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Consolidated index of Commission evidence transcripts British Columbia. Supreme Court Jan 1, 0001

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 'j})^i  I  "ww^j^h^  MO. 0343  SMITHERS REGISTRY  IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  BETWEEN:  DELGAMUUKW, also known as KEN MULDOE,  suing on his own behalf and on behalf  of all the menbers of the HOUSE OF  DELGAMUUKW and others  AND  PLAINTIFFS  HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF THE  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA and THE  ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA  DEFENDANTS  CONSOLIDATED INDEX OF COMMISSION  EVIDENCE TRANSCRIPTS NO. 0843  SMITHERS REGISTRY  IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  BETWEEN:.  DELGAMUUKW, also known as KEN MULDOE,  suing on his own behalf and on behalf  of all the members of the HOUSE OF  DELGAMUUKW and others  AND  PLAINTIFFS  HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF THE  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA and THE  ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA  DEFENDANTS  CONSOLIDATED INDEX OF COMMISSION  EVIDENCE TRANSCRIPTS CONSOLIDATED INDEX OF COMMISSION EVIDENCE. TRANSCRIPTS  TAB  Emma Michell - Volumes 1-5  Martha Brown - Volumes 1-4  3.       David Gunanoot - Volumes 1 & 2  4.       Johnny David - Volumes 1-8  Bazil Michell - Volumes 1-3  6.       Jessie Sterritt - Volumes 1 & 2  Thomas Wright - Volumes 8?^<8ll(§§8^$?i3^^  'WWaaMMMHMVMwwwwww—  Volume  I  Enuna Michell  INDEX  Preliminary  Name  Birthdate  Parents  names and  date of death  Education  Exhibit #1  Brothers  Step-Mother  Totem Pole  Page  1  Emma Michell  July 25, 1908  Former education background      2  Photograph of witness Emma Michell  and her mother and father  Jim Mitchell and Tommy Michell   3  Mary Ann Naziel  Location and owner  Father's  Chief Names  Father's  clan  Axdiiniiye  Samaxsan  Maxlaxlex  Guyasisway  Laxsilyu  Witness and  mother's  clan  Father's  relation  Territories  Clans  Houses  Names of  Emma  Michell  Tsayu  Kilwoneetz  Maxan Lake known as Tsale  Laxsilyu  Four  Lilloos  6  6 ^&'S?$^^  SSS>5l)^S55w:w«ui«Biw«w«inoaaoAnojv«w  Cen ', ka-Kung' kax  Seating  Seating  Seating  Seating  Seating  Spokesperson  Smokehouses  Successors  Chiefs name  Territories  Chiefs name  Relations  Territories  Hunting  Chief of  Territories  Kilwoneetz  Buildings  Trapping  Sam Goosely  Wilat  Territory  Binis  Footprints  Immediate   family 7  Tsayu  Witness' children 8  Kweese, Namox, Wilat and front   9  row  Namox's children 10  very fron row  Laksamashu - Tsayu  Lassamasyu - Tsayu 11  Joshua and Dan  Kweese and Wilat 12  Namox and Wigetemskol  Gwasooks meaning  Boos* 13  Relations - Donald Walters  - Willie Simms  Wilat, Emma Pierre 13/14  Boos' daughter Mary 15  Burns Lake area 16  Rose Lake area  (Paddy Isaac)  Kilwoneetz, Telkwa and Sam  Goosely Lake area  Maxlaxlex and Samaxsan 17  Winter homes  At Lohtswenii, Casbit 18  territory and Tsintel  Trapping area of Alfred Namox    18  At Walcott  At Sam Goosely area 20 £rc#$&&s3&&T;7ii&S;;iiti&<!sii&^;i^  Laksilyu  Maxlaxlex  Animals hunted  Seating  Laksamashu  Clan's Merge  Wilax  Misdoos  Samasxan  corrections  Adele's name  Queen's Hall  Boos' territory  Maxan Lake area  Mary Ann Luggie  Fishing at  Decker Lake  Fish eggs for  food  Leexk  Equity Mine  Wilat  Names: Ooyii  Kilth Kolth  Wxuuwii'x  Telkwa River area 23  Old Sam 23  Telkwa River area 23  Smogelgem, Leonard George 24  Tsayu and Laksamashu 25  Stanley Nikal Jrs. name 26  Victor Jim's name  Old Sam was Samaxsan 27  Bilna's daughter 28  At Hagwilget 28  Decker Lake 30  Laksilyu territory 30  Seymour Tom's daughter 30  Trout, Sucker's and whitefish 30  Mixed with Cin Kal 30  Made fish nets from 31  32  Relationship to Emma 32  Emma's mother's father 32  Emma's uncle 33  Emma's mother's father 33 ?i^>i>^>*>!>i>t>i>fc^^fcwww*t»**i*i^f*r*f«wi*^  Dennis Yez  Dennis Yez  Wilat's  children  Marianne Tiljoe  Deceased  Gwasook's  Axtiool  Muht  Kweese  Tsintel  Exhibit #2  Indian Reserve  Farmers  Lake  Game Warden  Exhibit #1  Queen  Queen's  territory  Exhibit #3  Exhibit #4  Exhibit #14  Florence Hall's father 34  Emma's mother's brother's son 34  Emma's Uncles and Aunts 35  Alex ban. Saa on 35  Emma's brother and sister 37  Winnie Joseph 37  Beatrice Morris  Joshua Holland's relationship 43  August Pete, Emily Dennis 43  Mountain belonging to Gitumden 45  Map of Namox territory 46  Reserve #2 47  Farmer on Sam Goosely territory 50  Tandet Tabegh 51  Confrontations with Game Warden 51  Picture of a trip to Vancouver 52  Witness' relationship 53  History and Relatives of the 54  Queen  Photographs of Totem poles at 55  Hagwilget  Photographs of Smokehouses 55  at Hagwilget Canyon  Johnny David Commission Evidence 56  in Exhibit #3 in Emma Michell  evidence i&&i*&$iii^tI*$*Jt$*>W***^>tW*w>*^^  Queen's  Relative  Lame Arthur  Michell  Kadilxdum  Kumg ingowaykan  Skokumlehait's  daughters  Skokumlehait' s  burial  Mary Jospeh  Property ownership  Madeek  George Naziel  Relationship to Lame Arthur  Michell  Married to own clan  House of Maxan Tom  Queen's name  Susan, Denise and Amelia  59  59  59  59  60  First at Lse Tait then Hagwilget  60  Present holder of Skokumlehait   61  Bilna's property at Barrett      61  Bilna's chief name  Present holder of Madeek  62  August 28, 1986  Tse nii Kwa  Tagxunkit  Telkwa River  Telkwa Pass  Kilwoneetz  Blue Lake  Kela  Telkwa River Territory  August Pete's father  Territory ownership  Part of Tse Root and Tse  Hadoniintat  Loon Lake and Dennis Lake  Territory  Boundary of Telkwa Territory  Thomas Holland's name, 1915  62  62  63  64  65  65  66 Mining  Mining Boss  Caspit  Samtellesan  Baptism  Prophecy  Chief  Councillor  Gga huu1em  Estace  Kalxuxa_lhem  Society  Dllgus  Wiitwhoono  Susan Alfred  Otters  Emma's ilines  Minerals at Hawson Lake  Jefferson  Also known as James Yami  Binii's other name  Baptismal by Binii  Binii foreseen horses coming to  the area  Dan Michell  Dan Michell joining the society  Helping Dan's illness  Destruction of regalia  Head and neck gear  Mary Ann Austin  Kalxuxlhem sickness  Seeing of otters effect  Healing of pain in leg  Drowning of J.M. Jimmy Mitchell's death  Reincarnation   Jimmy Mitchell's return-reborn  Bear River      Gitnay territory  Catholic Chief  Dyee at Hagwilget  Proceedings adjourned at 3:20 p.m.  67  68  69  71  72  72  74  75  75  76  76  76  77  77  77  81  82  83  83  85 !S3&?&S>**$^^  KWra«W>WWKyOiKKSRRKJOlK**w»*»*»*M.*.w  :*<K*»L>eK>r«uou«ciacKfvi(/cr^  Volume II  Emma Michell, Commission Evidence  INDEX  Page  Preliminary  Philip George  Sam Goosely  territory  Tsiintel  Klatswunnii  Spookw  Negedeldws  Deep Creek  Tsuk  Casbit  territory  Kiiloosiiya  Sam Goosely  territory  Binii's footprints  Neddzii tezlii  Confrontation  with white  9:30 a.m., Monday November 1  3, 1987  also known as Felix George 1  children entitlement to territory 2  Mountain, north of Blunt 2  Mountain  Caspit's territory 3  Gitnay 3  Use of father's territory 3  4  Laksamashu, Babine 4  Takes slet, Hlayiitlii, 5  Steditdtay  Sylvester Williams grandfather 5  Hunting and trapping, travel to 6  and back through Decker Lake  Sat at footprints to predict 7  salmon run  Out flowing creek at Sam Goosely 9  Lake  White, non-native campers 9 $&888B888g*SJS8??^*£^^  gwtvnOTQCTaoiMWQoa^^  '"•"^IBPSi-"  people  Tsezultselli  Exhibit #2  Mr. O'byrne's  Objections  Chief Namox  1967 logging  Destruction,  Sam Goosely  Objections by  Mr. Cohen  Origin of  Queen  Yikoo  Killing of  Satsan's  brother  Compensation  Coppe r  Sa'on  Dennis' father  Satsan  Medicine Doctor  First clan  crests  Location of Equity Mine  Photocopy of March 29, 1982  letter to Emma Michell from  Elmer Barneman  Alfred Namox's clan as tsayu  Alfred Namox and successor  Bill Widen Logging at Sam  Goosely  10  11  12  12  12  Animal population deteriorated,   13  loss of trapping gear  On relevancy and materiality and 14  admissibility  Queen's name was given by Bini   20  Queen came from Yikoo, place     20  between Babine and Takla Lake  Retaliation for the death of     21  Dennis' father  Taygeegana lagx 21  Macine 21  Emma's mother's sister 22  Dennis is Florence Hall's father 23  Description and residence 23  Gitksan, woman's paraphernalia 26  From Kweese's war at Kitimat 28 ■*?*^ »\?<x>i><>< >o;*<v^ ». >.  