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 September 1996       •       That Magazine From CiTR 101.9 Fm       •       Free
The Local Music Issue Also Featuring: The Tonics   Sawaigi Taiko   The Molestics   BNU
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of Gel. mils
EVERYDAY GREAT PUB FOOD! vancouversyg^special
Apologies lo everybody
who was expecting to
see some demo tapes
covered in last month's VanSpec.
Something so damn important as
that should never given the kind
of shoddy treatment that went
down last month.
There. Now let's oil snuggle
up for a big huggy. People just
don't touch eoch other enough
these days. From here on in that's
gonna change. I want to touch
all of you. All at once. I'm feeling bigtime love here, folks. Let
me touch you. Except you. I'm not
touching you. You're in that
group Daddy's Hands. You
guys are sick. So sick you make
me sick. You're sicker than Sick
Sick Yeah!, although you do
sound a little bit like them.
I hod no idea of what I was in
for when I read your interview
hell in the virgin pages of
DiSCORDER a few months back.
"I want to slit open your tit and
fuck the silicon (sic), seething plastic escape/evacuate what's inside evacuate what's inside/I
know I know/baby baby baby
baby baby baby" (from "Don't
Go") is just one example of the
twisted perversions writhing off
the lyric sheet. Even your names
are wierd: Mancoat, Mousey
Connexion, Schwantz Plench,
and a fluid filled sac. Ye Godz.
And the music! So zany! Noise,
distortion everywhere. Can't think
straight. Must... remain ... conscious. Yet it's only guitars, bass,
and drums. How do you do it?
You must have some poet with the
devil, or one of his buddies. How
can I describe your music to our
readers? I can't compare it to anything, since groups like yours
don't get famous. I have only two
words for you guys: send more. I
must hove copious quantities of
this stuff. I will repeatedly listen
to your madcap concoction:
Only '
name, or the cover, or what, but
I anticipated some kind of grrl
band experience. Other people
I know did too, and they were a
tad disappointed when they saw
Ihe 3:1 guy:girl ratio. Bullshit! You
guys flat out rock, plain and simple. Punk edge, too, as in the das-
II I hav
Hissy Fit. Over here. I'm
definitely touching you guys. Very
quickly, ihough, as I'm expecting
a high voltage shock once I make
physical contact. You make a
sound like a '74 Dodge Charger
in various states of tuning and idle
speed. You even floor it sometimes. Actually, I was a little bit
surprised when I first put on the
tope. I don't know if it wos the
change/there's got to be a better way" ("Static"). I even have o
new-found appreciation for
Courtney Love, as you got her
ear-splitting scream down pat.
I'm not going to touch you
guys in Cinderpop eilher. I'm
thinking of licking you, though,
but only when I'm ready for dessert. Sweet and sugary, these
boys. Like a sweet sugar pie.
With a nice tender, flaky crust.
That crust being you, wiggly guitarist Mark Jowett, whose howling, soaring tones I last heard
wrapping around the electro-pop
of local band Moev back in the
1 880's. I guess running successful record labels just doesn't hove
the zing it used to, so you've
hooked up with a few kids in
South Surrey to generate tunes
that Redd Kross would die (or sue)
four. Nice harmonies on the for*
Local Dirt!
Well, v,
really s(
down If
I'm outta
report the
. Ther
m to be too much goin'
i month in the "Vancou-
e" — at least to my
|e. Maybe this means
touch, but I'm gonna
■ stuff I've heard about
anyway"..T Congratulations go
out to The Smugglers for their
nomination for the MuchMusic
Best Independent Video Award,
for that (apparently — I haven't
had the chance to see the whole
thing yet!) short and snappy
video for "Especially You." Let's
hope these local boys can bring
home ihe prize!! They are, by the
currently on a tour of the
US,' Irying to Sell the Sizzle to the
Maow are bock, safe and
sound, from their recent tour
which sent them oil the way out
to Quebec. If you haven't seen
their photo on the cover of Exclaim Magazine, you really
should. It has been getting quite
fully catchy "Frankie Fishead."
Who did lhat? Sign lhat boy up.
There's really not a bad tune on
Ihe 5-song Lilly's Day Off - hey,
is that the Lily from the Who
song? That evil siren Lilith? Them's
facts we's gots ta know.
Local CD Reviews!
Well, it's my first month as local
CD reviewer here at Vancouver
Special, and I'm still digging my
way out from the heop of local
trash and treasures lhat has been
piling up here ot DiSCORDER. So
rather than describing everything
that's come in, here are just three
of the notable entries you may
want to look for in the record
Tiddleywinks Volume Ones
Fun for Kids of all Agesl
(Chester's Funtime Record
This CD is loaded with various
varieties of local pop, ranging
from the quiet, to the hopping up
and down, to the space-age, and
is cool enough to make me wish
I'd had the brains to get in on
this myself. Unlike most compilations, you won't have to program
your CD player around the weak
tracks here — my only complaint
is that at least Iwo of the bands
(Gleam and Squeeky) have
since broken up.
Also includes Iracks from
B'ehl, The Electrosonics,
Tonebursts, Kaneva,
Speedbuggy, The Liars, and
The Bonaduces, and stylish
artwork by Ralph Alfonso. (603-
a reaction, especially ot sc
the Canadian chain record stores
... Local heroes Sparkmarker
have just inked a deal wilh Crisis
Records, a subsidiary of Revelation Records. They have also apparently declined an invitation to
play the Revelation Showcase at
CMJ (College Music Journal's
annual Music Festival in New
York City) and the Halifax on
Music Festival (I'm pretty sure this
used to be called ihe Halifax Pop
Explosion). I guess lhat we should
look for o follow-up release to
their recent Sub Pop 7" from
Sparkmarker soon ...
Nettwerk Records is releasing
the soundtrack for lhat new movie
Foxfire. Look for Vancouverites
The Rose Chronicles and
Mystery Machine on this CD
(which also contains tracks from
Luscious Jackson, The Cramps
andL7) ...
Pipedream, a band who
has been around for over four
1483 Lamey's Mill Road, Vancouver, BC V6H 3Y7)
The Pasties
Just about what you'd expect:
tastily loud and snotty, with a very
tongue in cheek surprise bonus
track (all they're giving away is
that its original version was written by Neil Diamond; I'll only
add lhat it may have been performed on o certain '60s TV series), and revealing liner notes
where the band members thank
the Vancouver Canucks, Fisherman's Friend lozenges, and the
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Raincoast Rumble
(Fireball Records)
The fabulous Surfdusters have
been around for a long lime now,
playing iheir originol surf creations as well as the classics in
places like the Railway and (sniff)
the Commodore. Now that the
tape I once bought from them ot
a show (which come with a free
package of generic macaroni-
and-cheese dinner) has finally
succumbed to warm temperatures, they have finally put out a
CD of their very own, loaded wi th
15 seductive instrumentals plus a
short extro by our very own
Nardwuar. If this isn't your thing,
run oway screaming, but if you
have a soft spot for Dick Dale,
Man or Astroman?, or those
pesky Shadowy Men, you
must buy this homegrown CD.
(4337 Percival Avenue, Burnaby,
BC V5G 3S4)
years, are tinolly releasing their
first CD! Entitled The Journey From
Hamburg to Iceland Begins, they
will play a release party at the
Starfish Room on September 1 8
with The Readymade and
Wavestation ... Scratch
Records is putting out an album
by Bristol, England's fabulous
Beatnik Filmstars! Look for it
sometime in October ... The
Scratch gang is also lamenting
the loss of their retail star,
Claudio, who has been with the
store for over two years. He is
moving to Japan ... knockdown-ginger's new album,
en tilled Take Out, will be out soon
on Zulu Records. Also look for
Ihe new Sook-Yin Lee CD (featuring cover art by Chester Brown
of Yummy Fur fame), and tours
and videos from both knockdown-ginger and Daytona ...
Look for a new Starboys CD on
the label Subvelocity featuring
their two singles, "Canadian
this   month's
waltz (southern)
modest mouse
interstate. 8 (up)
land of the loops
bundle of joy (up)
team dresch
captain... (candy-ass)
secret swingers
tiger trap
buffalo daughter
captain vapour ...
(grand royal)
the curtain... (vyr)
A unrest A
perfect teeth (4ad)
old traditions...
, butter 98
s/t (grand royal)
guv'ner      y
the hunt (merge)'
v      QTR 11L9fM        .
Einsteins."   ...
Zumpano have completed
their second album for Sub Pop,
called Goin' Through Chonges.
It should be out some time next
month ... Submission Hold
have put out two new 7"s: Gor-
lic For Victory, on Hopscotch
Records (from California) and a
self-released one entitled Kamikaze Quagga ...
In case you haven't heard,
it's Shindig time once again!
Come on down to the Railway
Club every Tuesday, from September 10 to the beginning of December, for a chance to see some
great local talent, have lots of fun
and play the famous game of
"Jokes For Beer." Shindig is
pleased to announce the return
of MC Garnet Harry after a
year's hiatus. If you're in a band,
it's not too late to enter! Call
Megan at 822-8733 for more
1997  Local Music Directory
Fax us your name, brief description
(15 words or less), contact name(s),
address, phone, fax, email, and URL
before July 15, 1997.
233-6138  SUB Blvd,   Vancouver,   BC    V6T 1Z1
Fax:    (604)   822-9364
4    September 1996 basslines
by dj noah
Eor ihis issue, I had an opportunity to speak with
Robert Shea, founder of
RECORDS. With his many
years of knowledge and experience, Robert is ihe ideal person
to make a go of a label that'll be
competitive in the world's underground scene. The West Coast of
North America is one of the electronic/dance music world's most
musically fertile regions, home to
a multitude of independent labels,
creative musicians, dedicated
dj's, suppcgtive;porty promoters,
enthusiastic fanzines, and insightful music culture publications.
Robert has been involved with
underground dance clubs, promotions, parties, live shows,
magazines, record labels, artists,
producers, retail, distribution,
and production. He has spent ihe
last three years working in San
Francisco and Los Angeles, and
now realizes lhat to truly reach
his own goals of sonic excitation,
he must dwell in his hometown
ond share his experiences with
the local musicmakers.
Map Records will help Vancouver to become an active con
tributor to the West Coast dance
music community, creating a triad
that includes San Fran and LA.
While the world-wide dance music community is often segregated
into narrow musical styles, this
region represents a unique sonic
melting pot, mixing influences
from ambient, house, techno,
dub, trance, hip hop, reggae,
electronica, and jazz. Robert
hopes to develop a diverse roster of artists from the Vancouver region who are inspired by
all types of music, furthering
our reputation as an eclectic
musical culture.
The sonic perspective of the
label will initially be West Coast
flavoured; Map isn't interested in
releasing records which sound
immediately familiar or follow in
ihe imprints of others. Look for
interesting collaborations and re-
interpretations, created when
Map's friends oil over the world
add their ideas and remixing talents to many of Map's releases.
Upcoming releases include a
trancin' funkie collaborative 1 2"
of ihe talents of Mark Gage
lUmwiirsBotB Cusd. Swim,
Plus 8, FFRR) and Pilgrims of
the Mind (Outersanctum,
Interthill); ethnodrum V
dubfusion 12", an album by
Mere Mortals (Wax Trax,
Endzeit); as well as Vancouver's
first electronic artist compilation
Welcome to Lotus Land.
Acting globally and thinking
locally, Map Records should
quickly make its mark in the underground scene, along with the
artists who it will release. Contact the label at: 2542 Guelph
St., Voncouver, BC, V5T 3P5.
Phone: 604.874.5357,
fax:604.872.8058, e-mail*.
mapmusic@portal.ca, web:
Comments and feedback can
be sent to djnoah@cyberstore.co.
In next month's column, you'll find
out about Vancouver's newest
import store, Shockwave, and get
some quick reviews. 'Til then,
keep the peace.
DJ Noah's show,
Homebass, is on
Fridays 9pm-12am
on CiTR 101.9fM.
cowshead  chronicles
 1 for you|
stories of my Life, stories i teLL to others, stories i often
tell to extinguish a fire within me. but sometimes it all goes
horribly wrong and i set in motion a sequence of events i can't
seem to stop, my lack of direction is of some sort of public
record as are the inner workings of my heart, in the last three
weeks individuals, friends, have approached me and seemed
concerned about me. my heart, my life, concerned about my
happiness, and to them i say: don't sweat it. i think my
moments of depression only help to magnify my moments of
extreme happiness, without them i would be unable to distinguish between the two. what if every day was sunny? then what?
and if it rained every day we'd never know what to do when it
was nice out. the bad times only remind us that we are human
and that some sort of guiding force keeps us in check and also
helps to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, the ground
often feels heavy beneath my feet and there are days that i can
remember where moving my feet forward seemed like the last
thing i would ever do. and by the same token there have been
days when the souls of my feet have been lighter than the air
around me and i have walked for miles in what has felt like
someone else's shoes. September should set it all straight
though, i've never been one to make predictions and have, many
times before, given my opinion of resolutions, but i will this
time out say that i expect September to be a banner month, and
following a close second, the world famous October with nothing but good times for garn. well, okay, maybe not. but this
seems like the kind of thing my friends and others want to
hear, but things are looking up. for now. my blood seems
thicker than usual and sometimes i think i can feel it coursing
through my veins, it's time to take some sort of control, of
me. my life, and those around me. could be you. this is for
gth. . .
It's the new CONNECTOR™ Student Phone Card. A prepaid card that
lets you make long distance calls from any phone. All for a flat
rate of 35 cents a minute within B.C., anytime of day. So now
you don't need to mooch off your parents. Though you might want
to hit them up for money to buy the card in the first place.
Look for it on Campus.
*Low flat rates also available to destinations outside of B.C. Aah. A refreshing
balm in the parched
desert of Vancouver's
scene. Meet Sandi, Scream,
Jennifer, Nick and Ford, five
of the most fun loving, beer drinking, hard rocking, pot smoking,
and truly styling musicians in town.
You'll find no vestiges of pretentious grunge, annoying rocktude,
or empty aspirations to fame and
fortune here. They're ihe first to
arrive and the last to leave, rocking our world with a punchy, rich
sound perhaps best described as
Black Flag meets the Archies. The
Tonics live are fun-time rock at it's
finest, delivered with the pleasure
and intensity only derived from
sonic greatness, an enthusiastic
audience, and pre-show tequila
shooters. And if lhat's not enough,
they're cute, really cute.
Even if you don't know the Tonics, you know the Tonics. They
haunt every
watering hole in the downlown
eastside. They began as the
Mary Janes three and a half
fill a slot at the famed Kitty Palace. The original line-up included
Sandi and Jennifer, Claritza Kane
and Sally Jackson on guitar, Mike
Ledwidge (Zumpano) on keys,
and featured various drummers including Jason Zumpano and Pete
(Copyright). If wasn't long before Ford and Scream climbed
aboard, Claritza dropped out,
and Nick was discovered at a
party. The Mary Janes were almost entirely instrumental, cranking out raw, Ventures inspired
tunes. The highlight for the band
during that time was opening for
rock greats the Muffs, which was
the fulfilment of a lifelong dream
for Sally Jackson. Sally, whose
sweet and generous character
was cherished by all who km
her, succumbed to cancer on July
14, 1994, two weeks after the
Muffs show. Because the Mary
Janes were so strongly identified
with Sally (not to mention there
was another band in the US also
called the Mary Janes) they decided to change iheir name to the
Jennifer, a dynamic dark
haired vixen who plays mean bass
in the Tonics, first began her musical career as an accordion player
in grade school. She graduated
to guitar in girl band Kreviss,
then switched to bass when a
siring of other bassists quit in exasperation. On the demise of
Kreviss, she and Sandi formed
the Mary Janes. Although bass
is her main instrument, her first
love is the guitar, which she
plays at home and in local
country band the Weasles.
Sandi grew up in Victoria. She taught herself to play
"because lots of my friends
were playing guitar.* She
and a friend released a
cassette of experimental
noise music, as "Menstrual
Spunge," when she was a mere
seventeen years old. Sandi joined
Kreviss when she moved to Vancouver. She wrote and sang over
half of the bands songs, garnering nation wide attention for her
Sub Pop 7" hit, "Going to Hell."
Sandi's quirky leads and ripping
power chords could garner her an
award for Best Female Guitarist
in all of the Northwest. She also
lends her unique vocal flair to the
Scream, an accomplished guitar player, singer, and songcrafter,
started out like many of his peers:
plugging into his stereo ihrough a
pre-amp and ploying along to
"Disco Sucks" and the Ramones.
His parents thought he was crazy,
"But they obviously weren't, judging from my current successes."
Scream has been around so long,
and been in so many projects (including ihe Howling Grapefruit Breakdance Society,
Shafted, and drunken stints with
the Young Fresh Fellows) I
couldn't list ihem all.
Ford, a charismatic chatterbox
iter of
Ihe Farfisa, leads the
banter when the Tonics play live.
"Ever since I was a twinkle in my
Daddy's eye I've wanted to be a
rock and roll star." Although he
sings and writes lots of great
much talent and creativity? Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle for
the Tonics is that their gifts are
spread just a little too thin. Scream
plays with Sub Pop stars
Zumpano; they tour and record
several months of the year. Nick
has an equally busy schedule travelling the U.S. and Canada as a
guitarist with Mint recording artists the Smugglers. But it's Ford
who wins the inter-band prize,
with a total of six projects (not including previous bands). Ford
was in Tankhog when he
joined the Tonics, and now plays
wilh DOA, Show Business Giants, and his own band. He plays
guitar for Veda Hille and has
been playing shows with the
Hard Rock Miners Says Ford,
"They're all fun in special ways.
The Tonics are particularly dear
to me. We get to do different
things we don't do in olher bands.
gan, he'll also play whatever anyone else isn't playing. Poor Ford
i forced into classical piano lev
; for ten years, which he hated,
his parents allowed
him to drop it, he took up the guitar. "Then this band I was
roadying for said, 'Hey, you're a
really crappy roadie, but if you
can learn how to play ihe organ,
The band was Junior Gone
Wild and the rest is history.
Nick exudes a musical energy
and intensity only a Scorpio can.
He began playing guitar as a
young teen in West Vancouver's
own Smugglers, but later exhibited an interest in drums and was
recruited by ihe Tonics. Little did
they know they struck pure gold.
"Nick had no fucking idea what
he was doing when he started
off," recalls Ford. "Now he's developed a style." That style (he
doesn't use a stool) has driven the
Tonics to unheard of new heights
in rhythmic ecstasy. Nick also
The olher music I do
is very serious and aggressive. It
doesn't really address the spirit
and emotions that the Tonics do."
Scream agrees: "I get to play guitar and sing in ihe Tonics, which
is my first love. There's a lot of juggling to be done. Everyone makes
as much lime as ihey can." Wilh
at least one person away at any
given time. The Tonics have been
known to replace a member for a
show or two, but it's just not the
Not lhat the Tonics ever lack
anything to do when one of their
ranks is on the road. Jennifer is a
talented craftswoman who
handmakes guitars for a living
and is currently constructing her
own bass. Sandi is a nanny and
is pursuing an interest in photography. One of her photos is on
display at Tony's Deli on Commercial Drive. She'll also have one
showing at ihe Vancouver Public
Library in the months ahead.
Scream, a diehard Anglophile, is
content to putter around the go-
rage tinkering with his vintage
MG or his girlfriend Jo's Morris
Oxford. You may find him in the
house curled up in front of the TV
with Chester the cat and English
classics like Coronation St. or Yes
Minister. Nick has a degree in
geology. When he's not sweating
if out in smoky nightclubs, he often goes on rock finding expeditions. Nick is also the proud dad
of Madeline, who, at 2, is already
following in her father's footsteps
by appearing in a TV commercial.
Ford is in so many bands he
doesn't do anything else. He looks
forward to a European tour wilh
DOA in Ihe fall.
Despite scheduling difficul-
;, the Tonics have managed
to achieve quite a bit. They've
opened for such luminaries as the
Fallouts, Harvey Sid Fischer,
Huevos Rancheros, Bum, Pluto, the
Fastbacks and the Rattled Roosters. They were recently featured
at the Rock and Roll Boat and
Trailer Show garage fest in
Calgary. Aside from their self-titled seven inch, Tonics Iracks have
appeared on four compilations (all
with a patriotic theme), including
Nardwuar's Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rock Angst, O
Canada, Canadian Relics, and
On Guard for Thee. Are they patriots? "I guess so," says Sandi.
Ford and Scream aren't even Canadian, but Ford points out, "Our
adopted home has been good to
us. If we hadn't grown up in
Canada, we wouldn't even be
aware of the theme to the Littlest
The Tonics look forward to
their first fulHength album, due out
in late fall on Lance Rock records.
The album features artwork by
Savage Pencil and killer tunes like
"Astroturf" and "Battlestar
What does the future hold
for ihe Tonics? Ford's biggest
ambition is to attend more rehearsals. "I don't think any of
us are deluding ourselves lhat
the Tonics are going to be
Green Day or the amazing
Neil Diamond. We're planning to have a good time, to
make music with no pressure. We
want to enjoy ourselves ... drink
beer and smoke pot." But seriously now, the Tonics look forward
to shows in Seattle and Victoria
in October, ond hope to put a tour
together when the album comes
So next time you're out on the
town, keep your eyes peeled for
the Tonics. Their hallmarks are
style, convenience, comfort, and
attractive designer colours. Listen
for those catchy tunes and the eternal call, "Looking for the good
times baby, gonna have a ball.
Looking for the good times baby,
won't you come along?"
September 1996 A
few members ofthe
renowned and riotously creative Asian
women's drum group, Sawagi Taiko,
agreed to meet with me at Harry's on
Commercial and share a little ofthe
energy that drives their music. Their
powerful performances fuse
traditional Taiko drumming
(an art form of fluid
movement and rhythmic,
loud percussion), with
guitar, vocals, and any
other innovation they so choose.
Sawagi Taiko's involvement with the
Powell Street Festival, women's
organizations, and Gay Pride groups
combined with their empowering
personalities take them beyond a
simple performance group. Benefits
with bands like cub and performances
at events like Under the Volcano and
the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
make Sawagi Taiko a strong part of
both the feminist movement and the
local music scene. These women form
a movement whose diverse talents
never fail to make an impact.
BY Namiko Kunimoto
DiSCORDER: Who are you?
Eileen Kage: My name is Eileen Kage and I
have been playing Taiko since 1982. I joined
Katari Taiko first, it was the only group in
town ... Now I play in Sawagi Taiko - it was
formed out of the women in Katari Taiko when
we got a request from the Michigan Festival to
play. We talked about it and decided to form
our own group.
Lisa Mah: Going to the Michigan Festival blew
my mind. The energy of an all-women's festival
was intense. There was so much energy, and it
was all positive. We sort of represented Asian
women because there were few women of Asian
descent there.
What initially drew you to Taiko?
Eileen: Well, [Vancouver has] our annual Japanese
Canadian Festival, the Powell Street Festival, and
in 1978 San Francisco Taiko Dojo played. It was
the first time I had seen women play [taiko]. This
one woman particularly caught my attention
because she was mixed race, like me, and she was
powerful... That to me was North American Taiko.
I saw that and I really wanted to join.
Are you all Asian Canadian?
Eileen & Lisa: Yes.
Would you let a non-Asian person join?
Lisa: It hasn't really come up ... but I think that
one of the things that Sawagi Taiko does is to
present images of Asian Canadian women.
