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I,. iA\ Wyoly SJiVaufer!
"?. A Haaiar 111 Trta.yan!
^WAtVMs K|tAl'jl^Ft;rri3 flafiJ SJiuff
, (=pi£Upri)
"Fir# this, up ancfcgnosf of your^cord collection crawls away..."
"The man who gave (punk rock) it's shape..." - Guitar Player
MC5 guitar monster! %
I   '
y£iNJD5F{ runny $nr (Fil/iyiny Eur)
Funny Kar, the fast full-length album from Orangeville, Onts
Binder is a 1 'orm of crunching guitars, melodic
and pounding rhythms a la (some say) Green Day.
/Wicinms%nd ScremihiiiQ Vwbasel.    hi %>
7. V-jiir FavLiuriii EJla/iIlsi!
3. -A.iSifovaW ,
:J. Trli DlrjJ-IJES JrJJli Suviini! (Tri-jJ^
On their first LP in five yems, original L.A. punk rock
innovator^rThe Dickies have delivered a hook-filfed coltef
10. Good Scoter
11. A Warm-Blooded Loved One!
19 ri^i; Rjches To Rsgs (Epitaph)*
r 4 c|fscade c
s proven to t
13. Money For Hydro!
14. A Vacation!
15. GRIM SKUNK Grim Skunk
'Heating Up Since 1987!'
FEB. 17&18 Hockey's hack. Whether you're
jumping for joy. grudgingly reestablishing yourself as a fan or
boycotting indignantly, the game
will continue, complete with mega-
buck owners and multi-million
dollar "talent". Here at
DiSCORDER, we have decided to
mark the return of the country's
unofficial national sport with a
celebration of the way the game
used to l»e; in Vancouver, at least.
In the early *80's, the Canucks
weren't superstars, they were
Average Joes slugging it out for the
penultimate spot in the Smythe
division and making an average of
60 grand a year, just happy to he
given the chance to play the
greatest game in the world.      We
may have grown up as a city and as
a hockey club, but we've lost
something in the process.
DEPlMI$l8§ 15
PIS- cover
Local covcrboys Zumpano were
captured on film one misty
n-torniBg by Paul Clark.-.
"Up lad: when the journey's over
There'll be time enough to sleep."
Dylan Griffith
Mark Pilon
Tnnia Alekson
Kevin Pendergraft
Tania Alekson, Mark Pilon
Lidu Abou El-Nwj
Samantha Blackburn
Miko Hoffman
Megan Mallett
Matt Steffich
(and the rest of America, too)
Taco Bell Tania & Double Manhattan
Linda Sholten
Levi 501 s   Cords   50's thru 70's clothing
313 cambie street, Vancouver, b.c.
Ph: 669-cool/669-2665 Befor
„ ,/ lis
th, rain soaked pavement o
Vancouver with ourtendei huh;
lines, let us dedicate tin.
installment ofAirhead toa grouf
of men without which the *•■•//*<
knowil Youcancallthemgrind
lealheatls. hut with-
\ockey would just he
\ng with a puck and
Dear Meatheacl,
I'd like to submit Psycho Mot
45 Avenue B. Apt 2
New York. NY
rtist and Their Kgns: A Rant
less concerned with creating than
they are with their own ego
I was once in a bar and go!
into a fight with a "painter." She
claimed that il someone created
something, and they were the
only ones to ever see this creation, that they were not an artist.
First off, what difference does
it make if you 're an artist or not''
To call yourself a painter, or
sculptor, or film maker, or whal-
Mlld    \
end i
.1 l)ts,
sign i
tiity. The
eview m Flipstdc if you 're won-
lenng how I got your address
ary about Women in Alterna-
ive Music II you'd like more
ntonnation on that or anything
ilse, drop me a line
Kthan Minsker (l-'asl Coast
creator who keeps his crt
in his own private hox has the
advantage of not having to interact with the critic which doesn't
make him/her any less "artistic"
than any other
We should all have our own
private boxes so that we can
tion Leave SOHO to the sophis
ticated, intellectual types.
I always run into people who
will say something like, "I'm a
film maker" and I'll say, "Oh
yes? What films have you
done?" "Oh, I haven' t made any
yet but I'm working on a feature
script." The title is more important than ever making that film.
What is an artist anyway?
Someone who creates? Everybody creates in some way. So,
we're all artists; we're all creators; we are all nothing. Except
egos. When did the reputation
become more important than the
creation? Pop culture has already
eaten it's self. Living in a mobile home makes you more of an
artist than living in a loft in
Williamsburg. I would take
white trash and Elvis over Parsons and RISD anyday.
No Ethan, living in a mobile
home does not make you 'more
of an artist', it makes you poor!
Having talent makes you an artist. (Either that or having a really good agent.) I appreciate
what you 're trying to say as far
as de-sanctifying art and the art
world, but come on: What kind
of world would we have if we all
just sat in our little boxes jerking
off and patting ourselves on the
hack afterwards? Not one that
I'd want to live in. (But hey, I'll
pat your back if you'll pat mine!)
And just what, may I ask, are
painters, sculptors and film makers supposed to say when someone asks them what they do for a
living ? Is it still a sign of vanity
when it's a statement of fact?
You can have your Elvis and
your white trash , Ethan (especially if it meant an end to White-
Trash-Kidf-On-The-Run movies
starring Juliette Lewis). As for
me, I'm going to go find some
so-called artists to hang outwith.
Snobs are more fun than whin-
ers anyday.
Dear Meathead,
Hi. I just finished reading your
January issue and I noticed there
was no Airhead column. Well, if
the letters you receive are as
WeVe truckin' now.
Magazine has hit the
on-ramp     of    the
information highway
and only a pee-break
could stop us.
Present and past issues of
DiSCORDER, the Local
Music  Directory
and  other CiTR
related  info  can
be   reached   by   your
computer at:
For more info, e-mail CiTR @ UNIXG.UBC.CA
; this one is. I
for scrapping it
blame yoi
month or two.
The people in Daytona really
have no idea what a "Chicane"
is. It's not red-and -white kerb-
ing, it's an artificial or temporary corner added to a racetrack
at a particularly speedy or dangerous section. If there's anasty
or fatal accident at a track one
year then they'll build a chicane
where the accident occurred to
slow the cars down. The striped
kerbing merely marks the apex
of the breaking fragile suspen-
o the band
ion parts.
Please pass this
SpeedWeek more often.
Michael Schumacher
Consider it done, Michael.
DiSCORDER always welcomes
input from those who have
enough time on their hands to
not only read our mag from cover
to cover but to find things to nit-
pick about AND to fit in
Speedweek on a regular basis.
Has Jeopardy got your number?
In last month's Daytona interview, the young gent we talked
to was incorrectly identified as
"Don ". Don has, in fact left the
band. The interview wat conducted with Daytona's new bass
player, Darren. Sorry, Darren.
We love you.
studies show
that children
and sex sell.
We've got
$15 Canada
$24 foreign
Send a cheque
or money order
to subscriptions
c/o CiTR
6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, B.C.
V6T tZl Penguins worked up into a lather
over ice flows.
Stockbrokers up tight about
coloured socks.
Siblings messed up about east
south east.
Fridges neurotic re thawing,
constellation hating men.
knives down on ketsup.
Billiard balls rattled RE INFLATION
Spike Heels
■||gset Hastings Street hooker
in foot tall hair and spike heels
swings her heavy fist and screams
you ain't takin' me
to Port coquitlam motherfucker
seven times
while the goofy pigeons dodge
among her slashing feet
unruffled and indifferent
having never been to port Coquitlam
Wes Hartley
totalizing shoe-string dangles acid bath dreams,
breathe on mg trauma toes and let me dance once more,
locked in pur scarlet embrace as if gou'd nener let me go.
jPoggg, hazg dag,
let me scream "pigeon ears",
spinning round and round, 3 see onlg golden sgmmetrg
and 3 drop lifelesslg at pur angrg monster feet
as streams of mgsterions fluids escape from mg lips.
£duokia £ofos
UN-fc OP So* TW6 9tNk*TVO0&>
Ptt*i€** CftH^CHIrVlUMK-*
ttOlR&Ett "MOVIE.
m*m\i£, IN OOJtR SPACCTWE futr & Hsm
SAUCERS -WM SAtVfcN,on a tvnttioM rocw-
re/i/ pose AS A
rney SAfo rr was
so shs could K££P
Me fOR ueRseLf.
TeRS we Re ua/prc-
o/CTABLe. we
seeMeo to Be fol-
low/a/g hfr Hope-
Less WH/M wHeu
we p/CKeo up we
cePTeo our ao-
wji/ce as ff rro
sees/ Hfs //i/TeA/-
so weo A/OT/ceo
H/M.   /A/ A  CHeAP
room sne Re-
TURA/eO H/S boor-.
ought to R-eep/rr
AA/o sne took h/s
R/ppLeo oooLy at
haa/os neLO reA/se
OA/ h/s RA/ees ne
we Leer 90 Qu/o to
THe serreR AA/o A/or
so much as a oeep
/t sne WALKeo
T/ne was. sne
O/DA/r KA/OW.   /T
WAS TO h/m. sne
exPLA/A/eo. /rs rne
A/AMe sne sa/o.
SAy   that   sne
URe L/Ke a PR/esT-
so. rne acts weRe
Catch my other ongoing strip,
in the pages of "HEAVY
Newsstands everywhere.
Magazine, appearing bi-monthly at
we A/ei/eR e/t/-
rneR aa/ excep-
weRe a err of a
cur/os/tv p/ece
eye a/ amoa/g our
useo to cuR/osrry
OUR    T/Me    TO-
GerneR we weRe
A/eyeR cut or
eeATe/y. A/oroA/ce
secAuse sne
KA/ew oftfa/ we
CAse neR FAce
l/p ser/A/A CURh
ous WAy WH/Le
neR eyes BROOoeo
we-o BeG/A/ OUR
soMer/Mes sneo
SAy ueRy Qu/eny
"woA/r you excuseUSBR/eFLy?"
aa/0 we-o se OUT-
oows oireR WALLS
somf peoPLe
c/al MyeeAWRes
aa/d neAyy. oeep-
ser eyes oyeR
KA/OBBeO cneex-
BOA/es. a w/oe
ABoye or UA/oeR-
s i^gg&mz ^^—^~^y^:-.
Who are you and what do you
Matthew Hattie Hein: gtr, vox,
noise, recycling barrel, drum,
Luke Hollywood Cohen: gtr,
vox, noise, harmonica
Lars: trumpet, sax, drums,
Christine Denkewatter: drums,
saxophone, vocals, guitar, organ
Prince Mattiey (jaunt: bass, vo-
Describe your sound in 25
words or less.
PMG: Almost organic hip-hop.
Are the New Bad Things the
bastard sons of the Crazy 8's
Luke: No, we are direct de-
scendents of that splendid band
on the Vancouver/Portland axis:
Spandau Ballet.
Denk: But I am a gui.
MHH: How true that is.
Why isn't Jeremy of Pilot
your biggest fan?
MHH: Oh, but he is  I served
him coffee a coupl'a days ago
and he tipped very nicely.
Christ, what a nice guy John
Moen is. though.
Luke: His moustache, and his
being jealous lhat Spandau Ballet digs us.
MHH: Word up to the Ballet.
What was the last Canadian
band you listened to, and saw
MHH: Mr. Right v. Mr. Wrong
in Victoria.
Lars:     Good     Horsey     in
Luke: We sang "American
Women" on the way up tonight,
but I've never seen the Guess
Why is Portland "too damn
Lars: My parents live there.
Luke: A couple of days ago I
realized that the weaselly,
pseudo-moustached guy at the
gas station who I heard making
homophobic jokes, was on my
soccer team when I was in 6th
grade. It's pretty small.
If Kaia from Team Dresch and
Christian-music aficionado
Roger Nusic got in a fight,
who would win?
MHH: Well, Roger has super
powers, but Kaia may be more
punk rock: she knows all the
words to Jesus Christ Superstar.
Luke: Kaia would obviously
win in the physical battle, but
it'd be a dead heat on style
Denk: Kaia. because I would
help her.
What do you think Everclear
spent their one million dollar
signing bonus on?
MHH: I just read that what's-
his-name is really excited about
finding a place where he can get
his hair dyed for only $60.
Luke: Well, Alexakis probably
bought a lot, the other guys
probably got a sleeping bag or
How many side projects are
you involved in?
MHH: Slide projects. We could
watch the slides from the trip to
Ohio. We could stare at bugs.
Lars: Dave, Mattie and I are a
band called Wallpaper. There
are a few tapes out. A lot different than NBT.
Denk: I have a band called DEA
which is much more punk.
MHH: You wish Denk. Liking
NBA basketball is not punk
rock, it is jock rock. Union Pole
in Olympia deals with everything except DEA, THC (Tonia
Hard Core) is Rebecca Gates'
(of The Spinanes) favourite
band, but we haven't decided
exactly who's in it.
Was playing Yo-Yo A Go Go
more fun than a root canal?
Luke: Yes, but with less drugs.
Who are Moist?
MHH: 1) Eric Estrada, 2) Steve
Luke: Mainly Eric Estrada.
Could you ever be accused of
playing "fragile pop songs too
Lars: Yes. It is true.
Luke: Only by someone who
wanted to fight. Bucko!
Will it ever be time for Portland's legendary Dead Moon
to retire?
Luke: Absolutely not! Perish the
PMG: Oh! Dead Moon!? I love
heavy metal!
MHH: Surely you aren't sore
over their* '54-40 or Fight' song?
It's better to burn out than to
fade away, unless there's moist-
ness involved. Did anyone mention that school is cool?
Who should be on the cover
of Discorder'!
Luke: Luke.
MHH: Fuck Luke. I'm going to
be on the cover of Discorder
with my new beau, Carolyn
Marx. My next tape will be out
on Valentines' Day. and it's
dedicated to her, in a very emotional and legally binding way.
Is there anything else people
should know about the New
Bad Things?
PMG: School is cool!
Luke: What about fire? Our
house caught on fire. It destroyed a wall. The landlady
says she's gonna sue us. But I
don't think she can. Smoke
alarms are a good idea - that
wasn't a lie in school.
Denk: Maybe you can get a
soot-covered/scented single
New Bad Things:
"Concrete'V'Knott St."/"I
Suck" 7" on Rainforest
"Robin Hood" + 4 7" EP on
"Serious Cat'V'PRoDuCT" 7"
(UK only) on Sticky Records
Freewheel full-length CD, LP
and cass. on Candyass
three tapes on Union Pole
Matthew Hattie Hein:
two tapes on Union Pole
Bob Phonic:
one tape on The Secret Press
Canlanburous Jack Lord on
Road Cone
Kiss Covers Compilation (tape
I Present This 1" on Union Pole
It .v Finally Christmas CD on
New Bad Things can be contacted c/o:
The Secret Press ■
PO Box 6834
Portland, OR 97228
6     February 1995  Check these out  for the  first  time..
massive attack
Protection', Massive Attack's second album, is a strange, startling, and seductive in its own way as
its predecessor. Massive Attack continues to thrive as a fluid, ever evolving aggregation of
musicians orbiting around core members 3-D, Mushroom, and Daddy G. The title track features
the distinctive vocals of Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl) and is the perfect introduction to
the album's allure.
smashing pumpkins
pisces iscariot
A rare collection of 14 sought-after gems that features B-sides from UK and European singles
released during various stages of their career. 'Pisces' also includes two live tracks performed on
Britain's BBC radio, and the incredibly rare Sub Pop single "La Dolly Vita". Until now, most of
these tracks have never been commercially available in North America.
the diary
As a former member of the infamous Geto Boys, his music has reflected the urban and moral decay
of a society raised on an excess of violence, corruption, and scandal. The Diary displays Face's
uncanny ability to verbalize the anger, rage, and pain felt by so many of the disenfranchised members
of the urban portion of "Generation X". Face has no problem confronting such figures as
Congrcsswoman C. Delores Tucker and others who try to blame society's moral decay on rappers
('Hand of the Dead Body', a duet with Ice Cube).
After selling over 10,000 copies of their indie release 'Fireman', hHead have released their major
label debut "Jerk" exactly one year and a day after winning CFNY's $100,000 "Discovery to Disk"
contest. Produced by Dave 'Rave' Ogilvie (Babes in Toyland, Drown and The Doughboys) "Jerk"
contains thirteen solid tracks. The band wrote all the songs over the last couple of years between
touring with the likes of Dinsosaur Jr., Stone Temple Pilots, The Lemonheads, Sloan, and
kirsty maccoll
The word 'galore' is derived from the Irish Gaelic defined as 'in abundance, plentiful'. No other
term is more perfectly suited to describe this 18 track collection. 'Galore' is more than a greatest
hits package, it contains 2 new tracks 'Caroline' and 'Perfect Day', a duet with Evan Dando. Galore
is unlike many 'collection albums', it has been chosen with the approval of the artistes opposed to
the label.
..it's cool to be a Ahhh, yes. The Discorder Hell
bowling learn. Misspent youth.
That's what they call us. Yeah,
we bowl. We bowl like we mean
it. Every Wednesday. Averages''
Yeah, we got averages I ,ane etiquette? Yup. we got it. Style'.'
Baby, you don't even know It's
tough, wiping the other teams
all over the shiny, waxed Commodore lanes every week, but
somebody's got to do it. Our
worthy opponents? Team Geezuz fanzine. Scratch Records
Chickenhawks, Terminal City
Schreurs...), In Hell's Belly fanzine Bowlers, the Magic Fight
Balls, Hemp B.C., Co-op 102,7
fm Cannonballers, Oilcan Eddy's. We're like family now. If
only they could match our
good-looks and charm...
Now, I do not mean to imply that all this bowling savvy
rests inherently within the Discorder elves alone. This is certainly not the case. On January
14, the Variety Club held their
annual "Media Celebrity Day"
at the Varsity Ridge Lanes, and
both CiTR and Discorder (who
else) were invited to participate.
January was the 9th annual "BC
Bowls for Kids" month, a fund
raising drive for children with
special needs presented by the
Variety Club in cooperation
with the Bowling Proprietors'
Association of BC Fvery year,
bowlers come out 'en force' to
showcase their talents and generous donations
The collective charisma of
both the CiTR and the Discorder teams was enough to
shame the other teams into consistent poodles (a bowling euphemism for throwing the ball
straight into the gutter). Try as
they might, all the other teams
could muster up were dead apples ('dead apple' is a term used
to describe a ball with no power
when it reaches the pins). The
Discorder Hell team consistently supplied grasshoppers (in
bowling vocab, a 'grasshopper'
is a ball that sends the pins flying), and CiTR rocks (strike ball
- pardon the CFOX-like pun).