Proceedings  adjourned  Rule 40 (28)  Casbit  territory  Loosiya  Exhibit #5  Matrilineal  Bait  Crests  Territory  successor  Trespassers  Titles  Matrimony  Driftwood  Canyon  Compensation  by Queen  Negeldus  Exhibit #6  Court Action  Destruction  of territory  3:50 p.m. till 9:30 a.m., 29  November 4, 198_  Grounds for objections 30  Animal use at Giserlu and 31  Laksilyu feasts  Caspit's successor, Sylvester 31  Williams grandfather  Equity Silver Mines letter of 35  March 29, 1982 to Emma Michell  Children follow Mother's Clan 36  and House  Peter Michell 36  Laksnashu and Tsayu 36  Territory goes to successor of 37  name  Penalty by death 38  Dealing with trespasser 39  Marriage laws 41  Trapping by Lame Michell 41  Area between Walcott and Barrett 41  Margaret Williams in Laksamashu  42  Oct. 22, 1984 letter to Neil J.   43  Sterritt from Tommy Michell  Plaintiffs suing gov't of B.C.   46  Destruction of forest, animal    46  habitat and alienation of  territory Proceedings  adjourned  Commission  Evidence  Tax statement  letter  Exhibit #7  12:35 p.m. to Wed., Nov. 5,      51  9:30 a.m.  Wed., Nov. 5, 1986, 9:30 a.m.    52  Copy of N.J. Sterritt letter to  52  Minister of Finance of B.C. to  Tommy Michell  Letter of Nov. 30, 1984 to       53  Minister of Finance, Prov. of  B.C. from GWTC  Exhibit #8  Document entitled "Notice of  Overdue Property Tax", Oct. 15,  1986  54  Songs  Relating to chiefs names  55 Volume III  Cross-Examination - Emma Michell, Commission Evidence  INDEX  Page  Interpreter  Preliminary  Objection  Wilat  Exhibit #6,  letter  Exhibit #5,  letter  Sam Goosely  territory  Objection  Logging at Sam  Goosely  Trespassing  laws  Letters  Objections  Forestry  permits  Nutsenii  trespassers  Referring to  Affirmed George Holland 64  11:30 a.m. Fri., Nov. 21, 1986 64  Involving litigation Planning 66  Emma, Andy Pierre's mother 67  letters and reply 73  Equity Silver Mine letter 74  Spokesperson's 74  Regarding papers dealing with    76  territories  Bill Widen's logging activity    77  Punishable by death without 78  permission  Dealing with Game Dept. 79  Relating to voting, irrelevant 80  Stumpage fees,also tax 81  Battle fought with Nutsenii 82  Map on Sam Goosely territory 83 Exhibit #2  Kanoot's  territory  Objection,  maps  Territory  identification  Objection  Objection  Statement of  Claim  Adjourned  Bordering on Sam Goosely        84  territory  Preparation of Maps, Priveleged  84  Page 41 of Volume I, Commission 84  Evidence  Question of law 86  Question 70 in Statement of 88  Claim  Remedies sought in Action 90  Proceedings adjourned at 91  3:50 p.m. til 1:00 p.m., Tues.  25, Nov. 1986 J*ivwr*;»;w*i»i»;><>*w.  Volume IV  Emma Michell Commission Evidence  INDEX  Page  Preliminary  Litigation  Hereditary  Chiefs  Objections  Plaintiffs  Adjournment  Commence  Territorial use  Languages  Boundaries  Request of  Documents  Council Charge  Tsayu Clan and  Houses  Fishing sites  Kelx Kolx  Wilat's  Interpreter George Holland 93  1:00 p.m. Tues., Nov. 26, 1986  Suing of Gov't's in regard to      93  Sam Goosely territory  Differences in ranks 94  Question of law in pleadings 95  Records of Chiefs in court 96  action  At 2:10 p.m. til Nov. 26, 1986 99  10:00 a.m. Wed., Nov. 26, 1986 100  At Sam Goosley, hunting and 100  trapping  Wet'suwet'en and English 102  Sam Goosely territory 104  Documents and maps if available 104  Cross examination by Mr. Cohen 105  Different names in Houses 105  Kweese and Wilat's 106  Emma's grandmother's brother 106  Boo, Emma Pierre, Andrew Pierre 107 i»iJift*t*ikWM«««^Mtn*i««  Successsors  Kumk i ngowacan  Telkwa River  Kwan Beah Yax  Adoption  Goohlaht  Exhibit "Head  Chief"  Mary Ann Luggi  Jimmy Mitchell's  death  Ben McKenzie's  Grandmother  Tsokyet  Oonustotin  Tsakelgoweten  Translator  Laksilyu houses  Ginchklaiga  spokesman  Kwan beah yax  Kilwoneetz  territory  Lim Tin  reference  Tsintel  and Margaret William  Head Chief, Maxan Tom from House 111  in Tasle  Permission given to Stan Nikal 112  Spokesperson - Wah Tah Kwets 112  Into Tsayu House 114  Representing Caspit in court 116  action  Classification of twelve 122  Plaintiffs  Gilsheryu, Maxan Tom's daughter 122  Dispute over territorial use 123  Bear River, Gilsheryu territory 123  Old reserve at Carnaby 124  Gilsheryu. Dark House 124  House on Flat Rock 124  Questioning house membership 124  Four houses in clan 125  Hagwilnegh, Sylvester William 126  Wah Tah Kwets, John Namox 126  Kilwoneetz to Duthie mine 126  p. 18, Volume 1, transcript,      128  August 26, 1986  Gitumden Mountain belonging to    128 Spookw  Queen's  territory  Isaac Alexander  Tsuk, Babine  Territory  Tsuk  Queen from  Yikoo  Pius  Sam Goosely  Departure  Adjournment  Alienation by non-native at       130  Lse Tait  George Naziel's mother's brother  132  Paddy Isaac's father  Area other side of Deep Creek     133  Laksamashu clan from Babine       134  Owned territory near Yikoo at one  134  time  Laksilyu of Babine  Leaving Sam Goosely Lake via      134  Decker Lake  3:50 p.m., Dec. 3, 1986 136 $&&Zi&&ZFSKXttXttfcr&+>'  Volume V  Emma Michell Commision Evidence  INDEX  Page  Preliminary  House of Wilat  Logging at Sam  Goosely  Smokehouses  Caribou  Equity Mine  mineral  Sam Goosley  ownership  Laksilyu  relationship  Alienation,  Driftwood  Territorial  Dispute  Objection  Dispute Laws  Reserve at  Burns Lake  Interpreter - George Holland, 138  Commence at 10:00 a.m. Thursday,  December 18, 1986  Questions of hunting on territory 138  1966 - 1968 by Bill Widen 139  At Sam Goosely Lake 139  Around Equity Mine area, long ago 139  Are known to Alfred Namox 139  Wilat, Alfred Namox  140  Relations through Clan and House   141  White people move in about 1940   142  Neil and Charlie Sterritt, Arthur  144  Mowatt and Danes  Needless questioning  144  Questions arising out of Penalties 145  for trespassing  Day tsii Diipiit  148  Re-examination  Mr. Grant's turn  150 Longhouse at  Moricetown  Yax  Wilat's House  Kweese House  Fishing sites  All-clans feast  Namox spokesperson  Pole Companies  Sam Goosely  territory  users  Name, Lilloos  George  Way b'een  Tsayu House  names  Sam Goosley  Fish nets  Gitumden Chiefs  Exhibit #1,  letter  Killing of  Kweese, Wilat and Namox 150  Clarification as to translators 150  use of word "house" building or  clan house  Occupied by Wilat and Namox 151  Across the river 151  All sites belonging to Kweese and 151  Wilat was shared together  Nutsenii invitee's 151  Wigetemekal, Dan Michell 151  Bell Pole.  Hanson Pole. 152  Wilat Namox, also Kweese 152  Chief name or not from Skeena     153  Crossing  Previous holder of name, Lilloos   153  Namox House names 153  Timber, trapping, fishing and     154  later berry pickers  Made from plant lilhks 154  Madeek, Woos, Kanoots, and        156  Gyolget  Neil Sterritt's letter of June 1,  156  1984  Clarifying, accordance to 157 ,»«1J»>C.-  Jimmy, Mitchell  Wet'suwet'en law  Wigetemskol's   Witness sings song 158  song  Commision Evidence of Emma Michell.  Completed at 12:50 p.m. MARTHA BROWN  -  VOLUME I  September 8, 1985  Examination in Chief  MARTHA'S BACKGROUND:  -Martha's Indian name 2  -her birthdate  -place of birth  HER FAMILY: 2  - Frank Harris 3  - grandmother  NAMES - child's name  -name when she became a woman  -passage of that name 4  -importance of feast & name 4-5  TERRITORY 5  -relation of name to it  -hunting ground  NAME XHLIIMLAXHA  -How Frank Harris got it 5  HOUSE OF XHLIIMLAXHA 6  -members  -history of name Xhliim.Iaxha 7  FEASTS 8  -seating in the old days  -feast seating today 10  -types of feasts  -wedding feast  -meat & skins given at the feasts 11  HOUSES IN KISPIOX  -where they held feasts 12  T'EETS - inviting 12  -nephew does t'eets   _ 13  NAXNOX 14  -Xhliimlaxha's naxnox  Feasts stopped by the police 14  -Edward Sexsmith 14-15 -Dr. Wrinch 15  -nephew makes casket 15  -money at the feasts 16  Geel's pole raising feast 16  -long houses in Kispiox (feast houses) 17  -Xhliimlaxha  -Delgamuukw  -Antgulilbix  -Guluuhlametxwt  -Eelast  Dispute over Haakxw's pole 18-19  Feast for Matilda Morrison 19  -hawal 19&23-24  Territory 20-  -fishing grounds 20  -berry picking  -Gala'anxsan  Xhliimlaxha's two territories 21  -matrileneal passage of names 21  -rights to use the territory 22  Tribes of the Gitskan 25  -Wolf  -Fireweed  -Frog  Funeral Feast for Jessie Olson 2 5  -tribes who came 26-27  -smoke feast  -gifts