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  Lunatic Fringe Presents A lesson in Grammar.
Fuck is perhaps one of the most interesting words in the English language.
Fuck is one magical word which just by its sound can describe pleasure, pain, hate and love.
Fuck comes from the German word "FRIKON".
In language, "fuck" falls into many grammatical catagories. Fuck can be used as a verb both transitive
( he fucked her ) and intransitive ( she was fucked by him ). It can be an active verb ( he really gives a fuck ) or a
passive verb ( she really doesn't give a fuck ), as an adverb ( she if fucking interested in him ) and a noun ( she is a fine
fuck ). Fuck can be used as an adjective ( she is fucking beautiful). As you can see there is a whole lot of real versatility
with "fuck". It pops up everywhere.
Besides its sexual connotation, this lovely word can be used to describe many situations:
Fraud -1 got fucked by that crook.
Trouble - I'm fucked now.
Aggression - fuck you!
Philosphy - who gives a fuck.
Numerology - Sixty-fucking-Nine
Displeasure - what the fucks going on?
Descripitve anatomy - he's a fucking asshole
As a perdiction - well, I'll be fucked.
Incestuous - Mother fucker
All encompassing - fuck'em all
A poker hand - A Royal fuck
As an acceptance - Fuckin A !
Dismay - Oh, fuck it!
Confusion - What the fuck ?
Despair - fucked again!
Incompetence - he's a real fuck-off
Rebellion - fuck it!
Satisfaction - fuck me again!
To tell time - It's six - fucking - thirty
A political statement - fuck Washington
, A put down - fuck off, buster!
Governmental affairs - fuck the I.R.S.
To start a relationship - Let's fuck now
Enjoyment - fuckin Wow !
A closing - fuckingly yours.
Use fuck in your daily speech proudly fuck adds prestige to any conversation. Put this colorful four letter word to work
for you; today, tell someone you know "fuck you" or Let's fuck".
to be continued...
9fctie*l*9op 40 2)ance><3luA
Sundays - Tuesdays - Wednesday   |_m«
-^y^ Nights    jag
3/3 <?.   SZtoadimi/at\"7&nff$uxu/    ($76-7003
Open .' &u&ie<$ai- 6pm lo2am, Sundays focAddnigM.
(Sotm,* &ii* anet (Sal. onfy *2.00Juvn 9pm fo /am DiSfcORDER
OCTOBER 1991 - ISSUE #105...
person reading Discorder Magazine.
Big Drill Car ExposesThems
Redd McJann Travels to Eiium i
Back Alley Fiction	
The Bestest Of The Summer Art	
45 Plays in 9 Days	
Has Shane Really Left the Pogues??!!	
Billy Bragg Talks About His Lack Of Respect, From His Mum..
25 Years And Still Ticking	
Surf, Sand, Long Island, And Adventure	
ally We Don't Have A Madonna Articl
s Sure You Picked Up This Issue
GASTOWN 682-S550
in montn or uctooer Okay, so il's pretty obvious thai I delight (arloo ranch in Ihc sounds of Big
Drill Car. Whether ihis is healthy ornoi I don't know bulif it doesn't give you
cancer. ...After the live review Usi issue and my constant parading around the
station with one of my three Hig Drill Cat lour shirts on, my submission of
w with the hand was inevitable.
If you'renol familiar wilh Big DrillCar you're stupid. Plain and simple.
What have you been doing, listening loPaula Abdul? Well, if that's the case,
there is no hope for your soul nor should there be'. Big Drill Car are only the
biggest West Coast thing since Frankie, #      #      #      #      #
Annette, surfing and the longtime nimout       -$*       #       6       A       9
that California is one day going lo slip into £       _c       A      A      A
the ocean. Being from Huntington Beach,
California you would thuik thai BIX* would
fear for their lives. Not so. If the toast is
going to slip into the Pacific for any reason
whttsocverin the mar future it is going lo
be these guys' fault-no pun intended
Big DrillCar are: vocalist Prank Daly,
guitarist Mark Arnold, drummer Danny
Mareroft and bassist Bob Thompson, Batch
is their latest, and third release, for Cruz
records, the best way to describe BDC'i
sound is pop-core. Not scalp-flaking noise
nor regurgitated pop pablum. Not even a
mixture of th
aheid hoWtonal-c
fert iii'"* reU§onsh.,., _
anger and pain, and lunged it into a
nomc, and had that metronome constantly
licking in your ears, until yoa could do
nothing but sieve ihrough ihe routine sound
of rhythm and cadence, and came up wfch a
noise so beautiful lhat you forgot what love
was, you would have Big Drill Car.
Big Drill Car was in town aboul a
month ago on the first leg of their "Batch
Type Tour," which will Lake them through
North America and Europe before Christmas. And while they were here 1 was fortu»
natecnough to share an orange juice with Mark, Dan, Bob.the roadie and the
sound guy. What follows is an interpretation of that milcstoncmomem in my
####_$*_»      __       _fc
D; Arc you guys ever going to self produce an album? Arc you looking to do
M: Not really. Wc always have a lot of lnpulon the qlbums. Hike working wilh
people; I like seeing what people will do to our stuff. We've done the
"Surrender" single and "A Take Away" on The Big One: City of LA Power
compilation. #•••#•♦#♦#
Danny: We have another one coming out at well, on a compilai
Buzzcock songf.
•      i
#      •      •
■u guys for kiting me play Batch c
Discorder: Pint, I have to thank;
airwaves before ii was released.
Mark Arnold: Shhh. I was the one lhal said go for it.
D: Yeah, I was totally amped on that. I was stoked on it, it was great. It
sounded like you guys just basically left the reel going from CD Type Thing.
Did you start on Batch as soon as you were done with lhat?
M: No,not really. It took a long time actually. Some of the songs took us a
while to write and really get together. But on the record, soundwise, we went
for a lol liver thing. CD Type Thing, to me, was real slick and polished and
on a mediocre nighl wc couldn't duplicate illrvc. So we decided lo do kind
of a live record that we could play every nighl and gel away with it.
D: So who did you have producing this album?
M:Stcphcn(Egcrton,of Ali.], whoisthcpersonwe'vcalways worked wilh,
and Bill (Stevenson, drummer for AU).
D: All the Cruz bands are just a happy little family aren't they?
M: Yeah, pretty much.
D: There's only four bands on Cruz including y.
M: Skinyard,Chemical People and ALL. Thosea
D: What tunc do you guys do?
Danny:"! Don't Mind."
D: "A Take Away" on The Big One compilation is different from the
M: A lot different.
D:...was that done first? '      W
Danny: Yeah, a long time ago.
D:WMch one do you guys prefer?
Danny: I kind of like the vctaion on The Big One myself. It's a little fastei
M: Aad Frank sings a lot higher on it.
Danny: We recorded that in like four hours.
D: Where did the Cheap Trick cover from? Did you guys jusl want put oul
single or what?
M: No, actually the Chemical People asked us aboul it.
Bob Thompson: We've just always done "Surrender."
Danny: We do a couple of them actually.
M: We like Cheap Trick.
D: This is a good segue to ask you about the cover of Devo's "Freedom Of    Altmm/Tape/CD Type Thing-Cm;
B: We lcarnl it and recorded it in the same week.
M: Plus it could apply now too, the whole freedom of choice thing.
D: Are you guys glad to be back on the road? It's been a while hasn't it?
M: Yeah, about a year.
D: Rumour has it that you are being sponsored by AirwaBc?,
B: Not really sponsored but ihey gave us some free sfrit.
Danny: For a while we were getting free stuff from Dogtown, Vision,
Vans... ••##••#•#•
of the writing on the albums?
B: Frank writes all the lyrics and a good deal
of the music writing loo.
M: Il all depends. AAA
D: After listening to the past three albums it
sounds like Frank has problems wifh relationships because you listen to it and ii appeals to
all the women. Everywhere you go there are
going lo be tons of women at Big Drill Car
Danny: That's a very food antwer.
D: Has Frank been tormented romantically''
M: Well he's married now but 1 guess be got
the short end of the stick a couple times.
D: So to speak. __      A      _fc      _fc
So how long is the lour going to be?
Danny: About four months. We'll be home
by Christmas. WWW
D: So what's upfor you guys, Whercdo yoo
ttee yowrselvea going? Do you havea fiveyear
plan or what? II       #      #       #
M: We had ooe and ihis Halloween will be
four years so we got a year left. Our last goal
was to go to Europe and we gel to go there so
after that we'll probably try to set ourselves
some new goals.
D: Any offers from major labels or are you
guyi looking for a major label?
M: Not really, we're happy with Cruz.
Danny: With a major it's like the more yoo
get done the harder it becomes. It becomes
more of a job and if yon can stay away from
i!it's kind of cool.
M: And still be comfortable.      ^      A      m      *%\      A      _k      A
B: I think bands like Sonic Youth hav
pretty much kept their integrity and
are playing by their own rules.
M: I just wonder howmany records they '11 put out for Geffen. Imean Iknow
ihey sell pretty good but to a major label 100,000 records isn't sfrit.
Danny: You can get shelved pretty easily.
D: And then there's independent bands whoarc selling way more than that
like Fugazi or Bad Religion.
M: On an independent ifyou »dl 20 you're happy.
D: So how is Batch being accepted?
B: It debuted at 32 on the CMJ Top 100.
D: Have you had that kind of response to your previous albums?
B: Well the previous record got to 15 but that took three months. If this one
debuted at 32 that's a pretty good indicator that it will go a lot farther.
Big Drill Car Discography
.u, right?
re the only bands who have
Choice" on your new album. It rips, but why Devc
M; I'm a Devo fan from way back but I don't know why.
Danny: We were thinking of a cover to do for the new record and Bob w
work and heard that song and said, "Hey, let's do that."
• •      •
• •      «
# #
• *      #
# A
• ♦      *
• W      •
• w    w
•  #
A      *      A
• •      •
# w
Small Block-Cruz
"Surrender/Getaway" (split 7" w/Chcmical People)-Gruz
The Big One.Crty of LA Power compslation-Flipside
•      #••#»•
•     •     A     A     A     A
•     •     •     A     «
•     ••••■ ©STUPiO DtlMM/ttoS©
'SMoPPprs Slug Mast'
presents the newest R&B room In town
Sept. 3-Oct.3 The Wailin'
Walker Band
Oct 7 10 Clyde Roulette
Oct.11-12 Powder Blues Band
Oct. 14-16  The Sun Dogs
Oct.17-19   Oiiver and the
Oct.21-26  Mike Jacobs Band
1176 GRANVILLE 688-8701
That damn month of October     5 Whoa Nelly! What's that there a-goin' down? If it
ain't that battle-of-the-bands thing happenin' at the
Railway ev'ry Monday night 'til the holidays! That,
yessir, is correct... three unforseen and unbeknownst musical troupes fighting to the death for
the glory of rock'n'roll itself. Renews your faith in
the youth of today or something like that. Yeah,
that's it. Just giddown'ere and catch the action at
<!k   Vancouver
V^ Studios
DJ SOUND WAR CHAPTER TWO wishes to thank:
Crews: B.C.U., Bassic Instincts, BZ Jam & the Urban Brotherhood Committee, C.D.P., D.C.P.,
D.O.P.E., Dis Company, The Epicenter, Finesse & Showbiz, Flipside, Greg B & DJ Skill, Killa D
& the D-Force Posse, Nation of Colours, Sound Advice, Spanish Fly, Straight Black, T.N.T.,
Terror T & the Beat Assassinator, Twice Az Nice... Dancers: Andre & Junior, Angel A & IB
Damned, Nazgol Shifteh, Special K & Bobby B, Twice Az Nice... DJ's: B Mello, Born Supreme,
DWS, Encore, Pete Finesse, Skill, Tee Double... MC's: BZ Jam, Chaz EB, Code Black, Critical
C, Curious George, Doctor J, Forte D. Vortex, Greg B, Jay Skee, Juice D.U.B., Killa D,
Motormouth, Terror T, The Master D... Graffitti Clash: Dez'me. Neos, Zeek ... Sponsors: National
Sound Corp., Creation Studios, Profile Studios, Roland Canada Music, Gemini / Sound
Distribution, Numark PPD, Streetsound Magazine, 3M, Odyssey Imports, Rhythm Zone, West
Indies Records, Zulu Records, AMS Copy Centre, Urb Magazine, Non-Fiction Design Studios,
Attic Records, A&M Records, BMG Records, Capitol Records, Cargo Records, Delicious Vinyl,
MCA Records Canada, NastyMix Records, PolyGram Inc, PWL America, Round the Globe
Music, Sony Music Canada, Tommy Boy, Warner Music Canada, HTI... Master of Ceremonies: Earl
the Pearl... Judges: Don Chow, Michael Clarke, Maximus Clean, DJ Kilocee, Eaze, Michael Golf,
Michael Harding, Russ Hergert, David Jones, Quaze... CiTR 101.9fM, Discorder Magazine, and
last  but  not  least,   all   of  you  who  came  out  to  witness   DJ  Sound   War  Chapter  Two. LOLLAPALOOZA
• •     •♦     FESTIVAL
It's nearing noon and I'mabout ready to get
on the freeway with a placard stating " Enum
Claw or Bust." Once we get our bearings
together we get Into a truck which kindly
picked us up. Of course the traffic Is backed
up to Bellvue by this time. There's traffic
coming from as far away as Chicago and
California. Not to mention the over-the-
border rush. This is the last Lollapalooza
concert in the North American tour of the
wet-dream closet In Perry Farrel's head.
This whole shindig was entirely his Idea.
Jane's Addiction will probably break-up
after this save for a couple of viscous
reunion gigs I guess. Perry got a hold of
most of the acts and also Invited "Refuse
and Resist." the leader of the political
voices represented In the sideshow tent.
The lineup for this Lola was as follows:
Rollins Band. Butthole Surfers. Violent
Femmes, Fishbone, Ice-T/Body Count,
Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Jane's
15 Miles away from the King County
Fairgrounds the traffic ain't movin'. Thank
God it's America and I'm too busy absorbing the culture to notice how slow we're
going.. America, the house of the misguided capitalist...where there are more trailer
parks than clean wash rooms... every gas
station sign reminds you of Urge Overkill...
Babbs Poodle Grooming...Rubber Ducky
CD Emporium... Misty Mountain Mobile
Park...Oh, who cares about the damn concert there's do-it-yours elf trout fishin' right
around the comer. We park about five
miles from the Fairgrounds, the highway is
lined solid on both shoulders, and this
pattern continues for the entire walk there.
One car full of anxious kids were
overjoyed because they had just peed on
the side of the road in front of ALL the cars
and yelled "Vancouver woo wooo." Actually I thought it would've been kind of cool
in the spirit of outdoorfestivalsandy'know,
rock'n'roll battling progress and all that, If
at this point everyone from Canada got out
of their cars and went to the side of the
road to do the same. There could've been
some nice comraderie there In a We-Van-
couverites-Know-How-To-Plss kind of way:
people in mack jackets proudly facing oncoming cars, smokin' a butt and aiming into
a colt .45 can, then giving It to a local wtth
One car full of Halloweenies. hoped
to get close enough so they could make It
through the gates without their hair falling
flat from the rain. A whole bunch of vans full
of blonde stoned dudes wearing no-
shirts and sporting dreads (indigenous
to America I'm afraid) and a whole
BUNCH of pickups full of rednecks and
locals that were reeeally pissed off and
didn't know what the goddamn sam-
hill was goin' awhnn. Heh. heh. heh.
who sed the revolution was only In the
minds of the jaded and the armchair
ridden. When we got inside they were
playing Fear "Let's have a war" over
the speakers. Great theme: there's so
many of us there's so many of us
there's so many of us. The crowd
estimated was 78 thousand. Let's have
Rollins was up first and he decided to capitalize on the sense of occasion by setting up a scenario- everyone
there being a prisoner of a concentration camp. Big open air concerts and
concentration camps have definite parallels. Someone threw a single Doc
by Redd Mcjann
Martin on the stage. I don't know if the owner
of the boot meant for it to be sacrificed to the
Rollins God. however, because a similar thing
happened to me when someone thought my
baseball hat would be a good gift for Ice-T. It
was okay because later I found a Mickey
Mouse hat by the "Honey Buckets." These
were a grim reminder of how many people
were there, and of how slimy the food was.
The original idea for food at the event was an
"exotic food tent" but that didn't transpire...
Instead there were a bunch of exhibition midway stands selling crab cakes, ukes on buns.'
and onions in taco shells.
I missed the Butthole surfers and Violent
Femmes, all I know is one of the two were
breaking bottles over their heads.
Fishbone were killer. One of the trombones yelling "fuckyou" melodlcally, if not In
opera fashion, as a closing statement. They
also covered the theme to "Fat Albert."
The King of Statement, Ice-T, was on
next. He did all his rap classics with a DJ and
then joined "Body Count" to do speed-metal-
rap, blowing away anything Anthrax and Public
Enemy do right out of the water. This set was
almost worth the price of admission itself. Half
the crowd was "moshing" in self-contained
pits about the grounds, surrounded by others
hurling their fists around In arena-rock con-
cert-Arsenlo Hall fashion. The rest were trying
to survive up front where Body Count were so
kind as to spray them with champagne.
After that. Siouxie came on and she told
us that she was going to be good and that we
didn't deserve it. Since she was wearing black
and silver spangly busty things and lots of
make-up and I went to the tent. She had a
good drummer.
Jane's Addiction, last on the bill, last
show..urn, last great moment? I haven't made
anyWoodstockcomparlsons up until now and
I won't (yet). Someh owl don't think any hippy-
rhetoric would make sense. We tend to apply
the omnipotent, world-changing definitions of
music In the 60's to anything 'significant' now,
even though we know it no longer works. You
can think of all sorts of Guru-sensitive monument words to attach to certain bands or
concerts, but that automatically turns off
virtually anyone who remembers the last 15
years. Since that's almost everyone, let's Just
suffice to say that Lollapalooza was not a
complete waste of time.
