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 That magazine from GTR 707.9 fm December, 79% FREE  Die-cover
Meeting and exceeding your expectation* w« recommend a c
of Arabian Mocha Discord, -Pull-bodied and somewhat
eplcy.~Juet like the designer of thle month's cover, Ken ftau
Vancouver special 4
dear .00355% 7
Interview hell 9
between the lines \&
T 19
real live action 20
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Copy £d)tore; petra fleher, x-tlna zeller
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Sarcasm Inserter: petra flsher
ftOflfflm 6Mlde; miko hoffman
Ph-^n^^* sophlfi Hamley, megan mallett I    fj^
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Ug Ptafrlhttfrm? kri«ti-i peters
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PH. (604) 689-7734 FX. (604) 689-7781 Vancouver special
by dale-sawyer's [nan wieser
Local Ofrt/
I've been warned by our beloved editor to refrain from one of
those "there's something in the air/the scene is alive* rantings,
but I don't think you can deny that things ore happening in the
local music scene. Motivated as they are by factors other thon booze
sales, alkiges shows are one of the best gauges of activity, and this
past month has seen quite a few: d.b.s. at the New York Theatre,
Ton Foot Pol* and Ton Days Lot* and, on o different night, SNFU
ot Ihe Town Pump, Ihe Smugglers, Superfriendz, ond Zumpano
at the St. James Community Square, Sparkmarker at Crosstown
Traffic, and Sparkmarker, the Smugglers, and Gob at the North Delta
Rec. Centre. December is keeping up the pace with more events ot
St. James, both of them benefits. December 9lh features Sparkmarker
yet again, along wilh Facepuller and others in a benefit for Womens'
Shelters and Rape Relief, while December 16lh features Ten Days
Late, Wandering Lucy, Gaze, Trish Kelly and more in a benefit
for Women Against Violence Against Women...At the Southern Culture On The Skids show at the Starfish Room on November 18, Ham
formerly of the bonds Tankhog and Slow, continued his reign of infamy on stage by eating 10 pieces of fried chicken, putting ihe box
on his head and having Southern Culture declare him to be "Chicken
King". What ensued then was an all-star wrestling match between the
Smugglers' 1 301b Grant Lawrence and the 250 lb., now shirtless
and greose-soaked Ham...Slstor Lovers' drummer Andy Panps joins
the Evaporators' Scott Livingston (who's just had surgery on his
wrist to repair damage originally caused in a '93 Occident) on the
injured percussionist reserve list after breaking a rib and an ankle in a
fall...Daytona have finished mixing a new album with GUn Rooty
(54-40) which will be released in February...Superconductor have
finally completed their new double LP BaslardSong, slated for release
in early '96 on Boner. In related news, Superconductor have "dropped"
Mute Records...Bug, a new band featuring former members of Curious George and Dirt, are rumoured to be recording demos wilh Joe
Keithly (DOA) ..Knock Down Ginger is still together, despite
rumours ihot the band's bassist, Shirra, had departed. KDG is obout
to leave for Toronto to start a tour with Pure through Ontario ond the
mid-west United States...Huevos Rancheros bassist Graham Fuller
has quit the band. There's no word of a replacement yet, but the band
will continue on without him in the meantime...Puncture has just
returned from a two week tour to California lhat was highlighted by
the bond's Portland, Oregon show with Team Dresch. Puncture's new
CD, Snipe or Starve is out now...PRESIDENTS OF THE NOR WAY?
Soon-tote legendary nordic punkers Thorsen may finally see ihe
release of their CD on Popllama Records, two years after it was sup
posed to come out on Meat Records...Forked Tongue, formedy
Jack Feels Fine, are set to release a CD within a month. Apparently
Burl from Forked Tongue is presently writing a book of drug-induced
tales from the rood...Country Dick Montana, singer of San Diego's Beat Farmers died on stage this past month at the Longhom
Saloon in Whistler. The cause of death is said to have been heort
failure...SOL have broken up after playing their final show at the
Hungry Eye this past month...Another locol group, Seamen, have
olso played their final show...The Hard Rock Miners are remixing/
nweleasing their Rock 'n'Roll Welfare CD for MCA...Au GoGo records
of Australia is putting out a compilation of Conodian music, to be
tided GoGo Canada and featuring bands like Calgary's Chixdiggit,
GAiftffi AR0O*to> wzwotie As
S<ifrY cones up with a lulu?
rOX, HeR^S My LCTEiT IDfA To fA<e GURCti'S^
DeAtM.I&HlGKT.Vtf/ H0LPA W_tf/Sft0S CotiKKKt
SWpo-rOfPBLAMS f^oM -milGeRj^AN-MADfc
keVolVEfc. MEAMHllfc  -»WeRI6 GURGIS 0? UflH
Victoria's now-^sadly)trokon-up The Stupes, Bum and others...Taste
of Joy inked a big record deal in Europe, and they leave soon for a
moniWong tour there...In light of the numerous bands around the United
Slates who have ihe same name. Meow will be changing iheir name
to incorporate Cyrillic lettering...Nettwerk Records will soon be
releasing a 5 disc CD and multi-media boxed set featuring songs by
almost everyone who's ever been on the label and including an entire
disc of previously unreleased material. Unfortunately, there'll be nothing by Itch or the Grapes of Wrath...Speaking of Nettwerk, co
owner and ex-Moev guitarist Mark Jowett has a new band called
Cinderpop, apparently reminiscent of the dBs. They'll be playing
December 7 at the Gastown Music Hall with Thrill Squad, who are
just completing recording sessions with Ric Arboit...Look for an
upcoming event to be tilled Pope Deluxe. All Star Jam. A tribute
to unheralded songwriter Pepe Deluxe, it will feature members of Big
Gulp, the Wheat Chiefs, DOA, 24 Gone, SNFU, Hard Rock Miners, and the Balk! Brothers at a venue to be announced sometime
in December. That's all the poop for this month. Ta to...
DiMO Renews f
According to their bio, the three members of Preston are a mere
17.5 years old. When I was that age, I was emptying the contents of
my parents' liquor cabinet into my baby bottle, intent on making the
most of alcoholic pleasure before the approaching legal age of 19
turned booze from something desirable into something necessary. Not
only have these three girls - two sisters ond one tag-o-long - produced
their own professionally-duped three-song cassette (although the cover
artist must be the youngest of the three), they have a sound so laid-
back and sophisticated lhat their music takes the form of fake i.d. A
fine debut from a promising band. Just don't get them mixed up with
ith names for names in town. Veronica
» of their tunes, plus a supra-decent cover
Their originals, especially "Space Mon-
the quirky lyrics by virtue of the fact the
i out loud and clear. Musically, it's rough-
around-the^dges Replacements-rock, a feel augmented by the basement sound of the recording. Good show, guys.
In a similar vein is Bonesaw, who have submitted basement-style
recordings before but are now louder than the furnace system so it
sounds good. Wilh this 3-songer, I gotta say these guys have really
come out on their own in terms of getting strong material on tape.
These runes rock hard but, more significantly, have an immortality
revealing lhat there's some true compositional inspiration going on
here (is it all those new micro-breweries? those herbal ecstasy tablets
you can get almost anywhere now?). A sparkling sophomore effort.
While I'm at it, kudos to South of Main for getting back to their
eleclric roots for their latest 3-song tape, since the first thing I heard
from them was an 'unplugged' (awful term) session. There's now a
fully realized version of their recent hit "B-29" available to the screaming masses, but ihe olher two cuts, "Elmer" and "VU", ore no slouches
eilher. Also believers in Radio Shock-level recording equipment, there's
a tinniness on this tope which leads me to suspect lhat the band feels
that dogs and other mammals should be allowed in on the listening
fun. After checking out these three tapes, I wonder if any of the members of these bands had anything to do with Savage Henry, who
released a superb demo of similar aesthetics and quality songs a
couple of years ago. Someone let me know.
On the other end of the spectrum we have Wavestation, a couple of fellows bearing the Eno gene in their DNA. What a trip this
tope is. A tope trip. Seven pieces collectively called Melodica. On ihe
cassette cover it says "Engineers began creating apparatus designed
to embrace the subjects in rapture. If is known as the Orchin Event."
No illusions here. No beats eilher, as that's for you to fill in with your
turntable or your mind. Best heard at dusk or dawn, when lhat wisp of
There are more bands v.
have submitted a dub of twe
of the Sonics' "Boss Hoss".
key", keep your attention or
singer knows how to belt 'e
4     DECEMBER1995 :   show at Richard*. On Richard, on Wednesday, JanuarylO! To ei
», and telephone number on a groovy postcard wi
JT •kill testing question, then send your entry to:
Fight For Your Mind e/o 233-6130 SUB Blvd. V*ancouv»r. BC. V6T12
Skill Teetlng Question: What was the name of Ben I
album on Virgin Records'*
 (Pritx courtesy o* MCA Concert* and Virgin 1
daylight creates a full colour spectrum punctuated
only by the crescent moon. As you can tell I'm listening to il right now, surfing on that herbal stuff
lhat came with ihe Bonesaw demo. Ear food for
Before I return to the punk world, I should mention Orpheus Power, which is the name of Chris
Coon's Ssong cassette. The tide track is interesting, on inslrumental featuring violin byToni Stanick
and \azzed up wilh what sounds like throat singing
(I don't know whose throat it is). The main virtue of
this tape is thai it's smooooolh, an effect given not
in the least part by Coon's crooning, sorta like Lloyd
Cole addressing his harem in an oda. I'm reminded
at times of British music like Breathless or a less
folky Red House Painters. For fans of Nettwerk, 4AD
or Third Mind kind of stuff.
Return to ihe punk world. The Dole sent in a
six song tape with the tides scrawled on a rolling
paper and glued right on to the cassette itself. Best
ore "Never Before", "Quiet Boy", "15 & Drunk",
and their anthem, "Red Tape". The songs are blurted
out wilh an equal volume of saliva; I thought of
Some Old Bullshit-era Beasties a couple times. And
let's not forget Pipebomb, who catapult into your
eye the quickest 8 songs (<10 minutes) I've ever
heard. "Fuck Vancouver Pigs" ("Here come the pigs/
Belter fucking run/We got no rights/Cops got
guns'...needed to be said), "T.D.M." (I won't quote
it) and, well, now we've got a tribute to the luxurious glamour of that Main Street pub we all keep
comin' back to, the "Ivanhoe". There's a theme song
for everyone here.
There are lots more cool topes I wanna mention
here, but I gotta git back to my mountain dew (no
caps; see rhe Hayseeders' tape for explanation -
hopefully I'll find room for it in next month's col
umn). A message out to The Colorifics: I'll need a
new tape from you because ihere are a couple things
missing from the Guilty Pleasures you've already
sent me, like Side One, and a V in your name
(V/e stand en garde for thee...'). And listen for some
Christmas demos on CiTR's always locally-support-
Au Aces Shows/
Friday, December 1: Music Waste's Hyper-Mutant Mosh HodgePodge Fest w/Field Day, Gob,
Utopia & Spinach at Studio 16 (7th 0 Granville,
6pm - tix $4®Track & Scratch)
Saturday, December 2t Dance Hall Crashers,
Joykiller & Waterdog at the Town Pump (3pm - tix
Wednesday, December 6s Rancid, A.F.I. &
d.b.s. at Ihe UBC Student Rec Fac (fix $1 20Trock)
Saturday, December 9: Benefit for Womens'
Shelters ond Rape Relief w/Sparkmarker, Facepuller,
Preston, & Delano at the St. James Community
Square (10tf» &Trutch)
Saturday, December 9: Mystery Machine,
Coolidge & Bunkfoss at the New York Theatre (7pm
- HxOTrack & Scratch)
Saturday, December 16: Women Against Violence Against Women Benefit w/Ten Days Late,
Wandering Lucy, Gaze, Vico, Paizuli & Trish Kelly
at the St. Jomes Community Centre (lOlhQTrutch,
7pm - fix $5@Track, Scratch & Zulu)
Thursday, December 21: Submission Hold, Gus
& Tea and Two Slices (plus free vegetarian food!)
at La Quena (1111 Commercial Drive, 7pm - fix
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TECHNOLOGY Bear .00385%
. ecember, as you moy know, is the one month of the year
1 when posMZhristians all over Ihe continent try to paper over
__^ * the rot of deteriorating relationships with inappropriate, overpriced gifts for family and friends. It's a month when North Americans think about spending money on someone besides themselves
for o change. So, sitting in the quiet of an abandoned and anonymous corporate office somewhere in Greater Vancouver, I decided
to devote this month's column to telling you about some time-honoured Can-Lit Classics, ideal for holiday gift-giving. Though these
state-sponsored tracts aren't very good (compared to the stuff written
elsewhere in the English-speaking wodd at the same lime), ihey are
set in Canada, and so have played a vital role in establishing our
Canadian identity. True, this dour stuff has been read by so few
Canadians that you might wonder exactly how it's contributed to our
identity, bul it's best not to voice such scepticism so close to Christmas time. Giving such artefacts of Canadiona is not only nationalistic, it's cheap too, since they can usually be got by-lhe-poundat
Value Villages and Sally Anns throughout the Lower Mainland.
Fortunately, by the time I get home from lhat abandoned corpo
rote office, the Bob Cratchil syndrome has diffused, like the fumes of
my industrial strength Mr. Clean. But ihe show must go on, so I'm
going to forsake Con-Lit altogether and look at a new collection from
New York, called Unboarables (New York; Autonomedia, 1995).
This book was recommended to me on the strength of its back
cover, which sports a suspiciously impressive list of endorsements.
The degree of praise rained upon The Unbearobles,' from Thomas
Pynchon and Don DeLillo, Patti Smith and the Beastie Boys (to name
just a few), rings about as true as my opening paean lo Can-Lit.
Unbearobles apparently refers to the contributors to this anthology,
but 'unbearable' reflects the radical pose of ihe editors more than the
material of most of the writers. In his introduction, one of these editors, Mike Golden, warns the reader lhat if
you're looking for a movement to attach yourself to, it's too
late, it's already over. As you read this anthology of Mutant
Lit, The Unbearobles' one and only foray ir
a dominatrix so lhat she could afford to move in wilh her boyfriend. In
"Doll's Eyes", by the Irans-Aflcinric new-waver Judy Nylon, we're given
a sharply drawn reminiscence of her lessons in manipuiating her father, and the epiphany iiat resulted from her success. Other works
deal wilh ihe subject of human relationships in a more self-consciously
'literary' way. Several of these are quite poignant. In a short piece
called "Brood", Lynn Crawford renders her narrator in terms lhat, while
more challenging than most pieces in the collection, perfectly accentuate the suburban housewife's mundane, soul-destroying life.
It's an icy day, dear. I hog the slide and the kids get sore.
Then my husband gets sore. Being so wrong I perch on our
roof, in our oven, in our alley bursting wilh rain sodden
cartons.   The atoning bores my children, gets my husband
grateful. Which animates him to confine me. To my crib
and her view: lawn sprawl, river, bridge to a market...
Other fictions, equally well written, are more frankly entertaining. One
of my favourites Is MaxBlagg's "Feet", ihe lighl+iearled monologue of
a foot fetish who finds love at a wholesale shoestore's liquidation sale.
We rolled and tumbled among the detritus of empty
shoeboxes and tissue paper, shifting and modifying our
positions as we went, rabid consumers locked in a post-
purchase frenzy.
Not unexpectedly, some of these dysfunctional relationship pieces
get a bit tiresome, especially the 'angst-ridden young man' stuff.
Among the olher genres of fiction in the collection, I found myself
weirdly charmed by Peter Cherches' bizarre romp through pre-REM,
"Insomnia in Excelsis".
Now the doctor is poking me with a fork. 'Do you feel anything?'
the marketplace has already passed
void that used to be colled 'culture',
the rare distinction of being the first
ers working out their afflictions for c
the post literary age.
of that
Unbearobles... ha\
•sly mutant wr
Sounds pretentious, doesn't it? The editors are extremely self-conscious (and self-righteous) about their counter-cultural sensibilities.
Counter-cultural heritage might be a better phrase, since the editors
all seem to have started writing in the 1950's, and all have some
offiliation to ihe Beats [the who?) - not the successful Beats like Ginsberg
and Kerouac, but the pure, obscure Beats. No doubt the editors'
sensibilities did determine who got published, bul the writers don't
seem to belong to any collective or 'school' of writing. You get the
impression lhat there are a lot of younger writers in Unbearobles, but
this is hard to verify. If the bios are to be believed, they are from the
literary demi-monde, with day jobs as musicians, dj's, or alt-press
editors; most are Americans, many from New York, with the occo
sional sprinkle of European and Canadian seasoning. Information
on the writers is packaged in a 'Ficto-bio sidebar' lhat lies all the
contributors into a detective story - all very post-modern - so inane as
to warrant no further comment.
Pomposity and deceit are hardly unusual among self-righteous
artists, especially ageing ones. More unexpected in this anthology is
the sheer number of writers: the table of contents lists 67 text contributors (mostly prose writers) and 46 graphics credits in 288 pages.
With a sample this large, it's not surprising to see a wide variety of
stylistic preoccupations. There are samples of everything from auto
biography to science fiction, from intimate character pieces to characterless docu-fictions; there are excerpts from longer works and fiction fragments, work of great lyrical beauty and stuff that induces
migraines. Many of these writers want to take risks, and often that
means adopting (read 'appropriating') voices from the other side of
the gender, and occasionally cultural, divide.
For all the variety, some forms ore more frequently, and better,
represented than others. In the first half of the book especially, the
writers are oddly single-minded in their focus on eccentric or dysfunctional relationships, often using the first person to do so. This
theme recurs so frequently in the collection lhat it's as ihough the
unbearable editors actually sought out writers working on this sort of
thing. Some of the most interesting material in the collection falls
under this description, and despite the common theme, there is great
diversity among these works. Some, especially the auto-biographical pieces, are interesting primarily because of the situations being
rendered. In "Stripe", Lisa B. Falour recalls a relationship she developed with the receptionist at an S & M parlour, where she worked as
one worth reading is Ron Kolm's "Damaged Goods", and that simply because his eccentric characters are well-drawn. Well, you don't
have to be good writers to be good editors.