given at the feast '•■■■■'   28-30  -people received names at this feast 30  -distribution of money & gifts 32  -territory 32-33 MARTHA BROWN - VOLUME 11  September 19, 1985  Examination in Chief  -meaning of Xhliimlaxha  -Chiefs who came to feast when  Xhliimlaxha was given to Martha  -Nikateen  -Geel  -T'elgamuux  -Antgulilbiksxw  T'elgamuux Pole Raising Feast  -where they got the pole  -Welcome Feast  -laxnok  -limx'oox  3  4  5  6-7  Wedding Feast  -intermarriage  -rights to use territory of Inlaws  Feast at Nass River with Nisga's  -Skat'iil's funeral feast  7  8  8  9  Ada'ox  -t'emlaxamit  -Ya'il  10  11-12  12  Separation of tribes from I" emlaxamit  -Kitwancool  -Kitwanga  -Gitanmaaxs  -Gitsegyukla  -Kispiox  Martha relates the story of 1"emlaxamit  Xhliimlaxha*s ayuk (crest)  12  EXHIBIT #1  photograph Xhliimlaxha'  in Kispiox  House  Xhliimlaxha's blanket  13-14  16&19  18  19  Xhliimlaxha's territory  -who owns it  20 Geel's territory 21  -what they did there  -location  -boundary to Xhliimlaxha's  The Stikine people 2 2  -Stikine Kill sister of Xhliimlaxha  at Xsiisxw  -Return territory to Xhliimlaxha  -peace feathers 2 3  -feast  Martha sings limx xsiisxw 24  Stikine gives name Malee to Xhliimlaxha  Names of places on Geel's territory 2 5  -lake called Laxgohlii  -mountain called Wilnlixhlo'osganuugas  -distance from Kispiox to Geel's territory    26  Telegraph line through the territory 26-27  Berry picking grounds 27  Martha names the places on her territory 28  -Wilgisim'niit'ahlhak  -Xsimiinhlhalskiit  -Xsa'anseegit  -Xsitsihl'niit'in  -Xsa'anxiiya  -Wilsada'uhlts'ap  -Wiluuskeexwt  -Wiluuskihl Genim Maadim  -Miinhlgwogoot  -Wilnastatxs  Boundaries of her territory 2 8  Meanings of places names on the territory 30  -Wiluuskihl Genim Maadim  -Miinhlgwogoot  -Wiluuskeexwt  -Xsitsihl'niit'in 31  -Wilsada'uhlts'ap  -Xsimiinhlhalskiit  -Murder Creek - Xsa'anseegit  -Wilgisim'niit'anlhak 3 2  Xhliimlaxha's fishing sites 3 3 £C Aoo, xurtq Martha Brown - Volume III  Examination In Chief  Martha takes Marvin George to her  territory in Kispiox  - description of the territory  Guunaxst territory  Fishing Sites  Xsiisxw  Hunting, Fishing & Trapping  - What they hunt for  - When they hunt & fish  - Who went trapping up north  - What they trap for  Sharing food from hunting  Fishing for salmon  - Months they fish  - Which fish they took  Berry Picking  - Kinds of berries  - Burning berry patches  - Harvesting  Trading  - With Nishga  - What they traded  - With the Wet'suwet'en  - With the Stikine & Haisla  - With the Kitimat People  Nishga relatives from Xhliimlaxha's House  - Trading with the Carrier  Contact with white man  - Measles epidemic  October 30, 1985  2  3  3-4  5  5-6  9-10  11  12  14-15  16  17  18  19  19  19-20  20-21  22  White man settling into Kispiox Valley  23 - Ted Campbell  - Old Clement'son  - Paddy Seen  - George Barns  - Wookey 24  Opposition of registered traplines 25  - Mother & father more from Imborden 26  Martha Brown - Volume III October 31, 1986  Examination In Chief  Trading 29  - Ooligan Grease  How they fished for ooligans 30-31  Nishga Chief dies 31  - Martha attends the feast 32  Fishing Sites 35  Destruction of berry grounds in Kispiox Valley 36  Location of Haaxw's territory 37  Red Ochre - 'Maasxw 38  What the white man has done on her territory 39  Laws of the Gitksan 39  Murder 40  Nishgas come to kill people in Kispiox 40-43  - Martha relates the story she was told  Selena Sampson 44-45  Settlement feast - Xsisxw 46  Naxnox - "Charms" 48  Limx Ooy' 48 Cross Examination  How Glen Vowell came about 53  Importance of Xhliimlaxha's House 55  - Number of people in the House  Mr. Goldie requests documents 56  Starting the lawsuit 56-57  Clans the plaintiffs are from 60 MARTHA BROWN VOLUME IV January 22, 1986  CROSS-EXAMINATION  Xhliimlaxha's Claim Against Federal Government     65/66  -Comprehensive land claim  What Xhliimlaxha is seeking from the 67  Federal Government  Request for map showing territory of Xhliimlaxha      68  Fishing sites of Xhliimlaxha on the Kispiox 69  - Wilnastatx  - Miinhlgwogoot  - Ts'agaskiihlgenim'madin  - Xsa'anxiiya  - Xsitsihl'niit'in  - Miinxsa  - Xsaxws'anseegit  - Xsimiinhlhalskiit  - Gisim'niit'ahlhak  Fishing sites of Xhliimlaxha on the Skeena 70  -Hlamgahlmlo'op  Rights of Others to fish at Xhliimlaxha's 71  fishing sites  EXHIBIT 2: Photocopy of seven handwritten pages       72  entitled "Field Notes LCO research"  October, 1985  The old man who froze 73  EXHIBIT 3A .74  3B  3C  Restricted from use of fishing sites 76  Description of how Exhibit 2 above was arrived at     77  Petition of Right 78 - Xhliimlaxha's representation  Chiefs & Territories - Wolf Clan  - Gwininitxw  - Guunaxst  - Rod Johnson of Gitsegyukla  - Hawaaw  Chiefs of other Clans  Some Chiefs not represented in the Court Action  Who are members of Xhliimlaxha's House  - White man marrying native woman  Territories of Feast  Death of Matilda Morrison  - Kispiox United Church  EXHIBIT 4  79/80  81  82  83  84  85  Traplines  - Registration  Berry-picking grounds  - White farmers  PROCEEDINGS ADJOURNED  CROSS-EXAMINATION  Eagle Clan  - Overlapping boundaries  EXHIBIT 5  Feast Seating  Walter Geel's territory  Telegraph line  - Objection to it  Glen Vowell Reserve  - Size  85  86-88  88-89  January 23, 1986  92  93-95  93  96  97  98-99  99 Meaning of Wilna'masxw 102-3  Who Yagosip is 103  Kwiiyeehl and Gitkatgaiden 104  Identification of Houses in Kispiox 105-9  - From photograph (Exhibit 1)  RE-EXAMINATION 110  Exploration of why Martha says 110  - "We are not free"  Naskant'imi'itxwt 111  Guunaxst - Frog Chief 112  Territory given to Geel and Xhliimlaxha 114  - as compensation  Relationship of Wii Mugulsxw 114  Kispiox Hatchery 115 Niikyap (David Gunanoot)  VOLUME 1  PRELIMINARY:  Gitskan name - Niikyap 2  Born in Kispiox Valley on June 2, 1907 2/3  House title - 'Tsimganootsenex  Clan - Lax Gibuu - Wolf  Niikyap means - "Ten in a bunch"  Mother - Sarah Gunanoot - 'Nutamlaxwax 3  and Gamqageex 4  Father - Simon Gunanoot - Gamanuut - Geel  Grandfather, (father's side)  Charlie Nagan - Xskiiralaxha  Father's house - 'Neexhl - Killerwhale Gisgaast    7  TERRITORIES:  In Stewart, Kisagas & Bear Lake 7  CHILDHOOD:  Lived at Unlaw (UNLOE) 8  TERRITORIES:  Around Stewart Area. 12  Gilbert Lake  Xsilaxamoowxs (meadow)  Trout Lake  North Fork  Unuh River 13  EMPLOYMENT:  Mining - Premier Mine 14  Grand Duk Mine 15  Trapping  Riverside Mine  TERRITORY:  Giksan name - Wiluut'ahltsimilix - Beaver Creek   16  NIIKYAP: Holders of name. 18  Grandmother - Sarah Niikyap  Mother - Sarah Gunanoot  Moses? for awhile (KISPIOX)  HOUSE OF NIIKYAP:  Blanket - design - GANOOTSENEX - Shadow 19  Crests - Shadow on lake, A man with no head  Song - WIIGANASIIGYA 20  Seating - Niikyap. Muut. Haimadimtxw. 'Wiinaagets 21  O'Yee, Xstuutxumlaxha, Xsimganoots't 22 TERRITORIES: 24  Other  side of Kitsagas   (10 miles)  Canyon Creek - Xsuguiit ts'ilaasxwt  Leftside  of Babine  river  Xsimiklmike  -  creek  Xsuwiilakansamaa 25  WILKSIWITXW -  Father's side of  Family 28  Neexhl - Killerwhale  Gisagaast - Fireweed  Grouse  SPOUSE:  Commonlaw - 1932 29  Esther Modiik - Axtitxalgantxw  Meaning - No blocking the door 30  Fireweed clan  Mothers name - Emma Modiik  Fathers name - Peter Brown  Mother related to William Jackson  who was WIISEEKS then 31  Emma Modiik's mother - Hannah Jackson 31  Emma's Child name - Wihl'wiiyibee  Ralph Michell is "Wiiseeks" now  NAMES - David Gunanoot  Ts'uusgagyet hloxs - "Little man in moon" 33  Saatexgyedit - "mean man"  ADA'OX - history of Niikyap 35  Gitangaax - original village  Guutxoo - cousins (meaning)  Nagun - cousins name  Guutgpoo - a place 36  Galdoo - village  Wugwanks - big spring  Xsit'in - creek  Laxts'ap - 3 miles below Kitsagas 38  Xsugwenlik'i'insxw - a place  Kisagas - village 39  Gwitts'ilaaswt - Fishing site 40  Anmootixs - Name of man  Gimgano'ohlet - Shoulder man - no head  Xsu'wiiaks - a place 42  Ts'ets'aut - People of Stikine 43  Wilsyamalqan - a place  Maxhlalaxuut - Top of Mountain 44  Gwinwijix - name of meadow  T'amsimiloo - Devils lake 45  Witt'isimsaa - means by day Meluulak - one of chiefs 47  Gutgwinuxs - one of chiefs 49  Luus - one of chiefs  AYUKS - on pole & blanket  The Shoulder 49  The Shadow  The Split Bear  POLES - in Kisagas 52  Niikyap  'Wiiseeks  Malwelak  'Wi ikaax  'Wi iminoosikx  HAIMADIMTXW -  A chief in Niikyap's house 53  (Peter - his uncle)  TS'IIWUS - 55  Lax gibuu Chief from Kisagas  GALDO'O -  Gwalmihl - Old Galdo'o 56  'WIINAAGETS - Holders of the name & territory 57  Kathleen Gunanoot  Jerry Gunanoot  territory is 14 to 15 miles above Kisagas  WAR OF KISAGAS. (KISAGA'AS) 58  Thutade - a place  Gutgwenuxs - a mean warrior  T'simtax - a place  Demguus - a warrior?  