Jane's Addiction had two percussionists, alongside their drummer, that played
congas and a bunch of other things I couldn't
see. They were making sounds ranging from
bullhorns to scrap aluminum bashing. On the
aesthetic side, JA presented the pop-culture carnival Image that Lollpalooza put Into
my head when I started to wonder if going to
see It was a good Idea. Assorted guest
musicians and other "personalities" were
partitioned Ice-capades style across the
stage, leaving a 600 sq foot space occupied
almost entirely by Perry Farrel . With the
original line-up was a violinist, a sax, and
another bassist, the two extra percussionists, a castanet dancer, a zombie on stilts
and two models who did Interpretive dance
with dresses that turned them into a giant
throbbing vagina. They then proceeded to
strip and make out Duran Duran style. Even
If you couldn't see. the sound was quite
exceptional for an open air Wet-fest, not to
mention Perry's Integration with previous
performers was worth the price of admission
No, everyone at Lollapalooza didn't get
back up on stage for an encore while they
lined-up In each others arms to sing "give
peace a chance" or "ebony and Ivory" In
traditional'rock music festival style'. Instead,
Ice-T with the Body Count guitarist/bassist
backing him did a song (after Perry told the
audience that the one thing black people
were good for was their skin as scuba suits)
about, I guess, being both proud and mad
about being what you are. Perry tells his joke
and. of course, the audience goes "boo"
and everyone wonders why he said such a
thing and whether he's going to do a duet
with Fishbone. Ice-T creeps out to the audience's view (yep. no one knew he was there
before he sang the first line) "Don't call me
Niggah...Whltey." Then they launched Into
this sonic music war, cross-style, song that
tested the blues of Hot Chocolate against
the intensity of Raw Power. I thought it would
be a bizarre duet when I say the guy who's
done probably about as much for the 19 year
old Black kid as Neil Young has done for me,
strutting smoothly behind this manlacle bald
white artist from LA who obviously Isn't
trying to abolish drug use...In any way. It
worked up to the point where Ice-T raised
his fist In the air and everyone wept at how
beautiful It all was.
I went home with narray a pang of
remorse for missing Nine Inch Nails, who
performed at the Toronto and Kansas City
shows, and for once feeling like I went to an
actual music event, as opposed to some
brilliant marketing scheme. Sure there were
T-Shlrts and Donairs and a whole bunch of
assholes making money, but that's what
happens when the bands you like (Insert
shudder here) make it big. In the light of I
the contents of the Lollapalooza tent,
there can be no sell-out comparisons
akin to Pepsi-Jingle singers and sports
Here's a run down of the more memorable organizations represented In the Lollapalooza tent. A lot of people were Just
there to sell their tailor made brand of
politics toyoung people, but some things
actually made sense or were pretty entertaining anyway. This is brief so I strongly
suggest you write to find out more, and
send a SASE.
ave. #1166N.Y.C. 110165. (2120 941-
5474, or (212) 713-5657. Primarily a
political group. Some of their publications were banned throughout the Lolla- J
palooza tour. Information Includes/ex- f
-Children detention and Immigrant Ir
prisonment to do with INS concentration I
camps and the Simpson Rodino clamp-
down "Operation 3D."
-The war on women/drugs.
-Foreign military Intervention.
-Actions to defeat, in court, the compulsory patriotism (anti-flag burning) law.
-Defending women's clinics from Operation Rescue.
-Squatting vacant apartments In San Fran-
-Organlzlng the first gay and Lesbians
Rights march In Washington.
-Forums In NYC include "the Jesse
Helm's Gallery."
ANTI-WARrior P.O. Box 42488 SF j
Ca 94142. (415) 824-1214 A national J
campaign for amnesty of war resisters. [
They publish amonthly periodical which I
presents an exhaustive list of anti-war I
organization chapters of all sorts all across 1
P.O.Box 1731 Woodinville WA 98072.
Info on the uses of marijuana with a focus
on legalization and Impeaching federal
Judges for wrongful conviction of drug
users-lots of literature and a big fat book
for $13 American called The Emperor
Wears No Clothes-a glossary of hemp
prohibition throughout history by Jack
NE#1612Seattle. 98105, (206)292-
1624. Lots of literature with a socialist lean. Including "Storm Warning."
Jim Blanchard P.O. Box 20321   I
Seattle Washington has a mall order \
catalogue with trading cards,T-Shirts
and comic books from assorted underground artists on "Starhead."
Stuff Includes Blach. Ratfink. Mondo
Suburbia (Includes Bagge, Clowes,
Robert Armstrong) and his own
"large" comic/poster book called
Retina Damage. Jim had a table and
an exhibit In the tent. I picked up some
mini comics I'd never seen before.
Freak Fucks by Denis Worden (stick-
boy) and Testosterone Cityby Bagge
That damn month of October DJT Soundwar Chapter II
Well, ifyou weren't there, here's the
on-paper equivalent of whal went
down alCiTR's DJ Soundwar Chapter II, held on Saturday September
the 14th and Sunday the 15th. The
whole weekend started al around
noon on Saturday with the first bits
of spray paint hittin' the plywood of
the first ever Graffiti Clash, in the
Student Union Building Courtyard
out here alU.B.C. Three artists, Dez-
ine, Neos, and Zeek, all of Vancouver, crafted their creations for the
next six hours, with another six hours
on Sunday to go lo complete their
At around three o'clock, National Sound's DJ and Nightclub
equipment Exhibition was opened in
the S.U.B. Partyroom for all to see.
All the latest mixers, turntables, and
ion s of other DJ equipment was there
for your perusal with lots of pamphlets and answers to your questions
courtesy of the National Sound staff.
There were also some funky remixes
happenin' at the back of the room
courtesy Much Music's Mr. Control.
The competition kicked off at
around 6 PM as promised, with Saturday scheduled for groups of MC's,
DJ's and Dancers to do their stuff
throughout the night, interspersed
with each other to keep things changing. Believe me, there was some serious slammin' dope shit being
dropped here I
The DJ's ripped shil up with a
ton of chin scratchin', behind ihe
back crossfadin', under the leg beat
breakin' and all outdope record spin-
nin'. Pete Finesse, B Mello, Skill and
Bom Supreme made it into the semifinals, and after another round of
cuttin', Skill came out on top of B
Mello with the deffest scalchin' that
I've ever heard in my life! And Uve
right in front of my eyes too! I've
never heard nothin' like that even on
The MC's came out bustin' funky
fresh rhymes on time like dey wuz
diggin' in a gold mine, fast and hard
or chillin' on the mello tip or somewhere in between, but always stone
cold hittin' the verbal nail on the
head. Jay Skee, Terror T, Code Black,
Juice D.U.B., Critical C, Greg B,
Chaz E B, and Doctor J made it to the
second round where everybody had
lo rock the mic to the same fresh beal,
evening oul the odds and making it
easier for the judges to do a critical
breakdown on the rappers. It look
four rounds to finish it off, with the
verbal endurance of Greg B lifting
him to the top o' the pile, wilh Chaz
E B and Juice D.U.B. smokin' hot on
his heels.
On the dancing Up, five dancer crews
took to the stage (the floor, actually!
) and turned the mutha out. R and B
(Andre and Junior) ended up winning with Twice Az Nice wearin'
holes in their shoes for second place,
and everybody dancin' up a hip hop
storm. Well, at the end of the night it
was obvious that the contestants tore
the roof off the sucker, and the competition was only half overt
The second day of the DJ
Soundwar experience began with the
final half of the Graffiti Clash, producing three funky fresh 8 foot by 12
foot murals of street-style Graffiti. It
must have been a tough decision for
the judges, but Neos' creation topped
the other two for the prize. The National Sound Equipment Exhibition
was open again Sunday for all those
interested in state of the art DJ equipment for all budgets.
Al around 6 PM again the onslaught
of the rappage commenced, today
being reserved for crews. Kmg Psychopath and his crew, who weren't
actually in the competition, warmed
up the audience with a good dose of
da beau and rhymes. In total, 19
crews from the West Coast of B.C.
and Washington gave il up for the
audience. This was amazing. Everybody put on a good funky 10 minutes
of hip hoppin', with each crew goin'
buck wild and showin' off original
style for the crowd and the judges.
Some crews did the straight up rapper and DJ combo while others added crowd hypin' dancers to then-
show, or got the rest of their gangsta
posse to back 'cm upon stage. There
was also live bass playing, computer
sequencers on stage, live keyboard
sampler playing, and even limbo
dancing! When the dust had settled
and the scores were tallied, Greg B
and DJ Skill narrowly claimed first
prize from the formidible Flipside
Posse and B.C.U.. The Central Dis
trict Posse and Finesse and Showbiz
rounded out the top five finishers.
All in all, DJ Soundwar Chapter II
turned out to be a slammin' exposition of what's been happenin' in the
rap scene in the Pacific Northwest. It
was very interesting to sec, for the
Canadian con tingenlatleas I, that those
who had entered in DJ Soundwar
Chapter I last year had improved significantly. Asa matter of fact, it seems
that the DJ Soundwar get together
itself has sparked the local rap scene
into some serious action, giving local
rappers the opportunity to kick their
ballistics live and do some damage on
slage, which has forced them lo get
their acts together and put on some
straight up serious-ass dope too live-
action shows. And now that they have
learned the lessons that you can only
leam from doin' a live show, the rap
scene in Vancouver as a whole seems
ready to take on the rest of the rap
world and get our 40 acres and a mule.
See ya next year for DJ Soundwar
Chapter HI!
The MC's: Greg B, Chaz E B, Juice
D.U.B., Jay Skee, Code Black, Criti
cal C, Terror T, Doctor J, Motor-
mouth, B Z Jam, Curious George,
The Master D, Killa D, Forte D.
The DJ's: Skill, B Mello, Bom Supreme, Pete Finesse, Encore, Tee
Double, DWS
The Dancers: Andre and Junior,
Twice Az Nice, Special K and Bobby B, Nazgol Shifteh, Angel A and
The Crews: Greg B and DJ Skill,
Flipside, B.C.U., C.D.P. (Central
District Posse), Finesse and Showbiz, Nation of Colours, Bassic Instincts, Twice Az Nice, Sound Advice, Terror T and the Beat Assassinator, B Z Jam and the Urban Brotherhood Committee.D.O.P.E. (Down
On PubUc Effect), Straight Black,
D.C.P., Spanish Hy, The Epicentre,
The Dis Company, Killa D and the
D-Force Posse, T.N.T. (The New
The long-awaited/much-
vaunted/highly-touted (select
your own cliche, just as long
as it's hyphenated) debut album "LEISURE" now on sale!
8E_^o_K_3 The local art scene has begun to heat up along with those (sporadically) rising temperatures. So many intriguing-sounding openings happened lately It was hard to keep up. so I
figured I did well by catching some. The ones that stood out. above and beyond, for
originality were the Contemporary Art Gallery's project focusing on our place of habitat
entitled 'Private Addresses'. Smash Gallery's smashing international comic-artlsts expose
'Misfit Lit' and their screening of Cinestir's more "sinister" short films of the last three years,
and of course we can't forget the much-maligned What Gallery's latest hanging of a
dozen or so very diverse "underground-y" localtalents. I even managed to record for your
devilish delectation an odd but entertaining (for me!) convo with local "weirdo" artist Emil
Daley whose styles(s) is/are...uh...eclectic to say the least, and who seems to be high on
certain people's HIT LISTS... ^3-t-^-*-i^ *>=> /*
I was drawn to the Smash Gallery's latest rare endeavor of 'Misfit Lit' tor connoisseurs of the
moreunusual and creative comics around (hence: misfit). A collector'sdream: all original,
one-of-a-kind silk-screens and drawings Py some of the most talented, bizarre comic
artists in North America. No,this Isn't Superman; It'spolnteO. twisted social commentary for
today, most of it hard-edged and gritty with humour sometimes reduced to a gurgle in the
throat. It's exciting stuff. Kaz's demon world of planetary aliens includes a trip to the surface
in 'Everything' and The Tragedy of Satan'; Kaz's style Is busy, colorful and arresting.
Arresting, too. of course, are Jaime Hernandez' signed silk-screens (he of Love and Rockets
fame?) that are clean, bold and frightening-but tempting, like too much sex. Carel
Molsetwftsch's enormous color 'Siren' (Pinklll and Black!!!) overshadowed practically one
whole vt/afl; yes. I know - she's good. Her aggression is channelled to a perfect kntfe-ttp
(pencil-Up?). Dan Clowes' Eightball' covers recall styles of yore in his views of Twisted
Normality which are "like a Velvet Glove Cast In fron* (his words, not mine). Ralph
Steadman'S cover of 'America' with its blood-orvwhite )S nothing short of shocking: a
mummified body fri a chair, poised in a simultaneous hanging and shooting, the blood
spurting from Its back in an impressive splat. Another cover of 'America' expresses phallic
distortion ofthe ugliest kind: the suit and tie with penis and balls for a face. Pointed symbols
of today, can we surmise? Gary Footer twists (once again) those icons of America In "VHS
Tapes', a spatanlc beautiful-people beach scene, and Aiine Kominsky's 'Remember
Peggy' sends up contemporary conversation and other hilarious guirks of society. Art
Splegelmctn's 'Lead Pipe Sunday'-a woman's body victimized by Lilliputian-sized well-
known cartoon characters - stands out and needs no explanation. Shary Flenniken's Ironic
poke at the with-it couple attempting at a bout with camping-out coiled "Real Ufe
Adventure' is very funny-with some vivid coloration too. Glenn Head, Charles Burns. Julie
Doucet and. of course. Joe Mart's 'Wedding' (WOW!) stood out, as wel) as a long list of
talented exhibiting artists. The show was a biggie as far as visual art in Vancouver goes-so
why did nobody on the art beat cover it? Beats the heil out of me. Kenneth Smith: WILD. Put
it this way: Comic artistry is hot and here to stay.
ressionist tale of e
Also here to stay, we hope. Is Vancouver's own Cinestir film production company, an
original group headed by Marcus Rogers. Last month I had the pleasure of viewing their
festival of short films at-yes, agafrt; I can't help it if these guys produce good shit-the Smash
Gallery of Modern Art. What a treat to see these tittle gems, lovingly dfrected with at ieast    out of hete before the cops come
one eye open to the Ironic. 'Baltek', a 'stark expressionist tale of everlasting love and the
corruption of innocence" was like an expose of film noir. with some great atmospheric
touches ana engaging performances by Lupus Yonderboy as the Arch Vampire and Joe
Gallagher as the Corrupted Priest. *Cancerman" was a twisted little piece of a man ana a
"toxic mutation of his own creation" who Is chased into the sewers ofthe city. Some seriously
hilarious spoofing on the art of filmmaking, aided by classic comic timing. Kent State(nojoke)
made such a perfect Cancerman that you couian't imagine anyone else In the part; where
do they get these actors? Not only does Cinestir create fascinating cult-type films with
complex twists (others were 'R.E.M.', 'The Gates', 'M.I.', 'Anniversary' and. my fave, 'The
Widower') the castingand direction-Kevin McBride. Shawn Miisted.Neii Thompson and Mike
Hills are the three other directors-is done with sensitivity and intelligence.
Emil Daley has some new and zany works up on the Cruel Elephant and the Hot Gossip
Cafe, sortie done in performance when he hung himself by the ankles from the ceiling as a
"Human Paintbrush." and they're nothing like anything he's done before. Then again,
nothing he does Is like anything he'sdone before; as he says himself, he's a "master of many
styles, slave to none." You can be the judge. The question on some people's minds may be:
Is Daley becoming a badboy local artist or just a pain in the ass? I snagged a ride with him
on the way to the Cinestir deal. He'd just had a bad week, having spent all day Tuesday in
our esteemed city jaU following a little tussle with the police on the beach. He swears he was
innocent. * I was just having a bit of fun!" he protests. Weil, what happened? "The beach was
empty, the lifeguard looked bored, so I ran up and tackled him to the ground from behind
then ran Into the water for a swim. When I came out, three big guys were waiting for me-they
beat the shit out of me then shoved me ina paddywagon." Oh my. He'sbeen "numbed out'
ever since that little Incident. I ask him if he's a whiny little artist. "I'm the least whiny artist I
know!" he says with that artist's look of total Innocence on his face. "I always take the shit."
he complains. I ask him if it's because he knows he's guilty. "Noooooo. it's easier that way."
"You Bke it easy?" "Yeah, for sure!" "Why?" "It'smorefun.morerelaxing-knowwhatlmean?
Shit, there's the cops, better put on my seatbett. They don't Hke me these days."
Weputonourseatbelts. Daley continues. "At Fettuccini's. I frtedto get my headboards back
and couldfVi, so l went and had a beer on the house and the owner went and called the
police! Ever since then I have been plagued by the police." "So In other words you're a
SHITDISTURBER.Emil!" "No way! t couldn't think of any other way of getting my things back."
Uh oh! I'm starting to feel bad tot this guy. Suddenly he tells me "I'm scared." "UK..why is
that?" "Too many drugs." "When?" "Lately." "What kind?" "Oh, soft drugs(that's what the
police say). Soft drugs and alcohol. Bad combination."
Suddenly he stops at a green light. "Emil! What the heU are you doing?" Pause. "I'm
stoned." he says. "No. Imeannotliterc_iy,l'mgolngthroughemotionalcrisis-don'twritethat
down!" I laugh and he says "O.K.. put it down. Who cares-at least it's honest. Shit, I'm Just a
wNmpy artist." For the record. At (east he's got 1he guts to let me print this-lock. stock and
barrel. Gotta give him that. To me, this is real life and Daley's just another struggling artist. I'
Sarah Chesterman
That damn month of October     9 So. here we are. The Fringe is over and before you Is the jottings of a Frlngewalker. Right at the start I decided to see as many shows as possible, to ride the Drama roilercoaster
without overlooking anything. Well, what with only a few minor Interuptions, I managed to get to 45 shows In 9 days. Was It well worth the lack of sleep, the threats of disowned
friends and family, having no clean socks and the disruption of all other forms of stimuli?...Fuck yes.
