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) . GENERAL HEAD QUARTET.3; UNITED STATES ARMY FORCES, PACIFIC; Public relations Office; IMMEDIATE RELEASE; 27 November 1946; Joseph B. Keenan, Chief of Counsel of the International War; Crimes Trial, after a conference with General MacArthur, leaves; tomorrow for a brief trip to Washington. There he will discuss; with President Trur/Yn, Secretary of State Byrnes, and Secretary; of War Patterson, and other high officials of the United States; and other nations there assembled, important matters relating to; the trial proceedings.; Mr. Kennan stated that when Admiral Richardson left the; ^stand, the prosecution completed the substance of its case against; jTojo and other accused charged with planning, initiating and; •waging a war of aggression beginning with th. Mukden incident in; phina and ending with Pearl Harbor. This will be supplemented by; jfurther evidence concerning the occupation by che Japanese of the; . )utch East Indies, war crimes and mistreatment of prisoners of; far in other occupied areas.; Mr, Keenan will return prior to the completion of the rros-; . »; ecution's case. He leaves by plane with Admiral Richardson, who; is returning to Washington,; - 0 -; A; (pco r ^ x T T v; O^U^j ̂ uUM u I T T ^ L; / i - r ^ f ^llVf-H^t Q A M / ~ ( f c u x f ^ ( P j ^ J S ^ - .; o. . j * .nl* \ • r _ (T 1. . . / . C/ -; KIa; V O tN^ ' ^ A w ^ u ^ V - g W - - >u3\r I 9QL/ ^ ^ ^; l/c; lATPX^'; Page 3; For Defendants (continued); 1632W-19; 1632W-21; 1632'7-22; lr: ,3217-24; 163277-25; 1632W-26; 163217-27; -; 1632-7-29; 1632-7-30; 1632W-32; 16327-33; 1632-7-34; 1632-7-35; 1632*7-31; 16327-43; 163277-45; ; 163277-70; f .; 16327-73; Q; /; Q j ^ J t L ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^; ' Y J c a k t ^; i E H W U h ^ L < K j U J k j J L d U 4 o X c ^ f; ' t i n .; \; y ^ J ^ - i , C-\ ,; ex.; \3 /VJ"- A b u T / F ^ S; / f l y C^fCfFcZ^ / s o —; u a u ^; %; A w - r -; ly^C ^ — ^ ^ Zst ^ f 9 ^ J CUl^A 'j (j^—' ^; 1; 1; U - u^ ^ i - w ^ M l j f ^ ); i v y U ' G-U ^ «; The chief of the Belgian Mission is carried, and the father; of a daughter, Anne, 17, and a son, Eric, 9, who was born in; Tokyo.; PROSECUTION RESTS CASE AGAINST ALLEGED MAJOR WAR CRIMINALS:; PRESENTED 2T2%2 DOCUMENTS. 103 WITNESSES DURING l6o DAYS; The prosecution today rested its case against Japan's 26; alleged major war criminals on trial at the International Military; Tribunal for the Far East.; The International Prosecution Section of 35 attorneys and; ?05 expert advisors and clerical personnel, led by Chief of Counsel; Joseph B. Keenan of the United States, has based its arguments on; a 55 count, 45 page, indictrent charging "Crimes Against Peace",; "Murder", and "Conventional War Crimes and Crimes Against Huranity."; Of the original 28 alleged Class A criminals nared in the prose-; cution's indictment, only 25 now appear in the prisoner's dock.; ;wo of the accused died of natural causes, Yosuke Matsuoka on; "une 27, 1946, of tuberculosis, and Osami Nagano on January 5, 1947,; •f bronchopneu: onia, while a third, Sbunei Okawa, has been admitted; ;o a mental hospital for observation and treatment.; Starting from scratch in Decer.ber of 1945, the prosecution,; .elving ir.to 15 ye-rs of Japanese history, economic and diplomatic,; •s well as military, was able within the short span of five months; :o compile its evidence, organize its case and lodge the indict-; ment. At 10 a,m, on April 29, 1946, the Tribunal, meeting in; Chambers, took .judioirl r.ctioe of the lodgement of the indictrent; \s its first official r:.ot, Arraignrent of the accused occurred in; ?pen court the afternoon of Hay 3, 1946.; Since that date the 11 judges of the Tribunal, representing; ustralia, Canada, China, France, India, Great Britain, The Nether-; lands, New Zealand, Republic of the Philippines, Russia and The; "nited States, have received in evidence 2,282 documents and; eard 103 witnesses.; During these 160 court-room days over four million words have; ?en transcribed by a group of 12 court reporters headed by Jack; .'eenberg of New York City. Reduced to standard size mimeograph; orm, these words fill over 16,000 eight by ten and a half inch; ouble-spaced pages. A force of 22 persons employing three mimeo-; raph machines have worked an estimated 15,000 man hours to repro-; ace 275 copies of each day's record.; The international character of the trial has necessitated,; ranslating proceedings into the Japanese, Russian, French, Dutch,; agalogan and Chinese languages. This task has required the; srvices of 22 language experts and a three man Language Arbitrat-; ion Board.; In addition to the prihted record, an official pictorial; .cord of the highlights of each day of court action has been; spiled. Working from two camera booths under photographic lights,; - sing 84,000'watts of electricity, the Signal Corps has shot; D0,000 feet of motion picture film. More than 375 still pictures; ve been taken.; Spectator interest has run high during the eight and a half; -•nths that the court has been in session, as evidenced by the; .,900 Japanese nationals and 11,600 Allied visitors that have; :cupied the gallery.


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