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at the PIT PUB!
^aruiaity #144
PIS- cover
Unlike Santa, we busy little elves at
DiSCORDER haven't liad time to stand
around putting our fingers up our noses.
Gracing our Yuletide mag thus month is
a swell bit of original art by Holly
Dylan Griffith
Kevin Pendergraft
Inn Patter*,,,,, Mike Walkey, Kevi
Pendergraft, Tarn
Megan Mallelt
Matt Steflkh
(anil the rest of America, loo)
Tnco Bell Tania & Double Manhattan
yANsmm «
311 No.tni.tr 15. U
Poor Br'\ct3'it,    it  wasobviou
she had very   litMe ta\ent
*  such silly   idea.s about
being frorv* outer space
£/ Sara^;Ti-r-ar\
When vje $ot bacv^,  r bought us a   Married   \">fe wasn't  as  "idyllic as
house on a beaut;fo\   piece of        X had hoped. Bridgit --oas careV*
ocear\ front property- home, and wh«*- I 3\d  see her   it
\was only to askfor more money.
.and   since Br.dgit   was always
out  pursuing her own interests
1    ...it   was  almost as  if x was        i   Although "TWe was  ceria<nl-y oo
j   rn.arr.ed noi" to Tx.dgjt  b u t" jJ^aa*U<*<.       affection  between  us.
Thi-n-J-5  fooV; oO a    surreal   tin^e
•^''o'Jnd the   booS£•X  bad  no Control
ovjer my domain and \on<*5ed for my
^uiet bact-eW days.
Jost vjh<
.   -  -thought   things    (
f>oS5ibly get wor$e.. J
Reg. . ,   hovo could  x compete? Yoor-g
dnd   Se-Ky,   he hdd   a number of   fancy
cars   and played  »n a  rocVi band-
oridgit was clearly enamoured and
took: no pains "to spare, my feeWn-^-b-
4    January 1995 A cold cold winter pa
tka**. Dickers' ass
as Santo c law*
at tke Borgo Pass
Butike fat semi-Wind <
iska«*lofke«.-mg and
bekind behind Uskind
f.-.-tk rip intewkite Uea
witk too, .any years
of liqwid ckr.stmas ckee
Am Mr
sand In the
everything seems
to taste different
these days
car exhaust
fallen trees
beached whales
the sand
in the asparagus
milk and honey
walk in silence
with outstretched
the path will find you
Jim McAuliffe
Cms Cam
a mutua/lij bmeficial
YOU have unwanted food in your cupboard
WE have three CD copies each of Veruca Salt's American Jhigks, Front
Line Assembly's Millenium anil Weezer's self titled debut album. To
recieve the bounty of DiSCORDER. be one ofthe first nine people to briny
this coupon and two cans of food for the Vancouver Food Band in to the
station during office hours (M-F106). Wait until our kas cheer is over,
please (alter |an 2nd).
We m at Room 233 6138 SUB Blvd.
822 3017 ext. 0 DiSCORDER   iNterviEw   HE1L
Welcome to Hell! Interview Hell to ,
be precise, a new monthly feature in
which we will pit the local (and the I
occasional out o'town) bands that |
play live on CiTR's Thunderbird i
Radio Hell (Thursdays 9 to 11)
against some of the most inane
cookie cutter interview questions we I
can think of, plus maybe one or two I
that are halfway intelligent. Inter- i
view Hell is not meant as a substi- ,
tute for actual full-length interviews;
rather, it is our way of introducing I
you to as many of this city's multi- I
hide of fine bands as we can. And, |
of course, it gets punk rockers to talk ,
about Barbie dolls. Wheeeeee!!!!!!!
Enjoy. (Apologies for not printing I
this intro last month when Interview I
Hell actually premiered!) |
R   e  n  e  e   :
cause     they
mark my
Kara: Kreviss,
cause they al-
;et the
Who are you, what is your
hair colour, and what do you
do in your band?
Kim: violet, guitar
Angela: purple, bass
Kara: blonde, guitar
Renee: red, vocals
Lana: blonde, drums
Describe your sound in 25
words or less.
mid be in any other
er band what would
If you cc
it be?
Kim: Party Naked
Lana: Scum Element, "cause
they drink the most beer
Ang: Any garage punk rock
good stuff from
Value Village
Give details.
Kim: Nazi idiots throwing
beer bottles.
That's mean.
Renee: When people say we
have rock star attitudes.
Lana: No, because I stabbed
them first.
Ang: No, 'cause no one talks to
me 'cause Tm too shy and if
they did I probably didn't no-
What's the last thing you
Kim: This dumb questionnaire.
Kara: The new Details.
Renee: The lyric sheet for Crash
Lana: The guy's mind across the
bar. No really, I'm Okay, You 're
Ang: A skateboarding mag,
Hitchcock's short stories.
What do you hate?
Kim: Questionnaires.
Kara: Ignorance, people who
steal my smokes.
Renee: Molding leftovers in the
fridge, people who think they
have an eating disorder.
Lana: Anyone who reads.
Ang: Racism, people who treat
you like shit "cause you look
What so you love?
Kim: Music.
Kara: I enjoy candle light dinners & long walks on the beach.
Renee: Going bowling.
Lana: Vem and anyone who can
drop their insecurities.
Ang: Crowds at all-ages shows,
my bass, good gigs.
Did you listen to a lot of heavy
metal when you were kids?
Kim: Do the words "Maiden" &
"Crue" mean anything to you'1
Kara: No, Kim did enough for
all of us.
Ang: No, I listened to old school
Renee: No. when I was a kid I
listened to Dead or Alive & Boy
Lana: Dio is a Diety.
Apparently in Snipehunt
magazine (from Portland),
someone from Ten Days Late
was quoted as saying "CiTR-
UBC radio: If you rearrange
the letters UBC they spell
cub." Explain.
Nobody from Ten Days Late
said that. We didn't even talk
about cub. Those were the opinions of the interviewer	
What five words best describe
your first sexual experience?
Kim: None of your damn busi-
Lana: Heavy petting to Ozzy.
Kara: Drunk, drunk, drunk,
drunk, drunk.
Ang: I'm celibate. Ha ha!
Renee: Ken & Barbie.
Quality Const qnmznts at a XTttartPnceff
6    January 1995 If you could be any Barbie,
what Barbie would you be?
Kim: A dead one. All Barbies
should die.
Renee: Bondage Barbie.
Lana:    A    cross    betv
Wonderwoman & G.I. Joe.
Ang: Nardwuar Barbie.
Kara: Rock Barbie complete
with a guitar & a bottle of beer.
How many punks does it take
to change a light bulb?
Kim: Who cares?
Kara: 10. One to change the
light bulb and 9 to be on the
guest list.
Lana: They wouldn't.
Renee: What's the question?!?
Ang: None because the Hydro
was cut off
Who are the most over-rated/
under-rated bands in Vancouver?
Under-rated: Smak, the Cowards, the Loved One, and
Primrods from Calgary.
Over-rated: This sounds like a
trick question. We're tired of
getting beaten up.
What's the most important
thing we should know about
your band?
We LOVE Chachi & Potsie's
but CD.    Are
you now going
to break up like
a lot of bands do
once they get
product out?
No, but hopefully our singer
will shove a shotgun up his nose
and blow his cranium all over his
fucking toaster
crankshaft   — £■£•
ances so we can
maybe sell some
Unplugged albums.
Did you know there's a band
in Tsawwassen called
I thought they were called
Any Burnaby stories?
Just that we get physically assaulted every time we go there,
so we're getting kind of tired of
bustin' heads when we roll into
Go With the Flow 7"
10 Days Late can be contacted
#162-916 W. Broadway
Vancouver B.C.
(604) 253-5536
■ Who are you?
J Razor Rukus
■ Squid
I Willy Tucker
| James Yuk
I Slim Jacky
J Describe your sound in 25
' words or less.
I An intercultural banquet of col-
| lective genius. Lovable, but of
I course unknowable. Heavier
■ than a pile of heavy stuff.
■ Why does your equipment
I have "Naked Lunch" printed
| all over it?
I Because we all want to grow up
■ to be just like Uncle Bill.
■ What do you get when you
I join the Crankshaft army?
| Regulation Crankshaft Army
I haircut, Crankshaft Army mem-
■ bership card, cool sticker, nifty
J poster, autographed 8 xlOphoto
I of the Shaft in a drunken stu-
I por, and whatever else we have
| kickin' around.
■ Is there a song that inspired
! you to call yourselves Crank-
I shaft?
I No, I think it was the cocktails.
I You've just released your de-
Who do you think should be
on the cover of Discorder?
Is Discorder a music rag or a
crappy art rag? Put some of the
damn fine bands that grace this
city right where they should be.
On the cover of Discorderl Examples: Big Gulp, Chicken
Hawk, Pasties.
Crankshaft can be contacted
PO Box 2534
Vancouver, B.C.
jesus ^im^^iwrmi
inCanfc Box 1776 Stn 'A' Vancouver, B.C., V6C 2P7
in i     a   Box 69234Portland Oregon 972Q1
PHONE US FREE!!! 604 26* 99S1 »rS03 768 4001
m orS03 768 4001
Who are you?
We are: Camille Baker - singer,
songwriter, bassplayer (recently); Carolyn Wong - violinist, pianist, back-up vocals;
Martin Larsen - guitarist, singer;
David Lee - drummer; Sean
Dmitrie - guitarist extrordinaire.
Has any local band ever had
as much gear as you guys do?
Yes. Ngoma and Deus Ex
Machina. And last year we
played in Shindig and won the
first night against Strain, and
they had about five Trace-Elliot
huge stacked amps and rack
mounts and stuff; their gear was
Please give the readers an idea
of what Spiritual Heroine
plays on and through.
We're not sure what you mean
by that, but 4/5 of the band
smokes a lot of weed and the
other one much less. As for
"through" - amps, PA, what?
Do sound men know how to
mix you? Have you had any
interesting experience with
sound men?
Not really. With all the different stuff, it's hard for them.
We're learning - bring your own
sound person, one who knows
your tunes. We've got a lot of
different things going on, so it's
Spiritual Heroine
a big job for a sound person who
doesn't know our sound.
Are any of you classically
I thought that might have been
obvious. Carolyn has been classically trained on violin and piano and Sean took three years
at Humber College, and one at
McGill, in Jazz. They have their
own acid jazz thing going on the
Do any of you work in a music store?
No, and not one of us ever have,
to my knowledge. But our
drummer is currently unemployed, so who knows?
Has playing in Shindig and
losing hurt your career?
No. We played it last year and
won (with a slightly different
line-up, same songs), but our
then guitar-player quit so we
had to pull out. Who knows if
we would have won. It all depends on who's judging that
night and what they're like.
We're doing okay now on our
own, so far.
Are you more of an art gallery
band than a pub band?
I guess more of the former. We
played with Perfume Tree
twice; they liked us and they are
mostly an •<.
gallery band.
music be described as the perfect soundtrack to the book?
Dave was the hobbit for
Hallowe'en once - he says,
"Thanks for noticing!" I
(Camille) saw the movie once
in elementary school. Martin
says he's read it. No one else
has. To answer the second question, I don't think so. Are we that
Is there anything else that
people should know about
Spiritual Heroine?
Whenever we say our name,
people ask, 'As in the drug?' and
we often say, 'No, as in a female
hero,' but it's really a play on
words. Someone in the initial
band said, 'Whenever I play
music, it's like a spiritual high,'
and he thought that since we had
a female voice fronting, we
could have a play on words that
represents that. Lately I've been
thinking that it is also playing
on the idea of a heroine that is
heroic spiritually as oppposed to
physically. We've also been considering dropping the final 'e'
in "Heroine" because we think
it might be more 'alternative
cool' instead of New Age folk
band - which we've been mistaken for and we're not. But
maybe that'e too pretentious. If
people like us they'll figure it all
out on their own. It was hard
enough coming up with a name
in the first place.
Also, we're presendy finishing up recording an independent CD which we hope will get
out soon - early, early spring. A
video is almost finished and
hopefully will be released soon.
We are going to take a little rest
in January, but look for us in
February and hopefully at Music West next year. Welcome to 1995! While
January isn't anyone's favorite
month in Vancouver unless they
happen to be a big fan of seemingly unending freezing rain, it
is in some ways one of the best
montlis for going to concerts
Ihis is especially true if you're
a student, because chances are
you were way too busy studying for exams in December to
do much in the way of entertainment.
Students' life-or-death preoccupation with coursework
under the impending shadow of
('hnstmas exams makes the performance given by the UBC
Symphony Orchestra on the
second of December at the university's Recital Hall all the
more impressive. Under the
conductorship of Jesse Read,
this small (35 member) ensemble of students decided to try an
ambitious concert featuring
works more commonly left to
larger professional ensembles
Ihe difficulty with this performance was not so much in its technical requirements (although
these were by no means minor
and are not to be downplayed),
but lay in the fact that the program contained two of the most
popular works of classical music that I can think of: J.S.
Bach's Brandenburg Concerto
No.l and Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart's Symphony No.40.
Knowing that practically everyone in the audience has heard
these works puts the performers under a particularly great
strain, for they know that the
audience will not only be quick
to pick up on any errors - even
minor ones - in the performance, but will also be comparing the performance (consciously or otherwise) to what
they have heard probably many
times before.
To start the program, however, a less common work was
chosen: Georg Philipp
Telemann's Overture in C Ma-
S    January 1995
jor 'Hamburg Ebb und Fluf.
That this should be a lesser
known work to the casual classical listener of today than the
Brandenburg Concertos of his
18th century contemporary is in
a sense ironic; Telemann was in
his time not an acknowledged
master of both composition and
organ playing, but was more
popular than Bach. In fact, Bach
only obtained his famous post
as Cantorate of St. Thomas in
Leipzig in 1723 after the position had been offered to
Telemann, who turned it down
in favor of a substantial increase
in pay at his then-current post
in Hamburg Telemann was
considered (alongside of
Handel) perhaps the greatest
composer of his day, and his
long life (1681-1767) also allowed him to be one ofthe more
prolific, writing more than thirty
operas, forty-six Passions, many
oratorios and other liturgical
works, several hundred overtures, concerti, and chamber
works, and more than one thou-
and c
This particular work was one
of his most popular, written for
the Admiralty College of Hamburg. Despite the scholastic
sounding name, this was a council or of wealthy and influential
businessmen involved in the
city's major industry of marine
trade. Fittingly, the work is a
picture of the sea in nine movements, starting with an overture
and followed by a series of short
instrumental dances depicting
the Greek deities of sea and air:
a slow and lyrical Sarabande of
Thetis sleeping, a faster Bouree
upon his awakening, a majestic
Loure for Neptune, a bright
Gavotte for the Naiads, a thunderous Harliquinade for Triton
and Aeolus' storms, a Menuet
for the calming influence of the
Zephyr's light west winds, an
enchanting Gigue for the swell
of the tides, and finally a boisterous Canarie for the "Lusty
Boatemen' returning to the land.
Upon hearing this performance it is easy to understand
why the work was so well liked
in the composer's time; its
cheerful, uplifting themes, and
simple but beautiful developments of the melodies were
wonderful. The piece, so well
suited to a small chamber orchestra such as the UBC Symphony, was sharply and flawlessly executed with spirit and
enthusiasm. The performance
left me with only two questions:
why had I never heard the work
before, and where could I get a
good recording of it? Although
I don't know the answer to the
first one, I'm at work on the second and hopefully will have the
answer in an upcoming column
for those of you who were unfortunate enough to miss the
The program then went on to
the Brandenburg Concerto Ihe
first of a set of six concerti written by Bach for the Margrave
(that's a nobleman equivalent to
a Marquis) of Brandenburg,
these works are among the most
widely heard pieces of classical
music today. Surprisingly, they
had less than auspicious beginnings; although the Margrave
asked Bach to compose the
works for him, upon his receipt
of them some two years later
he neither paid Bach for them
nor had them performed.
Luckily he did at least keep
the works, which survive to
this day and demonstrate the
wide range of styles in which
Bach composed. This particular concerto was of
the Italian form known as a
ripieno concerto, which does
not emphasize a particular soloist throughout but rather
small groups of instruments in
turn, with only occasional
glimpses of the individual instruments.
As with the previous work,
the players of the UBC Symphony did an excellent job on
this piece, with Concertmaster
Paul Luchkow turning in a first-
rate solo worthy of any concert
stage. The only potential criticism that could be leveled at this
work would be that it could have
benefited from improved dynamics; at a few points the horns
were overshadowed by the
string section when they should
have been the dominant instruments. This is of course a matter of opinion; possibly it was
an intentional part of the conductor's interpretation, but I suspect it naturally arose from the
ten to one ratio of string instruments to homs. In any event,
this is a minor point; the very
fact that the listener is left with
nit picking of this sort
is tribute to the overall quality
of the work.
After a short intermission the
concert     concluded     with
Mozart's Symphony No.40 in g
Minor. At some forty minutes
in length, this is a daunting work
for a student orchestra; in particular, the long and demanding
second movement does not allow for any frailties in the musicians. The students of the
UBC Symphony showed themselves more than equal to the
task, producing the piece every
bit as well as I have heard in any
In short, the UBC Symphony
was exceptional; I have on more
than one occasion gone to performances by professional orchestras that were not as well
done. The student musicians
deserve applause, as does the
whole organization for its
professionalism and polish. As
I have alluded to in previous columns, it is part of the function
of a music school to train its students at performing in front of
an audience. The event's effective and tasteful advertising
combined with the attractive admission price (free) were more
than successful, with the Recital
Hall filled past capacity and
many people left standing. In
fact, I would go so far as to suggest that the UBC Symphony
Christine Moran along with vi-
olist Elly Winer and cellist
Sergei Istomin be performing
works by Haydn, Mozart and
Boccherini. On the 27th, local
musicians Robert Penner (violin), John Sawyer (violin), Ray
Nurse (theorbo), Doreen Oke
(harpsichord), and Nan Mackie
(viol) will perform a concert entitled In Celebration of Purcell
in honor of the tricentenary of
that talented English composer's death. Works by some of
his contemporaries will also be
featured at this performance, to
be held at Knox United Church
(5600 Balaclava at 41st Ave.),
8:00 PM. Both of these concerts
will have pre-concert talks by
the performers at 7:15. so be
sure to go a bit early if you are
interested in hearing some of the
background to the works and
their composers.
