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 PHOTOGRAPH THROUGH RIFLE SCOPf The   Acoustic    Connection    Presents
The 4th Annual
Brenda Baker (SaskatcheTuan)
Figgy Duff (KFtzTufoundaland)
Trie Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (Ontario)
Roy Forbes Band (British. Columbia)
Gypsalero (British Columbia)
Hard Rock Miners (British Columbia)
Des Kennedy (British Columbia)
Lava Hay (British Columbia)
IVIae Moore (British Columbia)
Lewis, Pint, and Dale (JSTova Scotia &? Washington)
Marang Talking Drums (British Columbia)
Lynn N-files (Ontario)
Cathy Miller (Alberta)
Pete Mortom (JJbrited.ICingciorn)
Mark Perry (British Columbia)
Trie Polka Dogs (Ontario)
Roots Round-Up (British Columbia)
Water Poets (British Columbia)
Don Ross (Ontario)
Vancouver East Cultural Centre • W.I.S.E. Club Hall
Maritime Labour Centre • St Francis School
Tickets: Friday (eve.): $15; Saturday/Sunday (all day):$25
Weekend Passes: $45 • Cabarets are $5 ea. and are covered bv passes.
an, I liiihlife, Rufus Gui
■ Folk Club and tho Acoustic Conno
For   informa
call:    732-1305
tance    of    the    Communications    Canada    C o n n c #7 ALEXANDER STREET
GASTOWN       682-8550 Vir (ni (iiiii'if
hi Uuhuii
J o clock pm
Bellingham, WA
Western Washington University
Carver Gym
$3 student / $5 general
at the door
$5 student / $7 general
shirts and shoes required.
.. .ties and crew cuts optional
Dear Airhead,
h regards lo Mofo'i review of
Dad Sad Kiss", Narcotic Nevada.
Firstly, why is someone who can't
even read the title of an album cover
doing reviewf for anywayt? [fie] the
album if called Narcotic Nevada not
"Nirvwia." I know it if hard to see
outfide the window when the bandwagon is crammed to the ceiling but if
you move to an outside seat you might
be able to wipe the fog off and see a
road sign or two, or maybe even a rest
stop. Maybe it was just a typo who
Secondly, why do we need a
leather wardrobe and a metal-logo, I
thought alternative was the right to
play, dress, or present yourself outside
the norm, but maybe we should put on
the studs and move into the pigeon
coop in the back room of Discorder.
Perhaps if we ripped off Husker Du we
could become the darlings of Discorder we so desire to become.
"Thirdly, why dig at North Hollywood? That is where we recorded,
stayed, and mixed and the people at
these studios deserve as much credit as
we can give them, they supported us
more than THE DIVINE FEW at Discorder has supported any band in this
town. Sony it didn't come out sounding Kke a ___nge___ but Nirvana, L7,
and Mudhoney have already made their
records, I guess we could have recorded a tribute album to the college sounds
of '91 but we couldn't get a deal with
K-Tel or Quality Records, oh well
maybe next year. In closing we thank
you for the slogan for our next T-shirt
Thanks a ton for your time and
remember to always support your local
bands so there wfll be a thriving scene
here and we can work together just Hke
First, firstly is not proper grammar.
Second, "NarcoticNirvana" was
a typo but you should be grateful that
the allusion was made to that, oh so,
successful band from Seattle.
Third, I'm sure ifyou were worthy ofappering on a tribute album our
in-house compiler, Nardwuar, would
be phoning you up and slapping your
drool on vinyl. But, no such luck.
And last, we're quiteproudof the
fact that Mofo set precedent in his
review of yow album because The
Rocket haled it as welUGotta go clean
up the pigeon coop.
How revealing to read openly
white-supremacist bullshit like M.
Julian Killam's "Counter-Culture to
Sub-Culture" column in your November issue. I hope it's abundantly clear to
anyone but a tone-deaf Limey expatriate that all fotms of popular music in
the English-Speaking worid (with the
exception, as he points out, of Brit-
Folk) originated in America, or more
properly the Americas. Everyone borrows continually from that eternally
flowing <
Brits mort of aH.
Killami '
contributions of "African Slaves," but
really Wo ws his cover wilh "I wouldn' t
be surprised if all music as we know it
evolved from a waltz written by some
few living in the Teutonic region in
Europe." And there we have it; I
wouldn't be surprised if you evolved
from a squid you racist motherfucker.
I never expected rocket scientists to
contribute to this mag.butJesus... okay,
I'll say it once, pay attention carefully
now: rock and roll, blues, jazz, gospel,
ska, hip hop, reggae, soul See any
connection? The fudring Limey'ssteal
all their forms from black Americans,
over and over again, "refining" them
from brown to while Kke the sugar rhe
slaves died to produce for the British
Empire, making it palatable for lame,
anemic youth whose feet would tangle
at the first hint of syncopation and
porymeter. And so it continues today.
As for Killam' s vaunted "alternative," all I can say is it makes a
damn fine marketing label, best translated as "talentless, fucked-up, middle-class white youth with no ambition play to their peers." The Sex
Pistols were a bad joke by Malcolm
McLaren that some sad shitheads
took seriously, and God help us, still
do. Killam, get your thick Teutonic-
head out of music's own trash can,
stop subjecting your poor ears to the
toxic raving of junkies, and check
out what's happening beyond Albion's pale shore.
Michael Anderson
Dear Airhead:
I'vefound mort of Jules Killam's
stuff in Discorder to be mildly interesting, but "How to Have Fun over Qnist-
mas" (Dec '91) stands head and shoul-
den above the rert, if only for iu iOogic-
ity. Mr. Killam repeatedly disparages
thoce he describe! m "politically oar
red," unrig such incisive and insightful
wading as "_ They're aH assholes. I
hate that fucking bunch." But wait, it
gets lamer. He also states, "I'd like to see
the end of enviro-hypocrisy,"and in the
next breath says, "But what I'd really
like to see is people ._ being vocal...
Apparently younger women feel they
have no more need to fight for equality
— that they have enough & [sic] are
cement." What the fix*? I He's just
spent a portion af the article slagging
those who are"being vocal," maligning
them with the epithet "politically correct," and now he'sbcmoaniiigthcdcarth
of people "angry about injustice". Even
were his comment on "younger women" true, which it patently is not, his
concluding paragraph would still be a
direct contradiction of his attitude in the
rest of the piece. Mcthinks Mr. Killam
was into the Bailey's Irish Cream a bit
ahead of time.
Having said that, "Sex in glass
elevators wilh dead farm animals" stayed
me. And I guess it's a hopeful sign that
Discorder finally published something
worth paying attention to, if only to point
out ils stupidity.
Viola Funk
O Things of Discorder
I can't put into words how much
i hate this time of year, all of this Xmush
wank. So I was worry'd and annoyed
when I opened your Decemtryr issue
and saw on ye contents page that you
had l woQiristmas features. But reading
M Jules Killam't delightful "How to
Have Rm Over Christmas" proved a
happy surprise. Thanx for printing it.
Chris Uren is an exceptionally
good writer. I hope the author can find a
more interesting use of talent than ye ho-
hum yam in this issue. I read it and kept
saying, "What's the point?"
You aU is really into this Xmas
shit, though, judging from the surnames
used in "Office Use Only." Oh well, I
guess someone has to enjoy this wretched time of year.Me.afterwalking downtown surrounded by morons in front of
department stores ringing theyr irritating befls, I came home and crank the
Discharge "Why"e.p. and scream alcng
with the angst
I loved the Alice in Chains interview, especially when Jerry Cantrell
confessed, "I don't know what grunge
is." I've always hated that Seattle was
supposed to have a "sound" by which
we were musically known world-wide.
Il sounded like bloody hype, and so
limiting. I'm not anti-labels, mind I call
meselTpunk"and listen topunkmusic,
but punk was never a limiting term for
way or listen to a certain kind of music,
lt opened the way to all kinds of ahema -
tives. There should be "Seattle sounds,"
not one specific "sound."
Of course, in ye ten years I've
been a punk, I've seen other punx use
theirKfestyle in a limiting way. They'll
dress hardcore only, listen to "cool"
bands only, and scorn all those who
don't do likewise. Il's such a dique
mentality, and it imitates the narrow-
minded system punk set out to smash. I
get so pissed when I see gnarly punx
make fun of others who aren't so hardcore. You know, "Oh, wow, PIL, how
punk, man — HAI HAI HA! HAt" It
sux, punx picking of punx.
I noted that CartrcH thinks weU of
Singles, the film that was inspired by the
Seattlemuoc scene, maybel'mabore to
be upset by the idea of the fihn.bull hale
the idea of turning our suxic scene into
be a rock'n'roll cliche, so if il's anywhere as cool as Cantrell makes it out to
be in your Alice in Chains interviewl'll
be fairly surprised. Nay, I'll be flippin'
I didn't enjoy your treatment on
The Pixies, cus I love iheir attitude
when being interviewed, and this piece
in DiSCORDER was flat-out boring.
Perhaps Rob Boper thought a straight
interview would be too boring, and tries
to make his piece fanciful and clever, but
it didn'l work.
I'm sad to sec that Judith's fascinating "Subtext" column will become
bi-monthly, it being my favorite piece
every issue and the main reasonlpick up
DiSCORDER. Hopefully you'll maybe
give her two full pages for future columns? Being an author myself, il gives
my poor old heart a flow of warmth to
see a literary column in a rock music
publication. It's so cool to see you encouraging young people to read. I don't
mean that to sound condescending. I
keep reading about the lack of reading
skills in today's youth, and it is a source
of anguish. So to see your "Subtext"
column gives me a bit more hope.
Sony ifl complained icomuch about
to complain when the 'zine is fiee. Reading
car sothatl oould drive up to Vancouver
and dig your scene. I used to drive up to
B.C. lots cos I'd always find cool British
paperbacks tfiat aren't available in America.
Ah, yom good ol' days.
Wllum Pugmlre
Seattle, W A
I am writing toexpressmy Drunken over Fist the November issue af is.
Who the hell does the think he/she is ? I
can'tbeKeve that coolest likeband would
be caught in At least the.
By the way, I worid the piece well
that you passed off as at Tell your least
togettheirin straightbefore Vancouver.
I'vehad enough of hearing about by, the
rule ! Why not way ?
Oh yeah, how come Satan ? I hate
Dear Airhead,
I am writing to express my ihe over
end Ihe November issue cf is. Who Ihe h_l
does nearthink he/she is ? I can't befieve lhat
prepare Bee yourself would be caught fools.
Al least nobody.
By the way, I will the piece survive
tfiat you passed eff as the. Tel your apocalypse to get their is straight before now. I've
had enough of hearing about I; snort tuie I
Oh yeah, how come Lucifer ? I
hate devil!!!
Anal Very clever, my friend. After a
short bout of head-scratching we at
Discorder have broken the (thinly disguised) code evident in both of the
above letters: Instead of filling in the
blanks of the Dec 91 Airhead starter
kit, Satan" (aXa. "bunnies") filled in
each word of a secret message. Therefore, the last letter reads: "The end is
near. Prepare yourself now. At least
nobody will survive.The apocalyspe is
now. I snort. Why not thee. Lucifer.
Devil bunnies.'Walchoutforyourfree
On Monday. Dec. 2nd I-checked
out" Shindig at the Railway. I enjoyed
myself until the "jokes for beer," which
were in very poor taste. The truly bad
taste however, was exhibited by the
"judges". Who are these jokers? Are
they members of Jeff—a Tragic Mu-
latu/'Seattle sound" rehash—or of
Crush—a vocalist with lyric sheet in
hand, a bassist who played a total of
three notes, andadrummcrwhoused 1/
10 of his kit!? Or do these "judges"
simply not subscribe to the same reality
as I? I have no problem with Jeff winning, as they did what they did well, but
Posse of One were the highlight of the
night. They had the best musicians on
each category hands down, (although
Jeff* s drummer was also excellent) and
put on a great, original, well rehearsed
show. They were not without their
faults, but Posse of One were fun and
energetic where the others were redundant and boring. Lastly, kudos to Jeff s
"vocalist"! Fuck Shindig and long live
Dear Discorder
DIG? Or what the hell is wrong with
the people at Ihe Railway Club.
Monday December 2 when a
band (or should I caH them this) Hke
"Jeff" wins, I think to myself, who was
at the Railway Oub lhat night? Were
the judges slipped an unknown substance into their drinks? Or were the
judges even present, when "Posse of
One" was on stage.
These guys weren't the boring
blase butter brained bullshit (Rory
Tail— thanks for the quote) I heard
from the other 2 bands.
These guys are something to see
but the crowd was too comolosed to
If these guys played Portland,
they'd be a sure fire hit! Can't the
judges of Shindig see this?
"Posse of One" has too loss the
sflly string though. Wen "Jeff," fuck
you and the hone you rode on!!!I And
leam to play the guitar.
Billy Chuck
Dear Airhead,
last issue you were pondering
why you haven't been receiving any
letters, weU, I miss 'em too. Cheer up!
Things are bound to change. In f aa I
wiU take you up on your offer to air
whai's right/wrong with Discorder right
Let'sget one thing straight: Even
when Discorder is bad, it'sgood. Know
what I mean? Creative writing on the
kind of music/subjects one doesn't find
everywhere. Okay...that said, I have
to comment on last month's "Real
Live Action" page. IMHO (in my
humble opinion—computer jargon)
I had problems with the review of the
house party (wilh music par the Evap-
Here goes: At almost three columns the review was too long and
more importantly, I felt Grant was
incredibly hateful — well put the
bounds of a "review", this writing
turned into a personal vendetu
againrt others gathered at this "party" (some fun). It was weU written (I
thought the phrase "cyclone of teenage hate" was wonderful) bul loo
damn vicious for me.
My main point is...does Discorder wish to print public reviews
of private functions? This practice,
which we have all teen before in
these pages, is elitist and
cliquish...again IMHO. Surely then-
were odier am ceils which could have
been reviewed for the December issue, does Discorder wantAecd more
contributers? If so, spread the word.
There! I have a headache now.
Anyhow, before I go...dah dah
dum..lucky Chris Patterson of White
Rock was the winner of a signed
hardcover copy of Qive Barker's
latest,Imajica (Re: boffo Oct subtext
giveaway). He was reading Doslo-
evsky's Crime and Punishment and
faves include A Clockwork Orange
and anything by William Gibson. It
was nice meeting you, Christ
Oooh yeh, check out subtext
this month for a preview of the new
Re/Search book and a tour through
Viola Funk's book collection.
Yours, the voice on the wire,
Judith Beeman
Dear Discorder
when in your area listening lo
•YOUR' airwaves.
But I'm ftuck in Lead City.
MUSIC SHTT. Save me, save me.
from that.
So. How about it folks? You
send me a sub lo Discarder.
Loved the Article in Novembers
Issuance, 'From Counter Coulture to
Sub-culture'... And the 'Free Snot of
Jesus' diatribe.
So, I'm up here taking care of
my elderly mother. While watching
'Wheel of Fortune', her favorite program, with all the FABULOUS prizes and FABULOUS WINNERS, she
comments, *I don't know how they
get away with it'.That's the way I
feel about DISCORDER.
Dale Babcock
Trail. BC
Hi there!
I've just heard about the Discorder newspaper and I would like
to enjoy it!
I work as a D.J. in a club
called "AN". This club is one of
the few places in this country where
Alternative-independent music is
So, if it is possible I would
like to be a subscripted
Pericles Parlopoulos
Athens, Greece
perryscope     presents
with special guests
halleluliah GOOD NEWS!!! I
■    -.   ____■!_    ... _____   __r    r  ««**wumm  wwuu iifiwaii
IN U.SA.: P.O. BOX 69243, PORTLAND, OREGON, 97201
24 HR. SHOW INFO: 681-1732
6 !I_J^S°Is_____|i3 JELLO BIAFRA
and Nardwuar
Recently, Mr. Biafra stopped in Vancouver to express his views, which
are many, to those who wished to
listen, who were many. One such
person was CiTR member Nardwuar
the Human Serviette. For those of
you who have forgotten, Nardwuar
had one other fateful encounter with
Jello, lasting only seconds before Mr.
Biafra tossed him aside hke used
tissue. Well, this time Nardwuar was
determined not to let some "has -been"
get the best of him and accosted Jello
after his show. But instead of having
egg on his face, this time he got ink.
Here are the transcripts of these two
interviews, which I
aged to get a hold of.
MAY 1989
Nardwuar: Mr. Biafra, can we ask
you a question?
Biafra: Real fast.
Nardwuar: Okay, what is the difference between an American and a
Biafra: That's for you to decide.
Nardwuar: What right does the me
dia have to pry into things?
Biafra: Well your prying right now.
Nardwuar: And is that allowed?
Biafra: I'm allowing now against
my better judgement because your
question are awfully stupid.
Nardwuar: But the thing is wouldn't
it be nice to suck up to nice little cub
reporters and lick them? What are
you thoughts in regard to that: people phoning you, hounding you, trying to track you down. How do you
deal with since you have been elevated in society?
Biafra: Well, kinda like this. I say
farewell to you, sir.
Nardwuar: Hey, Mr. Biafra can we
ask you a question?
Biafra: Oh my God, it's Nardwuar
with a camera I And I've got a marker, tool
Nardwuar: I was wondering
Jello...[Mr. Biafra proceeds to put
jiffy felt zebra stripes all over Nardwuar's mug.)
Biafra: He's speechless and he's
gotta go to work tomorrow.
Nardwuar: Jello Biafra, do the
American people have the government that they deserve?
Biafra: I would say they have the
government that some people deserve. But the ones lhat deserve it are
inflicting it cm us and not obeying
their own laws.
Nardwuar: Are you a Democrat or
an Anti-Fascist?
Biafra: I would say some of both.
Nardwuar: Could you be in the same
vein of speakers, or artistes, such as,
and you mentioned their names this
evening, Rollins, MacKaye, and the
Zappa? Are you in that league of
these gentlemen, Mr. Biafra, are you
in the league of these artistes?
Biafra: Oh, I would say as much as
you are in the league of Rush Lum-
Nardwuar: Finally, I was wondering, looking at your belt buckle right
here. I've charted the progress of this
star belt buckle, throughout the years.
What is the true story behind your
metallic waste-supporter, Jello Biafra?
Biafra: Well, I got it when I was
fifteen years old because I thought it
looked like Jim Dandy's buckle of
Black Oak Arkansas.
Nardwuar: And you've kept wearing it since? Could there be actual
Dead Kennedys' spit on it?
Biafra: Yeah, it probably has some
of yours too.
Nardwuar: Finally, we have a nice
present for you Jello Biafra, a lucky chestnut.
Biafra: Thank you, it looks like a
chocolate covered
Nardwuar: Oh, Jello, say good-bye.
Biafra: Gooood Bye. You're gonna
be sure to put me on the same compilation as Ceasaret ses Remains aren 't
Nardwuar: Yes, sir! II
The Disposable Heroes of
People who went to see Billy Bragg
last month will already know this -
are very, very good. Michael Franti
(rap) and Rono Tse (chains, electric
grinder, wheel rims, air-raid siren
and percussion)are twoex-Beatnigs,
taking rap another step forward by
fusing it to industrial noise and jazz,
like asort of cross between, errr... Gil
Scott-Heron, Test Department and
Meat Beat Manifesto. Add to this
Michael's intelligent and lucid
thymes, dealing with socially relevant themes in fresh ways, and...No!
not just another rap bandl I talked to
them at CiTR on the afternoon before their second show at the Commodore, the first national day of
mourning for the fourteen women
murdered at the Ecole Polytechnique
in Montreal.
Discorder: Where did the
name come from?
Mkhael: We used tobe in The Beatnigs, and we've always tried to reflect in our name something challenging, thought provoking. The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - The
"disposable heroes" element first of
all relates to the representation of
black men in America being held up
as either athletes or entertainers. A
lot of young people in America,
myself included, grew up thinking
that they were either gonna be professional basketball players or professional entertainers, and, at a certain point the myth can die and can
leave a young person wilh nothing in
their lives except what's left of their
body, broken dreams, after neglecting their school as a result of trying to
become a famous <
Disposable MTV rappers?
MUhaelrYeah. The element
"Hiphoprisy" deals with the hypocrisy which often ensues when one is
trying to be an artist of conscience in
an in du s try which has no conscience.
With a lot of political rap music, first
of all it's a very short sighted analysis of racial or social-political ideas
and also, from our own experience of
being in the Beatnigs - an overtly
political group - a lot ofthe times the
politics of the group don't match up
with the what the members of the
group do in their own personal lives.
Do you think that rap Is a
good way to get across to
people? People who
wouldn't normally be susceptible to this sort of message?
Rono: Yeah, I think that, for me,
coming from Oakland, the way I was
brought up, I wasn't exposed to the
type of allemativemessages and ideas
that can open your mind. Knowing
Mike for about seven yean, we both
have learned from each other about
different topics,being aman in America, political issues that deal with my
race (Rono is Asian-American] and
his race [Mike is African-American]
that I always get reminded of - just
during this tour I've had so many
racial slurs -1 think that this project
is trying to better ourselves, and it's
a constant struggle.
What type of feedback are
you getting from the audiences?
Mkhael: The audience on this tour
is the Billy Bragg audience, and most
of them have never heard of us. Billy
Bragg's audiences are largely leftist,
young, white and enjoy alternative
types of music. So for us to come as
a rap group, and wc use a lot of weird
instruments, some metal stuff and
some sparks and grinders, for some
of the audience il's like "Wow, that's
something I've never seen before".
A lot of people who like Billy Bragg
are open and receptive or at least
critically thinking, so they've rocked
the house. Last night everyone was
jumpin' and dancin'and listening to
what we had to say.
So a Billy Bragg tour is a
good one for you?
Ml Chock Yeah, 'cos we say the same
things [as Billy], we just come from
different neighborhoods.
You've just talked about
growing up as men in America. How do you think the
current swell of gangster
rap is affecting young people from your kind of backgrounds?
Rono: It adds on lo the landfills,
y'know? When you buy your tape,
you listen to the beats then you listen
to the lyrics it just plugs ii inlo your
brain. How are you gonna see other
things, doors being opened, that being a man you don't have to be showing these aggressions, that you don't
have to aa the way that you hear on
the radio? I feel that, as artists, they
should set some examples. People
who do put out this type of stuff - and
I do enjoy some of the beats they
have - definitely should be criticized.
Michael: Ithinkthatwhatyouseein
rap music is something that is systemic and ritualistic throughout patriarchal society, not only in America but in Canada and in Europe,
Asia... Today is a perfect example.
Remembering the fourteen women
who were killed two years ago to this
day hopefully will bring out, for a lot
of people, the reality of misogyny in
society and how, for most men, you
grow up learning to express three
emotions - Laughter, Anger, and
"Let's have sex" - and when you
deviate from those, you are either
accused of being a sissy or a wimp or
queer or whatever. The song "Language of Violence" is about ihe use
of language to reduce people lo a
point where when we perpetuate violence against them we're not hurt-
by Pete Lutwyche.
ing an individual, a human being.
And today is a perfect example of
lhat. We're living in this patriarchy
where women are second-class citizens. Women have violence acted
against them every day. We see it in
our own families, growing up. Male
violence dominates and pervades our
whole society, from football games
to what happened in Iraq. So rap
music does perpetuate that in many
ways, and so does heavy metal, and
the government, advertising, movies. Not to let rap music off the hook,
but as we criticize those rappers, we
alsonecd to understand thai it's something pervading our entire society.
Rono: And I will comment lhat wc
men need to get together and talk
aboul these issues, and that's the first
and the hardest ihing.
This seems to be a good
time to bring up television,
as the average North American child spends more time
In front of the TV than at
school, learning society's
Mkhael: For a long time I viewed
television as something that should
be gotten rid of. Then, at a certain
point, I realized that we're never
gonna get rid of television, it's impossible, there's too much money
involved. The thing that we now
need to do is understand that television is not a subjective medium. Tele -
vision is just technology. The programming is subjective. In America
it's controlled by a very small group
of corporate families which control
not only what gels on TV, but the
products lhat arc sold through television. It's important that people of
conscience, producers and consumers, begin to create and determine
what will be viewed on television,
begin to put things on television that
can, in fact, be viewed critically as
opposed to passively. Most of what' s
on TV now you take in almost through
osmosis. It is possible - as we saw
with the Rodney King incident - for
the power of television over the
course of one night to change the
worlds perceptions of the way the
police treat black people in America.
That was as a result of one person
with one home video camera, and
access to video cameras and public
access television stations.means lhat
anyone can put a program together,
have people view it and get a response
to it That democratization of television is something which I encourage
and look forward to. Ixt's take control
of it, let's use it for our purposes and
maybe we can hold our governments
responsible for caring for people. In
being a father, there's a lot of really
radical ideas that I've had that I've
changed to ideas of just caring for
people. I don't feel like in America
we're ever going lo have a radical
government, but maybe we can get a
government that cares about people.
minis cont'd on page 8
JANUARY    Q I L  O  V  E  I T
I N  E  E  D  I T
Now serving coffee and salads too.
1175 Robson       1937 Cornwall
Largest Selection
of Almost New and Used
Paperbacks and
Magazine Back Issues
Large Range of
Hard Cover Books
Thousands of New and
Collector's Comics
We Buy, Sell or Trade
1247 Granville near Davie
3347 Kingsway
Open 7 Days a Week
The Indecisives
By Rory Tait
"Have a nice day," "More Coffee,"
"Good Intentions," "Uncle Art..."
These aren't your regular pop underground song titles, and The Indecisives are not your regular Vancouver
rock band. Singer/song writer/guitarist, Zaf, has survived a plague of
lineup changes in the few months
that The Indecisives have been playing around town, usually at the Cruel
Elephant Through the miracle of
Georgia Straight musician's ads and
maybe a bit of good hick, the band is
back to a power trio format with
Codfish Dan on bass and vocals and
Steve on percussion. Look out for an
independently released 7" coming
out soon, as the band will heading
into Deadbeat to record tracks for the
single. I talked to the boys over coffee at one af the downtown's finer
Discorder: I guess my main question refen to your lyric*—Dak (QTR
demo director) described the demo
of "Have a Nice Day" as "Dada-
rock." What are you t
convey in your lyrics?
Zaf: A lot of it is just st rea
ties done, it's just basically word
play. I write a lot of surrealistic poetry, except I do it all sober. I'm not one
Dan: He speaks for himself only an
that I
Zar: I'm the only one is the band
who doesn't like lo get involved in
that kind of stuff. I just try to come up
with really bizarre and strange ideas,
different concepts, and placing different images together.
Discorder: I was also wondering
about that one song about some dirty
old man...
Zaf: "Uncle Art?"
Discorder: Yeah!
Dan & Steve: What? We haven't
heard this one yetl
Zaf: I haven't played lhat one to
them yet. What about it?
Discorder. I was just wondering
what it was about, 'cause I've only
been able to pick out a few lines.
Something about little girls, and...
Zaf: "Uncle Art reads dirty books/
Uncle Art takes them pills/Uncle Art
likes little girls/Uncle Art needs cheap
Steve: Good ol' Uncle Art!
Discorder: So is this a real uncle of
yours, oris he a fictional composite?
Dan: It's autobiographical!
Zaf: He's just some old guy in my
neighbourhood in West Van who
inspired me to write songs. We just
played that song at Shindig to fill up
space; it's the first song I ever wrote.
Dan: Off to a good start!
Discorder: So what's it like lobe an
artist living in West Van?
Steve: They 've got life too easy over
there, they don't have anything to
write about!
Zaf: No. see, life is pretty tough
overthere because all the 7-11 's
aren't open 24 hours. They close
at 11.
Steve: A www!
Zaf: And all the kids just hang out al
Ambleside Beach and build bonfires.
Discorder: When I first saw you it
sorta reminded me of K Stuff, like
Beat Happening—is that a conscious
Zaf: In regards to the music, vocals,
or arrangements?
Disorder: I guess the arrangements
and ihe vocals.-You've got that reaUy
low voice, and sometimes you go into
a monotone, and...uh, I don't want to
bruise anyone's ego here, but...
Dan: You can't sing. Zaf!
Discorder: I've just been in some
really big arguments with people at
the station whodidn'l really like you.
And I would say lhat I thought you
were really original and had good
songs, and these people would scream
at me and say "but ihey' re shit I They
suck! They couldn't play their instruments and ihey couldn 'I sing and
they were shil!" And I would be
saying, "No, no...you have to look at
il differently.."
