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Victoria wharf Canadian Pacific Railway. British Columbia Coast Steamship Service 1971

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 Goad Metal Glaj/U
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 Goad Metal Gl&jfU
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i^H^^ Date./4^. 27/y/__
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Job Name
Goad Metal Gn&f/U
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j- •     ■■■■■': r    •■
RESEARCH FACIUTY-A new 60'x 144'x 16' Butler building is now occupied by the Cryodry
Corporation of San Ramon, California, as a center for research in the area of design and
manufacturing of equipment for rapid freezing of foods. The front of the building is a combination of Butler Monopanl and special window wall while the other sidewalls are Mono-
panl and insulated Butlerib. The roof is also insulated Butlerib. CSB Construction, Inc., the
Butler Builder in Oakland was the general contractor and George Swallow of Richmond was
the Architect.
Rx FOR RETAIL STORE-This new Butler
building had all the ingredients necessary to make the Maple View Pharmacy
in Omaha, Nebraska, an inviting and
satisfying place to shop for drugs and
sundries. The clean, modern look is created by the low-profile roof line and the
tasteful application of white brick and
Modular Wall on the front wall; white
Monopanl with charcoal Modular Wall
units on other walls. A 3' eave overhang
extends the roof line and gives weather
protection to the 60'x 140'x 12' LRF.
The sale and erection was accomplished by Darland Building Service,
Butler Builder in Omaha.
 There Are As Many Butler Buildings
As There Are Needs For Buildings
HEADQUARTERS—Furr's Inc. operates a chain of
food markets from this office building in El Paso,
Texas. The Butler structure is a 60/x96/xl2/
LRF with a Butlerib aluminum roof carrying a 20-
year guarantee. Sidewalls are insulated Monopanl interspersed with Modular Wall panels for
a decorative touch. The interior has a suspended,
acoustical tile ceiling and is completely air conditioned by gas refrigeration. A 3-foot eave overhang all around adds to the low-profile appearance and provides weather protection for the
exterior walls. Butler Builder was The Banes Co.,
Inc. of El Paso.
BEAUTY AND COAAFORT-The flexibility of Butler buildings is demonstrated in this attractive, efficient
installation which functions as the
Oakdale Park Nursing Home in
Salina, Kansas. Two low-profile
buildings, an 80/xll0/xl2/ and
a 40' x 96' x 12' are combined with
an attached 20' x 60' flat sun
porch. William J. Schell, Architect
of Salina chose Butler Monopanl
and brick for the exterior walls
and Butlerib panels for the roof.
Butler Builder, Salina Steel Structures, held the general contract.
 INDUSTRIAL SHOWPLACE-This impressive, new Butler
building has just been completed as a new plant for
Ward Steel Company in Randolph, Massachusetts, by the
Butler Builder in Cochituate, New England Erecting Co.
The two-story 150/x36/x22/ front portion of the building houses the offices and services for the company. The
plant  area   is  a   200'x 240'x 22'  MRF  designed   to  ac
commodate four 5-ton cranes for movement of materials through processing and storage- Exterior walls for
the offices are Monopanl and Modular Wall panels while
all other walls are Butler-Tone® charcoal Monopanl. The
entire roof is aluminum Butlerib bearing a 20-year
guarantee. Insulation has been installed on the under
side of the roof.
HUGE WAREHOUSE-ln June of this year,
Sabre Steel Building Co., Butler Builder in
Portland, Oregon, completed the fourth
building which they have erected for the
Port Authority of the Port of Vancouver,
Washington. Three of the four buildings
are shown here joined in multiple covering
approximately 94,000 square feet. Each
building is 100' x 312' x 30' with a low
profile roof line. The first one built was the
left portion, then the middle portion and
finally the third building. A 30-foot canti-'
levered canopy extends outward from the
sidewall of the third building for the entire
312' length to shelter the loading facilities.
All walls are mist green Butlerib, while the
roof is white Butlerib. Note the liberal use
of Butler Lite*Panl® in the roof to provide
a flood of natural daylight to the interior.
Werner S. Storch & Associates of Portland
were the Architects on the entire project.
Bahamas Blenders, Ltd., of Nassau,
Bahamas. A 2-story 120'x 216'x 20'
wholesale warehouse. Front is masonry, glass and Butlerib. Roof is
insulated Butlerib. Island Industries,
S.A.    of    Nassau    was    Butler    Builder.
