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Paradise in Me
Paradise in Me, the Canadian
debut release from Belgium's
K's Choice commands attention
with the breakthrough track
"Not An Addict".
Pop savvy with hooky guitar
surprises galore only partly
define K's Choice - deftly
-combined acoustic and electric
guitars compliment sweet
harmonies and mature
songwriting that is acidly
satyrical at times yet remains
humorously entertaining-
CD now available everywhere.
epic records group
IVIOND/VY,   JULY   21st
Sony Music ' r-sSn***-
{July   199?
Jssue   #
"^■v ttGTU&es
Nerdy Girl
Elevator to Hell
Mountain Goats
Cowshead Chronicles
Vancouver Special
O^H^^) °"
Diary of Jonnie Loaf Boy
'   u_\
Interview Hell
Seven Inch
Under Review
miko hoffman
Real Live Action
art direcfor
kenny paul
On the Dial
ad rep
kevin pendergraft
July Datebook
production manaaer
barb yamazaki
qraphic desiqn/layout
ken paul, barb y
lisa chen-wing, Jeremy
gruman, stu marvel, tristan
"The leurUy Jd* tfraeei the
frant eft ew* Cjuly iuuc, tohieh
barb, jason da silva
ii (juil eft pep Andwmme>*l)un.
^cah t tfunfe eft A $t>ih-t(A,tfi
daniel a, Joel a, james b, Julie
c, lisa c-w, brady c, charlie c,
christian, jason ds, chris e,
ethe'tthm/fte i#ty ... hetdtn ...
*%tnt pht>tt> ty TZfi'tt, duhiiAH
greg e, sean e, frank?, gth,
cnristine g, Jeremy a, noah g,
thomas h, anthonylc, paul k,
6h r^enncth.
janis bmc, jono, adam m,
siobhan mc, stu m, nardwuar,
ken p, kazi s, dave t, brian w
marlene y, John z
proaram auide
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l^Mnted^n Cfrntufa
and Almo/Universal Recording Artists from Chicago I   U1$€l ■ 5
Monday July 14 Vogue Theatre
Doors 7:45 ■ Show 8:45
9 %^r  with special guests
TUESDAY JULY 22 the rage
Doors 8:30 • Show 9:30
5   ©^"S^sffi dear H\
aW  233-6138 SUB Blvd..
IT     Vancogver, B.C. V6T 1ZJ  1
• N^^
*■—~y~ --:y::::^j===~^-_    11
Hello, Mr. Kitty!
Inverting the self conscious use of property into a pacific distraction theory (one that Deleuze
and Guattari have been groaning on about for years) is a flaky theory head's wet dream   I
think you might want to consider a revision of your shaky polemic.
Either the void is consistent of it is not, it either 'never left the dialogue' or it was 'induced'.
You can not induce the void, it would not answer your call, QED by your own definition. The
weak kneed chiasmus used to describe one of this 'induced' void's characteristics, 'securely
insecure' illucidates my point that you are an unwitting Janus without the good sense to be
smug in at least some of your assertions If everything is indeterminate then why the discourse
of difference?
If you inclined to say, "fuck the why!", then lets investigate your how. You need some
educating. A paradox must be thought to consist in the world before one may show that third
point of reference or comparison that ensures it as a paradox. You make up, imagine, and
conceive of a void that is 'induced'. This void insists upon the world. This is a pseudo-void,
void by half, really a a-void compared to its big sister the abyss. The abyss in this case exists
in the world and is consistent with it. The abyss is not the center of the bon mot poetastery of
'Where is not what you wear'. The abyss is contingent, the a-void is merely sky eyed musings
Deconstructing the 'blend of the arts and advertising (business)' is tantamount to blowing
smoke rings out;of your urethra. There is no blend in the world without your philosophical Bay-
Club bags. (VOID by CuldesaQ By your own admission this Cul de Sac is induced, with the
void, as the site of free-play and thereby not there There is no 'aesthetic leveling of everyday
life', only immature occupants who are too afraid of their own minds to be left with the responsibility of owning anything let alone themselves. (Most of these people are meant for labour.)
You seem worried that the abundant field of possibility is only producing redundancy yet
you offer a polemic already pre-packaged by those so called fathers of discursivity a la Lacan,
Derrida, Foucault, Jameson, and their germinal offspring You are beyond redundant yourself,
you have penetrated that inner sanctum of the tired and retired, the cy-clonic. The puissant
politics of the new left could do itself a favour and find a coherent position either in the politics
of the self or in the deconstruction of that self, and thereby those powers that may inadvertently
make some use of the politics of the self, heaven forbid. Idio-lites only make the rest of us
cringe when they do their fathers a disservice. Fathers yes, outside of Kristeva and Kolodny
who else is there?
Do us a favour and put down 'Capitalism and Schizophrenia' long enough to refocus those
hiss blissed out danced tranced emergency brake brained eyes of yours back on the 'real', we
need your help breaking rocks. The abyss loves you. Keep moving. I have nothing less to say.
C. Chris
Vancouver, BC
Rock breaking is an education (with a small e, thanks). I certainly am discussing an a-void, and
I am approaching it as a piece of language, a figment of culture. I am using the term in a
different manner than you, mine is more of an heuristic — it is a way of conceptualizing. We
may be heading in different directions here. Either way, while I appreciate the metaphysical
love of the abyss, I prefer the contingent desire of the void. By the way, your elitism is not
productive, but it is scary.
Cheers, kitty.
: o w J^h^t ad    chr on i)
i have a heart that is firmly planted on my sleeve, i pull no
punches in regards to it and voice my discontent or rare
moments of exhilaration through this column for the whole
world to see. so what's the big deal? late at night as i write
this scratch i feel as if i know exactly what it is i'm trying
to say but often as i read it— usually not until it comes out
at the first of each month — i wonder if sometimes i'm lacking
in clarity, but how can one deny one's heart and the feelings
that it's having right at that exact moment? sure, i lay it
all out, and it's not always about personal experiences but i
know that, for some people, it's a little hard to take sometimes, am i sorry? not a bit. while love fades and crushes
come and go and a lost love is only ever healed by time, the
pain of it all has to be recognized, sure, next week the
feelings may be different or there may be a whole new set of
rules and regulations, but acknowledgment of your heart is
paramount, the light of day often sets things in a completely
different light but shit, what's a guy to do? call me a true
romantic or a complete fool but i, despite all the setbacks
over time, believe in love and all that it can bring: the
heartache, the euphoria, the will to acquiesce like you never
have before, the sharing of possessions — all that and more.
i have many times tried to ignore my feelings and dismiss my
heart and somehow put it in a dark place where even i hope to
never find it. it doesn't work, i'm here to tell you. we all
say, never again, when it ends, we all strive to be stronger
the next time, to be more cautious, to not let our heart get
the better of us. not let our heart get hooked by another, ok.
i'm a sucker, i admit it. but i'm once again ready to let it
happen to me. it's summer and the windows on my car are open
most of the time and the sounds on the street sound right, a
half pack of winstons is the closest thing to my heart right
now, but by the time you read this there could be a whole new
set of rules in place, i hope, for my lungs' sake, this is
true, have a great summer. ..you mean the world to me.
gth ... xxoo
p.s. i've often been curious about you and what you think —
good or bad. e-mail me. tell me your stories, like sandra
bernhard ... without you i'm nothing, fettersadirect.ca
b'ehl: only a paper moon cd $12
"in the realm of blithe, blissy female
vocaled pop b'ehl are currently
peerless" - puncture
ninety nine: 99 cd $10
"eleven tracks of interesting, discordant
pop" -magnet
po box 69009, Winnipeg, mb, Canada, R3P2G9,        Cflflearillg
20^487-1943, http://www.mbnet.mb.ca/~endear r   •    •    •    r   «    ■
endear@mbnet.mb.ca, cheques payable to
blair purda. distributed by scratch, k, parasol, darla, carrot top, revolver, etc
The Vans Warped Tour Contest
Wednesday, July 9th (§> the 1;NE <a-.doonasoons.ase>
win 14 of the latest full length CDs from 14 of the bands playing the Vans
Warped Tour including Pennywise, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish,
Descendants, Sick of it All...and others! To enter send us a postcard with your
name and phone number, and the name of 3 bands playing the Vans Warped Tour.
Listen to CiTR to win other great prizes including tickets, t-shirts, magazine
subscriptions, helmets, shorts, Vans shoes, and more.
Postcards must be received by Friday, July 18th, 1997. The winner will be contacted by phone and must be able to pick up the prize at CiTR. Mail postcard
101.9 fM
Vans Warped Tour Contest
233-6138 SUB Blvd
Vancouver, BC    V6T 1Z1
.*   july 1997 Vancouver
by janis mckenzie
Fxit Planet Right
Imagine my surprise when I
came home from work one
night and found the ominous
heap of CDs-to-be-reviewed
that are usually overrunning
the living room rearranged
into a single tidy stack. And
on the very top was this Santo
CD, with a note freshly attached that read only, "Listen
to me!" Yes, my husband had
discovered the joys of this Victoria band (named after a
surfer friend of theirs, and co-
incidentally also a Mexican
movie hero), and within minutes I, too, fell under their
A wash of guitar noise, an
introspective, gravelly vocal
style, hard-edged lyrics and
sometimes Clash-like guitars
with the occasional, dare I
say, hint of Green Day make
for a fine post-punk experience
that reminds me a little of the
long-gone (and much missed)
What to Wear
If Santo are pensive (but
loud) post-punk, Hissy Fit
are quite simply punk rock,
led by a female singer with
one of the best girl voices
since Poly Styrene of X-Ray
Spex (although completely
unlike her — where X-Ray
Spex was full of shrieks and
shrill squeaks, Hissy Fit is
edgy growls).
And in the finest punk tradition they've put out this
seven-song CD themselves,
tossing in for your guilty pleasure the originally intolerable
'70s song "(I Never Promised
You a) Rose Garden," which
they've somehow transformed
into a Ramones-like anthem
that would make you want to
sing along, if only you could
rock that hard. And let me
i you, the rest of the songs
n harder
in my other favourite, the frenetically passionate last
track, "Ditch It."
Sticky Flytrap
Well, I missed seeing 10 Days
Late by mere seconds at Music
West, but had the great good fortune to see the all-female five-piece
at Future Shop a couple of weeks
ago, on the eve of their Molson-
sponsored (I) tour of eastern
Canada. Even playing in the
brightly lit and unappealing atmosphere of a half-empty record store,
they were tight, loud, attractive, and
fun to watch, and I can only imagine that as I'm writing this, the band
members are having to peel adoring Quebecois fans off themselves.
At least I hope so, because ihey
deserve the attention.
10 Days Late, both live and
on the CD, successfully combine
frantic, forceful drumming with aggressive guitars, snippers of harmonies, and often tough, occasionally
breathless vocals, resulting in a subtly pop-flavoured punk confection.
Likely one of Vancouver's best live
bands, let me assure you that absolutely nothing has been lost in the
recording process.
from   the   diary   of   jonnieloaf   boy
The revolution continues, as Murray, DJ Dinette, and her henchmen remain barricaded in the radio station
Pav 4 of the Revolution
At lasl! Pizza!!!! The revolutionaries rigged up a contraption with a bucket
and some twine, and used it to haul three extra-large pizzas up to the window. The good people at Cuban Pizza have agreed to donate as much pizza
as we need to sustain the revolution. ! was agitating for a couple slices of
pepperoni pizza, but the revolutionaries were dead set against it. We are not
even allowed to have real cheese, on account of cow exploitation. Instead we
have to put up with melted tofurella and a couple of lonely slices of tomato
and bell pepper. Not that I'm complaining — after foraging through the garbage for over-looked sunflower seeds, anything is delicious.
The revolutionaries were also able to sneak an exercise bike into the station. They lifted it, piece by piece through the window, and then re-assembled
it in the DJ Booth. They have been taking turns riding out their frustrations. I
hope this settles them down. Lack of exercise combined with excessive coffee
consumption hos made them all a bit skittish. 1 think I could use some time on
the bike myself, but the revolutionaries are hogging it. They are even having
trouble sharing it amongst themselves. DJ Dinette told them that they have to
take turns, but none of them has a watch, so they bicker continuously, accusing each othef of spending too much time peddling.
One of DJ Dinette's thugs stuck a "One Less Car" sticker on the bike. I tried
explaining to the morons that this was not really an appropriate sticker for an
exercise bike, but my reasoning was lost on them. The problem with revolutionaries is that they have no sense of irony.
The extra sweat produced by their cycling is having a negative impact on
the odour in the radio station. The combination of unwashed revolutionary
and clinging cigarette smoke was rather devastating to begin with and is now
getting markedly worse. Add to this the garbage that has accumulated over
the last few days, and you have a pretty rude stench. On top of this, the
revolutionaries fort incessantly. They believe that holding in your flatulence is
a form of self-oppression, and unhealthy to boot. They argue that if you don't
release methane gas regularly, it will accumulate in your blood, and you risk
spontaneous combustion. The revolutionaries have no concern for personal
hygiene. They take pride in the fact that they don't waste valuable water for
such bourgeois acts as bathing. Why disguise your natural odours with perfume and soap, they ask. Not to please me, that's certain!
Day 5 °f the J? r of the Revolution
c"e Revolutinn      Day 6 of tne
*ftftjP*.*M_. 01J .        .__,- those guys that their revo.
> of Dj^'n9 over th
!e "***_ o T6 °nd "* W °°' -'•-per
he'[ h*°* cfo __*t ' seeT ^yin
9[a^ on ,£■. They drQw cZCOnWring ,9
neZ 0'9^°')d,r7r.0een doinr7:Tande'
°n '* so i_,      y heod Wk    f' my eyebr.ll
<*ormn° >>"°n* *_, ^°'>d of £? *
*'°'e9y for ,he   a'm, *ot they '   °" °"«the
^ydonVhT1"'^ bu,,?dto W
cTes'a'   ck about Co"rad J°     ^
*■* tut,"***** oft C°»o/„>««<./■
£2* d»"»9ofe s*/ *£> •
t0r<*ashr°f voice     *° >-
rted to our guilty P^Tddv ' And I'm £.
part of the prob e"^JJ^, Why doe,
^'0,"T,rdon't make theV.es."'Why does
"listen pal,   d°n personal? ,
ne always have ^  ^ hereisa 9^
What we a« neea u bH 0t per
„™low... •»'« "f"T_ta u. o» do*-**";
™ Bto)k„., «***-*9,»c;aJ, „,«•,*.■
'Pilgrim' became the Brady we all know and
love today
Radiateur I wanted to call him Shawn.
Livewire   Brady was to embody each of our
strongest   personal   traits    He   is   a   kind   of
Lostbean He wheels my charisma around like a
Who are you? (names, ages, instruments played)
Livewire, 1 8 years old, drums
Lostbean, 1 7 years old, drums
Radiateur, 19 years old, drums
What's in your pockets right now?
Livewire   50 deutchmarks and a drumstick.
Lostbean   100 pesos, a united mileage plus
card, 5 drum sticks
Radiateur My wallet, car keys, some loose
Lostbean, how has being in a Rymes
with Orange video and a BC Tel commercial changed your life? Does it compare to being on Northwood or buying
Yo La Tengo's unstickered Acetone
Lostbean I got to take control of an intersection,
throw big oil drums around, yell at people, vomit.
They didn't like the vomit on Northwood. When I
pulled that shit they got pretty irate When I was on
Northwood people thought I was a geek I had no
friends in junior high Bul grade 1 1 's going cool .
I got a girlfriend, and I ain't doing the show anymore. I had a little pukeburp when I called Seattle
and they said they'd |ust got a red one level
Acetone, the day after Yo La Tengo played here
and said theirs was stolen in Seattle a couple days
Being outta Tsawwassen, have you
ever smoked up in Dennison Park?
Livewire  No, I don't think I hove
Lostbean Lonely football
Radiateur No
By the way, what's The Beans' favourite
urban myth?
Radiateur  My favourite is the one where spiders can lay eggs underneath your skin
Lostbean No, that's actually true I know someone that happened to.
Livewire Yeah, it happened to my cousin
Lostbean Yeah, that's who it was
Explain the importance of a) dancing
family members and the Beans, and, b)
your  "manager"  Brady, who didn't
even show up for your performance on
Live from Thunderbird Radio Helll
Marta the Dancing Bean  It is importafirthat
all family members be dancers 'cause of the
torque-ratio of the differential.
Lostbean   Brady was originally designed as a
dancer but something went horribly wrong during
the final motor-action enhancement phase ..
Livewire  Allow me to explain. Brady was an
experiment We built him, then grew him in a little
casserole dish type thing
Radiateur Foofy
Lostbean Working with the notion that an
organism's development can be radically altered
by creating a unique sonic environment, we set
up a drone room, an ecosystem in the key of
'D,'  if you will, and over the years pro|ect
6   Jul? 1997
Radiateur My sensitivities float about his head
like a pungent, stormy fog.
Livewire My brute-strength manifests itself in
the form of a million towering archangels, all
bearing Brady's likeness, marching his flank
wherever he travels While he could be considered our 'manager,' we see him as a 'guiding
light' or 'Uncle Brady ' He will also drop the
needle when the need arises, ond it is at these
times he assumes his alternate identity, DJ
Radiateur We could call him DJ Shawn
Who are your contemporaries?
Beans MC Solarr, DJ Wrecking Ball, DJ
Relaxing Ball, Christine Pinault, Jaqueline Pipe,
Isabelle, David Shea, people hiking in the
woods, Rom-folksters, The Molestics, Peter
Scherer, the ocean, tall buildings, summer-dress
girls, Dirty Three, Kronos Quartet, shorebirds and
downy woodpeckers, dancers, sushi, and
Why are you so obsessed with French
Lostbean If it's not French, it's crap. We don't
support nuclear testing, but we love cheese.
Livewire We are not obsessed We are French
Radiateur. My obsessions include soy or rice
milk (though it's not a good idea to mix Ovaltine
with either)
What is the antithesis of your band?
Beans Wavestation.
Ask   yourselves   two   questions   and
answer them.
Do you consider yourselves paranoid?
No. Why do you ask? Do we look paranoid?
What the hell is going on?
If the year was I 960, and you were in a city at
the seat of Shelby county, Tenn., US, on the lower
Chickasaw bluff on the Mississippi river in the
extreme southwestern corner of the state, a city
which had a population of, oh, say about
500,000, a city that was founded m 1819 by
several rich proprietors from middle Tennessee
and named for an ancient Egyptian city, a city
whose growth resulted from the expansion of cotton raising in the south-central states and from its
transportation facilities by railroad and by river,
and you just happened to be the son of Tithonus
and Eos, king of the Ethiopians, and a post-
Homeric hero, a beautiful black man, and the
first three letters of your name just happen to be
the same as the first three letters in the name of
the aforementioned city, and the other three letters
m your name spell out the answer to this question in the greatest of the Romantic languages,
what would your answer be, translated into
Anything else to add?
Lostbean        buba te amo con todo mi cora-
zone sin ti siento sin yo ...
Live-wire: Postcard contest! Whoever sends us
the best postcard(s) wins up to three t*wo-tiered
Stefan Udell, 26520 32nd Ave., Aldergrove, BC,
V4W 3E8/ Tygh Rongnon, c/o Denise Wilbert,
Petite Route du Moulin, 21570 Belan Sur Ource,
Who are you? (names, ages, instruments
Jose ( appocci, 20yr old geezer, bass gin-
tar, recorder, whispering.
[etley, 1Y, electric guitar.
Mr. Chris, 1?, pots and pans.
l*d\*ard I. Montgomery the 111, 18. dec-
trk guitar, go-go gadget voice box.
State your purpose.
Mr. Chris: Rock over London, rock on
Edward:  lo solve tin* (adburs's secret,
through the process of unlearning.
Hov do you describe yoursell to relatives who have no idea what you play?
Jose: I say we play rock n1 roll.