Eileen: And having non-Asians in the group,
well we would lose our common reason for
playing music. For me, I think, our group is
more about Asian Canadian women performing, and breaking stereotypes of Asian
Canadian women.
Photos by Cat. Illustrations by Marlene Yuen
That is exactly how I felt at the first Powell
Street Festival that I went to. How does your
music differ from the other Taiko groups?
Eileen: Everything we do is an original piece;
well, we do some covers but we play them in
our own style. Like, we do "Wipe-out" and a
Japanese pop song that became popular in the
60's in North America, called "Sukiyaki." For
that piece, one of our members, Tobiko, wrote a
rap for it describing an Asian heroine who doesn't take crap from anybody. She was inspired
by an unfortunate incident that happened when
a Filipina woman and two friends were murdered by her husband who had sponsored her
from the Philippines to marry him. After she
had asked for a divorce, he killed her and her
friends as a final act of control in the situation.
Tobiko thinks that people like him are brainwashed by images of Asian women presented
in mainstream media, such as in Miss Saigon
and Madame Butterfly.
There is a definite "modern" influence in your
music. You use electric equipment, don't you?
Lisa: A lot of the pieces we do we use the [conventional drum] set or the guitar.
Do other groups do that?
Linda: Not as much, I don't think.
Why do you think that is?
Lisa: Because we're crazy...
Eileen: Partly, I think with Taiko, there is this
whole thing about "traditional," "Japanese," or
"Japanese art form." There's a market for that
but we don't necessarily want to be that. I know
that there are other people who feel offended
hearing electric guitar playing with Taiko. But
we don't care. It's a format that works for us.
So you are willing to take what you want from
the tradition and adapt it.
Eileen: Yeah, but what is tradition?
Lisa: In Japan, it was primarily drums and other
traditional instruments.
And in the beginning, it was mostly men. And
the approach was much more serious, don't you
think? Whenever I see Sawagi Taiko, you are
smiling and drumming away.
Eileen: Some groups in North America play the
exact same pieces and exactly the same style as
in Japan. But in North America I think that that
doesn't make sense for me to do that.
For more information, ortojan the people who never
join anything, call..
Commodore Lanes S- Billiards
838 Granville Street
7...$g@®& A k
Brand New Unit is a Vancouver
hardcore punk band who bang out
the hits. Since winning Shindig,
CiTR's bade of the bands, in 1992
and releasing iheir Under he Big fop
CD on Excursion Records, they've
released two 7"s and f eir No Heroes CD on Heartfirst Records, have
a forthcoming 10" record on
Melodia, and have just cut a video
for he song "Do it for You." But be
sure to also check 'em out live. Sdci
and Kellie sat down wilh guitarist
Jinx, vocalist Gary, and bassist
Ben (Drummer Gabe was
unnavailable for comment at ihis
time) to chat about the Vancouver
hardcore scene, coliseum rock, and
major labels.
DiSCORDER: What factors
have given BNU the sound it
has today?
Gary: Well, when I first met Jinx,
we were pretty young, like nineteen,
and we were into like, Dag Nasty.
And 'hat's what we played. Thafkind
of style. But when we got Gabe, we
started writing songs, like bang bang
bang, as fast as we could. It's just
the way hat Gabe drums, he way
ihe songs came out.
Jinx: At the same token, we got
Gabe in lie band, did some shows,
started writing some songs and we
decided, let's do a CD right now.
We're starting to write new songs
now and we're planning to get a
album out by next February and
those songs sound different from the
ones now. We're finding a niche in
Gary: We don't try to write certain
types of songs like, okay, we're
gonna write a hard album. It's not
as if we're aiming for a sound. My
philosophy is to write a song hat
impresses he oferguys in the band.
Personally, I can sing harder [lhan
before]. I couldn'teven sing fat hard
because my voice would get hoarse.
But now I feel comfortable singing
louder, harder.
Jinx: For he CD we did in 1992,
we didn't know what we wanted.
We walked into this huge studio and
we'd never been in one before. And
it just amazed us with all the knobs
and stuff. You could tell hatwe were
intimidated and we didn'tget across
what we wanted to.
Gary This time we did it at Mushroom [Studios] again and it was just
like being in our own jam spot.
So, how come you didn't film
your video here?
Ben: Because my cousin, who lives
in Los Angeles, is a producer and
director. It's actually cheaper to do it
down there for the quality and everything. Besides that, he's a genius.
Gary: He's done work wilh Sonic
Youth, Bad Religion, Cypress Hill,
Green Day, Offspring. We got free
camera work, free editing.
Jinx We basically told him to make
us look good, and took it from ihere.
Gary: But fat's not going to hap
pen again. I'm not going to let some
lhing get so out of my hands again,
cool but, next time we're
to have a say.
You guys just got back from
tour a little while ago- How
far did you get?
Gary: V\fe didn't get out of Alberta.
What. Ben's favourite town?
My favourite town? Saskatoon,
Edmonton? I don't know. Calgary's
cool but I don't really have a favourite town.
Powell River!
Did you actually play in
Powell River?
Jinx: Yeah, we did. There *
about five hundred people there,
i hockey arena. Gob
played. The people were there
to see us, ihey weren't just sitting
in their seats, and most of them
were up at the front. It was better
than playing in Vancouver.
What do you think is wrong
with the scene here?
Ben: It's diquish. And you can onfy
play so much. Bar shows that is. ff
ihere - is an all oges show, we'll play.
But we don'twantto play just far the
sake of paying he rent, you know
what I mean?
Jinx: It's almost degrading to have
to play for money.
Gary: You can only ask people to
come out and see the same songs
so many times.
So, what needs to happen to
get everyone together?
Ben: I'd like to see people stop pointing fingers at each oher, you know,
Tour scene sucks, our scene rules.'
There's no interaction there. Not everybody goes to the same show.
Gary: I'd like to see the satanic
speed metal kids get together wilh
Ihe PC. kids.
Jinx: People are knowledgeable in
Vancouver too. They know a lot of
stuff but don't do a bt of stuff. Back
in the days of DOA and Slow, ihey
had a wicked scene going on, yet
no huge record label. Because people in Vancouver don't do anything
to make anything happen.
Whereas, in Seattle, bands are so
big because of Sub Pop records.
Gary: I used ta kind of feel like I
had to go to shows. Now it feels like
it's out of my hands, it's so big.
Jinx: It's either too big, like at the
Plaza of Nations, or it's too small
hat you're scared you're gonna lose
Ben: You don't have to find your
identity, your scene any more. Now
it's handed to you. Turn on
So, do you think that people
should become more aware
of whafs going on in Vancouver instead of whafs on TV?
Ben: Idon'tiiink people realize lhat
this shit's happening in their own
backyard. In your neighbour's basement fere's a wicked hardcore band
lhat nobody's ever gonna hear because nobody's gonna sign ihem.
Jinx By the same token, there's
probably kids out there lhat don't
want to get sucked into what media's doing and it's up to bands like
us to support what's going on now.
You could say that ihe Epitaph scene
and Green Day and stuff like fat,
lhat's not even a scene, it's coliseum
rock. It's twenty five bucks a ticket.
What have your favourite
gigs been in Vancouver?
Gary The one at the North Delta
Recrealion Centre wilh Spadcmarker
and ihe Smugglers.
Ben: The Mexican restaurant in
Gary: Thatwas crazy! We did this
restaurant and if was just packed.
And the Summer of Love show, even
ihough fey tried to kick us off fe
stage. "lhat's what the song "Whistler" is about. We did one song and
Ihey told us, lhat's itl Because the
band before played way long.
And ihis dude's like 'Get off, get
off!' But the sound man wasn't on
their side. And I'm like, 'N<5. We
came all the way up here, I'm
playing another song!' There was
like 3 000 people there...
Jinx They had fe lasers going and
How about your favourite
shows of all time that you
went to?
Gary: I got two. The Cro Mags at
f e York Theatre. They came late because ihey got stopped at ihe border. The guy walks up to the mic and
goes Wfe're gonna blow fe fucking
roof off f is place!' Everybody back
fen were anarchy chaos punks wif
the big mohawks. And these guys
walked on wif Nike [shoes], Puma
shorts and tottoos all over. It was
crazy. And Beyond Possession.
Those are my Iwo favourites.
If a major label saw you and
was totally stoked on signing you, would you sign?
Gary: It all depends. See, fere's a
lot of factors, in fat you don't know
what the offer is gonna be; you don't
know if it's fe owner of f is label
who's gonna ask you or if it's someone fat could get fired. We're just
gonna make f e best decision fat
Jinx: The offers fat we have seen
from major labels are scary.
Ben: Sign wif us for seven albums,
be number thirty seven on our list,
we'll get around to dealing wif you
guys next year, and everything will
be great.
Gary: Then you walk down to iheir
corporate headquarters and you feel
like a total idiot shaking everybody's
Gary: If f e offer was so amazingly
good, I'd take it, you know what I
mean? And I don't care what anybody says.
Jnx Yeah, but I bet our music would
be compromised if we lived in nice
"The 1996 edition of peace, love and misunderstanding. Includes: Ten songs of
conscience, guilt, and heart ...broken in all the right places."
...They're a short-haired excuse for suburban metal - That's punk rock to most folks!
APPEARING LIVE - September 14 @ Stalynne Hall
«*_-.__. _**-__._-__*.., North Vancouver
NEW GRAND               R^E
8     September 1996 Hs odd as the description may be of a group that plays music that for the
most part was written forty years before they were born, the Molestics
are one of the most inventive bands on the Vancouver music scene
today. They are: Mike on vocals, lyrics, and trumpet; Sam on guitar, and Gilles
(aka Shoes) on bass. They also have two drummers, Ike and Rolf, who alternate
gigs (according to Ike, he plays odd dates and Mike plays even ones). I met up
with Mike, Sam, Gilles, and Ike at the house that Mike shares with, among
other folks, Clive of the Ray Condo Band. Apparently, Rolf was sleeping.
DiSCORDER: Why don't yon guys introduce yourselves first, so      What kind of band was tkat?
we can -jet tke formalities down.
Hike: OK, well, he's Sam - he plays guitar and clarinet, and he doesn't want to be playing clarinet, but he does. He'd like it if there was
a clarinet player, but we Just haven't found one yet
Sam: Mike sings and plays trumpet and he's the one who pens the
words to almost all of our songs.
Hike: Yeah, and r m the worst musician In the band by far, but sometimes If I really focus I can play the songs. But, you know, It's hard
stuff to play. And then I write these kind of goofy words to the songs.
And I also have the most clothes.
Gilles: He's got a fine wardrobe.
Hike: Seeing as how I'm a lousy horn player, I try and work on the
Well, I was taken by your sombrero wken I first saw yon play.
Hike: We only want to pull that out so many times, sort of like "In
the Ghetto," a song that we don't do very often, so people feel special
when they hear It.
Gilles: Since then, they've been asking for it every show.
Hike: That's Gilles, he plays stand-up bass and sometimes he plays
guitar, and he and Sam compose the songs that are original and
arrange the songs that are covers.
Wken are you guys from?
Hike: Sam ls from an Island. Well, almost an island.
Sam: New Brunswick ls not an Island!
Hike: Gilles and me, we're both from Winnipeg. I met him a few
years ago, when he was living In a basement, doing a Mapplethorpe
flicker film ... but then I met this crazy girl and gave her all my
attention. Then one day the three of us all ran away out here
together, and made Super-8 movies and did other kind of poetic
stuff like that. Gilles plays really good trumpet. He plays better
trumpet than me, but he's got some kind of brain impalement.
Something happened to him a couple of years ago... He used to be
able to do all those things, like scales, and stuff like that - he could
do all that stuff. I don't know what else there Is, but I know there's
so much more. I used to play Intuitive piano In one of the theatre
halls at university. I'd go In there, me and my neurotic little friend.
I can't say his name...
Gilles: Eric whatchamacalllt?
Hike: No, not him, he was crazy. He smashed my trumpet. He blew
a couple of notes Into my trumpet —the trumpet I still have now— |
and It scared him, and it flew through the air and landed on the con- ■■
crete and smashed. The guy would talk to me about the Imagination j
being a door to the next dimension, and that It was a cynical lie that
tha Imagination isn't real... what you Imagine, you're actually per- j
celvlng, so If you carry your Imagination to the nth principle, then j
you can go on a great voyage...
Gilles: And that's how the Molestics came about.
Hike: So then we came out here and we met Sam, thanks to Bob.
Gilles: Let's not get into Bob.
Hike: Yeah, he was this crazy guy.
So this is sort of a consistent theme throughout your careers.
Hike: Oh, crazy people. Yeah, crazy people bring people together.
You guys were in bands before ...
Hike: Gilles and I were In a band called Zerathruster.
Gilles: Based on Nletzche's famous book of aphorisms.
Hike: That was some kind of fucked band, some kind of dumb band
... Rob Dayton was the lead singer.
But it wasn't Jazz.
Hike: Oh, no, no...
Gilles: It wasn't music either.
Hike: It was schtick... and I played with Good Horsey for awhile. I
Jammed with them for a month, but I'm kind of bad, and I was having trouble figuring out the songs, and we didn't have very good
communication right off the bat So one day, Justice goes, "No, when
you put that middle finger down In the middle of the song there,
that note's not right," and I went, "Hunhh," and then they played the
song again and I didn't play and I go, "There, is that better?" And he
goes, "Yeah, that was perfect," So then I go, "Alright, goodbye."
Sam: Mike's an actor by trade.
Hike: Not by trade, but by desire. I had some theatre company in
Montreal, but you have to put out Just as much schlock having an
amateur theatre company as a professional company ... It's weird
how quickly you can become Jaded about anything. I mean, look at
the songs that we do. Those fucking songs, songs you'd never believe
we'd be doing. "Bird In A Gilded Cage," oh my god... well, we try to get
a kick out of everything. We do the most heinous material
Gilles: It's a constant act of renouncing.
Hike: But It's kitsch, and people like kitsch Fresh kitsch is nice.
How did you start playing what you do?
Sam: CUve Introduced us to hokum. Now It's the defining principle of
our lives.
Hike: We say It all the time. I don't know how many times a day I say
hokum. Hokum Is sort of funny bunk, as opposed to hokey, which is
sentimental bunk. So there was this band, and they were called Der
Bingles — that was the Nazis' name for Blng Crosby — and so even
our name follows in the footsteps of being something really catchy.
We thought what could be worse than Hitler's name for Crosby? We
were having a really nasty conversation about someone, and the
word came up, and we said "Molestics," ha ha, that's really funny...
Real chutzpah!
Gilles: I remember the street corner. It was Georgia and Keatley.
That's where tt was coined...
Hike: After busking about four times, and then realizing that we
could get real gigs, we had our first [show] at the Blue Lizard.
You're kad good reception tkere?
Hike: Yeah. We're not lounge, but lounge has room to book us. And
that's good enough for us. We're not a lounge band. We're kind of a
scary band ... we call It 20's New Orleans hokum, with a bunch of
Tlnpan Alley shit.
Wasn't Tlnpan Alley pretty much formula music?
Sam: But it had Its classics.
Hike: And It had nice melodies. We've lost touch with melody In a lot
of modern music.
Gilles: In songs of the past, you can really see attitudes of current
times, and that's really easy to satirize.
Do you have plans to expand the band, maybe add a horn section
or something?
Hike: Oh, that'd be swell. Sure, now we're starting to sort of hit the
medium-time, so we could afford to have enough musicians to really create a sound. We'd really like a clarinetist.
Gilles: One thing too, we're not restricted to a particular kind of
musk*. European or Jazz or all sorts of stuff, tangos, maybe klezmer...
Is then any sort of manifesto you want to expound, any parting
Hike: Tell you what, this'll be my parting statement: rock and roll
thinks tt invented alcohol, but it was wrong. And the hippies think
they invented pot, but pot was legal the whole time our [kind of]
music was played.
But alcohol want.
Hike: Sun, It was Illegal, but they didn't drink it? This was the
music of the boozecans and the big foot-long Joints. It's a Joyful
music. You know, people think that this music is geriatric or something because old people like it, but a lot of old people, they're real
nutsl Most old people I've ever met are so much crazier than senile!
Back in those days, people were really nutty people. That's not senility, that's chutzpahl •
text/photos by
advertising thafs
built to last
**l 9-»o^^^5_ Public Dreams Society is a local community arts organization
which is probably best known for its annual productions of
llluminaries and Parade of the Lost Souls. The society does
have a General Manager and because they are a non-profit organization, a board of directors, but according to the artistic director,
Dolly Hopkins, "it's because of others that make it possible. Public
Dreams is not myself or others solely, it is a union of people coming
together that makes it happen." In conjunction with this month's "local"
focus, DiSCORDER's Phat Nat spoke with Hopkins about their festival
of light, the value of community involvement, and the problems inherent in trying to balance safe, cooperative arts events while ensuring
financial success.
DiSCORDER: What is the point of Public Dreams Society and why did you guys decide
that it needed to be?
Dolly Hopkins: I had a great opportunity to work wilh community artists and to bring cultural groups
together that could be represented under one theme.
So it started off as sort of a way of inviting other people in to do work?
DH: Yes. We founded it so lhat we could work within the community and the community means everyone.
Sometimes we had a little idea and sometimes we had a big idea. But when we pulled people together,
il developed so it became somewhat of a collective process. There was someone to guide il and direct
it, but there was an opportunity for input from the different cultural groups, performance groups or artist
groups. Or all of the above.
Every Tuesday &
Wednesday is
- No Cover!
^    featuring
* Special Guest Bands & Players
The Last Tuesday Of Every Month
For Fundraising Event Parties
Ask For Larry
''   Jit*./
_#* oV d
9 _K^  <//<•
19   September 1996
so amazing is
that last year, a
number of co-ops got
together and they
decorated their back alley
and one of them took a
white dumpster and
made it into a
donations, which is good. And why
allowed us to bring in about 1 000
My impression of the llluminaries festival was that
there was a lot less of that sort of performer-spectator
split that you usually find at festivals or so-called art
events where the spectator doesn't do anything except
pay for their seat or their space. What kind of thing do
people, both artists and non-artists, get involved with
in Public Dreams?
DH: Basically, we do two major productions a year: llluminaries and
Parade of the Lost Souls, llluminaries is at Trout Lake and Parade of the
Lost Souls is based out of Britannia Community Centre. Parade of the
Lost Souls is a Halloween celebration. We do public workshops in
costume making, stilt walking, props and installations, and invite
artists to be a part of that.
How did llluminaries start, and how has it changed over
the past eight years?
DH: llluminaries is really, again, a collective. It wasn't just any one of us, it was a group of us sirring
around and talking about how to create an event lhat could be developed under one theme. Somelhing lhat could have no alcohol, .
be free, and provide somelhing lhat allowed people to come                   What S
and journey through an experience. We realized lhat fire
was celebrated by so many different cultural groups:
light, fire, somelhing to do wilh illumination.
Do   you    think   that   from    this   last
llluminaries Festival, that perhaps it's
become too big? I noticed in the last
one, that things have changed: in one
sense, that there was  more  money
being exchanged, in terms of the vendors. It also seems to now be attracting
people who aren't necessarily involved
in the process.
DH: First let me address the vendors: why did I hav
the potato guy and the cappuccino booth there? I was
talking aboul self supporting. The gateways were new
this year. And they had donation barrels at those locations, and people who could collect funds.
Did you get a substantial amount?
DH: I think we drew in probably about 1 500 to 2 000 dollars
was Mr. Potato there? I wanted to try it because those vendor
dollars in revenue.
About the size, we never knew lhat it would grow to be this big. It evolved to its success due lo
word of mouth. Somebody came one year, the next year ihey brought four people. And those four
people brought four people each. But big isn't necessarily better. There was a real consensus within our board of directors and our organization lhat we wanted to contain the event, so we put it on
the nighl of ihe fireworks, hoping to draw off that kind of parly
drawing to our event.
It's really ironic in that it's a real measure of the success of a festival that it's so popular but, at the same
time, it undermines the beauty and the community orientation of the festival.
DH: And lhat's a process for us to make sure lhat we have
the right kind of security support on lhat site. We know
that we don't want to make il bigger. How we can con-
lain it... that's an issue lhat will be ongoing. Nothing
happens over night.
Do you get funding to cover the event?
DH: We get a little cily money, a little provincial money,
and a little bit of sponsor money, like maybe 3 000 dollars. So it's not big money. We are also affiliated with
Bingo,  so we draw money from  Bingo to produce
llluminaries. And we have a huge resource of volunteers
who help support us so that we can financially pull this off. So
the money really comes from the year around.
And to develop corporate contacts I sel up a company called
Don't Stop Now and I subcontract to Public Dreams Society. So I'll go in and conceptualize and work with
a corporate organization and do an opening for a hotel, let's say. The ideas thot I present to them will
often have some elements of Public Dreams.
Like props, performance?
DH: Exactly. I'll subcontract to Public Dreams and that way, Public Dreams would be creating a revenue from me, who is renting all those things, and from the corporate world. I think its been a very successful way to keep Public Dreams olive and to keep that consciousness about alternative art within the
established corporate world.
Have you found that you have been limited at all artistically by working in the corporate world?
DH: Not at all. I have two very firm feet in bolh worlds. I'm a Public Dreamer: a founder, a conceptualize^ an idealist around that. I am also well recognized in the corporate world. So I don't feel limited; in fact, I feel I have a great opportunity lo continue to explore il and bring together two worlds that
On a multicultural level, I think it becomes really difficult these days, because certain communities aren't finding it so easy or advantageous to band together.
There's a lot of discrimination on many different levels, whether it's class, race,
religion, or even where you live in Vancouver. And I found that a lot of the archetypes of the images of the dancers and costumes in llluminaries were very rooted
in Western mythology.
DH: Again it's a personal thing. The musicians came from all different cultures and religious beliefs —
they came and worked together to produce one very large 30 piece community orchestra. We try to bring
people together in a non-threatening way, that allows people lo feel a place within this event. To be a part
of a larger community, to be celebrating with a theme or ideal. To have no pressure or no questions asked
about who you are or why you are here. It just is. •
icerned about
potato guy was
too illuminated.
When I looked over
there, I thought, "oh my
God, it looks like an
alien spaceship ready
to take off." PUNCHBUGGY
New Album
September 10th
At Your Favorite Record Store
Auce t> 0»/MJ!s
One of the most I
powerful forces in I
music, Mlctjs*CttrVte h '%gkl:
explodes genre hjjn. i
ibarriers with the 1-^iSf^'^
new Unplugged / *a .£ ..' S^,:;
release. t-~
Att"7^Q*A^ advances
fEl'5    1*6 £lJl'l^SSly
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plunge into darkness with
the clear arim.^f finding
the light on/the other
side. This is proven
Al**.. j^,
with the
now  av ,:
598 VICTORIA  CP. 36587
available everywhere VELVETS' CHRISTIAN COMICS
PWRTT   _P7 ®/V?6 Blaine Thu^e*
12   September 1996
F2 r-v->
* A/3    7
QUEERS Don'l Back Down $9.65 LP/msi$ 12.93 CD
I NEW BOMB TURKS" Stared Straight $9.87 IP/cass $ 14,92 CD
KAIA   seMllei $9.87 LP/cass $14.92 CD
DIRTYTHREEo Norse Stories (Sept 10) $14.92 2LP $15.79 CD
ROBERT POLLARD Nor in -My Air/orce $9.87 LP $14.92 CD
TOBINSPROUTo CamivalBoy(Sept 10). $9.87LP$14.92CD
YOLATENGO   6mwitUve:ToUrM9o|5epM0).....M..$M.92»r$11.1620
DUOTANCo Smash Ihe Ships And Raise The Beams.... $1193 CO
OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL tosk u cMst casffe.....$i4.9_ 2lp/cd
I SUPERFRIENDZ-PloyrteCome,NeffteGomes......... $8.99 10"
Upcoming fall releases te assuage yew,
NIMROrb - self titled CO
iperial Household Orchestra CD
Meffyovr Gofdf 7"
13 '\^gsmim xJkrAAA. ^JSxJkA^uL^
olitical, confrontational, and unconventional, Mecca Normal have been putting out records since you were in
grade school, punk. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1986 and in the words of contributor Jean Smith, "We knew
not what we were entering into when we decided to be a duo within a hardcore forum in Vancouver in the mid-eighties."