Inanities aside, I found myself feeling quite favourably toward
this collection by the end. Except for plantenga's drivel, which goes
on far too long, the main problem with many of these pieces is lhat
they have a certain unrealised quality to them. This is due to their
brevity. Such on assessment doesn't apply to the six excerpted pieces
in the anthology, of course. But of this six, ihere are only ihree I'd be
interested in finishing.
Thus the tightest material in this collection might be termed 'fragment fiction'. 'Short fiction' doesn't suffice to describe this writing
because for the most part these pieces don't exhibit the degree of
structural complexity found in even the most experimental short fiction - never mind plot and character development. Like short fiction,
this fragment fiction reads like a hybrid of prose ond poetry, bul its
dominant gene is more clearly poetic. What you're left with in
Unbearobles is shards of character caught in mid-stride, wilh only
enough context to give them a place to plant their heel. This is
writing designed for those with a short attention span, which, of
course, is not necessarily a bad thing. If you want striking blank
verse that contextualises its speaker, then you'll love much of the stuff
in this anthology. If you treat the collection as a sampler of writers
and styles to follow up on later, it's great too: the editors do give you
an idea of some of the olher work their contributors have published.
But if you're hungry for something more substantial, you leave
Unbearobles feeling like you've eaten nothing but bags of cheezies
for the last couple of days.
steak knife. 'Do you feel anything now?'
He cuts ii
He pours some Trappey's Indi-Pep Hot Sauce into the knife wound.
'Feel anything now?' he asks.
Yes,' I reply, to get rid of him.
Now the doctor is licking my
wounds. But all of a sudden
Agnes Moorhead. And I'm in
the  hospital ward of a worn
I guess I fell asleep. That's
good. I need all the sleep I
can get. 1 want to be ready
for that audition tomorrow.
Once you leave the realm of the
intimate character sketch, ihough,
the writers' efforts to be 'self-consciously literary' tend to bring more
tedious results. One of the most
insipid examples of this comes in
the form of (co-editor) bart
plantenga's "2-B 38-C 3D in
They withheld
('unremembered' to distribute)
mall-factured MIFS- sucre, con
trolling individual sovereignty
via salivation rates, with snarl
ing aplomb. Blue-bens ren
dered polizei more astutely
I'm sure some people enjoy this
sort of murk, but it makes me wince
visibly. Call me reactionary. The
material from the olher two contributing editors is not nearly as
irritating as plantenga's. Mike
Golden's reprise after his introduction is an auto-biographical rant
called "The Unbearable Beatniks
of Light Get Reall (DocuCharma)",
which is, as auto-biographical
rants go, more self-indulgent than
interesting. Of the three, the only
Coui^ev/vm jlouyj**   |*&
e • screenplays • fiction-poetry
ud'liv . AJBJoduia^uoo after all
bel canto
chpis and cosey
falling joys
the grassy knoll
lava hay
suzanne little
tara maclean
mc 900ft jesus
sarah mclachlan
mystery machine
papa brittle
pretty green
bill pritchard
rose chronicles
severed heads
single gun theory
skinny puppy
taste of joy
the tear garden
the water walk
wild strawberries
ten years of nettwerk
EMAIL: info@nettwerk.c
rstClass BBS: 604-731-7007
Mon to Wed
Thurs and Fri
\>i ;   ft ford
Who are you?
My name's Ford Pier. I'm a professional entertainer - good work if you can get it.
Describe your sound in 25 words or less.
My sound on Radio Hell kept changing on
occount of a problem with my guitar jock. The
songs are said by some to be "complicated".
What happened to your band tonight on
Radio Hell?
I misunderstood. I thought I was invited to perform on my lonesome. I gave them the night off. I
found them later at the Railway Club in a shameful condition. They had been drinking heavily
and were throwing pieces of bread at the
Beauticians. Others in attendance told me how
Keith (bass) had gone around offering good-looking women rides on his shoulders only to walk
them info the fans (the rotating fansl not the
Beauticians' fans!) while David (drums) stood on
tables, beating his chest and roaring like a bear.
Why would you do a song by Pete
Town send?
Who is Ed? What is your favourite
Junior Gone Wild Story?
Ed Dobek is one of the greatest drummers ever to
stalk the globe. You may be familiar with his
work in such acts as Wheat Chiefs and The
Vinaigrettes. Ed and I were in a group called Jr.
Gone Wild for a time and those years were a
fount of such epics of ill-advised behavior as
would make Idi Amin blush. Visibly. Drugs,
booze, sexin', attempted murder. Making Plans
for Nigel, incarceration, reflection, despoir,
redemption, rebirth. All the biggies.
Did you moon the ladies in Frightwig in
1984? Please explain.
I did a striptease when they played "A Man's
Got to Do What a Man's Got to Do" in
Edmonton -1 ihink at the Bonnie Doon hall. Those
of us participating in said dance (with their staled approbation) wrote F-R-l-G-H-T-W+G on our
bottoms for the finale, which I will leave to your
imagination. The gals were delighted.
Incidentally, it's lucky we had Pedro the on&out-
tocked boy along - there are nine letters! I think
he got the W.
Who's the favourite sun?
According to the Medievals, the favorite sun is
characterized by the key of G and the color
blue. Ask any two of them about this ond you
will glean the equation G(G)Blue(Blue). Get rid
of the "blues" because medieval music consisted
almost exclusively of perfect consonances - certainly intervals that are all in key. The equation is
now its own solution: G(G)AII In. GG Allin is the
favorite sun - which supports my position that
everything has always been wrong.
What exactly have you learned from
being in DOA, Junior Gone Wild, Roots
Roundup, Showbiz Giants etc.?
I have learned that all religions are one. To wit*,
give a polka a one-drop and you have ska. Bo
Did diey is responsible for Peter Gabriel's Passion
record as well as the inevitable Circle Jerks
reunion. Who knew? I did! Or rather, I suspected, but by playing all the kinds of music I
like instead of jusl one or two IS
demonstrated it. I get the
costumes mixed up and
nobody minds! I'-*
demonstrated it to me,
myself, and it gives
me power and
confidence. Ask
me anything.
Are people happy DOA is a 4 piece again?
I'm people ond Tm happy D.O.A. is a 4-piece again.
What is your other band, The Tonics, up
to? What have they taught you?
Tonics will be recording in December. Lotsa new
songs. A fulMenglh LP? The Tonics have taught me
to let go', to float as it were. You don't have to
freak out in order to get things done. Consider the
lilies of the fields: ihey toil not, neither do ihey spin.
The Tonics have extended my life-expectancy.
Is "Gold in Canada" about DOA's high
hopes for their Virgin Records release,
or about Roots Roundup touring the
hemp fields of BC?
"Gold in Canada" is about the self-congratulatory merry-go-round of the Canadian big rock
scene which has, in the past, hoodwinked the
April Wines, the Torontos, the David Bendeth
projects, etc. into believing they were any good,
and sheltered them from the ugly truth lhat they
were ultimately insignificant. These schmucks
who live in a vacuum sucking their own cocks
who are puzzled when they lift their heads for a
minute and the world says, 'We don't need you,'
then they show up ot a bar in Kingston, Ontario
saying, 'Yeah, kid, you got a lot of talent, but it's
impossible to 'make it' in the music business. I
remember this...I remember that...'
What was it like being the soundtrack
to Slam City Jam coverage on TSN?
While D.O.A. were recording The Black Spot,
we saw some of that on television. Nobody was
more surprised than us. We burst into a spontaneous couple of passes through the Jeffersons'
theme tune and Brian Goble performed one of
his rare Turtle Dances'.
Tell us about your CD.
Recorded in two weeks (one in
Feb. '94, one in May '95)
at Scott Henderson's Sea
of Shit in Colwood -
Victoria's Langley.
f  the   15
songs date as far
ond there is a sort of lyrical ore ocross their 51
minutes which draws a correlation between illumination and despair. I played oil the instruments
and musically, it's a pretty diverse record; stylistically closest to Showbusiness Giants, I'd say,
because Showbiz also play whatever they feel
like, without regard for whether it's this type of
music or that. Do you like it? Con you sort of
ploy it? Then do so! Furthermore, parody, spoof
and lampoon alike will be unsuccessful without
genuine affection.
Ask yourself 2 questions and c
them, please!!
If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?
To halve time and move about freely ond manipulate objects. Theft? No. Secrets.
Was the most admirable conqueror the most successful one?
No. Cyrus of the Persians was the most
admirable because he promoted absolute freedom of religion ond movement and everybody
Was happy. Now that's an empire. The most successful conquerors get everyone to think like
them by subterfuge. Caesar? I give you Disney
for another.
Selected Discography:
Ford Pier - Meconium (Wrong Records, 1995)
Showbusiness Giants - Let's Have a Talk with the
Dead (Essential Noise, 1995)
D.O.A. - The Black Spot (Essential Noise, 1995)
Tonics-7" EP (1995)
Roots Roundup - Whot We Do' (Groundup,
Jr. Gone Wild - Too Dumb to Quit (Stony Plain,
Tankhog - Meat for You: The Final Concert
(Polygram, 1994)
Ford Pier can be contacted at:
2346 Woodland Dr.
Vancouver, BC.
V5N 3P2
(879-0429)   ^.v ^Hf95» ,
Who are you, what do you play, what
other bands have you been in, and
where does your name come from?
Henri: drums + guitar; Mistreated Youth and
Deanna: guitar + drums + vocals; Cardboard
Tanya: bass + vocals; the Swallows
Vico  -   (vT-co),   noun,   chocolate   milk   in
Describe your sound in 25 words or less.
Not cute, good, loud, new, frothy, tasty, fresh,
horny, quenching, high in calcium, bubbly, cool,
nice, mean, digestible, dare I soy... WICKED.
What is the connection between Vico
and Vague zine? Come on, be honest.
Jack E. Splat was our maraca player. He is o
really shirty editor who can never make up his
mind, BE HONEST, or make deadlines.
What happened to Vague zine?
Jack E. Splat fell into a deep depression and has
Vogue laying on his bedroom floor in a 'guilt' pile...
He is also a schmuck.
Is there a
funky line
Vico     and
the      band
Our   first   bo*
player, Melon
moved to Detroit to
join an all-girl  funk
band...the lead singi
Dove, is the girlfriend
bass player from Po
SHE'S FUNK, VICO'S PUNK. If Vico was a
T.V. show, what would we be...Henri and
Deanna would be the Ropers (except Henri is
Horny all the time) and Tanya would be Lana
(the brood who was after Jack all the time).
In your opinion, what is the best song
ever thafs NOT about love, and why?
Tanya: "Stuart" by the Dead Milkmen - that bit
about the burrow owls kills me everytime.
How hard is it to get a gig locally?
We haven't really had to try too hard...when
you work in the business you make friends or
enemies... We would LOVE to play at the
Starfish Room.
What is the stupidest comment you ever
got from your audience?
: "Sho
._ch    thing    as    punk    rawk    from
Henri: "Who's the chick on the drums?"
Tonya: I've only played in front of on audience once so I don't know what to say.
Ultimate ambition.
To infiltrate the masses and
do the world broadcast gig on
New Year's Eve year... 1999 (and of
course, tour to every continent including the
List the top five things that you would
like to write top ten lists of.
This is a really stoopid question Nardwuar!
1) top 10 most productive tow truck towers
2) top 10 excuses for why you don't have you
driver's license on you
3) top 10 reasons for pooping your pants
4) top 10 reasons that so many people hong out
ot the center of the universe (Main + Hostings).
1) top ten excuses for quitting your job
2) top ten unfinished zines lhat should hove been
3) lop 10 ways to cheat he government out of money
4) top ten things that bug me about Henri
5) top ten worst top ten lists.
1) top ten excuses for mistakes I make ("It's a
fretless"; "I've never played this song before")
2) top ten reasons why women are better bass
players than men (i.e. lhal ovary-bass connection)
3) top ten answers to why Nardwuar would ask
us this question (i.e. he watches too much late-
night T.V.)
4) top ten reasons why Kyle MacLachlan is in
that movie [Showgirls) 5) lop ten theories about
why Scott's hair looks like that.
Anything else you'd like to add?
4 + 4-8
If anybody wants us at the last minute we will do
any gig, anywhere, other than Monday to Friday
9-5...We love...Pluto, Bum, Meow, Darkest Of
The Hillside Thickets, Speedbuggy, Screaming
For Love, The Smugglers, Chixdiggit, Ten Days
Late,...pizza, beer, The Niagara, The Hungry Eye.
are Marshall
Stacks for a
band Eke Vico?
Or are you into
Marshall* are beau-
id Hartkes.
Vico Demo 95 - you can buy it at o
six song tope)
Contact Vico c/o:
Deanna Gray
1751 East 5lh Ave.
Vancouver, BC.
9 i3?ggm±m NEOELEASES
redsugar • Zero
An organic-ambient record,
full of sounds, not songs.
redsugar w/ st. eustache
Poet Nell Eustache Joins redsugar in
a brilliant condemnation ot the world.
Unauthorized Volume Dealers
Cranial Expansion Device
Three titles available from these shredders
mixing punk, Industrial and metal.
Rattled Roosters
- Year of the Rooster
Debut release by Vancouver's
best dressed band.... pop,
rockabilly, swing with a
pinch of country.
Rattled Roosters - Marilyn
Brand new 7" available in December.
Rocket from the Crypt have  too many 7 inches to
Hat,  a couple of great albums  (Paint as a Fragrance,
released on Cargo in 1991,   and the awesome Circa:
Nowt,  also on Cargo),  and a compilation of singles
(All Systems Go,   Cargo/Headhunter 1993).   Their latest J
(release.   Scream Dracula Scream,   is on Interscope,   whom J
they signed with a couple of years ago.   The hand will \
continue touring    throughout North America during the j
fall, before heading to Europe in the spring.  Fx
ftattooed fan clubs to glockenspiels and Elvis Presley, J
this is San Diego's finest,  Rocket from the Crypt*
(Interview with vocalist/guitarist
Speedo and drunmer Atom.)
what have you boon doing since
signing to Intorscopo two years
Speedo: I'm in another band (Drive
Like Jehu) and we were doing a lot
of stuff. Everyone in Rocket was
scattered all over the place so we
had to regroup and start practicing
again. That took a lot of time,
plus we did three tours after the
release of Circa: Now!, so between
now and then...
Atom: We also did a 10-inch, The
State of the Art is on Fire, on
Synpathy for the Record Industry,
an LP, Hot Charity, on our own
label, and a 5-inch.
Do you ever use samplers in the
S: Never. We do all of the stuff
live. We definitely don't use any
sound replacement - it's a lot more
fun making all the sounds yourself.
It mist get pretty chaotic in the
studio at times seeing as you use
everything fran guitars to glockenspiels 1
s: Yeah, on a couple of songs we
had forty people all playing in a
room at once.
What drew you to record at Goldstar
studios in Bollywood (favoured by
Elvis Presley and Phil Spector)?
S: It's a cool place - a lot of
people recorded there in the '60s.
We could go wherever the fuck we
wanted to, so we completely
exploited that! There are a lot of
nice studios, but we're suckers for
nostalgia and music history, and
for some reason we end up putting a
lot of value on that stuff. It's
kind of cheezy.
You brou^it in seme vocalists for
Scream Dracula Scream as well.
S: Yeah, just some friends. We
brought in Frank Daly from Big
Drill Car. That's something we've
always done in the past, although
this is the first time we'
flown someone in. This guy Mick
Collins, who used to be in this band
called The Gories and now he's in
Blacktop. He has a tremendous voice.
How is Scream Dracula Scream different fran previous Rochet releases?
S: It's definitely a removal from
the way we went about writing and
practicing and recording before. We
kind of put our money where our
mouths are. Sometimes we've been
known to talk a lot and I think,
with this record, we really just
got down and kicked some ass.
Tell us about your free charity
shews, how many did you play?
S: We played about thirty. When we
started the band we had all these
ideas of things we wanted to do and
that was one that we thought would
be cool. We did it in an attempt to
thank friends and followers while
creating an unhinged atmosphere.
Will we be seeing any more of these
free shews in the future?
S: No, they have their bad points
as well. We had to sell much of our
equipment and van
And the tattoo fan club?
S: That came about conpletely accidentally. Friends in San Diego
doing stupid things (getting the
Rocket from the Crypt symbol tattooed on their hides) and then we
started getting**" them into shows for
free, ordering Chinese food for
them...it just kind of snowballed.
A: There was a full membership
before there was even a club, kind
of thing. It was never intended.
Do you know them all? Hew many are
S: It's about 3000 strong! I think
we've met most of them, the ones in
the U.S. anyways.
A: We're trying to keep it kind of
low key. It's gotten more out of
hand than we ever expected it to.
S: It's not an important part of
the band to us, and if people do
that, that's cool and we'll try to
continue to do cool things specifically for those people, but we're
(*/ stci*> &\rtot
SfilREb LVERfwHLkt Today, we can not only describe bands by the
genre of their music but also by the drug
which most closely simulates the experience
of listening to their performance. For example,
there is the heroine-addled grunge of Hole, the
speed induced pounding of Ministry, the acid
trippiness of Thrill Kill Kult, or the martini sipping Urge Overkill. Listening to Spiritualized is
like two-fisting Prozac-laced Holy Water and
espresso shots of caffeine. Throughout their
October 30th performance at the Town Pump,
Spiritualized's warm ethereal tone, rich with
soothing melody, was only occasionally interrupted
by the harsh pounding frenzy of a caffeine rush.
