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[Letter, Charles R. Darwin to William Darwin Fox, May 26 1876] Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882 May 26, 1876

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 at H. Wedgwood (?)  Hopdene  Dorking    May 26th    My dear Fox  You will see that we are not at home & shall not return for 42 days, as I (?) much in need of a rest & change; (so?) (?) I am very very sorry that I shall not be able to see you this time.  (Your?) enquiries about (?) (?): she is in a piteous (state?) & (has?) (now?) been confined to her bed for 20 months - she is a little better & (now?) has been (?) whether she (cd.?) return to Faith Hill in a special (Tram?) & (bed?) carriage, but it is (?) she is (yet?) too weak, & God knows whether she will ever return.  My son William of Southampton has had a serious accident; his (horse?) (fell?) (?) and caused (?) of brain, but he is (?) on (?) (will?) & is (?).  I hope next week he will be able to go to (?) (?), and then we shall know how long precautions must be taken, but I fear it will be months before he will be quite himself again. -   I (?) hope Mrs. Hughes, whom I remember so well, will go on well. - What a (load?) of illness and misery there is in the world.  (?) was very kindly to Mrs. Fox. - I had forgotten it was 30 years since her visit!      Your old friend         C. Darwin The Revd.      W. Darwin Fox          Woodlands              Hampstead              London N.W.


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