By that time the boundaries of what was deemed acceptable in punk and hardcore music had become a formula. Mecca
Normal, consisting of Jean Smith, a vocalist who has a seemingly pitchless voice with intense lyrics, and David Lester, a guitarist whose rhythmic playing annihilated the three chord convention, was deemed as too extreme. Thus, Mecca Normal was
excluded from the dubious punk rock hall of fame. Not that theyd mind anyway. Now, eleven years after their initial conception, they have released their 7th full length album, The Eagle and the Poodle, and have confirmed a third member.
Music veteran Peter Jefferies has taken up drumming and the occasional keyboard work. Mecca Normal's productivity
extends to involvement in the atypical "supergroup" Two Foot Flame (Smith and Jefferies along with the Dead Cs Michael
Morley), solo musical works (Jefferies), graphic design and artwork (Lester and Smith), to published works of fiction (Smith).
Mecca Normal's current musical style has a lot to do with its past. Smith comments, "In the late 70's and early 80's I had
been listening to a lot of women in England in punk, like the Raincoats, the Slits, Crass, and X-Ray Spex. I mainly focused
on vocalists and political concerns; it was really why I started to sing. All at once I was thinking about a lot of issues, like
feminism and anarchism and social injustice. And all at once I felt like I wanted to express those ideas. I've been a painter
and done graphic art, but I just felt this sort of political energy to become a singer."
'Dave was totally encouraging: 'Belt it out,
here, throw this potted plant out the window
on to the sidewalk/ which was really fun,
and then [I'd] come back to the mic and sing.
It was great, great technique.''
They still see themselves as a political band, and hey, they like it. Lester admits, "The
nature of Jean's voice and our minimalist approach automatically casts us into that category,- basically, anything that Jean does will be seen as political just because it's a woman
being loud and obnoxious."
Jean sums it up: "When I bake a cake, it's an
angry, political, feminist, anarchic cake ...
with chocolate icing."
Mecca Normal's alienation from the most political of music genres — punk — was
due in part to the dual pairing of voice and guitar, a move that was contradictory to the
guitar-bass-drum norm. Lester says, "We approached [music] in kind of an aesthetically
radical way, and I think that was too much for even the most political punk-type people.
That is still unfortunately the case, if you tend to step out of the traditional rock format."
Jefferies expounds, "Wasn't punk meant to be, throw out the bloody rules, anyone can
do this who wants to, and you can do it any way you want. Then Mecca Normal comes
along and says, 'Well, we'll just do it this way,' and it's like, 'Oh, that's not by the rules,
punk has rules.' Punk's a joke.*
The first full-length LP that Mecca Normal put out was produced and recorded by themselves and was sent to, as Smith admits, "Just whoever we could think of, which at that time
was really a limited list of people. We were kind of operating in a void ... It was completely
exploratory and it was great that subsequent to that it seemed that there was a whole network of people who were doing it, almost unknown to each other. It then built up so that
the Diy ethic became "alternative music" and of course, the next thing to evolve was the riot
grrrl sentiment and the official riot grrrl label and then the media tent."
Ah yes, riot gmt While the media was looking under every rock for a reason for this oddity,
they tended to not account for the influence of women performers prior to their own so-called
discovery. Smith states, "It was always my intention within interviews, the music, and talking
between songs at shows to say to women to get together with their friends and form a band.
And talk about issues that are really important to them within the music, ratherthanjustbeinga
frontpiece to a boy-band or feeling that you can only be the girlfriend to a guy in the band. ...
IVe said this one hell of a lot: we took every opportunity and created opportunities to talk
about these things within print media, radio interviews at shews, at any time possible So it's not
really like, oh gosh, what a surprise it is that we inspired some people. That was the intention."
Mecca Normal realizes that discussion=power and exploited this accordingly with their
participation in the Black Wedge tours, which consisted of musical artists who performed
to promote the ideas of anarchism. "It was a concentrated effort to get out information. We
weren't playing it trying to be cool or something, it was just like, this is the philosophy of
anarchism, this is the philosophy of feminism, why don't you guys get together and solve
problems within your specific workplace," Smith asserts.
The band members have remained a part of all aspects of their music, a desire which
is respected by their label, New York's Matador Records, and have adhered to the limitations of their schedules. When asked about her feelings on the punk rock concept of
not selling out, Smith retorts, "I'd be selling out if I got a job. I like work, but I don't like
jobs. My day job is working on Mecca Normal, and I wish I had more time to work on
the music end of it, but it seems more involved in the organization and scheduling and
strategy and planning."
The extra accommodation for creativity involved in independent production is a
bonus for the band. Jefferies adds, "It's all really interactive as well. Each step in the
process will have a throwback effect to the next step in the process. For example, David's
writing has changed. He's now writing two or three guitar parts, none of which alone,
really carry the whole tune. That's a shift from before, when the tune was written on one
instrument and things were added."
The addition of a new member and instrument has been harmonious to Mecca
Normal's writing style, as explained by Smith: "Dave and I pretty much write the songs
and I wnte the lyrics always. ... We're all adaptable and Peter is entirely flexible as a
drummer, just totally wonderful [and aware] of what he's capable of in the recording
process. [For instance] overdubbing the drums, so it's not he's the drummer, here's the
rhythm guitarist, you do your thing to this."
The lyrical imagery in a Mecca Normal song will vary from stark to elaborate and unlikely phrases will repeat back at you. Smith describes her literary plan of action as, "Just trying a lot of things. Writing diaries and learning to scream in to a notebook and edit those
thoughts or sentiments down into a song.... I try to read a lot of women writers, just try to
read a lot of stuff and try to figure out what I don't like and what I do like."
The title of their latest album was inspired
mainly by a mental picture and stereotype.
Smith says, I just like this framed image of
an eagle and a fluffy white poodle, with
blood dripping off where the talons go in and
the eagle soaring off into the horizon...."
"The other thing is that theyre two sort of verbal cliche images of the eagle as strong and
mighty and free which has to do with liberty and boldness, and the poodle as kind of a
lapdog creature that's anthropomorphical ly simpering. It's got this character that we give it,-
they're very different symbols and [I like] what happens when you clash these symbols."
Smith's prolific literary work is not only showcased in the lyrics of Mecca Normal and
Two Foot Flame, but also in her novel, I Can Hear Me Fine. Smith remarks that, "It was a
pretty interesting project because we'd sell it through the normal means of distribution of
a book and we'd also take it around to shows. We tried to cross over certain earners and
at shows it was interesting to see people holding up not only CDs but also reading this
book. It just made it a little bit different and reminds you that people aren't just music fans.
They're also probably going to be interested in literature as well."
14    September 1996 SENDNOMONEV-
Jmt >Hm a*** m4 ** Mn*
t»m tm*: *«* ?**t it*-'
-*«>*>-»,■■        *
,    .- v.
a a*$»c*_ Q wa«
•>,•■::..«::«.>:    >S\f-.:v.     T::v:-s'
<;;.*;:&$>* *V..<
<"*      **   .{   „ov'"   'J
|    FREE!
All the hits £rom all the stars fF
2676. A truly uni- 2159. Also: The
que listening exper- Night We Called It
ience awaits you. A Day, etc.
12 Pointbuck
12 P.B. is a hardhitting band
that pulls no punches.   80's
punk/oil music for the 90's.
861 KlahanieDr
Kamloops BC V2C 5R1
(604) 573-5869 (Bob)
(604) 851-9397 (fax)
Added Height
Joyful, grindy text files, electronic beats ... singing through
harmonica, microphones ...
melodic accordion, though it's
465 Craig St
Parksvilie, BC, V9P 1L2
Coco Love Alcorn
21 year old singer/songwriter
#400-310 Water St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1B6
(604) 684-5812 (Dan
(604) 331-1179 (fax)
Another Joe
New school punk rock, like a
kick to the groin.
Box 63061, 6020 Steveston
Richmond, BC, V7E 2K9
(604) 874-2878 (Jon)
Backroom Shag
297-54th St
Delta, BC, V4M 3G6
(604) 291-0978 (William)
(604) 822-9364 (fax)
(604) 943-9076 (Ryan, Jeff or
Bates Motel
Tired of bubble-gum pop
dressed up as alternative?
Now for something completely
by Bates Motel.
POBox 101, 8625 Osier St
Vancouver, BC, V6P 4E6
(604) 686-3455 (Nearly Nude
(604) 264-9984 (fax)
Billy Zayne
Crafty bluesy, hook laden
1250 BW 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 732-0039 (Tony Brinks)
(604) 732-4645 (fax)
Black Market Babies
70's New York punk meets
90's glam pop.
#203-1225 Cardero St
Vancouver, BC, V5G 2H8
(604) 662-8664 (Rich Jones)
We rock out with our cocks
out! Power, pop and punk trio.
2275-153A St
White Rock, BC, V4A 4R4
(604)541-9691 (Malcolm)
(604)541-9691 (fax)
Thafs the bird, with 2 E's.
Favourite colour: blue.
#7-3190 Tahsis
Coquitlam, BC
The Bus
n. I. a vehicle for public
conveyance of passengers.
1 #31 Roberts
Nanaimo, BC, V9R 2S3
(604) 755-7847 (Bruce
Celestial Magenta
Maggotty punk rock sluts!
#5-3217 Heather St
Vancouver, BC, V52 3A4
(604)876-7331 (Adad
Hannah/Linda Stevens)
(604) 732-3477 (fax)
The next, next big thing. Space
rock, dust off your K-Tel
(604) 669-2385 (Terry Miles)
Circle Square
Circled words from square
2010 Parkside Lane
North Vancouver, BC, V7G
(604) 929-4209 (Jeremy
Cirkus Mind
A high energy trio who dish
out a smorgasbord of rock,
alternative, blues, etc.
3039 Glen Dr
Coquitlam, BC, V3B 2P7
(604) 552-0126 (Mark
Closed Caption Radio
Confrontational bone<rushing
experiments. Dark by design.
2784 W 20th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604)738-6051 (Shane/Jay)
Burning rock liquid torch music
48 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 4P4
(604) 253-5330 (Nicole/
(604) 875-9971 (fax)
Blood Raw Punk Opera
PO Box 542 Succ. R
Montreal, PQ, H2S 3M3
The Cowards
#101-1515 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1V4
(604) 254-9505 (Jason)
(604) 688-3500 (fax)
(604)739-1181 (Greg)
You have the right to remain
silent. Everything you play can
and will be held against you.
PO Box 3613, Main Post Office Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Y6
(604) 669-6468 (Mint Recs/
Bill Baker)
(604) 669-6478 (fax)
Prince, Time, Chaka, Zapp,
Parliament. Ain't nothin' but a
cultural expropriation y'all.
Need more members!
PO Box 38024, King Edward
Vancouver BC V5Z 4L9
(604) 737-2767 (Yap Recs)
(604) 737-2716 (fax)
Dashboard Jesus
We groove like monkeys and
rabid farm animals.
5576 Fleming St
Vancouver, BC, V5P 3G2
(604) 323-2999 (Patrick/
Blatant examples of crass
#308-1 877 Haro St
Vancouver, BC, V6G 1H3
(604) 669-8880 Penny)
(604) 669-8880 (fax)
Dead Head Miles
Rage rock.
223 W Balmoral
North Vancouver, BC
(604) 990-9383 (Joe Hoskins)
The Deadcats
Chaotic live punkabilly shows,
freesex. CD "Bucket O' Love"
out on Flying Saucer.
PO Box 408, 1275 Haro St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1G1
(604) 662-7725 (Scooter)
(604) 687-6138 (Mike)
The Dole
Punk rock with an edge. We
mean what we say.
Bsmt - 1704 Cotton Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5N 3V2
(604)251-5547 (Clint)
Donkey Engine
Songs of the Weeping Willow.
2816 Kitchener St
Vancouver, BC, V5K 3E3
(604)251-4381 (Steve/Nick)
The Dunderheads
Hard hitting punk rock.
PO Box 3, 1895 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4A6
(604)979-2878 (pgr)
The Electrosonics
Dynamic trance pop.
103 1353 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 687-8157 (Heather or
the emptys
(604) 327-2315 (Ken Beattie)
The Evaporators
Pure teenage zit rawk angst.
POBox 27021, 1395 Marine Dr
W Vancouver, BC, V7T 2X8
(604) 254-0299 (Scott)
Experiencing Difficulty
Brass, reed and percussive
jams over appropriated lounge
tape4oops and casiotones.
PO Box 18142, 2225 W 41st
Vancouver, BC, V6M 4L3
(604) 264-9958 (116 Productions)
Tentacles recording artists.
PO Box 16012, 3017 Mountain
North Vancouver, BC, V7J 3S9
(604) 936^5332 (Brad, Brent
and Ian)
1604)683-3631 (fax)
Loopy, Kooky, Quirky, Wacky,
Slippery, Sloppery, Silly noisy,
Trippy Chaos.
1 823 E 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1T7
(604) 251-1715 or
(604) 253-2542 (Peter Gripp)
Pop-fuzz for girlfood thought.
720 W 19th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1X2
(604) 876-7358 (Miko)
(604)736-1921 (Megan)
Thee Goblins
We know 12 songs.
POBox 3613, Main Post
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Y6
(604) 254-0299 (Scott)
(604) 669-6468 (Randy)
We sound exactly like Unwound, PJ Harvey, and
Aerosmith — only we're
Canadian, eh!
12705-114B Ave
Surrey, BC, V1L3Y3
(604) 580-2175 (Jeff Cathcart)
Hazel Would
Miserable, melodic, disjointed,
depressing pop songs with a 2
minute or less guarantee.
246 Monmouth Dr
Kamloops, BC
(604) 372-2371 (Slap Shot
(604) 372-8329 (Fax)
Hell Caminos
Fast ass chicken fried punk
rock instrumentals.
6617-181 St
Surrey, BC, V3S 8E7
(604) 574-4228 (Mike Hawk)
(604) 574-4228 (fax)
tow-ted), atmospheric, found
sounds, noise, collage. Yes. Ifs
all been done before. Barter.
Always independent.
#27-2870 E 42nd Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5R 2Y4
(604) 435-5025 (Thee Grey
If you write songs that are broadcast or performed in public and
you're not a SOCAN member, then you should know that you
might be losing out on some cash.
SOCAN is Canada's performing rights society. We collect licence
fees from music users, like radio stations, TV broadcasters,
concert halls and clubs, and pay royalties to our members —
songwriters and music publishers — based on public
performances of their music in Canada.
Don't miss out.   For more info, contact:
Society of Composers, Authors and
Music Publishers of Canada
#400 - 1201 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2V2   —
(604) 669-5569 or 1 800 93 SOCAN    Fax (604) 688-1 142    SOCAN
1996 local music directory Jelous
Tasty tunes, navy blues, catchy
melodic pop/rock.
PO Box 327, 810 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4G9
(604) 732-0039 (Tony Brinks)
(604) 732-4645 (fax)
One foot on the floor, the other
out the door, and she won't go
no more!
1010 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 267-1317 or
(604) 708-3766 (Stephen
Judah's Priests
Wearing their spandex for
Jesus. God-rockers who rock
you. Nikki, Rikki and Vikki
#128-1 896 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9
(604) 7824228 (Mickey Finn
Juniper Daily
Pop at its melodic, dischordant
finest. Songs you can love and
#19-935 Jervis St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 2V5
(604) 685-4849 (Sweet Jesus
(604) 602-0879 (fax)
"Typical college rock with
crescendos and decrescendos
and song     non-endings."
#1006-1234 Barclay St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1 H4
(604) 876-6303 (Mike)
Dave Karius
Western imperial magnetics
audio/video tape mfg/dist.
#7-1 2840 Bathgate Way
Vancouver, BC, V6V 1Z4
(604) 270-8682 (Dave Karius)
(604) 270-2745 (fax)
Kiss the Ground
Song driven acoustic rock, lush
vocals, eclectic keys, alternately sweet and snotty guitars.
2233 E 49th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5P 1 N3
(604) 327-9310 (Ted Hamilton)
604) 327-9310 (fax)
Devilishly unconventional pop.
Happy, sad, confused, horny,
angry.  Passionate, always.
Guitars and four part harmonies.
#400-310 Water St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1B6
(604) 684-5823 (Dan
(604) 331-1179 (fax)
Knockin' Dog
Rhythmic unit with more flavour
than Baskin Robbins.
PO Box 29144, Postal Outlet
Vancouver, BC, V6J 5C2
(604) 689-5541 (Mark
Robertson or Jason Rodney)
the little brothers
When the expansion of the
universe is halted and contraction begins...
#301-1664 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC, V5N 2S1
(604) 872-4517 (Pat Lehman)
(604) 876-8712 (Joe Shimeld)
Specializing in ska, oi & punk
music imported from England.
1027 Columbia St
Vancouver, BC, V2C 2W2
(604) 851-9397 (Mike, Laura,
Pam and fax)
The Mach Ill's
Instrumental surf slop and
16891 28 Ave
White Rock, BC, V4P 2K9
(604) 538-0626 (Ryan)
604) 276-2130 (Fern)
POBox 3613, Main Post
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Y6
(604) 669-6468 (Mint Recs/
Bill Baker)
(604) 669-6478 (fax)
The McRackins
The eggs are coming! The
eggs are coming! 100 000
000 fans can't be wrong!
9237-117 St
Delta, BC, V4C 6B6
(604) 581-0859 (Fil
Minimalist Jug Band
Mumbler/songwriter pointlessly
plucks a one-string bass and
tells tales of loud desperation.
1190W 12th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6H 1L6
(604) 732-9671 (Al Mader)
Missing Children
Alternative - rock, funk - CD
available and video.
13306 Lake Rd
Lynnwood, WA, 98037, USA
(206) 745-267]
The Molestics
657 Prior St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 253-2447 (Mike)
Morning Gold Fix/31337
Industrial trance techno and
freestyle electronic dub.
PO Box 18142, 2225 W 41st
Vancouver, BC, V6M 4L3 ■
(604) 264-9958(116 Produc-
Although mealworms are good
food for some lizards, their
hard bodies can cause digestive problems.
490 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1K6
(604) 876-6451 (Marcus)
Muscle Bitches
Journey beyond the infinite
valley of crucified wrestlers.
#210-119 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1S5
(604) 734-5945 (Melissa
(604) 255-7556 (Sammy
(604)682-3331 (fax)
Mutant Starfi$h
Powerhouse rock quartet.
These men are the High in
Energy and showcase better
than a Hollywood hooker.
(604) 254-0207 (Sarah C.)
(604) 432-9204 (Paul &
Oh Susanna
Solo female artist sings twisted
rural laments.
1 363 Fountain Way
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3T2
(604) 734-9250 (Suzie)
(604)734-9251 (fax)
People Playing Music
7 piece funk jazz outfit.
#400-310 Water St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1B6
(604) 684-5823 (Dan
(604) 311-1179 (fax)
Perfume Tree
Brooding grooves, bizarre
soundscapes, pounding dub
and bittersweet pop.
c/o Zulu Recs
1 869 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1M4
(604) 254-9603 (Bruce @
Pirate Sound)
(604) 736-9836 (fax)
They were the second sons of
Empire broken by the wheels
of industry, yet free.
839 Lakewood Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5L 4M1
(604) 872-6734 (Geoff)
tafe&t re-lease
Revert Steps   t
fcatuAng lOOo's 6\ '
Colours ^orrqac
■25k V u)in4o(iiS<_
31 winife (A T*^
(? direct. Ca.
also a\4i(eik(e-
Cact"5 Eye }
■jtar obsession
1996 local music directory pinwheel
That pop band from
Bellingham. You know the onel
Bellingham, WA, USA
(604)731-7111 or (360) 650-
9162 (Adad Hannah)
Controlled chaos, one monstrous system of mass. The
journey from Hamburg to
Iceland begins. . .
#901-1101 Pacific St
Vancouver, BC, V6V 1T3
(604) 608-0901 (Dave)
Plains of Abraham
Crazy, newer sounding,
spazzy hardcore.
1214 Cypress PI
Port Moody, BC
(604) 461-6669 (Marty)
(604) 461-2722 (fax)
The Plantains
Rock V roll with a twist of
Delta, BC, V4C 3H5
(604) 594-2134 (Ryan Bigge)
Procter and Gamble
Noise-synths, tape, computer.
wfreno@vcn.bc.ca (Wayne
Female fronted politico-stomp-
2844 E 7th
Vancouver, BC, V5M 1T9
(604) 253-8551 (Meegan)
A swirling trio of fuzz burning
power pop ultra vixen metal.
■C      l_      CD
2509 W.
-7       3       &
-I        .9       6       4
Box 93655 Nelson Park R.P.O.
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L7
(604) 684-8925 or
(800) 307-INFO (Bob D'eith)
(604) 684-5024 (fax)
Early savage republic as
interpreted by a couple of
whacked out redouins.
116 Front St
New Westminster, BC, V3L 1A2
(604) 538-7203 (R. C.
(604)5214433 (fax)
The Readymade
If we had a war time concierge, Vancouver wouldn't be
in this mess.
#901-1101 Pacific St
Vancouver, BC, V6V 1T3
(604) 730-4816 (Readymade)
Girl gang big bang in you
face twat rock explosion.
#8-2313 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4K8
(604)  254-3058 (Marlies
Saddle Sores
Whores to farm-core! Gigs,
soundtracks, etc. Stylish
dressers & pro poseurs.
POBox 4, 199 W Hastings
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1 H4
(604) 873-3765 (IHB Productions & Prom)
Seven Minute Lull
Folk from fruitland by bastard
children of Lou Reea and
Mama Cass.
RR#3 Site 36 Comp 7
Summerland, BC
Signal 30
Don't trust anyone who's ever
been to Nashville.
2212 E 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1S7
(604) 255-2711 (Mike
Slingin' Zingers
Crunchy guitar-driven electro
rapid edits punctuated by slo-
POBox 18142, 2225 W 41st
Vancouver, BC, V6M 4L3
(604)264-9958 (116 Productions!
Small Gene Rook and his
Backwater Jug Band
Music from a bygone era. Ifs
OK lo marry your sister.
Backwards swing.
#128-1 896 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9
(604) 872-4228 (Mickey Finn
The Smugglers
POBox3613, Main Post
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Y6
(604) 669-6468 (Mint Recs/
Bill Baker)
(604) 669-6478 (fax)
South of Main
An untried concept.
2296 Qualicum Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5P 2M2
(604) 327-5589 (Derek Sam)
Purveyors or fine bore<ore
since 1993.
#603-1483 Lamey's Mill Rd
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3Y7
(604) 737-0410 (Simon)
Sphere of Influence
Original progressive rock in a
power trio format.
1645-142 St
Surrey, BC, V4A 6K4
(604) 531-0617 (Evan Jones)
Spiritual Heroine
Swirling, mythological images
and an edgy "street sense."