Were they embarrassed? Let's
just say that it was no surprise
when the CiTR team walked
away with a glorious third place
finish in the bingo bowl event.
Born and bred 5 -pin champions,
Selena, Megan, Andy, Brian,
Ryan, and Kevin did indie underdogs everywhere proud, despite numerous underhanded
and sneaky sabotage attempts
from the other corporate-focused beachcomber-bowlers
('beachcombing' involves salvaging the remaining pin on the
third ball). Indie Nation Youth
everywhere can rejoice, your
sporting desires fully represented by the volunteer-run radio station which loves you all
-CiTR 101.9 fM.
Hey, all you corporate-minded
punk rockers! The annual
MusicWest festival is gearing
up for another year. As always,
the event will be held at various
venues around town between
May 1 l-14th. Featured this year
is a conference on "The State
of Independents" with indie
reps and distributors from all
over the globe in attendance.
"Music West 95 will continue to launch music careers
and nurture an enduring sense
of community," reads this year's
press release. "The festival will
be a dynamic and utterly crucial forum for the exchange of
information, inspiration, and
business cards." What are you
waiting for? Call 684-9338 for
more information.
Rock for Choice Vancouver
is holding their second-annual
showcase in April. Originally
scheduled for February 25, this
year's event was postponed to
accommodate local solo artist
Bif Naked. Other local acts set
to appear on the bill include
Sparkmarker and Ten Days
Late, and there will also be spoken word performances by local talents and info info booths.
(Started in LA by members of
L7, Rock for Choice was organized to "Support a woman's
right to reproductive freedom.")
There is no word yet as to
whether D.O.A. will sign on for
the April date. Originally scheduled to perform at the February
show, the band abruptly backed
out - much to the annoyance of
the show's organizers - when
hoped-for headliners 7 Year
Bitch were unable to confirm.
For those of you hipsters
looking for a new place to be
'scene', the Broadway Express
(2733 Commercial) will begin
featuring live entertainment,
starting on January 28 with
CiTR's larger-than-life celebrity bowling team proudly display their wares
Thurston and 1000 Stamps.
Each night of the week will have
a theme: Friday - swanky cocktail lounge, Saturdays - "Busking at the Broadway" (punk
acoustic sets), Mondays -
Stormy Mondays (blues), Tuesdays - martini specials galore.
The jukebox selection is also
being renovated from classic
rock to old crooner selections.
Demo cassettes or ideas for live
performances are now being accepted by Linda at 877-1699.
Tell them Discorder sent you.
Seamen are releasing their
Liquor Face CD mid-February.
Their label, Bad Robots
Records, is looking for local
punk/hardcore bands for a Victoria/Vancouver area compilation CD, and possible future releases. Contact Andy at 595-
7615 (Victoria) for more infor-
Victoria's Show Business
Giants moved from Wrong
Records (home of Nomeansno)
to major label Virgin records,
while Knock Down Ginger are
rumoured to have penned a deal
with Zulu Records. (KDG will
perform at the Starfish Room
February 2 with the Vinagrettes
and Ford Pier.)
Mint Records are busy beavers this month. Hot on the
heels of the new cub release
Come Out, Come Out, local pop
gods Pluto have their new full
length CD Cool Way to Feel out
February 15. Two Eastern acts
are also jumping on board Mint
for one 7" release each: Glengarry, Ontario's Stand GT, and
Julie's (from Eric's Trip) side
project Nerdy Girl.
Submission Hold (formerly
Insult to Injury) are proud to announce their anticipated 12-
song cassette release for February 3. The punk foursome are
accepting applications for the
position of drummer (Jen or
Andy - 254- 4152)
The Bus - Still Waiting
Dancing On Glass - Robin's
Donkey - Heavy Light Ears
The Flu - Lighthouse
Giblet - 1st Dibs
Olo T Schickelleghroughvere
And The Happy Philanthropist
Orchestra - Wunderbar
Red Autumn Fall - s. t.
Skrag - s.t.
Sugarcandy Mountain - s.t.
Surface Noise - Digital Evil Incarnate
28 Shades - Look out Mrs.
Big City Groove - s.t
cub - Come Out.  Come Out
(mint records)
The Many - Leech (reissue -
Bang-On records)
The McRackins -What Came
Pluto - Cool Way To Feel (mint
Sludge - Coquitlam (reissue
Bang-On records)
Zumpano - Look What the
Rookie Did (SubPop)
Strain - Cataract 7" (Heart First
cub - Come Out, Come Out (triple coloured 7" - mint records)
Local Renews t
Starting off this month's reviews
is one very peppy tape from The
Unhappies Unhappy Birthday
contains three great, catchy
songs named "Rag Doll Man,"
"Peanut Guy," and "Acne
Cream." The sound is along the
lines of Big Star and Teenage
Fanclub - the whole bit. The lyrics are swell, with junk food being a focal point of their imagery. I personally can't get
enough of it, so I'm holding my
breath until their full-length release comes out (featuring "Big
Jack." a "bastardized Celtic tune
about schizophrenia"). Until
then, however, if you have to
listen to only one tape this
month then good god man let
this be the one.
Anyhoo, another gem to
cross my desk is a new compilation from Mark, who is Mark
Szabo of Good Horsey. The tape
is called Regressing and,
wouldn't you know it, the guy
sent us an abbreviated version
(6 out of a possible 13 songs)
of the commercially available
(or whatever you call it) cassette Aside from that bullshit,
: gratifying, with
ey/Good Horsey r
being the main last,
f the
You Along" resembles most of
Mark's earlier solo demo (in
fact, il was on that tape), while
new twists are heard on other
songs, especially where guest
Max Lee plays the drums.
"Something Strange" sounds
like it was recorded on top of
the power lines. Fxcept for one
tune ("A Little While," from a
compilation called Skee-Ball)
all the songs on my copy of Regressing are on a cassette by that
name on Olympia (that's Washington, you fool) label Union
I thought I'd lost Rodney
McFarlane. since it had been
over a year since I'd heard from
his last project Teeth, but he has
indeed resurfaced. Now he's
back to using his former band
name Partial Patsy and musically sounds like he's up to the
same old tricks. With a guitar
sound that more resembles
World War II. PP's four songs
have definite lease-breaking po-
One i
s the
band-about-town Lux Indigo.
LI features some perennial luminaries of the local punk
scene, including Tim Challenger and Doug Donut, bul this
time out it's smoky, lazy jazz,
without solos or complicated
stuff like that. Live they do a
reptilian version of Duran2's
"Rio," while on the tape it's
SNFU's "She's Not On the
Menu" plus an original,
"Crepuscule." Listening to this
made me Jones to hear "Girl
lounge-punk quartet. Fortunately, they do that one live too.
More crumbling of the wall
that separates jazz from all other
forms of debauchery comes in
the form of Acid Jazz, fave
background score for the Puma-
wearing, nose-bridge-stud/
goatee-sporting, stick-shooting,
post-rave generation. A recent
technical innovation is to actually perform it live, with real
saxophones and everything.
Demos are now bearing this out,
with a choice hip-hoppin'. soul-
scrapin'. FAT-chewin' one coming in by a band going under the
name The Craze. While it's a
little too lo-fi to do this music
its full justice, thatrecorded-in-
the-grow-room flavour only
adds to the impression that
there's something really really
fresh happening here. Let the
Jazz Flow. I now declare a
moratorium on hyphenated
gerundial adjectives.
Slumming is the real, honest-
to-goodness (does that count?)
finalized cassette, product now
available in stores from Kim
Linekin. Former touring
backup musician with Sarah
MacLachlan, KL got her start
as vocalist/violinist with Victoria foursome Silent Party, whose
drummer, Jason Deatherage,
she still uses. "Always Cleaning Up After You" is the first
song, and it sets the mood with
its sympathetic production techniques (i.e., keyboards) and
Kim's banshee guitar feedback.
There's a bit of the folkie '
;elf I
lush a
n the n
Slumming, no genre has been
left untouched (except for
maybe bohemian fat-chewin'
Spitfiring schizo-Celtic New
Romantic lounge jazz) and the
music was certainly able to keep
up with my wandering attention. Her voice is chart-
toppingly (so much for the
moratorium - that's politics for
you) strong, still retaining character despite the sense I got that
she's on the-iam from a genetic
Natalie Merchant semblance.
With guests Sean Ashby (from
Glove - see VanSpec Dec. '94)
on slide and other tools and that
Vince guy from TGOG (The
Grapes o' Ginger) on keeb varnish. I humbly submit. DS
Saturday, January 28: cub
Record Release Party w/
Sparkmarker & Gob at the New
York Theatre.
Friday, February 3: M-Blanket. enfa/lak. Submission Hold
& Shotwell Coho (from SF,
Saturday, February 4:
Facepuller, The Cowards. The
Lovedones & Cinnamon at the
New York Theatre.
Friday, February 10: Our
Lady Peace w/ The Killjoys at
the New York Theatre.
Friday, February 17: Hazel
(Portland), Sparkmarker, thirty-
ought-six (Portland) &
Trufflehunt at the Pitt Gallery.
Saturday, February 25: Pluto,
Cinnamon & Queazy at
Crosstown Traffic.
Credit for all howling lingo goes to
Poodle, a fanzine dedicated to the
regal sport that is 5-pin bowling.
Poodle is distributed by the Magic
8-Balk bowling team. -  '    '
► J^TVe Tv o€TVe ,*TVS
W*W pfcj FmT^ Vol£f
*^« PafTs   <***  TV WMj-    '
VJEEZH2. Vfee***-**/
tv>) "LWtwe.-TV*. "SvAsaFe/*  "Son-*-,*
sduxse: &W »W3r**B?s
_k    Tv*. *2op*"«j™.
*^   TU v^y*^-^*** /^v/ ^^
1^ iv^nj^ues tv*. n*vw
t^j*** Wbel JebOT Wi 'Kk\rJ WVs
loTeST aTTeiYiaTVe s-ty-eSTVvv." WVaS******
«2DNjr ur-x fv<><ew nw.^
*^%fl«    l.'.l-HU'llilgl
is «A\*TW. SK*-*k*w afco*.
Seymour location ONLY. Offer expires February 28, 1995
The Ballad of the
Shindig Finals
(Turn the page for the winners1 chorus!)
Not too long after Underwater Sunshine saw its
Shindig aspirations fall
short of perfect last
month, I met with band
members Enzo Figliuzzi
and John Niklokic to discuss, amongst other
things, their disappointing third place finish in
what may have been one
of the most bizarre
Shindig finals ever. I was
at a loss myself as to why
the judges chose Meow
as the evening's eventual
winner, but it may have
been that the not-so-cuddle-core sounds of Meow
appealed to the judges'
appreciation of DIY/lo-fi
garage pop. If this was
the case, it's no wonder
that Underwater Sunshine fared as they did:
Their songs are carried
by strong three part harmony vocals (by far their
strongest asset), guitars
that chime away and
drive ahead, and a keen sense
Of what makes a pop song. All
in all. Underwater Sunshine is
a solid band that can play better
ge Fanclub can say
'Alex Chilton.'
Starting out in the high
schools of Delta and Surrey in
the late XO's. a few years of development brought I Inderwater
Sunshine from its initial AC/DC
cover band status towards that
of an original power-pop band,
far more influenced by the
Grapes of Wrath than anyone
else at the time. And while they
don't deny that the Grapes in-
("These are the guys that made
us want to play what we play,"
explains John), any comparisons are largely due to a simi
larity in the live arrangement of
their songs. With Enzo on bass.
guitarists John and Tim
Bonikowski and drummer Blair
Mipchello, the four feel that
they have grown out of wanting
to merely sound like just another pop band with great
voices. Somewhat surprisingly,
vocals like theirs are not born
of significant training or experience in choirs or other bands;
instead, practice, practice, and
more practice together as a band
has allowed them to develop as
they have.
While Underwater Sunshine
may not have impressed the
judges enough to win any of the
recording time up for grabs at
Shindig, the band is committed
enough to enter the studio on
their own terms (and at their
own expense!). Ironically, they
plan to record at Greenhouse
Studios, the same facility from
which Meow received most
of their recording time
prize. With any luck, the
sessions will produce a
6 song EP that is to be
35    (        engineered by Ken
I      worked on new re-
.cases by the Red
- ■ Hot Chili Peppers
and Blind Melon.
Contact with a hep cat of the
rock biz aside. Underwater Sunshine are truly a local band: the
furthest they've ever strayed
from home is the Town Pump
Because of this, I wondered if
employing management (as
Underwater Sunshine do)
proves to be worthwhile for a
group that operates on this scale.
"We wouldn't be able to look
at the future the way we (do)
now," says John. And sure
enough, it was their management who came through with a
gig opening for Kiss tribute
band Black Diamond at the
Vogue Theatre.
"They just help us out a great
deal with connections." Not bad
for a band that didn't even have
a token Kiss cover song themselves for wowing the audience.
All kidding aside, even if
they did play such songs as part
of their repertoire, it wouldn't
have-made a difference for the
Shindig judges, I suppose. With
great abilities and potential to
draw from, Underwater Sunshine can only get better, and
perhaps continue in the tradition
that sees those who fare worst
in contests end up with the best
results in the long run.
fO   February 1995 The question isn't, "Where the
heck did The Papillomas come
from?", the question is, "Where
the heck do they go from here?"
Blazing out of nowhere to
finish a respectable second
place in CiTR's Shindig competition. The Papillomas
seemed to be the freshest, most
original, and yes, gosh darnnit,
the nicest band that this ol' war-
horse has laid eyes on for many
a moon. So why debut at
"We like to play as much as
we can and not that many people ask us to play," offers drummer Dave Blackman.
"We put in an application
last year and this year," says
guitarist Shane Yakelashek,
"and completely forgot about
When The Papillomas finally
received an invitation to play
Shindig they decided that it
would be 'fun' to play, even
though Yakilashek admits that,
"It's weird to have a contest
[judging different types of music]. I told someone that I was
playing in Shindig and he said,
Oh man, contests really
suck..unless you're winning
stuff.' "
Reservations aside, the band
did feel that they had somewhat
of an advantage over the other
bands at the Shindig finals.
"When we were at sound check
today, the other band, Underwater Sunshine, said that they
weren't used to playing a place
this big [The Starfish Room],"
explains Blackman. "We play at
Harpo's in Victoria fairly often
and a couple of other places. I
almost felt guilty that we've
played a lot and some of the
other bands are just beginners."
At this point both Yakelashek
and guitarist/singer Michael
Kissinger interrupt by saying
that this is the Papillomas "first
trip across the water" to play a
show and that, as a band, they
are unknown in the Vancouver
scene and therefore have no advantage over the other bands.
"We've gotta be one of the
plainest bands there are," says
Yakelashek. "Almost every
band that we've seen play at
Shindig has a major gimmick."
For The Papillomas, being
plain works. Jangly rock tunes
coupled with satirical lyrics that
range from Ted Nugent to bad
haircuts are played perfectly by
this quartet that hails from both
Victoria and Nanaimo. The only
problem with this band is that
they do absolutely everything to
avoid talking about their music.
"Hey, do you know what
that's called, when it's cut short
in the front and long in the
back?" asks Kissinger, avoiding
the subject of his song lyrics.
"Hockey hair"
"I actually knew a hockey
player who was always talking
about how he wanted to get a
perm," pipes in Yakelashek. "He
was not that confident with himself that he could go get a perm,
but he was always talking about
getting a perm in the back and
then getting it really short all on
the top. But not too short. Long
enough so he could still feather
it. I thought that was pretty
Humour, especially sarcastic
humour, plays a dominant role
in The Papillomas delicate balance between friends/
bandmates and mortal enemies.
"We have a number of serious
songs we have done," says
Blackman, " and usually about
a month or two after writing
them, Mike believes that they're
unbelievably cheezy and refuses
to play them ever again."
While Kissinger may not
want to be the next Barenaked
Ladies, he does inject a lot of
energy and some witty bon mots
into the bands' live shows to
keep the spaces between songs
chocked full o' yucks. A favour
ite target of Kissinger seems to
be Vancouver's alterno-flavour
of the month, Moist, which he
has no qualms about making fun
"Someone was saying that
when I introduced ourselves as
Moist, that there was a drunk
guy in the audience who said,
'Man, I love these guys, I've
always wanted to see them.' It
had to be explained to him that
we were just making a joke,"
laughs Kissinger.
So, don't look for a message
in The Papillomas music and
don't expect to see any hockey
hair on stage (although that
would make a good gag...can
you buy hockey hair wigs?), but
do note that The Papillomas
have this uncanny ability to
make the strangest things happen when they're grouped together in the same space. The
Papillomas remain a puzzling
enigma, raising more questions
than they answer. In fact, one of
the few questions that they
could answer outright was the
question burning in everyone's
minds: If The Papillomas,
Meow and Underwater Sunshine had a grudge match of
Twister™, who would win?
"We'd win, we'd crush
them," exclaimed Blackman enthusiastically.
"Well, we'd break them, we're
too heavy," added Kissinger
"We are one of the largest
bands around," said Yakelashek.
After a moment of silence to
ponder this great stumper of science and brightly coloured plastic polka dots, the band came to
an unlikely yet prophetic conclusion.
"Meow would win. They're
pretty agile and there's only
three of them, so they would
win," said Kissinger.
"Hands down," said Blackman.
"Meow   would   win   hands
tu*"tie'    iii\       fflusHtf»«m iffm
~acific Legal
Are you an outgoing, spontaneous
man or woman over the age of 19
with a never-say-die attitude and a
good sense Of humour?
We are a non-profit society that
helps young offenders and children
aged 8 to 12 who are at risk of getting
into trouble.
If you have about thre^e hours per
week available for at least the next
six months we'd really like to hear
from you. We believe that one-to-one
interaction with a well-adjusted adult
can improve the behaviour of a
troubled child.
Interested? Please call us today.
"   £8^3^ by Stm R-*$$<tt
Crowned the champions of CiTR's annual Shindig competition for 1994, Meow are here to play the new dance
everyone's talking about: kitty-rawk. With the fresh victory in mind, Discorder was curious to hear what the three
fin halls had to say. Hot on the local music scene, Meow
is: Toby Black (guitar and vocals), Corrina "c.c."
Hammond (bass and vocals), and Neko Case (drums and
band experiences?