Where else could I have seen the tragedy of Ophelia, performed by one of the ugliest dolls I have ever seen, or Pooh die, with Piglet exterminated, or more dysfunctional human
beings than Banyen has books for. All this while experiencing, vicariously, most of the major dramatic emotions, some of which have yet to be classified. (For Instance, what
does one call the feeling of being Inside a freshly slaughtered cow?)
So I thought Id give you some personal memories and thoughts, then tell you a little bit about some of my favorites and, finally. a few survival hints to get you through THE FRINGE.
1. To the volunteers and the co-ordi-
natcrs-all the hours you put in showed. What
a well run, pleasant environment you all created for the Fringe to exist in.
2. Visiting between shows, a delightful
former student of Ms. Somerset, of studio
fame, related tales to me of how the love of
theatre had been instilled in her ihrough only
taking one course from this woman. She says
she always remembers being told that theatre
must be "vivid." Great word, she says, to
describe most Fringe shows.
3. Was it a coincidence or just because
someone was doing Hamlet that lines and
jokes based on this play kept on popping up
all over other shows? Boissin 3 minute version. The Bastard, In the Hoohah, Juana-
bees, and others I've forgotten.
4. Great take-offs of modem dance
routines. A battle between Martha Grahams
and Isadora Duncanists, that took place in
Seahawk, made me wish all battlefields
looked this ridiculous to our eyes. The Juana-
bees salt and pepper showers were wonderful
but the funniest of all though was in I Wanna
Be A Cowgirl.
5. A beautiful and erotic East Indian
grocer, lover, and savior, found in among the
Bed of Lentils still awes me. And the baseball
hat wearing local yokels, Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern, from Hamlet will always return a smile to my face. I know for a fact those
boys drove their 4-wheel drive right up to
6. The best piece of physical art in the
Mount Pleasant area has to be found in the
basement of the Heritage Hall: the urinal in
the men's washroom. The Dadas would had
7. America's Most Funniest Home Video has to be the Fatherone from The Bastard,
truly inspired television at its best.
8. Nicestfamily relation ship in the whole
damn Fringe (get out of the way Cleavers)
had to be the incest loving White Queen and
her sweetie son, the Black Prince, from a
Grim Tale. Wow..can I rent a room from
these folks?
9. Whether you liked the show or not,
the enthusiasm and glow ofthe Russian troupe
from Animal Farm made sitting in the front
row of this show like being washed in a tide of
10. Fucking Intellectual Theatre Snobs
go away. You're boring and stupid. Here's a
classic example: a bored, youngish, red-haired
man. Heritage Hall, Wednesday evening 6:45
when asked if he had seen a certain show, he
responded "As one becomes better educated
one becomes more selective." Get thee to the
Playhouse, knave.
11. So why are two curtain calls de
12. Why does the odd sexist or racist
joke still slip through? I mean were those
'Jewish' manks really necessary in Wallace
and Women.
I just wanted to throw in a few personal f avou-
rites and .picks etc. in no particular order. Just
performances, actors, or technical aspects that
I found enthralling, interesting, or whatever.
Sins Of Our Father-this play had moments in it that I'm sure to many are impossible enough to think about let alone bear witness to on st_ge. Stevan T. Makaj's performance as both abused man and child will haunt
me for a long lime. The transformation from
confident stereo salesman to frightened pleading child just at the sound of his Father's voice
spoke to me of excellent acting discipline and
study of character.
Bed AmongTheLentils-thequielbeauty of this one actor show written by lan Bennett
and performed by One's Company, the polished words of this script and the excellent
delivery and insight by the actor made a tale of
alcoholism and redemption shine in a wondrous light.
Hamlet- this 1 3/4 hour one man show,
filled with wonder, knowledge of material,
greal sense of fun and play, and pathos, was
not to be missed. It was the only show I
attended which received a standing ovation.
Clayton Jevne manages to remain fresh and
excited about his heroic performance right
down to his final popped balloon and light cue
fade oul I don't care whether Wee Willie
would have liked it or not: we did.
Abraison-a great family romp through
the Nuclear age of us all, and enough toxic
waste for everyone.
The Bastard-a wonderful simple set,
perfect for the Fringe venue, whose changing
shape perfectly matched the changing moods
of this darkening vision. The innovative use of
video made me realize there really can be a use
for a camcorder.
Getting Even and In The Penal Colo-
ny-these two {days were the most difficult
hours I spent during the entire Fringe. The
horrific machine in Penal Colony and the
cracked mirror f ragily contained world in Getting Even made me lose all sense of reality. In
both cases I found myself in two different
versions of a Hell neither of which I am over
eagerly anxious to return to. Paul Crepeau's
performance in Getting Even is my favourite
scuz-bag-scum in the Fringe.
Cameos Above and Beyond the Call-
David Hurtubise's dog in Ice Cream and the
actor who portrayed the Sperm and The Pill
in Jane .Ovaries (I'm really sorry Host this
program and therefore yourname) were what
I can say 'scene pleasingly wonderful.'
Provlncetown-What a script, what
surprises, and what acting. So often I really
am not a fan of plays that have actors playing
actors but this play was a pleasant exception.
Hauntingly beautiful in terms of style and
language, I am truly hoping this is one of
many Fringe productions we will be able to
see remounted this coming year. Whatever
you do, please don't change it, just keep it
Root of Chaos-What another fun outing this turned out to be, another family from
Hell and on -our-block comedies. Robert Mc-
Cullough's performance as Skeeter was I
think my favourite all-time bouncing, boy-
son, wide-eyed silly youth. A fine time and
just enough message. Besides we all hate
fear so its a great villain.
As I watched the various posters being
removed, to restore lamp posts etc, I realized
that, for me, Labour day is no longer the end
of summer, the End of the Fringe is. Watching the posters fall from the kiosks left me
with a desire to take a bag home and cover
them with autumn leaves, in some sort of a
post-Fringe Dionysusian rite.
I made it through a great Fringe this
year. Despite intense Fringing, I didn't lose
my job and I still have some friends that are
still talking to me. Emotionally I still feel a
bit jangled but that's to be expected from
high quality stimulation of the old grey matter . I'm not ready for another Fringe next
week but definitely next year. I'd say that the
Fringe this year reached a really commendable standard in both production, scripts and
acting. Some of the best work ever that I
have seen in the Fringe was accomplished
this year. Watching the mixes of peoples,
encompassing all ages, economic, and social
specs, really makes one see how the Fringe
has managed to capture and make a large
spectrum of the city feel welcomed. Hey,
maybe we will be able to fix that ozone hole
after all. Theatre is the great melting pot -no
wonder dictators close down theatres. Ideas
abound and make things, as Ms. Somerset
said, "Vivid." This great stew of performances has once again been created and
served by several thousands to even more
thousands. As one big theatre glutton, I just
want to say it was a Hell of a meal and a
dynamite way to end the summer. Its going
to give me many hours of memories, soul
searching themes, smiles and avenues of
pursuit to peruse over the coming wet days
of winter. See you next year and thanks again
it was one of the best..
1. Get your program as early as possible,
read it, study it, and read it all again!!! You
don't want to belike one couple studying the
board Friday night deciding on a show,
going off to see it, only to find it is sold out
Then, returning, to repeat the whole procedure only to find out 3 hours later about the
wonders of COWS...the Central Outlet
Wicket Service. This is where you can buy
all your tickets in advance for the whole day
or for any shows up to an hour before curtain, when the sales move to their venue.
2. Do your schedule.
3. Re-do your schedule-I'm putting
this comment here to tell you that you will be
revamping plans continually as you find out
what's hot and what's not, cancellations,
etc. Don't worry, changing your schedule is
all part of the Whole Fringe Experience.
4. While at COWS don't forget to
check the rush board. Many shows go on
sale the day of the performance and a show
for only $4 is a deal anywhere, even better
•han a Tuesday night movie.
5. WeargoodSensible Footwear, leave
your high heels at home. If you're wondering why, try getting from Mount Pleasant
Community Centre on 16th to the Anza club
on 8th in 3 inch heels within IS minutes.
Good luck and remember if you're late, you
don't get in. No exceptions.
6. Gets lots of sleep, save your partying to the end. You are going to get physically tired and emotionally silly with excessive Fringing.
7. Take a book or paper with you.
Sometimes the lines can be boring, with no
one interesting to eavesdrop on.
8. Wear clothes in the old layers routine: cold outside, maybe, bul boiling in
9. Get to COWS early on in the day,
especially if you want hot tickets, because it
can save you re-doing youritinerary. While
I'm mentioning COWS, just a small note to
all the volunteers who worked there... what
a job you guys did, always smiling and so
efficient too.
10. Get to the venue'early. This is
important for seat selection as one can't see
through the posts at thc Anza Club and:
with a back rest, i.e. the top rows in the
Heritage Hall, are essential for surviving
90 minute performance.
11. Try to give your days an emotional
mix. A day of rape, murder, and mayhem
can leave you feeling unhealthy as can a day
of great comedy: balance.
12. Talk and compare, read reviews,
gossip with everyone, listen in on conversations in line-ups, these are the only ways lo
discover hidden pearls among the rhinc-
stones. Talking to everyone includes the
performers, techs, \vhomever...don'tbeshy,
ask them about their shows and what ihey
13. Take a chance and go see a show
you would never see anywhere else because
of the subject matter or style- remember
those marked down tickets at COWS.
14. See at least one classic you - don'
know when it's going to be done again and
it's great for comparison's sake.
15. See the hits early. The venues are
less crowded plus you'll be able to lord it
over others towards the end of the week
when they are scrambling for tickets.
16. Try not to become bored with the
feelings of angst, disillusionment and
cessive attitude sometimes found on stage
or at the Fringe Club.
17. Visit, at least once, the infamous
Grant Cafe to see the real artists. This v
must be pursued later in the day for the full
performance. No tickets necessary.
18. Remember if you missed the whole
damn thing there's still the Victoria Fringe
and the 3eyond the Fringe shows at the Van
East Cultural centre. (No real substitute,
though, still better than nothing.) THE BEST IN LIVE
Oct. 14       Thanksgiving Day Special:  MAJOR
Oct. 22-26 from Chicago LUTHER "GUITAR JR."
Oct. 29-Nov. 2   THE DEMONS with special guest
This ia not a joke...they are real and th<
With Special Guests FEAST OF FKIENDS
FRIDAY H OCTOBER 25 *t 9.00>» H CARVER GYM ** $5
Tickets available at Avalon. Disc Jockey, The Landing, and VU info desk
Sponsored by AS Special Events For more information call (206)676-3738
That damn month of October    11 Playing live in HelFs Ditch
The Pogues in Vancouver
by Shawn Bouchard
On the evening before my interview with Spider Stacy I stayed up
late listening lo all the Pogues albums in my collection. I had trouble sleeping that night I have to
say the Pogues make me want lo
dance and jig all nighl long until I
drop down dead or drunk, preferably the latter. There'
about their music that get!
lapping and starts an awful
for drink which leaves
dry. I think
thing to do with
band orginaled
Kings Cross,
The band Jfflpbme a long
from the
MacGowMsTSpider Stacy and
Finer trio all the while maint
their energy and intensity.
Pogues were originally known
Pogue Mahone, which in Gaelic
means "Kiss my ass", until a clever
employee of the BBC figured out
the meaning of the monicker. Then
Pogue Mahone became The
Pogues. And so, as history does its
thing, ihe Pogues have gone on to
be, in my opinion, one of the best
bands in recent memory. I had a
chance to speak with Spider Tracy
and here's what transpired ...
What about this new tour, where
are you going and how long Is it
going to take you to get there?
We are going throughout the
United States and
Canada for
three weeks-just to remind people
lhat we're slill breathing. Actually,
the only other Canadian dale we' re
doing is Toronto, which is sorta of
a drag.
What everybody wants to know
Is what has happened with Shane
for this tour?
The situation as it stands al the
moment is not yet exactly resolved.
He's sort of taken temporary retirement from touring which might yet
turn in to permanent retirement from
touring. Depending upon how
things turn out however, hopefully
he will still be writing for the
Pogues. It is kind of rash to speculate too much about what's going to
happen in the future because it is
still early on the days. I c
any questions a
any degree <
myself don't
I certainly
ing on talcing extended sound
s but the best way of getting
I right is doing them live in
front of an audience. Everyone's
pretty happy with the way things are
going. I hope no one is going to be
disappointed and I don't think they
will be.
What did Joe bring, production-
wise, to the last
He agreed with
us. He gave us free reign but was
always ready to apply the whip when
necessary. Having a band with eight
people in it, the whip is not a bad idea
every now and again to keep people
on the right track. There is a tendency to wander.
Do you like playing to a Canadian
audience, and do you notice any
difference between Canadian and
American audiences?
I don't really like talking about these
things in terms of countries. A more
accurate way of doing it, I ihink, is
by comparing different cities. To use
an American example, say a Detroit
audience has more in common with
a British audience than say a Los
Angeles audience.InGttiada, Toron -
to and Vancouver are two very different cities. The whole atmosphere
of them are different and that is reflected in the nature of the audiences. There are very few cities that I
definitely better than
is of audience reac-
Glasgow, Belfast I must say
North America the Detroit audiences stand head and shoulders above
the rest. It seems, however, that ev-
go in Canada wc get a
whereas in the States
Allhough I should say in
have only playM Van-
Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa,
and Quebec City. Which for t_4*ec-
ond largest country in the world
is...maybe I should keep my mouth
Was the last album, HeW
ss s live albi
was it laid down track by track
the studio, fine tuning every
pect of the recordings?
It is live in the sense that there
very many overdubs on it. We sort of
banged down straight away in the
studio There are certain songs perhaps where it is belter to take a more
considered approach.
was awfully
new in the sense that we hadn 't play ed
them before an audience yet. The
only album, besides the first one,
where we have been able lo break
songs in live was Fall From Grace. I
think everything from lhat had been
fairly exhaustively played on stage.
That is the only way lo do it. When
you play a song after a few nights in
a live atmosphere you find spaces in
which you can do other things- at the
risk of sounding like a hippie.
track of the last album
""   dark. Where did it
from and what does it relate
Well, for that you ijtould really have
to ask Shane because he wrote it, the
lyrics anyway. But I think il finds ils
inspiration from things that Shane
has read by peopjb'like Locker and
Jean Genet...this sounds really pretentious, fucking hell. Sorry, I'm not
suppose to say that. There's always
been a strong sort of unhealthy obsession with death, the more morbid
side at life, which is dea*,*Hell's
Ditch*' is another episode Ofthe story
lhal started a few yens ago wilh
songs like "Dark Streets of London.'*?
Pessimism tales.
Are you superstitious?
Yeah, I'm superstitious. Iexperiqtice
a qualm when I wake up and
it's Friday the 13th. I've even got
I iliiftlp itir'Tiill I on my aim. I
know Shane's superstitious. I think I
can fairly safely say that we're all
superstitious to a certain degree. I
think most people are. I mean are you
superstitious? If you were walking
along a street and saw a ladder
propped up against the wall would
you walk underneath it?
guess I would probably think
twice about it, yeah.
If you just watch people, you know,
very few people walk underneath a
Journalist from the Boston Globe
yesterday that we don't have them
anymore. This fact has just been
confirmed lo me by one of your
journalistic colleagues from Chicago. So, in regards to North America,
I have no idea. I know I should but
nobody ever tells me anything.    I
Are the Pogues walking on any
Well, we have a best-of album corn
ing out in the end of September o
October, I'm not loo sure. We' re nc
contractually required to make an
So that
the last n
be delved in
.At them
r of North America, then
Iritain, and then in the
' year, Australia. So we want to
get that oot of the way first and then
we'll have the time and, hopefully,
more songs.
atical one was Fairytale of New
York, which took about two years
to gel right Mainly due (a the fact
that Shane was not happy with the
lyric* the wsy they were originally
written. Scttietimelytics can be very
awkward to get right You want to
express it nght.
Sd where did you learn toplay the
tin whistle?
I had a little book with diagrams in
WIH do you outside of the
s the band v,
How does the band write a song?
We don't really write songs together. Shane and Jem [Finer] collaborated on a few together, quite a lot
together in fact. That situation there,
generally, would be that Jem would
have a tune and Shane would have
some words. Or Jem would have a
tune and Shane would write s
lyrics for it, or vica versa. It tends tf
be a haphazard process really.
What's your favourite beer?
Actually I dont like beer, but if I
had to name one. Pilsner Urquclle,
a Czech lager, and allhough I'm not
Irish, Guiness-bui only in Ireland.
The stuff you get over there [Canada] is muck. Yeech. A few pubs in
Britain have drinkable Guiness but
forthe real stuff you have to go over
to Ireland.
The Pogues will be playing the Commodore Ballroom October 4...the
PNE Garden Auditorium October
5. Gol eivt my regards to you*
"I feel very, very strongly that people who are gay shouldn't have
to write about it all the time, nor should we look to dieir work in
the context of being gay. You don't look at me and say 'There's
Bill's work, he likes to shag women from behind!'-that doesn't
come into it" -Billy Bragg
Billy Bragg was nice to me. He wore
sunglasses, no socks and his bed was
unmade. I had difficulty with the
Marantz which he kindly doctored
forme. Basically he's approachable,
polite, friendly, and direct. Sony, no
dirt. Still, now you know what he
eats for breakfast
You played a Greenpeace concert
Union. Consequently, my feelings
about socialism changed in as much
as the period of logical manifestation. I came to socialism not for
- Leninism but because it
my basic fundamental humanitarian
ideas. So, now that we're in the post-
Marxist phase, I'm net in a position
where the ideology is bankrupt. I'm
in a position where I'm a step back
'Snd I CsbhRo back to my humanitar-
ian ideals. Without l
to the core of my
rather than get lost
very good at following
Did you enjoy Chilli-
formance? Did you see t
I had to fly in from Los Angeles
really early so I'm ashamed to say I
slept through it..but it was eilher
that or just fall asleep on stage. But
I'm told it was truly good.
