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Specification of hull for Princess Louise Canadian Pacific Railway. British Columbia Coast Steamship Service 1920

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Wallace Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.
A Single- Screw Passenger Steamer for the British Columbia Coast Service*"
 Canadian Pacifig Railway
Length <$JL
Beam Mid ...
Depth Mid
317- 0"
18'-.6" to Main Deck.
•f the
North. VancouvertB.Q.
Sept. 21st, 1980,
 i^#«w*>0H£l* ••****#«**** ***•**••#«**X
.^M*«*******#**♦ •**«*#*S
$S     Sllil     ^UAffc^   * * * •  •  •  **4#*»4»   4 «   »   *«#   .f  «  «  4 * * * *&
f x$t:* i£ #     ti*    jffcf'wkJL fcJL0S **••*« • 4444***
- • » * 44 • *4*44*«*4 « * # • * «  * # » * • *■ *►%
y+ m * * « * * « • * * * « * * * * * ■♦*#
.   *-♦***♦****#.*»«**••* 4 • * «*ll
-.  10 KI.S * * * • * * * * »*»#»*«*♦*>#»•*##* #***»»ei#iC!
i. ^^jT* **•♦*****»#•♦***#**#********* ##•»!>
IMMMmP&*£p!1 *   &IIA   ^3fAil**♦ #•*******» » ••*«»••••#» r
' ^CL    £U& * ♦ * 4**444*4 * 4 *#*•••##*••€$
' -^ A 00 * * * * * * «   *  * * • *******#***4* #•••»••« •••#«r
*."*'•««**■*#•* a 4»-*4»4*##*/
I «•••••••«*#♦#• Ir
'•-•'• 0       -",'- x r i \        |   «   t ( -   * |  *» » *  * « <* f « *  -4 * * « * A
t- d 6 ••• * 4 4 « 4 4 4 4 * *  * 4 4 4 4 a   4 4 4 4 # 4  4 4 4 * 4 * * * * JL W
'<<3T$J0w**4 4»4*   ■   * ■•   **»a»»* *■****•**»**•«♦**•* *fc» W
w«&& Ballti^rs
,   So tas,  ©/id   ..l&gr&sBE** 4*4 •*♦♦••*• ****11
Fi&frl,     Inlry f PtifipSe ••««••«« •♦•IE
JHPv9-A #ltf4«*««»«««*ti*«iti«ii4»it*»*«»M#l4 JL«
il &nA l3roii^'foirtc#••****♦•*#**•**♦ »••**«*** ♦«««•#•• »13
Sh» tiiwoyic • «•*« * •#«-»«« * * * * • 4#****<»4****4 •*»*** ***♦**♦?
wbyj^Bfit-01* wvShSt*•.«♦*♦♦*»*»* #**4«*********4**«***44* #•• ♦%%#
J*0lt »$$     «»    U<3- T* ItS •  •*•«#•   .-. » 4  #  4 4  *   *  *  • * «   #4*4*4*44*4*4 *»••••• % /
* *^H •   **•****«•**••»-'*    *     »4*#****4«4    »********-• ♦4R%I
9a * A 4* #  1   •*-!«■, 4>       H ^J /**«*» £ft I  II
• VJCJJT £>*   44*4444*4* ■**44#4*4*'*4******44**4*## *T«W
wO JuftSX* 0 ylTti   4**4«»«*44444**4*****4*4****# II  *#«*»••♦*•* *)U
Bedsteads, fa ier«?s.*ee*. ••••tG2
t**4*4«4*44***4**4»*** *••*••« 64
£ftft#       € OH*   ********   44   **********   •   4   4   4   4   •  • • OO
£ t C 4   #   4  *   *     >   ~   *   *   •   4   4   4   »    4 4| #   *   *   •   *   4   *   4   *  * * ?0
SMIfil       ^Orft *  *   *   »  4   *  *   •   4**** *******•***•*****•**>*  *•>•****>• 7*5
W'fMwT*   ***4**#**»*4l»«***-#4*«****»    ******   4*4*****    * 4r
*44<*4***4*#«**4*«*4<*#*44*4******>*4*******4   4** **%
L X 5-l|| *««4*^««.*f**4*»4*#*n****«4** ***#**l <* \J
'.   It 0 T$ 4   ■*   *  0   *   4   *   *   *   *    *    •    |    I    4   *4»**4»44«*444>44»«   4  *******♦«  ^ 1
«   »44   44   4  •   44*4444   4*    4 •    4^»4444>«* <T*4
Rft& tljQtg      SJ^i S#******«»44  *   4*444*4 4   V444444 • « 10f>
i   4*««4*44«#44»«»«4#4*44«I4***#4*4** X «./"lJ
WJuMEUMHI SMI QSpS VS&* *4****4«4*44# 4 ** ••*****♦ • « * 4 * • • JlJ 3
Mmh&z 110
Blgglng* **4*«44*4««»»*«*»*»*444*444**»********)*4»»*4 iH
OKkS *  *   •«***4***«*4*4****«e»**   *  *   4   4   4*44   »   4   4   4 » 4t  * «   »   *   •••lift
Cwivas    ork 113
!-#0!!PS pE S 4   4 *   *   4  *   »  •  4   »    <   4   «   4   4**4   4   * *   *  » •  *****4*4   *  *   4 4> *  •   4   * • • li§
.      4**    »**<»«   •»•*»•♦** * «  4   •  4   4#*4»44*   44***4>***> 114
'"OJTlC*' 4.»4**,**.*#«4*J«    »»    %♦.*.«.#»♦   «<««>«***•.   •••4** •  I*-t>
6   &Bfi .4.♦#117
X X&fJ[Q • 444    »   •  •  •   * *  m 4  *   *   *   *  *  * *   4  4   * * *   *   •  4   4   *  *   *  # *  *  * * *  4  *  •  • • • # • » • lit?
trO^B »*••*.44*.•4«*4*4***»*#••1X9
1  2*  Ilii
tfJfciB^A Q-UUt S&'ViCi
B£ ..
,,.*' .'  »:    Jl    J   ; '■...:
•  *   *   *    *   4   •   »   4*
J*€N&£P§]i      M*   <** ********4*
RgssdHfcii Moulds*! «**4*a«4***4***4 4
Jepth mo aidea %& Main Jscut * <i&iS^
6o ; O *
a-> MM      ISSS
wjpjpp W*      **w*P«»
r "*6&fo7*74n   ?*ck ai*
mrnim lis
Ojppsr Jss^ *a mrsusnsss jpss*
onads dss& ts Bast a>sc    ••••••«
il&nsss stt Bss.jk DssiE •*••••******•*•
4  *  *  *  4   * •
• * * *
of bsssh
All ftsi*hu> sirs
of to*»- an Boat 9**k will
0**a** ea tit* grwwito toak *ill toiXafr-CE III tfall
' »ipc. - Oaiaber ia toe Up.»*r i>*cJt *lll to fPli to III aato*to»**Ba
U*ab*r oa to* aula toe* will to *H ia to* fail toaa. Oaatoj
oa to     irloa j*cK will b* 3%
■ n*i, *va
Ito traaaa^L will tov* a etralgbt raiting atoa aat aa
3 7'tm
oil jtioul aiwra,   urn  fiimiin, aa* **a to%LJp*t». *i**«A
■   aa a for. aad aft e*booaer. tamng iiaijii linniun imi belli aaala
a*toia*rjr> boiler*£
fe&/A~)it«iA   to    afte-y £**£  £u,
«*ia a*ok, Uppor Beak an* fraaaaaa* **e* *ill oil to ooatiaaea*.
Boat toe* will to ooatiaaoaa froa about fraa* |§ ta fr*. e tk&K*
a* abate oa profile.
Vaaaal to to eonetract** alta oollalar doable totto*
extendiap  froa eft**'   >«ak bulAaead to fore pm* boltoaed
or as far aft and forward as practical,
«wiet-terpsi3t      :tte jraatiica- and e:s*ef^~e3f the MIge keelirt«^
Peakfl to  be
as to reduce resistaase-ae-asah«
77^ 7>fi
arranged as Ufrimming Tanker asSP9 ¥4
he* /esse/ 7o At      T7tA<c/tcA £y ,
par*aaa*sf   ese^go room,  a^lns^fissm--aad 6oal or uil-#sel
Bunkers,  as indicated en Plans with the exception that oil fuel
wH^-H'mfcAe f iVtqnt~*tt "the. Ao*fcfce. bottom between fraasrs:~#68**Nft
#88 a# ladiiiatsd e» profile,  but will be fitted between--ArearB
#8f and #95, and also between frames #96 and #103,  both the atrare
being doable bottom tanks, and both to be fitted with the neeees-
ary cofferdams*
fa* ■
voil fuel bunkers earfeea
(See page -
laiiifinruiniirniiii at
sides of Boiler Room will be fitted for rapidly changing to coale
A:-     '
Sfei« r ted en khe vai?ieus drawings*
Vessel to be  fitted with apjroved steam steering gear
with approved control.     If tele»e*o£~ee«trel 4^-4ise4 this must
bs^££dtek:sd in duplicate*     Geared watertight doors to be fitted
only  in bulkheads where such  is necessary and to  be  of approved
type and arranged for operating from Main Deek.p There will be
a freight elevator which will be  operated preferably electrically,
or if by steam arrangement must be entirely approved.
V8mfaP*$ &nd capstans to  be fitted as required and in
each case to  have the approval of the Owners.     The windlass must
be of ample power to handle cables and anchors efficiently.
iiefrigerating plant  of sufficient capacity  for the cooling  of rooms necessary for ship's use, aaad^slsgr Joy^ho osrflo
c e ^oauQjpl^p Deeg"Tra t^cen ifrar?^^
Vessel will be  fitted throughout with  electric light,
having all necessary generating plant  in  two units,  each unit being
to   2   m
 Sj*ner*l ^wtgtl
sttffluleat for mil l*ups^ nav ag light©,  searchlights,
Miters far v titer s«sJr"f«ntt
system te te I ap^ra***, ali ss hsrsiasfte^ curtailed is
o-eiy 0f tbi if leal iutju
ID ^^"
aUMMNsurifct las te te  granted far stent £■£ tit
aoi ntiiahl- tya&J
■totoi mm  itoSfl^l ■* -
> I 9
pffce firet cleee toaaeafora will to** a Eltt >eat
writing Boo®, OfcMrvatlea XNa, library, Oaeklag Beam aai
feraadeh.iPOeptaia aad affleer* to to aamaaaatotto ia toaeee
mt Upper toak^vattjr offioara aad orea
aa indicated oa Blaaa*  •$ ' " ■ ■"' tlBto**H^~
/P   Xltetoa and Pantry to to arranged far convenient ear
▼lee to the Blaiag iiooa.    ftoae nr rang areata to to approved by
an Boat
i%7 to to arranged ia Baatea*.
Yeeael to to flnleked ia toat etyle eaitabla for toe
high eat tfi>* ^-otaMW ceaetlng veaael.
P    Ike veaael ia to be bailt generally ia accordance with
tbe fallowing plana, tolek aoeorcpeny this specific*).
flea of
kaa uf toat aad yroaaaad. aad Upper Baojca
flan of Mala took and  >rlop Stek*
P     9m above Plane aad tale    pociflcatlea are ta b*
etiaed ia duplicate by oanaw aad Baildera ae part of tbe
tract, aad ax* to to tb* contract Plana and Bpeeifieatieae.
P    Ito owera are to hare tbe right to order any raeeoa-
able alteration froa the Coatraat flea aad ox Speeifleatiene, aad
- 3 -
 Conditions & Guarantees Cont'd
the Builders shall carry  out  such alterations.    Ho  important
alterations  from Contract Plans and or Specifications to be made
unless written instructions have been received from Owners*     If
alterations effect cost,   deadweight,  stability,  speed or delivery
due allowances are to  be made,
<S>   Items mentioned twice over in this Specification are
only to be  supplied once*     If the Specification and the Owners1
Plans are found to be anywhere at variance,  the subject in question1
will be submitted for approval.     When there  is any choice left in
the  Specification relating to material,   pattern or manufacture,   it
is understood the   option rests entirely with the Owners.
The vessel is to be built to the requirements of the
highest class of the lfc*ti#fer Qm^ax^tton Registry under soecial
survey tc=cfefcss=SvS. on a mean draft approximately 16 feet, and
must comply with the Canadian and American laws for passenger
steaoiers. The requirements of the foregoing authorities are to
include any additional rules or circulars issued up to the date
of signing the contract.
Certificates of class,   tonnage,  freeboard,  boats,
passengers,  etc.  and test certificates in duplicate for all
anchors,  chain cables,  wire hawsers and small chains to be handed
to the   Owners on delivery of the vessel.     Compasses to be adjusted and certified as usual.    All survey fees and all royalties
and patent rights to be paid by the Builders.
To be  in accordance with ^r^.  retirements for the
vessel built to the class specified tinder special survey,  except
- 4 -
 Scantlings Contyd
when any of the  requirements of this Specification and Contract
Plans referred to are  in excess of these rules,   in which case
the requirements of the Specifications are  to be adhered to.
Builders to prepare plans  of lines and all structural
details,  which must be  submitted to .the-*rC#  and the Owner's
representative for their approval before proceeding with  the work,
and note all deek beams in the way of engine casing light wells
which can be continuous must  be so arranged.     Those  extending
through First Class Saloons to be cased intlo appltf
1TORKMAKSHIP        All the materials and workmanship used in tte   construction of the vessel to be  of the very  best of their respective kinds
and all steel to be  of Siemens Martins or other approved process,
tested as required by tb^-JfertJ. ai i il  Itei flu n ii HI f* 11 - In&p ee t o rs and to
have the makers1  name  clearly marked thereon.
Steel plates must in all cases be freed of black oxide
by weathering  or chipping.
All wood used in the  constructiofa of the vessel for
decks,   etc.  to be cut,   stacked and marked for  the vessel within
two months  of signing the contract.       ' #//*b*4
The Builders to furnish all material for the completion
of the vessel whether herein mentioned or not, with the exceptions
mentioned herein.
The  Owners will have power at any time to  select
materials and have tests made on the Builders1  premises, and any
materials that may be considered by the* not to comply with the
above terms will be  rejected,  even if found worked into the  ship.
The vessel is to be entirely finished and made ready
for sea at the cost  of the Builders to the entire  satisfaction
-  5 -
 *.mv n ^.^...mhii.
outfit Csat'
mars cr their representative in
>0,  wi foil j* it
;i ernes
All mvsble furiiltSre
date tha asttr***** to: all statsrssas.
r. sMcb *ill in-
■   U,t:i  l« -  v >-':'
wial rooaa, notable a
s&ts ia the
nsy, tebloa, cbaira an
d desks ia the
B ui-1?
in ell tho crew^*
^0f*stAt[*bUd^*n hr
V     jryj-f fry '     '   '       •
Builders sill htip ?xj ell jfraas a*r& £ cr sstteee)
sad sefe tertte* ftcpply end last*
CJStm CltSWS Sf(j$MV$m    /7
inrtai^the easpsajr's arrssgeaa
KS   7*11 $tt77 ~"^ «/&>/*/5\■
rtts, oilATeftev xfaAfthyts, at) C*fS?)7o7p$
j all teddtsg* asfsry, sryst
exy. cutlery, electro-plate, eertheawars, stewards' atsaslls
aasicsl instruments, becks, steadier?, charts, ctesasa»te
salable starss, sarpsatsrs1 >eets«*las« stores.
fh* Bttlld*re will ftsrnieh a set of llaea tat the
approve! of ike owner*;,  'mtore |r«IBfit.i with  Hia *or£ tad in-
aefar aa poe title the line a aaat -teao—aiat ion
indicated ea the yiana.
- t» -
 jP   Stability
When the ship is approaching completion at a time to
be mutually agreed upon the Builders are to incline her in the
presence and to the  satisfaction of the Owners.    From the data so
curves of stability drawn for the following conditions,  and any
other conditions which the Owners may require  to establish
satisfactory stability:
1      Vessel light with water  in boilers and condensers to
working level,  but with no fuel,  cargo,   stores or other
water  on board.
2.    Vessel as in  (1)  but with the addition of the double
bottoms full  of water.
g.    Vessel as in  (Ij with the addition  of the buskers being
full,  but with no cargo,  stores or  other water on board.
4. Vessel as in (1)  but loaded with cargo at 100 cubic feet
a ton,  bunkers full,  fresh and feed water tanks filled
and with  passengers,  erew,  baggage,  stores and provisions
on board,   or their equal.
5. Vessel as in  (4)  but with  all fuel,  fresh and feed water
provisions and stores consumed.
The  foregoing  information in detail to  be supplied
to the Owners when ship  LS tstea  over and curves of stability
to be prepared and supplied to  Owners.
h.  7&crO
The deadweight capacity  to be about 1800-leng tons
on a mean draft of 16 feet,  and load on trial to be  arranged
so that every space alioted for freight will be  utilized without   endangering  stability.
BOTE:     Trial draft will be  15'   0" mean,  at which  draft
She vessel must be designed with her centre of buoyancy
ao arranged that when the ship is light or loaded under ordinary
conditions with a homogenous cargo the vessel will not trim by
the head.  Io insure this before the lines of the vessel are
approved, calculations must be made showing the trim of the vessel
- 7 -
 ;   .
Trim Cont'd
in all working conditions.
The speed of the vessel at sea in ordinary weather
is to be a good If knots per hour and this speed must be maintained with all auxiliary machinery which will be   in use when
running &n ordinary service,  namely heating,  cooking,  electric
lighting, refrigerating machineiy,  pumps and ventilating
apparatus working at normal load.
.-   IfOTE:     This speed must be maintained for continuous
service afcaaaft, not merely for short coadting runs.
A series  of progressive trials to be made on the measured
mile at a mean draft  of approximately 15 feet to  determine the
power and revolutions at various  speeds.
The  ship to be put astern when running  full speed to
determine  her capability  of coming  to rest.     The efficiency of the
steering gear and rudder to  be tested by working from hard-a-port
to  hard-a-starboard when the vessel  is going ahead at full speed
as  in trial,  and astern as  in trial.
The vessel will also proceed on a long distance  trial
for at least €fcaSryhours through which trial the mean speed
shall be a good tS knots.     The  run  is to be made under conditions
which will avoid,  as far as possible,  all tidal  influences.     On
all trials the whole  of the auxiliary  machinery sill be  in use
as step running on  ordinary  service carrying  passengers and cargo,
namely  heating,   cooking,  electric lighting,   refrigerating
machinery,  pumps and ventilating apparatus to be working.    All
machinery must work cool and smooth without  the application of
water service to the  satisfaction of the  owners'representative.
Full details of the  trials to be   supplied to the
Owners.    Builders to  provide all expenses whatsoever in connection
with trials until the vessel is finally handed over to  the  Owners,
as agreed. m Q
Before the trials the vessel will be drydocked and
bottom  painted.    All expenses in connection with drydocking to
be  paid by the Builders.
Before  the trials the Builders are  to fill all bunkers
and also supply and put on board all  water,   stores,   feed water
and anjNwater ballast required.     Any further ~de**d*^ight for-trials
a&JAJ»~ suppled and put on beard bg~<$m&rB9 **fee^ill take over
any fuel,  stores,   ettf.   supplied by the Builders and regaining
after the  trials,  at a price to  be mutually agreed upon.
OTTIji   tip fael -ferHrtre filling bT tba b^^ere^way "be
tfa    FUEL,   CAxtGO and
The Builders will supoly plans  in various conditions,
showing  fuel,   passengers,  stores and water and cargo variously
distributed approximating a mean draft of -J66 feet.     The Builders
will further supply capacity plan   showing  the  cubic feet of space
for the various compart tasats*     These capacities to  be  measured
from the  underside of the  deck beam and to inside of sparring.
