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  Lb-   CiTR  presents an evening with Mint Records recording artists    •_'!
^T        J.J 1.9 fM •Wy
A   CD    Release    Party      H|
"Rainstick" 'U
■■ *>_ aa  /
Tickets are $5 and are
*£//     available at Zulu,
T/g    Track, Scratch, and the
J(t     Town Pump. DiScORDER
MARCH 1992    ISSUE #110...
"That's the queerest thing
I've ever read." — Anthony's
grandma on her first read of
bruce Mcdonald
Come For The Ride Down Highway 61	
Middle Page Challenge	
Cleat-Cutting And You ,
,..8-9 UNDER REVIEW 27
...12 REAL LIVE ACTION 25-26
...14 SPINLIST 22
...20 ON THE DIAL ,••
March means St. Pat's Day, spring
break, NBA playoffs and tabloid fever.
Hell, all year round is tabloid fever so
ve thought we'd just try and steal a
little fire. "Beware the Ides of March."
UBC _r-_htt_J__ WITH PROPER I.D.
Two Dogs Fucking/Deux Chiens Fourret
No More Cocoon (ipoken
word): Lut Scram of At
Muuing Neighbour,
LARD (Ministry & Jello)
hut Temptatio* of Reid. Power
Batrwar to Sterea; Loaut
Xbortho TechaidtM
Do It; Bud Volume
Cnmoren Dealing With It, DU
...tid tons mere crucial music
Machine Altar Transmission
rontos DEATH AND HORROR. INC. produce an over
ning pastiche of found sounds and sandpaper vocals ovc
inding, apocalyptic terminal groove. A followup to thei
tical land EP, this is a must for all fans of cyberpunk
Tabernack Hardcore
"Bad Moon Rising", and other
Carnival ot Chaos and Carnage     i   '"//A
Dear Airhead,
"When people listen to you —
don't you know it means* lot"—Ian
I am a medical student from
Winnipeg and I have just completed
an elective at St. Paul's hospital. I
have eclectic music tastes which
range from Lloyd Cole and Everything But the Girl, to the Birthday
Party and Big Black. During my stay
in Vancouver I regularly attended
your Monday night Shindig contests
at the Railway Cub and followed
Rory Tait's write-ups in Discorder.
CiTR deserves recognition for
its efforts. With support like this for
young, original bands it is no wonder
that Vancouver has such a successful original music scene. However,
even the best intentions can be
harmed by unchecked carelessness
and this is why I msuc take exception
to Rory's "Shindig" reviews in the
January edition of Discorder.
Although the result of writing
this letter will probabaly be a knee-
jerk ridiculing (since the owners of
the pen always have the final word),
I hope you are mature enough to
realize that I am not trying to point
out to him that every word he publishes is significant and that it is
important to use this power responsibly.
Unfortunately for the readers
of Discorder, Rory Tait published
two closed-minded reviews which
could jaundice the opinions of readers who might enjoy the bands, which
he merely dismissed.
Like Rory, I did not particularly like Poetic Justice, however, it was
unfair of him to only describe them
as boring. Why were they boring?
Does he feel fulfilled by harming a
band who had the courage to take to
the stage and risk ridicule? He also
dished out a similar treatment to the
band Crush. I really enjoyed them
and thought they showed a great deal
of promise.
If CiTR's Shindig is trying to
help and cultivate young, original
bands, then writers like Rory Tait
ought to be more responsible with
their written verdicts of the bands.
Each group is entitled to some praise
or criticsim, not just a glib dismissal.
Perhaps Rory did not realize the power he has and thus the responsibility
he has to be fair to all these bands.
Did Crush sound like Poetic
Justice? Mr. Tait's review makes
them sound like they did I was there
for both of those nights and the only
similarities between the bands is Rory
Tait's opinion of them. For the reasons I have detailed above, I think
your reviews should be fairer, especially since you assume an alias.
In the future, I hope that Rory
Tait will try to help his local Vancouver bands and leam to appreciate that
original music is from the heart and
that it is unfair to have their efforts
reduced by the mean criticisms of an
anonymous coward Good luck to all
the bands who sweat it out up there
and to CiTR's Shindig.
RM. Kane
Winnipeg, MB.
IfRoryTaa-who has been an actual
contender in past Shindigs-can't
Judge, then whocan? You'll be happy to know that allhough Rory may
have passed the bands in mention
off as nothing but a whim, Ihe Russian judges scored Ihem a 10!
Dear Airhead/Coral Short,
Coral I What is yourpeeve with
the Northern Pikes? In the November issue of this "newsTpaper" you
compare GoGuy's less energetic
songs with The Northern Pikes and
in December you describe another
band (I don't recall which one) as
"like being stuck in an elevator with
The Northern Pikes." Did those guys
wrong you in another life?
Vancouver, BC
Well, you see Zeke, this is actually a
pretty sensitive subject around the
Discorder camp fire. Coral, the poor
soul, was unfortunate lo bear witness to the Pike guys give a severe
thrashing to one Jello Biafra in a
parking lot outside Luvafair some
time ago. It was an ugly scene, so 1
hear, and she hasn't been Ihe same
ever since. Remember one
Ihing...caviar and aspic don't mix.
Coral or Redd,
I'm writing to let you know
I'm sick ofthe injustice. My name is
SEAN not SHAWN, yet oddly enough it is not pronounced
Also, me and Yazuk both are
'jabberpuss'es' but I alone am an
'insufferable snot' so I do hope you
were referring to me there though I
have absolutely no idea who you are
since I rarely speak to anyone unless I can stand to gain something or
absolutely have to.
Anyway, the drunken Polack
was just showboating so he could
have another bit of press to sloppily
cut and paste because he knows I'm
his quick ticket to fame and fortune.
As Cher said," I may be bom yesterday but I'm not Polish".
courtesy Boner Recording
Dear Airhead:
Oh the human tragedy of it.
The pain we endured While we at
the Twerdocleb offices greatly appreciate even a sneering mention in
your Ludwig-beset rag, we unhap
pily noticed a slight problem with
our blurb in the February "Vancouver Special" column. THERE IS NO
WORD. After the disastrous
Buzzcocks scandal which nearly destroyed Discorder's hard-won reputation for integrity and pain-staking
research, one would think that an
even greater fact-checking effort
would be made in order to shore up
the shaken confidence of a confused
and disillusioned public, and also to
maintain closeness with the artistic
community, which now lies a wake at
night in fear of unchecked dyslexic
attacks. We urge you to take steps
now. Perhaps Coral and Redd misspelled another name in that column,
and people are EVEN NOW walking
around town believing that, say,
SPANKMARKER are actually
called SPARKMARKER, and so on.
Thanks for the time and space.
By the way, DEAD SURF
all bite.
#2-843 Cardero Street
Vancouver, B.C.
Discorder Editor,
I'm not the kind of person who's
inclined to defending—or, alternately, launching tirades against—anyone whose writing appears under the
(usually invisible) heading of Option/Editorial. I had thought that by
this generation we had accepted Voltaire's axiom: I disapprove of what
you say, but I will defend to the death
your right to say it. The letters pages
in recent Discorders have—as over
the years—been addressing this issue, specifically as it applies to the
latest in a line of unfettered chatterboxes carrying on an alternative press
tradition,namely M Jules Killam. K-
's crime, it appears, is not in what he
writes but in the way he writes it. For
the past three months, or longer, K-'s
pages have contained frank references to the act of sex with a succession
of unnamed (and one could presume
K-to have a foggy memory the mom-
ing after the night before) compliant
courtesans. As a Discorder reader
you are shocked. Lane Dunlop. But
allow this one digression: you are not
a Discorder reader, but a member of
a television viewing audience. The
television program is Oprah, the man
in the soft, comfortable swivel chair
is M Jules Killam. You are given the
opportunity to peer through a window to the mind of a bragging, un-
self-respecting hollow shell of a wannabe scene maker who at least has the
insouciance to dig himself deeper
into his convictions month after
month. Rejoice in the knowledge that
he has less to say than you; be Relieved that it' s not you who is tossing
off a page of stream O'consciousness
open to public perusal each month;
and Relax, because the more you or I
get worked up the more K- will believe that he is actually being taken
Hurrahl to Discorder for hav-
ingthegutsto print the truth about the
JFK assassination attempt, now when
wil I you see fit to print the truth about
I'd better mail this today (sic)
before (sic) I (sic) change (sic) my
(sic) mind (sick).
Too black, too strong,
Lenny Morgan
(immodest Twerdocleb)
Vancouver, BC
Dear Airhead,
I don't really enjoy writing to
you each month and complaining,
but then again I have nothing else to
I was disappointed at your response to my letter last month concerning your monthly bit of misogyny, "Abattoir." I was expecting a
"Shut up you idiot, it's our magazine
and we'll do whatever we wanl."
You know, the standard Discorder,
" we' re better than you and even if we
aren't, we have the last word." But
instead all I got was something about
my masturbatorial tendencies, which
may or may not exist and is my own
choice, and a weak "free speech"
First, let's address the misogynist charge. Thank you for your definition. I applaud you on your knowledge of the dictionary. Maybe you
should look up the word "hate" and
what it means in the context of "the
hatred of women." Hate results from
misunderstanding and lack of respect.
This misunderstanding and lack of
respect can be propagated through
what many view as humour. Just like
racism. While I am not saying that M.
Jules himself is misogynist, or even
all of his writing, but a good portion
of it is misogynist in nature. Whether
it is funny or not is not the issue. The
fact that women are portrayed as objects for M. Jules to skewer with his
monster rod of manhood that he is so
proud of, is where my problem lies.
Secondly, there is your "free
speech" cop. Free speech seems to
be the defence that is used when
there are no redeeming qualities to
defend something with. It is also
used by editors when they are short
on copy or don't really want to say
no. While I don't advocate any form
of censorship, I do think that good
judgement needs to be exercised once
in a while. Defending "Abattoir" on
grounds of "free speech" is no different than defending Andrew Dice
Clay or 2 Live Crew in the same
grounds. Yes, it's true that they both
have the right to be heard, as does M.
Jules, bit I would have hoped that
Discorder would have been able to
determine whether "free speech" is
a justifiable reason forprinting something like "Abattoir." How far are
you willing to go with your free
speech defense? Where do you draw
the line? Is the fact that you consider
something humourous enough of a
WeU, now that I sound like
one of those politically correct leftist liberals that M. Jules would like
to bash the heads in of, I should
probably end this and allow "Airhead" to get in the last word. One
unrelated thing before I go: Gav
deserves some kind of medal for his
letter last month. Many of us have
stopped thinking for ourselves and
have allowed both left wing and
right wing spokespersons tell us,
what to think and do. Maybe Discorder should give Gav the "Abattoir" column so something intelligent can appear there for the first
Lane Dunlop
Dear Airhead;
I'll admit that until I read your
exchange with Lane Dunlop in last
month's issue, I hadn't even looked
at MJules Killam's "Abattoir" column, but curiosity got the better of
me, and I gave it a read. While I
agree in the main with Mr. Dunlop's
views on the column (although I'm
more inclined to pa s s i l off as merely
dumb), I'm neither writing to support him nor to bitch about MJules;
my beef is with you, "Airhead."
There have been some glaring examples of low-quality material in
the magazine lately, but January's
"Abattoir," and your defense of it,
have got me pig-biting mad
First off, you defend your publication of the "Abattoir" as a "free
speech" issue. In your response to
Mr. Dunlop's letter, you imply that
he has merely fallen victim to Mr.
Killam's clever ploy: to use the "almighty power of free
speech" to bait his readers into reacting, presumably with disgust or
outrage, to his "...sick...
[and]hypocritical... ram-
blings." It is depressing
to see Discorder's editor fall into the swelling
ranks of those half-informed, knee-jerk 'jou-
nalists' (and others) who
wantonly cheapen the
concept of free speech
by hiding behind it
whenever they are afraid
to take responsibility for
their words or actions.
We've all heard the old
saws... "Free speech is
my right to say what yoo
MARCH       © don't want to hear," "I may not agree
with what you say, but I'D defend to
the death your right to say it," etc..
How long would these noble notions
have lasted if they had been
written:"Free speech is my right to
write about 14 year olds wilh sexual
juices gushing down their throats" or
"I may not agree that waterbedi are
no fun to fuck on, but I'U defend to
the death your right to say it?" My
point here is not that Mr. Killam's
views are offensive or that they
should be censored, but that if you
are going to unfu rl the banner of free
speech, think first about those who
are routinely denied this right. I doubt
if Amnesty International would jack
Mr. Killam to the top of their mailing
list if he were jailed for writing the
Take a look at your responses
to other letters that offer you or the
jority of cases, you might just as well
have answered "Fuck you—I'm the
editor. I'd like to see you try it."
Your attitude reminds me of the precocious playground prick we all used
to know who would routinely defend
his or her actions with such gems as
"It's a free country" or "Get off my
property." Ok, you are the editor,
and you have every right to respond
in any way you see fit; my complaint
lies in the fact that for the past couple
of issues it seems the main function
of the "Airhead" column has been to
stir up as much resentment amongst
its readership as possible. I wonder
what role you see Discorder playing
in the local media scene—if, as the
magazine's critics all too often suggest, Discorder is nothing but a
chance for a few spoiled UBC rich
kids to jerk off in print, then stop
reading right now; my point is moot.
If, on the other hand, it is intended to
provide exposure to and coverage of
a music/art/whatever "scene" that is
routinely avoided by magazines such
as the Straight and Nite Moves, don't
you think you could take a slightly
more supportive/participatory attitude? There are several new publications in town competing for Discorder's readership and advertising
dollars; why give them theextra help?
Oh well, it's a free country.
Lastly, since you seem to have
an affinity for dictionary definitions.
try this one on for size: Edit- (v) to
reword for a purpose. What purpose
did you have in mind when you sat
down with the "Abattoir**? The article was idiotic and poorly written;
I've read more informed sexual treatises in the Buchanan building bath
rooms. I, like Mr. Dunlop and countless others I've talked to, found Killam's article pointless and stupid
and I suspect that deep down, you
did too. If not, why the needlessly
sarcastic response to Dunlop's letter? Don't get me wrong, the article
and your response haven't made my
life a walking nightmare, but it's a
drag to see a magazine I've always
enjoyed turn into something that bugs
me. Discorder has always been fun
and interesting to read, but thing!
can change, and the more you choose
to ignore the concerns and opinions
of your readership and more likely
you are to lose it.
Just wondering what the fuck
is going on.
Bill Baker
ed me about writing it. As it turned
out, there was a problem—the
Straight has a policy of not letting
freelance writers use pseudonyms.
They made an exception in this case
because I had already written the
It's pretty dear why they have
to lose my job—what's your excuse?
As for referring to me as a "so-
called freelance writer" —at least I
get paid for my opinions asshole.
I'U go out on a limb here and suggest
it' s going to be a while before you '11
added without my knowledge.
In your rebuttal you once again
say the mistake was "Bate's error."
That leads me to the conclusion
you're used to reading things with
your eyes half closed—most likely
while beating your two inch blood
bat to back issues of Penthouse"}^
If you want errors, take a look
at your own copy. You can start
with glaring ones such as the one
you made when you stated:" ...Steve
Smith. Wasn't that the name of the
loser from the Edmonton Oilers who
scored on his own goal during game
7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals?"
n for n
Dear Discorder,
The best rea
your punk rawk mag is the column
by M. Jules Killam.
Don't let this writer get away,
pay this writer more, give this writer
more space, buy this writer good
beer, give this writer free concert
tickets. This writer is like gold, this
writer inspires me.
Michele Friesen
Dearest Scooter:
From your response lo Steve
Smith's letter last issue, it's obvious
you're the one who should "remove
head from ass"—you've evidently
inhaled one too many of your own
farts and it's destroyed your Planter's peanut of a brain.
I wrote the SNFU article which
appeared in the Georgia Straight
under the pseudonym Dennis Bates.
Because I'm employed full
time at a local paper, my editor told
me I would have to use a pen-name
to do the piece.
I assumed that wouldn't be a
problem when the Straight contact-
■■ .So I poke J oiroursd _*r U,^ Sfuieta/u
•H-in*** \ouf rktrt U**S foo mvc*\ of #,.-,+ ejr.s/
^TVnnij stuff fo proc.et.cl. . —=■	
DocToKS   wiTrtOuT D,cTior^Ri£S.
be able to say the same.
Ludwigs managerSteveSmith
set a number of things straight in his
letter in last month's Discorder. Obviously nothing he said managed to
penetrate your thick, fucking pustule-infested head.
For example, I've never met
the Ludwigs, and I certainly don't
sing for them.
As Smith also noted, the reference in my Straight article to Chi Pig
singing for the Ludwigs was made
during the copy editing process—in
Steve Smith scored on his own
goalie in the Quarter Finals in the
1986 playoffs Mr. Shit for Brains.
He was out on the golf course long
before the finals took place.
That's just one of the facts you
might want to try to get straight next
time dickhead. On second thought,
rather than worrying about getting
your facts straight, maybe you should
sit down and ask yourself why you've
never been paid for any of the shit-
stained prose you produce.
In closing, you might want to
keep in mind that opinions are like
assholes — everybody's got one. I
feel sorry for your mother — she's
going through life with two.
Vancouver. BC
Dear Mr. Bates aka Mike Usinger.
Are you sure you really want
the reading populace to know who
you are? I'd think about that twice
after your incredibly intellectual
"Airhead" Utter. If Ms is a reflection of your work, in which you say
you get paid for, I'd volunteer a
guess that the publication you write
for hasn't been the recipient of any
prestig tous awards.
I was hoping this issue was
finally toyed to rest because, quite
frankly, every response I've received
so far (including yours) has been
nothing but a forum for name-calling and profanity. I hope you realize what all this is doing for your
integrity as a writer? If not, give
Wig Wig a phone call and he'll be
more than happy lo rub your face in
your rheum-riddled rhetoric.
Thanx for the laffs, and remember, ifyouever need some sense
fucked into your head give me a call
and I'll use my "two inch blood
bal." Keep up Ihe good work.
Hugs and kisses,
Dear Alrhead/Gav,
Gav you are just too punk
rock for me. "I sure don't have the
answers because I choose to remain
ignorant of all that goes on outside
my small worid..." Stay in your
small world of living with mom and
dad in Tsawassen, buying pies and
watching Degrasssi with Mike (the
good looking one ofthe Jiggle boys).
I'm recycling this crapola ad
while at the same time attempting to
subscribe to Discorder. Please accept my greenbacks in exchange for
many glorious issues of your informative newspaper. Because I feel
so isolated from the rest of human
existence by living in Uduelet.BC.
I feel the need to read album and gig
reviews of bands I'D never see. Torture, you ask? Let's say it's a burden
but one with which I can live.
Patiently awaiting my first issue.
Kernel Duckmantoa
P.S. Yes, thank you, merci,
for the article on Hemp in the Feb.
issue. Tracy Chester-Bennett will
be the next qi
Hey Hey-my friends,
I am Antony or Tony from the
ULTRA SPLATTER CLUB. ( Horror-Terror-Blood-Gore     from
jection), party with...Gore
THERE ARE: Libraries with
books, comics, tapes, discs, fanzines and video Upes (splatter
movies)=U.S.C LIBRARY DISTRIBUTION: Fanzines, tapes, discs
from all over the worid U.S.C. publish the SPLATTERZINE. It is a
quality fanzine (2,000 copies
Greece, Italy, U.K., NY). SPLATTERZINE advertise and make presentation discs, tapes, fanzines and
books from all over the world. So,
SPLATTERZINE accepts correspondence, tapes, discs, fanzines
and books for presentation (or distribution) 2 copies.one for SPLATTERZINE and presentation and one
for library of U.S.C. (the new
SPLATTERZINE is in printing of-
Please, if you can make presentation to U.S.C. and SPLATTERZINE in DISCORDER? Give
this information to fanzines of Canada. Can you make distribution
SPLATTERZINE in Canada? I wait
for your letter and new Discorder. I
post to you new SPLATTERZINE.
I wait your answer. Thanx I! I
P.O.BOX 31827
_» A  ^pfZ*
TRf a site em
sot ,// AM PIZZA SOC£ I
nr/Ci tkis ooyo*
J152D£NMM(atPcnJrJ?) 689-W2
24 HR. SHOW INFO: 681-1732
6 __3^s__ju__q_ THE ORIGINAL
available at
tine; I>r*.  Hr__«._■**tte*m» Stores
1208 Robson Street /,/«„-,.. 689-4998
Metrotown Shopping Centre phone 431-7993
1068 Robson Street phone 684-3251
Oakridge Shopping Centre phone 261-2262
Metrotown Shopping Centre phone 435-7975
Park Royal Shopping Centre phone 926-7666
Hill h Of :m«2x-*-iscIal«*
2125 West 41st Avenue phone 266-9177
If you've ever thought of brewing you're
own, now's the time to hop onto the
ol' bandwagon. Homebrewing is a
fine way to save a few pennies
making your favorite dark or amber
nectars. In fact for the cost of a
weekend of boozin' you can get
brewing your own beer with a
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•Hopped and Unhopped Malt
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want to hold this WERBEMOH ad up to a
WERBEMOH mirror to figure out what
the WERBEMOH it is.