Dan: That' s great 11 love to hear people say lhat!
Zaf: It's just like the punk
movemen_..'cause when lhal started
people said, "They can't sing and
they can't play their instruments."
Even though punk bands were writing better songs than all those established bands could ever hope to write.
This music really comes from our
heart, we're playing stuff that we
want to play... it's not like we're all
pre-packaged with spandex and stuff.
Discorder: How about that Kiss
Zaf: The country version of "Stiut-
terT'That was quite interesting, but it's
land af old hat now. You am only do
that so much. Kiss were one of the only
mainstream bands who had cool riffs,
even though their lyrics were totally
stupid. Now we're into covering
Stompin' Tom.
Tapioca Talk With Crimson Seeds
by Lee-Ann Hooker
"What the hell is tapioca anyway?"
Such was the recent reaction from Vancouver folk-rock trio Crimson Seeds
when I invited ihem over for a little
"custard and conversation." Nonetheless, they graciously accepted. After all,
il's not everyday that a writer will literally spoon feed you through an inter-
Crimson Seeds were formed over
two years ago when guitarist Tim Hinds,
bassist Richard Western and drummer
Jamie Teskemel in high schooL The trio
soon discovered they shared the same
fondness for groups like ihe Clash, Sex
Pistols and the Que, among others.
"Back then we were called The Rain,"
says Jamie. "Yeah, then one day we
were walking down the street and we
overiieard some guys sayin' * Hey, The
Rain 'scorning to town'," adds Tim,"and
it was another band so we had to change
our name." The group is more than a bit
adamant about not divulging the meaning of their current name, so TCI leave it
to yourim agination. Tim recalls Jamie's
admiration for a certain Mack clad country singer "Who was lhat guy, Jamie7"
asks Tim with a devilish grin on his face.
"Johnny Cash," replies Jamie, visibly
unimpressed by the question. Hey.noth-
in'wrong with Johnny Cash.
Folk rock being the populargenre
of music that it is in Vancouver, one has
to wonder how a young band can keep
afloat, let alone prosper. The Grapes of
Wrath have done it, and Spirit of the
West, to name a couple, but just as they
are adamant about explaining what their
name implies,Crimson Seeds are equally
unwilling to be typecast as another Vancouver folk band. "That description is
very limiting, unfortunately, il's the best
way to describe us," claims Richard.
"We don't really try to fit in wilh the
Vancouver sound, as it were," adds
Tun. "I do have an idea in my head of
what the perfect band would sound
like, and we all just try to make the kind
of music lhal we'd wanl lo hear, but
nobody else seems to be doing it"
The public seems to agree. Crimson Seeds wan a Canada wide contest
in 1990 which enabled one of their
songs. Here Comes Another Day. to be
included on the Poolwest Unsigned
1990 Compilation cassette, as well as
receive radio airplay. A two song demo
was alio recorded after Ihey won first
place ki the 1990 North Shore Youth
Counterattack Battleoflhc Bands. The
demo featured I Still Smile and Fix
The World, two songs which Tun
claims no longer do the band justice
but are really quite exceptional when
performed live. Crimson Seeds' gigs,
when open to all ages, are becoming
increasingly harderto see since they've
begun to sell out shortly after being
announced. "We just sold out an all
ages show in North Van," says Richard. "That was cool in a way but of
course some people wanted to come
and couldn't get in, and nobody likes
to turn people away, so it was land of
too bad that the venue wasn't bigger.
It's frustrating for the younger crowd
who seed Crimson Seeds' posters plastered around town and then can't get
into the venue because it's a nineteen
and over show, too."
An independent album featuring new and revamped versions of
current songs is in the works for release in early 1992. "Our goal wilh the
album is to basically broaden our audience," explains Richard. "The compilation tape wc were on is quile hard
lo come by—I think I've seen il in
Track Records but that's about it—so
we really want to make somelhing that
people can get their hands on because
right now there's nothing, except if
they come to a gig."
Those interested in catching the
Crimson Seeds before the album is
available can do so on January 20 al
The Railway Club and ai 86 Street on
January 22. Prospective groupies hoping to win their favou rare encouraged
to come prepared with plenty of
tapioca on hand. Right,guys...?
8 TEtR^THFTM^- Pegboy comes from Chicago. They
are: Larry Damons, big beef-boy,
who sings and acts like a knob on
stage; John Haggerty, ex-Naked
Raygun member, guitarist; Joe Haggerty, John's brother, drummer,
Steve Saylors, bass player. I spoke
to Joe and Steve at the Cruel Elephant after their show.
Pegboy: How'd you hear about Pegboy?
Discorder: Well...there's the obvious Naked Raygun connection, and
your album is getting a bit of airplay
at CiTR. I guess I can forget all my
Naked Raygun questions since John
Joe: I can answer them for you.
Steve: He's John's brother.
D: Have you noticed a big change in
N »ked Raygun since John left? (Like
the fact that they suck.)
Joe: WeU, they were never a big
touring band. That's why John quit.
Those guys aren't very aggressive
about progressing.
D: LarTy made a couple of comments about Subpop earlie r tonight...
Steve: Larry said a lot of things
tonight. Don't listen to Larry.
Joe: Yeah, we're all real lired.
We've been driving our asses off.
We played Winnipeg on Tuesday,
Calgary last night and here tonight.
Wc didn't get fed tonight by the
Cruel Elephant or anything.
[Cruel Elephant Owner: You guys
waiting for a van?
Joe: No, we're just doing a real
Owner: (Belligerently).- am I.
Right now.]
D: I took a look at your lyric sheet
for "Strong Reaction" before I came
down here and it seemed to me that
your lyrics are pretty melancholic
and alienated. Does that sound
about right?
Steve: Yeah, that's pretty much
Larry. We all write the music, but
Larry in particular concentrates on
the lyrics. It's more a reflection on
his perspective than any of ours.
Joe: He's not really like that. He's
totally dramatizing things.
Steve: He's like this. (Enter Larry.)
We're doing a little interview here
with Mindy.
Larry: Do I have to join in? I'm
reallytired. (Who wouldn'tbe after
an exhausting stage show that consisted of energetically giving the
audience the finger al two minute
Steve: Have you met Mindy?
Larry: Hello Mindy. Hello Radio.
(Exit Larry.)
Steve: We all sort of agree that the
lyrics are secondary to the music.
Joe: Hey, is the owner of this place
always such a dickhead? He's a
piece of shit. We loaded in after
driving through the fucking Rockies and we wanted some Cokes and
he said no, not until the bar opens.
I'd like it noted that I think lhal guy
D: I'll put that in. (The opinions
expressed by the band are not necessarily those of Discorder or CiTR,
but the guy was being an asshole.)
Steve: The thing I've noticed
about most Canadians is the baggy bottoms. What's with the big
D: You can get long underwear
under them.   How do you like
your jeans?
Steve: Medium rare. Ask us more
personal questions.
D: Like what?
Steve:  What kind of underwear
D: What kind?
Joe: Boxers.
Steve: Usually with Garfield or
hearts on them.
Joe: Steve wears boner underwear. Like Speedo.
Steve: Not G-string, but almost.
Actually, I wear BVDs, wilh the
access panels. So I don't have to
drop trowel when I have lo pee
when we're touring. Boxers are
for men who don't have large
penises. You wear underwear for
support. Men who wear boxer
shorts don't need support. I'm
not saying that Joe, you know,
D: Is that on a par with hand size?
Steve: You mean the bigger the
hand...I have really small hands.
D: Was Larry ever in a frat?
Joe: No, but he looks like it,
doesn't he? That's kind of a rule,
that no Pegboy was ever in a frat.
Steve: He was a jock in high
school. His dad used lo play for
the Bears with Coach Ditka. But
anyhow, Larry's a regular guy.
He likes to flip people off.
The fallowing
lediatefy after their set at the Town
Pump and needless to say
was quite confusing and
hilarious atthe same time.
Names and places have
been included not to pro-
tea the innocent but instead so we could all get a
Dlscorder: I guess we
could start by introducing yourselves
All: Hit We're The Best
Kissers in the World!
Andy: I'm Andy, and I
play the drums.
Stan: I'm Stan and I play
Danny: My ri
Ho and I play bass.
Gerald: I'm Gerald, I
play the guitar and sing.
D: I guess this is the first time you've D: You guys seem to have a lot of fun
been up here and wiU it be the last on stage, I liked the energy you guys
or...? put out while you play...
A: We were actually up there once A: We gotta bump into each other 2,
before... 3 times as show... Y'know the stan-
D: We played at the Cruel Elephant dard rock poses, crotch thrusts, hair
with Trash Can SchooL.. tossing...
S: ...on your national holiday... D: With the release of your CD sin-
G: It was the international fireworks gle, will you be touringextensively or
competition and all these people went just playing in Seattle?
down to this body of water fried on D:   That's what we're doing right
acid and we bring up the best band now. We're playing in Victoria after
from LA. to grace you people and thisthenSaltLakeCity...we'redoing
look what happens... a bunch of shows with the Meat Pup-
D: My first most obvious question I pets and then a bunch by ourselves...
guess would be how did you guys get D: So the Meat Puppets have taken a
hooked up with Sub Pop? liking to you then?
D: They love us, they begged us to be A: We know them from Phoenix...
D: We used to live in Phoenix before
we moved to Seattle...
A: Weused to do aerobics with them...
G: They 're 10 jealous of us musically
now that they don't like us at all, so
we   just tour with them now on a
friendship basis only...
D: So how long have you actually
been together then?
D: Basically, 3 or 4 years, we broke
up for a while.
D: Did you ever think that this was
where you were going to be, 3 -4 years
later, being with Sub-Pop, touring
their label
G: [ Doing his bestNew Jack Hustler
impersonation] We took their ho's,
and in order to get their ho's back, we
haad to get a rekkid out...
A:... but they got it all back now so
it's O.K. We were on the label for 15
D: I've noticed there has been an
influx of local talent being signed as
well as yourselves, like the Night
Kings and the Supersulkers...
D: Yeah, the Supersulkers are great!
A:... And they really know to throw
a bottle! etc.?
[conversation then takes a turn as we    D: Well w
talk about a recent Supersulkers show    u red out what the kids wanat
wheretheypeltedtheiraudiencewith    and we play it, dammit,
empty beer bottles. We returned to    G:It'satotalconsciousi
tonight's performance...] go ahead and give the kids what they
gathered the facts, fig-
dig which is crotch shots...
D: Does the fact that you're
with Sub-Pop and the stereotypical "Seattle Sound" tag
bother you because of opin-
based on those monikers?
G: No, not at all. We've always had that "alternative to
the Seattle Sound" review, so
it doesn't really bother us, no.
D: Other bands get mad at
those that are on a label.
D: How long has the single on
Lucky records ["Take Me
Home"rStart All Over"] been
G: That been out for about 6
D: 4 months...
S: It wasn't out when I joined
the band.
D: Wait a minute, you're a new
edition to this band?
G: We seem to have a habit of
going through guitar players .and
we finally settled on this maniac...
S: ...aand I'm not from Phoenix,
I'm from Minnaepolis, I lived there
for 6 years...
D: Were you in any bands there?
S: No, I barely knew how to play
guitar then. I just went to see
bands like Soul Asylum, Run Wes-
ty Run, Magnolia and then moved
to Seattle and learned guitar.
[At this point, their roadie walks
in and writes some hieroglyphs
upon the wall and leaves...]
D: That's your ever-faithful roadie?
D: Yep,that's him. Ouroldroad-
ie is now on the Red Hot Chili
Peppers/Pearl Jam Tour and he
was voted the sassiest roadie in
America by Sassy magasine, but
he just got fired from that tour.
D: Why?
D: Well, I'll tell ya....
[And as he told me we all huddled 'round like boys at a camp-
fire telling ghost stories. And
to make a long story short, their
old roadie was fired because he
did the "pumpkin" with a certain female bass player, from a
certain "smashing" mid-western band, from a certain Windy
G: How's that for Sassy?
JANUARY    0 s
In 1977, V. Vale, who had worked tl
San Francisco's Oly Ijghu bookstore
for yean 'n years began lo drcubae his
'nne Search A Destroy which through
11 Biues becametheWes»oo«3t'i"punk"
Let me be the first to break the
good news: ANGRY WOMEN, the
latest release from Re/Search, is
out I received an advance copy
and am pleased to report it is a
thick (240 pp), juicy, wonderfully
aggressive celebration of womanhood. Expect it in town early this
Angry Women consists of 15 interviews wilh performance artists
and writers who have devoted
themselves fully to their art and
beliefs. There is not a sissy in this
bunch. The interviews — conducted primarily by Andrea Juno,
female of the Re/Search duo —
range in topic from lessons learned
from the sexual "revolution" to
politics, AIDS and gender roles.
A detailed history of each woman's performance background is
reported in the clear, concise and
upbeat pattern which is the Re/
Search credo. In this case, the artists themselves describe past work
(documented with 135 photos).
Just who are we talking aboul?
From the more familiar Kathy
Acker (writer). Lydia Lunch and
Karen Finley (victim ofthe NEA)
to lesser known Kerr & Malley
(pro-choice art), Avltal Ronell
(cullural theorist) and Susie Bright
(brilliant lesbian sex writer aka
Susie Sexpert) these women all
deserve wider recognition.
The most amazine profile is of
Linda Montano who has sought to
eradicate the barriers between "art"
and "life" over the past 25 years.
Take the year (yep, 365 days) she
spent tied at the waist with an 8-
foot-rope to artist Teching Hsieh;
they didn't touch once. Then there's
the playful time she became a "bell
ringer" for the Sally Ann at
Christmas. At present she's just
completing her "7 years of Living
Art" project in which she...well,
you'll have to read the book, it's
Diamanda Galas, in the first interview shows this isn't a bunch of
complacent chicks chatting over tea
and sympathy. Galas, rightfully
pissed off at any death from AIDS
10 E__^g°EEE_gLi~i
devoted her art—avant-garde operatic wailing, here referred to as "musical assaults" — to emotional healing through the power af the voice.
Her most recent recording is Plague
Mass (performed last summer in
Three women of colour are represented: City of Angels Poet Wanda
Coleman; feminist theorist bell
hooks and Sapphire, whose poems
and short stories describe intense,
often horrific events while balancing a sense of hope (she had been a
childhood victim of incest)
Lydia Lunch, early punk vocalist
(Teenage Jesus & the Jerks), underground film sur and allround tuff
girl is only 31! Her interview touches on her abusive childhood, female
diseases and her film work (notably
with Richard Kern, Penn & Teller).
Check out Adulterer's Anonymous,
co-written with Exene Cervenka
(1982, Grove).
Karen Finley, the thrilling performance artist (ever see Mondo New
York?) relates to her poem The Black
Sheep (page 47 — a masterpiece on
AIDS and family); societies obsession with motherhood and her art.
For more on Karen read Re/Search' s
Pranks or her collection of mono-
loques and essay s, Shock Treatment,
released last year by City Lights.
Holly Hughes gained al
1990 (along with fellow artist Finley) when her NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) grant was
revoked. In 1989 the US Congress
equated homoeroticism with obscenity. Holly, a tatirical-lesbian-
playwright was in trouble. Her discussion focuses on sexual identity,
community and the art scene in New
Each interview has a different
pretty flower border, which brightens up the text One catch: the last
page of Angry Women shows a
"Poisonous Flower" index. Each
flower is indeed bad for you, in some
cases fatal. There's the Calla Lily,
PawPaw, Moming Glory, even the
Daffodil What looks lovely could
be deadly.
came the first three issues of Re/Search
in an tabloid format (11 by IT). Theae
covered topics from music (Sun Ra to
Flipper)tobody modification to pabbes
(surveillance technology, brain
studies)..-Tlus was fallowed by the Re/
Search format we know today, issues
dealing with topics for folks who want
the goods on vital subject mailer not
found elsewhere....Somewhere around
this time Vale meets Andrea Juno (she
had come into the bookstore and they
struck up a friendship over their mutual
admiration for futurist writer J.G. Ballard) and a working partnership was
foime_....Nicely packaged, easy lo digest— nor simple, loads of photos and
graphics. Research gels better and
bigger—Over the past few years they
have introduced "Classics", reprints of
long -ou -of -print fiction, subject matter
af intere* lo the avenge Rc/Scarch
reader—That "in a nutshell" is a brief
history of this most integral press.
Re/Search? A pleasure with these
#4/5 William S. BurroughslBrion Gy-
sin/Thmbbing Gristle Two powerful
writers and the band started by Genesis
P. Orridge (Psychic TV).
mp Industrial Culture Handbook A
who's who of the art/music and may-
#8/9 J.G. Ballard An outstanding
history of this amazing writer. The
#10 Incredibly Strange Films An
understated outing, this guide to
wayout films features many forgotten gems.
#11 Pranks Check out "People are
Reading." Viola sums it up just swell.
# 12 Modern Primatives Got a tattoo,
punk? Want one? Check this out.
Tattoos are the tame part of this tome.
Charles Willeford: Wild Wives
Writings from a neglected "noir"
writer, circa 1953.
Octave Mirbeau: The Torture Garden
Whoo! Written in 1899. A couple rendezvous in a Chinese garden where
torture is revered as an art form.
Darnel P. Mannix: Frwaks: We Who
Are Not Ai Others A dstsacportimtol
those who do not look as the others.
J.G. Ballard: The Atrocity Exhibition A reprint of Ballard's novel
with newly written analysis by the
author on each page. Stunning.
Sacher-Masoch: The Confessions
of Wanda Von Sacher-Masoch
Poor Wanda was married to
Leopold (S & M was named after
this dude) for ten unhappy years.
Her original diaries translated into
In last month's subtext I wrote
about the Mindlink! bulletin
board system. I thought afterwards (love that hindsight) perhaps I should have listed other
companies which people can
subscribe to and, even better,
local bbi' which you can hook
up to for free. So here we go:
FREE! IBM compatible (just a
few...) all 2400: Magical Maze @
873 -2296; Ink Well (comix) @ 270-
7207; Dragnet #1 @ 943-2894;
Moya-Starr (SF)@ 687-2212; O* Bin
@ 5366548; Soundhlastertg) 882 -0415;
the Cage @ 261-2347; we only come
out at night (horror) @ 734-9229.
FREE! Mac compatible (just a
few_) all 2400: Edgeways! @ 984-
2777; Hackers Hideout @ 9869711;
Apple Experience @ 5967398; Sun
Here's the pay to play bbs
Mindlink! @ 576-1214;
Guys A Gals @ 737-7973; Cy-
bersiore @ 526-3676; CARDZ
@ 734-5901; Overline @ 681-
2400; Resonance @ 322-5100;
Virtual Reality @ 325-9996;
Castle Amber @ 988-8448;
Magnetic Visions @ 325-5693
and let'inotforgetSCUM@ 584-2498.
Ever wonder what people are reading? I do. Viola Funk, who may or may not be an Angry Woman, took
the lime to write and tell subtext
RE/SEARCH#ll.Pm#its/ (1987)
This weighty tome contains the great
disclaimer "intended for entertainment and humour purposes only.
Neither the contributors nor the publishers will assume responsibility for
the use or misuse of any information
contained within this book." A social history of "the prank" consisting
of interviews wilh everyone from
Jello Biafra to Boyd Rice to —coolness of coolnesses—Earth First! No
wonder about the disclaimer when
you run across cases like that of "a
night watchman (who) figured out
how to get into a bank's computer
system and shaved a penny a day off
every single account, transferring it
into his own. By the time he was
caught he had amassed something
like $2.5 million!" That's a tame
example, but there's also lots of
stomach-turning stuff and just plain
weird shit in here as well. Check out
the photo of Mark McCloud—he's
the spitting image of the drug-dealer-guy in Withnailandl. I borrowed
this from my roomate; I don't know
if you can still get it in stores but it's
worth trying Scratch (or Granville
Herewith, the flip side of the c<
a vision of a utopic society in which
pranks would ha ve no validity, cause
in this world everything rules. No
cops, no courts, no Parliament (well,
the Parliament buildings still exist,
but they're used as manure storage
vaults), no shopping malls—sounds
like a recipe for bliss to me. Forget
Huxley and Zamyatin and those
guys—theirs were dystopias. Morris is where il's at "Said I: 'How do
you manage with politics?' Said
Hammond, smiling: "...I will answer
your question briefly by saying that
we are very well off as to politics—
because we have none.'"
August (1932)
Back into the sickening doldrums of
human life as we know it in the 20th
century. Blatantly racist, sexist, and
just a hard pill to swallow in general,
this, the first and only Faulkner I've
read, takes you on a crawl through
the slimy underbelly of the Deep
South that you're not liable to forget
sootj—howevermuch you may want
to. A gruelling read.
Spy (1964)
I finally got around to re-reading this
childhood favourite of mine — and
I appreciated it even more now than
I did back then. Harriet's one liberated, ahead-of-her-time, butt-kick-
in' chick, a role model for me even
now. "Harriet, that's ridiculous. An
onion is a beautiful thing. Have you
ever really looked at an onion?' Miss
El son was losing all touch with reality. 'I will NOT do it.'...*Harriet,
that is QUITE enough.' 'I won
it. I quit'..."You can't quit This is
a SCHOOL'..." I howled. And I
Acid (1968)
Whoa. This '11 mess with your mind
more than any combination of the
three items in question ever could,
believe me. The book suffers from a
severe case of split personality: prohibition-crazed, pseudo-scienfitic
rants against drugs alternate with
chapters of depraved, explicit drug-
induced orgies that revel in all the
gory details. (The premise being that
a single acid-soaked sugar cube will
send you into paroxysms of animalistic lust) Psycho-demented ambivalence, or what?!? I especially would
not recommenl reading this while
stoned or on acid, cause it'll sen
ly FUCK with your mind. The friend
whose copy (complete with a really
cheesy cover) I read found it cheap
in some secondhand-bookstore dive.
Good luck hunting it down. Go & experience the Ragged Rich. It's a
band In evolution. You can pick out folk-
rock, country. & the blues. It's so deep.
They're best live & when they get direction,
they'll be great. Watch them.
I hate that stupid Salt'n'Pepa song. Let's
Talk About Sex. I mean, puh-lease. "Uh, I'll
give It a 73, Dick. It's got a nice beat & I can
dance to It." It's treatment of sex Is so childish. I'm sure It's a glggler for 14-year olds
who've never had sexual juices gushing
down their throats.
But let'sgetdown to the nitty grttty (that
was originally slang tor going down on a
woman). I'm gonna be candid. I'm a sex-
flend & something of a pervert. Maybe It's
'cause I'm a Scorpio. Right. Uke I'm gonna
fall for that. Have you seen the dumb grt
doing astrology In the Province? I doubt he
could tell his dick from a pencil let alone
know my fate by looking at the stars.
So I suppose I'l be a randy bugger for
the rest of my ife, which Is fine wtth me. Call
me odd, but I enjoy sex. Immensely. Totally.
I've got a dirty mind. I see sex In everything. I have this Incredible urge to go down
Hornby Street & paint out all the B's on the
street signs. O and the Bible; that bit about
the burning bush, I mean, omlgod! Burning
bush! I was tucking her for a while.
Everyone fantasises about celebrities.
Take the David Bowie thing. Everyone I know
wants him. I myself would rather do his girlfriend. Iman. And I'd try Madonna too but
I've got friends who'd enjoy her more.
Here's some useful Information. Green
smartles are an aphrodisiac. Possibly a superstition, possibly not. And If someone has
an Itchy nose, they're homy.
So anyhow, i like sex. A lot. The problem
isl Uve In the suburbs. I'm ashamed
to admit which so I won't. But ^^mmm
damn It's hard to get sex here,
especially nowadays with AIDS.
understand It If she's never had an orgasm that melts the
synapses In her brain 'cause If she had. she couldn't do without.
And honestly. I haven't met a woman who can't have six
orgasms to every one I have. Actually I have. This one girl, after
her first two. she would have these throbbing, thrashing super-
orgasms for nearly a minute. I can't recall ever holding off long
enough to give her six.
I am so pissed off! My fave pizza place In Gastown changed
hands & now It's the shiftiest stuff I've ever had. Help. I need
suggestions for good eats In Gastown.
Anyhow. There's this rumor I've heard about myself for
quite awhile & I think It's about time to tell the truth. Supposedly,
one day at a club, I was In the Men's room fucking this girl. Well,
I wasn't there that night. I hated the band & wouldn't have
gone anyhow. I've never had sex In that club (that I remember).
Mostly though. I know I never fucked her under any circumstance (my fault my mistake I'm pretty dense you know).
I'm really quite fond of sex.
So did you go to the Twilight Zone's Hallowe'en Fetish Ball?
(note to minors: they didn't check ID that night) There were
people there In their semi-nude S&M gear & It made me realize.
In our ersatz culture, sex & sexuality are Important. I once
thought It was the meat-market mentality of the club scene, but
I noticed that whether It was the Gay scene or the Bondage
scene or whatever. It was accepted & sometimes expected. It
wasn't deviant. It was healthy. And without the prejudices of
earlier generations, maybe we'll be Instrumental In Improving
society. Ifyou watch TV (I hope you don't) you can't help but
notice sex so It must be out there. Andlf you still don't believe sex
Is important, consider this: GQ. the manual for the cultured m an,
has a circulation of 700.000 copies. Penthouse, which is gratuitous sex & nudity, has a circulation of 1.6 million copies.
Interesting thing about nudity. The only people who call me
Julian are people who have seen me naked or people who
want to.
I suspect everyone sees a psycho for a while. I myself was
one & I must have left some vicious mental scars. We're talking
bad relationships. Violently vamplrlc. greed feeding on anguish, desperation feeding on pain. So typically male It's disgusting. Just one huge horrible mlnd-fuck.
Sure. I'm wacko. That may be why people do weird shit
 by M. Jules Killam
SS^Z^r w£ license my raving hands and let them go __3?
prostitute but the male ones have to deal wtth
fat old queens & I just couldn't stomach tt.
I Imagine politically-correct pricks might
hate me'cause I'm a boorish. Insensitive pig.
That's silly. Hating a man for being a pig Is like
killing a dog for farting. Can a dog be
changed? You shoot 10 000 volts through a
dog every time It farts. It'll stop. And men....
I've also often been accused of having
an arrogant, cavalier attitude towards women. I do. I'm a prick. But in fact. I really do love
them. All of them. Any of them.
I'm open to anything. Vibrators? They're
great when I can't get It up for the ninth time.
The thing Is you're remote. You don't get
your hands dirty, you don't really get to feel
It. And let me tell you. I like to feel It.
So I've got Ave pillows on my single bed
& It's kinda excessive since I sleep alone. It's
a firm mattress bed. I hate waterbeds. The/ re
no fun to fuck on. I mean.you can geta nice
gentle rhythm going but who wants that?
Would you rather ride the merry-go-round or
the coaster? If you haven't already, try
changing your rhythm. Uttle quick spurts of
energy, long motionless pauses, slow grinding. So many people are dull when it comes
to sex. How much more do you have to
learn? I suspect there's not much left for me
to learn which is kind of sad. Of course. I can
always take delight In Illicit affairs. And slow.
tortuous teasing Is always good sex. Guaranteed to give you spasms.
About affairs. Ifyou plan on having one.
don't be sloppy. Makesureyour lover doesn't
leave strange cigarette butts in the ashtray
by the bed. And for fuck's sake, keep clean.
I've got a healthy sex life. That Is. considering
the things I do.
The need for sex is not unusual but some
of Itsmanlfestatlonsare. Imagine this: You've
been seeing this person for a year
^mam   or so. then, all of a sudden you find
out they like wearing diapers &
being potty trained. I cannot stress
syphilis was fatal, people still
fucked night & day.
I can see why. Women are
twelve times more likely to catch
AIDS from a man than the other
way around. With similar ratios for
other STD's & the ever-present
chance of pregnancy, women ■^^^™
have good reason to avoid casual sex. And
face It. when women aren't having sex.
men don't get much either.
If they don't lead to marriage. The problem
is. In a relationship a woman expects to
"make love". Let me kill this myth. A woman
feels she made love when she had humong-
ous orgasms with someone she loves. This is
dumb. "Making love'should mean two people In love Just rogertng away. "Having sex"
should be used for describing sex that gives
you whiplash. /a'
And those orgasms are Impor- r
tant. I have a friend who hain't
had sex In three years. I can
Before, behind, between, above, below,
- John Donne, Elegy XIX
around me. They know If we reach the heights of debauchery l" I Just
push the Imtts higher. It's odd because when ihey meet me. people
think I'm cM & polite. 0 have to be "cause If I'm not, my grarx**na wl
rise from the dead & smack me upside the head) I hope I can \yave
sex after I'm dead.