Neko: My first
band was called
The Del-Logs. Afl
that I played around with
a lot of people, then in 1991 I
formed The Propanes with John
Atkins (Seaweed), Laura Woods
and Shawn Stern. That was
great but we had problems because John's contract (with
SubPop) states that he can't
record with any band but Seaweed, so that squashed our
hopes of putting out a single
which was too bad because we
kicked ass.
Tobey: The John Denver Song
c.c: The Hal Leonard Bass
Book Volume I. I haven'l finished il yet
What a
*al inilu-
T: Hie John Denver Song Book.
N There's too many to keep
track of. The Cramps for one.
extremely inspiring. They're lo-
fi but they shake the pillars of
hell. The Flat Duo Jets are my
favourite band ever. The only
time I've ever been star struck
is when I met Dexter
Romweber My influences are
very wide ranging, anywhere
i  I-r
Griffith and the C
:  to
»spel Pea
c.c: I'm ahomemaker/sex god-
Tacoma's Girl Trouble has a
song called "N Loves
Rock'n'Roll": Is that you,
N: Yeah, I'm afraid that it is.
Why would they sing about
N: Well. I've lived in Tacoma.
Washington for years and years
and years until I moved here,
and they were just good friends
of mine and they thought they
would embarrass me by writing
a song (laughs). Not that I'm not
flattered - it's a great song. I'm
never going to live it down, I
don't think.
Is it true that you go-go
danced at one time for Girl
N: Yeah, yeah that's true. It was
really fun. actually. I've seen
videotapes of it since and I
ally fun. I don't know, it was a
great experience.
Did you dress up?
N: My partner, January, and myself, we were supposed to be
dressed up like Ann Margaret in
Viva Las Vegas, so we had these
sort of bad renditions of her outfit where she's in the gymnasium dancing with the King.
Is it true that there are more
gunshots in East Vancouver
than in Tacoma?
N: Absolutely not (laughs).
There's no place more violent
and gunridden than Hilltop,
Tacoma - at least on the West
Coast - according to a huge statistic, but I don't know for sure
any more. Maybe Oakland has
us beat by now, but I doubt it.
How was your Shindig experience?
N: It was o.k. We just wanted to
play some shows, we didn't care
about the competition part. It
was embarrassing when we
won. We didn't deserve to, but
that's not our fault, it's the
judges' fault. The final was so
ridiculous. The Papillomas
should have won. End of story.
They were so great about it
though. They weren' t even mad!
They invited us to come play a
show with them in Nanaimo.
They were stellar human beings
and a rockin' band - buy their
stuff. Go to their shows,
c.c: The overall experience was
disappointing because we didn't
get paid for those damn gigs.
Tobey: It was ironic that we
won. On the comment cards the
judges hated us. Our favourite
one stated that we "should be
put to sleep."
N: Yeah! Lots of people think
we suck, and in their minds I'm
sure we do. But ours is the only
opinion that matters. When you
start out in a band it's so much
more fun to be arrogant and
make a big joke out of it than
feel all self-conscious about it.
The music industry is just a
We're no less important than
anyone else's fucking band,
even if we don't have our
"chops" up. Besides, we happen
to be very friendly, down-to-
Earth, no bullshit-type people
with great senses of humour.
You don't have to take us seriously, but don't take us for a
bunch of chumps.
You did win. And what were
you wearing?
c.c: Fun fur bikinis.
T: Yeah, that's what we always
Do you have any "meows" in
your songs?
N: We don't need any damn meows on our record,
c.c: There's no meows, there's
no purrs...
N: Well if fur bikinis aren' t gimmick enough, I don't know what
T Yeah, exactly.
N: We should at least
get credit for
Maybe it's the fur?
c.c: The fur is sexy?
T It makes us all itchy.
N: It makes us all look weird.
T: Like stuffed animals.
There's another band in this
year's      Shindig      called
Groverfur. They won their
round   -   who   knows,
maybe they'll catch
on   and   start
ng fur
bikinis too!
T: And
and Neko made hers.
T: Corrina's mom made them
No, really, what if someone
who comes to see your show
wants to buy a fur bikini?
Who knows, maybe it's the
next big thing?
N: They are labour -1 never
want to make another
one again.
;.: It's a lot of
What are you going to do with
your prizes?
T All I wanted was the leather
gig bag.
N: We're going to make the best
record of 1995. if not the dec-
cc: I'm glad we won because
now we won't have to fight over
the gig bag.
Where are the cool thrift
shops in Tacoma?
N: Where aren't the cool thrift
shops in Tacoma? They're everywhere. South Tacoma Way,
anywhere in Lakewood, some
Sixth Avenue stuff, I don't
know. Probably Bargain Village, or
Thrift City, any of
:hose places.
Goodwill used
to be OK, but
hot. We actually were accused of presenting ourselves as sex objects
by some judge at Shindig and
we were really mad because it's
really stupid if you think we
look sexy in those outfits; you
need some psychological help -
we look ridiculous. Take your
feminist manifesto and stick it
in your butt because we're not
my hometown,
have to beef it up a little.
How about Vancouver?
Where's a good place to go
thrift shopping north of the
T: Salvation Army's good,
c.c: I like the Value Village in
South Burnaby, when you go
down Kingsway. That's a good
How does it feel for you.
Meow, to be at the top of the
Vancouver rockpile?
N: Sort of like the murky, skinky
(sic) bottom of the rock heap.
Tobey: If we were actually at
the top I'd be gettin' a lot more
c.c: About as good as when I
won the kick-boxing champion-
looked ridiculous, so it wa
great It was a great time, we gc
to travel all over the place an
we came up here once and did
Nardwuar show which was rt
those snotty Pavement worshipping alt-rockers and their ilk.
sexy and we don't pretend to be
and we don't care. (c.c. laughs
Is that where the fur bikinis
came from?
c.c: No, those came from Texas,
playing    the
i going to line up
and buy Mei
paraphenalia...What kind of
stuff would you sell? Would
you sell bikinis?
N: (all laugh)They'll be for sale
right next to our Meow big
c.c: And our chained wallets.
N: No, actually we would probably sell shoehorns or something, I don't know.
Who's hot on the Vancouver
scene right now?
c.c: Beez and the Mount Pleasant Community Center Choir.
Tobey: Pocket Caligula
N: The Bastard Makers featur-
ing "Balls Deep."
What material can Vancouver I
expect from its #1 band in the
near future?
c.c: We have an upcoming sin- j
gle on Twist-Like-This Records I
from Houston, Texas. Twist- J
like-this is Matt Murrillo's |
record label; by day he's a \
nurse, by night he has a band of
his own which is yet to be I
named. Meow will be the first
single followed by two Houston
bands called Pretty Boy and
WeU-Fed Smile.
N: It better have a flattering like-
;s of ir
Tobey: I hope my vocals are
louder than everyone elses'.
c.c: We recorded with Dave
Carswell and John Collins at
Playboy's Closet Studio in West
Vancouver. We highly recommend it. Most professional,
there's a fridge downstairs,
places to sit down - it's excellent. John and Dave were excellent, very patient. They're very
patient, soft-spoken and tall.
Tall men are excellent at mixing, they really are.
Anything else you'd like to
c.c: P'lay some Meow rock.
N: Are we all leaving?
T: I don't have anything to add.
N: We're not a grrrl band. Because I'm actually a man. So if
anyone ever says grrrl band I'm
gonna kick their ass from here
to next week.
T: Neko's the violent one in the
f2   February 1995 By Sean Raggett
Strain are a heavy duly hardcore band,
no question about it Their music is hard,
brutal, and hypnotically intense. Their
powerful, almost threatening sonic
assault is a testament to their love for
heavy, angry, aggressive music (Sick of
it All, Snapcase. Undertow, Orange
9mm). The virtue of hardcore and all of
its various mutant offshoots, such as
thrash, speed and death metal, is its sheer
physical mass, its hopeless blackness, its
trembling extremity. Yel its energy, its
sheer passion that slowly evolves, draws
you in - if not for Ihe. decibel overload,
then for the grandiose illusion that these
live men are about to shake this world
Based in Vancouver. Strain have been
actively involved in Ihe local and
Northwest music scenes for almost three
years. Confident of their energy and
collective talents, Eric (bass), Sean
(vocals), Jody (guitar), Len (drums) and
Greg (guitar) are well aware of their
impact beyond the local scene, especially
in a time when punk music is becoming
more mainstream by the minute. Each
experience within the hardcore realm:
Eric played bass with skate-influenced
Fratricide and Headfirst (which
eventually became BNU). Len drummed
for Winnepeg's Fine Grind before he
called Vancouver home, Sean played
guitar with Brand New Unit, Last Straw,
and Overstep, and guitarist Greg
currently plays with Vancouver emo-
rockers Atom Smasher. One definitive
quality of Strain is their frequent lineup
changes: Sparkmarker's Kim Kinakin
was once in the band; Eric has left and
then returned to his bass duties; and
Strain guitarist Greg was in fact very
recently replaced by BNU guitarist Jinx.
Interviewed in their practice space
(which they share with S.N.F.U.,
Sparkmarker, Taste, Wheat Chiefs and
Moist - "This is where the big bands are
brewed," jokes Len), Strain was eager
to talk with Discorder for the first time:
"They hate us - they're wimps and they
like bands like cub," pesters Sean...
Speaking with the band after their
December show at Crosstown Traffic
with fellow hometown destined-to-be-
stars supergroup Sparkmarker, Strain's
subtle stature was surprising. Explosive
on stage, the five members were relaxed
and spoke smoothly but without concern,
touching on topics such as live punk
performance, opening for Metallica,
Canadian labels, signing a major label
deal, riot grrrls and the recent influx of
punk into the mainstream.
Since their union in 1992, Strain have
toured extensively: Vancouver, Victoria,
Kamloops, Whistler, Calgary and
Edmonton, and down the west coast of
the USA to San Diego. The band is
notorious in the Northwest for their
wildly energetic (and sometimes out of
control) live performances.
"The last time we played in
Redmond (near Seattle) with Undertow
there were 600 people at a renovated
firehall, and I guess some people got a
little more aggressive than usual in the
pit. The barricades in front of the stage
got broken down and it was pretty crazy,"
Eric boasts, obviously proud of the
unforgiving power of Strain's music.
After witnessing Strain's capabilities
live, it becomes apparent that each
petformance has the potential to
becomes a catalyst for testosterone-
fueled frat-punk rockers to release their
unbottled aggression in the pit. While
mayhem reigns on the floor, the sound
of Strain's music is magically cathartical
in the sense that such an intolerable
cacophony can eminate from only five
men. On stage, Sean's voice transforms
into a montrous entity enraged and
hideous beyond recognition.
While the excitement of a Strain show
may temporarily sweep away rational
thought, each audience member must
keep in mind that any outwardly negative
actions toward the venue or other people
may have a permanatly detrimental
effect for future shows. Since almost all
punk shows are promoted and presented
by volunteer efforts, those who really
"fuck shit up" ultimately reduce this
likelihood. Strain seem mildly concerned
about this.
"It was a lot of fun, but I guess they're
having trouble with wanting to do bands
hke Undertow and Strain again because
of the fact that it got a little out of
control," says Eric. "Because those
shows are all community-run programs,
they're all under scrutiny because ofthe
Undertow/Strain show. They're run by
the city, they're city youth programs."
Morons put the scene in jeopardy.
Having built up a solid base of loyal
followers with their many underground
performances, Strain was given an
opportunity to reach a new and wider
audience last year when the band was
invited to perform on Ihe side stage
during the Metallica and Suicidal
Tendencies show at Thunderhird
Stadium (U.B.C.). While many people
would kill for such an opportunity, Eric
brushes it off as no big deal:
"It was nothing. We got to experience
first hand a lot of rock star bullshit, all
the politics that go behind it. You know,
we couldn't go certain places, we were
treated like shit."
Pausing, he reflects for a moment and
then adds, "But you know, I had a lot of
fun. It was cool."
The other members seem to agree.
and in addition to performing in front of
a stadium-size audience with potential
armies of Strain fans in attendance, the
hardcore combo were also honoured
with a nationally televised interview last
year on the nation's music station.
While there's no doubt Strain is
currently one of the foundations of
Vancouver's hardcore scene today, along
with the likes of Sparkmarker, Brand
New Unit and Facepuller, the group is
highly critical of Canadian labels and the
local scene in general
"We would never think of doing
anything with a Canadian label. It would
be completely pointless for us, a total
waste of time," spurts Eric.
Why the lack of trust and faith?
"Canada's market is so small, they'd
never be able to do anythiing with us
anyway. Canada's population is smaller
than Southern California's population.
How are you supposed to have an
audience in Canada?" he sputters.
But isn't it up to bands like Strain to
gel out there and show the world that
we're not made up of Bryan Adams and
Crash Test Dummies clones?
"Well, yeah, it's a goal." Eric
Even if their arrogant display of anti-
nationalism towards our Crash Test
Dununies/Barenaked Ladies-saturated
country seems callous and lacking,
Strain seems indifferent. Besides, the
band can afford to be cocky. Jody
explains, "We had an A&R rep from
Atlantic records come out to see us and
BNU. He really liked us, we got along
great, we talked a lot."
Eric agrees. "We're blessed with the
fact thai all three of the bands that he
really likes are from Vancouver."
Because quality underground acts
have traditionally comprised a minority
in Canada, promoters may
unconsciously hold negative
preconceptions of Canadian bands.
"Because it's an American company,"
breezes Eric cooly, "they have trouble
working with Canadian artists - it's a
"People think Canadian, Ihey think
Bryan Adams, Rush, " notes Sean, 'They
think Canadian, they think cheesy."
With the presence of major label
hawks buzzing in the background, I was
especially curious as to Strain's position
in regard to signing to a major label.
Virtually all independent bands start as
*3 '^g&mgz a.D.I.Y. operation, extremely wary and
definitely opposed to large, integrity-
sucking corporate operations.
Fortunately, there are hundreds, if not
thousands, of independent labels in
North America who release music for its
artistic - as opposed lo its financial -
merits. However, after years of dedicated
performing, touring, and recording,
many underground groups eventually
shift their altitude towards Ihe.
multinational entities. As Len noted, if
the sound is good and "marketable",
there will inevitably be a money-hungry
major label willing to distribute a band's
"product" to Ihe masses. In the eyes of
many indie rockers, however, there is a
dear price to pay for the decision to sign.
The allrustic intent of any indie band is
quickly and automatically casl into doubt
soon after the ink has lined on the dotted
line. Are they producing music for the
dollai return, or for the pure enjoyment
of crafting their art? In short, do they
Justifications seem lo flow freely.
With the air of Ihe kid sitting at the front
of the class in elementary school, Jody
finally concludes, "Obviously the only
way it's gonna be heard is on a major
Most readers will now be familiar
with names like Offspring and NOFX,
bands which have recently hit it big on
commercial radio. The largely
overlooked similarity between these
bands is that, in light of their commercial
success, they are both signed with an
independent label. Epitaph records. And
Ihey are bands which, as Eric implores,
"Are all making big bucks. People in
those bands own houses. They don't have
to work - let's put it that way."
Or, as Jody succinctly sums up the
hot action of late within the music
industry machine, "Punk pays."
One fact lhat is often overlooked
when accusations of selling out are
ballied about in relation to Offspring et
nothing about the scene," confirms Eric,
"but judging from tonight, it's getting
better. They might listen to Metallica or
Slayer or whatever and really be into
good heavy music, but they know
nothing about the. hardcore scene."
With talk of major label interest in
underground Vancouver bands, Strain
are quick to criticize local promoters
who view them and other local groups
as merely openers.
"BNU, Sparkmarker, Strain and
Facepuller are all ofthe same calibre of
a lot of the touring bands that come to
town and no one pays attention to them,
partially because people don't know the
[true punk scene] exists. I think the way
local bands are dealt with here is totally
lame," complains Eric.
"We're just taken for granted," he
continues, "and there's bands out there
that are really fuckin' bunk, like DDT
and Salvador Dream, who are being
marketed as being alternatve and they're
is that they are all signed with an
lepe.ndent label: Epitaph Records,
id, despite being indie, they have still
"Well. (Mfspring are obviously doing
uggests Sean.
il on an independent, but a lot ol people.
vas worth."
do not know what hardcore, is. or thai
maybe three
these little labels do exist. To reach the
ears, yeah,"
market, you have to be on a major label,"
Eric states niatler-of-laclly.
lpacl of their
"And you know there's people out
ckers change
there that like it," says Sean, "because if
pair off:
we play a show where there's not
, your music
hardcore people they're all stoked, and
Ihey don'l know anything about it."
says another.
"There's a lot of kids who know
not. They're. just doing it to make, money.
I feel like we're all being ripped off.
People think it's the shit, but it's totally
watered down, it's not underground at all.
For example, I saw DDT a little while
ago and they were like a completely
different band than they were a little
while ago - they're catering to what the
masses like. They used to be a metal
band called Juggernaught but they
weren't making any money so they cut
their hair. No one cared about them so
they cut their hair and got this new
sound. But those are the bands that are
respected because people can put on a
show with them and they'll make money
beause they're marketable. The most
marketable bands are the most lame, you
know what I mean?"
Eric's rather sweeping views may
alienate those who have chosen to sign
and play music for profit in the majors.
Unfortunately, neither Eric nor the other
Strain members take the time to explain
exactly how and who and what decides
whether a band is 'worthy' of moving to
the majors Bul what of the distant
possibility thai Strain themselves could
become a big hit in the future, carried
away by punk's invasion of the
mainstream? After all. they do practise
in the same studios as Moist!
For many long-time fans ofthe band,
the notion that Strain could abandon
themselves to a life of corporate
whoredom seems ridiculous. What may
not be so clear is the group's position on
punk rock straight-edge ethics.
"First of all, Strain is not a straightedge band," Eric is quick to point out.
"That's something that should be defined
because there's only two people in Strain
who would seriously call themselves
straight-edge Len is not, I wouldn't call
myself straight-edge and Greg is not
either. We get lumped into that because
that's the kind of music we listen to,
that's the kind of music we like to play."
How can you tell if a band is straightedge? According to Sean, "It's jusl a
sound. Usually the singer's angry, hke a
loud screaming singer, lots of E-chord.
Today's straight-edge is all heavy, pretty
Snapcase. Unbroken, Earth Crisis,
ertow and Strife - these are some of
the names Strain rattle off as their
favourite contemporary North American
straight-edge bands. But the origins of
the straight-edge philosophy can be
traced back to a Minor Threat song, one
which took a hard stance against a
lifesyle of drinking and taking drugs.
