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European Bulletin of Himalayan Research (EBHR) Volume 28 Universität Heidelberg. Südasien-Institut; Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France); University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies


Contents: Agency and Resistance in the Thangmi-Newar Ritual Relationship: An analysis of Devikot-Khadga Jatra in Dolakha, Nepal by Sara Schneiderman Ethnonymy in a Multiethnic Context: A note of Kinnaur by Isabelle Riaboff Staying in Place: The social actions of Hindu Yoginis by Sondra L. Hausner The "Descent of the Pandavas": Ritual and cosmology of the Jad of Garhwal by Subhadra Mitra Channa The Chintang and Puma Documentation Projects (CPDP) by Martin Gaenszle, Balthasar Bickel, Goma Banjade, Elena Lieven, Netra P. Paudyal, Arjun Rai, Iccha P. Rai, Manoj Rai, Novel K. Rai, Vishnu S. Rai, Narayan P. Sharma, and Sabine Stoll Marie Lecomte-Tilouine and Pascale Dollfus (eds.): Ethnic Revival and Religious Turmoil: Identities and representations in the Himalayas by Sara Schneiderman, Ithaca, NY Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Vergleichende Hochgebirgforschung (ed.): Arbeiten aus Nepal. Erwin Schneider zum Gedächtnis by Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, Bangkok Deepak Thapa with Bandita Sijapati: A Kingdom under Siege: Nepal's Maoist insurgency, 1996 to 2003 by Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka, Bielefeld Manjushree Thapa: Forget Kathmandu: An elegy for democracy by Elvira Graner

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