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■ I I I     I'lf I ——
What a Riot! 7
U.TV Beats Us To It 10
Zrno Falls Off and Gets Back On 11
A Hard-Rockin' Ass-Kickin' Band 12
"Slurp!" 13
Sandoz Can Pay Everything 14
The Band Uliana Broke 15
The Hog Squeals 16
The Tables Turned by David Carswell 30
■ i.*Mi]*M,-k___»
Marc Yuill & Julian Lawrence 24
Bryce Rasmussen 26
Tankhog unloads their van in a most unusual fashion after their
gruelling North American tour.  Shot by Leonard Whistler.
Funk, Viola Funk, Randy Iwata, Mikey Likesit PRODUCTION Rick
Awender, Bill Baker, Don Bull, Dean Doherty, Alice Loring, Lisa
Lutman GRAPHICS Scott Fearnley, Robynn Iwata WORD PRO
CESSING Tricia Festejo, Ha Ha Hamilton, Alice Lorlng, Lisa Lutman
PHOTO DEVELOPMENT Lydia Schymansky SPINLIST Randy Iwata,
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CiTR 101.9 fM is 1800 watts of neurotic bliss from UBC to Langley,
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SUB Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, CANADA V6T 2A5
Life With The Family Enndye
(From the Files of T.D
Vladamira, Biographer)
ENNDYE: A large vociferously opinionated
group or family given to
writing a bi-monthly column attacking friend or
foe, or suddenly siding
with the same. This
group divides and subdivides frequently, due
mostly to unwise
riages and "lost" wills.
Common phrases:
"Bloody hell, I've lost my
pipe!" and "This wine is
corked! I demand a substitution!! Waiter!"
Going to a Go-q0?
Doors Open
i - 2am  Tues - Sat
Party Line 682-8550
#7 ALEXANDER GASTOWN  and ihc whole concept of
was not lo have a good
an against a wall and
tually  v
Dear Discorder:
One day about seven of us
gathered in one of our parents rcc-
rooms lo watch Sid n'Nancy & DOA
(again) on video, put each others
mowhawks up, drink some beer and
read aloud in a semi-circle all the
back issues of discorder we've col-
We noticed (in between rass-
lin' matches n'belchin' contests) a
disturbing pattern in what appears lo
be a series of negative assaults on the
Vancouver Punk Rawk Scene. We
all wanl guidance n'heroes and icons
closer together and feeling all warm
n'comradelike, leaving you alone
and ugly. If this is true well, disregard this letter and jusl coast on our
blessing to you, a cannonization is
not loo far off in the future laddie.
We were going to try and figure oul
if there was another reason why you
slag us so, bul we figured youd'
figure wc had nothing beiler lo think
about and call us losers or (worse)
All we really want to know is,
why don't you folks up at Discorder
send someone tocoveramovie shoot
who isn't under delusions that il's
going to be a live show, or send
and misguided.   1  guess  Ihc  final
(only) point is - we need YOUR
In the future wc would appro
ciatc il if you came up to us in Person
and perhaps nip us m the bud before
we do anything silly. THANK-
Sincerely -
P.S. Storm Ihc Basilic
"Seemingly self righteous
aqquillals" aside, our motto
here at Discorder is: If some of
the people all of the time and
all of the people some of the
time don t hale you, you're doing something wrong. So cheer
up and enjoy Bruno's review
this month. And who's Joe?
I>car Airhead:
I'm in Boston but your
magazine is the best CK' one
I've seen. I wonder about your
scene. The playlists arc as good
as any bul unfortunately names
arc hard for greal bands. You
have a few I haven't heard so
I'm hopeful. I wonder if I could
order a 90 minute lape of one of
your radio shows? I'd give $6.00. Il
would be easy to do. If il's illegal to
sell them, then definitely do it.
One band you have lo play is
Jesus Lizard. The worst band name
ever almost but the best band I know
of now. Their chrome cover on the
ep — lots of stuff on their record.
Fugail in Warsaw : Wojtek Zdanuk
n'shit...and we keep trying to find
the light of wisdom and support in
your seemingly self righteous
aqquitals of us, but alas are left cold.
First (being the positive folks
we are) we figured you just believed
a little too much in unity among the
socially maladjusted - and were opting yourself as a martyr for us to
collectively hate, thus bringing us
who doesn't care about
goatees to a Jell-o Biafra gig. In our
collective stupors we sally forth back
inlo the cracks we crawled oul of
afler shows, feeling at one with the
downtown underground and
well...yes...ENJOYLNG ourselves
damitall. Then we read Discorder
and are left mortified and shattered -
finding out that we made fools of
Dear Airhead:
To all "Discordcrcrs": GTR
101.9 fm Stereophonic Blisssss!
Merry Krinkle, Snappy 1991...
Proud to distribute "Discorder."
"Local Motion" — Discorder ot
Georgia Straight? Nice letter in OS.,
Terry J. (Jihson
old/. Of course there are plenty of
discotheques lor dickheads. I really
don'l know how ihc mailer is in
Canada, but in Poland agiessive ami
foolish people, wlio only think aboul
scuffles, very last fucking and drink
as much as [hey can go lo discole
que*. To my surprise many girls take
pari inn. Apparently ihey enjoy lhal
churlishness/It must lx- fascinating
lo be lucked by macho man/
I  and  my  friends  try  to organize
wlasnie ja" /maybe il's me/ ,
If youarcintcrsled in ihese position,
give us lilies and how much of ihem
you wanl. We are interested in groups
hke: NOMEANSNO Any favourite
Alternative Tent, and Discord Kec.
Unfonunatly ihese records are unal
lainahle, Ihe only chance lo gel I hem
is exchang. If you wanl lean semi
vou information about PEOPLES'
Wojtek Zdonuk
Discorder or Georgia Straight indeed. After discussing this matter
with the G.S. editor and writing
aforementioned letter, it seems the
people running that mag still couldn' I
(or wouldn't) come up with a new
name. So we say fuck 'em. RIP Local
Motion! Slay tuned for a brand new
local scene column starting next
Hi Airhead!
Greetings from Poland!
I'm writing lo you because I heard
aboul your radoi slalion "RADIO
CITR" 101.9 f.M. Probably you are
looking lor some subjects connected with Polish music. I have some
contacts. Maybe you will be interested in groups like: APATIA/in
English: APATHY/, AH1MSA,
etc. Have you heard about them?
They arc vcrygood. Youdon'lknow
whal you are losing unknow ing them.
APATIA is from Poznan City,
AHIMSA from Warsaw and
KARCER exists in Slupsk City. My
town - Suwalki - is a small town in
nonh-eastem Poland /about 60.000
The MiT station has a real good
digital live tape. My message lo all
C R' stations —sell ads do it illegally. Like a student job.
Chip & Brenda Shirty
Boston, MA
Wedo play Jesus Lizard!Andw
you see what Felicity has lo say
about them!
Here is a form of Poland and my
In fact there is nothing interesting
for people of my age /I'm 21 years
independent concerts/APATIA and
AHIMSA will play in Suwalki on
30.12.1990/. Wc have our club and
wc do gigs in il. Wc meet one another there, sometimes drink beer /I
don't like drunkenness, but I don't
like orthodoxy, loo/. Il's very fine,
all of us have a good lime and our
club is really safe. It is the only local
in our town where people who l<x>k
strangely /of course in other peoples' opinion/aren'lsmashed in iheir
face. Il's a little like a pub, because
the club is lived by the sale of beer.
Since New Year there will be vegetarian food in il. Our problem is a
shortage of contacts wilh inicresting
organisations from all around the
world. Wc arc interested in people
and groups of people work ing in free
way except for fascism, sexism and
nihilism. We have a favourtoask of
you. We need some contacts, exchange of information, records and
tapes. Maybe you arc interested in
Polish records. There arc few records
of Polish bands/much less lhan tapes/
. Reason: doing of tapes is cheaper
and "independent stage" haven't got
a technical base to make records.
However we have access lo a few
records with music of Polish bands:
DEZERTER - 2nd LP and 3rd LP
Against All"/ - It will be soon in
APATIA - live '90 - demo
KARCER -"Blindman"
Joanna Makabresku - "Piata prosty-
lucja" /the fifth prostitution/
NOMEANSNO - live in Warsaw /
QQRYQ tapes/
INKWIZYCJA - "No wlasne podo-
LIBERATTON FRONT. Il's an anarchist organisation from Gdansk /
They possess squat/. Probably you
edit lan/.in connected with it what's
going on in your RADIO CITR. I
would like to get ii. Please, send me
some addresses of American or Canadian bands. I wanl to edit my own
zinc /I need some subjects of lhal
reason/. Our group is called GROUP
"SYNAXON". Wc warn to break a
slate of torpor in head of people from
our town and region. Slowly it im-
I am wailing for answer!
16-400 SUWALKI
Sounds like the Polish scene isn't
much different lhan ours
Pulling "Dancing on the
Clouds" in Honour (?) of X-.Vlas is
thelamcsicdilorialdccision I've seen
in years! C'mon! You folks are DISCORDER not THE PLAIN TRUTH
and failure to print an item out of fear
of insulting the status quo is (dare I
say il?): censorship.
.Julian (D.O.T.C.) Lawrence
The C-word? Yikes! While the ariisi
was under the impression lhat we'd
pulled the comic because it would
upset the moral majority losee Jesus'
genitalia during the holiday season,
in truth il was simply the eternal
problem of too much stuff and nol
enough $$$. Turn lo page 24 for
episode #17 of D.O.T.C. which
should have been run last month bul,
due to very weird circumstances,
#18 was run instead. Whew!
FEBRUARY 1991     5 The Rogue Folk Club
Station Wagon
(left) featuring J. Knutson
Thursday FEBRUARY 21st 8:30pm
The W.I.S.E. Hall (1882 Adanac St.)
Tickets $10 ($8 members)
Sunday MARCH 3rd 8:30pm
86 St. Music Hall
$12 ($10 members)
Tickets at Black Swan, Highlife and Track
(Oyster Band tix also at Ticketmaster)
Information 736-3022 I
rambled through my
brain to try and remember if I
had valid ID in my pocket as
the nondescript, mustachioed
man in blue eyed me.
"Holy shit! I gotta show
my boys this." Once again I
was stuck in a situation where
those of authority were questioning the hardware on my
jacket, the ages of several of
my peers (thank god I had MY
ID) and the smoking habits of
a select few people in the
bathroom. It was nary 15 minutes before hardcore non-gods
Bad Religion hit the stage at
the Town Pump, and Vancouver's finest were doin' their
damnedest to reduce the room
capacity by 100.      apf***"-
Apparently RCMP all over
Canada were forewarned to
"send in the troops" to the evil
Bad Rel igion concerts 'n' make
sure us explosive canucks
didn't trash the whole country
over that Satan-lovih' LA hardcore. As opposed to,rhe 1 or 2
cops lhat would normally
check out the club, we were
treated to the presence of six
cops all set to radio for the not
squad if need be. Frustrated in
their attempts to evacuate
people from the building, they
instead spent the night turn-
i ng people a way from the doo r
who had already paid to gei
in. Yes, it was a bad night in
visit the parking lot. The audience should've stuck around
to see opening bands Coffin
Break and Mary instead of
coming late for Bad Religion
The behavior of the cops
obviously had something to
do with a recent riot at a Bad
Religion gig in LA. The venue
had been filled to capacity by
a crowd that had paid 20 bucks
each to see the gig, and they
were none too happy when
the fire marshall waltzed in
and pulled the plug. Understandably pissed off, the crowd
started wreaking a little havoc
at which time the cops appeared with hoses and stirred
things up a notch. But according to the band, the actual riot
was comparatively sedate and
it took a slow night in the
news to blow things out of
proportion. As vocalist Greg
Graffin put it: "We certainly
didn't incite the riot. How could
we? We didn't even get to
Aside from banging on
cars and some hootin' and
hollerin' after the gig in Victoria, there were no visible signs
of any rioting in either of B.C. 's
major cities.
Perhaps certain controlling elements have a reason to
be threatened by the existence of BR. considering what
the band stands for. I asked
Greg G. about the somewhat
anti-religion tendencies of the
group.   "Religion   is   taken
organized belief system. Wc
don't single out anybody, because everyone's guilty of thc
same things that we talk about.
No one in any given group is
particularly more guilty than
anyone else, 'lhat's kind of
what we mean by "Modem
Man"; you can lcx>k at other
sectors of society or any culture in the world and they all
exhibit similar trails We tend
to single out trie bad traits of
mankind, notjustthe badtraits
of specific individuals. Religion canexist in manyfotms—
religion of science, religion of
money—anywhere where
blind beliefsexist. People who
judge others as being politically correct or not fall into ihe
same traps as the most judgmental preachers. If there's a
prescription in their way of
proper behavior, then that's
something we'ddefmitely like
to address."
Where do you draw the
line between trying to impose
your views on people and
being self-righteous? "You
don't have to tell someone
"Here's the solution." 1 think
you could probably accomplish more by just pointing
put the situation. If everyone
had their own ideas on something the world would be a
much more interesting place.
Instead what you find is people don't have their own ideas,
they tend to follow the ideas
of their idols, or their peers, or
what not."
of Ins time pursuing a PhD in
evolutionary biology and
teaching undergrad lab courses. Greg Hetson, one of the
guitarists for the band, also
likely spends much time separate from the band considering he slill plays guitar for the
Circlcjerks.'Ihismakes u even
more impressive that the band
has been churning out albums
in such rapid succession with
another one due to appear in
the very near future Their
latest album, Against the Cram,
is an incredible record of highspeed melodic hardcore; poses to push a satisfying blend of
Town Pump roadie to yell
"Luck the GST" into the mic
after the _how (gi k >d i hing the
cops were there after all, eh?).
In Victoria, U.H played hom-
agetoDOA by bleuding classic BTO cover "Takin* Care of
Business" and an earlier track
off Suffer. They readily reply
to requests, even taking time
out to ask the audience what
ihey want To hear.
The White Eagle crowd
fostered a "play 'Voice of God'
you fuck heads" shout which
was less than reluctantly com-
e mem l><
managed tof
nd hims
down on th
j stage.
shows they
l lor not bei
he audience
n their
hipsters couldn't  ev
manage a smirk a
Rob Sk
Bad Religion is limited to
touring either during the summer or during breaks in school
due to Greg G. spending most
ner's brazen display of playful
Coffin Break's opening set. It's
hard lo pinpoint where the
negative feedback comes from
and guitarist Brett had a few
things to say about that. "I
don't understand why certain
devoted hardcore fans have
become disillusioned with us.
Our music hasn't changed that
much, I mean, it's evolving
but we're still playing hardcore.  I  think our  ideas are
expressed more allegorically
and eloquently now. They're
more provocative and evocative now. I think our entire
approach has become more
honed, nol at all diluted. Wc
don't deserve to be disowned.
Reverse prejudice is haling
someone because a lot of people like them. People who
base their self-image on what
kind of music they listen to
don't like bands that aren't
completely obscure because
then they don't feel lhat they're
unique. I don't want the peo
pic who supported us all the
years and got us where we arc-
not to like us, that's the last
thing I want."
Is there any danget ol
Bad Religion becoming more
and more amazed with themselves as people start raving
more about the band?
Brett: "I thought I was
amazing when I was a junkie
with nothing in my apartment
but a spoon and a T-shirt. I'm
a blatant egomaniac with an
inferiority complex and I vacillate between the two. Everyone's really like that to a degree. As far as letting the band
go to my head, yeah, I'm sure
it could happen. I'm no saint,
I'm no Jesus Christ, but the
wotst thinglhat could happen
irom lhat is that I'd be an
asshole to some kid and then
I'd feel bad and stop doing it.
Cm nol going to start exploit-
in); people or raping the earth.
1 am an asshole, but I try lo
fight that. That's maybe what
gets people into punk rock,
that ihey have a mean streak.
Its enioyable  do the cruel,
■■■:hi   ■
>ve thai you're human
and you have freedom. The
utmost gesture of freedom is
to do something completely
pointless. To do something
logical lhal has a point behind
it doesn't prove you're free
because you're motivated to
do it, it's more I ike a cause and
effect situation. Kick that puppy, even if it's cute: that's
freedom. Of course it's also
totally fucked. Everyone can
be an asshole, everyone's self-
centered so you have to fight
thai constantly your whole
by the bastardized mind-meld of
Redd Mcjan and Tom Milne
by Caroline Longford
Our nation's m**-- known
throughout Canada, nol lor her unprecedented
contribution lo ihc musn scene bin rather for her
unprecedented ;ihil n \ to act 1  a magnet lo people
who fart oul the wrong end. Hut from the spew       What led
arose the triumphant Medusa's Rail, on which       name'.'
five bravedodei, like voyagers, floated we i
all the way lo Vancouver.
At one point vou asked tor birr donations.
D: 'lhat's because a lol ol people enjoy drinking
with Toby Drinking with Toby pre-dates Mcdu-
How   long   have you
been Medusa's Raft?
1): Aboul I ■
How long have you been here?
Toby (sax i:\Vc came at different limes but we've
been playing since June/July.
Where was your first gig in Vancouver?
Don (guitar): Parties
Vou won CKCU'l Hattie ofthe Hands in Ot-
Donnv Osmond and Aqua Man.
Don: The Sex Pistols. The first thing I learned to
play m the guitar was "Anarchy in the U.K." and
my favonte superhero is Spiderman.
What do you have to say to the youth of today ?
Jim (drums!: Live long anil prosper, buy bonds
and cal all your vegetables.
D: I think h wan be
Toby had already
evolved and "Welcome
aboard" was ihc catch
What were your influences.'
Jason:   Andy  Gibb,
naked raygun
A Staple On the Chicago scene since 1980, Naked Raygun
have recently released their fifth album, Raygun, Naked Raygun. Tom Milne
talked to Bass Thing Pierre Kezdy.
What kind of ties do you have with the hardcore scene?
PIERRE: Hardcore is a strange sort of category. Wc started oul being punk
rockers and lhat's what we slill are after all these years. We get a lot of
different sorts of people coming to our shows, some of them are hardcores.
1 don't like to classify the band into one particular category. Chicago's a
strange place anyway, there's never been a really cohesive scene. There's
never been a lot of press here, or record companies or anything like that.
People just go and see the bands they like without categorizing.
Have you toured outside the US?
P: Yeah, we went to Europe a couple of limes. Response was not bad, pretty
similar to what we get here. I think we're a little loo European sounding for
the Europeans. A band comes over from the US and they wanl you to go up
on stage with cowboy boots and all that, but some people appreciated us. We
had some really big shows in London and Berlin.
Any really memorable gigs?
P: Both times wc played in London we played at a School of African and
Oriental studies in a big hall there. The firsl limes we were there, Charlie
Harper from the UK Subs showed up and wc got him lo come on stage and
do an old Subs song. The second time, Steve Diggle from the Buzzcocks
showed up and so wc had him come
up and play as well. People really got
on our case for lhat, ihey seem lo
think these guys arc way past their
prime. London and Europe arc so
fickle. A band can be big one week
and old hat the next. We got mixed
reviews from the press but the crowd
was there and I guess that's what
How do you feel about the latest
record Raygun, Naked Raygun?
P: Really happy about the songwriting; I think every song is strong which
is more than I could say aboul the
previous two records. A few of the
songs were particularly badly mixed
on this record, I wish I could go back
and remix them. This album completes our three album contract wilh
Caroline records but we're still writing new stuff anyway. Even if no one
in the world wanted to sign Naked
Raygun we'd put the record out ourselves anyway. Thai's the way we
feel, we just like doing whal we do.
Was your vocalist originally in Big Black?
P: People have this idea lhal Big Black was before Naked Raygun or
something which is not true. Naked Raygun started in 1980 and Sieve Albini
wasn't really even living in Chicago until '83 or something. Big Black just
got big sort of fast and ihey got out and started touring around the country
before Naked Raygun did. Al that point Santiago was the original guitar
player for Naked Raygun and he quit and started playing with Steve and Big
Black. They needed a bass player to go on tour so they gol Jeff (from Naked
Raygun) lo play bass on tour. I le just played with them a few limes, he wasn't
really part of the band or anything.
Are any band members of draft age?
P: Bill Stevens, the newest addition to the band, was bom in '66 which makes
him about 24 so he's the youngest. I'm the next youngest, I'm 28. In ihc U.S.
you can get drafted up until you're 25 bul we all know that if war broke out
and they needed more people they'd draft whoever they wanted anyway. 1
think you'd be surprised lo know that a lol of young people support the
military presence in the Middle East whereas il's a lot of the older people that
don't think we should be there. I was prelly surprised to hear lhat; I thought
it'd be the other way around.
When are you going to play in Canada?
P: We're supposed lo go oul west in February. We jusl finished playing the
East coast and we haven't played the West coast for a long time. I'm sure it'll
probably include Vancouver. It did the lasl lime wc toured west anyway.
Nak«_ Raygun : Marc H.
I text   by   june        Hi
Front Line Assembly have been «.*.
leading edge of industrial/techno since their inception in 1986 after Bi 11I-ccb
(a/k/a WilhclmSchrocdcr) left Skinny l\ippy. With the departure of Michael
Balch, Bill is now joined by long-lime collaborator Rhys Fulbcr. Discorder
talked with them a while back when ihey dropped into CiTR.
What's been happening with FLA?
B: We've just finished a new LP called Caustic Grip and three singles are
being released off that: "Icedate," which came out lasl summer, "Provision"
which has just come out now, same wilh the LP, and then we have a third
single coming out in January called "Virus" as well. We're alsogetling ready
lo do our second North American lour which is going to start in January.
So when are you playing Vancouver?
B: If wc play it'll be at the end of our tour. Il's up in the air, we'll sec.
I wa.s talking to someone about interviewing FLA and he was surprised
to find out you're from Vancouver.
R: That has a lot to do with not having a Canadian deal...
B: But I think a lot of people think we're from Europe, which I am anyway
originally. Il's strange a lot of people don't realize wc are from Vancouver.
But that's okay; I like walking down the street and nobody knows mc!
Is there an electronic "scene" in Vancouver?
B: I don't know whal you call a scene. I think it's just like anything, there's
good bands lhal get supported and the ones lhal aren't, don't. II a good band
rolls into town, people will go sec them as long as they like whal they do. I
don't think there's any one type, except rock n' roll, that's really prevalent
in Vancouver.
R: There's too many musicians and not enough audience.
B: Also, 1 think Vancouver has more critics per pound than anywhere else
in Canada. It's really amazing... When we played Montreal wc sold the place
out and il's jusl amazing how many kids there was. I remember from the
Puppy days people were so critical, they'd just stand and analyze everything
and yet none of them have done anything any better or anything at all except
go to the Town Dump and have three beers and then go home and that's their
equilibrium of a week of having done something. I never understand that
R: Is this hip? Are we supposed to like this?
B: Nobody can ever let go here... In the Stales people just lose ii; ihey come
onstage, they jump off, they go crazy. That's so rare here, maybe it
[happened] for the odd punk band or speed metal band. Mosl of ihe lime it's
so reserved here; it's like Robson Street, people are really laid back... I gather
from talking to people [at local record stores] there's a definite following, but
Vancouver'sneverbeenaholbed for [indusirial/tcchnomusic] Even Puppy:
playing some other place they draw 3-4000 people, but in Vancouver 5-600 calling
by gav
Combine .wo
young Jiggle hosts, one Nazi music
director, a really old long distance
operator and a confused girl in Kyoto, Japan in a quest lo talk to Ma-
saiaka, the fiendish dictator behind
the deluge of recent Japanese hardcore flexis invading Vancouver and
this is what you gel:
CiTR: There's a ring, there's a ring!
OPERATOR1 This is Canada, C-I-
T-R Radio calling collect.
C: For Masalaka.
Extremely long pause.
C: Hello?
J: Hcrro'1
C: Hi.
O: Do you speak English?
C: Yes.
O: I know you do sir. I'm talking to
the lady.
J: Masalaka isn't here nght now.
C: Operator, could I leave a message
there for Masalaka?
O: Yup.
C: This is CITR.
J: Masalaka isn't here right now.