Hlgutk'ihxwnhaat - young marten  WAR OF KISAGAS WITH TS'TS'AUT  SILUUYEE - one of warriors 64  SUWIIGUUS - one of warriors  NAXTEEXT - one of warriors 65  O'YEE  Is Joshua McLean now 66  FEASTS -  Niikyap hosts 69  Sarah Gunanoot (mother)  Alex Gunanoot (brother)  Charlie Gunoot (brother) LAX NOX - name presently held by Niikyap 70/71  HAAGAPGANSXW - claw  SKAWIL'S TERRITORY:  East of Skawils territory own by niist 72  and Alfred Shanoss  ANBAXGITWINK - Skawil mountain  Salmon River - Stikine & Skawil line 73  - trapline  T ' AABEK'XWTT'AX - Hodder Creek 74  SUUTSIIADIT - Bowser Lake  RESOURCES:  hunted for beaver, marten, fisher,  plenty of game  Germans spoiled wolverine 74/75  still hardly any left  trapped marten in trees 75  trapline - JD takes along young people 76  - trapped beaver  - travelled on foot/snow shoe 76/77  Rocher Deboule - stekyoodenhl  how it got the name - story 77/80  STEKYOODENHL - HISTORY 81  YAGA TS'AK TS'OOGOOSXW HLA IHLEE'EDIT  means "Their blood smeared on the mountain."  WILSAMOOSXW - jump?  LAX NOX - Performed at Feast by Niikyap 82  Description of how it was performed 83  Haagapansxw - different Lax Nox 84  Ganootsit - one of lax nox name  Haat'ixslaxnox - one lax nox name 85/86  LUUIX - Chiefs wreath around neck 86  The bigger the wreath the higher the chief.    87/89  Description  LAXNOGIM UULAALAA. Singing 88  Black Hat Tim knows  Saw Paul Is'iiwus wearing luuix  FEAST.  Niikyap's - how long he had name 90  What they ate 90  HEALTH.  JD bad lungs from mining 91  BATTLE, with people who lived underground. 92 WILLIAM JACKSON: 93  First wife - Ellen  Second wife - Kathleen Meluulak  Xsagagyoot - Maluulaks territory  'Wiiseeks - Ralph Michell  'Wiiseeks was William Jackson at one time  Axgagoodit - also William Jackson 1.  Niikyap - David Gunanoot - Volume II  NIIKYAP'S RELATIVES 96  S Sairvas - mother's brother  Black Hat Tom - Bill Leek  (mother's cousin)  TERRITORIES.  BERRY PICKING AREAS 96  Bear Lake Area 97  Kisaga'as Area  SKAWIL.  How he got his territory  Description 97/108  Slamgiist 97  Thompson river  Galdo'o 98  Xskiigimlaxha - Chief  Awiiyii  Luuskeexwt - a creek 99  Solomon Dick 100  Tom Sampson  Dan Skawil  Xsiisxw. Peace compensation 102  T'iye'itxm Gawaganii. Peace feather 103  X si txemsem - 2 rivers (Nass) 105  X sigumbat - a creek (Glen Vowell people)        107  Bell Irving River  Salmon River from Higgins Lake  North Fork - creek 108  BEAR LAKE AREA:  Satsiis - rock with arrows 109  Takla Lake - where village is situated  History of Gitamaas & Kisaga'as battle       109/110  Gitamass - People of the bark (Takla tribe)  because the use birch bark canoes  Sustut - river 112  Tootee creek (belongs to mother)  Tsil Tsila  Maryanne (Black Hat Tom's wife) 113  FEAST BOOK  Alex Gunanoot - 1982 114  T'imisit - writer  Mercy (Kusick) Wright 115  Muut - Alex's chief name  Charles Gunanoot - 1983  AWIIJII HISTORY:  Description 116/119  Xskiimlaxha - David's grandfather Graveyard point on Bowser Lake  Anbaxgetwink - (whistling while running) 118  Gwalaxgyem - story  Johnny Wilson owns Awiijii 119  SIMON GUNANOOT:  Peter Haimadim (Simon's brother-in-law) 120  Stewart Henderson (Simon's lawyer)  Unlaw? (Anloo) (Simon's ranch)  Axgagoodit (Simon's chief name) 121  Geel (Simon's uncle)  Wiiseeks (Gave name to Simon)  Groundhog mountain - Skaniit Gwiikxw  Geel - now Walter Harris 122  Klappan - Sikine burial place  Christine Haimadim buried in Klappan  O YEE'S TERRITORY: (Joshua Mclean) 123  Milky Lake  Xsigwengyilla(Water of the Wrist)  'Wiikaax - territory next to O yee  Fred Gunanoot - once 0 yee  Samuel Brown - 0 yee before Fred  Island Lake  Xsa'andogosxw (where they get red 123  clay for cheeks)  Xsuwiiaks - by river 124  Gwiiyoo - mountain  'Niihahlagyaat - mountain  Welix - Thomas, Jack & Edward Wright's father  Basaxxw - Chief's name  HAIWAS. TERRITORY (David's grandfather) 125  T'sil T'sila Mountain  Tom Luulak - Haiwas uncle  Sam Luulak - Kathleen s uncle  Kathleen Jackson  William Jeffery was on Miluulak  Haiwas.  Thomas McLean had the name once 126  Amnagwootxw - children using their father's  land while he is still living  Bear Lake Charlie - nephew of Haiwas  HAIMADIMXW. Peter  Klagoohla.  Peter's territory, given to him  by the Stikine.  Thutade. a territory beside Klagoohla 128  Haimadimxw - Abel Sampson now  Ts'imyes - means in the fence.  This name was  made by Miluulak in Bear Lake, where first seen  fence made by H.B.C. TS'IMGANOOTSENX.  Niikyap's house 130  GWINWIJIX - name of big meadow.  Meaning  "Place of Caribou"  T'amsimilo'o - "Lake of a monster"  Sagaitluukap - Chief's name  'Naxteext.  chief's name in Niikyap's house  Nagan - Chief's name. Not in Niikyap's house  Ganwelex - a pack  Huxs - dried fish strips  The big raft - Gitngasx history description  130/136  WAR:  Between Kisaga'as and Gtianmaas people 137  Gitnamaas - meaning "People of the bark"  because they had birch bark canoes.  Takla Lake - where Gitanmaas people are from 138  Driftwood Creek - part of O'yee's territory 139  Xsuwiiaks - Black Hat Tom's territory  SIMON GUNANOOT. Niikyap's father 140  Simon was in fireweed clan  Charlie Nagon - Simon's father from frog clan  Daniel Skawil - frog.  Charlie Nagon's brother,  also once X skiimgimlaxha, now Johnny Wilson     141  SARA GUNANOOT.  Niikyap's mother 142  Sara was in Wolf clan.  Names held were: 'Niit'amlaxwak  Chief names meaning, "Sitting on an oar"  Gamgageex - chiefs name meaning "Just in front"  FRED GUNANOOT.  Niikyap's brother 143  Once held the name O'yee.  O'yee is now Joshua McLean now.  X sigwingyilla - O yee's territory.  MARIA McLEAN. Niikyap's half sister. WOLF 145  Joshua McLean. Maria's son  John Riel - Maria's father  ALEX GUNANOOT.  Niikyap's brother 145  Muut - was his chief's name  Muut - no one today  Billy Muut had teh name before Alex  Muut's territory was beside Simon Morrison and  across Johnny Morrison's territory.  Maxlislagiibilit - creek  Xstuutxwmlaxha - Johnny Morrison's name  CHARLIE GUNANOOT.  Niikyap's brother 147  Deceased PHILLIP GUNANOOT - Niikyap's brother  Deceased  REGINALD SIMON GUNANOOT.  Niikyap's brother. 148  Deceased  KATHLEEN GUNANOOT.  Niikyap's sister 149  Was "Wiinageets"  Jerry Gunanoot now "Wiinageets"  MATILDA GUNANOOT.  Niikyap's sister 150  Died when 3 years old.  MEMOIRES OF NIIKYAP  Description 150/156  INFORMATION on territories same as before.  Description 157/179 MAXLAXLEX - (JOHNNY DAVID)  Volume I_ Page  PRELIMINARY 1  Meaning of "Maxlexlex"  Member of House of Gineeklaiya  - High Chief is (Gut-dem-ska-neese)    2  Mother - Su Wits bain (Laksilyu)  Father's territory - Goes we bay winec 3  House of many eyes  NAMES, Johnny Dvaid's  Maxlaxlex 4  Yaybestee (child name) 5  TERRITORY - Maxlaxlex  Kilwoneets 6  Kilwoneetsweten 7  FEASTS  Seating on right side 8  Seating on left side 11  CHIEFS IN GINEEKLAIYA HOUSE 12  Seating  Meaning of their names  TYPES OF FEASTS 13  1. Naming feasts  2. Pole raising 3. Head stone raising feast  4. Shame feast - clearing of shame 14  - Lawrence Michel's feast 15  POLE OF MAXLAXLEX 16  Explanation 17  DANCE PERFORMED BY MAXLAXLEX 18 Volume II  SONG & DANCES, MAXLAXLEX'  When performed  What they signify  CRESTS, on pole :  Otter crest  Otter dance 4  Caribou crest 5  (refers to blanket on the wall)  Skunk crest 5  Crests at Community Hall 6  SAMOXSAM - Jimmy Michel 7  Came from the Nass  Old Tiljoe avenges death of brother  Song 7  Circumstances of Old Tiljoe's brother's death 8  Old Tiljoe's death 9  SMOGELGEM - Chief David (Johnny David's father)  Smogelgem's territory  His death  MR. LORING'S PROMISE NOT FULFILLED  160 acres in Hagwilgate 10/11  ROUND LAKE TOMMY 10/11  His land 12  MAXLAXLEX - territory 12  Trapping  Mr. Guinness' farm  FEAST WHERE MAXLAXLEX OBTAINED NAME 14  Niggiyotsi  Money given out at feast  Territory announced at feast 15  - Copper River - North Bulkley area  Collection of money  Expenses paid 16  BEAVER CREEK AREA 16  Old Dennis/Big Charlie  Jack Joseph  David Dennis  INDIAN LAW  Rights to Beaver Creek area 17  SMOGLEGEM - territory 18  Pole of Maxlaxlex  - Thomas George carved pole  - Mary George paid  Wastyelgilsut  Pole raising 19  Dikanteztslts  songs of clan 20  Feast  Wiiyaniyay  Pole of Kila 21  EXHIBIT # 1 - Picture of Two poles 22  Gitdumskanees  Feast dish 23  Dog crest  Blanket made by Mary George 24 VOLUME III  FEASTS 27  Three are held:  1) When Chief dies  2) Shame feast  3) Wedding feast  MARRIAGE FEAST  Johnny's at Hagwilget 28  Wife - Miriam Dennis  Marriage Agreement  Interviews with Alfred Joseph 29  Territories  Wife's hunting territory - Nanika  FUNERAL FEAST - Skaxlee 30  Burns Lake Feast  FEASTS  Waganadeex - invitation to feast 31  Abraham Nikal 32  Money at feast  Names at feast 33  Andamanuk 34  REGALIA 35  Amakloo (Headdres)  Netseyee (crests)  Rattles  SONGS 37  Sang at pole raising  "Netseyee" is the crest  TERRITORY, Wife's Father's 38  Old Dennis' territory - Kilwoneetz  Old Sam  Spoke about territories at feast  Trustee of territory Samaxsam  ANDAMANUK 39  If House cannot afford to bury Chief  Chief's husband's relatives  Right to use spouse's territories  Strength of Andamanuk's name 40  Waneeyeh - person who invites other to feast  FISHING SITES 41  Fishery Officer dumped in water  Father Cocola 42  Old Fort Dyee  Moricetown - methods of fishing  Fishing hole goes with Chief's name 43  KELA, The Name 44  Mabel Sam Crich stands beside Johnny:  6th person to hold name  1st person -Kela  2nd - Big Thomas Nikal  3rd - Thomas Holland  4th - Jim Holland  5th - Rose Sam  TERRITORY, The Maxlaxlex 45  Boundaries  Longhouse  Occupation of territory 46  Feasts 47  Big John - boss of territory 48  Hudson Bay Mountain 49  Wonsamoos 50  Gitksan people  McDonnel Lake 51  Copper River Ranch 52 Alaxkat 53  TERRITORIES, bordering Maxlaxlex 54  Gyoluget  Wah Tah Keg'ht  FISHING SITES 55  Authority to use - Andamanuk 56  KELA'S territory 57  RESOURCES, Use 59  Animals trapped  (today and old days) 60  Traplines  Stumpage 61  Hudson Bay Mountain  Fish harvested in spring 63  In summer 64  Berry grounds  Types of berries 65  Dzee 66  Plants  For medicinal purposes 66/67  Spiritual use of plants 67  OBJECTION on questions for periods before  JD alive - hearsay 67  Harvest Trees 68  EXHIBIT | 2 -  Pencilled diagram of half  buried branch house 69  Rocks used as tool 69  Bark woven 70  ORAL HISTORIES 71 Before white man came 72  Totem Poles  Houses made from trees 73  "Dayweetz"  Use of trees today VOLUME IV  TERRITORY  Who can use it with whose permission  Other house members  -nanilate nee - untrustworthy people  So'nonadeenlate li - to correct oneself  -the process  House members right to use territory  -their family  -basalkanutzlee  -elder members/Chiefs  1  2  3  4  5  FISHING SITES  -location at Moricetown Canyon  -sites at Hagwilget Canyon  Paul Lawelxges  -sites at Tsaykya  methods used  platforms  6  7  7/8  9  TERRITORY, transfer  Tsadzalh - Tom Alex's wife  gold at Tom Creek  worked gold mine  Court of the high Chiefs  10  11  TRADE  Hakasbaine  with Nishga & Gitksan  management of salmon  berry grounds  story re: dispute over territory  Klayslahtl  territory returned  12  13  14  15  Trade with Nishga  for oolican grease  furs  seaweed  16  17  Trade with Gitksan  village of Kisgesas ground hog furs 18  FEASTS (trade)  in winter months 19  MEDICINE  old person Kispiox sick from  devils club (story)  aiyenne - medicine man 20  disklas - cedar bark headdress  Alusinuk- man cured 21  FISHING SITES  1.   Moricetown 21  Wah Tah Kwets  distribute fish 21/22  smokehouses  fish ladders  government officials 23  fishing sites destroyed  how/why 23  2.    Hagwilget 25  (JB looking at picture)  sites across river  EXHIBIT #3 - photograph of fishing  sites - number 34615  26  discussion of another picture  -Hagwilget Canyon 27  discussion on purpose of entering  pictures as exhibits  EXHIBIT #4 - photograph entitled  Indian salmon trap,  Hazelton, B.C. 29  old Muldoe's trap  Objection:    to question on whether witness recognizes  10 fishing sites in picture of Hagwilget Canyon  (further objections to questions on  pictures 31  -Peter John  EXHIBIT #5 - photograph of        32  platform across river  Moricetown sites  Objection to the translations 33  EXHIBIT #6 - photograph of smokehouses at Moricetown  Alfred Namox  identified 2 smokehouses 34  EXHIBIT #7 - photograph of bridge  at Moricetown  who built bridge 35  Moosekin Johnny's smokehouse  wa'tso'tee  EXHIBIT #8 - photograph of log on  wooden structure 36  Wah Tah Kwets' smokehouse  EXHIBIT #9 - photograph of fish  basket 37  bridge across Moricetown Canyon   38  EXHIBIT #10- photograph of foot   39  bridge  EXHIBIT #11- photograph of  building  on  11 stilts where salmon is dried   40  identified as Wah Tah Kwet's smokehouse  Ruth Murdoch, archaeology student 41  SMOGELGEM'S TERRITORY  in North Bulkley 42  boundaries  borderline territories 43  Mabel Sam's  Namox - mine operating  travel with Richard Overstall 44  yinanlay - caretakers  SMOGELGEM, the name 45  Mckenzie  Abraham Nikal  Leonard George 46  - helped at feast  Mckenzie feast 46  - Thomas George  Agreement re: caretaker of territory 47  similar situations 47/48  eg. Johnny Antoine's father 49  12 VOLUME V  FEAST, Jimmy Michell's 2  described territory  J.D. given name  Jimmy and J.D. own territory 3  TRADE  1. With Gitksan  meats, furs  2. With Nishga 4  be r r i e s  dried, soap berries 5  transported in cedar boxes  0 Gitksan traded at Hagwilget 6  Nishga traded at Bisgeebul (Ksan)  Specific items traded 7  smoked salmon 8  caribou  hide used  (travelled W/ Alfred Joseph) 9  ANIMALS, on territory  caribou  moose  game warden  TRADE (cont.) 10  items traded today  berries picked for J.D.  for other clans 11  MEDICINE 'ñ†  . '  root, spiritual value  medicinal purposes 12  grows in mountains  XELXTUR - grows by lakes, rivers, swamps  people trained to use it 13  Oxyenikyo - poisonous  MOTHER 14  Indian name - Suwitsbain  two husband FATHER'S TERRITORY  died when 45 years old  J.D. farmed father's territory  raised horses, cattle 15  help from his clan  no interferance from government  Mr. Loring promised J.D. land in Hagwilget     16  acquired land through pre-emption  received papers  sold land 17  EXHIBIT #12 - small coloured photograph  of totem pole  EXHIBIT #13 - large black and white    18  photograph of Johnny David's  totem pole (PN 3233)  EXHIBIT #14 - large black and white  photograph of Hagwilget  Canyon (PN 3918)  description of Hagwilget rock 19  identification of buildings and poles  in Exhibit #14  EXHIBIT #15 - black and white 20  photograph of a pole and people  CHIEF LOUIE 23  from Cheslatta  people forced off Francois Lake  his TERRITORY 24  Ootsa Lake  Sebula Mountain  territory around Cheslatta flooded  he was Nutseni chief, territory bordered  on Wet'suwet'en territory 25  Francis Lake Tommy 26  Alex Michell  SKIN DYEE  territory flooded when dam made 27  chief name - Gibukun  died in Vancouver  JD paid for expenses of funeral 28  Skin dyee JD's wife's uncle  from House of ";*' ts^Ih?.- < bark house) travel to Skin dyee's territory  his trapline  history of his name  boundaries of his territory  SAMOOH, Skin Dyee's family  Samoch, sister  holders of the name Samooh  no holder at present  Other chief in House - Knedebeas  Goohlaht  caretake of Samooh's territory  JEAN BAPTISTE  Canyon Creek Tommy  Jean Baptiste asked to leave his land by  government agents - story made into a  reserve  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  Objection:  to question on whether Jean Baptiste was  told that army would remove him from  territory  from Gitdumden clan  from Grizzly House  chief name WOOS  36  ARROWS  shaft of arrow made from tsayx  tsayx - tendons of caribou  rock used for head of arrow  location of rock  Chicken Lake  Story of Tas Dleese (boiled rocks)  -abalone shells in girls hair  (JD has example of it)  Gyologet made 1000 pairs of moccasins  -called baxkay  -specially made  37  38  39  40  REFERENCES TO VOLUME II  Samaxsam and Old Tiljoe's brother's death  Old Dennis' chief name - Dikyannulat  41  42  JEAN BAPTISTE fought for his land during JD lifetime 43  EXHIBIT #16 - Photograph of totem pole  erected in front of David  Dennis' house (PN 10233) 44  description of pole 45  JD'S FARM  in Smogelgem's territory  JENNESS' ARTICLE 46  p509 "The Thin House"  Gojiget meaning  Cutting off of Gwatsikyet's head 46/7  enactment of feasts  why ceremony is done 48  why it was originally done  sins & dance  Bill Nye 48/49  TEYTALWUS' FEAST 49  JD performed naxnox  describes the nox nox  regalia worn 50  length of performance  FEAST  where relatives given over to victim's  family example - Mooseskin Johnny  AUTHORIZATION to speak for other Houses 52  consent to government taking land  PROPERTY OF Wet'suwet'en 53/54  crests, songs, description of territories  ceremonies song is sung 55  -picking berries  EXHIBIT #17 - Photograph of the drum  used by JD  EXHIBIT #18 - Photograph of the blanket  previously worn by the witness,  presently hanging on the hall. VOLUME VI - CROSS-EXAMINATION Page  Johnny's recollection of events  his birthdate 3  when second telegraph line put in 5  arrival of white people  World War II  Family - Johnny's 6  Spookx - grandfather 7  where he lived 8  PLAINTIFFS - Johnny's knowledge of  Gisdaywa 8  Goohlaht 10  Kweese 11  Woos  Samooh  Smogelgem  Kloumkhun  Hag Wii Negh 12  Wah Tah Keght  Wah Tah Kwets  Hereditary Chiefs not on statement of claim 12  Houses not included 13  Knedebeas 14  Gitksan Hereditary Chiefs 14  TERRITORIES  Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs  Wah Tah Kwets 14  Travel to own territories in old days 15  Travel to territories of others 16  Time spent on own territory  Trapping on territories of others  Wife's territory 16  EDUCATION - Johnny's 17  Written history of Wet'suwet'en  Languages 18  Wet'suwet'en  13 did speak: Gitksan, Tsim Shian, Nutseni  has never spoken Nishga; Tahltans 19  Creation of Wet'suwet'en people 19  EMPLOYMENT history - Johnny's 19  a) worked as surveyor on railway 20  lived at North Bulkley                    21  Johnny's father  his house robbed by whites 21  - Akai McGuinness 22  - Tom Hagen  b) worked at Owen Lake mine 22  c) worked in summer/ trapped in winter 23  d) farming - owned land in Perow 23  e) logger - skidded for Carl McKenzie  OBJECTION to employment history on grounds  of relevance 24  few Wet'suwet'en working for him 26  Topley Matthew Sam  After WWII - cont. employment history 27  LICENSES  drivers licence  fishing licence  licensed trapline (6)  in territory of Smogelgem 28  map of traplines 30  TRAPLINE  type of traps used 31  where they were purchased  traded furs with Hudson Bay  first Hudson Bay Store ('Ksan Village)        32  operator - Skitkanu (David McKenzie)  INDIAN TRIBES, others  Nutseni 32  14 Nutseni/Wet'suwet* en 33  boundary  Skin Dyee  intermarriage 34  invited to each other's feasts 34 & 35  Nutseni temporarily entitled  to Wet'suwet'en territory 34  territorial dispute with Nutseni  KITWANCOOL 36  Wet'suwet'en gone to war with Nutseni 36  15 VOLUME VII  Land Johnny owned in Perow area 42  EXHIBIT #19 - Certified copy of Title  dated, March 8, 1926  owner: Johnny David 42  acquired through pre-emption/Crown grant  whether "compelled to abandon tribal lodge"   43  South Bulkley Crossing - Fishing 44  EXHIBIT "A" - Copy of Order-in-Council No. 1727  dated September 30, 1920        44  why he received the land.  OBJECTION that documents suggests Johnny gave up  fishing grounds and "tribal lodge grounds"  for land 45  owned land in Smogelgem's territory  - sold to Tom Hall  EXHIBIT #20 - Deed to land, dated Oct. 22, 1935  transfer between Johnny and  James Hall and Thomas Hall      46  EXHIBIT "B" - Copy of survey No. 4346514  purporting to be Block A of  Lot 3327 47  Acres owned - 160 or 92.2 acres 47  Mr. Hart - Land Titles Office  reason Johnny applied for land 48  farm - raised cows  - cleared land 49  time spent on farm  - out trapping/hunting-Sept. 15 - May 1st  50  Mabel Sam 51  Bill Alex  Thomas George - Yahoneets/Gisdaywa  Matthew Sam - Gyologet/Kyas-ya  52  Grizzley House  Madeek - George Naziel 53  House of Kyas-ya 54  16 territory of Kyas-ya 55  who speaks for whom in the Houses  of Madeek and Kyas-ya ' 56  other Wet'suwet'en who purchased land (1920's)        58  CONFLICTS with the white people over LAND  - Barrett Lake 59  Two Mile - Looseeya (S. Williams grandfather)  - Peter Van Happy (1904-05)  - Peter Michel/Old Happy 60  John Baptiste  discussed at feasts - land taken by whites 61  OBJECTION to question on the number of different  Indian Agents dealt with by Wet'suwet'en   62  Indian Agents - Loring/Hanz  Izman, Gardner, McGuinnes, Hall 63  leased territory to whites  David Dennis  Indians chase whites off with stick 64  COFLICT with white people over TRAPOINE  with other Indians 65  - Leonard George  PROVINCIAL/FEDERAL GOVERNMENT  employed by governmentt 66  voted in prov/fed election 67  OBJECTION to area of questions on basis of relevance  served in Canadian military 68  TERRITORY Johnny's authorized to speak 68  Kilwoneetz's territory  - landmarks  - shape of territory  - names of creeks, mountains, etc.  - territories that border it 69  17 describes a map of area (1902) 71  - bordering territories, cont.... 72  Kela's territory  Holland's territory 73  Smogelgem's territory 76  - landmarks  - bordering territories: 80  Casbeen; Kela; Tyee Lake David;  Lame Arthur Michel 81  Alxkat 82  ref. to R. Overstall and a map  P.G. will endeavor to produce it. 83  - no problems with whites  Nanika Territory  - use to speak on territory when 83  first married.  Kiwoneetz  refers to which people or Houses 84  rights to territory 85  Kela's territory cont.  Tsa moot'tsa Mt. 86  Howson Lake 87  Kilwoneetz territory, cont. 88  - Kela  Malahan 89  Kitselas 90  (David Dennis' map)  Nutseni territory  Ootsa Lake -91  Chief Louie/Caspit  Nutseni/Wet'suwet'en  boundary dispute 92  Skin Dyee 93  18 OBJECTION to repetition of questions re:  boundary disputes 94  discussion on boundaries today 95  disputes with other Indian nations  Nishga 96  Tahltans 97  Nutseni - story of a war 98  Tsimshiam 100  Gitksan  protection of their boundaries 101  missionaries 102  white people  chased them off their land 103  traplines 104  COURT CASE  relief JD is seeking 104  consultation with other chiefs 105  19 VOLUME VIII  Question objected to, put back to witnesses 110  Court Case (cont.)  JD speaks for members of his house 111  land claim submitted to gov't 112  Kiwoneetzen territory 113  no feasts or poles on territory  buildings 114  FISHING SITES  OBJECTION to question on "major" fishing sites      116  are on reserve - question of law 115  at Hagwilget Canyon 117  map by Alfred Joseph 118  RELIGION  OBJECTION    to area of questions  re:   church  JD attended  RESOURCES,   conservation 119  fishing 120  berry patches  trees 121  animals  MATRILINEAL   lines 122  possible  exceptions  HOUSES 124  EXHIBIT #22 - same as #21 or 127  typed.  Goohlaht 128  pre-emption lands  name Gitksan-Carrier 129  knowledge of hereditary chief's territory    130  20 JD employment 131  - occupation of territory  fishing 132  license  traditional  Missionary  Father Morris - story 133  Production of book entitled "Carrier Prayer  Book Containing together with the usual  Formularies, Hymns, Catechisms, etc.  by Rev. A.G. Morice, Stuarts Lake Mission,  1901". 134  baptized by Bishop  quit potlatching 135  Chiefs  Bill Alec 136  Tyee Lake David 137  Kela 138  Chief Tibbets  Little Isaac 139  Yami  Gisdaywa 140  Nachlach 141  Yesane  Joe Nass  Old Dennis  What "Coast Indians" mean 142  Patty Isaac  Stanley Morris  disputes over boundaries 144  conservation, 144  fish traps 145  berry patches  CROSS-EXAMINATION (cont.)  Potlatches 146  meaning of "aboriginal"  21 baptismal process  signing of document  JD Bible 147  burning of houses.  