For those who dont know, Spiritualized is an
English transient/ambient band, the direct
descendant of Spaceman 3. In the mid 1980s
Sonic Boom (a.k.a. Pete Kember) and Jason
Spaceman (a.k.a. Jason Pierce) formed
Spacemen 3. After six years of collaboration,
with a few EPs and LPs and a dozen official singles, the two men parted company in 1991. But,
much like their self-professed musical hero the
Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3 is a band that
has enjoyed a powerful rebirth after a premature demise. Presently in the records stores
there are at least three new compilations from
the band that became defunct five years ago. In
fact, there have been more official albums
released after the bands breakup than throughout the band's six year existence.
In 199 I, J. Pierce formed Spiritualized with a
number of other musicians who played in the
various Spacemen 3 lineups. Right now, the band
is J. Pierce as the main singer/songwriter, Kate
Radley on keyboards and Sean Cook on bass.
They have released about a dozen singles/EPs
and 3 albums: Lazer Guided Melodies (1992),
Fucked Up Inside (1993). and Pure Phase
(I 995). Sub-Pop plans to re-release the band's
first single, "Anyway that you want me/Step into
the breeze". Spiritualized has also collaborated
with Pat Fish (Jazz Butcher) and J.J. Cale.
In the back seat of a white Palomino, J. Pierce
sits with his legs pulled tightly to his chest. He
has a two day beard and his hair appears to have
been last washed in Minnesota, two weeks prior
to Spiritualized's performance in Vancouver.
Occasionally puffing on the Silk Cuts cigarette in
his left hand, he spoke with what one would call
either a reflective hesitation or a common drug
drawl. Although entirely reserved on stage, J.
Pierce is a talkative extrovert, willing to discuss
at length the band and its music.
While J. Pierce formed Spiritualized, Sonic
Boom, the other half of Spacemen 3, formed a
band called Spectrum. (Spectrum played the
Starfish Room last February and recently signed
to Warner Records). J. Pierce adamantly denies
that the two bands are in competition, although
a prolonged antagonism exists between the two.
Some of the resentment comes over the new
Spacemen 3 releases, while some is a result of
Boom's decision to continue to play all the old
Spacemen 3 hits at Spectrum shows, as if to claim
the songs as his own.
"I think the emergence of all the new records
is quite appalling. I am not about to get into
shouting louder and longer with Spectrum, but I
think people are being asked to buy new sleeves
rather than new music. Their argument is that
they are attempting to make it more contemporary. But I think as soon as you start making
something contemporary you have to start
changing it yearly. You have to make it 'hip to
the now'. I do not want to be redesigning the
sleeve. And besides, personally, I do not see any
ofthe money from those records. I just wish people that put them out would pay the people who
created the music."
"I think the whole roots of what we are doing
now are in Spacemen 3, always have been and
always will be. But now we are not content to
tread water. I said before that we could make 10
albums like Pure Phase because I know how to
make that record. But we are not catering to the
fan. That is why we don't play Spacemen 3 songs
at our shows."
The band's songs are riddled with references
that at once could be either about drags or religion. However, J. Pierce refused to clarify the
band's philosophy on religion or drugs. "We've
got religion but we don't have a god. And I think
music is like that. I use to think the Van Morrison
thing', that I was a conduit for a greater source. I
used to think I got all this shit which wasn't given
to Van Morrison. But now I just sit down and
write songs. We wrote I I songs in 9 days, and
recorded them as we played. That was working at it
instead of just watting for something to happen."
The Stranglers coined a phrase in the 19 80s
which epitomizes Spiritualized's music: "Aural
Sculpture". The band's songs are not about
chords, melody, choruses, or structure. Rather,
they are about tone, layers, and circularity. It is
my view that the reason English bands continue
to dominant alternative circles is that few North
American bands since the 60s have experimented with the essential concept and constructs of what constitutes a song. With the only
notable exception being rap, musical
genres/advances seem to come from across the
Atlantic because of this willingness to experiment with form and substance, rather than
merely attempting to perfect pre-existing genres.
"We are into performance. We are not into
'cabaret': going through the motions, coming
out and playing the song the same way it
sounded 6 weeks ago. The songs are progressing,
each night we attempt to hit a new high in each
song. In a weird way, it's like a jazz thing. I think
good music is spinal music, it is more than aural
pleasure, it is not simply ear candy. People really
do get affected by it. It is honest soul music, it is
expressing what we are."
Despite it being a Sunday night, and at the
Town Pump, Spiritualized's show was virtually
sold out. Throughout their performance, the
only member to acknowledge the audience was
the drummer (and that by only occasionally
glancing at the audience). The band was so
absorbed in their performance that they did not
even miss a beat when the Town Pump twice
turned on the house lights to end the band's set.
Defiantly, they simply kept playing until they had
finished, some two hours after starting. And
while leaving, it was hard not to notice the
strange euphoria plastered on the crowd as it
emptied out the venue; clearly some people had
achieved a zenith with the assistance of chemicals, the band, or both.
For those who want to interact directly with
Spiritualized, or at least find out more about the
band, you can check their official web page at
-WWW.spirualized.com'. Although J. Pierce does
not even have a phone at his flat, he strongly
believes that the web page will provide a convenient means for the band to create a dialogue
with its fans.
"It is not 'press the button and buy the
record', nor is it one large ad for the band. In
fact, you can not buy any of our material there.
Rather, it is full of video and sound clips and discussions. The web page moves and develops as
the band does. The idea for the band was that if
you went to two gigs in a row, the changes would
not be that apparent. But if see one ,.'*i n v-?.<
gig and another '4vVV *- '*-''■.'
one seven days later, f<
then the band and our |jv
songs have undergone ,:|
this radical change. iS
That is how we M
envision that web A
site. If you go back *a\
every day you will
see similar stuff, but if
you go back every week,
especially after our tour
ends when we get more
involved, it will have
undergone a tremendous
TEL (604) 669-6644   ©   FAX (604) 669-7978
EVERYTHING ON SALE BOXING DAY  ^^ oes Ihe public need protection From what
tW lurks on the radio, in books, in magazines,
"^ in movie theaters? Are we incapable of tern-
ing the radio off or closing ihe magazine when
what we see offends us? The Canadian Radio-
television and Telecommunications Commission
(CRTC) thinks so. Here in Radioland, ihe CRTC is
our shepherd and protector; we shall fear no evil
or subversion or perversion because Daddy only
allows us to hear what is safe for our impressionable little minds.
Censorship is patronizing. It assumes that
some members of society are more capable than
others of judging what material is appropriate
for public consumption, while the general public
are presumed bereft of personal agency and
therefore unqualified to make value judgments.
When material is assessed according to its
acceptability under "existing community standards", it is assumed lhat everyone is port of a
single community - best represented by straight,
white, probably Christian, men. This establishes
a mainstream norm with a homogenous set of
values that are dangerous to any who do not
share in this fantasy. The door is open for state
discrimination against those who do not conform
to the norm. Censorship does not promote diversity, open dialogue, or debate. One community
is privileged to speak for all.
Think ihis sounds paranoid? Here's an example: anyone over eighteen can stroll into a convenience store, pick up a copy of Penthouse and
see images of "lesbian action" (that is to say,
pictures of two or more Barbie-doll women having sex). On the other hand, lesbian porn mags
like On Our Backs or Bad Attitude are routinely
seized by Canada Customs because they show
women engaged in lesbian sex. The difference is
that ihe Penthouse pictures cater to straight male
fantasies, while the lesbian magazines ore produced by and for a socially marginalized group:
queer women. So much for the right to freedom
of speech; it's under lock ond key and in the service of those with power.
"DAtltly cv\]y &\,ows us to ke*r
whal is stfe for cur mpvessiowJA*
 littft? mmds."	
State censorship is usually associated with the
regulation of obscenity. Too often, it is a tool for
perpetuating anti-gay sentiments, in all media.
Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium, a
Vancouver gay and lesbian bookstore, suffers
routine Canada Customs seizures of books that
Duthie's can order without hossle. Christian
radio stations are not denied their right to broadcast as they see fit, even if their content includes
hateful rants that certainly offend the standards
of many communities. But when the CRTC
received one letter of homophobic complaint
regarding programming aired on "All Day, All
Gay" by CKDU-FM in Halifax, the CRTC took this
as grounds for an early review of CKDU's license.
CKDU is a campus/community radio station.
Their intent is to represent diverse communities,
issues and music that may not be heard on mainstream radio. On June 25, 1993, CKDU broadcast "All Day, All Gay", a special day of
programming for the queer community in Halifax
i gent
al c
celebrate gay pride, then it is counter-productive
and alienating to listeners to constantly air warnings. (EEKI THE QUEERS ARE COMING! CIRCLE
YOUR DIAL!) "All Day, All Gay' expanded the
definition of "normal" to include something other
than straight reality; it represented queer communities as visible, legitimate, vibrant, and diverse.
In this context, reference to gay sexual preference, sexuality, ond lifestyles are necessary, justifiable, and educational. Warnings just
eption that queers are
x by Anna Friz
light of the written complaint made by one
Wayne S. Harvey (who took offense to the
"coarse language" and the "reference to gay
sexual preference" in the two pieces he heard on
All Day, All Gay), the CRTC deemed that CKDU
had not adhered to "existing community standards" or fulfilled the "high standard of broadcasting" required by the Broadcasting Act.
CKDU's license was conditionally renewed, subject to a number of restrictions.
These new restrictions include: warning messages to be aired one week before, two hours
before, ond every hour on the hour during any
special programming containing sexually explicit
material; and any sexually explicit programming
is to be confined to a time slot between 9 p.m.
and 6 a.m. "in order to lessen the possibility that
children, and others who might be offended by
this material, are listening". These are in addition
to an existing guideline thot programming containing anything that may offend "generally
accepted audience values" (i.e. swearing, content referring to sexual behaviour, etc.) is only
acceptable if such content relates to the theme of
the program and is educationally worthwhile.
Most campus/community stations are subject to
this last constraint, bul CKDU is the first campus/community station to be hit wilh time of day
broadcast regulations. If CKDU does not comply
with these regulations, they could have their
license revoked and be taken to court.
Aside from the fact lhat the terms "high standard of broadcasting" and "existing community
standards" are never dearly defined [which com-
lity's standards?), thes
further marginalize queer communities. If the purpose of a special day of gay programming is to
With a jewellry purchase
you receive a free piercing by
Canada's most experienced piercers
1043 GRANVILLE STREET 688-6225
deviants whose only goal is to impose queerness
on the unsuspecting public. When was the last
time you heard CBC preface a show with "the
following program contains references to heterosexual preferences. Listener discretion is
The CRTC justifies time of day restrictions by
expressing concern that children may hear such
programming. But especially in the case of "All
Day, All Gay", the hope is that adolescents will
tune in. Gay life is also happening for people
under eighteen, ond they are continually alienated from mainstream culture that provides
almost no information or support and few role
models for young people growing up queer.
Minimol efforts are made to combat the fear and
ignorance that cause homophobia. "All Day, All
Gay" programming is an attempt to change intolerant attitudes and provide queer-positive information and entertainment, valuable to everyone
in trie community. This is a neanmpossfcilily if all gay
programming is marginalized loafter9 p.m. at night.
CiTR is not yet subject to the same restrictions
as CKDU, but the CRTC is a complaint-driven
regulatory body, and a few homophobic complaints could be enough to do it. A precedent
has been set: apparently one straight man's opinion outweighs the interests of an entire gay community. So in support of CKDU and of queer
communities lhat are under fire here in the B.C.,
CiTR aired our own "All Day, All Gay" on
October 27, 1995. The calls were overwhelmingly supportive from all kinds of people - like the
woman who called in to say that she was a heterosexual Christian who was appalled at the
homophobia within her own community. We celebrated gay pride all day (from eight in the
issued, and no complaints were logged.
Ultimately, censorship never succeeds in its
mission to eradicate everything that offends mainstream morality, whatever lhat might be. It simply
drives everything "deviant* underground. Queers
still live in Abbotsford whether Xlra-West is available or not. It's a question not of existence, but of
visibility. When the norm is manufactured by
squelching opposition and difference, then the
norm needs to be redefined, or better yet, tossed
aside. There is no single set of community standards, so why not give every voice a chance? At
least then an open debate is possible.
The question, in ihe end, is not what should be censored, but who decides. Community radio is about
community access to ihe airwaves, ond ihe right to
free expression. We can turn the dial or produce
something we'd rather hear if we don't like what's on
the radio. We deserve to choose for ourselves.
WdHWci know more Abort
cmmniTy/cfiWiyks Mtlio *ntl wUy it
HMtl-y your support?
Check out next month's Discorder for
S important news on the future of CiTR.
I     j \ In the meantime, turn the page for a
'    sample of the lighter side of CiTR's
All Day All Gay programme.
OFFSPRING o Self-Titled $14.92 co
NOMEANSNO 0 Worldhoorf ofthe Wor/d WLMIMCD
LAG WAGON • Ho$$ $9.65 lp/om $14.92 cd
MOUNTAIN GOATS - Sweeden $9.45 LP $14.92 cd
MR. HAGEMAN . Twin Smooth Snouts. $9,65 LP $14.92 CD
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GUIDED    BY   VOICES'   %rbomb $3.94  r
THE FROGS • Here Comes Santa's Pussy $3.94 7"
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"What's a ripcord?"
Nardwuar: Who are you?
Dan Savage: I am a process
(X and relationship advice o
If s true.
Who appears in Terminal City magazine and also in The Stranger
Seattle, too, right?
And the Village Voice in New Yorlc and the SF Weekly in San
Francisco and PDXS in Portland and something in Montreal and something in Chicago. All over the place «*«--.,
Welcome to All Day AU Gay on CiTR.
Well, I'm happy to be here.
What do you think about All Day All Gay?
I think it should be everyday all day all gay.
Do you think that gay people really have more fun, Dan Savage?    sS£l_S
Actually. I know tor a tact that we do because 1 was straight far a while.
Most straight people have been straight all their lives - they don't ever
live as gays, they don't know what we're up to - whereas most gay
people have, lor a time in their lives, lived as straights. So, yes, as a
matter ot fact, I can say that we do have more fun.
And when did you come to this realisation?
That I was gay?
Well, it's
       not so much -1 realised I was gay a long time before I came
out. When I was living as straight I knew I was gay, but I was just
reluctant to tell anybody. I was having sex with girls and trying to be
straight, but it didn't work, and eventually I realised I would be less
miserable out of the closet than I was in the closet.
I'm always curious about people who come out. Like, who was the first
person to come out?
I think Oscar Wilde was the first person to come out. though he was
kind of outed by the criminal justice system back there, under the
British Empire, in London. He was sort of reluctantly dragged out and
accused of being a sodomite, which he denied - he never admitted
that he was gay, though he's kind of become a hero to the gay and
lesbian movement.
How about Tchaikovsky?
Tchaikovsky? Well, you know, he wrote those naughty letters, and
Michelangelo wrote naughty poems about the guys he was in love
with, and Leonardo da Vinci was a homo too - and Alexander the
Great. We're just everywhere. Anywhere there's, like, a really good
piece of art -
Was Jesus gay?
I don't know. He hung around with twelve guys all his life and he
didn't have a girlfriend or a wife. Who knows?
What's the big deal on gay Nazis? Why do you think people talk
about that?
Do you mean now or then?
I think that ifs really homophobic. There were gay people who were
Nazis - like Ernst Roehm, who was the head of the SA. There were sort
of two secret police organisations in Nazi Germany early an, the SA
and the SS, and the SA was destroyed during the Night of the Long
Knives - the big power struggle in Nazi Germany - and all the gay
people were purged from the Nazi party. And the Nazis persecuted
homosexuals. They sent homosexuals to concentration camps - just
ution wasn't anything oi " ■*-
rsecuted. But the Nazis j.	
; and sixties and seventies, people
■*■ "«**■'*•*■ were gay.' Well, I assume
people are saying is that,
-— ~~rQ rrko aav - like
How about more about hiding gayness in society, tike the story -
well tell the listeners, Dan Savage, about "Cockring" Ken.
Hal Well, Mattel are always trying to keep Ken up to date so
he's worthy of being Barbie's boyfriend, because Barbie's always up to date. So they designed a little nightclub outfit for
Ken. He had black jeans on and a see-through purple mesh
shirt - which I don't think I've ever seen a straight man wearing in my life - and he had a purple leather Gaultier vest
knock-off - also another thing I don't think I've ever seen a
straight person wearing - and a little silver ring on a little
silver chain around his neck. I'm not sure if Mattel realised it
or not when they put the doll out - they certainly know it now
- but gay men had taken to wearing little rings like that on
chains around their necks - about the same time we took to
wearing purple mesh shirts and purple leather Gaultier vests.
And what the ring was, was a cock ring, which is a sex toy
that you wear around the base of your cock. And I painted
that out in a story that ran in a whole bunch of newspapers
all over the country, and then got picked up by -
People were fascinated by that, weren't they?
Oh yeah, the doll sold out all over the country. But, you know,
I spoke to people who worked in the stores and nobody who
was buying the doll was a little girl - they were all grown-up
guys. So he became known as Cockring Ken and the gay
Ken doll, and Mattel recalled the doll and discontinued it for
fear of the religious Right beating them up over it.
How tough are the laws in the States about being gay? Like, are
there really anti-gay laws in the States?
Oh yeah. There's sodomy laws in more than half these United
States - land of the free, home of the brave, as long as you
want to do things exactly like your straight friends do.
And are those still being enforced?
They're not really enforced, though one guy was anested in
1986 and took a case all the way to the Supreme Court, which
upheld sodomy laws for gay people. It didn't say anything
about straight people, but it ruled that gay people didn't have
a right to privacy in the United States, and didn't have a right
to consensual sexual activity in the United States. And even
though the laws one not really enforced, the fact that they
still exist, and that they're still on the books, is used in a lot of
other cases that come up before judges to justify anti-gay
rulings. They can point to the fact that someone who's a
practicing homosexual is a felon, technically, and then they
use the existence of those laws to justify denying people custody of their children, if they happen to be gay or lesbian,
denying people jobs, things like that. It's all very, very ugly.
