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CHARGE RY PHONE 280-4444. JANUARY 1991 • ISSUE #96
■ I I II Ml" I I ———
That Nose - growing competition from CiTR 7
Jerome Broadway gets frisked 9
Someone make Tom Milne shut up! 13
A 24-carrot interview 14
[The Man Sherbet laments the end of The Wall 15
Nice guys: Finished at last 16
New Year's Eve by Anne Jew 30
7" 21
Marc Yuill and Julian Lawrence 22
Bryce Rasmussen 26
D.O.A. shot by Leonard Whistler with his Mamiya RZ 67 c
Wimpy never showed up for the session.
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Vancouver, B.C.
V6T  2A5
re: Helter Shelter: Hare Krishnas,
Hardcore and Ray from Outer Space
by Gavin Brown.
November, another month and
another Discorder. Almost as soon
as your mag hit the streets, my attention was called to Mr. Brown's
article. As I read the article, my
intelligence was assaulted (and insulted) by a barrage of misinformation, accusations and bad journalism. So much so, lhat I find it necessary to dissect it and regurgitate it
point by point.
Right off the bat, in the firsl
sentence, the looks of the devotees
are compared io "half-baked rejects
from 'Kung Fu'". Right away Mr.
Brown is manipulating the minds of
the readers lo think of another human being on an entirely superficial,
bodily level. But since society in
general is so concerned with looks
and fashion, this remark was probably greatly appreciated by all the so-
called individuals who are threatened by anything or anyone so blatantly different from the accepted
norm. The first sentence also marks
the beginning of repeated lurid and
negative imagery, which is very
prevalent throughout the article.
The next claim is that the
devotees "ensnared" into the movement are "young, semi-educated,
uptight middle class whites". Actually, in the two years that 1 have been
associating with the devotees, I have
met people from very diverse economic, racial and educational backgrounds.
Cull awareness, deprogram-
mers and the dangers of ihe decadent
cult life-style are next up. Wilh all
the misinformation, which I will get
tolater.abouiihe life-style of Krishna
consciousness, the word "awareness"
is very out of place in this article.
The word cult isn't even clearly defined in the article, so what is the
question of "cult awareness"? The
Latin roots of the word cult actually
mean "to cultivate and to worship".
Yes, I am cultivating Krishna consciousness and yes I do worship
Krishna (which, by the way, is a
name for God meaning "All Attrac-
Since Mr. Brown is so against
these "decadent cults" he must be in
favour of deprogrammers. I'll give
him my address so he can hire some
guys to kidnap me, force me to take
drugs, drink beer, have meaningless
sex and eat Big Macs. Then I'll be a
normal guy and good ol' Gav
wouldn't mind hanging out wilh mc
Wilh ihe success of "cult
awareness" and deprogrammers
"people fled cults, faced reality and
became managers of Domino's Pizzas". If this is Mr. Brown's version
of facing reality, he has a serious
His ridiculous version of
"facing reality" is followed by more
unfounded accusations regarding
whal it means to be in a cult in the
'80's. The label "pseudo-guru" is
used, implying that Srila Prabhupa-
da, the founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, is exactly lhal, a "pseudo-guru". On ihe contrary, Prabhu-
pada was very active in pointing out
the unscrupulous activities of many
so-called gurus and self proclaimed
Not only does Mr. Brownlump
Srila Prabhupada in with ihe same
"pseudo-gurus" Prabhupada diligently opposed, but he gives a very
limited and biased history of Prab-
hupada's life. Mr. Brown's version
is lhat Prabhupada "abandoned his
job and family" and "came to New
York to basically teach a bunch of
polheads yoga". The reality is that
Prabhupada first met his spiritual
master in 1922 in Calcutta. It was at
this first meeting lhat Prabhupada's
guru suggested that he spread the
science of Krishna consciousness in
English to the people of the West. In
the years that followed Prabhupada
started his translation ofthe Bhaga-
vad-Gita (one of ourmain scriptures)
andin 1944 started his own magazine
lo present the philosophy of Krishna
consciousness in English.
It was in 1950 that Prabhupada
retired from family life. This is an
ancient practice for men to retire
from worldly affairs and concentrate on spiritual life. It is most dissimilar to the Western conception of
abandoning one's family and job
According 10 ihc Vedic custom the
wife is taken care of by ihc remaining family and society. She is treated
much like a widow, for her husband
is considered materially dead
So you can sec that by ihc lime
Prabhupada came lolhcU.S.in 1965
he was already firmly established as
a spiritualist and preacher of Krish-
The claim lhat the Krishna sect
"follows a bastardized form of 500
year old Hinduism, started by I-ord
Caitanya" is both historically inac-
c. Their
lhal Lord Cailanya, who is Krishna
himself, appeared on the Earth 500
years ago to teach the besl method
for spiritual life in ihis present age.
The falsehood lies in the claim lhal
what Lord Cailanya laught was "a
bastardized form of Hinduism". I .ord
Cailanya's teachings were directly
from the Vedic scriptures, the
scriptures we follow in Krishna consciousness. Hinduism, a term which
isn't even found in the Vedas, is in
fact a bastardized version of Vedic
The next part of Mr. Brown's
article is one of my f avounte. 1 always
hke it when a person tries to present
himself as an authority and present
"facts" aboul something lhat I do
everyday. What I'm referring to is
Mr. Brown's presentation of the
"decadent cult life-style" of Krishna
We are vegetarians. The eating
of meat destroys the quality of
compassion. To say we don't use
spices is ludicrous. Anyone who has
ever tasted our food or read any of
our cookbooks could attest to this.
We do avoid onions and garlic not
only because of the smell but also
because of the agitating effect ihey
have on ihe body. Many yoga groups
avoid these types of foods because
of the adverse effect these f<xxls
have on meditation.
The vegetarian diet is not
"lacking in protein and nutritional
value". It does not leave one "lired,
anemic and open to suggestion". Mr.
Brown obviously knows nothing
about vegetarianism. A vegetarian
diet has been proven time and lime
again to be healthier than a diet con -
sisting of diseased, drug-laden
corpses. Mr. Brown's lack of information concerning vegetarianism
crops up again near the end of the
article when he refers to the "vegan
feast" at the lemple. Vegan refers lo
a diet which docs not include dairy
products. The diet followed devotees is termed as lacto-vegetanan, as
dairy products play an important role
in our diet. Do your homework Mr.
Regulating sex life is basically
a way tolessen the bodily conception
of life and increase ihe spiritual. One
cannot realize unlimited spiritual
potential when stuck in the confines
of a limiting concept of life. Sex life
forces one to think on a bodily level.
Sex life means exploiting the body
of another living entity to satisfy the
senses of your own body. Whal is
your body after all? Is it really you or
are you the soul, or life-force, inside
the body? Think about it.
Two other points that Mr.
Brown has forgotten to mention is
that devotees also abstain from intoxication and gambling. We avoid
i keep the mind clear
and alert. It is nol possible lo under
stand higher spiritual inilhs, or even
to remember your name, when your
intelligence is polluted by intoxicating substances. Slaying away from
gambling reduces our lendency lo
cheat and helps lo keep one's mind
focused on spiritual topics, not on
our own material gain.
Mr Brown's claim lhat devotees support themselves by selling
flowers and cookbooks is another
example of his incomplete information regarding the life-styles of dev
olecs. It is true lhal wc sell bixiks
Nol only cookbooks but a great vari -
ely of spiritual litcralure All of
Prabhupada's translations of the
Vedic scriptures are highly respected and many arc used by universities
and libraries throughout the world.
Items such as flowers, candles
or paintings are sold by some devotees as a way lo make ends meet. Bul
whal Mr. Brown has overlooked is
lhat many devotees hold normal jobs
to support themselves and their fam-
Uies. I myself have a job al a marketing research firm downtown. So
beware, the person next lo you in the
office or the classroom just might be
a cull member.
The first lemple program of
the day starts at 4:30 AM. Attendance is recommended bul not
forced. lust like everything in Krishna consciousness. Prabhupada has
given us a process by which we can
attain true spiritual knowledge and
eventually love of God. It is up lo the
individual to take to the process.
Krishna consciousness is something
that comes from the heart of the
individual, il cannot be forced or
The program lasts 3 1/2 hours
and consists of the singing of different prayers, personal meditation
and a class on the philosophy.
Breakfast is then served. After
breakfast the devotees with jobs go
to work, those wilh specific temple
services attend to iheir duties. Mr.
Brown's blanket statement of every
devotee working 'til 6 PM is mostly
incorTcci. Ihe amount of work a
devotee does depends on his or her
individual commitment and occupation. Once again what a devotee does
between the time their service is
done to the time they take rest and
the amount of rest one takes is entirely dependent on the individual.
Ihc process of chanting Hare
Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna,
Krishna, hare, Hare, HareRama, hare
Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare is a
very standard common sense procedure. By controlling the 2 senses of
speech and hearing the mind can
become focused on the object of
meditation. Ihe mind and the senses
can be purified through sound vibration. Since the Hare Krishna
mantra is a transcendental sound vibration it enables the mind to perceive spiritual existence. It's just
like if we hear from a university
professor aboul a certain subject our
material ignorance is removed. Similarly, by hearing this transcendental
sound of Hare Krishna our spiritual
ignorance is removed.
Attending the moming programs and chanting Hare Krishna
does not leave me confused, exhausted, really stupid or really malleable. On the contrary, this process
sharpens my intelligence and enlivens me physically and spiritually.
Give it a try Mr. Brown, you just
might like il.
If il is still "obvious the Krishna's (sic| are a wheel" I guess that's
a matter of opinion. All I know is
lhat the lifestyle I've adopted is by
far more natural and healthier, physically and mentally, lhan any olher
alternative available.
As for Mr. Brown listing the
criminal activities of some devotees
and then saying il is representative
of ihc entire movement is ridiculous.
It is clear lhat ihc criminal activities
listed go against the basic principles
of Krishna consciousness. tSKCON
wenl through a major overhaul in
1986 to remove the unwanted ele
ments. Prabhupada used to stress
that "punty is the force". If one deviates from the principles of Krishna
consciousness then they will fall
down. It is unfortunate that many
devotees in positions of authority
strayed and misused their position
for their own personal gain. One
familiar wilh the philosophy and ihc
teachings of Prabhupada can see thai
these criminal activities are the fault
of the individual and nol reflccuvc
of the majority of sincere devotees.
If anything the crimes listed are a
reflection of the sick society we are
raised in and confronted wilh every-
The accusations of Prabhupada "profiting horrendously"from the
misdeeds of some devotees who
weren't even following his mosl
basic instructions are totally unfounded. Making such accusations
without sufficient evidence is slander. It is obvious that Mr. Brown is
unaware of such finer journalistic
points. Furthermore, these accusations are very insulung to anyone
who has come into contact with such
a pure soul as Snla Prabhupada.
The scenario lhat ISKCON is
some huge corrupt organization
preying solely on the straight-edge
hardcore scene is ridiculous. Ihe
devotees of our movement reach all
levels of s<x:iety. The interest ISKCON has shown in the hardcore scene
is a direct response to the interest
that members of the hardcore scene
have shown in the philosophy of
Krishna consciousness.
Mr. Brown's altitudes about
straight-edge shed more light on his
own ignorance and closed minded-
ness. If he is in favour of killing
others (the use of animal products),
killing himself (drinking and drugs)
and Ihe exploitation of others for his
own sense gratification (meaningless sex) I have no other choice but to
doubt his intelligence. He resorts
once again to accusations and labelling by referring to slraight-edgers
as "misogynistic" (Mr. Brown misspells it as "mysogynistic") and
"dumb white kids". I still can't figure oul Mr. Brown's reasons for
calling straight-edge kids misogynistic, but the use of unsupported
accusations seems lo be a major pan
of his journalistic style.
The next few paragraphs are
nothing more than a personal attack
on Ray Cappo. It is already clear that
Mr. Brown disagrees with Ray's
outlook on life, but instead of defeating Ray philosophically he just
resorts to name calling. I guess that's
par for the course. Ray has been the
recipient of tons of bad press. These
things happen when you're outspoken and refuse to live your life the
way society wants you io. Hey. isn't
lhal what hardcore is supposed lobe
Mr. Brown slates lhat with all
the money in ISKCON the organi
zation can fUxxl ihc hardcore scene
uuli Vines and records, his true thai
a lot of Vanes and groups arc presenting K nshna philosophy but these
arc individually funded projects.
liven ihe projects thai arc done by
full time devotees (a lot of the bands
and Vines are done by people inter
cslcd in the philosophy and not living ai any temple) arc privately
funded by the individual. Once again
Mr. Brown has overlooked ihe facts
and is presenting misinformation.
When describing the Shelter
gig that ux)k place at the temple on
Sept. 15. 1990, Mr. Brown poinls
out ihc slage wa.s constructed from
picnic tables and there was no PA
present. Where was lSKCON's
multi-millions? I'd sure like lo know
because I'm the one that built ihc
slage from whatever I could find,
made the posters on a pholixxipier
and put most of the posters up. The
lake from the gig was split 3 ways
between ihc 2 bands and the temple
kitchen lo pay for the feast.
So you sec K rishna-core is the
work of dedicated individuals presenting a philosophy that has changed
their lives in a positive way. We are
nol trying to brainwash, manipulate
or control. Wc are just trying to
make people think aboul who they
really are and show them that they
can live their life in a more peaceful,
positive way.
Thank you very much.
Rob Dickson
P.S. Mr. Brown also states in his
article that the band Vegan Reich
incorporates Krishna philosophy in
their music. I've never heard this
band, but I have seen a letter written
by one of it's members in MRR. I
found his letter very violent and negative. If they are influenced by the
teachings of Prabhupada ihey have
badly misinterpreted ihem.
Dear Airhead & Mr. Brown:
very impressed wilh your November '90 article on Hare Krishnas and
Ray. I was astounded wilh the facts
of the story (as well as the down to
earth language) yet couldn't help but
wonder if you had a close shave with
our wonderful frenz in person.
Anyway it was a treat to read
such a lively story about a relatively
unlikcd issue. Keep doing what you
do best and if this isn't your best...
C   poW!
Have a good one, holiday
greetings and all that shit.
T.C. Shankar
Point and counterpoint, or hairy
head and shaved head, if you will.
Mr Brown and Mr. Dixon each
managedlogel his own beliefsacross
and misrepresent the other's. I'm
not personally acquainted with Mr.
Dixon, but I canaltesl that Mr. Brown
is a non-smoking, non-drinking, non-
meat-eating young man who has
never had any sex at all in the lime
I've known him, let alone some of a
meaningless nature. We suggest,
Dear Reader, you check out the
From Los Aneeles. Epitaph Recording
Artists BAD RELIGION with special guests
ULTRAMARINE with guests
EVIL TWANG with guests
Columbia Recording Artists from Seattle
Showcase with THE LOCOS plus three
other bands
RAFT and R.M.I.
with Y-KNOT
Showcase   •
GRAFFITTI with special guests ALLAN
TOASTERS from New York
SHE with guests
From Newfoundland. THOMAS TRIO AND
T <
i * ia&ss&f-* i -_^__?__?__•
Bhagavad Gila and Monkey on a
Stick (John lluhner and Lindsey
Gruson, 1988) and make up your
own mind.
JELLO 1...
Dear Airhead,
I am responding lo the review
of die NOMHANSNO/Jello Biafra
show. What was ihis Bruno person
thinking about. I can't see how anyone could possibly criticize Jello for
the work he docs. When you see a
band, don't they usually do songs
from an LP or anything else they
have recorded, why would you think
Jello would do anything different.
And just how many limes has this
guy seen Jello perform. What Jel lo is
saying is important and wc arc lucky
he is free to say what he wants.
Because if we don't fight for our
rights as musicians and artists you
might not sec or hear Jello Biafra or
any other band you might happen to
like. And as far as Jello sporting a
goalee, WHO CARES. Wc should
all be free to look and dress the way
we wanl, it is such an unimportant
point (besides I thought his goalee
looked cool) Over all I thought it
was a GREAT SHOW!! and and a
important one for ihe scene (what's
left of il)
Dear Airhead,
Afler 1 saw Boolsaucc at the
Town Pump and Jello Biafra and
NoMeansNo at the Commodore, I
was really anxious lo see whal ihe
inevitable Discorder™ review would
be like for these two concerts. I liked
them. I really like Boolsauce, and I
think every other member of the
capacity audience did too. I didn't
hke it when some guy jumped on my
head trying lo get on the stage, but
lhat's beside ihe point. Bul anyway,
Boolsauce were like a cross between... well, one of the guitarists
looked like Flea with long hair. The
music was hard and fast and funky
and (dare I say it?) totally awesome.
I was pretty disappointed wilh the
Beat Assimilator's excuse for a review. No offence. Beat, but I think
Boolsauce deserved more than four
mostly lame questions.
As for the NMN-Jello show, I
thought il was one of ihe best (punk/
hard-core/loud & fast)conccrts I had
ever seen. I'm pretty new lo the
Dead Kennedy's and Jello Biafra, so
I'm nol as jaded as Bruno, but I
thought Jcllo's performance was really great. Some DK's music would
have been good, but NoMeansNo
more lhan made up for it. As for the
stage diving, what can I say Bruno?
I always thought that was part of the
scene. They were playing at the
Commodore, not the Orpheum. And
I didn't have to really worry about
jack-boots until I saw D.O.A. & GBH
Dec. 1, but that's beside the point.
Mike Fitzpatrick
P.S. What happened to Roland?
Dearest Airhead:
RE: Bruno's Review of Nomean-
sno/Jello Biafra
Who is Bruno and who could
care anyway? More importantly
though, who let him wank out his
whiney little opinions aboul Jello
Biafra and Nomeansno? First of all,
the "Quincy punk" behind him who
asked where Ixgal Harassment was
from was probably only making a
joke lhat wcnl well over Bruno's
thickhead. Even if he wasn't there's
no need lo explain lo the rest of the
Discorder readership how to read a
poster. And Shovlhed sounds like
Yes at the wrong speed? I guess
Brunomu-v/have sniffed a lot of glue
in his past... and this, as well as his
witless taste in music, I could forgive him, bul where docs anyone
involved in any way wilh underground post-punk "alternative" music get off calling Jello Biafra "paranoid" and a "geek"? Jello has contributed more lo both underground
music and the fight for freedom of
speech lhan virtually anyone else
ever. How can anyone deny it, let
alone call his credibility into question because he didn't shave? It's
ridiculous. Was he supposed to show
up in a purple mowhawk? Is his
Mr. Biafra's "rhetorical and
reactionary spoken rants" do have a
point, although missed by many: to
aboul the overwhelming crimes of
world governments, specifically ihe
U.S. and ils allies. I'm terribly sorry
Bruno if you've heard what he has to
say before, bul I assure you there are
slill literally billions who haven't. If
plutonium aboard the space shuttle
isn't a big enough issue lo beat inlo
the ground, whal is? Bruno's atu-
ludc of "I've heard this before" is
exactly the sort of short-tenn attention and ignorant, vapid apathy that
requires Mr. Biafra to repeal himself.
So continue joking about blacklists
Bruno, and I'll continue wondering:
when they kick al your front door,
how you gonna go? It's been a long
time since punk rock, and this alone
is a telling comment on how grim
our current socio-political situation
really is. So next time, like the song
says Bruno: "Trash a Bank ifyou got
real balls".
teD dAVE
P.S. Nomeansno is one of my very
favorite bands, and, I agree, seeing
them is always a treat. Thanks for
playing "No Paradise" boys, catch
you next time. Also, thanks to Murray Acton for last month's Airhead
While it's debatable whether Jello
has contributed more lo "the fight
for freedom of speech than virtually
anyone else ever," you are right
about Bruno. How dare a jaded
whiney witless thickheaded goatee-
less wanker criticize Jello. After all,
Jello was up there fighting for everyone 's (except Bruno's) right to have
an opinion and express il, no matter
how unpopular or controversial.
Another thing for you to chew your
cud over, teD dAVE: the person who
let Bruno "wank oul his whiney little
opinions" is ihe same edilrix who
printed your letter here.
Confidential to M.F.: The man's
He did an INTERVIEW with Boot-
sauce. Before you start bitching, gel
Ihe facts straight (or at least read
more carefully). Roland is kaput.
Dear Airhead:
Murray Acton's wonderfully
worded letter, (except for the misspelling of "allot") was a blessing to
my moming. I, as a woman, have
always disliked many of the Dayglo
Abortions' lyrics—bul lhal has not
stopped mc from seeing their gigs
and enjoying at least the musical side
of it.
Freedom of speed] ii as important as food and water, my only
concern being the sentence "Anyone can tell a lie if they know without
a doubt what truth is." Ihis destroys
his whole concept. This jusl might
lessen the flow of the truth to stamp
out lies... maybe I'm just splitting
hairs .. but... more knowledge docs
not mean more lies... which, I know,
is what Murray dear meant to say.
Thanks for listening.
Yours Truly,
Betty Cooper
I Mur
r censorship article o
check out
page 13.
Dear Airhead Sir,
I am writing to you in the name ofthe
independent Czech periodical VOK-
NO (Window in English). I should
hke to ask you for help. Even though
it may sound strange, VOKNO can
be said to have been, very probably,
the lasl truly underground periodical
in Europe. Ihc radical lumaboul in
Czechoslovakia has made it possible
for the two editors of VOKNO to be
set free, and ihey arc bolh out of
As you may know, all lhal happened in late November 1989, just
when VOKNO celebrated 10 years
of its underground existence. What a
strangely impressive balance sheet:
lOyears-15 issues-and a total of 15
years in prison for the two leading
editors, Ivan Jirous and Franiisek
Starck who are no terrorists, bul were
prisoners of conscience. Their only
crime was iheir hard work for an
alternative cultural periodical, work
often judged by ihe authorities ofthe
totalitarian sialc as highly subversive.
I know thai it is difficult for you to
visualise the conditions in which we
had lo work in the past; perhaps it
will be easier for you to imagine the
difficulties we are now facing in
having to start, more or less, from
scratch. For many years we had been
condemned lo live and work in conditions of a special kind of information blockade: and wc are now turning lo you lo help us in clearing away
the ruins of that blockade. Wc arc
hoping to provide a kind of modest
information centre, a kind of slock of
cultural information from all over
Europe, and we hope that you will
find yourselves in a position lo help
us in this. It would be an expression
of solidarity. We shall be happy if
you can send us your periodical but
the convertibility of the Czechoslovak currency is slill a distant future
dream, so that we are unable to pay,
and anything you are able to send
will have to be a present.
We shall be grateful for any kind of
help and expression of solidarity.
Yours sincerely,
Lubos Drozd
Editor - VOKNO
6   DiSCORDER This is a test.
Randomness has infested the
I repeat: randomness has infested
the planet. Especially after a December
10 upset which saw Za Za and the
Angels take Medusa's Raft by a nose.
One very large nose. But suffice to say
fellow finalists Bent and Windwalker
were not assailed by the sound stylings
of Medusa in the Shindig final. Instead,
Za Za and the Angels added their subtle
wanderings to the evening. Like The
Maisha Trilogy, Za Za operates on a
very hypnotic level. One could call it
relaxation, or one could call it sleepy.
Either way it's dreamy.
Bul more to the point, what did
Medusa miss out on?
The answer is concrete enough:
tons of fabulous prizes. But let's talk
about the fabulous First Prize: 24 hours
at Mushroom Studios (album quality),
20 hours at Fluid Studios (album quality), and, the real cream, an opening
spot for an out-of-town band on a Perryscope production (the big boys).
Please note: 2nd and 3rd Prizes ain't so
bad eilher.
How many 44 hour sessions does
il take to cut a 45 minute record anyway? A fairqucslion, since possibly the
only (absolute) rule in Shindig is No
Vinyl (participants cannot have released
an album in public prior lo entrance).
I'm not talking about the dangers of
hurling broken records down your street.
