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 June  19»9i5 that  magazine  from   CITR   1D1.9   FMI        Free  Pis-coKfervts
Speckled 3'm "* O
treble charger 'I "1
Tke Muffs -1 2
Tke Roots ^ ^
i can reaa1
real live action
v\v\Ae.r review
on +ke dial
P^A/e ,995 gr
"DiSCORDER" 1 995 by the Sludenl Radio Society of the University of British Columbia. All
Circulation 20,000.
Subscriptions, payable in advance, lo Canadian residents are $15 (or one year, to residents
of Ihe USA are $15 USD; $24 CDN elsewhere. Single copies are $2.00 (to cover postage,
of course).   Please make checks or money orders payable lo DiSCORDER Magazine.
DEADLINES: copy deadline for July #150 is June I 1 th. Ad space is available until
Junel5lh and can be booked by calling Kevin al (604)822-301 7 exl. 3. Our
rates are available upon request. DiSCORDER is not responsible for loss, damage, or any olher injury as lo unsolicited manuscripts, unsolicited
(including but not limited to drawings, photographs and transparencies), or
any other unsolicited material. Material can be submitted on disc (Mac,
preferably), in legible print or in type. As always, English is preferred.
From UBC lo Langley and Squamish lo Bellingham, CiTR can be heard
at 101.9 fM as well as through all major cable systems in Ihe Lower
Mainland, except Shaw in Whiterock. Call the CiTR DJ line al 822-
2487, our office al 822-301 7 exl. 0, or our news and sports lines al
822-3017   exl.    2.    Fax   us   al   822-9364,    e-mail   us   at
GTR@UNIXG.UBCCA, or just pick up a goddamn pen and write
#233-6138 SUB Blvd., Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6T 1Z1.
Levi50l*s   Cords   70's clothing
313 cambie street, Vancouver. b.c
Ph:669-cool/669-2665 E*I
with guests      -
Sat. June 3
GATES  11   A/A  -SI
IA\E  1   I>/W
im c h
f    _^f      ft^f^K POWERDRIVE
with guests MINORITY
Sunday June 11
Starfish  Room
with guests  BIG GULP
with guests BABY CHAOS
Re: I wanna be famous like
Hi. I'm interested in taking over
the 7" column from the
homourable Grant Lawrence.
I think it'd be swell. Please
lump my name on the heap of
potential candidates.
I'm applying because 3-
chord rawk must be championed to the masses. I personally buy at least 10 singles a
month - none of which sound
anything like Lenny Kravitz-so
I'm automatically qualified to
be an obnoxious record reviewer. And if I had a bumper
sticker on my car, it would say
"I'd rather be a Ramone." For
these reasons and more, I feel
that I could do your column
proud and, y'know, listening
to DMZ and their progeny can
be an effective substitute for
sex, so I wanna do my part for
all those sexually unsatisfied
individuals out there  in the
local/international rockscene.
Another goddamned sexually
frustrated, Ramones-infatu-
ated, obnoxious 7" columnist?!? We finally just got rid of
the one we had!
Recebi urn fanzine brasileiro
onde havia urn pequeno
comentario sobre o jornal
Discorder. Fiquoifelizassaber
de sua existencia e gostaria
muitodeconhece-lo. Por favor,
entrem em contato comigo e
me deem mais devalhes sobre
este trabalho. Agradeco
Jacqeline Kelly Paes
If anyone read and understood
the letter above, please send
us a translation.
Dear Airhead,
I'm bored in the Interior. Been
thinking about putting on gigs
this summer to liven up the
place here in Kelowna. If you
can pass my name and number
on to bands that maybe interested in playing in the
Okanagon or who just might
be passing through. Please do
Dave Mayhem
RR#1, S-7, C-56
Kelowna, B.C.
P.S. Send me some free stuff
you bunch of Nirvana-wannabees.
We are sending you information on The Projected Memorial because we thought you
may personally be interested
in it, or have the means to
distribute this information to
others. We would appreciate
any method you have access
to in getting this information
out. Thanks.
Your welcome.
The Projected Memorial is a
visual memorial for those who
have died from AIDS and for
those of us who remember.
The most important aspect of
the memorial is to replace the
statistics with faces and to create sites for our remembrance.
We are asking for photo-
g raphs of those who have died.
We eill transfer the photographs to slides and eventually to video. We will take an
active role in creating environments and venues to project
this series. Some site examples may be conferences, exteriors of buildings, galleries
and colleges. The Projected
Memorial will be in constant
motion and each site will be
advertised to the pub-   -   ^
To Participate:
The  _
who is sending in the
needs to be
the owner of
that photograph, ie: in
of the negative and
needs to also
include their name ana pnoheh'
and the name of the person in the
photo. If you want your photo returned enclose a self-stamped return
envelope, otherwise they will remain
on file.
If you are interested in being a part of
this project phone 731 -4074 or write
to: The Projected Memorial, 1858
West 15th Ave., Vancouver B.C.,
I NJ     M6MOI?*/    C3V-
0?'7-  1994) t-
QV covaxc S and C*ftrrDGh)<\
was been G?RA<;ep By
THE iis/^uoetJCE.   ©*P
MICHAEL   AU5HeNkER> prese^itS
ovie: bloc kboster/J
"and i thought if i took the right lines,
but those mocking birds won't let me shine"
grant lee buffalo
as i said last month hope springs eternal and it wasn't as if i
was actually echoing words that i thought were so much true,
it was more hope in times of great desperation, so much for
that, so much for the eternal optimist, so much for desperate
measures and rewards beyond your wildest espectations, so
much for the cream rising to the top. the talk was of going to
the show - the big game, facing the biggest pitcher of them
all - hitting the home run to put the home team ahead for
good - or at least for now - maybe forever, they said it was
time to forget everything you ever knew and go from here on
in.haHways were alive with talk the echoes down the halls
said nothing of not going but only when and not if. who
would be left behind was your last concern, the shit that
mattered would take care of itself - the house, where you'd
live, the new faces and friends - "no sweat, man - ifs great
up there" they said, "been there, done that."so much for shoe-
in. so a couple more years in Syracuse can't hurt, hone up on
those skills and then ifs like a rocket to the big time or a
career selling life insurance - your choiee sister, for now a
dollar bill sits above my counter along with a picture of my
mother and another of some friends and me having what
could only be described as a great time - these are the
moments that mean something i suppose -i suppose, the dollar
bill is an american one salvaged from a lost weekend in the
states, the picture of my mother from when she graduated
from university long after she had become a professional,
she's the one. the only one. so maybe hope will spring eternal,
maybe not, i'll know tomorrow - maybe i won't,
dedicated to framet F. Harry, Sr, a man i never really knew
/\ that is to say, I got no juicy gossipy
A«A tidbits for you. Well, maybe one. My
# m sources inform me that Sam, one of
the singers from the Muscle Bitches, has recently tied the knot. (I mean he got married,
you sick fool.) Now put that Betty Page zine
down. This instant. Anyway, the ceremony
very recently took place in faraway Austin,
Texas, home of goodtime country music, location of Slacker, and a place where college
bands actually grow on trees (it's that warm,
fertile climate).
Somewhere in between nuptial arrangements the band has managed to release their
first cassette, endearingly titled
Muscle Bitches are to be squarely placed in
the shock-rock category, a genre that was
pioneered by bands such as the New York
Dolls in the early 70's, paraded through the
next decade by groups such as San Francisco's The Tubes, and continues in the present
day, purveyed by the such minstrels as the
Insaints and the Diesel Queens, also from the
city of Rice-A-Roni, beatnik coffehouses, and
Vancouver-in fact Canada in general-has
in the past been somewhat unproductive in
terms of eye-opening rock V roll combos
(although Stephen Hamm's dropping of his
gear at Expo 86 got my jaw hanging lower
than at any Butthole Surfers or Gaye Bikers on
Acid gig), so it's good to see a local entry
under "Freakshow" in the putative Pop Music
Encyclopaedia Actually, I haven't seen them
live, so for all I know they could be shy and
retiring shoegazers, but I have my doubts.
Stylistically, the music is ballsy guitar rock a la
the Dolls, with a little bit of sax thrown in for
good measure. Vocalist Mistress Fang contributes those sassy vocals that lent punch to her
previous bands (Black Eye Buddha, Spank
Machine, Cane Toads), while at times switching to a vibrato-soaked heavy-metal diva persona in some kind of Holly Woods retro twist.
■   1   /                    '   ■            1     iw
Bil  mm 1
The other singer, (the aforementioned bridegroom) also vacillates between a punky rasp
and Uriah Heep-ish bravado, the
trast being used most effectively
in the bi modal "Paradise
Slaves".   How-
with  Lou
and Darby
Mills impersonations you
may       have
some   trouble;
some of the songs
do spare you these
indulgences (as in
"Tramp"   or   "Toupee", where the hook
line is "there'll be hell     '
toupee") and you may
want to hear these before you writeoff the band
as   moustachio'd,   chest-
bearing  mainstream  rockers. Overall, a good enticement for seeing one of their
live extravaganzas.
There's a new singer-songwriter in town. HernameisSanne
Lambert, but she records under the
name Cage On the five-song For
Posterity's Sake she's mostly solo but
sometimes is afforded some able
bass/drums backup by producer Paul
Armitage. Stark and spare are the operating
terms here, giving one the distinct impression
that Sonne has or knows someone who has
spent a great deal of time in some sort of
mental incarceration facility. She speaks of
nervous disorders and there's one great line,
"They gave you drugs/So shut up" (from
"Seven"), that plants you squarely in some
sort of Valley of the Do//s-inspired hell. It's all
minor key dirges, with her piano playing
providing rich textures with which she imbues
fractured melodies while her acoustic guitar
ventures give angst to the seemingly paranoid
messages of the songs. Speaking of paranoid, the cover art is exactly that, featuring
pen-and-ink drawings by Jesse Rivard aka.
The Alien. Sanne is associated with Gastown's
Venus and Mars, so I bet that as troubled as
her mind is,  her fashion sense is probably
Some folks, Sanne Lambert included,
record what's basically a solo project but still
choose to go under a name chosen to identify
the musical entity. Some people don't. Robert
S. Burgess is from the latter gang, so his The
Morlee Martian Chronicles 1 Through 6 has
been released, on cassette of course, under
hisown name. Holy Rick Wakeman, Batman,
there's a couple of 1 0+-minutes songs here!
And none under 6! Burgess is nota bombastic
keebored player ,though; rather, he is a
twangyguitaristwielding some kind of Fender
ammo. To be sure, there are some meandering
moments (something like this column), but
he knows a good riff and just because the
tunes are epic-length doesn't mean he's
ig anything to death. If you're a
fan of the stop-start, turn-every-corner
rhapsodies of Pavement, then Bob is
singing to you. Certainly in the vocal
department there's a heavy resemblance to Mr. Spiral Stairs himself,
sort of an early-morning drawl
jfter too many American cigarettes. I actually would like to
here more songs like "I Idolize
Idiots" (some scolding of the
Rolling Stone/Spin readership  here),  where  Frank
Zappa   meets   Eugene
Chadboume in a whirlwind of bubbly guitar
effects over a slinky,
bluesy  bass  figure
Lured by a once in a lifetime chance at fame
and adulation, Vancouver Special's Sean
Raggett has retired his mighty typewriter to
pursue a shot at the big time. Good luck in
your new career champ! (above: Sean receives
the news of the glamorous new career
awaiting him; facing page: The life Sean has
left us for.)
It's the return of The Unhappies with their
promised full-length, self-titled cassette None
of the 1 0 songs here were featured on their
debut three- songer, and with the exception
of "Badger Girl" and "Geek Child Protege"
they don't sound a helluva lot like it, either.
Much more humour has been stirred into the
mix (especially on "Crowleyman"), which now
incorporates elements of country swing and
Celtic rogue stomp. I kinda liked the Big Star-
like perfect pop of the earlier songs, but their
newfound Terror of Tiny Town-style eclectism is
interesting and should hold anyone's attention
span (hey, it did mine). I particularly like the 3/
4 strut of "Maria's Got Worms", where
Djangoid guitars seem to be virtually laughing
at you. Now let's put all the songs from both
tapes together on a CD!
Hardcore! Always a pleasure slapping the
music of snot-nosed, onanistic, angst-ridden
young punk combos into the deck and punching holes in the Gyproc to that primal beat.
Render Useless from Victoria have a powerful but melodic approach to their songwriting
6     JUNE 1995 craft and I'm left wanting more after auditioning their all-too-short four-song tape. Band
members Jay, Sven, and the Voice of Reason have recorded this demo u n -
der the aegis of Scott
Henderson in his Sea of
Shit studios, but I don't
see any Incentive stamp
of approval anywhere
on thej-card orthe tape
label. C'mon, Scott,
get your Sea together
and put this out!
more juvenescent
are   12   Point
Buck, a White
Rock band on
the    Electric
Funnel Entertainment roster. The six-
song    / 8
and     a
Roses   a) hi
title that, like the band
name, starts with a number, b) is
fresh and should appeal to those who like
d.b.s., and c) has a couple good songs on it.
"Flog", "Stick Around For Joy", and "Sk8
Board" particularly struck my fancy, probably
'cause these are the shorter ones whereas my
attention wanders during the songs where they
"stretch out". Promising punk-pop from zit-
faced young men  What moredaya want?
I end with the tape that's got the award-
winning (for length) epic symphonies on it,
those being the 20-minute-apiece "Interfusion
#1" and "Interfusion #2" from Interfusion, the
latest masterpiece collection from local avant-
garde favourites LSD 49. Once known as
Group 49, this collective is headed by the
cerebral yet highly artistic Anthony Roberts,
himself an alumnus of the Mighty R. Swirling
seascapes are embedded with techno-rave
islands, though these formations are not necessarily borne of this Planet Earth. Most of the
cuts are a few years old, although the sole new
track, "Somebody's Crazy", actually has vocals, drenched in reverb to accentuate the
piece's synth-Wagnerian feel - reminiscent of
the more ambient moments of Will, Morpheus,
Lesion, and the Tear Garden. With cuts like
"Vitamin K" and "Switching Channels" drugs
are unnecessary and redundant (as is this
sentence), giving this tape potential
for rehabilitative applications. The Future is
Now Here.
Saturday, June 3:
Rusty & guests at the
Town Pump (5pm)
Friday, June 9: The
Posies, Ovarian Trolley,
Super Deluxe & The Passengers at the SUP Auditorium (Seattle)
Saturday, June 10: Korn
at     the SUP Auditorium (Seattle- 8pm)
Friday, June 16: Rock for Choice Benefit
atthe New YorkTheatre-bands TBA (7:30pm)
Saturday, June 17: Uncle Sid, Dark Tower,
Belly Button Window & KSM at the New York
Theatre (7:30pm)
Monday, June 19: Elastica & Baby Chaos
at the Commodore (9:30pm)
Tuesday, June 20: The Orb & Masa at
DV8 (Seattle - 8pm)
Thursday, June 22: Moby & guests at
DV8 (Seattle - 9:30pm)
Friday, June 23: Moby & guests at the
New York Theatre (7:30pm)
Friday, June 30: Sparkmarker, Pluto &
Sineater at the New York Theatre (7:30pm)
Thursday, July 6: Corrosion of Conformity, Monster Magnet & guests at the New
York Theatre (7:30pm)
Saturday, July 8: Gas Huffer, Ripcordz &
guests at the New York Theatre (7:30pm)
Call Kevin at 822-3017 for info
109 W. Cordova
fifth annual _
__ contact numbers and
addresses of the folks who are making
noise these days..and the businesses
who support them.
-^ur ad will be reaching ...
of musicians and other music bix^foiks in
the onrTTJublicly distii-UaTedFREE
directory in town.
Full Page (10 1/4" w x 12" h)
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Mag Size V(3 1/4" w x 5 7/8" h)
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Back Cover
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lull page half page mag size H       mag size V
Call KEVIN at 822-3017 to book your ad NOW!
Sugar Crash
If U like old«skool styled  hip-hop
beats  served  up  bass  heavy,  then
check out this  release from
female  lyricist and  rapper Terror  T
and  rhythm  producer the   Beat
Assasinator.   Peace!
$7.99 CD
mid   feel   my  bloodsl
Heavy As a Really Heavy Thihg
frl'! Stti'j- TSfit"
Life  After God
;e   sonic   heaviness   describes
Seismic's  nine  song  debut CD
Pangeae.   Catch   their   explosive
live   performance   at   the   Hungry
Eye,   June   10th   at   10:30   pm
$11.os co
Germany's Heart First Records releases
"Repetition", a  new CD EP featuring two
previously released 7" singles plus one
new song. One of the heaviest bands to
ever come out of this city, this is a must
have for your collection. XXX    $9.99  CD
Bla Bla Bla
ML""-y    v-
;.  Wit's    '
&ls  bla   fo la   '
u can't go wrong  with this one
Guitar rock for those sick of
liocrity, as well as just plain sic
:ludes  the single "Maryann Ain
Home.*  A  definite   must-have!