C: Could I, could you—
O: I don't think she understands
English lhat well sir.
C: Okay, all right, I'll try later.
O: When would Mr. Masalaka return? One hour, two hour?
J: (soundingpissed) Masalaka isn't
here right now.
O: When will he be there?
J: Please iry to call again.
C: Okay, thanks; adios Japan.
by torn mi Inc
SnOVlhed    iS ton. Io be the next West Coast phe
Maybe ncH for a while yel, bill talking to Scott (guitar, vocals), Chris (bass)
and Ken (dnims), I couldn't help thinking that this is a band to keep an eye
What involvement do you have with recording other Victoria underground bands?
S: I've been involved wilh recording of bands for about eight or nine years
now. I helped the NEOs record stuff when ihey were still around.
C: Scott is essentially the figurehead of an arts cooperative in Victoria called
S: It's like a label except thai any money lhal is made from selling the various
bands' tapes goes directly to the bands. I don't make any money, I use the
label more as a networking system to distribute music from some of the more
underground bands around.
The Victoria music scene is really heating up. What are some bands
worth checking out?
S: Perhaps Shovlhed. Shutdown, Section 46 arc bolh really hot, rockin'
hardcore bands lhal have released tapes on Incentive. 'Diere's Silent Party
who sound like U2 wilh a female singer; Vox Populi who sound like REM
with brains; and Slickl'arm and S.A.M. which is me and Murray |Ac:Ion|
doing some industrial dance stuff.
(': And Pigment Vehicle
Si Pigment Vehicle are a hand lhal are going loabsolulely blow ever) bod) ' I
heads off when they finally gel their live act together
What plans do you have for releasing a recording?
C: We have a demo lape which came oul about a year ago and we've
recorded a 20 song LP wilh John Wright [of NoMeansNo]. Thai should be
out by January if wc cross our fingers.
S: Right now, Incentive is trying to gel a coalition together that perhaps will
include the Dayglos and NoMeansNo and il will service only Canada with
vinyl, CDs and cassettes from some of the better underground Victoria
Any final comments?
S: 1 would like lo lake this moment to announce ihc fact lhat ihe Show
Business Giants ("featuring a goof from Shovlhed and a jerk from NoMeansNo"! sciII be ihe next REM. Ihey arc also the only band in recorded
history to play a song thai was originally performed on Star Trek.
is a good night.
R: Originally they were really hip and then for some reason—
B: —they got backstabbed. There's a big backlash... Most cool bands don't
come to Vancouver, thai I consider cool. It's too far out of the way and it's
not worth il for what ihey pay in guarantees and usually you can't draw that
well here, unless it's your average rock n' roll band, then everybody goes; or
if it's the Pixies or something, then everyone runs to the Commodore...
Seattle's the same way, too. L.A.'s as far as they go, San Francisco and then
it's back... Another reason why we don'l play here [is] because I don't know
if we have anything to prove; I don't really care. I don't feel I have to prove
anything to people that don't want to change or just want to have iheir four
been and go bang their heads together for an hour or two to a four bar guitar
band. That's OK... They're not ready for us, we're not ready for them.
e,\ene talks to Jennifer
I KnOVr your solo work is
really well acclaimed, but do some
people still give you a hard time,
displeased with your musical direction changing, challenging their
Oh yeah; some media people are,
especially oul in Los Angeles. They
saw X as a real groundbreaking,
innovative band and they loved our
music... but if I sounded like X I
would no longer be so innovative
would I; I'd be imitating something
I'd done and I'd be pathetic. So the
thing to do is to just nol worry about
the direction and if people approve
of it or nol. It's an outrageous concept that someone you 've never met
or even someone you know can disapprove or approve of a direction
you've decided to take artistically...
we do what we have to do.
Has the suggestion been by some
industry people that your work
needs to be validated by affiliation
with the rest of X or with John?
Ihere is some form of sexism going
on 'cause I know the Los Angeles ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Times, which was always lavish in its praise of X and especially focused on
me it seems, I guess they thought that was a better angle or something, didn't
do a Sunday review or interview about my last album [Old Wives' Tales] and
didn't review ordo an interview or article about this album [Running Sacred]
and yet when John's record came out they did a whole feature and review...
It's nol like I'm quarrelling with John; I'm glad he got what he got, I think
he should, he deserves it. But ihe thing is, what's the difference?... I'm on an
independent label and I'm a woman. WTiat else is the difference between me
and John? It's gotta be those two things or a combination. But if you say lhat
to people they think you've got a problem; you're seeing things that don't
exist; people aren't prejudiced against women; they liked his record they
didn't like yours.... But I still say it and I don't care. I've seen that in
interviews; I've said things like that and then the editor would put in "Oh,
sounds like sour grapes to me Exene." No, I'm makin' a point; I'm using
myself to make a point but I could just as well be using someone else... I'm
pretty objective about myself to some degree... I can see things happening to
mc as universal things that happen to a lot of people.
What about outside influences affecting your work; things like creating
under pressure against a deadline or the possibility of censorship?
The pressures I think are... complete artistic freedom: there's no guidelines.
I don't wanl to limit myself and I'm afraid if I only compose on guitar I'll be
limited to a certain chord style. I've been training myself on keyboard now
and learning music theory. That's
my only thing; I don't have a problem with censorship. My records
aren't going to get warning stickers
because I don't use all the kind of
stuff that gets it; I don't use that kind
of language and sexist and racist
Subversive content with clean Ian
guage; that's OK?
But see, subversive isn't what they're
censoring; they're censoring the
perficial aspects of bands; il's
Exen« Cerv»nka : Rhino
Do performers have resonsihili-
ties as role models or in communicating certain messages?
It depends on how you see it. Duke
[McVinnie, bass player] was saying
this tome before: "You're an artist;
your responsibility is to your art If
you wanna come off stage and gel in
a cab and leave and not speak to
anybody and not do interviews after
the show and just be like lhat, that's
within your rights. Your responsibility is lo be an artist." And as an
individual I gotta interpret what being an artist means and it goes past that to
me to communicate ideas; but it's true, your responsibility is to yourself and
if that means you wanna go out and be an activist too that's one thing.
Speaking of activism, what about the PET A compilation you sang a Phil
Ochs song on?
They just asked me to do it. PETA is a really good group of people andi don't
agree with every single thing that they believe in which is OK; which is good.
I think some people think "I'm not a vegeiarian and I wear leather shoes so
I can't be involved in animal rights" but lhat's ridiculous: all you have to do
is maybe stop eating at McDonald's... Y'know, the whole animal testing for
cosmetics and stuff, they've really almost single-handedly ended lhat; Avon
and all these companies that used lo do lhat don't do iI anymore. And lhat was
hard work; il's all volunteer work so 1 help ihem out as much as I can, for
whatever it's worth.
So you believe in confronting the wrongs of the world through your art?
Well I can 'l right the wrongs of the world... I guess there's no way of gauging
your success or failure about that stuff. You just do il because it's what you
believe in doing and if three people hear it then three people heard it and if
a million people hear it then a million people heard it! How can you ever try
to even have hopes with an... You just try to keep that out of your mind while
you're creating.
FEBRUARY 1991    9 Wtoof*!! A j"ori of Siayeu's pOH or«'t; | ic*<* (v«;rj«:i baa to uoait you... you... UTV!!
Who called Cbera anytxxjyl Is Cbetze no Respect for- _be paint raediall ^>o
Cbeae l uxm, sitting In fb<* Foaara's sfonos, coa.-itag and Reflecting on boco
SLayen's necoesC r-rjcN best-selling neLeaseSeasons fa cbc.* Ab^ssbas pi nail-y
gioen Che boys f h<> chance Co beadline ir* Vancoaoea. Finally, I jjof Che nod
fo or-feu the daessing aoora, | rinding a table almost cm pall Of. yooo as I orr)
Arzaya's rnoatb coas.
What's the band's philosophy?
We don'l follow any philos,.pill. We gci together, we write, we just do it
Slayei is ■ dark cloud thai hangi
one, ami ihai's the idea We try to go to the
extreme in lyrit content, at lew) I try lo. I
don't IP. lom.ike it very obvious. I'm nol as
gross as I used lo Ih\ I'm liv ing lo be a litlk
more thought provoking
Seasons In the Abyss was given a
warning sticker because of the lyrics.
Do you think It's justified? Does this
affect how Slayer approaches writing
I don't care (laughs). 'Dial's the attitude wc
have... Fuck 'cm. It's funny, y'know; this
album, by comparison, is the lamcsl one
we've done, yet il gol a warning label. So
lhat's why I've gol this on. /He opens his
leather biker jacket to reveal a message
done in the format of warning labels: Paranoid Siuftul Lame Old Fucks]
How did you ever find out about "The
Original Psycho" Ed Geln, and what led
you to write a song about him?
Somebody had ihe hook, lhe\ showed me
these pictures ol Uxlics hanging upside down,
CUI open, il was like WHOA' Who is this guv
Id Ciein ' So 1 went oul.boughl the Ixxsk and
Because so much of your music explores darker sides of reality, there's a
certain mystique that, I think, Is fundamental to Slayer's Identity. How do you
think this mystique reflects on your
fans, and Is it a conscious effort?
[don'l know, .'lhat IS how the fans view us;
1 don't think we've really asked for that. We
sort of presented ourselves that way and it
seems to have stuck. When wc first presented ourselves, lhat's what wc wanted but now
we're just ourselves and wc don't change for
anyone... I feel very uncomfortable when
people judge me before they even know mc.
But I don'l care; I know who I am.
How would you compare and contrast
Seasons In the Abyss with South of
It's got the balls SoulhofHeaven didn't have.
Thai's il. South of Heaven was a great album,
but this one'
lacked. Il I i■ • it lacked
the energy. Even though ihe  -
Strong and heavy, ihese have mo
Is everyone's Input equal in the studio?
Yeah, everybody |iisi gives i heir opinion and
if the writer wains lo hear n, he'll hear it, but
it nol. . "luck vou, it's my HRgl" (laughs)
Do you guys record live In the studio, or
do you Jam the song out and do It track
by track?
Wcjam it up live and gel [drummer] Dave's
iracks down. linen wc come In and do dubs.
How's the tour going?
Well, this is ihc first date on thi s tour. We did
a European lour for "A Clash of Titans,"then
we went to Japan, and now we're here so
wc 've been off and on for aboul two months.
Do you see any up and coming bands
Joining the ranks of Slayer, Metallica,
Anthrax and Megadeth?
Yeah. I mean, everybody's got the chance.
There's a lot of good bands out there... We'll
101.9 fM d
- Sonny t
3 cutting edge bands on tour from New York's
hippest live music club in one happening show   ■
Sunday February 24   •   8|_>m
Tickets at all Ticketmaster Outlets, Black Swan, Highlife,
Zulu Records, & CJBS Office
Jazz Hotline 682-0706   • Charge by Phone 280-4444
leave ii .ii :
Do you guys draw musical Influence
from anybody In particular?
I don'i listen io musk io 1 don'l take my
influence* from anyone.Same vviih ihc other
guys; ihey don'l listen lo metal... Iguitarist]
Jell listens io rap, plays Nintendo, builds his
war modell. S.unc vv ilh mc. 1 read and 1 do a
lot of video siult so I'm cither working with
my songs or songs I like and putting images
Will Slayer fans be seeing any of these
Images In the next few videos?
No, it's personal stuff.
In Vancouver, Slayer's music attracts
skaters, headbangers and skinheads.
Have there been problems at past Slayer shows where such groups have converged?
(grinning) I guess so. Itdcpcnds whereyou'rc
at. In certain cilics, kids are more violent
than others. You hit the mid-wesland il's not
as bad, but when you gel out to the coastal
cities, LA and New York... they're horren-
do damage.
Is Slayer working on new material right
now? ,
No We don'l write an Ihe toad. We just
work on ihe song] wc do. To me, ifyou start
writing on the road .ind you're playing older
songs consistently every night, your "new"
Stuff is gonna sound like the stuff you're
doing already. And you don'l wanl your
Stuff to sound similar all Ihe lime. It's great
1/ people can write on ihe road, bul 10 me, I
think being on ihc road is a major influence
on what you write. So wc wait till wc get
home. I work on ideas for lyrics, Jeff works
on some music and we'll gel together and
fuck with them until they sound ihc way we
Is the rumour true that last tour or so,
Kerry King walked Into your tour manager's room at 4:00 AM to show him a
You guys must get pretty crazy.
Naw, just stupid.
Now serving coffee and salads too.
1175 Robson
1937 Cornwall
732-8840 The almighty powers of d«-
corder recruited me for an interview. Allhough I had never heard of Kinghorse, ihe
point of view held by a melal band from
Kentucky intrigued mc. Whal transpired is
difficult to record on paper, but hopefully ihc
high intelligence level of the average Discorder reader will make up formy shortcomings in capturing vocal semantics. Their debut
self-tilled album marks ihc firsl opportunity
for Kinghorse lo get oul of ihc Louisville
music scene and spread iheir message to the
Where did the name Kinghorse come
Well, I think I saw inspiration in the name of
a song, an Elvis Costello song. Just ihc whole
image of relcntlessncss throughout the song.
But also, there's a definite dichotomy out of
the relcnllcssncss. There's a line lhal says
"Now I know that you arc kinghorse / You're
all tenderness and brute force." I thought lhal
was pretty interesting, y'know, if you can't
see the issue bolh ways, you're fucked up.
This name has stuck with me since the breakup of my last band. I knew that the next band
I was in would be named Kinghorse.
Is there much of a metal scene in
Well, there's no such thing as a metal scene
here. There's no hardcore scene. There's no
anything. In our city there's forty bands lhat
play all original music of every conceivable
style you can think of and all these bands play
together and it's one unified thing. Kinghorse has played with rap acts, metal acts,
every kind of conceivable label that you
could give a band. We've brought them on
our bills. Al this point, we fill every venue in
the city no matter whal size it is... The point
is, we're really reluctant to move around in
any circles other than our own. We're all
pretty much homebodies. I mean, now that
the album has been released, we're being
forced to participate on "Music Society."
But, we've fought it tooth and nail as long as
we can, and now it's time to take the message
to the street because now that people have the
album and they know what the band's about,
we know there are people out there who want
to see us and not just playing in another town
where no one knows who you are and you're
just the opening act and people are just like,
"Yeah, hurry up so I can see the headlining
Does the environment in Louisville
plays a big role in Kinghorse's sound?
1 don't think it plays any sort of an influence
at all, I mean, two of us are from rural areas:
no running water, no electricity. I mean, I
was listening to punk rock and metal ever
since I got a record player. As far as Louisville's attitude, that shaped the philosophy of
the band, bul there's nothing about where
we're from lhal shaped our sound.
Is there any one band tha t was a prominent influence?
Well each guy is inlo totally different things.
Our guitar player likes the Stooges, early
Sabbath, Minor Threat, early hardcore, 70's
punk. Our bass player likes punk rock. That's
all he listens to... and Madonna, lhat's it....
Oh, and jazz... The only thing I know our
drummer listens to is Rush. He went through
a year of listening lo speed metal loo. Me,
I'm primarily inlo Elvis Costello, Birthday
Party, Hank Williams, Sabbath.
I noticed Glen Danzig produced some
of your album. How did you get him to
help out?
Well, I've known him for years... I'm just a
little hardcore nerd, y'know, so I was into the
Misfits in '82... I was in a band called Maurice. Il was like King Crimson meels... Metallica. Thai was when "I was 16, 17, and the
band toured wilh [Danzig's] second band,
Samhain. He tried to get mc lojoin ihc Four
Horsemen or something. One lime I called
him 'cause I hadn't talked to him in iwo
years and he said "There's [his band, the
Four Horsemen; you're going to come up
here and try out" and I was like "No - I've got
my own band" and he said, "Well, send mc
a tape." And we wanted to be on Plan 9, his
label. He said O.K. and I said "You 're gonna
produce it." He said, "OK" and then he
didn't have lime lo so we scnl Caroline the
tape and a whole bunch of different journalists who were in Caroline's office were
picking up the cassette, saying, "IIcy, these
guys rule, are you going to sign them?"
Caroline signed us after a long period of
beating the idea around.
Oh yeah, it's like our demo is terrible, our
original demo, it's just terrible. Production
wise. And 1 was very ill. For some reason I
always gel the flu around the time we record.
far the Peppers go, three of ihc four guys in
this band despise that band. Wc hate them.
The bass player likes them. Now, like, he's
really into Rea, not really heavy inlo him
but, y'know, if you're gonna have a bass
god, why nol Flea, right? 1 mean, he's good.
Bul the rest of us despise thai band. I have no
idea how some of those funky rhythms got in
there, like, ihc drum rhythms? Wc gel compared to the Birthday Parly a lot because of
that and other strange, dcmcnicd sons of
music. I mean, if that's whal you hear, that's
fine, but I don't see it. Il jusl kinda blows my
mind. If you hear il, that's whal you're
hearing, y'know. I just have no idea where
the fuck that would come from 'coz we hate
funk. Kinghorsehatesfunk. Man, I can't tell
you how much I hate it. The whole movement lhal it's spawning right now like, lhat
band "Mind Funk," I heard they've got like
a "Funky Edge" lo them. Like whal total
crap. They were together two months when
they got signed... They're the total cute boy,
you guys had any problems resulting
from thai or any other song?
Ihc problem wilh "Caged" is just like the
problem with the fuckin' Spin review wc
just got. Another line in "Caged" says, um,
"Motherfucker, open this cage, maybe I'll
leave this place in one piece." Well, they
wrote "...maybe I'll leave this bitch in one
piece." "I like you better on your knees" has
nothing to do with the line before il and yet
people think lhal I'm lalkin' some sort of
subservient mumbo-jumbo. Il's simply a
matter of caged man, like, locked up, like
strapped down, like in the nut-house, like in
the cage, like, hey bitch open this thing. And
ihe song turns around and says "I like you
better on your knees" 'cuz that's whal ihc
fuckin' system wants; what the people oul
there on the street want: they want mc on my
knees, they want me to fuckin' shut up and
obey the rules and that's how come they lock
me in asylums, lhat's why they would put
me in prison if I got out of line... "Ihe concept
Kinghorw : Wes Allison - This
Like, for the first demo, I was sick to the
point of, like, nol being able lo speak...
Anyway, 1 think we were signed based on
just rumor about how fucked up we arc. And
how we run the band more like a political
How did your album benefit from
Danzig's help?
I think a lot of people picked il up who would
have been skeptical. I'm not sure what percentage of people are going to pick il up just
because he produced it, bul if people pick it
upjust because he produced it then, y'know,
they're suckers. The whole point is, we're
from Kentucky, nobody knows who we arc.
We need everything we can get to just get
people to listen to us. If they just listen io ihc
record, il will do ils work. The message will
reach them... I mean, il sticks in your craw.
The whole point is that we needed people to
help legitimize us in a world lhat we're
trying to systematically destroy.
Although you guys do have an original style, I hear a bit of a Red Hot Chili
Pepper sound with a harder, more
metal edge to the music.
I have no idea what you 're talking about. As
total little cuiie pies and it's like "Here it is
ihc cx-hardcorc guys who now have long
hair, playing in a Red Hoi Chili Peppers/
Primus Rip-off band." Y'know, like, suck
my asshole. 1 don't fuckin' give a fuck.
Primus are label-males of ours, y'know, but
when I read that thing in Spin when they
were like "hardcore sucks" y'know, like,
fuck man, I can't help it if you wanna be
Bootsy Collins man, get a clue.
Are you guys currently on tour?
Nope. I'm silling in my living room. I'm not
gonna do anything; I've got fuckin' housework to dolomorrow. There's a weird smell
in ihe apartment, we don't know what it is.
Well sec, the girl I Live with, 1 picked her up
and she gets in the truck and she says,
"What's lhal smell?" I'm just like, "Look,
whal the fuck, il ain't me." It's this weird
smell, il's in the truck, it's in the apartment,
it's nol anywhere else, it's a real animal
smell. Like, I don't know, maybe there's a
possum living here, y'know, I don't know.
bitch, gimme the keys, I like you better when you're on your knees." Have
Ooooooh weeee!
is abstract: "bitch" jusl means ihc matron at
the nuthouse. Il's al ihc system that's trying
to quiet down people whose minds never
I mean, dial's whal ihe whole holy war
is about; we're nol gonna compromise whal
we wanna say, y'know. Everyone should
know ihis is a fuckin' re-birth movement,
y'know. This is a revolution ofthe soul and
emotion and passion needs to be brought
back to music because wc are sick of hearing
the goddamn same impersonal topics that is
running through music on all levels and il's
gol to come back down to problems people
have like being alienated. I mean you've got
to be some kind of a misfit to pick up our
record and I'm not going to sing songs lo
ihem aboul how wonderful it is to be in
league wilh the devil or lo worry about the
greenhouse effect, what's that got to do wilh
real life? It doesn't. These kids have lo go to
school with people lhat hate ihem. They
come home sometimes to families who hate
them, they walk the street and the people on
the street hate them, y'know, and there's no
explanation for il. Our record is a document
on the strength that you can find in yourself
to survive all thai and rise above it and
accept what you are. There's a lot more to
A band so filled with passion must
have some goals in mind.
Well, yeah, Mire. We have a final solution
planned oul. We have definite enemies we
arc oul loget I mean, there is a whole system
oul there we arc throwing a wrench in even
as we speak, know whal I'm sayin"' I mean,
I'm sending lillle scorpions oul lo do jobs
even when I'm asleep, y'know, it never
stops. 'Ihe seeds are sown and the insects arc
all over, they're every where. I"hcy're worked
inlo the system and vou c an'l slop u now...it
So, is there any sorl ol philosophy
you guys follow in a structured sorl of
No, no, It's not as if we have a party policy
written out. It's jusl trying to be as honest as
possible. It's like, some of us aren't really all
together well in the upstairs department. But,
y'know, thi s is how it is and people can either
lake it or leave it. I mean, when ihey gel the
record they know they're getting one hundred per cent documental ion of the personalities who arc in the band. I think there's a lot
of those words in the songs lhal people need
to hear. Like, kids who arc alienated and feel
like they're from Mars need to hear it. Instead of, like..."bullets flying, flesh being
split", y'know, fuckin' "T.V. evangelists are
bad."What's that got todd with some twelve-
year old kid wilh zits on his face whose got
long, greasy hairand all the girls make fun of
him. Telling a kid lhat innocence is not gone
even though he's bombarded everyday wilh
the media and wilh...y'know whal I'm saying the whole world is telling him his innocence is gone and he's got to get with the
program. Well, we're telling him that's complete bullshit and he's been lied to and for
him to sel fire to the nearest building.
Don't you think that will create a stagnant subject matter in relation to
songwriting? I mean, some bands
grow to write about different subjects
only after making an x-number of releases.
Well, I can't see us making more than four
records... I am like I am, y'know what I'm
sayin'? There's no conceivable way thai I
can ever shake what's wrong with me. Il's
nol like everything's gonna be alright and
suddenly I'm gonna be writing songs about...
well, you name il, y'know. I mean, the newest batch of songs are pretty different.
Well, there's just a couple of them mat are a
lot more abstract, y'know?
Do you think the abstract nature of
these songs makes your message a
little more difficult to get across to the
Well, dial's his problem. He needs lo think.
I mean, I don'l know; I've been thinking
aboul lhal, and your last question has been
one I've asked myself for the first lime in a
long time and I ihink there's a lot more stuff
that wc could say, or that we want to say. I
mean, the whole point is that each individual
song doesn't reflect the philosophy of the
band. Like, "Brother Doubt" isn't anything
like "Razor", y'know what I'm saying? Each
song has its own lillle statement. The band as
a whole has a goal, but each song has a
different look on life. Ifyou ask individual
questions on each song, then we'll give individual answers, but if you ask general questions, you get the general perspective of the
band. Bul I can't see us making more lhan
four records.
What after that? Join with Danzig?
What would I do? I'm a singer, I don 'l know
anything about music.