Since its release in the early 198()'s, the
song's lyrics have, evolved into a way of
life for many involved in the
underground, those who view these vices
as corporate traps.
"It's just not drinking, smoking, or
doing drugs and fucking yourself up,"
"Sex can be a part of it. It's just like
anything else, some people take it more
to the extreme than others."
One thing that some members of
Strain do take a little far is their negative
attitudes towards riot grrrls. How many
riot grrrls does it take to screw in a
"One, to suck my dick," one
charmingly replies.
"One to screw il in, and three to write
a zine about il." another comically
Considering the progressive ideals of
straight-edge they so adamantly follow,
it is paradoxical that some members of
the band hold such prehistoric attitudes
towards girlrock. Of course, these
attitudes may not necessarily hold
constant for all band members.
Every band is only the sum of its parts
and each member has their own specific
views. Sean and Jody both consider
themselves "very straight-edge," while
the others do not. Do conflicting
philosophies within Strain result in
problems when it comes time to book
shows? Have any difficulties arisen
booking shows al bars, where alcohol is
when I
philosophies which abhor drinking
"When we first started," explains
Jody calmly, "Sean was really militant
about it and took a hard stance about it;
we were very, very against it."
"But," he adds, "everybody's
lightened up a bit. Sean won't want to
play a bar show, I won't want to, Eric
and Len want to. You've got to have a
common ground."
Whether motivated by an anti-alcohol
agenda or simply by a desire not to
exclude fans who are below the drinking
age, one of the only alternatives to
playing at a bar is to hold an all-ages
event where no one is formally excluded.
But even all-ages, D.I.Y shows suffer
from an invisible irony in that they put a
different type of exclusion into effect.
Eric explains:
"The concept behind an all-ages show
is that you don't except anyone from
being there; anyone can come. But a lot
of people won't go to an all-ages show
because they feel uncomfortable hanging
out with 15 year old kids. I can
understand that, I can relate, because I
feel out of place a lot ofthe time when
I'm at an all-ages show. That doesn't
mean that I want to go to bar shows, but
I feel you're excepting people. By not
playing a bar show, there's that whole
other group of people who would
probably like to see you play, but can't."
Eric shows compasion for both sides,
and you might think from the conviction
in his voice that Strain are all serious and
no fun. But, like everyone else, these
men have a lighter side and they too like
to play. So what do Strain do for fun'.'
Just ask Jody.
"My friends have a house in North
Vancouver and some water company
gave them a free 16 gallon jug of water,
and just out of the blue we decided to
have a contest and drink all this water.
There was half of it left and the three of
us chugged the whole thing and got
really sick. We had it all on videotape, it
was pretty cute."
"We drank eight gallons of water
between the three of us," finishes Jody,
laughing. "We drank and drank and
drank until we exploded. Then we went
out on the front yard and puked "
So what can Strain fans expect in the
coming months as far as material or
"Tonight was the last show we're
playing for a while," says Jody. "We're
gonna get down to writing and beating
up Sean to get some riffs out of him. We
really want to have a new set before we
play again, so you won't be hearing from
us at all probably for a couple months.
The new 7" will be out soon, and we'll
put it in stores as soon as we get it."
Be sure to check out the brand new
Heartfirst Strain vinyl "Cataract/Turn the
Tide" - a fully weighted hardcore 7" gem
on wax - available in stores now. It is
ear-pounding, and one of the crispest-
sounding hardcore productions ever to
eniinate from Vancouver.
(1994) Strain self-titled CD on Overkill
(1994) Track on Excursion Records
Northwest hardcore compilation
(1994) "Driven/Second Coming" 7" on
Heart First records
(1994) 7" on Bacteria Sour Records
(Pushead's label - Japan only)
(1995) "Cataract/Turn the Tide" 7" on
Heart First records
(1995) upcoming CD single on Heart two-
Two Tonne Bowlers
debut 9 song CD
rt% paid
i-ttfkti checks, & money orders accepted
Btetrts mi to Scott Marshall
e Bo» lers, 280 Farrell St.. !•«.,«:to,.. BC V4A 4G*
Second Gfoming
fonnauon of a baud. Witli nothing bet-
lei to do. Mikey Dees, Craig Becker,
.mil Brian Spurhawk, "do" Filz of Do
Rmned roughly seven years ago
(though Sparliawk has only been with
Ls. Explaining ihe abundance
singles. Craig says. "We tried to
a full length in the past bul il got
>cked short lo a 10 inch. Actually,
really planned H so thai we could
re pulling o
i 14" i
tlie Olympia bands put out records and
tour. It's never like, 'Which local band
is going to play at tlie bar tliis week-
theiuselves, Craig and B rian have had
the cliance to fonn lasting impressions
of many of the towns anil cities they've
played in. Without hesitation, Irio cite
Albequnjue, New Mexico as the worst
Il ,1
ii Kaip! Thai plai
ving food
,1  Hn,
lhat tlie members of Filz of Depression listened In (luring their Inn native
years was not a question 1 wanted to
ask liul I did find out thai Mike cites
anil somewhat unexpectedly, lie also
And then 1 gol inlo punk rock."
in eight Iraek - ynu'd lliink it win.
urn out all raw and punk rock, bul
.all  111
. I'M/, nl Depression has
L-1'aleofK.arp .The band
had lo deal with what
s 'creepy moustache
, hille b
"...tileslickest tiling we've done!!!
Maximum Rock 'N'Rollgave us a really bail review, they said we were a
really slick punk band!"
Despite being a hotbed of mdie-
rock activity, Filz of Depression's
hometown of Olympia (K Records*.
Kill Rock Stars, Yo Yo A Go Go) is
almost completely lacking in good
veiiuesfor hands lo play in.Olliertlian
the Capital 'lliealer, bands are lell lo
choose between a lunch of bad bars*
wilh had sound systems and, as a result, tlie Olympia scene is largely for
"Although it really depends on if it's
an all ages show or a bar show and wliat
radio station Ls supporting it," Mikey
notes. "Our audience has definitely
changed from a few years ago, so
sometimes we get [the creepy moustache] crowd!"
Before heading out on tours of bolh
tlie I IS and Europe, Filz of Depression
will lie looking out for you creepy
moustache types when they play with
D( )A and Gashuffer in Seattle on Feb-
niary 1 llli. See you lliere.
tS  Y^^sm^  Webb song! Given this apparent admiration for the man's
songwriting skills, one would
think that the band would be
eager to talk about his influence on their music. Or perhaps not.
"I hate talking about
Jimmy Webb, but OK," Carl
begins reluctantly. "In the late
60's when Jimmy was 17 or
18 he moved out from the
mid-west to California to
make it big as a songwriter.
Bul he sold all his rights to
some company just so they
would let him record them.
One of those songs was "By
The Time I Get To Phoenix"
and that became a huge, classic song! He wrote
"Galveston", "Wichita Line",
"MacArthur Park" and "Up
Up and Away In My Beautiful Balloon."
"Jimmy Webb had apparently never written a song before," adds Mike, "then he fell
on his head and started writing all these great songs."
Reticent as they may be toward the subject of Jimmy
Webb, the band is downright
hostile when it comes to the
origin of their new album's title. Loo* What the Rookn- Did.
As soon as 1 bring up the subject, both Carl and Mike become flustered and basically
refuse to comment.
"It's from a film," Mike reveals, "but that's as far as I can
go. It's a direct quote but we
can't say where from. It's way
too important in my life right
now to share with a fuckin'
Carl is no more forthcoming: "Haven't you ever had a
secret that you just can't tell
anyone? It's one
things thai people
understand when^
them. They kinda j
that you're a sick bathe kind of thing yfl
never tell your paj*|
that's as much a:
about our title."
Adding to the m*l
rounding this
combo is Zumpai
almost inexplical
ism: On the cover c
single there is a
and on the back, a hot pepper;
the titles of the two songs on
ihe single are
"Wraparoundshades" and
"Orange Air"; on the front
f the albun:
of t
) firemen trying
Volkswagen bus. Fire and heat
seems to be a constant theme
in the Zumpano universe. So
what's with all this hot stuff?
Are the members of Zumpano
even aware of this underlining
motif of heat that I've discovered in their work?
"No!" exclaims Carl..."But
wait! Oh my god! "Orange
Air" is a slang term for fire!"
"It's because we're fucking hot, man!" counters Mike.
"We are on fire all the time!
There's too much cool! Let's
look at Veruca Salt: they reek
of cool! There's too much cool
music like "Exile On Main
Street" (Stones album circa.
'71). We wanna be hot like
"Undercover Of The Night"
(Stones album circa '83)."
Whatever its temperature,
Look What The Rookie Did
shines brightly with thirteen
sensational songs of textured,
retro-fitted genius. Besides
outstanding songwriting and
accomplished musicianship
from all four band members,
some of t he album's finer
points are the detailed arrangements and recording
techniques. According to the
band, producer Kevin Kane
(former member of the Grapes
of Wrath) is responsible for
capturing much of their definitive character on tape, bringing to a head many of
Zumpano's soaring melodies
and superior song structures.
"He produced a lot of our
record, he tuned our guitars,
and he sets our amps so that
they sound good," says Carl.
"If we're sitting there trying
to figure out the arrangement,
he'll go no, I don't think that
sounds any good."
"He's a real hands-on producer," continues Mike.
"Kevin Kane is a guy from
Vancouver who knows how to
make pop records. He knows
make   em sound real
')ne ofthe most readily no-
lceable aspects of Zumpano
is that, unlike the current trend
of no-talent-needed pop
bands, the combo has an uncanny knack for actual singing, harmonizing and being
able to play their instrument:
with a cocksure confidenct
and talent almost unheard
in and around our new-f;
indie-rockers. Hoping to get to
the bottom of that jizz, I asked
if any of the boys were classically trained musicians.
"Uh, that would be me, "
confesses Mike. "I was in ths
Vancouver Youth Symphony.
I've played the piano since I
was five. In 1980, it was great
to play the piano. You know,
"Glass Houses" was big. But
by the time I was 15 it wasn't
too cool anymore - U2 was on
the charts. But I remember
Billy Joel winning a grammy
and thanking his mom for the
piano lessons. In a somewhat
lesser degree, I guess that's me
In addition to being unusually skilled musicians,
Zumpano are also a band who,
like a spare few combos of
late, actually give the audience
a little more on stage than their
steadfast tunes. Zumpano like
boys    without    all    the...
"It's actually an amazing
stroke of luck," Carl continues. "It's exactly what we
needed to have happen to us.
We've always complained that
we wanted to make a different, special album, but we
never had the money to do it.
You know the story, you're
playing shows and you're
making one hundred or two
hunched bucks at these rip-off
clubs, but to make a good al
to dress up a little and a lot,
often appearing on stage or in
promo photos wearing sharp,
late 60's style leisure suits, a
tradition of by-gone style all
but dead with the on-going
trend of the popular "look-
ike-shit'Mook. The boys
:ssed to kill,
lipano weal
g the first-e*
Jgnmg on Subl
i considerJ
"ring of both thel
and majo
99% of fledgling bands
SubPop is THE SHIT. It's often said that once a band has
landed a SubPop contract it's
good-bye worries. So is
SubPop really the Garden Of
Eden of indie rock'.'
"We're all very happy to be
on 'SubPop," insists Mike.
"We've got the clout of the big
bum you need ten thousand
bucks. It'd take you three
years or so to build that!
Somehow we got that with
SubPop, and it's worked out
pretty well. We're grateful.
That's the word: grateful! We
played with the Posies and
Kim Wariuck (Fastbacks'
bassist/singer, SubPop employee and wife to Pi
A great, great girll
"A lady," interrl
"and I mean that
l'essional sense."
"...she really lij
she told (SubPo]
Jonathan Poneman
Jonathan got
r) sccn^HKe the
concept of us. He liKesthe fact
that we're so over the top with
what we do. Like, there are
pop bands, but I guess we're
just ridiculous! From hearing
Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan
Poneman tell it to us, they
thought there was a lot of real
attitude coming from us.
Jonathan said that we have
that vibe that when we're up
(here, we didn't give a fuck
what anyone thinks!"
I wonder if Carl means
'up there' as in up on stage or
up there as in musical ego
"Michael Bolton'.'" offers
Mike. "Both."
"Just sheer punk rock attitude," concludes Carl.
The recent big news with
SubPop is Ihe not-so-suipris-
mg fact that one ofthe world's
most highly acclaimed indie
label has finally sold out to a
major corporation. I.asl
month. Warner Brothers
bought 49-9S of SubPop,
throwing another cool 20 million    smackers    onto    the
SubPop lieu
..wc don
out that.
mutters Mike before Carl (almost) sets the record straight:
"I asked them about it and
they said nothing much will
change, they'll just have a lot
more money to work with. I
know they all made a hefty
when I asked him he said no,
he was slaying put."
When Zumpano signed to
SubPop, the label was still
100'/; independent. But now,
like ii or not, the band is effectively on a major label! Do
Carl and Mike have any
qualms about the change ol
I ides'.'
"There's sonic people that
will make a major fuss," replies Mike, "but if SubPop
keeps putting oul records people want, then people will still
buy them no matter what
SubPop is affiliated with."
"Believe it not," adds Carl,
"SubPop just had their best
fiscal year ever, what with
SebadqJ^elocity Girl and
Real Estate, and,
Nirvana's back
hey were in a very
good^Wnning position."
■py-moulhed as Carl
I lie subject
he fiscal finery of the
machine, Mike re-
can't really talk
this. You know, we're re-
well shielded from this
T. Urn, lei's put il this way:
s still the same credit card
at comes oul at dinner; il
ys SubPop."
Dinner7 Credit card'.' Ob-
he label. Welcome to the
vorld of Ihe famous "SubPop
Perks-O-Plenty." Not only
have at least two members of
Zumpano been spotted wearing official SubPop™ wrist-
watches, but word has it Jason
and Mike were sent to Boston
for New Year's to "party" on
the SubPop credit card and
that in September '94 the band
was flown to the Maritimes for
the Halifax Pop Convention.
Word also has it that SubPop
plans to fly the band to New
Orleans next month for just
one single performance with
Sebadoh, So arc all the ru-
"No, no, no!" declares
Mike vehemently. "Our east
coast rep gave us her frequent
flyer points for New Year's.
She never uses them because
SubPop flics her everywhere.
It's not as sleazy as it sounds,
really. But it's true, we were
there solely to party."
And what about the Hali-
P   PU'
mi) sui
e at th
tous 1.
old Ne
son Hi
vas a mistake!
ts Mik
e. "Wc
sed to
get tha
t room
•v, we
didn't ct
ve 11a
ifax. People i
x arc
lice in
he bes
i disci
t Music West
ou think, it's
g sleaze-fest
like that."
"The Halifax Pop Convention wasn't that bigot" a deals'"
confirms Carl. "SubPop spent
$3,000 to fly us there and we
played a normal show at the
bottom of a bill to about a hundred people and a smattering
of applause al the end of our
songs! I thought to myself, Ts
this worth it?' We didn't get
any good r
"The lour was fuckin' A!"
;laims Mike. "There was a
of fuckin'! We even met up
th a Vancouver band called
is Scbmugs along the way!"
"It's weird," Carl rumi- nates philosophically, "the
Fastbacks are legends but in a
very small kind of way.
They're a great band but it's
almost like people don't pay
that much attention to them
anymore because they're not
new If Ihe Fastbacks were to
come oul right now they'd be
like Green Day! They'd be at
the top of the charts! The
Fastbacks have never been a
full time band and they never
want lo tour. They've only
been to the east coast once in
their entire fifteen year history!"
"They're incredible peo
pic," says Mike. "Kurt Bloch
(Fastbacks' maniac guitarist)
won hi run into the dressing
room every night and scream
(in high-pitched squeal) 'Everybody Rock' n'Rollimimi!'."
"And," notes Carl, "lots of
punk rockers liked us. We met
Bam Bam from JFA who
loved us. He told us, 'It don't
spits Carl, incredulously. "You
were so drunk that you don't
recall the fact that there was
no one there to 'win over'!"
Winning over an uninitiated audience is an arduous
task for any band, but it's especially tough for Canadian
bands touring the States. As is
often the case when a Canadian combo like Zumpano is
on tour in the USA, the band
is constantly prone to pestering and, at times, harassment,
for the sole fact lhat they are
Canadian and therefore a novelty. Let's face it folks, the
Yanks are afraid of what they
don't know, and they don't
know anything aboul Canada.
It's also coiiuiion knowledge
that Canadians arc, on the
whole, much smarter than
Americans, and consequently
Canadian bands that choose to
lour the Stales are often on the
receiving end of the brunt of
American ignorance.
happens to work at Scratch,
has a different opinion: "At
Zulu, you go in there and...
wait, why the fuck should I go
in there? They act like they're
doing you a favour selling you
a record! That's bullshit! Unfortunately I can sympathize,
I work at a record store and
I'll go out on a limb here. I
think the problem is a lot of
the people who buy rock music are complete morons! It's
like, you almost need a degree
in patience to deal with them!
They don't know the alphabet!
It's a joke!"
From record buyers to
booze and bars, the boys continue to assess their humble
"The hippest watering hole
is probably the Archimedes,"
reveals Mike. "When you've
been beaten down by
rock'n'roll and... chicks... you
end up at the Archimedes. It's
all about fucking. The worst
i think the problem is a lot of people who
buy rock music are complete morons"
mean a thing if il ain't got thai
swing, man!'."
Zumpano also had the opportunity to perform in one of
rock'n'roll's most hallowed of
stomping grounds, the famous
Whiskey A-Go-Go on Los Angeles' notorious Sunset Strip.
Bul as wilh many of the other
shows Zumpano played on the
tour, they quickly realized
Ihey were the odd-men out
musically speaking. Sharing
the bill witli Zumpano were,
along with the Fastbacks,
hardcore punkers Down By
Law anil Black Tram Jack.
"The Whiskey A-Go-Go
was packed," Carl recalls, "bul
I think SubPop brought a lol
Zumpano was no exception,
what with being surrounded
by drunk people for most of
Iheir trip, but that did not stop
the band from openly celebrating their Canadian citizenship.
"We were Irying lo get our
shows down to an art-form,"
Carl explains. "Zumpano's always been the kind of band
with long breaks between
songs when Mike is switching
instruments (guitar or keyboards) or something..."
"...masturbating..." recalls
Mike longingly.
say, 'We'i
• Canadiai
1 throu
peed ti
. the
and .1
"It was a great show,"
claims Mike. "Down By Law
were good, bul Black 'Tram
Jack were heavy-duty shit.
Total Cro-mags action. Bul
thai wasn't our best show'.
