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Canada by Canadian Pacific Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1960

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Canadian (fadtfic Canadian Gwctftc
^ A Montreal, metropolis of Canada,
^ is host to thousands of visitors
year round. French and English
Canadian cultures mix in this
great port city offering tourists
a delightfully different atmosphere.
Rushing blue waters and the
sylvan background of wooded
forests provide an ideal setting
for fishing in Ontario's French
The Peace Tower and Federal Parliament Buildings at Ottawa are visible
from the scenic domes of Canadian Pacific's transcontinental trains—
'The Canadian" and "The Dominion".
Holiday Und
Coast to Coast
Toronto, capital of the Province
of Ontario and site of the
1600-room Royal York Hotel,
Canada's foremost convention
Katy's Cove, private beach of
The Algonquin, Canadian Pacific
summer resort at St. Andrews
by-the-Sea, New Brunswick.
► I HE "rail" way is the "real" way to see Canada ... there's
so much to see and do. From the East to the West coast
there is a variety of holiday land hard to equal anywhere
in the world. The nation's major cities are served by Canadian
Pacific crack passenger trains. Hotels and summer resorts
from sea to sea offer every amenity to their patrons. Two
transcontinental trains—"The Canadian" and "The Dominion"
—span the nation between Montreal and Vancouver,
Toronto and Vancouver, along Canada's only, and the
world's longest, scenic dome route. Through the glareproof
glass of the high level domes, the scenic wonders of the
nation pass in a panorama of beauty.
Central and Eastern Canada offer distinctive Canadian
sights, sounds, scenes . . . urban or rural to your taste . . . from
the bi-lingual welcome of Quebec to the "down east" flavour
of   the   Maritime    Provinces... all   by   Canadian    Pacific.
Ottawa, showing the Rideau Canal, Confederation Square,
and Parliament Buildings.
i* i
A Scenic
Guide For
Sword fish Club in Moose Jaw, third largest city in Saskatchewan.
This Western Canadian city boasts 16 parks totalling 256 acres.
"The Mountaineer" winds its way along the shore of a mountain lake.
A Canadian Pacific Great Lakes liner in the locks at Sault Ste.
Marie. S. S. Assiniboine and S. S. Keewatin offer an alternate
Great Lakes summer route between East and West, serving Port
McNicoll and Fort William. ftp.    i      i. ,- wg I
Oparkling waterfalls are typical of Canadian
holiday spots. Between the St. Lawrence
estuary and the Atlantic and the sheltered
waters of the British Columbia Coast, there is a
variety unexcelled in the temperate zone.
Great cities, forests, rivers, prairies,
mining country, the Great Lakes, mountains,
these are Canada, too...
the polish of the 20th Century . . .
the romance of a historic past.
Canadian GacUic
hether picnicking in the fresh air
under a warm sun, or riding sure-footed
mountain ponies in the Canadian Rockies,
you'll enjoy a Canadian holiday. There are
magnificent playgrounds from coast to coast—
fish and game areas abound — and Canadians
are a hospitable people. They welcome visitors
and enjoy being hosts to guests. r« *
delightful, friendly
beautiful sights to see
wonderful things to do... i
Beautiful Banff Springs Hotel (left) and Chateau Lake Louise
(centre left) Canadian Pacific resort hotels high in the
Canadian Rockies, are gems in settings of unsurpassed beauty.
Warm sunny days, cool "mountain air" nights—riding,
hiking, golfing, swimming, boating and numerous other
summer activities, excellent cuisine, personalized service—
for guests to enjoy.
Typical of the scenery in the Canadian Rockies, Eagle Pass is
but one of many beauty spots across the nation which
travellers aboard "The Canadian" and "The Dominion" view
through the glareproof glass of scenic-domed transcontinentals.
Land ...
A sightseeing bus in the Banff-Lake Louise area pauses
beside the jade green waters of a mountain lake which
reflects the towering mountain in its mirror-like surface.
Sure footed bighorn sheep roam the Canadian Rockies, as
do deer, moose, elk and other animals that make their
home in the valleys and on the slopes of great snowcapped crags. Occasionally a bear—sometimes with her
cubs—may be seen in this area.
The spectacular Coquihalla  Canyon ... a scenic trip by
Dayliner from Vancouver.
► See the
Canadian Rockies
The majestic Canadian Rockies form an impressive background for "The Canadian"—all stainless steel transcontinental.
Diesel drawn, the crack streamliner boasts the most modern passenger equipment available—Scenic Dome Lounge Sleepers;
Scenic Dome Coffee Shop Coaches; De Luxe Coaches, featuring full-length leg-rests. Sleeping Cars offer a wide range
of accommodation to suit your travel budget, and Dining Room Cars feature superb Canadian cuisine. Designed for comfort
and travelling ease, "The Canadian" offers Canadian Pacific service—a tradition that has been a byword with travellers
for more than three-quarters of a century. The  mighty   Thompson  River winds its  way  majestically  near
Spence's Bridge in British Columbia.