FEBRUARY 1991    11 the cruel elephant
i,ll al»ari ••g«tar«n    Con
Ftl Ftb I (powtr funktlsri) GOHLLA GORILLA w,< (the n* w improved) BOMBSHELLS
Sot} (mots fun than nsctsiary) CHRIS HOUSTON t HIS EVIL TWANG w/ HERALD NIX
Ihun 7 Q_| Vancouver tound) LUNG ml OCTATRACKTER
Fti 1 (Viclotia lock) ONION HOUSE w/ SOUL CHARGE
Sot 9 From Victoria, (ths infamouj) U FUNNYCARS w/ THE SWEATERS (foimetly Ths
Wardens and featuring Petey)
Sun 10 First order beating   Daydreams on Sade, Subculture and sonarchy. o
three and a hall hour performance starting at 8 30 written and peiloimed by Paul
Dolden and Andrew Czink
Wed 13 Expanding the boundaries of rock n roll pail III 'Ja„ revisited' w/ VIDEO
Thurs 14   From Seattle. (Green Monkey Recording Artists) SLAM SUZANNE *
(Metal Hade Recording Artists) UTTER END
Fti 15 (3 Minute Mile Recording Artists) DIRT »/ SLUGGO
Sal 14 (tunk your face ofl wilh Portland s finest) SWEATY NIPPLES
Sun 17 (trom Halifax since Mon Pathetic Romantic Records distributed by Lone
Wed 20 NOBODY IN Particular
Fri 22I Sol 23 (lor real this lime. Sub Pop gods) SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS ml THE
Sun 24 none ol your business
Wed 27 (well worth your while) JACK FEELS FINE w/ A FINE PICKLE
Feb 21 ■ March 2 (in association with all the fuss aboul music and awards and
stuff, a __J showcase ot __] bands at a __J venue, 2 nights ol Vancouver's best
and one night ol Victoria's besl music)
?  Phone (604)61
IS »J'5or 1176 Cranville SI.
LA_p _MJ_S_s_i_p_JMj
WED    10PM - 2AM
LUSh a re a new band out
of Ijondon, England fronted by two
women, Miki Bcrcnyi and 1-Jnma
Anderson on guitars and vocals, with
Steve Rippon and Chris Acland on
bass and drums respectively. When
Ioish were over in Toronto in November, Discorder talked to Steve
and Chris ofthe band via telephone.
As both of them have very similar
North London accents, and as the
questions were lo cither of them, I
could nol tell them apart on the interview tape, so their answers will be
attributed to a generic "Lush."
DISCORDER: Is this your first
time over here?
LUSH: Firsl time in Canada yeah. I
like it here, after walking around
Toronto for a couple of hours.
All the reviews that I've read describe your music as "shimmery,
wavesof guitar, ethereal, dreamy".
Are you happy with those types of
I don'l know. It's difficult to describe music isn't it? There's a lot of
hyperbole: the "ethereal" thing gets
blown away when you see us live.
There's no blueprint lo the songs, I
ethereal or a spooky song; everything just happens. We're actually a
hard-rockin' ass-kickin' band, we just
don't want people to know lhat until
they come and see us. We get people
to say lhat we're wistful and we sing
about bunny-rabbits.
You're bound toget compared with
The Cocteau Twins, especially being on 4AD. Does that piss you ofT?
Not really. I don't mind being compared to bands really. Being compared to the Cocteau Twins is quite
an obvious one especially "cause
Robin [Guthrie] produced us. I've
just read something lhat says that
Miki's voice is like Liz Cocteau's,
which it's not really: Liz can sing!
(laughs) No, that's not being bitchy
bul Liz could easily do what Miki
does with us, but Miki couldn't do
what Liz does in a million years. It's
alright when they say there's elements of The Cocteaus in their sound,
but if someone said we were just a
rip-off of the Cocteau Twins I don't
think il would be fair really. We
don't say "let's write a song like the
Cocteau Twins" or anything.
No, I didn't mean that. Hut Miki
does seem to be slurring the vocals
more now, making the words harder
to distinguish.
Il's 'cause the lyrics arc so bad. Miki's
been drinking a lot as well. No, wc
have talked about this; ihc voice is
important bul as another sound on lop
of what's already going on. 'Ihc lyrics
arc important, they're nol churned oul
in five minutes: they're churned oul in
three! (laughs). It's good to make your
own mind up aboul the lyrics and whal
you think it says.
So arc you going to do a U2 and goto
the States,start wearingstetsons and
Well, when I was in LA for ten days I
really got into all these dodgy bands
like Guns 'n Roses and stuff. I started
saying "bad" meaning "good" loo.
Melody Maker reckon that you are
going to be "enormous". Is this what
you want?
Well, Chris isputting on a bil of weight,
but I wouldn't say he's enormous yet.
When you're all caught up in it you
don't notice the changes much. I don't
really want to be mega. It'd be nice to
be a band that were able to just keep
going and do exactly what they wanted
all the time without worrying about
how many records they sell. It'd be
horrible lo be working under pressure.
*.». .^ s^. io come up wun some new
stuff. Thai's a bil of pressure, but we
don'l worry about whether we're go-
big ihing or not.
lo be the di
4AD is a pretty good label. Do they
give you plenty of time and space?
I think they do, yeah. It's not like a
major record label. Wc were rehearsing and the band next door, a heavy
melal band, were told by their record
company lhal ihey had to wrilca ballad,
and they had to write it in an afternoon! We don'l get Ivo (4A1) Bon)
caning down and saying " Wc wanl a
mysterious, spooky number by five
p.m." or "You're not as ethereal as
you used to be; wc want more ethereal
tracks". I think that they realize that
we're nol the most prolific band in the
world, and the more lime we get the
Do the two women in the band find
that they're under pressure to be
sex symbols?
I don't think so. Women in music
always gel lhal kind of thing and the
pressure comes from trying to avoid
being seen as sex symbols. At gigs
there's a lot of "gel ya lits oul" which
is a bit embarrassing but Emma and
Miki can handle it. It spoils things in a
way but you just turn round and tell
them lo fuck off. A lol of the music
press use women to sell ihe paper. I
don't think they're gonna slart coming on slage in stockings and suspenders, but me and Steve might.
It's a pretty good career?
It is, yeah, 'cause 1 can't do anything
So many of the writers in the music-
press write "dirty old man" style
reviews of your stuff using words
You've been getting amazing press
like "succulent," "sultry," "seduc
in the UK. Are you bracing for the
ing innocence" and so on.
usual backlash?
Oh fuck yeah. I think a lot ofthe music
We're wary of it. We're wary of the
press are perverts. A lot of photogra
good press; it's nice but I'm always
phers are as well.
expecting the next single to get a slagging. Don't believe the hype, really.
Il's just the English music press.
They're the worst. Manchester's really
trendy at the moment and therefore
everyone's getting into it and some
bands like House of Love suffer'cause
they're nol like lhat.
Are you under any pressure at the
Not really. Obviously al some time
over the next year we've gol lo bring an
album out and we've only gol three
Are you referring to that thing you
did for NME, those crossed-arm
topless body paint shots?
Yeah, I mean I thought that was funny
'cause me and Chris did it as well. But
I hate people that use people, and
music journalists tend to adopt a band
and feel that they're really in with you
and you owe them something and you
should hang out with them, but its
bollocks you know, and they're a
bunch of perverts, so who wanls to
hang about with perverts? - by
laurent aerts and greg garlick
( irt"t giriS, gllltdrS and grunge together and
something pretty fast and frightening happens. Discorder discovered this when it talked to Suzy Gardner (guitar/vocals),
Donita Sparks (guitar/vocals), Dee Plakas (drums) and Jennifer
Finch (bass/vocals) one snowy night.
How long have you lived in LA? Were you part of the scene Ihere
back in the early '80s? Were you influenced by it?
DONITA: We are influenced by that... I moved to LA in '83 [trom
Chicago]. Dee moved to LA in '85 [from Chicago). Jennifer grew up in
LA and Suzie is from Sacramento. So Jennifer was like a little teeny
bopper eighth grader when the scene was going really strong
Didn't you go surfing with Fugazi?
D: Yes Fugazi and Beat Happening
And you can actually surf?
D: No comment. I'm try ing.. It's like a ugly sight. I get wiped out all tf
So you guys reside in Hollywood?
D: No, that's where our P.O. Box was.
Park, Suzie lives in Silver Lake, Dee
lives in Venice, Jennifer lives over
on the west side.
Have you ever met Penelope
SUZIE: I auditioned for Suburb/abut
I was too old.
Are you friends with the Pandoras?
D: We rehearse at the same practice
space as they do.
S: Did you know the Pandoras broke
I thought it was Dickless that broke
D: Dickless broke up, STP broke up,
Pandoras broke up.
What Is Paula Pierce going to do now?
S: She's trying to get a new band together. Her old bandmates have something
going. The drummer is now in this band
called Harley Dangerous and Melanie and
Kim have another band going.
In LA there's a lot of pay to play?
D: We don't involve ourselves in that; that's
true for a lot of people.
S: The underground clubs don't make you
pay to play, it's the Strip clubs... Sunset Strip
clubs [like] Gazzari's but we never'
pay to play. We make money at the Roxy, we
make money at the Whisky, but if you're a
cheesy heavy metal band you probably have    ., iaJnr* *••**
to pay to play.
What made you want to come up to Canada in the dead of winter?
D: Well, it's not usually snowy Hke this, is it? We figured it would be
clear roads, a little nippy outside.
S: Basically itall comes down to one thing: we're here to take our music
to the people. If we get to do a little eating and shopping along the way
that's great; if we get laid then it's the cherry on the whipped cream.
Have you ever toured outside the continental U.S. or Canada?
D: We just got back from Europe in November. We were there for six
weeks; we did all the sausage eating countries.
S: We played with Teenage Fan Club from Scotland and we love them
Did you get favorable reviews?
D: Yeah, our live shows get great reviews and our EP's getting good
Is the EP on Glitterhouse in Europe?
DEE: Yes and it's going beyond everything we hoped or dreamed...
Did you play France?
D: No, we played the sausage eating countries: Germany, Belgium,
Holland, Switzerland and England.
Did G.l.s come to see you when you played Germany?
JENNIFER: No it was mostly politically correct young Germans males
and females, a lot of feminists, a lot of cool guys, cool girls,.
Any plans to tour backing up a big band?
D: Well, yeah, we'd like to do that. We toured with Nirvana in England
which is a good opportunity We could get drunk and rock out to them.
It's weird being a headliner band because you usually get there late or
you're concentrating, changing strings while the opening band are
playing. I don't like to get drunk before we play so it's good to be an
opener because you can like party after the show and watch the next
band and have fun but when you're a headliner you get a little more
pressure and have to be in control of what you're doing.
Do you know Mudhoney?
D: No, not really. I did the bump with bass player Matt OK, so our hips
have touched. Not frontal to frontal but side to side.
Do you know Poison Idea from Portland?
D: We like those guys. They come to see us whenever we play in
And you go see them when they play?
D: I've never seen them; I think we've
always been on the road when they've
been in town. Same thing with the Cosmic
Psychos from Australia. They're one of
our favorite bands but we just never get
the chance to see them for some reason
Are you hoping for an opportunity to
depart for down under?
D: Yeah, that's one of our goals for this
year, 1991, is to get over to Australia
Is the record available domestically
or on import there?
D: In Australia it's available on a 10"
blue vinyl format [on Waterfront}, so
ifs kind of cool, like smaller.
So you're doing really well in
Australia as well.
D: I don't know I hope so. We get
fanmail from there
What about places in Eastern
D: Haven't had a single letter
from the Eastern Bloc. I don't
think its over there. I hope so but
I kinda doubt it. Maybe they're
Standing in line like for cheese
jr somethin' over there.
Any new material coming
D: No, none. That's it. We're a
one hit wonder...
You sure thanked a lot of people on the back of your EP.
D: David Naz is from the Chemical People who lets us rehearse in the
back house of his pad for free and Mr. Finch is Jennifer's dad who's
been very nice watching our dogs and stuff while we were off on tour
and Danny, David, Dean and James and E-Rock are from Cat Butt who
we did our second tour with, who are like our brothers from Seattle.
Are you on a mission to see more girls picking up guitars and
blasting away?
D: Yes, I want to influence young women to play and you ng men to play
but someday there's gonna be a band to absolutely blow us away.
Do you see a band like Paper Tulips doing that?
D: I like Paper Tulips; they have one woman in the band. I just like good
music. I don't think we're at the top by any means or anything like that
I think hopefully we'll be influencing young women to pick up instruments to learn how to play and have fun; get a message across
Do you have girls coming up to you asking how to get started?
D: We have girls and boys write us fan mail for advice, tor inspiration,
inspirational words. Do we have any? No.
S: I would tell them keep going no matter how tough it gets, how hard
it is, keep up doin' it.
J: We're proof you can do it against all odds.
1) Happy Mondays • Grandbags Funeral
2) Sisters of Mercy • More
3) Meat Beat Manifesto • Psyche Out
4) Ride • Seagull
5) Killing Joke • Money's Not Our God
6) Artillerymen • 9G
7) Stereo MC's • What Is Soul
8) The Charlatans UK • Then
9) Straw People • One Good Reason
10) Plantbachofnus • llif
l. Meat Beat Manifesto • Hello Teenage America
2. Public Enemy • Brothers Gonna Work It Out
3. Parliament • Flashlight
4. KMFDM • Godlike
5. Meat Beat Manifesto • Helter Skelter
6. Boogie Down Productions • Ya Know The Rules
7. Artillerymen • 9G (Ambiomorphic Mix)
J&. Vomito Negro • In Strict Tempo (Part 2)
I. Straw People • Beautiful Skin
10) Out Out • D.W.I.
1) Front 242 • Tragedy For You
2) Killdozer • American Pie
3) Airin Peryglus • Y Cyfarfod
4) Paris » Escape From Babylon
5) Plantbachofnus • Pwylltrais
6) Double Dee • Found Love
7) Rikk Agnew's Yardsale • Never Let Me Down
8) Cranes • Inescapable
9) Ail Gyfnod • Perthynas
10) Hullabaloo • Dr. Love 0)
m v>
I        O        _>C I
Patrick Lang Pansi
Switzerland's (******,«
the western press) 0% unem-
■ I rate, healthy economy, and formidai
m of government make
it one ofthe most admired countries on the planet Earth, yet it is
very evident wilh bands who
Im ve submitted music to CiTR—
Smelly Gambas, Prof ax, Ele'tsch.
and The Infected—lhal something very wrong is happening
in Swiss society. Enter Dioxin,
an issues-conscious punk band
from Trin in eastern Switzerland whose Atomic Death cassette warrants some invesliga-
Marcel Reich: Afteroncycarin
arts school I came back to Trin to
start my apprenticeship as a
graphic designer. I met a lot of
cool people here. Me and some
friends decided to start a band.
That was in 1987 when I was
seventeen. We were the second
generation of punk bands from
this small town. We played cover versions of bands like the Sex
Pistols, The Clash, or Henry
Rollins. We couldn't play our
instruments very well. We were
bloody beginners, so it was just
chaotic and noisy punk rock. The
lineup today is Rainer Glauser,
24, student of psychology, guitar; Forti Diener, 17, student,
guitar; myself, Marcel Reich, 20,
graphic designer, vocals; Steve
Coler, 22, student of biology,
drums; Pascal Berseker, 17, typographic designer, bass. The
lineup today is the best we ever
had. Today, I would mark our
music as hardcore wilh thrash
metal influence. I changed my
lyrics from German to English
because hardcore is an international thing and English is much
easier and better to sing fast.
Mosl Swiss and German people
can understand English.
What's your motivation?
Our motivation is lo scream out
and live out our aggressions, our
frustrations, and our dissatisfaction. Some of these feelings we
trace back to this kind of sick
society we're living in. We are
five different people working at
the same project and that is very
interesting. We jusl love rock
Is Dioxin nihilistic?
If you define "nihilism" as the
negation of the possibility of real
perception then it's a wrong as-
In attempting to explain the
health of the music scene in
Yugoslavia, Alex from Pankow
told me that compared to Italy, "It's a much more violent,
much more unsatisfied society," which is the reason wh)
"it's possible to do something
more creative." On the other
hand, in Italy, "people are
more quiet, more satisfied, and
they have a lull belly, so they
don'tea re to goa step beyond"
which be claims is the reason
why Italy's underground scene
is pathetic. Mow true is this of
I don't know much aboul Yugoslavian society, but what Alex
said about Italy is true. Most
young people in Italy are dressed
very fine. There a lot of fashionable conformists. Some weeks
ago Forti and me were in Rome
for three days and people looked
at us as if wc came from Pluto
jusl because we were dressed a
bit differently. The police tix)k
us to pieces just for our tom
trousers and anarchy T-shirts.
You can't compare Switzerland
with Italy or Yugoslavia. We
have a small rock subculture
here. Switzerland has surely too
good an image in the world. I
wouldn't say lhat somelhing very
wrong is happening in Swiss society. We have the same problems, the same shit going on like
in olher countries... destruction
of the environment and so on.
Maybe Switzerland is a bit more
capitalistic, similar to the United States. A sick underground
can also be a good underground.
Are bands like Dioxin limited
I hope Dioxin's not limited lo
the youth houses of Europe. In
Switzerland we have some nice
clubs and other places to play.
Better and more famous bands
have belter places to play.
What do you mean in the line
play everything" from your
song "Holocaust"?
In November 1986, a grave
chemical accident occurred at
Sandoz Industries in Basel.
Chemical contaminated the
Rhine, the whole river chain was
killed. After this accident Sandoz declared lhat ihey would pay
a compensation, but you can't
revive all the animals or clean
the river with financial compensations. Since then different accidents and financial scandals at
Swiss corporations and banks
have intensified Swiss people's
suspicions of their operations.
Should Switzerland join EC
Switzerland shouldn't join the
14 DISCORDER EC '92. EC '92_»a_X_l economic system. Small businesses and
especially fanners would close
down. Only multinational corporations will produce for Europe
anymore. It's time to recognize
lhat we don't need economic
growing anymore. Maybe it's for
other reasons than mine, but a lot
of Swiss people arc against EC
Keeping in mind "Swiss army
Fuck Off' ("You have a choice:
Army or jail / Is that Swiss
freedom, or what the hell? / If
you want tojoin the army, do it!
/ It's a tin soldier-army / Suppressed, subdued / Recruitment, 17 weeks / Swiss army,
fuck off x 8...") what are your
comments on the national referendum to dismantle the Swiss
The best way is the radical one; to
give up the army. Unfortunately,
the army still have too many
friends here, but military leaders
were shocked about the result of
ihe voting.
Dioxin have a full length LP
scheduled for early summer release. For further info on this and
their Atomic Death C-60, write
Marcel Reich. Visura 224, 70 14
Trin, Switzerland.
I II© DGSX band in America
right now. The Pixies? Living
Color? Nine Inch Nails? Bell
Biv Devoe? Seeing as any mention whatsoever of NIN guarantees their record company taking
out a full colour back page ad
(with bonus subscription incentive sucker), and that here we are
in the final hours of production
for the new Discorder and we
STILL haven't received the
camera-ready artwork ("Because
anything less just won't do" —
Greg "Jacques" Elsie) from TVT
Records, NIN are automatically
disqualified. I also realize that
since Bell Biv Devoe = The Pixies, in all fairness to the other
participants one of these supergroups, too, must be removed
from the ballot in our little contest here. So, let's stay with Bell
Biv Devoe, and add the Kentucky Fried Chicken jingle band
for all national advertising—
REM—to the pot. Living Color,
REM, Bell Biv Devoe. The best
band in America... Wake up and
smell the bidet, pal! You're not
even close! Try Bloodstar. Hell,
they're not even American.
| Siglo-XX-at-a-James-Heifield-
a Tom-Araya-co-hosted-hot-tub-
§ christening-at-Michael-Gira's-
| cottage-in-the-Adirondacks
9 should give you anideaof where
_ the Zurich troika of Michaela
J Pansi, Rolf Brunner and Roger
Baumer lie on the musical spectrum. And if it doesn't, put it this
way: they got guitars, they gol
synths. they got a drum machine
and they ain't afraid to use it.
They outmean Killdo/er and
Ministry, andeven though iliey're
not gonna keep the Thursday-
night-Pit-Pub -Peter-DcLuisc-
of-Jby-Division-wear (wash in
hike warm and "hang "dry) from
enjoying their token Nivek Ogre
Stomp when "Stigmata" rolls
around, iheir debut self-titled LP
caught the attention of some fairly uninteresting CiTR types in
1990. With Us recent release licensed for North American distribution through Minneapolis'
Red Decibel Records, more college radio jokers on ihis continent might get the opportunity to
experience for themselves a band
whom 1 keep going on and on
about during those awfully lonely Friday evenings on the air.
Ladies and gentlemen, scruffing
lotion users and Saianists, let's
give it up for Bloodstar.
Could you please give us a little
bit on Bloodstar's background? What styles of music
were you playing previous to
this band?
Rolf Brunner: Well, we've
known each other for many years
now as we started making music
in our teens. You could say we
grew uptogether. At lhat time we
were influenced by bands like
Throbbing Gristle and Chrome...
industrial rock in general. That
was also the reason why westart-
ed making music with electronic
instruments. We formed our first
band when we were about 16
years old. At that time we played
some kind of electronic punk
rock, you could call it, and we
had some gigs, mostly for fun. h
was pretty noisy and over the
years the whole thing became
more and more serious.Thatwas
ihe reason why we founded
Bloodstar back in 1986,1 think.
We've always been influenced
by a lot of different music, like
punk rock, electronic music, and
film music.
Do you think "nihilistic" is a
fair assessment of Bloodstar?
R: Nihilistic in that we don't
follow schemes.There's so many
different styles in rock and roll
thai became schemes like bands
only having a drum and bass
player, a guitar player and a singer. It's sometimes very difficult
for us to explain why we have
synthesizers and guitars. Wc
don't belong to the techno scene
and we also don't belong to the
metal scene. We're just interested in sounds. This is not bound to
any instrument or scheme, so I
think nihilistic is a pretty good
expression for our style.
How do your two "electronic
noise"cassettescompare to the
Bloodstar LP?
R: Well, the two cassettes arc
much more unstructured lhan the
LP. The cassettes are from the
band's beginnings and actually,
they don'l contain any songs.
It's jusl noise When we made
the LP, we were a lot more metal
influenced than we were in the
beginning. The cassettes are
more simple experiments with
our instruments.
What is the inspiration for
Michaela Pansi: Firsl of all, we
are three totally different personalities. Each ol us is influenced by different things. I read
a lot which Rolf doesn' l do at al 1
and Roger neither. We arc all
great movie fans, especially
s. We al
different kinds of music.
R: Well, if 1 weren't playing in a
band I just wouldn't know what
to do with my time. Perhaps I
would thrash up people or somelhing like this.
M: That sounds very drastic.
R: Well, I think it's also a big
adventure to make music... to
explore sound and stuff, you
know. I think it's a good way to
waste your time (laughs).
Mythology and science fiction
seem to play a big role in your
M: Well. I write all the lyrics
and I am influenced by mythology and science fiction because
I read a lot of books about that.
I'm also interested in history and
the lyrics to "Dawn" ('There is
no mercy in this martial world/
Stagger with your blood-dripping iron sword / Over the atro-
cious battlefields of fear / With
the sound of shattered bones in
your ear") arc influenced by hi s-
tory. The lyrics on the first LP
are very doomy, but I think lhat
has changed now and there are
other subjects I am working on
at the moment, bul I guess you'll
hear that when the second LP is
Bloodstar signed a deal with
an American distributor
(Rough Trade) and label (Red
Decibel) to handle the Bloodstar LP. Why are you re-releasing the first album?
M: We are re-releasing out LP
because up until now you
couldn't buy il outside of Europe and in only some European
R: We only made a thousand
copies of the original pressing
on our label (Desert Engine -
ed.) and they've sold out. Right
now, we are working on new
material and we plan to release a
10" maxi which hopefully should
be available this spring. We're
also working on a lotol electron-
Should your release do well in
America, are you wil I ing or are
you prepared to make any sacrifices in order to pursue the
life of a rock and roll superstar?