A taste of Montreal's modern classical music scene will be
here in Vancouver courtesy of
the Vancouver New Music Society, who are hosting the
SMCQ (Societe de musique
contemporaine du Quebec) under the conductorship of Walter
Boudreau on the 22nd of the
month at the Vancouver East
Cultural Center. Along with
works composed by the conductor, the performance will feature
should seriously consider holding performances of this sort at
larger venues and charging a
small admission fee to cover expenses; given the size and enthusiasm of the audience at this
particular performance I am
sure such an event could be successful.
Time now to look ahead at
what's around for your listening
enjoyment this month. Early
Music Vancouver will be featuring two concerts, starting with
Ensemble 401: An Evening of
String Quartets on Saturday the
14th, 8:00 PM at the Metropolitan Tabernacle (189 W. 11 th Avenue). Hailing from the mysterious (or at least snow covered
and frozen) Eastern locales of
Toronto and Montreal, violinists
Chantal      Remillard      and
works by John Rea, Serge
Garant, Gilles Tremblay,
Raynald Arsenault, Micheline
Columbe-St-Marcoux and
Claude Viver in a selection of
works spanning two generations
of modern Quebecois compos-
The VSO has a full schedule, starting with a concert of
works by Haydn designed to
showcase the prolific output of
this musical giant. With
Philippe Entremont as guest
conductor and piano soloist and
Lee Duckies as cello soloist, the
program includes two symphonies (Nos. 1 and 92), the Cello
Concerto No.2, and the Piano
Concerto in D Major. Performances will be at Massey Hall
(New Westminister) on the 6th,
and at the Orpheum on the 7th
and 9th. All performances start
at 8:00 PM, with both Orpheum
shows having pre-concert talks.
On the 11th, the Tea and Trumpets series concert for this
month will have CBC Radio
personality Otto Lowy
hosting with Liping Zhang as
soprano soloist for a 'musical
excursion to Salzburg'. Held at
2:00 PM at the Orpheum, it
seems that one must actually
attend the concert in order to get
an idea of what works will be
performed as the season schedule is remarkably blank with
regard to this performance. On
the 14th and 16th, Masterworks
Mercure's Kaleidoscpe, Elgar's
Violin Concerto in B minor
(with Cho-Liang Lin as soloist),
and Debussy's Danses Sacrees
et Profanes (featuring Rita
Costanzi on harp) and his classic La Mer will be held; both are
at the Orpheum, 8:00 PM. On
the 21st (Massey Hall, 8:00
PM), the 22nd (2:00 PM,
Orpheum) and 23rd (8:00 PM,
Orpheum) a concert featuring
the Deutsches Requiem of
Johannes Brahms will be held,
with Henriette Schellenberg
(soprano), Christopheren
Nomura (baritone), and the Vancouver Bach Choir. On the
26th, Destinations and Discoveries focuses on Germany with
excerpts from Beethoven's opera Egmont (with Liping Zhang,
soprano), Bruch's Violin Concerto No.l (with Yoon-Kyung
Kwon as soloist), and Richard
Strauss' Till Eulenspiegel's
Merry Pranks (8:00 PM at the
Orpheum). This concert is repeated on the 28th at 7:30 PM,
but as a 'Casual Classic', with
a chance for the audience and
musicians to mingle after the
concert. Finally, on the 30th, a
special concert featuring the
keyboard wizardry of Radu
Lupu in Brahms' Piano Concerto No.l along with his Hungarian Dances 1, 3, and 10 and
Kodaly's more modern work
Harry Janos:Suite will be performed at 8:00 PM at the
Finally, if none of this suits
your fancy and you feel hke taking a somewhat longer drive to
a concert, Seattle's Early Music Guild is presenting Paul
O'Dette in a lute recital at the
Seattle Art Museum on the 29th
at 3:00 PM.
Well, that should be enough
there to keep any aficionado of
classical music happy for the
month. Good listening until
"Crashes and thrashes while remaining
strangely articulate."-Katherine Monk,
Vancouver Sun; "There was moshing, there
was applause. "-Discorder; "How the hell did
they get into my office. "-Bruce Allen;
"Excellent hype, raw, aggressive sound. In a
word, they rocked." -BCfT News  $11.99 CD
Inspired and beautiful, oddball intellectual
pop; Kazue sees Vancouver's most
volatile fume sniffing cad guitar plunkers
at their smiling perky best.
$13.99 CD
Bellingham's  long  celebrated
scene-Kings, Noggin are a
guitar and violin improv duo of
martian  proportions.
$13.90    CD
$13.99   CD
Wraparound Shades 7"
Debut Subpop/Scratch single by next
year's global tap-dancing wonderboy
Holiday Inn bottom of the glass loner core
pop genius stars to be.
$4.99   7"
Culturally Modified Stone
Finally!  A recording that captures th*
intense energy of Vancouver's worldbeat
circus. Horns, percussion, guitars, songs il
English, French, and Spanish from the foui
men and women of Ngoma.
$14.99  CD
Attention All Bands!!
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Forgive Us We're Canadian
Laugh away the holiday blues with Vancouver's
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I'm White, I'm Straight, I'm Sorry', 'Politically
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Hey, It Rhymes
Lots of acid jazz, hip-hop,
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Sunday   morning   marathon   run
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rap   will   be   entertained.
 $4.99   cass	
Deus Ex Machina
Haunted music recording artists,
Deus Ex Machina "God from a
Machine" is the name of their debut,
self-titled release. They will be
appearing at the Starfish Room
January  11,   1994.
$.12.99   CD
the angry sasquatch
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Thick. Powderfinger's
debut 9 song CD.
8t Don't worry Chachi will be
I heverlprcpared myself|o like Louise Post
ofVenilaSali. Recent tangles with the bu-
drives major labels had
6 jstast
•uca 5
I biography' - bo!
|dcpth of used c
Never, Louise P<f
minder that rock stars and indie artists are
not two distinct categories of people. Yeah,
she signed to Geffen, But she's smart and
she's a nice person. Anfjoione of this mass
marketing nonsdffl
was lost on her:||
company portrayl
starlet, but she's refj
that threaten her si
cording to Louise!
'full'of halfSfruthl
ture this intervieyjl
release not only t
and give us a betffi
is, but also to givJ
lesson in how tm
structs its artists.!
business politics
jfy aware that the
is a guitar-toting
c enough not to let
bf self. Since, ac-
jicdia release was
^decided to struc-
•/alk through the
|out all tlie junk
I of who Louise
I business con-
by krmfin Your publishing company is
called "Are you there God it's
me music" after the Judy
Blume book. Do you and Nina
share an affection for pre-teen
classic novels?
Of course.
Does this love invade your life
in other ways?
Well, Veruca Salt came from
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, another favorite of ours.
We spend a lot of time talking
about our favorite childhood
books; Eloise and I love James
and the Giant Peach. Maybe
this is a little more high-brow,
but I was reading Jane Eyre and
Wuthering Heights when I was
nine and ten because my older
sister was reading them and I
idolized her. So I got into the
Brontes and Jane Austen really
early - around the same time I
was reading the Paul Zindel
Have you and Nina been
friends for a long time?
No. We met three years ago. We
started playing music together
the day we met because a friend
of ours had basically hooked us
up on a blind date to
ested in us at the time but we
didn't feel ready for it. We
didn't want the pressure, the
pressure of having that kind of
money and promotion surrounding us. We didn't really
understand the music industry;
nor were we ready to jump in
and take it on. We had all the
cynical voices in Chicago, who
were justly cynical, warning us
of the evils of the industry. So
we did the independent route,
which seemed safer, and stayed
in Chicago, made our record
with Brad Wood, a friend who
had seen us play and really liked
our music and whom we respected a great deal. And within
a few months we had other labels interested in us - as it is the
trend: major labels are just
pouncing on indie labels and
trying to buy them out and take
their bands, and many people
need that or want that so it happens.
This has been a crash course
on the music industry for us. It's
like this big machine that I knew
nothing about. It's really important that we keep the life in what
we're doing and not spend too
much time thinking about it, but
this past six months we spend a
do this because they're a big,
well-run machine. We have yet
to make a record with them.
There's a lot of talk about bidding wars in your press release. How does a bidding war
It can work in a lot of different
ways. It depends on the band
and the amount of labels that are
interested in them. We had a
number of labels whom we really liked interested in us, and
it ended up boiling down to the
In terms ofthe actual process,
you released this single with
Minty Fresh. Did the labels
just start phoning you?
Well, they were phoning before
the single. I think they started
calling after our eighth show,
which was really insane since
we were still terrified of playing live. After our South by
Southwest show the labels
started calling us. We were
pretty taken aback.
Did this happen directly with
you or through a manager?
Well, we put off getting a manager because we didn't want
ness involvement you probably have a better sense of
what's going on with the
band, of what obligations the
company has to you.
I definitely do. I was just reading an article in Rolling Stone
about Simple Machines, and
Jenni Toomi was talking about
how important it is to release
yourown7inchjustto see how
it all works. I wish we had done
that in a way, just so we'd understand the distribution process. At the time it seemed too
overwhelming. Still, I'm glad
we waited this long and didn't
have managers along the way,
because there are so many stories about unscrupulous managers and bands that get screwed
over. I think it's so important for
people in bands to get to know
what they're getting into, to
know how the business runs. It's
hard, because most musicians
like myself aren't interested in
that kind of shit.
You said that you missed out
on something because you
didn't release your own single.
Do you think it's too late to go
back now that you've worked
with Geffen and your stuff is
play music - and it worked.
Is it a strictly musical friendship?
We have become best friends
over the years. It seems pretty
magical to me in that we can
have this band together and
have so much invested and involved in this band and still
have a great friendship. It's hard
work at times, but it's so worth
The dreaded media release
heralds you as both these major indie rock talents and as
huge up-and-coming rock
stars in commercial radio. For
me that seemed like a bit of a
What has happened to us is
pretty strange, so it's not surprising that there are contradictions inherent in our story. We
signed with an indie label about
a year ago (Minty Fresh). We
had a couple major labels inter-
lot of time meeting with people
in the industry and learning
about it, basically so that we
wouldn't get in over our heads
when we decided to go with a
Aside from the fact that
you're now probably a lot
busier, is it a different experience to work with a bigger
machine like Geffen?
Basically, they came in at the
right time, when we had a lot of
orders for our record and Minty
Fresh just didn't have the labour
power to get it out there fast
enough. They were kind of in
over their heads. For whatever
reasons, they just weren't able
to get our record in the stores as
fast as we were getting to those
towns to play.
DGC came in like a knight
in shining armour and got the
records out there. That was the
biggest, immediate difference.
They just have the capacity to
take over so soon;
we didn't want to relinquish all
the power and responsibility
before we really knew what it
was about. We wanted to go into
the industry as informed as possible.
Putting off getting a manager
is a scary route to go. We were
essentially managing the band
- Nina and I - for a long time,
during a lot of chaos. It becomes
so much about personal relationships - meeting A&R people from different labels - that
one kind of looses sight of the
big picture.
I guess it's hard to be both a
business manager and an artist at the same time.
It's really hard. Thank god that's
over. Everyone says good managers are hard to come by, but
we got really lucky.
I wonder though, at the same
time, by maintaining this busi-
in such high demand to go
fully grassroots in your approach to producing a single?
I think more now than ever before I don't feel that I have the
time to leam all of that, but more
than that, contracts are tricky
things. I feel that I understand
enough now that it's not really
important for me to do that. I
think we've taken a cautious
and self-protective route, and
I'm confident that we'll be fine.
There's this little annoying
phrase in your media release.
Instead of being called female
guitarists, you're called guitar-toting females, kind of like
you carry purses around.
How do you feel about that
statement? Does it ring similar beUs?
Just the notion of this question
exhausts me. This kind of thing
comes up so often; I'm all out
of ammunition. I guess it's still
somewhat startling and bold of
play guitar even
though there are so many bands
with women in them now. It's
all happening at the same time.
I'm glad to be a part of it.
I think the language has to
change to accommodate a new
way of thinking, and it will as
people begin to understand
women as a viable force in music. But that will take some time
and some courage on the part of
journalists to rise above the
Your CD has a photo of you
at a Rock for Choice show.
How was that?
It was excellent. We played that
one in Chicago. We've done
Rock for Choice twice: once in
Chicago and once in New York.
That Chicago show is probably
still for me the highlight of all
of our shows so far. It was so
great. We played with Liz Phair
and Squash Blossom. There was
something about the pressure
being off of us, being for a cause
that we all believed in, that was
really freeing.
Have you worked on other action-oriented shows?
We were going to do something
for Single Room Occupancy
which is an organization in Chicago that gets permanent housing for homeless people or people living in the hotels that are
often shutting down in Chicago
and putting people out in the
street. It recently had to be cancelled because we were committed to doing another show
for a radio station, but what
we're going to do is talk about
the issue at out show and donate
a lot of the proceeds to SRO
You and Nina write the lyrics
of your songs. Were you writers or singers before you
started writing songs?
I've always been into music and
singing. Nina's been singing her
whole life. We both sang with
our parents when we were litde.
Like the Partridge Family?
No, not like that. Separately. I
would sing harmony and play
guitar with my mom - it was one
of my favourite things to do
when I was little. My dad and I
would also sing. These memories of singing with our parents
- and our siblings, Jim, Nina's
brother sings really well - are
really sacred to us.
Singing and writing have
definitely always crossed over
for me. I've always sung and
I've always written. I've been
writing poetry and stories since
I was little. I also majored in
English in college and got heavily into poetry at the end of college. The poetry turned into lyr
ics when I started playing guitar. Everything at this point
seems to be a fusion of all of
these elements of my past.
A couple last questions. The
Veruca Salt character in the
Raoul Dahl book is a greedy
rich girl who kept saying to
her father, 'Daddy, I want
more.' I'm wondering, now
that you've been in the industry for a while, you're learning about the music scene,
you've toured - I imagine
you've experienced huge
changes in your life style - I'm
wondering what you're wanting at this point as an artist.
I really hope to be able to have
the luxury of writing more
songs, of having time away
from the band so that I can keep
living outside of that band and
it doesn't become pure work. I
really want to be able to keep
fueling myself with other
things, other experiences, other
people. I see so many other
bands who just look like zombies. They seem listless and despondent. I want to keep the life
in this band and keep the energy
flowing - not have a crisis because I'm having a writer's
block or something, but just let
the songs flow because that's
the beauty of this to me I hope
to keep being creative and make
a bunch of great records and become a better live band and ultimately to be able to support
Do you find that since you and
Nina are in the band together
and you're best friends it is
more difficult for you to have
a life outside the band?
The only thing that makes it
more difficult is to have time to
have a life outside the band.
There is barely any breathing
space; we're really busy all
time. There was a time when we
were getting 17 messages a day
on our machines. We're now on
the road and I was just realizing that today this is already my
third or fourth interview. And
this is a pretty common press
There's just so much more
involved in being a band than
I'd ever anticipated. It's really
hard work. It's a luxury to be
able to play music because it's
what I love. It's so much fun to
me but at the same there's a lot
of stuff like this - like explaining who I am and my goals and
my plans - that's pretty exhausting and exposing and I always
end up feeling like - not that any
one's asking me directly - I'm
giving so much of myself away
and I just don't want to give
away the safer parts of myself
because that's frightening.
// ufggmm : What does Chi-
you at all?
It's made all the Zulu bands more
bhicane is. .1 don't
widely  available   throughout
■   ■ >*■ sf you"
» ever been down
Canada. You can buy them at
... seen pm
rack at the
HMV, which is a lot more conven
i&t the chicane is
ient for some people than trying
sort o|JH|§|
ie*! ,iud white line
to track them down in the specialty
paiicii*- alonj
It  curves.
[©V see that
anil ilu s $o, *
e's a tricky
Have you noticed any sort of dif
curve con™
■ilk there is
also some!
■y ill it: If
Well, we haven't really gotten in
you're goingl
SpeS&l you
the sales figures if that is what you
can see the dis
mean. But there was, I think in the
National Chart, a full page spread
you're going
on Polygram and the labels that
fast, it's just a
1 lur, So il uh ■
j-sthey distribute, so there was a pic-
tells you to slow dowrnl||§|§|
!|iure of our album and the Perfume
HH£ album along side the Breed-
Chicane was
released by Zala
■H^kd the linderstick and other
Records but
it's being dislrib-
baflds tinware distributed through
uted by Polygram. Can you t<
us about that?
The Zulu label, I understand, i
distributed, nationwide by
Polygram. That came about
around August, it was sort of a
switching over from Cargo to
Polygram. All Zulu bands are distributed through Polygram now.
Has that made a difference to
the band she |
I think it's actually be
sort of a trend, just
thing to have a girl bass player i
your band, which isn't really <
fair for the girl, I don't think. I
mean, yeah she's in a band, but it's
just a bunch of guys saying, Yeah
man, we need a chick on bass.'
Don't most bass players learn to
play guitar first?
I didn't. I think a lot of guitarist
end up becoming bass players because they want to be in a band
and there's sort of a surplus of
guitar players, I think, and they
just go, 'Well, we need somebody
on bass...' and one of them just
gets bullied into playing bass guitar or something. But I notice a
lot of kids now are just starting up
with the bass guitar because I
think it's a bass players market out
there, there's a real dearth of competent bass players out there.
Who's your favourite bassist?
Well, the person who got me into
wanting to play the bass was Andy
Rourke of the Smiths. I really
Jr«|d his bass playing, he's got a
^lxdy-baSed ^^
j ihrm. nc „
pS*yM« *&£4i&lis key - W* pby*
■ ■'••*;('.'ssy/Johimy' Marr'*
playing. But it really works, and I
really liked his stuff. I also really
liked Bruce Voxton'SP?} from the
Jam and John-Paul Jones, obvi-
Andy of the Smiths said once
that after the gigs that he used
to play with Morrissey and
Marr that he'd get on the tour
bus and Morrissey would come
sit beside him and he'd have
nothing to say to Morrissey because he didn't even come close
to understanding what this guy
was about. Is there anyone in
your band that's the same way,
that you have no idea what there
on about?
Oh no. No, we all know where
we're coming from, we're all ordinary people. Morrissey - I don't
know about him...