Functioning in a studio takes practice.
Except in ihc case of Elvis Presley, who
fortunate. He is nol the only one.
The list of exceptions is longer lhan a
gorilla's arm in the entertainment business.
My hopes arc that there is some
semblance of reality here and a good
band will-pump oul a sure footed demo
in this time. A demo is necessary
equipment. Il allows a band to send
tapes, write letters and make phone
calls (siar stuff). A goixl gig, ihe aforementioned cream, is the key to ihe
backside of the music business. Eilher
it's a hell of an opportunity or a soft
push into ihc lion's jaws.
So, in sum. Shindig is a very good
Congratulations to tins year's finalists and especially 1990 Grand Prize
Winners Windwalker!
P.S. All this time I've been saying,
"You   and   Beethoven,  /  you   and
Beethoven." while holding  lips to
1       SEP lOth
1       SEP _L*7th
OCT :*L»t
1      SEP 24th
1       OCT _L5th
1      OCT 22nd
NOV  5th
DEC   17th
1       OCT 23th
NOV 3.9th
NOV 26th
DEC   -*LOth
DEC  3rd
FULLY EQUIPPED 8 TRACK              rP&ft
$12/hr INCLUDES ENGINEER            ^f\
(604) 687-5803           f£tnM
We love trash. We're the unhappy folks at mint
records.   Anything  dirty  or  dingy  or  dusty.
Vancouver's newest label. Anything ragged or
rotten or rusty. We're accepting demos. Yes we
love trash. Send cassettes to #699 ■ 810 West
Broadway, Vancouver. B.C. CANADA V5Z 4C9.
|                RECORDS
Now serving coffee and salads too.
1175 Robson
1937 Cornwall
732-8840 My Favourite Moment of 1990, or, I'd Have Preferred Aunt ilea's
In ihis pasi year (if Twin Peaks, wilh
us visions and premonitions, it was
ironic that I had my own premonition
in a Chicago hotel room in August
while Witching an episode of May-
berry RFD. It featured Otis the Drunk
being shuffled off to do his dry-out
time at Aunt Bea's rather than the
town lock-up which was full of
moonshiners. Very ominous. Four
hours later, I found myself enjoying
the incarceration that Otis never got,
courtesy of the Chicago PD and the
Cook County Illinois Penal Service.
There I was with my two amigos
Chuck the art dude from Toronto and
Alexi the thealre dude from New
York, cruising along in search of the
Windy City's watering holes. A certain illicit substance, whose users have
included the rich, the poor, and the
Vice-PTesidcnt, was produced. We
began to imbibe. A car rolled up
carrying two white guys dressed so
straight-looking as to make them invisible; suddenly they were out and
on us. The substance was quickly
tossed and our evening with Chicago's finest began.
Cop Number One, sporting the
mandatory 'stache and a cheapo Hawaiian shirt, yelled "You guys are
smokin' somethin'!" "Nah, not us.
Must be some other guys. We're just
walkin'," said Alexi in his best
Brooklynese. "You guys think I'm
stupid?" said Hawaiian shirt. He and
his partner, a guy looking even dqrk-
ier with an "I'm bad" unshaven face
comboed with a leisure shirt, poly-
pants and runners, had us do the
spread-em against their car and the
bad-ass talk began.
"You guys holdin' anything? If I
search ya will I find anything?" Hawaiian shirt asked. We answered no
in unison. Poly-pants, wielding a
flashlight cum nightstick, said he'd
seen where we'd tossed "it" and
proceeded to look in the wrong direction. Hawaiian shirt produced two
sets of bracelets and cuffed the three
of us together. Poly-pants returned
without the evidence. No evidence no
arrest, right? Wrong! Into the back
seat we went and off for a little ride.
At this point I thought, OK,
they 're gonna play good-cop/bad-cop
with us: "What d'ya think, should we
run 'em in? I don't know. Maybe we
should." Tell us about how stupid
drugs are and then let us go. I turned
out to be partially right; they proceeded to tell us what a nice neigh
borhood we were in- only moderate
amounts of graffiti anil garbage—
and how its respectable inhabitants
paid alot of money not lobe harassed
by hoods like ourselves. Then they |
went through the speech about how
narcotics possession is a felony and
we could be looking at some serious
problems. As they rambled on, the
three of us sat there like kids listening
to their parents give them one of
those "when I was your age" speeches.
But the little 'round the block rule I'd |
expected ended up becoming a quick
tour of the city culminating with us
pulling up in front of Barney Miller
Land, otherwise known as the old |
precinct house.
Hawaiian shirt, having finished
the lecture, asked us "How much
money you got? Anya you guys got
more'n fifty bucks?" We looked at
each other and the notion struck me
that yes, Virginia, this is how big city
cops operate. For fifty bucks each
they'll offer to take care of all the
paperwork and let us go. Wrong again.
Hawaiian shirt went on to explain
that if we had more than fifty bucks
we'd be required to post bail, so we
should hide any money wc had. At
this point our attitudes began to
change. We realized these guys were
serious about ONE JOINT! We |
stuffed our cash down our crotches
and they led us into the station.
When you're led into a police
station in handcuffs, and you start
mingling with large shitkicker-rcd-
neck-cops and lowlife street trash,
it's hard not to hit the panic button.
But the three of us avoided the urge to
yell "Look, what're you doing? You
don't have any evidence, so you don't
have us for possession and you got no
case, so let us go!" because there'sno
percentage in arguing with cops, especially in a foreign land. Instead we
sat quietly as Hawaiian shirt and Poly -
pants filled out their arrest report and
made quasi-racist comments about
how easy it was dealing with us a.s
they explained the deal we were going to get.
"We'll charge ya with causin' a
disturbance and set the bail at fifty
bucks, but ya don't gotta pay it," said
Hawaiian shirt. "An' we'll set the
trial date for September 26th, but ya
don't gotta appear. An' we'll just
check ya for priors an' you'll be out
inna hour. Still time to get to the bar.
The other guys'll  be drunk, the
ladies'U lx- yours, right'.'" Mo
later we were facing two ugly fat
greasy jailers who wouldn't have
looked out of place robbing graves.
They had us empty OU1 pockets, pull
our shoelaces and lx-lls, and have a
seat in a nice empty cell. The jaildoor
slammed shut and we exchanged can
you-believe-lhis-bullshit looks. Alexi
wanted to start ranting and raving,
but shortly after moving in we wen-
given a cellmate.
Our first guest of the evening
was an inebriated black guy whose
first utterance, after checking out the
accommodations and sprawling on
the other of the cell's two benches,
was "I'm tired of talkin' to you muth
erfuckers!" He rolled over as if to
sleep, lay there motionless lor a few
Seconds and then got up, He asked me
for a cigarette, banged the bars a bit,
and asked again. This was to go on all
night, like a broken record from hell.
"Hey man, ya gotta cigarette? No?
That's okay, I think I gol one (banging on the bars). Hey! You gotta let
me outta here! These other muiher-
fuckers can stay, but I gotta get out! I
got important business to attend. I
gotta eat! I'm ready to post bail! Could
you please let me out? Hey man, can
I borrow a cigarette?" All this interspersed with people in other cells
yelling for our roomie to shut up.
About thirty minutes later we
heard commotion outside the jail and
the grave robbers reappeared with a
black guy who wa.s bleeding and obviously upset over the prospect of
incarceration. They wrestled with him
in front of our cell, and then we had
our second guest of the evening. The
notion that someone's pugilistic skills
were about to be tested crossed all
three of our minds. However our new
friend opted out of violence and instead conducted the ranting and raving that Alexi had missed out on.
"White-ass pussy mutherfucker
smashed me inna face!" the bleeding
guy said as he bounced off the cell
walls. "Pussy white mutherfuckin'
cop smashed me! Hey, you guys Arabs? Where ya from?" "Canada," said
Chuck. "I heard about you muther-
fuckers." "Hey, shut up," yelled the
drunk. "Tryna sleep!""You shut up!"
said the beat-up guy. Then the drunk
was up, the two interfaced briefly,
then performed a conciliatory African-American handshake. Shortly
after that, one of the grave robbers
showed up with a police lieutenant
and the beat-up guy was removed
from our cell for a little chat. Later he
was taken to another cell, no doubt
after being told thai if he'd forget the
little matter of being assaulted by an
officer, they wouldn't make him spend
anymore lime in a cell with three
causing a disturbance types.
All was quiet now, sort of. Alexi
tried to conduct some form of pseu-
do /en meditation lo kill time. Chuck
attempted sleeping on the concrete
floor and I sulked and looked at my
watch. The drunk slept on the other
side of the cell between bouts of "Hey
man. You got oneol them cigarettes?"
We then recciveil our third
roomie of the evening, a young guy
who was neither beat-up nor drunk,
instead he wa.s just BAD. His first
action upon arrival wa.s lo call out to
the othcrcells to see if he knew anyone.
He proceeded to chat long distance
with a colleague who had been incarcerated for a parole violation. Tiring
of eavesdropping, the drunk told the
new guy to shui up. The new guy
flashed his colours. "Don't fuck with
mc, man! I'm a fuckin' gangsta, man!
I fuck you up!" Surprisingly, the drunk
apologized and asked for a cigarette.
He was rebuffed. The gangsta pointed at us. "Where they at?" "I don't
know man. That's ihey thing over
there. This our thing here!"
As if on some strange cue, the
drunk came over and asked me for the
80th time for a cigarette. He tried the
gangsta again to sec if perhaps he was
holding out. The gangsta exploded.
"Look! I already told you! I don't
have a mutherfuckin' cigarette! They
don't have a mutherfuckin'cigarette!
Now get outta my face, or I'll fuck
you up!" The drunk dutifully passed
out and the gangsta reciprocated by
going through the drunk's pockets
and taking his cash. As they say,
snooze ya lose.
Finally, three and a half hours
after we first got tossed in the can,
after I was sure we'd either been
forgotten, or they'd found out Alexi
was an illegal alien, or worst of all,
some clerical error had us being
shipped to the State Pen in Joliet, we
were freed. After lacing and belting
ourselves we returned to the scene of
the crime. There, lying on the ground
as plain and obvious as two white
cops in K-Mart clothes, was a healthy-
sized roach. We smoked it. Fuck you,
grave robbers. Fuck you, Hawaiian
by Jerome Broadway
Collin Break lie I ihrcc-piece from
Seattle who play a raw mixture of
hank OR pink and grunge. They have
several singles, an HP and an album,
Rupture, on Seattle's C/Z Records
and a recent Sub Pop 7": "Lies" b/w
"Pray " After a blistering set at the
Cruel lilcphant lhat had even the
mosl jaded and destitute members of
the early punk scene dancing, we
conicrcd the band for interrogation.
On guitar and vocals is Peter, on bass
and vocals is Rob, on drums is Dave.
You're the most polite band we've
ever seen! You apologize to people. You thank people for holding
up your microphone stand...
P: Wc hate pretentious asshole mu-
R: It doesn't pay to piss people off.
D: We don'tliketo bum bridges...It's
just nol worth it, you know? We are
jusl good-natured
young boys. ********************
wanted to put
Do your mothers
still like you?
D:     Yes.    our
mothers all support us.
P: Well, not totally. My mom's
not too thrilled on
the "Just Say No
to Religion." She
actually loaned us
some money to do
T-shirts "as long a
that 'Just Say No t
on it!!"
You guys tour constantly, obviously to get exposure. Is that part
of your philosophy?
R: I've got a good quote from Phil,
in Slam Suzanne. He said "Well,
didn't everyone tour? That's what I
thought." You know, it's like, that's
what wc expected. It kind of went
along wilh playing gigs at home,
men you want to tour. It's a natural
progression, and that's whal you
want lo do. And people go "why do
you tour so much" and il's like, you
tou r in the spring, you tou r in the fall.
Doesn't everybody do thai?
What kind of a draw would you
The thing is, the kids that
put on all ages shows
have good hearts. They
want you to play their
city, so they pay you
enough that you'll want
to come back.
r first single
wilh them, and
they said "Yeah,
great." Wc went
ahead and gave
them the artwork
and Ihey bailed
on it, and then
they would have
nothing to do
with us. They
would distribute
us, but they
wouldn't have us
******************** on the label. And
then, all of a
sudden they go "We'll give you
money lo do a single." So we went
"Okay fine. We'll do it." Why not?
We gave them the artwork and the
songs. It's not like a normal Sub Pop
band which is like "We're going lo
give you the artwork and we're going to tell you what to play." So we
did one single and that's it.
P: We also put out the single hoping
that some people might pick it up
that normally wouldn't pick up a
Coffin Break record, 'cause you
know Sub Pop is so fuckin' cool and
all that.
D: The depressing thing is lhal Sub
Pop is bigger lhan any band on the
label. They're doing somelhing right,
but something wrong too.
): Yeihl Yet the) do!
ihe) iio
': Wc don'l gel I crowd like Nirva-
la or Mudhoney or my oi those
lands, hul we're buitdin
i fun
ir ma longli
you prefer ail
X-linm-ly. Il's
; the business side ol all-ayes
: Yeah, you sometimes can get
:rcwcd. Bin we sell so much more
icrchandiscatall ages shows il usu-
ally makes up for the business as
pect. Iheihing is, ihe kids that put on
all ages shows have good hearts.
Iliey're net some slimy bar owner
that's out lo screw you. Ihey wanl
you to pl«y iheir cits, so they pay
you enough tiial you'll wanl to come
R: We'd rather do thai lhan make
$3(X) in a bar where you have to go,
like "Look, we had lour people on
the guest list, and you're going lo
charge us forthisorlhai." You have-
to nickel and dime every thing
Vou just recorded material for a
new album which is due oul this
spring. Are you happy with il?
R: You heard it tonight
P; We're trying "> release albums
less than I year apart, which we've
done so far Someday we'll probably settle in, but wc have like, fifty-
five  songs,  ,uhI only   about   thins
I):   Plus  all   the  compilation!  lhat
P: Wc'regoinglodoa Rave Records
split single with Victim's Family
Lei's play word association
P: Nol much
R: Queen Ann
D: Magnolia: that's a pan of
I): lat
R: I weni on lour with him for six
weeks He's a good guy, but he's gol
his nuxxls just like everyone else.
And my lasting impression of him
you're a good guy!
R:  lalcnlless.
P: I disagree! Itiey'vegotten belter.
My word is "guts" for them.
Sir Mix-a-l.ot.
I): Ihe only rap wc really listen lo is
P: I listen to NWA.
R: I listen to fuckin' "We got lo
pray.pray just makeit today." Amen!
"We Are The Eggplant.
get now in a place like San Francisco compared to your first tour?
P: Wc actually draw really good in
San Francisconow. When weplayed
by ourselves the first lime, we probably played lo like 50people, and the
last time we played for about 600
D: We didn't wait till we sold a lol of
vinyl to lour. We actually loured on
a single that nobody had really heard
of. Il was rough. Spend $3 a day,
make like $75 a night. Now it's
easier. We' ve golmore records.more
touring. We know ourselves better.
On the posters you're billed as
"Sub Pop/C/Z Recording Artists," but almost all of your records
are on C/Z.
R: We put a single out on Sub Pop.
Al firsl we approached them. We
A Few Words with the Band by Mindy Abramowitz
Eggplant is a band I happened upon one fateful day while browsing through the CiTR listening room. Their second and most recent album,
Sad Astrology, revealed itself to be fresh and interesting On that self-same day, I discovered to my delight that Eggplant was on tour from
California, and would be playing at the Town Pump I eagerly agreed to interview them. It was thus that I ventured out to Gastown on a cold
and drizzly Tuesday eve to meet singer/guitarist Jeff Beals, singer/guitarist Jon Melkerson and bassist John Kelly.
What did you guys do today?
Jeff: I went to the Beatles' Museum and got a couple pins
Jon: We went to a game room and
then we went to Nelson's—the bar
underneath—and we saw a strip
show Then we took a nap
Jeff: Then you did laundry.
Jon: Yeah, we did our laundry
Big day in Vancouver. I thought
you would've gone to Science
World; your album cover made
it seem like you're really into
rocket science.
Jon: We probably did the typical
thing, but it was within walking
Where does your name come
Jeff: We kind of wanted a name
that wouldn't pin us down, so that
we could play all kinds of music,
'cause we get bored sometimes.
So one day we were all listening to
that Beatles song  The one that
that's not what they say.
Yeah, isn't it "We are the egg-
Jon: Now maybe it's too late to
change our name, cause we just
signed a ten record contract and
we have to keep the same name.
Jeff: Yup Ten records and fifteen
in: I w
tt of this band!
goes "I am the walrus
go "Coo coo ca joo, w<
eggplant..." And we wer
eggplant, thafs a cool n
Jon: But then you w
Uh, they
Do people in Seattle generally like     museum today and you found
It's a good name. Do you like the
vegetable at least?
Jeff: Well, I tried it, but...
Jon: It's failed the test every time.
How didd you guys get together?
Jon: In highschool. We just played
on and oft, and eventually just got
more and more serious, until the
next thing we know, we're playing
shows in our area. Then we decided to put a tape out and it got
picked up and from then on it just
I heard some Beach Boys influences on Sad Astrology.
Jeff: That's what people have been
saying! We never thought that, but
the producer on this, about a week
after we got into the project, went
outand got Pet Sounds We're not
even into the Beach Boys
Well, do you surf?
Jeff: Yeah, we all do that. Maybe
that's where it came from.
John: "Sad Astrology" sounds like
"The Hop" the way you guys do
your vocals during the quiet part
It's kind of cool...
"Sad Astrology" IS a cool song.
I like the story behind it [a girl
who promises her boyfriend that
"she would lovehim 'til the stars
fell from the sky"].
Jeff: It's kind of like those songs I
used to hear on the Oldies station;
[there's one in which] this girl was
crying about how she would love
this guy till the rivers ran dry and
time stopped and until the stars fell
from the sky. So I was thinking
what a burn it would be if the stars
did fall from the sky. I made a little
Super 8 video. The whole thing
happens like a big nightmare. After the song ends, the guy meets
up with the girl again and she says,
"Oh. I still love you!" and he goes,
"You do?!" She says "I'll love you
until time stops!" The last thing you
see is he looks at his watch and
taps it.
Have you thought about doing
Jeff: Well, yeah When we getback
from our tour Our manager has
been setting it up. We talked to a
guy who goes to UCLA film school
and he's really interested in working on it. He thinks along the same
lines as the thing I did before, even
without seeing it.
How about your gigs; what kind
of crowds do you play to?
Jeff: It's re,illy mixed. You've got
the really arty looking folks and then
there are the regular college kids,
Jon: When we played in Seattle
we played to these three Deadheads. Itwas hilarious. They asked
us to go n ishroom picking with
them. Back at home it's pretty diverse, too We're not like a big
attitude bar- We're not like a Sub
Pop band A lot of people can like
us; a lot of variety. My mom can like
it and some ntense biker can like it
John: Yea when we played with
the Young Fresh Fellows there were
some people who hadn't gone out
in years an 'hey liked us a lot. And
they were around thirty-five. They
bought a tape and everything. Wayne Horvitz is one of the most accomplished jazz keyboard players around today, collaborating extensively
and pursuing a solo career, running his own band and producing. He plays keyboards in John Zorn's jazz-meets-
hardcore-meets-movie music project, Naked City, which includes Bill Frisell on guitar, and was recently in town
to do a duo show with Frisell as part of the Time Flies improvised music festival Appearing rather shy and
unassuming at first, even embarrassed to be on stage in Ironl ol people, he was soon abusing his Grand Piano,
throwing his whole weight on the keyboard, leaning into the back to pluck at the bass strings and placing paper
and weights on the strings to modify the sound. His use of electronics was equally adventurous, Irom screaming
fuzz-box synth lo growing and decaying sample loops and distant echoes Discorder talked to Wayne Horvitz
over the phone from his home in Seattle.
You'veplayed in Vancouver as a duo with Bill Frisell: was this a one-off or part of an ongoing tour?
It [was] nol part of a tour, it [was] an individual engagement We do these gigs from time to time, at least a
couple of times a year.
Are these shows mostly improvisation or do you have a strict plan?
The first time we did it was sort ot by accident We played in bands together, we did this Walt Disney thing
tor Hal Wilmer [Stay Awake various artists covering Disney tunes], and then someone asked us to do a
gig, so we put together some material. Once we did a gig in Italy and they wanted film music specifically.
But the last couple of times, it has been a few tunes ot Bill's, a tew tunes of mine, we always do a lew
pieces that are complete improvisation. So it's a mix.
So it's like taking time off from regular engagements.
Yeah, it really is. It's sort of like the icing on the cake It's one ol the easiest and most pleasurable ot
What is it that attracts you about Bill Frisell's guitar playing?
It's sort ot subconscious at this point We're really good friends, we ve played together for so long I guess
initially, when I first heard him, it was his unique choice of notes People always talk about his sound and I
like his sound, but that's not the point. His phrases are unique and very melodic
There's been a lot said about Bill Frisell's use of electronics. Where do you stand with regard to using
electronics in your music?
I've gone trom being an innovator to being hopelessly outdated in about two and a half years. I got a DX7
when it was new on the market and I've kinda stuck with it. I'm not interested in anything else really I use a
sampler a little bit. But I like having one keyboards that I know how to program. Even the new DX7 I don't
like so much, because you can't manipulate the sounds while you're playing Most electronic keyboards are
sel up for doing work in the studio or lor use on stage with al! the sounds predetermined.
So obviously you prefer the immediacy of playing live rather than studio work?
Yeah. I also don't like having a bunch of keyboards to play.
On a project like Naked City you've got so many different keyboard sounds and styles in very short
spaces of time. How do you do all that?
Technically, set-up wise, I don't use that many keyboards. There's a little bit of over-dubbing on the records,
but all of it we can reproduce live. I use two DX7's, a sampler—mostly for samples of hard-core bands that
Zorn made me do—and also acoustic piano which is a large part of the band, as it is in the duo with Bill
The Naked City music is so complicated, is It still fun to play live?
Yeah, it is fun, 'cause it's kinda this peculiar, complicated madness. It's the first time in my lile I've had to do
what a traditional rock keyboard player does: fill in all ol the holes And that's a challenge for me, I'd never
done much ot that I might literally have live or six different sounds that I'm using on each tune, and so
between tunes it's complete madness to change all my settings and get a new set-up It's particularly
strange in John's band because the whole song might only last twenty seconds It's enjoyable, we never do
the same set each night: often we do a new tune each night, that we learn at sound check, so it keeps your
mind occupied
What were your early influences?
Musically, they were rock influences 'cause that was what my elder brothers were into: San Francisco
bands, the Stones, the Beatles, Hendrix, that sort of thing. A little later I got interested in electric Miles,
Omette, Cecil Taylor, The Art Ensemble of Chicago.
What sort of training have you had?
I had two years mandatory piano lessons when I was young, then I quit. When I decided I wanted to play a
musical instrument, I was infatuated with hard-core blues. When I made up my mind that I wanted to play, I
wanted to play like Otis Span Which is a big joke, I'll never be able to play like Otis Span. Later in college, I
did study some jazz, but pretty minimally.
What's happening with your band, "The President," at the moment?
It's been on the back burner fa a while. I've been doing so much production and stuff, but I've got another
record in the works. I'm looking to find some new players, 'cause the problem with the old group was that
almost all of them were leaders in their own right, so it was pretty hard to get them all together. I've laid a
lot ot tracks down already and after Christmas I'll try to go back and wrap that up.
You l- e lots of projects going on simultaneously, it seems: what is the most important direction for
you musically?
I have jeen producing a number of things and that's been new for me. I produced Bill's last two records, the
last couple of records of my own and I'm about to produce a record lor The Hieroglyphics, and a big band
project called the New York Composers Orchestra, that I play on and write some of the music tor as well As
much as I enjoy that, it's not my primary priority It's still performing my own music and composing. And, to
tell you the truth, the constant search to learn to play the piano.