Tetley: I tell them we're emo-core, whicn
sounds like the ocean in the morning.
Mr. Chris: We're moody and sad, but
you'll still have to plug yer ears.
Edward: I tell them we are really realV)
progressive rock music and watch their
laces as they go, "'huh?"
What  ever happened to ""Interview
Hell" favourites, Anthony Monday, the
Forgotten, Ruckus and the "eh11 Team?
How  did  they  end  up assembled  as
Slough of Despond?
Jose: All bands just seemed to fade away
due   to   musical   differences,   moving
locales and in-band politics gone bad.
Tetley  and   I   started  jamming  after
Ruckus broke up and after jamming for a
few months, we tan into our old friend,
Mr. Chris. He told of his interest in playing pots "n1 pans so we united under the
sound of the ocean in the morning. We
played a few shows as a trio and then
Edward was moving to Vancouver, so we
decided to all unite as one under the
sound of the ocean in the morning.
Where are all the other members of
those bands? Who are your contemporaries?
Edward: Well, since Anthony Monday hasn't totally broken up yet, I can tell you
what Forgotten is doing. Glen (the drum- mer) drives a Mustang, deals pot, goes to
jock parties, and has final)) revived Ins
musical talent and is drumming for another one of those fat recordesque bands.
Spencer (the bassist) who I miss seeing on
a regular basis, skates like life. He graduated this year and ts moving to Victoria.
( hns (other guitarist) has been living in
Vancouver for a year and has worked in
Subv*.a\ where he's gotten held up thrice.
rAnyways, to make a really long story
short, he's nov* started a ska band vvhuh 1
hope works out.
Jose: The other Ruckus members are
playing in a ska band called the
Skavengers, but I think they are changing
the name and playing some shows soon.
Mr. Chris: The two other people in the
Fh Team are currently on a military mission in Djibuti. Perhaps they will return
one day and politely annoy you with their
jingle-jangle sound.
Plus I aura, when will a new Jerk zine
rear its head? Where's your co-conspirator now?
Tetley: Jerk finished because discharge got
captured by the borg. We might be putting
out another as soon as she stops wasting her
money on candy ... I don't eat candy. My
new zine bud is Jose and we do a zine called
Suburbanite .„ so send in the candy!
What mythological figure does each
Spice Girl represent?
Edward: The Spice Girls aren't mythological characters. They are actually the cartoon heroes Jem, as a dance group.
Were you ever supplied with condoms
by a guidance counselor in high school?
Edward: Condoms are just another tool of
the establishment to bring us down — use
one or get none, well 1 like "em, ya I like
"em and I'll use them all the time.
Tetley: Discharge stole them all to make
Mr. Chris: No, 'cause my guidance counselor didn't think I could get any.
Jose: No way jose. I got no guidance either.
CITR 101.9 FM
July 3 - Karen Foster
The Cowardz
The Retreads
WASH, from
July 10
July 24
July 31
7    HtfeSlESffi by Julie Colero/photos by Barb Yamazaki OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
record Which is a different band than
the New Jeisey 7", which was me and
I saw a video on MuchMusic a
few years ago for 'After Having
Cried/ on City Limits or The
Wedge — this little fuzzy video,
stuck between all this really
mainstream stuff, and I thought
that was really cool. Have you
had much luck getting played
on MM or on radio?
ge radio, yeah  I've gol anolh
out now, for 'Iceman,' and
plays it all the lime   I |ust gol
lo do my first MM interview, in Toronto,
I was very excited
Was it live?
No, it's going lo be edited They came
and they shot the show, and me and
Sook-Yin talked We didn't talk aboul
music al all, all we talked aboul was
love I thought. Oh my God, now all
of Canada is going lo know lhal I'm a "*
freakl' Everyone was trying lo convince
me that this is a good thing. Yes,
Cecil, you are, you're a love freak,
ond that's OKI'
With the name Nerdy Girl, it
almost seems like an attempt to
cash in on the whole indie-rock,
used-to-be-a-nerd, now-l'm-a-
star movement.
No, not al all I was just going lo call
the band, my protect, Cecil Seaskull I
had written a song called Nerdy Girl,'
and it was about going to see Star Wars
for the first time Later, I had a dream thai
slage in front of whal seemed
ike thousands of people bul was proba*
Cecil Seaskull, the one and only Nerdy Girl,
promised me tonnes of conversation to sift through She   bly only 20  They announced
delivered An hour's worth of tape becomes a whole lotta Nerdy Girl, and I was like, No, Ceci
paper, so here are some of the highlights of my comfy    Seaskull!'   Everyone   was   shouting
chat with this amazing woman.
Julie: I've noticed that you seem to have
people in the band coming and going; is
there no steady line-up?
Cecil  No
So whoever wants to work for you for a
while ...
Oh yeah, and you know whal's even best? If you
don'l know how lo play an instrument, |ust come on,
come on lour with mel
Are you touring a lot?
Um, no, I did a lour this summer, and today is the last
day of my May lour I live in I A  now, so I've been
doing shows around town, bul |ust alone, by myself
with a guitar.
So you don't really need all the extras?
I like playing with a bond, because it's fun lo be pari
of a gang   The band thot I went on lour with right
now is a different band than I went on lour wilh this
summer, which is a different band lhan recorded this
8   July 1337
'Nerdy Girl!' so I thought, oh well, I
guess that's the name of my band now
Do you write everything?
On the record, Gabe, Ron and Kim wrote their own
parts, but I came in with the skeleton of the song
— my part, my melody, my words — and I'd go,
'Here's the song, it goes like this ' Then everybody
would odd a part The most exciting thing for me
about getting to work with different people is learning
Can you notice a difference in your output
when you're working with different people? Do you get different kinds of sounds?
Absolutely I don'l think thai you should ever try lo do
the same thing over and over again The whole music
process for me is all about growing All this exploring,
this trying to resolve my problems with relationships, or
boys, or women, whatever I think lhal the chance lhal
I have to play with different people and to learn
changes me I live in LA now My heart has been
broken a different way than il was on the lasl record,
so my next record will be completely different When
I go back down lo LA  I'm going lo record a new
record, and instead of having one band lhat I work
with, on every single song I'm going to have different
people playing Some songs will be very sparse, and
some songs will be very loud
Do you want to become a star? Do you
want fame?
I |usl want lo do good work I want to be able lo put
out another record   I want lo be able lo go on lour
again I don't mind living off crackers and stolen truck
stop peanut butter, as long as I can gel on stage and
sing and play
[Cecil returns to this subject bier on] Lasl time I talked
to someone Irom DiSCORDER. a lew years back, we
had this big long conversation aboul being popular
and selling oul   I said it then, and I'll say it again
now as long as you remain true lo whal you're doing
and you Iry lo do good work      [although] I wouldn't
mind affording a little more food
So you were originally from Montreal?
That's where I was living for the lasl seven years  I'm
originally from New York City
So you're not really Can-conl Sneakyl
I feel like I'm bolh Canadian and American  I did all
of my formative growing up in Montreal   I became
an adull in Canada
lis really obvious for everybody else who is in my
life — they all know that I write songs about every
body in my life When I kiss a boy, I say, 'Hey, you
know, I might have to write a song about you ' I don'l
kiss very many boys, but usually when I do, it'll be
SMOOCH! and they'll be like, Allnghtl Write a song
aboul me! That's cooll' But this one boy, who I've |ust
written my whole new record aboul, he's the only person I've ever smooched who responded lo my line
with, 'Oh I don'l know about that . ' I ihink it would
be best if he never listened lo the new record Poor
guy Twist Her was written mostly about one person,
like, he's been my muse for the lasl len years' and I find
that really inspiring I asked him if it made him uncomfortable that I wrote all those songs about him he
came to a show in New York, and I was standing on
slage, singing all these songs aboul him, and I was just
laughing I'd sing you,' and there he was!
No ego trip for him?
No. It's kind of a |oke between us I don'l think it
would be such a terrible thing to be somebody's
muse, do you? I think il would be kind of exciting
Everybody wants to be the subject of a
song. Everybody wants to be that important to somebody ...
Except for this one guy; he's the one in a million who
doesn't Oh well
When you came in here and heard your
music playing, did you like that? Do you
like listening to your own music?
It was weird. I thought it was kind of thrilling
Yeah, Nerdy Girl playing at Subeez, the
most hip and cool place to be in
Vancouver ...
I'm a big cafe girl I love cafes I think that the most
important thing about a cafe is whether or not you could
write a novel in it. There aren't very many like that
So do you have lots of time to check these
places out?
It's my favourite thing to do If I could gel a degree in
sitting in a cafe — thinking and writing — and il could
be my pb, it would be my ideal pb
Since you're moving around so often, do
you end up spending a lot of time alone?
Yeah, I like being alone I do like being out wilh people, loo It |ust never occurs lo me to call anybody to
go to a cafe with me, ever I always |usl do stuff by
Solitary time is really productive for you,
I do so much sitting in cafes, |ust thinking If I go with
people, it's a different thing Bul if I go lo a cafe and
a friend of mine runs inlo me, I almost feel uncomfortable I don't know whal lo do; I have lo talk Thai's the
good thing about Julie [currently playing in Nerdy
Girl), is thot we were in this cafe, and we both |ust sat
there and wrote I liked that
It's very rare that you can find others
that are comfortable with that. To be
able to have this mutual understanding
with others that talk is not always necessary is nice.
Yeah, because when I want to talk, I'll talk I like lo
talk but writing in cafes is probably aboul the most
important thing in my life
So there will be a little novel to go along
with the next Nerdy Girl record?
I've gol aboul a zillion started novels  I've gol aboul
the first 15 pages of about len novels, bul a novel's
jusl so long      I'm good at the first 15 pages, though
. Maybe with the next record there'll be the first
pages of len novels   People can fill in the blanks
Who am I lo oppress their imaginations?
It's like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure,
but with a whole lot to choose?
Exactly! I'll give you the slart-up — a few characters
— ihen you fill in the rest Thal'd be good.
You mentioned something earlier about
another band, Bite?
Julie and I used to be in Bite together. We have a
new project called PR 1, which is a little bit harder
I've got some songs which are my Ridiculous or my
Angry, and I don't feel like there's a place for lhal in
Nerdy Girl.
You'll remain happy as long as you can
keep putting out music?
It's all aboul storytelling Right now, I'm doing it
through music Maybe one day I will write that novel,
maybe I'll get past page 15. Maybe I'll write a script,
maybe I'll act. I don't know It's all the creative
process, it's all doing good work. I |ust want lo do
good work. I want lo explore all avenues. When I'm
done wilh Nerdy Girl, I'll move on to the next thing. I
just want lo create ... and sit in a cafe.* I
with guests XvtilV
Richard's On Richards
iaDy PeAce
;pKVcA   4*
fcoLLecTive    ■
I MoTHeR EaR^i
SilVeRcHair   y/
Monday Augusjtv25 :\%%
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indigo girts
soaum colvin
more rpecrafguests to came
J^" ^^ ^g c^^,
Saturday August 24
Thunderbird Stadium THEI
www.roadside.ca I
JULY !_!
£r-n^i     I
^T H E     G [ O R G / AWm        ^
CONCERTS Ida is a really nice band. Liz Mitchell
and  Dan   Littleton  started playing
guitar,  singing and  writing songs
together in New York in 1992, and
made a tape which their friends
at Simple Machines liked. Miggy
Littleton joined two years later
to drum and sing and toot the
occasional melodica, and Karla
Schickele     from      Beekeeper
became a permanent member
last October when Ida needed
a bass player to tour with.
The band, who play
beautifully soft music with
heartbreaking harmonies,
have released two full-length
records (Tales of Brave Ida
and I Know About You) on
Simple Machines, have many
limited-edition 7"s out, will
be releasing a compilation
album of instrumental songs
and 4-track recordings in
August and will be recording
another record in the winter.
We were privileged to have
the company of Ida in an alley
outside of Seattle's Velvet Elvis
and also had the pleasure of
witnessing a fine performance.
by Lisa Chen-Wing
Photos by Barb
Were you in bands before Ida? Anything we've
heard of?
Dan; Maybe, probably. I've been In bands probably
everyone has heard of ...
Miggy: The Shit, The Assassins...
Dan: ... Mayonnaise Youth.
Liz: They're from Annapolis, Maryland. I'm going to
be helpful here, and explain things Wanna explain
where you're from, guys? Talk about yourselves?
Dan: We're from Annapolis, Maryland — that's
where we grew up.
Liz: And Dan had a band called The Hated — punk
Dan: Yeah, and Three Shades of Dirty. Liz was in
Nine Stories, and Lisa Loeb. Karla was in the Home
Liz: She's also in Beekeeper.
How many records do you have out?
Liz: Two full lengths, a split 7" with Beekeeper, a
7" with Simple Machines, a split with Dead Wood
Divine on Tree Conspiracy Records in Philly.
Dan: They're also Annapolis spawn. We've got
other 7"s coming out in the next couple months.
Liz: A split with Portastatic, and a split with Secret
Stars with a zine
So, you're based out of New York, right? Do
you have a sense of community with other
Liz: Definitely. Karla's band Beekeeper, our friends
Babe the Blue Ox, The Hand, Dan's other band.
Miggy has a band called Scarpetta
You [Miggy] did some stuff with Containe as
Miggy: I played drums with them for about a week.
Dan: He did a tour, it was a little more elaborate.
Miggy: Yeah, I had a great time with them.
Dan: There's a big incestuous music scene in New
York, just like anywhere probably. We were totally in
love with Beekeeper and didn't think we'd get a
chance to play with Karla, we just asked her to tour...
Liz:... And she said yes.
Karla: They called me up and said, 'We're going to
the west coast to tour We're going to play music.
We need a bass player. We're sure you don't want
to go.' And I said, 'Hold on while I clear my life for
a month because I definitely want to go.'
So how long have you been out here on the
west coast?
Dan: That was like six months ago. We went home
for a little bit.
But recently you came out again?
Karla: It's been three weeks.
Liz At first we were on tour with this woman Lori
Carson, so we played at Moe's here [in Seattle] two
weeks ago. And then we went back down to
California and came back through. Dan and Miggy's
sister just had a baby in Portland two nights ago. So
we're all like, Aaaaah!'
Dan: We're very distracted.
Liz: We planned to spend an extra week out here so
that we could be with the family and meet the little guy.
What's his name?
Dan: Joseph Raphael Calhoun Edwards.
Liz: And he was born on my birthday!
Dan: Yeah, while we were playing a show in San
Francisco, he was born.
How soon after did you find out?
Dan: About 4:00 in the morning.
Liz: Then we drove up to Willows, CA, because we
were playing in Portland last night and at four in
the morning I checked my messages and there was
a message about the baby. We were very excited.
Dan: Thank you. I'm still completely incoherent
from that. I couldn't stop thinking about it and I just
babbled the whole of last night at the show. It was
really terrible and I feel really sorry for everyone who
had to listen to it
Is music your full time profession? Or do you
have other jobs to support this?
Liz: Well the more we tour the more we're able to
not be working. Karla's held on to her day job in
Brooklyn as a speech writer.
Karla: I just haven't been there for a few months.
Who do you write for?
Karla: I work in the press office for the Brooklyn
borough president, sort of the mayor of Brooklyn. I
write speeches for him and stuff, when I'm there.
Dan: Miggy does restaurant stuff, I've been able to
live off of music for the last year.
Liz: 'Cause Dan was in the band called Liquorice
with Jenny Toomey from Tsunami, and they were on
4AD so he got a little bit of money from that ...
Dan: ... and I also did soundtrack work.
Liz: Yeah, for the Learning Channel I used to teach
nursery school for a while, but it doesn't really fit
with this lifestyle.
If you were to go to a Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
Camp, who would you want as your counsellors?
Dan: Miggy, you pick it all.
Miggy: I'll say Hank Williams, and Damo Suzuki,
the lead singer of Can.
Dan: That's a killer combo.
Karla: That's a most difficult question.
Dan: C'mon, Paul McCartney!
Karla: Paul McCartney twice1 Only Paul. 1964 Paul
McCartney and then 1973 Paul McCartney. Linda,
Linda McCartney Paul and Linda
Liz: I would say Lucmda Williams, and Cassandra
Wilson Not very rock and roll, but I'm not. Can I add
one more? Neil Young He's the rock and roll side
Dan: I would say ... aw, man ... Aretha Franklin and
Liz: Yeah, Prince would have to be there
Karla   And I think I'd have to go with Chrissy
Hynde, and John Lennon. He'd probably be obnoxious, but would be instructional and wise.
Dan: If you ever got bored with what he was telling
you, you could always just ask him about the songs
Karla  I can't imagine ever being bored with John
Where is your place in pop culture today? Do
you have a niche?
Dan If we have a niche, it's a very small one
In relation to the mainstream, where do you
see yourselves?
Miggy: In our bedrooms
Liz: I mean, we're at the Velvet Elvis, y'know ...
Karla That's our place in society ...
... And is it a good place to be?
Dan  It's a good place, it's where we are. We've
always done everything on a really small scale
Do you want to keep it small?
Dan I think so, at least on the level that it is: where
everything feels organic to us, and connected, and
it doesn't feel like we have some huge ambition that
is off the scales of reason
Liz: But at the same time, you can't find our
records. So there has to be an area in between
keeping it small, and existing
So what's your ambition for the band right
Liz  Just to become as great musicians as we can
be, and write better songs.
Have you developed?
Liz: Yeah we have, which makes me happy. I don't
feel like we're a band that hit their stride with
their first record and then never quite got there
again I think we're getting better, and that makes
me happy.
Are you guys coming up to Canada any time
Liz: We played in Toronto, and did the east side
thing, but you've got to pay to get across So we
snuck across last time, 'cause we had a friend in
Toronto who helped us out. We'd bve to come up to
Vancouver but we'd have to figure it out logistically.
Are there any Canadian bands you like?
Dan: Yeah, there are a couple.
Karla: Neil Young.
Dan: Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Jane Siberry ... No,
um. Yes.
Can you think of any?
Dan: Well we just played a show with The Softies,
and they're kind of Vancouver-based, right? And in
Ottawa we played with the Wooden Stars.
Liz: And he has the side project called Snailhouse
that's really beautiful.
Dan: I love that record.
Liz: We played a Snailhouse show in Ottawa which
was really great. He's so young. He's younger than
us. He's like 24, 23.1 figured he was older, I was like
'Damn, you're young and you're that good. What's
gonna happen? You're gonna get so good.'
Dan: He's a really inspiring person*
Write  Ida   c/o  Simple   Machines,   Box   10290,
Arlington, VA, 22210-1290, USA.
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Vfrecrther Permitting
Rick White/Tc\rc\ White/JTlcArk Gc\udet
by Jeremy Gruman
photos by Barb
o chat with th'
r To Hell bef~'
Jeremy: So now that the tape is rolling, I
hope that doesn't cause everyone to clam
Mark Rick was in a band called Clam wilh Mike
from the Wooden Stars and the Underdogs
Tara  I was in Clam, too
Mark You were?
Rick   No, you weren't  That was Bar-B-Q-4-40
Tara But I thought we did Clam, too.
Mark   Bar-B-Q-4-402 I never even heard of that
Well, how can you not know? This is a
Moncton band we're talking about.
Mark I know. Thai's *usl il. Thai's why I mentioned
it, and I am embarrassed.
Rick Well, anyways .
Okay, what do you think of the new
fixed link bridge in your home province
of New Brunswick?
Mark   Ian Scott, who lives in Vancouver, here,
walked on the new bridge, or ran it, on ihe first day
Tara  I'm not going anywhere near it
Rick Yeah, we hardly ever play PEI actually, even
as Eric's Trip We always took the ferry.
Mark We almost missed it one night, so Eric's Trip
did a 23 minute long set because ihe band before us
played loo long, bul we made the ferry just in time
Driving.back on the ferry that nighl was like the Wire
song "Marooned." It was very desolate
They had Wire playing on the ferry?
Mark  No, ii was in my head, and I was trying to
translate it to the other band members.
