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Specification, three track car barge Canadian Pacific Railway. British Columbia Coast Steamship Service 1919

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 I i
of a Shres-irasi; ear barg;e
for tbe Canadian Faeifie
Railway ©ssrpaiiy.
Mnens&ons; Iteagtb ..  .150*
Bea», ower planfc.  40*
Depth f rora bottom plat_k
to top of deck pistils;,..... 12*1*
General Descriptions Barge to fee constructed of weeds
Barge win be scow-shaped, both forward
and aft.     !2he sites of tbe barge at the forward end will
be drawn in to eenf in te tbe various aprons new in as®
by the Canadian Paeifie Seilwef Goispangr.     On each .side of
the Barge,  a platfbn will be constructed of such height that
refrigerator ear doors ean be opened and contents of ear
trucked away.     Shis height will be likewise suitable for
ordinary ears*     Shore will be three longitudinal bulkheads
running the fell length, fore m& aft.     ffaere will be three
sicege en the ran aft* two wing ones and one midships.     The
midship one will net extend as far aft as the wing ones, en
account of the rodder being placed aft of the centre _&eg#
the bridge will hate a sheer of ten inches
at the forward end.     fbe sheer starting thirty feet fro® the
bow.     She erewn of leek will gradually disappear, leawieg
the forward end perfectly straight..
fhsre will be a bridge supported on pillars
near the after mi of the barge, upon which will be constructed
a Pilot House, Galley and liwing rooms for the erew.      Tkt®
bridge will be of sect* a height that the breafcwheal extending
abowe the top of the ear will be clear about 2* 3*.
 floorst ELoers te be 19 5/8» x ?s/8* in one length
of clear straight grained fir, spaced two feet centres, wlt&
the exception of a specified number at stern, which floors will
be spaced about SO8 centres.      3fen will be the number of floors
so spaced.     fhese floors will be holted to the side frames
with two - 7/8* screw bolts in each floor.     fPhey will also be
bolted to each comer log, and to each side keel with two - 7/8*
screw bolts in each floor.     fhey will also be bolted to the
bottom timber of each bulkshead with two 7/8* screw bolts in
each floor.      t&l the bolts herein mentioned to be reeled, and
such bolts as are in exposed positions to hare their heads sunk
below the flash and boles plugged.
Side Frames! Presses to be llja/S* x-7 &/8», with clear
straight grained fir, spaced two feet centres, excepting a specified number at stern, which wHI hare a similar spacing to the
floors.      Prases will be bolted to floors with two - ?/8M bolts
previously mentioned.     Shey will also be bolted to deck beams
with two - 3/4* bolts.      Each frame will be bolted to bottom
log at comer with two - 7/8* screw bolts in each frame.     Shey
will also be bolted to each timber of shelf with two 3/4* screw
bolts.      fhese bolts passing through ti»e outside planking in the
way of the shelf.      ffiie heads of these bolts will be sunk below
the flash, and the holes plugged where thej? go through the plank.
All bolts to be reeled.
Deck Beamsj Beek beams to be 8 s/3* by 6 &/8», of clear
straight grained fir, in ine length.     To hare a crows of ten inches.
She dads: beams to be fastened to the frames with two - I* screw
bolts previously mentioned.      Deck beams to be fastened to top
timber of bulkshead with 1* drift bolts, two to be driven in each
deck beam of each bulkhead,  and drift bolts to be of such a length
that it will at least pass half-way into the timber but one below
Corner Logs: Corner logs to be 13 5/8* by 13 s/3* dear,
 — 3 —
straight grained fir.     These logs to be in long lengths, and
scarfed, and where scarfed, sesr/ie are to be seven feet long.
Scarbes are to be bolted together with I* screw bolts in two
rows, spaced 12* centres.      These logs to be bolted to floors
ana frames as before- specified.
Shelf Timbers S ft (        fa*     ■ Shelf timbers to be two in number.    Timbers
to be 11 5/8* x 8 5/8* in long lengths, and scarfed.     To have
a good shift of scarf.    . Scarves to be six feet long and bolted
with I* screw bolts, spaced 13* centres,  reeled.
Bulkheads? dree longitudinal fou3J_head® to be constructed
as follows:
Bottora-^l^^, to be 13 5/8* by 13 5/8*.    Top
jfcto be 13 5/8* x 13 5/8*.    Intermediate flMMP'be 9 5/8*
x § s/8R.      All these timbers to be clear,  straight grained fir
in long lengths, the bottom timbers and top timbers to be scarfed
and bolted similar to the corner log, with the same length of
scarf.      The intermediate timbers to have the scanfes will shifted.
Scar/es to be six feet long, and to be bolted with I* screw bolts,
spaced 12* centres,  reeled.     The bottom log to hare two 7/8*
screw bolts through @ach frame of each bulkhead,  as before specified.      The Intermediate logs to be drift bolted with 1* drift
bolts,  spaced 15* centres.        Drift bolts to be of ^sufficient
length to go half-way into the next timber but one below.
Bracing! Braces to be 5 5/8* x 5 5/8% constructed as
showr, on drawing, one set one way, and the other set the other
way,  the spaces between each set twelve feet.      These braces to
be of clear,  straight grained fir, bolted to frames and bulk-
beads as shown on drawing with I* screw bolts.
Limbers to be cut in every floor in two rows.