Do you have trouble understanding Morrissey'
Ifs not Morrissey that I dojj
demand, its
»l,v wc-rsic:
^tar?***. -*t-mt$s walk-tag
with $8uti»-^i»tU on they wait
,n sine t«. ttte-w »•-*       -.   -
sawn, and you go into
their houses 3t«} their bedrooms
ore  plastered  ia -pictures   of
Morrissey and die Smiths ami al.
thai, ami rt*« like. 'Ugh.'He's e'i
like one eveltTOW doeSll't he?
Do you have any 1■ >ur Stori**?
Anything nutty happen wh«D,
you were on tour? Anything
wacky, crazy, silly one would '
Oooh, my short term recall isn't
what it should be.
Oh uh. no...just being the way I
am. We played Winnipeg - this
probably really doesn't count as a
slory - but we were booked two
nights at the Junkyard, they put us
in on a Monday and Tuesday. The
Tuesday we were supposed to
open for Annette Ducharme, but
the first night, we're talking to the
sound man and he goes Don't
expect anyone to show up because
this club is not a hangout and. no
offense, but nobody knows who
the hell you are here.'
A warm greeting to the
VVinterpeg town.
Yeah. So like three people showed
up. we literally played to three
people. Then the next night, we're
opening up for Annette Ducharme,
we're figuring, 'OK, Annette has
a video on MuchMusic some people will come down', and like
twelve people showed up. And this
is like a 1000 person capacity
club, so it was about the size of
the Commodore and twelve people showed up.
What is the least you've ever
been paid for a show?
Well, we did a benefit show at the
earlier part of the year to support
the launch of the Dare to Be Aware
CD which supports battered
womens' shelters in BC, so obviously we didn't get paid for that.
But when we played Nanaimo -j|
5 opening up for
couple of weeks ago - and 1
says 'I'm from Malaspj
lege, do you
one Wednesday
ally pay youL
guys can
deal with the
B"we did the show
e get there and they
1, well, only two of you can
1 jump for free, but we can let the
rest of you jump for half price.'
Did you jump naked?
No, it was too cold. I'm a wimp.
Did you jump? Was it scary?
Yeah. I did jump. You've got that
split second when you're just free
I falling before the bungy cord actu-
||yiy starts catching and it's like, the
first iluna lhat runs through your
misd ti    Oh. I've made a big 1111s-
As the blood from your toes runs
ri$r»t through your mind...
Yeah, that's why I happens when
von get to the end of the bungy
eord. ami theft you come hack up
and it's Hke your 'face is gonna ex
plode ■ i ause of all the blood dial's
pumped into it, tW<t then your ankles start lntttiOg::*<»USeyou hanging upside down for like live nun
Did inn loss \ our cookies?
No I fell hken though. I foolishly
had a sandwich abOUt 3 half hom
before 1 lumped
So what are your Canadian favourite bands?
Right now 1, would probably be
Sloan. On our second tour aftci
Twice Removed came out that was
on the tape deck in the car the
whole lime   1 kind of like hHead
and Eric's Trip I like. A
good Vancouver
played a couple 1
local band called PJ
very dreamy, •
then, obviously,
was really fun gi
on tour with
ing they're
they're really;
really great guy*.
last question; Y-OoHoo is the
oflieal drink of th> Ramones, Dr
Pepper is theoffUiul drink ofthe
Buttboie Surfers. What is the official drink of Daytona'
Okaaagaa Springs Pale Ale. It's
drink than bottled beer,
ed I can't really handle
beer anymore, you know. It
Ida like does in your throat be-
So how do you drink it if it's not
bottled? You drink it just
It comes in bottles, but it doesn't
in screw offs...
Yeah, that's how I got this cut on
my hand, with a beer bottle.
f2   January 1 Some say that winning a contest, especially a battle of the
bands, is about the surest way
to kiss your chances of future
success good-bye. A kiss of
death some would say, and
they've certainly said it about
Shindig, CiTR's own annual
battle of the bands. But is it true,
are   all   contest   winners
through mutual c
combining to make a sound
that's, well, Speedbuggy-esque.
It's difficult to describe a band,
especially a relatively unheard
one, without making reference
to established acts, so forgive
me for saying that Speeduggy
have the distorted gui-
we are." Besides, they figure
they get more people at their
shows now than they did before
The winning tide alone may
not have taken the band far, but
there were still the prizes, including     gigsopening    for
Shonen Knife
# # • •     and Luna and
* free      studio
* time, the latter
• allowing    the
• band to record
, their song"! Am
i     Your   Friend".
While this and
many other
songs are as of yet
still unavailable to
the public, the
band did contrib-
doomed? Treble Charger and
hHead, two past winners of Toronto radio station CFNY's
record-an-album contest, have
both gone on to greater success,
and here in Vancouver recent
Shindig winners Mystery Machine and Brand New Unit (in
1991 and 1992, respectively)
are both still alive and rocking.
So what of it, is the legend true?
Is the Shindig curse a reality?
Determined to confirm or debunk this myth, I tracked down
Speedbuggy. the winner of last
year's contest, to find out what
has happened with the band
since beating out Delve and
Hugo in'93.
Originally called Chester's
Funtime Orchestra (until summer '93), Speedbuggy is comprised of three members with
diverse musical backgrounds:
Simon used to play with, among
other things, a Saskatoon based
punk/industrial outfit called Attack is Psychological (along
with Tim Murphy of the Sister
Lovers); Olga, who plays bass,
performed in a band called Fungus Morlay that would play at
places like the old Lunatic
Fringe; and Chris,
Speedbuggy's drummer, had
previously only played in a
basement band called MC
Escher and the Fresh Prince
The three of them came together
tars and melodies of Sugar and
the grooves of Superchunk (but
with a propensity for playing
slower songs). Still, there's
enough originality to make
Speedbuggy distinctive with
just a tad of familiarity - attributes that should make them
mighty appealing to 'college
rock' listeners.
As Chester's Funtime Orchestra, the trio sent out tapes
to record companies and various others, but no one cared. As
1993 Shindig champions
Speedbuggy they sent out tapes
as well: still no one cared. "The
only attention we got was at
Music West," said Simon
Hussey, lead singer and guitar
player. "It was kind of an accident. I don't think [the BMG
rep] came to see us, I think she
came to see Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and missed them,
so she talked to us instead."
There was also a call from East/
West Records, but nothing came
of it.
While Simon. Olga and
Chris are the first to admit that
they haven't exactly rocketed to
stardom in the twelve months
since their victory, even in the
confines of Vancouver, they
have a much more plausible explanation for this than any alleged curse: "We're not unabashed self-promoters, and subsequently, no-one knows who
pilation tape of
Christmas songs
put together by
Mark Kleiner (of
i     Sister Lovers fame)
• and plan to release a
• seven inch single in
February, possibly on
• Kleiner's Horrifying
• Circus Music label.
• And as well, Simon's
m    old Saskatoon friend
• Tim Murphy has of-
• fered to record a few
songs for possible future release.
This past summer, the
Speedbuggy world tour took
place. That's right, they traveled
as far away as Nelson, in the interior of BC, for a one day tour.
A curious place to play, I
thought, never having been
there but imagining it to be
some town where everyone either logs or plays hockey. Not
exactly a hotbed of musical fanaticism, I figured, but I was
wrong. Simon explains: "We
went up there with (Vancouver's] The Many and we had a
riot. It was actually kind of alien, like going to a different
planet - it was an all ages show,
which was in and of itself a
weird experience because there
were all these little kids bouncing around, slam dancing to our
slowest songs. The show was
only part of it. The fans were
amazing because they love you
and they don't care how you
play because they don't get any
bands up there so they're happy
when anyone comes; it's not
like here. I'd probably recommend to any band to [play] out
of town - it gives a whole new
Chris agrees, adding,
"They're starved for entertainment - you tune your guitars and
they start moshing." The experience was obviously a good one
for the band.
The allure of Nelson not
withstanding, Vancouver is still
home for the band. "I think Vancouver's a good place to be because it is a rich musical community, even if you play a show
at the Town Pump and maybe
only 20 people show
up...Maybe there really isn't an
audience out there, but there
certainly are a lot of musicians
and a lot of good unrecognized
bands and good people in the
music community, and I think
the scene is rich in that regard.
It might not be the best place for
a band to get recognized but it
is a good place for a band to
Content with Vancouver for
the time being, the members of
Speedbuggy have no desire to
move to a larger city in the hope
of gaining more attention. As
Simon explains, "I'm not that
much of a keener, I don't really
care. Not to say I don't care
about playing music - that's all
I care about doing, writing new
songs, and playing the odd show
- but I don't want to uproot my
and ii
.  Ton.
you know, dance naked in night
clubs to pay the rent...unless we
were signed and offered lots of
money. I don't feel that's necessary. You'd have to be a psychopathic keener-wanna-be-
signed-tomorrow kinda guy to
do it, the type that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on
gear and phones every Tuesday
to see if someone got the tape.
I'm not that kind of guy."
True enough, a band doesn't
need to go to the big centers to
get signed to a respectably sized
label. Just look at the bands
based out of Halifax, Seattle or
Chapel Hill, NC. But then there
is Speedbuggy's relaxed attitude
to consider. As Simon summarized. "I think it's analogous to
the goal of painting my apartment. I'm living in my apartment, I really want to paint the
wall some day, but I don't know
when I'll get around to doing
it.it's something that's there,
■ould 1
»  gel
signed, just like it would be nice
to get my apartment painted. I
think our songs are okay. We're
not that bad of a band, I suppose.
We'd like to and it would be really nice to have it happen, but
it takes a certain kinda guy to
get signed - you have to have a
lot of extra energy, and I don't
know if I'm that kind of person.
We've tried to get it together a
million times and right now
we're trying to find someone to
do that for us - we'd just rather
rehearse and play shows and
hope that maybe someone will
see us and that'll be it-
Sure, they haven't been
signed or garnered much attention, but the band has gone further than most bands dare dream
- hey, there's only been a dozen
Shindig winners in the history
of the world! - and are no worse
off for their seasoning. Do they
have any suggestions for future
Shindig hopefuls? "Have a
sense of humour. When we entered, we were just hoping to get
a show at the Railway Club. We
got on, and we were happy, we
weren't concerned about winning, and you gotta go into it
like that. Don't take anything
personally, just have fun. It's a
weird contest that compares apples to oranges and bananas to
kiwi fruit. It's just strange, but
it is kind of exciting. You gotta
look at the positive sides: you
get to see and meet all these
other bands and you do get
some positive feedback, some
stuff that might help you develop yourself. It's a positive
experience all round, although
I wish there was some way you
could remove the competitive
element. It's not [about] that, so
have a sense of humour, take it
with a grain of salt and enjoy
Are you an outgoing, spontaneous
man or woman over the age of 19
with a never-say-die attitude and a
good sense of humour?
We are a non-profit society that
helps young offenders and children
aged 8 to 12 who are at risk of getting
into trouble.
If you have about three hours per
week available for at least the next
six months we'd really like to hear
from you. We believe that one-to-one
interaction with a well-adjusted adult
can improve the behaviour of a
troubled child.
Interested? Please call us today.
f3 u^^sm^ ^tecent^^s^cntacua^en^tSac^canentoy (?L& and 3Ttoci& lac/up enotujhtacatx^ a s^^
ivent tfu*ough a num/ter afincaj*nationsy 6<fo/*& afwiointy at et&Jfo*e&ent laie-ufr gf*&ugj&*iOas&i&t Sffefti (tn& only r*entairun%Jr>u
uear&ciaaj, anddtHtnutuu^ 'Wenaty(jforme^tf u/it/vth& U.KT.KJ%ot^.^flef^tA&sAourt/ie<ttwi^
iade the masks myself with cast material and
Discorder: What is
the origin of
w. The Cousins
lives of Sabrinna the
witch from the
1 just like the name.
What is your favour
te spot that yo
elled to?
I like Seattle a lot. We
have great sho
everyone's real nice.
It's funny 'cau
we're in LA. and we
would go outi
appreciate everywhei
e wed play   ea
aicii 1 spoiled Irom a
1 Ihe bands am
Ihetl when we'll play
)U( Ol town we
ilc we're into
we've got a greal s
cue here in S
There's at least six o
eight great b*
like lo play with, like
Moist, the X-te
Trouble Make-is The
c's surf, punk,
everyone goes to the
shows lo sec cv
play and people arc c
>ol and there's
What releases do v<>
i have out?
We just put out our fu
si CD ourselves
Gteen Door to put that out. Wc want to do a
whole other album next year, 'cause there was
along time between that and our other album. Appetite for Adivnachrome, which I put out with a
buddy of mine in LA. And then there's six other
s. One of them i:
vith the song "Li
n only, on Gift of
ration". A couple
s the show in Vancouver earlier this
,'c had inn. It was pretty
inadian dollars and we
ave you done a
vould like to do
>rth of junk food.
e played there and I'v
been past Vancouver.
What did you dress up for on Hal
()n I lalloween the three of us went as
and Barrel from the Nightmare Befoi
When do you think your life will end and where
do you want to be buried?
When you're young you don't think your going
to live very long, but now [I think] I'll probably
live until I'm old. I just want to play until I'm old,
like Chuck Berry or Muddy Waters, 'till I die. And
be buried maybe in the mountains or the ocean.
My grandparents have a plot in the mountains and
it seems like a pretty peaceful place to be when
you're dead.
What's the spookiest thing to ever happen to
On Halloween alter we played in L.A. we came
back and went to Old Ironsides and were going to
hunt lor ghosts 'cause supposedly Old ironsides
is haunted; they have three ghosts there. We got
back at three in the morning and someone was
saying that there's a ghost of an old man who
wants people to stay and drink with him. I don't
remember what the second ghost is but the third
one is a pregnant woman in her twenties who can
only be seen in the mirrors behind the bar. One of
the bartenders claims to have seen her and has
since moved away.
What is the most disgusting thing to
I was at a show the other day. and there was a guy
with such bad BO that I almost puked. That was
pretty disgusting.
Would you refer to yourself as a rebel?
1 don't think I'm a trouble maker or a rebel
anymore. 1 might have been at one time but after
you've been around for awhile you just kinda
adapt and survive and you start to get along with
people. It's like. I'm thirty and I'm not dead so
it's tune to get along with people and try to figure
out how to survive life rather than fuck with peo-
v did v
l feel aboi
the Jello Biafra
It's lucked that that kind of shit happens.
Does that punker-than-thou attitude leak down
Sometimes wc get drunk people trying to start
fights for no reason, and that's bullshit. I guess as
long as there's punk rock there's drunk people getting out of hand. But that happens in bars and clubs
all the time With the Jello thing, 1 mean. I've liked
the Dead Kennedys forever. I think that Jello is
people to
he gets y
really jus
Yeah, we
good boti
playing it
about a I:
there bee;
and that
Beatles a
He callec
hut I c
when a
rf(t&i a, leu ttuut, twUeeiUe, defwtittne
f/um THAntwd'b %>ite, tinavil'quitwr
iat @eeil SuMJudl UrrfiecL up with cm
<Ud friend (nam @64ttondi* lUbwtr
titty named, foidan, fo neemd a, fav
toUMp an tut, fpwtMu/t. 0*UainaUty
planning fo yy dak ("ty wu
cpHtta fa, my (Juliana
placet, I'd
UM& UlUtt, 4,
urflUe, CuHth 6$
dc^&unt pea-
pie."), focit
telented cv&en
it teecune <tp
paunt 6<x«l
unit   ike,
a,    n    eC
oat atony, l/t&idif (fat cute 6a%n.
ItxitiHfy wi (taetmed nation, my
<t*4 11frdm 1/aneawei) cttat-
Pieal) and found tut
urftOt It&tdtf (fat iA
alt     aiaut.
Tfliot a concept1.  %m
tail tiue in
6*vuH<yiiif, -
Cut    Kit
until tfou
Where did the name Nerdy
Girl come from?
I have this song, called "Nerdy
Girl", that's about Star Wars,
and, at first, we were just gonna
be Cecil Seaskull, but then we
decided we were gonna be a
band. We were in the car one
day and I was thinking, 'Should
it be Cecil Seaskull or Nerdy
Girl?" But liking Star Wars and
going to science fiction conventions is kinda like a geeky thing
to do, so wc decided that we
would be Nerdy Girl.
Was it a conscious decision to
make your band a duo and not
to add drums?
Well, there are certain songs that
I think could be completed with
drums and bass, so we've kind
of talked about working with a
bassist and a drummer in the
studio. But we wouldn't support
it right yet with a full band. I
had such a bad experience with
my last band that I'm not really
ready to jump in to a new band
mentality. And I think it's interesting because it focuses a lot
more on the songwriting, on the
melodies, lyrics, and voice. If 1
mess up, you can tell.
Why did you decide to release
your cassette on your own label?
I wanted to release something;
I had these six new songs and
we'd been four-tracking them,
and I thought I might as well do
something on my own now. I've
got this production company for
my film called Muskrat, and it's
already registered, sol thought,
well, I'll just release it on Musk-
rat, and that'll be it.
Where did the name come?
i* this pcrfu
White Musk from the Body
Shop and I had this lover who
called me his little white musk-
rat. I was so in love with him
and he was not in love with me
at all, but for a long time I was
pining lor him. Then when it
came time to name my production company I named it Musk-
rat. Not because I was still in
love with him but because I really enjoyed the name. When
ever people ask, 'What kind of
animal is Cecil like?'. everyone
says a rat!
Coming from my perspective
of a campus radio DJ, I was
wondering how you feel about
indie artists who jump over to
the major labels. Would you
consider being on a major?
I think that if you're doing
something, and it's with all your
heart, you get to a certain point
* where you're restricted by lack
-of money and lack ol' support,
and you need grants and money.
Hopefully what happens when
you move on, if you do get the
chance lo move on to a larger
monetary kind of place, is that
you still get to create. One ofthe
problems that I have now is that
I have to sell my books so that I
can make photocopies of. like,
my bio. That's a real drag. I
guess what one of the most important things is is to do it, just
do it yourself. Then, hopefully,
if people like it and are sincere
about liking it, you can alleviate the financial pressure on
yourself and at the same time unhcomha, the &/*ovtH&&koalie&. downed' a6aat/iae^eca^aaa> tfi&uand
ndings mem&er^^aitajHst 0toacA feoAa/oinedthe band - he^fir&t - tni*ee
*iome> toAe^& £TcAatted unth ffroaute nioat/iAiece ffleAl.
ig catalyst, that he inspires
think. Even if you don't agree with him,
on thinking. But I wasn't there so it's
t gossip. It's too out of hand, really.