$11.99   CD
For More Information on
selling your music at
Sam's, ask for Rob Zgaljic
at our 568 Seymour St.
locaton. All types of
music accepted.
"My mother really likes it" -Yngwe
Vlellonstewin, Guitar Magazine.  "Patsy Clini
a mescaline trip."- Scott McCaughey,
The Rocket. "I'd buy it, but I got a free
one."- Sue Angie, Spun Magazine
$11.99    CD
13 grease slopped hot n' steamy hum dingers
sure to top up the appetites of hungry i
V roll fans the world over! This is the second
album from Calgary's kings of the instro
twang and Mint gets to serve it! Yippeekiyayy!
$12.99   CD
Part 2 of the Wade Free Compilations, a mega punk assault featuring: d.b.s., Facepuller, Breach, The
McRackins, the Cowards , Haggis,
Artless Motives, The Many,
Wretched Ethyl, and Gus.
$8.99 CD
Barley fueled, boogie powered, lay low,
ride hard, soul searching music, for
people who know what time it is!   Made
me cry, pa would have been proud.
To be played good and loud!
$11.99 CD Oh God
Discorder Posse"
to you £ Holly
on the
birth of your
beautiful baby
sure is a looker!
Drop City A Revolution Of Purely...
After 9 nights in Canada, too many beers, too much Scotch and far too
much Montreal hospitality, "Oasis doing the Hollies songbook..." left to
conquer the States, they'll be back in the fall... Bug MM to play their
Hunters & Collectors Demon Flower
A return to form. This has the angst and noise of the early Conny Plank
produced stuff and the songwriting/pop sensibilities of Human Frailty
period. Like his peers Paul Kelly and Ed Kuepper, Mark Seymour is a
storyteller/songwriter. If you ever had a soft spot for these guys, return, you
won't be disappointed.
Ed Kuepper Character Assassination
Actually the 20th album of his career. For those not familiar the pedigree
goes - Saints, Laughing Clowns and solo for the past 10 years. Released
here as a double CD for the price of a single. The bonus CD contains the
original acoustic sessions that became Character Assassination.
Llamasaurus Pollynose
Too much cheap beer and a mind set that's like a painting on one of the
Meat Puppets album covers... ? Wouldn't be out of place on the late great
Okra Label alongside the Schramms and Ass Ponys.
The Nectarine No 9 Niagara Falls
The brilliance of Davey Henderson (ofthe FireEngines/Win) and crew is
not to be missed. This is pop - used, abused and righteously shafted 'til it
screams, but Pop nonetheless.
j album Cool Way
Pluto Failure/It's Only Love  7inch
Vancouver's finest. A companion piece to their fab n<
To Feel on the mighty Mint Label.
Punchbuggy All Nite Christian Rollerskate
Re-issued, re-mastered, first time available on cassette. I
4 guys, a couple of skateboards, hockey sticks and more pep than Herbie
The Love Bug! Power Pop that makes you hang on for dear life A big
thanks to those who came to see the band on their cross-Canada trek with
SuckerPunch. A great time was had by all, except when the van blew up in
B.C., but I guess that's the T-Can tour for ya.
Smudge Hot Smoke & Sassafras
Tom Morgan and the gang continue to deliver perfect pop, with attitude to
match. Enjoy it, that's what it's meant for. They do! And they don't expect
much more from you... No one ever said it was a competition, would you
trust the judges anyway?
mail-otdet intewtive |>att
we got all kindsa stuff from cool labels like Scat, Hot, Postcard, Flydaddg,
De|a-Disc, check out yer favourite store first, if theg can't hel|> ga get in
touch with us direct
St-Lambett, Que.
Come on out,
name (please print)
address (please print)
Lhe liiSt.UKUIi.K iaiiuly needs help in putting tins damn rag together. It
you have editorial or graphic aspirations, a little know-how and a lotta
ideas, get yrself down to #233-6138 SUB Blvd. on the UBC campus or
call Dylan at 822-3017 (ext. 3)
postal code
IT IN THE MAIL... ■ • uitarist/vocalist Rob Thompson hails
^y from the Hard Rock Miners. Bassist
yj Butch Murphy is from the Nervous
Fellas and the Bughouse Five (whom he still
sings with). Drummer Alex Koph used to play
in a band called One-Eyed Jacks which later
evolved into the Shadowy Men. And Scott
Farquarson hails from the infamous Sudbury,
Ontario where he used to play with Poke Mobile and the Moe Howards.
Together, the four members of Speckled
Jim play a mean brand of crackling hot, melodious twang rock that is difficult to describe
- the only thing really consistent is their confident live presence Speckled Jim certainly isn't
a Vancouver household name yet, but I've
seen them do more than a couple stompin'
gigs that merit this band more attention.
I talked to Alex Koch, Butch Murphy and
Scott Farquarson a while ago at the Railway
Club. Rob Thompson was not present, but Alex
assured me he'd probably be pretty quiet even
if he was there. Amid cussing and curried
squid recipes, here's what the three more vocal members of the group had to say.
DiSCORDER: How did you guys come
together? You've all played in other
bands, right?
Scott: Alex and I worked out in Richmond together, and we used to jam together. We met
Butch from bands he'd been in.
Butch: I knew Rob from the Miners and he
said that he wanted to play and have another
outlet for some of his songs that were a little
more rock oriented, [the ones] that he couldn't
use   in the Miners.
Vancouver's Speckled Jim is made up of four guys originally
from different bands. Initially, the group was more or less a side
project that would get together to jam for fun, or for a few
occasional gigs, while the Individual members would continue to
play in their old groups. Put something, maybe their strong writing collaboration, maybe positive audience reaction, has made
Speckled Jim more than that and has kept the band gigging.
Alex:  Yeah,  "Strawberry Load" was one.
OK, standard rock question: What is
your sound?
Scott: I always describe it by what other people say, but that surprises me sometimes. People list off bands like the Replacements, Social Distortion, the Rank & File, and the
Butch: There's a little twang here and there,
Alex: It's heavy music, but the good thing is
that Scott, Rob and Butch all write their own
material and they sing. We've got three different singers. It's heavier, but it's got harmo-
Your five song EP is fantastic. Tell me
a little bit about the song "Take Me
Scott: It's about living back east in Sudbury
[where] I had all these traffic and speeding
tickets. It was around the time that that Westly
Alan Dodd guy was going to be executed in
Seattle, and that was floating around in my
head one night when I dreamed that I was
thrown in jail and hung for those traffic tickets. But it's also about being back east in a
little town and wanting to get the hell out of
there, the foul memories of where you grew
up and how boring it was etc.
And what about the song, "Car"? That
song sounds like it would have been
a shoe in for the Hanson Bros. Puck
Rock Vol. 1 album.
Scott: People said that it should have been on
there but we just missed the deadline to send
Butch: It's a tribute to juvenile street hockey
How did you guys decide on the name
Speckled Jim? There must be a story
about that.
Butch: Well, we should tell you which names
we didn't use.
ushy Tailed Wood
Jse they're indigenous
'... "Now here they are
hy Tailed Wood Rats!"
was another of the ones
•n to, and that led to
"Spank and Fr«
Rats!" [Laughs
to Canada, you knov
to rock you... The Bu
Scott: "Spotted Tro'ut"
we narrowed it do\
Speckled Jim.
What's the one question you've always wanted to be asked but never
Scott: How about "I seem to have a surplus
of cash, would you like some?"
Alex: "Would you like a day pass to
Butch:  "Would you
like    some    free
Scott: As you can
see, and as our
midriff's  show,
we have a
food fetish.
It's time to get your shit
together for the 1995
NCRA conference June
1 8th-2 5th in Edmonton.
If you are ja local band,
"5* distribute
\*   demos,
*   CD's, 7"s
or what have
j   you to the movers
& shakers in
1 Canadian campus &
community radio.
Drop off up to 30
copies at CiTR before
June 1 5th or call Linda
at 822-1242 for more
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: 681-3828
fO   JUNE 1995 Treble charger didn't know what they were getting into when they started in the record business.
When I met up with them in late April, following
the first show of a nation-wide tour with the Posies,
they knew what they were doing on stage and
they had a good idea about what was going on in
terms of getting their music out to people. But it
was talent - as songwriters, as musicians and as a
band - not know-how that has gotten them to the
prominent place
in the Canadian
indie scene that
they enjoy today.
Once treble
charger recorded material -^H
for their debut,
NCI 7, they
would       have
been happy to do absolutely nothing with those
songs. It took a big fan of their live shows, Michael
Murphy (who would soon become their manager)
to convince the hesitant group to release the recordings at all, albeit on a limited scale. On their
own Smokin' Worm label, treble charger duplicated
a few tracks as a demo tape. Maybe due have
been lack of organization, the cassette only barely
made it to campus radio stations across Canada.
On the strength of their demo and songs like
"Trinity Bellwoods", the quartet signed to the independent Sonic Unyon label (itself operated by fellow indie-rockers Tristan Psionic) and released a
CD. The Hamilton based label, along with micro-
indies like Halifax' Cinnamon Toast and Vancouver's Mint, has a developed a strong name for itself across Canada and beyond. The Sonic Unyon
connection has helped immensely to further treble
charger's endeavors in campus/community radio
here, sparking interest amongst listeners and the
industry alike.
Just like the first time listener, those in the record
business must contemplate the potential goldmine
that is a new band — a wealth of music for listeners, and a motherlode of profit for the major label
that eventually signs them. For some time now, a
few of these bigger companies have been actively
pursuing treble charger. Given the significance of
opportunities in signing with the big boys, why
haven't they put their collective signature on the dotted line?
"We couldn't sell CDs at our shows," says Rosie
Martin, the band's bass player. That's just one reason, but it's true. Bands that tour need money to finance themselves, and CD sales at shows is one way
to do this. Record labels of the "enormous" variety
Tramps at the Commodore, and the first
of five at the all ages show headlined by
the Posies at the Town Pump.
"We don't care - usually it doesn't
matter," guitarist/vocalist Greig Nori commented. Aggressive may describe their
approach to pop music at times, but it
certainly has nothing to do with their approach to business
Still, they've had their share of interesting show experiences. Like Woolstock,
an annual Sonic Unyon fest that takes
place in Ontario every summer, and opening for bands like Sebadoh. The band
cites opening for Moist as another memorable instance (because of the great
crowds), and an event put on by a university's School of Architecture which
turned out to be a rave. There was even
dope included on their rider. This is a fundamental part of treble charger: they
didn't know what they were getting into,
but they had a good time doing it.
Without the major label financing, treble charger been able to do wonders with
videos. " 10th Grade Love," from NCI7,
received regular airplay on Much Music
and looks far superior to many, more expensive videos. Steven Scott directed it
after approaching the band to see if
they'd be interested in making a video.
Apparently, there is practically an industry of directors who are like professional grant
writers; they apply to VideoFact, an organization
that funds Canadian made videos, which is in turn
funded by the Government of Canada and Much
Music. If they know the way the system works,
many directors have a good chance of getting
treble charger have a bright future ahead, even
if they aren't planning for it.   What they do have
»iT    0
like to keep each and every sale nice and orderly
(read: from record stores only); trouble may result
for bands that use at-show sales to keep themselves
Further more, bands need only look at Sloan to
see the pitfalls of signing to a major label, treble
charger has a window to this through their soundman,
Nick, who also works for Moncton's Eric's Trip. As
a Halifax native who organized shows around the
time that Thrush Hermit and Sloan were forming, he's
seen first hand what the majors can do for and to a
band Sloan's unhappy relationship with Geffen is a
prime example. In light of this, many other unsigned
bands have taken note and stayed independent. Of
course, not all things major labels do are evil or misguided. In the process of courting treble charger,
Sony offered the band a spot on the label's tribute to
Neil Young, a 2-CD compilation whose profits benefit Spina Bifida research.
Aside from the tribute CD, I wondered if the band
had experienced many of the perks of major label-
dom as incentives to sign, like landing "prestigious"
shows or better playing times. It turns
out the opposite has been true, as displayed by their two Vancouver appearances: treble charger were the first of
four bands opening for the Cadillac
on the agenda for the next while is touring - all
summer, from coast to coast - first with the Posies,
then coming back with Pluto. Part of that tour will
include a jaunt in Seattle, which would be part of
their first push into the United States. They have
had some exposure in Buffalo, NY, but as that
fine city receives Canadian radio, it somehow
doesn't count. At some point, they'd like to hit the
American Northeast, as their CD has charted in
Boston area radio stations For recorded material, their next project (nearly complete) is a CD
EP with a bonus track for CD-ROM. Like commercial success for indie artists, this too was an almost unheard of concept not long ago. To follow
that will be a split 7" with Punchbuggy for
Bubblegum Records, a one-shot break from Sonic
Unyon. At what point would they leave for the
"When they offer something they'd be crazy
to offer," according to Rosie. Given the quality of
treble charger's material to date, it shouldn't be
long before those crazy offers start pouring in.
by BrianWiesef\\
//   EiK&2E532 Searching around backstage at
the Vogue Theatre during the
soundcheck for the recent
Veruca Salt and Muffs show, I luckily ran into bassist Ronnie Barnett
and lead singer/guitarist Kim
Shattuck, who lead me into their
dressing room where we found
drummer Roy McDonald tuning one
of his drums and getting ready to
fire up the Juiceman juicer for some
healthy refreshments,. We talked
for awhile about their new line-up,
Joan Jett, and their new album.
Blonder and Blonder.
What would you say is the reason for the...
Ronnie: Ah, well, she quit
Kim: Wha(2 Is that what you're asking?
No, that's not what I was going to ask.
Kim (jokingly)   Shut up! Okay what? Look, he's blushing
What is the reason for The Muffs' existence? Why
did it happen and why is it still happening?
Kim: We were bored, we had nothing else to do and we
didn't like anyone else's music, so we came up with our own.
Was it the California suburban angst that needed
to get out?
Kim: I'm definitely a suburban person and I have my share of
angst, definitely, but no, I have no reason. [It's] just because
deep within my soul I have this need, this very great need to
Ronnie: We just wanna play some songs...
Kim:     and be creative..
Ronnie:   . and then we did it and it turned out that we had fun
doing it so we still do it.
Kim: Yeah, we almost stopped doing it because we weren't
having any fun, but then we realized why we weren't having
any fun and now we're having fun
Ronnie: And now we've arrived at the definitive line-up.
The trio?
Roy: Yeah, the trio!
Kim: We're not blaming the other two members, but we are.
But we're not. But we are.
What's changed for the Muffs since you played the
Starfish Room last time you were here?
Kim (laughing): We dropped two-hundred pounds!
With what system?
Kim: The system of not kissing ass.
Ronnie: Well, we've made a record and we're three now.
Roy: And then there were three.
Kim: We're a happy trio as opposed to an unhappy quatro.
At  what  stage  of  a
band's existence are £
things the most fun?
Ronnie: Now!
Roy: This!
Kim: This!
Here and now?
Ronnie: Here and now in Vancou-
room talk
for female
Roy: You gotta  put
more time into [a
record] cuz
forever If people see a bad
show they'll
Kim: Every part of it is fun, but the touring  ^^^^^^^^
is actually the most carefree. You've got more worries when
you're doing the other part.
Ronnie: But this is pretty much what we do: play.
Kim: Yeah, playing live is fun. Records are a little more angst
There's Hole, there used to be a band named
Kreviss, I've heard of a band named The Slits -
where are the Muffs in the line-up of band names
that sound like locker-room talk for female genitalia?
Kim: What about The Fuckheads and The Cocksuckers and
The Cunts? What about that?
Were you guys pioneers in the...
Kim: No. You know what? You know what muff really means?
It means to make a mistake, to bungle, to goof up,
Ronnie: To mess something Up,
Kim: I've actually personally never refered to my "puss" area
as a muff. Never.
Ronnie: Right. I think that's just in, like, Hustler magazine or
Kim: But we almost didn't get into England because of it. 1
guess they use that word over there like we use the word cunt.
What was the first gig each of you saw?
Kim: The Go-Go's in 19821
Ronnie: The first show I saw that I wanted to see was KISS
when I was 10, but my mom took me to Elvis. I don't know
which one to count-the one my mom took me to or the one
that I chose to want to see.
Kim: Both of em countl
Roy: My first show was Gladys Knight and The Pips when I
was 3. But I don't know if that was really, cuz that was in like
How much does it cost to get guitar picks made
with personalized writing on them?
Kim: I don't know, we got ours for free the first time and we're
never gonna do that again cuz it's DORKYf
Ronnie: It was a tour manager we had at the time [who
arrangeed to have the guitar picks made]. He asked me
what I wanted on them and I was tike, 'Nothing!'. I still.
have those picks now.
Kim: "Mr. Muff" it says.
The first song I heard from The Muffs was on
Nardwuar's Clam Chowder and Ice Vs. Big
Macs and Bombers compilation...
'   i: Was it "Get Me Out of Here"2
Yeah, and I fell in love with the Muffs right then
and there.
Kim: Thanks, we did that on my four-track.
Roy: I've never heard that song before.
Kim: We're gonna do our third album on my eight-track. We're
gonna save money this time and come away kazillionaires.