Is 'faggot' a bad word, Dan Savage?
I don't think so. I think faggot' is a word. I think 'dyke' is a
word and breeder' is a word and 'straight' is a word and
'gay is a word. I don't think words can hurt ya.
So why won't they print the words 'Hey Faggot' in the Village
Voice, which you're also published in?
They don't run Hey Faggof because New York City is the
epicentre of everything gay in the universe, of course, and
Queer Nation started there. Queer Nation felt that 'faggot'
sort of rang a little too 19° 1 for them, so they didn't want it in
the paper. They do let me use the word, though, in the body
of the column. It's still in the questions, ifs still in the responses,
I just don't get to use the salutation there.
You do a radio show on KCMU and KUGS Bellingham. What are
the words tou can't say on the radio in the United States of America?
God, there are so many. There's actually seven big ones, and
these words have been naughty and for hidden for years.
They cue: 'shif, 'piss', ~cock', "fuck", 'cocksucker', 'motherfucker', and tits'. It's ridiculous that you can't say fits' and 'piss'
on the radio in America. It's just ludicrous and hypocritical.
Dmosexuals. They sent homosexuuu i_ ^	
ones, Ihough, so the persecution wasn't anything on the scale
ay Gypsies or Jews were persecuted. But the Nazis persecuted
- »^« ««+•«; m(* sixties and seventies, people
£e~r,me, 7?° " " ***** And what sort of fines are
WeU if vou eC' " $10'°00 "■" *yOU d° ■* " '"ear ™d"
well, rf you encourage the use of swear words or u™ «,««
youxselves, «^ CTeate „, _f m ^ZTwZ^2
tort, its OK to swear on your show, as a host, you couldb_
of the way Gypsies or jews w _i_ »~__	
homosexuals, and then, in the fifties and sixties and se
him around and say, 'Oh, but lots of Nazis were gay.' Well,
that there were some yuy i->___	
you know, not only were these guys Nazis, they were also gay - like
it's even worse than you imagined. Worse than being just Nazis, these
guys are gay Nazis! And that all, I think, is incredibly homophobic
and really stupid and beside the point. They were bad because they
were Nazis. They weren't bad because they were gay.
expression, a turn ■-» v
-a i-L at that tame-
thing You say. Uke. you
goingtokiUYou. ^^ttokiU*
United States of America
belonged to a J*=^^_u own any gunsT£
ownea u y
Youi rectum and'X^ shouldn't do that, be
lectly. ^t^yCuvertofflteroutsome
youi booze thiouph V«or blcods_eam. Y
o{ just heading it ^J-^e nearly as muc
VeW tost, and you canthan^       ^^
i_?eaie people who ^^^.pack in
drunk and then, Y^^A'v   yoU get died
«5M You-relistenrngtottus^^ _,^ _
rbeen to that sexual aid store, 1*
something there toey seuaU
Well, tf s a *»***££, women - straps
straight couples-ana
t4   DECEMBER 1995 . don't be scared of your butts."
Who, Dan Savage, In your opinion, are s.
role models? ^^^^^^^^^
Urveshi Vad, the former head of the national gay a
. v^--, „,»t m*n_ is fabulo
lesbian task force, who has a book out I think is fabulous.
ry intelligent and very well-spoken. Her book
is excellent and amazing and she's a helluva public
••■   .*_,__   i^-,^ Tovott
She's just very intelligent and very well-spoken. Her book |
lent and amazing and she's a helluva public
speaker. Michelangelo Signarelli, I think. David Lovett.
r the Secret
>meone else's
n\ in. and we
, Clinton had
ted President,
of course, he
md I hate him.
^,U he doesn't
It was just an
mean it-
it's - it's some-
s you away, and
a lot oi questions.
B -Have you ever
ou ever done any
ld I was looking at
President-by your
Si day- I've never
who's a writer. Larry Kramer -1 think he's a fabulous role
mSlT^esWrd out of style depending on where
you're at on the AIDS curve.
SJSoXle modeller gay people. Out and together.
mean I don't think she was a good gay role model ten
ySTagownen she was closeted, butlthink she isnov*,
STSk all gay people have the best gay rolemode
Lthe^SlvesTou know, live in such «*££££?
canbe proud of yourself and you areyour own role model.
Is it true, Dan Savage, of the "Hey Faggot" columrrthat
appears in Terminal City in Vancouver here, ,s ,t true that
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ you have a gaydar, that you can spot gay people.
Yeah. Ah. yeah, its not -
It's a string with beads on it - they're about as big as marbles
and they're each about 3 inches apart. You put them in your   Like a radar, a gaydar. ^ ^ ^^ &jth
butt before you have an orgasm, and as you're having an   its not infallible. But usually w about. when
orgasm you pull them out. you rip them out - well, you don't   other, like vampires ineres, ^^
really rip them out. you just pull them out. See. when you    I. _ke ^^^^^^ thats there. And
have an orgasm, man or woman, your sphincter muscles    sort of this implicit acknowieagmei
clench and unclench, and what you're doing when you rip    thats where it kinda comes trom.
the ripcord out is pulling from the inside against those clench- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B
ing muscles. Your muscles will actually, one by one, release    Have you ever been wrong,
the balls, and it's just an interesting feeling to feel these things    Oh yeah. Yeah. ^P^'-Y
pulling from the inside. You
How about ripcords? What's a ripcord?
A ripcord - like, for pulling out of your butt?
 . f - a lot of gaydar
testing feeling to feel these things    Oh yeah. Yean, zzp^^i ■*- ~~- ^^^^ons and it
usually don't feel things pushing    used to be tied to gender rde^d exp^tan ^ ^^
your sphincter from the inside, except for poop, and in this    was easier to spot gay P^op • m& 23 yeais
tse it's something else entirely. It knocks around your pros-    send really cU^jJ^^^ - I'm only 30 - but it
tate, if you're a guy, your prostate gland. And it actually
feels really cool.
used to be easier -
What would you recommend for a first timer going into the Toys      You don't yearn for that era, do J""* u^ous Right,
;_ noK_i.„_ «»„,•»->. You know, even with AID.***, even wimu *=-
n Babeland store?   ^^^^^^^^^^
I recommend butt plugs tor men and
movement has come so far. We are so
lived 30 years ago, and I
in 25 years o
comparatively free to how we li
NotHpcordMhen? "^^^C^^^
No, ripcords are kind of advanced. You've got to really know      old gay men no^^^^yre ^e, Tm so jealous of
e been fired your
,tet, where if you, H*
or putt. I advised the
^gitwtthyoui mouth,
■snot filtered. Things^
your way around your ass or your partner's ass before you
graduate to ripcords. But a butt plug is a thing that's sort of
shaped like a lava lamp, and they come in sizes from very
small to very large. You can put it in your butt and it just stays
there, your sphincters grip it and hold it in place. And it feels
fabulous. Far a man, it puts pressure on your prostate; tor a
woman, it puts pressure on the back side of your clitoris, which
is, I understand, an interesting experience -1 don't know
firsthand, I don't have a clitoris. When you have your orgasm,
and your sphincters start to clench and unclench, it makes
the butt plug move. So, it's quite an intense feeling. And since
a butt plug doesn't look like a dick, straight guys don't have
to worry about feeling like they're fags.
There you go.
Now, Dan, being based in Seattle, Washington, did you ever see
Kurt Cobain at a gay bar?
I didn't see him at gay bars, I saw him at some other bars.
these conversations w
e been bom 40 years later.
you', and, 'I wish I could have b	
even if it had meant dying of AIDS when I was 25, to
have lived 25 years of freedom instead of 50 years of
tenor and 20 years of freedom in my old age'.
Do you notice anything in the letters from Vancouver? Do
you get many letters from Vancouver?
Yeah, I get a couple a week.
Is there anything special about them? Like, what do you
think of the gay scene in Vancouver versus the gay scene
in Seattle?
I think there's something weird about the gay scene in
Vancouver. I mean, I go up there and I feel a little bit
like its 1984, like it's ten years ago. But thafs just 'cause -
CLf AM Blri 1 s ftKF |W w w© 6f Wit. ,
Bf.M)TIHJL-imi*'. AM) W ■**, RUM m 0Sl
"Was Jesus gay?"
that are made up, they're just not made up by me.
They re made up by people who write them to me.
Can a man only spurt sperm 1000 times before he becomes
impotent? Or is it 10,000 times? Isn't there some rumour
about that, too - there's only so many sh purls allowed?
Um. I don't think thats true. Actually, I think you can spurt
as much as you possibly can. I think I spurted a thousand
times in just the three years between 14 and 17.
What do you think about the music that Pansy Division
has been doing these days? Are you aware of the band
Pansy Division?
Yes, I actually saw them in concert here once. I don't
like rock'n'roll, so -
Do you think they're just breeder boys?
No, no, I think theyre actually fags. I actually talked to
a couple of them. I just don't like rock'n'roll.
Well, what do you like then?
I like - you're gonna hate this, I'm such a stereotype -1
like musical comedies, and I like torch singers, and I like
Doris Day, and I like Eartha Kitt, and I like Vicky Can*,
and I like Steve and Edie.
So the very reasons, probably, that Pansy Division formed
their band?
Right, because of gay people like me.
But you're a great guy, Dan Savage, and thanks for being
on All Day All Gay here on CiTR. Anything you'd like to
leave the listeners out there in radio land? I guess they can
pick you up in Terminal City. How's it going with Terminal
City? You're happy with it?
Yeah, it's great.
How did you get hooked up with them? Did they just
'phone you up, or did you 'phone them?
They "phoned us up. They saw me in The Stranger and
wanted me up there.
Any final words for Vancouver, BC, Canada?
Ah - don't be scared of your butts.
And why should people care about you? Why should
people care about the "Hey, Faggot" column?
Ah - people don't have to. I don't care if people don't
care. You don't have to read me if you don't care. Why
should people care? People needn't care. People should
be paying attention to politics more than theyre paying
attention to me.
ie free world, Dan. Doo-
  So no verification of the Kurt-gay bar story at all for ya?
aet you really No. He did say he was bisexual in spirit, and he was really
SinaSnss and die. It goe-5 pretty. And, of course, there were rumours that he was, you
then ass ^ ^-^ ^ Q Ynow a Jent boy for _ while But.
301 poisoning
and die. Ii    know, c
Sow   mean I love it. The boys are all 9°^"^ Docxloo.
just watching the people walk by. you Know. « Ken & Baihie and Doggie Style comics taken without per-
that aoddamn government-sponsored healthcare y n^on from Savage Love, a comic book written by Dan
people have - and you should cherish it, don't ever switcn ^^      James S|urr_  __d tf|ush.ated b   E||en
want to have an aico-
putt. Don't have a
Him and Michael Stipe went into a room for fifteen minutes, right?
Yeah, and then pumped twenty litres of cum out of Rod
Stewart's stomach. Who knows? People talk, but well never
know for sure. He very well might have been gay - that could
very well be what he was so conflicted and miserable about.
Lord knows, there are plenty of gay people who kill themselves because they're miserable about the fact that they're
gay and they can't face coming out. And if you're a
~_Uy fun butt toys rock'n'roll star, coming out can be very daunting because
S°rtS r lesbians and tor many of your fans wouldn't approve. So maybe that's why
ndildos he killed himself. That's what some people think, that maybe
^ie he was conflicted about his sexuality. But well never know
'cause he's dead.
. ta Babeland, in Seattle?
the, want to huy
n insane, moronic system like we have down here -
you just, you know, you're all better put together.
You've never made up any of your letters just for fun, to
see what would happen ?
No. No.
Do you believe the letters in, like, Penthouse Forum and
Playboy and all that?
No, I don't. But I don't doubt that there are people who
make up letters and send them to me. I can't verify, 'cause
my letters are all anonymous for the most part. I can't
call people and say, 'did this really happen or are you
making this up?" I'm sure there are letters in my column
Forney, Mark Long, Joy Stephei
(And please don't s
i, and James Sturm. Thanks!
DS13 Reminder:
"If you want to have an alcohol enema, have, like half a
glass of beer in your butt.
Don't have a six pack or hook
yourself up to a keg."
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It's unfortunate how the almighty dollar can stifie artistic expres
sion. I, like my column partner Andrea and many others, oban
doned my formal art education for fear of incurring irreparable
student loan debts. Besides, even if I had gone to school, what sort of
jobs ore there out there for me? Today, all of my excuses for neglecting my creativity ore still connected to money: I can't afford my craft,
my day job leaves me too exhausted for artistic expression, my compositions aren't marketable, etc. I am the stereotypical starving artist,
except lhat I am actually starved of art.
Sometimes I feel that all art can be represented by an untitled painting hanging in a rich person's office, signifying nothing except its ability to match the drapes and carpeting. However, it gives me hope to
know lhat other artists feel the same way. The art I find most compelling
is ihe art whose maker I share a common bosis or belief wilh, like zines
I read lhal I can relate to. Art in zines is often overlooked, but I think
zines are a greal medium for artists, especially as ihey are inexpensive
and reach a lot of people. What else could a starving artist ask for?
December is art zine month at Between The Lines, so feed your
appetite on some of these reviews: (Amber Dawn out!)
Ouch Ml
(18.5x7; 17 pgs)
Having hod limited exposure to independent comic books, a comic connoisseur I am not. Neverlheless, I want to ocdaim Holly Stomer lor writing
and illustrating ihe first and onfy fulHength comic book by a girl I've ever
seen. I hesitate lo say lhat Ouch will only be enjoyed by girls, but here is an
apparent feminine slant to ihe humour. Holly's characters ore frequeniy
exaggerated male stereotypes; my personal favourite is in a short strip
tilled "Wanna Pick Up Chicks", where the arrogant indie rock boy
character reveals his secrets of tricking women into liking him. If you
are of the male persuasion, don't worry: Holly is harder on herself than
anyone. She's described both of her autobiographical strips as boring
and uses them to criticize herself. I thought ihey were funny ond honest.
I STORES!!!^ordercLb.s.* Tales From The Crib I
Sbt_*J2l P**fl-»3*-|
Dec 12
Chilliwack BC
Dec 13
Langley BC
Dec 15
Vancouver BC
Dec 21
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Dec 22 Whistler BC
Dec 28
Calgary AB
Dec 29 Edmonton AB
Dec 31
Vancouver BC
Ouch's graphics are for beyond what I'd expect from a first issue.
Holly has put much more than two dollors worth of work into Ouch.
Alternative comic collectors, consider if on investment. Write Holly
Stomer at 4221 Street Urbair, Montreal, PQ, H2W 1V6.
Fabulous Babes 01
The cover of this comic features a disclaimer warning readers lhat the contents within are "for mature readers". That's putting it tamely. About 90%
of Fabulous Babes, which is drawn by Roxanna
Bikadoroff, Fiona Smyth, ond Maurice Vellekoop,
is about sex. I ihink lhat innocent me should have
been warned a bit more before I read this. Even
ihough Fabulous Babes is not something that I
would ordinarily pick up because of its graphic
nature, I would still recommend it because of
the quality of these artists'work. Send $3.50 to
Fabulous Babes c/o Reactor, 51 Camdem St.,
Toronto, ON, M5V 1V2.
Alien Girl
Even ihough ihis isn't a zine, I think it deserves attention. Alien Girl is
a t-shirt catalogue for girls who don't follow anyone else's rules. These
t-shirts are made by girls for girls, and feature slogans like "Barbie is
not my role model' and "Don't fuck wilh me I'm a goddess". Alien
Girl was born when these girls got tired of seeing misogynist t-hirt
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Box 36, Seattle, WA, 98122 USA.
Her Wonderful Ufe
Therese sent me a copy of Her Wonderful Life
more than Iwo months ago, but until Andrea ond
I decided to do Art Zine Month I wasn't sure how
to incorporate it into our reviews. It's more an
individualistic, illustrated short story than a zine.
Therese's nameless character (I've assumed it's
actuolly her) has adventures with love, broken
hearts, fame and fortune, personal identity, creativity, and loneliness. Furthermore, ihe drawings
are charming and worth finding a place for in our
reviews. Write Therese Stork at 1460 Gladstore
Ave., Victoria, BC, V5R 1 53, and send $3.88.
1027 Davie St. Suite 600
l Vancouver BC V6E 4L2 Canada]
Poodle 03
(11 x 5; 7pgs)
'Poodle' is by definition a bowling term meaning
gutterball. It is also ihe name of this zine, devoted
entirely to bowling. I was surprised ond amused
to discover the existence of an underground bowling scene at the Commodore Lanes. This zine will
educate you by upgrading your bowling vocabulary wilh Bowlingo, supplying you wilh handy excuses for bad bowling, and providing a factual
bowling history timeline. Poodle sent us three issues; I chose number three because it's the International Women's Day issue. It has a fantastic etching of a girl bowler on ihe cover - above her is the
slogan "Strike On Sister". If you are a fellow or
ospiring bowler the Poodle girls can be reached
atP.O. Box743 1414200 McKay Ave., Burnaby,
BC, V5H 4M9, or visit ihe Commodore Lanes on
any Wednesday night.
Wild Womyn
When I showed Wild Womyn to Amber Dawn
she got excited. Why? Because it's a zine lhat
reviews comics done by women. It's not often lhat
I run into comics, much less comics done by
women. Each review comes wilh a sample of the
reviewed comic's art work. This greal resource
guide is definitely o good way to network with
women artists. Send a stamp to Christy Hill, 296
Grenier Rd, Sutton, PQ, JOE 2KO.
Moon and Four Planets
To tell you ihe Irulh, ihere are parts in this zine lhat I simply did not
understand. This zine contains stories that are meant to boggle your
mind. My personal favourite thing was the Andy Warhol counting
book lhat came wilh my copy of this zine. It's nice to get a colourful
zine lhat daims if you break ihe seal you are ac-
*5~r~ knowledging lhat the editor is ihe king of ihe world.
Send $1.50 to Derek Sullivan, 37 Law Cresenl, Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 5K7.