1 ever played Gilman?
played there a couple times and it was
1 tunes. I .ast time wc played. NOFX were
1 Berkeley Square So it ended up being
lundred people and most of them were
ause they got turned away from Berkeley
1 heard that Micheal Stipe said in an
v that the Beatles were elevator music
he hadn't even ever heard a whole
Ibimi. Would you consider the Beatles
I Jim Morrison a thud rate poet. I'm re
ge Stones fan. I don't think the Beatles
tor music. It's like Betty and Veronica.
m. Beatles or Stones. I'd probably go
ally like
t all the
lent business' around il
i Day affected
How has the success of Gn
your band?
I know a lot of people that don't like them for
getting big. If anything, they'll just be a door
opener for a hundred more punk bands...which
will get signed because punk and Green Day are
hot. Probably five will survive "cause they're
good. It's a beautiful thing, you know - Rancid
on the radio. I have no complaint about that - it's
better than Fleetwood Mac.
How do you feel about 8-Tracks?
Kurt bought Nardwuar's 8-Track and gave it to
us and we just scored an 8-Track player at the
swapmeet for like five bucks. It works and we
put it in the van - it's a portable, seventies-orange, JC Penny 8-Track. Wc have Elvis, Neil
Young and Neil Diamond.
th REM. I used to not like them at al
appreciate what they do. Sometime
id's so big you just want to wait awhili
them out for yourself and see if yot
What would
Play quality i
* the philosophy ofthe band?
ne. And my ultim
it stops being fun, stop doing it.
Do you think you have had your fifteen min-
I don't think so. I hope not. Right
for us are real good, but we've had so many
lineup changes that the Groovie Ghoulies as
a band has never had like two or three years
to just get moving. It's always been get
here, lose someone, get here, lose someone. We've sort of gone two steps forward, two steps back kind of a thing,
but it's good now. But fifteen in
is just a flash m the pan really.
One more question I meant
ask was about your cover of
"2000 Man". Is it a cover ofthe
Stones version or the KISS version?
Well that's sort of what the
Ghoulies are. you know. If you
take the Stones and then KISS
and then Ghoulie-fie them..
BAM!! You've got a pretty
good song. It's like a bastardization.
keeping your integrity.
It's a difficult Lssue. It's hard
to balance it out, because you
can be all high and moral, but
then you wanna make a living,
Exactly. To be quite honest,
Lhere is nothing I would rather
do than make music and make
tilms. Last Christmas I had no
money and had to work at the
Body Shop, and then I would
come home and be too exhausted to think about anything
else. If you don't have money
then you can't really spend your
time doing creative stuff. When
it comes down to it, I'd like to
have money to free myself up. I
don't like starving; it's not fun
having people tell you they're
cutting your phone off and
you're not gonna have heat or
Your songs seem to have a
kind of Olympia scene/K
Records sound...
I never really thought about it. I
Who do you
with musically?
Well I guess I'd say my music is
in the spirit of Mecca Normal, and
that's K. I don't have any Beat
Happening records, but I could
definitely see some comparisons.
I was never in to alternative music at all, I was listening to
Mozart. It just happened when I
was working with Julie from Bite
- we were both working at this
cooperative vegetarian cafe - and
Julie said. 'Cecil, nobody wants
to jam with me, do you wanna
jam with me?' And I said, 'Okay,
but we have to write a song called
"Ew, I Kissed Hun'"'.
Who did you idolize when you
Harrison Ford.
Because he was Han Solo.
What kind of films do you
I'm making this film now called
Alice in Wonderling. It's a modern interpretation of the story,
it's all about love angst and romantic love. Each scene deals
with a different kind o( romantic love, like unrequited love.
bashed love. Instead of the
Queen of Hearts, its the Queen
of Broken Hearts. The rabbit is
a party girl. It's like a young
woman who's discovering herself and discovering how to love
herself and to be loved and to
love other people. And that it's
okay to be alone.
And what does Gordon do?
He made a short film called
Sculley 's Visit which has played
a few festivals. He's writing
another script now, trying to get
money for that. It's nice to be
able to work with someone who
understands. He loves music
just as much as he loves film,
just like I do.
Does a lot of your stuff in the
movies come into your music?
How do they combine?
Sp "WCt^o* ^o^ko^v a*tcC t7ftcw& *X. CctSicutc
I think that both
arc about love and relationships:
friends, lovers, parents, love of
What do you think of bands
like Idee du Nord who show
films in the background while
they play?
I think that I' 11 have a Nerdy Girl
song in one of my films, but I
don't know about while I'm
playing. I think it's interesting,
though. I've played with Pest
who had all these Super 8 films
playing at the same time. It was
'Hie Empire Strikes Back...
What bands would you like to
play with, that are really cool
in your mind?
I think Jale is great; Sloan, the
whole Halifax slew.
Anything  from   the  West
I know, I'm trying to think. I like
cub a lot, but sometimes I think
they're really great, and sometimes it's like I can't listen to it.
It's kinda weird, I think if I had
a mixed tape and I put one cub
song after each other song I'd
be like, cub are genius! I like
Furnaceface. I don't know. In
ten minutes, I'll be like 'Oh, this
and this and this...'
///toa/tee, haw
just i*eleaseda
fidMeni/t/t (W oa
their own (altel,
&i*een &oo/*i
t77ie/y also Ziaoc a
wench o/\scocn
incites, oat and a
cassette* . (fi/tettte
i/oa can con fact
tfiem at.' &roovie
&/toulie& c/o
///wen 9/)oo/* ftfe-
cordiny (yo., &@
& (,Ki)SiSyt2
Have you ever heard Broken
Girl, which is Julie's (fr<
Eric's Trip) side project?
I know Julie, hut I haven't heard
Broken Girl. It's pretty funny,
there's Nebraska Girl, Broken
Girl, Velocity Girl, Nerdy Girl;
Gordon and 1 were saying we
shouldjust heGirl.
There's a band called Churl I
I don't know. I think the most
interesting thing about being in
music, lor me. is discovering all
these bands as I get to play with
them, because il was something
1 never ever knew. The interesting thing is playing with these
people and then listening to
them, and then you gel to talk
with them, hang out wilh them,
and you're making all these
What is the future of Nerdy
Hmm-.tour, CD. world domination! Dolls! Wouldn't that be
cool'.' With Cordon?
So what colour would your
hair be on the doll?
I think it would have to be a
colour where you have magic
Or air freshener?
When I was in Bite and wc
played in Moncton, wc played
with Eric's Trip, the Monoxides, and Hope. It was an all-
ages show, and there were these
girls who had the most amazing colour hair. And they were
like. 'Oh my god, I love your
band.' and 1 was like. 'Oh my
god, 1 love your hair', and they
were like. 'It's ail-freshener!
Look, we have some1' So me
and a bunch of 14 year old girls
paraded down to the bathroom
and they started scooping this
disgusting looking, toxic, fluorescent pink watermelon air-
Ireshener. and they started plopping it on my head. And then
no one wanted to sit next to me
in the van cuz I had such stinky
watermelon hair. But it was a
great colour.
Don 1 forget to look for Nerdy
Girl's self-tilled cassette (in
three cool covers!). You can
also write them at:
PO Box 42009. Montreal VQ, H2W2T3 i   can read
w ■  ...
by Trish
.Sometimes words are just
words, but sometimes they rip
through me like first breath
They can be a record of inspiration, grid and emotion Sony
if I sound a tad dramatic, but that
is how I am feeling right now
While I collect myself, read this
quote from a great zine called
Fern: "tell me becuz I'm scared
that all my youth is going to
change into the boring greys and
browns oi winter tell me that
this revolution will always be
here, no matter what the season,
that the stars and hearts wc wear
as symbols wont get covered up
by burly jackets tell me all the
power 1 feci that 1 have won't
simply disappear simply becuz
ii bed
ing    the
will be getting
spring will be cl
oscr ll
promise   This nioi
lth's re,
selection follows
Crash #3
(8.5 X 11, 16 page
As a rule. 1 don't
much attention lo imisi
c.  I
know lhat is ironic
I am writing thes
e word
one, but usually it
is borui
g to
read other people's
is of
music. The except
ions to
rule occur when yo
ii find a
with the same tnus
ical lasi
:c as
you. or the writn
ig is re
good. The latter l
s defini
true of Crash, ant
1 as for
former, if you are
into the 01-
ympia/Seattle inus
e or
you want to read a
n inten
with    Ihe    alwa
ys    l'u
Nardwuar. you w
ill like
E. Pike St. #751
Delivered into Garages #2
(8.5 X 11. 48 pages)
f6   January 1995
of this zine is focused on music, but these girls have such an
amiable manner that I even enjoy their record reviews. As an
example of their quirkiness,
what was set up as an interview
with the band Buttercup turns
into a confrontation between the
D.I.G, girls and the boys they
say stole their band's name.
There is also a Star Wars quiz
and two full pages dedicated to
Degrassi. Send one dollar to
Sharon («> 8 Louis Ave., St.
Catherines, ON, I.2M2N5.
Drew #2
(7 X 8 5, 38 pages)
I'his zine is by a couple of boys
who are obsessed with Drew
Banymore In this issue they tell
the hilarious talc of then run in
with Ms. Banymore and line
from Hole The fact lhat this
zinc still exists is thanks to this
little incident, which is quite
ironic considering Ms.
Bairyiiiore's lawyers have just
recently expressed their discomfort wilh this line. Aside from
Fern #«
(5.5 X 11, 32 pages)
The quote in the intro to this column is from this lovely zine that
I picked up at Fall Out Records
in Seattle. Beautiful words and
a breathy writing style bring to
life the author's emotions as she
travels through the US during
one summer vacation. "It's
about the triumphs and tragedies of life, making something
out of nothing, giving the world
your heart and expecting nothing in return, it is about life."
One dollar to: PO Box 576, Normal, IL, 61761.
Piche #1
(8.5 X 11, 14 pages)
This is a new local zine that includes some cool poetry, stories
of being offered acid, and other
personal accounts. Trea really
wants mail, so send her some
stamps or trades and she promises to wrile you back. 2330 A
Clarke St., Port Moody, BC,
V3H 1Y8.
Not Even #5
(8.5 X 11, 32 pages)
N.E. is printed on newspaper.
ITial doesn't mean anything, but
it is the first one this issue that I
can say that about. It also has
very good graphics and layout.
The author takes the content of
her zine as seriously as she does
the layout and discusses homosexuality in ancient Greece,
women's self defense courses,
domestic violence and the
whiteness of hardcore. A very
coherent /.me filled with information and intelligence. No address.
Ralph #22
(6 X 9, 4 pages)
I love Ralph's poetry. It is short.
heart-breaking. Reading this
zine every month has taught me
that there is nothing
casual about the
beatnik lifestyle.
Even if you don't
like his poetry, you
have to be impressed with a man
who hand prints his
zine on a 1950's
Gestener duplicating machine. Send
a stamp to: Box
5 0 5-1288
his fascination with Drew, this
'M\c also dedicates a few pages
o break dancing. Send one dol-
ar for the zine and some extra
or court costs to: 501 Hayes
H8. San Francisco, CA. 94102.
Residential Garbage #1
(5.5    X     11;.32
This zine is written by two
"straight edge girls with attitude" - or at least that is what
they want you to believe. Fortunately, this zine doesn't ex-
truth is, the only attitude I get
from this zine is sweetness. I
like everything in this zine except for the Forrest Gump quote.
Poetry, short stories, weird
dreams, and lots of other stuff.
One stamp to: 624 E. 15th St.,
North Vancouver, BC, V7L 2S2.
Roaring Fork Digest  #2 and
(4.5X5.5, 16 pages)
This minizine reminds me of a
fortune cookie collection that
someone decided to make into
a zine. Each page is full of sentences that don't really seem to
have much to do with each
other. It is kind of freaky, kind
of profound, but definitely unsettling. Stamps to: RR. #3
Prince Albert SK, Canada, S6V
Thoughts From the Blue Room
(8-5X11, 10 pages)
A very interesting zine from
someone who recently moved
here from South Africa. Includes the author's views on the
scene in S.A., advice on quitting smoking and lots of poetry
by various authors. This zine is
political in a subtle way. Send a
stamp or dollar to: 1666 Garden
Ave., North Vancouver BC, V7P
Twenty Foot Eddie
(8.5 X 11. 22 pages)
The creator of this zine wrote
me a very nice letter explaining
how he wanted me to read his
zine, but was afraid I wouldn't
like it. I was sure that he was
just exaggerating, because most
people are self-conscious of
their writing. But I did keep in
mind his warning of it's offen-
siveness. I hate this kind of build
up in a review because it takes
a long time and I get angry at
myself for giving so much space
to things I hate. To keep it brief,
this zine tries really hard to be
offensive and pass it off as a
joke. Well, I'm not laughing. If
anyone really wants to know the
details, I'll send them my copy
(I sure don't want it), but please
don't bother to support these
misogynists. Box 44561, 2405
E. Broadway, Van. BC, V5M
Sarcosis #2
(5.5X8.5, 64 pages)
I'm very impressed with the
quality of zines coming from the
interior of BC these days.
Sarcosis, which means multiple
fleshy tumors, finds it's home
in Nelson. Noah, with the help
of some friends, compiles sixty-
four pages of short stories, light-
hearted rants and music reviews. I'm not sure how much
it is, but send a few bucks to: 3
William St., Nelson. BC, V1L
(8.5 X 11; 28 pages)
Mr. Schreurs, of Terminal City,
moved to Powell River, in case
you didn't know. He occupies
his time by listening to music
and writing this zine. His zine
is music, music, and some intelligent ranting. Jason also
gives you a play by play of what
he calls the late night "sillies"
and what most people know as
the Tired Jollies. The layout is
very nice and it is always good
to see someone approaching
subjects with intelligence. Send
two dollars to: 7110
Westminister Station, Powell
River, BC, V8A 1C6.
Suck # land #2
(5.5X8.5: 8 pages)
I am so glad that these zines
showed up in my mailbox! They
are short and very funny. It is
hard to describe what is inside
and. considering how short they
are, I don't want to quote any
of the great parts because you'd
know the whole thing. If you
like satirical girls just oozing
with wit, send a dollar or stamp
to: 2311 McGill Rd., Kamloops,
BC, V2C 6N2.
You Ride a Horse Rather Less
Well Than Another Horse
Would #2
(7X9, 24 pages)
I really like this zine, but gawd,
I hate writing out that title. The
in which the authors re-
count their day, are funny and
very readable. Their reviews are
fair and the musical quotes are
very interesting. This issue includes your very own copy of
the board game Clue, but the
Reservoir Dogs version. Send a
trade or a stamp to: P.O. Box
44090 6518 East Hastings St.,
Burnaby, BC, V5B 4Y2.
Yum #2
(8.5 X ll,20pages)
This zine takes full advantage
of it's large format and crams a
load of ideas on each page. A
lot of people write to these girls
and they really can't understand
it. "We write about us - our personalities, likes and dislikes. So
it's weird that so many people
like us." When you read Yum, it
is easy to understand why it is
so likable. Everyone appreciates
a writer who is this accurate and
personable. And they are just
darn cute. Send a little money
to: 6303 Beaver Cr., Kamloops,
BC, Canada, V2C4V2.
I hope you find something
good to read and that everyone
continues to send me stuff for
review. See you in the New Year
my friends.
I Can Read
c/o Discorder
#233-6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
Advertising doesn't have to be a pain
in the butt. Your friendly Discorder Ad
Rep remedies your advertising needs
and provides the antidote to protect
your assets.
Call Kevin @ 822-3017 for more info
straight-edge preaching and the Last month I was all over the
LISA with my rock group and
I've collected a fine array of
records 1 plan to share with you.
But first, as always, we must
cover the local releases.
Ottawa transplant Wandering Lucy has finally got her
record out! When I returned
home I was pleased to find
Lucy's 7" in my box, but was a
little insulted when I found the
note attached: "Dear Grant,
Write a good review or just
don't bother." Sony babe, it
ain't that simple. When I review
a record my opinion is what's
printed, negative or positive, no
matter what! (Unless you want
to discuss, say, a "financial"
agreement...). In your case,
Miss Wandering Lucy, your four
songs of hypnotic beat-box surf
have managed to soothe my inner savageness. (For those unfamiliar with Lucy's blunt
charm, she's a one person show
- just her, a guitar and a subtle
little drum machine.) The A-
side of this EP features two
slow, moody instrumentals (ei
led "Hit" and '
Bob") on which Lucy manages
to maintain a great vintage guitar tone throughout. Side B has
two more superb songs:
"Surly", the only number to
showcase Lucy's incredibly soft
voice, and "Bizeum", another
minimal instrumental. Truly an
original beat happening, and a
good use of a drum machine.
(Wandering Lucy, R-2404
Guelph St., Vancouver BC, V5T
For the next local release we
have...a surf band from Surrey?!
Sounding like they're from the
same tame-school as the Falcons and the Surfdusters, Mark
Brodie and the Beaver Patrol
have produced three suit tunes
so immaculately clean you
could eat off 'em. I'm sure all
the Beaver Patrol's moms are all
very proud of this record cuz it
reminds them of the elevator
music Woodward's would play
on the wild Saturday afternoon
shopping sprees of '63. This EP.
cutely titled "To Surf And Protect", would be good music to
play chess to but forget about
surfing - you could doze off and
hit the reef. To be blunt: tune in,
turn up or fuck off. To be objective: fans of straight instro-surf
will probably enjoy., but I like
a little more crud on my cookie,
you know what I mean? (Eager-
Beaver Records, 12160 Boundary Dr. South, Surrey BC, V3X
punk at it's cruddiest and most
honest form. The three songs
("Doin' Me In", "Make You
Mine" and "Pabst Blue Ribbon") will most likely sound
like shit to those unfamiliar with
the UT's other recorded brilliance, but to an old fan like
myself, this record is a gold nugget. (Note: "Doin' Me In" originally appeared on Nardwuar
Records' first release, the Oh
God My Mom 's On Channel
Ten! compilation, where the Untamed Youth performed under
the guise of the Teen Challengers). (Teen-Rage Records, P.O.
Box 304, Hollywood, CA.
90078, USA).
Picking up where the Untamed Youth left off, here comes
another surf band: The Phantom 5ive. from Nashville, Tennessee, the "City Of Music".