^te  Lutwyche
Ifyou didn't even try to see SnufTand Samiam you suck. These two great bands put
on one ofthe best shows I've seen in years, even better than Verbal Assault in Seattle,
or F\igazi—so there! We managed to catch Snuff guitarist/vocalist Andy and Snuff
drummer SnufTbefore thcirCruel Elephant show awhile back. Unfortunately, we wore
out Samiam, except their guitarist James, whilst eating natehos before the interview.
by Flex Your Eric and Ruling Ray
What's it like travelling in a
van with 9 other guys?
S: It's good as long as you've
brought your slippers.
Snuff is still a three-piece?
S: Yeah, unless me brother shows up. In
ringland he
shows up with
his trombone
and just plays
So that's your
brother that
does that on
the "Fllbbid-
dob" 12"?
S: Yeah...
What about the poll tax?
A: It's rubbish.
S: Bailiffs arc supposed to be
coming around my hou:
the time. They enjoyed themselves didn't they! Big packs
of people getting chased by
police and chasing police,
running around central Lon-
l for     don. A lot of It was Just looting.
Do the police
in     London
carry guns?
They  only
J: We're going
to record another album in December i
New Red Archives, who'
done our other records.
Are they cool to work with?
J: Yeah, its Nicky Garrett from
UK Subs. He's an honest guy,
works really hard at keeping
the label going. Totally a great
my stereo. They haven't
turned up yet and they're six
weeks late already.
How big were the poll tax
riots? Did the media blow it
out of proportion?
S: I wasn't there, I was in the
Basque country of Spain at
with a gun  is
So there's no
real problems
with people
getting killed
by guns?
" It's rare.
Ix>ts of knives.
A: In pubs it's
always glass
definitely more
seared of a gun
than of a glass.
I've heard stories of how it's
so easy to get a handgun in
the States.
S: We were in a supermarket
and saw them for sale...
J: Wc saw this place In Virgin
ia when we were tou ring. There-
was a big sign on a barn that
David Hawkes brings you
JANUARY 1991  11 Skinny Puppy recently released their seventh album
Too Dark Park. Currently on
a North American tour with
Tankhog that wound up at
the Commodore December
22, cEVIN kEY called the ol'
Discorder from Dallas, TX.
I really like Too Dark Park.
It's really different from
your other stuff; a lot sparser. Why is that?
proached this record was
very much like the way wc
used to approach our older
recording, not so much our
recent last four albums, but
the three albums before that.
There was more of .1 sponl.i
neons met hod of wri ting and
recording. For the other al
bums what there's beer is a
lotol preproduction clone on
the song writing and so jn
.ictii.ility I think..over I pen
od of time there's been more
and more time spent things
and I think what we wire
losing was a little bit of the
spontaneity involved and the
whole tun of working with
captured sounds and stuff
and working with them immediately as far as coming
off the radio ariwavev It's
just part of the proctl this
tinx- trying to define what it
is th.it we wanted to do in the
future and what it si wedidn't
want to repeat. So 1 mean it
was I step to .111 era, back
wards, where wc were doing
things 1 little differently
I really enjoyed Cybcraklif
(collaboration wilh Bill
That was such a low budget
recording and it's too bad we
couldn't have done more; in
reality all that recording is
eight-track stuff. It's without
any heavy-duty budget or
effects or anything; it's totally at home style recording.
? aP~      throughout the yeai
together and he called up the
next day when we were in the
studio doing Cyberaktif and
he wants to come out, so we
went to pick him up. We had
a song, actually i t's a song on
the 12", the Meltdown version, we had that up and it's
just sort of a fun thing, we
weren't taking it too far. We
reworked that song for the
album and the album version
is completely different and it
has him doing the vocals and
piano stuff on it; it's radically
different from that song on
the 12".
Were you happy with Rabies!
Like I say to everybody, Rabies was like a home away
from home: it was a party, it
was a holiday, it was a day
off. it was everything to do
with still being around as
yourself but only not doing
what you regularly do... As a
whole album it's something
that represents that whole
time period where we were
largely just about to fall apart
and wc did fall apart and our
association with (Ministry's)
Ai Jourgensen was, at the
time, fun but God I'm glad
that's over with.
I've heard he's kind of overbearing and takes things
It's not so much that. He tries
to create turmoil within. He
likes to watch rats go crazy in
a cage, so to speak... I le'U
throw in adjectives and see
what happens and he's really
good at that. He's also a nice
guy and every thing but... he's
so heavily into drugs and ev
erything like that, you can't
even go near him without him
wanting you to join the club
and stick a need le i n your arm
or do something and we just
said "Aw fuck, forget that!"
He's going to be dead within
a year if he doesn't stop his
lifestyle. I le's got ,1 revolting
thing happening right now m
the sense that the people in
Chicago really, really ]ust hate
him now because certain peo
pie that have been involved
in circles of his have died ot
overdoses and stuff. Now
they've got this big sign outside ofthe gigs when we pull
up: "Alienate Jourgensen:
Puppy needs to get rid of this
guy" and all this stuff.
Is Ogre still involved wilh
the Revolting Cocks?
1 le had a falling ou t with those
guys, it's about time, really;
he's hopefully concentrating
more on this. 1 le's his own
character, he's the ki nd of guy
youcan'tsay anything to I le s
there for right now and we're
putting along and everything
looks promising. Our album
is selling at the rate of 5,000 a
week right now. Too Dark
Park has once again surpassed the last album. We're
up near 75,000 copies sold
So you'll be making albums
for a while?
Well, as long as we can continue to sell morealbums than
the last one, to us it's good.
But of course, we realize ourselves that we're not trying to
thing like that. It ju:
pens it's working 01
Windwalker have their shit
together. Although they've
only been gigging for three
months now, their set ia
constantly changing and
expanding, incorporating
diverse musical tastes like
The Gun Club, Rites of
Spring, The Cult, Soul
Asylum, Black Sabbath,
Fugazi, Short Dogs Grow,
Jr Gone Wild and many
others. Their music reflects mood and emotion
while maintaining a sense of
S: Also, one of the only labels?
good places to play, The P: We got a letter trom
Cruel   Elephant,   might MCA who read about us in
close down. Seattle's Backlash; they
want photos and demos.
What's the groupie scene
like? Would you hesitate to re-
S: Underage. lease  stuff on a  small
Husker Du, Sonic Youth
way: small labels and if it
works maybe try to go onto
a big label.
A: I wouldn't mind either
but it comes down to what
we want to focus on:
catchy songs or more creative, weirder
type stuff.
P: Right now
we're just trying
to focus on it all,
bring diversity
to the music,
but getting involved in a
crappy deal
puts incredible
pressure on the
like what
happened with
the   Adversity
by felicity
dunbar and
torn  mil tie
What do you call a band lhat Lives the Bo Diddley philosophy
"You should eat all you can whenever you can," gorging itself or
Marsha Brady, tulips, Ennio Monicone, Frank Grow, butterflies
circuses, Black Sabbath, and various other noises, substances,
instruments, collaborators and locations, only 10 loudly puke i
all up again over iheir Listeners?
Steel The 2nd [album. Lurch] doesn't have a theme al all
[The clip of a girl talking aboul slashing her throat] wa
from a suicide teenage selfhclp lape; I gol il from the
library. Cause Christina's obviously aboul suicide.
pOle We have a full jaz_ band lhat plays in smaller clubs...
We don't really have a name, we've only called it the steel
pole bath tub quartet because there's another saxophon
player lhal plays... We're going 10 [record], I'm working o
my clarinet; I gotta get belter.
t>at h The Tumour Circus thing is the three of us, Charlie
from King Snake Roost and Jello Biafra and we jusl
basically were a band for a week and recorded twelve
songs.... There's gonna be a collectors' [single) bul [it's] ihe
greatest collectors' idea I've ever heard: it's a defective
record. Il's gonna be a picture disc of an x-ray ol a two
headed baby and all the discs are gonna have holes drilled
through ihc grooves.... It's lolally col lectors'bul whal good
isil? You can lislenlo the first half and then il goes "chunk"
and ruins your needle! Totally arbitrary....
tllD One thing we're really enjoyed about Canada was the
weatherman.. His whole mouth was full of novacaine. He'd
just come from the dentist! He still went on!We couldn't
believe we were here on this day.
12  DISCORDER Censorship a/k/a The C-Word mg^^^^sm^m^^m^
hi  Lkit
m iiliiil mi j       mm m i \i Hi n ml     «m
ill       H   ii   i (i mi >   i
|k/hich the word "censorship" has popped up all too frcqucn|
^he 2 Live Crew and Ice-T situations. Such caa^s have sparkcl
siblq^pects ofthe issue. Instead, talked to Wo people™ho arc part of a group
jel the most immediate effects of censorship in our society: the underground
artist, or more specifically in this case, the underground musician.
You're probably aware of a recent Canadian contribution to the censorship sweepstakes:
the Dayglo Abortions/Fringe Records obscenity case. About two years ago in Ncpean,
Ontario, the young teenage <
Dayglos' record. Daddy w
access to resources which
your average citizen could. He si
their backing, was able to push
Any defence of the group rested
eventually made it to the Ontario I
had no business trying to reguh
is preparing an appeal so it's quite
nunicipal police officer brought home a copy of
y offended by the record's content. Being a cop, he had
s of justice rolling a little quicker than
I record to^js buddies at the station and, thanks to
> a local complaint into the courts,
ision and the Constitution so the case
Fere a jury decided lhat the government
■person's ireiiUom qj^xpression. Apparently, the Crown
Possible the case isn't over^to. And even if it is dead, this
case has already had some noticeable effects. I talked to Murray /^^>n from the Dayglos
(before the court case was actually decided) to get his opinion on the whole situation, and Rob
Wright of NoMeansNo, who was involved in the recent benefit gig for Fringe records.
I1U11LLL     U  I Oil?
'i .iiii I" i     !   M   "I  i in
■ ■ ■ i mn ni in un ii^ ml
I ■Mil
itten by Tom Milne
Do you think this is a case of
a group of concerned individuals trying to do what is
morally right, or are their
goals more far-r
officcr^^p started it
lotivated bt
Dayglos were convicted?
What's already started lo happen is lhat they've started busting people. The prosecution has
a lot of confidence right
they realize that the defence
can't really afford to defend
itself that well
I think one of the things thai
the prosecution had going for
it is that it happened to be the
Dayglo Abortions that got
busted first. If it was Leonard
Cohen, it would be muc
irder for them lo make a
For example, if somecon-
: old guy looks al a punk
wilh orange hair walking down
ihe street he's horrified, because
jmething alien and strange,
'if he knew the kid, watched
grow up, he'd know it's
ing other than a form of
something bothered me or offended me I could go a lot
What would happen if the
and the less thatj
flowed lo heaj
less quahj
ihe less
can become. That's why you
get people flocking to organi-
like Ihe Klan, just be-
:hey don't understand. It
all has to do with education
that turns die lights on and gets
rid of the fear.
themselves. I try wTn^lelters,
but I gel more response and get
published more down in die
Slates. I've even heard from the
Civil Liberties organization in
the Slates, bul never from ihe
one in Canada.
■a.   Ir.
Why did youl
for Ben H«
We also did
Jello when he hi
and it's really
a benefit gig
i of Fringe
larly vulnerable lo people
oimpose their
think of a case wlfl.h has been_
won by a government i
censorship, especially
works of art, but such cas
cost tons of money and Be
Hoffman has spent in total a
mosl 85 thousand dollar
That's very close I
point and it certainly would be
for any olher
company i
guilty, the verdij
guilty, but nexfcnc he gels ;
record and il haMome obscene]
ganda? That's certainly how
your average citizen who
doesn't know where a band
like the Dayglos is coming
~~"" o view them.
My response to lhat is don'l
throw the baby out wilh ihc
bathwater. There's a lol of
ul ihere and there's a lot
icty and you jusl cannot
ay. If you try
doing is jusl
itting y!       "
DaygW spccifil
:ord theyW
their recording sludia^
fyers had
lhal they could
ilcd for producing
obscene material. Instead, they
suggested that theJ)ayglos take
the lyrics frorafftr songs and
ncone in the
of the gov-
and gel ihem lo say
:lher they thought lhat 'U be
iculcd or not. Is that what
Do you think this
ecu lion
an excuse to censor ideas
from some ofthe more fringe
elements of society:
Of ci
government to
that the govemmBf is evil and
it's pressing do'
poor folks. There'
people out there
look at the Daygli
Isn't that similar to
someone on the lef t migI
Nazi propaganda and
plain that it shouldn't be allowed?
I think thei
take their work to a
lawyer andasking
Do you think we can get away
ilh this?"
lecially since many artists
ticipate in the role of
mentators un society,
which often includes criticizing the government.
If yotu^JB^fcdomof cxprcs-
:edom of
tolerant ai
this little slime
lhat's what |f~
pie are ifl just noble,
moral, gooamannered, en-
lightenedJ^J're scumballs as
liule animals. And
the Dayglos
huge and valid point^
song^Wiit dog-
farts and Oh J^T my shit
ilinks. PeopJ^Biitdoes slink
When the
good ihey make a
^bout everyone being just
imal and don't
JANUARY 1991   13 Mr. Fitzroy (Bunny Diamond)
Simpson is a truly genuine person. He took time oul of a busy
schedule lo meet with Discorder and share his thoughts and
opinions about the music that
the Mighty Diamonds have had
such a positive influence on.
Respect due every time.
The Mighty Diamonds, being
an institution in the industry,
must have seen a lot of styles
come and go in reggae. What
changes have you seen in the
music; has it developed mort
into the 'dance-hall' style or
has it stayed with the 'ro#s' •
Well actually what happedfcd,
over ihc past four or five yearsT
the DJ thing ('dance hall' style)
kind of take over, since Bob
Marley dead, you know, it's
most people think that Bob
Marley Ls the only one who was
travelling with reggae, but there
is a lot more people. When Bob
want to kind of change up your
reggae music, and kind of waler
itdownlike for commercial purposes...  But if ihe Diamonds
should sign up with a company
again, I don'l ihink they Ci
change the  Diamonds musiJ
because they tried il once, and
we go through rough times a
an album called Ice and Fire,
got bad reviews and such, but
wc go back in the studio and we
have to suck STRAIGHT to Jamaican style; wc don't have to
change much.
Do >ou find record
have their own Ideas iihout
sound reggae should h.
™^r than^^Bing to
authority oTjamai
Yes... one time we were on with
a big company but ihc contract
fell through from 1980, right,
ever since, we never get signed
with a next company, but it is
our strong faith and influence
from Jah thai keep us going on
more different sound systems
playing music in thesame hall,
competing for the most original and well mixed selection of
music | and the precedents they
; face rtf re)
heard the D|
ub plate sped
yet^^B'ou on any di
i you
musical phenomenon to people?
Well, I tell you what happening,
most of these sounds right
ney' ve^^Papproi
I artist^^Hcall it specials,'
I your^^B(system)mighthave
wc just
.song sp*9*Htafor yi
Like specially for "Stone Love"
or specially for "Gemini," using their name in the song and
changing the lyrics a little bit.
Right, a dub plate for your specific sound. A lot of sound (systems) have been approaching the
That's where people go to hear
current music, whatever the
style may be.
Yes, Bunny Waller sings dance
hall music, but I think s
Right, that's not  "Dance Hall"
music, that's DJ music.
Just one aspect of
but I
f them ^^Bue gfling
the DJ's^^Hore popu-
ih.ii is here bday nd
gone tomorrow business. By the
middle of next year, I don't think
that you are going to sec a lot of
people around, like now how
you see some DJ arc hotter lhan
nuff oiheT DJ's, but mosl DJ
can't last longer than nine
months., ha ha...
Marley die, reggae music kind
of drop, right, but I think it is
coming back now. You know,
more and more company getting back into it you see, like
Virgin record company was in it
ally picked up on reggae, at
least to the extent that they did
in the late '70s before Mar-
ley's death?
Well, you see what really happens, without these record companies behind the musicians, just
artists by themselves, you can't
really go nowhere. And without
a radio station, for somehow or
some reason I feel that some
people behind the music, at some
of thecommercial stations, some
people hold it back for years
now. Like, if you don't be careful, some of these companies
the road. We are very popular, a
lot of people know us, so, we
just keep the faith and keep rolling without the backing of a big
company, and I hope that one of
these days a company will see
)nds and nMthem back
album, becausi^kin really
ly music y<
rk. I don'l
that has caused a lot of these
problems, but we are still here
waiting and working...
Diamonds, as a matter of fact we
did one the other day for a sound
(system), and a lot of sound man
keep coming lo us yet we don't
really have enough time to do a
lot of this work. But I think it is
sts in thej
I them p
some people what they call
"Dance Hall" music, 'cause
when ihe Diamonds were mak-
Unfortunately that does seem
to be too often the case, except
for the truly talented big names
like Ninja and Shabba.
It's all part of the culture.
t*specials,^B^ou seel
iblem with ^^H suchl
you mentioj|^Hunnyl
;oing bacj^^rd time|
of them around a bit, and adding them to a new, computer
based rhythm or primarily
Interestingly, the sound system featuring Bunny Wailer
singing for them, "Silver-
hawk," boasts having paid him
the largest amount ever for
any dub plate, demonstrating
his popularity and the respect
he brings...
Yes, that is very good for the
usic, and for all artists. In fact,
lverhawk approach us, Gemini approach us, and in ihe coming year, you are going to hear a
lot from the Mighty Diamonds;
dub plate, dance hall, studio w
ng with Messenjah I
that are a few band
you see rising, or have al
Well, to tell the truth, I like Messenjah still you know, they are a
nice band, and also I have the
opportunity to see a band called
Lamb's Bread. There are a couple of good bands around, but..
him. If you like, try to change
the type of lyrics that he try to
put over... like, some people
sing protest music, some people sing lovers music and of
you lake someone who sings
protest music and put them on
lovers music, that is not really
what is inside of him.
That seems to be the key feature in any article or review
written about the Mighty Diamonds; sweet harmonies
backed by militant lyrics.
"do you approach a song
len you are writing?
Well it varies, sometimes you
have the music first and sometimes you have to make a rid-
;tch your melody etc.,
someone will
say "Write a song about this or
lhat" but I say "Just write a
song." For me personally, I love
to write street lyrics. I love to
write music about the struggle.
y Di
you see... the problem is that
some bands really sound good
live, but the trick in this business
is to make ihe record. To make
the hit record that can reach out
to people: that is really the trick.
Definitely the power behind
the music...
Yes the struggle of the ghetto,
struggle of thej
establisnVHyou hal
sfore youcQ| hayg,
say into what your album
sounds like?
Well sometime when you sing
M_*'r3fe7musl|y»h _fthS OhCttd bWjTW W_7i Mo^fft^c-rthey™* «r*
SHll playing greafWusill.        *-ofr|s, rt%as daJt Ml *T*nW.. CS^_33naveJI hKrJK^eKVeclyoa_h<_^^
Yeah, and we've been travelling
even more places in these times
right now. People know the Diamonds all over the world, we 're
breaking new ground even
though we don't have a company, so we just keep working you
A lot of people are unfamiliar
with sound clashes [two or
ha ha... so tell me really what is
"Dance Hall" music? ...Ken
Booth make dance hall music,
John Holt make dance hall music... Bob Marley make dance
hall music.. You're an artist and
it's your time, you come on the
scene, and you reign, but there is
always a next artist that come on
the scene behind you. Everybody sings dance hall music...
dub plates with Bunny Wailer as
of yet, but Bunny Wailer is a
very special type of person, he
likes to do his own original type
of stuff, and by appearing in the
sound system business Bunny is
setting them straight, going in
there for a purpose, and giving
them a proper taste of how music is supposed to be heard, none
these slack lyrics and all that.
tion, but sometime itdon't work.
You see what really happen, like
a producer from Trinidad tell me
once, he say that if he is producing an artist, he has to let the
artist come out from his inner-
man; let the artist put out what
inside him. Ifyou try to twist and
turn the artist too much you find
that you get his music starting to
water down, that is not really
writing or is* it balanced between...
Well it balanced between,
Judgey write, I write, Tabby
write, sometimes wecombine...
and what been going on now is
that I have been doing a lot of
producing... for the Diamonds
and one or two other people,
without a company right? But
whenever I find a good song
that I produce, that is a strong
one, I'm going to just keep it in
my bag, it's what I'm striving
for. That is the direction the
Diamonds are working for. Take a handful of platinum-selling acts, a gaggle of their zealous fans, and cross them w
Vancouver City Hall. What do you get?
by the Man Sherbet
Cinder blocks blanked by a
coat of latex beige. Bland and
unidentifiable as any back alley
walls nearby.
Lying between Fairview's
condo-encrusted slopes and
downmarket Mount Pleasant are
warehouses, rows of them. A
plethora of nondescript companies exist here: printers, computer wholesalers, couriers. Only
the strong aroma provided by a
coffee company stands out, for it
is something unique on streets
full of sameness.
A few brave residents are
left heTe, but they 're besieged by
small businesses all around.
Mostly this neighborhood is descended upon by day, by employees who dutifully carry on
the productionof widgets. However, within one building is the
deadened, half-lit ambience of a
recording studio. Here they've
produced  the  greatest  air-
credibility and no selling power,
just a famous past. Bruce Fair-
bairn put them to work, that is,
between visits to Alcoholics
Anonymous. Their presence at
Little Mountain was so nonchalant they rehearsed on ihe grassy
boulevard out front on sunny
days. Eventually their album.
Permanent Vacation, was released and Aerosmith were on
the comeback trail.
Two multi-platinum successes proved to the recording
industry they were on to something here. Little Mountain
Sound, in the backwater known
as Vancouver, became THE hot
studio. Soon Whitesnake recorded their biggest seller here.
Motley Crue did their stint, then
The Cult recorded iheir hit
mainstream LP, Sonic Temple.
A virtual Who's Who of Rock
passed through Vancouver to
record AND to relax.
punching anthems of the last
decade. This is Little Mountain
In 1986, a group of generic
strutters visited Little Mountain,
drawn by the talents of in-house
producer Bruce Fairbaim. The
act was called Bon Jovi and they
recorded Slippery When Wet.
The LP's title was a tribute to
Vancouver strip clubs and the
latest on-stage shower craze.
Slippery sold over 8 million
copies; it was the number one
besl seller of 1987. Hundreds of
Bon Jovi-types sprang up from
lhal success and a boy can hardly hold a guitar now without
having the complementary
streaked hair and pout.
The year Bon Jov i was killing them, five more men occupied the studios. When they arrived, haggard and beat, no one
thought much of them either.
These guys were the Dennis
Hoppers of rock. They had little
Little Mountain inadvertently became the Betty Ford
Centre of recording studios. A
lot of these acts had been on a
long binge beforehand. But now
Motley Crue boasted that they
drank orange juice during strip
club visits. Steve Tyler visited
the Naam to fuel up on vegetarian dishes. It was a nice marriage: these guys came up to
Vancouver to get healthy and
record, and we got rock star-
sighting reports daily. Did you
see Modey Crue jump on stage
with those guys at the Coliseum? No, but did you see Bon
Jovi jump on stage at 86 Street?
And so on.
Bon Jovi and Aerosmith
eventually came back to record
new albums but it wasn't so
sleepy around the studio anymore. The fans began arriving
on Little Mountain's doorstep:
autograph-seekers, groupies, and
kids with nothing better to do.
Motley Crue first brought ihe
kids out in numbers, and the first
fan toting a spraypaint can. The
plain back wall of Little Mountain studios subsequently sported the words, painted in black,
It became customary; the
fans needed to get the names of
their own favorite acts on the
wall. GUNS'N'ROSES!!!,
became a message board for dialogue between those fans who
might have just missed each other. SUE WUZ HERE, POISON
SUCKS, and the grateful
Quite by accident, the plain
back side of a building became a
landmark. This collection of
scrawls represented the spirit of
the suburban rock fan. They were
the social equivalent of cave
drawings left by early man.