U-Brew Shoppe
1433 Commercial Drive
you wanna bj^n radio?!
yup, we have taken on the
ignoble task of presenting
the annual National Campus and Community Radio Conference, to be held in
Vancouver from July 6-12,1992... which
means that representatives from campus radio stations from across Canada
will be congregating in ourf air city for
six days of unbridled rock'n'roll
action...which could include them
discovering your local band, act, .
musical troupe... whatever! For information on how you can win
friends and influence this select    ,
Linda at 822-3017 between 10
and 4 on weekdays.
CiTR The Treepeople are a
have been together for about three
and a half years. Over this period of
time they have moved from Boise
to make Seattle their base.and they
have released one EP that is as
lough to find as their debut full
length release for Toxic Shock
With Somelhing Vicious for
Tomorrow, their new record for
C/Z records, Treepeople seem
poised on the verge of something
big. The new record promises to be
more listenable (if that's possible)
as the band has confessed sc
their songs are leaning towards the
pop side of the punk roots they
emerged from.
Considering that some of the
members of Treepeople used to be
in the Boise hardcore band State of
Confusion, we shouldn't expect
anything along the lines of the Partridge Family. Bank on Treepeople
bashing out some real gems that
meander their way through a I
ed path filled with loud guitar and
harmonies. They sound a little like earlier Dinosaur Jr. except
that they aren't as likely to hop onto
the solo that never ends gig as old
J.(Mascis] might be.
The lads from the band were
kind enough to exchange a few
brief words with Discorder on a
night that saw them ptay at the
Cruel Elephant while big bad Bryan played the Coliseum. We always get the big story.
Somelhing Vicious for Tomorrow features one of those grab-ya-
out-of-you covers and in support of
the record the band plans a tour of
the Stales once things begin to thaw
out in the Spring. What's it like lobe
a band in Seattle when everyone and
their dog speak of it being a mecca
for music? "For the big bands il is
OK but it is harder for the younger
bands because everyone is so focused on the big bands; you can see
the big bands any night of the week."
So one would assume that the
scene in Seattle is fairly competitive? Doug Martsch of the band
agrees, " Yeah, I think it is hard.
Bands send out demo tapes everywhere and kind of bust their asses to
get whatever kind of show they can."
And in the face of this dog-eat-dog
rock and roll madness Treepeople
have won the hearts of the Seattle
fans. Not long ago the band was
bestowed with the dubious honour of
being the most under-rated band in
Seattk.anhonourthebandmuses aboul
upon mention. MI think it is enduring, il
makes us the underdog. People seem to
be pulling for us."
This might stem from the fact
that the band has seen their share of
adversity over the course of their
existence. The EP they funded for
their first release was plagued by a
lost master (a remixed version of the
original appears on the B -side of the
upcoming record).
They had their share of problems with the Arizona based Toxic
Shock label that released their first
album and it remains to be a tricky
one to find. We just received a copy
at CiTR and it was long overdue.
Linking up with Daniel House of
C/Z for the new record was a natural
progression for the band. They had
wanted him to release the first record
but were too far into the Toxic Shock
deal to pull out.
So, with the band on C/Z,
drummer Eric Akre is now a label-
mate of his sister Carrie of Hammerbox. Eric is also a drummer with
a second band called Christ on a
Crutch and, speaking of the members of the band, Steve Fisk and Stuart
Hallerman are not members of Tree-
people, a rumour started as a result of
some lazy ass journalist type jumping all overthe first and only names
apparent on Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment.
On the first record there was a
pretty smokin' version ofthe Bowie
tune "Andy Warhol" written back in
ihellunky Dory days. Thenew record
features a Smith s cover which "definitely sounds like a treepeople song."
To me the Treepeople sound more
like Boston than Boise, more east
coast than west coast. The melody
they insist comes naturally is just so,
it is in no way forced and often times
the band launch into a groove that
makes you want to hold yer lighter in
the air when it is all done.
S couldn't believe it—
the folks at Discorder
actually trusted me
enough to let me interview the Screaming
Trees! I know they have the tendency to be kinda on the weird side, but
this was insane! My first interview,
and it was to be with Mark Lanegan,
someone I've wanted to meet for
ages. Mere words could not express
my joy 1 Anyway, after a few technical misunderstandings and one cancelled interview, there I was sitting
in the Town Pump, talking to the
lung-god while guitarist Gary Lee
Conner, bassist Van Conner and new
drummer Barrel Martin (from Skin
Yard) did something else. What, I
have no idea; I was too busy being
nervous about the interview and the
fact that I was still too young at the
time to really be in the Town Pump.
I shouldn't have worried, though,
because everything went well and I
even got into the show.
Discorder: Why the Screaming
Trees? Are you closet environmentalists?
Mark Lanegan: Oh, why the name?
No, not at all. I got really shitfaced
There's two brothers in the band,
do you ever get compared to the
Black Crowes because of it?
The Black Crowes? Nope, not that
I'm aware of. There's a lot of bands
with brothers: The Kinks, The Black
Crowes.... I never think of them because that music is really so different. I like those guys but nobody's
ever said that.
You've recently moved to Seattle,
do you view yourselves as part of
that scene?
As part of the scene? We' re based in
Seattle. It's kind of hard to say, you
know. I don't really.
The Screaming Trees appeared on
Sub Pop's The Grunge Years,
would you classify yourselves as
I don't even know what that means.
When you think about It, I think
sort of Green Rl ver... Mudhoney....
Yeah, I guess. I thought those bands
were pretty cool. But then again if
you wanna throw me in that wet
paper bag, I guess I'll go.
Are there any bands coming out of
Seattle recently that you like?
Oh, there's a lot of good bands lhat
everybody knows. I like... Mudhoney, Nirvana, all that stuff. As far as
other bands, I don't go out loo much to
see bands so it's kinda hard to say.
There's a dub In town on the back
wan of which rt says something like,
"Sleepcapsule are the best Sound-
garden imitators around." Is there a
lot of that going around, bands trying to be just like, say, Soundgarden, so they can get a deal?
Ah, I don't know. I've never heard
of Sleepcapsule, sa...Yeah, I'm sure
there's a certain amount of that.
There's a lot of bands that are kinda
similar lo one another in certain ways,
but as far as that on purpose copying,
who knows?
You have a reputation for having
a really rambunctious live show,
any comments on that?
I myself just try to stay out of that
usually. I try not to get hit-
Any broken bones?
Any broken bones? Ah, not in the
last few weeks, so I guess I'm alright.
Who does most of your songwriting and now much do you write?
We all do it. All of us write, so it's
pretty much a team effort at this
point. In the past the guitar player
wrote the bulk of the music, about
half the lyrics, on some older records.
The record we're just getting ready
to record we actually sat down in the
same room and wrote together which
we haven't done in years. Usually we
were just sending demo tapes back
and forth to one another and now it's
kinda working out alright.
You're starting on a new album
soon. Basically, where, when and
with whom?
We* re leaving on the fifth [Feb] to go
to New York to record it. It's out in
the woods up by Woodstock. We just
wanted to get isolated and not have
all the distractions of home.
When are you going to try and get
it out by?
Maybe June, probably.
I've also heard that you've got a
new solo album coming out Still
on the theme of Up With People?
Yeah, it's more uplifting stuff! You
didn't know who Up With People
were when I was talking to you last.
They played the Superbowl half-
time show (or so I beard). You tend
to stay away from social or political criticism in your songs, any
special reason why?
Everybody's got their bag. When I
sit down to write something I'm not
writing any message, unless it' s more
a personal thing. Some bands don't.
I think we're more interested in personal shit.
So do you see music as a form of
I think it can be for the listener, forme it
doesn 't help !Ha,ha! There is no escape!
So it's just a means of getting money, right? Getting money and
chicks, huh? -,
Well, you know, without that stuff
what is there? Just kidding. I mean,
I don't look at it as a platform for
anything other than...just a means of
legally acting like goon!
With the title Uncle Anaesthesia
and the cover having an Alice in
Wonderland theme, I thought that
also expressed some form of escapism.
There is a surreal aspect to it but
that's kinda how we see life; as stranger than fiction.
8 Es__^£_III_gIi Nardwuar vs.
Ernest Angley
Nardwuar: Hey, Mister Angley ? I have a gift for you
from my grandmother. A
lucky chestnut
You wha—?
A lucky chestnut from my
God bless you.
Can you cure the summertime blues?
Oh, the Lord can cure you and
give you some joy. The Lord is
so good. The Lord is so good.
God bless. God bless.
Can you cure stupidity, Mister Angley?
Oh, I wish you'd shut up, man.
You're so — you're not funny
at all-
believe in the power of God.
Now, I'll tell you, enough's
enough and you need God,
that's what you need.... Acting
like that, going off on the power of God I don't know what
you people are doing here
anyway. And I don't know
what you're here for, but I believe in miracles and if you
were not so ignorant, you'd
believe in God, too.
Thanks. Have a good lunch!
For a VHS videotape of this
encounter which also includes actual scenes of Nardwuar getting "Saved" plus
some other good fun clips,
send five dollars to :
No, I was Just wondering— Ernest Angley Video Offer
God's liable to strike you dead       c/o Discorder Magazine
acting like you're acting and I #233-6138 SUB Boulevard
don'tbelieveinluckanyway.I        Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
The Poster Children are:
Rick (guitar and vocals),
his brother Jim(the oth-
 | erguiUr),Rose(thebass
guitar), and newest member
Johnny(on the drums). The interview was conducted via telephone
from Boston prior to their gig with
Swervedriver at T.T. the Bear's.
Here we go y'all!
Discorder: So are you from
Champaign, Illinois or Urbana,
Illinots(as It says on the back of
their Sub Pop 7")?
Rick: We live in Champaign but our
p.o. box is in Urbana. It's kinda like
a twin city but the college that's
there blurs the two cities together
into one.
I noticed that Daisychain
Tone Records) was produced by
the legendary Stove Albini. With
your first LP being produced by
Steve, as well as veteran producer
Iain Burgess, why did you decide
to go with Steve on this record,
was it because he captured your
Uve sound more in the studio...?
Well, what happened with the last
record was that we did demos with
Steve, recorded about half the
record, just to work out the songs in
the studio, and then our intention
was to work with Butch Vig for this
record. But there was some time
restrictions so we ended up not recording with him. On top of lhat, we
sent the demos to Butch and he
said,"! don't know why you're
asking me to do this..." and that
was fine because by that time we
had agreed that all the stuff sounded great. So we thought we would
go with Steve again.
There is a notable difference between the two on Flower Flower,
where Steve tends to give your
sound a little more depth, but I
think that also has to do with the
drummers on Flower
Plower(there were two). Were they
both In the band at one time or
those two recordings were done a
Right. Those two drummers have
thdr own unique styles, but with
you notice a totally differ
Actually Bob's not in the band anymore , we ha ve a new drummer named
Oh really, so what happened there,
why did he quit?
Well, he's going back to school and
he just got married also, so I think
he's just settling down for a while.
So you've gone through a tot of
line-up changes then, because In
addition to this, I understand
yourbrother Is now the new second gultarist(who replaces Jeff,
who played on Daisychain Reaction). Has this posed as a problem
in terms of touring, press photos
No, not really. Everything's been
pretty smooth in terms of people
leaving, and there was enough time
between tours that we have been able
to rehearse and get all the kinks out
before we started touring again.
Getting back to the new record,
whose idea was it to use live lem urs
on it, was it yours or Steve's?
Actually there not live, it's from a
nature tape; a video tape that was
playing in the control room while we
were recording.
Weil, what song does it com
because I swear I've been Ii
to the CD over and over again,
try ing to find where it comes up...?
It's in the middle of "Space Gun."
It sounds a lot like guitar feedback,
but it is a lemur."
Another thing I found interesting
was the lyrical content on Daisychain Reaction. Do you find
yourself writing about things and
not really caring if the general
populace understands what you 're
Yeah, they were both in the band at    I think the problem we have with
one point Another thing too is that    lyrics is when they're taken sepa
rately from the music. I mean the
music comes first. Y'know, the
melody and then the words fit around
the music. They are a part of a
whole,they 're not poetry for people
to take out, il's more for the music lo
hook on to.
It seems to happen every once
and a while, that bands will tend
will start to Ulk about the city
more than the Individual bands
themselves. For example, people
talked about a Seattle scene, and
then it was L.A, and then New
York, and now attention has
shifted to the Mid- West, in particular Chicago. Do you like It
when you are put In that type of
scenario or do you prefer to stand
out on your own In terms of being
No, not at all. I think il's great to be
a part of a scene because it helps the
other bands that you play with who
are from the same area, and that's
just gonna help everybody. It helps
you and it helps the other band, I
don't think it hurts anyone. To sit
here and say that we're the only
band from Champaign would be
completely ridiculous because it
would destroy any scene that we
play to; it would hurt the other
bands that we play with.
From reviews that I've read and
from listening to your music, it
would seem that there are elements of your sound that originate from or possess the same
qualities as other Chicago bands,
and I just thought it might toke
away from the fact that you use
those qualities in different ways
to set yourself apart from those
Yeah.I havenoproblems with those
kind of comparisons. There are a
lot of great bands from Champaign
too, and I sometimes think a lot of
attention is taken away from what
is going on in Champaign because
we always get put into that "Chicago
scene" and people tend to forget
that there is a scene in Champaign.
Li fact. Rose and I are starting a
record label to help Champaign
bands who don't normally have
any access to that kind of a market.
Speaking of Chicago bands, I
understand you have a friendly
reud going on wtth the guys in
Tar, b that still going on or has it
I don't know, we'll see. Their last
single was a response...[to the
Poster Children putting a photo of
Tar on the back of their Sub Pop
singles club 7"]...called "Flow
Plow" and they have a Sub Pop
single coming out soon, so I don't
know if they have anything in the
works for that. We'll think about it,
maybe there will be a track on our
next recor_(d_e in the fall of this
year)forlhem. Well see...you never
know what will happen.
MARCH       0 -v- vM^o*_Ti, rM Ti^ __ht«-
10 nz&gsn&zMa ;BWFCM»'«r_l
Who took a lesbian up to
his room.
They argued all night.
About who had the
To do what, when & with
- Some limerick or
Recently, i've been accused of being a "limey expatriate." I wasn't
bom in Great Britain, let alone England specifically so how can i be
an exiled Englishman? And my
mother's from Belfast, so if your
brand of racism requires a label,
you could try "Mick." Ifyou do feel
the need to insult me though, don't
repeat what i say. If i call myself an
idiot, don't come along A say,
"Hyuk, i'll prove he's an idiot by
sending in a letter saying i agree
with him." Now that that's cleared
Sorry folks, unfunny this month.
You have to understand, i am a
serious man, these are serious times,
A aside from the anchovies in my
shorts, i just don'l feel funny. It's
also going to be incoherent. I've
got this broad idea that only makes
sense in dick logic, that strange
afflication that comes from the dual
curse of caffeine overdose & owning a penis.
So i'm pretty used to being called
names, racist, sexist, socialist, fac-
sist, nihilist, egoist A almost every
word that ends in -ist.
And i'd say they're just words,
but there's no such thing. I know
how potent A specific words cai
be. Isn't thai why Toronto banned
the Barenaked Ladies? Offensive
words? So you have to think about
the words you use. Andi have.
Here are my careful uses of the
more common words for females:
Girl; witty, relaxed, fun. Lady; dignified, but still fun. Woman; the
rest or those idon't know. There is
one special one, madame. With the
accent on the last half, il means the
same as lady; but with the accent on
the first half, the implication is she
keeps a brothel. If a particular word
has a negative meaning, you can bet
i'm using it because of that
I try to consider every label people apply to me, for 3 seconds or so.
If i had to worry about everything i
did or said, i wouldn't have time to
have fun.
But you gotta consider labels.
Sadly, they're used to ridicule.
Take the East Indian working at 7-
11. So nasty a sterotype, it's a
standard joke on the Simpson's. And
i suspect the accent is perfect for
other than realism.
Here's an interesting connection.
The smegheads who insult me are
the same people who laugh at racist
jokes. Futhermore, they vote for
people like David Duke. And those
same people don't often graduate
high school. And they don't like
Time to be serious. Sterotypes
exist for reasons. People like having a character to relate to at first
Recognising the different facial
structures between a Cantonese & a
Japanese will telly ju a fair bit about
their respective diets.
It's also comforting to have a
sterotype about your own people.
Blacks like the idea they have more
rhythm than anyone else. And the
KKK likes the idea WASP s are
inherently superior.
But when do these distinctions
become bad? Is il okay to know the
difference between a Dutch and a
German last name? Is it okay to pay
more attention to Quebec culture
than Native American culture? Mul-
roney's guilty of the latter, A i personally don't approve of it. Show's
what good Micks are for.
Or should we even be concerned
with distinctions? Do they actually
exist? I must admit, aside from
physical build, i can't see any big
differences between men A women. I know a lot of women who are
better with cars than i am. Iknowa
lot of women who are worse at
cooking than i am. It doesn't have
to do with gender.
But, i'll admit, sometimes i prefer the company of one over the
other. I have yet to meet a person
who has freed themself from the
typical concerns of their gender. If
one day i'm feeling particularly
male, i'll hang out with the guys A
talk about things that women can
understand but never truely feel.
It's like orgasms. Women get
flooded by them, A men only have
a centralized throbbing. So even if
you understand the other, you '11 never experience one.
Or how about this. Suppose a
man A a woman are sitting at a Uble
& a pen or a lighter falls on the floor.
The guy will use his foot, or his
fork, or a napkin, or wh at ever, to try
to bring it closer so he doesn't have
to reach for it. The girl will be
sensible & just bend down to get it
We're talking fundamental difference here.
People just sometimes feel more
comfortable not having to deal with
the stress of someone who is fundamentally different That's whymen
have social clubs A women hve
exclusive health clubs A the like.
Can you pick out the one that is
blatantly sexist?
Is the Politically Comect movement really improving things? Take
the handicapped who were then impaired who are now people with
disabilities; or the rape victims who
are now rape surivors. Are these
people getting treated any better?
Are they being helped on an individual level yet? Just because
they've been bunched together under a new name, their lot doesn't
seem any better off. I've heard
people use both "Wack" A "coloured" in the same viscious way
as "nigger."
I wish i could stop noticing differences. It's hard though. If someone slags a friend of mine for not
being white, i'll have to acknowledge it as true before i can use it as
an excuse to beat the ever-living
shit out of the son of a bitch.
People still have a problem with
race. Here's same distressing evidence: Last year sometime, one of
those magazines for 14 year-olds ran
a survey asking if people would date
someone of a different race. Ofthe
readers who replied, a full 80%
Guess who are the worst at preach-
ing racism — musicians. Guns N'
Roses advocates beating the shit out
of women; Ice Cube encourages
torching Korean groceries; and the
closest thing to a minority in Bruce
Springsteen's entourage is an Italian. And these people all have homes
in Beverly Hills. Nice fucking equality.
Who the hell do we turn to? I'd
rather not resort to Doug Copeland,
supposed leader of our generation.
He's probably a fine guy, but i have
reservations about anyone who's
made a documentary.
But what's the biggie with colour anyhow? The ozone layer's
been noticeably disappearing for
something like fifteen years A it's
getting worse faster. I mean, i had
a sunburn before Valentines's day,
which is fine if i were a skier, but am
not. Everyone's going to turn a
nice cafe-au-lail colour by the turn
of the century, so don't get your
knickers in a knot
Anyhow. It's time to talk about
something useful Equality & justice of the sexual type. Women in
government or in the workplace —
fine more power to them. I don't
care one way orthe other. The thing
i'm interested in is what extreme
feminists have problems with —
social equality.
What i'm talking about is day-
to-day interaction between women
Amen. For example, a women has
as much right to the remote control
as a man does.
Sex. I wish women would tell
men when they want to have sex.
Games are nice & all but that date
rape thing — yoiks.
No woman should have to be a
subservient child-bearing wife
(doesn't matter, i don't want kids).
What equality is there in that?
And no matter what anyone
says, i'm still going to open doors
for a lady. It's what i do. Of
course, i'd also do it for a gentleman.
I guess what really matters is
this: as long as relationships sun
off equal, something can be worked
out so people are comfortable with
their roles.
I'm going way off-topic here so
please forgive me. This is for my
readers who still think i'm sane. It's
about hair care. I've got classic
unmanageable hair—too thick, too
wavy, too long. It won't hold dye
for over a week, A no hairspray can
control it for over an hour. You get
the idea. But i know how to achieve
blissful tresses. It involves my cat
You have to understand this cat.
He's a fat old torn who literally
walked in the front door one day A
never left He also treats me as
furniture. Most important, he's a
clean freak.
So he checks my hair. He takes
some in his paw and gives it a sniff.
If he smells dirt or shampoo or conditioner or dye or anything like that,
he'll surt cleaning my hair. But if he
doesn't my hair has passed inspection A it must be healthy A clean.