R: Well, Idon't know about the
around us and whal I'm itSjuty
concerned about is that Europe
not like America. People are
n Fn
prepared  I
should com
A psychedelic band from Italy-Soul Hunters-told me: "In
Italy there exists neither the
places nor the clubs where you
can play peacefully. It's a different scene than America or
than any other European
country like Germany, France,
or England. Clubs don't exist.
It's all because they don't believe in young Italian groups.
Th'ts is a large problem. Thus,
many groups have short lives.
You certainly can't make a living at it" How reflective is this
of the situation in Switzerland?
Are there opportunities for
underground bands like
Bloodstar in Switzerland?
R: I've heard ihe same thing
about Italy, lhat there aren't any
clubs ai all and that it's pretty
hard for Italian bands to play. 1
think the situation in Switzerland is altltle bit better.There are
many places where bands can
play. There's also no clubs here,
but it's got different places like
old factories, etc., especially here
in Zurich where there are a lot of
illegal bars mostly located in
basements, and a lot of local
bands play atthose places. So it's
not so bad. • A ysGxSS.****'
M: Ifyou want to play, you certainly can find an opportunity.
Your views on Switzerland and
EC '92?
M: I think Switzerland will have
tojoin EC '92becauseifitdoesn't
we're going to be on a totally
isolated island and I don'l think
that anybody wants that.
R: Actually, 1 personally am
againsijoining EC '92 because it
will have many bad effects especially on ihe economics here in
Switzerland. We would have
mported all the bad products
pie, beef from Great Britain
which I wouldn't eat at all. So it
will have serious effects on Switzerland in general and alsoon the
culture, 1 think.
M: Yes, probably we'll have an
from all the countries
ny and Italy, they don't evei
speak the same language as wi
do. For them [Americans) it'
the same. These people h*v<
totally different mentalities am
iflhcre are borders or not bctweei
people, borders will remain.
R: That's another big problen
concerning Germany. Since mos
people in Switzerland don't liki
doesn't wanl tojoin EC '92.
M: The federalist system we
have here is part of die Swiss
mentality and I think this will be
the mam reason why people don't
wanl EC 'l>2.
What are y
thereferendum Initiated by the
group for a Switzerland without an army and its results.'
R: Well, vou have lo know lhat
almost every young male citizen
here in Switzerland has lo go to
Germans at all, I
problem lor us.
I've read that there are 130,000
companies that employ between one and one hundred
peoplein Switzerland,and that
99% ol Swiss companies employ fewer than one hundred
people and that the EC will
have a serious effect on these
small businesses not only in
Switzerland but throughout
iVI: I don't know if these figures
are correct. 1 assume so. Butihcy
give a totally wrong impression
about Switzerland because ihe
remaining one percent are really
huge companies like Sandoz or
Nestle or all the big banks and
insurance companies and they
employ a lot of people and they
are certainly preparing for EC
'92. They won't be affected. The
problem with the small compa
nies is lhal they will liave problems selling their products because... (utterssomelhing inRo-
R: (whispers) "Competition."
M: (laughs)Thcy will have a lot
Of competition in their market
wilh products from Germany and
ftance and Italy. So, I don't know
if this is good or bad for the
consumer. But it will certainly
beaproblem for the companies.
R:Theproblem is that the smaller companies inSwitzerland have
got a very high and also famous
quality level... I don't know if
they can sell their products anymore bee ausel suppose that most
people ;.rc not willing lo pay
high prices for high quality
products iflhcre are low quality
products which do the same and
are much cheaper.
M: Yeah, but I think this might
also be the chance they have to
keep their quality standard and
so if people want quality ihey
buy these products.
Where does the Swiss public
stand as far as joining the EC
is concerned? It is my understanding that the whole federalist system in place in Switzerland would be seriously
threatened as would your
economy which is very regulated.
R: Well, I suppose that the biggest part of the S wiss population
the a
. The
s alw
bevn a very traditional thing and
it really was a big surprise for
Mroost every body that about 30%
of ihe Swiss population was
against ihe army which was a
very high percentage. Nobody
What are your feelings on
Platzpromenade Park? There
have been a few tele vision documentaries on it in Canada.
Some people have argued the
park teaches people to become
d rug addicts, while others have
said that by not providing addicts with needles and a place
to shoot up, that more people
would die.
R: Actually. I think lhat the drug
probl e rn here in S w itzer 1 a nd i s n' t
as big as it is in America right
now. Probably theonly problem
here is lhat we've got ihe image
of being so clean and stuff, and
this is a very extraordinary ihing
to happen in Switzerland - lhat
Ihere is a public place where you
can buy drugs and shoot up. It's
obvious that if the drug addicLs
weren't provided with clean
needles, the Al DS disease wou Id
be spread much faster, of course.
Bul it's also true that a lot of
people come to Zurich io buy
drugs now, since everybody
knows where to get them, especially young people from the
countryside who have problems
getting drugs in their villages;
they come to Zurich and buy
iheir drugs here. .j__a_i,^__j
Is there much of a scene in
Zurich? The Young Gods are
the only other band I've heard
of fi-om Zurich.
R: Well, the scene in Zurich is
pretty big I suppose. There are
some other well-known bands
from Zurich as well, for example Celtic Frost and Yello.
There's a lot of smaller-scale
bands, so Zurich's music scene
If you can't find Bloodstar in
your favorite record store wrile
Red Decibel Records: 2541
Nicollet Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN, 55404, and ask Jake for
your free catalogue. And remember, we have five C-60s of
Bloodstar's Bloodstar for giveaway to new subscribers!
FEBRUARY 1991    15 a-
-i       r—
Nov. 10
Pulled into the Big Toe today at
seven thirty in the morning after
driving about 40 hours from
Winnipeg. We've all stumbled
Into our buddy Chucks ten by
ten apartment stinking and dazed.
Chuck's already stocked up on
the browns and seeing how we
don't have to be at sound check
we start pounding em back while
Chuck reminisces about the good
old days back when we were all
in OGRE. So far everything's real
cool: Calgary was typically lame,
we got stiffed in Edmonton, but
we met this real cool band called
Nine Pound Hammer from Lex
ington,   Kentucky.   They  were
staying at the same shitty hotel
as us and also got stiffed by the
same promoter. They liked Canadian beer and Johnny Cash
so we got along swell. Played
two nights in Winnipeg with Skin
Yard from Seattle and that was
real cool. Swilled tons o' beer
with them. But now we've made
it to the Toe, it's noon, we're
shitfaced   and   hungover  and
stoned on hash and we have to
go and play our first show tonight with Skinny Puppy. To quote
a Puppy song: Totally Fuckin'
Weirded out.
Nov. 14
Arrrrrgh I got a screamin' hangover; we're drivin' by the cover
of darkness to Montreal after
two shows at the Concert Hall in
T.O. The Puppy tour is pretty
fuckin'big. Played to about two
thousand people both nights
people didn't hate us in fact we
went over well. Shane's amp
blew up half way through the set
the first night but the P.A.
incredibly huge that all we gotta
do is hit our instruments real
hard  and we blow out  every neat0  machine  that  creates
one's ear drums. Found a com- honest to god lightning storms
mon bond with Ogre from Skinny rjght jn y-ur very own , jvirlg room
Puppy, we both really like Old The  povver t0  hj«.   house was
Bushmills a  lot...  maybe this restored just prior to our arrival,
won't bo so bad after all. From Pittsburgh we went to Nor
Middle of November sometime folk. Virginia via a short cut Ter
Shitfaced in Boston with this -, found that went through the
wonderfulfriendofBruccs. I mily. Appalachian mountains. I woke
We all fell madly in love with her up about seven hours into the
and she treated us all like royal- trip to take a piss and everyone
ty. Unfortunately, the show here f at the gas station was wearing
is cancelled due to Illness und |   army fatigues. I looked around
border hassles, thpvh^t. ,i  re ,- ■    .
border hassles, they hat eu us in «
Montreal, it wasreallycold there ■
and it's way nicer here, the beer f
cheap and we're partying t
Later stlHl
hated ourguts.Wa:
cool; we stayed in a Comfa£ Inr
and drove our dear manage^
_-_-_-__P^ j^^^^^^^^^^^__
Blue Velvet. Every time he opens "^ they say
his mouth we all scream wildly: ""■ '
•Fuck that shit, PABST BLUE
RIBBON." Terry also refuses to
bathe and keeps Al fully informed
on the status of his hemorrhoids.
We're in Pittsburgh now and Al
has gone home early, I guess
the road is not his cup of Tea.
We're on the guest list for the
Iggy Pop show tonight and I just
set the bed in the back of the
truck on fire. Bruce went out to
the truck to get some beer and
the futon ignited from a cigarette I left there. Luckily he had
a whole six pack left, which was
just enough of Milwaukee's finest to put out the blaze.
I don't know the fucking date
anymore!!! OK!!!!!!!
Went to Oklahoma, two nights,
Tulsa was cancelled. We played
a big country beer barn just out
side Oklahoma City in the middle of a corn field. Elvis played
on the very same stage as did
George Straight, Johnny Cash,
Mel Tillis and Skinny Puppy. We
drank a whole lotta beer and It
seems people like us in the
smaller towns better. We figure
that's because people don't
necessarily go to see a band
because they really like the band,
they go just because it's the
only show happening that month!
So things are goin' way better
than we expected. The whole
Skinny Puppy crew and the band
are real cool to us and that
helps a lot. Tonight we're flying
a model rocket that Dave,Terry
and I bought at the mall around
the corner (or the corn field)
from the club. It's two o'clock
AM and this sucker is supposed
to reach about two thousand
feet. I gotta use the truck bat
tery and jumper cables to ignite
the engine. The launcher is made
out of some wire and a coffee
can. This is prime rocket flying
friends in Orlando. Shane an_> country cause it's so fucking
Christian got the shit knocked^-flat. Hogstar One (that's what
out of them, Dave hasn't taken \(e named our rocket eh) corn-
off his long Johns since we left pitted three successful flights
Vancouver, and weird things are unt iPl^lew up on the fourth two
coming out of hibernation and thous?^g feet above Bobs
growing inside the van and on       Country Bu^keri        *~ "
s Fucking
e getting
for perhaps a military vehic
but then realized that this was
just how everyone dressed in
this neck of the woods... help
me. It's real warm in Georgia at
this time of the year so we went
with Sid and his girlfriend to a
bar that had a beer garden. This
is where I found out that every
female in the South is a goddess and I really like the way
f'aalll like another
jer honey.* Got really drunk
wifl^Bruce and Terry and Sid an
all trXother fine Southern folk
while sWane and Dave and
Christian riVently waited for us
out in theparkK|p lot. The weather
is pleasant here^.
Early December... ^
Florida sucked it wasN^ degrees and 98 percent hunVidjty.
Stayed with more of Bruce'sW^
—I i 1 j	
Shane went into the Puppy's
dressing room and came out
gritting his teeth again. Wonder
Near the end...
Were in Denver and it
cold so I know we'i
near Vancouver. Got
ended up with some girls who
had Skinhead boyfriends. We've
cooped ourselves up In a motel
just outside of Denver. Terry
and Christian are out enjoying
the hot tub, Bruce and Dave
have hopped the Amtrak to San
Francisco and I haven't left my
bed in 30 hours. Everyone seems
to be keeping their distance from
me... I think I've had enough
American beer for a while.
• I   Wi
the middle of Dallas s
with no idea where t
the band are; fun. 0
out of the hotel I spo
closet, looks like a g
to sleep. "What the h.
doing in thar, boy?* 1
hotel staff have foun.
porary home; time to
for me someone was c
to let me in and that'
stayed till showtime. Fi
though, I was never
any parties after that.
Shad..., spina, Tap ,„ No,
Even later In the month...
Were enjoying fine Southern
hospitality in Atlanta now. Staying with more friends of Bruce's.
Seems that everyone who Bruce
knows on the East Coast (and
on the West Coast for that mat
ter) are all insane alcoholics,
which suits me just fine right
now. We're staying with Bruce's
old friend Sid who just built a
my body. We're off to Tulsa after
a brief stay in Bruce's hometown of Talahasee where we got
to meet more of his looney
American friends.
fuck this pla%| is called, i
middle of Oklahoma.
the     Ogre loaned
me his stilts, took
°" *o Texas. \
a stroll around the "boathouse"
(boat storage area turned night
club) without even falling down
n spite of vast beer consumption (I can see why he wears a
harness though). Slipped and
fell during the 2nd song of our
set, Christian runs out and picks
me up. Army radio communications came through Dave and
>a"as Texas
faJ'tas befor
vve Played  e\
speed. We'
'!*<* show here
'^thing a, half
._., we ' S0 fat sounding
couple of BTO T6 t0 P'ay a
__ _ s invited to L_
{y% hotel for some furthl
laTe abuse. Hung out in C
°rn. £tern
Day 9
Q: Daddy, where do clo
A' Big Factories in On
Almost in TO. The he
ney is almost over. S|
hour looking for the big
Sudbury but we failed l
is crestfallen. The hig
the journey was the i
that occupied the spaci
above the road. It was Sl
looking that I listened tc
ofthe Mole Men" by the
over and over again wr
ing through it. Unfortur
smelled like the expenm
got me thrown out of Ch
• ^ ^'aSfS-   The g^  station
Pup- dants make Bob £
subtle. afi_"a7*>
V   'ike the^e missing a ft,
Sfom their family tree.
So I headed to TirV ___-_-_-_-_-_-_-__.
.special effect PuPpy guy?V XV
First night was the best show of
the tour so far. There is tons of
beer here and tons of people
who are right into diinkin' it.
Also a 40 pounder of Johnny
Walker to liven up the evening.
Vm V^aiDia Be.
XNavy Town: everyorre% i,
l>ia. Milkmen are all gnnS
Powntown looked like 0
Van Turf. Shane lay down
*'ddle of the street. Chn
r*i around with his pants ar
h| ankles. We figure there
ojeen a radiation leak or r
S*9 or something. The one
^ve met was a Black guy
asked:-you boys in a rock bai
Yup.* -What choo all cal
selves?'"Tankhog." "Youou
he rest of
n the way
it a broom
ood place
ell are you
0 AM and
go. Lucky
unny thing
invited to
lile driv-
lately it
i atten-
Jg look
■rn toci
becalledda undertakers.' Iguess
we had a lot of black clothes on
3 wetefttoa7-lltophonethe
Puppy's hotel. While I was on
the phone, a couple of Black
euvs ran out with a few cases of
ludweiser. trailing loose cans.
The girl working there picked up
a can and threw it at the guys
in the van and we left; the cans
were still flyin'.
Virginia Beach,
long row of
for offseason business. We got a cheap
room, gorgeous ocean view,
just finished taking a dip ir
pool and I am n<
Flintstones. Tai
We went t
The main strip w
empty hotels desperate f<
w watching the
< about a swell
Knue m lts mediocritv
We arrived in Tuk., r- h
£*; hall was really cool. Ca|n_
-n looked like ithas host
" s shit-kictun' hoe
remainder of the day in a ma„
anaged t
Hish jour-
pent 1/2
Nickel in
blight of
neat fog
Yankee Doodle.', ,
sleep it three notes'___„„„.,.„
t'hrnlf0 ^ g°°d incentive^©
throwongersleepers. Ne xt stop
°K City via the Turner Turnpike
(named after C.F. we assume,
The next dav u/__
room. We bought a model rock
et and launched ,t beforeThe
ft k SS'ngroomistheold
«age where Elws once played
Coot p,ace ,0 suck back Blue
R'bbon. Coo/ gjg: ,ne Hlck "e
he  Hog.  Afterthe      *«*S
launched the "Hog Star l-Ja
second time. We put ,
engine in the third time around
"""**> the last we saw of
Winnipeg, Day 6
On the fourth floor c
Albert—I've been to
pie have died on in
particularly comforti
I that peo
or reas
man muttering
<t to me—he seems
am very unaware—occasionally
he emerges from his room to
ask no one in particular about
his mail—sure hope it comes
Day 26
driving through Florida—the humidity is clinging to pasty elco
holic flesh—two days of Southern debauchery InAtlanta, where
beautiful women'bought us far
too much beer, has done us
in—now back in Mr. Van with
Hamm's fast decaying feet far
too close to my nose—all beau
ty has dissolved in the heat,
and previously dormant creatures
are com ing a live—everythinghas
begun to crawl with a persistent
purpose—in the words of Jessica,   "I  am  very  afraid..."—My
head aches constantly—falling
off the stage onto it in C harlotte
was not the best thing that could
have occurred—damaged—it
didn't hurt at all the whole time
I was drunk in Atlanta, weird,
must be the humidity or something—
The Tankhog Road Atlas
of the United States &
Land Area: 7,391,150 sq. mi.
Population: 267,555,740
For an index of cities and towns  and an explanation of map
symbols, see page 119.
Compiled By Shane Davis, Steve Hamm, Bruce Kane, and
Terry Russell with photos by Al Campbell and Tankhog.
In the bar—a bar where they
don't serve coffee—gotta keep
those patrons fucked up—if I
could only afford a game of Cyclone my happiness would be
oh so boundless—Terry and Dave
are filling their pockets with
matches—they're gonna prac-^'
tice more pyrotechnics—dis^-
:el v^riowsjust
Miami, Day 27?
Shane bled gallons of blood last
night—bouncers on coke decided he was due for a little Turkish
Revenge and put another hole
in his ass—lotsa blood—-blood
Jn the alley—bloody footprints
^^tJown the sidewalk—blood on
|he fence—lots of cops taking
ijctures of all the blood—plenty
dj cops too asking inane questions and telling Christian to
c|lm down—Christian kept saying, "No! No, you don't understand!" They would in turn assure him they understood per-
fecly and tell him to just calm
the|uck down—I saw very little
reascn for calm of any sort—at
^^^^^_^ one floint the cops cuffed Shane
Toronto, Day 10? andjiristian together—his town
Skinny Puppy are soundcheck- iyvil—its only redeeming qual-
'*""      ""' "     very loud— J* is the fact that beer is sold
i^g—outside     >   24 hours a day—aside from that
"k IK^f an->       the  people all  look  diseased
s from
can't be safe-^^
Skin Yap% preparing to
soundcheck—a barrage of Seattle grunge is soon going to be
gurgling across the floor—time
to hide in the bathroom—far
from the gurgling grunge—
ing upstairs^
there's a two
drogyny sporting'
shade  of  black
starting to get concerl
and the city's a pastel night
mare—now I'm hungover on top
of it—we gotta get outa here—
and that w
the "Hog sta
night at Jessie,
°K, where Jams
stop: Texas.
Denver, Day 4_
rooJ      We  crossed  the Central Time
^r ,,—-rtChg
bpent the strong    ^
in Norman, weird-gotta'get out'of
'g now. Next ^^^^^
lontreal, Day XX
crowd-^gnowed \
•i Ara-
in the
Day 43? Reno.
Getting drunk was never
challenging. You have to c
stantly monitor the waitresses
k^ know which slots to play.
Th% eet less friendly as the
night v^^rs on. By the end of
the night I l%J to gamble $2 to
get a really w3^v drink.
score:  spent  $lr,%£ot r
post show... \
Shane's amp blew up and rt*
parents hung out with Mike Arrr\
N&Slk, Day 17?
^•^rant Head's inspirat
about Norfolk—
» Norfol
\        Norfol
\     Norfolk..."
° .\f 0«c//»We 6on
drunk, played for 8 hdVaand
pocketed two silverdollars. CcH*^{
bitch: $17 buys 20 minutes of%,
prinball and 3 beers at home.
Day 48?...
\amm wrote a little note for
t\e Brickell on the bathroom
waT^-Sure hope she pinches a
log nV Tankhog tomorrow night
when V,e P|ays here-this city
scares Ve-think it's now ir.v
X. perative Vdrink a great deal-
>» \
-*       M. i
°;»ando. Day 28
At Charlie and Stacy's sub,, ,
'ty~soon n/ b! „hT hUm,d
around ,he room * t0 SWlf"
-"ore iced tea^rg°,ta dri"k
9 stap,e ?*Tn!?**ten"h«
necessity- ,'"tne So^h~a
talking w^maTbT begU"
ence-anewfr,end .'eC°her-
PV-Hope that _?  '    msohaP*
'hebarbecuepiSr^0 '*" "
tualfy mad^>Stnight ^en-
Guess S * °Ut °{ there-
^^7^'didn't have
™»* «.ust coT" °UtSide-'
jusi confused him—
Denver, Day 4_?
Crossed   the   c T 7      n
Johnny  Walker   '! Drank
through  Texas-scr^-f'-ing
heads—Jerry's in town—Played
to Art Fags—Ran across skinheads— "Slaughter-ama" byGwar
tops the charts in the van, beating out "Sick of You."—Hamm
walked out of the room this
morning screaming, "Holy Shit,
I just heard it on the radio! Jerry's fucking dead, man! He OD'd
last night! The motherfucker's
dead!" General pandemonium
Day 42
going through the RockieS-in    «'
Greyhound moving slowlv! ^ ■
San ^ncisco^eS ^
far away from theTueviT6''
^ese womenS,SsHuanmf,mmee,
women-Wehavea7. rnger°US
off-Dave'son    ?       t,fevveek       ";
west—Cm c, heading
mis is important— »'
San Francisco
My band's outdrinkingwith Donut H
and my brother—I've found
sanctuary at Eric's—Vancouver
has suddenly become far too
■close—it s presence is most
unpleasant—I see no apparent
reason why we ought to return
to that sewer we so fondly call
home—fuck—three  days
Vancouver, Day 52—
No more free beer—nc
free food—no more perdi
this just isn't at all good—no
more abusing assholes in the ~~
crowd—no more fun—and it's
snowingforChrist's sake—I just
don't understand—we have to
get out of this place—
Cities, Towns, and Bars
9 lb. Hammer's home
N - 8
Ass, Shane's, photo
Ass, Shane's, stabbing of
Bruce drinkin', photo
0 - 1
Bruce's hometown
CF Turner turnpike
J  - 9
Cloud Factories
P - 7
Emily's house
Q - 7
Futon fire
P • 8
Girls, skinhead boyfriends
H - 8
Hamm, sleeping, photo
B - 1
Hogstar 1 Space Center
J  -  9
Home o' the Hog
E • 3
Jerry Garcia O.D'd
H - 8
Norfuck, VA
P - 9
Pinch a log for Tankhog
P • 9
Shane sleeps In closet
Shane w/ Puppy prop, photo
1  -  6
'Showed 'em my ass-
P • 8
Terry driving van, photo
K - S
"The Big Toe*
P - 7
Where they hate the hog
Q • 7
e comic
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or "bad guys" per say; the charade rs
arc a mixture of the two. Confusion
reigns and the outlook is gloomy:
this poetically written story's ending is not happy and quile sad.
Bowles was bom in New York
p I or half this time he's
lived m Morocco where he continue! IO write.  Aside  from being a
novelist and being a composer lor
slum story writer. His Collected
Stories 1939 ■ 1976 (Black Sparrow
l'ress) is  the perfect  introduction,
ncs. Subject
done his besi to keep his life just thai,
and while not altogether encouraging this biography, he did give blanket permission to the author to quote
Irom all his wnlings. This coupled
wilh letter/memoirs of friends/fellow writers makes for an in-depth
sludy. Bowles published his autobiography. Without Slopping, in 1972,
which, while ..I course iCCUrite,
doesn't reveal as much as An Invisible Special.
Recently, a. my n
ancc's place, I emitted a short sigh.
F.vcr thoughiful, he glanced over as
to enquire what was up. Right on cue
I sang a-la-Mornsscy "I'm not happy and I'm not sad" (actually il was
just an allack of pre- ^
wedding jitters). But
the sentiment, thai
feeling of utter limbo I
momentarily fell, can
be yours loo folks,
found through the
writings     of     Paul
His firsl novel,
published in 1949, an
era when people had
names such as Port and
Kit, ihe husband and
wife who, wilh iheir
companion Tunner,
travel throughout the
cities and deserts (Sahara!) of North Africa,
in search of adventure
and — don'l laugh —
Wilh The Sheltering Sky now a film
dirccled by Bernardo
Berolucci, a new generation can discover
lhal angst has always
existed, this lime seen
through post-WWII       V _,
travellers' eyes.