Let"s overthrow the government & create a pomocracy, gov-
ernmentbywhores.        ______^_ It works for the Ital
ians, look a+
i'd be a
how Important It is for you
to vocalize exactly what you do &
don't enjoy. Good sex should not
come from someone else's suffering, unless that's what you both
I'm not even going to discuss sexual
^^^^ orientation. It is an unquestlon.
^m^m Once you get past fear & prejudice, you can takeyour pleasure from whomever. Remember, there are always people
like me who won't even discriminate on the
basis of species.
I'm having a hectic month so Instead of
a real ending, I'm going to tell this Joke. This
man goes into a sex shop & looks around. He
decides on a latex pocket pussy & brings It
up to the counter. The girl behind the register
looks him over & asks. "So what are you
gonna do with that?" He looks at her &
stuttering he says." Well, um, I was going to,
" O.K.. cause Ifyou were gonna eat
it. I'd have to charge you GST."
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1176 GRANVILLE 688-8701
Line - 688-5351 "By my definition Monster Magnet is careless and dangerous.,
count me out!" - T. Leary
Dbcorder: Hi, who's this? pened was we sent out
Dave (MM): This ii Dave, what's     tape that people happened to Kke snd
been about • year since they've taken
Not too much a
caH ng from?
New Jersey.
New Jersey!? I had the I
that you guys were from New York.
WeU, I think anyone who lives within
50 to 100 mile- of New York is going
todunk that wearefrom New York. To
tell you the tiuth I don't think that a lot
of the bands han New York are hom
I don't know too much about you
guys, maybe you'd Ike to give us a
Uttle band history ..how did you get
together, bow long have you been
WeU, we're from Jersey, play in New
York a lot, and whal we are is just a
bunch of malcontents playing old rock.
And we're stickin' it to 'em. We've
been playing around for about a year
and a half and, unbelievably to me,
people actually like this stuff. So, we
just put outanew record called Spine of
God on Caroline. So, we're talcing il
out in a couple weeks across the U_>.
and then starting in January well be
coming up there (Vancouver). Well
probably wind up in Europe by next
So have you been In any bands prior
to this or is this your first project
What we've been doing, actually, is
changing instrument- for 2 or 3 years
before Monster Magnet came about
last year. And, as a joke, we started
sending out tapes without much at an
ear to what was popular, but 'cause we
Kke music a lot So, what finally hap-
And is that bow the deal with Primo
Scree/Caroline came together?
Yeah, we released a 7" on a label called
Circuit records, a limited edition type
thing, and that gat around. From that
we got on Glinerhouse, from Germany, who really Hkedii *o we did an EP
wilh them. We were contacted by
Caroline and lhat's where we are
So what's New Jersey uke?
New Jersey is pretty much like any
American suburb you see on network
television. Where I Hve there are two
7-1 l's, a bunch of gas stations with
freakshangin' out, lads skatin' around
and me driving around in my Camaro.
I Hve in a big house, here in the low rent
district, which is piled up with equipment and we just play all the time.
Is that where you practise too?
Yeah, down in the basement.
because Ihe Shore scene is old r'n'b
and cover bands. It's pretty awfuL
What about Bon Jovi?
Bon Jovi, yeah, he's from here too.
He's got absolutely nothing to do with
us whatsoever. We don't have anything in common: Bon Jovi's a rich kid
and we're poor lads. I see him driving
around in his Mercedes all the time and
we throw things al him	
you gotta pay a producer and they
charge big money. Half the time I think
they muck il up anyway, and number
two, it's fun to do. To go in and make
a record is a really, really cool thing. In
this situation, with the songs thai I
wrote, having written the songs by
myself I can hear whal I want them to
sound like. Then it was just a matter of
getting inthereandfindingout what all
those dials and other crap were. I'm still
not totally sure what it all means but I
1ft A Satanic Interview Tl^Y^WwiHift
What's it Bke for musk there?
D: We're down at The Shore and The
Shore's claim to fame has always been
Bruce Springsteen, and that's about
where things have stood since the mid-
seventies. As far as any kind of music
scene around here it's always been
pretty hokey. Any punk bands or rock
bands don't have many places to play,
it doesn't mean there aren't akx of cool
bands around, il's just that most of
them don't get a chance to breakout
More like jealousy.
About the new CD. I noticed that you
do most of the songwriting. Is this to
say that none of the other guys have
any input or Is this the way it's always worked?
Oh, sure they have input, the songs
themselves wouldn'lcome out the same
if il wasn't for these guys playing them.
I think it's just a matter of me having
this hyperactive songwriting gland. So,
before the chance that these poor slobs
do anything themselves I've already
got all the stuff right there. Maybe
things will happen in the future where
they actually do a lot more writing but
as it stands now the band started'cause
the songs were there.
know what loud and treble mean. I
learned alot and I'm actually going to
be doing some work wilh a band from
California called KYUSS. It keeps me
out of trouble.
-.and from throwing things at Bon
Jovi'scar. Who originally did "Sin's
a Good Man's Brother"?
Thai's an old Grand Funk [Railroad]
song. Alot of that stuffmy older brother listened la He was a big influence on
me; I think everybody's cider brother
was. I think you're stuck with your
influences whether you Kke it or not. I
grew up in the 70's, y'know, die age
where you listen to stuff and never
forget it. It was probably one of the
most disgusting decades around Imean,
The Six Million Dollar Man., .this is my
roots. It may not be the best decade but
it's the one I'm stuck with. The 60's
didn't really end until the mid seventies. The 60's we're talking about, mu
sically, y'know, psychedelia and post-
psychedeha, carried onlongerthan anyone would care to remember. The stuff
that came before it, fuzz-punk, is the
stuff that I really like. I hate to sound
Kke a retro-pig but I don't really hear it
in new musk at aH As far as the new
stuff is concerned, you really gotta
scrape to find a handful of really cool
bands that make you say, Tm dropping everything and going to out to
see these guys I"
And who would sumeof those bands
Bands I like now? Of coune I'm
goma be stupid aboutit and say bands
that sound old: Soundgarden.. J think
DOA really did agood job of working
with old riffs. I Kke a lot of the ga-
ragey-type stuff that comes out on
smaller labels. Critics are going lo
give us a lot of crap fordoing this kind
of stuff but the thing they tend to
forgetis that everybody has their root-s
and if they don't like the roots that
these bands have it's lough hick. It's
the critics' job to push for the future
and the bands' job to play from ihe
jouL What the band tries to get out of
this is Kke an exorcism of all our
demons. In the 60's it was fine for a
band to do SO's licks, and wear your
influences on your sleeve, but now it
seems that nobody is happy with anything and if you show even a bit of
your influences, that arcn'lpolilically
cool al the moment, you're a thief.
Speaking of politically cool and exorcising your demons through mu -
sic, what doyou th Ink of some of the
straight-edge stuff coming from the
D.C. area, Hke Fugazi?
I think they are truly behind all their
stuff. They're as close to the "Rock can
move the world" notion but I think, in
the cKmste of today, it seems land of
silly. Il's like, "You guys think you can
change the world through rock?"—
gimme a break. If you're gonna say
that, go into politics, don't be in a rot k
band. It's kind of silly and, in a lot of
ways, kind of pitiful too because the
spirit of unification among bands Kke
thai is really cool and something you
really want to gel behind. But, unfortu -
nately, in the whole of North America
there's nothing to really unify kids
these day s because they don't care that
much It's not like they're going oul to
fight a war or something.
So, IT that's what we think Fugazi \
message is to their audience what
does Monster Magnet try to project
I'll listen lo something at
saying something bu k's pretty much
a glorification of imagination. I could
never get over the fact that this was a
unified freak nation when I was a kid
but now I realize that these guys were
just renegades for the sake of being
renegades. There's no real purpose toil
aH and I always thought that was a great
contrast. The whole Spine of God album was from the standpoint of one
these suburban, gas-nation-working,
drug selling. Ksten-to-Led Zeppelin-8
track guys. Most of these guys are still
around today and, in fact, most of them
are probably working class. If I go to
get my car fixed there's one of these
guys behind the counter.
So, how do you like being on Primo
Scree/Caroline? Do you see this
developing at all into something
I don't know. With the kind of stuff
we're doing now I really don't know.
To tell you the truth I don't Kke being
on any label The two most opposite
things in my Kfe are being in a band and
being in a band that' s supposed to make
money. The business and the creativity
clash constantly. I'm sure I could sit
down and read the rockzines, and realize there's things I could do that would
increase our odds in being a more
popular band,...
__>ut that doesn't appeal to you at
Wdl, the idea of playing musk for a
Kving appeals to me greatly, it's just
what kind of musk and how far you
have to bend over I'm looking forward
to making it work but not at the cost of
sacrificing the integrity of the music. I
think the secret of il is to be happy with
what you do, for the sake of doing it,
and then if you get any money in after
that, it's all gravy.
So with the new year arriving, what
kind of things can we expect from
I don'l tiy to project anything on anybody except for what is in my head.
Most of the stuff I write, lyric-wise, is
I predict that I will be in somebody's town, somewhere along
the line, sleeping or playing.
And I'm starting to write again,
so there will definitely be a next
record and we will be out to
play. Il's funny, 'cause you get
to the point where you've made
your record, and that's supposed
to last you for a while, and then
you expect great things to happen.
I never expected truly great things
in the stereotypical sense. I pretty
much figured it out that I want the
band to be self-sufficient, for me to
keep writing wacky songs, and to
just go like hell.
JANUARY Q&vfto cx/tfrtt-tfeoSQ
CoNRSSio^ <% ANorJ-£>iv/jtoMftoJ7AUsr
14 _E_Rg°sn__fn People just want to hear a
good pop song: from Ed-
dk Cochrane lo Big Star
Vo the Buzzcocks to Nirva-
na. I mean, sure, grunge was pretty
cool. For a wh ile, Soundgarden, Tad
and Mudhoney were rockin', and
pretty cool for Pacific Northwest
bands, but because rock music fans
are just lads at heart they can't resist
a little bit of bubblegum. Nirvana
isn' t exactly K-tel material but Nev-
ermind is one of the catchiest records
I've heard this year and runs right up
there with Heart's Dreamboat Annie
as a Northwest classic There's another side to the record as welL For
every singalong pop hit like "On a
Plain" or "Breed," there's the pure
insanity of "Territorial Pissings" or
the CD bonus track. And as a counterpoint lo those there are the brooding "Something in the Way" and the
controversial "Polly."
S ier mind is quite simply a
nest record. Fortunately, it
being recognized as such
__d it has sold over
1,200,000 copies already. Talking lo
Dave Grohl, the drummer, al the Commodore prior to Nirvana's sold out
show was interesting because it captured the band poised on the brink of
stardom. Nevermindhad just gone platinum in the States and had debuted at
number 17 on the Billboard sales charts.
First of all, I was kind of scared. I mean,
every article I had ever read portrayed
Nirvana as the Guns* Roses of American indie rock. Stories about them
pissing in Ride's champagne bucket at
the Reading Festival and trashing Sonic Youth's dressing room were only a
couple that I had heard. Secondly, I
didn't know how to talk to one of the
most exciting bands en the planet without showing that 1 REALLY thought
that they were one of the most exciting
—Well, anyway, with mixed feelings
of fear and awe, I sal down to talk to
David Grohl, drummer ex trordinaire	
So you're the newest member ofthe
band. Where In the Nirvana discography do you fit ki?
GROHL: I joined right as the "Sewer "
single was coming out in September of
Before the Velvet Underground song
or afler?
After. I recorded nothing with them
other than Nevermind.
Were you ki other bands before Nirvana?
I was in a band called Scream from
Washington, D.C. We were halfway
through our tour when our bass player
qui and we were stuck in L.A. for a
month. My friend, who was in Ihe
Melvins, told me that Nirvana was
looking for a drummer. They had seen
Scream play in San Francisco and
thought we were pretty good so I just
gave them a calL They said yeah and
I moved up to Seattle.
I heard today that Nirvana Is
r no-
charts. [ Ed.— Currently it sits at
#5 and peaked the month before at
§4. "Smells like Teen Spirit" also
enters the Billboard Dance charts
wedged between PM Dawn and
Hammer and beat out Michael
Jackson as 01 video on Good Rockin' Tonite.] Is this amazing to
you... Is It a surprise?
Well, I guess it's a surprise. I mean
people can throw statistics at us, or
whatever, but it really has no direct
impact on the band; we don't see
that much of a difference. The
shows have been really big and
everything but we're not really that
different I mean we're not really
any richer. We're not any more
assholes than we were six months
I guess you've been doing a lot of
Interviews across the country and
most of them have been with the
same questions asked.
It's strange. There's alot of people
who know the history of Nirvana,
and they focus more on...
... the Seattle scene?
No...well, yeah. More on the jump
from SUBPOP to a major. Since
they know what the band was all
about before DGC they want to
know the difference. Then there's
the people who don't know Nirvana and those interviews usually
consist of, "How does it feel to be
a really brand new band breaking
out in the mainstream?"
What were some of the record-
that changed your life?
The Melvins. Gluey Porch Treatments changed my life more than
anything else in the world.
As a drummer or as an entire
As a musician it sort of changed
my whole outlook on how music is
made. It taught me a lot about
groove and a lot about how to really feel from a song.
Nirvana Is probably one of the
most bootlegged bands around
these days. Are you guys for
or against that? How do you
feel about it?
It's hard to say. Live bootlegs
are okay. I mean, on just about
any bootleg the quality is shit
and you see it in a record store
for 15 or 20 dollars. It's just not
worth it. I guess it is if you're
the anal collector-type that
wants the test pressing, or blue
vinyl, or whatever single. Bootlegs just sort of suck! I mean
they're neat to have, sort of, as
a novelty but they don't sound
good. As far as us getting pissed
off about it... live ones don't
really piss us off that much but
it does when people start releas
ing demos and tapes of stuff Kurt
has recorded in his living room;
just stuff not intended for release.
But how do people get around
that kind of stuff?
I don't know. If we knew we
wouldn't let them. I know somebody took a tape from Kurt's house,
got it copied and eventually got it
bootlegged. Most bootlegs are 3rd
generation copies of cassette tapes.
You mentioned something about
collectors; It seemed the whole
SUB POP thing was geared towards them, what with the limit-
ed edition colored vinyl and singles dub?
That was their whole marketing
that it wasn't conscious. It's just
a baby, a dollar, and a fishhook
What about the photo on the
back cover?
Kurt took that photo about three
and a half years ago.
It reminds me of the Pixies
"Monkey Gone to Heaven" 12"
The funny thing is that he took
the picture before the Pixies
thing, and when he saw the cover
it was like, "Fuck man," because
he wanted to use somelhing like
that for a record one day.
Do the members of the band
I would want to be a drummer for
"I mean we're not really any richer. We're not any
more assholes than we were six months ago."
—David Grohl On the Success of Nevermind.
ploy. I mean none of us are collectors. I don't even own a record
Do you have any opinion on
tha t sor t of a schem e or on record
collecting in general?
I think it sucks to make so few of
something that people are going to
up the price to make a buck off. A
lot of bands make 5000 7"ers because that's all they can afford but
when a bigger label makes so few
of something, for the sole intention
of making it a pricey collector's
item, I think that's sort of lame. I
mean, I can see how it's kind of
neat to have something like that
but to hand it off to someone for
50 bucks is kind of stupid.
Who did the cover for the album?
A person at Geffen did it. Kurt and
I were sitting around in Los Angeles watching tv and we saw this
documentary about babies being
bom underwater and teaching infants to swim and stuff. There were
some really cool images where the
baby would float past the camera.
It was hilarious. We thought it
would be a really cool idea for a
video. We had a meeting for the
cover of the record and none of us
had an idea for what we wanted so
someone just said, "Well, we saw
these babies underwater on tv..."
and it stemmed from that
Is It supposed to be representative of you guys as a band entering the large rock arena?
We're the last ones to analyse anything we do. If we did anything like
generally have an art background?
Kurt has done a lot of art. I know
he's been painting & sculpting for
years bul he doesn't really have
much time to do it anymore. I was
really into photography when I
was in high school and stuff.
I was talking to someone the
other day about music and art
and he said that being a musician is a lot more difficult than
being an artist because you have
to deal with so many more people to get your work out. Do you
find that?
I don't think it's difficult being a
musician. I don'l think it's difficult being an artist. I think it's just
in you. If you love to play music
then it's not difficult. I think thai
maybe being a musician is a lot
more time consuming, at least for
Doyou find that, as you go along,
you are having to cut through
more and more crap and deal
with more people?
Yeah, I can see that but, also, an
artist is usually just an individual
working with himself and spewing out whatever is inside their
own head. When you're in a band
you're wilh two other people and
if you want to pul out a record you
have to deal with a label. And if
you want to go on lour you have to
deal with a booking agent and rent
a van and cut through a lot more
So ifyou could be in another band,
any band, who would it be?
Nirvana played at the Reading
Festival hi England last year. Do
you enjoy playing huge places
like that or do you prefer smaller
G _ prefer playing small places myself. Because playing huge places
like Reading ....[Dan A. Man from
Mudhoney walk in beside us] You
guys were at Reading, talk about
when you played there.
Matt Lukin: Oh, il was a great day.
Dan Peters: Incredible!
So how many bands were there-
like, eight bands per day?
M: Something like that
Do you feel that there was any
concern people were there to see
you or there more for the event,
like Lollapalooza?
D: They're there to see the rock
bands. They take il a lot more seriously than here.
So did Mudhoney play In 1990?
f> Yeah, this yearwc wailand watched.
G: That must have been a lot better?
M: It was wild, man!
G: Playing a festival Kke Reading, that
was the first time we played a place that
huge. Like, 35,000 people-, that's a lot
of people. And getting up in front of that
many people, it's almost like playing
before a crowd rather than an audience.
Il was cool because we played a great
show and people were really getting off
on it people loved iL I don't really like
playing to that big a crowd. It was cool
toplaythere because it was outdoors and
a really nice day but I wouldn't want to
just so big and a lot of the drives are so
huge. You just get really burnt out; you
sft in a van for eight hours then you get
out and get something to e_L You get on
stage and expend all the energy that's
been saved all day and then you goto
sleep. You don't ealwefl, you get drunk
every night and il can be a nightmare,
Butfor the most part il's pretty much the
firmest time you'll ever have in your Hfe
jo you might as well do it while you can.
reaUy lake care of you. It's just totally
different The crowds are generally the
same but the vibe is totally different The
culture of each liltk country is unique
and you're in there for a week absorbing
it and then you split
What was the idea behind the final
untitled song on the cd and the twdve
mlnute gap?
G: See, I was going to talk about this
when we were talking about collectors
because the first 15,000 copies didn't
have it because they fucked up with the
mastering. They were saying, "Now
everyone is scrambling for those 15,000
and il's going to be such a collector's
item," and il's so stupid. Il's just a CD.
They look exactly the same except for
I had a guy come In wanting to return
a CD. He said, "Why is there a 10
minute space between the last two
songsT So, I said, "WeU, I think it's
Just kind of the band's way of doing
something funny." So, he said, "But
it's Just noise," and I said, "Well, It's
Just part of the Joke," and he said,
"Well, It's not very ftmny."
G: No wayll You should have taken il
back and given it to someone who ap-
You*re eventually going tube playing
bigger places. Are you ready as a WeU, all kinds uf people are buying
band for that tran-tton to a big act? your album and as you become
G: We're not even thinking about it more popular youl find that most
"We had a meeting for the cover of the record a
none of us had an idea for what we wanted so
someone just said, "Well, we saw these babies
underwater on tv..." and it stemmed from that."
We have diis tour and then we go over     people aren't that cool.
and tour Europe for a month and a half .
e really just concentrating on the
G: Well, I've noticed there has been
a change in the crowds we've been
immediale future, like hoping wedon't      getting. Now there seem to be a lot
get skk and stay sa
more college types and more metal
people as welL
How hard Is It for an American band
to tour? I've heard touring in America sucks but touring In Europe is     G: We're only taking one thing at
Are you prepared for that? something like 1976when
Well, not really in so much as Shadowy
Men getting together... I mean, when I
first starting to go see shows the first
bands that I ever really
were punk rock bands. I think
One December afternoon, while fed-      ularly The Diodes, hi The Shadowy      always been slowly budding, but i
ing rather galactic, I strapped on a
jetpacand^tchanged words with Don,
the ilrurnnier fn*n Die Shadowy Men
%•!>•_*. We spoke of
a S. Thompson, Dim
111 the Ham, and the Kids
le fellow,
y Men he
udes charm and \£ As a band. The
Shadowy Men
the practice
take them whenj
was calling from Chicago.
Discorder: Over the
Shadowy Men on
have released two seven
( one on K records while the
was released on Cargo with Change
LP called Dim the Lights, Chill
Ham, you guys have done a hell of
lot of touring and now you
Windy aty recording again. Is
all getting a bit overwhelming or j
these the type of things you
ways hoped would come?
*a shadowy man: No, certainly not
}, it has pretty much always been that cur schedules are pretty
§ full, it just shifts as to what our sched-
all of the legal hassles with Glass
it a very big difference because
1 punk rock bands
; kind of, arty sort of
Ramones were Kke the
:t thing then and no
here their early stuff it sounds 1
lecoidyc-rnP-ed to Bad Brains or
; Kke that So, the Diodes
I very first batches of
It bands and I thought they
y cool and a really great band
ahhouaff they h])**^*. quite stood the
test of
been able to buy the singles. We figured everybody had them. But by this
paint it was getting more and more
difficult to even get seven inch records
manufactured so when the Glass thing
went under we decided to pul it out here
and that is how that_g^e about It
actually did much i
is and C
t Jump to the new record
i "23 beefy re-
'. I recently heard you In an
Interview during which you were
Maybe not hi a big way but on
"D. Tour" there is harmonica and*
on "Ruimhig Meredith" Brian plays
You wtre tafcktg about the reject!    WeU w
for the new record. That got me
ww-a-sgwhatabadShadowyMai    the th» song we evpjfcte. There
song sounds _ke. Could you enilght-    uaed to be a guy that B nan and I used to
ea us further on this phenomena?      playkabandw_M___MaigThomp-
Wdl, ah, you ought to tend us $13.98     son. Brian and I were tai
and we will send you a cassette chock    one day ■
full of them, (giggle, snicker) For the    Doug Tl
Dim 77* Lights record, partly because    alecry, a
son's younger brother" and Reid be-
. h ended up work-
"God,tlms   _
song. They are all still
pretty bask sort of things and they are
instruments that. .Brian can hardy play
organ, Rdd can actually play a little
piano, but they are all sort of one finger
things likeDmingjfmi know how to
type, wd|Hly_ the way Brian
y fast because the slow songs that
we had recorded just didn't turn out,
ihey were crappy. Even the vt
"In My Room", the Beach Boys song.
>rded that forone of those dumb
;e Woodstock or
sort of thing.
"of community
there all having
from bands
There w
ills. Ev-
saying, "This is thenJKl bunch
have ever had Me." We
and lou of really great band s
it had a really great time.
'W there was totally ridicu-
we flew out there with
equipment Me and Brian just
guitar each and we had total-
luipment The drum
Records) had
16 s__^ai_m_*a Yeah it is unfortunate that the word
has gotten around because it places
expectations on us. Obviously we
just put out a record and another one
won't be out for a while.
I heard that be liked your m usk and
expressed an interest in produdng
yoa Was It a choice based on getting
someone outside the band to produce some sessions or did you just
take k as an opportunity that you
Wdl that was sort of Kke how it was.
First of all we had read an arttde in
Forced Exposure saying that he really
Kked us and that he would like lo
produce us. He wrote to us not too long
after that As it turned out we were
coming down here to play al a wedding, Steve was a friend of the oouple
that were getting married, so we met
him when we were down here. First of
all we just thought il was totally bizarre
that someone like Steve Albini would
be a fan of ours based on just the stuff
he has produced and the type of music
that he plays. Il was a real surprise. We
thought this was totally weird; it makes
no sense. I think that was part of the
appeal about it For one thing we have
never worked with a producer before,
we have done everything ourselves
and lots of times we haven' t been fully
happy with our recordings. There are
times when we have tried to get live
sounds and it hasn't happened very
much, he works very much with doing
things Kve.
Did ft go off O.K.?
Yeah, it actually went really well, I
think it is the best sounding stuff we
have ever done. We are all really happy
with it and he is an amazing engineer.
He acted more as an an engineer because we have a pretty specific idea
about the way we do things and I think
that judging by the way he works he
would prefer to have bands be that way
because he doesn't want to be making
the band sound like him. He certainly
wanted us to sound like us and did not
meddle al all, he would just say that
stinks or if il was good he'd say- awesome. For the first time ever we were
allowed to play at the volume we play
at when wc play live. We didn't have an
engineer flipping out saying, "No, no,
you can't do that" Just out of habit of
doing this for so long, you know, the
drums are ringing and I'd say, "Is that
too much ring for you?" and he would
say, "What do you mean? They are
drums, they are supposed to ring." He
really helped us a lot and did a really
great job.
Without taking too much of an emphasis off of Dim the Lights what do
you plan on doing with these recordings? Can we expect some seven inchers In the new year?
We haven't even really talked about it
We don't really know. It just fell as
though the opportunity was right; we
had just finished a tour, and we always
play best when we have been playing
alot, and so we just thought it better to
do it and dedde afterwards what to do
with them. It might end up being 6
seven mch singles or half an album and
some singles or it might be part of an
album. Part of whal was good about it
was just getting the backlog of songs...
we are at a point where all the songs that
we like and want to record are now
recorded wilh ihe exception of two
songs that are too new to play well
enough. Now we have some time off in
January and February, and being so
busy, all these songs that we have
written in the last whik we have time
to leam them. We can leam a whole
slew of songs and then hopefully, you
know, ii would be nice to come back
and work wilh Steve again and record
another hatoh of songs. By then enough
time will probably have passed that il
could be a record.
In this mon ths DiscorderX think that
there Is going to be an interview with
one ofthe Kids ki the HalL I wanted
to talk about your relationship with
them, how docs it work In terms of |
the musk? Do you continuously submit things or was it just a one off type
ordeal where you gave them a bunch
or tracks and they have slowly
worked them into the shows?
It kinda works a bunch of different
ways, il just sort of depends on whal
is that they are doing and what they
need al the time. A couple of times
year we goin and record, you know, 30
or 40 link short pieces of music tl
would belike 15 seconds or less. As
come up with ideas in our practice
sludio we just put them on a tape
conderand save them up until we go in
the studio. In Canada you don't se
of those things, they are joiner bits of
music in between scenes and skits. In
the US they show those much mc
because there arc no commercials
cable. We do a whole bunch of those
that arc really a free for all, they don'
have a clue what we arc going to do
when we go in. Generally, all the other
stuff that would be songs is composed
for the skit There is this thing lhat was
just on TV called the "Flying Pig"
where they would come to us and say
Kke here is the scene, they would give
us a description, "So, what this is going
to be is theme music for a superhero
that is a flying pig."So we had to,i
minds, try and write something that
sounded like the theme music
superhero that was a flying pig. The pig
was pretty sick.
I realize that you guys feel you deserve a break in an effort to bring
some normalcy back into your lives
in Toronto but when can we expect
to see you guys touring again, partic-
ularly up in our neck of the woods?
It will probably be summer by the
time we get oul lo the West coast We
are doing a tour going south into ihe
United States in March which
something that we have never done
before. That will take us through the
month of March. I think Kids in the
Hall ends in April so that puts
May or June... just going through the
calender in my mind. We definaiely
want lo come back out there and I;
not just saying that because you i
talking to me from Vancouver but
we have just always had a great i
in Vancouver. Some of the places in
between here and Vancouver
another story. Actually the whole
Northwest area... we really love
Olympia. Playing in Olympia the
first time was one of the best times
wc ever had playing a show and then
the International Pop Underground
thing, again, was just really great.
Lasttime we wereoutthere weplayed
some great shows in Seattle. We
played with the Young Fresh Fellows
in Seattle and we did our own show s
we do wanl to come out
Thanks for talking with us Don.
