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Clipping of an ad for the Canadian train Canadian Pacific Railway Company 1950

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THE UNEXCELLED GRANDEUR of the Canadian Rockies is in full view above, behind and all around you when you ride THE CANADIAN'S luxurious Scenic Domes on the Banff and Lake Louise route. In both this scene and the one below, the setting is the beautiful Bow River Valley, famous the world over for its unspoiled magnificence.
Canadian Pacific presents Canada's spectacular panorama from the Scenic Domes
°f The Canadian
Now take your trip of a lifetime via Banff
and Lake Louise aboard Canada's only
stainless steel  Scenic  Dome Streamliner.
Imagine yourself in this setting—aboard this train.
Literally surrounded by natural splendor you speed
across Canada in ultra-modern luxury. For 2,881 breathtaking miles you ride in royal comfort, command service unsurpassed in rail travel whether you go coach,
tourist or first class.
You dine graciously in a Deluxe Dining Room Car
or take your meals informally in the Skyline Coffee
Shop. You sip refreshments in an intimate Mural
Lounge or relax in a roomy and beautifully appointed
Observation Lounge.
Aboard spacious coaches (on which all seats are reserved) you ride comfortably in reclining armchairs
with full-length leg rests and adjustable head rests.
And each car on THE CANADIAN has its own unique
decor, its own restful charm delightfully enhanced by
the unobtrusive tones of transcribed music.
In daily service between Montreal and Vancouver
and Toronto and Vancouver, THE CANADIAN offers
you the longest dome ride in the world, carries you
comfortably across Canada under smooth diesel power.
Plan your trip now. THE CANADIAN'S tremendously
successful maiden year of operation has created volumes
of excited comment. Service aboard THE CANADIAN
has been extolled by thousands, and their enthusiasm
presages an even greater demand for accommodations
this year. Make your reservations early to be certain
of a glorious trip for whatever season you choose.
You can get complete details on THE CANADIAN'S
fast new schedule and its numerous accommodations
from your local agent or Canadian Pacific in principal
cities in the U. S. or Canada right now.
Special for Camera Fans: If you plan
to shoot color, you're advised to equip
your camera with a No. CC30-R filter
to compensate for the glareproof tint
in the glass of THE CANADIAN'S Scenic
Domes. Detailed photographic tips are
available on the train.
sea*. Route of THE CANADIAN i \


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