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Banff Springs Hotel
in the Canadian Rockies
-«" _§Ss$&$&J&'. ^    ^s <&&&| Canadian   Rockies
Batlff   SpringS   Hotel—Open June 12 to Sept. 13, 1937.
A 600-room modern fireproof hotel situated in the heart of Banff National Park. Nestling in a magnificent
mountain setting overlooking the Valley of the Bow, Banff Springs Hotel is noted for its fine appointments.
Banff-land offers many entertainment features and sports attractions.
GOLF—on a mile-high course. Enjoy mountain climbing with experienced Swiss Guides, Tennis, Boating, Fishing, Riding, Dancing.
Two Swimming Pools, one of hot sulphur water and the other
clear crystal.
ANNUAL GOLF WEEK—August 23 to 28.
The Edward, Prince of Wales Cup for Men's Championship.
Brewster Cup for Ladies' Championship.
Associated Screen News Cup for 18-hole Ladies' Handicap.
INDIAN DAYS—July 23 to 25.
A colorful spectacle that brings three to four hundred Stoney
Indians to Banff each summer for their tribal sports—mounted in
gorgeous trappings and headpieces.    A fascinating spectacle.
TRAIL RIDERS OF THE CANADIAN ROCKIES—July 30 to August 3—an order that holds an official riding
and camping trip each year.
THE SKY LINE TRAIL HIKE—August 6 to 9. Organized with the object of encouraging more extensive
use of the trails.
BANFF SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS—August 3 to 28—a summer school of music, drama and art.
Rates—All Rooms With Bath    (European Plan)
Sulphur Mountain View
Single Rooms —$6.50
Double Rooms—10.00
Suites—from $12.00
Bow Valley View
Single Rooms —$8.00 $9.00  $10.00
Double Rooms— 12.00    14.00
Transfer 1)4 Miles
Between station and hotel, 50 cents per person each
way.   Hand baggage free; trunk 50 cents each way.
For stay of two weeks or more 10%  discount on
room or suite rates.
For stay of four weeks or more 20% discount on
room or suite rates. Lovely   Lake   Louise
Chateau Lake Louise—open June 12 to sePt. 13,1937.
Forty-two miles west of Banff, at an altitude of 5,680 feet, lies beautiful Lake Louise, praised by many as
the most perfect gem of scenery in the known world. At the farther end dazzling ice-capped Victoria Glacier
meets the view. Overlooking the lake is the Chateau Lake Louise, a modern fireproof 400 room hotel,
situated 600 feet above the railway, and reached in comfort by motor car.
SWIM in an open-air, tiled swimming pool, located below the dining room and facing the lake. The
glacial water is comfortably heated and an instructor is in attendance.
RIDE, HIKE OR CLIMB over the many trails that lead away from Lake Louise. There are short hikes
that will thrill you with the minimum amount of effort, or for the more hardy, Alpine climbing accompanied
by Swiss Guides that will pay big dividends for the time and effort expended.
LAKE LOUISE has numerous other attractions that will make your stay appear all too short, including
Tennis, Boating, Clock Golf and Dancing.
Pipestone Range View
Single Rooms —$6.50
Double Rooms—10.00
Rates—All Rooms With Bath    (European Plan)
Lake View
Single Rooms —$8.00 $9.00 $10.00
Suites—from $16.00 Double Rooms— 12.00    14.00
Transfer 3 Miles
Between station and hotel, 50 cents per person each
way. Hand baggage free; trunk 50 cents each way.
For stay of two weeks or more 10%  discount on
room or suite rates.
For stay of four weeks or more 20% discount on
room or suite rates.  Canadian   Rockies
near Field, British Columbia
Open June 12 to September 13, 1937
American Plan
i7- ?j* oa5?d in Yoho Nati°nal Park, seven miles from
field, B.C., in cool green depths of forest, is Emerald
Lake, surrounded by snow-topped mountains ... a
delightful setting for Emerald Lake Chalet and its
private bungalows—70 guest rooms. Recreations
include boating, riding, hiking and Alpine climbing.