Yeah, well, Chilliwack is a bit of a
Canadian legend.
That's what my friend from Detroit
tells me.
Do you want a serious question?
Come on, give us your serious ques-
Has your political stance and ideology changed any due to events
like Tiananmen in China and the
more recent events in the Soviet
Not really because of Tiananmen,
because that was just straight forward totalitarian oppression, but nobody who is socialist could fail to be
changed by the events in the Soviet
How about i
Yeah, give us a frivolous question.
Who's this one from?
This one is mine. It's actually in
honour of this [pointing to my DJ
Sound War T-Shirt]. You see
we're hosting a local rap competition for people from around Vancouver and Seattle and stuff and I
Was wondering if you wanted to
share your feelings about rap
music: whether you like it or not?
I do like it I'm not really sure where
the line between rap and all that kind
of stuff lies anymore. People that I
hsten to from that genre, people like
KRS-1. Boogie Down Productions,
A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul,
Consolidated. Is that rap or is that
not rap?
Is it? Thank you very much So that's
the kind of people I listen to but I'm
opposed to sexism and racism in all
their forms. Even when they're in
the form of black youth singing
about...using the sexist and racist
terms I have to say I'm opposed to
that as well. The worst excesses of
rap are, in my eyes, the worst excesses of heavy metal, they're pretty
similar and I'm not surprised that
some of those bands are linking up
with one another. If they've got nothing better to do than sing about chasing pussy then I, quite honestly, don't a
really want to hear about it. If they
can't articulate those urges that WC
all feel in a more positive way then...
Everyone goes through a period of
talking like that but you usually grow
out of it by the time you're thirteen
or fourteen. These people are thirty
and still talking like that. Their mums
must be really worried about them.
I'm surprised they let them out.
The guy who brought me down
here was telling me about this guitar book that you came out with...
Oh, the taxi driver gave you questions for me as well, bloody belli
You've just been canvassing
people. In the supermarket. Til be
seeing Billy Bragg, anyone got any
i was very Im
"Ask him if he's having an affair
with Wendy James." Go on, what,
your mum was impressed? Did she
give you a question?
No, she just reassured me that you
seemed like a very nice man.
I'd like to think that my listeners'
mums think I'm a nice man. Maybe
she should speak to my mum because my mum thinks that I'm not
doing the right thing. So what about
the guitar book? '
Has anybody come up to you and
said they learned how to play guitar because of your book? And do
you hear really bad renditions of
your songs now?
Yeah, but usually it's me that's playing them, when I can't remember
how the tunes go. It's not really
difficult for people to plug into the
Bragg tradition, but now with the
advent of Johnny Marr on the new
record it'sgoingto
change. It's hard
enough for me to
play them. I have
to look at the chord
tionale). And I'd already had about 3
or 4 songs written for that by the time
I went to make it so I knew that The
Internationale itself, the song,
wouldn't fit on the new album. It
was too heavyweight. It would have
been out of kilter with the rest of the
Besides the change In hairdo how
is John Major different from Maggie Thatcher?
He wears glasses and doesn 't wear a
dress-not in public anyway. Not that
much different really because it's
only a change of style. What they do
is still the same. We really needed a
general election because we've had
a British coup. There has actually
been a coup with the Conservative
party, changing the government
without going to the ballot box.
That's a coup. It's incredible that it
just happened like that and everyone
accepted it. The closest we're ever
going to get to a real apology from
the Conservative party, for what
they've done to us for the last twelve
years, is the removal of Thatcher.
But by the same token, they really
should have let the electorate do it
rather than doing it in the back II just
goes to show how politicians are
basically careerist and they'll sacrifice anything, anything to not lose
their jobs-even the leader of their
party. They're quite willing to sacrifice an entire generation of people
like that if they're willing to sacrifice their own leader.
Do you think there Is any hope of
getting rid ofthe conservative party?
Yeah There's a lot of hope.
When you were a kid, when people
asked you "what do you want to be
when you grow up" what did you
What did I want to be? I wanted to be
a zoo keeper because I liked the idea
of looking after the gorilla. Then
I've always wanted to do this since I
was about 13. It took me a long time
to realize it. I can remember telling
Elaine Moss when we were about 14
years old, 15 years old that I was
going to do this. To impress her. It
didn't impress her at all actually, but
she'd be pretty impressed now. If
she could see me now that I've met
Donny Osmond, I spoke to Slade
last weekend. All those people that
Elaine really liked, except David
Cassidy. But I'll tell you what, Elaine,
if you only knew then what we know
now, you'd have definitely come to
that party with me.
Maybe she could have met Donny
Osmond too?
She wouldn't have liked him.
Do you favor any particular color
in socks? I notice you're not wearing any right now.
Argyles. I favor argyles, nice woolly
argyles. Not very good for this kind
of weather but good for winter in
England. That is one of my vanities
I'm afraid, socks and underpants. I
just can't stop wearing them and
clean ones every day at that. See,
your mum was right
's happy to hi
That's the greatest change in my life
actually. I now own more underpants and socks then I've ever owned
before. That is the main change in
my quality of life since becoming a
"rock star."
Do you fed that this success and
excess of underwear interferes
with your ability to relate to the
ordinary people in the audience?
No, in a word. It' s almost as much an
audience thing as it is a performer
thing. The audience get the feeling
you're not approachable and you
kind of put out that vibe and before
you know who you are you're not
talking and filing for divorce. As
long as you remain accessible and
you keep doing things in a way that
the audience feel that they could
come up and speak to you if they saw
you in the supermarket buying some
cheese or mineral water.
Have you had anybody come up
and speak to you in the hotel?
No, not in the hotel Hotels are unreal. This isn't the real world. If they
put an animal in the zoo they put in
the things that fit in the animal's
environment, but you know it's not
real. You've got all that sort of stuff
there (pointing to the kitchen area)
butyou'venevergotany Com Flakes
or those things right in the back of
the cupboard that you always rely on
like baked beans or spaghetti
hoops.They don't give you any of
those. There's no cassette machine -
there's no way you can come in and
play a cassette really loud. They give
you a TV but what can you see on the
TV apart from Team Canada and the
Americans play ice hockey. That
was a good game. Pity about Gretz-
Is that what you wanted to have
for breakfast this morning, Corn
No, I actually woke up early enough
to get on the breakfast roll, so I was
able to have a cheese omelette for
breakfast and I was able to have
oatmeal and toast which is kind of
close to what I have at home, and
coffee and some Marmite. -
When you're 80 will people still
call you Billy?
I hope they call me grandad actually.
"*0i. Grandad, get off the bloody
slage." Um, yeah, I hope so. One, if
I live that long; two, if I'm still in
control of all my faculties at that
lime; and three, I hope that people
I remember me when I'm 80 and I'm
not just some old codger. So if all
those three come to pass then, yeah,
I'll be quite happy if people call me
Billy. But you know what, it's like at
that age when people call you "sir."
I might even revert to Stephen, who
knows. Actually I imagine by then
I'll be past caring what people call
me. If someone still brings me a cup
of tea and Marmite on toast I'll be
Billy Bragg, a
ket near you. The Strawberry Alarm Clock never
broke up. j^tSSI
They also never quit their day
jobs, according to founding member
and rhythm guiunsts Lee Freeman
who today works in Southern California al a telemarketing sales corporation. Lee called me from work
todiscuss Ihe past twenty- four years
of ihe Clock at my requests. (The
latest incarnation of the group was
scheduled to play CHRX's Rock-
stock at the Plaza of Nations on
September 15th and I was anxious to
catch up on that gaping hole in SAC
history,namely the lasttwodecades.)
Of course, inevitable circumstances
have kept the original line-up far
from intact, with only Lee and bass
ist George Bunnel remaining from
the group's inception. A new lead
guitarist and drummer round out this
leaner version of a group that once,
as a sextet, had an organist figure
prominently in their sound. Nevertheless, with two integral original
members to their credit, it is perhaps
a little paranoid to dispute parentage
with SAC.-circa 1991, in an age
when going to a Byrds show means
seeing original drummer Michael
Clarke stumble drunkenly through a
few hits wilh a band of unknowns.
Besides, any group dedicated enough
to carry on the relative obscure leg-
joy on some level, but for me it was
clear who the day's outcome was
riding on. luckily 1 was able to gel
hold of Ixe Freeman's work phone
number. Our subsequent conversa
lions first cased my doubts, and then
got me genuinely excited for the
upcoming show. Talking with him
was hardly even reminiscent of my
worst case scenario interview wilh
Revered Sixties loon:
Me: So sir, what wens the sixties really like?
RSI: Well, you know what they
say, if you can remember the sixties
youwcren'llherclHeh.hehll Yeah,
Whisky-Au-Go-Go blah blah blah
brown acid blah blah blah blah...
Ten yean ago my interest in
SAC encompassed the "Incense and
Peppermints" single, the only one of
their recordings then available to
me. For many, the name Strawberry
Alarm Clock begins and ends here,
with their biggest hit and one of their
best performances. The well known
legend surrounding the song is that
the session's producer did not feel
any members ofthe Clock were suited to sing the track, and, instead, had
one of their friends (present in the
sludio) handle the lead vocal (this
would be his first and last gig wilh
SAC). "Incense and Peppermints"
stream of consciousness lyrics, randomly pulled from a rhyming dictionary by outsider John Carter combined with a hypnotic instrumental
track that features Oingo Boingo's
future lead guitarist on flute to make
The side of the Clock often
overlooked is their penchant for the
satirical. "Half of everything we ever
did was parody," Lee claims, countering arguments of pretentiousness
that have comprised analyses of SAC
in the past. And although their parodying of Donovan and the Rolling
Stones is hopelessly dated in light of
all those artists have done to achieve
that end themselves, some of SAC's
burlesque moments have endured
the passage of time quite well. I
mean, any group that records a thoroughly lame jazz instrumental to pad
001 their debut album, rushed out as
it it to capitalize on the firsl single's
impressive sales, and then has the
audacity to entitle it Pass Time With
SAC deserves points for their glib-
ness or candor, or both. However,
the real fun begins when that distinction between farce and artistic statement is less clear, and you don'l
know what in the hell these guys are
trying to get at. Take "Hummin'
Happy," also from their debut with a
lyric Lee purports is their drummer's
life story:
A little sparrow alive in the street
A little sparrow with nothing to eat
A big ol' semi running down the
A squished dead birdy lying ai my
Can't you see I'm a sadist
Evil things make me happy
And that's why I'm unhappy - yeah I
as ihc group's i
vclopment that would sever his ties
with SAC once and for all. Lee relates the story: "We played in Mad -
ison, Wisconsin at a Catholic girl's
school (Lovetro) went on stage and
he had his briefcase handcuffed to
himself. After, the Mother Superior
came up and we were trying lo figure
out the financial arrangement. He
got in an argument with her and
spouted very loudly, with the PA on,
several obscenities al her." Exit
Gary Lovetro. He has since gone on
to find the perfect outlet for his hostilities, working as a policeman in
If you thought (as I did) that a
member of a psychedelic band at the
nucleus of the late sixties Californian musk scene would have a few
stories of decadence to relate, think
again. "We were very protective of
each other," Lee remembers, avun-
calarly maintaining that SAC stayed
clear of groupies and never touched
drugs. You can decide for yourself
how literally you want to take Lee's
comments. In any case, the point to
be apparently taken is that SAC were
not iconoclasts in the spirit of the
hippie movement that they were instantly identified with. Their professionalism paid off with consistent
work, earning them the title of "hardest working band in show biz" and
choice roles in the movies Psych O ui
with Jack Nicholson and Russ Meyers' Beyond Tht Valley ofThe Dolls
(in which ihe lead actress purrs "It's
acy lhal is the Clock's music deserves a full chance to live up to that
legend on stage.
All this said.I still wasn'tcom-
plctely sold on the scheduled de-
mystification of SAC. And the haphazardly written biothe show'spro-
motcrs had thrust in my hands only
made matters worse. After all, there
wasn't just some bogus childhood
myth at stake: this was the cold sober
reality of shelling out eighteen dollars for a concert ticket of uncertain
merit. This price also covered six
other bands (including Grand Funk
and War)whoI would probably en-
amostauspicious debut forthe group,
becoming their only major (not lo
mention #1) hit. Thankfully, a fine
import compilation came out on the
Big Beat label in 1987, (Strawberries Mean Love), to preserve this
song and some of SAC's subsequent
material which, despite its excellence, almost invariably sunk without a trace at the lime of initial release. Suffice it to say that suggesting there i» more to SAC than "Incense and Peppermints" is tantamount to observtn g th at Alex Chilton
did not exhaust his creative arsenal
as lead singer for the Box Tops.
Musically, SAC were one of
the era's only pop groups, this side
of the Phil Spector house band, to
experiment with twin bass players.
As it turns out, this strange amalgam
was not amisguided attempt at broadening the Clock' s musical horizons.
"Ourmanagcr did nothave the intestinal fortitude to fire the first bass
player," Less reveals, speaking of
ex-member Gary Lovetro whose
playing he sums up with the reflection "to say he sucked would be a
great compliment." For their early
tours, Lovetro took on double -duty
so great to be at a real Hollywood
party listening lo the music of the
Strawberry Alarm Clock"). Inevitably, the group locked homs with the
law while on tour, in Peoria, Illinois,
at the height of their career. Arriving
at the Holiday Inn in town a day
early, the frustrations of along lour
nearly erupted in a fist-fight wih
Colonel Sanders. Now under suspicion, the Clock spent the evening
setting off their cache of smoke
bombs, ultimately a bad call as it
drew the attention of the management who found damage had been
done to _ Gideon' s Bible. "Laterthat
night," Lee recalls, "we hear the
knock on the door again and at each
room there's a state trooper, local
policeman, and a film cfcw...and
Randy (SAC's original drummer)
just happened to be in bed with the
mayor's daughter.*' Exit Chevy Camaro and Coppertone as SAC spon-
Contrary to their aforementioned bio, which pinpoints 1986 as
the year SAC chose to reunite, Lee
maintains the group never broke up
at all 1 "As the dung wagon goes by,"
he explains, "every once in a while
we would jump on it, but we always
kept playing and recording." The
last twenty-four years of SAC have
not been without hiatuses, however,
like when Lee and guitarist Ed King
quit to join the ranks of Lynyrd
Skynyrd in the early seventies (King
still plays with this group who made
his "Freebird" and "Sweet Home
Alabama" compositions famous).
The increasing demand for sixties
and seventies groups has kept the
Clock fairly busy these last few years,
performing everywhere from LA's
China Club (with Micky Dolcnz and
a recovering Bobby Hatfield) to nationwide in a show with Love, the
Seeds, and the Music Machine entitled "The Psychedelic Summer of
Love Tour." Looking back on those
shows. Less expressed mixed feelings over sharing the bill with Love:
"It was weird; Arthur (Lee, Love's
commander-in-chief) was like' Hey,
man, I just broke my guitar, can I use
yours?' and
'Well, fuck,
you just broke
your guitar,
Bv the time
pitch excitement lhat had
been building
for a full week
was mutating,
and in an attempt to take
a bit of the
edge off I
spent the
night before
the show piss
drunk and
making a total asshole out
an Emily Carr,
By the end of,
the nighl my friend Tim had thrown
me through a door, at which point we
took the host's suggestion lo "take a
walk and cool down" as our cue to
leave. I woke up a few hours later
feeling completely paranoid and
ready to unravel, a state easily aggravated by my surroundings. Upon
arriving at the Plaza of Nations, I
was informed that the back stage access Lee had promised me and 'four
of my closest friends' wasnolforth-
coming. And on topof that, the hired -
gun beefcake squad (called Intrepid
Security, no less) would not let me in
wilh my camera. The best deal I
could negotiate in my a
deteriorating stale of mind was to
have permission to photograph during the first three songs of SAC's set.
But the promoter was insistent that I
pay my way the same as everybody
else. I assured myself that Lee had
done everything in his power tocome
ihrough for me, as he had so generously and appreciatively offered on
the phone. Besides, theCHRX goons
who were running the evening
seemed much more likely to have
screwed something up, sol awaited
SAC's sel with hardly any bad taste
in my mouth at all.
Surprisingly, I found out the
Clock were slated lo play right at the
beginning, following a set by The
CHRX Classic Rockers. The latter
pulled off ihe land of lowest common denominator crap that is so insulting to any discriminating person's intelligence that capturing the
essence of its banality in words is
virtually impossible af ter expert enc-
ing it. From "OU TimeRock'n'RcJl"
on downwards, the crowd lapped it
up, resembling those films they used
to show of Russian masses sardined
into the streets of Leningrad to await
some turd of Western culture, like a
Paul McCartney record or a McDonald's. While this analysis may
be far from correct or complete,
watching the Classic Rockers play
their set made it very difficult to
keep these apocalyptic sentiments
down. One of the on-stage phonies
even made lhat utterly lame "if you
can rememberlhe sixties you weren't
there" line and for a moment, in my
antiseptic Expo surroundings, I
thought I knew how barnyard animals feel.