Keels! There will foe three keels, two aide keels and
One centre keel,  13 5/8* x 13 5/8*, of clear, straight grained
fir, bolted through every floor and bottom log of centre bulk-
head,' as shown on drawings, and as previously specified.      These
keels will run fore and aft along the flat, terminating at round
of foowvforward and at the round of stem aft, with tbe exception
 i  !
I    • •_ 4—
of the centre keel at the after end, which will extend aft,
forming the bottom pinnacle of the rudder.     The bottom planking on each side of these keels to be 4 5/8* thick and about
165/8* wide.      AH of these planks to be fastened to every
floor with two spikes J* x 10*, reeled and plugged..     The
balance of the bottom planking to be 3 5/8* thick In wide
planking.    All this planking to be of clear, straight grained   -
fir in long lengths, the ends 0f planks to be butted, and
sides of planks to foe bevelled for eaulklng.      The bottom
plank to have five double threads of oakum.
Side planking at Bilges To be two strakes of wide plank,  4 5/8"
thick,  as shown on drawing,  top of comer log and top of the
top plank to be in line.      These planks to be of clear, straight
grained fir, in long lengths.     Joints butted and all e^ges
bevelled for caulking.      To be similarly caulked to bottom
plank, and to be fastened with §* x 10* galvanised spikes,  two
in every plank in every frame, reeled and plugged.
Side planking on deck: To be 5 5/8" thick, about 7* wide and the
bottom plank to be in line with the bottom timber of shelf.
These planks to be bevelled for caulking, and to have double
threads of oakum.      Joints to be butted.
Intermediate planking on sides to be 3 5/8*
thick,  about 7* wide.      To have edges bevelled for caulking.
To have five threads of oakum, and to be fastened by I* x 8*
galvanised spikes, reeled and plugged.      Svery plank to be
spiked to every frame.
Hardwood Guards To be 11 5/8* x 2 5/8*, fitted as shorn in
drawing.     To be secured to plank with §* x 6* galvanized
spikes, to be ©Siaced about 8* centres*
Deck rail timbers: flail timbers to be six in nj_rab|r, for three
tracks.      Timbers to be 11 5/8* wide, and sculled to suit crown
of deck.        Centre timbers to be 1* above the deck plank, on
the edge nearest the centre.     Inside side timbers to be 1"
above the deck on the edge nearest the centre.      Saeh set of
 timbers to be levelled.     These' rail' timbers are. to be fastened
to every deck beam with two - I* screw bolts,  reeled and plugged.
Deck planking: Te be 3 5/8* x 3 5/8* of clear, straight &df*%
grained fir, e-igea bevelled for caulking.      To have four threads
of oakum and seams payed with marine ^tue, and to foe scraped and
cleaned.      Hach plank of deck to be fastened to every deck beam
with I* x 8* galvanised spikes, plugged.
Bulwark at sides! Bulwarks tp be built at sides, as shown on
midship section.      To be about 5* 2f* above the deck beam at
side.     Timbers to be 11 5/8* x 11 5/8", tbe bottom timber to
be bolted to each deck beam with If* screw bolt, and to be
fastened Ao the plank at sides with 1* drliTbolt as indioated
on midship section.      The balance of the timbers to be fastened
to one another by 1* drift bolts spaced 15* ©entres, and reeled.
Drift bolts to be of sufficient length to go half-way into the
next timber but one below.      The bulwark timber is not caulked.
At the curved end of b^pi, bulwark beams will be gradually reduced in thickness to 4 s/8* at mi..
Through bolts: 1|* through screw bolts, /$t»aoe& IS* centres,
.   to be fitted through aH bulwark timbers,  shelf and bottom log
binding the whole side together.  '
The platform will be perfectly straight
on the inboard edge, and will be six feet wide, generally narrowing flown at the forward end to suit the curved side.      The construction of this platform will be as shown on drawing, having
deck beams 8 5/8* x 2 5/8*, gCkced two feet centres.      Stiese
deck beams to be &%>-**£&* at th* bulwark by" 5 5/8* x 2 5/8*
piece,  and to be sefwwited on the inboard on A by 5 5/8* x 2 5/8*
extending from the deck to the top of the platform deck beam.
_?his upright to be half-checked on to the deck beam, the
bottom of the upright to be fastened to a 5 5/8* x 2 5/8*
laid along the deck.      Ill this work wHI be fastened with
large nails and spikes, ^© floor of the platform to be 1 5/8*
planking, nailed to deck beams.       The height of the top of
 — 6 —.
of the outboard
th© platform, from the top/side of rail timbers is to be 4* 2|*»
This else is important,  and must be correct.     The distance
between the rail timbers is 4* 101*, m& the. distance between
each set of. rail timbers is 6» 6* in the mm part of the barge.
The distance between the rail at the forward end of the barge
is 4* 1Q§*, but the distance between each set of bimfoers is
5* 8*.'    The centre set of rails running straight, the wing
set of rails being curved in to suit.     Consequently, the two-
sets of outboard rail timbers wHI be curved also at tha forward
end. "
©obstruction of bow at sides:
The barge will, be fitted with cross logs
as shown on drawing, the top of the top log win be in line
with the top of tha rail timbers.    The two logs below the top
log will be as shown in drawing.    . The recess for the apros
will be as shown.   She whole of th© rest will be plated with
1* plate,  and the comers of the barge wHI be protected with
I* steal plate, extending three feet along the bow.     A large
natural knee win be fitted at the sides.     This knee will be
scarfed to the bottom timber of shelf, and will extend along
the shelf a distance of 3* 6*.     The knee will extend along
the bow a sufficient distance so that the mS. wHI butt on
the end of tha knee at the bulkhead, if possible to be procured.
