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[Letter, Charles R. Darwin to William Darwin Fox, February 14, 1878] Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882 Feb 14, 1878

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 Down,  Beckenham, Kent  Railway Station  Orpington S.E.R    My dear Friend  I think you warmly for your affectionate & most kind letter.  If we may not call each other friends, I do not know who have a right; though from my unfortunate health & from our mutual distance, we have seen little of each other since those happy days in Cambridge & at Merton & elsewhere. I am very sorry to hear about your daughter.  It is the greatest misery possible.  We have had much, & now have more anxiety about my son in law in Litchfield, & who was so ill in Switzerland and who had a relapse & last night had another occasion of pain.  I ? organic mischief following from so much & much repeated inflammations.  George is in Algiers & is enjoying himself there, but his health is not at all better.  I grudge his want of health especially, as he has unlimitable energy & constant craving to work on phospholipid points with respect to plants & I find it adds greatly to my interest in being able to discuss all subjects with him.  William is extremely happy with his wife.  Farewell my dear old friend  Yours affectionately  Charles Darwin Envelope  The Rev W Darwin fox  Broadlands  Sandown  Isle of Wight


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