Someday, 3000 years hence,
when Vancouver city is forgotten and Little Mountain recordings are relegated to classic rock
playlists, an enterprising archaeologist might have unearthed these writings and surmised we were a culture of
But two cooks stepped in
and spoiled the broth: Vancouver
City Hall and David Lee Roth.
The swaggering ex-Van
Halen front man is no stranger to
the power of rock'n'roll myth.
Dave could spend night after
night recounting Van Halen hyperbole. And while he was in
Vancouver that's what he did.
He 'd have a table reserved at the
Cecil strip club for him and his
cronies, he'd start to talk and
everyone would listen. If common fans gol too close, burly
men stepped in and ordered them
away. This is what Dave meant
by getting back to his roots: go to
a public place and pay thugs to
keep the public back.
Dave's slay in Vancouver
was classic hype. First he told
everyone he was slaying at the
seamy Nelson Hotel to make the
singer and the band feel rougher.
Close at hand cat fights between
whores kept him and the boys
awake nights, you see. Once,
says Dave, he chain-sawed ahole
in the wall of a Nelson suite to
make it larger. Where did he get
the chainsaw? Had he befriend-
ed a logger?
Little Mountain was no
longer the "Betty Ford Centre."
Thanks to Dave, it had turned
into a summer camp, "Meatballs
IV" if you'd like. He kept a very
high profile, riding his mountain
bike around downtown, or between the studio and his real
hotel, Le Meridien. And after all
this exposure to our fair town
Dave concluded, "You know,
the best thing about Vancouver
ain't the beaches, or the mountains, no. It's thestrippers, man!"
Perhaps he's right; lord knows
Dave has visited more places
than most of us.
As a tribute to Vancouver's
pronounced best asset. Roth
hired the Mad Artist team lo
airbrush a G-strung gal on Little
Mountain's back wall. And-lhe
spelled across her bare, swollen
At once the back alley behind Little Mountain Sound was
no longer a place of pri vate worship for rockers. Onlookers
came, and so did the press. No
doubt the hard-core loiterers
were incensed. She was a nice-
lookin' babe, yeah, but the wall
had been desecrated.
The hardest of the hardcore hangers-on were two unidentified girls, described by
workers next door as being no
older than 16, and dressed like
tarts. In good weather they 'd stay
up most of the night outside Little Mountain. A picnic table sits
across the alley where employees of a micro fiche company dine
and take coffee breaks in summer. Most mornings the staff
went out there though, the table
was covered in new felt pen doodles, styrofoam coffee cups, and
burger wrappers, compliments
of the girls.
This pair pushed the bounds
of decency when they started
writing on the wall. Roth's stripper got the worst of it, and the
rest of the wall was treated to the
girls' can commentary. The wall
was ugly, sure. Even without the
graffiti it was ugly. But the two
girls saw to it that it was profane.
Another unidentified player got involved at this point.
Someone painted a bathing suit
on Lady Roth one night with a
brush and there was no saving
her. If our archaeologist discovered the wall in that state, the
findings would suggest this was
a society in chaos.
At last, City Hall responded to complaints about the wall.
First they notified Little Moun
tain Sound that they required a
permit for their back-alley
beauty. Little Mountain applied
for the permit which would
have cost them S134.00. But finally the gloves came off. Con
trary to official policy whichsays
do not censor, the city ordered
the studio to paint over the whole
Afterwards, the studio
posted a little protest sign directing complaints about the new
paint job to the Mayor's office.
But complaints are of little use
now. It's unlikely Roth will
buck-up for a new mural, or that
the wall will ever regain its old
splendor. At best, we can hope
when they're done restoring the
Sistine Chapel, they might try
their hand at Little Mountain.
Sadly, our archaeologist
will conclude that we were a
boring lot. Left are cinder blocks
blanked by a coat of latex beige.
Bland and unidentifiable, with
only the memories of what lies
JANUARY 1991   15 Saturday,
December 1,1990: the end of an error. It
was to be D.O.A. s last show ever, and
even the signs taped to the door proclaiming a second "last" show ever could not
totally ruin the moment we all knew would
come sooner or later. After several incarnations, six albums and innumerable other records, the hardest working men in
mac jackets had finally packed it in. It was
a show where you expected to see faces
you hadn't seen for years; some people
say that happened. Not to me. In the same
vein, you sort of expected there would be
a little good-natured spitting, and that
maybe Joe would even take a piss off the
stage for old-times' sake, but body fluids
aren't what they once were, and in a way,
neither was the whole scene that night.
There were some especially troublesome
moments, notably when Joe announced
" For those of you at your first Commodore
show, we don't throw beer cans at the
band." At least someone had the presence of mind to immediately square him in
the chest with one. Incidents like this and
the money-grubbing second last show not
withstanding, D.O.A. was fucking great
that night, and must be remembered for
being one of the best bands Vancouver
has ever seen. With that in mind, Discorder called several people who we thought,
for one reason or another, might have
something to say about the whole thirteen-
year affair, and asked them for a story.
Here is D.O.A. as seen through the eyes of
those who in some way were there, makin'
the D.O.A. scene.
If anybody asks my most memorable reminiscence about touring with D.O.A. it would
have to be the time an unnamed-band
member gave us all those little, crawly,
creepy things. - Dimwit (4 Horsemen and
ex D.O.A. drummer)
It was Jello Biafra who asked me to book
D.O.A. at the Mabuhay Gardens [in San
Francisco]. A little before D.O.A.'s sound-
check on the day of the gig, their dirty,
sweating, smiling roadie, Zippy, came in
carrying a bundle of equipment. He was
followed shortly by the rest of the guys,
each carrying different pieces of their own
equipment; they had hitchhiked to San
Francisco to play their first real road engagement in the States. This 'nothing can
stop us' attitude totally knocked me out. I
became a fan before hearing D.O.A. play a
note. The next show, Joey was banned
from the club for having a couple of quarts
of Canadian brew backstage (a major negative with the alcohol control folks). Finding himself in the alley behind the theatre,
Joey kicked over a few trash cans and was
promptly apprehended by two of the city's
finest. The cops, though, somehow iden
tified with the angry Joey Shithead, and
made him sweep up the alley rather than
hauling him off. Later, one of the cops
joined Jello in persuading us to let him
back in to perform. During the next performance, Joey "whipped it out" and, in a
graceful arch, sprayed the audience, resulting in everyone demanding free drinks.
- Dirk Di rksen, "The Marlon Perkins" of SF
Yeah, I do have a few stories to tell about
D.O.A. There was the introductory phone
call to the Georgia Straight from a guy who
called himself Joey Shithead and who had
a punk show (one of Vancouver's first) by
his band. The Skulls, to announce [and]
meeting the very same Joey at Japanese
Hall afew weeks later he was unconscious.
[Or] putting D.O.A. on the bill of the first
Georgia Straight battle of the bands at the
Body Shop on Hornby-this was 1978,
remember, and having a punk band in a
top 40 club was a willful act of subversion-
land having] to announce that fifteen-year
old Chuck Biscuits had been named best
drummer and then run for cover when
D.O.A. fans were told the group had lost to
a sunny California-styled group named
Scarecrow. This... reminds me of the debut of The Potatoes. This was February,
1980. The Potatoes were Ron and Gren-
ville (both future members of Bruno
Gerussi's Medallion), Dave Saul, and myself (singing and playing drums). Ken Lester
had asked us to play three nights with the
band at the Buddha, and as February had
been named B.C. Potato Month, the idea
of playing our first gig with D.O.A. seemed
serendipitous. The agreed upon fee was
seven cases of beer. For the first night, I
had Don Bettsgive me a skinhead haircut.
It might have been Don's idea of a joke,
but it endeared me to Chuck Biscuits, at
least until he heard our band. "Power-pop"
he complained, 'I hate pop." Dave, however, who'd made the unfortunate choice
of dressing like a member of the Knack
(white shirt, skinny tie, vest) was having a
little more trouble adjusting to the teeming, gobbing, shorthaired, tatooed misfits
slamming into one another in front of the
stage and never recovered from one punk
grabbing his harmonica for a quick blow
before handing it back. Toits credit, D.O.A.
rallied to support us, and even Chuck told
us the Potatoes were a much better band
by the end of our trial by ordeal. We only
ever received six cases of beer, though. -
Tom Harrison, Province Rock Columnist
Wanna know what D.O.A. stands for? The
Who. No, that lead guy, what's his name,
he's a nice guy. and I have to give them
credit for one-upmanship... No Fun could
never [have a final concert followed mere
days later by another final concert]. - David
M (Yeah, that David M)
My first D.O.A. gig was at a noon-hour
concert at West Van High School in 1980.
I attended nearby Sentinel, but went down
to West Van to see this show. I think it cost
just 50* to get in. The classic D.O.A. line
up of Shithead / Rampage / Biscuits had
just splintered, and this show featured Joe
with Dave Gregg on guitar, Simon Wild on
bass, and Andy Grafitti on drums. I recall
the audience being divided on D.O.A.'s
artistic merit. There was a growing number
of people who were into punk rock, and
they were all at the front getting into it. In
the bleachers, however, were the majority
of the audience who were either dumbfounded and silent or-toudly vocal about
their feelings that D.O.A. was not 'real
men's' rock. These were the guys with
cords from Bootlegger and feathered hair
who were into exciting new bands like
Boston. Classic rock now caters to them
exclusively. Anyway, D.O.A. dedicated "I
Hate You" to them. They were on a mission.
There have been many great shows, but
the best D.O.A. gig would have to be their
inspired performance as an opening act
for David Lee Roth at The Coliseum in
1988. Poison ran out of hairspray and
couldn't make the show, so D.O.A. filled
in. It was a similar situation to the one
above; D.O.A. was playing to the unconverted but rose to the cha I lenge adm irably.
Perhaps the funniest, if not worst D.O.A.
gig occured in 1982 in a warehouse on
Hastings across from Woodward's. The
line-up: Shithead, Dave Gregg (sporting a
Hare Krisna haircut), Chuck Biscuits on
drums, and Dimwit on bass. The show
kicked off with the newly re-christened
"Fucked Up Ronnie" and the band burned
through their set in the usual high intensity
manner. About half an hour into the show
they started a song but Dimwit screwed up
the intro and Chuck startsd yelling at him.
This brotherly spat continued until Dimwit
threw his bass down and walked off stage.
Joe picked up the bass and they did
another tune, but something bothered
Chuck and he left. Various people appeared
on stage to finish the set, but things went
quickly downhill. The evening finished with
a rasta drummer and a reggae version of
some D.O.A. song. As a live band, I think
they were one of the best; they encompassed what a rock band should be and
i didn t take things too seriously. They were
£ the best band in town and now there isn't
2   one. - Ian Noble, Perryscope Productions
I went to see them playing with Wasted
Lives in March, 1979 atthe Ukrainian hall
there in Burnaby, you know; we borrowed
my friend's dad's car, and we went out
there to our first punk gig. There we were,
standing there in a corner at the back of
the room, wearing our Point Grey team
jackets, looking sheepishly at the crowd,
and Joey Shithead came on stage and
yelled "You came here for this!!" and
unclogged his nose all over the crowd. But
when they played they were brilliant, tight,
and out of sight. And the crowd went wild...
when they finally left the stage, everybody
was chanting "D.O.A D.O.A. D.O.A.," and
they wanted more, but then Joey came on,
and said that someone had beat up the
cleaning lady, and everybody had to leave
because the cops were there and all. and
when we left, sure enough, there were the
police and this beat-up cleaning lady. - Greg
Garlick, Discorder Writer
When I was a little kid, I went with my Mom
to a Wendy's burger place on Cambie and
I had a single-double-cheese-everything
but before I could eat my burger, I had to
go to the washroom. Just as I was walking
in to the urinal, an unpolitically correct
local rocker emerged, much to my surprise
and fear. Wow, I said to myself, that's Mr.
Joey Shithead of the legenday punk rock
combo D.O.A. Later, at the table, still
trembling as I slurped up my Frosty, I said
"Mom, I just saw Joey Shithead coming
out of the bathroom." "I know," she said,
"I saw him doing up his fly on his way up
the stairs." Who'd have thought that years
later on my show, Joey would bring up
washrooms again, this time by saying
"Aaargh and like a Serviette-what do you
do, you wipe your ass with it? Arr harr
harr." - Nardwuar the Human Serviette,
I guess when I think of them, I just think of
how much better they got. When they first
came to Seattle in 1978, to a club called
The Bird, they weren't very good. They
were just a primitive punk band: very wild,
punk rock; I don't think I would have
thought that much about them if I hadn't
kept seeing them through the years, and
they turned into one of the most powerful
bands ever. It's really sad that they're
breaking up. They were really one of the
greatest bands. - Kim Warnlck, The Fast-
In 1978,1 went out to D.O.A.'s shambling
house way the hell and gone out in Burnaby, and interviewed them for Vancouver
Magazine. There was a beer strike on so I
brought a bottle of Vodka out there, and
me and Shithead sat around and talked,
and finished the bottle of vodka. We'd heard that some bar out there had some
American beer of some sort, so we went
out there. It took a long time; we were
drunk as newts on this bus and I kept
falling on to other people, which was quite
an embarassment for Shithead, who's
quite a big dude, and can drink a lot and
not show it. Finally we went in to this bar,
where we spent tons of money, and then
Joe got into this snit because he was trying
to steal this woman's money-she was an
old wino-and I wouldn't let him steal it, so
we went out to the street, and he said " You
think you're fuckin' better than me, don't
you?", and I said "No, I think you can't
steal that woman's money." I got really
pissed off, and I said "Fuck-I don't care.
I'll take you on here," so I got my bag off
my shoulder, and I took my watch off, and
I said "Let's fuckin' do it!" and he just
fuckin' grabbed me by the throat, and
heaved me over this hedge. So there I was,
and we realized the absurdity of it, and
went back into the bar. - Les Wiseman,
West Coast Correspondent, TV Guide
I was thinking about the time when D.O.A.
and Quintessence records were having
problems with each other, and one day I
came to work and the front windows were
totally plastered with D.O.A. posters. I
thought it was hilarious, but I didn't think
it was so funny when it turned out I was the
one who had to clean it off... it took me two
hours. D.O.A. were always like that; they
had causes, but were sometimes a little
narrow-minded and never realized it affected other people. I don't know if I
should say this in print, but it seemed
D.O.A. were always the first to raise ticket
prices. From three to four dollars, then four
to five dollars... it seems ridiculous now,
but it was a big deal back then. Anyway, I
remember at their first or second gig at
Japanese Hall when Shithead took a piss
off the stage and semicircled the audience
- the audience formed a semicircle, but the
grossest thing was seeing this guy just
standing there just falling on the floor and
slipping, and I was thinking "This is fucking
sick." In fact the first time I met Shithead
was at Japanese Hall. We were sitting at
this bench table, and eventually I said
"Uhh... I know you... you're Shithead! What
are you guys doing, are you forming a new
band?" and he said "Yeah we're getting a
new band and we're gonna be called The
Marchin' Morons," which was the original
name for D.O.A., but they never played as
the Marchin' Morons. Then there was the
time I played in The Stimulants with John
Doe. I d never played drums, but I got a call
on the night of the show, and they needed
a drummer. By 8 p.m. I was playing drums.
We were on the bill with D.O.A., The Stiffs,
and Victorian Pork and we were fucking
awful. After we played, Shithead came up
to me, and - remember this was only
D.O.A. s second gig - and said "Well.
kinda rough there, but ya got the spirit, if
you just keep goin', eh." I just thought it
was very nice of the guy, I mean... we knew
we sucked, but he was always very supportive of musicians around him. Victorian
Pork were headlining that night, and they
were THE band at the time; people liked
them and didn't really like D.O.A. that
much, and after they'd played, half the hall
was yelling "Victorian PorW Victorian PorW",
and the other half was "D.O.A.! D.O.A.!"
This was a really bigchange in Vancouver's
music thing, because that turned out to be
Victorian Pork's last stand. They pretty
much broke up after that and D.O.A. became the punk band that they were that
night and held the ball from then on. - Grant
McDonagh, Owner of Zulu Records
I remember we were all out in New York,
and all these people were there, Jello
Biafra, Ian Tiles, and so forth, so we had
this entourage of about 25 people from
the West Coast, and we invaded the New
York scene. While we were there, Joe
asked me if I would manage D.O.A., and I
said "I don't know much about managing
a band" and he said "Well, we don't know
much about being a band." I met them
when I was at Rock Against Racism in
Chicago, it was the first one in North
America, and D.O.A. was supposed to
have a fairly prominent spot, but the old
leftists who were putting it on were fairly
freaked out by them, especially by the
song "Nazi Training Camp" and made
D.O.A. play at noon, instead of like 8 p.m.,
when they were supposed to play. Anyway,
my ride met up with this girl, and wanted
some privacy, so I asked the D.O.A. guys
whether I could get a ride on to New York,
and so that's how I first met them. They
kept raving about an article I wrote in
Public Enemy about Rock Against Sexism,
where I had used D.O.A. as a bad example;
you know. Randy Rampage used to invite
the audience to suck his cock and all ttrat,
and they kept saying if they could get the
guy who wrote that, they'd break his neck
and so forth, and of course it was me.
When they found out, they just about hit
the roof. I thought that was a really good
time then. - Ken Lester, Ex-Manager of
It was actuially pretty funny when we met
Ken Lester, he asked us if he could get a
ride from Chicago to New York, and we
said " No problem." We got to somewhere
out there in Ohio, and we were pretty
broke, so we said "Ken, now ya gotta buy
food, 'cause we got no money an' we got
no food." He said "Okay, well, I'll go get a
seven piece Colonel Sanders' bucket o'
chicken", and we said "No, Ken, it's gotta
be a 21 piece."
"OK, uhhh twelve piece." And then we
started pummeling him, and then he came
back with a 21 piece, because he knew he
was going to get left in the middle of Ohio
if he didn't come back with the goods. -
Shlthead's version as recorded In 1988.
They were bold and refreshing, and ascerbic
in a way. Thei- songs were real comments
on the times, Vancouver's big answer to
the Sex Pistols... I was thrilled when they
did my song Takin' Care of Business, and
they asked me to be in the video with
them, and it kind of gave me new perspective on myself seeing my songs done
in a more aggressive style for a different
audience. Whenever I'd go on stage with
D.O.A. it was incredible to see the crowd
reaction; I'd only seen that on TV... it was
kind of neat. Maybe we can do like these
TV shows that go off the air cause they
don't have good ratings, and all the fans
write in and the show comes back on...
maybe we could have a movement to bring
back D.O.A. Maybe have D.O.A. day every
year at the Commodore. I'm sad to see
them go -1 like the guys very much. - Randy
Oh, you mean like when Joey pissed over
the van... or the time he pissed into the
mail slot at the bank, that was fun. Or like
how D.O.A. wouldn't let me take off with
their van so I could go sleep on Stonehenge.
Back in 1982, Joey used to live in the room
next to mine at The Plaza, and I used to
have to listen to him and his future wife,
Laura, "get it on" every moming...EVERY
morning. And Joey, even though things got
pretty outrageous around here from time
to time, he was a bit shy about the noise,
and so one moming he stuck his head
through the door and goes "Hey! Taylor!
What kinda music do you like to listen to?"
and I said "AC/DC! As loud as you can play
it!" So every moming I woke up to Hell's
Bells. Joey was always really thoughtful...
it was a lot of fun living with him. - Gary
Failure, Plaza Resident Since 1982
I remember when Joe pissed off the stage
at their third gig, and of course the last
person in Vancouver to ever do that, or
anything like that, would have been about
four years before, and that was was Iggy
Pop, but even he didn't go to the extremes
he was known for. At the first D.O.A. show
this one guy went into the bathroom and
slashed up his face with a razor. It was
really goreville. Hmm... I wonder if Joe
knows where I live in case he wants to
come around and punch my face in... "The
Greatest Band With No Integrity" There's a
good thing for the band... That's the one
place they always failed, all through their
career. Like this thing where they played
the last show and then they do another
show... after the huge buildup to this one
night, and not having a second thought
about doing this second show. That's the
sort of thing they've been doing all along.
In some ways that'sgood; they never think
about other peoples' perception s of them...
I like that idea, but over the years, they've
done things to make them look the opposite to what they are. They never thought
about things outs ide of themselves. I think
this is one thing that screwed them up a
bit. Like Grant (McDonagh) and I have a lot
of tapes of their old shows... I don't know
if they know about them, but they never
had that "Grateful Dead" attitude [of allowing anyone to tape their shows], which
I think is what it was really all about, but
they never seemed to think so. But they
were always up front about who and what
they were; a lot of bands sort of shy off the
political thing because they look for sales
rather than trying to say something, but
D.O.A. always stuck to it. Which was great.
- Don Betts, Black Swan Records
The one thing that stands out when I think
back to D.O.A. happened at a New Year's
Eve gig at Stalag 13 (now a parking lot next
to the Vancouver Playhouse offices on
West 8th) that featured D.O.A. as the
headlining act. Back at the bar (actually a
garbage can filled with Hi-Tests and ice) I'd
had just enough to drink that by the time
the band rolled on stage I was more than
ready. Up at the front, dust and spit were
flying as D.O.A. peeled through their set,
and I was right along for the ride. As they
launched into FUCK YOU, my beer-addled
brain suddenly decided it would be best for
me to jump up on stage. Stage diving
wasn't the rage back then, especially with
a stage only six inches high, so the next
best thing was to grab Wimpy's mic and
join in on the chorus. What better way to
usher in the new year than with a defiant
" Fuck You!" (not that that even occurred to
me at the time)? Well, I got one defiant
"Fuck You" in before I felt the sole of
Wimpy's boot kicking me flat and hard in
the small of the back, sending me flying to
the floor, face first, to bite a mouthful of
old-car dirt and empty beer cans. I got up,
dusted myself off, and waited for someone
to say something (or laugh at me), but no-
one did. No- body gave a shit and the
show kept going. Cool.
That's just the way
things w
- BUI Baker
JANUARY 1991   17 the cruel elephant!the bijoux
Noteables Irom Aug 2nd on to preistlme and It I didn't mention your lav*
don't comt whining to me. Thonki to all ot you who comt to the cruel
elephant ond to thoie ol you that haven't been, my opinion of the iplneleu
manei with which you atioclate (and maybe belong) Ii clear. To the i *
happy new year t here's to a happy heolthy mutic icene In Vancouver H
m.iI to nol ihowlng up - COFFIN
rtt band to throw up In the parking lot - UK DIRT... Moil demonic »
itlng band - GOD BULLIES... tand that wreaked the moil havoc -
DAYGLO AIO&TIONS... land thai drew Ihe moil people Inlo a head drill
bounce ofl fhe wall piycholreniy - SNUFF... Cooleit band nobody thowtd tor
- TAI... First band - SPUNK with THE BOMBSHELLS Band with the ttupidett
name - LADY JUGS 0 PLENTY... Wont band that never thowed up - CIRCLE OF
III HEALTH... leit quote Irom our Sound God RON ALLEN: 'You know what I
like about punk rock?... Nothing.'... Sand that lays luck the moil olten -
MARY... Band to play here the moil olten - MARY... Loudeit bond to play
(they ihatlered 2 w_li on the Drat floor) - TT RACER... land that Ron Allen
hotel Ihe moil - OCTATRACKTER... Sand with Ihe moil feedback - STEEL
BATH TUB... Production company wtth the loweit ihow attendance (3 ihowt)
t moil Illegible (pail 10 leet) pollen - PAISLEY... Sand with the cooleit
imoking locked - URGE OVERKILL... Band members-«4ti the way cooleit
moloicyclei - PAUL ol TT RACER (BMW), YODA ol DOSE PUMP (BMW.), KERR
ol THE WONGS (BMW.)... Band leait likely to play anywhere but probably
win here - NG" . Band that put up the moil poiteri in their bedroomi - PEE
WEE MANSON tor TANKHOG... Band with the highest comedy type banter - MR
T. EXPERIENCE... Band that played with Ihe least notice - SONS OF FREEDOM..
Band least likely to play here but might anyway - NOMEANSNO... Least
-relentioui rock gods - SKIN YARD... Band with the coolest glow-in the dark
IUFFER... Band moil fearful of media stereotypes - 17... Band
I guitar ioIoi • OCTATRACKTER... Moil misunderstood - SUPER-
Band with the only naked singer - GORILLA GORILLA (with BIF
NAKED)... Band most likely to get signed to SubPop ■ LUNG... Band you don't
want to fuck with - THE WONGS... Largest veteran punk rock line-up - ART
with our own RON ALLEN at God of Sound... Best 3 piece all-girl bl
SCRAWL... Band with the mosl e«-members (42) - THE UNREST... Band me
with the highest unpaid bar tab - STEVE HAMM ot TANKHOG... Peisor
gave the biggest helping hand to The Cruel Elephant t whom
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Representation of minority groups
alone accurate. In the white, male
dominated world of film, stereotypes
abound from the Asian seductress/
druglord/houseboy to ihe black
hooker/pimp/maid to the gay hair-
dresser/killer/pedophile and the list
goes on and on and on. More recent
liberal coverage of minority issues
are usually smothered in sentimen-
lalism and continue lo be patronizing and condescending. So here is a
random list of movies lhat at least
attempt to portray real lifestyles if
they don't already succeed. For the
most part they are accessible movies
which can be rented from your local
video store. They arc American and
European, mainstream and
independent. By nomeansis
this a complete list.