The knee win be IS* moulded to suit.      The bottom log at
comer will run dean out untH it dies off on the rise of
the bow.      Another beam will be pitted on the top of this
bottom log at tha bow,  and bolted to the bottom log as shown,
with |* screw bolts in two rows, gjkced IS* centres.     A
third beam extending en top of the second beam and simHarly
bolted wHI extend to the underside of the knee.     The whole
of this bow will be fastened with screw bolts and drift bolts
as shown on the drawing.      The rest of the bulwarks wHlbe
finished as shown on the drawing.        All the work on this
bow must be carefully done, and the fastening must be thorough
 and complete.
Construction of bow at bulkheads.
The construction at bulkheads will be as
shewn on drawing., ■   The knee in this case will be fitted to
top timber of bulkheads, one to be fitted on each side of
each bulkhead, and the toe of one knee to butt on the toe of
the adjacent knee along the end,, if such a knee can be procured.      AH timbers of bulkheads will run straight out.
A wide timber wHI be checked over the bottom timber at
bottom,, and fitted to all the intermediate beams of the
bulkheads extending to the forward log on each side of the
bulkheads,  each of these begets fastened to one another with
7/8* screw bolts, as shown in drawing.      In addition to this,
there will be a second beam on top of the first, fitted to
tha intermediate beams of bulkhead p.nd the top beam, and
similarly bolted through the bulkhead.      The fastening at
the forward end of bulkheads will be simHar to tht fastening on corners,  and must be as thoroughly and carefully done.
Thero will be one - I* screw bolt fitted on each side of each
bulkhead, with plates 1* thick and 4* wide, binding the ends
of bulkheads together.
Construction at Stem: The stem is to be constructed as shown
on drawing, with a transome.      The shelf timbers win finish
against the transome.      The timbers on top of comer log will
be simHar to those at bow,  and wHI be fastened with screw
bolts simHarly spaced.    The bulkheads at stem will finish
at transome,  and will be fitted with simHar timbers to the
. bow on each side of bulkhead,  and similarly fastened in every
way, both with the ordinary screw bolts, and with the bolts
through stirrup plates.     There will be no knees in the after
Breakwater: A movable breakwater will be constructed
at the forward end,  to approral.
Bridges She bridge will be constructed on pillars.
PHlars to be 7 5/8* x 7 5/8*#      The height of tfat bridge
—. 8 ~~
; |
fro»,Jgbs under side of the deck framing to the deck of barge
will be 16* 6*.     The pillars will be efficiently braced in
a fore and aft,direction,  and the after Siie of pillars will
j   i       |  >-■'
be efficiently braced in athwartship direction.      The stringers
•under the deck of bridge receiving the heads of pHlars will
be 8 5/8* x 2 §/8*f  the pillars being checked to receive these
stringers.      The athwartship stringers will have a shelf
bolted to the under side of stringer to receive the ends of
the deck beams.      The deck beams will be 5 f * x 2 l/8* running
fore and aft.      The deck of bridge will 'be 2fH T.S.G.      The
across ship
bridge will extend/from the inside of one bulwark to the inside of the other bulwark.      There will be a r&H buHt all
around bridge deck,  either open or closed, as decided upon.
Deck house: There will be a pHot house, galley an a
rooms for crew,  as per drawing.   '
The pHot house will be raised above
i other rooms, but the whole construction of this bridge
house will be perfectly plain, but substantial.      The deck
of the bridge house and pilot house wHI be T.f.G.  deck,
covered ?;ith canvas.      DetaHs of the construction ra& of the
bridge and bridge .house will be .furnished. , *!•#'
53T\,, I   V« '- ft to 1 -   Wn ^f *ff*i^d*»\\h «£J i
Rudders The rudder wHI be an ordinary"square
rudder,  fitted through the trunk,  and having as a bottom pinnacle,  the bottom centre keel.      To be fitted with tiller,
the eye of the tiller to be in a direct line with the drum
of steering wheel.      The usual leads, blocks, wire,  etc.,  to
be fitted and supplied by buHders.    The wheel, with all
standards,  gearing,   etc., to be supplied by buHders.
Davits: A set of davits to be supplied and fitted
at after end as indicated on drawing.      These davits to be
fitted ready to  receive blocks. It
Bumper Log:
A bumper log win be placed across rails
at after end, of such a height, say two feet, xith the top
of the log will be upon the centre of the car wheel.    This
log to be about 16* thick, well bolted to deck beams and
 0  mm
M&* and to be well braced, a, -^C# M <t*fa#»*
l^^m^^f  an# to be wall'braced*
" j
Mooring ohocks; Bbere will be tlirsa mmts of mooring obooke
plaeod aa wkown on drawing at lower timbers -of bulwarka*
There will bs three of ssss these eaoh sides    Tue mooring
©hooks for briiHe will be plaaed at forward end of barges
There will ba three in nunber* two on sides and one la eantre*
On eacb mooring cbo£±f  alongside of barge,  there will be a   WIN
cleat or bollard,  as «<p*^/Tn*^
latohess There will bo hatches fitted in arery
compartment*  *ith ladders reaching at least from two hatches
1b eacii compartment*      There will ba ft## hatches to each
eoispartamlli  built with combings, gratlng^d coirar*
F«mp ana fire Service: A pumping arrangement for the bilges
will be installed,  to approval*      There will b© one suction
in eac&i^o^artmerit at tbe forward m&$ and one motion in
aaobjeofeparteent at the after end*      The builder will only
I .