In Chalet—
Single room and meals—without bath, $7.00 per
person; with bath, $8.00 and $9.00 per person.
Double  room  and  meals—with  bath,   $7.50   per
In Cottages—
Lakefront cottages and meals—two rooms with
connecting bath,  $10.00 per person.
For stay of two weeks or more—10% discount
For stay of four weeks or more—20% discount
Transfer 7 Miles
Between Field station and Chalet, $1.00 per person
each way.   Hand baggage free; trunk $1.00 each way. Canada's Mountain Playground
(Formerly Chalet-Bungalow Camps)
Radium Hot Springs, B.C.
via Field, B.C.
Hector, B.C.
via Hector, B.C.
via Lake Louise, Alta.
Open June 21 to September 11, 1937
The Lodges consist of a central building or chalet
with dining room and lounge, surrounded by cozy
cabins, equipped with electric lights, comfortable
beds and other modern conveniences. They provide
ideal headquarters for the lover of the great outdoors.
American Plan
$5.00 per day per person; $31.50 per week
Monthly rates on application
44Low rail and coastal steamship fares via
Canadian Pacific"
RADIUM HOT SPRINGS Va n c o u v e r
Vancouver is a beautiful city located on a natural landlocked harbor between Fraser River and Burrard Inlet. Many
attractions, novel and distinctive, are offered the visitor—
Stanley Park, Burrard Inlet, Capilano Canyon, Grouse
Mountain and nearby Harrison Hot Springs. It is the gateway to Alaska, Hawaii, the Orient, Australia and New
Zealand, and is served by the "White Empresses" of the
Canadian Pacific fleet and the modern ships of the Canadian
Australasian Line.
Here, commandingly situated on Granville Street, stands
the Canadian Pacific Hotel Vancouver with its excellent
appointments, delightful roof garden and modern facilities
for the convenience of guests.
525 Rooms
Rates—(European Plan—Open All Year)
June 15th to September 15th
Single without Bath —$3.00 $3.50 $4.00
Double without Bath— 5.00
Single with Bath        — 5.00    6.00    7.00    8.00
Double with Bath      — 8.00    9.00 10.00 12.00
Suites—$15.00 up
Other Months
Single without Bath —$2.50 $3.00
Double without Bath— 5.00
Single with Bath        — 4.00    5.00    6.00    7.00
Double with Bath      — 6.00    7.00    8.00 10.00
Suites—$12.00 up
Meals—A  la  Carte,   also  Table  d'Hdte  and   combination
meals at low, popular city prices.
1/3 Mile
Between station, S.S. docks and hotel;
Trunk 50 cents each way.
Luncheon Headquarters—Gyro, Mondays;
Rotary, Tuesdays; Kiwanis, Thursdays; Board
of Trade, 1st and 3rd Thursdays; Electric,
Fridays. Canada's Evergreen Playground
The EmpreSS Hotel—A charming 570-room hotel situated in a beautiful formal garden facing
the placid waters of Victoria's Inner Harbor. Victoria, itself, the capital of British Columbia, is famous for
its parks and flowers, and rare beauty reminiscent of Old England. An equable climate enables one to enjoy
outdoor sports the year round.    Golf, Tennis, Motoring, Hunting in season, and Fishing in nearby waters.
Rates—(European Plan—Open All Year)
June 15 to September 15 Other Months
Room with Bath, single from $5.00 Room with Bath, single from $4.00
Room with Bath, double (2 persons) .   . from   8.00 Room with Bath, double (2 persons).    . from   6.00
Meals—A la Carte, also Table d'Hdte and combination meals at low, popular city prices.
Luncheon Headquarters—Gyro, Mondays;   Kiwanis, Tuesdays; Rotary, Thursdays ;  Kinsman Club,  semimonthly on Thursdays.