The Phantoms fumble the baton
here a bit, performing four fairly
generic insUumentals. All have
a good beat and melody, just
record! Bum's song "Why Go
Out Of Your Way" is another
fantastic chestnut of sonic
power-pop in the steadfast tradition of their past rockalogue.
An excellent tune, as usual. The
female led Fifi and the Mach III
try to keep up with Bum on
"Chu Chu Little Baby", an
overtly tinny and indecipherable
rock song. Sounding like it's
mostly due to an uneven studio
mix , Fifi doesn't do it forme.
Let's play "Why Co Out Of
Your Way" again. And again!
And again! (1+2, Gloria
Hatsuho 601. Nishi-shinjuku.
Tokyo 160 JAPAN).
Besides our Bum, one of the
greatest rock'n'roll bands roll-
bum and a handful of c
gles out there, these roc
mug a
mark brodie
the hottest groups going, llns
new record, "You Better Dig It"
b/w "Come On And Sing", follows in then patented Little
Richard-meets-the Sonics style
and both songs are highlighted
by powerful vocals. 1 found this
copy in Texas, but it's worth
mailing overseas for. (Screaming Apple Records.
Dustemichstr. 14, 50939 Koln.
So much for the good, here's
the bad and the ugly.. San bran
The Clarke Nova are
, but a terrible grunge
■ 7"
' b/w
lal grudge
these sorry fucks. My combo
just played with these jerks in
Albuquerque, New Mexico of
all godforsaken places, and the
Clarke Nova are one of those
holier-than-thou bands that act
like they're al Madison Square
were   perforrr
ing!!!   Don't
laugh!!! It pis
sed me off!!!
(Send dog poo
o 316 Lawton
San  Francisco
, CA, 94122,
Down in Te
Kas, rock'n'roll
gets a little more respect. Ask
anyone from the Lone Star State
who their best bands are and
they will most surely tell you
Sugar Shack and. even more obscure. The Sons of Hercules
from San Antonio. The Sons
play a furious, runaway brand
Stones-meets-the Ramones
style with some Texan attitude
thrown in for a local feel. The
Sons incorporate awesome guitar solos, double-time bass playing, solid, original drumming
■al v
ergy. Fo
her the '
Of Her
rm a grc;
ndlcd cr
.P.O. Box 49737.
Austin. TX. 78765. USA).
Mailed lo me recently from
New York is a new record from
a band called Kittywinder.
rheir songs "Wishing Well" and
v Cat
semi-spokenword female rant
melody, and the song themes
make my skin crawl. To investigate, write "cm. (Zero Hour
Records. 1600 Broadway. Suite
701. New York, NY, 10019.
Viva Knieval. also a heavy-
duty girl band, was Kathleen
Hanna's fust group before the
fabulously famous Bikini Kill
Viva Knieval is a little more
"rock' than the 'Kill, but as Miz
Hanna's liner notes point out.
the message of Viva is in the
lyrics, not the beat. Kathleen
formed tins band as a vent for
her rage towards the violent shit
she was subjected to in her vol-
t the rape relief
The Untamed Youth are the
crud I'm talking about. One of
the greatest surf bands to have
ever graced the genre, they grew
up in the 1980's, 2,000 miles
from the Pacific Ocean in Columbia, Missouri! With three
awesome LPs of pure surf and
hot rod music under their
baggies, the Untamed Youth
sadly decided to pack it in last
year. But last month in
Tuscaloosa, Alabama I was
lucky enough to find this new
7", a re-issue of the band's earliest recordings from a Missouri
radio station! It's the Untamed
Youth cranking out raw garage
nd "Die
sion soundtrack until the next record.
(1035 Edgewood
Dr., Gallatin, TN,
37066, USA).
IS OVER! It's a
'lost' split single
from Bum and Japan's Fifi and the
Mach HI on Japan's 1+2 Records!
This single was apparently supposed to come out
over a year ago, but because of
a missing master tape, production was delayed. Luckily for all
of us rock'n'roll fans the mas-
Gardens when
they're in the woi
south west. And tc
injury they covered c
ter v
s located and here's the   goddamn sticker:
ith    their
vhile we
pretty mu
("Boy Pois
Vermin") but this, if any,
is a pretty wise and productive way to go about
expressing rage. Maybe
more of you angry folks
PI out there should stop
r j damaging yourselves and
"=' others and form a rock
band. (That may sound
snide and sarcastic, but it
ain't meant to be.) (Ultrasound Records, c/o
Cindy Wolfe, 215 10th
Ave. SE #7, Olympia,
WA, 98501, USA).
From the politically
astute to a political nonentity, San Diego's Uncle Joe's
Big OP Driver are back with
two more good-time, hard-
drivin', boogie-woogie American "Championship
Rock'N'Roll" tunes   There's
not much to be said about
U.J.B.O.D. that I didn't just
type, except maybe the word
'drunk', and neither of these two
songs ("Don't Go" and "Cold
Turkey") deviate too much from
the usual Uncle Joe program.
Fun stuff. (Scheming Intelligentsia, 3025 Plaza Blvd., National City. CA, 91950, USA).
Man oh man, there sure is a
hefty wad of instrumental surf
out there! This one by The Vol-
canos has got to be the third or
fourth this month' "Krakatoa"
and "Side-swipe" are two more
'60's surf tunes, a little more
over-driven and live than most,
highlighted with some great,
high-speed guitar pluckin'. This
band moves above the Mark
Brodie elevator surf for one rea-
Forthe finale ofthe nn
the 3-1) Invisibles pump out
-top garage rock'n'roll.
Unfortunately, the 3-D's
quickly become cramped by
sickeningly generic lyrics such
as, "There's a robot monster
from outer space/ Gonna scare
everyone all over the place."
Gimme a break! I hate it when
land gets a great sound and
nth i
:s do that and they're my
! Oh, I
i get
(Volcanos and 3-Ds both c
Neurotic Pop Records. Royal
Oak, MI, 48068, USA).
By the way, welcome to
1995! I Icre's my top ten lists for
the greatest records of 1994:
TOP TEN LOCAL 7"s: 1994
1. BUM - Mrs. Rock And Rol!
3. PLUTO - Deathstar
MACH II -split
b. CUB  - Volcano
6. HORSEY - Go Light
Getting Stronger
8. SPARKMARKER - Scallen
10. UNEVEN STEPS - Cactus
TOP TEN WORLD 7"s: 1994
1. RANCID - Radio Radio
Suzanne Is Getting Married
3. THE FALL-OUTS - Sleep
4. DEVIL DOGS - Radio Beat
6. SEAWEED - Go Your Own
7. JALE - Cut
8. SUBSONICS - The Fly
9 BIKINI KILL- New Radio
Hello, Hello
fp i^&zmz Vane on vjp-f
by.Sean Raggett, andtDa!ei|lwerj
us 1 reiiieinber when, as a tyke, I
would think aboul the I99()'s - the
Future. A Una* when ears would
Hoot like boats without water (see
Luke's landspccder in Star Wins).
humans would live in plastic houses
on the moon (dial was the year Santa
brought me a Junior Science
weather kit) and society would be
ruled by litlle men in silver lame
suits and relro ski-style goggles (to
protect their pasty little bodies from
massive solar radiation). Now we're
hallway there   Hallway to the Fu-
s the
be the calibre of bands emerging
from our twinkling city, a multitude
of amazingly talented musicians
making their mark on the cultural
anomaly that is Vancouver. .
A benefit for Ken 'Dimwit'
Montgomery, the former D.O.A.
drummer who died of a heroin overdose in late September, has been
scheduled al Ihe Commodore Ballroom for December 28lh. "An
evening with(out) Dimwit" will feature acts formerly involved with the
talented musician: The Four Horsemen (from L.A.), a specially reformed Modernettes, Stone Crazy,
the Frank Brink 500. and the Boi-
lom Feeders. Proceeds raised from
Ihe event (including funds from an
auction for a work thai will be cre-
dunng the show) will go lo a memorial park bench for Dimwit, with
any remaining funds going to tlie
Vancouver Food Bank. + Vancouver's favourite interviewer
extraordimiaire Nardwuar the
Human Serviette was recently on
assignment lo interview major label
rockers Skid Row during their re
cent recording sessions at a local
studio But before he even made it
through Ins third question, ihe pasty
cock-rockers assaulted the bewildered interviewer, slamming him
against a wall and slopping him of
several possessions. In tlie vicious
attack, the snakeskin cowboy boot
wearing singer, Seba.slion Bach,
ripped tlie tape out of Nardwuar's
video recorder and stomped it into
little bits (the mangled tape contained interviews with non-poseur
stars like Pierre Trudeau, Sandra
Bernhard and Hole singer Courtney
Love). Not willing lo stop there, the
superstar wankers stripped lum of
Ins favourite toque (a gift from his
mother on Ihe occasion of his birth),
and the reporter was only able lo
ick by the evil corpo-
;   gathe
i Decembei
15 for
lake Back Ihe Toque", a protest
outside the Town Pump, where Skid
Row was scheduled to perform.
Journalists from Toronto's Impact
magazine and MuchMusic were on
hand lo photograph and videotape
die worthwhile cause and D.O.A.'s
Joey Shithead dedicated a song to
the protesters, condemning
Seba.slion Bach's thoughtless and
cruel actions. After learning that
Bach had cowardly snuck in the
back door, chants like "We want the
toque!" and "Toques not cock-
rock!", echoed even stronger
through Ihe Gastown night. After
Skid Row's gui-wrenching performance ("How bow ya. Van-fuckin-
couver? Hey man. was anybody at
Ihe Coliseum when wc played wilh
I'll a I  t
rocked, man."), and still no show for
die toque thief, tlie Province's Tom
Harrison heroically hand delivered
a protest sign to tlie singer, who was
still lulling out backstage. Even Ihe
generous gesture by Mr. Harrison
ported lhat Mr.   cock-rock' Bach
jusl wanted to be left alone. Well,
let's just say Nardwuar is still toque-
less. + Zulu Records (the label) is
busy working on CD reissues of
material by Vancouver legends the
Modernettes, the Pointed Sticks
and the Young Canadians to be released next fall. The CDs will feature previously unreleased tracks
and underground live performances,
as well as some material from previously released recordings (most of
which are considered rare finds anyway). Zulu's Gord Badanic reports
that the main difficulty of compiling songs for the albums is that
"some of the best songs on the master tapes are of the worst quality."
Every effort is being made to select
tracks which will satisfy old fans,
as well as providing new listeners
with a reasonable cross-sectioned
sample of some of Vancouver's Finest punk heritage. + As those of you
with TV will know, MusicWest is
being cut back to one hour a week
on Sundays (What will Terry David
Mulligan do now?), and tlie younger
Mike (from Mike & Mike's Cross
Canada's Adventures) will be hosting a new show called MuchEast
very soon. Ha! MuchMucous is also
rumoured to have recently sent a
roaming videographer from Toronto
Get's hope he's not related to Terry
David Mulligan) to cover live musical events in town as a permanent
Vancouver fixture. A new brightly
coloured Bronco/CFOX-type
MuchMusic truck was recently
spotted cruising the streets of downtown, so look sharp, everyone. +
Bob's Your Uncle lead singer Sook-
Yin Lee is now a permanent resident of Toronto, where she has settled into her new position as a VJ
and host of the daily alternative
show "Tlie Wedge" on the nation's
music station, MuchMusic. Of
course, diis means there won't be
any Bob's Your Uncle performances
in the near future; however, the
group have not broken up. + With
Sook-Yin in TO, the remaining 3/
4's of B.Y.U. (not to be confused
widi punkers B.N.U., Brand New
Unit, who reportedly recorded a full
length for Break Even Point
Records, due summertime) will
keep busy with their project, the
Wingnuts, having just released
dieir own full-length last mondi. +
Tlie Worst's side project, garage
hipsters The Fiends are releasing a
brand spanking new vinyl and CD
version of tlieir new record on Germany's Music Maniac label. Check
out die Woggles, the Pandoras and
Forbidden Dimension on a similar
tip. + Live show of die month goes
to Halifax's sweet pop sensations
Jale. Tlie female quartet soodied a
packed Starfish Room audience
with their melodic vocals, and local stars Speedbuggy sinned during
tlieir much-improved live set. Originally scheduled to open was Sub-
Pop's latest talent, local smootlisters
Zumpano. who unfortuately cancelled as bassist Scream was still
recovering from knee surgery.
Scream is recovering well, and his
oilier project The Tonics (formerly
die Mary Janes) are pleased to report tlieir signing to Nanaimo's
Lance Rock Records (Bum) last
weekend. + Lance Rock Records
signees The Stupes are busy compiling a CD featuring covers of 70's
rock 'n' roll favourites by Canadian
greats such as the K-Tels and the
Pointed Sticks (done by none other
than the Tonics and the Smugglers,
respectively) due sometime soon. +
Speedbuggy have plans to release
a three song 7" record in February.
The band hopes to put the record out
themselves, but drummer Chris says
it could even be on Horrifying Circus Music (home of Sister Lovers).
+ Perfume Tree start new album
sessions this month for a new Zulu
Records release, with an E.P. and
video to follow in tlie spring. Zulu
Gord says this record strays away
from the ambient tones of the band's
last releases, adding that the new
record will sound more "straight
ahead" with lots more percussion.
+ Rock veterans Tankhog packed
it in at their "official" final show at
the Starfish Room last month +
() K. cubsters, get ready for anodier
surge of cubmania: On January 15.
cub release tlieir second cutesy, garage flavoured full-length CD on
Mint Records. Cover art credit goes
to Toronto's Fiona Smyth (Exclaim,
Snipehunt) this time around and
Mint's Bill Baker calls the record
"die most anticipated CD ever." In
the meantime, check out cub's low-
down dirty, swingin' contribution to
Perriscope (the third ultra-chic
Northwest compilation from Olympiad Yoyo Studios), entitled "Raining Red Bob Sled", and rock out at
die New York Theatre on Saturday,
January 28 at the Come Out, Come
Out all-ages record release party. +
Coal are halfway through recording their new record. + Old-
schoolers SNFU recently finished
recording dieir second full-length
release for Epitaph Records. Chi Pig
and tlie boys mixed tlie record with
Dave Ogilvie (Bryan Adams) at
Mushroom Studios and one track
even features guest vocals by ex-
Chroine Dog singer Bif Naked and
Gabby of die Cadillac Tramps! Due
late January/early February. +
SNFU spinoffs tlie Wheat Chiefs
are currently on the road
showcasing their punk rock talent
somewhere in California. After serious interest from Atlantic/Mercury
records, tlie band has delayed die release of tlieir new record - originally
recorded for Cargo Records - while
they wait for passible pickup from
tlie majors. + Vancouver's original
garage rawk favourites Thee Smugglers returned from a successful
North American tour tlus month after performing shows with die likes
of Nine Pound Hammer, the Ne'er
Do Wells, Man or Astroman? and
die Ripoffs. Exciting tour facts: 1)
On a stop in Tuncawumpa, Alabama, die Smugglers recorded a single on the Homo Hablis label, home
of Man or Astroman?; 2) Tlie boys
met Candy Delmar of tlie Cramps;
and 3) Bassist Beez was offered a
seasonal lick of the ol' candy cane
by friendly locals in the badiroom
of a Las Vegas casino. (He pohtely
declined.) God bless America. +
Loudcore sensations Facepuller are
busy putting the finishing touches
on a new 7" to be called Anatomy of
Noise and to be released in January
on Cargo subsidiary Bang-On
records. Tlie two songs, Bored Willi
Beauty" and "Reduction Box" will
this baby is gonna melt your ears.
Keep your eyes peeled for a
Facepuller full-length due in the
spring. For more information on
Facepuller, or any Bang-On artist
(redsugar, Sludge, The Many, Rattled Roosters), hackers can e-mail
info@bangon.com. + Also on a
snowboarding tip (and in keeping
with this month's header), the grand
opening of Grouse Mountain's new
snowboard park, featuring local
rockers Agent R.C.M.P., thee
Evaporators and The Insipids was
sadly posponed due to rain. The
opening has been rescheduled for
December 22. Think snow. + Bang-
On recording artists The Many are
planning a tour with Cross-Canada
tour in April. + Daytona recently
returned from a cross-Canada tour
with 54-40 and just finished shooting a video for "Like Heaven"
which will be released in early
spring. + Local "out of nowhere"
power-punk rawkers Gob are releasing a 7" record on Positive
Records in January, with a full-
length to follow in the spring + Gus
are recording tlieir new full-length
release. + Chad from M-Blanket
is proud to release issue #2 (the
wheelbarrow issue) of his
Cometbus-slylt fanzine Red Pop
Revenge. The second issue features
an M-Blanket tour diary (P.O. Box
5504, Unit B, Victoria BC, V8R
6S4). + Underground all-ages kings
Sparkmarker will be performing
a limited number of dates in Vancouver next month. With the loss of
tiieir former singer Ryan, Kim will
be taking over vocal duties (and guitar), Jordan (formerly of Seismic)
will be joining on guitar, and original members Rob and Jason will be
on drums and bass, respectively.
Because Sparkmarker's recent full-
lengdi release (Products and Accessories) was recorded last year before die change, the majority of set
Vlll   c
it of e
i   be   I
nowboarding videos produced by
idventure Scope. Sources say that
Urely unreleased material. If dieir
last show (at Crosstown Traffic with
Strain on December 10) was any indication, the new line-up has only
intensified Sparkmarker's already
captivating live performance. Tlie
last of tliree recent Sparkmarker 7"
releases, Gerberick will be released
in spring on Final Notice Records.
+ Finally, extra-special Christmas
cheer to Aging Youth Gang, (ex-
members of Curious George) who
recorded a holiday original ("X-mas
is Coming") specifically for the fine
people at CiTR. The cassette even
included a jolly note from guitarist
Sandy Beach signed "Merry Fucking Christmas." Hey, thanks. SR
Various Artists
Horrifying Christinas Music
Featuring Christmas tracks from
Speedbuggy ("New Toy"), Sister
Lovers, Thee Goblins (playing a
somewhat non-traditjonal version of
"Joy to tlie World" widi Nardwuar
on organ), and die Joy Puffs and Les
Faeries (members of Sister Lovers
doing "X-mas in Guyville") and
packaged with 12 Christmas cards
& envelopes, ribbons, bow, and
candy cane, this compilation is must
have for your Christmas musical
pleasure. Curl up by die fire and
share some joy with the ones you
love. A wonderful stocking stuff er.
