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Sung Quong and Sung Ham contract for making cans at North Pacific Cannery Sung, Quong; Sung, Ham; Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company Mar 19, 1937

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 THIS AOREiniEST made in triplicate at Vancouver, B. C. thia
19th day of March, 1937• between
auao yick and dum ham
of the City of Vancouver, B.   C. hereinafter called the
"CONTRACTORS" of the first Part, and
of London and British Coluii'*bi«*, jxtsreinafter called tne
"COMPAIY" of the second part:
WITK.ESSISTH: That the said Contractore in consideration
of the covenants on the part of the said Company, hereinafter contained, hereby covenant and agree to and with the
said Company in the winner  following, that is to say;-
That they will at any and all times during the canning
season of 1937 supply to the Company all skilled labour
required by them or their Manager at their HORTH PACIFIC
CAKN3BY, SKSEKA RIVER, B. C. for the making of cans, and they
hereby promise and agree that they will make the cans in a
good, skillful and workmanlike manner with the machines,
tools and appliances installed at Worth pacific Cannery.
And that they will further agree to take the cans when
made from the machinery and place in boxes and lightly nail
or wire the covers on boxes, or in the case of fibre boxes
to glue or stitch same, and store in any part of the cannery
desired, or pile in loft in bulk at Manager's option, and
having due regard to cleanliness, perform all the work
necessary to be done in the making of cans during the canning
season of 1936, at the cannery called ftorth Pacific Cannery,
on Sice ens River.      "'
And they agree further to supply a sufficient number of
men by April First, 19371 to make not leas than one hundred
thousand cans per day, and said force Of men shall work continuously until such quantities of cans shall nave been made
as the Manager of the Company shall deem sufficient for the
season's work, which quantities are approximately as follow;*;-
 60.000 cases ^-Flats.
The above quantity is subject  to alteration as may be  found
necessary by the Company.
That the Contractors further agree that they will at any
and all times during the season take from the wharf or from
scows alongside the wharf ail toaterial necessary for can-
making, including tinplate, coal, firewood, lead, solder,
boxes and all other things necessary for the making of cans,
and that during the progress of the said work they will use
all diligence and care in the putting up of the cans and do
all such worn under the direction and supervision and to the
entire satisfaction of the Manager of the Cannery for the
time being.
And it is mutually agreed between the parties hereto and
provided that if the work shall not be commenced and proceeded
with to the satisfaction of the Company, or their Manager for
the time being, it shall be lawful for said Company, or their
Manager as aforesaid, to give- notice requiring the Contractors
to enter upon and regularly proceed with the said work, and
in ease the said Contractors shall Immediately after such
notice be given make default in commencing or regularly
proceeding with the said wor^, the Company may employ any other
workmen by contract or otherwise, and pay them out of the
money remaining due to the Contractors, and the Contractors
shall be liable for all losses that the Company may sustain
through want of sufficient labour to carry on wor* in the
Cannery for the season 1937*
And in case Contractors fail to have completed the
making of the hereinbefore stated number of cans by the
Thirtieth of June, 1937. they agree to pay to the Company the
sum of Eighty Dollars per day for each day that may be required to complete this number.
In the event of any dispute arising between the Contractors
 and the Company concerning any of the matters aforesaid, the Contractors shall and will abide by, observe, perform, fulfil, and
keep, and in all things obey the decision in writing of the
Manager fbr the time being.
The Company agrees to provide all the tools, maeninery,
implements and material necessary for making the said cans;
the Company also agrees to provide a Shite Foreman, and Lineman
to superintend the working of the machinery.
The Company agrees to pay the Contractors for making Cans;-
Seven (7) cents pur  case for all f lb. flat Cans
(96 cans to the case}.
In the case of wooden boxes the Contractors agree to
nail boxes and pile same when nailed or wired to the satisfaction of the Manager and at points indicated by him  for
the price of One and one-quarter cents (it/) per box.
In the case of fibre boxes the Contractors agree to
stitch or glue same and pile when stitched or glued to the satisfaction of the Manager and at points indicated by him for the
price of      per  box. (To be arranged with Manager).
The Contractors agree to supply whatever labour may be required on the cannery premises, otner than trucking salmon, which
is not included in the contract, at Thirty cents i$&0)  per hour.
The Contractors agree to pay the fares of his workmen to
and from the cannery.
The Company reserve the right to change at any time the number
of cans to be made under this contract or to cancel the contract
should the Company consider this necessary, without claim on the
Company. J</&~f &^£ *ij£~*y M^m.
SIGHED, SEALED and DELIVERED  )      t2t*~ Jd^*^-t  /%^<^£-
TheA;-v/ //     '    '
 :■■      SUKG  ^UONG-and  SUXG HAl^
iJEASa^r _i937;
B     •


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