Rick If I had a ferry company, I'd play Wire on the
Tara  Wire was playing on the ferry?
Mark No.
Rick: No
When is the new Elevator To Hell album
coming out?
Tara   In Canada, August 19th or somelhing like
that, and September 9th in the States
[While Tara answered this question, a shady looking
fellow approached.]
Shady Fellow: Do you guys wanna buy some
Mark  No thanks, but, man, we gol taken care of
Actually, that leads into a good question.
Shady Fellow: I got doses too
The last time I saw Elevator To Hell, I was
very impressed by the quantities of hash
that you were able to smoke. What do
you attribute that to? Is it years of practice?
Rick: Yeah, I guess We're |usl used to lhat back in
Mark: And you don'l need [anything] heavier than
hash Hash is nice It's scary that heroin and stuff like
that ...
Rick There's a lol of it out here.
Mark: Some kids should Iry hash and realize that it
should never go any heavier than lhal
Rick With hash you can keep yourself bul you're
just in a dreamy place It's kind of mellow and you're
still there, and you know what you're doing You can
still play music.
Mark And you can come out of it, if you stop it
Tara  It's o constructive drug
Well then, what is your daily average
Mark Remember the Bad Brains? They said lhat
they prayed through a daily sacrament. It's hard to
say how much   You know, when a man works all
day, and you gel home, you have a meal, you have
a shit, and then you sit back   Sometimes that day
can only start at twelve, right before you go to bed
Or if you have a day off you can start it early.
Rick It's daily a ritual
Mark   :ts nice lo ritualize it with the band   I find
that Elevator To Hell kind of goes for that
So what mass, what weight of hash do
you smoke before a show?
Rick Not that much Jusl enough that we get inlo a
Mark When I saw Ritchie Blackmore, I was late
for the Elevator To Hell gig, and all I could do was
three BTs
Was that enough?
Mark No, but it goes from a little bit lo loo much,
and lhat's not pood either It's good lo arrive at a gig
about a half hour before, do a little session, and then
play Then you're elevating, before relaxing
Rick It's |ust a mental thing We don't call ourselves
drug users It's just a mellow thing, I find I get more
messed up when I drink a couple of beers. We don't
feel like it's a bad thing.
Mark You [use] so much of it when you put it in
paper. The way we do it is conserving more, so it
might seem like a lot, bul it's probably not any more
lhan jusl a |Oint You can go through it loo fast by
putting it in paper We're economical.
Okay, back to the album. What are your
general feelings these days about the
band and the music?
Rick We're really into the music, and trying to keep
our mission going We've been making music together since 1990
Mark We've carved our thing in stone a bit, but as
long as we're still together we're still sort of etching
out a history. It's good that we're together.
With Eric's Trip, the band became quite
well known. It's like you're starting all
over again with Elevator To Hell.
Rick It look a while with Eric's Trip In some ways it
seems thai we're starting over, but to us it's a continuation really. If you change your name, il throws il
off If we had kept the name Eric's Trip, and people
jusl said, 'Oh, Ihey lost Julie [Doiron] and Chris
[Thompson], but it's still Eric's Trip.' We'd probably
have more people al our shows, but we wanted to
give it a different lille. We feel like it's a bit different
now that we don't have those Iwo people.
Tara The people who don't go lo our shows, jusl
because of the name change, don't know whal
Rick   People who do come usually notice that it's
still the same feeling We're a lot more together as a
band  We have lots of new songs together, instead
of |ust songs lhal I wrote
So how different will this album sound
compared to Parts 1 -3?
Rick   It doesn't sound like Purple Blue   It sounds
more like Forever Again. Il has a more psychedelic
Mark  You're talking to us on the eve of the debut
of Ihe band album of Elevator To Hell. This will be the
first band album. Elevator To Hell has two first
albums, one that was Rick's Elevator To Hell, and
now it's the band's Elevator To Hell. It's cool. How
will we change when we get interviewed by the
mighty Jeremy after the release of the album? Maybe
we'll be talking aboul toys
Rick We just let our lives unroll.
Mark  As long as we keep the band going and
our mission going, it's always metamorphosizing into
stuff lhat even surprises us three months later
What is the mission?
Mark Well I consider Rick to be the path setter,
and I've been following this path for a while and it's
been pretty interesting
Rick He's |usl superstitious, and I just go by fate.
We're on a wacky path
People are very excited these days about
electronica, and at the start of "Mercyful
Fate" Tara screams "techno!" There are
also songs on that album where you use
some little electronic instruments, and it
is one thing which I think makes Elevator
To Hell distinct from Eric's Trip.
Rick Most of the demos for Eric's Trip were done
that way, though None of our stuff is very high tech
I think of a dinky keyboard machine the same way I
think of an electric guitar. It's not like a sampler and
a computer. It's |usl a dinky little keyboard. We just
like to use what's around and whal we can afford
We collect little things and make the best music we
Mark   Bul it's neat to think thai one of the songs
from Paris 1 -3 could be played in a club, because
some of them have that sort of thing [hums a little
funky beat]
What is the significance of the band's
Rick I think it came from guilt about ways of living.
I feel the world around me can be hell Elevator represents claustrophobicness It can go up or down
You can get out al any floor al any moment You can
walk around the corner and get beat up, or you can
meet some nice person. It's just up and down all the
time. On the new record we put Elevator Through
Hell on the back, because it's a little more optimistic
We don't want to have ihis for sure endpoml. Maybe
we'll pass through it. Maybe •
15 im^smm Satire, Max Hueber Press, p. 13]
OK, so I'm sifting through the heaps of stuff I've amassed over fhe past 10 months ml John What they picture is 1) a uniform race and
Hamburg, trying to decide whal is worthy of making the trek back with me to Vancouver,! 2) the recent 20 year trend in fascist thought has
and I find a tape of the interview I did with John of The Mountain Goats back inl been toward old pre-Christian religions,
1 November for an independent radio station here I originally thought that there wasn't much to the! which sprang oul of Sweden and Norway They
1 interview, bul Father Time has tempered my |udgement and upon a second listen I think there may! ca" themselves Odmists and they worship Thor
I be something to be weoned from it after all Before you start suckling, however, let it be known that! and *° on and •*■> ■or,(' ln le,Pz,9 * was a 9"*-"
lot the time of said interview. o| I had no idea that John would be at the station let alone that I would! 'nte*vi<-*w The first ques,lon he Q$ked was* WnY
Ibe asking h,m questions live on air and I all caught me rather unawares as I was coincidental^ b V00' album cdled 5weden2' which ,s a Pre*'
! sitting in the studio when suddenly the On Air light went on and a nervous German started motion
n my direction; b] I had not yet heard a single snippet from the then new Ajax Records release]
I Nothing For Juice |since then the Goats have released yet another album, Full Force Galesburg,
land the mighty Ajax empire has sadfy been scoured off) Although I have been an admirer of the'
I Goats ever since I discovered the Sweden album on the CiTR playlist, I am far from well-versed
Ithe relevant details and lyrical subtleties that any decent MG fan would bring up if put in a room1
1 with a Goat and a microphone
At the time of the interview, The Mountain Goats were in fhe midst of their European tour
Peter Hughes, of Nothing Painted Blue and various Franklin Bruno collaborations, replacing Rachel on bass) and thai day they had travelled down lo Hamburg from John's beloved]
1 Sweden Ever since I bid eyes on the Sweden olbum, which features a Swedish flag on the cover,
1 Swedish versions of all the song titles, and a lengthy expose of the widely misinterpreted nature of'
Ithe Swedish people, I had been wondering what this Skandmavian obsession was all about, sol
I we began with the obvious question ...
1 by German correspondent and CiTR member, Kazi Stastna
Kazi:    So    what's    so    great    about
John Well, in Leipzig they thought I was a fascist, because a bl of white supremacists think of
the Skandmavian countries as the Aryan home
lands They think of il as the ideal stale, and when
ihey picture it they picture a bl of bbnde, blue
eyed people
Kazi: Like yourself. [John is a brown
haired, dark eyed feller.]
John Yeah Well, no
[Note: "Verbal irony is a figure of
speech in which the actual intent is
expressed in words which carry the
opposite meaning. The ability to recognize irony is one of the surest tests of
intelligence and sophistication." From
The Handbook of Wit, Humour and
ty common question for me now and I told hn
and he said, 'But is it a political issue for you?'
And I said, 'Political, how?' and he said. Well,
people who talk about Sweden in Germany
tend to be fascists They tend to be people
who want to go there to gel away from Turkish
immigrants '
So that has nothing to do with it
Kazi: So why is your album called
Sweden, John?
John Well, I was raised on Ingmar
Bergmann movies and August Stnndberg
plays Running through all Swedish literature, there's a great strain of sort of a thirst
for pain, a thirst for the far extremes of
bad experience — not the sort of thirst
for pain we get in German — and in
French and in American art, where people want physical desolation and
behavioural extremes to accompany
these sorts of ugly corners of the mind we can
go to In Bergmann and Stnndberg nobody has
to do anything to get to those dark places —
you don't have to become a |unkie, you don't
have to start whoring yourself, all you have to
do is find the place in your brain that you don't
want to admit exists In a good Bergmann
movie, nobody does anything at all! They just
suffer. Ahh [sighs], it's terrific!
Jan [the German moderator who is a
bit of a Skandophile himself]: So have
you ever been to Finland? It's even
John No I met a Finn bst night I will say this
against Sweden: me and Peter realty love it up
there and it's like the only place I've ever been
where I'm thinking, you know, woub I sign away
my American citizenship to own a nice piece of
property out here among the cows and the nature
part? I would move to Sweden and probably have
no regrets, but their men, they show up at a club at
8 00 and by 8:20 they've killed five beers and
they get louder and buder and louder, and they
|ust don't stop drinking Our theory is that since a
beer costs about 9.50 DM [$9 Cdn ] up there,
and that hurts to pay that much beer, you wanna
pay for four up front, get 'em in your belly and
then you won't have to think about it any more
So they drink awful hard up there and they gel
real bud and that can be irritating if you've had a
long night and it's 4 00 in the morning and they
say, 'Come on, you wanna go out dancingl' [imitates the slurred speech of a drunken Swede], and
you say, 'No! I want to go to sleep1'
Kazi: [So,] what about Rachel?
John Rachel lives in California and I live in Iowa
now She has a full-time pb, I do this for a living
Peter Hughes is a substitute teacher so he can get
time off whenever he wants to, so Rachel and I
aren't working together any more Am I even
audible here? I'm pretty far from the mic.
Kazi: Yeah, it's kind of disturbing, but
this mic picks up everything, so if you
scratch yourself or anything ... hey,
'what a beautiful lead-in — speaking of
Scratch, you [the Extra Glenns] did a
song on a Scratch Records compilation
('Sure' on Sidereal Rest). Scratch
Records from Vancouver, Canada, and
there's a Scratch Records here in
Hamburg too, isn't that odd?
John: That is the strangest thing I have ever
heard. I just don't know if I can go on Yeah, you
know, I've been apologizing to the guy from
t h eOm o u n t a i r
Kazi: Why?
John: Because he called me on the worst day of
my life.
Kazi: That sounds dramatic.
John: Well, I know, it's now the second worst day,
but at the time it was the worst day I had been
seeing a woman named Lethie for five years ...
Kazi: Oh no...
John: OK, so Rachel and I went and did our first
out of town show ever, in San Francisco, right?
We'd been pbying together tor six months or so
and we got this offer to do a show at the Thirsty
Swede, coincidentalry enough.
Kazi: This was when?
John: Oh, I don't know, four, five years ago. We
got this call, decided to do the show, did the
show, and when I came home, for various reasons, I decided that my rebtionship with lethie was
over. She was in Yelbwstone Park at the time so
•H P-71337 she was out of town I knew what was going
down when she came back from Yellowstone and
she didn't have a clue, right? So she showed up at
my house to say hello and 'the thing' happened,
the thing about which Douglas Coupland writes
compellingly in his most recent book .
Kazi: But we won't get into that...
John We will get into that The dude is nuts.
Kazi: The 'dude' is crap.
John You can disagree with his approach, [but]
you can't call it crap His writing is sterling, sterling, and I will pull rank as an English graduate, I
will pull rank You can argue with his thesis — you
can argue very broadly — and you can certainly
say, look, he's selling you a bill of goods as a
Canadian perspective which isn't a Canadian perspective and he's lying to you This you can say,
but you cannot assail his style, it's beyond reproach,
[clears throat] Anyway, so we get back and I
broke up wifh my girlfriend and we'd been seeing
each other for five years, so the next day I was
predictably a big mess, and I'm walking around
the house |ust wailing and listening to the same
Randy Newman song over and over and over
again, and the phone rings and I look at the
phone like it's my mortal enemy, but it's my stated
position that no matter how you're feeling you
should answer the phone.
Kazi: Politely.
John Well, not necessarily politely. You can say,
'Hi. It's your nickel.' The only time you don't have
to answer the phone is when you're having sex —
outside of that, you gotta answer the phone. This is
my position. So the phone rings and I answer it,
'Helb,' [imitates a cracked, heartbroken tone] and
this voice says, 'Hi, is this John? This is ...' what is
it? Douglas? Bruce? Anyway, 'This is some
Canadian guy from Scratch Records, how ya
doin'?' 'I'm not so good.' 'Oh, well, what's
wrong?' 'You don't wanna hear it.' 'No, what is
it?' 'Listen, I just broke up with my girlfriend of five
years, I wanna get off the phone. What can I do
for you?' 'Oh, I'm sorry, I heard you guys were
touring,' 'No, we played one show.' 'Oh, well
when are you coming up to Vancouver?' 'I don't
know!' And he wanted to keep me on the phone,
goes through Franklin, that's part of what makes it
the Extra Glenns  I don't have any say except he
OKs it with me, but I don't do the setting up I don't
decide which song, I don't do the mixing, I |ust
show up and punch the clock. I put down the
basic tracks and then Franklin does whatever he
wants with them, and that's kind of fun.
Kazi: OK, let's listen to another song.
What are we going to hear, John?
John   'Cubs m Five,' which didn't happen
because the accursed Yankees won, who are an
American League team.
Kazi: This is a baseball reference, for all
you -who are lost.
John  If you stay tuned, I will tell you more about
why it's just totally wrong that they won
Kazi: No, if you stay tuned, we won't
talk about baseball!
John: Ohhhh, yes we will! Believe me, you don't
escape from a room with me without talking about
a little baseball.
[Insert musical interlude here 'Cubs in Five' from 9
Black Poppies]
Kazi: So yeah, 'Cubs in Five' — what
exactly does that mean? [Remember,
folks, we're in Germany here, where
the name of the game is Fussball, and it
means soccer.]
John: Well, that means ... in fact, I'll tell you one
thing — the man singing backing vocals on that
was Peter Hughes himself. He plays bass with me
on tour now. When I wrote the song I was pretty
happy with it and I called Peter and said, 'You
gotta come over here. I've written the funniest
song, the first funny song I've written in over a year
and I want you to sing on it.' But, um ... Chicago
Cubs are a baseball team that haven't won a pennant since ...
Kazi: What's a pennant?
John: The pennant is the league championship.
Baseball is split into two leagues: the American
and the National. The American League is a
Communist plot, the National League is the only
genuine baseball. The American League is false,
because that's not it Well, in the American League
the pitcher, the guy who throws the ball to the batter, doesn't have to go up to bat He can have
somebody bat for him every inning, it's called a
designated batter This, my friends, is deeply
immoral This is wrong
Kazi: So, wait, what was a pennant
i  goats
and I really wanted to get off the phone. Then he
started telling me — and this is the thing that
which, while I'm apologizing, the apology to him
which I've never gotten to make personally is: I'm
sorry if I was a dick on the phone, but at the same
time, he tried to feed me a line that people can
feed you a month after you end a long-term relationship and it's time for you to get back up on
your feet, and they say, 'Listen, there's other people
out there.' But we're talking about 16 hours after
the break-up of the longest relationship of my life
and he says, There's a bt of good looking women
out there!' I didn't need to hear that right then I
didn't want to know. So, anyway, that's my Scratch
Records story
Kazi: And that's how he got you to do
that song?
John: No, no. That was all through Franklin
[Bruno of Nothing Painted Blue], Extra Gtenns stuff
and that's why it's bad that the Yank ... imagine if
you had a soccer where you were allowed to
touch the ball with your hands, just throw it into the
net. Imagine I split all the soccer teams into two
leagues, [with] one league where you play it the
way it was meant to be played ...
Kazi: Ohhh, now come onl
John: No, I'm dead serious. I'm as serious about
this as I could be about the issue of the resurrection
... well, not that serious, but ... Anyway, in the
other league, once you got close enough to the
net you were allowed to just smack it with your
hand and knock it in. This would not be soccer,
would it? This would not be soccer, it would be
an abomination! And of course, Germany would
rise up as one body and say, 'No, we're not
gonna play soccer like that, and you can't call it
soccer.' In France they would certainly do that —
they'd say you're not allowed to call that soccer
John The pennant is the league championship
There's an American League pennant and a
National League pennant The Cubs are a
National League team and they are perennial
bsers — they lose every year and they lose spectacularly every year — and some years it looks
like they're going to make a run for it, but then they
lose. This next year, they're gonna win But either
way, the song is a series of improbable things and
the most improbable things are mentioned in the
chorus: the Cubs will beat every team in the
league and the Tampa Bay Buckaneers, who are
an American football team who also suck, will win
the Superbowl My boss at A*ax has yet to grasp
the ironies, and they're, like, right in your face. You
can't get a lot more bald with irony than lhat, but
all he thought when he heard fhe song was, 'Yeah,
John, but the Cubs suck.' I said, 'No, Tim, listen to
the other things being mentioned — life on the
moon ...' And he goes, 'Yeah, but the Cubs suck '
[At this point Patrick, a DJ at the station, enters the
scene and attempts to make a smooth transition to
regubr programming, which includes an announce
ment of the upcoming Butterglory concert ]
Patrick: Do you know the band
John: They're pretty good. I'm playing with them
in Holland I was working at Touch and Go
[Records] when Are you Building a Temple in
Heaven came out, and it's fine with me and for
what it is, it's real great. I don't slag 'em, it's just
that that's not the sort of stuff that I listen to much
Generally speaking, the standard indie rock
setup doesn't do much for me — I'd rather listen
to pop music
Kazi: What kind of new stuff do you
John: Suede, the new Suede album
Patrick: You really like them?
John: Love it
Patrick: It's disgusting!
John: Pulp. I think Pulp is probably the best band
around right now The new Electronic album. I listen to a lot of hardcore: Born Against, Men's
Recovery Project, Ass Factor 4, Propxxjhandi, who
are Canadian and they rule, they're amazingly
Kazi: From Winnipeg.
John: Winnipeg, Manitoba. 'Southern Manitoba
prairies pulling at the pant legs of your bandit [?]
skies' is a lyric from one of the finer songs on their
album Less Talk More Rock, which, incidentally, is
chalk full of the kind of politics which really pulls
my chain these days. They're radical vegans I'm
not a vegan, but I am the sort of vegetarian that if
you eat meat, I will tell you that you're wrong, I'm
one of them. I swear to God I was selling records
after the show in Sweden and to everybody who
bought a record, I woud say, Thanks for buying it,
are you a vegetarian?' And if they said yes, I
woub thank them when they asked me to sign it,
and if they said no, I woub write. Thank you for
buying this record, stop killing animals.'
Kazi: 'Meat is murder!' Something
along those lines?