Since the first significant usp of pre-engineered structures,
during World War II, Butler metal buildings have been
gaining increased preference in the building industry; each
year finding more acceptability in new applications. Initially,
few owners considered metal buildings for such uses as offices, supermarkets or schools. However, today, less than
two decades later, Butler pre-engineered buildings are in use
for countless applications all over the world.
Following the primary growth in the United States, further
growth followed elsewhere. In just a few years Butler buildings found acceptance in France, The Bahamas, United
Kingdom,  Canada,  Latin America and in fact,  all  around
the world. Universal utility was provided by the variety of
structural systems that met almost any building need; choice
of wall and roof systems; clear span interiors; factory pre-
engineering to assure perfect fit of all components; fast and
easy erection. .
The proven qualities and economies inherent in the Butler
System of Construction are now being enjoyed by companies
owned and operated abroad and by many American companies owning and operating foreign branches and subsidiaries. In this magazine are typical illustrations of Butler
buildings in Canada and other countries ... proof of the
world-wide acceptance of the Butler System of Construction.
DISTRIBUTOR OFFICE-Started in July, I960, the concept of conveniently located, compact Penny Farthing shops serving tourists and residents alike, caught on so well in Nassau, that eight stores are now in
existence with the ninth scheduled to open soon.
Center of Penny Farthing, Ltd. is this new 2880 square foot office and
warehouse, a 40' x IT x IO7 LRF Butler building. The new headquarter
facility features one of Butler's best-dressed wall systems: Monopanl
in bone white, surf green, and burnt orange, and a Modular Wall
door unit. A 3-foot overhang with a painted plywood soffit surrounds
half the building. Front entryway is recessed with the exposed rigid
frame painted white. Island Industries, S.A., Butler distributor in
Nassau handled the erection, with Cavalier Construction Co., Ltd.
holding the genera] contract. G.  Ross Hammond was Architect.
 It:       :
■ 4*1
and one conventional-type form this frozen food processing and storage facility for Windsor Food Terminals Ltd. and Marsh Frozen Foods
of Windsor, Ontario. Freezer room is located in a 100'x 100'x 16'
LRF, with a 24'x 11 8'x 16' width extension for shipping and receiving
area. A 5' canopy protects the loading dock. Added bay storage is
provided by a 100'x 18'x 16' LRF. 124'x50'xl2' office and food
processing is of conventional design.
Walls of the freezer component are Butler-Tone 515 aluminum
Butlerib with AVi" of polyurethane foam sprayed inside. Walls of storage and shipping area are covered with aluminum Butlerib, while
walls of the conventional office are Butler-Tone 515 aluminum Monopanl. Office has a built-up roof. Roof on the remaining three sections
is aluminum Butlerib. Butler Builder on this complex was Loaring
Construction Co., Ltd., also of Windsor.
AIRCRAFT SERVICE & REPAIR SHOP-Dorval International Airport, Dorval, Quebec, selected two 120'
xl20'x24' LRF Butler buildings erected in multiple, for their new aircraft storage and repair
shop. Walls are Monopanl, Butlerib, brick, and
glass. Roof is plain galvanized Butlerib. A vinyl-
faced blanket insulation is used on the ceiling and
upper part of the Butlerib walls.
A $2 million plant is being built on a 6-acre site in the
manufacturing city of Hamilton, Ontario, and two of Canada's largest steelmakers regard the event as being of major
importance to their future marketing plans. Formed in January 1965, Baycoat Ltd. is a joint venture of Dominion Foundries & Steel, Ltd., and The Steel Company of Canada, Ltd.
The new plant will house Baycoat's specially-designed
roller-coating line for the painting and pre-finishing of coil
steel. It will roller-coat steel coils with paint formulations
specified to customers' needs. Finishes will include alkyds,
vinyls, acrylics, and silicones.
Baycoat will be strongly supported by the 25-year technical experience of the Lithostrip Corp. of Chicago, which
supplies Butler-Tone 515 and Butler-Cote finishes for Butler
Manufacturing Co. in the United States, and—until now—
for Butler Manufacturing Co., Canada, Ltd.