My attention was drawn away
just in time to see SAC's Dodge van
palling up behind the stage. I ran
around and got a shot of George
Bunnel's back as he unloaded his
gear, making sure all the while that I
wasn 't getting in anyone's way. Nevertheless, a security guy grabbed and
forced me back behind a fence with
all the fervor of one of Prince' s personal bodyguards or something -a
little unnecessary,bulperfectry characteristic of an event where things
were being handled a little too seriously. Sort of like being walloped
for soliciting an autograph from one
of the guys in Johnny Hates Jazz.
At about one o'clock in the
afternoon, SAC took the stage before a mellow but appreciative
throng. They played a good, though
not spectacular set of music that only
fleetingly recalled the group they
were in the sixties. The o>and was
particularly strong and focussed
when playing their new material,
songs that still had some of the urgency lost on many w riters with time.
Their cover material, excepting a
fine instrumental rendition of the
Beatles' "Day Tripper," paled in
comparison, especially on an overly
long tribute to Jimi Hendrix that
nevertheless received the set's biggest round of applause. Only"Rainy
Day Mushroom Pillow" and "Incense and Peppermints" (the latter
which Lee introduced by saying
"we're gonna play our medley of
hit") were rend ered from the Clock' s
original body of work. While I enthusiastically welcome SAC's life-
signs which allow them to change
and develop, I interpreted their omission of early Clock material as a concession to its own obscurity, especially in light of all the better
known (but in this context, musically more dispensable) covers that
padded out their set Most importantly, however, you could tell these
guys still loved to be on stage making music and entertaining people as
decided to wait outside while I'd try
to work something out with Mr. Freeman in person. Well, at the end of
the autograph session Lee disappeared somewhere inside the vacuous beer garden where the masses
had taken to building pyramids with
the plastic Labbati's cups. George
an end in itself, for they certainly
weren't getting rich at it
An autograph tent was set up
behind the stage, a nice idea that
gave the crowd a chance to get the
souvenir t-shirts signed. The new
guitarist came out first, a cheerful
and paunchy type (referred lo by Lee
as 'Love God' on stage) who, despite the string of love beads around
his neck, looked every bit like a
computer technician on his day off.
He stayed perfectly in character
throughout, even inadvertently
knocking over a fold-out chair as he
sat down to sign. I found it a little
more difficult to warm up to SAC's
new drummer, a guy who looked
tailor-made for Journey with his wet
and curly shoulder-length locks, and
appeared at the autograph table wearing a satin jacket with a couple of
dice and the name of a Reno nightclub on it. George Bunnel, on the
other hand, was quite personable
and took the time to include "S.A.C.
'91" and a peace sign with each
autograph. Unfortunately, Lee Freeman came out on a serious superstar
trip (or something that reeked of that
to me), giving an "oh, yeah, right,
man" when I'd introduced myself to
him after spending a few moments
with a "why would I know you?"—
type mug on his face. Was this the
guy who offered me free admission
and the chance to develop my story
free from the hassling of promoters
and thugs (read: security guards) now
acting like he had no recollection of
ever talking to me? So he was, and
feeling that "so what?" would be the
healthiest way to address this snub, I
decided not to dwell on it.
Now the sub-plot kicks in. All
day long, Nardwuar has been waiting outside the gates with his Camcorder, hoping for a few minutes of
interview footage with Lee to use on
his show. While recording my interview with Lee down at CiTR, I'd
mentioned to Nardwuar how affable
Lee had been on the phone, and we
decided my backstage access would
be the perfect opportunity for him to
interview this bizarre collection of
bands on the Rockstock bill. When
the backstage passes fell through, he
Bunnell was still hanging around
and, on a whim, I asked him if he was
willing to be interviewed for a few
minutes. He obliged by talking with
Nardwuar for at least forty minutes
on camera, with Lee coming over
halfway through to chime it. In the
course of the conversation, George
unwittingly contradicted virtually
everything Lee had said to me on the
phone, things I did not expect should
be taken as divine proclamation yet
that I still thought would contain
somesemblanceofthetruth. Stories
flowed freely about the Clock having their cocks plaster-casted in Chicago, experimenting liberally with
mescaline and other drugs of choice-
classic rock'n'roll stuff that would
Uve up to anyone's Babylonic expectations of Hollywood during that
era. I don't know if this is some
second-rate replay of the Lester
Bangs-Lou Reed scenario (which is
not intended to put me in Lester's
company but only to recall the pathological lying of Lou in their interviews), or whether Lee is just another Hollywood phony, but I guess the
lesson learned is that either way it
doesn't matter a pile of whit. I've
spent most of the last few paragraphs
feeling sorry for myself, which says
more about the difficulty I have separating the music from the person
than how badly Lee burned me at the
Rockstock. In the end, the original
music ofthe Strawberry Alarm Clock
still sounds great to my ears and the
new stuff is more than competent,
which is almost as good a final word
as any band could hope for a quarter
of a century after their inception.
The lesson learned with Lee is just
one more in what has been a series
for me, similar no doubt to the one
that drove the aforementioned Lester Bangs to write:
I never met a hero I didn't like.
But then, I never met a hero.
I've given up trying to stop
loving my idols. But at least I've
also given up trying to take them
il MM i
the cruel |
@ 23 w.cordova
This Is true, we have
moved to 23 w.cordova
st. Bigger, Better, Faster,
| Stronger. No more excuses! We're open at 23
w.cordova (the old John
Barley s) with pool tables,
video and pinball games,
3 levels, 5 separate
rooms, a balcony, and a
great location. Same
great bands from around
the world from roots roc k
to punk rock and back
again; this is a continuation of Vancouver's ever
growing love for music of
an alternative nature. If
you liked the old cruel
elephant (or even if you
didn't Hke It) you'll love
the new cruel elephant
at 23 w.cordova and we
do have rock., from 7pm
to 2am. Shows coming
oct. 1 J.F.A (jodlefosters
army) w/ 3-D Picnic, Fits
of Depression and The
Daves oct.3 Stab (ex
government issue) w/
Cat's Game oct.4
Wheatchelfs (ex:S.N.F.U.)
w/ Bone Oub, Jonestown
Punch and Fat Tuesday
| oct. 11 Lung w/ Mystery
Machine ond Cuter Than
[Spunky or .15 Dwarves
w/Kyuss and guests
oct. 17 Jack Feels Fine w/
guest? oct. 18 Alice Donut w My Name and just
bac from their triumphant tour of Canada
Mary, oct.24 Chris Hous
ton oct.26 from france
Les Thugs w/Jonestown
and guests oct. 31
Hallowe'en with Superconductor, Facepuller
and Dogzllla.
November Is going to be
great with Tar, Pegboy
and Claw Hammer coming yourway. We'll keep
you postered, I mean
posted. That new ad
dress again Is 23 west
cordova. Phone 688-
5351. And remember
the cruel elephant loves
you!!! Did Imentionnew?
for booking contact
[GOOD BOY PRODUCTIONS #4-302 W. 2nd Avenue., Vancouver, B.C.
Fax 688-6860
Ihosted by dj boy wonder
  8PM - 9PM
6PM - 9PM
1305 11TH STREET
EXIT 250.1-5 SOUTH
That damn month
I (206) 734-1539 |
of October    15 The Pixies
Trompe Le Monde
Worst Ten Things About The Pixies
10. They wear way too much leather. How many cows did it take to
make the video for "Dig For Fire"?
9. They toured with Jane's Addic-
8. Now lhat they are big enough,
we'll have lo go lo crap venues like
the PNE Forum and pay $25 just to
see them do a sixty minute set in
which they always leave out their
best songs.
io other bad things about
Top Ten Things About The Pixies
new album Trompe Ia Monde
10. We don't have to worry about
any videos in which the artist(s) takes
off his/her/ their clothes and struts
their stuff before the camera. Black
Francis is not good looking enough
to be able to exploit himself in videos or artwork, proving once again
that even sloppy guys with beer bellies can be geniuses. (Well, I don't
know if il ever has been proved before, but it does set an example for
all us currently slim, but growing
everyday, people to look up to when
those pants you have on now just
won't zip up.)
9. The Jesus and Mary Chain's
"Head On" as covered, and blown
away, by The Pixies on Trompe Le
Monde. It was a good thing that the
Mary Chain failed when they did the
song, otherwise there would have
been no need for Black Francis to
turn ii into an all out screaming rocker that caused the Ried Brothers to
say upon hearing The Pixies play
their version live, (WRITER'S
WARNING: This quote is taken
from the Melody Maker, which is
kind of like quoting "The World
Weekly News" when using a source
for a news story), "F*** it, this is
how it should sound."
8. "Planet of Sound." My god, how
did Steve Albini get back into the
recording studio during this one?
Who would have thought that Gil
Norton was capable of producing
such sounds? This song lakes few
prisoners, and the ones it does take it
beats mercilessly. (If you look closely
you can see the bruises around my
eyes). The rattle of beer bottles,
distorted screaming vocals, distorted screaming guitars. Releasing this
as the first single shows lhal, (as the
song says), "this ain't no f***ing
around." If you didn't pick up the
single forthis song,do so, as "Theme
From NARC"
set and maybe bat Cecil in the number eight spot? Well, that may make
no sense lo anyone who reads Discorder, the magazine of the sports -
less culture, but I'm sure someone
got it. Anyway, Kim's vocal absence gives her added lime to focus
on the thumping of her bass guitar,
which is miked louder and distorted
more lhan ever before. Just wait
until you hear "Space (I Believe
In)." And anyway, she needs to save
what's left of her cigarette ravaged
vocal chords for the next Breeders
6. Black Francis' dedication to his
and Joey Santiago's ex-educational
institution, the University of Massachusetts, "U-Mass," which makes
nearly everything on Bossanova
sound like an REO Speedwagon
song-but in a good way, kinda like
"In Your Letter," (use your imagination). A song about communism,
capitalism, kissing the sky, kissing
ass, and how it is all educational.
Nol Give this group project an "A".
5. "Jeffrey with one' F', Jeffrey with
one 'F', Jeffrey." I should probably
tell you more, but you'll jusl have to
wait until October 8th. Damn.
4. The guitars, the guitars, the guitars. In an interview lhat The Man
did earlierin the year, (think aboul it,
if the interview had been later in the
year, would we be talking about it?
Duh.), he warned that the biggest
problem in the mixing of the album
was lhat no one could hear the drums
because the guitars were so damn
loud. Well, someone was stretching
the truth just a lillle bit, because you
can hear the drums if you have huge
headphones, turn the bass up all the
way, and go "Thump, thump, thump,
ihump" on what you think should be
the beat. But those guitars. Word.
3. In case you haven't noticed by
now, (and ifyou hadn't, you should
really lay off thai hard stuff when
you are reading, it greatly reduces
your comprehesdhjds), Trompe Le
Monde reverses, no eradicates, decapitates, castrates, the mellowing
of The Pixies. While both DooTiille
and Bossanova were fine albums,
(some people writing this review
would even go so far as great, but
that may lead you to question my
objectivity towards this project), they
lacked the edge that Surfer Rosa
radiated (good writing word, "radiated") in every nook and cranny.
Trompe Le Monde radiates radioactive radiation. It's radiation al its
most radioactivated level. It's ra-
dioactivitiness in the highest degree
ofrads. It's hot. Ouch. You could
lose hair just reading this review.
Quick, run and put a lead suit on
now!!! If you have no lead suits
available, grab a pencil. Or something that rhymes with lead. Bread.
A head of lettuce. Your brother Ted.
But remember, there is no hope when
listening to this record. You will
need ten Ted's or at least one of
those big red primary school pencils
that used about five trees and were
great to sink your teeth into. Even
then, you will be dead, Ed. I hope
this doesn't hurt record sales.
2. "Palace of theBrine,""Bird Dream
of the Olympus Mons," "Distance
Equals Rate Times Time,""Letterto
Memphis" (reported to be the second single), "Alec Effiel," "The Navajo Know," "Motorway to Roswell"
and all the other songs that have
been mentioned.   (This is a cheap
way of quickly mentioning most of
the other song titles, just in cases
you, the reader, ihink any of them
are really neat. Don't be shy, go
ahead, attatch yourself lo one.)
1. Besl of all, it'saPixies album, and
you jusl don'tnecd any other reason.
Unless, of course, you are writing a
Rob Boper
I doubt if I am the person to choose
as an authority on how this album
measures up to the expectations of a
devoted Metallica fan. My only credentials are memories of blasting the
"5.98 EP" at full volume on a Robson Street Saturday night in my
friend's Austin Mini, while we tried
our best to disrupt the throbbing hiphop dance party that was all around
us. We used Metallica as a subver-
Forgive me if I descend into
popular-culture-mum bo-jumbo-
land.. .but(!)it seems to me that somewhere along the road, Metallica and
mainstream metal-rock, once separated by a large stylistic and aesthetic gulf, have passed each other going
in opposite directions. The trademark guitar chomping lhat typified
speedthrashwhalever-metal has
seeped its way into the cracks of
other forms of music (like all this
funk-metal, ska-metal, rap-metal,
grunge-metal, etc.) and I'd even have
to say lhat the influence of Metalli-
ca's music is partly responsible of
keeping rock and heavy metal from
drying up due to creative drought.
The guitars still go ka-chunk ka-
ka-chunk ka-ka-chunk and Mr. Ulrich still packs a mighty big wallop,
but Metallica the album isn't about
subversive speed metal. What really
sticks out is the amount of tasteful
playing, songwriting, and even singing, too! Gotta love those 70's-ish
backing harmonies, even if it won't
scare off the Robson Street bop-
heads like it used to.
Darryl Rawliuk
Frigid Stars
Usually I am the first person to admit a weakness for slow, melancholy and depressing music: the kind
lhat sounds best on headphones,
alone, and in a dark room, or on rainy
days accompanied by hot chocolate
and a grilled cheese sandwich or
two. I was hoping that Codeine's
Frigid Stars would prove a nice
addition to my small collection, and
indeed, it fulfills many of the requirements: slow, ringing guitar
chords and surging waves of noise,
distant, lonely vocals, and drums
that support the song instead of form -
ing its structure. But where's the
emotion? "Frigid" is right-this is a
cold and detached album. There are
many good ideas and songs ("Cave-
in" and "Cigarette Machine" are
excellent), and Codeine have a lot
of territory ihey can cover without a
lot of competition. I mean, who else
is doing stuff that sounds like Sonic
Youth on downers?
More dynamics and feeling in
the vocals would help this material
immensely, as would a release on
vinyl (might warm things up a
bit)...as far as I know this is only on
CD/cassette. Still, if you're feeling
bored and lonely at least it's comforting to know that there are three
white guys in New York who are
more bored and lonely than you are.
Barry Candlish
Mr. Lucky
There he is-Mr. John Lee himself
wilh lhat beautiful red Gibson guitar. And look at that star-studded
cast of session players with him:
Albert Collins, Ry cooder, Robert
Cray, John Hammond, Johnnie
Johnson, Booker T. Jones, VanMor-
rison, Keith Richards, Carlos San-
tana, and Johnny Winter. Not bad!
The first two songs were pretty good-soiid, full-sounding blues
numbers. Then, in the middle of
"Backstabbers" my lape deck ate
my complimentary review copy. I
let my cat play with the five crumpled feet of tape that hung out of the
cassette before disposing of il in the
kitchen garbage. Can I have another
Simone Mueller
Viva Dead Ponies
been familiar with the name Fatima
Mansions. Not saying that I've been
familiar with their music because
I've always had higher priorities as
far as purchasing went: Husker Du,
Fishbone, XTC, PiL et al. So when
Robynn threw the new FM tape at
me I was actually kind of anxious to
listen to it. I got that feeling, like
everybody does, of finally being
able to listen to somebody I've always been meaning to but since
have shelved in the back of my
memory. Well, this is one curiosity
that shouldn't have had the dust
blown off of it. In all honesty, the
Fatima Mansions aren'tmy piece of
cake, however, I have to respect FM
for what they're doing.
Off the top my best description of their sound would be new
age narration interspersed with a
Fall-meets-Redd Kross hardcore
sound. The vocals are very reminiscent of Mau Johnson (The The) and
the overall tone ofthe tape is kind of
Dead Can Dance-ish. So, you think
wilh all of this going for it Viva
Dead Ponies wouldn't be too bad.
Well, it's not heinous but it's not
going to make anybody's list of top
albums for 1991.
If you were a Breakfast Club
fan you might enjoy "You're A
Rose" which sounds like a disgruntled Top 40 rebellion against the
producers whom left this song off
of the soundtrack. But, every cloud
has a silver lining and the epidermis
of this cumulus nimbus comes in
the form of "Blues ForCeausescu."
With a surprisingly hypnotic hardcore riff the Fatima Mansions bubble above the surface of boring wilh
their unique incorporation of musical avenues and save Viva Dead
Ponies from creative purgatory.
Steady Diet of Nothing
how long has it been that i've been
waiting for the new fugazi record?
not long at all. repeaterand 13 songs
keep a grin on my face with effort,
continually rotated on my disc player the two of them will now see a
two disc hiatus between plays as
steady diet of nothing, fugazi's latest, slips into my personal audio
rotation, when i first listened to
steady diet of nothing i felt kind of
segregated but yet secure like an
infant in the arms of a mother, fugazi didn't sound like fugazi. they
sounded like soundgarden. but then
that comparison was quickly laid to
the wayside when that ever so enticing and hypnotic fugazi groove
alloyed and guy's hauntingly appealing voice bawled out "sympat-
ric." something was missing yet? it
wasn't the purpose, it wasn't the
social reason, it wasn't the twofold
gibson sg foray-i snuggled into that
hke a parents bed during a thunderstorm, mom, what's that noise? is
there something in the closet? ian's
confident, preaching voice finally
spilled forth and led me through a
culture's dependence on television
(polish) and impetuous faith in war
activities (kyeo).
once again fugazi makes the
musical world appear crass by saying and doing a lot in their music
without being perplexing, thank
them for the demise of the guitar
solo and thank them for just being
fugazi. steady diet of nothing is not
a sub at karen carpenter and is
anything but a continual trip to the
same salad bar. fugazi wants you.