/PS     '    I      I      l*~       tl '" RHYTHyiC   UNDERGROUND
Behold reader! Come unto the night
to awakened! 1 Onlyafterexperienc-
mg the wisdom, the omnipotence of
the five horsemen of Canadian comedy can one really know what it is to
Uve, to laugh, to fall down on the
floor in front of the television guffawing and screaming, "Mercy!"
Hail to those saviours of T.V. known
as the Kids in the HaU, may their
reign be as long and glorious as it is
Individually, comedy troupe
and sketch television masters the
Kids in the Hall profess to the names
Dave Foley, Bruce McCullough,
Kevin McDonald, Mark McKiimey,
and Scott Thompson. Besides an
inclination to strong drink and British surnames, the Kids share a Canadian heritage and a rather odd definition of the concept of humour. If
you've never seen or heard of the
Kids in the Hall, chances are you've
been hanging around the
over-30's too long. My
charmingly middle-aged
father for the mosl part
reflects the consensus of
T.V. viewers of his generation in his weekly
comment "This (KITH)
is funny?"
Within the "post
baby-boom," generation
X, "god-damned lazy
dead beat" crowd that I
frequent, KITH has been
acknowledged as the best
thing to hit multi-media
entertainment since
Bugs Bunny. It's not
just because (yes, Dad)
they're funny. Their
sty le of humour and pub-
lidy funded oulrageous-
ness speaks directly to,
and often for, those dis-
affectedly apathetic
youth so frequently
heard about in the dailies and heard
from on the pages in Discorder Mag-
Skits like "I'm the guy with the
good attitude toward menstruation"
and "Running Faggot" are typically
hilarious stabs from the sword called
"irony" at today's hottest topics.
Seen through the eyes of a conservative or even just plain "Pat Average"
viewer, these skits could seem to
trivialize serious matters or even
support common stereotyping. However, as Kid Dave Foley said in a
recent interview, this attitude is one
which misses the boat.
"We hold our audience's intelligence
in the highest respect We like to
think that they're at least as smart as
we are. There is all the difference,"
says Dave, "between earnestness and
Satire is but part of what the
Kids bring to their Thursday 9:30
CBC half-hour melange of silliness,
ruthless character portrayal and off-
the-wall -down -the-corridor -up-the-
stairs-first-door-on-the-left comedy.
Their work is readily described as
controversial, especially when it includes skits like "Screw You, Taxpayer," which is ten minutes devoted to informing CBC viewers exactly how many of their work -a-daddy
Canadian dollars were being spent
on such offensive stuff as KITH.
Dave Foley says they did get quite a
few angry letters about that particular sequence.
"People wrote in letters doing
exactly what we were making fun of
them for doing. That [sketch] was
based on letters that were sent to us.
The CBC gets most of the angry
letters. People call us and say, T'm
sickened to see my tax dollars spent
in this way,' not realizing that it's
really a very tiny portion of their tax
dollars that are spent on our shows."
Other bastions of offensive-
ness include boisterously homosexual Buddy Cole (created by Kid Scott
Thompson, a man who is glad to
discuss his sexual orientation with
interviewers and ordinary taxpayer-
alike), and the two spacey, mundane
RCMP officers of "Police Department" (Cop Mark to Cop Bruce -
"To the best of your ability, describe
yourself running naked through the
The fact diat there are no women
in the group simply means that the
Kids do much of their acting in drag.
They are careful, however, not to use
the cross-dressing as a comedy device in itself. Dave says, "When we
started the show, we gave strict instructions to the make-up and wardrobe department that we didn't want
to get a laugh on the costumes for our
women characters. We always wanl
the characters to be completely bcliev-
abk as real women."
Among the Kids, Dave claims it
is widely accepted that he and Kevin
are the sexiest though Mark harbours
some delusions of greater beauty.
Though less inhibited than any
show on TV today, Dave Foley says
the Kids do have limitations of personal morality. "We pulled a piece
from out show, just because the timing was wrong. We had a piece, a
monologue of mine, about a mass
murderer which I pulled because it
was at the time of that horrible thing
in Montreal."
limitations of aspiration, bow-
ever, do not bind or gag the Kids.
Despite the fad that 13 months are
necessary to produce one year of
shows, vague plans for an album
(strictly comedy - "We're the most
unmusical group ever!") and a book
are afloat. Just fresh from a two
month vacation, time off for the Kids
that caused the - gasp - delay in the
premier of the 1991-92 season for
KITH, their latest plan is for a movie.
"It's somelhing we're
maybe thinking about try -
ing to get going within
the next year. We're going to create sometime. I
think if we do that it will
be a benefit to all of mankind."
The Kids envision a
roughly Python-esque
venture with a loose narrative that allows them to
have one storyline and
play various parts. Is this
the type of project Cana-
daneedsrightnow? Dave
Foley, Canadian: "It
doesn't seem that anything else is building national unity, so it's worth
a shot, don't you think?"
KITH is not exclusively a
Canadian entity. Produced at CBC Toronto,
the Kids are exported to
tOlU_»j__|'l'"<*" ranch-dressing-caters in the south via ex-patriot (traitor!) Canadian Lome Michaels, executive producer of both KITH and
their comparatively conservative
counterpart, Saturday Nighl Live.
Two of the Kids - Mark McKinney
and Brace McCullough - have experience writing for SNL in New York.
"Do you remember the year of
Terry Sweeney and Anthony Michael Hall? That's the year Mark and
Bruce wrote."
Jocular, offensive, and "professional
youth corrupters," the Kids have
climbed up from the live dub/anonymous writer drcuit into full-fledge
Canadian Stardom (oxymoron?).
Will all the publicity and the establishment of three hit seasons and a
potential movie contract change
them? Will a sudden attack of conservatism curb their ccntrovcrsialism? Will
there be an Adults in the Han?
"No, just Fst Pathetic Men k the
HaU Well go straight to that"
8PM - 9PM
6PM - 9PM
1305 11TH STREET
EXIT 250. 1-5 SOUTH
JANUARY    © Subject: David Emory .Host of Ra
dio Free America.(Sunday nighu
10pm to Midnight on CiTR 101.9
Interviewer Nardwuar the Human
Producer. Home Taping  Intema-
Date: November 22nd, 1991
How'd ya get into all this ?
Well, during the Watergate Scandal
during the early 1970s, I read an
artkle in an alternative paper in Boston about Richard Nixon being in
Dallas.Texas, on November22nd of
1963. The article said that Nixon
flew out right about the time that
President Kennedy was killed and
yet when he was interviewed by the
FBI four months later, he claimed he
had left Dallas on November 20th,
despite the fact that the New York
Times and San Francisco Chronicle
of November 22nd quote Richard
Nixon in Dallas on November 21st.
This has since been borne out by
other sources.
It said lhat everyone who was
al the age of consciousness knows
exactly where they were or what
they were doing when they heard
President Kennedy was assassinated. That certainly was the case with
yours truly: I was in the ninth grade
at the time. I was all of fourteen
years old al the lime and I remember
predsdy where I was and whatl was
doing, bul interestingly enough, Richard Nixon, who was in Dallas at
the same time as the man who had
defeated him in the Presidential
Election of 1960 and was there at the
time he was killed, doesn't seem to
remember. In fact, four months later, his memory was off by a full two
Now, I didn't believe that Richard Nixon really couldn't remember. I rather suspected, and I am
convinced now, that he was lying
through his teeth as Richard Nixon
has been want to do. So I
began investigating—
the reading up on it I
should say as I didn't do
first-hand snoopin—the
dent Kennedy and I became convinced that
there were links between
Kennedy's assassination
and Watergate, and there
is numerous
ns between the
presidential assassination and Watergate. In
fact, on the famous Watergate tapes, one of the
statements that Richard
Nixon makes is that the
Watergate burglary had
to be covered because
otherwise it would lead
to the, "the whole Bay of
Pigs thing." Now in his
book The Ends of Power, HRHalldeman, a key
Nixon aide, says that in
the Nixon White House,
the phrase "the whole
Bay of Pigs thing" was
basically the code-word
for the Kennedy assassination.
There are numerous other connecting links between Watergate
and the Kennedy assassination.
18 E__^g°3fr_gli
For example, Leon Jaworski, who
replaced Archibald Cox as Watergate
Spedal Prosecutor afler Richard Nixon
fired Archibald Cox who, by the
way, had been Solicitor-General for
the United Stales under President
Kennedy. Leon Jaworski was named
Watergate Special Prosecutor and
he had been a Warren Commission
Council in charge of seeing if Lee
Harvey Oswald had intelligence
connections and, beyond that, he had
been the liason between the Warren
Commission and the Texas Court of
Inquiry which was the Texas state
body inquiring into President
Kennedy's assassination, led by then-
Texas state Attorney-General Wagner
Carr. It should also be noted that
Leon laworski was a member ofthe
MD Anderson Fund, a CIA domestic
funding conduiu There are numerous
other connections as well between
Watergate and the Kennedy assassination. That is what I began to pick
up on as I began reading on both
Watergate and the assassination of
President Kennedy.
In the 1970s, when the House
Select Committee on Assassinations
was formed, I became really, really
interested in a professional way. I
did not go on the air at lhat point. I
was very fascinated and hopeful at
the time because it seemed lo me
lhat after the unravelling of Watergate, perhaps we were finally going
to begin getting down to the truth
about whal really happened to President Kennedy. I was shocked and
upset, though not surprised, when
the House Select Committee itself
turned up to be another cover-up,
and there have been several before
that and several since. And yet, despite everything, the final conclusion ofthe House Select Committee
on Assassinations was to recommend
to the United States Department of
Justice that they begin investigating
David Feme and the anti-Castro
Cubans in New Orleans, and that's,
by the way, was who New Orleans
District Attorney Jim Garrison was
after day Shaw.
The jury in Garrison's invesli
gallon concluded that there had definitely been a conspiracy behind
President Kennedy's assassination.
In fact, in Radio Free America program number 12, there is an excerpt
from the testimony of Colonel Fink,
the autopsy surgeon who performed
the second autopsy on Kennedy's
body, in which he states, IN COURT.
in un impeached legal tatimony, that
he was ordered by unnamed superior
officers not to dissect the neck
wound. That is absolute legal proof
of a conspiracy and ihis in a US court
of law. But it should be noted that the
jury in the Clay Shaw trial could not
conclude beyond a reason able doubt
that Clay Shaw had been involved i
to be seriously abused; they are going to do "hit pieces" on him in the
US press just like they are beginning
to now with Joseph Danid Casolaro,
the journalist who supposedly committed suiride—but it was not a convincing suidde—when he began investigating some of the inldligence-
related scandals such as the Iran
Contra Scandal, the October Surprise, the BCCI Case, all of which
had certain intersecting links.
One of the things that the CIA
and other US intelligence agencies
had long done is manipulate the
media and their ability lo do so has
been documented by the Pike Committee, a House Sub-Committee that
was investigating CIA abuses, and
there have been numerous articles in
books documenting CIA i
to the n
i. It i
Food   for Thought
I_ Nardwuar,
Tm an old Dive Emory fan, met you about a month ago
in the SUB. After you ipoke to Dave Emory two weds
ago, dus little article appeared in USA-Today. It is a case
of whit Dave would call "Die Hit Parade" in this cue relating to the October Surprise controversy (remember Dave
said to watch far people mysteriously dying who may have
inform tian an that story). Rich
Reporter died while investigating story of a lifetime
The October Surprise story has
many curious twists — among them
the mysterious death of investigative
reporter Danny Casolaro.
Mr. Casolaro, unusually upbeat in
the weeks before he died, had been
working for a year on the news story
of a lifetime, f
Grounds for Further Research
after. His first suspect, the first person he indicted, was David Ferrie,
who conveniently committed suicide,
allhough his signature en the suidde
they wound up acquitting them. Il
should also be noted that former
CIA agent Victor Marchctli has staled that Richard Helms, then-director of the CIA, that is to say, 1969,
the rime of the Shaw trial, was very
concerned about Clay Shaw and discussed at one meeting, that Marchet-
ti claimed he was present at, "the
need to "give him all the hdp we
can." So it is quite possible that the
CIA was heavily involved in subverting Garrison's investigation. It
ha s later come out that a fellow named
Pershing Gcrvais was paid by U.S.
intelligence services to infiltrate Jim
Garrison' s investigation. Another of
Garrison's investigators was
Tom Lafelle, who since has
become an ultra-right-wing
political theoretician in this
country and was for some
time, perhaps still is, a fellow at the Hoover Institute,
a right-wing think-tank ai
Stanford University that was
very closdy affiliated with
the Reagan Administration
among others.
I mention the Garrison
investigation and the fact
that the House Select Committee wound up basically
endorsing Garrison's investigation —because Garrison is being roundly pilloried by many, many people,
and he also is a person whose
work has strongly influenced the forthcoming Oliver Stone film called JFK,
which explores the conspiracy behind President
Kennedy and comes up wilh
many of the accurate facts
and discusses the reasons
why President Kennedy was
killed: for example, his
pulling the United States out
of Vietnam which he was in the
process of doing. Now, Oliver Stone
himself has already taken a lot of
heat in ihe US media and he is going
safe bet that this CIA propaganda media ability
which Ihe CIA has termed
"The Mighty Wurlitzer" is
going lo be cranked up to
the maximum for Oliver
Stone and I feel kind of
sorry for him.
Now, going back l<
the House Select Com-
tions.  in  1979, when
they came  out  wilh
their finding lhat there
had almost certainly
been a conspiracy behind
President Kennedy, they recommended to the U.S. Department of Justice lhat they
begin an investigation of
David Ferric and his
ties with the anti-Castro
Cubans in Washington; the
American people simply
took no notice. It aroused
part, save those researchers, and lhat was really a
pretty shocking and disgusting thing to mc.
That information came
out in the tail-end of
By September
of 1979,1 had begun
doing a radio program on which I read
printed information
on the air so people
could lape ihe information and use
the resulting tapes
as an audio study resource. That is
where the Archives on Audio tapes,
the Guns of November tapes, the
Radio Free America tapes, and the
other miscellaneous archive shows
have their genesis.
Il became apparenyo me that
if people in this country were reading, they weren't doing enough
reading and I certainly hope that the
situation is better in Canada. The
American people are simply out to
lunch; they are rapidly turning into a
bunch of functional illiterates.
Frankly, they have always been, since
the invention of television, a bunch
of "television brains." A study found
that roughly three percent of the
American people get their news primarily from newspapers, and fifteen
percent read books. The average
American reads on a per capita average, one book per person per lifetime. Thai's not too good and that's
an AVERAGE. If you take people
who do serious research and read
God knows how many books and
you average il out with all the hill billies snd the know-nothings who don't
read at all, it gets pretty scary. Adlai
Stevenson, who twice ran for president on the Democratic ticket in 19S2
and 1956—both times losing to
Dwight Eisenhour — said that in a
democracy, people usually get the
kind of government they deserve. I
think, frankly, the United States has
the kind of government il deserves,
and I am fiercely critical of the
current political situation in the
United States.
Hey Dave, what do you do for a
Various things. Right now, I'm
looking for a part-time job and earning money with speaking engagements. I have supported myself doing a variety of extremely unglam-
ourous blue-collar jobs over the years
and now I am finally beginning to
privileged to know some many
wonderful people. But I think,
frankly, in the United Stales at least.
ways it still is, and we have the
kind of government that we deserve. We dected a b-grade movie
actor with the intellect of a walnut,
RE-ELECTED him, and now people are wondering why everything
is going to the devil. If people are
looking for conspiracies in the
United Stales, I recommend to my
listening audience down here that
they begin by taking a look at
the conspiracy in the mirror,
because that is where the real
conspiracy lies.
You mentioned that Oliver Stone
was going to get blackballed for
doing the—
not blackballed, bul liberally pasted in the news media. He's already
taking alot of flack. There's going
to be a huge campaign lo discredit him andhis film.
little bitof money doing
speaking engagements. Perhaps
at some point I'll write?
How about your political persuasion? Is Mr. Emory a Democrat?
I call myself an anti-fasdst because
I have always opposed fascism. I
have always voted Democratic although in recent yean I have had to
hold my nose when I go into the
polling station. I would call myself a
Democratic with a small D, but I am
an anti-fascist This country, the
United States, is going fascist,
frankly, and I am opposed to that and
I have dedicated my life's work to
opposing the political trends as I
have seen them. Il should also be
said that I myself—and I don't want
to sound a discordant note—have
grown quite cynical over the years
and at this point have a very very low
opinion of the human race and human nature, allhough I have been
Have threats ever been hurled)
your way?
Yes, I have had threats. I have had
attempts also. I have had alot of
unpleasant experiences; I generally
don't discuss those in detail But I
have had alot of unpleasant experiences. I am also stalling to get a
certain amount of press myself. I
have had "hit pieces" done on me in
Right now, Dave, you're participating in our Kennedy Assassination Weekend Marathon. Thank
you. Is it true that the last time a
radio station did this sort of thing,
their transmitter mysteriously got
blown up?
No, no transmitters have been blown
up. I have had certain suspidous
transmitter failures sometimes, but
none that I am aware of anyway. My work is carried on a number of
different stations, bot I have never
heard of any transmitters being blown
up. There was an incident down in
Houston, Texas, where the Pacifica
station down there had its transmitter dynamited, but my work was not
— in fact, I was not on the air at the
time that went on. That was before I
myself began my program.
Relating back to the events of Nov
22, 1963, what do you believe
actually happened? Who was really behind the assassination of
John F Kennedy ?
Well, it's a matter of public record
about who was behind it. There are
some grey areas and areas of dispute, but basically the assassination
of President Kennedy wasn't just a
coup, it was a military coup, and
beyond a military coup, it was a
fasdst coup. When you begin studying President Kennedy's assassination, you begin coming across numerous Nazi connections, which I
cover in Guns of November Part
4. I also cover them in Radio Free
was Kennedy's legislation, the most
important dvil rights act in American History. It did not pass in
Kennedy' s lifetime, but it did pass in
June of 1964. That did not sit well
wilh the far right people, from the
South in particular. There is and
always has been a very strong amount
of racism in the United States. President Kennedy was moving lo end
the Oil Depletion Allowance, a major tax rip-off for the m ajor oil com -
parties k the United States; that didn' t
sit well with Big Oil. He was moving
to try and influence the Federal Reserve Bank to stop charging the
American taxpayers compound interest. He was only the second
American president to do that; the
first one was Abraham Lincoln and
you know what happened to him.
Kennedy was also cracking down on
organised crime in a very big way,
and there are very strong and very
well documented connections between organised crime in the United
States and our intelligence agendes.
Il should also be noted that Kennedy
came up with the Medicare f
providing medical assistance to dderly
Americans. That also ran afoul
establishment—by the way, when I
say "national security establishment," I am referring to the American military and intelligence agencies. In 1962, President Kennedy
Shows 11, 12, 13 and
and in a miscellaneous Archive
show called "Lee Harvey Oswald,
Edwin Walkerand the Fourth Reich."
Now, Kennedy was killed for a number of different rea son s. He ran afoul
of the powers thai be in this country
in a number of way s, and il should be
noted that as of today, George Bush
has been president of the United
States just as long as Kennedy had
been. Not a really long time at aU.
Now, on the domestic scene, with
regard to domestic affairs in the
United States, President Kennedy
had avidly supported the dvil rights
movements, using federal troops hen
necesssary. He had opened up
Washington, DC, for the great dvil
rights march of August 1963. The
famous Civil Rights Act of 1964
Kennedy had angered many people,
including some very powerful and
deadly people with his polides on
the domestic front, but it was in the
field of foreign policy and defense
that Kennedy made his most severe
enemies. In 1961, when the CIA
launched the aborted Bay of Pigs
invasion of Cuba, Kennedy declined
to use tfie US Airforce in order to
bomb Cuba and support the invasion. That did not sit well with the
powers that be. He then turned around
and fired most of the top leadership
of the CIA, including Allen Dullas
who then later was a key member of
the Warren Commission.That didn't
sit well with the national security
the Soviet Union. This didn't sit well
with the national security establishment; it particularly didn't sit well
with Werner Von Braun and some of
the other Nazi rocket sdentists who
we brought inlotheUnitedStales.In
1963, President Kennedy signed the
first substantive nuclear arms limitations agreements with the Soviet
Union: the Atmospheric Test Ban
Treaty from August 1963, which
was bitterly opposed by the military.
I should also mention that during the
Cuban Missile Crisis in October
1962, the military wanted to bomb
or invade Cuba; Kennedy refused to
do that That embittered the military
as well. In 1963, President Kennedy
was working lo normalise relations
with Fidel Castro of Cuba who had
indicated a willingness to move a way
from the Soviet Union and begin a
productive relationship with
the United Slates. Kennedy had a
back-channel diplomatic representative named Henri Danielle, a
French journalist, in
Cuba meeting wilh
Castro at the very
moment that Castro
heard that President
Kennedy had been
killed. I talk about this,
by the way, in Radio
Free America number
12. It should be noted
that the anti-Castro Cubans, very closely connected io the CIA, were
bitterly opposed to normalising relations with
Castro as was the CIA proper. Most importantly,
Kennedy in 1963 began
withdrawing the United
States from the Vietnam War.
Li October of 1963, specifically on October 11th, six
weeks before he was killed,
President Kennedy issued National Security Action Memorandum number 263 which authorised the United Slates to withdraw a thousand troops from Vict-
by the end of 1963 as part of
a phased withdrawal of all US forces to be concluded by the end of
1965. Four days after Kennedy was
killed, a National Security Action
Memorandum 273 was issued; this
cancelled Kennedy's troop withdrawal. It scheduled the 34A Program of Covert Operations against
North Vietnam which eventually resulted in theGulf of Tonkin Incident
which in turn led to the Gulf of
Tonkin Resolution by the Congress
which permitted Lyndon Johnson to
escalate the war as he did. Kennedy
also was moving in the direction of
detente with the Soviet Union. And
privately he was talking about
"breaking up the CIA into a thousand pieces" in his second administration. None of that sat well with the
powers that be in this country, the
military and intelligence services in
particular, and they conspired to kill
him and they lulled him. By ihe way,
the Kennedy Assassination and the
Vietnam War is in the Guns of November part 3. Any time you have a
covert operation which is what President Kennedy's
there are areas of dispute. Obviously, certain areas of it are going to be
indeterminate because they were
conducted sub rosa but the most important things we need to know are
known and are, no
etched in stone at this point.
viewed as Ihe mark of a man's or a
woman's political character. Jackie,
il should be noted, played around on
John Kennedy plenty; she was on
Aristotle Onassis' yacht just a few
weeks before the assassination.
Onassis was one of Kennedy's bitter
sex with them are dirty. It basically
goes back to America's puritanical
foundings, its puritan origins, the
ghost of Cotton Mather stalking the
streets with fornicators.
Were any elements of the
assassination botched?
Well there was plenty that
was botched with it and that's
one of the reasons why we
have the information we
have. The official version of
President Kennedy's assassination is not just wrong,
it's physically impossible in
all its major respects. The
problem is the American
people are, shall we say, not
particularly intellectually
inquisitive so they have accepted this completely ridiculous scenario, at least up to
a point. Our media are constantly pressing it so gradually, as Goebbels noted, if
you take a lie and make it big
enough and keep repeating
it, the lie assumes the value
of truth andunfortunaldythat
has happened with
Kenncdy'sassassination. But
it was badly botched; the official version which was completely
ludricous. It has been the belief of
many, and I can't absolutely verify
this, that Lee Harvey Oswald was
supposed to have been killed in the
movie theatre where he was arrested
and not taken back for interrogation
and for the need to have Jack Ruby
kill Oswald as a result was one ofthe
things that helped lo strain the credibility of the investigation. But when
you study the facts—and those facts
arc laid out in the Guns of November
tapes and the various Archive shows
that I have mentioned—I think it is
quite clear that although the cover-
up was bungled up to a point, or let's
say, clumsy, yet, at the same time, it
has succeeded to the point that it
In Canada people generally don't
worship Kennedy as that godlike
of a President, 'cause like, I mean,
gosh darn, John F Kennedy foolin'
around with Marilyn Monroe,
taking LSD, and acting like an
ALL American Tom Cruise-Cg-
conscrvative geek. Was he really
that great of a leader?
He was one of the best presidents this
country ever had. I would take alot of
the stories about Kennedy's personal life with a grain of salt. Certainly
Kennedy by most accounts had a
voradous sexual appetite but so
what? There were alot of smarmy
rumours about Kennedy having
Marilyn Monroe murdered but they
are rumours and just that He may
From Nov 14-16 In Dallas Texas, a
big Assassination Symposium on John F Kennedy
(ASK) conference took place.
Were you aware of this?
No, I am not familiar with that
conference; I did read about it.
One of the things that I fed is
important is to get off the grassy
knoll. The really important
things to understand about
President Kennedy's assassination are,one, whathappencd;
two, whal the significance of it
was al the time; and three, what
the implications of il are for
our own time. I think the single
most important lesson of President Kennedy's assassination
is that our national security establishment will use the same
kinds of deadly force here in
the United Slates that it has
used in covert operations in
other countries. Many American liberals find that it is taken
for granted the the US will set
MILITARY INTELLIGENCE    up death squads in plac
in the eyes ofthe American people. I
really can't speak for the Canadian
people in their view of President
Kennedy. If it is their view that he
was not a good president, then I
suspect that the liberal cross-cultural
pollinisation between the United
States and Canada may have involved
some of the same media and propaganda blitzes that the American people have been subjected to. The fact
of the matter is President Kennedy
was only k office as long as George
Bush has been k office, and he undertook to do or did all the things that
I enumerated above. It is a pretty
impressive agendaforhaving served
less than three years in office. As for
the stories about him taking LSD,
maybe, maybe not; I really don'l
know. I've heard that said and I've
read it k books but I'm not sure how
credible the information is. But again
I think in evaluating a public figure,
one should evaluate the individual's
performance as a politician rather
than his or her private life. I think it
is also interesting that Kennedy has
taken alot of flack for being a," worn -
aniser," I have been surprised at the
lack of outcry among feminists over
that particular approach because,
frankly, underlying that is a profoundly misogynistic viewpoint; to
view a man as being morally repugnant because he has alot of lovers or
because he has a voracious sexual
appetite is at its core, a manifestation
of the worst sort of puritanical out-
■nala, Argentina, lil Salvador or the Phillipines or someplace like lhat k order to basically
protect the economic kterests of US -
based multi-national corporations.
WeU, if the US will set up death
squads in the Third World countries,
ask yourself where are there more
dollars at stake: in Third World
countries or k the United Stales?
Obviously there are more buckaroos
k the United States. If they will set
up death squad activity k these
countries, then they will certakly do
it here k the United States and they
have. There are very strong connections, as I noted k Guns of November
part 4and a] so k other ArcAr've shows,
between Kennedy's assasskation
and the other assassinations that look
place k the United States k the late
'60s and the early "70s.
very well have had an affair with
Marilyn Monroe.... I think Europeans tend to be a much more sophisticated with this sort of thkg: people
have sex, they have extramaritial affairs, and k Europe at least this isn't
Is there really any connection between the Lincoln shooting and
the Kennedy assassination?
The only similarity is, mterestingly
enough, there was a conspiracy behind
President Lkcdn's assasskation. Apparently, the head of the conspiracy
was Jefferson Davis, the former president of the Confederate States of
America. There was one similarity,
though. Accordkg to one source I've
read,much of the conspiracy was operated ihrough Montreal There is, kter-
estingly enough, a Canadian connection to the Kennedy assassination: the
Permmdex Corporation, or alsoCcntro
Mondiale Commerciale, which was an
Italian subsidiary of same, accordkg lo
a number of kvestiga-
tions, this was headed
up by a fellow named
Louis      Mortimer
based k Montreal. The
so-called Zero Factor
_   basicallymaktainsthat
Commission Exhibit No. 1303]   presidents elected k
look, the age-old outlook that women are dirty and bad and that if a man
wants to make love wilh a woman and
enjoy her body is, at root, a profoundly
misogynistic view of females: that
women are dirty and men who have
election years endkg k zero get as
skated; that, frankly, is BS, to be perfectly candid about it The only truth I
see k the Zero Factor is zero, the IQ of
the people who subscribe to it.