One thing before i go: on St.
Patty's, raise a mug o' green beer A
toast all those who are discriminated
against For whatever reason you
want just da Okay?
mmm nam
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Musicians and services available
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DB L    CD
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phone    312.935.5683    fax    312.935.6218 SF.CRETS   ENTRUSTED
Am I the only person who hasn't
read (Vancouver resident) Doug
Coupland *s "Generation *"? Ex-
cerpts from the book have appeared
in everything from Spin to the latest
Processed World mag. It's worth a
whirl I bet, but truth be told, I've
been reading mass market gems
like these two horror collections:
Shock Rock (Pocket books, $5.99)
Hotter Blood: More Tales or
Erotic Horror (Pocket books.
The bestof these two tomes is Hotter
Blood, the second collection of
erotic honor edited by Jeff Gelb
(good luck finding Hot Blood, lis out
of print). Here are 24 stories by as
many writers. Sexy, not Sexist. I
came across this recently, and immediately devoured five stories. I
could have read more, but wanted to
savour the experience. Wink wink,
nudge. The tales are inventive and
filled with humour (Change of Life),
infidelity (The Tub) and impossible
evil (The Braille Encylopaedia).
This would have been a damn fine
Valentines gift!
Shock Rock is going to be flying
off the shelves of convenience stores
across the country. 20 tales with a
rock-n-roll twist. Tongue in cheek?
Well, with Alice Cooper writing the
intro and most of the stories drenched
in black humour this isn't the most
serious horror around, yet parts are
quite spooky (and plausible too!). I
most enjoyed Thomas Tester's
Addicted To Love; Nancy A. Collins VargrRule (her latest Vampy-
re novel. In The Blood is great loo)
and F. Paul Wilson's talc of time
travel. Old poop Stephen King's
contribution is a typical yet welcome tale of a couple who get lost
whilst driving and discover the
hamlet ofRock and Roll Heaven,
Oregon (why yes, he was at the
wheel). Some might want to dismiss Shock Rock as a juvenile excursion: Bah! it's a fun, scary, revenge-filled (the bad guys almost
always get it) 270 pages cranked to
eleven. Dumb but Rocking.
Where were you when you heard
Elvis had died? I was a shy-surly 14
year old sucking on a Dr Pepper,
walking back from the store with
my pal Margaret Rose. My mom
was going to the bus stop. We met at
the comerof my block and she blew
us away with the news. This was the
fiat time a celeb of that suture had
kicked-the-bucket during my lifetime. Well I That certainly called for
a cigarette to cool our jangly nerves.
We sat on the grass and talked about
life. Mom went to work at the Post
Office. It was a warm summer day
(August 16th, 1977).
When the never-ending deluge of
books on Elvis' life began to appear.
I was aghast Gee/, the guy was
dead. Let him be. Well, commerce
and "commemorate*' often go together, don't they?
Ijst year music journalist Greil
Marcus released his ode to "the
King" ...DEAD ELVIS (DouHeday.
he $30.00), the only Elvis book I've
ever owned (and one is plenty).
Greil's approach to the subject is
unique: We view the pop-culture
side of El vis's death; what Elvis "the
image" has been up lo since Elvis
"the person" died bloated and pilled.
The book is filled with keen images
such as the Death Ride 69 lp cover
Elvis Christ; a postcard containing
a vial of E boy's perspiration; a Sun
reprint stating a statue of Elvis was
found on Mars.
DEAD ELVIS also reproduces
Creem mag's 1975 "Jungle Rock"
script. This mythical romp cast Elvis
uThe Good Boy Gone Wrong in a
teen film sendup. We find out about
the wacky b_nd/)r___ Zeppelin and
read Elvis is considered one of the
"revolutionary men of beauty" according to feminist author Camille
Paglia. The book is culled from
media sources; a clip from an article
here; reproduced bits of an interview
there...rearrange the pattern
and...presto! DEAD ELVIS has it's
moments but truly, aside from it's
great title, this tome doesn't sum up
anything we haven't been hearing
for years. Long live the King...Wah
blah blah.
And while we're on the subject of
nostalgia, the definitive book on the
Sex Pistols and Punk Rock, En-
published in the UK and written by
Jon Savage) has reached our shores.
This history starts off with thetrue
folks who instigated punk, fashion
shop owners in the early 70's and
ends with a succinct discography.
We see punk unfold before our eyes:
The Ramones, Televison, Slits,
Buzzcocks, 100 club, the film Jubilee, Maclaren's shop Sex, the New
York Dolls, pirate radio, Sniffin'
Glue and outraged record compa-
The focus always comes back to the
Pistols: We see them form, tour,
fight and shoot drugs, break up then,
in Sid's case, pass away. The book
has photos and graphics (concert
posters) including lots that haven't
been seen before (nowthat's a bo
nus). Punk Rock, phase one, is documented just swell in Englands
...New bookstore alert: Fighting
Words located at 530 Robson
(near Seymour) is selling new
books and offering legal advice.
Owner Mark Hicken has a law
degree so he knows of what he
speaketh. Books include a
unique blend of legal material
and entertainment stock...
Yo, cultured reader! Please note the
folio wing.. .Spalding Gray is coming
to town. One of those gutsy types who
performs solo, he'll be performing a
new monologue entitled "Monster in
A Box" at the Van-East Cultural Centre for a whopping six nights later this
month...The Free Press Festival is
taking over the WISE hall and other
venues at the end of April (23 - 26).
The theme this year is Freedom of
Expression. Well, awrightl The poetry bash, book readings, coffee bar
and hands on publishing technology
exhibit should keep bookworms
busy....Heflo Seattle! I'm planning
to do an expose on your"book" scene
for an upcoming subtext Any cool
shops I should know about? Writers?
Send advice, books, gossip and directions to subtext (that's roe!) which
now has a box number (fancy, huh):
Box 4636, MPO, Vancouver, V6B
4A1...please and thank you...Happy
Reading everyone, subtest will return to these pages in May.
Rudolph Paulini, Munich 1959, from Diego Cortez,
FREE BOOK! for some lucky soul a copy of the classic Freaks Amour by Tom
De Haven, written in 1979. Its the tale of two brothers Charles and Alan who grow
up in the quarantined area of Freaktown ghetto, site of the aftermath of a hideous
explosion. Disfigured from chemical fallout the brothers and their friends have to
deal not only with raging gangs, hot wars. Death Eggs (the ultimate drug), and the
pain of Love; but those damn Normals (folks not disfuigured) are a real pain-in-the-
ass. Write subtext, P.O. Box 4636, MP.O. Vancouver, V6B 4A1 and I'U draw a
"winner**. This book is phenomenal! Its still in print, check it out.
Ever wonder what people are reading? I do. ManWoman, the peaceful artist from Cranbrookand shown
in full tattooed glory in RefSearch's Modern Primatives, took the time to write and tell subtext.
If I had to be shipwrecked with only one book for the rest of my life,
it would not be the Bible I would choose but Lord of the Rings by
Tolkien, a spiritual book without guilt. My all time favorite! The
Transformative Vision by Josi Argiielles I recommend to every
artist. It's art history from the visionary point of view. William Blake,
Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gaugain are among the visionaries
elaborated with perception. Fuck Yes by Reverend Wing F. Ring is
about a new spiritual trip where "yes" is said to everything, including
your own divinity. A numerous book rumored to be written by Tom
Wolfe. The Mystic Spiral by Jill Puree is a heavily illustrated picture
book on the use of the spiral to signify the infinite, eternal source of
existence. For those interested in cosmic symbols.
I wrote my own book on a cosmic symbol this year—special introduction by Jos, Argiielles. It's called Gentle Swastika (not published yet)
and is about the universal use of the Swastika as a sacred symbol and
good luck sign, concentrating on the period just prior to WW 11 when it
was used by the likes of Coca Cola and Rudyard Kipling!
And, last, but not least, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, a great book!
I read the unabridged version but I recommend the abridged because
Hugo uses this book to rant about the politics, the poverty, the
injustice, and the misery of life at the time. Most ofthe references to
events and battles mean nothing to us now. This is a great book with
a great hero, Jean Valjean. Did you know that there's a religion in
Vietnam that worships Victor Hugo as one of iu saints?
(ManWoman wrote of some other books, with regret, that old
demon "lack of space" keeps me from printing 'em. I'll mention
these when I review his tome Gentle Swastika, which could be out
this year. —J.)
14 ng^sunzM* DENON
DENON brings you
stunning releases by
the band that was
the foundation of
modern alternative
pop, previously
unavailable In
STAR, formed in 1972 fay Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, wa a
hand that influenced muaidani at diwne at THE REPLACEMENTS, THE
POSIES, PRIMAL SCREAM, THIS MORTAL COIL, and countless .then. Though only two albums
came out during their brief carter, DENON hat unearthed tliree long tought-after releases:
Safer Loitn -   Legendary third album recorded in 1974 (contains 5 extra tracb)
Big Star Lht-   recorded in 1973 in New York
CURS BELL - / Am 74e Comm* -the solo project he wat working on when he wat kilted in a
tragic auto accident (contains 3 extra tracb)
TOLL FREE: ?&£%%,
East Vancouver
North Surrey
10280 - 135th St
641 Yates St.
9 Commercial St. VrAI';-^
Like everyone else who isn't getting paid to write a Bruce McDonald interview, I'm going to say I like his first movie, Roadkdl, the best
Still, hers is a Canadian who, unlike many, has not bitten the Caacon hand that fed him because he never relied on it in the first place. Soliciting people in unorthodox ways that have
Id, the Georgia Straight— carving the name for anarchy that it does—deemed Bruce McDonald "Anarchist Filmmaker", subtlely overlooking the fact that Roadkill is coming out on vide
he was holding a press conference in the Wesun Bayshore, with a rather large chaperone at his side.
Bruce's focus i j not on anarchy (as is no one's in the business of getting their message heard), rather McDonald "s focus is the steps your average cog takes towards anarchy and all the fucked up potholes and disenchanting
tumoff s you run into along the way. Quite naturally he gets under the establishment's skin, but be does it with enough validity lo award his latest film. Highway 61 ,the media push it demands.
Bruce lashes out at his idea of the typical Canadian "small town boy moves to the big city with a Tennesee Williams script" film, introducing the angry canuck instead of the lapdog we've been allowing to sniff our
crotch for years. The last film festival gave Mr. McDonald a personal escort out to the airport for alleged rowdy antics that rae and a pack of college jerkoffs couldn't gel him to expand on.
got a friend who's an actor playing Jesus in Jesus Christ
Superstar In Sault St. Marie right now, and one night he phoned me np
mushrooms, on the brink of suicide. We talked fer a bit and he
•ntually got back on track saying that after he saw Roadkdl he realized
tkat anyone could do what be wanted to do. And that was his inspiration   B
for going on; he didn't kill himself and eventually got this Job as
Jesus....IMd you do Roadkill to prove any kind of point? f
Bruce McDonald : The whole test was: can we make a film for this
pathetically small amount of money. We did it in 8 months from conception   U
to the final print. Y'know, just whaaaaa reaUy fast...That's great if people
say well if Macdonald can do that lean do that. Kind of like Jimi Hendrix    «C
Dylan and saying if be can sing lean sing.
I'm a big fan of him from way back; we sent him funky
letters and a piece of roadkill. Joey was, I guess,
charmed by all this and agreed to do ihe part for a flight,
a hotel, and all the cheeseburgers he could eat.
This little old lady pulls out her Nancy Reagan special like it was a cheque
book. We wanted to rent her boat for the last shot [Highway 61], mind you
it was probably the energy there because we were all sweaty and the son was
fuddn' goin' down so we were sayin',"Hey, AHRRR, we '11 rent this rowboat
off you real quick, ARARARARARARARARRRRR."
h  by Redd McJann
It's soulless, people lose all sc
e of expression. It's like selling sausages
Something you never see in the movie industry... you never see oo TV. It's
like everything outside of the urban centres: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, media-wise, is an invisible nation. People under 30 really dug us
filming there, then diere were these establishment Sudburians who thought
re negatively showcasing Sudbury One woman came up to me livid,
and said, "How can you show Sudbury populated by drug addicts,freaks and
serial killers?! That's disgusting!" and she stormed off. She was from the
any other product like. "We've got Deviio Mahblahblah." L.A. is the centrc    Chamber of Commerce and I guess she figured the movie wouldn't help
ofthe world. Tourism Sudbury or something. It's a good drug town.
least the funeral directoras this little Indian guy, you don't see lhat every day.
I like the fact that the girl in the movie was bad. She wasn't the romantic
sidekick, she was the motor for things and she did bad things. She's modeled
after an old girlfriend of mine who eventually became a filmaker. She just
released a film in Toronto called Toxic Steam about some 16 year old girls.
Hername's Adrian Mitchell. I had Cathy Acker in ««__tiW but wehadto edit
the scene oul   "5f|     \f        AF© ^
He's a loose cannon, I couldn't find him anywhere,
party I wouldn't have gotten taken to the airport,
downtown. I made Art aGennan rockstar in Higkw
and music seem kind of Berlin, and Highway 61 u
e where no one really belongs.
He was a big inspiration
and at 21 he (fid: Imagine a Sound, about jazz players, then he made a film
about performance artists. I got my first film related job through him picking
up Jim Carroll from the airport (and taking him to ihemethodone clinic) then
ly 61 because his lyrics T mg ^ ^^ Comic Book Confldenlull for him and I got more into
film and reading comic books.
I would've been taken
a kind of fucked
Arrested in New Yoi
I really like Yummy Fur and Dirty Plolte from Montreal, Love and Rockets
not so much any more... Art Spiegleman from New York. Fish Man from
Guelph, Ontario is great. It's about this guy who has the power to clean fish
telekinetikly and then he comes up wilh this metaphysical problem "Where
does the dirt go?"     ; *^k    taT ■
Arrested in New York City for trespassing: west side on Canal Street, this
brokendown building, artists have been sneaking in and painting amazing
things. There was this clear coffin with an Andy Warhol figure inside holding
a can of Campbell's soup with a tube running from it into his nose. I was in
there with some friends and a camera, we got rowdy and I guess the port
authority called the cops. I used the footage in a film called Knock Knock
which was all aboul going into people's bedrooms. I still have this fancy letter
from the Whitehouse framed up on my wall saying "Ron and Nancy are busy
the day you want to come into their bedroom" or something equally as classic.
Jello Biafra
Art Bergmann
16 tEgRssieSD
He wanted about a grand for his part, but he was into it because he got to
be on the other side of the desk—an anal customs official His whole
conception of evil in America is that evil in America is done by men in
?m£wmm^Mmim.&m Whoa Dad ! It's Pierre Berton !
by Nardwuar the Human Serviette.
Nardwuar: Who are you?
I'm Pierre Berton. I have "journalist" on my passport. I think
that's good enough.
How old are you, Pierre, If I
^     dare may ask?
I am seventy-one years old. I
was born in 1920.
Weren't you once a member
of CITR Radio?
No, there was no radio at UBC
I when I was there. There was a
radio SOCIETY, and once a
week we did a half-hour radio
broadcast on CJOR in the old
Grovesnor Hotel. In 1941, we
didn't have a radio station.
> It was called RadSoc, wasn't
It? And RadSoc went on to
become CITR 90 I guess you
could say I am a descendent of
Pierre Berton in some respects.
Follower anyway.
'     Is Canada falling apart?
No, it's just doing what it's always been doing: talking about
falling apart
Might apathy really be Cana-
l     da's biggest problem?
Apathy is everyone's biggest
problem. I think at the moment
people aren't so much apathetic
as they are fed up: fed up with
the government, fed up with the
Constitution argument They just
fc want to go back to earning some
money and they're all broke and
nobody has a job. Actually
they're apathetic about other
things. For most people, the most
important thing isn't the Constitution; it's bread and butter.
Who is the American equivalent or Pierre Berton?
I don't think there is one. I don't
fashion myself against anybody.
I am notparticularly happy about
comparing myself with an Amer-
Are you known in the United
I am known in small circles. I
published quite a few books there
ff and some of them did well but
I'm not a household name or
anything, no.
Are you allowed across the
border freely, Pierre ?
Oh sure, I go across all the time.
Is there a difference between
an American and a Canadian?
There is an enormous difference,
we just have the same language
and the same suits.
I went to a Neil Young concert
and there were aB these darks
there waving American flags ,
wbicb I'm sure pleased Neil cause
I think he actually played the
Star Spangled Banner. How do
you view Canadians such as Mr.
Young who seem to have given
Well, people in my business go
where the work is. I used to have
Neil on my knee when he was
two years old —
Wow, that knee right there?!
WeU his father was a good friend
of mine; we worked together at
McLean's. No, Neil went where
the work was, where the recording contracts were. Things are a
little bit different now, people
like Gordie Lightfoot and Anne
Murray can stay here but Neil
didn't feel he had to. I don't
object to it
How come power-luncher
Alex Trebek deserted Canada
while news guy Peter Mans-
bridge has remained true to
our nation ?
It's a personal decision. I think
Alex Trebek was offered a pretty fancy job in the States and
took it Peter Mansbridge was
offered a pretty fancy job and
didn't take it. He preferred to be
in his own country. Myself, I
stayed here. Authors really don't
need to move around much these
days. Nobody does with television and fax machines.
Does "Banal Adams" have any
legitimacy in saying the Can-
Con ruling is bogus?
No, none at all. He is quite wrong.
It is fine for him, but he doesn't
need the CRTC because he's a
big-shot and makes a lot of money. People who need the CRTC
CanCon ruling are people who
are starting out Bryan Adams
would not be where he is today
were it not for the pioneers who
pioneered a system whereby a
certain amount of Canadian
music had to be played. That's
why Anne Murray is big. That's
why Gordon Lightfoot is big.
That's why a lot of younger
groups are coming on and getting their stuff heard on Canadian radios, because Canadian radios, normally, would take the
easiest course and just run American records if they were allowed
to. And they shouldn't be allowed to.
Do you think the CRTC is going to give In and let "Banal
Adams" have his way so he
can become Canadian Content?
No, they're not going to change
for Bryan Adams; Keith Spicer
has made that very clear.
On another goofy subject, are
you aware of the Barenaked
Ladies bondoogle In Toronto?
I think you can't not be aware of
it, seeing as it's been on the front
pages of all the newspapers. It's
a silly, stupid, foolish controversy. The band took this name,
which is an ingenious name, and
the old fogies at city hall got all
upset. Now they wish they hadn't
because everyone is pointing a
finger at them and laughing.
Is Leonard Cohen the coolest
Canadian ever?
WeU, I don't know if he is THE
coolest, but Len is pretty cool,
yeah. Good poet, terrible singer.
Who are some other Canadians
who have gone unheralded?
I think most people get recognition unless they don't want it.
Maybe Charles Saunders isn't
heard of now, but he was in his
day. I don't know. Maybe Bliss
Carmen isn't known anymore,
but he was in his day. I just made
a list of one hundred twenty-five
significant Canadians over the
last one hundred twenty-five
years for a magazine. I made a
Ust of two hundred fifty but I had
to cut it down, there were so
many of them, you know. I used
to teU Morley CaUaghan he was
the most recognised unrecognised Canadian who ever Uved.
Everybody was saying they had
never heard of Morley CaUaghan
but in fact they had. People will
rise up to the top Uke cream if
they're good.
I bet Wayne Gretzky is on
that list.
Uh, no, he's not The only two
sports people on the Ust are Corm
Smythe and Foster Hewitt. I
didn't put performers in any field
on the list because I think the
people who make the climate
proper for the performers are the
significant ones. If you put
Wayne Gretzky on, you would
have to put two hundred other
hockey players on and you
wouldn't have a list
What about that lady in the
1890s who became a doctor-
she disguised herself as a man,
Is she on your list? What was
her name ?
Doctor Barry. No, she isn't on
the list. She managed to pass
herself off as a man for most of
her life. In those days, I guess
she didn't undress in front of
anybody else. It was only after
she died that they found out she
had a child somewhere. It's a
fascinating story.
Have you ever met any United
States presidents that you've
I have never met any United
States presidents, liked or not.
But I probably would have liked
Jimmy Carter. I certainly would
have liked Franklin D Roosevelt,
and I think I would have liked
Harry Truman. I'm not so sure
about the others. I probably
would have liked lohn F
Kennedy, he's a likable guy. But
I 've nevermet them so I wouldn't
Did President Kennedy really
infiltrate the Canadian election ofl 963 in helping to Influence Canadians not to re-elect
John Diefenbaker?
I haven't the slightest idea. I
don't know.
Have you seen JFK?
Have I seen him?
Have you seen him and have
you seen the movie?
I've seen JFK. I co vered the convention which nominated him
for leader of the party. No, I
haven't seen the movie. I don't
think I will see it. They make a
hero out of sleazy man called
Garrison who hounded a poor
wretch called Clay Shaw to his
death. I've met Clay Shaw and I
don't doubt that Garrison, for
poUtical reasons and for poUtical stance, drove this man really
almost to his death. The man
was totaUy acquitted of everything and now this guy Garrison
is made a hero. He isn't a hero,
he's a rat
Hey! But was it not revealed in
1973 that Clay Shaw had actual Units to the CIA ?