#7-203 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J7
(604) 708-0430 (Camille
(604) 939-8003 (fax)
Tfie tall, dark and handsome
guitar band with a difference.
(604) 321-5582 (John)
All original dark pop rock.
#203-2014 4th Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121, USA
(206) 448-2042 (Colin Chad
Hear northwest instro rockers
'Raincoast Rumble' CD or at
your favorite bar, bam or
4337 Percival Ave
Burnaby, BC, V5G 3S4
(604) 298-3322 (Richard
Fast, heavy, tight, complicated
instumental music. No guitar
(604) 433-4390 (Jesse)
Thrill Squad
Guitar-pop as it was meant to
be: loud, fast and melodic,
with enough tunes to kick your
ass around the block.
#4-984 E Broadway
Vancouver, BQV5T1Y4
(604) 876-1058 games
(604) 986-8530 (fax)
Thurston 5
A one man supergroup. 'Jar'
8-track single and Hex: out
now on Mickey Finn
#128-1896 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9
(604) 8724228 (Dan
The Tonics
Rock V ra//.
c/o Scratch Records
109 West Cordova St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1E1
(604) 708-0535 (Sandi)
Touch & Gos
Yes, we're still together.
3541 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC, V5K 2E2
(604) 294-9332 (Janis/Dave)
Uneven Steps
Not sure of the folk rock
renewal genre.
4595 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4G8
(604) 879-8748 (Angela
The Velcro Pigs
Belly slappin', rip roarin', dirt
waflowin', slop eatin', Surrey
lovin', pre-neo-Punk band.
11043 Scarborough Dr
Delta, BC, V4C 7W9
(604)591-8155 (Greg Hamm)
(604)591-9201 (Dave White)
Velvet Jones
Guitar, bass, drums and some
guys who play them in an
appealing manner.
(604) 879-3250 (Tim Smyth)
(604) 739-0349 (Sean Stubbs)
The Vinaigrettes
Kitty Wells drunk on wild
turkey toting a 12-gauge.
954 Mason St
Victoria, BC
(604)384-4183 (Carolyn
Quiet, sweet, sour.
3541 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC, V5K 2E2
(604) 294-9332 (Janis)
1996 local music directory Wandering Lucy
K records gal-extraordinaire-
POBox 3171
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X6
(360) 786-1594 (K Records/
(360) 786-5024 (fax)
Straddling the fine line between clever and stupid.
#304-1 HOW 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V64 1T1
(604) 736-1147 (Mr. Erik)
(604) 736-1147 (fax)
Super cool, oh my god,
hardcore rock gods.
(604) 451-5679 (Pete or
Clarke Wright
Singer/songwriter-solo debut
CD release entitled "U Touch
the Divine Through Music."
PO Box 4005
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Z4
Sparkie Records Canada
Hellpyre Ink
Graphic designers of the
obscure, obscene and mundane.
POBox 4, 199 W Hastings
Vancouver, BC
(604) 873-3765 (Helen Siwak)
Little Monkey
Graphic design by Ken Paul
from concept to finish, type to
print. Posters, CD covers,
ads, stickers, bowling companion.
1604) 739-9412 (Ken)
Scene Design
I've got a lot of wacked oul
ideas. Cover art, flyers, t-shirts,
255 N. Rorest#103
Bellingham, WA, 98225, USA
(360) 650-9162 (Jody
3734. Plus: All By *»36. Plus: And I
Myself, Whatll I Do, love Her Billy Boy,
Coastin*    "
Satin Doll, etc.
Positive designs for a good
316-237 E 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 4R4
(604) 872-1403 (Mark)
The Factory
Factory fresh digital design.
#103-2070 Cornwall Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1E1
(604) 734-7966 (Gregory
Flat Earth Graphic Design
CD and cassette covers from
design to film. Packages to suit
all budgets. No<ost consultation.
2116 VeneblesSt
Vancouver, BC, V5L 2J4
(604) 254-4615 (James S.
(604) 2544615 (fax)
The most ad-
ever made."-Life
Red Kimono Management
24 hour management and
promotion of bands. Artists
include Celestial Magenta,
Johnny Millenium, Cosmonaut.
Please send demo.
2041 Larch St
Vancouver, BC, V6K 3P5
(604)731-7111 (Adad)
(604) 732-3477 (fax)
IHB Productions & Promotions
Band & artist management;
image consultants, kits, poster/
graphic design. Skilled in all
POBox 4, 199 W Hastings
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1 H4
(604) 873-3765 (Helen Siwak)
S. L. Feldman & Associates
Booking agency.
#200-1505 W 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3Y4
(604) 734-5945 (Steve Blair/
Sheena Way)
(604) 732-0927 (fax)
Str8 Down
Bass/rap westcoast/
droppin' the south in
8791 No.5Rd
Richmond, BC
(604) 240-2997 (Mandip
(604) 271-0038 (fax)
Dan O'Connell
Producer/engineer/patsy to
the stars [Thurston 5/1000
Stamps/Oh Susanna)
#128-1 896 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9
(604) 8724228 (Iffy-Tone
Joann Edmonds-Rodgers
i/ve band photos. Black-n-
103-255 N. Forest
Bellingham, WA, 98225, USA
(360) 650-9162 (Joann
Suzanne Goodwin Photography
Photographer for you and your
band. Press, promo, live &
anything else. Posters and
flyers, tool
(604)254-5513 (Suzanne
(604) 253-7650 (fax)
Barb Yamazaki
Look for her shots in this here
10114-172 St
Surrey, BC, V4N 4H9
(604) 581-7057 (Barb)
604) 589-5004 (fax)
Pack Counts As Two
Mister Blake
Sex, lies, changing times
features a 1997 hot remake of
his hit "I Only Want To Be
With You."
1042 Cardero St.
Vancouver, BC, V6G2H1
(604) 688-5382 (Jelly Tight
(604)669-1461 (fax)
Papernet Catalogue
Free catalogue inclusion! Send
indie electronic/experimental
release. North American
distribution. Medium-fidelity
compilation soon.
465 Craig St.
Parksville, BC, V9P 1L2
(604) 248-5257 (James)
Shout with Joy Productions
Vancouver production/promotion company artist development, graphic design, music
business consultation.
Box 4005
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Z4
(604) 685-0321 (Gorilla)
(604)685-0321 (fax)
staggering articula-
tion.'^-High Fidelity
2460.  Also:  Try  Te
A Taste
Of Honey, etc.
3618. Plus: Ghost
Riders in the Sky,
Gay Ranchero, etc.
2404. Also: Never
Too Late, The Pawnbroker, Smile, etc.
Producer/engineer of all types
of non-lame musics. Credits:
The emptys, Signal 30, Sour-
puss, more.
2212 E 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1S7
(604) 255-2711 (Mike)
That shit-rag that you're reading right now.
#233-6138 SUB Blvd
Vancouver, BC,V6T1Z1
In Hell's Belly
Alternative music review
POBox 4, 199 W Hastings
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H4
(6041 873-3765 (Helen Siwak)
Motocycho zine
A zine about Motorcycles!
What did you think? ($ 1 +
stamp for latest issue)
Box 1564
Point Roberts, WA, 98281 -
1564, USA
(604) 733-1646 (fax)
Interviews, reviews, opinions
and usual punk rock crap.
$1.00 post paid.
Box 56057, 1 st Ave, Market PI
Vancouver, BC, V5M 4S9
(604)321-5921 (Andy/Brian)
2672. "The best
musical of the season, "-cbs News
Avenger Records Ltd.
Send us your tapes, CDs, 7"s,
we're looking for punk and ska
for release.
Suite 217-1917
Vancouver, BC, V5J 1M7 (Nick)
19% local music directory FacePlant Productions
Fishburger, 4 Food Gramps of
ihe Apocalypse, and other
assorted weirdness, free
1840a Clark Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5N 1C5
(604) 253-2542 (Pete)
Flying Saucer Records
Rockabilty-roots-garage record
& CD label. Some distribution.
POBox 408, 1275 Haro St
Vancouver, BC, V6E 1G1
(604) 687-6138 (Mike Dennis)
(604) 662-7725 (Scooter)
Humongous Records
If it sticks, ifs done!
#1-1379 W 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6H 1S2
(604) 7324247 (Dennis Pyo)
(604) 532-7000 (fax)
Midnight Owl Records
A new small label trying to
help the growing local indie
POBox65, 2831
Shaugnnessy St
Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 3H1
(604) 552-0126 (Mark
Owens/Dawna Yardley)
Mint Records
POBox 3613, Main Post
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4C9
(604) 669-6468 (Bill Baker)
(604) 669-6478 (fax)
Nation Underground
Indie label with mustard.
Please feel free to send demos.
#705-1960 Albini St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1B6
(6041 687-7797 (Andrew
Caroll/John MacLean)
(604) 877-7729 (fax)
Mikey Finn
Grammophone Company
Closet-run label releases by
Thurston 5, 1000 Stamps.
Twinned with English label
'Plastic Wave'.
#128-1896 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9
(604) 8724228 (Dan
Monolithic Distributors
Filmy bootlegging scumbag
who deals in collectible and
rare records. Send $ 1 for
Box 1234
Coquitlam, BC, V3J 6Z9
(J. Wilson)
Slap Shot Records
Thee Pirates, Hazel Would
demos. $2.00 PPD. Hockey
Compilatio "II est bout" Coming Soon.
246 Monmouth Dr.
Kamloops, BC, V2E-1 Ml
(604) 372-2371 (Martin)
(604) 372-8329 (fax)
Sparkie Records Canada
Indie label based in Vancouver, Canada. Genres of music:
pop, dance.
Box 4005
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Z4
(604) 685-0321 (Patrick
(604) 685-0321 (fax)
Step and a Half Records
4595 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5N 4G8
(604) 879-8748 (Angela
Zulu Records
Helping local artists since
1983.  Current roster includes
Perfume Tree, Daytona, knockdown-ginger ana Sook-Yin Lee.
1869 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BQV6J1M4
(604) 738-3232 (Kevin Lee
(604) 736-9836 (fax)
Trade - Techno - House - Hip - Hop
- Funk - Jazz ■ World ■ Dub ■ Punk
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-5414 (Todd)
109 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 1 El
(604) 687-6355
(604) 687-0488 (fax)
All indie, punk records, CDs,
tapes, zines, et cetera.
29 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1 PI
(604) 872-2999 (CoryAodd)
(604) 872-2999 (fax)
2346. Also: Once 3559. Also: A Corner
Upon a Time, Don't In The Sun, Home-
Wait Too Long, etc.      ward Bound, 6 more
Selling local and indie music
and zines as well as gaming
cards and comics ana assorted
3934 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P3
(604) 875-9858 (Gabe)
(604) 875-9153 (fax)
Otis Music
CD - Vinyl - Tape ■ Buy - Sell -
Dr. Theodore Monkonodopopulous
loves to play those keyboards.
Affordable Web Sites for Musicians
• Real Audio Server
• T1 line for fast transmission of sound data
• Professional design and friendly service
• 5 songs per band (20min total)
• 1 picture of band with 50-100 word write up
• Small pictures of Ips, cds, eps, tapes, etc...
• Basic package = 2 Web Pages (Main + Music Page)
• Japanese, French, Chinese translation available
FAX! 604.662.7661 TEL: 604.662.753!
email: info6catouzer.com web: www.catouzer.com
19% loc^l music directory 2673. Also: On A
Clear Day, All Or
Nothing At All, etc.
2225. Also: Jane,
Jane; The Rising of
The Moon; etc.
(FacePlant Productions
Shared monthly space, creative
atmosphere. No rock starsl
Vancouver, BC
(604) 253-2542 (Brent or
/ 6 track digital. Recorded
bands cub, Smugglers, and
(604) 926-3343 gohn    (604)
922-5842 (Dave)
Nubian Music
We represent urban American
music in Canada.
#501-1255 Pendrell St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 687-8535 (Darren
(604) 687-8535 (fax)
3335. This special Twin-Pack includes
two great Ray Conniff albums. Counts as
only one selection!
CCRS (Cambrian College)
1400 Barrymore Rd
Sudbury, On, P3A 3V8
PO Box 7544
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 4L4
(306) 664-6678
CFFF (Trent University)
c/o PRC, Trent Radio
Peterborough, On, K9J 7B6
CFLR (Laurentian University)
c/o Laurentian University
Sudbury, On, P3E 2C6
CFMU (McMaster University)
#301 Hamilton Hall
Hamilton, On, L8S 4K1
CFRC (Queen's University)
Carruthers Hall, Queen's il.
Kingston, On, K7L 3 N6
(613) 545-6300 (fax)
CFRO (Coop Radio)
337 Carroll St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2J4
(604) 684-8494
(604) 681-5310 (fax)
CFRU (University of Guelph)
500 Gordon St
Guelph, On, N1G2W1
(519)763-9603 (fax)
CFUV (University of Victoria)
Program guide "Offbeat"
published m on thly.
PO Box 3035
Victoria, BC, V8W 3P3
(604) 721-8728 (fax)
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, NS, B2G 1C0
(902) 867-2410
CHMA (Mount Allison University)
315 University Centre
Sackville, NB, E0A 3C0
(506) 364-2221
CHMR (Memorial University)
Box Al 19, Memorial University
St. John's, NF, A1C5S7
(709) 737-4777
(709) 737-4743 (fax)
CHRW (University of Western
Program guide "Airshift"
published bi-monthly.
Room 257, UCC Building,
UWO, London, On, N6A 3K7
CHRY (York University)
Rm. 258A Vanier
4700 Keele St
North York, On, M3J 1P3
(416) 736-5700 (fax)
CHSR (University of New
PO Box 4400, Student U.
Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3
(506) 453-4985
CHUO (University of Ottawa)
Suite 227, 85 University
Ottawa, On, Kl N 6N5
(613) 564-5479 (fax)
550 University Ave
Charlottefown, PEI, C1A4P3
(902) 566-0979
CiTR (University of British
Program guide "DiSCORDER"
is what you're reading right
#233-6] 38 SUB Blvd
Vancouver, BC,V6T1Z1
(604) 822-9364 (fax)
CIUT (University of Toronto)
91 St. George St
Toronto, On, M5S 2E8
CJAM (University of Windsor)
401 Sunset Ave
Windsor, On, N9B 3P4
CJSF (Simon Fraser University)
TC216, SFU,
Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6
CJSR (University of Alberta)
Room 224, SUB, U of A
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2J7
(403) 492-5244
(403) 4924643
CJSW (University of Calgary)
Program guide "VOX" published monthly.
Room 11 8, MacEwan Hall,
U of Calgary, AB, T2N 1 N4
(403) 220-3902
CKCU (Carleton University)
Program guide "Trans-FM"
published monthly.
1233 Colonel By Dr. #517
Ottawa, On, K1S5B6
(613) 7884060 (fax)
CKDU (Dalhousie University)
6136 University Ave,
Halifax, NS, B3H 4J2
(902) 494^479
CKLN (Ryerson)
Room A74, Jorgenson Hall
380 Victoria St
Toronto, On, M5B 1W7
CKMS (University of Waterloo)
200 University Ave West
Waterloo, On, N2L 3G1
CKUM (Acadia University)
159 Avenue Massey
Moncton, NB, E1A3E9
(506) 858*4485
(506) 858*4324 (fax)
CKUT (McGill University)
Program guide "Statik" pub
lished q
3480 McTavisn St, Suite B-15
Montreal, PQ, H3A 1X9
(514)398-8261 (fax)
POBox 216
Waterloo, ON, N2J 3Z9
(519) 886-9870
(519) 886-0090 (fax)
1455 DeMaisonneuve Blvd.,
Montreal, PQ, H3G 1M8
(514) 848-7401
(514) 848-3494 (fax)
CRSJ (Univ of NB, Saint John)
PO Box 5050, TJC Student Ctr.
Saint John, NB, E2L 4L5
(506) 648-5667
CSCR (Scarborough College)
1256 Military Trail
Scarborough, On, MIC 1A4
Iffy-Tone Video
' No-budget videos. Shot on
128-1 896 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9
(604) 872-4228 (Dan
Elan Media
Sonqwriter, guitarist, guitar
teacher, arranger and demo
2887 W 15th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6K 3A1
(604) 731-7075 (Shony Bar-
(604) 731-7075 (fax)
Northern Society of Musicians & Artists
Non-Drofit society (with 200+
members so far). We run the
urban coffee house — all ages
shows — punk, folk,
deathmetal, etc.
c/o Studio 2880-2880 15th
Vancouver, BC, V2M 1T1
(604) 562-2852 (Barry K.)
(604) 964-8985 (Bill B.)
Tad Quimble
My ministry is to testify about
His coming. "Quimble is both
brilliant and wholesome." -
Billboard Magazine
#128-1 896 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9
(604) 872-4228 (Mickey Finn
(Radio Program)
Yak & Rock. Heard across
Canada each Saturday night.
Hosted by Leora Kornteld.
c/o CBC Radio
PO Box 4600
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4A2
(604) 662-6732 (Ross Albert)
(604) 662-6096 (fax)
Denise Sheppard #
Freelance Journalist
Denise likes moonlit strolls,
dining by candlelight, and
writing tor RayGun, Huh,
Pulse, Ihe Rocket, Chart &
(604) 253-2358 (Denise)
.^~    i-.^l    >0?r
W%~ focal "music cErectory Jesus
Doors 9pm. Show lOpm
.vora •*=
at Richards
"$£ % On Richards
1036 Richards St.
Oct. 17th '96
Gastown Music Hall
with Pigment Vehicle
Town Pump
with Chauffeur
CD out soon!
Tickets are available at Track, Scratch, Mighlife and Black Swan Record Stores,
all Ticketmaster Outlets, and Charge-By-F*none .280-444-4*
4 There is no convenient packase to fit Mecca Normal in, so the members try to find per-
fonTiins opportunities which lie outside of traditional club 313s. "I think we're flexible.
We'll be soins to this writer's festival so we'll be this literary band; it's all the same show,
but [in this case we'll be] the writer and the backup band. We applied to the Folk Festival
one year, under the opinion that we are folk from this region: Dave plays guitar and I sing,
is that weird? You know, I don't know why this is so weird, guitar and voice. We like to
be flexible in where we play but I guess the thing that we probably want to be leased
as is entertainers," says Smith.
When the members of the band are asked about their growth throughout the years, newcomer Jefferies says, "I think there're one or two clear demarcation lines of Mecca Normal.
The first three records, the self-titled one, Calico Kills the Cat, and Water Cuts My Hands,
were much clear political statements — there was a very specific message that was sent out
and not a lot of room to interpret, because it was very specific in lyrical content. When they
got to Dovetail, I think there was a real shift in that it opened up and was much more personal; rather than looking out at the world it was maybe looking at one's own life."
Jean adds, "I started to trust people more to interpret. I think when you're young, you
dont trust that they're going to understand. Everyone else is so stupid and I'm so smart that
the/re not going to understand. I'm going to have to explain how the world works to
everybody. Then you tone it down a bit and realize that the audience is part of the equation. Their part in it is that the/ interpret and they're going to whether you like it or not.
Perhaps what that person needs that day, if they've gone through something, [is to] apply
the lyrics in a song to be helpful, useful, stimulating, whatever."
Mecca Normal has undoubtedly been underrecognized in its hometown, at live
shows and in the local music press. Perhaps because something so unorthodox and
exceptionally original frightens and intimidates its peers? Smith's method of response
to negative reaction is that, "On a basic level, you don't see why a person cant enjoy it
and that's purely emotional; not everyone will want to listen to Mecca Normal all of the
time and sometimes it can create more energy to be around. To know that there are still
people out there who are still offended by it. Maybe it's a good thing it still is rocking
things a bit, so it's more of a process."
The members of Mecca Normal admit they don't usually enjoy playing in Vancouver.
Smith laughs, "We're usually going up the stairs at the end of the night going let's never play
Vancouver again ...' Trudge .... trudge. ... Mecca Normal is not for everybody and some
people actually like it and other people feel they've been hit over their head. That's sort of
our purpose and we've gotten a lot of support from people, which has been really
empowering. Our views may be confrontational or a bit quirky and it's maybe a good thing
that other people view that as a forum to say, 'Well, I don't agree with you.' That's part of the
social process. Not everybody has to become compressed into one thin band of mainstream, hopefully. ~k_b
sssssss^gaj,-!^^ ;, ages, instruments played)
.: age 24, rhythm guitar, v*
Chuck Luv: age 28, rhythm guitar
Rob Dolphin: age 25, bass guitar
Do you feel depressed that Toe Liquor broke up?
C: I miss dry-humping Scott's leg during his guitar solosi
J: I miss the band but if ihey were still together, we wouldn't hove the
M: We acquired Chuck at iheir estate sole. He was a great deal!
What happened to Feed Your Babyhead?
C: Feed Your what!?!
J: It was time to move on. We all had different directions we wanted
to go and the music suffered because of that.
R: One bad apple spoiled if
Is the recessed tempo of your musk «
C: Is it recess already?
M: We use breaks, stops, tempo changes etc. as part of the
drummer in many ways.
sciously intended?
song's. He
wriring equation. J.T. is a very melod'n
uses a lot of accents ond subtleties to enhance the songs. I find his
drum parts interesting ond catchy and for this reason, yes, what we
do with timing and tempo is quite intentional. We want our songs to
be interesting to people so they will want to listen to them.
Why did you move to Vancouver?
R: I didn't have much to say in the matt
here within the confines of her womb.
J: I've lived here all my life.
C: I was born and raised here.
M: I moved here with the specific intention of pursuing music.
Montreal is a great city but Vancouver held the promise of more
Is there anything bad about V-Town?
R: I've done some travelling and have yet to find another city that
I would rather live in. Sure there are bad things about Vancouver
but we really do have it easy here compared to many other cities
of the world.
M: I hove come across a lot of insecurity within certain circles of the
music community. A few years ago there seemed to be an unhealthy
competition thai involved bands cheating others out of money, petty
feuds over line-up positions in triple-bill gigs ond other general back-
stabbings within the scene. I was actually glad to drop out of it when
I did. We took a year and a half off to record and put a new bond
together and now there is a whole new scene. It seems that the said
bock-stobbers have dropped off and made way for new bands wilh
really cool people and now almost every band we meet up with has
a great altitude towards each other ond the scene.
Has anyone ever been mean to 2% Cherry?
-*• C: One guy who "speared" some insults our way but he sucks anyway.
<}: We are quickly learning the pros and cons of the music industry
ond the personalities lhat go olong with it.
R: Slicks ond stones...
How does the Mark "the Kleinz" Kleiner of local Danger
Danger cover band Cherry Pie fit into the 2% Cherry
J: I've worked with Kleinz for almost 2 years and love Sister Lovers'
music. Kleinz has opened my mind to the spirit of music, people,
and cheese.  Nobody does cheese better lhan Kleinz. He has influ-
Ienced me to toke a less stressful approach to what we are
doing musically and just lighten-up ond enjoy.
C: Kleinz rocks my world and has inspired me in so many
ways over the years. My first born will be named Mark
M Mark is o living leqend. He did some awesome keyboard
work on our album and I
on the 2% Cherry game plan. We like to h<
fans to have fun.
M: Rob has pretty much summed it up. Life is a series of ups and
downs and hopefully we learn from them. I think of myself as bitter
but with an element of hope and I think my writing reflects that.
What is the link between your music and the graphic
sexual collages that accompanies it?
C: I graduated from sex collage and now I'm learning to be graphic.