Con't on next page
JANUARY    0 Referring back to Canada again, a
coaple of years ago ia Gander,
Newfoundland, an American service airplane went down	
It was actually a plane that was chartered by Aero Ak that has turned out
to be, to a considerable extent, aCLA
air proprietary—
-And 11
« went down with
I've beard that the men possibly
were dead even before the plane
landed, AND that the firemen
cleaning up the mess from when
the plane was downed, have never
been the same since.
Well, there is substantive indication
at this pokt that the plane was actually downed by a terrorist bombing
and not by icing ofthe wings as it was
reported. There are a number of articles that have come out about that-1
covered that, by the way, k a miscellaneous Archive show about the
Gander crash that you can obtain
from Archives on Audio, and perhaps if you are interested k that, you
can play it on the air on CiTR. There
arc indications that Aero Air was
being utilised for some of the arms
shipments that were being clandestinely sent to Iran as part of the Iran-
Contra operation, and specifically a
Pakistani national—I guess he is now
a naturalised American citizen—
named Ariff Durrani was with Aero
Air and the arms shipments to Iran.
The theory has it that after some
TOW missile parts were turned out
to be defective, the Iranians were so
outraged that they perpetrated the
bombing k order to pay the US back
for havkg shipped sub-par missile
parts, and that the bombing was covered up k order lo hide the news of
the link between the Iranians and the
Americans which at that time was
still secret. There is substantive indication k that regard, and agak I
would refer listeners to a miscellaneous Archive show available from
Archives on Audio.(P.O.Box
170023San Francisco.CA 94117)
Who is Arland Spectre ?
He was a Warren Commission council and specifically, he was the individual who came up with the Skgle
Bullet Theory which is not just abso-
lutdy ridiculous, it is impossible.
Hasn't he been In the news lately
with the Judge Clarence Thomas
Hearings ?
Yeah, well Arland Spectre, I guess
you could say, is a survivor, and k
the GunsofNovemberp&n one, there
is a section of an old Hard Rain
show, which was a series that I used
to do k the early 1980s, that talks
about the Skgk Bullet Theory. And
what occassioned that discussion at
that time—this was k January of
1981—was the election of Arland
Spectre as a Republican from Penn-
sylvania. So he's still on the scene
and he's still manufacturing the same
kkd of fertiliser that he first manufactured for the Warren Commis-
Did Jackie Kennedy have any part
in the assassination of John F
Jackie Kennedy did not have any
part but people who were close to her
family appeared to have had a role k
k Spedfically, her mother, Janet
Achenschlauss (sic), was very
20 Si^ggsEGn-a
friendly with a fellow named George
de Mohrcnshildt who was one of Lee
Harvey Oswald's intelligence connections. He was a while Russian.
Spedfically, his father managed two
Baku oilfields for the Nobel family
under the Czar. He was also, interest-
kgly enough, arrested for spying for
Nazi Jermany k the United States
during World War IL His uncle. Baron Hugo Maydell was k charge of
the Abwehr in North America
Abwehr was German military ktd-
ligence during World War IL De
Mohrenshildt went to the CIA afler
World War 0. He was very close to
Jackie's mother. In fact, when De
Mohrenshildt was ihrough testifykg
before the Warren Commision, he
would go and have
dinner at Jackie's
mother's house, and
that was too much even
for De Mohrenshildt
who believed that Janet knew full well who
had killed President
Kennedy. Even though
De Mohrenshildt himself played a role k it,
there are indications
that he felt guilty about
it, particularly as the
years wore on. He also
led suicide jusl before
he was to be kter-
viewed by the House
Select Committee on
Assassinations in
1976. And il should be
noted too that Jackie's
uncle, Hugh Achenschlauss (sic), had a
long-standing relationship wilh the CIA.
But as far as the people
behind it, the US national security establishment, as I say, was
one of the main—that
President Kennedy's
assasskation. Some of
the people who appear
to be kvolved were
Richard Nixon—he
was definitely involved k some capacity—J. Edgar
Hoover.... In fact, virtually EVERY American president since
John F. Kennedy with
the exception of President Carter, appear to
have play ed, or there is
evidence indicating
that they have played
.some role k the assassination of John F.
How come none of this has come
out yet ?
Well, it has come out and that is why
I know about it But it has not reed ved alot of pu blicity which is why
I do whaildo. Agak, I came to the
condusion a long time ago that if
people k this country weren't read-
kg, they weren't rea dk g enough and
they weren't readkg the right things.
So what I began dokg was accessing
the printed sources upon which my
kformation is based and putting it on
the air so that people could listen for
themselves. For example.agak talk -
kg about presidents, it was Lyndon
Johnson who formed the Warren
Commission and the entire Warren
Commission's work was complete
nonsense. Richard Nixon was k
Dallas, as I have said, and lied to the
FBI about when he left. And then
Gerald Ford, who succeeded the
Warren Commission, had leaked information from the Warren Com-
mission to the FBI. k 1980, of course,
the United States got Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagen hdped block
Jim Garrison's kvestigation kto
New Orleans by refuskg lo extradite
a fellow named Edgar Eugene Bradley who had been requested to be
extradited by Jim Garrison. Then-
Deputy State Attorney-General from
California Charles A. O'Brien re-
was to President Kennedy's assasskation. George Bush's name has
come up in a couple of different
skee then k the Kennedy
The CIA, by the way,
hotly denied lhal it was the same
George Bush, but a subsequent by
the New York newspaper News-
day indicated that the George Bush
that the CIA fingered could nol
have been the man and that k all
probability il was George Herbert
Walker Bush, the current president
of the United States and former
director of the CIA.
What is the "Gemstone File"?
Il is a mixture of fact and fiction. It
purports tolink Kennedy's
viewed the Edgar Eugene Bradley
extradition request and recommended it be granted. Reagan delayed
action on the request until after Richard Nixon was dected president and
then turned it down without comment Later, Reagan served on the
Rockefeller Commission which k-
vestigated the possibility of CIA k-
volvement k President Kennedy's
assasskation and found none, which
is ridiculous. An artide came out k
The Nation magazine k 1988 indicating that a George Bush of the CIA
had been kstructed lo infiltrate the
anti-Caslro Cuban community k
Miami to gauge what their reaction
lo a massive political conspiracy—
certainly Kennedy's assasskation
was—but there are alot of spurious
elements to it k my opinion. It
talks about Aristole Onassis as be-
kg the most powerful man k the
world which he isn't. There are
alot of thkgs k it which frankly I
am very skeptical of although some
of the kformation is
Well, he says he still believes
the Single Bullet Theory. Why
ha vent people, Hke himself, come
around and faced up to the fact
that the Warren Commission
findings have been proved wrong?
Why is Walter Cronk ite still dinging
to the ledge? There is a very good
answer to that, and that answer was
provided by American comedian
Mort Sahl k his book Heartland
which he published k 1976. k the
book, Mort Sahl asks the question,
"How many lies can you allow yourself to believe before you belong lo
the lie? Is it too late for America?"
That is somethkg to think about.
The Myth of Lee Harvey Oswald
every indication that
Lee Harvey Oswald
didn't shoot Kennedy al
all, let alone by himself
which could not have
happened, and there is
absolutely no physical
evidence Unking Lee
Harvey Oswald with
i pur-
1 rifle. It v
Walter Cronklte In a Nova episode aired a couple of days
ago, I'm not sure you saw it or
—I saw it several years ago and
just about lost my supper
chased by someone
named Alek J. Hidell.
The circumstances under which the rifle was
produced were very dubious. That rifle could
not have killed President Kennedy anyway;
it was k too bad shape.
But gokg back to why
these people still elkg
to this, at this pokt, the
United States belongs
to the lie. So many people still have thek careers slaked k the perpetuation of the lie in
one way or another. Not
just the lower-level operatives who have skee
moved up and would
stand to be tarred and
perhaps sent to prison
or executed if the truth
came out, but there are
*-~«^ so many institutions at
^5 this pokt that have gone
^ on record as, for exam -
** ple.endorskglheWar-
£q ren Commission thesis,
^■j There are so many jour-
C/_ nalists who have kvest-
>>-*j ed thdr journalistic ca-
k-^ reers k defendkg the
*j status quo from a jour-
v. nalistic standpokt, that
f^J for them to go back at
this pokt and admit the
truth is to perhaps threaten their own li velkood,
not to mention their
credibility. There are
college professors who
have a serious career investment k perpetuating the lie. And
most people basically are lookkg
out for Number One, the material
side of thek existence. I don't think
too many of them are gokg to risk
stopping thdr house payments or
thek car payments if thdr careers
should be damaged as a result of thek
Although "sensational" ,do programs namely Geraldo, Hard Copy
or Maury Povich deserve any
credit for investigating some aspects of the assassination ?
They are dokg somethkg that needs
to be done, however they could go
much much further. At this particular time, the forthcomkg Oliver Stone
movie is spurring a lot of kterest k
this, and beyond that, I would note
that the unfoldkg ofthe Iran-Contra
scandal, the investigations kto the
October Surprise, and the US government k drug smuggling .have all
helped to focus at least a certain
percentage of the American people
and journalistic communities' attention on the abuses of the American
national security establishment.
[from HTI-j Dave, what would
you ultlmatdy like to see from all
the work that you've done?
Well, I would like to see people wake
up and become active. I would like to
see people undertake to dissemkate
the information. I view myself as
what I call a Journalistic Step-Up
Transformer. I take information
which is for the mosl part already on
the public record, and I boost it into
greater view. I make it more accessible lhan it already is.
[ H'I'I continues...] To your knowledge, are alot of people taping your
programs In your area and in the
United States?
Well, k the areas where they are
aired. I believe so. Certainly k the
San Jose area.
[HTI continues...] Do you have
any advice for anyone who may
want to follow in your footsteps
as a researcher?
Well, I guess I would advise them
to be ready to receive ihe same
kind of treatment that Oliver Stone
is gokg to receive. It is not a Ike of
work that you want to go kto if you
want to be praised, because people
will put you down. They will call
you a communist or a subversive
—maybe not a communist anymore
because that doesn't have a whole
lot of credibility, but they will
impune your lineage, your sanity,
and your patriotism. You have to
be ready to take alot of journalistic
daggers in the back. Also, frankly,
if you're going to get effective,
you're going to be prepared for
some unpleasant events, too.
You're going lo have to take some
security precautions, too.
Can you now, sitting back, predict any assassinations that will
Not of kdividuals necessarily, but I
would keep any eye out for witnesses
who have a key role to play k any of
the unfoldkg ktelligence kvestiga-
tions in the United States such as the
BCCI affair, the October Surprise,
and so forth. I would advise anyone
who is going lobe seriously effective
k the successful propagation of a
progressive political agenda k the
United States to watch out You asked
me earlier what the significance of
President Kennedy's as sas si tion was;
what it meant, the thkg to understand 4s that if a more liberal political agenda can ever be put kto effect
kto the United States, then the people or person who is dokg that faces
the threat of deadly force k the same
kterests that used it on President
Dave! Thanks for your time.
7 Fastbacks	
8Various Artists.....
BRofllni Band	
Death of Vinyl (dovEntertalnmGnl)
Uve ♦ Cuddly (Alternative Tentacles)
  Nevermind (MCA.DGC)
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TOPS_snoRTCRnnvr.<*nri «mm
i Various Arttfi Blobs Volume 1:4 Victoria lands 7' EP (Way Out)
I Wlndwaker/Tankhog A Mint b a Terrible Thing to Taste Spit 7' (Mint)
l MetcOca "Stone Cold CrazyrCD-5"(Waner.Elekfra)
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Spit T (Cargo.WaxTrcrx)
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 "Provision" ]f (Third Mind)
"Jock Pepsi" CD-S* (Sub Pop)
10 Fudge Tunnel	
of Your Love" CD-S* (Relativity)
» Superconductor.	
I The Cranes	
* N-JoL	
. The Most Popular Man In the World" T (Scratch)
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 "Malfunction" 12' (BMG.RCA)
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I Beat Happening.
» Fishbone	
» Queen "We Will Rock You" CD-5' (Warner.Elektra.Hollywood)
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23 Various ArtWs....
I Zipgun....
I Coffin Br<
in CD-5" (Warner. Blanco Y Negro)
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l The Orb  "Perpetual Dawn" 12" (Mercury)
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I Young Black Teenagers "Nobody Knows KetH" CD-5' (SOUL)
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i Facepuller "Immoraliter" 7' (Temple North)
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. "Good Intentions"
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 'Someone Died on TV Again"
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I Show Business Gknts/Sqiirrels. Blobs Volume 2: Sp8 T (Way Our)
I Varioui ArtWs. Lost I Found Complotion 7" (lostifound)
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I Truly. Truly CD-5* EP (Sub Pop)
I DWorted Pony - Work Make* Freedom 12" EP (Bomp)
• WlndMcioerAankhog The Mint b a Terrible Thing to Taste Spt T (Mint)
10 B*»**)teHe*oesc>fr1pfKiD^^
11 Rancid Vat	
.. Spear I Magic Heimel 7* (eMpTy)
I Crayon  5-Song 7" EP (Harriet)
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I Mind Sirens. 4-Song 7* EP (Jettison)
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I Sow Bely 4-Song T B (New Rage)
I Blue Chair  Double 7* (Jettison)
r CUD The CUD Band EP CD-5* (MM=lmoglnary)
.. Black Spring CD-5" EP (PolyGram=4AD)
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30 Quverpuss. "Conjure up a Man" 7" (Facebat)
31 Mudwimin  3-Song 7" EP (Imp)
32 Ckxkhammer Carrol CD-5" EP (BMG=Flrst Warning)
33 Paper Tulips  3-Song 7" EP (Flipside)
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r Various Artists	
I lung	
  Bom to be Allvel CD-5" EP (MCA)
.... You're So Pretty But You Make Me Sick 7athouse)
 Here's Stanton Parkll 7" EP (Dionysus)
. Psychopomadella 7' (Scratch)
 lion 7" EP (Estrus)
 "A Love Supreme'fCrushproof" 7* (Imp)
 "Story ol My lie' T (Wheezing Panda)
_ "Psycho IMerVHeavy Mud" 7" (Jettison)
)lce ol Reason 7* (Vinyl Communications)
 4-Song 7" EP (C&P)
.. "Smoke'/'Brlng on the China" 7* (SST)
  Implosion T (Jettison)
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  "Shaky Ground'
...The Way She Moves'
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 "Down the Drain'
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s Dead Beat Back Bone....
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38 It & the Things.	
30 Sing Along with Tonto	
40 Random Killing  "Mual Killing'
41 Stodge    -- - 'R<>P« Bum"
  "New Killer War"
, "Oracle of Beauty*
.. "Hip Hop on Pop*
"Get Away'
43 Patrick Gilmore  "Shoestring Man'
44 Dr. Shiny Forehead  'Brainy Thing"
45 Jimmy Roy's 5 Star Hilbilies  'Midnight Ride"
46 Mother Sun  "©?.'.9 6IW"
47 Vhogrettes.....
48Slpshods "Levitate'
49 Vampire Rodents.	
50 The Taste of Giving	 1 NoMeansNo....
  0+2-1 (Alternative Tentacles)
2Shodowy Men on a  Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham (Cargo)
3Various Artists.... Another Damned Seattle Compilation (Dastfcoard Hula GH)
4M.C. 900ft Jesus  Welcome to My Dream (Nettwerk)
fSmugglers.  The Smugglers at Mark-aland (Nardwuar)
6Actlon Swingers  Action Swingers (Carollne=Primo Scree)
7 Reverend Horton Heat Smoke 'bin il You Got 'Em (Sub Pop)
6My Bloody Valentine  loveless (Warner-Ske)
9Drop Acid  Making God Smile (Restless)
lOConosbn of Conformity  Hind (Relativity)
llSevered Heads. Cuisine (Nettwerk)
l2Lawnmower Deth. Ooh Crikey, B't../Kto- h America (Retattvty=Earoche)
13Delerlum  Euphoric (Cargo=Thlrd Mind)
i4The Bevis Frond  New River Head (Reckless)
isEmlly Faryna  Some of Emily (SplraD
l6Dwarves  Thank Heavens for Little Girls (Sub Pop)
17S.N.F.U  last of the Big Time Suspenders (Cargo)
i8Sebadoh  Ill (Homestead)
10Thee Hypnotics.  Soul, Glitter _ Sin (BMG=Beggars Banquet)
MFear  live... for the Record (Restless)
i.Nii-R-y g_ i nun ftBftnmrrs 79
23Varlous Artists. Sound Generator Volume Two (SplraD
24Soundgarden  BadMotorFlnger (A&M)
2«Various Artists  I'm Your Fan (Warner)
26Tumor Circus Tumor Circus (Alternative Tentacles)
27 Dead Can Dance  A Passage ot Time (PolyGram=4AD)
28Various Artists The Bto One: City of LA. Power (Flipside)
29Pegboy  Strong Reaction (Touch&Go=l/4Stlck)
30Primal Scream  Screamadellca (Warner=Slre)
31 Mr. Bungle  Mr. Bungle (Warner)
32Vandals  Fear of a Punk Planet (SRO=Triple X)
33Pittbull  Pittbull (Cargo=Nemesls)
i  Journey to the Center of the Bowl (Nettwerk)
35Dlgital Underground  Sons of the P (Tommy Boy)
36Melvlns  S Songs (Cargo=C/Z)
37 Nation of Ulysses  13-Point Program to Destroy America (Dischora)
~*.Gas Huffer  Janitors of Tomorrow (eMpTy)
'The Tea Party  The Tea Party (Eternal)
40Sons of Freedom  Gump (Chrysalis)
41 James Brown  Soul Syndrome (Rhino)
Grotus  Brown (Spirit)
43Afrika Bamboataa 4 Famly Decade of Darkness 1990-2000 (Capltol=EMD
44Nuisance  Confusion Hill (Lookout!)
Bill Frisell Band  Where In the World? (Wamer= Elektra)
46Neil Young  Weld (Warner=Reprlse)
47 Marble Orchard  Savage Sleep (Estrus)
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49Slap of Reality  3 Lefts Make a Right (Cargo=Headhunter)
50Poster Children  Flower Plower (Frontier)
51 Edward Ka-spel  Tanlth and the Lion Tree (Cargo=Third Mind)
52lngrld Chavez  Moy 19, 1992 (Warner=Paisley Park)
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55Sarcastlc Mannequins  Little Brother (Eyecon Industries)
lllvlng Sacrifice  living Sacrifice (Cargo=R.E.X.)
57Pentangle Think of Tomorrow (FestivafcGreen Linnet)
58Slster Double Happiness  Heart and Mind (Reprise)
59Screechlng Weasels  My Brain Hurts (Lookout!)
"'"  Name is Alive  Home is in the Head (PolyGram=4AD)
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68Vartous Artists  A Lump of Coal (First Warning)
69Ed's Redeeming Qualities  More Bad Times (FestrvatFlying Fish)
70Velvet Crush  In the Presence of Greatness (Ringers Lactate)
Gavin Walker's Ten Best Things
1. Lester Young's music
2. Friction
3. Lee Morgan's music
4. Bonus tracks
5. Elmo Hope's music
6. Bicycles
7. Live Jazz
8. Prokofiev
9. Grant Green's music
10. Being smokc-frce
Uve From Venus Top Ten
1.Kathleen       Yearwood:Dea<-
Branches Make a Noise demo
2. The Cranes: Wings of Joy
4. Bongwater: The Power of Pussy
5. Mourning Sickness: demo
6. The Animal Slaves.4 Fine End
8. Le Soleun demo
9.Various AnislsJill the Bars
10. Menyn CaddeU Angel Food For
Avant-Pig 1991 Top Ten
1. Simon Fisher Turner: The Garden
(soundtrack to the Derek Jarman
film). (Mute)
3. Zoviet France: Shadow Thief of
the Sun. (DOVEntettainment)
4. The Legendary Pink Dots: The
Maria Dimension (Play it Again
5. Kathleen Yearwood: Demo Tape
(Voice ofthe Turtle)
6. The Orb: Adventures Beyond the
Ultra world (double CD import) (Big
7. Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy:
Television (4th + Broadway)
8. Happy Mondays: Pills, Thrills
and Bellyaches (Factory)
9. Cranes: Wings of Joy (Dedicated)
10. Various Artists: Golden Throats
Volume 2 Qlhmo)
Future Rap Top 20 "4" 1991
1. Geto Boys: We Can't Be Stopped
2. Son of Bazerk featuring No Self
Control: Son of Bazerk
3. Public Enemy: Apocalypse '91
The Enemy Strikes Black
4. Lifer's Group: The Real Deal EP
5. Ice Cube: Death Certificate
6. DJ Quik: Quik is the Name
7. Brand Nubian jO/i./or All
8. Ice T:OG. Original Gangster
9. Siemxnk-.Blood, Sweat, and No
10. Cypress rWCypress Hill
11. MC Lyte: Act Like You Know
12. Professor Griff: Kao's 11
13. Yo-Yo: Make Way for the
14. BDP:_iv_ Hardcore Worldwide
15. BWPJTuf Bytches
16. Gangstair: Step in the Arena
17. Professor Griff: In the Years of
the 9, On the Blackhand Side
18. Various Artistsfloyz 'NTheHood
19. Def ktSoul Food
20. De La Soul: De La Soul is Dead
Redd McJann't Top 10
1. All About Heroin 7"
2. Railroad Jerk 7"
3. Angermans 7"
4. Karen Black "Alaska" 7"
5. Fish & Roses 7"
6. Superchunk 7"
7. Sludge: Concrete Slab
8. Grotus: "American Bard." 7"
9. Prism Shake: Compilation
10. Cowboy Tea-show: Compilation 10"
Top 10 Things That People Insist
on Saying on Limp Sink:
10. "I've Fallen and I can't get up."
9. "My thighs are shining in the
8. "If you push something hat-
enough, it will fall over."
7. "Hail sungam."
6. "Hi, It's me (the purple pickle)."
5. "Where do you itch?"
4. 'Is it possible to do lhat with
vaginal muscles?"
3. "Do you know where the man
with the gas powered weed-whacker
2. "Am I on the air?"
1. 'To boldly go where no limp sink
has gone before."
Norman's Kitchen Top 10 Tunes
and Baby Names:
1. Gunn ar Elvis
2. Warf (or any other star trek name)
3. Secret of the Vatican - whiteflower
ofthe blackberry
4. Samuel/Samantha
5. Lung-Caen'/
6. Blackhouse - Hidden Beneath the
7. Dotkus
8. Sincerely Paul - Grieve
9. Crucified - The Pillars of Humanity
10. Eric the half-a-bee
Jiggle Top 10
10. Me
9. Myself
7. Everybody but you
6. Ourselves
5. Gavin/Mike
4. Mike/Gavin
3. Marco
1 Self fellatio
1. G. Hound
Steve Edge Top 10
1. Man. United 2, Barcelona 1: to
win Cup \Huh, Ed]
2. Socreds Out.
3. Four Men & a Dog's: Barking
4. Capercaillie @ Centennial Theatre
5. Edmonton Folk Festival
6. Playing in the Morris Band
7. Winter Roots'91
8. Rawlins Cross
9. Glowing popularity/notoriety of
Rogue Folk Oub
10. Dirty Dozen Brass Bend at the
Flat Your Head 1991 Top 10
1. Billingsgate: No Apologies
2. Citizens Arrest: Colossus
3. Down By Lew LP
4. Mission Impossible: "Killing Us
Softly" T
5. Monsula: Structure
6. Nation of Ulysses: 13 Point Program to Destroy America
7. No FX: Ribbed
8. Pennywise LP
9. Rorschach: "Needlepack" T
10. Scherzo: Suffering + Joy
Out For Kicks Top 10
1 .The Red House: The Red House
2. Shadowy Man an A Shadowy
Planet: Savvy Show Stoppers
3. Hoodoo Gurus.- Kinky
4. Bodeans: Black White A Blood
5. The Trash Can Sinatras: Cake
6. Roseanne Barr. / Enjoy Being a
7. Aztec Camera: Stray
8. Claim: Not Drowning, Waving
9. The Posies: Dear 23
10. Primus: Sailing the Seas of
Guru Dru's 1991 Blues List
1. Robert Johnson: The Complete
2. Various: Alligator Records 25th
3. John Lee Hooker Mr. Lucky
4. Buddy Guy.Damn Right I've Got
the Blues
5. Otis Rush: Lost in the Blues
6. John Mayall: A Sense of Place
7.Saffire,The Uppity Blues Woman:
Hot Flash
8. Various: Harmonica Blues
9. James Cotten: Mighty Long Time
lO.Lonnie Brooks: Satisfaction
The Soul Church Top Ten Gospel
Releases of all Time
as compiled by Dave LangiOe
1.Mahalia Jackson: Best of.
2. Swan's Silvertonesiov. Lifte
Me (Specialty)
3. Sam Cooke and the Soul
SlinersThe Gospel Soul ofthe Soul
Stiners l+II (Specialty)
4. Various Female ArtistsGasp-/
Warriors (Spirit Feel)
5. Al Green Al Green sings Gospel
6. Montreal Jubilation ChoirG/ory
Train (JustinTime)
7. The Swanee Quintettes* of.
8. Various Aitisisflegro Church
Music (Atlantic)
9. Migjity Chorus of Joy: Very Best
of... (ABC Peacock)
10. Various Artists: Say Amen Somebody (DRG)
Breakfast With TheBrownsTop Ten
GreeblyThings of Last Year:
1. Lifestyle Fascists
2. Bowel Throbbing Pulse of Hariey
Mobile Chimps
3. "Necessary Downturn"
4. Women Who Love Men Who
Love Wearing Ponytails Who Love
5. Jello Biafra's extendo goatee
{great lecture but he looks like a
russian anarchist. How's that for
6. Designer middle class rap
wannabees from the burbs who pretend they belong to gangs and always ride my bus.
7. The large, smelly dog which tried
to follow me home.
8. Fie on the rude waiter! You know
who and where you are; scabies on
9. Fashion art and architecture
greehles who cynically dismiss real
issues for ego pumping, self righteous, rhetorical flatulence.
10. Lux Interior- "Good god. Magnum, give this man some pants!!"
(speaking of real issues...)
Top Ten Nifty, Non-GreebtyThlngs:
2. Rain keeps all those Hariey Mobile Chimps off the streets and at
home "flat-braining" in front of the
3. The crowd of fashion groupies
which Mow me around whenever I
go to second hand clothing stores*...
4. Fun Things: Him fest. Folk fest.
Bad Manners concert, best release:
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
(actually there were quite a few good
releases but having memories like
5. Catsuits and highboots!!!
6. Garlic, garlic, more garlic please!
7.CHQM hasn't discovered
Mr.Biafra and his goatee yet.
8. In keeping with the re-runs of The
Prisoners, the Browns decide they
are not numbers but free men and
escape, after nine torrturous years,
from the guilded towers of the University. But are they really free? And
is No. 1 actually an entity or is it their
own greebliness... Stay Tuned!!!
9. "Breakfast with the Browns," the
extraordinary media success story,
continues its phenomenal domination of the air waves...
10. Did wc mention MORE COFFEE !!!
* Wc wish...