In effect from November 1st to April 30th
Monthly Rate—For stay of one month or longer—
Room with Bath, single for as low as $67.50
Room with Bath, double (2 people) as low as      90.00
Day Rate-
Room with Bath, single from $4.00
Room with Bath, double (2 people) from   6.00
(Discount of 10% on day room rates for a stay of two weeks or longer)
Transfer: Hotel and Can. Pac,
Ry. S.S. docks 34 Mile;        Hotel and Ocean docks
Trunk 50 cents each way; Hand Baggage Free
\V2 Miles ■■■■■■'■■Z"
The charming Empress Hotel
A corner of the
Empress Hotel Gardens British   Columbia
Victoria, B.C. — Summer All Year
In late February or early March each year, the Empress Winter Amateur Golf Tournament is held at
which time the Sir Edward Beatty Challenge Cup, Chamber of Commerce Trophy, Victoria Rotary Rose
Bowl and the Matson Inter-District Team Cup are competed for as well as other prizes.
The competition is open to all guests of the Empress Hotel and members in good standing of clubs in
Victoria; the entrance fee being $3.00 for ladies and $6.00 for gentlemen.
Special weekly rates of $22.50 single with bath and $31.50 double with bath, European Plan, are offered for
a stay of seven days during the tournament.
At Victoria, where flowers bloom in winter, golf is played throughout the year and other so-called summer
sports are year-round pursuits. These include Tennis, Riding, Motoring, Yachting, Canoeing and the many
other summer activities as well as swimming in the Crystal Garden's enclosed sea-water bathing pool.
You will not want to miss the Old English Yuletide, lavishly prepared for guests of the Empress Hotel—
bringing in the Yule Log, the savoury Boar's Head—Christmas Carols—all the legendary frolics and fun of a
genuine Old English Yuletide celebration.
Why not enquire now and make your reservation?
Full particulars may be obtained from any Canadian Pacific Agent, or from the Manager, Empress Hotel,
Victoria, B.C. Calgary
Hotel r alllSer, Calgary, Alta. Another unit in the
chain of Canadian Pacific Hotels . . . up-to-date and fireproof . . .
commandingly situated in the centre of Calgary. Four hundred
and eighty-six modernly furnished spacious rooms that assure
guests the maximum in comfort and rest. A delightful place
to break your journey enroute to the Canadian Rockies and
the Pacific Coast.    (Calgary Stampede—July 5-10.)
Rates—(European Plan—Open All Year)
Single $4.00   $5.00   $7.00
Double      6.00     7.00     9.00
Suites  $10.00 up
Meals—A la Carte, also Table d'Hdte and combination  meals
at low, popular city prices.
Luncheon   Headquarters—Kiwanis,   Mondays;   Rotary,   Tuesdays; Gyro and Lions, Wednesdays; Probus, Thursdays.
Adjacent to C.P.R. Station.    Trunk 25 cents each way.
Harrison Hot
Springs Hotel
Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.
American Plan, Open All Year
Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
Seventy-five miles east of
Vancouver on the main line
of the Canadian Pacific Railway (station, Agassiz, B.C.). Situated
in a magnificent setting of lakes, snowpeaked mountains and
the virgin forests of the Coastal Range, Harrison Hot Springs is
Canada's premier spa. Hot mineral springs (sulphur and potash).
Modern bath establishment under direction of a physician.
The indoor swimming pool and all forms of sports and entertainment make this a popular vacation and health centre.
(Operated by the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel Co., Limited).
Rates from $5.00 to $14.00 per day.    Weekly,   monthly and
family rates on request.
For literature and reservations—any Canadian Pacific Agent,
or write the Manager of hotel. Regina
Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina, Sask. 270 Rooms. One of the later additions to the Canadian
Pacific chain. An imposing structure of limestone and brick, centrally located in Regina, to the south of
Victoria Park. A commanding view of parks and tree-lined boulevards of the city may be obtained from the
hotel windows. Its modern equipment, fine cuisine and high standard of service make it a delightful resting
place in the heart of Canada's great West.
REGINA, the queen city of the Western Plains and the Capital of the Province of Saskatchewan, is well
worth a visit.
Rates—(European Plan—Open All Year)
$4.00  $5.00
$6.00    7.00    8.00
$10.00 up
Meals—A la Carte, also Table d'Hdte and combination
meals at low, popular city prices.