John: Yeah, I would write that. I write it in
German when I'm here
The official end of the interview gets kind of lost in
ihe standard college radio chaos of DJ shifts and
abrupt broadcast endings. As Butterglory's take on
"the standard indie rock setup" pumps over the airwaves, Patrick and I try to get John to admit that he
was only kidding when he said he liked all those
British bands, so that we can sleep soundly knowing all is well in our indie rock universe, assured
that our indie icons really do have good taste, but
to our dismay John explains (rather exasperatedly
I might add, although it's us disenchanted fans who
are taking the fall here] that people always expect
him lo listen to the same kind of music lhat he plays
but that he considers himself to be the best at what
he does, and hence has no need to hear other
bands doing similar things. Now, I don't know,
maybe that's a completely valid explanation — if
perhaps a slightly pompous one — but I slill think
it sucks. I mean, come on — the guy looked me
straight in the eye and said he liked Take That!
Talk about separating the art from the artist's
record collection ... jeeshl*
Full Force Galesburg
(Emperor Jones)
How to describe the wonder that is the
Mountain Goats? The finely crafted
musical treatises; the acerbic sting of
embittered love, the grand sweeping truths
illuminated through near-frantic acoustic strum
on very familliar chords. Each song an epic.
Using material drawn from the dust-bin of
history, a surreal Alpine landscape slowly
emerges — one dotted by Roman dictators,
Vegas runaways and seal-obsessed madmen This is the world you can never leave
On this latest effort by the unbelievably
prolific Mr. Darnielle, territory both strange
and lovely is once again painstakingly
charted. The tape-recorder's homely rattle,
which filled the first handful of albums, is
now long ago forgotten Along with an
increasing utilization of the studio for ever
expanding musical arrangements, this album
contains some of his most complex work yet
(Purists fear not. It ain't like the Boston
Philharmonic dropped by to jam ... .a lone
harmonica really adds plenty to one guy +
his guitar)
Though Full Force Galesburg does exhib
it the considerable skills of collaborators
Alastair Galbraith, Peter Hughes
and Bob Durkee, it also marks the departure of sometime partner Rachel Ware.
Her gentle bass and soft vocal counterpoint
are to be sadly missed
Also gone is some of that old vitriolic
bite. Not to say that jagged little pebbles
of lyric aren't strewn liberally through these
16 songs. They are. It's just that after the
richness of a few dozen listens fades, it's
the sweet popping candies which remain.
Witty, clever, insightful as ever and rarely
less than absolutely stellar, if John's most
recent foray into the spilt paintbox of fragile, unkempt bve shows him mellowed some
what, we can't really fault these tender
strokes. I mean, hey. The guy's in love!
Stu Marvel
16 (by Christine Gfroerer
June 9, 1997
Space, the final frontier ...
oigh! Not more bod Star Trek cliches!
Recently, I had a chance to speok wilh Tommy
Scott, the singer and bassist ol the 5piece
)\ England. Space
are pretty big back home in ol' Blighty, where
they've released five successful singles on
British indie label Gut (also home ol Saint
Etienne's Sarah Cracknell!). Here in Canada,
Space are just another relatively unknown
English band playing in your hometown. I
caught up with Tommy in Space's lour bus,
parked outside of the fabulous Slarfish Room.
Hopefully, with the domestic release of their
album Spiders on Universal Records and a
song on the Austin Powers soundtrack, they'll
enjoy success in North America as well C Uay*
they may not be the next Oasis, but wilh a
sound that's been described as "ghostly techncr
pop," "acid-house showtunes," and "eccentric
cartoon-inspired hip-hop," who needs Oasis?
Have you
always been
called Space?
Tommy I've been in other
bands, but this one has always
been called Space. I've been in other
bands that never did anything, [like] when
you're a kid and you're jusl trying lo gel in that
one band that's going to make it; I've just been in
bands thai [have] gone and went
Have your experiences touring North
America been pretty good so far?
Yeah, it's been brilliant this time Because obviously
the last time we came over, it was horrible
because our guitaiist, Jamie, told us a day before
we came to America lhat he was too ill lo go. So
we came over with a guitarist that we met the very
morning we were coming to Canada and he
hadn't even learned my songs I had to take on the
whole sel, Jamie's songs and everything I was
singing loo much, night after nighl And plus, we'd
already done aboul four tours in Britain And we
had toured Germany [as well], it was too much.
Was it good in Germany?
We went through Germany, but it was more like
we played Denmark, Sweden, Czechoslovakia,
places like that
Are you popular in those places?
Not really, we're just building it up 'Cause we
are so big in Britain, America wanted us first So
we [did] it ihe wrong way 'round Usually bands
[lhat] make it in Britain go all around Europe and
then come to the States, we just [came] straight to
the States So we haven't really played many
places in Europe yet
How does it feel
playing smaller
male   You can shake
hands with the people in
the audience and get to
know them When you're
playing a big hall There's
always a big gap and the
fence is up to protect you,
which  I end  up  jumping
across to get to them
There was  a  rumour
that you played a venue
in    Britain    somewhere
and the audience started
throwing bottles at you.
Yeah, it was just one girl We were
playing    a    place    in    Sheffield
[Engbnd], and there was one girl who
was trying to get Jamie's attention and
kept trying to grab him and grab his guitar while he was singing a song. And
because she couldn't get his attention, she got
upset and she basically walked around to the
back of the audience and started throwing bottles
at us   So it wasn't [the whole audience], it got
blown oul of proportion, it was just the one girl
Do you find you get hassled about
your lyrics by journalists? I've read
articles where they've poked fun at
the lyrical content of your songs, particularity, 'Female of the Species.'
No, not really We had one person come to us
and say it was sexist   But there's no way, I'd
never agree with sexism   They got the wrong
idea, just because we mentioned witchcraft
and   things  they  thought  we  were  calling
women  witches    It's  about  women   being
stronger than men, more powerful ... Women
are more intelligent, they can use their brain
more and manipulate situations   I just think
they're more clever
'Female of the Species' was used for
the Austin Powers soundtrack. How
did that come about?
Yeah, it's on there somewhere He likes us, Mike
Myers . all his family and relations are from
Liverpool We went 'round to his house to watch
the film.
Do you ever get compared to the
Happy Mondays because of your
dance-fusion/guitar pop style?
Yeah, which is bogus to me because I don't
even really like them I mean, I appreciate lhat
they wrote good stuff. It's simply because we
use dance beats as well But they don't write
stories Their lyrics are more trippy lyrics, you
know what I mean? You don't really understand them, they just wrote whatever came into
their heads We write proper stories. There's
no way you'd ever find 'Female of the Species'
on a Happy Mondays LP. I just think it's rubbish, it's a terrible comparison. But I can see
why people do it, because we use hiphop
beats and things
Some of your songs remind me of
other strange songs.  For instance,
your last single, 'Dark Clouds,' sounds
very similar to 'Club Tropicana' by
George Michael's old '80s pop band,
The song was originally supposed to be more
like 'Female ...' but when we got in the studio
— we were jusl having a laugh — we thought
we'd try and make it sound tacky and '70s
sounding We didn't have Whaml on our
minds, it was more like Spandau Ballet or
something like thai But the actual song is about
two manic depressives, so it's not like a happy
song — it's got weird lyrics to it — it's twisted
[But] I like Whaml I think they're cool I can
understand it sounding like [them] 'cause we
use that sort of sound on the keyboard as well
and the melody. But every song sounds like
something else, you just can't hear it half the
time I've written songs and it's been recorded,
and about a year later, [you hear it] and you
think, fucking hell, it sounds like that [something
else] The chorus of 'Female ...' sounds like the
verse lo 'Walk on By' [by Burt Bacharach]
which you don't realize until later. You don't
consciously do it, it's by accident There's only
so many melodies, so many chords. Most successful bands ... sound like someone else
because it's more acceptable You said that our
music sounds different, but some of it sounds
like other stuff. So like it's more acceptable,
people hear it on the radio and think, That
sounds familiar ...' so you know what I mean?
It's more accessible
Is the British music press pretty fickle?
Definitely The lucky thing was, we weren't
fashionable anyway. We weren't like Oasis, we
didn't sound like Oasis or Blur or anything like
that so they couldn't pinhob us, they couldn't put
a label on us So we just had to do it ourselves
and break through radio and TV and things. We
only just started [getting on] our first front pages
of the NME and Melody Maker not so long
ago So it took us a while Which we're glad of,
'cause if the press create you, they're the ones
who knock you down as well We don't care if
they sbg us off
Have they been slagging you off?
Well, like every paper does. What you have to
realize is that if someone slags you off, there's
about a hundred people working for that paper
and not everyone can like you. Some people bve
us, some people hate us It's just the way it is,
that's life. If everyone loved us we'd be multi-mil-
You'd be The Spice Girlsl No, don't
worry, I won't ask you if you have a
favourite Spice Girl!
Good, 'cause I haven't got one!
Me    neither!    How    do    you    like
I love it here. It's brilliant! It's the best place we've
been for shopping up 'til now.
Where did you go — Robson Street?
Yeah, and Granville and the mall or whatever you
What did you buy?
I love it — this! [points to his Nike t-shirt that says
"soccer" instead of football, which is the term they
use back in Britain]* WHERE IS NOT WHAT YOU WEAR
This is a roundabout commentary*. I am going to write about
modem culture, describing something about how fast paced
it is, how it is dynamic and multifaceted, a flux of particulars adrift, a diverse weave of action. But I will try not to become
glazed over by it all, nor should you, and that is my point really.
Entertainment and technology are recognized prime vectors for
rapid cultural development, as well as being two prioritized conditioning influences where money and power offer guidance (and
"friendly" restriction). Their influence articulates the type of dynamism referenced, especially in terms of image or impression
(spectacle or "PR"), re-informing our sense of place and self,
challenging our capacity to "get a grip." In conjunction, as an
attempt to re-enchant the marketplace, the postmodern aesthetic,
albeit distilled and anaesthetized, has become a contemporary
sales pitch, a spin, an impression, encouraging cultural relationships based on estrangement (decentreaness). The resulting
pressure from this retooled business focus is a misleading gloss,
it is involved and conniving; readers, be on guard for postmodern-lite! To illustrate this discussion, and examine postmodern-
lite's incorporation into the mainstream, I am going to detail an
interesting evening I spent with some friends: I swept through,
and was swept through a heterogeneity of cultural texts, of meaningful/meaningless spaces, recreating an imagined subjective
self out of fragments of interaction. Oh, what an accomplishment, but
for whom?
Do I gain or
lose? When
does hype
end and ex-
ues and purposes (by intransigent nomads, with small-scale efforts and goals, mind you). In the very crowded plaza itself, a
band was vigorously playing old, and by now very familiar to
anyone who has ever seen a commercial, soul and rock songs
(how come banality is never postmodern?). Incidentally — and
this is an "Isn't modern telecommunication technology cool? We
live in a postmodern time don't
detail, my friends and I recorded some of the music onto
other friend's voice mail. While some of us were making the phone
call, the rest went into the nearby casino. As for the band: I
attempted to get a look-see, but was stopped by a security guard.
I asked him what was going on and was told that the band was
playing a private party celebrating an international gathering of
rugby players — another "It's so postmodern that the world is
small, isn't it" detail, eh?
Eventually I made my way into the casino. The decor looked
like a fair quality hotel lobby, leaving the impression of failed
classiness, with all the ambience of a bingo parlour. It was smaller
than I expected and quite full of people. All the tables seemed
busy, and the clientele was young and eager to play. There were
also a few wayward rugby players, ignored yet standing out,
wandering around in party hats, name tags and glow-in-the-
dark novelty rings. Surprisingly, for all the clatter of chips and
punctuating calls to end betting, the place was relatively quiet. I
out later that my friends made $80 on a small bet -— another
indisputable, anecdotal bit of evidence in favour. Either way, I
went home.
I went back out into the plaza, past the band and rugby
players, across the street and up the stairs running along side
BC Place. That's when the fireworks began, lighting up the sky.
kind of advertising friendly They had something to do with the international gathering of
rugby players. I watched them for a while and then continued
on my way home. They were still going as I passed along several blocks. Eventually I came across a very drunk man. As I
passed, he looked at me and said with gaiety, but in total seriousness, "I love Canada." At first I thought this was simply funny,
an unusual but appropriate ending for a weird evening, but he
left an impression. I thought more about how he came to his
conclusion, his thinking. He looked at the information available
to him and made an assumption regarding its meaning. Being
right or wrong was not really at issue, it was more a matter of
negotiation and placement, of recognition and sense making.
In light of the drunk man's conclusion, I felt self-conscious for
the smug, knowing aloofness by which I had appreciated my
evening (in the modern spirit or style). My romantic impressions
and resulting giddiness, aligned with the swing of the times,
became revealed as hype-gullibility. I don't mean to imply that
this man's drunken observation was somehow more free or purer
How easy it can be to take advantage of people by allowing then, to willittgly choose to be taken advantage ot.
dnd    what    a    little    glam    (fun)    will    do    as    lubricant.
First, let me describe the evening: my friends and I drove to
the Virtual Sports Club. Located by BC Place, the club contains a
variety of video games, a few novelty virtual reality games (baseball, ping pong, and my favourite, fishing), some other interactive sports theme games where the customer/participant actually
enters a caged area, and best of all, the rock climbing wall. The
space is large and mostly unadorned. The larger games are laid
out roughly in a ring with the smaller video games grouped in
the centre, defining a circular pathway. The whole time we were
there, bud contemporary rock music played, attempting to homogenize the din from the games. The patrons wandered quickly
around, presumably caught up in the electricity and velocity of
the environment, becoming aroused from every angle.
I could talk about the single minded and simplistic premise of
the games, the potentially desensitizing overload of aimless stimuli,
or, for balance, the readers deconstructing the games with their
own pleasure and use. I could also talk about the making of
profit with the assistance of the suspiciously hypnotizing quality
of the overpriced games — intentionally designed as much for
this as for entertainment, I'm sure. Or maybe this is just modern
Extreme Living, based on fun worship: enjoyment is an almost
primal motivation, one that can potentially undermine all authority or narrative bias, we are told. But if it can take unmediated
control, compelling an "ends justifies the means" hedonism that
is as free floating and unpredictable as the signifiers it navigates,
then it can also be a hazard, a regulating mechanism of a different sort, it has its own demands (the force of fun). In this respect,
the Virtual Sports Club shamelessly increases sensual arousal
without a substantial opportunity to expend it in any creative or
valuable way, not even sublimation, just temporary yet addictive
distraction for a price (that's fun?). And what happens to all that
energy? Just as we were beginning to leave, a real fist fight broke
out. It was a scary yet funny reversal. Physical violence in a virtual arena, a moment of tangible action surrounded by implied
accomplishments. Then again, I could simply say this: people
were having a good time. Besides, the evening did not end there.
On the way back to the car, we took a brief detour to phone
another friend. The phone booth used was right at the main entrance to the bustling Plaza of Nations. We never left this complex of buildings. There is a distinct influence from the architecture of the site, resonating with purpose and history. The structures are all dull concrete, inorganic and huge, surrounded by
lights, motor ways, stairs and overpasses. Intended for orchestrated spectacles of controlled mass enjoyment, they represent
massive capital investment in the entertainment industry. Yet they
can also be taken over and rewritten, designated with new val-
wasn't interested in playing any games, I just stood around for a
while watching and then decided to go. Before I left, I noticed
that some (decorous and ubiquitous) televisions were playing the
current live hockey game. First they showed players skating
around with the Stanley Cup and then switched to wrestling —
placeless, timeless intertextuality. Postmodern, right?
So what can I say about the casino: It is the rationalizations
that go with gambling that I find odd, the thinking behind the
choices (confidence, certainty?). I am reminded of Pavlov, Skinner, Behaviourism, schedules of reinforcement and the learning
of superstitious or magical behaviour. Not that I uncritically hold
total stake in these theories mind you, but they do indicate something of the — often — simplicity of human psychology (distraction). How easy it can be to take advantage of people by allowing them to willingly choose to be taken advantage of, and
what a little glam (fun) will do as lubricant. In this respect, I
think of Las Vegas, a city built by American organized crime.
Las Vegas is such a perverse intensity, a bewildering city, but it
is really only different by degree from the underlying logic of so
much of our consumerism focused culture. Vegas is also important in terms of cultural politics, particularly in terms of discursive or imaginative possibility, serving as a mechanism of discursive disengagement (one that relies on extremes as well as
embarrassment). Las Vegas makes the rest of our culture seem
less serious because Las Vegas is anti-serious, its credo is: give
'em what they want, forgive and forget, just do it! With all of its
"carefully organized to be delirious" abundance and ridiculousness, it is consciously a parody of itself. Las Vegas causes
critical debate to halt, to become totally inappropriate; it is so
much of an object of attention that it disappears, becoming
mythical, far too unreal to be real. Yet Vegas is blatantly resonant with the underlying badness, the dark side, that comes
with urban technological society: it is informed by desperation,
alienation and anxious capriciousness. But Vegas doesn't care,
avoiding accountability behind a masquerade of chance. Chance
serves several purposes, but mainly to draw people in and to
diffuse responsibility. Overall the odds are still in favour of the
house. Money moves mostly in one direction, make no mistake.
This is largely unavoidable, the whole environment is the market. Yet, for all the reasons listed above, the reality of the questionable political economy here, not to mention the people involved, seem to evaporate into Nevada's dry air like clouds of
billowing words. Now It's true that I'm prone to dramatics, but I
felt Las Vegas' psychotic influence in the casino. Then again,
I'm not a total stiff. I do recognize the wanton thrill of chance
and undecidability, the pleasure of frivolity, and the fair judgment of controlled betting for fun. Most comp>ellingly, I found
hich it
wasn't. But
in witnessing his con-
from     the
outside, my convoluted observations seemed overblown and
clumsy. They were similar in type but overdeveloped in form,
and furthermore, where did they come from? He presented a
disinterested challenge with the earnestness of his observation,
reversing the momentum of my opinions. My old chain of associations became stark and subjective, while the remarkable human capacity for "getting a grip" was rendered briefly clearer.
Here was this man who thought it was Canada Day, while in
fact, all this other crazy shit was going on.
What fantastic productions we are capable of, what amazing methods of appreciating experience. With the right spin,
everyday existence can quickly seem to become greater than
us, taking advantage of our ways of thinking and speaking, our
conceptual ability (imaginative potential). This is the same type
of glorious revelation that is guiding (business style) popular
culture's recombination of postmodernism for commercial ends,
and we should become critical and aware of it. The commonplace can become spellbinding if it is gratuitously focused upon,
it becomes estranged and distant from human action, almost
magical. But it is only as magical as a robot or computer animated image, it is a matter of technique and methodology. The
danger comes from losing ourselves in our thinking, culture or
machines, by letting it all get overwhelmingly beyond us. Communications technology can encourage this sort of disassocia-
tion — like Las Vegas can, for that matter — derailing dialogue
(all this fits with popular culture too, for sure). The simplicity of
the issue here is that it is highly unremarkable that so much
happens at once. Big deal. But this is the new big spin: it is a
mystification enabled through how we are becoming mediated
by knowledge of simultaneity (intertextuality). Simultaneity has
always been, and will always continue to be a common matter
of existence. The final point of this text, the moment of reversal
itself, is found in the notion of hype. The drunk man centred me
on this point, his concision deflated my metaphors and creative
excitement, my evening became reduced, grounded. My new
position is this (like Chuck D): I don't believe the hype. And my
evening's events and features helped confirm this to me. Sure it
was transformative, sometimes opening things up, sometimes
closing them down, but so what. I feel that the critical observations I had about the events of my evening are still valid, but the
characteristics, consequences or effects potentially attributed to
this postmodernism-lite are misleading. I prefer to distinguish
the two. Business style postmodernism is more apparent (an apparition) than real. It is a sales pitch that is certainly about text
(or hot air), but the world isn't necessarily also just that. Here's
to keeping it real in '97. Hang on, more to come.*
mr. kitty poulin
17 i^gsaEss basslines
by dj noah (djnoah@cyberstore.ca)
Vancouver has long been
known as a city that pro
duces more rock stars
lhan almost any other city in
Canada. An endless list that
includes 54-40, Bryan
Adams, Sarah McLachlan,
Art Bergmann, Barney
Bentall, and many others We
have also spawned some of the
most popular industrial acts the
world has seen, such as
Skinny Puppy and Front
Line Assembly. While all this
was going on, the rest of the
world was pushing forward
and experimenting with
TECHNOIogy. Samplers replaced vocals, drum machines
replaced percussionists, and
synthesizers replaced guitarists
Then, with the addition of computers, the world of music expanded to an almost infinite
size, making just about any
conceivable sound possible.