I don't know but he certainly
wasn't involved in any conspiracy against Kennedy. I tend to
think these conspiracy stories are
Could a govermentai coup ever
topple Canada? I have heard
of environmentalists having
meetingsat UBC Infiltrated by
CSIS members. Is CSIS that
dangerous and scary?
No, it's rather incompetent as a
matter of fact. But you couldn't
have a coup in this country; it's
too big. it's too long, there are
too many mountain ranges in the
way. How are you going to control the country? Impossible!
You might take over Winnipeg
or Saskatchewan or something,
but you couldn't take over the
What was Pierre Trudeau reaUy Uke?
You pretty much got what you
saw. He was an intensely private
man. He had a very strong intellect He had the Jesuit abiUty to
argue you to the ground If he
didn't wresde inflation to the
ground, he certainly did wrestle
it from a lot of other people ver-
baUy. I knew him casually. Once,
long, long before anybody
thought he was going to be anything, when he was simply a
dilletante, we had him on a program about separatism. I liked
him. In fact I voted for him at
one point
Is he on your Ust of one hundred twenty-five Important
Yes. There are four Prime Ministers I think are great He's one
of the four, fate others are John
A [Macdonald], WUfred Lauri-
er and Mackenzie King. I also
put Lester Pearson on the list for a
different reason because he started
the peacekeeping forces. And John
Diefenbaker, although he was a
very bad ftime Minister, I put on
the list because he represents a
form of Prairie populism which I
think is significant
Does the "Mulroney" really
really hate Trudeau?
John A MacDonald said, "No
politician can afford the luxury
of hate or revenge." I don't think
politicians hate each other; I
think they are opposed to each
other. I don't have the sUghtest
idea what Mulroney's private
feelings are. He doesn't indicate
if he does or he doesn't.
Many Canadians will recognise you as the guy on Front
Page Challenge. You' re in your
thirtieth year at Front Page
That's one of the longest running television shows in history?
WeU, Meet the Press in the United States, I know, has run longer. It's the only one.
Have any headlines on Front
Page Challenge really ever
stumped you? Are there any
ones that you have kicked
yourself for not guessing ?
Oh, about half of them stump
me. I think my batting average is
about 50/50. My mother was on
Front Page Challenge and I
didn't recognise her.
Really? DM they have a voice
disgulser or something?
I guess they did I don't really
remember, it was such a long
time ago. The last one was my
daughter Patsy and I didn't get
her either. She was on because a
book of mine called The Secret
World ofOg had reached its thirtieth anniversary and she made a
new cover for it
So the next thing you know I'U
be on Front Page Challenge.
You neveT know.
And hopefully you'll guess who
I am, Nardwuar the Human
Serviette from CiTR Radio
here in Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada, Cable 102,
FM 102. Is Canada's national
sport reaUy lacrosse?
No, it'squite obviously icehock-
ey, it used to be lacrosse. In
some ways it maybe should stUl
be lacrosse, which is an ingenious, wicked sport but our national sport has been and always
wUl be hockey.
Finally, Pierre, and thank you
very much — I say thank you
again because It's really an
honour to be speaking to you
since you're such a distinguished Canadian— Do you
Uke to be known as a distin-
I hate it. It makes me feel Uke a
has-been to be called distinguished. I'd rather be called a
radical, or a rebel, or anything
else other than distinguished.
In the 1960s, like William S
Burroughs, did you ever use
hallucinogenics to enhance
your writing?
Not unless you count pot grass,
but not to enhance my writing. I
would never write one word under the influence of either drug
or alcohol: it throws your timing
right off. I know when I go on a
television program, or a radio
program, or a pubUc speech, I
wouldn't take one drink; I
wouldn't smoke even one joint
because that throws your timing
off; it throws your thinking off.
It throws everything off. If you
want to be sharp, stay sober.
But you did experiment with
marijuana then?
I didn't "experiment" with it I
just smoked it It wasn't an experiment The kids had it and we
were sitting around and we used
to smoke joints. I stiU do. I smoke
with my kids.
AU right. Thank you very
much, Pierre. Keep on rocking in the free world!
Okay. Thanks.
<E> Calendar of Nights
Reggae Night
with DJ George Barrett
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Beyond The Dance
with DJ Noah
'   Doors Open
-,.    At 9:00 pm
1250 Richards St., Alley Entrance 688-2648
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The call has been Issued forth
for all interested parties to submit Ideas and designs for DISCORDER t-shirts! Send any
drawings, doodles, and the like
to us at Rm.233, 6138 SUB
Boulevard, Vancouver, B.O.,
and we shall shower you with
gifts—or at least your very own
100%   cotton   masterpiece
_ 0n February 7-9, nine UBC
student- joined the Walk for
the Rainforests an Vancouver If land, beginning in the
Walbran Valley (adjacent to Car-
manah) and covering 200km before
reaching the Legislature in Victoria
on February 22.
Although we were only able to
be present for the start of the two
week's activities, we all felt moved
by the events and surroundings of
the weekend.
Our drive, which took us
deep into clear cut country, turned
out to be an eventful journey.
Three breakdowns left us playing naming games to keep warm,
and the blackness of night was
made eerie by the silhouettes
of stump and (lash around us.
Although we were pointedly
aware of the unnatural openness around us, the full shock
of the massive destruction
did not set in until we were to return
in full daylight
The moming found us parked
at the end of the logging road; the
West Walbran Trailhead. We spent
two hours wandering among the giant trees, following the trail to
"Pooh'i Comer," where a stream
wound its way through moss stream -
which we spent die better pan of
two days. Following are some
individual accounts of our experiences:
When walking through the
valley bottom, looking around their
me, but the feeling that
if I closed my eyes, I couldn't visualize how the area looked before
cutting. All life was gone: the unexpected lakes and streams, no wildlife, few plants; the beauty was gone.
that everyone  sing
the trees
ic of life, to witness the breathing of
trees, the singing of birds, the
chanting of streams, the
dreamy land of the ancient rainforests. I let the
life and vitality encompass me: filling my lungs
with fresh air, drinking in
the crystal clear water, and
just being part of the community; part ofthe complex
worid of nature.
As we left the beauty of
the forest behind, and entered the clear cut zone, I
could only ask "Why?" and
shudder at the knowledge of
what this graveyard had once
We drove through the rainforest. I didn't see the trees at night,
but during the moming it was
phenomenal; we walked out of
the Walbran and up the logging
road for six or seven miles. Only
once, for a brief 10 minutes, were
the clearcuts out of view.
I have seen many different
kinds of clearcuts: They cross roads
over entire valley floors, all clearcut
in between; mountain root clearcuts;
slabs of mountain clearcuts;
bald eagle.
fore it hits me, soothing sounds to
help put me to sleep, and warm rays
of sunlight to wake me and help
welcome the new day. Somany gifts
given freely to me....
The tree stumps; graves calling out to me, shaming me, and I find
myself silently asking them for for-
What struck me hardest about
the vast emptiness of the clearcuts
was the idea that such a small amount
of people could make the decisions
to destroy whole mountainsides of
forest, whole ecosystems, whole
habitats for a whole range of wildlife. These decision makers are not
representative of the population, nor
are they acting in a responsible way.
The rates of cutting have advanced
far ahead of actual environmental
technology. Now that the forest industry is faced with the decline of
prime old growth areas to exploit in
the future, and with erosion and disease effecting replanted areas and
washing out roads, they have been
forced to study the ecological impacts of their practices. Perhaps if
the industry had been more responsible rather than greedy, we wouldn't
have to deal with the huge conflicts
that we are faced with today.
en and overhanging plants, following iu course to Anderson Lake.
Prior to beginning the Walk,
^ the forty participants formed a circle
to symbolically strengthen our common purpose and bond. We sang for
the forest and for our spiritual communication, and we set out with high
spirits from the deep green of the
forest into the bright, stark areas left
behind by the retreating logging
9 tracks.
Most of us
was so much to see: the beauty and     It madc me fecl .j^ ^^y „„,
the diversity, both biological and     hcart!tricken to think that at one
ecologicaUsawsomanycharacter-     d™. ^ area was beautiful, majes-
istics, so many personahues of the     tic, and aU that was now gone,
As we started our walk on the
logging roads through the extensive r WM reminded of something^
clear-cut. tt was overwhelming to     yay import by ,
see how everything had been wiped     who     fpoke
out. However, it wasn't the way the
clearcut looked that deeply
during the
daily ritual Her expression
was quitemoving. Although the trees
heard the destructive sounds of logging trades day after day, it was
cared. I could not erase
from my mind. Afterwards, during the march, I felt as
though these trees had eyes and
could see everyone walking
down die logging roads.
The banner, which we
carried, took on a significance
by showing them we still
cared. These trees became
my friends and I felt a great
sorrow at seeing them
slaughtered in the name of
paper plates and paper
cups in our disposable
I began to
feel sick as we approached a particular
clear  cut,   whose
white stumps looked
like headstones in a
graveyard. I could
only imagine how the trees must
have felt looking out at this landscape of death.
It was awesome to awaken in
an old growth forest, to feel the mag -
tire mountainside-mowed
Bleached stumps, white, reaching out to sunlight everywhere, in
red earth and beds of light green
moss. This is what strikes you: these
bleached white stumps dotting the
landscape, whiter than driftwood,
they even stick out between the green
stalks of possible trees, in the replanted sections.
The clearcuts, the hot air rising
off the dirt roads, cracked and
bleached much drier than in the shade
of the forests; all of it ceases to affect
you after a while.
The branches and leaves wave
at me and welcome me here while
the wind washes slowly through my
hair and opens my eyes, reminding
me that I am alive. The forest is so
accepting of my intrusions: providing me with a clearing in which to
sleep, brandies to catch the min be-
Thank    you    to
TRAC (Temperate Rainforest
Action Coalition) and all associated
community groups for the opportunity to take part in supporting the last
old growth forests of Vancouver Is-
The Walk for the Rainforest-
is just the firsl of many public awareness activities that will be taking
place throughout Rainforest Summer 1992.
Tune in to CITR on March 5
for the 24 hours on the er
© bash. "Jasper" is an incredible pop-
punk song that is sure lo wind up an
Oregonian anthem I The vocals are
very unique in ihe sense that they are
an almost happy, straining moan;
real weird, but it works great I can't
wait to see this band pull it off Uve.
Reminds me a lot of the pop side of
rock; I mean that angst-
deep-throat Americana punk rock.
Two great songs from a wild new
group. As well as the flashy Joe
■the need tomove    Newton cover art, there
iLucky strike, no?     coolphotosofZlpGunontheback.
I kinda tiftced there was    They look like complete derelicts....
something wtxjprhen there hadn'l Also on eMpty is Yummy s
been a "Sevetflpbh" column in a "Happiness / Piss in Boots." Step-
couple months.||$w, because of that ping a notch down from the grace
simple fact, I'-Moing to catch up and the finesse of Zip Gun stumble
with the old uiatw these rollickly stupid, drank-punk
First on thekii parade is a slew songs. The lyrics are completely
of singles fmiarSeattle's eMpty mindless.thoughYummyarelucky
Records. I thinl. it's a dear fact that enough to fall back on thdr loud and
this erupting labd now holds the    pratty guitars. "Piss in Boots"sounds
like Billy Childish-meets-Motor-
head. More great Joe Newton cover
art on this one as well.
The most impressive single
m eMpty as of late has been the
offering from Portland's Cracker-
I al so was lucky to gel a hold of
the new Blobs Vol. 2 on ihe Way Out
Records of Victoria. This volume
features Victoria's Show Business Giant* and Seattle's Squirrel* The Show Business Giants really let it go with the hot big
band sound of "All Night Man."
"You Are A Leper" is an amazing
punk tune with very audible rock
and roll melodies stuffed under the
Show Business Giants' "now'
sound. The Squirrels continue lo
refuse to let real pop music die in the
form of their warped renditions of
" Beautiful Sunday," "Seasons in the
Sun" and the really fucked "Hustle."
On the complete opposite end
ofthe spectrum still is the Leaving
Tralna " Rock and Roll Murder" on
SST. This is a great single emphasising the frustration of living in today's society. It's a low-fi rocker
that shrieks about the atrocities of
tfie USA: the Kennedys, Malcolm
X. et d. The B side features "Fuck
You God" (I'm already living in
hell) and "Kids Wanna Know"pnore
good songs about the wrong of to-
New from Dionysus Records of LA
is the Hoods" You Won't Take Her
/Mystery Train." This is a gem. It's
really cooking R&B and double time
rock and roll, complete with wild
guitar solos and great harmonized
vocals. The Hoods are a fairly new
group who hail from the dark side of
San Diego who have moocho potential to make waves in this Land ofthe
besl recorded talent in tfie NW. Besides the obvious staple of Gas
Huffer, a new combo named Zip
Gun have exploded onto tfie scene
with their new platter "Together
Dumb." The mode is really fine
iiiiiimiiiim ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiuutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
thing distinct and challenging. Mosl
Lost The Hoods: "pass the dynamite,  cos the fuse is lit"
Speaking o' southern California and great record labels, Sympathy For The Record Industry has
recently released three "dassic-pc-
tential" seven inchers by one of the
world's greatest pop bands, the Pooh
Sticks. The Pooh Sticks are from
Swansea, Wdes and are, simply put,
the best thing lo come out of that
country since Dylan Thomas himself. The three singles are all instant
collector's items. The first (my fave)
is "Young People/ Crazy Love." I'll
tell you right now, "Young People"
is one of the best songs I have ever
heard. It is an anthem to the youth of
the world to get of f their asses and to
do something in a positive way. The
song has a wonderfully rich '70's
sound with a singdong chorus you
won't be able to shake for days. Disc
2 is another killer with the instant hit
being the immense and wonderful
"The Worid is Turning On." The
third is a picture disci I know what
you're thinking, "too good to be
true!" It's a beautiful little record
featuring the mugs of the multi-sex
Pooh Sticks. The songs "Time to
Time," "Emergency," and "Tonight"
are all great with "Emergency" coming through wilh the gold. It's a
brooding stomper complete wilh a
siren; that's a key I Get these babies
while they last. Join the Pooh
Sticks revolution now!
After that tirade you'd think
nuthin' could be better... well I found
one! A new split single from the
sizzlin' sounds of the Cruddy Record
Dealership starring Girl Trouble
and the A-Bones Besides the surreal and valuable Peter Bagge cover
art, it' s been a highly anticipated and
talked about single from two of the
best rock and roll bands in America.
Another obvious similarity between
these two bands is that they both
feature girl drummers: Miss Bon
Von Wheelie on the Girl Trouble
team and Miss Miriam Linna en the
A-Bones side. It's almost impossible to choose which song is the
best on this chunk. They are both
amazing songs that scream with
everything that is missing in today's corporate music world. I'm
calling this ultra-cool, split single a
draw and the best collaboration of
musical genius in a long while. Oh
yeah, one more thing: Sister Bon
Von Wheelie, ride with us. Saint
Kahuna, ride with us, Saint Dde
the Whale, ride with us, and Saint
KP Kendall, please... ride with us.
And that, my friends, concludes my first wee column on the
greatest form of popular music, the
seven inch vinyl record (most preferably on 45rpm). In my lustful
hunts for goodtime music I fdt
there was but one large gap: Van
couver. No kxad singles! Why? Every month in Seattle several indie
singles are released. Yet in Vancouver nothing has been released inde-
pendantly on seven inch vinyl in
months. Why? Do bands in Vancouver suck? No, I don't really think we
suck too badly. So what's the ded?
Do bands in Vancouver want attention? Do they want to support and
people to like them? If this is so do
something different and put out a
SINGLE! Try it take a risk, DO
SOMETHING WITH YOUR TALENT. In my biased, opinionated
mind, CDs and tapes suck. What's
so spedd about those formats? Everybody's doing those, and from the
looks of Vancouver rock and roll,
they haven't been that successful.
And don't tell me records are impractical. Get with it and garnish
some of the attention the talent in
this town deserves. See you next
Welcome to another edition of Me
kanikal Objekt Noize. Discorder's
industrial/ ambient/noise column.
There's tons of reviews coming
up, so let's get stalled, shall we?
Spiral Records, a local record
company, has recently released
Sound Generator 11, a compilation
that was mentioned briefly in the
last thrilling installment of your
fave column. The songs range from
guitar pop to hard electronic.
Swanyard's two offerings
"Ghost" and "Crash" sound pretty
similar and are definitely dectro-
pop whereas Sect's "Variance" is
minimalist, repetitive music that is
obviously done on old equipment;
arresting nonethdess. Emily Faryna contributes a German torch song
and the Native artist Russell Wd-
lace, who works under the name of
Dreamspeak, does one of the
CD's more intriguing tracks about
Oka, "Indian Summer." Dream-
apeak has just released an album,
Bloodlines, which deds with Native children being raised in non-
Native foster homes. Who sdd
electronic music is boring?!
One of my current favorites
certainly has to be Fishbones and
Wi_AfeonM(DOU/SILENT) by
Australia's Pelican Daughters
I first heard about them in that
wacky, cyberpunk mag, Mondo
2000. According lo their own " Post
Industrial Music," the Pelican
Daughters might be described as
ethno-psychedelic ambient
industrial....They mix samplings
from instructional records, ethnic
music, and dialogue old movies
with lysergic and surrealist, oneiric melodies I It is lush and extremely beautiful—definitdy something
different. The high point of the
CD(according tomoi) is "No Place
Like Homer," an operatic tune with
samples such as "Homer is a pilot
whde" overlayed by tenor serenades of "come home." Truly a
remarkable CD. This might be hard
to find but it is distributed in Canada by Death of Vinyl Entertainment, # 100-159 Bloor Street West,
Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3E2.
Another hip and happenin'
album has to be Young Gods' keyboardist Al Comet's Europ Pirat
Tour (150 rpm). He went on tour
with a megaphone-wielding vocalist and a keyboardist for some-
of the songs are very heavy on
percussion with strongbeats but
they are nothing in comparison to
those bands who rely on drum machines (not ihm ihere's anything
wrong with that!). This is full of
tempo changes and sounds very
inventive. In "Plus D'accordeon"
an echo beat is interrupted by raw
guitar blasts with an almost Arabic
sounding vocd. There are a couple
more peaceful tracks, but most are
the sound of machinery. It's rewarding to hear someone really
pushing the electronic boundaries.
Talking about drum machines, Switzerland's Swamp
Terrorists' Grow-Speed-tnjection
(machinery) is full of crashing and
thrashing guitars, albeit with a sarcastic edge. The emphasis is definitely more on technology than
Ministry and Swamp Terrorists
manage not to sound like a Ministry clone band. The three part
"Vault" has great sound bite interruptions scattered throughout: Pan
I featuring the ominous sound of
clocks and a foghorn. Pan II with
relentless beats and the ambience
of Part HI. Pretty enjoyable.
For the musically intrepid is
Noise Forest (les disques du soler)
which is a Japanese noise compilation (surprise, surprise!)thatisplen-
ty o'feed back. Probably the best
known band is Merzbow and if
you like distortion you'll adore this.
mic.vein is Nurse With Wounds
Chance Meeting on a Dissecting
Table of a Sewing Machine and an
Umbrella(Vnilcd Dairies Produced). It features scratchy guiurs
on the second track—the 48 minute
CD sports 3 untitled tracks—and
the last track, which is 28 minutes
long, is full of grating,and snippets
of French. Lovely in a wdrd way.
My Government Is My Soul
is BourBonese Qualk's latest
CD; a heavy mix of everything
from gentle Oriental flavourings to
heavy thrash /funk. The CD has 16
tracks and none of them are duds—
which is pretty amazing. This gets
a thumbs up. It's available on Fun-
fundvierzig Records-Schmiedat-
Wieteb, 2411 Labenz, Germany.
Also high on my list is Negativland's GunKSST) wliich features the "Then" version—full of
Old West movies—and the "Now"
version which is all about the marketing of firearms to women in the
present age. It's scary and funny at
the same time. Negativland have
gone rhythmic, and even have a
tinge of heavy metd, but certainly
haven't sold out. Brilliant!
Hot off the presses is Skinny Puppy's Last
/?ig/itt(Ne_werk), which will probably be their last dbum, period. It
carries on in the same veins as Too
Dark Park, but il is noisier. "Kno-
where?" crashes in an earsplitting
way and the last track on the album, "Download" is an 11 minute
long noise/ambient opus that
could've used some trimming. The
dbum is a wdrd mix of the familiar and the new—sometimes it
seems they're sampling themselves
and then there's dso unexpected
twists as well, such as acoustic
guitars. Not an dbum that grabs
you but sneaks up on the listener
gradually. It would've been nice if
the lyrics had been included; only
snippets of Ogre's words can be
understood. Also, there seems to
be more live percussion and dramming which is good to hear. With
the breakup of Puppy what am I
going to do with my life now?!