22  VOLUME 1 (BAZIL MICHELL)  PRELIMINARY  Clan  House of Many Eyes - Ginehklaiya  Head Chief - Hagwilnegh  pole at Hagwilget  NAMES  Hatta kumex  Kawahcan  Xihxtay - meaning 4  given to BM by mother 5  material contributed at feast 6  Kawahcan received name when baby 7  reason he was given name 9  JD raised in Lhe Tait (Grouse Mountain)        8  TERRITORY 9  boundaries 10  area he trapped at  fish for whitefish  caretaker of territory around Maxam Lake  Lizzette Naziel has permission to  use territory 11  HATTAKUMEX'S, the name 12  received name when young man  decision to receive name ' 13  name brought back from Babine  HATTAKUMEX'S FEAST  Babine Wah Tah Keght 14  chiefs who spoke when BM given name  witnesses to name being passed 15  BM invited people to feast  contribute to feast  -how much  -who contributed 16  food at feast  Song Maxam Tom sans  blanket-Cecilia 17  territory-location 18  description at feast  boundaries 19  Tse Nee Deen Lay 20 Gyologet  Indian roads through territory  traplines  cabins - Tax Las & Sam Stayce 21  CHILDHOOD  where he lived in winter  houses or village in territory  number of houses at Lhe Tait 22  -smokehouse  POLE  raised by BM father  do not know purpose 23  LHE TAIT  why village there 23  Skokumleha's grave house  -Hagwilget  -Queen buried there  how Laksilyu acquired territory 24  Barrett Lake  families there  names of father's sisters there  cleared land - farm 25  houses standing 26  belonged to Smogelgem  Lame Arthur Michell's right to  territory 27  family chased from house at Barrett Lake  Lame Arthur Michell/George Naziel in jail  Charlie Barrett 28  w/ gov't people  scuffled with them  moved in fall 29  while father in jail  Other people chased off land 30  they had livestock/hay  gov't people chased them off 31  white people cut their hay  burnt BM house at Barrett Lake 32  LAND USE at the Tait/Barrett Lake 32 trapped  hunted  haying for their animals 33  fished-smoked  picked berries 34  plants-medicinal purposes  hunted caribou 34/35  area good for caribou  area burnt out  dried meat 36  cast houses  trapped  furs used for mitts 37  farms - vegetables  residence  winter houses - location of hunt      38  spring  set fish traps  spring salmon  eels traded for herring eggs  MORICETOWN  how long BM family lived there 43  hunted, trapped  fished in canyon 44  built smokehouse  torn down by gov't  father compensated '45  built another house  FAMILY, B.M.'S  lived in Moricetown when he married  children 46  totem pole  BM attacked by grizzly  -Barrett Lake  rights to territory 47  JOSEPHINE MICHELL affirmed  HATTAKUMEX's territory 48  received when 12/14 years old  who has rights to territory  Josephine's family  BM hunted on territory 49  sun went ako BM made dead fall traps 50  -father taught him  POTLATCH 51  Elsie's - Yahalee  Tommy's - Skokumlesas  meat used at headstone feast  Babine people help Laksilyu clan 52  name change  preparation with family before potlatch       53  who pays for expenses  why cigarettes are passed out  -gitannigelzut ceremony 54  USE OF TERRITORY  during the summer  hunt, fish 55  gaffed in canyon 56  types of fish  Rock blasted 57  permission  compensation 58  logged for government people 59  during the fall  trapping  travelled by foot '60  ploughed fields  worked in pole camps for 14 years  during the winter 61  drove a taxi  hunted at Tobaggan Lake  gardening 62  cabins  owned horses 63  territory considered valuable  -many animals  -Skawh 64  sell furs to Hudson Bay or  ship them out  trapped beaver 65 area  use skin for blankets 66  has special meaning  trapped otter 67  goats - Klo'otayx  must treat with respect  story 67/68  salmon meat with respect  story 68  trap mink 69  traps stolen  old days - killed if take resources  off territory without permission  ground hogs, rabbit, marten 70  moose  Cow Hill 71  moose hide used for  huckleberries VOLUME  I_I  BARRETT  LAKE  chased  off the  land  cabins  burnt &  chased off  - Mooseskin Johnny  - Johnny Austin  - Old 1  3ill  Bazil Michell':  3 father jailed  during  the summer  74  75  76  TRAPLINE, registered  under Boy's name  told they had to register  told individually  first Hattakumex to register 77  boundaries of trapline is the correct  boundary of the Hattakumex's territory  Yahalee - Ron Mitchell 78  province's authority over trapline  - respect for other's territory  - need permission from Bazil Michell  young people trespass on land 78/79  steal Josephine's traps  TRESPASSING  killed on Hattakumex's territory ' 79  Nutseni  song sung about trespassing  hereditary chiefs sing the song       80  Bazil Michell song is Kowaycon  in old days trespassers killed  now dealt with in feast hall 81  Sylvester William has this problem  talked informally among hereditary chiefs  FEASTS - Shame feasts 81/82  called klonelsas  Lawrence Michell recently held shame feast  - trespassers could be dealt with here  way shame feast is conducted  people overlooked feast Feasts  ways to attract young people 83  distribute goods  - give them names eg. Hankie Tait  done at Nora Van Tunen's feast        84  TERRITORY  used now by Josephine,  myself, Lawrence Michell Trevor  Michell etc.  - they hunt, trap for B M 85  - beaver meat used at headstone feast  Bazil Michell lent his territory to Phillip   86  Austin  - Tobaggan Lake  - Phillip's territory was to far away  Phillip trapped by himself 87  could not give permission to others  Big Seymour invited Boy to use territory  reason - family  BARRETT LAKE  first meet white people when kicked off  they were brothers - Charlie & Ed Banott      88  do not know when this occurred  Peter Bazil and wife '89  - feast name Wah Tah Keg'ht  there are two Wah Tah Keg'hts  Peter Bazil kicked off Snake Road 90  HATTAKUMEX'S TERRITORY  other people who use Hattakumex's territory  where white people set up  where logging done 91  areas Boy would like to use  co-operation of farmers  areas fenced in 92  buildings  fishing - sockeye  - time of year  - Trout Creek 93  - buildings, cabins farm - Mr. Lackuhalley  white people on territory 93A  Mr. Campbell  Church  conditions to allow them to stay      94  no new farms  forestry - compensate us 95  logging in Boulder Creek  - 20 years ago, and  3 years ago  - Bill Morris  TRAPPING, animals 96  traps los & destroyed  compensation  compensation for: 97  - logging  - traps  Boulder Creek area - Bazil Michell trapped    98  trapping affected by logging  not many animals 98/99  area destroyed  other areas not accessible  berries not as plentiful 100  Maintenance of territory  regulate hunt  - which animals  - time of year  - rotate trapping area  Clear area trails 101  GOVERNMENT  right to sell land 101  game warden  registered land/traplines 102 VOLUME III  CHILDREN, HUNTING  DREAMS  in Bazil Michell's clan-responsibility to    104  teach  Marg Morrison's children 105  Lawrence Michell's children, etc.  taught about territory  Charlie Austin children 106  Bazil Michell's children from Gilserhyu  Josephine teaches them  trapping with adults 107  went as small children  taught to trap  taught to use gun & handle knife 108  child's first kill  taught how to handle meat  about a hunt 109  ANIMAL POPULATION  kill grizzly/wolf so more deer  fluctuations  CHILDREN,FISHING  taught to fish at young age 110  taught through observation  child's first fish caught  taught spiritual world of salmon 111  FISHING  no longer make nets from plants 112  fish ladders - now not enough fish  - salmon & trout  names of lakes Bazil Michell fished at       113  PERMISSION for government to sell land  log territories  government should talk to Bazil Michell  re: territory 114  hereditary chief owns territory  TRESPASSERS (cont'd)  reason white people not killed 115  Boy's position regarding  new farms  logging 116  FEAST, Gitdumden's funeral feast  contributed money  Bazil Michell did not attend feast  CROSS-EXAMINATION 117  PRELIMINARY  birth date - August 20,1898  born at Hie Tait 118  speaks little English  attend funeral feast  Wet'suwet'en spoken there 119  language Josephine's children speak  t  Bazil from HOuse of Many Eyes  HAG WIL NEGH  who speaks for him at feast  Sylvester William's territory 120  permission to hunt on Hattakumex  Hag Wii Negh must ask Bazil Michell  people must as for permission  no longer kill for trespassing  CLANS  Josephine is Laksilyu 121  clans in Moricetown  Tsayu  Laksamshu  Gitdemden  Gilserhyu  10 Laksilyu  crests - frog, Mountain Man, Ta detie,  HOUSE OF MANY EYES  Bazil Michell's other name - Kowakan  meaning  song  other chiefs  Wah Ta Keg'ht 122  house  where his territory is  - boundaries  other chiefs (cont'd)  Gwihu  Ska laggit  Hag Wii Negh  Ahx Dayheen  Kwan Beah Ya  chiefs of House  Pat Namox  TIMT PRT RAILROAD 124  when firs railway came through  telegraph line  who worked on railroad 125  George Naziel's father  Bazil Michell's father  how Moricetown got its name  Father Morice  Army - whether any Wet'suwet'en joined 126  TRAPLINES, registered  when they were registered  Hattakumex's trapline 127  - transferred at feast  - registered the trapline 128  Tommy Michell  territory in Telkwa River area  registered his trapline  chief name - Sko Kumlesas  11 Lizette Naziel 129  reason for registering their traplines  boundaries of territories 130  given to game warden  map at game warden's office 131  (territories)  (Plant shows Bazil Michell a game  warden's map)  