The structure is a special LRF Butler building, supplied
and erected by Steel Building Sales, Ltd., Butler Builder in
Cooksville, Ontario. The 62'x 504'x 25' building features
Butler-Tone 515 charcoal Butlerib panels for the front and
rearwalls, and Butler-Tone 515 charcoal, slate blue, and bone
white Butlerib for the sidewalls. Roof is Butler-Cote bone
white Butlerib.
General contractor on the over 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility is Barclay Construction, Ltd. of Hamilton,
with Michael J. Torsney serving as Architect and Jos. Poel-
mann & Associates, Ltd. as consulting engineers.
(Above)  Primary and secondary framings are  in  place.
Majority  of  Butlerib  sidewalls  are  installed,  preparing
building for roof and endwall panels.
(Below) Plant is almost complete. Ready for hanging of
overhead   doors   and   miscellaneous   wall   sections   and
A    ::i!l: ' Wiff Sfflf  'li WPlAsf&P ^ASmAAMBAAm WB-i   IIM'WK
—   —rMMF m
:m^:m»p:pp 1111 ■■■■ pApppm mppm
OFFICE . . . WAREHOUSE . . . GARAGE-A complex of
Butler buildings form the facilities for Intercity Truck
Lines, Ltd. of Kitchener, Ontario. Steel Building Sales,
Ltd., Butler Builder in Cooksville sold and erected the
group of buildings which includes a 70' x 36'xl2'
LRF for the office, 110'x 144'x 16' MRF special as
warehouse,   and   a   60'x 88'x 16'   LRF   special   for  the
.1   :|
ISAiiii I1J1I11 "
garage section. Turquoise green aluminum Butlerib
panels were used throughout for warehouse and
garage, with turquoise green Monopanl and decorative
stone highlighting the office facade. The 23,640 square
foot project has bone white aluminum Butlerib roofs
on all three buildings.
 " ^mnmmm»-
AAA- yy
LRF STRUCTURE-Aurora Steel, Ltd. was Butler Builder
on this all-brick faced office for Barnett McQueen Co.,
Ltd., general contractors in Fort William, Ontario. A
50'x 166'x 12' LRF Butler building with a 3-foot overhang on all sides was selected. Roof is bone white gal
vanized Butlerib. Inside, the walls are mahogany paneled, floor is vinyl asbestos and carpet, while a suspended acoustical ceiling is used. Architect was J. H.
Cooke & Associates of Calgary, Alberta.
12' LRF Butler building is the new auto dealership
for Wilson Motors of North Kamloops, British Columbia. McGregor Construction, Ltd. was Butler
Builder and general contractor on the project.
Walls of the sales-service facility are turquoise
green and burnt orange Butlerib, with glass enclosing the front for showroom display. Roof is
aluminum Butlerib. A 10-foot canopy runs the
length of the building while a 6-foot canopy is
installed over the walkway across the front. Interior is finished with wood paneling. Dropped
ceiling utilizes acoustical tile which is also carried
through to form the underside of the walkway
Motor Company of Canada is the
owner of this 160'x 192'x 16'
MRF Butler building in Bramalea,
Ontario. Serving as a warehouse
for Ford Tractor parts, the over
30,000 square foot facility features
Butler-Tone 515 slate blue Butlerib
walls throughout with a Butler-
Tone 515 white Butlerib roof. 10-
foot canopies are installed above
the overhead door entrances. Butler Builder on the project was
C. E. Construction & Supplies, Ltd.
of London, Ontario.
COMBINED BUSINESSES-The new Riverview Service Center, Lumsden, Saskatchewan, is located in this 32'x 60'x 12' LRF Butler building by Steelcon,
Ltd., Butler Builder in Regina. The center contains Shell service station facilities and a restaurant. Bone white Butlerib panels are carefully blended with
face brick and glass to form the building facade. Roof is bone white Butlerib.
Owner Pat Cruikshank is reportedly very proud of his new Butler facility,
and according to Steelcon, he is one of their best third-party salesmen in
the area.
Fry's Engineering Co., Ltd., Butler
Builder in St. John's, Newfoundland, sold and held the general
contract for this warehouse, office,
and showroom building in St.
John's, Newfoundland. Guildford's
Ltd. is the owner. The 60'x 108'x
14' LRF Butler building features
slate blue Butlerib and antique
gold Monopanl on the rear and
sidewalls, with antique gold Monopanl, brick, and glass for the building front. Roof is bone white
aluminum Butlerib.
