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[Letter, John Burdon-Sanderson to Charles R. Darwin, April 30, 1875] Burdon-Sanderson, J. (John), Sir, 1828-1905 Apr 30, 1875

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 49 Queen Anne Street  Friday April 30    Dear Mr Darwin,      The day before yesterday Dr L. Playfair called upon me.  He entirely approves of the Bill & is quite prepared to introduce it, in case that should seem to be the best course.  Yesterday he was to see Ld Cardwell and to show it to him. I feel sanguine in hoping that Ld Cardwell will be induced to adopt it for this reason.       Mr. (Colam?), the Secretary of the S. for the P. of C. to A. called on me yesterday and developed to me their scheme.  It appears to be substantially the same as ours (certainly not more (restrictive?)).  They (the Society) regard it as Lord Cardwell's, he having approved of it.  Consequentially I think there is good reason to hope that a compromise will be effected.  As soon as it is effected it would I think be well that it should be known as generally as possible that such a measure has the support of our side.      L. Playfair seems to think that if Ld Cardwell adopts his Bill or one which he can approve of, it could be passed this session. I have also seen Sir (?) (?) who has been in personal communication with Ld Cardwell & says that he desires to meet the wishes of scientific men on the subject & to act in such a way as to secure (their) cooperation.  I think it very satisfactory that the Society for the prevention are willing to cooperate with us.       Yours very truly         J B Sanderson


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