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A.B.C. Packing Co. Ld. Chinese Contract Sung, Yick; Sung, Ham; Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company May 28, 1937

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 dlhiS  &#tttttltttt   made in triplicate at Vancouver, B.C., this       fwentv-eighth.
day of May AD- 1937.
between d@S3 YICIC and &&S& ilhM.,  of the City of Vancouver, B.C.
in the Province of British Columbia, hereinafter called the "CONTRACTOR" and the ANGLO-BRITISH COLUMBIA PACKING COMPANY, LIMITED, of London and British Columbia, hereinafter called the "COMPANY."
WITNESSETH, that the said Contractor, in consideration of the covenants on the part of the said Company, hereinafter contained, hereby covenants and agrees to and with the Company in the manner following,
that is to say:—
That he will, at any and all times during the canning season of 1937 supply to the Company skilled
labour as required by them or their Manager at the >gQTg£   Pacific    Cannery.    SkfftHMK
River,   a.   C.   .*i--..*..-..-.i.- ---^--.-fcrfSiW
That when required by the Company, or their Manager, he will proceed without delay
td the- Sortn Ifeeifio    Canner,y ^keena Hiver,  3.   C.
with a sufficient number of skilled workmen to efficiently carry out work as may be designated by the Manager, and have ready for use as required as many salmon tins as may be required by and to the satisfaction
of the Manager.
At present the Company propose to pack at the above Cannery for Seasons of 1937 i m
% , $00    )     c/s of 1 lb. Tails (48's) 1>1 &4» .
3 , 750 c/s of 1 lb. Flats (48's)^>lain
10, Qjjy   /   c/s of 1/2 lb Flats (96.sPia|n
ill/'"—i  0.    Mm
3 a   n &n TOTAL
but this is no guarantee that this amount will be packed, and the Company hereby reserves the right to
change any part or all of this  preparation without notice.
The Contractor will at any and all times during the canning season of 199 provide and pay labor to take
from the wharf or boats or from scows alongside wharf all material landed there, including tin cans and
fuel, also to take the fish from boats at the wharf, prepare fish for canning, also to properly fill the cans,
(all one-pound cans to weigh not less than 21 ounces, and half-pound cans 11 ounces, standard weight), cook,
seal and property test, lacquer and wash the cans so filled and label same, pack in cases, nail the same,
mark, and make ready for shipment. ;
The Contractor further agrees to supply what labor may be required on cannery premises for purposes
not included in packing contract at the rate of JHT' eotltS per hour except for trucking of salmon
which is not included in this contract. ,
That he will at all times during the progress of the said work use all diligence and care in putting up
the said salmon, and do all in his power to make the same of the best marketable value, and do all the said
work aforesaid in a workmanlike manner under the direction and supervision and to the entire satisfaction
of the Manager of the cannery for the time being.
It is hereby further agreed and understood that it shall be the duty of the Contractor at all times to
— arrange for proper inspection of the fish to be canned and ifat any time he considers the-fish are stale or
soft or in any way inferior to the best quality of similar species, he shall before canning it immediately
notify the Manager or Foreman of the Cannery. If the Manager or Foreman desires the Contractor to continue packing the said fish written instructions to do so shall be given the Contractor by the said Manager
or Foreman and such instructions shall bear date and time of such order. It shall be the duty of the Contractor to pile absolutely separate from the rest of the pack any and all fish packed under such instructions.
ctor agrees to supply labor enough to pack at leastg^g^^gftfj   imaared   (loOU)   n/i
The  Contractor agrees
per day assorted
tae<Manager,        3
failing which in the event of fish being refused, he shall pay to the Company the sum ofForty   Cent©   (40)2'}
per case on any shortage below these quantities.
The Company shall provide and pay the wages of one fireman, one bath-room overseer, and one night-
watchman, one foreman and one filling overseer. All other labor in and around the cannery to be paid for
by the Contractor.
Prince  Rupert.
It is mutually agreed between the parties hereto and provided that if the work shall not be commenced and proceeded with to the satisfaction of the Company, or their Manager for the time being, it shall
be lawful for said Company, or their Manager as aforesaid, to give notice requiring the Contractor, to enter
upon and regularly proceed with the said work, and in case the said Contractor shall immediately after such
notice be given make default in commencing or regularly proceeding with the said work, the Company may
cancel this contract and employ any other workmen by contract or otherwise, and pay them out of the money remaining due to the Contractor, and the Contractor shall be liable for all losses that the Company
may sustain through want of sufficient labor to  carry on work in the cannery for the season 193
The Company in consideration of the covenants of the said Contractor hereinbefore contained, do covenant and agree with the said Contractor as follows:—
That they will furnish all necessary tin cans (in boxes or crates), materials and tools for the week,
carry and land same on wharf, or in scows alongside wharf. All can boxes or crates shall be opened by the
Contractor and boxes and contents disposed of as  ordered by the Manager.