Luncheon Headquarters—Rotary, Kiwanis and Kinsman,
Mondays; Gyro, Thursdays.
Transfer 1/3 Mile
Between Hotel and Union Station. Bus fare 25 cents
each way, includes hand baggage. Trunk 25 cents
each way.
Regina Exhibition, July 26th to 31st, 1937
"Canadian  Pacific   Telegraphs, Express  and
Travellers' Cheques"
Royal Alexandra Hotel, Winnipeg, Man.
A modern and fireproof structure conveniently situated
within a short distance of the business, shopping and
theatrical  districts  of  the  city,  and  adjacent  to  the
Canadian Pacific Railway Station.    Its spacious public
and  private rooms,  perfection of service and  cuisine,
combined with homelike comforts,  make it an  ideal
stopping place for visitors to Winnipeg.
Adequate accommodation is available for conventions,
meetings and banquets.
460 Rooms
Rates—(European Plan—Open All Year)
Single with Shower $3.00 Single with Bath
Double with Shower      4.50 Double with Bath
Suites $10.00 up
Meals—A la Carte, also Table d'Hdte and combination meals at low, popular city prices.
There is also a Coffee Shop located in the hotel where meals are served A la Carte at popular prices or on
the Club plan as follows:
Club Breakfast 25    .40    .50
Club Lunch. 30     .45     .50
Club Dinner  -65
Covered passageway between Hotel and C.P.R. Station.    Trunk 25 cents each way.
Luncheon Headquarters—Kiwanis, Tuesdays; Rotary, Wednesdays; Gyro, Thursdays.
$3.50  $4.00   $4.50   $5.00
5.50     6.00     7.00     8.00 Toronto
Largest Hotel in the British Empire
European Plan—1156 Rooms—Open All Year
Opposite the Union Station, with which it is connected by a well-lighted subway.    Conveniently located
to the shopping, theatre and business districts.
All outside rooms, and many private suites from
two-room Bachelor suites to the luxurious Viceregal
Suite. All rooms equipped with tub bath and shower—
also radio.
Venetian Room, Tavern, lunch and dinner music,
nightly supper dance and other musical and entertainment attractions.
Room with bath and shower, from $4.00.
Popular priced & la Carte meals, also Table d'Hdte.
Main Venetian
Dining Room        Room
Club Breakfast 50 and .75      .40 and .65
Lunch       $1.00 up .65 up
Dinner  1.50 up .65 up
Finest convention facilities on the Continent.
Subway passage between Hotel and Union Station.
Trunk 50 cents each way.
Luncheon Headquarters — Gyro and Optimist,
Tuesdays; Kiwanis, Wednesdays; Rotary, Fridays. Kenora,   Ontario
Kenora, Ont.
(Formerly known as a Chalet-Bungalow Camp)
Open June 18th to September 20th, 1937
Delightfully situated three miles south of
Kenora, in the picturesque Lake of the Woods
district. Provides every convenience and comfort—one and two-room bungalows with electric
lights, hot and cold running water and toilet
facilities; also de luxe bungalows with shower bath.
GOLF—At Kenora, an excellent nine-hole
course is available to guests of Devil's Gap Lodge.
A regular boat service for golfers is operated from
the lodge.
SWIMMING—Diving-floats and spring-boards
are situated within fifty yards of the lodge and an
excellent beach provides pleasure with safety for
the children.
FISHING—The Kenora district is famous as a
fresh-water fishing ground. Guides are available
for anglers in search of small mouth black bass,
pickerel, maskinonge and trout.
GUIDES AND BOAT HIRE—Motor launches,
row boats and canoes are obtainable at low rentals, and the picturesque waterways of the Lake of
the Woods district are thus open to the guests of
the lodge. Boatmen and guides may be hired
for parties who wish to go far afield.
American Plan Rates—including Room and Meals.
Cabins with toilet and hot and cold running water.
No bath.