Albuquerque was the best. 1
got      really      drunk      on
played, ran oul onto the
sidewalk and puked. But we
totally won the crowd over
that night."
"What?!''! No we didn't!"
Safely back in Vancouver,
Zumpano's   members,  al-
Icctivc unit, can very well be
considered an influential voice
on our thriving local scene.
Not surprisingly, ihey have
some pretty strong opinions
aboul this town, especially its
record stores.
"I have trouble buying
stuff al Scratch," Mike confesses, "just because it feels
like you're under the glass. I
go to Zulu a lot."
Not surprisingly, Carl, who
bar has got to be the Town
Pump. It's worse than 86th
Street ever was."
"The Bourbon was fun,"
recalls Carl, "but it's over. It's
loo dangerous. It's all over! "
"In the early nineties we
owned this town, man! What
happened? Those were the
good times....
"We got old. It's all over
On that positive, ironic
note, Vancouver's gifted sons
begin their career. But the future looks radiant for these
dark popsters. Armed with a
pure pop album filled wilh intelligent, intense, and ingen-
rookies enter the big league
musical spin cycle as Look
What The Rookie Did splatters
itself all over the world. In the
approaching months, there's
talk of a cross Canada SubPop
Road show featuring
Zumpano, Hardship Post and
Six Finger Satellite for this
summer, improbably titled
(according lo Carl) "Here
Comes The Grunge" or "We
Just Can't Stop Rocking."
Until then, find Look What
The Rookie Did (available on
both vinyl and CD) and indulge in Zumpano's perpetual
pop explosion.
.<\   REAIj
*     1
V Trish Kelly    *|
I am amazed by the high volume of mail I have been receiving lately from zine creators all
over the continent. Considering
my own half-assed attitude
about everything lately, it makes
me feel quite guilty that so many
people are putting energy into
sending me their projects. But
I've got things on my mind,
I'm not a complete putz
though, and I am keeping busy.
I have been traveling down to
Seattle a lot. strengthening my
connections with our southern
neighbours and sweet-talking
them into coming up here to
spend some of
that inflated
money of
I have also
continued to
write zines of
my own. As it
things, and the cover of this new
Vancouver zine has an amazing
gold graphic. (Read: I like it already). Inside the light reflective cover, I found some really
great writing. The how-to-make
a cheap Christmas card section
was hilarious and the page entided "Love and Sex" was so true.
The style is very refreshing: not
too straight forward, but very
deliberate. It isn't very often that
this happens, but this premiere
issue could already make Cilly
one of Vancouver's best. Send
stamps or a dollar to: 1124 E
12th, Vancouver, B.C., V5T2J9.
deemed a
view my own
zine in my own
column, all I
can send me a
(sorry, I can't
tell you the name). I'm not upset about this at all. Let's just
say it is an advantage to be
Anyway, enough about me. I
have a zillion zines from both
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you are just itching to send your
stamps or money to these nice
Read Ibis:
Cilly #1
(8.5X5.5, 20 pages)
First impressions are important:
Since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have loved shiny
Diagnosis #1
(5 X 6.5, 26 pages)
In my litde world of 'punk' it is
hard to get anyone to talk about
health or hygiene. No matter
how punk or cool we try to be.
the fact is that not taking care
of our bodies is irresponsible
and dumb. And yeah yeah, I
know that The Man sucks and
doctors are just out to make
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is until Faythe comes galloping
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Fiat Lux #3
(5 X 5. 16 pages)
This minizine focuses on one
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esteem and that horrible search
for validation that we all experience. Writing with courage
and honesty, the author offers no
solutions, just some reassuring
Hashes of lucidity. Send stamps
to: PO Box 40520, Portland,
OR. 97240-0520.
Seattle, WA. 98105-2383.
Roaring Fork Digest #5
(5.5 X 4.25, 16 pages)
The 'Fork' is one of my favourite zines -1 look forward to each
new issue with anticipation of a
great mind fuck. The present set
of seemingly unrelated clauses
magically form into a zine right
before your eyes, and this issue
has the added bonus of related
photos. Send stamps to this deranged boy from the Prairies at:
RR #3, Prince Albert, SK, S6V
side project of Blair, co-creator of You Ride a Horse
Rather Less Well Than Another Horse Would. Thankfully, he chose a somewhat
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Hearts of Dankness will win
points with the hip kids in the
crowd as the unifying theme
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Send a stamp to: PO Box
44090 6518 E. Hastings St.,
Burnaby, BCV5B4Y2.
Montegomery #7
(8.5X5.5, 16 pages)
This is an awesome indie-
rock zine. Not only does it
contain cool band interviews,
it also features a monthly
sugar-coated cereal. My favourite page is a short story that
proves the high quality of the
author's writing. I have to find
the address.
RockPile #5
(6 X 4.5, 16 pages)
The author oi RockPile bravely
looks in the mirror and begins
the process of examining personal faults. He is an inspiration
for us all to examine ourselves.
Well written and easy to identify with.
Send stamps to: PO Box 95383,
Some Dumb Girl #2
(5.5 X 4.25, 36 pages)
Once every million years you
find a piece of writing that
chronicles your life so accurately that you know there must
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mere coincidence. The "Getting
Smarter Every Day Girl" does
this for many people, myself included. She writes briefly and
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Send stamps to: 8 Louis Ave.,
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South Dakota Complete
(6.5 X 4.25, 32 pages)
What I like most about South
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reality. And the great layout
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Send stamps or cash to:
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More zines that I think
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Star Belly
Issue #2 is out and available at local record and
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was warned that this is
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this is a good choice.
Write to: #9- 21755
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Side project of another z
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1955 138 St., Surrey, BC. V4A
Stories about guess what!
PO Box 4827. Areata, CA,
Platonic Prostitutes
Funny girls being cheeky (in a
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#4-8191 Gen. CurrieRd, Richmond, BC,V6Y 1L9
Residential Garbage
New issue is available if you
624 East 15th St., North Vancouver, BC, V7L 2S2.
Already I have almost half of
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You can expect to hear about
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local zines Motorcyco and Do
You Keep Your Brain in a Sandwich Baggie, plus Chronlicles
of a Sub Generation, a new zine
on the Vancouver scene, and
Psycho Moto, a hardcore treat
for all you weirdos. Keep the
mail coming.
t9 iw^mm ASrt^aU.Htt Q-P Li9Kt
Xt  Soon became ur»bearab\e/
but at least she u>as m^
wife, if »n nome  on
v/ Sacd&^uiidn
X  u)a*6 not a yooft^" <man and
not    cxcco^-to^cci   to 5ocV>
acidicoWs  Wfe Style. Much
aS I   ^o>ied   ^fid^iir	
I   tnoxed   into   a
X   left"   Hi Me garde and
Bcidgit "to "their ou^n
deviiceS ai" the   house.
% co as not c\*s toeattV-.} as
Ikidgit -thought.The bouse
had drained rn*y finances .X
Couldn't    o,*tfoco to $W€.
Bridget spending mooe}-
HoaJ   she  managed to get
it. X   can   onl^  imagine.
20  February 1995  Does anyone know what I'm
talking about when I use the
phrase "special band"? I'm referring to those influential
groups that arc often imitated,
or instantly recognizable,
whether it be through the band's
sound, their players, their
records, or where the hand is
from. When traveling outside of
Canada, for example, ask anyone into rock'n'roll about Canadian bands. After getting past
the usual pap like Bryan Adams
and Loverboy. chances are
they'll say Nomeansno, D.O.A..
or Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet.
This long-standing, three-
piece instrumental (not surf)
power trio from Toronto have
not only set the standards for the
modern instrumental sound,
they have also played a major
role in paving the way for the
several in ihe mid-eighties when
no olher band would even consider vinyl anymore. After three
stellar albums. Shadowy Men
On A Shadowy Planet's crown-
vision of the lab soundtrack to
.mother incredible Canadian
export. The Kids In The Hall
TV show
Sadly. 1905 sees the Shadowy Men taking a lull year off
10 pursue olher interests outside
ol rock'nVoll. Before leaving.
though, ihey ha
called Ifs A Woi
(Hey, it's February! That
the Christmas singles finally arrive!) The first cut is an
awesome SMOASP original
tune entitled "Winterfresh"
which makes the band's temporary departure from the world
number, we are treated to a demented "Twelve Answering
Machine Messages Of Christmas" which includes snippets of
Christmas carols, a Yuletide
message from the Ramones, the
reading of Betty White's address, and tips on how to "stuff
your bird". No wonder Canada's favourite instro band is on
hiatus: judging by this bizarre
"song" they may have gone
completely nuts....Have a nice
rest guys, and thanks for another
great record. (Jetpac, Station C,
P.O. Box 645, 1117 Queen St.,
Toronto, ON, M6J 3R9).
Another late Christmas single comes to us from the brilliant New Brunswick, New Jersey combo Sit'N'Spin! "Santa
Claws" is a pure rock'n'roll hot
rod tune having nothing to do
with hot rods. Lead singer Heidi
provides strong vocals, while
bassist Susan sings the sweet
back up to create a new Christmas classic right up there with
Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around
The Christmas Tree". And
things only get better on the b-
side with a fast instrumental
good, and the songs are great;
that's two good Christmas singles in a row! Unheard of!
(Worrybird Disk, P.O. Box
95485 Atlanta, GA. 30347,
Just down the Turnpike from
Sit'N'Spin in Hoboken, New
Jersey live the Swingin'
Neckbreakers. I reviewed their
German single last month, but
since I've covered every single
these shaggy rockers have ever
over there. This "music" tends
to sound like cub if they were,
say. retarded Smurfs. To be oh
so blunt: completely fucked. If
this record wasn't from Iceland.
I'd of smashed it by now. (Paul
and Laura, Box 1222, 121, Reykjavik, Iceland).
Next is another slab from
Montreal's Tinker, the band
who's bassist left to join Hole.
Like their first single - which I
so thoroughly dissed - this
s Is
.ill o
Coming", and then our Shadowy Men take the sleigh reins
hack for the flip's bouncin'
Deck The Halls", complete
with a bootlegged special appearance by the Vienna Boys
work-over of "Auld Lang Syne"
(that song Americans sing at
Christmas and New Year: remember the song at the end of
"It's A Wonderful Life"? That
one). To end this cruel gift.
Sit'N'Spin fade out to a creepy,
organ-piped "Nighunare Before
Christmas". The band sounds
ing 1
You killing these here
ays on the hm
I. this
from Iceland! No joke, it's a five
song EP showcasing the Icelandic talents of two chilly cats
named Paul and Laura. The
music is, unfortunately, about as
catchy as that lame-o moniker:
:r the
.-il language they talk
"Realalie" b/w
"Saxon Princess",
shit which I despise so much!
Lordy, it is truly a shame how
some of the youth of today are
treating pop music! Sure there
are the pros, but when the lem-
rs fill up indie-
creek it gives the whole genre a
dirty, thoroughly diluted feel.
(Bear Records, J.A.F., Box 444,
New York, NY, 10116, USA).
The aforementioned abun-
e of mediocrity brings me
back to my mention of special
bands. Take Scotland's The
Pastels for example. On their
new Matador 7", they have created a recorded atmosphere of
explosive and dynamic, yet relaxed pop songs: QUALITY, a
trail far too many pop bands seriously lack these days. Remember this all you young bands out
there: good songs go a lot further than a current attitude or
On this record, the Pastels
achieve musical bliss in the
pure-pop tradition of all their
other fine recordings with the
sugary a-side, "Yoga". The b-
side contains a perky cover of
Some Velvet Sidewalk's
"Boardwalkin'", as well as The
Pastels' own strange tune called
"Olympic Winter Glory". Mixing the Velvet Underground's
subtle beatnik cool and Beat
Happening's naive simplicity,
the Pastels consistendy achieve
thatspeci'a/ band sound. (Matador, 676 Broadway, New York
City. NY, 10012, USA).
Next up is a release from San
Francisco's Spoto, whose
"Standing In Your Shadow" b/
w "Rock-A-Bye" are two generic, riffin' hard-rockers which
are not in the least inspiring nor
the slightest bit interesting. The
group's only captivating credit
may be the presence of ex-
Vancouverite Lev Delaney from
one of Vancouver's founding
punk bands, No Exit. For the
history write: Rodent Records,
817 Kansas St., San Francisco,
CA, 94117, USA).
Here's a split single from
two French garage rock'n'roll
bands, The Space Beatniks and
the Shoo Chain Brothers. Although damned with a terribly
generic name, the Space Beatniks zap out some fun, energetic, sax-driven party rock. The
Shoo Chain Brothers aren't
quite as interesting, being a wee
bit too derivative, but on the
whole, this is a light, enjoyable
listen. (Zombie Dance Records,
no address).
One of my most favourite
albums of 1994 was The
Queers' "Beat Off!", so I was
right excited to pick up their
new six song EP from Texas'
Clearview Records. Alas, I was
quite disappointed by the first
two songs, "I Like Young Girls"
and "Nuni In New York". Gone
are the usual solid Beach Boys'
harmony-laden punk rock
songs, replaced with fiercely
fast, non-melodic songs sung
with demonic vocals. "Wimpy"
starts to get back on hack, but
the flipside's three songs deteriorate into snarly, aimless
speed-punk with nothing really
memorable. A very disappointing listen from a very big
Queers fan. (Clearview
Records, 2157 Pueblo. Garland,
TX. 75040. USA).
22 February 1995 THE POSIES
Saturday, January 21
If Cascaitia ever came into existence, whereby British Columbia,
Oregon and Washinglon amalgamated inlo one nation, there would
be no lack of fine domestic pop
music. Certainly not with such
bands as Pluto anil Zumpano from
Vancouver and the Posies from
Seattle putting out music of the
quality that they do. Needless to
say. I was excited to hear that all
three bands would be playing together at the same gig.
First up on this night was Pluto.
Two nights before I saw them at
the Pit Pub and found them to be
a little lacking in energy. Perhaps
the sold-out crowd gave them a
boost, because they were a rock-
solid, energetic power pop combo
al Ihe Pump. Older songs that
seemed boring before regained an
edge, new songs were immediately catchy, and perhaps the best
sign of their strength was that they
didn't need to rely on their
"hit'songs from their 7 inch releases. They didn't play a single
one during their 35 minute set!
While all of these bands have
a penchant for playing and writing poppy three, four or five chord
wonders, neither Pluto nor the Posies are as quirky as Zumpano.
With odd-metered songs and
swinging heals, their late 60's-pop
influences always come across as
kind of kitschy, and strangely appealing al the same time. Their
fine cover of a Glass Houses-eta
Billy Joel song serves as an example of this (it should be noted
that vocalist Carl Newman's voice
could easily be a dead ringer for
the Billy's at times). Unfortunately, I didn't think they lived up
to past performances. Technical
difficulties befouled some of their
efforts, but even so they came
across as un-practiced and occasionally musically clumsy.
And then, the band the capacity crowd were waiting for. The
Posies have gone through an overhaul of their rythni section of late,
and I don't know thai il has served
them well. The players were fine.
but as singer Jon Auer point al out.
they haven't learned many of the
older songs. In fact, they only
played six songs that I've ever
heard in recorded form. About two
thirds of their seventy minute set
was comprised of completely new
and unreleased material which,
while good unto itself, didn't leave
me feeling that I had seen enough.
I suppose 1 shouldn't be complaining though After all. the new
songs did sound like they could be
future Posie classics, but I still
would have preferred to hear a few
more from their old repetoire. But
these were the Posies after all - it
shouldn't be forgotten that their
intensity, their superb vocals, and
their musicianship were all at full
form on this night, and these attributes combined with their
songs, both old and new, are what
make them one of my favourite
Brian Wieser
Town Pump
Friday, January 20
I missed the opening band Sing
Sing Deadman and Pipedream
blew up their amp after about ten
minutes, so I'll only be writing
about Daytona today.
They had lights. They had fog.
They had visuals, too, dwelling on
Ihe favorite themes of motorcycles
and cars and anything really
speedy. Best of all they have great
songs, including some new ones.
Listening to "Her Bonneville." I
watched the synthetic fog stuff
come purling down a Hat spray of
green light beams, the cross sec-
lion looking like the marbley paper some of you probably made
in art class while idiots like me
were doing distinctly more unpleasant things. Watching
Daytona is more fun than art class.
Ask anyone except me. (I never
look it. remember'.').
Daytona has a relatively new
drummer who seems to have settled in nicely since the somewhat
rocky twenty minutes of the one-
day-to-be-notorious SFU pub
show, after which the RCMP
closed Burnaby Mountain. They
said it was "cause of some sleet
and fallen trees, but I think they
jusl can't stand thinking of all tin-
fun everybody was having and all
the years they wasted in cop
school when they could've formed
kicking bands and had wild parties on the road and wrecked ho
guess tonight could be considered
vindication for the band, if ihey
needed any - a son of post facto
This was an evening with a
band that has shifted gears and is
revving up. You'd better move fast
Keith Orpen
Crosstown Traffic
Wednesday, January 18
A few pertinent facts aboul
Crosstown Traffic deli: its all-
ages, cheap, small, they lum up the
TV volume for Simpsons and
down for 90120,   and Ihey play
here's what happened...
That modern day troubadour
calling herself Wandering Lucy
played first on the bill, providing
some mellow, lo-ti entertainment
for the evening wilh her always
mobile guitar and drum machine
ensemble. Although she is ofthe
non-rocking school of music, she
managed lo impress me wilh some
really good melodies and arrangements that will only improve the
more she plays. (Also notable is
thai - citing "dampness"
r pick
is Ihe
he actually glues her
o her linger so it won
Fronted by Lookout! Records
bunder Lawrence Livennore. The
>olatomen healed up the joint with
style rock'n'roll. >
e I Ii
i. 5()'s
w^3 :=»<£* 3 § |s 2 3,-
- := »■ * §,3w =■ ?
n 89
Xas -
£     *
f*> 3 S -
-■*- x ^ ;
■*  ©  *!
in Canada: Box 1776 Stn 'A' Vancouver, B.C., V6C 2P7
in U.S.A.: Box 69234 Portland Oregon 972Q1
PHONE IIS FREE!!! 604 268 9952 or503-768-4001
didn't lei up 'till Ihey was through.
The always supercharged local
Smugglers came lo rock in their
blue velour V-necks and a sparkly
gold motorcycle helmet painted
value) for lead singer Grant Despite the refusal of one band member to do the well-rehearsed funky
chicken dance. Ihe Smugs did pull
off some very gauche rock choreography to their hit song "Reno
Nickel." Olher smash hits of the
evening were guitarist Dave's "Especially You" and the band's
smokin' rendition ofthe now defunct Leather Uppers' "Supercar.