This edition of Future Rap contains reviews of four separate CD
From Lethal Records comes
M.C. Twiat's album. Bad Influence. The whole 12 tracks are produced, arranged, written, and
scratched by M.C. Twist. The majority of songs relate to situations
dealing with dope. Some of the
better tunes are "Cocaine Bizness"
and "Dope Story." There are plenty of samples from N.W.A. and
Eazy-E's previous hits. Twist explains at the beginning of the CD
. what his name stands for: Talking
With Innovative Street Terminology. He states that it has nothing to
do with the dance! Although a few
tracks are alright, mosl of the stuff
is sorta plain (a bit weak).
Livin' Large is the latest orig -
inal motion picture soundtrack to
be released. On it are such songs as
"Doin' Good For Yourself" and
"718 Kit," by the Jungle Brothers,
which are a lot more commercial
than Iheir usual mellow rhythms.
"Slick Rick-The Ruler" and the hit
"I Shouldn't Have Done il" are
here-by none other than Slick Rick.
Terminator X (featuring Andreas
13), Nice & Smooth, Downtown
Science, and a few more artists
appear on this Def Jam, 1991 11-
track recording. To sum up this
review, I'd have to say that this
compilation is not very exciting. It
wouldn't be worth the money to
buy the whole release because the
songs aren't kickin'.
Here's something new that
just came into the station: the CD
is called Word2 the Wize and it's
by the Dynamic Twine. This
group's artists' names are Robbie
and Noel Arthurton. Well it seems
that these brothers have read, and
memorized, and wish to spread,
the word of...God! I've only listened to two tracks and already
heard Satan, the Bible, 666, flesh
and blood, the way judgement day
will be. Hell and Sin. "Here Comes
the Judge," now I wonder who
these guys arc talkin' about? The
G, to the O, to the D! Track three
starts out with claps and the doo-
doo-doo-doo, from Kid Sensation's "Seatown Bailers." It's real
funky...then the Gospel kicks the
fuck in! I'm drowning in religion.
Help! The production is pretty
good but songs like, "He's All I
Need," and "(He's the] Real
Thing," just don't interest me. The
Dynamic Twins arc preachers, not
leathers, and the message is
simple...God is all you ever
Who's the rapper of the
month? Who's "the dopest female
that you'vehcardthus far?"Thai's
right, M.C. Lyte. Act Uke You
Know is the new dope shit! There
are 19 tracks in total, and the release is slammin'. In previous
songs M.C. Lyte did not appeal to
me. I thought she was alright but
just not my style. Well now this
Sister's back and she's bad! She's
taken a turn for the better. Now
Lyte sports a much more hardcore
explicit lyrical image. "When In
Love" is a rather slow moving
track. But some of my personal
favourites are "Poor Georgie,"
"All That," "Kamikaze," and "2
Young 4 What." So when you're
in the record store..."Search 4 the
Lyte." Peace.
The carnage has begun. The oiled
and gleaming Shindig machine
swung into action on Monday, September 16 at the fine venue we call
the Railway Club. Was any blood
spilt? Were eyes blackened?
Noses broken? Read on...
The opening night of
Round One featured three very
different local acts. The first
outfit to hit the stage was a
troupe called G roo ve Ranch.
Polished and predictable, they
seemed to have wowed the
judges wilh iheirmusicianship
and professional approach.
Frankly, I found them pretty
uninteresting: the standard
"contemporary rock with an
alternative edge" shtick. Then
again, my opinion doesn't
mean diddly squat, since the
judges awarded Groove Ranch
a first place finish.
Up next were a 3-piece
combo called The Indecisi ves. Not
a very catchy name; but, superficiality aside, I thought they ruled! Out of
time, out of tune, out of key guitar
solos, but with guts and amateurish
banter in spades, their thumbnail-
sketch song structures kept my interest through their whole set. A couple
of songs were pretty catchy, but
mosdy it was the anti-stage presence of the guitarist and bassist who
kepi things interesting More practice would help, bul the appeal of
The Indecisive is watching a band in
its embryonic state. Like I said, my
opinion don't mean shit since The
Indecisives placed 2nd.
The Surf Dusters, possibly
Vancouver's only surf-instrumental ensemble, were the evening's
last offering. As one might expect,
they launched into a set of (what
else) surf inslrumentals. If you think
that going to the beach is the only
reason to live, then the 'dusters are
foryou. Thcirpcrformance wasprel
ty predictable, which is nol surprising given the limited style that the
band chooses fortheirformaL I think
the judges must have all been from
the prairies, or maybe they hale surf
movies, because the Surf Dusters
finished a disappointing 3rd.
The battle has only just begun. ..every
Monday (except Thanksgiving) the
Shindig crew will be at the Railway
forging dreams and breaking hearts.
Thrills, chills, three bands, jokes for
beer. Get there early if you wanna
get a table.
ir sponsors...
photo BY mike coury
m halieluiiah good news praise him halleluliah GOOD NEWS'!! I
IN U.SA.: P.O. BOX 69243, PORTLAND,  OREGON, 97201
That damn month of October    17 VANCOUVER
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• Roger CaroifRoch Carrier •! arm
C'ro/ier • William Deverell
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• Patrick Friesen • I.eona (iom • Alison
Gordon • Katherine Govicr • Paul
Grescoe • Lilian* Heker • Steven Hcrrick
• Mary Howes • Michael lunatic!'!'
• Patrick Lane • Dennis Lee
• Ursula K LcGuin • Alberto Mangod
• Nancy Morejon • Elizabeth A David
Morley • Susan MtlSgrave • Sharon Olds
• Michael Onclaatje • P.K. Page
• Kit Pearson • Dan Piraro • Robert Priest
• Alfonso Quijada Urias
• Adrian Raeside • Alastair Reid
• Stephen Reid • Jeanne & Spider
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OCTOBER 23-27,1991
Open Fri ond Sot until 2am
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«- 2 FOR
on ony of our snacks
and i
510 Nelson at Rkhards    688-4438
Fully equipped 8-track studio
Live sound room and full MIDI sequencing
Musicians and services available
Bring this ad for your discount
Limited time offer.
687   5803
Commodore Ballroom
Tuesday 27 August
"There's a social disease spreading
south of the border and it's not
AIDS," said John Bigham, dreadful
guitarist and new guy for
Fishbone."It's called racism. I sun-
hope they find a cure for that shit
Never before have 7 African -
Americans had such command over
a predominantly white audience; at
least not on this level. It's one thing
to be Malcolm X but it is an entirely
different ball game when you're a
band based on the ideologies of such
a person. Malcolm X spoke politics;
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream;
Fishbone wants to make love to you.
On this night Fishbone forgot
the foreplay. But it wasn't just the
old in-out, nor was it musical masturbation. This was raw, carnal, heterosexual skanking. Many people
asked me why I was paying to see
Fishbone at the Commodore when I
would be seeing them the following
day at the Lollapalooza Festival?
These are the thing s legends are made
of, I thought. Having never seen The
Bone before, I had to fill up on their
methane powered ska-core. A good
comparison of what listening to Fishbone does for me would be Frank's
ether inhalants in Blue Velvet. Albeit, I don't get the urge to cut off
anybody's ear, I wouldn't mind rolling on a futon with Isabella Rossali-
ni. But I digress.
Fishbone looked like their
name implies. Stripped. The bare
essentials. Just a band with a lot to
say relying on their talent lo impel
their message across to the masses.
Easy enough. Utilizing the intensity
of hardcore, the bounce of ska and
the feeling and soul of gospel. Fishbone drove a spike into the heart of
Black Radio music.
They opened the evening with
"Party At Ground Zero" which lyrically set a theme for the night and
started fusion of all sub-atomic particles in the Ballroom. Even Ange-
lo's sprained elbow (wrapped in a
tensor bandage) didn't take away
from the exuberant amount of energy these guys were emanating. Flying brass, flying Fish, flying bodies;
things were U.G.L Y. This was their
parade and they were reigning it.
With cane in hand, Angelo con
ducted Fishbone through a gruelling
2 hour set including old raves and
new faves. The highlight was easily
the epic version, single song encore
of "Change." The gospel reminding
ditty, accompanied solely (souly?)
by guitar from John Bigham was the
titillation that brought the capacity
crowd to one of many multiple orgasms through the night.
Whether you made it lo the gig
or not don't fret. Because after attending Fishbone I realized just how
hard it is for most bands to take the
feeling and sound of the stage inlo
the studio. Fishbone don't have a
problem with this. Transition made.
Missed the coping. No more sunless
Commodore Ballroom
Wednesday 4 September
Since it was announced months ago
this was the show that everybody
waited all summer for. Legendary
reggae artist, Jimmy Cliff, and his
superb backing band did not disappoint those fans who were thirsting
for a decent reggae show after the
failure of Steel Pulse.
From the moment Jimmy Cliff
hit the stage it was non-stop action
with roots rhythms and sweet, righteous lyrics. He wildly danced across
the stage all the while working the
responsive crowd with playful callbacks such as "Irie."
One of the peak moments during the hour and a half show-if that
can be said since the entire show was
fantastic-was when the audience
joined in to sing " The Harder They
Come" with Cliff. One felt that they
were not so much as watching a show
as they were a part of it. Cliff covered
a wide variety of material emphasizing current issues such as the environment wilh "Save Our Planet" and
if I had to describe the show in one
word it would be ENERGY!
Catherine Dickson
The Roxy
Wednesday 4 September
Having never heard of this former
house band for the Roxy(gag), previously named "The Dawn Patrol," I
went to the release party for their
debut album, "Neopolitan" without a
clue as to what to expect. The open
bar and ample spread put on by BMG
indicated that Zoo Entertainment intended topromote this band with some
enthusiasm, but other than that, I was
pretty much in the dark.
The set opened with a clip of
their new video for the single, "Love
is the Subject," not their best song.
Seeing this did nothing to improve
my first impression of the band, since
it was embarrassingly low budget and
not indicative ofthe kind of show they
ended up putting on. So, in an effort to
get a feel for what this band was
about, I looked around the crowd to
determine what types had come to see
them. Local celebs Art Bergman and
Barney Bentall, as well as countless
record retail types and the like wandered about in search of free beer as
the group began to play. The audience
was so varied, and the group's first
song's style so intangible, I still
couldn't peg these guys. Were they
pop, rock, folk?
So the set progressed, and the
answer turned out to be all three. The
Odds seemed to have a wide range of
influences. The audience heard a diverse blend of near-psychedelic ballads ("King of the Heap"), jittery pop-
rock tunes ("No Warning," "Eternal
Ecstasy," "Family Tree"), and folky
acoustical numbers ("Are You Listening?). If I had to liken them to
someone, I'd say they possess the
early energy of Elvis Costello, and the
earthy wit of recent Blue Rodeo. They
seemed unusually at ease on stage,
considering this was their big debut
release, and you've gotta give 'em
credit for experimenting with different styles so early in their career.
Lee-Ann Hooker
Ziggy Marley and The Melody
Commodore Ballroom
Tuesday 10 September
This was the second venue change for
a reggae act leaving the Orpheum, the
first being Steel Pulse, but this time
the act went to the Commodore. The
show started a little later than planned
and the opening act, Crystal Waters,
was not a good indication of what was
to come. She was accompanied by
three dancers, one relatively good at
vogue-ing, but her voice left much to
be desired. Thankfully she only played
a 20 minute set but then that was
followed by a slight delay until the
After Ziggy Marley's first song
it was clear that this was a much
stronger and tighter group than that
who made their last appearance here
in August of 1990. The Melody Maker's mainly drew on material from
their latest album, "Jahmeyka" but
Stephen's increased input on the album was not noticeably reflected on
stage. However, their black attire made
it difficult to view them from any
The entire show was almost two
hours long with Ziggy and The Melody Makers delivering song after song
including excellent versions of "Good
Time" and "Drastic." Towards the
end of the evening they even through
in a few powerful versions of Bob
Marley classics such including "Could
You Be Loved?"
The Melody Makers immense
positive presence was soupliftingand
convincing that I truly believed them
when they sang "...my generation will
make the change."
Catherine Dickson SECRETS   ENTRUSTED
Clive Barker is a cigar-chompin',
caviar-munchin', dual-livin' (U.K.
and L.A.) millionaire...courtesy of
his writing skills. At 39 he's a renowned author, artist and film
director...cute too! From the Books
of Blood series, which had Stephen
King doing his "I have seen the
future..." rap, to the brand new Ima-
jica novel, Clive has an unmistakable style that's both literate and
gory-oflen at the same time.
So Fall, traditionally a
"spooky" time of year, is off to a
fitting start, with Clive reading at the
main branch of the library on Monday, September 30. The event's to
promote Imajica, a step away from
the graphically horrific writing of
his early works. Dark Fantasy reigns
here. The publishers blurb reads:
"The magical tale of ill-fated lovers
lost among worlds teetering on the
edge of destruction where their passion holds the key to escape." Ack!
Let's call it an erotic tale of terror,
this is Clive Barker after all.
Wanna read something really
Books by Clive Barker
Books of Blood (volumes 1 - 6)
The Damnation Game
The Great and Secret Show
Scary monsters:
Films based on Barker's work
Salome (73): b/w silent, short based
on Oscar Wilde's poem. Clive was
The Forbidden (75-78): b/w, began
as an adaptation of Marlowe's "Dr
Faust"; appearance of the skinned
man (later, Frank in Hellraiser).
Transmutations (85): British film.
Didn'tget two thumbs up from Clive.
Rawhead Rex (86): Based on short
story from Books of Blood. Low
Hellraiser (87): Clive directed. Best
of the lot? Breakdown of the nuclear
family and introducing...Pinhead and
Nightbreed (90): Guest role w
David Croncnbcrg. Excellent characters and sets but verging on silli-
The Dissection of Clive Barker: UK
documentary, great title!
Comics and Livres _ la Clive
Oh right, nolcomics, these arc graphic novels for us bigger kids.
Hellraiser ($6.95) #8 most recent.
Artists and writers adapting Clive's
work. Based on the film and featuring, of course, the Cenobites (if you
have to ask...).
Nightbreed ($2.75) #11 out now.
Ihe gang of ghouls from the film
continue to spin tales in this ongoing
Tapping the Vein ($9.50) These
very graphic novels fealure adaptations from the Booh of Blood. The
latest #4 features "Hells Event "and
"TheMadonna". #3 featured "Midnight Meat Train" (probably his best
known story) and "Scape-Goats".
Stephen King & Clive Barker (the
illustrated masters of the macabre)
This fine book has essays and reviews of writings, in Clive's case a
synopsis of all his work (including
short stories) and film. A few years
Pandemonium (further explorations into the worlds of Clive Barker) (Eclipse) Includes interviews with
Mr. B, his friends and Art School
Teacher (overboard!). His play The
History OfTheDevil, areviewofhis
films and history of his work with
the Dog Theatre company are included. Neat stuff, but some pretty
sloppy typos and layout. Released
this year.
Clive Barker Illustrator (Arcane/
Eclipse) Fine-line drawings, big
brush strokes, portraits, b&w, colour. This guy can draw. Did you
know he did all the coven for the
Books of Blood series? Pensive,
moody and blissfully violent.
Yow! Big prize draw: I scored a
signed edition of Imajica and figured you, gentle reader, would like
to add it to your bookshelf. Just drop
subtext a letter (#233 - 6138 SUB
Blvd, V6T 1Z1) listing what you're
reading or fave books, I'll randomly
draw a winner from the entries and
publish the reading lists. Don't be
shy...enter today.
Clive Barker
Who: Writers! Loads of 'em.
What: The Vancouver International Writers Festival.
Where: Venues at Granville Island, pick up the program guide at bookstores or the
library for times and places.
When: Wednesday, Oct 23 to Sunday, Oct 27.
Why: Culture is where it's at...kittens.
R2B2 Books (2742 W. 4th) often has writers reading. This month: Sky Lee, author
of Disappearing Moon Cafe will read on the 10th and Roy Kiyooka will share his
poetry on Friday Oct 18. Daphne Marlatt will launch her first book. Salvage on
Nov. 1.
Spider and Jeanne Robinson will be signing their new book Slarseed at White
[Dwarf Books (4373 West 10th) on Saturday October 5th from 3 - 5 pm.
Ever wonder what people are reading? I do. John Ruskin, a.k.a. Nardwuar the Human Serviette, volatile toque-lover,
took the time to write and tell subtext.
A few items that have held the attention of my, Nardwuar the Human     Surfers), plus information regarding what food the slot enthusiast should ei
Serviette's, eyeballs in the past little while are, well, let's make a list:
to keep healthy after a gruelling day at the controlled chips and salsa,
burritos, and the tasty Mexican rice drink Horchata). To enter the realm of
slot car sciences send $2 towards Johnny Bartlett, 1107 A Guerrero St., San
1. Strictly Instrumental - Without a doubt Surfduster Rich Hagensen's
mammoth, 184 page, illustrated discography of Canadian instrumental Francisco, CA 94110 U.S.A,
records continually amazes upon each read. Spanning from 1950-90, the
author doesn't leave a leaf unturned. If a Canadian group, whether il be 3. The booklet from the cassette "Pink Steel Sucked...but
Montreal's Mighty Gruesomes or Victoria's Phabulous Pharaohs, ever rawked". Pink Steel who frolicked around the beautiful Garden City of
recorded an instrumental number you can bet it's listed here. Neato label Victoria between 1978-82 released a couple of singles in their time but
pix and photos are included too. Wow! should,nowin 1991,berecognizedasthepioneersof Vic-townpunk. Why?
