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Private instructions to guards in charge of Chinese, from Pacific coast eastbound Canadian Pacific Railway Company Limited 1890

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Instructions to Guards
^im^^aic^e^ (%Ml Jl^Stbound  Instructions to Chinese
The following instructions are for the information and guidance of guards accompanying
Chinese -en route between Vancouver and
Montreal in bond and travelling in special
I. Guards will be required to make application for position on blank provided for that
purpose and to sign the following form of
"In consideration of the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company carrying me from Vancouver
to Montreal, I,  	
agree to act as a guard aforesaid as may be
required of me from time to time by the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company or its duly authorized
officer in that behalf.
"It is understood that should I not, at any
time during the trip, fulfil my duties as such
guard, to the satisfaction of said officer of the
said company, he may at once dismiss me without
"If  I should be so  dismissed,  mv right  to travel on the said train under the provisions of
this agreement shall at once terminate and I
shall be liable to pay the Canadian Pacific Railway Company the regular passenger fare from
Vancouver to the place where my dismissal takes
place; and, if I continue on said train after
dismissal, I shall pay the ordinary fare to my
proposed destination and be in all respects in the
position of an ordinary passenger.
"In event of the Company granting me a pass
or privilege less than full fare, to ride on the
train in which the said party is being carried
for the purpose of guarding them as aforesaid
while in transit, the Company will be entirely
free from liability in respect of any injury to my
person, or damage to my property, whether
caused by the negligence of the Company, or its
servants or employees, or otherwise howsoever.
"Dated the	
"(Sgd.) "
2. Guards will report to and receive their
instructions from Chief Chinese Guard and will
act entirely under his orders.
3. Guards will be required to hold themselves in readiness and report to Chief Chinese
Guard at Dominion Immigration Building when
directed, for the purpose of assisting in the
transfer of Chinese and their baggage from
Immigration Building to train. 4. Food required en route is provided by
Chief Chinese Guard and will be prepared on
the train by one or more of the guards who will
be detailed for that work. Payment for food
provided must be made to Chief Chinese Guard.
Cost should not exceed $15.00.
5. Guards will be required to see that cars
are kept in a clean and sanitary condition en route
and that same are properly heated, lighted and
supplied with a sufficient quantity of drinking
water at all times. Instructions will be given by
Chief Chinese Guard regarding this work.
6. Guards will be placed on trains as follows: One at forward end of first car, one
between each car and one on rear of last car of
train. Guards will remain on duty for twelve
hours and will then be relieved.
At stops of any duration en route guards
will open vestibule doors in the following manner: Beginning at head end of train the door at
left is opened, at rear of first car the door at the
right, and thence alternately to rear of train.
Guards will then step down and keep careful
watch of train in both directions to prevent escape
of any passenger or communication with Chinese
from the outside.
7. Guards are warned to allow no one but
regular employees of the Company to have access
to cars carrying bonded Chinese.
8. When guards are relieved the men going off watch are required to count passengers under
their charge and to compare count with man
relieving them. If any Chinese are missing immediate report must be made to Chief Guard.
9. Either Chief Guard or the guard
appointed to relieve him will be on duty at all
times and will make frequent visits of inspection
through the train to see that a proper watch is
being kept. Guard in charge will relieve men
on watch for meals or other necessity.
10. Supplies of rice, bread and other articles
of food likely to be required by Chinese are
carried by Chief Chinese Guard and if any
further supply of food is required by Chinese
en route requests from the Chinese for same are
to be given attention and the food telegraphed
for to the first point at which same may be
11. If Chinese wish to transfer from the car
in which they are first placed to some other car
in the train in order to be with friends or for
other reasons, such change may be made under
the supervision of Chief Guard or guard in
12. In case of accident, guards will act under
instructions of Chief Guard, but are to understand that their first duty is to assist the Chinese
under their charge and to see that none are
allowed to escape. A telegram will be sent by
Chief Guard as soon as possible to General
Passenger Agent at  nearest point,   i.e..   H.  W. I
Brodie, Vancouver, G. A. Walton, Winnipeg
or W. H. Snell, Montreal, containing full report
of the circumstances and advising what disposition is being made of Chinese. Report to include
name and address of any injured passengers (and
starting point if westbound). Guard to be left
with injured Chinese at hospital until relieved
on order from General   Passenger  Department.
In case of injury to Chief Guard which
would prevent him taking charge, guards will
immediately take steps to secure and care for his
baggage, which will contain important papers
relating to the Chinese passengers.
13. Guards who have performed their duties
to the satisfaction of Chief Chinese Guard will
be furnished with free return transportation from
Montreal to Vancouver upon application to the
General Passenger Agent's office. This transportation must be secured and used for return
to Vancouver within sixty days of arrival of
guards in Montreal.
Carefully Note
(a) Guards will be careful to see that
Chinese do not leave train for any purpose except
on authority of Chief Guard.
(b) That there is no interference with
Chinese by anyone not an employee of this
Company and that no trouble arises between the
Chinese themselves on the train. f '
(c) That
guarded for a
is taken when
are present or
Chinese  are  not  to  be  left  un-
moment and that a careful count
guards are changed to see that all
accounted for.
(d) That Chinese are to be treated with
every civility and given every attention.
Instructions to guards in charge of small
parties or individual Chinese en route to the
United States:
1. See that Chinese are given every attention
and assistance required. Do not allow them to
be molested or annoyed in any way and endeavor
to make their trip as pleasant as possible. If
anything is required by them at any of the station
restaurants take them in charge from the train
and see that they return to train in ample time
to avoid being left.
2. At Winnipeg you will be met by Mr.
Hooper or other representative of the Passenger
Department and given any necessary assistance.
At Montreal you will turn your Chinese together
with all papers over to Mr. Winterson or his
Chinese interpreter or other representative of the
Passenger Department and take receipt. You
will secure your return transportation from the
Passenger Department.
3. In the event of accident or any considerable delay, or even in case of any serious annoyance to Chinese, you will make report of
circumstances to nearest General Passenger
Ageat, i.e., H. W. Brodie, Vancouver; G. A.
Walton, Winnipeg; W. H. Snell, Montreal.
H. W. Brodie,
General Passenger Agent,
Vancouver, B. C.   


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