Not bad for an otherwise dismal
Wednesday evening. And oh
yeah...you must go for a Denny's
Coke after seeing any gig at this
Steve D'tpasqucde
Anza Club
Friday, January 13
The Anza Club was an appropriate venue for this gathering of a
line cross-seclion ofthe indie-rock
dressed in 70's-slyle clothing lo
match Ihe club's 7()'s-era decor
Olynipia's Irving Klaw Tno
started off the evening's entertainment, but it was difficult at first to
tell whether Ihe band was warming up or if what they were playing were actual songs I guess thai
the noises were songs. Ihough,
since after a lew minutes there was
a pause and then they continued
with more of the same - something like a cross between Polvo
and the Thinking Fellers Union.
Once my ears grew accustomed to
the band's rather sporadic manner
of playing, including their seemingly improvised double guitar
solos, I quite enjoyed them. My
only real complaint was that not
once in their entire set did I see
Ihe young fellows make eye contact with the crowd. In fact they
faced the drum kit the entire time.
Turn around guys!!
The second band of the
evening. Portland'** New Bad
Things, was by far my least fa-
vourile of Ihe three bands playing.
Apparently, they did not have any
them; lhat may explain why they
sucked so much, bul I tend to think
il was mostly from lack of talent.
Nevertheless, the band did manage lo provide me with one of my
highlights of the evening with
their personalized rendition of
Del Leopards smashing 80's hit
tune "Pyromania." performed by
Ihe lead singer wilh only drums for
lhal this cover tune so surpassed
Ihe band's own drearily melodic
(but were trying hard lobe really
Before commenting on the
night's feature performance, I
musl mention what a lovely group
of boys Portland natives Truman's
Waler are. They were extremely
drunken a
lane   Aga,
nghl haw-
been in part due to the sound system al the Anza. I do honestly feel
lhat Truman's Waler is potentially
a really good band. 'They are original and have that low-li sound lhal
is oh-so popular today and I would
definitely like lo see. Ihem again
Despite Ihe inadequacy of Ihe
sound system throughout the
night, my evening was made special by a kind man distributing
small bowls of popcorn around the
room. Where he was getting this
popcorn from is a greal mystery
to me, bul it was a nice gesture
none Ihe less. [This wasn't, by any
claimed lo have pissed in Ihe pop-
niuuntic savvy
leing pursued
I Ihe Anza club by a fren-
hile the show may not have
and always upbeat Anza (Tub.
Town Pump
Saturday, January 7
I hadn't even heard of Texture six
month's ago, and here they are
opening   for two ofthe more interesting local bands: namely the
more-or-less unhyped Mystery
Machine and the very-definitely-
hyped Salvador Dream. These
three bands were (in order) good,
amazing, and in the case of Salvador Dream, simultaneously formidable and vexing.
Texture was good. Their music is made up of the sort of rich
atmospheric guitars you mighl
hear from Pull in their quieter moments. Unlike Pull, however, Texture never deviates from their
slow, laid-back groove, and apparently have no interest in stage-
presence or at least a musical frontal assault. These guys play it safe
and rarely take their eyes off their
shoes. The vocalist has impressive
range and control, and some
lovely sinister verse melodies.
Come the chorus, however, and all
loo often he resorts to the soaring
ant hemic melodies expected of
AM radio acts. Sort of vanilla. In
all, I was quile impressed for ihe
first three or four songs, and then
lapsed into inatlenliveness. Bul do
Mystery Machim
ing. If you do no. hi
GD. rabid, drooling s;
penguins will descend on you
house and poop on everything. Fo
Ihe entire length    " '
■andidale for marriage.
Unfortunately, the band's inu-
altsmanship on this night
equal to their outstanding
abilities. They played a
t. but, with jusl a couple
lhal Ihey had been sick all week
and considered backing out, until, as the singer joked, the Pump
offered them "all the crack we
could smoke "
Salvador Dream is a strange
and unique band. Clearly assembled from hand-picked pros, they
are a trio whose collective chops
and apparent powers of menial telepathy will knock your dentures
out, if Ihe bone-shaking bass
o first. If any-
.* loi
around the floor. I'd like them
back, please. The Dream is the
brainchild of the singer-songwriter-guitar guy Russ, who is a
chonl changes are so beautiful you
jusl shiver. Some bands manage
one such change in a performance;
Salvador Dream has one in almosl
every song. However. I found thai
Ihey indulged a little too much in
heavy-metal guitar rifting, and
various tonus of rhythmic overkill, which broke up some olher-
Keilh Orpen aintfor bafc>ii3S#
Change of Heart - available Feb. 6th
Change of Heart is a band that has provided inspiration
for an incredible list of artists that include Gord Downie
from the Hip, Blue Rodeo, and hHead...the list goes on.
There is something very inspirational about an act or artist
that perseveres and does not give up their artistic ideals.
With 4 independent releases under their belt, Change of Heart
arrive with 'Tummysuckle'. Recorded during 1994,
'Tummysuckle' has been remixed by Joe Barresi (Melvins,
Kyuss, L7). The songs are a journey, that weave you
through emotional intensity, power, introspection and raw
Check out Change of Heart
on tour with the Odds and The Tragically Hip
February 23 Kamloops • February 25 Vancouver • February 26 Victoria
king cobb steelie - available now
project twinkle
So where the hell or what is a GUELPH? Well besides
being a great university city in Ontario it's the home of one
fine new band called king cobb steelie.
We hate to put labels on music so if you like pop, jazz, dub
and rock, king cobb steelie is one new band to check out
and groove to.
Their new release is called 'Project Twinkle' and has
already reached the #1 spot on the college chart here in
Canada. Don't take our word for it check out the great
tunes from that far out place GUELPH. king cobb steelie
awaits your ears.
look out for
king cobb steelie and (§|fe^^||&/g
on the road together in early March
isspT POISON13
Wine is Red, Poison is Blue
(Sub Pbp)
There once was a band called
Poison 13,
Long ago they were big in the
Texas punk scene,
They had style, they had grace,
They'd even spit in your face.
But their fans never thought they
You see, their anger was fueled
by slide guitar strings,
And the guttural wail in which
Mike Carroll sings,
Bass and drums played so loud,
It ignited the crowd.
Surely both pleasure and chaos
this brings!
Yet from chaos what followed
was a funeral pyre.
So years later Tim Hen formed
the great Jack O' Fire.
But this New Shining Star,
Could only go just so far.
Before they felt it wise to retire.
So now the ghost has risen from
the dead.
With the help of SubPop to rear
its ugly head.
For every girl and every boy.
Can rejoice and enjoy,
What Poison 13 left on their
Bryce Dunn
(Zulu Records)
I don't know much about Sook
Yin-Lee or her band Bob's Your
Uncle or her exciting new career
at MuchMusic, but I did see her
dancing around dressed as Elvis
the other day.
Lavina's Tongue is a weird
and wacky album, containing
eighteen interestingly textured,
very original songs and employing every instrument from basic
..gulp...a vibrator! Sook Yin
hollers, curses and screeches
throughout, and while I doubt
that she will ever have the satisfaction of seeing her own videos
on the Nation's Music Station.
she does have a certain spastic-
After healing some of Sook
Yin-Lee's musical work, I think
i) thee
I would rather hear this than her
ranting exploits on Channel
Look What The Rookie Did
Come Out Come Out
What better way to start a new
year than with two melodious
masterpieces from a couple of
the brightest stars in Vancouver's
pop constellation!
First off, it's recent SubPop
signees and Discorder cover
boys Zumpano with their first
full-length release. Look What
The Rookie Did. Having just
stepped off the Partridge Family
tour bus. Zumpano deliver eleven
tracks of superbly crafted sonic
bubblegum, each one as sweet
and refreshing as a vodka soaked
watermelon. Produced by former
Grape of Wrath Kevin Kane,
Look What The Rookie Did is a
rare collection of intricately
structured, smoothly executed
hooks and melodies that come
together as a deliciously
listenable whole. It may not be a
new and original groove - what
is - but it sure sounds fresh! Just
try not to tap your toes to such
subtle swingers as the album
opening "The Party Rages On",
or the first single (released last
"Wraparoundshades."Let Danny
Bonaduce slug it out with all the
drag queens he wants to, 'cause
Zumpano are behind the wheel
now and they are taking off!
Next up it's Mint Records' #1
show pony, cub. The first time I
saw cub perform live I was
amazed at the courage of the
three seemingly talentless
women who stood before me,
fumbling through the simplest of
chord progressions and singing
their admittedly catchy harmonies with painfully Hat and tinny
vocals. I pretty much avoided
everything they put out after that
rather traumatizing experience.
but when someone played me the
goofy, hidden techno edit of "My
Chinchilla" that closes Come Out
Come Oul I decided to check out
what other tricks these three
young indie queens had up their
I didn't find too many tricks,
but I did find one swell album full
of catchy-as-a-cold-in-winter
pop treats, cub have made a name
for themselves by churning out
sweet and simple rock'n'roll ditties, and on Come Out Come Out
they do just that, presenting us
with such future hits as their
faithful (both in sound and spirit)
rendition of the Go-Go's classic
"Vacation" (which serves as a
subtle delineation of cub's pop
heritage) and the charmingly naive "Everything's Geometry":
"One is three and three is nine/
we can be happy all the time."
The world has come to expect
hot pop wonders from cub, but
instrumental vituousity? Well,
they've got some of that too this
time 'round. Lisa M. lays down
some solid, driving basslines
which, along with the drum kit
assault perpetrated by Lisa G.,
give such future hits as "My
Flaming Red Bobsled" an unexpectedly assured intensity. And
while the structures of cub's
songs may be relatively simple
when compared to some of the
intricate compositions on
Zumpano's album, the unflinching optimism which fuels Come
Out Come Out is infectious to say
the least. Combine that optimism
with a few sharp hooks and
bingo! - you're blissing out in the
cozy confines of cub's
cuddlecore universe.
We may be in the dead of another dreary winter, but - to paraphrase Come Out Come Out's
opening track - cub are here to
wake us with a breezy kiss and
Zumpano are ready drive us far
away. So let's go!
Les Vegas
Crutch EP
You know the feeling when you
hear a new release by a band you
love and it just makes you want
to listen to their old album''
Guess it's partly that ol' sickness
called I-only-like-their-old-stuff-
snobitis. Or maybe it's my inability lo let go of the past. Whatever, it's not just sentimentality.
Bettie Serveert have moved on.
More instruments (piano, synthesizer), more effects, and, undoubtedly, more money for re-
If this HP is any indication.
Bettie Serveert's upcoming album could become more of a hit
than their first full-length
(Palomine). The A-side's
"Crutches" could be the poppiest
song they've ever written, and
even though Ihe B-side's
"Shades" probably won't make
you cry as much as Palomine'a
"Braintag." it might make you
sniffle  The final track.   "Entire
s the n
on the record, rockin' and wailin'
as beautifully as only Bettie tune
can. So, if you're prepared for
some dutch diversity, you'll still
probably quite enjoy the album.
And if you're not yet a fan. listen to it with an open mind.
Miko Hoffman
Information Highway Revisited
(Crypt Records)
Hayseed Timebomb
(Crypt Records)
Blue Dirge
(Crypt Records)
Here we have three swank releases from those purveyors of
pure filth out on the east coast,
and all o' them, like Maxwell
I louse coffee, are good lo the last
To begin, the latest from the
'Turks has their trademark mi lea-minute rawness flyin' right
outta the mouth of their debut
platter into their newest waxing
of top-notch sweat material. Redundant you say? Not likely, sir.
Check out the balls-out "Bullshit
Or No Bullshit," the honkin' harmonica of "Lyin On Our Backs"
and the bathroom-ritual-turned-
dance-craze phenomenon,
"T.A.S." You'll thank me later.
Next we have transplanted
Tennesseans Nine Pound Hammer spillin' their guts from equal
parts launch rock, bad table manners and white trash livin".
What's left on the floor of Ihe
trailer is a good ol' mess of south
ern-fried punk stew, with ingredients like "Stranded Outside
Taterknob." "Devil's Playground" and "Steamroller"
mixed up oh so good. Yum!
Finally, Orange County. CA
gives us the Beguiled, a band that
packs a punch so hard 1 fell over
after the first friggin' note of
"She-Devil Rock"! Sure enuff,
the ass-whuppin' continued
throughout with songs like "Fire
Rock (That Nagging Voice)." the
"Nycoidia." and Ihe knockout
kick of "The Screaming
Rummy." which, by the end, had
me laid out in a disheveled heap,
beggin' for mercy. But I'd do it
all again in a second.
Btyce Dunn
Nutmeg Sez "Bozo The Town"
Unless you live in an ice cave
somewhere north of Yellowknife.
you probably already know via
the Pearl Jam-besotted media
that Weapon of Choice is one of
the inaugural bands on Stone
Gossard's new Loosegroove label. You've probably also heard
that they sound like Parliament/
Funkadelic, which is a tempting
but lazy way to weasel out of
describing this strange and challenging South Central LA crew
The P-Funk mothership definitely hovers over some of the
proceedings here, bul mostly in
peripheral ways hke the strange
With a jewellry purchase
you receive a free piercing by
'-'$ most experienced piercers
1043 GRANVILLE STREET 688-6225
25 i$ggm&<. voices thai weave in and out of
tlv; mix (one of which sounds
disconcertingly like Lisa
Simpson) und song titles such as
"Iz Funk aroma Ihera T' Utile."
Elsewhere, though, other influences dominate. The fiery trom-
Ixine work throughout the album
bongs to mind Joe Bowie's frenetic blowing with former New
York art-funk scenemakers
Defunkt, and "Nutty Nut*Meg
Phantasy" bears the distinct mark
of the Artist Whom 1 Will Continue to Refer to as Prince.
In any case, Ihe music ultimately takes a backseat to the
razor-sharp, intelligent lyrics,
which are militantly political (the
anti-Uncle Tom "Uppity Yuppity
Doolittle"), absurdly funny (Ihe
pro-pot "Inhale the Earth") or
both at once (the anti-Thanksgiving "Mark of the Feast"). The
band seems to believe that, while
"free your ass and your mind will
follow" was an adequate credo
for Ihe '70s. tilings need to be
spelled out a bit more exphcitly
in this benighted decade
In the end. Weapon of Choice
probably offers Ihe best description of itself in ihe otherwise non-
s Hiiai
on last y.
a slightly larger budget and a
slightly larger studio. Ihe Inbreds
have released then second full
length CD, Kambinator, retaining most of the elements which
made Hilario such a fine listen.
As a bass/drums duo. most of
the Inbreds' songs continue to be
based around a simple form. But
given the fullnes ofthe sound that
Mike ONeil and Dave Ulrich
create with their two so-called
'rhythm' instruments, one would
be hard pressed to notice the lack
of guitar or keyboards. And complementing their sound and their
songs alike are memorable vocal
performances, reminiscent of
both Lennon and McCartney at
the same time
Yet another example of the
Inbreds' devotion to simplicity is
their lyrical content. There's
never a need to fill words into
verse after verse after verse if
they don'l add anything to the
ia"   "This
Craig O 'Neill
■uh! u
Electric rock Music
Electric Rock Music (co-produced by John Curley of the Afghan Whigs) is a collection of
thirteen quirky, twisted, clean-ish
sounding pop songs, somewhat
Beethoven and Shrimpboat, bul
with a singer (Chuck ('leaver)
who occasionally reminds me of
a whinier Michael Stipe
Hailing from Cincinnati, the
Ass Ponys share a warped sense
of humour with their Ohio brethren the Afghan Whigs, as evident
in two of the better songs. "Little Bastard" ("And she calls him
Little Bastard/And she says it to
his face/And he says. 'Don't call
me Little Bastard./Call me
Snake'") and "Earth to
Grandma" ("It's a doll completely made of socks/It'sa cover
for a tissue box/It's a clothespin
duck and a funfur cat/And a
crazy yarn and beer can hat/Earth
to Grandma/What ihe hell is
OvmAl Electric Rock Music
is fairly versatile; a bit of pop. a
bit of country, and a whole lot of
Fred derF
(PF Records)
Simplicity is often beautiful, and
easily result in something that is
The pride of Kingston. Ontario for more than three years
(Tragically who*'), the Inbreds
have recorded songs that come
down lo the essence of the ideas
behind them, best demonstrated
Komhinator's songs feature i
than lour stanzas. Most col
only two oi tin
gel Ihe point a
Perhaps it was to add variety
more than anything, but it still
.ough U
Kombtnator actually features
more instrumentation Dave
Clark Of the Rheostatics (and
Komhinator's producer) sits in on
a few of the songs, and perhaps
as a result such novel instruments
as guitar, xylophone and piano
appear on a track each. Nonetheless, it comes very much in the
style of minimalism employed by
Ihe Inbreds on the rest of this re
e Kombtnator
i, IV*,,
Skin Picnic
When Seattle's Skin Picnic-
thanks its friends' in the liner
nolesofitsilehulCD.it lists LSD
and T'HC along wilh ihe usual
rosier of groupies and family
members. This fact goes a fair
distance toward explaining the
sound of the band Although it
clocks in at only forty-eight minutes instead of the standard ten
hours, this disk is one swirling,
hypnotic trip from beginning to
Bul this isn't the work of any
tie-dyed Grateful Dead tribute
band or giddy bunch of Day-Glo
ravers   Instead, drawing from a
poeia of influences - Rush to Joy
Division, the Cult to the 4AD
bands - Skin Picnic's psychedelia
comes on all sleek and metallic,
•proffering a post-punk musical
edge and an apocalyptic lyrical
sensibility where one would otherwise expect peace, love and
The altered states travelogue
that Skin Picnic presents requires
lots of elbow room, so don't look
for any two-minute-thirty-second
pop singles here. Instead, turn off
your mind, relax and float downstream to meandering epics like
"Egyptian Mudbug" and "Her
Fingertips" But don't dangle
your hands overboard, because
these are rough psychic waters.
Although Skin Picnic is too melodic to be the soundtrack to a
really bad trip, the lyrics explore
themes of loneliness, alienation
and failure with, alternately, fevered metaphor ("Getting seasick
on my inner ocean..." from
"Cleaning My Room") and
punk-noire realism ("Standing in
you own piss/After you've been
hit by some old asshole" from
Not the CD to kick off your
next keg party with, but a picnic
well worth attending all the same.