R: Well we don't really have sexual collages accompanying our
music as far as I con see but if that's what you interpret from it, to
each his/her own, I suppose. Are you sure you weren't just viewing
a porno while listening to our CD?
M: If you're referring to the photos on ihe CD cover, they are hardly sexually graphic, but thanks for saying it anyway. It makes me
feel kinda sexy!
Why did J.T. and Miss E. decide to expand the duo to a
J: It was inevitable. I found that in order to grow musically, we needed like-minded musicians to expand on our vision. As a duo, I think
lhat our writing would have become stagnant rather quickly and now
wilh Rob and Chuck it seems lhat we have endless ideas and we are
covering some new territory wilh our material.
M: To be honest, I didn't really want a band. I was a bit disillusioned
and embittered by a lot of the shit that had occurred in our last band.
I knew that J.T. and I had a great working relationship and ihe skills
necessary to record and shop our music. Rob was our first recruit.
Chuck heard the CD and liked it so much that he decided he want-
ed to play guitar for us. Hooking up wilh Rob and Chuck was the
best direction and the songs we have written for our next album are
more diverse and decisive than our older ones.
2% Cherry has an independent, debut release available at stores.
Contact name and address:
P.O. Box 2509, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 3W7
For bookings contact: Amor Productions ot (604) 687-6522.
Who are you? (names, ages, instruments played)
Janis McKenzie - singing, guitar, lyrics
David Bodanic - guitar
Perhaps a brief band history is in order. What
happened to Tiger Beat, The Touch & Gos and
Dirt broke up, but Dave's playing in another guy band,
colled Bug. Tiger Beat is slill together in spirit, and ihe Touch
<_ Gos are sfill together in real life. (As long as we keep
getting shows  we'll play them!) Between Dave and me,
we've probably been in fifteen bands, and we're in ihree together
right now (Violet, ihe T & Gs and The Van Pelt Trio, a torch song
combo wilh Dave's brother Gord). I also song with ihe Jazzmanian
Devils a couple of times, which was a reol honor, and Daytona lets
me sing backup on "Like Heaven" sometimes - my chonce to get on
stage in front of a big audience!
What was the name of the band you were in that broke
up on stage?
That's a bif of an exaggeration, the Psyche-bunnies didn't quite break
up on stage, but we did have a pretty big fight in front of on audience at the Town Pump. I don't want to get into all the horrible
details, but basically I was up there thinking, "I can't play ihis guitar!
I can't sing! Oh no, we suck!" I'm afraid I didn't handle it
but I'm happy to say I've calmed down a lot since then,
all on speaking terms now. By the way, I hear there's some bond in
the States using lhat nome now...
id we want our      over belter opening for Salem 66 or A Merry Cow or The Hip Type
d has always been helpful and supportive.
nterview Hell
Do you believe in lyrical content having social commentary or do you see yourselves as Nihilists?
R: Miss E. writes all of Ihe lyrics to our songs and most of the songs
written in ihe first person are actually taken from someone else's
point of view. Some are from friends and acquaintances and some
are taken straight from people and events on the six o'clock news
ond newspaper headlines. So I guess social commentary plays a
significant role in most of our lyrics, even if it is somewhat veiled. As
far as Nihilism goes, we try to keep personal politics exactly lhat -
personal. I have great respect for certain artists who attempt to educate the masses through their music, but consciousness-raising is not
Are you the only Rock 'n' Roll Librarian in Vancouver?
There are probably a couple of dozen musicians who've been
played on CiTR and work at the Vancouver Public Library (I won't
name names!) but I'm the only one I know who's actually done the
Master's degree and become a full-fledged librorion. In fact, right
now I'm the children's librarian at a branch and get to do story limes
and everything! (There are a couple of other musician librarians in
Voncouver, but ihey're into a different kind of music.)
How would have Violet gone over in the good old days
at the Savoy, say, opening for Plasticland?
I wish we could have played at the Savoy, but we'd have gone
or even ihe Cowboy Junkies. Things haven't really changed ihot
' o like femal
na the words. What I really v*.
ages shows!
and like hearing
trying to play for people who Ii
I the words. What I really want to do is n
Lately some Vancouver bands seem to have trouble with
their names being already shared by combos in other
cities i.e.: Velour, Meow, Veronica, Pluto, Horsey, Coal.
Tell us about the OTHER band Violet.
I don't know much about them ... I discovered ihem via the internet
(ihey're in San Francisco) ond I sent them an e-mail. They were really nice about us having the same name, even ihough they've formally registered it in California. Anyway, I haven't heard mem yet
(I'm curious!), but they have a full band, drummer and everything,
and the singer, Juliette, puts out a fanzine called ViVid.
How can Violet justify writing anti-marriage songs when
the band itself is getting married?
Sounds funny, eh? We've got two songs that can be construed as
anti-morriage. One, "I Never Will Marry," is an Irish folk song
and I think it's meant as a kind of parent-defying, resisting-an-
arranged-morriage kind of thing (which appeals to me!). The
other, "I Never Wanted," I did write myself, and it hos lots of
different levels. One is that it's opposed to the idea of marriage
(or a wedding) as some kind of a trophy or a prize - that "How
did this happen to me? This isn't what I'd planned for," but of
course there are plenty of other possible readings. I have to
admit that everything I write is absolutely truthful in some way or
another, but not always in the way people might think. I hope I'm
a bit more complex than that!
Why don't you drive a Vespa? Aren't they cooler than
old Honda 350's?
Actually, Dave rides o Triumph, and I ride the old 350 (although I
also have a BSA single which I've only ridden once). Vespas (etc.)
are better for wearing stylish clothes, but if you want to go really
fast and lean hard info turns you have to have a motorbike.
Motorbikes have bigger wheels and that means more stability. You
can't argue wilh physics!
rhy don't you have a drummer/bass player? (everyone asks us
A: Violet and Tiger Beat before thot, is supposed to be quiet and
simple, a bit of a change from the Touch & Gos and other bands I've
been in. It's more thrilling/risky/scary to be up there with everyone
being able to hear your words and croppy guitar playing, without
Dave being able to save me from my mistakes. Besides, there's less
gear to carry, less beer to buy, and we can practice in the living
room. Of course, it's fun to be in a louder band too, which is part of
the reason I love fhe Touch & Gos.
(very well,       Pretty pathetic right now: a 4-lrack demo tape (at CiTR) ond a 7-
ond we're      song demo (recorded at Adam Sloan's Noizi Studios last February).
Bolh are unreleased (so far!) but if anyone's interested in helping us
put out a single or something...
Contact name and address
Janis ond Dave: 3541 East Pender St., Vancouver, BC V5K 2E2.
e-mail: janismck@unixg.ubc.ca
I  Live from Thunderbird
I Radio Hell can be heard
Thursdays from
9-11 p.m. only on CiTR
1019 f.m.
16   September 1996 CiTR
JLU_.._»   IM ^
**»y +*i*ri*'m*t   ei Before I begin this, my first
stab at the seven-inch column, I'd like to admit that
my feelings concerning the sacred 45 are somewhat mixed.
This probably has to do with
my dual personality. On one
hand, the rock and roll me, the
hip vintage housedress me,
loves the fact that obscure and/
or struggling artists have been
able to use this cheap and nifty
format to spread their gospel
in an age when so much of the
music industry is owned by so
few people. There are few
things I admire more than good
old D.I.Y. industry and dedicq-
tion, and the ability to put out
a 7" yourself shows a high level
of both. On the other hand, the
cynical, futurist me is sick of listening to crap. As diverse as
my musical tastes (which range
from anarcho-punk to ambient
dub) may be, there are some
days when, wading through
stacks of new 7" records, I
wonder if fhe release of one
hundred platters of aural waste
is worth the fluke appearance
of five or six brilliant ones.
After some deliberation and
after re-listening to my favourite singles — two or three of
which have changed my life —
I have decided that yes, it is
worth it. This is good. Now my
vintage housedress self can go
back to her dancing and my
cynical self can continue reading Hesse. Hopefully they won't
bother each other. And now, let
me use the "quality over quantify" argument to justify my pitifully few reviews!
SUKPATCH uses hip-hop
beats and samples to lay the
groundwork for a four-songer
that is danceable, fun, and eclectic. I really liked the use of
toy keyboards and freaky synfh
noises. The last song, "Lucky
Neighbah Floorshow," reminds
me a bit of that 1991 Birmingham scene ... you know, fhe
Soup Dragons and all
that. (Slabco Records PO
Box 85510 Seattle WA
KITTYCRAFT is apparently
just one girl, Pamela Valfer, but
there is so little information on
the packaging of the single that
it's hard to tell! If that really is
the case, then Pamela must
have made this four-song 7"
using a four track, a drum machine, guitar, toy keyboards
(Casio is taking over the lo-fi
world, it seems), and assorted
percussive instruments. "It's Stupid" is very cute and Wandering Lucy-esque with those
quirky, distorted drum beats in
the background. "3 Above Average" is generic guitar pop.
"No Response" is cute but
mildly painful: her voice is really high and the sound of a
spoon hitting a milk bottle (or
whatever it is) isn't much of a
foil! "High As A Kite" is my personal favourite, as Pam uses
bells. I love bells. (Soda Girl
Records. Address Unknown.)
somewhere back east. They
make low-key music that reminds me of Tattletale. I found
this 7" intolerably boring, probably because I've heard the
same thing (droney guitar and
vocals) done so many times
before. Blah. (Janken Pon,
through Cargo.)
The new SATISFACT release, Volume Whatever of the
International   Pop   Underground, gives cause for rejoicing! The Satisfact boys
have cooked up two very
slammin' Nu Wave anthems: "Life Abroad," a
ly pop song peppered with synths and
crashing metal noises,
and "Cup to the Wall," a
ilighfry more morose masterpiece with Lois Maffeo
humming in the background. Very,
very cool. (K Records, Box 7154
Olympia, WA 98507) ^
TARTS seem to be a husband and wife noise outfit. Their "Motorini
Electrici" double 7" consists of mostly static,
gongs, and other weird
things that only other noise
artists would be able to ider
tify. I have to say here that as
much as I like noise, the 2X7"
format is not very conducive to
it. A cassette release would
have probably been more sensible (but since when has experimental music been about
sense?!?!). (Gyttja, PO Box
148 Venice CA 90294)
DUOTANG are mod They
are not, however, of the
smarmy fake-mod school
whose alumni clutter the Top 40
airwaves under the guise of
"BritPop." They are examples
of the ultra-rare Winnipeg Mod
and have, under Mint Records'
wing, brought forth a very well-
produced, melodic hi-fi pop
rock recording. All three songs
are honest and angsfy and
"Farewell" has a bit of a Kicking Giant feel to it. Amazing
how two people can make such
an appealing racket if they set
their minds to it. (Mint Records,
#699-810 West Broadway,
Van, B.C. V5Z 4C9)
MELT's two wacky songs
on Boogie Wonderland (an
English label) please me because they have great instrumentation and intriguing lyrics.
Both "Elastic Gargle" and "Lef s
Get It All Wrong" are played
well, with funky bass and unidentifiable extra percussion.
Cute sleeve, too. (Boogie Wonderland Records, 73 Marsala
Road, London SE 13 7AA.)
And finally, local marvels
their five hundred millionth
7" release, "Paris in April."
The three songs are all very
subdued and folky, and Jean
Smith's lyrics are, as usual,
poetic. I don't know about
you, but I miss Mecca Normal's punkier side. Strange:
now that they have a drummer, they've gotten quieter.
(K, see above.)*"
nbyandrea & amber dawn * ■» °*wl
The column this issue will focus on boy written zines. I
must admit, boys' works are
underrepresented in our column,
but the way I see it, women ore
underrepresented in the entire rest
of the world. Just to clear ihe air,
the mandate for our column is to
review personal ond/or political
zines. So boys, send us those
before you send your complaints.
(8x6, 17 pages)
I seldom stumble upon on independent comic book — especially a first issue — in which all
the illustrations are amazing. You
won't find any stick-men or cuf-
ond-paste jobs here — just four
talented artists making iheir debut. The stories seem to be of the
single strip variety. I don't think
Buster will result in any series
comics; nevertheless, all six comics ore zony ond fairly well written. My personal favourite is a
comic called The Continuing Adventures of William
Shatner. Picked up mine at
Scratch  Records,  but you
con write to 3200 W. 41st
Von, BC, V6N 3E1.
(8.5x5.5, 50 pages)
I've heard this zine praised as the
best boy zine of the year. Jason
Pruit is back and as emo as ever.
He writes in his inlro: "... Sometimes my work is personal or politico!. Sometimes it means fucking up people's ideas about art
and words. But one thing for sure
il is meant lo include you ..." This
is an accurate description of Lie
for a Lie #2. One thing is for sure:
Jason's writing and illustrations
did draw me in and capture my
heart for o while.
He turns the zine around with
a piece named "Girl Watching ■***
Preditor," describing his own experiences unlearning and fighting
sexism ond being supportive to
women survivors of sexual assault. Plus he has printed a letter
to Heartattack magazine challenging their sexist and ignorant
attitudes in issue #9.
Jason also writes about classism and privilege, all wifh a
"working class and proud" tone.
To top it off, he gives warnings
and facts about smoking ond caffeine, two of Jason's biggest
vices. Unfortunately, I have o
disclaimer: there is some serious cultural appropriation in
this zine. Beware. Write Box
40674 PDX 97240-0674.
Stamps and trade okay.
(3.5x4.5, 16 pages)
This little zine is put out by the
Urban Coffeehouse in Prince
George, proving lhat great ihings
do happen in small places. One
of the Urban's purposes is to announce upcoming performances
and political events and, of
course, what's happening af the
coffeehouse. Mainly this is a compilation zine filled with poetry,
stories, information, essays, and
submissions from local artists. The
editor. Dale Acolle, is very encouraging and the Urban appears to be o supportive, accepting ploce for artists to submit their
work. Write 2880 15th Avenue,
Prince George, BC,V2M1T1.
(8X10, 30 pages)
I'm sorry I didn't give this zine
a chonce sooner. I didn't see
fhe point of the penis comic,
but, as a girl, perhaps I never
will. It is a very non-offensive
comic, mostly obout the main
character feeling awkward
ond abnormal because of his
penis size. And rhere're five
other short comic strips which
don't have a penis theme. The
interviews featured are with
Franklin Bruno from Nothing
Pointed Blue, Harvey Sid
Fisher, and on omazing interview with Jazzy Bains who
talks about Western influence
on traditional Punjabi music.
Send $3 to 317A Cambie St.,
Van, BC, V6B 2N4 or look for
it ot Scratch Records on
Cordova St.
(half size, 32 pages)
Headgear is jam packed with
opinion pieces on welfare, voting, and sexual biology. The author tells stories of the politicians
in his family and his unfortunate
mishaps with his genitalia,
among others.
I personally found the back
page to be fhe most informative, in his exploration of victimization and abuse. Who
says good zines don't come
out of Vancouver? Send $ 1 to
Box 19617, Centre Point Postal
Outlet, Van, BC, V5T 4E7.
(quarter size, 16 pages)
ABT is a collection of unedited
free-form writing. When I first
read this zine I was turned off by
ihe sci-fi writing style and layout.
I often get lost in language and
imagery lhat is sci-fi inspired, but
fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to meetwilh ihe authors
during my stay in Portland and I
slowly began to understand their
zine. Send $1 ond Star Wars paraphernalia to Josh at PO Box 40701,
Portland, OR, 972400701.
Hon of words and images. Drawings and photographs are accompanied wilh a sentence capturing
the feelings of ihe author. I reolly
enjoyed ihis emo-like zine. Send
some postage ta Daryl at Box
22172, Regina, SK, S4S 7H4.
(half size, 32 pages)
The moin focus of this one is a
response to an interview in
Wrecking Ball #3. Keyan exposes the blatant racism lhat exists in supposed allies of racial
minorities within the zine scene.
This is definitely a first step in
combating oppression in a scene
lhat cloims to be a safe place for
people of colour. Keyan also talks
obout his mixed race background
as a Persian/white male and the
shame and confusion thot result
from assimilation. The zine ends
with an academic essay on sexism as a by-product of men's
search for masculinity. A great
essay covering a lot of ground.
Send $1 to Keyan at 110 Legion Way SE #403, Olympia,
WA, 98501.
(half size, 72 pages)
I want all you boys out there to
order this zine because it's probably one of the most important
zines we've ever reviewed. It
contains a wide range of views
and essays challenging society's
definition of rape, the silent acceptance of rape within mass
media, and so-called male bonding. This zine olso dissects the
concept of the mole gender role
and male sexuality through
objectification and power structures. Also included is the "Am I
a Rapist?" quiz lhat I ihink far too
many people will be able to identify wilh. Send $1 ta Basil at 120
State Ave NE #1510, Olympio,
WA, 98501 .•
18    September 1996 under the volcano
Sunday, August 11 Cates Park. North Va
The whole festival had a fresh feel to it. Young people were in evidence as spectators and, more
importantly, as organizers. It was a festival in
which social change was encouraged but not
forced, which I think is a positive thing.
The workshops which were held to the side of
the main stage added a neat component. I attended ones on media sabotage (a hands-on affair
which taught us easy ways to destroy, change, or
use the media to broadcast a message), women
and independent music, and one called Mind
Body Love (which focused on the rave scene and
harm reduction strategies).
There was even a rave, which intended to run
for 24 hours, beginning at 11am. I'm not sure if
they succeeded or not, but I witnessed a sizable
group dancing in happy bliss from noon onwards.
For me, the only disappointing part of the festival was the limited presence of literature and art.
One of the few pieces of art on display was a series
of plaster casts of body parts. The casts were covered with food box labels portraying historic pictures that feed off the perceived exoticness of
people of colour. This exhibit was well done in that
it didn't cross the line between reinterpreting mainstream culture's views of people of colour and
what can be seen as victim art.
Interspersed with the Grrrlapalooza acts was a
variety of First Nations' dance, art, and music.
Before I had to leave to catch my bus, I was able to
see some great performances: Denise Lonewalker
performed a interpretive dance with her band
Poetic Justice. The dance was in support of Anna
Mae Aquash, an American Native Indian who was
shot to death, whose case remains uninvestigated.
Her costume was beautiful and her dance even
more so. Slightly disapointing was Clyde Roulette,
whose blues style was straight ahead blues rock
that   sounded   akin   to   Stevie   Ray   Vaughn.
Unfortunately, Roulette's drummer prevented the
band from taking the boogie beat to the next level.
A much better example of the blues came at the
start ofthe day with Cicada, who found a groove
early and were swinging to it wildly. Fara's
voice is absolutely beautiful. She was accompanied by very Z-95ish dance music. Mary
Longman's musical style reminded me of
Buffy St. Marie, but that's not to say she
isn't original in both her voice and
All in all, it was a day that encouraged participation, even from people who appeared to have arrived
at the park for the sole reason
of having a picnic. I hope that
it will continue to provide
an outlet for hopeful youth
who   want    to    make
social change.*
Photos by
■ Barb Yama/aki
inly rappers at the fest were
151 and her posse, with a funky set full
of energy and positive messages. Look for a 151
12" single on Jody's label soon.
zine queen Trish Kelly
dedicated her two spoken word
pieces and two a capella songs, all deeply
personal and political, to all the lesbians in the
crowd. In reference to the festival's Decade of
Indigenous  Peoples  theme,  a  couple pieces
explored her First Nations'ancestry. Raw and emotional, Trish gets better every time we see her.
GRRRLAPALOOZA by barb and nriko
Like so many community-run outdoor festivals, the
attitude at this year's Under the Volcano festival
was refreshing and welcoming; it didn't seem to
matter how old you were, what clothes you wore,
or how sloppily you ate (and a lot, we did!
Yummy.) It was nice to be able to enjoy a nice picnic in the park without being bombarded by corporate logos. The grrrl Mistress of Ceremonies was
Christine Taylor, who made the most of her position to poke fun at the hippie contingent, flirt with
the girls, moon the crowd, and change her attire
at any chance.
The highlight for us was Jody "Coyote* Bleyle's
solo performance (she didn't mention if her band
Team Dresch had, in fact, broken up or not),
which was just as rockin' as a Team effort. With
only electric guitar and her amazing voice, she
charmed the crowd and proved why, indeed, she
makes the kids swoon. Her very short set consisted
of ("fake rock songs," as she called them) a solo
version of "Uncle Phranc," the lead-off track from
TD's new full-length, a "fake jazz" tune, a cover,
and, sadly, a mere two more. She was modest but
also extremely comfortable as both a performer
and as a techie for herself ("I like the feedback,"
she snarled at the soundman, who ran over to
change her amp's settings in the middle of a song).
Ms. Coyote's second duty at the festival was as
facilitator of the only strictly "grrrl" oriented workshop, women and independent music, a role handed to her because she runs and owns Candy-Ass
Records in Portland. After listening to her, we felt
like we could do anything in the music biz,
whether it be playing, recording, producing, or
releasing — she was inspiring and positive, while
being realistic and direct; she had us all clinging to
every word she said. It made for a very informal
but informative hour — double yummy.
The Third Sex are a band you've probably seen
before (they're the spiffy, sporty gals en the album
cover of Team Dresch's Personal Best) but not
heard, unless you're on top of the newer Kill Rock
Star 7" releases. We were impressed by their brand
of fast, melodic punk with a formula very similar to
their townmates excuse seventeen (poppy sounds
combined with sweet alternating with sour vocals).
The chatty-but-not-annoying front gals were perfectly capable of switchin' instruments and the
drummer gal (is her name Killer? 'Cause we wouldn't be surprised ...) was perfectly amazing.
Despite the fact that the fest was supposed to be
over by the time they ended up on stage, San
Francisco quintet Tribe 8 were convinced to play a
couple encores. Tribe 8 were entertaining as hell;
proud 'n' rawkin' and sporting dildos and gloves,
their classic rock moves and metal rock riffs kept
us awake after a long, exhausting day. It was a
super positive way to end the night.
Every artist was enjoyable: of note, Veda Hille's
particularly rockin' set, accompanied by
folk/garage rocker Ford Pier on guitar; Puncture,
featuring one of the fest's organizers, Super Cool
Chick Meegan Maultsaid, on vocals, doin' a Rage
Against the Machine kinda metal/punk thing; and
Fara, whose voice, although beautiful, was too
mainstream for our liking.
Fortunately, the day had something to offer for
everyone. Unfortunately, it was impossible to see it
all. We took a quick trip to the rave woods to see
a girl dj spinning beats; it was a rave for all ages,
cultures, and backgrounds. If only the sun hadn t
been so shy on Grrrl Sunday; save that, it would
have been close to perfect. •
Volunteers needed.
Are you an outgoing, spontaneous man or woman over the age of
19 with a never-say-die attitude and a good sense of humour?
We are a non-profit society that helps young offenders and children
ages 8 to 18 who are at risk of getting in trouble.
\\    PLEA
<kt>?|L9f< under.
Violin Concerto
Shaker Loops
With John Adams' 1992
Chamber Symphony, the seeds of
change were firmly planted ond
I am profoundly saddened by the
loss of one of minimalism's truly
original voices. Certainly, Adams
is still on original voice - but not
in the minimalist aesthetic to
which I am accustomed. Alas,
music is on ongoing process and
Adams proved this with the stylistic change in his compositional
technique. It is dialectical: thesis,
antithesis, followed by synthesis
- and perhaps, it was inevitable.