When you listen to these recordings from, say, '91
and stuff, like your 7"s....
Ronnie: We don't.
Kim: I did recently.
Roy: I do! But I didn't play on them so I can be detached about
Kim: He's detached.
What do you think of them?
Kim: I like the new "Love" single. That's great, it's my favourite
one probably. I like the Sub Pop single, I like the Au-Go-Go
single, the other ones...
Ronnie: That's all the singles!
Kim: There's one more single that just comes off the album. I
hate the first album and I like the second album the best of all.
That's my opinionated opinion. I'm not detached.
Roy: Not due to the songs, the songs on the first album are
Kim: No, no, no, [I'm] not blaming the songs, [I'm] just blaming everything else.
Roy: It just didn't turn out the way the band wanted it to.
Ronnie: We didn't like that record and we asked that they
withdraw it.
Kim: We wish that they would just make it go away.
In comparison to your vinyl releases your two latest CD's have much more production, and you say
that you might be going back to your eight-track.
Do you prefer the less produced, a little bit trashier
sort of garage sound you had at the beginning?
Kim: Well, that's just the way we are, that's the way we sound
normally. Our new album doesn't really sound "trashy", but it
shows more of the edge that we have and the first album
didn't. The first album was just bland as fucking shit. Bland as
baby food.
I thought it sounded great.
Kim: Thanks. A lot of people actually said they like it and I
shouldn't realfy complain about it, but it's bland as baby food.
We perform all those songs, or a lot of the songs, way better
live. And especially way better live now with Roy.
Ronnie: We perform all the songs better live.
Kim: Yeah, we're better live.
Ronnie: That first album is one of Anita Gordon's favourite
records of all time.
Kim: Shut up name dropped mmm
' if
I read an article in some 1991 musk magazine and
it said that the Muffs were one of the top LA bands
eligible to be signed by a major. Was getting signed
something you expected back then?
Kim: We weren't trying to. One of our band rules was not to
ever send out demos cuz we thought that was really tacky and
cheap and we're not prostitutes. So we never did arvi then we
just got checked out by Warner and they liked us and we
said, "Aaarrgh!"
Ronnie: [The deal] kicked ass, it was the best deal. It was
better than the independent deals that we were offered...
Kim: Yeah, independent records are fucked up.
Ronnie: The guy that signed us, he smoked pot with us and
stuff and he was younger than us, you know. It's cool.
Ronnie, why don't you use a G string on your bass?
Kim: Cuz he's wearing it!
Ronnie: That's a good one. Urn, it's back on now, but I still
don't play it unless I'm hitting all the strings or something.
Kim: He doesn't need it.
Ronnie: Yeah, I don't need it. Actually, I broke the key off and
just didn't put it on. And at a show recently I broke the D-string
thing and I had to play the show with two strings. But there
was only one song where it mattered.
In general, what's better: 'A' open chord or 'A'
power chord?
Kim: God, you know, I don't think any one thing is better. I
think it just depends on the stuff [you're playing] because open
chords are really great for some things and they sound..
Ronnie: But in general the power chord!
Kim: Well I'm sure that's what you want me to say! No, no,
/2   JUNE 1995 no, power chords are great, I play 'em a little more than the open chords, but the open chords
are great and you can actually get better tone out of the open chords. But I like them both; I use
them both.
Hypothetically, Suzi Quatro versus Joan Jett in a streetfight circa...
Kim: Joan Jett! Are you kidding me?
Roy: Joan Jett'll kick her ass!
Kim: Joan Jett might have completely ripped off Suzi Quatro's
image and sound and everything, but Joan Jett ruli
Ronnie: I'll take Suzi myself.
What about Suzi Quatro's album, Quatro?
Ronnie: Incredible. With the bass guitar!
Roy: With the bass, yeah! That's a good album.
Ronnie: Suzi Quatro's album covers definitely kick Joan }
Kim: Yeah, that's true about the album covers.
"You know
what muff
But a streetfight - Joan Jett takes her?
Kim: I think Joan Jett's tougher, yeah, and plus she's younger.
Ronnie: Suzi writes better songs.
Kim: Oh God! No way!
Roy: What!? Suzi Quatro didn't even write songs.
Ronnie: What about Joan? She's no stranger to covers!
Kim: That's true, but she rules anyway.
Ronnie: Yeah, I think we need another version of "Everyday People!" That's what we need!
Kim (yelling): Okaaayyyy! Alright, don't bag on her! I love her!
Ronnie: I'm not baggin' on her, but I mean, you know...
Kim: I love her, shut up.
Ronnie: You guys are puttin' down Suzi.
Kim: No, we're rwy^ufljipfedown Suzi. She was fuckin' Leather Tuscadero for Christ's sake!
I recently saw the inn
Kim: Oh, goody!
v you had in Details magazine..
Is it strange that The Muffs appeared in Details magazine?
Kim: Strange to us, but it's just part of the whole she-bang.
Roy: It's just our label getting the media
circus in gear.
Ronnie: Details is cool, actually.
Kim: Details stinks though, it hasoll those {
yucky perfume ads. And they're not exactly good at picking out good photos
of the band, are they?
Were you honoured to appear in the "Sex" issue with
Traci Lords on the front?
Roy: Not particularly.
Kim: I would have rather been in a
non-sex issue since 1 figure I'm sorta
Ronnie: But it was better. Originally
we were supposed to be in the "Music" issue and that would just be full
of bands.
Kim: Full of it.
Ronnie: But now we're in the "Sex" issue
so it's...
Roy: ...full of sex.
Kim: Oh well.
Kim, is it a drag living back at home
being a * * year-old rock n' roller? Do
you have to pay rent and take out
the garbage and stuff?
(At this point, Kim grabs the recorder and rewinds over this question so that her age remains a mystery) Kim: It's wrong! I'm n<
Roy: For the record I'm twenty-nine and I'm proud of it.
Kim: I'm thirty-one and I'm proud of it but I don't want anyone to know. So I don't
about it. And no, I love living at home because look where I am right now, I'm on the
I wouldn't want to be paying rent. Basically, my parents are kind enough to let me
and have my stuff there and then I'm hardly ever there.
Ronnie: She doesn't sit down to dinner with them every night.
Kim: But if I did there's nothing wrong with it.
Ronnie: Well, yeah, okay!
Roy: What are you saying Ronnie?
Ronnie: I don't know. Everything's weird now! Everything got weird all of a sudden!
Kim: Oh shut up! Anyway, ask the next question. No age questions, God.
I hear the Beatles and the Stones somewhere in your music there...
Kim: Don't you hear The Kinks?
Well, yeah.
Kim: Jesus Christ!
If The Muffs could be any rock power trio from the 70's...
Kim: There are none.
Roy: Dick Boger and Apache. Cactus
Ronnie: Cactus!
i Kim: I'd say The Ramones. I think The Ramones are a three-piece. Well, Joey just sings and the
^singer is worthless unless he has a guitar.
■Ronnie: The Ramones are about to cut their last album.
■Kim: Oh goad.
fRoy: Really?
r Ronnie: It's called Adios Amigos.
"   i.OhGeez.
Ronnie: Yeah, cuz who gives a shit anymore...
Roy: That's what they should call it!
Why didn't you ask me if I wanted to see your underwear?
Kim: Because I wasn't holding any in my hand. In the Details article they failed and neglected
to say that I had my underwear in my hand cuz I was just about to go out and change. And
they're my lucky underwear, which he also neglected to say.
Roy: He makes it sound like she's flashing her kootcher or something.
Kim: Yeah, I was not flashing no Virginia.
Ronnie: Yeah, fuck all that sex shit! You wanna see my underwear though?
the aee of electric
y*? ii   --
i3 u^^^m yet  the group's blend of  Live hip   hop on the jozz  ^p coraoineu
critical acclaim and many fans.  The mix of  lively music, thick, phatDeotS/  scat, and
Unless you or someone you know owns the  latest  Roots CD D0 Yblf MAtffff
probably never heard of  these New Yorkers.
Their exposure through mainstream media has been  limited
tip combined with intelligent  rap  lyric;
bass Iines on Dc
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        stupid funky    definitely ma
The Roots performed to a  full  house at Richard's On Richards a  few weeks ago,  and Vince and I  took the
opportunity to speak to one of the founders of  the grti
candidly about The Roots,  the music  industry and hip
til^i     ^^^^^^^
any "
interview   by m
Vince   Yeh   and   Ryan   Males
.Si *v
cause e&nversaii
DiSCORDER: How's the album doing?
Ahmir-Khalib: I'm not sayin' that it's falling on deaf ears, but, basically if people know
that the group exists then they'll buy it; if people see the group perform then they'll buy
it. If people aren't buying the record it's because they don't know about the group. I
went to my publisher's office and she showed me at least 400 press clippings on
the critical acclaim that this album has received. I'll let you read between the
lines: the group did their part but for some reason this group is not known, so
I wonder who's fault that is? I won't say nuthin'.
You guys have a very unique approach to hip hop, you com-
Kletely put aside the turntable and you do it live.
ot completely. It's just a coincidence that all the 1 8 songs on this album
have no turntable on them. Actually, on Do You Want More!!?! we were
supposed to use a DJ but he was so damn late comin' to the studio, Tariq was
just like "you-you-you-you-you-you want more". He just actually [rapped] it,
leavin' the studio thinking that the guy would come and hear what we wanted
to do and he'd do it. But he never came so we just kept it in there, you know
what I'm sayin'.
Getting back to the success of your album, have you noticed a
difference in the way the people in Europe treat you as opposed
to here in North America?
Actually, it's the same. Every show we've done in Europe, it's the same knapsacks, the same "hip-hop gear." Hip-hop is not music, hip-hop is a culture of
which the music is rap music. There's also new jack swing, house music ...I mean,
hip-hop has its own art (graffiti), its own dance (breakdance) -  modern dances of
today reflect on our culture - and hip-hop has its own lingo. Basically, I just see
people throughout the world echoin' hip-hop culture. I don't see a difference. Of
course, America's always three or four years ahead of whatever else is in and people
look to the States for guidance and respect, ya know what I'm sayin'. I don't see a
difference at all, they embrace us the same everywhere we go. The only mistake about
the group is that people seem to think that we are a jazz/hip-hop group, which we're
not. We're a hip-hop band
You have very stellar support on Do You Want Morel??!: Steve Coleman,
even Cassaundra Wilson, the reigning diva of jazz. How did
you get a hold of these people?
Steve, Greg [Osbie], all of them, the whole M-Bass crew,
they were more like our peers than actual people
doing anything with music. I knew
Steve   as   "Yo,
what's up Steve? Howya doin'? Peace." Now Cassaundra,
"Heard you sing a little. Really, you sing a little bit?" You
know, I felt stupid.
We did like 50 tracks, so a lot of other people have been on
this album - Grant Haines, Greg Osbie - but they just didn't make the
final cut. The way we did it was we took them out of their environment.
Of course, Steve Coleman is known for playing everything but straight
* ——• i— London and playin' these tracks for every-
tunes. So we were just goin'
one who idolizes Steve, like Steve Williamson unu u» ...«- ,	
that just look to everything Steve does like 'OK, what's he gonna do next?'
I played Silent Treatment for Steve Williamson, who is basically Steve
Coleman's clone in London - in a good way 'cause Steve's my boy. I said,
"Yo, guess who's on stacks?", ana he was (ike, "Who?" I said, "You know
-*._Li*>» „„,4 t,e nlmost had tears in his eyes,
Steve Coleman, right?" and he almost had tears i  -,-.,
callin' up his friends in other countries, rewindin' the tape sayin', "Listen
to this!". He was baffled that we actually got Steve Coleman to play
straight notes. So we just took everybody out of their environment and
put them in our environment. Plus we dia stuff with Steve [Williamson],
He had us rappin' in 7/8 meter and doin' crazy stuff like that.
Let's talk about your drumming. You started when you
style and abar
evolve that into jazz, and
Miles [Davis] was movin' to
with rock guitar and everythin*
is abandoning that." Whene\
mass isn't with it or the originat
People shouldn't be ignorant to
from a lot of areas. A friend a*
Boys record once and I said,
to the Beach Boys." [Then] I wa*
somebody was playin' Pet Sou
most incredible goddamn albu
even know it was the Beach Be
handed me Pet Sounds and tha
now, you know what I mean. It
II know what you like.
were young?
You did a lot of collaborating with jazz people like Christian McBride and people like that. How did you decide to
go into hip-hop instead of jazz?
In school with Christian McBride, Christian and I were the two biggest James Brown headz you will ever find in life. I mean, my collection of James is somewhere SO deep and Christian has everything
James has ever recorded from "Please, Please, Please" all the way to
stuff he's recordin' now. Christian is a James Brown discography man,
he has every album, every 45. He actually told me a funny story
about how one of the main reasons why he went to Polygram was
because James Brown was on the label.
I went the hip-hop direction because that's the direction I
was always reared in, but I was also told and taught by
my parents never to be ignorant to anything else. They
Do you think that signing
enced your music at all? Do
play what you want to pla
I'm afraid that's the only thing wt
that. The Roots will continue to
possible. I mean, it's really a sh(
won't even know the love or th<
a song like "Lazy Afternoon", f
"Wow, how did you..." You
think we're engineer's musici<
curious or interested in how w
things we did on this album v
human voice, but unless I w
you really won't know. We v
what can be done in the hip More!!?! you have
; has acqui red them
) You Want More! !?!
kes the album worth a swipe of the plastic.
up,  Ahmir-Khalib Thompson,  who spoke
i-hop culture.
wi" tonr",ue to break the iaws
on what can pe done
m.     m w me
hip-hOp COfffexfr sonic ally.
jiotvmihe   .    misonynisfic
uae oi   hip-hop on as head
in     ;h thmt» /-fiof we've done.
played John Coltrane
and I was like "What's this
bullshit man, John Coltrane?",
you know. I was very ignorant and
a shame. The way black people in
ca are taught, it's like, we invent a
idon it. Blues, we invent it, we sorta
later on we abandon that. Of course,
a fusion movement in the early 70's
g, but then it's like, "OK, the audience
rer a certain change comes and the
ors aren't with it, they just abandon it.
one type of genre. You can take a lot
:tually dared me to listen to a Beach
fou will never ever catch me listenin'
! in London shopping for records and
nds and I thought, "Man, this is the
m I ever heard in my life." I didn't
■ys. I said "Who is this?" and they
it's like my all time favourite album
goes to show that if you just listen
Like "Ihe Unlocking"?
We wanted a vehicle Tor conversation. We wanted to wear no
political agenda on cur sleeve but basically when we first started
recording this album there was a popular album that came out.
Some female friends of mine were just goin' on for hours and
hours about how they hate this particular person because he's so
misogynist and he's just selling millions and millions of albums of
misogynistic lyrics. It's so funny 'cause they played one of his songs
in a dub one night and it's like the most explicit one and I'm thinking, "What if we had those same words that came out of his mouth
and twisted it and had a female say the same exact thing?"
We also wanted to turn the whole misogynistic attitude of hip-
hop on its head and cause conversation, which is exactly what
we've done. I think we've succeeded. Basically, "The Unlocking"
was just a vehicle for conversation, it wasn't to stand on a soap
box and say "OK, well, you know, date rape is wrong." It wasn't
to stand on a soap box and talk down, you know, "Gang rape is
wrong." We basically just wanted to present the situation and let
you see so obviously what was goin' on that you knew what the
message was without us havin' to say "This is right or this is wrong
or whatever."
your record deal has influ-
you still have the freedom to
shave left. Just kidding, I didn't say
abolish and break all sonic laws
sme that the average buyin' public
; work that was put into recording
■ngineers are just goin' crazy, like
rave musicians' musicians, but I
ens. Half the people aren't even
e recorded certain things. A lot of
vere done with the body, with the
rote it in the credits or whatever
vill continue to break the laws on
■-hop context, sonically.
v   Mn cliche do you think that's go-
This whole gangsta rap cliche, ao y
ing down with Eazy i n all? ^     and
Unfortunately, Eazy Es ^^l^hlca^e^
on, how to make more for your money^ ^ ^
| don't like "gangsta rap.cause ** o[ •„. Vm real\y
I mean "reality rap'. Thfes d,ttTiQueensbridge, New York,
hopin' that MoBBDeep, \^ZeZ?^^\e east coast
, re^hopethey blow up because hey        ^ ^ Jh
equivalent to gangsta rap, Ihey J™ ?Q    .    tes on WK.Q-
person. They don't just glorify whatever problems are goin' on, they actually go
internally and say how much they're in pain, why they smoke a lot of weed, why
[they] need to drink 12 bottles of Hennessee because [their lives are] in such pain.
You never heard such personal lyrics, ever. This is definitely gonna be one of my
favourite albums of the year; hopefully this will be the next step for reality rap. It's
just much more than this vicarious fantasy of "My bitches and my ho's"; [it's] really
getting to the heart of the matter: "OK I'm angry and I'm lettin' you know how
angry I am, I'm lettin' you know how my life is, I'm lettin' you know." That to me is
true gangsta rap, ya know what I'm sayin'.