Powerchord's Top 10
1. Overkill: Hon or scope
2. Metal Church: Human Factor
3. Galactic Cowboys
4. Dark Angel: Time does not heal
5. Wrathchild America: 3-D
6. Cyclone Temple:/ hate therefore
7. Skyclad: Wayward Son's of
8. Fate's Warning: Parallels
9. Savatage: Streets (a rock opera)
10. Badlands: Voodoo Highway
1. Galactic Cowboys: SIT
2. Metal Church: Human Factor
3. Slayer Decade of Agression
4. Oveikill: Horrorscope
5. Mordred: In this life
6. Heathen: Victims of Deception
7. Dark Angel: Time Does Not Hed
8. Cyclone Temple: / Hate Therefore I Am
9. Savatage: Streets (a rock opera)
10. Skyclad: Wayward Son of
Mekanikal Objekt Noize Top 10
Industrial AlbumslSongslSounds
1. MC 900ft Jesus: Welcome to My
2. Coil: Love's Secret Domain
3. Delerium: Stone Tower
4. Consolidated: "Typical Male"
(thinks with his dick) from Friendly
5. Einsturzende Neubauten: Strategies Against Architecture II
6. Solar Enemy: Dirty Vs Universe
7. Mike Victory: Local Keyboard
8. Pigface: "Suck", "Weightless'W
"TFWU" from Welcome to Mexico
9. Chris Connelly: "Stowaway" 12"
10. The clanging and banging of the
railroad near my apartment
1991 Year End Playlist Cocktails
with Daryl A Sua
1. Massive Attack: Blue Lines
2. Galliano: In Pursuit ofthe 13th
3. The Orb: Adventures Beyond the
4. PM Dawn: Ofthe Heart, Ofthe
Soul and Of the Cross
5. Gary Cla_A>n-U Sound System
Emotional Hooligan
6. Primal Scream: Screamadelica
7. The KLF: the White Room
8. The Shamen: Move any Mountain
- Progen "91
9. Hypnotonic: Hypnotone
10. Various: Pay a all Back Volume
11. Black Radical MK IL The Undiluted Truth
\2. OrbM: Orbital
13. Young Disciples: Road to Free-
14. Dcfintion of Sound: Love and
Life: A Journey wilh the Chameleon
15. Jesus Loves You: Generations
16. Various: Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove
17. Moby: Go!
18. Brand New Heavies:Never Stop
19. GTO: Listen to the Rhythm Flow
20. Incognito: Always There
The Grand Royal Bootsy
Funkenstein Tha Second's Top 10
1. Srinivasa Ramanvjan (mathematician)
2. Funkadclic, circa 1971
3. Bootsy Collins
4. Floyd E. Toole
5. James Brown
6. David Suzuki
7. Albert Einstein
8. Curtis Mayfield
9. Erwin Schrodinger (quantum mechanics pioneer)
10. Professor X Lumumba Canon
the Overseer ( X-Clan)
Adam Noizi Sloan's Top 10Noizes
1. Martial Arts People
2. Vacuuming copper grounding
plate (Brian Charles)
3. Stretching Balloon sounds
4. Function generator frequency
5. Display Propaganda (absolute
Value of Noise)
6. Metal objects banging
7. JFK Assassination weekend pre
lude noiz
8. What? noiz jam.
9. Fire alarm and bouncing turntable
10. Brewscast noiz
Top 10 List From Paul Steenhuisen
Are You Serious Music
1. Igor Stravinsky: Symphony of
Psalms, London Sinfonietta
2. Luciano Berio: Voci, etc; London
3. Michael Finnissy: String Trio,
Gagliano Trio, Ensemble Expose,
4. Luigi Nono: Fragment etc; Arditti
String Quartet
5. Iannis Xenakis: Exchange, etc;
Aslo Ensemble
6. B.A. Zimmerman: Die Soldaten,
Stuttgart Choir and orchestra
7. Louis Anderessen: De Staat;
Schoenberg Ensemble
8. Michael Finncssy: English Country Tunes: Michael Finnissy, Piano
9. Morton Feldman :Rothko Chapel
etc; UBC choir and orchestra
10. Franco Donatoni:/iv_, etc.
ous performers  NOVEMBER 18
This had to be the most mellow crowd
yet at a Shindig: you'd have thought
they slipped jome downers into the
drinks at the bar. Even Jokes For Beer
didn't seem lo get this bunch into the
spirit of things- they all just sat there «t
looked Kke sulking puppies. But then
again, there was the music...
The Mudlarks- 111 try to resist the
temptation to simply pigeonhole this
group...ah, what the hell: Politically-
correct-roots-rodc Judgmental labels
aside, The Mudlarks showed some
promise and originality wilh their use
of an accordion and the interplay between the two vocalists. Strong songwriting would be the key ingredient
that I found to be lacking from The
Mudlarks' performance- my attention
was never really captured by any of
I Not
SL.. I
dunno. The curse of mediocrity. Hope
they can snap out of it The Mudlarks
placed second.
Perfume Tree- A live performance of
what seems to me to be* studio-oriented band. Perfume Tree seemed to be
attempting to create* mood, which for
several reasons didn't work at the Railway. The music is certainly in the vein
stuff, wilh a leaning towards a more
house/hip-hop undercurrent in the
choice of taped rhythm tracks. Il all
seemed a little unfocused, with the
music lacking in consistency and execution, (the three live performers were
playing along with the tapes, and
sometimes went out of sync) and the
slide show that was projected over the
group didn't really add much to the
whole presentation. So why did they
win the night? A combination of good
ideas, and the exceptional abilities of
the organic singerand guitarist managed
to vault Perfume Tree over the top and
Poetic Justice- Oh boy...what should I
say? After a couple of songs I wandered around the Railway looking at
my watch. In a word: "zzzzzzzzzzzz"
This night was a nice change from
the ordinary—I enjoyed the performances of all three bands. I hope the
evening's second and third place acts
aren't too disappointed at not placing first; the judges' decision was a
very close one.
Snowflakes- What would you expect from a combo which featured
members and ex-members of such
diverse local acts as the Hard Rock
Miners, Glee, and Superconductor?
Updated early-sixties garage-pop
heaven? No? Think again—the
Snowflakes nearly came from behind (they were a last-minute entry
when the band originally in their spot
withdrew) to win the night, but had
to settle for second place behind the
evening's surprise winners. What
reaUy impressed me was their skilled
and mature playing, as well as interesting arrangements and songwriting to
booL I'll admit the singing was a little
strained at times (this was their major shortcoming for a lot of other people I talked to), but I found il forgivable
in light of the Snowflakes' other
strengths. Absolutely killer lead guitar
playing; if you like the Shadowy Men
you ought to check this band out
Touch'n'Go's- the favourites going into the night, I found their
performance kinda disappointing.
This was the first time I had seen
the TNG, and from all the good
things I had heard about this band,
I was expecting to be impressed.
To their credit, the Touch'n'Go's
put on a competent and enjoyable
set of power pop. However, in the
end they were outshone by the
rougher, but more adventurous and/
or heartfelt performances by the
night's other bands. The mighty
Touch'n'Go's placed third.
Sawhorse- Not the kind of band
you'd expect in Shindig, and perhaps that worked to their advantage.
Good, honest all-Canadian country-
rock (not unlike Blue Rodeo), with
good vocals and competent musicianship all around. Sometimes
Shindig bands are not the usual
fare that one encounters at the
Railway (i.e. Facepuller), but
Sawhorse fit right in. I can just see
their name spelled in letraset on the
Railway calendar, marked in for a
three-night stand. Sawhorse took
the honours for tonight, and proceeded to the Semi-Finals.
As per usual, we all gathered together again for the semis, and witnessed
a rather unjudgeable contest between
a hardcore noise-art band, an ambient dance-soundscape group, and a
roots-rock outfit. All three put in
good performances: the much-improved Jef pounded out a bizarre
acid-soaked improv while some frat
guy in a baseball cap ho w I cd i nt o the
mike.[£a.—The word is that he is
some CBC Radio Star.] The double
strobe lights were a bit of a cheap
gag, but they sure made watching
I also performed a more
focused and effective set; this time
the music and visuals worked together to create a very atmospheric
and surreal mood. A tad too "arty"
for some. The Perfume Tree's distinctiveness springs from their attempts to do something different in
the live arena than the ol' basic gui-
tar/bass/dnims thang. Sawhorse also
delivered an admirable rendition of
their brand of rootsy songwriting,
but were a tad too safe and predictable to turn the judges' attention
away from the other bands. The Perfume Tree advanced to the finals, Jef
the model train on the ceiling a more     placed second, and Sawhorse drew
photos by Len Whistler
A very full Railway Club and a very
odd man who kept telling me that I
was a part of The C02 generation"
kept this one interesting, which is
good, 'coz the music...well,...uh...
A Posse Of One-1 thought this bunch
were pretty funny, but not a lot of the
other people I talked to agreed with
mc (except, of course, all erf the band's
friends who suddenly erupted into a
mass frenzy of excitement at the end
of the set). A white-boy rap parody
with live musicians and a whole lotta
silly string. General stupidity and
semi-nakedness, feedback, noise,
chaos, etc, etc., etc.,... what else can
I say? I smiled. I seem to remember
that more bands like this used to
enter Shindig a few years ago. A
Posse of One placed third.
Jef- That house band from the Cruel
Elephant invaded the sacred mellow-haven of the Railway and what
did we get? A lot of monotonous
droning, trumpet babbling, a local
radio celebrity dressed as a cowboy/
bandit screaming into the microphone
and the best fuckin' two-beer joke of
this year's Shindig: "Jef I" Needless j
to say, Jef won the night.
Crush (formerly Slab Happy)- s
"Poetic Justice."
I've already reviewed all the finalists before, so let it suffice to say that
they all played again to a large and
appreciative crowd at a very packed,
very hot, and very smoke-filled Cruel Elephant. My congratulations to
all the finalists: Perfume Treeplaced
third to claim 24 hours of 8-track
studio time at Deadbeat and Renegade studios. Cuter Than Spunky
took second place along with 12
hours of 24-track studio time at Vancouver Studios and 20 hours of 16-
track time at Bullfrog Studios, and
Mystery Machine took first place as
well as the Grand Prize of 24 hours
of 24-track time at Mushroom Studios, 20 hours of 24-track time at
Fluid Studios, and an opening spot
on a bill produced by Perryscope.
And so...this is the last
installment of Shindig for this year.
My thanks to all the bands who performed, and my condolences to all
whose careers were irrevocably
damaged by my occasionally more-
than-f rank comments. Now I'll have
to find another excuse to show up
late for work on Tuesday mornings.
Bye y'alll Yq>, your fave all industrial radio show
ooOides wilh the printed word. (Okay,
so it's the ONLY ill -electronic show on
QTR..) I'll be valiantly trying to keep
you up to dale on interesting releases,
especially local happenin's. So, if you're
* local keyboard meisler that needs the
word out about your work in the noize/
industrial/ambient realm, write to me at
My current "hot hit"has lobe the
new MC 900ft Jesus CD, Welcome to
My Dream. This is late night music wilh
surreal, unexpected twists, especially in
the lyric department. Welcome to My
Dream is a radical departure from Matk
Griffith's first release, Hell With the Lid
Off—the new release is much funkier
wilhjazzand real instruments thrown in
for good measure. The songs still deal
wilh topics such as schizophrenia (' Voices in One's Head"), a re-curring theme
throughout his work, and pyromania
("While the City Sleeps"). The 12" single off the album is "The Killer Inside
Me," a danceable paean to the madness
that lurks in everybody: highly recommended, 'specially at 2 am. Also out on
Nenweik is Single Gun Theory's
" Like Stars in My Hands," a dreamy mix
of technology and Indian inspired mood.
Coll has released a second 12" off
the incredible Love's Secret Domain
(Wax Trax)—the hypnotic "Window
Pane" being Ihe first TheSnow isasix
song EP that features six remixes of the
tide tracks, twocalled"Answers Come
In Dreams I and IT'are redone by Meat
Beat Manifesto's Jack Dangers. "Drift-
mix" is a short bit of backwardsmasking
(and is quile hypnotic and other worid-
ly). Ovetall the songs are sufficiendy
interesting, even though they are basically the same. Why isn't this played in
clubs instead of the usual vapid house
HermeticallySealed (Dr. Dream/
Slam Jam) by Flilerton (Drance), is a
weird album and features one of the
goriest covers ever—I won't tell you
Brandy Dalton and Robert L Woods
work with short snippets of TV noise,
but tend toward the lighter end of
things—too much so, for my taste—
sounding a lot like Nitzer Ebb on some
tracks. The lyrics are concerned mosdy
wilh adolescent male sex dreams (as if
the worid needs more of that). I don't
know if this is their first release but, if so,
maybe they 11 find their own footing as
time goes on. Vaguely enjoyable, especially if you'rcan eighteen year old boy.
26 E_Rg°HfI__#a
Since I'm not
"What the hey-hdl happened to
Die WarauT' as a friend, who looks
Kke one of the Chicago duo, would say.
Die Warzau have always tread the line
between house md industrial hut somebody has pushed them firmly on the
house side for their latest release. Big
Electric Melal Bass Face (WEA). It's
likeable enough, and besides wc can't
listen to gloomy industrial all the time,
can we? Die Warzau have a great sense
of melody and mix funk and house
while giving it a harder edge. The production is excellent and features cool
samples from Meat Beat Manifesto and
What a great sequel! Ptgfece's
latest Welcome to Mexico... Asshole
(Invisible) is a very strange live album
that really shows the looseness of this
all-star band. Probably my favourite
tracks are "Suck," featuring Vancouver's own Ogre on vocals, "Weightless," and a vetsion of "TFWO" that
captures the spirit of the Puppy original, albeit, with guitars."BreakfastConspiracy" is a bizarre chronicle of Chris
Connelly's adventures with restaurant
breakfasting. Well, what would you
expect from a band featuring members
of Ministry, Revco, Skinny Puppy and
Killing Joke, to name only a few.
Talking about Ministry, the new
single is "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
(Warner/Sire) and features Butthole
Surfer vocalist, Gibby Haynes. It's toward the thrash end of things bul it does
grow on you because of its sheer nutti-
ness. There's also a Vancouver connection, ex-Front Line Assembly member, Michael Balch, is given writing
credits on the song.
Speaking of FLA, the keyboard
pros who make up the band. Bill Leeb
and Rhys Fulber, have been extremely
busy, which is completely normal for
them. First up, is the new 4 song Dele-
rium EP, Euphoric, whkh seems to be
a conglomeration of the styles of FLA
and its offshoots. The title track sounds
like a new 12" whereas the fifteen
minute opus, "Grave Mentor," is more
classic Delerium with a bit of Will
(more on them later) thrown in for good
measure. This cut and "Sorrow" remind me of Delerium's last release.
Stone Tower, an astonishingly beautiful album of evocative aural landscapes.
Euphoric is nowhere near as cohesive
but it is still recommended.
Wil is composed of Rhys Fulber,
Chris Peterson (who goes en tour wilh
FLA as percussionist), John McRae and
"Piovinon**) nd their debut release if
material was recorded between '87
and'90 and can be described, according
U)I_i gland's music tab, MelodyMaker,
as clcaro-goth. It is certainly heavy on
religious imagery and sound (the cover
has a Star of David made of bone testing
on top of the Bible). Song titles echo this
as wdl—"Sacrament of Penance" and
"Visible Second Coming" are examples. Will claim not to be religious, or
even fascist, but are interested in the
rituals and spirituality of religion. At
times, il can sound like the soundtrack
for "The Ten Commantknents," but
Pearl af Great Price am have a powerful, dark quality to it as welL "Furnace of
Soul," with its bell sounds, choir and
droning is plaintively haunting, whereas "Crowning Glory" has more lightness to it. Hopefully, there 11 be another
WiU release, without lairing three years
lo come out
Otherfunstcrs from Skinny Puppy, besides Ogre, have also been churning out stuff: Cevin and Dwayne ha ve
released iheir Doubting Thomas .The
Infidel (Wax Trax) can be likened to
FI -A's Delerium but Doubting Thomas
do na believe "less is more"; this is
similar to Puppy's dense wall of sound.
"Hiding" is relatively simple with iu
South African sample along with
"NagualTone."Actually,the last half of
the CD (which has three bonus tracks) is
quieter and more subde than the first
half. Doubting Thomas will hopefully
not be a one album shot as it would be
interesting to see Cevin and Dwayne do
more musical explorations.
I had abitof aHstentothenewHHt
CD. Journey to the Centre of the Bowl
(Nettwerk) and it sounds like more of
the wacky sounds we've come to expect Hilt is, for the uninitiated, Cevin
and Dwayne plus Al Nelson and a cast
of local characters, including Don I lar-
rison. It has lots of weird stuff from
electranicto country music—thisis definitely notforthemusicaUyunadvenUir-
Emify Faryna has a retrospective CD out called Some of Emily (Spiral). Emfly should begetting more attention than she is—hermusic is minimalist but has a distinctive sound that is very
ear-catching. She apparently went to
Berlin to leam about keyboards and this
contributes a lot to her sound. I caught
her at the Quel Elephant in November
where she put on an almost performance
art show that was very intriguing. Also
performing that night was Drill KKL, a
Ministry style band withavocalist,bass-
ist, guitarist and a drum machine which
went over welL They obviously work
very hard on their music but the songs
could've been shorter and they need
more of a stage presence. But lhat will
come in time. They also recorded at
Mushroom Studios with Dwayne and
Al Nelson, so there seems to be a lot of
interest in Drill KK—keep your ears
That's all for now, kiddies, except for thanks to Mark 'Mr. Fifties'
Pilon for designing my nifty header. In
the next column look for a discussion
of Sound GeneratorU.alocal compilation put out by Spiral Records, and
more from FLA. Bye!
(Ed.—Mekanikal Objekt Noize is a
bi-monthly column written by June
Scudeler which alternates with Felicity Dunbar's seven inch review
What was on the cutting floor from
last month? Scraps of paper tell us
that Ten Feet Tall are not entirely
pleased that we told the worid they
broke up (apparently we only got
Kyle's point of view). However, the
band is not void. TFT say that Kyle
quit because they were going to kick
him out TFT's new stuff is similar
to "Bad Religion—Neurosis." We
look forward to seeing them in the
New Year.
Sadly, the December 7 Guest
Quest/ Arcadian Hall gig was cancelled because of a rivalling SNFU
gig which was not all ages and a good
20 dollars more. Note that fifty o
landing outside ir
the cold on Granville Street that night.
There have been some all ages
gigs in the city however. Zen Rednecks, who do jazz fusion rock and
late nite stuff, with ex-Piss Queen,
M.S.R. members served up fine helpings of hardcore monster and ex-members of Puke theatre jammed rather
painfully to crowds from 30 to well
over one hundred. Well worth the two
dollar cover charge. I guess you just
have to know what goes on. December
23 is Brand New Unit, Procreation and perhaps more at Arcadian
Hall, according to Ron from Cat's
Speaking of security, did you
see the hole in the girls washroom at
the last GQ gig? Ladies, ladies, ladies, you were beating each other
senseless. DO you think you can
come up with 500 dollars for damage
deposit lhat's now needed to rent the
Arcadian Hall? The lineup for the
November 23rd show was
Spark(fuckln')Marker, Cats'
Game and headlining, the Edmonton invasion types, The Smalls.
Sparkmarker were at their usual level of alrightness AND they had their
shoes off, so they were pretty relaxed
about the whole thing.They turned
out to be somewhat dry compared to
Cats' Game who completely ruled
with their white chemical warfare
outfits and meaty hardcore music.
The Smalls were the main financial
bulk behind the show so hats off to
them for that. The lead singer had a
strong Jimmorisoundgarden resemblance. The Smalls used morrocos
and tambourines to add to their style.
Most folks left before their set ended,
including us.
Smuggler* it Marlneland
(NardWuar Records)
Holy Molyl The Smugglers rock)
As they say in the beginning there
was nothing but rocks. Then somebody invented the wheel and things
really started to roll in the song "Is
that. Rock?" It seems they have two
types of sounds: #1 an upbeat, jangly
SO's sound, in songs like "Pebble
Beach" and "Took my Baby Home";
and #2, a more laid back bass sound,
in songs like "Jailbait" and "Hey
Stephaniel" In among these rockin'
tunes is Nardwuar's wonderfully irritating (that was an oxymoron) voice
doing interviews with Kim Fowley,
the Bucket, and being a water sprite.
Some of the tunes are just too energetic and foot-stompin' for me, Le.
"Calgarians Don't Dance" and "Vancouver B.C." (both of the # 1 sound).
However, all the songs make me
smile. My favourite songs are "Jail-
bait" (#2 sound) and "Yardbird" (#1
Cartoon Swear—"36Miles High"
Pere Ubu immediately comes to mind
after listening to this single -these
guys have been doing the club circuit on and off and are on the Pixies
bilL The lyrics grasp and flounder in
perfect sink with the music. No hippy shit here, just jazzy rock from
your local mental institution. The B-
side is called "Justin Case," was that
not a cartoon character that taught us
kids how to be street wise in the mid-
70's? Look for their upcoming CD.
"36 Miles High" is available at Black
Swan and Track.
Shine—"Butterfly Demo"
Endlessly whirling around and
around in misty gloomy air late at
night. They're goo—original sound
—interesting lyrics. I usually don't
like sampling, but they use it quite
effectively here, including police
sirens etc. Included in Shine are ex-
members of The Gathering. Watch
for their six song demo coming out
in late January. These guys sound
like they're going to make it.
Excited First Daughter—"Hammer Song"
We tried something new, we listened to this song together. Our conclusion? Jethro Tullish and flat as
hell while borrowing from college
radio standards of the past
Sludge—"Concrete Slab"
Hell it don't look like a demo. (It
looks more like a birthday present.)
Essentially. Neurosis/Melvins inspired riffing for 5 songs with two
singers, who have complimenting,
and yet quite varied, vocal ranges.
This band kicks all other local talent
off the map in the studio. (J was
gonna say they were the best Vancouver band but I don't actually want
to sleep wilh any of the members so
I'll save that title for someone else.)
Dead show...new wave, .aptly named
band and demo. Unfortunately, Tame
didn't do a goddamn thing for me.
They sound like folk, wilh an edge
of Misfits (not Danzig's first band,
but Gem's archnemisis) guitar, then
top, you place your comfy
cords and go dancing. Out of the six
songs I heard, I enjoyed "David's
Theme," Tame's lour de force in the
tribal chanting vein—definitely more
balls than the rest of the tracks.
Zolty Cracker—"Zolty Cracker"
We saw this one down at Track
Records. It sounded like Donovan,
Navahoe Indian, Violent Femmes...
you get the picture. I'm sure these
guys will be headers of line-ups
with Ngoma and Second Nature
Does the lead singer really mean it
when he sings "Have a Nice Day"?!
He certainly doesn't sound like it.
"Good Intentions" RIPS (#2 on the
CiTR charts), ft keeps up the confident, funky rhythm and hard instrumental sound. The slow songs
all sound the same and therefore
are not as interesting, or appealing,
as the Indesicives's upbeat sound.
It and The Thing—"CyberdeKca"
We found this to be souless stuff
about technology and commercialism: a calmer version of MC
900 ft. Jesus with lots of goofy
synth funk, but decidely deeper
and darker than the Men Without Hats which I was at first
inclined to compare them to.
You can reach the band at Box
221 Station A 757 W. Hastings
V6C 2M3.
next. You'll be glad to know
that our local bands are doing
well. Superconductor got
signed to the Boner Label and
are working on a 5 track CD.
Ilch is thriving—they got signed
to Network and will have their
album our by springtime. Keith
of Scratch Records has various
projects in the works such as
singles from Twerdocleb and
Sun City Girls, perhaps Janu-
aryish. So get stoked on your
local scene! Oh ya. Mystery
Machine. Shindig winners,
have something on Kiltel, with
local record companies express -
ing interest. Good work boys!
Until next month, write your info
and send your demos and drugs to Vancouver Special (write to the Discorder
address included in the Masthead on
page 3). Good-bye. Now fuck off! BY ADAM & TARA SLOAN
Yoi Wassap with Future Rap this
month? Well let's take «look at wh»t
we got here.
Def Jef has come out with a
new and improved release. This cassette is entitled Soul Food (Delicious
Vinyl). It contains thirteen tracks and
includes the lyrics on the inlay card.
One song that's pretty funky is the
second track, "Get up 4 The Get
Down." A bit later on comes his first
12" release, "Here We Go Again,"
that is much more mellow and on the
jazz tip Tone Loc appears on the
track, "CaK's M That"—this is like
a party disco hit It's got a groovin'
bus -line, tambourines, echoing claps
and all that! Fast, cuttin' lyrics.
switched samples and beats, and continuous flowin' rhymes dead on beat
are combined to make up this whole
thirteen track upc. The Brand New
Heavies helped to produce die last
song on "this side." They play their
music as Def Jef recites over their
smooth thythms.Now let's flip to
"the other side," where the hype con -
tin ues. Def Jef keeps his lyrics mov-
in' as though he doesn't need to
break at all for a bit of air! There' s no
stoppin' him. Reggae is incorporated into the chorus in "Shadows of
Def." Other topics mentioned are
pickin' uphoneydips and gettin' the
skins, as Def Jef tries to teach the
truth to the youth in a tune called.
"Don't Sleep (Open Your Eyes)
'Theme for the 90's.*" Def Jef says,
"evaluate the purpose of your existence/ you got the power to make a
difference/ persistence overcomes
resistance..." and then he goes on to
say, "so open your eyes wider take
another glance/ you might not get
another chance." Politics and reality
dominate "the other side." Peace,
positivity and truth reign supreme
The Loc/ster is back with his
1991 Delicious Vinyl release. Cool
Hand Loc.There are eleven songs.
And remember that ol' raspy voice
that Loc used to possess? Well, it's
back! There's saxophones blowin",
homs tootin', soul singers oohin' and
drums doin'...funky little dance
tracks. "I Adore You" is a good example of a more commercial track
that obviously speaks of Loc in adoration of some female But somehow
you can get down to the music hittin'
in the background. The next tune is
also a love ballad with singers doin'
lhat R A B stuff. I think Loc has gone
even more mellow! So there's about
four or five love ballads, or relationship songs, a few "back-in-the-day
tracks" and a "Cheeba Cheeba" sequel called, "Mean Green," on which
Def Jef appears. "Fatal Attraction"
is a humorous hit and you can guess
what it's all about (a bit like the old
Tone Loc, "Funky Cold Medina"
style ihymin").
A little more interesting is the
latest by Digital Underground.
It's named Sons ofthe P and actually
has George Clinton appear. Olher
guest rappers that are present on the
release arc 2 PAC, Raw Fusion (Mon-
ey-B and DJ Fuze), and Big Stretch
(of Live .Squad).   Playing in clubs
^n OF THE NlW^
a> At Local OuUeta Near Vou. For Info Calls   (206) 384-2282
-  Vaawail neroula, 6538 2&M. Ave NE, Suittto, WA  9811*
Fully equipped 8-track studio
Live sound room and full MIDI sequencing
Musicians and services available
right now is "Kiss You Back," which
sounds somewhat like De La Soul, in
a laid back sorta way. In the track,
"Heartbeat Props," the funky get-
down claps are throwin' back in the
beat Malcolm X, Chuck D, KRS-
ONE, and other important political
leaders and teachers, are mentioned.
"No Nose Jobs," is a tune rapped by
Humpty Hump and, of oourse, it is
very intelligently written. Il discusses how white women want bigger
hips and thicker Ups while black
women want slimmer figures, thinner lips and wear contact lenses to be
more white (and therefore more accepted). It' s a vicious cycle that never should've started. On side two,
"Good Thing We're Rappin'" suggests that rap is a positive transition.
Rather than being out on the streets,
runnin' wild.pumpin' or han', gettin ' caught up in trouble to make the
dough by sellin' drugs or what not,
these brothers are rappin' I
Face the Nation is
Kld'n'Plays 1991 Select Record
release. Already in the dance halls,
"Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody," is
pumpin'. They talk about their great
commitments to their two women
and, if I'm right, they reveal that their
preference in women is white. Anyway, I've never been a fan of
Kid'n'Play so I don't know how to
evaluate this release. I think it's better than the last one, on the dance
lips, both interchanging as they
rhyme. The best song is probably
"Face the Nation," dealing with the
many negative aspects in society.
It's alright.
Yo, and now for a review of
Profeasor Griff's second solo release, Koo's 11 Wiz* 7*Dome (I think
y ou 're just supposed to say "Kao's to
Wizdome"). This release, slammin'
out dope beats on the Luke (Sky-
walker) record label, kick s that info
like the first one. Pawns in the
Game, which I'm still trying lo get
straight.(Why is he down on the
UPC Universal Product Code?)
Anyway, Kao's starts off with an
assassination attempt on Griff,
which then cuts into the title track,
with mo' ghetto bass than you've
eva heard, and a clavinet sample
too."Mental Genocide" sets the
lone for the disk, wilh Griff rappin'
black on the for real nigga tip.
Then comes "Joey Hate Rap Calls
the Cops," a super dope DJ
scratchin' session with Joey Hate
Rap reporting on Griff's Posse.
Griff then kicks some more (ain't
no stoppin' him I) black facts about
the oppression of the black race on
"Fugitive" and "Jail Sale," like "for
every cop killed in the so-called
line of duty, fifteen blacks are killed
by cops just doin'their duty," and
"I was bom a suspect because of
the shade I was given."
Another excellent track is
"Verbal Intercourse," for da beats
and the rhymes Griff and the Soul
Society, his new Posse, drop, on
the 5 Percent Nation of Islam tip.
