al Victoria)
Voncouver Little Theatre  3102 Main  (Mt. Pleasont)
Voncouver Press Club 2215 Gronville (S. Gronville)
Vorsity Theatre 4375 W. 10th (Point Grey)
Vert 2412 Main  (Mt Pleasant)
Video In Studios   1965 Moin (Ml. Pleasant)
Vogue Theatre 918 Gronville  (Gronville Mall)
Waterfront Theatre   1405 Anderson  (Gronville Is.)
Whip Gallery 209 E. 6lh Ave (at Moin)
W.I.S.E. Hall   1882Adanac (the Drive)
in In Print 3566 W. 4th (Kitsilano)
■lues Pub  1300Gronvi"    "
Zulu Records 1869 W. 4th (I
INFO (WHO, WHERE, WHEN) TO 822 9364,
26   M^USl J996 ,_^ln8__n_i%#_C__R_IC_C
L_it_-_JI lYGli9G
The Blue Liiard Cocktail Club presents
An Evening with SubPop Recording Artists
Tuesday September 3 • The Starfish Room
^r Doors 9:00 pm   •   Show 10:00 p.m. ^^^\^
_Juc*ing Must...
<__•] J--1H -1 . I *
mm mm
with DJ Napoleon Solo,
Choice & Freepoup
SAT. AUG. 10
Tickets  at Track,   Scratch,   Black  Swan  &  Highlife  Record  Stores
All  Ticketmaster  Outlets  or  Charge  By  Phone  280-4444 records
1869 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver. BC
V6J 1M4
tel 738.3232
MontoWed 10:30-700
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
; this month are
becoming clearer...
I see...
I see excellent music on
your horizon this month,
at zuiu-
Zulu: Your real Psychic Friends Network
Songs For cd
Lead by principal songwriter Mark
Kozelek, San Francisco's RED HOUSE
PAINTERS resume their musicol calling,
offering us a stark yet passionate detour into
musical melancholia and despair. Their fourth
full length Songs For is an acoustically rich
album, full of lush detail ie, "Have You
Forgotten'' ond "Silly Love Songs."
Check it out, catharsis starts here.
Beats, Rhymes & Life CD/cass
to offer us this summer? On their fourth release,
Q-Tip, PhHe and Ali have laid down before
us their gifts of the smoothest rhymes interwoven amongst blossoming bounties of beats. Set to
their lucid social and cultural commentary, A
TRIBE CALLED QUEST hove once again
set a precedent for quality ond integrity, ond of
course, you con shake ond do Ae db all the while.
16*s CD    1028 Cassette
fin The Sugar Altar ci
Former!?)Breeder Kelley Deal has
come bock from rough times and made herself
Big Chief of her very own bond. On this their   •
debut album, THE KELLEY DEAL
6000 experiment on eleven tracks with vorious pop textures and styles that can alternately smock you upside or seep warmly into your
brain. Sometimes it's funky, sometimes it's
junky and sometimes it just plain rocks! 6000
horsepower is what it is!
16s8 CD
Prices in effect until Aug. 30,1996.
Home cd/ip
The Chicago label Thrill Jockey hove dedicated
themselves to popularizing what is exciting about the margins of music: adventurous, challenging and creative exploration. Following releases by Tortoise, Trans AM
and Oval, ROME are Thrill Jockey's latest fine
attempt to expand our "musical" opinions (and options).
14?iCD    1228 |p
Tragic CD/cass
Braced for impact, ORANGE 9MM rush headlong
into the American punk rock arena, ond score high on both
the loud and fast axis, thus forging this formula for gold
into one fine h-a-r-d o-s-s spit ball. Suck it up and shoot it
16" CD    10s* Cassette
Return Of The Frog Queen cd
This former lend singer of the now defunct Sunny
Day Real Estate returns with a collection of very
subtle, dynamic, melodic songs. These "symphonic lullabies," heavily inflected with strings and horns, tread a
course very difficult to Sunny Day Real
Estate's power rock/pop, but a very creative ond listen-
able one indeed.
Box Of Hair cd/ip
Who'd ever a-thunk that this girly-girl threesome would be
putting out their... THIRD album??? After years of touring
North America with the likes of the Muffs and
Sebadoh, CUB went into the studio with famed producer Mass Giorgini and came up with this, their
loudest, most aggressive and snarly album yet. The CUB
is all grown up! Another infamous Mint/Lookout!
14** CD 9«IP
Beauty Of The Ride cd-ep
There are no guilty pleasures, only pleasures.
Just ask SEBADOH - everyone's favourite
earnest indie rockers. The Beauty Of The
Ride EP has all thot you would want from a
SEBADOH recording: ballads, oddities, soul
searching (and a Palace cover, cool); and yes,
brothers and sisters,... rock ond roll. Get this one
before the semester starts. P.S. The
Harmacy full-length will be out August 20th
(call it "school supplies").
92s CD-EP
1995s SIX FINGER SATELLITE offering,
Severe Exposure, was easily the new
wove-noise-dance explosion hit of last year.
Could they possibly top it? The answer is a
resounding, penetrating YES! Listen to
Paranormalized ond let the 'Finger
synth you up and rock you hard. It's hot, scary
and sexy in the most sinister and subtle of ways.
unavoidable and unlike anything eke.
16s* CD   available August 6
Parts 1-3 ce
The Songbook of Rick White (former
Eric's Trip member) is already one displaying
a great prolific and eclectic touch. Originally 0
vinyl-only release, ELEVATOR TO HELL,
now on CD and updated with bonus tracks, accentuates Rick's songwriting science by further
probing his fuzz-fi stylings. Its "Have 4 track
wil! travel" as Rick does, meandering safely
through blasts of sonic bliss and absorbed rock
introspection. Feed me with your fuzz!
169JCD  available August 6
MIKE FLOWERS POPS VS. APHEX TWIN The Freebase Connection 12
ORB Auntie Abrey's Excursions 2 remixed CDs   •
LUSH 500 {Shake Baby Shake) 2 diff. cd-eps   ('
RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE 1987-1995 2C0      \
FALL The Light User Syndrome cd/lp \"
KEVIN SALEM Glimmer cd        f~
SUEDE Trash 2 diff. cd-eps f(S,'A
ORBITAL In Sides [2 cd version)   \[
UUOTANG The Message r       \
WEEN You Were A Fool cd-ep        f>%-
ROBYN HITCHCOCK Moss Elixir ep v
SEN PISTOLS Eilthy Lucre Live co/LP/cass \/
Take Out


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