"["he Moresby's marriage dis-
inlegralcs as the pages lum. This
couple is in l-r-o-u-b-l-c and the
sympathetic place to
,'llimatcly Kit alone is
wild search for some
salvation the couple together
couldn 'l find. The last quarter of the
book focuses  on i
' Paul is
Nomads, drugs, ex
\e Walrus: selected wor.
Icnlialist heroes and wandering heroir
" third world cultures, lots of love and lots o!
The Sheltering Sky ('49)
Let It Come Down ('52)
The Spiders House ('55)
Up Above the World ('66)
short story collections:
Collected Stories 1939 - 1976
Midnight Mass
Unwelcome Word
to Nothing: Collected Poems 1926 - 1977
Their Heads are Green and Their Hands are Blue (travel <
Without Stopping
Isabelle Ebcrhardu The Oblivion Seekers
Mohammed Mrabel: The Big Mirror
Mohammed Mrabel: Look and Move On
Mohammed Choukri: Jean Genet in Tangier
Rodrigo Rey Rosa: The Beggar's Knife
Tellus The Audio Cassette Magazine H19
iluring Bowles reading his own and other works
These include joining a harem and
becoming a virtual sex slave: ihe
reading is fasl paced and ralher lurid.
This novel has no"good guys"
scriplion of emotion;
the clash of cultures
is often examined.
Then there's the
landscape: Mexico
and North Africa are
the principal sellings.
Bowles' descriptive
powers are fascinating, sweeping ihe
reader up in the action of the tales.
An Invisible
Spectator, a biography of Bowles written by Christopher
published last year
(Ecco Press), is a
500-page work
showing Bowles
from childhood
through marriage to
writer Jane Bowles
[check out her own
incredible collection
of writings, My Sister's Hand in Mine,
also from Ecco Press
- Ed] and his latter years (Bowles
has a cameo appearance in 7Vie
Sheltering Sky\).
, Bowles has
the writing is "politically c
which is to say the men arc spanked,
bound and leased just as much as the
TTic basic plot is lhat Beauty is
awakened from her ceniury-long
slumber by the Prince only lo find
her clothes stripped away and her
butt hauled to ihc Grand Kingdom.
With her parents' consent, Beauly
enters a "training ground" for her
ilk: upon graduation she'll be returned with a big grin on her face) to
herown Kingdom. Well guess what?
Beauty is a girl with her own ideas
and soon finds herself on the auction
block. Gulp.
The saga of Beauty and her
male friends, the "disobedient"
Tristan and ihe "runaway" Laurent,
continues through ihc trilogy (written during the early '80s and in order): The Claiming of Sleeping
Beauty, Beauty's Punishment,
Beauty's Release.
From an aesthetic point of vie w
these books are lovely; the hand-
tinted cover of Beauty's Release has
angels moving skyward. Each chapter is tilled. And ihe sex? Uh, prclty
dam hoi really. Balanced with great
writing, class, and loads of symbolism of the day, these Beauty books
are Valeniines-Rcd-I lot. Whoneeds
chocolates anyhow?
Ever wonder whal people arc reading? 1 do. 12 midnite, artist guy and dog owner, took time to \
WHAT    people:   are
e and tell subtexl.
As one may well guess, my relentless
quest for irashincss in all aspects of life
docs hlccd over inlo my choice of rcad-
ingmatcrial. The supermarket checkouts
are an invaluable source of all greal
truths in this and many olher worlds. Of
the tabloids it is. of course. The Weekly
World News which rules supreme (even
Spin says so). My favorites arc stories
concerning animals—"Fisheats people
and horses"—and the "lost tribe" articles (ihe hcadhuntcrs who wear formal
gowns stand out in my memory).
On a more historical note, early
'60s "intimate" magazines read like a
Miss Manners of heavy petting. Who
can forget "Make-out girl... forced by
her Mother! I" or "Such a quiet girl, but
can she kiss!!" The shame these poor
misguided girls had to endure because
they jusl went too far should serve as a
lesson to all oul there who may be considering pre-marital "Skin-Hunger."
1950s Popular Science/Mechanics Illustrated: "Build your own autogyro... in your back yard." God bless
Of special interest are favorite
books of psychopaths. My favorite? The
Catcher in the Rye.
Bui let us nol ignore comic books.
Mid '70s Marvel & DCs: you can get
them cheap so it doesn't hurt to read
them in ihc bathtub or in nightclubs
(cool move 12! —Judith). Also, you can
cut them up and make paintings from
them and sell them for loo much money.
Gladstone reprints those trashy 1950s
E.C. comics that caused such an uproar
when your dad was a boy. Hey, anything
with zombies and "cemetery ooze" is
OK in my books. What am I saying? I
mean it's A #1 in my books.
The smoke shop on the comer
sells 1970s Hot Rod magazines for too
much money, but ifyou need ideas of
what to do with shag carpet and crushed
velvet, they're hard to beat.
Olher favorites: 5lh business, A
Clockwork Orange,/i.vu£magazine(mid
'80s), Globe Examiner.
Lasl Book Read: The BookofRock
Next book in line? 1 saw Anya has
a couple of pretty interesting looking
Hardy Boys. All Quiet on the Western Front
Based on the powerful novel by Erich
Maria Remarque, the film focuses
on a group of German youths who
arc swayed by romantic ideals of
;tfnmt 19IS (\930)
aiation, poverty, and the dcslruc-
of family and marriage are shown
be a part of the damage caused by
away from the trenches. A molh-
ccs her son return on leave, but
cannot move from I he line for ral ions
in which she's been wailing since
morning. The son finds his wife with
another man and is too ravaged to
respond when she expresses her unbearable  loneliness.   Directed  by
German fflmakerGW Pabst.
Th e Day th e Earth Stood Still (1951)
A spaceship lands m Washington
DC carrying Klaalu and the robot
Gort with intentions of peace, but
also with the message lhat if Earth
doesn't rid its atomic bomb potential
it will be destroyed by the other pac-
polilical process Sonic classic pel
formances by Slim Pickens, George
C Scolt and Peter Sellers (in a triple
role). Written by Terry Southern and
directed by Stanley Kubrick. His
olher anti -war films include Tear ami
and Full Melal Jacket (1987).
HohI Won Ihe War (1967)
"Shutup! Ifilwcren'tforlhcBniish
army you wouldn't be here today,"
says a captain lo a complaining sol
dier in the scorching deserts of Egypt.
Another hilarious satire, bul on ihe
Bniish component! oi war, thai
mocks nationalism, cricket, British
comedy shows and epic war lilms.
The cast includes John l.ennon. Di
reeled by Richard I rsici who also
did A Hard Day's Night (\964) and
ntircly supported ihe war movement, providing light entertainment or
:s of inspiration and heroism. And although the more recent slew of
Vietnam War movies decidedly lakes the past romanticism oul of war, they
slill lend to glamourize war to certain extents through visual quality, casting
of young teen idols, and emphasis on terminology, artillery and action
sequences. In most war films women arc written into roles as the grieving
mother, the girl back home, or the foreign prostitute, always in support of
their man. The following arc a handful of films to walch lhat express anti-war
and/or pacifist
war and heroism into fighting for
their country in World War I. But
through death and dehumamzalion
comes ihe realization of war's futility and waste. Directed by Lewis
ifist planets. An excellent science
fiction film that illuminates how xenophobia can lead to media hysteria and mass paranoia and ultimately to war
and destruction. The cast
includes Patricia Ncal and
Aunt Bea. Directed by
Robert Wise.
The Harp of Burma (Bi-
ruma No Tategolo) (1956)
A very moving account of
a Japanese soldier's disillusionment and internal
in Burma. Afler an unsuccessful mission lo bring
back a unit lhal hasn't surrendered yet, he heads to
Mudon discovering
stretches and stretches of
dead bodies along the way.
The overwhelming indignities and final effects of
unit's musical plea to return to Japan with them,
instead choosing to stay in
a Buddhist monastery.
Music is a unifying force
in this film, through the
protagonist's harp and the
songs of the Japanese and
the British. Directed by
Kon Ichikawa.
Dr. Slrangetove or: How I
Learned to Stop Worrying
and Love the Bomb (1963)
An American general authorizes a bombing in the
Soviet Union without ihc
knowledge of the President,
resulting in a hilarious satire on anti-Communist
hysteria, the gung-ho military, world leaders and the
The eruption ol vi
olcncc  and  us  el
Feels arc absolutely
realised in llus dra
Greek pacifist Gregory I-ambrakis in
Salonika in 1963.
Government corruption permeates
all levels and ihc
washed inlo violence creating a stifling, yet charged
atmosphere. Cast
inlcudes Irene Papas, Yves Montand and Jean-lxiuis
Trintignant. Based on the novel by
Vassilis Vasilikos and directed by
Catch-22 (1970)
The "catch" is every time a pilol
reaches ihe quota for amount of
flights flown thequola is raised. The
tight weave of nonsensical bureaucracy, the idea that war involvement
equals heroism/fame, the economical factor and the lack of moral and
ethical values are all questioned in
yel another hilarious salire on the
American military. Here il becomes
exposed as a form of "systematized
insanity" that is sell-perpetuating.
Wonderful performances by a greal
cast including Alan Arkin, Art Gar-
funkel, Jon Voight, Bob Ncwhart,
Charles Grodin, and Norman Pell.
Based on Ihe novel by Joseph Heller,
the film has been criticised for not
retaining the book's humanity and
realism. Directed by Mike Nichols.
Johnny Got His Gun (1971)
After his limbs and face arc blown
off in WWI, a young American is
declared brain dead and shoved into
a utility closet in a hospital. Hul he is
alert and through flashbacks, scenes
of his innocence and vitality provide
a sharp coulrasl lo ihe horror he is
now confronted with. He eventually
communicates with a sensitive nurse,
but is finally witheld from what he
really wants—death. A severe criticism of the care and treatment ol
ans and of ihe general
sight of the negative
', although ihe ending
internal. The cast inlcudes Timothy Bottoms, Donald
Sutherland and Jason Robards.
Written and directed by Dalton
disabled vet
military ovi
effects of w
14, 1991
ROOM 207/209
4   *   #
*y   -%
f   GTR   1
^ 228-3017^
"'    J   5 PHANTOM PKODUCTIONS presents
From Australia,        ™.u«i r»nuitni .
Nettwerk Recording Artists
with special guests from Boston,
Embargo Recording Artists
From Portland,
with from Boston,
Elektra Recording Artists
101.9  fM
Chameleon Recording Aa fists
with special guests
Commodore Ballroom
Saturday 22 December
The lights dimmed and all the
young'uns pressed to the front ofthe
stage, waiting for the show to begin
(which took quite a while; Puppy
likes to build "atmosphere.") But ai
least we gol to listen lo a tape of aural
landscapes by Ccvin Key and
Dwayne Goettel called "Doubting
Thomas" (and no they didn't pay me
lo mention it).
Finally the happy lads
hit the stage and what a stage it was!
The show opened wilh pretty images
of birds, waves, undulating aqueducts all awash in blue. Key sal
surrounded by a massive drum set;
Goltcll bobbed al keyboards screened
by wires interwoven wilh leaves.
Images (mostly pretty gruesome)
flashed on three TVs and ihe new,
improved backstage screen.
Ogre, sporting fashionable grey electrical tape
around his head and his de-
rigeuer black jeans, entered
to an enthusiastic response;
this intrepid reviewer was
nearly crushed in the ensuing
glee. The music was superb.
Key seemed happy to be a
full-time d rummer again and
Ogre proved he can growl
quite well without the aid of
electronics. They even did
some of my favorite songs:
"VX Gas Attack,"
"Warlock," "Spasmolytic."
The theatrical portion
ofthe evening was extremely
gory. Themain prop was the
"Chair of No Cares," which
had a TV on top and moving
arms that looked like tree
branches. It looked great, but
as Ogre only satin it acouple
of times, it was superfluous
to the show. The mosl
revolting thing by far was
the latex human chest Ogre
put on for a couple of songs:
he proceeded to grab
suspicious-looking, blood- ■
smeared stuff out of its
"stomach" and munch happily on it.
MY stomach wasn't too pleased.
Ogre then became "stiltman": while
perched upon crutch/stilts, wearing
a grotesque mask, he died a symbolic
death and re-emerged, reborn, clean,
- without any props, into the best part
of the evening. F.vcn though il was
only two songs, the encore was
indicative of the direction I feel
Puppy should be heading in: no slage
blood, no stilts, no props—letting
the music speak for itself as il does
so well (OK, they can keep the tellys.)
Ogre seemed more real—almost
shy—but he slill has a strange rapport
with the audience with his maniacal
smile and enigmatic gestures. Alas,
the encore (and the whole concert)
was too short; ihe micbangedagainst
metal wilh a loud thud, Ogre stalked
off the slage, the lights came glaring
on. Back to normalcy? June
The Cruel Elephant
Saturday 29 December
"There's too many people in here,"
said a voice. "It's gelling sweaty."
"You're getting old," said I. Lung
Skinny Puppy : Leoncuc
kicked right off with some ballsy
stuff, bul most of Ihe audience just
kinda stood there and swayed a bit.
"Too early," said the voice. Maybe.
Bul it seems to me that a few years
ago people would have been
slamming after two bars of this stuff.
Maybe it was ihe atmosphere Ihe
Cruel Elephant (Wc have lo rind an
abbreviation for lhat name! Ihc CE.?
Ihc Elph?), heralded by many as the
of ihe local music scene, is
nill loo pristine and new: don'l slam
too hard, you might scratch the paint!
Ihc clubjust doesn't have thai lived-
in look that the Arts Club or the
Savoy had (a minute of silent remembrance, please). Not yet, any
way. A lew protein spills on the
carpet, a lew chips in the arlxintc
lablelops, a couple ol dcnls m die
gyproc, and it'll feel jusl like home.
Oh yeah, I uas talking aboul
Long, wasn't 1. The) 're punk in all
the besl ways —load, last, obnoxious, wilh some cool lime changes—and none ol ihe woi
cuts, no anti-fashion fashion, no for
inula lunes. Mosl likely influences:
GBH and NoMeansNo Guitar strap
held on by lhal silver stuff
affectionately known to musicians
as hamster tape. Guitarist broke a
string but plowed on through the
lunc regardless. 1 heard a riff thai
reminded mc of Pink Floyd's "Set
the Controls for the Heart of the
Sun. "Whala cover lhal would make!
Go see Lung, a band that isn't afraid
of being alive.
And then along comes Mary. I
decided I didn't like Mary the other
time I saw ihem, also at this club,
when they played wiih@*#&!,afar
more interesting band. Mary didn't
do much for mc this lime, cither,
although they were a Utile better.
Most of Mary's presence, and, I suspect, ils talent, lies wilh the bass
player. Ihe drummer's kind of invisible, and the guitarist is too busy
adopting an Attitude. What really
killed them for me was ihc juvenile
"Saw My Daddy Fuckin' My Momma." Maybe this would have been
out ragcous and shock ing when I was
twelve, but now il's jusl stupid. Even
their cover of "L.A. Woman"
couldn't redeem them.
I think it was a Frankie
Avalon movie in which he
demonstrated the hand
shapes: L + 7 = Square. They
showed up jusl as Mary was
(mercifully) winding down.
"But you close in half an
hour!" said a voice. "No we
don't," said Paul. The slamming began. A few guys
tried stage diving, but the
crowd wasn't really dense
enough, so they just ended
up falling into their buddies'
arms, which is fine, or
knocking over L7's mic
stands, which bites. The
guitarist's cries of "Security,
I've got a violator!" went
unheeded, and there were
apparently some monitor
"I'm not givin'anything
away when I say you guys
are nuts," said the guitarist/
singer. The singer/guilarist
wore make-up Eke Malcolm
McDowell in A Clockwork
Orange. The bassist/
singer's smile was pure
poetry. Ihe drummer... well,
er she drums Eke a girl: stiff-
wristed, like the girl in thatClearasil
commercial. Bul these women kick
butt. Notas'.oumiquet-tightasLung;
a little grungicr, and a little sloppier
with lots of crunch and power. And
square they ain't. I was impressed
that they braved the blizzard all the
way from.Sean le, showing more jam
than the aging Hawkwind, who
wimped oul the previous week on
their way up from Portland I speni
ihe resl t.4 llie nighl on slam buffer
duty, watching 1.7 crank il oot, I
wish the hone he ad I rum Ihc I )ayglos
had gotten the luck ofl the Stage
aboul five minutes earlier so L7
COuld've gotten on with their encore.
Living proof to ihe ihcory thai men
tend to dominate conversations
ObvioUl advice to 1.7: leave home
and bring yourown
sound   tech.   And
Wary sax playing.
As for Dose Pump: el harsho
supremo Kevin McCandless
O.K. Hotel, Seattle
Sunday 6 January
Ihe O.K. Hotel was the place to be
for a mind blow mg double bill  First
up  was  Joey  Kline's  Wild  Wesi
Show. Joey has again pi
bunch  ol   Seattle's  in
lorcboding bass power: yeah, ihe
heads were going up and down to dull.lining sound and the slam me rs were
slamming. Ihis was pure calh.usis,
hdpMl along by Slayer's technical
wizardry. I he key changes, unprc
du table rhythms and contrasting
sounds ol their latest and best album.
SoesOlU in the Abyss, were all there,
lending some interesting undertones
to pieces taken Irom earliei albums
I he must le content ol Slayer
The Cruel Elephant
Monday 31 December
How 'boul dem Gorillas!! No one
Ekes to hear lhal their guaranteed
good time on New Year's Eve has
cancelled but unfortunately this was
ihe case. Due lo "medical reasons,"
ihe Wongs could not play the Cruel
Elephant's three band New Year's
Eve fest; however, all was not lost
because Gorilla Gorilla really came
through. FvcryihingfromChili-lypc
stuff to all-out hardcore heavy
quickness was pumped out. Comparing ihem lo the Chilics really
isn't fair though because Gorilla
Gorilla's songs have much more
complexity and crazincss. Ihey delivered their unpredictable set as if
they were headlining (which ihey
should have been). "Joe bass guy"
came complete wilh a flying evil
clown doll, a lol of jumping around,
and a playing style thai looked so
sloppy I wondered how the hell he
hit ihe right notes. Obviously the
man knows his bass. Ihc beatings of
Brett the drummer were also pretty
nutly. Fast and intricate. Ihc fact
lhat these two have been playing
together for quite a while really
shows. Randy wilh the crazy'do had
a lot of high tech guitar equipment
with him and used it lo produce
some intense chordage, even though
he wasn't lumed up as much as he
should've been. Mama Gorilla Biff
was up there singin' and doin' a
prelty good job loo. She didn'ljump
around a lot, bul I did get some good
zoomins and a poke in the belly. She
was wearing a wild pair of while,
studded and jewelled chaps and a
flattering, cul- up Gorilla T-shirt.
They've moved here from Winnipeg
and I'm glad they did. There's a lot
of room in Vancouver for good quality hardcore; go see these guys!
The Enigmas, filling in for ihc
Wongs, opened their sel wilh some
excellent hard rocking lunes. After
taking time out at midnight lo acknowledge ihe new year, they slipped
into the nostalgia zone which the
floor seemed to enjoy. I don't think
anyone can really resist a good psy-
chedeUc projection orMacKenzie's
musicians (including Craig Fergo
son on bass and drummer Dave
Guinn, both of sensational Seattle
supcrgroup'lhc Squirrels), and, with
guest appearances Irom others, il
proved to be an entertaining show.
Orvill Johnson stole the spotlighl
when he sang the old blues tune
"White Frcighllincr," complete wilh
guitar solos. Les Bohcm, ex-member of Sparks and the Gleaming
Spires, showed up to sing a Merle
Haggard tunc and "Don't Fear The
Reaper" with Joey. Ken Slringfcl-
low sang backup lo Dylan's "You
Ain't Goin' Nowhere" and
"Derailcd,"lhc tide track off Kline's
10 song cassette which features many
of the night's participants. If the
Wild Wcsi Show ever comes lo
Canada, don'l miss it!
Next up were'Ihc Posies, fresh
off tour. Some outstanding moments
in their set were:
-Mike Musburgcr's new outfit;
-guest appearance by Roderick
for a Sky Cries Mary reunion;
-finishing up wilh stage dives
by the entire band;
All in all, this show was well
wonh ihc six bucks and fora gig that
was hardly advertised it did quite
well, drawing a reported 350 people.
The Girls Next Door
PNE Forum
Wednesday 9 January
Thcmoiley crowd in the PNE Forum
could have been cast for a film called
Misfits of Society (maybe even
Skeletons of Society?). Thai's who
Slayer, along with opening band
Testament, thrashed il oul for; ihey
obviously felt ihis crowd deserved
some rewards.
'Ihc Marshall amps were lined
up and in full force, delivering a
power akin to a form of exorcism.
Slayer, too, delivered wilh the killer
quality sound they promised. Savage vocals that crawled around the
body like a snake, raging against all
constraints of society; drums that
drove on and on, bashing and beating our chests into submission; a
wailing specd-mclal guitar that
reached the highest realms of tightness, fighting against the dark and
allhough at times they seemed to be
leasing their audience with loo-long
breaks between numbers. "Fuck that,
we want more!" yelled one angry
puppy, a cry echoed in various obscenities, even though the band was
dripping wet after three-quarters of
an hour and the slammcrs had thrown
off their shirts. When ihc relentless
drivcof "Mandatory Suicide" kicked
in, blowing away ihc already powerful album version, the crowd went
wild, and the guitar solo's shriek
from hell was worth the S27.50 admission alone. 'Ihe psychotic feci
for the underworld was in evidence
likcaprimal scream. ArayaV'Wcll,
whal should wc play next?" was met
wilh a universal "ANGEL OF
DEATH!" so lhat's whal they played.
And ended with. Ol course, the audience slill wanted more and Slayer's
"Goodnight" was anti-climactic, but
what wouldn't be for the hungry
melal masses? Sarah Chesterman
The Cruel Elephant
Wednesday 23 January
Once again, for no apparent reason,
some lamcass band that couldn't
provide background music to a
children's puppet show opened. Oh
to give local artists a stage!, I know,
but the Crazy Cats are destined to
stay in the garage forever. Thai said,
the next band, Pec Wee Manson,
was a surprise. For a band that plays
Club Soda frequently, ihey were
pretty heavy fast dirge. Kinda sloppy
but still not bad. Next up was ihe
band every Quincy/CHiPs punk in
the sold oul place was waiting for:
stars ofthe early '80s Cl'VsLivell
Up show, Toronto's own
bunchofuckingccks. Man these guys
were a pretty good gag when I was
14 bul now they're rehashed Mayhem/Pain. Lyrics and riffs seem a
bit, well, retarded. Just fast tuneless
crap aboul society's evils, you know:
corporations, governments—the
same people who give the band and
half the audience a welfare check—
etc. Kind of funny bul il probably
took ihem a long time to drive from
TO and it wasn't really worth it.
Too Wicked
Superlatives, indeed. The new Aswad
release finds the band once again
close to iheir reggae heritage. 1989's
Distant Thunder album showed a
noticeable departure from iheir rools
toward a conscious attempt at' urban
crossover' and thus mass acceptance;
lhat acceptance never occurred and
many reggae fans were put off by this
release. Too Wicked shows Aswad
have learned from their past mistake.
Recorded in Jamaica with prolific
producer Augustus "Gussie" Clarke,
ihis release has all ihe trademark
harmonics, tasty horns and solid
riddims Aswad is known for. Gussie
Clarke's trademark production style
is also instantly recognizable, complimenting the band without altering
the texture.
The opening cut and firsl single
release,"Fire," is done combination-
style, featuring Shabba Ranks, one of
numerous gucsl performers on ihis
session (J.C. Lodge and Nadine
Sutherland arc also featured). "Fire"
sets ihc dancchall momentum lone
for ihc rest ofthe album. Dean Frazer
is credited with vocal arrangements
lhat fortunately blend well wilh
Aswad's harmony approach. Looking at ihc list of song lilies, I was a bil
apprehensive al firsl of the inclusion
of yuppie soft-rock staple "Best of
my Love," bul ihc treatment of this
lunc is far superior loihe original and
sounds as if it wcreexclusivcly written
for the band. All the iracks are solid
reggae except "Uwe Won't Leave
Mc," done hip-hop siylc but slill not
entirely out of place.