TERRITORIES  territories bordering Hattakumex 132  territory past Beamont belong to Gitksan  Kilwoneetz people  Henry Wilson/Alistair McMillan 133  successor to Hattakumex's name  Bazil Michell nephews, not his sons   134  HEAD CHIEF  what it means 136  Bazil Michell & Josephine make decisions  for Hag Wii Negh  - sets in centre of House 137  Dzeeh - Mrs. Peter Alfred  her territory  BABINE, Laksilyu people  NUTSINI people  same laws as Wet'suwet'en 138  SEKANI people  HATTAKUMEX territory  Beamont  Mosquito Flats  Kwatsayuk 139  Strawberry Creek  China Creek  use of territory at Beamont  garden  fishing site 140  picked berries  12 permission to use Mosquito Flats 141  no longer use it  cut poles for money 142  shot otter at Cow Hill  hunt mountain goats 143  Old ways - your people follow it 144  CLAUDE LAPALM 145  stole 100 traps  stole Bazil Michell's daughter  RESOURCES, use of 146  now only gardening  who owns the resources  Band Office's sawmill  did not ask permission 147  fishing at Moricetown Canyon  VOTED IN ELECTIONS  fish ladder  Tommy Tait & Moses David  on the Band Council 148  gave permission to blast rock  Tommy Tait is Gitksan  TATSAKA * LAKE  monster living there 149  last time Bazil Michell trapped or hunted  Josephine's grandson went trapping  also Eddie Michell 150  map at game warden's office  discussion on Bazil Michell's map 151  EXHIBIT NO. 1 - photocopied map with red felt pen outlines of  boundaries  Tobbogan Lake  would sell $100.00  Bazil Michell/Josephine trapped  there  152  13 Edward Wesley or Joseph Wesley  TRIBAL COUNCIL  signed over traplines  Tribal Council will protect  153  EXHIBIT  NO.  3 - letter dated May 8, 1984 from the Gitksan-  Wet'suwet'en Tribal Council signed by Mr,  Sterritt addressed to Bazil Michell   154  WORK HISTORY  Bazil Michell worked as taxi driver  Bazil Michell/Josephine were in pole  business  when steamboats came to Hazelton  155  HATTAKUMEX'S territory 156  go to Toboggan Lake  to Adam's Igloo  TRAPLINES,  transferred through clan system 157  use of highways 158  Bazil Michell does not want highway moved  GOVERNMENT  what does the House of Many Eyes want  - farm equipment  - skidoos  people who work for the chiefs  people who went to Ottawa  reason  159  160  161  KOWAKAN  territory is around Maxam Lake  caretaker - Henry Isaac  Ronnie Michell  Maryanne Austin  Martin Luggi  Wilat - Margaret Williams  Grouse Mountain  162  163  164  165  HLE TAIT  14 Deeltsik  Woodelk tas itan  Diistaak  general location 166  Christine Holland  Gilserhyu - Knedebeas 167  Goohlaht  NADINA MOUNTAIN  people hunting there 168  Dim tsum Suk  Tsit geets 169  Bill Morris  RE-EXAMINATION 170  fish ladder  meaning of Moricetown  successor - Josephine Michell  Lucy Namox  BARRETT LAKE  caretaker - Margaret Williams 171  15 INDEX  WIIGOOB'L - JESSIE STERRITT  VOLUME I_ - IN CHIEF  Preliminary 2  English name  Gitksan name  meaning of "Wiigpobl"  House of   Guedimgaldo'o 2  Chief in the House 3  Crests  Clan  Family - natural family 3  Mother's name - Hahliiyee  1st Aunt's name - Noxs To'o  - meaning of name  2nd Aunt's name - Noxs Ctanii  Mother's names: 4  (1) Hahliiyee - who can use it? - clan  - person  (2) Noxs 'op - meaning of name  brothers S. sisters - clan 4  *Member3 of House of Gyedimg_aldo' o 4  - natural family members  - Biiniks - Chief 5  - Skawil - Chief 6  *Skawil (Daniel Skawil) 6  names he held  money he paid for names  where he sits in feast hall  button blanket 7  where he lived  *Peace Feather 7  who it belongs to  how it relates to territory  Gawaganii  name of territory 8 ( (  Sun of Nasun - Simon Gunnanoot  Jessie Sterritt'b  Childhood: 9  where she lived: 9  (government banned feast)  House of Gyedimgaldo 10  House of Noxs To'o  House of Wiigoob'l  Photo of Houses (Exhibit #1)  House Daniel Skawill lived  who raised her?  Noxs To'o (aunt)        12/14  Xskiigimlaxha - 13  Divorce feast (Noxs To'o) 13  song & dance 14  money paid  Jessie Sterritt's names 14  Child name - Ksiiguuxt  meaning  where it was passed 15  Adult names - Axti'am 15  A'yawasxw  'Wiigoob'l 16  *_ House - how members help each other 16  naxbiisa 17  xsiixw (problems with other Clans/nations)  peace feathers or peace drum 18  limx ksenaahlxw (song)  halayts (peacemaker)  ownership of property 19  education of children 19  laws or ayook of House 20  - resources of territory  - clans for young females (Hawahlxw)  - laws for young boys 21  On whose behalf can Jessie speak 22  Adoption - Linda Mathews 23 r r  Audrey Woods  Willie Simms  reason for adoption  adoption feast 24  Aunt who raised her: 26  she married to:  Phillip Morrison  Gale  Wilksiwitxw  Jessie Sterritt's marriage - Husbands: 28  Simon Wright  children (4)  territory 29  Thomas Danes  Gus Walstrom  children (2)  Charlie Sterritt  Wilp 29  Where she lived 30  Grease Trail (Genim Wiluusim)  trading grease 30  *Common feasts 32  who participated  Gyedim g_aldo'o 32  community projects - hospital lease     33  - high school lease  teip to Ottawa 34  Daniel Skawil 36  Nikat'een 37  Lax Seel  seating at feast 38  *Jes3ie Sterritt's names 38  English meaning  mask ( (  *Regalia of Gydimgaldo 39  sold to Mr. Gow  Nax Nox 40  James Robinson's feast:  Galuuhlim  regalia worn  requirements before feast 41  halayt  Gyedimgaldo'o  Nox Nox white grouse 42  Feast  seating in old days before they used    43  tables  - Skawil 44  - Nikat'een  problems with use of tables  name squeezed out:  A'yawasxw  * Ada ox (Adawak) 45  totem pole 46  - crest  - story of Mos  location of pole 47  carved by Niiyesmuut  photograph of first pole (Exhibit #2) 48  photograph of diagram (Exhibit #3) 50  library (Exhibit #4) 51  photocopy of photograph of pole once  Hou.3e of Gyedimgaldo' o (Exhibit #5) 52  VOLUME IJ_ - IN CHIEF  Regalia of House of Gyedimgaldo'o 54  amalayt  button blanket  your photographs of woman modelling  button blankets (Exhibit #6) 55  rattle (in Sara Marshall's possession)  songs - limx'ooy - (taped by Folly      56/58  Sargent)  Feasts (ban)  ban enforced by police 57 reason feast continued during  ban  Territory of the House of Gyedimgaldo'o 58  Fishing sites of: 58  Wiigpob'1  Anyuusxw  near Hagwilget Bridge 59  Gyedimgaldo'o  Gwinxsigiibiltxw  where Mission Creek runs into   60  Bulkley River  method of fishing  preparation of fish  permission to fish 61  Announcement of territory at feast 61  inherits the name  Hunting and Trapping territory: 61  Gyed'mgaldo'o's territory  Ansumlaan - on way to Babine  Andamtwx - close to Glen Vowell  (forgot name) - across river    62  Wiigoob'l's territory  Xsiluugaliiksaxwt - area of Nass River  Xsiisxw - port of peace settlement  Ansumlaan - close to 63  Suskwa River  Authorized to speak about territories of        64  Gyedimg_aldo ' o  Territory by Seeley Lake - Wiigoob'l 65  fish trap  registered by Mr. Gow  trap line 66  Power to make decisions - members  Resources taken from territory 66/67  7 (  trapped 68  sold furs to Hudson Bay Store  fishing sites:  trout, sockeye, spring 69  preparation of fish toady 70  berry grounds: huckleberries, etc.  preparation - dried 71  72  Trade with Prince Rupert  berries for seaweed 72  Haida  Resources (cont.)  harvested roots for medicine 72  j uniper  cedar bark 73  devils club  (still in use today) 74  trees  Ganiix - pulled off tree - eaten      74  mark boundaries  Use of territory without permission 75  by white people  logging on:  Awiijii 76  Ansumlaan  Sam Hope - sold regalia without asking  77  Map  photocopy of map of territory given  Wiigoob'l by Daniel Skawil (Exhibit #7)   78  Johnny Wilson's cabin 80  Use of territory today 81  Johnny hunts/traps with sons  fish 82  Peacefeather (provided by Jessie)  description of feather 82  photograph of peacefeather (exhibit #8) 83  Holders of Chief names: 84  Gyedimg_aldo  Xskiigimlaxha  Biiniks  8 Skawil  r  84  Cross Examination  Seating at feast hall  Attendance at feasts  Wilnad'ahl  Exhibit #1 (photograph of longhouses)  House of Guuhadxw  Where Biiniks lived  Buildings in Old Hazelton during Jessie's  childhood  Jessie's father  the flood  Gyedimgaldo'o's trip to Ottawa  Mr, Loring  Grand Trunk Pacific  education  Jessie's religion  Wilp - Wiik'aax  Jessie Sterritt's husbands:  Simon Wright  children (4)  Thomas Danes  children (1)  Gus Walstrom  children (2)  Charlie Sterritt  85  88  88  89  90  91  93  94  95  96  97  98  99  99  100


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