I cannot but mourn the loss of
the minimalist composer, John
Adams, whose excellent
minimalist works indude Shaker
Loops, Common Tones in Simple
Time, Grand Pianola Music, The
Chairman Dances (subtitled or
alternately filled Foxtrot for Orchestra) Harmonielehre Part I,
and my absolute favourite of his
compositions, the nonparreil
Fearful Symmetries. I recommend
these titles without hesitation or
John Adams is not self-referential or perhaps self-parodying
like Philip Glass. He was my favourite minimalist composer, but
until he composes music in the
familiar minimalist idiom, my ears
are closed to his music.
BrittAdomsen [The Meat^at-
ing Veganj
(Trance Syndicate)
I wish I was in this band! The first
tune sounds like Radiohead doing the b-side of "led Zeppelin
III," except with olterno-leen vocals - and lhat's a compliment.
The concept of sparse is token to
new levels: flavour-filled drums
scattered only lightly, boss lhat's
barely even implied, two guitars
with such exquisite, ambivalent,
and balanced tones lhat it's hard
to tell the electric from the acoustic and the lead from the rhythm.
The melodies and hooks are
welded into one smooth lump.
Prime lyrics come from track
7: "with a short fuse ond Chinese
directions / I think you'll light
yourself on fire / Because a ro-
man candle's got no direction /
It's just waiting to expire." If these
guys play live, the crowd must be
a bunch of dirty skids lying on
ihe floor in fhe fetal position wondering why iheir brains are ploying the 45 that is their lives on
oniy 33 rpm.
Criticisms? Some would point
out that fhe vocals are slightly too
Thurston Moore-ish and that
the tempo dial on the studio click
track it stuck. I wish the lyricist
would invest in a thesaurus, because the word 'empty' appears
an average of 5.63 times per
song. Maybe it's one of those subconscious iheme album thingys.
The Bruce Lee Band
(Dill Records)
A Message To You, Rudy: Bruce
Lee is belter known os Mike Park,
the ex-singer from Less Than
Jake and Skankin' Pickle. In
this band, however, Mike blends
sko-core wilh Asian-centered lyrics and only a minimal amount
of hom playing, which makes the
album sound like the Ramones
rockin' steady on the olher side
of ihe Pacific. Unfortunately for
old-skoolers like me. The Bruce
Lee Band is full-out thirdwave,
with no room for traditional
Skavoovie bluebeat. Bruce Lee
actually manages to stir the brew
of punk and ska to create a full-
bodied lager that goes down
smooth with no aftertaste. Also
thrown in are plenty of cheese-
flavoured samples of 60's TV programs ond rodio ads, etc. Track
13, "Komsomida," is sung entirely in what is most likely Japanese, a language much better
suited ta ska than English. They
also employ the
VoodooGlowSkull tactic of
echoing ihe horn lines wilh distorted guitar.
Don't waste your time listing
to the acoustic tracks, "Mr.
Hanelei" and "Don't Sit Next To
Me Just 'Cause I'm Asian," becouse they contain absolutely no
ska value whatsoever and seem
to be nothing more than Bruce's
solo artist pretensions making
themselves obscenely obvious.
Handy Tip: if any of you purchased the Misfits of Ska compilation, you've hod a chance to
hear a live version of "I'm In Love
With A Girf Named Spike," as
performed by Skankin' Pickle.
There are two hidden tracks on
Bruce Lee's album, one of which
is an acoustic version of that very
some tune. The other tune you'll
have to discover for yourself.
Box of Hair
As one who can cram more notes
into a bar lhan most, I can sympathize with those basement
lickmeisters jealous of the fact lhat
the art of simplicity generally rules
the cosmos. However, better to
put your own best foot forward
than to wallow in arrogance and
thus do nothing.
Anyway, cub probably has
a better chance to actually feed
themselves than most bands for
a lot of solid reasons. I hod a
great lime listening to this CD. The
melodies are getting more complex and Brunette Betty is replaced by Leather Tuscadero
raunch (and it's more rock n' roll-
Joan Jettenough to wake you up
and say style-change!). I'll bet
Ms. Iwata currently listens to
Gentle Giant on fhe astral plane
in preparation for a future that's
filled with etudes to bliss-tech no
brilliance (and, oh yeah, I really
enjoy her singing), and ihey're
getting closer to leary-eyed bic
lighter anthems on the lyrical
front. Lisa G. succeeds in adding her personality to ihe CD, ihus
moving the band to new directions.
I'm listening to Ms. Punk cub
do her lyric cram 2/4 bash right
now! Remember that Mom and
Dad want to understand the
words, but I think ihey did an
excellent job. Oh harmony! And
Lisa Marr, you rock; enjoy it and
don't apologize!
China Gate
(Thirsty Ear)
A band playing down a hallway,
watching 60's-era, Technicolor
films, but with contemporary fashion sense. And get this, they're
all over thirty. No shit, and no
problem. Cul de Sac play well.
They confidently and competently
move from 'surfy' guitar pop (not i
too surfy though), film soundtrack
sounding stuff, loose jazz, to
more contemporary 'structured'
rock (some call it post-rock).
Of course ... there are no vocals. Again, no problem. Vocals
can place a song, situate it in a
particular way. Cul de Sac take
full advantage of the relative flexibility of being instrumental. Their
songs are very imagistic, conveying fhe sense of a mood/place,
without excessive description (or
over playing).
The production quality of
China Gate complements Cul de
Sac well, but fhe reverby-ness
becomes monotonous (it's on everything sometimes). Allhough they
mix genres skillfully, their changes
con be somewhat predictable,
which isn't necessarily bad. There
is a comforting 'retro' feel to
China Gate. The songs unfold like
TV segments. A pleasure to
watch/listen, but you olready
know the ending.
ice cream   Drugs   Rubber
(Gas Racket)
In Ihis, their second release, Dinner is Ruined, whose member
ship indudes ex-Rheostatic Dave
Clark, continues ta combine almost every musicol style in existence. Changing from prog rock
to punk to industrial to even the
blues, this record defies categorization. The onfy Iwo things lhat
remain constant are ifs diversity
and dissonance. The strange
thing about ihis album is that it
works. The drastic changes in
style and instrumentation seem to
be natural and not out of sorts.
The bits of melody and insane
lyrics littered among the wreckage are quite catchy and stick in
your head. It's playful in a neurotic sort of way.
Paul Kundarewich
All Scratched Up
I like ihese guys. I like this album.
Why aren't ihese guys selling mil-
"Clashmania" Rancid? Because they play basic, non-retro
punk rock, a reason why Joe
Slrummer could listen to this album and not be confused by
hearing his own voice coming
from a band he was never in.
Joson Stinson
5 Live
(The Enclave)
Talk about hype! Talk about having everything right in place: image (rumour is a couple of these
giHs were cast from a modeling
agency); a new high profile label wilh millions o' bucks to throw
behind 'em (headed by ex-Geffen
Tom "Guns V Roses" Zutout); an
excellent publicist; some well-regarded fans (Foo Fighters, Hole,
etc); and ... oh yeah, I almost forgot, the music.
Like I told someone after I saw
ihem recently: They were the best
band I've ever seen, then they
started playing. The most mundane, hookless, plodding wannabe Thunders influenced pop-
punk this side of, oh, most everything really. This "live" e.p. won't
garner much steam or interest.
Look ot Men's Wear's example,
for gosh sokes. The public may
seem dumb, but not this dumb.
Elastica ihey ain't.
Ronnie Barnett
(Mojo Records)
For lack of a better description, I
would call these guys pop-punk,
in their Green Day-mixed-wilh-
a-tinge-of-ska sound. However,
the fact that their lyrics and songs
are weaker than Green Day
turned me off. Swearing for fhe
sake of swearing, such as "I know
I fucked up and I wish I was
deod" in "Mind's Eye," could be
more eloquently stated.
In Goldfinger's defense,
ihey're tight, the vocal harmonies
are effective, and there ore interesting percussive sections in some
songs. Call me old-fashioned, but
that ancient song-essential (a
melody wilh compulsion and direction) is locking throughout the
disc. Therefore, it will probably
sit in my pile of CDs that mode it
through ihe virgin listen, but never
iged ta make it into rotation.
A Comprehensive Guide To
Moderns Rebellion
(Fat Wreck Chords)
If you want a good punk album
lhat's fast, catchy, not poppy, and
has variety, then pick up the latest release from Good Riddance. It's mixed with some
heavy tunes, comprised of solid
punk ond pop-punk. And don't
worry, there's only about two
potential radio hits on this one;
there's even a wide variety of topics here, ranging from breaking
up to death. Tilt's Cinder Block
sings additional vocals on the
track "A Credit to his Gender."
All songs are high paced ond
fast, with the exception of "West
End Memorial," a slow, heavier
tune wilh distorted vocals. Seventeen songs in all, plus a hidden track; and, if all lhat isn't
enough, ten cents from the sale
of the album goes to Food Not
Kellie Ku
Stars on E.S.P.
From the name, I expected His
Name Is Alive to be a dark,
frightening act making experimental, hallucinatory music.
What a surprise, then, to put the
CD on and hear forty-five minutes
of perfect pop! Stars on E.S.P.
works in ihe indie rock formula
to its zenith, combining eleclric
and acoustic guitars wifh angelically clear female vocals. Olher
sounds, such as an organ, flute,
and assorted samples, are so
carefully mixed lhat it is neariy
impossible to determine if they
are real or synthesized. My biggest problem with this album is
just lhat: it's too perfect to be real!
Too beautiful, too catchy, too well
written and played ("The Bees"
blew my mind), and too marketable. If you love Beach Boys-
style pop perfection, then Stars
on E.S.P. could make your year.
A Chorus of Interludes
(Ajax Records)
S'wounds, it's nice to come
across o CD like this one. It's a
collection of songs originally released on 7" records or in compilations during ihe period 1991 -
1993, and the music it presents
displays a truly wonderful diversity.
A Kiwi now based out of our
own Vancouver (an argument for
liberal immigration lows if I've
ever heard one), Peter
Jefferies' major current project
is as drummer and pianist in
Matador Records' 2 Foot
Flame. However, while the music of 2 Foot Flame is fast and
hord-edged, the tracks on A Chorus of Interludes tend to be softer
and often acoustic, with an emphasis on melody and arrangement. There's even o respectable
bit of poetry in the lyrics, delivered in Jefferies' characteristic
languid style. "Image of a Single
Thought" is an impressionistic
portrait of a failing relationship,
and "Knocked Out or Thereabouts" is just incomrehensible,
allhough not so much so lhat it's
not intriguing.
However good the lyrics,
ihough, the music is what makes
this album stand out. The songs
run the gamut from the soft, folky
feeling of the title track, through
the distorted and electric pseudo-
Scottish reel "Spark Off A Wire,"
to the all-too-short experimental
piano, cello, and percussion
piece, "Lassitude."
While all the Iracks on here
have been previously released,
and for the most part separately,
none is out of place on this collection; ihey ali fit together marvellously.
Adam Monahan
web       site:       http//www.
Subliminal Sandwich
Inside this mammoth double disc
release, there is a brilliant EP
struggling to get out. Since
1993's release of the astute,
funny, politically aware
Satyricon, Jack Dangers (head
keeper of the manifesto) dropped
his songwriting partner, moved
from London to Los Angeles and
befriended Trent Reznor
(Nine Inch Nails). The Californian sun must have melted Jack's
brain, since Subliminal Sandwich
is, for the most port, ihe sound of
meat being beaten. The first CD
is tolerable, recapturing the
quirky, industrial hiphop of earlier MBM. Jack is very girted at
summoning a sexy lo-fi, high-tech
sound from his machines that
would be wonderful in the service of belter songs. The sounds
ore slick, wifh conventions borrowed from all manner of dub
music, and lots of neat television
samples, but only towards the
middle of the album do things
become anything but pedestrian.
"Future WoHds," "She's Unreal,"
and a cover of "Abestos Lead
Abestos" are prime Meat Beat
Manifesto, though they lack the
humor of eaHier work. Pointless,
formless and painfully dull, disc
2 is ambient music without the
atmosphere and inventiveness,
just lots of gee-whiz sounds for
the techno Irainspolters and more
unrelated TV samples. Now if
you'll excuse me, I need some
Alka-Seltzer. This sandwich
leaves me feeling terribly bloated.
Jovian Francey
Dirty and Divine
(C/Z Records)
The music on Moonshake's
new CD is good enough: they
have this kind of ethereal, groovy,
layered acid-jazz sound going
on; it's all slicky produced and
pleasing enough to the old ear
(allhough not starrlingly original).
But, by god, the lyrics consist
of the most banal, inane, and
vapid collection of forced rhymes
ond pretension lhat I've encountered since I stopped listening to
Def Leppard. At age twelve.
For example, from "Gambler's
29   September 1996 Blues:' "Like a dumb kid, I imprint on your dress/You're the
cherry on top of this mess/How
many times have you heard me
confess?/And how many rimes
have you had to guess?" Urn ...
the time to hesitate is through ...
no (ahem) Hme to wallow in the,
baby light my fire ... come on
baby light my fire ... Kee-rist.
These little gems were penned
by one Callahan, who is also on
vocals, belting out his ditties wilh
Brit-hipster fin-de-siecle lethargy,
"Oh, I'd express emotion for you,
baby, if it wasn't for this awful
ennui ..."
So if you are one of those
folks blessed by ihe ability to tune
out the vocals in a song and just
enjoy the music, well, hell, this
may be the album for you. On
the olher hand, if you can't do
this, and are of the opinion lhat
words are capable of expressing
more than Molson Canadian
advertising copy or Baywatch
dialogue, well, then, give it a
miss. Trust me. Web site: hftp://
Adam Monahan
(Harthouse/Eye Q)
I get sad everyfime I hear this album. Not becouse it's particularly
poignant or melancholy, but because the artists in question are
Vancouver residents who've off
ond gone to Los Angeles. Phil
Western and Dan Handrabur
(now with vocalist Cristina) have
long been at the forefront of not
just the Vancouver, but ihe international, electronic scene, as
exemplified by projects such as
Download, Outersanctum,
and Floatpoint.
Wilh Everest, ihe first Canadian and North American album
to be released on Sven Vath's
prestigious Harthouse label, Phil
and Dan craft iheir most elegantly
accessible recording to date.
Skillfully balancing ambience
wifh danceablify, the duo's work
sounds completely alien, yet retains an organic, human feel,
despite the absence of any obvious melodies or conventional
song structure. The brilliant
opener, "Gods Have Gone* has
a meandering, unpredictable
bassline and heavily syncopated,
non-repetitive drum machine
beats. "Sprinkle" is hazy, beaHess
psychedelia. Cristina's vocals
add just the right human, ihough
heavily manipulated, touch to
songs like ihe groovy "Shasta."
No matter what ihey do, Phil and
Dan avoid cliche; I just hope ihey
can keep up the excellent work
after reaching the peaks of Everest.
Jovian Francey
I suppose I should be nice to these
guys, because I'm just the punk-
ass rookie 'round here and the
drummer for Pluto used to be
music director here at CiTR. OK,
then ... the drumming is good.
Actually, there are a couple of
well-written songs here. Most of
the production is realty dean and
there's no question lhat the whole
outfit is really tight and smooth.
Drawbacks, however, lie in
ihe fact that the strange accent
the singer uses sounds very contrived, and most of the songs lack
any real dynamic depth. A couple of ihe bass licks are shamelessly stolen from Paul
McCartney, of all people. The
distorted guitars and open hi-hat
drums are well suited ta Top 40
radio; unfortunately, none of the
hooks ore sharp enough to pierce
your ears and get sluck ihere. The
lead guitarist seems to think that
if he just fiddles around in the
same key as his bandmates, he'll
somehow develop a melody. He's
My guess is lhat these guys
thrive on live performances and
haven't quite developed fhe musical sensibilities or lyrical skills
required to make a great power-
pop album. All the same, ihey
need encouragement and it's
good to see o local outfit make
the cross-over to a major label
without transforming into Rush.
Low Ebb EP
(Magwheel Records)
Sackville is a town in New Brunswick, home to Mount Allison University. Sackville is also a band
from Montreal. I hove two friends
who have lived in Sackville. Neither of them are familiar with
Sackville the band. One of these
friends likes ihe Palace Brothers (and all other names/off-
shoots/etc). He should listen to
this Low Ebb EP. It has a really
folky feel — the kind of sound you
could drive to while lost on a high-
Made up of guitars, violins,
bass, drums, and occasional
mandolin, Sackville has all of ihe
ingredients for o good ol' fashioned, down-south, footetompin'
hoe down, but all the songs are
mellow (like lhat old commercial
for Eat More where the record
My problem (and this is somelhing I'm seeking help for) is lhat
I find ihe song "Showcase Showdown" painfully familiar to ihe
music from the movie Phenomenon — which I really didn't like
at aH — so it's a bod association. For a wee EP put out by
some decent folk, though, it's
quite alright with me.
Jeremy Gruman
Vikings of the Sunrise
(New Albion)
When is a piano not a piano?
The answer comes when composer Stephen Scott and nine
colleagues get their hands on
one. Harps, accordions, strings,
guitars, mandolins, didgeridoos,
sitars, marimbas, snare drums,
and — yes — occasionally even
a piano pour fluidly out of a helpless Baldwin for the entire 55
minutes of Scott's Vikings of the
At some points the ten sets of
hands and their "piano bows,"
made out of things like old
popsicle slicks ond nail files, produce sounds I've only heard from
banks of electronic keyboards. It's
very similar to ihe textures lhat
people like Lyle Mays or Mark
Isham conjure up. The ensemble does all of this without touching the keys; instead, they manipulate ihe strings inside the piano in countless ways. This technique, known as prepares piano,
has a healthy tradition.
Probably the best known
practitioner of lhat technique was
John Cage, who often produced atonal music, which challenged the listener wifh new
sounds or in some cases, no
sounds. Comparitively, Stephen
Scott seems to be travelling in
somewhat more familiar territory
— he's not afraid to compose
music lhat's very melodic, layered
ond trance-like. Perhaps a better
comparison would be to someone
like Steve Reich or Ingram
Marshall, the record's producer.
Even ihough most of the music here is buoyant, the second
half of the album becomes somewhat darker, at times dirge-like.
By the end, however, the music
rises from all directions in a huge,
triumphant swell.
Michael Chouinard
(Squirtgun Records)
Much hype has been surrounding this band and when I saw
ihem perform last month, I could
understand why. To describe the
band in a nutshell: cub meets
Slayer (and lives through it). An
unlikely juxtaposition? Just listen
to the songs "Flyweight* or "Master of Action" ond you can hear
what I mean. The band has a
keen appreciation for heavy
metal the way it was meant to be
played — heavy! — and at the
same time their songs and singer
Nicole Hughes' voice show on
even greater appreciation for
pop-based songwriting. Perhaps
the only downside to the CD is
that you can'f fully appreciate the
band as a live unit, which includes (as the title alludes to) actually fire-breathing.
Ah, for Ihe day of the truly
interactive CD-ROMI However,
for now, and until they ploy o
town near you. Flamethrower
should keep itself pretty warm on
your stereo system.
Brian Wieser
Gone Again
It's difficult to imagine what Patti
Smith has had ta endure
recently. Wilh the deaths of her
husband, brother and close friend
(photographer Robert
Mapplefhorpe), Smith buffers
herself in a serene world of weariness rather lhan wallowing in
self pity.
Her first album in eight years
is a mesmerizing document of
sad beauty lhat shows the punk-
poet at ihe height of her lyrical
skills. Floating in a cold ocean of
word play, she finds solace in on
antidote of self evaluation. Ironically, Smith's loss is our gain; her
solemn voice spills out haunting
epitaphs of loss and searching.
Smith opts for sparse arrangements in most of the tracks, which
ore sewn together with acoustic
guitar and piano with garnishes
of cello (Jane Scarpantoni)
and organ (John Cale) Many
of her old New York alumni, including Tom Verlaine, Lenny
Kay* and Jay Dee
Dougherty, provide a complimentary backdrop.
Smith's present world revolves
around loss and grieving, which
in many respects is a purification
of her soul. On "Farewell Reel,*
accompanied only by acoustic
guitar, Smilh laments on the death
of husband Fred "Sonic* Smilh.
Throughout Gone Again Smith
wrings out the passion of a bad
hand of cards lhat life has recently dealt her, yet wilh brilliant
clarity she persists.
Pieter Hofmann
(Violet Inch Records)
Anyone who has heard her teaming to Cook cassette (1995), or
even better, had the good fortune
to see Kinnie Starr in action live
has been waiting for the arrival
of Ihis hot little CD. It has arrived!
Kinnie Starr loads all of her creative power into her stuff ihe music is worlh dancing to, the lyrics
are worth reading and ihe art
work on the jacket is worth, well,
taking in.
This album is worth getting.
However, if you are one prone to
listening comfortably to a band
whose songs blend into one another without diversity or innovation, lhan Tidy is not for you. The
tracks range from blues-rock in
"Grandma's Bicycle," to
soundscape spoken word, and
then jump without warning into
hip hop. One thing is clear:
Kinnie Starr is having fun. You
can too.
Captain, My Captain
She's amazing. They're all amazing. They rock in the most fucking brilliant way. Jody Candy-
Ass Records/Hazel, Kaia
Adickdid, Melissa Vitapup,
and Donna Chainsaw
Records/every cool band
return (hopefully not for the last
time - pray to your respective
gods ihey haven't broken upl)
wilh eleven songs of lesbionic
power at its best! Buy it; don't
ihink about it, just do it. You won't
be sorry.
Old Traditions New Standards
(Harriet Records)
Despite the fact lhat Crayon's
Brick Factory album is probably
one of ihe best compilations of
pop songs ever, Tullycraft (Sean
and Jeff from Crayon plus Gary
from Wimp Factor 14) manage to achieve a similar feat. It's
hard not to think of ihis band as
Crayon with a replacement guitarist, because any band contain
ing Sean's vocals will be defined
by just that; his high-pitched,
childlike sassiness is undeniably
what made Crayon, and will
make Tullycraft, remarkably
memorable and enjoyable. This
new incarnation, however, has
gone in a different direction:
ihey're more pure pop (the indie-
pop fanatics will swoon), mostly
due to Gary's wonderful strumming and melodic noodlings on
guitar, as compared to Brad's
penchant for mega distortion and
feedback. And hey! "Pop Songs
Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid
to Know About" is on ihis, as well
as hits "Josie" (wilh back-up vocals courtesy of Robynn from
cub) and "Then Again, Maybe I
Don't" (with additional vocals by
Susan from Incredible Force of
crystal pail
(Bang On)
This is a project which has been
in the works for some four years
now and many skeptics thought
it would never happen. However,
vti forget that we are talking
obout four guys who have been
dedicated to the cause for so
long, wilh dedication that can
also be seen from a few of ihem
in their work in SNFU.
A long time ago, I saw the
Wheat Chiefs play their first
Voncouver show. It was odd —
the songs seemed to have this
awkwardness about ihem — and
I wasn't overly impressed. So
here we ore, years later with their
CD Redeemer. Wow! (So it's
been a LONG time since I saw
ihem live.)
The songs sound great trough-
out. I can't help but compare iheir
sound to lhat of Big Drill Car
or the Doughboys a la 1991.
This isn't a bad thing. Whereas
the sound of Redeemer isn't anything new, Ihe Wheat Chiefs do
happen to pull it off quite well.