(Horrifying Circus Music P.O. Box
78069-2606 Commercial Drive,
Vancouver B.C., V5N 5W1). SkyUr
Self-titled CD
Make way for a new, heavier sound
on the local scene. Gruelling guitars verging on a sharp power metal
edge. With former members of
bands hke Beyond Possession, the
Wongs, Chrome Dog and Naked
Lunch, could this CD be anything
less than fine? (P.O. Box 2534, Vancouver B.C.. V6B 3W8). Skyler
Thurston and 1000 Stamps
Ho! A Christmas Duet
Just in time for the Yuletide season
comes this PC-aware carol. Proceeds from the sale of Ho! are go
ing lo The Kettle Friendship Society, a non-profit organization working to support die community-based
living of people with mental heath
disabilities (contact 251-2801). Buy
me, won't you? (Gnnchworm Productions; 24-2830 Hemlock, Vancouver BC, V6H 2V9). SkyUr
First off, there should be some mention of the additional information
I've received since last issue's press
time. It seems that there are tides to
the songs on Chris Houston's new
tape ("Eat Your Hair" or "Exotic
Dancer Problem", I can't tell which)
but they're pretty close to what
you'd figure from listening to the
lyrics. And I was actually right
about the presence of the great Alex
Varty on guitar; looking at the credits I now see he's joined by other
evil twangers Colin Cripps, Jack de
Keyser (from the Bopcats), and
Chris hisself. 'Nuff said.
Happy Man, with Graeme Brown
(ex-Jr. Gone Wild, Brilliant Orange)
and Jay Holmenchuk (French Letters) are back with a strong, radio-
friendly single called "Tripped On
Our Tongues". With Uieir polished
vocals and hoky songwriting, this
is the kind of band that would be
more comfortable in the major label arena. I wish them luck in Xmas-
shopping this tape around the corporate sharkpool.
Ben Millerd, Dale Butterfield, and
Ezra Cannon joined forces last year
in their home town of Nelson to
record "Arrow Song", a catchy-in-
a-melancholy-way acoustic deal
that received moderate airplay on
CiTR. Now, with the addition of a
bass player, they have become Cellar of the Sun and are flogging an
(nearly) hour long seven song tape
entitled Eleutheromanism. While
die singing doesn't quite cut it at
times, there is enough heaviosity
here to drown out those vocal shortcomings. The tracks are epic-length
dirges which are at their best when
diere's plenty of fancy guitar interplay and sudden, dynamic changes.
Those years holed up in a bedroom
in the Kootenays can sure pay off!
Vancouver's own King Clancy
is also a player's band, though with
a slightly softer touch and more intricate production than their Nelson
counterparts. One song, "Cows Kill
Salmon", features background vocals by Jim Newton of the newly
fS   January 1995 reformed Sons of Freedom (and the
long lost Mia). However, 1 found the
drums to be the most impressive element in this song, adding a
tribalesque ambience that belies the
modern primitive Dadaism evidenced on the cassette cover. Shit,
did I just say that?
Finally, there's one more tape I
want to bring up, if only because it's
unlike anything I've heard in quite
a while. We're talking the Big City
Orchestra here, with a six-track
noise collection entided Quirks in
Law. (While not exactly Vancouver
product, it fits loosely into this column due to the contributions of one
Jupiter G-X Larsen, the Christ-like
figurehead (as Christ-like as one can
be with a bald head, untrimmed
beard and an eye-patch) of longtime
Vancouver noise-parody/terrorist
art-punk-pop ensemble The Haters.)
The tracks, tending to fall in the 8 -
10 minute range and wielding such
titles and "Bluff as Bull Beef,
"Ruffian Scalded the Devil", and
"Field Lane Duck", are trance-inducing drones so peaceful Lamonte
Young would turn green widi envy.
Nonetheless, they still possess an
adventurous edge that separates this
from other types of ambient music,
especially that new age shite that's
churned out to accompany one's
magma-sipping after a good bout of
Yogic flying. I mean really separates. The closest thing I've heard
recendy that I could compare it to
is the TA.G.C. Meontological Research Recordings CD. put out a
few years ago by the Anti-Group
(Quirks in Law itself is a least a couple years old) but with a more clinical laboratory-esque approach than
the B.C.O. are privy to. Some ofthe
tape effects used by B.C.O. resemble the sounds made by unidentifiable animals in a cave or at nighttime in some heavily vegetated field
with no humans around for hundreds of miles. At least diat's what
I get out of it. DS
Wednesday, December 28: Flush
fanzine lOtli issue anniversary w/
Ten Days Late, M-Blanket & guests
at Soudiwall.
Wednesday,       January      4:
Sparkmarker, Submission Hold
(formerly Insult to Injury), Area 51
(from Seattle - featuring members
of Appleseed) and guests at
Crosstown Traffic.
Wednesday, January 18: The
Smugglers w/Lookout! recording
sensations The Potatomen and special guests at Crosstown Traffic.
Friday, January 20: dbs. Strain and
Dayglo Abortions at the New Yok
Saturday, January 28: Record release party (Come Out, Come Out)
for Mint Recording artists cub w/
Sparkmarker and Gob at the New
York Theatre.
For up to date information on underground events, call the Punx line
at 684-PUNX.
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Yen for Noise CD
Aseries pfcollaborations between
Nimrod s lev Asher and Japanese
stars like Menbow, Masonna, UK.
Null, Mayuko Hino, and Yamamoto
brave and tasty.
Closed December 25 & January I
Woff  "
Guns and Wankers, New Bomb
Turks, Huggy Bear, U.S.
Saucer...more tba
NEW PHONE NUMBER! 687-6355   1
'ipSo trie' Chidir ChiMO SdvS.
P^.»e.ut,«"*e,'utt*\      •**■
r       b«-OKd*ewolbom
«ome out, come oot»»
ts her* on sohdoy
and bopped along to music.
Starfish Room
Next up was Underwater
Friday, December 16
Sunshine with some more
Oh my. whal ;i scandal! For a
power-pop. albeit a less ag
moment there ii looked as
gressive variety than that of
though Grant Lawrence, our
The Papillomas. I don't know
stylish and witty host for the
about these guys, the audi
evening, was going to have to
ence seemed to like them a
light his vv;iy out of the Star
lot but I found their songs to
fish Room   And all because
be  rather  limp and  lifeless
of those pesky kitty-core sen
and there overall sound to be
sations Meow...
a bit generic. They weren't
Bul I'm getting ahead of
bad, they were just dull.
myself here   The evening
Meow, on the other hand.
started out with the melodic
wen bad   Really bad. I had
power-pop          Of         The
seen them once before m the
Papillomas, a spunky three
preliminaries and at the time
some from Nanaimo with a
I thought they were entertain
bunch of catchy tunes and a
ing enough to forgive their
lead   singer   who   docs   a
musical  incompetence, but
wicked  'belly dance' across
on   this   night   1   was   not
the stage. Il took a while for
amused. Not only were they
the audience lo warm up to
out ol tunc and out of synch.
them, but, largely thanks to
which  1 expected, but they
the pioneering kung-fu dance
had none of the charm  thai
moves of one young scenster,
made them tolerable the first
a fair sized crowd eventually
time round. Listening to their
formed in front of the stage
clamorous cacophony  was
just plain painful, and
watching the undersexed
nineteen year-old boys
dance and drool at their feet
was just plain embarrassing.
the audience had their faces
screwed into a grimace and
their fingers in their ears, but
Meow still won! Are fur bikinis really that influential?
Has the lo-fi craze finally
brought us to this sorry state
of affairs? Were the other
judges getting more free
beer than me? I don't know,
but I sure as hell got out of
the Starfish Room before the
crowd got ugly and stared
hunting down those responsible for this travesty of
musical justice. It was, to
»ung woman sitting beside
i, a cat-astrophe
Dylan Griffith
Commodore Ballroom
Thursday. December 15
Legend had it that Sugar gigs
were places where ears went
to die, so I did something I
rarely do before going to this
show: I brought earplugs.
Bleeding eardrums. .
Openers Magnapop
played a loud, bass heavy set
that did nothing to ease my
concern for my hearing. They
didn't exactly 'wow' me with
their songs, which could fit
into a genre suggested by
their name - think Veruca Salt
with a little more of the cal-
i   (he;
i that
- but
they certainly intrigued me
enough to want to listen to
then recorded works. Bob
Mould even graced the stage
earlier than expected as he
came   out   to   play   with
Magnapop on then* last song.
After a thirty minute
break. Sugar meandered onstage and earplugs were readied all around the Commodore. But as it turned out,
they weren't necessary. The
band was loud, but not outrageously so. In fact, it
seemed like they were quieter
than Magnapop, and far
clearer in then* mix (which
to remove my noise
Boh Mould may very well
who c
out the tunes with effortless
ease, and many of Sugar's
songs do have an almost formulaic sound, but they're just
so damn catchy and pleasing
to listen to! Three releases
into their existence. Sugar
has become a staple on my
CD player. Live. Sugar spews
out so much energy (and
sometimes ferocity) in their
overall performance that the
song writing that is otherwise
so appealing almost falls into
the background. Even songs
that don't stand out on the
CD took on a whole new life,
particularly "Your Favourite
Things", which was improved upon incredibly. Keyboards, which are an integral
part in many of Sugar's recorded songs, were nowhere
to be found in their live set
and there were also some
melodies that differed from
those originally recorded. I
was left with the impression
that Bob Mould's voice is unable to reproduce much of the
range (three or four octaves,
if that) displayed on CD, and
so he worked within a more
uniform vocal area. Hey, it
still sounded great, so who's
to complain?
The evening was completed seventy minutes after
Sugar began, but not without
an encore that included
something I haven't seen
since my (regrettable) days
of arena concert-going. The
singer and guitar player from
Magnapop joined the head-
liners on stage and the whole
ensemble was soon playing a
cover of the Kinks "You Really Got Me." A curious
choice, I thought, but the
bands played it well and had
fun and the audience was into
it. It may have been a bit
cliche, but if Bob Mould is
responsible for making Sugar
as good as it is, he can do
anything else he damn well
Brian Wieser
Town Pump
Friday, December 9
I like these guys and I would
love to say tons of good
things about them. The problem is, they seem to attract an
audience of strong-boned
kids born and bred in the suburbs and bearing slightly
vacuous facial expressions.
Oh Vancouver! If you could
20  January 1995 have seen that excuse for a
mosh pit. full of Melrose addicts with Volvo keys jangling in their pockets with
every half-hearted lurch...
As for the show itself,
there was some wicked slide
guitar and plenty of good harmonies, but I wanted another
voice to make a richer, three-
part vocal. Maybe it's just me
pining for the old Grapes, but
can't they get one of those
new guitar guys to sing?
There were the obligatory
skewed-pop-culture references, including an encore of
an old ELO number (don't
ask me which one) and a truly
boring rendition of "Santa
Claus Is Coming to Town" to
end the show. Yawn. (There
was also a ten minute break
at one point during which
Tom Hooper gave a monologue about how he once got
stoned with Steve Fonyo in
the back of Fonyo's convertible K-car in Rutland. Then,
mercifully, he woke up the
other band members and they
all jumped back into the music.) To the band's credit
though, there were a few
solid packages of pop heaven
(including "Earth Revolves
Around You"), and some of
them weren't even Grapes of
Wrath tunes.
Keith Orpen
RCKNDY, Seattle
Friday, December something
Five o'clock on a Friday afternoon and I'm having camp
flashbacks: Once again I am
on a bus with forty or so other
kids, heading off for a great
time without our parents. Except this time we all have
leather jackets, tattoos and
beer. Well, we don't actually
have any beer yet, 'cause we
haven't reached the border.
That's right kids, I was on
my way to camp DDT on the
highway to Hell. Or Seattle,
whichever came first. For a
mere $25, my fellow campers (including DDT themselves, friends, fans, media
types, industry types, the
lovely and charming Bif Naked, and the lovely and
charming bus driver Al) and
I were off to America to drink
beer and listen to some good
ol' Canadian rock 'n' roll.
Our first stop was, as always, the border, where we
waited for half an hour or so
while Immigration officials
poked and prodded DDT with
sharp sticks. Dealing with
border henchmen over, we
then descended en masse on
a stunned-looking convenience store to pick up necessary supplies, (ahem) Finally we were really on our
way: the Partridge Family
was on the TV. the CD
player was (almost) blasting
the Mighty Mighty
Bosstones, and we were all
looking about as
illy stereotyped
s possible.
at   the
RCKNDY in Seattle with
plenty of time to spare and
proceeded to/continued to
drink ourselves silly waiting for DDT to start. ("I'm
not hitting on you," said the
guy from the Province, "I
anymore") DDT have
gotten a lot of hype lately,
and while that's usually
pretty irritating, they actually deserve it. Hard core
white boy rap, funk, ska,
and hollering into megaphones is all well and good,
but these guys have style
and a warped sense of humour that put them over the
top. Listen carefully to the
lyrics of "Black-Haired
Crime" or "McDDT" and
crack up. At the RCKNDY,
the band put on their standard high-energy show to a
small crowd that seemed absolutely determined to give
themselves whiplash bouncing  around. Meanwhile,
ngers Co:
tried not to slip on some
questionable liquids on the
stage; an especially difficult
task since at least half of
DDT were two feet up in the
air at any given time. A
great show, as usual.
A bunch of us went to go
catch the Jesus Lizard at
» I i
Silly Rabbit. The Jesus Lizard was great though, despite being in a rather foul
mood. (At one point the
bass playei
:  he
;  doing  and
started fighting with a member of the audience.) Anyway, somehow or other we
made it back to the
RCKNDY and the bus and
piled onboard for the quiet
ride home. (Quiet 'cause a
lot of people were passed
out.) When we finally got
back to Vancouver and staggered off the bus everyone
seemed a bit dazed and
slightly the worse for wear,
but happy none the less. No
mosquitoes, no creepy
counselors and lots of good
music - send your kid to
camp DDT next summer!
Tuesday January 24
PNE Forum
7:30 P.M.
Wd"V^K   liCk6tS available at a" TICKETMASTER outlets
How to Make tlnemies and Irritate People
Before commencing with this
album review, I must comment
on the brilliant title of this album. It could very well be the
motto for anyone who has ever
offered their opinion within Dis-
corder's pages! Like Screeching
Weasel, there's just something
about this rag that seems to piss
everyone off at some time or
another. But at least we're still
here, which is more than I can
say for good of shit-disturbin'
Screeching Weasel. How to
Make Friends and Irritate People is Screeching Weasel's last
album ever. That's right, after a
shit-load of amazing punk rock
records, the Chicago foursome
are finally calling it a done deal.
Due in part to an ever changing
line-up (Green Day bassist
Mike Dirnt plays bass and docs
the great backup vocal harmonies on this record), the mighty
asshole himself, lead vocalist
Mr. Ben Weasel, made the final
decision to end it all.
Thankfully, the band has left
us with this monster swan-song
LP, frothing al the mouth with
twelve rabid songs of energized,
youthful punk bursts. SW's
songs have always been a tour
of bygone pop culture, and the
tradition continues here with
songs like "Planet of the Apes".
•I Wrote HoldenCaulfield" and
HUM   ;
lemme fatale Agent 99 from the
'60's TV sitcom Get Smart. Inside, there's a complete and very
thorough discography winch
s     tll.lt
uc the
called the Riverdales (the n
based on Archie Andre
22 January 1995
Screeching Weasel power-pop
vein, but whatever happens, I'll
never tire of spinning this and
every other Sreeching Weasel
record. Their music is attitude-
ridden, but it has feeling. There
are vicious love songs, vicious
stabs at society, and just down
right vicious "I Hate You"
songs, but it's still great shit, and
we just lost another hot band.
Good-bye Screeching Weasel, we hardly knew ye.
Grant Lawrence
A Charlie Brown Christinas
Original Soundtrack
I have never before wholeheartedly endorsed a product for
money. In fact, I've never endorsed a product for money half
or no-heartedly, either. My dynamic personality has never
been solicited by purveyors of
products for public consumption and thus I've never even had
the opportunity to consider such
a moral dilemma as convincing
strangers to buy crap. But if I
had to sell a product. I would
want to really believe in it. (Es-
infomercial. I could never fake
I could si
a pro.
.1 whose |
d whos
could hum. for days.
Perhaps you've never seen
the Charles Shultz 'classic'
1965 holiday special/! Charlie
Brown Christmas. Perhaps in
the country you grew up in, they
showed A Charlie Brown
Chanukah or It's Ramadan,
Charlie Brown. If you missed it,
or you've been avoiding it as
part of an unwanted childhood,
the cartoon is great and it's music is sublime. It was about time
that someone got the nifty idea
to re-release this time capsule
of swinging, layed-back sixties
Everyone knows Guaraldi's
most famous composition,
"Linus and Lucy", aka "The
Peanuts Theme" and it is included on this disc. (A favourite party ritual? Put on "Linus
and Lucy", pick a peanuts dance
move and GO!) So are the accomplished jazz pianist
Guaraldi's astounding
reworkings of traditional holiday faves such as "O
Tannenbaum" and "What Child
Is This" ("Greensleeves"). This
is, hands down, the best silver
piece of plastic I've bought all
year. Convinced yet? What if I
tell you your mom will love it,
too? Just think, instead of yet
another heavy rotation holiday
with the old scratched copy of
Bing Crosby's White Christmas,
Run Rudolph Run by the Ray
Coniff Singers, and A Kenny
and Dolly Christmas, you could
be easing back on the familial
couch, sipping dad's overpoured
rum and eggnog, and grooving
to the heppist yuletide CD in
Christendom. And I swear on
my grandma's scalloped potatoes that I did not receive an
endorsement fee for this promotion.
Tania Bolskaya
Flame Job
The Cramps are, as they say in
the deep south, THE SHIT!
Closing in on twenty bloody
years as a band, the Cramps
never cease to amaze by putting
out album after album of pure,
real rock 'n' roll. They haven't
changed much since those earlier days in New York, (except
maybe conforming a bit by adding a bass in the "90's) and,
pound for pound, it's the same
psycho-billy crud they invented
way back when.