Upon examination of their extensive 20 page booklet which accompanies
2. American Journal of Slot Car Sciences - Slot car racing (you know of this cassette appears a gig poster that says it all:
the AFX Tyco Strombecker variety) is, for some, the most exciting of all Pink Steel
North American pasttimes. Even though modem race car drivers like NEOS
Vancouver Indy 5th place finisher Scott Pruett have publicly denounced NoMean sNo
the hobby, there still remains much interest as exemplified by San
Franciscan Johnny Bartlett's wild publication. The American Journal of Ooh La-La! Like the NEOS and NoMeansNo backing up Pink Steel. Zany
Slot Car Sciences. Along with the usual slotting news (ish #2 informed man. These guys must have ruled or did at least in their own minds
Especially if the brains  behind Pink Steel were Pete"Sweater
readers of a possible scheme to utilize Tyco and AFX tracks simullan
ly), the journal always provides stimulating tidbits such as detailed stories
regarding heated head to head competitions, record reviews(of course,
only of bands holding the slot car sound ie. Thee Mummies and Phantom
WardelTCampbell and Jeff'Lightening BolfCarter. Pink Sleel - the greatest rock and roll band the world has never known. Pick up da audio literary
boom of the Steel at Funhouse Recs in Victoria.
I L  O V E I T
Now serving coffee and salads too.
1175 Robson      1937 Cornwall
Largest Selection
of Almost New and Used
Paperbacks and
Magazine Back Issues
Large Range of
Hard Cover Books
Thousands of New ,4nd
Collector's Comics
We Buy, Sell or Trade
1247 Granville near Davie
3347 Kingsway
Open 7 Days a Week
That damn month of October    19 ON THE DIAL
12:00PM The newest new music
and information on concerts,
recordings, and composers with
host lan Crutchley.
News, sports, weather and more
with the CiTR News. Sports and
Weather Departments.
Hosts: George Barrett and Mike
Cherry. Reggae inna all styles
and fashion. Dancehall. Dub,
Roots. Lovers-rock, Rocksteady,
Ska and beyond!
5:30PM All the day's news,
weather and sports. Plus an in-
depth interview, movie reviews
and more. Hosted by Luc
HEARSAY 5:30-6:00PM CiTRs literary arts program needs YOU to
submit your works for on-air performance or reading.
?:00PM Kooky antics, current
irrelevant issues. Joe Jackson,
Pankow. Ice-T, Hellbastard. and
your cool requests. Hosted by
Karen Toddlngton and Lloyd
GEETANJAU 9:00- 10:00PM
Geetanjali is a new one-hour
radio show which features a
wide range of music from India.
This includes classical music,
both Hindustani and Carnatic.
popular music from Indian movies from the 1930s to the 1990s.
Semi-classical music such as
Ghazals and Bhajans. and also
Quawwalis. Folk Songs, etc. We
will also play songs from various
regions of India, in all its rich and
diverse languages. We will try to
present a 5 minute talk about
Indian music. Instruments, singers, musicians, etc. based on
the research that we conduct
every week to Inform and educate you. Hosted by Jyori Dhar
and Pradeep Kumar Nandam.
12:00AM Join host Dave Emory
and colleague Nip Tuck for
some extraodinary political research guaranteed tomakeyou
think twice. Bring your tape deck
and two C-90s. Originally broadcast on KFJC (Los Altos. Califor-
Wake up with the CiTR Morning
Show. All the news, sports and
weather you need to start your
day. Plus whats happening at
UBC each day with UBC Digest.
a feature Interview and more.
Topped off with the BBC World
Service News at 8:00AM. live
from London. England. Hosted
by lan Gunn and Antje
11:00AM Your favourite brown-
sters James and Peter offer a
savoury blend of the f amiliar and
exotic In an excitingly luscious
blend of aural delights! Tune in
and enjoy each weekly brown
plate special.
SHOW 11:00 AM- 1:00 PM Noon
feature : Crucifix in your ear.
1:15PM News, sports and
3:00PM CiTR's only all industrial /
different feature albums every
week. With your dj pal. June. Bill
Leeb loves you all.
HOWARDI 3:00- 5:00 PM Tofu
chili dogs ain't so bad. Mustard,
extra onions. No relish. Thank you
very much. Rowena hosts.
5:30PM All the latest on campus: news, sports, an in-depth
interview, theatre orfilm review,
editorial commentary and
more. Weekdays with host lan
6:00PM The sports show that
seethes with insight while staying at one with the sports world.
Hosted by Chris Urea who always gives 110%. Focusing on
local, campus and amateur
??? 6:00- 7:00PM Phone in during
the show and help out a couple
of indecisive people. Vote for
the name of our show. Pick either: A) SONIC SALAD or B)
MUCK. Call only during the show
and be a part of the democratic process.
Just a couple of guys who like to
walk around in their boxer shorts
with their big fat guts hanging
out. Jerome Broadway and
Garnet Timothy Harry alternate
Vancouver's longest running
prime time jazzprogram. Hosted
by the ever-suave Gavin Walker
Features at 11.
7th 'In A Silent Way* was a recording by pioneer Miles
Davis that showed the world
a new direction in Jazz. This
record above all set the tone
for 'fusion' in the seventies,
yet tt is much more than that.
Curious? Listen tonight.
14th Tonight is Thanksgiving., .let's
give thanks that Billie Holiday
livedand recorded. Billie was
"the voice of Jazz" and tonight we'll hear some of her
early great recordings.
21st Dizzle Gillespie is 74 years
old today and tonight we
celebrate this great mans
birthday with Gavin's favorite Dtzzie album. The Modern Jazz Sextet' ( an all-star
goup led by Gillespie) contains some of the most amazing trumpet playing In Jazz.
Dizzy, with Sonny Stiff (alto
saxophone), John Lewis (piano), and others...not to be
28th 'Empathy* was the title of a
wonderful album by piano
great Bill Evans and the late
Shelly Manne (drums), with
bassist Monty Budwig as the
anchor man. This Is a near
perfect trio and many magical    musical    moments
abound...great stuff!
Now hear this! Roughneck
dance hall Reggae, dub plates
and live DJ selections that are
ruling Jamaica and abroad,
with whltey at the controls.
Hosted by Antje Rauwerda and
lan Gunn.
1:00PM dogs breakfast. 1.
A mess: low Glasgow (-1934) 2.
Confusion; turmoil: Australian:
since ca. 1935. Tune in for Inept
pandemonium, hilarity and fairy
tales - with your exquisite hostess Helen G. Yes. there is life
beyond news.
1st Gode's Story - A. S. Byatt
8th The ladybird and the Fry -
Grimms Brothers
15th Crimes of Passion - Diane
22th The Dutch Cheese -Walter
De La Marie
29th Come To The Fair - Lois
Lampugh ( a Hallowe'en
3:00PM Country music to scrape
the cowshlt off your boots to.
With yer host-poke Jeff Gray.
THE REAL DEAL 6:00-7:00PM 'If It
ain't rap then you know It's
crap.*-Eazy-E. Hardcore rap with
your host Terror T.
Demo Director Dale Sawyer provides some insight into the best
and the worst of the newest
Canadian music.
AVANT-PIG 9:00PM- 12:00AM Alternating Tuesdays with Wolf at
the Door. Now three hours of
funky ambient noise piggery
with Pete Lutwyche.
12:00AM Alternating Tuesdays
with Avant-Pig. The latest in
dance music and interesting
drama every second week. With
Lupus Yonderboy.
THE MOON DROPS Fun for the
whole family to enjoy! Weird
chunks of news, odd pieces of
tuneage, Pierre and the 2AM
Hosted by lan Gunn and Antje
UVE FROM VENUS 10:00-11:00AM
Get this I Women Music Women
Stories Women Articles Women
Poetry Women Music Women
Got it?
3:00PM Spinning the best (and
sometimes the worst) playlist
material, bringing a variety of
music styles from places you'll
not hear on any other radio station... seriously. I appreciate all
requests. I work best under pressure and the gods have seen to
it that I am supplied we" with
sonic bliss... hence the title.
The apocrypha of CiTR. We like
God We like '70s Rock N Roll.
NO INTERMISSION 5:30-6:00PM Addressing the drama. theatre, film
and arts communities. With
Antje Rauwerda.
7:00PM Still suffering from the
depression of missing the entire
K festival in Olympia. Rowena
and gloat.
JIGGLE 7:00-9:0OPM Just because
you're fat, doesn't mean you're
alternative. Mikey 'girty hair' and
Gav 'Bristle-head.' joined by
their adoring groupie, serve up
breakfast all day from their
porta-kitchen. Jiggle Jiggle
Jiggle! Lose all sphincter control.
Hosted by Antje Rauwerda and
lan Gum.
The frenzied dance of urban
primitives, drumming to topple
the cement walls of the city
cage, preening each other,
beautiful apes. Grow plants
grow, child adult seed, rhythm
snake strike without convention,
none do we need. Conformists,
molded, will not wait, as voices
whisper, chants are made.
drums that beat, your mind wil
shape. If you that listen desire
Send me a tape of your poetry/
sound collage/spoken word!
plore the plea sure s of plastic
with your faithful nattve bearers
Pat. Lisa, and Chris.
Roots music, rhythm and blues,
rock' n roll, and who knows what,
hosted by Eddie J.
HELL 9:00-11:00PM Local music
from 9. Live bands from 10.
3rd - Ten Feet Tall
10th - Smal Man Syndrome
11:00PM-1:00AM 100% Canadian Industrialism. Noise with
four-dimensional psycho-
acoustic interactivity. Practitioner: Peter Courtemanche.
GIGABLAST! 1 AM-COMPLETE EXHAUSTION Late night spontaneous aural combustion. -Easy listening for the truly weird. Live
mixes, sonic loop-dl-toops, projectile poetry, microphone molestation, and impromptu noise
Hosted by lan Gunn and Antje
TOP OF THE BOPS   10:00-11:00AM
Musical chef Marc Coulevln
boils up a tasty pot of gumbo
1:00PM Don't tune in cause
you'll hate It anyway,
well...maybe not. Bye.
THE NOIZ SHOW 2:30-3:30, 4:00-
5:00PM Hey you !!! October is
metal banging month !!! Join in
at home with whatever metallic
objects you can find, and bang
along with the crew for a few
hours of tension-relieving noiz.
Note: the bigger and louder the
better. Adam Noizi Sloan brings
the noiz.
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:00PM YOU
the listener have the ultimate
control. YOU can turn off the
radio. YOUcanmakeyouropin-
ions heard, but YOU must realize
Nardwuar and the Grand Duchess of Cat Crime, Cleopatra Von
Flufflestein are only your friends.
Hit it eddie I
5:30PM With The Voice of Reason," our weekly look back at
the week in the news, tongues
firmty in cheek. And now you
also get the Thunderbird Preview,
a ten minute preview of whafs
happening in campus sports
during the upcoming weekend.
9:00PM Underground sound system-style mastermlx radio.
cerpts from Dave Emory's Rodio
Free America Series.
HOMEBASS 9fl0PM-12:30AM Dope
jamsand fresh beatsforagroovy
evening with DJ Noah on the
wheels of steel.
12:00PM Vancouver, biggest
and best acoustic/roots/rogue
radio show. Now in its 6th year
on CiTR! Roots music from around
the world.
Vancouver's only true metal
show; local demo tapes. imports
and other rarities. Gerald
Rattlehead and Metal Ron do
the damage.
IN EFFECT 3:0O-5:O0PM The Hip Hop
Beat and nuttin' butt. With hosts
RSJ and BZ Jam.
5:30PM UBC's weekend news.
All the latest news, sports,
weather, a movie review, feature report and more. News with
Luc Dinsdale; Doug Richards has
Its a music thing from all "Africa.*
Ifs an awareness thing of self
and others. Ifs an African house
party. Stories, music, dance fun.
Welcome! Your host: Umerah.
1:00AM There are those who are
never happy with the status quo.
Those who must have the new.
those who define themselves by
what others are not...uh. this is
more to the point. Out of beer,
out of tune, and out of
control., .music to peel paint by.
Hosted by Terry Holland.
BROWNS   JVAILH   rtjgqwQ   AHHH!!    HAAA!!
RADIO  fast cat°   THIS   FLYTRAP
O-IBQNO-F.    THE SADDLE    UHflfBSg     WjJ[R|    l'l"nM
bonus   LM FROM  NORMAN.   ™jg*   JgM
Wom ttmrwiai »Ma«a-» 'tmomrxt ARTS CAfE
?????    REAL DEAL   HNPP         ~	
m as jiggle
hall lflnriR open jjy^j 2|QK
Top Ten Flavours of Fluoride for
1 butterscotch	
2 untlavoured	
3 bubblegum	
4 orange	
8 blueberry	
• chocolate	
7 red licorice	
• peppermint	
• strawberry	
10 gin & tonic 0 wish)	
Adam (Noizl) Sloan's 1991 iz 1971
favourite sound flavours
1 P-Funk All Stars Uve 1984
2GetoBoys We Cant Be Stopped
3DJSoundWarChapterll September 14-15.1991
4Funkadelic F_nkade#c
6 Physics Colloquiums Thursdays4pm. Hennings Room 201. UBC
6 Drilling through wood on theNotd Show Fridays, CiTR 101.9fM
7 James Brown Star Time
• Material The Third Power
• Parliament Rhenium
A Voice of Dissent (Thurdays 1:00-3:00pm)
-Modern Sounds poetry compilation
2TheLast Poets Right On!
3 Marc Ribot Rootless Cosmopolitans
4KingSunnyAde Synchro System
8 Bengale "sounds of the madmen" compilatio
• Disappearing World tribal music compilation
7FetaKuti Original Sufferhead
• The Lounge Lizards Voice olChunk
• Capt. Beefheart Shiny Beast (Bat Chain PuHer)
10 Performance soundtrack
Anthony's top 10 things his ex-roommates left
behind in his apartment when they moved out
1 telephone answering machine ...
4 a yogurt container full of chocolate chips	
Spins, nails, and other metaBic objects on the carpet of their room
which werea very nice surprise when I started vacuuming	
• a dying tomato plant on the porch	
7 ugly sofa	
• 14" colour television	
• a smiling buddha statue	
10all the rest of their shit which Is taking up valuable storage space...
The African Show (Saturdays 8:00-l0:00pm)
lMoryKante Touma (Barclay)
2PapaWemba Papa Wemba (Sterns)
• SalifKeita Amen (Virgin)
4Kotoja Freedom is What Everybody Needs (Mesa)
SBaabaMaal Baayo (Mango)
SKasseMady Kela Tradition (Sterns)
7 Dorothy Masuka PataPata (Mango)
• I.K.Dairo I Remember (Shanachie)
•The Mandators Rebel (PolyGram-Nig.)
lOBrightChimezie Respect Africa (Rogers-Nig.)
llYoussouN'Dour Set (Virgin)
12Tshala Muana la Divine (Stems)
1 Metallica  Metallica (Warner. Elektra)
2ClrcleC ClrcleC(DGC)
• Mudhoney Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (Sub Pop)
4Hole  Pretty on the Inside (Caroline)
• My Life with the Thril Kill Kult  Sexptosbnl (Cargo.Wax Trax)
• Nitzer Ebb As Is (MCA.Geffen)
7 Yello  Baby (PolyGram.Phonogram)
• Fugazi  Steady Diet ot Nothing (Dischord)
• BigDrillCar Batch(Cruz)
lOGreen Day 1.039/Smoothed Oul Sloppy Hours (Lookout)
11M99 Too Cool for Satan (Satyrlc<
12 Seaweed Despised (Sub Pop)
|l3Beausoleil CaJunConJa(Capitol.RMA.Rhlno)
14Various Artists-Compilation  Estrus HaK-Rack (Estrus)
|ll Sister Carol  Mother Culture
l«Art Bergmann Art Bergmann (PolyGram*PolyDor)
|l7Various Artists-Compilation  Indie Cant (Indie Cant)
l«Gas Huffer Janitors of Tomorrow (Empty)
l«Wreck House ol Boris (Cargo.Wax Trax)
|20 Chemical People Angels n' Devils (Cruz)
21Pennywise Pennywise (Epitaph)
22 Me. Mom and Morgentaler Clown Heaven and Hell (Chooch)
2»Neds Atomic Dustbin  God Fodder (Sony.Columbla)
24NWA Nlggc_4IBe (Priority.Ruthless:
2IVarious Artists-Compilation  Cold Front (A&M.Attic)
2« Various Artists-Compilation... THI the Bars Break (Cargo.Irresbtabte)
27 Monster Magnet Spine ot God (CarcJne.Prlmo Scree)
2« Poster Chldren  Dalsychaln Reaction (TwinNTone)
2* Various Artists-Soundtrack Boyz In the Hood (Warner.Qwest)
•OP-Funk All-Stars  Live (Westbound)
•lBoozooChavtz BoozooChavls(Warner.Elektra«Nonesuch)
|32Agent Orange  Real Uve Sound
33 Mad Professor HI-Jacked to Jamaica (Ras)
J34The Cakekitchen  Tkne Flowing Backwards (Homestead)
3• Gary Ckail &On-USound Syst.... Emotional Hooligan (BMG.Perfecto)
i3«Glpsy Kings Este Mundo (Sony.PEM)
37Love Child  Okay? (Homestead)
3»Eek-a-Mouse  U-Neek (Island;
Skin Yard 1000 Smiling Knuckles (Cruz)
40Tom Walts The Early Years (Capitol.Rhlno.Bizarre)
klSmashing Pumpkins  Glsh (Carolii
42Patty Larkln  Tango (High Street)
|43 Various Artists-Compilation...The Portable Altamont (World Serpent)
44 John Lee Hooker Mr Lucky (Atlanttc.Charisma)
4IA-Bones  The Life of Riley (Norton)
48 Chris Cutler & Fred Frith... Uve In Moscow, Prague 4 Wash (Cuneiform)
478arry Adamson  Delusion (Mute)
|4« Big Audio Dynamite II The Globe (Sony .Columbia)
4«Jimmie Dale Gilmore  After Awhile (Warner.Elektra)
SODas Damen  High Anxiety (Sub Pop)
SIBim Skala Bim How's It Goin'? (Unsigned)
62Chris & Cosey Pagan Tango (Cargo.Wax Trax)
63Various Artists-Compilation Gospel Celebration (Spinner.K-Tel)
54Dynamic Twins Word 2 the Wyze (Sony.EplcWord)
5 5 Stephen Fearing Blue Une (Sony. High Romance)
••Holy Love Snakes  Blossom (Cargo.Headhunter)
•7 Railroad Jerk Railroad Jerk (Matador)
••Alice Donut Revenge Fantasies of the Impotent (Alt. Tentacles)
••Weird Paul Lo Fidelity, HI Anxiety (Homestead)
[••And One  Anguish (Machinery)
|•! Black Uhuru Iron Storm (Mesa.Bluemoon)
•4 The Doves Affinity (Elektra)
••Various Artists-Compilation TheAerial#2(AeriaD
••Delerium Stone Tower (Dossier)
•7Dogzilla There's Always Something Wrong (Invisible)
••Choice The Big Payback (Round the Globe.Priority)
•» PGR/Merzbow/Asmus Tietchens  Grav (DOVEntertainment)
70De La Soul  De La Soul Is Dead (PolyGram.Tommy Boy)
|71Various Artists-Compilation The Aerial #1 (Aerial)
72 Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians Perspex Island (A&M)
73Definition of Sound  Love and Ufe (Virgin)
74Screaming Jets  All For One (PolyGram.Rooart.Mercury)
|7»Dustdevils Struggling Electric + Chemical (Matador.Teen Beat)
|7«Various Artists-Compilation  Acid Jazz (Scottl Bros)
77U-Roy True Bom African (Ras)
|7« Easter Monkeys Splendor of Sorrow (Hit & Run)
7«The Sneetches  1985-1991 (Alas)
•0 Various Artists-Soundtrack Uvln'Large (Sony.Columbia.Def Jam)
•INusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Qawwal & Party Shahbazz (Attlc.Virgin)
•2 Phantom Surfers 16 Deadly Onesl (Norton)
!«3ThinkTree Elght/ThWeen(Sineapplesap)
184 Various Artists-Compilation Sometimes I Wish I Was... (Energy)
••Wolfgang Press  Queer (4AD»Vertig<
••Zoviet France Shouting at the Ground (Charrm)
•7 American Music Club  Everclear (Alias)
••Carnival Art  Thrumdrown (PolyGram.Situation 2]
(••Burning Flames  Dig (Mango)
"John Blschoff & Tim Perkis  Artificial Horizon (Artifact)
|»lThe Fatima Mansions  Viva Dead Ponies (Radioactive)
MHdgerCzukay OntheWaytothePeakofNooncH(EMIEIektriola)
••Carter The Unstoppable Sex 101 Dalmatlons(Chrysalis.BlgCat)
•4Fred  Fred (Cargo.Wax Trax)
•SHouse of Freaks Cakewalk (Giant)
••Cat Rapes Dog....