The   Owners1  re  reeentatives and  inspectors are  to have
full access to  all places when and where the work under this
Contract is being carried out.
The vessel  is to be  delivered as agreed after satisfactory  trials at the expense  of the Builders,  ready for service
at the time stipulated in the Contract,  subject  to the usual
strike clause under the  penalties named in the Contract.
to f ■«
asshinsr itlers as  Jen ere a*? direct, far   sm intti on sad
cleaning,  nai *fter*ards oss up and ask; ready fer ee*. all
ieffect £ Wis a#er*
Any defect  in hull through faulty u&teri&l  cr sertei&n-
skip dissevered elthln twelve asattts frea the date ef delivery.
fair sear end tear excepted, tc te aade ge£>d by ini at tte eaps&ss
ef the Builders.
Ccaditiona ta te fulfill ^d n# the BaUtera^^Mt forth
a Contract between the   *snars sad Bui Id ere which sill contain
claasss providing fcr penalties fcr late delivery, failure to
give specified speed reHSiremeats, etc. aad the usual ssadltisaa
cf iraumnee, pajrasr.t of prise by instalments,  etc*
a... x j   :i  .    >L     :>  . xa?  ia:
Ite BaHdera sill supply complete every tiling necessary
cr specific* ^ tbt {festers fcr the completion cf tke ship to
ssrvice.    day fittings necessary fcr ssttrsssse, settees, racks
la staterooms aast te ssp>llsd fcy builders,   |i ft the
Builders mast fit up ell receptacles far asvabl* fu liiture.
soaking atenslls. glasses, Miter bsttle£» etc*  th   ;ughout the
ship, se ttet the  Jmnwr* csa imtal all aevsble furniture ia
their respective places*    ?his i
other decorative astsrlals required by
 The Builders will allow the use of their cranes or other
appliances for hoisting any of the Owners' materials on board as
may be required*
The ship builders will instal all lights, fixed navigating lights and bells required^'by the Owners. They sill fit up all
offices, public rooms, standees, etc. as required by the Owners.
Builders will supply safe stowage for any valuables
the Owners may require to stow on  their premises during constructioi
The different woods used in different rooms must be to
the approval of the Owners and installed by the Builders to a
deBign approved by the Owners*
Builders are to supply Owners with the following i terns
for the vessel either before the completion of the Contract or as
soon after as possible*
Two sets of cloth tracings:
Midship Section
General Arrangement Plans (internal profile)
n        S      «  (rigging plant)
n        w      h  (decks)
Capacity Plan and Deadweight scale
Bunker capacity plan
Steam Frame, Rudder and Shaft Brackets
Shell expansion
Bilge and Ballast Piping
Ventilating and Heating Arrangements (decks and profile)
Steam Piping and Fire Extinguishing Plans (decks & profile)
Drainage and Discharge Plans w      *
Fresh and Salt water Piping "      "
Fuel Piping, Valves, Pumps, showing all deck plates for
sounding or filling purposes.
Electric Lighting, showing correct leads of wire, lamps, etc.
11  Belle and Telephones, showing correct leads of all wire
Refrigerating Installation.
Stability curves*
Displacement scale and trimming diagram, also plans showing
the effect of trimming of compartments and tanks full
or empty.
Plans of boat and life saving appliances, showing or indicating locations of any life-saving gear.
Six copies of the finished specifications, hull and
machinery separate.  One set of white linen photo prints of the
- 11 -
 Plans, notes,   etc.  Cont'd
following   >lans to be mounted and framed for Chart Hoc
Capacity Plan and Deadweight  Scale.
Bulkhead door plan and profile.
Bilge and Ballast Piping.
Docking Plan.
One  set of white linen photo prints of the following
Plans,   each to  be mounted and framed and installed as directed
by Superintendent Engineer:
Bilge and Ballast Piping
Steam Piping and Fire Extinguishing Pipes
Drainage and Discharge Piping
Fresh and  Salt  Water Piping
All necessary  drawing to  be   supplied during construction for Owners and their  representative's use and approval.
Builders will furnish owners with 1/4"  seale\model
t.\rn (he usual aUss hcai^oJl C^-e
mounted    m n  iiMfcinrwM'"  ■!■ '   ■i^nin'»'iftineuisrm,   such model to be
constructed as early as possibl
- 12 -
To be  in accordance with^St^©.  requirements,  and as
per Midship Section agreed upon and signed.     Where scantlings
are  specified greater than Registry requirements MSmuppppivedjjiiy
'WHtHSjjBK^^ the greater  to be adhered to,  and no
deduction elsewhere will be allowed for extra strength.     The
scantlings given are for ordinary mild steel.
Owners'  representative to   examine and approve all steel-
work plans before work thereon is commenced, and any steel work
plans  of any spaces requiring special consideration are to be
The keel to  be  of the flat plate type,< doubled as
agreed,  and keel plate to   be dished at ends,  and properly
scarphed into and secured to stem and  stern frame.
Bilge Zeels of the single  plate type of approved size
and length are to be fitted,  and special attention is to be given
to the lining of these keels,   so as to miniaize their resistance.
(P      STEM
The  stem to rake  forward as indicated on plans and to
be  of rolled steel of the dimensions approved,  scraped into a
bar at fore  foot,  this easting to be scarphed efficiently  into
keel plate.    A scarph is also to be  made above light water line
to  facilitate repairs in the case of damage,     ! tern to be  rounded
on the   fore  edge to below light water line.
- 13 -
 «      fiUJf TftlfHffff
Sb* etern freae aad radd*r toariag    may be of aaat
at eel,  eaitably de eigne a for the fors of tb* veeeol aad to a.
efficiently connected to the aball plat lag aad fia&iag.    gpeeial
attentlea mm% a* given to tte riveting of tha at era frerae.    fhe
eat a. of keel aft aay ta ef steal oeetlag.
fbe redder hearing ia ta Be protected agaiaat corrosion
by pieces of 1/4 ' steel pi at la*: riveted where foand poe» ioio,
therala. aaaored ty tap bolts.
detail plana   >f tte above ^entioaed easting, aad
arraBgeaaate pr >po*ed to a. eabaltted far approval to th    : am era*
-t.,1 /.'•'■
fP.  fita^ ^ "^
'I'AfWrtfi K> be ?'vfM 3S Ay»4 wheire UAu\ii-d e
Sadder to aa of tbe balaaeed type aa ladle*ted oa
plan*,  of large area,  nail eay te eoaatraeted »f *BPt eteel te
approval,    fbe etaek te be ef eteel.
JUUaetabla beariage aad gland j*r reader etoek to te
fitted oa iaalde ef veeeei.
,   Ut* eelgbt of tb* redder te te borne
■■■ hub IU . .itiai   ia t^mmmmmLfy tbe beeriaga to
be bashed with ganaetel.
th. design of tbe redder ta be cuoh that it *aa b*
raaeved eitb reeaonable facility.
Sle Oenere   ay re^aire the rodder to be wood ebeatbed,
firUebed eaeoth for proteetiaa to tbe rodder lteolf.
.tool oaat lags aaat be by aakara approved by tbe
Oaeere.    lbe raider tf^fMMm bare atop?flttea oa eaoh e ide
to the rang, to ^*AA either «ay.    If rudder la aet ebeatbed
it tmt*k be protected agaiaat oorroeloa by etee    shoe pieces
••eared by tap rlveta and alee by eteel platea eeeared by
mmin 1 etude.      udder a tec* to be proteeted froa tbe gelvanio
-   14  -
 Rudder Cont'd
Each  individual protection plate both of rudder and
stem frame to be ligibly typed with a distinctive number and
Builders to supply moulds to facilitate renewal in Dry Dock.
A plan of the whole arrangement showing area of rudder
and details of construction to be submitted to the &*&*&.  and
Owners for approval]pt^r<n<*/ puTrvy^ U/tf   . QV\
The vertical centre girder to be  of plates and angles
to The 4fe?*#e  requirements,   increased in depth,  forward and aft,
to suit the form  of the ship,  and also  in the  Engine Room if
necessary to suit Engineers^ requirements•
The centre plate is to be made a perfectly watertight
division for the whole length  of the double bottom,  except  in
the extreme forward and after ends, where the vessel narrows.
The centre plate is to be caulked throughout the watertight
To be  of scantlings and spaced as per signed Midship
Single frames of approved scantlings to be  fitted to
all watertight and  oiltight bulkheads and caulked heel and toe.
All frames to be tent and bevelled thoroughly fair,
and all concavity removed from bevelled flanges, and due care
is to bc exercised in removing all   jai  fifijpi   burr caused by
punching before any rivetting  is done.     Where  watertight flats
are fitted frames are to be cut and bracketted,  unless otherwise
arranged with the Owners.
- 15 -
 Beaton6/e A&   ' -6'i built  oa tho eelialer *yat« a, aad te extend
froa fore peak bulkbead to after pan* balkhead, ar aa near thee.
ae pot tibia, and to be raieed ia height at fore aad after eada aad
la 3agir a ee any be aeeeaaaiy.
to be divided longitudinally aad traaav*re»ly ae eay
be repaired, end treneveree watertight teak divitioae are to be
arranged ons frase apace froa balkhead* *b*r*ver repaired, ae
that j oandln.  and air pipea eaa be let ap tba vertical at iff wo*
in- aide at tbe bulkhead*.    Saaksto be eaaatraeted with flo
tee oa every fraae, lightened with aaaaole* and fitted
between eeetre glrdere plate eat ssargia plete.^"^ 7ar/14^A
fS 6& coniffucka to Tax ' v scanfffvfS, e-offeXxw*. *lf f£. 7/
Pxaaaa aad revori e fwat.e te ba fitted uTBag i oa
end aider boiler bearer a.    Loagltadlnaie are te be fitted ae
repaired by  Use Claeoific* tism Bee let,/, aad special at m
aaet be given to tha l >ngltudiaele ia big tee floe*, Beth ae to
ee&etllsga, number aid th*? length they ar* to be carried for*
eat aft.    Ia any aaa* extra ion itodinal*   ia tbe degiae aeea
etreagthenlng parp.eeo ant not teaaiaate at a balkhead bet
aaat extend et leaat three freae apaeee beyond balkhead, being
tapered off ia the aaual eeaaar.
Beak top plating to be extra thiak la Bag tee Roea aad
Boiler Boea aa ap ireved,
leav, lag to be fitted ander all hatehee ia cargo
hold*.    Kaaael** to ba eat through tan. top plating atari r«~
>d end fitted with deora of approved t>pe.    tflan ef ell aea»
bolee ta 1m aabsitted for approval both la holds-mmm-
boiler apaeee.
■- lightening hole, ia the floor a aaat be
srly trliaraeflf  £s> -7x.-    •■ - ■
elle to be fltt»d at after eada of aaehiaeiy epaaee aad hoi da,
aad e*n0Mg» Boi oea ahem d**lr*d.    fh. well* to be ballt
- 16 -
 into  the  double bottom and must extend longitudinally  over
two frame spaces*     Tank top/in way of wells to have surface
strainer fitted.
Drainage holes through floor and intercostal
girders in way   of continuous angles to be of ample  size and
rectangular shape,  and all * -oua&iftg—pipes must Wve-preteuct
plates beddsJUia eement*    Drainage frea~ ship^s side in cargo
holds In )S  provided fer as required fcy -Owners.
Gozmi&gB to be arranged on tank top  in way  of and
parallel to  oil fuel bunkers to prevent any leakage of oil from
spreading  over tan^c top.       :?VW4^ \o \>& t4\A\ke<h.
Double bottom tanks throughout to be a particularly
good job,  and to be made perfectly watertight by caulking  aietal
to  metal* tg$fc use  of flannel  or felt for making watertight jobs
must only be adopted where  it  insures better work and then only
by  special arrangesent.
Double bottom tanks to be tested with water pressure
to the height of the sppa^-Aeek, and the pressure  on the tanks
to be maintained for four hours.
Watertight bulkheads to be of steel,   in number,
position and height as shown  on Contract plans and to the
Registration and Owners'  requirements.
io       A
Scantlings of watertight bulkheads, a*& deek and
double bottom angles,   size and  spaciu{   *f   stiffeners,   ell  to   be
to Lloyd's requirements.
All watertight bulkheads to be made thoroughly tight
without the use  of putty,  cement or canvas stopping,  and to be
caulked throughout and tested With hose.^
Web Brames to be fitted as required by £*=_0. and
apeoial attention given to the oil fuel tanks.
- 17 .
 x  i 7
£^ Mui fcsstsa IsaJM  m task siis sf
I rs
girder)! wmk a re&lU*
fuel  eUU
^d^-'-te-^a^a-'-^^S*    In
tsa^s will be esasttmsts* for
I i esatilattai  tlses saS ssaafe
ferdsat will bu
tsaka sal Nfsaiti i
j be constructed aft of the after  A a ;n  with   "Ax  | SMMHHQj   SSS*4-
ia§ pipes, asiiaelss,  etc*   fitted*
fitted ap
divided i
;&Ae.  all th'
Ifl      *h.; aetfCre
«**       ^kuisirmii1^ immm —re
s^rtee valve,  so th? ■aswrgeii|ral^ san be
b wUi be
• - ..ire tc
fIttea at
/7sfi*ec rf?AxfK7W& sfetes M t>e,
A faotr fa
A fa
A A 'y ^^
Icni& or/ 9fate
 fa^i the v^^4rei3dg^gga^*     If coal be use4-HdbsRa4irti
c ov er c an_jtflux* tauv ufl tc  flli &&-■ two aaeatye-eeapaartaui-
witfajsal i on^thftaj' WThiyiaced and the   cl or in
the -co ;e tween  c   .        > >ened,  tb 1  can be
discharged In Ihe  tween decks and used to  fill all her
bunifiers*     The  four f >ot  m   ^r:ht j^lttcm of
*;Llx *i»*\ TOT WWII   iiiijp 1 on trar
oial attention must be given to  the  auction t*ifes
Loubl© botto and bilges,  whi^L be required
to   pass through deep thvvartsjrtapwpjft
In oiltlght  t\bes^ extending fro q forward
3ilt ad  to  after  oi
7e4y& 7067
the tiTifcfgj     ?*Sfj
to oo  \&-.&*#»■ lemg>h>
the  rtboi
C/// / ■ -.7 s r §
bulkhead must  be fitted
s to   iass through
will wmsfcsg
the \iill iHiaiNuni      8pecia 1
wn-fr^jil^hT covers must be fit ed it the ^nds of these tubes,
but these covers sill be connected with a Witable jointing,
btuds and nuts,   eo  that   fchsy can   be re :OVedt  and  each
these vvill be fitted si jved
tuffing box and gland,   eo  that  should  oil enter  the  tubes
the hold and .ahold would still be   protected.
oil tanks are  tested the  covers,   if fitted,   mjast be'\remtved
from tubes  i er»
tightness.     //
\oan be  examined for
will also   be  contracted the full length
iSP,   ono   Bet   on   Iro    ;ort   tide,   AnA  one   self
ide  of the Boilers. -all  be  situated
,8 and #88 and will  be divided into  two   u ^
t. :entsf sith all aecessary  filling,   mounding,  vast!latins
suction  pipes,   nanhjles and ladders  \ c to   othc
These tunics will be fitted for  coal,  as   indicated on plans
 I  oil 2saks ar-.. milt sat tested in
ulth olltight ileislsaa as here la sef ere stated, SatJSMfc
\A\ nip <     n-^
IMtiQPMt ms required.
<*eeery v is. scan* **»
aisles sai lailars to hi fitted
the varices scapertreats, and all details of tte   work aast
bo carried out with gr^at cere,   especially ss to the sloes fit
of plates end angles metal to ast&l,  without aay  r&& lesd paint
cr any other asterlai  ia ints, aed thoroughly sound rivet-
Sag aad perfect olltight work it  to be ensured.
Aa< s of the arranges- all piping, ast&luilas,
ul srrsage&ents s I  fUel taa^s are tz bs
fitted 1 provsl of the Osmrs. before proceeding with
is sorka ;,-     , 7hz Mf
p>   t i * » s y,
Basas to  be of camber te meet 2ta-*C*  requirement, amd
as indieats■  oa signed Midship rest lea.       troa< bee aa to bs
carried through £agia& Hsea **nd Seller Bess* as end where dlmeted.    Plate kaeee sft.ll bs used generally, bs* la sea *s,
umM   ■sUNai sai i :i...    Mm,    .-*r ,. .._-:•
say be ^abetltttta4LJi£L &£B#eetti^-%asaa^2^H^*sae.    3ffca
*bol- arrangement of the bssas sad t as ea the
various decks asst bs s od before  belag   pr  needed si
Osaber of bsaaS on us dscks sill be a«rfsi*tt»e?  Jfee*
*e K
- 20 -
 Beams Cont'd
f JiATx in---the J?ublie—Roomsfa&u^&iKi^wik&ifo Za
and fore ,woJi j^ to be apfo^vedr%y
jBeCtKS   h  k>t  OV? tYATf   /W
V      fa*j*Af   1x77 '*&S 7'/SAW**   Ta/:
A ryrrp) ScCoTtAf 7r*>r}S€
All the decks, with   the  exception of the deck over
the  houses on the Boat Deek,  to   be  fitted with  stringer plates
of scantling and width required by
panting  stringers and breast hooks to be fitted at
endr a^id fbtw^M,  all stringers to have  double  nhssk angles
fitted for a distance  of 30 feet abaft of the  stem.    All stringers
must be  let  in between frames and riveted to  outside plating.
Should it be necessary to  reduce the width   jf stringers  in Engine
and Boile    Rooms to  suit machinery,  these must be  compensated for
to  the  satisfaction of the Classification Society  and  the Owners,
vhere  watertight  flats are  fitted frames have  to be cut and
bracketted, and stringer angle bar to be continuous,  unless  otherwise arranged with Owners.    All stringers  that pass through  watertight bulkheads are  to be made watertight with forged shoes.
MOTE:     On the Boat Deck the deek in the way  of boats
will be plated throughout.     The  deck under the rails indicated
will be  fitted to  an angle bar riveted to the  stringers.     Where
there ar - n: boats the  regulatioh  stringer plate will be acceptable,
Jf     DECKS
The Orlop  Deck to   be  steel  throughout,     Ths^sf^er
pprtle^:jaheaarHMi plan to  be fitted ae a iwite^i-g4*t-^at.
The Main Deck to  be  steel throughout,  and must be
plated flush with butt  straps in cargo spaces. .
The Upper Deck will be  steel throughout.     ThoJ^gaer
ade4>eck to be-atesltbreugbeut,
-  21 -
 fibs jfcnrt *iea^. 'te bevs* regal?- ct rigger «*le%ee-
in  th** st. a her i abaft* re ilgasstlnid.     Decks
in ^say ox £ml tan fcf caulked oiltl^ht.     Ifeeke in
sey  ef all lavatories, bath reeas, eater closets to be of
eteel, arid wherever aitsated to be caulked sad s*de  perfectly
' 'J/C i
m&h as in
rules aad C
Llass aad in
*eiel cxt )Vided where nssessary,
us say  of wiiichse, capstan,  w
ifs,  and uu&t in all cases
*ers* req ui rev. oats.
ire e capesii id is laid ca steel decks
, retaining clipr i p&tteen, closely
-.-hod,  are  to Is steel  deck aast be cc
She portion ef tbe vessel eft off
bulkhead and eede watertight flat sill be utilised ae
taanel. end fitted ap sith storerooms for Ike Engineers as
d ireeted. &\*t> ^/rl^ey^^°°^ °^a°^m&>V.
yhe pi* of tb i tiaasl will extend the full
I width  ef the   taanel. and will be covered with checkered plating,  the stererseas being  built thereon.     Brackets
stow the spare al.aft to  ba fittad above tl s la
n   hs
such a posi
s7 <rs> z/xryA
-   £2 -
To be constructed on tank top  in accordance with
Engineers1  plans,  to the approval of the Owners*     The boilers
to  be carried in strong cradles efficiently connected to tank
top and chocked fore and aft*     Boilers must be a very   safe
height clear of the tank top.     If watertube boilers are
great  care must  be taken with this portion  of the work*
All necessary  seats for Main Engines, Auxiliary
Machinery,  also  girders for lifting machinery  to  be  fitted in
Engine and Boiler Rooms as and where  directed and to  the
Engineers requirements.
