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Staff circular : lines west of Fort William Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Office of the Second Vice-President Nov 1, 1907

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' JO /
;   7
♦    '     /
Office   of  the   Second   Vice-President.
For convenience of reference, it has been deemed
advisable to reissue the instructions contained in Staff
Circular of December 10th, 1900, embodying" all alterations and additions which have since been made.
1. The following instructions will apply to all
classes of employees, with the exception of Trackmen,
Car Cleaners, Freight Porters, Steamship Firemen and
employees of a similar grade for whom staff forms
need only be submitted when they have served one
year in continuous or cumulative service.
2. All newly engaged employees, except /hose engaged for temporary periods, unless otherwise specially arranged, will be considered as upon probation,
and will only be transferred to the permanent staff
after six months' continuous and satisfactory service,
on the recommendation of the Head of the Department on form 04. Proper records must be kept by
each Department, so that this form may be submitted
promptly at the end of the six months' term in the
event of satisfactory service.
3. Any employee upon probation found incompetent
for transfer to permanent staff must be relieved from the service,  and notification sent on form 05 to this
4. When an employee engaged for a temporary period is transferred to the permanent staff, his probationary period will date from the commencement of
his temporary engagement.
5. The fact that any employee is or has been on the
permanent staff within the meaning of the above regulations, shall not in any way affect or alter the
rights of either the Company or of such employee in
respect of the termination of his services or compensation therefor, and all such rights be the same
as if there were no such permanent staff as is a,bove
provided for.
6. All applicants must present, prior to engagement,
or, if by special arrangement, within thirty days thereafter, testimonials of character or references from
previous employers for at least the three years preceding engagement, provided they have been so long
employed. Records of such employees on form 01, together with form 02, and copies of testimonials must,
immediately on engagement, be sent through the proper officers to this office for approval. Heads of Departments will in all cases take the necessary steps to
ascertain that testimonials and credentials presented
by applicants are authentic, using form 07 for communicating with outside persons. All forms 02 submitted without having attached thereto form 01 and
the required copies of testimonials, or not accompanied by a proper explanation as to why such testimonials have not been obtained,, will not be acted upon
but will be returned to the official submitting them to
haye the omission rectified.
O Where the employment of additional help is proposed permanently, or for a temporary period, a memorandum should be attached, giving full explanation,
and in the case of station 'staff to include a comparison of the business done for say three months compared with the previous year.
Staff forms for employees taking the place of those
on leave of absence, must show whether employee
relieved is to be allowed pay.
7. All promotions or changes of position with or
without change in salary, must be reported for approval on form 03 to this office.
S. In the case of Enginemen, Trainmen, regular Relieving Despatchers, Relieving Agents and Relieving
Operators, it will only be necessary to report changes
when transfer is from one General Superintendent's
Division to another.
9. No engagement, transfer or promotion will be
effective except from day to day until approved by
this office, and no definite promise of promotion, or of
an increase in the rate of pay, must be made without
such approval having first been obtained.
10. In submitting forms for approval of the engagement of employees or change in position of any
already in the service, for a temporary period, it must
be stated approximately what length of time such
engagement or change is intended to cover, and if it
be found necessary later to extend such period, another form must be submitted and approval obtained.
11. Advice of all employees resigning or being dismissed from the service, or who may leave the service
even for a short period, must be promptly given on
form 05, and whenever an employee is discharged for any cause the form should show the exact reason in
brief for such discharge.
12. It will not be necessary for General Superintendents to sign staff forms Nos. 01 to 04 inclusive, nor
forms 06 and 07, with the exception of forms 02 and 03
in the following cases:
1. Where an increase of salary is recommended for
an employee whose remuneration is not governed by schedule.
t. Where the employment of additional assistance is
proposed, but it will not even then be necessary
to sign these forms for men whose remuneration is on a train or engine mileage basis.
3. Where they apply to Despatchers, Roadmasters,
Yardmasters, Foremen of all kinds, Clerks or
employees in similar or superior positions.
General Superintendents will continue to sign forms
d5 and 08, except as to forms 08 in the case of Agents
and Telegraph Operators, when the signature of the
Superintendent will suffice.
In all other cases the signatures of the Superintendents will be sufficient, and the forms mentioned
should be sent to this office.
13. Staff forms should as far as possible be made
effective from the first day of a month, and should be
forwarded to the proper office in ample time for consideration and action before, the date upon which they
are intended to take effect.
14. Forms proposing an increase of salary with no
change in position will be approved to take effect not
earlier than the first day of the month following that
in which they are received in this office. 15. Certificates of service on form 08 must only be
Issued by the following officers:
Second Vice-President,
Assistant General Manager,
Assistant to the Second Vice-President,
Assistant Chief Engineer,
Assistant Freight Traffic Manager,
Assistant Passenger Traffic Manager.
General Passenger Agent,
General Superintendents,
Assistant Superintendent of Motive Power,
Assistant Master Car Builder,
Local Treasurer,
General Superintendent of Telegraphs,
District Superintendent Sleeping, Dining
and Parlor Cars,
Manager in Chief of Hotels,
Assistant Purchasing Agent,
General Storekeeper,
Fuel and Tie Agent, Western Lines,
And all other Officers authorized by the
President or Second Vice-President,
with the exception that on certificates of service for
Agents and Operators, in order that any undue delay
may be avoided, the signatures of their Superintendents will be sufficient.
Such certificates must be numbered  consecutively
by each Department and a copy sent to this office.
An employee must not receive a certificate on being
O 6
transferred from  one position or Department in  the
Company's service to another.
A complete record of all certificates issued must be
kept by the Department issuing them. The spare
stock of forms of certificates of service must be kept
under lock and key.
16. An employee who has been dismissed or who has
left the service must not be re-employed without the v
consent of the Head of the Department in which he
was previously employed.
17. The Company will not re-employ anyone who
leaves the service of his own accord when his services
are required.
18. Any person re-employed by the Company must,
on re-employment, deliver any certificate previously
received by him to the Head of the Department or the
officer re-employing him, and such certificate will be
retained to be embodied in any future certificate
issued, but a copy should be attached to the staff
forms submitted for approval.
, 19. Men over forty years of age seeking employment
in the Company's service must not be engaged unless
under exceptional circumstances of which an explanation must accompany staff forms when submitted for
approval, and such employees must be advised that
they cannot become eligible for pension allowance except under special circumstances to be approved by
the Pension Committee, and form 01 in such cases
should bear an endorsation stating that they have
been so advised.
20. It is the desire of the Company to fill vacancies o
that may occur in the service by promotion rather
than by the employment of outside men. In promotion, preference will be given to those who show by
their work that they have a desire to thoroughly acquire a knowledge and understanding of railway work.
21. In the Clerical staff, preference will be shown
those who become proficient in shorthand, typewriting and telegraphy.
22. A copy of the President's circular of December
8th, 1902, with regard to the inauguration of the Pension System, together with a copy of the rules and
regulations therein referred to, must be furnished to
Bach new employee when engaged.
Second  Vice-President.
1st November, 1907. o


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