Songs like the opening track
"Refuse," really move, as do
"Theme Song" and "Crawl," the
latter of which is filled with backing vocals ond harmonies, making for perfect sing-o-longs when
you're by yerself. As an added
bonus, one can listen for hidden
satanic messages in the song
'Rock & Roll Mokes Me Party On
MTV & The Radio In The U.S.A.*
(Warner Brothers)
One night obout a yeor ago I was
listening, os everybody should,
to CiTR 101.9 FM, and I heard
ihis incredible tune. In fact, itwas
so good lhat I had to phone up
to find out who itwas. It was You
Am I doing this tune called 'She
Digs Her,' which has gotta be
one of he greotest songs I've ever
heard. You Am I ore an Australian ihree-piece who opparenlty
hove friends in high places; Hi Fi
Way was mixed by Sonic
Youth's Lee Ranaldo and The
Posies' Jon Auer.
So I had high hopes for this
album. Unfortunately, "She Digs
Her" is the best song on the al
bum by a long shot, ond ihe rest
is kinda disappointing. For the
most part, they end up sounding
like a slightly poppier and more
psychedelic Nirvana wifh harmonies, occasionally blatantly
ripping them off. I wouldn't go
out of my way to get this album,
but I'd kill for "She Digs Her,* if
a CD single exists.
Fred Deri
Mind/Body^ Compilation
(DIY Productions)
Yet another double CD from "the
industrial net community,* Mind/
Body3 grassroots electronic music from around ihe United States,
roughly divided into the introspective (Mind) and ihe destructive
(Body). As wilh any underground
collective, the music is at once
diverse, eclectic, uneven, original, disappointing, and fascinating. These CDs provide some of
the best ond some of the worst
listening experiences I've had in
some time. It's one of these albums where you program out the
dodgy bits before you press
"play;" so if you can live wilh
that, you've got yourself a fine
near two hours of satisfaction for
your mind and body.
New    Electronical
Unreleased Vol. 2
(Beechwood Music)
This is the second package of
unreleased cuts from the always
prolific NewE/ec/roni'coand, first
of all, you're probably wondering who the featured artists are?
Well, check out these names:
B12, Blake Baxter, Claude
Young, Ian Pooley, Mark
Broom, Lazermusik and
many others -who are pushing the
envelope of electronic music
daily, bringing us all closer to the
next millennium. All ihe Iracks are
well crafted, intelligent and
minimalist techno that'll remind
you lhat electronic music is so
much more lhan just dance floor
fodder. Leave your wine ot home
becouse there's no cheese at this
party. Viva the synthetic!
Brian Wright
Uncharted Territories - Jungle Jazz
(Beechwood Music)
Well, slowly but surely, the super
percussive sounds of drum and
bass are becoming more and
more influential with the people
of North America. If you're looking for a place to jump on the
wagon you might want to start
wilh Uncharted Territories. Lots of
crazy ass beats, breaks, and jazz
bits are what this compilation is
all obout. Featured artists include
Wax Doctor, Aqua Sky,
Melting Pot, Tessera, The
Peter Nice Trio, Alex Reece
and Paul Saunders and others. For myself, the remix of
Lamb's 'Cotton Wool" by Fila
Brazilia is ihe track that really
stood out. Well, rather ihon try
and describe in words what the
album is all about... have a listen and make up your own mind.
Brian Wright
21    EK^2E^ When y o ti*re » student,
you never need an eiense
Ml siw^ _Bnmcy%
Erom September to December 1996, BC TEi
offers you even MOKE savings on top of your
everyday discounts. Here's how it works:
We'll look at your phone bill for June, July and August and use the lowest monthly bill, after discounts,
as a benchmark. (If you had no previous monthly charges, your benchmark is zero.) Then for the months
of September, October, November, and December, we'll give you a FURTHER 25% off the difference
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To apply, just drop this coupon off at your nearest PhoneMart™ store, mail it to BC TEL, #100 - 555 Sixth
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>t be a residential
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Saturday, July 27
The Velvet Elvis
Seattle, WA
It is rare that I actually walk
away from a show reeling completely inspired and that is precisely what happened as I left
the Velvet Elvis on a sunny afternoon in Seattle. First of all, I have
to say that the VE is the most
charming "club" I've ever been
in. The stage looks like a cutaway living room, like a set from
your favourite TV show. The seats
are theatre style (in rows) and
above the audience hang all
these different lamps. Cozy and
Poundsign started this
Slumberland Records showcase
off with some really pretty,
poppy numbers. These two girls
(who alternate between guitar
and drums) and two boys (bass
and guitar/keyboards) play
nice, luscious, indie-British-influenced pop. I had seen them the
night before in Olympia, but at
this show (maybe because of a
better sound setup) they seemed
to be way more confident, which
I guess is why I liked them better
this second time around.
Henry's Dress were up next.
They are quite possibly one of
the best bands ... everl For the
first half of their set, Amy
drummed and Matt played guitar. Then halfway through the set,
they traded instruments, playing
them equally well. Their music
is strong and pretty and poppy
ond punky and I loved it. I 'm
still amazed at what I saw. Each
member gets so into what they
are playing. Hayyim (who wears
his boss way up high and
dances frantically) is especially
fun to watch. Everybody should
see them and if you can't see
them, then you should at least
buy one of their releases.
The last band of the afternoon was Rocketship. Dustin, the
Main Guy, plays keyboards and
borrowed Paul from Go Sailor
and Matt from Henry's dress to
accompany him and his drummer. I think that very few singers
can say the words "I love you"
in a song without it sounding
cheesy. Thankfully, Dustin is one
of these people. He just seems
so sincere. Rose Melberg, (of the
Softies; she's another one who
can sing "I love you" without
making me feel queasy) joined
Rocketship on backup vocals for
their last few songs. Rose and
Dustin sang the song ("The Love
We Could Have Hod') which
appears on a compilation 7" put
out by Double Agent records.
Rocketship play beautiful music
for falling asleep to, and I mean
that as a compliment, because usually I can't fall asleep if there's ony
music playing.
I think all of the bands were
absolutely excellent and I had a
really good time on my journey
to the United States of America.
The icing on the cake was that
as I was leaving the venue, someone was handing out toys. I got this
cute little plastic camel that walks
by itself and stops before it plunges
to its death off the edge of the
Megan Mallett
Saturday, August 3
St. James Community Hall
There can surely be no greater
joy then a good all-ages show.
If I'm mistaken than you can feel
free to find me a dub with great
bands, great attitudes, six dollar admission fees, and not a
single drunk person. The comfy
St. James Community Hall should
have been teeming with throngs
of happy people, but only some
fifty culturally aware folks managed to tear themselves away
from the huge cigarette known
as downtown, AKA the Symphony of Fire.
Around 8 o'clock, and only
half an hour late, Thee Goblins
started an evening of varied but
consistently high quality; with
drums and loads of audience
participation, Thee Goblins infused the hall with superhuman
energy. The mysterious uniforms
disguising the duo seemed
wholly appropriate, evaporating
any inhibitions.
More local talent was to be
witnessed when Gaze brought
out their blend of lovely, bittersweet pop. Much tighter than
when I last saw them, the trio
performed songs that were introspective, slightly forlorn but always hopeful. Backed by the
skillful drumming of one of the
Softies, Gaze kept everyone's
interest. Unfortunately, the consistently muddy vocal mixing
throughout the Gaze, Plumtree
and Potatomen sets forced me
to guess what anyone was singing about.
Next up were the infuriat
ingly talented young women
from Halifax, Plumtree. With
their endearing between song
patter and catchy choruses, it
was impossible not to like them.
The charmingly naive lyrics were
made convincing by the big,
relentlessly upbeat sound of four
talented musicians enjoying
K recording artists, The Softies, performed next, slowing
things down with delicate, folky,
electric guitar playing and beautiful, fragile songs of love. The
duo creates stunning vocal harmonies, and the one a capella
piece was heart stopping. With
no rhythm section keeping the
pulse, I can't help feeling the
Softies may be better suited to
quiet home or cafe listening than
a predominantly uptempo show.
By the time headliners, and
second boy band of the night,
the Potatomen arrived, the hall's
population had halved. Despite
a dwindling audience, the
Potatomen maintained their enthusiasm and stylish hair throughout a rocking set of songs set
somewhere between the Smiths
and the Buzzcocks, yet delivered
with a Californian accent and
sense of optimism.
The light show, while effective (Christmas lights strung to
form the word 'Rock'), may not
have been too explosive, but
there were plenty of auditory py-
rotechnics. Don't support
smokes, go to an all-ages show
ond support music that smokesl
Jovian Francey
Saturday, August 10
The Gate
Welcome to the Gate, a venue
that has recently had a face-lift
of sorts. Not too long ago, itwas
a seedy blues bar on south Granville. Now it's still on Granville
but they have doormen and hip
new lineups. I really dig the size
of this place, a fine decor and
an exciting atmosphere for some
seriously civilized, drunken
This show started with the
classiest of Vancouver bands,
The Tonics. Boasting members of
the Smugglers, Zumpano and
the now defunct Kreviss, plus
others, The Tonics are perhaps
the most super of all the Vancouver super groups. Ripping
through high powered surf
instrumentals and hyper rock
V roll tribute covers (everyone must hear their version of
the littlest hobo theme), The
Tonics have never ceased to
Yo! Thrill Sc^csA c\\ the Ga\e
photo by Paul Clarke
provide an audience with a
fantastic show.
To my own dismay, I missed
them at this one because I
thought the show was supposed
to be at the Starfish Room. A truly
grim mistake, becouse I would
have much rather wandered
over riding rock n' roll caterwauling during The Tonics, than over
the safe and softy rock that was
Thrill Squad. Don't get me
wrong, it's not so much that Thrill
Squad was offensive, more that
their music was at the middle of
the rood pablum level.
Anyway, on to save the show
was The Fallouts, and save the
show they did. The Fallouts have
a lot of great songs. Thafs about
all I can really say about them.
Their presentation was lacklustre. None of them are particu
larly genius with their instruments, but song after song was
a wonderful example of finely
crafted contemporary pop. Simple and casual. Thoroughly enjoyable. The melody and lyrics
to he title song from their album,
Sleep haven't left me yet. The
Fallouts are consistently pleasing, and absolutely enjoyable.
CoULin KknigHt
Saturday, August 17
Starfish Room
After watching Spoon open a
show for the second time in the
last few monlhs (the first time wilh
Guided by Voices), I finally realized I strongly dislike this band.
I can describe their music as really bad, depressing, generic, Pixie-
esque rock. I simply tried to ignore
their annoying, drawnout songs
and waited for the "real" show to
I'm guessing the big turnout
at the Starfish on this night was
in part because of all the press
the Archers have been getting
due to tours with such well-
known headliners as the Flaming Lips and Weezer. Whatever
the reason, the Loaf took the
stage and quickly filled the club
with their amazing brand of discordant noise. They mixed in a
few tunes from lcky Mettle, Vee
Vee, their singles comp and EP,
but the majority of their set came
from their soon-to-be released
full length entitled, All the Nations Airports. By the sound of
the tracks they ployed from it, it
may well be a goodie.
For me, the highlight of a
loaf show (this was my third) is
always watching bassist Matt
Gentling pound chords into his
bass, arms and head flailing all
over the place. Although they
tour almost continuously, the Loaf
pour all their heart and soul into
every show and tonight was no
exception. Judging by the enthusiastic crowd response and
great turnout, I think I can safely
assume the Archers of Loaf are
well on their way to assuring
themselves a crack at mainstream rock-stardom. (Thot is if
they even want a crack.) No matter what, these four North
Carolinons will always be my own
favourite indie-rock demi-gods.
Chris Corday
With a jewelfry purchase
you receive a free piercing by
Canada's most experienced piercers
1043 GRANVILLE STREET 688-6225
2 wheat chiefs
3 wandering lucy
5 the reverend horton hea
6 the aqua veVets
7 brand new unit
8 dead can dance
9 Plumtree
0 venice Shoreline Chris
1 various artists
1 2 Pluto
13 the orb
4 buffalo daughter
15 the fiends
1 6 nerdy girl
17 groovie ghoulies
8 meat beat manifesto
9 modest mouse
2 0 b!2
kinnie Starr
2 2 tullycraft
3 land of the loops
4 pest MOO
25 gravity kills
26 tNrking fellers union
27 various artists
28 jawbox
29 various artists
3 0 photek
3i speedbuggy
3 2 super friend/
33 the delta 12
the unforgiving sounds of-
rock steady
here comes the summer
auntie aubrey's excursions-
captain vapour athletes
the fiends
twist her
world contact day
Subliminal sandwich
interstate 8
time lou-isl
old traditions, new standard
bundle of joy
grwity kills
the all skanadian club ii
max We apron. 3D inches
play the game, not games
the rib of membership
western roll
square target
grand royal
Janken pon/no life
inter scope
September'q6   SHORT   VINYL
Stony plain
Girl Food
top ten
(in no particular order* J
MONDAYS ^^^^^™
1 1   holiday
ready steady go
2   wandering lucy
leap year
3   maow
the unforgiving sounds
4   modest mouse
interstate 8
5   fastbacks
new mansions m sound
6   Jumprope
no happy songs f
7   oh Susanna
1 8    hissyfit
9   cub
bO» Of hair
to   nerdy girl
the hormones
i  sebadoh
10  holly go-lightly
1 the'. *». S's
2 eric's trip/moviola
3 smack dab
.5  orange glass
. 6  the b-movie rats
. 7  full boney
L 9 white trash debutantes
2 0 the havocs
21 submission hold
2 2 the boss martians
2 3 various artists
2 4 Shiva speedway/the cat i
2 5 the nomads
2 6 ufofu
2 7 busy
greal mongoose
jo sailor
3 o the beach boys
3 1 kitty craft
3 2 Purple knight
3 3 mecca  normal
34 steer jockey
3 5 the la dotnas
the message
we're wildcats
travesty befalls the snow queen
half man, half ant
high school poetry
pinky please come back
unsafe at 4S rpm
meet the robot
soul fucker
sitting stance
the rise and fall of flingel bunt
my guy's name is rudoK
hit songs for bowlers
the thing of it is
hong kong baby
don't go
i just wasn't made fo
it's stupid
crocodte in the sw
pans in april
lap dance
norse sound
time bomb
September'96 INDIE HOME JOBS
-|H\    CiTR
the molestics
the colorifics
touch 4 gos
I   kid champion
I kstars
i judah's priests
1 prof. rt>
5 something ska
5 the stupes
7 pebble
8 the wingnutS
9 sugarcandymountain
1 meow mix productions
2 bates motel
3 nsc
4 10 ft. henry
5 the mysterons
6 naardvark the sanitary elephant
7 universal lounge act
9   Jeremy greenhouse
0 pipedream
1 squelch
campus    radio    boy
drugs & gurus
n  wearing  spandex  for   jesus
heavy    flower    head    stalk
mr. roustabout
te   my   job
arbeque  with   elvis
i wama get Punched
ginger  goodwin
Saturday disaster
i   like   you
loose, lips   sink   ships
sweet  industry
flotation,     aerodynamics
The Rocker's Top Rankin' Reggae
1 1   various artists
roots daughters
2   various artists
reggae mania
3   beres hammond
putting up resistance
4   luciano and jungle bros.
who could it be? 12'
5   jc lodge
love for all seasons
6   the congos
heart of the congos
7   gregory isaacs
looking back
8   jr. reid
no stoppm' 7"
9   Judy mowatt
10   various artists
the heathen continuous mix
 cA p-mte
J      ujQvestation
wed, Sept. IS * stciRpsb
*5 ©      Room
i constipation rob you or life and vigor! When bowels don't work right, the trouble
often lies in what you eat. You don't get "bulk". Such common foods as meat, bread, potatoes are
consumed in the body. They fail to supply the bulky mass that helps a bowrfanovement. Crisp,
crunchy LUCKY'S ALL-BRAN helps in two ways: It contributes to the "bulk" you need; and it also
b a rich source of Nature's intestinal tonic, Vitamin Bt. Eat LUCKY'S ALH3RAN every day, drink
plenty of water, and sot whal a difference "regular" habits can make in your life.
LUCKY'S    -!X?fS85«
3934 Main Street <2>  lUUK-OTRll
23rd and Main
Hun »f Qrtritl..; 	
Mon,Tiie,W«4r: 11:00-6:00    -^y**^
Th,Fri,Sit:       11:00-7:00    *S£5 ".(JCK^S   •*»
Sunday. ttoon-S:O0
the wares of fine Indie records and compact discs
.j a source for 'zines. comics and more comics
with sales of games like Magic: the Gathering, and Star wars ccgl
"lo-fl" pricing - always among the best bargains In town '
24   September 1996 SUNDAYS
12.00PM All of lime is measured by its
art. This show presents the most recent
new music from around the world. Ears
Reggae inna all styles and fashion.
LUCKY SCRATCH Alternating 3:00-5:OOPM
Blues ain't nothin1 but a good woman
feelin' bad. Git down and git back up
RADIO BLUE WARSAW 5:004:00PM join'
kim & helen for another month of travels.
Bring Confetti)
Sept. 1: Klezmer music of e. europe and
n.america / Sept. 8: let's elope: a
wedding in every part. / Sept. 15:
honeymoon / Sept. 22: to the moon
Sept. 29: next slop mars
to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transsexual communities of Vancouver
and listened to by everyone. Lots of
human interest features, background on
current issues and great music from
musicians of all sexual preferences and
gender identities.
GEETANJAU 9-00-10-00PM Geelanjali features a wide range of music from India,
including classical music, both Hindustani
and Camatic, popular music from Indian movies from the 1930's to the
IWs, Semi-classical music such as
Ghazals and Bhajans, and also
Quawwalis, Folk Songs, etc.
Join hosl Dave Emory and colleague Nip
Tuck for some extraordinary political
research guaranteed to make you think
twice. Bring your tape deck and two C-
90s. Originally broadcast on KFJC (Los
Altos, California).
4AM Drop yer gear and slay up late.
Naked radio for naked people. Get bent.
Love Dave.
VITAMIN Ol! 6:45-8.O0AM Anger! Punk!
11:00AM Your favourite browrrsters,
James and Peter, offer a savoury blend
of ihe familiar and exotic in a blend of
aural delights! Tune in and enjoy each
weekly brown plate special.
PM With your hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance. What will we play today?
Rog will put it away.
CiTR's industrial/noise/ambient show,
alternating with SKINTIGHT'*
BUFFOONERY - wimpy British pop,
Beastie Boys, indie guitar swing, and
techno thrown in for good measure. Hit
your olfactory nerve centre wilh
June scudeler@mindlink.bc.ca.
endeavour to feature dead air, verbal
flatulence (only when I speak), a work of
music by a twentieth-century composer-
can you say minimalist?—and whatever
elseappealstome. Fag ond dyke positive.
Mail in your requests, because I am not
a human-answering machine. Gol a
quarter then call someone who cares.
POLYPHONIC alternating 7:0O-9*OOPM
Listen for all Canadian, mostly
independent tunes.
Vancouver's longest running prime time
jazz program. Hosted by the evei-suave
Gavin Wdker. Features at 11. Sept. 2:
'The Whims of Chambers" Paul
Chambers with John Coltrane, Kenney
Bun-ell and others. Sept. 9: Big Band set
from Buddy Rich, newly re-issued Sept.
16: Leonard Bernstein defining "What is
Jazz" Sept. 23: tenor saxophonist Hank
Mobley wilh Milt Jackson (vibes), Horace
Silver (piano), and Art Blakey (drums).
Sept. 30: Piano genius Ahmad Jamal.
Also Idris Muhammad and guest
saxophonist George Coleman exploring
"the essence*.
IQRA 5:30-6*O0PM   News, issues, and
concerns facing Muslims throughout ihe
the unherd where the unheard and the
hordes of hardly herd are heard, courtesy of host and demo director Dale
Sawyer. Herd up!
RITMO LATINO 9:00-10.*OOPM Get on
board Vancouver's only tropicd fiesta
express with your loco hosts Rdando,
Romy, and Paulo as they shake il and
wiggle it to the latest in Sdsa, Merengue,
Cumbia and other fiery fiesta favourites.
Latin music so hot if II give you a ton!
Warning: This show is moody and unpredictable. Il encourages insomnia and
may prove lo be hazardous to your
health. Listener discretion is advised.
LOVE SUCKS 11-30AM-1:30PM If you
can'l make sense of it, and that bothers
you, go somewhere else.
women who sometimes don't fed fresh,
but always get fresh. Spoken word ond
music: light lo heavy flow. Maximum
protection recommended for male
listeners. Holy Hannah! It's a Femininst
MOTORDADDY 3*O0-5*OOPM "Let those
who ride decide!"
ESOTERIK 6:00-7:30PM Ambient/
experimental music for those of us who
know about the illithids.
of ihe loops, edith frost, containe, bikini
kill... these are a few ofour fave-oh-writ
things, la la la!
Soukous, Samba, Salsa. Yes! Even Soca.
Enjoy thisTropical Daiquiri with El Doctor
del Ritmo.
12:00 AM Let DJ's Jindwa and Bindwa
immerse you in radioactive Bhungra!
"Chakkh de phutay*. Listen to all our
favorite Punjabi tunes - remixes and
originals. Brroaaah!
RADIO FREE WOMEN 10:00-11:30AM It's
not a free cunlry. We're demanding
acuntabilily. Wake up with our collective
show. Diverse music and feminist issues
for girls and boys.
all-Canadian soundtrack for yourmidday
STEVE & MIKE 1.-00-2.-00PM Crashing the
boys' club in the pit. Hard and fast,
heavy and slow. Listen to it, baby.
JUSTIN'S TlME'2:00-3:0OPM For some cool
jazz by some swingin' singers and
boppin' players, tune in and don't miss
out on some happy times!
OUT FOR KICKS 6:00-7:30PM No
Birkenstocks, nothing politically correct.
We don't get pad so you're damn right
we have fun with it. Hosted by Chris B.
Roots of rock & roll.
9*00-11:00PM Local muzak from 9.
Live bandz from 10. Sept. 5: Reserve
34/Sept.12:Bonesaw/ Sept.
19*. Hissy Fit / Desolation Angels
/ Sept. 26: Another Joe
10:00AM Join Greg in the love den for
a cocktail. We'll hear retro stuff, groovy
jazz, and thicker stuff too. See you here
...and bring some ice. XOXX
TELESIS 10:00-11:00AM Tune in for
discussions, interviews & information
relating to people who live with physical
& mental challenges.
12:00PM Hop on your scoot and come
along for the ride of your life with all the
newest ska influences and some old
surprises! pickituplpickilup!
Featuring ihe latest in techno, trance,
acid and progressive house. Spotlights
on local artists, ticket giveaways, & live
performances. Hosted by M-Path.
2KWPMJazz, breaks &the silence in b/
UTTLE TWIN STARS 2:00-3:30 PM Kiki Liki
••RESENTS... 3:30-4:00PM Have a
good brunch!
NATON 2 NATION Ahem. 6:00-9:00PM
Underground sound system-
style mastermix radio.
"Love" Jones brings you the best new
and old Jazz, soul, latin, samba, bossa
_ African Music around the wodd.
FOR THE RECORD 6:30-6:45PM Excerpts from Dave Emory's Radio Free
America Series.