In other news, the new Min-
istry is still not out, with no word
on when it's going to be out. A tid
bit of gossip: Trent Reznor took a
dig at Front Line Assembly in
the latest issue of Spin and then
Reznor had the nerve to fax Bill
Leeb an apology (yes, he has his
very own fax machine, which I
know he sercretly enjoys!). Besides that, the next FLA dbum is
out in April or May and FLA's
house project. Intermix is out
now—the 12" is "Dream On" and
the CD is self-titled.
Well, that's more than enough
information but if you have anything you want to me to know
about, just drop me a line c/o Discorder. See you in two months! Hey wassup? On the Future Rap
Agenda this month are only two CDs.
One that is severely kickin' and one
" that is such a let-down to me that I
didn't even want to write anything on it.
Let me give you the bad news
first It's called Brothers and iu artists are Hen-Gee and his brother
Evll-E. I remember when these two
lease a full dbum. I thought it would
be slammin'! But to my amazement,
and disappointment, this once bold
crew of two transformed into a soft,
weak-rhymin' duo.
There is plenty of singing tracks
**)  on this CD which adds to the softness
On tfie cover of Stronger Than
Mafia, O.C.U. are sporting pin stripe
suits, black shades, hats (not caps),
and are smoking cigars. Some of the
members are carrying cellulars and an
the reverse cover, a table of money is
piled. The CD starts off with the "Gangster Anthem" and kicks some seriously crazy shit They've got some little
adds like "Cop Killing Kit" which in
its own way is quite humorous. Plenty
of violent scenes are described, there's
many explicit lyrics, and a distasteful
view towards women is dropped.
"Don't Give A B An Inch," discusses the attitude O.C.U. has towards
women. Seeing as they believe that all
women are out for the money and want
to take advantage of the men, or "Go
o    f
t h  e
music. The
12"    release,
"Lil Trig" appears
• on Brothers. It is not at
all a powerful song, ded-
ing with the death of a child,
but rather a sloppily rapped, poorly composed tune. "Open You Eyes"
consists of a chorus sung by gospel
singers and "I Ain't Seen Nuttin" has
^  a funky bassline intro.
Most of the songs are dancey
and light, the lyrics are predictable
and extremely weak. I don't know
what happened to EvM-E who used to
be, I thought, more hardcore when he
DJ'd for Ice-T. Maybe his brother
41 changed him into a softer individual,
but this release is no good. On the back
cover Hen-Gee is wearing a mustard
coloured suit and black hat, and Evil-E
is wearing a blue suit Definitely not the
gear we're used to seeing on these two!
Now forthe good new! O.C.U.
_  has come out with a fierce release
* called Stronger Than the Mafia. The
crew is made up of Homicidal MC,
Impact.MurderOne, Sudden Death,
DJ Tragic, and Peter Black. Black
produced, arranged, and played all
the instruments on the 17 tune CD.
F     i     -
nance..." they
believe that you
(guys) should give
them nothing, but rather
take the ladies' money and
materialistic items. I have to
say, why complain about "bitches"
being so materialistic if in turn that is
what you (O.C.U.) want to do!
This CD is action packed with
lotsa gunshots, swearing, and dope
tracks! Some awesome tunes are
"Streets of Chicago," "Mr. Cocaine,"
and "Suiddal Lifestyle." These songs
contain some important street knowledge and show just how well this crew
can bring their points across.
For rap group of the month...
O.C.U. It's a fresh groove of gang-
sta-style, streetsmart, lyrically-
punchin' hits! You got sa try it! These
brothers are truely "Proud to be Gang -
If you have any suggestions as
to what rap artist or rap groups you-
would like to see here in Vancouver,
please write to:
Future Rap
#233--138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
ir locd scene in
unison for tfie find time. This will be
the last Vancouver Spedd with its
original lineup of Redd and Cord.
CJSF (formerly CJTV) will be
taping locd bands at the Cruel E. live
and interviewing them for later radio
play. For more info contact Ed at CJSF
or Paul at the Elephant.
Sludge have a video out avec
smoke machine and dark lighting (just
like Kafka). I don't know if this means
the boys are going to start chumming
with Kim Clarke or not
Everybody loves Kreviss!!! Sub
Pop loves Kreviss, Mecca Normd
loves Kreviss, Olympia loves Kreviss,
Club Soda loves Kreviss; look for a
Mecca / Kreviss 7" split on the resurrecting Sub Pop labd.
I believe Guest Quest is still going; last I heard they have a hall at
Fraser.: 13thsothepiggusinterruptus
gigs should keep coming.... Hopefully
not just a forum for straightedge na wbs
to write preachy gig reviews in this
very magazine.
Dog Eat Dog (formerly Dogzilla)
...Sent us a shrink-wrapped cassette
mastered at Koko Pro, with a telephone book-sized thwack of college
radio charts they've made it onto. Well
good, looks like they don't need our
hdp; in that case, listen to Lester's
Wagon instead. Lester's Wagon sound
the same and have never played 86th
Street. PO 4642 Main, Van., BC V6B
Some of it's downright not bad. These
guys are doing the arena rock-funk
thing too, but they're fucking it up so
it's listenable. I mean the bassist isn't
afraid to be an angry white guy y'know.
Noise Generation Pro #4-2008 Fern-
wood Rd.. Vic., BC V8T 2Y9
Thee Crusaders
I wonder what would happen if these
guys played in a locd pub in Laval,
Que? Probably just a good comhol ing.
The French Canadians love thdr lord,
but they respect good pop music. Sa-
cre merde, chalise a la poutine many
biblical greats re-done without the
smarm of your average choir.
Flywheel is on the Veritable Shrine
labd and are from the Fraser Valley, of
course. "Fortress Is A Prison" is one
of my favourites going from mellowness into body movin', foot tappin',
finger poppin', shoe tyin'.hair com bin',
tooth brushin' Jangly Dinosaur Jr. stuff.
Their slow stuff is tampon inseitin'
and note pidrin'; it's too U2, Genesis
or Yes. "Beneath the Blue," a Chris
Bartch favourite, is a better song.
"Keep the Candle Burning" we don't
like; "Vicki Song" we do like. Got
potentid to became the soft rock kings
of Canada. Demos available at 859-
8110 or 792-3846.
Hoof a rump
This is extremely cool—the Violent
Femmes meet Helios Creed—although it's still a little non-threatening and duh-grab-fuk heavy meud in
places. Aw heck, I'm a little duh-grab-
fuk heavy metd in places...I think we
all are. Eat yer fast folk or you can't
have any electric dirge for dessert.
Punk Rawk Hare Krisna type music. I
like it It's heavy, lots of drum and
intensity although I prefer them live;
though, less trippy dram machine
type of ded. Gets a bit monotonous
sometimes, but the vocals are powerful. "If you vdue freedom why
remain a slave to your senses?" Box
50044 South Slope RPO. Burnaby,
BC V5J 5G3. "Personally I quite
like being a slave to my senses. But
do you still fuck?"
The Pasties
Vancouver's answer to Poison Idea,
or Tad, or Soundgarden, or a variety
of other fat, hairy, heavy bands which
I'm sure The Pasties would be both
pissed off and flattered to be compared with. They're one of those
bands that will be doing the all-ages
thing with zed if the gallery in question makes enough cash on the 29th
or thereabouts. Look for this lineup;
Tankhog, Whisker Fish, Pasties—
aw hell, the gig will probably be over
by the time you read this.
Truk - Chafed
Trak sounded a lot more hardcore
before and that's all I have to say.
They're more glam now ie. Van
Halen. I suppose the original line up
has changed—there are more ex-
members of Truk now than there are
in the band. I should know, they used
to jam in my basement "Toss it
Away" (written by the illustrious
Chad Comies, a two-faced liar who
steals from his friends) wasn't bad.
Nice graphics on cover, I liked Rob
Smith's better. Ben sucks compared
to the old recording, way too glam.
Too many parts where all you can
hear are those amazing vocds and
no actual music. But I'm not saying
it's bad, I mean hey, it is on Veritable
Shrine. Demos available at 824-0535
or 850-2780.
The Va-cectemoid- - Peppers
Rejecting pop is a good thing; randomly ripping off pop culture to
make cutesy music is not such a
good thing. I'm not sure if it was the
Vasectemoids or the sausages I ate
that made me run to the bathroom
and take a slick wet dump in the
middle of the tape but this crew
could do a rircle-jerk with the
Barenaked Ladies and feed the
soaked slice of bread to Gabby
Hayes. And I suggest that might be a
better future prospect for them than
Rollcage - "It's Too Tight In Here/
I'm Loose"
Yes, they definitely try to "punk out
rock out" as they put it On the drunk
side, it was just dull. On the punk
side, I just couldn't get excited about
them. I mean they are al right, but not
something I'd spend my money on.
"No More Happy Mondays" we all
liked. I was going to see them with
Shutdown or Lootbag, but I heard
Shutdown broke up so I didn't go.
I'd rather listen to the Descendents.
Another Socan production; hardcore
as hell. There are vague rumours of
them breaking up and suiting a band
named Orange Juice but that could
be pure rubbish so pay no heed. Very
fast drams, vocds, guitaretc. "Meaning of Hate" is a good one. We'd
spend $ on this baby but, sadly
enough, this band is no longer.
3000 B.C.
I chose this demo out of the other
twenty or so because I've recently
become Wiccan and there are all
sorts of witchy symbols on this demo
cover. "Let's Get Together" was too
fast paced, hippy shit. "New Moon"
is about full moon circle rituals where
people dance naked. For the most
part the rest of the demo is for hippy
types who like to get high and listen
to groovy tunes. Demos available at
45 Peveril Ave. Van.. BC V5 Y 2L2.
Oh ya, Ottawa news—there is this
guy there, Bob McCarthy, music director of CHOU FM 89, who wants
yourdemostouron Ontario's charts.
If you are interested send your demo,
for national acclaim, to 85 University Road, Suite 227 Ottawa Ontario,
Canada KIN 6N5.
Stay tuned for reunion Vancouver Spedds with cameo appear-
ences from anyone who thinks they
can fill my splendid shoes. Me, I'm
going to New York, later Redd. Mike
or Gavin are you interested in writing for Vancouver Spedd for a
while? We love you all, even Trak,
especially Lulu for helping us review and more. Write us letters and
keep sending those demos.
21 Ohtflawn.....:.	
22 Mauve Sideshow	
123 Velvet Cash	
24 Earth Baby	
25 Soundtrack.	
27 Negazione..._ 100%(Mu5fc Gelt
28 Uncle Tupelo.. StWFeelGoneXCargo.Rockvlle)
20 Various. .<*... Mouvamanls: Compilation Europeenne(La Legende des VoW
30 Mahlathini Sthe Mahotela Queens.  Mbaqanda(PolyGram*Galo)
 Whle Noise(Big Cat U.K.)
lasl Caft Vancouver Independent Musk: 1977-1vMCJu)
wam..~   Tha llgSal-DuKShlmmy-Ofcc)
*VatoM.......l.-    TWfakl Atlhma: Volumes l-V(C/Z)
._..- CongwgaHonCSub Pop)
 Wtngi ol Joy(BMG*Dedkx*led)
...Cul RagratEmbanuBmaniaoxIc Shock)
113 Mustaphas 3 Mends, Hands ft hondKOmnUn)
12 Various. The Lyrichofd World Music Sampter(Distrfcut1on Fusion)
13 Various. Psychic TV Presents WhahouseWcoctrax)
14 Coffin fteaK-, No Slsep Tl the Stardud MoWtC/Z)
13 Pelcan Doubters. FWibonss_Wlsh-onas(dovf:NIERTAMMf.NT.Sitent)
16 Antenna -l. JwaytMammoth)
17D.0A \ Tak Minus Act Ion Equal* Zero(Restle_)
18A1 Comet.
... Europ PkotTouKCOD* 150 BPM)
Now(Steven Rfldnd Co.«lnteiscope)
 Tha End o«Silence(lmogo)
 Sophomore JhxKCargo)
 Mauve SWashow (Mauve Sideshow)
... In the Presence ol GreatnesiCRingers Lactate)
 Worid CkwCHammeitiead)
 Until the End ol ths Worid(Wamei)
... KerplunkKLookoutD
... llooo-udcsKFeel Good Al Over)
35 The Sits	
37 Bad ReHgbl GeneratoKEpltaph)
38My Sister's Achine  Dlva(Caio«ne)
30 The Ex & Tomlofa. Scrabbling at Ihe lock (The Ex.Rec Rec)
40 Nocturnal Er*)on_ CathedraKdcvEWERTAINMENT)
41 TAG.C M Maontebgk*dRasearehRscoi_ings:TaslaTonas(Soleilmoon)
42The Riches..! Spring Surprise(Mu_c Gel*We Bie)
43MoxGoldt...fl DieMojdaliKheRuhaDasAnoiganl(chon(Funfundvlefldg)
44N-JoL M  Mindnux(BMG.Deconstnjdion)
45 Bad Bfahs...M Spirit Bedriciry (SST)
Cowboy Juris. Slack Eyed Man (BMG.RCA)
47 Eds Redeem* QuolNes. Wa Al Good NewKFesthai* Flying Fish)
asDunke-HferM:.  In the NlgM(Funfundvieizig)
40Agnostic FrtB One VolcefltelalMty)
 t Ukathe IdeoXCarolne)
1 Govemmant % My SouKFunfundvteirig)
 The Red Pecple(Rel_tMry)
 Alone a Acourtc(Wamef*ABgci»of)
is Rhythms: Nasty 50s RftB(Capltol.Rhino)
.. ScatalogicaKCargo*lndep. Project)
(vakhe Mob Resistance is D«tence(Virgin*Earttiwori-)
80 Hulabaloo....I Dead Serious(Cargo* Musical Trogedies)
81 Katie Webster  No Foolin'KWamei.Alligcrtor)
62 heHardCoqis. Del Betoie Dishonor (Steven Rirkind Co.. Interscope)
163 Who am I? I Addcttve Hip Hop Musick(Sony.Epic.Rut»iless)
Oockhammet.  KHn«Mler(Plrst Warning)
65The Grope Toads The Grope Toodtfunky Wunky)
166 Pom Orchard Urges ft Arigen(C/Z)
|67Verlaine- ReadyloFly(WantAds.Slash)
... Moose: Ihe Comp«ation<PolyGram.Vertigo)
22 E_J^gSn3E£gJ-*i
I SmcBMngPumptt_...
I Ministry	
I Mighty Mighty Bosstones.....
■ Best Khtersh the Worid	
I MeccaNoimci....
I Mr Hotrod" CD-5" (Wamer.Slre)
we'd You Go?' CO-5' EPrjaong!)
-Mrs In tw World CD-S* EPtSub Pop)
r Variout Scaquoteh: The Mon Ihe Myth The CompWIon 7*(Klbdog)
8 NoMeansNo	
» Vol.2 Spf 7*(WayOutr)
... "Gone* 7*(RegalSel-ct*8agof Hammer*)
 *love Me* ira/K)
 For Love 10*(PoVOam*4AD)
....■FooT r (Sub Pop)
t Lydb Lunch & CW Rum. Donl Fear Ihe Reaper CD-5' EKBIg Cat U.K.)
r Buffalo Tom Velvet Roof CD-5' E^Beggars Banquet.Sltuatton Two)
I Aglaton No Irakes r(Ored Hit)
19 QactertatY...
I Huevos Rancheto-
Rocket to Nowhofo 7*(Estrus)
I Scratch Bongowax.....
I SocUDktortion.	
' SugarBoom _.	
.-Subtle Inn-eHy* 7*(Shark Sandwich)
 Trtpp-i" Coipse* r(OvwAndOut)
...Moke I Mkte CD-5' EP(Sony.Eplc)
...."Nol What You Think* 7*(Dtonysus>
...Spear ft Magic Helmet 7*<eMpTy)
 Gianota Head 7*(Nefvou. Sheep)
 "How Does I Fed* 7*(PROtpecttve)
 •Junellre• 7"(Neivou. Sheep)
on Me* lr(Rap-A-Lot.Priority)
.The New Worid Over T(Why Not?)
4-song T EP(Dlonyjus)
..... "lad luck* 12"(Sony*Epfc)
"SpraT rcSchtophcxafc)
■ r EP(BMG*Zoo)
....'Psycho mafr (Jettison)
at up Your-. 7*(Boc«eflrf)ter)
44 Fu-jchnfckens....
' Manic Street Preachers.	
\ MC 900 Ft Jesus.	
I Nfcothe Spiral Surfen.	
I Swingin'Teens	
....•Ring the Alarm" *_*(BMG.JIve.Zomba)
...."Rock'n'Rol Mulder* T EP(SST)
1 MysteryMachine	
4 Mexican Power Authortty	
1 JackFeelsRne	
1 Atenandthe Psycho	
I PerfuneTree.	
...Sax with the Devil...
 No Mow Happy Mondays
t NghtTwister-	
I GarclenofEattiryDelghh....
I PlanetofSpidei-	
 We Want Angel.
 Arch Angel
28 Rattled Roosters.....
 Whle My Dad Gently Weeps
 Cry Oul Loud
d Is Too Crowded
 Wilto Power
46 BrionMcCue	
47 WynonaSue&theTurnp*e_....
 Cow Cow Strut
...Downthe Drain
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6- Are your parents proud of you?
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Waldron (piano), Buell
Neldlnger (bass) and the great
underrated Billy Osborne
(drums) perform on one of
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Anthony sticks to the alto saxophone and the music wi stick
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9th: Virtuoso vftxahaharpW Wad
Dtekeaon has been cated the
Coltrane of the vibes' AN of
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Jazz recordings are out of print
ccftectof s Items. 'A Sense of Direction' wl be tonight's feature
and was Walt's second record
for the label. Great must!
16th: The spirit of Charte Mingus
wales through tonight's feature
The Book of Cooks'. One of
Mkigus' favorite musicians was
tenor saxophonist Booker Ervfcv
Here Is Booker's tint afoum under
his name with another great
contrasting tenor player Zoot
Sims. Strong earthy music.. Jazz
23m: 'Mtes In Tokyo'.. Jury 14.1964.
Mies Davis and hb great quintet
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Ron Carter (bass),TonyWiiams
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30m: 'CrtHc'sCholce' wasthe tltleof
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the modem baritone saxophone
hadanickname ..hewascaled
The Knife". You wil hear why
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Rowies (piano). Mel Lewis
(drums), and others... donl miss
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Thursday March 5,1992
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CANADA V6T1Z1. Note the nsw
postal codellllll
era m ||
MARCH       Q) I L  O  V  E  I T
I N  E  E  D  I T
Now serving coffee and salads too.
1175 Robson      1937 Cornwall
4   «■   #
fr"        %
J   OTR   J
^   J   5
the cruel
@ 23 w.cordova
the on// alternative nightclub
On* mors month has gone by and th* rock keep* coming Bks a
new fashion but this It so much mors than a fashion; a tashlon Is
something thst com** In and out ol style, I hangs around only to
•mbarass you years down th* road when someone finds "It" to
your horror...the naivety ol youth comet through In a blinding
flash, tending you convulsing on th* Door. Luckily music Is not Uk*
that: punk rock has been around as we know > lor about fifteen
years, tome would argue twenty, heck, |a_z at on* point had a
punk rock attitude and to tome degree still does; rt not when a
certain music was performed/recorded, but th* attitude and
Intent ot th* music that makes ■ compelling (or not). Over time,
as th* tty le becomes more familiar, I can los* Is Initial shock (I
remember th* tint tim* I heard never mind th* bollock* bl 78)
or even th* honor of music and a llfetry le that you detetted (as
music and lifestyle* tend to go together as In th* mutlcally
devoted) lotet B's shock value and lakes on a certain charm
one* th* threat Is long over which brings m* to lues mar 3
continuing the tradition, 70's dbco-no cover-drink speclals-
danclngl wed mar 4 back with music Inspired by those that
wanted to destroy disco and succeded: calgary s SKIN BARN w/
from kamloops ROLLCAGE w/ Vancouver's FUNK YARD thurs mar
S music that Is food for thought...no bulmlcs pleasel CRAWL AND
TRUST US w/ a couple of bob s your uncles In THE WINGNUTS w/ solo
guitar hero TIM RACINE fri mar 6 Vancouver's most talked about
band In a greatly anticipated return in a headlne appearance
GORILLA GORILLA w/ another great show from edmonton's
JONESTOWN PUNCH.. get hereearty for a pteasantsurprtsesat mar
7 noted for elaborate stage shows, not to mention great music:
CANE TOADS w/ CHROME DOG featuring BIF NAKED of Gorilla
Gorilla w/ MAN tues mar 10 70s DISCO-no cover-specials-save
money w*d mar 11 roots rock! THE GRAMES BROTHERS w/ speck-
guests; money off at the door with a satrlani ticket stub thurs mar
12seattle'sfinestgreen gel recording artists THE SAPIENS w/FREAK
SCENE fri mar 13 cant make up your mind as what is the best kind
of rock? music for the whole family THE RATTLED ROOSTERS
(rockabilly) w/ seatttes MONKEY BUSINESS (ska) w/ on popllama
THE HOUDAYS (pop) w/ THE SURREALISTS (rock) sat mar 14 now if
you do know the music you like .and Ifs loud, heavy and played
with a fury you can feel, dig this: Zulu/Mint recording artists
TANKHOG w/ san fran s nightmares SCHLEPROCK w/ Seattle's THE
CITS tuet mar 17 DISCO DISCO wed mar 18 a roundup of roots
sorta thang, lots o' sweaty dancing goin' on with THE ROOTA
BEGGARS thurs mar 19 no, the elephant is not going metal! these
guys have just been undeservedly pigeonholed...see them like
you've never seen them before: CAUSTIC THOUGHT w/edmonton s
THE SMALLS w/ PASTE who say 'If you drink, don't puke' fit mar 20
come experience the love, the pain, the stupidity, the Joy, the
comedy, the spiritual message that the music of THE SARCASTIC
MANNEQUINS contains, or Just come and dance, w/A CARTOON
SWEAR sat 21 now for all you high-energy pop-punk
afflcionados...l'l bet you been drooling over this for a whle the
NOFX w/ berkeley s MR.T EXPERIENCE w/ LAGWAGON pretty cool,
eh? sun mar 22 a rare Sunday service, come worship at the altar
of Amphetamine Reptie recording gods from the land of Chicago (I just fucking love these guys) TAR w/ Just to prove that
Chicago doesn't have a corner on tear-off-your-head/scare-
the-netghbours kinda bands: FACEPULLER tues mar 24 dbco-you
bet! stil free w*d mar 25 that nutty chi pig man in yet another cool
band UTTLE JOE w/ hey, HO, let's go! (sorry. I had to.) w/ from
abbotsford GO GUY thurs mar 26 fuck Seattle...this Is victoria!
