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Alaska Princess Line Saloon Passenger List Canadian Pacific Railway. British Columbia Coast Steamship Service 1926

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s?\   RmSH OLUHBiA
cl "Princess Line
Victoria, B. C.
Tuesday, July 6, 1926
at 11:00 p. m.
Vancouver, B. C.
Wednesday, July 7,  1926
9:00 p.m.
Skagway, Alaska
 Information for Passengers
Mail arriving on board
ship at Prince Rupert
or Skagway will be delivered to passengers'
Mail addressed to the
ship or in care of the
Company at Vancouver
will be held at the Information Bureau in
Canadian Pacific Station
at Vancouver until
called for. If not called
for within 30 days it
will be returned to the
Sender or the Post
Telegrams for passengers in care of this
ship at any scheduled
port of call will be delivered on board.
 List of Passengers
Adlam, Jack W., Vancouver B, C.
Alsip,  Mrs. I. E., Ketchikan, Alaska.
Armistead,  Miss  Helen,  Seattle, Wash.
Bain, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H., St. Louis, Mo.
Baker, Miss L. C. Chicago, Ills.
Baxter,  Miss  I.   Kingston,   Ont.
Bennett, Miss J. Rochester, N. Y.
Berkman, Miss  K.   Chicago,  Ills.
Blacklidge, Miss M.,Indianapolis, Ind.
Boileau,  F.  W.  Norato, Cal.
Bolte, Mr. and Mrs. E. Gooding, Idaho
Brook,  Mrs.  J.  G. Engineer,  B.  C.
Brook,  Mstr.  Reginald,  Engineer,  B.   C.
Brook, Mstr. Wm. Engineer, B.  C.
Brown, Miss G. I., Seattle, Wn.
Burkert,  E.  T.  Columbus, Ohio.
Butler, Hon. Edward I. San Rafael, Cal.
Caldwell, Mrs. E. A. Los Angeles, Cal.
Carey, Miss M. L. Boston, Mass.
Carey,  Miss  A., Boston, Mass.
Christopherson,  Miss   0.   Spokane,  Wn.
Christopherson,  Miss   B.   Spokane,  Wn.
Clauss, Miss F. K. Fremont, Ohio
Chystol,  Samuel, Williamsport, Pa.
Cleveland,  Miss  Mary,  Chicago, Illis.
C-auss, Mrs. D. K.,  Fremont,  Ohio
Cleveland, Miss A.  Chicago, Ills.
Collins, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Amesbury,
Colpitts, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Allston, Mass.
Cooke, Mr. and Mrs John E. Riverside, Ills.
Cruells,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   E.,   San  Francisco
Currie, D. Dawson Y. T.
Cushman, Miss J. M. Los Angeles, Cal.
Cutler, Mr.  and Mrs.  James  O.   Columbus
Davidson, Mr. and. Mrs W. Milwaukee, Wis.
Davidson, Mstr. W. Milwaukee, Wis.
Davidson,  Mstr. G.  Milaukee,  Wis..
Davidson, Mstr. R. Milwaukee, Wis.
Davis,  Miss  L.  Minneapolis,  Minn.
Dennison, Dr. A. S. Lynn, Mass.
Dilley,  Miss  R. Alburuerque,  New  Mex.
Duane, Michael Burlingame, Cal.
Echenrode, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.  Columbus
Erwards, Hon.  and Mrs.  H.  Dixon,  Ills.
Elliott, T.  F. Britannia Beach, B.  C.
Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. F. Columbus,  Ohio
Enger, Miss D. H.  Chicago, Ills.
Fearing,  Miss.  I.  Roxbury,  Mass.
Fisher, Miss R. B. New York City, N. Y.
 Folsom, Mrs. A. M. Lincoln, Nebr.
Forrest, Miss E. M. Vanvouver, B. C.
Fowler, Miss M. F. Gilroy, Cal.
Gamble, Mrs. N. W. Meadviile, Pa.
Garfield, Miss  P.  F.  Cleveland, Ohio
Gaul, Mstr. R. F. Vancouver, B. C.
Gilbert, H. Portland, Ore.
Gilbert, Mstr. F. Portland, Ore.
Gladwin, Mrs. E,, Dawson, Y. T.
Gordon, Allan, Victoria, B. C.
Gordon, Douglas, Victoria, B. C.
Graham, Mrs. M. C, Nogales, Ariz.