Two weeks
or longer
Per Day    Per Day
Single        $5.50 $5.00
Double. •  9.00 8.00
Selected Type Cabins with Toilet and Shower
Single  $6.00 $5.50
Double        11.00 10.00
Transfer—Station to Dock by Taxi, and Dock to
Lodge by motor launch—inclusive price $1.00 per
person each way. Hand baggage free. Trunk
fifty cents each way. French   River,   Ontario
Chalet-Bungalow Camp
Open June 19th to September 20th, 1937
Situated in the heart of a rugged, beautiful
"wilderness" country and yet only eight hours
from the populated region surrounding Toronto.
GOLF—On Dry Pine Bay is a picturesque nine-
hole course, 2,400 yards in length and in splendid
SWIMMING—At the foot of the links is a
beautiful sandy bathing beach, or swim and frolic
from the camp float and diving board.
FISHING—Black bass of both small and large
mouth varieties abound. Savage maskinonge and
pickerel are plentiful—fishing season for both bass
and maskinonge is from July 1st to October 15th.
License for non-residents $5.00.
GUIDES AND BOAT HIRE—Guides are available
at the rate of $4.75 a day which includes all meals.
All such money transactions are made between the
guest and the Manager of the Camp.
Boat and canoe livery is available at the camp as
well as first class launches.
PINE RAPIDS CAMP—A subsidiary of French
River Camp. It is reached by motor launch or canoe,
and is of especial interest to fishermen, being in the
heart of the best bass and maskinonge fishing.
Freedom in dress and wearing apparel helps to
make your vacation at the camp complete—no
extensive wardrobe is necessary, saunter around in
your outing costume if you desire.
American Plan
$5.50 per day per person
$35.00 per week
"Canadian Pacific Rail and Steamship
Services Span the World" Quebec
725 Rooms
Commandingly situated overlooking the St.
Lawrence River, in the ancient city of Quebec.
Built in the style of a sixteenth century French
chateau, the Chateau Frontenac is fireproof
throughout and modern in equipment and service.
Promenade on Dufferin Terrace—tour Lower
Town with the narrowest streets in America.
Golf. Visit Ste. Anne de Beaupr6, the rival
of Lourdes on this side of the Atlantic.
attractive not only in the summer but throughout
the year. Under the guidance of an experienced
sports director, visitors to this winter sports
headquarters of the continent enjoy exhilarating sports, including skiing, skating, tobogganing on the
Chateau's triple-chute slide, sleighing, curling, snowshoeing, ice hockey, climaxed in February with the
Dog Derby and the Dog Derby Ball.    Join one of the gay parties at the hotel this winter.
Transfer—Hotel and Station Y% Mile
Hotel and Ocean Docks 1 Mile
Trunks 50 cents each way.
Rates—Single with Bath from $5.00
Double with Bath from        9.00
(European Plan—Open All Year)
Luncheon Headquarters—Rotary, Tuesdays; Kiwanis, Thursdays. New   Brunswick
The Al^Onquin Hotel—built in charming Old English style, it is situated on a promontory
overlooking the St. Croix River and Passamaquoddy Bay. The Algonquin is the social centre of the picturesque
little town of St. Andrews, close to the State of Maine.
Two Hundred and Thirty comfortable, homelike rooms.
Two excellent Golf Courses—an 18-hole and a 9-hole—live up to the Scottish tradition in turf, form, caddies
and professional attendance—golf at its best.
Swim in sheltered Katy's Cove, or lounge on
the beach and enjoy the sunshine. *
Tennis    Courts—Putting    Greens—Fishing—
Sailing—Dancing—up-to-date talkies.
Single Room without Bath, and Meals, $9.00
and $10.00.
Double Room without Bath, and Meals, $8.00
and $9.00 per person.
Single Room  with Bath,  and  Meals,  $10.00,
$11.00 and $12.00.
Double Room with  Bath,  and  Meals,  $9.00,
$10.00 and $11.00 per^person.
American Plan
(Open June 26th to September 7th, 1937)
Transfer 1 Mile
Bus   fare   50   cents   each   way,   including   hand
baggage.    Trunk 50 cents each way.
McAdam, N.B.