Plagued with line-up
changes, legal hassles, and revolving record labels, it's a
miracle that the Cramps are
alive and kicking ass. From the
braxen screech of the kick-off
track "Mean Machine" to the
first single "Let's Get Fucked
1 lp" to the cool, crisp closing of
'rock V roll' band anywhere,
anytime. The Cramps know
how to do it, they do it well, and
they do it right and smear it in
your face at all times. Let's hope
their flame never dies.
Grant Lawrence
Second Coming
If you want to become legendary, either die or disappear. It
worked for James Dean, didn't
it? I mean, do you really think
that he would be nearly as famous as he is if it wasn't for that
nasty spill he took in his little
red speedster? Have you actually seen a James Dean movie?
The Stone Roses almost became legends too, having released one album of breezy,
wah-wah pedal pop bliss and
then fading from memory as the
release of their follow up was
delayed...and delayed...and delayed. Twenty years from now
we all could have looked backed
and sighed, 'If only they'd released another album...', our
collective imaginations uniting
with the decaying dreams of
British music journalists in conjuring up the greatest album of
all time. But no, the bastards
had to go and record another
damn album and blow it all.
The unfortunately-not-so-
tongue-in-cheek-ily titled Second Coming   eschews the un
derstated melodic poppiness
that made tracks from the first
album such as "Elephant Stone"
and "She Bangs a Drum" so
appealing. Instead, The Stone
Roses go for epic majesty and
serious guitar wanking on their
overly anticipated sophomore
effort, trying desperately to live
up to the album's title (in more
ways than one). But rock'n'roll
was never meant to be majestic, and consequently songs
such as "Ten Story Love Song"
and "Tears" come off as overwrought stadium anthems. And
as for shameless displays of
guitar virtuosity , "Daybreak"
is by far the most masturbatory
song on the album, a seven
minute supreme love jam that
becomes immensely more appealing after a large joint.
Less wanky is "Driving
South", which contains some
heavy shredding and a cool 'n'
catchy refrain ("You ain't young
nor pretty and you sure as hell
can't sing/Any time you want to
sell your soul I've got a toll free
number you can ring") and the
opening track, "Breaking Into
Heaven", which has a delicious
little riff in its chorus. Also good
is "Your Star Will Shine", the
only mellow song on the album
that comes across with any sincerity, and, despite the fact that
it sounds like the song that could
have saved the career of Jesus
Jones, the frenetic "Begging
A solid album with a few really smoking tracks, Second
Coming confirms that The
Stone Roses are still a great
band after all this time. They
just shouldn't try so hard to
prove it.
Dylan Griffith
Trailer Park Hip Hop
Trailer Park Hip Hop is the debut release of Hip Club Groove,
a rap group from Nova Scotia
that consists of two talented
MC's, MacKenzie and
Cheklove Shakil, and the
skillfull DJ Moves. The tracks
this crew puts together are fresh
and definitely show promise,
having a distinct hip hop flavour
without merely redoing what
other groups have done before.
DJ Moves is at times amazing
on the turntables and both MCs
produce original rhymes which
flow extremely well. The lyrics,
easy to understand (more than
can be said for many rappers),
are original and entertaining.
Given a chance, this group
could definitely break out of
their trailer park and hold their
own in the big time.
Alistair Savage
Time Zone Exchange Project
The world is being controlled by
a transcontinental information
organization called The Universal Media Netweb. Everyone is
hooked on a decision-enhancing
drug called Mertz, an up-to-date
mental supplement that brings
old fashioned decisiveness to
modern living. All this and
every vital world event to have
happened in the last one-hundred and twenty-four years is
directly linked to one mysterious man, C. Elliot Friday. Who
is he? No one is quite sure. Is
he good or evil? No one knows
that either, but Negativland and
the Over the Edge Free Radio
show are here to guide us threw
the chaos that is short wave radio transmission.
This report/album brings up
>ck '
song "Route 66". Lux. Poison.
and the relative newcomers
Slim Chance and Harry
Drumdini could torch any other
TIL JAN. 31, 1995
1043 GRANVILLE STREET 688-6225
THE EXPERIENCED PIERCERS many questions Did Emilia
Ehrhart really die? Or did she
crash on C. Elliot Friday's synthetic island? (Cary Grant had
a violent interaction with Emilia
Ehrhart's ghost on that island.
And he caught it on audio tape.)
Did C. Elliot Friday single
handedly cause the coup in Russia and in turn the fall of the
communist empire? Did C.
Elliot Friday invent the Nazi regime? What does the president
have to say about all of this? Has
the richest man in history been
running the world under his vision of a Utopian society? Is this
the world conspiracy we've all
heard so much about?
If these questions worry, interest and/or confuse you, then
I suggest you take a healthy
dose of Mertz mental supplement and carefully listen to the
over two hours of this report
straight from the Time Zones
Exchange front. And if these
questions don't worry, interest
or confuse you then you're
probably already full of Mertz.
(Available through:
Negativmailorder. 109 Minna
#391. San Francisco, CA,
Colllin Knight
Mighty Joe Moon
Given the range and diversity of
instruments used on this album,
including acoustic and electric
guitars, banjo, dobro, mandolin,
harmonica piano, pump organ,
tumbuk, tablas, maracas,
marimba, shakers and aquired
hunks of metal, one might expect it to have a fairly distinctive sound.  Mighty Joe Moon.
as one might be led to believe.
It is pretty laid back and
acousticy. and lead Buffalo
Grant Lee Philips' vocals are
reasonably strong and possess
a bit of a twang, but the album
tends to drag a bit at times.
There are some good songs,
such as "Mockingbird" and
"Lady Godiva and Me" (which
remind me slightly of American
Music Club in places), but the
songwriting seems to be, on the
whole, on the weak side. While
I enjoy the overall sound ofthe
band, there are too many average songs which prevent this
release from being a great one.
Fred derF
Flawless delivery of some pretty
drab songwriting. Reminiscent
of Pearl Jam but not even 1/2 as
good. (And I don't even like
Pearl Jam.) 'Consistancy'is not
a problem as far as these 13
songs are concerned: I can
hardly tell one middle-of-the-
road song from another. The
obvious question that arises is,
Of course there are a few
highlights, such as the song
"University", but I'd rather that
Jerk was a pretty good three
song EP instead of the not so
good LP that it is.
The Grassy Knoll
If you're into the local rave
scene at all, you've probably
boogied at least one night away
to the stylin' beats put out by DJ
Quest, who, assuming it's the
same DJ Quest, also spins on
this platter from local combo
The Grassy Knoll. (They're on
Nettwerk and there's no other
address given, so I'm assuming
they're local.) Playing a sort of
ominous form of acid jazz, The
Grassy Knoll is, in addition to
Quest, David Revelli (drums),
Jonathan Byerly (saxaphone),
Chris Grady (trumpet), Beth
Custer (alto and bass clarinets)
and Baba Duru (tablas). Together, these six musicians mix
heavy, slow beats with a variety
of samples and frenetic jazz
improvs to create a swinging,
laid back groove that is as eerie
as il is soothing. Most of these
tracks arc tailor made for post-
rave chillin', but a couple, such
as "Evolution #9", have enough
up-tempo funk to get those butt-
cheeks twitching. Cool stuff.
Dylan Griffith
Beware of Bob
(Sabre Toque Records)
For several years now I've convinced myself that Bob
Wiseman was the best thing
about Blue Rodeo, that he gave
them an intangible edge that disappeared when he left the band.
That edge is certainly to be
found on his latest solo release,
Beware of Bob, but, unlike his
past releases, the music contained herein is a series of improvisations (with sidekicks
Don Keir on drums and Hugh
Phillips on bass). As such, it is
subject to both the pros the cons
of recorded spontaneity: lots of
great musical ideas both rhythmically and melodically, but in
between those bursts, you must
wait. And wait. And wait. Not
surprisingly, there is an innate
lack of structure to the recordings which can be appreciated
for the freedom it provides the
musicians; sometimes, however, it can only be tolerated for
the moments of fun and creative
music that you know will eventually follow.
It's interesting that Bob
Wiseman is now working on an
album with Bruce McCullough
of Kids in the Hall, for the recorded works of these two performers are similar in many
ways. The Kids in the Hall can
be appreciated for the immensely hilarious skits that
comprise the bulk of their
shows, but, on occasion, there
are excruciatingly dull scenes
which give one good cause to
grimace. Nonetheless, you
would never turn it off - it's all
part of watching the process of
innovating. And the same description is applicable for describing Wiseman's music: it's
adventurous, creative and sometimes it works. I suppose that's
what matters, but if you don't
like it, just remember that
you've been warned. Beware of
Bob indeed.
Brian Wieser
Brave Last Days
This is a nice surprise...from
Halifax's Sloan-owned and operated Murderecords comes
forth a fellow named Al Tuck,
along with his musical combo
No Action, to produce this recording entitled Brave Last
Days. Surprising it is simply
because I was expecting to be
blasted out of my seat by some
latter-day Sloan/Eric's Trip/
Thrush Hermit pop
noisemakers, but was instead
treated to eight light, mostly
acoustic beatnik folk tunes performed in the tradition of Pete
Seger or early Bob Dylan. Al
Tuck's scratchy, wavering yet
confident voice, backed by odd
bits of acoustic and slide guitar,
harmonica and snare drum, is
very reminiscent of the early
sixties acoustic folk sound, yet
still manages to maintain a current, up to date 'today' presence.
Save this album for a late,
late drive, and be sure you're
wired. With Al Tuck and No
Action I'm sure you'll achieve
perfect equilibrium.
Grant Lawrence
Read any review of this album
and the word innocent will pop
up at least ten times to describe
everything from Williams' vo
cals to her guitar sound to her
lyrics. Record reviewers are famous for using ambiguous, indefinite language in their reviews, probably to sound
knowledgeable or. more likely,
to cover the fact that it takes no
great talent to listen to a record
and say what you think.
Nevertheless, innocent is an
apt way to describe Victoria
Williams. On Loose, her first
album in a number of years, she
sounds like a cartoon character;
her lyrics are totally devoid of
cynicism or any political message and say nothing profound
or insightful about love or life
in general. Her world is the trolley world of Mr. Rogers' neigh
bouihood; the album a backyard
barbeque jamboree. From her
Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" lo the psychedelic
'Sunshine Country ", her album
is very child-like without being
childish. Featuring vocals by
R.E.M.'s Mike Mills and the
Jayhawk's Mark Olson, and
produced by Paul Fox, who has
also produced Bjork, this southern folk-style offering is a celebration of all that is good in the
world. For Victoria Williams,
who returned from battle with
multiple sclerosis, that's quite a
T. Wong
Beat the Retreat - Songs by
Richard Thompson
Well, it's yet another tribute CD
and this time around it's a bunch
of artists doing Richard
Thompson tunes. Do we realty
need another tribute album?
Will this ever end? Anyway, this
has got to be one of the dullest
releases I've heard in quite a
while. There is a lot of overlap
as some musicians (Robert
Lloyd, David Hidalgo, DJ
Bonebrake) play on several of
the songs, and producer John
Chelew is in on 14 of the 16
tracks by artists such as X, Bob
Mould, Bonnie Raitt, Dinosaur
Jr., and Graham Parker. I would
have preferred hearing 16 different approaches to the songs
as opposed to hearing almost all
the artists guided by a common
producer with a vision as to how
the album should sound. Even
the best performances on this
CD (David Byrne's "Just the
Motion". REM's "Wall of
Death", Shawn Colvin and
Loudon Wainwright Ill's "A
Heart Needs a Home") are, at
best, average, and this release is,
in general, thoroughly uninspir-
Fred derF
23 Vl^^m^ 32   coroBion of conformity
Columbia 1
33 radial Bpangle
syrup macrarae           beggar's   banque    1
34 grand theft audio
realms LO the discovery
35 the kent 3
screaming youth fantastic bag of hammer    1
36  hhead
1  37 kittenB
doberman                             l
ndependan     1
1   18 the goats
no goats, no glory
39 come
don't ask, don't tell
matado     1
40   Smog
burning kingdom
drag    city
41  the treepeople
actual re-enactment
c/      1
42 girls against boys
cruise yOurBelf                 tc
uch   and   g
43 the wedding present
44 pegboy
earwig                                   q
larterstic     j
45  negativeland
over the edge voL 2
seelan     1
46 the welfare starletB
Bpaceann     1
47  gloo girls
attention shoppers
celluloid  1
48 les secretaires volantes meconium
en    guard 1
49 mercy rule
relativity   1
50 the bouncing souls
the good, the bad ...        byo    record    |
-aiuarv 94 INDIE HOME JOBS
1"   1   meet daisy
eliot's      shape 1
1       2   pipedream
3   lashback
big     dump 1
1      4   the papillomas
5   kreviss
1      6   potbelly
7   groverfur
i    like    you
1      8   pipsqueak
put   up,   shut   up
9   glorioBa
rauharamad     ali
0   tattle tale
a    girl's    toolbox 1
1   uneven stepe
emty   paned   glass   of   three 1
2   kid champion
3   dbs
solitaire 1
4   derivative duo
eine   kleine    visit 1
5   the raindgrind
club   nitty   gritty 1
6   raysterons
inferno 1
7   vinaigrettes
blind   Bpot 1
8   the rocrackins
willy    killigan 1
9   thee gotham city vii
thee    bag    i'm    in
20   pumpkin head
flamingo     killer 1
E  B
s s
1      1 various artists
techno head 3
rea   tl
2 chOBen few
3 network
data trax voL2
rea   t
5 techno head
6 aBcorbin acid
sweet liberty
23   frankfurtl
7 eramanuel top
8 search & destroy
return to madness
9 sons of da noize
jungle hop ep
10 the source exp...
different journeys lp
ground floo
n cry
won't catch me runnin' patchwer
the most beautifulleBt...lp brag/ji e
everything is everything lp elektra
the rubbers song e   m   i
i used to love h-e.r. relativity
proceed geffen
(206) 525-0628
1   '
i    i
^jjKi I
12:00PM All of time is measured by its art.
Most broadcasting shuns art for incestuous
market-music. This show presents the most
recent new music from around the world. Ears
open. Hosted by Paul Steenhulsen and Ian
Reggae inna al styles and fashion. Mike Cherry
and Peter Williams alternate as hosts.
SOUL CHURCH 3:00-5:00 PM Alternating
Sundays with Brent Argo. Vancouver's only
program devoted entirely to African-Cana-
dianandAfrican-AmencanGospelmiisic. Your
host, Vince Yeh.
Dedicatated to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transsexual communities of Vancouver and
listened to by everyone. Lots of human
interest features, background on current
issues and great musicfrom musicians of all
sexual preferences and gender identities.
cotton or even a cotton poly blend. Vmnie
Carpelli and Sonny Prince bnng you one hour
of pure tightpants, ball hugging, crooning
GEETANJAU 9:00-10:00PM Geetanjali is
a one-hour radio show which features a wide
range of music from India. This includes classical music, both Hindustani and Camatic,
popular music from Indian movies from the
1930's to the 1990's, Semi-classical music
such as Ghazals and Bhajans, and also
Quawwalis, Folk Songs, etc. Hosted by J.
Dhar, A. Patel and V. Ranjan.
12:00AM Join host Dave Emory and
colleague Nip Tuck for some extraordinary
political research guaranteed to make you
think twice. Bnng your tape deck and two C-
90s. Onginally broadcast on KFJC (Los Altos,
4 AM Drop yer gear and stay up late. Naked
radio for nake people. Get bent. Love Dave.
THE  MORNING  SHOW     7:30-8:15AM
Wake up wth all the news, sports and weather
you need. Plus what's happening at UBC each
day with UBC Digest, a feature interview and
more. WiththeBBC World Service News
at 6:00-7:05am, live from London, England.
and Peter, offer a savoury blend of the familiar and exo tic in a blend of aural delights! Tune
in and enjoy each weekly brown plate special.
1:00 PM With your hosts the Gourd of
Ignorance and Don the Wanderer. What will
we play today? Rog will put it away.
CiTR's industrial/noise/ambient show,
- wimpy British pop, Beastie Boys, indie gutar
swing, and techno thrown in forgoodmeasire.
Hit your olfactory i
I endeavour to feature dead air, verbal
flatulence (only when I speak), a work of
music by a twentieth- century composer-
can you say mmimalist?-and whatever else
appeals to me. Fag and dyke positive. Mail in
your requests, because I am not a human-
answering machine. Got a quarter then call
women who sometimes don't feel fresh, but
always get fresh. Spoken word and music:
light to heavy flow. Maximum protection
recommended for malelisteners. Holy Hannah!
It's a Femininst show.
For more interesting ckinerguests join Princess
Andrea and her team: Jedi Knight NeJ, Leanna
Skywalker, and Gran Moff Ian (#5?). We bring
you the Force of the news, dark side and all.
With the BBC World Service News 0 5-
you are suffenng an identity crisis you may
want to tune into this show more than once.
Your host Bob Wiliston chronicles Canada in
20th Century sound every second week.
Vancouver's longest running prime time jazz
program. Hosted by the ever-suave Gavin
Walker. Features at 11
Jan. 2: Our first show of the New Year
honours the winner and entrant into "Down
Beat" magazine's Hall of Fame • pianist,
composer, band leader and jazz legend Dave
Brubeck. Happy New Year!
Jan. 9:One of Miles Davis'mostmystenous
and haunting recordings with his mid- 60's
Quintet. "Nefertiti", a classicF!
Jan. 16: A repeat of one of the finest
Canadian Jazz groups; theBairyElmes Quintet.
Drummer Elmes and his band with a program
of Jazz standards and originals with legendary
guitarist Ed Bickert.
Jan. 23: One of Omette Coleman's finest
early recordings with hs Quartet. "Change of
the Century" with Don Cheiry, Charlie Haden,
Billy Higgins and alto saxophonist Omette
Jar. 30: A piece of concert Jazz to end
the month. Dizzy Gillespie and his orchestra
playing a 5 part composition by Lalo Schifnr
called "Gllespiana", a great earful.
4:00AM: The ultimate contrast. Screwing
you over with nostalgia, then bringing you
back to what you might call reality. We do
poetry, too.
11:00AM That's right, bub! Punk-pop, surf-
slop, and lots more trash for yer can. Tune in
to me, Bryce D, for all the crud that's got
class every Tuesday morning. Yowza!
of info and rawk. Ya don't need a peris to be
a musical Genius! Coral and Trish.
Join our own "best boy" Kevin O'Toole for
news, reviews, interviews; all the shmooz in
the film business that Mary Hart and
Entertainment Tonight find unfit to broadcast.