Too Wicked will keep bolh the
Aswad posses pleased and should
attract new fans lo this definitive
merging of traditional roots-style
harmonics and fresh dance-hall rid-
containing a hint of raw melody.
This gives the songs a certain anthemic quality and keeps ihem from
blurring together inlo a wildly distorted mess. Judging from Ihc sound
and the angry punk rock "I hale
authority" lyrics the band likely owes
at least some influences to early punk
bands such as the Exploited. I even
like the cover, a well drawn skeletonized court jester holding a pig's
head impaled on a stick. Whal more
could you want? Tom Milne
This latest release represents a slight
departure from past efforts. Previous albums looked towards far eastern, especially Indian, music for inspiration, however, here medieval
l. Thoj
thai c
e reggae s
currcnloutpul would do well loeheck
this one out! Mike Cherry
Hardcore Revolution
Blast It
Hardcore bands from Australia arc a
bil of a rarity so my curiousily was up
when I pul this album on. I was immediately impressed with an intense
guys play powerful, fasl hardcore
wilh gut-wrenching yelling vocals
c act a:
the starting point. But the leap is not
as dramatic as it might seem; the
middle and far eastern influences
inherent in medieval music are quite
apparent and Aion maintains a stylistic continuity with the group's
previous work. The darkly luxurious
medieval flavourcombincd wilh Lisa
Gcrrard's sumptuous vocals, provide a full sound. The music spans
the range from ihe 14th century piece
Saltarello to the arabic influences in
Garden of Zephyr. Two short ambient interludes offer a delightful
change of pace. Brendan Perry's
vocals verge dangerously close lo a
poorer John Cale, but never threaten
disrupt the musical flow. A very
enjoyable offering. Peter Sickert
Starry Night
Actually, I don't care for him in
English. I only hke him in Spanish
and Italian. That's all. I don't like
him in French because he doesn't
pronounce well. In Italian, it's just
as though he were Italian. He puts
more inlo the languages he speaks
better lhan English. Even French; I
don'l care for him. Bepi's Mom
Albums by percussion groups are
few and far between; good percussion albums are even rarer. Lasl year
wc were treated io Uzume Taiko's
excellent debut Chirashi. Now wc
have Suspense by ihc Kinolhek Percussion Fnscmblc. Unlike ihc disciplined and hold nluahsm of Chirashi,
"Suspense" owes more to Fno and his
fellow ambient soundscapcrs lhan to
anything else. Ihc album features
subtle  arrangements   with  a   sparse
sprinkling ol environmental touches.
Ihis is nol so much an album of
percussionist prowess, but rather of
clever and deliberate rmxxland place
making. If there is a criticism, then ii
is that ihc music al limes seems to be
missing a context, almost like soundtrack music without a film. Ihis in
itself isn't a bad thing, bul it docs
threaten to delegate some iracks lo
mere background noise. Peter
Black... with Sugar
Coming out of Ariwa Studios in London, home of the Mad Professor, this
album has taken the soulful and soft
female voice of Kofi and overproduced an uninteresting example of
lovers rock. Definitely more suited lo
a less synthesized and quieter reggae
sound, Kofi's potentially talented
voice is lost among a rcpctclivc drone
of uninteresting melodies and accompaniment. There area few spots where
her lyrics arc interesting and the annoying synthesized sound stands back
and lets hcrsing such as "Black Pride"
and "Big John," but more often than
not, one wonders if the middles of
songs arc just lape loops. Positively
speaking, the second half of ihis album
provides a passable demonstration of
sofl lovers reggae (bul certainly an
English sound ie: more produced and
polished) and the songs all seem to
group together fairly well, even though
they lack interest and primarily would
serve as sofl background music, as
long as noboby listened too carefully.
Russ Hergert
Mad Professor Recaptures Pato
Mad Professor, the English version of
the legendary dub great Ixc "Scratch"
Perry has been capturing several artists in England on his highly computer
based rhylhms. Palo Banlon is one of
his most recent and mosl successful
caplurings. Ihc sound remains very
English in il's unfortunalcly strict adherence to computer gencralcd
sounds, but il docs meet with some
success through a few positive
glimpses of Palo Banlon's lyrical
Ihc firsl track, which is often
the strongest an mosl albums produced by Mad Professor, plays on
Bob Marley's bass line from Exodus
as Pato Banlon comments on his status as a victum ofthe music industry
wilh an effective lyrical stutter reminiscent of a Ninjaman style as he
praises the mad producer who is taking him on exodus back lo some decern music, a path lhat has often been
missed by Pato Banton in the past.
This misdirection is heard through
repcletivc and used lyrical phrases on
"Satan," as well as ihe downright bad
track "Mr. Singh" loo often emphasized wilh overproduced accompa-
nyment. If you dislike the sound of
electronic drums, Mad Professor is
not for you. However, apart from ihis,
Ihc rest of the album is a fairly good
example of one direction ihe English
reggae sound is taking. Palo Banlon
flings out some descent U-Roy style
of bubbling lyrics on'Tck McTimc"
and "Live As One" which also offers
good backing vocals by Sandra Cross
lo produce one of the highlights of ihc
album, while the social commentary
in the narrative description of a "Riol"
and the Bngadccr Jerry-style of poetry on the less successful "Worries"
reflects his interest in culture lyrics.
Each song is followed with a an instrumental version by Mad Professor
which only offers some interesting
dub on a few iracks and usually
prompts the listener to skip to the
next song Palo Banlon's lyrical bag
is a borrowed one but he docs manage
to pul out whal I feci is some of the
best work he has done if you are a fan
of his electronic reggae sound. Russ
Boris Mikulic is 26 and comes from
Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. He was bom
into ihc orphanage of St. Augustus
parish. An unruly child who spent his
formative years in thedelcnlion centre
wilh only the Lalin masses and organ
heard from a nearby church for
company, Bons was released ai age
12 and laught to read and write and
play piano by a kind monk. Al 16
Boris ran away to Berlin where he
was exposed to "Western" music. He
returned to the University of
Ljubljana, where he met Ilya Dimitr-
ijevic, wilh whom he started In Sotto
Voce, which did particularly well in
Sounds made up? Only Boris
and his record company know for
. 1 firsi
n that a'
some Antler/Subway sampler,
Around the World-Electronic Body
Music, wilh his contribution "Bitterer Als Der Tod," a mix of techno-
dance and Gregorian chants.
This is Boris' first solo album
and I'm mightily impressed at the
fusion of guilar and electronic BPM:
the opening tracks, "The End" and
"Die Mauer," are killer examples.
Ihere are also some more atmospheric cuts, bul they also have a definite
edge to ihem. Bons Mikulic is definitely a name to remember. June
Gula Gula
Gula Gula is a fine and unusual offering. Mari Boinc Perscn hails from
Iggaldas near North Cape, Norway.
She crafts soft and melodic folk music
lhal draws heavily on the traditional
music of the Sami (the proper name
for ihe Lapplanders, since Lapp is
considered derogatory). The sparse
arrangements and the clear, oftimes
haunlingly beautiful vocals create a
rich dialogue between the present and
the more primeval influences of the
SJmi culture. The music ranges from
melodic ballads to somber incantations with a pleasant and even flow. It
is excellent music formoonless nights
when you're reading Tristan and
Isolde by candlelight. Peter Sickert
Spoon Breakfast
Touch & Go/Invisible
Imagine my inexpressible delerium
when I was handed this EP which
includes the likes of Martin Atkins,
Bill Riefhn and Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks), Chris Connelly (FiniTnbe, Cocks, Ministry), Ogre
(Skinny Puppy) and En Esch (KMFDM).
The story behind this amazing
release is lhal when drummers Atkins and Ricflin got off ihc '89/'90
Ministry tourtour. they went into the
studio with Steve Albini and some of
the talent then in Chicago. Atkins
and Connelly remixed some tracks
and this EP was bom.
The four songs arc interesting
in very different ways. "Winnebago
Induced Tapeworm" is incredible: a
slow, tortured funk from hell wilh
Ogre scrcaming/chaniing over il.
"Bushmaster Bushmaslcr" is kind of
duelling drums without ever falling
into ihc bad drum solo syndrome. En
Esch docs his Blixa ihing on "War
Ich Nicht Immcr Fin Guler Jungc";
starting wilh a high, car-nnging whine
slowly building in tension and volume. On straight ahead rock song
"Tonight's the Nighl,"Connelly docs
vocal duties, joined by Ministry's
William Tucker on guitar. A full-
fledged Pigface features an appearance by Nine Inch Nails' Trent
Reznor. Write to Pigface c/o Invisible Records, PO Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616. June
Chainsaw Masoehist
If puke in a blender could be heard
ralher lhan seen, this is what it might
sound like. Rancid Hell Spawn have
achieved the impossible by stretching out their raw buzzsaw distorted,
psychedelic, noise/grunge/garage/
pop disco over a full length album
without it getting tedious. The music
is actually quite boppy and calchy in
a hyperactive-slobbering, axe-waving kind of way. Playing this for
people and having ihem glare at you
and say "What the fuck is lhal?" is in
itself reason enough io own it. Tom
Emotional Vomit
Triple XXX
I had to force myself nol to skip from
song to song on this record. Thai's a
bad sign, especially considering
Rikk's pasl glories wilh punk legends ihc Adolescents and D.I., both
renowned for their highly melodic,
riff-laden punk tunes. These songs
are quite unremarkable and only
showcase what a lousy, boring singer
Rikk is. This record should'vc been
titled Rikk Agncw's Vomit. Tom
The Criminal Special
Senator Flux, originating from
Washington D.C, arc a psychedelic
garage pop band. Their music is part
of a growing phenomenon which incorporates sixties kaleidoscopic lu-
nagc wilh contemporary beats and
vocals in a grungicr sound.
Allhough perhaps a bit egocentric at times, Senator Flux are a talented group of people wilh something lo say worth hearing. They use
a wide variety of instruments such as
the oboe, saxophone, harmonica, violin, and organ in addition to ihe
basics, guitar etc. and present a variety of interesting ideas bolh poetically and philosophically.
Their songs deal wilh powerful
subjects like people's tendency lo forget pasl wrongs in politics ("United
States of Amnesia") and in one song I
really hke, "The Combine", they dis-
cribe very well the insanities of the
world -a nice, poignant topic for these
days. The only drawback is ihe annoying whine of singer Jeff Turner
(formerly of Grey Mailer), which obscures intelligent lyrics in songs like
"Greal Sloth Heart" and "Fallcnncss."
As well, the Flux also has a good
solid sound which can be listened to
over and over again. If nothing else gel
the record for ils knockout cover designed by Grace Jcffers. Angle Fin-
Unknown HC Drunkers
MCR Company
Three floppy, flappy flexi-disks of
Japanese hardcore and metal noise
damage thai hits harder than any
lameass, next-big-lhing schmuck band
on CBS. Bands with boss haircuts and
excellent names like Blum Head,
Struggle, Diabolic, Plot Scolder, Think
or Sink, Decplhroat, and ihe winner in
the "Japanese Hardcore Band Name
Mosl Likely To Be Tattooed In Inch
High Gothic Script On My Forehead"
contest: ASSFORT The Japanese build
better cars, calculators and cows lhan
Americans and this comp proves ihey
play better music. 800 Yen to MCR
Company, 157 Kamiagu, Maizuru,
Kyoto, 624, Japan, should secure you
these essential discs. Gav
Fast Food For Thought
Rollins, as in Henry, and Andrew, as in
bassist for Rollins Band, leam up in a
minimalist blues techno damage parade. First off this ain't Black Rag,
you retro geek. Wartime is 100 times
more relevant in 1990. The beats and
samples (i.e. music) move beyond the
techno hard core of Ministry, Pailhcad
and Lard, rising up lo the same bluesy
mayhem of the Rollins Band, albeit
with a techno edge throughout. Rollins, the big baby man mental cripple
wanna-be all the way, echoes his perversions with lyrics filled with truly
twisted ideas; rolling thunderclaps of
Rollins'hatred encompasses what most
people hold up and respect in life. Fuck
lhat: the nihilistic reality of how easy il
is to hate most of the world is bitterly
evident underneath the funky twang of
Andrew's ten ton bass. Gav
Bed Time Story
Despite what their corny name and
down home origins suggest, Waxing
Poetics mercifully aren't of the same
flaky ilk as Edie Brickell and the New
Bohemians. Their third offering is the
mongrel offspring of a number of
musical influences. While there are
hints of psychedelia and flower power
in iheir songs, the sometimes wailing,
sometimes croaking vocals of band
leader David Middleton along wilh
strong blues undertones add grunge
and soul to each concoction. Lyrically
the songs wax more down toearth lhan
poetic although songs like "Semaphore
Signals" and "Manakin Moon" evoke
some unusual images and others such
as "Jet Black Plastic Pistol and "Under
a Fake Blue Sky" entrance. In general,
this album brings to mind Thin White
Rope's Sack Full of Silver in both
substance and quality. Mindy
Abramowitz member ol the Bastards and as ex
peeled ihcir'Tiimslimeiii" b/w "Going Poundm'" single (Amphetamine
Reptile) is I slab of ugly, guitar-
laden pounding noise, albeit slightly
cleaner sounding and more energel
iclhan mosl Baslards material. While
"l*unishmcnl" is really hoi, "Going
Poundin" is lank boi
Word Made Flesh is • New
York band lhal include
the vastly underrated punk-I oik band
A.P.P.L.E. on vocals. 'Iheir fivc-
inalk reminds mc of
A.P.P.LF. quite a bil allhough ihe
lac growls a
bit more instead of showing off her
incredibly melodic vocal range. Still,
0 the
(rowing line of Squat
.>rl<ot Records which
Like to
cal n
I do? And better yet,
Well, the Estrus Crust Club may be
just the thing for you. Quite simply
it's a Sub Pop Singles Club type of
thing only undoublably with more
garage fumes and less hair. Volume
One brings us The Mummies from
California who were in town several
weeks back to put on a way cool gig
al the Town Pump. This single has
two songs, "Out of Our Tree" and
"Tall Cool One," both which were
originally done by The Wailers. Ihc
former has been covered by the likes
of DMZ, Ihe Gruesomes, and Girl
Trouble. Our own Mr. Nardwuar
stales that this version is "Excellent!
Good drum sound on the snare!"
'Nuf said, I suppose.
K label has also had their own
varicly-packed 7"cr series going for
some time now. The latest car
(Volume XVI) on K's International
Pop Underground train is "Different
Drum" b/w "Empty House" byThe
Pastels from Scotland. A bil of an
escape from the garage -
y rock thai seems to fill
the 7" bins these days.
that. Here Ihe Pastels
sound alot hke Beat
Happening only with
iwo more people.
Drums that go ihum-
pctly thump, vocals lhat
go "yeah yeah yeah
yeah," muffled sound
quality, plus cheezy
organ to boot. "Different Drum" a Monkee
Mike Nesmiih song
features what some
would call offkey vocals, I call 'em sensitive
and heartfelt. Much like
with Beat Happening,
you eilher all out love
this band or hale them
with a fury.
For the longest
lime I thought Gut
Flower were called Cut
Flower. Oops. Thes
of boys who play rock'n'roll music.
And their "Think So" b/w "Maple
Leaves" single is arock'n'roll record.
And they would like to play in Vancouver so if you're having a party
please give them a shout at Blow
Valve Records (#12-959 Harrison
Sircci, Seattle, WA, 98109).
If you're even slightly hip you
probably already own ihc Cynics
amazing Pock 'n Poll LP so you'd
(Gel Hip) as being one of the better
songs off of ihc aforementioned album. Ihc A side of this single "Girl,
You're On My Mind" is previously
unreleased and definitely worth
having as il rocks out at least as
much as a large number of the tracks
on Rock 'n Poll. If you like garage-
rock played with the energy and intensity of more modem music, and
haven't yet heard the Cynics, this
single is a great place to start.
Da Willys cover Alice Do-
nut's amazing "egg" and Alice Donut cover Da Willys' "Love Roller-
coaster" on their split 7" on Rave.
Ihis sort of thing has been iried
before and it rarely work s bul there's
some good news on this single. First
off, I've never heard anything by Da
Willy's before but iheir somewhat-
twisted punk sound doesn'ido"'egg"
BrcntS TV's "Lumberjack D.y."
(Lookout) as sound
ing like ihc band had
been locked up in a
shack in the hills with
nothing but a
Ramones record and
Grandpa Joe's banjo
band. How can 1 improve on a description like lhal? You've
got la admire a record
where you can't decide whether to thrash
to il or yell oul 'shceeit... yeeehaw-
Although Red Transistor's
"Note Bite" b/w "We're Not Crazy"
single was saved from obscurity by
F'orced Exposure, I'm not so sure wc
should lhank them for this '77 recording. There's some really interesting noises going on here but the
rcpclitiveness wears me down, kind
of like fingernails on a black-
board.The more I listen to it, the
more I like it which is scary because
it's just die type of pretentious NY
I a nice bunch
even the slightest bit of justice. On
the other hand, 1 don'l know what
"Love Rollercoaster" is supposed to
sound like, but il's lailor-made for
Alice Donut. Catchy, energetic, annoying, and totally fucked it makes a
great Alice Donut song.
Casus Belli includes an ex-
art-punk noise lhat causes some very
lame people to rave uncontrollably.
What can I say about this
Rancid Vat and Antiseen's split
single (Rave Records)? Rancid Val
play some song called "h.h.h.h" and
it kind of plods along with oul-of-
tune vocals and some alright, hard-
edged whiny guiiar-work. Aniiseen
play "Kill Ihe Business" al about ihe
same tempo except with extremely
raw, gravelly vocals. Kind of like
lxmmy on 'hides.
I heard some girls raving aboul
ihc recent Paisley Sin Club Soda
show and, while mosl ol ihc talk
revolved around singer Sylvan
Smith's physical attributes, there was
ample praise for the music lix>. 'Ihis
band must be Ixitcr live lhan they arc-
on vinyl because allhough P.S. has
ompetent job bath producing and playing on their single
(KM A), there's nor lung really exciting or interesting aboul the songs
Showing "two different sides of ihe
band," Ihc predictable metal-nx.koul
"I've Been Watching
You" is paired with
predictable power-
ballad "Dancing In a
Trance." Paisley Sin
has a serious case of
he Guns-N-Rbscs-
Vannabcs, kind of
trangefora band lhat
irides itself on being
not typically whal
; in the Seattle
The   Jesus
Lizard is a stupid
name especially when
there's so many other
bands - stupid and
unslupid - throwing
the Jesus name around
all over the place already. But the Jesus
Lizard by any other name would
sound as harsh. Cool driving riffs
and intense fuzzy vocals combine in
"Mouthbrealher" b/w "Sunday You
Need Love" (Touch & Go) for some
mighty gixxi music.
And now I turn the pen over lo
a special guest wilh some words to
say about Ken Baumyartncr's
"Bomber"CD-singleno.Vlelal Blade/
Caroline: Bepi Crcspan:
Bo knows hockey. Bo knows
rock' n' roll. Ken liaumgarlner knows
neither, but does a decent enough job
faking the latter wilhpals-o-his Suicidal's Rocky George and a couple
Tales Warning guys. Themalically,
the former LA King-turned NY Islander's vocal debut ("Ain l no hope
in hell/Nothing's gonna bring us
down/The way we glide/A hundred
miles off the ground/Because we
shoot lo kill/And we always will/it's
a bomber") is le joue sur la glaee's
equivalent of S'T's "Surf and Slam"
or "Possessed lo Skate," wilh all
proceeds directed towards leukemia
research. The CD-single also comes
equipped with two versions of ACl
DCs "Live Wire." You're nol going
to find this legit sports merchandise
item among ihe empty Oakland
Raiders merchandise shelves in your
favorite legit sporls merchandise
store so write Metal Blade Records
at 18653 Ventura Blvd., Suite 311,
Tarzana CA, 91356 for a catalogue.
Watch upcoming issues of Discorder
for a full interview with Mr. liaumgarlner by CiTR sporls guy Jeff
"Mingus" Palerson. Actually, like
yourselves, this is the first Jeff lias
heard aboul this interview. So if ya
see Jeff, fist him in the back, breathe
the morladella sandwich ya jusl
lapped up in his face, buy him a beer
and ask him how the Baumgarlner
piece is going "because the idea
sounds greal!"
X <* 4
 . Al___i    /
YO. THIS is ihe second
installment of this column, so I'm
still gelling things organized, or
getting in the groove so to speak.
The Brand Nubians released
their debut album One For All
(Flcklra) last month. 'Ihis one fiis
right in with the style originated by
the likes of Dc 1_ Soul and 'Ihc
Jungle Brothers, sounding most
similar to A Tribe Called Quest.
Each lunc is based on a loop of some
old funky tunc
with not much
else in the way.
The raps busted on this bed
track arc intcl-
(Priorily). This contains remixes of
two of the iracks off AmeriKKKa's
Most Wanted and is produced by his
main homic, 19-ycar-old Sir Jinx
along wilh Chilly Chill and Ice Cube
himself. 'Ihey can't quite measure
up to the production on A.M.W.
which was done with the help of
Public Enemy's Bomb Squad, bul
it's still slammin' harder n' anything
else out there. For the mosl part,
Culx; is still in his paranoia phase,
but the funk still flows like Niagara
Falls. Cube gets
gtng—is evident here still.
A    new
trio,      KMC Po»on Iv.y 4 T».
(which stands for KaoticMinds Corrupting is getting ready to put out
one of the craziest albums ever on
Priority. With two guys rapping at
'he same lime, there is a slight resemblance to what Run DMC docs
but this is very intense rap with offbeat lyrics and dense production
whipping things inlo a frenzy of energy in your cars.
On ihc slower tip again, Gang
Starr's album Step In The Arena
(Chrysalis) kicks mo' better knowledge. They arc fond of Public Enc-
my-style high pitched horns running
through the mix, but ihc rest of ihc
rhythm, except the excellent
scratching, is pretly laid-back wilh
sampled loops and cxlra percussion.
Ice Cube has jusl busted out
another release, his Kill At Will EP
TV all the iii
and then have
an artificially
high standard lhat men have to live
up to. To get the money to lcxik like
the guys on the tube, "he becomes a
slick-up kid, taking your shit, my
shit, he's selling dope. Now he's gol
ihe car and the jewelry" and only
now has a chance for ihc bilch lo like
him. "If she knows how todo her shit
right, the girl can make you buy"
anything she wants. That's why he
has done songs like "I Ain't the
One" and "You Can't Fade Me." He
is trying lo reverse ihc "material shil
to gel women" because he thinks
lhat's ihe basis of all ihc black "crime,
shil, dope, |and| gangs." On another
lip. Ice Cube is supposedly going to
be in a movie next year called Boyz-
'N-The-Hood (Columbia Pictures).
Mychoiccforbcstrappcrlhis month?
You guessed it, Ice Cube.
Reggae Night
*—^**** with  **************
DJ George Barrett
■■■■■■■ with ********
DJ The Mixtress
The Smooth
■_____■__■ with ********
DJ   Mick   Shea
The Monster
DJ The Mixtress
1250 Richards St, Alley Entrance, Vancouver 688-2648
•I T^Wv^ ^**
TlMtTO HEAP- A Vflt.5peP.tD
Hot dogs,
own. Bul somehow il never lived up
to us miraculous promise when eaten alone, another one of the weird
examples of food chemistry, I guess.
And while I'm on the topic, may 1
buns and denounce Ihem as the hanc
ol ihe hot dog's existence, (ioddam
it, • HOT DOG is primal junk food
in us unadulterated state and any
attempt lo render il partially nutritious is tantamount to blasphemy.
1 remember one thing lhat always used io gross mc oul harshly
was the lend ixlour of the waler
thal'd he left over in the pot after my
mom cooked weinen for hoi dogs.