 Builder In Vancouver Serves Lumber Industry
Permasteel Engineering, Ltd., Butler Builder in Vancouver,
British Columbia, recently completed three new Butler facilities for Carrier Lumber Co. Two are located in Tabor, B.C.,
a planer mill and a sawmill, with the third, a conveyor cover
shed, for Prince George, B.C.
Carrier's new planer mill in Tabor utilizes two RF Butler
buildings in multiple, a 32' x 72' x 14' and a 60' x 150' x 16'.
Both structures are enclosed with plain galvanized Butlerib
panels. The Tabor sawmill is housed in a 60/xl68/x20/
LRF. Plain galvanized Butler panels form the walls and roof
of the 10,080 square foot facility.
The conveyor cover in Prince George is protected by a
20' x 648' x 84' roof system.
ite $,
and office for the Bingham Pump
Company, Ltd., Burnaby, British
Columbia, is located in a combination of Butler buildings by Perma-
steel Engineering, Ltd., Butler
Builder in Vancouver, B.C. The
main plant building is a 50'x 121'
x 24' LRF special with turquoise
green Butlerib walls. The office, in
the front, is a 70'x 38'x 12' LRF
with a 20'xl21'xl2' width extension on one side. Roof throughout is bone white aluminum Butlerib. Walls for the office are concrete block, glass and stucco.
Structure Inc., Butler Builder in St. Nicholas
Station, Quebec, sold and erected this 50' x
82'xl4' LRF Butler building for Dumont
Express, located in Sherbrook. The 4,100
square foot building provides transfer warehouse and office facilities for the trucking
business. Stone and special curtain-wall
panels make up the building front while
Butler-Tone 515 Butlerib panels cover the
remaining walls. Roof is plain galvanized
owns this new workshop and office erected
by Rigid Structures inc. The 60'x 60'x 16'
LRF Butler building is located in a new industrial center in Quebec City. Exterior walls
are turquoise green Monopanl. Entryway is
accented with brick, concrete, and glass.
Roof is plain galvanized  Butlerib.
Vicom & Co. (Canada), Ltd., a tool
& die Manufacturer, moved into
this new 100'x 100'x 16' MRF Butler building, located in a Kingston,
Ontario Industrial Park. Walls of
the 10,000 square foot building
are Butler-Tone 515 slate blue and
bone white Butlerib. Smith Building
Systems & Supply of Kingston, Ontario,   was  Butler   Builder.
ker Lumber, Ltd., of Ottawa, Ontario, selected a 100' x 200' x 16'
LRF Butler building for their new
building materials warehouse and
sales facility. Butler Builder on the
20,000 square foot project was Valley Structures, Ltd., also of Ottawa,
with D. H. Pyne providing engineering services. Building facade features cedar planking, brick, and
thermopane windows. Slate blue
Butlerib was used on rear and side-
walls. Roof is plain galvanized
Butlerib. Lite*Panl, installed in key
places, provides natural lighting for
warehouse   interior.
m '
** m * ^   4                                 - i
'■IK*  ~                         jj
x210'x24' LRF Butler building is the new indoor ice
skating facility for Bell Centennial Arena. Owner is
Nepean Township, Ottawa,
Ontario. Walls are concrete
block and brick veneer; the
roof is bone white Butlerib.
Butler Builder on the project
was Valley Structures, Ltd.,
with Brule' Construction,
Ltd. holding the general
contract. Architect was Ronald O'Giluie. The arena has
built-in seating for hockey
 Butler Buildings Play Key Role
In Production Of "Heavy Water" Plant
The Deuterium of Canada, Ltd. plant, in Glace Bay,
Nova Scotia, scheduled for completion in mid 1966, will be
the first of its kind in the -world . . . when it will begin
production of "heavy water." Heavy water will be made
by running ordinary sea water, obtained from the shores
of the Atlantic Ocean near Glace Bay, through a complex
of six 200 foot towers (shown at top right of aerial photo)
of alternating hot and cold water, plus adding a special
Heavy water, about 10 per cent heavier than normal
water, is used as a moderator to enable Canada's nuclear
reactors to operate on a cheap uranium fuel. It also is used
as a coolant for transferring heat in turbines at power stations.