About your hometown, tell us a little about South Street.
South St. isn't necessarily a staple or a mark in history; it's just the 14 block strip of
territory from Broad St. to 2nd St. That's where we chose to make our mark, that's
where you could just be yourself. Everyone goes down to South St., it's like the
place to be, you know. South St. is where the Roots started, we became street
musicians in '92 after doin' this demo for five years, the never ending demo, and
not getting anywhere. That's where we played; Toriq and I played for loose change
and later some soft money, dollar bills, you know what I'm sayin'. It just turned out to
be...it's like a little Greenwich Village, just a trendy spot, a lot of coffee shops, a lot
of hip-hop ciphers, alot of everything. That's the spot to be.
I have this very general observation, I'm not talking about hard core
fans, just the general public. They get into a band like Arrested Development on their debut album...
And then just drop 'em? Ycrf-vWhatslhededman?
Don't you hate that? Wow!
So with you guys, do you think the future looks up?
Well, we can't get no lower than we are now. See, people don't know what we go
through internally, dealin' with the label and dealin' with the internal stuff in this
group. People just, you know, hear the album. "Oh, this is my favourite song, saw
you guys on Video Soul last week, oh you guys were on MTV", that type of thing,
that's what people see. I mean, I'll   just say 1994 was a very bad year for this
group, a very low point, because we had to delay the album for a year. Hopefully it
doesn't sound dated to anyone. This album just came out in January in the States, I
don't know when it came out over here, and this is stuff that we created in '92 and
'93. I'm glad it at least sounds timeless enough to last. I mean, I hope we can get
through at least a year of this soundin' fresh, but we're ready to move on and you
know, some people aren't. This is a very slow process. I'll just say things can't get
any worse. Whatever happens, it can't get any worse. If we get dropped, if can't
get any worse, we'll just go to another label as a free agent. If we do another record
under Geffen, if just can't get any worse. It can only get better, so I'm optimistic that
all the mistakes hopefully will have been learned. THE PIT PUB • IN THE BASEMENT OF THE STUDENTUN10N BUILDING, 6138 SUB BLVD. * -&04-822-6511 IhnA
am white, and I can pass for middle class
if I don't dye my hair funny colours. I
have always had the privilege of being
white and, for at least the last five years,
being middle class. This is a realization I
have toyed with, sometimes felt guilty about,
but mostly passed off. It was easy to dismiss
the topic because there isn't anything I can
do about my skin colour or the way people
perceive my class background. It has been
easy to ignore because I belong to two of
the dominant groups in this country (white
and middle class).
As someone involved with both the punk
music and riot grrrl scenes, I have been
part of many discussions about the
whiteness and the classist structure of punk
rock. Each conversation concluded with a
'well it sucks, but what can we do about
it?'. We talked as if we - white, middle class
people - were helpless, when the truth is
that if anyone is in a position to change, it
is us. We talked about how we don't deal
with any issues that are relevant to anyone
but us, but gosh, aren't we working on
enough already? No.
The world of zines is just as exclusive
as the world of punk rock. How many zines
have YOU read that are by people of colour
or working or lower class people? There
are a few people I know who aren't
European descended, but they aren't given
a safe place to speak about it. Even worse,
their racial differences aren't
even acknowledged:
people just assume
they're "nicely tanned" or "magically
exotic looking".
Seriously,  this  is
something I want to work 1
on. We have to.  It isn't
enough to talk to my white
friends about how we are
racist; that is a start, but we
must    learn    to    educate
ourselves more, and to do sc
in   a   way  that   isn't   white  *i
centered or stereotypically exploitative.   I  am  definitely  not
saying  I have the answers - ir
one month of personal thought,
haven't got a damn clue. But I a
trying to find ways to learn, am
trying is a big step.  If I am trying,
then I am trying see some one else'
side. That compassion can teach a lot.
me to learn about someone else's culture
without imposing myself upon it would be
by reading books. For a long time, I didn't
read books because I wanted to find books
that were relevant to my punk, feminist lifestyle and books about young feminist girls
sticking it to The Man are hard to come by.
So I stopped trying and went back to zines.
I regret what I did because I know that my
lazy attitude made me lose valuable time.
Books aren't always relevant, but that is
where they can be most important. Books
are a good source of information about life
experiences that aren't like my own I can
read about some else's reality, or someone else's fantasy, and learn about other
cultures without imposing myself on them
In  her newest book,   Bread Out Of
am counting
,ge me. This
this month's
Stone, Dionne Brand sa*-,
mean to change the world". I
on it, and I hope it does chai
column has been inspired by
reading list.
(8.5X5.5; 20 pages)
Number one on the list of people making
an impact on my life is Andrea. Back with
her third zine (her first two being Residential Garbage and A Girl], Andi
continues her now famous style
of self-analysis. In case you      ^^^^k
nissed out, that j
is gravely h*
est, very avv
and very p.
ful.  Andrea
vagueness when
writing about specific
situations, and in doir
9 "v -"A '
*» -i^mi «. ..
personal   territory,   ad-    *•   Vc^**
dressing the  racism  and   V   V-***;t/^\
fat-hating   that   she   has    A 'A.
endured in her life. >$*-*
Her zine,   which arrived   V      »**>A
when  I was  half way through   VA"' V_,/AA
writing  my opening comments,    >*£,  - ,-' ."
made    me    back    track    and   \A   T; V,A
exa m i ne how I had ignored the   '■>
exceptions     to     my
"punk is so white" rant. I have
known Andrea for about a
ear,  and  throughout that
ime  I   have  continued  to
think of her as white.  For
Quiet Nights Under Quiet Stars # 1
(8.5 X 7; 40 pages)
Hello... Can you say amazing? Tony is a
boy who is writing and obviously thinking
a lot about how his privilege affects other
people. This is where our social revolution
is going to come from; it will spring from
people like Tony Perkins who have the compassion to care how they make others feel
Fucking awesome. I can't say what he
says in 40 pages, but you get the idea.
Send a lot of stamps or money 'cause this
' s a thick one: 213-B Suydam St. New
vick, NJ, 08901 USA
Roaring Fork Digest #7 & #8
(5.5X4.5; 12 pages)
Nuts would be a good description
r this zine, or maybe we could
ust say it is way too deep  Ap- i
parently these are excerpt:
portant stuff than I am. Meet Molly. Molly's
ie is poetic in some parts and very straightforward in others, but throughout it
Thank you,
Andrea, for
having the
energy to educate me I'm
i to,  but
V7L 2S2
sorry you
thank you.
Send Andrea your support and get    | didn't meet hei
»: 624 E.   15th St.,  North Van, BC,    living there. This
ling  like this    Beai
prose that at first sei
of context,  until I
that he molds his words
together to create a new
ntext.  Photos and words
Send a stamp to: Mr Kuhn R.R   #3
Prince Albert SK, S6V5R1
Twenty Bus September
(5.5X4.5; 16 pages)
This is a zine about a girl who isn't afraid
of taking the bus. Are you thinking that isn't
a big deal? It is for me, 'cause even though
I take them on a daily basis I avoid eye
contact with the other passengers and
always stand in a "ready to fight" stance.
I'm always afraid that I'm going to be
hassled, but this girl actually talks to people
on the bus. That seems so brave to
me. Twenty Bus September is
about her little conversations
that prove you (I) can be safe
Twenty cents US to: PO Box
170612, San Francisco, CA
Woman Without Arms # 1
(8.5X5.5; 32 pages)
I identified with the writer of this
zine so much that I found myself
asking the question "Who are
you Jen Piglet?" I go to Seattle a
lot and I am so disappointed that
'hen she was
ing. Send stamps or a fc
cash to: 726 Wily St. NW, Olympia
to   San   Francisco  next  month  doing
spoken     word    and     peddling     my
tape and the  new issue of  The Moi^e  Out
Club (which should be printed by the time
you  read this),  so a good friend will  be
covering for
ne here at Discorder while I'm
gone. When
get back 1 promise to console
i fulls of zines and a special
you with am
listing of othe
r directories and resources for
zine readers
Design 816 #8
(5.5 X 4.5; 20 pages)
The huge intro to this cc
by all the zines I read,
send away for them, sit d<
all in one day and you v,
I needed to say so much: the topi
in these zines are neither simple nor easy.
In Design 816,  for example,  Michelle addresses the issues I discussed above as well
writing about the privilege of being skinny
in a  society that hates fat.   Her style  is
straightforward,  and  she expresses  her
ideas in a way that won't offend you but
will definitely make you think. Send stamps,
trades  or  change  to:   PO   B<
Milwaukee, WI, 55211.
boy positive, but the parts that I
valued  most were about girls
There is a great piece about the
origin of derogatory words like
in was inspired    bitch and slut. Also covered i**
and when you    date rape, girl love and obses
i and read them    sion. Send a dollar or stamps to
iderstand why   695   Suwanee   Lakes  Circle,
Suwanee GA, 30174.
(5.5 X 4.5; 48 pages)
Can you take anymore? Are you
exhausted? Well, you have to
take more. You need to, just as I
need to. As I slump off my high
horse, I realize that a lot of
1 1496, people amaze me. I realize that
a lot of people are doing a lot more
SAT. JllE 10
at the tliagant Er™
4*>5 V. ?EW£R
t? Ej^a^B □Moil L^(Q)(gy;
BAILTER   SPACE"    Wommo $9.87  LP/cass  $14.92  CD
JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION' Remixes... $5.93 it $8.99 CD
GRIFTERS - Eureka $8.9910" $9.65 CD
REFRIGERATOR ■ Bicycle $io.9« CD
SLANT   6      fnzombio $8.99 LP $io.96 cd
ZIP CODE RAPISTS. 94/24 $7.46 lp $9.65 cd
VARIOUS -  Ear of the Dragon $I4.92CD
QUEERS • Move Bock Home $9.87 LP/cass $12.93 cd WELL FOLKS, THIS IS IT. IT'S OVER,
I'm outta here, I'm gone, goodbye, see ya, out, leaving town,
shutting the door, finished, complete leave of absence, gone like shit through a
goose and jizz through a straw. This is my very
last ink for Discorder. I know I said that last month,
but I made a deal with this column's new owners
that I would ease you readers into them via my
introduction, acknowledgement and recommendation. The new scribes (yeah, there's two of
'em) are none other than Miss Miko Hoffman
and Miss Megan Mallett, two very upbeat, informed music lovers. I'm very confident that both
these chicks can carry on where I left off, as well
as adding a broader perspective to the reviews
so you don't have to keep reading only about
garage rock V roll, pop and punk and how
great it is and how everything else can take a
long hard toot on my tweeter. These two luscious
female specimens have a pretty good taste for
tunes, so please welcome them into your minds.
BUT FIRST... here are a couple of reviews of the
records I've been spinning in the last little while.
been a musical hub, mostly fa
mous for its South by Southwest shmooze-fest. But if one
takes a mo' to scratch into the Austin underground, one will find a multitude of great
bonds to rock to. The ridiculously out of control Cryin' Out Louds, the Motards and the
1.4.5.S are all purveyors of Austin, Texas
trash, and the latter combo has recently debuted
on vinyl with a six song humdinger filled up
with funny, fuzzed-up, simplistic rock V roll. They
could be easily compared to the late Supercharger since both groups have that loose musical abandon, held together by good melodies.
The 1.4.5.S are crazy punk that's hard on the
ears but puts a smile on the mug! (1 4.5.S, 305
W. 39th #107, Austin, TX, 78751 USA)
The Riverdales, who are the first offspring
from defunct punksters Screeching Weasel, have
recently debuted with their first pre-album single. Basically a three-piece Ramones tribute (featuring a slightly tired sounding Ben Weasel on
vocals), the Riverdales have put out two songs
which are frankly disappointing after the nonstop onslaught of the Weasel's past work. The B-
side's "I'm a Vegetable" is better that the Aside's
"Fun Tonight", but neither is anything special and
that's a shame. Maybe with time we'll hear something more interesting. (Lookout!, 1 1 374 Berkeley
CA, 94712 USA)
Another group with a bit of a Ramones fixation is Calgary's cutie-boy party rockers
Chixdiggit. After touring countless times over
the past few years on the strength of their original demo tape, Chixdiggit have finally put out a
record. As anyone who has seen the Chix in
action can confirm, they're a lively bunch, led
by spread-legged lead singer KJ. This guy could
charm Mother Teresa into shooting tequila and
stage diving. But does KJ and the band's charisma translate onto vinyl?
Sorta. The music is rockin' and tight and the lyrics are as self-depreciating as usual ("I'm Not
The Best Hung Carrot in the Fridge"), but at times
Chixdiggit come off with just a bit too much of
the eager-Leave-lt-To-Beaver-boy-next-door schtick.
Oh fuck, maybe I'm too cynical. It's fun, it's dolty,
and though it may be a little bit too earnest it's
certainly worth your spins. (Lance Rock Records,
1223 College Drive, Nanaimo BC, V9R 5Z5).
OK, here we go...my Pick O' the Month and
final 7" review for Discorder is a fab new record
from the Pooh Sticks. This one is a bit of a
come back for this great Welsh pop band. After
being dropped from BMG after their zilch-sell-
mg major label debut Million Seller, the Pooh
Sticks laid low for a while but are back with this
fine single "Cool in a Crisis" b/w "When the
Night Is Falling". Both songs are excellent, loud,
'70s-flavoured sunshine power-pop showcasing
the Pooh Sticks at their very best and giving like-
minded rockers like Redd Kross and Sloan a se-
rious run for the money. Watch out for the Pooh
Sticks' new album Optimistic Fool out soon! (Seed
Records, 14 E. 60th St., 8th FI., New York, NY
10022 USA)
AND THAT IS IT! It is now my very great pleasure to pass my 7" column into the very able hands
of two fine babes (sounds like my last date).
Please help me welcome Megan Mallett and
Miko Hoffman!!!
short. We know it's gonna be hard to
ollow in Grant's footsteps, but we're
sure as  heck gonna  try!   So here
Good Horsey, Vancouver's noise-pop heroes (or at least we'd like to think so!) are not
dead! After the release of Kazue, their full-length
CD, followed by a way-too-long hiatus, Shrimper,
1 8 Wheeler and Baby Huey have joined together
again to put out an artfully designed, four-song
7". Our favourite song is "Eleventy", a sad and
emotional song reminiscent of "Go Light" from
the band's first 7". A must-buy for all Good
Horsey fans. (Good Horsey c/o Trackshun Industries, 1 285 E. 1 8th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5V
Toronto's Venus Cures All are currently touring with Seam as part of the "Ear of the Dragon"
tour, a celebration of Asian-(North) Americans
in rock 'n' roll. We have their double 7" in our
hot little hands and you'll want to too, 'cause
their music suits the beautiful gold cover that it
comes in. The three songwriters in Venus Cures
All give the band a diverse sound, with songs
ranging from quiet, slow ballads to powerful,
distorted guitar rockers, (c/o 14 Hepbourne
Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6H 1J9)
Not exactly our cup of tea, Spine's Black
Greasy Five Eye 7" is the first release from Zedd
Records, a label run by the list manager of
SloanNet. Loud, aggressive, full-on arena rock -
not the sound that the Maritimes have become
known for. At least these boys are responsible:
they've included a condom and AIDS information with each record. (Zedd Records, PO Box
29057, Halifax Shopping Centre, Halifax, NS,
B3L 4T8 or e-mail jrcovey@ac.dal.ca)
If these next two bands are an indication of
Loaf Records' taste, then we can expect lots more
yummy treats! The Merseysippi Collectif
Band have a warped-folk-blues sound that could
be favourably compared to the Palace Brothers.
With songs consisting primarily of acoustic and
slide guitar and accompanied by minimalist
drumming, this band sure can make music to
mope to.
Label-mates Luggage (any relation to Knapsack or Satchel?) are more upbeat Their Actually EP shows off their all 'round distorted sound,
which goes beyond lo-fi into the realm of no-fi!
