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Pamphlet advertising jobs with CP Ships Canadian Pacific Steamships 1981

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 ' *  .
We built the great railroad
fly one of the world's great airlines,
own and operate the great hotels... And we sail the great oceans
Front Row, Leftto Right: Fort Kamloops/Fort Victoria/Fort Yale/G. A. Walker/W. A. Mather/R. A. Emerson/Fort Macleod/Fort Steele/Fort Edmonton/Fort Kipp/FortCoulonge/E.W.Beatty/D.C.Coleman/W.M.Neal. 2nd Row, Left to Right: Lord Mt. Stephen/Lord Strathcona/WX. Van H^^
3rd Row, Left toRight: CP Voyageur/CP Discoverer/CP Trader/H. R. MacMillan/ J. V. Clyne/N. R. Crump/Fort Walsh/Fort Hamilton 'Fort Carleton
Back Row: Fort St. John.
CP Ships, Canadian Pacific,
great careers right down the line.
You're looking at one section of the world's largest investor-owned
inter-modal transportation system.
And even that system represents only part of Canadian Pacific - an
incomparable enterprise with assets of over $6 billion.
If you're a Deck or Engineer Officer, you could become part of that
team right now.
You'd start off with a base of real security.
And you'd have well-defined future prospects and opportunities.
Those benefits are part and parcelof joining Canadian Pacific.
The benefits of workingfor CP Ships specifically are increasing all
the time...
Where thefleetfits in
CP Ships arrived on the scene
second only to the great railway.
And of all Canadian Pacific
companies, none has ridden the years
of change more boldly:
Today, we look forward to new
challenges, with a superb fleet and a
team-minded management which can
only make CP Ships prosper
Take your ship
Do a picture count and you'll see
that CP Ships currently comprises
35 vessels.
Their average age is between four
and five years (which says much for
sea-going comfort, equipment and
conditions generally).
And among them you'll find
marvellous variety:
We have crude tankers
(71,534 D.W.T to 252,970 D.W.T.).
Clean products carriers, all
30,700 D.W.T. a piece.
We have geared bulk carriers
(15,925 D.W.T to 35,414 D.W.T), and
gearless bulk carriers (57,114 D.W.T
to 123,000 D.W.T); and, f inaUy, if you
fancy really short trips across the
North Atlantic, three 16,700 D.W.T
container vessels.
This fleet is growing year bv year.
Which is why CP Ships needs a
constant intake of first class Officers
(of almost all ranks) on which to build
its future.
And why Officers serving with
CP Ships enjoy not only first-rate ships
of unusual variety, but also growing
scope for full management
responsibility together with
outstanding chances for promotion.
Benefits close up
It's one thing to paint a broad
At first glance, CP Ships can't fail
to impress.
But it's in both our interests that
CP Ships comes off even better during
the longer, more critical look which
We know that you won't place your
hard-won career into other hands
So turn the page and you'll get a
more exact idea of the kind of terms
CP Ships is offering these days.
History in the making
lb have witnessed the evolution of
CP Ships you would now have to be about
100years old!
We bought our first ship on April 1st.,
1884-to help with construction of the-"
Canadian Pacific railway
Two years later, increasing trade
with the Orient set the first Canadian
Pacific 'Empresses' crossing the
The company's first North Atlantic
fleet appeared in 1903. And later, as
competition mounted, CanadianPacif ic
introduced bigger, better and faster
ships -until the great Atlantic
Empresses were simply the cream of
passenger ships.
During the second world war,
however, CanadianPacif ic suffered
huge shipping losses.
And by the time the company had
recovered, the shadow of the jet air-liner
was overhead.
Canadian Pacific had completed a
long and splendid first era of modern
maritime history.
We're now well embarked on the
November, 1885.
The country had been joined, coast
to coast, in 4| years!
CanadianPacif ic's activities have
been scarcely less spectacular since:
Apart from operating trains, ships,
trucks and planes, the company
founded CanadianPacific Investments
Ltd. in 1962 to manage substantial
interests in oil, gas, the mining of coal,
lead, zinc and precious metals; in
fertilizers and chemicals, real estate,
hotels, forest products, pipelines and
equipment leasing.
0 CP Rail, in roundfigures, currently
operates 23,500 miles of track, utilizing
79,000 freight cars, 1,300 locomotives
and employing a staff of 36,000.
(2) CPAirisoneof the world's major air
carriers with 50,000 unduplicated route
miles linking five continents (as well as
most major cities across Canada).
(D CPTransportis Canada's largest
trucking operator- and one of the
biggest in North America.
(D CP Telecommunications is a leader
in the development of modern
telecommunications technology,
supplying an unrivalled service to
government, business and industry
right across Canada.
What we made of history @ CPHotelsownsormanagesmore
Thelastspikewhichcompletedthe     than 28 major 5-star hotels and
great railway was driven home in restaurants throughouttheworld.
Key to Front Page Illustration. Salaries on a grand scale.
Here are some examples of the
newly agreed CP Ships' salaries
effective fromlast October 1st.
Chief Officer
Master's Cert.
2nd Officer
3rd Officer
2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
Part AExemption
5th Engineer
Part A Exemption
Purser/ChiefSteward   £5,688-£6,858
Radio/Electronics Officer
ACME £6,540-£7,710
We also pay a realistic salary to
Engineer Officers with Steam
Certificates who wish to gainMotor
The great breakthrough
CP Ships and all four Officers'
Unions reached a major new
agreementtowards the end of lastyear
affecting salaries, benefits and working
We acted because our special
situation demanded it and our Officers
had earned it.
Rapid expansion in a situation of
restricted salaries had resulted in an
unacceptably low intake of new
officers-and an ever increasing
pressure on Officers already in service.
CP Ship' new agreement has put
this right.
Continuity of management
A system of shipboard
management is being phased in:
Masters, Chief Officers, Chief
Engineers and Second Engineers
serving on those vessels which demand
greater management responsibility
will be attached to their ships for a
minimum of two years.
Those involved in this system will
serve on a 'one voyage on, one voyage
off self-relieving basis.
Wives and children
Officers on company contract will
now beable to be accompanied both by
their wives and children - rules
regarding both coastal and ocean
passages (as well as ship visiting) have
been relaxed, subject to safety and
operational requirements.
Your move
CP Ships' new compensation
package runs to many pages - all of them
of vital interest to you. For more details,
please return the coupon.
Post to Fleet Personnel Dept. CP Ships,
62/65 Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5EB.
Tel: 01-930 5100.
My rank is _
Tel. No.
We built the great railroad. We fly one of the world's
great airlines. We own and operate the
great hotels. And we sail the great oceans.
Canadian Pacific. It's a great story-still being told.
CP Ships


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