fit the piping to tbe top of deck at tlia after and, where
arranged, 30 that owners &a$ connect froa there to paffif*
I eea suction will also ba fitted In
a similar aannsr*      The line of discharge pipe for fire
service will ba installed aLlurtg tbe deck*      Tbere will be
two hydrants each side^  suitably disposed*      the emotion
pip© froiii bilges will be Zn piping «nd the fir© service
pipe vill ba B® piping*  */ith all fittings suitable for
stanlard bogie used by tbe CbRpany*s coast steamers*
Supply lank: ■  t supply tank for fresh water to be
fitted with all pip* for filling, over flow ana Uncharge*
in an approved position*
Tha owners will supply blocks for boat,
boat!  and all equipment neosssary,
SSie* owners will also supply and instal
fhe owners will supply anchor and ehallu
• fhe mtifii will also supply compasses, etc*
 m  i   I
./     *>      ?t,      .  :.   ■ t,.   ,    X
*    .  ,
•1   #   $*
U   :
.tea i*c to lust* 4«© * f/•'-* cart* belts ttifwfr »@fe
i totftfettlt '           * spwftfiit*    ffe* ii*t*r        . ?
► to iftn %»imi with i* drift *&*% *pt§t& mm wtfui
"■  ■'■ ;" '    ;:
m to
| 1
'"S    .             ',                   i             *
8TMMHI i-v be 5 §#*                 ##  fH
mb mmm totoiwtw ii       | Mug                 %         «s *-«
->* ..,.    ..*        -, *   ■   ...-.    •   .,„-    s   i-
mm mm*** imi§ m 00 M l* »/»•, if *!*•#*
ftrf toltot ttaittftt f*wy He*Ft m€ •Mnw* }.
%#%%f|M  llliE
-vfteMft, _i>i*lfs*u      '    <•
A,  Is            Slag at *v-           f tofffe-            MM
;«• aftf *m_ tto «mptlMi *f tb* «*        «6
i»df wbA«ti «UX «KH_a $#It 9m$m t** better f
pv               i        m i     > «     ,           pp
l $/s?"      ii
|        || |* twery a«*r vi* tire |*&*«iiagt a
r-,,ftV;:      '                   ft                        •■                                                                ■                      -'                   '                            "\                   U       '     '•
, "ftft'.
!*tti *«*■» **• «-i» ®f 53U«fc» to to br.r"aft,  *
 ft  § ♦*
ft* Utim nimk to to** Urn
. "    ft.;-
Mr.    •■
<•''   ,
m *,n lilt**
rf it i®m!
■"■■   a ■■'  ^'    ■ '     ,
J, - -
ft! *atoM || to | m
' ■ .     ftft-ftJ   ",*.;.- •.-.>■ .-    Sfcft     :;.       .      ."     7     ft-    7ftV.
%    t*
 m $
:   ■   <\ :   [(*      " , .,v, _*,«_    ▲_*
'-    , 7     ■    . :   /     Vi      ■■      -
Li* Unlaws to t*
l    '■..;"-:-    V       '-ft;     v'  ;ftft*ft*ft-
7        .        '
-').,     -   ,                 -'ft
..,.         -                "-'   ,p                                                                ,^A^
ft*       ..            *                   ft   ....     .,*. *    :       ,   l                   ft
to3L«*rt * '
jMMWg|   ||*§  Hil.%*'
:v '. -"
.,/,:.H         ;        ,     ,,.     ,,     :.      .r ,     ^    #v
-, >
■ i t*ii x   ,'.|.
n- • ?     -   ^ r     ;
t*M if «t_* i
.■:   >■-;:■   r.    &■'$   ?^^-rf.
*~i mffiM*
> ' "\   \.«;  ^;,
v.,  . •
^ '■?-.•:-■"-;,       "'''"'  ■■■■■;i^-:r:-
'.  '  -'          "   %   .iy...
'    '                         "''        \       '%777      ;7-r ft, .-^? ,   ■:';=_  '
 •t   f    I*
* *   #*'
•r     ,  7
fi 11
-   .?.'■
 . -    - .
. "   ■ . . ,   '■,■77 7,7   .r *'■::.. I,-"- ,;,ft;;;; ■■■■? a,  i^* m /.J- -     :1 ■,-:
.   | to<   ii I*.   -:•! H   Hto      fc ^'■i HH 7''-^  M Ii
.;■■ -.   ■ - -.•      -   ;     :   ■
•7        "      ■ i
'..ft.;,      ft:ft ft.ftft,;4:«5"r    ftft-^ftft     7-ft-,*     :v>*>"     : /    "    V< '-■     :m J.    .A
: . -ftS-tft
.- -
f   A*  * ,;--   7, I: "■;•...
to* mat te tart
•" ...."."' '■ ■■''■■..      ;- ■
: Vi* kMa .ft tnf* **»
% aa* to ba
mm m lust* m tfui tea tnaa»t
tai to pnetor*       If waif ytaa* to to a**j*at to
la «" il all aaauraaj? tola-
a* *tfa^gtei *•*•    i «** will ba
p toa tottow (fctor m **♦«•»:     i ff.ttto to ts
y_*to |tto# *f to* toikiutoto aa*
m € a *f it* tofl
■»    .:   'V-:
toif tlrttom «to
>   -    -^ ■*■■-. . ' • ■ .   ' '=:'
ifif   *?