Luggage have pinned down that generic slacker
sound and look (see the Sebadoh-esque collage
on the back cover of the 7"), but gosh darnit, we
love that shit! (Loaf Records, 267 Thompson Blvd.,
Windsor, Ontario, N8S 2G3)
Last and certainly not least in this here Canadian part of the column, for those of you who
prefer meatballs to tomato sauce, it's... Da
Smugglers!!!! Their Whiplash 7" was recorded
live to two-track at Audio Recording, the same
place that has been graced by such bands as
The Sonics, The Standells and The Young Fresh
Fellows. What can we say? These kings of garage rawk have done it again! (1+2 Records,
Gioria Hatsuho 601, Nishi-Shinjuku 7-6-5,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160, Japan)
our universe. All of you Swirlies fans
who were disappointed when Seana
left the band can now perk up 'cause she's
back with a new project. Syrup USA, which
features the same style of strummy guitar and
pretty vocals that characterized the Swirlies'
sound. The gooey side of this record features
"Joie de Vol", while the sticky side features "Bulldozer" on what we assume to be the group's
own Tru Luv Recordings. Nice, My Bloody
Valentine-influenced floaty tunes. A
little more straightforward and
poppy than
are punker 'n punk. These self-described Kings
of Puke play snotty, angst-ridden, testosterone-
driven numbers and they will "Destroy Olympia"
if it's the last thing they do! (K, Box 71 54, Olympia WA, 98507)
Hagfish are a Dallas, Texas quartet who
have put out a four-song slab of vinyl If you are
a fan of local rockers Bum and that SoCal sound,
you will order Hagfish's 7" at this address: BYO
Records, PO Box 67a64, LA, CA, 90067. (Or
e-mail them at hagfish69@AOL.COM)
If you'd rather take a breather and sit back
and relax, then check out The Legendary Jim
Ruiz Group paying homage to their hometown
with their Minneapolis 7". The Group has a slick-
retro sound which is comparable to Zumpano,
but with a lounge slant On cloudy purple vinyl,
and we give them bonus gold stars for being
unique. (Minty Fresh, PO Box 577400, Chicago,
II, 60657)
pApAs fritAs (which, incidentally, means
french fries in Spanish) are also on Minty Fresh
These two guys and a gal play pure pop the
best it can be done The A-side boasts Beatlesque
vocal harmonies, while the B-side's "Lame to Be"
has indie rock hit potential written all over its
catchy basslines and boy-girl harmonies a la
Butterglory and Small Factory. pApAs fritAs will
probably not be the next Veruca Salt, but they
sure deserve to be and they are one of our two
favourite releases this month.
Karate! is our other pick o' the month. We
guessed from their name that they would be a
full-blown rock V roll outfit, but they're not!
Smooth, slow, and extremely powerful rock - they
could be pals with Seam, Slint, and Silkworm
"Death Kit" travels from slow and light to heavy
and dark with mournful vocals; Codeine couldn't
do it any better (Self Starter Foundation, PO Box
1776, Horsham, PA, 19044)
r I I
anything new by
them   lately   so
who knows how
they're  soundin'
these days,   (c/o
140  Boylston  St.,
Boston, MA, 02116
Slow River R*
is another label thai
seems to be releasing a ton of great records these
days. Take the Lotus Eaters, for instance. We
can best describe them as upbeat folk-pop with
sweet, almost plain vocals courtesy of Vanessa
Tanaka. The violin accompaniment adds a nice
twist. (Also check out the Lotus Eaters' track on
Tfie Long Secret, a compilation on Harriet
Records.) (Slow River Records, PO Box 487, Durham NH, 03824)
Not a typical K Records band, The Rickets
LINT- tost (Plumb Records, 1085
Commonwealth Ave. #2 1 5, Boston,
MA, 02215); The Shapiros-
Cross Your Mind (popfactory,
1010 25th St Apt. 706, Washington DC, 20037); Poumons
- Bad Love #13 (Think, 1005
Villaire Ave., Windsor, ON,
N8S 2J7); Blonde Redhead
10 Feet High Valentine (Smells
Like Records, PO Box 6179,
Hoboken, NJ, 07030);
Facepuller - Anatomy of Noise
(BangOn Records, 544-810
W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4C9), Lefty Lucy -
Gauche (Skinnie Girl Records,
PO Box 80065, Minneapolis,
MN, 55408), Honeybunch -
Count Your Blessings (K Records,
Box 7154, Olympia, WA,
98507); Pansy Division with Calvin
Johnson -Jackson (K Records); Wooden Stars
- Farewell to the Yellow Jacket Avenger (Lunamoth,
174 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON, M5T 2C2).
r first 7"
forget to se
mplete!   Don't
ts <mgm$& PJ HARVEY
Commodore Ballroom
Tuesday, May 23
A lot has changed for PJ
Harvey in the almost two
years since she last stepped
onto the Commodore's stage,
resplendent in her fuzzy red
dress and tres swank gold
glitter pumps. Out is the thrift
store glamour, traded in for
a slightly more upscale image, and gone is her original line-up of three, replaced
by an entirely new line-up of
Just as her band's size has
doubled, so too has Polly
Jean's - metaphorically speaking. No longer the shy, reserved woman who seemed
so uncomfortable on stage in
1993, she has transformed
art into life and become the
"50 Foot Queenie" she sings
about, a satin-clad titan
whose diminutive physique
belies her enormous stage
presence. Untethered by a
guitar, this new and improved
Polly struts and shimmies, revelling in the persona she has
created and, seemingly, relishing her role as a performer.
PJ Harvey has become
rock's reigning, and perhaps
only true, diva, not least of
all because she has the most
magnificent voice currently
crooning tunes. One of the
reasons she decided to eschew her guitar on this tour
was to focus on developing
her voice as an instrument in
its own right, and develop it
she has. The opera lessons
she's been taking have given
her a broader range and
greater control, and the more
relaxed on-stage attitude she
has adopted enables her to
take risks and experiment
with a variety of vocal styles.
Soaring, sensual, menacing,
throaty, pained, ecstatic, orgasmic - her voice is a cornucopia of emotion, dictating
the mood and tone of every
song played.
The set list for this show
drew heavily on Harvey's latest album, To Bring You My
Love, a seductive collection of
songs which translate
nicely to the theatrical style
of live performance she
has chosen this time out
Only one song from the
first album made the cut
("Oh My Lover"), and the
set was rounded out with
a smattering of tracks from
Rid of Me, one or two new
numbers, and "Naked
Cousin", a song she recorded for John Peel's radio program.
The latter track was
one of the few weak points
in the show. It's not that it's
a bad song or was poorly
performed, but it was originally arranged for a three-
piece and performed with
a harrowing rawness that
suited its theme of incest;
the song was slowed
down and overplayed by
Harvey's new band, robbing it of its primal appeal
in the process.
Few artists ever show the
potential that PJ Harvey has
demonstrated on her alburns
and in her live work; even
fewer ever fulfil that potential.
Long live the Queen(ie).
Dylan Griffith
Pacific Coliseum
Saturday, May 20
As I approach the dawning
of my thirtieth birthday
(approx. 4 years from now),
my need to catch every Vancouver stopover by all my favourite bands decreases. And
to add to this waning of
concertal excitement, my desire to be in the company of
1 6,000 screaming teenagers
reached it's zero point in
about 1993.
It seemed like a year had
elapsed from the time I overcame my reservations about
seeing a Coliseum gig and
purchased my trop cher ticket
until I was actually weaving
my way through a sea of fourteen year old girls. The musical stylings of a band called
Sonic Youth were wafting
through the air and meeting
with fervent adulation from a
small but fanatical segment of
the audience crowded
around the front of the stage.
To a rousing cheer, lead
singer Thurston Moore dedicated "Schizophrenic" to
CiTR's very own Nardwuar
the Human Serviette, a local
lad whose fast becoming the
Pia Zadora of the rock
sphere. Surprisingly melodic
and shockingly sober, the
music world's favourite opening band stuck obediently to
their allotted time and retired
gracefully from the stage
thirty-five minutes after they
mounted it.
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Headlines R.E.M., who
are arguably the hottest band
in the world right now, then
put on a two hour guitar-
driven spectacle of flashing
lights, video images, and
muffled vocals. The
grandaddies of college rock
played a number of older and
slower tunes, but the focus of
the tour is unfortunately on
their latest release, the mediocre Monster. I understand that
the latest face put on by the
Athens lads is harder, louder,
and dirtier, but it would have
been nice to hear Michael
Stipe's voice as well as the
five guitars the band had with
it on stage
To match his band's new
sonic image, always reluctant
frontman Stipe has gone and
found himself a more outgoing personality. Almost chatty,
Stipe rambled on about the
beauty of Vancouver (yawn)
and how he hates it that the
USA calls itself "America"
(huh?). The rest of the band
had brushed up on their favourite rock god poses and
seemed to be genuinely en-
pying their limelight.
I could find more things to
nit-pick about, but I'm coming
perilously close to sounding
like a slightly more hip version of my mother. I'll conclude by reporting that my
sixteen year old sister, who
has seen only two other
shows besides this one,
thought it w
Tania Bolskaya
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MV Abitibi
Friday, May 12
A sunny Friday night and it
was time for a sea cruise!
Aboard the HV Abitibi and
over the waters of English
Bay, Zulu Records held a soiree for a few of their label's
acts, a fine idea if, perhaps,
not one that is financially feasible on a regular basis. Still,
I  love the  idea  of seeing
bands in an environment like
this. Early performances, nice
atmosphere    and
great scenery! (How
many bars can claim
that?) Drawbacks exist,  of course:  you
can't leave early if
you don't feel like
sticking around, but
happily the bands on
this night were good
enough that I didn't
feel the urge to jump
Perfume Tree
was the first group to
draw their anchors
and play at the incredibly well-lit time
of 7:30. I didn't
know what to expect
of the band tonight,
as every other time
I've seen them the
projections and v
Three and a half hours
after setting out we docked
once again, a little tired and
a little sea-weary but definitely entertained
Brian Wieser
The Niagara
Thursday, May 1 1
One of the shows at this
year's Music West festival
which I was anticipating ea-
opinions I respect, yet, for
whatever reason, I can't get
into the angst-driven acoustic
"grunge" that is Hayden.
Another yawner.
Smoother, at last, was a
welcome surprise. The music
was fast and catchy, the band
reasonably tight and profi- ■
cient. The only problem was
the lack of any "zing" or special something to separate
them from the rest of the pack
- the dozens of other punky
pop bands at Music West
with a similar approach to
playing songs. Enjoyable, but
■ prom
and as muci
of their perf<
as the music. There
was none of that this time, just
the band playing their eclectic, ambient and percussive
music and the sun setting
around us. Even without visuals Perfume Tree has a captivating presence, and their
performance was very enjoyable.
Knock Down Ginger was
next. Having never heard
much about nor by them, I
was pleasantly surprised by
their melodic pop-rock, somewhat reminiscent of Velocity
Girl. They played for forty-five
minutes and held my attention
for every minute that Vancouver's majestic beaches were
out of my sight range.
As darkness overtook the
inner harbour, so did
Daytona our vessel. Maybe
it was evil spirits at sea, or
perhaps something else, but
there were some negative
vibes emanating from the
band which prevented them
from grabbing my attention.
Their set of English-influenced
pop came across a little
cliched and a little boring
and, with light's escape, I felt
the urge to sneak outside to
enjoy the dusk.
ii Betty and the Big Hair Sex Circ
c West. Photo hy Paul Clarke.
T r i s
band  I
wanted to see.
they bored me
too, playing
their distort-o-
little too
loosely and
for a little too
long Too
trying to make
noises, and
stretching out
their sometimes lacklustre songs with
slow  ringing
gerly was the Sonic Unyon
Records' showcase. I don't
know why exactly, as I've not
been too impressed with
some of that label's releases
lately. Still, I'm a fan of Tristan
Psionic, the evening's head-
liners, and that certainly convinced me to visit the Niagara
Falls Pub for my first time
Nothing's as memorable
and so I'll certainly remember
being greeted by the sounds
of Shallow. All I can say is
that bands like this were
made for the old Lunatic
Fringe, and perhaps that's
where they should stay
Heavy, heavy, heavy music
that didn't seem to go anywhere or do anything other
than weighing my ears with
boredom. They were good for
volume and aggression, but I
was just thankful that the TV
screens in the bar were tuned
into the NHL playoffs.
Next was up-and-coming
star Hayden, whose appeal
is lost on me. I've heard nothing but good things about his
personality and his music
from so many people whose
changes before building into
a faster facsimile of what had
just been played. I did have
my faith in the band restored
a few days later though,
when they put on an absolutely fantastic performance at
HMV on Sunday afternoon
The only similarity between
this show and the previous
show at the Niagara was the
set list - the band's energy
level was at peak level the
whole time and chills were all
over my skin as I watched one
of the best performances
since, well, Bob Wiseman a
few nights before, but both
were displays of music that
made me happy to have gone
out. The difference between
the two Tristan Psionic shows
was night and day. Literally...
Brian Wieser
Commodore Ballroom
Friday, May 5
Maybe it's just the shows I've
chosen to attend over the past
while, but there seems to be
a greater incidence of clubs
starting their live music at
earlier times than in the past.
None of that drawn out, wait
'til the place is half full and
put the band on twenty minutes late approach. Too bad
I didn't know this before arriving at the Commodore on
this night, since by 10:15pm
last minute replacements for
the Beatnik Filmstars Pluto
were half way through their
set. Perhaps it was my lack
of context from missing the
start of their performance, but
Pluto didn't seem to be very
"on." The set list they used
sounded too much the same,
me     played v
jch the
nd lacked much excitement
It could have been the venue
too, a week earlier at the
Town Pump they played in top
form, and the Commodore's
large stage didn't suit Pluto's
tendency to remain anchored
in their starting positions
The Archers of Loaf, with
their aggressive, sometimes
dissonant pop sound, so impressed me with their live performance the last til
them at the Starfish Room that
I'm almost a die-hard fan.
They certainly didn't disappoint at the Commodore, as
the swelling crowd displayed the heavy swaying
and bouncing indicative
of a band connecting
with the people they're
playing for. The Archers have been on tour
for -the better part of
the last two years,
and in that time
they've become
such a proficient
band, tight and
powerful as a
vice-grip. Songs
this, with
strength and
showing off
the band's
ability to use dynamics.
Perhaps it was because
the Archers were so good, but
I was disappointed by the
Flaming Lips. Their opening
number, "Turn It On", encouraged me to think that they
would play a set of concise,
amplified and distorted folky
songs, but instead they
wanked. Lots of unnecessary
noise, drawn out, repetitive
and uninteresting chord
progressions, and other excesses that didn't impress me
I suppose my lack of recep-
tiveness could be attributed to
a lack of familiarity with the
band, but my first exposure
to Archers left me walking
away as a fan. My first exposure to the Flaming Lips left
me tired and glad they were
finally finished.
Brian Wieser
Starfish Room
May 3
A representative of California's Flyer started the evening
off to a slow start at the Starfish Room. Apparently only
the singer-guitarist was able
to go on tour, leaving a little
too much to the imagination.
The singer played an acoustic guitar and sang in a voice
very similar to Chris de Burgh
Knowing that the rest of his
band were down in California, it's hard to make any sort
of harsh judgement; all I can
say is that I felt like I was stuck
in an Annie movie and Flyer
was the soundtrack.
Local openers  Speed
Buggy set the stage for He-
unvaried tune.
Considering the fact that
Helium had driven 24 hours
straight to reach our fair town,
it was a disappointingly
sparsely attended show. Looking a combination of confused, exhausted and ultra-
cool in a black turtleneck,
leather mini-skirt, and retro
sneakers, songstress-guitarist
Mary Timony wandered up to
the   microphone. You
couldn't hear her sigh, but
you could see it. A few songs
into the set and after having
to endure  major feedback
n their "hit'
S h i n d i I	
'93, these melodic,
guitar-driven poppers really
haven't gained much notoriety, although they've opened
for such rock stars as Shonen
Knife, Luna, and Jale. Speed
Buggy are good musicians,
extremely (maybe a little too?)
comfortable on stage, and
with the addition of a second
guitarist their sound is even
more dreamy. Having seen
them before, however, I
would say that unfortunately
this show wasn't their best, as
all their songs seemed to
stretch     into    one     long,
"Pat's Trick", Mary tried to
smile as she apologized: "I'm
sorry. This is a shitty night for
us...whatever.  But we'll get
I actually wasn't disappointed with their performance in the least -1 hadn't expected them to jump up and
down and be extremely
happy anyhow. All I really
wanted was to see Helium in
the flesh, and that I did. Their
music is noisy, dreamy, fuzz-
pop a la My Bloody Valen-
similar to Liz
Phair and
Gates. Contrasting the
poppy and
-nelodic, albeit
o m e t i m e s
range and
avy mus,cal
nd of Helium
Mary's lyrics,
:h are ex-
■nely dark and
morbid In songs
such as "Baby's Going Underground",
'Skeleton", and
  Apocalypse", Mary injects her
music with references to
death, dirt, nature, and
self-empowerment Although Mary plays every
instrument at some point on
Helium's new full-length album, The Dirt of Luck, she is
joined by Ash Bowie on bass
and Shawn King Devlin on
drums on tour Ash and Mary
create wonderful sounds together, as he likes
ment on his bass o
she does on guitar. There
were instances this night
when all three Helium members seemed to be doing their
own thing, oblivious to both
the audience and their fellow
band mates. It felt like magic
in a way, and if that was a
shitty night for them I can't
imagine how much better they
could be on a great night.
miko hoffman
2/ i^g&m^ TO1
A Lifetime Away
Fathom the Sky
(lulu Records)
The latest releases from Perfume
Tree, A Lifetime Away, a 61 min
full-length CD, and Fathom the
Sky, a 45 min EP of remixes from
lhat album, differ from their previous efforts in a few minor ways
The band has a new bass player,
which could account for a litde
less funk flavour in rhe new material. Both CDs were recorded ond
Victoria. And for the first the first
time ifie listener is invited lo (attempt to) sing along with the
songs as a lyric she
with the full-length
any  n
n Perfume Tree':
cal style to disappoint fans; the
band still mixes dance tracks,
such as "See Me Smile" (along
the Imes of "Violet Shift" from their
previous release The Sun's Running Out), with slower, eerier
tunes such as "Crystal Tips", "The
Nightmirror", and my favourite,
"Jimson Girls" (which appears on
Fathom the Sky only). Fewer samples are used than on past record
ings, which is disappointing
given that it was the samples that
attracted me to Perfume Tree in
the first place.