(8.5 x 5.5; 26pgs)
It was the appearance of ihis zine lhat attracted me
to it. Sheila utilizes repetitive images in her layout,
generating interest without becoming monotonous.
However, she is much more than a brilliant cut-and-
paste artist, and her own drawings and comic strips
personalize and beautify Brillantine. Describing
Sheila's writing style is a challenge. Her feminist fiction is both satirical and shocking. Honestly, I found it
quite perverse and disturbing.
Sheila is also putting together an anthology for Random House of writing and art by women ages 13-20. She is asking
for submissions (comics, drawings, essays, rants, poetry, stories and
ZINES), so send your entries to Sheila at Random House of Canada,
#201-33 Young St., Toronto, ON, M5E IG4. In return she'll send
you Brillantine.
Somewhere * 1 & #2
These comic books are written and published in Vancouver and will
be particularly interesting to anyone living in East Van. Dirk Dobbs
and olher characters are fictional, but you may know them or someone like ihem. Their activities include hanging out on Commercial
Drive, drinking coffee, consuming drugs, having casual sex, philosophizing, and uncovering life's deeper meanings. The only character
you won't recognise is Harry, a human sized talking lizard. Once you
get used to the fact that he's a reptile, though, he's pretty much the
same os everyone
else. The humour in
Somewhere is subtle
and it didn't hit me
until I read these comics a second time.
Now I find myself giggling over ihem os if I'm
recalling a good inside
joke. The boys of Somewhere are eager to
trade; otherwise send
$2.25 to #103-1455
Napier Street, Vancouver, BC, VSL 2M6.
A Hiding Place
I have a misleading habit
of calling everything I really really like "the best".
After reading Marie's A
Hiding Place I declared it the best zine ever. This may not be true, but
it's an indication of just how deserving of praise this zine is. Marie
asks ihe question: "Which monsters ore more real; the ones you create or the ones who create you?" Her ideas about girl-girl competition, social myths, and segregation by class and sex relate lo lhat
quote. Currently attending Christian High School, Marie writes about
her feelings of being alienated by both her peers and her teachers, and about how she alienates them from herself. I was enthusiastic while reading.
Despite the serious nature of this zine, I didn't become angry or
depressed while reading it. Marie writes for change and evolution,
not for the sake of complaining. Her zine made me feel empowered
and enthusiastic. I felt like I identified with her. I felt lhat genuine
excitement I get when reading a "best zine ever*. Order ihis zine for
its written content, but when writing Marie Koetje at 1659 Lamberton
Lake Drive, Grand Rapids Ml 40505, send compliments on her illustrations and self portraits. They are very rough ond raw, yet ot the
same time serene, and the definitely add to and reflect on her writing.
(Send American stomps and ^"H"1*' ) There's not much vinyl from this here country to tell you
about, but the few - er - the one we do have is amazing.
Just so we can mention some sort of Eric's Trip project
in every issue, lucky label Sonic Unyon has released new vinyl by Eric's Trip (on loan from Sub Pop). This self-titled 7" is
definitely suited to Sonic Unyon, being harder and more effects-driven than previous ET offerings. The first track, a rockin'
rendition of the Stereo Shoestrings' "The Road South", uses
more effects and wank than usual for ET, whereas the
second song on the same side, "Smoke",
is more typical of the band, with its mel-
low-droney sound. On the other side, a live
version of "I Exist" (recorded in May 1995),
showcases the rarely heard punk-metal side
of ET, complete with distortion, screaming
vocals, and a Sonic Youth-y, walls of feedback, ending. (Sonic Unyon, PO Box
57347, Jackson Station, Hamilton, ON,
L8P 4X2)
Our pick o' the month is a record by
Mocket, with a strange title, a strange
cover, and beautiful songs. This Olympio-
based trio have released three songs on
their self-titled 7" on Up Records, the first of which is "Pearl
Drop", an upbeat garagey tune with bratmobilesque vocals
and cool retro keyboards. Next up is "Spark Plug", a punkier
number with strong male/female vocals. Mocket slows down
the B side with "Halo", a jangly jive in the vein of Galaxie 500,
recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic. A must-listen.
Also on Up Records is Juned's "Possum" b/w "Dig", featuring a cover art reminiscent of Hush Harbour's new release.
Side A's mid-tempo "Possum" contains pleasant husky vocals
with subtle harmonies and a bit of wah-wah overdose. Side
B's "Dig" is a two-chord grungy pop song which sounds like a
Breeders rip-off (but they do it well, and besides, where is
Kelley Deal now anyway?).
The last of this month's Up Records collection is Incredible
Force of Junior's "Blue Cheer" b/w "Driving In Your Car"
7". Incredible Force of Junior is a straight-ahead pop band, as
demonstrated by the jangly guitar and drums of "Driving in Your
Car", which reminds us of K Records' Heavenly with vocals like
a cross between Sean of Tullycraft and Doug of Built to Spill.
(Up Records, PO Box 21328, Seattle, WA, 98111-3328)
The idea behind Lint is an interesting one. A group of twelve
musicians getting together in different combinations (we assume) and creating music that they, in their respective bands,
don't get the chance to write. They also seem to have a lot of
money. We've received two 7"s, both on Plumb Records. They
are also both single-sided and each has something unique
about it. The record featuring "Fifth Floor" is on white vinyl,
has scratched-in drawings on the blank side, and comes with
a pack of complimentary crayons. The track is a Superchunky
pop song with aggressive boy-girl vocals. The other 7" is
wrapped in purple cellophane and has a Tom Petty single
glued to its flip side. The actual Lint song, "Too Few", is proficient guitar rawk with extremely Courtney Love-esque vocals.
(Plumb Records, 1085 Commonwealth Ave.,
#215, Boston, MA, 02215)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
(who put on an awe-inspiring performance
here in Vancouver last month) have a 7"
on San Francisco's Amarillo Records.
Side A of "Everyday" b/w "A Fistful of
Dollars" showcases everything we
love in the Thinking Fellers: jazzy
bass, ska guitars, and vocals high
in the mix. The B-side contains their %
interpretation of selections from
"A Fistful of Dollars" by sound- £$
track composer Ennio Moricone
" The Mission'. Check it out even
if it's just for the pigs-playing-xylophones cover art. (Amarillo
Records, PO Box 24433, San Francisco, CA, 94124 orTFUL
282, PO Box 2827, Oakland, CA, 94609)
Box Dog Records, home to such greats as Neutral Milk Hotel and Tullycraft, has now released a 7" by The New Bad
Things. With endearing production that sounds warm and
rough, the Things play a cross between the slacker stylings of
Pavement and the jazzy, experimental pop
of Thinking Fellers. This record has great
song titles like "Camp 1 8" (which changes
tempo and style so frequently that it could
be three songs) and "Don't Kill Art Boy".
With the last song, "What Goes On", they
even bring out the horn section. We suggest you write to Box Dog and mailorder
their entire cataloguel (Box Dog Sound, PO
Box 9609, Seattle, WA, 98109)
In our "We just don't get it..." section are
two wekkids: The Phantom Surfers'
new 7" and Derivative's release of a Jad
Fair/Phono-Comb combo. The Phantom
Surfers seem to gab more than they play. Their three 'tunes'
sound like they were recorded live, and contain more between-
song-chatter and jokes than surf ditties. The B-side features a
phone interview with none other than surf great Dick Dale.
We dunno. We justdunno. Is it interesting? Perhaps.
Is it entertaining? Well. ...Is it surf music? Not really.
(Planet Pimp Records, 1800
Market St. #45 San Francisco,
The Jad Fair and PhonoComb release had so much potential I Imagine: Mr. Fair, the geeky, lovable
protagonist from Half Japanese singing over the top of the surfy sounds of
Don Pyle and Reid Diamond (both of that
band Shadowy Men on a Shadowy
Planet). And who is responsible for all of
this? Jeff Feurzig (of the New York combo
Kickstand), who released the film Half Japanese—the Band that Would be King. The songs
themselves are disappointing, in that they don't seem to go
beyond their Halloween theme. The record, entitled In a
Haunted House, really only has one song, a surfy, spooky
Halloween anthem topped off with Jad's cute vocals. But that's
it. The second side, entitled "the scary b-side", is primarily
that: scary sounds. Oh well.
Also on Derivative is a self-titled record by the aptly named
Sportsguitar. Hailing from Switzerland, Sportsguitar sing
in English because "Swiss-German is no good for rocky lyrics." Side l's "He's So Funny" is in the vein of Pavement, but
even more melodic and soothing, while Side 2's "A Short Day"
is folky, with music box-y guitar and spoken vocals. Sportsguitar
claims to be influenced by their own lives rather than by other
music. Very pretty indie-pop. (Derivative Records, PO Box
42031, Montreal PQ, H2W 2T3)
There seems to be a strange connection between
DC area bands and indie labels (such
as Simple Machines and Teenbeat
Records) and the major label 4AD. For
example, Air Miami, featuring Mark and
Bridget Unrest, runs Teenbeat but has their
own stuff released on 4AD. We can't complain, though. This latest Air Miami release,
Fuck You Tiger, coincides with the release of
the band's fulHength, Me Me Me, but has less
of a 'pop hit' feel to it than their last 7". The first
song is a remix is the album's "I Hate Milk" by
Steve Murphy. This dance version is slightly cheesy
|we think - don't forget, we're techno illiterate). Also
on the record is
another remix of
Train", as well as
"See Through Plastic", which is closer
to the janglier, softer
side  of  Unrest we
know and love. The
cover boasts a photo of
a, whadyaknow, tiger,
taken    by   Josephine
Wiggs   (bassist  of  da
On the heels of their last release [The Anti-Pleasure Dissertation), Bikini Kill bring us another new 7: "I like Fucking" b/
w "I Hate Danger". These two songs were recorded by Jon
Goodmanson - who seems to work with all the cool Northwest
bands - in the same session that produced the previous 7",
and they contain the same high energy and female angst we
expect from the great Bikini Kill. The first song, written by
Kathleen Hanna, poses the question: "Just cuz my world is so
fucking goddamn full of rape - does that mean my body must
always be a source of pain?", while "I Hate Danger", which
was written and sung by Tobi Vail, continues with the
band's theme of anti-rape and self-empowerment.
This is Bikini Kill's last release before they release
their first LP in almost two years, so get ready!
(Kill Rock Stars, 120 NE State #418, Olympia,
WA, 98501)
If Pansy Division recommends it, then you've
gotta like it. Or you've gotta try, at least. Which
is what we did, and we found it worked, for
the most part. Johann's Face Records have
sent us Cletus' self-titled 7", featuring Johnny
Puke on vocals. "Product" is a simple,
poppy Pansy Division-influenced melody,
which contrasts greatly with "Stipe" (as
in Michael?), a wankin' rock tune.
(Johann's Face Records, PO Box, 479-
64, Chicago, IL, 60647)
Let's "Spend Some Time With" The PeeChees and
Long Hind Legs, shall we? Okay, let's begin. This split 7"
on that ultra-cool label Skinnie Girl contains Berkeley's
PeeChees, with Molly, formerly of Bratmobile, and others, playing, now think of this:
garage rock in a modern
sense. Or, garage rock without sounding retro. Yikes.
Anyhoo, we like it. The Long
Hind Legs track is called "Kicking Giant", a spooky, James
Bond-like piece of music with
drony vocals and really drawn
out surf guitar notes. We'd like
to think of it as a tribute to that
great Olympia, WA duo, but
it could be just about a very
large, upset human. (Skinnie
Girl Records: 120 NE State
#1200, Olympia, WA,
98501/Long Hind Legs: PO
Box 2283, Olympia, WA,
98507/ PeeChees: PO Box
14841, Berkeley, CA, 94712)
Hey! Have a great holiday
season. Relax, get some sleep,
have fun, and most importantly, LISTEN TO RECORDS!
The small ones.
Something for
on your
^^^     list!
* 3 A
< ■'
*       Moiidur
^          Pussycat
m          109 W Cordova
^^       682-3268
t9 \^^m^ BILLY BRAGG
Commodore Ballroom
Wednesday, 15 November
It's good to see some things
haven't changed. The empire formerly known as the Soviet Union
has disintegrated, Prince is now a
' '», but Billy Bragg is still
.masses under the same
.7 His show al the Commodore was packed wifh new and
old Bragg fans eager to hear his
ng ihe m
altered his song writing material,
no doubt, but after some less successful forays into pop he has gone
back to the socialist drawing
board, hod a kid, ond written
loads of new but as yet unreleased
The new stuff is gritty and
sappy at ihe same time, especially
in songs like "Socialism of the
Heart". Fired up as always by
politics, Billy Bragg has definitely
been mellowed by the experience
of becoming someone's dad...on
purpose! He is now trying to figure out how the international socialist revolution is going to affect
his son Jack, hence the lying together of very domestic themes like
his son's discovery of the moon
wilh the space race in the aptly
named "The Space Race is Over".
That British love of football (soccer) wos worked in too, when
Bragg used the analogy of the offside rule to get at some sort of so-
ciol menace (I forgot there wereso
many] in the song "Goal Honger".
Fortunately, Bragg remained stalwart and did not take the audience's advice to change the name
of the song to "Goal Suck". My
favourite new one is called the
"Pict Song", ond while socialists
(even super-socialist like Bragg) are
not above a good nose pick every
now and again, this one is a surprisingly political mini-lecture from
Bragg to the audience. It is about
the state of things and how they
are so butt ugly, about the anti-
road-building society and how
they hate modernization and
roads, and about the Romans who
built all the damn roads in the first
place ond oppressed everyone
who already lived in the soon to
be great Britain, especially the little Picts, who painted themselves
blue, making them a decidedly
visible minority! Anyhow, when we
finally heard  the song  it wos
As usual, Bragg's comedian
routine was boyish ond biting and
(hey, here's my favourite adjective)
political. His wit, faster than a
speeding manifesto, can leap blossoming stripmalls in a single bound
and lived up lo expectations at the
Commodore. He took the piss oul
of his new found domestic dad status, his fear of flying, taking a shit
in South America, and his own accent. He was also more in touch
with BC politics than most of the
audience, who gosped in shock
when Bragg notified them that
Mike Harcourt hod resigned!
Proletarian souls thrilled to hear
Bragg sing all the old favourites,
fists were raised along with voices,
ond maybe Marxism has some
new converts. Anyway you slice
it, listening to Billy Bragg sure beats
reading the collected works of
Natosha Lena
Starfish Room
Thursday, November 9
I've never liked figs, much leis a
whole dish of ihem, and I most definitely didn't like ihe stageful served
up al the Starfish Room on this
night. Four guys cranking out boring, noisy, guitar slop - mmmh you
don't see that too often in this day
of innovative indie rock. With their
utterly lacklustre lyrics and authentic Dave Pimer whine, these guys
sound like they walked straight off
that popular shelf in your local
record emporium - you know the
one whose title begins with 'g' and
rhymes wilh sponge. Of course,
the fact that they closed iheir very
long, very loud set with a cover of
The Smiths' "Ask" will keep me up
nights wondering if maybe ihey
aren't sensitive rockers after all.
Between that and my perple
iry as to why exactly
sucky band always a
set endlessly ond the good band
cuts theirs short, it's a wonder I get
ony sleep ol all. Granted, The
Rentals bowed oul of their abbreviated set claiming they didn't
know any more songs, but that
didn't make parting with such a
great bond any easier. These five
guys and gals and their three
MOOGs (that's keyboards to you
and me, kids) made some beautiful music together. It was just the
right combination of sweet and savoury, with the guitar, bass, drum
and brawny vocal of Malt Sharp
providing the mealy parts and the
two female voices and ihree keyboard sets adding the saccharine
sounds. With song titles like
"Sweetness and Tenderness", "Brilliant Boy", ond "My Summer Girl",
the lyrics didn't much venture oul
of the boy-girl, good-bad, happy-
sad vein, bul for this band the silly
simplicity worked.
Now, if you hadn't already
heard that The Rentals was a band
chock full of indie rock stars and
starlets before you came to the
show, the nice young man to the
right of the slage screaming
"WEEZER!I" at top volume between each song would have reminded you; but, actually, there is
a good chance that you would
have been able to figure it out even
without his help jusl because the
sound was so obviously a blending of the catchy pop anthems of
Weezer with the high-pitched girlie
harmonies of that dog. The surprising thing was that there was nothing redundant aboul the bond's
performance. Thus, although there
were some very recognizable elements, such os Matt Sharp's relentless knack for enunciating every
word, grunt or bit of spittle that
crosses his lips, The Rentals managed to make these traits uniquely
their own ond pull off a great live
Starfish Room
Friday, November 10
I expected more of a crowd for a
show featuring Chicago's low-fi favourites Seam and local darlings
Blaise Pascal, but the Starfish remained surprisingly spacious
throughout this evening's ihree performances. There was definitely no
attempt to make it look full during
Blaise Pascal's opening set, as
about twenty people sat along the
ledge under the sound board, leaving the space in front of the stage
completely empty and lifeless.
Which is pretty much how the first
band's sel left me. Sure, these guys
play their instruments really well
ana their music is relatively polished and consistent, but their
sound on a whole is very dour ond
alienating. They seem to exhaust
the music without really going any
where with it, and thus the set becomes a dead weight of brooding
guitars and gloomy, drawn-out vocals. I kept waiting for something
to happen olher than the wave
upon wave of mopey guitar
soundscapes, and ihen something
did happen - Spent took the stage
and delivered the shot in the arm I
needed. I must admit lhat I was
expecting no less than greatness
from a band which shares label
space with the band that would be
king (i.e. royal Merge homies
Superchunk), and sure enough
Spent satisfied with a set of melodic, guitar-driven sizzlers. Three
of the members (John King, Joe
Weston, and Annie Hoyden) alternated instruments as well as vocal
duties, and since the range of
voices was quite wide there was
never a dull moment. There were
songs in which John's, dare I say,
Mac-like, high-pitched wail would
blare out against a hook-laden guitar backdrop, and others in which
Annie's softer vocals would accompany one of the guys to create
lively pop harmonies, like the infectious "Landscaper".
