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[Burdon Sanderson's recollections of a visit to Mr. Darwin] Burdon-Sanderson, J. (John), Sir, 1828-1905 Dec 19, 1881

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 Recollections of a visit to Mr. Darwin � Dec. 19th. He met  me in his entrance and took me upstairs to the usual high  seat in his Drawing Room. He was as usual full of kindness  & ? & said it always did him good to talk with  me. He was sorry I had come so far etc.   He said Mr. F Darwin was about writing a Review for  Nature of Wiessmann's Essay. He had read the Abst. of my  R. S. paper & wished to keep it for F D. to see. He did not  understand a good deal of it. I explained about the ?  transmission. He was interested to hear about Engelmann's  conclusions from his dissection on Muscles as to the mecha-  nism of Contraction.   Then he told me what he had obsd in Dionaea about  the aggregation produced in the cells by the action of weak  sol. of carbonate of ammonia � also about the "ag-  gregation phenom. in Drosera, which Pfeffer had written  to him could not be considered as "protoplasmic" at all.   Then he went on to the Vivisection matter, saying how  gratified he was that an association was being formed  & that he thought it very important that information  should be circulated among medical men for use in informing the Public. He told of a conversation  had had with Mr. Farrer who had been staying with  Chamberlain at Burmingham, who, speaking of  free ?, said that it was certainly useless to  try to argue with people on general principle.  You must show what the effect of a return  to protection wd. be on the price? of a 4 P loaf.  ? responds v.v. it was necessary to offer con-  crete examples of actual good effects.  The argument that physiology owed its exis-  tance to Egypt that pathology sprung out of  physiol. & medicine was founded on ?,  had no effect whatsoever on the generality of  people. He thought Paget's article for more?  Calculated to do good ? Wilks & related the  influence it had had in convincing Mr. Farrer  He told of the lady who had kindly expressed her  hope that the turn wd. come when he (Paget) wd. be "flogged  through the ? at a ?


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