Altogether this new material
is different enough to indicate that
the band is progressing and exploring new sounds, but not to
such a degree lhat it will alienate old fans. And best of all, I
now have a Perfume Tree CD for
every space in my five-disc
#J Chicken
Oh Lord, why did we have to lose
the Red Aunts to the masses?
Why will we now have to suffer
hearing about "Rollerderby
Queen" from the mouths of
baggy-pant wearin', backward
baseball cap totin' teens instead
of a guy with low self-esteem?
Have you no mercy? Have you
no sympathy for the record industry? What did the Red Aunts do
to deserve such a fate? I know
this is hard to accept now, Oh
Lord, considering how great this
record is, but please, let me fall
asleep peacefully knowing that
Are you a pathetic little
weenie with no friends?
LJ YES! I am a pathetic little weenie.
So send me a t-shirt!
Colour (An sizes XL)
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the Tourettes won't be the next
casually of the almighty Epitaph's
punk rock palace in the sky
Bryce Dunn
Ron Sexsmith
With a voice sounding somewhat
like a Lyle Lovett/Elvis Costello
sandwich and a band that occasionally sounds like they were put
together at a Tom Waits garage
sale, Sexsmilh's self-titled CD
might just get under your skin. The
songwriting is searching and
strong, the guitar work is solid,
and his lyrics hit the mark with-
All up, this album is pretty
damn mellow, but it's speckled
with enough energy to make it a
perfect listen as you pace the
house at 4 AM, awake with unsettled emotional energy. Unsettled emotional energy is what this
album is about - if it had a colour
it would be dark blue. And if it
were a vegetable it would be
eggplant- a tough skin to chew
on yet beautiful when baked.
If I understand my insulated beverage container industry history
correctly, the Electro-Pura ""was
some 1950's-era thermal mug
which failed commercially despite its innovative features. In
many ways, the story of the
Electro-Pura is much like Yo La
Tengo's. With 1 993's Painful the
band created wonderfully moody
and blissfully poppy sounds (complemented with rhe occassional
burst of noise) that never found
their way onto as many stereo systems as they should have. With
their new release, the band con-
hnues, but in an even fresher,
brighter andn
what they v
,   Elec
Apparently, Yo la Tengo found
on Electro-Pura in a beverage
museum in Nashville, Te
here's to hoping their ow
Puro finds its way into a
of music sometime in the future
Brian Wieser
Burners On
(Cinnamon Toast)
Not a woman but a band,
Rebecca West is Allison Outhit
(guitar, vocals), Lukas Pearse
(bass, "utensils"), and Dale
Hussey (drums), a trio of
Haligonians who have released
a strong, self-assured debut album on the increasingly impressive Cinnamon Toast label. Essentially a straight ahead rock 'n' roll
outfit, Rebecca West transcend
generic mediocrity with sharp
hooks, enticing melodies, mature,
intelligent lyrics, and Oulhit's alternating sweet and cigarette &
alcohol scorched vocals. "Don't
call unless you want some poison in your ear/I'm 30 and I'm
falling" she warns on "30 and
Falling" before lowering
her voice and ask-
There is the odd average
song on Hot Smoke..., but it is
telling that the best song on the
album - "It's Over" - turns out to
be a cover of a Guttersnipes tune.
Sorry, but I'd rather listen to the
Fred derF
Vitiolic sparks are doused by flirtations with self-pity and then rekindled anew as the band kicks
into high gear and Outhit's voice
restained calm in fa\
of c
■aly grc
best tracks on the album.
All three members of Rebecca
West are over thirty, a fact which
accounts not only for the
aformentioned lyrical depth on
their album, but also for the skill
with which they ply their craft. The
songs on Burners On are experriy
constructed, thirteen cuts with
nary a note out of place, and the
band plays them with a level of
confidence and precision not often found on debut releases. Bassist Lukas Pearse in particular pull
t I,ttle
of his
musical bag, as one might expect
from a man credited with supplying the "utensils". (At the band's
recent Music West show Pearse
produced some dynamite sonic
effects by playing his bass with
a steak knife.)
As an added bonus, Burners
On was funded in part by the
Canada/Nova Scotia Cooperation Agreement on Cultural Development. It's nice to know our
tax dollars are being spent on
something worthwhile...
Dylan Griffith
Hot Smoke and
(Shake/Half a Cow)
The Australian threesome
Smudge consists of Tom (guitar/
vocals), Adam (bass), and Alison
(drums). Tom Morgan is also
known as a frequent Evan Dando
collaborator and, not surprisingly,
Smudge have received many
well-deserved Lemonhecds comparisons. Unfortunately, Smudge
are    far    blander    than    the
Livin' Lounge - the Fabulous Sounds of Now!
This CD will dispel the myth that
"lounge" is a one-dimensional
style of music; it is simply the starting point from which an artist can
go on in any direction that he or
she wants, be it jazz, country, or
whatever. The King of Lounge,
Joey Sehee (Cheezy), is here as
the Wonderful World of Joey with
the song "Get Ourta My Gal". I
enjoyed Joey's previous tunes,
"What Sweet Child O' Mine is
This?" and "Whole Lotta
be too "big band" for my tastes.
Love Jones' "Whiskey, the Moon
and Me" is more my style, and
Everlounge's "Confabulations"
and Baby Steps' "Eurorrash".
Also making contributions are
Gallon Drunk (guitar-heavy-Stran-
glers-style lounge) and Too Free
Stooges, featuring punk rock legends Zander Schloss (former
bassist with The Circle Jerks elc.)
and Dick Rude (punk rock actor-
guy in Repo Man etc.).
Despite the broad range of
styles represented on Livin'
Lounge, I get the impression that
it will never be perceived as more
than a novelty. But it should appeal to fans of "lounge" and, as
a bonus, it gets belter with every
cocktail you consume. So, bottoms up!
Venus Flytrap
Ah well-a-day! Why should our
young Endymion pine away?
Perhaps he needs an injection of
something severe.
Something...opium derived? This
new CD from Morphine will put
the kid straight at warped speed.
While it's not normally my
thing, I find Morphine's swinging
bass and ominous vocals growing on me more and more. This
is card room ambient/
songwriting with angst enough
for three. Mark Sandman plays
a two-string homemade "slide
bass" with Peter Hook panache
and complements his groove with
growly, rhythmic singing. The instrumentation is pretty unique,
with baritone sax and drums filling out the trio. (And if anyone
can explain to me what the exh*a
instruments "chamberlain" and
"trilar" might be, I'd like to know.)
Another group that springs to
Sadhappy, which has no vocals
and the most amazing bass
player on earth. If you like Morphine you'll probably like
Sadhappy, too. In fact, I'll encourage you to check out Sadhappy
since Morphine has more than
enough hype as it is.
Keith Orpen
Alien Lands
The latest release from Guided By
Voices is Alien Lands, a 28-song
CD with a total playing time of
forty minutes. Despite the plethora
of tunes, GBV manages to make
each song sound different. "Pimple Zone" is a brief forty seconder
that starts with their regular lo-fi
thing but, twenty seconds later,
makes the move to a reverb vibe.
The lyrics for all the songs are included on the CD sleeve and provide a window through which to
see R. Pollard's unique way of
looking at the world. GBV a
chorus/verse/chorus and instead
tend to one verse. A//en ianes is
very comparable to their previous release, Bee Thousand; both
are warm and lo-fi
(Wax Trax/TVT)
It's not disco, but each time I listen to this album I think how 'at
home' it would be in the 70s.
Connelly's voice is at times
reminescent of David Bowie, the
McCartney rune, and several
tracks I could easily mistake for
being the 77s.
The album contains an equal
mix of up-tempo guitar and retrospective ballads. If I was asked
to categorize Shipwreck, I would
call it pop rock with a touch of
blues influence. Over all, not a
bad album.
Gordon Gelean
(IFA Records)
Don't confuse this punk
fourpiece's origins with th-eir
name. They're not residents of the
Lone Star state but hail from just
south of the border in Seattle^
They are also not just another
"Seattle band"; accompanied
wilh pin-in-heat bass and drumming that sounds like George
Foreman kidney-shots, Otis P.
Otis' guitar work saws through
this album from beginning to end.
Lead shouter Richard Lefebvre
sounds like a man being ripped
apart while doing a bench-press
(but in a good way), and while
his lyrics are occasionally lost in
the well-orded din, on "Anything"
his sense of humor is obvious.
Texass plays loud and fast,
wilh a ihundering bottom low-end
adrenalin rush; the CD's second
track, "Chanel #5" made me
want to go out an blow up a oil
refinery. Don't look for any ballads or even slow grunge songs
here to give you a breather -
Texass play like they're breaking
out of jail and, by the looks of
the band photo on the back-
cover, that might not be a bad
guess about their background.
Clocking in at 34 minutes this is
an impressive effort, and well
worth checking out.
A.O. Chapman
Shreds Vol. 2
Here be the second volume of
Shredder Records favourite 7"s
of the past year; the covered territory spans the good ol' USA and
even Canada. Cuts are included
by our very own cub and Mark
Brodie and itie Beaver Patrol.
Musically, the tunes are either
from the punk/pop realm or the
cutesy indie pop world, with
standout tracks from the Fondled
(from LA), Ihe Undertones-ish
Beatnik Termites (from Cleveland), and blissful popsters Tugboat Annie (from Buffalo). Definitely worth checking out.
Bryce Dunn
Mercury Sonqbook: 100
Jazz Vocal Classics
Are you an aspiring  hep cat
pressed and ready for Saturday
night at Birdland but whose
knowledge of jazz is so lamentably paltry that amongst the
swingin' daddy-o's in the scene
you always embarrass yourself as
a square cookie? Maybe you just
want to pick up chicks? This four-
disc compilation of some of the
best jazz ever applied to tape has
hit major music stores and retails
for the low low price of $21.95;
it would be insulting if it weren't
so damn convenient for those of
us on a tight budget. The absolute beauty of the stylings of
Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, et al, is unmarred by poor
recording or transferring quality.
For enthusiasts and newcomers
alike, this boxed set is four hours
of twilight-enjoying, cocktail-sipping pleasure and should be a
mandatory part of everyoi
Tania Bolskaya
World of Today
(Frontier/ Sony)
Ahhh, I love power pop. It do«
» that
e heard a few bands *A
ard ther
I like Flop. On their CD World of
Today they stick to the formal
with 13 get-to-the-point, sing-
along-melody kinda songs. Fortunately, this unluckily numbered
set doesn't follow some formula
or come off as sweetly as, for example, Teenoge Fanclub. There's
more bitterness in both the musical and  the vocal  style and  it
:ally, they do il
ng numerous
of Ihe tunes I
■illy she
ties, post-Beatles
i groups, as on "Of
Today", while on other songs the
band takes on an almost Replace-
ments-esque approach by just
playing them for all they're worth.
It's easy to enjoy this CD for the
Brian Wieser
The Inevitable...
This is definitely not your average
i Fa
de; record. Ladies and
gentlemen, break out your flapper dresses and tuxes 'cause rhe
Sqirrel Nut Zippers do popular
music circa, oh, about 1925.
I guess the term for this genre
of music would be Dixieland, but
it is it's pretty fine and most of
the songs are originals. Six men,
playing things such as contraption kit, saxophone and trumpet,
make up the heart of the Zippers,
but the real star is banjo player
and vocalist Katharine Whalen,
who sounds a lot like Billie Holiday, albeit just a tad happier
Since I've always kind of liked
music like this, The Inevitable...
was right up my proverbial alley,
but this could drive some people
up rhe wall if you're not into the
music of the '20s. Too bad, they'll
be missing something pretty cool.
June Scudeler
You'd Prefer an
This is the major label debut from
Champlain, Illinois quartet
Hum, and I really dig it.
The sound is sort of a J.
Pumpkins soup, smoothly
blended  and  very tasty.
Bassist Jeff Dimpsey used to
be with The Poster Children
(also from Champlain), so
the similarities to lhat band
are  not a  huge  suprise.
Standout songs are "The
Pod", "Stars", and "I Haje
Too". A great disc lhat is
thankfully, not too polished.
Venus Flytrap
World Tour and Other
(Simple Machines)
It's loo bad I don't have a record
player. With so many bands re-
only on vinyl, you can really miss
out if your equipment is limited
to a tape deck and CD player. .
Fortunately, there's such a thing
as compilation CDs! Chock full
with 21 songs, World Tour... is a
compilation of all of Tsunami's 7"
releases from between 1991 ond
The unifying quality on this
CD is the overall moodiness of
the music; it makes the recordings
ever so easy to listen to, in the
background, again and again
and again without boredom setting in. Listening to ihe CD as a
whole each time, I never really
had the feeling that this was a
collection of singles and B-sides.
Rather, it felt like an album y I of
melancholic, chimy-guitar music.
I can't say that this CD has
a record player for the next Tsunami single. As someone who
likes a CD for all the qualities this
compilation includes, I'll probably just wait for the next full
length instead.
El Paso
About eight years ago, when I
was a hardcore boy, I listened to
stuff like the Crumbsuckers, Agnostic Front, and Adrenalin O.D.
I've since lost interest in most of
those bonds, but ihe Rythm Pigs
are one of the groups that I still
appreciate and enjoy so I was
very interested to hear the first
release in years (this album was
recorded from 1 991-93) from the
Texan trio. It seems that not much
has changed. They're still writing
that range from short, punchy
hardcore songs to catchy acoustic pop gems. Standout tracks,
like the redone "Cactus Pants"
(first recorded for I'm Not Crazy,
I'm an Airplane) and "The Only
Reason", conjure up images of
freedom and driving down desert
highways under a sweltering sun.
The Rhythm Pigs are simply one
of those bands that leave you feeling good about life. (Westworld
- PO Box 43787, Tucson, AZ
85733 USA)
Fred derF
 MANAGER/AGENT STUDIO OTHER (elaborate below)      '
DESCRIPTION (15 words or less): _
lnail:#233-6138 SUB Blvd., Vancouver, BC V6T1Z1 fax:(604)822-9364i
23 HS£g&$&\ may     '95   LONG   VINYL may rq5 SHORT  VINYL  35
1    the smugglers
1   21
2   the disfigureneB                punk'B dead you're next           rockstarl
2    gaze
independe  t
3   pluto                                       cool way to feel                                  mint!
doo rag
in    the    redl
<!    karate!
death kit
self    start  r
(A slices of amerj
can cheeBe   roto-flex 1
6    helium                                    the dirt, of luck                             matadorl
(,   gob
nef   r
7   teen angels
jeouB is on my si
8   perfume tree                        fathom the sky ep                                  zulJ
S    lefty lucy
skinnie    girl
9   the minstrels                       ev'ry which way                 anaba    pacific!
9   man tee mans
bag   of   hammers 1
10    the vinaigrettes                 atta boy girl                               in cent  vel
lo    godzuki
march 1
independe  t
IB   the rar. t experience       and the women who love them    lookout!
1',    curse of the horsefle
roto   fix
lfi    suckerpunch                         carols from the canyon   chemical oounci
cevoya    con    lee he
1'    the flat duo jets               introducing...                                      nortotl
I       papas fritas
passion play
minty   fre h
19    elastica                                  elastica                                                 geffen!
l'i    sunnychar
you re my batterj
shredd   r
20    good  horsey                          kazue                                              trackshurl
2(,    girl afraid
pop     k  d
;:l    tuscadero                               the pink album                             teenbeat!
.: ]    the torucB
ups and downs
zaprud   r
22    bum/teengenerate
•    the inbreds                           kombinator                                                     pi
2 '.    poundsign /poastal
smallfi   no    life
.■A    railroad jerk                       one track mind                               matador!
,.l    poumons
bad love #13
thi   k
25    good riddance                      for god and  country  fat  wreck  cho da
''■  DiBBy bar
magic bunny
love       k  t 1
16    various arriBts                    work up                                                 virgirJ
A,     toddler
hey, were sweethe
art really fast racecar 1
'/    strain                                      repetition                              heart      fi   st|
:       blonde redhead
10 feet high vale
ntine           smells   like
28    kicking giant                       alien id                                                   k
\   ,,    ragady anne
radio    tra  h
29    muslimgauze                          salaam alekum, bastard        soleilmoon!
2'i    Qathead
bag    of    hammers 1
SO    new bad things                    freewheel!                                    candy      Bti
id    the hate bombs
shes the girl
speed    o   met   r1
1     the goo goo dolls              a boy named goo                               wan er!
-.1     the folk implosion
walk through t.hi
b world... drunken fish
the siniBter six                  nobody rides for free!     bag of hammer J
!.:    the Bons of hercules
tight fit
unclean 1
33    various artists                    incredibly    Dtrange    mUBic    asphodel!
