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[Letter, Charles R. Darwin to John Burdon-Sanderson, September 13, 1873] Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882 Sep 13, 1873

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 Down,  Beckenham, Kent.  Sept 13 1873  My dear Dr. Sanderson  How very kind it was of you to telegraph to me.  I am quite delighted that you have got a decided result.  Is it not a very remarkable fact? It seems so to me in my ignorance. � I wish I could remember more distinctly what I found out of Dr Du Bois Raymond's results � my poor memory never serves me for more than a vague guide. I really think you're right to try Drosera.  In a weak soln of Phosphate of ammonia (1 gr. to 20 oz of water) it will contract in about 5 minutes & even more quickly in pure warm water; but then water, I suppose, wd prevent your trial.- I forget, but I think it contracts pretty quickly (i.e. in a hour or two) with a larger drop of a rather stronger soln of the Phosphate, or with an atom of raw meat on the disc of the leaf.  Very many thanks for your note just received.  Do not hunt up for your copy of your paper: for the R. Inst honoured me some years ago by making me a member, & I find that I have the volume (beginning about ?Atrofina) & which no doubt I formerly read.  Yours most sincerely,  Ch. Darwin


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