The Color Purple (1985)
This film has has been rightly criticised for being a
whitewashed sentimentalized adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by
Alice Walker and for only
hinting at the lesbian love
affair between Celie(Whoo-
pi Goldberg) and Shug
(Margaret Avery). But nowhere else in mainstream
Hollywood film are so many
black women cast in such
strong and diverse leading
roles in a story thai completely supports and validates
female relationships. Directed by Steven Speilberg of E.T.
Chan is Missing (1981)
The search for his missing friend
Chan takes a middle-aged laxidriver
(Wood Moy) and his nephew (Marc
Hayashi) through a superb and insightful tour of San Francisco' s Chi -
natown. From the great scenes of a
noisy, crowded Chinese restaurant
in which we see a table full of patron s
fighting for ihe bill to seniors dancing toSpanish music in Manilatown,
a real sense of the people and the
place is captured in contrast to the
usual inaccurate background roles
that Chinatowns are cast in. The
diversity in the "types" of Chinese
people is evident in the roster of
characters and their views of Chan
as the two investigate his disappearance. Also Chinese political intricacies and the question of "what is
Chinese?" are wound into the pic*.
is cast as a Samurai Night Fever
cook. Filmed in black and white for
$22000. Directed by Wayne Wang.
Dim Sum: a Little Bit of Heart
This is a more straightforward story
of a daughter and mother (Laureen
Chew and Kim Chew-real life
daughter and mother, respectively)
relationship and their cullural differences. Set again in San Francisco, it
is funny and poignant and again
questions Chinese American idenli-
New Mexico along the Interstate
called the Powwow Highway is entertaining and somewhat culturally
insightful. The characterizations are
a welcome departure from the
"group" or "sidekick" native slereo-
movies, but the film's controlling
forces appear lo be main! y white and
American. Adapted from the novel
by David Seals and directed by
Jonathan Wacks, producer of Repo
Man. Notably, Farmer won the Best
Actor at the 1989 American Indian
Film Festival.
Sunday, Bloody Sunday (1971)
Daniel (Peter Finch) is a gay, Jewish
doctor involved in a love triangle
with Bob (Murray Head), a bisexual
artist and his heterosexual female
lover Alex, a career counsellor
(Glenda Jackson). This film has been
praised for making homosexuality
incidental to the slory and the lives
ofthe characters rather lhan pushing
it to the forefront or just hinting at it
in the background. Great performances, especially by Finch and
Jackson. Directed by John
My Beautiful laundrette (1985)
A really great film focusing on Omar
(Gordon Wamecke), a young gay
Pakisuni-Brii in London and his
experiences wilh colonialism, capitalism, race relations and homosexuality. His best friend and lover is
white, lower class Johnny (Daniel
Day Lewis) whom he employs at his
laudromat, creating an interesting
role-reversal. It also satirizes the
"Raj" nostalgia of films like Passage
to India and Gandhi. Quick, witty,
wry dialogue written by Hanif Kureishi, son of a Pakistani father and a
Contrasting iheir Liberal London lifestyle is Ran (Indian movie sur
Shashi Kapoor),Sammy's father who
returns lo England after taking part
in fascist political atrocities. Also
cast is Roland Gift of Fine Young
Cannibals who is laid by Rosie. Again
written by Hanif Kureishi and directed by Stephen Frcars.
Virgin Machine (1988)
Dorolhe (Ina Blum), a West German
woman, goes to San Francisco in
search of her mother and to research
ties. Also directed by Wayne Wang.
Other, but much less interesting films
by the same director are Slamdance
(1987) andEata BowlqfTea (1989).
Powwow Highway (1988)
This film relays the experience of
two different Cheyenne Indians in a
comedy, action, drama, buddy, road
movie format. Buddy Red Bow (not
played by a native bul by Hispanic
actor A. Martinez of daytime soap
opera Santa Barbara fame) is a
cynical activist involved with the
(A.I.M.). His friend Philbert Bono
(native Indian Canadian Gary Farm -
er of Blue City Stammers and The
Big Town) is a more spiritual and
loving contrast. Their journey in a
beat-up '64 Buick from Montana to
white British mother. Originally
filmed in 16mm for Britain's Channel 4 by Stephen Frcars. Also commended for making homosexuality
incidental to the script. Said Frcars,
"Normally films that deal with immigrants are depressing and bleak,
treating them like victims. But here
Ihey are as funny, rich, vivacious
and corrupt as the rest of us."
Sammy and Rosie Get Laid (1987)
This movie encompasses almost everything including sex, poverty,
marriage, love, race, class, violence
and politics in Thatcher's England.
It centres on Sammy (Ayub Khan
Din), a Pakistani, and Rosie (Frances
Barber), his English wife, involved
in an open marriage and living in a
violent multiracial neighbourhood.
ic love i
derground lesbian scene. Quirky and
gnlty with dynamic scenes of women-only nights at a stripbar and diverse lesbian characters embracing
non-mainstream lifestyles. Also a
funny and interesting contrast between her unsatisfying relationships
with men in a somber West Germany
and her "coming out" in the Slates. It
has been lauded for its unconventional approach and for not depicting
"nice" lesbians. Filmed in black and
while and in German wilh English
subtitles. Directed by Monika Treut.
Desert Hearts (\9»5)
Based on Jane Rule's novel Desert
ofthe Heart, il chronicles a divorced
university professor's (HelenShav-
er) romantic involvement with a lesbian casino dealer (Patricia Char-
bonneau) in Reno in lhel950s. Allhough it is regarded as one of the
first films to portray positive lesbian
roles, it has been criticised for following Ihe conventional Hollywood
narrative and internalizing homophobia. Also cast is Audra Lindley,
Mrs. Roper of Three's Company.
Directed by Donna Deiich who also
directed the television adaptation of
The Womenof Brewster Place(1989)
starring Oprah Winfrey.
House Party (1989)
Besides being a fun movie
involving teenagers, rap,
boy/girl relationships and
family relationships, it also
counters black and teenage
stereotypes. Atthe party only
one character gets drunk and
he is regarded negatively by
everyone else. The main entertainment is dancing and
rapping. Also when two of
the characters get inlo bed
they decide not to have sex
because neither of them has
a condom. Set in midwest
America, it takes urban black
youth out of the Harlem-
L.A. scenery usually found
in films. Directed by Har-
vard-grad Reginald Hudlin and produced by his brother Warrington
Hudlin, both graduates of the NYU
Film School.
Annie Hall (\V75)
Woody Allen's Oscar winning film
casts himself as a Jewish comedian
who falls in love with a shiksa (Diane Kealon).... If you haven't seen it
yel, you should.
Slaying the Dragon (1989)
Probably not in video stores, but
definitely worth looking for is this
documentary on the roles of Asian
women in the American media. Il
examines portraits of Asian women
from ihe evil seductresses to the Suzie Wongs to the present Connie
Chungs. Directed by Deborah Gee.
The last Re/Search publication,
Modern Primitives, took us through
the realm of body modification from
tattooing to pee-pee piercing. Now
the Re/Search core of Vale/Andrea
Juno and their crew bring us
FREAKS: We Who Are Not As
Others by Danici P. Mannix, and
The Atrocity Exhibition by JG.
Ballard. Like any other Re/Search
publication, these books are beautifully laid oul, easy to read and
crammed wilh graphics and photos.
FREAKS: We Who Are Not As
The author spent three years as
a sword-swallower and fire-eater in
a carnival side show, living among
and performing wilh "Freaks" of all
kinds. Pinheads, midgets, giants,
misshapens and those seemingly
"normal" till the moment the bizarre
is revealed.
I'll admit the first thing I did
upon purchase was spend time absorbing the pictures. Sure, I'll read
the text, but lemme at them pictures
dude. And that's human nature. The
stories are true, these people are real
('cept the "grifts" or fakers), the
photos are graphic and the carnival
is coming to town boys. This combination gives a concise, proud look al
folks"whoarcnotas others. "The 10
chapters include: The Wild People,
The Not-So-Jolly Fat People, Look
Ma—Three Hands (Mr. Mannix
possesses a droll sense of humour)
and The Gentle Giants. Mother, Am
I a Boy or a Girl? is the chapter on
The subjects in this book seem
dated today. Much included here is
lame compared to what we're used
to seeing on, say, the evening news.
Here nostalgia reigns; even the cover with ils "old fashioned" aqua-
green colour evokes a sense of the
past. Does the side show exist today?
And where do the "Freaks" haunt?
The Atrocity Exhibition
Re/Search take care of their
friends and JG. Ballard is indeed a
good buddy. Ihe earlier Re/Search
#8/9 was a comprehensive history of
cently published guide to the books
sold ai AMOK's store in LA. The
guide is under ten bucks and gives
detailed accounts of all sorts of publications/propaganda available from
the store. Invaluable. 360 pages of
insight.) calls the Atrocity Exhibition "ihe essential Ballard work.
Clinical. Obsessive. Fetishislic.
Erotic. Violent. Nonlinear." Il's very
odd—that's whal I say. A bombardment of images, body pans and med -
ical situations.
The mosl infamous passage
from this book is entitled "Why I
Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan."
Wow, eh? This was written in 1968
and even mentions the word "assassination" in the first line. Ihe three
page story is a clinical study of the
then-Guv of California, from his
facial rigidity lo genitalia and, of
course, hairstyle.
Ihis edition includes five additional fiction pieces and extensive
annotations. Along with photos by
Ana Banado and medical illustrations by Phoebe Gloeckner, you're
on your way.
Re/Search books are an education in extremes. Othcrtcxls include:
Incredibly Strange Films:
Fantasia is not included. Interviews
wilh directors of the infamous and
obscure.  Genres  such  as   Biker,
with the
able, this
If pressed to explain Ballard
one could say he's the original cyberpunk from the '60s. Put fantastic
literary, medical, futuristic, poetic,
optimistic / nihilistic, sexual, political and movie-siar-siudded imagery
inlo a bag and hurl il inlo space—
The AMOK sourcebook (Pardon me while I digress for a moment: this "fourth dispatch" is a re-
Mondo, LSD and Women in Prison
flicks. A perfect counter balance lo
Ixonard Mallin.
Industrial Culture Handbook:
A reference book describing the art
of Cabaret Voltaire, Mark Pauline
(of Survival Research Laboratories),
Boyd Rice and others. Gory, graphic
and gratifying. Ihe history of early
tions wilh John Waters, Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, Abbie Hoffman,
Karen Finley and more. A chance to
meet a wide variety of under/over
ground malcontents as they discuss
theirmosl devious ex pi oils. Ihc only
Re/Search book with a disclaimer!
William S. Burroughs/
Throbbing Gristle!Brian Gysin
Interviews, collages and writings
from these unique people. Rare and
unusual material. A must have.
William S. Burroughs
Dead City Radio
The lille of William S. Bur
roughs' first recordings with inslru
mental backup is perfect. A ghostly
quality follows many of die tracks,
though the reading is never dead, or
worse, dull.
Ihc 17 pieces (mosl under three
minutes in length) have Bill reading
from new and old writings, including "Apocalyspsc" from a catalog
produced wilh the late Kcilh I faring
(to whom this album is dedicated).
Olhcrsarc"AThanksgiving Prayer,"
"Love Your Enemies" (often the best
revenge) and a wonderfully dry
reading of "The Lords Prayer"
backed by Chns Stein.
Burroughs was recorded al his
home in Lawrence, Kansas. Al 76
WSB sounds in fine form. Never a
fast talker, the words fall from his
mouth in a slow drawl. Occasionally
words arc lost, yel will be picked up
on repealed listens. Among the live-
unpublished texts included is the
short and amusing "Brion Gysin's
All Purpose Bedtime Slory." Ihc
oldest text is "You Gol Any Eggs lor
Fals" from Naked Lunch.
Hal Willner, long involved in
recorded arts projects, was co pro
ducer of the album. Willner also
chose the NBC Symphony Orchestra to back WSB on five cuts. These
recordings were made almost 30
years ago yel still lend an urgent
ambience. Olher musicians backing
WSB include John Cale (stirring piano), Sonic Youth (a very short instrumental of 40 seconds), Donald
Fagen and Lenny Pickett (who co-
wrote four tracks and leads a hot
The oddest thing on this album
is Burroughs singing "Falling In
Love Again" from the 1930Marlene
Dietrich film, "The Blue Angel."
This saddest of love songs so apropos for one who has led a mosl
extraordinary life, is sung in Gcr-
Dead City Radio is released at
a time when olher poets are recording wilh music. The successful John
Giorno compilations and Allan
Ginsberg's "Ihe Lion for Real" arc
examples. Humour and healthy cynicism abound on die Dead City Ra-
In my struggle to end literary
snobbery, I declare Star the mag o
the month. It deserves this title; the
superb weekly publication has information (some call it gossip),
health tips, the Royals, Dear Meg
(a juicy agony column). What
People Are Wearing and oodles
more. AU this for 89 cents!
Starcan be picked up just about
anywhere, especially those 24 hour
places. I must stress thai Star is not
like other rags such as the Globe. It's
great. So good in fact that I' ve clipped
pages formy journal. These include:
—Bart Simpson is really a
woman and ten other wacky little
known facts aboul TV's zaniest
—Movie star David Hassel-
hoff buck naked except for strategically placed Shar-pei puppies. Yum.
—One of those separated al
birth? photos with Sinead O'Connor
and wooden dummy Knucklehead
Smith. Pre-Sinatra incident.
—Loads of Twin Peaks stuff.
They were the firsl national mag to
investigate Snoqualmie, Wash.
Greal" supporters" of Dave Lynch.
Ihis is die stuff to read while
your laundry spins, while stuck in
traffic, while taking a bath, while
escaping reality for a bil. Ihe Star
is amazingly abstract. It's wailing
for you. Go on, I won't tell.
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Ich Wollte Meine Schuhe Zer-
Imagine taking a 1930's Berlin cabaret act and updating il for the 90's.
Imagine lhat this cabaret act featured ihc lound ol llolger C/.ukay,
Klaus  Nomi,   I
Moon, the Kronos Qui
tct .uuIj liberal spimklii
of big hand and |.i// rcl
gees. Then you won
almost be able lo COST
a drug ad-
German    ba
ml ol the
I   Blech
(German for tin). Rupert
Volz and company oiler
the listener a refreshing
change of musical pace.
Ihe music evokes ihc
feeling and  texture  of
edge, images ol ihe film
Cabaret and even ihc
King's Singers' excellent
tribute to the Comedic
Harmonists of pre-war
Berlin, come lo mind. The music
ranges from the somber rendition of
lleinnch Heine's poem "Die Ein-
0 the
So Clean," a song aboi
diet. A Spanish influence flavours
the iracks "Spanisches Begracbniss"
and"I_i Vida.""DerZertreltcneMan
Blues" pays hommagc to Weill and
Brecht. Ihe disc is rounded off by
the decadent carnival atmosphere of
Pypl Garda. All in all a thoroughly
enjoyable recording; one
of this year's most interesting and offbeat releases. Peter Sickert
Heaven or Las Vegas
IJz Eraser's otherworldly
vocals and Robin Guthrie
and Simon Raymondc's
velvety fluid expanses of
sound create a slate of al-
statc of being simUar lo
lhat of being a five year
old dozing in the back of
the parents' car as they
drive home on the late
night rain slicked streets
after a large family dinner. There
you are lying in the womb like
warmth of the gently rocking car, the
hiss ofthe tires on the wet black top,
r performed by Bepi Crespan
Ihe the comforting half heard murmurs of the parents, the regular heal
ol ihe windshield wipers, ihc pallet
of the ram, your belly happily full of
good food and you feel warm, safe
and content. Ihis is the music of the
Cocteau Twins. Heaven or Las Vegas is the seventh installment of the
ten year musical Odyssey of the
Cocteau's, and offers ihe further re
fincmenlof their ether like sound. It
is music that exists in your semiconsciousness, music lhal eludes
your grasp like the dying memory of
a dream or like the expenence of
having a word on the lip of your
tongue, you can sense its meaning
and structure but you can't articulate
it. Ilea venorljas Vegas is very good.
Especially outstanding are the hazy
"Cherry Coloured Eunk," the plain
"lol/epohtik" and the captivating
"Iceblink Luck." Incredibly seductive   Peter Sickert
Blast the Human Flower
WEA / Sire
Danielle's gone mushy and soft. I Ier
clevermusic has been watered down
Ihe once intriguing sound has given
way to clumsy quasi-hardrock nffs
and unappeallingly smallzy disco
thumping. True that her clever lyrics
still peek through every now and
then, but the heavy handed compositions do iheir best to dilute their impact, a great
pily. The two mosl tolerable tracks "Bayou" and
"Daisy," interestingly
enough, are produced by
Dax; the remaining cuts,
produced by Stephen
Street, are on a whole
quite annoying. Perhaps
I'm just in a rotten mood,
with Christmas, the rain
and all lhat, but Dax's
newest is definitely a lost
opportunity and well below her usual standard.
Peter Sickert
Ten Gospel Greats
Wax Trax
God's Acre are a three-piece from
Chicago. Ten Gospel Greats is their
first full-length LP, though they've
had numerous singles, including a
track on C/Z Records' Teriyaki
Asthma Volume 4. This album
highlights God's Acre's brand of
power chord guitar grunge, with
pleasingly heavy bass and drums
Admittedly, this is nothing very new,
lots of '70s guitar effects and the
like However, God's Acre are really good at whal they do. Solos aren 't
totally out of control and the vocals
are good 'n' raspy. Compansons lo
Sub Pop bands are kind of inevitable, but I can say wilh some confidence that God's Acre put the majority of the Northwest scene to
shame. Apparently the band is used
lo these compansons, as the accompanying press release explains how
God created the world on the firsl
day, ihcn the guitar, then long hair
and bell bottoms, then Seattle, then
rock music. Good n' noisy grungc-
Rollin' With Number One
Nastymix can do no wrong these
days. All their releases are very well
produced, and RoUin' With Winner On* is no exception: this is once
smooth package. The only negauve
thing is that this Kid Sensation effort
sounds almost loo much like Sir Mix-
A-Lol's Seminar (another greal
Nastymix release, by the
fay).  Bul
standable because
Lot played a role
duction and perfc
here. The Kid has a greal
"pissed off" voice and
some of these beats rip it
up. Rating: 9 Gold Rope
Chains out of 10. Bye.
Greg Elsie
A&M / Chameleon
Despite being packaged to
look like Jimi Hendrix'
Expenence, no one is going to dispose of their
Hendrix  collection  in
favour of this band. Given a fair
shake, this album is quite listenable
and even enjoyable. Mary's Danish
has a polished garage band flavour
ai limes reminding one of Bob's
Your L'ncle or more remotely the B-
52's without ever sounding like either. The one track lhal, ironically
enough, did start to irritate, was the
cover of Hendnx' "Foxey Lady,"
which managed to include a couple
of Zeppelin riffs. This band isn't a
substitute for Hendnx, but if you're
looking for another album lo enjoy,
give this one a spin. B. Arschome
Frequency Response
Noise Unit is a collaboration between Eroni Line Assembly's Bill
Ueb and Rhys Fulber and Klmik's
Mark Verhaegen and combines the
best of both bands. Noise Unit fuse
I'LA's aggression and Klinik's minimalism with very satisfying results.
There's some interesting noise experiments such as "Forgotten
Realms" and "Paranoid Mars" or the
heavily rhylhmic"Agitale"and"Fecl
the Anguish": a must for techno fans.
Turned On
Touch n'Go/1/4 Stick
Admittedly, I love Rollins. This is a
biased review if ever there was one.
However, lhat said, this is still an
amazing album. Turned On is a
double album recorded
live in Vienna in the fall
of 1989. Highlighted is the
sheer intensity of thai dude
Henry Rollins. Yeah, he's
nasty, he's depressing,
he's heavy. Whal do you
expect? He's a dude! The
Rollins Band is unquestionably one of the mosl
talented musical monsters
in the arena of sweaty, tattooed, gnnding crunch.
Il's hard to classify what
Rollins does. It's notquite
hardcore. At some points
it's funky (Andrew "Ten
Ton Bass" is GOD), at
others il's a strain of
twisted metallic blues. It's
super loud, way heavy, and, as Henry would say, HARD!  Definite
standouts on this puppy include the
wrenching "Down and  Away,"
"Turned Inside Out" and "Oul
There "Oh baby, this is a wonderful
piece of work. Rollins better olay
here before I die. Mikey
Towering Dub Inferno
ROIR is a cassette-only label out of
New York, specializing to a degree
in reggae and dub. Towering Dub
Inferno is a "best of*' kind of sampler, if you're inlo dub style reggae
this sel is worth checking oul. Side
One starts with Lee Scratch Perry's
reworking of "Satans Dub"; a 1988
collaboration wilh producer Bull-
wackie. A light groove from Scratch.
Then it's history lime wilh the first
of two rare iracks from the early
Sherwood/Dub Syndicate session
"One Way System." The dub continues with Scicnust, Ras Michael,
and Prince Eari doing a cul by Japanese percussionist Pecker (named
afler the bird, nol his dick) as 21st
Century Dub. "The Beggars Suite Pi
I, U, & III," features some pretty
silky vocals and tasty inslrumentals.
Opening Side Two are German rockers Puis Der Zen working
under the wing of Ace Dub Wiser
The Mad Professor at Checkpoint
Charlie. The Professor reappears
again later with punk legends Ruts
D.C. in a remix of "Pleasures ofthe
Dance." Not quite as
powerful as the original
on Rhythm Collision
Volume 1, bul then again,
the original is pretty hard
to find these days. I'm slill
waiting for Volume II.
)    Of    I!
Japan's Mute Beat, whose
Skataliie- influenced
horns add a pleasant lease.
Black Uhuru, Niney The
Observer, Sanchez, The
Dub Syndicate, and the
RoirTape embarrassment
Roots Radics add lo 60
sessions Roots Radics
have played, why "Joy To
The World" is here is beyond me. Nonetheless, Towering
Dub Inferno is well worth ihe price
of admission Norman Van Ras-
Co-Pilot performed by Ruud Gullit
Many questions enler one's head when making lhat
trek stateside. Eor instance: "Why does ihe Scottish
Lodge in Bellingham never have any vacancies?" or
(looking around Seattle as tourists so often do when in
Seattle) "Why do all these cars have their windows
smashed in?" Yet another could be "Why are we
bringing along all ihese cassettes to listen to?" So I sez
"Shaddap and keep pushing, the show starts in less
lhan an hour!"