Meat the unherd where the unheard and the
hordes of hardly herd are heard, courtesy of
host and demo director Dale Sawyer. Herd up!
RITMO LATINO 9:00-10:00PM Get on
board Vancouver's only tropical fiesta express
with your loco hosts Wendi, Rolando, and
Mateo as they shake it and wiggle it to the
latest in Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and other
fiery fiesta favountes. Latin music so hot it'll
give you a tan! jjRADIO SABR0SA!!
Alternating Tuesdays. Live readings and the
LATE Warning: This show is moody and
unpredictable. It encourages insomria and
may prove to be hazardous to your health.
Listener discretion is advised. The music,
news and 2:00 WW0D hosted by Pierre may
not be suitable for the entire family.
MUSIC AS A WHOLE 8:30-9:30AM Bob?!?
Maybe, kinda sorta, but not necessanly?
YACHTCLUB 11 30-1:1 5Dropanchorwith
ournewall rap format. It's superkalifragalickin'
expealidopemix with DJ Gav 'n Matt.
LOVE SUCKS 1:1S-3:OOPM Tunemforthe
musical catharsis that is Love Sucks. If you
can't make sense of it, at least you can dance
MOTORDADDY 3:00-5:OOPM We're big
William Smith fans, are you?
ESOTERIK 6:00-7:30PM (es'o'ter-ik), adj.,
understood by, or intended for, only a select
number of disciples; secret; mysterious.
sometimes why are people so miserable?
guess that's life... but we always have Sily
Quacky Utterly Elegant Elfy Kool Yoks!
10:00PM-1 2:00 AMLetDJ'sJmdwaand
Bindwa immerse you in radioactive Bhungra!
"Chakkh de phutay". Listen to all our favorite
Punjabi tunes - remixes and onginals. Brraaaah!
RADIO FREE WOMEN    10:00-11:30AM
We're in your homes and in your heads, Anna
and Deb insinuate thar way into your life to
entertain, provoke, preach, rant, seduce, and
lie to you. "It's only 10am, are they talking
about sex again?"
CANADIAN LUNCH 11:30-1:00PM Toques,
plaids, backbacon, beer, igloos and beavers.
Eat your lunch every Thursday with Skyler.
STEVE & MIKE 1:00-2:00PM Crashing the
boys' club in the pit. Hard and fast, heavy and
it, baby.
If you move in your groove and notion to
motion, If a backpack's your thing then here's
what you do: Thursdays at supper tune in to
OUTFOR KICKS 6:00-7:30PMNoBii1(enstocksl
nothing pokticatlycorrect. Wedon't getpaid so
you 'redamnnght we have funwithit. Hosted by
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:OOPM White
5:30 PM Do you want us to make you a
SaberToothTiger?Half an hourof unbeatable
news coverage plus our weekly wrap up.
From Brighton,England correspondentAngus
Wilson bnngs us this report...
Underground   sound   system-style
FOR THE RECORD 6:30-6:45PM Excerpts from Dave Emory's Radio Free
America Senes.
HOMEBASS 900PM-12:00AM The
original live mixed dance program in
Vancouver. Hosted by DJ Noah, the main
focus of the show is techno, but also
includes some trance, acid, tribal, etc...
11:00PM Local muzakfrom9. Uvebandz
from 10.   Jan 5: Another White Male
Jan 26: The Many
Feb 2: July 4th Toilet
Alternating with TFIL 11:00-1 AM
Straight from the mean streets, Ethan Meyer,
Dylan Rymer, and mixmaster Kaptain Nero
straddle and masssage your eardrums with
non-stop horror. Inject and leam something!
Alternating with RTY 11:00-1 AM
Chns Panah explores the Metanoid states and
psycho-sonic scapes ofThelnfiniteUvingroom,
that Nth dimensional spacebetween perplexed
consciousness and profound absurdity.
10:00AM Greg here. Join mein the love den
for a cocktail. We'll hear retro stuff, groovy
jazz, and thicker stuff too. See you here ...
and bnng some ice. XOXX
LITTLE TWIN STARS Alt. with lo-fi 1-
2:30 PM StraponyourvmylGoGobootsfor
an mtergalacdc nde to the stars. Hello Kitty!
Are yak
third time's
the charm
tfM'K «( « kolt
Vtuus r~ivr*M>'s
ton Dtu
Rt&tlio frit
1 Pm Normul
lo fi    little
$6h\ Ckfcr<?k
Mary Tyler
SHOW      |
ftmiiiiM Hy-jin*
|      SLACK-STAN      HJflfffAHillBH^kli^^KliSiliy^^                                                                                 VcttrySUow    |
Fir. min;
AW«r« H&kSt
Ont for Ki*f
(hiphop)     |
kip kop k*tit
and sometimes
lulus Back
|      In Town
whatever it lakes
1     ONE STEP
srr$ 6UT1&
.)!  he
12:00PM Now in its 10th year on the
air, The Edge on Folk features music you
won't hear anywhere else, studio guests,
new releases, Bnnsh comedy sketches,
folk music calendar, ticket giveaways,
etc., plus World Cup Reportat 11:30
AM. 8-9 AM: Afncan/World roots. 9-12
noon: Celtic music and feature perfor-
POWERCHORD 12:00-3:00PM Vancouver's
only tine metal show; local demo tapes, imports andotherranties. Gerald Rattlehead
and Metal Ron do the damage.
THE AFRICAN SHOW 3:00 - 5:00PM It'samusc
thing from all Afnca. It's an awareness
thing of self and others. It's an African
house party. Stories, music, dance fun.
THE SHOW 6:00-8:00PM Strictly Hip
Hop - Strictly Undergound - Stnctly
Vinyl With your hosts Craig G., Mr. Checka
4 J Swing on the 1 & 2's.
alternating with Groove Jumping
Killing ugly radio with one easy step.
Terry, Wozzle, Jeff, Warren. Who will it
be? Who knows! Who cares! It rocks! Go
SHOWS Laced in
DarkneoE, for ail you
got hie vampirec out.
there, will be fillin' in
ThurcdayE LATH from, lam
to 4am for this here
CHANGES: Blood on the
Saddle will be on hiatus
until march, but he'll
be bactc Tune in Tuesdays
from 13pm for some
great new dj's fillin' in!
bye bye to sugarlump
Other than that, nil the
deejays here at CiTR
with     you     wonderful
WHOM    &    HOW
25 S^ggoTJfiTjS WED 21 Spearhead (Michael Franti from Disposable Heroes of
Hiphoprisy) at Richard's on Richards...Two Trains w/ Out of Nowhere al the Town Pump...J Knutson & band at the Railway
Club...djs Jon Hardy, T. Bone, Dickey Doo at the Shaggy
Horse...The Craze at The End Cafe...Wonderland w/DJs Lace &
Little T at MaRs. Vinyl w/DJs T-Bone & Dickey Doo at the Starfish Room. . Suck w/DJ Czech at Luvafair. DiSCORDER January issue hits the streets (we hope)...
THU 22 Spirit of Christmas at the Railway Club.Moist &
Ulead at the Commodore (ALL AGES)./$Oul Crib at the
Malcolm Lowry Room...Big Tall Garden, Upperlevels, Arms
Akimbo & Tickelborte at the Town Pump.-.Tinga Tinga w/DJs
Flyte & Friendly Planet at the TwilightZone...Hogan sings
Holiday at the Alma Street Cafe.
FRI 23 The Paperboys at the Railway Club...Moist and hlleadat
ihe Commodore...The Flu & The Road at the Malcolm Lowry
Room. Freeway Persuasion, Morns Minor, This Side Up at the
Hungry Lye Caligula at the Plaza Theatre Terror of Tiny Town
w/guests ai the Starfish Room the Grames Brothers at the Town
Pump.Piramide/Rhumba Calzada at the Fraser Hall
SAT 24  Bughouse Five at the Railway Club...
SUN 25 Ho ho ho...
MON 26 Zoo Boogaloo W/DJs Spun-K & Czech at the Starfish...
Bughouse Five at the Railway Club...The Craze at the Automo
TUE 27 Veda Hille and her band at the Ratlway Club Sons 01
Freedom w/ Liquid at the Town Pump., djs Jon Hardy & Druna
ai the Shaggy Horse...
WED 28 Flush fanzine 10th issue anniversary w/Ten Days Late.
M-Blanket & guests at the Southwall (ALL AGES). An Evening
with(out) Dimwit-TheFour Horsemen, Modernettes, Stone Crazy,
Frank Funk 5, Bottom Feeders at the Commodore. Veda Hille
and her band at the Railway Club The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir
at the Town Pump .djs Jon Hardy. T. Bone, Dickey Doo at the
Shaggy Horse...The Craze at The End Cafe.-Wonderland w/DJs,.
Face & LittleTat MaRs.-.Vinyl w/DJs T-Bone & Dickey Doo at
the Starfish Room   Suck w/DJ Czech at Luvafair.
THU 29 Jazzmanian Devils al the Railway (Tub. The Beauticians at the Malcolm Lowry Room. Nero's Rome at the Hungry
Eye..The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir at the Town Pump...Tinga
Tinga w/DJs Flyte & Friendly Planet al the Twilight Zone...djs
Clarence & David Love Jones at the Piccadilly Pub...
FRI 30 Jazzmanian Devils at the Railway Club...Circus In Flames
al the Malcolm Lowry Room...The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir at
the Town Pump...Waiting For God at the Hungry Eye. Caligula
at the Plaza Theatre.
SAT 31 New Years Eve Bash w/ The Real McKenzies at the
Railway Club DDT at the Hungry Eye..7 Year Bitch. Unsane,
Bloodless & Steel Wool at the Off Ramp...F.S.P. presents EPOCH w/ lots of djs, call Bassix.She Stole My Beer at the Town
Pump F'unkyard at the Ivanhoe and at the Penthouse...Wallstreet
al Breakers    The Rocky Honor Picture Show at the Plaza
SUN 1   Happy New Year! How's the hangover'
King at the Orpheum Theatre...Zoo Boogaloo w/ djs Spun-K &
Czech at the Starfish Room ..
TUE 3 d|s Jon Hardy & Druna at the Shaggy Horse
WED 4 Sparkmarker. Submission Hold. Area 51 and guests at
Crosstown Traffic (All AGES)...Chixdiggit at the Starfish
Room djs Jon Hardy. T. Bone. Dickey Doo at the Shaggy
THU 5 Subsonic Thursdays at the Pit Pub w/ The Grames Brothers, the Rootabeggars.djs Clarence & David Love Jones at the
Piccadilly Pub...
FRI 6 Big Tall Garden, Shademakers, Smokeaters at the Starfish
Room...Martingale at Koerners Pub...
SAT 7 Dayglo Abortions, Seamen & Gob at the Starfish
Room. ..House of Commons & The Deadcatsat the Falls Pub (in the
Niagara Hotel)...
SUN 8 GoGo Jazz Lounge djs Michael Golf & Lovely Lisa at
the Arts Club Theatre...
Boogaloo w/dj|
Alma Street Cafe 2505 Alma (at Broadway)
Anza Club 3 W 8th (Mount Pleasant)
Arts Hotline
@ Gallery   HOW Hastings (downtown)
Backstage Lounge 1585 Johnston (Granville Island)
Cafe Deux Soleil 2096 Commercial (the Drive)
FRI 20 Dayglo Abortions, Strain, dbs. at the New York Theatre
(7:30 - ALL AGES). The Stoaters al Koerners Pub...
SAT 21 Memphis Slux, Soul (
lish Room..
SUN 22 GoC
the Arts Club Theatr
Jj Michael Golf at the Star-
Lounge djs Michael Golf & Lovely Lisa at
h Room...
Boogaloo w/ djs Spun-K JfCzeiih at
TUE 24 Slayer. Bioha/afd. Machllelllad
km Hardy * Duma at th&Shaggy Hi
WED 25 Numb, Waiting for Cod. BlackgMmospher
lish Room...djs ion llaidyl T'WnelDi&^sMfellill
IHU 26 SubsonK   Thursdays ,,l thf'Pit Pub w/ Mathew
Taste of Joy-.djS Claience & David Love Jones at the PK
FRI 27 Rattle and Dash at Ko.
SAT 28   cub w/ Sparkmar
(8pm- ALL AGES)
SUN 29 GoGo Jazz Lounge djs Michael Golf & Lovely Lithe Arts Club Theatre...
MON 30 Zoo Boogaku
TUE 31 djs Jon Hardy & Dru
222 2244
876 7128
684 2787
685 0509
689 7734
687 1354
254 1195
it)   873 1331
683 6099
689 3180
682 4629
modore Ba1MM870 GranvilleMB HH)     6817838
Crosstown TraffijHHw Hastings (jHH^H    \      669 7573
[Denman Place Gj|!|||l030 Denman (West   nd) 683 2201
[District Coffee
1687 0032
IFirehall Arts (
[Food Not Bon
Glass Slipper
Hastings Cc
Hemp B.C.
738 3211
Hungry Eye
Koemer's Pul
LaQuena  1
Lux Theatre
Malcolm Lo\
J685 0143
689 5256
Old Americj
[665 3050
Pacific Ci
Paradise Cj
Park Theatj
Pit Pub
'822 6273
Pitt Gallery 317 W Hastings (downtown)
Plaza Theatre 881 Granville (Granville Mall)
Punk Listings
Railway Club 579 Dunsmuir (downtown)
681 1625
Ridge Cinema 3131 Arbutus (at 16thAvenue)
Russian Hall 600 Campbell (Chinatown)
Shaggy Horse 818 Richards (downtown)
Southwall 23 rd & Lonsdale (North Van)
Speedy O'Tubbs Fairview (Bellingham)
Starfish Room 1055 Homer (downtown)
Starlight Cinema 935 Denman (West End)
689 0096
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station (downtown)
688 3312
3B Tavern 1226 State (Bellingham)
Town Pump 66 Water Street (Gastown)
Twilight Zone 7 Alexander (Gastown)
UBC Grad Centre Gate 4 (UBC)
Vancouver East Cultural Centre 1895 Venables
Vaneover Folk Song Society 1090 W.70th
526 2804
Vancouver Centre Cinema 650 W. Georgia (downtown)   669 4442
738 6311
874 6200
688 2923
980 5202
(206) 734 1539
682 4171
683 6695
682 8550
822 3697
822 0999
254 9578
it Grey)
738 7015
872 8337
257 6205
Vancouver Press Club 2215 Granville
Varsity Theatre 4375 W 10th Avenue (Poin
222 2235
Video In 1965 Main (South Van)
Vogue Theatre 918 Granville (Granville Mall)
Waterfront Theatre 1405 Anderson (Granville Is.)
685 6217
W.I.S.E. Hall 1882 Adanac (the Drive)
Yale Blues Pub 1300 Granville (downtown)
26 January 1995  •
Vancouver, BC
tel 604738.3232
MontoWed 10:30-7:00
Thurs and Fri 10*30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
The Pick of the Litter '94
We've coerqed, threatened, cajoled, pleaded, and begged our staff into tellig us what they thought were the most significant releases from the
year that nfrlv draws to a close. Here, for your edification and illumination, are the results 6f our labours. The lists are in no particular order.
If you missed any of them while perusing the stacks, we invite you to check 'em out. Use one of our three CD listening booths if ydll like!
Thirty OuoJtSix
Guided By Voices
Palace Brothers
grant m
Guided by Voices
Dave Alvin
Eleventh Dream Day
Pole Saints
Giant Sand
Palace Brothers
tenth Dreom Day
n Mazzocane
Raymond Listen and fh
Silver Jews and Nico
Younger Day
Flying Saucer Attack
paul t
Big Drill Car
Red Red Meat
Drive Like Jehu
Afghan Whigs
Nick Cave
Lee Harvey Oswald ten
What Fun Uh Was
The White Birch
Bee Thousand"
Ursa Major
For Your Own Special Sweetheart
turning Kingdom
An Arrow Through the Bitch EP
Bee Thousand
King of California
Ursa Major
Slow Buildings
Strawberry Zone
Lord of the Harvest
Ticket Home
| Ursa Major
Licorice Root Orchestra
Old New York Z"
Evening at the Grange
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Younger Day
VHF#1   :
No Worse for the Wear
Crooked Roin, Crooked Rain
Jimmywine Majestic
World of Noise
j Xerxes
Yonk Crime    I *
Ass Ponys
Let Love In
A Taste of Prison
Brick Factory
Twice Removed
Rock Stars Kit!
Dresch Z"
Wedding Present
Pizzicoto Five
Guided by Voices
Global Communicali!
Ani Difranco
Excuse Seventeen
Good Horsey
Pansy Division
paul m
Giant Sand
Guided by Voices
two Dollar Guitar
Eleventh Dream Day
Flaming Ups
Built to Spill
American Music flub
Halo Benders
Palace Brothers
Kicking Giant
Sunny Day Real Estate
Pizzicato Five
Heaven's To Betsy
* lee Scratch Perry
The Golden Palominos
Tom Robinson
Killing Joke
Julian Cope
Strange Parcels
Tiger Bay
Mars Audiac Quintet
Dog Man Star
Bake Sale
Bee Thousand
76' 14"
Out of Range
Excuse Seventeen
Rock Stars KiB
France (7° single)
Brick Factory
The Decline and Fall of.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Bee Thousand
Let Me Bring You Down
Ursa Major
One Foot in the Grave
Providing Needles,..
Car/Girl 7"
San Francisco
God Don't Make No Junk
Brick Factory
Bake Sale
| Five by Five EP
Products and Accessories
Tiger Boy
Time Boom
Love Over Rage
Lord of the Horvest
Nick Cave
American Music Club
Guided by Voices
Palace Brothers
Mississippi John Hurt
Latin Playboys
Let love In
Crooked Roin, Crooked Rt
Son Francisco
Bee Thousand
Uve Through This
Latin Playboys
grant h
Drive Uke Jehu
Latin Playboys
Eleventh Dreom Day
Palace Brothers
Blaise Pascal
Celebrate the New Dork Age
Yonk Crime .i?
Burning Kingdom
lolm Playboys
New Plastic Ideas    .
Ursa Major
Palace "'"'    ^ .
I At Action Park
; Dummy
I £•>:« 12 [d »7j
20% off!
9AM to 6PM
"except yellow togged items and tickets
Zulu now has Interac Direct Payment
Have a f***in' amazing new year!


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