No offense to my M.'s cooking or
anything; this is no doubt a universal
phenomenon, but it was the one ihing
aboul hot dogs that always repulsed
me. Thankfully, il's casilv avoided
if you slick io those acsthctically-
pteasing, spit-roasted Mall I lot Dogs.
in  be dam delicious,
Uh   I
/she says.
e about hot
dogs. Whal do I, far removed from
my carnivorous Surrey mall-going
days, know about hot dogs?
So ran my thoughts upon my
edilrix's suggestion lhat I explore
the humble hot dog this month. Casting insecurity to the winds
though, 1 threw my mind back
to ihose halcyon days and
dredged up a few recollec-
Hot dogs. Why have
ihey earned such a hard-and-
fast place in North America's
cullural psyche, anyway?
Well, a large pan of their
allure must surely rest in ihc
limc-honoured method of
display: skewered on stainless steel prongs in those insanely-lit glass cases, slickly
gleaming with a healthy coal
of grease, damn nigh burst-
in' their hides as they hypnotically rotate before your
eyes—hey, who can resist
such a sales pitch? Sure
sucked me in when I was a
kid anyway, and slill causes
mc to slow and salivate when
I pass 'em by.
WilheWoo/Je, Orange
Julius, Drummer Boy Malt
Bar: al) purveyed the quintessential Mall Hot Dog in
days of yore, and a representative from any of them was
a cherished treat on the occasions M.& D.'s funds allowed for them. But—lest
we forget—a non-mall locale that also served up a fine
'dog, albeit under a curious
title: A&W. Remember the
Whistle Dog Planer? When I
felt real adventurous in
A&W-land, fell like breaking free of the feltcrs of
Teenburgerdom, lhat's whal
I'd order. Came in a kooky
wicker basket wilh French
fries and that coleslaw in the cool,
creamy dressing; a honking big slab
o' flesh split lengthwise down the
middle, sona looking like it had been
barbecued, resting upon a reverently
open bun. This was the Whistle Dog,
and in fact, it is available at A&W's
to this day. Except now you may
well hafta go INto a mall to avail
yourself of one, and when you do,
it'll come in a plastic basket. Kinda
lame, but there ya go.
Green relish. Ya can't have a
genuine Mall Hot Dog without ya
have green relish. Mustard is fairly
obligatory loo, but ketchup tends to
sogoultheholdogbun and shouldn't
chicken or beef in place of lhal old
standby, pig offal—well, arc they
REALLY hoi dogs, or only a bastar-
disalion ihcrcof, catering to the
health-conscious '90s? I dunno; I
dunno. I lard to say. Heck, maybe by
the turn of the century, tofu wcincrs
will'vc replaced all olher forms and
the question will be definitively settled.
be allowed near it. Chopped onions
as a garnish arc cool, although as a
child my tastebuds found them in-
timidatingly exotic.
So yeah. The hoi dog bun—an
important component of the whole—
always lasted so great in tandem
with the frankfurter that I'd jump at
the chance
Robynn Iw
Okay, well, 1 don't think I need
to get obvious and gross about ihc
Symbolism of lialing a Hot Dog;
suffice it to say, they look great
roasting on a spit, totally sexy attired
in green relish, and taste like more
when ya sink yer lecth into them.
What more can you ask in a lifelong
MCA Recording Artists TANKHOG with special guests
MCA Recording Artists THE CONNELLS with guests from
SHARKBAIT with special guests TURF CITY
CFOX presents THE MEDALLION with guests N.O.S.
From Australia Nettwerk Recording Artists FALLING
JOYS with special guests THE NEIGHBOURHOODS
From Boston, THE NEIGHBOURHOODS with special
THE NOISE with special guests MIND THE GAP
ATLANTIS BUS with special guests SUN DOG SUN
CiTR 101.9fM presents MARY'S DANISH with special
Perryscope and CiTR 101.9fM present BUFFALO TOM
with special guests WINDWALKER and LUNG
A MURDER OF CROWS with special guests SAW HORSE
SHE with guests
KRAMER VS. KRAMER LUV NIGHT with special guests
Coast 800 presents EUGENE RIPPER'S FAST FOLK
CD Release Party for ANIMAL SLAVES with special
CiTR 101.9fM presents ROOTS ROUNDUP with special
guests from New York BLAKE BABIES
CiTR 101.9fM presents ROOTS ROUNDUP with special
Coastal Ja/_ and Blues Society and CiTR 101.9fM
PAUL HYDE and MAE MOORE double bill
Dr. Dream Recording Artists BOB'S YOUR UNCLE and
KINGS double bill
1st show: SUE MEDLEY
&SX~: TUt iWA/E W/IR (MJHU*9eir1'Cwm:?) A G-LUfof X-HA& G00PI& CWJe&fkATMJ*> THe 1
LBfTbVt** Of Ai rAQAiJ p.rTUftL : (9ni OP. PIS) -Ml*M6 THg LASf P.0J\. COfJC9ffXCOH U*
S0A*6 fEOfXM. fKTUAUH HAP AN ORK*M9L \P*A8 tUXKKe> TV/lTftC *UT THAT tx>/Jr stop t\
ftKoH  SOtfE CLOVE c/Q./>*ETTfi HAVtJG- IvtlK THE SCetJT Of fZA/i). AU  KBAyWS UMYTm t$A,
, r*6* >wp- porsyV K>fng •hmcf^vj, 6<rrf>^ ««^f ox/e ivo-l..        ^_^_
. **,**ff/*' •*»", v<*< pW-ws *. tH.$ rrtfter H*» x*v»e * Xd ae, HrffBETrvoj au>t\<at4i.
\ co**n«*iv»> fWe*«o^uci-e>»R coA/rvrcr. yow,or vot** _K'tj>Rg*/ /»***. M-LrT^iA/rT
4_>__. , *"> T4«t e^ftTM vvrrW 'JTm , 1UI+ O InBvi-Ca»l€. ^So»ky, 9«rWk'rton*l
1 -f«.«t-AiNr NO mAmclc*, IVE **€.___/ 4*£ ""
/fBftCt MARCH?* [wort <n\f>-ty£}
■*******^^^^^^^^^"rni*E      ^a/T" THiA/K
26 DISCORDER 4 *     *».     V   -''-!  >*** ' •
mains and the True Nature ol Love al
the firehall Theatre..
4 MONDAY CiTR Classics Night .1: :-<•
Pit Pub... Hammerbox at Harpos
Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
5TUESDAY CiTR World Beat Nights
the Pit Pub.    Mahlathini and the
Mahotella Queens backed by the
-    Makgona Tsohle Band at the Com
1 FRIDAY Tankhog, Th* Swallows and
Nimana at the Town Pump... Gorilla
Gorilla and Tha Bombshells at The
Cruel Elephant... No More Excuses!
Amnesty International benefit with
Bob's Your Uncle, Bolera Lava. One Big
Union and Oh Yeah! at the Commodore Ballroom... Art Bergmann and
Sons ol Freedom at 86 Street Music
Hall... Memory Day atthe RailwayClub...
Mark Hummed at the Yale... Discover
Dance presents 0 Vertigo Danse at the
Vancouver Playhouse... Savage in
UmboattheStationStreetArts Centre...
Vancouver Secondary Schools present
Theatre Festival at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre... Ruling Passions
curated by Karen Knights at the Video
In... Brave New Play Rites at the Dorothy Somerset Studio, UBC...
2 SATURDAY    The Connells and
Hammerbox at the Town Pump... Chris
Houston and His Evil Twang and
Herald Nix at The Cruel Elephant...
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas at
the Commodore... Memory Day at the
Railway Club... EQ at 86 Street Music
Hall... Marian Rose and the
Headbenders at the WISE Hall... Re-
percussionat the Centennial Theatre...
Mark Hummell at the Yale... 0 Vertigo
Danse at the Vancouver Playhouse...
The Barber ol Seville at the Queen
Elizabeth Theatre... Vancouver Secondary Schools present Theatre Festival at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature ol Love at
the Rrehall Theatre... Brave New Play
Rites at the Dorothy Somerset Studio,
3 SUNDAY 3 Mustaphas3 atthe Town
Pump... Bill Clark Sextet at the Glass
Slipper... Unidentified Human Re-
it the Off Ramp (Seattle)... Maurice Vaughn at the Yale
Black History Month at the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre Gallery... Unidentified Human Remains and the
True Nature of Love at the Firehall
6 WEDNESDAY CiTR presents >For
You< the special no-cover soiree in
celebration of Front 242's firsl Sony
America's release Tyranny >tor You<
at the Luv-a-Fair (8-10pm)... CiTR
Hot Wednesdays at the Pit Pub...
Nervous Fellas at the Railway Club...
Spoon Divy and Way at The Cruel Elephant... Maurice Vaughnat the Yale...
Black History Month at the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre Gallery... Unidentified Human Remains and the
True Nature of Love at the Firehall
7 THURSDAY CiTR Cool Thursdays
at the Pit Pub... Ocktratrackter and
Lung at the Cruel Elephant... Nervous
Fellas at the Railway Club... Jesse
Colin Young at the Town Pump...
Maurice Vaughnat the Yale... Bob Weir
and Bob Wasserman with Capping Day
atThe Pantages Theatre (Tacoma)...
Black History Month at the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre Gallery... Empowerment Series by Ingrid Koenig at
the Pitt Gallery... Unidentified Human
Remains and the True Nature ot Love
atthe Firehall Theatre...
8 FRIDAY Winter Roots Music Festival begins Colleen Eccleston, Bill
Henderson, Qiu Xia and Bourne &
MacLeod at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre and Jimmy Roy's 5-Star
it the WISE Hall... Onion
e with Soul Charge at the Cruel
Feb. 1   2 From San Francisco,
The Mark Hummel Band
Feb. 5   9 Maurice Vaughn
Feb. 11 Canned Heat
Feb. 12   16 From Portland,
Lloyd Jones Struggle
Feb. 19 23 David Raven
Feb. 26   Mar. 2     Cathi McDonald
Elephant... Nervous Fellas at the Railway Club . Falling Joys and the
Neighborhoods at the Town Pump.
Small Circle of Friends benefit concert
teatunng Johnny and the Stickmen,
Christine Duncan. Peter Wisstoff.
Rhythm and News and Karen Parent
and Friendsat the Surrey Arts Centre..
Maunce Vaughn at the Yale. Capping
Oay and Sadhappy at Western Washington University's Mama Sundays
(Bellingham)... Black History Month at
the Vancouver EastCultural Centre Gallery ... Empowerment Series by Ingrid
Koenig at the Pit! Gallery... United Players of Vancouver present The Importance of Being Earnest at the Jericho
Gym (West Point Grey) Unidentified
Human Remains and the True Nature
of Love at the Firehall Thealre...
9 SATURDAY Winter Roots Music
Festival continues John McLachlan,
Valdy, Babayaga String Quartet.
Robert Minden Ensemble, Bill
Gallagher and Jake Galbraith, David
Essig, Uzume Taiko, Allen Dobb and
Dumela at the Vancouver EastCultural
Centre and Anzanga Marimba at the
WISE Hall... 64 Funny Cars with The
Sweaters at the Cruel Elephant... Nervous Fellas at the Railway Club... The
Persuaders at the Town Pump...
Maurice Vaughn at the Yale... Like Rain
and Stumpy Joe and Hitmen at the Off
Ramp (Seattle)... Black History Month
at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre
Gallery... Empowerment Series by
Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt Gallery... The
Importance of Being Earnest at the
Jericho Gym (West Point Grey)... Uni-
dentilied Human RemainsandtheTrue
Nature ol Love at the Firehall Theatre...
10 SUNDAY Winter Roots Music
Festival closes with Valdy, Jim Page
and Zero Tolerance. Eileen McGann.
"The Hat Band,* James Gordon.
Grievous Angels. Jenny Allen. Colleen Eccleston. Sandy Scofield.
Wyckham Porteous Band at the WISE
Hall First Order Beating. Daydreams
ol Sade, Subculture and Sonarchy II
the Cruel Elephant... Ranch Romance
at the Vancouver EastCultural Centre...
Black History Month at the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre Gallery.. Empowerment Series by Ingnd Koenig at Ihe
Pitt Gallery... Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature ol Love al
the Firehall Thealre...
11 MONDAY CiTR Classics Night al
the Pit Pub... Speed Bumps and Sally
Can't Dance a! the Railway Club..
Double Exposure's 3rd Anniversary at
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Black History Month al the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre Gallery... Empow-
ennent Series by Ingnd Koenig at the
Pitt Gallery...
12 TUESDAY CiTR World Beat Nighl
at the Pit Pub... Feathered Pens featuring Caroline Arends at the Railway
Club... Concrete Blonde and Andy
Prieboy at the Commodore Ballroom...
The Flirtations at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre... Lloyd Jones at the
Yale... Black History Month at the
VancouverEastCultural Centre Gallery...
Empowerment Series by Ingrid Koenig
at the Pitt Gallery... Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of
Love at the Firehall Theatre...
Wednesdays at the Pit Pub... Video Bar-
B-Que, Baron Von Fokker and Taylor
Kane Explosion at the Cruel Elephant...
Concrete Blonde and Andy Prieboy at
the Commodore Ballroom... The Flirtations at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre... New Winds at the Glass Slip
per Frank Frink 5 atthe Railway Club
Lloyd Jones at the Yale... Rastaman
Vibration with Roger Sleffens at
Graceland... Black History Month at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre Gallery ... Empowerment Series by Ingnd
Koenig al the Pitt Gallery The Importance of Being Earnest at the Jen
cho Gym (West Point Grey)... Unidentified Human Remains and the True
Nature ol Love at the Firehall Theatre...
14THURSDAY CiTR presents Mary's
Danish at the Town Pump... CiTR Cool
Thursdays al the Pit Pub... Slam
Suzanne With Bitter End at the Cruel
Elephant... The Flirtations at the
Vancouver EastCultural Centre...Frank
Frink5atthe RailwayClub... New Winds
at the Glass Slipper... Animal Slaves
CD Release Parry at the Town Pump...
Black History Month at ihe Vancouver
East Cultural Centre Gallery... Lloyd
Jones at the Yale Empowerment
Series by Ingnd Koenig at the Pitt Gallery The Importance of Being Earnest
at the Jericho Gym (West Point Grey)...
Unidentified Human Remainsand the
True Nature ol Love at the Firehall
15FWDAY DirtandSluggoattheCruel
Elephant... Club Mango at the Railway
Club... Little Charlie and the Night
Cats at the Town Pump... The Flirtations at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre... Lloyd Jones at the Yale...
Brazilian Carnival '91 featuring Brazilian Expressions at 86 Street Music
Hall... Black History Month at the
VancouverEastCultural Centre Gallery...
Empowerment Series by Ingrid Koenig
at the Pitt Gallery... The Importance of
Continued on page 29
(604) 687-5803
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IT)    I
< r
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LO >
„ o
~ CO
c D
ra to
_? _.
q 8
■- h
2 o -
■-■_»:111; I • 7 \ .   _-^H
12:00PM The newest new music
and informafioi
• n and more
with the CiTR News. Sports and
Weather Departments
Host George Barrett and Mike
Cherry Reggae inna all styles and
fashion, Dancehall. Dub. Roots.
Lovers-rock.Rocksteady.Ska and
5:30PM Coverage and analysis of
UBC News plus news and sports,
daily editorial commentary, en-
1 IthSwanSitvertonei.Perhapsthe
best of gospels great quartets
featuring the voice of Claude
group's ear ry Jubilee recordings in
the '40s through to some recordings from Jeter disciples like Al
Green and Aaron Neville.
I Oth Montreal Jubiliation Choir We
newest release Gfcvy Train, with an
if recordings a:
on events here at UBC.
HEAR SAY  5:30-6:00PM CiTR's literary arts program needs YOU to
submit your works for on-air perfor-
From the global cultures of resistance hosted by Horacio de la
Cueva. alternating Sundays with
De-Composit ions
12:00AM Join host Dave Emory
and colleague Nip Tuck for some
extraodinary political research
guaranteed to make you think
twice Bring your tape deck and
two C-90s Originally broadcast
on KFJC (Los Altos. California)
_____■ A.*]. I»7. %>__■__■
From the famous siren to the not-
so-famous BBC Radio News Reel,
wake up with the CiTR Morning
Show News, sports, weather and
Alberta hog prices.
11:00 AM Your favourite brownsters
James and Peter offer a savoury
blend ofthe familiar and exotic in
an excitingly luscious blend of aural delights! Tune in and enjoy each
weekly brown plate special.
SOUL CHURCH 12:00-1:00PM Playing the best of Afro-American and
and Afro-Canadian Gospel music
Hosted by Dave Langille ond Mark
Paul Chambeis (bass) and the late
great Art Blakey on drums
test The Boss ot the Bluet Joe
Turner. Kingof the Kansas City Blues
Singers Here s Big Joe accompanied by some great Jazz players
and find arrangements by Ernie
2Slh Contour* by Sam Rivers is
Gavins favourite album by Mr
Rivers the always adventurous
tenor and flue and compositions
by Rivers aie played here by a
greot hand-pcked band that includes Freddie Hubbard and
HerbieHancockandothers ABlue
Note Classic
Country music to scrape the
cowshit off your boots to With yer
host-poke Jeff Gray
Demo Director Dale Sawyer provides some insight into the best
and the worst of the newest Ca-
B.C.FOLK 5:30-7:00PM The thoughts
and music of B.C. folk' artists,
hosted by Barb Waldern.
AVANT PIG 7:00-9:00PM Avant-
garde thuggery with Pete
Lutwyche. First Tuesday each
month: World Music Exploration.
12:00AM The latest in dance music
and interesting drama every second week. With Lupus Yonderboy.
**M\\'11 • ]i I 4.1 »7. V4--__■
12:00PM Do you like singles? I do.
too! Join me Felicity Dunbar and
smell the rubber each week!
7:00PM Damn it. will someone
please fix that Scott Lo (or coh
Loge) sign Rowenas Pacif
orthwst-rype thing trundles on.
Send AK. BC. WA and OR stuff
JIGGLE 7:00-9:00PM Hare Gav and
soundscapes. grungy old prog-
rock albums. Twin Peaks and
Burroughs. With Chris Brayshaw.
1:00PM Jazz with Tommy Paley.
special feature at noon.
and anything else that occurs to
fed by Antje Rauwerda
, radio show with a life-
force all its own Mixes come from
seemingly nowhere much like the
radio signals you pick up An aural
parking lot for the muses No expectations. No disappointments.
CiTR Sports Team covers
UBC Thunderbirds in ce hockey
'  jskefball varsity action. Play-
action pre-empts regula r C iTR.
uned  for CWUAA playoff
Saturday February 2nd at 7:30pm
vs Universrtyof Lethbridge
Friday Fetmjory »th at 7 30pm vs
University of Saskatchewan
Friday February 22nd at 7:30pm vs.
University of Calgary
Saturday February 9th at 8:00pm
B.C. High School Basketball Final
Saturday Merch 16th, time to be
a tasty pot of gumbo stew.
OUT   FOR   KICKS      7:00-9:OOPM
Wildbeat protest music with Pat
is Raft
n 10.
14th Medu
21st Tame
2«th The Boneracks
Experimental Radio, wirh Vision!
Featuring environmental sounds,
found noises, information, propo-
gandaand the worlds ethnic and
experimental musics from the auditory fringe. Contributions welcome. Practitioner: Anthony Rob-
thing funky occasionally being
dropped on ya
**mw*m _ :l I '7x*:-wm*wm
Join host Ken Maclnty re as he
you on a tour through the
screen's back tot of live wr
Gregs gonna play lots o hip
hoppy, rappy stuff and he sgonna
say lots o dumb things. Tune in.
2:30PM The greenest of the CiTR
DJ c rop try to germinate and take
ested in CiTR programming opportunities, call the Program Director at 228-3017
3:30, 4:00-5:00PM 100 % Canadian industrialism
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:00PM Sweethearts will weep
Underground sound system-style
FOR THE RECORD 6:30-645PM Excerpts from Dave Emory's Rodio
Free America Series
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12:30AM Dope
jams and fresh beats for a groovy
evening with DJ Noah on the
John Casablanca's means nothing. Yes. Andrecka. Satan loves
you Hosted by Uoyd Uliana
wmm f 1111 a i_\ f wmm
12:00PM Vancouver s biggest and
best acoustic/roots/rogue
m CiTR!
Roots muse fr
plustheWorldCupReportat 11:30.
POWERCHORD        I2:15-3:00PM
Vancouver' s only true metal show;
local demo tapes, imports and
other rarities. Gerald Rattlehead
and Metal Ron do the damage
IN EFFECT 3:00-5:00PM The Hip Hop
Beat and nuttin' butt.
BUSINESS UNE 604/822-301 7
DJ LINE 604/822-2487 (822-CiTR)
NEWS LINE 604/222-2487 (222-CiTR)
FAX LINE 604/822-6093
wmumW: WH a<-_■_■■
CfTRprovidesfreeairtime for Community Access by groups and individuals
wishing to share some thoughts with
our listeners. If you or your group
would like to say something to someone somewhere, please call the Program Director at 228-3017.
and founder of this tight, driving
ensemble-Trevor Payne.
25th Marion WHIiamj Acclaimed
as the greatest gospel singer of
may be the greatest female singer
may be the greatest female singer
in American music- period. Today's
ie Spirit Feel
1:15PM News.sportsandweather,
3:00PM    A musical miasma of
spinner June Scudeler.
Wear boxer shorts and walk with
confidence. Jerome Broadway
and Garnet Timothy Harry arter-
THE JAZZ SHOW    9:00PM-12:00AM
Vancouver's longest running
prime time jazz program. Hosted
by the ever-suave Gavin Walker
Features at 11.
4fh Aura .Miles Davis' most important album of the past decade.
Thisalbum was scheduled for Jan.
7th but the snowstorms intervened
11 th Groovin' with Golson. a hard
driving album by composer-tenor
saxophonist Benny Golson. A really inspired free-blowing date
-wmm -J :wmm
_■;.:•::_■ bi' mbvi~ •__■ _■_■»■:l■_■_■_■   ■__.,._■   wmr\mm
ENEMA _________■ fa ;(ri a (.:.:.:.:._'j±:*k. ____■■_■
Rollins Band  Turned On (Touch & Go/1/4 Stick)
Front Line Assembty . Caustic Grip (Third Mind)
Wartime Fast Food For Thought (Chrysalis)
Lush  Goto (PotyGram/4AD)
Meat Beat Manifesto  99% (Warner/Mute)
Various Artists Rewind Part 2 - The Singers (Ras)
Noise Unit Response Frequency (Antler-Subway)
Paris  The Devil Made Me Do It (Tommy Boy)
IceCube  K/Mof "////(Priority)
Various Artists  OulotMa)ors(y\SA.)