Not to be outdone by the
rest of the world, there are those
in Vancouver who have been
toiling away in ba*
dios, writing and recording
electronic music. Some of the
earliest to do ihis were
Mulhouse and Red Sector
1, and some of the newest are
Mere Mortals, Sect, and
Phaedra Live electronic
shows are becoming increasingly popular, and deejays who
play this music are gaining cult
status thot was previously reserved for "rock" bands. With
ihis explosion in electronic recording artists comes the need
for labels to distribute their
material Up until 1996, a smattering of albums had been released on record labels in
name only, set up primarily by
the artists themselves This was
because there were no labels
in Vancouver that would take
ihe risk that came along with
this type of music. A lot has
changed, however, in the last
1 8 months. Now, one has a
choice of labels depending on
the type of electronic music:
Subconscious for industrial/
experimental, Subduction for
ambient/electronic, Map for
organic west coast electronica,
and soon, Blue Water Systems, which will be dedicated to
releasing culting«dge material
Eric Chalmers, one of the
founding members of Phaedra,
is the brains behind Blue Water Systems Recordings. The
sound of the label will be "mu
tant late-night warehouse music" and will cover a range of
styles, but will not necessarily
be broad based. Within the
realm of electronic music, there
are a myriod of styles, only
some of which BWS will be interested in releasing. Eric believes that it is the right time for
this label to be born and that it
will be able to compete on the
global market His philosophy
is simple — to release local
artists whose sound pushes the
boundaries of music and challenges the listener. If a particu
for market has a large DJ base,
then they will be targeted for
distribution because Eric wants
the world to know that there are
different sides lo Vancouver,
not just the ones they can currently hear
The idea for BWS came
about   because    Phaedr
needed an outlet to release
their material. They create
a wide range of sounds
and Eric was having a
hard time finding a label
to take his project to. He
finally decided to create
BWS. All of the staff for
the label will be locals
who have the right vision
and  skills to work at
putting another Vancouver
electronic  label on th«
world map
As for the other artists on
the label, Eric is keeping this
somewhat quiet until the time
is right. The first release is slated
to be a compilation. BWS will
be contributing alongside Vancouver's already established
electronic labels and might
even generate more interest in
these labels as well as for themselves Watch out for releases,
tours and other excitement that will
have BWS stomped all over it
Some quick reviews: for all
you ORB enthusiasts, Orbscure
Trax (Island) is a seven-track excursion into remixes of some of
their best work, including a jungle mix of "Toxygene." For
more traditional four on the
floor material, check out
BARADA's Strategi
Deeper Design (Plu
of hard
house that
ers both the funky side and
the techno side. If chilling out
is more your style, Planet Dog
Records is always a good
choice The FiED YOUR
HEAD compilation is a musical journey to the subconscious,
guided by the likes of THE
SOLAR BUDD. For jungle lovers, I have two CDs for you:
ARTCORE 3 (React America)
is a compilation of the best jungle artists on the scene, and it's
all expertly mixed by L.A.'s DJ
Arlcore series is dedicated to groundbreaking jungle
sounds but is still accessible to
those who find it an incomprehensible sound. WE, the trio of
DJ Olive, Loop, and Once 1 1,
have released their debut album As Is (Asphodel). It is a
moody piece that deftly combines jazz, jungle and hip-hop.
Layered and textured with rich
tones and complex percussion,
As Is should prove to be one of
the best jungle releases of
the year.*
'fi Ji«b w)7 inch
by stu marvel
Back in the saddle again,
and Lord don't it feel good.
Much travel and little time,
so let me just a) congratulate my
roommate for placing a very respectable second in her baseball
tourney, b) urge anyone with
crackpot apocalyptic theories
and/or dreams of feature film stardom to CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY, and c) send hopes of seeing you all at this summer's impending Yoyo a Go Go Olympian
music mecca-fest
OK  Starting off in Japan:
Flying chord fury
Hyperkinetic garage surf.
Ow. Finger blister.
The MAD 3 tear through two
covers inspired by Bruce Lee's portrayal of Green Hornet sidekick
Kato in the short-lived 1967 TV
adaptation. Their frenetic version
of fhe show's theme nearly detonates an innocent metronome —
bloody sun-crazed wasp zooming
'round the speakers — so I prefer
the slinkier B-side. Some nice samples of Lee dealing kung fu KOs
to deserving villains, too. Music
to fight crime with. (Time Bomb
Records, Toporo 51 Bldg. 3F, 2-
1 8-1 8 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-
ku, Osaka 542, Japan)
Ach, Scotlandl Land renowned for malt whiskey, hairy
sheep and the disquieting giblety
collision of the two: electric haggis The lovely lasses of LUNG
LEG will be your tour-guides for
the "Teen-C" revolution today,
with fellow Glasgow popsters Bis
and Yummy Fur all busy propping up dance-weary feet down
at fhe pub Compared
their first couplf
kilted cheerleaders bounce
cheerfully along while clanging
out jump-rope anthems for the underground sock hop. Not quite
your cup of Scotch Broth? I can
only respond with the Camber
Tosser's Motto: Life is better with
a little twee. (Guided Missile, PO
Box 1 1413, London, N19 4AH)
Catapult over to Germany for
a blast of B-movie raunch lhat took
of the pond THE SATELUTERS
freak it up in '60s-trash style
deeply indebted (or so it says on
the back cover) to Spokane,
Washington combo THE MAKERS Octaned go-go garage
punk lhat'd feel right at
home on the Crypt la-
WSgm modelling  ...
« \ O t_.
*^ w   standard brand
'«# "f <J"
JBEF little naughty? I
Ufr guess it can't hurt (Pin
^^^^ Up Records, Bismarckstr.
23, 33615 Bielefeld, Germany)
New York, New York The city
so nice they named it twice Here
we find a split single from BUSS
BLOOD (ex Pain Teens) and
UKE WOW with liquored cover
art by comic artist  Robbie
Busch The first instalment in
what I can only hope will be a
deeply comprehensive series of
Drinking Blues Classics, these
folks Wearily wend their way over
yesterday's broken dirty bottles
Miss Blood accompanies herself
with the ukelele, vibraphone, via
lin and singing saw for an after-
hours, gin-soaked, shoo-fly rag
down at the ol' Cotton Club Find
a porch, a mint julep and a lazy
river and drink your downtown
blues away Real fine, real fine
Some wild kazoo and a riverboat
shuffle can't save Like Wow, but
this is worth getting anyway for
the first side's (sorry) Bliss-full
meanderings (Psycho Teddy!
151 1st Ave, Box #229, NYC,
NY, 10003, USA)
Well, while we're in the area
let's make a stopover in Chicago,
where... sniff... hold on, is there
trouble in the air? Oh no, just that
LAKE OF DRACULA bootleg fi
asco-parody-thing-a-ma-jinger I
smell Sporting a "Seized by Euro-
Skin Graft" sticker, the record purports to be a boot released by a
rival Norwegian label. Word on
the street is it's poking malice at
the Snoop Doggy Dog hype
created by Inlerscope's (not-so-secret) attempt lo scatter "unauthorized" bootlegs promoting the
Dog's impending album release
Me, I just buys it and I don't ask
questions Scissor Girls, U.S.
Maple, Flying Luttenbachers
members and Marlon Magas
no-wave supergroup
extraordinaire — these people
are experts in focused noise creation. Limited to 300, so you're
proboblySOL but the rather
less shambly full-length is in stores
now! So go, already (Skin Graft,
PO Box 257546, Chicago, IL,
60625, USA)
Whew Back at our rainy
stomping grounds and we can't
stop now
REFECT REFECT, much like
you, definitely want to be part
of    my    rockapoc-
umentary with their
equally unortho-
for disaffected youth,
so stop trying to budge and
get in line with the rest of us.
(Kill Rock Stars,  120 NE State
No.    418,    Olympia,    WA,
98501, USA)
The end is in sight but I'm
gonna toss three compilations
your way double-quick so get
Trey of the For Paper Airplane
Pilots zine also has a nifty little
label which releases (lamentably)
infrequent bul quietly shimmering
pop gems This is one of them
contribute a song and I can't
choose a favourite since I like
them all. (Papercut Records, PO
Box  1201 1, Gainesville, FL,
32604, USA)
Destination boasts such lady
luminaries as the delightful
Heather Dunn (ex-Tiger Trap,
general utility drummer), Marcy
Martinez (ex-Team Dresch,
Vegas Beat), and Rachel
Corns (ex Kicking Giant) turning in what seems to be one-off
collaborations — except for
Rachel's duo The
Need — under
me strangely
band names
can't bear to fill
in the blanks.
Maybe the
offense to my
delicate sensibilities has sent me reel-
ng, but nothing here
strikes as going anywhere
(Ross Records, PO Box 15132,
Portland, OR, 97293, USA)
Finally we celebrate our global
whirlwind with a transcontinental effort tilled In and oul of Love Yanks
BEANPOLE (Verna from
Rocketship) and THE SEASHELL
SEA (Pam C/i/c^acfor/Glo-
worm) join Canucks NERDY
GIRL, and B'EHL on ihe oriental
autobahn to take turns making heartbreak just a little more melodic Stupid cupid, stop pickin' on me (Motorway, 3-2-18-2C Shioyaki,
Ichikawa-Shi Chiba 272-01, Japan)
Thanks boys Thanks girls
Thanks  HARMLESS  nutzoids
ith    dir
Hope for the Hopeless
"The Smell Of victory"
Colorado porno-punk, produced by
Warren Fitzgerald of the Vandals
"The Complicated Futility ol ignorance"
New Jersey Hardcore, West coast melody
meets east coast fury.
88 Fingers Louie
27 Song, Discography, includes unre-
*■**-» tracks
Mustard Plug
"Evildoers Beware"   "*
Sophomore release from
Michigan's ska-punk kings
Skankin' In The Pit Tour ff6 CklB
w/Falling Sickness, w/Jughead's Revenge
Assorted Jelly Beans, and AAA ■**    ...
Digger w/ d.b.s.
11 Toronto, ONT TBA
Also New: Weston/Digger split 7" "Wrikum to Pennsylvania" J Disrihuted By: FAB, Sonic Unyon,
Scratch, and Cargo Canada
All prices postage paid  in   the   US,   add  25%  for  foreign  orders
Id   E^c£EES__ under
Strategies for a Deeper
(Plus 8/Definitive)
Bryan Zenlz (Barada) is the latest artist lo be released on Definitive, a spin-off label of Plus 8
Records Strategies for a Deeper
Design represents the house side
of electronica in fine fashion The
basslines are extremely
groovelicious wilh very low and
deep kick drums and a somewhat
Detroit sound on some of the
trocks There are plenty of squishy
sounds to keep you wriggling and
cymbal crashes to raise your
arms Add to thai some retro
'90s techno sounds and you
have another quality release out
of Windsor
Dust Bunnies
Don'l believe the brouhaha about
this album! The vocals are only
interesting about 1 2% of the time,
and the lyrics seem to be a shallow attempt to twist around English platitudes in a Gin Blossoms vein The lead guitar has
a couple of interesting moments,
but not excruciatingly interesting
The best song on the album is
"Rudder," bul the lyrics are moronic. If I want to hear people
whine melodically aboul the state
of the recording industry, I'll listen to the Reel Big Fish album
If you want to hear this for yourself, don't buy it, just find me and
I'll give you my copy It's on vinyl too. Wow.
New Transistor Heroes
(Grand Royal/Polygram)
Bis hit the big time, and look
what we get more of the same
goodness lhat charmed us all in
the first place! This anxiously-
awaited (at least by me) fulHength
gives us 1 8 punk-pop-disco anthems to shout along to in our
The CD is covered in the same
juvie-art of the singles, with
carloony-kid versions of our fave
Scot babies Manda Rin, John
Disco, and Sci-Fi Steven The fact
that all song titles are listed in
English and Japanese reveals
much about the marketing — bis
are huge in Japan. When
they're as cute as all that, how
could they miss?
After seeing bis perform on
Top Of The Pops about a year
bock, I knew they were
unstoppable Their superior dancing, keyboording, shouting, and
drum-machine manipulation skills
made me a self-proclaimed member of ihe TeenC Nation (bis have
2C Jul? 1937
invented their own language,
with many cliques ond claims lo
fame therein The TeenXZ Notion
are their loyal followers who believe in a better way of life
through embracing disco and riotous chants ) Since then I've
been collecting singles, and now
I've finally got my hands on the
full-length Do the same Get it,
love it Older songs like
"Slorbrighl Boy" — on ode to the
'80s — and "Sweet Shop
Avengerz" — professing the benefits of eating obscene amounts
of candy - mix well with new
ones like "lie Detector Test" and
"Tell It To The Kids "
There's just so much happiness on this CD, you've got to
experience it for yourselves Oh,
and take advantage of their fan
club — I got free stickers, toys,
and candy! I love bis!
Julie Colero
(Kranky/Beggars Banquet)
The first of the Kranky stable to
make the jump (they remain solely
on Kranky in the US) and all I
can say is thank God it wasn't
the abysmal Jessamine Basically shimmering or downcast
drones with minimal programmed beats, a drummer plays
on four of the 1 1 tracks, ond occasional hushed mole/female
vocals The hype on this album
has been incredible and while it's
not exactly revelatory — think
My Bloody Valentine relax
ing, not layering obsessively, and
actually releasing a new record
— it does make for a fairly nice,
mind-cleansing 71 minutes
The title/opening track
displays the most interesting
use of the old scratchy vinyl
as percussion trick I've heard
in ages, creating an essential
fill — a move most effective
in its simplicity All that follows
is equally simple, yet not quite
as moving, if such a word
even applies
Considering that their previous releases barely elicited a
shrug from the indie rock
world, Bowery Electric ore
presumably fortunate to have
now found themselves tipped
as leaders of the burgeoning
indie electronica scene whether
they like it — or people admit
to its existence — or not. Is this
occurrence by coincidence or
design? Hey, I'll give them the
benefit of the doubt; this is a
pleasant "nothing happens" album, even if I own and have
listened to more intriguing,
challenging or unobtrusive recordings. And ihey look good
in their promo photos.
Sean Elliott
Tellin' Stories
(Beggars Banquet)
This new CD by The Charlatans did not disappoint me I
tossed it into the player expecting basically what I gol: more of
the same, lame, "Manchester"
sound thot worked in 1 990 on
Some Friendly This disc is no
worse than I thought it would be,
but unfortunately, it is no better
either The Charlatans will no
doubt sneak a piece of the spotlight of boredom from the Oasis/Blur camp with this vapid
venus flytrap's love den
Just Your Fool
(Big Reed)
With some blues artists the lyrics, material, and vocal ability
come second to the sheer instrumental talent of the performer
Carlos del Junco's voice
doesn't have a lot of power although it is original and can convey feeling The material consists
of a number of standards
(Robert Johnson, Howling
Wolf, T-Bone Walker) and a
few originals that bounce along
in styles that range from New
Orleans funk lo surf to straight-
ahead blues
It is for the harmonica, however, that makes the album worth
a listen It's sharp, biting and a
lot of fun They are not another
Canadian blues rock band (thank
god) and while the sound sometimes strays into blues pop territory, it does so with a lot of soul.
Paul Kundarewich
Hello VH1!
I can't say that American
Music Club was ever really my
cup of tea Massive critical darlings though they were, the AMC
formula never worked for me
because I never understand why
someone with the talents and
undeniable passion of Mark
Eitzel surrounded himself with
such a mediocre band, one that
clearly was incapable of matching what he was trying to express As a result, AMC never
really sounded like anything more
than college rock (in the most
derogatory sense) to me.
These days Eitzel is flying
solo, he's evidently moved to
NYC and he's palling around a
lot with Peter "I moved to Seattle
and suddenly lost my southern
drawl" Buck Indeed, West was
co-produced by Eitzel and Buck
course of a couple of days in
Seattle, after some rehearsals/
gigs at Buck's Crocodile Cafe last
fall Eitzel is surrounded wifh a
crock band of sorts on this outing, which includes Buck (surprise, surprise), Steve Berlin, Mike
McCreody, ond others, but it
doesn't seem to have done much
good This is terribly tepid material, with few hints of passion, few
hints of soul I found myself not
being able to care less Nice
packaging, but otherwise
Joe Bloggs
Deariing Darling
(Pop Secret/Darla)
The Feelings' debut, Especially
for You, was unquestionably the
out-of-nowhere surprise of last
year Its combination of spazzery
and sweet melodies — with
oddball on-the-edge and boyish,
falsetto dual vocalists — was an
all too rare breath of fresh air
bringing joy to even the most
jaded music listeners I know Perhaps too loose for some folks,
their boundless enthusiasm was
more than enough compensation
in my books
While Deariing Darling displays more polish and restraint
than its predecessor, the level of
composition has been upped with
an attention to detail which exposes true beauty in these already remarkable (you know, like
"Hey, that's good!") songs. Regardless of which is better, I realize the futility of a compare and
from a band far too few people
have heard This is as charming,
unique and infectious a collection
of "indie pop" as you're likely to
find     this     year only
Greengate's Metaphysical Vibration comes even remotely
close so far Right now, this belongs in the company of Beat
Happening's Jamboree, Half
Japanese's Charmed Life and
Built To Spill's There's Nothing
Wrong With Love. Will I eat these
words? I doubt it.
Sean Elliott
Dare to Be Surprised
Perhaps I am not a qualified
evaluator of the giant opus that
is the legacy of Lou Barlow. I
do, however, own Weed
Forestin, an early Sebadoh effort, and I do like it. But this latest
collaboration with John Davis
is seriously substandard, with
sonically uninventive and really
underdone lyrics. Neither of the
singles, "Pole Position" or "Insinuation," was worth the digital code
they've been translated from. I
just couldn't find any melodies to
catch on to I've heard rumours
that people jump rope in the sunshine while listening to this album,
but I'd rather huddle under a
blanket with a flashlight and rewrite the speech bubbles in comic
books while listening to  Weed
Dare to be Surprised
Unlike Frank, some of us like this
CD Don't believe the unhype —
this olbum rawks oul and is the
perfect companion to a pink jump
rope and a few rays of loving
Julie Colero
Mag Earwhig
While almost everyone is busy
trend-jumping ond coming up
wilh a "sound," virtually no one
except these boys has considered
writing good songs Sure, a
bunch of bands luck upon one or
al best a few per record/lifetime
certainly greatest hits 7" singles, not more LPs, would suffice.
I'll just chock it up to personal,
uh, taste
That said, this album rocks
Pollard has ditched the recent
GBV touring unit for the most part
and hooked up with Cobra
Verde, a move which even I must
admit caused some trepidation
until I took a listen Mag Earwhig
is their most powerful record to
date, thanks to great playing and
improved sonics, not lo mention
Pollard's continued ability to write
better songs than anyone going
Yes, there are some of the "diffi-
cult"/home-recorded/short tracks
that cause some people problems These are not bad songs,
just different, sometimes acting as
bridges, others as full-blown concepts unto themselves. To prove
a point, "normal" songwriting
has been taken on here as well,
leaving all comers defeated at
their own ridiculous game of conventions The first single, "Bulldog
Skin," is Ihe sound of what Oasis should be, yet not even remotely are, and the jagged, near
art rock of "Portable Men's Society" comes complete with a hook
that amazes Also, the Doug
Gillard (CV, Gem) penned "I Am
A Tree," is simply incredible —
imagine GBV crossed with Wan
Halen's debut.
I'll contain myself from giving
it all away, lest you think this is a
Ken Eisner movie review. Just let
it be known that if you were
thrown by the somewhat lacklustre (by GBV standards) Under The
Bushes ..., the timely infusion of
new blood has them firmly bock
on the track which keeps them the
best band going.
