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[An Act to amend the Chinese Immigration Act] [Government of Canada] Jun 4, 1921

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 11-12   GEORGE   V.
CHAP. 21.
An Act to amend the Chinese Immigration Act.
[Assented to 4th June, 1921.]
HIS Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of R.s.,o.95;
the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts 1917)0! 7.'
as follows:—
1. (1) Paragraph (c) of subsection one of section seven Aiiimmi-
of the Chinese Immigration Act, Revised Statutes of Canada, fstabfisS"3*
1906, chapter ninety-five, as enacted by chapter fourteen identity to
of the statutes of 1908, and as amended by chapter seven of Controller,
of the statutes of 1917, is amended by striking out the subject to
following words at the end of the said subsection:  "or Minister.
who are bearers of certificates of identity, or other similar
documents issued by the government or by a recognized
official or representative of the government whose subjects
they are, specifying their occupation and their object in
coming into Canada," and by substituting in lieu thereof
the following words: "whose decision shall be final and
(2) Subsection two of section seven of the said chapter Provision
.      ,      n        ■ 1   j - respecting
ninety-five is repealed. certificate
2. Section seven B of the said chapter ninety-five, as Board of
enacted by chapter seven of the statutes of 1917, is amended I?q£iry
by inserting after the word  "magistrate" in the eighth to order
line the words "or a  Board  of Inquiry appointed under d°p°rtatl0n-
the authority of section' thirteen of The Immigration Act,   .
chapter twenty-seven of the statutes of 1910," and by inserting in each case after the word "magistrate" in the tenth and
twelfth lines thereof the words "or a Board of Inquiry."
3. Section eighteen of the said chapter ninety-five is Definition of
repealed, and the following is substituted .therefor:■— personshr
"18. The provisions of section three of The Immigration immigration
Act, and any amendments that have been or which may applicable
be   made   thereto   shall   apply   to   persons   of   Chinese to Chinese,
origin." . 4.
.   79


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