Unfortunately, Spent's superior,
high-energy antics weren't enough midefTeFl^
Last Train to Lhasa
(Planet Dog)
As Seinfield might say, "What's the
deal with double CD's?" So many
double CDs such as this one
would've been just fine as a single
CD, thank you very much. The CDs
are dedicated to the struggle of the
Tibetan people and the first CD is a
"   es beautiful mix of world
"Kinkajou", which was the song that
made Banco de Gaia's name. You
definitely get the feeling of being in
a different country and the first CD
is a pleasant journey, but the aimless bleepings on the remix CD are
June Scudeler
Boss Hog
Cooly slinking its way inlo your bio-
rhythms is Boss Hog, the side project
of Jon Spencer (he of Ihe 'Blues Explosion! Blues Explosion I') and his
wife Cristina Martinez, surely the
Cibercouple du jour of whatever musical scene it is they belong lo at Ihe
moment. Sure, Ihis album is derivative - imagine Donita Sparks fronting
the JS Blues Explosion and you might
start lo approximate the sound (I kept
expecting Ihe 'blues explosion!' call
at many intervals throughout the
songs-and there were several points
at which it would have been appropriate - but it never came). But, hav
ing said that, I hasten lo add that
this record was more fun than jusl
about anything else I've heard lately.
The beat behind il is unreal and,
amazingly, il makes you want lo
dance. Jon and Cristina sound as if
Ihey were born to si ng together - their
voices are powerful, versatile, and
similar in lone and style.
Highlights include Ihe companion pieces "I Dig You" and "I Idolize You". The latter tune, penned by
Ike Turner, features Jon sounding disturbingly like "Kiss"-era Prince, while
on the faux-dramatic "Texas",
Cristina sounds like she is trying lo
effect a musical parallel of her
Morlicia Addams-esque cover pose.
This album does not sound like a
serious proffering of musical artistry,
bul in a way it is - it's damn hard lo
make something sound this smooth
and accomplished, and this much of
a blast, at the same time. Listen to it
al close range or put it on in the background. Eilher way, you will love
these merry little Boss Hogs.
Sophie Hamley
(Touch and Go)
Imagine Ihe Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on speed and crack and you
have Brainiac. Internationale, a three
song CD on Touch and Go Records,
has a rawking first track entitled "Go
Freaks Go", in which the Brainiacs
combine insane instrumental rhythms
with lots of cool screaming. The second track, "Silver Iodine", consists
of a bunch of slow and annoying
sampled sounds, and is extremely
ugly and boring. However, the last
track, "Simon Says", returns to a
quicker pace and is a good example of just how weird this band from
Ihe capital of the world, Dayton,
Ohio (home of Guided by Voices],
If you can stand ignoring the
painfully stupid second track or have
a quick trigger finger lo push the skip
button, Brainiac's Internationale is a
good listen. Give this noisy musical
tribute to stimulant drugs a try on
your CD player.
Catfish Corday
Fore* the Hand ot Chance
Often forgotten as one of the principal creators of electronic, industrial,
and ambient music, Genesis P-
Orridge has eluded any of the relative reknown of Kraftwerk, Skinny
Puppy or Brian Eno. I suppose with
this in mind, and the success of their
old Kraftwerk re-releases, Cleopatra
Records has released a collection of
Psychic TV tunes from 1 980 lo
1 982. Be warned lhat if you are a
casual listener of electronic, industrial, or ambienl music, Ihis is not
really any of these, but a bit of each
- and it is from another era. Bul if
you have a genuine interest in the
history of electronic music, check il
Alien Lanes
Another beautiful mess for the
masses to ignore. Yup, this is definitely the shit. Although it doesn't
quite match iheir previous effort,
1994's damaged classic Bee Thousand, GBV have created in Alien
Lanes a similarly warped collage of
curious half-songs and unabashedly
pop sing-a-longs thai will in equal
parts delight and confound (very
often at the same lime). Indeed, there
are moments on this record when
one seriously wonders if these guys
really care about what they're doing. A false start here, an off-key
vocal there, the sounds of someone
snoring, and a very loud, very per-
sislenlTiiss (not to mention lots and
lots of distorted guitars) - it doesn't
take long to realize that GBV are
not sloppy because they're simply
bad. Far from il, for at the heart of
each little opus (most of ihe 28 songs
on the album last no longer than a
minute) lies a finely structured, carefully-crafted gem that, if il ever fell
inlo the right (?) hands, could very
easily be polished off and transformed into a big RADIO HIT. But
no, Robert Pollard and his team of
sonic anarchists are sloppy because,
well, they like il lhat way. And thank
god for that. Leaving in all the rough
edges and embracing lhal no-fi
sound, the album has a weirdly human (you KNOW that people are
playing Ihe instruments - not knobs
and dials) kind of authenticity lhat
has come to be known as Ihe distinctive sound of GBV. Although it
gets a little loo unfocussed al times.
Alien lanes is more than a fine representation of a truly happening
band. Like I said, this is the shil.
Agaric Arden
(DGC) °"
Proud to Be
Two albums from opposite ends of
the punk spectrum, the first being
Jawbreaker's major label debut,
complemented by Rob (The Muffs)
Cavallo's larger-than-life production.
Leatherface and J Church comparisons bounce off songs like "Fireman"
and "Million", but "Save Your Generation" and "Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault" give the kids the boost
they need.
D.F.L. blast through twenty songs
of hometown pride, the ills of society, and, of course, bad cops. Whal
more do these punk brats want? How
about belter production? No, thank
you, says D.F.L. The fuzzy bass and
rattletrap drums suit their 1-2, fuck-
you punk jusl fine.
Bryce Dunn
It's Heavy in Here
(Sub Pop)
It's hard to deny Sub Pop's passion
for discovering the otfier arl, ie the
things that are going on elsewhere.
They've been straying further and further from Ihe Seattle scene, exploring new frontiers and seeking oul
new landscapes.
Eric Matthews' debut record, It's
Heavy in Here, is proof lhat boundaries are being pushed inlo non-existence. On the opening track, "Fanfare", he sings: "II might be late, but
time is guided by open minds that
fight disguises". He suggests the idea
of trulh, or reality, and that's Ihe best
way to describe his songs - they're
honest. Eric Matthews is an artist
concerned with aesthetics.
As for the songs themselves,
they're complex. Matthews weaves
floating guitar chords through a
background of orchestra-type instruments such as trumpets, oboes, violins, cellos, and clarinets - bul they
don'l always stay in the background
and that's why the fusion is so successful. That, and his voice. Il drifts
over Ihe music, hypnotically, completing the collage. Songs like "Fanfare", "Distant Mother Reality" and
"Hop and Tickle" stand out right
away - urging interpretation.
Eric Matthews has created his
own place in intelligent music, proving that no matter how diluted the
genre sometimes appears lo be, its
soul is alive and well.
Jeremy Lanaway
Jrn cJLiant J^>urup id a collection, of raretied
—donqd tkat kave never been included on a
Uoad Uke  la/et Sprocket album -- a mud
for anu JJ\J^r<JJ fan.
(contains tke latest kit sinale C/ooa JrntentionS.
lA/atck for tke cast of tke kit ZJ V skow
friends   in tke   C/ooa ^Intentions video.
Jrn cJLiakt J^urup contains 30% fewer calories tkan
SonaS packed in keavu Surup.
Flow available everuwkert
Nectarine Mo 9 SnintJuck
Duveij Henderson, of Fire Engines and Win fume/lsck there of, and crew
continue re-conrtttictinRthe |»|> song. On Saint Jack, you can't help but
feel you are listening to a band that knows they've hit their stride. From the
inverted comma set;"...it shits confidence. It really is that gpod." If you
are looking for a great ««<!- P"* "I1 'N*ne Welsh's book "Treinserting".
The band are currently working on a sound-track inspired by the book-
Also available:
The Nectarine Mo 9 Niagara Falls
The Vacant lot Slmke Well
1 he third album from Brooklyn's finest, and it certainly is their finest!
Produced by Bryan Martin (That Petrol Emotion), 14 pop gpms. There's
an inherent quality to this stuff that leaves most of the ilk still counting off
...2, 2, 4... Years of reading others hype sheets rears it's ug)y head-
Hype or not we're happy and I guess that's what counts.
Also available:
The Vacant Lot      Because They Can
The Vacant Lot     Wrong
/ thevabarit
, *s»Hailcc».
Smokers Delight
(Wox Trax/TVT)
Kevin Harper has departed from the
original partnership and yes, if you
can believe it, it has been four years
since Ihe first album Word of Science was released, but now a new
era begins. And Ihe best way to celebrate Ihe dawn of this new era is
lo break oul the bud. As Ihe tide
makes blatantly clear, this album is
a must for the sofa-loving, slipper-
wearing herbalist. George Evelyn
laka Nightmares on Wax) brings
forth a groovy laid-back instrumental journey which is 100% enjoyment
from start to finish. As for trying lo
define its sound, it's a genre-defying combination of hiphop, techno,
'70s soul, funk, jazz and country all
in one. Check il oul.
Man Wright
Ray gun Suitcase
(Tim Kerr Records)
Pere Ubu's name is often whispered
in tones of reverential awe, and wilh
good reason. This is an impressive
record. I confess lhat for Ihe past few
years I have been intending to have
a close encounter with Pere Ubu and
have never achieved it until now, so
I have no real knowledge of their
musical history. All I can say is that
I'm sorry I wailed so long. The songs
on Ihis album are impossible to ignore. They sound like a monologue
for the end of the millenium as they
whisper, threaten, assail, hiss, and
state their case, often within the
space of a few bars. They are intense and frightening, creepy and
creeping, and disturbing at a very
fundamental level and in a way lhat's
impossible to describe. There are 1 5
songs' worth of atmospheric dissertations on the stale of the world and
the subtexts of these songs, both musical and lyrical, seem to find Iheir
way into your mind in such a way
thai you are unaware of their effect,
until you come to an hour later wilh
a weight of angry consciousness resting on your head. I attempted to
write little things aboul individual
songs, but I couldn't come up wilh
Ihe appropriate adjectives to describe what is, really, a musical experience too unique to provide nice
little bytes. The sound of Pere Ubu
will certainly not be to many peo
pie's tastes, but it is important lo at
least give them a punt.
Sophie Hamley
Bunny Gets Paid
I have never listened lo anything by
Red Red Meat before bul after hearing this album, I think I may have
been missing out. Bunny Gets Paid
has a sound lhat crosses many genres: il is the blues, il is country, and
il is rock. One of my favourite tracks
is "Gauze", a slow song that almost
makes me want to cry ("Carpel of
Horses" has a similar effect). Tim
Rutili's lyrics are full of strong metaphors and curious phrases such as
"sandpaper tongue like a brand new
thing... " The ambiguity of the lyrics
throughout the songs makes il difficult to understand what Rutili is trying lo express in detail. Despite Ihis,
you can still feel the sadness and
pain. The music is really good and
Ihe emotional power makes il even
belter. This is a truly infectious album;
every time I gel to Ihe end I just want
lo play il again.
grahame quan
By the third song on Ihis EP, Run On
has you in a whimsical stale of mind.
Maybe it's the soft cooing of Sue
Garner's voice. Maybe ifs the slow,
rhythmic echo of the guitars, the
steady thumping of Ihe drums, or Ihe
organ's subtle shadow behind everything. You can't tell for sure, bul
you're dreamy, no doubt aboul it.
There are five songs on the On/
Off EP, bul right away you catch on
to track number ihree: "Pretty Note".
Sue Garner's voice is slow and
peaceful, almost quiet, yet driven; it
makes you think of Concrete Blonde.
The guitars are loftier than the other
songs and Ihe organs come right oul
lo the front. The last song, "Beat
Out", leads you further inlo your illusory stale. The sound of the drums
beating separately, and the notes,
bending here and over there, and
Ihe uncertain hollowness in Rick
The music ends ond the silence
is so different that il almost surprises
you. You can't determine exactly the
impression Run On has left on you,
so you find yourself pressing play to
delve even further.
Jeremy Lanaway
Fresh Jazz Vibes
(Mo' Funk)
This is the first product to come oul
of the brand new Mo' Funk record
label (dubbed as "Canada's premiere Acid Jazz label"). These are
exciting limes for Vancouveriles because we now have the opportunity
to hear some good local talent in
our homes ana we can expose the
whole city (even the country) lo this
thing called 'Acid Jazz'. So hold light
'cause the latest prophecy is that this
music is well on its way to being
blown up. The auality of this album
is very high and it has some knockout tunes. The opener from One Step
Beyond, "Shure Shot", is a wickedly
funky tune wilh a ferocious bass line
and some crazy horn playing. From
Australia's One Movement comes
Solid with "Let Love Flow", a lovely,
up-tempo soul cut lhat's slightly reminiscent of the Repercussions. Then
there's the heavyweights of Ihe Canadian soul-funk-jazz scene,
Jacksoul, wilh the best track on the
album, "Got your Soul".
There are a lol of good cuts on
this compilation with just a few mediocre ones, making this an impressive debut release from Mo' Funk. II
serves as an excellent taster for
what's to come. Big respect lo the
Mo' Funk collective for getting the
ball rolling. Nice onel
Girish Rambaran
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59£ VICTORIA CP. 265?7
to give a boost to Seam's performance, and their set turned out lo
be one big bore. Not only did they
pale in comparison lo the kids from
jersey City, but ihey managed to
debauch their own recorded
works. I don't know exactly why it
was lhal the combination of
dreamy build-up, stripped-down
guitar, and an unwavering drumbeat which works so well for Seam
on their albums sounded so fiat
and listless on stage. Maybe it was
because the vocals, which are always so clear and unencumbered
on the recordings, seemed so unnecessarily protracted and ridiculously animated when accompanied by the singer's exaggerated
shoulder thrusts and elaborate con-
rleties which are so detectable on
the albums just got lost in the live
performance ond il all became one
monotonous blur. Whatever it was
that made Seam's set so painfully
dull and utterly forgettable, I'm sure
glad thai Spent was there to disperse the slow-moving ice flow of
the night's first and last acts, because I don't think I can handle
many such hazy evenings during
these already misty months.
Town Pump
Friday, November 10
Isn't it nice when a show exceeds
your expectations? I wos vaguely
Elekrafixion, ond looking forward
to Echobelly, but thought they
might be uninspired. Eeeeerh,
wrong answer! Echobelly mokes
an unusual mix of people: singer
Sonya Aurora-Madan is Anglo-
Asian AND has very Morrissey
inflections, former Curve guitarist
Debbie Smith is a black lesbian,
and the other guitarist is Swedish,
which all makes for a nice break
from guys-with-guilars. The band
took most of the audience by sur
prise with their well-knit sound,
which was a lot more varied than
it is on their two CDs. Aurora-
Madan was a most effective ond
classy frontperson, and Smith
looked like Keef Richards with a
ciggie hanging out of her mouth,
only she had a much belter hair-
Ian McCulloch walked by me
as I waited for Elektrafixion to lake
the stage and all the thirty-
somethings (myself included) were
in awe, taken back lo Echo ond
the Bunnymen days, even when he
bumped into a woman, making
her slosh her drink and he didn't
even turn around to apologise. But
hey, he looked great! The awe
carried on during the show because it was obvious the man was
a star, with his sonorous voice ond
casually elegant manners ond
movements. Both the band (includ- .
ing former Bunnyman Will
Sergeant) and the crowd ale it up.
It was AN EVENT. And McCulloch
still has the same haircut after all
these years!
June Scudeler
Railway Club
Tuesday, November 7
Nine weeks into Shindig and we
have Finally reached the point
where we know all but one of the
bands to appear in the semi-finals.
Who would join the eight bands
already set lo play again?....
Veronica were like a garage
band in that ihey were having fun
with their loose rock 'n' roll, but
there just wasn't anything interesting to grab on to. A good rapport
with the audience helped, but I'm
afraid they just weren't the band
I had the
n that Polar
j imprei
o lumbering, heavy
band, based on their name and
based on snippets of songs that I
had heard. Live, they didn't quite
live up to my preconception. Their
performance was a little bit light
and maybe a little bit bland. Rocking, but not memorable.
Johnny Millenium were on last,
and right from the first song you
could tell lhat they would win. Lots
of British influences from the likes
of Supergrass, Oasis, and Blur
made for songs thot were far
above the offerings of the other
groups heard on this night. I don't
think ihey played as well as they
could have eilher - the two vocalists could have come across more
strongly, but overall it was enough
to seed them in the semis.
K. Geffen
Hungry Eye
Friday, November 3
Unfortunately, this review cannot
include The Monoxides' performance os I live in Surrey ond ihus
am tied to taking the last Skytrain
home. Long bond set-ups are something I very much detest as a result
of this situation. No bother: this
leaves me to discuss two local
bands olso on the bill - The Cowards and JP5.
The Cowards, albeit an earnest
three-piece, come off sounding like
a demented and dull Bad Religion
merged with the ugly underbelly
DRI. Had I seen this band in '88, I
probably would have moshed like
a wooden Gary Anderson marionette fool, I'm sure. I must add,
however, fhe drummer indeed
kicked some noble and mighty ass.
Following an overtly long
break came JP5, fronted by a very
enthusiastic, interactive, and
bondaged lead vocalist who certainly deserves the title, 'Poly
Slyrene of the '90s'. These hipsters
had the knock of throwing out
Jefferson Airplane vibes played
backwards with much brilliant '70s
punk fuzz thrown in. Appropriately
(I believe) the audience demanded
an encore as soon as JP5's short
but sweet set was finished. It's nice
to know Vancouver has more to
offer in bands than the present
deluge of hippy trippv poD grunge
collectives and Celtic folksters.
