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Responsibility for the delayed food rationing (editorial - Nihon Keizoi - Dec . 29, 1946) Conde, David W., 1906- 1946

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爆‘. -•づ:•ノン.:•; . . . ;; K e s p o n s l b x x i f o r tad 2!>«Xay«d Food Rationing«; -III-'OK fr-:xr,vl Dec. 2 9 , 1 9 4 6; E d i t o r i a l; The deluyoa aisti»it>utlou af iiijor fooaB t u f f s I s now aatlonwlde.; 'iue r i c e cvop t i l l s yeじr was fur t&ore vibimi^at tiiau i t had b«a&; l a i t i c i p し b u t i t レ oiiiy t'oi- a l i t t l e whilf: tiwit tiie coxitumers; r e j o i c e d tit the 2>eport;«d o i .atejor rtiUloas ballevli ig t a a t %ould; now be i '«i leved i°rom woin^lee oi delated r a t i o n s ,公]a e y are &^.uln; sul f e r i n e trou tiie dait.; e i “ittjrilmtiiori while ct.nn.ot when such; e situw-tioii could be> Uipvov&c.* 'i-ihv tiian are rtsapoufiible for i t i Th©i'«; 1® the end i f we ti^ut the r&spunkMxlt^ ;peats with uie Goverziment.; hS long ub we apeak as rouglUy tL^t tliv quoatlou w i l l probtoiy reamln; tMix uziiolved iwrawer. I f we questiori tii« Agylcuixiure . i i « i s t r y wulen i s; alrecti- i ' In a l ' d l ^ t i t b u t l u a , I t 8«yu tiimt i t I s due to th&; uueatootlmess of u^uepwi't-tiioii. But thu Truxiajortfetiou ; ^txiistry sa^s; that I t cumiot foffoi'd f r e i g h t e r s becau&e oX tiふ s.-.ort^t-^* ^at; &gain til© siiort^ge o i coal i s to t m sixortage o£ s t e e l and; i r o a . I f wa coutlixue to pui'itu© t whereatouut ol r e s p o a s i W I l t y In; t h i a we £lua tha e»iBt.a»Cfc of the r e s p o n s i b l i l t j ' grbaublly oascu-; rea or rafiiified t i l l it; couies iiiipossible »o l o c a t e th« rasponsl tol l l ty; QP s i l l we 1'iiad us l i ' no ONV i s r^pponsible foi* I t . Tke struetui*« i s; so inade as i t i e p o s s i b l e , i f one purpoaaly so . t r i o暴, t o s h l f c t e r e -; s p o n s i b i l i t y 蓼poh ioij of t people.; Therafore , the questiou l l ^ e In tho structui^e of Govenjaant; organisat ion nna tdu aureaucrate wno Bhli 't the i r r e s uo j is iUiI t les on; other & or Hvola tooir tukliig fcavtaita^o oi" sash acpucture.; Thare i s a popular auylti^ to the o f r e c t tiifct w i i i t blows tUt coopers; propar". ?he a true tui*e oi t & prej-eiit d^y Governfaeut oi r i c e s i e the; ;_.©st-3ttLted for ahii.tiiiし.tan r^apoi iulbl i i ty ulot^ t . ie lo^lc o l ti丄a; popuiMT auying taid th«i bui».uucrats are beat accuatoraea to the greut&dt; use o f auch strucuui4®. imi'eHor i t i c |>o丄itics or ad ulnlsu'&tlou I s; founded u;ou none otiiei' cJaaa sueii s t ructure• The uncoi'ttiiiity o f VQ'; a j i o n a i b i i l t y not oiiij' l e t siie bur拳tuicr-fcts »Uii»k r e s p o u s i b i i t j a f t e r toe; event but tuaia be alow In of ev«nt, i&ying irraspoiiaibli.®-; plans and f a l l i n g to endeuvor to propose thda a ad xeT&di^ to take z^apon; s l b l l l t y once t h e i r plune fi..lled» ^ho aelfej' La the d i e t r i b n t l c a oi; ta&jor fooaatu^i's 1st not only ai.fcjttt.iple but tnare &x»e nutioroua sixailiir; Instances where she bureuucrntic ttdiaiuit;tratioi'a are lrrsspoi).si'ble«; aueh. as the c ae of tlie coupon system of s t e e l uiui Iron. S f f l o l a l; issued CwUpoxia roi' utid ii-oti but tiiB'̂  <uudd uo a i i o r i s to back; thei£i with {^tei ' l i iXs . •; I t i s fciwto^s tti® people tk,::t up l o r Uie f u l i u r e s or bureuu-; o r o t i c s t r t loii • r®ople M &ve to r i a e on congee tea t r a i n to f o r -; age In oiniet» to ts^ke up the deHicit cr t^tea b j cleln^ed del ivery of; m&joi* r a t i o n . I t I s t» question whetth^r thti buretiUCi^tBf wiio such; fkot but woula f e e l no t-tss;^ ualULlt. > ^ s a e & s sense o f res i -onglb i l l ty; possess z o BnnB& oi' r e s p o a s l b i l l ^ . i o s t of tae wurtl> e contro l orgaas; are nbw dlsor^&uliued but we ユear no luetレuee ^he^e th& burefaucr&ts vitw; made thara on t h e i r hut orittj, took the r ® s p o n s i b t i t t y ,厶 o long are th®; ratti&uing of as- jcr roocistuffa It l e f t i “ tkie kands oi' the o f i l c i & l s; as sucii,t“e s e c u r i ' y of raajor food a t u r f s w i l l be iav-ossible, t i l l cob-; r; d i t lons to on^bie i t iitttui'^iiy NU.t\xv • Unti l then XH^Q o f l l c l u l s w i l l; only pe plex ub bi aiil^tiji^ znaLr plbnsj, r e j o i e i u g a t the a r r i v a l of; pice for a few cU^b ooosuf^puion and worrying a t ths o f a few d&^s.; “he toior or t ts /.^icuifax'-e u.lj.しし-.:cg U^J ;-ruc.uci;^ c l . ti i c t r^i-; a o l l e i t l n g for ihe daiivai^ or r i c e le uot uaoessari ly wrong but h i s; ; . . l e ;••'50 lor も….り . . a sニ:、 v-i i'oua r l ious; la> tl^ough , arwloxlcal i t n^y ^uiid, l a the Qoverzuoeut structi ire where; «".parent 1 j nobody i s in res ; onsiblfe posi t ion or whor there i s no one; that \oork wltli rottpouftlbiilt:, • Ualesa eucju le p©? j©dl©c I t met be !; aald that not ortiy the qut's&ticin of ; t. jor* roodstjuf* but the economic; operutioa In tht hand of the o fx l c lu la to bo worried.; 、::• ••.•ハ:.ダ好: fft-fi-.. ;: ‘ : •に:; ; :ィ;T: • . . : . � . .; :シ •; . 「 . ぐ . . • パ - . , • , ... .. . .... . ...  :. , •!; :へ,)バ雜.化I..,ぐ..、び.:.:、:.ふ.べん •; パ 、 ,; :; • . へ . • . • へ , • , • . . へ .; -; . ノ . . . . ぺ . :; :; . .ニ..::: . • !; 1; . . . . . . • . , : - .; � . へ• - . -••,,;�:..…’V.  � � い _; • . ハ , , . . • . へ ノ … . ‘ . . へ


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