.. The Banzai Beats (Cargo.KK)
•7The Choir  Circle Slide (Sony.Epl<
••Various Artists-Compilation  Modern Sounds (CAGE)
••Ice T / King Tee Having a T Party (Spinner.K-Tel)
OODInosaur Jr  Fossils (SST)
lEvaporators "Vampke Blues
2 Pee Wee Manson 'Do What You Do
•Surfdusters *Mexl-Fried
4 The Perfume Tree "Death in Prime Time
BWheatChiefs 'Redeem
•Wndwalker 'Chains
7 Dr. Shiny Forehead Brainy Thing
•The Indecisives 'Good Intentions
• Monica Schraefel&HerHungry Band *WallngfortheOtherShoe...
lOAMurderofCrows 'Atmosphere
UTenFeetTall "lUsedto be Crazy
12 Wingnuts 'A-OK
l«Show Business Giants....
1« Jack Feels Fine	
IS Sludge	
 "Lets Get Together*
 -Somebody Died on TV Agalr
 'Have You Died Yet?
20Shlne -Falling
21 Fridge Magnets "WhoStole My Socks?
22 Show Business Giants *World Is Too Crowded
23 Deprogrammers 'Frightened Eyes
24 The Worst 'Creepy Thing
2B Paleface ■InaSeml-MentalMood
2«DosePump *Klss Me (with My Clothes on)
27PBL "Never Can Say Goodbye
2«TenFeetTall -Beat of the Sun
30Sister Lovers -LoveGraffltl
31C.OD.E *No Drama (Remix)
32 Ragged Rich *WhatShe'sDoln'
33 Sand Dooms	
34 Garden of Earthly Delights....
3« Chris Meloche	
37 Kiss Kiss 'rt Bang	
3« Hollowheads	
••Tombstone Etiquette....
. *66 Valiant on the Haunted Highway
...'Serious Distraction
■Entering Bklnl Area
 "Stray Kids
40 The Worst 'She'sWrong
4lRed Platinum "Heimlich Maneuver
42Greenhouse  "Victim of Circumstance
43Sad Happy "Accidental Family
44EyeonYou 'Skunk In Town
4»Glorta Blizzard 'LetThere Be Cockroaches
♦•Intoxlcators "AleyCat
47 Slavoe Tango Ensemble "Who's Dead Inside
4«Moiganfielc_ "Cut Off
4»UnevenSteps "Do Tell
80 Electric Pioneers "Come This For*
I    lWindwalknr/Tnnkhrxi   AMIntl*ATerrlhleThlnatoTncte_nlH7*rMint I
1 Windwalker / Tankhog.. A Mint Is A Terrible Thing to Taste SplH 7* (Mint
2 Various Artists Blobs Volume 1: Four Victoria Bands (Way Out!
• Mudhoney LetlSldeCD-5*EP(SubPop
4ThePixies Planet ofSound 12* EP(PolyGram.4AD
• D.C.Beggars YoureSo Pretty ButYouMakeMeSlck7*(Rathouse
• Lung Psychopomodetia 7* (Scratch
7Treepeople/Houseof Large Sizes Spit 7" (Toxic Shock
•Octatrackter *KlddleFlst7*StamHer"7"(KIITel
• ElVez The Mexican Elvis 7* (Sympathy for the Record Industry
10 Supersuckers Junk7*(eMpTy
HBIakeBabies RosyJackWoridl2"EP(Mammoth
12ChemLab 1 OTon Pressure 12" EP(ChemLab
13 Queen Latifah -FlyGkr 12" (Tommy Boy
14Casbah Club "Living Up In Center" 7* (Black & Noir
Ills This Bob  3-Song 7* EP (Plumb
MKodeTV -Scratch Attack* 12* (Cargo.KK)
17 Captain Condoms Kinda Kool 7* EP (Public Bath
_• Superconductor The Most Popular Man In the World* 7* (Scratch
1IM.C. Lyte "When In Love* 12* (Atlantic
20 Soundgarden "Jesus Christ Pose* 12* (A&M
2lM.C.Sway&KingTech •FoHow4Now*12*(Giant
24 Naughty by Nature....
.. "O.P.P.* 12" (TommyBoy
27LFO *WeAreBack"12*aommyBoy
MM99 "Drunk *Ak>ne"/"Can You See Me" 7" (Audio Addict)
2» Shadowy Men ona..../Changeof Heart Split 7*(Cargo
•OPaleSaints FleshBaloonl2*EP(PolyGram.4AD
•1 Shabba Ranks "Housecc*" CD-5" (Sony.Epic
12 Ignatius *Sweetflsh*/*Mr. Gauge* 7* (Silence
••Burning Heads "HeyYouTGo Away" 7* (Black & Noir
•4 Lady Levi "Looking foraDope Beat* 12* (Round the Globe. Motown
•I Red Devils Queen Bee 7* EP (Casting Couch
••The Dambuilders.... 'PopSong=FoodVYo Mamalkh" T (Puppethead)
37Kings of Swing... This Is Something...* 12* (Round the Globe.Virgin
••Grotus  "Edward AbbeyV'Cash Cow* 7* (Spirit
3»Funkytown Pros "White Green" 12" (4th & B'way
40Professor Griff  Mall Sale* 12* (Atlantic.Luke
41lcky Boyfriends  4-song 7* EP (C&P
42Meat Puppets  *Sam*/*Ball Ha'l* 7* (PolyGram
43Popdefect  Game of Fear 7" (Dionysus
44The Innocence Mission 'And Hiding Away* 12" (A&M
4lStereo MC's "Lost In Music" 12" (lsbnd.4rh & B'way
4«Ulys  'February Fourteenth*/*Threw a Day" 7" (Slumberland)
47Terminator X "Juvenile Dellnquintz' CD-5" (Sony.Def Jam
4«The Orb  'Perpetual Dawn* 12* (Mercury
4»StumpyJoe *l Want Some Bud*/*LovePlumbln'" 7* (Popllama
IQStereotaxic Device 'Lostland* 12* (Cargo.KK
That damn month of October   21 WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO 5WRF
by Ric* deasoM
'Give me sdtWude, dsie. me Natire dve me agaV, 0 Nature your primal savitlesT -Wall- Wfitmen
Carl end I were astod. dressed In ar respective sets Of bather i*ban crmour at ar favorite chearie OcuvSle booze emporium. The 5adst1c 5tott\ Between sips cud swigs and drags and gags we
scmefow got Into a conversational turn tfiat dragged us t#iscrec»»ii<-iy (we were drttrt) to tfie turned topics of Long Weekend cud Long Beaaa
You cen really breatfe tfie dr tfere," aphorized Ccrl between dearly drags on fis never-ending carousel of Players Ug/rts, 'Aid you can 5LRF," And all of a sudden fis gloomed iiqht-shft eyes actuary
sparked, rts sloucfi-seeflng body actually tensed, rts street-vdse worldly expression turned kito a Hue* Ann "we gotta do tfls" grin of ejqpectatlon; I stcrted tfn*kig Tfree seconds of surf-sand-sex fantasy
versus the expectation of cnotfier dull cud wreaking monstrosity of an urban long weefend, wftfi all Its to>dn5 cud social fieadadies, was all Its toxins and sodal fieadacfies, was all It tec* for me, I was
sold. We were gofctg
'Get yar motor rwnng
Head out on tfie H^iwau'
- Steppenwdf, from fas*/ Rder
Ccrl and I dove kito tfie Idea as si>rely as we expected to dive kito tfie rlgfitecus surf later on loos were forgotten, ^rlfrlends abandoned, watdies tossed noncfialently kito desalted epertments.
new names adopted: no, not Captct* America cud Billy, but Bosco (Carl) and Rex (me), Arid tfien we fit the road no, not on Hcrleys. but ki my Ford pic*up. wrkfv tfrcugri trie mrade of swf-fentasy,
became a '32 wagon called "Woody," cut of wfbse tailgate were soon to by danglng surfboards cud out of wfiose Insldes were soon to be fieard trie nusioal sMefirygs of in & Dean cud tfie iie\4t<_r*le
A crlve, a g>eue, a ferry toll (MM), a drive, a beer/wine store stop, and a drive later and we were tfiere ki trie face of trie surf at Long Beacn. Big waves Wld. Aid proof tfiat Vancouver Island
car\ supply something more exfieratlig tfian your grandmother's Ocrt Bay tea parties.
Trie sea Is my brother."
- lack kerouac
Campskfft and rentd detdls floated by ki a dream as Carl and I obliterated our credt card Wts cud tficugrit of notfiig but tfbse Waves Aid fVtaly we wd*ed tfie royal mile from street to surf:
aui\s screened, drls preened, waves ccreened. 5ucn power ki tfiat big mass of HjD tfiat extends out and ouer tfie bulge of tfe Eartfi al trie way to Japan, Aid we, kisects on popside stldb, doing to
taunt It and seek the son. splendour of Its orgasnicdly ocecwic ways
"He wfb would go to sea for pleasure wafci surely go to Hell for a pastime,"
-some culd geezer wttfi a marine bird denying cround fis neck
Yes, tfie water was dilly. Not Just normally dilly. but Baffin Island dilly But we fiad ecstasy on our sWe, so In we charged, screaming Ke mad Byrons cbout to svsrfm from Rfiodes to Turkey, confident
enouejri In our surf lore to be assured of surmounting any mortd Irritation
Trie comfort of dl tfie money we saved by not rentVig wetsdts (too woosey) was, by tfie end of a topsy-turvy fiar In tfie 10 degree surf, supplanted by tfe realization tfiat ny bed- tewperature
fiad become equated wttfi tfe sea's. Tfe Padflc fiad warmed up to 13 decrees and ny corpse, still somefiow suppcrtVig vttd organ actMx*, fad seeningty dropped from tfie normd dlzzyVig bdniness of 369
degrees to a reptilian 13 degrees. I was at one wttfi tfie sea. Oucfi Bosco, on tfie otfier fiand (end tfe side of survlvd) fiad menaged to stay fedtfiy by virtue of that extra 100 pounds of Insulation tfiat
nature (and too meny 7-11 btrrltos) fiad endowed flm.
Out of tfe water I Jerflly sfiver-shftbled. Bone blasting cfills ascended  tfrcugri tfe oondit of my splnd fluid dl tfe way from tfe tcr-covered and wrlvrtled appcrttlons tfiat used to be my feet to
my clouded cud fiopelessly muscled fiead. I was on tfe edge of wnMng despdr wren scmetfing glorious, one rnk^it even say gnarly, happened. Bosco, wfio until tfiat potot fiad caused fis board to sink
whenever attewptVig to stand on tt, suddenly cauk#t a rri^itu wave fie arose, a sfiaft of glowing sunsfine blasted onto fis wildly fwry fiead; fie beamed and screened Ufte an ecstatic Asaafe brave botfi
crms were rdsed ki wfiat would fiave been a crucified Crrlst stcnoe, save for fis fiends yMcK far from being pierced, were botfi flasfing tfe radlcd surf salute of outstretcfied tfurb and pln*y
'Qnariedge should not be confused wttfi Wsdom: It Is onk^ tfrcugfi the active quest for, and tfe subsequent accunuiatlon of, Oterledge tfiat Wsdcm can be attdned,"
- Bosco end Rex
k tfiat moment, before Bosco nosedved onto tfe sendu bottom underling tfie sfiallows, It cene to me. Trie cfiis of Ife tfreatenlng exposure and the nitye acts of cdNons vsrttfi bocrd and bottom
were acfbiowledged but newly accepted, for tfe pdn was era for tfie glory of Strfing Tfie pdn was now not only worthwfie. It was serapfilc Trie tfiougfit of tfiose iri^ity waves and tfie orgasmc tfrll of
catcffcig hdd at tfiat power wttfi a flhisy sirfloocrd and surfdude-fllled we wttfi dl tfie amorous nostal^a of a  past seM*jl conqbiest, but vdtfi a tv^st It was a send conquest, wltfi tfie sea as over-
wfeWngly dorrinciit mere aid myself, tfe surfer, as firtlve yet totdly surrendering female.
Tfie iredoal ema*gency of exposure, after frst dd  treatment (true* fieater end Jugs of Ccrlo Rossi Cdtforvia Red Burgindy), passed But tfe newfound wisdom of a radcal and gnary shared vision
was sometfiig tfiat Bosco and I too* bad? wttfi us to tfie dty,
5o now wfien CaH and I  sit astride ar drtnting tfirones ki our favourite cfieaple Cranville booze emporim, watcfkig tfie golden tiny surf of spiled pints wasting over tfie tdoie onto tfe bcr floor, we
can smile tfie smile of k*er satlsfactlon-tfie sprit of Kowcbwga- In tfe brief moment It tafes before being banoed art Into tfe street. Dont get me wrong, the Greets can be brlgfrt end Ively, wltfi
numerous advaitires awdtVig But tfie streets fiave no surf,
A*B Sound, Zulu,SamThe Record Man, Cove.Distribution, Lyle's Place(Victoria)
Funhouse(Victoria), Phantom CD(Victoria). Z Monday to Wednesday 10:30-7:00
LU Thursday and Friday 10:30-9:00
1 Saturday 10:30-6:30
0 Sunday 12:00-6:00
1869 W 4th Avenue. Vancouver, BC
zulu sez:
Some things are..
Touch and Go
Touch and Go releases
are on sale for the
possibly illegally
low price of only...
New Releases:
• Spidertand
• Full Nelson Reilly
Daddy Longhead
• Cheatos
Jesus Lizard
® Goat
Urge Overkill
® Supersonic Storybook
• FatAxl
® Career in Rock
® For Ladies Only
12.98 cd
9.98 cass
Classic Catalogue
Butthole Surfers
® Rembrandt Pussy horse
® Hairway to Steven
® Psychic, Powerless....
Big Black
® Songs About Fucking
® TwoNunsandaPackmule
Jesus Lizard
® Head/Pure
Rollins Band
® Turn It On
Urge Overkill
® Americruiser
• Alien Soundtracks
® Little Baby Buntin'
•Attack of the Killer Bs
Public Enemy
•Apocalypse 91...
PE and
UVE        ♦
October 24 «PNE Forum •Anthrax and
Public Enemy thrash it out together.
This is an event you MUST NOT miss and
ZULU has tickets! Snap 'em up quickly or
enter a draw for one of four pairs of tickets
we'll be giving away—details in store!
• Steady Diet
Zulu has your copy ofthe newest
Fugazi release, "Steady Diet of
Nothing". After a blistering tour,
which included a 1200+ crowd in
North Van, these boys are set to snag
a serious place in your collection. We
want to show you just what the fuss is
about, and we'll do it for only...
10.98 cd/7.98 cass
©sounds from
® Bad Motorfinger
® Nevermind
9.98 cass
Sale prices are in effect October 1 -31.1991


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