Sean Elliott
Zorlockl Land of the Lostl
(Secretly Canadian)
Cast your minds back in time.
Oh, back so very far. Plumb the
depths of childhood memories.
Now, recall The Muppet Show.
Picture the down-home jug-band
of good ol' boy Okies, toothless
caricatures, a-slappin' the double
bass and a-twangin' the banjy
and a-rattlin' the washboard.
Now imagine that the guests that
week were Ween and King
Crimson and everybody was
really, really stoned. That should
give you a pretty clear picture of
what the Japonize Elephants
are all about In their own words,
"Foah drinkin' alone an' sinkin'
inta desp'rayshun, theah's no
bettah band than th' Jap'nez
El'phunts " Hell, I can't help but
like them.
Adam Monahan
Oxygene 8
(Disques Dreyfus)
The rise in popularity of electronic
music has resurrected the beat m
Kraftwerk and Jean Michel
Jarre. Oxygene, parts one
through six, was originally released 20 years ago, and today
parts seven through 1 3 are now
available The single for
Oxygene 8 contains four remixed
versions by The Sunday Slub,
Hani, Takkyu Ishino and Dado
and Salsotto The Orb's Alex
Patterson declined to remix
Oxygene, os he felt it to be too
much of a cash cow — perhaps
that is reflected in the title of the
Orb's single, "Toxygene " The
music is reminiscent of a Doctor
Who episode and days gone by,
but with a more epic soundtrack
feel than techno.
Electric Mistress/Spinal
If you think that Transient only puts
out trance and goa, ond you are
slightly miffed or bored, here is
a release to make you reach for
your wallet Lords of Chaos
indoctrinate the listener with high
speed acid trance with a tribal
groove The beats are hard and
fast and the 303 is unrelenting,
screaming at the floor in a high
pitched onslaught of squelches
and cries. The two tracks are very
good, "Electric Mistress" being
the better of the two. More high
paced mayhem from Transient
Original Fire
Meat Beat Manifesto has
most likely been the most ignored
outfit to have missed the ascension to the techno hall of fame.
Unable to thrust aside its industrial hip-hop roots in favour of a
more ambient and strategic-
trance sound, MBM is what it always has been. Harsh beats, irreverent (and often funny) political commentary, and funky
grooves. A bit too hardcore for
the discerning contemporary
techno aficionado, but for any
true tekkie, to nof have a MBM
album in their personal archives
means that you're either 1) too
young to have understood
where the roots of contemporary techno and dub came from
or 2) totally missed out on the
underground scene of 1988-
1993. Either way, you're just
totally ignorant. Is it old school?
Maybe, but if your average
techno fan can't pick out a
MBM track alongside other geezers like Kevin Saunderson,
808 State, and Moby (circa
1991), then s/he's just a whiny
So with all that, this latest
effort is hardly an effort at all.
It's a throwback to what MBM used to be Old tracks from the
late '80s and early '90s, such
as "Helter Skelter," "I Got the
Fear," and "Rodio Babylon" (a
true classic by any standards)
have been polished off, sent
through the blender, and re-released It even includes some
remixes of "Babylon" by The
Orb and Wagon Christ Are
they any better? No, not really,
but they sure bring back some
great memories of the old halcyon days of 1992-93, when
the art of underground
techno was still considered
from the city to the sea
(Stepping Stone)
If you like the Brand New
Heavies or Mo' Funk bands,
or acid jazz/northern soul in
general, you'll probably like this
release. Good arrangements,
funky basslines, smooth vocals,
and  <
"electronica" make this release
attractive; a good variety of
pace and mood is presented as
well — slow, fast, sombre, exuberant, joyful.
If anything, the eclectic variety of the songs in total may
result in some listeners savouring some Iracks but disliking
others Personally, I prefer the
funkier selections; I'm not as
much into the soul side of the
acid jazz movement. In any
event, don't let the rather ponderous cover of the Battersea
power station (you know, the
Pink Floyd album cover) put
you off — the album in general
is quite uplifting, if not overtly
J. Boldt
Modest Mouse EP
Joy! Free Modest Mouse CD
for me! Membership definitely
has its privileges ... I've been
on an intense Modest Mouse
kick since they played here in
May with Thrush Hermit and
the Super Friendz. This nine-
song EP is the first recorded
work I've heard *of theirs and
it's been playing in regular rotation on my walkman as I wander through daily life. It opens
with this bizarre wash of sounds
which appeal to the ear immensely. There are a few tracks
like this, which make for pleasant transitions from pop song
to pop song.
Modest Mouse has perfected the pop tune in that
they've got guitar skills down to
a minimum, but what they do is
crazy. Isaac Brock's lisp is terminally endearing, and his lyrics are often insightful while
whimsical. My favourite song is
"Summer," in which he sings,
"Just the smell of the summer can
make me fall in love." I couldn't
agree more. This is my summer
anthem; make it yours as well.
The whole CD will keep smiles
on faces till the leaves begin to
fall, and maybe even beyond.
Julie Colero
Evildoers Beware!
I hate getting into c
about music with people that
have "ordinary" musical tastes
The last time this happened, I got
stuck in a room full of schmucks
with the combined musical IQ of
a drunk redneck at a Kenny
Rogers' concert At one point, I
thought the table had turned
when I heard somebody mention
ska Unfortunately, the next sentence was, "Yeah, I really like ska
No Doubt is a great band "
Now I'll admit, I don't know very
much about ska I haven't a clue
what "third wave" is and I
wouldn't know a Specials' song
if it slashed my tires and pissed
on my lawn All I know is that
No Doubt is about as ska as a
piece of year-old moose shit
I know, there's probably a
million pissed off ska-hardcores
out there right now crying over
the toilet, yelling and screaming
that Mustard Plug is not ska
Well, this has got horns and this
sounds like ska so I'm gonna call
it ska The same ska purists would
more than likely describe this as
ska-punk but the (musical) opinion of a ska purist probably
doesn't deserve too much attention. This has got some cool horn
riffs and is pretty catchy and will
probably be eaten up by all you
stupid trendy bastards who can
now listen to ska because it's cool
to do so. If you like classical ska
you probably won't like this, but
then again, you probably haven't
bought any new music since the
invention of the compact disc, so
it doesn't really matter anyway
Dave Tolnai
Nuyorican Soul
(Blue Thumb)
I never thought I'd like anything
done in a '70s montage. I've
never been inlo disco and hate
everything I've heard of Earth
Wind and Fire But I liked this
disk Maybe because it's so tasteful and combines Latin, hip hop
and jazz without making a spectacle of itself. The musical arrangements shine through, which
I think is in part due to the high
quality of musicians involved: big
band leader Tito Puente, Roy
Ayers, George Benson and
Jocelyn Brown all contribute and
lend their considerable talents.
The styles on the album are very
diverse and those expecting a
record akin to the Rebirth of Cool
will be disappointed. This is a
record for people who like interesting sounds and/or for those
who want to see what the '70s
could have amounted to.
Paul Kundarewich
Silver Lining Underwater
These two dandies are the latest
two volumes (Orange Cake
Mix vol. 3, Fiixa vol. 5) in
Darla's amazing Bliss Out series.
Following Flowchart's Tenjira
(vol. 1) and Windy and Carls
Antarctica (vol 2), these two had
a lot to live up to (Vol 4 is
an AMP full-length lo be released later )
Silver Lining Underwater is
plum-full of perfect one to three-
minute dreamy, instrumental pop
gems The tracks here drift along
lazily, giving you that feeling of
actually being underwater, yet
still being able to breathe crisp
mountain air There is only one
plain pebble in the bunch and
that's a vocal track at the very
end which brings the dreamy ride
to a flaming crash But hey kids,
buy the vinyl version and you get
a bonus 7" with two more yummy
bits just perfect for late nights and
The duo we like to call Fiixa
scores again with two lengthy
suites They use keyboard drones,
random blips ond bleeps with
some sparse beots lo create truly
mind-altering soundscapes Each
piece (Overture 1 and 2) spans
one side of a 33rpm 12", so
you're in for some time well spent
These two overtures sound like
you're being chased through corn
fields by flying saucers, only you
don't know the saucer inhabitants
are friendly until they get you
aboard their relaxing ship.
Two more stellar releases
— with the promise of seven
Charlie Church
Under the Influence of Bad
(Fat Wreck Chords)
Fat describes this as a mixture of
East Bay punk and DC Dischord-
type hardcore. An oh-so-small bit
of this is true. There's a hint of
Dischord influence, but not much.
The only real similarity is that the
more you listen to it, the better
and more rational it sounds. It's
an interesting album but, good
or bad, it's still a Fat album. I like
it, but you probably don't care
Dave Tolnai
A fantastic and dreamy new compilation featuring the music of
local electronic music icon Mike
Victory, R. Lakovic (Response
Technique) and S. Rosin
(Phoma) Most of the tracks are
slightly dark and create a very
introspective and contemplative
melancholy that stimulate and
creates a flow of emotions
All over layers of breakbeat
and drum 'n' bass, in an ambient kick. The music casts one's
thoughts to the future and to
dreams of electric sheep and
nexus 6 Our bodies remain in
the present, swaying, intoxicated
by the future electronica.
50 000 b.c.
Man, does this one ever stink.
Having followed Shudder to
Think since the early days and
been through all kinds of heartbreak with them (the departures
of Chris Matthews, Mike Russell;
the split from Dischord lo Epic,
the changes in wardrobe; etc ),
50 000 be is particularly hard
to take In my book, "Get Your
Goat" was some kind of a swan
song It was STT's last album with
Matthews, Russell and Dischord,
and it was the last time they
sounded shorp lo me Even at that
stage Craig Wedren's vocals
were beginning to head into the
realm of the self-indulgent, but the
music was still reining his experiments in (for the most part) By
Ihe time of their last 7" for
Dischord, STT wos still intriguing
but Wedren's vocals were start-
ing to completely overwhelm the
act STT most definitely became
"the Craig Wedren Show "
Now, years later, STT are essentially a three-piece with no
fixed drummer They've gone terribly glam And they've scaled
back their vision somewhat STT's
breakthrough, in a sense, was the
short but sweet Funeral at the
Movies (1991), which found
ihem exploring iheir pop sensibility more than ever before, and
more than they ever have since
It was the last time that Wedren's
vocals seemed really fully under
control. 50 000 be very consciously attempts a move bock in
that direction (they even cover
their own "Red House" from Funeral). The problem is that the
songs have little conviction to
them and there's an attempt at a
kind of smooth, sexy, glam sound
(inspired by Girls Vs. Boys?
INXS? U2? Who knows .) that
is really forced   Sad, but true ...
Joe Bloggs
"Oh, the new Silkworm's in!"
M. just looked at me and
groaned. M. was a big fan of
Silkworm in their Joel Phelps
days She'd always had a strong
preference for Mr Phelp's songs
over Andy Cohen's. She complained that Developer was nothing but an "Andy Cohen show "
Having thoroughly enjoyed
Cohen and co 's exploits on Firewater, I thought to myself: "That
doesn't sound that bad "
Well, I have to admit that I
took Developer home and it really didn't grab me the way Firewater had. I mean sure, "Give
Me Some Skin," the opener,
struck me immediately as being
a very fine track, but it did seem
a little melancholic for an opening tune and not a single other
song really grabbed my attention
on that first listen
I was starting to think that this
"Andy Cohen show" might be a
very bad thing. But I kept listening to it and gradually the album
started to make a lot more sense
to me. It certainly doesn't have
the immediate fireworks, nor the
thematic unity of Firewater, but
this, my friends, is a strong album
nonetheless Whereas someone
like Mr. Phelps writes songs which
have a greater sense of narrative
direction and match well with his
soulful vocals, Silkworm's songs
these days are more disjointed,
relying on turns of phrases and
an oftentimes ironic tone which
is hard to place, yet engaging.
The album's highlight might be
"Goodnight Mr Maugham," with
its studio out-take/inside joke
intro, its subdued and graceful
playing, and its odd pauses —
very striking Production by
Steve Albini (Bush X) really
shines on this one.
Tony "the brow" Lo Bianco
(New Red Archives)
These two compact discs by the
UK Subs were both recorded in
late '96 in San Francisco and are
subtitled 20th Anniversary Issue
Parts 1 and 2 The band has consistently made good music in that
late-'70s-British-punk-rock style
and these two discs are no exception Most aged, puffy, has-
been punk bands that attempt a
comeback just end up sounding
like puffy, old has-beens trying lo
scam you out of your cash That
is not the case here These old
fellows still have tons of energy
and intensity, mixed with a general pissed off flavour. If I was
picking one over the other, I
would take Riot (part 2), but both
discs are worth picking up. "Hear
them again for the first time."
venus flytrap's love den
Have I Offended Someone?
In 1985 Al Gore's wife, Tipper, bought her daughter the
soundtrack  to  Prince's  R-
rated Purple Rain. The 8 year
old pointed out to Tipper that
'Darling Nikki" contained a
Shocked, Tipper formed the
PMRC, Parents Music Resource Center, composed of
politically powerful
Washingtonians. The PMRC
accused the record biz of exposing "sex, violence and the
glorification of drugs and alcohol"  upon the children of
Frank Zappa, who until then resisted taking political stances, campaigned vigorously against the proposed
album rating system. In the
'60s and '70s, Zappa awakened artists to the freedom
guaranteed by the U.S. Con-
cised Article 1 of the Bill of
Rights states: "Congress shall
make  no  law  respecting  an
prohibiting the free exercise
thereof; or abridging the free-
of the
press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Zappa started using
that guaranteed freedom in
ways no American recording artist and performer had
ever done.
Have I Offended Someone? is a group of Zappa's
most offensive compositions,
spanning from 1973 through
1985. There is something in
this 15 piece collection to offend almost everyone: gay
people, Jewish  princesses,
satanists, young women from
the San Fernando Valley, patrons of the Parisian toilel-ki-
Edward Sander, who
wrote the excellent liner
notes, defines Zappa's musical style as Electronic Rhapsody — stitching together
fragments from a variety of
sources to form a work. Furthermore, Zappa perfected a
genre called songs-stos, or
short stories in a song. Most
striking in his music are the
in drum
'•I'*-' '<
unusual   chord   I
and the like
All the tunes on this compilation were assembled by
Zappa sometime in the lasl
year and a half of his life   Of
.sed   I
i Boy" and "Dinah-Moe
Humm" (reconstructed and
remixed), and "Goblin Girl
(VSO'd to a slower speed )
Be warned   You may be
Daniel Ariaratnam
Nordic Trax
(Mo' Funk)
You'll find yourself nodding
and in some cases stepping
whilst listening to this CD   It
I  frc
UK either Canada humbly
contributes to this global,
beat-y scene wilh Nordic
Trax, released on Vancouver's
Mo' Funk label
I heard a few people bad
mouthing this, saying it's shit
and whatever, but I can't help
but feel that they're slightly
nted   i
New stuff from the US and UK
quickly jumped on while
:ed frc
places is quickly dismissed. A
little expansion is long overdue methinks. Good music is
being produced everywhere
Good music can be found in
Vancouver is becoming increasingly divided when it
comes to music and all the
styles should be brought together somehow. And I hope
that Mo' Funk hasn't abandoned putting out the music
it has done in the past.
Anyway, sorry, back to
Nordic Trax. Lovely, beautiful, evocative beats pervade
almost the whole CD  in  a
won't give any special picks
because most of the cuts fit
together very nicely. The only
thing left to say i
CD a
>uld be
21   Ej^H^EB realliveaction
Thursday, May 15
The Cardigans have an arnaz
ing following  Sociologically, the
esling lhan the bands I have
never seen a larger group of
screaming twelve year olds gath
ered in one place.
After enduring the canned
music (Crash Test Dummies,
among others), I watched
Zuckerbaby commandeer the
stage These boys from the prai
ries took all their cues, performance-wise, from KISS, circa
1978 They knew all the poses,
grimaces, and rock star errata
that will pave their way to sue
cess, however, musically they fall
somewhere between the Northern Pikes and Radiohead
(and not in a good way) I pre
did that they will achieve moder
ate popularity for a couple of
years, get a couple of top ten hits,
and then fade away into blissful
obscurity  Remember Icehouse,
By the time the Cardigans
took the stage, the audience was
hyped The teens were screaming, the floor was standing room
only and the majority of the men
*) Ihe
vith lust
ere dumbsf
motion heard that night, pro
nounced by males and females
alike, and at points, the shriek
ing was so loud you could
barely hear the band. I had
pretty much given up hope on
The Cardigans, not being a
jump-up-and-rock type of band,
sauntered through their set wilh
casual ease Nina had a look of
extreme indifference on her face
— I guess after weeks of touring
and having random guys scream
at you, you start lo develop a
jaded view of audiences This
was never more true than when
they played "Love Fool." It was
like they threw a chunk of Emotional Red Kryptonite into the
crowd Men, women, adults, children — screaming, crying, yell
ing — it wos a generally disturbing spectacle. If the band noticed,
they didn't show it I'm sure they
saw it in every city across North
They did, however, put on a
great performance. A mix of old
and new songs, and occasional
witty banter made it all worthwhile They were even big-
hearted enough to forgive us
for the hockey, after we
whupped their asses in Sweden that week
Mr Chris
Saturday, May 31
Arrived at 8 45 to find the usual
pre-concert banter ond last
minute ticket sales One guy in
line comments on how Rollins is
running out of things lo be angry
with at the oge of 38 He has
even started using single word
song titles for many of his new
songs More chatter No drink
specials tonight The l-shirl
booth is a throbbing mass of
The opening act arrives on stage al half
past  ten.   A  four-
Britain, Skunk
J::dt,has     yo La Tengo
S?Stii*ht @ the ^dr^sh
a   difficult   time
keeping her tongue in her
mouth for any great length of
lime   Halfway through the set,
fans get to grab the vocalist's
tongue with their outstretched
prodding and poking hands Ace
stage presence dominate as
things are completely ripped up
Songs from the new album Old
songs Songs never heard before
Running commentary between
eoch This wos what each one of
us came here for   Words like,
"what would you give for real
love? I'd give it all " Band members lack enthusiasm Maybe it's
because they know Rollins is the
show Rollins could be touring with Warrant and
hammond B-3 magic courtesy of
Birenbaum, all combined with o
healthy dose of skonkability, energy, and humour, make this
combo a joy to watch (ond dance
to, of course)
Song highlights included a lot
of new materiol and some great
covers such as The Wailers'
"Rude Boy" and a wonderful
cover of Devo's "Uncontrollable
Urge" (this rendition is apparently
to come out soon on a sko-Devo
covers compilation)! And they
performed their swinging, trademark "Satan Song" — a hidden
trock on their Eat at Joey's CD.
Check out the spring issue of
Skadrophenia for the latest info
on mod/ska/rude/scooter/skin
culture and music Besides now
being the home of the Kinder
Nacht mod comic, Skadrophenia
has some interesting articles and
*s (contact Martin Wales at
fectly, something most lad-rock
UK bands can't seem to understand Unfortunately, their latest
album Drawn To The Deep End
sees them wrapping themselves
further in their own myth-making
and overproduction
I entered Graceland with a
sense of trepidation, this seeming
a ripe band to wholeheartedly
endorse the Brit band tradition of
having a "fuck North America"
attitude The venue wos half full
and il seemed a fairly silly move
on the promoter's part to put a
fairly unknown UK band in a
large venue like Graceland, but
the hardcore Gene fans were
there in legion and by the time
the concert started, the place was
nicely padded out
Gene took the stage to the
tune of Drawn to the Deep End's
opener, "New Amusements," and
Rossiter walked out last of all,
every bil the swaggering Brit
singer   Rather than a negative
,s lew
„ iKr..