The original project was planned to produce 200 tons of
heavy water per year, but already this amount is insufficient,
and expansion of the project to provide increased capacity
is being considered.
Butler buildings played a major role in the construction
of plant facilities, by providing quick and dependable quarters for both men and equipment on the project ... a
maintenance and repair building, a temporary field office
building, and a product finishing building. Maritime Builders,
A 50'x 100'x 16' LRF Butler
building was used for a temporary field office (in the
foreground). Aluminum Butlerib was used on both walls
and roof with Butler "25"
insulation also utilized on the
Ltd. of Sydney, Nova Scotia, was the Butler Builder on this
The maintenance and repair operation is housed in a 70'
x 180' x 20' LRF Butler building with a 48' x 60' x 16' width
extension. All walls are hammered embossed aluminum
Monopanl while the roof is plain aluminum Butlerib with
Butler "25" insulation.
The product finishing building is a 60'x60'x 16' LRF
with hammered embossed
aluminum Monopanl walls
and aluminum roof with Butler "25" insulation.
 AIRPORT TERMINAL-Permasteel (Alberta), Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, was Butler Builder and general contractor
on the new airport facilities for Peace River, Alberta.
Two LRF Butler buildings, a 40'x 96'x 16' and 40'x 96'
x 12', form the terminal complex, with 10'x52' and 10'
x 32' canopies. Walls are slate blue Butlerib and stucco,
and roof is bone white Butlerib with eave and gable
MEL Construction, Ltd. handles maintenance of their heavy road building
equipment in this 60/xl20'x20' LRF
Butler building. Sold to them by Germain Construction, Ltd., Red Deer, Alberta, the new facility also in Red Deer
features walls of desert tan aluminum
Butlerib and a galvanized Butlerib roof.
Sections of screen block accented with
brown columns blend beautifully with
the desert tan panels to form an attractive building front. Architect was
Glen   Parsons of Calgary,  Alberta.
Construction, Ltd., Butler Builder in Red Deer, Alberta,
sold and held the general contract on this beautiful new
sales and service facility for King Perry Distributors, Ltd.
The building, also located in Red Deer, is a 100'x96'x
16'  MRF  featuring   turquoise   green   aluminum   Butlerib
panels throughout for the walls. Building front is further
decorated with accent sections of screen-block masonry.
Roof is galvanized Butlerib with 1 Vi" vinyl-faced fiberglass insulation. Architect on the 9600 square foot project was Glen Parsons, Calgary.
AAM \ A: A AAA- A:A" ■■:     • : - - A: tf tf A. s ■< '■-■ tf >
 Addition To Dow Chemical Plant
In Richmond Is Butler Building
A 120'x 150'x 18' LRF Butler building provides a new office and
factory addition to the Dow Chemical Textile fibres plant in Richmond,
Quebec. Asbestos Mines Supplies, Thetford Mines, Quebec, was Butler
Builder and general contractor on the 18,000 square foot project. Butler-
Tone 515 Butlerib panels were used for the walls, with red brick trim
accent to match the brick on the existing structure. Roof is bone white
Butlerib. Inside, the factory has exposed beams with white vinyl-covered
blanket fiber glass insulation. The office area is decorated with prefinish-
ed plywood paneling and acoustical tile suspended ceiling.
20-YEAR GUARANTEED ROOF-Hi-Line Construction, Ltd., Murring, Alberta, Butler Builder sold this 40'x 60'x 16' LRF to Krause
Brown & Assoc, to be located in the same
city. Used for heavy equipment maintenance, the building has turquoise green and
bone white aluminum Butlerib walls and a
20-year guaranteed aluminum Butlerib roof.
: .. _ _.
44'xl2' LRF Butler building features factory-insulated turquoise
green Monopanl with accent
panels of Monolite and glass. Roof
is 20-year guaranteed aluminum
Butlerib with a 6-foot overhang on
the side and 3-feet on the front.
The new owner of this attractive
facility is Larsen's Memorials of
Winnipeg, Manitoba. PermaStruc-
tures Company, also of Winnipeg,
was Butler Builder and general
BUILT TO LEASE-Acme Construction Co, Ltd., Butler Builder in Saint John, New Brunswick, erected this office and
warehouse building as lease property. The all-Butlerib
facility includes two Butler buildings: a  120'x 120'x 16'
MRF for the warehouse section, and an 80'x 36'x 12'
MRF for the office. The front also has wainscot-high
brick and glass.