^#4f 1
 ^W^ll           jBrV           ^p*P
- >^m&
•A* a |
■■' ****%«*% •'
HI f          "-*
?:«:;.,    .ft,,,.-.     --ft   ;  :-    .,
;f   ."-"        ,.;   - .:i;.:.v7
;*rV    -<",»
. .       '-ft'        ...T.,-
-, ;■■*:■'"?■■-' J'-ft*.
■•"'''•■■'■•■-""'■#   '-'it- ;,-Sftftf|f
';.ft:. '.     .    .-.,..-■■,■    . j
;-k  ,*'',.       aftft.ftftV-.:,ftiv,ft:ft
.      ffcfl
3ftft:fcftft">        V-*   ''      '.7i7.
 m$     %X     •*
| toss* «*U ba 1» S* * «•
itotoMfi •• jatotaA as
eito** i*4 *****•§ witli. fgftft         aap
.;     taft    ftft^ftftftj. 7ft3s:     ta.    *-a.   ..ft....::.ft.a;:--.Fv':    /"veV^
" '7    ^_ii_iai£_)*^_)lj_^^%4^>j-fti#
.,  ft.,-„      ..  :.*.      -■:   W,    r-.?
wj, *   » M
•Xm fl<**»
' 1
mji:-■  '                                            C& ?'"*i
Vta'ta^;'".     *.t'';?^ta    ta- *■.:■*"■. ta-3 ■:.-i?:?..;^4|,                                      I
m        ft* «tll to m a
,.s,;     ...    ^i.;.,                   ,,  -ft,.,; :,.-...   .,;!■,..«■:            .!•'«  ;..;      7      4 /^..^Si                                                                                                       ft
pPVHI ff  flSvVM^MHS iWia^Pp-ft--            *wHW' ajwIW^i**  ««
iiPMgi mm ^wi%:               I
$j>                     r                       A.                                                                                               •                                                                      V    '                                                                                                              !
lito     tb* w^ajft.0 aa$*a             J
i.      ;■, '. - "V...V '-iff -  ".   •     ^           ■'        ft-    *l#i-.-         ft-:>-^...,,:---.-:         ?;<••>   ;? -'- ft, -'-■ ;-      ■■-■     ;--    •••--"-■'    ;.J                     ■ ■■' "   -^      '    '■''-'. .,, ft.l
l» toatf te b* mv'^Up-,
 "j , ;
4 toarar' 3
ta; t  - ,
lap *a* «*»*§ w
^alalia to to *
,.   VMH iJMMHHfttX
toN     mi
1 %m
ft" ft  :i;i|#   ■■;. "i;     .              . 'ft
i                    i
-ft     -         ♦-       :   *?        ,;:  ff
•rfWMvl •;.:-
-M_S__S>^'--                                                           '^r^S*S_-'
,',:.  '-:";■  v:taita:   "':-'"' -
'■'"'.• > ■        '■ . •"'. , ;   .        '.,,         ■    "rita-;,^
.SPPPn*^-                                            'WPV
ta   ;       ■»   $         £    n-                               ^'        *'•     "   f?'-                                       '   '   1
 F0f_S3 ?01
/ ta4     / /
*   ^ " "',*■'
/~e??^M of f?o<7/774    /?o/-    /?7 /<?&/
/?ijffeT&7?ce /77/&yfrv?a/<//Q2.
/^2-^-B .   9 9
f?//Y&7&r?ce /y?/ayo c/r o/ /y°2-
Cy cum* fo / ^
68/^.    oo
<*m zl-
£>///'e7er?ce 7r?/#yoofr <f fl° 2
&'+ • w^°>m » ,    - ,4*. &>
fa** ft eefu/*; "7   M
7 JT7l2£0  '&3-
@f * T£tr*a Srmek Oar Barge
far t        mm*.m 1        I*
Rallvair Cfeapai^
■•■.•' •■■••■■ t
Laast-i............ ***«
!#§«., ewer planfc*».«*<..........ft**
toptt frea toitoa ^laatt to
ti Dee* V&arifc.,......,»....    I 1«
B»rga te ba eettatrttetoi of -
aft.     fha ..." ta.- i eft tha b&rg* et the fo to
drawn lit- to conform te,
tha C..n tl1-!n 'tae:*ta:o r y»
tp a pl*fcfew win to aaaattfa*tod of such height
■r:\tor ear door* aan toi ©renal* •
ti «fi^»       Shi* toigbt win be likawiaa aaita&la fc
tai, aara.     Thurs will ba ttiree femlkheaft*
MM i fuH lanetb, for* mt aft.        .are win b* tfcr**
afeaga en the mm aft, two wing aaaa ant I '    -        ■*
;>ir> ene will not extend as far «f ">fi
.mt *f tha rudder beta.;,   ta&eed ■        ? tha *e.