To be   independent tan^s,   fitted in  the way  of the
fidley on top of  houses  on Boat  Deck,  which will be  specially
strengthened to receive them.     These tanks will be  about 3££2r
in.dia.   by 10*0" long,   but  may   be varied in siae to suit final
location as per Owners1   requirements,    -veferenee  to these tanks
will be fas>und further  on  in the specif icat ion. 5^ r*J
To be constructed of  steel and situated aft  of the
fore peak bulkhead,   to be well stiffened and to  have the
centre fore and aft division of  steel, with foot holes for
access and escape from locksrs*     Chain locker to be caulked
i&W Watertight.
Ends  of   rain cables to be  secured by approved hook
to  strong clench,  brought  up from ship's framing  or  otherwise
as may   be approved,   and locker to be  of sufficient capacity  to
store  cables 4 ft,   clear of beams.    Access to chain locker to
be   obtained  by  means  of  scuttles.
Chain pipes are t o be   of 3/8"  steel  plate secured to
decks  in an approved manner,  and to be  of larger diameter at
the bottom than at the top,  having a very  strong steel  casting/
- 22 -
%&r Cont'd
flanged for bolting   to deck,  and   x 7    etttUt rsaaii IH j  of
Lias, f dec lion.
prevent nf»ie& whil** at sea.
Chain be arranged to drain into a taell
sell, a* r;nacted t i  the paaplag system. -
Shell plating   to  be of seen
req aired by  £b# j»yo* mm as Mt signed kldehip ,  except
t  on the  t bow one strajui is to be extra thick
for §0 feet at aater line.
Elates to be la as long lengths as possible
their various loeatisaa*     Ia toe say   of the passenger nangssy
and care rs forward aad aft on Ms la desk, compensation must
bs arranged for, and the construction    f the eoapeasation ^ast
hm ©ufcmitt approval*    Om eeadltloa imperative la con
nection with these dooray eageefaeily lha pHBaBpwi iasgnajF
, is that every available  inch of bt of clear opening
aaat b* arrange 1 for  IsTtiil 1 aMh class id
^mmtle■dtA!>itp\tdl with fill*
Shell p 1 be bossed la we, .ler &haft
flate liners to be ■ *ey I watertight
aad oil fuel bulkheads betffeea eatslds strakeft of shell plat lag
and ths ftmaee.    Oar tit in plates la say ef opes re be ex
tended ft* above deek to fern washboard a* d cur tela plates mast
be of aapla depth eomp&tlable for strength.
All shell   'letlaf   to  b#  riveted at
and  overlaps as  re; by ftHLJUC and nil rivet kslsS to
be aade fair aad counter arc to ensare mt!: : rive
Shall  platlnf sot to be joggled.
Shell Plating Cont'd
All fore and aft landings to be   planed and time in
line,  and plate ends to be planed and those which are strapped
made a close and tight fit before caulking*
Corners of lap butts to be rounded and all plating to
be accurately punched, no severe drifting being allowed* Plate
landings must be laid off on stern frame before it is bored and
holes so  spaced that none will come  on the joints of the plating.
Each  strake must be so ca ulka il ■ s' S a  afford a fair
bed for  the landing coming  on it, special care  being  taken  to   ■
get this a perfect  fit,  as also  the  edge to edge adjustment.
Ends of  plates on stern  frame must not  extend further abaft the
aftermost row of rivets than the  diameter of  the countersink,
so as to ensure a rigid caulking edge.
Chafing strips are  to  be  fitted as approved under
landings in way  of anchors,   these strips to be  riveted on after
the   seam and butt caulking  is finished in way   of them.
^hell plating  in way  of  propeller to  have steel plates
fitted where required  non nil bnafftiJH      i   arrai.
and Builders.    Holes for drain plugs 1 1/4"  in dia.   to be made
in each compartment of double bottom and peaks,  and a small
doubling  plate to be riveted to  shell for  this purpose.     Basil
doubling   plate  is also  to  be riveted to shell   plating  in way   of
each sounding pipe to  double  bottom and  fuel tan.cs.
All viork to be  done  under the  inspection of Tha~B.
Surveyors and to the entire  satisfaction  of the   Owners1  representatives.
Pillaring  in holds tween decks and public rooms
requiring pillaring mus£ be  on tho widely  spaced principle,
arranged to suit Thu ftfC*  requirement and subaitted to the
Owners for approval before v<ork  is proceeded with.     Suitable
fore and aft girders to be fitted under the beams  in way of
-  25 m
 Millars Cont'd
ttUASfl under capstans,  cabl^ holders, a inches,
dec i    uehinery, etc.  te be sell arranged and extra pillars
fitted where req id red*
She pillar ln: ad Sm >oa'sra8t  be
Am speeial sttaattas i as psrdeetiy spaced as
possible and asi
hftA&gmAg& earg hsML to
ffcsa ladders, as required.
Haas shea in*■   arraqgeasat aad esaa&llsg ef pillars
and glrdsrs to be submitted to ffea-a*v. aad Osaera for
> octal spacing la tseea decks to be arranged
ia order to allow roua for aaaeesverlng aotor cars.
Jfee side vessel
be very of? %*-.,
mi tied and approved bgr flsadssfirS aad   )wnore*
An ex east I o fittoa at aster lias.
Peaks to  bs  I sat ad to gb» JU€.  require a arts*
Besses ts be stesl
attached to stool c xuaiag, p nt dapU ^ok
as* built *u>d stiffened especially oa for*
sard end.     Iha batts of the dec blag to ba finished flush
with battetrfc iveted sit* essatersaak head rivets finished
Share aseesaary aagles, i
aelally  in the my of watery   ,     casting aad rigs exposed
tx   SUl
 Deck Houses Cont'd
All openings for doors and windows are to be well
coapensated for and all corners to be rounded where possible*
All houses to be close riveted and special care taken to keep
plate edges fair,  all to be well caulked and made perfectly
All constructional plans of the steel work of deck
houses must be submitted for Owners'  approval.
The following casings are  to be  of steel:
Trunk to Chain Locker
All trunked hatches
The  entire casings on the various dfSkS  in the way  of the
Engine hatch rtd7he>
Funnel,  boiler  hatch,  lavatories,  baths,   water closets,A*Mgfa-hw<
1 eft*
Bath and toilet arrangements in the special rooms.
Bulkheads on Main Deck forward and aft of galley and pantry,
also Bulkheads in the way of sanitary arrangements and lamproom
forward on Main Deck, also Mail Room and Express Room.
In fact the whole of the forward arrangement on the Main Deck
to be steel easing suitably framed. 'vf?7
In addition to the above, the bulkheads both forward
d aft at the main entrance on the Upper Deck, the bulkheads on
both sides of the thwartship passages on Promenade Deck (See page
comprising the after bulkhead of Observation Room and the
partial bulkheads forming the passage from the outride to the
Observation Room.  Also the partial bulkheads of the thwart-
ship passages aft on the Promenade Deck to be of steel.
Ail these casings, divisional bulkheads in casings and
divisional bulkheads otherwise mentioned to be of steel plates
of approved thickness, suitably framed and stiffened and attached
where necessary to steel coaming plating of sufficient depth and
thicioaess.  Openings for doors, etc. to be cut in casings where
required and stiffened with suitable framing.
- 2? -
 6aalapa Cont'd •
Corners of all casings shore required to be reaaded,
sei all steel work to be well riveted,  Special care betas
talesa to kssp the plats edges
unked hatches
ags la say of
dsc& angle Sa4 m wel
at  i.just  1 ft* above dseJ
utifffaed hy cope iron** on
iry aooi—illation to have dee
id aad caulked for a height of
steel wors in say of refrigerat
ing fasaa to be eealkad aad aada watertight.
n deck,  e
Ais^'' ■*-
tha forward hatch will be
trU;i£ id.
She arrsagsaei eeaalaga aad hatches in the
ht elevator to be >u*?hly aude I  and
sf proved befo m with the work.     In any ease batch
las —sign haiish illl-ti iffiimhii iliaanflhieti fiaisiid sith
All deck hatch eeaalaga'to have 3|ysask's
section iron sa tap, sad the laser edge ef hatch oesalags to he
fitted sith eope iron to  |CW Uaflag as hereinbefore    en-
*a*d.    All faateheays to be fitted sith a thwarts hip betas end
webs, aad all scaatllags of hatch eaaatags aad ei&ee and spacing
athwartship beaas aad webs eta*  to be to StaNfc* - s.
Sockets for athwartship bea^s go be constructed of east steel
aad te ha ef the flat type eo as to aaase aa little e'sstru-
m as pe* ts be fitted Into cast steel slides,
riveted te hatch ceaalags,  bsttea iipa at beaa sec^ot* being
aade I ily st
• 88 •
 Hatcu Coax&Ings^Qont jL
The arrangement of compensation in the way of the
flush hatches to be submitted for approval. Corners of all
hatches to be slightly rounded, also the bottom edge of coamings to be fitted with half round bars all to avoid chafing
with wires. The flush hatches to be fitted with angle iron
to take the covers and to have sloped teak margin planks
all round* Solid fir covers 3" thick fitted ae hereiaaftor
meatieaad. f^ U"*      «te
Angle iron coaming to be fitted on steel decks round
all ladder openings and scuttles as required*
Gangway doors to be in siae a&d amuser indicated on
contract plans.  Special care must be given to these gangway
doors, and in every case must be made watertight with spigot
frame and ruboer on doors sith strong steel angle frames rounded at corners to say 3" i*adius and to be secured by strong backs
eyebolts and butterfly nuts for setting up tight.  The forward
doors on the Main Deck will be in four sections, the two top
sections being of less height than the two bottom sections.
These doors must be sufficiently strong tc withstand constant
daily usage.  Special attention must be given to tho hinges,
both as to their strength and position.  They must bo bo placed
on the ship's side that each half door when opened will lie
snugly to the sheer of the ship.  The after section hinging
aft and outwards, the forward sootion hinging forward and
outwards.  The hinges must be specially strong and the pins in
these hinges must be no less than 1 1/4" dia. and of brass with
a round head, a hole to be bored in the head of each pin directly
in line with the body of the pin, and a Basil groove cut almost
the full length of the body.
- 29 -
 Gangway Doors Cont'd
ffOTE:     The groove must not  be cut the full length  of
the pin, but must be stopped before the pin passes clear through
the hinge.     This hole and groove are for oiling purposes.     The
clear  opening in these cargo doors must be made as much as
possible  in order to allow any motor car  to pass through  safely
with reasonable change of tide.
HQTE:  Compensation for this opening must be carefully gone into  and submitted for approval before  proceeding
with  the work.
, Gangway doors shown on plans aft on Main Deck fer
/A 7e zx snizfx- mtSsKSSMAgMmt^^^M:
steward's storceyjgaglne stores,  etc*   to be in two  sections
hinged to open forward.     The top seat ion to be of less height
than the bottom sect ion,   similar to  the cargo doors.     The
method of hinging to  correspond with   that described for  the
cargo doors*
Passenger Gangway on Upper Deck* Doors in this gangway to be constructed in a similar manner to the cargo doors on
the Main Deck*  The amount of clear height of opening must be
as great as possible, in other words compensation must be
arranged so that the top of opening will be as close to the deck
beams as possible, even if compensation has to be worked into
the rail above.  T&e height of these doors is veiy^ essential
so that passengers boarding the ship in tidal waters will have
ample head room.
iJugki:  The distance of 21'6" marked on the drawing
indicating the distance from the centre of the cargo doors on
the Main Deck to the centre of the passengers■ gangway door
on the Upper Deck mufct be adhered to*
In addition to the passenger gangwey doors on the
Upper Deck, protection doors will be fitted inside these, the
upper portion to be of glass, so that in fine weather the
passenger gangway doors can be opened for observation purposes.
- 30 -
 All the above steal doors referred to aast be
strongly framed with  weldsa angles, all aesessar^  ->»g"r
strait*back- securing vhe»e doors to be
sap >iiod, as well aa obalae,   m***  for convenience in handling.
Si table arranges it a to be oade at gangway doors
fo Isass gaagway a.
lagla< aad Seller <*aeing& to be arraagsd to salt
Engineers, and to he carried a reasonable height above houses
Jo la* ail i air casings  in connection
there sith as arranged,    fo be  strongly construe ted of steel
ates ceaassted te deek plating or strin ,*s by angle
bars.    Plating to be stiffeaed by steel angles 0t flanges as
required by    Mwrjtev., aat all necessary stiffening for  travellers over the aashlnery iged.
All these easlags to hs attached to steel coaalng
platea ef sufficient depth and thickaeee, special cars being
tak*?r eep the sdges fair.
All espesed portions of the easlags to he seearaly
voted aad caulked setertighi.     BasJagS to be battened aad
insulated share aeeeasary alth aagassla blocks aad all easlags
ia way of oesseager aeasanedat lea shore req aim is Insulated
to approval,     fop of boiler casing te be covered with eheeksred
platiag aad grating as required.
vliil stiff suing will req I > be arranged i
in the say of any sslghts, sach as fresh eater aad salt water
tsa&s,  etc. xight to be arranged ever Sag las Keoa as re
tired,    all rings aessssary for ventilators to be properly
fitted aad aade eater tig
- SI -
Steel Bulwarks to be constructed ^rom stem aft
li t%%  indicated on plans. Mooring pipes
to be fitted where necessary, baiaa11 plating being doubled
in way thereof. Bulwarks to have angle steel bar on top and
teak rail, and to be stiffened by angle bar stanchions in the
usual manner*
The  after  end  of the   Upper  Desk v<n& that j±
Q y*    tho uads  £ to be fitted with
open rails ana stanchions as indicated on  plans.     Stanchions
east be   of sufficient size and thicxcnesb to confor...i to   The B.C.
and  Owners1   requirements.
navigation Bridge to  be arranged on top  of Officers1
houses on forward end of Boat Deck,  as arranged in supplementary
sketch.     This Bridge to  be supported on heavy  stanchions at
fthlp's side and well braced.     Special care must be  taken to
have this structure as rigid as possible.
Gutter ways to be arranged on  tho various decks
ere  necessary and as directed,   such as on the after end of
Upper Deck,   thu  entire Promenade Deck and  on the Boat Deck
where  clear of boats,   the  construction in tho   way  of boats has
already been noted.     Inner flange  of channel  or angle  to be
©bout 1/2" lesfc  in depth than deck plank and waterway to be
made watertight.
viteel skylights to be provided in the way  of the
Engine and Boiler casings where  skylights are  required.     These
-  22  -
skylights aaat be watertight aad arranged to give
aaalaaa light compatible with straagth and aaet he fitted
with eyebelts, stc., to that they saa hs readily removed
share required.
the varies* skylights ladlcatsd oa ths
drawings isay be of steel or toaksoid aa agree, by  ihs   ma era«
Tbe skfllgM tnt0r ths Sacking Ream sill he fur nit hod with
saltahle veatllators.
Service Senks for sold salt and fresh satsr sill be
supplied and fitted ea top of the JEagias aad Boiler casing,
as aad where directed.    Hot fresh water i mi  hahm ail I an In-
teaks sill alao he supplied, their location te be 4 eternised
l« 'if*
All these taaka ts hs circular la for**, eoastraeted
of stsel plates of suitable thieknees, thoroughly stayed aad
stiffened by bracket plates and angles ef saltahle scantling •
rants to hs fitted la steel ssats sa top ef casings er as otherwise arranged* All service ta* .a to he tested to^Z$"lbs* psr
sqaare inch*
Ihs aaafeolee, drains, overflow, filling aad ventilation
a act all be arranged far aad ecapeasatsd for la the usual aaaaer
oa each one of tha tasks as dlrested*
She capacities of th iss varleas taaks, as far aa
feasible, will be the aaae, although ;he location aay aeeee itate
variation la construei
.. ...; -
Engineers'   Gtore and Workshop to be arranged as
agreed.    Boundary bulkheads to be  of steel and to be sparred in
upper  half if required.     Steel door in halves to be fitted.  All
bulkheads to be  of approved thickness,   suitably built and stiffened and attached where necessary  to coaming plates of sufficient
depth and thickness,
The lockers indicated abaft Engine Room on the Main
Deck may be partly utilized as a bunker for use of kitchen
and if so will require to be suitably constructed.
idteel companionways to be fitted forward on the
Promenade Deck.
Scuttle to  steering gear to  be provided aft as indicated on the  drawings,  and to  be constructed watertight with
a high steel  coaming and watertight hinged cover.     Suitable
ladder to be   provided from steering gear scuttle to Main Deck.
Vessel to have two steel pole masts anises otherwise
0 0     /P*
UOTE:  Thess masts may be used as ventilators.
Each mast to be built in two strakes with lap seams
and strapped butts with suitable stiffening, all to be caulked
and made thoroughly watertight. Poremast
- 34 -
 Ilaiiw    si if aai Kaia seat to he stepped oa the sak« both
have mvUL table stiff en lag arranged. lr> p<
Mast>y mill m fitted aa ind!eet#d~$n *lar?s-
heap* an ■ gnli  *mut** saps bin af haadllnf five was single lift
aa any otmhsiia*
All iroa eork
*ut*xa te thi;
Bsds for the Sladlaas nn fcab i    inches to he bounded
by welded eteel angle riveted te the dec.*, where no wood dee*
laid,    there sod dec^ la laid channel says mm■ t he arranged
for of watertight constructioa eMHHSBPthi varioae bedplates
or by satertUt,t nnnataaction approved by th* Baaaia*
to be fit I all beds.
the riveting throughout  lb? chip to be te
requirements aad te he carefully executed, aad la as oases are
rivets to he pat late unfair holes*    shar* her lag or rsaalag
is necessary ears to be taken that all borings, etc. are elsaaed
froa between the i arfaaee before riveting.    All rivets to fill
tho holes, and no countertun c rivets to be used in any  part of
the veesel unless ths boles have been counteraunk te receive
tho heads.
Steel rlvete te he used for el saala structure;
>a rivets aay he aasd for deckhouses, ca&iaga andoth >r
- Sb -
 Riveting Cont'd* .    —^
Shell riveting to be flush throughout stwft in nj   oases
are the >oinls when riveted up to be under the surface of the plating.
Before riveting anj part a sufficient number of service
bolts are to be u&ed to bring the surfaces perfectly close together
and under no circumstances are slack rivets to be tightener up cold
but are to be bored out and renewed.
Shell plating to be riveted to 1\\m  ftp"IK requirements as
to the number of rows and size of rivets. All rivet h^les to be carefully and accurately    bed*  So severe drifting will be allowed.
Watertight bulkheads to -be* double riveted to side frames. All the
butts of shell plating which are strapped are to be tack riveted
with half the total number of rivets as soon as butts.; are formed and
as the plat.    roceeds. Any butt not absolutely tight to be tested
before aulking sy&i i£ to be taken down and made good at the will of
the Owners' Inspector and at Builders' expense.
■ oeial oare to be riveting in the way
of oil fuel tanks, which Is to be up to TtaaMKag?* requirements for
this work to ensure a perfectly oiltight job. All watertight and
oiltight work to be uade thoroughly tight without the use of putty,
ont or canvas stopping,    all butts and landings in the vessel
to be a good steel to stsel job.
vets in ste     stern frame to b     did steel and
left about 1/8" on the head above surface of    >lating, all neatly
rounded over*
iveting of stern frame to be carefully executed and
machine riveting where possible.