Graham, Miss Cons ance, Nogales, Ariz.
Grass, Mrs. Julia C, San Francisco, Cal.
Greenless, Miss E., Kingston, Ont.
Griggs, Mr. and Mrs. B. A., Seattle, Wn.
Hahn, Miss C, Skagway, Alaska
Hale,  Mr.   and   Mrs.  H.   W*.   K.,   Montreal,
P. Q.
Harper, Miss F. E., Meadviile, Pa.
Harder,' Miss M., St. Paul, Minn.
Hase, Mr. and Mrs. F. F., Milwaukee, Wis.
Hase, Master H. J., Milwaukee, Wis.
Fealion,  Wm.  F.,  Bolinas,  Cal.
Herbert,   Dr.   and   Mrs.   Chas.   E.,  Milford,
Fersius, Miss M.. Cleveland, O. '
Hickey, Mrs.  S. E., Dawson, Y. T. .
Hobi, Miss H., Aberdeen, Wn.
Hogg, James, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Hough, Miss W., Blue Island, 111.
Houston,  Miss M., Grove City, Pa.
Hoven, Mr. and Mrs, Wm. J., Cleveland, 0.
Hoxsev,  Dr.  and  Mrs.  Thos.   E.,   Spokane,
Hoxsey,  Miss C,  Spokane, Wn.
Hoxsey, Miss V.,  Spokane, Wn.
Humphreys, H.  L., Camden, N. J.
Hunting'on,   Mr.   and Mrs.   H.   R.,   Fernie,
B. C.
Hutchison, Mrs.  C. P.,  Spokane, Wn.
Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs. A. M., Lakewood, 0
Kellogg, Master A.  L.. Lakewood, 0.
Kern," Miss  H. L.,  Chicago, 111.
Landon,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   B.   Chicago,   Ills.
Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T., Richmond,
Tee, Mrs. L. W.. Dowa.<dac, Mich.
Lee, Miss D. L., Dowagiac, Mich.
Lee, H. M., Dowagiac, Mich.
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. I. V., Iowa City, Iowa
Leech, Miss A., Delmont, Pa.
Leech, Miss L., Erie, Pa.
Leaner, Mrs. H., New Orleans, La.
Legier, Miss G., New Orleans, La.
Lerov, Miss I. M., Rochester, N. Y.
Linklater, Mrs. P., Victoria, B. C.
Lockman, Mrs. E., Los Angeles, Cal.
 Lockman, Miss M. E., Los Angeles, Cal.
Longfield, Miss D. M., River Forest, 111.
Mackay, iyr. and Mrs. A. E., Portland, Ore., Mrs. J., Vancouver, B. C.
MacLeod, W. A., Palo Alto, Cal.
McConrjell,  Mr.   and  Mrs.  0.  E.,  Goodlag,
McDonaid,Miss F., Bellins-hr»n. Wn.
lvIcKillip,.Miss D., Cleveland, 0.
McLean, Mrs.  E.  H., Juneau, Alaska
Marble,  Miss  H.,  Tacoma,  Wn..
Marre t,   Walter,  Juneau,  Alaska
Marshall, Miss G. E., Alhambra, Cal.
Martin, R.,  Britannia  Beach,. B.  C.
Mendenhall, Mrs. E. D., Piedmont, Cal.
Minstrell, L. H., San Rafael, Cal.
Mitchell,  Mr.   and  Mrs.  W.  M.,  Evanston;,
Mitchell, Miss T. H., Evanston, 111.
Mitchell, J. M., Evanston, 111,
Money,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   A.   K.,     Telegraph
Creek, B.  C.
Moreland, Fred B., Britannia Beach, B.  C.
Morgan,   Mrs.  R.   P.,   Sea tie,   Wn.
Morton,  Mr. and  Mrs.   M.   W..  Vancouver,
B. C.
Motherwell, Miss C, Kamloops, B. C.
Motherwell,  Miss  C,  M., Vernon,  B.  C.
Mueller, Miss  E.,  Tacoma, Wash.
Myers,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.   L.,  Cleveland,   0.
Myers,  Miss C.  G.,  Cleveland,  0.
Myers,  H.   M.,  Lapeer,  Mich.
Myers, Master B., Lapeer, Mich.
Nelson, Miss A-, Chicago, III.
Nickels,  Mrs.   S.  H., Portland, Me.