Craig O'Neill
Trim Crusts if Desired
(Cinnamon Toast)
You don't have to like toast to
like this album; you don't even
have to hke bread (although there
are some pretty nifty toast
sketches in the CD insert, courtesy of The Noble History of
Toast in This Country and
Abroad). You do, however, have
to like that lo-fi, indie pop/rock
sound that the Maritimes area
seems to breed so well
Now four years old, Halifax-
based Cinnamon Toast Records
has put out enough 7" singles to
release a compilation of their
thirteen bands, fifteen songs in
all. Every song is enjoyable, and
some are perfectly wonderful
This album has just the right ingredients to attract new listeners and keep the old fans. Special treats from now semi-well
known bands such as rockers
Hardship Post (with a cover of
Randy Bachman's "Rock is My
Life" plus a song otherwise only
available on a flexi-disc), 4-track
wizards Eric's Trip (playing a
cover of an obscure Sloan tune),
and melody-makers Jale, who
offer two very lo-fi, garagey
songs, each from different sin-
Bands that you've probably
heard of, but will want to hear
more of once you've heard this
record'' Leonard Conan. with a
country-esque. harmony laden
gem*. Rebecca West, doing a
pared down, guitar and vocals
Liz Phair take; a very fuzzy song
from Thrush Hermit, Sloan's
friends and rivals at who's better
at the smooth pop thing; and a
song each from Cinnamon
Toast's resident sweet, juicy and
delicious bands Strawberry and
Plumtree. For those of you cooler
than cool folks who have all the
singles already and are disappointed that all the tracks are previously released, just think: now
you don't have to line up all your
records and listen to them one by
one - you've got 'em all on one
album! And for all you who don't
own the 7"s. be careful: once you
hear this, you won't be able to
restrain yourself from buying all
the rest...
Miko Hoffman
Steel Wool
You can imagine my excitement
when 1 saw that one of the songs
on this album - "Scratch Your
Ass And Bark At The Moon" -
had been named after one of my
own personal favourite late night
Opening with a wave of
screeching feedback and wailing
guitar fuzz. Steel Wool soon begins to sound reminiscent of a
succession of other bands, such
as Rollins, Nirvana, and
Mudhoney. Don't get me wrong,
these guys don't sound like a
bunch of other, more popular
bands from the nineties, but let's
just say you can hear the influ-
In addition to the three names
I've already mentioned, you
could also make a comparison
between Steel Wool and Beck,
although I doubt that these guys
have ever heard of him. Still, they
do share the same affection for
his slowed down, drunk-on-
moonshine, high-on-Nitrus type
of white hash noise making.
"I'm smoking Mexican dirt
weed from out of a spit can..." -1
can dig that
Colllin Knight
The Samples generated quite a
positive blizz when they emerged
several years ago with their self-
titled debut, and the trend-hungry music press was quick to dub
them the leading lights ofthe so-
called "Boulder scene." Combining homey roots rock with eco-
friendly, earthy-crunchy lyrics
and a laid-back patina of Colorado granola, the band was heralded by many as the purveyor
of a vital new style - sort of John
Devner-gone-college rock.
Well, whatever - personally, I
never bought in. But six years
and four albums later the Samples give us Autopilot, an all-too-
aptly named snoozefest that demonstrates conclusively that
they've gotten innovation out of
their systems and are ready to
make their grab for the brass ring.
This is radio-ready "adult album alternative" fare of the most
tasteful, well-mannered and soulless variety. At its best ("As Tears
Fall," "Dinosaur Bones"), Autopilot ponies up cut-rate Sting
imitations, a comparison furthered by the plagiaristic resemblance of vocalist Sean Kellly to
the ex-Policeman. At its worst
(the cliche-ridden Cobain tribute
"Weight of the World" and just
about everything else) it's as
bland as Bruce Hornsby outtakes.
A major Rocky Mountain low,
coming soon to an elevator near
Craig O'Neill
(Drag City)
This EP consists of six bluesy/
countryish, acoustic-oriented
tunes (of which two are covers)
which do not vary a great deal
from one song to the next. They
are extremely sparse, forlorn, and
mournful, and the performances
sound very natural and relaxed.
The vocals are a bit whiny/
cracky, like Neil Young's or
Beck's. While I enjoyed this EP,
I feel an album's worth of similar material could be a bit overwhelming, unless one is in the
right frame of mind. Great for
waltzing to. Also a good sedative.
Fred derF
Ten Esperanto Love Songs
(The "Schwa" Sound)
One day, not too long ago, I was
a little bored and looking around
CiTR's playlist for something
different. Something I hadn't
heard before, but something that
was as good as the rest of those
songs you hear ten times a week
already. Almost at random, I
pulled out Gherkin's CD. Maybe
it was the use of the word
'esperanto' (a 19th century attempt to concoct a unifying language for a Utopian world) in the
title. I reasoned that if a band
knew what esperanto is, they
can't be half bad, and wouldn't
you know it, I was right!
Hailing from Seattle, Gherkin
have a sound that features distortion drenched guitars over drumming that is creative to say the
least, often playing anything but
4/4 time. The vocals are melodic
Nimrod's Zev Asher leads on all-
star Japanese cast on a surreal
aural roller coaster.
Available at SCRATCH, TRACK, ZULU,
SAM'S, AND HMV Robsort
ZUMPANO «LookWhottheRootfeDid. $8.99 LP/cass $11.44CD
CUB • Come Out, Come Out $8,78 Triple 7" $12,93 CD
MECCA NORMAL ° Sitting On Snopi $9.87 LP/cass $14.92 CD
BETTIE SERVEERT - Lamprey $9.87 LP $14.92 CD
FREE   KITTEN ■ Nice As $9.87   LP/cass $12,72 CD
TRIBE  8  •   hn\ City $9.87 LP/cass $12.72 CD
MARY LOU LORD • Stii Titled $4.79 lp $8,34 cd
DEAD VOICES ON AIR • HifMMoii $14,92 cd
CORNERSHOP • Hold On It Hurti $9,87 cass $14,92 CD
SWANS ■  The Greot Annihilfltor $9,87 cass $14,92 CD
• J.I—« |
NEW PHONE NUMBER! 687-^6355   I and sometimes screaming, at
times almost reminiscent of fellow Emerald City residents
Sunny Day Real Estate, but that
comparison alone doesn't really
describe them. Many groups
come to mind when listening to
Gherkin, but they seem to have a
style that is almost their very
own. Love Songs is diverse by
the track, yet cohesive as an album, which always makes for a
better overall listen.
As an added bonus, the liner
notes in the CD jacket are written in Esperanto. I'm not sure
that it isn't just words made up
at random, but who cares? Read
the jacket aloud to impress and
surprise your fnends with your
growing language vocabulary.
Then listen to the disc to surprise
LOU       BARLOW       AND
Another Collection of Home
(Mint Records)
1 have never heard Lou Barlow
before but I have heard a lot about
him and his band Sebadoh. and
one of the things that I heard was
that he wanted to put out a record
in Canada because when he was
up here last people were telling
him how hard it was to get his
Another Collection Of Home
Recordings, true to its title,
sounds hke it was recorded in
Lou's living-room, and all of the
songs on the album have a very
'at home' feeling, sounding
spontaneous and full of youthful
vigor. The first track is a very lo-
ti. heartfelt rendition of "Run To
You," one of Vancouver's favourite denim boy's early hits, and the
next song, "Puffin'," has become
the new theme to my favourite
late night pastime. The biggest
hit on this album for me, though,
is the song "What Would It Be
Like." sung by Lou's sister Abby.
But then again, I've listened to
the record about fifteen times and
this is my third hit song off of it.
All in all, in my uneducated
opinion, this is a good Lou
Barlow record. I'm sure all the
kids will hke it, and that's what
counts, right?
Colllin Knight
Going Out of Style
It seems to be becoming a bit of
a trend nowadays for ye olde
punk rocke bands to put out a CD
compilation of their olde tunes.
And while the now defunct Derelicts may not entirely fit into this
category - they're not that far
gone - this album does contain
27 tracks (including two repeat
live versions) of material from
the years '86 through to '90. As
far as sheer quantity of rock is
concerned it is a bargain, but one
big problem with these compilations in that much of the appeal
in these bands comes from their
loud, drunk and live performances, and I don't think that
enough of it can possibly come
through onto a newly released
CD. I don't dig the tunes very
much, but if you ever appreciated
them live, you probably will.
Steve Dipasqualc
Nine Inch .Nails '■
Pearl Jam   .       .  \
Beastie Boys     .
The Cure
P..E.M.  '•/'■'•'   .       ■
.Pixies -"'..■'..'*■
Tragically Hip
Breeders      ,
Smashing Pumpkins
at the planetarium
a laser and light spectacular
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Pereira for all the weekend sports si
the high altitudes and thin air of Point Grey.
Oscar Peterson (piano), Ray Brown (bassl and
the one and only Buddy Rich (drums).
aiOOANh The ultimate contrast.   Screwing
back to what you might call reality We do
poetry, too.
THIRD   TIME'S   THE   CHARM      8i30-
UtOOAM That's right, bub! Punk-pop. surf-
Women in music and grrrls in music: two hours
of info and rawk. Ya don'l need a penis to be
a musical Genius! Coral and Trish.
hordes of hardly herd are heard, courtesy of
host and demo director Dale Sawyer. Herd up!
RITMO LATINO 9i00-10iOOPM Get on
board Vancouver's only tropical fiesta express
with your loco hosts Wendi, Rolando, and
Mateo as they shake it and wiggle it to the
latest in Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and other
fiery fiesta favourites. Latin music so hot it'll
give you a tan! --RADIO SABflOSA!!
Altemating Tuesdays. Live readings and the
MUSIC AS A WHOLE 8i30-9i30AM   Bob?!?
Maybe, kinda sorta, but not necessarily?
YACHT CLUB    11l30-lil5 Drop anchor with
our new all rap format. Ifs superkalifragalickin'
expealidopemix with DJ Gav 'n Matt.
LOVE SUCKS   1H5-3I00PM   Tune in lor the
musical catharsis that is Love Sucks.   II you
MOTORDADDY 3i00-5l00PM 'harm a
brother, steal his colors, insult the club and,
man, look out - you gotta pay!" This is the
code that has escalated rivalry oetween
Eastern cycle clubs into a blood feud . . .
Join our own "best boy" Kevin O'Toole lor
the  film  business  that  Mary  Hart  and
Entertainment Tonight find unfit to broadcast.
ESOTERIK 6i00-7i3OPM (esVter-ik), adj..
understood by, or intended for, only a select
boys' club in the pit. Hard and fast, heavy and
slow.   Listen to it. baby.
If you move in your groove and notion to
motion. If a backpack's your thing then here's
what you do: Thursdays at supper tune in to
OUT FOR KICKS 6iOO-7.30PM No BiAenslocks.
nothing politically correct. We don't get paid so
you're damn right we have fun with it. Hosted by
Chris B.
•XDSCH00LTOCKtR0U7.3O-9.OOPW Roots of
Rock 'n' Roll • II you don't get into Rock 'n' Roll
Heaven don't blame me!
lllOOPM   Local muzak from 9.   Live bandz
from 10        Fab 2i July 4th Tailat
5i30PM Do you want us to make you a
Saber Tooth Tiger? Half an hour of uneatable
news coverage plus our weekly wrap up.
From Brighton, England correspondent Angus
Wilson brings us this report . . .
Underground sound system-style
mastermix radio.
sometimes why are people so miserable?
guess that's life ... but we always have Silly
Quacky Utterly Elegant Elly Kool Yoks!
IOtOOPM-12100 AM Let DJ's Jmdwa and
Bindwa immerse you in radioactive Bhungra!
"Chakkh de phutay". Listen to all our favorite
Punjabi tunes - remixes and originals. Brraaaah!
RADIO FREE WOMEN    10.00-11.30AM
We're in your homes and in your heads. Anna
and Deb insinuate their way into your life to
entertain, provoke, preach, rant, seduce, and
H U.30-1.00PM Toques,
backbacon, beer, igloos and beavers.
jr lunch every Thursday with Skyler.
MKE  1.00-2.00PM    Crashing the
Fab. 161
Alt.rnating with TFIL    UiOO-IAM
Straight from the mean streets, Ethan Meyer,
Dylan Rymer, and mixmaster Kaptain Nero
straddle and masssage your eardmms with
non-stop horror. Inject and learn something1
Alternating with RTY UiOO-IAM
Chris Pariah explores the Metanoid states and
psycho-sonic scapes of The Infinite Livingroom,
that Nth dimensional space between perplexed
consciousness and profound absurdity.
IfhOOAM Greg here. Join me in the love den
lor a cocktail  We'll hear retro stuff, groovy
jazz, and thicker stuff too. See you here
and bring some ice. XOXX
radio programming. Colonel's Comer has won
three prestigious Anderson awards, and is the
only radio show in North America hosted by a
high ranking military officer
LITTLE TWIN STARS Alt. with lo-fi 1-
2)30 PM Strap on your vinyl Go Go boots for
PRESENTS... 3i30-4i00PM Have a
good brunch!
THE   CiTR   DINNER   REPORT     5.00-
ic from Indian mo
ie 1990s, Semi-cl
think twice. Bring your tape deck and two C-
90s. Originally broadcast on KFJC (Los Altos,
4AM   Drop yer gear and stay up late. Naked
iar and exotic in a blend of aural delights! Tune
in and enjoy each weekty brown plate special.
1.00 PM With your hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance and Don the Wanderer. What will
we play today?   Rog will put it away.
p, Beastie Boys, indie guitar
can you cay minimalist?—and w
appeals to me.  Fag and dyke posi
are y oh
the charm
Mn'fc «f a hole
Veuus FtyrrtAP's
tore Off/
Ratlin fret
1 Bee Ncrm-il
(oiowi'f (orwr
lo fi    little
Sluggy  &  Dipo
mm kwi
$6k\ Ckurck
Mary Tyler
"-mini*-*--; Hy-jlH*-*
Awtr* House
Out For Kftf
(hiphop)     |
kip kop Mil
and sometimes
1 Lt-Un'a Back
|       in Town
mtiatevei itt-ih s
1     ONE STEP
moltal the door/
SlT$ <Sfett«
wver. Hosled by DJ Noah, the main
of Ihe show is techno, but also
les some trance, acid, tribal, etc..
I DJ's, interviews, retrospectives.
12.00PM Now in its I Oth year on the
air, The Edge on Folk features music you
I 12.00 3.00PM Vancouver's
only true metal show; local demo tapes, imports and other rarities. Gerald Rattlehead
and Metal Ron do the damage.
THE SHOW 6.00-8.00PM Strictly Hip
Hop - Strictly Undergound - Strictly
Vinyl With your hosts Craig G„ Mr. Checka
i. J Swing on the I A 2's
alternating with Graava Jumping
Killing ugly radio wilh one easy step.
NEW SHOWS Sonic Solution
will be fillin' in
Thursdays LATE! from lam
to 4am talcing over from
Laced in Darkness
startin' Feb. 16.
Blood on the Saddle will
be on hiatuo until march,
but he'll be baclc Tune
in Tuecdays from 13pm
for Dome great new dj'e
fillin' in!
women's DAY-
W O M E N ' S
WHOM    &    HOW
SAT 28 cub record rt
York Theatre (ALL AGES]
Mathew Stadler readi
Glenna Powrie Tno al the Al*
Seismic al the Hungry Ejye.
You at the WISE Hall.
larkmarker & Gob at the New
The End Cafe...Novelist
ly School of Writing...The
Cafe...Crankshaft, Bug &
lack Longdates..Joke
the Railway Club.
SUN 29 Joke You al the WISLTlall   Alternative Jazz w/Bruce Freed-
nian (9pm) at Cafe Deux Soleils...CioCio Jazz Lounge w/djs Michael
Golf & Lovely Lisa at the Arts Club Theatre...
MON 30 Celebration of Unity at the Centennial Theatre...Grrrls
With Guitars at the Railway.Z*
al the Starfish Room   i
TUE 31   CITR 101.9
nia Ice Rink (benefit foi
Dream Stale at the Town Pump
Club..Leisure Lounge w/dj's Jon Hi
ambient) at the Shaggy Hoi
WED 1 Inside the Wli
Ion    Hardy.    T.
igaloo w/djs Spun- K & Czech
night at the Hollywood Cinema...
LICE HEAT at the Britan-
Bank)...Neptune Telescope w/
olid Cold w/djs
the    Shaggy
Little T at MaRs...George
Wonderland w/DJs Li
Robert and Oliver (i
(7pm) & Man Bites Dog (9:30pn|&1 UBC
THU 2 CiTR 101.9 IM presents Subsonic Thursdays w/Myslery
Machine & Beller at the Pit Pub (no cover). The Vinaigrettes. Knock
I town (linger &. Lord Pier at the Starfish...Kim Garland at the Alma
Street Cafe ..The Blue Shadows al the Railway Club...Naked Lunch,
Saints and Poets & She S-.ic.iu^.irttfll.'tlungry Eye ..Chocolate Milk
w/DJ Michael Goll (acid |a|§f at the Shaggy Horse. The Bottle w/
djs Clarence & David I .jpfoWs al Ihe Piccadilly Pub...Sol w/dj
(9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas
FRI 3 M-Blanket. Lnfa/lak. Submission Hold & Shotwell Coho
(loimc,  Crimpshrine muwlwfl at Crosstown Traffic (ALL
ih.Psychmania w/ taste
the Railway Club...The
'ma Street Cafe...She Stole
g (7pm) & Shawshank
AGLS)...Lvercleai. Pluto-anal the Hungry Lye...The Bit
Kate Hammelt-Vaughan Tn
My Beer ai the Commodore
Redemption (9:30pm) at UB
SAT 4 facepuller. the Loved flt$$%0ffic Cowards
New York Theatre (ALL AG I'St.'" DDT, Keychain Toker & Shrug at
Ihe Starfish...Canadian Premiere of Ruben Ortiz-Torres experimental documentary Fronlierland at the Video In Gran Baile de
Primavera Spring Liest
Lorraine Foster Tno at the A:y
& Honey Wagon at the U$i
ela at the Hoi Jazz Club...the
Cafe...Paupers Feast, Thurston
;ye...The Bay City Rollers at the
Seattle)...The Blue Shadows at
way Club I h<? IJimi Ktftg (7pm) & Shawshank Redemption (9:30pm) at UBC
SUN 5 Joey Defrancesco at the VECC...Classical Indian Dance at
the UBC Museum of Anthropology (2pm) ..GoGo Jazz Lounge w/
djs Michael Golf & 1 .ovely Lisa at the Arts Club Theatre..Alternative
la/./ at Cafe Deux Soleils #ih; I ion King (7pm) & Shawshank
Redemption (9:30pm) at IJJ&CC&iemas...