•:   ■.   ■        -    A
Located at the junction of the Spray onc/W
Bow Rivers, Banff Springs Hotel, one of the f
world's most famous holiday resorts, is on
the    main    transcontinental    Une    of   the
"The Canadian" and "The Dominion".
Canada's Playgrounds
Sssss-sss Indian Days at Banff, an annual L
event  that delights   Western*
Canadian visitors. Each year the
Stoney Creek Indians leave their
reservation  to  attend this midsummer "pow-wow".
here is a world of service at your beck and call when you
go Canadian Pacific. The most modern, up-to-date, comfortable
equipment awaits your travel pleasure. Especially designed for
your comfort, safety, and with convenient schedules, Canadian
Pacific transcontinentals—"The Canadian" and 'The Dominion"
—invite you aboard for a rail voyage unsurpassed on this
Comfort—service—scenery—Canadian Pacific's offer to discriminating travellers. See
Canada by
Really Relax...
Steel blue waters of an Alaskan glacier.
Suicide Rapids of the Thompson River in British Columbia.
I ypical of the wealth of "things to see" in Canada are the
varied photographs on this page—and throughout the booklet.
There is so much to see and do—so many things to enjoy in
Canada—that no one brochure can do justice to the variety.
When visiting Canada, talk over your itinerary with your travel
agent, or nearest Canadian Pacific representative.
to DETROIT wm.
"The Canadian"—scenic dome streamliner—crossing Stoney Creek Bridge in the Canadian Rockies.
Active Pass—a picturesque sight on the short "Princess" voyage
Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.
Canada Vancouver, western terminus of the Canadian
Pacific line—is a busy port serving the Orient,
the North and Southern Hemispheres. Vancouver
and Victoria, British Columbia s island capital
city, are served by "Princess" liners, which
operate a summer cruise service to Alaska.
Tempered by Pacific Ocean breezes, British
Columbia is an evergreen playground.
World famed are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
whose training headquarters is at Regina, Saskatchewan.
In the early days of the nation's history, these scarlet-coated
riders of the plains maintained law and order throughout
the West, gaining the respect and admiration of the country.
Today, this vital force is Canada's major police body.
A "Princess" liner nears Victoria, B.C. Canadian
Pacifies British Columbia Coast Steamship fleet
of "Princess" liners maintains vital transportation
service between Seattle, Port Angeles, Nanaimo,
Victoria and Vancouver. Each summer, B.C.C.S.
operates "Princess" cruises to Alaska—Vancouver to Skagway and return via the smooth inside
passage—Prince Rupert, Ketchikan and Juneau. Intimate, companionable, The Mural Lounge
—beneath the scenic
Dome of the Observation-Lounge Car—is a
popular rendezvous.
Feature of the lounge
is a 20-foot canvas
mural of one of 18
Canadian Parks. Etched
glass and hand-carved
linoleum panels depict
flora of the parks.
Service is from a gaily
decorated bar.
Ljznadtan ucZ6^f^ranscontinenfa! Equipment
•:■■:'■■.■ ;-:A:'-
Ki„f «;*,:■. :*,-.,,>.!■.
Comfortable chairs, attractive drapes and
Canadian decor, combined with wide windows, feature the Main
Lounge of the Observation-Lounge Cars. The
all-stainless steel lightweight car is a feature
of "The Canadian" and
"The Dominion". Comfort is the keynote,
and service the byword. Duplex Roomettes . . . compact, comfortab/e, economical, complete privacy,
day and night, is provided in the smart Roomettes and Duplex Roomettes.
Foam rubber disappearing beds, wide seats, with arm rests, individual washing
and toilet facilities, wide windows, temperature and air-conditioning controls and
full carpets ore outstanding features of these travel apartments.
"Park", "Manor" and "Chateau" cars have bedrooms with
disappearing beds, private toilet, moveable chairs—luxury
with economy. By night foam-mattressed beds coax you to
deep, restful sleep.
Upper and Lower Berths are two-seated and wide-
windowed offering passengers a panoramic view of the
countryside. At night, berths are zipper-curtained, air
conditioned, private and comfortable.
Larger than bedrooms, compartments—equipped with triple-mirror wash-basin
—dressing table, extra chairs for entertaining, private toilet add to daytime
travel comfort. Bedrooms "en tuite" ... ideal for family travel or business conference en route.
For reservations—Trains, Steamships, Hotels—the nearest Canadian Pacific Office


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