1      benchwarmer
Blow  to  burn
i,1     hayden                                    everything i long for          BOnic   unyoj
.1    bunnygrunt
[■'■    «chers of loaf                   vee vee ep                                         matador]
"     the shapiroB
HOME        BASSl
i  ^J*j
1   distant drums                       work that body                                limbo
left.field                                leftism lp                             hard    hands
r^    ***mjp
•1   freaky chakra                      multiphasic invoculator    aBtralwerks
a*-      •^ MMW
'■   hardfloor                               reBpect lp                                harthouse
6   ramin feat, b  flame          unknown call                                     logic
'   claude young                        nocturnal                      djax    up    beatB
H   various artists                    carl cox      f.a.c.t.                           react
1<>   ^J™^                      1Z7 horizon ep        ^"    '".irtSl
nay 95 INDIE'
I     l      wandering lucy
yearly fab + effect 17     1
1     2     the papillomas
out    of    the    shadows     1
4     queazy
reach    for    the    sky
c.     dick n jane
release       me     1
1    t,     true love forever                you
work   and   the   ramp   works     1
7     the botniks
enough    for    you    Bong     1
1     a     the stupes
devilina     j
1     9     gorp
Bomeone    else'B    mind     1
1  10      meet daisy
elliot's        shape
1   11      budget rock Bhowcase
run,     mr     o-,
12     the real mckenzies
scot.B      wha      ha'e     1
13      trish kelly
untitled     1
14      my name is dylan
fuck   you
lr,     propeller
leaving    Bong     1
i.      the mysteronB
inferno     1
;        meow!
nancy          song     1
It;      bona  fly
headspace     1
LS      mollie'B revenge
i      wanna      b     1
the craze
let     the     jazz     flow
21      g42
onomatopoeia/subpoena     1
22      trapazoid
garden        of        eden     1
2        ten dayB late
getaway     1
U      jabber
follow     your     voice     1
.:'       mark
snoopy     1
not afraid     1
.:        the cowards
touch       the       fiBh     1
28      joe fool
diamond        mine     1
sugarcandy mountain
hands    in    the    dark     1
10     more socks
blends      with     pens     1
* i      trevor jones
good    men    die    early     1
suzan musleh
serenity    song     1
south of main
b   29     1
It     lux indigo
Bhe'B   not.   on   the   menu     1
,       squelch
i    like    you     1
cough   remedy         jw
johnny zee & dj k
pochi y bu cocoband
canciones    cocomant
cas   kubaney 1
lois wasBon&combo d'afriqu
e ah! homme
jinu encore
colin lucas
iwer .'butterfly, shade
w coral sound 1
el negro
independent. 1
Claudius phillipB and oreo
wip wip
fernest arceneaux
don't. mesB with my-.
era outeniko
era medley 1
red   bullet
juan luiB guerra
canto de hacha
HP HOP TOP K)      VHIfH Tet W     mmnfio
i    mobb deep
the infamous lp
brag    lc ud
.     various artists
pump ya fist
J    method man
tical lp
def     DaiJ
■1    king tee
iv life lp
5   various artists
new jersey drive vo
.2 ep   tommy boJ
G   tha alkaholiks
coast ii coast lp
bmg   loud
'    ol' dirty bastard
return to the 36 eh
ambers lp elek rJ
:    common sense
resurrection 12"
relativ  t.J
9   various artists
new jersey drive vo
.1 lp   tommy boj
10    masta ace inc.
inc.  ride 12"
delicious vinyjj
1 willie colon&ruben bladeB    traB la tormenta             Bony tropical
2 joBe alberto "el canario"       juego de amor                                    rmra
<    india                                               dicen que Boy                                     mm
4   celia cruz                                  cabellero y dama                            rram
1   5   los sabrosoB del merengue     que Biga el party remix                   rap
1   b   puerto rican power                  la feria de cali                                   mp
1   7    roberto roena                             roena medley uno                                mp
8 cana brava                                    if i fell                                      platano
9 gilberto santa rosa                  mal herido     sony                tropical
110   luis enrique                              romanticos al rescate   sony tropical
2   jazzy b                                        folk'n'funky                       superto   e
Burjit bindhrakia                      dupat.t.ha tera sat rang da           amc 1
;    johnny zee                                    new dawn                                           roma 1
-'   malkit Bingh                                midas touch  oriental                Btar 1
Bukhi lally                                u b dancin'                    independe   t 1
planet earth productions      level one                                           roma j
'   labh janjua                                  rhythm master                  music waves 1
lo    a -juba                                             too many chiefs...                            star |
laOOPM   All ol time is measured by its art
Reggae inna all styles and fashion. Mike Cherry
and Peter Williams alternate as hosts.
SOUL CHURCH 3i00-5i00 PM Alternating
Sundays with Brent Argo. \
in and African-An
issues and great musicfrom musicians of all
sexual preferences and gender identities.
cotton or even a cotton poly blend. Vinnie
of pure tightpants. ball hugging, crooning
GEETANJAU 9*00-1 OlOOPM Geetanjali is
a one-hour radio show which features a wide
range of music from India This includes classical music, both Hindustani and Camatic.
1930s lo the 1990's. Semi-classical music
such as Ghazals and EShajans, and also
Quawwalis. Folk Songs, etc. Hosted by J.
Ohar, A. Patel and V. Ranjan.
1 a00AM Join host Dave Emory and colleague Nip Tuck for some extraordinary political research guaranteed to make you think
twice. Bring your tape deck and two C-90s.
Originally broadcast on KFJC (Los Altos. Call-
4AM Drop yer gear and stay up late Naked
radio lor nake people.   Get bent. Love Dave.
and Peter, offer a savoury blend of the familiar
and exotic in a blend of aural delights! Tune in
and enjoy each weekly brown plate special.
llOO PM With your hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance and Don the Wanderer. What will
we play today?   Rog will put it away.
CiTR's induslrial/noise/ambient show,
- wimpy British pop, Beastie Boys, indie guitar
appeals to me.  Fag and dyke positive. Mail in
answering machine.   Got a quarter then call
FEMININE HY-JINX    4.00-5.00PM    For
women who sometimes don't feel fresh, but
always get fresh  Spoken word and music:
Junt 5l Tonight a forgotten genius of
fatal car crash in Jury 1962. "The House of
Blue Lights" is a rare and beautiful album and
a tribute to the one and only Eddie Costa.
Jui» 1 a A tribute to pianist Don Pullen
with the great George Adams on tenor
saxophone, Cameron Brown (bass), and Dannie
Richmond on drums on their first U.S. release
JIM* 19i One of the understated
albums of the '50's, "Grand Encounter": Pianist
John Lewis, tenor saxophonist Bill Perkins,
guitar great Jim Hall, and others.
Junt 26* Vibist Bobby Hutcherson ends
only in Japan. "Lrve in Montreux" leatures a
special quintet with trumpet giant Woody
4-00AM*  The ultimate contrast.   Screwing
CiTR im.9 £nt
For more interesting dinner guests join Princess
Skywalker, and Gran Moff Ian (#5?). We bring
you the Force of the news, dark side and all.
With the BBC World Service News 9 5
BIRDWATCHERS 5*30-6iO0PM Join Colin
Pereira for all the weekend sports shlock from
Ihe high altitudes and thin air of Point Grey.
Vancouver's longest running prime time jazz
program. Hosted by the ever-suave Gavin
LATE Warning: This show is mot
unpredictable    II encourages insom
not be suitable for the
MUSIC AS A WHOLE 8.30-9.30AM   Bob?
Maybe, kinda sorta. but not necessarily?
YACHT CLUB    11:30-1-15 Drop anchor wi
LOVE SUCKS   1i15-3i00PM   Tune in lor tj
musical catharsis that is Love Sucks  If you cai
MOTORDAOOY     3.00-5.00PM     "I dor
provoke, preach, rani, seduce, and lie to you. "It's
only 10am, are they talking about sex again?"
CANADIAN LUNCH  11i30-1i00PM   Toques.
plaids, backbacon, beer, igloos and beavers
STEVE A MKE 1*00-2-OOPM    Crashing the
boys' club in the pit.  Hard and fast, heavy and
slow.   Listen to il, baby.
TROPICAL DAIQUIRI 2.00-3.00PM    Zouk.
Soukous, Samba, Salsa. Yes! Even Soca. Enjoy
this Tropical Daiquiri with El Doctor del Ritmo.
FLU YOUR  HEAD  3.00-5.00PM
10.00AM Greg here. Join me in the'love den
for a cocktail. We'll hear retro stuff, groovy
and bring some ice XOXX
TELESIS    10.00-11.00AM   Tune in I6r loud.
who live with physical & mental challenges
LITTLE TWIN STARS    Alt. with lo-fi  1-
2.30 PM Strap on your vinyl Go Go boots for
in  O'Tooi
NOIZ    4i00-5i00PM
I.   DUWni
1 OlOOPM-12.00 AM Let DJs Jindwa and
"Chakkh de phutay"  Listen to all our favorite
OUT    FOR    KICKS    6.00-7.30PM    No
Birkenstocks. nothing politically correct. We
fun wilh it. Hosted by Chris B.
Roots of Rock n' Roll - II you don't get into
Rock V Roll Heaven don't blame me!
9.00-11.OOPM   Local muzak from 9.   Live
:m 10    June 8. former Linus/
5.30PM Do you wanl us to make you a
Saber Tooth Tiger? Half an hour ol unbeatable
news coverage plus our weekly wrap up From
Brighton. England correspondent Angus Wilson
NATION   2    NATION       G.00-9.00PM
12.00PM Now in its 10th year on the air.
The Edge on Folk features music you won't
hear anywhere else, studio guests, new
releases, Brirish comedy sketches, folk
Vinyl With your hosts Mr Checks, Flip Out
& J Swing on the I 4 2's.
THE  BIG   STOMP     10.00PM-1 .OOAM
Hind   s
FOR THE RECORO G.30-6.45PM Excerpts from Dave Emory's Radio Free
America Series
HOMEBASS     9.00PM-12.00AM     The
st in Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and ot
- Alternating with RTY    11.00- 1AM
Chris Pariah explores the Metanoid states and
I200AM-242AM   Hosted by the
talks about more krunk   Brought to
1   Areyok
j    serious
third time's
the charm
Mufu* <**( ft kolt
low De/v
Radio free
troptVul (J*ii<jhir
Sttx/T AK.OO/
Mary Tyler
SHOW      |
FemhtlM Hy-jinx
AwdTd House
0Mt for Kidcj
(hiphop)    1
kip kc*p knkit
and BometimeD
1   Lulu's Back
in Town
;i|iM|iiic Sfiiiiiuiic il
-Jap.™     j
1     ONE STEP
wolf ii! Nie item/
hig hball
str-J (ifctt*
Liwf Sink
rave new
CiTR Dial
Scotty's SKA
show is on Fridays
from 1 lam-noon,
moving REBEL
JAZZ to l-2pm.
The name may be
misleading, hut
and music
Tune in f o r
features on the
coolest Canadian
indie bands, alt.
Mondays from
7    - - 9    p    m    .
WHOM       &      HOW
2s tfggsznm LIVE MUSIC
I the Hungry Eye ..Peter
*e...Ralph Alfonso ot l*he
Van  tyes' Trio  at  the Treehou
ntennial Theatre (N Van).„Big Ho.
TUE 30 Bum,  Nomads ond The
Frampton and Deep Julia at the Commodore..
Gastown   Music  Hall..
Lounge    Honeybucket al
and Terror of Tiny Town at Greg's Place (Chilliwcck)...Sleep Capsule,
Flalheod and Spike ot the Re-Bar (Seattle).leoving Trains ol Moe's
WED 3 1 Honeywagon H. and Brundell Fly at the Starfish Room.. Demo
Listen Derby w/BMX, Underwater Sunshine and Freeloader at the Town
Pump.Brickhouse at the Gastown Music Hall...Nol*hina In Particular
and Ez at the Hungry Eye... Mae Moore and John BortemTy at Richard's
on Richards...Songwriter's Table {open stage) at the Treehouse
Lounge. Cape Breton Summertime Revue at the Vogue
Theatre...Kitchens of Distinction al the RCKNDY (Seattle)...
Disfigunnes (10pm) Subsonic Thursdays ol ihe Pit Pub featuring DDT and Bif
Naked. The Citizens, and Ringpiece ot the Gastown Music Hall. Noise
Therapy, Catfish and Elycium at the StarfUh Room. Thrill Squad and Gaze ot
the Niagara...Sing Sing Dead Mon, Dusty Radio and Unity Press at ihe Hungry Bye. Mae Moore and John oolfomleyatRichard'son Richards...The Toasters and Let's Go Bowling ol the Town Pump . Sweel Dick at the Roilwoy
Club. .Modeleine Morris al the Malcolm Lowry Room., .Imp and Speedbuggy
at Club NRG (99 Powell)..
FRI 2 Crash Vegas and Matthew Good at the Town Pump. Art Bergman
plus guests at the Gastown Music Hall. Nefro plus guests at the
Niagara...Smok, The Disastronauts and The Sweaters at the Hungry
Eye...Little Fyodor & Babushka with Blowhole and Fatter Justice ot the
Malcolm Lowry Room...Dick Gaughan at the WISE Hall...Mollies Revenge at the Treehouse Lounge..Final Blitzkrieg w/dj Atomic, Children of Atom, SPM and Discipline of Anarchy at the Twilight
Zone...Vertical After, Billy Butcher, Sex Bomb Boggie and The Join at
the Abyss...Built to Spill at the Crocodile (Seattle) Indigo Girls at the
Gorge (George, WA)...
SAT 3 Rusty plus guests al the Town Pump (two shows ALL-AGES -
5pm; liscened - 9pm). Tad, Clutch and Sleep Capsule at the Starfish
Room...Multimedia show with music by MK Naomi, Gaze and ElfClan
at Ihe @ Gallery. Summer Comfort w/djs Mono S- David and Krown
at the Commodore...Art Bergman plus guests at the Gastown Music
Hall. The Cosmonauts and The Cowards at the Niagara...DSK, Big
Fella Shark Teeth ond Highway 66 at the Hungry Eye ..Terror of Tiny
Town ond The Rosenbergs at the Malcolm Lowry Room ..Kate Hammett-
Vaughn at the Glass Slipper...The Sybaritic String Band at the WISE
Hall.   Under Six Eyes, Kwong and Wish at the Abyss...
SUN4SumalaoattheVECC.   The Riley Tat 1661 Granville (5pm),„
MON 5 Morphine and Dirty Three ot the Commodore...
TUE 6 Silk Road & Ed Henderson with Rick Keating at the Glass
Slipper. Ralph Alfonso and the Ducktape Platypus Poets Coalition ot
the Gastown Music Hall .Marjorie Cardwell, the Insomniacs at the
Railway Club Furnaceface and Another White Male at Greg's Place
(Chilliwack) Morphine at the Backstage (Seattle). Gwen Mars atthe
Crocodile (Seattle)...
WED 7 Furnaceface at the Town Pump ..Hazel Motes al the Railway
Club. Gwen Mars at the Starfish Room (Benenfit for the Vancouver
Food Bank).. Gamelon Summer Sonorol at Performance Works (Granville Is.) ..Morphine at the Backstage (Seattle)..
TBFKA Linus. Subsonic Thursday at the Pit Pub featuring She Stole My
Beer and Zolty Cracker..Gamelan Summer Sonorol at Performance
Works (Granville Is.)..Julie McGeer Band and Auburn at the Railway
FRI 9 Another White Male, Queazy and Popsickle at the Town
Pump...The Odds and Ursula at the Commodore...Electric Hell Fire
Club (ex Thrill Kill Kult), Penal Colony and Waiting For God at
Graceland Swank and Rolph Alfonso atthe TreeHouse Lounge...Fear
of Drinking at the WISE Hall. Big Faith at the Gastown Music Hall...The
Posies/Ovarian Trolley, Super Deluxe and The Passengers at the SUP
Auditorium (Seattle - ALL-AGES).
and Atom
.t the Nioi
SAT 10 Neptune
Spirit Merchants at the Polish Vets Hall (1 134 Kingsway),..the Jeff
Healy Band at the Town Pump. Mad Pudding atthe Cambrian Hall
(17th   & Main)...Korn at the SUP Auditonum (Seattle - ALL-AGES)...
SUN 11 Korn and Minority at the Starfish Room. Ian Anderson atthe
Orpheum .Skywalk at Richard's on Richards ..Opium Underground at
the Abyss...
MON 12 Your on your own tonight kids...
THU 15 Subsonic Thursdays at the Pit Pub featuring Minority and
Boxcutter...Alpha Yaya Diallo & Boffing with the Nutifofa Drummers
and Dancers at the ANZA Club...Colorifics ot the Railway Club
FRI 16 MolliasRevenge a} Ihe Railway Club. ..Azimuth Records Music
West Recovery Party w/ Allen des Noyers, Jonny ond the Stickmen,
Bone Mon Slim and Chelsea Mourning ol Cafe Deux Sole.ls Bobby
Sox with the Vancouver men's Cborus at the Commodore. Goo Goo
Dolls ol Moes (Seattle)...