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL-The Parish of Simonds' Board of
School Trustees contracted with Acme Construction Co.,
Ltd., Butler Builder in St. John, New Brunswick, to handle
the construction of their new Forest Hills elementary
school, to be located in East Saint John. To house the
required   10  classrooms,   a   90'x 120'x 12'  MRF   Butler
building was selected. Combinations of brick, glass, and
Butlerib panels were used for the walls while the roof is
Butlerib. Inside, the classrooms are finished with vinyl
asbestos tile flooring, suspended and acoustical-board
ceiling. Architect was Stanley Emmerson; John Mooney
&  Assoc,   v/ere  consulting  engineers,   both  of St.  John.
The Essex Wire Corporation, Ltd. of Canada, selected
Butler buildings for the assembly of automobile wiring systems in Ingersoll, Ontario, and storage and manufacturing of
wire products in St. Thomas, Ontario. Local Butler Builders
in these two vicinities held the general contract on the new
plants and warehouses facilities.
C.E. Construction & Supplies, Ltd., Butler Builder in London, Ontario, erected this 300' x 336' x 16' MRF for Essex
Wire in Ingersoll. The 100,800 square foot building
houses the plant for assembly of automobile wiring sys-
PlyPs:;P: P't PPpAto\:Pto''^to
-   """:::.:: J: p:::
liillii ■■  •■'■'   : '
terns. Turquoise green Butlerib was used throughout
with glass and brick accenting the building front. Roof
on the massive plant is bone white aluminum Butlerib,
guaranteed for 20 years.
A 240'x 253'x 20' MRF Butler is the
new building for Essex Wire's manufacturing and storage plant in St. Thomas,
Ontario. Loaring Construction Co., Ltd.
of Windsor was Butler Builder and general contractor with C.E. Construction &
Supplies, Ltd. erecting the steel. Rear
wall and sidewalls are concrete block on
the lower portion with Lite*Panl and
Butler-Tone 515 Butlerib on the remaining section. Building front is Butlerib,
glass,   and   block.
AUTO SALES AND SERVICE-This attractive automotive
sales and service center for Stephenson Motors, Ltd. of
Minnedosa, Manitoba, was built by Prairie Steel Buildings, Butler Builder in Brandon, Manitoba. An 80'x 102'
Butler building was selected with a 12-foot high eave
for the showroom and 16' high for service area. Display
area is enclosed in glass and brick, with turquoise
green Monopanl forming the remaining walls of the
showroom and office section. Walls of service center are
turquoise green Butlerib while the same panels form the
roof on both portions of the 8160 sq. ft. facility.
 BUS MANUFACTURING-Western Flyer Coach is the new
owner of this 120'x 264'x 16' LRF Butler building, a
bus manufacturing plant located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Butler Builder in Winnipeg, PermaStructures Company,
was general contractor on the 32,000 square foot facility, which has a Butlerib wall on the right for future ex
pansion; concrete block on the left and rear walls. Front
is traditional masonry to match the brick exterior of the
brick office building. Butlerib panels were used for
the roof with sections of translucent Lite*Panl for natural
interior lighting.  Butler "25" insulation  is installed.
Butler building provides the structure for the Church of
England Pavilion at the Royal Showground in Stoneleigh,
Warwickshire. It is enclosed on three sides with antique
gold Butlerib. Roof is also antique gold with sections of
Lite*Panl for natural  interior lighting.
p p^
. * f     u
sS>f; '-'*'
J&& x *
Albans), Ltd., St. Albans, Hertfordshire, selected a 120'
x 160'x 16' LRF Butler building for sales and service of
the Standard  Triumph. The attractive  building features
antique gold Butlerib panels on side and rear walls, with
showroom and office areas enclosed in glass. Roof is
mist green galvanized Butlerib.
service building was started October 15 for
Eastern Tractors in Bishop's Stortford, England.
Shown here is the artist's concept of the finished
building which is scheduled for completion early
in January 1966. The front of the 80'x 192'x 16'
LRF Butler building features an exposed rigid
frame outlining the modern brick and glass wall.