HOMEBASS 9:00PM-12.00AM The
original live mixed dance program in
Vancouver. Hosted by DJ Noah, the
with the
are yon
■■--■■-^     STUPID
third time's
the charm
8L000   ON
Rebel tezz
Mary Tylar Moon
hip hop habit
Radio Free
■justin's time
Venus Flytrap's
Love Den
and sometimes
tropical ddic-uiri
str8 outta
Out For
slot from
nation /
Limp Sink
Lucid Soul
live at the
hi- hat/5
hour lunch
main focus of the snow is techno, but
also includes some trance, acid,
tribal, etc... Guest DJ's, interviews,
retrospectives, giveaways, and more
are part of the flavor of homebass.
UMPSINK 12:00AM-2:30AM Hosted by
, lheG42 players. "The showlhatdoesn't
hate you.' wilh your friendly pals Friar
Fritter Abfackeln and Postman Pat.
Alternating with Dr. Killdare on "The
Doctor Killdare Show." Contact:
LUaDSOUl2:30AM-4:00AM Dr. Killdare
plunders even further into ihe wee hours
doing what he can lo keep security
guards and 7-11 clerks awake.
Waywayway deep dance stuff and other
hallucinafying fucked-up-ness.
12:00PM Music you won't hear any
where else, studio guesls, new
releases, Brirish comedy sketches, folk
music calendar, lickel giveaways, plus
Wor/d Cup Report at 11:30 AM. 8-9
AM: African/World roots. 9-12 noon:
Celtic musicand feature performances
Vancouver's only Ime metal show; local
demo tapes, imports and other rarities.
Gerald Raltlehead and Metal Ron do the
THE SHOW 6:00-8:OOPM Strictly Hip
Hop—Strictly Undergound—Strictly
Vinyl With your hosts Mr. Checka,
Flip Out & J Swing on the 1 & 2's.
FIVE HOUR LUNCH alt. with Uveal Ihe Hi-
Hat 11:00PM-1:00AM Rock over
London, rock on Chicago.
Hey! We need ne
DJs for the Africa
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Sports Alex Beltencourt
Station Manager Linda Scholten
Student Engineer Fern Webb
Traffic Sarah Stacy
Vice President Ryan Ogg
Volunteer Coordinator   John Ruskin
25    Hfe£HK33 September
SUN 1 They Have Poisoned the Drinking Woter, 9:00pm ® Edison
Electric..Bob ElOued City, 7:30pm ond Le Magique, 9:20pm @ Pocific
Cinematheque..Jone Eyre, 7:15pm and Stealing Beauty, 9:30pm ©the
MON 2 Sleeper and Sing Sing Dead Man at the Starfish Room...Post
Kiss Metal De Frommage w/Judas Priest at the Niagara...Bab ElOued
City, 7:30pm and Le Magique, 9:20pm @ Pacific Cinematheque...Denise
Calls Up, 7:30pm and Girl 6, 9:1.0pm @ the Ridge...
TUE 3 Combustible Edison ot Ihe Starfish Room...Denise Calls Up,
7:30pm and Girl 6, 9:10pm @ the Ridge...
WED 4 Stabbing Westward and Nickelback at the Starfish
Room...Eugene Ripper at the Phunky Tood...Bab ElOued City, 7:30pm
and Le Mogique, 9:20pm @ Pacific Cinematheque...The Celluloid Closet,
7:30pm and Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam Q the Ridge...
THU 5 Green Room ot the Pit Pub...P.A.C.E. Benefit w/JP5, Punched
Unconcious, Hi-Fi Killers, Lux, Cowards, and Tom Comet at the Starfish
Room...Bab ElOued City, 7:30pm and Le Magique, 9:20pm @ Pacific
Cinemotheque...The Celluloid Closet, 7:30pm and Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam © the Ridge...
FRI 6 Thrill Squad, Sister lovers and 2% Cherry at the Gastown Music
Hall...Limblifter and Speedbuggy a) the Starfish Room...Ani Kyd and
Fishburger at the Niagara...The Passion of Anna, 7:30pm and Persona,
9:30pm © Pacific Cinematheque-August, 7:15pm and Mille Bolle Blu,
9:25pm 9 the Ridge...
SAT 7 The Smalls and Grim Skunk at the Starfish Room...Ray Condo
ond his Ricochets at the Gate...Technicians of the Sacred at the
Niagara...The Passion of Anna, 7:30pm and Persona, 9:30pm © Pacific
Cinematheque...August, 7:15pm and Mille Bolle Blu, 9:25pm © the
SUN 8 Smiles of a Summer Night, 7:30pm ond Crisis, 9:30pm ©
Pacific Cinematheque...August, 7:15pm and Mille Bolle Blu, 9:25pm ©
the Ridge...
MON 9 Smiles of a Summer Night, 7:30pm ond It Rains on Our Love,
9:30pm 9 Pocific Cinematheque...August, 7:15pm ond Mille Bolle Blu,
9:25pm © the Ridge...
CLUB...August, 7:15pm and Mille Bolle Blu, 9:25pm © the Ridge...
WED 11 Jesus Lizard and Six Finger Satellite ot the Starfish
Room...Underwater Sunshine, Cinnamon and The Roswells ot the Town
Pump...The Silence, 7:30pm 6nd Dreams, 9:20pm © Pacific
Cinematheque...August, 7:15pm and Mille Bolle Blu, 9:25pm © the
THU 12 Thrill Squad at the Pit Pub...Nefro, Red Sugar ond Dirt Mitts at
the Starfish Room...Zakk Wylde and Oh Susanna atthe Town Pump...Jar,
The Imagineers, Queazy and Contention at the Niagora...The Silence,
7:30pm and Summer With Monica, 9 20pm © Pacific
Cinematheque...August, 7:15pm and Mille Bob Blu, 9:25pm © the
FRI 13 Alpha Diallo ond Bafing at the Slarfish Room...Pure atthe Town
Pump...Wild Strawberries, 7:30pm and Brink of Life, 9:20pm © Pacific
Cinematheque...I Shot Andy Warhol, 7:15pm ond Lone Star, 9:20pm ©
the Ridge...
SAT 14 Butter 08 and Buffalo Daughter at the Starfish Room...Bif Naked at the Town Pump.. .Wild Strawberries, 7:30pm and All These Women,
9:20pm © Pocific Cinematheque...I Shot Andy Warhol, 7:15pm and
Lone Star, 9:20pm © the Ridge...
SUN 15 Autumn Sonata, 7:30pm and Night is My Future, 9:25pm ©
Pacific Cinematheque...! Shot Andy Warhol, 7:15pm and Lone Star,
9:20pm © the Ridge...
MON 16 Autumn Sonata, 7:30pm and To Joy, 9:25pm © Pacific
Cinematheque...Withnail and 1,7:30pm and Leaving Las Vegas, 9:30pm
© the Ridge...
CLUB...Withnail ond I, 7:30pm ond Leaving Los Vegas, 9:30pm © the
WED 18 Cool atthe Phunky Toad...The Richard Thompson Band and
Lynn Miles at Richard's on Richards...Pipedreom, Reodymade ond Wove
Station atthe Starfish Room...The Shame, 7:30pm and Secrets of Women,
9:30pm © Pocific Cinematheque...The Horseman on the Roof, 7:15pm
and The Flowers of My Secret, 9:30pm © the Ridge...
THU 19 Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, Wheat Chiefs and Minority ot the
Town Pump...Greyhound Tragedy ot the Pit Pub...Black Cot Bone and
Frayed Knots ot the Starfish Room...Darkest of the Hillside Thickets at the
Niagara...BY08, 9:00pm © Edison Electric...The Shame, 7:30pm and
A Ship Bound for India, 9:30pm © Pacific Cinematheque...The Horseman on the Roof, 7:15pm and The Flowers of My Secret, 9:30pm © the
Ridg»*.» •*•> *• «■ •*#»**»-,«.. — r. ..,..,.«*.,.. ,.«.r,.
FRI 20 13 Engines at the Town Pump...Sex With Nixon ond Grapple
Yarder ot the Niagaro...Better Dead Than Redl, 9:00pm © Edison
Electric..The Seventh Seal, 7:30pm and Prison, 9:20pm © Pacific
Cinemotheque...The Silences of the Palace, 7:00pm and 9:30pm © the
SAT 21 The Doughboys andTherapy? at the Town Pump...Manic Street
Preachers ot the Starfish Room...Better Deod Than Redl, 9:00pm © Edison
Electric.The Seventh Seal, 7:30pm ond The Devil's Eye, 9:20pm © Pocific Cinemotheque...The Silences of the Pobce, 7:00pm and 9:30pm ©
the Ridge...
SUN 22 Better Dead Than Red!, 9:00pm © Edison Eleclric...Scenes
from a Marriage, 7:30pm © Facific Cinematheque...The Silences of the
Pobce, 7:00pm ond 9:30pm © the Ridge...
MON 23 Scenes from o Marriage, 7:30pm © Pocific Cinemotheque...The
Silences of the Pobce, 7:00pm and 9:30pm © the Ridge...
of the Pobce, 7:00pm and 9:30pm © the Ridge...
WED 25 Smog, Cot Power and Guv'ner at the Starfish Room...The Dave
Dougbs String Group at Ihe Gbss Slipper...Gavin Bryors at CBC Studio
40...Faro Document 1979,7:30pm and Document Fannyand Alexander,
9:30pm © Pacific Cinematheque...The Silences of Ihe Palace, 7:00pm
and 9:30pm © the Ridge...
THU 26 Fluffy at the Starfish Room...Brickhouse ot the Pit Pub...Belter
and The Chauffeur at the Town Pump...Transient Moments: Film and Performance, 7:30pm © Pacific Cinematheque...The Silences of the Pobce,
7:00pm and 9:30pm © the Ridge...
FRI 27 Ponsy Division ot the Starfish Room...Killjoys at the Town
Pump...JP5 and Hi-Fi Killers ot the Niogara...Better Dead Than Red!,
9:00pm © Edison Eleclric...Institute Benjamenta, 7:30pm and Hour of the
Wolf, 9:30pm © Pacific Cinematheque...Latcho Drom, 7:15pm ond
Baraka, 9:25pm © rhe Ridge...
SAT 28 Ngoma otthe Starfish Room...Surfdusters ot the Niagora... Rusty
at the Town Pump...Better Dead Than Redl, 9:00pm © Edison
Electric...Institute Benjamenta, 7:30pm and Hour of the Wolf, 9:30pm ©
Pacific Cinematheque... -latcho Drom, 7:15pm ond Baraka, 9:25pm ©
the Ridge...
SUN 29 Bardo Pond ot the Starfish Room...Better Dead Than Red!,
9:00pm © Edison Electric.The Magician, 7:30pm ond Institute
Benjamenta, 9:30pm © Pacific Cinematheque...Latcho Drom, 7:15pm and
Baraka, 9:25pm © the Ridge...
MON 30 The Magician, 7:30pm ond Institute Benjamenta, 9:30pm ©
Pacific Cinemotheque...Heavy, 7:30pm and Carried Away, 9:35pm ©
the Ridge...
»H tr
everywhereyuu M
*• •• • • •
I to go
(September 5-15)
The 12th annual Fringe Festival runs from Septem
ber 5 to September 15 and once again is centred
around Commercial Drive. One can expect ten days
of an eclectic mix of "theatre for everyone." If you haven't
a clue about what to see, pick up a Fringe Guide at the
usual spots and check out the over 100 shows with over
500 performances. Baffled? Info boards, offering reviews
and clippings on what's hot and what's not, are set up at
Grandview Park and the Fringe Lounge. Advance tickets
are available through CBO at 280-2801, or head down
to the Fringe Box Office at Grandview Park. Prices are
inexpensive and range from $8 - $ 11. Whether you are
a theatre junkie or rookie, the Fringe is your affordable
alternative for shows in Vancouver.
There are many great picks (we found over 501); it
all depends on what you're looking for. Some theatre
companies returning are Way Off Broadway Group's
Kvetch, Foursight Theatre's The Trouf Sisters, theater simple's Notes from Underground, and Steve Rappaport's
Steve's Main Squeeze. Music buffs should check out the
hilarious British comedy All Classical Music Explained
and retro freaks lost in the 60's and 70's will appreciate
Free Food and Beer's Gilligan's Island Live. So head on
down; if you don't go, those evil elves'll get you!
The Abyss 315 E. Broadway (side entrance)
Alma Street Cofe 2505 Almo lot Broadway
AnzoClub 3W.8m (MountPleasant)
Arts Hotline
Bossix 217 W. Hastings (ol Cambie)
Backstage Lounge 1585 Johnston (Gronville Island)
Block Sheep Books 2742 W. 4th (at MacDonald)
Cofe Deux Soleils 2096 Commercial (the Drive)
Cafe Yieux Montreal 317 E. Broadway (Mount Pleosant)
Caprice Theatre 965 Granville (Granville Mall)
Celebrities  1022 Davie (at Burrard)
CN Imax Theotre 999Conoda Place
Commodore Ballroom 870 Granville (Granville Mall)
Commodore Lanes 838 Granville (Granville Mall)
Cordova Cafe 307 Cordovo (Gaslown)
Crosstown Traffic 316 W. Hastings (downtown)
Denman Ploce Cinema  1030 Denman (West End)
DV8 515 Davie (downtown)
Edison Electric Gallery/Cafe 916 Commerciol (the Drive)
Firehall Arts Centre 80 E. Cordova (at Main)
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
Frederic Wood Theotre (UBq
Goroge Pub 2889 E. Hastings (downtown)
Gastown Music Hall 6 Powell (Gaslown)
Gastown Theatre 36 Powell (Goslown)
The Gate 1176 Granville (downtown)
Glass Slipper 2714 Prince Edword (Mount Pleasant)
Graceland 1250 Richards (downtown)
Greg's Place 45844 Yale Rd. (Chilliwack)
The Grind Gallery 4124 Main (Mt. Pleasant)
Hastings Community Centre 2096 E. Hastings (near PNE)
Hemp B.C. 324 W. Hastings (downtown)
Hollywood Theatre 3123 W. Broodwoy (Kitsilano)
Hot Jozz Society 2120 Main (Mt. Pleasant)
Jericho Arts Centre 1600 Discovery (Pt. Grey)
La Quena  1111 Commercial (the Drive)
The Lotus Club 455 Abbott (Gastown)
Lueky's 3934 Moin
LuvXFair 1275 Seymour Uowntown)
Malcolm Lowry Room 4125 E. Hastings (N. Burnaby)
Mars 1320 Richards (downtown)
Maximum Blues Pub 1176 Granville Idowntown)
Niogaro Hotel Pub 435 W. Pender (downtown)
Odyssey Imports 534 Seymour (downtown)
Old American Pub 928 Main (downlown)
Orpheum Theotre Smithe & Seymour (downtown)
Pocific Cinematheque  1131 Howe (downtown)
Paradise 27 Church (New West)
Porodise Cinemo 919 Gronville (Gronville Moll)
Pork Theatre 3440 Cambie (South Vancouver)
Picadilly Pub 630 W. Pender (at Seymour)
Pil Pub bosement, Student Union Building (UBC)
Pitt Gallery 317 W. Hastings (downtown)
Plaza Theatre 881 Gronville (Gronville Moll)
Raffels Lounge 1221 Granville (downtown)
TheRoge 7.0 Pocific Blvd. South (Plaza of Notions)
Roilwoy Club 579 Dunsmuir lot Seymour)
Richard's On Richords 1036 Richords (downtown)
Ridge Cinema 3131 Arbutus (at 16th Ave.)
Russian Hall 600 Campbell (Chinotown)
Scratch Records 109 W. Cordovo (Gastown)
Southhill Condy Shop 4198 Main (al 26th)
Starfish Room 1055 Homer (downtown)
Starlight Cinema 935 Denmon (West End!
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station (off Main)
St. Regis Hotel 602 Dunsmiur (downtown)
Theatre E 254 E. Hastings (Chinotown)
The Tower 339 W. Hostings (downtown)
Town Pump 66 Water (Gastown)
Track Records 552 Seymour (downtown)
Tree House Lounge 602 Dunsmuir St. (downtown)
Twilight Zone 7 Alexander (Gastown)
UBC CINEMA (located in the SUB)
UBC Grad Centre Gate 4 (UBC)
The Underground  1082 Granville (downtown)
Voncouver Eost Cultural Centre 1895Venables (al Victoria)
Voncouver little Theotre 3102 Moin (Mt. Pleasant)
Voncouver Press Club 2215 Gronville (S. Granvilfe)
Varsity Theotre 4375 W. 10th (Point Grey)
Vert 2412 Main (Mt Pleosont)
Video In Studios 1965 Main (Mt. Pleasant)
Vogue Theotre 918 Gronville (Granville Moll)
Waterfront Theotre 1405 Anderson [Granville Is.)
Whip Gallery 209 E. 6th Ave (at Main)
W.I.S.E. Half 1882Adanoc (the Drive)
Women In Print 3566 W. 4th (Kitsilano)
Yale Blues Pub  1300 Gronville (downtown)
Zulu Records 1869 W. 4th (Kitsilano)
488 6219
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689 7734
687 1354
732 5087
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683 6099
689 3180
682 4629
681 7838
681 1531
683 5637
669 7573
683 2201
682 4388
255 4162
689 0926
872 6719
822 2678
822 9364
689 0649
684 MASK
877 0066
688 2648
795 3334
322 6057
255 2606
681 4620
738 3211
873 4131
251 6626
685 7777
875 9858
685 3288
685 0143
230 MARS
688 8701
688 7574
669 6644 •
682 3291
665 3050
688 3456
525 0371
681 1732
876 2747
682 3221
822 6273
681 6740
685 7050
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685 5585
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738 6311
874 6200
687 6355
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682 4171
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688 3312
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871 3090
682 8550
822 3697
822 0999
254 9578
738 7015
222 2235
872 8337
257 6205
685 6217
254 5858
732 4128
681 9253
738 3232
INFO (WHO, WHERE, WHEN) TO 822 9364,
26   September 1996 ,-* ; :   ■ >V:A
A -.       •     *   '■ •.
'ith special guests       -«*«P
Girls Against Boys
Prison Experiment
Saturday Sept. 7
Plaza Of Nations
DOORS 6:30 PM • SHOW 7:30 PM
Lilith Fc
(with KEN MYHR)
^^^ featuring       *W&,
OW       STKKT
_K\    /^_p__ _._^ _*2&\,i
sept, 15
Gates 3pm  •  Show 5pm Children 6 and Under free
with guests
& The Sinners
September 1SJ|
The Vogue Theai
PANSY DIVISION with guests Maow
Friday. September 27, Starfish Room • Tix at Track and Zulu Only
d-ggl 19dn_9lq92    *s U -
in n c%
1869 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
tel 738.3232
MontoWed   10:30-7:00
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sun 12:00-6:00
Ihe k_»ep_emb<
Of My Years
Lifelong Musical
Offered To You
By Zulu Records
The Curtain Hits |
The Cast cd
With the passing of
Codeine, LOW have
become the leading exponents of "slow-core." Slow,
minimal sparseness. Dark corners and whispers. LOW certainly do come on like slow motion, never bothering to
drink the absinthe their songs imply. The quality of their
stillness is beautiful. Each pause of empty space is LOW's
real medium of creation, their songs reveal silence.
Allowing the listener to fall into the spaces between the
notes and chords.
Genius+Love = Yo La Tengo 2cd/2lp
Recorded while they were making music for the movie /
Shot1 Andy Warhol, this mostly instrumental release captures a varied YO LA TENGO. But YO LA TENGO have
never confined their sound. A diversity of interests and a
broad experience of pop-music's history is what makes YO
LA TENGO's "mood music" so comprehensible and engaging (and for this we're thankful). With either two CDs or two
LPs, Genius + Love s ft La Tengo, no less.
Available September 1 lth.
19?s2CD 143S2LPs
evocative voice. Her words are revealing, like little grim anecdotes, or stories of personal toughness and transformation.
The bond rocks strong and steady, with appealing hooks and
solid rhythm. Following up from Velvet Hammer, ftove/ On
Rider has all of these qualities. Another Zulu favourite - too
long overdue.
Prices in effect until Sept. 30,1996.
Secret Swingers cd/lp
They may owe their name partly to a Mission Of Burma
album, but the hip Y hard workin' members in VERSUS create a sound that's all their own. In this follow-up to their Deep
ftedi.?, the NYC "love rock" troupe offers up an amazing collection of pleasant rock sounds, intense lyrics, and luscious
vocals that will not disappoint.
16** CD    lO^LP
PEST 5000
After a few hit-quality 7"s,
Montreal's finest quintet, PEST
5000, has finally released an
album's worlh of ear-pleasing
tunes! Interabangs twelve tracks
showcase the band's knack for merging ultra-melodic, mid fi
indie-pop with folky violins and electronic ambience. And they
do it all in style.
1428 CD
Scared Straight co/ip/cass
Raised on NYC's scuzz-rocking streets, Epitaph's latest and
greatest heavy bitters the NEW BOMB TURKS prove why
on any given day they can break up this punk rock game wide
open with one swing of the ball Stared Straight is the bomb
dropped with today's lick it up punk rock chops, and heading
for a new world beat box substation now.
l^CD    lO^LP    1058 Cass
Smash The Ships And [
Raise The Beams co
From the town that brought us the |
Guess Who (Winnipeg!) come
DUOTANG - a passionate
drums, bass & vocals two-piece ensemble all gu
lor-made three-piece suits sprinkled with liberal doses of
Paarl Roodeburg red wine. Take a NEW DUOTANG to
class! This ain't no plain paper folder!
Available September 9th.
14*8 CD
Saltbox co/ip/cass
In their latest release, the RED
AUNTS kick down the door with
their boisterous, rollicking full-
bodied wound adding more than a
"pinch of punk" lo blow the top off
any rocker worth their salt. Epitaph Records wear oven-mitts to
handle this piping-hot piquanle lhat is Saltbox
16s8 CD    lO5* LP    lO^Cass
Nerdy Girl
Twitt Her
Twist Her cd
Originally a duo, Montreal's premiere
ewe NERDY GIRL have honed
their sinewy pop sounds, added a
couple of crafty members and -
Voild! - delivered one fine debut
release. So friends, it's TWisf Her with hip factor guaranteed!
14*8 CD
William Bloke co/cass
Although unknown to most, the
rosy-cheeked cherub launching
trademark zingers of wit, perception and depth regarding social
awareness, political views and love
and loss within relationships is not Cupid but in fact BILLY
BRAGG. William Bloke offers a diverse ond well-crafted
album, proving indeed that Valentine's Day isn't over.
Available September 11th.
16^8 CD   10*8 Cass
Excerpts From A Love Circus co
Another (It's her fourth!) recording from a woman who continues
to make achingly beautiful, introspective music with a murky,
surreal quality evoking a feeling that she is singing to you (and
you alone). If you know her, pick this one up (it's as good as
1994's Geek The Giri), if you don't, come down and have a listen to the latest recording from a woman who deserves a much
larger audience. You'll be glad you did.
Available September 1 lth.
16*8 CD
...And You Might
One Day Say,
"It Was A Very
Good Year."
LOIS Snapshot cd
CATANONIA You've Got A Lot...
CO-EP PtS 1 -h 2
TRICKY Grassroots cd-ep /12
BUGHOUSE. Dark Days Passing cd
SPEEDBUGGY Max. Size Approx.
30 Inches cd
CYPRESS HILL Unreleased &
Revamped co
Cromb Duck en
FOETUS Bail en
CD-EPPtsl + 2
Schmoedipus cd/lp
SHED SEVEN On Standby cd-ep pts 1+2
TARA MACLEAN Silence co/cass
QUEERS Don't Back Down co/ip/cass
15% Off
Regular Price
New Vinyl with
this coupon!41


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