Tbe torge will fear® a i
the forward and.     The aiaer atarting I
the erewn of deale win
-) forward end -^rfaatly atnigbt.
there will to a br5
^ «■!;■
JiT' _
|ru*t«d a pilot I ;aHey
-5     Z     $--
wheel extending abewa tha top of the ear wHI be clear about
0  3".
floor® j
floors to ba 19 s/8* x 7 s/8" in one length
of clear, straight grained fir, apacei two fast centres, with
a exception of a aaacified number at stern, whieh floor® wHI
i about 30* centra®.     Sw wHI be the number of floor©
ao spaaed.      1X1 floors will to bolted to tha ©id® fraises with
tm m ?/8w aerew bolts la **afe fleer.      itof will also be
bolted to eacb corner lo_:»   mi to o>\cb side keel * - 7/8f
screw bolts in eaeb Hoar.      Sbay will ) bolted to tbe
bettor- fttobar of eaeb balkbaad with two - 7, mm bolts in
each floor.        Ill tbe bolts toraia menf
.such bolts as are in eirpoaed pesiti' s their ha" nfe
I flush ad*
Limber* to be cut in srsry floor in two rows.
Frusta® to be 11 5/S* x ? 5/3«, of clear,  at it
:;r;.ir:tai fir,   i K two fast centres,  axa-' ■■Ifiaft
;rn, wblcb will bar
joltei to floors with two - 7/8* tolta ^reriousOy
.1 also be bolted to ieafe toa two -
* will be boltel to betta* lag at corner
two - 7/ raw bolts in each frarae.,.-    Shay will «_.
►r of ohalf with two a I        aw bolts.
.e planking in tbe way I f.
It* will be sunk below tbe flu ah,
■ere they ta *♦      Al?
Seek beaias to ba | 5/8* x 6 ..r,
 -s   3  to
*. ©traic'-t jrainad fir, in one length.      So hare & eroim of ten
toata She daak beaws to be fastened to tha frames with
two - I" screw bolts aa pr*vlo*_ay mentioned.    Beds; beams
to to fastened to top timber of balkhead with 1* drift bolts,
two to be dritren in each deelc bean of each bulkhead, and irift
bolts to be of a»ott a length that they wHI at 1'
way into the timber bat one below tfcuau
Comer Loss:
Corner logs te be 13 5/8« x 13 5/8% §f dear,
'-alnad fir. ' lengths,  and
scift. tarfoi, saarwaa are to be sewen feet
bolted to ret'    !        ■ t* screw bolts in two
raw*, " centres. -'.a* loss to be bolted t<-        -ra
as before specified*
tf*.  or CI a*'
_ «^ jjj    j*-^,.
Shelf timbers to be two in mentor*      Simbera
to be 11 5/8" x 8 5/%* in lone 1 -carfad*      So have
a r .ta        r-rrea ** ^e **■" fe.t lone,  and bolted
with f* so Ml 12" cerstras,
Bui *l
raft longitudinal bulkheads to be construe
to        owe:
Bottom timber to be 13 5/8« x 13 s/s».      ||
.* 15 5/8" x 13 S/S*#     Intemadlate tr
9 §/3» x ft 5/8»,      AU these timbers to be of clear,
dned fir in Ions lengths, the bottom timber
to b® scarf 3.1 :\n& bolted simHar to tbe oetfeer 1
I ease length of f.     aa intermediate timbers to
-aarvea well shifts Ocarrea to be six
to I* bolted with I* aerew bolts, spaa
 ~i        to
. -  - .-■ to to faattoit f| Hwi Urtrnm iwta
to* ~ *:        ■ -■/"-■' • - <
to to fitftoii** tr to| tftafea* at betehtai *ito 1* drift toit^
1      -■•*   >  , . •      .-.       ■...   •'     ■'." * f'
M to It rf «i«% % i^#  tfcftt tMl     I        %%
./'-ft'>7       ...
* *ar   I »**• toe* * ! -
: ttotofta to to to* l» %mmm
ta    •   ■
7 -,>   .. -   ta"  *:•   "   --ta'—     ta.-    ,-
ifc. *£*•£&> «.*>* &a   t»j«.   %<l  SkmtKHt
- -.: ;:-.-;.'■ ■-.  - -     ft --ft-       .., y   ,;      .<    ,-■     ft.      ft-'       -ft      . -ft     ..«/--    * . ■ :< ••
tisttor to to IS S^* * &S Mr% diali t m
. ■• ■* "   .•   •/;^«
itead :jmis tonsfe% tto tottr rd t •
to a*a*tot tuft bait" r t* the *
tt wtorf •
./    .:•'"..••- ' „  •.     Saaraasi t* to als faat i I :* wi
?, -   7   ta:.', ,      '  '.-        '     -.".:ft"       ta   ' ■   >.      '    - .-- - ''*    -'   " .-' - '..-.    r-s-ftata*
 -s   4   to
Jfee botton log to hare two - 7/3* aerew bolta tbrtmgb a
frame of aaah tolftto*ff| as befara spaaiflad.      to* tntermeiiata
f -       '
logs to be drift bolted with 1* drift bolta, spaded 15s fa
Drift bolta to be of sufficient length t' -f-vay into the
next ti. ton* but one below.
Breaea to be § s/3° x % b/b«$ constructed a©
atoMH on drawing, one sat one way, and the other aet
way, the space between aaah set : tvaire feat.     S^eae braces to be of clear, straight g ■, bolted to f
bulkheads ae shown an drawing, with |" Btmrm b
Braaaa are to be so fltta-f'                          j®
tightened ap with wedges.