Ho tap rivets are to be used in connection with the
stern frame and ste,     ting.
\                ■■ *
leas i
..eter t
-*• A *•
r    •
■■    -I
re re*
Is^ssap^s i
•v   •• l-'i:- lr; ::
Lag de
bs cut In the various
uiual rail irons of
**• .saksood rails  to be fitted sit
ceist hiaea,  te be hinged In the say of ^ataeager gangways a       to
he ae pax-ate fro. the able «.-ta.,chloas and er neat ;.       e ovable
ataachloas andsrns* bs fitted in ith the asual mjfmm
aad b   it* ia ths rote aisace ef r#adily re ovlng the  .
LI teakwood rai be fi  ted wi Ji £llp bolts f r securing  tt
■ Aanar alts the sta^K»hieaa fitted in subsets
secured alhfc- %^e humI #ytrer* b^«f •
• sell braced bets*
staashloas ss he ein before referred  fee.
71 da i
art If  />*
. AT// To *
j 6£ fasi#& lrf\
PA f   ABD CREWS'   LAP,!)
All exposed ladders to have double  handrails
of galvanized iron,   covered as required,   and all  other
ladders  both for   passengers and crew,   except where  other-
wi.- oified,   to  have  handrails and stanchions where
aaceaaary alao  in galvanized ironf   covered aa  required.
Ladder to be fitted on forward side  of funnel,
J j a: as.. JiiYS.
Jackstays to be fitted on skylights for
lashing covers. All jaokstays a     kets f
to be of galvanised iron.
rails %0 be fitted around Smoking
I aad     -vation Room.  These rails to have brass
I rail to be of 2" brass tubinge  Brackets
to be be beddeI on rubber.
Ssakaoed rails similat to those on "Princess charlotte"
arts/ Z*?
will be nsetfpted. Tsmoo ■Atfjena*?
n; 1   1.      '     xa? "x  . fl' Arezvfa/iA AZsxA 7A'*77s   #7   tfftAi
Iff LO
hackles  for   securing  ends  of  chain cables
to  be   provided and to be well  connected at bottom of
in locker   or otherwise oy  be decided*
IS of gangway doors in ride to
be  of ftteel with feal   oins,   having  lub   lestlag
ar Lready inferred to.       trong backs of
approved design for holding  doors closed,  and  suitable  raeka for  stowing  Btrong-backs when  doors are
mn.     All  screw  bolts,   nuts,   Slip  bits,   ring
bolts,  etc.  nsosssary aroaad gangway doors
; plied to   Owners1   requirements.
 I   • -:.. .    :.   \
riveted tI
■* f|fc*Hi te elites tuti srniiir
"" iiry-,  ——^--————ji"
ttfr-ull smugm liua ulsahs—
u*kmm*    VAm   -it*   t or ¥e
vr j £   m   p|  SMV   I
. .. m.t    m      ..    i    n   « j j ....
,   tin,   w bs 111 m TUT,  T i f Ti tain t mt  >tlijiHl i i  tor s,
rails, s
sts, eye-holts,
be   fttte4  SI   I ai   .-. ■ ■:  e      jv.. . rsd.
to N ii
>HQP &
£D Ci
WbM-^71* icB, ro<i* » round bars, etc. all of
galvanized iron to be supplied and fitted where
hop,   mefrigerated    .tore
ut  deer  to od wit 4"  kiln
dried adg ined fir,   full iize after dressing,   erefoogt
^;o..f;tho   Dj£its  as  here:
in   the W'fty   of   the jangina "anCSoil
t^nknoaMf   M*)V   I UJI
lumber b£ be thoroughly   i its of the  planking*"
Ol the  u. fit  close I I  be V   jointed,   plank a
to be  bevelled for c All  decic   blanks  to  be   perfectly
free  froa sap, nks throughout
the  ship to have | hift  of butts. butts to be  on
thc bean unless  there   be four strakes   af planking
between  the   .       !   •    77771 fcS in way   of  any rounded
corners  of hatchways,   deckhouses,   etc.   are to  be  carried
Trx /be of^TeaiTiA.
well round iriUh  battiB  fr<s» se^nmi to
(xAc/o? 7 7#ss7>
be white leaded li ssy  of  b and to be  secured
with galvanized screw  bolts and nuts  in every  case
ha\ bolt  in each t  butts.     All  deck
fastening!  t    oszai  fairly  la the  centre  of  the   plenka.
Gr; to  be fitted to all  deck fastening bolts and
 white lead
wn find Jjltpeysd  sith
red patriae glue where aecessery aat all
nod oa the
r iide.    Sadsrelde    f    11 decks in  the
dtsKzei plan .t   to be cut,  rtac*ed sal    ^r^ed
o icnado deck t       -.?red sith 2 3/4*
thick edge grain firj decking 1     parts outside of brutes and ex mea to weather.  Thie
Ac*       ng to be si ted la every
respect to that of tbe d..-at Dec*.  1 aside of
bounce to bs laid aith i ortloens aad Uaotilo*
instils in jaeeegss
ossd portiea of U > »er desk aft
vered with £ S/4* edge  ? lined fir. ^i iler]
treated to t
deek over the houses ea the lest bs
laid a . lad.
alter <ats dsuk bssas %.  br
ed sith be*     w od la
ths be       a eagle bar to receive
deeklag. meed es
ooveiHto be bed ^4 in shite lead before bcina
 When complete the deck to be hand plane smooth,
all butts perfectly flush.      ask to be laid
with felt aai  . 8      butts of ca
have Btrips an I ia white lead. Butts
to be fit    loss and secured with double pointed
i a r t.  v. a e re
watertightne^ss  is  essential,   ooa.dngs  bedded
la sheet lead ary,   ssti old
,   etc     lbe  details
f the  finish  of ubmitted to   the
\jir^l6tfa^sT 7T>tf*r7th£f>>/>3 *"*<■
ners f rale all;,   the  canvi .1
be  thoroughly  stretched and  ca over  the  cover
ing  plate at the  ends  of  the   deck beams,  and  the
ends th roughly  fastened with  doublt. ted tacks,
lbs fi the  canvas  t    be  covered  with   a  half
round moulding.     Canvas  decks t     receive a  coat  of
paint  the  dry is  laid.     The   Ci
will e four coats in all. -  In the
way dation all dec zre   exposed to
be   plane o. th*
be fi   ted o jz> under  hatches
only.     fo   be  8 iljrtfr"  thick laid on bearers and enclosed
in angle   fra  •.       ■ !.<.■. in  locker  t Ltb   I  1/2"
thick lumber,   belted t te^atthin
a^g^gsAjd^^HAaak.     Ceiling osn*aifrifc top aad under
chain Locicer  to be  Q pad.
tank margin   plate aad   'twee*,  decks around  sides to
have  aparriag  ia the  ut..u«\ at  held
in  pOSitloa by  olestl  on dwocd  baLtens
to  be  fitted where  requi. chafing   of
 ■m taajor--ed re tee
ed by
gaagsays.  n ii tlW   ■■■■II   niln     Is be hinged ad
* a :.  .:■ :,    o-.      .   -:    1 i  -ie- ai  i bssi   j     sisal
s balaark; fitted.       beat
esabbu&rde are to be ettashsl to the rail stenohteae*
eeys to have c&tmxm S* thick flaishsd
aad through bolted with galvanised 1cache,
re*    i. i te be fitted with galvanised
■ lifting bars au sh and to I ly  ^rkm&>
aad *red for each respective deek. >elhg
aft a,id to hs tnter-cha geable te fit any sectlea
4x1/7 7) All
I   flush  ha tubes to be
esnasattted with a oed
end  t. Ui. rt:     ai*        il   itfK'&£f?arv   lulleif  i^hnels  f'ir
 other decks of edged grain fir. All wedging to
be thoroughly caulked and payed as la the case of
: li have    derricks
fitted for work!tig'hatch.  aln nast will
have two derricks
for wo.    the hatch
as shewn on contract plans.  In addition, on
the f        a heavy boom will be fitted heal
on the deck, as indicated o      ,  These various
derricks oaust hrve all gear complete for handling
cargo and must be at least 4U feet la length.
ese derricks to be strong enough to take lifts
herein before       od.
rleads to he fitted as
shown on  ol 'tkm^^^m^^pm^s^^^.     i^our  J^^fa
ft&3rtfe^ds to be  fitted aa    ain De< ftfesaqglEZSTt
Ofe   indicated on  plan as and where  required* sadr-t ,   .   ^   *,/,,
™ri Bollards fitted.on Pro  enade forward* r^flT^JlV/i&xk
-A Cn tiff€a 4T*e/A AAfKTtrt c/aaaTs tAiffi ™iZr*s ^^^/^^/yt^^
addlBWIH  'UJ   lib*  .Liu} Mtei man ale a.     BtyM« *rf77**
ds>T7a/dito  be  of cast  iron with ventllatlnf e
;essary,   to  be   securely  rivete     to  deck   ol
with all necessary  lairleai ly
uited  on  steel  chocks  where   suitable,
airier ds  to be bushed oa gun netal   having   tarns
eel  pins*     Bow ds  to   have  large
/ r ol/on
i.j lUinaa . in  i.
Care must be taken to
' faorftrilTLte *"* **
7>/ac*i ash   M*4 M**fl
xTaaiA?mi*)/* T* 77)*   sizexsteel rollers and to be  carved  te
ArtZt A* in l*A'l7ty
,/ty,f have  buitable  reinforcements under all bollards,
LAts T'AotyAAiX
\  tf. J .,     , J-eads,   etc.
7rt4   "rfrtXW ■4XC*yAo .
Be carefully designed
xmry easy sweep so I blee
and bavii^  a     uljuta   ti&l  lip s*t bottom ^bere
fri- ^—""""
in ride . be fittedTalth  collar
pieces f ths deck.    Galvanised    lose-
vera to be fitted   >ver upper mA of basse
ul table ar sage ant sf stopper to be     ■ • -
vldsd far each cable, 'fa/b}*¥**$
saaa ess    iss i ssssnag gsas t-.# as   ass \'os^
mg es   my be
the gear.      ,i*ch dynaao  t    be be
*e and   Akert
lag under.
lit   ■ -    ";1 pal NNU
Ided ea suitah]
ly faateasi
u .ber
*ai ilnr
oeds to
 cArimk a'Qii JELEGJAgH;.-, ^BBfr, PI./ES,  TC.
ings to be carefully fitted where
required for telegraphs, speaking tubes, etc., and
to be made portable ia Short lengths and to be put
up with brass screws* All pumps,~g&f*s, water
closets, or other A, ge pipes, to be properly
cased in required,  da sings to be of wood
with brass screws.  Where necessary pipes will
be protested by steel plates or boxed in with
white wood as may be approved by Ovmers. All
ings to be narked with the aeai of the pipes
enclosed, the marking being cut in.
as to be fitted for Ensign aft
having gilt trash aad brass fittings for securing
)le to r il, aad a brass hinged socket on deck.
a small flag pole to be fitted forward on stem head.
ItAGE,        J'i. IL  S.
The daggage will  require   special
- p "\ x'ne daggage i will  req
' fa treatment.     -In-aajusaec tlreHtorteh
i ng   glt.)   hagyftgr to^ir©   hlngr
drawings for  re <ovttl^e*c##e*gtfr,  and suitable  doorway '
caast  be  provio indicated  on   plan,   cut tn tho
i)9Bk.7    .helving,   etc.   necessary   aust  be   ;£^aatable
nature  aad t sat  entirely  agreed to  by  the
0*M   I .
11 and Bxpresi where
wm on e  fitted with  shelves
and dockets  to a
r  to  be  covered with  gratings,
to  be   coated with  bitu iastic.
Standard ss to be fitted up on top
of house  and levigating Bridge.     To  be  surrounded
by a  teakvvm>od-fra aed  grating and  protected by bra:
\p? -
,cinohions.     Generally,  all  carpenter work required
to  complete  the vessel  And  not specially  mentioned
in   this  specification fitted by  the  Builders
and te be   of the  best   description and workmanship
and  to  Owners1   approval and  satisfaction.
B   Q A   T
ats to be suoolied to  the requirements
of the   Canadian and U*     .   ..tea   ship ictloa*  All
boats  to be  of wood and approved as life boats with
hardwood at gunwales,   stsa,   keel,   keelson,  and  stern-
be  built to  Owners'   approval.     All hoi ts
have 18  oz.   co >oer  buoyency  tanics and life  lines
beciceted ru nd fastened  to  strong rings
clenched  through  fra.aes,   each  boat  to   have a  complete
outfit as required by  the  Canadian  steamship Inspection.
ch boat  to  have  nunbar  and ship's  name   indicated.
dimensions and aapacItf  of each  boat  to be  cut  in  on
the   steal.     Boats  to   oe fitted with  approved disengaging
gear and to  h* ve all necessary  gripes,   chocks,  fri t   ,
row-locks,   sails,   water breakers,   oil,   bread reoe>
oles, ,   axes,   etc   etc.,   to  inspection
requirements.   7??€7* "a/7/ AtA   7ur*    &7*±7rAC   lAr*nc??&s
ffa/f€«  *rtif/ .    A      , 7      A   fas^7tfuxA7T) #*>** Me, &0#7~
L Jr* <7«iU */ """'I
./Bo fas Us
%L X?^
 a u
* y
la   peaa  the     , adiau
Xaspect   >n -- -i , ricuire ank*
YtfgTt   177   1/007/))
quired i .    all  lavl i  be
ef nd approved   ake with brace
Liar bashes aad eolf~olling sheaves.    All blocks
a  i i20t and £i&e of da
aafflc^eat height t    alios*  of e&ple drift ea the fall
to lift ths heats*    do be fitted with gays,  spans,
salvols,  eyeboits* etc. lete.
.  officers1,     I
Engineers * cabins. Chic card's    shin,    mrssr's
cabin, all   Is bs laid with Linoleum, lease.  tebifc-
ber approved material as   mj h- ad far
these various  places,    chart roea officers9 aad £i -
glnsers'    ass LUea to be covered aa approved*    The
: and Opper jeck
la tbe say ef all ecco sedation • laid alth
tloess and Linotile
 uf.x,. ,J3HB9HpHQBPHR^P^
be covered with Linoleum or Uorticene or o
roved material of equal cost.. The deciC ia the/*
galley and pantry to be laid with suitable bricks
for the ptti al. \m   covering
..jaterial useo. on the various deems >ust not be less
than 1/2" thick aad to be of approved make and of
)roved color and design.  All Corticene to be by
an approved maker, to be laid on top of composition
steel deck and to be guar twelve months.
When co     ion of any kind is laid on the
steel decks, retaining clips of %  pattern and
closely pitched are       ittede
Geared slid.    atsrtlght doors are to be
fitted to watertight bulkheads where required.
As far as possible they are to be of vertical
sliding type and horizontal doors are only to
be fitted where absolutely necessary and to
Owners* approval*  Watertight doors to be tested
in    tressass of the Canadian InapaatnrF and
the i?wners .ve^»  All watertight doom
b rth sliding and hinging, to be of SppTSVsd aake
and to be supplied and fitted I    Iders.
and doors to be of suitable     rial for their
various locations and thoroughly finished, being
>laaed on the faylag Barfaces,    I to obtain a
fair bearing all round the joint.  All door spindles
to be of steel.  Bevalled gearing to be of gunmetal
 Racks  to have good breadth of face ana  ue^uu   uV        ^
shrouded full  depth.     .?inions  to  be  of cast
steel,   truly  pitched,  and secured to  spindle  by
accurately fitting  keys.     All  bevalled wheels  to
have machined  teeth.
ihe  joiner wor^ throughout,   both  in  Passenger
id drew aseeu'iiiiodatioa,   lo  be done   ta the very  best
Ltyle,  all wood used being  thoroughly well kiln dried
and seasoned,  and the  best  of  its kind.     The  outside
bulkhead; bounding  stateroomsV &^S0SMiMBMaHS^«   to
be  constructed  of  cedar paneling  1 1/2M   thick.   Special
attention is  to  bo  given  to  the  securing  of  rassengers1
comfort,   both as size,   fittings,   and   equipment
of   ?ubli |   etc.   and ventilation by
■SSaS  of jalousie aad grills  between b etc.   to
be  provide sd  on  plans and to  the
ters4   approval.       rovision  Is   to  be  eada for lifebelts all   t hout the Vessel  to   Owners*   requirements.
A t^paae lifebelts  to  be   in  hardwood.,
I  woodwork of  I tateroestiB  or Cabins,     ksjf   pipes
fitted under sofas and sofa berths must  have of
oss arranged for.     All  hardwood in  Public Hoc
Staterooms,   or Cabins  is  to   ue  of selected material
and treated as  approved.     All  weather deck woodwork
such as  ladders,   doors,  etc.   to  be  of teakwood,   except
where   otherwise  specified.     All  deer .1 vertical
lines  sf  joiner work east be  fitted  plu ;b  oxi   the  keel,
and any  doubtful  parts  ere  to   be  carefully  cheeked
before   belag   bound,   so   that  they  nay   be  rectified
if need. be.
 i    etai fittings,
tchae. at $ell
be s lead, *.u& h: la la
i ons and liable to rust ars to be
t  brass.     i>aSi* all a
a, et ♦ taslall
A. - rber    ho to be
fitted mrm* rsq •   aad suitable
i.    J      ^fl©A        v     , a       m      X    U*eiJRr ,     u3    R&TC    &;JLJL    a-    •      : * is-,
cares with glass doers, u drawers,  etc.  te
a 1 both ss to  location,       terial ad  fcise.
Ceilings ii,
r~r  ; hj ha n sitaal 1 sd    rlso entrance 7^4
te be panelled,  arid the bsa^s cased ia alth approved
terlal*    iho  tpecial    ooac, Srltlng Sssa, and    ittiag
■ ■      i    :   . •:-        it
ee*>ed in they are te be fl ait bed ia m^mr^f  respect to
niLi    fa   I-.&S*
Liars ia atioa    ooa, flasklag iieea,
^laiai     >oa.  Special Sella,  Srltlag ileea, dg
tee**  etc*  to be    ai ed in hardwood,   finished as
approved.     Hilars te have carved capitals la
keepiag alth    he general arrangement sf is on
of ths various i
The   outside bulm.heading  of  the  various
staterooaS to be  fra  ed and   panelled in approved
wood of approved design,   to  finish  flush on the
inside  of all  stateroc nelling will not
be accepted,    A fret  paael  or,   if required,  a   panel
f approved pattern is   to  be fitted  in the lower
rtion  of the   bulkheads and  expanded   metal  frets
fitted between bea s  in  the upper  part  of all  outside bulkheading*
Divisional balkhaadim   in all  staterooms
3BAA1 be paaslledVand finish* th sides
as agreed*^ ipfif TY7 7*fa>& *hs
Divisional  bulkheads  in Crew's acco    odation
to hs  of ap oroved i1. .   or all  steel, rding to
the  requirements  aad location.      Phe  crew's  acco ®  odation
forward on the eck has already  hi peel fled
steel throughout. Ihs bulkheads in the Special staterooms to be finished in approved woods as selected for
the various  rooois   Q oved  design.     All  to  be  panell
oe  lining   of  the   ship9!   cide  in al st
Class     taterooms   to /ed wood 1"
~^    Jix
./.. id flush and moulded to appreval^aad put i
with  son for  convenience ;wn,   Ihs
rk to  be  coated  I r  other approved
terial  before   any lining  is   put up.     x'he   Public  Booaa
ar l    .ooms l lal  treatment.     The
various  rooms  for the   ship's  use,   or  for   the  accommodation
of s  crew,   are ally  speaking not   to  be  lined,
with   the   exception  of  the   Officer er
Deck;   tee  ship's  side in such cases will be  left  exposed
and cork dusted to the   Owners1   requirements.
 r as passible  tho dJ heading
> aaedetioa t> be of iteel, ad ths
s    ompartoents within th« I bulkbeadiag,
each as toilets, hath rseaa, et be divided with
seed bal£h*ed£ 1" thick, tsagaed sail grooved
and V he divisional bulkheads between water
sets to be mp aid those between bathrooae 4*
above top ef tllou deck aad alao te he kept short of
desk at tap to adalt of a free drculatioa ef ai  .