The Soul Society are Professor
Griff, Tone Control, and Kavon
Shah, who handle the production.
It seems Griff is still down with the
Last Asiatic Disciples, who he did
his first record with, but he just
didn't use them this time. "The
Late Great Black Man" it quite
self-explanatory, and if you've
heard ihe Last poets, you'll notice
quite a similarity in rapping styles.
"In-Cog-Negro" is another one of
the better tracks on Kao's, with Miami bass beats and Griff goin' off on
how "a true back man tells a real
story, and a real black man tells a true
story." "Grandma Vanilla Don'tlike
Loud Rap Music" is a little skit on
top of Ihe same scratchin' that "Joey
Hate Rap" was done on top of. It's
pretty funny, and the scratchin',
which makes up all of the beat (no
drum machine at all), is just so dope!
Queen Effititi and Queen I-Aisa, of
the Blackwatch X-Clan, kick some
rhymes on "Bro Kermit Splitting
Atom's In the Corporate War Zone,"
a track in which a lot of rappers bust
a few lines on the Corporate war
zone and then give a 'nuff respect to
shout out to the rappers they like.
Griff ends Kao's with "Black Thanx
Part II," a three-and-a-half minute
list of people you should know, a
continuation of die list he gave on
Pawns. Overall, there is a lot of the
knowledge, wisdom and power on
Kao's, and it'll take me quite a few
listens to get it all, but that's fine
cause die beats are dope in Ihe meantime. Positive education always corrects errors. As-Salaam-Alaikum.
Originally from Toronto, but
presently attending Simon Fraser,
comes MC Map's two song release.
The first song is called "Pilot of the
Mic," with Sisi Theo singing a few
notes. Unfortunately, MC Map's
voice is very quiet, and easily gets
lost in the mix. "Just Ask," is the
othertune. It's a love ballad that also
suffers the same problem: Map's sofl
voice trails off so lhat it's hard to hear
the end of die words. Althoulh, this
could be due to technical difficulties.
See y'all!
presents Kill
m= R ■ E>__1VVS
Mondays and Tuesdari ara liable for your private partlei or fundraiser - call Graceland for details.
808 PRODUCTIONS invites you on a trip to
iih   D.J.   NOAH
MONDAY DECEMBER 23, 1991 - 9:00 PM
IICKETS: S8.00 presale   Sto.oo at the door
1250 RICHARDS ST., ALLEY ENTRANCE 688-2648 Jo* Keithley's Instinct
Town Pump
Friday November 22
Whoa hey III The return of ex-D.O.A.
f rxmtman. Joe Keithley aka Joey Shit-
head-Frontman of D.O.A., really got
the best of my curiosity. Having
enjoyed thirteen yean or so of unpredictable, get-your-ya-ya's-out
kind of D.O.A. shows, I was also
uncertain of what to expert.
I saw the poster for this show
which had Joe in the foreground and
these unidentified clumps of hair
behind him. That got me thinking
"oh no, bar metal!" But the name
"Joe Keithley's Instinct" reassured
me that it could be hardcore. The off
of the wall blasting Shithead once
delivered. After taking for granted
the reinstated smoking privilege graciously allowed by the Town Pump
and filling up on certain favourable
grain alcohols, I was ready for Joe
Keithley's Instinct.
At first, Keithley looked slightly nervous, probably knowing that
the undersized crowd of about two-
fifty was as curious as I was to see
and hear this natural Instinct of sincere anger, usually expected from
D.O.A. The music that followed
raised a few eyebrows and shrugged
a few shoulders. Mind you the music
was good. The songs were tight,
fresh, and eager to please and obviously well rehearsed. It just didn't
kick too many people in the face.
The couple of D.O.A. songs that he
did do, "Woke Up Screaming" and
"Bum it Down," had a different feel •
to them with over-perfect guitar solos from the hairy guitar player. One
of Keithley's new ones was a song
about the D.O.A. dayscalled "Mountains That We Climb." It sounded
sincere and sometimes touching (no,
I didn't cry). Being a dedicated true
lo heart follower of D.O.A. for almost half of my life, I felt slightly
betrayed that he didn'l do more
D.O.A. anthems like "Ritch Bitch,"
"Fucked Up Baby," "Nazi training
Camp." or "World War EQ." Is all
that brilliant aggression lost to the
world or is he saving it for D.O.A.' s
last final last show? But all
D.O.A-ness aside. Joe Keithley's
Instinct proved, lo me al least, that
Joe Keithley still dem
28 Eet^gSUI-i-a-
and time will tell if he gets what he
Troy Bowley
Tho Buzzcocks
Commodore Ballroom
Tuesday November 26
In the weeks preceding their gig at
the Commodore, the most popular
reply I heard when I asked friends if
they were going to see The
Buzzcocks was, "I would have if this
was ten years ago." I'd been burned
into going to reunion gigs before so
I didn't treat that reply as trivial.
However... from the moment The
Buzzcocks stepped on stage, opening their set with "I Don't Know
What To Do With Myself." both
band and audience were hepped in
what was one of the better shows this
town has seen. A real barnburner.
While the band thrashed away re-
lenUessly and loudly for a litde over
an hour and a quarter, a large percentage of the near sell-out crowd
involved themselves in good old
healthy slamming, beer tossing, and
the occasional stage-dive. Not only
were we having fun, but Buzzcocks
Steve Garvey, Steve Diggle, Pete
Shelley, and ex-Smith Mike Joyce
were too. Smiles all-round. A rare
sight indeed in this age of bored
moody egoists. The set consisted of
twenty-two songs. Mostly familiar
tunes, some classics, and there were
also seven new songs. Songs soon to
become well suited additions to The
Buzzcock songbook. As ihe set progressed, I became acutely aware of
how strong this band still is. Money
may have had something to do with
getting back together, but we've all
got to eaL These Manchester gent-
give their all, and on this particular
nightthey gaveit with reckless abandon much to the glee of this aging
fan dripping in sweat and beer as
close to the stage as me and mine
needed to be. A splendid time was
had by all. An encore featuring
"Boredom," "Fast Cars," and the
killer, "Orgasm Addict" was followed by a second encore of "I Believe." And then it was over.
Rumour has ii lhat they may be
back next spring. I guess we'll have
to stick around and see. Meanwhile,
The Buzzcocks are supposedly head
ed for New York to do k
ing with Bill Laswell behind the
Norm Van Ruaael
John Korsrud's Hard
Rubber Orchestra
Glass Slipper
Saturday December 7
The Big Band images of fun and
frolic during WW II come to mind.
Glenn Miller and The Aimy Air
Force Band. Qiatanooga Choo Choo.
Jiving in your tailor's uniform. John
Korsrud and the band showed us
how far away this the big band has
come. If (underline) he were dead,
Glenn Miller might turn in his grave.
The Hard Rubber Orchestra presents
a volatile and thrilling conception of
ensemble jazz in hybrid wilh post
war European influences such as
Ligeti, Berio, Xenakis and Lutosla w-
ski. Such an ideas could be disastrous, but H.R.O. is very successful
thanks to tastefully conceived compositions, arrangements and beautiful playing by the members of the
band.Rather than playing so called
classical compositions "in the style
of..." H.R.O. finds us a seat in a
place where we can enjoy the discovery that jazz and European music
share common potentials. We hear,
for example, the stacking-up of strident harmonies lhat have been a part
of post-war jazz and classical music.
Another example can be heard in
pockets of high-density tutti impro-
vision - again a common element in
the post-war era. Where H.R.O is
successful is in their ability to avoid
the disease of "borrowing" elements
and juxtaposing, for example, jazz
into a post-serial string quartet in
something (a concept lhat should
cause more trauma in listeners than
it does). Nothing seems out of place
in Korsrud's music. The band is
wonderfully exploited by the compositions wilh many lovely instances of discerning orchestration and a
keen sense ofthe right timbre forthe
right material, as opposed to the usual big band textbook arrangements.
Overall, the music of H.R.O. shows
that jazz can avoid cliches in favour
of real compositional values and John
Korsrud deserves applause for this
achievemenL I hope to hear more in
the future. By the way, the Rubbers
themselves were brilliant in their
execution of this difficult music. It's
been a long time since I heard soloists dig into their extemporizations
with such drive while the ensemble
playing was always clear and sharp,
despite the density of the material
and the basement acoustics of the
room. At all time, the musicians succeeded in giving a real groove to ihe
lan Crutch ley
Jello Biafra
SUB Auditorium
Tuesday November 26
Dead Kennedys remind me of my
skate betty days. Skating the ramps
and listening to the Dead Kennedys
with the guys. Now, three years later, Jello Biafra's words meant a lot
more to me than they did in 1988.
Jello came out announcing that we
had to do what he said or we would
be shot He gave us his version of a
dictator run military police state.
America is nearly one already. Mr.
Biafra also talked against clear-cut-
the Gulf War. He stressed lo boycotting all tape stores wliich have
age restrictions on music such as
N.W A. and his own spoken word
albums. Write letters of protest to
record companies who censor due lo
Upper Gore and other right winged
Christian organizations. If they receive more letters from YOU, the
customers, they will listen and retract their censorship. For example,
an audience member said Metro-
town has age restrictions on tapes so
boycott them (like you shop there
eh?). Support the cool record stores
like Track and Zulu. Anyway, Jello
hates the government and all its hypocrisies. The Gulf War, in his
opinion, was just to keep America's
economy going. All news is basically censored. Did you know that eight
white males control 80% of the media in the world? Support alternative
news sources and newspapers which
are not censored in any way. He
ended the over four hour show wilh
the question: "What can we do?"
The confident crowd came up with
marry answers such as continually
questioning and not accepting what
the media feeds us,handing out pamphlets, writing letters, spray painting messages, boycotting and much
Coral Short
24/7 Spyz
The Town Pump
Monday November 25
The show was put off for a day due
to a blizzard in the mountains which
kinda screwed me up, cause I also
had ticketss for Jello's lecture at
UBC. Since Jello chose to talk for
four(!) hours, I had to leave that
early to get over there in time. Of
course, in keeping with my luck, the
first two bands had already finished.
So I consulted a couple of buds and
was told by Kirk that The Hard Corps,
'were fuckin' insanely great', and
Ali assured me that Follow For Now
'were absolutely heavy'. This disappointed me, because I was hoping
they would both rot, so I wouldn't
have missed anything. Spyz came
on at around midnight to an outrageously hyped crowd, and proceeded to turn the Pump into a sweat
bath. Bodies were grinding within
the first bar, and the singer was thro w-
kg himself into the pit before the
first song was done. The set was
long, and the edge was thrashier
than it has been on their last couple
of albums. The new songs had a
serious metal edge to Ihem, which
had Ihem dishing out everything
from h -core lo soul lo funk to speed
metal, usually in the same song.The
slamming was heavy but non-violent (not like the Beat Farmers show
later that week, which was basically a pile of middle class assholes
who obviously had no due what lo
do) and singer Fluid dived into the
crowd constantly through out the
New drummer Joel somethin-
gorother had a birthday that night,
so he got to do a drum solo halfway
through. Igota kick out of lhat,
since the last time I saw one of those
was probably in the '70's. The
crowd loved them, and they came
back for an encore to screams of
'Spyz, Spyz" and did a couple of
Hendrix songs, followed by three
or four more of their own. 24/7
Spyz didn't stop until around 2:30.
when the crowd was on the verge of
exhaustion. I came out of there so
sweaty, I caught a cold.
Rarely does one see a band
play for that long and keep that
energy up for the whole set, boys
Dogzllla B.C.
Red Sugar
Commodore Ballroom
Saturday December 7
Well, the tumours flew for a few
months prior to it actually happening—no thanks to me—but the
SNFU reunion finally became reality. I guess, before I commit a reviewing faux pas, I should take
some time to comment on the 3
opening bands. If you didn't go to
the show count yourself lucky but if
you did go you will then realize
how much of a waste of time, and
print space, it is to even mention
their names again. Equal representation I say...they all SUCKED! In
all honesty lhat's not fair to Red
Sugar and Dogzilla B.C. because I
didn' t see them and therefore I ha ve
fallen as easy prey to that almighty
monster known as guilt by associa
tion. This, in turn, stems from how
hard Dead Surf Kiss sucked en the
proverbial root The first time that
I saw Dead Surf Kiss was when
they opened for Pearl Jam @ the
Town Pump a few months back
and they were pretty cooL Howev-
er, iheir opening slot for SNFU was
nothing less lhan painful. I find it
hard to believe that this clan of
semi-talenled poseurs got picked
up by the American BMG label. If
anything is going lo bring this label
to it's corporate knees it'll be DSK
digging their financial grave. Mofo
was right, last month, when he
said,"...this is the wont melal tiffing i have heard..." Take it south
boys, I hear they're making a sequel to Deliverance. C'mon, squeal.
SNFU, on the otherhand .was
everything evrybody—minus the
people who went with preconceived
notions of seeing something other
than a typical SNFU rant—expected, which was a lot, to say the least.
Chi and Co. hit the stage in a kinetic ball of energy and never let up;
nor did they let the crowd swagger
below a (un)comfortable level of
The band seemed happy to be
back together, and onstage, and
showed their utter enthusiasm and
joy ihrough the historical time-capsule performance which ihe night
proved to be. Sure, the guys are all
a littie bit older and they probably
skate a little bit slower but they
haven't lost the knack for belting
out the hits of yesteryear. Don't
even question the fact if they played
your favorite song or not because
this was in support of their newest
album, The Last of the Big Time
Suspenders, a greatest hits package, so to speak, and they played
almost everything from the SNFU
Oh, you'll probably read, or
hear, something entirely different
from someone else about the
show—maybe even from that blow-
hard at the Georgia Straight who
sings for that really shitty local
band. The Ludwigs, and tries to tell
us all that Chi croons for them
when it's really himself, Mr. Dennis Bates—but just flip them the
finger and say, "FUCK YOU!
Scooter SHADOWY   MEN   ON  A
Dim the Lights, Chill the
(Cargo Records)
This is great! It is an amazing feeling
to go out and buy a record, take it
home, play it and love it. This is
Shadowy Men...'s second full LP
(Savvy Show Stoppers was first) but
this one easily over takes Savvy in
sheer brilliance. Don't get me wrong,
I love Savvy, that's how good this
new record is. I laughed out loud, I
felt like crying, I danced, I twisted
my ankle...This is rollicking instrumental recording featuring raving
surf guitar twang, booming bass and
smart drums. We hear keyboards,
we hear whistling, we hear Rocky
and Bull winkle, we even hear some
singing. A great cover of the Brian
Wilson tribute to teenage masturbation "In My Room" is also included.
Highlights of the 23 song, ham-coloured vinyl package are "Hot Box
Car," very rockin', "Who Painted
Whistler's Mother," instant hit.
"Reid's Situation,"old favourite, and
a sung "thank you for buying vinyl"
at the end! If you like listening to
music, then go buy this record and
help the Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet get the fame they so
rightly deserve.
Grant Lawrence
The Big Wheel
Have wc all been sleeping for the
last decade? I recently received a
package from Aberdeen containing
three LPs (!) by Runrig. The oldest
album being from 1981, some three
years after their debut album was
released, as well as their most recent
LP entitled The Big Wheel.
From its earliest days Runrig,
the brain-child of Calum and Rory
MacDonald, has been a prime exponent of Scottish culture in song.
Whether playing Gaelic or English,
Runrig has successfully bridged its
country's tortured and rich past to
the present and beyond. As far as
musical genre is concerned, Runrig
could never be called a traditional
folk group. Think of Big Country
with staying power and more than a
few cute riffs on K-bow, or of U2
with enough genuine conviction that
they don't need to burst into tears to
come off sounding sincere, and you
get some idea of what's in store.
TheBig Wtee/isRunrig'seighth
and most accessible effort. What had
been a well-kept secret in Caledonia
has not only leaked into England, but is
now poised to wash across the pond.
It's not hard to see why. Ata time when
world music, including its powerful
Celtic axis, is enjoying a happy resurgence, Runrig's open, haunting and
energizing folk-rock sound retains a
freshness that demands and shines
through repeated listenings.
Picking individual highlights on
The Big Wheel is hke trying to summa-
rizea voyage of alifctime.but hey, I've
gone this far! My personal favourites
are "The Healer In Your Heart," "The
Crowded River," "Always The
Winner," and the rollicking "The
Edge Of The Worid." If The Big
sand, thank you.
Me wn Dyb (In Dub)
Attention, attention. Dub fans.
This new release on the ROIR
label should make most Dub
fans very happy. In fact, if you
are new to the Dub Sound this
would be a good start for your col-
Llwybr Llaethog are from
Wales. I'm familiar with one previous album of theirs, 1988'sDA.Tha
album, although not a Dub release as
such, did contain a couple of fine
Reggae influenced cuts that still sit
high on my endless list of favourite
Dub tracks.
This 1991 collection, Mewn
Dyb, came to my attention quite by
accident and I'm not at all disappointed. There's a variety of styles
here to keep the listener enthused
through many listenings. From Hip
Hop and House to your roots Reggae, a smattering of samples, and a
wee bit o' Rap, and all of it is interesting and for the moat, danceable.
It seems that over the last few
years, some of the more interesting
and up lo date Dub releases have
come out on ROIR. This Mewn Dyb
by liwybr Llaethog is further proof
that ROIR is a label worthy of further reckoning.
Norm Van Raaael
(ShaklrT Street Records)
Here is a fantastic new platter from
"the English Gentlemen of Rock and
RoU," thee Headcoats. For those of
you who are square. Thee Head-oats
is fronted by r&b garage punk dog,
Billy Childish. He's been playing
the game for years in such notable
combos as the Milkshakes, thee
Mighty Caesars and the Pop Rivets.
This record, Headcoatttude, is thee
Headcoats NINTH LP and they've
been together since 1989! They put
out vinyl like it was going out of
style... This new LP features the hits
"Troubled Times" and "Everybody
Lies" as well as some diamonds in
the rough like "Snitch Baby" and "I
Don't Like You." Billy, Johnny and
Bruce do it once again in classic
style and finesse. This is a true punk
rock and roll recording that shall not
be overlooked. That said, this record
is virtually impossible to find, so go
to the source:
Shakin' Street Records, 70
Thomhill Rise,
Mile Oak,Brighton
BN41 2Y1. England
Grant Lawrence
Love Over-due
James Brown, Mr. Dynamite, the
Hardest Working Man in Show Business, Soul Brother Number 1, The
God-Father of Soul, and all those
other titles he has rightfully claimed
since he started puttin' out hits in
1956, has released yet another album (he has put out about seventy,
and literally hundreds of singles!).
Love Over-due. This post-prison recording is much better than his last
release, the 1988 "I'm ReaL" with
Full Force providing the electronics.
This time he's back to a real live
band, and the results are markedly
better. "(So Tired of Standing Still
We Got To) Move On," hits harder
than anything he's done since 1984's
"Unity" with Afrika Bambaataa. The
jail time actually seems to have done
him good in that he could get away
from the public eye and collect his
thoughts. He really does sound
younger then when he went in!
Anyway, we got some funky
jams in "Move On," "Standing On
Higher Ground," "Dance, Dance,
Dance To The Funk," and "It's Time
To Love." This is a solid release with
enough punch and groove to surpass
most of what he did in the late Seventies and Eighties, and although it's
not as original and awesome as what
he was doin' in the early Seventies
and Sixties, the man's 58 years old.
just got out of jail, and it's his first
release in three years, so there'snoth-
in' to complain abouL
Adam Sloan
Achtung Baby
U2 and I go back a long, long way.
Back in the late (very late) 1970's a
bunch of us at our art school in
Halifax were the organizers of a tape
exchange between art schools in
London and New York. From London we got the Pistols and their
clones. From New York we got the
Ramones and their clones. 'Round
about 1980 wc received a cut from
some Irish band named U2 (I think it
was "Boy/Girl," but I'm not sure).
Being big fans of the Clash
we didn'l think U2 amounted to
much. Strange things began to happen, however. Boy was released
and suddenly U2 was on the cutting edge of a new positive (not
cynical), political (not nihilist) and
spiritual (not death) post-punk
movement. Because of the Edge's
droning guitar they also got lumped
into the Celtic rock category with
Big Country and the Alarm (who I
preferred). Does anyone remember this? Or that wearing a U2 pin
was considered a subversive act?
Times have changed. Looking back at the '80's it is amazing
to think thai a band like U2 became
what they became: ihe Mother of
all bands. They are the only one-
lime alternative band lo go to the
absolute lop, the new Beatles (bigger than Jesus!). I remember the
year The Joshua Tree was released
and how shocked the station manager at CKDU (Dalhousie University) was when ihe DJ's and listeners voted it the number one "alternative" release of the year.
Shortly thereafter came the
over-saturation of U2, including the
crass commercialization involved
with Rattle and Hum and the ensuing backlash which resulted. Yeah,
even I, an avid fan, haven't listened
to anything but "When Love Comes
to Town," wilh B.B. King in these
past three years.
Last year the rumours began to
surface that a new release was imminent. All I wanted was for these
Irishmen to get back to the studio
and produce, showing their musical
growth in the process. Forget the
new Beatles schtick and return to the
Pistols-influenced band they once
Well, Achtung Baby is neither
of these extremes, which probably
isn't all that bad. If anything, this
release shows the band maturing, a
bit more cynical and a bit more atmospheric musically. The latter is
no doubt due to the production of
Daniel Lanois (comparisons with his
own Acadie aren't far off). The strongest, and maybe least commercial
cuts include: "Zoo Station," "One,"
"Until the End of the World," "So
Cruel," and "The Fly." The less successful cuts are for the most part
produced by Steve Lilly white or supervising producer, Brian Eno.
This is a brooding album. The
Lanois-esque atmospheric production, combined with the Edge' s heavy
funk borrowing, creates an existen-
tial stupor leaving us neither up nor
down. Bono's lyrics have the feel of
a man who has given up on changing
the worid and is more concerned
with his own existence (an Irish mix
of Jean-Paul Sartre and Leonard Cohen). The often droning industrial
background adds to the purgatorial
feel of the CD. Bono, who the Edge
once described as "a homy guy who
needs Jesus," and U2 as a band, who
many critics complained have too
much Jesus, seem to be spending
their time in the Book of Job. Bono
sings "and I'd join the movement if
there was one I believed in, / Yeah
I'd break the bread and wine, / If
there was a church I could receive
Certainly there are problems
with Achtung Baby, like too much
Bono and not enough Edge, but it's
not bad, really. I'm not even sure
that this release will sell all that well:
not enough pop-hooks—which may
make it a little more "Politically
Correct" for me to wear my pin and
go to buy the album (in a disguise, of
Dave Langllle
It's kind of a neat story on how I
stumbled across this disc sol'll share
it with you. I was in the on-air booth
at CiTR looking through all of the
new discs just added to the play list,
because I hadn't been there for two
weeks, and I came across the Holy
Rollers. With disgust I said, "This
isn't the Holy Rollers From Calgary?" to myself. Soon realizing the
error in my self-posed question the
name High Rollers crept into my
memory and confirmed that this indeed was not that band.
"The High Rollers arc a disco
band. A seventies retro band whose
idea of fun is bell-bottoms and big
hats," says Dave Fortune, ex-Cal-
garian and present Cargo records
rep. Obviously much different
from this Midwest trio who hibernate in the Dischord confines.
22 tracks long, Fabuley is a
combination of the band's previous LP's, Fabuley and As Is, and
gets surprisingly boring very
quickly. I say surprisingly boring
because the the first track,
"Changeling" explodes through
the speakers with a My Bloody
Valentine, dirge-core, guitar thing
and ambient vocals...then, all of a
sudden, the song ends and everything is just pretty mediocre until
track 13, "Head On". This is not a
good ratio on a 22 song disc. Actually, the only thing that caught
my attention about "Head On" was
the Spinal Tap, "Hell Hole", guitar riff in the chorus.
At times the disc spurts out
Fugazi-type stuff but that is probably hard not to do when Ian Mack -
aye produced this outing and owner/operates the label. This poses
the question, are all bands on
Dischord straight-edge? Person-
ally, Idon't know becausel haven't
listened to everything on the
Dischord label but it's again obvious that all Dischord bands share a
common anti-American denominator and are all under the watchful and scrulinous eye ofthe Federal Bureau of Investigation. But,
then again, who isn't? I'm quite
sure that all the FBI agents have to
do is punch in afew key words like
"Reprovisional" or "Styrofoam"
and this huge, bold type Dischord
logo glitches up the whole fuckin'
system for weeks. Point in case,
that's probably Ian Mackaye's intent.
WeU, as hard as the Holy
Rollers try to keep the proverbial
hounds on the Dischord heels they
fail triumphantly. Maybe I expect
far too much from these bands but
isn't that what they are supposed
to do...live up to our expectations?
Oooh...I've been listening to bolh of
these albums for over a month now
and for some reason have the idea in
my head that I should be reviewing
them together. Not sure why, maybe
'coz both Swervedriver and My
Bloody Valentine were both nurtured
on England's Creation label, or perhaps because they give hope to all
those who have been looking for
seme decent music to come from
across Ihe Atlantic afler lhat tremendously annoying barrage of Stone
Roses/Happy Mondays shit
MBV's "Loveless" is my per-
sonal favourite of the two, be cause of
its consistency and the fact that it
confirms in my mind lhat My Bloody
Valentine are all geniuses. My roommate thinks that there is something
severely wrong with the tape deck
whenever I put ihis album on—the
trademark guitar samples and re-sam
ples and re-sampled samples are
everywhere. Time and sound are
twisted into songs and lyrics and
even around dance beats: "Soon",
from last year's "Glider" EP is
included as the last track.
RecenUy while watching TV
at a friend's house I saw a National Geographic program on
the mating rituals of slugs: the
two slugs climb up a tree, loop
around each other and begin a
slow descent hanging from a rope
of their own slimyness, while
their sex organs emerge from their
heads and they do their thing. My
Bloody Valentine would have been
the perfect soundtrack.
Swervedriver also have a defi-
nale ambience, allhough it seems lo be
more a creation of the production values than as a part of the songs themselves. "Raise" is a bil scattered, with
tome parts being excellent and others a
bit monotonous and self-indulgent
"Sci-Flyer", "Son of Mustang Foid".
"Deep Seat", and "Feel So Real" all
have enough juicy riffs to keep me
nodding along for the whole record,
although other people I know simply
swear by this album. Good enough lo
add lo your collection if you're looking
for a slightly different take on the old
Rory Tall
And They All Died
Try as they might, the bands on the
Grind Crusher compilation tape
wouldn't even scare small children or
grandmothers. The fright-potential expected on a thrash-metal tape is sadly
lacking. Also missing from most se
lections is any shred of originality.
The bands Heresy, Morbid Angel, Repulsion, Godfksh, Terrorizer,
Hellbastard, Carnage, Napalm Death
and Bolt Thrower all sound hke Venom wanna-bes, wilh an occasional
Yngwie Malmsteen/Judas Priest/Iron
Maiden/Mercyful Fate guitar solo
thrown in for variety. They obviously
ran out of ideas after corning up with a
suitably sepulchral name. Il's hard to
believe so many people could Iry and
fail to achieve a Cronos/Lemmy vocal
In some cases, humour compensates for lack of originality. Lawn-
mower Deth asks the musical question
"How many times can you bounce up
and down on Satan's litde trampoline?" (I give up..liow many?) Sweet
Tooth's "Fat Gty eals two dozen people" sounds more like "Fatso eals two
to Consume" might be amusing, but
well never know; the vocals are recorded backwards. And Spazztic Blurr
demands to know "where is me Marco,
where is me sharko," despairing in the
end because the vocalist can'lsay"Mar-
co-shatko" fast enough. (Spazztic, yes;
Blurr, na)
Several songs are musically
unique. Naked City's "Osaka Bondage" blends thrash metal with 50's
radio and late-night piano jazz. Old
Lady Drivers' "Colostomy Grab-bag"
combines wheezing metal guitar widi
Lola-like acoustic and Spanish electric
guitars. (And yes, the singer does sound
hke an old lady.)
If you Hke uninspired death-metal, or want a good laugh, Grind Crush-
Karen Rempel
The most disposable genre of bad
pop is the novelty song. Bom oul of
a fad or a news event or whatever
current thing that perks this imploding society timing has forced me to
be a part of, these songs, if limed
right, make dollars for people who
for the most pan, don'l deserve it.