Spring in the Old Country
Driver: Expecting Croatian war chants, no it's Slavek
Hanzlik and his band of merry fiddlers.
Co-Pilot: Sounds like a Friendly Giant jam. Maybe il's
D: All strings. There's a banjo in there along with lhat
country fiddlin'. The third track ("Bill Cheatham") is
the intro for Hillybilly Jim on WWF.
CP: Perfect for CKVU's 'Pioneer Moments' where
they are making maple syrup or building a lodge.
When Spring Comes
Festival/New World
D: Sounds like ihc 'Raised on baseball, Canadians'
baseball' dude.
CP: R&B, Yale Hotel fare. I can see him on the
Variety Club Telethon.
D: Yeah, he kicks the Mclloyds' collective ass. He's
from Vancouver, huh?
CP: Well his label has a Vancouver address, bul in the
liner notes he thanks the folks up in the NWT.
D: Did you hear lhal? Rewind it. ("I said I'm walkin'
Baby. You know what I'm doing? I'm putting on my
brand new Nikcs. I'm walking all over your face. I'm
walking all over the house, then I'm walkin' out the
front door, you won't see me no more".) So he's a
wifebeater who's looking for a sponsorship from
Nike, like "Rick knows R&B...just do it." Now we get
to "Trailin' On": "The bright sky threw i
wind.   I've   landed   on   the   road   again.   I'm
leaving...Trailin' on."
CP: Must have been a Liulest Hobo themesong reject.
D: Or a commercial for some high fibre cereal. So
overall we can say When Spring Comes is a mix of
R&B with some country elements. Get this boy a
Le Monde Est Fou
CP: Big band, jazzy-influenced.
D: Not really in a poppy vein, but more pop lhan jazz.
Sophisticated French pop which should do well in
France but not here. They've got different standards/
concepts of pop music over there. It's not Canadian
content so there really is no reason for Canadian
stations to be playing this.
CP: French movie music, but not for radio.
D: Yeah, bul lhat's what every anglophone says about
e pseudo-African chanting in it.
D: I heard the word 'pamplemouse' in "Feline" which
reminds me of a good story. Once I had a really bad
sore throat as I often do at this time of year and since
milk builds up excess mucus, I was looking around the
house for some juice and the only thing we had was this
48oz tin of Libby's Grapefruit Juice. So I drink it
down. Keep in mind lhat I hate grapefruit juice from
cans. So anyway, I finish the can and suspicious, I
open it up to find the tin had rust splotches on the
inside. I swore I would never again purchase Libby's
products. Anyway, Ester could probably get away
wilh an album like this but aside from CJVB, Vancouver radio isn't thai keen on attracting a specific French
market for its advertisers at the expense of possibly
alienating other groups of listeners.
CP: Side two is the same as side one.
D: Well lhat's good because we can listen to this tape
twice in the lime it takes to listen to the other tapes we
brought only once.
20   DISCORDER Demo Director Dale SawyerV
(in absolutely random order)'
FYF - Banned from the Railway Club
The Rock-way Revue ■ *l Could Love  I
You*/ *Oo I Move You?*
Pur-Ins • 3-song demo
The Surrealsts - iFish!
The Jazzmanian Devils - Happy Hour   I
Wallmen - Nemllaw: You are the Wallmen!
The Mint 100-The Mint 100
Show Business Giants • The Benevolent!
;;;*r1ary • Amgod.Mary, and "Gallows Pole* I
Roots Roundup - Get Rooted!
Jojoka • Jojoka
Bent - Death Tnp 1990
The Hoover Effect - The Eighteenth
Wonder of the World
Neighbours - Live in 79
Planet of Solders • Underground and   |
Planet of Spiders
; Terror-T & The Beat Assassinator - The I
Life and Times
Bruce A and The Secular Atavists - Both!
3-song demos
ie Perfume Tree • "Dreaming in Winter"!
Hlroshl Yano - Wind's Picture
Drums Along the Gardiner • Boronto   |
The Last Wild Sons - The Last Wild Sons|
Pork Queen • From the Cain Toad
Watch CNId ren • 9-song demo
illy Faryna • Return of the Repassed
«#♦*! - Bnght Red Paint
b - 8-song demo       \
rttlrlees - Mood Swing
i Brisson • 6-song demo
Guzanos - Hermanos Guanos
Snakesqiirt • Songs for Casualties    |i
Natural Elements • Winter Moon
The Smalls - The Smalls
Medda-Physkal - Medda Physical     |
:?The Nlghtstalkers - Cloud Nine in Outer I
Laughing Hands-EE
The Polka Dogs - The Pol ka Dogs    |
Ironing Pants Definitely - IPD
Eden's End - 6-song demo
Tony Baloney's Dance Ensemble • 5-  |
song demo
liHIgh Speed Sacrifice • Chain Saw Guitar|
Bacteria - Identification
Honest John - 8-track Madness
The Long Named West Coast Band -  |
"The Palm Tree Song*
Vox Popul - On Beyond Zebra       |
The Picasso Set - "Bitter Lemon*/
fBetrayed (by Rita Hayworth)7*Toytown*|
The Hollowheads • 3 song demo
Furnaceface • Let It Down
Za Za and The Angels - Rare First
Windwalker - 3 song demo
Bias Ply-Hate
Not to say there weren't many other fine!
tapes to keep me busy throughout the year, i
Local bands also put out some extremely'!
fine CDs and vinyl last year; 8ob's Your|
Uncle's Tale of 2 Legs album and Tank!
hog's new CD spring to mind immediately. 1
And after seeing Wings ol Desire for the if
second time recently, I decided to check |
out Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds' new!
album The Good Son and I have to concur;!
with Pete Lutwyche in that it's a gorgeous, |
moving work-easily my top record for the!
year. Thanks to all the bands and artists |
who sent me demos in 1990, and let's |
nope fer even more in 91.      Jj
Wowcee, iwo vinyl things from the
Fastbacks in a very short time! Their
wild'n'fun LP came oul aboul iwo
months ago, but the Fastbacks' lunc
"I>ose" on the Steve Priest Fan Club
split single they share wilh co-Seat-
tie-lypes Gas Huffer is surprisingly
disappointing. Its sound makes il
seem like you're sitting in a long
hallway and one room at one end has
Kurt, Kim and Nate playing, and
another room way down at the very
far other end of the hall has Kim
singing. Somethingisn'tquitcright,
and unfortunately it's lacking in the
energy that we've grown lo expect
from them. On theoiher side is "King
of Hubcaps" and it's yet another
fast, rocking single song from Gas
Huffer. They've been on so many
(well, three or four) compilation 7"s.
When oh when will we ever see a big
chunk of vinyl from these guys?
One thing tho' is thai with these
evenly spread out, consistently tasty
hors d'oeuvres. Gas Huffer followers are sure lo be kept drooling for
their next release.
Two new, ralher interesting
releases from that Cruddy Record
Dealership, one by the Young Fresh
Fellows entitled "Motorbroke" b/w
"Equator Blues" and the other
"Dancin' iniheMoonlight"b/w"Do
You Care Theme" by the Gun
Sharp'ncrs (who actually sound
suspiciously like the aforementioned
Fellows, hmm...). May I please ask
one question? Have the Fellows
gonecompletelyloopyorwhal? Firsl
"Divorce #9" b/w "Halloween 347"
and now this. Oh to hear Mr. Mc-
Caughey's voice once more, unal
tered. More weird vocals, more weird
sounds! Very odd! The oddest by
far here is "Do You Care Theme"
which consists of... well, I'd belter
not ruin the surprise. Only for
hardcore YFF fans or for those of
you who've gone completely loopy
And there's yet another Young
Fresh 45, ihis one on Pravda Records.
Of all these recent YFF lunes "Two
guitars, bass and drums" comes
closest to that ol' familiar Fellows'
sound, but if you prefer the
hard'n'heftier Fellows check out
"Someone I care aboul" which features ex-Fellow Chuck Carroll with
some nifty organ bits.
Seattle's Bent - not to be
confused with Vancouver's Bent
(both of whom have virtually ihe
same logo, mind you il's yel to be
determined who was first) - have
had their 7" "Actual Footage" b/w
"Black and Dreams" out for some
time now. I saw it first in a record bin
in Seattle thinking it to be the Shindig '90 finalists from up here, but
nope this Bent is something very
different. Strange lhat it's their Canadian counterparts whoare the ones
wallofguilar-POPish. Here you get
bleak, distressing lyrics (which are
scrawled out for your reading pleasure) and a sort of disjointed mix of
jazz-funk-melal. Il's been done better elsewhere, bul this is okay I guess.
Mad Mad Nomad, lasl heard
on CiTR with their lunc "Ecstasy,"
now have a fashionably coloured
(while) vinyl single out and about on
Green Monkey Records called
"Keeper ofthe Cage" b/w "Double-
Edged Dreamer." Real slick and
polished stuff this is, in fact, they
could stand to back off a little production-wise. Overall.sortofWalk-
aboutsian but a bit heavier and
Gotta say one thing about The
Smugglers first-ever solo vinyl endeavour "Up and Down" b/w "Seattle Bound," it sure looks good. Almost too good. 7" fanatics will
gobble this one up for thai cover
alone. The second release off the
Nardwuar label comes complete wilh
a mini booklet wilh mini band and
fan club info. "Up and Down" has
been around for quite a while now,
so I've not much lo say aboul il
except il features ihe voice and tambourine of Young Fresh Scott Mc-
Caughey and Posie Jonathan Auer
respectively. A fairly bouncy romping fun tune with lots of harmonica.
As for the flipside, "Seattle Bound"
is prefaced by an interlude between
Kim of the Pandoras and Nardwuar
—brief and kinda pointless but it's
more interesting lhan ihe tune itself
which drags a bit and is basically just
more idolization of the F.mcrald City.
Hey guys, can't wait 'til you're
twenty-one, eh?! Ever heard of US
draft policies? Hell, if that means
five Canadian lives will be spared
yes, please go to Seattle, stay for
more lhan 48 hours and don't bring
your passport.  Let's see what Kim
Pandora has to say when your scorpion -bitten -mustard-gas -frosted sub-
120 pound corpse arrives back at
Edwards Airforce Base in a five-
foot purolator envelope. Stick with
the Nard and pass on the Tug.
With Seaweed's new 7" on K,
don't be cxpectin' any major changes
from their past 7"ers. That is, it's
cool as cool as cool can be. The
vocals on "Dccrtrap" don'l sound
quile as tortured here as on "Just A
Smirk" or on their combo-45
"Three's Company" with Super-
chunk and Geek. They're somehow
much clearer. Near the end suddenly bang! it seems like a completely
different song. Along with "Carousel" two more songs to shake yer
hair lo. Plus it comes in a nice 'n'
simpleblack sturdy cardboard sleeve.
The Mr. T. F'xperience is re
knowned for being lame on record
compared to their live sound but "So
I-ong Suckcr"/"Zero" (1 .ookout) is a
great piece of pop punk that totally
rocks. Even so, I'd ralher see them
live any day. Conversely, I gotta say
Coffin Break arc better on vinyl than
in person. The band Sub Pop once
scorned now has a single oul on the
mighty label. "Iics'T'Pray" features
heavy guitars Seattle style wilh slight
punk overtones and some definite
pop sensibilities. If you like this,
check out iheir album out on C/Z
records which is even better.
Blecarrgghhh. Unholy Swill's
"Tapewonn" (Noiseville) is ugly,
ugly music. Kind of like Rancid Hell
Spawn without the "pop" overtones.
Distorted growling vocals and nasty
guggling music that unfortunately
gels less interesting with repeated
plays. Nice corpse on the cover
I picked up the No Control At
the Country Club Live compilation
(Nemesis) almost solely for the Bad
Religion tracks which turned out to
be much the same as the album
versions. Carry Nation and Visual
Discrimination both put in some
passable but generic thrash. Instead
remind me of some old Cal skate-
core band, not exactly a style dear lo
my heart. But overall this little record
is very well recorded and mixed,
giving it a great live sound. I've
heard Nemesis records have a whole
hot slew of live 7"s, well worth
checking out.
The word "noise" comes up
naturally when talking about the
Cows but their latest songs on Amphetamine Reptile are memorable lo
boot. "Slap Back" is a total noise
masterpiece complete wilh a catchy,
distorted bass riff, gorling guitar and
cool droning vocals. "One O'Clock
High" is more upbeat but still noisy
as hell. The Cows will be around
long after bands of similar ilk pass
I suspect Youth Gone Mad's
"Life, Sweet Life'7"Oki-Dogs"
(Posh Boy) is one of those limited
edition re-releases lhat you can't
mailorder from the label and good
luck finding it in the stores. This is
really hot early punk wilh lots of
energy and groovy male/female vocals. "Life, Sweet Life" strangely
enough sounds like a punk rap lunc
with a tough driving intesity and
satisfyingly sarcastic lyrics. If other
Posh Boy re-releases are anything
near this good it might be worth
killing someone in order to obtain
I lello! Tnis is the first installment of
a monthly rap column concentrating
on local and Canadian happenings.
We'll also sum up new releases, but
instead of emphasizing ones which
sell in the tonnes, we'll look al those
which are taking rap in a fresh, responsible, new direction. So no
mention of the likes of Vanilla Ice,
OK? If rap is to survive it must be
used to educate, or al least not fall
into ihe trend of all style, no sub
stance, big production dance tunes
with meaningless lyrics. Ifyou arc a
local rap act, send your stuff in lo us
care of Discorder and if you have
anything good
oul Ihe sleeve! The Devil Made Me
Do It (Tommy Boy) is packed with
bass and smooth raps like a mix of
LLCoolJ and Rakim
I finally gol my hands on a
copy of Ice Cube's debut solo CD,
AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted
(Ruthless/Priority), and he's definitely slammin' without N.W.A.
With his "mc against ihc world"
allilude, it's obvious Ice Cube isn't
going to get ganked again like he
was by N.W.A.'s business manager
Jerry Heller. 'Hie 16..*) iracks were
produced by the l\iblic Hncmy production crew and Ice Cube's Lcnch
Mob. It is ultra
messages, and MC J and Cool G
released So Listen (Capitol), their
clichcddanceablerapalbum.lt seems
thai the only way to gel signed in
Canada is lo come up wilh sale,
danceable rap, further proven by the
Dream Warriors' singles "Wash
Your Face In My Sink" and "My
Definition..." (MCA/Island/4lh &
Two interesting albums have
reached my ears in the past month.
The first is Intelligent Hoodlum
(A&M) by the 18 year old rapper
Tragedy. This guy has something to
say, apparently having had a hard
childhood, but most of the tracks
lack real conviction. Still, not bad
for an 18 year old. Marley Marl
produced, so you get something
smoother than I personally like and
lots of little piano samples, a Marley
trademark. The secondalbum ismorc
important. It's by ihe new act Paris
and it kicks a lot of knowledge; check
copied bca
CiTR playlist
is As Kosher
As They Wanna Be (Hot) by
the 2 Live
Jews, a takeoff
on the 2 Live
Crew with
and very lame produc-
I-'inally, here's our list of the
ten besl albums of 1990.
1. X Clan: To the East, lilackwards
(MCA/lsland/4lh & B'way)
2. Public Enemy: Fear of a Black
Planet (CBS/Def Jam)
3. Boogie Down Productions:
Edutainment (BMG/Jivc)
4. The Jungle Brothers: Done By the
Forces of Nature (WEA/Elemal)
5. The Afros: Kickin' Afrolistics
(CBS/Def Jam)
6. Ice Cube. AmeriKKKa's Most
Wanted (Ruthless/Priority)
7. Paris: The Devil Made Me Do It
(Tommy Boy)
8. Ice-T: Freedom of Speech, Just
Watch What You Say! (WEA/
Rhyme Syndicate)
9. A Tribe Called Quest: People's
Instinctive Travels... (BMG/Jive)
10. Urban Dance Squad: Mental
Floss For the Globe (BMG/Arisu)
JANUARY 1991  21 |£_>HiNdi£
CiTRioi.9rM Tunisha Scott and Gillie Baldwii
Greetings from Seattle! Welcome lo 1991 and the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This
monlh we're bringing you some of the Northwest's finest musicians lop len lists of 1990.
Hope you enjoy it and look for us in future issues. Peace on Earth good will to everyone, our
brothers, our sisters and the family gun.
Roky Erickson Tribute Album
6. Cunsharp'ncrs    "I■""
7. Boogie Down Production- 1990
8. The Flaming Groovies-
Grealesl Grooves
9. Love - "Re-released Remixed"
10. Deee-Lite - World Clique
11. Dan - My best fnend and a greal gi
| Captain Morgan of The Squirrels
1. The Squirrels - What Gives?
2. They Might Be Gianis   Flood
3. The Posies - Dear 23
4. Dcvo - Smooth Noodle Maps
5 Jonathan Richman
Jonathan Goes Country
6. The Raiders -
The Legend of Paul Revere
7. The Fastbacks -
Very, Very Powerful Motor
8. Iggy Pop - Brick by Brick
9. The Blue Hearts - The Blue Hearts
Scott McCaughey of The Young Fresh
1. Neil Young - Ragged Glory
2. The Fastbacks -
Very, Very Powerful Motor
3. The Posies -Dear23
4. Nick Lowe - Party of One
5. Untamed Youth -
More Real Gone Gassers
6. Girl Trouble - Thrillsphere
7. Robyn Hitchcock
8. Original Sins - Self-destruct
9. Mono Men - Slop Dragging Me Down
10. The Dharma Bums - Bliss
Ken Stringfellow of The Posies
(list du lpee un cdee un sengle)
1. The Fastbacks -
Very, Very Powerful Motor
2. The Squirrels - What Gives?
3. The Fastbacks - "Gunk Fred" 45
4. Nirvana - Silver 45
5. Redd Kross -
Third Eye ('cause they're cute!)
6. The Fastbacks - WPM
7. Dharma Bums - Bliss
8. The Fastbacks - Furry, Furry
9. Grand Funk - Live album
10. The Gunsharp'ners - "P* 45
Jeremy Wilson of The Dharma Bums
1. Neil Young - Ragged Glory
2. Nirvana - Silver
3. Thin White Rope - Sack Full of Silver
4. The Chills - Submarine Bells
5. Various Artists -
10. Ihe Cramps - Slay Sick
Kurt "Sometimes you have to break
the rules" Bloch of The Fastbacks
and The Young Fresh Fellows
LPs (In no particular order)
Utge Overkill - Amencruiser
The Digits - Hornet Pinala
Ihe ITuid - Glue
Mr. T Experience -
Making Things with Light
Ihc Posies - Dear 23
I Tat Duo Jets -Flat Duo Jets
Jawbreaker - Unfun
The Sharing Patrol - The Sharing Patrol
Ihm White Rope   Sack Full of Silver
7"i (ditto)
Pop Defect - Without
I Top
Nirvana - Sliver
Dope, Guns, <& Fucking in the Streets
Joey Kline of Audioasis on KCMU
1. Sieve Bade - The Hard Way
2. The Posies - Dear 23
3. Neil Young - Ragged (Jlory
4. The Desert Rose Band - Pages of Life
5. The Squirrels -What Gives?
6. The Dharma Bums - Bliss
7. The Fastbacks   -
Very, Very Powerful Motor
8. Redd Kross - Third Eye
9. Mojo Nixon - Otis
10. Ringo and his All Star Band
317A CAM5/F3F
F >Ot4'T    *
*W^A Kx>£
We'll tc
G,o5<fcol   t><zc. 315,
2.fe, A.nfll 2.7.
I   681-YALE
- 12
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve with Guitar
Shorty & The Demons
Guitar Shorty & The Demons
Oliver & The Elements
Zora Young from Chicago
Oliver & The Elements
Royce Proctor
Gail Bowan
Jim Byrnes
Oliver & The Elements
Feb. 2 Mark Hummel
Jan. 1
Jan. 2
Jan. 7
Jan. 8
Jan. 14
Jan. 15 -19
Jan. 21-23
Jan. 24-26
Jan. 28
Jan. 29
JANUARY 1991   23 WEST -,
INDIES      tjfa
& TAPES        I
•   CDS   ■   TAPES   •   VIDEOS   ■   MAGS
The Cruel Elephant
Saturday 1 December
It was gonna be ihe perfect rock and
roll evening: Gas Huffer and The
Derelicts at the Cruel Elephant, then
a healthy sprint down the street lo
DOA'sfinal show! Heck, what could
possibly be belter? What could
possibly go wrong? To start things
off, we missed the beginning of Gas
Huffer, whose set came complete
with their hil single "Firebug."
Gallopingguilars. Growling crunchy
vocals. Noihingnew or exciting,you
say? Come on. Standard Seattle fare?
Nosireebob. These guys are different. These guys are hot, plus they've
got true fashion sense. They got style.
Their bassist wore the most stunning
red longjohns. In other words, these
guys were everything The Derelicts
weren't. What The Derelicts were
was pretty standard grunge punk rock
(man). Sucking on beer cans. Falling
over. Fingering one and all. Sneer.
Sneer. Sneer. "Fuck you." "Fuck
you." "Fuck you." Ho hum. Was it
all a joke? If so, sorry, I didn't get it.
The rather youthful be-hooded-
sweatshined crowd seemed to love
il. For me though, it was just real
disappointing so we hastily departed
for the Commodore where the highlight of the evening turned out to be
some plastered dude enquiring loudly and repeatedly, "Have you lost
yourluggage?!"Itwas too cryptic. It
was too late. If only Gas Huffer had
played on... Kris Lawrence
Commodore Ballroom
Saturday 1 December
So it was  DOA's last gig, eh?
Yeah. ..till their next show. Oh well,
il was rocking anyway Aversion
opened up, quile impressively actually, Ihrashed a bit and were gone
GMI was really cool, almost
stealing the show from DOA. TTicy
played a lol of their older tunes plus
some I hadn't heard before. I hap
pened to be near ihc slam pit during
their sel, standing behind some real
ly tall guy who kept mc from being
knockedovcr. It seemed pretlyharsh
in there: stage-diving galore. 1 saw-
one guy go down and get totally
trampled by ten anarchic feet before
being pulled up again. Later I saw
him standing at the bar in :i daze,
probably braindead.
By the iune DOA came on.
the place was pretty packed, al
though I don't think it was actually
"sold out" as was claimed. Just an
do another show I bet;
maybe they just don't really want to
give it up. The band was tight as I'd
ever seen, playing all-time favorites
as well as some parody covers like
"King of the Road" and "Singin' In
the Rain " Al one point, while
wielding a live chainsaw, it seemed
likely Joey Shithead was going lo
get slammed over by an ovcr-cnlhu -
siastic fan and drop the buzzing
machine onlo the heads of the f rcn
zied crowd. Punk rock!
But by the third encore I just
had to laugh: it all got to be a bit
much. Il probably won't be long
until a DOA Reunion Tour starts
making the rounds but whal the fuck,
they were great and I enjoyed the
show. Sad to see DOA lost from the
Vancouver scene...at least for now.
Angie Finley
The first time I saw DOA Idrank too
much southern comfort, puked, and
stage-dived inlo a concrete floor.
Since then I've given up the booze
and slowly given upon DOA. With
each successive album, the band
lost spiriland power, their
music nose-diving into a
gross parody of Canadian
bands whose images
adorned the black concert
of the '70s. Oul of a retarded loyalty I kept going to shows and lying
about how much I liked
their new stuff. So, like a
jaded trooper, 1 forked
over 10 bone s.andheaded
for the Commodore on
December 1. The crowd
was as expected: fal-
assed, disco-glam secretaries, pony-tailed, mus-
tached, cowboy-booted
butlboys, and ihe snivelling remnants of Vancou-
•T'm on Welfare" punk
scene. Basically the same
crowd DOA has been attracting for the last three
Aversion played
some crappy fast tuneless
stuff. GBH, on the other
hand, were far worse than
crappy: they were truly
pathetic examples of a
raging mohawk hardon
gone limp and soggy.
