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From dog sleds to air-conditioned trains Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1937

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Empress of Britain, Flagship of the Canadian Pacific Fleet A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
AN early days the roads were few;
There were no trains for me and you.
But when the ground was white with
Canadians travelled to and fro
On shoes like racquets, broad and strong,
With dogs to pull their sleds along.
[ 11
Printed in Canada, 1937 A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
IN Summer,  in their long canoes,
On lakes and rivers they would cruise,
And paddled on from fort  to fort
With guns and  goods of every sort,
And traded with the Indians there
For furs of beaver and of bear.
[ 2] A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
A HEN, when in homes they settled down,
They built their roads from town to town,
And went in stage coach overland,
Driving the horses four-in-hand.
Nine passengers therein could ride
With all their baggage packed outside.
[3 ] A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
ATLANTIC Service was begun
With sailing ships; and number one
Was this small brig, whose name was
Riding the seas just like a queen.
Then other vessels, large and fine,
Were launched to make the Allan Line.
[ 4] A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
i\CROSS the Rockies lay a land
Where rivers ran on golden sand;
But there were few who went so far
Until we built the C. P. R.,
Through passes none had crossed before,
To reach B. C/s Pacific shore.
[ 5] A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
JiXPLORING routes where trains might go,
A Dr. Hector fell below
A cliff upon a mountain side,
Kicked by a restive horse  that shied.
A river nearby runs its course,
And so they called it   "Kicking Horse."
[ 6 A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
In August, 1883,
The first train came to Calgary.
At that time just a dozen shacks
Were found beside  the railroad  tracks;
But now  the railway's magic spell
Has raised  the Palliser Hotel.
7} A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
In Spring of 1885,
Just as the West began to thrive,
Some Indians started to rebel
Led by the halfbreed Louis Riel.
Soldiers were sent from near and far
Along the new-built C. P. R.
[ 8 A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
iVND then, upon November Seven,
In Eagle Pass the spike was driven
Which linked the rails from East to West,
And every rail was of the best.
From Coast to Coast the trains now run
To make all Canada as one.
[ 9 A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
J^ ROM ports in China oversea
Now  came  the  ships with silk  and tea;
And still the cargoes from Hong Kong
Help to make eastbound trains so long,
While through Vancouver  now  you  can
Ship wheat and lumber to Japan.
10 A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
JL HE  Great  Lakes  steamers ran before
The tracks were laid along the shore.
Then ships of steel and new design
Were added to the Beatty Line;
And still in summer by the Soo
The C. P. R. runs steamers through*,
[ii A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
XXIGH in the Rockies fringed with trees
Was found the lovely Lake Louise,
And round it snowy peaks in view
Were mirror'd in its sapphire blue.
The Chalet, built for guests to stay,
Grew  to the Chateau of today.
[12: A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Vancouver was a Captain bold
Who sailed the seas in days of old;
And so in tribute to his fame
Vancouver Island got its name,
Vancouver City too,  as well
As this,  the C. P. R. hotel.
[ 13 A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
THE liners of the C. P. R.,
Looked very strange in time of War;
Yet painted  stripes of black  and  white
Are at a distance lost to sight.
A million troops were shipped with ease
By C. P. R.  across the seas.
[ 14] A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
XN Windsor Station,  Montreal,
There stands a building wide and tall.
Here is the centre whence  there come
The wires that make the railway  hum,
And steamship lines of vast extent,
All under one great President.
[ 15 ] A Pictorial History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
xVND now, in order time to gain,
We run the semi-streamline train,
And bigger engines pull the freight,
And everything's right up-to-date,
And cool in air-condition'd car
We dine upon the C. P. R.
[ 16 ] A Secret
This little book has
been printed especially for the many
Children who
travel   on   the
It is all for them
except the next two
pages which are for
Mother,  Father
or Grown-ups only
Tear off at perforation
and  the secret is out i
THHE employees on Canadian
Pacific  dining  cars  are  always
anxious to help parents in the selec
tion and preparation of meals suitable
for children.
If parents wish to divide portions
of their own orders with [their chil
dren the waiter will be glad to supply
free, extra dishes and silverware for
that purpose.
Or, if parents desire special foods,
or foods  prepared just as  mother
prepares them at home, it is  only
necessary   to   inform   the   waiter.
; There is no extra charge for this
In fact, this special meal service is
available on Canadian Pacific dining
cars for children under twelve years
of age, at only one-half the price
shown on the regular menus, table
(Thote and a la carte.
Ask the dining car steward for
children's special meal check, and
write the order upon it. This is
necessary to obtain the meal at half
A Chain of Comfort across Canada
from Atlantic to Pacific
The hotels shown on this page are
representative Canadian Pacific hostel-
nes, fifteen of which are located in
the following cities and resorts:
Cornwallis Inn Kentville,N.S.
The Pines Digby# N.S.
Lakeside hn  Yarmouth, N.S.
Algonquin Hotel St. Andrews, N.B.
McAdam Hotel McAdam, N.B.
Chateau Frontenac Quebec, Que.
5°ya   A?k Ho.tcl Toronto, Ont.
Royal Alexandra Hotel     . Winnipeg, Man.
Hote Saskatchewan Regina, Sask.
*HofeLPa.,,lser Calgary, Alta.
Banff Springs Hotel Banff, Alta.
Chateau Lake Louise Lake Louise, Alta.
Emerald Lake Chalet Near Field, B.C.
Hotel Vancouver Vancouver, B.C.
Empress Hotel Victoria, B.C.
*{Oven summer months only)
Also,   eightirustic    lodges    in    the
Canadian   Rdckies   and   at   Ontario
Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alta,
Royal York Hotel, Toronto-Largest Hotel in the British Empire  CANADIAN


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