All these latertatl dlvieloaai bulkheads te he fitted
gslvaaised cratahea. bolted te stssl desk.  Ths
bulkhead!rig ef ths rooae la tl lasers'  quarters
mptioa of the    hi of engineer* s roe a*    She bu
heading ef the various ttmmm ea the 9#per iieck,  ?ar-
S/Ak7ArA'TA   AA
sorfs, freight clsrk'e, Jmi lasaillTi,  aad
balance ef ths    tstsroeas*    **»* ^IHTJlLt^Efrftgp^
ths bshaaws itf ihg Bppui JsaiSfc bat ths ahds*—adde—
nsaA'-aelndBPGIWNU TkdfZ eapassd fra es sad
aaat hs treated to the Osaera*   requ1re «snts*
Wear tar asters, ^aarterdeekaaa. aad part-
asats is hs plainly. gly. -  d aeaily finished
sith 1*    .
t  be lined In
the *uy af  this aco modntloa* T/o/'c— 7he ai7ari4in*v7~
soelhouse will be finished in aopr ved hardwood
throughout, the design to be submitted,    the arrangement of draining any water which may get between the
lining in the way of the sashes to be to Owners' requirements, with galvanized iron trays fitted under
each sash, havin    il lead pipe drains led as required by Owners.
D 0 0 a   1.
All wood doors where exposed to the weather to
be of teakwood with frame work of teakwood, having a
large rabbet with groove for indiarubber tubing to
ake tho door watertight.  Outside door sills to have
brass step plates made to suit the rabbetV Doors to
SttTTiAIIAiTaI*/ 7*-c* 4^7& crntAAteA
be fitted with  brass  hinges,  brass locked  handlec^*? wc/tehd
. .  A>i*/s7zAt faA4rs4%*~rtJ$l6* *7 *ZSZ?1*l A.X ouAfaAi*
\ajar  hoo^s^ ratings,
- ■
) of doors to be fitted with rigols.  Outside doors
cr//aT*£,/i ^
Ttatfirisf /     -&t   passages .on tha^sq»iuantide "SUS*. k to  be   particularly
1 a?7$*   a*<?7$ 7/>_$A/fay/ <a
wide doors for  convenience  in  handling  furniture,
77*777;^To M, "ther gear'   0Ut and  lru* A11  oattide d ors t0   '9en
'   *    ' t \
Z-*-^^fr forward^ as  indicated  on  plans,   fitted with ne
essart door eferably Bio tints,
nn  inpf til  min tnrl   to avoid si .     All inside doors
,,      r^T^T in 8er and Crew acco    odation to be  principally
a*4 Those To^ j7a/er*»*a   ^^-^^ ° *
4 x/*2.   a^ 0^  uedur*  or  other \ ed wood,  as  required,  and  to
aoafi design with the  aarrounding woodwork*    All
inside doors to  have fiat-brass   i i**tes in nger
ac cation,  and  in Crew1 --:.-. lvan-
ized iron or  brass ap  reouired,  and all do )  have
brass ship's hingesjv brasi trass bandies,
nickeled non-rattling ajar  hooka,   holts,   and all  other
necessary  fit lings*,   the ^ fittings will ba  iilUtlur
to   those  on the^wif!rlncess  charlotte" as to   material, quality
type end finish.
 d ttad   ! i   J     n   ■.••- -   3
I 11   lav
ro tfct La ths vi.inity.     Doors ts wtite- *ts
in  qpc the particular resa la
>oors to eater in
fix oa to be of hardwood mm < ed*
tiatsr Clesst doors In ^eseai    lass und diss accomodation
to be lattice do-r^.    All .east do rs to Imi kept
d" clear of tiling en deck at bet to... *<*d tap ef do
be a*  &n above tiling*     I o Bath Hoeae entering
'.A i
■ to all    t ter closets and bath rooas la  the various
.paction*, to have indicator holta of approved   *a*er.
avatorles and hath roo*e  te have shlp9e
A .
y and te teserdfe    tore   <>oae store necessary
te be sp4 tro^giy bitiU .       be doors ley
and pantry  to'be partlcUarly wide dears for convenience
galley leading  leto Dial g dooa to be aelid doors
ered alth approved material, anged aa
sith   the neeeetary braes plates aad sprlag
blags*. ^SSISHSfaai^. ** approved, also go
see doors ts bs fitted si les,
kssji do en If aece@sar#    aad ai
ergeecy doers are to be fitted where shown en plana,
Ham i mu. KTatatty-effljutrr,t-- *»**    r • inH^
'oo/J s>7   as
 ergency arrange ment to the Upper Dec on
the-H&£aij2way leading faro the Oriental paassags^'
and Chinese Cooks' quarters, and in other places
that Ownersf may L e , to be f i tted. Any
e oergeney doors gs to be of steel, here
necessary these o conform in design
with the surrounding woodwork.  Doors to be fitted
with all necessary hinges, locks, hooks, etc. as
may be required.
indows in wheelhous     to be of teak
with plate glass lights.  At least four of these
windows .ust be ,ade to drop.   ills of windows
to be fitted with 1/8" by 1" brass strips end the
hottsa rails of sashes to be fitted with a similar
brass Strip, ss thai when windows are closed water
will drain off outside,  fhs method of     ruction
of these sashes will conform to the custom of the
B.  .   st Service and designs must bo    itted
for     val before proceeding with the work.
Galvanized iron trays thoroughly painted must be
fitted underneath windows *$t and approved by the
Owners, to drain water which may find access between
the outside and inside lining.  All windows must be
fitted v.iuh buffers to avoid shock should they fere
by accident.   indown to be fitted la    after
tion of the Wheelhouse, as indicated fin  nnsartrd
s^ateh, f )Ose of enabling the Officer on
watch to look i ft. These windows to be neatly fitted
and watertight. Windows in all officerT Mae,
Staterooms on Boat r:de
Deck to be of Plate Glass, and fitted with the top
half Spsnlag only. r'hese must be of regular ship's
construction,  ade thoroughly watertight, and design
nn eaassee saver spprsvai. f rorsere
ssshss,                 ,sm t&sb sill bs I hs windoas
ed with top half qg.       b er-
sladoaa,  Library, mxtnt
window*'-;  sill be l&rgo window&  of *^eak v. ill. heavy  plats
fitted sith   the hot laniug at a he f * bout
he desk*    These sashes will be three feet
,   • ;,..-...,
lation whereby taps ef a cartela number ef sashes ;*ay
he fitted sith a a-a 11  sush sbl.h can be opened or y
ed at.   re qui red A|    -he Library   in n...sndsd nutstth $ ty
sill hive aiadeas £f 6* by 3f O* of heavy plate glat>s*
.aids sad in ths say sf tha   Career's offi as aa as
range ient ef prteaet hte aaat hs fitted aader*
asath the Qbeervt o aiadoas la this vi
te glvs lig
Asa* ladders to be fitted te aavlgatlag brldgs
terd,  a JLdehlpe,  > nd aft. aa Indicated
M   pi. M ,
letdera to the d«elc    ▼•*■  tb. flgtteero"  mier-
tbi . 4"   U
 All deck ladders to be well secured at top and bottom
and all ladders used by  passengers and exposed to weather
to be teak lath  sparred on back,   and to  have  approved
rubber  treads. table aeelagS arid toe   plates;   treads
of ladders not used by Passengers may be of brass or galVe
ir n as agreed,     nadderways  t    be fitted fro., the Promenade
Deck companion forward to the various   decks below as required, also from main Deck to  the Promenade Deek,  forming
amgTC7rr'J  ^Tlt f il   Tud iftiasi      also for   the   min Deck to
the  orlop Deck,  gtvfiBg" aoce- 2nd Class,    All these
ladders to be  substantially built ef f     pattern of
itable width and spread to conform to   the  Inspector's
requirements,  to  have galv.   iron or rubber  treads as required,   i it  to  have all necessary  hardwood hand rails
or  galvanised handrails  as directed.     fas   pilot ladders
with  stanchions and esarepes to  be  supplied.
airways  in gers'  accommodation leading from
Dining Beta to  Upper Deck,   from Upper Deck to   ^omenade
Deck,  and from Observation te  Library,  to teesee hard
wood stringers;  bnlasts*r,   lisadsallrj,  and newels all  of
hardwood,  and the whole artistically  designed and  fitted
with brass nosings,   care being taken not  to have the li
of nosings above the rubber treads.     Treads   to be  fitted
with ribbed rubber  treads 1/4"  thick.
 ; 7
z\ uasMii a sou* sap * -
n fitted
on one assagss esager so*
co Lea, d  aft pads where
addles to bs
water closets and bath roeaa aa required.
in I ss aucoa odation th,
s,  aarbii.
to bo of approved hardaeod and of a design for
the various compartments to  the approve! of the
dsnera.     Ihs Dining    ooj  tables, sbidh  ^re  io he
aad legs, bat soft wood top covered with fel
aad green balee aa directed
eec.mti.e.    A^ttUA^fao/^   AfAfa    A
sill be i .finish a 1st
Hatsgsa a*
All wood fittings In «atohsas,  scullery,
char's shop,  refrigerating r
a ae
 Hootm,  j2ingniuB£-  o xwwi«w,   w- .
otice board applied for
opeller notices, smoking notices, sailing
boards, ballast and fresh water bank, sounding
boards for £agln«     and Bridge, and other
bice boards required by Owners,
fsak framed gx    u  to be fitted in
steam steering gear compartments where required,
in dheelhouse aad on navigating Bridge at sides,
also in way of Standard Co ipass. At all outside
doors on Ihs weather decKS leading to the various
cross passages to the various saloons.
x.  ash teak gratings to be fitted in
front of all baths* Any other g     p required
by Owners to I     >lied and fitted.
A  fax..
Hardwood chart table of approved cize is to
be id fit;     r chart HSSS as and where
directed.      ve all necessary ens an tl age, drawers,
etc. all to Owners'    oval.
Teakwood skylights to be fitted up over Wireless
Rosa, ver forward stair well,      fter stairway
leading fro    or Deck t     ienade Deck, aad over
oom.  skylight over bmoki    >om to be in
o, neatly da d to approval.
 ml fittings in m%
e, Barbe ry
o&aodati on to be of whits asitel*
ittlngs ia and wlast .-tseas
m aad f ths a*
iaas tanitary
be ox..
al fittings la Srea a esasmasc*
asc brass*    All attal
fitting ln m through -ut  to
cltchi       ad  oarttry apaeee
t    be  of brass,   lacquers-   or broase,  to
►vel.    41] following   **tal fit tinge
bs te Owners'   pa tiara bat eapplied by
»a e,
dinger  plates.
•     S/*0'!?^ -ne/7s To Tc  &*t Tctr/f (asv*4
9 and tu bier hudsre.
Mat             t boo
towel hselQi,
^ Took,
sad i il  ;i  \(ss,   i  ski,
* •
Beasteads for Special      will be supplied
'"" >msxx~ '   > -lA  jfaz   AsXATf £zS7 fa  A^xxfafaoOZ/fS  SAxZXAHf
i,   but the  dofa  Berths Tir ^peel-aT Hbous fitted nv nfiaE^eee&sities
.77a7 7)t
by Builders.
    iA '    A*
onerally, 1st Class Berths will be 6^JP
by  3^   7"  in^.tbe alsti-i- for  lowe .     nd.
6'   $}•"  by   2*  tt"   in--the oi^er  for   upper  berths.
Lee hoards  to  be illshed hardwood.
rails, aad iron lee boards
to joskins or othsr ao >ro\     ttern, with
white enaael finish.
:*/v ]
>tainfs berth to be 6' Sf? by c' 7"
in ztha^K&ar, the SSms as the lower berth
in IsoSd lee boards
sers with  hardwood fronts  to be fitted
under  berth, 1*& locker  at  one  end u der
berth etc.
OJpffl 1....i   T     ; :.?.: .
■he fo± arser,
hief Stsac , teward,   are
to be  6T f" by   g1   £,T   in   ti.a  alaar,   si   ilar to
od with
leebo to   tl iS,
oner  tc s for   th
Berths  t tb  to bs  6f   2"
/  2f  4" wide  ia^J^Bfjrar, od with
ffar-leeboard; ,       &  fire       f
fitted two    berths  h
quarters to  be
aaa sas sac oa; t, ^ i-n a.  muu to- u* tcr * to as
si ier-
arioui   ta*.m% a nd to be £f  d^slde In the
leer,    nd to bo fitted f r apholi tared back
a  fitted  in
store indicated,  la Off!ear
/& &fa$
ana ?*&%ineorb*   +*
be at leaat &"/-
ad ap alth herdsaed
're urtrik    ifcslags aad tojbe epsa underneett te
Oaaare*  retail e -ont-eS
e*id *
u^d i aeiin bN^gs are to bo by an a p roved   i
and te be fitted and t scared by Su
he vessel to I     eskina, j
OVsd    sake,  and i;e  to  bs
, -
-ilies.   ths
r«* neoee~
 CilYxtfeCti' 7ho*ti
t 7
to allow a  steamer trunk underneath,  and the
leeboard will not run parallel to the  crown
of the  deck,   but will be fitted as approved
by  owners.     The distance between the  top  of
the leeboard of the lower  berth and the bottom of the leeboard of the  upoer berth will
All 1st Class   Staterooms  are to be
fitted with net  racks with   metal  brackets,
watch Is at  each berth,   aaatSTS  of metal
or  ivorine  outside each  stateroom door  and
ver each berth  or  sofa berth.     Small hardwood
frames for notices,   etc*   I /  be  required.
7/Toh,- The, vo*™S on hoaf-WeckharArif faoisAhts anf/n/fs
dining Seloca, ailsa xjj   ,
-»e*h wtf
zu77>/ftx(T fo*' *T7 #^   Library and I oking iting doom,
Slttiai L,   Satraaes Halls and Hallways in  the
way | jPeck tairs  to
rA^c7ond'7*C7T£  ^Anxix, ially
del ml,
a where   shown
with oonnection,   sal  to   be   sup-
pi i. 1   sail th large
■■awers,   shelves,
ont,   sapb ards,   shelves,   and
all  stl toilet  appliances.     Coat and
hat retailed
bs   sal Owner
 *   juJL
*7te7*if cxi'
^ .e    tater
po mm shown on U
>rs,  at leaat
„4 ,- .      .     .:,
fresh sat or la each pea
i i z 0 S n fl  d e s i &I  o I  1111   da I d    a . uf t
with suitable   tlrrer over each wet
srs directed ;tle racks ,r ons
>ach ordinary stetereaa for lit
each  north, and i Is -  I r each of   the bo fa bertha,
T*f T°7
htiag arrange eat of thsvapecial reeaa aaat
he te the Qsaera*  requirements.    SI0, light
> he ef approved
g Ce's aake,j
of doer of the ttaterooias, la a
tons to  hi
lasr and
bc aa eppa
Ihs   bsrth*
Isatbei   *■<
isr borths. * aeutrle peeh hat-
1 uoavealeat to b
is.  and all ths  fit tin- s  ta
 - i«  h
and shave .- cjquiaad as   Asaa hs   *e fitted,    11
sardrebss to have tho neue sary fittings,    ith  I
and coat hooka, coat hangars, sic. aa and share
required* f\U
s '        ;:.  .
bat lm   wi 6 aa
hat and coat racks
pe fitted up alth wash .,
orlth $/w*>fst/Jc7e^0r
reid eater, water bottles.
aaa, alec tight le&pe at berth.
Beoa te he fitted ap alth desk*
1st Officers9, chief ;toward*fe, chief, 2nd,
3rd a dth Engineer9s dooms te have deaka fitted ap*
captain9*  desk te be ef hardwood with dreeere
aad epealag ts* kaeea ia the usual aea* .
let Offlcsrfs desk te be ef hardwood* — ——^ *
he ef hardwood with dreeere at aidea aad kaee hole*
Srd aad dth Jaglaeer's to be plain deaka, aiagls
drawer aaderasath, all suitably fitted   ip sith
ltr4-h all
MurArebee to be fitted
hahafiJ Qo^'haahs  ay>4 t>a«l hayqe
.7.-. .■■■■■•      	
oom to be fitted up to
Owners' 1               11 tables suitaole for
cards, and s          in but substantial make,
vo  be fitted witl                  ys, etc.
& WATE-: 0
Washroom,Bathroom .h water closets to be
plain but subst    I, lavatory basins and bathrooms to be fitted with hot and cold fresh water.
ilors' water closet and bathroo     be Similar
to the     lass,  All floors to be tiled.
0 i? I111* . i i c.
ginee± to be
fitted | based tables and upholstered
Leatherette, in the usual
aner of 1st Class passenger steamers.  To
be fitted sith all necessary racks, etc. as
QCTicas9 i        ox.?!.
To be  fitted  ap with   plain forms and plain
p tables with  hardwood  tops  as directed.
AtHiltVt* —   Scu Unite h hs [fed fri /h&bff'ic*
To be  fitted  ap  fa   liar to 1st Class Passen-
gers1,   sith  sash baBir have  hot  and cold  fresh
water for the baths  and col r,   and hot
and cold  fresh water  to  the wash  basin; .
be  fitted similar  to  1st  class accommodation
with  hot and cold  fresh  water  and  cold  salt water
to the  bath.^4   ^^th kr
 wheel and 1 to stsaa steering
rain bef
Flag t suitable deelgn to   be fitted
wheel heaae aa directed*
>f wheel hsaas to be fitted with
teacweed gratings ss directed,    fe have fixed
el ights, oil leaps, vslcs pips, and
binocular eaaa. docking, ftsoring aad saglas
tslsgrspha*    Gesr for hsadllag searchlight,
both for revolving light aad f ;g  the
light, aad aay othc lags required hy
owner if.
1 M ill
Savlgatiag Bridge to be situated ea tap
of heaees ea forward end of j »at Deck.    To he
fitted ap alth side screens sad aevlgetiag lights,
fea^eod boxes for holding alfht  glatae* and
teleaeepea. teak grattnga of fc all    esh te bs
laid oa desk where  required.     Kagloe, deeklag
and steerinr   telegraphs,   telephones,  aad all
her fitting bs te Qaners' apprsval aad
r« ants.    The     ta dard ttempaaa to be fitted
ia e aul table  place oa the Bridge*  with    ol table
tsa^seed gratings round < a *.
Arrangement of hand steerlag te be aft with
loats erra iged ts   ;wno enta.    All
compasses te be    elvin v oapeesee,  a .**>*■.t.- otfc
 Wash basins in all lass^Staterooms ana
Officers1   r it to be  of type approved
sal be  of such I    hey  will  project
the  least distance  Into   the  rooms.     The      ^Th t>+
Ca$7 //oil
juld be  oval*     All  other wash    ma/equal
basis lir various k^ty
^   • T^A^T^rtvf
^  IH S  %t ?£#« *'h
baths,   fag A 1,   to  be  of vitreous  enamel,
except   la  t
ty  set in iieuiaat
and t ths to
have hot and cold r It water  laid on
cold salt wnter.     All bath
fit be  oi teni  before  being
parehassd*     -a. tl crew and gad G
enamelled baths  B pe,   and  fitted
water,     i s for
JL all Pittrv^i |*6V Mn
ITfTIflGS*     Dou*h*s h U foredkin Irnerf Should* hiTh jiaVivtt eoamwq !*> <f7h
a^JDoh ^m 36u^|^ to a^t£h  dfau^ , / h it * To e7oite/ft,
1st  Q wing #^ Ttau-ntf
fittings: M
oilers cots,
Q  , require,;..