Their pathetic ineptitude
at emulating the wanking
Def Leppard melal they
dream of playing was only
further highlighted by the
obligatory complement of
retro geeks with big-face clown hair
,in«l Sid Vicious lapping upthecus
lard oozing out of these idiots' no)
cs Ihmk's nol dead, just really bkxxiy
After all ihis, DOA was almost ami-climatic. TTic band emo
lionally wind-milled their way
through the old stuff, luckily avoiding most ofthe p<x>-p<x> from the last
two albums. The whole mise en
scene, however, alienated the crowd
from the band. They'd become a
bunch of old guys covenng DOA
songs, adeptly but without the raw
power of yesteryear. I'd kind ot ex
peeled to get leary-eyed at this final
gig but for mc the band wasn't even
there, jusl a giant hole filled with
multiple images of my dad playing a
guitar and figuring out how much
he made tonight, including t shin
sales. Bruno
The Town Pump
Wednesday 5 December
How 'bout dem Mannequins!! TTic
last time I saw them, all their hair
was blonde and all their tits were
laped. There was some doubt concerning costumes ihis lime, however, I was not disappointed. Alter
taking a swig of stoul and having a
good look, there was Beez in a lan,
brown, being double double breasted suit. His "Avengers" outfit almost made me spew everywhere.
The Mannequins were back and the
laughs were there. I didn't get the
"wine & cheese" tune, but the new
songs really rocked. Wilh the Mannequins pulling more power and
heaviness into their songs, you just
can't lose. Beez was sporting his hot
new bass from Toronto, Brad was
pounding on a bare minimum kit and
ol' Shy was just plain happemn'.
The bonus as always wa.s having
Conga Master Dave as guest star for
the first few lunes. There should
have been a lol more people, but at
least the babes were a-dancin' and a-
groovin'. I couldn't help but do my
own thing eilher wilh songs lhal
good. Middle of ihe week lame-os
can go to hell. An hour and a bit
show is not nearly enough for this
kind of original, jump up and down
talent. Kevin McCandless
The Underground, Bellingham
Saturday 8 December
Bellingham's scene can be summed
up in one hyphenated word: inbreeding. As we descended the stairs
into the rec-room like, all-ages Underground we were bowled over to
find we'd discovered the missing
link, and that was just the opening
band. As the crowd head-banged io
some generic speed metal crap hi gh -
lighted only by occasional SOB -type
lyrics from the bassist. Definitely no
rocket scientists in attendance. The
Accused, however, are one of the
few bands who walk the speed melal
fence on the side of good. Their set
was looser than I've ever seen ihem,
more like a practice session, bul they
still played all the good stuff like
"Takemy Time,""Fuckin' 4 Bucks,"
and mucho new stuff from their latest, "Grinning like an Undertaker."
Intense crunchin' tightness! A highlight was "Straight Razor," a brand
new tune taken from a forthcoming
EP. Fronted by the always spastic
Blaine Accused, the shortest growl-
r around barnng
standing up" Danzig, The Accused
■.(Hiked so hard it
was worth driving
io nowheresvillc
just to sec Ihem.
ihc 14-song, hour-
long concert. With
no stage bet
the band and the   |Ji
crowd, il was nice   u
to see that nothing
was badly bumped or knocked over
in spite of ihc thrashing going on.
TTic band was in good spirits wilh
"Joe bass guy" wearing a Christmas
cracker crown, "Kevin guitar guy"
pul ling a lol of good facials and "Joe
drummer guy" doing a lol of smiling
& head banging. The Chi-man was
as usual full of moves. You just can't
gel a better front man than that. He
jumps, he's in your face, and has a
cool voice to boot. To top it off, at the
beginning of "Mold Collection," he
got himself passed around the front
half of the crowd for a while. Pig
Master gelling old? No fuckin' way!
Despite a pce-wee sound system, the
sound was great. The raw feeling
was a really nice change. TTic Fle-
phant on New Years is going lo be
great! Kevin McCandless
PNE Forum
Monday 10 December
I went to see Jane's Addiction but
the  Pixies stole my heart. Their
trance-like stares hypnotized the hell
oul of mc as they played with an
intensity that is not to be taken light--
ly. Don't get me wrong, the other
ing, bul wt
Primus was already swinging
when I arrived. They were pretty
funky, surprisingly, because their
album isn't really. Just goes lo show
you how a Memorex replica can
affect a band. I have been deceived.
Ihc Pixies, as aforementioned,
just blew mc away. The crowd, hoi
and cattle-like, swayed rhythmically lo their sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes... ethereal
lunage. I really enjoyed this band
except for one aspect: the Barbie in
bondage hanging from the drumsel
Interior decorators from hell
sel up the stage for Jane's Addiction
Christmas lights and various items
of voodoo idolatry were strung and
placed all over. It looked pretty neat,
actually. But the band was not as
supcr-energclic as I had expected.
The floor was one thrashing mass.
The smell of blood, sweat, and probably tears was overwhelming even if
the band wasn't. After spending ap
proximately ten minutes trying to
get oul ofthe slam pit, I was back so
far lhat I couldn't see them much
anymore anyway.
All in all, the gig was a major
happening bul Jane's Addiction
could have tried a little harder. An-
> were awe       gie Finley
JANUARY 1991   25 I 0KA1loy<A\ A urtTA   fou.  turf? ourTlHK«_" 81V BiTcrii/v'j
r^-rW>r- W "*wBL-'-t ,u ML LI C*o(- ,**r tMrWTTMf fwcxjr B//vz Gct/J
Kt/-6f\t #r- o/vf " >4n»ft#M*r- Tmrpj; u//**( /«» /* -worh _,,«;_• , Bkt~
/ 7   lf$  IEFP/A, «4**>-r&   f*._0W, wrrH   tfvt    P^M MOWH
CpEKft /     I So. **>/• VOW ru».  NO now ,Vu*   'VI9aJBTT%S.   ARE
ri.tt iT'n- . ,	
I ) WELL , Hew -THAT WE M/tl/E *W/h
|\Aa'  ■"
TVflg   we'fti  QOAJAM  *6*» *ftf1/»*T KOOKf iYoofrE*    I
9LAWCK ... NticX WEfcK , ©p. ,K* , /*<*7\mf   W&d
• jfe VfrWiV 1 TUESDAY CiTR World Beat Night at the Pit Pub. Sylvia Grace Borda exhibit at
AMS Art Gallery... First Night Art Walk continues in North Vancouver Marian Pennar
Bancro It exhibitat the Vancouver Art Gallery,,. Whal OoesSheWant?acompilation exhibit
at the Vancouver Art Gallery...
2 WEDNESDAY CiTR Hot Wednesdays at the Pit Pub Ted Polkinghorne exhibit
continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre Gallery... Sylvia Grace Borda exhibit at
AMS Art Gallery... Tom, The Piper's Son at Presentation House Hosanna at the Vancouver Playhouse... First Night Art Walk continues in North Vancouver,.. Marian Penner
Bancroft exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery... What Does She Want? a compilation exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery...
3 THURSDAY CiTR Cool Thursdays at the Pit Pub Nutcracker Cincinnati Ballet
at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre... Hank Williams - The Show He Never Gave at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Ted Polkinghorne exhibit continues at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre Gallery... Michael Speler exhibit at A Walk is. ..Sylvia Grace Borda exhibit
at AMS Art Gallery... Tom, The Piper's Son continues at Presentation Mouse... Hosanna
continues at the Vancouver Playhouse... First Night Art Walk continues in North Vancouver... Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery... What
Does She Want? a compilation exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery...
4 FRIDAY Bad Religion and Coffin Break at the Town Pump... Nutcracker Cincinnati
Ballet continues at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre... Hank Williams - The Show He Never
Gave continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Ted Polkinghorne exhibit continues at the Vancouver EastCultural Centre Gallery... Michael Speier exhibit continues at
A Walk is... Sylvia Grace Borda exhibit at AMS Art Gallery... Tom, The Piper's Son continues at Presentation House.. .Hosanna con tinuesatthe Vancouver Playhouse. . FirstNight
Art Walk continues in North Vancouver.Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit continues at the
Vancouver Art Gallery... What Does She Want? a compilation exhibit continues at the
Vancouver Art Gallery...
5 SATURDAY Green House and The Catherine Wheel at the Town Pump... Nutcracker Cincinnati Balletcontinues at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre... Hank Williams - The
Show He Never Gave continues at the Vancouver EastCultural Centre... Ted Polkinghorne
exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre Gallery... Michael Speier exhibit
continues at A Walk is...Sylvia Grace Borda exhibit at AMS Art Gallery.. Tom. The Piper's
Son continues at Presentation House... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse...
First Night Art Walk continues in North Vancouver Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit
continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery What Does She Want? a compilation exhibit
continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery..
6 SUNDAY Slayeranrj Testamentat the PNE forum Nutcracker Cincinnati Ballet
continues at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre... Ted Polkinghorne exhibit continues at the
Vancouver EastCultural Centre Gallery Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is.
Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit
continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery What Does She Want? a compilation exhibit
continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery   Comic Book swap meet at Heritage Hall...
7 MONDAY Diviners, Sally Can't Dance and the Finks at the Town Pump.. CiTR
Classics Nightat the Pit Pub... Ted Polkinghorne exhibit continues at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre Gallery... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is Hosanna
continuesat the Vancouver Playhouse Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit continues at the
Vancouver Art Gallery... What Does She Wart? a compilation exhibit continues at the
Vancouver Art Gallery...
8 TUESDAY Charleson Charges with T.K. Rlpperat the Town Pump CiTR World
Beat Night at the Pit Pub... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is Hosanna
continuesat the Vancouver Playhouse... Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit continues at the
Vancouver Art Gallery... Whal Does She Want? a compilation exhibit continues at the
Vancouver Art Gallery...
9 WEDNESDAY Ultramarine at the Town Pump... Paul Simon at the Pacific
Coliseum... Slayer and Testament at the PNE Forum.. CiTR Hot Wednesdays at the Pit
Pub... Katarina Thorsen exhibit at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier
exhibit continues at A Walk is. Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse.. .Marian
Penner Bancroft exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery... Whal Does She Want?
a compilation exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery...
10 THURSDAY Evil Twang at the Town Pump.. Hank Williams • The Show He
Never Gave continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... CITR Cool Thursdays at
the Pit Pub... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver
Playhouse... Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery...
Whal Does She Wanl? a compilation exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery .
11 FRIDAY Alice in Chains at the Town Pump... AC/DC at the Pacific Coliseum...
Hank Williams - The Show He Never Gave continues at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centie..
Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is Hosanna continues at the Vancouver
Playhouse... Marian Penner Bancrolt exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery...
What Does She Want? a compilation exhibit continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery...
12 SATURDAY TT Racerat the Town Pump... AC/DC at the Pacific Coliseum... Qirty
Dozen Brass Band at the WISE Club Hank Williams - The Show He Never Gave
continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is
Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse... Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit
continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery.. What Does She Want? a compilation exhibit
continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery..
13 SUNDAY Soul Survivors at the Town Pump... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...Michael Speier exhibitcontinues at A Walk
is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse... Marian Penner Bancroft exhibit
continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery... What Does She Want? a compilation exhibit
continues at the Vancouver Art Gallery...
14 MONDAY Locos at the Town Pump... CiTR Classics Nighl at the Pit Pub... Piano
Power IV at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is...
Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse...
15 TUESDAY Boogiemen, Grames Brothers, Medusa's Raft, R.M.Iat the Town
Pump... CiTR World Beat Nighl at the Pit Pub... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse...
16 WEDNESDAY Kelly Brock wilh Y-Knot at the Town Pump... CiTR Hot
Wednesdays at the Pit Pub... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues at
the Vancouver Playhouse...
17 THURSDAY   CiTR Cool Thursdays at the Pit Pub.. Katarina Thorsen exhibit
continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.. Michael Speier exhibit continues at A
Walk is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse... Lola MacLaughlin Dance
presents Civilizations and the Greal Rivers ol History (Part 1) at Canada Place...
18 FRIDAY The Lasl Wild Sons at the Town Pump Music and Text at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre Francois Houle Quintet at the Glass Slipper Michael Speier exhibit
continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse..
19 SATURDAY Poison at the Pacific Coliseum... Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts at 86th Street Music Hall Music and Text continues at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre... Creatures of Habit at the Glass Slipper Michael Speier exhibit continues at A
Walk is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse...
20 SUNDAY John McLachlan at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre.. Katarina
Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre ..Michael Speier exhibit
continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse...
21 MONDAY CiTR Classics Night at the Pit Pub... Vancouver International Card
Show at Robson Square Conference Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse..
22 TUESDAY Graffltli with Alan Hammer at the Town Pump.. CiTR Wodd Beat
Night at the Pit Pub... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues at the
Vancouver Playhouse...
23 WEDNESDAY Dead Head Cool and Purple City at the Town Pump... CiTR Hot
Wednesdays at the Pit Pub Steven Ley at the Vancouver fast Cultural Cenlre ..Katarina
Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit
continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse...
24 THURSDAY     CiTR Cool Thursdays af the Pit Pub... Gary
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues
East Cultural Centre... Michael Speierexhibitcontinues at A Walk is...Hosanna continues
at the Vancouver Playhouse...
25 FRIDAY The Toasters at the Town Pump The Pursuit of Happiness at the
Breakers...Gary Fjellgaard continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Katarina
Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Jay Clayton and James
Knapp Collective at the Glass Slipper... Michael Speierexhibitcontinues at A Walk is..
Hosanna continues at the Vancouver Playhouse The Royal Canadian Air Farce at the
Massey Theatre...
26 SATURDAY She Stole My Beer at the Town Pump... The Pursuit of Happiness
at the Breakers... Gary Fjellgaard continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Jay Clayton
and James Knapp Collective continues at the Glass Slipper.. Michael Speier exhibit
continues at A Walk is... Hosanna continues a! the Vancouver Playhouse...
27 SUNDAY Oh Yeah at the Town Pump... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Ralph Towner and Denny Goodhew at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is...
28 MONDAY Ferron at the Breakers CiTR Classics Night at the Pit Pub... Vancouver Secondary Schools present Theatre Feslival at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael
Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is...
29TUESDAY CITR World BoatNightat the Pit Pub... Vancouver Secondary Schools
piesent Theatre Feslival at the Vancouver East Cullural Centre. ..Katarina Thorsen exhibit
continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A
Walk is...
30 WEDNESDAY She atthe Town Pump.. CiTR Hot Wednesdaysat the Pit Pub ..
Vancouver Secondary Schools present Theatre Festival at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Discover Dance presents Margie Gillis at the Vancouver Playhouse... Michael Speier
exhibit continues at A Walk is...
31 THURSDAY Thomas Trio and the Red Albino at the Town Pump... CiTR Cool
Thursdays at the Pit Pub... Vancouver Secondary Schools present Thealre Festival at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Katarina Thorsen exhibit continues at the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre... Michael Speier exhibit continues at A Walk is...
24 HR. SHOW INFO: 681-1732
JANUARY 1991   27 ________-ilk'I >7:V*~«HM
12:00PM   Ihe newest new music
cordings composers with Ion
News, sports, weather and more
with the CiTR News. Sports and
Weather Departments
Reggae with George Barrett
Coverage and analysis ot UBC
News plus news and sports, dafy
editorial commentary entertainment reviews and reports on events
here at UBC
HEARSAY 5:30-6:00PM O'R's literary
arts program needs YOU to submit
your works for on an performance
From the global cultures of resistance hosted by Horaco de la
Cueva. alternating Sundays wrrh
De-C om positions
12:00AM Jom host Dave Emory
and colleague Nip Tuck for some
extroodinary political research
guaranteed to make you think
twee Bring your tape deck and
two C-90s Originally broadcast on
KFJC (Los Altos. California)
___B_lnC]; I-J:V-0_____B
From the famous siren to the not-
so-famous BBC Radio News Reel.
wake up with the CiTR Morning
Show News, sports, weather and
scenic view reports, features. en-
James and Peter offer a savoury
blend of the familiar and exotic in
an excitingly luscious blend of aural delights! Tune in and enjoy each
weekly brown plate special
1:15PM News, sports and weather
3:00PM JUNE: Best Techno Releases (in no particular order): I.
Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park
(Nettwerk) 2. Frontline Assembly -
Caustic Grip (Third Mind) 3. Nitzer
Ebb - Showtime (Capitol/Enigma)
4. Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers *
Queers (Cargo/Waxtrax). 5. Consolidated - Myth ot Hock (Nettwerk)
6. Lead Into Gold - Age ol Reason
(Cargo/WaxTrax) 7. Various Artists
• Another Wofld(Antler-Subway) 8.
Cyberaktif - Temper 12* (Cargo/
WaxTrax) 9. My Life With the Thrill
Kill Kurt - Contessions ol a Knte
(Cargo/WaxTrax) 10. Nose Unit -
Frequency Response (Antler-Subway).
Wear boxer shorts and walk with
confidence Jerome Broadway
and Garnet Timothy Harry alternate weeks
Vancouver s longest running prime
time jazz program. Hosted by the
ever-suaveGavinWalker Features
7th Aura. Miles Davis most important album of the past decade.
Fans put off by Davis' post-70s recordings ought ot lend an ear to
this one Down Beat s Album of the
the late Charlie Rouse It was
corded while tenor saxophonist
Rouse was thelonious Monk
hand man but away "rom Monk.
Rouse and a hand-picked group
that includes trumpet great Blue
Mitchell and Walter Bishop Jr at
the piano
21st The Sound at Jan was the
name of the most famous TV production of this music Four days
before the actual shooting all the
participants gathered in Columbia
Records studios and played. Billie
Holiday, Count Basie. Mai Waldron.
Coleman Hawkins, et al. A master-
28th Dynasty & Jackie McLean's
latest album The great alto saxophonist playing as wel or better
than hedid in the'50sand 60s. With
his great band which includes Rene
McLean  (tenor and soprano)
_______ HI 4-1.7:Y*--«_B
Country music to scrape t
Demo Director Dale Sawyer provides some insight into the best
and the worst of the newest Cana-
B.C. FOLK 5:30-7:OOPM The thoughts
and music of B C folk' artists,
hasted by Barb Waldern
AVANT PIG 7.00-9:00PM Avant-
garde thuggery with Pete
Lutwyche     First Tuesday each
The latest in dance music and interesting drama every second
week With Lupus Yonderboy
10:00AM In an ideal universe, there
win be recordings from the UBC
School of Muse on the first show of
the month. Otherwise, the usual
shit Hosted by Paul Funk
UVE FROM VENUS 10:00-11:00AM
Tinkty women's music with Jane TiHy
12:00PM Do you like singles? I do.
tool Jan me Felicity Dunbar and
smell the rubber each week!
7:00PM Vacancies atthe ScotLod
or Scoish LogeH Keep on decking
them AK-to-OR halls with hunks o
JIGGLE 7:00-9O0PM I0BEST 1.Sock-
eve 45- 2. Dickless 45' 3. Dickless
live 4. Dickless our buddies 5.
(Cruel Elephant waitress) Ariana:
the only reason to go out 6. We
finally realize you just can't hate
enough 7. Some guy asking us if
we want to smoke a "doobie" at
fhe Monsters of Rock Festival in
Finland 8. The re-emergence of
the "Rubenesque" figure. 9. Joey
Jeremiah gets naked Doogie
Howser gets laid. 10. Jesus Christ
Our Lord.
soundscopes, grungy old prog-
rock albums. Twin Peaks and
Burroughs With Chris Brayshaw
1:00PM Jazz with Tommy Paley.
special feature af noon
ARTS CAFE 5:30-6:00PM Be in
about Art. theatre, film and any
other cultural event happening in
Vancouver   With Antje!
TOP OF THE BOPS 6:00-7.00PM Musical c hef Marc Coulevin boils up a
tasty pot of gumbo stew
THINGS OF 1990: 1. Switched to an
environmentally friendly laundry
soap.   2. Bought my first CD (The
Posies Dear 23) 3. Bought my last
LP(TheWaterwa»Cs 1st LP. S4 new)
4. Had my taxes done by an accountant 5. Discovered my milk
won't stay in the fridge 6. Beat my
ridiculously tall (6'6". 2351b) roommate over the heod with his own
beer can 7. Discovered while
people will pay youtowrrte.it won't
replace the milk in the fridge that
vanished that week 8. Learned
that ifyou phone "411* and ask for
information in ony city in the world,
they' II put you through for free (and
you thought call waiting wascool)
9. Saw Nick "The Jesus of Cool'
Lowe play in person (Bumbershoot.
Main Stage. Seattle) 10. Saw Judas Priest in the Pocific Coliseum
on Halloween (Rob Halford to
crowd "Thank yo
Guy four people c
"Rob. you're fucki
good in any direction 2. My cat
Sarah, died. She fell out of my 5th
I window  I now have a
it [d ,,
windows. 3. Having never s
Smiths and wishing l did, I am now
trying to see them all only separately: two years ago I saw Mike
Joyce and Andy Rourke with
Sinead O'Connor, this year I saw
Jonny Morr with The The. Onry one
more to go 4. Got married And
got a CD player for a wedding
present 5. My friend Clodogh
moved to London and then came
back. Len didn't move to Toronto
od got m
I filed tc
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:00PM lOMighty
Fin* 1990 Kicks ond Perky. I.Jack
in the Box Ultimate Cheeseburgers
(The A&W Mozza Burgers of the
90s) 2. The Cruel Elephant-one
look of the od promoting this place
tens it all a brand new Vancouver
capital of Beautiful British Columbia 3. Wha/WoveFanzme#19and
Psychotronic Video Magazine #7
that constantry. year after year.
never fail to disappoint unsuspect-
jf Wave (S6 [
17  Erie
i.   ON
Almost got to interview Henry Rollins. 8. My apartment finally got an
intercom system    9. Saw Bessie
night 10. Saw Die Hard II even
though I haven't seen Die Hardyet
Live bands from 10.
3rd Big Sun
10th Phmeas Gage
17th Bombshells
24th BC
Experimental Radio, with Vision!
Contributions welcome   Practitioner Anthony Roberts
MEGABLAST!     1:00-4:00AM    'tiffin
weights II make ya bigga. but lift
me and you H be a dead-ass nigga'
Bushwick Bil. Geto Boys.
N6J1H9 Canada) deals with all tt
underground musical "rock
schlock" an eager student of 20th
Century popcultureneedstoknow
On fhe other hand. Psychotronic
Video (S5 ppd from 151 First Avenue. DeptPV. New York. NY 10003).
which also contains some record
ond book reviews, is required reading for any "human been" into
trashy, bizarre, farout. ongst-filled.
teenage, primo. mondo movies 4.
