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Plans for the Princess Kathleen Canadian Pacific Railway. British Columbia Coast Steamship Service 1951

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 Telegraphic Address:-  "Shipyard,   Clydebank."
J   0  ii   H        13  Ii   0   2   u       &       COMPANY,        LIMITED.
Atlas   Steel   <x   Iron  l7orks, CL*Dlfli_iMK ENQ INJURING  ic  SHIP-
Shellleld. BUILDING VvOItivS,
Clydebank Engineering 6;  Shipbuilding ULy.DKU.iWK,   lf>th December,   19Si3
Works •
Aldwarke  Main,   Car House,
and  Rotberham Main Collieries,
Rotherhatn.     WH.
London  Of lice,
8,   The   Sanctiuivy,   V/estmins lev.
H U 0 T     A     T     I     Q     H •
Captain J. IV. Troup,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
C2-Gf>, Charing Cross,
Tr al wlp ar Square,
L 0 'h   D 0 JN, S.W.I.
Dear Sir,
With reference to your letter of 29th
November invi i.inf- us to tender 1 or the construction
oi two steamers lev the service between the Ports of
Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle, we have now much
pleasure in submitting our quotation to conform with
the specification and plans received, as also all
conditions enumerated in your inquiry letter*
The vessels would be built to Lloyd's
highest classification lor the service intended
"with freeboard" and would comply with the regulations
required by the Canadian and United States Passenger
and Inspection Acts.   All the necessary certificates
weuld /
PLKASE NOTE:-   We give this quotation on the condition that any material
returned and accepted by us as defective, shall be replaced if required, in the condition originally ordered, but shall not form the
subject lor nny claim for labour or7 other expenditure.
would bo supplied on  the delivery of the vessels*
In reppoct oi i orm, the vessels would be
designed generally according to the disposition of
the arrangements as indicated on plans received and
the requirements as reg aids stability for the conditions
as stated in the specification would be guaranteed.
with regard to trim, we would propose to
brim the machinery space bodily ait by two frame
spaces in order' to keep the vessel by the stem in
the load condition.   This alteration would simplify
the arrangement oi* uptakes to the Junnels, the position
oi which latter* we would leave as in your plans.
The particular requirements oi trim, viz. 24n by the
stein i lieu in the service condition, will be satisfied,
and the required immersion of the propellers, viz.,
4 feet on* trial will be observed.
The pewe)1 oi the machinery proposed by us is
amply suiiieient to enable the speed requirements as
mentioned in the specification to be met, viz., a speed
on service or on an 0 hours1 continuous trial of 21 knots
with all the auxiliaries working which require to be
operated on service*   The machinery.will also be capable
of propelling the vessel at a speed oi 22-g knots, as
required by your letter1 oi enquiry, on a double run
on the measured mile course*
in order to ensure the satisfactory working
oi the water tube boilers, ve are providing in our
price for separate feed pumps and feed system to same.
In order1 to obtain economical propulsion at
the 21-knot service 3peed, even with head winds, the
machinery we propose will only require to run at 200
revoliltions per minute, or thereabouts, arid 220
revolutions should suj.lice for the 22^-knot speed*
Tho larger propellers thus obtained will,
in addition to being wore economical, also materially
increase the manoeuvring power1 and we are confident
this proposal is veil worth the extra cost entailed.
In this sane connection, en. investigating
the period of vibration oi' this vessel, we find that
it would synchronise with from 170 to 180 revolutions
per minute.
Wow, as the propeller we propose should
average about 150 revolutions per minute for a speed of
16 knots, the satisfactory condition should be
obtained that t.he revolutions, at which there is
considerable i isk oi vibration being J elt, come
exactly midway between the 16 knot night service speed
and the 21-knot day service spedd.
The permanent oil iuel bunkers, together
with certain tanks in double bottom, will be arranged
to eaa i y aul j icient oil to enable the vessels to steam
2,000 miles at 16 knots.   Arrangements will also be
marie to allow suJ J icient oil to bo carried for the
voyage to Vancouver via the Panama Canal, hhe total
quantity for this purpose to be decided by the greatest
distance between oil stations en route.
\''e estimate that the deadweight specified
b; the Owners 1 or trial and service conditions can be
met on the drafts indicated in the specification*
Our* price 1 or «,b.e two vessels, delivered in
the Firth of Clyde, would be Four hundred and forty-six
thousand pounds (£446,000), payment being made in cash
in the usual instalments during; construction.
We are prepared to undertake to deliver the
vessels in 11 and lo months respectively from the date •
oi /
of  approval by  signature of  the  contract plans,
the  vessels   to   be  handed  over1   complete with engines,
boilers,  machinery,  gears  and  outfit   in the Firth
oi   Clyde  after satisfactory trials.
The   above  period  oi   delivery  is,   of  course,
subject   to   the usual  clauses relative   to   strikes,
lock-outs,   etc.
SS   we  are  entrusted  with  an   order  to  build,
your  requirement*?  would  have  our  best  attention and
ev*rr.v   eiiort  would  be made by us   to  produce vessels
to  your  en Lire   satisfaction,   it) which the workmanship
and finish would   be  of  the  best  class  for  the purpose
yours faithfully,


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