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Copy of letter regarding training farms for young men settlement, settlement of Hebrideans, and settlement… MacDonell, Andrew Jan 24, 1925

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 C/o Ur.ff.H-Little,
1 Kegtnt Street, S*W*1*
24th January 1925.
The Secretary
Oversea S -tl lemon t Committee,
3-4 Clement'a Inn, !#$•£*
-Dear Sir,
The Scottish Immigrant Aid Society have acquired
in Central alberta an ares of 2500 acres for the threefold
purpose of;-
1.      A fraining Wmm for public school boys
of from Vi  to  25 years of age.
g*      Settlement  if Uebrideons,
3,       Settlement  far land w«asn«
fhe Boci-ty are of the opinion that Alberta,
and especially Central  Alberta, with its npiendid,
Invigorating climate and sufficient rainfall will lend
itself to a settlement project of this kind with every
prospect  of success,
the above settlement  has a threefold character
In which each  individual form of settlement will have a
strong influence upon and be of advantage to the other.
This feet is developed  in the  following section**    It  is
important  that the three parts oi* the ©shoaie  should be
considered not  separately but ae one co-ordinated "whole.
There will be  sufficient work  in summer to keep
all those settlers busy,  and during the winter there are
many forms both of work ami of sport  that may toe organised
to obviate any monotony,
1.     BU3I,IC  .'CHOCi,  BOYS,
1100 ?.*eres will be devoted to   the purpose of
the training farm for public School Boys.    Ho new construction
work wouia be necessary at present.    tfhere are commodious
buildings comprising a large dwelling bouse and an apartment
hone© which has evidently been construe tod  for the purpose of
accoffliaoaatlng students,    yhere  Is room  for 25 boys at a time
and  it  is proposed  to make a start with that number*    There
are also  ©Offiaodioms barns   for horses,   cows,  pftgs,  and poultry. e.
fhe land Is situated  on the Battle River and
within three allies of three different railway  stations.    The
greater part of the 1100 acres  is now under cultivation.    It
Is  fenced and cross fenced,    Jhere is sufficient wood for
fuel purposes.     There Imv© already been constructed well®
which provide an abundant supply of water*    Bittern Lake is
1-j miles from the .*:ain part of the estate.
gROFOSSP QRQAHI2ATI0H..    The  intention. Is to have
this traininlT^aiSi '#rganTi5d«fci follows •.-
%m    A. Clergyman as Principal for general discipline,
Zm    k skilled agricultural manager for the particular
work of farm work and training,
3.    Foreman ana two or three other efcilled
<§«    noctures will be fcivon  to students at  frequent
and regular intervale by Professors of the Agricultural
Section sinf others competent*
aTOO^ \in   I uIi.-ii.31T*     ThBre will be sufficient etock
and eqnipm£uT'^¥ormth@'pur'pbee of giving the students a full
oourssa of Information;  In addition each student will be
supplied with a rifling poayt but must secure hie own saddle
and bridle.
It is proposed that  each student shall pay a eras
of £100,   f#r maintenance.    The period of training will
comprise one year, and  furthermore,  the Society undertakes
to place tb/; student  for a further year with a selected
farmer in Alberta,  and during, the  second year the Training
farm will be Ms home in case of his having to leave his
«mploym-,>nt through sio&noss or any  other reason, without
extra charge. 3,
The following figures show the on- ital value
of the above property and estimated operating expenses;.
1100 acres u $lo. per acre  .*•  5&6,SOO
Buildings.     ,,.   ...   ...   ...   ..   ...    15,00c;
5f   Ce»«     }
*...   ...   ...   ..   ... 5,000
48- Morses)
iottig&ent               »•*   ...   •..   ..   ... 5,000
Salaries and. itgOJg per smmm      • •* ©,000
Sfittialjfl ,,mi4J^mtohfegt      ••• *•* AME
The Scottish Imaiigrani Aid Society is prepared to
advance the  sua of Jt31*500 on account-of the above land and
buildings,  provided your Coaalttee will advance the sum of
$18,000 on account of the  etoefc,  equipment and operation.
II,., 'wTO_.   , ; ('/ h maiD aura.
there are 8 or 10 quarter sections la this
property that should be taken, over by #ome of our best
Sobrid©an families* The land is ercollent, In some cases
partly ploughed, in others the laud is still unbroken. Water
Is easily -obtainable on all those quarter sections,  ..hose
Hebrideans would, be selected on account of their large
families, because there is every prospect of a fair amount-
of employment on  neighbouring farms, Including the Training
farm, but particularly on the Women's Settlement referred
to In Section III below. Some of the quarters have buildings
on but not all. It la proposed to allot 140 acres at #12. per
acre to nine settlers, or a total of 120C acres at a vest of
On behalf of the Scottish Immigrant MM  Society
I would respectfully ask that your Committoo advance the sum
of $1500. to each settler on account of stock and equipment,
under conditions similar to the 3. \00 Family Agreement between
the British and Dominion Governments. in* j;;t,.'. ? -xh ...» .. .tfiJi?.
there are many oducatod women In Great Britain
who would migrate and settle on the land overseas If they
could do so without going too fsr froa some social centre,
and whare there would be a reasonable hope of mating a
comfortable living* There would not necessarily be a large
individual capital required in the project for women.
One or two quarter sections of the best land,
at least one ^ile wm%   from the Training School, msuld be
reserved for the settlement of land women. The proposal ia
to out theaa quarter sections into lots of 10 and 20 ae»®»
The whole of this land IS now under cultivation.  It is
proposed to build email cottages that would be suitable each
for two or perhaps throe ladles, fhey eonld develop farming
in small fruits, poultry, pigs, hoes and perhaps dairy sows.
These women could obtain a regular supply of labour from the
Hebrldean settlement, and would be able-to share in, and
contribute to, the social amenities of the fraining funs.
In view of the fact that the propose-d settlement
for women is a new project, the Society would respectfully
ask that your Committee advance the bum.  ©f $700. for the
construction of a cottage on each lot of 10 acres at a rental
of 5 per cent on anv unpaid balance, the total amount advanced
to be repaid within a period of 10 years, fhe Society is
of the opinion that It will-be possible to ©btitin women with
some capital so that no request is raad« for stock or equipment.
The Scottish la 1 gran I Aid ;>oclety propose to allot
to 14 women 10 acres each, or a total of 140 seres, which at
015..per acre would amount to j^lOO. for ••ttlosant purposes,
fours faithfully,


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