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[Letter, Charles R. Darwin to John Burdon-Sanderson, November 19, 1873] Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882 Nov 19, 1873

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 Down,  Beckenham, Kent.    My dear Dr Sanderson  I grieve to find that I kept only a few particles of the globulin & of the so-called haemoglobulin; but I don't think it could be tried on a small ? of the artificial gastric juice.  The case, however, interests me so much, (as well as that of the Mucin) that I thought I wd get some more globulin from Dr Moore if the few particles sent do not suffice & if you do not find the much larger parcel previously sent to you. - I shd be very glad to know what I might to call? the Haemoglobin, that is if you can tell by its appearance.  Perhaps Dr Brunton knows about the digestion of chlorophyll by animals � will you ask him when you ask about gelatine & chondrin; though I daresay some ? is correct that my chondrin was not as pure as the selection prepared by Hoffmann.  I hope & trust the trial of the proprionic, butyric & valeric acids will not be very troublesome : it might, I wd think on some physiological grounds to be ascertained how far these acids will replicate hydrochloric.  You have been very, very kind to aid me in so many ways.  Yours most sincerely,  Ch Darwin


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