PIGMENT VEHICLE w/ murray and mike of the dayglos in their real
band COLOUR OUT OF SPACE w/ HOOFARUMP fri mar 27 honker
down. y'dL.from California THE BLU CHUNKS w/ Vancouver's
PALEFACE w/ LESTER'S WAGON sat 28 a night to remember, so
mark your calendar- it's NO FUN in the drug show, thafs all th*
days of rock music for th* month of march, stuff corning? ok,
WESTEX convention but enough about all that., how about that,
you? th* cruel elephant loves yoa
Open Tues.-Sat., 8pm-2am
Info Lino - 688-5351
And remember: the cruel elephant tovesyou. All of you
Largest Selection
of Almost New and Used
Paperbacks and
Magazine Back Issues
Large Range of
Hard Cover Books
Thousands of New and
Collector's Comics
We Buy, Sell or Trade
1247 Granville near Davie
3347 Kingsway
Open 7 Days a Week
presents the newest R&B room In town
Feb. 29 one night only...blues recording
Mar. 9-14   RUBBERSOUL
Mar. 16-21 from New York: BLUESMAN WILLIE
w/ guest vocalist YOLANDA
1176 GRANVILLE 688-8701 Babes In Toyland
Screaming Trees
Town Pump
Tuesday 28 January
Minneapolis based thrashers Babes
in Toyland hit town last month for a
double bill wilh the Screaming Trees.
Il was one of the earlier dates on their
current tour but since gelling as a
trio, around "88, they've been on the
road constantly and have the scars to
show it; they've survived two serious van wrecks but have two hands
firmly on the wheel for the live show.
Their summer of "90 gigs in
Europe opening for Sonic Youth netted them lou of positive press and
fans who reportedly mobbed them in
London. Their initial Twin Tone release. Spanking Machine fared well
on campus charts which appears to
have continued with their second effort To Mother.
So whal about the gig....weU, I
must say I was hyped for it. You
know, crunchy 3-chord thrash,
wrapped in notoriously nasty and
screechy vocals, delivered by 3 girlz
sporting Mommy Dearest, puffy-
sleeved dresses and matted hair.
Y'know, I was into it. Unfortunately,
the show just didn'trock-out as much
as I had hoped. There were certainly
high points but, on the whole, the
Babes put on a mediocre show which
didn't get much beyond what has
already been done to death —noise,
raunch, indecipherable lyrics and big
Of course, I'd take girlz doing
this over boyz anyday, but it's absurd
to rave about them just because
they're excelling at something boyz
have been doing for years. I think we
know by now that the ability to "kick
ass" is not written on the Y chromo-
Having said that, a few comparisons come to mind which might
explain why the Babes show was
disappointing. Decibel for decibel,
L7 rock way harder, write better
songs, and manage to inject a quota
ofhumourinto their otherwise rabidly pissed-off lyrics. The Babes aren't
quite "feedback" enough to be Sonic
Youth, not melodic enough to be
Dinosaur Jr., not lyrically audible
enough to be Frightwig and not original enough to be Karen Finley or
G.G. Allin.
pounding fills and floor torn loyalties give the band an appealling bottom end density. Her singing an some
songs was dirgey and hypnotic—
like Patti Smith one octave lower.
Their songs like "Dust-Boy" and
"Swamp" were well done and came
closest to rousing the audience out
of their modest, toe-tapping approval. If it was any indication of how the
band felt about the gig. Michelle
Leon unplugged her bass before the
last chords ofthe final tune had set-
White forgot to mention? Close.
They're four bands who inhabit that
niche of the Vancouver music scene
where men wear leather, women
wear pour on dresses, and big hair
I missed Dirty Urge.
Love Junction hit the stage as I
began to recover afler my trip from
the parking lot in Vancouver's beautiful (rainy) weather. It took me two
songs to figure out that the singer
was female, because by then she had
moved and I could see her around
the post in front of me. Their set was
a musical exploration of the word
boredom. Don't get me wrong. If
commercial, unoriginal music is the
stuff you're into, then I guess you'd
love it But then again, some people
like sea monkeys. Yeah, the excitement level between the two is pretty
much comparable but when you get
bored with your sea monkeys you
can always have fun flushing them
down the toilet-
Next up was the highlight of
the evening, Maidi Hai (pronounced
May-dee). I admit that it was because their drummer, Ian, put me on
the guest list that I was there, but
don't think that it influenced my
opinion at all. No, I was all set to hate
their music as much as I do Warrant's, but Ididn'L In fact, Maidi Hai
had the talent and the energy to kick
the audience in the head and scream
"this is a concert, not a fashion show,
so wake upl" I found myself really
liking the songs, snd I'd tell you
some of the names, but I forgot most
of them. Sorry. They even did a
ballad that didn't want to make me
heinous cover of a Sex Pistols tune.
However, I was absolutely riveted by one thing—one of the guitarist* looked just like Nardwuar. Okay,
'fess up Nard: what's with the secret
life and wig? Or is it just a younger
brother? Anyway, I was introduced
by a new friend to my favourite song
of all time, which happened to be
one of his. I can't remember what it
was called and I don't even remember liking it all that much, but would
you question a guy who was trying
to balance a half full can of beer on
your head? I didn't think so.
Chelsea Rogers
Karnlvorous Raunch Fux
Zen Red Necks
Whisker Fish
The What Gallery
Friday 31 January
My first encounter with The What
Gallery occurred around November 1990. I had only experienced
such a refreshing feeling of freedom once before in my life: it was
at a rock festival in Prince George
in 1979. On at least four occasions
when myself and some friends attempted to buy substances that our
mothers' would scold us for, we
were given copious amounts for
free. Anything was okay at the What
including bringing your dog to the
show. I suppose it was a good thing
that only a few people decided to do
so. So I find myself at the What again
at a show billed as the last show ever.
I've been to a few of those before—
remember the Art's Club...Freedom
breaks out again much like peace
tied. Anyway, 111 still follow them,
and Tm eager to see how they sound
on their next release due out on
Warner's wilh whom they've just
inked a deal.
Nemesis Gypsy
Maidi Hal
Love Junction
Dirty Urge
86 Street Music Hall
Thursday 29 January
What are they.superheroes? ...Breakfast cereal? ...Four friends Snow
puke. Hey, if I hadn 't got in for free,
I'd say they were worth the cost of
admission. Thenew singermay only
be seventeen, but he has the lungs
and presence to really hold a crowd,
and I can see them playing the Coliseum some day.
The last band up was Nemesis
Gypsy, and by this time I must admit, the only thing I was looking
forward to was going home. My ears
were ringing, the sound had been
hideous all night, and I was running
on four hours of sleep from the night
before. Their music may have been
uninspiring, but at least it wasn't as
band as Love Junction's insipidly
keeps threatening to.
Kamivorous Raunch Fux live
up to their name like a mammoth has
hair. Jimmy Swaggart would probably bill the singer as Satan reincarnate or at the very least the president
of the Clifford Olson fan club but I
think he should meet a friend of
mine named Dave Ross. Dave could
probably disgust Frank Zappa. The
beauty of a too loud and slightly
oveiblown P.A. system is that you
can understand what the singer says
for once. "If you're not a human
being then I guess you don't know
about that diarrhoea, your asshole
geu numb—you know those land of
stains/It wouldn't be so bad if Ididn't
have worms." Wow.. .The musicianship of this band wasn't too shabby:
the bass player played some cool
fills on a really short song that caught
my attention and the drummer bashed
out lots of wicked rolls. Well. I
couldn't see myself singing these
songs and Fringe records may or
may not be looking for a new la wsuit
band, but I had a good time.
I have heard through the gossip mill that this was Zen Red Necks
last gig, which would seem a shame
if they weren't reforming with a
different drummer and a new name.
Their front man delivered loud bar
room shouting melodic vocals
backed with solid rhythm playing.
The overall sound was like advanced
garage funk fusion. Hope to see the
I've been told that the last
band. Whisker Fish, is going to
change their name to Stick Monkey or something, but this particular night they were Whisker Fish.
Two Marshall sucks wilh two veteran axeman (Kurt from Curious
George and Mike from Inner Anger and Big Sun) cranked out glorious punk rock in the Ramones
vein, but the real treat was Irene.the
singer. Melodic heavy
punk..yes,Ex-Spores drummer,
Barry (I think) was awesome in his
Snakefinger shirt. Good old flawless Darren (also from Inner Anger
and Big Sun) blasted his tasty fill-
laden sound. Check 'em out.
Evan Symons
Big Bang Theory
Best Kissers In the World
The Cruel Elephant
Saturday 1 February
The night started out with a big bang
of generic rock, with a Bon Jovi
metal twist, from a Calgary band
who call themselves Big Bang Theory. Since I am not too fond of that
kind of music, I found myself counting the minutes "till they were finished and the evening could go on.
Can you say Sub Pop? WeU,
boys and girls, the next two bands
were from Seattle and, yes kids, on
Sub Pop—but nonetheless still terrific!
The second band was the Supersuckers and for all those who saw
them play with the Dwarves you will
be happy to know they were fully
clothed this time I Although I could
hardly recognize them, I could recognize songs like" Saddle Tramp"
and "Ron's Got the Cocaine." They
were loud, hard, fast and steamin'
hot! You can get all of this from their
two 7" singles and their new CD
single—check il out!
After I was suckered into the
Suckers I could hardly wait to puck -
erup to the Best Kissers in the World,
and what a lass it was!
This is the second time since
the Kissers have been in Vancouver
promoting their five song CD single
and the night was rockin'! With songs
like "Workin'on Donita" and "Slightly Used," the band was hot and the
crowd was hopping, even when the
Kissers slowed it down with a melodic country-ish number. After finishing that tune, the lead singer (Gerald) returned to what he referred to
as "Noisy Shit" and leapt right into
"Gold Fish Bowl." The song was
kickin', yet it would never finish due
to the bassist (Danny) jumping into
the drum kit with Gerald following.
Then after waiting a few minutes
with the guitar still screeching,
Danny picked up Gerald's limp
(hopefully not maimed) body over
his shoulder, walked off the stage,
and the show was over. What can
possibly top this?...I don't know.
But I can't wait to find out.
Mary Ho.lck
Red Hot Chill Peppers
7 Year Bitch
Seattle Centre Arena
Saturday 1 February
PNE Forum, Vancouver
Sunday 2 February
Ya know that feeling of excitement
which is pure adrenalin racing through
your body?...Which causes you to
tremble?. ..Which makes you nervous?
Sure you da Remember masturbating
in the shower and afterwards hoping
you got aD the jism off of the tile as you
see yourmum strolling to the bathroom
in her robe with a towel in hand? ThM's
the feeling I had driving down the I-S
with 20 Explosive Dynamic Super
Smash Hit Explosions in the tape deck,
a $.39 burrito in my hand and a cold
alcoholic beverage nestled between my
knees. I wasn't driving and therefore I
do not oondone the drinking and driving practise. (Dammit, there goes my
I wouldn't expect anybody else
who has been a fan of The Red Hot
Chili Peppers since their Freaky
Styley release in 1985, to act any
Legend has it that they sing a
song in the hills of the RHCP's live
performance and forthe past 7 yean
I've been a student of that folklore.
But nothing trains you for the real
action a wise man once said, or words
relatively similar to that. All my
years of astute guffaw at media clippings spinning tales of outlandish
costume, body paint, "socks -on-
cocks," and unequalled energy were
but cruel pranks.
I should have known something was up as we were corralled
through the George Orwell-ian security line outside the Seattle Centre
Arena like freaks in a sideshow while
law authorities spat out terms like,
"No knives. No firearms. No fighting. No alcohol. No drugs. No pain,
no gain, et al." America, Land of the
Free, Home ofthe Brave. Land ofthe
Paranoid, Home of the Schwartz-
kopf." In comparison the security
at the PNE Forum did little else
than check the validity of tickets,
give you a pat on the tummy and
send you on your merry way. No
fatalities were reported.
But that wasn't the end of the
scrutinizing process in Seattle; concert-goers then had the choice of a
visual search/scan or a pat-down (Fugazi—or anybody in their politically
correct frame of mind—would have
had a hey-day with this one). I opted
for the visual because I was packing
a tin-foiled cucumber. Once we were
in the arena and comfortably nestled
in our SEATS we had to sit through
a gruelling set by hometown fox-
coreists, 7 Year Bitch. How these
virtual nobodies got added to this
bill is beyond me, but they've got a
long way to go before Ihey make that
transition from the club to the arena.
From my vantage point I heard more
MARCH       © people booing than praising this
sound which has more than ran iu
course with the likes of L7, Babes
in Toyland and Hole.
However, things took a turn
for the better when the between
set tape switched from Ice Cube
to Fugazi's Repealer. Not only
did the drum roadie play along as
best he could during sound check,
but Flea also noodled with the
"Waiting Room" bass riff periodically throughout the gig. I was
pleased by this acknowledgement
to true artists who don't believe in
charging $23 U.S. for a t-shirt - or
even printing them for that matter
-and $21.50 for a ticket I was
fortunate enough to come late to
the Forum gig in Vancouver and
therefore missed 7 Year Bitch,
bull caught Flea's stirring, spoken-word rendition of the national anthem.
7 Year Bitch sucked in
both Seattle and Vancouver, and
this was only the beginning of
the similarities: merchandise
was grossly overpriced. The
Chili Peppers' sel was an exact
carbon copy (including the order of songs, timing of long hair
removed from hat for maximum
crowd response, handstands, and
encore of Hendrix' s "Crosstown
Traffic"), and 1 found something
better to watch at both gigs.
In Seattle after a unifying
chat with an American skater, I
spent the balance of the evening
watching the yellow-shirted,
obese security guy at the left of
the sUge TRY and keep divers
from the stage. A steady parade
of divers consecutively stole the
spotlight from the RHCP and
with each successful jump a bond
was formed not unlike that of
the demolition of the Berlin
Wall. One small step for Fan,
one giant leap for Fankind. Well,
needless to say, the crowd made
the yellow guy work for his money and help him on his road "to
a healthier slimmer you."
In Vancouver things
weren't quite so chaotic but a bit
more erotic. Two moderately attractive, almost twin-like, females
periodically swapped spittle and
dry-humped each other on the side
of the stage. Hey, this is every
red-blooded boy's dream coming
true right before their eyes.
The shows?...Oh yeah. The
Chili Peppers left the hits at home
(save for "Give it Away") and
played all the stuff that you would
not expect to have heard: "Yertle
the Turtle," "Me and My Friends,"
"Subway to Venus," etc. This is
what I went to hear and this I am
thankful for. However, what I
think had most people ticked off,
including myself, is the fact that
The Chili's never acknowledged
their audience. You might think
lhat feat difficult in an arena with
thousands of people watching their
every move but nonetheless they
played like they were filming a
video. In their own little world
The RHCP played about as good
as they'll ever play for ex-junkies
but in their own little world they
won't continue toget $28 ($21.50
U.S) a ticket if the fans are looking for sincerity.
26 LirLV&omima
Marvelous Sauce
Carmen Rogues
The Town Pump
Tuesday 4 February
The Carmen Rogues charmed a fairly large and energetic crowd of
friends and others at the Pump from
the start The Rogues play an interesting mix of folky-progressive
rock-country-funk. John "Ace-
Tone" Fyssas flips
his    hair
with the
vary. Either he couldn 'l make it across
the border or he quit The crux of it is,
the band we saw in The Pump, with a
last minute replacement flown in from
Washington DC to keep time, was an
incomplete unit and, in a word, DISAPPOINTING III
ciankin' out passionate, fun, wailing
tunes. Do I sound a little under-
enthused? Maybe I just feel that so-
called rock V roll should be a bit
DANGEROUS. ThePoster Children
at The Pump were about as dangerous as your average suburban dog.
The bark was good V loud, but
there was no danger of a bite.
Mr. Mullen
Afghan Whigs
The Cruel Elephant
Friday 7 February
Mitch, highlighted by Tina's distinct back-ups, sings about the ups
and downs of life in a small town in
the B.C. interior. A highlight ofthe
show was a new song written on the
anniversary ofthe Challenger shuttle disaster. The Rogues even induced an overzealous Doc-clad
longhair to head -bang at the front of
the stage.
Unfortunately, most of the
crowd dispersed before headliners.
Marvelous Sauce, took the stage,
largely due to poor publicity from
their record company. Well, those
who left missed a great show. The
Toronto-based band played two sets
of jazzy euro-rock with a definite
Stones influence. Keyboardist,
Dave even took center stage to "do
Mick" to "Start Me Up" and a couple of other Stones classics. That
wasn't all for impersonations either. The Sauce also cranked out a
rendition of Rod Stewart's funky
classic "Do You Think I'm Sexy"
that got the few people who were
left out on the floor showing off
their best disco moves. Fans probably won't be able to catch Marvelous Sauce in such an intimate setting again, which is unfortunate
because the band is well suited for
such shows. These guys are definitely not to be missed next time
they are in town, and be on the lookout for their second album.
J. Darryl Markoys
Poster Children
The Town Pump
Thursday 6 February
So you've probably heard by now,
Swervedriver lost their drummer a
day or two before the gig. Reasons
these guys really this bad, or is this
drummer thing really fucking them
Ya, I did end up hanging around
the bar. Not because I needed a drink,
but because my ears were tired of the
mediocre noise assault and my eyes
were tired of nothing to look at but
four too-cool guys lined up across the
suge, hardly moving. Maybe if the
singer had bothered to inject real passion or mania or dementia into his
words.... Maybe if therehad been slides
or smoke or a mindbreaking light
To be fair, the drummer really
wasn'tth at bad (only one major screw-
up halfway through the set—a song
["Rave Down"] had lo be started no
less than three times), and the band's
songs really aren 't that bad. I do kinda
like the album; it does rode. You can
get into the melodies, and it has a
noisy edge that suggests dangerous
things like chaos, anarchy and revolution. But on stage, the magic just wasn't
there. Maybe they were too pissed
about the drummer problem to deliver.... Maybe they should've cancelled
the gig.... Maybe they should've given the drummer an honest chance and
inserted a few cover times into the set
that he might have had some experi-
Maybe I should talk about the
Poster Children. They stole the show
which of course, given the circumstance, wasn't that huge an accomplishment As out of town warm-up
acts go, they were darned good, but
nothing extraordinary. Big drums. Lots
of noisy rawkin' guitars. Decent bass.
Decent songs. But kind of disappointing vocals (a Uttle weak in the mix).
Four young white people that wouldn't
be out of place in a film like Slacker
and Sprinkler was
anything but
a beautiful,
spring shower. These guys
vere not only
bad, but they
drowned all the
Cruel Elephant
patrons with their watered-down
version of rawk-core. At times they
sounded mid-westem/Milwaukee-
ish but after a couple of songs I tried
to stop making comparisons and put
them into their own bad category.
After a very disappointing
week of gigs, suiting with the Red
Hot Chili Peppers and Swervedriver, I concluded that Sprinkler was
the sacrificial ground hog seeing iu
own shadow and in turn bringing me
six more weeks of horrible bands
and cover charge debts.
But to my surprise, Cincinat-
ti's Afghan Whigs were busy constructing an ark to save us from Sprinkler's forty minutes of torture. We
filed into the "safe-haven" two by
two and took refuge from the storm
while they nurtured us back to health
with heavy rations of tunes from Up
In It and their latest Sub Pop release.