Ives,     oilers and  .helves  for  towels,
hat ii.ll  water
o! fitted , rail  in metal
bracket,   holders f^r   sanitary   paper,   towel  hook,
hat and coat   hooks.
 X.   :,hro ) ii,   jo  b       :.'     J.   nc i       t] SS   t ;   I SVS
stal esap sal rail  in  metal a,
eas  plain shite woedsa seat to fit on top of bat
eae store rail,
bath,  aad   tao metal coat ho ai .
ea aaat
he aeatly fitted up with all  necessary conveniences.
Itahaa and pan aces te he easleeed
in k te©1,easlags. except shsre otherwise specified.
These steel casiaga tor a height ef at isaat eae
t above dec I the dec eae epaeee
be eaulxsr and   iSde satertigbt aad tested with
setar before say tiling la laid*    All aseesssry
aahaaat fans and ventilating Arrange enta te he
to owaerfc9 approval
assesses? tot the
say of drefcssre.
psraaasat fixtures
require .ants ia tha
&g. of cru.
.   ..        '!
i. tas * ? ■•
3V.1   ]
lefors k dii    on wi
1\     Anjr bul*h«ed*  ia " .   .Afu/
k  ** At 1
leleeio. er. to }9?^± u
.sera,   A M->
At 3 ~/>'7U
OayiaL   tTxfl r&t/fct
 Bakery to be  fitted up where indicated on
plan,  and to  have  the neees; ary  bins,   dressers,
shelves,   etc.   to  meet Steward's requirements,
to  be  sub .-pitted for approval before  proceeding
with the woric*     ™*7°lz       r
BUTCflEil'S  a!)J.
Butcher's  shop to  be fitted up with chopping
block,   dressers,   necessary   drawers,  and  shelving
d  hooks  to  suit   the   steward's requirements.  All
to   bs Ltted for oval before  proceeding
with   the  work.
airy  to be  fitted up with  all sinks,   drain
boards,  dressers,   shelves,   glass racks,  etc.   to
p-it  Steward's requirements,  all to  be  submitted
for approval  before   proceeding with   the wo.
refrigerating rooms as  indicated on plans
to be  thoroughly  insulated  on  deck overhead,   and
sides to  be fitted up with  all  shelving,   hooks,
etc.   required  by   Steward's.     In uddillun  thereto
Owners mayjarxeage  to  fi e  on
thergsttap .oeek un efrigunpaifcon.      I'hese various
cold  chambers will  re- uire   to be  maintained at a
temperature at ,ved by  Owners. QatjI* "b
dote:-    Mis
i  r
Baggage room to be as herein before
tioned specially treated. Arraageaset to be
agreed to hj    rs before being proceeded with.
 lans.     fs bs enclose- teal bulkhead,  '-ad
A    ,
bs specie!
>r with i pd*
A&lfa-  t oce
iat locker  to  be a .ra.ged aa agreed,
havs necessary rac*s and shelves I
et otal lined and all ae approved.
La 4 to be fitted ap with atesl
bulkheads throughout,  with necessary drerssr,
drawers, shelves, i reeser t be covered
sith Isad, all to approve
&hs varices linen rooss te be fitted
elves, etc. at reqai  ed*
. asn %hs*t should Wtl 'daa laslnllsfl si fail.
tewtrd9i >fs eto * r *ae«
laj    app      j > .,     ;  n ^     p>   ,   ..ont  S&ln'fc   io;nor.
al before   -
 C E M E H    WORK.
herever  possible
to  eli eight and difficulty  in. case  of  repair,
i  edges  of raj .ng in
doable  ootto •  flush .ith  a
tapered layer of cement  o Portland
ce lent  mixe or  sand  in equal
proportions,  ena  i II   t t  fresh and
feed water 1 I   jeaked tanks
to  be  cement washed alt i ipt where
otherwise specified.
Frapes at  basil of  the fcger  bar to  be
filled  in  with rial  nemt  the   stringer
faraai aad cerasnt, well
grouted and seat! bar.
ecial  oars  to be -ting round
pipes aad Vsatil which   ps fa nabln
lining.     A  stool  plate   to   be  bedded in cement  under
all  sounding   pipes.
. l,steel   plates to  be  thoroughly  cleaned
before  a onting to
bs of bes Is   description .ovale
ting  t i   be  laid in all  spaces which  are
fee   bs   tiled. onted
or tiled are  to   have   steel   plating  boundary  bulkheads water V  not n   one  foot
above the  deck,   and  de                  b  are pe
eaulised watertight.     Ths   dec                                 I .heads
are  to  be  tested with  wat                                oting   or
tiling            one  on with.                         od of  "anchoring"
t    be                                                                  seears  cement   to
steel  decks.
RivetB and flush butts of deckhouse  side
elating to be  sooothed over with  icotch cement
»•*>*.  Panting.
 It  material  employed
very best desc and the workman-*
the rulea
the  ft.  C.       d uaradian Ins>e tlxia.     ?b«t whole of the
tn if?p aa    a~
'.    '-. ■ -x.     ■' i. -\ i • • ' - : ■ Xk i.   i    :  : .!       ...    . .
I beada la soil V/J
of flaahlag supply eoaaeeted te W. c. bosla te be
Isad.     Ths flrat oa leading fro a to y
be lead 9/%M*  thick, arid X^saa traps to all wash m
basins aad any place In uloss quarters requiring
s load, and the a    meat of traps
under all wa*h basins t bs such that re oval for
suing can be easily accomplished hi diescaasctlag
uaioai sd ethod.  In fact clearlag
arrangeaentayaast he provid
ae so I finished
 of pi iss stated in this specification are only
approximate, and that the Owners have the power
to increase the size of    -i tea necessary. The
ont of pioing is to be submitted for
>roval before proceeding with ths work. All pipes
of 2" disaster and over, where        throttgb steel
bulkheads or decks, to have watertight fitting, and
all joints of pipes rust be |     od to make the
SMI*  All       re to be carefully fitted And  hung in iron suspenders, or support-
by brackets or chairs whe/e necessary.
All h     mat af have to he i     r pipes
ors or keelson intercostal plates
at shell must be cut before vessel is launched,
in f  rivets        ted through this
catting of holes, IL  made good
before ihe  vessel is in the water.
all wrought Iroa >l .vanized and
bitu aatie s.-iuti on to be coated on all ballast and
bil re lead and ir     >es are joined
B stuo eferred
to fitting a ore
cep     id iron >ipes are ther a lead
vai res Should be fitted to prevent
wastage by 11oa*
a l&4d )'s
framin lea, t       *f soft wood
be inserted to prevent ut.  Any
leap >i ;late edges, such as floors,
etc. should sit on teakwood gaasde for protection
Lsn*  When large boro lead pipes are
earric. ths under dacic they are to be
efficiently supported by hangers froa every bea
this is preferred to continuous wood boards, both
 i lead ol **m -are r ...   ia vertical lengths,
lower i
t ths sslgat.    Ali leai
flanges sit e iroa backing rings.
All lying pi>es are te have clearing plugs ^here
SS ry .
barging below ,eok are to be
fitted with bra;a stara valves ss   squired*
e Z 1,
ave c .u ilings. and fittings t * be galvanic
where wrought iron pipes are seed*
AH fresh satsr se ipee, and all Milt nater  --»1 »cs,
forever located, are te he fitted with large else plugs at
lowest various eestlsas for rapid draining la
frosty asathsr*
1 Ut>ply pt'pse up te S99 dia meter here to have drain
plugs sans here aa pipes.    A iss above E* bore to teve
2* drain  >lugs.    Hairs gunmetal aad iron flange;   Join a
load Masher east be fitted between ia add!ties te t
jointing material seed*
Where long lengths of plpiag are fitted terminating
ia rigid conn act leas at bulkheads, expansion beads are te
he lultahly arre.-.ged*
All pipes throughout skip to b< octed wherever
is necessary.    3 tee atee being
fitted ia   iain deck and all pro > be te i
uet b ant thickasas to
aithatend a I 60 lbs.  per s$aars All
to bs arranged with rugs for usuplete
drainage In ninie  «
Tops of houses on Boat Deck to have suitable
number of ecu >pers on each side 2" in diameter, and
discharging through pipes to Boat DeeiC.
Boat .deck to have sufficient nu-iber of scuppers
on each side 2  1/4" in dia eter, and discharging through
galvanized iro     >s into gutter waterways on Promenade
Promenade .deck to have a sufficient number of
SCUppSTS on ea /2TT in diameter led down be
tween frames in suitable places       charging below
decic, havii ves attached.  The location
of these aat be submitted for    oval before
lg with t    rk.
Scuppers are generally t, be of galvanized iron
pipes sith lead Pipe h here necessary, only the
lead pi;:)es ar,    ie of ample        B.  All  cuppers
t be " iphi i I Imagh pi' ink heads out-
A&gke.     .tt.ll     tars ai ,t clear of gangways
and lights, per is to be fitted above a
side light. i De fitted on top of all
ssappsrs where required, r decks and
insulated apaeee*      ors to bS fitted in the way
of SsfrlgeratJ icy, Gantry, b,
, etc., all ai
All lavatories and water closets, WhersVST located are to be fitted with i     re to approval, at least
I scupper on each side of eae at.  All
seappers in Butcher's Shop, Galley, Pantry, to be fitted
with st ong gratings. Pe fitted wherever
water is lively to accumulate,     in Deck and elsewhere, whether herein specified or not.
Valves are to be selected by  Owners, and wherever
ctical ssappsrs are to be carried to near the load
sasd i.:  t • t
JgS  to   I
ient to be fc
ef vessel mat fill lag can he acco  plished from both
start ard side*
aspirate l bs lead from <§eeh eater
ballast fresh eater and feed eater tanks in the double
bottom t -tallest m&*?. neotloas te permit of
aster being "traitcferred froa as teak te another to be
ate eaetioa la ale    t    be led Into each bilge
well aad te  the sfcsl ar, find sa a is to Imi
led iate both tmm and after peaks f
tfcs hsuLlast sa
ited togethe a the e actio;
te bs fitted with ro a boaes at sate
pea*, igh aatertight buI
iaal ir ai, fis ged
• llge wells
ths re suction pi pea
al bal&hsad fittlaps
■ a  t. ■ O     |   ■» 1 I
isaa aea- otur .  ty >a.    U l  *alv<
sell above
s of seres
n to be fitted
 Provision is to be made for pumping from any forward
tank to any after tank and vice versa,
Fresh and feed water ta.oxs in double bottoms are
to have se >arate connections to fresh water and feed
water pumps la engine room*  Drain plugs 1 1/4" in
diameter are to be fitted in bott   I vessel to all
peaks,    a, milges, etc. wit I lug and
protecting shield riveted
plugs to bs let in flush vat I
x .  O     V
iell  of vessel,  all drain
plating,  aad the
in e with <Stm
d all  the
ire  to   be  to  the  Owners'
ed by   thu ifr "C<
ing ements
md Owners
bilge well
arrangements  of suctioi
approval,     i te    >lan  Oj
Is  to  be  sub pitted l
before  the work is  proceeded alth*
ifolds  to  be  ci )od«
s are id te 4
and  t j.  fresh water  tanks,   throughout
the vessel. Ing    >lpSS are  to   be  led the various
tan at  Is* ock and f i   ted
with   braaa  engraved screw  oovers.
m. >es  to   be  carried down ts   botl
)lating,   aad a   dottbllag   plate  bedded  is nt  to be
fitted  in way   of iid end fitted Ipe
and  slots cut  in   sides  of  pipe  at  botto   *
Two  iron sounding rods g  ft.   Ing,   shod with  india-
rubber at  ends,  aid havii l  necessary  markings,   are
to   bs  sup tiled.     * send m to be 1 1/2"  in  dia.
MM   the  except lea  of ths  oil  sounding   oi tee,   riileh
will  be  2"  in dl 1   these  oil   Pipes will be fitted
with  slotted holes the  full  length   of the   pipe,   SO   that
the  oil when thick will  register correctly.
 1   es S99
In dia* are t
s fitted te each
tank and
taanel U
om on forward end
and one oi
:*er end.
weather deck* rnd
each fitted with galv.
I res i ggjMii
doable bot
Vo i'   m      ■ ■ xx        '  AS      XZ> 7-**
ible 1
Ld be len. up
pipea tr:
Mi oil fuel ta. ks aaat be
e^ual in i
ise ti the, f
h will t>« 4mj
JL    . ■■ *
11 fuel will be d* arranged forwerd
ea thti sk In ed  >P8iUon, t*nd     mvenieat te
a po t light, which particular light   past bs large enea#i
ia the clear to alios a €* flange to pass through with
am pIq x, irearain. e.
hia pips aaat be arra.gad ia a positloa convenient
f pr the present oil filling c sen act! oat at Vancouver, and
if poaifibie, se lasted that oil    an he filled fro* either
tide of ths veaael but,  If preference has to be given, the
port site sill he selected*    this filling pipe te he fitted
sith all necessary valves, imp* air valvss, etc* as mmmm
te the existing veeesls ef this Co >pany.    The filling pipe
all! alao he the auction pipe fro ; the various ta ks to
the pa valve ert&ogeasnt on the various tanks
being fitted l o these arrarjgeaaata*
a whole of thla piping system aast bs satetltted
revel a b,mtm proceeded
ival befo
4>A^f 6&J6*r 2      fc Amy* &>m-f
mKgnMm At/bzzYA   ?xi" Ac U
: /i7of*~4//A>ii/>'7>
A L^ J 7~
'x/fif/zrhf 4S€7fe>^T*7* $7*4**77o T>&
 are to be provided for emptying any one oil tank
iato another through the service pumps*  »-hut-off valves
are required controlling each tank, so that oil can be
ped tl ired.
The Oil ruel Jumps must      anged fo     >ing oil
overboard with the setlen ju  the ship's side
ana     three     i a cap, dp can supply
oil      ier veesel. This ox d its
location     be deter -ined by ms.  All this
wo. otion
f a 66 />#*?& 7-3 ) iged la double  bottom
as and who- roved, ths  service
tank on  the   top deek can  be filled  therefrom.     All
sections  of  the   double  bottom are  to gad to  Barry
feed water.
I suction pi js arranged in each
fre. cer and  feea &ater   r Ired.
I  led  to   suitable
position, y  be led  to  sufficient
height  ia tho  engine  r mvenienee for
;ld fresh Vvo ally use
pe   fit' herein beffl aired,
inside  o e  tan "proved composition,
manholes  to   be  fi us  ta>      ,       -heee  tanks to
be   supplied fro )  to  have
ali.  n©c«ssary  sup >ly   pipes v j >n—return valves,  air and
automatic  overfl>w  pipes, o  arranged with automatic
relief valve to    etu§»n overflow fro a the cold tank tc   the
fresh water  tanks.     Hot fresh water  service tanks to be
fitted  with  co oils with   all  necessary  valves.
 - .   ■
I aas i
:s with hr 0 to all)
'v !/;/T otsroors and
the m\ f thir
lbs. hydrestai
SS      ■   :i*
arranged in fc.
te he led fro, ths ssrvics tanks, with  branches to all
sinks, sash hasias aad hatha, aa herein be enumerated.
Mt water supply tape te he fitted in all reeas aad led
te tbe various tInks, etc. requiring hot water for ehlp'a
use.     r ail air vest el 1c, te be fitted at the ead ef each
section for sup *ly to sash baa las,  for ths  prevent ioa
sbe<tk >ea when drawing off ia taking
other «action. At-'t■ a
Care to be ta^ea regarding tht ing of expansion
beads ea ail long lengths of pipe, tie stresses caused
by varying tsaperetare conditions, and by  ifee aorkiag ef
tbe Alp, aaat aet wholly be takea ap at the neck ef a
0. >o     xx. v      a: ■-.       »n.c-;.-ii;-     a z   ::v.   .    MNHfa
akhead pieces ia ganmetal are to be      at all
steal bulkheads where plies pas     <gh, bat actions
»le to av      .ng
ing  throughout to  be  of galvanized iron of
■e quality  at Q option. i  t takea whsrs
any  piping   if led by  lining or room furnlturs that
leans   of acces vided for overhaul.       1 :e  to
be  i sd With suitable  I d"  thick
own Cc i     All pipes to
bo fitted st  points
of variou tipes  in
vice . iufe  to   oe  tented after
erection in sect! 19 tatic ire  of
7d lbs* t be  i.iain—
tained to   prov ne
st  as regard t] arature,   freedom fr
ai. trouble*
// i'i
I fitted
on  top deck fore  mentioned.1 constructed
strongly of galvanise e  scantling
and to  be  c ion.     .manhole  doors
to  be fitted to tank. fitted si eeessary
filli, upas, LpSS.   soring loaded
valves,   brass  drain  coc^s,  etc.   as required.     Overflow
fro tank led to   the  crew's  sanitary
arrange meats  i flush.     Connections
for the various Lied  I zqt  to  be
ovod.     Complete nitary   service
to be   submitted and approved by  Owners  befo ing  on
Lavatories, I,   9to.   siU  he arranged as
shown   on . oly  to flush all water  closets will
be  taken fro cold sal a?  .ervice  tank and all
ro  to be of ample  cize to  insure an adequate
fluehing arrange:uerit
 t xlusbing r    are r.
iron,      at four     sore, with lead bends i
less th* ig s,
/ 6*&t*S fix /fie $7p* Ar"joy/7*y*7Sty
MTC*//// TTtStM C/tAS^Ab/frS TUlAAiT 6&  7AA7ATZS Ap*fy ait*/ O/'fltAz/W'^
at shlp9s side*    Qader no oirsaastan^es is a bath or
•wash hatpin easts to bs led Into a Mil pipe, hat ssve
aa st easts pipes jay be led Into eae >a ai
of all set*
Tho fire . ervi. roughest will be £* galvanised
ted so  that outlets for hose aeaaectlca will be
ee located that any fifty foot leagt hose alU aset
another length sf hoae.    All these hydrants
are to be fitted sith 2* angle valves,  or glebe valv
•' i        a-   .    r. ■■■.. c tu ti oil     1 in    .a tt   i- ;u ,.ii;,    •• :..   uc-v.-h
hy *     in adc , p*bere I ranch
U be fitted a; ive and brass hose * ctaa*
dard   ml ad fitted with a and m$ tor wash d
*   .
All eteais and exhau be ga
bands for ali s the g| ,0
 Ali e tested to      the vessel
working pressure on ...ain and exhaust
tes to be fitted alth drain seeks, as required, for
thnr )Ugb las to be
len i >r steam
oi i being fitted
to exL Lst. 4ges to be led as
and l to have
ads tests of large SXpSB**
Sid    Is in ths pipes*      ble hangers or chairs for
All sai IS are to be lined with 1/8"
sheet lead, SSk or be. nd
nuts, the bolts be! bs steel deck.
re stsaa pt ting, or
through steel bul I to have
sufficient bulkhead fl; IL.     All
i: description, and a plan
to roval before going on with the
work. d, all
necessary redu xlves,        sure
gauges t valves,
safety valves and ted
for tho s Dohen and
Pantry st
safety vslve , so that
wherevei     7(L  independe i obtained.
into aaxilii hey may be
div .tensers, and the
etseahpere,      ired. valves to be of
Aula's,    other approved make.
 i   p
drain coc*s
ay hi           god.    ©ri
*at   .
|   thess plp^1 so aa to ai
i ai^                      t the
If la
tbe exhaust fr   i tb<
lg   engine.
oahaoet to windlass.
| -ss&rt?   IFT"^ s
W,       %r
■   i..
sufficient t?i&s to lasers velocity of * tea.-i la ths
idiag 1£0 feat per tenand when all desk
1 full poser*    All necessary valves.
drai nd ax pans! on joints, ted
aa required*     gtssa to  pe supplied for heating arrange**
t as approved with all necessary vslvss. d he*
t a m and expansion joints*
heaters.     | f the isooae throughout
sill be geaerally that adopted on the B.     .    o&at
i uaa be heai
f>x?tf-&   /c
od i
l y» sit
as ap )roved.
