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White Canada Crusade [pamphlet] White Canada Crusade 1900

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and Associates
P.O. BOX 370
The aims and objects of the crusade are as
1. The exclusion of all further Oriental immigration to Canada.
■    2.    The control of Oriental penetration into
the economic life of Canada.
3. The scattering of Oriental communities
as a check to the expansionist ambitions of any
Asiatic power.
4. The combatting of all steps to grant the
franchise to Orientals.
5. Opposition to the ownership of land in
British Columbia by Orientals.
6. The compulsory registration of all Orientals, whether Canadian or foreign-born, in
British Columbia.
The White Canada Crusade is an entirely
constitutional organization, with a policy of
informing the people of Canada as to the facts
and figures concerning the Orientals here, and
of pressing for remedial legislation through
the governing bodies at Ottawa and Victoria.
There is no place for violence in its program.
The Crusade intends to investigate thoroughly the Oriental penetration of Canada, especially British Columbia, and to present its
findings to the public, by publishing pamphlets
leaflets and bulletins, and by organizing public
meetings, lectures and radio broadcasts.
It intends to form Committees and Branches
in every important district and centre of population in British Columbia, to carry on its
The Crusade strives to obtain the support
and co-operation of individuals and organizations with similar aims, and, in turn, to give
them effective aid.
When once the Crusade has directed public
opinion to the facts of Oriental penetration, it
will then be in a position to demand action to
remedy the situation on the part of municipal,
provincial and federal governments.
The White Canada Crusade is an entirely
independent organization. It is non-sectarian,
and is not connected with any political party.
Membership is open to white Canadian citizens, of good standing, who are in agreement
with the Crusade's aims, objects and constitution, and who are over 16 years of age.
There are three classes of membership: Active, Associate, and Honourary.
Active members actively and regularly participate in the affairs of the Crusade. Associate
members are in sympathy with the Crusade's
aims and objects, but do not intend to partici
pate regularly and actively in the Crusade's
activities. Honourary membership is granted as
recognition of valuable services rendered to
the Crusade.
Every member has the right of resigning on
giving two weeks' notice in writing, stating
To become a member, a person must sign an
Application for Membership Form and submit
it to the Membership Committee of the Branch
in his locality, or to Central Headquarters. If
approved, the candidate will be given an
Enrolment Form to complete. He becomes a
member on receipt of his Membership Card,
properly signed.
The Crusade consists of a Central Executive
Board, a Central Advisory Council, a Central
Headquarters Staff and the Branches. In addition, a Women's Division and a Youth Division
will be organized.
The Central Executive Board is a permanent
council to formulate policy, and to co-ordinate
and direct the activities of the Crusade.
The Central Advisory Council acts in an advisory capacity and is available for consiuta-
tion with the Central Executive Board.
The Central Headquarters Staff carries our
the detailed executive duties of organizing and
co-ordinating the Crusade, and carries out the
instructions of the Central Executive Board.
A Branch consists of not less that" ;en active
members in good standing, and has a place for
meeting and transacting its business. A Branch commences it's official existence on receipt of a
Charter from the Central Executive Board.
Each branch is governed by the Constitution
and By-Laws of the White Canada Crusade. It
must hold at least six regular meetings a year,
and elects its own officers and committees as
required, subject to the approval of the Central Executive Board.
A group of less than ten active members in
a locality where there is no branch may form
an "Outpost". An outpost need not have any
special meeting place or officers, except a
Meetings are held by each branch in accordr
ance with a definite programme. Each branch
holds an annual general meeting to elect officers and receive reports. Meetings of a branch
may be closed to the general public, admission
of non-members being by invitation.
Public meetings are also held by each
branch, which non-members are free to attend.
Mass rallies are planned in which all branches
in a district will participate.
Central control and supervision of the Crusade's finances are exercised by the Central
Executive Board, through the Director of Finance and Central Headquarters Staff.
All funds are held in trust by the Central
Executive Board and Branch Executives for
legitimate expenses in fathering the aims and
objects of the Crusade. Funds are deposited in
chartered banks and are operated by the accredited officers of this organization. Periodical audits and financial reports will be undertaken.
Funds are derived from the following sources : membership donations, special assessments
for definite purposes, (for example members of
a branch may contribute to the purchase of
clubroom furniture), donations from friends
and supporters, collections at meetings, proceeds from lectures and entertainments, the
sale of pamphlets and periodicals, the sale of
advertising space in publications issued by the
Crusade, and the sale of emblems and other
articles of dress pertaining to the Crusade.
A percentage of the revenue raised by each
branch is remitted to the Central Executive
Board, for the purposes of defraying expenses
of central administration, and of helping less-
fortunate branches.
There is no Membership fee or other dues,
but each member is expected to make a donation periodically to defray expenses, according
to his means.


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