The beauty of seeing and hearing The Whigs live is watching the
crowd reaction. Between surges and
folds of deeply-rooted Afghan Whigs
fans are the folks that showed up
because they heard Ihey were a Sub
Pop band. Well, these people are
usually pretty easy to pick out because they're wearing their Doc Martens and newly acquired Nirvana
tour shirts and they have a kind of a
puzzled, these-guys-don't-sound-
like-Soundgarden look on their faces. These people weren't in great
abundance but they trickled through
the cracks.
Yeah, well needless to say
the Afghan Whigs put on a straight-
to-the-point, fuck-you-we-want-to-
play-music performance and convinced a lot of doubters, myself
included, that the new LP, Con
gregation, indeed kicks as much
The dove was released and returned with a drumstick clenched in
iu beak...
Saturday 8 February
BIG LIE #1: The size of a venue and
an audience, and the relative popularity of a band necessarily has same-
thing relevant to say about the quality of a live music event. Example:
just because 60,000 eager consumers paid thirty odd bucks each to see
the Rolling Stones ("the greatest rock
V roll band of all time") at BC Place
a few years ago, it had to be a more
important rock V roll event than,
say, the most recent Shindig
finals.This is WRONG1 of course.
It's all just HYPE and everybody
knows that belief in hype is a carcinogenic.
1080, the venue, is by no
means a conventional concert hall
or club, or even a hip and ultra-cool
afterhours booze-can. Fact is, it's
just an address of a certain rundown house on a certain downlown street where the residents
happen to throw the occasional
serious party.
As for the Movieland gig, it
just kind of happened. They'd been
rehearsing across the street all
evening and they'd been invited to
the party anyway, so, at the last
minute they decided WHAT THE
HELL! Why not play their first
ever gig! Nobody at the party said
no, so roundabout midnight they
pushed everybody in the living
room out of the way and surted
setting up their gear in the comer:
drums, bass, two guitars, two microphones. Your standard garage
band set-up.
No hype. No posters. No ticket
price. Absolutely free. Just an off-
the-cuff in-your-face guerilla attack
on a reasonably civilized crowd of
Saturday night dope smokers and
liquor consumers. The first song was
obviously just a jam. A simple and
tighlgroove with jangly guitar thrash
thrown on top got things rolling.
Then the singer (whose name is Al)
cut in with an improvised spew of
not necessarily connected words,
which nevertheless managed to
rhyme. Kind of like "Subterranean
Homesick Blues" era Bob Dylan
crossed with hip-hop crossed with
The Replacements.
The important thing (and the
only reason I bothered writing this
review) is that Movieland were hot.
Sure, the songs were mostly underwritten, incomplete, and sure Al
probably made up most of the lyrics on the spot, and sure, the second
guitarist had to be shown the chord
progressions before each tune but
who fucking cares about any of
that if it worked, which it did. Movieland were raw to the bone, gutsy
and hard, solidly psychedelic and
showing no fear of the audience
that lurked mere inches from their
noses. To quote their final tune, a I
kind of bad, definitely fucked up,
lyrically re-worked version of
"Smells Like Teen Spirit," "It's
what punk rock is all about"
BIG LIE #2: The history of
rock V roll is the history of the
select handful of bands and artists
who achieve huge and enduring
success (Elvis, The Beatles, The
Stones, U2 etc.). WRONG again!! 11
The history of rock * n' roll is a billion
brilliant moments of brief and blazing glory, most of which comes from
doomed bands who you Tl never even
hear about
Ya, Movieland's first ever gig
cut through and touched some of
that glory. They sneered in my face.
They stopped time. They killed gravity. They reminded me I was alive.
Their half-hour gig at 1080 was better in every way in comparison to the
Swervedriver abortion at the Town
Pump I saw earlier in the week, and
given the FREE ticket price and generally cool house party atmosphere
it has to rate as one of the best I've
experienced in years.
Does this mean Movieland are
going to be the next big thing? Fuck
if I know or if I care. The experience
was true and that's all that really
counts. Their longest song—something they called "E"— was particularly powerful. Droning, atmospheric, melodic, dynamic and finally explosive. Being in the same cramped
living room has to rate as one of
those PEAK experiences—the land
that makes living through these corrupt and confusing end times of the
so-called American Empire (yes, it
is happening) not just survivable,
but maybe even worth the trouble.
Rock on.
Mr. Mullen
Grey Skies
The Pasties
The Cruel Elephant
Thursday 13 February
This was my first trip to the Cruel
Elephant's present location, which
may give you an idea of how un-cool
I am. GoGuy has been reviewed in
Discorder three times in the past six
months: the first time they were graciously slammed in the "Shindig"
column, the next time credited as a
young band with potential, and by
this time that comment has done
more than ring true. If GoGuy ever
sucked it isn't now.
For some people, a band's energy is defined by how high they can
jump off their amps. GoGuy, completely on the other hand, has their
energy written into their songs (Hey,
what a good idea!). The first couple
of songs were fairly laid back, but it
wasn't long before I had to interrupt
my own conversation by telling a
friend to shut up so I could listen.
Clean or grunged, the chording is
colourful, and instead of simply com -
plementing the music, drams and
bass kiss its butt and ask it to marry
them. The song says "yes" and the
honeymoon begins. The friend I told
to shut up said that GoGuy needs to
take on the art of performance instead of just standing on stage jamming. I could agree with that and,
given the room (no pun intended),
I'm sure they might So as these
Veritible Shriners continue on their
trek to gigdom what can I
say...GoGuy rips...I'm stoked...80's
pipe dream...do yourself a favour.
Really quickly. Grey Skies,
three talented musicians, sounded
better than I've ever heard them.
The Pasties are pretty cool.
Cedl Lou Reed
Magic and Loan
As the dinosaur rockers and alter-
^ native innovators of the 60's and
* 70s begin to drift into penta, sexta,
and septuagenarian sutus, are we
going to be bombarded with Golden Years themed albums? Please
Lou, say it ain't sol Death is one of
those subjects that does not lend
itself easily to generalization or
0 grand musings in poetry and prose,
let alone three minute pop songs.
Reed manages to convey well his
own world-weary pessimism, but
on Magic and Loss, his non-personal musings on the meaning of
life suffer from an over-simplifica-
tion that borders on triteness. Sto-
™ ry-telling made Reed's last solo
effort. New York, a truly great album. Comparatively, Magic and
Loss sounds like a death and denial
group therapy session.
There are a few standout songs
with some superb backing vocals,
^ but as a whoie,A_a;«c andLossis as
close to boring as Lou Reed has
come in a long time, if ever. Musically, this album remains in the niche
Reed created for himself on New
York . Maybe I'm
foolish, but I'd rather hear Grandpa
Reed tell me a sad story about the
atrocities of life than hear him moan
about the bleakness of death.
Tania Bolskaya
The Bedouins
Gun Crazy
Here's one that won't take long to
grow on you. Dedicated to Raymond
Chandler, this third release by The
Bedouins takes us on a journey into
a world of desperados and victims,
the doers, and the done. Opening
with the title track, a catchy pop
bounce sung by guest vocalist Grant
Lake, "Gun Crazy" is about being on
the run. After killing a watchman
"because he was there," the narrator
tells us that he knows the end is near,
no one lives forever, the highway
ahead is like the highway behind
...going nowhere. The tone is set,
and continues.
In "Dead Reckoning," a man
will do almost anything to jeopardize his hide, but when it comes
down to the wore, when your luck is
running out, the trick is to know just
when to save that hide. There's a fine
victim. How true.
"A Night Full of Rain" features the other guest vocalist singing
a what-I-thould-have-done-instead-
of what-I-did blues. You'd be hard
pressed to find someone who doesn't
relate to this one "Right RighlRight"
is right out of A Clockwork Orange.
A bit of the old ultra violent, and in
"The Blue Dahlia,"the narrator tells
of killing a woman in a moment of
desperation. He could take only so
much disgrace. Lost and alone, paranoid, he flees into the night Into a
new hell, trapped again.
The Bedouins, Forbes Mack-
ay on vocals and guitars, and Kevin
Finseth, keyboards and percussion,
have succeeded in supplying a soundtrack to our imaginings as the above
story unfolds. Rounding out Gun
Crazy's fifty mir
sphere you can feel as you head east
on the 15. Your Merc' coupe cruising
through the Devils' playground to
Vegas. This is the land where someone dies violently every twenty-two
Norm Van Rassel
Jim Carroll
Praying Mantis
So I sez to friends of mine, "Look,
this is the new Jim Carroll album,"
and they respond three different
1) "Who's Jim Carroll?"
2) "You mean that guy who
wrote The Basketball Diaries, a
chronicle of a teenage New York
junkie? I thought he was dead."
3) "You mean that guy who
wrote that song about dead people?
You know, like * Those are people
who died.died."' At the same time
they do some lame air guitar thing.
Basically, they are all partially
right, except for the fact he's still
alive. Praying Mantis is a collection
of poems, anecdotes and readings
from Carroll's numerous books. Naturally, considering that the majority
of New York writers and poets are
miserable, urban granges who consider themselves such artists because
they've been junkies or they bitch
constantly about what a hole "Neeu w
Yawack" is, I figured this was more
of the same.
Carrol], being an author first
before he formed the Jim Carroll
Band in the late 70's, has a natural
talent for taking banal or unpleasant
things and trsnsfaming them to things
of interest without sounding like a
rocker turned author. For example,
"A Day at the Races," s standard
anecdote about having crabs sounds
far more interesting than it oughts
be. Another gem is "Times Square's
Cage," which turns a walk behind a
hooker into a prose poem. There are
many bits that make Praying Mantis
worth listening to, although Jim's
shaky, sniffly delivery is a testament
that ten... fifteen years after you lack
heroin, you still sound like your on
the crank.
Big Star
It's about time somebody started to
realize what a lot of people already
know; Big Sur is the foundation of
mostmodem alternative music. This
band was formed in the early *70's
by Chris Bell and Alex Chilton after
Chilton put the kaibosh on The Box-
tops by walking off SUge during a
show. Coming from Memphis, not a
town known for its pop acts, Big Sur
came out with two LPs, HI Record
and Radio City, which laid out the
blueprint for many pop bands such
asthedB's, The Replacements, REM
and countless others. Both albums
were incredibly poorly put out by
the Stax label, and a third lp was not
released. This made Big Star one of
the great undiscovered bands of this
The quality of Big Sur shows
through in Live, which was recorded
at a radio sution in New York around
1973. What shows through most is
Chilton's solo acoustic tunes, such
as "Thirteen" and "rm In Love With
a Giri," where the intensity is overwhelming. Many of the songs on
Live are from the first two records,
indicating that the Sister LoversVP
(the unreleased third LP) had not yet
been recorded yet
Alex Chilton went on to became the prolific iconoclast the flipper people know and love, but most
don't know that Chris Bell, after recording a potential solo LP, iced
himself in an auto accident in 1979.
Big Star never got as popular when
they were together as they did post-
breakup. Live is a good overview of
what they were all about
Olive Lawn
Sophomore Jinx!
Do you ever have those days when
everything that can go wrong, does,
and you desperately need that one
record on your tumuble that'll cry
them blues away and make you not
want to listen to a another Sub Pop
single for a long, long, time? Well,
fret not my little superfuzz, 'cause
Sophomore Jinx! by San Diego
County scenesters, Olive Lawn, is
the LP for you.
First off, listen to "Hate" and
work out all that frustration. Feel
that heaviness, those guitar and bass
riffs(from O and Johnny Donhowe,
respectively) going to work, and
thosedrums(by KddieGlass) pound
ing your brain into submission. What,
you want more? Give "Too Slow"
and "Burner" a try, and listen to
those alcohol-fuelled vocals, courtesy of Mike Olson. You're feeling
pretty good now aren't ya? Now play
"I Only Love Myself* because the
only important person in your life
since your uptight money grabbin'
girl left you, is yourself, my friend.
Now it's time to take that Kris
Markovich deck for a little jammin'
session at the local half-pipe, all the
while "Beautiful Feeling" and "Major Label Blues" are pulsing through
the skalepark speakers. Fully elated,
there's a happenin' shindig tonight
with all your pals, so don't forget to
play "Heard II On The X" so you can
piss off that beer belly achin', lumberjack shirt-wearin, jailbait- havin'
gooseneck who thinks he knows all
there is to know about Van Halen.
Later on, ask that new girl
you've been checking out if she digs
Olive Lawn, 'cause you know her
name is Alice, and she will take a
Finally, just before your head
hits the pillow and you "enter Sandman," take a last look at that Ventures rip-off cover, laugh a little to
yourself, and always re
ive Lawn loves ya, baby!
Bryce Dunn
I) +
* m a (i i c
I.   0   s   S //
Christ! It's not easy to spank out one of these each month! The
selection of vinyl is piss poor at the pawn shops. Fortunately, the
garage sale season is coming up, and there' II be tonza lost classix
to be found. First, however, some answers.
To Phil from Whalley: Yes the American equivalent of
Slade is Grand Funk Railroad. It's kinda like American versions
of British sitcoms; the UK version is way funnier.
To Monica from Port Moody: Yes it is true that Bryan
Adams would be writing jingles for Z-Brick artificial wallcovering or Lumber-land if it wasn't for cancon. The fact that he is
in a position to sit by the pool drinkin' the drinks with the little
umbrellas and burn his bridges now that he's made it won't
help him if his next couple of LPs suck wind like Into The Fire
He wouldn't be talking so tall if he didn't have those
opposable thumbs, I guarantee you.
Lorraine from semi-sunny Burnaby asks Mofo this: Howcum
when you hear a really bad old song, you instantly remember all the
words? Well, young Lorraine, Acre are two ways:
1) Some honcho in tv land finds one of these cheap ditties,
picks it up and uses it for an ad or a sitcom theme. Case in point:
The Golden Girls' theme song is actuaUy an old airwave waster by
Andrew Gold, circa 1975. TTiusly a song that should have been
retired a long time ago is etched on our minds as if it was put there
with a branding iron. It's a Pavlolvian thing, I think. I know I
immediately switch the tube whenever I hear it, but then later I find
myself humming the song so uncontrollably that I have to slap on the
Killdozer to erase it from my noggin.
2) THE HOOK! This is the reason you bought the singles when you
were too young to get wise to the game and use taste. This is also the
reason songs like Blue Swede's "Hooked On A Feeling" and the
Captain and Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" sold so many
rekkids. The hooks put these very po' tunes on the Ups of everyone.
I am afraid that RSF's 'Too Sexy" will foUow suit. So forthcoming
are a list of good bad songs with THE HOOK! and baad bad songs
with THE HOOK!:
The Stampeders -" Sweet City Woman"
Ram Jam - "Black Betty" (NOT the house mix, kids)
Isaac Hayes - "Theme from Shaft"
Mungo Jerry -" In the Summertime"
Vanity Fare - "Hitchin' A Ride"
BAAAD BAD (sing with these and you'll get in a fight)
Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods - "Billy Don't Be A Hero"
Rose Royce - "Car Wash"
Michael Jackson - "Beat It"
Frankie Goes To Hollywood -" Relax"
Terry Jacks - "Seasons in the Sun"
Congratulations to Lorraine Trenrtblay for her suggestion.
She gets a copy of Cheryl Ladd's first LP and a Dream
Date with Mofo to the roller rink or old boy's bar of her
CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!! Can you send me the full lyrics to
your fave bad song? Fulfill this dare and you will get a
FUN-PAK(tm) of five cassettes of my choice and tickets
to an upcoming (cheap) gig!!!!! Winners will be blamed
in next Discorder.
Happy hunting!
Send'em to CITR, ok?
LAVIN and fHands
Mar. 19-21   JIM BYRNES
Mar. 30-Apr. 4   AMOS GARRETT
OPEN EACH NIGHT FROM 9:30 PM T01:30 AM OPEN WEEKDAYS FROM 11:30 AM MARCH       @ 1 SUNDAY Mainspring with Eric Vaughn at the Glass Slipper.. Pacific
Arts Ens*mbl* at the Vancouver Playhouse Eddy Clsarwatsr at the
Backstage (Seattle)... Vancouver World Choir at the Granville Island
Room... MIDI II: The Sequel at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Michael looth-Polmer wtth Ron Irving and John Mclaughlin at the ANZA
Club... Lute Mutic by Sylvius Leopold W*lss at the UBC Museum ot
Anthropology Theatre Gallery (2:30pm)... Gawa Gyanl performance at
the UBC Museum of Anthropology Greal Hall... Slacker (7pm) and My
Own Private Idaho (9:30pm) at the UBC SUB Cinema... International
Women's Week Screenings: Who's lotting For Srltaln? and Playing Away
(7pm) and Handsworth Songs and Twilight City (9:30pm) at Pacific
Cinematheque... Other People's Money (7:30pm) and The War of the
loses (9:30pm) at the Ridge... Continuing at the UBC Museum of Anthropology: Eulachon: A Fish to Cure Humanity exhibition (until May 31).
Repair, Reus* and Recycle exhibition (until May 24). Ancient
Cloth Ancient Code? exhibition (until May 24). The Oragon Jars of
Southeast Asia exhibition (until April 19)... Touchstone Theatre's A Map of
th* Senses closes at the Flrehai Arts Centre...
2 MONDAY CITR Alternatlv. Night at th* Pit Pub... Guy Clark -Town.!
Van Zandt at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Fat Tuesday wtth Earl
King. Uoyd Jonos 4 Mlk* Jacobs at the Yale... Tarry Edmonds land at the
Maximum Blues Pub... Rush to Judgement: the Assassination of John F
Kennedy (7:30pm) and Winter Kills (9:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque...
Goodtsllas and The Untouchables (5:30-IOpm) at the UBC Grad Centre
Fireside Lounge... The Miracle (7:30pm) and December Bride (9:25pm) at
the Ridge... Macbeth at the Vancouver Playhouse...
3 TUESDAY CITR Funk Night al the PR Pub... Primal Scream at the
Commodore... '70s Disco at the Cruel Elephant... Mike Jacobs at fhe
Yale... Terry Edmonds land at the Maximum Blues Pub... Incognito at the
Fairview... Carnavale Tutto Vale with Duffy Itshop at the Backstage
(Seattle)... Judy Smalt with Lucie Hue Tremblay at the Vancouver East
Cultural Centre... The Miracle (7:30pm) and December Bride (9:25pm) at
the Ridge... Jo Thederahn Riley's Meditations exhibition opens at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre (until the 31st)... Scenes from a Courtroom at Studio 68 (Langara campus)... Macbeth at the Vancouver Playhouse... Italian American Reconciliation opens at Station Street Arts
4 WEDNESDAY CiTR Hot Wednesday at the Pit Pub... Soundgarden
with the Melvins at the Commodore... Skin Bam with Roll Cage and Funk
Yard at the Cruel Elephant... lan Coleman at the Glass Slipper... Mike
Jacobs ot the Yale... Terry Edmonds Band at the Maximum Blues Pub...
Skid Row with Pantera at the PNE Forum... Incognito at the Fairview...
Marc Dsstrube (violin)and Rena Sharon (piano) at the UBC Music Recital
Hall (12:30pm)... New Art Songs at the Grunt Gallery... Planet of the Apes
(7pm) and KlngKong (9:30pm) at UBC SUBCInema..TheAd|ui»er(7:30pm)
and Clearcut (9:30pm) at the Ridge... Rumours at the Metro Theatre...
Scenes from a Courtroom at Studio 68 (langara campus)... Macbeth at
the Vancouver Playhouse... Italian American Reconciliation at Station
Street Arts Centre...
5 THURSDAY CITR Classics Night at the Pit Pub... Crawl and Trust Us
with Wingnuts and Tim Racine at the Cruel Elephant... Delia Grant and
the Pacesetters at Graceland... Ron Samworth Group at the Glass Slipper... David Raven at the Yale... Terry Edmonds Band at the Maximum
Blues Pub... LA Guns at 86 Street... Allan at the WISE Hall... Stevie Starr at
the Commodore... Shine with Mind the Gap at the Pit Pub... Incognito at
the Fairview... Who Stole the Sou!?. Perfect Image?, and The Body Beautiful with Maureen Blackwood In person (12:30pm) at Simon Fraser University... Planet of the Apes (7pm) and King Kong (9:30pm) at UBC SUB
Cinema... The Creation of Gawa Gyanl: A Public Discussion atthe UBC
Museum of Anthropology Theatre Gallery... The Adjuster (7:30pm) and
Clearcut (9:30pm) at the Ridge... Cost of Living opens at Richmond
Gateway Theatre... Rumours at the Metro Theatre... Scenes from a Courtroom at Studio 68 (Langara campus)... Macbeth at the Vancouver Playhouse... Italian American Reconciliation at Station Street Arts Centre...