Uoo's Lair Arcade on Granville
guaranteed to penet rate yer mind.
skuU, soul and belly 5. Seeing a
trailer for Terminal City Ricochet m
the Capitol 6 before the plo-yuppie
smash hit Pretty Woman 6. Furnace Foe* and Me Mom and Mor-
gentaler 7. Local Vinyl and CD
releases yeah. Vancouver still has
although Seattle won the 1990 h
o' wax chucking contest by at k
12-2(notcountmgexchange) V
get em next ye-um-ah-or
the Vancouver VinylandCDSquod
were Th* Nervous Felas), ChRtara,
Tom Northcott, Dirt, Inner Anger,
Paleface. Infinite Regression, EQ,
Tankhog, and Bob's Your Uncle, in
virtual potpourri of sounds from the
smooth to fhe crunchy Music to
help you get your toost down
Join host Ken Maclntyreas he takes
you on a tour through the silver
NETWORK 11:00AM-1:00PM Greg s
gonna play lotso' hip hop py. roppy
stuff ana he's gonna say lots o
dumb things Tune in. brothers and
shysters sue
Puppy, 54-40, DOA, Phaedra, The
Waterwalk,  Moev,  NUMB   etc
Subhumans who. without having
played a note in years, tied long
departed Sub Pop label losers Cat
Butt by having a record clocking in
ot S40 US (according to one Emerald City merchant) ». L. Fletcher
Prouty's Secret Teem since 1973hos
revealed, among of herrhmgs. how
JliUI-HtiiH-iHH  -IM-liMdl-llMI-l,
*     SPORTS DIGEST        '
successful governmental coup
spearheaded by the CIA 9.'1990s
Motorsports International Garage
in Seo-Town-Mervins. Mudhoney.
Nirvana and Dwarves-1960s Spanish Castle in Tacoma-Wailers.
Soncs. Franfics =■ H
wrtlneverdie 10. *** Movie Food
ol the Gods (1976 Science Fiction)
Marioe Gortner, Pomelo Franklin
Based on a novel by H G Wels
Strange, natural growth oozing
from the soil on Bowen Island turns
rats, worms, and wasps into giant
monsters An AIP feature YOU cant
9:00PM Movies remixed for radio
Taping this program is strictly pro-
FOR THE RECORD   6:30-6;4SPM   Ex
cerpts from Dave Emory's Rodo
Free America Series
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12:30AM Dope
lams and fresh beats for a groovy
evenmg with DJ Noah on the
wheels of steel
4:00AM Smell the Walkman 1990
Top 10: ULIANA: artist/release/reason: l.MODE/Vto/ofofLP/reminds
me of Euro-vocation 199 2. any
PANKOW/remmds me of Euro-vacation 1990 3. MADONNA/"Ju»tify
My Love'/sexy sexy sexy 4.
BLOODSTAR/Sroodsfar LP/we
worked the band. we moved some
units 5. NITZER EBB/Showffm* LP/
favorite interview this year 6.
Tear Us Apart"/some wopacelli
band redoes thrs Bob Seger classic
Better than Young's. Giro's, and
Curtis', but not Jarboe's 7. VOLUME SICK/"Sex Bomb'/Downing
zombie twin sister ». PUBLIC BATH/
Boys, Subvert Blaze, Om oide Hato-
ba and Playmate/Japanese-core
Gongs a-plenty We worked the
bands, we moved some units 9.
THE SHAMEN/-Pro>Gen7same as
#7 10. GEORGE MtCHAEL/'Moth-
er's PrideVHeal th* Poin'/great
one-two punch A lot like" Bad Boys
Running Wild" ond "Rock You Uke
a Hurricane." He really is a sensitive, caring guy
\***mi\ |i] :l»__Y&i_H-
STEVE EDGE sTop Five Things of 1990:
1. Manchester United winning the
cup 2. Thatcher being stabbed in
the back by Tories. 3. Tregor en Fete
in Brittany. 4. English Folk Fests in
August 5. Great response to the
Rogue Folk Club's Concert Series
Vancouver'sonry true metal show,
locol demo tapes, imports and
other rarities Gerald Rattlehead
ana Metal Ron do the damage
IN EFFECT 3:00-5O0PM The Hip Hop
Beat brought to you by DJ's
Somethin' Smooth. BZ Jam and
Chazzy B. and Rhythm Sniper J.
THE YAP GAP 5:30-6:00PM Hear figures in the Arts world talk about
their works, other people's works
and anything else that occurs to
them  Hosted by Antje Rauwerda
1:00AM A radio show with a life-
force all its own. Mixes come from
seemingly nowhere much like the
radio signals you pick up. An aural
parking lot for the muses. No expectations. No disappointments.
No heavy disco beats allowed.
The crack CiTRSports Team covers the
UBC Thunderbirds in ice hockey and
basketball varsity action Play-by-play
action pre-empts regular CiTR Stay
tuned for CWUAA playoff schedules
Friday January 18th at 7:30pm vs
University of Alberta
Saturday February 2nd at 7:30pm
vs Unrversityof Lethbridge
Friday February 8th at 7:30pm vs
University of Saskatchewan
Friday February 22nd at 7:30pm vs.
University of Calgary
Saturday January 12th at 8:00pm
vs. University of Lethbridge
Saturday January 26th at 8:00pm
vs. University of Alberta
Saturday February 9that 8:00pm vs.
University of Calgary
B.C. High School Basketbo* Final
Saturday March 16th, Km* to be
CfTRwould likerothankeveryonewho
helped moke this year's Shin<_g the
biggest and best Shindig ever! *************** <•]: [tin :oi»M«i»ri 4-* < a _■■__-_■
Tuxedomoon  D/v/ne (Crammed Discs)
Various Artists-Compilation Another World (Antler -Subway)
Front Line Assembly  Caustic Grip (Third Mind)
Ferron Phan/omCen/r»(A&M/Chameleon)
Noise Unit Response Frequency (Antler-Subway)
Skinny Puppy Too Dork Park (Nettwerk)
WillamS. Burroughs Dead ciy Radio (MCA/Island)
Poison Idea Feel Ihe Darkness (American Leather)
Squirrels WhafG/v#«?(Pop»ama)
Gang of Four A BriefHistory oftheTwentieth Century(WEA)
Pogues Hell's Ditch (MC A/Island)
Sammy Davis Jr Decca Years (MCA/Decca)
Delerium SyrophenfcarKDossier)
Tankhog Houseot Beauty (Zulu)
A Split-Second KlM of fury (Cardne/Antter-Subway)
Fastbacks Very, Very Powerful MolorfPopllama)
Echo* the Bunnymen Reverberation (WEA/Korova)
Jazz Butcher Cuff of fhe Ba»emefj/(PolyGram/Creation)
Waterboys Room lo Roam (MCA/Chrysalis)
Charlatans Som#fri»nd/w(PolyGram/Situation2)
Mad Professor Science and the W»chdocfor(Ras/Arilia)
Daniel Schel & Karo The Secret of Bwlch (Crammed Discs)
Inspiral Carpets l«»(WEA/Mute)
KodelV Powewe-XCargo/KK)
Cocteau Twins He//or Lo* Vega* (PolyGram/4AD)
Exene Cervenka   Running Sacred (Capitol/Rhino)
Mad Professor MadProfe€sorCapturesPatoBanton(Ras/Ar<liia)
Sisters of Mercy Vision Thing (WEA)
Shriek back The Dancing Years (MCA/Island)
Danielle Dax Blast the Human FlowerOMEA/Sire)
FiggyDuff WeatherOuttheStorm(A&M)
Public Image Ltd Greatest Hits, So Far (A&M/Virgin)
Various Artists -Compilation Holly Word(Rhino)
Primus Frizzle Fry (Caroline)
r_N Call the Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself (Nettwerk)
Posies   Dear 23 (WE A/DGC)
Dead Can Dance Ak>n (PolyGram/4AD)
Copernicus.  Nu//(Nevermore/Ski)
Insted W*)afWeBe//eve(Epitaph)
AgonyColumn God, Guns 4 Guts (Big Chief)
Exit Condition Day* of W//d$k/e* (Meantime)
SunRa Purple Nighl (ASM)
Sofa Head VVTtaf a Pred/camen/(Meantime)
Blowzabella Vanilla (Festival/Green Linnet)
Youssou N'Dour Se/(A&M/Virgin)
Don Cherry  Multlkull(A&M)
2 Live Jews As Kosher as They Wanna Be (Hot Productions)
AC/DC 77»e/?azor'« Edge (WEA/Atco)
Chumbawamba Slapt (Touch & Go/Southern)
Various Artists - Compilation Hard To Believe (CID
Rollins Band Turned On (Touch & Go/1/4 Stick)
Crime and theCity Solution Paradise Discotheque (WEA/Elektra)
Morrissey Bona Dray (WEA/Reprise)
MackaB BuppteCuffure(Ras/Arilia)
Lard Last Temptation of Reid(Attemafive Tentacles)
Darling Buds Crawdaddy (CBS)
Soul Asylum AndfheHor*el?odeon(A&M/Twin\Tone)
Mr. T Experience Ma/t/ngr/»/ng*vWrht/gh/(Lookout!)
IntelligentHoodlum Intelligent Hood/um(A&M)
Hindu Love Gods Hindu Love Gods (WEA/Giant)
Eggplant Sad Astrology (Dr. Dream)
Skinner Box  The Pfayhou*e (Toxic Shock)
Various Artists-Compilation Ou/ofMa/or* (V.I.S.A.)
Lush Gala (PolyGrom/4AD)
Various Artists - Compilation Red, Hot t Blue (MCA/Chrysalis)
Various Artists - Compilation.... Where the Pyramid Meets... (WEA/Sire)
Accused Grinning Like an Undertaker (Cargo/Nastymix)
Hawkwind TheXenon Complex (Enigma)
The Barracudas Complete EMI Recordlngs(CapiJo\)
Kofi B/ac/r...w#hSugar(Ras/Arilia)
Tangerine Dream Melrose (Private)
Various Artists - Soundtrack Marked lor Death (MCA/Island)
Gabor. G. Kristof /.eCr/du'e__rd(Crannmed Discs)
Inner City Fire (A&M/Virgin)
Tony Bird Sorry Africa (Festival/Subtropical)
Daddy Hate Box Sugar Plow (New Rage)
Cat Rapes Dog God, Guns A Gasoline (Cargo/KK)
Malhavoc rhe(?etease(Epidemic)
Sacrifice Soldiers ot Mlsforfune(f ringe)
Mustang Lightning Texas Voodoo Surf (Rumble Cat)
Velvet Monkeys  Trie Rake -Original Score (Rough Trade)
GirlTrouble  Stomp and Shout and Work lion Out! (Dionysus)
KronosQuartet B/acfcAnge/*(WEA/Elektra)
LLCoolJ Mama Said Knock You Out (CBS/Def Jam)
Slayer Seasons /n fhe Abyss (Geffen/Def American)
Muddy Waters Can't Gel NoGrlndln' (MCA/Chess)
Doughboys ,..,  Happy Accidents (Restless)
IceCube AmeriKKKa's Mosl Wan/ed(Ruthless/Priority)
Big Daddy Kane 7ds/e of Choc oto/e(WEA/Reprise)
Kinghorse   Klnghorse (Caroline)
Hell Toupee Hell Toupee (Hot Head)
Paris  The Devil Made Me Do //(Tommy Boy)
Various Artists - Compilation Cajun Volume One (CBS)
Coup De Grace Coup DeGrace(Red Decibel)
Willie Dixon The Big Three Trio (CBS)
God's Acre Ten Gospel Greats (Cargo/Wax Trax)
Mussolini Headkck Blood on /heflag(A&M/Virgin/Caroline/PIAS)
Afros y/c/ffn'AfrofeffcstCBS/RAL/JML)
to         ^s**
I Front Line Assembly
I PrimalScream	
IB Eat itself	
I Meat Beat Manifesto.
I SkinnyPuppy...
"Stone Cold Crazy" CD-Single (WEA/Elektra I
"Keep II Up" 12" (Crammed/SSR I
"Lle*"/"Pray"7"(SubPop J
Three Chord Monte 12" £P(Touch & Go/1 /4 Stick I
Not for anger and despair, but for peace and a kind of home
- suicide note of Lewis Hill, founder of KPFA Berkeley. 1957
____■_■ t*\ _¥:!l :1 J f:V_T:H -\ IJ t'/ k» ^I*_^BH
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Plane! (CBS/Def Jam)
Various Artists Oh God My Mom s on Channel /0/(Nardwua )
Breeders Pod(PolyGram/4AD)
Various Artists  Like a Girl, I Wanl You lo Keep Coming (Giorno)
Various Artists Another World (Antler-Subway)
Coffin Break Rupture(C/Z)
Urban Dance Squad Menial Floss for /he G/obe (BMG/Arista)
Consolidated Myth ot Rock (Nettwerk)
Muslimgauze /n#/faj(o(Extreme)
808State PO(WEA/ZTT)
Various Artists Ob/e/r/4(Ladd-Frith)
Spirit of the West Save This House (WEA/Stony Plain)
Boogie Down Productions Edulalnmenl (BMG/Jive)
Jello Biafra & NoMeansNo ,., Last Scream of... (Alternative Tentacles)
The Fall fjrfrico/e(PolyGram/Cog Sinister)
LlwybrUaethog Be?(Concrete/Pinpoint
Various Artists Terminal City Ricochet (Alternative Tentacles)
Jungle Brothers Done By Ihe Force of Nature ONEA/Bterna)
Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas (PolyGram/4AD)
Tackhead Friendly As a Hand Grenade (MCA/TVT)
Uzume Taiko Ch/ra*/>/(Festival/Aural Tradition)
Bad Brains The Youth Are Getting Restless (Caroline)
Clock DVA Burled Dreams (Cargo/Wax Trax)
Bobs Your Uncle Tale ot Two Legs (Dr. Dream)
Various Artists This Is the New Beatl (PolyGram)
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E New Funky Nation (MCA/lsbnd/4th & B way)
Caterwaul Porfenf Hue (MCA/IRS)
Moev Head/Down (Nettwerk)
Gwar Scumdogs ofthe Universe (WEA/Metal Blade)
Frightwig Ph one Sexy (Bone)
Dead Milkmen MetaphysicalGroffif/f/(Capitol/Enigma)
The Squirrels What Gives? (Popllama)
The Residents rhe King and I (Capitol/Enigma)
Slayer Seasons In the Abyss (WEA/Geffen/Def American)
Nitzer Ebb Showtime (WEA/Geffen)
Shirim Klezmer Orchestra OfAngeteandHoraeradfc/KNorrheastern)
Fastbacks Very, Very Powerful Motor (PopWama)
Strawberry Zots Cars, Flowers, Telephones (BMG)
Lee "Scratch" Perry From the Secret Laboratory (MCA/Island)
Bloodstar B/ood*/ar(Red Decibel/Desert Engine)
XCIan To the East, Blackwards (MCA/4th & B'way)
Art Bergmann Sexua//?ou/e//e(MC A/Duke Stree )
D.O.A Murder(Alternative Tentacles)
Foetus Inc Sink (Cargo/Wax Trax)
John Oswald Plunderphonlc (Fun Music)
Stranglers  JO(CBS/Epic)
Chills  ..    Submarine Bells (WEA/Slash)
Tankhog  House ot8eaufy(Zul_)
The Fluid  Glue (Sub Pop)
A Tribe Called Quest      Peoples Instinctive Travels and... (BMG/Jive)
BelCanto  Birds ot Passage (Nettwerk)
TheSundays      Reading, Writing, Ar/fhme//c(WEA/RouchTrade)
Nine Inch Nails PreftyHafeMach/ne(MCA/TVT)
Al Trailblazer(Ctuz)
Shinehead rhe/?ea//?oc/t(WEA/Elektra)
Atilla theStockbroker.. Tues Jury 4/h-*7)e/?/vo//(Festival/Aural Tradition)
Excel The Joke s on You (A&M/Caroline)
Negativland Helter Stupid (SST)
Robyn Hitchcock £ye(Twin\Tone)
HDV Sex, Drugs + Violence (CBS/lsba)
Sonic Youth...  Goo(WEA/DGC)
Vasilisk Acgua(MusicaMaximaMagnetica)
Barmy Army.. . The English Disease (On-U)
PaulSchutze Deus Ex Machina: The Soundtrack (Extreme)
Revolting Cocks Beers, Steers* Queers (Cargo/Wax Trax)
_& Respect	
I Captain 9's& the	
I E.U	
I DreamAcademy	
I Dr. Lateness
I Cathy Gilliat
I TheNextSchool	
I The Kings of Oblivion ...
I Borderline	
I BadtownBoys
"Provision" 12" (Third Mind
"Godlike" 12" (Wax Trax I
"Come Together" Maxl-CD (WEA/Sire I
"Dance of the Mad" Maxl-CD (BMG I
"Helter Skelter" 12" (Cargo/Wax Trax I
"Tormentor" Maxl-CD (Nettwerk I
I CappingDay Post No Bills CD EP (Popllama I
I Derelicts "Misery Maker" 7" (SubPop I
I Phaedra "Jesus Lives In Las Vegas" 12" (Fringe/Gangland I
| GartlcBoys GartlcBoys7"fP(PublicBath/Alchemy I
"What Time I* Love" 12" (Wax Trax
I MCDrastic  "Grab a Hold of Yourself" 12" (Scorpio I
I PoesieNoire "Touloute" Maxl-CD (Antler-Subway I
I Happy Mondays "Kinky Afro" CD-Single (WEA/Elektra I
I Profax Protax 7" EP (Far Out I
Smelly Gambas f/rnmft/uuucc)r/7"fP(FarOut
I Sceptical Confidence "Colours In My Mind" 12" (Teenage Rebel I
I Various Artists- Compilation ... Japan Bashing Volume 2 (Public Bath I
Young Fresh Fellows "Divorce #9" 7" (Popllama I
I NoiseUnit "Agitate" 12"(Antler-Subway I
I OmoideHatoba "Surfin'In UFO" 7" (Public Bath I
I Tackhead  "Dangerous Sex" 12" (SBK I
I Miscast Miscast 7"fP(Far Out I
I Lush "GtvlngAway"12"(PolyGram/4AD I
I LibidoBoyzs "ChildhoodMemories"7"(RedDecibel I
I BevisFrond    "EarSong" 12" (Reckless I
I A Tribe Called Quest "Can I Kick It?" 12" (BMG
Damage TV Bible 7" EP (Boss Tuneage I
I Afghan Whigs "Sister Brother" 7" (Sub Pop I
I Code Assault  "Action" 12" (Technika I
I NWA "100 Miles and Runnin'" 12" (Cargo/Ruthless I
I Buffalo Soldiers "Penny" 12" (Luke/Effect I
I Blitzkrieg Boys Blitzkrieg Boys 7" EP (Teenage Rebel I
| Harry Coltello  "When Sailors Are In Town" 7" (Heute/ZOO I
Jesus Was a Capricorn 7" EP (Chikara I
"Magic ol the Hall" 12" (Heute j
Love & Respect 7" EP (Penultimate I
k 'n' Roll Paper Route" 7" (Heart Punch I
 "Love" 12" (WEA/Reprise I
"Rivers of Passion" 12" (Future Intern I
Need" 12" (Pete Dovies/8 Productions I
"Profits ol Unity" 12" (Chrysalis I
"Gotta Love Me" 7" (Dionysus I
Unseen 7"£P(Conversion I
 "BorrowedTime" 7" (Dionysus I
pW I neTI-1 n F:Td7]-i I r«_T*7^ iliTfl *«Yi . I *_kf • _■
The PicassoSet... "Betrayed by R»a Hayworth" (from three-track demo   I
Za Za & the Angels "Dr. Nightmare" (from Rare First Recordings   I
Bruce A & the Secular Atavists "I Know What I've Done" (fromdemo   I
Jonestown Punch "My Tribe" (from Swank on This   I
Mescaline Ritual "Elvis Wade" (from Money Grubber) I
Mary "Gallow's Pole" (from three-track demo   I
The Azure "Jetslreams" (from Jetstreams   I
WiggyJ "Ode to Dante" (from Ode lo Dante  I
Mother Sun "Into the Body" (from Sanctuaries   I
Peewee Manson "Rug Doctor" (from demo   I
Blasphemy "NotaLoveSong"(fromone-trackdemo   I
CaptainCrunch "You Don't Exist In Transit" (from demo   I
Me. Mom & Morgenthaler "Heloulse" (from demo   I
EJ Brule "Freedom of Speech" (from Freedom ot Speech   I
Atchison "Passing Messages" (from demo   I
Show Business Giants "Lovesick" (from The Benevolent Horn   I
"HltchhlcklngloOregon"(from8annedaf//)e/?o//wayC/ub  I
Little Big Man "She's Dead" (from demo   I
Uneven Steps "Choices" (from demo   I
Edible Pumpkins  ,.., "Desert Wind" (from Pumpkin Rock   I
Excited First Daughter "Open Pores" (from four-track demo   I
Watch Children "Nothing' Happening..." (from nine-track demo   I
Falling Spikes  "Take"(fromone-trackdemo   I
Helen Gone "Walkout to Ihe Edge" (from four-track demo   I
FromBeyond "Numbskull"(fromfwo-trackdemo   I
GreenLight "Purely Ear-rational"'(from The Green Light) I
NewBeatles "Centre otthe Universe" (from Fanclub Tape il) I
Bacteria "Your Tomorrow" (from Identification   I
Sound Butchers "Passing Glory" (from TheHills Are Alive  I
Vasectemoids "Men"(from Born In a Can   I
TheFault "People In Boxes" (from seven-track demo   I
Rockaway Revue "Do I Move You?" (from two-track demo   I
The Waltons "In the Meantime" (from Demo Sandwich   I
Cherry Hoggs... "Ain't Got the Keys to Your., ."(from nine-track demo   I
CrashDummies "Exercislngthe Demons" (from Greatest Hits Demo  I
Marangolo Quartetfo ... "La Dlstruzlone dl Roma" (from Orlzzontale   I
Fat Americans "Yourself" (from Food, Folks and Fun   I
ling Pants Definitely "Off Pants" (from IPD   j
VeryNervousSystem&Rokeby..."Summerstorm"(fromMuslcworks46   I
The Picasso Set "BitterLemon' (from three-track demo   I
Rattled Roosters "'57 Cadillac" (from GetWtld!) I
"Mister Inbetween" (from five-track demo   I
Dead Head Cool       "Waiting" (from three-track demo   I
12 Midnite "Suicide Ride" (from five-track demo   I
Head Spring "Ill State of Mind" (from eight-track demo   I
Pork Queen "Beaconsend" (from From the Cain Toad Sessions   I
Group49 "House ol Pancakes" (from threo-song demo   I
Trembling Mimsies  "Dangerous Dan" (from Alive and Alone   I
Small Man Syndrome "The Way People..." (from three-track demo   I
Picture Paintings   "So It Seems" (from demo   I
JANUARY 1991   29   The Rogue Folk Club
Friday January 11th 8:30pm
NYETZ (Farewell Party)
Vancouver's "ethno-fusion" pioneers bow out in a fine style
Tickets $10 ($8 members)
Saturday January 12th 8:30pm
New Orleans' Hottest Jazz I Blues Combo!
Tickets $16 ($14 members)
Thursday January 24th 8:30pm
England's Ul Thrash Melodeon Wizard
Seattle's Stunning Guitarist I Singer
Tickets $10 ($8 members)
Monthly Magazine, Weekly Open Stage,
Monthly Country Dances, Monthly Irish Ceilist
Members' Discounts on concerts and T-shirts
The W.I.S.E. Hall (1882 Adanac Street)
Tickets at Black Swan, Highlife & Track Records
Information and Reservations 736-3022
The Acoustic Connection
presents the 3rd Annual
Music Festival
Jenny Allen
Anzanga Marimba
Babayaga String Quartet
Boiled In Lead (tbc)
Bill Bourne & Alan MacLeod
Allen Dobb & Dumela
Colleen Eccleston
David Essig
Bill Gallaher & Jake Galbraith
James Gordon
"The Hat Band"
Kathy Kallick Kwintet (aka 2 Front Teeth)
Eileen McGann
John McLachlan
The Robert Minden Ensemble
Jim Page & Zero Tolerance
Wyckham Porteous Band
Qiu Xia
Jimmy Roy's 5 Star Hillbillies
Sandy Scofield
Uzume Taiko
Friday FEBRUARY 8th to Sunday FEBRUARY 10th
Van. East Cultural Centre and W.I.S.E. Hall
For More Information Call 732-1305


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