Other walls and the roof are bone white Butlerib
GLASS FOUNDRY-Ballotini Manufacturing Co.,
Ltd., a glass foundry in Barnsley, Yorkshire, occupies a 70'x 160' LRF Butler building with a 24'
eave height for the main plant area and a 16'
high eave for the office and shipping section.
Walls of factory complex are Butler-Tone 515 desert beige Butlerib with portions of face brick for
the office and receiving building. Bone white
Butlerib covers the roof. A 10' wide canopy protects the loading dock.
FIVE BUTLER BUILDINGS-Over 45,000 square feet of space for the
Johnson & Johnson Laboratories Peloille in Sezanne (Marne),
France, is included in a complex of five Butler buildings. Sizes are:
80' x 48' x 16'; 40' x 360' x 16'; 80' x 264' x 20'; 40' x 40' x 20'; and
40'x 120'x 12'; all LRF Butler buildings. Walls are desert beige
Butlerib and desert beige Monopanl with accent sections of Modular Wall. All roofs are bone white Butlerib. Building in the foreground shows the entrance to the office.
DRUG OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE-Two Butler LRF structures were
combined to form the office and warehouse center for Sterling
Drug International, Ltd., located in Kingston, Jamaica. Pre Engineered Buildings, Ltd., Butler Distributor in Kingston, sold and held
the general contract on the drug processing plant. The 80' x 80' x
14' LRF (shown in the foreground) utilizes decorative stone and
stucco-finished block walls. Antique gold Butlerib was used throughout for the 70' x 100' x 20' LRF section.
EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE-George Henderson, Ltd., Haddington, Scotland, sells and services Massey-Ferguson agricultural
equipment in their new Butler facility—a 60'x 96'x 20' LRF with
2—24'x 96'x 18' width extensions. The building front is completely
enclosed with glass for equipment display while the other walls are
slate blue Butlerib.
 Expansion And Conversion
Keeps Pace With Business
In 1946, The Banes Company, Butler Builder in Albuquerque, erected two Butler buildings for the Whitfield Transportation Co. of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Now the Banes
Company of El Paso has recently completed a "face lifting"
of the two buildings.
The buildings were expanded from 40 feet in width to 50
feet, and from 14 feet in height to 15.6 feet. After this was
done, the buildings were relocated and placed end-to-end to
provide a new 14,500 square foot bus and truck terminal,
office and bus maintenance shop for Whitfield.
Interior improvements and a new Butler roof system make
the old buildings look like new. Characteristic of Butler metal
buildings, the entire operation was completed with virtually
no loss of material from the 18-year old buildings.
NEW HOME—After 40 years of doing business in the
concrete building shown (small photo) the Harold E.
Schall Iron Works, Inc. of Monte Vista, Colorado, now occupies a new Butler building. All four walls of the 60'x
180' structure are Butler-Tone Monopanl, charcoal and
white, with accent panels of slate blue and burnt orange.
The plain galvanized steel roof is insulated with vinyl
covered fiberglass. Overhead doors provide access for
equipment. Colorado Building Systems of Colorado
Springs was the Butler Builder.
 COATING BUILDING—Another combination of three Butler buildings; a 70' x 100' x 20' LRF, a 70' x 25' x 34' and
a 12'x50'x 19' WX. This, also, is enclosed with Butlerib
panels on walls and roof. The interior of the building is
equipped with a Monorail and cranes.
Special Design
Pipe Manufacturing
Complex By Butler
In Romeo, Michigan
Early in 1965 International Pipe & Ceramics Corporation
occupied and began operations in their new plant in Romeo,
Michigan. It was an all-Butler complex of buildings totalling
65,000 square feet. The principal units are identified in the
accompanying photos.
This specialized manufacturing operation involves production of concrete pipe for carrying water to rural communities in the State of Michigan. The all-new plant was constructed in a virgin area of the State near the communities
which would be served. It is planned that future buildings
will be added as the needs arise. This is only one of several
installations of International Pipe & Ceramics Corporation
throughout the United States.
The flexibility of the Butler Building System proved to be
an ideal answer to this construction problem where so many
diverse requirements had to be met in providing functional
space in structures for specialized manufacturing operations.
Sizes and shapes were among the critical considerations.
Garrison Buildings, Inc., Butler Builder in Oak Park, Michigan, was both general contractor and engineer for the entire
 CYLINDER SHOP-Consists of a combination of three Butler buildings; a 100'x
264' x 26' LRF, a 32' x 192' x 26' LRF and
a 30'xl72,x50/ WB. All Butlerib wall
and roof panels on special Butler structural.