6 FRIDAY Die Kreuzen at the Town Pump... Gorilla Gorilla with
Jonestown Punch at the Cruel Elephant... Open Stage Jam at the UBC
Grad Centre Fireside Lounge... David Raven at the Yale... Terry Edmonds
Band at the Maximum Blues Pub... Dr Hook af the Commodore... Trooper
at 86 Street... Stellar Sax Quartet at the Glass Slipper... Open Stage Jam
at the UBC Grad Centre Fireside Lounge... University Chamber Singers at
the UBC Music Recital Hall (8pm)... Incognito at the Fairview... Knitting
Factory: Jazz Passengers, Chunk and Thomas Chapln at the Backstage
(Seattle)... International Women's Week Screenings: The Body Beautiful.
Perfect Image, and The Passion of Remembrance with Maureen
Blackwood in person (7pm) at Pacific Cinematheque... The Add am*
Family (7:30pm) and Star Trek IV (9:35pm) at the Ridge... Truly, Madly,
Deeply (7pm) and Trust (9:30pm) at the UBC SUB Cinema... Cost of living
closes at Richmond Gateway Theatre... Rumours at the Metro Theatre...
Scenes from a Courtroom at Studio 68 (langara campus)... Macbeth at
the Vancouver Playhouse... Italian American Reconciliation at Station
Street Arts Centre...
7 SATURDAY Clyde Reed Quartet at the Glass Slipper. ..Cane Toads
with Chrome Dog and Man at the Cruel Elephant... Nitzer Ebb with Ethyl
Meat Plow at the Commodore... Country Dance at the WISE Hall... David
Raven at the Yale... Trooper at 86 Street... Terry Edmonds Band at the
Maximum Blues Pub... Other Ear: Frederic Rzewski, Robert Ablsmas and
Robert Eckert at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Incognito at the
Fairview... Blng Jensen at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre (2pm)...
International Women's Week Screenings: Umbrage. Coffee-Coloured
Children. Dreaming Rivers and I Is A Long-Memorled Woman (7pm) and
Ama (9:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque... The Addams Family (7:30pm)
and Star Trek IV (9:35pm) at the Ridge... Truly, Madly, Deeply (7pm) and
Trust (9:30pm) at the UBC SUB Cinema... Rumours closes at the Metro
Theatre... Scenes Irom a Courtroom closes at Studio 68 (Langara campus)... Macbeth closes at the Vancouver Playhouse... Italian American
Reconciliation at Station Street Arts Centre...
8 SUNDAY Ralph Eppel Croup at the Glass Slipper... Ellen Mcllwaine.
30 __t^S°SSI-_|li
The Dots and Shari Ulrich at the Commodore.. Judith Marcuse Dance
Company at the Vancouver Playhouse... Judy Small at the Backstage
(Seattle)... The Adddmt Family (7:30pm) and Star Trek JV (9;35pm) at
the Ridge... Twisting Cords and Knotting Numbers qulpus-maklng demonstration at the UBC Museum of Anthropology Exhibition GaHery (1-
9   MOr
9 MONDAY CITR Alternative Night at the Pit Pub... Oliver I the
Elements at the Yale... Rubber Soul at the Maximum Blues Pub... Rush to
Judgement: the Assassination of John F Kennedy (7:30pm) and Winter
Kills (9:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque... Truly, Madly, Deeply (9:30pm)
and Drowning Bv Number* (9:35pm) at the Ridge...
10 TUESDAY CITR Funk Night at the PH Pub... '70s Disco at the
Cruel Elephant. Greg Brown at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Ilg Moose Walker wtth Jack Lavin at the Yale... Rubber Soul at the
Maximum Blues Pub... Pete ft the Sneaks at the Fairview... Truly, Madly,
Deepry (9:30pm) and Drowning ly Numbers (9:35pm) at the Ridge...
Ancient Art of the Andes: 4000 Years of Peruvian Art lecture by Dr Alan
R Sawyer at the UBC Museum of Anthropology Theatre Gallery... Italian
American Reconciliation at Station Street Arts Centre...
11 WEDNESDAY CITR Hot W.dnsiday at th* Pit Pub... Gram*s
Brother* at the Cruel Elephant... Transworld Entemble at the Glass
Slipper... lig Moo** Walker wtth Jack Lavin at the Yale... lubber Soul at
the Maximum Blues Pub... Tom Parriott (trumpet), Gregory Cox (trombone) and Edward Norman (piano) at the UBC Music Recital Hall
(12:30pm)... Brad Mulrheod Project at the Grunt GaHery. Pete I the
Sneak* at the Fairview.. On Some Consequences of a Postage by Guy
Debord, Pkrt*s, Tampax, Tru* Michigan, Nightclub, Plot, and Duplicating th* Copy trom Memory (7:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque wtth
Michael Gttlln In person... Mystery Train (7pm) and Roadklll (9:30pm) at
the UBC SUB Cinema... What About lob? (7:30pm) and Nuts (9:30pm) at
the Ridge... Italian American Reconciliation at Station Street Arts Centre...
12 THURSDAY CITR Classics Night at the Pit Pub... The Sapiens
with Freak Sc*n* at the Cruel Elephant... Cr*atur*s of Habit at the Glass
Slipper... Ilg Moot* Walker with Jack Lavin at the Yale... Rubber Soul at
the Maximum Blues Pub... Pete ft the Sneaks at the Fairview... Year of the
Dragon and ...And the Word Was God (7:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque
with Kirsten Emiko McCatlitter lecture: Looking for Canada: The Asian
Canadian on Home Turf... Mystery Train (7pm) and Roadklll (9:30pm) at
the UBC SUB Cinema... What About Bob? (7:30pm) and Nuts (9:30pm) at
the Ridge... Italian American Reconciliation at Station Street Arts Centre...
13 FRIDAY Rattled Roosters with Monkey Buslneu. the Holidays
and fhe Surrealists at the Cruel Elephant... Mark Coulombe at the UBC
Grad Centre Fireside Lounge... Brass Roots and Jade Ensemble at the
Glass Slipper... Carlos Moura I His Band and Batacuda at the Commodore... Big Moose Walker with Jack Lavin at the Yale... lubber Soul at
the Maximum Blues Pub... Pete ft the Sneaks at the Fairview... Ferron at
the Backstage (Seattle)... Andrei Rublev (7:30pm) at Pacific
Cinematheque... The Doctor (7pm) and Regarding Henry (9:25pm) at
the Ridge... Little Man Tate (7pm) and Black Robe (9:30pm) at the UBC
SUB Cinema... Italian American Reconciliation at Station Street Arts
14 SATURDAY Mr Bungle with Grotus at 86 Street... Tankhog with
Schleprock and th* Gits at the Cruel Elephant... Jazzmanian Devils with
Video Bar-b-que at the Glass Slipper... Carlos Moura ft His land and
Batacuda at the Commodore... Big Moose Walker with Jack Lavin at
the Yale... Rubber Soul at the Maximum Blues Pub... Baby G ramps at the
WISE Hall... Pete ft the Sneaks at the Fairview... Andrei Rublev (7:30pm)
at Pacific Cinematheque... The Doctor (7pm) and Regarding Henry
(9:25pm) at the Ridge... Little Man Tate (7pm) and Black Robe (9:30pm)
at the UBC SUB Cinema... Italian American Reconciliation at Station
Street Arts Centre...
15 SUNDAY Lionel Hampton at the Commodore... Sonny Rollins at
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Kokoro Dance with Kane/Taylor
Explosion at the Glass Slipper... C'est un amant. Ouvrez I* port*I at the
UBC Museum of Anthropology Theatre Gallery (2:30pm)... Wayne Horviti/
Bill Frisell land at the Backstage (Seattle)... Art Contest Judging (7pm)
and Andrei Rublev (7:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque... The Doctor
(7pm) and Regarding Henry (9:25pm) at the Ridge... Little Man Tate
(7pm) and Hack Robe (9:30pm) at the UBC SUB Cinema...
16 MONDAY CiTR Alternative Night at the Pit Pub... Oliver ft th*
Elements at the Yale... Bluesman Willi* with Yolanda Brlggs at the
Maximum Blues Pub... Ferron at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Andrei Rublev (7:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque.. Young Soul Rebeb
(7:30pm) and The Commitments (9:25pm) al the Ridge...
17 TUESDAY CiTR Funk Night at the Pit Pub... '70s Disco at the
Cruel Elephant... Oliver ft the Element* at the Yale... Bluesman Willi*
with Yolanda Brlggs at the Maximum Blues Pub... Monster In a Box with
Spalding Cray at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Young Soul
Rebels (7:30pm) and The Commitment* (9:25pm) at the Ridge...
ROCK AT THE COMMODORE... CiTR Hot Wednesday at the Pit Pub... The
Rootabeggars at the Cruel Elephant... Peter Huron and Celtic Works at
the Glass Slpper... Oliver ft th* Elements at the Yale... Bluesman Willie
with Yolanda Iriggs at the Maximum Blues Pub... Festive Eddies with
Shine at 86 Street... Paul Dolden Solo at the Grunt GaHery... Monitor In
a lox with Spalding Gray at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre...
Moody Blue* at the Orpheum... Fieth Angels (7:30pm) at Pacific
Cinematheque with Bruce Elder in perton... A Clockwork Orange (7pm)
and Monty Python and the Holy Grail(9:30pm) at the UBC SUB Cinema...
The People Under the Stain (7:30pm) and Santa Sartgr* (9:30pm) at the
Rid2.e- "-Ji'-iitfUi n" rViiirr
Pit Pub... Caustic Thought with The Smalls and Past* at the Cruel
Elephant... N*w Art Songt at the Glass Slipper... Jim lyrnet at the Yale...
Bluesman Willie wtth Yolanda Brlggs at the Maximum Blues Pub... Carbo's
Hat at the Grunt Gallery... Francois Houle Et Cetera at the Grunt Gallery...
Monster In a loi wtth Spalding Gray at the Vancouver East Cultural
Centre... Newton and Me (7:30pm) at Pocific Cinematheque wtth Bruce~
Elder in person... A Clockwork Orange (7pm) and Monty Python and the*
Holy Grail (9:30pm) at the UBC SUB Cinema... The People Under the Stairs
(7:30pm) and Santa Sangre (9:30pm) at the Ridge... From Backroom to
Classroom: Interpreting Visible Storage exhibition opens at the UBC Museum of Anthropology (until September)...
20 FRIDAY Bill Frisell Trio/The Pr**id*rrl at the Robson Square
Theatre... Sarcastic Mannequin with A Cartoon Swear at the Cruel Elephant... Water Poet* at the UBC Grad Centre Fireside Lounge... Impromptu Jazz Ensemble at the Glass Slipper... Jim Byrnes at the Yale...*
Bluesman Willie with Yolanda Brlggs at the Maximum Blues Pub... Monster
In a lox with Spalding Gray at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Ivan's
Childhood (7:30pm) and The Mirror (9:20pm) at Pacific Cinematheque...
Father of the Iride (7:15pm) and For th* Boys (9:20pm) at the Ridge... Star
Trek VI (7pm 4 9:30pm) at the UBC SUB Cinema...
LAGWAGON AT THE CRUEL ELEPHANT Roger Balrd and Mus.Art at the
Glass Slipper... Jim lyme* at the Yale... Iluesman Willie with Yolanda*
Iriggs at the Maximum Blues Pub... Monster In a lox with Spalding Gray at
the Vancouver East Cultural Centre Ivan't Childhood (730pm) ond The
Mirror (9:20pm) at Pacific Cinematheque... Father of th* (rids (7:15pm)
and For th* Boys (9:20pm) at the Ridge... Star Trek VI (7pm 4 9:30pm) at the
UBC SUB Cinema...
ELEPHANT... Inside Outside (Worst/Van Berke/Burke) at the Glass Slipper..
Monster In a lox with Spalding Gray at the Vancouver East Cultural*
Centre... Jesus of Montreal (7:15pm) and La Maud It* Galett* (9:30pm) at
Pacific Cinematheque... Father ol the Irlde (7:15pm) and For th* loys
(9:20pm) at the Ridge... Star Trek VI (7pm 4 9:30pm) at the UBC SUB
Cinema... Tale* from the North storytelling by Martha Baron at the UBC
Museum of Anthropology Rotunda (2pm)...
23 MONDAY CITR Atternatlv* Night at th* PH Pub... Oliver ft the
Element* at the Yale... Mike Jacobs land at the Maximum Blues Pub... Mr
Ilg with Tall Stories at 86 Street, lan Tyson with the Chinook Arch Riders*
at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Jesus of Montreal (7:15pm) and
On Est Au Colon (9:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque... Th* Butcher'* Wife
(7:30pm) and 29th Street (9:30pm) at the Ridge...
24 TUESDAY CITR Funk Night at the Pit Pub... '70t Disco at the Cruel
Elephant... The Roof Doctor Roy Hytower at the Yale... Mike Jacobs Band
at the Maximum Blues Pub... lan Tyson with the Chinook Arch Riders at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Th* Butcher** Wife (7:30pm) and 29th
Street (9:30pm) at the Ridge... Searching for Structure: The Detective Work*
Behind Ancient Cloth...Ancient Coda? lecture by Mary Frame at the UBC
Museum of Anthropology Theatre Gallery...
25 WEDNESDAY CiTR Hot Wednesday at the Pit Pub... Little Joe with
Ho and Go Guy at the Cruel Elephant... Maya/Sound* ot India at the Glass
Slipper... The loot Doctor Roy Hytower at the Yale... Mike Jacobs Band at
the Maximum Blues Pub... lob Frayn* Group at the Grunt Gallery... lan
Tyson with the Chinook Arch Riders at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Sam Weis and Tracy Moor* at the Backstage (Seattle)... Fascism and**
th* Fantastic: Experimental Film Work* ly Stephen Sachs (7:30pm) at
Pacific Cinematheque with Stephen Sach* in person... Nulls d'Afriqu*
(7pm) and Au Clair a* la Lun* (9:30pm) ot the UBC SUB Cinema... Th*
Draughtman's Contract (7:15pm) and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and
Her Lover (9:25pm) at the Ridge...
26 THURSDAY CITR Classics Night at the Pit Pub... Pigment Vehicle
with Colour Out of Space and Hoofarump at the Cruel Elephant... Henry
Roudln Quartet atthe Glass Slipper... Andy M Stewart ft Manus Lunny at the*
WISE Hall... The Root Doctor Roy Hytower at the Yale... Mike Jacobs land
at the Maximum Blues Pub... lan Tyson with the Chinook Arch Riders at the
Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Law of Desire (7:30pm) at Pacific
Cinematheque... The Draughtman's Contract (7:15pm) and The Cook, The
Thief, Hit Wife, and Her Lover (9:25pm) at the Ridge...
27 FRIDAY Bluchunks withPaleface and Lester* Wagon at the Cruel
Elephant... Sandy Scofield at the UBC Grad Centre Fireside Lounge...
Steve Fisk Summit at the Glass Slipper... lan Tyson with the Chinook Arch+
Riders at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Th* Boot Doctor loy
Hytower at the Yale... Mike Jacob* land at the Maximum Blues Pub... The
Steamroller and the Violin (7:30pm) and Solaris (8:35pm) at Pacific
Cinematheque... Cape Fear (7pm) and The Postman Always lingt Twice
(9:25pm) at the Ridge... Addamt Family (7pm 4 9:30pm) at the UBC SUB
Cinema... Inside/Insight: Ancient Peruvian Cloth workshop at the UBC
Museum of Anthropology Classroom #2!7 (10am)...
28 SATURDAY Francois Houle Et Cetera CD benefit at the Glass*
Slipper... No Fun at the Cruel Elephant... Jlmml* Dale Gilmore and Marty
Brown at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre... Big Daddy Kane with
Second to None at the PNE Gardens... The Root Doctor Roy Hytower at the
Yale... Mike Jacobs land at the Maximum Blues Pub... Rites of Spring atthe
WISE Hall... The Steamroller and the Violin (7:30pm) and Solaris (8:35pm) at
Pacific Cinematheque... Cape Fear (7pm) and The Postman Always Rings
Twlc* (9:25pm) at the Ridge... The Creator and th* Flea storytelling by Ellen
Whit* ot the UBC Museum of Anthropology Rotunda (1 lam)... ♦ >
29 SUNDAY 111) Clark Sextet at the Glass Slipper... Rites ot Spring at
the WISE HaU... Muslckfor Several! Friend* composition by WlWamlawes at
the UBC Museum of Anthropology Theatre Gallery... On Est Au Colon
(7:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque... Cape Fear (7pm) and The Postman
Always Rings Twlc* (9:25pm) at the Ridge...
30 MONDAY   CiTR Alternative Night at the rt Pub... Amos Garrett at
the Yale... Nell James land at the Maximum Bluet Pub... On Est Au Colon
(7:30pm) at Pacific Cinematheque... The Road Warrior (7:30pm) and Allans*
(9:25pm) at the Ridge...
31 TUESDAY CITR Funk Night at th* Pit Pub... '70s Disco at the Cruel
Elephant... lan Tyson at the Vancouver Eatt Cultural Centre... The load
Warrior (7:30pm) ond Allen* (9:25pm) at the Ridge... PERRYSCOPE PRESENTS
( h c doors 8pm • showtime 9pm Sharp!
TOWN PUAffP Tickets available at Track, Zulu,
66 Water 8t., Gastown Scratch and The Town Pump.
1 ri
00 presents
nitzer ebb
plus special guests ETHYL MEAT PLOW4
doors 8pm •showtime 10:30pm •Tickets available at Track,
Zulu and all "•^S^"** outlets, or charge by phone, 280-4444.
w3§fvK Metal Shop presents
doors 8pm • showtime 10:30pm
Tickets available at Track, Zulu and all *»««@«**
or charge by phone, 280-4444.     _.    /
101.9 TM
with guests
with special guests
Doors 8pm • Showtime 10:OOpm • Tickets available at Track, Zulu
and all ______*^________v outlets, or charge by phone 280-4444
Z Monday to Wednesday 10:30-7:00
LU Thursday and Friday 10:30-9:00
1 Saturday 10:30-6:30
0 Sunday 12:00-6:00
1869 W4th Avenue. Vancouver. BC
• Guitarrorists
Twenty-six instrumental- from
guitarists from Sonic Youth.
Butthole Surfers, Flaming Lips.
Dinosaur Jr.. Galaxie 500 and the
list goes on and on...
Zulu presents...
12 Titles for Today!
On sale March 1-31
^SMftCMtll MySistersMachine
■ .■ Diva
Around hire, we call this the
Vt,  new SoundGarden. Find out
Teenage Fanclub
• Catholic Education
Ifyou liked Bandwagonesque.
you'll need this, their first LP.
KMFDM i Money
14.98cd / 9.98cass
Available Now On Zulu Records..
Last Call
Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988
Zulu presents "Last Call", an anthology showcasing some
ofthe best independent songs from Vancouver's illustrious
past. Classic tracks have been collected, lovingly restored
and digitally mastered onto two CDs. Also included is a
44-page booklet containing historic photos, biographies
of all the bands and more. Specially Priced!
; The Stiffs
The Generators
J The Dishrags
i Active Dog
The Shades
The Pointed Sticks
Private School
The Subhumans
Young Canadians
Female Hands
Secret Vs
Tim Ray
Popular Font
The Scissors
Moral Lepers
The Enigmas
The Actionals
Family Plot
The Work Party
Bolero Lava
I. Braineater
Go Four 3
Animal Slaves
Brilliant Orange
Shanghai Dog
Cannon Heath Down
Lost Durangos
Herald Nix
Bob's Your Uncle
Rhythm Mission
The Scramblers
Oversoul Seven
The Hip Type
48 Songs!
48 Bands!
44-Page Booklet!
2/2 Hours of Music!
Available Now at:
A&B Sound, Black Swan, Collector's RPM, Highlife,
Neptoon, Odyssey, Reminiscing, Sam the Record Man (Seymour),
Scratch, Silver Disc, Track, Zulu
      ...and in Seattle:     	
Cellophane Square (Seattle, Bellevue and Bellingham),
Fallout, Park Avenue, Exotique Imports and Sound Affects
Love Battery •Dayglo
Smashing Pumpkins • gish
• Clean asa Broke Dick Dog
A punk rawk supergroup featuring Mark and Steve
from Mudhoney and other NorthWest luminaries
with their take on the blues.
• Slanted and Enchanted
I don't think there's a man. woman or child in the
world today that would not enjoy this album. Weird.
fuzzy, poppy sludge from America's most
promising new band! (Available mid-March)
• Spine of God
Heavy, loud, grungy music fortroubled souls.
Check them out atthe Cruel Elephant in the near
• Imperial F.F.R.R.
"A band this talented and creative cannot be
ignored for much longer." Who said it? Who
eves?!?! (Actually, it was Spin magazine}
• SestabolRd.
These guys know how to ptay loud fast punk poppy
tunes better than Wonderstuff. Ned's Atomic
Dustbin or AIL Their previous album. "Who cares
wins", was an instore play favorite.
Available March 5.
Poison Idea
• Blank. Blackout. Vacuous
The kings of punk are back with their brand new
release. Anyone that was at their show atthe Cruel
Elephanta while back will want this one!


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