SAT 1 7 Uncle Sid and Dork Tower at the New York Theatre (ALL-
AGES)...Mollies Revenge at the Railway Club ..The Stond GT somewhere in Vancouver...Bobby Sox with the Vancouver men's Chorus al
the Commodore...
SUN  1 8 The Riley T at 1661 Gronville (5pm)...
TUE 20 Canned Heat at the Yale.. The Orb and Masa at DV8 (Sec
WED 21 King Crimson and the California Guitar Trio at;
Orpheum ..Grabby Oaks at the Railway Club...Our Lady Peace
Moes (Seattle)...
Moby a!
THU 22 Subsonic Thursdays at the Pil Pub featuring The Sweaters
and gob..Moby at DV8 (Seattle - ALL-AGES) Spit"   ' '
the Rail
FRI 23 Moby al the New York Theatre (ALL-AGES). Bughouse Five at
the Railway Club. Cassandra Wilson, J.J. Johnson Quintet and Christian McBride at the Orpheum Papa Wemba and the Charlie Hunter
Trio at the Commodore...Swans and Low at Moes (Seattle)...
SAT 24 Babes In Toylond ot the Town Pump...Holly Cole at the Discovery Theatre (two shows - 7 & 9:30 pm)..the Diana Krall Trio and
the Belly Green Trio at the Vogue Theatre. Otis Rush and Robben Ford
& Ihe Blue Line at the Commodore. Bughouse Five at the Railway
SUN 25 Yo La Tengo at the Starfish Room. Caribbean Jazz Project
and James Carter at the Vogue Theatre...Beausoleil, Michael Doucet
and Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings ot the Commodore. Now
Orchestra at the VECC.Shadowfax at Richard's on Richards...
MON 26; Dave Holland Quartet and Talking Pictures at the
VECC-.African Fete al the Commodore .Grrrls with Guitars ot the
Railway Club..
TUE 27 Juliana Hatf.eld at the Starfish Room . Rites of Spring and
Alma Libre at the Vogue Theatre Birmingham Sunlights and Pearl
Brown at the VECC    Welfare Starlets at the Railway Club
WED 28 Welfare Starlets at the Railway Club ..Charles Lloyd Quartet
and Bill Clark Sextet at the Vogue Theatre. Willem Breuker Kollektief
and the Breuker-Bennink Duo at the VECC...Allan Holdsworth and Loose
atthe Commodore. While Zombie, Bobes in Toyland and the Melvins
atthe Arena (Seattle)
BALLOON MAN (10pm). Subsonic Thursdays at the Pit Pub featuring
Wingnuts and Cinnamon The Subdudes and Keb' Mo' of the
Commodore..Babe Gurr Band at the Railway Club
FRI 30 The McCoy Tyner Tr.o ond the Brad Turner Quartet at the
Vogue Theatre. ..Rovo Plus Five at the VECC Bobby Porker Band ond
The Holmes Brothers ot the Commodore ..Memphis Slax al the Roil-
way Club...Judy Atkin ot Ihe Tree House Lounge...
MON: Zoo Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K and Czech at the Starf.sh Room
(jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop). .Blue Room w/dj Isis al Automotive CiTR
TUES: Leisure Lounge w/dj's Jon Hardy, Jess ond Druna at the Shaggy
Horse (deep house/ambient). 1036 Richards w/dj Dickey Doo ond
guests at Richard's On Richards (commercial house)...Baby Blue w/
djs Al-E, Luis and Jon Hardy at the Shaggy Horse .Aqua w/djs Isis
and Markem at Benny's Bagels Yaletown (ambient)
WED: Wonderlond w/djs Lace. Little-T and Pretty Boy at the Commodore (tribal/progressive house) .Velvet w/djs T-Bone, Dickey Doo ond
special guests at The Underground - rear entrance (deep
house) .Reggae Night ot Graceland w/dj George Barrett The Cot
Club w/djs Madness and Al-E ot Johhny Loves (starting June 7)
THUR: Sol w/dj Markem and guests at Graceland (progressive, trance,
tribal, hard house)...Chocolate Milk w/dj M.cheal Golf atthe Shaggy
Horse (jazz, soul)..,The Bottle w/d|s Clarence and Dovid Love Jones
at the Piccadilly (acid jazz). Acd Dance w/djs Thomas and Bollocks
at Johnny Loves (acid jozz)
FRI: Velour Dimension w/djs Noah, D.ckey Doo and Vitamin-E ot 930
Station Street...Bossment w/rototing djs every week al the Shaggy
Horse...Homo Homer ot the Odyssey w/d| Jules
SAT: Noah's Arc w/dj Noah at Graceland (progressive house,
techno). Bad Boys Night Out w/dj Jules ot the Odyssey djs Storm,
Dickey Doo and Quest ot Celebrities
SUN: GoGo Jazz Lounge w/djs Michael Golf and Lovely Lisa at the
Arts Club Theatre.. Uranus Invades Mars w/djs Dickey Doo and Little
Tot Mars. Alternative Jazz ol Cafe Deux Soleils Rewind w/dj Noah
at Graceland (retro-rave (I))    Lo Coge w/dj Jules atthe Odyssey
FRI, JUNE 2« Back in the Doyz (van) w/djs Spun-K, T-Bone and G at
the Starfish Room (jazz, funk, hip hop, ragga)
SAT, JUNE  3: Back 2 Action (sea) w/djs Josh, Chris Sick, Quest,
Donald Glaude and more (604) 893-0,>03 or (2C6) 722 3621
SAT, JUNt 10: Groove for Tina (sea) w/djs Steve Loria, Rob Rank,
Quest ond more (206) 382 097?   .Solar (pdx) w/djs Jon Williams,
Doron, Joey Jimenez and more (503) 699 6000
SAT, JUNE 17: Soft (sea) w/djs Ku«, Toizo. Lux and more
1XJE, JUNE 20: The Orb at DV8 (sea)
THU,  JUNE   22? The  Orb  at  Groceland   (van)  -  still  to  be
confirmed ..Moby ot DV8 (sea)
FRI, JUNE 23: Moby at the New York Theatre Ivan)
SAT, JUNE 24: Burn Baby Burn Disco Party (pdx) w/djs Sean Perry
and Aquaman (503) 321 5100
The Abyss 315 E. Broadway (side entrance)
Alma Street Cafe 2505 Alma (at Broadway)
Anza Cluh 3 W. 8th (Mount Pleasant)
Arts Hotline
Bassix 217 W Hastings (al Cambie)
Backstage Lounge I fro .lohnslon (Granville Island I
Cafe Deux Soleils 2096 Commercial (Ihe Drive)
Cafe Vieux Montreal 317 K Broadway (Mount Pleasant)
Caprice Theatre  9(,5 Granville (Granville Mall)
Celebrities  1022 Davie (West End)
CN Imax Theatre 999 Canada Place (downtown)
Commodore Ballroom 870 Granville (Granville Mall)
Commodore Lata 838 Granville (Granville Mall)
Crosstown Trafllc 316 VV Hastings (downtown)
Denman Place Cinema 1030 Denman (West End)
District Coffee   1035 Mainland (Yaletown)
Eirehall Arts Centre 280 E Cordova (at Main)
Eood Noi Bom
488 6219
222 2244
87*5 712X
684 2787
689 7734
687 1354
254 1195
873 1331
683 6099
6X9 3180
tudio 36 Pov
ic Hall 6 Powell Si. ..Ga
Glass Slipper   2714 Prince Edward   .Mount Pleasant)
877 0066
Graceland   1250 Richards  (downtown)
688 264X
G,, g's Place 45X44 Yale Rd. (Chilliwack)
795 3334
Ma-ling- ("in... i.ii.lv Cull. VS96 E Hastings (Easl Van)
255 2606
Hemp B.C.  324 W Hastings (downtown)
681 4620
Hollywood Theatre 3123 W Broadway (Kitsilano)
73X 3211
Hungry Eve 23 W Cordova (Gastown)
Innermind Infoline
Johnny Loves 871 Beallv Si. (Yaletown)
684 1313
La Quena 1111 Commercial Drive (Ihe Drive)
251 6626
The Lotus Cluh     455 Abbott Si (Gaslown)
685 7777
Luv-A-Eair 1275 Seymour (downtown)
6X5 3288
Lux Theatre 57 E Hastings (Gaslown)
Malcolm Lowry Room 4125 E Hastings (N. Burnaby)
685 0143
Mars 1320 Richards Si. (downtown)
230 MARS
New York Theatre 639 Commercial Dr. (Ihe Drive)
.Niagara Holel Puh 435 VV. Pender (downtown)
Odyssey Imports    534 Seymour (downtown)
Old American Pub   928 Main (downtown)
Orpheum Theatre    Sinilli, \ Seymour (downtown)
Pacific Cinematheque 1131 Howe (dow wn)
Paradise Cinema 919 Gram-ill. (Granville Mall.
Park Theatre 3440 Cambie (South Vancouver)
Picadilly Puh 630 W Pender (downtown)
Pit Pub basement. Student I ..ion Building (I BC)
Pill Gallery 317 W Hastings .downtown)
Plaza Theatre XX) Granville (Granville Mall)
Punk l.i-lings
Raffels I ..img. 1221 Granville (downtown)
The Rage 750 Pacific Blvd. South
Railway Club 579 Dunsmuir (downtown)
Raxx Billiards Cafe 14119 VV. Broadway
Richard's On Richards 1036 Richards'(downtown)
Ridge Cinema 3131 Arbutus (al 161 hAvenue)
Russian Hall 6011 Campbell (Chinatown)
Scratch Records 3I7A Cambie (downtown)
Shaggy Horse Cabaret XIX Richards (downtown)
Speedy O'Tubbs Eairvicw (Bellingham)
Slarfi-h Room 11155 Homer (downtown)
Starlight Cinema 935 Denman (West End)
Station Street Art- Centre 9.III Station (downtown)
Swing Kids infoline
3B Tavern 1226 Slate (Bellingham)
Town Pump 66 Water Street (Gaslown)
Track Record- 552 Seymour (downtown)
Tree House Lounge 6
,1,1-1,1 /..„.,
.....le. *.Ga-
:iNEMA [located mil,, M !(■
UBC Grad Centre Gale 4 (UBC)
The Underground 10X2 Granville (dow
Vanconver East Cultural Centre 1X95
Vancouver Centre Cinema 650 VV. Ge
■ Granville (
v   II.,
-club:: i
e 4375 VV I
W.I.S.E. Hall IXX2Adana.
Yale Blues Puh 1300 Gran
Zulu Records      1869 VV. 4
731 3456
6X1 1732
876 2747
682 3221
822 6273
681 6740
473 1593
6X5 55X5
681 1625
687 6794
738 6311
S74 62(10
687 6355
V) 734 188L
6X3 6695
6S2 7976
a whole day of music and activities!
The Tragically Hip
Ziggy Marley and
the Melody Makers
Spirit Of The West    ,
Matthew Sweet
Blues Traveler
Eric's Trip
The Inbreds
Gates open 11:00am • Show starts 1:00pm
Vancouver. BC
tel 604.738.3232
MontoWed 10:30-700
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
Brand New Tunes on Zulu!
Perfume Tree
• A Lifetime Away (CD/cassette)
• Coffee,
Jazz and Poetry
Vancouver's favourite offbeat beatnik
goes for the "live and happening"' sound
on Ihis self-descriptive title. Seventy
minutes of perfect music for the night
owl in all of us.
O 12.98
Terror T
® 5tr8 hum tha
Terror T and the Beat
Assassinator combine respectfully
authentic raps over a tremendous dub
mix of cool beats and grooves that confidently explores without ever going too
far in any one direction. This recording
reflects a significant knowledge and
experience not only wilh ihe genre of
rap currently but the history of
antecedents and its development as well.
A very fine debut lull length for this
0 8.98
Huevos Rancheros
® Dig In!
Huevos Rancheros are three
('algarians w ho ha\ e been cranking out
their infectious brand of instro-boogie
for a good of half decade at least.
Included on this thick "n' sloppy CD
(Huevos' first domestic CD release) are
several A-sides from many hard-to-find
T's from the past two years, as well as a
bunch of never-heard-before cuts of
ragged raunch!
6 12.98 *
Perfume Tree
; CD Release!
Saturday, May
27th at the
Starfish Room
1055 Homer. Tickets $6
advance, $8 at door.
f Presented by CiTR-FM.
• Snowman's Land (CD/cassette)
Take the chill pill of frosty relief from impending summ
Vancouver's knock-down-ginger \ diverse sound
three distinct songwriter/vocalisLs who each have a knack fo
ing delightfully unconventional pop songs, converging with
twining lines of buzzing guitar and four-part harmonies. All this
and more is eloquently captured on their debut release
Snowman's Land.
knock~down~ginger CD Release!
Saturday, June 3rd at the Treehouse Lounge
602 Dunsmuir with guests Queazy. Tickets at the door.
Also Available...
Perfume Tree ® Fathom the Sky EP a specially priced
EP featuring radical remixes for the album A lifetime Away.
All 3 releases available at all big, little, and inbetween-y
record stores throughout the Lower Mainland!
Srand New Tunes at Zulu!
The John Spencer
Blues Explosion
® Remixes EP
Who'd have thought that a down and
dirty old rock dog like John Spencer
would release an EP of remixes'?
Probably not too many people, but hey!.
when you figure that the Blues
Explosion cook up some of the grooviest rill's goin' it sure makes some natural
sense. With special help from Moby.
Mike D, Beck. Calvin "Dub
Narcotic" Johnson and Genius, this
EP will have you dancin' down low all
O-ep 10.98 *
The For Carnation
® Fight Songs EP
An abstract extension of space and pace
achieving a perfection of appropriate
sonic placement and sensory abatement.
Describing with words and sounds avid
pictures of depth and enchantment — if
not mystery. A lesson of subtlety and
minimalism that resoundingly commemorates the basic wisdom of tempered and
tactful hesitation. This is as close to a
new Slint record as can be without Ihe
entire band reforming while also displaying a progression of the ideas presented
in the Slint mastei*work Spiderland
From a nexus of creative energy comes
the latest marker for resolution. The hard
part is waiting for the full-length.
O ep 10.98 *
The Future Sound
of London
• Far Out Son of Lung
and the Ramblings of
a Madman EP
The enigmatic title track set the tone
for this new collophonious sounding
EP from The Future Sound of
London (FSOL). Relatively
unknown on these shores, FSOL
embarks further from points charted
on last year's life Forms full-length.
A journey of equal parts: world beat
groove, electro-sampling and dada
madness. Yes, the Futurists are
O ep 10.98
Slant 6
• Inzombia
Not far removed from either the
garage or riot girl lore. Slant 6 continue to improve with each recording,
moving in the direction of styleful
simplicity towards a rewarding pop
experience. The edges are still jagged
enough to remind one of what punk
rock was kinda trying to do, yet still
broad enough to cover some range of
musical territory for those willing to
explore and contemplate while listening. And with crisp Ian Mackaye
production for your easy enjoyment!
Dig it.
6 12.98
® Bonnie + Clyde EP
Bonnie + Clyde presents a so very
sensual side of Luna as they go French
and cover an old Brigitte Bardot
song. Featuring the soothing, sexy
vocals of Stereolab's Laetitia
Sadier, the song is, well, unforgettable.
But it is still Luna and will please
those fans who fell in love with the
wonderful pop hooks and guitars of
way before.
O-ep 10.98
• Oxbow Lakes EP
Extraced from their pristine 1995 full
length Orbus Terrarum. this EP
probes a more trippy and organic ambient angle. With collaborators Sabres
of Paradise and A Guy Called
Gerald, Oxbow Lakes oozes with
nocturnal elegance and grace.
O-ep 10.98
® Shake Town!
Bum vivo en Espafia... Magnifico por
Bum! Diga me te gustas rock y roll,
"garage musica," y un bien tiempo? Si
aqui esta Bum tocando y cantanoo
todo vivo — las guitaras y tombas y
muchas mas! Vivo chica, y tiene "hits"
como "Debbie Speak." Magnifico.
O 16.98
Bailter Space
• Wammo
A very successful experiment with
machines and people within a network of
linear logic, all moving towards riff perfection and absolute pop. Bailter
Space are scientific realist pop music
for times of high impact and frequent
change. Suitable listening for one who
constantly leaves space but realizes that
space is all there is, even in the end.
Wammo is a well tuned and executed
advance towards a particular aesthetic
direction and a good album to boot.
O 14.98    m 9.98 *
Kendra Smith
• Five Ways of
Kendra Smith has a funny habit of
disappearing at strange times. She
dropped out of the Dream Syndicate
just before they hit it big and then she
quit Opal who changed their name and
found fame as Mazzy Star. Now, she's
doing it alone with an atmospheric
album that comes over you like fog sliding down a mountainside. Kendra is
cool and enigmatic. So is this record.
Check it out and "check out" for a while.
O 14.98
O =CD!        PI = cassette!
• = Available June 1 '95!
Sale prices in effect until June 30 '95!


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