All steam
below deek beat
Sill be fitted with radiators
lere   e-
tell  insulated
exhaust  pipes
s,  where
ial  covered
maKe, rxty,
ii; ety  are  to  be ed
lights.     Owner- agree
side  lights  below t.
of^sasa la XI
i 16" ,
o f <apereved
n number of
f  fixed lights.
S^ 77/0 71 5
class Jl and a
w 1*-
as  possible   L
be  over   | ole
ea,  Galley      , h
fit' t*rh*f4A 0/*T T/f7fe
nged as far +***f*S
'fa  will
no  Ll| dies.     .barge
as to
assist ths ventilation, r the main
decii axe to hi vers to be
the engine d tar
glar     d side lights of oen  JSSk space
forward of engine      i a 10 inches
clear glass, and sd thi    S*
All lights to be i orowed up, i
to be tested with boss.       .ights
throughout to be Ah  laehei ns
are to be fitted to those bum se.  Drip
\m  fa  rong by 2 l/g"     fcj ?A  dM    d fitted
with flanges for suitable detachment.
 a of ail
I    | X ii i
ar windows of approved te be led
tied  ti ro     boat tho  pat.iseagor acco i odatlon.
,  i :
Is sa.
A   1
■    ,    •     n
I bolos Observt tl a o>m windoss forward in the
say of tbe Airasr'      e to give 11      .hat offlea.
These lights to bs perfectly watertight, the arrangement
tj       '   UU x  '   t=P ■ •    -'i  £>   O   ".. I. .
is aaas' of vassal and po     registry t be put
a ef the vesssl oa each aids of
the boa, ai      ished caet brass taslve inch letters.
red lead paint to prevent corrosion*
fe have two boil- etal belle, with braaa belfries
I red by Omnmrm.    Teass ef bells aad quel
..ere9 oaoh hall t have name
t vessel engrave* t have ^.ag
a. et     tnive brass       inged or
 UPiiLDl   nciiiiiVv   c-UVJc**ib.
It is preferred to have a    re recessed out in the
centre of the cover with
fitted Lea
are d    ilt to
Brass rods
dius of a
ait, as covers
s;et the h >les ovalled and
.ill d
ou b;
dose qua!.:
in all  Officer* is to   I
ail    looa, , .na:
Paint Loc L*  so
and ali j.ed
-A^   for   MM
to i rdrobss, rs,  i
eases t sr s,  sts.
locks   are  to   be fitted ts   tl
e.    All tt suitably
ve  brass grating covers.
o  fitted within 10f
A   of brass,vand ^
ted  ; .     km of the
ve  brass dated keys,
A  bbards.     Locks
tj isks in 1st Class
locks for the
a, .1 a and
de  i ned by one
:eys are to  be made,
iie> S.     In no  case are   two
same  ordinary
.cer,   or other
; a the cabin
be  supplied
ers, binets,   book
ers.     Special
aces;-  Captain's
room, iffleti   Or .,    Purser's rooai,
Chief steward' ta,   Barberfa    hop,  to  all   .tore Seoaa,  Kit-
ch ting C te.       Linen Lockers
be fitted with  rals locks.   41 kiy k$t h 7>e A<btex.
TdLt,GdAPH,   Zulu*   ?lx,A,   i:fa.
Saglas  dec. Rsring  telegraphs with  replies,
to be fitted on Bri el  heass. be  of Ohadburn's,
or other approved oaks,  and to  have all the latest  is
 txed la,  boxe -a   ass
is s
e fro i ths shssl hours to the Engl
ss, nosings
tee, rail countings, asse red
brats key labels, any brass fittings in feassngei
sad all other brass asrk required4
» px&tes,
oa plates,
er Crew
le to be
lag aork # sahmltted
will be tiled with rultable rubber tiles I er
er tl
to patters.    The let Class
ed make of
iss end Hatha to be tiled
(t*ryl*& iM\ %^t7\7{ Room? <n,
ri trifle a>   fhs *1miht\
bath a ts, and the g&f tollst,  to be
vod j* aes Sash ,  toilets
and bath ro ons,  ►ail.n^1  batbreoa a^d  toilets and  the Fireaee**
lass fcavetorlss* . Lling tie Sari
u nd
i -, .
will  I sd wi
 pattern or suitable bricks, as desired by Owners.  In
laying all tiling in the vessel,     ver placed, provision
must be      rr  ovo nit under docking stresses, or other
expansion or contraction strains, by giving the necessary
freedom and brc     the continuity both thwartship and fore
be tiling,  ft Utter says to be placei in tiling
nd where cii     1 to Ownersf     oval.  All tiling to
be fitted with ribs on bottom side for adhering to cement,
and all desi     id ouality of tiling must be approved by
the > being   of the very
best  | lity and design are
to be submitted rsl.       \az Sulldsrs will  supply and
fit  all 8 t  of  the comple
tion ves  ia   the   Sack*
ing tl m   x)3itiy  the ny9s arrangeasat of
footstools  in i ervation ,     itting doom and  Writing
. is.
for  Is ern,   upholstered
to aooroval   of iLtA^A^Kj^ tScf
(mm*&mt w4rld  (ipjii^Tgrily saMjyqgasas^Wrtlp  apbsisikuiy,
/TrroHAWttr? m'/A TTu e^4>77rAt>i of/h* u/
'   ii   .inn iw    \srasaaam^m
bafeths,   asdMMipaad  aafeMaaabfftv-   .LU- fp..r,-  -or win do wo sad
Ai : Ua&aT mfn a?/**!*
.on in   their respective
raas^JIQMHBSaaa seats  to  be  supplied and
ered by Builds rial.
 Slid   ti
aai it]
ting aad wiring,  to be i fcted to  the  deaere
to    n* ovl .o   tl      ■ i   h 0;r    ' i       shi P i       u »   ly
tioa te cons1j t of tse
f i ng the * a ia tbe ah.;
fej/ n# ^/ tAfa/a Te/Y} cAec/vi e M <
ting arrange sen ts i* aad the ae
A will be in the aelg od of J& killowats.
Theae geaarating sets aaat be ef • iemeae,  or other
mmtig  respect,  both as te the field   ^agnate and their
Sassi ity for re oval.     On* spare er altars to be fcap~
e aet*      o tplete aet ef tools,  including sst
ef speaasrs la rack,  lifting eye~bolts sad silag, sa^
ng**dese bolts aad anchor pi*tee.
>: b SIlv b   ,     i * , ,     .&••&■; b,d,^    * to the dyne os*
ana   bs   be   i-.r.} * ■ .arc:;*,   ■>:    ■....,    >   hor     d  ■ o;o :i    I..       .   n      *...     eo
so that light caa be generated fre^ any eas b
 Ar s to be or  exhausting  into  condenser,
feed henter,   atmo aust  range.
2     field  coils
1     set  d bearing bushes
iutator grl t
xne  wi u orated  in the  end
rd fitted Sj a with double
poI o.     On la switch
to lighting from
fitter ingle
pole  double throw  sqitch, -erators
runnin he  other,   and
the  aala switchboard te for each
of. eapls   pt ) >prtions.
tcbboard Hi  circuits found
nee .tchboard to
be   >rovid voltmeter,
bine.     bystf
St  be  f bing boxes,
os,   jp navigi ht  indicator,
li tors*     Navigation
>m,   controlled
heelhouse to   show
out,  sith a separate  switch
for light  and each   light   on  its  own circuit and fitted
for  double  fila tent lam
 ts ia
t the  shl aa llghie around ra4   .ooaa
and lights around the   observation doo<a sad Library, t»rs to
bs within contr >1 of  ths dheel house.
Kill he arranged with  one junction box fro    which will
he led   at lea**t towt distributing hexes, and £ oi wh, •..tri-
b oxe s
/th " ta will bs arrange*  flote:-    All eatsids
lights will be ea separate its fro i these inside.
Sill be supplied with tso feooe frea   Min switch board
distributed    hroagh six Junction boxes leading te tfce various
dist on boxes fro i which Hie light circuits are lad*
Spselal lightlag arrange ants ts bs agreed apsa for the
irvation Betas and library, over stairs, aad
various distribution boxes from ahlah the verloaa circuits
sill be led.
,- ...
min deek sill have tso feeds from the aala switchboard
distributed through at least fear junction boxea Isadiag te
toe various distribution hexes fram wbi s llgl ts
are led* £ peclal treat.acot to he given to Dining ^ooa*
odatlon te be lit fre& the    aln ^eck
junction boxea*
I be ea separata sj a oa eaah deek where re-
■ ired, aad  to be squivax watt ia a*
. pr .
 WIdELESS will have an independent lead from the
SEAdCHLIGIIT will also have an Independent lead from
LIGHTS - The Wheelhouse to be supplied with one light
overhead, one light for the clock, compass light and telegraph light.  Wheelhouse also to have a small portable
light for writing up log books, etc.
CAPTAIL';. doOM will have two lights overhead, berth
light and portable desk light.
FIRST OFFlcExi will have one light overhead, berth
light, and desk light.
SEC01D OFFICER - similar to First Officer.
TEIdD OFFICER will have ane light overhead, and one
berth light.
CHART dOOU will have one  light overhead, and one
portable light.
WIHELESS mOCM will have two lights overhead, and a
berth light.
QTAXAfa-fa-  OH BOAT DECK will be furnished with one
light overhead, and a berth light for each berth, with
the switch for the overhead light convenient when opening
the door. c*i»h*it\
Linen Locker, .en's Lavatory & Baths, Women's Lavatory
& Baths, Officers9 Lavatories fc Baths, nil ids ah ntnrn , all
in the way of the Engine and funnel casing will be efficiently lighted throughout.
geh water closet sill have a light, and each bathroom
will have a light.  There will be two overhead lights in the
.en's Lavatory, and two overhead lights in the Women's Lavatory, and halls leading to the various lavatories will have
***** overhead lightg  There will be e»e light: in the d«k
in the Linen Locker.
 s outside 1
the re will be three outside lig
each ilds;   in sngeway ide aft
1  quarters there  sill be two outside lifhts;
In ths way of \ do  passageway there
will be f atelaa light a ide, and te he after
-.* s outside llgbts in tbe way er tbe
stairway aad laddsrwey to ihs made and about l
. ftor n of the teat Deck.
_:-    he distribution ef these outside llg st
he arranged ao that tte beat effect   my he obtained for
tg boats*  The various lights to he
used suit he submitted te the Oaaars for approval, but la
say case, each sill he the best obtainable for Its respective
>th at t aad the fittings.
i sill lave
>sclal light lag arra gs punt,  pa?
all, with switches distributed te approval, at lea* t ai*
lim HOOK aill alae have spool al light-
l%i r/y
lag ar range meat, sad sill have at laesi taaaty 11; hts, ar-
sd with approved switches, at least a*» la ausber,
ervati ia*
ho 11. mtm In the way of the after
stairway to co to the general 1 | cf t sage
aaya, with the exception of aver the stairway which will
have special ci ■rhsatt*
tiag tor ths forward stalrasy ..all,
esaf ■ lighting of ths  passageways
>t directly over the well aad the stairway, special do**
lights to be fit tec jugh bse^s
era will bs at Is tsatf lights is
eclal lights   .afar red
 to over stairs and well.  Thwartship  passageways leading
oatplde  on the  Promenade Deck will all have  jne light.
Staterooms will be lighted withieae light  overhead,
and a berth light on each berth, with the   overhead lights   SAtA-h
within easy access  of  the  dor,   si^iiLi   ts   fche Bust Sutrk
"V2»     & t/f Te V/i/iiv\<?    f&fa
StajfaSSeSMtO.   //?^ S/<7        J    A   '    /aa
The lightin Lavatories,  Bathrooms,
ien's Lavatories and Bathrooms,  will be similar to  the
lighting already  described on the Boat Deck.
LIGliTIL'G  0 DECS -    &in entrance  on the
upper deck will have six lights in the full beam.     The   Vx'*i
lighting  of the    ain  Saloon in^-~t^^^lty" ^JfaMtJETUak-
i: 1  bsdeh,  will be arranged with  sufficient  40 watt lights
and approved shades to avoid any  shadows whatever.     In^he
■iJiP nft (if tin  fjiBfnd n,iiTnr thf>Tfi wf?4-Hr^
7 AfJAttT
at least fifteen lights^ and in the after Saloon from the
Barber's Shop aft,   there will be  about  twsftve 40 watt lights
with shades  similar to the forward saloon, w atrial 7toy /
The writing room and sitting room in  the   way of this
after  daloon will  have   special lighting arrangement,  with
lights in the Writing doom on each deck and in the  fitting
Room over each table,   and otherwise as arranged,     iill writing room lights and sitting room lights to  have  special
finish to conform to the  Owners'   requirements.
pt'*.. all f/*fZS h tyfit*/*/*
The passageways leading  between the  two  saloons will
have at least  twelve 40 watt lights with  approved shades;
the lighting  arrangement in the way  of the  stairway  down
to   the Dining doom will  have a dome  overhead,   or otherwise
as approved.
Barber's Shop to have at least thsoe lights. Men's
Lavatories and Baths,    n9s Lavatories     aths in way
of the Engine and funnel casing, to be similarly treated
to the decks above.
 >eclal Beoas, sill be fitted war 11
one berth Ilgh erth, &;>d eae berth  light for
each sofa berth, be sal iling  tbe lighte
rhead within easy acnes* of  the door*     fhs  lights in  all
the sthsr \ tatsi « I IL Xhm&mm*wrSh-+£ ths lijisi f aUan si<
sllljiiivs fins llgU   j**u\MLi\9   mpd^eas-baAtl* light fsi iqwauh
-4d sill have ^m>
stsflmad lights la sash rosa, berth lights at each bed, alas
berth lights for each ef the sefa be*
o*e* aad aaa light ia each eater   dloect*
ae light 1
lighte to be of special  .election with special fittings*
In ad e lighting all roeaa wtfiC*""     r rr. ,
including special riooaa. stU be fitted up tor  .electric
beaters,  ttess electric heaters to be those aslag  ths loag
*a*    2109*7        - ' ■■     ■        i i     ianal¥iadi.Jni   slsatslci
> epea deek aft outalde lights v.. irs ts
hs fitted about eight  la number.    SQtti- All outelde lights
mkmrmvmr w% hare eaterfroof fittinge aad * treag
teres guards, sad ths^s fittiags seat bs brass to with, taad
the acting of the  sale eater*    .    -,.„.      „  .
sill be arm ged
between ea h  ret
lighte will be onmt each table aad
airsvon ths bulkhead*, in for   aad
passagsseys la ths say of the table*     There sill
t'tHtl Aoft xt***
be at lea. t aasVreaa\sf eel Hag lighte over
of tha
ts bstae*
NMI   Mill     1
i  tablsSt
re po-
 additional ceiling lights or bulkhead lights will be
placed on the forward bulkhead of the Dining Room,   and
the  after bulkhead of the Dining   room,and the  tables
t be wired for table lamps to  take at least two table
one  table  lights «•
Galley  and Pantry will be  fit  ed with  about twenty
40 watt lights with  approved guards.     All the  lights in
the  galley,   pantry,  and dining  rmm will be  controlled
b/  a series  of  switches.
■ gRIGKRAIIIJG A j ,,.   :jwo  lights in the refrigerating
room,   one   in the Butcherfi ,   one  in the Baker's  Shop,
one  in  the  passageways  between   the Bakery and Butcher's
Step,  two lights in each oora,   and about  six lights
in the   Second Class  Dining doom,   tanwddbflhliS. In  each -of
tho^edMHtaaaaaU^etJtJ iiieoms,  Chief Engineer's dooms to  be
fitted  up with  li arrangements  similar  to  the  Oa o-
tain's with  tab ceiling  lights,   one berth light and  one
table  leap.   Second Engineer' l to  be fitted up similar
to  1st  Officer's with  one  ceiling  light,   one berth light
and one  table lamp.     Third k Fourth Engineers'   Reeaa  to
be fitted up  si  ilar  to   staterooms,   Engineers'   water  closet,
sage to  Bathroom and Bath all to  have  one  light  each.
Betty Officisrtr1   bntb~tP "have  one light,   mid  OHoi's room
to fflTfT^tMrr^tgtete,  Second? UlSSg Uilukliig^Kriirtu hare^-^Ax
Ifcgbha,    lai i two,   mxpress Reea two,  Wash Room forward
\Ay *t\A or\tA \Sc\\\\' \r\ $e -C
two,     ater closetrforward-fefto,  La 1 two,  Fireman's
•fnnar,  and  one  in  the  fore
oeak.     Thejtggfl'itrial  tn say u£  lihs  sag
a lag te hove
two 34jgfajka*~ln the  Slid  watui  clussta 11116 light,   in
the wnnh r on in mia Tight,   a/H11 was  in thu bathroom- one tn
way aft  between the   Gantry and Engine doom to  have four
 11- c, ; i a
t<  -'-.x a   .■ v;:.  Tween dec, to  have a light
Ifvydi-vi sfci
^ency oxi t m *psff aaak, and alao at tbe head
of . jimayileading ock bo the
iai t*ra sedfc | tai fiatrters^    eights In theor? thc
taeea deeba will be a I,    All the 11
aocKeta*    Lights la ths tw<
preferably to be swinging 3
s»ve two ^*^^*-
3 gaarda with k*9
iska aad I pesssfss ars
MAt Tti
xitfa: /-
4w[t*rh 7oa*t jUifhrX
lights^ gat lights in ths .uirrts* aster** **
iia» aaa
t/rt/li   Sipo Tt/teri
I sea+erdsstaaa**-
^7 ■  x\iM stati 'sj   uas.
,%fj *.aat)
xt'a    nr>a thra. lighte.
. 4m+im&ma0m0*0mt
II       III      | wmmmm+m*m\\ | f i   ,,r j,^.
nwwfie1 fueitee* — ■■».
a e*4 deii<-
te tb. neighb©rh   ul 3. errengeft ee tfcet ■ > pricing
jiert; of the ..ogioe aooa elll ba oh err&hle, &a£ to be
ret eo •• to be ebla to e
■OEM. <.Qgft
be er Ja to us e ei
-nf* 6 tf .,nt for the  wr mm. of o*er<
.gin. Boo* ee4 be In
e m  r-niirfl ...Jl*li I. ba
«-Mi«« outel*. lighte te be La eoed
A    A
FI ,'JIHSS & FIXTU {BS.     All bracket fixtures to be
t*hmm*mx&     ■fwiiroy tn ■ ^fflBEftltoS-",  and all deek head
$<? 4:^7 d 14a7,
fittings to be  of stsadSTi. , pifflfTrav ta  *T»r1 nrrrrrn Ade-lfttflre"*
All  fuses for lights to  be in alleyways.
"ing f freight  elevator  motor  to be  installed
of sufioient  gauge  to  carry without  overload a ten     . -. i ,tc
.   Searchlight   to  be  of approved  maker,   <
able of throwing a beam of light without difusion four hundred (4     et.  ! sarshlight to be t&*   searchlight.