Mark Richardson on drums Mark
Richardson is the only one to escape the explorations of Skin's
tongue during the performance
Skin gives every song 100% and
hits it every time Skunk hammers
out song after song, each very
distinct from one another (formula
ballad included) and by the end
of the set has the audience in a
frenzy From the top of the staircase al the rear of the building,
the view is spectacular A couple
sitting on a sofa want to see my
copy of Do I Come Here Often?
After browsing a few pages, the
couple disappears to purchase a
copy As good as Skunk was, by
the end of their set the audience was hungry for Rollins.
Lights come on and the stage
crew does the usual thing Spring
water and plenty of towels are
laid in strategic positions. The
sounds of what seems to be Tom
Waits drift through the growing
restlessness Four figures emerge
on stage Overwhelming most is
the presents of Rollins Someone
nearby comments that Rollins
looks like a space marine, built
like a brick shit house and covered in tattoos. The words
"Search and Destroy" are tattooed on his back above the blazing sun from The End of Silence.
Rollins begins with words: "There
is no history You are here and
we are here under this roof Tonight the music is ours." Five minutes into the show, Rollins becomes the wettest man alive
Killer vocals and compelling
Melvin Gibbs who delivers
a violent assembly of absorbing
bassline More commentary
More Rollins Has he smiled yet?
At the end of it all an audience
has never been so exhausted
After the show the rain pours
1 This
I. Them
Through the <
the night Home to read the first
few words of Do I Come Here
Joel Arseneau
Saturday, May 31
Mighty Niagara
What a great weekend — not
only did I get to see the Oscar
Meyer Wiener Car up close (a
personal quest of mine for almost
five years — not that I would ever
venture to sample the product),
but I also got to see one of the
best bands (ska or otherwise) to
hit Vancouver in a long time.
Seattle's Easy Big Fella put in
a performance which ranks up
there with such bands as The
Pietasters, The Scofflaws,
Bad Manners, Jump with
Joey and Let's Go Bowling
as one of the best live ska shows
around — in fact, they may actually warrant the distinction as "the
best " Excellent harmonies, a
good mix of songs, a hot horn
#205, 730 Vancouver St., Victoria,
BC, V8V 3V3 for more info).
J Bold)
Sunday, June 1
It's always been difficult for me
to take Gene seriously The lyrics have always seemed so maudlin, the music so melodramatic
and overdone, like that sensitive
poet in high school English who
never learnt the value of subtlety.
Vocalist Martin Rossiter never
helped, spouting off in NME
about being embarrassed at being one of the best lyricists of all
time and comparing his band to
R.E.M. and U2 And of course,
there's those Smiths comparisons, which Martin simply can't
understand. Hmm ...
That's not to say that Gene is
a bad bond Songs such as "London, Can You Wait?" and "Sleep
Well Tonight" are extremely
pleasing demonstrations of what
can happen when they don't lay
it on too thick, while Martin's
voice is another one of those ethereal delights, up there with Hope
Sandoval (Mazzy Star) and
Brett Anderson (Suede). Gene
have songs that seem to capture
the moment and the mood per-
effect, his overwhelming confidence brought a nice warmth to
the concert, which was no doubt
helped by the incredible sound
that placed his vocals above everything else. Rossiter filled his part
nicely, playing with the crowd,
striking dramatic poses, putting
on o performance. If he was at
all nervous or weary about doing the usual North America tour,
it never showed. The rest of the
band kept their end of the bargain up and Gene was a band
in march with each other. Playing a good mix of songs from
both their albums and a couple
of B-sides, the high point of the
concert came with Rossiter's performance of "Drawn to the Deep
End," accompanied only by a
pianist. It was indeed proof that
Gene con keep up the swaggering confidence that has made
them best-sellers in the UK while
still putting on an earnest show.
Strange mix.
John Zaozirny
Thursday, June 5
Starfish Room
On this particular night, the Starfish Room was packed with a
bunch of older folks (die hard YLT
fans), a bunch of young, obnoxious folks and some normal folks
Nevertheless, K recording artists,
The Softies, started the evening
off with several songs from their
last album, Winter Pageant
well, that's what I thought Rose
Melberg said to the crowd. On
this evening, the audience was
especially rude, their chit chat
formed a cloud over The Softies'
entire set, which prevented most
people from concentrating on
this pared-down duo From
what I wos able to hear, most
of their songs seemed pretty
soft, melodic and happy, however, this was hard for a majority of the audience to digest
;tof them were anxiously
3  the
stuff of Yo La Tengo
Finally, Yo La Tengo took the
slage ... well, actually just Georgia the drummer. Ms. Georgia
commenced their first set with a
solo drum instrumental that pretty
much went boom-
boom pity-boom-boo m-
boompity-boom. Then all of
a sudden, I heard some
mysterious drumming coming from behind me and
there was Ira and James
acting like two little drummer boys! At this point I
was getting pretty excited.
Ira's guitar solos were absolutely amazing; in a live
environment, he was able
to make his guitar solos
more stretched out — like
taffy! Watching Ira was
also fun; he kinda twisted
and contorted along
vith his guitar and  he
s that c
%    strange r
_<   wouldn't expect to come
g    from a guitar.
K Soon after the madness
-■ of noises, Georgia exercised her beautiful voice in
"Shadows " Unfortunately,
the tipsy couple beside me
drowned out the song by commenting how sexy she was, be-
... good grief! Sadly, this would
be Georgia's only solo for the
evening. Dang.
Yo La Tengo's second set was
full of little surprises and cover
tunes. For instance, Rose Melberg
on guest vocals for their cover
of the Undertones' "Teenage
Kicks." And I had the pleasure
of rocking back and forth to
the Devo cover which James
Finally, the third sel rolled in.
Yo La Tengo pulled out some
older tunes, like the surfy "The
Evil That Men Do" and an extended version of "Blue Line
Swinger" Woohoo! In a n'.•'.-
shell, it was truly a fine show
except the fact that it ended
at   1:20am  and  my bus
oing tc
'ell, es
a marlena
Thursday, June 5
The Columbia is one of those venues making the transition from
skid row bar to "alt." hang out.
22 July fl-y; Judging by the creepy "al
Soundgarden on  ■■
plete (I guess there's b
lookin' back sine.
Niagara )  This
of thin
I  the
I  that
red Ir ,
the "indie rock" scene
Anyway, in my attempt at
keeping away from the Columbia os long as possible, I missed
Manifold's set But alas, I was
subjected to the sonic assault of
what is known as July 4th
Toilet The Toilet tried to tackle
the premise of "keepin' them
wantin' more" by going on forever Medleys never sounded so
wrong and never lasted so long
As fronfman Rob Dayton so aptly
put it, "It had its ups and downs
— we tried to pull it up, but it just
kepi goin' down." July 4th Toilet
destroy "art" by making it. This
low brow sentiment is good, intentional or not Unfortunately, it
is hard to listen to.
Lake of Dracula reaffirmed
my faith in punk rock Bass,
drums, guitar, singer (in a purple lame shirt to boot), with
one Scissor Girl, a Flying
Luttenbacher, a Couch
boy/solo star and a charming
bassist (no Manhartenite), L of
D could do no wrong Marlon
Magas and Weasel Walter
were crazy all over the place,
assaulting the audience verbally, physically and psychically
Finally, a band that believes in
charisma — no shoe gazers here1
Heather drummed like a robot
The bassist stood like a
Kraftwerkian mannequin L.
of D drained the audience of
psychic energy and   spat it
and in any other orifices
present And they even had
insightful dialogues with the
audience (What are you saying, Moooo?) Sonic gymnastics
Muscle spasms Libidinal gyrations Kudos to the Kelowna puppet dancer girls! For those
about to spaz, or at least have
a mental or physical breakdown,
Lake of Dracula salutes you!
Miss Lola Twin Stars
Saturday, June 7
Moes, Seattle
What a better way to spend a
sunny Saturday afternoon than
driving down to the Emerald City,
with AM/PM and Taco Bell stops
along the way Figure into this
equation at the end of the day
seeing three fine bands and
you've got a prescription for
764-Hero played to a 3/4
filled club The lovely two-piece
played their sometimes angry
love songs with great vigour
The only hometown band on
the bill showcased songs from
their debut full-lengther on Up
Records along with a few 7"
tracks and the crowd gobbled
them up like sweet, chewy
Up next was New York's
Rex Operating as a four-
piece (guitarist, bassist, violinist, and one of the world's finest drummers, Doug Scharin),
Last to hit the stage was Chicago's The Sea and Cake
Their jazzy rhythms got most of
the crowd moving or, at least,
bobbing their heads. They played
a big mix of ditties from their four
Thrill Jockey releas3s. They
added on organist for this tour
x-Coctails Mark Greenberg)
ith    fel
I a flawless.
, however,
sented by Moe It appears that
the dying rock club trend hos
not hit only Vancouver. So get
out to a show and don't let any
more venues go the way of the
Commodore and the Town
Charlie Church
Monday, June 9
Starfish Room
No wonder Moloko cancelled.
Who would possibly want to
share a venue with these two
boring rehash bands? Neither
band managed to rouse even the
slightest bit of interest in me. My
foot was bobbing during part of
Muse's show, but I think it was
just so I'd look less conspicuous
Muse, aka 0 5% Rodiohead
Watered down, filtered out, whatever — these guys were the pits.
They managed lo get one boy
dancing, and kept the rest of us
anxiously awaiting something
better The singer's moronic in-
betweener comments like, "This
one's about hope and change"
big empty hole
a glimpse o
naybe even a
>h superstars
Space I thought about how glad
they'll be a few years down the
road when they look back and
realize that they missed oul on a
crap show I wish I had
Julie Colero
Tuesday, June 10
i the shov
and this
all of you" made me cringe (and
seek the comforts of alcoholic
beverages) I was wonderfully
glad when their set finally drew
lo a close.
During the break, I scoped out
the core members of the Vancouver Brit-Pop scene  I admired
the Mod haircuts and tight
pants and general snaz-
ziness of the bunch   If
Grade 10, when it
all  really  meant
the soundman mistook me for a
member of a band and asked me
to move Elevator to Hell's gear
off the stage so gaze could
soundcheck I was struck by a little afternoon melancholy, because all the amps had Eric's
Trip stencils that had been half
scrubbed off after the break-up
and replaced with "Elevator"
but you couldn't really distinguish one from the other More
'bout dat later
Gaze went up first and kept
death-looking the soundman
but he kept solving one
fidence level of her bandmates
through the course of the set, and
by the lasl couple songs gaze really hit their stride.
The emptys, unfortunately,
had an OK mix but terrible music which was essentially Hootie
and the proverbial Blowfish
minus the songwriting ability
One old fat guy danced for them
but I think he was the singer's
dad They just seemed so oul
of place.
Elevator to Hell took the stage
with no intro but everyone hanging around the back seemed to
draw in closer and closer to the
stage 'til the dance floor was full
Rick was every bit the tail, emaciated, guitar-banging, synth-
manipulating Winger-hairstyle
indie-rock myth thai he was in
Eric's Trip, but a lot more confident Mark just looked like a nerd
with his shirt tucked into his too
tight jeans, but he drummed perfectly just perfectly and kept
his floor lorn on a milk crate
Tara was eerily Julie-like, even
though she (inexplicably)
chose not to sing
ophenia     @   ^   ^fflSh   I
memorize and live
Space came out amidst a
wash of crazy intro noises The
crowd went nuts. I dreaded what
would come next. I hate to say it,
but to me, Space sound just like
the British Barenaked Ladies.
The silliness they sing about is
nothing new, and it's certainly
nothing special I tried to stick
it out until they played their hit,
"Female Of The Species," but
after closing my eyes and
somehow missing two songs,
it was definitely lime lo head
out. No big loss
On my way out, I thought
about my young friends who I'd
seen before the show, standing
outside the tour-bus. waitina for
in the second song but then he
turned off the lead vocal mic for
some unknown reason In spite
of the defective sound system and
indifferent crowd, the girls of
gaze turned out a set of well-constructed pop songs hampered
only by timidity. The drummer
Rose managed to steadily in-
Wednesday, June 11
Starfish Room
Drum and bass, trance, ambient,
etc — whatever its name, I'm not
very good at defining such music Consequently, I may be somewhat inept describing a group
like CircleSquare Their noise-
pop with sonic swirls and eyecatching imagery projected behind the band was reminiscent of
past shows by the evening's other
two bands and their shared influences — My Bloody Valentine and Flying Saucer Attack amongst them Obscured
vocals (mumbles, some might say)
complemented the band's sound,
which was heavily driven by
ambient keyboard sounds, guitars, and a DJ to mix tha beats
CircleSquare kept the audience interested throughout
opening set, and I'm sure
one else who had n
the band before.
The Readymade    song
1             mm£&3*^T%*',
and  live  drumming  certainly
gave more of a
live feel to the
daily   on   this
night, when they
weren't using any
specially lighted
backdrops     or
slide shows   The
band  members
were the visual
focus of this sel,
but theirs was a
Well, the songs were better
)w that yo
u watched with
than a lot of stuff but not as
ur  ears:   i
was  not their
as the old days The kids dug
jal synthe
sis of image and
beat. 1 adored the tinge of sad
jnd   For th
em, as it was for
ness that they brought tc
,  (whose stage
evening  When 1 left an old hobo
iting was
as barren as the
told me about his brother-in-law
, the music alone
who burned his face and
1 got
s enough lo captivate all of
that old Eric's Trip feeling again
Brian Wieser
lfish amourv
t  of whit el!
9mRm s,;b^' JaqoBaq.  ui/ff  Km "iqBqoj   sbm  T^I   ^l^m'T^^^""*?^'^™'ubo   sp"'""^   pi?s   jSJl
BYViSon r*£ii>A-0tV0*T*O"*>"fot SKOJP of -JoNAi
25 n^gssmm iune '97 LONG VINYL
1  the dishrags
low    hate                   other people's: mnv.'ir
1 yo k tengo
i (an hear the hear' ...               matador
^ chomsLy  <hnml>a*ur*"
ha   lora lit.* humanity ...                   allied
i dw9dMar#rli
(kit il the It not"                     atavistic
(j atari teenage riot
l.nrii. Iirdin, l.nrii             grand royal
fc Im fool poll*
unleashed                                      epitaph
7 lorl.iddrn dimension
widow's walL                                   cargo
ft 1 foot llamc
ultra drowning                        matador
.') crir's trip
long days ri.le 't ill tomorrow*   Mil. pop
If cdith frost
Calling over time                        drag city
11 Mi
orl.smrctrav                                   island
fl  mcryn raJrll
fc Moris                              handsome hoy
II smog
it.I appli* Talk*                           drag city
't  taLaLo niiiidj*j
roomie enhe                               march
i( tifrj
trip tease                                    asphodel
It penny* isc
lull riiTle                                       epitaph
17 Monde rr-lknJ
lake ran lie just as* good   touch and go
ift spa i*L marker
(00 Watt ...                  crisis   reflation
i') various
something cool                            chcr doll
ir pizzicato In.
sister freedom tapes*                 matador
ji (ium.,n;
happy l.irfhday to the                  Warner
ii U
•rt transistor ...               grand rrrval
t5 vtri i response ... 1 plinma
rnl.c                                     snl.dncfio,,
1-t rehcrca west
six MR ...                    cinnamon (oast
ir; l.nffalo daughter
Willi, drugs, 5- reel ...     grand royal
2fc the dropouts
rome on!                         unclean records
■57 scud mountain hoys
the early Years*                              sul. pop
l» helium
no guitars*                                   matador
2*) whole lotta milla
got milt?                                      stomp
W  mere mortals
ethnic <lul> simmphony ...             map
SI  salani. surfers
fcfct motor inn                l.urning heart
51 Ul Ice
something to ...                    gram' royal
*■*• meat l>cat manifesto
ashestos lead ashestos               nothing
VI  zoltyr.arl,
K then.I
t..ii.)i. m.-.it
i J, food
son., soup
1   lalcofdi-acnla
s*Lin graft
I   the fiends
gra>r Jigger
soni. s-^iH
^   the sprague hrothcrs*
Ivattlc of the hands!
5 the Liss oils
love's* rvijence ...
peel; a-hoo
fc   pans? division
7  the hanson hrr.tr.crs
the horto song
essential noise
ft tnlhrrafl   n//o
)  celestial magenta
IC   L.IIJo/cr
sonmt  :)fe
11   it J max
*oo<lrwi lienor hot roj
12  junior varsity
go! to the ire...
1]   rhrcsehurgcr
happ? hill
s*roe-<h pooch
H   ovarian trolley*. ha/cl
ranch m
l(   the loons*
time Umh
it  placeM.-.*
sailor l«r>
ship }- anchor
17   rat power
ift   wingnuts
the H"i<L intnt lo.\ ...
13   rlrvator to hell
harL*arJs* ma*>
Sill, pop
ir   gnitlcj lo voids
21     thci.CC.1
jarL> o'lantern
11   olivia tremor control
the giant JaY
Jrug rarer
IS   (nivalis
11   o.ans
paper h, * *ipcr\*
T-,   iliscount
•Aoinl.i* pnlleJ me ...
li.|i.i<l meat
It  Lnniiygriuit
johnm angel
17   viiginia rrccper
ja/z mesopotamia
1ft   the softies*
the hest Jftft
2*)   »rhirlc flips
\r   nolmfc
rommi.nist rhina
time Umh
51   stocl, haiiscn. \--...
s*t ripper
:>i toLiJoli
ne-As* <la>s*
U   aiivin
5(   pccsWhome
--,*; whiskr*-* tnwn
MMldqt tr^ii
".    irvingUaVUno
,-r mm
1   siihmis-sion hold
(J anger
S  Plumtire
i JK
l'iizz>heaJ pills
5   the mlorifirs
7^7lno-* iseeheavrn)
C  gaze
preppy villain
7   .lirlmills
ft   thcheans*
italian Wsre
!)   .les-troyrr
baren is* in rome
ir   lYaJ-vmaJc
dreamt i Cell Irom -vnu
II    the molevtirs*
no*'*,* the time
11   LiJrhampion
15   pns-ton
H   hrontc hrotheiN
i;   manil'olil
rails, dotation, acrojYiiamirs
It   the ton.l.urvts*
masters of Larate
17    pipcl.omh
Ift   sturvis
V.)   ni(.honi.\
let's* get out ol'these monLo suits
M   (h. spive.s
johnm* rome lately
ii s*.(i.«L>
ten twenty-three
19   (he. npperrriist
25   strep
sile.\ mandy \>nc/c
Ii    l.lis-triTne
mirhael hunt
2;   L.tviss
It   thrillseelcrr
17   theU
2ft   s-tratorhicl'
she shoots, she MMM
11)   the eh team
the edge
5r   i LilUJ nn at
rut the shit
51    plihlir house
red flag
52   paiila spun*
55   MC
she Lnows
5-1   «*_!
5;   marl
what   we   listened   toooo
Lai.. • Mini 109 • slcater Limiey . white to„ ,, . yo
I.) tengo • sloan . unrest \ inl'inity • air mi.imi •
l.'ehl • mountain (--_*.« • volume all star • smog .
veda hille . guided l.y voices • hnllalo daughter .
christian mairlay • id., • kcant • etfe: all over m. .
sel.adoh • red stars theory . v a leli.lae . patsy
dine • hey, are you rruvh*orthy'i l.arh's rrush of
the month: marl loliinson • tristan. 1*011 s.ssmith
•   Len:  V.or<l (;.r   .   Levin,  a Jen  •   miLo:  *inLi|>i.iLi   •
oasis     top
ays       9:00pm       -       1
1 oh Susanna
2 l.rau* con-ho
•-,  anidilranro
group danrc epidemic
living in dip
righteous hahe
^   laura low
5   <raohh.ua
soh it is
t   lamous sieve denyc
;   IKi-i_l>u_sl*Llc7.mc!
onh* famous in del mar
fh ing hulgar
0   various
j   haroldrinLing
2c years of stony plain
one morning when i...
stony plain
l.ig rit*y
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July 31: from California, WASH
10:00AM Join Greg in Ihe love den for
a cocktail We'll hear retro stuff, groovy
jazz, ond thicker sluff too See you here
and bring some ice XOXX
TELESIS 10:00-11:00AM Tune in for
discussions, interviews & information
relating lo people who live with physical
& menial challenges
12:00PM Tune in for another (unfilled
hour of ska wilh hosts Julie and Ska-T
Charlie Brown once said to Schroeder
"plink, plink, plink, all day long! Good
LITTLE TWIN STARS 2:00-3:30PM Jacuzzi
Space rock at its finest
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:00PM Have a
good brunch!
