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[Letter, John Burdon-Sanderson to Charles R. Darwin, May 14, 1879] Burdon-Sanderson, J. (John), Sir, 1828-1905 May 14, 1879

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 26, Gordon Square, W.C.  May 14th, 1879    Dear Mr. Darwin  I have this Monday received your note.  It would have arrived yesterday had it not been addressed to Queen Anne Street.  The Baly in whose memory the medal was instituted was the translator of Muller's Physiology.  The donor of the Medal Fund is Mr Dyster, a friend of Baly's and a man much interested in physiology, though not himself a     naturalist.  The medal bears the words "Ob physiologiam feliciter excultam".  It is given every other year. The last recipient was Ludwig, the previous one Bernard & the previous one Sharpey.  If you feel that it wd be too fatiguing to attend at the college it is not by any means indispensable that you should do so.  Neither Bernard nor Ludwig were     present.  If you do come it will be a great pleasure to your friends.  The only penalty that you would have to pay would be that of having to listen for an hour to the Harveian orator.      My neighbour Dr Pitman the Registrar of the College assures me that it could be easily arranged that you should come by at the end of the hour, in case you     feel that this would be too fatiguing. It is not necessary (I again write on the authority of the Registrar) for the Medalist to say anything in acknowledgment.  The Medal is presented immediately     after the oration. I may add that Mr Dyster has expressed his extreme gratification at the selection this College have made on the present occasion.  I am Dear Mr Darwin  Yours truly  JB Sanderson


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