PUB   .Crusoe at tlu loo Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K &
TUE 7 Tenderloin D nki-st ol the Hillside Thickets & Seamen at
the Starfish...Burning Chicago Blues Machine w/ Rumplesteelskin
al the Hungry Eye There's No Mona al the Railway Club ..Leisure
Lounge w/dj's Jon Hardy. Jess & Druna (deep house/ambient) at the
Shaggy Worse-Laurie Anderson at .5th Avenue Theatre (Seattle)...
WEI) 8 Laurie Anderson.al the Orpheum ...Big Rude Jake at the
Railway Club...BumingC^goBlu«ttMachinew/Rumplesteelskin
al the Hiingiy Lye.  S..|.jC*-'ld w/tfr. Ion Hardy. T Bone. Dickey
(7pm) & When Harr\ !|i'Sa% (') 30pm) al UBC Cinemas...
THU 9 QTR 101.9 fflpresets Subsonic Thursdays w/SOL &
Difference Engine al the Pit Pub (no cover)...© w/Babe the Blue
Ox at ihe Starfish...Big Rude Jake at ihe Railway Club...Chocolate
Milk w/dj Michael Golf (acid jazz) at the Shaggy Horse.The Bottle w/dj's David Love Jones at the Piccadilly Pub...Sol w/dj Markem
at Graceland. The Princess Bride (7pm) & When Harry Met Sally
(9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas..
FRI 10 Mule w/guests al the Starfish Room .Our Lady Peace &
The Killjoys at the New York Theatre (ALL AGES)...Joe Cocker at
the GET ...Nancy Patterson at the Video In Big Rude Jake al the
Railway Club.. The Universal Gospel Choir. The Wingnuts & Mad
Pudding at the WISE Hall The Intoxicators, Professor Dumb &
The Dead Cats at the Hungry Eye. Alannah Myles at the
Commodore...Frankenstein (7pm) & Interview With The Vampire
(9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas...
SAT 11 Jessamine. Blaise Pascal & Gaze at the Anza...Nettwerk
Anniversary w/ Rose Chronicles. Sarah McLaughlin, Ginger, Delirium & Mystery Machine at the Vogue Theatre...Our Lady Peace
& The Killjoys at the Starfish...Red Hot & Restricted video dance
party at the Video In...Video Screening & Discussion with Video
and Film Maker Amt Laly at the Kootenay School of Writing...Big
Rude Jake at the Railway Club DSK at the Hungry
Eye...Frankenstein (7pm) & Interview With The Vampire (9:30pm)
at UBC Cinemas...
SUN 12 Philosopher Kings at Richards on Richards.. GoGo jazz
Lounge w/dj's Michael Golf & Lovely Lisa at the Arts club
Theatre...Barebones al La Quena...Alternative Jazz at Cafe Deux
Soleils Frankenstein (7pm) & Interview With The Vampire
(9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas..
PUB...Laura Smith (from Halifax) at the Railway...Zoo Boogaloo
w/djs Spun-K & Czech at the Starfish Room...
TUE 14 Author Kate Braid reads at the Women In Print bookstore
(7:30pm). The Cult at the PNE Forum. Skin walker, Hunting Humans & Toxic Garden at the Hungry Eye. Black Mollys at the
Railway...Leisure Lounge w/dj's Jon Hardy. Jess, Druna (deep house/
ambient) at the Shaggy Horse..
WEI) 15 Smokin1 Frogs & Elycium at the Starfish...Sick Sick Yeah
at the Railway Spleen, Neptune Telescope & The Dendrons at the
Hungry Eye...Solid Gold w/dj's T-Bone, Dickey-Doo, Jon Hardy
(progressive house) at the Shaggy Horse...Videodrome (7pm) &
Rabid (9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas...
THU 16 CiTR 101.9 fM presents Subsonic Thursdays w?/Silly
Rabbit & Funk 'N' Stein al the Pit Pub (no cover)...Hard Rock Miners at the Railway.. Clambake & Steve Mitchell at the Hungry
Eyc.Wolfslone at the Starfish...Chocolate Milk w/dj michael golf
(acid jazz) at the Shaggy Horse...Sol w/dj Markem at
Graceland...Violent Femmes at the Moore Theatre (Seattle)...Digable
Planets at La Luna (Portland)...Videodrome (7pm) & Rabid (9:30pm)
at UBC Cinemas...
FRI 17 Hazel, Sparkmarker, thirty ought six & Trufflehunt at the
Pitt Gallery (ALL AGES)...Red Fisher & Queazy at the
Starfish Hard Rock Miners at the Railway..djs Jon Hardy & Druna
at the Shaggy Horse...Another White Male, Silly Rabbit & Minority at the Hungry Eye.Ed Wood (7pm) & Forrest Gump (9:30pm)
at UBC Cinemas...
SAT 18 Megadeth w/Corrosion of Conformity at the PNE
Forum...Violent Femmes at the Commodore...Tarika w/dj Tobu
Ley at the Starfish Room...Hard Rock Miners at the
Railway...Yellow Belly & Inflatable Soule at the Hungry Eye..Ed
Wood (7pm) & Forrest Gump (9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas...
SUN 19 Violent Femmes at the Commodore...In Hell's Belly fanzine fundraiser w/The Muscle Bitches & Flash Bastard at the Hungry Eye ..Alternative Jazz al Cafe Deux Soleils...GoGo Jazz Lounge
w/dj's   Michael   Golf   &   Lovely   Lisa   at   the   Arts   Cub
Theatre...Megadeth at Seattle Civic Arena...Ed Wood (7pm) & Forrest
(lump (930pm) at UBC Cinemas...
PUB...Reading Railroad (spoken word performances) at the
Railway.Zoo Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K & Czech at the Starfish
TUE 21 Cheap Trick at the Commodore...Elycium & Wish at the
Hungry Eye...Leisure Lounge w/dj's Jon Hardy. Jess, Druna (deep
house/ambient) al the Shaggy Horse...
WED 22 The Big Cookie, Jabber & The Beautiful Losers at the
Hungry Eye...Spirit Merchants at the Railway...Solid Gold w/dj's
djs Jon Hardy, T. Bone, Dickey Doo at the Shaggy Horse.Easy
Rider (7pm) & All The President's Men (9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas...
THU 23 CiTR 101.9 fM presents Subsonic Thursdays w/Imbrue
Huzza IN* Bender (from Toronto) at the Pit Pub (no cover)....Spirit
erchants at the Railway...Liquid, Fork Tongue & Powderfinger at
the Starfish...Hogan sings Holiday at the Alma Street
Cafe.Chickenhawk. Key Chain Toker & Cosmonaut at the Hungry
Eye...The Bottle (acid jazz) w/djs Clarence & David Love Jones
at the Piccadilly Pub...Sol w/dj Markem at Graceland...Chocolate
Milk w/dj Michael Golf at the Shaggy Horse...Easy Rider (7pm) &
All The President's Men (9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas...
FRI 24 Bug House Five at the Railway Club.. .Slick & The Craze at
the Hungry Eye.The River Wild (7pm) & Stargate (9:30pm) at UBC
SAT 25 Pizzicato Five w/The Coctails at the Starfish.The Tragically Hip at the Pacific Coliseum...Pluto, Cinnamon & Queazy at
Crosstown Traffic (ALL AGES)...Bughouse 5 at the Railway
Club.Zolty Cracker. Terror of Tiny Town...Queen Ida and the Bon
Temps Zydeco Band at the Commodore. The River Wild (7pm) &
Stargate (9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas...
SUN 26 G. Love &  Special  Sauce w/Lux  Indigo at the
Starfish..Bender (from Toronto) at (he Hungry Eye...GoGo Jazz
Lounge w/dj's Michael Golf & Lovely Lisa at the Arts Club Theatre... Alternative Jazz at Cafe Deux Soleils...The River Wild (7pm)
& Stargate (9:30pm) at UBC Cinemas...
PUB...Pat Metheny featuring Lyle Mays at the Orpheum...Zoo
Boogaloo w/djs Spun-K & Czech at the Starfish Room...
TUE 28 Spectrum at the Starfish.. Leisure Lounge w/dj's Jon Hardy.
Jess & Druna (deep house/ambient) at the Shaggy Horse...
WED 1 Solid Gold w/dj's T-Bone, Dickey-Doo, Jon Hardy (progressive house) at the Shaggy Horse...
THU 2 CiTR 101.9 fM presents Subsonic Thursdays at the Pit Pub
(no cover)...Chocolate Milk w/dj Michael Golf (acid jazz) at the
Shaggy Horse...The Bottle w/dj David Love Jones (acid jazz) at the
Picadilly Pub...Sol w/dj Markem at Graceland...
•* I**-**-**-**- *$$$ it*-*-***-. '.Cr-w.it* UMi
h ikVi $*Ka$MKt*mtmr<M ttht fcriwt
IV VkuiM^wml M fi Brt-a-lvfav (W«wt PfaK-tnO
.*    a.**,..**--^ M4f
•tTWlri* 'iltr:*tu<Uf%<r Htoumven*
*Jer< 8-.llr.wnt *»7tK.nm»tlk<*(^m->ttk MaW
CommtNU>r*tUiM> 838 Mnax&*i<ir«riti, Ma*))
-.(H.mnlov***   k.
tfen-m**H*« CrnMU- tmfeMwn iW**i i-'ndi
UMrkt-CoCrtt IM M«itfk«dtVnk-fe'D.
UW Uij.ptr XUVrin&U**?* (Msaal ft-.**-*!**)
Ontcfe-ri 1#$ ttK-tW*) {tUfttA*-*-)
#«&-& Cttrmmttt Ctvfy*2Mty fta4fe-{-& <£ttt Va»>
.- ■     M-.i-^ulim.-iowH)
^^^CefiJftoiyJa-ito**^!      -     ,
ft* ««. i *
tffl&m)M<MpmttoPtiy*) ' "',
• Fuir ir-i.V.'iawartdptrnt-vwj-*!
m m\
m *
Kwn 41251 H-wing*lSaowi-ys
SMVvrn**'**' (diatom**
!V> f*»*vui«««»»nte**.j
Ctaem-rtht^tk U..M tf*w» {^mwettt)
m- Cinww M tltztttik \£*i#,m Mall,
Tfcwi-w 344o Cam**- tiwtufc ftwe-mw)
<,4llery3tf ViVMMm&i.&nmtw
IT**-.**** m Uram-SU t.t.raa^k Mall)
Hmi *$py*Ti ftT*t*jw*wt *gwwnw^ffiy
Hhaggj Hc*rs<-*tahj.*,i SIX Richards (d-.tmlimoi
».s f*,irvu.w (Bellini-ha*--)
&■•*!,«■ (downtown)
Slait»« Slrr«t Arts Cwrtr* 93l> claiwt vd...«nlw(,i
3B Ttmn. «W St»u -.BpHk^hami
688 WIS:
(206)7341539 ••
■ . mm*
mm* \
«»«3»  :
mC Crad Omtw Uh 4 |1*$C>
V5rt*»t««f Cote* <&*m$$i ^*^t^C44W*w#
thtmmm<ina»t -.C-nttvak Main
lHwttit WfttJAirftrmfc \C«n*-»lk U-i
imitmm* the mak-c-h iss^ ixmtms *mi>cmw&
mtssook* at m *m, hv -rw mm wawjs«, mmw
"Crashes and thrashes while remaining
strangely articulate."-Vancouver Sun;
"There was moshing, there was applause."-
Discorder; "Excellent, hype, raw, aggressive
sound. In a word, they rocked." -BOT News
$11.99 CD
Lyn Stone
Musically minimalist, lyrically profound,
Lyn Stone brings forth songs of a
genre all her own. Her sense of
melody and orchestration is complemented by a vocal style that rises to
haunting new depths.
,    ,•„.- ,$8.99 C9ss
IrN'J' ••Spat
Eye Level Box
That's right folks! After an anxiety filled,
mentality killed, muchly billed (and still owing)
Orwellian-like 1994 (!?), "Eye Level Box" is
proud to offer our 1 5 song debut CD to the
music-loving masses for pleasurable consumption! There is something for everyone within
this diverse collection.    $11.99 CD
Come Out, Come Out
Pure pop for punks: 11 song debut featuring the poisei
pen of ex-Valentino, Marc "Manhatten" Godfrey. Sound'
like the Clash if they did B-movies. The band's stir
studded cast include   Jim Sigmund (Death Sentence
Dylan Jones (Wunderbread) and local legend Zippy
Pinhead (D.O.A., the Oils). Psychomania plays their fir
show on Feb. 3 at the Hungary Eye. *
 -IS,?? cass	
Attention All Bands!!
Do you have an undistributed
demo CD or tape? Sam's
carries Western Canada's
largest selection of
independent products!
Welcome friends to "Come Out, Come Out" the
second album from Cub, Canada's favorite rock
n' roll girls. "Come Out, Come Out" shows Cub's
amazing growth as a band. The comfortably
packed 13 songs have a strong and thorough
continuity, and best of all the album contains the
best Cub songs ever released. $12.99 CD
Yen for Noise
Nimrod's Zev Asher leads a
star Japanese cast on a
soothingly surreal aural
$1 2.99 CD
Hey, It Rhymes
Local hip hop group with
sense of humour. Hardcore,
apple-core and more.
Longjohn is now in the house!
Say 'no' to gold fangs!
$4.99  cass
Music from a solid Vancouver band
binding hard edged melodies with
deep lyrics. Featurng Gone, Living a
Lie, Sweet Dreams, and Regress.
$1 1 .99 CD
2 Days Away
Euphoria's debut CD "2 Days
Away" is awe-inspiring mood music
with a New Age feel. Their first single
'Nights of Swing' can be heard regularly
on "The Wave" on 96.9 KISS-FM.
$11.99 CD
For More Information on
selling your music at
Sam's, ask for Rob Zgaljic
at our 568 Seymour St.
U\        locaton. All types of
music accepted.
Dirt Bike Naked
Led by ex-Joe Shithead bassist Kelly Law,
this is the band that feels it's 'okay' to
have a good time. Their debut disc offers
4 hyperactive pop-punk tracks. If your
tired of suicidal types screaming about
what losers they are - this is for you.
$7.99 CD ^/ _J
1869 W 4th Ave..
Vancouver, BC
tel 604738.3232
Mon to Wed 10:30-7:00
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
• Red
With the popularity of soundtracks such as The
Piano and Pulp Fiction, we've all enjoyed the
work of composers like Michael Nyman, as
well as known popsters at all levels in a year
that saw the return of the soundtrack as a
compelling musical artform. Red, with its
moody orchestration and sombre score,
accompanies Krzysztof Kieslowski's final
cinematic expression and the completion of his
tri-colour trilogy exploring French life. Love,
laughter, and tragic suspense are all in the air!
O   16.98 ra   10.98
•■> Our Bands Could Be Your Life
Way back when "post-punk" still meant
something, and SST was king, The Minutemen
were working the circuit with their particular
brand of socially-conscious politico-punk, fast
on their way to becoming... well... legendary.
Main years'later, after a legacy of influential
releases and the death of main man D Boon,
The Minutemen receive their deserved tribute.
Many great bands like Seam, Hazel, Meat
Puppets, Jawbox, Unwound, and Lou Barlow
pay homage, and we recommend you do too.
O  16.98
Mecca Normal
!> Sitting on Snaps
Recording artists (with a capital "a") Mecca
Normal are back on Matador with another in
a continuing series of strong releases. Sitting on
Snaps has all the power and punch that makes
Mecca Normal so highly respected, and their
recordings a common presence in many
people's collections. With strong words and
musical questions, Mecca Normal are a
convention of non-conventions unto
themselves. Become enlightened.
O   14.98 ra   9.98
• Look What the Rookie Did!
Look what Zumpano did is more like it!
When describing this release, adjectives such
as "fun," "groovy," and "heartbreaking" come
to mind oh, so easily. An almost perfect pop
record from the four sassiest boys in town.
Bettie Serveert
• Lamprey
Damn! This record
crunches heard sine
O  14.98
a one of the prettiest
. well, since their last
stunner, Palomine. This beauty delivers in a big
way baby, so steal yourself a little space and let
this disc put you in a very special place.
O   16.98 ra   10.98
Future Sound of London
A limited edition, specially-packaged, full-
length release. Not the anticipated, next,
"proper" album, but a live side-project release,
which evokes all the mastery of their
distinctive ambient style.
O  22.98
<§■ The Practice of Joy Before
What is a Pond? A quaint little watering hole;
home to bugs, birds, fish and plants; or noisy
oasis of quite interesting tune-smjthery? In the
case of The Practice of joy Before Death we're
talking pop-rock action, not little bodies of
water. Not at all wet behind the ears, Pond are
back with their second full-length, Sub-Pop
release. So dive in, dive in.
O   16.98 ra   10.98
•§> Amber
Earning praise and credibility within ambient
circles, Sheffield, England's ever-consistent
Warp Records deliver Autechre's third
artifact, Amber, faking the best moments of
noise generating princes Zoviet France in
hand with the smooth BPMs of labelmate
Aphex Twin, Amber expands with its warm
ambient stylings into the hollow landscape. A
rewarding listen!
O   16.98 01   10.98
• Kings ofthe Inland Empire
Sammy is back with a four-song ep to cure you
of all your Pavement withdrawal symptoms.
Following in the slacker footsteps of that band,
Jesse Hartfman and Luke Wood hail from New
York and LA, and employ a "guest" drummer.
They also do what they do very well — play-
beautiful mid-fi rock'n'roll tunes to sing along
to. If Pavement and Sebadoh are your style,
you're bound to dig Sammy.
O  10.98
We're Covered in Orange Dots!
Zulu is doing
We've marke
cassette and (
■ down
early spring cleaning,
lost   of   one-of-a-kind
, r&b, Cliff Richard, and
) Zulu and ask the staff for
details on this very special sale. If you
thought you scored well on your Boxing
Day expeditions, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
• Come Out, Come Out
v it starts — take three creative
i knack for writing sugary pop
You know ho1
women with
gems, put ou
album on one of Canada's coolest indie labels,,
and tour the continent. And then what? You
might ask Fiona Smyth to design the second
album cover, add some delicious harmonies,
and organ and guest stars, and finish off with
an extra special surprise to dance to. If it ain't
cub, it ain't cuddlecore.
O   13.98
FEBRUARY 28, 1995


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