Throughout the passenger ac     mtion no more than
four lights will be on a circuit using Ho* 14 wire*  In the
ages and saloons where more than four lights are required for lighting, it will be permissible to use fewer switches, putting more lights on the switches, but using heavier
wire to suit*  Tween decks and cargo apaeee can be arranged
with more than four lighte on the one circuit. AfawoTat*>Af**
. Irrespective of ?^hat has been herein
before stated police lights sill be arranged throughout
the whole of     assenger      odation, First Class Dining
including all the passageways on the dain Deck in the
way of the engine casing.  -jhese police lights to be on one
main feed froa Engine Rooa and also these separate lights
to be controlled with switches,
ELECTRIc .Afal\-  electric fansto be supplied     alley,
and fitted on Boat Deck in way of Galley funnel oiNcapacity
^imjmx^y  H£iiinusissiiiailus"* Jfca&Leetrie exhaust fan to be
RALLY:- The workmanship for the eleotria
tion must be  first-cl nroughout,   and subject to  the
■val of Lloyd's,   0aaadgaas^jbaitygi«bsj*n and the  Owners.
\ n itijun mi           hs atftng. t^ojsao^TEaaps
fMSk ti              i             sr sal           -aging
paatry a,    >rii^,    to   <e    ti er
pb •    rhis is aaaaxiy
Have four in the writing r oa,  four
•.as Sacking
z    ;,   ■■. A : t   i *       rn ore ti   n     j    -.        i x      ■>   ..-.•   Ai   i ■■:
reless doom,  Parser's Hooa,  I*urserfe
Freight Clerks',  Chief I tabardfs roa,   End Steward**
reeas, a ■ :ics, In addltloa
r, will also have a bell  it? the
ealooa iaaediat'* E tha eatrar hmhi of
teaarda to aaaiat   &% *eager a* .Arraagenent la
. m te have one tor e* ?cted
ensue latent in the saloon.     There sill be aa also trie
bell fitted hetseen the Shoe ntioa on
the   min Deck for calllag the watchman, si
alii iie pah butt as fro    ths cargi i-
late,  one starboard,
lace within hssrtag dtataacs Sf both cargo doors.     There
wilt also be a bell 1tt Mfeeelhouse to the 3agi
with  n
heldS si 0$#£
^V>>    Hiring use belle te bs ardour with lead *
ly wiring*    Anueointors de
ed by ens re    asT^nirTiff
 lUjm&J?.  The anunciators to be fitied up  with    ers corresponding t the rooms, the two push buttons for each room
O Yl A
will be rumen min number, eight push buttoaa in xtu? Observation
>oa will be on two lndlcatorafl port and starboard, eight
push buttons in the Smokii       ill be on two indicators,
port and starboard.  Dinir       ush buttons will be on two
indicators, port and starboard.  Writing Room push buttons
will be on one Indicator,     hs Sitting Room push buttons
will be on one indicator.  Various independent bells to be
oa separate ^rattens, and all hells in tween decks in the way
of the windlass will be §* bells In t     elh,use buzzers.
The bells in the engine ro    I stokehold will be 5" gongs.
loud spec     telephones to be in-
.. ""    \J ±  c
stalled between the Bridge and the Engine doom, and the location in the Engine Room must be selected to be as free from
vibration as     ble in addition t       ienoe.
COgPI dLL.p.TI.)HS;~Jhe
whole installation of the electrical system to be carried out
in a thoroughly ssrkoaallk       and to the entire satisfaction of the Owners.  Ihss      ted it is to be subjected
to a satisfactory run throughout the sea trial under a full
load and the rise in temperature in t       pes at the end
of trials aaat not exceed 70 degrees ffahr.  Governing tests
to be carefully carried out at full and overload, and the rise
or fall in voltage on  load and overload     t to exceed three
per cent.  A final test is also to be aade of the insulation
systems.  The conductivity of leads for furtherest
lamps must bs ta&en,    th* loss of energy of leads relative
to energy expended i 01.  J his i-oss must
not exceed 8 per cent.  During the trial the ship's compasses
should be tested, and sh uld any deviation be noticed, the
defect in the installation to be made good by the Builders.
The whole of the trials to be made to the approval of the
 A |" 1
AA >        -    fa     xi    7i      xx     .,:-    v ali    Fl:: I
a fitted for aux ill,
mm n Ur\%
xx-: lea
 The heating of the  Officers' be with
radiators arranged separately as herein befre  described.
Heating arr sat  in  the   Statsroomfi  on the Boat Deck
will be the   system generally adopted in the Coast  dervice.
The heating  of the Statero s Deck will
be generally  the syste    adopted  in the  Coast   service.   The
heating  of the  Observation will be  by radiators  suitably
placed and  of sufficient  capacity  to   maintain a  teaoerature
of the rooms at abjut 70 degrees.     The   Smoking  doom will be
heated with radiators of sufficient  capacity to   maintain the
temperature of the  room at  70 degrees.     The  staterooms  on the
U;per Deck will be generally  the   systera adopted in the Coast
Service,   with  ths following  exceptions:-
>ecial will  have   special  heating arrangement of
radiators and  als.   electric  1 S. &A*7efc/o7 <****as drj^TATtd
taa)/7 7>a ^AeaTt/7^ *>y TAA7i#/tZ£.
B with  sofa berths,   in addition to  the  ordinary
heating,  will  have  connection for  electric  heaters.
riting Ittlaj will  haVS  radiators as  re
quired,  and  all salooas  on various decks will be  heated with
radiators suitably   placed and of ample  capacity.
The Dining Boos will be  heated with  radiators  suitably
placed and  of ample  capacity.
The  Engineers'   rooms will be  heated with radiators,   as
herein before  mentioned.     The Crews'   quarters will  be  heated
with radiators )le capacity  to keep  these rooms at nor
mal  te coerature.
IfUTE:-  In the whole  of these  heating  arrangements the
expansion of the  pipes  must be  carefully   provided for.     The
)ipes  vast be  arranged in  circuits  so  that as  fa possible
the  downtake  for  the exhaust  steam will be at   the lowest   part
of the  deck in  order that accumulation of water   nay  be avoided
as far as   peesit]
 be sab   it
' '
It .       '■     .-•-     ■ ■ .  A x XX. |m
ths i i
atts si   *sv
* ■    SB   th I
PA*M   I ■ ■     M i. *1
- =  rP     ■ ' ■• .i
" '    ■        A '■-'
ls\ oughoat will be ventilated through the
varloaa shafts indicated aa the • forserd sa>
ia the say of the sell sill have ventilating uxmn?<
fitted la tb# akyllght over the light well, a
light over the after stairway oa the *ek will
ali     he fitted with ventilating arrange ba nm
vor be fitted in  the bt
ng Beoa*    The galley and  pantry will be
ventilated . ns  of an si
galley fa > aa to extract the
heated air fro    ths galley.
Electric fans will be fitted  ln the     pecial Boo^a*
ffce entire fan til? t.   n of the   .hip    .;,  t be of the
W ■
 Stater &o  be ventilated by  means  of to > and
bottom ventilators,  as   previously   stated.     Ventilators  over the  rooms on the Boat Deck to  be 4"
diameter,  and one   jver each room.     The ventilators
to  sees  modation made J^eem. to  consist gen
erally  of torpedo vents fitted at suitable Intervals along the  too  of  the  sides  of thc  deck houses,
and to  have  hardwood  slid s«
Ventilation to  accommodation on Upper Deck to
consist generally  of Fyfe vents,   fitted in  the
waterway as  require
All cowl hsada to  be  of galvanised iron of
suitable height fitted with  galvanized  iron mouth
rings having  handle  for  use in  turning and   pinching
screws to   prevent working when  the   ship is roll
ing.     The  interior of the  bell  mouths and exterior
vents to be   painted of approved color,     --vhere ventilators  have  coaming, ing  must be   of the   height
required by             egistration cociety.    dll ventilation  coamings and  iraakS   to  be   galvanized.     The
jointing   of all vents  pipes through  accommodation
to  be  aads airtight.     rherever  practical ventilators
are to  be arranged on too of companies ways and  skylights  in waterways where  suitable,  and close up to
r against h  uses,   etc.,   so  that  there will  be no
obstruction  on any  deck promenade*     The whole  of
the ventilation arrangements  to be approved by
the  owners. '7%* Aokfo7A Ye»7s   To At
Yin hi4 "'' ^e^-? f«*iT*ts A,r*x»iA, cfihttfe, <AH47/*rS
rtttA c?uvs ft*m/,u #?t: A/7 *7t Ae tATA
^t&Ar/c Aavs  AtawTi?/?,Xa "-
*At7f'cwtAarAmt us /-arts 'A*
Aut/'Mt/tt^i Mt Y*t/,US   */*AvfS,   /
4r/// 6* Xa//aX   to  Ai7L<
tT)* Xay/aas u>i»A# :#??7/f
 , „, J-,.,-... »
deal pi
^:.-u,  »
falls to bs fitted and a towed la
 « jLiinZLci> *■
ved size for handling the anchors
and cables to be fitted.  This windlass must be powerful and rust conform in SV    |spent to the requirements of the registration Society, and to be bedded
in 1 1/2* teak bed fit     side watertight cants 5"
deep. ants 1 with
sou ;pers.
Ian zo  be fi L «,ed on the AT  menade Deck,
to bo driven fro.., windlass by means of a shaft,
be fitted       disconnecting clutch.
All as aa bars to be supplied,
also galvanised iron racks for stowing same.
Steam capstan aft t    .itted for docking,
and asst have sufficient poaST to deal efficiently
i ng.
On all warping balls or drums whelps are not
to      t on, but to be fit      table so that
they a*p     -nevved share       y.
lbe exposed parts of windlass and capstan gear
to be      -      icted by galvanized iron plates
and guards, a chain stopper and devil1B  claw to be
supplied for each cable, chai       rs, if necessary,
to be raised on  choc
ahls if mi
s 111 red
hatch to bi
frith ef- lute*
,    Si     hgAtji}(i
Jl" 'n,rr »
All Rigging work to be of the' best quality and
workmanship, and all to be carried out to the satisfaction of
the Marine Supt, and to Owners1 approval.
The vessel is tc be rigged as a fore and aft two-
masted schooner, standing rigging is to be of the best galv,
steel charcoal wire rope, of 6 strands with 7 wires in each
strand, and to have no  rope heart in the strands. All sizes to
be to approval.
Each mast to have three shrouds each side and
backstay and stays,  dhrouds, backstays and stays to be set up
with rigging screws, and all to be spliced in on galv. iron
hearts, covered with canvas and painted.
All shrouds and stays to be wormed, parcelled and
served with spun yarn for 7 ft. at upper and lower ends, and to
be fitted to chain plates or other approved attachment, to
Rat lines to be fitted to the rigging.
All necessary rings and irons as hereinbefore
mentioned to be fitted for blocks for cargo, heels for derricks,
belaying pins for lines, flag halyards, slrslsss, etc. to approval,
All wire rope for topping lifts, guys, slings, etc.
that may be required for cargo gear to be supplied and fitted.
The wire rope to be flexible wire rope of approved make, with
suitable blocks and nan ilia rope falls to deck, so that derricks
can be topped as desired.
To be in number as required for the funnel, and
to consist of the best galv. steel rope having shackles at top
and to be set up at bottom with tension screws,
- Ill -
 QHHBM|BHB33*U.  ^^^
vl arranges,     t hs mads on each aaat to take
tha elreler. 1 necessary shipbuilder9*
fittings to bs eappliei and     i«
Running halyards ts hs supplied and fitted to
Mm flag staffs at stora aad bow, to be of best vanilla aad
ts approvale
j| L ,
igging bloc id are te he supplied and
fitted. a hears s ef brass aith
steel pins and to hs Is strapped*
Blocks throagheir isve aslvel syss, aad all
ironwork to be galvanised*
,1 necessary  leading, cargo and self-lubricating
gin IHsaka asd type to be supplied and fitted aa
1 to be fitted sith   patent roller bushes, aad
with shackle eyea aad shackles to have screwed piaa ea
.work to be galvanised.
1 necessary Blocks for boats aad guys for boata
ts hs supplied Mid fitted as r d.    ye have brass sheaves
and roller bashes with steal piaa aad lower block for falls
to be                                >llag ty >©.
- Ut _
Weather Cloths o 3 canvas to be supplied and
fitted as follow*:-    Keaad fror sides of the   obser
vation nooia windows  ,  Library winaov, ^.ets set of
dodgers to  be  fitted  on navigation Bridge.     These screens
and dodgers to  be fitted with tho necessary eyes and studs
for  efficient attachment  In  tl;   ir  various locations to
C    ) V
;ne canvas cover for   each boat  to   be supplied aad
fitted.      )ne canvas cover for all  skylights,   one canvaa
cover for all  telegraphs,  compass binna ship's bells,
winches aad capstans  in  expo Lions.    All these
covers 1 minted t    a 1*
Hatches t be sup oil po     two tarpaulin covers
for each weather deck hatch and one for each hatch on the
other dee&s where not trurked.  Each tarpaulin to be plainly
stencilled for tl it is intended for*
All steam and exhaust pipes where necessary to
be covered with canvas*
I canvas work necessary and usually fitted in
lass  passenger  ships wheth a foregoing
clauses or not, to  be  supplied and fitted, and all work
to  be     f the  best description throughout*     AH weather cloths,
screens,   dodgers tp  be  supplied and properly
fitted and  painted  before  tl leaves tho Builder's
hands*       Samples  of  all sanvas  to be  submitted for approval.
-  113 -
 rneaeatal caat brass neraa plates are to be fitted
over each exposed door in the ship and to bs fastened to
teakwood bleeke*    These to the Public    ocas, dtaterooas,
aad berths te be to   5wn®r*& roquireaeats,  but will be of
oxydtsed white metal or  tvi.ine.     Flats* indicating the
aaaber of rasas ia sash passageway to be fitted*   All
lavatories,  etc*,   in feeseager Accomodation to have oxy-
dised whits metal or ivorlne plates omtslds and ae«ae plates
of bronss cast bras* or other approved aaterlal ts hs
tied over the doors ia the Second Class mnA crow's
quarters as ranaliadi by Osae?
11 Him. I I in ii ii »■ nwnir «m mn ..u, wm..,I■ <-■-** <m~ ■■■
eae Chadbura's Improved *r approved tain-
acres telegraph with re Ay te bs fitted both  in the
•avigatlag Bridge sad the    heelhouse.     Ths latter le to
he connected with tbe telegraph oa the navigation Bridge.
p-1 about 16* la dia&stsr and double faced*
fe he fitted la tba sheelhouse aad aft within
access of tha after capstan,  to be fitted with replies.
al to be about 12* ia diaaetsr.
1 swinging leaps arc to be supplied in the
Sng lasers'  rooms.
toward©'    *        aad
ired by   Juners.
- lid -
 ■ ■ m
The whole  of the  steel and ironwork in the ship
is to be left bare until well rusted and then to be
thoroughly cleaned and the   whole   of the  inside  steel and
ironwor L is to have three coats of genuine red lead and  white
lead mixed,   except where  bitumastic  is specified.     The whole
of the  outside  steel and  ironwork is to  have  two   coats of
genuine  red lead and white  lead mixed before  launching.
The  ship to  be  dry-docked before  trials and the   bottom to
be well cleaned and coated with   two coats of anti-corrosive
composition and  one coat  of anti-fouling composition.
All  inside  steel  and  ironwork is to be finished with  one
coat of approved colour and with  two coats of white zinc
paint on underside of all decks,   except where  otherwise
specified.     Each coat  of paint applied to steel and ironwork is to be  thoroughly dried before next  one   is applied.
All fresh and salt water  service  tSaTfif to  be  coated internally  with  Tf nosbanite"  or  other approved composition.
All painted woodwork  is  first to be  coated with
spirit varnish and then to have  at least  three good coats  of
paint  of approved colour,  and where varnished three coats
of copal varnish.    All deckwork and houses to  be  painted
three coats  in colours as required.    All staterooms.  Passages
and Casings  in First Class Accommodation,  Kitchen,  and
Pantries,   to be  enamel painted with approved make  of white
enamel*     Officers'   rooms to be   painted with white enamel
as required*     All sparring to be  arranged as required.     All
teakwood to  receive three  coats  of copal varnish.    All roofs
and  Inside  of Public Rooms  to  be  painted and  decorated as
required.     Dining Saloon to be  painted and  decorated as
required.     Cork dusting to  bo applied  on all exposed ironwork
in way   of accommodation and also  on all exposed  ironwork
in Officers'   and Crews'   quarters and spaces utilized for
the  operation of the ship,   such as, Kitchen,  Pantries, ettf.
-  115 -
-        ,
ng of wailss devr
ali r«rs, ■ ^ »
and the ship*a id*  p os coated ith bitu astlc la
v ■
to be ■ ta
pains to be one grade above t
ocklss^ I    s of t
ve joining shsskles
 The anchor connecting shackles and all connecting
shackles to be secured with steel pins.  Stretching
screws to be fitted for securing anchors when housed
in hawse pipes.  All anchors and chain cables, etc.
are to be tested at a public testing aehine, and
certificates of these tests are to be supplied. All
warps and ropes to be to the full requirements of the
Classification cociety. All necessary reels, etc. to
be sup plied with wire hawsers and cables.
COLLAR fa>.  & HAUTI--AL IH- JdU ...d.m..
Builders'  Sill ly boats1 es  in brass
case,   each  with 1 >lete*     Builders will supply
clocks and barometer lows:-
One slock for Cpatai   ,
?f w .ngineers' tea,
■ ■ officers'
"         ■ Galley,
■ w n nea^ 0f stairs in Upper deck entrance,
fitted  to  dngine  an ing,
One Barometer aneroid for  Captain.
All the  sleek*   including dngine Room sloek are  to  be
magnetic  controlled.     AH  clocks   other than  those  specified
above,   including    aster  Sleek in  Wheelhouse,   sill be  sap lied
by  Owners together sith  the  clocks for  the various   Public
mas as arranged by   Owno   s.     duilders to  make   suitable
ovision in the various rooms  to  ta .e   these  sleeks  and
to fit thsa up as  and where  directed by Owner
*«rtre* . Mtsat' mrt*&i ng
telo ,   megatfttSSae, m
ags,  i os,
befo ctiided
1111 *
, *      i *
\ i .   r- ■• • • ''■
I flags to be of bunt laf and sesa.
Ignal la ips jvad
Mssiatlag of
oae port, sua stsrboard, aad one t at bead leap
and one ds
- *tt of ^yA^AHtA^^^^^ sigasla. >n-
rlstin> Nt   port,  or.* starboard,  ons fore  mast
, aad eae  miu ^ast llrht.
g. *\,t K nr»    *« t,       ^*s    4*1 Mli^ vsrll    IHHaasaSHSlk^
P \M/k
os red glebe lamps 1
olaex  balls ^4*  la   dialer.     One  gleetrie     ores
£ •. hipwreckinj     ress flags,
24 Cotton powder distress signals,
12 distress rockets (1 lb.   r) in tin case,
24 pocket distress Big
Distress     Is to be stored in suitable
racks at or  near
lying Bridge,
x  L Y.
It  is  intended under  this  Specification jihat
the  Builders will build,  fit,   aad  finish  this vessel
throughout  t bire   satisfaction of th rrs'
representatives,  and t ooval  of the  Owners,
in a  aost aimer,  sith  all fittings and
outfit,   whether  specified  or  not,   t e   necessary
to  render1the   ship cc ; >letely  sound and ready for  sea,
excepting   in so   far as  regards  fittings  and/or furnishings which will be  su>  i he   Owners,   and as
previously  specified. ATtorTj 4/a
T&$$ 76* e^sA/oT/AA}^
odd: - ■:aggate-itlt'Od,w will be takyu SB
7/Z ' /#f&   TA*
a-guide through out^-except-where  other Vessels are
3 o ox-


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