Yippee! Punk is still alive. As for
the Monoxides, I only hope the
boys from out east lived up to their
brilliant Pebbles compilation
Don Archer
Railway Club
Tuesday, October 31
On this Hallowe'en, the Roilwoy
Club almost became a scary place
to be. Not too many of the 18
Shindig contestants I have seen
perform thus far have impressed
me, ond unfortunately only one of
tonight's  left any memorable
First up wos In Spite. I'm not
really familiar with the band Live,
but someone suggested to me that
they have a certain similarity.
Bland songs? I guess that's what
ihey share. Overly emotional vo-
cols, 1 2 string instruments, and a
double acoustic attack seemed unnecessary.
The only band thot caught my
ear in a favourable way was
Thread. Four boys on Iwo guitars,
bass, ond drums played songs only
slightly reminiscent of their previous incarnation, Marmalade. Surprisingly non-derivative, the vocals
were downplayed, which worked
well except for one song that attempted a burst of tenderness. This
did not work well.
Timber was a Sweet for the
'90's. Kind of Smashing Pumpkins-
ish cock-rock with a hippy-do lead
singer, trying to lay an awful love-
in vibe on an unsuspecting audience. Timber had nice harmonies
and powerful riffs, but the songs
never picked up, and left me feeling flat afterwards.
Well, things aren't as scary as
they could have been: Thread
were the deserving winners for this
Holiday music by today's top jazz performers with all
sales of this recording benefitting the Special Olympics.
Cassandra Wilson, Herbie Hancock, Fourplay, Anita
Baker, Dianne Reeves, George Duke, Steps Ahead and
many more all donate their favourite newly recorded
renditions of classic Christmas standards. (B2/B4-32127)
Armed with street-wise harmonies and a collection of hit songs "How We Roll" is packed
with 80's smoothed out R&B and 90's funked
up new jack swing and hip-hop. Produced by
Full Force, Darryl Simmons (Boys II Men) &
Mass Order, the first single "How We Roll"
takes RUN-DMC's "Sucker MC's" and mixes it
with the 70's classic "Float On". (K2/K4-35706)
A collection of musical essays set to "Now" music.
Poetry and saxophone slam together on this back-
jacking, mind-stabbing new musicscape. "Black Book"
reads like a heavy blend rhyme, poetry, rap and hiphop. In a time of dark negativity, the rhymes of "Black
Book" pop out and stay in your head. (B2-29266)
5   LONG
boss hog
2 blur
the great escape
food    ani
3 thee ihatners
thee shatners
planet pinp
4 various artists
lit fron within
'■ superchunk
here's where the strings
cone in    merge
6U_ phair
juvenilia ep
7 rancid
and   out   cone  the   wolves           epitaph
8 various artists
nallrats soundtrack
510 nca
9 voodoo glow skulls
1 0 modernettes
pat it straight
11 ash
1 2 various artists
oh canaduhi
lance    rock
1 3 the papillanas
hub    city
1 4 buck o nine
1 5 2 foot flane
2 foot flane
16 Una gerrard
the    nirror    pool
4a d
11 the super friendz
nock up, scale down
1 8 the vynona riders
j d sallnger
1 '' s f seals
truth walks in sleepy ■
hadows natador
2 0 wild strawberries
2 1 southern culture...skids dirt track date
2 2 wayne jayne county
rock'n'roll Cleopatra
2 3 pointed sticks
part    of    the    noise
2 4 the monoxides
out   of   the   narsh
handsome   boy
2 5 banco    de    gala
2 6 subline
robbdn' the hood
2 7 anily's sassy line
right is here
2 8 sonic youth
washing machine
geffen   nca
2 9 yo la tango
camp yo la tango ep
3 0 rocket fron the crypt
screen, dracula, screen!
3 1 laughing hyenas
merry go round
touch   &   go
3 2 various artists
ear of the dragon
fortune   5
3 3 the vacant lot
shake well
3 4 the caspere
driving   along   a   massive   dan             pf
3 5doa
the hlack spot
december '95 INDIE HOME JOBS
december'q5   SHORT   VINYL
T . Y .  ' S
2 techno heed
3 techno head
4 1eftfield
5 various artists
6 various artists
8 the prodigy
9 bjork
1 0 various artists
the world is ny oyster
i wanna be a hippy
hardcore terror vol 1
volume wasted volume
nusic for the jilted generation xl recordings
post elektra
trance europe express volume
2 bikini kill
3 goldfish
4 pluntree
5 slow gherkin
6 the fiends
7 tan days late
8 chixdiggit
9 railroad jerk
I o noonsocket
II shiva speedway
I 3 la donnas
ISnerdy     girl
17 the   stand   gt
1 8mcrackins
1 9 poets   and   slaves
2 0the   gits
2 i the Shapiros
2 3 nine   pound    hammer
2 4 urusei   yatsura
2 6g«len
2 7 superstar 26hundred!
2 8 various artists
2 9 the receptionists
3 o various artists
3 1 go Bailor
3 2 jenny nae
3 3 legendary jin ruiz...
3 5 punky rockit
water had leaked...
she's not broken
out of tine
bast hung carrot in the
bang the drum
twister hell
long legs
mr. velocity bopkins
nerdy     girl
hetarobash   was   flipper
the   crackle   fan
life,   hey   mikey
evil   stig
cross your mind
nusic for four ears
teenage    head
Siamese   lo   fi   scary
sell out
kitty cat spy club
keep your secrets
long      distance
twist like this
kill rock stars
cinnamon toast
join or die
dr.   mushroom'
ringing ear
scooch   pooch
balloons che
i bulb
radio   trash
candy       floss
minty fresh
go sailor
long distance
slunberland 1
orange glass
orange glass
true blue
harriat 1
eric's trip
stereo mountain
shrimper, 18 wheele
r and baby huey      split
good horsey 1
death kit
self starter
pApAs fritAs
passion play
minty fresh 1
land of the loopB
multi family garage
Canadian relics    horrifying circus music 1
1 hernanoB roeario
2 marc anthony
3 proyecto uno
4 gloria estefan
5 la banda gorda
6 tito rojas
8 lizandro neza
9 jerry rivera
0 grupo kaos
la duena del swing
bien sony   discos
_ letra ami    latin
abriendo puertas epic
candela pura mp
asperandote mp
un tipo conun ran
boquita colora kubaney
magia sony  discos
puerto rico sony   tropical
1    l  the deadcats
she devil j
1    2  the mystarons
bar be que with el vis 1
1    3   celestial magenta
wonder  why 1
1    4  gaza
p.d.a. j
1    5  squeeky
3 1
1    6   queazy
reach   for   tha   sky 1
1    7  trish kally
untitled 1
1    8   freeloader
not       afraid
1    9  broca's     area
between     the     lines 1
1 10 tha       stupes
devilina 1
1 11  lashback
big       dump 1
1 12  bona     fly
haadspace 1
1 13  wandering     lucy
baby     eyes 1
1 i4  destroyer
karen     is     in     rone 1
1 15  sugarcandy     mountain
hands    in    tha    dark 1
lie  tha            Shermans
every          moment 1
1 17 kid        champion
luminitas 1
1 18  wretched         ethyl
face         lift
1 l9 suckerpunch
smash 1
1 2 0 kirn   linekin
tired   of    being    a    nan 1
1 21  vico
junior 1
2 2   area       51
it's      not      Ufa
1 2 3   1000      stamps
poster      child  1
1 2 4  plumtree
in       the       sink 1
2 5  touch      &      gos
1 2 6 sugar      crash
the      animal 1
1 2 7  roach     motel
is     this     who     we     are 1
1 2 8  black    aye    buddha
jagermeistar    is    my    god 1
1 2 9   hayden
on      and      on 1
1 3 0 the    readymade
first    base   is    sleeping 1
1 31  knockin     dog
benediction 1
3 2 nine   days   wonder
sun 1
1 3 3  the       lotus        eaters
north 1
3 4  jp5
fuzzyhead       pills 1
3 5  parkas
i'm    lying    again 1
1 i   supercat
the   struggle   continues           sony]
2   gloria     astefan
abriendo     puertas                sonyl
3   ajti-i
carnival '55
Ice records I
4   la banda gorda
candela pura
5   papa wenba
realworld 1
6   strunz and farah
heat of the sun
7   ashkaru
mother   tongue
triloka   records 1
8   beenle   man
reggae    gold    '95
9   orquesta tropicana
ho   patato, changuito y ore
stes   rltno y candela
un mi in n
1 teenage jesus and the jerks everything
2 the softies it's love
3 celestial magenta
4 amily's sassy lime right is hare xmas
5 bikini kill i like fucking 7" kill rock stars
6 pussycat trash amore 7" kill rock stars
7 tan days lata out of time 7* klark
8 various artists slice of lenon lookout* kill rock stars
g x ray spex gernfree adolescents Caroline
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My little
llVWf Sink
some trance, acid, tribal, etc... Guest
DJ's, interviews, retrospectives,
giveaways, and more are part of trie
flavor of homebass.
LIMP SINK 12:00AM-2:42AM Hosled by rhe
G42 players. DJ Norm brings you roe
lu-unk. Doctor K talks about more krunk.
Brought lo you by copacetic man surfing
me information super doodiddleyooper
highway. Contact:
Now in its 10th year on the oir, The
Edge on Folk features music you won't
hear anywhere else, studio guesls, new
releases, Brirish comedy sketches, folk
music calendar, ticket giveaways, etc.,
plus IVorW Cup Report all 1:30 AM. 8-
9 AM: African/World roots. 9-12 noon:
Celtic music and feature performances.
Vancouver's only true metol show; local
demo tapes, imports and other rarities.
Gerald Raltlehead and Metal Ron do the
THE SHOW 6:OO-8:0OPM Strictly Hip Hop
— Strictly Undergound - Strictly Vinyl
With your hosts Mr. Checka, Flip Out &
J Swing on the 1 & 7s.
Altemating with My Little Crimson
SOMETHING 1:00-4:00AM'You can tell
by the way I use my walk. I'm a woman's
man ...no lime lo talk."
WHOM       &       HOW
Arts Ian McKinnon
Board Chair Harry Hertscheg
Business Mgr. Otis Ashby
Current Affairs Andrea Spence
Demos/Cassettes Dale Sawyer
Engineer Richard Anderson
Entertainment Kevin O'Toole
librarian Clarence Chu
Mobile Sound Andy Bonfield
Musk Megan Mallett
President Bnan Wieser
Production Aaron Robertson
Programming Miko Hoffman
Promotions Selena Harrington
Secretary Chandra Lesmeister
Sports Dave  Ryan
Station Manager Linda Schollen
Student Engineer Fern Webb
Traffic Grahame Quan
Vice President Ryan Ogg
Volunteer Coordinator John Ruskm
BUSINESS LINE 604.822.3017
DJLINE 604.822.2487
MUSIC DEP'T. 604.822.8733
NEWS UNE 604.822.5334
FAX     LINE     604.822.9364
Programming News
'CiTR would like to wish a warm
farewell & best wishes to Wicliff
Tembo, hostof ihe African Variety
Safari Show. Tropical Daiquiri
will be taking its place. Wed. 9-
•NEW SHOW: Get the Jay, CiTR's
ily programme focussing on
Japanese music & news, on Tues.
3-4pm, changing Mary Tyler
Moore Show to 4-5pm.
the programming dep't. is
looking for people interested in
producing a spoken word/music
v dealing with Native/
Aboriginal issues; for info, please
contact Miko© 822.1242.
'(oh, and happy holidays!)
djs Spun-K ond Czech (jozz, funk, reogoe, hip hop) at tho Starfish Room...Blue Room w/dj Isis (ambient) at Automotive...80's
Dance Night w/dj Brian St. Clair at Graceland... Readings, Music & more at the Grind Gallery (every other Monday at 8pm)...
w/djs Lace & Dickey Doo at Richard's On Richards...Aqua w/djs
Isis and Markem (ambient) at Benny's Bagels Yaletown...Boogie
Ave w/dj Maggee (70's old school) at the Heritage House Hotel
(453 Abbott).. .Disco Night at the Commodore.. .The Greasy Spoon
w/Slick ot the Hungry £ye...Klassix Night w/dj David Hawkes at
Luv Yr Hair...New Wave/Retro 80's Night w/dj Atomic at th**:
Twilight Zone...Aural Fixation at DV8 (poetry- sign-up 7:30, show
at 8:00)...The Tongue of the Slip at the Glass Slipper (scheduled
readers and open limited open mike - 9pm on the third Tuesday
of the month)...
WED: Velvet w/djs T-Bone, Dickey Doo and special guests (deep
house) at The Underground...Reggae Night at Graceland w/dj
George Barrett...Cat Club w/djs Madness and Ali at the Starfish
Room...Ginger Snaps w/dj Mike & Soma and live electronic guests
ot Mors...Mo' Funk w/ djs Soul Kid & Seren trip hop, acid jazz &
funk) at Richard's On Richards...Punk Rock Wednesday w/dj
Twigboy at the Twilight Zone...Suck w/dj Czech at Luvafair...Max
Murphy Collective at Raffels...Open Mouth (open mic) w/host
Carolyn Mark ot the Malcolm Lowry Room (9pm - call ahead to
read)...El Famoso (raregroove, funk, hip-hop, jazz, reggae) at
the Red Lounge (818 Richards)...
THUR: Sol w/dj Markem and guests (progressive, trance, tribal
hard house) at Graceland...The Bottle w/djs Clarence and David
Love Jones (soul, jazz & rare groove) at the Piccadilly...Soul V
Funk in the Basement w/dj Marc and guests at the St. Regis
(bsmt)...Nocturnal Injection Revelation w/df Wonderbreod ot the
Twilight Zone...Cat House w/d{ Mick Shea (house) ot
Celebrities..Jazzmin w/ djs andy bollocks ond soul kid (acid
jazz, trip-hop, iunglel ofthe Red Lounge (818 Richards)...
FRI: NewMindCondy w/dj Lee Haertel and special guests at
Graceland...Lowdown w/djs Lovely Lisa ond Dick ot the St. Regis
(bsmt)...Explorations in Outer Bass (ambient) of Metriches Coffee
House (1244 Davie)...Planet ov Sound w/James Brown and guests
at the World (1-5)...Homo Homer w/dj Jules (house & disco) at
the Odyssey...Molebox w/di Mick Shea (house) ot
Celebrities...Blitzkrieg (tribol, industrial, goth) at the Twilight
Zone...Low Down (funk, jazz, hiphop) ot the St. Regis Basement
Lounge...Lounging w/ dj T-bone (house, jazz and beyond) at the
Red Lounge (818 Richards)...Groove w/djs Marc and Todd Keller,
154.W Hastings at lam...
SAT: dj Brian St. Clair (progressive house, techno) at
Graceland...Noah's Arc w/dj Noah atthe World (1-5)...Yo Mama
w/djs KiloCee and J Swing (hip hop) at the Twilight Zone...Bad
Boys Night Out w/dj Jules (house) at the Odyssey...dis Storm &
Dickey Doo (house) at Celebrities...Lounging w/ dj Soul Kid (jazzy,
groovy) at the Red Lounge (818 Richards)
SUN: Rewind w/dj Noah (retro rave) at Graceland...Uranus Invades Mars w/djs Dickey Doo and Quest Ot Mars...Alternative
Jazz ot Cafe Deux Soleils (every other Sun)...dj Jules (house &
disco) at the Odyssey...Ska Night w/di Pig ot the Twilight
Zone...Movie Night at the Railway Club...Pressing Poetry ot the
Press Club (7:30)
FRI 1 Music Waste's Hyper-Mutant Mosh HodgePodge Fest: Field
Day, gob, Utopia and Spinach at Studio 16 (1545 w 7th, at
Gronville} at 6pm (ALL-AGES - $4) and Smak, Zolly Crocker, Technicians or the Sacred and the Cowards, Stark Raving, relish ond
Aimless James at Studio 16 ot 9.30pm ($6) - 58 for both
shows...The Forgotten Rebels with the Insipids at the Starfish
Room...Season to Risk atthe Town Pump...Yellowbelly at Gastown
Music Hall...Hardrock Miners at the Railway Club...Art Bergmann
at the Treehouse Lounge...Babes in Toyland at the Commodore:
CANCELLED...Kevin Burke's Open House at the W.I.S.E.
Hall...Spike and Mike's 1995 Sick ond Twisted Festival of Animation at the Ridge...The Red Shoes and The Spy in Black at the
Pacific Cinemotheque...
SAT 2 Urge Overkill with the Geraldine Fibbers at the Town Pump:
CANCELLED...Dance Hall Crashers with Joykiller and Waterdog
at the Town Pump - hey, punters, it's an afternoon show at 3pm -
ALL-AGES!...Blues Traveler at the Commodore...Electric Hellfire
Club, Spahn Ranch & Uranium at the Starfish Room...Hardrock
Miners at the Railway Club...Mean Reds with Blind Truth at
Gastown Music Hall...Sanctuary Foundation Fundraiser with the
Paperboys and A Few Roosters at the Tristo Coffee House (503
12th St., New West)...The one we'll oil be sorry we missed ('cause
it's SOLD OUT: Deck the Hall Ball w/Sonic Youth (Thurston! Kim!
Lee! Steve!), Porno for Pyros (Perry!!, Oasis, Everclear, Jawbreaker,
the Rentals and Tripping Daisy at Mercer Arena, Seattle...Buzzin
w/ djs Jess Solomon, Madness Max Wise and Chris James at
154 W. Hastings, 12am...Mondo Bizarre (A Night of Alternative
Performance Art) at fhe Hungry Eye at 8pm...Sick and Twisted
Festival of Animation at the Ridge...The Red Shoes and The Spy
in Block at the Pacific Cinematheque...
SUN 3 Our Lady Peace at the Commodore (SOLD OUT)...Women
in Music of the Backstage Lounge...Sick ond Twisted Festival of
Animation at the Ridge...The life ond Death of Colonel Blimp at
the Pocific Cinematheque...