American Plan—Open All Year
St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, N.B. Digby
The Pines Hotel, near the
quaint little fishing town of Digby,
Nova Scotia. Comfortable rooms, each
with private bath; also 25 cottages for
those who prefer home privacy with
efficient hotel service—175 Rooms.
If you are tired and looking for
something "different" you will enjoy
the unique charm of The Pines and the
picturesque scenery.
Play golf on the hotel's championship course, ride horseback, motor,
swim in the warmed salt water glass-
screened swimming pool. Play tennis,
dance or just relax and rest in the
health-giving air; all will be equally
THE PINES HOTEL Ample   garage   accommodation   is
AND A CORNER OF THE POOL available for guests' cars.
American Plan
Single Room and Meals, $8.00, $9.00 and $10.00 Double Room and Meals, $7.00, $8.00 and 9.00 per person.
Weekly and Monthly Rates for families quoted on request
All rooms equipped with bath Open June 25 to September 11, 1937
Transfer .... % Mile
Bus fare 25 cents each way, including hand baggage.    Trunk 50 cents each way. Yarmouth
Lakeside Inn—About a mile from Yarmouth, N.S., delightfully situated overlooking Milo Lake,
is the Lakeside Inn, a cozy Old English style hostelry. It is on the main highway to Halifax and offers an
ideal opportunity for rest and recreation.
The Old English atmosphere of Yarmouth and the excellent service and cuisine of Lakeside Inn make it
an ideal holiday resort.    70 modernly furnished rooms.
Tuna fishing, golf, tennis, yachting, speed boating, swimming and
horseback riding are some of the
pleasures you may enjoy. Cottages
can be rented nearby, thus enabling
you to have home privacy combined
with all hotel privileges.
American Plan
Single RoomSAiand Meals, $6.00 and
Double Room and Meals, $5.00 and
$6.00 per person.
Weekly and Monthly Rates for
families quoted on request.
All rooms equipped with bath
Open  June  28   to  September  7,   1937
Transfer 2K Miles
Bus fare 50 cents each way, including
hand  baggage.    Trunk 50 cents each
Cornwallis Inn, Rename, n.s., in
the Land of Evangeline, is a new and outstanding
type of hotel where you will find every comfort
and convenience, every facility for rest and
recreation. There is a fine golf course on the
outskirts of the town.
Kentville is the centre of the Annapolis Valley,
and many interesting excursions into this beautiful countryside may be taken from the Cornwallis Inn. See the numerous Acadian relics and
catch something of the romance of Old Acadia.
Visit Grand Pre and the orchard-decked valleys of
Cornwallis and Gaspereau.
Single Room and Meals—$6.00, $7.00 and $8.00.
Double   Room   and   Meals—$5.00,   $6.00   and   $7.00   per   person.
90 rooms all equipped with bath American Plan—Open All Year
Headquarters for Rotary Dinner each Monday; Gyro Luncheon, 2nd and 4th Fridays.
 Vz Mile Bus fare 25 cents each way, including hand baggage.
Trunk 50 cents each way.
"Canadian Pacific—World's Greatest Travel System' Halifax
LOr<J  NelSOn Hotel,   in Halifax (operated by the Lord Nelson Hotel Company), faces the Public
Gardens and is the centre of the social, recreational and business life of Halifax.     A modern hostelry, the
Lord   Nelson   expresses   perfectly   the   maritime
atmosphere    of    Halifax,    and    is    conveniently
situated on the main motor routes through the
Fishing, Swimming, Yachting, Boating, Golf,
Tennis and Motoring are among the many
sports available.
Single Room with Bath, $3.00 up
Double Room with Bath, $5.00 up
Bed Sitting Room and Bath, $5.00 up
Suites, $8.00, $10.00 and $12.00
European Plan—Open All Year
Meals—A la Carte, also Table d'Hdte, at popular
©Edson Graham
(Operated by Lord Nelson Hotel Co.)
For further information and reservations communicate with Hotel Manager
or nearest Canadian Pacific agent.
Printed in Canada, 1937 :mmM *4^iHJ
yw&  >■
GHpteau Lake Louise


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