I will be I
one centre keel, 13 §/%* x 13 s/8% of dear, straitt grained
fir, bolted through arary floor, and corner log, through
botton log of e*Btre bulkhead,  as ahaafti •■>:
y-reriously s?aelfla6i      !Ehese kee;: .1 rw
flat, tarninBtinj; et round of tow forward and at r
stare aft, ta © exception of . -»ntre katft *t
end, vbich wHI extend aft,  fo--
ruider./ The botton pi
4 5/8" thick m& about 16 5/3" vida*      All of the, to be
fastened to m®ry ll Ith  I %
no ;ed,  ■        - hare
She balance of the botton --/S* thi
irking.      All ! to ba of c
fir in Ion- | ends of | i to ba tutto is
sd.      Sides of plank* to be berail i
 She totto* plank te hare fire aaubla threads of oaktt®.
»lankin« at BHgai
So be two atraksa of wide :••;, 4 5/8* thick,
■sown on drawing, top of earner log and top of the t>
. to be in line*      S»aoe planks to be of clear, straight
grained fir, in Ions length*.      Joints bat ea
bewaile canlkins*      So be sinHarly caulked to hot tons
planh, les of keel. be fastened with h* x 10*
salraaiaad a , two in erary plank in arary frar»_,  r
% be 5 §0* thick, about I *
'.ank to  to in 11ns vn \ timber of       --.f.
i be bewailed for caulking,  ani fe ~.ix
Joints to be buttf.
Intermediate   -imJir- on aidej to be 1
i about ?w | •■.,:.      So hare edces | 3d for caalita
"•a five t ma, ani te ba fastened
«*•"*■    til  :
No t
ta;, •"
;ionataly.      I**
>alnt and fUlel
iown in
So be li 5/3" x
t© be
 m-t      $      I-'
Deck Rail Slnbersf
RaH ti b^rs to be six in nusb'sr, for '
lumbers to be 11 §/$* wide, mi moulds ?,rowa
Cantre timbers to be 1* aho'/e the deck plank, or   I
tre.      Inaide aid® m
e idge •
lerai' fhese raH timbers arc to bo fastens?, to erery
A. two - |* screw bolts,  reeled
shedding water to to cut in all raH t
■ leal to all scuppers.      Hails fill
U^W-M- '   „
So be 3 5/8* x 3 g/3* of clear, strai
-rail-- ta.      1ft
f task to 1 '* erer
Ki I* x 8" calranianJ. U
Bulwar- mt
Bnlwarks to bs br on rJ.1-
n.     .So be ebout I *     '■* aba*- ea* a
; to be 11 S/S* x 11 5/8", the bottoj
baa* with 3^» screw bolt, and
Ith 1* drift belt, as It
lance of the timbers to be I
ced 15* centres, and raaC
to be of sufficient length to "-way
9 rr.rH tintor la a*1
our- of barge, bulwark beams will
in thickness to 4 5/8* at m§..
 -I   7    |*
Scuppers to be cut in bulwarks said aoorins
shocks fitted.      She and of bulwarks to be fi- m taiown.
;h Bolts:
1|* through screw belt®, tasac-l ta-;*  centres,
be fitted through i**w**fc timbers, abel        i bottom
ha whole side tofvtoer*
of Bulwarks:
. be ?>arfectly straight on the
. mi wHI to six feet wide, generally,
ia forward end to suit the ourrei. side. t»
of this platform will ba as shown on
x $£ a 5/8*,  spaced two fan* centres..- Ml
I to at tha b«lwark bj :-/B» x s 5/8*
on the inboard m&, by a 5 5/8* x 2 5/8*
'• a**
ii :
- -1 -f
lack to the I        E t!
Shi "Ut to be half-check©! on tc
t to to fast ;o t
Into*      «UL tbia work til
nails an
1 £,       lankine,
cl the - i atfom,
sp:* the floor of
to leak befits.
■ of the outlx
st be
:e between. -a 1
rtanea batoaa.) aach set of rail H
irt of I between
ia 4* 10|*t tot th
between t Ml of ti foa*a If 5* •*-# a centre
running atraight,  _ha al        t of rtdls
tly,  tha two sets of outboard rail
iao at ri.
: os-
 --.. 8    :-
: construction of Bow at Sides:
She barge will be fitted with arose logs aa
shown on droving, tha top of tht top log will be in line with
of the raH timbers.      3b* too log* baOlcw the to]
will ba as shown in drawing*      She ran***, the apron will
to     She whole of th $m will V. •!•"
"'.5    Ml the corners of the barsa will be        ..acted
a, extendi -*ee feat sslong tbe br m$    A
-ral knee will be fitted' at the
bottan tlnber of shelf, and will axtar
t&nee of 10* ©*.      Shs knee will a;
tha and wHI butt or
knee at the bulkhead, if possible to be ; ro cured.
