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Sung Quong and Sung Yick contract for making cans at North Pacific Cannery Sung, Quong; Sung, Yick; Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company Jan 31, 1922

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 5HJIS  AG .. EISS3ST  In triplicate at Venoouvor,   ::.G. thia
;;ist day of M&wef ip22, MtMNM
of the Gity of Vancouver, I3» G. here inciter celled the  .-.artlcs
of the First Part,  and
- - < -fir; &mim~i*xv?tm^wmiA mm%E&-QimM4 txifeD.
of London-end British :Poltrihin, hereinafter celled the lartioo
of the Second- Bart: -'■'>•■--. P. •'■' '   ■■■-■ -     •■■
-* . '    • P"h . r~het the said Parties of the Li rot Part,  fa
conei deration of the covenants on the part ft)   the? ecicl  •. erties
of the Second Pert, hereinafter contained, hereby covenant end
taree to erf-, rith the salt" Parties of the Second Pert In the
T2cnncr foll/vylnr;, that ie to-say:-
rhet they rill at cry end ell tisce dtir-ir.- the ceneirrp
eecccri of lf22t  supply'to the Parties of the Second rert ell
shilleP  labour required hy thes or the"!r Pair/nor ct their
- So :   ..*s:p'J :.*::   3HY*. m  .    pp., p.o.
for the «tfcinr; of ocjis, end they hereby promise end ecroo thct
they rill isa&e the cane is a rood, ePctllful end rorlraenlih© . .
manner with the machinee,  tools end appliances to he installed
at the forth .Pacific fiannery*
And that they vrtll farther agree te tcke the oare.'rhen
mde,,.frcaa the machinery end place in hexe;.: end llrhtly nail
the covers on boscee and store in err    trt of the cannery
desire-'" ,  end Imrine? due ropcrd to eleanlineso, perform all the
war!: nocensery tc be done  In the nekinp of cans durinp the
a:,   ting wcfesaihO*. Ig22f .at the tum*i&ry 4&vX1g£ .Sorth Pacific
on Shecna "Uver#
end that they efrree further to ■ supply a sufficient
manner of tmn by I'areP twentieth,  !$££« to nafce not lees then
ninety thousand (90,000}  cane per day,  not inolrdinp "nnday,
end said force or no/; ahelP  rora oontleno/'aiy until such
rpientitio;/  of ocne shell hero Peen made ce the eerier :v of
 »• J a'
""    ■"
the Second Party shell doom inefficient for the sC£.son*e work,
ich shell not ho lot;o thr :  bghtoen thousand sevc:        rd
'  t; nine (13,769) oases Tails, Soven thousand five hundred
(7,500) oases flats, 1    'fty nine t    ;.d ono hundred and
fifty eight 159*158) oases '"lets, total Eighty five thousand
four hrrPlrcd and forty seven ("5,447) oases Ocas,     ee
quantities are subject to alteration as racy he found necessary
by the crtics of I   .eond Part.
!es of t:   tret Mri  rthor agree t."
y will at any and all tines during the canning season take
fron the  . f or fro.    ra alongside tie P.arf all materiel
90000x7 for can making, including tinplatc, coal, firewood,
lead, solder, boxes end all othor things necessary for the making
of cans, and that during the progrc;... ftf the seld work they will
I ell diligence and care in the putting ury  of the cans end do
;    oh .;ork under the direction and supervision and to the entire
r of the cennory for the tine bcin .
.'id It is mutually agreed between th<  rti0© hereto end
provided that if the work shall not he con:        proceeded with
to the satisfaction of the Perties of the Second bnrt, or their
Manager for the time being, it shall be lawful for said Parties
of the Second Part, or their        . aforesaid, to give notice
requiring the Parties of the first Part to enter upon bo4
regularly v>ro:: .1th the said / • I, and in case t        rtice
of t;        rt shall immediately after sac* notice be given
cult in commencing or regularly proceeding with the said
./ork, tie art Lee of the 809004 . I rt nay employ crrj-  other wo:
contract or otherwise, and pay the   I of r        .iaining
due to t 'irst e.rt, end % rtica  of the first
Part shall be liable    all losses that th  1 tics of the
Second Par    sustain throng   it of sufficient labour to
carry on work In the cannery for tbe 00000ft 1922.
And In ccso the artics of the First Part fail to
have completed the mufting of the hereinbefore stated number of
 cane by the twentieth of Juno V)22,  tPey agree to pay to
the Parties  of the tbaconb  ecrt the »Utt of gfghty tellers   ( ^o,i)0}
per  fzp for each Pa// the t my ho recr.ircd to complete this
Xn  the event of any dispute arising between the 'ertiee
of the first ./art ana the Parties of the /-coord Pert concerning
r. • of the matters nforcseid, fh Parties of tbc first Part; shall
.       v/ll abide o^t  ohserve, perform* ;f tfil, end fcOOO, 00) ll :fl
things obey the Soo-tOtOO in writinp ft! P  t  tOgi  |W t" c tine
Pho carties of the Second Pari egroc to provide all
I tools, machinery, implements end materiel necessary Por
making the said cans, the --artics of Ion r-oorin ,'crt alto z^vec
to provide C -bite : orenne end  "     to $    I *  i P e -or ing
Of tlie machinery.
nhe ..-ertiee oP tee 'ocean art : ' e*/e to pap the erties
ef tbc Plrct Part, for Mining oonof*
. >err (4) cents per case for ell 1 lb# telle or Plats
(If ears to the case).
eight {:,}  cents box* ooOO Per all P lb. Pints
Cffo cenn to t!\e esse).
Phe Pertles of the Plrot Part eg" M   to supply whatever
lehonr OOjf be rccpf .-ed on the eec-'-e../      m   tecs,   other than
tracking Calnon,  //PleP Is not  included in the contract, at
OOV hour.
'    -. ...• ■    ■'      '  IP,: : . 33     J
In I  i      >t. 1000 of: }
?ER jsa—---
% ! The Anglo-B.  G.  facting Co.- Itd.


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