Nutting,  Mr.  and   Mrs.  W.   M.,  Faribault,
Nutting,  Miss  A.  A.,  Faribault,  Minn.
Nut ing,  Miss  R.   M.,  Faribault,  Minn.
O'Brien, Miss B., Vancouver, B. C.
Osborne, Mrs. A. L., Leominster, Mass.
Ozment, Miss M.  L., Harrisburg, 111.
Padgett, Miss F.  0.,  Minneapolis, Minn.
Parker,  Miss  G.,  Clinton, Wis.
Perkins, Mrs.  L. E., Syracuse, N. Y.
Peters, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., Columbus, 0.
Peters, Miss P. A..  Columbus,  0.
Peterson, E. L., Seattle, Wn.
Petry, Miss J., Tacoma, Wn.
Pickering, Mrs. R. H., Dawson, Y. T.
Pleukharp, Mrs.  L. A., Columbus, 0.
Porter, Miss G. M., Deland, 111.
Pullen, W. S., Juneau, Alaska
Quinlan, John C, San Francisco, Cal.
Ranck,   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Z.   W.,   Middletown,
Ranck, Miss R. E., Middletown, 0.
Riechart,   Miss   H.   L.,   Tacoma,  Wn/
 Reimold, Mrs. S- A,, Ravenna, 0.
Reitz, Mr. and Mrs, J. P.. Cleveland, O.
Rekowski,   Chas.  W.  D.,  Detroit,  Mich.
Rice, Robert, Juneau, Alaska
Riebe, E. G.,  Seattle, Wn.
Robinson,   Mrs.   R.,   Berkeley,   Cal.
Rosenzweig, Mr. and Mrs. R., Omaha, Neb,
Rosenzweig, Miss L., Omaha, Neb.
Rudge, Mrs. C. H., Lincoln, Neb.
Sandberg,   Miss   A.,  Chicago,   111.
Schible.  Mrs,  F. M., Wenatchee, Wn.
SchoenboriT, Mrs. V., Los Angeles, Cal.
Schoenborn, Mas er L, Los Angeles, Cal.
Rclrfferle,  Mrs.  M.,  Omaha,  Neb.
Seitz,  Mr.  and Mrs.  C.  S., Tiffin, 0.
Seitz,  B.  A.,  Beverlev Hills,  Cal.
Shaffer, Miss G.,  Stockton, Cal.
Shannon,  Dr.  E.  Rv,  Waterloo,  Iowa
Siegel, Mr. and Mrs. Chas., Beverley Hills,
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S., Sommerville,
Smith, James,  Merritt.  B.  C.
Smith, Miss Nina G.,  Dawson, Pa.
Smith,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  0.  F.,  Los  Angeles,
Sostad, Mrs.  A.,  Vancouver,  B.  C.
Sostad, Master  G., Vancouver,  B.  C.
Stephens,   Miss   G.   M.,   Chicago,   111.
Stewart,  Mr.   and  Mrs.  P.   W.,   Columbus,
Stewart, L. 0., Des Moines, Iowa.
Stewart,  Miss  R.,  Des Moines, Iowa
Storey,  J.   M.,   Cleveland,  0.
Swartz, Miss H. W., Harrisburg, Pa.
Taylor, A.  H., Lynn, Mass.
Taylor,  Wm.,  Victoria,  B.   C.
Thowas,  Mr. and Mrs. H. I., Cleveland, 0.
Thye,  Miss  L., Chicago, 111.
Tilton, E. B., Leominster, Mass.
Torpey, Miss E.  D., Ravenna, 0.
Towsley,  Wm.  B.,  Chicago,  111.
Trowbridge,   Mr.  and  Mrs.   Chas.  A.,   Columbus,  0.
Twineham, Miss M. A., Los Angeles, Cal.
Vincent,  Mr.  and  Mrs  F.  D.  Wilkesbarre,
Vincent, Mstr.  D. Wilkesbarre, Pa.
White, Miss M. A. Syracuse, N. Y.
Wicker, Miss  A.  Sedro-Woolley,  Wn.
Williams,  Mr.  and  Mrs  A.  F.     Cleveland,
Wulf, Miss M. Cleveland, Ohio
Wulf, Miss L. F. Cleveland, Ohio
Yerger, M. B. Washington, D. C.
Zartman, Mrs. E. Los Angeles, Cal.
Zartman, Miss R. Los Angeles, Cal.
First Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Steward


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