Similar in appearance and design
to the Coating Plant this Butler
building is also covered with Butlerib panels on walls and roof.
AERIAL VIEW - (At left) The expanse of operations and storage
requirements of International Pipe
& Ceramics Corporation is dramatically shown here. Although the
installation occupies several acres,
the layout follows an assembly line
pattern centered around railroad
spurs to facilitate movement of
product. Foreground — Cylinder
shop; left foreground — Maintenance building; upper left — Coating building; upper right center —
Boiler building,- upper right—Batch
 AUTO MART-Salina, Kansas, is the
home of Peterson Pontiac, Inc. This attractive new Butler building provides
clear span space for a 50'x 50'x 12'
glass enclosed showroom and a 70' x
120'x 14' parts and service area. In addition, there is a 30'x 70' mezzanine
for additional storage space. Masonry,
Monopanl and Butlerib panels are used
in combination to form the sidewalls.
The interior features include a suspended acoustical ceiling and wood
paneling in the showroom and offices.
Architectural services were provided by
William J. Schell of Salina and the Butler
Builder was Salina Steel Structures, also
of Salina.
HANDY DANDY-Compact but efficient, this
colorful Butler building serves as Marv
Pifer's Quality Automotive Service in Adrian, Michigan. The basic building is a 40'
x 48'x 24' LRF carefully planned for maximum utility as a parts and service department. A 24' x 48' width extension was designed on the front, 20' of which was enclosed with Monopanl walls as the office
area; the other 28' was left open for use
as a car port. Butlerib panels cover the
roof and were also used in conjunction
with Monopanl on the exterior walls. A 32'
addition is being planned for the service
area along with an extension of the car
port. Roy L. Builders Co. of Jackson, Michigan, was Butler Builder and general contractor.
 BUTLER IN THE BAHAMAS-Not too long ago
Associated Bahamian Breweries, Ltd. of Nassau,
Bahamas, moved into this new Butler building, a
120'x 192'x20 LRF, and is operating as a subsidiary of Canadian Breweries, Ltd. Located on a
50-acre site, the building provides all the space
and facilities for the latest type of brewing and
bottling   equipment   to   serve   the   domestic   and
export markets.
The front of the building is designed in keeping with the modern trend in the Bahamas; masonry, native stone and Butlerib aluminum
panels. Butlerib aluminum panels are also used
on the sides, rear and roof. Island Industries,
S. A., Butler Builder in Nassau erected the building. Ian J. H. Allan of Nassau was Architect.
NIAGARA BRAND CHEMICALS-A division of FMC Machinery & Chemicals,
Ltd. has new general offices located
in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. This
manufacturer of agricultural chemicals chose a 100' x 72' x 12' MRF special Butler building which was sold
and erected by Steel Building Sales,
Ltd. of Toronto. Architect was William
G. Whitney, also of Toronto. The entire front of the building is Butler
Monopanl and cut stone; sides are
Monopanl and Butlerib and the rear
is all  Butlerib,  as  is the  roof.
 MANUFACTURING PLANT- In the Spring of 1965,
No-Sag Spring Company, Ltd. subsidiary of American Metal Products Company moved into this new
137'x 180'x 16' MRF Butler building, located in
Ville  D'Anjou, Quebec. The front, sides and  rear
of this 25,650 square foot building are covered
with turquoise aluminum Butlerib panels. Roof is
white Butlerib. Butler Builder, C. E. Construction &
Supplies, Ltd. of London, Ontario, sold and erected
the building.
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Imperial Oil Company, Ltd. occupies this 160'x 203'x 21' Butler building. Permasteel Engineering, Ltd., Butler Builder, also
in Vancouver, sold and erected
it. Butler structurals and roof incorporate 6-foot canopy along
each side. The roof is Butlerib
100'x 160'x 16' Butler building houses the Volkswagen dealership in Nassau, Bahamas—Bahamas
Automobile   Company.   The   LRF   building   has   a
glass, masonry and Butlerib panel front, and Butlerib sidewalls. Clearspan interior provides ample
showroom display area and wide open service
area. John Westcott was the Architect.
''rinted  in  U.S.A.


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