MON 4 Our lady Peoce wifh Tripping Daisy ot the Commodore
(ALL-AGES)...Blue Bird North ot the Railway Ctub...To Wong Foo
and The Adventures of Prlsctllo of the Ridge...The life and Death
of Colonel Blimp ot the Pacific Cinematheque...
TUES 5 EBN with Banco de Gaio ot Richard's on
Richords...Cadillac Bill & the Creeping Bent at the Roilwoy
Club...8.N.U., Throbbin Hoods A dirt mits ot Gregs Place,
Chifliwockw.To Wong foo ond The Adventures of Prisolb ot the
Ridge...My So-Called Life re-run on Showcase...
WO> 6 Rancid with A.f.l. and d.b.s.at the UBC Rec Centre (All-
AGES)...Spirit of the West with Junkhouse at the
Commodore..Quiwer ot fhe Railway Ciub...Cadilloc Bill and the
Weeping Bent ot Gostown Music Hall...Living in Oblivion ond
The Brothers McMullen of the Ridge...Raunl Mollberg'* Mllko: A
Film About Taboos and Friends, Comrades ot the Pacific
Cinematheque...Tobs ot fhe Cultch ot 1) pm
THURS 7 Spirit of the West wifh Junkhouse at the
Commodore.. .Middlesex, Cinnamon _■ Waltz Darling at the Starfish Room,..Quiwer af the Roilwoy Club...Suzanne little of the
Treehouse lounge...dj Rober! Shea af sol...living in Oblivion and
The Brothers McMullen af the Ridge...Molibera's Milka and
Friends, Comrodes ot the Pacific Cinemotheque. ..Tabs ot the Cultch
at 1 lpm
FRI 8 Alt at the Town Pump at 9pm, Atlontis Bus at
1 2pm...Teengenerate With Bum and The Stand GT af the Hungry
Eye...Show Do Man at the Starfish Room.,.The Blue Shadows at
fhe Railway Club...Francois Houb Trio at the Glass Slipper...A
Pure Formality and Montand ot the Ridge...A Matter of Life and
Death ond A Canterbury Tale ot the Pocific Cinematheque,. Jobs
of the Cultch at 1 lpm...
AND WINNER OF LAST SEMI-FINAL..Stop the Violence benefit
with Sparkmarker, Facepuller, Preston and Delano ot St James
Community Squore (ALL-AGES)...Mystery Machine at New York
Theatre (All-AGES)...The Blue Shadows at the Railway
Ckib...Donovon (the man responsible for lone Skye and Donovan
Leltch) with Rick Colbourne of fhe Town Pump ot 9pm, Rose Chronicles at 12pm...Martin Hayes at the W.I.S.E. Hall... Yanni at GM
Place...Boy George af Under fhe Roil in Seattle (2335 5th Ave)., .A
Pure Formality and Montand at fhe Ridge...A Matter of Life and
Death and A Canterbury Tale ot the Pacific Cinematheque...Tabs
of fhe Cultch ot 2pm ond Hpm...
SUN 10 Jim Rose Circus with Hovercraft ot Richard's on
Richards...Old Flomes at Western Front (303 E 8th)...A Pure Formality ond Montand ot fhe Ridge...Gone to Earth ond 49th Parallel at the Pacific Cinematheque...
MON 11 Woodshed ofthe Roilwoy Club,..A Pure Formality and
Montand af the Ridge...Gone to Eorth and 49th Parallel ot the
Pacific Cinematheque...
TUES 12 The Roswells ot the Railway Club...A Pure Formality
and Montand ai the Ridge...My So-Called Life re-run on Show-
WED 1 3 Mr Bungle Ives - Mike Poffon's bond) with Melt Banana
at the Town Pump...The Roswells at the Railway Club...A Pure
Formality ond Montand at the Ridge...Rauni Molberg's Children
of Paradise and Powell & Pressburger's ill Met by Moonlight ot
the Pacific Cinematheque...
THURS 14 Middlesex with guests af the Railway Club...A Pure
Farmolity ond Montand at the Ridge...Children of Paradise ond
111 Met by Moonlight at the Pacific Cinematheque...
FRI 15 Speckled Jim with A Few Roosters at the Railway
Club...Finals Fantasy with DJ Krown at the Commodore...Spirit
Merchants with Sing Sing Deodman at fhe Gostown Music Hall...dj
Josh Wink ot Sol...Smoke and The Usual Suspects atthe Ridge...Oh
Rosalinda! and Peeping Tom at the Pacific Cinematheque...
TRACK). Jack Tripper with guests at the Roilwoy Club...Smoke
and The Usual Suspects ot the Ridge...Oh Rosalinda! and Peep
ing Tom at fhe Pacific Cinemotheque...
SUN 17 Blues for Christmas at the Commodore...Smoke and
The Usual Suspects ot the Ridge...The Small Back Room ond One
of Our Aircraft is Missing af the Pocific Cinematheque...
MON 18 Grrrls with Guitars at the Railway Club..,Withnail ond
I and Delicatessen ot the Ridge...The Small Back Room ond One
of Our Aircraft is Missing at fhe Pacific Cinematheque...
TUES 19 Flapjacks & Ynko Nan of the Railway Club...Wirhnail
and I and Delicatessen at the Ridge...My So-Called life re-run on
WED 20 Tex Tiles ot fhe Railway Club...Holly Cole wifh VSO at
the Orpheum...
Clockers and The Innocent at the Ridge...Contraband and The
Battle of fhe River Plate at the Pacific Cinemotheque...
THURS 21 Holly Cole with VSO at the Orpheum (SOLD
OUT)...Submission Hold, Gus, Tea & Two Slices at Lo Queno (ALL-
AGES) at 7pm - free vegetarian food!...Sweet Dick at the Railway
Club...dj Mike Stevens at SoL.Cbckers and The Innocent af '
Ridge...Contraband and The Battle of the River Pbte at the
Pacific Cinemotheque...
FRI 22 Sweet Dick atthe Railway Club..The Toles of Hoffmann
and The Elusive Pimpernel at the Pacific Cinematheque...
SAT 23 Sweet Dick at fhe Railway Club...The Tabs of Hoffmann
ond The Elusive Pimpernel at the Pacific Cinematheque...
SUN 24 Xmas Eve Party with Ron Hayward Trio at fhe Roilwoy Club...
MON 25 MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Call yr. parents! Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty! Interesting fact to
note: this is the busiest day of the year for emergency rooms in
TUES 26 Ron HoywardTrta of fhe Railway Club... My So-Called
Life re-run on Sho*
Tho Abyss 315 E. Broadway (vide entrance)
Aimo Street Cafe 2505 Abo  fet8r©odway)
AnxoCtyb 3W.8lh (Mow*- Pleasont)
Arts Hblhne
Basslx 217WHostf.ws fol Combie)
Bocisiage lounge   1585 Johnston (Granville blond)
BSacV SITmp BoSks 274. W. 41k (ol MocDonola*)
Cofe Deux Soleils 2096 Commerctoj  {if* Drive)
Cofe View* Monlreol 317 E. Broodwoy (Mount Pteo.onl)
Caprice Theotre 965 Gronville {Granville Mol!)
Celebrities  1022 Dovie JotBurrord)
The Chino Club, .14/1 NW 85th St., SeoDle
The Clubhouse 400 Industrial
Club NRG 3699 Powell {Gostown)
CN fmox Theotre 999 Coriodc Ploce
Commodore Ballroom  870 GronviBe  (Granville Mali)
Commodore tones  838 Gronville  (Granville Molt)
Cordova Cafe 307 Cordova (Gaslown)
Crosstown Traffic  316 W Hastings  (downtown)
Denmon Ploce Cinema   1030 0enmon  (West Enrrrd)
0V8 515 Dovie (downtown)
Edison Eleclric Gallery/Cafe 916 Commercial (the Drive)
fireball Arts Centre 80 E. Cordovo  {otMoinj
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
: Frederic Wood Theotr* (U8Q
Gostown Theatre 36 Powell {Gostown)
Gostown Music Holl 6 Powell (Gostown)
Glass Slipper   2714 Prince Edward  {Mount Pleosant)
Grocelond   ' . at.)
Greg'. Ploce 45844 Yole Rd. (Chiliwockj
The Grind Gollery 4124 Moin St. Ut. Pleasant)
Hostings Community Centre 2096 E. Hastings (near PNE)
Hemp B.C, 324 W. Hostings {downtown!
Holywood Theotre 3123 VV. rJroodwoy fcitsilono)
Hot jo__ Society 2120 Moin (Mt. Pleosoni)
Hungry Eye 23 W. Cordovo (Gostown)
Jericho Arts Centre  1600 Discovery (Pt. Grey)
lo Queno  11 11 Commerciol {the Drive)
The lotus Club 455 Abbott (Gostown)
luv-A-Fofr 1275 Seymour (dowfitowi
lux Theatre 57 £. Hojtfnas (Gostownj
Malcotrn lowry Room 4J25 t. Hastings  (N. Bumobyj
    1320 Richards {downtown)
Maximum Blues Pub  1176 Gronville  {downtown)
New York Theotre 639 Commercial {the Drive)
Niagara Hotel Pub 435 W, Pender  (downtown)
Odyssey tmports 534 Seymour (downtown)
. Old Americon Pub 928 Main (downtown)
Orpheum Theatre Smiths & Seymour (downtown)
Pocific Cinemotheque   1131 Howe  (downlown)
-■Porodise 27 Church (New Wes!)
Porodise Cinemo 919 Gronville Gronville Moll)
Pork Theotre 3440 Cambie  (South Vancouver)
Picadilly Pub 630 W. Pender (at Seymour)
Pit Pub  base . ding   {UBC)
Pfli Gollery  317 W. Hastings   (downtown)
Plaza Theotre 881 Granville jGratwrtie MoB)
-■una* 1221 Gronville (downtown!
TheRoge 750 Pacific Blvd. South (Plow, of Notions}
Richard's On Richards  103* Richards (downtown)
Ridge Clnertta  3131 Arbutus  {oil 6th Ave.)
Romper Room 639 Commerciol (the Drive)
Russian HoK 600Comobell (Chinatown)
■ sicwnl
;.-.**■■ •*,-.•, *v5k-c   4'95 :■■■.-   >cl 26th)
Starfish Room   1055 Homer (downtown)
Starlight Cinemo 935 Denman (West End]
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station  loft Mo.n)
St. Regis Hotel 602 Dunsmiur (downtown)
Theotre E 254 E. Hastings (Chi-iolown)
Town Pump 66 Waler Street  (Gostown)
Track Records 552 Seymour (downtown)
Tree House lounge 602 Dunsmuir St. (downtown)
Twilight Zone /Alexander (Gastown
UBC CINEMA pocoted in the SUB)
UBC Grod Centre Gate 4  (UBC)    ,
The Underground  1082 GronviBe (downtown)
i Voncouver East Cultural Centre  1991
Voncouver little Theotre 3102 Moin {Mt. Pleosont)
Voncouver Pres iBe)
Varsity Theo! ■   jrey)
:Verl 5412 Main Ml Pleasant)
Video In Studios 1965 Main  (Mt. Pieosonf)
Vogue Theotre 918 Granville  (Gronville Moll)
Woterfronf Theotre   1405 Anderson  (Granviile Is.)
WISE. Hall   1882Adonoc (the Drive)
Women In Print 3566 W. 4th {Kitsilano)
Yale Blues Pub  1300 Granville  {downlown}
Zulu Records 1869 W. 4th (Kits-lono)
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684 MASK
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738 3232
Dec. 1 / Town Pump
Dec. 6 & 7 / Commodore
Dec. 11 / Town Pump
Dec. 13 / Town Pump
Check out
"Cool Christmas"
Featuring Barenaked Ladies,
Flaming Lips and
The Pogues
1160 Robson Street • Park Royal Shopping Centre (North Mall) • GuildFord Town Centre • Willowbrook Shopping Centre
Richmond Centre • Coquitlam Centre • Eaton Centre - Metrotown • MayFair Shopping Centre / Victoria
Hillside Shopping Centre / Victoria • Sevenoaks Shopping Centre / AbbotsFord 1869 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver BC
V6J 1M4
tel 738.3232
MontoWed 10:30-7:00
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
Jltracle on
Take on your personal commitment to a most special
Christmas! Zulu has plenty of select traditional and non-
traditional Christmas items to please anyone's fancy.
Why be a "Jingle Cat" when you can be a "Party Dog"?!
SOME of our Christmas titles include:
Stompin' Tom Connors • Merry Christmas Everybody CD
Ella Fitzgerald ® Christmas CD
Spike Jones • Christmas CD
Mojo Nixon • Horny Holidays CD & Cassette
Buck Owens • Christmas with... CD
Graham Parker • Christmas Cracker CD-EP
Partridge Family • Christmas Card CD b Cassette
Various  • Best of Cool Yule CD (James Brown, The Sonics, etc)
Various  • Have Yourself a Looney Tunes Christmas CD & Cassette
Various   • Hillbilly Holiday CD (Bill Monroe, George Jones, etc
Various  ....• Hipsters Holiday CD & Cassette (Louis Armstrong, Eartta Kitt, etc
Various   ..» A Reggae Christmas CD ft Cassette (Eek-a-Mouse, Don Carlos, etc
Various • Santa Claus Blues CD f20s & 30s blues/jazz tunes
Various  • Soul Christmas CD & Cassette (Booker T, Clarence Carter, etc
Various  • Phil Spector's Christmas Album CD & Cassette
Various   • Yule Struttin' (Blue Note Records) CD & Cassette
This here's a... **N
10% OFF any     /
Christmas CDs or f
Cassettes with this      S
^     coupon! ^ *■•» ^
Built To Spill
• Caustic Resin
These Up Records labelmates tantalized
yon a lev. months ago by teaming up
lor a 7-inch single which also appeared
on ihe Stacked Up compilation. Now,
lhal song and ihree others (including a
Kicking Giant cover!) can be found on ihis brand new EP.
Clocking in at over 25 minutes of music, these songs sure
ain't afraid lo rock and roll over you again and again and
CD 12*     10" vinyl 10»
Damon and Naomi
• The Wondrous World of Damon
and Naomi
Boston's acclaimed duo, Damon and Naomi ie\ Galaxie
500, Magic Hour) relum with more sad hits and a truly "won
derous" sophomore solo effort. Teaming up with Kramer on
mellolrone. clarinel and siiulio wizardry, the angelic duo serenade us with eleven songs of folksy space pop!
CD 16s8   Cassette 10s8   LP lZ*
® Download
Download is the collaborative energies of Mark Spybey
(Zoviet France Dead Voices on the Ain and cEvin
Key (ex-Skinny Puppy). Together these industrial futurists
use undisclosed technologies to trim ambienl euphoria into con-
CD 16s8
• Cabaret Mariana
The master of space-age pop himself -
Juan Garcia Esquival - is seen at his |
eccentric and enchanting best on thi
twenty song compilation. Recorded from |
1958 to 1967, these recordings shov
Esquival using brass, electronics, and an array of other instruments to masterfully work through his own compositions, and
mischievously rearrange ihe familiar recordings of others.
Forming the basis for ihe cocktail music revolution of today, this
music is unbelievably ahead of its time.
CD 1**    Cassette 9s
Global Communication
• Remotion
Best known as a singles group. UK ambient/techno sensation
Global Communication earn their day in the sun with the
full length Remotion Spotliting upbeat BPMs, crafty sequencing and samples galore. Global Communication clock in as
CD 16s6
® Sex Dirt
lentious issues that have dogged them in
the recent past, Negativland have
decided to examine a more personal and
sensuous topic... sex dirt. Cool! Weird!
l-mbarrassing! Get down and get dirty to this all
and don't forget to fill out the questionnaire lans
kept strictly private... we promise).
CD 16*
The Offspring
® The Offspring
leading us (the lis-
closely, this eclipse is a
ie ofthe (if m
thee) biggest new school punkorama   I
acts! The Offspring's first full
length opens the vaults for a glimpse
of what they're made of - pure
punk'n pop pleasures! Wow!
CD 16"   Cassette 10*   LP 10*
• This Eclipse EP
Those fine exemplars of clever
guitar trickery have finally resurfaced
— and not a moment too soon. The
boys of Polvo build unconvential
pop songs that teeter and shuffle, subverting aged "rock" expectati
tener) astray. Avert your eyes
CD EP 10»
Sunny Day
Real Estate
• Sunny Day
Real Estate
A posthumous and eponym
very pink) second Sub Pop full-It
release for the energetic Sunny Day
Real Estate, whose gripping, power-ballad punk is textured
and lush, yet still rocking. Featuring the Foo Fighters' hard
hitting and deep and driving rhythm section. Goodbye... snif.
CD 16*   Cassette 10*   LP 12*
Various Artists
® Happy Birthday
Baby Jesus Volumes
It's Christmas Eve. The tree is
glowin', the Egg Nogg is noggin' and
your special friend is smilin'. You
look around for those perfect sounds to complement the whole
scene. You see this disc, you put in on and OH MY GOD — •
YOU ARE IN THE GARAGE! The room is smokin' with The
Muffs, The Supersuckers. Rocket From The Crypt,
and more. OH YES, YES. This is the best night ofthe year.
2 CDs 20*
Newly Released Hot Chestnuts!
BJORK • It's Oh So Quiet CD-EP (2 parts)
JAH WOBBLE • Heaven + Earth CD k Vinyl
ST. ETIENNE • Too Young to Die CD b vinyl
• Interplanetary Meldown CD & Vinyl
• fuck You, Tiger CD-EP fc 7"
Sentimental Fool CD-EP (2 parts)
• The Carnival CD-EP
• Frustration CD
• Arbor VTtae CD
• Tri Repatae CD fc vinyl
• Freud EuchQD
• Tangerine CD-EP * 5" Vinyl
All sale prices in effect until December 31st, 1995.
Christmas shopping? Don't fret, we'll help your debt!
I Hundreds of selected import CDs and Cassettes are
I going ON SALE weekly between now and Christmas Eve! Sale starts at 15% OFF and who knows where it will end!?


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