There are three key things aboul novelty songs to know: 1) They arc usually in the first person (MY ding-a-
ling, I'VE got pac man fever, tie ME
kangaroo-down-sport), to make you
saps identify wilh it; 2) most are by
two-dimensional dj's (such as Rick
Dees, who's tv talk show made Anenio seem intelligent); 3) well, maybe
there are only two things to know.
These songs mercifully short-lived,
and disappear faster than Bruce Willis movies, but true tomy sick nature,
here's a few you can't do without:
CHUCK BERRY-My Ding-a-ling -
Guaranteed to be the first song aboul
your jimmy to hit the airwaves, it is
also a paen to running off a batch by
hand. Once il got past the censors.
Chuck had thousand of grade 2-6
kids singing about their own ding-a-
ling. First safe-sex song, too.
you puppies out there didn't know it,
the seventies were filthy with cheap
fads hke pet rocks, spouse swapping,
and thinking cocaine was cool. Ray
Stevens, king of goofy greats hke
Guitarzan and Ahab the Arab,
couldn't let this one lie. Streaking
was the old an of doffing your clothes
and running buck nekkid ihrough
sporting events, funerals, presidential inaugeralions, whatever. Ray
lends purpose and form in this docu-
menlofdesperateexpressionof freedom. Plus, it has a cool slide whisUe.
(Sidebar. If you really wanna doRay,
you gotta do it right. My pal Wobba
informs me that Ray did a number of
similar songs like 'Where Have You
Gone Barry Manilow?', so if you
want tojoin ihe Ray cull, hum away I
RICK DEES-Disco Duck - Undoubtedly, this says it all about disco. This
dj lent both his dimensions to Disco
Duck and true to the novelty song
axiom, it shot to the lop. Friends of
mine who know Dees from his horrible talk show still refuse lo believe
he did this one.
SHOWDOWN-The Rodeo Song -1
don't know if this qualifies, since it
qualifies as a classic in the praties,
where arrested development is a cherished value and the song is the anthem of the Rodeo Cult, which I
don'l have lime lo describe how
warped THAT is. High point of
this (rumoured to be writter
versatile performer Gaye De-
lorme) tune is the radio vers
because there arc so many nasty
words in it, the radio versio
cool, since just aboul the only
words lhat aren't bleeped are 'off
to the rodeo'.
(higher if you chew Red Man)
JR.-Don'tGive Us A Reason -
No doubt, this is the worst kind of
novelty song. Propaganda put out
lo stir up the masses into supporting the Gulf actions, this clown
manages to put himself in the ui
holy equation that resulted in the
Gulf War as the jingoistic, ra
tune rose to the top of the charts.
Ranks right up there with the film
'Triumph of the Will' and David
Duke's campaign song as a low
point of propaganda. CHEEZABILITY RATING: Areyou kidding?
Of course there are thousands
more to add to this list, but Ihese
are a good start. Bye for now, and
don't forget to send those weird
titles for swell gifts!
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6th Lee Morgan...one of the greatest trumpeters In Jazz was honored by Down Beat magazine
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Fame'...tonight we honor Lee
by playing one of his great
albu ms... "Caramba'.. .Morgan
and a hot band plus his compositions.
13th 'It's Time' Is a
the earty sixties that comblnesa
Jazz sextet led by drummer Max
Roach wtth a choir conducted
by Coleridge T. Peridnson. Max's
group has such stars as Mal
Waldron. Clifford Jordan and
vocalist Abbey Lincoln. A unique
and compel ng sound.
20lh Reed artist Anthony Braxton
has made scads of recordings
from sob abums to huge orchestral works but he has never
sounded better than on
tonight's feature, "Anthony
Braxton plays six Monk Compositions*. Braxton on his main horn
(the alio saxophone) wtth Mal
Waldron (piano) and bass and
drums.   Monk   would   be
27* There is no doubt that Horace
SBver was and Is one ot the most
Inportant pianists and compos-
eisofthelast tarty years. Horace's
style and sound was the most
hfluentbl h the (Vtiet and fetles.
The Stytbgs of S*/ef* ■ a representative album from this
period..Stvw wtth Hank Mobtey
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Jan. 24th - People have been
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Jan. 31st - HoofSexy apple bottoms juggling umbretas whle
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Now In Us 6th year on CfTRI Roots
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The Songs of Bruce Cockburn
Includes "Lovers In a Dangerous Time" by the Barenaked
Ladies. Watch for the new video.
This release features some of Canada's hottest young artists singing many of
Bruce Cockburn's finest works, jane Siberry teams up with Martin Tlelle of the
Rheostatics to create a haunting duet of "A Long Time Love Song". The
Skydiggers contribute a Dylanesque version of "One Day I Walk", and solo artist
Anne Bourne (who has played with Jane Siberry and Loreena McKennltt) sings
"Silver Wheels". 5 Guys Named Moe, who released a critically acclaimed album
In the U.K., and The Barenaked Ladles have also recorded sparkling versions
of Cockburn classics. And making a very special recording appearance Is
Rebecca Jenkins (Bye Bye Blues) who is also a Jane Siberry alumnus.
Dec. 17-21 THE BEL-AIRS
Dec. 24-26 Closed: Happy Holidays!
Dec. 27-28 THE DEMONS
Jan. 21-22 SUE LEONARD
Jan. 23-25 JIM BYRNES
Jan. 30-31 SUGAR BLUES
OPEN EACH NIGHT FROM 9:30 PM T01:30 AM OPEN WEEKDAYS FROM 11:30 AM  FRI 20 Last Cal CD release party witi tie Grooveholics and tie Enlgmos at Station Street
Arts Centre... VMM Btr-Hu* « •" Raiway Club... SmDmi, Touck *_* Qe'i and
Holdays ti tha Cowl Elephant.. Tha Belairs ti tha YaJa... Bughouse 5. Surfdusters,
Sllpaheda, Chrte Houaton'a Acoustic Twang, Mkiknelst Jug Band ti tha Commodore...
Al Wlertz Quartet«tha Glass Sapper.. Harpdog Brown A tha Bloodhounds ti Hogan'i
Alley.. Wy»a Woman Wyld Woman ti La Quena.. Mistletoe Gallop ti tha WISE Oub...
Mike Jacob! Band « Maximum Blues Pub... Blty Cowsill ti tha Farview Pub.. Hard
Uergaret with ElectrophlDa « Speedy O'Tubbs (Belingham)... For Colored Girls Who
Have Considered Sulclda/When tha Rainbow Is Enuf at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre.. Theatresports'Nutcrod^dti the Back Atoy^
Tha Nutcrecker ti Surrey Arts Centre... Harvptn-Ha A Kokara Dance with Takeo
Yamashiro at Rrehtit Arts Cente.. Terminator (7:15pm) and Terminator 2 (920pm) tithe
Ridge.   -   "
Thorsan « A Waft Is... (ur« tw 31st)... Tarry EwmU siNbMon LovtiMna ti ta WasM
Front Gaiety (until Jan 2tt\)... Exhirton by Manwoman at Smash Gtilery. Joaef Koudefta
exhitrton wtd Beyond Control oxhtifon ti Presentaion House Gallery (until Jan 26th).
ELEPHANT.. The Belairs «the Yds... Stoaters «the Railway dub... Tin Machine ti the
Commodore... Paul Plknley Trio ti the Glass Slipper... Francis Xavier A Family, Vancouver Morris Men and Tiddly Cove Morris ti tha WISE Club... Harpdog Brawn A the
Bloodhounds at Hogan's Aley... Hike Jacobs Band ti Maximum Blues Pub... Billy Cowsill
ti tha Fairview Pub... Tough Mama at Speedy O'Tubbs (Belingham).. Theatresports'
Nut_-acs.tr'd at the Back Alley... Aladdin at Presentation House... Terminator (7:1Spm)
and Terminator 2 (920pm) ti the Ridge... Christmas Show exhibition ti Aca Galery
Artists Make Home Good exhibition ti A Waft Is... Tarry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone ti
the Western Front Gallery... Exhirton by Manwoman ti Smash Gallery... Joaef Koudefta
exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition ti Presentation House Galery...
SUN 22 Bughouse 5 at the Rarway Club. Blues lor Christmas Benefit tithe Commodore
Ballroom with Jkn Byrnes, Randy Bachman, Willie A the Wallers, Powder Blues, Blty
Cowsill, MB AHstars, The Damans, Denise McCerw, Gall Bowen A Sbslght-up, Blue
Planet Sound, ktcognko, Vancouver Gospel Ensemble, Mud Bay Blues Band, Harpdog
Brown A The Bloodhounds, Wailin' Wakar, Bran Damage... Blues Jam ti Hogan's
Alley... Kane/Taylor Explosion ti the Glass Sapper... Aladdin ti Presentation House...
Terminator (7.15pm) and Terminator 2 (920pm) ti lie Ridge... Christmas Show exhibition
at Ace Gallery... Artists Make Home Good exhibition at A Walk Is... Terry Ewasluk
exhibition Lovebone «the Western Front Gallery... Exhibition by Manwoman at Smash
Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation House
Noah at Graceland... Oliver and the Elements at lie Yale... Rosalie Sorrels and Melanie
Ray at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Bughouse 5 at the Railway Club... Sua
Leonard Band at Maximum Blues Pub.. Chrletopher Blues Band ti Hogan's Aley... A
Room with a View (7:15pm) and Babette's Feast (930pm) at the Ridge.. Christmas Show
exhibition at Ace Gallery... Artists Make Home Good exhibition at A Waft Is... Tarry
Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at the Western Front Galery... Exhirton by Manwoman
doses at Smash Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exhirton ti
Presentation House Gallery...
TUE 24  Bughouse 5 at the Railway Oub... Sue Leonard Band ti Maximum Blues Pub...
THU 26 Mike Jacobs Band at the Railway Club... Sue Leonwd Band at Maximun Blues
Pub... Christopher Blues Band at Hogan's Aley... For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Sulclde/Whon the Rainbow Is Enuf at lie Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Thearesports' Nutcracker'd at lie Back Alley... Aladdin at Presentation House... A Room
with a View (7:15pm) and Babette's Feast (930pm) at tie Ridge... Christmas Show
exhibition at Ace Gallery... Artists Make Home Good exhibition at A Walk Is... Terry
Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibilion and
Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation House Galery...
FRI 27 No Fun at Christmas with Dave Shameless at the Cruel Eieptiau... The Demons
at the Yale... Mike Jacobs Band at lie Railway Club... Sue Leonard Band at Maximum
Blues Pub... Christopher Blues Band at Hogan's Alley... Bil Clark Sextet at the Glass
Slipper... For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suklde/When the Rainbow ia Enuf ti
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Theatresports' Nutcracker1 d ti tha Back Aley... The
Fisher King (7pm) and Brazil (9:40pm) at lie Ridge... Christmas Show exhibition at Aca
Galery... Artists Make Home Good exhibition ti A Walk Is... Terry Ewasluk exhibition
Lovebone at the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control
exhibition ti Presentation House Galery...
SAT 28 Cane Toads will Rumble Fbh and Pestles at tie Cruel Elephant The Demons
M He Ytie.MkeJacabaBtiid at the Rariway Club Christopher Blun Band at Hogan's
Aley Roger Bird and Real Time ti the Gass Slipper. Sue Leonard Band at Maximum
Bkjee Pub... Latin Connection with Rb Beat at tie Commodore Ballroom Oueensryche
ti the Cottsktii... For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rakibow Is
Enuf ti lie Vancouver East C_tur_ Centre Theatresports' Nutcracker'd at the Back
Aley... Aladdin at Presentation House... The Fisher King (7pm) and Brazil (9:40pm) at the
Ridge... Christmas Show exhibilion at Ace Galery... Artists Make Home Good exhibition at
A Walk Is... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at the Western From Galery... Josel
Koudeha exhibilion and Beyond Control eihibition ti Presentalon House Galery..
SUN 29 Movies of the Week at the Rahray aub.. Blues Jam at Hogan's Aley ..Francois
House B Cetera «the Glass Sapper For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suidde/
Whan the Rainbow la Enuf«fhe Vancouver East C__r_ Centre... Aladdin « Presentalon
House... Tha Fisher King (7pm) and Brazil (9:40pm) « the Ridge... Christmas Show
exhibition at Ace Galery... Artists Make Home Good eihibition at A Walk kt... Terry Ewasluk
extstrton Lovebone ti the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibilion and Beyond
Control exhibition ti Presentation House Galery...
Railway Club... Amos Garrett ti the Yale... Vaqueros al Hogan's Alley... Renee Rosnes
Quartet ti Cafe Django... Far Colored Girls Who Heve Considered Sulclde/When the
Rakibow le Enuf ai the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. . Slacker (730pm) and Trust
(930pm) at the Ridge... Christmas Show exhibition at Ace Gallery... Artists Make Home
Good exhibition ti A Walk Is... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at the Western Front
Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation House
TUE 31 Gorlle Gorilla, Superconductor, Wlndwaker, Tankhog al the Cruel Elephant. .
Amos Garrett and the A Team at ihe Yale... Roaring '20s Avant-Gsrde Fetish Theme at the
Tw*ght Zone... Sarcastic Mannequins and the Smugglers at the Pitt Gallery... Harpdog
Brown and the Bloodhounds ti Maximum Blues Pub... Hardrock Miners al the Railway
dub... Jazzmanian Devils witi Love Jones Disco at tie Glass Slipper.. Trooper with
Skaboom at 16 Street Futures hock 12 with DJ Noah and DJ Chad at Graceland. Surreal
McCoys and Ths Groove at the Roxy... Vaqueros at Hogan's Alley... Wall Street with the
Spoilers at the Commodore Ballroom. Gaye Delorme at the Rattlesnake Grill... Brain
Damage and OU Bowen A Stralght-up ti the Station Sleet Arts Centre... Katz 'n' Jammer
Quartet at Alma Street Cats Incognito at the Fairview Pub... The Paupers of the Arts New
Years Bal ti ths Vancouver Little Theatre... Public I at Science World... Barney Bentall at
the Breakers (Point Roberts)... Jumbelassy at Speedy O'Tubbs (Bellingham)... Slacker
(730pm) and Trust (930pm) at the Ridge... Christmas Show exhibition at Ace Gallery...
Artists Maks Home Good exhibition doses at A Walk Is... Terry Ewasiuk exhibition
Lovebone at lie Western Front Gallery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and Beyond Control
exhibition at Presentation House Gallery...
WED 1 Amoe Garrett at the Yale... Vaqueros at Hogan's Alley.. Eating (730pm) and New
Year's Day (935pm) at the Ridge... Christmas Show exhibition closes at Ace Gallery...
THU 2 CITR COOLTHURSDAYS ATTHE PIT PUB... INRIwith Pigment Vehicle a! the Cruel
Elephant... Morgan Davis ti the Maximum Blues Pub... Amos Garrett at the Yale...
Vequeroe ti Hogan's Aley... Eating (730pm) and New Year's Day (935pm) at the Ridge...
Terry Ewasluk exhibilion Lovebone ti tie Western Front Gallery . Josef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exhirton at Presentalon House Gallery...
FRI 3 Last Wild Sons with Bughouse I and Our Testicles Touch the Ground at the Cruel
Elephant Morgan Davis «the Maximum Biues Pub... Fifth Avenue at the Glass Slipper...
Amoe Gen-eft ti the Yale... Vequeroe « Hogan's Aley... Hey! Thafs My Bhe at Speedy
O'Tubbs (Bekngham)... Theatresports' Scared Scriptless at the Back Alley... The Commitments (730pm) and U2: Rattle and Hum (9:40pm) at the Ridge... Terry Ewasluk exhibition
Lovebone at the Western Front Gallery... Josel Koudelka exhibition and Beyond Control
exhibition at Presentation House Galery...
SAT 4 New Earth ai the Glass Slipper... Red Hot Chill Peppers with Pearl Jam at the PNE
Forum... Morgan Davis at the Maximum Blues Pub... No Mean Feat at the WISE Oub... Amos
Garrett atthe Yale... Vaqueros at Hogan's Alley... Shakate at Speedy O'Tubbs (Bellingham)...
Theatresports' Scared Scriptless at the Back Alley... The Commitments (730pm) and U2:
Rattle and Hum (9:40pm) ti the Ridge... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at the Western
Front Gallery.. Josef Koudefta exhibilion and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation
House Galery...
SUN S Kate Hammetl-Vaughn Group al the Glass Sippet... The Commitments (730pm)
and U2: Rattle and Hum (9:40pm) ti the Ridge... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at the
Western Front Gallery... Joaef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentalon House Galery...
at tie Maximum FJues Band... Tail Driver (7:15pm) and Citizen Kane (925pm) at the Ridge...
Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone ti lie Western Front Galery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and Beyond Control exhirton at Presentation House Gallery...
TUE 7 CITR FUNK TUESDAYS AT THE PIT PUB.. Disco Night at the Cruel Elephant... The
Legendary Blues Band with Dora Young at the Yale... Walling Walker Blues Band at the
Maximum Blues Band... Tail Driver (7:15pm) and Citizen Kane (925pm) at the Ridge...
Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at lie Western Front Gallery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation House Gallery...
WED 8 CiTR HOT WEDNESDAYS AT THE PIT PUB... Bam Bam with Sad Happy and
Sinners Squad at tie Cruel Elephant... Walling Walker Blues Band at the Maximum Blues
Band... Tony Wilson Group at ths Glass Slipper... Dave Brewer at Speedy O'Tubbs
(BsMngham)... The Legendary Blues Band with Dora Young at the Yale... Europa, Europe
(715pm) and Angry Harvest (925pm) at the Ridge... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at
the Western Front Gallery... Joaef Koudeka exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at
Presentation House Gallery...
THU 9 CITR COOL THURSDAYS AT THE PIT PUB.. Pagan Frenzy with Ludwigs and
Indecisives ti the Cruel Elephant.. Walling Walker Blues Band at the Maximum Blues
Band... Budge Schachte Group at the Glass Slipper... The Legendary Blues Band with
Dora Young «the Yale... Europa, Europa (7:15pm) and Angry Harvest (925pm) at the
Ridge... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at the Western Front Gallery... Josef Koudelka
exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentalon House Galery...
FRI 10 Fishbone at the Commodore Ballroom . Paul Plimley Trio at the Glass Slipper...
Grapes of Wrath at 86 Street... Wailing Walker Blues Band at the Maximum Blues Band...
Crawdaddles ti Speedy O'Tubbs (Bekngham)... Ths Legendary Blusi Band with Dora
Young at the Yale... Theatresports' Scared Scriptless at the Back Alley... Frankie and
Johnny (7:15pm) and City Slickers (930pm) at the Ridge... Terry Ewasiuk exhibition
Lovebone ti tie Western From Gallery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and Boyond Control
exhibition at Presentation House Galery..
SAT U Hunger Farm wish Mickey Christ and Loot Bag at lie Cruel Eleprwit.. Clyde Reed
Quartet«the Glass Slipper... Willi. Waker Blues Band at the Maximum Blues Band...
The Cul with Lenny Kravftz at fhe Coliseum.. .The Legendary Blues Barrd with Dora Young
ti the Yale... Grapes of Wrath at M Street.. Molasses at Speedy O'Tubbs (Bellintfiam)...
TTieatesports' Scared Scriptless at the Back Alley.. .Frankie and Johnny (7:iSpm)and City
Slickers (930pm) ti ths Ridge... Terry Ewasluk eihibition Lovebone at the Western From
Galery.. Josel Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exttrton a Presonttiion House
SUN 12 G Ski*eon/HBoudlnOu«tetti the Grass SIwer Masterpiece Chamber Music
Pirns Power! ti the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... G T Noah at Speedy O'Tubbs
(BeHnghwn).. Frankb and Johnny (715pm) aid City Slickers (930pm) « the Ridge...
Terry Ewasluk exhtrton Lovebone ti lie Western Front Galery.. Josef Koudefta exhibi
Ion and Beyond Control exhirton « Presentalon House Gallery...
the Yale... Ortgkial Sinners «the Maximum Blues Pub... Boyz n the Hood (730pm) and A
Rage In Harlem (935pm) ti the Ridge... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone ti tie Western
Front Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exhirton ti Presentation
House Galery..   •
TUE 14 CITR FUNK TUESDAYS AT THE PIT PUB... Professor Blues Band at lie Yale..
Orighal Sinners ti the Maximum Bhws Pub... Boyz n the Hood (730pm) and A Rage in
Harlem (935pm) ti the Ridge... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone at the Western Front
Galery... Joaef Koudefta eihibition and Beyond Control exhirton ti Presentation House
WED 15 CITR HOT WEDNESDAYS AT THE PIT PUB.. Sublime al the Cruel Elephant..
John Lao Hooker ti M Street- Prolessor Bkws Band ti lie Yale... Original Sinners at the
Maximum Blues Pub... Time and Rhythm at the Glass Slipper... McFsrland Band at Speedy
O'Tubbs (Bettngham)... This la My Ue? at Waterfront Theatre... Ay! Carmela (730pm) and
Women sn the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (930pm) at the Ridge... Terry Ewasiuk
exhibriion Lovebone ti the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond
Central exhibition at Presentation House Gallery...
THU 16 CITR COOL THURSDAYS AT THE PIT PUB.. Facepuller with Rollcage and
Shutdown ti lie Cruel Elephant.. Original Sinners at the Maxim_n Blues Pub... Professor
Blues Band ti the Yale... Ron Samworth Group at the Gass Slipper... This Is My Life? at
Waterkom Theatre... Ay! Carmele (730pm) and Women on the Verge of a Nervous
Breakdown (930pm) tithe Ridge... Terry Ewasiuk exhibition Lovebone at tie Western From
Galery... Joaef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation House
FRI 17 Sarcastic Mamequiis ti the Cruel Elephant.. Jennifer Scott Quintet at the Glass
S«pper... Professor Blues Band atthe Yale... Original Sinners at the Maximum Blues Pub...
Sadhappy ti Speedy O'Tubbs (Belingham).. Faust at the Vancouver East CJtual Centre..
Thearesports' Scared Serlptteas at ths Back Aley... This Is My Life? at Waterfront
Theatre... The 1991 Cannes International Advertising Film Festival at the Ridge (7:30.
9:30pm)... Terry Ewasluk exhitrton Lovebone at the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudelka
eihibition and Beyond Control exhibition al Presentalon House Galery...
ELEPHANT.. Mighty Arrow with Tropical Breeze at the Commodore... Original Sinners at
the Maximum Biues Pub... Bob Murphy/Patrlc Cakd Quintet at Ihe Glass Slipper. Professor Blues Band at the Yale... Boiled In Lead at Speedy O'Tubbs (Bellingham)... Theatresports'
Scared Scriptless at the Back Alley... This Is My Life? at Waterfront Thealre... Faust at the
Vancouver East Cdtural Centre... Terry Ewasluk exhitrton Lovebone al the Western Front
Galery... Josef Koudefta exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation House
SUN 19 Bbney/Ord Amalgamation atthe Glass Slipper... This b My Life? al Waterfront
Theatre... Faust at lie Vancouver EastCultural Centre... Terry Ewasiuk exhibition Lovebone
at the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at
Presentation House Gallery...
ti tie Yale... kicognrto al tie Maximum Bhws Pub... This Is My Ufe? at Waterfront Theatre
Terry Ewasiuk exhitrton Lovebone ti the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and Beyond Control exhirton at Presentation House Gallery...
TUE 21 CITR FUNK TUESDAYS AT THE PIT PUB.. Sue Leonerd at the Yale... Incognito
ti tw Maximun Blues Pub... This b My Life? at Waterfront Theatre... Faust at lie Vancouver
East Cultural Centre... Terry Ewasiuk exhibition Lovebone at the Western Front Gallery...
Joaef Koudeka exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation House Gallery...
Slipper... Incognito at the Maximum Blues Pub... Sue Leonard at the Yale... Ned's Atomic
Dustbin at the Commodore Ballroom... McFarland Band at Speedy O'Tubbs (Bellingham)...
This b My Life? at Waterfront Theatre... Faust at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.. Terry
Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone ti the Western Front Gallery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and
Beyond Control exhibition at Presentation House Galery...
THU 23 CITR COOL THURSDAYS AT THE PIT PUB... Francois Houle Et Cetera at the
Glass Slipper.. Jkn Byrnes at the Yale... Incognito at the Maximum Blues Pub... This Is My
Ufe? ti Waterfront Theatre.. Faust ti the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Terry Ewasluk
exhibition Lovebone «the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudelka exhitrton and Beyond
 Control extstrton ti Presentation House Galery...
FRI 24 Dharma Bums ti tie Cruel Elephant.. Roger Balrd and Real Time at the Glass
Slipper... Jaw Byrnes ti tha Yale... Incognito at the Maximun Blues Pub... Jumbalassy at
Speedy O'Tubbs (BsMngham)... This Is My Life? at Waterfront Theatre... Faust at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Theatresports' Scared Scriptliss at the Back Alley Terry
Ewasluk exhibilion Lovebone ti the Western From Gallery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and
Beyond Control exhirton at Presentation House Galery...
THE CRUEL ELEPHANT... Bruce Freodman Group at the Glass Slipper... Jim Byrnes at the
Yale... Incognito at the Maximum Blues Pub... Bochktche at Speedy O'Tubbs (Bellingham)...
Theatresports' Scared Scriptless at the Back Alley... This Is My Life? at Waterfront
Theatre... Faust at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Terry Ewasluk exhibition Lovebone
ti the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and Beyond Control exhibition at
Presentation House Gallery...
SUN 26 Percussive Pulse featuring Salvador Ferreras at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre... Cost Cooke and the Evolution at the Glass Slipper... Terry Ewasiuk exhibilion
Lovebone doses ti the Western Front Galery... Josef Koudelka exhibition and Beyond
Control exhibition closes ti Presentation House Galery...
ALTERNATIVE MONDAYS AT THE PIT PUB.. Joe Pass at Robson Square Theatre..
Harpdog Brown ti tie Yale... Faust ti the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
TUE 28 CITR FUNK TUESDAYS AT THE PIT PUB-. Harpdog Brown at the Yale... Faust
at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
WED 29 CITR HOT WEDNESDAYS AT THE PIT PUB... Harpdog Brown at the Yale...
Maya/Sounds of India at the Glass Slipper... Faust at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
THU 30 CITR COOL THURSDAYS AT THE PIT PUB... Sugar Blues at the Yale... Above
Ground at lie Glass Slipper... Faust at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Dear Elena
Sergeevna at Vancouver Little Theatre...
FRI 31 Tree People with Gnome and Voodoo Gearshift at Ihe Cruel Elephant... Stellar Sax
Quartet ti the Glass Slipper... Sugar Blues at the Yale... Daly Dozen Brass Band at the
WISE CM>... Paladins ti Speedy O'Tubbs (Belingham)... Faust at the Vancouver East
Ctllurti Centre... Theatresports' Scared Scriptless at the Back Alley.. THE CULT
S^ 280-4444 fljgr
■___, ON SALE NOW! records
Z Monday to Wednesday 10:30-7:00
IU Thursday and Friday 10:30-9:00
1 Saturday 10:30-6:30
0 Sunday 12:00-6:00
1869 W4th Avenue. Vancouver BC
Zulu Records
is proud to announce...
Last Call
Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988
Zulu presents "Last Call", an anthology showcasing some ofthe best
independent songs from Vancouver's illustrious past. Classic tracks
have been collected, lovingly restored and digitally mastered onto
two CDs. Also included is a 44-page booklet containing historic
photos, biographies of all the bands and more.
2 CDs
• The Furies • The Skulls • D.O.A. • The Stiffs • The Generators • The Dishrags • Active Dog • Biz • The Shades • The Pointed Sticks • Private
School • The Subhumans • Young Canadians • Female Hands • U03RK5 • The Modernettes • Insex • AKA • Secret Vs • Tim Ray • Corsage
• Popular Front • 54-40 • The Scissors • Los Popularos • Moral Lepers • The Enigmas • The Actionauts • Family Plot • Nomeansno • The Work
Party • Bolero Lava • I, Braineater • Go Four 3 • Animal Slaves • Brilliant Orange • Slow • Shanghai Dog • No Fun • Cannon Heath Down
• Los Durangos • Herald Nix • Poisoned • Bob's Your Uncle • Rhythm Mission • The Scramblers • Oversoul Seven • The Hip Type •
20% off all CDs and Tapes
40% off all Vinyl
One Day Only
December26 •9am-6pm


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