Various Artists  .._.        Hard To 8e«eve (C/Z)
Rancid Hell Spawn . Chainsaw Masoehist (Wrench)
2 Live Jews As Kosher as They Wanna Be (Hot Productions)
SexMuseum /ndependence(Romilar-D)
Blaine Reininger.. .xpofr/a/eJourna/iCRockville)
Mad Professor Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton(.Qcx/'Arilia)
Various Artists L//urg/ejOrthoc/oxes(S.R.I./HarmoniaMundi)
Vangelis The City (Warner/East West)
BolfThrower In Battle There Is No /.aw.'CFuture Shock/Si lentScream)
Various Artists Rewind Part 2 -The DJs (Ras)
Doughboys Happy Accidents (Capitol/Restless)
Various Artists Parad/se of £asMfr/ca(A&M/Virgin/Earthworks)
Fastbacks Very, Very Powerful Motor(Popl\ama)
Mekons TheMe/rorM/?ock'n'/?o//(A&MAwin\Tone)
Killdozer For Ladies Only (Touch &Go)
Squirrels What Gives?(Popllama)
KMFDM Wo/ve(WaxTrax)
Nikki Sudden	
Borghesia Resistance (PlayltAgainSam)
Capping Day Pos/fVoB/Ms(Popllama)
Ween Satan- the Oneness CTwin\ Tone)
Exene Cervenka ffunn/ngSacred(Capitol/Rhino)
Gruntruck Inside Yours (Empty)
Cancer To the Gory End (Future Shock/Silent Scream)
Tankhog House ot Beauty (Zulu)
TheConnells OneS/mp/e Word(MCA/TVT)
Alien Sex Fiend Ci/rse(Sinclair/Anagram)
Devine& Statton The Prince of Wales (Rockville)
Rikk Agnew's Yard Sale £mo//ona/Vom/f (Triple XXX)
Jack Endino /Angle of Attack (Toxic Shock/Bobok)
R. Murray Shafer 5 Ortord String Quartets (Centrediscs)
Various Artists... New Wave ot British Heavy Meto/(Metal Blade/Caroline)
NoirDeSoir A Suite ot Aural Pictures (COD/150 BPM)
Vexed The Good Fight (C/Z)
Mari Boine Persen Goto Gu/a(A&M/Virgin/Realworid)
Bad Religion Aga//wftt>eGrafn(Epitaph)
Unk'N'Chain New Day (Ras)
Various Artists Hard Cash (Green Linnet)
The Barra Macneib Timeframe (Barra Music Company)
Overthrow Within Suffering (Epidemic)
The Baltimore Consort On the Banks of He*con(S.R.I. /Dorian)
Sadus Swallowed In Black (Cargo/Roadracer)
U.H.F TheProject- Variety Recordings 5 (CBCfS/ariery Recordings)
Stereo-Taxic Device S/ereo-rajrfcDeWce(Cargo/KK)
Various Artists Uveal fhe Knitting Factory (ASM)
Ride Nownere(Reprise)
PribislavPitoeff Inde duSud (S.R. I. /Harmonia Mundi)
Nuclear Assault Handle wilh Care (Sony/ln-Effect)
Killing Joke Extremities, Dirt A Various Repressed Emotions (Noise)
John Lee Hooker The Hook (Chameleon)
Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (Flying Bulgar)
Cosmic Psychos.... LNe atthe Palace, Me7bou me(Shake/Rartlesnake)
Anthony Braxton Compositions 98(S.R.I./HatHut)
Bounty Hunters Threads: A FeorSfa/nedScorCRockville/Giant)
Atheist Ptece of 77me(Caroline/Death)
Winter Into Darkness (Future Shock)
Verlaines SomeDfeenc/tanredfven/ngOHomestead)
Kreator Coma ot Souls (Sony)
Universal Congr ess of... The Sad and Tragic Demise of.-(t us ion Ill/Enemy)
Of Cabbages and Kings Basic Pain Basic Pleasure (Triple XXX)
Mad Professor Afeas/orVe/towDu_>(Ras)
Pentangle So Earty In the Spring (Green Linnet)
Henry Fiol Sonero(A&M/Virgin/Earthworks)
Exhorder Slaughter In the Vatican (Cargo/Roadracer)
Brenda Kahn Goldfish Don't Talk Back (Community 3)
Hawkwind SpaceBand/te'Cargo/GWR)
Marie-Lynn Hammond Black A While... (Festival/Aural Tradition)
BastTo Sing Ihe Troubled BeastXHomestead)
Animosity Get Off My Back (Mosh Pit)
Black Tape for a Blue Girl A Chaos of Desire (Projekt)
The Great Kat Bee//)ovenonSpeed(Cargo/Roadracer)
TheWarratahs Wildcard (Pagan)
3 Mustaphas 3 Soup otthe Century (AbM/fryko)
Chickasaw Mudd Puppies W/»#eD/rf(PolyGram/Wing/Texas Hotel)
TretFure TlmeTums the Moon (Festival/Olivia)
Kinothek Percussion Ensemble Suspense (Audiox)
Hellhammer Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D. (Noise)
AilGyfnod Nuonce(OFN)
Mother Love Bone Appfe (PolyGram/PolyDor)
Thomas Mapfumo....
... Shumba (A&M /Virgin/Earthworks)
Senator Flux The Criminal Special (Cargo/Emergo)
The Toasters ThlsGun'sForHlreQAoon')
WestphalandOppens Johannes Brahms Sonatas Op. 120(Bridge)
Rankin Family Fare Thee We/7iove(Rankin Family)
Jackofflcers Digital Dump (Rough Trade)
mWmWmWWM^: M ;1 _M :_•_•_M 4.-_H<*********
Front Line Assembly  "Provision" 12" (Third Mind)
Metallica  "StoneColdCrazy"CD-5"(WEA/Elektra)
Tad  "Jinx"/ "PigIron"7"(SubPop)
Ken Baumgartner "Bomber" CD-5" (Metal Blade/Caroline)
Young Black Teenagers "Nobody Knows Kelli" CD-5" (SOUL)
Front242 "Tragedy lor You" CD-5" (Sony/Epic)
Gas Huffer / Fas (backs Split 7" (Steve Priest Fan Club)
Noise Unit "Agitate" 12" (Antler-Subway)
Mark Arm Freewheelin' Mark Arm 7"(Sub Pop)
Smelly Gambas Ftttmttuuuucck! 7"EP(Far Out)
Pigface Spoon Breakfast EPOouchb. Go/Invisible)
Young Fresh Fellows "Moforbroke"/"Equator Blues" 7" (Cruddy)
Smugglers "Upand Down" 7" (Nardwuar)
Venus Fly Trap  Europa EP (Danceteria)
SonofBazerk "Change fhe Style" CD-5" (SOUL.)
A Tribe Called Quest "Description ol a Fool" 12" (BMG/Jive)
Chikara Jesus Was aCapricorn 7"£P(Chikara)
Aieee! Flory, Larson, Shumate Vinyl 7" EP(Vlnylmania)
Gunsharp'ners "Do You Care Theme" 7" (Cruddy)
EirinPeryglus  "Yllosg"12"(OFN)
Jomanda "Shake" 12" (Big Beat)
LibidoBoyz      "ChildhoodMemories" 7"(RedDecibel)
OutOut  "D.W.I." 12" (Axis)
Nid Madagascar "Lledrlth Lllw" 12"(OFN)
Profax 7 Protax 7" EPffat Out)
Jay Williams "Sweat" 12" (Big Beat)
Singing Spoons "Buzz" 7" (Manufacture Sound Output)
Rhythm Radicals "Brotherto Brother" 12" (Skyywalker)
Prince "New Power Generation" 12" (Warner/Paisley Park)
Plant Bach Of nus "Pwlltrals" 12"(OFN)
Just Say No "Pitbulls on Crack" 7" (Go Ahead)
Intelligent Hoodlum "Black and Proud" 12" (A&M)
Gangstarr "Just lo Gel a Rep" 12" (Chrysalis)
Harry Coltelto "When Sailors Are In Town" 7" (ZOO.)
Peg boy Three Chord Mon/eEP (Touch & Go/ 1/4 Stick)
Chemistry Set Wake Up Sometime 12" (Romilar-D)
dinger / Hopeful Monsters Split 7"(Hippycore)
Infinite Regression Is This All? 7" EP(Chikara)
Love & Respect Love A Respect EP (Penultimate)
Trash Brats "Somebody's Too Late" 7" (Force Majeure)
Gut Flower "Maple Leafs" 7" (Blow Valve)
Deco "Powerhlts"12"(Circularphile)
Mad Mad Nomad "Keeper ofthe Cage" 7" (Green Monkey)
Captainv'sandthe "Rock'n'Roll Paper Route" 7" (Heart Punch)
Where's the Beach "Shakln'" 12" (Mantra)
A Priori "First Cause" 12" (Laocoon Productions)
Marcos Gil "One More Night" 12" (Merge)
Artillerymen "9G"12"(Circularphile)
Windwalker "Ripped Away"
Real Truth "How Many Words"
Perfume Tree "Dreaming"
Tryptic of a Pastel Fern "Alpha Nightclub"
Za Za & the Angels "Dr. Nightmare"
Mystery Machine "Tombstone"
LSD49 "Vitamin K"
Captain Crunch "You Don't Exist in Transit"
Bloodblister "Tan Just One (Summer Summer)"
Joe 90 "End of the World"
Festerkampf "Kill the Little Children"
Laughing Hyenas "Guitar Boats"
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet "TheAlou ette"
Uneven Steps "North Star Shine"
Vasectomoids "Men"
Sect "Amor Patriae"
NoG.S.T.Band "We Need a Revolution"
Cherry Hoggs "Ain't Got the Keys to Your Heart"
23music "Labrylnfhs- 4th Movement"
Bruce Atchinson "Passing Messages"
Naked Lunch "I Don't Know You"
Polka Dogs "Llle In the Colonies"
Tony Baloney Dance Ensemble "Pussycat"
Emily Stop "Can't You See"
Mermaid Cafe "Back of a Cadillac"
Ludwigs "I Want You"
Global Citizens "Why"
FunforMalakai "Saltwater Flow"
Darkling Thrushes "Glass"
Don Don "Dlrtyswlne"
John Adams "The Winds of Change"
Purdins "Tony's New One"
Show Business Giants "Love Sick"
Rattled Roosters "'57Cadlllac"
VoxPopuli "Don't Know Why"
Valentinos "Gimme Some Action"
The Moaners "G.S.T. Boogie"
Patrick Klebe "Crisis In the Gulf"
High Speed Sacrifice "Chainsaw Guitar"
Crash Dummies "Exercising the Demons"
Flem "Satanic Versus Satanic"
Headspring "Ill State of..."
Cerebral Dissonance "Behind YourSmlle"
LogicCons piracy "I Hate"
Desmonds "Denver"
Terror T & the Beat Assassinator...
Ironing Pants Indefinitely	
. "Dlss-functlonal Relationship"
 "Off Pants"
Continual from 1'agc 27	
Being EarnestattheJenchoGym (West
Point Grey).. Unidentified Human
Remains ana the True Nature ol Love
at the Firehall Theatre Our Images,
Our Selves Videos by Women about
Women atthe Video In...
16 SATURDAY CiTR presents Buffalo Tom. Windwalker and Lung at the
Town Pump... Hammerboxind Sweaty
Nipples .it The Cruel Elephant... The
Flirtations at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Brazilian Carnival '91
featuring Brazilian Expressions at 86
Street Music Hall... Blue Rodeo and
Skydiggers at the Orpheum.. Lloyd
Jones at the Yale... Like Rain and
Picketls at Speedy O'tubbs
(Bellingham)... The Jazzmanian Devils at the Vancouver Art Gallery...Black
History Month at the Vancouver East
Cullural Centre Gallery.. .Empowerment
Series by Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt Gallery. The Importance of Being Earnest
at the Jericho Gym (West Point Grey)...
Unidentilied Human Remains and Ihe
True Nature ot Love at the Firehall
Theatre... Our Images, Our Selves
Videos by Women about Women at the
17 SUNDAY   Jellyfishbabies at the
CruelElephant... Amanda Hughesatthe
Arts Revue Theater Granville Island...
Hammerbox and Mary's Danish at the
OK Hotel (Seattle)... Black History
Month at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre Gallery. Empowerment Series
by Ingrid Koenig al Ihe Pitt Gallery...
Unidentified Human Remains and the
True Nature of Love at the Firehall
18 MONDAY CiTR Classics Night at
the Pit Pub... Black History Monthatthe
VancouverEastCultural Centre Gallery...
Empowerment Series by Ingrid Koenig
at the Pitt Gallery...
19 TUESDAY CiTR World Beat Night
at the Pit Pub... Blue Oyster Cult at 86
StreetMusic Hall... Black HistoryMonth
at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre
Gallery... Empowerment Series by
Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt Gallery... Unidentified HumanRemainsandtheTrue
Nature of Love at the Firehall Theatre...
Wednesdays at Ihe Pit Pub... Eugene
Ripper's Fast Folk Underground at the
Town Pump... Kinesis Dance presents
In Search of Melissanthe at the
Vancouver EastCultural Centre...Black
History Month at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre Gallery...Empowerment
Series by Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt Gallery... The Importance of Being Earnest
at the Jericho Gym (West Point Grey)...
Unidentified Human Remainsand the
True Nature of Love at the Firehall
21 THURSDAY CiTR Cool Thursdays
atthe Pi! Pub... Lik Dirt with Charleson
Chargesat the Cruel Elephant... Sacred
Blade at 86 Street Music Hall... Black
History Month at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre Gallery... In Search of
Melissanthe... Empowerment Series
by Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt Gallery...
The Importance of Being Earnestat the
Jericho Gym (West Point Grey)... Unidentilied Human Remains and the True
Nature ol Love at the Firehall Theatre...
22 FRIDAY     CiTR presents Roots
Roundup with special guests Mam-
Commodore Ballroom  870 Granville
CruelElephant 1176 Granville
86 Street Music Hall  BC Enterprise Centre
Firehall Arts Centre 260 East Cordova
Frederic Wood Theatre  6454 Crescent Road, UBC
Graceland 1250 Richards
La Quena Coffee House  1111 Commercial
Luv-a-Falr 1275 Seymour
PacificCinematheque 1131 Howe
Paradise Cinema 919 Granville
Pit Pub Basement, Student Union Building, UBC
RailwayClub 579 Dunsmuir
Ridge Theatre 3131 Arbutus
Starlight Cinema 935 Denman
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station
Student Union Building 6138 SUB Blvd, UBC
Town Pump 66 Water
Vancouver East Cultural Centre 1895 Venables
WISE Hall 1882Adanac
Yale 1300 Granville
FEBRUARY 1991   29
moth recording artist from New York
Blake 8abies at the Town Pump...
Sister Oouble Happiness with Touch 'n'
Go's at the Cruel Elephant Like Ram
and Picketts a! the Railway Club... Black
History Month at the Vancouver East
CulluralCentreGallery Empowennent
Series by Ingrid Koenig al Ihe Pitt
Gallery.. The Importance ol Being
Earnest at the Jericho Gym (West Point
Grey)... Unidentilied Human Remains
and the True Nature ol Love at the
Firehall Theatre...
23 SATURDAY CiTR presents Gregory Isaacs with Chicken Chest at 86
Street... CiTR presents Roots Roundup
at the Town Pump... Sister Double
Happiness with Touch 'n' Go's at the
Cruel Elephant.. Like Rain and Pickefts
at the Railway Club... Muy Caliente!
benefit concert featuring Ancient Cultures, Salsa Ferreras and Santiago
Black History Month at the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre Gallery... Empowennent Series by Ingnd Koenig at the
Pitt Gallery... The Importance ol Being
Earnestat the Jericho Gym (West Point
Grey)... Unidentified Human Remains
and the True Nature ol Love at the
Firehall Theatre...
24 SUNDAY CiTR presents The
Knitting Factory Goes to Ihe Northwest
with Sonny Sharrock, Chunk and Third
Person at Ihe Glass Slipper... Black
History Month at the Vancouver East
CulluralCentre Gallery... Empowennent
Series by Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt
Gallery.. Unidentilied Human Remains and the True Nature of Love at
the Firehall Theatre...
25 MONDAY CiTR Classics Night at
the Pit Pub... Black History Monthatthe
Van couverEastCulturalCentre Gallery...
Empowerment Series by Ingrid Koenig
atthe Pitt Gallery...
26 TUESDAY CiTR World Beat Night
at the Pit Pub... Moonlodge at the
Vancouver EastCultural Centre...Black
History Month at the Vancouver East
CulturalCentre Gallery... Empowerment
Series by Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt
Gallery... Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature ol Love at
the Firehall Theatre... free film screening of New Works by Mina Shum at the
Pacific Cimematheque...
Wednesdays at the Pit Pub... Inspiral
Carpets at the Luv-a-Fair... Jack FeBts
Fine with A Fine Pickle at th^Cruel
Elephant... Moonlodgeatthe Vancouver
East Cultural Centre... Black History
Month at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre Gallery... EmpowermentSeries
by Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt Gallery...
The Importance of Being Earnestat the
Jericho Gym (West Point Grey)... Unidentified Human Remains and the True
Nature of Love at the Firehall Theatre...
28 THURSDAY CiTR Cool Thursdays
at the Pit Pub... Lung, The Wongs and
A Cartoon Swear at the Cruel Elephant... Moonlodge at the Vancouver
East Cultural Centre... Black History
Month at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre Gallery... EmpowermentSeries
by Ingrid Koenig at the Pitt Gallery...
The Importance of Being Earnest at the
Jericho Gym (West Point Grey)... Unidentified Human Remains and the True
Nature of Love at the Firehall Theatre... I am your master, Vinny. I am your master!  Mr. Carbuncle took his
little black slave boy by the neck and tossed him across the pink tile floor.
Little Karoot was the most disobedient slave Mr. Carbuncle had had since
landing on the Portuguese colony five years before. He called the boy Vinny,
after an Italian naval officer who had passed through Mr. Carbuncle's village
when he was a boy. Mr. Carbuncle had been in love then, but now not even a
beautiful dark-eyed native like Karoot could put the fire back into his thick
colonial veins.
Why had this big Portuguese monster taken him away from his mother
and baby brother, Dingo? Mr. Carbuncle started kicking. He had to teach this
lousy runt a lesson. Right into the gut, again and again, until finally Vinny
turned and looked at him, and in Vinny's eyes Mr. Carbuncle not only saw
blood from the countless lacerations to his forehead, but tears, tears that
took him back, far back to those long summer days with Vinny the sailor
man. Suddenly he realized little Karoot was no different from Vinny; that the
tears in Karoot's eyes were the same ones he had seen in Vinnyfs eyes when
Vinny left for the Americas many years before.
I am sorry, Vinny,  said Mr. Carbuncle.  I didn't mean to cause you
such pain and sorrow.
Karoot didn't care what name his master called him by anymore; he had
heard the words he'd been longing to hear ever since he started working for
this handsome foreigner.
I love you, Mr. Carbuncle,  said Vinny.
They kissed.
by David Carswell
Big   Youth Reggie
t   Road   Varioui A
 Overproof  Virion
...Go Now  Vtrioui
Brown, Dennii & Freddie McGregor -Reggae
Brown, Fory My Kind o
Ch»llce _ Si Ml Y«  i
Artiiti Rll  Simpler  2  (Special
Artiiti _ Coimic Force  Dince
Artiiti   Nitty Rebel
...Reggie Sound Wir Clish-E
...Reggie Sound Wir Clash E
 Now Thli Ii Whit I
...Dennii  Stir Rhythm  Distres
 Greemleevei  Simpler   #:
 Dubble  Attack Pantomln.
...Boit To Progress—Pantomin
i  Rinks Best  Biby  Fithe
ics/D.  Browr. No  Contel
•y  lilies Feiture  Attnctloi
s Artists    357  Mignun
 Frighten  Fridty
...D.J.   Government
min  Strlkei Agiin
Dub Syndicite	
Glidlitori/Hr. Vit
Hirriot, Derrick...
Higgi. Joe  (_ Wil
...Check for  the  Bei
I  Varioui. .......
Admlril  Bailey...
...Terrestlil  Spirli
-.Holding On   Virloui A
Holt,  John.
.._.Out Pon
lici Cirnivil '90   1
Itillenged   I
....Children of the V
...Coot Rller   Piuli  Clirk	
ei,  Gregory Call Me  Col
U, Gregory No Intention Foxy Brown	
el,  VIbritlonn Unconquered  People Dean  Frailer....
Shaka Coronation  Dub Gladiaton	
,  Shaka Dub  Symphony Latty Guiang...
....Motherland   /
Singing Melody....
Gregory Iiaaci....
r Siw...
,   Shaka...
.   The  I
Lldu Incorporated...
Llnd   _  Chain	
Little Kirk	
of Dub 1 Berei Hammond....
i Berei Hammond....
i   Gregory Iiaaci...
London Underground...
 Too  Hot To Handle
 Bad Boy Crew
Gregory Iiaaci Let'i  Go
Gregory Iiaaci Warning (UKj/Who'i Taking Y
Gregory Iiaaci _ Feature A
...Changing  Timet
McGregor, Freddie.
Michigan  4  Smiley Ba
Minott,  Sugar .....
Moses,    Pablo	
Nikadimui/Jr.  Demui.Supercat Ca
Ninny  the   Observer Obiervi
Ninjaman Mov
Perry Lee/Mad Profei
Sugar Minott	
Courtney Melody.
Johnny Oibourne..
 Bad Boy Reggae
 Nuh Dil Come Ya Fe Drink Milk
Peter Rooti	
 Thin   Line Traveler
Sly  _ Robbie	
Bim  Sherman	
 Wake  the Town 1
Various (CRanki, Top Cat, W.Wonder) Funky Punany i
Various (Clement Irie, Junior Wilion, etc)   Rhythm 6 !
Various (Clement Irie, Tensor Saw)  Jest Reggae Dance Hall I
Various (Cocoa T, CMeeks, Ninjaman)   Godfather 1
Various (ColJJoydie, Lit.Lenny, LitKirk)   Shocking X-rat 1
Various (Cpt Barkiey, Panhead, Lady Ann, etc)  Juitice I
Varioui (D.Carloi, JrJW<tB-Levy)   Hiitory of Uptempo I
Varioui (D.Dekker, Cliff, Maytali)   Reggae Attack '.
Various (D.Dobson, Bobo Gen., MJan-et)   Oub Reggae I
Various (FJ-uL LSmait, Jr.Wilion)   The WOd Bunch 1
Varioui (CPeck, Flourgon, Shabba, etc)   Consignment 1
Various (Gayiadi, Mellowlaiks)   Original Oub Ska I
 Sweet For My Sweet
 Get  Up  and  Dance
....The  Sweet Soca Man
o Tea _ Nardo Rank....
e No Like Rlkeri Ii
Dennii Brown..
Shabba) ...
.. Hardcore Reggae   1
Varioui (Isaacs, LJohn, S.Minott) Sounddaih Dubplate 1_2 I
Varioui (J.Osboume, Tony Tuff, etc)   Buck Wild
Various OCBoothe, Al Brown, Inner Cr.)  Just My Imagination ALL NEW IMPORT VIDEOS
Varioui (KBoothe, S.MInott, A-Ellis, etc)  Reggae Legends *Bodymovei" A Jamaican   Love  St<
Varioui (Mariey, ICBoothe, J-Holt)  Roots Rockers Various Variety Night '
rious  (Nardo Ranks, B.  Gen, D.Irie) More Poco Various Vintige  Night '
s   (Rich
 All K
s (Tiger, F.P
s  (Tiger, Flour
1, S.Ranks)...
, Taxi)...
t,  Bim Exploltatioi
),  Bim And  the  Voluntar
_ Players Golden  Greati Vol.
Singing Melody....- Origini
i  Meeti   Sanche:
Sky High Mau *
Sly _ Robbie/Taxi...
Sly _ Robbie _
Smith, Slim	
Stepper, Reggie....
Yonder And Sanchez....
 Taxi  Hiti   1978-90 \
..-Tribute to King Tubby \
 20 Super Hiti \
 Klm-Bo-King \
e T., Coco Tea, And Shabba Ranks....
s   (Tony Tuff, Thriller
Various   (Tuffest, Flourgon, J.Osbourne) Gal Yu  Good
Various (Yellowman, Nardo Franks, etc)..12 Kuts of Ruff Stuff
:   Wailer,  Bunny Gumption
Wilson, Delroy 24 Super Hiti
Yabby You Beware Dub
Winiton So So....
...Blue  Trac  Superitar  Vol.   1    Lee Perry....
Gregory Isaacs....
and Corn Bread
Twinkle  Brothers...
Twinkle Brothers...
...Free Africa  Varioui.
 Creative Soundi—Hot Shoti   '
—Turn ii Fire—Upietter Dub Disco  1    .
Varioui Clailic  Rockers  2    I
 Duck vi. Chinatown
 Real Rock Style
 Rougher  than  Them
....Chriitmai Reggae Rock
Arrow Soca Dance Party
Shandileer Many Lights One Glow (10th Anniversary)
Flying Turkey Lettin Go
Jam Band Above and Beyond
Errol Dopwell Good Luck to You Mr. Mayor
Burning Flames Me Na Freard
"e Cry
....Trouble .
...Workey Workey
WEST INDIES RECORDS & TAPES - a division of barrett electronics
1859 Commercial Drive (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues), Vancouver, B.C.


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