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Princess Marguerite (1948), dry-docking, 1970 Canadian Pacific Railway. British Columbia Coast Steamship Service 1970

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• AlAtfftl     HSiriS     XAitUI!     8QMH1X
Britlte Coluabta ®m*% Btmmhip
X* kttm aaotter. of star* <w_te»« te te ©p«B#t«t up for l»|»««ti<»>
mi loaibor* fitted m roqttlrad, «ad «X2 aloead wp te gooi «r_Uw*«
2. fte**ba«*<i jj*apo21«r shftft te It wtfeb<te_w» for liWpiiHiIWi
3. Mwrtew te te tetea m peH #M stetbaafi prafN-tlar shafts.
A, fterfter plntl* ttlmwmm te te
5. %P**' =" *te«lt te te *t»nwya<3.
§• fiffeteoa mr -i *Jisoit«i*$o fatese te te
lacpttUw, teMte te te olMwd ©**t cad palate*! with Trlpte a*\a paint
oik! q5©s#kS uj> In nood or4«r.
7. Bote propollorii te te <skmm® if Aaasffai, daaasvid p*epNH&toi*s te
te fatrwd «nd pitefeai; and aparo *l on.
•• 0a»o*al aorvioo paap soa ■ te mf*ilr«
f« Sines te te roplaood on bosaings tow! ama«f stem o»fl as mMptttwi*
10. All st* frattegr* te te vmamA, * m nlmmA sub,
xtp with aaAiaaaiaates patet I -4 by mm ftell eoat of
1 *f»t of at lint.
11. Urate pips 1» after patk teak te te vspsltwi or
lit <IX7iGSk.
13. 0_4B&dlw9 Fteif is Hallway will te*» a M*fmx
whilst vassal is te dry_o_k % Ooast | > of fenestras?,
a®n_ telp te tte» will te vsqulrsa by afcijjgntfd pamsaml te ewry set tete
1. teter water awr£te#s freei te«l te tesp l««.f lino te te
and wiM off with f*#sb water.   Baro spote teuetee" «p wite a«%lHW9rr«itt»
falls*** by aas fwll ©sat of «Btl»«SFrsslw» sari! or* full oast of miti-frort tag.
2. Hask paint firee teop load lino te ttotereite af gtw**^ te te
taste* aff with ftesb water* Imps apote tettoted tip with
paint, follsiite by mm INiH eoat c - blasts paint*
5, Brsiifflit narks, pllnsal attrks to te r- #_.*
All paint te te supplttMS by a««edS« Pteoifio Ifeilway
For lnspaatlen of telToo* ste*, bote dmas-fte** Steessbip Itepxotlea ftarviaa
mi Zltrrti** *%rwyopo sro te te mllmi te.


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