The Company will pay to the Contractor for all the said work to be done by him as aforesaid as follows,
subject to the deductions mentioned, viz.:—
Cents for each case of 48 cans of "Tails" 1 lb.
Cents for each case of 48 cans of "Flats" 1 lb.
(Sis       Cents for each case of- 96-cans  of "Flats"- %Ib.- —     .-. _, .
also     %hS##ent8 Der case oi 48 cans and       ii%X- cents per case of 96 cans shall be paid on all salmon
labelled in addition to above.
The Company will pay the Contractor for work done as follows:—
75 per cent, of contract price when salmon is ready for  shipment,  and  the  remaining  25   per  cent,  after
final examination and approval of goods in Vancouver.
It is hereby agreed and understood that in the event of the examination showing that the goods are
below the average, such defect being due to carelessness or poor workmanship on the part of the Contractor,
a sum equal to the estimated difference of value shall be deducted from the price paid to the Contractor.
Further that if more than three cases in each one thousand are rejected by the Company the said Contractor shall pay to the Company an amount equal to the market value of good salmon for all salmon improperly packed or unfit for use and the said Company shall not be bound to pay for any work rejected.
The Contractor also agrees to pay to the Company a rebate of 25% of market value of good salmon for
all light cans.
In the event of any dispute arising between the Contractor and the Company concerning any of the
matters aforesaid, the Contractor shall and will abide by, observe, perform, fulfil and keep, and in all things
obey the dicision in writing of the Manager for the time being should the Manager for the time being disapprove of any of the laborers or workmen, the Contactor shall be obliged to remove them and substitute
others who must be acceptable to the Management.
The Company shall furnish JW gjfj %y     cords of wood for the China Mess House for the season of
193      9and no more.
The Contractor covenants with the Company, that he will not sell, give or dispose of, or cause or allow
to be sold, given or disposed of, by himself or by any labourer or labourers employed by him under this
contract on any part of the cannery premises, or in any house, tent or shack, in which any of such labourers
 may live, reside or be employed, any whisky or intoxicating liquor of any kind, to any white man or Indian
or cannery employee, during the fishing season of 193 f , and for every breach of this provision the Contractor shall pay to the Company the sum of Two Hundred Dollars (1200.00) as liquidated damages, the same
to be charged up the account of the Contractor and deducted from the moneys coming to him under his
And without in any way restricting the generality of the foregoing provision IT IS AGREED that the
said sum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) shall be due and payable by the Contractor and deducted as
aforesaid whenever any intoxicating liquor has in any way been obtained by any of the parties before mentioned from the Contractor, or from any labourer or labourers employed by him as aforesaid.
Signed this
PROVIDED ALWAYS, and it is hereby EXPRESSLY STIPULATED and agreed, anything hereinbefore
contained to the contrary notwithstanding that the Contractor shall not be entitled to call upon the Company
for the performance of this contract in case or^Ire^tleU&.fiSr iSXasis ^ify^S'^tt.lmon shall not be sufficient to warrant carrying out the work, and that in any event this contract shall bind the Company only
insofar as in their judgment or that of their Manager, conditions shall justify the continuance of the canning
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said Contractor and the Company have hereunto set their hands the day
and year first above written.
\jZfa*t4 9^^ K/Cy f/aJ^^
in the presence of:
Cu-Tt^f <Zyi^£
\AMa *k*
It is further agrt sd and understood that the Contractor will  pay all
transportation fare* of hi» workmen.
It is further agreed and understood  that t.
six eents  (6y) sex east on § ih*   &*Ui and mrti tmti
on 1 lb.   falls and   flats wnere enamelled ends are used*
e *co;:.*wiYrt will deduct
per case
It id  furtner &j£Z®®& and understood  that in  the event hand-salting
is done on 1 lb.   full  cans  that   the Co-s^ay will  pay  to   the Con*"
3? cents on  thia size.
39 cents instead of
Dated May  28th,
193 ?,
Chinese Contract
.H.Oimi..PAGLF.LC Cannery


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