a ill be scarf ad into the ma of
te .y bolted*      She knee wH: .£*, i
suit. lettnn 1 corner will run clean ou,:        il it
f on  '::   ■ ta sa of bb* bow. /toon of tola hotton log at th
bottr. rn,  wi^h I" serew bolts in two i
IS* centres.      A third beaa ex tar
Hardi ballad win anto       - th©
knee.      She whole of this bow will be fast- to
..rift belto -Iiown on the drawing.       All ti
bow iaust " '4* *ne,   *&ni the fanten'
ni comiete*
Construction of be:; ,-it bul if
to* construe
on drawin;. | in thi,3 esse will b<=
at bulkheads, ona to be f'
bv extending 10* 0* along ta
 Pal        %*        # ■
knee to butt on the toe of the adjacent knm air * and, if
:h a knee can be procured*     If not, i to I is
wnt tnda of knaaa, and *rely bolted*     111 Ha
bulkhe.r."        "11 r»i* straight out.    A wide t la bar will be
Ter the bottom titaoor at bottom, and fitted to b11
' -its beaua of the WH I «xtandir~ to
across bow on each side of th® I hot >«r
ill be fastened to 7 A**
screw b< .1 in In  i
ti mi
3d to
xly bolted tbr' **
e*-*a«*n*»* at tha forward snd of .1 be
m corner-:-,,
refully  ions.      totot «'ill be & % raw bolt .oh
WMlil bulkhead, ...;tirr-
*   <WldS   Of*   _fU*S
Construction >ern*
ft    i
- to b® oonstr
.nsoma.      She shelf timbers w4
soma, and a comer knee fitted at each cut out of
30" '.. 5/S* thick.      So be wall bolted ti
some. rjr* on top of comer 1 \1 be sim
ilar  ' .,'ill to fastened with aer*.-
si - 'd. .-.ilkheada at stem wHI finish at
tra&«M ta,   nd win b© fitted with slnHar tlabers   i ..>*
on «ac ■.., and aiiaHarly i way,
hot. iary screw bolts,  and the 1 ^ugh
stirr ;* i will to I I in t! '■■:-
 -?    10    to
& Bsrable bi
.- ;,'H1 bs ocr*... i; .me
lt t
Sba bridge will be constructed on pillar**
Pillars to be 7 5/s* x 7 6/8*,     She bid;  I       fe        rS .sa
froia tha under aide of tha dank fr | to t
will be 16* 6",      Sto pillars will b« ef I'll direction,  i id® of pill
braced in atbw
8 6/8* x Z e/8«t                       • toll
3 J    „ j, ..,. .;., J  ... ...
a atbwar   - »tedn..'ars will hare a j
is of stringer to recelwe the ends oj
bi  .
D i al
be Sf * x 3 1/8* runr" ii
11 be H* S. I G.     M 'ill
"•• bulwark ' aside
rk.              | will be a rail built I Mil
r teen- or c*                                     . a.
f brif
wHI In
for cr
%,*. „,
i on t! -to be ee&
^ra, I- if,  b&l
(tmatian of the h
.Lain I -bst'uitial, built of kiln- r or
*'-pointed as directed.      k rai-sed floor to '        .lit in
,  in order that the mm wbael
"o hare an ancbatructed ri'
-$   ll   to
ho- tot house will be !• S, Ii 0. lusher, f-jolnted on
the bottoa, and cowered with felt and eaaras, pro:oerl>' painted.
h fronts:
Rs^talu-tion bortfe fronts with drawer underneath
are to be furnished in the die- rooms,  and all HI Tg
toalres, lechers and sink
buHt in lay l        ntry*
■ i eattntroatlen of the bridge -
bridge hov ta. be furnished in  tati
h isui; for i:
ttttad it) I ii, a*tor
.:. and atair eonplato*
to  b.„ ta
r* Vfe *
f-rc .ing g@£ £c
ntaUtor will h% m or dinar;. ::rf
tar:.. .-ugh 1 imkf
little,  tilt cOTti tlf
•t©*f I        fitt^i U ii | m$-§
.1 Btctfr.^r^   . tea $
by filters*
k mt of lavlis, for
 **t    IB    l^**
4 bur!   jr
r.vila at
f«at*  that tfi9 to3
to  I
"ell I as ;
on ba
,tooir© t
Ll tool Isak boaa.
^'&*    **i -ssn
-f .
t0    I
tori ale will toe i «t fltfi
lrn,n  olor;t or
d 61
■' rJ Ja,  «i«*
llera raae* ' fr*
t*      0 3"-a rill tot fll
' JLfllf•   #% :r'
|i   to ;v. ■'rot^il,      Brtrii v/ill lie
-:it at tha fcrv/x'i an i,  an-i
IB   OtaO!:
it at
fit ft
to   ihft to::* of  .;                            ftaj
can connect tc
k nam suction via*                  f£ty
 -:    13   t*»
aanner,     a© line of discharge pipe for flra aerwlce will
ta along the deck. ..-. t;;o hydraffto
aaltabljp ,v cticn    ' ta~
irg ani tha fit* sorri"
'itti: for standard
./•b coast £'ta:.r:-''.jr-:;.
I aapp&j  I sraa h«j Olof fresh
water to be fiti
,. in a        rered peadtSaa*,
The owners -Itu
fhe owners will ag  etc.
Sida llgbt to be
il racedre two aoata of '"'•*
to  lo |*r tair:.;,
ra, including outside and i> be
fltato, ftols;«#' aipmti -3**ai .aa^ar# and caaraa dnat'
of bf
S-lt '"
-: 14 to
*    f*r* 1*1*1 c»
* * I.-       •   "'
I*    wl
Stftdk tar  tc
I tfea tot
COTOr ■' ':»♦
;s to
dor to *ir
i^ftn^      ^ "fi   ftn  tn   bfl_
I  V»&ta   - <    *i -f '        Vv
r «W—£-r-*-?^   v:"
*tata. *
A rmtotoer sii t1 x f11
vtoly the
for air**
« *1     I-* 4"*
T 4*
tdiinal fi
ers*  re*


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