NATION 2 NATION all. 6:00-9:00PM
Underground sound system-slyle
mastermix radio
AFRICAN RHYTHMS alt. 6:00-9:00PM
David "Love" Jones brings you the best
new and old Jazz, soul, latin, samba,
bossa & African Music around the world.
FOR THE RECORD   6:30-6:45PM   Ex
cerpts hom Dave Emory's Rodio free
America Series
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12:00AM The
original live mixed dance program in
Vancouver Hosted by DJ Noah, the
main locus of ihe show is techno, but
also includes some trance, ocid, tribal,
etc... Guesl DJ's, interviews,
retrospectives, giveaways, and more
ore pari of ihe flavour of homebass
UMP SINK I2:00-2:30AM Hosted by ihe
G42 players "The show lhat doesn't
hate you." wilh your friendly pals Friar
Fritter Abfackeln and Postman Pat
Alternating with Dr Killdare
Contoct:limpsink@broken ranch org
LUCID SOUL 2:30-4:00AM Dr Killdare
plunders even further into the wee hour
doing what he can lo keep securily guards
and 7* 11 clerks awoke Waywayway
deep dance shjff and other hallucinafying
fucked up ness.
Music you won't hear anywhere else,
studio guesls, new releases, British
comedy sketches, folk music calendar,
ticket giveaways, plus World Cup
Reportal 11:30 AM. 8-9 AM: African/
World roots. 9-12 noon: Celtic music
and performances
Vancouver's only true metal show, local
demo tapes, imports and olher rarities.
Gerald Rattlehead and Metal Ron do the
LUCKY SCRATCH 3:00-5:OOPM Swing on
the gallows pole and git yer dose of blues in
the afternoon Hosts Anna and Andy.
THE SHOW 6:OO-8:00PM Strictly Hip
Hop — Strictly Undergound — Strictly
Vinyl Wilh your hosts Mr Checka, Flip
Out & J Swing on the 1 & 2's.
"live! — shows and bands — admission
$6 00 — Performers are subject lo
EARWAX all. 1:00AM- DAWN "blUe bil ol
drum, bil of bass and a whole lot of
noize" Late-night radio soundclash
destined lo fist you hard Zine features,
phat experimental chunes, and the
occasional turntable symphony "Money,
we'll rock you on 'til the break of dawn "
Arts Allison Dunne!
Board Chair Harry Hertscheg
Business Thomas Hicks
Current Affairs Sarah Efron
Demos/Cassettes Dale Sawyer
Engineer Richard Anderson
Entertainment Clinton Ma
Mobile Sound Ken Orchard
Music Siobhan & Megan
President Ryan   Ogg
Production Mark Constantinescu
Programming Anna Friz
Promotions Justin   Ho
Secretary Chris Corday
Sports Slavko  Bucifal
Station Manager Linda Scholten
Traffic MaHene Yuen
Vice President Frank HenviBe
Volunteer Coordinator John Ruskin
2£   Et^SsKEffi July
FRI 27 Herb Alpert-Vogue Theatre. Linda McRae/The
Spirit Merchants/Daisy Duke-Railway Club...
SAT 28 Digger/d.b.s-Seylynn Hall Noise Therapy/
Wailing For God/Nickleback/Facepuller/Makeshift-
North Surrey Rec Centre...Linda McRae/The Spirit Merchants/Daisy Duke-Railway Club.. Good Jacket 6th Anniversary Bash: July 4th Toilet, Pigs in Space, The
Shifcookies-lhe Good Jacket...The Spectres/Deadcats-
SUN 29 Bluebird North: Judy Atkin/Bill Henderson/
Oh Susanna/etc.-Wise Club...Carl Th Dreyer-My Metier/Dancing/Symphony of a Cily/Nightary- Pacific
MON 30 Royal Grand Prix-Railway Club...
JULY TUES 1 Ripcordz/Another Joe/The Retreads-Brickyard    Logical Progression: LTJ Bukem/Blame/PHD/MC
Conrad Sonar...
WED 2 A Ford the Lamb Abroad-Naam...
THUR 3 Fireweed/Sing Sing Dead Man/Rooter-Brickyard...
FRI   4 Queazy/Midge/Gasm-Brickyard.La Song Music Society Dr. Sun Yat-Sen  Garden...
SAT    5    Saddlesores/Spitfires/Hell    Caminos-
Brickyard. DSK-Picadilly Pub...Christine Duncan-
Vogue... Dirtmitts-Colorbox (Seattle)...
SUN  6 Solas-Rogue Folk Club...
MON 7 Natalie Cole-Orpheum...
TUES 8 Dark Summer: Doc Scott/Ed Rush/J-Majic/MC
Justice-Sonar...Welcome lo Grade 3/Carbon Six-Brickyard...
TOUR PNE Lagoon Stage...
THUR 10 Breathe Underwater/Swank O'Hara-Brick-
FRI 11 Pigment Vehicle/Closed Caption Radio-
Brie kyard...Hel met/Melvins/Facepu I ler-
Graceland...Association of Korean Performing Arts of
Vancouver-Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden   .
SAT 12 Matchbox 20-Starfish...Outlaw Entertainment
Group CD release party-Brickyard...
SUN 13 Bitner & Hope-Naam...
MON 14 Weezer/Pulsars-Vogue...
TUES 15 Kimball Collins-Sonar...Seed/Clockwork/Four
Bone Chain-Brickyard...Yoyo A Go Go festival-Capitol
Theatre (Olympia! Runs 'lil the 20th)...
WED 16 Jim Houston-Noam.   Steve Mitchell-South Hill
Candy Shop...
THUR 17 Another Roadside Attraction-Thunderbird Stadium...
FRI 18 King Cobb Sfeelie/Courage-Graceland...Nefro/
Melt-Brickyard...Silk Road & Ptarmigan-Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
Garden. Van. Folk Music Festival-Jericho Park...
SAT 19 Hip Hop Mechanix/Social Deviantz/Kilo C
Brickyard...Van Folk Music Festival-Jericho Park...
SUN 20 Ben Harper-Plaza of Nations ..Van. Folk Mu
sic Festival-Jericho Park...
MON 21 The Verve Pipe/Tonic/K's Cho
Rage.OMGRichard's on Richards...
TUES 22 Supergrass-Rage...Four Hundred/Cusler's
Bandstand/Diamond Cutters-Brickyard...
WED 23 Marilyn Manson-PNE Forum...
THUR 24 Larry Volen Trio-Naam.Laine Hendei
South Hill Candy Shop...
FRI 25 Bloodhound Gang/22 Jacks-Starfish...Brundlefiy-
Brickyard...Chinese Music Research & Development Cen-
tre-Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden...
SAT 26 Model Rockets/The Manls/The Tonics/The
Powerfailures-Brickyard.The Planet Smashers/One/
Venice Shoreline Chris-Graceland...
SUN 27 Bitner & Hope-Naam...
MON 28 Grrrls with Guitars: Savannagh Jvarnet/Kristia
Jeanne Sheffield/Linda Kidder-Railway...Dogstar/
Silverjet-Graceland...Seven Mary Three-Richard's on
TUES 29 Moneypenny-Brickyard...
WED 30 Mach ll's-Picadilly Pub...Jim Houston-Naam...
THUR 31 The Planet Smashers/Malchiks/Trenchant/
Skavengers-t.b.a (all ages!)...Larry Volen Trio-Naam...
BASH featufcjMBJuly ttteAjet, pfc-fein
Space and The ~
June 28th
toil. Yeah, we kraw, i
ydiuH read alt about it ii
we've stiil gotta give our thum
this most arnaz8*"
event Pop, p   ~
Wfllnd be_4
oken word,
the North
; out the Yo Yo
still plugging along, and it's be
ever with some ol' faves, lik
DigfANdO and u^alM comeri, OH
SUSANNA, etc. July jMu, Jericho Park.
Tix @ ticketmaster.
everythjflg^ nfk^ tn ]mow
everywhere^011 ni
to go
3B Beer Joint 1226 N. Stole St. (Bellingham)
The Abyss 315 E Broadway (side entrance)
Anderson's Restaurant (Jazz on the Creek)
Anza Club 3 W. 8th (Mount Pleasant)
Arts Hotline
Bassix 217 W. Hastings (al Cambie)
Backstage lounge   1585 Johnston  (Granville Island)
Black Sheep Books 2742 W 4th  (at MacDonald)
The Brickyard  3 15 Carroll St.
Cafe Deux Soleils 2096 Commercial  (the Drive)
Cafe Vieux Montreal 317 E  Broadway (Mount Pleasant)
Caprice Theatre 965 Granville (Granville Mall)
Celebrities  1022 Davie (at Burrard)
Chameleon Urban Lounge  801 W. Georgia (Downtown)
Club Mardi Gras 398 Richards St.
CN Imax Theatre 999 Canada Ploce
Columbia Hotel  303 Columbia  (at Cordova)
Commodore Lanes 838 Granville  (Granville Mall)
Cordova Cafe 307 Cordovo (Gastown)
Crosstown Traffic  316 W Hastings  (downtown)
Denman Place Cinema   1030 Denman  (West End)
DV8 515 Davie (downtown)
Firehall Arts Centre 80 E. Cordova  (at Main)
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
Frederic Wood Theatre (UBC)
360 734 1881
488 6219
684 3777
876 7128
684 2787
689 7734
687 1354
732 5087
254 1195
873 1331
683 6099
689 3180
669 0806
687 5007
682 4629
683 3757
681 1531
683 5637
669 7573
683 2201
682 4388
689 0926
872 6719
822 2678
Garage Pub 2889 E. Hastings (downtown)
Mora 6 Powell  (Gastown)
Gaslown Theatre 36 Powell  (Gastown)
The Gate   1 176 Granville  (downlown)
Graceland   1250 Richards  (downtown)
Greg's Place 45844 Yale Rd.  (Chilliwack)
The Grind Gallery 4124 Main (Mt. Pleasant)
Hemp B.C.  324 W. Hastings (downtown)
Hollywood Theatre 3123 W Broadway  (Kitsilano)
Hot Jazz Society 2120 Main (Ml. Pleasant)
It's A Secret 1221 Granville St. (downtown)
Jericho Arts Centre   1600 Discovery  (Pt. Grey)
La Quena   1111 Commercial  (the Drive)
The Lotus Club 455 Abbott (Gastown)
Luckv's 3934 Main
Luv A-Fair   1275 Seymour  (downtown)
Mars   1320 Richards (downtown)
Maximum Blues Pub   1 176 Granville  (downlown)
Niagara Hotel Pub 435 W. Pender  (downlown)
Medialuno   1926 W. Broodwoy
Naam Restaurant 2724 W 4th Ave (kitsilano)
Odyssey Imports 534 Seymour (downtown)
Old American Pub 928 Main (downtown)
Orpheum Theatre Smithe & Seymour  (downtown)
Pacific Cinematheque   1131 Howe  (downlown)
Paradise 27 Church  (New West)
Paradise Cinema 919 Granville  (Granville Mall)
Park Theatre 3440 Cambie  (South Vancouver)
Picadilly Pub 630 W. Pender (at Seymour)
Pit Pub basement, Student Union Building  (UBC)
Pitt Gallery 317 W. Hastings (downtown)
Plaza Theatre  881 Granvilfe  (Granville Mall)
Purple Onion   15 Water St. (gastown)
Raffels Lounge   1221 Granville (downtown)
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688 8701
688 7574
738 7)51
669 6644
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682 3221
822 6273
681 6740
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602 9442
473 1593
The Rage 750 Pacific Blvd. South  (Plaza of Nations)
Railway Club 579 Dunsmuir (at Seymour)
Richard's On Richard's  1036 Richards (downtown)
Ridge Cinema 3131 Arbutus (at 16th Ave.)
Russian Hall 600 Campbell  (Chinatown)
Scratch Records   109 W.Cordova  (Gastown)
Sonar 66 Water (Gastown)
Southhill Candy Shop 4198 Main  (at 26th)
Slarfish Room   1055 Homer  (downtown)
Starlight Cinema 935 Denman (West End!
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station  (off Main)
St. Regis Hotel 602 Dunsmiur (downtown)
Stonetemple Cabaret  1082 Granville St. (downtown)
Sugar Refinery   1115 Granville (downtown)
Theatre E  254 E. Hastings (Chinatown)
Thunderbird Ent. Centre 120 W. 16th St. (N. Van)
The Tower 339 W. Hastings (downtown)
Track Records 552 Seymour (downtown)
Twilight Zone 7 Alexander  (Gastown)
UBC Grad Centre Gate 4 (UBC)
Vancouver E. Cultural Centre   1 895 Venables  (at Victoria)
Vancouver Little Theatre  3102 Main  (Mt. Pleasant)
Vancouver Press Club  2215 Granville  (S.Granville)
Varsity Theatre 4375 W. 10th  (Point Grey)
Vert/Washout 2412 Main  (Mt Pleasant)
Video In Studios   1965 Main  (Mt. Pleasant)
Vogue Theatre 918 Granville (Granville Mall)
Waterfront Theatre  1405 Anderson (Granville Is.)
Western Front (303 E. 8th Ave)
Whip Gallery 209 E. 6th Ave (at Main)
W.I.S.E. Hall   1882 Adanac (the Drive)
Women In Print 3566 W. 4th   (Kitsilano)
Yale Blues Pub   1300 Granville (downtown)
Zulu Records 1869 W. 4th  (Kitsilano)
685 5585
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738 6311
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683 6695
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682 4171
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682 7976
682 8550
822 0999
254 9578
876 4165
738 7015
222 2235
872 2999
872 8337
331 7909
685 6217
876 9343
254 5858
732 4128
681 9253
738 3232
3€ July i-)')7 lOWdOWn records presents
"themes from a common dream"
full length CD & 12" EP
= l      featuring:
"^1        |l _ I    phaedra
OOO     ('::::: —i >>       iNdiUm
'•—J •-——' *•—•*  l—Miiinaummmmj J
i) mk naomi
steb sly
catalyst sound
] U L /  9 7
in stores July 19th!
call (604) 895-9600 for release party info
hear previews of the tracks on our web site:
" y* """   ^Mi,    ^   ...
m$m {msmmm w mm mmmmmm
:mmu m wsm ®$m%m&
YOUARE AlchecTonei:
(elaborate below)
DESCRIPTION (15 words or less):
BEFORE July 15, 1997
233-6138 SUB Blvd., Vancouver, BC V6T1Z1 fax:(604)822-9364
-tMPLoyns of mc month-
Bazooka ond Hie Hurler Ihis Apparatus Mu-f Be Earthed
Thank you, for going to see KITTENS and SHALLOW, NORTH DAKOTA ot The Bridkyard last month'
CiTR 101.9 is looking for a
and it could be you!
• Training volunteers of CiTR
• Promoting CiTR and its services
• Excellent communication skills (writing/speaking/computers)
• Must have good radio technical and production skills
• Previous experience in working with students
• Previous experience in working with and motivating volunteers
• Knowledge and experience in non-commercial and/or campus radio
• Good organizational skills
• Previous experience of a supervisory and instructional nature
The Volunteer Coordinator will work 7 hours per day, 3 days per
week. The salary is $12,000 per year plus a full benefits package.
Deadline for applications is Friday, July 18, 1997
Please drop off in CiTR Business Office or mail to
101.9 fM
CiTR Hiring Committee
c/o CiTR Radio
233-6138 SUB Blvd
Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z1
For more information,   please call Linda at 822-1242 Spin
On The
Cue Ball
Rack Up These Quality Shots!
ELECTRIC              ^  ^
Eat cd            ^**
Now available domestically,    tf
CO-IP 12-inch
Debuting their new record label,    Ii'
these well known New York rest-
olbum is like a thoughtful
time-capsule. But in this respect, it is more timeless
well delivered instrumentols. And for the YOUTH.
good as they get - which means great not just goo
is located. With their rich soundscapes, BOWERY
ELECTRIC piovide ample thematic space to stretch
out in, increasing the value and importance of eoch
tone and structure, while enticing listeners with an
implied warm darkness and dub-like, resonant, slowly
dissolving somber sound. This is a very good record.
16.98 CD
RL Boyce, Othar ■■■!■■■
Turner Fife 8     ■»>
Drum Spam en    l^Tr  1
fiest* with the times. Sometimes lush occasionally
often gloriously overbearing, Yr gonna dig it. pop t
yeah (our imaginary lyrics).
10.88 CD-EP or 12-inch
The Fat Of The Land cd
Containing both the Breathe and Firestarter sing
Fat Of the Land is UK's punkmeetstechnome
fight practitioners PRODIGY'S third smash full le
to trip your cranial alarm bells, the buzz is all true,
rocks hard, boom! Kula Shaker L7 and Republica
board to help novigote this ten-song excursion into
of your mind. Yeeeaowwlll! This will be the record t
shit up. look out.     AVAILABLE JUNE 30TH
16.98 CD
ADNTIE CHRIST      1 -.>
Life Could Be A      LyLfc
Dream cd
Influential LA songstress Exene     11    , *** j
Cervenka plugs in a G-string,
turns up the volume and spits out    t_t_____E
ten short and tothe-point punk blasts. Along with 1
drummer sidekick DJ Bonebrake and Rancid's Mo
Judah Bauer(of Jon
Spencer ond Butter 08 fame), TWENTY MILES is
the real home of these two well traveled indie r'n'b
ranch hands. A romping record which injects a little
Hollis Queens attitude into the "Thou shall be delivered" blues mix, TWENTY MILES ain't about
playin' possum- no sir, what we got here ain't sippin'
whisky either, it's the real blues sour mash shinel
16.98 CD
Ladies And      IgBfBa
We're In        1            1
Space cd       ■™»™»™
All our electric anticipation is well reworded by these
wayward spacefolk. This album delivers, thoroughly
ond then some. It is packed with rich glorious sound,
uller instrumentation, inspired gospel themes, curious Americana and much harmonica - praise them.
Freeman, this energized trio are the next best thin
vintage sound of X in their early '80s heydoyl
16.88 CD
6 Feet Of Chain cd
Newlyweds, Luna frontman Dean Wareham and sp
Claudia Silver team up for an eclectic lennon/O
Ireomy, mesmerizing and intelligent, this record rep-       "Wedding Album" style album. Comprised of stn
resents a new stage of development, it is competently      songs, obscure cover versions, and spontaneous jam
executed ond completely worked through - all ideas        ol Chain is a perfect musical bonbon. Having sail
are sound. Get on board, it's a trip.
16.88 CD
its time to let the music ring through!
16.88 CD
The Mollusk
1869 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver. BC
tel 738.3232
MontoWed   10:30-7:00
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat              9:30-6:30
Sun             12:00-6:00
T"ngh. FRIENDS OF DEAN     f^mm^H
•*£* Retrograde cd
nriA mrl A lonesome (leopard skinned)
16.88 CD 8.88 Cassette
Reprovisors co
i    "-■    LDKEVIBERT
' !!_■      Bo Unto Bthers cd-ep 12-mch
Time To    «
Clear The Table!
8.88 CB-EP or 12-inch
LUNA IhopCD EP/7 inch
FUCK Pardon My French CD/LP
Must Be Earthed CD
LIDA HUSIK Fly Stereophonic CD
PET SHOP BOYS Somewhere CD-EP, Pts. 1 + 2
VARIOUS ARTISTS Kicks Joy Darkness
(Jack Kerouac Tribute) CD


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