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[Letter, Charles R. Darwin to William Darwin Fox, August 28, 18--] Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882 Aug 28, 1899

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 August 28th � 36 Gt Marlborough St  (Top)  I suppose you heard long ago by the papers of Henslow's good living � Is it not glorious.  I think we shall live to see him my Lord Bishop.  If so the whigs will spoil a good naturalist, but make an excellent bishop.  (Side)  Part of a letter of C Darwin's came with mine from Isle of Wight � Emma ?  My dear Fox,  I take shame to myself for not having sooner answered your letter, and such a letter deserved more gratitude � I partly waited, that I night be able to tell you more definitely my plans.  The proof sheets are beginning to tumble in so that I shall be tied by the leg, hard at work as any galley slave during the next five weeks.  I then mean to run down to Shrewsbury for a few days as actually since the middle of the winter I have only been able to pay them one visit of nine days.  It is a good joke, that during the whole five years I was longing most sincerely to be at Shrewsbury & now time glides by, & I am stewing in this great den of a place. How I shall like a good walk or a good days shooting with you on a fine clear autumnal day, when everything does look so very beautiful.  In the whole world there cannot be anything more delightful than a wooded country in England during the autumn.  I recollect the day I shot the ears of an unlucky pointer (which always sticks in my conscience) at some farm to which we drove, was one of those glorious days.  But to go on with my plans � after taking a peep at Shrewsbury & Maen I come back to Marlborough St. & begin in earnest with pure natural history.  I quite forget whether when I last wrote, the government had given me a 1000� to illustrate Zoology & Beagle's Voyage.  I shall not have much to do with it beside superintendence, but it will consume time; whilst this is going on I shall be trying to make progress with the factory.  But writing is most tedious & difficult work.  Till lately I had not the slightest idea what a difficulty it was to


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